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' ' ■■A 1972 ! V5 fd 9JH m 4El ' . ] BJH i r i, - « a. =- E ™ 2 £ i • ■s ■ .« m o ■ " 1 5 i c S ?!: n S+° V V Freshman orientatior vance 1 space. Yes col the big time, but not 2 we ' re only freshmen. o II Sip 2 o 15 5 c 1 1 rr | £ ° 2 E First day in school. A n inition ot " chaos " fo riam Webster. Advan space. IS f Ay = ST S 5 s £ K CO Ol Cards... ' IT WAS THE BEST OF TIMES, IT WAS THE WORST OF TIMES IT WAS THE AGE OF FOOLISHNESS IT WAS THE EPOCH OF BELIEF, IT WAS THE EPOCH OF INCREDULITY IT WAS THE SEASON OF LIGHT IT WAS THE SEASON OF DARKNESS, IT WAS THE SPRING OF HOPE. IT WAS THE WINTER OF DESPAIR WE HAD EVERYTHING BEFORE US. WE HAD NOTHING BEFORE US . . . Charles Dickens TO EVERYTHING THERE IS A SEASON AND A TIME TO EVERY PURPOSE UNDER HEAVEN A TIME TO BE BORN AND A TIME TO DIE A TIME TO PLANT AND A TIME TO REAP A TIME TO KILL AND A TIME TO HEAL A TIME TO BREAK DOWN AND A TIME TO LAUGH AND A TIME TO BUILD UP I A TIME TO MOURN y AND A TIME TO DANCE A TIME TO EMBRACE A TIME TO LOVE Wm. AND A TIME TO REFRAIN FROM EMBRACING AND A TIME TO HATE A TIME FOR WAR BATEAU DE " paix • ' nrtjqji yij-isro :• cJoJoi .4 ,y) AND A TIME FOR PEACE W t. ■ L - L — J " - m r ' - IrA k Is. « ■ I I ' r ■■■ .■jK h " ; ? f w ' l-u . $yk% . ■■ ■ . ■«.,■ ■■ tf S» PUBLISHED BY: CLASS OF 1972 STERN COLLEGE FOR WOMEN YESHIVA UNIVERSITY NEW YORK, NEW YORK It had to take four years — no way it could take less — for this yearbook to be completed. We are privileged to serve as the editors to record in this moment of time — some of what was and what is . . . We hope in your own future you will derive joy and pleasure from looking back at this capsulized documentation of our class — the class of ' 72. The class of 1972, we feel has a bit of everything, intellect, vitality, sensi- vitity, and Jewish identity, and we hope our yearbook reflects this. It is designed to involve you in an awareness of our heritage and class history in a proud and meaningful manner. This is the sum total of our collaboration, organization, imagination, and energy. This is our contribution to your treasure of outstanding memories of Stern College. The Editors Esti Davidowitz Sherri Steinberg ART FALL SPRING SECTION HOURS Appreciation of Art-1 101 M2:00 102 Th 2:00 103 M 3:00 1.1 History of Art -2 MISS HELEN GOODMAN 101 MTh 12:00 102 MTh 11:00 BIOLOGY DR. BEATRICE FRIEDMAN 25 Cytogenetics Lecture — 2 11 101 TTh 11:00 Embryology — 4 MR. MURRAY ALTMAN 101 T 6:00 -7:40 BIOLOGY FALL SPRING SECTION HOURS 9 A 12 Comparative Anatomy — 4 101 TTh 11:00 Evolution Lecture — 2 101 MW 12:00 2L Biology Lab — 202 TTh 6:00 17 Celluar Physiology - -4 101 MW 11:00 201 TTh 1:00 -2:40 202TTh 3:00 -4:40 DR. BETTY ROSOFF 13 CHEMISTRY FALL SPRING SECTION HOURS 17 Analytical Chemistry — 3 101 T4:00 1 Basic Chemistry — 4 DR. SIMEON KRUMBEIN 101 MTTh 12:00 MRS. ETHEL ORLIA IL Basic Chem Lab-0 jTS 201 M 1:00 -3:50 202T 1:00 -3:50 MRS. CECILY DOBIN DR. NATHANIAL REMES ► 13 101 MTTh 10:00 Organic Chem — 4 EDUCATION FALL SPRING SECTION HOURS Introduction to Education — 3 21 Instruction — 3 37.1 Lab in Elem. Science Fall 101 TF 11:00-12:15 Additional two hours field work required for 10 weeks. 10lT6:30-9:00 Fall 101 M 12:20 -3:00a 101 Th 9:00 -11:40b DR. SHELLEY KOENIGSBERG LAUB ENGLISH DR. SUSAN SARDY FALL SPRING SECTION HOURS 31 Modern 101 MW 9:00 Drama — 2 MRS. CONSTANCE SKOR DR. MORRIS EPSTEIN ENGLISH FALL SPRING SECTION HOURS 22 Modern Poetry — 3 101 MWTh 2:00 Masterpieces of English and American Lit. — 3 107 MWTh 3:00 108 MWTh 5:00 DR. DORIS SHORES Composition and Rhetoric — 3 105 MWTh 2:00 27 Mod. Amer. Literature — 3 101 MWF 10:00 101 TTh 11:00-12:15 MRS. LAUREL HATVARY : HH DR. CAROL SILVER DR. DAN VOGEL FRENCH FALL SPRING SECTION HOURS 01 101 MTTh 2:00 Elementary French — 3 MISS LUCIENNE CARASSO 1 101 MTTh 1:00 Intermediate French — 3 3 101 MTTh 2:00 Survey of French Literature — 3 GERMAN FALL SPRING SECTION HOURS 1 101 MWTh 12:00 1 itermediate 102 M T Th German — 3 MRS. SANDRA FINE MRS. SOFIE LAUFER 17 DR. ANNA KRAKOWSKI HEALTH EDUCATION FALL SPRING SECTION HOURS Dance (Modern 01 M 11 : 00 Folk) 1 2 102 T 2:00 Fencing— 1 2 301 T 5:00 302T6:00 Swimming (Life 101 Th 12:00 Saving) — Vz HEBREW FALL SPRING SECTION HOURS 81 101 MTTh 2:00 Early Prophets — 3 MRS. JO LION MRS. HANNAH WOLKENFELD PROF. ARTHUR TAUBER MRS. RUTH ARIELI 18 HEBREW FALL SPRING SECTION HOURS 1.1 103 TTh 2:00 -3:15 Int.Conv. -4 F 12:00 104 TTh 12:00 -1:15 Fl:00 72 102 MW 5:00-6:15 Intro. to Bible(heb.)-3 25 101 TTHF 1:00 Exposition and Narration — 3 73 101 TTHF 9:00 Intro to 102 TTHF 11:00 Pentateuch -3 103 TTHF 12:00 MR. AVIGDOR BITTMAN DR. NORMAN BRONZNICK DR. HANOCH DUBITSKY RABBI MARTIN GORDON 19 HEBREW FALL SPRING 71 Intro to Bible(Eng.)-3 101 MTTh 11:00 Adv. Conv. — 4 101 TTH 10:00-11:15 F 10:00 102TTH8:35-9:50 F9:00 SECTION HOURS 7.1 Int. Conv. II — 4 101 T 4:00 -5:40 F 12:00 -1:50 03.1 Elem. Grammar and Comp. 1 — 3 103 TThF 11:00 102 TThF 9:00 RABBI MITCHELL ORLIAN HEBREW FALL SPRING SECTION HOURS 15 101 MTh 4:00-5:15 Modern Hebrew Novel - 3 77 lOlTThF 9:00 Pentateuch 102 T Th F 10:00 Prophets — 3 73 102 TThF 11:00 Intro to 103 TThF 12:00 RABBI A. B. SHURIN Pentateuch — 3 PROF. NOAH ROSENBLOOM 21 101 T 3:30-5:15 Renaissance W 11:00 Reformation — 3 RABBI AVI WEISS MISS JORDY BELL 39 101 TTh 2:00-3:15 Holocaust — 3 MRS. LUCY DAVIDOWICZ HISTORY FALL SPRING SECTION HOURS 43 10lTTh5-6:15 The U.S. 1865-1914 2u- 89.1 101 TTh 3:00-4:15 Jews under Islam — 3 101 M W Th 11:00 103 M W Th 1:00 1 104 M W Th 10:00 Intro, to West. Civ. — 3 MRS. JANE GERBER 71 101 MW 3:00 Survey of F 11:00 Jewish History — 3 102 M 4:00 F 12:00-1:40 PROF. HENRY FEINGOLD PROF. GUTERMAN § — RABBI WALLACE GREENE JUDAIC STUDIES FALL SPRING SECTION HOURS 86.1 101 T5: 00-6: 40 Individual Th5:00 in Society — 3 79 101 MW 5:00-6:15 Medieval Jewish Philo - 3 97 101 TThF 12:00 m Midrash-2 101 TThF 9:00 99.1 RABBI DAVID BLEICH Hassidism — 2 83 102 Th 6:00 Laws of Jewish Home Family 73 101 TThF 9:00 Intro, to 102 TThF 11:00 Jewish Law — 2 75 101 TThF 10:00 Intro, to Bible -3 102 TThF 11:00 RABBI MAIER FULDA MR. MELECH SCHACTER RABBI FABIAN SCHONFELD MATH FALL SPRING SECTION HOURS 25 Topics for Mathematics — 3 101 MWTh 10:00 23 Advanced Calculus — 3 37 Mathematical Statistics — 3 101 MWTh 1:00 101 MWTh 10:00 Mathematical Analysis — 3 3 Analytical Geometry - and Calculus — 3 101 M.WTh 10:00 101 MWTh 9 00 MR. JOSEPH FRIEDMAN MUSIC FALL SPRING SECTION HOURS Music Appreciation — 1 1.1 Sense of Music — 2 101 T 10:00 101 TTh 11:00 DR. EHRENPREIS MR. DAVID VICTOR PROF. EDWARD LEVY PHILOSOPHY FALL SPRING SECTION HOURS Ethics — 3 101 MW 2:00 -3:15 102T 4:30 -6:00 41 Esthetics — 3 PHYSICS 101 MWF 11:00 RABBI JOSHUA SCHMIDMAN 1 101 M 12:00 -1:50 General Physics — 4 W 12:00 POLITICAL SCIENCE 46 Middle East Politics 101 TTh 4:00 -5:15 DR. SAMUEL BERNSTEIN 2.1 101 M3 -4:00 American Government — 3 W3:00 DR. GERSION APPL PROF. HERMAN PRESBY DR. MICHAEL HECHT PSYCHOLOGY FALL SPRING SECTION HOURS 21 Developmental 1 — 3 101 MWTh 9:00 13 Psychological Testing — 3 101 MTTh 12:00 DR. JULES GREENSTEIN DR. MARCEL PERLMAN 16 Educational Psychology — 3 101 MWTh 10:00 102 TTh 12:00-1:15 19 Experimental Psychology — 4 101 MW 11:00 A t 1 sm 9 ' " PROF. PLESKIN DR. ELLEN ROBINSON 26 SOCIOLOGY FALL SPRING SECTION HOURS 14 Methods of Social Research -3 39 Intro, to Anthropology — 3 lOlMWTh 2:00 101 MWTh 11:00 13 Soc. of Ed. — 3 101 