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' 1i21 UP?flt Jff45 ' ' 3Bf?Sf?!Qai£UBHlSIMli S K9Kl!H KOCHAVIAH 1968 lUD I 111.- Cicnuirali tcaclics Ll thai no matter how nuicli ou gi c. your intention is ot " prime importance because we originalls ere created equal and arc still considered as such. Our national unity which at times has been a voluntar phe- nomena and at other times a burden forced upon some has endured nevertheless so that we hold it dearly today. The State of Israel is being maintained through national unit and can only continue to do so if we do not divide. The past four years have also been a unitsiiig experience tor us. For one they have placed us in a certain mold and no matter how varied some of the results may seem, a unifying thread unites us all. Values we have learned and the Jewish ideals we cherish are things we will need to guide us through the years long after college is forgotten. The lessons we learn from the Bible never cease to be applicable to us today. We must accept each other as equals despite what seem to us as differing qualities, in order to maintain unity. en msna) . . . wr: " ? in " ? ]y y 2 ' ?2 ,u ' ' j;aan inKi naiian m TABLE OF CONTENTS Theme 2 Dedication 4 Editor ' s Message 5 In Memoriam 6 Administration, Faculty 7 Seniors 26 Literature 47 Activities 52 Advertisements 82 Senior Directory 109 J DEDICATION In dedicating our yearbook in honor of Mrs. Esther Zuroff we have chosen to recognize one of Stern ' s unsung heroines. In her capacity as placement ccxirdinator she is known to he helpful and efficient, and as a link between the students and the administration she is a warm human being whose dedicated efforts on behalf of the girls are gratefully received. Not being directly connected with academic life, yet being an integral part of the school has not kept her from developing friendships with the students. We are very proud of such rela- tionships because it helps to make college seem less impersonal. The time has come to recognize a vital force in our college com- munity without whom life these past four years would have been lacking the smiling warmth of a wonderful person. EDITOR ' S MESSAGE During the past four years we have all lived together, studied together, and matured together. Now, at graduation, we go our separate ways, and for most of us, only the pictures in this year- book will serve as reminders of our former classmates and of our life at Stern. I hope that you will all appreciate this book as a mirror of our senior class. I would like to thank the people who worked so very hard and who helped me so very much in the preparation of this book. First, Ruthie Voehl, for her tremendous amount of work on the senior pictures and the faculty section. Second. Mimi Fischer, not only for her artwork, but also for her good humor and encouragement throughout the year. Third, the 14th tloor maids, for not disposing of the scattered dummy sheets, the countless pictures, and the piles of ad blanks and information sheets which spent the year on the beds, desks, and tloor in 14 F. Fourth, Judy Singer, for a job well done. And finally, two special people, without whose help there would have been no yearbook, Tina Levine and Shaye Cohen. Despite the hard work, the unbelievable lack of cooperation, the sleepless nights, the overwhelming problems, and the burden of responsibility — no part of this yearbook was as difncult as this one page. There are no words which properly express our thoughts as we remember Ida. We would like to honor the memory of Ida Slivko as we face the end of our college life. We regret that she could not have been among us, for those who knew her knew a lovely person who was a friend to many here. F A C U L T Y YESHIVA UNIVERSITY AMSTERDAM AVENUE AND ia6TH STREET NEW YORK, N. Y. 10033 OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT l IESSAGE FOR KOCHAVIAH I968 I take pleasure in extending wannest congratulations to the senior class of Stern College for Women upon your achieve- ments for graduation, and my best wishes for fulfillment in your future undertakings. You have had the advantaiges of a unique educational opportu- nity to unify in your development the intellectual stimulus of arts and sciences and the spiritual strength of the heritage of Judaism. As you go forward to assume your roles in home, career, and comraunity, you can have an immense influence for good, I am confident that you will meet this challenge with distinction, dedicating yourselves to a lifetime of service to the Jewish community and all humanity. Sincerely yours. s J . Samuel Belkin President Greetings by Mr. Max Stern to KOCHAVIAH, Stern College for Women Yearbook It is always a special pleasure for me to send greetings to the graduating class at Stern College for Women, In these days when the young people of our country face great new challenges, I want also to express my confidence that the members of the class of I968 will go forward to assume their responsibilities with a keen sense of values and a real dedication to humanity. The ideal of Stern College is to provide its students with intellectual development through the arts and sciences and with the spiritual strength of our Judaic heritage. In the full lives that lie ahead for each of you, in your roles in the