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■zmm " mtm N ern College for Wome.. YeShiva University It was as if we had lived all of our lives in a cave, dark and protective. It was safe, but it was not enough; and we knew that the shadows that blanketed and cushioned us also concealed the world beyond. We groped toward a faint, distant light. We wandered through dark, twist- ing passages that slowed our prog- ress, but never stopped us. At last, we reached the light at the end of the cave! It was blinding. It was the sun in all its brilliance, daz- zling us, yet mak- ing us see. The de- luding shadows are forever behind us. For we see the sun and witness the wonders it reveals. ■ " ■- ' ■y-K " ■ ' - ' --■■■■SEFS The sun is the source of light and warmth, the source of all life. T F 0R WOMEN YESHIVA MOSS From the rib of man woman was created, and from a rib of the sun the earth. The sun shines, and man strives forward like light. . . . the highest courage is ... in defiant confidence, in the passionate choice — in spite of all — of hope and light. Thy dawn, O Sun, opens the new horizon, And every realm that thou hast made to live Is conquered by thy splendor. The sun impels us to know what is impene- trable to us really exists, manifesting itself as the highest wisdom, and the most radiant beauty . . . Dedication A vacuum was created And two friends came to fill it. It brimmed to over- Flowing with warmth and Care and patience. Speaking words of wisdom, They lighted worlds of darkness. For every question, a response; For every doubt, a hope; For every broken heart And stubborn mind, understanding. Filled with warmth and Deep concern, care for more Than just today: Tomorrow is Another day — and very real. Our eyes are opened. Our hearts as well. Mrs. Tovah Lichtenstein Mrs. Shirley Shimoff With my warmest congratulations to the members of the 1970 graduating class of Stern College for Women, I extend my best wishes for the future. Druing the past four years, which have been a period of unrest and change throughout the world, you have had the unique opportunity to participate in the intellectual quest provided by the arts and sciences and in the spiritual resource of the timeless heritage of Judaism. There will be important challenges for you to meet as you ful- fill your roles as citizens and as women, and I am confident that you will utilize vigor of mind and confidence in eternal values in making your con- tribution to home life, career, and community. May you be granted continued well being and success. Sincerely yours, 4_ I w|l» » s. U MaMULl ■¥• Samuel Belkin President It gives me the greatest pleasure to extend greet- ings to the graduating class at Stern College for Women. The members of the Class of 1970 have had a significant role in the development of Stern College as it went forward in its second decade with gratifying physical expansion and a deepening awareness by students of the importance of excel- lence in education and the eternal values of Judaism for meaningful relevance to the challenges of the modern world. As y ou go forward to take your roles in the home, in further study, in careers, and in the community, may you enjoy personal fulfillment and successful achievement. I am sure that your Alma Mater will have cause to be very proud of you . I congratulate you on reaching this milestone with a worthy record, and extend every good wish for the future. r wr P i ? $W9M f ■-■ v P ' STERN COLLEGE FOR WOMEN YESHIV I am happy to extend my congratulations and best wishes to you as you prepare to leave Stern College to pursue your various ways. Today ' s undergraduates face a difficult, if not distressing, future in a world which seems to grow more uncertain and more threatening from day to day. To the natural condition of man, with its attendant dangers and diffic ulties, modern civilization seems to have added its own brand of frightening possibilities. In all areas, social, political, eco- nomic, and natural, man seems to have loosed forces which he can no longer control and which promise to repay him for their release by turning upon and constricting him. The responses to this dismal prospect are varied. Some respond by falling into apathy, some become fatalistic, and others angered, cry for the destruction of the world which they did not cre- ate but whose burdens they are forced to take up. The time has come, they argue, for casting away traditions, for spurning what was accepted and believed, since every day proclaims that they have failed. If hope is to be found they contend, it is in the new, the untried. One has always, of course, to be prepared to learn to use the new to solve problems, old and new. But at Yeshiva we hold firm to the belief that while we must be ever receptive to the new, we best refashion our world by basing it on those eternal values which permitted the world of our fathers to exist and flourish. In essence, the educational program at Stern College is a declaration of this belief. While it is our hope and desire to train those women who enter our doors to the maximum of our ability, and their potential, and enable them to master new areas of knowledge and to be able to cope with the problems of our contemporary world, we also hope to give them a firm founda- tion in the everlasting values embodied in the Torah which have shaped the best of today ' s civili- zation. It is this conviction that gives Stern College its unique place in the world, and gives the education that it offers its students its special and particular flavor and quality. As you move out into this world, our best wishes go with you. With you, too, go our prayers that you will continue to remain aware and knowledgeable in those eternal values which underlie the Jewish tradition and heritage, and that as you set out to forge a better and safer and saner world, the training that you have received with us will be your guide. May you leave Stern College not to leave, but to come closer to the things for which it stands, and to make us the benefactors of the high ideals and values and the better life to which you are dedicated and for which you are now prepared to work. Go from strength to strength, and find success and fulfillment in the years that lie ahead of you. February 26, 1970 David Mirsky Dean When Alicia asked me to write a few words to the class of 1970 I had mixed feelings. On the one hand, I remembered greetings in my college year