MW 2:00-3:15 MR. BERNARD K. GREENBERG DR. NATALIE FRIEDMAN Intro to Sociology — 3 17 The Family — 3 101 MWTh 10:00 101 MWTh 11:00 ;:;;■.;;£ • fi9 MRS. RUTH RUBENSTEIN SPANISH FALL SPRING SECTION HOURS 101 1:00 Intermediate Spanish — 3 SPEECH MRS. NANCY KNOPKA 1 101 T 2:00-3:40 Speech Funda- 103 T Th 12:00 mentals -1 107 T Th 11:00 22 101 W 2:00-3:40 Intro to Theater Arts — 2 R 101 Remedial Speech By appointment MRS. PENINA SCHRAM MRS. JUNE GOLDEN . JLsP 28 MRS. EDITH WOOLFSON LIBRARY FALL SPRING SECTION HOURS 1.1 101TWF1:00 Intro to Library 2.1 201 MWTh 2:00 Intro to Dewey 202 Th 1 : 00 Decimal 3.1 Intro to Research 301 WF 9:00 0.1 101 Th 1:00 Basic Bibliographic Methods RESIDENT ASSISTANT 0.1 101 MTWThF 9:00 Communal Life MRS. LUBETSKI MRS. GIGES MESSAGE TO THE GRADUATING CLASS B DEAN DAVID MIRSK To state that higher education in the United States is passing through a period of great trial and stress, is to state the obvious, but I believe that in a very real sense this period is a period of testing for all institutions of higher education. The process may be more painful for private colleges and universities, but all institutions of higher learning, public as well as private, are being put to the same test. I would like to touch upon two complimentary and very significant fac- tors which contribute to this complex development: First, our society is beginning to reexamine its understanding of the function of higher education, and second, younger people are beginning to reexamine their function within, and their relationship to society. Concepts which have governed the development of higher education philosophically and curricularly are being chal- lenged. The utilitarian approach — even if such is not its necessary programmatic evolvement — has resulted in the view that one of the chief functions of higher education is to prepare the individual to find a career and become a suc- cessful wage earner. Implicitly if not explicitly it has espoused a materialistic function for education, a response to economic needs of students and industrial demands of society. The disaffection of most younger people with higher education is the result of the rejection by them of this educational posture. The second factor is in essence the other side of the same coin. Students are left unfulfilled when they see themselves moving into a society which declares its commitment to the eradication of pain and suffering, want and disadvantage, but permits the erosion of moral and ethical principles. While there may be differences of opinion as to what moral and ethical systems are most acceptable, young people today seem to be almost unaminously committed to the position that declarations of acceptance of a sys- tem of ethcis do not excuse failure to live up to the principles of the system. What makes the education which Stern College gives its students unique is that over the years it has resisted the pressure to move in the direction taken by higher education in general and has remained unflaggingly true to the phi- losophy which animated the founders of Yeshiva University. It has built its curriculum on the belief that education must spring out of an unwaivering commitment to the highest moral and ethical principles summed up in the Jewish tradition. We may have succeeded less in some areas of our program than in others, and may have done more for some students than for others, but our commitment to the principles of the Jewish tradition has remained and will continue to remain steadfast. You are leaving Stern College to enter new activities, whether in graduate school or in the com- munity at large. We hope that the knowledge, and more important, the moral and spiritual perspectives which we have been able to impart to you will prepare you to function as a positive force in the community, both Jewish and general. It is our earnest wish that you will find fulfillment in your own lives, and enlighten the lives of all those whom you will encounter in the years ahead, by putting into practice that philosophy by which we have attempted to educate you: that all human activity, if it is to be effective and good, must be inspirited by the principles of Torah. Our best wishes go with you, as does our hope that you will remain loyal to our College and what it represents. MESSAGE FOR KOCH AVI AH 1972 It gives me great pleasure to extend greetings to the 1972 graduating class of Stern College for Women. During your college years you have encountered many changes affecting our society and higher education. With awareness of the problems to be faced, you pursued your own studies diligently and took ad- vantage of the opportunities for intellectual and spiritual development. As you go forth to assume your roles in home, career, and community, you will be able to build on the sound foundation of values from the timeless heritage of Judaism and of the searching stimulus of the arts and sciences. Yeshiva University looks to you to meet the oncoming challenges in a spirit of dedication to human dignity and the welfare of mankind. I am sure that you will perform with distinction in service to the Jewish community and the community at large and that you will bring honor upon yourself and your Alma Mater. May you all be granted continued well being and ful- fillment. Sincerely yours, v. Dr. Samuel Belkin President Greetings by Mr. Max Stern to KOCHAVIAH Stern College for Women Yearbook It is with great pleasure that I extend warmest greetings to the 1972 graduates of Stern College for Women. Each facet of the college experience has contributed immeasurably to your personal develop- ment. In the classroom, in cooperative efforts with faculty and administration, you have acquired increased understanding of the Judaic heritage, a knowledge of the liberal arts and sciences, and a sensitivity to the processes of responsible citizenship. Your constructive participation in the development of alma mater has strengthened it in the pursuit of its primary goal: the education of young women imbued with the spiritual values of Judaism and a deep appreciation of the finest in Western culture, who can meet with confidence the challenges of modern life. The College is truly a better place for your having been here. As the guardians of our Torah traditions in the home — and in your various roles in the profes- sions and the community — you will find the years spent at Stern College taking on ever greater significance. I have abiding faith that you will utilize your education for continued growth and service, and extend my very best wishes for the future. 32 ADMINISTRATION t W ' » w :K •» " . ' ..« J Esther Zuroff Placement Coordinator RIVKI BERKOWITZ ADLER " lo monate et levi meikol simcha t AVIVA ELANA ALBERT " an individualist once said: " to be what we are and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end of life. " R. L. Stevenson Israeli Dance Club, Choir. 