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03 mm 33 mm t ' 1 fi 1 r, ; J M VflH l - SI mi NJ Kft • ram. t . Ster i College for Women Yeshiva University ' Eternity is endless. Forever is boundless. Life is one small part of eternity, one iota of forever. College, then, is even a smaller part of infinity. It is four years of togetherness, unity, solidarity, yet four years of becoming separate, unique, and special as well. It is a metamorphosis — a changing. Each life must find its own meaning, its own goal. Each girl must find her own way to become a woman. And each woman must discover what it means not just to exist, but to be, to contribute, to have a purpose. a And all in four years — four long, happy, fun-filled, successful years. Four short, sorrowful, puzzling, questioning, wondering, fleeting years. Four years- gone. " : , Gone where? Can four years with questions and no answers have mean- ing? Are the questions for which we have no answers worth pondering — worth the time, the heart-ache, the worry? Is it worth it to be a Stern woman — to spend four years trying to synthesize, to explain, to defend? Is it really necessary to spend four years trying to discover the relationship between religion and the world, between G-d and man? Photo by NASA MtfMHBV 8 Isn ' t it easier just to accept? Just to do? Just to feel free — to have no bonds, no commands, no limitations? Wouldn ' t it be nicer to be a moth all the time, to fly always toward the light, to flutter through life? But think about it. Is it really so sad to be a butterfly? Is it really so very difficult to admit that there are questions which we cannot answer, pain and suffering we cannot explain? Is the ache of not knowing worse than the emptiness of feeling there is nothing to know? Dedication Once there was emptiness echoing Down silent corridors. Once there were silent reverberations Of apathy ricocheting back from closed doors. Now there is hope And the beginning of sound. Now there is someone who dares to speak — Who dares to question the empty reverberating stillness. Someone has opened the door And the soundless ricocheting waves of apathy Have begun to fade. One woman with conviction Has created a new image of Stern, A vibrant image, Born from empty echoes. Mrs. Esther Auerbach We are sick of history — Of dying and pain and grief. We want a future as well as a past. The price has been paid Even in our own generation: Six million, we cry — Six million . . . A professor teaches us to subdue our anger- To learn that without a past There IS no future; To see the panorama of history As a divine plan; To see the state of Israel And the Jewish people Alive, strong, ever-proud; To see that pride is forged from grief. And we understand. And the crying ceases. Rabbi Raphael S. Weinberg I welcome this opportunity to extend my warmest congratulations to the graduating class of !969 of Stern College for Women, mtnesetlmesofunprecedentedchanseyouhave sough, to take " ' ZZ ' IZ e timeless Sgtuut:n; P anrhe S 3ingin,e,,ec,ua, ■Its o. ' the arts and sciences . .have healthy background " P™ 1 ? " ™ „ d c ommuni.y. to assume your roles in home, career, an Voo will face grea. ZZlo cL rou stri thtle-wircrmunhyandal, rytAlmlghtygrantyoucontinuedwellheingaod fulfillment. C Samuel Belkin President -„ dtomend ,n 8stothe8raduati „ gdassatste — Asstudentsyouhavesh _ yourconcernsfor J — y -o ciety . thasenseofva , uesandarea| of responsibility. v :: c 5e,orwomenisn ° winiK -- ' -e„, c , ;7 p - w - d --- andinupholdingiKidea , svouhave taKen advantage nf th Q „ tage ot the opportunities for intellects! A . ' hearts andsciencesand , .. eC ' Ua ' deVe ' OP ™ " ' " •»«8 " ™es and for sprmua| s , ren throilgh our -p roKS , „ s ,, nthecommun , tMamsurethai m||ro to ' - — yourcontributionswhichiv|||reflecthon yourselves and your Alma Mater. ' Wend,OCaCh0, - U ™ on sa „ dwrybestwishes . Max Stern Co— ashasbeen — Now that you are leaving Stern r«li experience some apprehend T Wi " un doubtedly wonder whether yo , ar " d ™ rZI apPrehension because you r ofessiona, - nd hters p t r of:;X°nd1LX e : n C o f a,,engeS Wjth a » -oted in the knowSSr COnfidence is a relevant and dynamic 8 ne t ob ectiv? ' " 3 ' eXPenence Prepare yo u to gain a mastery m the H n0t ° n ' y t0 you can compete in it. It a so was , a " dem,c wo so that a set of moral and ethical tearhTn T J " transm i«ing your spiritual and ft y ° U advance guide you in yourrtriv a ™a 3 idea ' S W ' " or yourself and in discharging yo u r r n ' 8 a meanin ' ,ife, community, and peopfe res P°ns.bil,ties to your ' wish all of you success in your endeavor, I +{jLA. Esther Auerbach Administration Mrs. Miriam Mostow Recorder Library Staff Max Celnik, (2nd from left), Head Librarian Mrs. Esther Zuroff Placement Coordinator Rabbi YaakovZev Assistant Registrar Mrs. Sarah Meyer Staff Assistant, Dormitory Dr. Eli Sar Director, Health Service Mrs. Jenny Giges Director, Residence Hall Mrs. Rita Dunne Nurse Judaic Studies Faculty DR. GERSION APPEL Professor of Judaic Studies DR. YEHOSHUA BE ' ERY Instructor of Hebrew RABBI YEHUDA BOHRER Instructor of Judaic Studies RABBI DAVID BLEICH Instructor of Judaic Studies MR. HANOCH DUBITSKY Instructor of Hebrew DR. SHLOMO EIDELBERG Professor of Jewish History Chairman, Dep ' t of Hebraic Studies MRS. CHAYA EHRLICH Instructor of Hebrew MRS. CHAYA HOROWITZ Lecturer of Hebrew DR. YEHUDA FELIKS Visiting Professor of Judaic Studies DR. MEIER HAVAZELET Assoc. Professor of Hebrew RABBI MARTIN GORDON Instructor of Judaic Studies MR. HENRI KAMRI Instructor of Hebrew MRS. TOVAH LICHTENSTEIN Lecturer of Judaic Studies RABBI J. MITCHELL ORLIAN Instructor of Hebrew RABBI ALTER METZGER Ass ' t Professor of Judaic Studies MISS HELEN OFFENBACHER Lecturer of Judaic Studies DR. NOAH ROSENBLOOM Professor of Hebrew RABBI JOSHUA SHMIDMAN Instructor of Judaic Studies RABBI MELECH SCHACHTER Assoc. Professor of Judaic Studies MR. JOSEPH ROTH Instructor of Hebrew RABBI RAPHAEL WEINBERG Ass ' t Professor of Jewish History RABBI YAAKOV ZEV Lecturer of Judaic Studies RABBI ARTHUR SHURIN Lecturer of Hebrew Faculty DR. SHELLY KOENICSBERG Assoc. Professor of Education Chairman, Dep ' t of Education MRS. SUSAN SARDY Instructor of Education MISS ELLEN NAKAMURA Visiting Lecturer of Education DR. JOSEPH LEVINSON Visiting Professor of Education MISS HELEN GOODMAN Lecturer of Art MRS. SUSAN FLEMINGER Lecturer of Art PROF. RACHEL WISCHNITZER Professor Emeritus of Art MRS. CONSTANCE SKOR Instructor of Education DR. IRENE GOLDRINC Assoc. Professor Biolog DR. BEATRICE FRIEDLAND Professor of Biology Chairman, Dep ' t of Biology DR. FRED GOODMAN Professor of Biology MR. MURRAY ALTMAN Instructor of Biology t MRS. JESSICA GRANT Instructor of Biology DR. BETTY ROSOFF Ass ' t Professor of Biology MRS. ETHEL ORLIAN Lecturer of Chemistry MRS. CECILY DOBIN Lecturer of Chemistry i J ■HH DR. LEONARD LABOWITZ Ass ' t Professor of Chemistry DR. NATHANIEL REMES Assoc. Professor of Chemistry 1 DR. HENRY GRINBERC Ass ' t Professor of English DR. MORRIS EPSTEIN Professor of English Chairman, Dep ' t of English DR. DAN VOGEL Ass ' t Professor of English DR. CAROLE SILVER Ass ' t Professor of English DR. ANNA KRAKOWSKI Professor of French DR. MIRELLA AFFRON Ass ' t Professor of French Chairman, Dep ' t of French MR. HOWARD CHEIKEN Lecturer of Russian MRS. FRUMA KOVACS Lecturer of Spanish MRS. SOPHIE LAUFER Lecturer of German DR. JOSEPH DUNNER Visiting Prof, of Poli Sci. DR. DORIS GOLDSTEIN Professor of History Chairman, Dep ' t of History MRS. CAROL GRUBER Ass ' t Professor of History MISS RUTH BEVAN Ass ' t Professor of Poli Sci. DR. ROSE CHAN Instructor of History MR. SOLOMON HONIG Lecturer of Economics MR. C. BEZALEL SHERMAN Lecturer of Sociology DR. NATHALIE FRIEDMAN Ass ' t Professor of Sociology Chairman, Dep ' t of Sociology MR. NICHOLAS REGUSH Lecturer of Sociology MR. JOSEPH FRIEDMAN Instructor of Mathematics DR. LEON LANDOVITZ Professor of Physics MISS EUNICE NORTON Teaching Fellow in Physics MR. DAVID FLORY Lecturer of Physics ' ' :. ' " - - [ $4fe [ J MR. YEHUDA JURAVEL Lecturer of Physics DR. JULES GREENSTEIN Assoc. Professor of Psychology Chairman, Dept. of Psychology DR. MARCEL PERLMAN Assoc. Professor of Psychology MR. MARTIN SCHULMAN Lecturer of Psychology MRS. ANNE V. ROTH Instructor of Health Education MRS. JUNE GOLDEN Instructor of Speech MRS. REBECCA STEARNS Lecturer of Speech MRS. HANNAH WOLKENFELD Lecturer of Health Education MR. FRANCIS HEILBUT Lecturer of Music PROF. RUTH KISCH Ass ' t Professor of Music DR. ARTHUR TAUBER Ass ' t Professor of Health Education ■ m ; P m m s® Gfr N O R BlE JULIA MORGENSTERN BASHEVA ABOFF AARON yaurnn noin English A.B. English A.B. D ' VORAH ABRAMS man ns ' Education A.B. JUDITH SHORE LEA BATALION APPLEBAUM nK 1 ? rPTWT Mathematics A.B. English A.B. 0% We " " " r f ' $ ■■■n ROBERTA BAUM Education A.B. AARON, JULIA MORGENSTERN 347 East 53rd Street New York, New York ABOFF, BASHEVA 156 Hillside Road Elizabeth, New Jersey Staff, Observer. ABRAMS, D ' VORAH 183 Fayette Boulevard Syracuse, New York