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Kochaviah 79 ' jmh ■ ' •« , • - ■ ■•■ ■■•■■■■ m ' - . Wim " im TERN COLLEGE Melange describes the past 4 years at SCW for what they have been — a mixture of learning, ac- tivities, phenomena, changes, pro- cesses and most of all — memo- ries. These memories are now locked into a past only pictures and words may reveal. The graduating class of (h ' STp commends these pictures and words, and traces our roots in SCW in a me- lange spanning our 4 year history. JjTDl mm Judaica and Science. Words that have a meaning, words that convey the es- sence of our sojourn here at Stern. As one walks through the two build- ings that make up our campus, one can see the study of both Torah and science taking place simultaneously. The integral connection that we have established between these two is the foundation upon which we hope to base our future lives. What is Stern College? It is a mixture of friends, experiences, and activities. It is a place where anything and everything occurs, where people reach out to each other in a spirit of closeness. Our varied talents, abilities and backgrounds have enabled us to learn and grow from each other, further enriching our college education. From dorm to class, from cafe to offices, from phones to fencing, our shared experiences will be carried with us as we each go our separate ways. ■ wBr I HmJ k M MP| V ' ' ' r jjHl P| Kochaviah ' 79 is dedicated in memory of Golda Meir, mother of the modern state of Israel, and perhaps the greatest stateswoman of our people. Women leaders are prominent in our history; Miriam was a prophetess, Devorah a judge, and Golda Meir a Prime Minister. An American citizen like the majority of our senior class, Golda Meir was above all an idealist. Confident in her beliefs, Mrs. Meir left her adopted country to pursue an uncertain future on a kibbutz in Palestine. A witness to statehood and active in politics, as a grandmother, Golda Meir was called upon to unify the country. Under her leadership, Israel grew and developed into the modern state we know today. 10 This simple yearbook dedication is by no means adequate, these two pages cannot do justice to this " Eshet Chayil, " this " Woman of Valor. " Therefore, we the graduating class of 1979, attempt to personalize this dedication by choosing Golda Meir as our role model. In seeking to establish ourselves in this world, we turn to Mrs. Meir as a source of great inspiration. Her inner strength and character are qualities we wish to emulate in shaping our own lives. Our four years at Stern College cannot be summed up by mere grade averages. We are a synthesis of many varied experiences and inspirations; therefore, our poten- tial, as was Golda Meir ' s, is unlimited. 11 REMEMBERING DR. REMES " And so life goes on. " An expression I ' ve heard innumerable times, it is sometimes an attempt to console and reconcile, sometimes to dismiss with a shrug. In a sense, a gross oversimplification. Now, , it has become an immediate reality for me. Suddenly, I find myself in a situation of " living without " . I have lost my professor Dr. Nathaniel Remes, A " H. A friend of mind aptly described Dr. Remes as my chemistry rebbe. Not, that is, to the exclusion of others: I have had several fine teachers, who have given to me from their knowledge and from themselves, and to whom I feel strongly attached. Yet the title is especially appropriate for Dr. Remes because he was the head of the depart- ment, and because I spent so much time working with him on my independent study project last year. It took me a long time to get used to Dr. Remes. For a couple of years I felt uncomfortable and nervous in his presence. He often came on harshly, and there were times when I truly dis- liked him. But one gets used to people, begins to discover new aspects of them and to see them differently. Much of that discovery was made within the past year, when I spent many hours working with Dr. Remes: in the lab, planning my project, reviewing for the GRE ' s, or talking - about chemistry, Torah, parents and children, the ups and downs of Y.U. I remember being part of more than one discussion in the lab following meetings that had left Dr. Remes angry or upset. And one afternoon last year, he asked me w hy I used to be afraid of him. I could only laugh and say I did not know. Of course I knew, but my nervousness had faded and its reasons had been refuted. Dr. Remes once joked. " Come on, you know I don ' t bite you. I only yell at you. " True, Dr. Remes made me feel my mistakes sharply. But he also encouraged me with remarks like " You see, you do know something, Miss! " My chemistry rebbe — no profanation of the term. I take Torah U ' madah seriously (A reaction flask contains five hundred milliliters of maasei HaShem), and Dr. Remes encouraged that belief in both his teaching and his personality. He somehow helped me feel that there was a place for me in chemistry. My chemistry rebbe. Chazel advise, " Haamidu taimidim harbei " . I once heard this explained as " teach them to stand on their own feet " . I think Dr. Remes gave me some of that in many ways. And so life goes on — hesitantly, with a gap left in it. But that ongoing need not be a process of shrugging and going about our business. If we want to — and if we are sincere in our desire — that ongoing can be a credit to the man we must live without, because Dr. Remes in some ways taught us how to stand on our feet. L. Rosenstroch 12 ADMINISTRATION FACULTY FRIENDS 13 YE5HIVA UNIVERSITY 500 WEST IB5TH STREET NEW YORK, N. Y. 10033 OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT September 27, 1978 Dear Graduates: It is a pleasure for me to greet you, the graduating seniors of Stern College for Women, class of ' 79. You have come to us from diverse backgrounds, and have been molded by your Stern College experience into a group which, if not homogeneous, shares the same transcendent commitment that binds you to the rest of the Yeshiva and to the whole House of Israel. In the Talmud, the study of Torah is considered as achieving a double goal: It is a mitzvah in its own right, and it is propaedeutic to the performance of all other -mitzvot . It is proper to extrapolate from talmud torah to education as a whole: your years at Stern were important in and of themselves, and will undoubtedly occupy an important and warm place in your memory for the rest of your lives. But in addition, it was a preparation for your future. Together with your teachers, I hope that these years of preparation will prove fruitful to you as you assume your rightful roles as creative Jewesses, transmitters of our sacred heritage, wives and mothers, and proud citizens of our country. NORMAN LAMM President NL:gf 14 Greetings by Mr. Max Stern to Kochaviah Stern College for Women Yearbook It is with great pleasure that I extend warmest greetings to the 1979 graduates of Stern College for Women. Each facet of the college experience has contributed immeasurably to your personal development. In the classroom, in the laboratory, in cooperative efforts with faculty and administration, you have acquired a richer understanding of the Judaic heritage, a knowledge of the liberal arts and sciences, and a sensitivity to the processes of responsible citizenship. In the years ahead, much of what you have learned--facts and formulas, names and dates--will fade from memory. More lasting than the details of any discipline are precepts and values that you have imbibed here. This residue will determine the course of your life. May you continue to carry on the traditions of Torah even as you go forward to meet the challenges of career, home, and community service. I offer my very best wishes for the future. 