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i Xy • .,. ' sf£ Do you think that we could somehow stop the incessant pulsating ticking? Let ' s smash the numbered faces, Let ' s hold our breaths forever and we ' ll chase Time away . But we will then no longer have experience to learn from. The look of the lovers will never con- sumate into a kiss.; For there will be no Yesterday and no Tomorrow. It is a hard price to pay The silence when the beating has stopped would suffocate us We would die from the stifling imm ortality. ' ' ■■..■■■■ ' ■ ■ : ' :: : -: : ■■■■ ' :■ Four years, four dear, crucial years have come to an end. We have passed through these years and we havegrown, matured. We will never forget these years for they have meant so much to us. Now as young adults we are better prepared to fulfill ourselves in the ' vypjf Id that is ever sp ; open to ; US. „ .. : ' : . " . ' : " . : . ■■ , Fellow students — Remember these years. Remember our friendships ; and. oUr love for Ort an- ;; other. Remember how we all cared. Cherish our memory of Stern. College Never let go of our spe- cial yesterday , for it will always guide us in our todays and tomorrows ; jne thinks Dean Mersky runs the school. The truth is — I do! Ja, Ja, das ist sehr fresh. Only three weeks old. Und if you don ' t like it you can go to MacDonald ' s. Sammy, you sly little devil, so you ' re the t ntr who bugged Watergale. I ' ve exhausted the possibilities here . . so I ' m moving to the Esplanade. Remember girls — as Plato says: " There is no greater nor keener pleasure than that of bodily love. " I just heard the news, Dr. K. is DEDICATION With pride and affection we dedicate this yearbook to Mrs. Jenny Giges, Director of the Residence Hall. Seventeen years ago Mrs. Giges moved in with the first class of Stern College. A true pioneer, Mrs. Giges worked around the clock to establish a safe as well as warm home away from home for girls attending Stern College. Because of her dedication to Yeshiva University and to the girls, she has been able to create the framework of dormitory life through such innovations as Student Court, Floorchairmen, and Resident Assistants on every floor. Throughout the years Mrs. Giges has been our mother, sister, advisor, friend. Her door has been open to us always, at all hours, whenever we needed her. She has seen over fifteen hundred girls through a crucial period of their lives. She has helped us enjoy our happy moments and taught us to learn from the sad. Truly Mrs. Giges, you have made the adjustment of living in the Big City by ourselves that much easier. We will never forget you. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you. THE CLASS OF ' 73 KOCHAVIAH EDITOR IN CHIEF - ROBERTA A. KLEIN BUSINESS MANAGER - ADEENA R. BRAND ART EDITOR - ARNOLD N. KLEIN STERN collese for women YESH1 VA UNIVERSITY lP ' " — Z TTf212)2 55 - 5600 Wmm, = New York, N.Y. BE 1 . „ + n Avenue New . J } 353 Lexington OTF1CEOFTHEDEAN „ be5 t wishes to the class ct nleased to extend my when yo u be- I am most please " College. v n j c tat es «,,--,,,„. — were in greax mme nt on the qu i rnaps new ■ " ' selves impelled to com changes, pern p thus, in a — o g - fXdTd understand oneself, bu • - the existence ot w • in i iv idual to hna an , f en tuely. " " av , has yo u build your lives m they . thy an dl ext we ntS of education, dedicated to YESHIVA UNIVERSITY NEW RK, N . Y . W033 OFF.ce op THE p resident MESSAGE FORK och A v IA H 1973 lee-p A- - ta;_ Past achievements l l 8 for W °men I extPn ««l desttaLt of W , have " «■ Placed . " " " !!- ' ' . ° acquJf PP nity to Almighty gram you cQn nmes. It JS you who wiJ] edWeJI - being and fulfii Jment Sincerely yours, o oJ( ji ejUc Samuel B e ki n J resident MR. MURRAY ALTMAN Instructor in Biology RABBI GERSION APPEL Professor of Philosophy MRS. RUTH ARIELI Lecturer in Hebrew Studies MISS ISABELLE BICK Assistant Professor of Sociology RABBI SAUL BERMAN DR. SAMUEL BERNSTEIN Assistant Professor of Judaic Studies Associate Professor of Political Science MR. AVIGDOR BITTMAN Instructor in Hebrew RABBI DAVID BLEICH Assistant Professor of Judaic Studies DR. LUCY DAWIDOWITZ Associate Professor of Social History MRS. CECILY DOBIN Lecturer in Chemistry MISS LUCIENNE CARASSO Lecturer in French DR. MORRIS EPSTEIN Professor of English MR. HANOCH DUBITSKY Instructor in Hebrew Studies DR. JACOB FEINSTEIN Associate Professor of Hebrew Studies MISS SANDRA FINE Lecturer in French MISS SUSAN FLEMINGER Lecturer in Art DR. BEATRICE FRIEDLAND Professor of Biology DR. JOSEPH FRIEDMAN DR. IRENE GOLDRING Associate Professor of Mathematics Associate Professor of Biology MRS. JESSICA GRANT Instructor in Biology DR. FRED GOODMAN Professor of Biology RABBI MARTIN GORDON Instructor in Judaic Studies MR. LAWRENCE GROSSMAN Instructor in History DR. MICHAEL HECHT Assistant Professor of Political Science DR. ME!P HAVAZELET Professor of Hebrew Studies MR. JEHUDA JURAVEL Lecturer in Physics MR. HENRY KAMRI Instructor in Hebrew Studies MRS. NANCY KNOPKA Instructor in Spanish DR. SHELLEY KOENIGSBERG Associate Professor of Education DR. ANNA KRAKOWSKY Professor of French and Hebrew Studies DR. WILLIAM KOREY Associate Professor of History MISS HADASSAH KOSAK Instructor in Hebrew MR. STEVEN LOWENSTEIN Lecturer in History RABBI ALTER B. METZGER Associate Professor of Judaic Studies MRS. ETHEL ORLIAN Lecturer in Chemistry DR. SIDNEY PLESKIN Professor of Education DR. MARCEL PERLMAN Associate Professor of Psychology RABBI MITCHEL ORLIAN Assistant Professor of Hebrew DR. NOAH RESENBLOOM Professor of Hebrew Studies DR. ELLEN ROBINSON Associate Professor of Psychology DR. NATHANIEL REMES Associate Professor of Chemistry L riC _ f DR. SUSAN SARDY Assistant Professor of Education DR. BETTY ROSOFF Associate Professor of Biology RABBI MELECH SCHACHTER Assistant Professor of Bible MRS. PENINAH SCHRAM Instructor in Speech RABBI FABIAN SCHONFELD Lecturer in Judaic Studies RABBI JOSHUA SCHNIDMAN Instructor of Philosophy and Judaic Studies RABBI AARON SHURIN Lecturer in Hebrew DR. DORIS SHORES Assistant Professor of English DR. CAROLE SILVER Assistant Professor of English MRS. CONSTANCE SKOR Instructor in Education DR. MURRAY SNYDER Assistant Professor of Psychology MRS. GLORIA SPECTOR Lecturer in Speech ARTHUR TAUBER Assistant Professor of Health Education J RABBI RAFAEL VICTOR Instructor in Mathematics RABBI AVRAHAM WEISS Instructor of Judaic Studies MRS. EDITH WOOL FSON Lecturer of Speech ADMINISTRATION MRS. FISHMAN RABBI NORMAN TWERSKY MRS. ESTHER ZUROFF Assistant Registrar Placement Coordinator MRS. MIRIAM MASTOW Recorder MR. SAM MANDELBAUM 30 The following members of the faculty are not pictured: DAVID BARON - Lecturer in Hebrew DORA BELL - Prof. Emer. of French HENRY FEINGOLD - Asst. Prof, of History SIMEON GUTERMAN - Professor of History ESTHER LENTSCHNER - Asst. Prof, of Sociology SHULAMITH SCHMIDECK - Lecturer in Health Education BEATRICE WARTEL - Lecturer in Health Education CHAIM WAXMAN - Asst. Prof, of Sociology MRS.TURKEL MRS. SHIRLEY SHIMOFF