book that went unread; yet, on the other hand, how could I not say an official goodbye from the Office of Student Services — Mrs. Shimoff, Mrs. Winter and myself — to all of you, both as individuals and as a class ? A college class is not just a conglomerate of individual students but takes on an identity of its own. Its common experience, as men measure time, is, to be sure, of short duration. And yet in those four years the class as a group shares meaningful experiences and each individual in it is concerned with basic questions — be they re- ligious, intellectual, social, or personal. We have shared your collec- tive experience and have been privileged to share with many per- sonal experiences also. In the process an enduring tie between you — as a class and as individuals — and each of us has been formed. This bond is deep and real and need not end; but our tie to the class of 1970 — as a class — will soon belong to the past since your collec- tive existence ends with graduation. And so with a deep sense of thankfulness at being permitted to share with you your college years and with a deep sense of sorrow for that which will no longer be we say goodbye. Hashem yishmor tsetcha uvo ' echa me ' atah ve ' ad olam. Jo jC ajLcjUonsduU Recent statistics reveal that as many as 95 percent of Ameri- can Jewish youth enter college and about 77 percent receive college degrees. Very few however have had your good fortune to have been exposed to secular studies and higher Jewish val- ues at the same time. The Judaism that you have studied has its roots at Sinai and expresses itself through a vast literature, comprehensive theology and functional ethics. Our sages have taught us that Judaism does not express it- self in study alone. We are not satisfied with an abstract faith or disembodied sentiment. Our study is to guide our daily con- duct, and our faith is to lead to noble acts, and our visions are to be translated into reality. In a world that has become indifferent to ethical values, we depend upon young people imbued with our rich cultural heri- tage to light a candle and show the way. The Stern College graduate is uniquely suited for it. Administration m Norman Twersky Assistant Registrar Esther Reich Assistant to the Dean Esther Zuroff Placement Coordinator (X A- Library Staff Mrs. Edith Lubetski (front row left), Acting Librarian Dr. EliSar Director, Health Service Mrs. Sarah Meyer Staff Assistant, Dormitory Mrs. Rita Dunne, R.N. Nurse Mrs. Jenny Giges Director, Residence Hall Faculty Jessica Grant Instructor of Biology Murray Altman Instructor of Biology Betty Rosoff Associate Professor of Biology Fred Goodman Professor of Biology Irene Goldring Assoc. Prof, in Biology Beatrice Friedland Professor in Biology Wx Cecily Dobin Lecturer in Chemistry Nathaniel Remes Assoc. Prof, in Chemistry I Simeon Krumbein Asst. Prof, in Chemistry I Susan Sardy Assistant Professor of Education Shelly Koenigsberg Associate Professor of Education Dan Vogel Professor in English Ellin Sarot Instructor in English Morris Epstein Professor in English Carol Silver Asst. Prof, in English Henry Grinberg Assistant Professor of English David Mirsky Professor of English Sophie Laufer Lecturer of German H Howard Cheiken Lecturer of Russian Nancy Knopka Instructor of Spanish Cesar Rennert Instructor of Spanish Annette Thau Assistant Professor of French Aviva Bertran Visiting Associate Professor of French Anna Krakowski Professor of French and Hebrew Studies m i r Noah Rosenbloom Professor of Hebrew Studies Hadassa Kosak Instructor of Hebrew Jacob Feinstein Associate Professor of Hebrew Studies Joseph Roth Instructor of Hebrew Studies Yehuda Bohrer Instructor of Judaic Studies Hannah Wolkenfeld Lecturer of Health Education Jo Lechay Lion Instructor of Health Education Arthur Tauber Assistant Professor of Health Education Susan Fleminger Lecturer of Art Helen Goodman Lecturer of Art m 51 ■ H Ruth Kisch Assistant Professor of Music Shlomo Eidelberg Professor in Hebrew Studies Cecil Roth Visiting Prof. in Jewish History Raphael Weinberg Assoc. Prof, in Hebrew Studies Doris Goldstein Professor of History A. Leo Levin Professor of Political Science Carol Gruber Assistant Professor of History Samuel Bernstein Associate Professor of Political Science Gersion Appel Professor of Philosophy Alter Metzger Associate Professor of Judaic Studies Avraham Weiss Instructor of Judaic Studies Martin Gordon Instructor of Judaic Studies wm » David Bleich Instructor of Judaic Studies Melech Schacter Assistant Professor of Bible Jules Greenstein Associate Professor of Psychology Ruth Rubinstein Lecturer of Sociology Nathalie Friedman Assistant Professor of Sociology Bezalel Sherman Visiting Professor of Sociology Tova Lichtenstein Lecturer of Judaic Studies Bernard Greenberg Instructor of Sociology A Edith Wolfson Lecturer in Speech June Golden Instructor in Speech ESSA SARETTA ABRAMS BOX B.A. Education CHARLOTTE PHOEBE ADLER ' 3 ' fl B.A. English DEBORAH ALBUM mm B.A. History B.A. FRAN ALTER (ps) ntto y» " B English Abrams, Essa Saretta 8009 Wood Gate Street Baltimore, Maryland Adler, Charlotte Phoebe 4520 University Parkway Cleveland, Ohio Literary Club; Speech; Arts Forum; Big Sister. Album, Deborah 621 Carol Street Dover, Delaware Lit. Ed., Kochaviah; Grades Evaluation Com- mittee; Chm., Junior Class Theatre Party. Alter, Fran 120 West 29th Street Bayonne, New Jersey Photog. Ed., Kochavia; Literary Club; Big Sister. Apt, Vera 1711 Saunders Avenue St. Paul, Minnesota Yavneh; Literary Club; Dean ' s List. Aranoff, Gail 9149 Cresta Drive Los Angeles, California Floor Chm.; Yavneh; SSSJ. Axler, Shoshana Nelson 750 Grand Concourse Bronx, New York. Bacon, Rena Eta 627 East 96th Street Brooklyn, New York Choir; Dean ' s List. Beigel, Charlotte 39 Wasdale Crescent Toronto, Ontario, Canada Sr. Ed., Kochavia; Big Sister; Senior Shabbos; Staff, Observer; French Club; Ass ' t. Floor Chm.; Purim Chagiga. Bergstein, Karen Plotkin 6 Sherwood Road Worcester, Massachusetts Sunshine Committee; TAC; Staff, Kochaviah; Dance Club; Dean ' s List. -•i ETTA RENA ORLANSKY BACON B.A. Biology GAIL ARANOFF rm B.A. Psychology B.A SHOSHANA NELSON AXLER roarro Sociology B.A. CHARLOTTE BEIGEL French KAREN PLOTKIN BERGSTEIN .A. Education SHARON LYNN BLUM .A., B.R.E. Education BERNA BLUMBERG .A. Psychology ARDITH YEDIDAH BONDI ,TPT ft ' TK MIRIAM HARRIET BRANDWEIN B.A. Biology B.A., B.R.E. Education PERL KELLER BROWN Blum, Sharon Lynn 1356 51st