Chairman, Beit Olot Mitzvah cards. APPLEBAUM, JUDITH SHORE 66-01 Burns Street Forest Hills, N.Y. BATALION,LEA 208 Long Avenue Hillside, New Jersey BAUM, ROBERTA 164718th Avenue San Francisco, Calif. Photography Staff, Observer BERKOWITZ, MALKA 119-14 Union Turnpike Kew Gardens, New York Dean ' s List; Editor, Parshat, Hashavua; Hebrew Staff, Kochaviah. BLINDER, J. RANDY GOODMAN 495 West 186th Street New York, New York Treasurer, Freshman Class; Staff, Ob- server Supplement. BORNSTEIN, BRENDA 7242 Princeton St. Louis, Missouri Dean ' s List; Chairman, Parshat Hash- avua Club; President, French Club; Big Sister; Co-Chairman Yom Haatz- maut Chagiga. BRANDRISS,TOBIE 1503 Constance St. Silver Spring, Md. Dean ' s List; Woodrow Wilson Nomi- nee; Secretary, Sophomore Class; Co-Chairman Yom Haatzmaut Cha- g ' ga- MALKA BERKOWITZ French A.B., B.R.E. J. RANDY GOODMAN BLINDER Education A.B., B.R.E. BRENDA BORNSTEIN Vira rrn English A.B. TOBIE BRANDRISS Biology A.B. HINDA DEBORAH BRILL SHARON PARKER mm mm BRUSTEIN Sociology A.B. jnw Sociology A. SANDRA BURNSTEIN rnu; English A.B. FAYGE PHYLLIS JUDITH SCHAPIRA SANDRA HELENE PHYLLIS SANDRA BUTLER CARMEL CHERNOTSKY CURCHACK Pre-med A.B. History— Poli Sci A.B. Education A.B. Sociology A.B. FREYA DARDICK n ' a ' jiu? Education A.B. BRILL, HINDA DEBORAH 83-75 Woodhaven Blvd. Woodhaven, New York Chm.,Sr. Sale; Parshat Hashavua. BRUSTEIN, SHARON PARKER 153 Bennett Avenue New York, New York Publicity Chairman, Soph. Chagiga. BURNSTEIN, SANDRA 808 D Street S.E. Washington, D.C. Dean ' s List; V.P., Soph. Class. Big Sister BUTLER, FA YGE PHYLLIS 5710 Bartlett Street Pittsburgh, Pa. Editor-in-Chief, Observer; Editor, Observer Supplement and Nooz and Shmooz; Student Faculty Comm. on Academic and Curricular Affairs; Drama Club. CARMEL, JUDITH SCHAPIRA 506 Parkway Road Harrisburg, Pa. Dean ' s List; Treas., Frosh Class; Chm. Bowling Chagiga; Chm., Class Thea- tre Party; Big Sister; Staff, Observer. CHERNOTSKY, SANDRA HELENE 1306 Sherwood Road Linden, New Jersey V.P., Sr. Class; Sec ' y, Jr. Class; Big Sister; Traumatic Society. CURCHACK, PHYLLIS SANDRA 561 Colonade Road West Hempstead, N.Y. Capt., Basketball Team; Secretary, Dorm Council; Big Sister; Junior Class Play; Drama Society; Co-Chm., Class Shabbos. DARDICK,FREYA 4727 N.E. 74th Avenue Portland, Oregon Co-chairman, Service Club. DAUM, REGINA FEDERMAN 5720 Darlington Road Pittsburgh, Pa. Big Sister; Parshat Hashavua. DOUGLAS, LINDA NASANIA 8510 16th Street-Apt. 518 Silver Spring, Maryland TAC; Speech Journal. REGINA FEDERMAN DAUM Education A. LINDA NASANIA DOUGLAS Sociology A.B. SUSAN EKSTEIN MIRIAM EVE DREIFUS mn ana ELAINE TOBIE EINHORN English miu ,Tcn A.B. English A.B. Education GLORIA SUE EPSTEIN JUDY ERENYI mis ■?t3 , a nniiT A.B. Sociology A.B. English BAS-SORA BRAND EISENBERG mrra Sociology A.B. A.B. CAROL ANN ESTERMAN .Tn English A.B. DREIFUS, MIRIAM EVE 720 Peabody Street N.W. Washington, D.C. Dean ' s List; Co-chairman, Bulletin Board; Big Sister; Typing Editor, Ashes and Sparks; Co-chairman, Sr. Culture Evening. EINHORN, ELAINETOBIE 9931 South Yates Chicago, Illinois Assoc. Feature Editor, Observer. EISENBERC, BAS-SORA BRAND 611 Lefferts Avenue Brooklyn, New York Parshat Hashavua. EKSTEIN, SUSAN 340 West 86th Street New York, New York Big Sister; Chagiga Committees. EPSTEIN, GLORIA SUE 241 Crystal Terrace Hillside, New Jersey Co-ord., Student Court; Sec ' y, Sen- ior Class; Student-Alumni Commit- tee; Chm, Junior Class Shabbos; Floor Chairman; Big Sister; Art Club; Basketball Team. ERENYIJUDY 65 Featherbed Lane Bronx, New York ESTERMAN, CAROL ANN 1580 Bay Road Miami Beach, Fla. Director, Class Play; Staff, Observer. SHIFRA FEDER Education A.B. FEDER, SHIFRA 1395 Tennyson St. Denver, Colorado Dean ' s List; Chairman, Tzedaka Drive; Big Sister. Beit Olot FEIGENBAUM, JUDITH MIRIAM 3813 Washington Blvd. Cleveland, Ohio Dean ' s List; Managing Editor, Ob- server; Make-up Editor, Observer- Floor Chairman. FINE, SANDRA DEBORAH 4169 Bexley Blvd. So. Euclid, Ohio Staff, Observer; Big Sister. IUDITH MIRIAM FEIGENBAUM SANDRA DEBORAH FINE Chemistry Sociology A.B. A.B. MIMI FISCHER TOVA ZIPPORAH sa a FISHMAN English A.B. miss rrnu Psychology A.B. KRYSTINE RITA FOREM may Psychology A.B. MARLENE JANET FRIEDMAN Education CONNIE HIRSCH FUXBRUNER rrn French A.B. DEBORAH MAE GEISLER an?: rnim Education A.B. FISCHER, MIMI 3615 Seven Mile Lane Baltimore, Maryland TAC; Art Committee. FISHMAN, TOVA ZIPPORAH 33-43 Fourteenth Street Long Island City, New York Chm, Freshman Orientation Program; Big Sister; Chm, Yom Haatzmaut Pro- gram; Chm, Tzedaka Drive; Sec ' y Treasurer, V.P., Pres., Yavneh. FOREM, KRYSTINE RITA 134-55 233 Street Laureiton, N.Y. FRIEDMAN, MARLENE JANET 34-03 Barbara Place Fair Lawn, N.J. Dean ' s List; Art Club; Ass ' t, Annual Art Exhibit; Dormitory Decoration Comm., Debate Club. FUXBRUNER, CONNIE HIRSCH 1333 President Street Brooklyn, New York GEISLER, DEBORAH MAE 576 East 53rd Street Brooklyn, New York Big Sister; Staff, Kochaviah; Chagiga Committees. CLASSMAN, MARLENE Z. 704 Palmer Court Mamaroneck, N.Y. Copy Editor, News Editor, Senior Edi- tor, Observer; Literary Editor, Koch- aviah. GLATSTEIN, HANNAH B. 3036 Beechwood Blvd. Pittsburgh, Pa. Staff, Observer; Big Sister; Debate Team. GLUCK,YENNY 110-11 Queens Blvd. Forest Hills, N.Y. Chemistry Club. GOLDBERG, ROCHELLE 108-49 66 Avenue Forest Hills, N.Y. Big Sister; Chagiga Committees. MARLENE Z. GLASSMAN nna History— Poli Sci A.B. HANNAH B. GLATSTEIN run English A.B. Chemistry YENNY GLUCK A.B. Education ROCHELLE GOLDBERG A.B. JEANNE LITVIN GOLDMAN JUDY GOLDSMITH AHUVA SARA !?ni kj " rmn 1 GREISMANN History— Poli Sci A.B. French A.B., B.R.E. - 3inN Education A.B. PENINA GROSSMAN MIRIAM T. GURIAN nris mm ana Sociology A.B. Biology A.B. GINNY HABERKORN ROSLYN ROTHSTEIN rrn hain History— Poli Sci A.B.,B.R.E. nan Sociology A.B. SUSAN RUTH HANKIN ns - Biology A.B. GOLDMAN JEANNE LITVIN 131 Bennett Avenue New York, New York Photog. Ed., Kochaviah and Observer; Big Sister; Chm., Chagiga. GOLDSMITH, JUDY 5 Carlton Lane Monsey, New York Copy Editor, Kochaviah; Floor Chm., Big Sister, Basketball. GREISMAN, AHUVA SARA 232 Hansbury Avenue Newark, New Jersey Co-chairman Senior Sale; Big Sister; Student-Alumni Committee; Traumatic Society GROSSMAN, PENINA 143 Grumman Avenue Newark, New Jersey Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson Scholarship for Research on Poverty; TAC; Chm., Sr. Class Sale; Big Sister; Contributor, Observer Supplement. GURIAN, MIRIAM T. 328 Cornwall Street Hartford, Conn. Staff, Observer; Big Sister. HABERKORN,GINNY 579 East 29th Street Paterson, New Jersey Editor, Parshat Hashavua; Editor, Ob- server Supplement; TAC; Staff, Ob- server; Dean ' s List. HAIN, ROSLYN ROTHSTEIN 630 West 246th Street New York, New York Big Sister; Chagiga Committees. HANKIN, SUSAN RUTH 337 Winthrop Avenue New Haven, Conn. Art Club; Dramatic Society, Scenery; Publicity Chm, Chagiga. HERMAN, LUCILLE ANN 310 West 93rd Street New York, New York Chm, Art Club; Publicity Chm, Stu- dent Council. JACOBOWITZ, SUSANA FRIEDBERG 1000 Ocean Parkway Brooklyn, New York French Club. LUCILLE ANN HERMAN Education A.B. SUSANA FRIEDBERG JACOBOWITZ miz? French A.B. SHOSHANA GARFINKEL JACOBS ravw Education A.B. CAROL PHYLLIS JAMBRO rrn French A.B. RENA PERLMAN JOCHNOWITZ Education A.B. ANDREA DINA FAY KASDAN HELENE " HENNY " KATZ KAPLAN miss n»an run fun Education A.B.,B.R.E. Education A.I Mathematics A.B. MEIRA ELLEN KATZ nty rn ' Sia French A.B., B.R.E. JACOBS, SHOSHANA GARFINKEL 964 East 15th Street Brooklyn, N.Y. Staff, Observer; Big Sister; Drama and French Clubs; Basketball Team. JAMBRO, CAROL PHYLLIS 1109 Summit Terrace Linden, N.J. " Man Who Came To Dinner " ; De- bating Team; French Club; Jr. Class Play; Model, Israeli Fashion Show. JOCHNOWITZ, RENA PERLMAN 139-12 84 Drive Briarwood, N.Y. Big Sister. KAPLAN, ANDREA DINA 57 Westchester Drive Attleboro, Mass. Dean ' s List. KASDAN, FAY 874 East 10th Street Brooklyn, N.Y. Big Sister; Chm., Bowling Chagiga; Contributer, Parshat Hashavua; Yav- neh; Home Hospitality. KATZ, HELENE " HENNY " Mountain Dale, N.Y. Columbia Univ. Teacher ' s College Award; TAC; Co-Chm., Jr. Shabbos; Big Sister; Student-Alumni Comm. KATZ, MEIRA ELLEN 25 Columbia Street Brookline, Mass. Treas., Soph Class; TAC; Big Sister. KOSOFSKYJUDY 55 Bailey Ave. Hillside, N.J. TAC. KOVAL, BEVERLY MOSKOVITZ 1 East 88th Street Brooklyn, New York Dean ' s List; Aishel Award; Pres., Stu- dent Council; Sec ' y Student Council; Pres., Soph Class; V.P., Frosh Class; Speaker ' s Bureau; Drama Society. KRUL, SARAH 80 West 32 Street Bayonne, New Jersey Big Sister; Chagiga Committees. JUDY KOSOFSKY Sociology A.B. BEVERLY MOSKOVITZ KOVAL nai ' ra Sociology English A.B. SARAH KRUL A.B. HELEN KUZINEC nx 1 ? rrn Sociology A.B. BEVERLY M. LANDAU Education A.B. LUCY LANGENTHAL LANGER ntf Sociology A.B. AVIVA KOWALSKY RITA LEFKOVITZ LAZARUS ' rm ni ' 38 English A.B. Education A.B. ARLENE GREENBERG LEIBOWITZ rp-nrr nan Education A.B. KUZ1NEC, HELEN 314 Harper Place Highland Park, N.J. Scribe, Student