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IP • ' « ««v V }0i -. ; -;i- iivpfj lt ' T«r Ends invoke beginnings and beginnings ends. In 1954 a group of dedicated people founded Stern College Now, at Graduation 1974, I wonder how I will serve my people. I hear a voice calling my name. It is the ever present melody that has been heard by Jews since we stood at Sinai and received the Torah. Today it dsks me to make three promises. I comply with happiness and trepidation. FOREVER will I maintain my commit- ment to Torah to the Jewish People and to Israel T ' FILLAH took on new meaning at Stern. Here I learned a melody that elucidated the purpose of the words. As I prayed I joined in the prayers of every other Jew. My joyous songs were Dvora ' s; Miriam ' s song mine. When my prayer reached a melancholy note, Ghana ' s voice could be heard. Sometimes I would wonder whether G-d answers my prayers. As I look back, I recall the request I made each day in AHAVA RABA: Qbb " Our Father, our merciful father, be merciful to us. And give our hearts the ability to un- derstand and to comprehend. To listen, to learn, to teach, to obey and to perform the MITZVOT, and the TORAH with happiness. " Indeed, there was an answer. sijb This is the city that faces 50 East 34th Street. You can take the IRT to the Metropolitan Opera to Rabbi Riskin ' s lectures. You can hop on an F train on Sunday afternoon to get great bargains on the East Side or to visit Jewish poor for Project Ezra. A pleasant Shabbot stroll will bring you to First Avenue and the United Nations Gardens or to the Rusk Institute for BIKUR CHOLIM. The Madison Avenue bus will take you up to Vidal Sassoon for a haircut or to the Russian Mission for a demonstration. If you wander into Brooklyn you can attend a Brooklyn College Mixer or a Lubavitch Shabbaton. A car can take you home for the weekend or you can visit other campuses with DIR5HU. These choices face every freshmen. With a little bit of luck she is able to try them all once. What she c hooses the second time depends upon how the melody resounds in her heart. OTg SiGC Lj T ;■■(».■ , S. ' f.K NTE ■IVES HOF , ' .%■ J wo WAS KilUO BV SVRMW ARTIIURV i ' " J ' T it HiH S£TTU«»-f m m G01 K MCiGHTS I MONDAY, fl 1 % The sounds of war entered every synagogue on Yorn KippuT as Arab battalions attacked Jews at prayer- ' When the thunder of Arab artillery subsided, 2500 young Israeli men were dead. The sounds of war entered a sleeping apartment house in Kiryat Shemona when Arab terrorists threw babies from windows. . Shrieks pierced the silence of the night. The sounds of war entered a Ma ' alot schoolhouse where high school students rested after a TI YUL. , ' The blast of machine guns freed the hostages from their captors. However, with the deaths of 21 children, innocence was slaughtered. No Jew can tolerate the worlds silence ariy longer. Oil Yom Kippur we prayed, weasked G-d for much more than personal blessing . Later we tried to fill the empti-; ness in our hearts by collecting Tzedakah arid giving blood. After Kiryat Shemona we wrote letters. Futility. The US, condemned Israeli raids into Lebanon without acknowledging their traumatic provocation. On the day after Ma ' alot Golda ' Meir told us that there ' ' could be no reprisal commensurate vvith the massacre, ; Fury encompassed us a? we tried to overcome our sense of helplessness. We shouted in front of the Lebannese; Mission. W ' e prayed at the Isaiah Wall; We san lobby of the U.N We scr earned as vye were dragged by international polite.: Despite all the dang6ris I srael faces, ptir commitmen t conipQls us to begin preparations tdsiettle in Jsrae ' l, for: oii r .• ■_. ' . Eventual Aliy ah, ' ' ■ ' ' ' , ' ■ ' ;.■■ ' ■ " • ; ' ■ ' :■■■ ' . ■■■ ' ' ■ ' ; ' " And should you want to know the source From which your tortured brethren drew In evil days their strength of soul To meet their doom, stretch out their necks To each uplifted knife and axe. In flames, on stakes to die with joy, And with a whisper, " G-d is One " , To close their lips? If thou, my brother, knowest not This mother, spring, and lap, and fort Then enter thou the House of G-d. " H. N. Bialik The year I started high school, Israel reclaimed the KOTEL HAMAARAVI. That year, 1967, was one of renewed commitment for our entire nation. As each one of us journeyed to Israel, we were thrilled. 1973 taught me more, however. It reminded me that I cannot get to Israel by jetplane alone. The carefree commitment that had lingered since 1967 had to be revitalized. At Stern this pro- cess was begun by a 5IYUM MISHNAYOT in memory of the many soldiers who died. As I learned, I was constantly aware of the ages of the dead soldiers. They could have been my hus- band, my brothers, my fathers. They chould have been me. Now it is time to seek out the source of our commitment once again. WHAT WAS SPECIAL ABOUT STERN? HOW DID IT FOSTER COMMITMENT DURING YEARS WHEN COLLEGE STUDENTS WERE RENOUNCED FOR THEIR APATHY? WHY DID SOME STAY AND OTHERS LEAVE? HOW COULD WE HEAR THE MELODY AMID THE DISTRACTING NOISES OF THE CITY AND THE BECKONING SHOUTS OF THE SOCIETY? It was learning with a friend It was closeness with our teachers ' ,o ' sha|noVlTft . solidarity with Soviet Jewry sorting out yearbook pictures But not only that 13 being MESAMEACH KALLAti Rabbi Berman ' s commitment to KLAL YISRAEL and it was Wednesday night at Rabbi Riskin ' s staying up the whole night studying Finding homes for bhabbot Guests Doing THE TIMES crossword over lunch Our fury after b -ing brutally dragged away from a Ma ' alot memorial at the U.N. But not only that It was Henry Jackson ' s commitment to Soviet Jewry and collecting SEFARIM and waiting in line to see Rabbi Berman but not only that . . . I heard the melody because my teachers sang and my friends harmonized. Each student responded to the note she heard first. But the song remained the same. Now as we leave Stern College our song begins to sound like a prayer. We hope that as years pass we will not drift so far apart that the song will become muted. While we recognize that voices age, we believe that someday we will traverse each others paths and be able to sing again. As long as we maintain our commitment to TORAH, the JEWISH PEOPLE, and ISRAEL distance will have no affect upon us. We will always be able to grasp each others hands and dance as Miriam did, but this time, G-d willing, for the final GEULAH. 15 STERN COLLEGE FOR WOMEN KOCHAVIAH 1974 5734 Leah Carmi Editor-in-Chief LioraNestelbaum Co-Editor the present against the future. 