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% ik it came Observers of yesterday, we are the preservers of tomorrow. " Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it. " The Stern girl strives to make today ideal, 4. A time to tear down and a time to build up. The earth yields, and out of the debris of yesterday we construct a personal reality elevated by religious vision. In our four years at Stern we have witnessed a turbulent meta- morphosis in ourselves and in the character of our school. Nous sommes arrivees! Ill REGISTRATION: provoking, panicky, painful, perverse . . . But there was always a helping hand. I Dean during our freshman year, Norman Frimer was truly in- volved with the student body. He knew each girl by name and was always ready to humanely bend bureaucracy. With the bending came innovation; he left Stern much richer than he found it. " But for those first affections, Those shadowy recollections Which, be they what they may, Are yet the fountain light of all our day. " Stern girls participated in an off-Broadway production of The Merchant of Venice in February nt 1968. It i Observer Editor Meryle Cherrick in trainir Ambassador Arthur Goldberg spoke at Yeshiva University ' s commencement in 1969 ... their savage eyes turned to a modest gaze by the sweet power of music. " Let us lift our voices in song and beg for peace in the world. Our chorus exulted in the miracle of Jewish survival — Purim, Chanukah, Israeli Independence. Stern ' s first basketball team was started in our freshman year. We opened our eyes to the academic world around us. Professor Emeritus of Art, Rachel Wischnitzer, renowned scholar, was ho- nored at an assembly in 1968 . WOMEN In December of 1969, the Speech Arts Forum presented a controversial program on Agnew and the press. vm I hold the world but as a stage where every man must play his part . . . We learned to act in our own lives as well. Student Council President and Observer Editor led us in our first radical move — a threatened strike to gain our new building. Success! A strike was not necessary. Funds were mustered and an official groundbreaking ceremony was held in the spring of ' 69. Junior Year In Israel 1] " While here I stand, not only with the sense of present pleasure, but with pleasing thoughts that in this moment there is life and food for fu- ture years, and so I dare to hope. " We became aware of those in need around the corner and around the world. • i -v .ai IN WEfOORy FofK KILLED ftT KSffT 5?nTE ( U160N CM Use ? " O yet we trust that somehow good Will be the final goal of in, To pangs of nature, sins of will, Defects of doubt, and taints of blood . . . ' HBH ' We will walk on our own feet; we will work with our own hands; we will speak our own minds 7 In the spring of ' 70, we picketed to insure Yeshiva ' s future as a Torah institution. 30 Students and faculty cooperate to act on world problems. In Foley Square we joined New York Jewry to demonstrate for our brothers in the Soviet Union. : skn mmm The fate of Israel has always M 1 been a primal m m -r-f 1 -,. ■::X ' - mte y ■ " ■- ' - ■ ■: " i NpWhmp; ».»»HI i SJHf ae A y llth floor gym replaced 9th Avenue ' s West Side Jewish Center. new library With the revision of our former beliefs came the renovation of the old building. With our expansion into additional concerns and the physical growth of the student body came the construction of the new building. wmm new classroom Modern science laboratories were installed on floors 3-5 of the old building. KM Stern students and faculty enjoy light, and space, and warmth — all is well in the new building. Dedication We dedicate our yearbook to Rabbi Ra- phael Weinberg: scholar, teacher, friend, idealist. Each of his Jewish History classes gave something to his students — a philo- sophical problem to ponder, a new facet of the Jewish past, or a funny story to tell roommates. Rabbi Weinberg was one of us. His deep blue eyes crinkled with laughter at our good times and narrowed with con- cern at our personal problems. Our teacher, our friend had a dream which he shared with each of us. Emigration to Eretz Yisroel, the Holy Land, the Jewish Land. We were sorry to lose him, but we are happy to see his dream come true. " And how do we know that Alexander the Great was so beloved by the Jews? You ' ve dated lots of nice Jewish boys named Alex, haven ' t you ? Have you ever met one named Ahasuerus 7 " " It is with special pleasure that I extend congratulations to the 1971 graduating