Street Brooklyn, New York Big Sister; Dean ' s List; TAC; Copy Ed., server; Choir; Chm., French Committee. Blumberg, Berna 72 Pomona Avenue Newark, New Jersey Staff, Observer Bondi, Ardith Yedidah 6226 Rockwell Street Oakland, California Chm., Concert Series; Floor Chm.; Speech Forum, Dean ' s List. Brandwein, Miriam 9 Pinehurst Avenue New York, New York TAC; Big Sister; Committee. Choir; Fr. Weekend Brown, Perl Keller 535 Ocean Parkway Brooklyn, New York Floor Chm; Chm., Jr. Shabbos; Chm., Jewelry Sales; Scribe, Student Court; Basketball Team . Brun, Marilyn 171 West Hudson Street Long Beach, New York Big Sister; Sociology Club. Ciment, Sharon 392 Crown Street Brooklyn, New York Big Sister; Soph. Sale. Desser, Marianne 108-17 66th Avenue Forest Hills, New York Chm., Jr. Shabbos; Chm., YU-Stern Shabbos; Big Sisters; TAC; Chm., Tzedakah Drive. Vera Deulsch 1028 100th Avenue Chomeday Leval, Canada Staff, Kochaviah; Soph. Chagiga. Eckstein, Ahuva Shoshana 171 Daly Avenue Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Contrib. Ed„ Ashes and Sparks; D Rep., Stu- dent Council; Student-Faculty Committee; Big Sister; Dean ' s List. B.A. History MARILYN BRUN ■ A. Sociology SHARON CIMENT .A., B.H.L. History MARIANNE DESSER SW ' fl B.A., B.R.E. History B.A. VERA DEUTSCH Psychology AHUVA SHOSHANNA ECKSTEIN rwmv rains .A., B.R.E. Education BRAUNA BETH E1SENBERG yrna B.A. English FAGIE TZIVIA EISENBERG max r»»s B.A. Biology ROSALYN LEAH EISENBERG .IK 1 ? bm B.A., B.H.L. Mathematics B.A. LESLIE M. FARBER Sociology Eisenberg, Brauna Beth 723 North Webster Avenue Scranton, Pennsylvania Editor-in-chief, Kochaviah; Literary Club; Chm., Dramatics-Speech Arts Forum; Ass ' t. Floor Chm.; Class Council; The Junior; Senior Sound-Off; Big Sister; Sr. Purim Play. Eisenberg, Fagie Tziviah 6204 Monticello Chicago, Illinois Tzedakah Committee; Co-chm., Midnight Supper; Fr. Shabbos; Chagiga; Beit Olot Pub- licity; Floor Chairman. Eisenberg, Rosalyn Leah 1452 55th Street Brooklyn, New York Farber, Leslie M. 247 Brookline Street Newton, Massachusetts Farkas, Eva 1115 55th Street Brooklyn, New York Chemistry Club. Feig, Sylvia 4287 Churchill University Heights, Ohio Speech Arts Forum; Fr. and Soph. Chagigas; P ' elim Drive. Feinstein, Joyce 334 Hillside Avenue Holyoke, Massachusetts Staff, Ovserver; Floor Chm.; Co-Ed., The Ju- nior and Soph. Sound Off; Sec, Student-Fac- ulty Committee; Historian, Student Council; Aishel; Dean ' s List; Who ' s Who. Fishman, Diane Ellen 6148 North Monticello Avenue Chicago, Illinois Floor Chm; Sr. Class Blind-Date Party; Mid- night Supper; Big Sister. Fleischer, Jeri Karin 76 Park Avenue Portland, Maine Big Sister; Chagigas; Theatre Party . Fridman, Lea 390 Wadsworth New York, New York Chm., Literary Club; Staff, Observer. EVA FARKAS B.A. Chemistry DIANE ELLEN FISHMAN ran B.A. Education B.A. SYLVIA FEIG nnsr Biology JOYCE FEINSTEIN nniiT B.A. Biology JERI KARIN FLEISCHER n ' TiiT B.A. Sociology LEA FRIDMAN ns 1 ? B.A. English BRACHA FRIEDMAN rem .A., B.R.E. Psychology HINDA MAE FRIEDMAN nrrua ?ra .A., B.R.E. History SANDRA RUTH FRIEDMAN rn rrm B.A Education B.A. ALICE GADLIN English B.A. KARINE GANZ miss Sociology MARTELLE EVE GAVARIN B.A. French Friedman, Bracha 201 West 92nd Street New York, New York WYUR. Friedman, Hinda Mae 244 Powers New Brunswick, New Jersey TAC; Basketball Team; Ass ' t. Floor Chm.; Yavneh. Friedman, Sandra Ruth 1420 56th Street Brooklyn, New York Dean ' s List; Who ' s Who; Treas., Soph. Class; Chm., Blood Drive; Co-Chm., Seforim Exchange. Gadlin, Alice 4520 12th Avnue Brooklyn, New York Ganz, Karine 147 North Formosa Los Angeles, California Gavarin, Martelle Eve 34A Park Street Brookline, Massachusetts Yavneh; Big Sister; Speech Arts Forum; TAC. Gebaide, Rietta Margill 23-59 93rd Street Jackson Heights, New York Gluck, Judith Adrienne 2035 Detroit Street Los Angeles, California Yavneh; Co-Chm., P ' elim Drive. Gluck, Regina Helen 438 Belmont Avenue Springfield, Massachusetts Stern Ed., Tempo; Chm., Senior Career Night. Goldmeier, Meta 2626 Fargo Chicago, Illinois Sec, Junior and Senior Class; Photog. Ed., Ko- chaviah; Co-Chm., Senior Sale; Co-Chm., Se- nior Shabbos; Chm., Junior Sale. f REGINA HELEN GLUCK iwan B.A. Biology META GOLDMEIER B.A. Education 41 BECKI FROMM GOLDSTEIN rpm BARBARA GER GONONSKY nrnt te-na B.A. English B.A. English Goldstein, Becky Fromm Choir; Literary Club; TAC; Big Sister; Dean ' s List. Gononsky, Barbara Ger 2234 Ocean Avenue Brooklyn, New York Ed., Soph. Sound-Off; Ed., The Junior; Speech Arts Forum; Dean ' s List; Who ' s Who; Aishel; Chm., Dorm Shabbos; Chm., Purim Chagiga. Groner, Gladys 3612 Uppesline Street New Orleans, Louisiana TAC; Staff, Observer. B.A. GLADYS GRONER ram Sociology B.A. CYNTHIA LINDA GROOPMAN .ik 1 ? rrw Education RUTH ESTHER GRUENSPECHT -inox; rm .A., B.R.E. Biology Groopman, Cynthia Linda 21-50 33rd Road Long Island City, New York Aishel; Dean ' s List. Gruenspecht, Ruth Esther 666 West 162nd Street New York, New York Big Sister. Hendeles, Brenda Cecflle 361 N. Martel Avenue Los Angeles, California Assistant Floor Chairman. Hersh, Betty Catherine 2 Given Lane Monsey, New York Chm., Sr. Blind Date Party; Chm., Midnight Supper; Biology Club. Hilsenrad, Sue 40 Lincoln Road Brooklyn, New York Co-Chm., Big Sister Committee; News Ed., Ob- server; Dean ' s List; Aishel; Who ' s Who. Himmelstein, Sandra Lee North Street Lebanon, Connecticut Dean ' s List. Holcer, Paulette 314 Colombia Street Cambridge, Massachusetts Co-Chm., Stern-YU Cultural Activities Club. BRENDA CECILLE HENDELES rt " x iiii ' Ta B.A. French BETTY CATHERINE HERSH rf?a B.A. Biology SUE HILSENRAD .A., B.H.L History B.A. SANDRA LEE HIMMELSTEIN PAULETTE HOLCER ,TDB Mathematics B.A. English FREDEL JACOBS tf7 " B .A. Mathematics B.A. FAYE ELLEN KAGAN miss Education ' I B.A. KAREN E. KAISER -inos English JUDITH KANOTOPSKY n ' Tifp B.A. Sociology Jacobs, Fredel 482 Riverside Avenue Trenton, New Jersey Dean ' s List; Dance Club; Yavneh; Choir; Typ- ing Ed., Kochaviah; Co-Chm., Midnight Supper. Kagan, Faye Ellen 182 Hollywood Avenue Albany, New York Dean ' s List; Big Sister. Kaiser, Karen E. 344 Franklin Holyoke, Massachusetts Mng. Ed., Observer; Staff, Kochaviah; Big Sis- ter; TAC; Dean ' s List. Kanotopsky, Judith 692 Hempstead Avenue West Hempstead, New York Katz, Elizabeth Rosen 395 Fort Washington Avenue New York, New York Katz, Zahava 1453 Walton Avenue Bronx, New York Big Sister. Katzen, Roberta Karen 451 