1 ; " f ' ' l ' lllZZZs room for personal and intellectual in a Torah -- " " ' J t . ' ! ' itelabS to see the events, people, and studies of ' r; rs tre ' r urt:- which wil " ; dnec me towards the paths of the righteous as 1 prepare ' , . Leah Carmi for my next journey. STAFF The Staff of Kochaviah is indebted to the following individuals for their extensive assistance. Arlene Pianko Literary Lditor Deborah Kamaras Business Manager Art Editor Sylvia Tischler Typing Editor . . . - Photography Editor 16 si m .w 1 the beginning;is-Ji often the end i.« to nnake an end is to mak beginning j The end is where we start fe - MmwltM And the end of all our explprlition Will be to arrive where we started, And knc| the place for the firsttime T.S ' Eliot COIiiCE April 24, 1974 Dr. Morris Epstein is no longer with us. The College has suffered a great hurt and I have lost an irreplaceable friend. I had the privilege of sharing with Dr. Epstein a friendship which I believe can, without exaggeration, be said to recall the models, classical and biblical, of true and everlasting friendship. One of the greatest joys I had in entering into the Deanship at Stern College was the oppor- tunity it gave me to extend the deep and rich rewards of this friendship into my professional life. The qualities of person and mind which endeared Dr. Epstein to me, made his contribution to Stern College such a rich and significant one. Extremely able, unwilling to settle for anything which was not of the best quality, capable of applying rigorous and exacting standards but doing so with understanding, compassion and humaneness, he was able to contribute immensely to the devel- opment of each individual student, the establishment of a respected department, and the overall intellectual academic and cultural life of Stern College. The mea- sure of how great a place he occupied among us is the fact that every aspect of college life — faculty meetings, committee deliberations. University exercises, student activities and class lectures — brings us, in pain and sorrow, a continued awareness of his absence. Others will come to contribute to the growth of the College, but the void left by the loss of Dr. Epstein ' s abilities and qualities will remain unfillable. We mourn the loss of a great figure, but even more so, the loss of a great friend. Let his memory be bound into eternal life through the contin- ued growth and life of Stern College. DEAN DAVID MIRSKY ; V " v. DR. MORRIS EPSTEIN 3 December 1973 From far away, I join you in shock and bereave- ment. It ' s at moments like this that we are reduced to remem.bering snatches of elegies that we ' ve taught over and over again, but only as a kind of intellectual exercise, and now, faced with the reality we ask what is it all worth. And then go on, for it is worthwhile — the only bulwark we have against the Spectre ' s conquest of life. This is as Morris wanted it. As we all know, Morris ' imprint upon the depart- ment is permanent. I ' m certain that when we are all in retirement, the practices and traditions he led us into will still exist. And if we happen to go els- where, then we shall carry some of what he did with us to transplant it. Isn ' t that the finest tribute and the greatest consolation? From Jerusalem — Yours, Dan. :i! Wi Through the guidance and direction of Dr. Morris Epstein, Z ' l, the English department developed its fine reputation and unique character. He was a man whose synthesis of the secular and the religious enhanced both realms. In his dealings with students he displayed astuteness and sensitivity. The Stern Col- lege Class of 1974 has dedicated its yearbook to this man. Our theme is drawn from his philosophy — both stress commitment to Torah, Israel and the Jewish people. We hope that this yearbook will be a lasting remembrance of Dr. Morris Epstein, his inspiration will surely remain with us forever. YESHIVA UNIVERSITY AMSTERDAM AVENUE AND ia6TH STREE1 NEW YORK, N. Y. 10033 OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT June 6, 1974 I am pleased to join the Class of 1974 in paying tribute to the late Dr. Morns Epstein. As an alumnus and teacher he fulfilled in his life the ideals and aspira- tions of our beloved institution. Though his death was tragic and untimely, may his life inspire all who knew him. It is with special pleasure that I extend congratulations to the 1974 graduating class of Stern College for Women. Your class represents the culmination of two decades of growth and achievement which was merely a dream when Stern College was founded twenty years ago. I extend to you my best wishes for the future. You go forward from Stern College to face new challenges which will draw on the knowledge and strength you have gained through your studies in the liberal arts and sciences combined with the moral and spiritual teachings of Judaism. These will be your tools in the years ahead as the Jewish community turns to you for leadership, for inspiration, for committment to Torah and to Israel. It is you who will carr ' forward our sacred traditions. May you be granted the vigor and well-being to meet the challenges which lie ahead. Dr. Samuel Belkin STERN COLLEGE FOR WOMEN YESHIVA UNIVERSITY 245 Lexington Avenue New York, N.Y. 10016 (212) 255-5600 June 6, 1974 My dear Graduates, I think it is very wonderful to dedicate your yearbook to the memory of Dr. Mor- ris Epstein. I considered myself a very dear friend of Dr. Epstein, who was able to give so much of himself and transfer his knowledge so easily to his students and his fel- low man. Of all my many interests in various institutions, Stern College is the closest to my heart and has, therefore, given me great joy and satisfaction from the beginning. Rarely are students of any school so close together during their years of study as the women of Stern College. Proud as I am of you, so do you remain proud of your alma mater. I am happy to see that the course given by the late Dr. Epstein will continue in the future, and hope in all sincerity that it will be a success . Let me wish all of you who will graduate this year a happy, healthy and successful life, with the hope that each one of you will be a torch where the flame will have a continuous burn for Torah, the Jewish people and for Israel. Very sincerely. Max Stern STERN COLLEGE FOR WOMEN YESHIVA UNIVERSITY 245 Lexington Avenue New York, N.Y. 10016 (212) 255-5600 OFFICE OF THE DEAN June 6, 1974 The Class of 1974 leaves Stern College to enter an America torn and troubled in many ways. We are disturbed by the attacks on the constitutional underpinnings of our society, and appalled at the tears that have been made in the moral fabric of our country. We are concerned with the fu- ture of the State of