36 " whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul. " Anonymous Dean ' s List " words are but the shadows of actions " Big Sister, Dean ' s List, Treasurer Stu- dent Council, Vice Pres. Student Coun- cil, Tac. IRIS SHERYL ARBUT)MAN " truth is the daughter of inspiration " Dean ' s List, Big Sister. MEIRA AZULAY " some men see things as they are and say why ... I dream of things that never were and say why not. " (Robert Ken- nedy) Speech Arts Forum Chair- man, Student Representative to English Department, Stu- dent Court, Stage Manager Sophomore Year Production. SANDRA BARACK " I believe that man will not merely endure; he will pre- vail. He is immortal, not because he alone among crea- tures has an exhaustible voice but because he has a soul, a spirit capable of compassion and sacrifice and endurance. " Observer, Kinnerot Choir, Art Club, Floor Chairman, Yavneh, Perspectives, Ashes and Sparks. GOLDIE BATALION " behold, how good and how lovely it is when brethren dwell together in unity. " Fire Marshall, Floor Chairman, Gamelut Chasadim Member. LEAH SHOSHANA BECKER " sisu et yerushalaim gilu bah kol ohaveha. " Student Council President, Student Council Vice President, President Freshman Class, Big Sister, Dean ' s List, Floor Chairman, Resident Assistant, Gesher, SSSJ, TAC, Aliya Club. .VI K CAROL BENSON -Sf»MftB ELIZABETH AMY BERNSTEIN " our whole inner world is reality, perhaps even more real than the apparent world. To call every- thing that seems to be illogical a fantasy or a fairy tale is to admit that one does not understand na- ture. " Marc Chagall Social Science Club, Junior Year in Israel. LINDA A. BILLAUER " he prayetu best, who lov- etu best, all creatures great and small; for the dear g-d who lovetu us, He made and lovetu all. " Basketball Team, Photo Editor Observer, Head Resident Asst. " I fi vj MIRIAM MERIAL BLECHNER " enthusiasm is a vol- cano on whose tip never grows the grass of hesitation. " Kochaviah Business Manager, Big Sister, Social Science Club. BERYL (BARI) BLOOMBERG " big doesn ' t necessarily mean better, sunflow- ers aren ' t better than violets. " Edna Ferber Big Sister, Senior Dinner Committee, President Of French Club. SHARON BORENSTEIN 1 7 RACHELLE LEAH BULMAN " in her eyes the link of lies — answering the sec- rets of tanaim — . redeeming rabbi leviton ' s shortened life — in her, a dream of links. " by Aaron Bullman Freshman Committees, TAC Co-Chairman, Assist- ant Floor Chairman, Big Sister, Tzedakah Commit- tee, Junior Representative To The Education De- partment, Dean ' s List, Aischel. „ FRANCHESLER " do not be afraid we are taking ' this yearbook to a friendly country. " Yearbook Staff. CAROL CINNAMON " i have only one life and it is short enough, why waste it on things i don ' t want most? " Dean ' s List; Big Sister; Junior Year In Israel. BETTY COHEN " if i am not for myself who will be; and if i am only for others what am i. " Choir, Floor Chairman, Big Sister, SSSJ, Speech Arts Production. MIRIAM KOHN COHN " i discovered the se- cret of the sea in meditation upon the dew drop. " Vice Pres. Junior Class, Observer Staff, Neighborhood Urban Corp, Co- chairman Big Sister, Tzedekah, Head Of Blood Drive, Busi- ness Circulation Edi- tor Of Observer. MARA SUSAN CUMSKY " remember this, that very little is needed to make a W8$ happy life. " Yearbook Staff, Senior Dinner Basketball Team, Volunteer Program. MARALYN RUTH DERN " what is not good for the swarm is not good for the bee. " Floor Chairman, Big Sister, Registration Ass., Dean ' s List. - ESTIDAVIDOWITZ " you ' ve got to get up every morning with a smile on your face and show the world all the love in your heart ... you ' re as beautiful as you feel. " Editbr-In-Chief Yearbook, " Kochaviah, " Dean ' s List, Observer Contributing Edi- tor, " The Best From Est, " Chairman Dramatics Society, Senator Junior Year, Captain Tennis Team, Chairman Talent .Show. , LAURA ZELKOWITZ DWORETSKY " the songs of the waves and the hymns of the streams are scattered, and voices of the throngs reduced to si- lence. " Dean ' s List. BELLA FARKAS " how dear to this heart are the scenes of my childhood when fond recollection presents them to view. " Big sister, make-up editor observer. MICHELLE ANN FEIGENBAUM " from my obscunity came forth a light and illu- minated my path. " Big Sister, Staff Observer, Production And Ex- ecutive Editor Observer, Treasurer Dorm Council. f T-£- SHIFRA FIALKOFF " the unknown quality which exists in all of us and which takes the form of mystery in some of us is the reservoir of individuality. " Choir, Dance Club, Tzedekah Drive. MIRIAM NEEDLE FRISCH " great is truth, and mighty above all things. " Bnei Akiva Scholarship Institute — Kibbutz Saad. BEVERLY KOLAT GELLER " everything is beautiful in its own way ... " Big Sister, Member Of TAC, Neighbor- hood Youth Corp, Treasurer Of The Junior Class, Dean ' s List (69-71), Aishel, Typing Yearbook Staff. BARBARA GANZ " what is a friend? someone who for the first time makes you aware of your loneliness and his, and helps you to escape so you in turn can help him. thanks to him you can hold your tongue without shame and talk freely without risk. " (Gates of Forest by Eli Weisel) Senate, Co-ordinating Editor Yearbook. DONNA BETH GELLER Big Sister, Dorm Council President, Resi dent Assistant, SSSJ. KAREN BETH GERTZ " turn (examine) the torah, and turn it over again; for everything is found in it. " JOY MIRIAM GLICKER " don ' t anyone straighten me out — i ' m enjoying this confusion! Chairman Senior Dinner, Junior Year In Israel, Library Staff. ESTHER GOLDBERG " love truth, but pardon error " Beit olot chairman. JOAN GOLDSCHMIDT " liberty of thought is the life of the soul. " Big Sister, Chairman Freshman Orientation, Chairman Of Club Hour, SSSJ, Sec t. Of Se- nior Class. SHEILA GOLDSTEIN .S GORDON " ah, but a man ' s reach should exceed his grasp, or what ' s a heaven for? " Robert Browning " Andrea Del Sarto " Chairman Of The Senate, Chairman Of Speech Arts Forum, Vice President Sopho- more Class, Dean ' s List. SARA WARSA WICK GOTTLIEB " there are mysteries within the soul which no hypothesis can cover and no guess can reveal. " Dean ' s List, Big Sister, Drama Club, School Play, Dance Club. JUDITH GREENFIELD " your thought is a tree rooted deep in the soil of tradition and whose branches grow in the power of continuity. " Chairman TAC, Big Sister, Soph. Class Treasurer, Resi- dent Ass., Co-Chairman Pur- im Carnival. " does the song of the sea end at the shore or in the hearts of those who listen to it? " Dean ' s List, Observer. O AA r t ■ : ' .. ¥-m f. i T 1 i j m • M MAGDA GROSZ " seasons change with the scenery, weaving time in a tapestry, won ' t you stop and remember me? " Beit Olot Chairman, Observer Copy Editor. FRAN GUTTERMAN BETTY ROSE HIBSHMAN " this is life, portrayed on the stage for ages. " Resident Ass., Choir, TAC, Big Sister. Y AFFA HAMAOUI " i have but one lamp by which my feet are guided, and that is the lamp of experience. " Patrick Henry Choir, Assistant Floor Chairman. 