class of Stern College for Women. You have been participants in the notable growth and development of the College during four years of changing times in the world, the nation, the community, and Yeshiva University. As students you have sought to gain in the spiritual strength of our timeless her- itage while simultaneously devoting yourselves to the intellectual quest pro- vided by the arts and sciences. As you go forward to fill your roles in home life, career, and community, you will be forti- fied to meet the challenges and to set an example of dedication to the highest ideals of our people and to give conse- crated service to the Almighty and your fellowmen. May you be granted continued well being and fulfillment. Sincerely yours, Samuel Belkin President I take great pride in sending greetings to the 1971 graduating class of Stern College for Women. This fall you shared with us the satisfaction of dedicating the new classroom-administration building which enlarged and enhanced the physical facilities of the College. The force behind the growth of the College has been generated by the intellectual and spiritual qualities of the high calibre student body, joined with a dedicated faculty and administration. You have contributed to a memorable period of the school ' s development, and we can all be proud of your participation. In today ' s world of change you face exciting challenges as you go forward to take your roles in the home, in further study, in careers, and in the community. I am sure that the advantages you have had at the College for intellectual development through the arts and sci- ences and for spiritual strength through our Judaic heritage will enable you to continue to build worthy lives of personal fulfillment and service to the community. I extend to each of you my warmest congratulations on reaching this significant milestone and my very best wishes for the future. Max Stern Inoursophomoreyear David Mirsky became our dean. A quiet man, our dean works efficiently and well from the confines of his office. Four years pass rather quickly, but under certain circumstances, or at a given period of life, they can be very decisive in shaping a complete life- time. The years you have spent at Stern College may very well prove to be, in retrospect, the most decisive years in your lives . The years you spent in college were years of radi- cal upheaval and change on the American Cam- pus. In this period students began to use the cam- pus as a staging ground for campaigns to establish the student voice as an instrument to be reckoned with in matters of policy not only on the campus but in society as a whole. It was during these years that, impelled by the determined stand of student, serious rethinking of many matters — material issues and decisions, value systems and struc- tures, campus policies and practices — took place, and in many instances basic alterations and modi- fications were introduced. This drive and move- ment made itself felt at Stern in matters particular to our College, and in many areas you were re- sponsible for initiating reappraisals and changes which, even if they did not significantly affect you, will have significant effects on students for years to come. As you leave the college, I believe that you will carry over into your endeavors in the years to come, whether in your continued schooling or in other activities you will pursue, the effects of this experience. Two matters, I believe, will be of greatest significance, as lessons drawn from the campus ferment of the past years at Stern College. First, is the increased concern for, and therefore increased commitment to, the principle that for the fullest fulfillment of self in life it is mandatory for the Jewish student to strive for and attain as strong an identification as possible with Judaism and as intensive and broad a knowledge as possible of the Jewish heritage. To feel the emotional pull of Jewish identity is not enough if one hopes to achieve full psychic wholeness. One must be prepared to practice in daily life the teachings of traditional Jewish life if they are to become vital and energizing forces which give meaning and significance to our activities as human beings operating in a modern society, and not remain glorious but ineffectual generalizations. Another way to ensure this end is to acquire as full and sound knowledge of our heritage and its teachings as one is able to. Second is the lesson that you can speak and be heard. It was in good part