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KOCH A VI AH STERN COLLEGE F( 1977-1978 FOR WOMEN TERN COLLEGE FOR WOMEN YESHIVA UNIVERSITY 5 Lexington Avenue New York, N.Y. 10016 (212) 255-5600 With his singular vision of an institution of higher Jewish learning for women combined with an accredited college and his unique ability to ac- complish this goal, he brought into being Stern College for Women and continued to nurture her growth with sensitivity and understanding. It is for this that we dedicate our yearbook to the man most responsible for bringing the orthod ox Jewish woman into the 20th Century the late Rabbi Dr. Samuel Belkin z tz ' l. THE ORTHODOX JEWISH WOMAN TODAY Today, it is not at all surprising to hear a Stern College graduate speak of her classmate the medical student, the law stu- dent, or the Ph.D. candidate. Now, more than ever before, a significant number of or- thodox Jewish women are giving serious thought to pursuing careers in many fields, many of which were only rarely entered by orthodox women in the past. The example that some women have set in having suc- cessfully combined a demanding career with raising a family in the orthodox Jewish tradi- tion may be inspiring others. Stern College, with its tradition of a balanced education of Torah U ' Mada, is unique in the opportunity it offers to its students to gain a solid knowledge of the Jewish cultural heritage, laws, and morals, as well as a quality secular education. A good secular education, and an awareness of her true moral and religious obligations in Judaism are necessary prerequisites for the orthodox Jewish woman who wants to pur- sue a career in the secular world without in any way compromising her religious and moral values. Judy Wallach The subject of the personality of the Jewish woman is one that has intrigued great thinkers since the beginning of time. These times of the seventies, where identification and equality of the sexes are burning issues, seem to make the subject even more difficult in which to come to terms. The " Jewish Mother " image has been given a great deal of bad publicity of late, and as a result modern American Jewish women are rebell- ing from this role in search of a more respec- table one. Wher e do we fit in as modern, educated, Orthodox, Jewish, American women? As we were taught to do, let us go back to the sources for some possible answers and direction. The literature of the Bible and the Talmud reflects an image of the Jewish woman which seems to be one of courage, moral fortitude and self-sacrifice. In the later part of her life, when Sarah gives birth to Isaac (Genesis 21:2) she motivates and trains him for his mission in life. Because she is afraid that he will become infected with the ideas of Ishmael, she insists on the removal of Hagar from the Jewish camp. (Genesis 21:9) Her command is met within the approval of G-d who instructed Abraham: " In all that Sarah saith unto thee harken unto her voice " (Genesis 21:12). Our sages tell us that G-d sanctioned Sarah ' s command to Abraham because in dealing with the moral education of the child, she had reached a higher level of spiritual prophecy. We learn of the goodness of Rivka as she is depicted demonstrating her worthiness by offering to draw water for Eliezer by the well. Following that, she gives drink to his camels and offers him lodging for the night. (Genesis 24:15-21) All this is seen as characteristics for the wife of Isaac, and thus she is chosen to marry him and bear his children. Faced with the conflict of Jewish and non-Jewish ideals, as exemplified by Jacob and Essau, she is forced to make a choice between her two children. In order to preserve the nation of Israel she chooses Jacob and must deceive Isaac to insure Jacob ' s success. In doing this, she prepared Jacob for his future responsibility, filled