59 ROSALYN HILLELSOHN " individuality is the salt of common life. " Dean ' s List, Big Sister, Dance Club Preisdent, Floor Chairman. PENINA JICK " learn to live, and live to learn. " Dean ' s List, TAC, Israeli Dance Club, Yavneh, SSSJ. BEVERLY ANN KANTROWITZ " to understand the heart and mind of a person, look not at what he has already achieved but what he as- pired to do. " . Drama Club, Social Work Volunteer, Senior Blind Date Party Chairman. SHEILA Z. KALISH " i am a part of all that i have met; yet all experience is an arch wherethro ' gleams that untravelled world ... " Treasurer Of Senior Class, Fundraising Junior Class, Yearbook Business Editor, Big Sister, Chairman Of School Book Store. LINDA ULEVITCH JCARASICK " ah, but a man ' s reach should exceed his grasp or what ' s a heaven for? " Robert Browning Andrea Sel Sarto Dean ' s List; Freshman Class Treasurer, Student Council Corresponding Secretary, Floor Chairman, Student Council Chairman. U KM JHPK REGINAKATZ " we are all practical in our own interest and idealists when it concerns others. " TAC Art Chairman, TAC Bikur Cholim, School Calendar, Senior Dinner, Resident Ass., Psych. Club, Big Sister, Senior Judge, Dean ' s List, Head Of Student Court. SARAH KITAJEWITZ ' beware lest you Jose the substance by grasping at the shadow. ' ' . ' .... " ■-: Big Sister, Chairman Of Blood Drive, Vice Pres. Of Yavneh, Tze- dekah Committee, Vice Pres. Senior Class, Dorm Counse- lor. . MARTHA LEAH POINTSETT KINGSLEY " i live for those who love me, for those Who know me true; for the heaven so blue above me, and the good that i can do. " Israeli Dance Club. SANDRA KILSTEIN " ... the mind is restless, tur- bulent, strong, and unyielding ... as difficult to subdue as the wind. " Bhagavad-Gita Resident Assistant, Head Chug Aliya, Senior Shabbous Chair- man, Senior Chanukah Skit, Member Dramatics Society- School Production. i T FRUMA KLEIN ft M » l 1r ) BARBARA KNOBEL m ■ HIEDI KRANZ " outside show is a poor substitute for inner worth. " Weekend Hospitality Chairman. ESTHER KASTROVITSKY LASKY " the happiness of life is made up of minute frac- tions — the little soon-forgotten charities of a kiss or smile, a kind look, a heartful compliment. " Copy Editor Observer, News Editor Observer, Managing Editor Observer, Sec ' t Dorm Council, Big Sister. f PEGGY LASSON " the inner side of every cloud is bright and shining; i therefore turn my clouds about, and always wear them inside out, to show the lining. " Ellen T. Fowler 66 dswnsnftK ISP MARILYN LEDER " to be perfectly just is an attribute of the divine na- ture; to be so to the utmost of our abilities, is the glory of man. " Addison PS ? U HAD ASS AH KURLAND LEIBTAG " we should all be con- cerned about the future because we will have to spend the rest of our lives there. " Floor Chairman. JOANLENOFF Senior Class President, Trea- surer Of Yavneh, Big Sister, Resident Assistant. SHAREN LITWIN " to look up and not down, to look for- ward and not back, to look out and not in and to lend a hand. " Dean ' s List, Basketball, Resident Assist- ant, Danforth Fellowship Nominee. tf MARILYN MANDEL GITA METZGER " the health of nations is more important than the wealth of nations. " Big Sister, TAC, Dean ' s List. " the unknown quantity which exists in all of us and which takes the form of mystery in some of us, is the reservoir of individuality. " Senior Year Student Rep. To Eng. Dept. Speech Arts Forum, Dean ' s List, Junior Year In Israel. m »i SHEILA MOSLCOVITZ Corresponding Secretary Of Stu- dent Council, Resident Assistant, Dean ' s List, Co-Chairman Of Beit Olot. " affection is the youth of the heart, and thought is the heart ' s maturity. " Dean ' s List, Observer Staff, Program Director WYUR Radio Staff, Big Sister, Tzedekah Drive .Chairman, Student Rep- resentative To English Dept. ett oit New .1 Actoat in etf° rt JUDITH BETH RASKAS " the millstone may break down but the river continues its cause to the sea. " Junior Class Sec ' t., Big Sister, Cir- culation Editor Observer, Typ- ing Editor Observer, Typing Staff Yearbook. mm CHANA REIFMAN " he who plants kindness, gathers love. " Dean ' s List. ar t ' d0t PHYLLIS SHULAMITH RICHMAN Senior Dinner, Assistant Floor Chairman. n Wk CHER YL RITTER " yesterday — how far yesterday is and how near it is. " Dean ' s List, Yavneh Vice Pres. " united we stand, divided we fall. " Dean ' s List, Ass. Editor Observer, Resident Ass., Vice President Dorm Council, Big Sister. SHARI ROSOFF " behold how good and how lovely it is when brethren dwell together in unity. " Student Council Treasurer Se- nior Year, Student Council Recording Secretary junior Year, Chairman SSSJ, Big Sister. 1 ROCHELLE S AFFER " you must find your dream, then the way becomes easy. " Dean ' s List, Big Sister, Floor Chairman. TIME I FAITH TARAGIN SHABAT " i have fought a good fight, i have finished my course, i have kept my faith. " Dance Troupe Chairman, Big Sister, Accor dion- ist Special Events. IB SUSAN SCHRINER " the most important thing is not to find, but to add to ourselves what we find. " Student Council Parliamentarian, Big Sister, Speaker ' s Bureau, Senate, Observer Staff, Consti- tution Committee Chairman, Students For Peace In The Middle East, Chairman. A -- A ft g HK? ' j .. V - .. s . ' ' wmz S v« ■ ; ;- : V,- ' 12 c • c - 1 1 4L T T t».«P ■£ . •-:•- f » RACHELLE SHILCRAT " when a man has learned . . . how to remain alone with his suffering how to overcome his longing to flee, the illusion that others may share, then he has little left to learn ... " Dean ' s List, The Importance Of Being Earnest, The Mad Woman Of Chaillot. GAIL SIEGAL JUDYSIMON TAG, Dean ' s List; Aishel, Who ' s Who In American Colleges: ANN TOBY ST ARKMAN " the work is a lamp to my feet and a light on my path. " Assistant Floor Chairman, Big Sister,; Fund Raising Chairman Senior Class, Registration Assistant.. SHERRI J. STEINBERG " to please all is an impossible aim and to escape some criticism is an unattainable goal. " Editor-in-Chief — Yearbook, Copy Editor Observer, Chairman - Beit Olot, Captain Tennis Club, Yavneh Senior Sale. VY JUDY STERN " merriment is a philosophy not well understood, it is the sunny side of existence. " SUSAN STERN " the world, my body, binds the dark and light together, reconciles and separates in lucid day the chaos of my darkness. — Stepehen Spender 80 r. ZENA STERN " example is the best precept. " Dean ' s List, Big Sister, Floor Chairman Member Of Social Committee. JOAN STRACKMAN 81 RACHELLE DiAMOND SUKENIK " if your name isn ' t helping you . . . change it! ' Tiny Tim President Junior Class, Dramatics Society - Twelfth Night The Importance Of Being Ernest. FLORENCE STRULOWITZ MARLENETAKSEN " art is a step in the known toward the unknown. " Leader Israeli Dance Club, Chairman Home Hospitality, Bikur Cholim. LAURIE VITRIOL " the best way to secure future happiness is to be as happy as is rightly possible today. " S SI » Nsr ELLEN WEINSTEIN RENEE WEISER Dean ' s List, Big Sister, Resident Assistant, Sec- retary Sophomore Class, Co-Chairman Beit Olot. SUSAN WEISS " i ' m cutting my own day through my own day . . . and all i can say is it ' s my own. " Big Sister, Dean ' s List, Library Staff, Junior Year In Israel. FREDDA WEITMAN " those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigue of sup- porting it. " Thomas Paine Dean ' s List, Resident Assistant, Sophomore Year In Israel. FAYGIE HEISLER WILLIG TAC Officer, Art Staff Yearbook, Dean ' s List. 1 ROSELIN MIRIAM YAGER " for yesterday is but a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision; but today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness. Dean ' s List. 86 JOYCE ROSENBAUM YARMAK 5i ' -♦ ' RITA FAYE YUDKOWITZ " to please all is an impossible aim and to escape some criticism is an unattainable goal. " Dean ' s List, Assistant Floor Chairman. i SANDRA MAZA GROSS TIMORAH ZAPINSKY " next year in Jerusalem. " Dean ' s List. I Remember Esti Davidowitz What does one say about a four year relationship that has ended? . . . that it was beautiful? . . . that it was memorable? . . . that it was intimate? . . . None of these can completely capture the essence of the relationship between us. It is difficult now to separate the emotions from the reality that existed. They