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Hi ■ ' MM HvagV ' ' I HV •■ Freshmen orientation . . . 300 breathless girls arriving at the same time . . . being locked out of dorm rooms . . . speech tests . . . registration . . . mixed up schedules . . . lost in New York . . . !2:00 curfews . . . " into the lounge or out in the street " . . . Barnes and Noble . . . Lower East Side . . . dropping courses, adding courses ... 2 A.M. parties with new roommates ... oh those subway rides . . . mesibah Rosh Chodesh . . . our first mid-terms . . . school on New Year ' s day . . . P.L.O. rallies . . . Arafat at the U.N. . . . first final - first all nighter . . . Purim at Y.U., Columbia, N.Y.U. . . . Y.U. intercollegiate shabbaton ... the Finkelman ' s . . . Thursday in the lobby . . . Freshman blind date party ... Oil crisis . . . hair with wings . . . Elton John . . . Beachboys . . . " The Women ' s " . . . June ' s heart . . . summer at last . . . Welcome back, now we ' re sophomores . . . did you see the freshmen? . . . mailboxes that don ' t work . . . changing rooms and roommates . . . changing schedules again . . . joggers at 11 P.M. . . . pizza at kosher world . . . lets pick a major . . . Visits from Colonel Marmorstein . . . lost hot plates . . . singing in the stair wells . . . seminar . . . firedrills . . . candy machine raids . . . look, we ' re china dolls . . . cowels anyone? . . . trips to the museum . . . bagel sales . . . going home for Pesach . . . Dr. Belkin z " l . . . Stern girls strike . . . who to hire, who to fire . . . one week no school . . . bicentennial year . . . Group review sessions in hallways . . . disected fetal pigs . . . water fights . . . term papers ... La Difference . . . Entebbe raid ... we ' remember Bessie ... 2 years gone, two to go . . . Upper classwomen at last . . . big sisters . . . Dr. Lamm ' s invesriture . . . Changing majors, again . . . overcrowded rooms . . . everyone is in Israel for the year ... 5 year graduate programs . . . President Carter . . . the wedge . . . Murray Hill theater . . . discount movie tickets . . . the Flick on Thursday nights . . . the week with no hot water and dirty hair . . . House of Taam . . . broken furnaces in the coldest winter . . . 50 ' s mesibah . . . let ' s sell candy ... " 12 Angry Women " . . . the Glassers . . . Yaakov Zvi . . . Equal Rights Amendment . . . Star Wars . . . Rallies . . . Parade . . . Beatlemania . . . Lazarium . . . Fleetwood Mac . . . Peter Frampton . . . Israeli Hassidic Festival . . . Barbra . . . dancing in front of Stern . . . elections . . . running unopposed . . . we ' re almost seniors . . . T We finally made it . . . seniors at last . . . our last year . . . Stern tee shirts Simchat Torah on the West Side . . . Mrs. Milner and our custodial Staff new sets of guards . . . lets have a C.L.E.P. exam . . . faulty senior checks will we ever graduate . . . Sadat ' s historical visit to Israel . . . peace may be near . . . new lobby furniture . . . new dean . . . welcome back Karen Bacon senate meetings . . . teacher evaluations . . . finals ... no finals, snow instead . . . stranded in the dorm . . . intersession, if there was only an airport that was open . . . back to school . . . wait more snow . . . cancelled again . . . graduate applications . . . interviews . . . the Russian flu . . . permanents . . . " Annie Hall " ... no more registration . . . Dr. Remes z " l . . . our last vacation . . . " Madwoman of Chaillot " . . . Yom HaShoah . . . Prime Minister Begin at Y.U. . . . after 3,000 years, how does it feel to be thirty . . . New York ' s Israeli festival in Central Park . . . march to Washington . . . Israel Express . . . intramural finals . . . Saturday Night Fever . . . our last set of undergraduate finals . . . senior dinner at the minskoff pavilion . . . dancing with our teachers . . . graduation . . . Daniel P. Moynihan . . . moving our tassels ... we finally made it . . . MAZAL TOY STERN COLLEGE GRADUATES OF 1978 . . . . w TAf- News ill feshiva University Israeli Premier Menachem Begin led national Holocaust Memorial Day observances at Yeshiva University, joining in a candle-lighting ceremony with Dr. Norman Lamm, president, Yeshiva University, shown lighting the second of six candles. Pre mier Begin was awarded the honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree by the University at an emotional event attended by some 4,000 persons at the Main Center in Manhattan ' s Washington Heights. May 8, I978 DAILYaNEWS New York, Sunday, November 20, 1977 ' Nu, stf down. We ' ll have a glass tea and we ' ll talk. or WASHING TON Charles Dickens wrote, " It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, " as an introduction to A Tale of Two Cities. Yet looking back at my past four years at Stern, I find it also to be an appropriate introduction. For me, my experience here was a synthesis of two worlds, the world out there and the world right here. It was an age of wisdom because we learned so much about Torah and life, It was an age of foolishness when we would stay up until all hours just talking. It was an epoch of belief when President Sadat went to visit Prime Minister Begin in Israel. It was an epoch of incredulity when President Carter proposed selling jets to Saudi Arabia. It was the season of light when finals were over. It was the season of darkness when finals began. It was the spring of hope when we laughed. It was the winter of despair when we cried. Our four year stay here seems to have been short, yet quite fulfilling. We learned much from our professors, and we thank you. From one class to another, year in and year out, our professors were always ready to help, listen and guide. We will never forget those that aided in shaping our lives. As for my fellow graduates, I have come to know all of you during the course of putting this yearbook together. It has not always been easy for Alisa and myself, but it has finally become a reality. Congratulations are due to us all. To my friends in the dorm, thanks for always having an extra bed for me. We laughed together, we cried together, we talked, we complained, we shared many a cigarette and heartache. Just remember, it is not over, it is just moving to my neighborhood next year. To my parents, who deserve the world, you will just have to settle for my love and deep respect. You know that if it was not for your perseverence, I would never have come here. To Ronny and Risa, now I know why you always stayed home on Friday nights. To Danny and Marilyn, a few words but much emotion. To Debby, Joshua, Rebecca, Michelle and Sandy, remember, your aunt went to Stern. With all due respect to Mr. Dickens, " We had everything before us " and I believe we still have everything before us! B ' HATZLACHA Love, Vivian I leave Stern with mixed feelings, but the memories will stay with me forever. The lessons learned during the most important, impressionable, four years of our lives, from our triumphs to our loses, successes and failures, happiness and heartaches form the foundation on which we lay out the patterns of our future - May G-d bless and keep you always May your wishes all come true May you always do for others And let others do for you. May you keep on being righteous May you keep on being true- May you always know the truth And see the light surrounding you May you always be courageous Stand up right and be strong And may you stay FOREVER YOUNG May your hands always be busy May your feet always be swift May you have a strong foundation When the winds of changes shift May your heart always be joyful May your song always be sung And may you stay FOREVER YOUNG Believe it or not, I always thought Bob Dylan was a better writer than me, and his " Forever Young " expresses my words of advice to my fellow students as best as possible. Our four years in college have ended, and now it is time to enter the real world. (Yes! Mrs. Milner will no longer bring you toilet paper when you run out) But I feel the real key to success is to have a sense of humor, (and to know how to use it) and to stay Forever Young! 