with hardship and sorrow, which he would encounter in his obligation to the nation of Israel. (Genesis 27: 5-12) Leah and Rachel are seen as women who had to create the proper atmosphere in the non-Jewish home of Laban in order to keep Jacob from straying. This carried through to the children, since we are told that none of the twelve sons strayed from the path of his father and his Torah values. When the edict came to drown all the newborn boys, Miriam, the sister of Moses, encouraged her parents not to be afraid. When a child was born (Exodus 1:16) it was Miriam who was held responsible for prevailing upon the daughter of Pharoah to save Moses from the sea, and have his natural mother raise and educate him in the way of Judaism in the palace of Pharoah. (Exodus 2: 3-6) The definitive scriptural message for women is found in Proverbs, written by King Solomon in the 5th century BCE. The picture of an " Aishes Chayil " that is painted for us is one of a giving, self-sacrificing, family-oriented individual who is concerned with the physical as well as spiritual transmission of Jewish ideals. Special note is taken of the final verse: Give her the fruit of her hands And let her works praise her in the gates. Proverbs 31:31 By some, " in the gates " is translated as the " heavenly gates. " However there can also be the idea that " in the gates " may be the gates of the city — that public awareness should be made of the woman who is concerned about the welfare of the community as well. Biblical interpretation leads us to the con- ceptual view of the female as the moral and spiritual backbone of the family and com- munity. She is expected to set the codes of behavior by examples, in order to help guide her family ' s behavior. The Torah maintains that through the execution of her equal responsibilities, she will be fulfilled and satisfied with her accomplishments, as the Jewish community continues to thrive and multiply. The Talmudic period offers us the picture of the compassionate, dedicated woman as a wife, mother and businesswoman. In order to support the husband who dedicated himself to learning Torah, she was needed to supply the extra income necessary to keep her family fed. The woman looked for jobs that could offer her the money she needed without interfering with the education and guidance of her children. Because Jews were prohibited from owning land and from par- ticipating in guilds and trades, money len- ding was a primary occupation. For this field, an essential knowledge of reading, writing and arithmetic was necessary. We can assume, therefore, that the woman was fairly educated in these matters. Isidore Eps- tein, in an article entitled " The Jewish Women in the Responsa " states the following: " Work to her was a sacred ideal, an ideal nurtured around the domestic hearth ... to contribute to the preservation of the lamp of Judaism by enabling her husband to tend to the light of Torah . . . Responding to this call she felt within her, the Jewish wife gave of herself simply and humbly to the service of what she considered the highest ideal . . . " In essence, the literature reflects that through her dedication to preserve Judaism, the Talmudic woman created a place for herself in the community. In order to main- tain the family, she was forced to deal with the community at large as well. Her position in the home included her adjustment in society as a competent businesswoman. While the Talmud covers approximately a 750 year period, certain themes about women recur throughout, leading us to assume they are characteristic of women in general and not of one particular woman or time period. Interestingly enough, the literature sug- gests that women were educated in secular as well as Talmudic knowledge. Although the stress was not on complete mastery of the Torah and prophets, it was noted that