are inseparable, united within me. For this relationship affected my entire being . . . my mind, my heart, my body, my spirit. It was rare and wonderful and some- how we never believed it would end. There were times of joy, times of pain, times of gladness, times of suffering. But, it endured and I lived and learned and grew from every one of these experi- ences. My outlook broadened, my mind expanded, my potential developed, and I made my contribution — giving of my intellect, my character, and of my self. It was a " give and take " relationship. We each had particular qualities and fac- ulties to offer the other. We strove to fulfill the needs and requirements of one another. It wasn ' t always easy. As in any relationship there were often conflicts that could have been avoided, personality clashes that could have been averted, little unimportant details that would suddenly loom out of perspective. But, fi- nally, reason would prevail. And the seasons changed. Autumn turned to winter and passed into spring . . . and, from the new seed sprang a warmer, and more wonderous relationship strengthened by a mutual desire to improve one another. There were trials and errors. There was frustration and fatigue. There was agony and ecstacy. It was a road paved with gold yet there were stumbling stones. But, always we tried to please each other, to be understanding, enthu- siastic, diligent, and decisive. To build a structure based on a foundation of honesty, openness, integrity and finally — love. Where either of us were lacking we strove to compliment one another and always to make the best of things. To share and care and not to shun and run, to face the challenges head on. We strove to be flexible not rigid, to be considerate not callous, to be sympathetic not apathetic, to be constructive not destructive, to create a relationship in which we can truly say we grew together and felt for one another. A relationship that would leave its mark on time, and that, by having occurred would make the future brighter for us. There is an emptiness now that it is ending. But it will always have a place in my heart. Thank you Stern College for making our relationship a memorable one. a ?2? ? Bii»iv. ft.« » Vv S The Observer L to R; Rachel Becker — Editor-in-Chief; Esti Davi- dowitz — Contributing Editor; Judi Rosenkranz — Associative Editor; Michelle Feigenbaum — Executive Editor; Esther Kastrovitsky — Managing Editor; Judy Raskas — Typing Editor; Shirley Weinstein — Typing; Sherri Steinberg — Copy Editor; Annette Becker — News Editor; Linda Billauer Photography Editor; Ani- ta Gittelman; Not Photographed; Magda Grosz, Mir- iam Kohn. Resident Assistants L TO R: Donna Geller; Sandy Killstein; Sarah Kata- jowitz; Fredda Weitman; Judv Greenfield; Joan Len- off; Renee Weiser; Sheila Moskowitz; BACK ROW L TO R; Linda Billauer — Head Resident; Jeanie Katz; Leah Becker. Dorm Council L TO R: Esther Kastrovitsky — sec ' t; Donna Geller — President; Michelle Feigenbaum — Treas; Judi Ro- senkranz — Vice Pres. Senior Class Officers L TO R ; Joan Goldschmidt — Sec ' t; Joan Lenoff President; Sheila Kalish — Treas.; Sarah Katajowitz Vice Pres. Senate L TO R; Dr. Perlman; Rabbi Victor; Mrs. Shimoff; Beile Ganz, ON FLOOR; Esther Fuchs. Not Photographed: Dr. Epstein; Dr. Goodman; Dr. Vogel; Mr. Dubitsky. L TO R; Leah Becker - Presi- dent; Sharon Marks Altshul — Vice Pres.; Camera Shy: Fran Kaplowitz — Sect; Robin Mandel — Treas.; Shari Rosoff. - ■ - Sherri Steinberg — Editor-in-Chief ' Esti Davidowitz — Editor-in-Chief YEARBOOK STAFF Sheila Kalish — Business Manager Miriam Blechner — Business Manager The editors in chief, that ' s us — Esti and Sherri, wish to express our thanks to those special people who assisted us in producing this fine yearbook. That ' s you — Mr. Phil St. Pierre — representative American Yearbook Company, Billy Spivak — pho- tographer, Beile Ganz — coordinating editor, Miriam Blechner and Sheila Kalish — business managers, and the roommates and visitors of room 7g, especially Magda Grosz, Foozie Chesler, ' Debbie Fink, Mara Cumsky, Ronnie Tanzman, Faigi Willig, and our own encouraging families. Thank you all for your cooperation, enthusiasm, time and effort. Oh yes! Esti thanks Sherri and Sherri thanks Esti, two editors who really wearied, worried and worked together. And thanks to all the seniors. Without you there real- ly wouldn ' t be a yearbook! Sincerely, Sherri Esti For further information see the Jewish press section, " Personal Things go better with Coke. 96 Did you say Non-Sectarian or Non-sextatian? Shurr rit ' s sodda. We ' ll only go for a short ride. Trust us. Intellectualizing at Brookdale IM YERTZA HASHEM BY YOU When he walks in we ' ll pretend we ' re not here. Dr. Remes didn ' t say this would happen if I mixed those two chemicals! 1 thought you said this was going to be a small Pur- im Party!! 98 Got the Blahs? When we take over the school, first Swing your partner Dosey-doe! We ' ll just invite a few friends Isn ' t he cute? And the papa Bear said . . . : U ' - ' r« N MmiiiilM ttMaJfr w W. Ill " VMS ; " ' ' " ' -.. . -. C gt JBXjWf r We know you ' re in here somewhere Dean Mirsky . Psychology: is Mind over Matter — if you don ' t Mind — it doesn ' t Matter. Well Doc, there is this terrible pressure on my back Birdseed you mean we ' re responsible for Stern Co What ' s the answer to number one?? Yech! The winner of the Title " All-around Stern Gir. goes to Smile! You ' re on Candid Camera! Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of a Stern girl? GAME OF LIFE AT STERN COLLEGE Instruction: With intentions to enter Stern College — think twice. Eligibility Female — attending Stern College or Alumni Rules There are too many rules to enumerate — as a matter of fact there ' s a rule for everything in the Stern Game. Exceptions to be exempt or excepted from a rule at Stern file 1) Request sheet 2) Waiver of pre-requisite 3) Letter to Dean, registrar, etc. Recommended for ages 16-22. This game is recommended for only those in a sound Body and Mind To Play Caution: Play at your own Risk Start The Game starts at orientation and you play until graduation (Note: All work and no play makes for a dull game) Game Board is shaped like a 72 — reminiscent of the year of our graduation Penality If you break a rule — Go to Dean ' s office, Registrar ' s office Object of game To finish ... if you are lucky, you receive your B.A. Time Limit unlimited. Preferably four years . . . But, with so many requirements. Where to play orange lounge When to play anytime . . . Try it you ' ll like it. SENIOR DIRECTORY Albert, Aviva 48-01 42nd Street Long Island City, N.Y. Adler, Rivki Berkowitz 809 W. 177th Street New York, N.Y. Altshul, Sharon Ma rks 4106 Kenningston Richmond, Va. Allentuck, Isa 5 W. 86th Street New York, N.Y. Arbutjman, Iris 17 Ave. W., Brooklyn, N.Y. Azulay, Meira 2838 Prairie Ave. Miami Beach, Florida Barack, Sandra 2623 No. 10 Sheboygan, Wisconsin Batallion, Goldie 1 Coral Ave. Winthrop, Mass. Bayarsky, Harriet 3804 Glen Ave. Baltimore, Md. Becker, Leah 89 Cantebury Rd. Rochester, N.Y. Benkowski, Hedda 75-11 217th Street Bayside, N.Y. Benson, Carol 115 Grassmere Ave. Interlaken, N.J. Bernstein, Elizabeth 89 Randolph Street Springfield, Mass. Billauer, Linda 10911 Breewood, Court Silver Spring, Md. Blechner, Miriam 287 Mason Terrace Brookline, Mass. Bloomberg, Beryl 343 Spring Valley Rd. Paramus, N.J. Borenstein, Sharon Cohen 1860 E. 12th Street Brooklyn, N.Y. Bulman, Rochelle Schwartzman 385 Ft. Washington Ave. New York, N.Y. 