Student Services Counselor MRS. ESTHER REICH Assistant to the Dean MRS. SHELLEY BERMAN Guidance Counselor MRS. PAULINE WINTER MR. LAWRENCE WISE MRS. SARAH KELLER MRS. ESTHER STRAUSSER MRS.KAUFMAN MRS. EDITH LUBETSKI Acting Librarian LIBRARY STUDENT SERVICES MRS. JENNY GIGES Director of the Residence Hall MISS IDA MALAMUD 33 t .Jfflfc. I 1 BBBBBhBMbf ' ■ - BJsSmHHP ■ e ■ HnF t V 5 MEL Hk m j i P ROCHELLE I. ABELOW Education Rochelle has the ability to get along well with her fellow classmates . . . one of the top on " Best Dressed List " . . . will make a great school teacher. MIRIAM K. ABRAMSON Biology High ranking student . . . Dean ' s List . . . quiet and personable . . . known to make trips to Belgium and Monsey . . . will make a fine doctor ' s wife. 36 HELENE G. ALTER Sociology Dean ' s List . . . active Zionist . . . spent a glorious junior year in Israel . . . active member of SSSJ . . . hopes someday to return to Israel. VIVIAN ATLAS Sociology Always a lot of fun . . . member of Dance Club, Choir, Torah Activi- ties Committee . . . also was a Registration Aid . . . participated actively in Bikur Cholim. RACHEL D. BECKER English All-around student . . . lively and ami- able . . . active student leader . . . Editor- in-Chief of Observer ... 4 years on Dean ' s List . . . member of Aishel Honor Society . . . Who ' s Who . . . will go far. SHIRLEY A. WEINSTEIN BERGER Education Typing Editor of Observer . . . Big Sister . . great personality . . . good sense of humor ... a fan of the Cookie Monster . . . will make an excellent school teacher . . . and an even better party planner. 38 ADEENA R. BRAND English Adeena can convince you of anything . . . enjoys reading and art . . . will grad- uate with a Jewish Studies Certificate . . . great Business Manager for Kochav- ia . . . also a Resident Assistant, Chair- woman of freshman orientation, member of Torah Activities Committee, Student Admissions Society, Bikur Cholim, and Speech Arts Forum . . . will continue graduate work in Jewish History. ROCHELLE F. BLACK Psychology Shelly is extremely likeable . . . active in extracurricular activities . . . Chair- woman of Tay Sachs Testing Commit- tee .. . was a Floor Chairwoman, Big Sister, Beth Israel Volunteer . . . spent junior year in Israel. GAIL BUCKMAN Chemistry Gail is a very ambitious student . . . her fine academic record gained her accept- ance into Medical School . . . Dean ' s List . . . spent her junior year in Israel . . . will be a top-knotch doctor. ANITA I. BROTSKY Biology Anita is quiet and devoted to her friends and to her studies . . . made Dean ' s List . . . was Co-Chairwoman of the Purim Carnival, Big Sister, Library Aid, and a member of the Choir. SUSAN BUTRIMOVITZ Sociology Transfer from Wayne State . . . Susie is a live wire . . . even with a cast managed to hop around a lot . . . Queen of Office of the Dean. SUSAN G. CAVELL Sociology Always a warm loyal friend . . . over the years became Frau Laufer ' s pride and joy . . . helped coordinate the junior ski trip . . . and was on volunteer nursing program. MARCIA S. DAVIDOWITZ Mathematics Marcia is sincere and giving . . . one of the few Math majors . . . great sense of humor. JUDY CHAITOVSKY Biology Yudis is a sincere girl dedicated to frumkeit . . . she is warmly liked by her friends . . . Resident Assistant . . . Chairwoman of Dance Club . . . on staff of Observer . . . member of Torah Activ- ities Committee, Choir and Bikur Cholim . . . played her part well in The Chil- dren ' s Hour. LINDA T. DERSHOWITZ Education Dersh always has a smile and a warm hello ... a giving personality which al- lows her to be active in Dirshu and to be a great teacher. SUSAN C. DOBKIN English Majored in Dr. Vogel . . . very kind and considerate personality . . . will go on in Library Science. RENEE E. DRESNICK English Active English major . . . loves to write poetry . . . Editor-in-Chief of Literary Magazine Ashes ' N Sparks . . . partici- pated in school plays and in WYUR . . . member of Choir and Big Sister. LINDA G. EHRENREICH Biology Chic and in vogue . . . studious in school work . . . Dean ' s List . . . member of So- cial Activities Committee, Student Ad- missions Society and Yavneh . . . spent senior year as a Resident Assistant . . . will continue graduate work at Cornell School of Nursing. LINDA J. ELLENBOGEN History-Political Science Active Zionist . . . member of SSSJ . . . spent junior year in Machon Gold . . . participated at Stern as a Registration Aid and a Big Sister . . . plans to eventu- ally make Aliyah. JUDITH FEINSTEIN Biology Always keeping her friends laughing . . . great personality . . . got half of Stern to go to Miami Beach for her wedding . . . she ' ll make Shaya a grand second half. RUTH H. FRANK Education Loyal follower of Yeshiva University . . . went from Central Manhattan to Stern . . . has a warm, friendly disposition . . . was a Resident Assistant . . . will make a great teacher, even though Dr. K. says her blackboard handwriting needs improvement. GABRIELA FREUDENBERGER Psychology Gaby has always been loved dearly for her considerate nature . . . served as president of dorm council . . . Resident assistant. ADINA T. FUCHS Sociology Ady displays a fine record of service to Stern . . . has been very active . . . her list includes senior class Vice President, Dirshu Executive Board, Chairwoman of Club Hour, Resident Assistant, Chair- woman for Interviews for Student Ad- missions Society and an active member of Yavneh . . . her plans for the future include attaining a Hebrew Teacher ' s Diploma. - r — ■ tfr i r " -- i rM ' r| JUDITH F. FRIEDMAN History Judy has been active at Stern . . . Chair- woman of UJA activities on campus . . . senior class Treasurer ... In spite of all the money problems Judy ran a fantastic Senior class sale . . . Judy always has a cheerful face . . . speaks up a lot in class . . . spent her junior year in Israel and hopes someday to return. DEBORAH G. FREED GETMAN Education, History One of the few students to have a double major . . . plans to teach and go for a Masters degree in Learning Disabilities . . . hopes to eventually get a Doctorate in Education. ELLA C. GELD WERT Biology Was elected senior class Secretary . . . member of the Social Activities Commit- tee . . . member of the Blood Drive . . . well-liked by fellow classmates . . . served as big Sister. SARAH A. GLIXMAN Psychology Sarah is one of our individualists . . . has handled many outside jobs during her college career . . . served as Floor Chair- woman . . . also participated in school plays. MYRIAM GLUCK Biology One of our students from South America . . . sincere Bio major . . . she and her husband will be going to Medical School next year . . . will make a gorgeous M.D. FRANCES Z. CHAFETZ GREEN History-Political Science Fagie is a good-natured girl . . . was a member of Torah Activities Committee, Floor Chairwoman and Big Sister ... in spite of a busy year planning a wedding was placed on Dean ' s List. SORA GOLDFETTER Sociology Sora is always enthusiastic