home, in the profes- sions, in the community, I am sure that you will continue to grow and to make your contributions which will reflect honor on yourselves and your Alma Mater. I extend to each of you my warmest congratulations and very best wishes. MESSAGE Stern College Yearbook 1968 In a world in which strife and violence seem to have become, one hopes temporarily, accepted and some- times preferred modes of operation, it is most commend- able that the senior class has seen fit to adopt, as its yearbook theme, the concept of " Unity " . The key to unity is communication, even as the Biblical story of the Tower of Babel relates. And Stern College, dedicated to education on all levels of life is uniquely programmed to provide lines of communication, not only among contemporaries, but between generations. Life and history flow continually and do not exist as fragmented quanta in time. The present is a continuation, not a rejection, of the past. It is our hope that the experience of Stern College has provided you with the knowledge and the warmth to reach out to all people everywhere with the message of Judaism — union of all the kingdom of the one God. Not too 1 .-.j ' iabVv ■of evences or J, ouj- at Cominei-icernent, the , iat into ' the cruel soc ' beycjiid acadctne. to be suddenly ;o menacing just i earTi. life ' s c Judaisiii anc er, jhallenpe r artic5.- V,-. :) coiffia niity ■ of : a .?;inu sense, Lc intellect- tea chings of :--nd bid lass of ?d and precious -.als of our ion will help iars ahead. •ccoroj iig MR MORRIS ALTM AN hiMriulur OR PH IIISCAHN v,. • ,„ SCIENCE l K HI l Kl( 1 I kll I5I.ANI:) ( ' S ( Ml IK I) II) () II( K DR KRtD GOODMAN Profi ' ssor MRS. CELILYDOBIN Insinator MR. LEON JURAVEL Lecturer BIOLOGY CHEMISTRY PHYSICS DR. NATHANIII, KI.Ml.S Assoc idle I ' r ifcssor MRS. ETHEL ORLIAN Lecturer !r, i ii ' i MISS JESSICA WERNICK Inslniclor DR. LEONARD LABOWITZ Assistant Professor RABBI JACOB RABINOWITZ Instructor MR. SCHREIBER Instructor I ' K MIKLl I A AFFRON Assisiiuil Prolf sor MR. HOWARD e HI IKI Lciltircr MRS. HEDYEHRl U fl Lccliircr LANGUAGES MRS. NANCY KNOI ' KA Insiructor NOT SHOWS ' MRS SOIMIII I l I I k DR. ANNA K.RAKOWSKI As.sociutc Professor MR.S. FRUMA KOVACS MRS. SABINA SHMIDMAN Lecturer Leclurer SOCIAL SCIENCES RABBI LEO DAVIDS Lecitirer NOT SHOWN MR. SOLOMON HONIG DR. JULES LEVKY Assisianl I ' rojossor DR. ELEANOR OSTRAU Associate Professor DR. NATALIE FRIEDMAN Professor MR. BEZALEL SHERMAN Lecturer «-- 1.- m DR. DORIS GOLDSTEIN Professor DR. LINDA KERBER Lecturer ENGLISH DK m K t.KINHI RG MRS 1 AURELHATN ARY Instruclor 1R Rl SSI I I KRl I kMAN MISS JUDY ISAAC Instruclor I)R DAN ()CltL MRS. JUDY ROSS Ass islam Professor MRS. SYLVIA SAIDLOVVtR Insiruclor NOT SHOWN MR. GENEK.RUPA MATHEMATICS PHILOSOPHY PSYCHOLOGY DR.JULESC.kl KNSII IN Associaic I ' lolcssof ) i. (.r.KSllON AI ' I ' I. Assdcialc I ' roji ' ssor MR. MAURICE REIFMAN Lecturer DR. MARt LL I ' LRLMAN Assistant Professor DR. ELLEN ROBINSON Associate Professor MRS. ROSE GROSSMAN Instructor RABBI JOSHUA SHMIDMAN Instructor NOT SHOWN MR. PETER MYERS MR. JOSEPH FRIEDMAN Instructor MRS. ELEANOR HHRENKRANS Lt ' liirt-r MRS. SARITAGOREN LccltiriT EDUCATION ' SPEECH H 3 .MRS. .SL.SAN SARU Insintcior NOT SHOWN DR. ABRAHAM lAUBER MR SVENSMOTTEL Insiruclor MRS. JUNE GOLDEN Instructor DR. SHELLY KOENIGSBERG Associate Professor DR. JOSEPH LEVIN.SON Associate Professor HEALTH EDUCATION MUSIC AND ART MRS. HELEN CiOODMAN Lcdurcr NOT SHOWN MISSJOLECHAY MRS. HANNAH WOLKENFELD MRS. KIJI H KISf II Cluirus DR. ELI SAR Assistant Professor DR. RACHEL WISCHNITZER Professor MR. ARTHUR TAUBER Associate Professor MRS. RUTH KISCH Assistant Professor UK NOAH ROSENBLOOM JEWISH R H»I AARON SKAIST •1 sisliinl V( c ' .vviir R BBI JACOB FEINSTEIN Assixialc I ' rojfssor RA15B1 ARIHL R SHLRIN Li( Hirer DR. SlIl.UMU I.IIJI.I.IJLRG I ' rojcssor MR M HOSHUA BEK ' RY Inslriiclor K HH MEIR HAVAZELET Associate Professor RABBI RAPHAEL WEINBERG Assistant Professor STUDIES F AFifil MIFT (III lOkllA ', u I,,, w MR. IJJ.NRI KAMKI lllSlllH 1(11 MRS. NAOMI WILON Lc ' cliiier v.. MR. HANOCH DUBITSKY Instructor MRS. CHAYAEHRLICH Lecturer RABBI MELECH SCHACTER Assistant Professor RABBI YITZCHAK KERSTEIN Instructor MRS. LIBB ' KLAPERMAN Lecturer MRS TOVA LICHTENSTEIN [ W IMl in I)K GERSHON APPEL .-f v.v Kiiilc I ' rofcssor SI L UlLS HUI t.l RAl D BLIDSIHIN Insinuuir RABUI Al.l l-R Ml- I XjI-K Associate Professor K HUI JOSHUA SHMIDMAN Instniclor RABUI MAR UN GORDON Instructor RABHI now AKU LL INE R MiHI 1 [IL DA BOIIRIR hiMnalar LIBRARY MISS EDITH SLOMOWIT Assisluiii Librarian MR. MAXC i:i,NIK Librarian MRS. SARAH KELLER Suij ' f Assistant MRS. IDA MALAMUD Staff Assistant RABBI SHIMON HOOK Staff Assistant MR. RONNIE GOLDBERG Staff Assistant MRS. KAYE ZWEIG Staff Assistant MRS. ESTHER STRAUSER Staff Assistant MRS. SIERN CAFETERIA OFFICE I R HHI HI Wll HI K 1 IR S. l n Kl I l MRS HOKl NSI I l IRS. SUSSMAN IRS. SMERKA MRS 1IKI l MoslOW ( KOI N SAC.OISKY MRS. ROSIN HOUSEMOTHERS GUARDS MRS. MIINIK MR, MOIJl.SSA MR. COLEMAN MRS JENNY GIGES f 5 1 jf I 1 MRS. SARAH MEYER GUARD RAYMOND W.D.K.H.N. ■ " ■ Ijr- s E N I O R S LINDA GENALER ABRAMOFF Seattle, Washington Education — BRE — Dean ' s List Sm 1 Wll IH ADELMAN Denver, Colorado English Kl III I LI I;N AMIN Flushing. Nc« ork Education ■ft fe • ' 6 • (9 (9 JANICE RUTBERG ALPERN Riverdale, New York Histor -Political Science HELENE MARCIA ANDREWS Erie, Pennsylvania Education FAYEB. R. APFI 1 BAIM Windsor, Ontario Psychology KlJil.f fA sc IIONI III; I ' .I.RCW.AS PAMELA ARONSON New York, New York English npan llir.liing, New York I ' sychology SARA BFRGMAN New York, New York Enelish— BRE ZELDA LEE BADNER ns " ? " puns Ellenville, New York Political Science-History ik SHEILA E. BELOVE Ardsley, New York Mathematics — Dean ' s List XEELY EGOZI BERNSTEIN New York, New York Psychology- — BRE =f l l 1 ROSl N Hltl ER Kucrdalc. New ork hnelish i 1 I1R1 Wl 1511 S1(K k DnTa Freehold. New Jersey Malheniaiics NANC SL ' HCOHN mi:? yD]j?j H.illiiiiiiic. m laiul laiuealion — Dean ' s lis! BELLA SOLOW BURACK Brooklyn, New York Education — BRE MARADAX IS Chicago, Illinois Education SHERYL ASHFNBFRG COOPER Fi rest Hills. New Hrk HisidiA -I ' ciluical Sc ' ieiice AGNESI-RDI.I.YI npni Tin Hungary Psychology f ILENEHERSHINSON DAVISON Bronx, New York Education SHIRLEY RUTH ETTLINGER nnnr Brooklyn, New York English — Dean ' s List JUDITH DESSER Forest Hills, New York Chemistry — BRE ESTHER DREIFUS Washington, D.C. French — Dean ' s List LORR.MNE BERNTCE FARK. S Chicago, Illinois Education PHYLLIS FARKAS Newark, New Jersey Biolog ' — Dean ' s List 11RI Wl I Fl k nin n ' " i:: Scranton, Pennsylvania Philosophy I A " L ETHEL GOLDS( III l|)l k FISCHER Baltimore. 1;ir l;nid Stx:iology JEANNEFEl n 1 Brookline, Massachusetts Education ELGA FEL ER Bronx, New York Psychology — Dean ' s List LINDA FLEISCHER Bronx, Ncu York Educatiiin MARCIA FREEDMAN Ontario, Canada Psychology SHEILA LEA FRIEDMAN ns " ? " inox Worcester, Massachusetts Education — BRE SHERRY F. GINSBURC Portland, Maine Sociology — BRE LINDA JANET GALPER Bronx, New York Education CAJRJN RISE GORDON Flushing, New York Pre-medicine ERICA-SI MONE GOLDMAN West New York. New Jersey Education ROSE GREEN Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Education — Dean ' s List FAVEB. GREENFIELD McKcesfKirt, Pennsylvania Chemistrv — English — Dean ' s List MIRIAM CKOSSMAN Bronx, New York Historv-Political Science JANICE LENORE GROSSFELD Bronx, New York Education BEATRICE HELPRIN npsT New Haven, Connecticut Psychology SHOSHANA MALKA GL ' TMAN Chicago, Illinois Education BAILA LABOWITZ JACOBSON Forest Hills, New York Education VARDA ROM KATZ Clil ' lon, New Jersey English MIRIAM KRIMSKY Hartford, Connecticut Education ROCHELLE JASKOLL Elizabeth, New Jersey History-Political Science PATTI FLOM KATZ n- ' DD New York, New York English— BRE RIMCAH L. NDESMAN n?:-i McKeesfKirt, Pennsylvania Psycholog} — BRE 35 i f s 1 A l. LALFER I ' Angeles. Calilorniu I nulish ANNE LAZ-ARUS mn Spring ' alley. New York Sociology — BRE liASI I rXTRTOW U.ilimu ' H-, I,ii l;inil liducalic ' ii YANINA LEICHTMAN nrr Dayton, Ohio Education { ELAINE FRANCES LEVI ' i Baltimore, Maryland Mathematics CAROLE LEVINE San Antonio, Texas History i I ESTHER LEVINE inox MIRIAM RACHEL LEVY New ( " Orleans, Louisiana I ' rcnch — Dean ' s List ELLEN FRANK LIGHTMAN Bronx, New York Sociology JUDITH JACOB LEVINE Baltimore, Maryland Education SIVYA LEVOVITZ — V 1 SAUNDR.A LIPNL N North Miami Beach, Florida Psvcholo? - HANNAH NlAl OW ITSK nan Montreal, Canada Education .11 PI I n ii Ri Brooklyn. New ork Education — BRE liONMh I . MOKRIS nail Pittshuruh, I ' cniiNN 1 ani SiK ' iolog) BERNICi; KAK ASK K MANDHl New York, New York PsychoIogA ' .A li I SAND - MA HR Forcsl Hills, New York Sociology PHM.I.IS MOSKOWITZ n-nsx Newark, New Jersey Education FAIGE NEWMAN miss Qiicago, Illinois English RITA MYERS npan North Hcrgcn, New Jersey Hclucalion SHERRY E. NLNBERG Wheaton, Maryland English CAROLE BETH NOBEL East Meadow, New York Education LORRAINE DO E OSBAND Rochester, New York Psychology BONNIE NUTKIS Jersey City, New Jersey Sociology ' 1 RLMA I ' OlOk Seattle. Washingtcni Historv ALICE PAH:)KOFF Rochester, Ne ork Historv — Political Science JOANNH RAPHAl 1 New York, New York CllCIlllSll ARLENE PRESS Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Education CHIA RAMRAS REINHARD Scranton, Pennsylvania English HELEN REDNER Hamillon. Onl;irio Englisli MAGfM SAS Montreal, Canada French JUDITH ROSENBERG npm Erie, Pennsylvania Sociology DONNA ELLEN SAVA nn Hartford, Connecticut Chemistry EVA SOJCHER ROSNER New York, New York History-Political Science JOAN NANCY SALTZ, nan: Miami Beach. Florida English — Dean ' s List REGINA TEN ' NENBAL ' M SAVITSKY Flushing, New York Education :y S I A I A SCHlLk San Francisco, Calitomia Education BARBARA SCHREIBER Wcstbury, Long island Historv -Political Science — BRE DEBRA SHAPIRO SlCiAl BriH ki n. Nc nik French SUSAN SCHUSTEK Forest Hills, New York Education BRENDA JOYCE SIEGEL Shaker Heights, Ohio History MALK.A SILVER Harrisburg, Pennsylvania History — BHL JUDY SINGER Baltimore, Maryland Psychology BRENDA I-I.AINE SPIEGEL riDin Wilmington, Delaware Psychology KATHERINE STERN Montreal, Canada Sociology MARLA SLOMINSKY Brooklyn, New York Education MINDY SEIDENFELD SONNENSCHINE Brooklyn, New York Education — BRE LEA ELIZ.ABETH STERNBERG Jamaica, New York Sociologj ' ESTHER STOBEZKl nnos Paterson, New Jcrse Hisiorv -Political Science Rr sN I I ISkV Bridgeport. ComKvtn.ui Education SI ll ' RIN I CHARLOTTE I II IHl.HAUM University Heights. Ohio Sociology EDNA STONE Long