Court; Art Club; Sr. Sale; Chagiga Committees. LANDAU, BEVERLY M. 432 South Main Street Liberty, N.Y. Typing Staff, Observer; TAC; Com- mittees. LANGER, LUCY LANGENTHAL 72 Wadsworth Terrace New York, N.Y. Co-Chm., Class Sale; Chm., Dorm Chagiga; Big Sister. LAZARUS, AVIVA KOWALSKY 73-50 173 Street Flushing, N.Y. LEFKOVITZ, RITA 3575 Harvey Road Cleveland, Ohio Ed., Observer Supplement; Supplies Chm., Student Council; Big Sister. LEIBOWITZ, ARLENE GREENBERG 99-52 66th Road Forest Hills, N.Y. Big Sister; Ashes and Sparks ' 66; Cha- giga Committees. LEICHTBERG, JUDITH WEISS 855 East 7 Street Apt. 5L Brooklyn, N.Y. Stage Manager, Drama Society. LESKOWITZ, RHONA GEAN 38 Delaware Avenue W. Long Branch, N.J. Assoc. Ed., Kochaviah; Treas., Jr. Class; Big Sister; Staff— News and Shmooz, Observer; Basketball Team; Traumatic Society; Floor Chm., Chm., Beit Olot New Year ' s Bulletin; Open House Aide. LEVI, DOINA 84747th Street Brooklyn, New York Pres., Chem Club; Big Sister. LEVINSON, RUTH 440 Daly Avenue Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Staff, Observer; Big Sister; Sr. Judge, Student Court. JUDITH WEISS LEICHTBERG n ' TiiT npm Biology A.B. Mathematics RHONA GEAN LESKOWITZ A.B. Chemistry DOINA LEVI nam RUTH LEVINSON A.B. Biology A.B. RHONA MYRA LEWITTES m ' sa nn-inx Psychology A.B. ELLEN RUTH LIPSCHITZ Jiology A.B. SUSAN PAIKIN LOITERMAN miss Education A.B. LILA B. MAGNUS English A.B.,B.H.L English ROCHELLE MAJER GALE CHERNOFF MARK REGINA KOHANE i, B ,j MARKOWITZ A.B. Mathematics A.B. npan miff Chemistry A.B. PHYLLIS MAZA French A.B., B.R.E. LEWITTES, RHONA MYRA Rechov Harav Berlin 18 Jerusalem, Israel LIPSCHITZ, ELLEN RUTH 428 East 36th Street Paterson, N.J. Staff, Observer; Dramatic Society. LOITERMAN, SUSAN PAIKIN 62-38 99 Street Rego Park, N.Y. Big Sister; Chm., Soph Chagiga Weekend Comm.; Open House Aide MAGNUS, LILA B. 220-61 73rd Avenue Bayside, N.Y. Assoc. Editor, Observer; Capt., Intra- mural College Bowl Team. MAJER, ROCHELLE 327 No. Alta Vista Blvd. Los Angeles, California Dean ' s List; Editor, Ashes and Sparks; Traumatic Society. MARK, GALE CHERNOFF 29 DeMott Avenue Bergenfield, N.J. Co-Chm., Jr. Sale; Big Sister; Trau- matic Society; Committees. MARKOWITZ, REGINA KOHANE 515 W. 183rd Street Apt. 3E New York, N.Y. Dean ' s List; Pres., Chem Club; Floor Chairman; Committees. MAZA, PHYLLIS 18 Clark Street South River, N.J. Dean ' s List; Woodrow Wilson Nomi- nee; Pres., Debating Soc, Lead — " Crucible " , " Man Who Came To Din- ner " ; Ashes and Sparks; YU-Stern French Journal; French Club; Model, Fashion Show; Committees. MEISELMAN, JUDITH 11 Stearns Road Brookline, Mass. Big Sister; Co-Chm., Soph Shabbos. MEREN, ROBERTA 208 Delray Avenue Syracuse, New York Art Editor, Kochaviah; Floor Chm.; Chagiga Chairman. JUDITH MEISELMAN English A.B. Biology ROBERTA MEREN npan A.B. HANNAH MINCER run Psychology JUDITH NAOMI NOVICK nam " ms Education A.B. EVA SCHWARTZ OCHS mo nana Sociology A.B. ARLYNN KATZ MIRVIS mv n K A.B. Education SHARON ROCHELLE MOED A.B. nmir Psychology A.I HPir Mjiiii Hl| gsw»— - " »■ NAOMI JUDITH OLKON History— Poli Sci A.B. VIVIAN L. OSDOBY mb n i n History A.B. MINCER, HANNAH MillvilleRoadBox27 Mays Landing, N.J. Dean ' s List; Basketball Team; Floor Chairman. MIRVIS, ARLYNN KATZ 2564 Pearsall Ave. Bronx, N.Y. Dean ' s List; Big Sister; Decor. Chm., Soph Shabbos, Class Skit. MOED, SHARON ROCHELLE 1230 East 9th St. Brooklyn, N.Y. NOVICK, JUDITH NAOMI 3501 West Glenlake Chicago, Illinois Chm, Lecture Series; Assistant Floor Chm.; Chagiga Committees. OCHS, EVA SCHWARTZ 1030 Ocean Ave. Apt. 4B Brooklyn, N.Y. OLKON, NAOMI JUDITH 2213 Reedie Drive Silver Spring, Md. Big Sister; Co-Chm, Soph Shabbos. OSDOBY, VIVIAN L. Maple Ave. Woodridge, N.Y. V.P., Dorm Council; Chm., Dorm Cha- giga; Floor Chairman. OSOKOW, SUSAN " OSCAR " 1113 E. Mt. Pleasant Ave. Philadelphia, Pa. Bus. Mngr., Kochaviah; Treas., Soph Class; Chm., Sr. Jewelry; Basketball Team; Traumatic Soc. Big Sister; News and Shmooze; Open House Aide; Committees. OSTREICHER, AGI 4133 Hollyridge Circle Peoria, Illinois Big Sister; Committees. PAUL, SUZANNE RUTH 20 Winchester St. Brookline, Mass. Typing Editor, Kochaviah; Typing Staff, Observer; Chm, Jr. Class Sale; Big Sister; Traumatic Soc; Open House Aide; Committees. SUSAN " OSCAR " OSOKOW Mathematics A.B. AGI OSTREICHER Education A.B. SUZANNE RUTH PAUL Mathematics A.B. MARCIA ROBERTA PERIN Education A.B. RUTH RADZINSKI npai Sociology A.B.,B.H.L MARLENE ADRENE RAVITZ Mathematics A.B. English SHIRA NAN RENOV A.B. MARLENE RINGEL French A.B. JUDI RISKIN Education A.B. PERIN, MARCIA ROBERTA 95 Eaton Street Bridgeport, Conn. Big Sister; Rep., Alumni Comm.; Re- freshment Chm., Bowling Party; Cha- giga Committees. RADZINSKI,RUTH Los Naranjos 276, San Isidro Lima, Peru Photography Ed., Observer; TAC; Big Sister; Chagiga Committees. RAVITZ, MARLENE ADRENE 229 9th Street S.E. Washington, D.C. Treas., Sr. Class; Sec ' y, Dorm Council; Big Sister; Chairman, Stern Com- munity Weekends. RENOV, SHIRA 2546 Wynston Road Columbus, Georgia . RINGEL, MARLENE 67-46 Harrow Street Forest Hills, New York RISKINJUDI 58-11 184 Street Flushing, New York ROBERTS, ELLEN 40 Linwood Avenue Paramus, New Jersey ROSENBERG, RENA BELLE 340 Oxford Drive Savannah, Ga. " The Crucible " , Dramatic Society. ROSENBLOOM, LEAH MARION 357 Remsen Avenue Brooklyn, New York Dean ' s List, Hebrew Ed., Kochaviah; Big Sister; Dvar Torah, Class Shabbos; Chagiga Committees. ROSENBLUM, ROSLYN FAIGIE 5837 No. St. Louis Ave. Chicago, Illinois Photography Editor, Kochaviah; matic Society. ELLEN ROBERTS Psychology A.B. RENA BELLE ROSENBERG n n run Psychology A.B. LEAH MARION ROSENBLOOM ana rw 1 ? Education A.B., B.R.E. ROSLYN FAIGIE ROSENBLUM Education 5JJ " S A.B. RENA ROSENFELD History A.B. ANN RAE ROSENTHAL Education BELLA ROTHKOPF A.B. Education A.B. MARSHA RUBENSTEIN PHYLLIS RUTHEN Education A.B. Mathematics A.B. HELEN V. SALTMAN English A.B. SALLY SCHACHTER Pre-Med A.B. GLORIA WENDY SCHLUSSEL Education A.B. ROSENFELD, RENA 2940 Ocean Parkway Brooklyn, New York Big Sister; History Club. ROSENTHAL, ANN RAE 207 Egmont Avenue Mt. Vernon, N.Y. Chm., Sr. Class Sale; Big Sister; Cha- giga Committees. ROTHKOPF, BELLA R.D. 4 Box354B New Brunswick, N.J. Staff, Observer Supplement; Big Sis- ter; Committees. 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NOEMY SCHWARZ JOSIE SEBROW LEAH SEGAL ■ »yi yso r nx 1 ? Education A.B. History— Poli Sci A.B.,B.R.E. History— Poli Sci A.B. NAOMI SHUBOWITZ nanj Education A.B. SCHREIBMAN, DEBBIE F. 7548 Dajoby Lane St. Louis, Mo. Ed., Observer Supp; Publicity Chm., Choice 68; Co-Chm., Sr. Cultural Evening; Scholarly Review. SCHWALM, SUZANNE 285 Van Nostrand Ave. Englewood, New Jersey Co-Chm., Beit Olot; Big Sister; Chm., Scenery Comm., Drama Soc. SCHWARTZ, EDITH 345 Merritt St. Bridgeport, Conn. Treas., Dorm Council Class Chagiga. Co-Chm., Jr. SCHWARZ, NOEMY 2207 1 2 East Terrace St. Seattle, Washington TAC; Big Sister; Co-Chm., Red Cross Service Organization. SEBROWJOSIEABBY 2306 Throop Avenue Bronx, New York Co-Chm., Tzedaka Drives; Co-Chm., Soph Weekend; Chm., Chanuka Sing; Parshat Hashuvua; Rep., Student- Faculty Committee. SEGAL, LEAH 61 Parkview Terrace Newark, New Jersey Dean ' s List; Pres., Sr. Class; Big Sister; Chm., Choice 68; Speaker, Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial; Speaker ' s Bur., Scholarly Review. SHUBOWITZ, NAOMI 937 Em mett Street Schnectady, N.Y. Staff, Observer; Floor Chairman. SIMON, SUSANA 94-31 60th Ave. Rego Park, New York Big Sister. SINGER, VIVIAN 115 Amherst Street Manhattan Beach, N.Y. Dean ' s List; Bus. Mngr., Observer; Chm., Frosh Chagiga; Big Sister. SINGLER, ANNETTE 379 East 29th Street Paterson, New Jersey SUSANA SIMON French A.B. VIVIAN SUSAN SINGER mw rrn Sociology A.B. ANNETTE SINGLER nan Education A.B. REGINA SOCH Sociology SANDRA SOLOMON A.B. Biology A.B. MARTHA N. SOLONCHE ELKA SORSCHER DEBORAH SPIVAK ns 1 ? : np " ?s mm Sociology A.B. History A.B., B.R.E. English A.B. KAREN RUTH STAIMAN bvi mn Psychology A.B. SOCH, REGINA 53 Forest Avenue Albany, New York Chm., Jr. Theatre Party, Sr. Sale; Big Sister; Yavneh; Art Club. SOLOMON, SANDRA 151 West 27th Street Bayonne, New Jersey Dean ' s List; Woodrow Wilson Nomi- nee; Assoc. Ed., Kochaviah; Big Sis- ter; Sci. Ed., Observer. SOLONCHE, MARTHA N. 400PlainviewRd. Hicksville, N.Y. Editor-in-Chief, Kochaviah ' 69; Pres., Jr. Class; Big Sister; Basketball Team; Traumatic Soc; Open House Aide; Floor Chairman. SORSCHER, ELKA 1415 Avenue H. Brooklyn, N.Y. Dean ' s List; TAC; Ed., Parshat Hash- avua; Pres., Yavneh; Observer. SPIVAK, DEBORAH 886WildwoodRd., N.E. Atlanta, Georgia Staff, Observer. STAIMAN, KAREN RUTH 87 Riverside Drive Binghamton, New York Co-Chm., Frosh Shabbos; Drama Society; Debating Society. STEINBERG, DEBBIE ELLEN 454 West Park Avenue Long Beach, N. Y. Chm., Jr. Class Shabbos; Co-Chm., Class Theatre Party; Big Sister; Basket- ball Team; Class Play; Ass ' t Ed., News and Schmooze. STERNBERG, MIRIAM E. 141-52 Pershing Crescent Jamaica, New York Co-Chm., Sr. Class Publicity