student demand that spurred changes in our programs. Remember, then, as you enter the broader com- munity, that if you are committed and dedicated, you have the power to effect change, and if you keep before you the goals and aspirations which Stern College has always kept before it, and to which it continues to be dedicated, the changes you effect will be for good. As you leave the College, our best wishes go with you. May you find fulfillment in your lives over the years and return to renew and be renewed in this institution which stands for the great ideal of preparing leaders who will reinforce the general community by application of the great fructifying principles and practices of the Jewish tradition. David Mirsky Shoshana Bacon Dean ' s List, Woodrow Wilson nominee, Culture Club Chairman, Talent Show. Barbara Baras Dean ' s List; Woodrow Wilson nominee; Feature Editor, Observer; Tempo staff. Joy Bekritzky Dean ' s List, Who ' s Who, Observer staff, Dorm Council, Student Council. r ' xia tf» ' » np a ravw 2 ' S ' W VStnpn nvby I I im rwro nam in p n ' s rrn nm:a 7HZZZ mmm Rita Bros be Copy Editor, Observer; Business Manager, Kochaviah. Meryle Cherrick Editor-in-Chief, Observer; Committee on Curricular and Academic Affairs; Dean ' s List; Woodrow Wilson nominee; Big Sister; Undergraduate Council. Rochelle Naomi Burnstein Chami Chinn President Freshman Class, Student Council President, Jewish Studies Review Commit- tee, Israeli Dance Club. Elaine Cohen mK ina -inoR ps n»m piD ns 1 ? bm Rona Lee Cohn Judith Davidowitz Soni Edelstein TAC Representative, Associate Editor Ashes and Sparks, Floor Chairman, Observer staff. Anne Ehrlich Chairman of SSSJ I -ik run , P ' os T ' it ' ruv iH Sandra Rae Ehrenreich President, Dorm Council. Esther Edelman Dean ' s List, Treasurer of Senior Class, Chairman of Senior Hospitality. tyns rn n " ? ' B nam Naomi Filler 9H1 ixmny " inos Rochelle Fogel Choir, Neighborhood Youth Core, Kochav- iah Staff, Assistant Floor Chairman. Esther Ehrman Barbara Friedman Observer Staff, Dorm Council Judy Etkin Deborah Pearl Fruchter Dean ' s List, Sophomore Class Secretary, Ob- server staff, Kinorot Choir, TAC. Sally Rottenstreich Frenkel Observer staff, Big Sister, Dean ' s List, Wood- row Wilson nominee. Rochelle Bonnie Garf ink el Student Court Judge, Floor Chairman, Senior Blind Date Committee. Deborah Susan Friedman Senior Representative in Education Dept. Janet Hellman Fleischer Dean ' s List, Observer staff. irts la n n» ' o jx»Tns mm -jflffl pjsia npm .txis W ' s ,vw •to nan: h»ti,v i? ' 1 ?! " iUV nam mm Sherry Fyman Chevrat Nashim. Betsy Rita Garf unkel Basketball Team. Judy Helaine Geller Dean ' s List, Woodrow Wilson nominee. Diane S. Gewanter Treasurer of Junior Class, Chevrat Nashim, Psy- chology Club, Yavneh. Joan Glick Woodrow Wilson nominee; Dean ' s List; Photogra- phy Editor, Observer and Kochaviah; Big Sister. ■» pooi ' m run rani wna Paula Goldstein Student-Faculty Committee, Vice President of Student Council, President of Sopho- more Class, Big Sister. Bryna Greenberg Yavneh ■% ' i V n r. 36 1 w omsn npxi n n.T T»n pa ' s n:n L Naomi Hain Big Sister, TAC, Observer staff. Nancy Fink Hain Secretary of Dorm Council. Rae Haller Judi Rebecca Harris Miriam Ina Harrison Choir, Dramatic Society, Observer staff, Kochaviah staff, Psychology Club. vn »s» Roberta Goldberg Henesch Parshat Hashavua Club, Big Sister, Art Club. Shava Weinstein Herling Brenda Hirschheimer Sarah Tobie Holstein Co-Editor of Speech Journal, Choir, Observer staff, Co-Chairman of Senior Dinner. Tina Jaskoll Assistant Floor Chairman, Big Sister, Woodrow Wilson nominee, Dean ' s List. Vipo ' nan ■ J ' Vnr; ; " uo j ■ i HUH YUXP fftwa H313 P " P n»» Marsha Kagan Dean ' s List, Vice President of Dorm Council, TAC, Representa- tive to English Dept. Brondie Michelle Katz Business Manager, Kochaviah; TAC; Yavneh; Big Sister; Floor Chairman. fisp NT Gail Kaplan Dean ' s List. Josie Kaplan Dean ' s List, Big Sister, Choir, Vice President of Freshman Class, Dra- matic Society. Chava Yonina Katz Basketball Team Captain, Floor Chairman. Faye-EIaine Kischel Student Action for Peace, Modern Jazz Club, Dean ' s List Lady Bird Johnson Award. Debbie Klaff Observer staff, Big Sister, Trea surer of Sophomore Class, Israeli Dance Club Chairman. Gail Rebecca Landgarten Dorm Council, Dramatic Society, Observer staff. Rose Greenwald Landowne P " tjV Tbl13 ' TA V ' T h ?m W fi npa-i ys on-nt 1 ? runy Edith Lazaros Editor-in-Chief of Kochaviah, Woodrow Wilson