Beach. Long Island Mathematics — BRE — Dean ' s List PALLA RLBIN-STOTLAND Chicago, Illinois English — Dean ' s List LAURA TREITEL Bronx, New York Chemistry JUDITH TURK Chicago, Illinois English DORY S. rURK liulTalo, New York I ' xiucation RLIH H. VOEHL Baltimore, Mar ' land Sociology REBECCA ULMAN New York, New York Psychology — BRE CELIA SKLAR WAGSCHAL Merrick. New Y ' ork Education REVA WEINREB nin Parksville. New Y ' ork Education FF lKAWrrZl ER New York, Nc« oik FrciK ' h EDNA WEISS 1 1 A II. 1 INI R Brooklyn. New oA HngliNJi HA I IISHEBA WEINTRAUB New ork. New ' ork English— BRE HELEN WEINTRAUB nn n- ' n Chicago. Illinois Education GILDA MESSING WINTERS Union City, New Jersey Education SYl AlA MEIZLIK WEISS Forest Hills, New York Education — BRE SARAH WISNIEWSKI Patcrson, New Jersey Education naked and unashamed on the da of their creation man and woman stix d uniqueh tlesh and bkxxl exploring one the other with the widened e es of iriith two alone the only youth the only old each in need ol a hand to hold and each desirini; in the brilliant sun becoming one together man and woman stixxJ and God smiled do sn this is good this is uiHid. in the corner ol a darkened room where people often sat alone two spoke in solt and eager tones and sometimes kissed never glancing around afraid to miss even the smallest revelations of self or soul that combined would make two halves a whole that gives not only life but freedom of love and mind transported a farsighted peace not needing defense while reality fulfilled transcends all pretense and communion starts and there grew before the world two true devoted hearts and once again together man and woman stood and God smiled down this is good this is good. Varda Katz THE DIET NOT TAKEN (Willi aptilogios to Robert Frost) Two cakes in a case, they looked so good And sorry I could not eat them both And being on a diet, long 1 stoixl And longed lor one as much as I could Although 1 needed no further growth. And then took the one, as just as fair And ha ing perhaps a bit more cream Because it was lemon and kx ked so rare, Though as for that, the icing there Had gi cii thcni both a shin gleam. .And both that morning kHikot.! sublime I didn ' t care to fit that gown Oh, I kept the diet for another time ' et knowing how lemon leads on to lime I doubted if I should e er slim down. I shall be telling this with a sigh Cookies and doughnuts and cupcakes hence Two cakes in a case, so good, and I — I took a cake, and then a pie. .And lliiit has made all the tlifference. Brenda Siecel rnia . " m nj?3 rrnny iini " ' S " ' " 7 " pn n D]n nya inx 03; " ? li n • ' tt ' js mil ' ? irVy ins dj7di ,n ' opn " pa; imon nnn ijms m- ' s ihk .i27;2n " in n-mtjonn b ' 21 inytt " ' Jti ' n Din .dj?d ir ' n nn ' ?in vn ms ,th?2-i ntt m nn- ' H nns non nya , " iysn nya ,m-inn 073 " im n- n u ' pu; HTii i ' 7 ' ' DK i:inNa J?]):: -ii: ' s I ' u- ' n 73? -iz:k3 ht " 73 .m;o ik latt ' - q ikh " 7B? i ' 7 " nj ins .nTD niaiys cyn mai n — irr ' iDn qj nn ' n nnK biax .it .n2t: ' 3tt ' pirnn " 71 iVin inxi u;np n " i;2i: ' Z2 nziity ir ' ' n nisn nyn .naDn py nnn nyn iin ' -x ci id nyi:;n yi " pdd ik .insD i: ' 72DT -insD Tz:n ■rsni: ' mvs nxT ' n ns B? n nyn ' 73 ' ? nsi3 n- ' n Q-nz: o] ,t i ■ ' jd ' ? ns mnyi ,n3i hod mzsiina yns mnszi ini y insD is d:it .ipi:; ' ' k " ? ,isn nya Tins .miy .isisn vm ns nDt: " " s " ? s-nan iinu23 ■i3U ' ;2n .ij nrnD Kim rnna TP ' ' n ns 1:13 n]jn nsi .mDpnn " 7321 nmsn " 73 d 3 ' ' is nvj?3 r npnasn isa ' 7as .n ;3 " iDa mzsipan nr 3s;3 n " p ny nsyai .mn Dvp ' ? rna nrr in Kintr ly Dyn mi-nann ' ? naii n]3Dn loin ds dvh nmn d " ' " 7Sw ,n ' ' :D3a nnonn 3 1x3 nn ' 7n ' 7 vrv b im3 nai .nn ' n ' ' n3-in i ' 7K inx i]] " ' s ?m ' 7 ' 7i3nn ' 7 nnD,»2n ir ' 7y ■ ' ' 71S1 ,irm3S n3-n ijj 7-i?3 ' 7 hts nn- ' y jn i3 ' 7 " ' S73 • ' ' 71n nnstt ' ? nvp pi s ' 7i mpn n- nnc n3 irmms nu ' ;: ns nr r y ? I si " ' ? .(m ' 7J3 " isB ' n ' 7 Kin ims ds) vii ' ? pn sB ' A C T I V 1 T I E S STUDENT COUNCIL EXECUTIVE BOARD iijiQjgieiiP " Seuied: Beverly Moskoviiz, Zclda Badncr. Susan Scluistck. Siuiuliiii;: Elaine Levi. Yanina Leiehtman. STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Erica S. Goldman, Barbara Schricbcr. Ruth Aiiiin. Linda Jleischcr. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS DORM COUNCIL G. EpstL ' in, J. Sohaclcr. H AiKiri. ' us. M SiKlisIcmi. A Bond! D. Sa ' va. J. Sinucr . I . Fishm.iri. I. ki iiiniKiii THE OBSERVER Standing: B. Siegel, J. Litvin, C. Reinhard, E. Schacter, V. Singer, B. Bryks. Seated: D. Sava, P. Butler, F. Greenfield, M. Krumbein. KOCHAVIAH JUDY SINGER Business Manager BRENDA SIEGEL Editor-in-Chief SYLVIA LALTER Literary EAitor RUTH VOEHL Photography Editor RI K.AH L.-VNDESNL N Hebrew ' Editor DRAMA iHiiLFiKifJiiiiriiiii JifMuli ' Miiiiiffiliif .. 5IS- -- 3.. -Ses«- _ _ CHOIR JlMlWiWyilLHIlJIMJilll ilM BASKETBALL ' -■ " ■■- " Jflf ART CLUB JUNIOR YEAR IN ISRAF.L iiiMiHi ' ' ii mm. liiJiiHiiw I TAG CO-OP SCHOLARLY REVIEW ' r VE. 6 spacious rms in lux co-op V.ew of Ce-.trai Park, 2 Odrms , formal ri n ng rm, bj It ' n bar rm. Beaut condit.on. Man ' cn 509 . Vsk nq S85,000 ALL M rOMBY, TE 8 6600 SE ELLIMAN, INC. 5TH AVENUE— 60$ 3 BaV ' S, Vagn. Pa-k Vew. F orsi 8:iq Manf S360 OTHERS FROM 3 to 15 ROOMS Be;,i« Kahn t EDWIN T£ 8 )650 rH-80S. EsrATE SALE 13 room coco. 4 masters. -lO ' .m. 36 pnld gai:p y. J ma-dS $?25,0OO. 1 Ivrs jCn l. " c ... ' L. ' JJ ' POO ' .