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19T5 We reflect Our own four years at Stern Four years of twenty Our own short time Molded by those years before. And this reflection FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE STERN COLLEGE FOR WOMEN TO CELEBRATE 20th ANNIVERSARY MAY 1-4 Only School of its Kind Began with 33 Student Now Has Nearly 600; Growth, New Programs Conti The dilemma it seemed, was basic. The biblical injunction was " Thcu shalt teach thy sons. " Never in a millenia were there guide- lines as to how to structure a college for women under Jewish spon- sorship, nor were there many who wished to change the traditional concept of the Jewish woman ' s prime responsibility, raising a family; To Dr. Samuel Belkin, president of Yeshiva University, and for the man who shared his dream, industrialist Max Stern, however, there were neither contradictions in responsibilities nor dilution of values. Instead, they contended, there would be a new opportunity to strengthen the role of the Jewish woman in the community and in family life through advanced Jewish studies combined with a liberal arts education. Ifefl 4 YESHIVA UNIVERSITY AMSTERDAM AVE. 186th ST. NEW YORK 33. N. Y. LOrraine 8-8400 Ext. 5 SAM HARTSTEIN, Dir.-uor of Pub! ABKAHAM ALLfclN. Dir Wednesday, March 2li, 195b YESHIVA UNIVERSITY GETS INITIAL 8500,000 GIFT FROl MAX STERN TO OPEN COLLEGE FOR T7CKEN An initial gift of $500,000 by Max Stern of New York City to establish a College for Women at Yeshiva University was announced yesterday by Dr. Samuel Belkin, president. The gift by Mr. Stern, who is president of Hartz Mountain Products and vice-chairman of the University ' s Board of Trustees, represents the largest single contribution to the institution in its 58-year history. It is also believed to be the largest gift of its .kind ' to a Jewish educational institution, Dr. Belkin declared. Dr. Belkin reported that the College will open this Fall in a raid-town location and will be called the Stern College for Women of Yeshiva University. He added that the acquisition of a new building would be announced shortly. The new ' . ' omen ' s College will be patterned after the University ' s present College of Aria and Science, now entering its twenty-sixth year. " The gift by Max Stern to establish a liberal arts college for women at Yeshiva University in memory " f his parents Emanuel and Caroline Stern is an important st p in advajvaru: , T .wf «?h rontr -butions to American higher education, " Dr. Polkin said. vX K AA Vv WW v ' A V W 4bxsqtxzw9, l eshtv a university, in 1954, through the gracious gift of the leading philanthropist max stern, established stern college for women as the first liberal arts college for women under jewish auspices; and whereas: this college represents the highest development of educational facilities for jewish women in the world, providing an unprecedented blending of professional and spiritual training; and whereas: it has already achieved distinction among new york city ' s wealth of colleges and universities, and added new strength and vitality to the city ' s educational and cultural prestige; and whereas:. it will hold- its first commencement exercises, june 19, 19 8; .this great event . ll herald the entry.into our community of awew reservoir of college-trained women, who will addnew- vitality and talent to the professions, and new faith and vigor to the spiritual life of our community, founded on the toteals and teachings of judaism common to people of all Faiths, ■ now, therefore, 1, robert f. wagner, mayor of the city of new york, do hereby proclaim the period from may 19 1958 to june 19,1958, as stern college month : in new york city, in honor of the first commencement of stern college for women of yeshiva university a nd urge public recognition of this timely am) significant achievement. im witness whereof i have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the city of new york to be affixed THIS 9th DAY OF MAY, 1953. jsjfltWMfrff, Ltefiitea MATOR. THE OTY (X MlEW 7«W tf dx£Z£z- . 1 The first twenty years. As we look back on those first years, We cannot help but note the changes in Stern itself and in its students. Yet the core remains. What was an ideal twenty years ago is now a firm committment. What was an experiment then is now a secure tradition. iCSi The next twenty years. More changes, new challenges. S1POTERSI rorn this retrospection, we find assurance for the future. K °chaviah 1975 5735 We ' the class of 1975 h e " college expeSce 4 ? " ' -re the tT Z T " ' " We soon found each nfh ■ , " wfl0m w e would share extracurricular ac, v tesW ' V dass -, lectures and „ „■ exams, xeroxed each oh ' ' Pt each other companion fh " end,ng the same Now, after fou yea s eT " ' Came t0 «ch TC S u StUdy ha » s before graduation As we 2 ' " Ce again J ' ' " together in ?