nomi- nee, Who ' s Who, Observer Supplement Editor, Dean ' s List, Chorus, Drama. Joyce Naomi Litvin Senior Editor of Kochaviah, Big Sister, Student Action for Peace. T iiB , ' 7 lasvnam Hi Ufe iff xpai " ? (a -na 11 ?) minx Terry Wachtel Lebewohl Lilly Lubka Chairman of Freshman Shabbos, Stu dent Action for Peace. iw. Rachael Majerowicz Dance Club, Co-Chairman of Sophomore Entertainment Committee. Ina Mudrick yan ' SB " ?m Dlpia n ' 3 run ? ' ■?! " » miss Beverly Marcus Publicity Manager of Kochav- iah, Calendar Artist, Big Sister. Fay Meizlik Observer staff, Junior Publicity Committee. Themey Bronner Monderer Choir. Janet Lawrence Nadler Observer staff. ■mna -una xayo i 1 ?!: nm,T •F p ' jwkbsb min P ' x ' ns wry Linda Pattashnick Drama Club, Big Sister, Speech Journal, Dorm Council. Jean Polachek Yavneh President, Observer staff. Jeanette Newman Choir, Drama Club. Jill Laurie Pollack P ' jd rmo iau yiin? Deborah Pratt Literary Editor of Kochaviah, Editor of Ashes and Sparks, Observer staff, Art Club. Holly Quint Observer staff, Choir, Folk Dance Club. Yvette Rosenberg Big Sister, Student Court Judge, Chevrat Nashim, Drama Club. Susan Rosenf eld Debate Club Chairman, Dean ' s List. jroam Vrn 83 if -lire npan Shelly Siebzener TAC President, Observer staff, Co- Chairman of Freshman Orientation, Dress Code Committee, Who ' s Who. Miriam Siegelman Doris Singer Reggie Singer Janet B. Shore Vice President of the Senior Class, TAC representative, Choir, Drama Club. -lyjsat rn " IM ' O mm jtfwpn noin Stephanie Stern TAC, Dean ' s List, Big Sister, Floor Chairman, Tzedakah Committee. Hedy Wakschlag Choir, Dean ' s List, Senior Class Secretary, Big Sister. pj?tw m» 4- ■ 4 - -| " " I3 ' T n ' TliT Yetti Sinnreich Chairman of Lecture Series, Jewish Family Service. Helene Rose Urbach President of Senior Class, Vice President of Junior Class, Jewish Family Service, Co-Chairman of Lec- ture Series. Elaine Wendy Wallace Bikur Cholim Committee, Ashes and Sparks, Drama Club, Speech Arts Forum. Barbara Kaplan Waxman Choir. laopi i sp rrra o xn na ' as ns 1 ? Ethel Weintraub Chairman of Students for Peace in the Middle East. men ?5?os The following people are not pictured for a variety of rea- sons: Edna Sales Bessen, Felice Cohen, Rose Jacobs, Paia Kimerling, Laurie Nissel, Karen Russak Zheutlin, Rachelle Secofsky, Esther Silverman, Pearl Singer, Eva Sper, Zippor- ah Weinfeld, Fritzi Zweig, Marlene Zweig. •■ i mm ■ ■$ Arft ;0 4H o I I r A - FUcp, Ph I - 4 ivt -i£ v Gersion Appel Professor of Philosophy Samuel J. Bernstein Associate Professor of Political Science David Bleich Instructor in Judaic Studies Murray Altman Instructor in Biology 3 Z Yehuda Bohrer Instructor in Judaic Studies Cecily Dobin Lecturer in Chemistry Doris Goldstein Professor of History Fred Goodman ff i Professor of Biology Irene Goldring Associate Professor of Biology Nathalie Friedman Assistant Professor of Sociology Bernard Creenberg Instructor in Sociology Jessica Grant Instructor in Biology Helen Goodman Lecturer in Art j m Iv ' i Carol Gruber Assistant Professor of History Martin Gordon Instructor in Judaic Studies m Laurel Hatvary Instructor in English m Michael Hecht Lecturer in Political Science ■p " Shelly R. Koenigsberg Associate Professor of Education Nancy Knopka Instructor in Spanish W. Konar Instructor in Physics Hadassah Kosak Instructor in Hebrew Anna Krakowski Professor of French Hebraic Studies Jf i 1 ' .; f ' Sof ie Lauf er Lecturer in German Joseph Levinson Assistant Professor of Education Simeon Krumbein Assistant Professor of Chemistry Ethel Orlian Lecturer in Chemistry Marcel Perlman Associate Professor of Psychology Allan Pollack Assistant Professor of History IUHMIIIimH Nathaniel Remes Associate Professor of Chemistry Cesar Rennert Lecturer in Spanish Ellen Robinson Associate Professor of Psychology pT cJ Noah Rosenbloom Professor of Hebraic Studies Thelma Rosenblatt Lecturer in Psychology Joseph Roth Instructor in Hebraic Studies Susan Sardy Assistant Professor of Education Ruth Rubinstein Lecturer in Sociology Fabian Schonf eld Lecturer in Judaic Studies Joshua Shmidman Instructor in Philosophy Judaic Studies Peninnah Schram Instructor in Speech Aaron Shurin Lecturer in Hebrew Carole Silver Assistant Professor of English Renee Singer Lecturer in French II Mervin Verbit Professor of Sociology Dan Vogel Professor of English Arthur Tauber Assistant Professor of Health Education Rafael Victor Instructor in Mathematics Daniel Zif f Lecturer in Music Edith Woolfson Lecturer