15 The class of 1979 leaves Stern Collene at a tine of active ferment within the Jewish community. Amono the issues of nrimarv concern are ones that relate specifically to women, their emerninn roles, their educational aspirations. At Stern Collene you have had the opportunity to consider and to debate such issues in a nurturant environment. This environment, I trust, has developed within vou a stronn sense of self, and of community and an appreciation of the fact that stvle may channe but substance remains inviolate. This unique experience that is Stern Collene has niven vou tools to meet the future - a dedication to the learninn o f Torah and the observance o f our traditions and a stronq liberal arts education that is the foundation of a creative professional life. You leave Stern Collene takinq with vou the best wishes of the faculty, staff and administration. Your concerns will always remain our concerns and we trust that our concerns will always be yours. May vou no from strenoth to strenqth in all your endeavors. 16 ADMINISTRATION DR. BLANCHE BLANK V.P. FOR ACADEMIC AFFAIRS DR. M. BERGER DEAN OF BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES RABBI DR. MILLER V.P. FOR STUDENT AFFAIRS RABBI JACOB RABINOWITZ DEAN OF UNDERGRADUATE JEWISH STUDIES . J !L DR. R. ACKERMAN DEAN OF HUMANITIES DR. D. FINKELSTEIN DEAN OF NATURAL SCIENCES 17 OFFICE OF STUDENT SERVICES Mrs. Winter Ms. R. Glick % frii. " « 1 Mrs. Zuroff Mrs. Buchwald 18 OFFICE OF DEAN AND REGISTRAR Mrs. Reich Mrs. Rosenthal Mrs. Turkel Ms. Balson KHGIST R ? H F F ICE W 1 L L l E N ATI lO O t 2 . »y EI J " ] -1 19 ART MUSIC Mr. R. Cantor Dr. Edward Levy Ms. S. Schmidek Prof. A. Tauber GYM 20 BIOLOGY Dr. Freidland Dr. F. Goodman 21 Ms. C. Dobin CHEMISTRY Mr. Martin Dr. R. Weisbrod Dr. J. Rapp 22 ECONOMICS POLI SCI Prof. Y. Meltzer Dr. M. Hecht Mr. D. Gleischer Dr. R. Bevan SOCIOLOGY Prof. I. Bick 23 SOCIOLOGY Prof. Lilenfeld Dr. W. Helmreich EDUCATION Dr. Sardy Dr. M. Grosof 24 ENGLISH Dr. C. Silver Dr. M. Weidhorn Dr. F. Plotkin Dr. L. Hatvary Dr. C. Angoff 25 JUDAIC STUDIES - Rabbi Dr. W. Orenstein Prof. A. Kirschenbaum Rabbi Fulda Dr. S. Gaon Rabbi S. Berman 26 JUDAIC STUDIES Rabbi S. Kahane Rabbi F. Schonfeld ' Rabbi A. Metzger Ms. R. Shulman Rabbi B. Lanner 27 HEBREW Mr. H. Dubitsky Prof. H. Kamri Dr. J. Feinstein 28 HEBREW Ms. A. Levy Dr. N. Rosenbloom Dr. R. Steiner 29 HEBREW, YIDDISH, Dr. N. Tamir-Ghez Rabbi A. Weiss Dr. C. Lapin PHILOSOPHY Dr. G. Appel Mr. A. Zucker HISTORY Dr. D. Goldstein Dr. W. Greene Dr. L. Feldman Dr. L. Davidowicz 31 HISTORY Ms. E. Jofen Dr. }. Gurock Prof. S. Eidelberg 32 MATH Dr. N. Rosenfeld Dr. Charles Berger Prof. A. Lebow PHYSICS Prof. P. Posen 33 PSYCHOLOGY Dr. I. Belmont Dr. M. Pearlman Dr. A. Hershkowitz Mr. R. Hoyt 34 SPEECH .• ' ' -.: ' ' ' .» - r . i ' :vV Tv . r i! g 4 r Ms. P. Schram Dr. M. Silver SPANISH FRENCH Ms. N. Knopka Prof. M. Sorkin Dr. A. Krakowski 35 LIBRARY ifl r TV | II n 1 B l - ' slfc. i " W ■ ' }. . J y, ' . ' : P = Ji£ Ms. Lubetski Ms. Malamud Mr. Jack Snider 36 CAFE BUILDING Guard Mr. Mandelbaum 37 DORMITORY JS?S?A The Glassers Rabbi Reichert Joanne Mrs. Milner 38 SENIORS CVppclm-cm, Karcyi r MATH Sports Club, WYUR, Publicity Committee, Coffee House Waitress, Kochaviah: Layout People can be divided into three groups: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened. UrSesfdd, MicHdl G- D ' m n HISTORY Sports Club, TAC Regard as trifling the great good you did to others, and as enormous the little good others did to you. Talmud 40 J tnnett, JDe6oraA_. nan: maT SOCIOLOGY Publicity Committee, TAC Life is an attitude, the world is what we help make it, and Torah leads the way. Burger, Yftadtfyn. TObD BIOLOGY Biology Club Chairwoman, Dean ' s List, Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry Be of the disciples of Aaron; loving peace and pursuing peace, be one who loves his fellow man and draws them near to the Torah. Pirke Avos 41 Bcrn ' stem , XHvicm YJass nam inatL ENGLISH COMMUNICATIONS Good things come in small packages. jBUdv, Jsraela- rhta VJ BUSINESS MANAGEMENT Junior Class Pres., Senior Class Treas., Head Cafe Waitress, Social Activities Club Chairwoman, Who ' s Who. To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. 42 Bomzer, Zipvorah — • rmwf EDUCATION Big Sister, Blood Drive, Intramurals, TAC, Yeshiva Seminar, Chevrat Aliyah Toranit To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under Heaven. Koheles fiornsttvn , Roberta. ENGLISH COMMUNICATIONS WYUR, Sports Chairwoman, Floor Chairwoman, Student Council Rec. Sec, Junior Class V.P., Kochaviah: Layout Knowledge is what you learn from others, wisdom is what you learn yourself. 43 firadin, Lori Sue— i BIO-NUTRITION Science Club G-d grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. ENGLISH Publicity Committee, English Club, Blood Drive, SAF Productions, Kol Yavneh, Yavneh, Observer: News; Features; Editorial Board, Senior Play. You may not be able to fulfill your dream, but you can make one up as you go along. 44 Ef rownsow, Sharon . ] n ENGLISH Observer: Editor-in-Chief; Features Editor; Reporter, TAC, Biology Club, English Club, SAF: Officer and Stage Manager, Dorm Counselor, Big Sister. If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put foundations under them. Thoreau piivrstiin, Barbara- JUDAIC STUDIES TAC All deep, earnest thinking is but the intrepid effort of the soul to keep the open independence of her sea. Herman Melville 45 Zeldman, Dccna . PJ " 7 BIOLOGY Big Sister, Dean ' s List, Biology Club, Kochaviah: Literary Happiness makes up in height for what it lacks in length. fendrich, LiU BIOLOGY Dean ' s List, Biology Club, Torah Leadership Seminar — Mexico To achieve all that is possible; We must attempt the impossible. To be as much as we can be; We must dream of being more. Gale Baker Stanton 46 Fliisfwr, Karen %etiri teiSE fr..-y «f ■ ' JUDAIC STUDIES SOCIAL WORK Student Admissions, Big Sister, Chug Aliyah, Project Ezra, TAC: Chairwoman, Sophomore Class V.P., Junior year in Eretz Yisroel — Vaad member at Machon Gold Many are the thoughts in man ' s heart, but the thoughts of G-d endure. Liturgy imp ENGLISH Big Sister, Dean ' s List, English Club, Observer: Reporter; News Editor; Features Editor, Kochaviah: Literary To believe your own thought, to believe that what is true for you in your private heart is true for all men — that is genius. Emerson 47 fr xnks vitz, , THcna Sue- MATH Big Sister, Floor Chairwoman, Elections Committee, Observer: staff, Kochaviah: Business Co-Manager It is a tree of life to those who take hold of it, and happy are those who support it. Its ways are pleasant ways, and all its paths are peace. Liturgy .Friedman, %ntta " cuzie PSYCHOLOGY B ' nei Akiva To question, knowing that never can the full answer be found; to accept uncertainties quietly; even our incomplete knowledge of G-d; this is what man ' s journey is about, I think. Lillian Smith 48 Cfarfinkcl, Shdlcv npCK TTW JUDAIC STUDIES, HTD Big Sister, Registration Aide, TAC, Sophomore year in Eretz Yisroel, Observer: staff Q asyar, Judith—, BIOLOGY Big Sister, Dean ' s List, Biology Club, Kochaviah: Literary How happy is he born and taught that serveth not another ' s will, whose armour is honest thought, and simple truth his utmost skill. Sir Henry Wotton 49 Qladstem., fietbu Siscvic JUDAIC STUDIES Dorm Counselor, Tutoring The important thing is this: to be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become. Gfoodman, Hadassixjanet. 