■ ' parties - reflect the memoTL 1 h " ° ther in ° cap and " " " Ch ' " g dow " the aisle at Whenever weTurnTh Kochav ' ' ah 75 contain , T " ' We Cannot h elp but at Stern C will once a ffose memos ' 1 would like to extend ' " g ° Ur da s Roberta Pruslin administration and faculty SCHRAM y% A HLOfX ■m ' ■ ,.-. MESSAGE FOR KOCHAVIAH 1975 endeaVOrS - r ihf rollese you are prepared to Gradu a™ B ounng «ne .U £££££„ to achieve a greaiei a p fellow man. Sincerely yours, s Samuel Belkin President _ c VESHIVA U N VERS TV ' am most pleased f «• - ---- n8SMdcongratu , ationstotheaasson975ofStera Your graduation during the u ,. D " g these past twenty years m „ community. ssrjjffss f - ?r e - — ■ co " fident that, in the Sir C ' ass have demonstrated ' 50 ° a,u ™ae As a ' ma mater by going o T a ' Umnae you 1? T ndin « capabilities. , an as ' " ration to th fe amn Wh ' Ch WiH af d you £T ? hanCe the nam e of your th,Sera0ftranS,t, ° : £e? :;COmemP ° ran Max Stern STERN COLLEGE FOR WOMEN Y ESH IVA UNIVERSITY OFFICE OF THE DEAN vour graduation, it might be ]oimng the ran ks first year of its existence. viewed not merely « J t of an ideal. The When Stern College was begun it w as the fu umn hQm£ wiU be ofTnsStutions of higher learning in the U whQ determines what the w u 1S S the Sages have aught us the which £ nsibiUt y to assure who can build homes tha w,U insu Q h y ou ng of lt s the founders of Stern Colleger igrn College have pro eahzed accomphshments. Our bes wishes g and jom lhe builders ot we „ on to continued studies, into P lon t0 rem ain attached Ste n . wth David MitsVy Dean OFFICE OF THE DEAN MRS. ESTHER REICH MRS. LIVIATURKEL OFFICE OF THE REGISTRAR MRS. ETHEL ROSENTHAL MRS. ESTHER ZUROFF OFFICE OF STUDENT SERVICES MRS. PAULINE WINTER MRS.SHELLEE BERMAN BUILDING SUPERVISOR AND I CAFETERIA MR. SAM MANDELBAUM, Building Supervisor MR. SAM KLEIN, Cafeteria MRS. EDITH LUBETSKI LIBRARY MRS. SARAH KELLER MRS. ESTHER MRS. LIBBY NEIMAN STRAUSSER .: ' „■„,,,,■( . « ! ■ wt fc» n jr ?rn " Di nrrra rjftonan }njnm " yoxr. , : -y ' " : i ' --Vr : y-I I ,i9r4 lawpiKi is , ' » ova tw ,14.50—09.00 Jiltiwa : mamei rrmngnn MR. HANOCH DUBITSKY - JEWISH HISTORY - ii J aUfeb c „ n , ,J? u»: ,flky.Shflfai Jan ,n.iZ; 1 STITUTI DR. DORIS GOLDSTEIN, History HIST OR Y AND Order to for fit United States. composed of Members chosen every second Year b lectors of the most numerous Branch of the State L llained to the Age of twenty fiv POLITICAL SCIENCE f the United States, i rtioned among the several States which may he included within this Union, according to their respective MR. MICHAEL MASHBERG, History Enumt x adewilhm three? eari after the f,rst Meeting of the Congress of the United States, ' Mann . .. ' „ ' , , ' iiimiiiw m m resentatives shall not exceed one for rvery thirty H - Slate of New Hampshire shall be entitled to M x, New Jersey four, Pennsylvania eight, Dataware id, C. Writs of Election to fill Vacancies. J gW |JR WIL1 lAM KOREY, Historj Vr » ■ p Legislature thereof, lor six Years: and each DR. MICHAEL HECHT, Political is excepted) after it s a. " ScienCe Adjournment prevent its Return, in which be necessary (except on a question of Ad- approved by him, or being disapproved by hi " nbed in the Case of a Bill. r Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for DR. SAMUEL BERNSTEIN, Po- litical Science al States, and with the Indian Tribes; i Laws on the subject of Bankruptcies throughout the United States; DR. LAWRENCE GROSSMAN, .... ril Coin of the United States; History unng for I to Authors and Invent rive flight to their r, :. .:„ --.- _____ H H Hi ' ' BMHII_------------HHP--___-|IP--__H EDUCATION AND __■__■ iP 3 hwB| i_» mm mM __1 i BRp iiiifi DR. FREDERICK PLOTKIN, Psychology DR. MARCEL PERLMAN, Psychology DR. ELLEN ROBINSON, Psychology SOCIOLOGY AND PHILOSOPHY DR. GERSION APPEL, Philosophy V¥ A . " ' ' MR. EZRA BICK. Philosophy MR. SHALOM CARMY, Philo- sophy DR. LOUIS LISTER, Sociology DR FREDERICK PLOTKIN, English ■ ,-; .. ' „ , ■ SPEECH A ND ENGLISH MRS. LAUREL HATVARY, English DR. DORIS SHORES, English DR. CAROLE SILVER, Enalish MRS. PENINNAH SCHRAM, Speech MRS. JUNE GOLDEN, Speech II FRENCH, SPA NISH, A ND GERM A N MRS. SOFIE LAUFER, German DR. ANNA KRAKOWSKI, French MRS. NANCY KNOPKA, Spanish DR. MAX SORKIN, French MR. RAPHA MA TH AND MK KA ™ AEL PENA ' Physics PHYSICS (If the 120 gwt. are requir :ed by another which i MR. RAFAEL VICTOR, Math is halved.) " 1 ™5 - iJLedh (The second Replace the t period of the These two be derived pr Example. A 4, required to pi ft. Find (a) t period of vibrati K = 2.0 W Q ) 246. pie Har ing sim conveni " referei wheel i axis an to one .