Israel, and the implications of the situation in the Middle East for the quali- ty, if not the very survival of Jewish life in the years ahead. For you. Stern College students, the situation in some ways is even more sharp and painful. You have been trained in a liberal arts tradition which has underscored faith in the goodness of man and the strength of the free democratic process. You have also been trained in the traditional Jewish ethical basis of life and the need for personal moral committment. To face a world in which these beliefs and ideals are under serious attack may be frightening, even as it is challenging. However, the education you have received at Stern College permits you to go out better prepared to meet these challenges and to contribute significantly to the support- ers of the Jewish moral and ethical traditions. Committed to an educational program of Torah Umadah we have tried to give you the foundation on which to build a strong and good life. We trust that you have taken advantage of this opportunity, and are grateful that you have helped us to expand our understanding of student needs and strengthened us in pursuing our goals . As you leave Stern College we extend to you our sincere and best wishes and send with you our prayer that you will be guided by the abjuration of the Rabbis that even though the task may be great and the individual is unable to do all that has to be done, he is not free to turn his back on the challenge. We trust that you will find success and fulfillment as you take part in the never ending struggle for the perpetuation of Torah, morality and learning in the years ahead. Dean David Mirsky MRS. ROSLYN KAUFMAN LIBRARY MRS. S.4RAH KELLER MRS. EDITH LUBETSKI MR. LAWRENCL WlbU MRS. LIBBYNEIMAN MISS IDA MALAMUD 25 ADMINISTRATION MRS. SHELLEE BERMAN MISS DOROTHY COLODNER MRS. MIRIAM MOSTOW MRS. ESTHER REICH MRS. ETHEL ROSENTHAL MRS. SHIRLEY SHIMOFF MRS. PAULINE WINTER MRS. ESTHER ZUUOFt MRS. LIVIATURKEL 27 FAGULTY DR. AVIGDOR BfTTMAN HEBREW MR. HANOCH DUBITSK MR. HENRI KAMRI MISSHADASSAH KOSAK RABBI SAUL BERMAN JUDAIC STUDIES DR. JACOB FEINSTEIN " I never saw a moor, I never saw the sea; Yet I know how the heather looks, And what a wave must be. I never spoke with G-d, Nor visited in Heaven; Yet certain am I of the spot As if the chart were given. " RABBI MARTIN GORDON JUDAIC STUDIES DR. MEIR HAVAZELET DR. NOAH ROSEN ' BLOOM RABBI ALTER METZGER RABBI MELECH SCHACTER RABBI FABIAN SCHONFELD i RABBI AARON SHURIN RABBI AVRAHAM WEISS PHILOSOPHY DR. GERSION APPEL MR. HAROLD RABINOU ITZ POLITICAL SCIENCE RABBI DAVID BLEICH MATH DR. ROBERT PLTZ RABBI RAFAEL VICTOR PHYSICS MR. YEHUDA JL RAVEL DR. NORNLW ROSENFELD MR. MURRAY ALTMAN BIOLOGY DR. FRED GOODMAN DR. JESSICA GRANT DR. BETTY ROSOFF CHEMISTRY MRS. CECILY DOBIN DR. SIMEON KRUMBEIN MR. JAMES MARTIN DR. NATHANIEL RF.MES PSYCHOLOGY DR. ELLEN ROBINSON SOCIOLOGY DR. LOUIS LISTER HISTORY MR. STANLEY KLEIN MR. LARRY GROSSMAN DR. DORRIS GOLDSTEIN DR. 5HLOMO EIDELBERG PROF. LUCY DAWIDOWICZ MR. ALBERT EHRMAN 39 MRS. LAUREL HATVARY 4 Km JE j i _ feT " " tHBIi ' mB ENGLISH DR. CAROLE SILVER DR. DORIS SHORES SPEECH MRS. JUNE GOLDEN MRS. PENINNAH SCHRAM DR. SHELLY KOENIGSBERG EDUCATION " To him who learns in order to practice, Heaven will grant the opportunity to learn and to teach, and to guard and to practice. " Pierkei Avot DR. SUSAN SARDY MR. ROSSDABRUSIN MRS. CONSTANCE SKOR ART, HEALTH MRS. SUSAN FLEMINGER DR. ELISAR MRS. SHLLAMITH SCHMIDEK PROF. ARTHUR TAUBER MRS. BEATRICE VVARTEL 42 FRENCH, GERMAN, SPANISH DR. ANNA KRAKOWSKI MS. ANNETTE SHAW MRS. NANCY KNOI ' KA DR. MAXSORKIN MRS. SOFIELAUFER DORMITORY STAFF MISS RITA DUNNE RABBI MRS. LOUIS FINKELMAN I r 1 b t . : Ennn H fr yj Iv hI v fMHtV g9HV " HELEN ACKERMAN riUin Math " The eye is small but it sees the world. " SUSAN LAURIE ADLER T l Education Vice president 5CW Student Council, Presi- dent Junior Class, Dorm Counselor, Dean ' s List, Who ' s Who in American Colleges Uni- versities, Big Sister, UJA, Dirshu, Floor Chair- man, Blood Drive, TAC, Bikur Cholim, Tour Guide — Open House, Yavneh, SCW Co-op, Soviet Jewery Parade Marshal, Dancer in SCW-YU Float - Israeli Day Parade, Appren- tice Teacher. " Yesterday is already a dream tomorrow is only a vision. But today, well lived, makes ev- ery yesterday a dream of happiness, and every tomorrow a vision of hope. " ANNETTE BECKER l French News Editor Observer 1971-72, Jr. Year in Israel 1972- 73, Yom Ha Atzmaut Dancer, TAC. " Friendships are like flowers They must be cultivated if they are to flourish. " REBECCA BABOURI niTl Biology Vice President of Biology Club, Dean ' s List, Purim Carnival Con - mittee. Big Sister. " Some people are too tired to give you a smUe; give them one of yours, as none need a smile so much as he who has no more to give. " DEBBIE BENNETT History Senior Sale, Tutoring " Teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. " Psalms ESTHER BERGER lI Tii Sociology Senator, Chairman, Observer, Speakers Bureau, Big Sister. " Ah, but a man ' s reach should exceed his grasp or what ' s a heaven for? " Robert Browning FREDERICA BLACHOWICZ I ' lQ Biology Karate Club, Biology Club, Dean ' s List, Project Ezra, Observer. " This is the hardest of all: to close the open hand out of love, and keep modest as a giver. " Nietzsche JUDY BLOOM HQTl Math Big Sister " Happiness is as a butterfly, which, when pursued, is always just be- yond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you. " Nathaniel Hawthorne ETTIE CHAYA BOMZER ' Tl A3:D Rj,., Education f Student Teaching " The great thing in the world is not so much where we are, but in what direction we are moving. " O.W.Holmes Z CAROL BULG AR FREUDENBERGER T l1 PsycKolpgy 1t JANET CANTOR T nAVl Sociology J Shabbos Committee, Big Sister Play. " a " I have set the L-rd always before me. •rs? ' m LEAHCARMI TO English ' Editor-in-Chief Yearbook, Kochaviah, Dean ' s List, Who s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Admissions So- ciety, Oral Interpretation Fes- . tival. Junior, Year in Israel, Dorm Floor Chairman, Yav- nieh,. Dance Club, Jewish Stud- ies Certificate. " The happiness of life is made " up;:, ' -:; of minute fractions — the little soctn-forgotten enarities of a smile, a kind look, a heart f el t c6 m pi imen t Samuel TavlorCoioriik ' t ELLEN CHAITOVSKY " yT TlJi Psychology Co-chairman of Tzedakkah, TAC, Leader of Dance Club, R.A., Chairman of Senior Sale, Observer, School Play, Big Sister, Chug Aliyah . " Create in me a pure heart Hashem, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. Cast me not away from thy presence; and take not thy Holy Spirit from me. " Psalms NAVAH