1 want to thank my fellow students for letting me have such a big part in the making of our yearbook. I wish everyone all the luck and happiness in your future endeavors. I especially want to thank all those, and you know who you are, who cut classes to keep me company in the cafetena, who sat in my room, or anywhere else, and gossiped, who laughed with, and or at me. who made my memories of my four years at Stern what they are today. Thanks, Love, Alisa rnnfc " And these are the names " of the seniors which one lovely lady in the office of student services has made her business to know. During our freshman year, we were all called, individually, to this lady ' s office for a personal conference. From that moment on we all knew we had a friend here. Mrs. Esther Zuroff has always had a smile to greet us with and a shoulder for us to lean on. To this woman we dedicate this section of our yearbook, for her guidance and her love. v k BUSINESS MANAGEMENT Big Sister, Registration Aid, Blood Drive Committee, Publicity Committee, TAC, Admissions Committee, Floor Chairman Business Manager Yearbook Yesterday is but a dream Tomorrow is only a vision But today well lived Makes every yesterday A dream of happiness And every tomorrow A vision of Hope. Anonymous Deity fineis SOCIOLOGY WYUR - Stern Coordinator, Floor Chairman Don ' t be afraid to try again Everyone goes South Every now and then You ' ve done it, why can ' t Someone else. Billy Joel JEWISH HISTORY Big Sister, Junior Class Committee, Observer, UJA ' ' The best and most beautiful things in the world, cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart " . Hellen Keller ouri Jjemslein POLITICAL SCIENCE Big Sister, Poli-Sci Club " A mass of different faces with one common smile. Laughing, grinning, and chuckling in the midst The happiness that envelopes us We are together. r Jnn PSYCHOLOGY T ' chiya, TAC, Big Sister, Chairman of Student Council Tzedaka Committee " Look not with your eyes . . . for they see only limitation rather seek with understanding . . . and you will find much more " Anonymous Indrea 1 ]b ausiein JUDAIC STUDIES Big Sister The Eternal your God will circumcise your heart, and the heart of your offspring. to love the Eternal your God with all your heart and with your soul, that you may live. Dueteronomy XXX :6 inw BIOLOGY Aishel Honor Society, Biology Club, Big Sister, Registration Aide, Dean ' s List, Publicity Committee, Admissions Committee, Senior Senator, Dorm Counselor, TAC, Blood Drive Chairman, Observer Make-up editor, Who ' s Who. " To accomplish great thin t we must not only act but also dream, not only plan but also believe. " SOCIOLOGY Sociolog) ' Club, Vice-President Junior Class, Secretary Freshman Class, TLS Advisor, T ' chiya, Big Sister. " Arms entwined about each other We stand together reaching out As we watch our lives move on Learning and growing from our misfortunes and happiness " JUDAIC STUDIES WYUR, T ' chiya, Project Ezra, Big Sister, Yearbook Staff When a person has a real friend, he learns not only to appreciate another human being, but he also learns to understand himself better. Susan Schultz «j(isa cJatve Coler TAC - Publicity, Observer, Big Sister, TAC - Candy Sale, Junior Class, Yearbook Staff Edesiates5:l SJiira DoJJer- s sanw ttv ■M f EDUCATION i 1 Dean ' s List, TAC - Tzedaka .. " Yechi Kavod Heverecha Haviv Alecha Keshalech " i v B Ptrkei Avot 2:16 ■it ' id ' Wrk SOCIOLOGY TAC, Senior Class - Treasurer, Sociology Club, Big Sister, Chug Aliyah Look not at the vessel but what it contains; there may be a new vessel full of old wine and the old vessel that has not even new wine in it. Ethics of the Fathers 4:27 4 5fl " rY 9 Sharon ThJKman ENGLISH Dean ' s List, Ashes Sparks, Big Sister ' Tomorrow is another day " Gone with the Wind SKlfra RirHi GioreliK TV " ) TTW 1 JUDAIC STUDIES T.A.C., Sociology Club, Big Sister, Chug Aliyah, Dean ' s List 35fc s« W » Sh ' Ain Lecha Adom, Sh ' Ain lo Sha ' ah veh Ain Lecha Davar, Sh ' Ain lo Makom -Pirkei Avot- . mf HVml Hj Efll Cioldg CjLreenfiela ENGLISH COMMUNICATIONS Yearbook Old paint on canvas as it ages. Sometimes becomes transparent. When that happens, it is possible, In some pictures, to see the original lines . . . The paint has aged now and I wanted to see What was there for me once, What is there for me now. Lillian Hellman ' , " ' . . 7OTTO SOCIOLOGY SOCIAL WORK Sociology Club, Jewish Education Society " As individual and independent a person claims to be. He is always seeking the friendship of another " Unknown jiVJVH Grossman 3T T7X3N POLITICAL SCIENCE PRELAW S3 S Dean ' s List, T.A.C., Big Sister, Sophomore Senator He who does not increase his knowledge, decreases it. w -Pirkei Avot- M, • . ' n. . Sa-yi rsL HI jcke We Jiah n SOCIOLOGY SOCIAL WORK Senior Class Pres., Junior Class Tres., Soph. Class Tres.. Big Sister, Biology Club, Sociology Club To will to be that self Which one truly is, Is the deepest responsibility of man. Soren Kierkegaard Jftirjam Jioertng Q " TO JUDAIC STUDIES Jogging Club, T ' Chiya, Blood Drive Life is an exciting business And most exciting when It is lived for others. Helen Keller JUDAIC STUDIES " The Lord is for me . . . I will not fear: What can man do to me? Ti% : ! i i ii HISTORY PRE-LAW Dean ' s List, Observer When in doubt - be vague When accused - deny. Unknown .17TN. JUDAIC STUDIES T.A.C., Floor Chairman, Big Sister " In the depth of my soul, there is a wordless song Kahlil Gibran Phyllis J 11eiv Klein. roVn PSYCHOLOGY Jogging Club, Dean ' s List Have I lived to see the milk and honey land? Where hate ' s a dream and love forever stands Or is this a vision in my mind? Stevie CJtatja Kieinerman ENGLISH COMMUNICATIONS Observer, Senior Senator, Dean ' s List Ben Zoma said: Who is wise? He who learns from all men Pirkei A vol JUadehne Sara ffochen JUDIAC STUDIES Dean ' s List, Observer, T.A.C., Floor Chairman " Education is an admirable thing, but it ' s well to remember from time to time, that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught " Oscar Wilde ' BJissa. H KjooImK POLITICAL SCIENCE Dean ' s List, Observer, W.Y.U.R., Pre-Law Society, Speech Arts Forum If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away. Hairy David Thoreau Shira JleJiama JCrameir EDUCATION N.Y. Times - rep.. Observer, Dean ' s List, Big Sister, Freshman Class - V.P., Speech Arts Forum, Registration Aid, J.S.C. A teacher affects eternity; They can never tell where their influence stops. Henry Adams J| £M r i i i t .... yj i W Gcerr ' i Gl. X§ sJCij JUDAIC STUDIES Freshman Sophomore Senator, Floor Chairman, Dorm Counselor Lebagid Baboker Chasdecha Ve ' emunascha Baleylos. Tehilim 92:2 BIOLOGY " Nothing can stand before the desire Sherry Jfevy JUDAIC STUDIES Dean ' s List, Dirshu, T.A.C., Big Sister, Dorm Counselor Oh how Love I thy law! It is my meditation all the day. (Jennie IgwtLo ricz_ BIOLOGY T ' Chiya, Jogging Club, Biology Club Life is like a One penetrating puncture and its all over. R. Lewkowicz u I i f J)ehorah Inn jCttin ENGLISH English Club, Sports Club, Karate Club, Big Sister, Registration Aid is only with the heart that me can see rightly; What is essential, is invisable to the eye. . JEl en J(ieberman TO BIOLOGY JUDAIC STUDIES Senior Class - V.P., Observer, Big Sister, Dorm Counselor, T.A.C., Biology Club, Admissions Committee Ta achieve all that is possible We must attempt the impossible. To be as much as we can be We must drean of being more. Gale Baker Stanton HBhHB5B| JjBB mb p mbBB B B rkixla «XyLTigen BUSINESS T.A.C., Observer, Big Sister, Publicity Committee, Installation Dinner - Chairman Think the way you want to think Speak the way you want to speak Follow the goals you want to follow Live according to the truths within yourself. Susan Polls Schultz rmzn PSYCHOLOGY Lo Raav La Lecbem, V ' lo Tsama I ' .j. es Divrei HaShern EDUCATION Sophomore Class President, Big Sister You see things as they are and you ask ' Why? ' , But I dream things that never were, and I ask " Wljy not? ' " Bernard Shaw SSetvt Sandra Jearhnan : " — - n TX1V) TTWft 1 1. ... BIOLOGY ' y ■ Dean ' s List, Karate Club, Biology Club r- ' " For lo the winter is past, the rain is over and gone; The followers appear on the earth, The time of the singing bird is come, And the voice of the turtle is heard in our land. Shir HaShirim 2:11-13 c ' S ' " ■■;; a H ■ B 1 f ; r l " ' . ' ■ v ;.