—Dramatic 6, mamt under $36TJ. Av 60 ' s Or,q. 8 f ow r ' eq 5 S6b. r 70 ' off Mad 8 rms, $b5,000 irpyfuss BU 81. 1. 1 rm co-OP, hi fir, on pk, mt. 80 I. .2 rms, 5 ms ' ' S. l ' ), Pk Av 8 rm COOP, 3 msirs bO. Miss Clark. PL l-2 ' 88. H AVE-80 ' s-Panoramic View C ' Ous 3 Bdms Bacon 1 err id carpeiq-2 yr :sc$9 i mo. VLMER, 22 E. 67 TE 8 4280 I IP s-vvcd b ' dq. h gn M , 3 master bciir ms, RLgenI . . ' 90, 9 I.I. CPW— Vic 86— rms, 3 bdrms, hi fir, ;e . ' 4 hr ormn $400. 4 ' rms, oif R SD, 2 bdrms S 25I. Bkr 24 0365. E END AV co-op, 6 rms, hi fir; terr. niaqn ' f.cont v «w Gracie Mansion ' v ' " f; 2 bdrms, tvtrmal dine nn, 2 ' . bafhs, l9 eat :n k ten; central a ' cond, chrnafe cnlrld; swmq :ioo! on root Ma,ntS394; dt ded $2696, Pr $4S,0(t0 A, an J_Marc ' jS 641 I ex Ay P L 3 4114 PARK AVE (60s). Estate sale. Stun- ning 7 rm luxury ant. Marole firs baths. La ' qe rms, wbq fnlce South S ' r. Exccncnt serv ced bu Immediate . Mamt S940 mo DOUGLAS GIBBONS- HOLLYDAY IVES, INC. Mrs_l_obkovV cz PL_3J050 PARK AVE., 70$ Unusual co ' r er co-oo, 8 spacious rms. dral for pnlertanrnq, wot, many jn nue features. Excellent move in cond, mamt S510 mo. Showrm by appt nAh Mrs Ru ' ti f. Brown, TE 8 5200 TALM AN BlGELOW_WHIII TMORE PARK AVE-low 90 " s, beautiful 7 lie rms; forma) rm, 3 bdrm, wbf, ma nt S33i Mrs P ' er on, IF 8 S200 TALMAN BIGELOW, WHITTEMORE Ne« ' 181 St 3 rooms Ve_SoP[ __ HEATH AVE " 2800 Np.v ? ' -, 3 8. 3 ail improveri ' (Kingsbridge k .. _ - _ . rm a»ls, ar ( bl ' O " . ..i!}_9 ' ni .e ' ur Kl ; 7Q63 JESUP Av 1592 (FeainrDd La) 2Vi rn S78 07. Lgf mod ml tontr d ekv bli I ' Hn-l ' S..i); iji (i;c. LY 4 6 ' ' .U0 wkn lAD-PARK-LEX AVES. 50 ' $-80 ' $. i rm co-oPs. Simplex 8i duplex. ELLIMAN, INC. TE 8 6600 H 5 Ave; Stanford Whitt BIdg ooms, w, b fPice, n: ce ing. .pril I, 5400 OR 5 3593 E at Lexington Ave — special ?rD 8 r,Ti su.te, 3 bdrms, 3 ■ fii floor, r.verv ew Imrnea- iccuoancv. Fully stai ed luxury W ' th 24-hour doorman Owner- jcment MU 5-2008 or MU5-2009 AST agnificenf 6 Rooms 3 CHAMBERS, 3 BATHS RIVER VIEW i hiflh ce Ing rm$; 25 ' I vg ntn wood burn ng fireplace; »red; large entrance foyer; 10 rm. Completely modern n. Lge closets. Lse S600 mo APPLY PREMISES cm M,s$ Kuck, PE 6-4180 BING B ING, INC. ir Park Dr s grnd tlr, 6 " rm , doorman. Also hvir.g, $35,900 nt, Ml s Clark, Bkr PL 1 22 ' r T HI FLOOR VIEWS! jxury c -if a. r. cond bidg v ith icej conveniences, has avail led occuD an unusual 3 bdrm, 2 ite. Features eat in kitchen w ler, drnm.g 8, ample closets. rental 575. Call 349-9.311 70 ' S E— 1st offtflno Coop ' soac 6 rms w b frpic beamed bedrms maid ' s rm, dinrm, . «tmonf i (V f SUTTON PLACE— CO-OP. " ONE OF A KIND ' DUPLE, 5 Master bdrms, 3 maids rms, 7 baths, DQwderrni, Lib ary Large prewar rm ' :, hiqh c ' elinos, wood burning fireolaces Over $150,000 spent on modernization Air cond, lots of marble All rms m- c ' uding kitc ' .en tMtiiroom na- ' e river V ew. Intimate 10 tenant bidg Mdio: $1500 M ' ji th: By Annt CALL Herbert Charles 8. Co, Inc. L. P Sill, P s_ _ _ _PL_1 0500. W.E. AV-86 St Vic. Hi fl, pti rivrvu 7 ' 2 3 bth, 30 ' bay wind din, 15x49 qai. ' ery— l,v rm, 3 masters, Ig maid rm, (lrm3n,_prof l y _$4l0 _ Bkr_SC 4-3116 W END (86 St Vic) 8 Rms— Prof— $425 Lge 6 Rms (can bt 3 bedrms— $340) 70 s- 7 r ms -$450. A._We ner_ T R_4 -4838 APARTMENTS OF VARIOUS SIZES CO-OP APIS AVAILABLE Beauli rul JESSUP AV, 1530 2 ' foums, ail imp ' ovemen __t. ' Uvdto ' . See Sifit. KINGSBRIDGE " rERRACE, 2899 (Nr 2 !} b ' Bri.lHy Avf) J roomj in Modern I levjtor Builditiq $101 Stl_ UPJ_ UR_LALL MU 6I9U0_ NORTH BRONX. 3 rms S80-$95. 3 Tns $105, J (Ills $110, ext. i,.rq« ai ' A 5 5 0,_9_3,_o(_9l4_DE_ 9448_B ' OLMSTEAD Av, 1266 nr Parkchest. 2 i ims $92 iO. Mud elev biog. • Supt jntlA or LO 5 55_63. PHELAN PLACE, IMS (nr ' Burnsi Av ) 3 im ,iui, moo, ele , 3 bK publ,c 8. parochial grade schools. $86 per mo. Rtts i, sOfurily rtqo See bu PfcLHAM PKWAY, nr Bronx House, I 3Vj, newly dcco , pvt hou e $U| SuM e ase 2 yrs. b6 3 9922 or 1 R 4 42 SEDGEWICK AVE 2 IxJrm apt, partial air cond, overlooking reservoir, $lll Phone 884 82 6 eves alt 5pm I. wkenc or_GR_7_65_84,_vA(iays_before_3. SHAKESPEARE AVE (170 St) 3 ' a rms S90. Well kept rent contrl bic Coli_243 2213_or_JE_7 5932 UNIVERSITY AVE, 1100 cor Tremol 2 3 rm aPt- , ne ' hiy deioratei , mod equip, rent C ntrolled. from $75. ' b. ' j SuiM or Lf 8 lOUO. __ .WALTON AVE (157 St) Modern eleva bIdg, rent contrlled, 3 rooms, SI Av.iii Ap ril 1 b t . _M E 5- 4 2 8 ,__9 5_;P WEBB AVE., 2835 BL ' AUT AIR COND 3 5 RM APTS F reproof hldg. See Snpt nr | M 21 12 WEST BRONX— tLEV APT BLDGS I ' a TO 3 ' 2 ROOMS Aorjly Rva I state Otiice, wpekdayS 860 Grand Concourse, I0AM-5PM WEST Bronx, IWl U.ilvefsity Ave. 3 Douglas Gibbons-Hollyday 745 h fth Ave Ives, Inr PL 3 5050 Apirtments— Bronx UNFU RNISHib " elevafor. 162 ST-Conc. 4V-. elevafor, front il40 Cone vic. 3 ' 2 elev deluxe front $90 Othe s.C nc Apj5. 