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Goldberg, Esther 91-09 Ave. A Brooklyn, N.Y. Goldschmidt, Joan 320 Ocean Parkway Brooklyn, N.Y. Goldstein, Sheila 2131 Wallace Ave. Bronx, N.Y. Gordon, Phyllis 200 Dunvegan Rd. Toronto, Ontario, Canada Gottlieb, Sara Warsawick 1487 E. Terrace Circle Teaneck, N.J. Greenfield, Judith 7356 Parkdale Ave. Cinncinati, Ohio Gross, Marlene 109 Liberty Place Duguesne, Pa. Gross, Sandra 65-70 Booth St. Forest Hills, N.Y. Grosz, Magda 315 Hillhurst Blvd. Toronto, Ontario, Canada Gutterman, Frances 39 Connecticut Ave. Norfolk, Va. Hamaoui, Yaffa 30 Webster Street Brookline, Mass. Hibshman, Betty 3431 Desota Cleveland Heights, Ohio Hillesohn, Roslyn Cottage School Pleasantville, N.Y. Hirschberger, Yael 1290 Ocean Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. Jick, Phyllis 2726 Luvtig Ave. Bronx, N.Y. Kalish, Sheila 2545 Elderberry Rd. N.Bellmore, N.Y. Kalt, Helene 150 Hallstead Elizabeth, N.J. 104 Kantrowitz, Beverly 147-15 70 Ave. Flushing, N.Y. Karasick, Linda Ulevitch 4825 Grandview Drive. Peoria, 111. Katz, Regina 30 Wheeler Street New York, N.Y. Kilstein, Phyllis 961 N. Willet Street Memphis, Tenn. Kingsley, Martha Poinsett 423 St. Marks Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. Kitajewitz, Sarah 1303 Laidlaw Cincinnati, Ohio Klein, Jeanette 136-83 71st Rd. Flushing, N.Y. Knobel, Barbara 35 N. Welles Street Wilkes Barre, Pa. Kranz, Heidi 14 Erica Ave. Downsview, Ontario, Canada Leibtag, Hadassah Kurland 1424 Mott Ave. Far Rockaway, N.Y. Lasson, Peggy 6001 Wallis Ave. Baltimore, Md. Lasky, Esther 184 Bryant St. Maiden, Mass. 02148 Leder, Marilyn 26 Marion Street Brookline, Mass. Lenoff, Joan 3103 Fairfield Ave. Riverdale, N.Y. Lieberman, Betty 6 739 N. Richmond Chicago, 111. Litwin, Sharon 71-34 167th Street Flushing, N.Y. Lupatkin, Jeryl 428 Conrad Road Englewood, N.J. Mandel, Marilyn 1025 Esplanade New York, N.Y. Metzger, Gita 857 E. 13th St. Brooklyn, N.Y. Meystel, Rona 6301 N. Monticello Chicago, 111. Moskowitz, Sheila 3888 Washington Blvd. University Heights, Ohio Nobel, Debora 1722 Newman Rd. E. Meadow, N.Y. Perceman, Carol Duchene 15041 Northfield Oak Park, Mich. Raskas, Judith 7255 Creveling Drive St. Louis, Mo. Reif man, Chana 315 Grand Ave. Englewood, N.J. Richman, Phyllis 7221 Midfield St. Norfolk, Va. Ritter, Cheryl 1840 E. 13th Street Brooklyn, N.Y. Rosenbloom, Mindy Fleicher 2420 Yates Ave. Bronx, N.Y. 10469 Rosenkranz, Judith 45 Lawton Street Brookline, Mass. Rosoff, Sheri 131 Ridge Rd. Utica, N.Y. Saffer, Rochelle 30 Ma gaw Place New York, N.Y. Schreiner, Susan 509 Hope Rd. Lakewood, N.J. Shabat, Faith Taragin 450 Ocean Pkwy. Brooklyn, N.Y. Shilcrat, Rachelle 2203 N. 10th Street Sheboygan, Wise. Siegal, Gail 11604 Lockwood Drive Silver Springs, Md. Simon, Judith 714 Trenton Rd. Utica, N.Y. Starkman, Ann 8003 Eastern Ave. Silver Spring, Md. Steinberg, Sherri 454 W.Park Ave. Long Beach, N.Y. Stern, Judy 3606 Flamingo Drive Miami Beach, Fla. Stern, Susan 6214 Wallis Ave. Baltimore, Md. Stern, Zena 796 Champagneur Montreal, Canada Strachman, Joan 493 E. 32nd Street Patterson, N.J. Strulowitz, Florence 6 Scoles Ave. Clifton, N.J. Sukenik, Shelley Diamond 100 Bennett Ave. New York, N.Y. Taksen, Marlene 3404 2nd Street Hariisburg, Pa. Tanzman, Ronnie 63 Maple Drive Great Neck, N.Y. Teitelbaum, Sandra Badner 628 Hawkins Ave. Akron, Ohio Vitriol, Laurie 3966 E. Antisdale, South Euclid, Ohio Weinstein, Ellen 35 Bancroft Street Albany, N.Y. Weiser, Renee 3914 Warrendale Rd. South Euclid, Ohio Weiss, Susan 515 E. 7th St. Brooklyn, N.Y. Weitman, Fredda 143 White Meadow Rd. Rockaway, N.J. Willig, Faygie 72 Wadsworth Terrace New York, N.Y. Yager, Roslyn 7400 Fourth Ave. N. Bergen, N.J. Yarmak, Joyce Rosenbaum 72 Wadsworth Terrace New York, N.Y. Yudkowitz, Rita 33 S. Dean Ave. Trenton, N.J. Zapinsky, Timorah 221 Middle Neck Rd. Great Neck, N.Y. ; - WKM ' • ■ IM. ' i ' illleTTS LL M.FOMBY. ' TE 8-6600 SE ELLIMAN, INC. TH AVENUE— 60 $ 3 Baths, Maan. Park Vil E END AV CO-OP, 6 magnificent view river; 2 brjrms, fori TE 8 1650 baths Large rms, wbg fnlce. South hi Mr. Excellent fully serviced building. lasters. 40 ' immediate .... ... Maint $940 mo. 3 maids. DOUGLAS GIBBONS- " " _1 HOLLYDAY IVES, INC. 5 $65. : Mrs. Lobkowicz _ PL 3 -5050 SEE SUP I OR CALL MU 6-1900 mmnfi 11 ilO mo. Showrm by appt with Mr: uth F. Brown, TE S-5200 TALMAN BIGELOW WHIHEMORE .-JmaV S335. Mrs Pierson, TE 8-5i ■ ,m TALMAN BIGELOW, WHITTEMORE SUTTON PLACE— CO-OP. ONE OF A KIND " — DUPLEX ' - - " • i h h! SHAKESPEARE AVE (170 St) iVl M rms $90. Well kept rent contrl bldg rms $90. Well kept rent contrl Call 243-2213 or JE 7-5932 UNIVERSITY AVE, 1 agnificent 6 Rooms ) CHAMBERS, 3 BATHS RIVER VIEW high ceiling rms; 25 ' li ....... ,_, _. i ..y_$410_Bkr_SC_4-31l6 W END (86 St vie) ' I Rms— Prof— 1425 Lge 6 Rms . (can bt 3- bedrms— $340) , 7 , s— 7 rms— $ 450. A. Weiner TR 4-4838 APARTMENTS OF VARIOUS SIZES Suot r PL 1-2238 SEE SUPT OR CALL MU 6-1900 hi floor 176 ST. 233 E. 1 ' , Blks CONC NEWLY ' RENOVATED b ? Z ' l 3 rooms $95 and up. Supt 294 4551. m GRAND CONCOURSE 1749 iifiyj PStwW AT CLOVE LAKES PARK 3 rooms- FREE ELECTRICITY GAS ding $101 " FREE CENTRAL AIR ' I 6-190 . ; ' . CONDITIONING $«o-»5. vh Studio, 1, 2 3 Bedrm. Aprs c large apts , , •.,-„ 7-9 446. B kr. ■■.:•.■ from J I 38 Parkchester. ONE YEAR LEASE AVAIL ev bio., soe IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY nr Burnside PROFESSIONAL APTS AVAIL " 3 b ik to OPEN DAILY; t , SUNDAY :. hools. $86.96 . • ' » «■» " .•• ' «■ See Sum. 273-3.400 . " holsT ' stM ■ " HA M835 ir tr 4-4209 J. I. Sopher .. Cb., Inc. apt. partially Renting S Ma -ervoir, $185. Directions: n t, wkends. staten Islam ildg, rent contrlled, 3 rooms, $110. ail April 1s t . ME 5-7428 , 9-5 ' PM WEBB AVE., 2835 BEAUT AIR COND 3 1 5 RM APTS_ rT TCT " ,r»i[TTr , ri Opirtmtnts-BrBin ?corato " 1 rjrnished TaptV. " I AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY NO LEASE REQUIRED. ,.... k so iP««(in i See Resid ent manager. or_Kj_6J22J ■Z - -,_ -:..-, Pt-J ' unfurKTshid d 231 STREET " t SUPT OR CALL MU 6-1900 PIVFP TFPPAtT T 233 E 1 V, Blks CONC K |VCK ICKKA C I. JJ c. I j DIKS V.WINV. 2421 ' Palisade Ave. EWLY ' RENOVATED 31 Rm s .:. fr $171 s $«.ond_up surt.auSLgi Rms, Terr, 17th Fir.. $194 4 Rms, Terrace $228 x 5 ' , Rms, Terrace ......$300 rot v " 6 ' 2 Rms, Terrace 392 ' " . FREE gas, electric If vji -uiw V.UMV.WUBJL i tr m $T _ 3i01 INDEPENDENCE AVE ' MANOR HOUSE " LEWIS MORRIS APTS « $£ . sK 3SS Several 4 and 5 Room Apartments Anticipated FREE ELECTRICITY 24 Hr Doorman Service Rent Controlled Prof. Suites Also Avail Agent on Premises or Inquire Mr. Busman 986-3651 GRAND CONCOURSE Cor. 165 ! The Outstanding Luxury Residential Bldg of the Bronx 23-story centrally air cond EXECUTIVE TOWERS 1020 GRAND CONCOURSE Immed l Future Occup. 