-■ v? .. ' tyaomi Riv £a Reic t rr an " " Mi JUDAIC STUDIES T.A.C., Dean ' s List, Project Ezra UMlM " ... For they are our life and the length of our days, and we will meditate on them day and night. And mayest thou never take away tlyy love from us. Maariv JUDAIC STUDIES S.C.W.S.C. - treasurer, Karate Club, Jogging, Observer, Blood Drive Committee Anything is within your reach. Sandra HI JLiesenherg EDUCATION Big Sister, Yolanda Benson Honor Society Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail. Janet jE:, JLimherg " 1HDH tHlStf Dean ' s List, Big Sister, Registration Aid If you will it, it is not a dream. Theodore Herzel ENGLISH Dean ' s List, Ashes Sparks, Big Sister, Yearbook llisa Gail Rolkst em ENGLISH COMMUNICATIONS Yearbook Editor-in-Chief, Big Sister, Noam, Blood Drive, Intramurals Everyone I know, everywhere I go le need some reason to believe. I don ' t know about anyone but me, If it takes all night, that ' ll be alright If I can get you to smile before I leave. Dek a JCareji Sofviff TEST TmXT HEBRAIC STUDIES mend broken fences of dreams that have died And I weave golden moments on the loom of eternal time. Greta Nathanson Deborah J nn Silver PSYCHOLOGY Observer Editor-in-Chief, Dean ' s List, Big Sister, Dorm Counselor, Speech Arts Forum am a part of all that I have met; Yet all experience is an arch wherethro ' Gleams the untravel ' d world whose margin fades Forever and forever when I move. Debbie lee. SoJovr Dean ' s List, Who ' s Who, Student Council - V.P., Big Sister, Dorm Counselor The world is based on three principles: Torah, worship, and kindliness. Plrkel Avot 1:2 BctoraJi R. Weiss SPEECH THERAPY Dean ' s List, T.A.C., Speech Arts Forum Do not despise any man, and do not consider anything impossible; for there is not a man who has not his hour, and there is not a thing that has not its place. Firkei Avot JtfAe tyeisselber?et- JUDAIC STUDIES " Do not wait for the day to come, bring forth the day yourself COMMUNICATION DISORDERS Dean ' s List, T.A.C. Where men truly wish to go, Their feet will manage to take them. ADVERTISING COMMUNICATIONS W.Y.U.R., Observer How can an actual person ft into the covers of a book? The book is not a continent, not a definite geographical measure, it cannot contain so huge a thing as an actual full-size person. Any person has to be scaled by eliminations to ft the book world. Pearl S. Buck m Mindy Berkowitz 39 Porter Road West Orange, NJ. 07052 Debra F. Adler 630 S.W. 29th Rd. Miami, Florida 33129 Suri Bernstein 64-52 Bell Blvd. Bayside, New York 11364 Debbv Aneis 15-8 Warr. Ctr. Rd. Cleveland, Ohio 44121 Renee Susan Binn 6247 N. Monticello Chicago, Illinois 60659 Ziva Blankrot 711 85th St. N. Bergen, NJ. 07047 Joyce Blau 1526 48th St. Brooklyn, New York 11219 Faye Koval Brand 1408 East 4th St. Brooklyn, New York Elaine Braunstein 120 Meade Ave. Passaic, NJ. 07055 Andrea Blaustein 544 Asbury St. New Milford, NJ. 07646 Renee Lynne Brief 303 West 66th Street New York, New York 10023 Shelly Blumenfeld 108 Harrison Place Perth Amboy, NJ. 08861 Esther Marsha Cherner 117 South Martel Ave. Los Angeles, California Mindy Ellen Borck 2412 North 51st St. Philadelphia, Penna 19131 Esther N. Bramson 718 Hillsboro Drive Silver Spring, Maryland 20902 Benay Deborah Cohen 118 N. Newark Ave. Ventnor, NJ. 08406 Lisa Jane Coler 102 Burlington St. Hartford, Connecticut 06112 JiJhi i Rebecca Cumsky 762 Nandy Dr. Kingston, Pennsylvania 18704 Sharon Folkman 211 Dover Street Brooklyn, New York 11235 Shira Doller 275 Frances St. Teaneck, N.J. 07666 Lynn Dombey 14500 Park Oak Park, Michigan 48237 Ellen Sue Goldman 51 Colbourne Cresc. Brookline, Mass 02146 Molly Grace Goodman Maple Avenue Woodridge, New York 12789 Judy Weinberg Eisenstock 1314 Ocean Parkway Brookly, New York Gwenn A. Felder 28 East Henrietta Ave. Oceanside, New York 11572 Minda Ruth Figlin 432 Edgewood Rd. Linden, N.J. 07036 Shifra Ruth Gorelik 2766 Sawmill Rd. North Bellmore, New York 11710 Goldy Yisra el Greenfield 1119 Ocean Parkway Brooklyn, New York 11230 Renee Greenzweig 4520 Post Avenue Miami Beach, Florida 33140 Aviva Libby Grossman 1017 Hawthorne Memphis, Tennessee 38107 Doreen Ann Kalter 42 Cambridge Rd. Great Neck, New York 11023 Susan Gubner 213 Marine Terrace Elizabeth, New Jersey Leah Katz 3749 Bendemeer Cleveland, Ohio 44118 Sandra Michelle Hahn 801 Madison Avenue Lakewood, New Jersey 08701 Aimee Kintzer 624 East Walnut St. Long Beach, New York 11561 Ingrid Herskovics nee Pasternak 860 East 18th Street Brooklyn, New York 11230 Phyllis Ellen Klein 6009 Seward Pk. S. Seattle, Washington 98118 Miriam Hoering 1236 Georgian Terrace Lakewood, New Jersey Chaya Kleinerman 7936 Orchid Street Washington, DC. 20012 Roxanne Huberman 2500 Johnson Avenue Riverdale, New York 10463 Madeline Sara Kochen 5 Walworth Ave. Scarsdale, New York 10583 Elissa E. Koolyk 12 Morton Rd. Newton Centre, Mass 02159 Shira Nehama Kramer 111 Rennard Terr. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19116 Deborah Ann Libin 600 Cedarhurst Ave. Cedarhurst, New York 11516 Ellen Lieberman 1314 East 53rd St. Brooklyn, New York Gerri G. Lasky 6 Burton Ave. Monticello, New York 12701 Alane Rose Lis 322 Auburn Rd. West Hartford, Conn 06119 Gila Leiter 163 Parkville Avenue Brooklyn, New York 11230 Ceril Lisbon 16 South Flagg St. Worcester, Mass 01602 Sherry Levy 3384 Turf Rd. Oceanside, New York 11572 Jennie Florence Lewkowicz 1521 So. Durango Ave. Los Angeles, California 90035 Paula Lungen 15 Lakewood Ave. Monticello, New York 12701 Marlene Mandel 1174 Debra Dr. Linden, New Jersey 07036 Debby Rae Mezcy 1128 S. Cardiff Ave. Los Angeles, California 90035 Naomi Rivka Reich 864 East 7th St. Brooklyn, New York 11230 Etta-Jo Murachver 25 Wadsworth Ave. Revere, Mass 02151 Karoll Leslie Natl,. in 99-16 70th Ave. Forest Hills, New York 11375 Sandra M. Riesenberg 12 Stern Dr. Newburg, New York Thea Riva Reznik 2446 N.W. Quimby Portland, Oregan 97210 Nina Barbara Neumann 4 Stuyvesant Oval New York, New York 10009 Leah Peyser Rifkin 3801 Hudson Manor Terrace Riverdale, New York Ellen Blau Pearlman 781 East 8th St. Brooklyn, New York Ilene Sandra Pearlman 705 East 80th St. Brooklyn, New York 11236 Janet E. Rimberg 1033 East 9th St. Brooklyn, New York 11230 Shari Rindenow 71-65 169th St. Flushing, New York 11365 Sandra Lynn Roseman 565 Norman Way Woodmere, New York 11598 Deborah Lee Rosen 850 Longacre Ave. N. Woodmere, New York 11581 Laurie B. Rosenstroch 8724 Avenue A Brooklyn, New York 11236 Debra Karen Schiff 339 Jordan St. Oceanside, New York 11572 Shira Schwartz 146 State Street Perth Amboy, New Jersey 08861 Deborah Ann Silver 120 Marengo Park Springfield, Mass 01108 Sally Roth 2355 Beachwood Blvd. Cleveland, Ohio 44122 Miriam Joan Silverstein 4 Tower Lane Monsey, New York 10952 Alisa Gail Rothstein 373 McCloud Drive Fort Lee, New Jersey 07024 Debbie Lee Solow 449 Peninsula Blvd. Cedarhurst, New York 11516 Norma Gale Sandow 814 Lowander Lane Silver Spring, Maryland 20901 Rebecca Stein 4510 Royal Palm Ave. Miami Beach, Florida 33140 Vivian Frances Steiner 145 West 86th Street New York, New York 10024 Ethel Weisselberger 185 East 85th Street New York, New York 10038 Carole Lynn Sutton 445 Quentin Rd. Brooklyn, New York 11223 Debra Wohlgelernter 2736 Patricia Lane Bellmore, New York 11710 Deborah Warhaft 10431 139th St. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Linda Susan Wolf 6737 N. Richmond Chicago, Illinois 60645 B. Irene Weinrib 1564 Basil Dr. Columbus, Ohio 43227 Dena Lea Zelinger 17 Locust Hollow Dr. Monsey, New York 10952 Sara Weinstock Av. J. Ustarie P. Residential B-24 Sn. Bernardino, Caracas, Venezuela c r a s i Zelda Kaminsky 759 Remson Brooklyn, New York 11236 Deborah R. Weiss 6319 N. Albany Chicago, Illinois 60659 c B •m £ s Andrea Trachtenberg 64 West 31st St. Bayonne, New Jersey 07002 vm Rashi maintains that all statements preceeded by the word " Vayekra " denote the language of endearment. With this in mind, we dedicate this section of our yearbook to Dean Karon Bacon. As the third dean of Stern College who this graduating class of 1978 has seen, she is someone to whom we all feel very close. In this, her first year as dean, she has become involved in matters that the students feel are crucial for the academic enrichment of our school. It is always easier to communicate with someone who was once in our shoes as a student. To Dean Bacon, we wish you much hatzlacha as you begin your second, of many years to come, as dean. YESHIVA UNIVERSITY 50Q WEST 1B5TH STREET NEW YORK, N. Y. 1QQ33 ■IE PRESIDENT It gives me great pleasure to greet members of Stern College ' s class of ' 78 at the occasion of their graduation. As those of you who have been my students in the classroom know, I have a great deal of respect for Stern girls -- for their intellectual acumen, their commitment to Torah , their capacity for personal growth. I hope and pray that these qualities, enhanced by your stay at Yeshiva University, will be further developed by you as the years go by. The Jewish community especially, but the general community as well, need the special qualities that you possess. Your contribution will redound to the credit of your families and your alma mater. I hope that you will succeed in your most cherished ambitions, both in the homes you will build and the occupations you will pursue, and that you will remember with affection and gratitude your years at Stern. Norman Lamm President It is with great pleasure that I extend greetings to the 1978 graduates of Stern College for Women. At alma mater you have enjoyed a unique opportunity for intellectual and spiritual growth. Here the modern young woman can devote herself to the complete development of her capabilities as a Jewess and as a student of the liberal arts and sciences — searching and researching into the mysteries of the universe, acquiring a better understanding of the world in which we have been placed, achieving a greater appre- ciation of the lives and destinies of the peoples among whom we live. Your constructive participation in the development of the College has strengthened it in the pursuit of these primary goals. Stern College is truly a better place for your having been here. As you undertake various roles in the professions — and as guardians of our Torah traditions in the homes and in the community — the years spent at Stern College will prove invaluable. I extend my very best wishes for the future. Mr. Max Stern Since assuming the position of Dean of Stern College for Women, I have been asked by many people to compare the college I knew as a student to the Stern College of today. There are, of course, a number of differences. Neither time nor the college has stood still. But one aspect stands out most in my mind, that of the relationship of Stern College to the Yeshiva University community. In the twenty four years since the creation of Stern College, both physical location as well as educational philosophy and goal combined to make the school in many ways autonomous from the rest of the University. These years were good ones for the college and her students, providing a perfect environment for the development of traditions and internal attach- ments. Each incoming class could hardly fail to feel that superimposed upon the educational process has been a strong sense of community of teachers and students, one that defines Stern College and that encourages and indeed en- hances the educational experience. Today, the University seeks to strengthen itself and each of its divisions by drawing the various branches closer together. Approaching any new venture carries with it both anxieties and anticipations and this case is no exception. I have confidence however that the strengths of Stern College, her commitment to an intensive dual program for the Jewish woman as well as the unmatched loyalty of the faculty and student body to the school, will ensure a positive future. You, the graduates of 1978, need not share only in the beginnings of this reorganizational venture. Your continued interest as alumnae in this institution and your continued show of strength in support of her development, ensure, I believe, a future of fewer anxieties and greater anticipations. I feel very close to this class because you are my first as Dean of the College. At the same time, I carry the uncomfortable realization that I do not know all of you as personally as I would have liked. But, from those students with whom I have shared plans and frustrations and moments of laught er, I have come to know you as having great pride in being traditional Jewish women, committed to education, activism, community service and per- sonal fulfillment. I trust that at Stern College the faculty and the school ' s ideals helped encourage and channel these commitments. My best wishes to you at this time of your graduation. ONE WHO HAS ACQUIRED A GOOD NAME, HAS ACQUIRED IT FOR HIMSELF: ONE WHO HAS ACQUIRED FOR HIMSELF TORAH HAS ACQUIRED FOR HIMSELF THE LIFE OF THE WORLD TO COME. PIRKEI AVOT 2:8 Mrs. Esther Zurotr Mrs. Pauline Winter Mrs F.tliel Mrs. Esther Reich Mrs. Doris Baron Ms. Isabel Salson Mrs. Aidel Buchwald Mr. Richard Cantor Dr. Edward Levy Dr. Jessica Grant Dr. Beatrice Friedland Dr. Murray Airman Dr. Fred Goodman Dr. Betty Rosoff icon Krumbein Mrs Ethel Orlian Mr. James Martin Prof. Michael Szen Dr. Miriam Grosof X ' fiSWMii Dr. Shelly Koenigsberg Dr. Susan Sardv Dr. Frederick Plotkin Dr. Charles Angoff Mrs. Laurel Hatvary Mrs. Nancy Knopka Ms. Joan Warshall JWtsck i «, Mrs. Sophie Laufer raatms Dr. Max Sorkin Dr. Anna Krakowsk Ms. Hadassah Kosak Mr. Hanoch Dubitsky Mr. Henri Kamri Dr. Noah Roscnblc i f j Rabbi Avraham Weiss Rabbi Martin Gordon as Ms. Sharon Schwartz Dr. Shlomo Feinstein Ms. Avala Levy Dr. Doris Goldstein Dr. Lawrence Grossman Prof. Michele Zoltan Dr Wallace Greene Dr. Shlomo Eidelberg Prof. Jeffrey Gurock Prof. Lucy Dawidowicz PI3! PSB 5 Rabbi Saul Berman Dr. Meir Havazelct Rabbi Alter Metzger Rabbi Fabian Schonfcld Rabbi Aaron Shurin Rabbi Mclcch Schacter 1 ' Dr. Gerson Appe Prof. Arnold Zucker Dr. Norman Rosenreld Mr. Martin Herz f Ms. Aliza Dubin Prof. Arnold I.ebow Dr. Michael Hecht Dr. Ruth Bevin Dr. Ira Belmont Dr. Marcel Pearlman Dr. David Gitler ?SWh Dr. Henry Lennard Prof. Isabella Bick Dr. William Helmreich Ms. Peninnah Schra Mr. Arthur Taubc Ms. Shulamith Schmidek Dr. Eli Sar : _ , " _ J Prot. Edith Luberski Mr. Lawrence Wise Mrs. Sarah Keller Mrs. Esther Strausser Mrs. Libbv Neiman Mrs. Roslyn Kaufman fl + 1 % A V-9 m j, -I Wjs ' t. W " f Mr. Sam Klein Ignatz Mrs. Klein Selma Renee Mrs. Sussman Mr. Sam Mandelbaum the " guard " pTvrv? £ A OOtf flb urn 1. He finally got married 4. You can learn to be an individual in society 6. Our guard 9. Our registrar 11. From dean ' s office to registrar 12. Lets dissect the pig 14. This Dr. also graduated from Stern 15. His Philosophy of Mitzvot 16. Her class goes to the Franklin Institute 17. Cecily ' s sister 19. Our Ferkauf ' educator ' 20. Mr. Mathematics 21. Our historian 24. Our man poli sci 28. Mrs. discount card 29. Si hablo espanol 31. Our sabbatical chemist 33. Open books, open notes final 34. Our guidance counselor 36. They ran 50. East 34th Street 40. " Come and see me kids " 41. Mr. ' pretty mountain ' 42. His class goes to Connecticut on field trips 44. Parlez vous francaise 46. Our ' ed ' ucator 48. 