130V norn ENGLISH Floor chairwoman, Publicity Committee, Public Relations Board, TAC, Kol Yavneh, Observer: staff Hundreds of the prayers with which we weary Heaven bring to the suppliant no fulfillment. Once haply in life, one golden gift falls prone in the lap-one boon full and bright, perfect from fruition ' s mist. Charlotte Bronte 50 Gfran, Laurie Estftcf h -jpOS r " 7l JUDAIC STUDIES Freshman Class Pres., Student Council Sec, Daf Yomi Correspondent, Jogging Club Co-Founder, Observer: Special Writer, Torah Leadership Seminars, Junior Year in Eretz Yisroel Blessed be He who will gather His dispersed from all the four corners of the earth. Liturgy Qrem6iatt f Lea_ PSYCHOLOGY And may we find grace and good understanding in the eyes of G-d and man. Liturgy 51 Cjross, Esther Brocket ENGLISH COMMUNICATIONS POLITICAL SCIENCE -Big Sister, Registration Aide, Coffee House Waitress, Observer: Assistant Editor-in-Chief; Production Editor; Executive Editor, Who ' s Who, Junior Year in Eretz Yisroel To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under Heaven. A time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to seek and a time to lose, a time to keep silent and a time to speak. Koheles QrcssYncm, Filice- ' POLITICAL SCIENCE Dean ' s List, Senior Departmental Assistant, Senate, Student Court, Pre-Law Society, Political Science Club, Kochaviah: Consulting Editor, Intramurals: Bowling, Basketball. Volleyball, Tennis, Model U.N. This above all: to thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day. Thou canst not be false to any man. Shakespeare 52 Qrussactt Evcl b ENGLISH FRENCH Dean ' s List, French Club, Observer: staff, Tutoring, World Jewry Club . . . the angels shall lift you up in their hands lest you dash your foot against the stones . . . Psalms Q attend era, Scindra Lcwu jm y MATH If one goes through life and acquires but one true friend, he is indeed lucky. 53 HacksT Jill vh u PSYCHOLOGY TAC, Observer: staff If not now, when? Pirke Avos Hwptrt ' , RmM% OL EDUCATION Library Committee Chairwoman, Yavneh Chapter V.P. True happiness consists not in the multitude of friends, but in the worth and choice. 54 Huvnxw, Swan Estkv JUDAIC STUDIES Big Sister, Sophomore Class Treas., Junior Year in Eretz Yisroel, Dorm Counselor As you travel through life, may you always have . . . happiness . . . hope . . . success ; . . friends . . . and faith . . . to make each day better from this day forth. Jakobovvts, Sennets rnu? BIOLOGY Biology Club, Pre-Dent Society, Belkin Scholar, Dean ' s List, National Dean ' s List, Student Court, Executive Science Committee Representative, Intramurals: Basketball; Tennis. Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time for that is the stuff life is made of. Ben Franklin 55 Kaxjxb, Robin, Singfi o — JUDAIC STUDIES JUDAIC STUDIES Big Sister, Daf Yomi Correspondent, SAF Productions: Propswoman, Junior Year in Eretz Yisroel, Kochaviah: Typing Editor, Senior Dinner Co-Chairwoman Which is the right path that a man should choose for himself? One which is creditable to the person adopting it, and for which others will give him respect. Pirke Avos 56 Xldh Janct ' k tf.3 X7 EDUCATION Big Sister, Registration Aide, Sports Club, Blood Drive, Chug Aliyah, TAC Thou makes me to know the path of life. In Thy presence is fullness of joy, in Thy right hand bliss for evermore. Psalms 5 I Klein-, RpSin Sfiosfumah— BIOLOGY JUDAIC STUDIES Big Sister, Dorm Counselor. Bikor Cholim Chairwoman, Student Lounges Chairwoman, TAC Co-Chairwoman, Aishel Honor Society, Who ' s Who For You have given me joy in your work, O L-rd, I will triumph in the works of Your hands. Psalms 57 Xram,cr, Skira YuhamcL- PDPJ rmz? EDUCATION, JSC Big Sister, Registration Aide, Dean ' s List, Yavneh Chapter Secretary, NCSY advisor, SAF, NY Times Representative, Observer: staff The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be the beginning. Ivy Baker Priest jpenda, Xjxren Eismb BIOLOGY Freshman Class V.P., Sophomore Class Pres., Big Sister Chairwoman, Senate Chairwoman Friendship is the comfort ... of feeling safe with a person having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words, but pouring all right out just as they are chaff and grain together, certain that a faithful friendly hand will take and sift them, keep what is worth keeping and with a breath of comfort, blow the rest away. 58 Liberties Unnefte- ' J " Utt SOCIOLOGY Rusk Institute Volunteer, Floor Chairwoman, Sociology Club Chairwoman, Coffee House Waitress, SAF Productions: Make-up It matters not if you try and fail, and try and fail again — but it matters if you try and fail, and fail to try again. Lu, }Ctndisfie- ' MATH Library Work, Fencing She ' ll probably fence her way to the stars 59 bjflvr, Ella fru D— )D BIOLOGY Big Sister, Registration Aide, Science Club, Observer: Photography Editor, Kochaviah: Photography Editor, Intramurals: Basketball; Volleyball, MVP Basketball To perceive G-d ' s works is to understand life, and to understand life is to live. Lehman, JUytt fVlarlcu D ' DjS m vp SOCIOLOGY Big Sister, Sociology Club, Intramurals: Basketball, SAF: Co- Producer, Observer: Make-up Editor; Production Editor, YCDS: usherette The whole world is a very narrow bridge; but the main thinj is not to fear. Likutey Moharan 60 Lu6owifrzs, Leah— BIOLOGY Education is a social process . . . Education is growth . . . Education is not a preparation for life . . . Education is life . . . John Dewey Ltibcwitz , JZczcl- r JX71TZ7 BIOLOGY Jewish Association for College Youth, Pre-Law Society President He that does good for good ' s sake seeks neither Paradise nor reward, but he is sure of both in the end. William Penn 61 Ccmptl, Ymlinda. Jevthi— HD723 ENGLISH Big Sister, Registration Aide, Freshman Orientation Chairwoman, Sports Activities Chairwoman, WYUR: Arts Editor If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with success. Thoreau Ltvint, £.lUn__ mn ENGLISH English Club, Observer: staff And the seasons go round and round, and the painted ponies go up and down. We ' re captive on the carousel of time, we can ' t return. We can only look behind from where we came, and go round and round in the circle game. Joni Mitchell 62 Lxekstan, J ichacl SOCIOLOGY Big Sister, Dorm Counselor, Coffee House Waitress, Senior Class V.P., Senior Dinner Co-Chairwoman, SAF Productions: usherette; Stage Manager; Business Chairwoman; Publicity Chairwoman Only that which you give to others remains a part of you. Cipscfcfe, Janet Clrmj tea» a tern Kiaf Hi 4 . kej»»j SOCIOLOGY Big Sister I expect to pass through this world but once, any good therefore that I can do or any kindness that I can show to my fellow creatures let me not defer nor neglect it for I shall not pass this way again. 