Kingston Avenue Brooklyn, New York TAC. Keitelman, Etta Joan 8 South Hillside Avenue Spring Valley, New York Floor Chm.; Staff, Observer; Staff, Kochaviah; Big Sister. Kilimnick, Nichele Wernick 1510 Ocean Parkway Brooklyn, New York Dean ' s List; Suppl. Ed., Observer; Chagiga Chm.; Big Sister; Parshat HashavuaClub. Klavan, Judith Rochelle 108-22 64th Road Forest Hills, New York Big Sister; Yavneh; Choir; Co-Chm., Torah Campus; Chm., TAC; Student-Faculty Committee. ELIZABETH ROSEN KATZ B.A. Psychology ETTA JOAN KEITELMAN B.A. Education B.A. ZAHAVA KATZ nam Education NICHELE WERNICK KILIMNICK ,A.,B.R.E. Biology ROBERTA KAREN KATZEN ran B.A. Education JUDITH RACHELLE KLAVAN B.A. Sociology •I HELEN FAYE KLEIMAN rrn B.A. Psychology B.A CYNTHIA ROCHELLE KRANTMAN tarn miss English MALKA KRUMBEIN refm B.A., B.H.L. English MINDY LIND KURLAND nx 1 ? Yon B.A. English Kleiman, Helen Faye 588 West End Avenue New York, New York Speech Arts Forum. Krantman, Cynthia Rochelle 475 West 186th Street New York, New York Ass ' t. Floor Chm.; Pub. Chm., Observer. Krumbein, Malka 1550 50th Street Brooklyn, New York Dean ' s List; Speech Arts Forum; Vice-Pres., Senior Class; Feature and Suppl. Ed., Observer; Editor-in-chief, Ashes and Sparks; Chm., Freshman Orientation; Chm., Jr. Sale; Sec, Aishel; Who ' s Who. Kurland, Mindy Linda 5813 Jonquil Avenue Baltimore, Maryland Pres., Student Council; Choir; Chm., TAC; Dean ' s List; Who ' s Who. Lacher, Goldie Chaya 322 Albert Road Syracuse, New York Pres., Sr. Class; Co-Chm., Ad Hoc Committee; Chm., Purim Chagiga; Big Sister; Ass ' t. Mng. Ed., Observer; Chm., Junior Class Theater Par- ty; SA. Lautman, Alice Jordana 2461 Saybrook Road University Heights, Ohio TAC; Dean ' s List; Vice-Pres., Student Council; Vice-Pres., Soph. Class; Chm., Freshman Ori- entation; Big Sister; Co-Chm., Freshman Cha- giga; Chm., Class Council; Coordinator, Club Hour; Student-Faculty Committee; Dance Club; Beit Olot. Lee, Ellen Hadassah 2133 Wallace Avenue Bronx, New York Class Council; Big Sister; Staff, Observer. Lesin, Hennie 67-40 Booth Street Forest Hills, New York Levine, Helen Eve 2 Locust Hollow Drive Monsey, New York Liebman, Esther Lee 339 19th Avenue Paterson, New Jersey Staff, Kochaviah. GOLDIECHAYA LACHER B.A. Biology ALICE JORDANA LAUTMAN B.A. Education B.A ELLEN HADASSAH LEE Mathematics jBk jfl mm ' ,:i raW L Hbfll HELEN EVE LEVINE mn Psychology B.A Education ESTHER LEE LIEBM AN nx 1 ? -inox B.A., B.R.E. Education RACHEL DOROTHY LIGHTMAN B.A. men " ?m B.A. BRENDA LINDENBERG .Tina Biology Psychology SANDRA MARILYN LISTERNICK TAMAR MAIDENBAUM B.A. rrm B.A. Sociology nan History — Poli Sci Lightman, Rachel Dorothy 145 Sanders Avenue Lowell, Massachusetts Yavneh; Choir. Lindenberg, Brenda 27 Desjardines Court Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Purim Chagiga. Listernick, Sandra Marilyn 31 Morseland Avenue Newton Center, Massachusetts Dean ' s List; Speech Arts Forum; Literary Club; Co-Chm., Freshman Orienta- tion; Chm., Home Hospitality; TAC. Maidenbaum, Tamar 10 Manor Lane Lawrence, New York Poli Sci Club. Mandelbaum, Ruth 5166 North 8th Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Floor Chm.; Big Sister. Markovitz, Rachel 88 6th Street Clifton, New Jersey French Club. Metal, Penina Tunis 2310 Creston Avenue Bronx, New York Miller, Lydia 5900 Dolbeau Street Montreal, Canada Mirsky, Karen Gail 56 Martin Street West Haven, Connecticut Art Club; Treas., Soph. Class; Big Sister; Co- Chm., Soph. Sale; Corr. Sec, Student Council; Treas., Senior Class; Co-Chm., Big Sister Committee; Co-Chm., Senior Sale; Co-Chm., Senior Shabbos. Mittelman, Martha 108-29 65th Road Forest Hills, New York RUTH MANDELBAUM ■?rn B.A. Education ffc B.A. RACHEL MARKOVITZ History PENINA TUNIS METAL mn nras B.A. Sociology B.A. LYDIA MILLER KAREN GAIL MIRSKY mn Sociology B.A. Education MARTHA MITTELMAN " 70573 ?rn B.A., B.R.E. English ENID MOSKOWITZ JVTU PEARL MOSKOWITZ iTJ ' OB B.A. Education B.A. Psychology B.A. SARITA PERNIKOFF no ' s ™ English B.A. JUDITH NAN POWITZ Education BLUMA PRETTER nafra .A., B.H.L. Mathematics HELENE E. REISMAN rrcwtj ran B.A., B.R.E. Sociology Moskowitz, Enid 422 Amboy Avenue Woodbridge, New Jersey Big Sister; Floor Chm.; Class Council; Sec, Dorm Council; Staff, Kochaviah. Moskowitz, Pearl 244 East 86th Street New York, New York Editor, Senior Sound-Off; Big Sister. Pernikoff, Sarita 5817 Park Heights Avenue Baltimore, Maryland Exec. Ass ' t, Kochaviah. Powitz, Judith Nan 48 Surrey Commons Lynbrook, New York Pretter, Bluma 1560 Ocean Parkway Brooklyn, New York Dean ' s List; TAC; Big Sister. Reisman, Helene 65-10 99th Street Forest Hills, New York TAC; BeitOlot; Parshat HashavuaClub. Reiss, Cynthia Harriet 7320 Brookcrest Drive Cincinnati, Ohio Floor Chm; Class Council; Pres., Junior Class; Senior Judge, Student Court; Director, Speech Arts Forum; Ass ' t. Art Ed., Kochaviah; Co- Chm., Ad Hoc Committee; Basketball Team; Big Sister; Who ' s Who; SA. Rosenbaum, Phyllis Reinhard 1347 Ocean Avnue Brooklyn, New York Dean ' s List; Big Sister. Rotkopf, Edith 162 6th Street Providence, Rhode Island Choir; Staff, Observer. Rudolf, Joyce Carolyn 135 East Kennedy Blvd. Lakewood, New Jersey EDITH ROTKOPF JOYCE CAROLYN RUDOLF nwx mm ' ■A. English B.A. Psychology ' " -■ B.A. JUDI LYNN SAMPSON nurrrvrirp History JOAN GAIL SCHECTER na mirr B.A. Psychology ESTHER GUTKIN SCHENKER " inoK B.A. Education AVIVA RACHELLE SCHLOSSBERG B.A. npai Sociology Sampson, Judi Lynn 253 North Broadway Yonkers, New York Big Sister; Hostess, Open House; Sr. Dinner Committee. Schecter, Joan Gail 2236 Sunset Utica, New York Copy Editor, Kochaviah; Speech Arts Forum; Floor Chm., Staff, Observer. Schenker, Esther Gutkin 207 West Curtis Street Linden, New Jersey Bus. Mngr., Kochaviah; Big Sister; Co-Chm., Soph. Purim Chagiga; Pub. Chm., Junior Class; Floor Chm. Schlossberg, Aviva Rachelle 5811 Jonquil Avenue Baltimore, Maryland Director, Choir; TAC; Speech Arts Forum. Schulstein, Michla 344 Dayton Street Newark, New Jersey Schwartz, Leah Rebecca 4901 North Marvine Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Staff, Observer; Ass ' t. Floor Chm.; Treas. Dorm Council; Staff, Kochaviah. Shapiro, Eileen Schuster 501 Avenue R. Brooklyn, New York Dean ' s List. Shimansky, Linda Lipschutz 4 Bogardus Place New York, New York French Club; Dean ' s List. Silberstein, Eileen Yamer 266 East Broadway New York, New York Dean ' s List; Yavneh; Dance Club. Singer, Anna 5430 Baywood