« the sun that the on the iToT DR. NORMAN ROSENFELD, Math at constant speed, and th le shadow will vibrate with simple harmonic motion. The circle on which the ball travels is the " reference circle " of veins jugular DR. BEATRICE FRIEDLAND arteries caroiid BIOLOGY MR. JAMES MARTIN MRS. ETHEL ORLIAN MRS. CECILY DOBIN Ik MUSIC, HEALTH, AND ART DR. EDWARD LEVY, Music PROF. ARTHER TAUBER, Health MRS. BEATRICE WARTEL, Health MRS. SHULAMITH SCHMIDEK, Health MR. RICHARD CANTOR, Art DORMITORY STAFF RABBI MRS. LOUIS FINKELMAN MISS RITA DUNNE seniors THALTSHUL Hebrew Studies TAC; Observer, Make Up Editor, Production Editor, Editor in Chief; Chairman World Jewry Committee; Israel Crisis Com- mittee; Chug Aliya; Big Sister; Registration Aide; Dirshu; Ashes and Sparks; Senate Committee; Dorm Counselor. CHER YL S. ANDREWS Elementary Education SSSJ; Big Sister; Ashes and Sparks, Editor and Advisor; School Production, The Madwoman of Chaillot; Zamir Chor- ale. ESTHER AX ELM AN History Political Science Freshman Class President; Chairman of Social Activities Committee; Chairman, Purim Carnival; Observer, contribu- tor; Chairman of Installation Dinner; Co-Chairman, UJA; Student Council, Recording Secretary; Dean ' s List; Aishel. ELENA ESTHER BENDELSTEIN Mathematics Yavneh; Sophomore College Bowl; Purim Carnival tfev RIVKA BENMEIR ■ : - , ' • ' ■■ Biology — Pre Med Biology Club; BnaiZion; Youth Mobiliza- tion for, Israel; Israeli Student Of ganiza- QQPptt - BETHBRESLER Aishel Honor Society; pean s s List; Election Commit- tee, chairman; Big Sister; Education Department, re- presentative; Dirshu ' . ' TAC; Student Teaching. EVE ANN B ULMAN Sociology SSSJ; T.echiya; Jewish Family Service, volunteer. wmmmmsp M BARBARA FAYE COHEN Jewish Studies Freshman Blind Date. Party; Committee to Estab- lish Career Guidance Program; Observer; Art Edi- tor, Yearbook; Jewish Arts Festival, chairman; Jewish Studies Career Opportunities, chairman; Committee to Help Handicapped, chairman; Yav- neh; USY, advisor: Sophomore Year at Hebrew University. tank PENNY MARL EN CROWLEY Political Science , WYUR Yavneh Political Scieri Club;,Student Council; Travel Aaent, S HERRI ANN CUMSKY English Observer; Jewish Arts Festival, Chairman, Art Exhibit, Chair- man; Publicity, Chair- man. JO YCE M. GOLDS TEIN Education, Judaic Studies Certificate Joint Pre-Service Educational Planning Board Represen- tative; Apprentice Teacher; Tutoring; Big Sister; Regis- tration Aide. Publicity, UJA; Senior Sale; Volleyball; Purim Carnival; Class Shabbosim; Blood Drives; YU Art Exhibit. BEVERLY GREEN Elementary Education Jewish Arts Festival; Dirshu. m GISELLE DAVID A GREEN CLA UDIA GIT A KOENIG English Dean ' s List; Ashes and Sparks, co-editor; Dorm Counselor; Junior Representative to English Department; Big Sister; Registration Aide; Bikur Cholim Committee. iw SUSAN KOFMAN Psychology Aishel Honor Society; Secretary, Junior Class; Benefit for Israel, Chairman; Sophomore Publicity, chairman; Fresh- man Blind Date Party; Registration Aide; Big Sister. flv SEMA KRIEGER Psychology Yavneh; Dirshu;: Student Admissions Society, chairman; Sports Club, co-chairman; Basketball and Volleyball Clubs; Sophomore Year in Bar Ilan University. PHYLLIS KANTROWITZ MARCUS Jewish Philosophy and Hebrew Teacher ' s Diploma Vice President, Sophomore Class; Dean ' s List CHA YA MERL Education Big Sister ■nNHBHHSHBB DEBBI SLOAN M USCHEL Senior Class, Secretary; Co-chairperson Annual Jewish Arts Festival; Yearbook Staff, Photo Editor; Observer, copy staff; Chairperson, Sports club; Treasurer, Dorm Council; Chairperson, Freshman Blind Date Party. CHERYL MYRA MITNICK Sociology WYUR; NCSY, advisor; College Youth for Torah; World Jewry Committe « LOUISE POTASH Political Science KARANPRESS Biology — Premedicine : Big Sister; Observer, staff; Biology Glub; Yearbook. ROBERTA PRUSLIN Mathematics Editor-in-Chief,. Yearbook; Dean ' s List; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Senior Class Treasurer; Observer, Features Editor. MIR YAM ESTER RA BNER English French Tour Guide; Yearbook; Jewish Arts Festival; International Speech Festival. aMl JOY REITMAN Psychology Choir; Big Sister; Blood Drive; Dean ' s List. JENNIFER ELLEN R UDIN Biology — Premedicine President, Stern ' College Student Council; President, TAC; Speech Arts; Stern College Alumni Award; Co- chairwoman, Student Admissions Society; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Yeshiva University Torah Leadership Seminar; Big Sister; Dirshu; Biology Club; Yavneh.; Aishel Honor Society; Dean ' s List. PAULINE MARILYN SECEMSKI ... Mathematics, Senior Class President; Yearbook, Managing Editor; Junior Class Vice President; Observer, Business Manager; Chairperson, Installation Dinner; Co-chairperson, Raffle and Benefit for Is-: rael; Chairperson, Blind Date Party; Purim Carnival; Yavneh; Big Sister; Registration Aide; Chairperson of School Ring Sale; Chug Aliyah; Dirshu. : m DEINA SHAPIRO :.■-;■ ' .: ' ' ■ ' ■■•• ' .; ' .•■ ' ; ' .:, ; - ' . ,-.OC ' Mathematics .Corresponding Secretary, Student Council; Yearbook, Assistant -Editor-in-Chief; Copy Editor, Observer; Chairperson, SpphorhOre Class College Bowl; Yavneh; Bi Sister- Registration Aide; Chairperson. Raffle and Benefit for Israel; Purim Carnival; School Production; Dean ' s List; Aishej Honor Society; Who ' s Who in , American Colleges and Universities M«j X r ' . 