63 CifsfutZ,, fynu— DJ1 SOCIOLOGY Rusk Institute Volunteer, Hatzilu III, TAC, Torah Leadership and Yeshiva Seminars It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye. The Little Prince y arkpwitL, Skircn £, rwj vz? PHYSICAL EDUCATION, JSC Student Admissions Committee, Kochaviah: Business Co- Manager, SAF Productions, Intramurals: Tennis, Intramurals Chairwoman: Basketball; Volleyball; Machanayim Nothing ever succeeds which exhuberent spirits have not helped to produce. 64 MilUn rXacmi BIOLOGY Big Sister, Dean ' s List, Who ' s Who, Sophomore Class Sec, Executive Board of SCWSC Corress. Sec, Student Council Pres. Nothing of value is accomplished without effort, and the will to effect is sparked by character. PSYCHOLOGY Big Sister, Elections Committee, Floor Chairwoman Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly. 65 Kaad, Esther Xk ra— Dmjrr " pot . BUSINESS MANAGEMENT Big Sister. SAF member, Senate Chairwoman, Economics Business Club, Judaic Studies Review Committee, Observer: News Staff There is no shortcut to success — If you want to reach the promised land . . . You must go through the wilderness. Anonymous Q yuin, Cinctti Jteth- ' 7)HD BIOLOGY Chug Aliyah, Kol Yavneh: Distribution, Sophomore Year in Eretz Yisroel A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favor rather than silver and gold. Proverbs 66 Vtxiser, Miriam O m )D ENGLISH COMMUNICATIONS Advertising Club . . . for He has not made us like the nations of other lands, and has not placed us like other families of the earth, and has not assigned us a similar destiny . . . Liturgy Rjiict 1 ficberafi, frcuu L BIOLOGY Biology Club 67 Rfismzweig, JcSy 3-L. ' D.fV PSYCHOLOGY Big Sister, Registration Aide, TAC, Observer: staff, Sociology Club There are two things in the world which I hold in my heart with a complete love, and they are: Torah and Israel. Tana D ' vai Eliyahu Xunsktwa,, CIyvtwl CDO BIOLOGY As King Solomon said: . . . this will pass too ' . . .1 :» " " " A. K E ■ i 68 Sachs, Susan— - rune POLITICAL SCIENCE TAC, Tzadaka, Bikur Cholim, Chassidus Club, Political Science Club, Pre-Law Society Trust in the L-rd with all thy heart, and do not lean upon thy own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths. Be not wise in thy own eyes. fear the L-rd and depart from evil. Mishle Salctmotv, Sharcn Herman v DbC? MD JUDAIC STUDIES Volunteer Work The future always arrives a little before you ' re ready to give up the present. 69 Scwa, WXariorU Z-, CHEMISTRY POLITICAL SCIENCE Big Sister, Registration Aide, Blood Drive, Science Club, Head Floor Chairwoman, Chemistry Research Assistant, Freshman and Junior Class Treas. For all its terrors and tragedies, the life of man is a thing of potential beauty, to live is good. Schemer? Dexvrah — . ;«E fcss» m team tm m CHEMISTRY Big Sister, SAF Productions Happiness seems made to be shared. Corneille 70 Scfiondorf, Deborah i n ' T) mn PSYCHOLOGY EDUCATION FRENCH Registration Aide, Blood Drive, Admissions Chairwoman, Club Canada Secretary, Stern Coordinator, Torah Leadership and Yeshiva Seminars Just look along the road and tell me if you can see either of them — the king to Alice I see nobody on the road — Alice O only wish I had such eyes! To be able to see Nobody! And at that distance too! Why it ' s as much as I can do to see real people, by this light! Lewis Carroll MUSIC EDUCATION JUDAIC STUDIES Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry, Project Ezra, Chabad Club, TAC Love peace and pursue peace, be one who loves his fellow man and draws them near to the Torah. Pirke Avos 71 Seaal, Ellen -Jobu SOCIOLOGY SOCIAL WORK Seaal , Pminah. — « SOCIOLOGY SOCIAL WORK Observer: Assistant Editor; Copy Editor, Junior Class Senator, Chug Aliyah Chairwoman, Inter-Council Committee Chairwoman. Head Dorm Counselor The heart to conceive, the understanding to direct, and the hand to execute. 72 Stidemcmn, Dina Ticket j 8B3 ?» sssas m - ismg SOCIOLOGY Big Sister, Project Ezra, Elections Committee, Junior Class Sec, Senior Class Sec. Guard thy tongue from evil . . . Chofetz Chayim ShinAlvr, Ciilem- 1 riynt EDUCATION NCSY advisor: Atlantic Seaboard Region On and on I go, the seconds tick the time out, there ' s so much left to know, and I ' m on the road to find out. Cat Stevens 73 Skulhvan, Shell ttw $1 !o yoro COMMUNICATIONS Big Sister, Registration Aide, Noam Dance Group, Kochaviah: Layout We do not remember days. We remember moments. m$Mm dinner. Menu a esaa . ' ssk ka w n; m c :V ENGLISH LITERATURE Junior Year in Eretz Yisroel, Coffee House Waitress Though nothing can bring back the hour of splendor in the grass; of glory in the flower; we will grieve not, rather find strength in what remains behind. William Wordsworth 74 Solomon, Diane EAise— I b rniyr JUDAIC STUDIES SAF Productions, Chug Aliyah, Student Council Corress. Sec, Junior Year in Eretz Yisroel, Dean ' s List Condemn no man and consider nothing impossible; for there is no man who does not have a future, and there is nothing that does not have its hour. Talmud SyuIowWl,, Sfuxrv CI " Charmer- t yiw rwn SOCIOLOGY Sociology Club, Publicity Committee Chairwoman, Intramurals, WYUR All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small, all things wise and wonderful, the L-rd G-d made them all. 75 m Yi ' j fiathai it T WW POfV ipOK JUDAIC STUDIES Big Sister, Registration Aide, Sociology Club, Chug Aliyah, Project Ezra Words which come from the heart, enter the heart. Stein, (Xdrxant fbtths BIOLOGY Big Sister, Dean ' s List, Head Floor Chairwoman, Biology Club, Elections Committee Co-Chairwoman, Student Council V.P., Intramurals: Volleyball; Basketball, Who ' s Who, Aishel Honor Society, Kochaviah: Asst. Ed. A smile is the shortest distance between two people. 76 Stern, IZeSecca J ivlie rrpn JUDAIC STUDIES Big Sister, Registration Aide, Dorm Counselor, Dean ' s List, Torah Leadership and Yeshiva Seminars Hillel said: Be of the disciples of Aaron, loving peace and pursuing peace, loving thy fellow creatures and drawing them near to Torah. Pirke Avos Subw, Rebecca 3, £am -. feM » _ iSaH , f frjSs BIOLOGY Elections Committee, Biology Club, Observer: Make-up Editor, Intramurals: Basketball; Volleyball, Tennis Intramurals Co-Chairwoman, Big Sister, Mt. Sinai Volunteer, Pre-Dent Society, Who ' s Who, Belkin Scholar, Kochaviah: Editor If a man strives to do what is in his power to do, G-d will aid him to accomplish what is beyond his power. Chovos Levavos 77 Sidlum, (Ldina Hahciyna. nsn: riyry JUDAIC STUDIES Chug Aliyah, Observer: staff, TAC, Tutor, Rusk Institute Volunteer, Dorm Counselor, Library Club Chairwoman, Admissions Committee, NCSY advisor, Jogging Club, Junior Year in Eretz Yisroel Am Yisroel Chai » J) C - ' • i ' ., «• vCl ' i JV; Lv.: !l _ L HK7 PSYCHOLOGY Big Sister, Registration Aide. Floor Chairwoman, Dorm Counselor, Sociology Club, Dean ' s List, Admissions Council, Senior Class President What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. Ralph Waldo Emerson 78 Vekfitcn %cusa CHEMISTRY Is knowledge knowable, and if not, how do we know? Woody Allen WtisynaYL, dnnettc Lee- ' i PSYCHOLOGY Big Sister, Registration Aide, Dean ' s List, SAF Productions, YCDS Productions, WYUR, Chess Tournament, Bowling Team Once in a golden hour, I laid to earth a seed, up there came a flower, the people said a weed. Tennyson 79 Wieder; Miriam Qamxe D m JUDAIC STUDIES Don ' t walk in front of me; I may not follow, don ' t walk behind me; I may not lead, just walk beside me and be my friend. Wolf, VWclanie, Joy POLITICAL SCIENCE 80 Wclkowicz;, Marsha— t ■ BIOLOGY Big Sister, Club Canada, TAC