2D in 50 East 34th Street 50. What Paul is on the Sabbath 51. Her War Against the Jews 54. After study week 56. Our music man 57. He uses an epee or basketball 60. A " Wise " place 61. Our Simon and Garfunkel hit song 64. Mrs. Speech 65. Beret, clogs and a bicycle 66. Our dean 1 1. Sabbatical Rabbi 2. Stern " Time ' s " 3. No pants in class 5. Our colonel 7. Our doctor 8. Our Hebrew literature man 10. He ' s at Stern and Wurzweiler 13. They run 50 East 34th Street 15. What supports this yearbook 17. What we say when we fail 18. A little blood never hurt anyone! 19. She graduated in 1972 22. Something to be " pre " in 23. In history, he came, left and came back 25. Mr. Museum trips 26. He writes for the Forward 27. An " English " man 30. She teaches Hebrew and Western Civ. 32.-19D 35. An exam to take before graduation 37. Dr. English and Mrs. Speech 38. Our weekly paper 39. Our Britain from rhe lower East side 41. Our " papermate " 42. What we hope to do in all courses 43. vChooleh, vChooleh etc. 45. Ani midaberet ivrit 47. Our bar down the block 48. Dean 3 49. An English ad ' Vantage " 50. Our first stop in the morning 52. She re-schedules finals after blizzard 53. Classes at Isaiah Wall 55. Ich spreche Deutsch 58. Peanut brittle in lab 59. Tzedakah committee sponsor 60. Our President 62. Pre-med req. 63. Play sponsor T2TO As Moses guides Bnai Israel through the desert for 40 years, so has Rabbi Berman guided us through our 4 years of Stern. No Stern ex- perience can be considered complete without Rabbi Berman. He was not only a teacher, but an intricate part of our Y.U. family. We shared much with him — from our own individual trials and tribulations to the celebration of nis son ' s brit. He has been instrumental in the changes which have taken place in Judaic Studies department. Through his drive and dedication, Judaic Studies has been greatly enriched through the past 4 years. With admiration and respect, we dedicate this section of the yearbook to Rabbi Saul Berman, and we wish him Hatziach and Tzezhchem Li Shalom as he and his family plan next year in Israel. f?£ [ERN COLLEGE FOR WOMEN SUMMARY OF RECORD CHECK " SPORTANT: Keep this summary of the requirements which you must Sill meet, based on the latest check of your records. It Ssumes that you are going to pass all courses now in progress rtth a grade of at least C- in the major), and therefore lists ily those courses and credits still to be taken in following ■nnesters. ,-p SC tiMftRJ " -2. ,S y? 9 c ias JP SVKJIO Print : Last First Middle or Maiden 5b REQUIREMENTS FOR BA DEGREE with a major i n C?U O • Total credits still to be take n Ot Credits still required in majo r 7 (specific courses in malorr .SOC J, SOC IX, SOC W ; SoC 33. ) Additional required courses other than Jewish Studies: r s S. 3W. B O f £ ; lj.CI J,1.£ . Number of COURSES required in Jewish Studie s I 3 Distribution of required courses: Hebre w g L f Jewish History , Bible_ Jewish Philosophy Judaic Studies 3 Electives I. JEWISH STUDIES REQUIRED FOR (circle one) Hebrew Teachers Diploma Jewish Studies Certifica Total number of COURSES required Distribution of required courses: Hebrew DEFT COURSE SEC CR. CODE ART ART AR " AF A 1.1 1.1 19 5 18 J K GH GH J ( , e « blv. BIOL BIOL BI CL 8 10L BIOL CHEM CHEM CHEM CHEM CHEM CHEM CHEM CHEM CHEM CH - 2.0 0020 2.0 0030 3.0 0070 2.0 0120 2.0 0130 4.0 0170 t.O 018U 4.0 0190 i 0200 ?10 V, r DEFT CC EDUC ENGL ENGL ENGL ENGL ENGL ENGL ENGL ENGL ENGL ENGL f:NGL ' r 4. 14 14L 14L i 1.1 1L IL 9 r e c , v fr ° MlN C k-l olo o. v; M-N 0.0 072O ° 3.0 0770 • $, 1.1L K-L CC O ' ' 1.1L MNl 1.1L " ' • This form is for the convenience of s : forms from a school office. Yeshiva University STERN COLLEGE FOR WOMEN Office of the Registrar DISTRIBUTION OF REQUIREMENTS IN HEBREW LANGUAGE, LITERATURE AND CULTURE The College offers courses in this area for those for those with some background, and for those v ' Before registration each student takes a pla ' to the appropriate level of study: elemen- 1 5 dent who has been placed on one level r credit for, courses on a lower level -aV A. For the Bachelor of Arts Dec 1- Each student must cor and at least 2 in each of m :, t : sr tt Yf Pl« yoi already been met) . j for each year of advanced ents remain as above. 4- The normal maximum ccV e vo v e i2.5 averages may take up to £ e S .A K superior records (an average e ) may be permitted to register for ,24 credits a semester, with pe. iA ro of the Dean, provided that the credits -:er is 18 credits. Students with in rare instances students with FOR nt re nt ch takt -0 e STERN CCLLEGE FOR WOMEN CR. CODE OEPT COURSE SEC CR. CODE JEPT CUURSE SEC CR. CODE DEPT COURSE SFC CR. C 3.0 1250 HEBR 35 L 3.0 2 740 HLTH M2 0.5 3840 PHIL 31.1 C 3.0 4 3.0 1380 HEBR 37.1 F 2.0 2772 HLTH MN2 0.5 3850 PHIL 41 G 3.0 4 3.0 1400 HEBR 71 t 2870 HLTH L 0.5 3890 PHIL 59 N 3.0 4 3.0 1420 HEBR 73 A ' ' 900 HLTH Nl 0.5 3910 PHYS 1 G 4.0 5 3.0 1430 HEBR 73 f • HLTH N? 0.5 3920 POLS 1.1 F 3.0 5 3.0 1450 HEBR 77 ' X HLTH PI 0.5 3930 POLS 2.1 G 3.0 5 3.0 1480 HEBR 77 T H P2 0.5 3940 POLS 19 K 3.0 5 3.0 1490 HEBR 77.) X 7i A Z.O 4080 POLS 33 J 3.0 5 3.0 1500 HEBR 77. ■ " i J 2.0 4090 PSYC 1 B 3.0 5 3.0 1510 HEBR 80.2 b K 2.0 4120 PSYC 1 D 3.0 5 3.0 1535 HEBR 81 K 2.0 4130 PSYC 2 J 3.0 5 3.0 1635 HEBR 81 M 3.o S Z . ° 0 M60 PSYC 13 G 3.0 5 3.0 1710 HEBR 87.3 B 3.0 3 x " W,, ' " ' 4170 PSYC 16 M 3.0 5 3.0 1760 HEBR 89 3.0 3180 «, « " 0 PSYC 19 A 4.0 5 i.O 1821 HEBR 90.0 K 2.0 3181 PSYC 21 K 3.0 5 1.0 i 8 2 HEBR 90 .2 L 2.0 3183 JUD ' % tfc YC 25 F 3.0 5 1.0 1823 HF " " 90.8 P 2.0 31B9 JUDA OjLr 32 C 3.0 5 3.0 184 M 9.0 3190 JODA at C «8|r M F 3.0 5 •}.n 0.0 3200 JUDA 86. 1 A?}- Op . F 3.0 5 .0 3210 JUDA B7 N ' •V Op " ' 3.0 5 3220 JUOA 89.3 M £ . !■ i.O 5 3230 JUDA 92.1 hpo 2.0 » 5 3260 JUDA 92.3 GHQ 3.0 43 . 5 1 3270 JUDA 93 H 2.0 43 85 Q ts-, 5 3280 JUDA 97 A 2.0 4420 SL «4fi 3290 JUDA 99. 1 B 2.0 4440 SOCI ) 5 3380 LI BR 1 K 1 .0 4460 SPAN 5 L °V) 3510 MATH 1 D 3.0 4490 SPAN 1 .0 5 1540 MATH 3 N-P 4.0 4510 SPAN 1 i_ .0 5 6 00 MATH 13 B 3.0 4530 SPAN 3 F i.O 6 610 MATH 23 L 3.0 4570 SPCH 1.1 D 3.0 6 640 MATH 37 M 3.0 4600 SPCH 1.1 F 3.0 6 N 1 V E $ i T V S57 MATH 50 C 3.0 4620 SPCH 1.1 F 3. C 6 80 MUSI 1.1 J-K 2.0 4630 SPCH 1.1 G 3.0 6 IEST FORM jesting information, specific rulings, and application 7 STERN COLLEGE FOR WOMEN YESHIVA UNIVERSITY INTRA - COLLEGE MESSAGE O A -o 2 | FIRST MtME |lNt[E»Baf Iil»| SC |oEPaKTMEMT| COURSE NO. | Se " n NO | CREDITS | 9 fi - -o $ ERSITY - ATTENDANCE REPORT I QQtb Lower ■■ " Visiting Transient Hebrew Lju«sl: (circle) E (TO H -vC student s attendance record below and submit this card to the Office of the Dean on the last day ■ code If o utslde NYC) :. Sec. No u ) -bis H?id3ici Jriods of lecture and periods of laboratory. ods of lecture and periods of laboratory COMMITTEE ACTION Lower credit to Lower grade to Date Initials EOF COURSES Box Representing Each Hour Class Meets) ii i.i ii is n 2i ii n u n u 2; 3j n 30 31 3! 