and cheerful . . . extremely popular with the opposite sex . . . good-natured and lively, she ' ll always be a spark in every crowd. HEATHER GREEN English Heather is warm and well-liked . . . was elected class treasurer in sophomore year . . . elected Student Representative to the English Department . . . served as Big Sister. PENINA P. GREENWALD Sociology Penina always smiles . . . she is ever so considerate and thoughtful . . . will go out of her way for anyone. JUDITH GRUENSPECHT Biology Even though a commuter, Judy made loads of friends at Stern ... a serious student, managed the difficult chore of majoring in Bio and receiving a Jewish Studies Certificate . . . real pretty and a great, warm personality. SHARON GREESE Education Greese is famous for her great sense of humor . . . made hilarious jokes about members of the faculty . . . extremely well-liked . . . was selected Resident As- sistant . . . elected as junior class Trea- surer and Floor Chairwoman . . . Shar- on was also a member of the Torah Ac- tivities Committee . . . served as Big Sister. DEBORAH E. HOLLENBERG Sociology Debbie is always busy . . . excelled as our senior class President . . . served as Chairwoman of the Student Admissions Society . . . Chairwoman of elections ' 72 and was Chairwoman of the Junior Blind Date Party . . . also served as member of the Speech Arts Forum and as Big Sister . . . and somehow managed to volunteer at Rusk ' s Institute. SURI D Biology HARRIS Suri is an ambitious and extremely popu- lar student . . . her warm, vivacious character and great sense of humor wins her tons of friends . . . also on Dean ' s List . . . Literary Editor of Kochavia . . . Sports Coordinator . . . basketball and volleyball teams . . . Chairwoman of Ju- nior Shabbos . . . Chairwoman of Senior Blind Date Party . . . will continue at Columbia University . 53 SUSAN J. KAHN English Shani is adorable . . . loved to be in school plays . . . spent a year in Israel . . . plans a career in Theater Arts. DEBRA S. HOROWITZ Sociology Close affiliation to Israel (Hmmmm . . . ) . . . active on school plays . . . contribut- ed to Observer. 54 SONIA B. KARLIN Biology Sonia is one of our quiet members ... in her unpretentious way has contributed . . . was a member of the Torah Activi- ties Committee, a Registration Aid and was Chairwoman of Home Hospitality. %i e ' Ji . FRANCINE F. KAPLOWITZ English Fran is one of the most active members at Stern . . . was elected Secretary of her class in her sophomore year, Secretary of the Student Council in her junior year, and Vice President of Student Council in her senior year . . . was also Chairwoman of the Jewish Arts Festival ' 73, and Chairwoman of the Student Council Shabbos in 1973 ... on weekends she was Coordinator of the cafeteria . . also served on Dress Code Committee and was a Floor Chairwoman . . . also found time to meet Marv . . . that ' s Fran. V JUDITH KATZ Sociology Devoted to Yiddishkeit . . . pride of Rabbi Metzger . . . Chairwoman of To- rah Activities Committee 1973 . . . mem- ber of Student Admissions Society . . . Tzedakah Committee . . . Chairwoman of weekend Shabbosim 1971-1972 . . . Chairwoman of weekly Torah Activities Committee publication 1970-71 . . . Big Sister. RHONDA T. KASS Psychology Very attractive . . . one of the Boston crowd . . . got a kick out of Dr. Perlman. ROBERTA A. KLEIN English Editor in Chief of Kochaviah . . . popular student . . . elected Student Representa- tive to the English Department . . . outgoing personality ... in addition to B.A. received a Jewish Studies Certificate . . . enjoys piano and Dr. Epstein . . . was on Basketball Team . . . Spent soph- omore year in Israel . . . was selected to appear in Who ' s Who in Students . EVELYN F. KAWIOR History Evy is pretty and wonderfully sweet . . . served as Big Sister . . . Bikur Cholim and Tour Guide. SHOSHANA L. KOROBOW Sociology All who come to know Shani . . . her warm and giving nature . . . her loving disposition ... all come to love her . . . always soft spoken ... a good listener ... a truly good person . . . Big Sister . . Registration Aid . . . will make Peter an aishes chayil. TAMAR S. KRAMER English Ambitious and popular student . . . served on business section of Kochavia . . Observer staff . . . Blood Drive . Chairwoman of Jewish Arts Festival Torah Activities Committee . . . UJA . . . well deserved to win Gold Service Award. CHANA LANDMAN Sociology High ranking student . . . Dean ' s List . . . highly Zionistic, spent junior year at Machon Gold . . . active member of SSSJ and JDL . . . was a member of Choir and a Big Sister. ESTHER L. KROHN Psychology Spent junior year at Bar-Ilan and loved it . . . true Zionist . . . hopes to return to Israel . . . member of JDL . . served in Choir at Stern. DINA LANDMAN Sociology Ambitious student . . . Dean ' s List . . . spent junior year at Machon Gold . . . Chairwoman of Karate Club . . . also a Choir member and a Big Sister . . . active Zionist . . . member of SSSJ and JDL . . . hopes to return to Israel as soon as possible. DOROTHY L. Biology BROWN LEWIS Duffy is a first rate friend . . . extremely likeable and a lot of fun . . . carried a heavy burden in her senior year (we hope it ' s a boy!) . . . served as judge on Stu- dent Council Court . . . will be a swell mom. MAXINE B. LIPIS Education One of the Boston gang . . . always a lot of fun . . . enjoys teaching. LETA LIPMAN Sociology Spent 2 years in Israel ... in Bais Yaa- kov in Jerusalum and at Bar-Ilan . . . hopes to return. SARAH S. MANDELBAUM History-Political Science Served as Registration Aid . . . Big Sister . . . was Co-Chairwoman of Sophomore Blind Date Party. ROBIN M. MANDEL LUCHINS Political Science Very active student . . . Dean ' s List . . . Treasurer of freshman class . . . Presi- dent of sophomore class . . . Corre- sponding Secretary of Student Council in junior year ... in senior year was Sen- ator . . . Big Sister . . . Who ' s Who . . . future plans include Law School . . . will go far. BRURIA M. MANDELCORN Biology Dean ' s List . . . Student Admis- sions Society . . . Dorm Council . . . Floorchairwoman . . . Fire Marshal . . . Big Sister . . . Torah Activities Committee . . . Yavneh, SSSJ, Choir . . . Israeli dance . . . WYUR . . . will go on to Medical School. RICHELLE N. Sociology MANN BLOOM Shelley is studious and does well . . . made Dean ' s List . . . also elected secre- tary of freshman class . . . Blood Drive Chairwoman . . . Big Sister . . . also has teaching diploma from Machon Gold . . Shelley is a sincere and extremely kind individual . . . always soft spoken and poised. FRANCINE MERMELSTEIN Education Fran is quiet ... a devoted Ed major . . . hopes to have a career in teaching. tefc. -,_ SONDRA F. MARKOWITZ Education, Psychology Sondra has the ability to get along well with people . . . well-liked . . . freshman class Vice President . . . junior class Vice President . . . student representative to Education Department for 2 years . . . also served as Stern College representa- tive to NYC