DZIKANSKY mSl Education " Nothing can stand before the desire. ESTHER JOYCE EPSTEIN - TATli English Observer, Vice President Senior Class, Student Admissions Socie- ty, Yavneh. " The most utterly lost of all days is that in which you have not once laughed. " CORINNE FEINSTEIN nT History-Political Science Senior Class President, Senior Dinner Chair- woman, Senior Class Concert. Blind Date Par- ty, Raffle, Student Council, Student Admis- sions Society, Tour Guide, School Play, Regis- tration Aide, Big Sister. " In the depth of my soul, there is a wordless song Kahlil Gibran NANCI BARBARA n3 " l r T T l FEINSTEIN Sociology " By itself a drop of water is nothing, but in the sea it de- rives power and greatness from all the other particles with which it mingles. How feeble we are if we live for ourselves only, how strong if we live with and for our fellow man ' KATHY FENDRICH Biology Biolog ' Club " A smile enriches those who receive without mak- it g poorer those who give; It takes but a moment but the memory of it sometimes lasts forever. " IRENE GAIL FLINK niTO 1U1 3 Political Science Dean ' s List; Aschel Honor Society, Vice President Sophonaore Class; Observer, Blind Date Party. " What is the mark of wisdom? The will- ingness to learn from all men — ' From all those who have taught me I have gained understanding. ' " Pirkei Avos TAMAR GILA FREDMAN nlA ■ Jy Biology — Pre-Med. Senior Senator, Observer, Student Council, Dirshu, Student Admissions Society, Biology Club, Dean ' s List, Big Sister. " Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught, " Oscar Wilde «fc. riTlTlUJ niAHbl AHUVA SIMCHA FRIEDMAN Philosophy Observer, TAC, Dorm Counselor. " If I forget thee, O Jersualem, let my right hand lose its cunning. " Psalsm aRu ■- ,5 w ■ GAIL GARFINKEL miDlUi Education Sophomore Class Secretary,. Student Court jijdge. Class Vice President, Blind DateParty:, Baskeiball Club, Dance Club, Karate Club, Big Sister. Write on your hearts that every day is the best day of the year. " Ralph Waldo Ernerson % ANITA GITTELM AN T 1 English Editor in Chief of the Observer, Dean ' s list. Dorm Counselor. TAC, Dirshu, Student Council, Who ' s Who in American Colleges Universities. " He yearns yet does not yearn He exists is tranquil in spite of all He has no message He is his own message his own ideal sound. " Lawrence Ferlinghetti r=!i •-•■■ ..idl« ■r p f : I- ' it: • ' » IMi - M . ' W. :, ' ;?3| ' , ' . J hi ■ ' ■• ■:: " mM l r wi RACHEL CHERNOTSKY GLASSER Tll Psychology Student Council, Big Sister. CHARYN GOLDSTEIN HU Sociology Who ' s Who in American Colleges Universities, Dean ' s List, Aishel Honor Society, Senator, Speech Arts Forum, Dorm Counselor, Oral Inter- pretation Festival, School Play, Student Admis- sions Society, Volleyball Team, Blood Drive, Dance Club. " You see things as they are and you ask ' Why? ' , But I dream things that never were, and I ask ' Why not? ' " George Bernard Shaw RUTH GOODMAN iXiR ' llTl Biology Biology Club, Shabbos Committee, Big Sister, Yiddish Club. " Lift up your eyes on high, and see: who hath created these? He that bringeth out their host by number, he calleth them all by name ... " Isaiah JUDY GRIFFEL n H History ' If I am not for myself Who will be for me? If I am only for myself Who am I? Pirkei Avot BARBARA MILLER GRANOFSKY n1 " l Political Science Big Sister, Student Court Justice, Dean ' s List. " To do justly, and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your thy G-d. " Michah NAOMI FAY GUTMAN ' 3 Political Science Council, Yavneh, Student Admis- sions Society. " To see a world in a grain of sand x nd a Heaven in a wild flower Ho?d infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour. " W. Blake PEARL APTOWITZER GROSS TWl French Dance Club " My heart is in the East And I am in the West. Halevi CHANI HABERKORN niTl Mathematics Dean ' s List, Who ' s Who, TAC, Observer. " As in water face answereth to face, so the heart of mart to man. Proverbs TERRI HERZIG n 5 Sociology " Yours is just to give all you are capable of giving then you have succeeded. " f vlr YAFAHIRSCH HQ DEBORAH KAMARAS Him Mathematics Floor Chairman, Observer, Library Committee, Business Managei " Kochaviah, Math Club, Senior Sale. " I never let my schooling interfere with my education. " Mark Twain MARCIAKATZ riD ' TQ ff» wy«tiyvT,;, Psychology Observer, Junior Year in Israel Purim Carnival, Greeting Cards for Soviet Jewry, Open House Speaker. " Do not despise any man, and do not consider anything as impossible; for there is not a man who has not his hour, and there is not a thing that has not its place. " Pirkei Avot ' •N ' ■. MIRIAM KOFMAN Tl - T Psychology Observer,, Israel Crisis Committee, Bikur Cholim, Dance Club. ' ' i " The more schooling - the more wisdom; The more Torali — the more life; Atid the more understanding— t hfe more peace. " Pirkei Avot SARAH TENNENBAUM LACHS TAIUJ Political Science — History Student Admissions Society, Tour Guide, Speaker ' s Bureau, Jewish Arts Festival, Big Sister, Registration Aide, Student Represent- ative. " If we only have love, then tomorrow will dawn, and the days of our years, will rise on that morn. " FERN LANDESBERG nms Biology Class Treasurer, Big Sister, Freshman Orienta- tion Committee, Shabbos Committee. " If anyone tells you that he has searched for knowledge and not attained it, believe him not; if he tells you he has attained knowledge with- out searching for it, believe him not; but if he tells you that he has searched for knowledge and attained it, you may believe him. " GAIL LEFKOWITZ ' Pli Sociology Big Sister, French Club, Dance Club, Yavnah. ' No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings. " William Blake J ACLY N K. LEIFERT HT Judaic Studies " Love peace and pursue peace, love your fel- low man and bring him close to the Torah. " 67 MARILYN LEVINE UniQ Sociology ' What is beautiful is a joy for seasons and a possession for all eternity. Oscar Wilde HH p HH| E ' . - ' ' B H p _ pP 8» ' j HF ' S m h " - Hp i Bfc - viHsBi ■ [ I B Sfc. inH J tl 9iiH II RENEELEVY n 211 Biology TAC, Shabbos Committee, Beit Olot. " Slow to anger, quick to forgive. " GAILLIPMAN Him Biology TAC, Tzedakkah Committee, Big Sister, Dean ' s List, Biology Club, Jewish Studies Certificate. " As the trees reach for the heavens and a child for the security of its mother ' s embrace, so Man gropes to fulfill his true inner nature. The creature seeks its Maker — the soul longs for its source. " HELENE MARCUS ' JIH ' ' ' History jgssgggaasn miWiiyiriiiiiHiMiiiillii ,- ' CHERYL MERZEL ' T T mUJ Biology Speech Arts Forum, Student Council, Jewish Arts Festival, Speakers Bureau, Senate, Observ- er, TAC, Dean ' s List, Who ' s Who, Jewish Stud- ies Certificate, Blood Drive, Big Sister. " Liberalism and traditionalism are contrasts; liberty and tradition are not. Tradition is true and living only if it renews itself constantly in liberty and the will to preserve brings forth in- ner transformations. And as to liberty — from where shall it take the substance for its work if not from the depths of tradtion? " Martin Buber SUSAN METZGER nn D English Diishu, -Dean ' s ' List, Senator, Observer, ■ ' Dorm Counselor, Kochaviah. A nd I — 1 took the one Jes s traveled by, and that ha$ made all the difference. ' ' Robert Frost " 1 SUSAN MOSS Sociology " It is only important to love the world to regard the world and ourselves and all beings With love, admiration and respect. Hermann Hesse BONITA NATHAN nll Biology TAC, Observer, Dirshu, Biology Club, Editor-in-Chief of Ruth Pub- lication, Chairman of Lubavitch Class, Big Sister. " And they who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the firema- ment; and they who turn many to righteousness like the stars forever and ever. " Daniel LIORA NESTELBAUM m K 2 Sociology Co-Editor of Kochaviah, Observer, Shabbos Dec- orations Committee. " Do not wait for the day to come, bring forth the day yourself . " ARLENE REBA PIANKO T t1- mT Political Science Literary Editor Kochaviah, Assistant Editor in Chief Observer, Dorm Counselor, Dean ' s List, Student Admission Society. " To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe. " Anatole France SUSAN NUNBERG " 211 1 Education Apprentice Teacher, Observer, Shabbos Decorations Committee, Israel Crisis Committee, Bikur Chol- im. Folk Dance Club. " If not now, when ... " Pirkei Avot 73 ADELE REICHERT H TT Education Shabbos Committee, Dorm Counselor, Apprentice Teacher. " Time is not measured by the passing of the years, but by what one does, what one feels, and what one achieves. " RASHA FISHMAN REICHERT )3 i)i l Psychology Big Sister, Freshman Orientation Commit- tee, Junior Shabbos. BETHRIFKIN Dim ' TAl Philosophy Orientation Committee, Shabbos Committee, Senior Concert, Big Sister. " True riches lie in the depths of a friendly heart. " MIRIAM R. RIBNER T1 1T Philosophy Senior Class Secretary, Kochaviah, Observer, Big Sister. " I don ' t need a " reason " to be happy. I don ' t have to consult the future to know how happy I feel now. " Hugh Prather 75 J " BsaasiB ■■■ ' " ■ ' ;.55 -i Education .■ Sophomore Junior class representative to the Ed Dept., Apprentice Teacher, Big Sister, Shab- bos Committee, Bikur Cholim. " G-d grant me serenity to accept the things I cannot change. Courage to change those things I can. And wisdom to know the difference. " I SHERRY SCHEINBERG illlAX r li3 ■ Political Science Student Council Presidehty Editor in Chief of the Observer, Student Admissions Society, Asheil.Honor SoGiety, Who ' s W Sister, Speaki r ' s Bureau, Freshman Class Secretary, v ; - - , • .Sophomore Class President. ' It ;is only with the heart that one can seie. ■What is ssential is invisible to the eye. " : Antbinede Saint iExupery FRAN SCHNEIDER TOin Sociology " For every star that falls a new one glovves — For every dream that fades a new one grows . . " Dorm Counselor, Observer, Dean ' s List. ' What is man that thou art mindful of him . ? Yet thou hast m de him but little lower than the angels. " v%r FLORENCE SIMON T n English SUSAN STARESHEFSKY mil3 U) Philosophy Dorm Counselor, World Jewry Committee, Stu- dent Admissions Society, Senior Dinner, Senior Class Concert, Blind Date Party, Choir Leader, Big Sister, Registration Aide. " G-d honors me when I work He loves me when I sing. " Rabindranath Tagore KAREN TAYLOR " " " T - ' TV Psychology Observer, JDL, WYUR, Dean ' s List, Noam, SSSJ, TAC, Dirshu, Techiya, Stu- dent Admissions Society. " A million tomorrows shall all pass away, ere I forget all the joy that is mine today. " SYLVIA TISCHLER r lU3 Philosophy Typing Editor of Kochavian, Observer, Bikur Cholim. " Those who bring sunshine to the lives of oth- ers cannot keep it from themselves. " Sir James Barrie SHARON TWERSKY WW m EngHsh f - fc " The mind is its own place and in itself Can Wsi ff ' ! make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven " Milton 79 RAINAURBAITIS 1VCi V History Speech Arts, Dean ' s List, Dorm Counse- lor, Tay-Sachs Committee, Big Sister, Open House. " I feel there is an angel in me whom I am constantly shocking. " Jean Cocteau FRAYDA S. WALTUCH HTIQ Biology Senate, Dean ' s List, Orientation, Theatre Party, VVYUR, Tay Sachs Committee, Blood Drive, Dorm Counselor, Who ' s Who, Speak- ers Bureau, Volunteer at Beth Israel. " It is far easier to be wise for others than to be so for oneself. " De La Rochefoucauld SUSAN WEISSBROT nii " ' Psychology Blood Drive, Floor Chairman, Big Sister ' The most I can do for my friend is simply to be his friend. " Thoreau PHYLLIS ZELIG TVW ' i Sociology Observer, TAC, Tzedakkah Comnnittee, Shab- bos Committee, Dirshu. " It matters not how long v c live but how, ' ) ■• -.1 ■. M ' ■i-:Ti JfS ' , iMi(usfS!iy x!aifr- f:Mm mmS::-: SUZANNE ESTHER ZEMEL lIATJll Biology Dean ' s List, TAC, Admissions Society, Yavneh, Association of Orthodox Jewish Scientists, Presently attending College of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey . " The synthesis of Torah and science. " MOLLY ZIMELMAN T mm ' . Sociology ' Tiine see what has become of me. " lslii» f 1 % If LESLEY R. ZINGER ni " ? Chemistry Dirshu, Torah Leadership Seminar " In the beginning G-d created . " Bible CAMERA SHY RUTH ACKERMAN SUSAN BENDELSTEIN SHOSHANA GANGER DEBORAH GORDON JENNY WEINSTOCK GO ' i ; HEDDET GOLDBERG LANDA ROCHELLE RUBINSTEIN %f Riith Ackefman 124 Paine Avenue Irvingtoh, N.J. ' 07111 Helen Ackecitvan 835 W. 236, St. Riverdale, N.Y. 10463 Susan Laurie Adler 7 Sands Point Road Monsey, N.Y. 10952 Rebecca Babouri -9S0N.E.153 5t. N. Miami Beach, Fla. 33162 Annette Becker 1816 Blueridge Avenue Silver Spring, Md. 20902 Debbie Bennett 83-40 Austin St. Kew Gardens, N..Y. 11415 Esther FuchsBerger ■ ' 26-5 S, Doheny Dr. . ' • Beverly Hills; Calif . 90211 : Frederica Blachowicz. 65-45 Yellovystone Blvd. ■ ' Forest Hills, N.Y, 11375 Judy Bfeom , . 721 Ar ' lingtoh Avenue , , PlainHeld:, N.J.- . -;;.;. Ettie Chaya Bomzer " , ; : 1653 East5 Street . Brooklyn, N.Y. 11230 , .:, " Janet Cantor. ,. .;■■ 316 4lh Avenue ■■ " , Bradley " Beach, N.J. 07720 ■.;Leah Carrrii . : ., ,. 