33 31 35 36 31 31 3) o u « (3 u is « n a « so si a 53 s ss si si si si it si s? 63 u 6s st si n ti it n 12 13 n is it 11 11 u 10 Please fill out and return to OFFICE OF THE REGISTRAR YESHIVA UNIVERSITY REQUEST FOR TRANSCRIPT FOR OFFICE USE ONLY Date received Transcript numbers m Bio itib a t irUMEZ .Stteu. LfioM p teA 2 g°-TRQ) 1=00 Bcl5 Hours to be arranged: _ again 1 fr« a Grapes of Roth hy Sally Roth A STUDENT COUNCIL BOARD 1977-1978 Sally Roth President Adriane Stein Vice President Ann Tennenberg Recording Secretary Naomi Miller Corresponding Secretary Thea Resnick Treasurer mm -aViI IWWIWWI W I I II W1I I UHUI I 1..I I ... I Silver Reflections by Debbie Silver. aapTHCOfrOCfiVCft EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Executive Editor Managing Editor News Editor Features Editor Cultural Arts Editor Halakhlc Editor Contributing Editors Copy Editor Production Editor Make-up Editor Assistant to Editor-in-Chief Proof Editor DEBBIE SILVER ElyssaMerze! Sharon Frog er Shlro Weinberg Sharon Efroymson Greta Nathanson Madeline Kochen Laurie Rosenstroch.Leah Katz Penlnah Segal Dena Zelinger Rebecca Subin Alice Cohen Ellen Lieberman Associate Board: News: Anne Tennenberg Features: Heidi Tenzer Business Manager Sandl Blller Exchange Editor Shlra Kramer Photography Editor Ella Leffler Typing Editors Horner Bloomberg Bev Heyman Art Editor Ellssa Koolyk News Staff: Sarah Stem, Jill Hacker, Eva Grussgot, llene Lehman, Vlckl Garfinkel, Penny Kaganoff. Judith Gospar, .Sharon Zanger, Dena Feldman, Tomar Feldman; Features Staff: Penny Kagonoff, Gltta Stem, Cheryl Rubin, Adnrea Warmflash, Rochelle Nashoffer, Barbara Michael, Dassy Goodman, Mlndy Seiden, Shori Ehrmon; Photography Staff: Rochelle Nashoffer, Boyla Friedman; Typing Staff: Harriet Bloomberg, Beth Cohen, Liz Heineg, Judy Miller, Jacki Monn, Ginger Hobson, llene Rosen, Miriam Slrverstein, Roselle Socol, Nina Young; Layou. Staff: Esther Koreen, Ruchel Fried, Abby Fodlman, Chana Lida, Cheryl Rubin, Sharon Weisel. Keep on TACing .by Nina Neuman— J Herff Jones Yearbooks Montgomery, Ala Pasco. Wash Marceline.Mo Gettysburg, Pa Vivian Steiner and Alisa Rothstein Editors-in-chief wl 1 m Lisa Coler - Art Esther Bramson and Debbv Adler Asst. and Business Manager Nina Neumann - Staff Alane Lis - Class History J Goldy Greenfield - Typist Herff Jones Yearbooks Montgomery, Ala Pasco, Wash Marceline,Mo Gettysburg, Pa ■ Phyllis Klein - Layout Benay Cohen - Layout With special thanks to Mrs. Esther Zuroff, Mrs. Pauline Winter, Mrs. Pennenah Schram, Sandy Roseman, Renee Brief, Joyce Blau, Mr. Dave Weinhouse, Molly Goodman, Paula Lungen, Leah Katz, Mr. Norman Sanders and Park-Madison Studios (r R -. s m fi fi ft p, ? m A f J f e S 5 p. o ft e p ft. R 5 e w T H ft u ? 6 i c H ? 5 D P P D Z e r , o a G- % A A) r c L- " p P e i. o j e A P a £ D L 9 N D rv t R L I A A 5 ;■ 6 (r 5 A t H £ r « 5 P A P £ L- c £ i D £ L 6 £ rz G f) M £ c 14 T P i £ « s n U ft P UJ i v r £ ? H m ■n a K) K A) P Ic fi £ u fl n -r ' 6- v K ? n I 2 . £ i aV t o 5 c H- AJ F e L. D ( z U z £ p tf Ai L p i tfU £ P 5 T £ i V ' D Ai ff p I f» fl V r 2 £ L. £ T ft f L (T P AJ r P £ fc L rr P N f « i P V V D c T 5 e $ R 1 A (J IC K £ N ? S 6 6 R Cr r») rt 6 I o « a € i T P £ £ I S H c ft N T R _ f. a T ft b P UJ I b u. 1 c 2 I S r P ) N a u 5 5 5 o e L V e T 6 .i M ft Z- £ V V fl T f U 6 e £ £ £ I 5 U « £ f: v 5 T F- _ 1 6 e V R 6 A 5 A r ] £ 9 I ) ft fc C AV R l Q o P £ rf a; -J T £ A M 4 c V Rachel Glasser Master Yaakov Zvi Glasser Paul Glasser As the 1978 graduates of Stern College, we feel that there were a few things we learned that others did not. Before we depart, we would like to share some of our Stern insights with you. They are hints, tips, reminders and just plain solid advice, most of which was learned post facto. 1. When studying for exams between the months of December and February, always make sure your teachers have an alternate plan in case of snow. 2. When studying for exams while the city of New York is attempting to avoid a transit strike, always visit your friends in Brooklyn. 3. If any foreign diplomat arrives from the Middle East to New York, always prepare for a rally at the Isaiah Wall. 4. In your senior year, always advise your teachers you have an interview before cutting their class. 5. Never put term papers in faculty mail boxes, they have ways of getting misplaced and it is always your fault. 6. If you have a broiler or hot pot, make sure to also have a trunk to hide it in. 7. When decorating doors in the dorm, remember, scotch two-way stick tape works the best. 8. Never tell your teacher you are taking their course to fulfill a requirement, but that you always had a desire to learn about photosynthesis and Machiavelli. 9. Never ask Selma if the food is fresh or for extra cheese on top of your noodles. 10. Always find out which teachers are perpetually tardy and which are constantly on time. 11. " Smart " Stern girls never admit they studied for the test and they are the ones to graduate " Cum Laude " . 12. Always deny you ' re doing anything in class except taking excellent notes. 13. Always have at least four of your roommates check out your blind date before you go downstairs to meet him. 14. When going on your interview for dorm counsellor, do not forget your favorite mitzvah. 15. Always smile and schmooze with the ladies in the registrar ' s office. NEVER, NEVER COMPLAIN. 16. Never admit before a quorum that you really are apathetic. 17. If you ' re going to the student lounge, make sure you have good directions and at least 3 spare hours. 18. Do not leave your dissected pig in the hallways of the dorm. They have ways of doing strange things to your roommates or the cleaning women. 19. Always have $5.00 in change for the candy machines the night before an exam. 20. And most important, never forget you went to Stern College for Women. Introductory Remarks Sandra Hahn, President Senior Class - Stern College Welcome Debra Adler - Stern College Yeshiva College Stern College for Women Class of 1978 cordially invites vou to attend the Senior Dinner Wednesday evening, the seventh of June Nineteen hundred and seventy-eight Park East Synagogue Minskoff Cultural Center 164 East 68th Street New York City Reception: 6:30 p.m. Couvert: $18.50 per person R.S.V.P. by May 24 Presentation of Senior Professor Awards to Rabbi Saul Herman and Professor Laurel Hatvary Sandra Riesenberg, Alisa Rothstein - Stern College Valedictory Address Nina Neumann, Stern College Presentation of Class Service Awards: Sally Roth, President of Stern College Student Council CO w eH ce TW tsdaV Wo roW« jon« 8, 197» -f,W PVJS o-«fS Vot M-gsSK-— i case t tain. S SS.-SS. ttcKe« .pe " 1 Se 30 0 YESHIVA UNIVERSITY Forty-Seventh Annual Commencement Exercises £ 5 c o S ° O O " , ° Ay G , % ' " ' ■A VVo-i Thursday, June Eighth, Nineteen Hundred and Seventv-Eight at Ten-Thirty in the Morning • Danciger Campus, Main Center • Amsterdam Avenue and 185th Street • New York PROCESSIONAL H . Groff, M.H.L., Herald ST Abner Dean of Admissions St RN Cq e H e 6 , ' S j ov, n Chief Marshal BLANCHE D. BLANK. Vice President for Academic 48 - P ni I ™ Bachelor of Arts as of January 31, 1978 Sharon Miriam Abramson Debra Fran Adler Rebecca Cumsky (c) Sharon Folkman (c) Ellen Sue Goldman Molly Grace Goodman (c) Leah Katz (c) Chaya Kleinerman Madeline Sara Kochen (m) Cheryl Ann Lebetkin Deborah Ann Libin Elyssa Fran Merzel (c) Carol F. Reisman Janet E. Rimberg (c) Karen E. Schwerd-Reisbaum Malka Shapiro (s) Debra Lee Solow (c) Sharon Lynn Yellin Bachelor of Arts as of June 8, 1978 Debby Aneis Mindy F. Berkowitz Sara Bernstein Renee Susan Binn Ziva Blankrot Joyce Nechamah Blau (c) Andrea Julie Blaustein Hope Bonnie Salmansohn Bloom Shelly Blumenfeld Esther N. Bramson (c) Elaine Braunstein Michele Breger Renee Lynne Brief Benay Deborah Cohen Lisa-Jane Coler Dale Leslie Eichenbaum-Pianko Gwenn A. Felder Minda Ruth Figlin Sarah M. Goldberg Shifra Ruth Gorelik (c) Jean Shulamith Green Aviva Libby Grossman (c) Miriam Heering Ingrid Evelyn Herskovics Cheryl Leah Holzer Roxanne H. Huberman (c) Doreen Ann Kalter Zelda Kaminsky Shari Ann Kenner (c) Phyllis Ellen Klein Cary J. Klinger Elissa Esther Koolyk Ronnie Kamm Schneierson Shirley Schreiber Nancy Beth Schwartz Rochelle M. Schwartz Shira A. Schwartz (c) Deborah Ann Silv er Miriam Joan Silverstein Renee Elise Singer Leah Grossman Slivko Rebecca Stein Vivian Frances Steiner Faye Koval Gerri G. Lasky Gila Leiter (m) Miriam Debra Levite (m) Sherry Eileen Levy (m) Jennie Florence Lewkowtcz Ellen Tova Lieberman Alane Rose Lis Ceril Lisbon Paula Lungen Marlene Mandel Joanne Leslie Mirsky Aviva Brojges Miskin Etta Jo Murachver Nina Barbara Neumann (m) Ellen Blau Pearlman Ilene S. Pearlman (m) Kathryn Perles (m) Leah C. Peyser Ivy F. Possick (m) Naomi Rivka Reich Dorothea Riva Reznik Miriam Ruth Ribner Shari Rindenow Sandra Lynn Roseman Deborah Lee Rosen Laurie Beth Rosenstroch (m) Sally Sue Roth Alisa Gail Rothstein Norma Gale Sandow Roxanne Rachel Schein Debra Karen Schiff Andrea Brenda Sultan (m) Carole Lynn Sutton Deborah Warhaft Judith Anna Weinberg Betsy Irene Weinrib Sara Weinstock (c) Deborah Ruth Weiss (c) Debra Wohlgelernter Linda Susan Wolf Elaine Brenda Yahia Dena Leah Zelinger 7 " ). ' i - 7?