3 RA CHEL FAITH SHA PIR O English Chairman, Student Library Committee; Chairman, TAC Publications; Big Sister; Pro- duction Editor, Observer; Features Editor, Observer; Aishel Honor Society; Dirshu; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Univer- sities, Dean ' s List. Iliiiftl BONNIE PA ULA STEIN Psychology EVELYN STERN Psychology Bikur Cholim; Volunteer, Jewish Guild for the Blind; New York Philanthropic League; Tzedakah Committee; Yavneh. TOifl RACHEL H. STERN Elementary Education Dean ' s List; Apprentice Teacher; Observer, Educational Research Staff; Yearbook Staff, photography; Volley- ball Chairman; TAC, Independent Research Chairman, Special Publications Chairman, Tzedakah Committee; Kashrus Chairman, Mezuzah Chairman; Big Sister; Yiddish Club; Senior Representative of Education De- partment; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities. DEBBY STERNBERG Psychology — Biology Big Sister; Techiya, president; Yavneh; Biology Club; Yt shiva University Seminar Advisor; Dirshu. NA NC Y WA RSHA WSK Y Biology Coordinator, WYUR; Chairman, Senior Dinner; Trea- surer, Biology Club. JANET RAB WATERS TONE Education TAC; Alumni Adoptive Family Pro- gram Chairman; Home Hospitality Chairman; Yavneh. ZILPA H MA L KAH WE INS TEli Sociology Observer; Sophomore Gold ' , Techiya, Tzidt kah Committee; Kol Yavneh. .Hit DEBORAH WE1SFOGEL Biology Class Officer; Yearbook, Layout Editor; Choir, Conduc- tress; School Play; Biology Club; Big Sister. HAIDEE RUTH WETS BERGER ' ■ Psychology JUDY YAGER Political Science TAC, President; Observer, News Editor; Junior Class Treasurer; Aishel Honor Society; Big Sister; Dean ' s List; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Ko- chaviah. Literary Editor, Dorm Counselor. rf«T SUSAN WIND Psychology — Biology Biology Club; School Production, The Children ' s Hour, props. Sumbp ia Baldwin Production by Franco Zeffi Set and costumes designed by Fran. Stage Director: Fabrizid Mel MIRIAM PFEFFER Biology, Jewish Studies Certificate, Hebrew Teachers Diploma School Production; Sophomore Class Treasurer; President, Junior Class; Chairman, Junior and Senior Shabbos; Choir; TAC; Biology Club; Senior Class Sale; Dirshu; Freshman and Sophomore Blind Date Party; Big Sister; Purim Carnival; Registration Aide; Volleyball Team. MARIL YN ECKSTEIN Education Big Sister; Observer, contributor; Blood Drive. CAMERA SHY Beth Kalmenson c o Gibber Colonia Hill Apts. 52A Monticello, New York Zelda Snyder Rogin 40 Yeshiva Lane Baltimore, Maryland 21208 Paula Rosenblum 135-16 73 Terrace Kew Gardens Hills, New York 1 1367 Jiidy Yager 8400 4th Avenue Nlprth Bergeii ' , N6W:.J,er KOCH AVI AH Deina Shapiro Assistant Editor Roberta Pruslin Editor-in-Chief Bottom L. to R.. Zilpah Wein- stein, Pauline Secemski, Deena Novitsky. Top L. to R. Karan Press, Susan Lebowitz, Rachel Stern Missing: Debbie Weisfo- gel. i - Arlene Opatut Business Manager Mindy Ganz, Susan Krauss Art Claudia Koenig, Judy Yager, Milly Willner Missing. Esther Axelman Literary Staff Barbara Cohen, Sherry Cumsky Art — — -—.,..- STUDENT COUNCIL Left To Right: Laurie Drucker — Recording Secretary, Sandy Katz — Treasurer, Deina Shapiro —Correspond- ing Secretary, Jennifer Rudin — President, Debby Fred- man — Vice President. OBSERVER STAFF Standing: Vicki Meltz, Randee Lerman. Sitting: Ra- chel Shapiro, Elaine Cohen, Chaya Hilsenrath, Judy Fruchter, Judy Altshul — Editor-in-Chief, Susannah Leete, Leah Mandelbaum, Riva Alper, Sharon Yellin, Gail Epstein. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left To Right: Rachayl Eckstein — Vice President, Deb- bie Muschel — Secretary, Roberta Pruslin —Treasurer, Pauline Secemski — President. r DORM COUNSELORS Bottom L. To R.: Chana Butler, Jeanette Stobezki, Charyn Goldstein, Corinne Feinstein, Claudia Koenig, Susannah Leete Middle L. To R.: Milly Willner, Adeena Brand, Miriam Levite, Judy Yager, Top L. To R.: Rachayl Eck- stein, Judy Altshul, Devorah Herman. Karen Taylor, Syma Niderberg. TOR AH A CTIVITIES COMMITTEE Left To Right: Seated: Claudia Koenig, Judy Yager — President. Janet Waterstone, Standing: Shelley Winter, Roz Huppert, Paula Lungen, Judy Wienberg, Mary Gu- treiman, 3rd Row: Molly Goodman, Dale Eichenbaum, Rachel Stern. TECHIYA Left To Right: Chaya Marcus, Zilpah Weinstein, Judy Wallach, Nancy Levine, Sylvia Frankel, Chaya Kleinerman, Esther Bramson, Rachelle Klavan, Randee Lerman, Laurie Borck, Renee Binn, Sharon Yellin, Gila Leiter, Ellen Hilf, — Coordinator, Mindy Borck, Debbie Levine, Benay Co- hen, Judy Kleinerman — center — Coordinator. WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNI VERS I TIES A ND COLLEGES Left To Right: Rachel Stern, Jennifer Rudin, Roberta Pruslin, Judy Yager, Rachel Shapiro, Deina Shapiro, Randee Lerman. Left To Right: Standing: Elaine Cohen, — Chairman, Susan Rosenthal, Gwen Sack, Esther Axelman, Marion Dere. Seated: Left To Right: Debby Fredman, Jane Rogel, Sue Dessel, Marilyn Eckstein, Suri Gotowner. Standing — Left To Right: Benay Cohen, Norma Sandow, Cheryl Mitnick, Ronnie Mitnick, Ronnie Kamm, Nina Neuman, Laurie Drucker, Gail Zaret, Cheryl Hoine, Alaine Liss, Margie Dimenstein. Sealed: Betsy Kaplowitz, Hildy Schtampf. Bottom To Top: Beth Bressler, Jennifer Rudin, Randee Lerman, Deina Shapiro, Judy Yager, Esther Axelman, Rachel Shapiro. BIOLOGY CLUB Front Row — Left To Right: Rivka Ben Meir, Karan Press, Norma Sandow, Roz Huppert, Barb Stone, Leah Mandelbaum, Debbie Weisfogel, Karen Chayt — Chairman, Judy Frank, Eva Skrande, Debbie Sternberg. Back: Mary Gutrei- man, Batsheva Wernick, Gail Zaret, Ruth Stemp, Miriam Pfeffer Sunshine, Margie Dimenstein. Left To Right: Becky Fisch, Dominique Raccah, Claudia Koenig, Cher Andrews, Lee Grossman. J E WISH A R TS FES TI VA L Barbara Cohen, Debbie Muschel. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Left To Right: Margie Dimenstein, Lee Grossman, Gail Zaret Treasurer, Vivian Levine — President. Left To Right: Susan Rosenthal, Gail Epstein — President, Riva Alper. STUDENT ADMISSION SOCIETY Standing — Left To Right: Pauline Secemski, Zilpah Weinstein, Evelyn Kraut, Judy Altshul, Renee Peyser Singer, Miriam Pfeffer Sunshine. Sitting: Sema Krieger, Deina Shapiro. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Left To Right: Eva Skrande — President, Esther Cherner — Secre- tary, Shira Kramer — Vice President, Vicki Meltz — Treasurer. ' BLOOD DRIVE Left To Right: Debbie Horowitz, Lea Lefkovitz, Barbara Stone, Deb- bie Segal, Rochelle Waltuch — Co-chairman, Arlene Weinbach, Robin Bodek, Rita Milstein. Not Shown: Val Margolis — Cochairman. CHOIR Front Row — Left To Right: Rachelle Klavan, Benay Cohen, Susie Krauss Miriam Pfeffer Sunshine, Deena Novitsky, Ronnie Kamm, Sally Steinberg. Back Row — Left To Right: Chaya Marcus, Ellen Lieberman, Alona Wollman Debbie Horowitz, Sandy Hahn, Aliza Goldman, Cheryl Goldstein. Conductress Debby Weisfogel. Standing — Lejt To Right: Deina Shapiro, Pauline Secemski. Susan Lebowitz, Cheryl Mitnick, Sema Krieger. Naomi Poplack, Zilpah Weinstein, Debbie Sternberg, Seated: Chani Zucker - Chairman, Laurie Drucker. WORLD JE WR Y A ND SOCIA L ACTIVITIES Veronica Roth, Ronnie Schlessel, Miriam Rosenberg. Linda Feldman. r— Yes girls, there cal room. is a periodi - ' " ' -- I • p is C4 NDIDS Eat vour heart out M-i-C-K-E-Y. Well . . they said no blue jeans allowed in class And she ' s on a diet? What are all these Poli Sci majors smiling about? Math 0001: " Wake me when it ' s all ov ■ ' ' Whistle a happy tune " r irv, J i What do you mean my horse is double parked? Shake it up baby " How long did you say that chocolate cake was in the machine? O.K., but no more than 65 girls in my class! ' Madge, you mean I ' m soaking in it? " 1 1 $ - Open Classroom Camera Shy ■MW— HWIffW ' ■ ads " " " ' ?i :; MAZEL TOV BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1975 STERN COLLEGE STUDENT CO UNCIL Jennifer Rudin — President Deina Shapiro — Corresponding Sec ' y Debby Fredman — Vice President Lori Greenberg — Recording Sec ' y Sandy Katz — Treasurer 97 Mazel Tov and Much Success to the " Spirited " Senior Class of 1975 Pauline Secerns ki — President Raehayl Eckstein — Vice-President Debbi Muschel — Secretary Roberta Pruslin — Treasurer ■m 0 fcp « MOSHE PEKING REST A URANT ' The ultimate in Kosher Chinese cuisine " ROYAL FOOD DISTRIBUTORS, INC. 215 BLAIR ROAD WOODBRIDGE, NEW JERSEY 07095 (201)636-0900 ' -r—— -z 7 —:- ■ ;■::;■ : : : " -, :.,.r_- :. " :: 7. Z7 CONGRATULATIONS ARLENE THE CLASS OF 1975 COLONIAL FOODS, INC. Producers and Distributors of Farm Fresh Eggs 400 Broadway, P.O. Box 31 1, Freehold, N.J. 07728 Telephone: 201-462-2100; 212-349-4353 CONGRATULATIONS to SUSIE from Robert Mom Dad; Harold Mindy; Mom Dad Kaplan; Wendy Elana Beth Grandma Grandpa Grandma Gttssie THE CEN TRAL J ERSE Y BA NK TRUST COMPANY 22 offices in Monmouth County, 3 offices in Middlesex County and 2 offices in Union County mumm mmam ROSS ELECTRIC CORP. VIKING MERCHANDISE CORP. 145th AVENUE HOOK CREEK BLVD. VALLEY STREAM, N.Y. 1 1581 G.E. WESTINGHOUSE LIGHT BULBS BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF ' 75 Herschel Shirley Ganz Scranton, Pa. ■ mmmmmmm mmmm CONGRATULATIONS BEST WISHES TO HAIDEE UPON HER GRADUATION FROM COLLEGE LOVE, MO M, DAD and MILTON MAZELTOVTO LOUISE ON HER GRADUATION ;ii -.