the in- timate details of kashruth, Shabbat and festival regulations, as well as nidah laws had to be ingested and become an integral part of her existence. It is clear that the woman of this time period did not see this as being an inferior position in their own sphere of duties. What is clearly evident is that through the deep commitment of the women toward their families, traditional Judaism was an active and perpetuating lifestyle. The mood of the seventies tell us that woman must also, as an individual, satisfy her needs which stem from personal abilities and capabilities. A woman may find that developing a profession in the secular world may not conflict with her obligation to her family. Perhaps because of her fulfillment in other areas, she would be a more successful wife and mother. This is the conflict we face. The choice that is made at this point in our lives will be of universal significance to the preservation of traditional Judaism for the generations to come. Nima H. Adlerblum, in the " Elan Vital of the Jewish Woman, " beautifully sums up the destiny of the Jewish woman. " There is something peculiar to the Jewish woman which distinguishes her from the rest of womankind. The Jewish woman not only has to live, but to live Jewishly; not only to carry her own life, but also that of her people. The blending of her life with that of the Jewish vision constitutes the entelechy, that is the highest form of Jewish womanhood. Her immediate flow of being carries with it the past and all its memories and the future with all its hopes and pro- blems. She is born with a destiny and with a consciousness of it. " 3 Dale Leslie Eichenbaum CLASS OF 1976 Debra Ellen Levine Abramchik Judiac Studies N.C.S.Y. Advisor, Dirshu, Big Sister. Jacalyn Nan Adler Elementary Education Big Sister, Undergraduate, Association of Future Teachers, Yearbook. Riva Alper English % " $m Deena E. Becker I x f Biology Big Sister, T.A.C. 1 ft 5 Florence Berkowitz Art History Rochelle Chana Blech Sociology Registration Aid, Big Sister, Hazilu, Soviet Jewry Committee, Social Activities Chairman Susan Ilene Berzansky History — Jewish Studies T.A.C., Big Sister, Yearbook Business Editor. Alisa Besdin History Mindel Chamovity Debbie Corndorf Psychology History Club, Spanish Club, Observer. Yocheved Dvora Davis Psychology Big Sister, T.A.C. Debbe Deutch English, Judaic Studies Drama Society, English Department Advisory Committee, Big Sister, Project Ezra, Observer, Senate Serel Edelstein Gail Mirian Epstein French Junior Class President, " Observer " Senior Editor, Big Sister, Open House Representative, Career Day Chairman, Aishel Honor Society, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. Linda Leah Feldman Sociology Big Sister, Chairman of Social Activities, Chairman of World Jewry, Techiya, N.C.S.Y. Chug Aliyah, Yavneh Hatzilu. Judi Evans Political Science Judith Esther Fruchter English Managing Editor " Observer " , Editor-in-Chief " Observer " Deborah Hannah Fredman Psychology Senior Class President, Photography Editor, UJA Chairman, Israeli Dance Group, Dirshu, Yavneh, Chug Aliya, Soviet Jewry Parade, Big Sister, Floor Chairman. Sheryl Handelsman Judaic Studies Joan (Shani) Hammerman Psychology Barbara Goodstein Chemistry Ora Lee Gross Psychology « MP « rf Bp i ■ 4 J ™ " Esther Lazaros Education Judith Gutin Laurie Kleinmann Heller Education Undergraduate Association for Future Teachers Miriam Kopelman Political Science Sharon Hauser Judaic Studies Ellen Ruth Heck Judaic Studies T.A.C, Daf Yomi, Student Council Debra Marcia Horowitz Psychology Jewish Activities Co-Chairman, Jewish Arts Festival, Floor Chairman, Tzaddakah Comm., Big Sister Amy Linda Herskowitz History Sophomore Class President. Student Council Treas., Features Editor for Observer, APRAC, Big Sister, Aishel Honor Society, Who ' s Who in American