in Speech Hannah Wolkenfeld Lecturer in Health Education Avraham Weiss Instructor in Judaic Studies Administration Esther Zurof f Placement Coordinator Tovah Lichtenstein Acting Director of Student Services w m Esther Reich Assistant to the Dean Shirley Shimoff Assistant Director of Student Services Pauline Winter Ethel Rosenthal Elliot Zak Mrs. Lubetski and her staff managed to keep the library semi- open while it was moving to the new building this year. The li- brary is small, but we have found that if you bother to pause be- fore your trip to 42nd Street and check the Stern card catalogue, you will often save yourself a trek. ZZH Miss Malamud 9 Mrs. Sara Keller Mrs. Strausser Student Personnel Services Mrs. Rita Dunne mi Student Council Student government agencies across the country have had an unspectacular year. Stern ' s Student Council is no exception. Back row from left to right: Shari Rosoff, Linda Ulev- itch, Leah Becker, front row, Sharon Marks, president Naomi Chinn. Dorm Council It was a big year for the Dorm Council. They finally did something with those dues — gave us a freshly- painted, black-and-yellow lounge. Shades of Halloween! Pictured standing, from left to right: Reeva Levine, Marsha Kagan, Paula Alpert. Seated is President Sandy Ehrenreich. From left to right: Janet Shore, Hedy Waksch- 5, Helene Urbach. Standing in rear is Esther Edelman. Senior Class Officers Junior Class Officers Pictured from left to right: President Rachelle Diamond, Judy Raskas, Miriam Kohn, and Beverly Kolat. •m ■ Freshman Class Officers Standing from left to right are president Margo Bergmann, Rachel Chernotsky, Gayle Lacks. Seated is Sherry Scheinberg. Sophomore Class Officers Pictured from left to right: Robin Mandel, Fran Kaplow- itz, Judy Dere. Heather Green. m Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry In the rear is Joan Goldschmidt. The back row from left to right: Donna Geller, President Shari Rosof f , Josie Kaplan, Karen Taylor, and Debbie Fruchter. Front row, left to right: Judy Willig, Phyllis Aronowitz. SSSJ was especially active during this year of real crisis for Soviet Jewry. Besides demonstrations, they sponsored a prayer vigil which featured stu- dent dramatists and received excellent television coverage. Chevrat Nashim First row from left to right: Diane Gewanter, Sandy Maza, Judy Krotki. Second row: Betty Cohen, Marion Greenman, President Sherry Fyman. At the top of the heap: Shelly Shilcrat Chevrat Nashim is our version of Women ' s Lib — sort of Women ' s Lip. Torah Activities Committee Torah Activities Committee is an organi- zation designed to promote religious spirit in SCW. It sponsors extra-curricular classes in Religious Studies, publishes parsheyot hashavuah, and encourages bikur cholim. Back row: Esther Chaitovsky, Brondi Katz. Front row: Judy Chaitovsky, Phyllis Aronowitz, Shelly Siebzener, Roberta Burman and Judy Simon (front) Observer Back row from left to right: Rita Brosbe, Judy Raskas, Miriam Kohn, Marlene Gross, Middle row, from left to right: Editor Meryle Cherrick, Joan Glick. Front row, from left to right: Esther Kastrovitsky, Lois Schwartzfarb, Michelle Feigenbaum. WYUR Pictured from left to right, Carol Duchane, Karen Taylor, Joan Shanf ield. Israeli Dance Club Back row, from left to right: Marlene Taksen, Judy Chaitovsky, Rosalyn Stahl, Bleema Sklar. Mid- dle row, from left to right: Rashie Fishman, Esther Chaitovsky, President Debbie Klaff. Front row, from left to right: Marilyn Steinberg, Roz Hillelsohn. W w Tempo Standing is Lois Schwartzfarb. Seated is Aileen Pollock. Tempo is the official student magazine of Yeshiva University. Its entertainment suggestions and reviews rival Cue in accuracy, if not writing proficiency. Basketball Team In back, from left to right: Bleema Sklar, Captain Yonina Katz. Front row, from left to right: Gayle Lacks, Mara Cumsky, Gaye Sicklick, Shelly Black. Business Managers Rita Brosbe Brondie Katz Senior Editor Joyce Litvin Photographer Joan Glick Literary Editors Debbie Pratt Lois Schwartzf arb Copy Editor Rose Landowne Publicity Bev. Marcus Kochaviah Editors-in-Chief Judith Krotki Edith Lazaros The Stern girl has changed. The new Stern girl in the new Stern building is what this year- book is all about. We think she ' s changed for the better. Suddenly New York really is her campus, as she leaves B. Altman ' s to face the world. We ' ve come out these years — not in fluffy, pastel dresses, but in black bands of mourning for the Jew of Russia, the student