Board of Education Appren- tice Teacher and Planning Board . . . also was a Resident Assistant . . . and Big Sister ... in addition to numerous activi- ties had a double major. ANNETTE MIGDAL Education Served as Registration Aid career in teaching. plans a SARA MINKOWITZ Education Dean ' s List . . . Apprentice Teacher . . . Library Assistant . . . Dorm Seamstress. JULIANA M. MOCHE Sociology Julie has served as Theater Party Chair- woman, Senior Dinner Assistant Chair- woman . . . also was a Big Sister. DEBORAH R. MOSESON Education Pretty . . . rates high on " Best Dressed List " . . . Apprentice Teacher . . . has talent with children . . . Coordinator of junior Ski Trip. 66 BARBARA M. PEYSER PFEFFER English One of the class beauties . . . undoubtedly on " Best Dressed List " of Stern . . . con- tributed to Observer . . . good actress . . . participated in school plays. SHARI R. POLLACK History Striking beauty . . . spent sophomore year at Hebrew University . . . selected as Resi- dent Assistant. NOREEN T. PAIKIN REBACK Education Noreen is extremely personable and good-natured . . . was elected Senator of junior class . . . also served as Production Editor of Observer . . . loves teaching. EILEEN POLLACK Political Science Highly intelligent girl . . . enjoys reading and creative writing . . . also enjoys sing- ing opera . . . Dean ' s List . . . Managing Editor of Observer . . . Stern Editor of Tempo Magazine . . . spent junior year in Israel . . . plans graduate study in In- ternational Relations. ARLEEN R. ROSEMAN English Arleen is very well-liked by her col- leagues . . . served as a Resident Assist- ant . . . contributed to Literary Magazine Ashes ' N Sparks . . . served on photog- raphy staff of Observer . . . also served as Big Sister. SHIRLEY ROBBIN Psychology Outgoing with great sense of humor . . very artistic . . . another Picasso . . . served as Chairwoman of Publicity Committee . . . member of Blood Drive. 69 BRACHA J. KING SACKS English Highly intelligent individual . . . wrote excellent articles for Observer as Feature Writer . . . very active in SSSJ . . . served on Orientation Committee . . . Student Admi ssions Society . . . also Big Sister. TOBY ROSENBERG Mathematics Toby is considerate and well-liked . . . managed the difficult chore of being Chairwoman of Senior Dinner . . . one of the very few Math majors in the class . LYNDA G. SANDOW Psychology Majored in Dr. Robinson . . . loves Psychology . . . hopes to continue in the field. KAYLA FINKELSTEIN SEFF Education Kayla enjoys teaching . . . she combines her teaching abilities with her religious beliefs and the result is a sincere individ- ual with a lot to offer. BARBARA J. SEPLOWITZ Biology Sep spent her junior year in Israel . . . she hopes to return there to live. GAYE ROCHELLE SICKLICK Biology Gaye is an ambitious student ... 4 years on Dean ' s List and high overall index . . . always is a first-rate friend. HARRIET SINGER STEIN Education Served as Art Editor of Observer . . . Dorm Council Vice President . . . Apprentice Teacher . . . and Bi Sister. ROSALYN E. STAHL High-ranking student . . . excells in all subjects ... 4 years on Dean ' s List . . . will go to Einstein Medical School . . . served as Big Sister . . . member of Torah Activities Com- mittee, basketball and volleyball teams, and Israeli Dance Club . . . favorite quote is " Man ' s reach should exceed his grasp or what ' s a heaven for. " ELLEN R. Biology STERN Ellen is very active . . . served as senior class Senator . . . President of junior class . . . very active in Dirshu and Yav- neh . . . extremely well -liked by her fel- low classmates . . . known for her great sarcastic sense of humor . . . served as Resident Assistant . . . was on thou- sands of Ad Hoc Committees like work- ing in the cafeteria during the strike or planning a Dirshu shabbaton . . . well deserved to get selected for Who ' s Who. SHIRLEY A. STARK Political Science Shirley combines intelligence with lead- ership and popularity . . . 4 year Dean ' s List . . . High overall index . . . President of Student Council . . . Senator of junior class . . . Co-Chairwoman of UJA . . . served on staff of Observer . . . SSSJ . . . Speakers Bureau . . . Who ' s Who . . . Aishel Honor Society ... all around ex- cellent student. SYLVIA UNGER WORENKLEIN French Sil is a wonderful human being . . . would do anything for her friends be- cause she really cares ... as a result, people really care about her . . . good student . . . Dean ' s List . . . always soft- spoken and poised. KAREN L. ULEVITCH Sociology Studious and conscientious . . . Valedic- torian of class . . . Aishel Honor Society ... 4 years on Dean ' s List . . . Chair- woman of Torah Activities Committee Lectures . . . Resident Assistant . . . and Observer Copy Editor . . . highly consi- derate . . . very active in NCSY. CHERYL F. WACHTEL English Good dresser . . . always a lot of fun served on staff of Observer. SUSAN R. WASSER Sociology Striking girl and always well-dressed . . . good-natured. MIRIAM Z. WEINFELD History One of the class ' s intellects . . . good thinker . . . Dean ' s List . . . very Zionis- tic . . . spent junior year in Israel . . . member of Yavneh . . . SSSJ . . . and Yeshivah University Community Service. PHYLLIS H. WEINER Psychology Vivacious and outgoing . . . served on Student Admissions Society . . . Bikur Cholim Committee . . . Blood Drive . . . served as Floorchairwoman . . . and as Big Sister . . . active in Dirshu. SILVIA WETZLER Psychology Devoted Psych major . . . hopes to teach disabled and emotion- ally disturbed children ... in- volved in Blood Drive and se- nior class sale . . . talented in arts and crafts . . . enjoys read- ing and oil painting. JUDY CHAVA WILLIG French Conscientious student and extraordinary individual . . . Dean ' s List . . . active in Tzedakah Committee . . . highly respect- ed and extremely well liked by fellow classmates. 78 ROSE S. WIMER History, Education Serious student . . . high index ... in spite of double major made Dean ' s List all four years . . . involved in Tzedakah and Bikur Cholim . . . Member of Torah Activities Committee and Israeli Dance Club. ROCHELLE J English YELLIN Rochelle overflows with enthu- siasm . . . served as Assistant Editor of Kochaviah . . . wrote numerous articles for Observer . . . Techia member . . . Big Sis- ter .. . will receive a Jewish Studies Certificate in addition toB.A. Dean ' s List Big Sister . MARGO ZEMEL History, Political Science . . member of Yavneh . . . hopes to continue a pro- fession in law. The following students are not pictured: JUDITH BRUN ROBERTA ERTIS DEBORAH FINK PEARL NEWMAN SUSAN POLLACK MARSHA REZNICK DEBRA RUSH SHARON SCHWARTZ ANNE SHUCHATOWITZ MIRIAM STEINBERG FAITH WATKIN LINDA ZUCKERMAN. 80 o " »«:-V ■»H , £ ti £- H ' A. ' S 6 c «- )!■ " ? ' oiic - ' 2 - ic-i-fc tc feN weici S e, ' -»=S ' .) »! ' icj (•-art HI X H ft Oc e J : :? ,c ?-t " fc A » " 1 T» 1 t . t — . . -r ; ' - • t : t • - : w _ . t -•• • t ■ f V T .. . . .