Chairwoman People are like stained glass windows. They glow and sparkle when it ' s shiny and bright, but their ture beauty is revealed only if there is light from within. Zicrlar, Ran i DTp™) .y, PSYCHOLOGY Big Sister, Registration Aide If I am not for myself, who will be for me? And if I am only for myself, what am I? And if not now, when? Pirke Avos 81 directory Appleman, Karen Arbesfeld, Michelle Bennett, Deborah Berger, Madelyn Bernstein, Vivian Blech, Israela Bomzer, Zipporah Bornstein, Roberta Bradin, Lori Cohen, Alice Efroymson, Sharon Feierstein, Barbara Feldman, Deena Fendrich, Lili Fleischer, Karen Frager, Sharon Frankovitz, Mona Friedman, Renita Garfinkel, Shelly Caspar, Judy Goodman, Hadassa Green, Laurie Greenblatt, Lea Gross, Esther Grossman, Felice Grussgott, Eva Guttenberg, Sandra Hacker, Jill Hupert, Ruth Hyman Susan Jakobovits, Serena Karpel, Robin Kest, Pepi Klein, Janet Klein, Robin Kramer, Shira Lavenda, Karen Lebowicz, Annette Lee, Hindish Leffler, Ella Lehman, Ilene Leibowitz, Leah Leibowtiz, Roza 51 Carlton Rd. Monsey, NY 10952 82-05 Abingdon Rd. Kew Gardens, NY 11415 22 Milton Ave Monticello, NY 12701 99-10 60th Ave. Rego Park, NY 11368 3635 Johnson Ave. Riverdale, NY 10471 1887 Janette Rd. Cleveland, OH 44118 1653 East 5th St. Brooklyn, NY 11230 670 14th Ave. Paterson, NJ 07504 3 Tioken Rd. 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Sec, Beth Hoch — Rec. Sec. 92 OBSERVER top 1 — r: Barbara Michael, Ann Tennenberg, Esther Gross, Roselle Socol, Judy Miller, Ella Leffler, Gitta Stern. Bottom 1 - r: Heidi Tenzer, Sharon Efroymson, Sharon Frager. THCOMCflVGft Published by Stern College, an undergraduate division of EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Executive Editor Managing Editor News Editor Asst. News Editor Co Features Editors Cultural Arts Editor Copy and Proof Editor Production and Makeup Business Manager Exchange Editor Photography Editor Typing Editors flHAFON EFKOYMSQN Esther Gro is Sharon Fr g-r Ann Tennenberg Cheryl Ruben Heidi Tenzer Andria Warmflash Gitta Stern Barbara Michael Editor Ilene Lehman Sandi Biller E ' len Kaufman EUa Leffler Roselle Socol Judy Miller News Staff: Ellen Bart, Vicki Garfinkel, Jill Hacker, Amy Schwartz, Sharon Shouton, Adina Sullen, Miriam Teicher, Tova Wohl Features Staff: Emma Bursztyn, Raiz e Friedman, Dassy Goodman, Joy Gris, Sharron Gruer, Abby Klein, Linda Ostrow, Lexa Rosean Cultural Arts: Beth Shutzman Copy and Proof Staff: Juny Moseso- l-iby For) man Layout Staff: Ellen Bart, Miriam Teicher, Rachel Katzman, Mark Silver Typing Staff: Judy Braver, Rosa Choc ' osh, Debbie Dresher, Abby Fodiman, Dina Greenberg, Eileen Heinig, Claire Lang, Jacki Mann, Lisa Mayer, Judy Moseson, Susan Povolotsky, Ilene R.3sen, Judy Rudoler, Amy Schwartz, Maria Silver, Malka Stief- fel, Nina Young 93 SENIOR CLASS 1 — r: Dina Seidemann — Sec, Lisa Treitman Pres., Israela Blech — Tres., Rachael Lichstein V.P. SPEECH ARTS FORUM 1 — r: Linda Green, Maria Silver, Debra Cohen, Sharron Perin, Amy Schwartz, Jill Stamler. SENATE 1 - r: Bayla Friedman, Esther Nagel, Ellen Kauf- man, Felice Grossman, Emma Burstyn. Missing: Gita Stern. 94 JUNIOR CLASS 1 — r: Roselle Socol, Judy Miller, Judy Rudoler. Missing: Andrea Warmflash. SOPHOMORE CLASS 1 — r: Maria Silver, Cheryl Berman, Ethel Miller, Linda Kuhl. FRESHMAN CLASS 1 — r: Elise Slutsky, Janis Weingarten, Ruth Borgen, Lori Bitterman. 95 YAVNEH 3rd row 1 — r: Rochel Goldzweig, Sharon Gruer, Estie Koreen, Paula Nemeth. 2nd row: Ilene Rosen, Sharon Goldner, Ruth Hupert, Adina Berger. 1st row: Judy Moseson, Rachelle Nashofer, Amy Schwartz. CHUG ALIYAH top 1 — r: Minda Filler, Mindy Kaufman, Sarelle Skolnick, Tova Wohl. Bottom: Dena Bilus, Rochel Small, Toby Ehrman. BEIT MEDRASH 1 — r: Miriam Krebs, Menucha Quint, Leslie Rose- nzweig. 96 BIKUR CHOLIM 1 — r: Cheryl Shindler, Cindy Ulanow, Judy Brauer, Esther Abelow, Donna Chernock, Sharon Goldner. BLOOD DRIVE top 1 — r: Donna Chernock, Janet Klein, Sharon Goldner, Dena Burstein, Ilene Rosen, Rochel Goldzweig. bottom 1 — r: Judy Moseson, Erica Smith. SCIENCE CLUB 1 — r: Carolyn Smith, Sandye Lemberger, Erica Smith, Lisa Korman, Sari Cohen. 97 OnWf Went to Baskin Robbins, had one cone too many I think, therefore I am . . . what? And you thought the stu dents keep me happy! Help! I ' m stuck!! Queen Tut Kiss me, I ' m French! Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble Sorry, wrong line to the men ' s room wf ■ ■■ L ■ m f — K JnHH 1 f • ■■ ' ,■■:• ' ; ' ' til Vfsaiisif 98 ' -• " ' ' M Stern College Pickup You really want this? I ' m waiting, I ' m waiting . . . Hang in there baby, Shabbos is coming Mill HiWaBBBMB— waBMBBB " Y " ? Because I ' m a Senior! " I ' m just a girl who can ' t say no . . . Scarsdale diet 99 ENGLISH CLUB top 1 — r: Shelly Franklin, Sharon Gruer, Medea Rizinashvili, Sharon Frager. Bottom: Alice Cohen, Heidi Tanzer, Lexa Rosean, Shari Ehrman. SPORTS CLUB 1 — r: Rebecca Subin, Sharon Markowitz, Esther Issacs. «a T.A.C. top 1 — r: Rochelle Nashofer, Naomi Mark, Elayne Koenigsberg, Mindy Seiden. bottom: Marsha Wol- kowicz, Robin Klein. 100 ECONOMICS CLUB 1 - r: Beth Hoch, Rochelle Nashofer, Aviva Bor- vick, Carol Gejerman. SOCIOLOGY CLUB FLOOR CHAIRPERSONS top 4th row: Mona Frankovitz, Lisa Treitman, Dena Minkove. top 3rd row: Annette Lebowicz, Ellen Zabol, Ethel Miller, top 2nd row: Adriane Stein, Judy Rudoler, Malka Steifel, Linda Schiff. bottom: Hadassa Goodman, Naomi Krupka, Lisa Mayer. top 1 — r: Adena Kalish, Charni Srulowitz, Lisa Treitman, Sharron Perin, Iyrith Gubbay. bottom 1 — r: Rachael Lichstein, Annette Lebowicz, Leslie Rosenzweig. 101 Lexing- 12] 481- provides liberal arts and es curriculums supple- d by courses in Jewish ng; pre-professional pro- are offered: students may ? interdepartmental s, honors work, inde- nt work, and joint bache- naster ' s programs; awards lor of Arts degree; stu- may also receive Jewish •s Certificate and Hebrew er ' s Diploma. -IN i at the residence hall for new students will be day, September 5, 1978 from 10 a.m.-4 p.m SIDENCE HALL WILL NOT BE OPEN " ' THAT TIME. st complete financial registration and have a authorization on file prior to check-in. Contact ;e of Student Finances for Questions about ■estions c,hiTH i DOE, JANE. In case of divorce or annulment the change will be recorded as follows: SMITH, JANE - maiden name resumed (date) DOE, JANE. In case of change of last name the change will be recorded as follows: SMITH, JOHN - name changed legally (date) from DOE, JOHN. A change of the first name will be made in the following form: SMITH, JACK T 12-1:15 T 1:35-2:50 T 3:00-4:15 ' T 4:3 -5:45 ....... 