- ? y- o6 £ e Z L vf. rftJuML $ ?7S, 2 £ C Ort zX j fruSL CM ■ f ' " SC6J J U. £ f 2, I Merrill Lynch Dur secretaries -e professionals LEONARD LINDER ipportunily employer, M F. Never a Fee $11-14,000 .FASHION BLIC RELATIONS ADVERTISING .CORPORATE itr your career goals ' we opportunities for you 1 VINMAR ' S35 5 Rm 91 1 687-8977 SECYS FEE PD QUEENS Secy Exec-Maspeth S240 Secv-Maspeth $200 Secv Dicts-L.I.Citv S200 Secy Legal-Jackson Hts $200 Secy Elmhurst l 90 Secv-Baystde 5175 ING SING MANY,MANYMORE! PRESTON agency 793-8100 118-21 Queens Blvd., F Hls,rm505 SECY ADM ASST Divisional President of intl firm Wall St area needs c odity. Side locati Call or apply Personnel 753-3000 OMEGA WATCH COMPANY 301 East 57 SI. (2nd Ave) 3rd fir plover JU F SECRETARY Office Temporaries 5,-( v.- BR " Q.L EastsfrJe LocationsI Madison Ave (56) 60 E42 I 1ECYS IROOKLYN: 26 Court St, Rm 1802 • I ,.T T . , I SENS: 95-04 -arVai;, Ave (WdhvJ) f MDTNAI cy AdrnExec,F PSI60-2cV FREEfoA Secy Adn IMT ' I TPAVPI PCMCCITC SEV OPENGS! JR SR LEVELS! J.McParMn Inlerconl We dedicate this final chapter of our yearbook to our fathers and mothers for all the values which they continually instill within us and the love they continually express. Not only to our individual fathers and mothers, but to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Rivkeh, Rachel and Leah, the fathers and mothers of all Jewish people. For without all of these important people, nothing we have strived or lived for could have been meaningful. Father and mother, we thank you and we love you. Mazal Tov in honor of our daughter, ALISA ROTHSTEIN - Editor of Kochaviah on her graduation, love, Mom, Dad, Ira, Mindy and Joel To VIVIAN, We wish you luck and much success, and worlds and wodds of happiness. Mazal Tov, our dream came true. With all our love, your parents MAZAL TOV TO THE GRADUATES OF THE CLASS OF 1978 OF STERN COLLEGE FOR WOMEN Best Wishes from the governing board of the 1977-1978 Student Council Sally Roth Adriane Stein Ann Tenneberg Naomi Miller Thea Resnick President Vice President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer THE OD6ERVER The Official Newspaper of Stern College for Women • Veshlva University -[ " on Mazal Tov to the graduating class of 1978 from the governing board of the Observer 1977-1978 Congratulations and Best Wishes to all the graduates of the class of 1978 HOTEL PRINCE GEORGE DEBRA FRAN ADLER You have been our smiling, happy, thoughtful and kind child, sister, niece and cousin. May all your dreams become realities. All our love, Mrs. Irene Adler Jacalyn and Bud Miami, Florida The Goldsteins and Yatkemans St. Louis, Mo. The Adlers San Diego, California Mazal Tov To MIRIAM on your graduation May the future bring a life in which the desires of your heart shall be fulfilled With our love, Mom, Dad, Sam, Henry and David Congratulations to MIRIAM HOERING Good Luck in Everything Now and forever Mr. Mrs. Irving Roy In honor of our daughter, MIRIAM, on the occassion of her graduation. Best of luck in your future endeavors. With love, Mr. Mrs. Samuel Silverstein For ELLEN, Happy are those who dream dreams and are willing to pay the price to make them come true. Congratulations on your graduation. May you continue with only happiness. With love, Boby and Zayde Mother and Uncle Eddie Irle and Janet Barry and Lila David and Myrna Devorah, Aryeh and Aaron Mazal Tov to NORMA and best of luck in the future love, Mr. Mrs. Jack Sandow Congratulations to AVIVA Rabbi Mrs. Rafael G. Grossman Hillel, Shamai, Yehoshua Mrs. Selig Zaretsky Mrs. Jacob Grossman Eternal remembrance of our beloved daughter, granddaughter and sister, Shoshana Carol Grossman z " l Rabbi Mrs. R.G. Grossman, Aviva, Hillel, Shamai, Yehoshua, Mrs. Selig Zaretsky and Mrs. Jacob Grossman TV en £ ' j ' Tfa Ji ±) c u OJryOfc. ' " 0-TH Iyl cJle er ©p-f Grdduejrfi fL « P Gravxld supM£r q| 2 6 " Jo; ' n a 37)1 ' - ? t l £lds oCf6J © To ILENE, Mazal Tov. Best wishes for happiness from the family. Mom, Miriam, Bob, and Adam Norman, Debbie, Chani, Binyamin, and Zvi Uncle George and Aunt Peshie Congratulations and Mazel Tov wishes To our Dear Daughter and Sister Nina Barbara Neumann You brought us Pride as Valedictorian of your Senior Graduating Class May you continue to go M ' Chayil, L ' hod Ul ' tiferet B ' uisroel an enrollee in Cardoza Law School may we live to see much nachas from you as always With Love, Rabbi Mrs. J.G. Newmann Frances, Yehuda Doritte Tully Joshua Congratulations to SANDY HAHN on her graduation from college and all our best wishes to her in the future. Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Hahn Glory Hahn Mrs. Shary Hersh, Avi Phyllis Mr. and Mrs. I. Katz Mr. and Mrs. F. Lieberman Mr. and Mrs. O. Silverman family Mazal Tov to JANET, with all our love, and best wishes to the graduating class of 1978 Bernice and £d Rimberg Alan and Robert Congratulations to ELYSSA Congregation Beth-El Newton, Massachusetts Congratulations to ELYSSA KOOLYK from the family, Bubie Dobe, Abba, Imma, Sharonah, Hershie, Dovi, Rachi, Reuben, Judah, and Lani Congratulations to DEBBIE SILVER from Vivian Silver -JZ ' led) pUlrtW £3 -tfJ ' fi jefik ,« N We wish you Mazal Tov all the joy to that you can wish. DENA Mazal Tov and best wishes. on her graduation The The Libin Zelinger Family Family Mazal Tov to ALANE f V 1 on her graduation X r from: Mr. Mrs. Arthur Mitlah wBm 1 Mr. Mrs. Jerry Cohen Mr. Mrs. Marvin Goldman Jj Mr. Mrs. Leo Novak m. » . ijk 1 .- r -:: ii Mr. Mrs. Lawrence Carni Florence and Esther, We Love You! Mommys and Daddys m Lewkowicz Cherner Best Wishes and Mazal Tov to DEBBIE on her graduation Mom, Dad, Phyllis, Yudi Rachel In honor of my granddaughter, LYNN DOMBEY Mrs. Lois Herman To SALLY, Mazal Tov, prez., upon your graduation! May you continue to be a source of nachas to us. The best of luck to the Class of ' 78. Love, your family , " " u T,-innU)Q " } ? o ' nKD 7T MOLLY 7H£ Cl S of ' 78 - ffrW r, Success IMP A ftftrte MMT M fimx, nm. " Good Luck for rhe future to our daughter DOREEN and her classmates Congratulations to our niece ELAINE BRAUNSTEIN and the class of 78. Best of luck in your future endeavors. Mr. Mrs. Max L. Braunstein To MINDY, With much love and continued success, Mom, Dad, Malkie, Yudie Leta Mazal Tov to our Bat Torah, NAOMI, on her graduation. I ma and Abba Penina and Joel Yoni and Barry Toby and Tullv and Babba Book, Card and Stern Gift Shop College Alumnae 64 East 34th Street Association Full line of cards, books, gifts, candy and special book orders Kosher World Mazal Tov to NINA NEUMANN and the class of 1978 1260 Broadway (corner 32nd Broadway) First Avenue New York, New York Pharmacy 244-5820 298 First Avenue Mazal Tov to class of ' 78 N.Y.C. 777-0740 The Neiv York Times congratulates SHIRA KRAMER and the entire graduating class To my Dear niece, DEBBIE, mazal Tov and best wishes on your graduation. Love, Irene Mazal Tov and best wishes to our dearest daughter, and sister, DEBBIE, May your future be a happy and successful one. Love, Mom, Miriam Ervin Dear DEBBIE, May you continue climbing up the ladder . . . And keep smiling all the way . . . Mazal Tov, Rivkie, Feishe, Moshe Malky Mazal Tov to ELAINE and the class of 78. Rose Braunstein and Howard Braunstein Camp Morasha extends best wishes