Colleges, Dean ' s List, Y.U. Seminar Advisor Ronnie Kamm English Betsy Kaplowitz Judaic Studies Reva Korbman Judaic Studies Seryl Kuschner Art History Judy Kasztl " " English Sandra Katz Susannah Leete English Sheryl Lebetkin Yolanda Benson Honor Society, Drama, Observer Blood Drive, Observer Barbara Leifer Biology Dirshu, Torah Leadership Seminar, Y.U. Seminar, Brookdale Program for Retired Adults Miriam (Mimi) Levite Psychology Dorm Counselor, Yavneh Chapter President, Dirshu, Bnei Akiva , Rochelle Lipshitz Psychology Junior Year Abroad, Fieldworker in Adams School Val Margolis Biology Blood Drive, Big Sister Chairman, Senate, Dorm Counselor, School Calender, Observer, Tay Sachs Testing, Dirshu, Freshman Orientation, Bio Club, Jewish Arts Festival, T.A.C. Rebecca Leah Mandlebaum Biology Big Sister, Registration Aid, Observer. 25 Ruth Marine Psychology Tzedakah Chairman, Floor Chairman, T.A.C., Dirshu, Adviser at Y.U. Seminar, Big Sister, Bnei Akiva leader Diana Markmann Sociology Aviva Mermelstein Psychology Deborah Neiss English Marilyn Oppenheim History Big Sister, Registration aide, Yavneh Vice President, Observer Syma Niderberg Chemistry Intercollegiate Shabbat, Senator, Dorm Counselor Naomi Rivka Poplack Math Staff of DafYomi Jo Ann Pastor Education Junior class Senator, Project Ezra, Big Sister, Volunteer Jewish Guild for the Blind, Co-founder of Association for Future Teachers. 29 Janet Reisman Psychology Ashira Rapoport Psychology Observer, Vice President Yavneh. Big Sister. Dean ' s List, Aishel Honor Society, Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities. Miriam Rosenberg Sociology Big Sister, Registration Aid, Hatzilu, Social Activities Chairman Estee Rosenblum Psychology jfiSg Big Sister, Registration Aid, Senior Class Vice " Ha President Joanne Cynthia Rosenwald History Susan Miriam Rosenthal Biology Dorm Counselor, Yearbook, Senior Dinner, U.J.A., Junior Class Secretary ' Biology Club Veronica Roth Biology Linda Rubin English Dirshu World Jewry 33 Gwen Sack Biology Chug Aliyah co-chairman Sherry Samson Debra Segal Dori Shertz Chemistry Renee Singer Chemistry E. J. Solomon English Dean ' s List, Contributing Editor — Observer, Vice President — Student Council, Vice President — Freshman Class, Committee on Ceremonial Occasions, Ashes and Sparks 36 Miriam Stein Political Science Ik A V |£p ' T j L - mk HHfej T S 5 3 5i$« l jg| P @Ea| fe i] gg ■ Rhonda Steinhardt Jewish Studies Jewish Education Society 37 Barbara Zinnia Stone Biology Big Sister, Blood Drive, Biology Club, Admission Committee, Floor Chairman, Sophomore Class Secretary, Freshman Orientation, School Play Ruth Gail Stemp Biology, Pre-Med Bio Club, Speech Arts Forum, Dorm Counselor, Tutor Penny Sussman Psychology Chairman of Sophomore Sabbath, Served on several Senate Comm. Rochelle (Rocky) Waltuch Chemistry Big Sister, Freshman Class Orientation, Blood Drive Chairman. Tzaddakah Committee 39 Arlene Weinbach Psychology Blood Drive, Chairman Senior Class Candy Sale, Chug Aliyah, Corresponding Secretary of Student Council Batsheva Wernick Biology Senior Class Secretary, T.A.C. Seforim Drive, Alumni Award (Judaic Studies), Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, Biology Club, Dean ' s List, Registration Aide Shelly Winston English Yearbook Editor, Oral Interpretation Festival, Layout Editor, Finance Editor, Copy Editor Alona Leah (Wollman) Shapiro Psychology School Choir, Dance Group, Art Editor of the Observer Holly Yudkowitz Biology Biology Club, Dean ' s List, Senior Dinner Deborah Yams Psychology Marilyn Zicher Psychology Anne (Chani) Zucker Math 43 CLASS 01 SHARON LEVINE ABRAMSON Jewish Arts Festival. Big Sister AVIVAAUERBACH Big Sister. Psvchologv Club, Volleyball Club. Dance Club. Dean ' s List RHONDA BARAD Dorm Counselor, APRA( Undergraduate Council. TA Lecture Chairman, Freshrm Orientation — Chairman, B