Comm. STRICK, ELLEN M. East Haddam Rd. Moodus, Conn. Big Sister; Traumatic Soc; Floor Chm. STRULOWITZ, YOCHEVED EDELSTEIN 1370 58th Street Brooklyn, N.Y. DEBBIE ELLEN STEINBERG MIRIAM E. STERNBERG mim ana A.B. Sociology A.B. Education ELLEN M. STRICK mn Education A.B. YOCHEVED EDELSTEIN STRULOWITZ English A.B. MERYL JILL SWINKIN Education ELAINE STAMPFER SYLVETSKY A.B. mix Education A.B. REBECCA SUE TAUSIG Education A.B. BARBARA CHARLENE HEDDY TREUHAFT JUDITH ANN VOLPIN JOYCE WOLF TAYLOR man mVP WAHRHAFTIG Win Mathematics A.B. Sociology A.B. nsoi 1 Psychology A.B. Sociology A.B. RENA SARA WALDMAN niw nan English A.B. SWINKIN, MERYL JILL 40 Dew hirst Street Bridgeport, Conn. Pres., Dorm Council; Big Sister; Chairman, Junior Shabbos. SYLVETSKY, ELAINE STAMPFER 480 W. 187th Street New York, N.Y. Chagiga Committees. TAUSIG, REBECCA SUE 40 Shell Street Milford, Conn. File Ed., Observer; Chm., Bulletin Board Conn.; Co-Chm., Jr. Class Sale; Big Sister; Basketball Team; Trau- matic Soc; Committees. TAYLOR, BARBARA CHARLENE 509 Main Street Phoenixville, Pa. Vice Pres., Dorm Council; Big Sister. TREUHAFT, HEDDY 3825 Berkeley Rd. Cleveland Hts., Ohio Co-Chm., Tzedaka Comm.; Big Sis- ter; Chagiga Committees. VOLPIN, JUDITH ANN 201 Varn Drive Savannah, Ga. Floor Chairman; Scribe, Student Court. WAHRHAFTIG, JOYCE WOLF 415 Ocean Parkway Brooklyn, N.Y. WALDMAN, RENA SARA 1334 Sheridan St. N.W. Washington, D.C. Co-Chm., Sr. Shabbos; Big Sister. WEINBERG, FLORENCE ENGEL 1214 Elm Avenue Brooklyn, N.Y. Chagiga Committees. WEINSTOCK, MOLLY 2636 No. 51st Street Milwaukee, Wisconsin Typing Staff, Kochaviah; Big Sister; Committees. FLORENCE ENGEL WEINBERG Chemistry A.B. MOLLY WEINSTOCK Education A.B. RUTH DOLLY WEITZ ?rn mm Psychology A.B. JUDI WIDER ntn run English A. LILLY DEBORAH WiNAVER mviw French MARION KNOPF RENEE ROSEN WORENKLEIN ZAITSCHEK A.B. naba naiba Biology A.B. English A. ANNETTE SARA ZIMMER run Education A.B. WEITZ, RUTH DOLLY 330 West 58th St. New York, N.Y. Art Club; Chagiga Committees. WIDER, JUDI 6909 Northaven Rd. Dallas, Texas Big Sister; Dramatic Society; Ob- server; Basketball Team; Committees. WINAVER, LILLY DEBORAH Leonidas Yerovi 156 San Isidro Lima, Peru WORENKLEIN, MARION KNOPF 185 Claremont Avenue New York, New York ZAITSCHEK, RENEE ROSEN 956 Pleasant Ridge Avenue Columbus, Ohio Sec ' y, Dorm Council; Big Sister; TAC; Co-op; Chagiga Committees. ZIMMER, ANNETTE SARA 23-20 Baird Blvd. Camden, N.J. Beit Olot; Staff, Kochaviah; Commit- tees. Not Pictured: SAMUELS, MARILYN EICHENBAUM 1060 East 84th Street Brooklyn, New York Psychology, A.B. senilis 0 1 gm 7 V T S - x-srv l OV Student Council (L. to R.) Beverly Koval, Pres., Toni Feltscher, Rec. Sec, Karen Mirsky, Cor. Sec, Marilyn Schaeffer, Treas., Alice Lautman, Vice-Pres. Student Court DORM COUNCIL (BOTTOM) Gloria Epstein (MIDDLE L. to R.) Yvette Rosenberg, Shonnie Coldwasser, Tracey Weinerman (TOP) Ruth Levinson. (FRONT, L. to R.) Edith Schwartz, Treas., Nancy Fink, Sec. (BACK) Mer- rill Silverstein, Vice-Pres., Meryl Swinkin, Pres. I FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS (L. to R.) Marlene Ravitz, Treas., Leah Segal, Pres., Sandra Cher- notsky, Vice-Pres., Gloria Epstein, Sec. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS (L. to R.) Margie Strick, Vice-Pres., Paula Gold- stein, Pres., Debbie Fruchter, Sec, Debbie Klaff, Treas. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS (BOTTOM, L. to R.) Linda Ulevitch, Treas., Netty Wachtenheim, Sec. (TOP) Leah Becker, Pres., Raananah Swirsky, Vice-Pres. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS (L. To R.) Cyndi Reiss, Pres., Meta Goldmier, Sec, Linda Weiss, Vice-Pres. (Not pictured, Sandy Wender, Treas.). The obseRveR (L. to R.) Rita Lefkovitz, Ruth Radzinski, Debbie Schreib- man, Ginny Haberkorn, Sandie Solomon, Marlene Glass- man, Fayge Butler, Editor-in-Chief, Jean Polachek Judith Feigenbaum, Vivian Singer, Reggie Mayers. (Not pictured, Lila Magnus, Assoc. Ed., Meryle Cherrick). The Observer The Editorial Board of The Observer instituted a number of impressive innovations during the course of its jurisdiction which improved both the esthetic appearance and literary worth of the paper. In addition to the appearance of a regular Editor ' s commentary (Fayge ' s Forum) and incisive Board soundings, The Observer introduced new columns designed to broaden its scope. One allows full coverage of science department news, another offers a forum for faculty opinion. Perhaps its most important function during 1968-1969 was its effort to keep students well informed during several confusing student-administrative crises. It is of this contribution that all the members of the Board are especially proud. rbe obseRveR First Class Rating Printed by Cocce Press Published Every Two Weeks — Subscription $2.00 per year. Fayge Butler Lila Magr Marlene Glassm ludy Feigenbaum Meryle Cherrick Vivian Singer Janet Hellman, Sue Hilsenrad Barbara Baras Alicia Wald Jean Polachek Sandy Fine, Mimi Curian Ruth Radzinski Regina Mayers Sandie Solomon Hadassah Ramras Ellen Kurzer Ginny Haberkorn, Malkie Krumbein, Edie Lazarus, Senior Editor Managing Editor Scheduling Editor Business Manager News Editors Feature Editor Copy Editor . Typing Editor Headline Editors Photography Edito Art Editor Science Editor Publicity Chairman File Editor Supplement ' Editor Rita Lefkovitz, Debbie Schreibman, Zahava Spitz, Nechie Wernick. Assistant Feature: Elaine Einhorn; Assistant Copy: Mickey Dreifus; Assistant Managing: Goldit Lacher, Staff: Carmel Friedman, Sally Rottenstreich, Leah Becker, Linda Billauer, Sher Greenbl " Copy Staff: Rose Greenwald, Judy Rosenkranz, Esther Kastrovitzky, Leah Schwartz, Etta Keitelr Michelle Feigenbaum, Judy Raskas, Shelly Schreiber, Linda Ginns, Ethel Weintraub, Judy Gre r.. Id, Gladys Groner. News Staff: Linda Stern, Judy Geller, Malkie Chaitvisky, Carol Duchane Debbie Poupko, Debbi Fruchter. EDITORIAL BOARD MARTHA N. SOLONCHE EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Rhona Leskowitz Associate Editor Sandra Solomon Associate Editor Susan Osokow Business Manager Judy Goldsmith Copy Editor Suzanne Paul Typing Editor Jeanne Litvin Goldman Photography Editor Faigie Rosenblum Photography Editor Marlene Glassman Literary Editor Roberta Meren Art Editor Leah Rosenbloom Hebrew Editor BASKETBALL TEAM (MIDDLE ROW, 3 L.) Phyllis Curchack, Captain FRENCH CLUB (KNEELING L. to R.) Brenda Bornstein, Pres., Phyllis Maza (STANDING) Shifra Stoll- man, Judy Goldsmith, Helen Saltman, Shelly Majer (L. to R.) Sharon Freedman, Deb bie Fruchter, Barbara Shainbaum Hendi Letzter DANCE CLUB (L. to R.) Bobbi Greenberg, ART CLUB Reggie Mayers, Simmie Et- kin, Lois Mandel TRAUMATIC SOCIETY (L. to R.) Helen Saltman, Ahuva Greismann, Ellen Strick, Leah Segal, Faigie Rosenblum, Debbie Schreib- man, Shelly Majer, Brenda Bornstein, Sutty Burnstein, Mardi Solonche. SPEECH ARTS FORUM (L. to R.) Cyndi Reiss, Director, S.A.F, Susie Rosenfeld, Chmn. Debate So- ciety, Brauna Eisenberg, Chmn. Drama Society. SCHOLARLY REVIEW BOTTOM L to R, Brenda Born- TRAUMATIC SOCIETY, ACT II stein, Debbie Schreibman (TOP) Shifra Stollman, Assoc Ed., Helen (|. to r.) Oscar Osokow, Sandy Chernotsky, Rhona Lesko- Saltman, Editor-in-Chief. witZ Suzanne Paul, Lila Magnus ASHES AND SPARKS (L. to R.) Mickey Dreifus, Brenda Bornstein, Shelly Majer, Editor-in-Chief. DRAMA SOCIETY (L. to R.) Cyndi Reiss, Barbara Cer, Bonnie Steiner, Susie Rosenfeld, Brauna Eisenberg. Aviva Schlossberg, Mindy Kurland, Directors CHOIR CIVIC SERVICE CLUB Noemy Schwarz, Freya Dardick, Co-Chairman. PARSHAT HASHAVUA (BOTTOM) Tobie Brandriss, Judy Goldsmith, Sutty Burnstein, Shifra Stollman, (TOP) Brenda Bornstein,Chmn., Roberta Goldberg, Shifra Feder, Phyllis Maza. YAVNEH (TOP TO BOTTOM) Malkie Krumbein, Malkah Strick, Tova Fishman, Pres. 7 R A T U R Synthesis by Phyllis Maza Dazzling streams of sunlight Bursts of golden heat, Shattered by the onset Of gushing floods. A sheet Of clouded, somber tempest Darkens sunlit skies. One moment glistening brightness, The next — pitch blackness. Cries Of restless, aching, burning souls Pervade the strife-torn air. Knowledge the sole solace Of Existential Man, aware Of life ' s absurd non-essence Imposing harsh constraints On would-be liberated man Who can but act. Complaints Are colored yet with gladness And joy that will persist To make one doubt the certainty Of nothingness. Exist And love your frail existence! Commands an unknown voice And man obeys. Nostalgically He hopes for All. The choice Of being born is not his. But-how live after birth? That alone is man ' s concern His task: To prove his worth! Fraught with fear and trembling With boundless laughter rife Mingled tones of love and hate Fill that called Human Life. The Deception by Helen Saltman I thought softness was a deception Until I drew near and touched it. My cheek against the smooth, satiny Softness of pussywillow fur, My hand reaching out To downy white ducklings drifting on a summer pond, Freshly tilled soil moistened with dew drops. Caterpillars on white birches, My