3, U 5 also It n own as SMITH, JOHN. PRACTICAL DETAILS PRIVACY RIGHTS D Suggested Course List for September, 5999 r O (0 ||f CO CO D -9 ■£ ra .a .a c co co f; —TO aOSE TURN IN •address In next number Name: Wfjnsi ' ttl. Dept: Readme ilK.VtwiKHkanu ' S Days in Review . +S AUGUST 7-HOVeMOEB 5, 19™ After Camp David Summit, A Valley of Hard Bargaining pp " Why did I choose Stern . . . Complaints Z.Lo Ht o£ bsA. ' eB AAt 1:50-3:30 8 Name: Pept: Col. Mart ' SuXoVt T «G o i 33 w co H m :d z o o r - r m Q m YESHIVA UNIVERSITY REQUEST FORM Degrees and Diplomas SKI ' H|3l|i§; JPsllil d™- " - REQUEST FORM SSHItK SS325T- „ " " " " •SSSSSSrsEl ' TJ In Rhodesia a 52555 s ls 5§wMi§|§ i Degrees and Diplomas U (JRDER O „ x i u § 7 I O m 2 33 9 m z 33 O m TTl " -c O m X CO I m 33 — H c z m 33 r CO H - te .Signature :tion taker.: Theft fe%? S , t e Signature sew Welcome to Stern College Yeshiva Un «? ersity STERN COLLE .: FOR WOMEN IMPORTANT: Keep this summar still meet, based on the la assumes that you are going (with a grade of at least C only those courses and cred semes ti STERN COLLEGE SENIC Name Print: Last First I. REQUIREMENTS FOR BA DEGF Total credits still to b Credits still required i in major: Additional required cour Number of COURSES requir Distribution of required Bible Jewish Philosophy Judaic II. JEWISH STUDIES REQUIRE! Hebrew Teachers Dipl Total number of COURSES Distribution of required Bible Jewish Philosophy Judaic Education Psycholog y net Specific subjects still Comprehensive examinatio a- solid I Sports ley Ball-ij cing r fc 10 ) II V: INTBt-OfHCE MESSAGE SERVICE Fin MlCl iI Assistance S . WII.LOPEN AT id 03 Rabbi Reicherl urges (consecutfvelyl OFFICE OF THE REGISTRAR 10 Name: l Hrs. iMer cSu fc zcH (i ?a of -rofflfr 3E COURSES ddressed envelope - stamped unless the student resides in a dormitory) at least iduate who wishes to take courses at another school for transfer credit. The • be taken elsewhere are described in Forms A25 and T2I.1, both of which should 11 Name: CoV Wft.coiv.ocvvoiK B V £ec c(V T ?i v r t ec 4 c a. I 3 3 Alas, Where Can I Study? TT5TTT " 83: 1 Heb. 86 Heb. 86.1 Heb. 87.4 Heb. 89 Heb. 90.1 Heb. 90.9 Heb. 90.9 Heb. 94 Heb. 95 Hist . 31 Hist . 72 Hist . 72 Hist . 81. Hist . 82. Office of the Registrar SUMMARY OF RECORD CHECK e requirements which you must eck of your records. It all courses now in progress a major), and therefore lists 11 to be taken in following Class 1J e or Maiden HIVA UNIVERSITY GRADE REPORT STERN CCLLEGE FOR WOMEN 0URSE DEPT COURSE COURSE DESCRIPTION CR G CODE 0ESC NLMBER 20 3 RI0L 1 GENERAL BIOLOGY 4.0 M 4245 JU0A 83 JEW HOME AND FAMILY 2.0 M 442 JUDA 97 MIDRASH 2.0 M 4440 JUDA 99. 1 HASSIDISM 2.0 M 4715 PHIL 5 EThlCS 3.0 M 5970 SPAN 1 INTERMEDIATE SPANISH 3.0 M SM15 EOT i 7S CREDITS EARNED 0.0 SEM.AV O.C a major in_ _(specific courses 2r than Jewish Studies: ) There ' s only One Yl -TUfsuvC G-M swish Studies_ s : Hebrew FOR OFFICE USE ONLY Date received. Transcript numbers THE OFFCf Of TW wu. teem only cmcks MONEY OftOCRS- NO CM Jewish History s Electives ircle one) ish Studies Certificate d s : Hebrew Jewish History_ f e zifa Elec t ives_££_ e - = INTRAMURALS In the Spring Term of 1977, Prof. Arthur Tauber, Chairman of the Health and Physical Education Depart- ment at Stern College, sug- gested that Physical Educa- tion major Sharon Mark- owitz initiate an intramural program for the students. Notices were sent to all the students informing them that on October 25, 1977, Stern College would hold its first intramural basket- ball game. During the basketball season all teams played well. The ' 78 Sophomores entered the championship game with a 3-0 record, while the ' 78 Juniors en- tered with a record of 2-1. Their only upset was caused by the Sophomores. The championship game was held Dec. 28 during Club Hour, making it pos- sible for all students to come and cheer for their team. The Sophomores were not playing as well as they had in the past, and the Juniors pressed their advantage with some clutch scoring by center Ella Leffler and forward Rebecca Subin. The other members of the team included Tzippy Bomzer, Serena Jakobovits, Felice Grossman, Sharon Markowitz, Adriane Stein, and Ilene Lehman. The Juniors topped the Sophomores 40 to 28 as Prof. Tauber officiated. All players were duly rewarded for their outstanding efforts by receiving trophies at the Athletic Dinner at the uptown center of Y. U. The Seniors and Juniors tipped off the second season of Intramurals on Sept. 19, 1978. The Seniors entered with the same team as the previous year except for the addition of Annette Weisman. Due to the Juniors lack of teamwork and the addition of new players, the Seniors were able to clobber the Juniors for the first game of the season, 56-12. In their next game, the Seniors beat the Freshmen 44-28. Leffler dominated the boards while Subin and Markowitz scored the points. The Sophomores were then forced to compete with the undefeated Seniors. Unfortunately, they lacked the assistance of their best scorers and lost by a wide margin, 63-11. The championship game was played on Dec. 12, 1978. It was a Stern original because the game was aired on WYUR the following night. Once again, the Seniors were just too tough to beat! 1. — r. first row — Ilene Lehman, Sharon Markowitz, Serena Jakobovits, sec. row — Adriane Stein, Rebecca Subin, Ella Leffler, Felice Grossman, Tzippy Bomzer 104 Seniors are Champs - ' - ' m 106 z i m 107 E5HIVA UNIVERSITY Welcome Freshmen . . . backroom chats with " Motherly " Marmorstein . . . registration . . . remember becoming a Biology major because all the Psyche courses were closed? . . . roommates . . . How did I get stuck with her? . . . Blind Dates . . . How did I get stuck with him? . . . moving into a room . . . trying phone numbers on the kitchen wall . . . erasing phone numbers off the kitchen wall . . . too lazy to paint ... get those posters up . . . meeting new " neighbors " at lunchtime . . . put in a request for new windowshades . . . Barnes Noble phenomenon — buy a new book for $20.00 - return it the next day - receive $3.00 . . . 12:00 joggers . . . why don ' t the dryers work? . . . Mrs. Milner works hard enough - right? . . . why are the doors decorated? . . . Strike . . . that ' s one way to get out of school . . . Glassers ...1 + 1=3... registration . . . look at those nebbie freshmen . . . what a welcome — cold water ... no heat . . . we ' re half way done . . . still plowing through requirements . . . you mean only 8 courses in my major left to take?! . . . plus 10 Judaic Studies . . . ( rob Le -r-N S C N ■ Renovated condemned lobby . . . " smell that fried chicken " . . . Yippee — YU ' s one big happy horizontal family . . . " Madwoman " — we are experiencing technical difficulties . . . Washington Lobby . . . take a train to the " chains " . . . Stern was up in arms . . . CLEP scandal . . . 1.A, 2.C, 3.D, 4.F . . . fire drill — 3:00 a.m. — who the threw the switch . . . bomb scare . . . waiting downstairs for the fire drill to ring . . . Brookdale is not burning . . . Marmorstein is . . . Sadat ' s visit . . . snow . . . extended intersession . . . yea! we ' re seniors now! . . . Reicherts — Army infiltrates dorm ... no more NY Times crosswords to do in class ... no more milk . . . " changing of the guards " . . . now we know why the doors are decorated . . . upper classmen " snobs " . . . senioritis epidemic . . . Goodbye Seniors . . . lb ' - dirmL i § 5BK mV JH m ' " OUR PATRONS 113 MAZAL TOV TO THE GRADUATES OF THE CLASS OF 1979 OF STERN COLLEGE FOR WOMEN BEST WISHES ON BEHALF OF THE STERN COLLEGE STUDENT BODY AND THE GOVERNING BOARD OF 1978-79 STUDENT COUNCIL. NAOMI MILLER - PRESIDENT BETSY MONDSHEIN - VICE PRES. ADENA KALISH - CORR. SEC. BETH HOCH - REC. SEC. SHARON ZANGER - TREASURER 114 THE OD6ERVER The Official Newspaper of Stern College for Women • Yeshive University THE OBSERVER STAFF WISHES THE MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF ' 79 A LIFE OF HEALTH, PEACE AND JOY. 115 X Compliments of . . . (212) 279-3000 CONGRATULATIONS, ISRAELA FROM MILLAR ELEVATOR INDUSTRIES INC. " Millar none finer ' 501 WEST 42nd STREET New York City, N. Y. 10036 1 v w v., ,,..,. •2S3S3S5Z2 ?. ■ : - X -:-X---x-v vv :- r - : - : - : -:- %y. T -T 116 Mazel Tov and Hatzlacha to our cousin ESTHER NAGEL w.c.c. upon your graduation from YESHIVA UNIVERSITY We wish you much success in the future. Your West Coast cousins Mr. and Mrs. Emil Fish David, Jeffrey, and Monique 117 v -£L ADN T ANN (?I? NDMA SYLV A 1? 