Sister. Blood Drive, Ton Leadership Seminar AVIVA RACHEL LEAH BROJGES Freshman Class Secretary. TAC, Observer Staff. Israeli Dance Club, Junior Class Treasurer, Publicity Chairman. Election Chairman. Student Council Treasurer, Dean ' s List, Big Sister, Who ' s Who, Floor Chairman. Junior Clas Ice Cream Party — Chairman, Registration Aid PESHICHARLOP Floor Chairman, TAC, Sister. Publicity, Student missions Society. Dean ' s Valedictorian Ad- List, ELLEN CHERRICK 1977 ELAINE COHEN JJA — Chairman. Exchange Editor — Observer. Dance Hub, Dirshu — Advisor. IpSY, Salute to Israel Parade. JJA Student Mission to Israel, rheatre Workshop — " The 3 rime of Miss Jean Brodie " MARJORIE DIMENSTEIN 3ig Sister. Purim Carnival. Vice Resident Sophomore Class. Volleyball Club — Coor- iinator. Biology Club. Art Editor — Observer. Dirshu. shes and Sparks. Jewish Arts Festival. WYUR, Scenery — ' The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. " Extra Curricular Ac- tivities Award, Bikur Cholim MARLA CORUSH Israeli Dance Club. Big Sister. UJA DALE LESLIE EICHENBAUM Big Sister. TAC Shabbat — Chairman. Speech Arts Forum. Volleyball Team. WYUR, Dir- shu. Dorm Chairman. Israeli Day Parade — Chairman. SSSJ — Chairman. Emergency Kib- butz Volunteer. Production Editor — Observer. BAMSW Program BETH DAUBER Big Sister. TAC. Associate News Editor — Observer, Dir- shu. Registration Aid. Jewish Ed. Society — Chairman. Freshman Orientation Shabbat — Chairman. Torah Leader- ship Seminar. Yeshiva High School Seminar. Who ' s Who. Dean ' s List NAOMI ENGLARD Big Sister. Dirshu. Dean ' s List CLASS 01 YAFFA SHIRAH EPSTEIN Registration Aid, Big Sister, Social Club,Chug Aliyah, Stu- dent Public Relations — Bar II- an University ROSE ANN ETKIN TAC — Tzedakah Chairman MARCIE EVANS Co-Editor — Kochavial Dean ' s List, Biology Clul Yavneh, Speech Arts Forum SHARON REBA FEINERMAN Co-Editor — Kochaviah, Senior Raffle — Chairman, Blood Drive, UJA, Yavneh, Observer, Floor Chairman. Big Sister, Service Award, Emergen- cy Kibbutz Volunteer SANDRA FREISTAT UJA, Emergency Kibbutz Volunteer, Dirshu SYLVIA HELEN FRENKEL Dean ' s List, Dirshu, Techiy; Big Sister 1977 SARA GOLDBERG REBECCA GERTNER ESTHER FURMAN nglish Club, Kochaviah Staff, •bserver LAURA HELEN GOLDKORN RITAGOLDIN Contributing Editor — Observer, Engish Club, Yavneh CHERYL GOLDSMITH CLASS O] DEBRA CAREN GREENBERG Jewish Arts Festival, Senior Shabbaton — Chairman, Kochaviah Staff JEAN GREENE NAOMI RACHEL GRUENSPECHT Biology Club, TAC, Yavn Jewish Studies Certificate ANN HARRISON MINDY HALPERN Merit Scholarship Finalist, Dean ' s List Dean ' s List, Big Sister, Registration Aid, Dramatics Society, Israeli Dance Club, Moynihan For Senate — Chair- man, Project Ezra, Observer Staff, Sociology Club, Kochaviah Staff HARRIET HILSENRATH Kochaviah Staff HP 977 LORIJETTER ELISSA RUTH KAMMERMAN MINDY KANTROWITZ UJA — Chairman, Dean ' s List, Jewish Studies Certificate ciology Club, Volleyball ub, Dance Club, New Student :minar — Representative, ochaviah Staff Sociology Club, Karate Club WENDY KAPLAN Editor — Kochaviah, Sports ub, Volleyball Club, TAC, ho ' s Who, Blood Drive, wish Arts Festival — Direc- r, Judaic Studies Certificate SHARI ANN KENNER Big Sister, Registration Aid, Blood Drive, Project Ezra, Torah Leadership Seminar — Eastern — Advisor, TAC, UJA, Dean ' s List, BA-MS Program MIRIAM KITAJEWITZ Senior Shabbaton — Chairman, Admissions Committee, Kochaviah Staff CLASS O CARY KLINGER YOSIFA JOY KOHN STAUM Co-Op Program, Observer Staff, Business Manager — Observer, TAC — Tzedakah Committee — Chairman, Big Sister, Who ' s Who. Asst. Business Manager — Observer, Senior Class Vice President MARSHA KRUL ALMA KRUP KA Biology Club — Chairman, Big Sister, Managing Editor — Observer, Registration Aid, Dean ' s List, Who ' s Who, Undergraduate Scholar Award REBECCA NANCY LANGER Big