Street Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania MICHLA SCHULSTEIN ri 3 ' a |B.A. Psychology B.A. LINDA LIPSSCHUTZ SHIMANSKY French LEAH REBECCA SCHWARTZ nrcn n B.A. Education EILEEN YAMER SILBERSTEIN B.A., B.R.E. English EILEEN SCHUSTER SHAPIRO rrn B.A. Education B.A. ANNA SINGER npan run Education ROSALIND APKIN SOURKES B.A. Mathematics CHAYA SPATZ jourkes, Rosalind Apkin 495 West 186th Street New York, New York Staff, Observer; Soph. Sound-Off; Parshat Hashavua Club; Big Sister. Spatz, Chaya 101 Salisbury Street Hartford, Connecticut Pres., Soph. Class; Dean ' s List. Spiegel, Anita 122 South Formosa Los Angeles, California Spitz, Zahava 274 Chancellor Avenue Newark, New Jersey Vice-Pres., Freshman Class; Suppl. Ed., Ob- server; Big Sister; TAC; Student Council. Spivak, Merrill Sflverstein 90 Laurel Hill Terrace New York, New York Floor Chm.; Treas., Dorm Council; Vice-Pres. Dorm Council; Co-C hm., Dorm Social; Big Sister. Stahler, Carol 646 Monroe Avenue Scranton, Pennsylvania Senior Dinner Committee. B.A. English Sterba, Eva R.D. 1 Millville, New jersey Staff, Kochaviah. B.A. ANITA SPIEGEL nys run ZAHAVA SPITZ nam History B.A., B.H.L. French Stern, Linda Irene 334 Shee Drive North Milford, New Jersey Art Editor, Kochaviah; Dean ' s List; Big Sister; Pub. Chm., Student Council; Associate Ed. Observer; Yavneh; Who ' s Who. Stern, Patti Sara 3725 Severn Road Cleveland, Ohio Floor Chm.; Chm., Lounge Decor. Committee; Senior Dinner Committee; Staff, Kochaviah. Stollman, Shifra 1365 Victoria Windsor, Ontario, Canada Dean ' s List; Editor-in-Chief, Perspectives; Sister; Art Ed., Ashes and Sparks; Literar Club. LINDA IRENE STERN ppn raw B.A. CAROL STAHLER naia Sociology B.A. EVA STERBA ' ram Education B.A. Education B.A. PATTI SARA STERN lU ' JS Biology B.A. SHIFRA STOLLMAN rnsp English M JOAN SONDRA SWEET rrw jw iology B.A. LINDA TANNENBAUM npn Biology B.A. KAREN TEITELBAUM 5fr " P Psychology B.A. ROSE BELLE TROODLER Psychology B.A. ALICIA ETTA WALD was Psychology B.A NAOMI LINDA WEINERMAN ntf? nam Sweet, Joan Sondra c o Shuckat 687 Montgomery Street Brooklyn, New York TAC; Parshat Hashavua Club. Tannenbaum, Linda 12 Ellish Parkway Spring Valley, New York Teitelbaum, Karen 3513 Bainbridge Road Cleveland, Ohio Floor Chairman. Troodler, Rose Belle 33 Seton Drive New Rochelle, New York Editor-in-chief, Pulse; Floor Chm.; Choir. Wald, Alicia Etta Plains Road Moodus, Connecticut Editor-in-chief, Kochaviah; Copy Ed., Observ- er; Co-Chm., Purim Chagiga; Big Sister; Senior Sound-Off. Weiner man, Naomi Linda 916 Newton Avenue Baldwin, New York Pres., Dorm Council; Floor Chm.; Class Coun- cil; Junior Judge, Student Court; Literary Club. Weinrauch, Anna Sheila 4696 Edouard Montpetit Montreal, Canada Speech Arts Forum; Staff, Observer. Weinrib, Dvora 40 Bretton Road West Hartford, Connecticut Staff, Observer; Choir. Weisf ogel, Rhoda 23 Spruceland Avenue Springfield, Massachusetts Exec. Ass ' t., Kochaviah. Weissbrot, Linda 102-18 64th Avenue Forest Hills, New York Big Sister; Vice-Pres., Junior Class; Floor Chm.; Dean ' s List. English RHODA WEISFOGEL run nm LINDA WEISSBROT B.A. Biology B.A. Mathematics VIVIENNE SARA WERTHER rnw n ' fi B.A., B.H.L. History ANN MALKA WOLFOWICZ ns ' ra nan B.A Education JUDITH DIANE WOLPER B.A. Sociology RIVKA SCHIKMAN ZDANOWITZ SANDRA ZELKOWITZ rrfs B.A. Education B.A., B.H.L. Biology erther, Vivienne Sara 362 Crown Street Brooklyn, New York Wolfowicz, Ann Malka 39 Verndale Street Brookline, Massachusetts Ass ' t. Floor Chm.; Choir; Vice-Pres. Council; TAC. Wolper, Judith Diana 269 Savoy Street Bridgeport, Connecticut Blood Drive. Zdanowitz, Rivka Schikman 1589 Ocean Avenue Brooklyn, New York Basketball Team; BeitOlot. Zelkowitz, Sandra 149 Harrison Avenue Jersey City, New Jersey Big Sister. Zirkind, Celeste 547 Wyndham Road Teaneck, New Jersey Zoldan, Susan Nadelman 41-25 Kissena Blvd. Flushing, New York Ass ' t. Floor Chm.; Floor Chm. Zuckerman, Wendy Sue 629 Kappock Street Bronx, New York Yavneh. B.A. CELESTE ZIRKIND minx English B.A. SUSAN NADELMAN ZOLDAN tyira mo WENDY SUE ZUCKERMAN B.A. English Biology II The following people are not pictured: Chester, Alice R. 15 Yamaska Road Springfield, Mass. Klaristenfeld, Ella 249 East 51st Street Brooklyn, New York Lewin, Judith Regina 13 St. Henri O. Ste. Agathe, P.Q., Canada Manevitz, Karen 27 Huckleberry Ave. Norwalk, Conn. Meyer, Barbara Ann 589 Fairview Ave. Bridgeport, Conn. kAJ STUDENT COURT Senior Judge, Cyndi Reiss; Junior Judge, Rochelle Garfinkel; Sophomore Judge, Ellen Weinstein. DORMITORY COUNCIL President, Naomi Weinerman; Vice President, Ann Wolfowicz; Secretary, Enid Moskowitz; Treasurer, Leah Schwartz. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Secretary, Rochelle Mann Treasurer, Robin Mandel not pictured: President, Naomi Chinn Vice President, Sondra Markovitz SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President, Karen Gertz Vice President, Phyllis Gordon Secretary, Renee Weiser Treasurer, Judy Greenfield DANCE CLUB Chairman, Roz Hilsen LITERARY CLUB Chairman, Lea Fridman OBSERVER Editor-in-Chief, Meryle Cherrick Associate Editor, Linda Stern Production Editor, Michelle Feigenbaum News Editor, Carmel Friedman Copy Editors, Esther Kastrovitsky and Judy Rosenkranz Photography Editor, Linda Billauer «■ Perspectives — Scholarly Review Shifra Stollman, Editor-in-Chief Deborah Poupko and Carol Duchan, Associate Editors Speech — Arts Forum Cyndi Reiss, Chairman Netti Wachtenheim, Brauna Eisenberg, Linda Potashnick TAC Faigie Heisler and Shelly Ziebzener, Co-chairmen. CHOIR Aviva Schlossberg, Director. WRUR Stern chairman, Carol Duchan. CIVIC SERVICE CLUB Chairman, Hadassah Schoenfeld. KOCHAVIAH ' 70 Editors-in-Chief, Alicia Wald and Brauna Eisenberg Executive Assistants, Sarita Pernikof f and Rhoda Weisfogel Literary Editor, Debbie Album Senior Editor, Charlotte Beigel Photography Editors, Fran Alter and Meta Goldmeier Copy Editor, Joan Gail Schechter Advertising Editor, Esther Gutkin Art Editor, Linda Stern Typing Editor, Fredel Jacobs During the past four years much has happened to us, both as a class and as individuals. We have lived in New York; we ' ve lived in Israel; we formed lasting friendships and made pleasant acquaintances; we ' ve been fools and philosophers; we ' ve had hang-ups and happiness. The memories of these years are ineffable essences of the past. They cannot be captured completely, but they can be preserved within the hearts of each of us. The following pages are dedicated to these memories. 