of Kent State, and the child of the Vietnamese rice field. We don ' t know all the answers. But in the past four years we ' ve been learning where to find them. The Jew must govern himself by the Torah. It provides the steady faith on which we can lean in this transitory world. This is the model we will carry with us. We would like to thank those who have helped make this statement, this book of the year, possible: the public relations staff of Yeshiva University, especially photographer David Weinhouse, for many fine pictures; Dr. Morris Epstein, our adviser; Phil St. Pierre, our de- voted yearbook representative; a few hard- working seniors; and, of course, Sharen, Shel- ley, and Timmy for welcoming yearbook ads, pictures, layout sheets, copy, and co-editors- in-chief into an overcrowded 6H. II . ., -- I . f If o a rg n «, a i ; la tit BLLi r« ... " Ve chol banayich limudei Hashem verav shalom banayich. Al tikra banayich elah bonayich. Shalom rav leohavei toratechah. " For it is said: All your children shall be taught of the L-rd, and great shall be the peace of your children. Read not Banayich (your child- ren) but Bonayich (your builders) — scholars are the true builders of peace. " Talmud Brachot 64a Hatzlacha Raba STERN COLLEGE STUDENT COUNCIL Chami Chinn-Pres. Leah Becker- Vice Pres. Shari Rosoff-Rec. Sec. Linda Ulevitch-Corresp. Sec. Sharon Marks-Treasurer The world will go on without you; give her some- thing to remember you by, or at least wave at her kindly and with a good wish. The Senior Class " Time it was and what a time it was. It was a time of innocence, a time of confidences Long ago, it must be I have a photograph. Preserve your memories They ' re all that ' s left you. " Class of ' 74 Congratulations to the Class of ' 71 from Class of ' 73 Robin Mandel, Pres. Judy Dere, Vice Pres. Fran Kaplowitz, Sec ' y. Heather Green, Treas. t I Judith Krotki Best Wishes Permag Corporation In honor of the editor-in-chief, Judy Krotki Her Friend Boruch Shepetrani Edith our editor-in-chief Love, Mom Dad, Jack, Esther, Michael, David, Lisa Compliments of the Korus Family of Calverton, N.Y. HE5SION AND CONNOLLY, INC fruits — vegetables — grocery — delicatessen meat dept. prime meats our specialty 175 MADISON AVE. at 34th St., N.Y.C. MUrray Hill 3-6252-3 telephone your orders ! Imperial Card Gift Shop Hallmark Cards — Gifts Stationery On 34th Street, just west of Lexington MAZEL TOV KAREN Your husband Michael Mom and Dad Russak Mom and Dad Zheutlin Ellen and Larry Lenny, Bobbee and Zvi Feiner m Congratulations to the graduates of 1971 and Elaine Wallace Card and Gift Boutique 64 East 34 Street DISCOUNTS TO STERN STUDENTS To Elaine and the graduates of 1971 May all your future wishes be fulfilled Goldrich Wines and Liquors Inc. 60 East 34 Street New York, New York Congratulations to Elaine Wallace and the graduates of 1971 The Butcher Block 62 East 34 Street New York, New York BLOCH PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC. The Jewish Book Concern 31 West 31st St. New York, N.Y. FIFTH AVENUE CARD SHOP Empire State Building 18 West 34 St. New York, N.Y. ESTHER ' S KOSHER DAIRY RESTAURANT 165 MADISON AVE. (NEAR 33RD ST.) NEW YORK, N.Y. TEL. 685-7290 FULLY AIR CONDITIONED SHOMER SHABBOS CHOLOV YISROEL I Gordon Furniture Co. Carl ' s Auto Accessories At this point we really wanted to quit. Edie and Judy Milton Baker m Joe Gross Bernard Pearlman Mr. Louis Krupkin Grant Drug Co. K S COMPLIMENTS OF EASTLAND WOOLEN MILL, INC. CORINNA, MAINE ■■ YES! MR. AND MRS. HERMAN KAPLAN ARE HONORED TO BE REPRESENTED IN THIS YEAR ' S GRADUATING CLASS BY THEIR DAUGHTER JOSIE SHANNAN PASTEUR PHARMACY, INC. OPPOSITE DORMITORY OPEN SUNDAYS 10 PARK AVENUE STUDENT DISCOUNT TO OUR DAUGHTER AND SISTER ; HEDY ON HER GRADUATION WAKSCHLAG FAMILY TO ALL OUR BEAUTIFUL GIRLS SALON DEBBIAN 56 WEST 57 STREET NEW YORK, NEW YORK 10016 PL7-3328-9 BEST WISHES TO ALL THE GIRLS W.H. KINNECO., INC. 40 EAST 34 STREET NEW YORK, NEW YORK 10016 BEST WISHES TO ROCHELLE BURNSTEIN MR. AND MRS. BENJAMIN SILBERT TO DEBBIE AND NAOMI MAZEL TOV ON YOUR GRADUATION BEN, BECK, LEON, MARKIE MARILYN WERE IT NOT FOR LOVE POOR LIFE WOULD BE A SHIP NOT WORTH THE LAUNCHING. WITH LOVE AND CONGRATS, MARTY. CONGRATULATIONS TO ROCHELLE BURNSTEIN MR. MAX LITTMAN HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS TO REGGI SINGER UPON HER GRADUATION MR. AND MRS. MARTIN COMPLIMENTS OF BOUTIQUE BARN 166 MADISON AVENUE NEW YORK, NEW YORK CONGRATULATIONS ROCHELLE AND BEST WISHES FROM HER PARENTS