9 , JE 8 5800 174 ST, 100 West (Nr University ' Av) 3 r:ns n r- ' - ' m ' N-y hlitq S9S mu S EE SUPT O R CALL MU 6-1900 nice rms, 3 tlitei Supt or HY 4-7900. walkup, $79. S Apartments— Rivtrdilt furnishTB 76 ST. 233 E. 1 y, BIks CONC NEWLY RENOVATED rooms 595 nd up. Supt 294 4551 ANDREWS— 7 mod rms, 1 ' ? bath, $150 BR OKER-RABINE — WE 3-4043_ BAILEY AVE— WEST B RON,X Modn Elev Bidg, 3V2 Rms A ail — Call_LT_1 2J_12 To_r_App_mt___ _ Avenua 17?1. Lo moH 3 ' A. COLLEGE 252 ST I BWAY (6255-W BWAY) DECORATOR lURNISHED APIS. AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY NO LEASE R[ QUIRED. __ See Res. dent manager or Kl 6-8221 ,_ UNFURNISHED 232 STREET NE 372 372 RIVER TERRACE 2621 Pdi. ade Ave. Rms fr $17 Rms, Terr, IZfh Fir.. $19 4 Rms, Terrace ....... .$22 572 Terrace $30 672 Rms, Terrace 39 ' OVE ROAD NEW THE FOUNTAINS AT CLOVE LAKES PARK LUXURY FIRFPROOF HI RISE INDOOR OU I DOORS SWIMMING POOLS FRFF WAl L TO WAI L CARPETING IN rvFRY ROOM FREE ELECIRICIIY GAS FRFE C[:N1RAL AIR CONDITIONING udio, 1, 2 3 Bedrm Apfs from $138 ONF YFAR LFASF AVAIL IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY PROFESSIONAL APTS AVAIL OPEN DAILY SUNDAY 10AM-8PM 273-3400 or HA 1-4835 J. I. Sopher Co., Inc. nting Managing Agent on Premises Directions: Verrazano Bridge to Staten Island Exp ' way to Clove Rd. Exit. Proceed on servict road to Clovf Rd. Turn right on Clove Rd. past Victory Blvd. to Ttie Fountains. ENRY HUDSON PARKWAY " WINDSORS NORTH SOUTH HENRY HUDSON PARKWAY 247IH TO 249 SIREETS EXCEPTIONAL 3 BEDRM APTS fr $259 1 Bedrm Aptfr$1 S4 RENTAL INCLUDES CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONING ELECTRIC GAS SWIM POOL ON PREMISES FAMILY PLAN RATE RENTING OFFICE ON PREMISES Kl 8-2203 Anottier Apartment Community by CAR O L MGMT CORP VERDALE SKYVIEW ON THE ui i r i 1 2 Bedrms (2 Baths) 3r IIVINGRM, 18 ' BfOROOMS fr. $150 PIVI R Vlf WS SURROUNDM) BY PARKS Sf h AGLNt ON PRt MiSFS POST RD. 6 rms, V 2 bftis 2 fam house, iiDppr S?30. Busn persons preferred Call 884 5370, RIVERDALE CO-OP, now •cceptino applications. 3 ' ? rm apt. Fre« G F. Modest equity payment Ampit fax allowance. Parking avail. Call: LI 4-4000-Wkdays 9-5 RIVERDALE V 2 RM. TERR. APT. Gar. a:i dM. $187 LO 3 5730 Home Res. lU 4 3734 — Sud Lease Apartments— Staten Island UNFURNISHED AUSTIN PLACE, 55 OFF VICTORY BLVD IMPERIAL TOWERS I, 2, 3 BEDROOMS ... FR. $150 IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY YU 1-4200 FT. WADSWORTft ON tHfc OCEAN THE LUCKIEST PEOPLE FIND APTS AT SEA CLIFF TOWERS 20 CLIFF STREET OFF BAY STREET 9-sfy Luxurious Living Closesf to NYC Bklyn ' deluxe 2 Bdrm Apts, Free Gas Fr$182,2Bths,Ter DISHWASHER 2-DR REFRI3 INQUIRE-FEB. SPECIAL PHONE 442-9554 OR 448-1252 OLFF KAUFMANN 447-2550 GRANT TERRACE APARTMENTS LINCOLN AVE. EDISON STREET IMMED. OCCUP. . EL 1-3382 HYLAN BLVD, 600 Exprswy Tht Dart- moutti, New lux bidg, Jr. 2 bdr I full 2 bdr fr $152; also 1 bdr; 447-7150. VICTORY BLVD, 800 NEW, Studios fr $120. 1 2 bdrm w terraces Fre« Swim pool, air cond, gas, immed occup Agt on Prem. 447-0477 or 981-3951. Apartments — Queens FURNISHED ASTORIA Beautiful 6 rm apt. 3 bdrms air cond, new 2 family, 1 block 8tti Ave subway $280 mo. Family OK. 744- 9433. ' mrned i FLUSH- LET U! 3 ' 2 472 SriaM wc 3 Nr NO FLUSHIh " M A,r RO FLUSHIN 3V2 G E bths, $18 CAMERE FLUSHIN Towers free gas. R0 2 FLUSHIN Ave 1 apts fr FLUSHIN a c dish 35th Av FLUSHIN loc; 6 house; ] FLUSHIN rms, 2 or ail Su FLUS» S FLUSHIN rooms apt 1-1 FLUSHIN rentals Swimmini FLUSHING nr transp. Call afte ASTORIA— 1 rm $17 wIl 2 rms $20 wk. FOREST T. LEI A D V E R T I S E M E N T S LONG ISLAND CARTING CORP. 60-02 30th Ave. Woodside 77, N.Y. TO BERNICE With love. Karasick, Wakmann, Walker, Zwiebel, Mandel, and Benjy TO EVA ROSNER: Best wishes upon her graduation from her father-in-law: JOEL H. ROSNER her brother-in-law ROBERT ROSNER Congratulations to our niece EVA ROSNER From Mr. and Mrs. Manfred Lehman Jaimie, Barbie, and Karie TO THE CLASS OF 1968: MAY YOUR YEARS AHEAD BE FULFILLING IN ALL RESPECTS Sfern College Student Council 1967-1968 Zelda Badner, President Suzi Schustek, Vice President Beverly Moskovitz, Recording Secretary Elaine Levi, Corresponding Secretary Yanina Leichtmon, Treasurer MAZEL TOV SENIORS! JUNIOR CLASS Martha Solonche, President Helen Soltnnan, Vice President Sandy Chernotsky, Secretary Rhona Leskowitz, Treasurer SOPHOMORE CLASS Chaya Spatz, President Alice Lautman, Vice President Toni Feltscher, Secretary Karen Mirsky, Treasurer FRESHMAN CLASS Marilyn Schaeffer, President Josie Kaplan, Vice President Rosie Greenwald, Secretary Sheri Davis, Treasurer BEST WISHES AND WELCOME TO THE CLASS OF ' 68 STERN COLLEGE ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION Ellen Offenbacher, President Jeanette Schechter, 1st Vice President Gilda Hochbaum, 2nd Vice President Phyllis Drillick, Corresponding Secretary Dvoro Minder, Recording Secretary Ethel Korn, Treasurer Rosalie Berman, Honorary President " BRACHA V ' SIMCHA " TO THE CLASS OF ' 68 STERN COLLEGE DORMITORY COUNCIL, 1967-1968 Helene Andrews, President Vivian Osdoby, Vice President Merrill Silverstein, Treasurer Renee Rosen, Secretary TO EVA ROSNER: ALL OUR LOVE AND BEST WISHES UPON YOUR GRADUATION from her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Sojcher her brother, Michael her husband, Alex BEST WISHES TO ERIKA AND THE CLASS OF ' 68 Mr. and Mrs. David Wetzler, Jacob and Sylvia BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1968 FROM THE CLASS OF 1967 TO MIMI MAZEL TOV AND BEST WISHES FOR A WONDERFUL FUTURE from Rabbi and Mrs. H. Grossman Lorry and Fran