- RK. VOC ' SlXC t© V 81 I got there and the lobby was full of suitcases and girls and i got on line to get my key to my room and i met this kid named susan and then i met my roommate gloria and we went in the small eleva- tor packed with girls laughing and talking and we got out and opened our door and there it was 17b the window faced a brick factory but we loved it and we hung up our posters and put on our sheets and lined up our favorite poetry books on our desks and hung up the pictures of mom and dad and we were so excited to have our own phone i loved dr vogel and mr altman and i studied the Paramecium by heart and eleven o ' clock the cafeteria filled and we pushed and gabbed at the tables and that night i went out with david and we went to ratners and he took me back to that awful lounge and everybody looked at us and i had to sign in but then i was a sophomore and judy got engaged and we made her a shower in the orange lounge and we sang and danced and her diamond ... was so big and then came junior year and i took rabbi bermans .. ■■■ ' ' course and western civ and i went out with allan to see the god- father with marlbnbrando and the summer came and went and we were all; seniors and we were moving out with suitcases and the old seventeenth :. ' floor Would never be the same nor would the elev- enth nor; would the sixth because we wouldnt be there anymore and then we wer all standing in our black gowns and caps and there was dr belkinarvd deartmersky telling us that we received Our ba and Suddenly we all khew|that it was over it was all over no ; : : ;.: naore sitting in the narrow halls till three in the morning no more rabbi metzgers or sammy kleins no more water bombs down the back windows because inde6d|it;was; all over and now its only a I: ' ;-;..! ;i-; v V ' ' , ' ' ' ' ' ,; ' ;■■. , memory. . Wt MVERS - m- mm V tSSS jJ n T " - .. t-y v . " -H Br ii " ir IS i STUDENT ADMISSIONS SOCIETY Standing left to right: 5. Tannenbaum, L. Ehrenreich, D. Wollman, C. Feinstein, M. Ganz, A. Fuchs, J. Feinstein, E. Stern, J. Katz, Seated: L-R: I. Flink, A. Goldman, S. Scheinberg (co-chairwoman), D. Hollendberg (co-chair- woman), C. Goldstein, S. Adler, E. Epstein. OBSERVER Standing 1-r: E. Pollack, R. Shapiro, I. Flink, A. Goldman, M. Ganz, K. Taylor, S. Dobkin, C. Merzel, J. Yager, Kneeling 1-r: T. Fredman, S. Scheinberg (Editor in Chief), E. Epstein, J. Kleinerman, D. Shapiro, Seated: R. Goldsmith (Editor Emeri- tus), Missing: A. Pianka, B. Reichlin, K. Taylor, C. Haberkorn. YAVNEH Standing I-r: E. Axelman, J. Shanfield, D. Zucker, L. Ehrenreich, T. Fredman, P. Weiss, A. Fuchs, P. Crow ley, J. Kleinerman, Seated 1-r: I. Flink, E. Epstein, N. Gutman, (chairwoman), S. Adler, D. Shapiro. SPORTS COMMITTEE l-r: C. Goldstein, S. Harris (chairwoman), W. J. Solo- men, S. Kirshbaum, J. Stobeski. TORAH ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE Standing l-r: A. Brand, T. Kramer, S. Adler, K. Ulevitch, V. Atlas, G. Lipman, Seated l-r: R. Stern, C. Kravitz, J. Katz (chairwoman), J. Chaitovsky, Front: S. Karlin. SENATE Standing l-r: E. Stern, Mrs. Shimoff, D. Markman, J. Shulman, Mrs. Reich, C. Goldstein, R. Luchins, Dr. Sil- ver, Rabbi Berman, Seated l-r: Rabbi Victor, Dr. Vogel, Rabbi Greene, E. Fuchs (chairwoman), Missing: Dr. Goodman. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS l-r: G. Garfunkel (vice president), S. Adler (president), T. Fredman (secretary), Missing: F. Landesberg. STUDENT ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE l-r: L. Ehrenreich, E. Axelman (chairwoman), J. Shanfield. BLOOD DRIVE I-r: S. Robbin, E. Geldwert, S. Black (chairwoman), 5. Adler, Missing: M. Eckstein, 5. Weissbrot, F. Waltuch, P. Weiner, C. Merzel, G. Sack, S. Gatowner, M. Ribner. CHOIR Standing 1-r: J. Weinroth, E. Axelman, P. Weiss, V. Atlas, F. Kaplowitz, D. Wollman (chairwoman), Seated 1-r: J. Chaitovsky, P. Crowley. SPEECH ARTS FORUM Standing 1-r: C. Goldstein, C. Merzel (chairwoman), J. Shanfield. UNITED JEWISH APPEAL Standing 1-r: S. Adler, Y. Hirsch, E. Axelman, C. Gold- stein, J. Friedman (chairwoman), Kneeling: S. Stark. STUDENT COUNCIL Standing 1-r: C. Feinstein (corresponding secretary), A. Gold- man (recording sec.), F. Kaplowitz (vice president), R. Cher- notsky (Treasurer), Seated: S. Stark (president). WYUR Standing 1-r: N. Warshofsky, K. Taylor, P. Weiss, P. Crowley, Seated 1-r: R. Peyser , L. Blazer, J. Shanfield (chairwoman). SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Standing 1-r: E. Geldwert (secretary), J. Friedman (treasurer), A. Fuchs (vice-president). Seated: D. Hollenberg (president). If you major in Psych here ' s a tip Don ' t ever come late to be hip She ' s got a neurosis Paranoid psychosis And out of a class you ' ll be jipped. If you ' re looking for a lifelong mate Cause you know that it ' s getting quite late Then go to his class But never wear pants And Rabbi Metzger will catch you the bait. w- Our school has a very nice dean Unfortunately who never is seen But you ' ll catch him real soon Just wait until June He ' ll be at the graduation scene. Mr. Grossman is handsome and smart And now into Stern he did dart He teaches history Like Don Juan on a spree And breaks every freshman ' s heart. In If you the regist What one leaves out The other will sprout And it ' s open till four every day. %, Havazelet, Feinstein, or Shurin If you get one you simply can ' t win But think of the glee If you get Arieli Or if you get Weiss or Berman. w$jp ' 127 fve. Iccxrtie2 roirtv ;a ciYaoTe.s J ir : V. faiairvqe. JZy 2 o3l k QAT -Yttal e s r ' - o 96 ITo ak lwaK -v o s " e r t$£ jl OhW tJa Oc JCS- cxWp WoJVL o,S o i e U3£q 5J aft. ke. e.vt ((sfx C xY ua J£ xxr oA. Cx( flo Was ho e cvsH - 5-o-Oir y oX£ o ' W. ' ttvrt oft TlJflo JSrfctv-ftt- C C(« €l fta tx ct ' IzU %o t ffl REmE rr 5U|U %o Of JU J W Sco ' wt, UA $ ]V «! jv .0 ' TIHIOM ' ftL v HEm SENIOR DIRECTORY ROCHELLE L. ABELOW 46 Henrietta Ave. Oceanside, NY. 11572 MIRIAM K. ABROMSON 82 Green Street Brookline, Mass. 02146 HELENA ALTER 2245 East 19th Street Brooklyn, NY. 11209 VIVIAN S. ATLAS 323 East 22 Ave. N. Wildwood, NJ. 08260 RACHAL D. BECKER 89 Canterbury Rd. Rochester, NY. 14607 SHIRLEY BERGER 1195 Neill Ave. Bronx, NY. 10461 ROCHELLE F. BLACK 11500 Amherst Ave. Silver Spring, Md. 20902 ADEENA R. BRAND 611 Leffurts Ave. Brooklyn, NY. 11203 ANITA BROTSKY 5823 Nicholson Street Pittsburgh, Pa. 15217 JUDITH BRUN 467 West Walnut St. Long Beach, NY. 11561 GAIL BUCKMAN 7141 N. Kedzie Ave. Apt. 311 Chicago, 111. 60645 SUSIE G. CAVELL 17900 NE. 10 Ave. North Miami Beach, Florida 33162 FRANCES CHAFETZ 45 Embassy Rd. Brighton, Mass. 02135 JUDY CHAITOVSKY 44 Texel Dr. Springfield, Mass. 01108 MARCIA DAVIDOWITZ 3604 Menlo Dr. Baltimore, Maryland. 