RABBI AND MRS. SIMON BURNSTEIN CONGRATULATIONS TO REGGI UPON YOUR GRADUATION FROM YOUR PARENTS. WISHING YOU CONTINUED HAPPINESS IN THE FUTURE CONGRATULATIONS TO MY GRANDDAUGHTER TINA ON HER GRADUATION SARA PRESBERG TO MY " SISTER " - JOSIE TO MY ROOMMATE - GAIL TO MY FRIEND - BARBARA B ' AHAVAT YISROEL - TEMI " COLONY, COLONY, COLONY, COLONY- BEST WISHES TO BEV MARCUS UNCLE MICKEY AND AUNT PAULA COHEN FREDDA, AMY, AND ANDREA PHOENIX STATIONERY CORP 40 EAST 33 STREET 2 PARK AVENUE NEW YORK, NEW YORK 10016 TEL. LE2-3725 CONGRATULATIONS ETHEL MR. AND MRS. JAKE WEINTRAUB NEIL AND SHELLEY TO OUR DAUGHTER PAULA IN HONOR OF HER GRADUATION LOVE, MOMMY AND DADDY BEST WISHES ON YOUR GRADUATION FAY MR. AND MRS. J. MEIZLIK CONGRATULATIONS TO ROCHELLE BURNSTEIN FROM DR. AND MRS. JULIUS SIEGEL mm + MR. AND MRS. ALFRED COHEN AND BARBARA AND BENAY OUR BEST WISHES TO AND MRS. DOROTHY LEVY CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU SHELLY OF ON YOUR GRADUATION GARFINKEL HADASSAH CONGRATULATIONS POLLY ' S AND TO THE CLASS OF ' 71 AND DRESS SHOP RABBI AND MRS. GOOD LUCK 1722 ATLANTIC AVENUE ABRAHAM SHONFELD MEN ' S CHEVRA KADISHA ATLANTIC CITY, NEW JERSEY AND MOSHE MONTICELLO, NEW YORK CONGRATULATE JANICE LYNN COHEN AND ALL THE GRADUATES OF STERN 1971 MAZEL TOV AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS MAZEL TOV KAREN TO TINA OF OUR VERY BEST WISHES 1971 YOUR HUSBAND MICHAEL FOR A BRIGHT FUTURE FROM THE RESIDENTS OF STERN MOM AND DAD RUSSAK JOE AND SARA ROSENBERG COLLEGE DORMITORY MOM AND DAD ZHEUTLIN BERNIE AND RAE WEINSTEIN (BROOKDALE RESIDENCE ELLEN AND LARRY MRS. BESSIE ROSENBERG HALL) JACK ROSENBERG SANDRA EHRENREICH - LENNY, BOBBEE, SIMCHA ROSENBERG PRESIDENT MARSHA KAGAN - VICE PRESIDENT PAULA ALPERT - TREASURER REEVA LEVINE - AND ZVI FEINER SECRETARY TO MARILYN WITH LOVE WE WISH YOU THE VERY BEST THAT LIFE HAS TO OFFER. DAD, MOM, JACK, AND MICHELE BEST WISHES LOU G. SIEGEL INC. 209 WEST 38th STREET NEW YORK, NEW YORK 10018 ALLAN AND ELLEN WISHING YOU A WONDERFUL LIFE TOGETHER MARTY AND MARILYN AGOSTINO BOOKSHOP 10 PARK AVENUE BOOKS, MAGAZINES, CIGARETTES, CANDY THE SQUARE ROOT OF TWO IS IRRATIONAL! BREW ' S 156 EAST 34 STREET NEW YORK, NEW YORK 10016 TO JANET AND SHELLY MAY YOU SKI THROUGH LIFE WITH EASE ALMAX SPORTSWEAR CORP. TO DEBBIE MAZELTOV AND BEST WISHES MOM AND DAD, AUNT SARA AND UNCLE MICKEY AUNT MARY AND UNCLE ELLIS AUNT BESSIE AND UNCLE BEN MR. AND MRS. SHELLY BIALAC, MIKE, AND LAURIE BEST WISHES IN THE FUTURE ROCHELLE FOGEL DR. AND MRS. RAYMOND AISNER AND DAUGHTERS 040-44-4133 BEST WISHES IN THE FUTURE TO ROCHELLE FOGEL FROM DR. AND MRS. FELDMAN AND DAUGHTERS TO BETSY CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES ALL OUR LOVE MAMA, DADDY FRANCES, NATHAN, DAVID LOIS AND CHARLIE TO SHERI WISDOM IS GOOD WITH AN INHERITANCE, YEA, A PROFIT TO THEM THAT SEE THE SUN. MOTHER, DAD, HOWIE, I ANN JOY, JONI, BUBBY, PA FOR ALL YOUR JEWELRY NEEDS FOR ANY OCCASION, SEE MR. MOSHE WOSNER ATG W JEWELRY CORP. 20 WEST 47 STREET ROOM 910 NEW YORK, NEW YORK TEL. 489-9455 OCEANIC DRUG CO. 92 WARREN STREET NEW YORK, NEW YORK " MEDICAL SUPPLIES FOR SHIPPING INDUSTRY " BEN SUSSER REPRESENTATIVE FOR EXELLO, JOHN WEITS, JAYSON 390 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK, NEW YORK MAZEL TOV TO NANCY FROM THE HAIN AND FINK FAMILIES AND KENNY BEST WISHES TO BARBARA BARAS ARON FOUNDATION, INC. TO DEBBIE, AND NAOMI, MAZEL TOV ON YOUR GRADUATION AETZ CHAYIM CONGREGATION DANVILLE, VIRGINIA Congratulations to Ellen on her Graduation Mr. Julius Kurzer, Joanne, Linda, and Sharon To Brenda May all her students belittle angels. Evelyn Sam ' s Kosher Delicatessen Shomer Shabbos 158 E. Broadway New York, N.Y. COrtland 7-2970 Congratulations and Best Wishes to BRENDA Upon her graduation Mommy Congratulations Laurel Book Center 1286 Broadway, New York, N.Y. WI7-6041 Best Wishes to F aye-Elaine Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kischel and Family Mrs. Ida Forman Mrs. Selma Levene Mr. and Mrs. Richard Forman and Rachel To my Kalah, Miriam Harrison: " Love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward together in the same direction. " Love, from Joseph Radzik Mazel Tov to our dear Granddaughter Esther upon her graduation Mazel Tov to the Future Mrs. Allan Federman Allan Federman (Your Kutzi Bundie) Dear Elayne It ' s about time you graduate (it ' s better than getting married) Love, Rita, Mel, Howie, and Fred TO OUR BELOVED DAUGHTER ROCHELLE FOGEL MOM, DAD, AND SISTERS HELENE AND GAIL Best Wishes to Lilly Mr. and