1 in f ' ' ■ ' _ S ER ' »- jfci - •r ' MEisaate Oar s f ■ They said it couldn ' t be done and, at times, we almost believed them. But, somehow or other, we finally made it. We finished Kochaviah ' 70! In all seriousness, though, the Yearbook has been a very rewarding experience. Through it, we have experienced the difficulties and the joys of working on something that we will always share as a class. It is illustrative of the development of our class and of the tradition of Kochaviah. In it we see k to make no social comment, for enough is said elsewhere. We do, however, make a commitment. We commit ourselves to our memories and to the challenges evoked by the last four years. Special thanks are due to some of those who have already made their commitment with us: to our friends and roommates who tolerated our often disruptive sessions, to our editorial staff, to Mrs. Lichtenstein, our advisor, to Mrs. Shimoff, and to Enid, Naomi, and Raananah for their moral support. To them and to our underclassmen, we leave the hope that they will always share with us this simultaneous commitment to the past and to the future. Brauna Eisenberg Alicia Wald Co-editors JLDERERS 18 THRU RETIREMENT AGE i permanent openings for I levels of experience RODALE v Ironies, Inc. iut St. Garden City, L.I. i • CALL 248-5050 Ktronic ians Testers AETNA SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Abraham Spiegel, President 300 So. Fairfax Avenue Los Angeles, California 90036 (Town and Country Shopping Center) Telephone: 937-0420 Main Office: Long Beach Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to RUTH GRUENSPECHT HENRY FUCHS SON, INC. 94 NINTH STREET • BROOKLYN, NEW YORK 11215 PAPER BOARD SPECIALTIES TEL. 212 400-8600 Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to the Class of 1970 from the STERN COLLEGE DORMITORY COUNCIL Naomi Weinerman — President Ann Wolfowicz — Vice President Enid Moskowitz — Secretary Leah Schwartz — Treasurer and all the Girls in the Dormitory ISAAC S. SILVERSTEIN General Insurance Telephone LAurelton 8-0532 134-35 230th St. Laurelton 13, N.Y. Mazel Tov from Pruzansky Bros. APERION MANOR Exclusive Glatt Kosher Caterers 815 Kings Highway Brooklyn, New York BRAND, GRUMET SEIGEL, Inc. Members New York Stock Exchange American Stock Exchange 49 West 33rd Street New York 1, New York LOngacre 5-0500 Best Wishes TIMNA Torah In the Midst of NAture Non-Profit Foundation for the Education of Jewish Youth Year — ' round Activities 181 Acres of Mountain Trails 18 Miles South of Livermore, California Mrs. Edith Friedlaender Bondi, Director Congratulations to our Daughter JOYCE and to all her roommates Compliments from Mr. Mrs. George Gluck In Honor of JUDY and her Classmates Best Wishes and Happiness to KARINE Mr. Mrs. M. Grunfeld Aaron, Jeffrey With Best Wishes to BRACHA FRIEDMAN Mr. and Mrs. Meyer Stavisky HEAR YE, HEAR YE! There liveth a man in Brooklyn who has six wonderful nephews, but one pretty little niece. ON HER COLLEGE GRADUATION - HE EXTENDS HER MANY A CONGRATULATION! A long and happy " post-graduate " life, to you dear niece, BERNA BLUMBERG and the same to all your proud classmates. Uncle Arjeh Leib Kalish Congratulations and Best Wishes to our Daughter PHYLLIS on her Graduation Mr. and Mrs. Leo Reinhard and Steve and Grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Sam Reinhard Congratulations to PERL BROWN and her Fellow Classmates POLLACK AND KELLER, INC. General Mason Contractors Residential and Commercial 23850 Commerce Park Beachwood, Ohio Mazel Tove to our Daughter SANDRA LEE upon her Graduation and Best Wishes for Continued Success and Happiness in the Future Mr. Mrs. Meyer Himmelstein Lebanon, Conn. 4 Congratulations and Best Wishes to LINDA SHIMANSKY from her Father and Mother STOCKS MUTUAL FUNDS ARNOLD " SKIP " ZARRA VICE PRESIDENT OFFICE 686-2700 667-2500 RES. 731-9444 , INVESTMENT BANKING MAYFLOWER SECURITIES CO., INC. 1767 MORRIS AVE. UNION, NEW JERSEY 07083 Bracha Ve ' hazlacha from a Friend of STERN COLLEGE Im Yirtzeh Hashem By Your Wedding . . . THE EILAT ORCHESTRAS wish the CLASS of 1970 MAZEL TOV Stuie Billauer Richie Starr (212) 268-2849 (201) 779-5485 B ' racha V ' hatzlacha to our Daughter AVIVA upon her Graduation David (Jewelry Unlimited) congratulates SUE ZOLDAN Congratalations to the Stern Graduates of 1970 with Best Wishes Mr. Mrs. Abraham Groopman and their twins Cynthia and Jay To my Fellow Graduates of the Class of 1970 May happiness always be yours and may your fondest dreams come true Shalom V ' hatzlacha Your classmate CYNTHIA GROOPMAN HENNIE Compliments of PammTVO SUPER EQ i MARKETS MSIm fc INCORPORATED J Best Wishes to our Sister JUDY upon her Graduation Bill, Beverly, and Lori Wolper Very Best Wishes IMPERIAL CARD SHOP 127 East 34th Street New York, N.Y. 10016 MazelTov to our Daughter and Sister SANDRA on her Graduation Dr. Mrs. Wender Macy Gary Congratulations and Best Wishes to our Beloved Daughter and Sister FAGIE (Booba) upon her Graduation Aba, Ima, Akiv a and Eliezer Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to our Daughter CAROL Mr. and Mrs. Hyman Stahler RUSSAK INVESTMENT COMPANY Developers and Builders for Industry 5301 Second Avenue South Seattle, Washington 98108 Mazel Tov to our Sister SANDRA on her Graduation George Roseanne Friedman To HENNIE Best Wishes for a Very Happy Future Rabbi and Mrs. I. Lesin Best Wishes to our Daughter BRAUNA BETH Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Eisenberg Congratulations to SARITA and her Graduating Class Caplan Brothers Baltimore, Md. Congratulations to our Daughter j JUDYWOLPER upon her Graduation, Love, Mom and Dad Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to our Dear Niece BLUMA upon your Graduation May you attain all that you aspire for Uncles Hyman and Morris Hochberg Mazel Tov to KAREN " COOKIE " KAISER JOYCE FEINSTEIN on their Graduation Congregation Rodphey Sholom Holyoke, Massachusetts SAPIRO AUTO PARTS, INC. 160 Memorial Parkway Automotive Parts Distributors New Brunswick, N J. 08901 Best Wishes CYNDI Mrs. Ruby Newman Mazel Tov and Bracha LEAH Rabbi Lawrence Yehudah and Lolly Schwartz and Chaim Zalmen To MALKA Bracha V ' hatzlacha Peninah, Elyakim, and Reuben Moshe Mazel Tov V ' Hazlacha Raaba to the Graduating Class of 1970 ESTHER LIEBMAN CHEMICAL PLATING COMPANY Congratulates SUE NADELMAN ZOLDAN on her Graduation Compliments of