21215 LINDA DERCHOWITZ 434 Walton St. W. Hempstedd, NY. 11552 SUSAN DOBKIN 64 Remsen Ave. Monsey, NY. 10952 RENEE DRESNICK 183 Pinehurst apt. 23 NYC, NY. LINDA EHRENREICH 515 W. 28th St. Miami Beach, Florida 33140 LINDA ELLENBOGEN 1470 Roxanna Rd. N.W. Washington D.C. 20012 JUDY FEINSTEIN 9056 Bay Drive Surfside, Florida 33154 RUTH FRANK 346 Hawthorne Ave. Yonkers, NY. 10705 KATIE FINKELSTEIN 5609 Narcissus Ave. Baltimore, Md. 21215 GABI FREUDENBERGER 144 Sumter St. Providence, R.I. 02907 JUDITH FRIEDMAN 32-24th St. Troy, NY. 12180 ADINA FUCHS 122 Sumner Rd. Brookline, Mass. 02146 ELLA GELDWERT 314 N. Plain St. Ithaca, NY. 14850 DEBBY GETMAN 1110 Lydig Ave. Bronx, NY. 10461 SARAH GLIXMAN 1425 S.W. 85th St. Miami, Florida 33144 MYRIAM GLUCK c o Robert Klein 760 E. 85th St. Brooklyn, NY. 11236 SORA GOLDFETTER 3271 E. Galbraith Rd. Cincinnati, Ohio 45236 HEATHER GREEN 2961 Soissons Avenue Montreal, 251 Quebec, Canada DVORA GREENBERG 1631 Jonquil St. N.W. Washington D.C. 20012 PENINA GREENWALD 111 Elma Drive Elyria, Ohio 44035 SHARON GREESE 4612 Davis St. Skokie, Illinois 60076 JUDITH GRUENSPECHT 350 Cabrini Blvd. N.Y.,N.Y. 10040 SURI HARRIS 801 Olive Street Scranton, Pa. 18150 DEBORAH HOLLENBERG 130-08 Cronston Ave. Bell Harbor, N.J. 11694 DEBRA HOROWITZ 1st Paul ' s Court Brooklyn, N.Y. 74120 SUSAN J. KAHN 1901 South Owasso Ave. Tulsa, Oklahoma 74120 FRANCINE KAPLOWITZ 3221 Washinton Blvd. Cleveland Hgts., Ohio 44168 SONIA KARLIN 30 Avenue C Bayonne, NJ. 04002 RHONDA KASS 138-27 78th Ave. Kew Gardens Hills, NY. 11317 JUDITH KATZ 31 Fletcher Rd. Monsey, NY.. 10952 EVELYN KAWIOR 8029 Eastern Avenue. Silver Spring, Md. 20910 ROBERTA KLEIN 16 Rensselaer Drive Spring Valley, NY. 10977 SHOSHANA KOROBOW 10750 Magnolia Rd. N. Hollywood, California 91601 TAMER KRAMER 111 Rennard Terrace Phil., Pa. 19116 SENIOR DIRECTORY ESTHER KROHN 257 W. Seanah Ave. Freeport, Long Island 11520 CHANA LANDMAN 896 East 8th St. Brooklyn, NY. 11230 MAXINE LIPIS 16 Belchet Ave. Brighton, Mass. 02401 DOROTHY LEWIS 800 Ocean Parkway Brooklyn, NY. 11230 LETA LIPMAN 603 Kenbrook Drive Silver Spring, Maryland 20902 ROBIN LUCHINS 72 Wadsworth Terrice NYC. 10040 BRURIA MANDELCORN 6431 Francisco Ave. Chicago, 111. 60645 ROCHELL BLOOM 243-30 132 nd Ave. Rosedale, NY. SONDRA MARKOVITZ 1207 Burton St. Silver Spring, Md. 20910 FRANCENE MERMELSTEIN 2055 77 Street Brooklyn, NY. 11214 ANNETTE MIGDAL 1220 Oceon Ave. Brooklyn, Mass. 11230 SARA MINKOWITZ 15 Brightwood Bristol, Conn. 06010 JULIANA MOCHE 759 E. 10th St. Brooklyn, NY. 11230 DEBORAH MOSESON 540 N. 11 Street New Hyde, PK, NY. 11040 PEARL NEWMAN 63 Edgewood Rd. Fairfield, Conn. 06604 BARBARA PFEFFER 630 Shore Rd. Long Beach, Ny. 11561 SHARI POLLACK 4429 Post Ave. Miami Beach, Florida 33140 SUSAN POLLACK 3573 Severn Rd. Cleveland Hgts., Ohio, 44118 EILEEN POLLOCK 3917 Pinkney Rd. Baltimore, Md. 21215 NOREEN REBACK c o Ben Paikin 317 Albert Road Syracuse, NY. 13214 MARSHA REZNICK 48BarreSt. Charleston, South Carolina 29401 ARLEEN ROSEMAN 565 Norman Way Woodmere, NY. 11598 TOBY ROSENBERG 277 Western Ave. Lynn, Mass. 01904 DEBBIE RUSH 6700 Sheridan Rd. Chicago, 111. 60626 BRACHER SACKS 2123 Ocean Ave. Brooklyn, NY. 11229 LYNDA SANDOW 3616 Wavery East E. St. Lewis, 111. 62204 SHARON SCHWARTZ 81-14 260 Street Floral Park, NY. 11004 BARBARA SEPLOWITZ 104 Norwich Ave. Norwich, Conn. 06360 ANNE SHUCHATOWITZ 25320 Church Road Oak Pk., Mich. 48237 GAYE SICKLICK 790 Roosevelt Court Far Rockaway, NY. 11691 HARRIET SINGER 528 Tacomer Ave. Buffalo, NY. 14216 ROSALYN STAHL 199 Derrom Avenue Paterson, N.J. SHIRLEY STARK 377 Avenue C Bayonne, New Jersey 07002 MIRIAM STEINBERG 2819 Kendale Dr. Toledo, Ohio 43606 ELLEN STERN Edenwald School 1250 E. 229 ST. Bronx, New York 10466 KAREN ULEVITCH 4825 Grandview Drive Peoria, 111. 61614 CHERYL WACHTEL 578 Irvington Ave. Hillside, New Jersey 07205 SUSAN WASSER 7130 Whitaker Ave. Philadelphia, Pa. 19111 LOIS FAITH WATKIN 43 Hazelroad Lane Stanford, Conn. PHYLLIS WEINER 187 Gardner Rd. Brookline, Mass. 02146 MIRIAM WEINFELD 1452 E. 21 St. Bklyn, NY. SYLVIA WETZLER 211 Central Park West 81 St. N.Y., NY. 10024 JUDY CHAVA WILLIG 147-32 69 Rd. Flushing, NY 11367 ROSE WIMER 412 Hickory St. Rome, NY. 13440 SYLVIA UNGER WORENKLEIN 102-31 62 Dr. Forest Hills, N.Y. ROCHELLE YELLIN 818 Oak Ave. Aurora, 111. 60506 MARGO ZEMEL 60 Vassar Ave. Newark, New Jersey 07112 LINDA ZUCKERMAN 3456 Prairie Ave. Miami Beach, Florida 33140 Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to our Rosie upon her Graduation From Mom, Dad, and Charlie Wimer To Shirley — Congratulations and Rav Brachot on your Graduation Love Herschel, Mom and Dad, Grandma, The Bergers, The Golds, and your son Gershon Yaakov To Roberta: Our Mazel Tov and Best Wishes for a bright future. With pride and deep affection Your parents, Mr. and Mrs. Klein Gramps, Grandma, Arnold, Geri, and Susan. Congratulations and Best Wishes to our beloved Daughter and Granddaughter Renee Wayne and Norma Moeller Otto and Ruby Moeller Rabos Banos Asu Chayil, VeAt Alit Al Culan. Shoshana Carol Grossman In loving memory of our dear cousin, niece, and grandaughter Sandi, Linda, Wendy, Elise, Cheryl, Jessica, Mr. and Mrs. Milton Ehrenreich and Mrs. Lena Zaretsky Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of ' 73 the Faculty Of Stern College iiniiiiiniiiiii ii Mazel Tov to ANNE SHUCHATOWITZ and THE CLASS OF ' 72 Aba, Ima, Mordecai, Doba, Moshe, Shira, Yaacov To Gila, The Future M.D. Congratulations Her parents Morris and Ethel Buckman, Rachel and David Jeff and Myrna To my dearest father and friend who has, and al- ways will, influence my every thought and deed. May I only live as you did, bringing love and hap- piness, faith and courage into the lives of all you knew. With all the love I have within my heart — for all the tender memories and beautiful dreams you have given me — to my father, who truly had within his grasp the real art of living ! " To look with pride on every year, To dream and plan anew, To treasure friendships you hold dear, To think and hope and do, To love the beauty life imparts, To know the joy of giving, To hold a song within your heart — Tl s is the art of living! " Mazel Tov Best Wishes Vivian to our daughter in law Best wishes for a happy and produc- Dorothy Brown Lewis tive future, long life and success in all your future endeavors . Upon her Graduation Love, Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Lewis Mom, Dad, Nina and Arthur If ' il m- mjL fW Mr. and Mrs. Edmunde Gluck wL ., ' H||l|o k congratulate - ; 11§ mm m L. Myriam Gluck m n and wish her lots of luck sfP ' P ) ' vSa and happiness. • , ...flii. 106 Our very best wishes Congratulations and Best Wishes to our to our daughter and sister Rochelle Adina Fuchs upon her Graduation Paul, Mommy, Alan, and Rachy Love, Mother, Father, Samuel, Tova, Daniel, and Bonnie Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to our daughter Congratulations to the Stern College Class of ' 73. We expect to hear from you Dorothy " Brown " Lewis in the near future. and the rest of her class Mauzone Love, 429 Kingston Avenue Mommy, Daddy, and Aby and Miriam Brooklyn, New York Congratulations to our daughter, Mazel Tov sister, and grandaughter Judi Deborah Elaine and Shaye on her graduations. Mr. and Mrs. Max Hollenberg, Love, Edward, and Grandma Dad, Mom, Corinne, and Jay In Honor and Appreciation of My Family: Mazel Tov