CONGRATULATIONS TO CARIN AND HER CLASSMATES from Lionell Lingerie Inc. 6 West 20th St. New York, New York TO MIRIAM FINK From Her Favorite Cousin SLIM " MR. AND MRS. HARRY N. MORRIS of PITTSBURGH, PA. WISH A HEARTY MAZEL TOV TO BONNIE AND HER CLASSMATES CONGRATULATIONS TO MY WONDERFUL WIFE JUDY LOVE, MICHAEL MAY THE ALMIGHTY BLESS OUR DAUGHTER AND SISTER MARA UPON HER GRADUATION FROM COLLEGE Rabbi and Mrs. Herman L. Davis Zev Hillel and Yocheved Dvora CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES FOR SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS Rabbi and Mrs. David L. Weinbach BRACHA V ' HATZLACHA TO OUR DAUGHTER JUDY MAY ALL YOUR HOPES AND ASPIRATIONS BECOME A REALITY Rabbi and Mrs. Singer And Sisters Doris, Sharon and Phyllis A HEARTY TEXAS-SIZE MAZEL TOV AND BEST WISHES TO OUR DAUGHTER AND SISTER CAROLE UPON HER GRADUATION Mr. and Mrs. Dan Levine and Charley B ' RACHA, HATZLACHA V ' CHAL TUV TO ARLENE AND ALL THE GRADUATES Mom, Dad and Len Bubby Adele Uncle Yussy and Aunf Ev Mr. and Mrs. Jock Zweig Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Weinberg OUR BEST WISHES TO PESH AND HER CLASSMATES Mommy, Daddy and Howie Ma, To and Normie Charlotte and Bobby Barbara and Stanley and SIMCHA WITH GREAT LOVE AND DEEP RESPECT IN MEMORY OF MOSHE ELI AND DRAIZLA WERMUT " IM YIRTZEH HASHEM ZICHRAM Y ' HIYEH CHEIRUT AL L ' VAVEINU KOL Y ' MAI CHAYENU " Mr. and Mrs. 1. Green and Family Rabbi and Mrs. S. Gruer and Family Mr. and Mrs. L. Munter and Family Mr. and Mrs. S. Wermut and Family Mr. and Mrs. L. Kruk and Family MAZEL TOV AND BEST V ISHES TO OUR DAUGHTER GENIE MAZEL TOV ON YOUR GRADUATION MALKA Rabbi and Mrs. D. L. Silver and Ahron Basya Silver Adena Silver MAZEL TOV to the newly weds IN HONOR NEELYand MOSHE JONATHAN BERNSTEIN from SCHWARTZ BAKERY 42 No. Fairfax Ave. Los Angeles, Cal. CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR DAUGHTER HELEN UPON HER GRADUATION FROM STERN COLLEGE Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Weintroub Chicago, III. CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES to REVA SYLVETSKY the Sylvctsky Family MAZEL TOV CLASS OF 1968 Spiegel Neckwear Co., Inc. 350 Fifth Avenue New York, N.Y. 1 Morrison and Schiff, Inc. 35 Hichborn Street Brighton, Mass. 02135 Mfrs. of Strictly Kosher Meat Products PROMENADE HOTEL 102 W. Broadway Long Beach, N.Y. OPEN ALL YEAR PENNA PAPER SUPPLY CO. PAPER SUPPLIES FOR ALL PURPOSES BEST WISHES TO NANCY SUE COHN From SEABOARD TEXTILE, INC. 301 Church Street New York 13, N.Y. ARTHUR GOLDFINGER COMPLIMENTS AND CONGRATULATIONS TO A GREAT CLASS , MS7- Bob Callow - Dick LoPachin L. G. Balfour Companj- 55 Northern Boulevard Greenvale , New York 11548 ATTLEBORo MASSACHUSETTS CLASS RINGS AND PINS • CLUB INSIGNIA • MEDALS TROPHIES • PLAQUES • DIPLOMAS • INVITATIONS HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS BEST WISHES AND BEST WISHES OF HAPPINESS TO OUR DAUGHTER AND GOOD FORTUNE TO HELEN REDNER HELEN from Family AAr. and Mrs. Morris Redner Ben Fruxbrunner Viale Piceno 3 Milano-ltaly CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR GRADUATION Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Katz Mr. and Mrs. Irving Dulberg CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR NIECE HELEN Mr. and Mrs. David Redner ALL THE BEST Mr. and Mrs. Lou Fuss Mr. and Mrs. David Schoenberg Compliments of: STAFF OF HOPES FOR CONTINUED HAPPINESS FAMOUS BUTTONS LTD. Mr. and Mrs. MR. AND MRS. A. MANDLEBAUAA MR. MORRIS KAM MR. AND MRS. HY MAKER Morris Slivka MR. AND MRS. C. LAIMAN MRS. SYLVIA SYKES MR. AND MRS. P. LINDENBERG 1 MR. BEN DIRECTOR MR. AND MRS. ERIC MANASSE MR. ALBERT STEVENS MR. TERVO KANAYA . GOOD LUCK AND A HAPPY FUTURE KAZUO KUZE Nishi-Nihon Buttons Co., Ltd. Central, Osaka Japan TO JUDITH TURK CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES UPON THE OCCASION OF YOUR GRADUATION FROM STERN COLLEGE FOR WOMEN Morris ond Rose Gilbert Giabmon Family Turner and Seifman Families Chicago " DEVOTEDLY WE SING STERN COLLEGE, HAIL THY WHITE AND BLUE. " Mazel Tov to the Class of ' 68 THE KOCHAVIAH STAFF BRENDA: THEY ALSO SERVE WHO ONLY STAND AND WAIT. -FRIE ND TO OUR BELOVED DAUGHTER AND SISTER JUDITH TURK WE PRAY THAT THE ALMIGHTY GRANT YOU CONTINUOUS STRENGTH AND BEAUTY OF SPIRIT Mozel Tov upon the occasion of your graduation from Stern College. MOTHER, DAD, AND SHERWIN CONGRATULATIONS TO MY DEAR WIFE SHERYL UPON THE OCCASION OF HER GRADUATION Michael MAZEL TOV TO OUR DAUGHTER PHYLLIS MOSKOWITZ and HER SISTER-GRADUATES fronn MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH MOSKOV ITZ MAZEL TOV TO PHYLLIS MOSKOWITZ from AUNTS AND UNCLES COUSINS Rose and Bernard Bersson Philip, Nornnan and Belle and Sol Resnicoff Robert Bersson Dinah Leviton Phyllis Ellen and Susan Gail Leviton TO OUR SISTER RUTH WITH PRIDE IN YOUR PAST ACCOMPLISH- MENTS AND ANTICIPATION OF YOUR FUTURE SUCCESS Frederick, Barbara, and Susan WHEN TRAVELING IN MAINE BRING ALL YOUR TRANSPORTATION PROBLEMS TO Brown Motors Inc. 495 Forest Ave. Portland, Me. BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATES Mr. and Mrs. Meyer Messing and Alan 281 Stevens Ave. Jersey City, New Jersey COMPLIMENTS OF: FLEISCHMANN-HEYMANN CO. INC. 1530 St. Nicholas Ave. Wo. 3-3345 MAZEL TOV TO OUR DAUGHTER SHERYL WHO HAS BEEN A GREAT SOURCE OF NACHAS TO US