SISTERHOOD OF YOUNG ISRAEL of Syracuse Congratulations from Mr. and Mrs. George Fleisher to our Daughter JERI Mazel Tov to my Granddaughter FREDEL Mr. Salomon Neumann Honoring our MIRIAM at her Graduation " She ' ll Do " Herman, Miriam Rachel Ari Congratulations to PERL BROWN and her Fellow Classmates from BERNARD BROWN, INC. Portland, Oregon Established 1903 Nurseries Montvale PARK FLORIST mu 5-9320 N.J. MU 5-9321 Joseph Dioniso 115 East 34th Street, N.Y. 10016 Compliments of JERIMOR FABRICS, Congratulations to INC. ESTHER Monteral, Canada ' her friends and classmates of the Class of 1970 Harris Paint Prod., Inc. Irving Gutkin, Pres. P.O. Box 412 Linden, New Jersey 07036 Best Wishes to HENCHY upon her Graduation Mazel Tov to our Daughter J META and the Graduating Class of 1970 Mae Saffer Congratulations to our Granddaughter | Mr. and Mrs. Max Goldmeier NAOMI Mr. Mrs. Moses Simon Mr. Mrs. Sam Weinerman MazelTov GHANA Uncle Eliezer Mazel Tov to my Fellow Classmates ETTA JOAN KEITELMAN 4 Congratulations to HELEN upon her Graduation Uncle Harold Uncle Melvin Dad With feelings of joy and nachos from " Savta " Rose Sclar to ZAHAVA KATZ " Compliments of a Friend " Mazel Tov to my Wife LIZ upon her graduation Murray j PLASTICS SPANGLES INC. 325 Gold St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 11201 Congratulations with Best Wishes Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Bessiness Mazel Tov to our Daughter PHYLLIS Mr. and Mrs. Ted Rosenbaum Mazel Tov to FRAN ALTER and the Class of 1970 from Mother, Dad, and Sandy Good Luck BRENDA Saul Cohen and family Mazel Tov and Every Good Wish to LEAH REBECCA SCHWARTZ Rabbi Sholom and Judy Salfer GitelChaya Esther Gila Mordechai Tzvi Mazel and Bracha to our Daughter and Sister KARINE Mr. Mrs. M. Ganz Judy and Shelly Congratulations to AHUVA and her Classmates Mr. Mrs. Alex Betcherman Ottawa, Ontario Canada For LINDA with Love and Best Wishes Mr. Mrs. Hyman Weisal Mazel Tov to our Daughter CHANA Mr. Mrs. Selig Singer Compliments of LEONARD FUCHS Cleveland, Ohio Congratulations and Best Wishes to FAGIE EISENBERG On her Graduations Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rosenshine Congratulations and Best Wishes to ALICIA Mom, Dad, and Marc Congratulations AVIVA To my Kallah JOAN GAIL B ' ahava Judah JUDITH To whom " every Jew is a singer before Him and every letter in the Torah is a musical note. " Aba, Ema, and Yusie Menachem and Zeporah Meier (Peretz) Best Wishes NECHIE on your Graduation Mom and Dad Marty and Deannie Herman and Joyce Mitchell, Norman, Michele and Rhonda MazelTov ELKIE from tne Yamers and Silbersteins Aunt Sylvia Rick Butchers Emjay Photographers il Mazel Tov to MALKA May we always have much Nachas from you. Mom, Dad, and Babbie Mazel Tov and All Our Best to our Granddaughter FRAN on her Graduation Compliments of L. G. BALFOUR CO. 55 Northern Blvd. Greenvale, N.Y. Congratulations to our Niece and Cousin MIRIAM BRANDWEIN from the Ungers Congratulations to HENCHY Adam Hart Altman Lots of Luck BRAUNA Love, David, Syma, Louis Deborah Compliments of MAISTEX, LTD. 8280 St. Lawrence Blvd. Montreal, Quebec Congratulations to HELEN upon her Graduation Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Stern Stuart extend Mazel Tov to LINDA and all the Stern College Graduates of 1970 Mazel Tov and Best Wishes LEAH REBECCA SCHWARTZ Rabbi and Mrs. Maurice Schwartz and Ronald Zev Congratulations CYNDI from Aunt Esther Dad Mom Rebecca Danny Grandma HAN DEE SPRING CO. Congratulations to AHUVA and her Classmates 1429 Park St. Hartford, Conn. Phone No. (203)246-7474 Tom Sachs Ottawa, Canada Congratulations to my Dearest Wife, PERL and her Friends and Classmates Harry M. Brown Mazel Tov to ENID, ALICIA, GOLDIE, LEAH AND META Compliments of MR. AND MRS. PHIL TANNY Montreal, Quebec For BRURIA our Daughter Love, Aba, Ema, and Nathan Best Wishes to our Daughter HENCHY and her Classmates for a Happy Future With Love Mom Dad SIM-BERN DISTRIBUTING CORP. Wholesale Kosher and Non-Kosher Foods and Provisions Bernard Lacher 116-118 Lynch Street Syracuse, New York Phone: Gr4-2941 Mazel Tov to our Daughter FREDEL upon her Graduation Rev. Mrs. Erich Jacobs Come to ISRAEL - You ' ll Be Glad Your Did Mazel Tov to SANDRA FRIEDMAN on her Graduation Mr. Mrs. Sol Ganz THE DAVID SINGERS of Chicago MazelTov to 5 Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to ETTA JOAN ESTHER on her Graduation from her Parents and Sisters Mr. Mrs. A. Liebman I Charles, Francis Anna May Keitelman Naomi and Annette 1 to With Deepest Love and Highest Hopes for your Future to our Daughter and Sister COOKIE KAISER ' — Congratulations — Good Luck ZAHAVA Mom, Dad, Sarena, Joan Ken Percy, Sue Mitten from Rabbi and Mrs. Michael Katz and Yitzie - To my Kallah MET A To the Graduating Class Life of Contentment Marc World of Peace JOAN GAIL MAZEL TOV and Best Wishes Mom and Dad ILOCH PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC. The Jewish Book Concern 31 West 31st Street New York, N.Y. Greetings From ABBI AND MRS. SAMUEL COOPER Charleston, W. Va. Congratulations to the 1970 Graduating Class COUNTY FAIR WHOLESALE MEAT CO., INC. 93-02 151st St. Jamaica, New York 11433 :s MARKLINE HOSIERY CO., INC. 16 W. 36th St. " Panty Hose that fit " Nylon, Cantrice, Agilon also Opaque All at Wholesale Prices Ask for Nick Congratulations HENCHY All that cramming finally paid off. Malkie and Murray ETTIE Mazel Tov on your Graduation Mom, Fred Harriet, Zev, Yair David To our Dear NECHIE MAZEL TOV Bracha and Hatzlacha Mom and Dad Bubby and Zadie Arnie and Jessica Benjamin and Judi and Batsheva Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to NAOMI and her Classmates Upon their Graduation Dr. and Mrs. Harold Weinerman Philip, Anita, and Stuart Compliments of MORRIS AND GOLDIE LAX Congratulations to VIVIENNE WERTHER from The Werther Family Mrs. Mary Safier The Safier Families Congratulations to JOYCE and to her roommates COOKIE, JOAN GAIL, BERNA AND LINDA-STERN Congratulations BRENDA on Your Graduation Mr. and Mrs. Otto Schwartz and Sons - ALL-CITY POULTRY CORP. 211 No. 4th Street Brooklyn, N.Y. 11211 EV 7-2796 -7-8881 EV 4-9896 Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to SANDY Upon Her Graduation Mr. Mrs. Paul Zelkowitz Laura Michael Congratulations to MRS. ELIZABETH KATZ from Dad Congratulations from a Friend of LINDA TANNENBAUM - Best Wishes to our Friend BRENDA Morris and Millie Redner and Helen - Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to DIANE FISHMAN Upon Graduation Telchi Mechayil el Chayil " AVIV KNITWEAR Congratalates SUE NADELMAN ZOLDAN On Her Graduation °c All we are saying is . . . Give peace a chance . . . M M The Rabbinical Council of America Metropolitan Detroit Extends its Best Wishes to SHIFRASTOLLMAN and her Classmates, Graduating Class of Stern College, 1970 HOTEL LATHAM 4 East 28th St. New York, N.Y. Mr. Stuart M. Stern Convey a message of mazol tov with sincere pride upon the graduation of LINDA, BERNA, COOKIE, JOAN, JOYCE, ROZZY and the entire SCW class o f ' 70 And he took Rebekah and she became his wife and he loved her. " Genesis XXIV, 67 To my dearest wife BECKI, Sincerest congratulations on achieving the impossible — graduating from Stern and getting married. May this our pasuk be the cornerstone of a future of mutual love and understanding. Congratulations to our Daughter and Sister, SHIFRA and to her fellow graduates Rabbi Dr. Mrs. Samuel S. Stollman and family PASTEUR PHARMACY, INC. opposite dormitory 10 Park Ave. open Sundays AGOSTINO BOOK SHOP 10 Park Ave. Hotel Ten Park Ave. Lobby Magazines, Cigars, Cigarettes, Candy First Quality Merchandise Telephones: LEhigh 5-8484 BU 8-O06O Orders Promptly Delivered Mail Orders Sent Everywhere MRS. HERBERT ' S Party, Wedding and Birthday Cakes Delicious home made Strudels and Continental Pastries 1437 Third Avenue (Bet. 81st 92nd Sts.) New York, N.Y. 10028 DVORA on her Graduation Dad, Mom, Yonah To the Class of 1970 Bracha V ' hatzlacha B ' chol Ma ' ashiv! May you grow from strength to strength as individuals and as members of Klal Yisrael. STERN COLLEGE STUDENT COUNCIL Mindy Kurland President Paula Goldstein Vice President Eileen Garf inkle Recording Secretary Shiela Moskowitz Corresponding Secretary Raanannah Swirsky Treasurer Compliments of USARCO LIMITED To BRENDA On Your Graduation 1 HOTEL BEDFORD New York MARK IV CONSTRUCTION Cleveland, Ohio 1 Excellent Work at Sensible Prices SALON DEBBIAN 56 WEST 57TH STREET NEW YORK, N.Y. 10019 Distinctive Hair Coloring Advance Styling Many Good Wishes for Happiness and Success PEARL Love rrom Mommy, Daddy and Sid Mazel Tov to my Wife ELLEN Upon your graduation Love always, Jack To Our Daughter CHARLOTTE Best Wishes for Continued Success and Happiness in the Future Your Loving Parents Mr. and Mrs. I. Beigel Best Luck to You MARIANNE With Lots of Love Uncle Harry Elizabeth Annette Julie Machines Furniture MID CITY PRESS, INC. 138 East 34th Street Supplies Printing Compliments of DEVINE PAINT VARNISH CO. INC. Cleveland, Ohio Mazel Tov to Our Dear Daughter and Sister PATTI and the Graduating Class of 1970 Mr. and Mrs. David Stern Rechie Congratulations to DVORA on her contribution to the Women ' s Laboration Movement Shalom Mazel Tov to ANNA SINGER Upon her graduation A Friend Congratulations to our niece JUDI ALICE LAUTM AN You finally made it Congratulations on your graduation Dad Aunt Heidi, Uncle Emil, Aunt Fanny, Uncle Ari Naphtali and Rachele, Rachel, Naomi Asher Dov For The Place for a Shabbat Meal Buy from MARTHA WILLIES With our love Mother and Father Now at a New Location 146 East Broadway 349-6285 Aunt Lola Uncle Felix and Aunt Kathy Susan and Judy i Mazel Tov and Best Wishes To Our Daughter HELENE REISMAN On Her Graduation Congratulations to RHODA Mazel Tov To Our Daughter KAREN Upon Her Graduation Mom and Dad Congratulations to the CLASS OF ' 70 from Class of ' 71 Class of ' 72 Sandy Ehrenreich, Pres. Karen Gertz, Pres. Helene Urbach, V.P. Phyllis Gordon, V.P. Reggi Singer, Secy. Renee Weiser, Secy. Joy Beth Lewis, Treas. Judy Greenfield, Treas. Class of ' 73 Naomi Chinn, Pres. Sandra Markowitz, V.P. Rochelle Mann, Secy. Robin Mandel, Treas. II We are perpetually And forever awaiting A renaissance of wonder. We love you, CHARLOTTE Mr. and Mrs. Herman Adler, Beverly and David Best Wishes to you always, ALICE Mom, Dad, Donny, and Jeffrey Congratulations and Best Wishes to LINDA Mr. and Mrs. Morris Weiss and Allan Mr. and Mrs. Joe Weissbrot and Susie Mazel Tov and Best Wishes To our Dear Niece BLUMA Uncle Louis Aunt Rose Jerry Watsky To our Dear Daughter and Sister BLUMA Congratulations upon your Graduation And Best Wishes for a Happy Future Rabbi Mrs. I. Pretter, Yaakov, Chaim, and Shlomo Mazel Tov to the Class of ' 70 Complements of Businesses Mauzone Kosher Home Prod. Brooklyn, New York Jack Polivy, Jeweler New York, New York Ben Paikin Real Estate Syracuse, New York Compliments of a Friend Castle Food Products Baltimore, Md. Bonne Cleaners, Ltd. New York, New York Olympia Florist, Inc. New York, New York Center Pharmacy West Haven, Conn. Hession and Connolly, Inc. New York, New York Mr. Mrs. Hyman Stone Providence, R.I. The Rothkopf Family A Friend Friends and Relatives The Krotzers: Groner Eckstein Amity Cleaners and Tailors Packard Pharmacy New Efficient Cleaners New Globe Garage A Friend Henny Wenkart Uncle Hyman Hochberg Morris Hochberg Sue Zoldan Hebrew 06 Mr. Mrs. Morris Losice Family! Dr. Mrs. Bernard Matkowsky Family Mr. Mrs. Auram Horowitz Jerome Lefkowitz Family Mr. Mrs. Benzion Kagan Mr. Mrs. Meyer Kagan Dr. Mrs. Morton Berger Sisterhood of Temple Beth-El Mr. Sam Whitman Rabbi Mrs. Avraham Weiss, Dena, Rivka, and Elana Mr. Mrs. Charles Newman Mazel Tov to the Class of ' 70 Compliments of Milton Stern, Optometrist Fred and her gang Moshe Speter The S. Schnitzer Family The David Bolnick Family of Chicago Barrie and Bonnie Singer Charlie Brown and Snoopy The Preisers Anonymous X A Friend Mr. Mrs. Arthur Robbins Mr. Mrs. Bernat Friedman Barry Feinstein Simon Werner, Inc. Poultry Bernie Newman Mr. Mrs. Julius Wilensky and daughter Laurie Susan Dr. Delwood Damboise Mr. Mrs. Max Fleisher Mr. Mrs. Nathan David Woody Florence Fleischer Mrs. David Steingart H.B. Ceylemas Rabbi Mrs. Sacknontz Judi, Betsy, Judy Betsy Geshon Berezin Moishe Shira Mr. Mrs. Harry Jacobson Mr. Mrs. Benjamin Pernikoff Center Pharmacy Mr. Mrs. A. Levine Herzog ' s Men ' s Shop Gino Mr. Mrs. Abraham Ger Mogen David Kosher Meat Products Corp. Phil Debbie Finklestein Rabbi Mrs. Charles Batt Mr. Mrs. Jonas Szmulewicz Mr. Mrs. Julius Mayer Rabbi Mrs. Isaac Pretter Mr. Mrs. Hyman Kalish Debby Raphael Groner Mr. Mrs. Alan Goldfarb KOCHAVIAH EDITORIAL BOARD Extends Congratulation to the Class of 1970 on Their Graduation To the Class of 1970 The Editorial Board leaves you the following section. Do with it as you will. I

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