1240 Lenox Avenue ■ • , . ■Miami B.each.Flii. 33139 , Ellen Ch ' aitovsky 44 Texel Drive Springfield, Mass. 01108 Navah Dzikansky 2085 Rockaway Parkway Brooklyn, N.Y. 11236 , Esther Joyce Epstein 108-30 66 Avenue .Forest Hills, N.Y. 11375 Corinne Feinstein 9056 Bay Drive Miami B-- " ■ ■ ' ■ " ' ■ Narici Barbara Feinstein 1833 Northampton St. ' Holyoke, Mass. 01040 Kathy Fendrich Ay. Caracas Eaif Dolores San Bernardino, Caracas Venezuela Irene Gail Flink 70 South Bath Avenue Long Branch, N.J. 07740 Tamar Gila Fredmaii ' 8258 Groby Road St. Louis, Missouri 63132 Carol Freudenberger ; 6448 Booth Street ' . ■ Rfegp Park, N.Y. AhuvaSimcha Friedman 7 Temple Avenue VVinthrop, Ma. 02152 Shoshana Newman Gange . 104-60 Queens Blvd. Queens, N.Y, 11375 Gail Garfinkel ■ ■ j : ;.. „ 15 Garden Driye ' ., .Monticello, N.Y. ■ Ariita Giltelmah 1343 Westminster Drive; Cihcinriati.Ohio 45.229 Rachel Ghernpt ' sky Glasse 137-05 83rdAvenue. ■ ..Jamaica; N ' .Y. 11435 . ,..; Charyn Goldstein 660 6th Street Lakewood, N.J. 08701 Ruth Goodman R.D. 2, Box 65 Waterloo, N.Y. 13165 Debbie Gordon 238 Warrington St. Barbara Granofsky 118-41 Metropolitan Ave. 4B Kew Gardens, N.Y. 11415 Judy Griffel 13-52 D Sperber Road FairLawn, N.J. 07410 Pearl Gross 5013 10th Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. Naomi Fay Gutman 6316 N. Central Park Chicago, 111. 60659 Chani Haberkorn 579 E. 29th St. Paterson, N.J. 07504 Terr i Herzig 32 Almore Ave. Downsview, Ontario, Canada Yafa Hirsch 1471 49 St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 11219 138-16 Jewel Ave. Kew Garden Hills, N.Y. 11367 Marcia Katz 125 Beach 17 St. 3J Far Rpckway, NY. 11691 Miriam Kofman 19RuskinSt. Providence, R.I. 02907 Sarah Tennenbaum Lachs 12254 Burbank Blvd. North HoUywood, Calif. 91607 Heddet Goldberg Landa 3817 Spruce St. Philadelphia, Pa. 19104 Fern Landesberg Box 395 S. Fallsburg, N.Y. 12779 Gail Lefkowitz 18211 Bancroft Ave. Jaclyn K. Leifert 3755 Henry Hudson Parkway Riverdale, N.Y. 10463 Marilyn Levine 3410B Paul Avenue Bronx, N.Y. 10468 Renec Levy 118-18 Metropolitan Ave. Kew Gardens, N.Y. 11415 Gail Lipman 603 Kenbrook Dr. Silver Spring, Md. 20902 Helen Marcus 8901 5th Avenue North Bergen, N.J. 07047 Cheryl Merzel 290 Avalon Court Rochester, NY. Susan Metzger 64-41 210 St. Bayside, N.Y. 11364 Annie Moskovitz Kra.7A 94A-29 Bogota, Columbia, S.A. Susan Moss ■.■. ' • 4325 Adams Ave. •• Miami Beach, Fla. Bonita Nathan 99-16 70 Ave. Forest Hills, N.Y, 11375 Liora Nestelbaum 16BeechingSt. Worcester, Mass. 01602 Susan Nunberg 1041 W. Oak Road Vineland, N.J. Arlene Rcba Pianko 1122 Lower Ferry Rd. Trenton, N.J. 08618 . Adele Reichert 16 Colliston Rd. ■ Brookline, Ma. 02146 . . Rasha Reichert 82 Wadsworth Terr; New York, N.Y. Miriam R. Ribner 403 78th Street North Bergen, N.J. 07047 Beth Rifkin 19 Jody Lane Yonkers, N.Y. 10710 Bonnie Rosenbaum 2766 Sedgwick Ave. Bronx, N.Y Rochelle Rubinstein 53 Ti ' • - • Downsview; Ontario Sherry Scheinberg 224 Twelfth Streh Lakewood, N.J. 08701 Fran Schneider 168-14 Jewel Ave. flushing, N.Y. 11365 Florence Simon 5592 Trenton Road Utica,N.Y. Susan Stareshefsky 22 Scher Place Passaic, N.J. 07055- Karen Taylor 707 Algonquin Ave. Montreal 306, Que. Canada Sylvia Tisch ' ler 714 West 19th Avenue Vancouver 9, B.C. Canada Sharon Twersky 102-06 62nd Ave. Forest Hills, N.Y. 11375 Raina Urbaitis 2089 Plum St. Schenectady, N.Y. 1434 E. 34th St. Brooklyn, NY. 11210 Susan Weissbrot 1478UticaSt. Denver, Cplp. 80204 PhyHisZelig 550214th Ave. Bropklyn,N.Y. :• , Susanne Esther ZeiT el 60VassarAve. Newark. N.J. 07112 ■■ 93 William St. Portland, Maine 04103 : ' . Lesley R.Zinger 104-25 115 Street Richmond Hill, NY. 11419 AGTIVITIES The obseRV ' ' ' ' " " THE OPFICIAU NEWSPAPER OF STERN COLLEGE than I host? o( oth«r, oflon n ' H eristcal ( ' helm anfortotcs. As 1:1 ' llu tr-Hion of Dr Man ■ 1 ' il ' ;;;p - :ist- ot puns, he snid in MS Ix-n :, -ihc ■r.-n uf Chi-.n. ,], not i " .pair; sort ol " i. biH. He desmbus uu-- table lo be ronslrui ' ied in ihr shape of a rhombus .ind f.i eue.ilvpius wood, he claims, ti tudy. set ni Kabbi Schwartz Discusses iheoteeRveR tipcrtar NKdde.lbautn, ■ nposed of wr.trnKOf rir informed i iMcw senators Ek Ei!nor-ln-Chi»( Scoalo eicrtion.i v :rf heid on April 2i for five out of six Mtua ' fnt niembt rs ni next v ar ' s Sc-n.iU ' ;A (rf hman ' r-cn- cu-r il! t,i rhow:) in Scptom- ' j- ' v.) in t.nlv oni ovit of thi ' ' -::poscd for senior I ' Aivorah Hsrman ' .;;. i-aikm. Miss flerniEu, r ' jioit ' major, ha b pn ■ " %■ • ' Kxchan f: Eilitor for ■ ar ' i ami han workgt! foi TAC: The members of TAC have communicated their commitment to Judas im so sincerely that the committee has become the very basis of Torah life at Stern. Through their efforts the Kollel was started, Megillath Ruth was published, Bikur Cholim was organized and weekly publications on contemporary HALACHIK issues were distributed. Thank you for helping make TAC a hallmark of success among student organizations. ennifer Rudin TAC President RESIDENT ASSIST- ANTS: LtoR: Adele ReicherL, Florance Si- mon, Esther Chaitov- sky, Ahuva Friedman, Frayda Waltuch, Susan Starishevsky, Charyn Goldstein, Anita Gittle- man, Adeena Brand, Arlene Pianko, Susan Adler, Corine Feinstein. Missing: Susan Metz- ger, Raina Urbaitis, Chana Butler. WYUR: LloR: Sharon Krug, Cheryl Milnick Laurie Drucker. Missing: Debbie Dobrinsky, Betsy Kaplow- itz, Bryna Reich, Hildy Schtamf, Nancy Warshawsky, Gail Zaret. WHO S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGLb AND UNIVERSITIES: L to R: Sherry Scheinberg, Cheryl Merzel, Charyn Goldstein, Susan Adler, Fradya Wal- tuch, Leah Carmi, Anita Gitlleman. Missing: Chani Haberkorn. SENATE: L to R: Dean Mirsky, Sharon Krug, Debbie Schwartz, Tammy Fredman, Dr. Perlman, Dr. Silver, Mrs. Hatvary, Mindy Ganz, Frayda Wahuch, Susan Metzger. Seated: Mrs. Schram. Missing: Rabbi Berman, Dr. Rosoff, Mrs. Shimoff . STUDENT COUNCIL: Standing: Jeanette Sto- bezki (Recording Secretary), Susan Adler (Vice- President), Sherry Scheinberg (President). Missing: Naomi Gutman (Corresponding Secre- tary), Sara Kirschbaum (Treasurer). KOCHAVIAH: Standing: Sylvia Tis- chler, Deborah Kamar- as, Arlene Pianko, Su- san Metzger, Miriam Ribner Kneeling: Liora Nestelbaum, Leah Carmi. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Lto R: Corinne Feinstein (President), Mimi Ribner (Secretary), Fern Lan- desberg (Treasurer, Esther Epstein (Vice-President). BASKETBALL CLUB: Barbara Cohen, Sema Krieger, Sara Kirsch- baum, Michelle Schachnow, Shelly Spear, Jeanette Stobezki. ISRAELI DANCE CLUB (1973-74 acad. yr.): Debbie Abromson, An- nette Becker, Deena Becker, Aviva Brojges, Esther Chaitovsky — lead- er, Barbara Cohen, Rachayl Eckstein, Debbie Fredman — assistant, Ahuva Friedman, Mindy Ganz, Lenore Goldberg, Ann Harrison, Deb- bie Kalb, Randee Lerman, Katren Kewinter, Mimi Ribner, PhvUis Sing- er, Anita Weinerman, Debbie Zelinger. SPLLchi AiO 3 1-ORUM LtoR: Ro. k Eck tfin, Charyn Goldstein, Cheryl Merzel, Ruth Stemp. JEWISH ARTS FESTIVAL: L to R: Barbara Cohen, Judy Paik- in, Debbie Muschel. 