lover ' s hair as he caresses me Convinced me that softness is real. But then the softness of pussywillow fur And the downy feathers of ducklings Floated down that summer stream — Leaving sorrowful pussies naked of their softness And ducks with new, rough winter wear To cut my outstretched hand, To cause me pain where softness was before. The parched soil, The slithering worms returning to their shriveled homes, My lover ' s rough hand On my cheek in anger Convinced me that life is only a soft deception — And I drew back my hand. Poor Mom by Rochelle Majer " Don ' t bother me now! I ' m busy. And I ' ve told you a million times not to slam the door! " " Sure, Mom. I ' m sorry. " Joey hurried down the steps and ran to the backyard, at the same time stuffing some chocolate chip cookies into the rear pockets of his jeans. " Buffie? " An answering yelp preceded the arrival of a small, brown-haired dog. Joey stooped down and fondly ruffled the animal ' s already untidy coat of hair. Not content with that, Buffie yelped insistently until he was allowed to lick his master ' s freckled face. Joey grinned. " Come on. We ' re going down to the pond today. " He started walking, and upon insert- ing his thumbs into his rear pockets, he found the cookies. " Here, Buffie. Mom baked them today. " They both munched noisily for awhile, until only little crumbs were left in Joey ' s pockets, then continued walking. " It sure was nice of Mom to do that, what with Dad sick and in the hospital. " It was four weeks now since his father had been taken to the hospital. He could still hear the piercing wails of the sirens, and could still remember the numbness that had seized him as he saw his father being put into the ambulance, numbness that had prevented him from crying or screaming. He had only stood there, watching. " Hey, let ' s go, " he said suddenly, forcing a note of cheerfulness into his unsteady voice. He changed his shuffling pace and raced down the street, into the park, until he reached the oval pond where he and Buffie spent so much time. Joey sat down, legs crossed underneath him, and selected several smooth pebbles which he sent skipping over the water. " You know, Buffie, Dad will be home soon, and then Mom will be okay. " Back to normal, laughing again, her lovely face unmarred by unbecoming lines of worry and tension. He visualized his mother as she had been on that night four weeks ago, smiling bravely to en- courage his father; turning aside in a spasm of grief, she had bit down fiercely on her fist, so that he would not see, would not hear. Once Joey had come into the kitchen unexpectedly and had seen her crying quietly. Was it only four weeks? Looking up, he saw a little boy, dragging his mother and father to the pond. He placed a sailboat on the water and clapped excitedly as he watched its progress, while his parents stood watching, their hands clasped casually. Joey felt a thickness in his throat and wasn ' t surprised when he sensed a moistness on his cheeks. He slowly wiped his eyes and nose with one sleeve. " I ' m tired of this pond, Let ' s go home, Buffie. " " What is Civilization? The Finger that Turns the Dial Rules the Air " by Leah Segal Civilization encompasses so many varied facets that it is difficult to appraise it as a whole; it can only be fractionally comprehended. This quotation touches upon a mere fragment of its meaning, yet is itself open to numerous interpretations. Foregoing any diagnosis of the epigram, the definitions of a few of the metaphorical terms are in order. Not as formulated by Mr. Webster, but as observed by one who has surveyed life for a relatively insignificant time. A civilization is " a society " ; the word " civilized " connotes " restrained. " Civilization boasts an intellectual development. " The finger " is the people, their minds, and their hands, which " turn the dial " evolve the civilization. " Rules the air " — the manner in which the aforementioned prevail over the air, the world, and possibly someday the universe. Why does one turn a given dial a certain way? Heredity and environment, the usual psychological scapegoats, may again be blamed for having the greatest influence in deter- mining this act. In situations involving personal decisions, an individual ' s background prompts his course of action. He may follow intrinsic impulse or may rebel against the force of his inborn traits and environmental development. The result of this decision determines how the air will be ruled (in this case, the air denotes one ' s own life.). This idea may also be applied to nations. A state is induced to action by the power heredity and environment have on the country. Heredity in this sense is the history of a nation and the environment the current world situation. In our day, the decisions of the world powers " rule the air " to such an extent that they may ultimately decide for or against the continued existence of mankind. The enigmas solved by brilliant minds, and activated by able hands have created new industries, boosted the standard of living, and revolutionized the world. However, the frequent outcome is the ruination of the air. The guilt is that of the " finger, " the people. It is they who dictate the choice of television programs, movies, and best-selling novels. Fre- quently, the intellectual and moral development of a society has not kept pace with scientific progress. The moral fiber has not been woven sufficiently enough, and is prone to slacken. Of this we must be wary. Rome and Greece were the epitome of civilized living in ancient time. Is it possible that their people were able to " rule the air " no longer as a result of their moral decay? Yet we see that our people, the Jewish people, live on. For the Torah guided, and will con- tinue to guide the hands which turn the dials, and ultimately it is only with this guidance that man is enabled to rule the air. We must think of every action as sacred; once done, unable to be recalled. We must discriminate in choosing the dials we want turned, and even while turning those select dials we must be certain our intentions are pure and our training ample to cope with the product. It is only when the highest ideals become our goals that our hands will be the instruments to further the elevation of mankind. Regret by Rochelle Mayer When at night I lie and Listen to the Pounding, pulsing Throb That is my heart, A beat that drowns out all My thoughts but one Insistent, steady Pang Of sharp regret. I want to lose myself In sleep that numbs, Blots out thoughts of That Which could have been. The Whisper by Sandra Solomon lank languid lovingly falls fondly almost frightening softly shaping my form , hile far the whisper warns. cnxiy n o» ca ,n7pa ty rrrins ns nania na-s 7S-ib» ps to nnans naism Dnya pit ' ceean ,7sntr caittfa ,irsa is .nmatya ns msian .ton nix-is 7ae nnr DTiawa mva ns ' sia .rrtnai mens a iKn naae ; nay 7ae cms ca pa isiB " to crpww n y ntoia 12 naacn maw ctfai ,yai pa cn saie o a js-us " cawa 071s .nywn ■7V rniB77 nan ps " ? pna n-nn tia7 r« ; " n-ona «nty psi n-piN,, «ib»i ps ,cna .psa DB " pB7 nan nnaa rpnnxa c pan p«i ,bhp nans .nntsmp via marr? coir ca se rs ns ns pa on — nsan ntoc na " s .trip nais y c n to nvat a ns ' wan naian in to D aian mtpy " ,nwv ntos ps„ na itn ca is " ,bot a7n n;r ps„a nnsn caas oosy ns myn wwa D- aian isne jvaa .payn n 1 ? pn -« crp mta-ssan aina pa pvi n itra ns " aa nntmpty psa naipn mpn to p.wtw .n-aana wik cipaa .ayn nn 7y B7nentr twain B ai7 yaan 1 ? iasa y»im a7a .myirn atoi yew . " n7 toa 7ia " -a ntya nto,, to nny rnn , " iaaa sin pm " a,, to son nns mty .V7sa " ntyan,, Kin " — " nty,, 7siti " ia p est? wowi .imi ntya rvty nvnapya trsn nana,, natona ayn to aan7 oaai nmaaon ns n aiapan mxa ma " .nanxa naiirai nan .ly an S7 n7isa mi nan 1 ? is ,nyi in nvn 1 ? iar ansa wxv in nainan psa n ton 1 ? 