■■,.., Arlene, We ' ve seen you grow and we ' ve grown proud. May the Nachas you bring us continue to grow forever. Mazel tov on your graduation. Love, Mom Dad Mom Dad, You ' ve never stood behind me; you ' ve always stood with me. You ' ve helped me to see, understand, and try to help myself. You ' ve shared my fears; you ' ve shared my joys. We are tied together by something important, Love. And most important, we ' ve created that beautiful tying ourselves. I thank you. Love, A rlene «li« i«m»(f:.M,iiAAi.ri,. ' 1 at MDtWtl a H I ' mwrnrnw. BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1975 WALDBAUM ' S MAZELTOVTO PHYLLIS ON HER GRADUATION , DAD, BEV, MINDY and SHY E ■■ ' A m k ■■•. ■. .. ■... CONGRATULATIONS BEST OF LUCK TO SUSAN LEBOWITZ AND THE CLASS OF 1975 MILLERS CHEESE CORP. FINEST KOSHER CHEESE EMPIRE KOSHER POULTRY, INC. R.D.2P.O. BOX 165 MIFFLINTOWN,PA. 17059 lt«infflHl »( ' i (Xlf«IWI«HKHW »IIWWif.fl. ' iW «Ilf«ltWr, HUHtR SB ,( ' tl ' IHI.. ' «( " MM " " ' »|l BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1975. STERN COLLEGE ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION MAZELTOV LIBBY FROM THEFINKELSTEIN and LAZARUS FAMILIES JOYCE, OUR WARMEST WISHES FOR HAPPINESS AND FULFILLMENT ARE WITH YOU ALWAYS WITH LOVE, MOM, DAD, CHARYN and ZA YDE MAZEL TOV TO OUR DAUGHTER PHYLLIS UPON HER GRADUATION MOM, DA D and DEBBIE mmmmmmmm mmmmmmti i ; ' ; " ' : vnmsmm Our Marilyn, As you are of sensible and idealistic nature, May G-d lead you and help you to fulfill Your wishes with Bracha V ' Hatzlacha, And achieve your aims to the fullest. May you be the cause of happiness and Pride and Nachas in the future As you endeavored to in the past. We are all confident and hope that the Future holds within a promising life with a lot of success and Mazel Tov. Your loving Mom Dad Irene Relatives and Friends. 516-293-772S LUSCHERAIR CONDITIONING CORP. Air-conditioning contractor Automatic gas heati ng Charles B. Luscher 19 East Mall Rd. Plainvievv.N.Y. 11803 COURTHOUSE PARK DRUGS 2 Park Avenue at 33rd St. SHOP HERE AND SAVE Mazel Tov to our dear daughter sister EVE- LYN upon her graduation and best wishes for continued success throughout life. With all our love. Mommy Daddy Stern Dr. Philip Fran Stern Mazel Tov to MIRIAM upon your graduation. Wishing you all the success happiness. From the whole family, Mom, Dad, Steve, Jessica, Herman, Erika.Jack, Mayer Poochie Our heartiest congratulations and best wishes to ourDEINA Love, Mom and Dad Shapiro Bubie Beverly and Mare Best Wishes from the H.W.R. Corporation Warehousing and Distribution Camden, N.J. mmmmmmmmamiiMimiimumMamiMmmi m m wmm m?mmm Congratulations Penny We are expecting great things from you. Outdoor Theatre Caterers Inc. Division of Sportservice Corp. wra BRACHA V ' HATZLACHA To Deena Novitsky In Loving Memory of her Grandfather Joseph Budnick a " h Rabbi Chaim Budnick and Mrs. Rose Budnick Best Wishes and Love to Bonnie from her family- Mommy, Steven, Adriane, Sheila and Steve and Jay and A lex Mazel Tov Arlene Congratulations Class of 1975 American Planned Com. To my parents: Your love and understanding has been the guiding light in my life. Than you for always being there when I needed you. I love you. Pauline Dearest Chana Rochel, May your graduation from college be a stepping stone for continued success in the future. Mazel Tov! All our love, Mummy, Daddy, Bubby, Itzie, Chinny Chaim Lams ton ' s Variety Store 4 Park Avenue — at 34th Street New York, N.Y. " Always Friendly, Always Serving " To Our Niece, Debby Sternberg, We wish you Brocha and Hatzlocha in all your endeavors. Uncle Max Aunt Elsa mmammmm Shelley — Congratulations and Best Wishes on your graduation. May the light of Torah shine upon you always and guide you in your future. With all our love, The Richts The Twer skis ' Shehecheyanu Vekiamanu, Vehigianu Lazman Hazeh " Mazel Tov To Our Beloved Daughter and Sister Deena Novitsky Rabbi and Mrs. Abraham Novitsky, Miriam, David, Mitchell and Gila ASSOCIATED D YCKMAN STORES INC. 130 Dyckman Street — N.Y.C. 10040 CONGRATULATIONS TO Karan Press On her Graduation Dad, Mom, Rochelle Babi Bffiia |KHlMiUltaWt; .TMWMM, - ihmiMab - kftikl To my parents — Mr. Mrs. Eugene Willner — Thank you for your love and guidance — and to my brother Robert and my sister Bracha — may we bring nachas to our parents in the coming years — Love, Mirele Congratulations and Best Wishes to Cousin Shelley Joseph, Helen, Miriam, Moshe Gingy Leiderman Memo To: Deborah Sternberg To our lovely graduate We wish success Best of health And happiness From: the bosses — Sam Skolnik Joe Sternberg Congratulations to our daughter sister Marion Mr. Mrs. Abraham Dere and Iris Dear Terry, Mazel Tov! You know what we wish for you — we love you, Mummy Daddy Compliments and congratulations to my fav orite niece Pnina. Lou, Lilly, Pamela and Eric MAZEL TOV " TO THE GRADUATING CLASS of 1975 FROM THE 29th STREET SHU L CONGREGATION TALMUD TOR AH ADERETH EL mM .,:,;,; ' ■;:,..