and Best Wishes Who is Wise —He Who Learns From All Man to our sister Who is Strong —He Who Subdues His Pas- sions Rochelle Who is Rich —He Who Rejoices in His Por- tion on her Graduation Who is Honored — He Who Honors Rabbi Shmuel, Others (Pirke Avot) Tova, Daniel and Bonnie Yellin Leta With immeasurable and deepest gratitude to Mom and Dad for always being there — Cheryl Mazel Tov to Gaye and the class of ' 73 Mom and Dad Marc and Fran WHY PAY MORE!! Shop at the true discount store closest to you Courthouse Park Drugs 2 Park Avenue Between 32 and 33rd Open 8 A.M. to 6:30 P.M. (closes on the Sabbath) The beautiful way Kosher Vegetarian Restaurant and Health Food Store 149 Second Avenue New York, N.Y. 1003 Mazel Tov to a most fantastic girl — Glatt (u) Kosher Cheryl Wachtel KOSHER KING An ardent admirer Family Restaurants Congratulations New York Buying and Best Wishes to Associates Gaye Sicklick congratulates upon her Graduation Miriam Weinfeld Horace and Grace Goldsmith on her graduation. Our Heartiest Mazel Tov and Congratulations To Our Beloved SHOSHANA Upon this happy occasion " May your future be as bright as your smile " Rabbi and Mrs. Arthur D. Kahn Your brother, David Mr. and Mrs. Juda Neuman Mrs. Anna Kahn and the entire family Mazel Tov and Hatzlacha To our daughter and sister EILEEN May you continue to bring us much nachas Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Pollock Elissa, Sharon, Jerry and Eli in Words of Wisdom to the Class of ' 73 " Late morning sleep, midday wine, frivolous, childish talk, and frequenting the gathering places of the ignorant — these undermine a person ' s life. " (Chapters of the Fathers: 3:14) Best of Luck Class of ' 73 Debby Hollenberg, Pres. Adina Fuchs, Vice Pres. Ella Geltwart, Secretary. Judy Friedman, Treasurer. Best Wishes to Phyllis Weiner and the class of 1973 Dr. and Mrs. Myer Weiner Mark, Debra and Beth Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Weiner Mrs. Mary Aronowsky of Jerusalem, Israel In great respect and love for a wonderful Grandfather I never knew, I dedicate this as a memoriam to his name MATES BESSEN grandaughter, Margo Zemel, class of 1973 Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to Sharon Greese and her classmates upon their graduation Love, Mom, Dad and Nadyne CONGRATULATIONS TO ROSALYN STAHL UPON HER GRADUATION. WE WISH HER HEALTH, HAPPINESS, AND SUCCESS IN ALL HER FUTURE ENDEAVORS. MR. MRS. HARRY GORDON ttWWWIJRWUHH 114 Best Wishes to the class of ' 73 MIIDA electronics, inc. Calculator Division 212-371-9610 Best Wishes to the Class of ' 73 May all your future en be successful. deavors Shirley Stark Pres Corrinne Feinstein Sec. Fran Kaplowitz Rachel Chernot Vice Pres. sky Treas. MAZEL TOV Congregation Adereth El 133-5 East 29th Street New York, N.Y. 10016 Jack L. Block Pres. Harry Herman, 1st Vice Pres. Phil Appelbaum 2nd Vice Pres. Rabbi Sidney Kleinman Cantor David E. Katzenstein Hn i mn i mHi iiRHi Best Wishes and Welcome To The Class of ' 73 Stern College Alumnae Association Doina Bryskin, President Naomy Rosenbaum, Secretary Naomy Leierfeld, Corresponding Secretary Margo Marx, Treasurer Congratulations and Thanks to my Mom and Dad, Sandor, Arthur and Mark I love you all, Toby With Most Sincere Thanks To: Mr. Mrs. David Sandow Le Ann Furs, Inc. Ollie Rice Jee J arret Mae Edgar Mrs. Kassel Mr. Thatch Mandy Buchannan Marty Hollander Bernie Levine Seymour Grossman Pollack Furrier Supply Dr. E. Robinson Mr. Jimmy Martin Van Dashner Colt Gregory Mimi Rice Shani Kahn Jean Bert Barz Fagi Green Jonothan Morgen Susan Blitz Gloria Chitty Maxine Lipis Joseph Cern Sons, Inc. Toby Rosenberg Rochelle Black And all the others Debbie Getman too numerous to list Mr. Mrs. Paul Rosenberg Henry M. Sandow All my love, Summit Shirt Co., Inc. Lynda Best Wishes and Mazel Tove to SIVLIE With Love Mr. and Mrs. David Wetzler Erika, Jacob, and liana Congratulations to ARLEEN ROSEMAN On Her Graduation Dear Arleen, " Throw yourself ' . . . into Good Health, Happiness, Success, and a s jelly cookie to last a lifetime. Love, Love, Aunt Lila, Uncle Harold Mom, Eugene, and E andy and family BestW ishes to our dear daughtei Rhonda Tara and her graduating class Dr. and Mrs. Donald Martin Kass Family Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to Franc ine upon her graduation. Love from her family Bobby Roi ;ie Reizi and Ydi Hindi, T zipi Mommy and Daddy Ezra Yehuda, Yitzhi ik Mindy Best Wishes to our daughter Barbara on her graduation. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Peyser Mazel Tov ANNETTE The Graubards: Mom, Dad, Alan, Elaine, Lori, Stephanie, David, Rochel, Adeevah Leah, Efrona. The Migdals: Marc, Mom, Dad, Lainie 121 Mazel Tov and Best Wishes for a bright and happy future to our dearest Ruth Mom, and Dad, Marcia Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to our beloved daughter, Penina and all her classmates, on the occasion of their graduation. Rabbi and Mrs. Zevi I. Greenwald A Very Special Thank You — Mom, Dad, Barbie, Howie, Jay and Matthew. These four years wouldn ' t have been meaningful without you. I ' ll love you always, Maxine Mazel Tov and Best Wishes To our dear daughters and sisters DINA AND CHANA and their fellow graduates Rabbi and Mrs. Leo Landman and Dovid ■HHHn Mazel Tov SHARI! With Love and a Hershey Kiss Ma, Pa, Jill, David Nanny and Poppa Best Wishes and Congratulations to LINDA DERSHOWITZ and to the entire graduating class. Morris and Esther Dershowitz Kenny and Rena Mann Family Dershowitz Family Mazel Tov and the best of everything to SHELLEY ABELOW upon her graduation. Love, Mother, Dad and Gran Congratulations to the Class of ' 73. CROSS BROS. MEAT PACKERS, INC. 3600 N. FRONT STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. 19140 125 Best Wishes to Debbie Moseson and the graduating class of ' 73 from her proud and loving parents and family. Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to our dear granddaughters CHANA AND DINA LANDMAN Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Landman 126 Mazel Tov to our daughter and sister RACHEL BECKER GOLDSMITH With love, Mom, Dad, Leah, Deena, and Ephraim David Congratulations Juliana Best of Luck Love Papa, Mama, Helene, Joel, D.J., Debra, Joyce, Charles, Rachi, Dave, Maggie, Ruthie and Sammy and Obasan. In Honor of Susan Dobkin From Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dobkin Jay and Michael WILLIAM M. ABROMSON " Your Protection is our Profession " CANTOR INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. 126 State St. Boston, Mass. 02109 617-523-6428 Mazel Tov TO OUR DAUGHTER and Very Best Wishes SYLVIA to Mr. and Mrs. Unger, Helene Abe, Robert, and Albert Montreal, Canada Dad, Aunt Lil, and cousins Alice, Morty, J.A.D.S. Sandy, Sy and V.A.T.E. Mazel Tov to Our Daughter KOSHER KING RESTAURANTS SARAH ANN GLIXMAN " First Kosher-Drive Ins in America " on her graduation 96 E. Main St. 1501 Surf Ave. Love, New Rochelle, N.Y. Brooklyn, N.Y. I Mom, Dad, David and Michael, 10801 11235 Aaron, Ami and Judy niimjmimm Dear Tattie amd Mommie, If I lived to be a thousand years old and thanked you every day of my life, I could never thank you enough for everything you have given me. You have all my love, Neenie With wishes of happiness and success The Observer Staff Congratulations to the Class of ' 73 from the Class of ' 75 2 3 a a a « a o « ' ■■« ' ■ B ««BOO ■!