91 They re safer than Y.U. boys Take me to your leader And you thought Martha Mitchell had a big mouth. Hello! Bryna? (no) Fay? (no) Elaine? (no) E.J.? (no) Oh, Bessie, well Bessie, what are you doing Thursday night? I have this friend 92 Bowl five and win a free date with Bessie. Who said Stern doesn ' t offer secretarial courses? Rernrrnbt-r be back by the stroke of midnight. Shall I have the lemon cream pie or the banana cake with mv Tab? I bet you say that to all the girls. Ehh! It ' s a living. My group used the floride toothpaste. . , .,: : ||« 1 i 1 liave inedt-ured out my life with coffee spoons. " Helaine Powers really works won- ders. I haven ' t seen my feet in years. Ik Decisions, Decisions, Decisions Excedrin H.A. 74 50,34, 42 hike! « % ' mu ir,j s t 1 A« i . i ' mi Behind the sheU romances ' never really work. li - ART 11 SMT WTF5 PATRONS In Memory of Dr. Morris Epstein, Ph.D. 1921- 1973 Friend, Colleague, Teacher " And gladly wolde he lerne, and gladly teche. " Chaucer STERN COLLEGE FACULTY 97 Hear, my son, the instruction of thy father, And forsake not the teachings of thy mother. Proverbs 2.8 To my parents — whose dedication to Torah Jewish education has been the source of my instruction and teachings — may I extend my deepest thanks and all my love. Susan Metzger STERN COLLEGE STUDENT COUNCIL Wishes HATZLACHAH RABBAH ,,• , ' :v:-V ,, . ■■ to the , .::: ,.--.- ' ?:-:: ' - ' ' ■• ' ' Sherry Scheinberg, President Susan Adler, Vice President Naomi Cutman, Corresponding Secretary JeahetteStobezki, Recording Secretary Sarah Kirschbaum, Treasurer 99 MONTICELLO MENS CHEVRA KADISHA Best Wishes and Mazel Tov To Gittie Garfinkel 4HHHHHHI ' ■K " " ' " " MAZEL TOV AND ; - ■ ' ;_.. ; BEST WISHES TO TERRl ' ; - THELEVY FAMILY B BEST WISHES : ' ii. ■■ 1 .-. ' : i;: ' .! [•k( to ihank :7iy parents My. , Mrs. Theodore Gittle- . ' n: ■■. , -nr m.ikmj-; it possible for me to attend college. Love, Anita MR. MRS. MARTIN FORCE , wish Janet Cantor ' ■ ' congratulations on her . ' ' . -graduation. GENERAL FABRICS COMPANY 50 Aleppo Street Providence, R.I. 02909 HERMAN ' S KOSHER MEAT MARKET Bradley Beach, N.J. Come To The PARK GOURMET DELI 34 St. Between Lex. Park MAZELTOVTOOUR DARLING TERRI ON HER GRADUATION MOMMY, DADDY, UTTIE, SHELDON, and MILANA MR. MRS. S AM W ASSERMAN Dear Navah, I wish you the very best on your graduation and always. I am very proud of you. Love, Your brother Mordecai RABBI MRS. ELLER give Congratulations and special wishes to Janet Cantor on her graduation. MAZEL TOY ON HELEN ' S GRADUATION Mom, Dad Fran . Edward 34th ST. SHOE REBUILDER 144 East 34 St., New York CONGRATULATIONS TO I OUR [ COUSIN RUTHIE ON HER GRADUATION With love. Cousins Gabriel, Judith Chaya, Ari Barry Love, Mark LAMSTON ' S - MURRAY HILL VARIETY STORE 34th Slreel Park Avenue " Always Friendly, Always Serving. " FINECRAFT KNITWEAR To Helen, With love, Mom, Dad and Vivian MR. MRS. SAM RABINOWITZ wish Janet Cantor Maze! Toy on her graduation. Shoshana, Adina and Morty 2ev Moscovic G M Kosher Caterers , wmnd 41 Essex Street B New York, N.V. 10002 l l , ,• . t:)aV ' id. ' Lois;:;0.Vrbi)r.v, ■ . ' • ' ' ' j ' , ' -, ■••.■ ,. t U ' lvn ind Ri: sfip,vM ' . " BEST WISHES FOR A BRIGHT FUTURE FROM THE T G DELI Glatt. Kosher 18 E. 33 St: between 5th Madison Ave. Open until 7:30 P.M. Closed Sat. Open Sun. TO THE NEWEST ALUMNAE OF STERN COLLEGE OFFICERS Honorary Pre President Vice President Correspondin Recording Se Treasurer ideni Irvi Zvu s Mar Dav Star Hov Sole ig Ribner un Liebe k Berkow id Ribner ley Roser vard Rud mon SKo •37 man ' 51 itz ' 69 ' 68 berg ' 56 tzky ' 66 ulson ' 74 ■r ' 70 ri ' 72 el ' 46 gSecy Doniel Kram y Daniel Chazi Morton Garf EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Joseph Appleman ' 4o Sam Beer ' 41 Julius Berman ' 56 Louis Bernstein ' 47 , Samuel Bloom ' 46, Victor B.Geller ' 48 Jonathan Hahn ' 73 Jonathan Helf and ' 60 Steven Jaffe ' 52 , Murray Jacobson ' 67 . Mark Karasick 71 . Milton Kramer 42 Robert Mark ' 66 Sheldon Miller .71 Norman J. Novoseller ' 66 Gary Pollack ' 64 Aaron Reichel ' 71 Howard Rhine ' oO Morris Silverman ' 45 Joseph Sokolow ' 42 Moshe Sokolow 69 Marvin Welcher ' 66 Herbert Willig ' 40 .. David VVinter ' SS TO MY DEAR DAUGHTER NAVAH, I am very proud of you on this momentous occasion. Love, Daddy CANTOR MRS. KALMAN CHAITOVSKY ROV HATZLACHAH L SHANNA HABA-A BYERUSHALAYIM MR. MRS. MEISTRICK wish Mazal Tov to Janet Cantor on her graduation 1 Patrons Mr Mrs Isadore Nelson Mr Mrs Al Barcon Mr Mrs Benjamin LeiFert Mrs. Rose Gorovitz Rabbi M rs. Abraham btrass feld Dear Sharon, May you go from strength to strenth Love, our uncle and aunt Dr. Mrs. Isadore Twersky STANLEY H. KAPLAN 1675 EAST 16TH STREET • BROOKLYN, NEW YORK 11229 ■ DUCATIONAL CENTER Mazel Tov Congregation Adereth El 133-5 East 29th Street New York, N.Y. lOOlb Rabbi Sidney Kleiman Cantor David E. Katzenstein Harry Herman, Pres. Mark Green, 1st Vice Pres. Milton Block, 2nd Vice Pres. 105 Best Wishes Upon Your Graduation Marilyn With all our love. Mom, Harold, Philip, Rosie and Michal Kesser Israel Synagogue Springfield, Mass. Congratulations to Esther ■■ , : , . - Siggie ' s Meat Market 3711 Riverdale Ave. Riverdale, New ork Mr. Mrs. Maxwell Brown Bradley BodclV,. N.J. 1 .) to you " ind your class. Love, Marty CONGRATULATIONS TO GUR DAUGHTER AND GRANDDAUGHTER ON HER GRADUATION Mr. Mrs. Marvin Fredman St. Louis, Mo. Mr. Mrs. Harry Fredman Peoria, IlL Rabbi Mrs. Isaac Shmidman Queens, N.Y. Mazel Tov to our daughter Liora on her College Graduation Mr. Mrs. Eli Nestelbaum Zamir and David Special Wishes To Our Special Daughter On Her Graduation Mr. Mrs. G. Cantor Bradley Beach, N.J. 9KMfmmamtrmitnmamMrpng Mm ■ - ' - ' .