-:,.;:...,; ' - I will never be able to adequately express my gratitude to all of those in this University who have taught me what Knowledge is all about. Karen (Cochin) Skobac COURTESY OF MAX KELSON CO. Congratulations to Miryam Rabner Hirsh and Raquel Wolf and Family Mazel Tov to our niece Pnina. May your future be filled with happiness and suc- cess, and may we have much Nachas from you. Mr. Mrs. I. Keller MAZELTOV ROBERTA Upon your graduation. May you succeed in your future endeavors and continue to bring us nachas. Mom, Dad, Fred, Grandma Mollie, Uncle Frank, Aunt Loretta family Aunt Lynne Uncle Sam, Aunt Loretta Family GOOD LUCK SENIORS Oleg Cassini, Inc. Terry — " What can I say? " I guess you must be growing up! A college degree no less? Oy Vey! Much Love, Ira Best Wishes To Our Daughter Randee on her graduation. From Mom Dad mmm ratal fi ■ i M - . ' i m mmmi Best Wishes to our daughter and sister BETH Upon her graduation. Wishing you much success happiness in the future. Mr. Mrs. Sidney Bresler, Hanna, Alan Murray MIDCITY OFFICE MACHINE EQUIPMENT 138 East 34th Street Typewriters; Calculators; Stationery; Printing Best Wi shes to Martha Gluck and Fellow Graduates Friend of Arlene Opatut MAZELTOV MARLENE ON YOUR GRADUATION With deepest love and appreciation to David. Mommy, Daddy, Roz, Robbie and Judy Yager MAZELTOV TO JACQUELINE ANNE GUTM AN Upon her graduation from Stern With Love From: Mom Dad Shoshana Victor Debra Mayer Jeffrey Noemy Michelle Erica Best of Luck To Arlene Opatut MAZELTOV TO OUR CONGRATULATIONS DAUGHTER AND SISTER TO MYWIFE SUSAN JOY WITH ALL OUR LOVE, ON HER GRADUATION WITH ALL MY LOVE. MOM DAD, SHOLOM, IRA, DEBRA ROBERT CHAIM Ramaz School CONGRATULATIONS BEST WISHES Salutes TO ZILPAH WEINSTEIN Its Dedicated Apprentice and StudentTeachers. POSNOCK KOSHER FOODS, Cheryl Andrews Beverly Green INC. Beth Bressler Susan Krauss Rachayl Eckstein Libby Lazarus KOSHER MEAT PRODUCTS POULTRY Renee Gingold Barbara Lipis Joyce Goldstein Rachelle Rosenblatt 1713 East Elizabeth Ave. Linden. N.J. Janet Waterstone MAZELTOV TO JUDY ANDTHE ENTIRE GRADUATING CLASS — MOMMY. DADDY. CHA YA. KENNY. AND BUBBY KLtl, ERMA. DOD HILLEL, DODA CHAN ' S A, P ' NINA. A RON ME1R. ANDSHOSHANN GOLDSTEIN To our daughter and sister Deborah: May she always have good health And happiness be her wealth And may her future be as bright As the candles on Friday Night. Love from Family Sternberg Uncle Cy, Thank You for everything. Rachel MAZEL TOV TO RACHEL ESTERSON YOU FINALLY MADE IT! MOM, DAD, SAM Good Luck to the Class of 1975 From THE OBSER VER the Official Newspaper of Stern College for Women Congratulations to BETH BRESLER the Fred mans MAZEL TOV TO DEENA NOVITSKY GOLDSTEIN ' S FUNERAL DIRECTORS, INC. 6410N. BROADSTREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. 19126 (215) WAverly 7-5800 Mazel Tov to JUDYPAIKIN on her graduation Love, Mom Dad CONGRATULATIONS TO MIRYAM RABNER AND ALL HER CLASSMATES DR. HERMANN RABNER, ZURICH, SWITZERLAND To my most precious wife, Miriam, Congratulations on your graduation. With everlasting love, David JOEYS GOLDEN SCISSORS, LTD. 102-43 QUEENS BLVD. FOREST HILLS, N.Y. 11375 (212)459-2639 The search for a great haircut ends here. Thank you to my dearest Mommy and Daddy for all your love and patience, support and sympathy; and to Phil, who ' s the best moving van and chauffeur (and brother) a girl could have. With much love, Evelyn CONGRATULATIONS TO MIRYAM RABNER AND BEST WISHES FOR SUCCESS IN ALL YOUR ENDEAVORS Rumi — Kicia and the Kids CONGRATULATIONS TO MIRYAM RABNER SUSAN NE MICHAEL JAN BARRY WIMPFHEIMER Mazel Tov and Lots of Luck to our Daughter, Sister and Aunt SUSIE With Love, Mom, Jack, Shana Ninala Chaitn, Debbie Avi Dav PA ST EUR PHA RMACY (Opposite Dormitory) Best of Luck and STAY HEALTHY!! Your Pharmacists, Isidore Farber Joseph Iliev MAZELTOV HALLELUYA! LUV FROMTHEKRIEGER ' MISH ' HILTON — ZADEK WHOLESALE OPTICIA NS ALZOLOT 164 MADISON AVENUE ELI LEVINE at 33rd Street New York City, N.Y. 10016 212-LE 2-7422, 7423 Congratulations to my roommates Milly Willner, Pauline Secemski, Deina Shapiro, and Susan Lebowitz. I could have never graduated without your help. Who else would have taught me to play airplane, superman, or henay rakevet? Lots of Luck — Arlene BEST WISHES to BARBARA LIPIS on her graduation RICHARD. JOYCE, DANIEL HIRSCH Mazel Tov to Arlene the Class of 1975 Protection Protection, Inc. Passaic, New Jersey Jacalyn Binstock — Mazel Tov! Rosa Frankel To Jennifer: The Best Belongs To You. Aunt Lucy Weiss Jacalyn Congratulations, It ' s about time!! The Billig Family Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to our niece — JENNIFER L ncle Harry and A inn Sarah Jacalyn Mazel Tov Victor Binstock To Jennifer: All our love and encouragement. Mom and Anne Mazel Tov Glad to see you made it Penny. Looking for big things from you. Love, Mom, Dad. and Margaret Thanks for all your love and encouragement. Mom and Anne Jennifer My favorite granddaughter. Penny best wishes. Love Grandpa Morris T G SHOMER SHABBOS GROCERY AND DELICA TESSEN Now in Vicinity — Glatt Kosher Open Daily from 6:30 am to 7:30 pm Cold Shabbos luncheons and Challahs available Thursday morning — Friday 3:00 18 EAST 33rd STREET — BETWEEN MADISON ANn FIFTH AVENUES A ziesch Mazel Tov to my first Granddaughter Penny. May she always stay as sweet as she is now. Love, Grandma Anna Mazel Tov and continued success to DEINA SHAPIRO Congregation Chevra Thilim A PENNY ' S worth of love Is a fortune of warmth. May your warmth and Beauty radiate always. Mazel Tov Love Lenny Mazel Tov Cheryl and Class of 197? The