2 Bedroom Apts Rent includes Free Gas, Electricity, Air-Cond Renting Office on premises A Carol Management B.dg AGENT ON PREM. TU 4-1467 CHARLES H. GREENTHAL I CO., INC 23 ST (4051 Henry Hudson Pkwr) TOWN HOUSE ■ duplex; custom kitch AYRM — AIR COND BRIAR OAKS CHOICE 1,213 BEDRM APTS. 4555 Henry Hudson Parkway SEE AGEN T ON PREMI SES I 254 ST RIVERDALE NE 5425 VALLES AVE (OFF 254 ST I BWAY) 15 Mins from Manhattan 3Vj RMS FROM $155 AT NO EXTRA COST! FULL 2-BDRM APT W DINING ROOM 8, WINDOWED KITCHEN 1 BDRM APT CONVERT TO 2 2 BDRM APT CONVERT TO 3 .AIR COND CLOSETS GALORE . CHILDREN ' S PLAY AREA . BUS TO ALL SUBWAYS Agent on Prem. 549-4082 BeTH sT. ; riveIdaLe NETHERLAND GARDENS One Block from Shopping School, Pool and Library IMMEDIATE POSSESSION Studio Apts., $89 1 -Bedroom Apts., $141 SESSIONS VAN CORTLANDT TOWERS WINDSORS NORTH SOUTH HENRY HUDSON PARKWAY 247TH TO 249 STREETS , EXCEPTIONAL 3 BEDRM APTS fr $259 1 Bedrm Apt fr $164 RENTAL INCLUDES CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONING ELECTRIC 1 GAS RENTING OFFICE ON PREMISES VICTORY BLVD. NO NEW; Studl VtKUAlt SKYVIFW 4 co ' 7 inc ARLINGTON AVE. PL ' 2-4700 BETWEEN WEST 256 It 261 STS. . WEST OF RIVERDALE AVE. i f w,) APT RESIDENCE WITH YEAR-ROUND RESORT FACILITIES ONLY 24 MINUTES PROM MANHATTAN FEATURING FANTASTIC RIVER VIEWS ICE-SKATING RINK TENNIS COURTS TERRACE LOUNGE RECREATION AREA ART CLASSES SAUNA BATH 2 SWIMMING POOLS IS, 2 Bedrms [2 Baths) 33 ' IIVINGRM. 18 ' BEDROOMS ■:■■ fr. $150 • i. RIVER VIEWS.- " ■ ' . ' SURROUNDED ' BY j PARKS • -SEE AGENT. " ON PREMISE5- ' Apartments — Staten Island FLUSH:G-Kew j -LET US DO Y , ' Vh Rms, SI 1 3 ROOMS, J Nr.Sub, i W MO FEE-HO ' FLUSHING— NO - 3 ' j G8.E, S131, • I bths; SI 80. CAMERER. .41-09 rrt ON frit OCEAR free THE LUCKIEST PEOPLE .. _fl FIND APTS AT FLUSHIJIG-4;ien SEA CLIFF TOWERS Jrl%ti 20 CLIFF STREET OFF BAY STREET FLUSHING Jr 4 I 9-sty Luxurious Living ' a c dishwasher Closest to NYC Bklyn 35th Av. 762-7326 deluxe 2 Bdrm Apts, Free Gas flushing i«3-i r . . loc; 6 rm ar Fr$T82,2Bths,Ter HYLAN BLVD, 600 Ex Apartments— Qutins " AptsV To Th Housekee March 1967, ASTORIA. LARGE MODERN Vh furnished rms, TV. 1 block to subwi IL 8-9252 or OL 1-0469. FLUSHING— Transferred to STUDIO . Valley 1 BEDRM Jdfn 2 BEDRM ielse " n 2 BEDRM - 1 ■. — c-=H3 BEDRM FOREST HILLS— new luxury bid 1 « J (dining rm, i bdrms; Free pool, atr cond; Karen- iw:ii:i: l r :!«si- ' »-iJ IA beaut turn INO IRT 74 St. St JACKSON HTS ALL SIZES I leaut. turn near sub. owner 899-9224 ACKSON Hgts-Brand new S rms baaut turn AC bsn people pref, I blk subw mShSSX i ' ix iSdi KCIN I AL I ' lN LUWCd .I s-AwaV: Owner IN 1-8763; IL 1 )223 . ac o ri rrmir jackson heights. 3 rooms, newjy GAS » ELECTRIC , M f , y rn c g f ,l 0L i f °66S5. bus " " " " " " " " ? Studio, 1, 2 3 Bedrooms jackson heights, l. a 2 rm. ■eaut, f n« mod, bachelor studios, compl kitch. from $119 fireplace 1 blk IRT 456-660f IMMED 8, FUTURE OCCUP. kew gardens RENTING OFFICE ON PREMISES OPEN DAILY 8, SUNDAY N. Y. EXHIBITION HALL OPEN DAILY a SUN. AT 667, MADISON AVENUE. HA 1-4835 Kl 8-4543-4 J. L Sopher Co., Inc. Renting Ast On Prem. Another Apartment Community By CAROL MGMT CORP. MINUTES TO JFK £! 1 BLOCK TO Q10 BUS k SHOPS ' FOR , r i i New. 12 story fireproof bldg, beaut fur- TO A niture, free air-cond, sundeck, long ., IW ' short te m leases. Low, tow rents. -■ ■ .- . ' _. 83-60 111th St. Mr. Davis, HI 1-3050 AP? , KEW GDNS LUX 3 ' 2 47o c Mod turn, direct bus Kennedy. Airport, . ' 6.-rWnV.« IND KewGdns Sta 125-16 83 Dr apt IF " rw ' ,9 KEW GARDeNS. 2M. bright; . airy r Best Wishes To MARLENE and The Class of 1972 Mr. and Mrs. O. Gross Alan and Shirley Jack and Cheryl Harv Mazel Tov to Miriam Frisch Love, Mr. Frisch From All of Us To All of You Congratulations to our LEAH and The Class of 1972 Victor O. Kings ley Mrs. M. O. Poinsett Samuel E. Poinsett Congratulations! Carol Benson Mom Dad Daniel Jeffrey Family and Friends Best Wishes and Congratulations to Sandra Kilstein Mr. and Mrs. A. Bozof 108 " Nothing in life is more wonderful than faith — the one great moving force which we can neither weigh in the balance nor test in the crucible. " THE SENIOR CLA SS President Joan Lenoff Vice-President . . Sarah Kitajewitz Secretary Joan Goldschmidt Treasurer Sheila Kalish May the light of Torah be a shining beacon throughout your life MAZEL TOV to JOAN LEN OFF From Your loving family and friends Best wishes on our mutual graduations. WALTER Harry Meltzer Mazel Tov To LIZZIE Boohine Rides Again! Love Jonny David Brandy In Honor of Michelle Feigenbaum Mr. and Mrs. Louis Schreiber Mazel Tov and Best Wishesto Our darling daughter and sister CHASHIE Rabbi and Mrs. A. Bayarsky, Lipe, and Shelley Esther ' s Kosher Dairy Restaurant S and W. Skull Cap and Religious Articles FRUMA Congratulations And Best Wishes to our daughter ...... ..,.:....-, : Emma and Abba to my sister.... .......... .SUomo. to my dear fiancee ....:... ... ■,....,.. ; .-.. Sidney T. AND G. GLATT KOSHER DELI Magic Mates, Inc. Pasteur Pharmacy Inc. To Our Beloved Daughter And Sister LAURIE Mazel Tpv On Your Graduation ■ .;,;■ ' ' ■■ ' Love; ' : ■ ' : ;■■ ■ ■ Mom ; • ' - ' " . ■■■ ,; ' , ' ' ;: Dad And Hession And Connolh Congratulations and HED — Best Wishes to You ' ve won our heart! — All the SHARI w best! and Congratulations Class of 197 and Best Wishes The Gang Mom, Dad, to Barbara, RENEE Lori , r and Love, Zayde - HER CLASSMA TES Mom And Dad To SHEILA MOSK VITZ our ' iittle " sister Whose accomplishments make us look " up " to r her with pride To my wite, To the future S With love T LAURA, MRS. J. BERKOWIRZ Beverly Murray Koval T Much Happiness and You ' ve come a long Joannie Success Always! i way baby! Love, Jerry Love, Harold Congratulations and With love and Best Wishes Best Wishes to to our daughter-in-law ESTHER ESTHER With love, The Lasky Mom Family r Congratulations V Dad ROCHELLE W Peshy Sanders and Saffer Chava s ' Families . Mazel Tov to MICHELLE! May you have continued success, health S ' Mazel happiness always. Tov Mazel Tov LIZ S. Mom to Dad T CHAN A Elaine Lots of Love Elly w Judy Abba, Mommy, Shlomo, and . f and Noah Maury S S ilfai flft v» fcft |aw % MM ' n % vb kmb-y iS 1M1 nx-n 3 3? ' $ W " May the Lord bless you from Zion And may you see the splendors of Jerusalem all the days of your life And may you see the sons of your sons and Peace on all Israel. Psalms 128 STERN COLLEGE STUDENT COUNCIL President Leah Becker Vice-President .... Sharon Marks Corres. Secretary . . Robin Mandel Recording Secretary Fran Kaplowitz Treasurer ,Shari Rosoff 113 To PHYLLIS GORDON Mazel Tov and Best Wishes for future HAZLACH A Dr. J. Kuhl and Family MINDY From Ydnkers and Pel Ham ■ ' Parkwav Congratulations and Best Wishes To Our Darling BEVERLY on her graduation Momma Daddy Baba Phyllis ■ . ' Mindv i [ In honor of BELLA ' S graduation Mom Dad Isi Phyllis Chaim Dvora { } L ENFANT TERRIBLE 127 East 34 Street New York, New York, 10016 Fine children ' s wear for Boys and Girls With Our Fondest Good Wishes to S HERRI STEINBERG May she as well as her fellow classmates, fulfill their hopes and dreams. Mom Dad Debbie Marilyn In memory of my loving parents Fay and Leon Taksen Marlene Congratulations and Best Wishes for a Healthy, Happy and Successful Future To our dear daughter PHYLLIS Mr. and Mrs. W. Gordon CONGRATULATIONS to our girls JEANNIE SHARI JUDY on their graduation Sisterhood House of Jacob Utica, New York ,- ' " ■. ■ ■. MazelTovto ' JOY ' W;P ' A ' The- ■{:•:. ' • ' . ' . ?: ' ' .:: dicker ; -.■■■:.•■•. .-:. ' .■■■■ ■: . Gottesman y .:■:;; ' Pollack , - " ; ' ;..