-Tffl%3 ra?jr ' A MAZEL TOV TO CORINNEF EINSTEIN AND THE WHOLE SENIOR CLASS Mr. Mrs. A Schahcs d rale lit -1.1 ,irmajke . ..i it Icjctv in ' .he future. li. cbi Ssove Mr. rd To mv " Sister " Bonnie Good Luck Love your " Brother " Barry and family to their niece Esther: It ' s about time! BEST WISHES TO THE DAUGHTER OF OUR BELOVED RABBI MRS. NORMAN TWERSKY Congregation Beth Sholom Rego Park, N.Y. Mortimer Sendar, President Congratulations to Rachel from the Glasser Family MAZEL TOV TO RACHEL ON HER GRADUATION MAZEL TOV TO OUR DAUGHTER FERN LOVE, MOM DAD 633-4000 i 4621 1 6th Ave. Brooklyn 4. New York kerne-derge EXCLUSIVE FURS ' ■lil . ii il ' ii i (5 S;::! a i iiS-I;W S? ;: ! S CONGRATULATIONS AND ALL THE BEST TO OUR DAUGHTER FRAN With Love, MOM, DAD MERRY LEBOWITZ PINEVIEW HOTEL Fallsburg, N.Y. (D)endorsed Tel. (212) 279-3854 MAZEL TOY TO BARBARA GRANOFSKY - MAZED JOV TO OUR BETH CONGRATULATIONS TO MIRIAM KOFMAN ON HER GRADUATION MAZEL TOV TO BARBARA MILLER GRANOFSKY Heartiest congratulations to the graduates. Best wishes for your continued success. M. D. Grebenau (Gabbai) ONDERFUL DAUGHTER SISTER J. LEVINE RELIGIOUS SUPPLIES INC. Manufacturers Importers 58 Eldridge Street New York, N.V. 10022 GOOD LUCK FROM MARTY GAIL TWERSKY CORINNE ive alvyays, om. Dad, Jay, Judi Shaye MAZELTOV AHUVA Your charm and wit are only matched by your beauty To my future daughter, Bonnie Maze! Tov upon your graduation. May you always be successful in all your endeavors. Love, Mother Goldberg M AZEL TOV to OUR NE GRANDDAUGHTER SUSA Bubble and Poppie Dichter MAZELTOV TO OUR DEAR DAUGHTER UPON HE: GRADUATION Mom, Dad, Sam, Max, Milton and Bobby Congratulations and Best Wishes Mrs. A. Steinman Mazel Tov to our niece Fern Love, Uncle Stanley Aunt Helen ■■p—jMii wriif and best wishes for a bright future, to our hter, Sharon.. L Rabbi and Mrs, Norman :; Twersky and your sisters and brothers Golden Scissors Ltd. (212)459-2639 102-43 Queens Blvd. Forest Hills N.Y. 11375 MCDOVID ' S 184 St. and Amsterdam .A e. New York, N.Y. 10033 The search for a great haircut ends here. MAZELTOV to our niece LEAH MR. MRS. JACK SZMEISER Best wishes to the graduating class from Berent Smith 94lrvihgton St. NYC Discount Clothing Center of the East Side Mazel Tov to our Beth MOM, DAD, TERRY AND GRANDPA MAZEL TOV BEST WISHES TO OUR DAUGHTER BONNIE MR. MRS. ROSEN8AUM 138 Delancey St. New York, N.Y. 10002 Congratulations to Annie and the entire graduating class MR. MRSS: MOSKOVITZ ROBBY RULLY Bondy Export Corp. 40 Canal St. New York, N.Y. 10002 Congratulations and best wishes from Uncle Nathan and Aunt Regina BONNE CLEANERS 56 East 34 St. NYC 10016 Weingard Bros. Meat Co. 69-30 Main St. Kew Garden Hills, N.Y. J. Levine Religious Supplies 58 EldridgeSt. New York, N.Y. 10002 Bell Yarn Co. 75 Essex St. New York, N.Y. 10002 ant sound in Jewish Music MIZMOR SHIR ORCHESTRA 137-05 83 Ave, Jamaica, N.Y. 11435 Bracha V ' Hatzlacha upon graduation to: Rasha Sima Reichert and Adele Reichert YESHIVA UNIVERSITY WOMEN ' S ORGANIZATION 55 FiFth Ave. New York, N.Y. 10003 Rabbi Mrs. Jerome Fishman To Esther, : ■ ' ' ■ " . ' Maze! Toy and Best Wishes for Success always. , ' Love, , MAI.KIE NORMIE Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to Leah May you go from strength to strength Rabbi Mrs. R. Carmi, Sharon, Rena, Rochelle and C»ra Esther ' s Kosher Dairy Restaurant 165 Madison Ave. New York, N.Y. 10016 Wishing you all the best in the future. Mazel Tov THE SOPHOMORE CLASS Poor through loss this year of My beloved grandmother •To our wonderful daughter, Jackie on her graduation. May you go from ■ strength to greater strength. Mom Dad KirsGhenbaum , .Jennie Bessem z ' l But greatly enriched with the treasure of memories Of her love and my years of knowing her. Congratulations To Rash;e Adeie - The Women in Mv Life Suzanne Esther Zemel Mazel Tov to our niece Beth on ,V her graduation With all our love. " If there is a will, there is a way " Good Luck Ahuva! RABBI MRS. HYMAN FRIEDMAN FAMILY BLOC H PUBLISHING 915 Broadway New Ybrk.N.Y.lbolO Wishing You the very best upon your graduation. Compliments of EIFFEL CONSTRUCTION Mazel Tov to Esther Epstein and her classmates upon their, graduation May Success and Happiness Be Yours Always. ■ Love, MOM, DAD FAMILY Beloved Daughter MOLLY Gohgratulations SARAH and entire graduating class. Compliments of Best Wishes To Our ALLIED LUMBER CO. upon her graduation The best of MAZEL all her life. MR. MRS.S. ZIMELMAN Mazel Tov to our beloved daughter Pearl or her graduation. Love, Mom, Dad, Eddie Manny Dear Pnina, Knew you would make it. Mazel Tov and good luck next year. Love, Uncle Moe, Auntie Rose, Alan Gray Best Wishes to you Pearl, on your graduation, you ' ve finally made it. Love, Uncle Mendle, Auntie Valerie Gloria Bernie Li-ishti Hayikara Peninaleh, Ichulin liregel siyumech. Shlav chashuv zeh bi- chayai ubichavech, ubichayei nisuech. Tova Torah im Derech Eretz Mi-baalech haoke ' , Zvika -9HP " . ' ' " iKKKM iheobsei» eR Published by Stern College, an undergraduate division of Yeshiva University First Class Rating Printed by Enlightenment Press, Inc. Published Every Two Weeks— Subscription $3.50 per year EDITORIAL BOARD EdItor-ln-Chlal Anita Glltelman Executlirs Editor BonI Nathan Managing Editor Judy Fruchter School News Editor Judy Yager Jewish News EdHor RIva Alper Features Editor Susan Melzger Research Editor Tammy Fredman Contribullng Editor Karen Taylor Correaponding Editor Rachel Shapiro Produdlwi Editor Judy Altahul Maka-up Editor Sharon Krug Kaadllne Editort D«bby FrKtman, Janice Qoldbwg Copy EdHon Suaen LebowHz, Detna Shapiro Aaalatant to in EdIlor-ln-Chlel Chaya Hllaanrath TECHNICAL BOARD Bvalnaaa Maitegar Pauline SecemakI Photography EdHor Valerie Margollf , Dorl Shertz Art Editor Kindy Qanz Typing Editor Martha Handler Exchange Edhor Dcbby Herman ASS.OCIArr: E30AR0 iews. Asntra Rwopcrt. Features. Robena Prusbn " Our highly skilled and alert staff is ready to meet the challenges of life. " I STERN COLLEGE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Wishes All Graduates Mazel Tov and Best Wishes 121 " Train up a child in the way he should go, and even when he is old, he will not depart from it. " Proverbs PATRONS In Memory ' of Dr. Morris Epstein Rebecca Babouri Rachel Brand Beth Bresler Leah Carmi Debbie Deutch Margie Dimenstein Rachayl Eckstein Ahuva Friedman • Janice Goldberg Mary Gutreiman Evelyn Hollander Deborah Kamaras . Claudia Koeriig Mirjam Levite Helene Marcus Annie Moskovitz Liora Nestelbaum Marilyn Oppenheun The Junior Class President Miriam Pfeffer Vice-President Pauline Secemski Secretary Susie Kofman Treasurer Judy Yager Mazel Tov to Kathleen Fendrich What the world needs now is A few more graduates Hke us. Mazel Tov To Us All Hooray — We Finally Did It! President Corinne Feinstein Vice-President Esther Epstein Treasurer Fern Landesberg Secretary Mimi Ribner and . : Best;W ' ishesr ; Esther Fuchs Berime Esther Fuchs Berger upon her graduation MR. MRS. HERMAN BERGER MR. MRS; LEONARD FUtHS •J? " s ?™BS-,. ) . ».■- " Sir ' ' ' m K NT. c 3» ... 1 O grant u , A life of peace and well-being, , A life of blessing and sustenance, A life of physical health, A life of piety and dread of sin, A life free from shame and disgrace, A life of wealth and honor, A life marked by our love for Torah and our fear of Heaven, A life in which the wishes of our heart shall be fulfilled for happiness. Amen ' I

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