Mitnick Family Baltimore. Maryland To Jennifer: We ' re Behind you all the way! Harry and Ethel Mullin Tel. 563-0052-3-4 FLA KS INC. M. STEUER HOSIER Y CO. INC. Hosiery 49 East 34th Street Wholesale 3! West 32nd St. New York.N.Y. 10001 New York, N.Y. 10016 Best wishes to my niece Deborah Sternberg Alburt Nussbaum Red Apple 138-11 Queens Blvd. Briarwood, Queens For the best in Fruit and Veaetables Compliments of Silversweet Candies 522 Essex St. Lawrence, Mass. Best Wishes to Eve Bulman The Goldberg Family Cong T.H.S. and Sons of Israel Extends congratulations and warmest good wishes to Eve Bulman upon her graduation Mazel Tov to our niece Susie Krauss Love. (Jitty, Neni. Moshe. Baschi. Shniaya. Shragai, and Miriam PARK GOURMET DELI 120 East 34th Street New York.N.Y. 10016 Mazel Tov to our sister and " Dodah " JUDY From Sharon. Billy and Efrat Congratulations and Best Wishes to my Niece, Judy, upon her graduation. Mazel Tov for the future. Love, Tant Congratulations and Best Wishes to my Daughter, Judy Altshul, on her graduation. Sincerest Mazel-Tov for the future. Love, Mother To Milly — We wish you all the happiness in the world. Hatzlachah Becol Maaseh Yadech. We ' ll miss you. Love always, Rochelle. Elaine, and Shirley Congratulations on your graduation and happiness always to Martha Gluck From, Diane and Lenny Weiss J. J . Chana and Elimelech Martha — Congratulations on your Graduation. Love, Mom and Tom CARD GIFT BOUTIQUE 64 East 34 Street New York, N.Y. 10016 BONNE CLE A NERS L TD. 56 East 34 Street, N.Y.C. Between Park and Madison Avenue Telephone MU 9-2998 CLEANING TAILORING PRESSING Same day service MazelTov to NANCY Grandma, Aunt Evelyn, Linda, H. Fiaker and Jay. Best wishes to my niece DEBBY STERNBERG on her graduation David Nussbaum Congratulations and Best Wishes to NANCY Aunt Edith, Uncle Sylvan, Bruce and Fieth In Honor of Our Grandniece Rachel B. Esterson A tint Sarah and A unt Bessie NANCY, We are very proud of you. Mom, Dad, and Lynn Congratulations and Best Wishes Rachel Esterson and her classmates Aunt Rochelle, Uncle Lenny, Marlene, and Myron Congratu lations and Best Wishes to the Class of ' 75 Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Andrews Best Wishes to RACHEL ESTERSON Aunt Lois. Uncle Jerry Elana and Ricky Esterson Congratulations to My Aunt Cheryl (Andrews) and the Class of ' 75 Brett Bekritskv LE 2-2480 JACK POLIVY JEWELER 103 E. 34 St. N.Y., N.Y. 10016 Mazel tov to Uncle Sy and Aunt Zelda upon the birth of their first grandchild, Jeffrey Ian Schrier Kol Ernes Sisterhood Richmond, Virginia Mazel Tov to my grandaughter BETH BRESSLER From Babi Kulfsky Best wishes to Nancy MODERN TRANSPARENT MFG. CO. Cellophane and Polyethylene Bags Box 82 West Pittson, Pa. 18643 Phone- 717-654-0784 Congratulation and Best Wishes to Rachel on her grauuation. Rabbi and Mrs. Joshua Shapiro Dear Mother and Dad, Congratulations on another honorary degree. Thank you. Zilpah Mazel tov to Chaya on her Graduation. Love, Ferdi Mazel Tov and best wishes to our daughter in law, MIR- IAM on her graduation. Love, The Sunshine Family J R ELECTRONICS Wholesale Record and Tape Prices 33 Park Row, NYC 10038 Opposite City Hall To Helaine, Good luck to the Graduate! Mommy, Suzanne, Grandma £ Grandpa MR. MA THEW SALUTES THE YESHIVA To Helaine Congratulations Love, Joe To Karen Jean Chayt Best wishes for continued success With Love, Your Roomates, Cheryl, Judy, JoAnn, Leah To my Parents: As an expression of my appreciation for their guidance and devotion. With love, Roni To Rivka, BEHATSLACHAH! Mom, the family, and your jriends Hatzlacha Raba, Chan! Love — Dad, Mom, Yay, Bay, Fayge, Carl, Dan Poindexter, sym, and Spot. Mazel Tov to our daughter RENEE on her graduation. Mom Dad Mazal Tov — Beverly Love — Dad, Mom, Linda, Alex, Ellen, Rhumpus. MAZEL TOV, " JOYELAH " Love, Ma Compliments of Leon ' s Hosiery Essex Street, Friend of the graduates. Susie Krauss — Best wishes on your graduation From Mr. and Mrs. Sam Wilson and Family PATRONS Mr. Mrs. Reich Mr. Meyer Schofer Mr. Mrs. Harold Greenwald Mr. Mrs. Louis Sussman Mr. Mrs. Harry Chayt Mr. Mrs. Albert Guravitz Edward M. Goldston Saul Fineberg Carmi Shapiro Mrs. Lillian Robbins Neil Wendy Robbins Cheri Nathan Rite Warshawsky Amy Mrs. Blanche Looban Marvin Jackie Binstock Mr. Mrs. S. Silverstein A Friend Stern College Student Council Rabbi Yose ben Kisma said: I was once travelling on the road when a man met me and greeted me, and I returned his greeting. He said to me: " Rabbi, from what place are you? " I said to him: " I come from a great city of sages and scholars. " He said to me: " Rabbi, are you willing to live with us in our place? I will give you a million golden dinars, and precious stones and pearls. " I told him: " Where you to give me all the silver and gold and precious stones and pearls in the world, I would not live anywhere except in a place of Tor ah. " Pirkai A vot, 6:9

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