■] . " ' ' ' ' :. MOW , , . • ' ;■ : - - Geller ' - • ' ; ■■ ■ Schatz ■ ' • Families ' f MAZELTOV and HATZLACHARABBA to The Class of 1972 from Your absentee classmate in Oak Park, Michigan Joe a«d Carol iDuchan) Perecman MAZELTOV KAREN Our Love, Mom Dad Rennie Milce Amy Congratulations and Best Wishes BEVERLY and Her Classmates Mr. and Mrs. A.Kolat David A ndy Mazel Tov upon your graduation dear YAFFA Mom and Dad . ' Mazel Tov : To Our Darling FREDDA ' " ' . upon her graduation ■■ ' Mommy ■ ' , ' ' . ' ■ Daddy: ... " ; Dov ■ ' , " : ' ' ; , ; ' . ' v-; ' 1 ' •• ' ' ■■■: : ' :S ' : ' : ' ! ; " • ' ' ' , ' ; ' L w _ Mazel Tov upon your graduation ROSELIN Louis Genia Judy Y a g e r ESTHER PASTERNAK GOLDBERG : Congratulations ■ ' ;: on your graduation ■ Love, ■;.V; : ' . .The . ' - ..;; ' .. :: ' Feldman and „. ' . ' ■. Goldberg Families Mazel Tov to MARILYN LEDER upon her graduation Mommy Daddy- Ethel Anna Louie Mazel Tov GAIL Love, Mom Dad Mindy Congratulations RITA upon your graduation Love, Mom Dad Holly- Larry Mazel Tov ■-■ ' BONNIE ' . ' ■ Mom. Dad . Joey . 117 Mazel Tov As You Reach Success All Our Love Mom Dad Sherri Rebecca Frank Mazel Tov A VIVA ALBERT From, Mom, Dad, And Suri Congratulations F O O Congratulations 5 L i H I V A T R W i ° I k N N Mazel Tov Class of 1972 119 Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to SHIFRA Mom Dad Bernard Kay David Hennie Annie Yudin Family Mazel Tov CHAN A from Dovid Dina Sarah Leah Rachi Greetings to SHEILA GOLDSTEIN upon her graduation Freidman and Leibler Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to JUDYR OSENKRA NZ Mom and Dad Jerry and Rivka To My Favorite Only Twin Sister LINDA Steven Billauer Mazel Tov to S HERRI STEIN BER G Lots of Good Luck THOMPSON MEDICAL CORP. Congratulations to DONNA upon her graduation Mr. and Mrs. R. Geller and Larry JOAN Mazel Tov on your graduation Karen and Norm 120 MazelTov and All the Best HEDDA Mom, Dad, and Naomi Congratulations to TIM MY Life-long friends of the Zapinskys To our Daughter SUSAN and The Class Of 1972 Lots of Luck and Success Mom Dad Michael Vivian Jessica Our Mazel Tov and Best Wishes for a bright future to our " Bechora " LEAHSHOSHANA With pride and deep affection her parents, Arnold and Judith Becker Rachel, Deena, Ephraim David Mazel Tov To SHELL Y B. Mom Dad Sarah Hayim Jerry Judy Love, My Best Wishes to my granddaughter RENEE Martin Lebowitz For My Niece DVORA AUNT BELLA Compliments of PASCAPCO..INC. to PHYLLIS JICK Congratulations to MARALYN and The Class Of 1972 Jack Strulowitz To Our Niece And Cousin LAURIE On Her Graduation Love, The Vitriols Congratulations to CHASHIE From the Glamorize Foundation Mazel Tov To Qur Daughter LIZ With Love, Mom And Dad To our dear Phyllis Shulamith Much love and success in the Future. Mom A nd Dad Community Cleaners And Tailors Mazel Tov ELIZABETH On Your Graduation Grandma Hazlacha Raba and Mazel Tov to CHAN A Stuie Mazel Tov , DONNA Reliance Wool and Quilting Prdducts, Inc. To LA URIE Best Wishes On Your Graduation Love Tully Congratulations To All Our CLASSMATES Phyllis Richman and Heidi Kranz 122 I Sisterhood Of Roselawn Synagogue Jo MARALYN Congratulations And Best Wishes All Our Love, Mom, Dad, And Babi Best Wishes to DONNA Mr. and Mrs. 0. Mack Mazel Tov To Cousin PHYLLIS Michael Richman, D.D.S. Mazel Tov to our daughter SHARON Mr, arid Mrs. H. Marks Kaufman Electric Co. Mazel Tov To Our Favorite Daughter-In-Law SHELLEY Love, The Bulman Family To SUZY Mazel Tov on your graduation Love, Jake Universe Imports Best Wishes To Our Sister And Aunt Jordan Cindy MARALYN Robin Hebrew ° Academy Cleveland Modern Builders Supply 123 -Best Wishes RONNA Mont-ana ! Dad Congratulations To the JOANG. Mazel Tov on your graduation Love, Mom and Dad Class Of 1972 From the Class of 1973 the Class of 1974 the Class of 197 5 ( The Best To Est " Love, Mommy, Daddy Ruki Rivki Laya Davidowitz Bobby Zidy Davidowitz Bobby Zidy Selengut The Whole Family 124 Dear Mom, Dad, Danny, Esther, Yehuda, and Gladys Love, Meira Congratulations and BestWshes MazelTov BARBARA The Knobel family SUSAN SCHREINER The Schreiner Family LAKELAND FOUNDATION INC : ' Congratulations With Love And Best Wishes to My Wife, ESTHER Arm and Lasky BEILE on her graduation We wish our daughter ANN TOBY and The Class of 1972 hearty Mazel Tov Mr. and Mrs. M. Starkman Mazel Tov HEIDI The Schweiser J ' Families f jf Birchas Mazel Tov V ' hatzlachah f Rabah to our daughter and sister CANADA f JUD Y GREENFIELD Rabbi and Mrs. B. Greenfield Rabbi and Mrs. J. Greenfield and Esther Rabbi and Mrs. M. Greenfield Yoni Faygail Congratulations and Best Wishes ZEN A STERN Mr. and Mrs. I. Stern f Mr. and Mrs. H. Stern f Mr. and Mrs. L. Stern f Rabbi and Mrs. S. Berger f and f Families f f Mazel Tov Congratulations LINDA JUDY SIMON upon your graduation Norgal Industries f Karasick and Ulevitch f Familip i Congratulations to SHARON BORENSTEIN from TelePromp Ter To my daughter SHEILA With all the love and pride a mother can have Mrs. Sally Moskovitz MAZELTOV to my ' MAZEL TOV and BEST WISHES BABY POO to your ever SHELLIandCHAIM adoring RA upon your graduation We know vou never let school get in the way of your education BEST WISHES Mom, Dad and Michael Susan and David SHARON TIV TOO STORES ROCHEL ROBERTA HATZLACHA RABBA in all that you do SARA on your graduation Love Youhave.made us very proud Mom All our love Dad Mom and Dad Warsawick Jay Ann and Michael Teri Jodie Lightning 128 r tl ■frY.IASSflF ' TZ A Vou haye earned promot ion to our rante I5TERN COLLEGE ALUMNAE SSOCIATION 129 MAZEL TOV and BEST WISHES MAZEL TOV SHEILA SARA KITAJEWITZ All the best I. Deutch and Sons Love Cincinnati, Ohio The Goldstein and Gingold Families MAZEL TOV to MIRIAM COHN from one big happy family Cohns, Kohns, and Furst MAZEL TOV and BEST WISHES EL A YNE BRA UNER DOBIN upon her graduation To Chump David, Joshua, Mother, Grandma, Alan, Miriam, Rebecca, Dad, " Don ' t Mother and all the family it always seem to go that HATZLACHA RABBA you don ' t know what and you ' ve got BEST WISHES till it is gone. " upon youi JOYCE ■ graduation Lady Daddy Kweep EMPIRE PO ULTRY Z 130 Our Fondest Wishes TIM MY Mrs. Bella Goldwyn Martin Sharon Judy Dear SANDRA and all her graduating friends MAZEL TOVI We ' re proud of y ' all Love Mom Dad Fay Sylvia RENEE Congratulations you made it. Judy Aby MAZEL TOV TO OUR FAVORITE DAUGHTER-IN-LAW SARA Mom and Dad Gottlieb Barbara and Michael O0e. l nciO V-V»6L-V UieJvfe. o-V 4- l e_ fnooJ 6 y Le+ ' 6 qd ' Compliments ofBlechner and Kalish Families I Z I - .1 ; £ • III -2- E 1- ' o " £ ■j S c •J v e . r 11 a. « O o - 9 - o o o = 3 s 1 ? E f 2 First day in school. A new d inition ol " chaos " (or M nam Webster Advance o space. s SoodLackCLarly C rds... ' Your name is Adams. Registration begins with " 2 " You have your B A So what?! 14) First freshman to get en- gaged. " KaneYerbu " . They do!Theydo! V O 1 " 15) Ground-breaking ceremony for new building. Take extn 16) Another chagiga. Use your own [udgement. 17) Pick up 1 " Good Luck Cha ly " . Begin at " go " you ' re a sophomore, 18) 1-7 nothing has chan This too shall pass ) Rabbi Twersky is in town. Re- treat! Retreat! Retreat! Take card from You ' ve Got to be Kidding " 12) Strike successful. Let ' s cele- brate 34th Street here we come! 13) The Dean leaves his office " sle Hecheyanu " . Go back onespace. 0 " O9C 20) What did we do to desen this??? Lose one turn. 21) Good-bye Mrs. Auerbach. Hel- ioMrs Shimoff. 23) The Magnificent Mets 24) Second semester begins along with it, hopes for courses. 25) Yes Virginia there is a Dean Mrs. Reich totd me so . 27) Mid semester D eath at Kent Cambodia Referenda I s • 2

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