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When it gets to be that time, all that you can think about are the last minute traumas — negatives that were overexposed, copy that was lost in the mail somewhere between Thirty- fourth Street and Hannibal, Missouri, and the fact that it is Sunday and there are no typewriter ribbons to be found. And each day you ask your- self how to record all those precious memories with a spirit of vibrance and permanence. You must decide how to use only forty lines to express the thoughts and happenings of four years. When we came here four years ago, we were seeking an education. Now we leave with not only that education, but far more. We found more than intellectual stimulation — we found ourselves. By claiming our individual identities, we created a community identity — we became a class, the class of ' 69, the class which shattered the image of the Stern girl, and gave Stern College for Women a new, more interesting, more modern, and more dynamic personality. On other campuses, students have expressed their discontent through violence and rebellion — tactics which have often led to failure. We have succeeded in our struggle for student rights through intelligent dialogue. When students at other universities leave their alma mater they take as much as they can, but we have done more — we have given as much as we can, and by doing so have discovered the true meaning of the college experience. It is our college experience, and the experience of a few dedicated people, which has made this year- book possible. I would like to thank all the editors on the staff — Rhona, Sandie, Oscar, Suzanne, Faigie, Judy, Jeanne, Marlene and Bobbi (and especially those three who doubled as roommates!) — for all the time and effort expended. I am very grateful to Judy Goldsmith for her last minute rescue efforts, to Lila Magnus for her technical advice, to Marlene Ringel and to Tova Fishman. Finally, but most of all, I thank Shelley Majer for her advice and en- couragement, and Helen Saltman for her assistance, her dedication, and her talent. ' Editor-in-Chief ad cetera, ad cetera, ad cetera, ad cetera, ad cetera, ad cetera, ad cetera, ad cetera, ad cetera, ad cetera, ad cetera Congratulations to the Class of 69 from Class of 70 Cyndi Reiss, Pres. Linda Weiss, V. P. Meta Goldmeir, Secy Sandy Wender, Treas. Class of 71 Paula Goldstein, Pres. Margie Strick, V. P. Debby Fruchter, Secy Debby Klaff, Treas. Class of 72 Leah Becker, Pres. Raananah Swirsky, V.P. Netty Wachtenheim, Secy Linda Ulevitch, Treas. MAZEL TOV to the Class of ' 69 UPON THEIR GRADUATION SORRY TO SEE THEM GO!! STERN COLLEGE FOR WOMEN STUDENT COUNCIL Beverly Moskovitz, President Alice Lautman, Vice-President Karen Mirksy, Corresponding Secretary Toni Feltscher, Recording Secretary Marilyn Schaeffer, Treasurer To our daughter Rena on her graduation Rabbi Mrs. Herman J. Waldman BETH ISRAEL SISTERHOOD 2175 Eastern Parkway Schenectady, New York Mrs. Samuel Wolfe President IN HONOR OF JUDY FEIGENBAUM FROM THE SCHRE1BER FAMILY Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to my granddaughter, Meira, and her fellow graduates. Mrs. Rebecca Katz COMPLIMENTS OF Manischewitz Kosher Beef Soups Taste Better MR. MRS. MAX STERN It is with great pride that we note this latest achieve- ment of our daughter and sister. Congratulations to Bev and her classmates. Mrs. Sally Moskovitz Sheila Bracha V ' Hatzlacha to Ann with all our Best. Toby, David, Paula, Avi and Shmuel Mazel Tov to our sister, Faigie upon her graduation. Laizer and Sandy Herzberg family Berel and Miriam Epstein family Congratulations from friends of PHYLLIS CURCHACK in West Hempstead HATZLACHA TO D ' VORAH AND ARLYNN FROM YOUR FAMILY IN BALTIMORE Dershowitz ' s Goldberg ' s Morgenlender ' s Yaroslaurtz ' s Mazel Tov to Judy upon her graduation Love, Families Weiss and Davis Congratulations to the class of 69 Mr. and Mrs. David Chernoff Compliments of J. 1. Lashkow To our daughter, judi Wider, on your graduation and pray that all your future endeavors will be successful. With our deepest love Your Parents ML Pleasant Bakery Inc. 941 Crane St. Congratulations Best Wishes to our daughter Ahuva upon her graduation Mom and Dad and Zvi Sch ' dy, N.Y. 12313 Congratulations to our niece Marlene Ringel on her graduation Amtman ' s 36 W. 47th St. (Rm207) New York, N.Y. 10016 Cong. Bais Yitzchok of Monsey 184 Maple Avenue Monsey, New York Takes pride in congratulating their esteem Rabbitizen, Mrs. Eva Ochs May she be a pride to all her family and her friends, as she is to our community. Bruce M. Ochs Rabbi Emanuel Rottenberg President Meshulim Rottenberg Secretary With our best wishes to you and your families for success in your lives and for bringing " Ahavas Torah " wherever you go. AMERICAN JEWISH To MUSEUM OF ART Vivian, AND CULTURE With best wishes founded by From Sam Sobel Your loving parents Herman Pobliner, Chairman of the Board Rabbi and Mrs. Joseph 1. Singer Professor Rachel Wischnitzer, Artist ' s Advisory Board and brother Alexander Dr. Solomon Simonson, Honorary Board Member Sam Sobel, President To My Wife EVA OCHS With Congratulations and Best Wishes Upon Her Graduation Love Your Husband Bruce Mazel tov and Best Wishes to the Class of 1969 from the Stern College Dormitory Council Meryl Swinkin, President Merrill Silverstein, Vice-President Nancy Fink, Secretary Edith Schwartz, Treasurer and all the girls in the Dormitory Hotel Bedford 118 E. 40th St. New York, N.Y. Best Wishes to Ruth Weitz Marvin and Susan, Barton and Joan Congratulations to the Class of ' 69 from Cattle Shochtim Union Newark, N.J. Congratulations to our girls BEVERLY, HELEN E VIVIAN, SHONNIE Woman ' s Branch UO JCA Sullivan Ulster County Chapter Mrs. Eugene Cohen, President CONGRATULATIONS JUDY CONGRATULATIONS TO SUSANA FROM HER HUSBAND JACK AND THE FRIEDBERG AND JACOBOWITZ FAMILIES Congratulations to our daughter and sister Sharon and the entire class of 1969 Dr. and Mrs. William Parker Beth, Mayer, Charles Best Wishes for Success and Happiness to My Granddaughter To Our Daughter Miriam Sternberg Mrs. Eva Ochs, Ernest Sternberg Sincere Congratulations upon Your Graduation and Best Wishes For the Future Mazel Tov to With Love, Naomi Mr. and Mrs. Peter Schwartz on her graduation from Cantor and Mrs. Elija Olkon and Mark Mr. Meyer Olkon and Lenny TO MISS MARTHA N. SOLONCHE WITH THE COMPLIMENTS OF ISIDORE LIPSCHUTZ Compliments of Mr. Rubin Zelenko Crane-Gallo Artist Supplies, Inc. 173 Madison Ave. New York, N.Y. MAZEL-TOV to RENA ROSENFELD from Mayflower Oxygen Ambulance Service, Inc. 2517— 86th Street Brooklyn, N.Y. Saara Ahoova Yael Tova and Milton and Terri Pollack WEIIs 1-5697 Free Delivery Larry ' s Kosher Meats The finest in Meats and Poultry Under Strict Supervision of Long Island Commission of Rabbis LARRY BURD 146 MANETTO HILL RD. PLAINVIEW, N.Y. May the Almighty ' s blessings of IN HONOR OF OUR GRADUATE MIRIAM T. GURIAN MR. MRS. ROBERT M. SPILKY DON Good Health, Happiness and Complete Success in all the endeavors of FAY KASDAN be combined with the love and deep devotion to her from her Father and Mother and Brothers Menachem and Yitzie HESSION and CONNOLLY, Inc. fruits — vegetables — grocery — delicatessen meat dept. prime meats our specialty 175 MADISON AVE. at 34th St., N.Y.C. MUrray Hill 3-6252-3 telephone your orders! MAZEL TOV to my granddaughter Susan Osokow on her graduation GRANDMOM SAMUELS Compliments of Congratulations Levin Brothers Poultry and Best Wishes St. Louis, Mo. to RHONA LEWITTES Best Wishes to our very talented niece from Andrea Kaplan THE DRAZIN FAMILY Rabbi and Mrs. Abraham Chill Montreal, Quebec Best wishes to Becky Tausig for continual success Mr. and Mrs. )erry Nadel CANAL 6 2808 2809 8850 Congratulations to Eva Ochs From the Irving Ochs Family WE EXPORT ALL OVER THE WORLD 110-220 VOLTS GREATER N. y. TRADING CO. DINNERWARE - SILVERWARE - GIFTS CRYSTAL - JEWELRY - ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Closed Saturdays - Open Sundays 81 CANAL STREET " F " Train to East Broadway Between Eldridge Allen Sts. " D " OR " B " TRAIN TO GRAND STREET NEW YORK, N. Y. 10002 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1969 Mr. and Mrs. Andris Cluck Mauricio and Dora Mazel Tov and Best Wishes for Success and Happiness to our Daughter and Sister MICKEY Mom and Dad Esther and Jerry Best of Luck to the Graduating Class of ' 69 KOPETO BROTHERS MIDCITY PRESS INC. Typewriters, Supplies, Lamps Special Discount for Women at Stern College 138 East 34th Street New York, N.Y. MUrray 9-8222 Mazel Tov to SANDIE SOLOMON and the Class of 1969 Love MOTHER, DAD, and EJ BEST WISHES TO HELENE KATZ COMPLIMENTS OF: Mr. Mrs. Harry Schienberg and family Hey-Ru Trout Fishing Park Mr. Mrs. Lawrence M. Smith and mother Mr. Mrs. Louis J. Septimus and family ROSS LUMBER, INC. 3UILDINC AND MASON MATERIALS MONROE, N.Y. 10950 KRAF and HAIMANN CONSTRUCTION, INC. OF MOUNTAINDALE, NEW YORK Area code 914 Telephone 647-4200 N.Y. phone Wisconsin 7-71X7 The Finest in Resort Hotel GARTENBERG SGHEGHTER ' S PIONEER COUNTRY CLUB GREENFIELD PARK, N.Y. (Mountaindale Station) To our cool sister Rena GREENBERG AND Marion and Judy Waldman GREENBERG ESTHER ' S KOSHER DAIRY MANUFACTURING RESTAURANT 165 Madison Ave., New York, N.Y. FURRIERS (near 33rd Street) MU 5-7290 open till 8 p.m. Shomer Shabbos Compliments of: Zal ' s Inc. Zal and Adelaide Saltman Rhona Lewittes — Holyoke, Mass. Best wishes on your graduation Betty, David, Malka, Lori, Mr. Mrs. Nathan L. Curian Avi, and Adina in honor of the graduation of our daughter Miriam Toby CONGRATULATIONS TO REBEKAH SCHOTTENSTEIN AND MUCH SUCCESS IN THE FUTURE COMPLIMENTS OF SCHOTTENSTEIN STORES CORP. COLUMBUS, OHIO Mazel Tov to Edith Schwartz from Mr. Mrs. Adolph Klein and Children Best Wishes to our daughter Susan " Oscar " Osokow on her graduation Mr. Mrs. Jack Osokow Our Best Wishes to the class of ' 69 Mr. Mrs. 1. Abrams The Juvenile Shop Syracuse, N.Y. CONGRAULATIONS MAZEL TOV TO MY DEAR WIFE BEVERLY, UPON HER GRADUATION. WITH LOVE AND PRIDE MURRAY IN HONOR OF OUR DAUGHTER ' S GRADUATION MAY HER YEARS AT STERN INSPIRE HER PARK FLORIST Joseph Dionisio 115 East 34th Street New York, N.Y. IN THE YEARS AHEAD Rabbi and Mrs. Mendell Lewittes Montreal, Canada D ' VORAH MAZEL TOV BENJY Best Wishes to the Graduates Rabbi Morton L. Gordon Temple Torah of Little Neck CAPITAL DISTRICT CHAPTER WOMEN ' S BRANCH Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations Mazel Tov to Judy Feigenbaum from Uncle Moishe and Aunt Sylvia of America Mrs. Jack L. Roses President Congratulations and Best Wishes to Ellen Love, Mom and Ken Success Always to our daughter Miriam Irma and Joseph Sternberg Congratulations Good Luck Suzanne Brown ' s Department Store Monroe, New York Best Wishes to Ann on her graduation Compliments of: Westchester Nursing Home, Inc. Jerome Cohen David Feig Administrators Congratulations to our beloved daughter, ROBERTA, upon the occasion of her graduation. Mr. Mrs. Fred Baum Congratulations to GLORIA SCHLUSSEL from Her favorite uncle 7b L L L. From L. L. Boruch Hashem!!! Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to SANDRA BURNSTEIN and the entire graduating class Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Silbert In Honor of the Graduation of our daughter SHIRA Rabbi and Mrs. J. Renov Mazel Tov to AG I OSTREICHER and her classmates Love, Mom, Dad, and Yussie ELdorado 5-4670 Columbia Silversmiths and Lighting Repairing Polishing and Lamp Work Murray Rosen President 499 Third Avenue (Bet. 33rd 34th St.) 142 East 34th Street (Bet. 3rd Lexington Avenue) New York, N.Y. 10016 Hand Launderers French Dry Cleaners 518 Third Ave., N.Y., N.Y. (Bet. 34th 35th Sts.) MUrray Hill 5-4848-9 Mazel Tov Best Wishes to SHARON ROCHELLE MOED upon her graduation Mr. Mrs. Phil Forstadt To RHONA LEWITTES PALMER ASPHALT COMPANY — our darling niece with best wishes of mazel tov, 196 West 5th Street Bracha V ' Hatzlacha Uncle Nathan and Aunt Celia Bay onne, N.J. BEST WISHES TO SHIFRA AND ALL THE GRADUATES Mr. and Mrs. Manny Feder and family DENVER, COLO. To my wife In honor of the graduation of our granddaughter Judith, Shir a Mr. and Mrs. E. Renov May you sail the sea of happiness And arrive at the harbour of success Mel To our daughter and sister Leah ' le Best Wishes and Congratulations Congratulations and Best Wishes to Love Sandra Burnstein Ima, Abba, Michie and her classmates Mr. Joseph Litman Mazel-Tov to our dear daughter and sister ROCHELLE and the wonderful class of ' 69 Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Majer Renie, Schwar, and Phyl-Dil and Sol The four years would have been nothing without you. Congratulations. May your futures bring you eternal happiness. Freya " Congratulations to you Yocheved Harry Shell on your graduation. " DIAMOND from Lighting Fixture Corp. Your Husband Moishe 307 Richardson Street and Your Son Dov Brooklyn 22, N.Y. and EVergreen 8-0031-2 Mr. Mrs. Herman Strulowitz Mr. Mrs. Shmuel Edelstein Mazel Tov to our daughter LUCY and her fellow graduates of the class ' 69 upon their graduation. Mazel Tov Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Langenthal to Mr. and Mrs. Martin K. Levinson Ottawa, Ontario DEBBIE GEISLER from Canada Mazel Tov to Geisler Family MARCIA and her classmates Perlman Family upon their graduation Mom, Dad, Evan, and Sharron Jacobson Familv AGOSTINO BOOK SHOPPE HOTEL LOBBY MU 9-6200 10 Park Ave., New York, N.Y. open 7 days weekly 9:30 a.m.— 11 p.m. BEST WISHES AND WELCOME TO THE CLASS OF ' 69 STERN COLLEGE ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION Phyllis Drillick, President Gilda Hochbaum, 1st Vice President Shulamith Goldsmith, 2nd Vice President Syma Goldenberg, Corresponding Secretary Dvora Singer, Recording Secretary Esther Wolf, Treasurer Ellen Offenbacher, Honorary President Best Wishes for successful future endeavors Mr. Mrs. Ben Osdoby Mazel and Bracha Bloch Publishing Company to our daughter 31 West 31 Street TOBIE New York, N.Y. and her classmates Mazel Tov and the Best of Luck from to SHARON MOED Rabbi and Mrs. J. Brandriss E. Stern and family Congratulations and Best Wishes to our daughter SANDRA and her classmates Rabbi Mrs. Simon Burnstein Rochell, Debby, and Naphtali Dear Randy, Mazel Tov on your graduation and always. Love, BEST WISHES TO Naphtali Mom and Dad Goodman DEBBIE Mom and Dad Blinder Grandma ON HER GRADUATION Anne, Irv, Michael Grandpa and Paul Pamela and Vicki MR. MRS. DAN ABRAHAM Uncle George Aunt Selma, Carla, Uncle Jake Unc and Aunt Blemee A HEARTY MAZEL TOV TO MY TWO GENEROUS AND Mazel Tov to DISTINGUISHED MASTERS MALKA MUCH SUCCESS THROUGHOUT upon her graduation THEIR LIVES. Mr. Mrs. A. Berkowitz FROM A VERY GRATEFUL SERVANT, and Shoshana PANCRACIA HUAMAN A Heartiest Mazel Tov To my loving wife, our dearest daughter, and fondest sister. Aviva Lazarus Henry Rabbi and Mrs. Avrum Sholom B. Kowalsky Sharon Eluzer Yosef May Torah be your guide Your whole life through Mazel tov and best wishes for future success to our wife and daughter JUDY with love from: David Mr. and Mrs. Schapira Mr. and Mrs. Carmel Beverly, upon your latest achievement our warmest, sincere congratulations to you and to your class. David and Tobi Fink A MESSAGE TO FRIENDS IT HAS BEEN A REAL PRIVILEGE TO WORK WITH YOUR FINE CLASS. YOU HAVE CHOSEN A MAGNIFICENT CLASS RING. WEAR IT PROUDLY AND TREASURE ITS MEMORIES AND MESSAGE OF ACHIEVEMENT GOOD LUCK! Mr. Robert Callow 55 Northern Blvd. Greenvale, New York 11548 ATTLEBORO MASSACHUSETTS Mazel Tov to our daughter Re gin a Mr. and Mrs. Soch Congratulations, Helen We ' re very proud of you. Mom, Dad, and Grandma Kopi and Millicent Best Wishes from Temple El Syracuse, New York Morris B. Swartz j aco b H. Epstein President Rabbi Mazel Tov Dear Mimi on your graduation Mom, Dad, and the Gang Mazel Tov upon the graduation of our daughter Gloria Sue Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Epstein Gilbert Michael Stewart Alan May our Karen and all of this class go from strength to strength. Sholom and Naomi Staiman Binghamton, N.Y. The Curchacks are very proud of our Phyllis Skyhook Associates, Inc. Wholesalers of Jewish Religious Supplies 382 Chacellor Avenue Newark, N.J. To my hard-working graduate Elaine From your loving husband, Tuvia With Love and Pride we wish a hearty Mazel Tov to Martha N. Solonche, Editor-in-Chief of Kochaviah ' 69 Rabbi and Mrs. Leon L. Solonche YC ' 37 Sara Beth Solonche Mr. and Mrs. David Joshua Solonche YC ' 66 Congratulations to our granddaughter ShoshanaGarfinkel Jacobson In honor of their niece Mr. and Mrs. Max Jacobs Miriam Gurian ' s graduation. With compliments and wishes from George Ullman Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Levin e (Diamonds— Natural and Colored) 2 West 46th St. New York, N.Y. Mazel Tov on Your Graduation Congratulations to Harold and Esther Sylvetsky Sally Dov, Rochel, Akiva Shimon, Teddy, Reva, Chaim and her classmates upon their graduations Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Schachter We wish the class of ' 69 years filled with health, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Schachter happiness, and peace. From the Tausig Family Best of Luck to the Graduating Class Mrs. Anna Osdoby BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1969 In honor of the graduation of our niece Rita Lefkovitz Mr. and Mrs. Nat C. Lefko and her son Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Worenklein Congratulations to our niece Marlene Ringel on her graduation from: CHATEAU Jewelry Corporation The finest in jewelry and distinctive gifts Dave Mina Savit 71-35 Austin St. Forest Hills, N.Y. TRADE BANK - TRUST. A first name kind of bank CONGRATULATIONS To our girl Pres. of SCW The Koval Family ESTABLISHED 1922 Main Office: 592 Fifth Avenue (at 48th Street) New York, N.Y. 10036 Branches: Seventh Avenue at 38th Street; joAnn on her graduation With Love Mom, Dad, Amy, and Grandmom Second Avenue at 4th Street; Lexington Avenue at 33rd Street; 50 Bayard Street at the Bowery; 9 Park Place, Great Neck, L.I. Member FDIC; Federal Reserve System A FRIEND Mr. and Mrs. 1. Tamler and son Allen M. Tamler MAZEL TOV Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to our daughter, Suzanne, and to her classmates upon their graduation. Mr. and Mrs. S. Murray Paul to MEIRA and her classmates Congratulations to our daughter, Faigie upon her graduation from college Mr. and Mrs. William Rosenblum and Moishe Mom and Dad Yonina, Debra, and Nathan KATZ In Loving Memory Mr. Jesse Curchack Judy and Sam Leichtberg SALON DEBBIAN Distinctive Hair Coloring Advance Styling 56 West 57th St. PLaza 7-3328-9 New York, N.Y. Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. A. Silver Greetings from the Hebrew Academy of Cleveland Irving I. Stone, President Rabbi N. W. Dessler, Educational Director To our daughter and sister Congratulations to Hannah and her classmates Rabbi and Mrs. M. Glatstein Yossy and Hershly Judy Mazel Tov and Best Wishes for continued success and happiness Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to Sharon Rochell Moed upon her graduation Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Wanger in the future. With all our love Daddy, Mommy, Elaine, Michelle, and Muffie Feigenbaum Samuel Carlin of GOLDRICH Wines and Liquors Inc. 60 East 34th Street New York, N.Y. 10016 Mazel Tov to our dearest granddaughter Jeanne Litvin Goldman upon her graduation from Stern College Baruch Ida Litvin Mt. Clemens, Michigan Mazel tov to Martha Aunt Pauline Goldberg Aunt Irene Solonche BERNSTEIN ' S ON ESSEX to CLASS OF 1969 MAZEL TOV ON GRADUATION DAY To my loving wife JOYCE upon her graduation Congratulations to our daughter Suzanne Schwalm and to the class of ' 69 Mazel Tov from her obviously loving husband Abie Congratulations to our beloved daughter, BELLA, upon the occasion of her graduation Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Rothkoph COMPLIMENTS of SEATON HALL INC. EAST BOSTON, MASS. Best of Luck to SUSAN OSOKOW from Uncle Leon and Aunt Marcia and family To our sister, Rena Waldman, on the completion of her college studies. Norma and Ben Kauzel Lisa, Michael, Robert Mr. Mrs. Michel Radzinski FLEISHMANN-HEYMANN CO., INC. Strictly Kosher Meats Provisions under supervision of Rabbi Dr.). Breuer 344 Audubon Ave. WAdsworth 7-0809 New York, N.Y. 10033 Abe, Molly, Brenda, and Danny wish Mazel tov to HINDA BRILL from Mitchell, Rivka, Shaya, and Yaffa Snyder RUTH IE and the class of ' 69 Mazel-Tov and Best of Luck Always Compliments from Dr. Irving Rudolph Cleaners Dyers AMERICAN DRIVE-IN CLEANERS 418 South Oyster Bay Rd. Hicksville, N.Y. SolBleck 516-WE 1-9396 Laboratory 2151 — Ocean Ave. Congratulations to Meira and her classmates Mr. and Mrs. Walter Katz Marion and Naomi Brooklyn, N.Y. 11229 WAXMAN SUPPLY CORPORATION 24455 Aurora Road Bedford Hts., Ohio 44146 Compliments of: Mr. Mrs. William Lipshitz Holyoke Dress Co. 395 Dwight Street Springfield, Mass. Mazel tov on graduating. Remember the secret code is six. Good Luck! Herbie CRYSTAL DRUG SALES INC. Vitamins, Prescriptions Cosmetics 28 West 34th Street New York, N.Y. 10001 LAckawanna 4-6130 Congratulations and best wishes to our future daughter-in-law, Rebecca Tausig. Mr. and Mrs. Lester E. Berlin in Aluminum Building Products Direct Factory Showrooms Warehouses . in Principal Cities I n | eather-titi 7120 KRICK ROAD • BEDFORD. OHIO 44146 Mazel Tov to our cousin Brenda Bornstein From Ibi and Larry, Sruel Yitzchak, Shavi, Rivki, and Esther Weinstock In Honor of our Daughter ARLYNN KATZ MIRVIS on her graduation Mr. and Mrs. Harold Katz Memphis, Tennessee MAZEL TOV MERYL FRIENDS Mazel Tov Hatzlacha Rabah to Lila Love Mom and Honey Willie ' s Food Mart 181 E. Broadway New York, New York Congratulations to Bunny from her husband Dr. James H. Hain Dentist Office: 86 York Ave. New York, N.Y. BU 8-7107 Marlene Very Best Wishes for a successful future Mom, David, Michael, Rita Compliments A FRIEND To Mardi — The Best Editor-in-Chief oftheBestKOCHAVIAH from the Best Editorial Board: May Success and Happiness Always Be Yours! Bracha Hazlacha V Kol-Tov to Doina and her classmates Mr. and Mrs. L. Levi To " V ' RACH-OK MIP-NEE-NEEM MICH-RAH " BAS-SORA BRAND In Honor of EISENBERG Rebecca Sue Tausig WHO GOT TWO BIRDS in recognition WITH ONE STONE of a most significant accomplishment. Joseph Isaiah Berlin Congratulations to f BEST WISHES Susana TO and the class of ' 69 Mr. and Mrs. Francisco Simon MARSHA and family AND HER CLASSMATES Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to Mazel Tov Suzanne Paul to our daughter on her graduation Heddy Aunt Thelma upon her graduation May she be a continuous source of Congratulations nachas to us. to Mr. and Mrs. Zigmund Treuhaft Jeanne Litvin Goldman upon her graduation from Stern College Mom, Dad, Meyer, and Bruce Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to Leah Segal and the class of ' 69 To Rabbi and Mrs. Zev Segal Moshe, Nathan, Peninah, DEBBIE Nachum, and Yigal With Love and Best Wishes of Mazel Tov With Best Wishes on Your Graduation to our niece Mr. and Mrs. Max Schreibman Shonie Ephraim and Miriam upon her graduation Uncle Harold and Aunt Pearl To Sandra Fine upon her graduation Our best wishes for a life MAZEL TOV of happiness and a bright future. Mr. and Mrs. L. Thurm TO and family ELK A Congratulations UPON HER COLLEGE GRADUATION to SORSCHERS, INC. Rochelle Goldberg on her graduation from American Kosher Caterers To Oscar, Rhona, and Suzanne Whom we helped in their time of need. We wish for you From Harry, Eli, and Yossi the best of happiness P.S. Thanks for the great cookies. and luck for the future. All our love, Ellie. Mazel-tov and Best Wishes to Mr. and Mrs. J. Lipschitz Rochelle Majer upon her graduation Mr. and Mrs. Sam Gradowski Congratulations dear Susan upon your graduation Mrs. N. Ekstein and Norbert Mazel Tov and Best Wishes Mazel Tov to to Arlynn Rabbi Mrs. Allan Mirvis Carol ]ambro from her parents Mr. and Mrs. Sam Jambro FROM A FRIEND Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to Rochelle Goldberg from her parents Congratulations Rabbi Mrs. Danial Goldberg and brother Myron to and Rabbi Mrs. Sheldon Borgen and Reizie and Ysacchar Dov JUDY ERENYI and the class of ' 69 Mazel Tov from upon your gradu ation Mr. Mrs. Abner Esterman Your Friends and Baila Kleiner To Susie Compliments of Sandfred Noemy, lots of luck in the future. Your cousins Miriam, Billy, and Auriella Charles, Alice, Jeanne, and Michele Mazel Tov to ]osie Sebrow Mr. and Mrs. Sol Sebrow Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to our daughter and sister Sandra Fine upon her graduation Dad, Mom, and Jeff KOCH AVI AH EDITORIAL BOARD extends congratulations Jackie Gloria and Paul Jacobs to the Class of 1969 on their graduation Congratulations Susan upon your graduation Mendy Best Wishes from The Red Cross Youth Program Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to Phyllis Maza Rabbi and Mrs. Joseph Maza Cheryl and Yussi Sandra, Elliot, and Alan Mr. Mrs. Joseph Zimmer congratulate their daughter Annette upon her graduation Dedicated to - Rhona Leskowitz Sandra Solomon Best Wishes to our daughter Oscar Osokow Suzanne Paul Marilyn Eichenbaum Samuels Faigie Rosenblum Jeanne Litvin Goldman Mr. Mrs. Aron Eichenbaum Judy Goldsmith Marlene Glassman Bobbi Meren Tova Fishman Mazel Tov and All the Best in the future to our niece for all their hard work — Rifkie Mardi Mr. Mrs. L. Rosenfeld Chaya Mr. Mrs. Jack Boehur cousins Best Wishes to Susan Osokow on her graduation Lillian Jack Karlin Mazel Tovto Hannah Glatstein Mr. Mrs. Carl Margolis Hershel, Rachelee (Brog), Meir Shimshon Sacks Mazel Tov to Hazlacha Rabah Fayge Butler to Effie, Schott, Shobie Editor-in Chief of the Observer Bodie and to the Seniors who worked with her to make Stern Congratulations a better place to live and learn. to Andrea Kaplan Mr. and Mrs. Abraham L. Butler Mom, Dad, Allan Aunt Dotty Uncle Sam Yale, Daniel and Channa Mazel Tov to Marilyn Eichenbaum Samuels from her husband Mazel Tovto Compli the Class of ' 69 merits of BUSINESSES Royal Furniture Mart Columbus, Ohio Midtown Camera New York, N.Y. Paul Popkin Electrician Gia Knits New York, N.Y. Bonne Cleaners New York, N.Y. L. Sheard Son Vineland, N.J. Reliable Cargo Shipping Co. Inc. New York, N.Y. The Blue Daisy New York, N.Y. Lefkovitz Bros. Cleveland, Ohio FRIENDS AND RELATIVES Mrs. Scharfstein Haven Cleaners Mr. Mrs. Robert Swersky and family David, Mark, Ira, Sarah, Debbie Brandriss Mr. Mrs. L. Friedman and children Mr. Mrs. Julius Mayer Abe Carmel Mr. Mrs. Jerome Stern Mr. Mrs. William Joseph Brustein Rabbi Mrs. Moishe Fink Strulowitz ' s Meat Market Mr. D. D. Schweitzer Mr. Mrs. Mordecha Orgel Modern Industrial Products Co. Mr. Mrs. Ringel and brother Mr. Mrs. Max Grossman Gertel ' s Bake Shoppe, Inc. Sam ' s Shomer Shabbat Kosher Deli Dr. Mrs. Yale Gordon and Sons Mrs. Mollie Gordon Mr. Mrs. Mike Volpin The Gallery — Hair Design Joe ' s Shoe Repair Farm Food Mr. Mrs. Solomon Fogel Tel-Aviv Glat Kosher Restaurant Packard Pharmacy, Inc. Bonnie Marks Imperial Card Gift Shop Sam Freund Best Wishes to the Class of ' 69 Compliments of State Kosher Market, Inc. Mr. Mrs. Harry S. Klavan Silbert ' s Inc. Mrs. Jenny Cantor Minuckie, Joe, and Ralph Nitkin David Greenberg Joel Levy Rabbi Mrs. T. Stampfer Mr. Mrs. Alfred Knopf Sidney Scharfstein Mr. Mrs. Herman Hilsenroth Alex Palais Cathy, Kalman, Jeremy and Marshall Uncle Morris and Aunt Irene Kurtzack Mr. Mrs. Alex Estreicher Rabbi Mrs. Isaac Lubinski Mr. Mrs. Kurt Wachtel Mr. Mrs. David Klar Dr. Mrs. Edward Spindell Richard Hockrow Rosa Lee, Joe, Label, Susie Schapiro Ktav Publishing House, Inc. Steve and Sue Sidney Langer Allan Treuhaft Jack Polivy Jeweler Rabbi Mrs. Jerome Fishman Rashie and Bubbie Mr. Mrs. Max Rudoler Mr. Mrs. Joachem Rudoler Mr. Mrs. Isidore B. Rosenfeld Jessica Fashions Mr. Mrs. Daniel Douglas Mr. Mrs. Hyman Strickoff Al Federman Mr. Mrs. Solomon Disterfeld Noah Zark Kosher Pizza Mr. Mrs. Adrian Greenwald and Randi Mr. Mrs. E. J. Stern Larry, Buddy, and Alan " TheGelston House " Mr. Mrs. Grant Brandon Ray A. Benyunes Petit Cleaners Samuel Cohen Jewelers, Inc. Juma Kosher Meat Poultry Mr. Mrs. Hillel Markowitz Dry Vin French Cleaners Electro Stencil Co. EH mm «s mm

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