to all Morasha girls graduating this year. Graduating from college does not mean graduation from Morasha! Congratulations to the class of 1978 Congregation Talmud Torah Adereth El (29th Street Shul) Mazal Tov to LINDA and Howie. Love, Mom, and Dad Ask Irv ' s Mr. Foster Travel DELICATE ESSEN (formerly Ben ' s) complete travel planning at no charge to you only glatt kosher restaurant on the west side Israel, South America, Europe 165 West 72nd Street 4 Park Avenue 683-2340 799-7090 Farm food Restaurant Martha ' s Hair Design, Ltd. 142 West 49th Street 45 East 34th St. 2nd Floor New York, New York 532-0578 686-9684 Pl-74971 Celebrating 50 years of service to our 1 Maison Petite Mazal Tov to SHIFRA on her graduation Ladies apparel 308 Morris Ave Elizabeth, N.J. Grandparents, Mom, Dad and David Congratulations to MARLENE MANDEL and to the class of ' 78 Congratulations Congratulations JOYCE and best of luck to the editor and my secretary, in your future endeavors. VIVIAN STEINER Love, Marinos A. Pet rat os, M.D. Mom, Dad, Alan Howie hmmmmmm- wmmmm Dear DEBRA, May you always be a source of Nachas and joy to us. Mom, Dad, Jeffrey, Melissa, grandma, and grandpa Mazal Tov Hatzlacha to the graduating class. Thanks for making my long training at N.Y.U. hospital somewhat more pleasant, Cordially, Joel Arbisser Ophthalmology Chief Resident Laufer Family R.L. Plastics, Inc. To ALANE, Mazal Tov on your graduation and much happiness always. Love, Dad, Mom, Shabsa, David, Grandpa Max Shapiro Mazal Tov to RENEE, from Paul, Rochelle, Andy Joanna bE lA ES.TUE 1 i T5Z I6 AJO DoZ6 £( 6saj) HeM A 6 $ n£ f r cuq jog fuC ' Ol )0 (L eAZj M£MO £ S OF dUtf- tr e lZ UW- DEtlFuL AMD C£J)Z± TUJ orni F£oo t ITS, uor)dje.A£JJ MiZM££€£ ZTusr aj case C-Ml kJE k EEP T»£ hJoKE UDJEL TXujO? 4- Lo£ £ (PrtfgTJim ... FLat . n ZT A Z .,. Serve: P Z.bPt-E- A ?JiJAJ£ HiTHZ ; )£{- T ZjJ A Cr- TO Xfi aV... S)4 . .. MtiLhJ (LAZE . , . -X btMj-r SE£T THAT 3u£A ££L,., £AT A 6 aJ the tf !lL,. hazel, roi , ., jr 2vzx m itr r - be s E- D A ,. . Z S f A (f tioU i Du£} (- F A ALS . . . A AtJJAJd- T )E £7 SFF£ )l 7) )6S,, Md ' ZC W jJF... Ul fOk F £ r TO £r€T jv ?£ EA ' - nziZ-m A- Acti F $ A TM£ EU-E F)r6tC»- £ AkU UE 6 JJ - n £rtSk!. Aj v £c6S a S. . - j ' Tl Mi JAJA- A t€ A T£Sr TtSX o )Qj ' . ■ , flAJty 6-JS g,,, tMe iX7££S.,, ui trUJA TV J A TME M ?t-L£ • ■ { ro ohy - v jilL oug. Luve. — CiEJJfl El t UsLL. L JUhA , 5zA A AMA eTTE A DOifi Zo a M A1LU E fiY t rt 0CW4 4. Ar fcni hqil £ la eeA4z£. To JUDITH ANNA WEINBERG EISENSTOCH, Mazal Tov to you and your friends from your happy family. Rabbi Mrs. Norbert Weinberg, Shira, Rena, and Sharona Mazal Tov to our " other " sister, ESTHER, on her graduation, Love, Noah, Michael, Chaya, Rachel Davis R. Gross Vegetarian and Dairy Restaurant 1372 Broadway LO40969-1078 To JUDY WEINBERG EISENSTOCH, Mazal Tov upon your graduation. Love, Oma Weinberg Mazal Tov and best wishes to ESTHER. Love, Mommy, Daddy. Renee, Libby and Shulamith Bonne Cleaners LTD. 56 East 34th Street Between Park Madison MU-9-3629 19B and 19C thank Mrs. Milner for letting us have our 3A.M. parties To JUDY WEINBERG EISENSTOCH, Mazal Tov to my wife on her graduation. Love, Zalman Mazal Tov and best wishes to our dear niece and cousin, ESTHER N. BRAMSON on you graduation Uncle Hershel, Aunt Esther and cousins America Hurrah Antiques 316 East 70th Street 535-1930 Ccril Lisbon Dear mom and dad. THIS IS IT ' From your nudnick In honor of the graduation of ESTHER BRAMSON Uncle Eli, Aunt Edie cousins Ratner ' s Dairy Restaurant 138 Delancey Street New York, New York OR-7-5588 To the Class of ' 78. The best way to keep your friends is not to give them away. Love, Alisa and Vivian . .. pit-fsrt 7 nf3D DD7r yD ' 3djJ jOA l? wok J ' jp3 Jik.rf y o i t b- ru jofyp To mom and dad. and you thought I ' d never be a scholar! love, Alisa Dear ALISA, May your parer its conti nue toder ive much nachas fr om you, and may you 1 continue to clii nb the laddt r of success 1 (and beauty). Love i tlways, 1 Moses L. Fuchs 1 Greenfield Trading Gold Jewelry and Diamonds 4 West 47th Street booth =£96-97 Mazal Tov SANDY love. Mom. Dad, Ira, R obin Dav id MARLENE, May the future bring you only success and happiness Love, Steve LISA, You made it through Jamie and speech class, now vou ' re ready for anything! Love, Annette Dave Dombey Associates Wedding Bar Mitzvah Photography - New York - Detroit (313) 548-2266 To Honor our dear daughter PHYLLIS on her graduation Mr. and Mrs. Sol Klein JENNIE, Park Gourmet Delicatessen 120 East 34th Street Between Park Lex. 684-3490, 1 Jerusalem II Kosher Pizza and Falafel 1349 Broadway (comer W. 36th St.) Bonne Cleaners LTD. 56 East 34 th S freer Between Park Madia Congratulations to DEBBIE SOLOW from the 1 5th floor and friends Liz, Ethel. Riva, Debbie, Esther, Marion, Shira. Karen, Claire. Wendy, Shira, Malki, Lisa and Chava Mazal Tov to SARA on her graduation Mr and Mrs. I. Weinstock SHELLY, Congratulations ' Keep up the good work . . Love, Mike Bill Scbifrin National Jewelers Exchange 4 West 47th St. Booth 86 245-4269 To my dear niece, VIVIAN, wirh my very best wishes on your graduation. Lots of luck for the future. Love, your aunt Erna Mazal Tov to ELAINE BRAUNSTEIN and class of 78 Mr. and Mrs. Harry Braunstein To MOLLY, Mazal Tov on your graduation With love. Uncle Meilech, Aunr Frieda and all the Laufer cousins Best of Luck to the class of 78 from Reflections Hair Salon Congratulations to a great editor . . . and sister. Ronald, Risa, Joshua and Rebecca Steiner Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Irving Katz Congratulations and Mazal Tov To our graduates The class of 78 Mrs. Rosenthal. Registrar ' s Office Mazal Tov to DEBRA WOHLGELERNTER William and Jane Stark and family Norwalk, Connecticut Mazal Tov to VIVIAN and good luck in your future endeavors. from Danny, Marilyn, Deborah, Michelle Sandy Steiner of Cheshire, Connecticutt To room 7B of 76-77, thanks for putting me in th heaven. Love, Adrienne Mazal Tov to PAULA and her friends on graduation Mom, Dad. Cynthia and Alan Congratulations DEBORAH LEE! Uncle Sid, Aunt Sandra, Lucie, Heide and Terrie To VIVIAN, a great co-worker and friend. May all your wishes come true for 1978! Love, Connie Mazal Tov to MOLLY, May you go from B.A. to MA. Love, Uncle Izzv, Aunt Batva. Yisroel Bomch, Mi mi Yumi. Bina Dr. Martin Moskowitz Optometrist 1272 48th St. Brooklyn 436-1400 237 Warwick Ave. Staten Island 698-3818 DEBORAH LEE. Mazal Tov!! with much love, from Mom, Dad, David Helene Moshe Peking Restaurant We made it P.L.! Love, Linny Ms. Peninnah Schram Mr. and Mrs. Reich Phyllis and George Klass Mr. and Mrs. Allan Duchan 34th Street Shoe Rebuilder Yahalom Restaurant M.H. Lamston Doris Werner Parkside Stationers Jack Poling - Gerry Jewelers Amity Cleaners and Tailors Esther ' s Kosher Dairy Restaurant Mr. and Mrs. Allen M. Fischer and family Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Pinter and family " The Shalom Star " — Janet Rimberg ' s uncle Janet Klein Kosher Meat Farm Roberta Bornstein Joseph Farhas — Farkas Brothers Kosher Meat Market Mr. Mrs. A. Siegel and family Teplitzky ' s International Motel, Atlantic City, N.J. To Judy Weinberg Eisenstoch - Mazal Tov from Savta Friedman Dave and Sharon Baseman Mr. and Mrs. Meyer Kleinerman Dorothy and Robert Marmorstein Best Wishes Mazal Tov to the Graduating Class of 1978 STERN COLLEGE from HERFF JONES YEARBOOKS and its Local Representative NORMAN SANDERS CONGRATULATIONS TO SANDRA ROSEMAN ON HER GRADUATION LOVE, MOM, EUGENE, ARLEEN STEVE and SHARI MINDY LOVE, AUNT LILA, UNCLE HAROLD and family. To ELLEN Congratulations on your graduation the Liebermans BEST WISHES TO GOLDY on her graduation THE YISROEL and GREENFIELD families MAZAL TOV TO SHIRA on your graduation THE DOLLER FAMILY 9 P) c )JM m • , h jt G ' b . t Sk « ' ' v " " ■ ) ' lii a ii iMM n

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