Mrs. Sam Lubka Mr. and Mrs. Morris Zweibaum To Ziporah Hatzlacha and All the best for your future. Your grandmother and uncle Mrs. Esther Reiss and Rabbi J. Reiss Mazel Tov to Sarah Young Israel Shomrai Emunah Synagogue 811 University Blvd. West Silver Spring, Md. 20901 Mr. and Mrs. Martin Balsam Ahron and Leah Mazel Tov and Congratulations to my Kallah Rochelle Love, Stefan To our dear parents Simcha and Lola Singer HAPPINESS IS having parents like you. Happy 25th Anniversary Love, Judy and Aryen, Doris, Sharon, Phyllis Best Wishes to our sister Brenda Brenda and Stanley For the finest in Hebrew Jewelry Visit Nissim Hizme Workshop 37 Eldridge Street N.Y., NY. 10002 In Memory of My Grandfather Nathan Marcus Bev MR. AND MRS. RICHARD BIALAC JUNE 10, 1971 CONGRATULATIONS Sandi upon your graduation Love Mr. and Mrs. Milton Ehrenreich Linda, Wendy, Elise, Cheryl, and Jessica To Esta The best always from Mom and Dad, David, and Joey Midcity Press, Inc. Office Supplies School Supplies Printing on Premises 138 East 34 Street New York, N.Y. MU9-8220-1-2 Our Best Wishes and a Hearty Mazal Tov go to Brondie Katz upon her graduation from Stern College May she continue to be a source of Nachas to her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Septimus and Family Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Smith Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Ross Second Avenue Kosher Delicatessen Restaurant Second Avenue Corner 10 Street New York, N.Y. AL4-7144 Dear Elaine, To a wonderful daughter, a lovely Kallah, and sweet future daughter- in-law Congratulations on your Graduation. Mom, Dad, Future Mom, and last but not least, Eugene " There are loyal hearts, there are spirits brave, There are souls that are pure and true; Then give to the world the best you have, And the best will come back to you. " Mazel Tov to Miriam Harrison on her Graduation and Engagement to Joseph Radzik Love from her parents and Sister Aviva Mother, Dad, Shari, and David Wish our dear Daughter and Sister Jill Pollack Mazel Tov upon her Graduation ZJZ WWffiWf YOU made it, BEV! We ' re so proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad, Helene, Robbie, and " Ladel " BEST WISHES TO OUR DEAR DAUGHTER AND LOVING SISTER LOIS DR. AND MRS. HARRY SCHWARTZFARB AND ELLEN MazelTov to our Judi and Stuart upon their Graduation Mr. and Mrs. Philip Harris and Family CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO JUDY AND THE CLASS OF 71 MR. AND MRS. JOSHUA GELLER BRIAN AND SHELDON Wishing to our daughter and sister Ziporah, a very bright future. May you continue to be a source of Nachas to us. Mr. and Mrs. J. Weinfeld and Family BEST WISHES TO OUR DIANE FROM THE GEWANTER TRIBE Mazel Tov to our dear Sarah and all her friends Luv, Mom and Dad, Stan and Bev and Nephew Judah CONGRATULATIONS TO SALLY FRENKEL AND HER CLASSMATES ON THEIR GRADUATION THE FRENKEL FAMILY MADISON INDUSTRIES, INC. 279 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK, NEW YORK Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to Esther upon your Graduation from your parents, sister, brother, and sister-in-law. To our Dear Daughter and Sister Brondie, we wish Bracha, Hatzlacha, V ' KolTuv! Postmaster and Mrs. Louis I. Katz Dr. and Mrs. Yashar Hirshaut Tzvi Meir, Aviva Chana, and Shira Zahava, Jerome, and Helene (Henny) TO PAULA WE WISH YOU THE VERY BEST THAT LIFE HAS TO OFFER YOUR BROTHERS STANLEY AND DAVID CONGRATULATIONS ETHEL WEINTRAUB NAVY BRAND MFG. CO. ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI PATRONS TED MOSKOWITZ JOE ' S SHOE REPAIR MR. AND MRS. LEONARD ALPERT MR. AND MRS. CHARLES PARKER ELSIE PUMPERNICKEL WILLIAM MEEK ASSOCIATES GARFUNKEL FAMILY MISS NATALIE GOLDSTEIN MR. AND MRS. S. LEVINE MR. AND MRS. D.S. BLOOMBERG MR. AND MRS. H. G. BLOOMBERG MR. AND MRS. M. SHONBAUM MR. AND MRS. S. TILLMAN MR. AND MRS. V. BOMBARDIER UNGER ' S BAKERY SQUEAKY AND MUSH STINKY AND HONERE TEL AVIV KOSHER RESTAURANT BONDY EXPORT CO. VILLAGE BEAUTY STUDIO MR. AND MRS. ABRAHAM KRUPKA BONNE CLEANERS, LTD. de MILAN JEWELRY CORP. AT HOTEL McALPIN MR. AND MRS. PHILIP JAFFEE AND CAPTAIN SECOND AVENUE DELICATESSEN AND RESTAURANT NEW LONDON CHAPTER OF YU WOMEN ' S ORG. MR. AND MRS. FELIX LUBKA ALBERT-BEATRICE SCHOOL OF BEAUTY CULTURE MR. AND MRS. LEONARD SHAWEL MR. AND MRS. DAVID SCHWITZER BEST WISHES TO T.B. RAY ' S CLEANERS, BUFFALO, N.Y. MR. AND MRS. J. WEINBERGER NATHAN KORNMEHL ' S KOSHER MEATS 34th STREET SHOE REBUILDER

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