4 o Mon and " Dad X AV1D 118 Mazal Tov to Our Dearest Daughter ANNETTE Mazal Tov May you be successful in all your to future undertakings and may all your DASSY dreams be fulfilled. on her graduation We are very proud of you. Love, The I. Laufer Family Love, Mom and Dad - Congratulations and Haztlacha Rabah Greetings to the Senior to our daughter and sister Class of 79 RENEE LYNN SINGER Congretation Talmud Torah With Love Adereth El Mommy, Daddy Shauna, Tzippi and Aron 119 To ILENE We are very proud of you and wish you health and happiness. All our Love Daddy and Vivian Dear Annette, Congratulations on this momentous occasion. May you find Mazal and Hatzlacha as you go out and make it. Love, Yosi, Ellen and the kids. Beth ]acob Congragation Beverly Hills Congratulates The Los Angeles Contingent at Stern College Rabbi Maurice Lamm Rabbi Yisroel Kelemer EUROPA Hairstylists Cut - Blow Permanent Bodywave Henna Treatment California Sun-Bursting $18.00 $40.00 $25.00 $35.00 (Above prices for students only) 751-3008 129 East 60th Street, N.Y.C. (between Park and Lexington) 120 Chai Mazal Click May the cup runneth over for our Dear Granddaughter ROBIN SHOSHANAH KLEIN Mr. and Mrs. A.R. Schwartz San Diego, California Bonne Cleaners LTD Congratulations to the graduating Seniors Frankovitz Market Indianapolis, Indiana „ nywD 5y too jiiim Mazal Tov to our daughter ROBIN SHOSHANAH Manny Adaire Klein I LOVE YOU ROBIN UNCLE HERSCHEL Karen, May you always have success now and in the future. Your Loving Family, Mommy, Daddy Suzette, and Kelev LAMSTONS your friendly neighborhood store To our sister Robin, " It has only just begun " . With love, Dov and Gilah 121 Pavillion Gardens Inc. Sarna Brothers extend our best wishes and mazal tov to Ruth Hupert and all the graduates Ferreri Fashions 193 Madison Ave. New York, N.Y. 10015 532-0578 686-9681 MARTHA ' S HAIR DESIGN LTD. TREMENDOUS SAVINGS! WASH, CUT, BLOW — $9! 2nd Floor 45 East 34th Street New York, N.Y. 10016 Mazal and Bracha on Pepi Kest ' s graduation. With love from Aunt Sarah and Uncle Dave Mushinsky and family 122 Compliments of Alan J. Cohen Mazel Tov to Pepi from FOER ' S MEDICAL ARTS PHARMACY WASHINGTON, D.C. To our smarter than average bear puddycat, we wish you mazel and bracha and " yashe coah! " All our love, Abba and Emah Kest All my love and sincere appreciation to my parents, family, rabbayim, and friends for your continued support during the past 4 years. Thank you, Pepi Mazal Tov Ruth Success and Happiness are yours Hold fast to them, They ' re golden as you are. Love always, Mom, Dad, and Mindy 123 Congratulations to my granddaughter KAREN Dear Betty, Mazal Tov to our darling daughter on your graduation. May you be a source of happiness always. upon her Graduation Love, Mom Dad Love Nanny - Mazal Tov to Annette and her classmates Grandpa and Grandma Mom and Dad Aunt Susan and Uncle Herman Eileen and Stan and Kim 124 Compliments of ! Marion and David Zierler and Family Mazal Tov to our Daughter and Sister KAREN upon her graduation Love Mom and Dad Tammy, Shari, Aviva Tel. Office, or 7-3588 . Aba ' uiij cf £itauiant ana j3 akg.xu CATERING FACILITIES 138 DELANCEY STREET For All Occasions NEW YORK, N. Y. 10002 Best Wishes to our Niece KAREN on her graduation " WITH LOVE " Uncle Sidney and Aunt Ellie Best Wishes From Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Sar Mad Tov Xackul IHny you continue to n source (f nackes to us and -may all your nsjnmtions (xfdfiiled Love, mommy, dm y.udij cuevomfi 5kulnnilk ijoeL 125 Congratulations and Best Wishes to our daughter, sister, and businesswoman ESTHER upon your graduation We are very proud of you. With much love, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Nagel Ronnie, David, Careena and Rolling Stone 126 Mazel Tov to our dear daughter and sister FELICE We wish you much happiness and success. As always, we are both proud and happy on your achievements. Love, Mommy, Daddy, Maureen, and Larry 127 CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR DEAR DAUGHTER AND SISTER Serena who has constantly been a source of Joy and Nachas to us. May G-d grant her years of happiness and success in her future endeavors. With love, Mom, Dad, Mira Sheila 128 BEST WISHES to SHARON MARKOWITZ Mark Trouser, Inc. 34 West 33rd St. New York, N. Y. 10001 Fashion Jeans Dress Slacks For Boys Of All Ages 129 In honor of Ellen-Toby Segal our dear daughter, granddaughter, and sister Martin Beverly Segal Yossi Robert Frances Dinitz Henry Bertha Segal In memory of our husband, father, and grandfather Irving Dinitz A " H who we loved and admired 130 To our dear daughter, sister, and aunt PENINAH Mazal Tov on this momentous occa- sion. May you continue to be a source of joy and nachas. Wtih much love, Rabbi Mrs. Zev Segal, Leah, Yaakov, j Yosef, and Moshe Shaindie, Nate, Nachum, and Yigal Mazal Tov and Best Wishes to our dear daughter and sister RENA upon her graduation, P.S. MazaJ tov on " wrapping it up " with Moishe. Love, Mommy, Daddy, and Shimmy To Den a, MAZAL TOV and best wishes on your graduati on. Love, Mom, Dad, Judah, Jay Minkove With Justifiable pride we congratulate our daughter DEENA Rabbi Mrs. Feldman Tamar, Dovid, Natan 131 To my granddaughter Congratulations ' and PENINAH, CONGRATULATIONS good luck to our Mazal Tov and Best and best wishes to my " smart " sister Wishes for continued GRANDDAUGHTER success in all your en- and classmates. Mazal tov to Janet and Rabbi Mrs. Steven deavors. her Ed. buddies Stein Mrs. Fanny Piperberg Mrs. Norma Chary Dear Naomi, Mazal Tov to Miriam Congratulations on on completing a success- Mazal tov to our her graduation. ful year as Student daughter Mazal Tov and best of Council Pres. Much ALICE luck to my wife Love, hatzlacha in your fu- and the Class of ' 79. MIRIAM on her gradu- Mr. Mrs. Wieder ture endeavors what- ation. and Family ever they may be. Mr. Mrs. Morton Love, Karen Stu Cohen Alex Mazal tov to Cindy MazaJ tov With fond wishes for A happy and success- Love and luck to your success and Hap- ful future to CINDY Rabbi Mrs. Paul Sharon Frager piness! Sava Congratulations to all! Love Uncle Milton, Uncle Nat., Aunt Lot- Aunt Millie, Lynn and Aunt Blanche Uncle tie, Michael, Steven, David Mort and Richard Mazal tov Best wishes to my to our daughter Zippo- granddaughter, rah on her college To my future room- JERUSALEM II ZIPPORAH, graduation. May she mate — Kosher Pizza — Falafel on her graduation. bring us much nachas. Mazal Tov DEENA 1349 Broadway With Love, New York, N. Y. 10018 Aunt Tillie Rabbi Mrs. Bomzer. Artie Grossbard Tel. (212) 947-6422 132 To SANDY, Mazal Tov! May your future always be bright and happy. From your loving family Hatzlacha Ubracha Cindy — may this be a stepping stone to youi future career — Our best wishes always!! Dad, Mom, Marcie Karen, Jeff, Gavriel Chaim 133 Congratulations to LILI and the entire graduating class Mr. and Mrs. L. Fendrich Mazal tov to SHARON R. FRAGER From Uncle Harry and Aunt Martha Stern 134 Mazal tov to the CLASS OF ' 79 on their