Sister, Purim Carnival — Chairman, Senior T-Shirt Sale EUGENIA LANIN 1977 NANCY LEVINE BARBARA STEIFEL LANNER KAREN LEWINTER Dean ' s List, Kochaviah Staff, Junior Class Secretary, Big sister, Moynihan For Senate Committee — Staff, Volleyball ream, Basketball Team, Dramatics Society, Israeli Dance Club, Bikur Cholim Committee, Purim Carnival Committee, MIZ DEBORAH BAYLEE KREV- SKY LEVINE Dean ' s List, Honor ' s Admittee, Israeli Dance Festival, Big Sister, Teacher Evaluation Committee, Yom Ha ' atzma ' ut Siyum Lichvod Tzahal — Chairman DEBRA RUTH LITWACK Sociology Club MIRIAM LITWACK CLASS OF CHAYA MARCUS Observer Staff, TAC, Techiya, Dirshu, Dorm Counselor, Tutor, Parshat Ha ' Shavua Sheet — Chairman RITAMILSTEIN Big Sister. Volleyball Dance Club, Education Psychology Club Club. Club. FELECIE ROBERTE MUSMAN Observer Typing Staff, WYUF Tzeddukah — Chairman, Bi Sister, Observer Typing Edito Senior Class — Secretan Jewish Arts Festival, Bloo Drive, Senior Ice Cream Part — Co-Chairman, TAC MIRIAM RABINOWITZ ROCHELL PRESS Big Sister, Senior Dinner — Chairman, Dean ' s List, Yavneh Editorial Board — Observe Kashrut Committee — Chai man, TAC, Big Sister BRACHYOSOFSKY 1977 RUTH RAPAPORT SABRINA REINHART Big Sister Chairman. Senior Senator. Dorm Counselor, TAC Committee Chairman. Jewish Arts Festival. Co-Chairman, Who ' s Who CAROL REISMAN DINAROEMER ESTHER SCHNEIDER DONNA SCHORER CLASS OF HILDYSCHTAMF SUSAN MELINDA SCHWARTZ Student Council — Secretary, Junior Class President, Art Editor — Observer, Con- tributing Editor — Observer, Ben Zakkai Honor Society, NCSY Adviser ETIEL SCHWARTZ Big Sister, Registration Aid, Biology Club, Dorm Counselor — Chairman, Pesach Tzedakah Fund, — Chairman, Biology Tutor, Lab Assistant, Dean ' s List, Who ' s Who, Cum Laude, Stern Rep. at Eastern College Science Conference, Presiden- tial Planning Committee — member of sub-committee of task force on student life DRORASHAKARCHI Hebrew Teacher ' s Diploma, Foreign Students Club, Jewish Studies Major, Math Minor ROCHELLE SCHWARTZ LEE GROSSMAN SLIVKO BA MSW Program, Ashes an Sparks — Editor, Big Sister Sophomore Class Secretary Dramatics Club 1977 SARA SOLONCHE KATHRYN SIGAL Dean ' s List, Big Sister ALICE HELEN SMALL Big Sister, Drama Club, Pro- ducer, Drama Club — Co- Director, Member of cast SHELLY SPEAR HELEN STARK CAROLINE FAY STERN NCSY Advisor, Sophomore blind Date, Home Hospitality — Chairman, Yavneh, Junior Class Treasurer, Student Coun- cil Treasurer, Senior Class President, Big Sister, Dirshu, Alumni Contact for Stern CLASS OF SUZAN MIRIAM BALK TEMAN TAC, Undergraduate Associa- tion for Future Teachers, Big Sister, Graduation Chairman, Senior Dinner Committee FAYE ROCHELLE SAVAGE UNGAR Bowling Club, Swimming Team, Sociology Major JUDY WALLACH Kol Yavneh — Distributio Editor, Kochaviah Yavneh — President, Dirshi Associates Editor — Observei Features Editor — Observei Volleyball Club, Israeli Dane Club SHARON RENEE WEISS ANITA ROSLYN WEINERMAN Entered Albert Ein stein College of Medicine in Junior year MARIANN WEISS IS . Sophomore Blind Date Part} Home Hospitality, Sports Gut Jewish Arts Festival — Co Chairman, Co-Typing Editoi Senior Class Treasurer, Bi Sister, Registration Aid V 1977 FRAN YUDKOWITZ ROCHELLE WINTER Biology Club, TAC, Dean ' s ist, Jewish Arts Festival — Chairman, TLS Advisor GAIL ZARET SHARON YELLIN Who ' s Who, Observer Staff, Assistant to the Editor — Observer, Editor in Chief — Observer, Executive Editor — Observer, Junior Class Vice President, Chug Aliyah — Chairman, Dean ' s List. Who ' s Who, Kochaviah Staff, Biology Club, WYUR Stern :o-ordinator, WYUR D.J., Sophomore Class Treasurer, ' unior Class President, Student Council President, Dorm Counselor, Head Waitress in Cafeteria, Judaic Studies Certificate P ft 57 1 wi TILL WE MEET AGAIN . . ' .

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