■■■■■■ „ „ i d » « » - a B ■• " ..•■00 " 1 " 1 " IC3 , 0; ™: - | _ « ■■ » ■ " 0« Ci " " mm Tamar, Boruch Shepetaranu! Proudly and with love, Abba, Ema, Doniel, Rena and Shira Mazel Tov to our daughter Barbara Seplowitz on her graduation from SCW Mr. and Mrs. Norman Prague Mazel Tov to our sweet daughter Suzie on her graduation from Stern College. With love from her very happy parents, Mr. and Mrs. Rubin Wasser To my wonderful wife — Debby Congratulation! Love, Ira Rabbi and Mrs. Moses Katz and Michael wishing Judy and her entire class a Mazel Tov and best wishes. Ella, Whatever happiness you ' re looking for — hope it finds you. With you always, Love Mom and Dad Rena and Joe MazelTov to Linda and her classmates in honor of their graduation. Mr. and Mrs. Max Ellenbogen, Joe and Jeffrey Congratulations and all good wishes to Helene from Mr. and Mrs. S. Deutsch; Mrs. R. Turk; Cantor W. Cohen; Mr. and Mrs. N. Lightman MazelTov Robin From Dr. Mrs. A. S. Luchins Anne Joseph borus bros. paper co., inc. 750 Stewart Ave. 212-871-1000 Garden City, N.Y. 11530 516-741-8866 Mazel Tov leshana Haba Bnai Chorin The Seniors of ' 74 Dear Sora, Mazel Tov and best wishes Love, Dad, Mom and Avi Mazel Tov, Miriam, upon your graduation and to the class of ' 73 — from Mom and Dad Abromson and Bubbie Crystal Mazel Tov to my wife and thanks to 7-a Chaim To our dear wife and sister May you live and be well Judy and Joel d ' boogies Mr. and Mrs. Ben Paikin wish their daughter Noreen much success, love, and happiness. Congratulations and Best wishes to Susan Wasser — our favorite S C graduate of ' 73. Rabbi and Mrs. Simcha Freedman A Congratulations Fancy Free 592 Third Avenue (between 38th and 39th Streets) " Home of the Frog Prince " MHJtfHH Congratulations to our granddaughter Linda Enrenreich Rose Ehrenreich Lena Zaretsky Compliments of Hilton Zadek Wholsale Opticians 164 Madison Ave. at 33rd St. N.Y., N.Y. 10016 Mazel Tov to Harriet upon her graduation. Zol zein mit mazel. All our love, Mom, Dad, Rivka and Yossi Park Florist Joseph Dionisio 115 East 34h Street, New York, N.Y. 10016 MU5-9320 21 Nurseries Montvale, N.J. Mazel Tov to Sondra Markovitz and classmates We wish you health, happiness and success. 1 Sam and Lottie Skura Bertie and Danny | Los Angeles California Congratulations to our grandaughter Sarah Ann Glixman Love Grama and Grampa Tannenbaum Grama and Grampa Glixman Best wishes to our daughter and sister Yehudis " It ' s about time " TheChaitouskys and Goldbergs We ' re proud of our Aunt Robin! Miriam Esther and Motie Aharon Luchins Mazel Tov to our daughter Linda and to the graduating class Irma and Milton Ehrenreich Sisters — Sandi, Wendy, Elise, Cheryl and Jessica T G Glatt Kosher Delicatessen open until 8:00 P.M. and Sunday from 3 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. 18 East 33rd Street between Madison and Fifth New York, N.Y. 10016 To my grandaughter Aidee in honor of her graduation Ma Gopin Mazel Tov to Sondra upon her graduation Love Mommy and Daddy Linda, Ricky and Adina Reva and Alan Mazel Tov and best wishes Shellie and Lenny upon your graduation, Mom, Dad, Tzvi and Elki Mazel Tov to my kallah upon her gradua- tion. (I ' m glad to get you out of that place, Harriet) Love, Harry Mazel Tov to Sarah Wendroff and all the Seniors J. Levine Co. Manufacturers-Booksellers ' Synagogue Beautiful Products ' 58EldridgeSt. New York, N.Y. 10002 Dear Sora, Hatzlacha Raba Love, cousins Kippy, Ruthie, Rena, Chaya, Yetta Mazel Tov to Barbara Seplowitz upon her graduation from SCW Sister Dana and Brothers Billy, Ricky and Jeffrey Mad 37 Bookshop 232 Madison eue New York, N.Y. 10016 Tel. 685-8690 To my beloved Harry —I thank you for all of your patience, understanding, kindness and love. Shelley In honor of the graduation of our niece A idee Uncle Benny, Aunt Nick and amily Mazel Tov, Bracha All my love, Morris Mazel tov to Barbara Seplowitz, Mr. and Mrs. Zablotsky To Leta — My sister, my friend, my guide Mazel Tov from Gail 10% discount for Stern Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Compliments of Larian Beauty Salon Bernstein on Essex Street Kosher Restaurant Dellicatessen Catering 133 Essex St. New York, N.Y. To my dear and wonderful friends Mazel Tov I ' m still a Stern Girl at Heart! Nita Green Congratulations and best wishes from Olga and Eugene Freud Congratulations and best wishes Alice, Gertude, Helene and Hirschle Congratulations to my wife — Robun ■■nannuiaB In honor of the graduation of our grandaughter Aidee Bubby and Pa Mazel Tov to Let a and her classmates from the Lipman family Congratulations and sincere wishes to Sora Goldfeder from Mr. and Mrs. Mose Marcus, Cincinnati, Ohio Good Luck Pasteur Pharmacy, Inc. opposite dormitory 10 Park Ave. corner 34th St. Simon Werner, Inc EMPIRE KOSHER POULTRY The Most Trusted Name in Kosher Poultry 320 East 110th St. New York, N.Y. 10029 369-2300 Esther ' s Kosher Dairy Restaurant 165 Madison Ave. (near 33rd St.) New York, N.Y. 185-7290 Greetings from Jackie and Marvin In honor of the graduation of our niece and cousin A idee Sol, Bella, and the family In memory of Sam Burg from the Burg family Congratulations Card and Gift Boutique 64 E. 34th St. In honor of the graduation of our niece and cousin Aidee Fuchs Uncle David, Aunt Esther, Riselle, Gloris, and Boruch Congratulations Bags by Aladin Congratulations and best wishes to Chava Uncle Leonard Uncle Moshe and Aunt Miriam Uncle Manny and Aunt Blanche Uncle Herbie and Aunt Toby Uncle Jack and Aunt Nettie We take pride in congratulating our inimitable Chave, Judi Kol HaKovod, Hatzlacha Raba Mordechai, Faygie and Twins, Temi, Yigal and David To Judi Wiilig A wonderful personality A friend to all With best wishes, Jenny and Max Weil To Judi Wiilig With warmest wishes and congratulations Alexander and Esther Rotenberg Himaina imiiTTMiiMaM— MMn Compliments Of Mr. and Mrs. Silversmith Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Mandel Carvel Ice Cream Lydig Ave. Plham Pkwy. Eplins, Inc. White Plains Rd. Caiati Furniture 331 E. Fordham Rd. Compliments of M G Dairy Restaurant Lydig Ave. BX. Mr. and Mrs. Duniec Mr. Masler and Mr. Schuler In loving memory of a very dear and devoted POP who will always live on. Your toots Gabi Mazel Tov and much success in your future endeavors. Love, Mom, Mr. Pip and Carol, your chasan Gene and all the Wassermans Compliments Of Uncle Nat, Aunt Pearl and sons Salon of the Gables Delicious Deli Best Wishes to our niece, Judy on her Graduation. Mr. and Mrs. Morris Chaitosky To Karen — Mazel Tov Love Mom, Dad and family

Suggestions in the Stern College for Women - Kochaviah Yearbook (New York, NY) collection:

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