graduation. Allen Children ' s Wear 933 St. Laurent Blvd. Montreal, Quebec (514) 387-6486 Mr. and Mrs. Schondorf Mr. and Mrs. Lefkovits BEST WISHES FOR A SUCCESSFUL YEAR 135 Mazal Tov Best Wishes to the Class of ' 79 STERN COLLEGE ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION Marga Marx Doina Bryskin Presidium OFFICE OF UNIVERSITY ALUMNI AFFAIRS Richard M. Joel, Director Batsheva Wernick, Alumni Liaison Officer Dear LISA, A hearty mazal on your grad- uation. May your future hold love and success. Ma, Dad, Scott Grandpa The Cohens The Grosses Uncle Maxie Haynes Construction Co. 136 " CONGRATULATIONS and MAZAL TOV to my charming niece MIRIAM Have a successful future! " mrowchibei ' s Food Products Corp. SIDNEY S. WEINBERGER President 1790 EASTCHESTER ROAD 212-824-6940 BRONX, N.Y. 10461 Remember what real home-made chopped liver was supposed to taste like? Mrs. Weinberger Never Forgot To Shelly and Her Classmates, MAZAL TOV and GOOD LUCK in all your future endeavors. Mom, Dad, Kim Jay, Marsha, Shanna Beth Pop-Pop, Bubbie, Zadie 137 r Best wishes to the Class of ' 79 The Peyser Family To the Swe etest girl — Miriam our heartiest mazal tov upon your graduation! Tel. EV 4-7400 iLl J. EMPIRE NATIONAL ALLAN GOETZ A to Z Kosher Meat Products Co., Inc. SALAMI • BOLOGNA FRANKS • CORNED BEEF PASTRAMI • TONGUES 123 GRAND STREET Brooklyn, N. Y. 11211 MAZAL TOV and BEST WISHES to my graduating daughter. Mrs. Shirley Stein To Esther Brocha Classmates )yrb i;npn iiswb Love from Parents Grandma 138 To know that one knows what one knows, and to know that one does not know what one does not know; that is true knowledge. To ELLA Congratulations, much love, and a long, happy, and fulfilled future. Love, Mom and Dad 139 W 1 » " : " ' fflffl i 1 ■1 WL ' ; " f ' .jL nik. , Wt - ••- ' IB n§i Tf T ' M. aLaMfJH 1 a r 39n ft fl§ H H JM I love all of you very much. B ' ahava Adina jo our dear Susan, JKcajifourUfeSc fallt mtfL foaltfL, happiness, and Success. Cove, Oadchj, yHoyvwU and Jxwrij MAZAL TOV to JOSH LAMM and HIS " STERN " GIRL (RIVKIE) on their graduation and forth- coming marriage. Lots of love, Mother, Dad, Baba Debi, Judi, Sharon, Faigi R. Gross Vegetarian and Dairy Restaurant 1327 Broadway L04-0969 L04-1078 Congratulations to the CLASS OF ' 79 Mr. Mrs. Bernard Frankovitz jo our dear Susan, Mazal tov to Sharon on her graduation, Love, Mom, Dad, Norman Diane Mazal tov to MARSHA on her graduation. Love, Mom, Dad, Joel, Jeffrey, and Brian Wisfuna you a lifetime oF dreams f lfiilUd- (Xll our bvc, Dear RIVKIE, Mazal Tov on your finishing college and on starting a new ad- venture in life . . . with me. All my love, JOSH 140 Stye Jfetor Jltork 8iroe$ congratulates SHIRA N. KRAMER, our Stern College representative. upon the completion of herBA MS. MAZAL TOV and best wishes to Miriam on her graduation. Love, Mommy, Gilda, Lenny, Avrumi, Sara, Bena, Hinda, and Shlomo To our dear sister and sister-in- law on her graduation from Stern College. MAZAL TOV - all the best always. Moishe, Ettie Paul, Gedaliah Renee, Esther and Suri CONGRATULATIONS to our sister and aunt, NAOMI . Love always, Fern, Herschel, and Jessica. Jeremy 141 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of ' 79 THORTON ' S CLASSIC STUDIOS, INC. SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHERS 18 West 27th St., 12th Fl. New York, N. Y. 10001 (212) 685-1725 Mazal Tov to the Class of ' 79. Good Luck in your future endeavors. Norman Sanders Local Representative HERFF JONES YEARBOOKS 142 H M K foy d k. %i a £4u£ ST l ch one i«u . ' U tmt a aft " 9: 3fc .4 4 w £9 © © S (SCP® 9® © SPONSORS Mazal Tov to the Senior Class 79 — Mr. Mrs. Winter Mazal Tov to the Prez — With Love, Sal Mazal Tov to the Class of 79 - Esther S. Zuroff Sincere Appreciation for having had the opportu- nity to serve the Class of 79 — Mrs. Rosenthal To Adriane Stein — From A Friend Mazal Tov to the Class of 79 —Mrs. Reich To our daughter Natalie Mazal tov on your graduation. Love, Aba Ima To my Friends — Thanks for allowing me to make the happy times into precious memories — Click!! Love — Ella Mazal Tov Kol Tov to Shelly G. - Mom Dad Dear Mom Dad — Without your support, advice, and most of all love I would not be the person I am, Love — Ella To my dear parents — Thank you for everything Roberta Special Thanks to Marci Rosen, Mindy Seiden, Norman Sanders, Thorton Studios, Mrs. Winter, and Mrs. Zuroff, Esther Gross Congratulations to our lovely daughter ROBERTA BORNSTEIN From, Mom and Dad 143 To accomplish great things we must not only act but aJso dream not only plan but also beiieve. Anatole France m ymm M Naomi — a gift of roses planted in our lives, we lovingly nurtured your growth. Tending to your needs, with warmth, affection, and concern; seeing you grow from an innocent youthful bud to the beautiful velvety fullness of a mature flower. Celebrating in your years of joy and laughter And supporting you in times of sorrow and tears. We followed your growth with pride As you bloomed in your aspirations; Always bringing beauty, softness and sweetness to our lives. Now as you begin a new path We water the seeds you yourself planted And press the memories we shared together in a book as an eternal treasure. Love Mom, Dad, Esti, Mae, Debbie and Albert. 144 If you don ' t know furs, know your furriers. (907) 277-9595 (907) 277-0000 MASTER FURRIERS GUILD OF AMERICA David Green Sons Inc. MANUFACTURING FURRIERS " Alalia ' ] Most Respected Name in Fur " Established 1922 GRACE BLACK MANAGER 130 West Fourth Avenue Anchorage, Alaska 99501 N. Y. Office 236 West 30th St. New York, N. Y. 10001 Open to the public by appointment only 145 Mazal Tov to Michelle Much happiness Good luck in all your endeavors. Mrs. Mrs. Hyman Arbesfeld Benjy. Pnina, David 146 MAZAL TOV and HATZLACHA to ESTHER NAGEL and her fellow classmates on their graduation. May this be the beginning of all the happiness and success yet to come. Mr. Mrs. Sanford Deutsh Marl, Robin, and June 147 Dear Mom and Dad, A simple thank-you is but a token of my deep appreciation, respect and thanks to you both. Philo ' s analogy is quite accurate, " What God is to the world, parents are to their children. " You nurtured me well, providing a warm and loving household as my universe. Your love of God and love of man have served as a model after which I have mold- ed my outlook and way of life. Thank you for your pa- tience and love. I love you both — Rivkie A. Eva ] ' ai tendu des cordes a clocher des guir-Jandes de Fenetre a Fenetra; des chaines d ' or a etoiles at je dance. Rimbaud " illuminations " Que ta joie demeure! Maman In loving Memory George Zukof from Family and Friends of Dear Diane, May your life be filled with good health and much happiness always. With love, Mom, Dad, Miriam, Judy The best of everything and thanks to mom, dad, DS, LS, RS, MSL EL, the 2 cubes, 2SN ' s, SP, SZ, IG, the " SP " , my staff, friends, JT. Ed. MAZAL TOV to our daughter and sister RENIE (RAIZI) upon her graduation. Mr. Mrs. H. Fried- man Jerry Farley Boston En memoire de Yaa- kov ben Yirmiyahu, notre oncle, z ' l qui a illumine nos vies Judith Eva Congratulations to MIRIAM on her graduation. With Love, Mom, Dad, Ruthie, Josh, Renee, Eli, Dovi and Dina 148 SENIOR PROFESSORS Ms. Sharon Schwartz Judaica Prof. Arthur Tauber Secular 149 VALEDICTORIAN Naomi Miller 150 9 151

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