Mr. and Mrs. Philip Ashenberg BEST WISHES TO GRADUATING CLASS OF ' 68 HENRY SEGAL CO., INC. Manufacturers of Men ' s Boys ' Vests 518 Ralph Avenue Brooklyn, New York " GO VEST YOUNG MAN " CONGRATULAllONS TO SHELLY JASKOLL UPON HER GRADUATION Peoples Brokerage Co. 9 44th St NYC ;0 " . pii:. ' ENTs : ' ■ THE YOUNG ISRAEL MENS CLUB OF MONTREAL 6235 Hillsdole, Montreal CONGRATULATIONS TO SYLVIA UPON HER GRADUATION Michelle Elono Bernstein COMPLIMENTS OF A Friend MAX ACKNER - JEWELER 50 W. 47th St. New York, New York MAZEL TOV, BEST WISHES TO RUTH VOEHL Shoore Zion Congregation MAZEL TOV TO THE CLASS OF ' 68 Mrs. Dorothy Dubrow BEST WISHES TO MARLA Mr. ond Mrs. Williom Goldberg Soul, Deboroh, and Eve CONGRATULATIONS TO MY DEAR WIFE, TZIVIA ON HER GRADUATION BRUNO BEST WISHES TO RUTH AMIN Yetto lor Simcho Renono BROCHA AND HATZLACHA TO NANCY SUE COHN AND HER CHOSEN DAVID BROTH Uncle Henry Aunt Charlotte COMPLIMENTS OF M. H. Lamsfon Inc. TO SARAH, BRACHA V ' HATZLACHA MAY SHE SUCCEED IN THE FULFILLMENT OF ALL HER DREAMS Mr. Mrs. Wisniewski Yoakov DR. AND MRS. LEONARD ROSENBAUM AND FAMILY WILMINGTON, DELAWARE MAZEL TOV TO OUR DEAR GRANDDAUGHTER ROCHELLE JASKOLL Mr. Mrs. Charles Prc-.bcrg COMPLIMENTS OF Bloch Publishing Co., Inc. CONGRATULATIONS MR. MRS. H.J. WINTERS 380 Mountain Rd. Union City, New Jersey THE L.J. DAVISON FURNITURE STORE Shenandoah, Pennsylvania 17976 CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR NIECE LAURA TREITEL Mr. Mrs. Aaron Jokobov itz MR. MRS. SAM REINHARD 4180 Chase Avenue The Best Cooks in N.Y. ore Serving MANISCHEWITZ NEW BEEF SOUPS CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR NIECE AND THE CLASS OF ' 68 Joseph and Esther Monde! McKeesport, Pa. MAY OUR CHILDREN LORRAINE DOVE AND HER CHASAN MATTHEW BARRY HOCHBERG ALWAYS BE BLESSED WITH TORAH WISDOM Mr. and Mrs. Lester Vv ' . Osband COMPLIMENTS OF BONNE LTD. Cleaners Tailors 56 E. 34th St. New York, N.Y. MAZEL TOV TO OUR LOVELY DAUGHTER AND SISTER FAIGE UPON HER GRADUATION Rabbi Mrs. A. Newman Moshe, Aviva Shoshana LOVE AND BEST WISHES TO OUR DAUGHTER BONNIE NUTKIS UPON HER GRADUATION Mr. Mrs. Hymen Nutkis TO OUR SISTER SHELLY CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR GRADUATION Ira Tina Joyce COMPLIMENTS OF Transifexim Ltd. Montreal, Canada MAZEL TOV AND BEST WISHES TO OUR DAUGHTER SISTER LAURA Mr. ii Mrs. Joioph Trcitel Brother, Irving Sister-inlow Glodvi CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES ALWAYS TO OUR DEAR SISTER, CAROLE WITH LOVE, Jeonne ond Bruce Goldner ANCO CARTING CORP. 503 West 33rd Street New York N Y lOOOt GOLDRICH WINES AND LIQUORS INC. 60 E. 34ih St. New York 16, N.Y. LExington 2-9734 or 9735 FRANCO CARTING CORP. 503 West 33rcJ Street New York, N.Y. 10001 TO MY FAVORITE NIECE, JUDY MERL ALI V HATZLICHI " may you be successful in oil your endeavors Love, Uncle Ferdi RENCO CARTING CORP. 503 West 33rd Street New York, N.Y. 10001 PHOENIX STATIONERY CORP. 2 Pork Avtnu.; New York, N.Y. 10016 STATIONERY — GREETING CARDS — PRINTING SAVE REGISTER RECIPTS AND RECEIVE FREE MERCHANDISE!! HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO OUR GRANDDAUGHTER SIVYA LEVOVITZ Mr. ond Mr. Morris Feder MJDCITY PRESS INC. MACHINES • SUPPLIES • FURNITURE • PRINTING 138 East 34th St., N.Y. C. Mu. 9-8222 ZELDA- MAY YOUR LIFE ALWAYS BE ENHANCED BY TORAH Briggs Highway Synogogue Ellenville, New York NEWMAN STEEL WAREHOUSE LTD. A. NEWMAN CO. SCRAP STEEL — METALS — STRUCTURAL STEEL ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO, CANADA MAZEL TOV, DEAR TZIVIA ON YOUR GRADUATION Mom, Dod, Moishe, Lourie, Lobby, Michelle, Michael, Denise, and Robin CONGRATULATIONS TO EDNA STONE UPON HER GRADUATION IN HOt-lOR OF MISS ZELDA LEE BADNER Congregation Ezroth Israel Ell ' - ' .-n ill ' .-, IJ HERMAN EISNER, RAEBI JULIUS SLUTSKY, PRESIDENT CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 68 Mr. and Mrs. Philip Amin IT ' S NICE . . . TO BE LOVED . . . BY A SHY BOY BEST OF LUCK TO THE CLASS OF ' 68 J. Aberbach Family COMPLIMENTS OF Treitel-Frankel Properties Ltd. Montreal, Canada GOOD LUCK TO CYNTHIA KATZ WHOEVER SHE IS PERNA CARTING CORP 402 East 78th Street New York, N.Y. 10021 CONGRATULATIONS TO RIVKIE YIOI ANONYMOUS COMPLIMENTS OF Dr. and Mrs. Harold H. Kalman " A BLESSING ON MY HEAD " S.J .D.C. AMOR OMNIA VINCIT BERNSTtlN-ON-tSSEX STREET Dclicotcucn -.i-ilQuronl Calonng Koiher Chineve Food% 135 E»e Strool Now York, NY. 10002 PHONE: (212) 473-3900 CONGRATULATIONS AND OUR BEST WISHES FOR A BRIGHT FUTURE TO SHULAMITH ADELMAN ON HER GRADUATION TO OUR DEAREST TZIVIA CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR GRADUATION Dr. Mrs. Meyer Bieler GOOD LUCK LAURA TREITEL AND PHYLLIS FARKAS Gerdo K. Leshin WAS IT REALLY WORTH THE FOUR YEARS? MAZEL TOV TO: Mogdo, Hannoh, Sylvia, Arlene, Ruth, Ethel, Helen, Linda, Faige, and Frumo SPECIAL GOOD WISHES TO MIMI AND ROTIFER C. HERN EMBROIDERY CO. 61 15 Broadwoy West New York New Jersey 07093 MR. MRS. ARTHUR L. GOLDBERG FAMILY Horrisburg, Pa. GARDEN NURSING HOME 240 Kingston Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. PATSY D ' AVANZO REFUSE CARTING CORP 872 Metropolifon Ave. Brooklyn, NY. CONGRATULATIONS TO FRUMA Mechie BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 68 Mr. Mrs. J. Kopelowitz MA7EI K V,Vl.rMI- TO ZELDA AND THE CLASS OF 1968 Mr. AAro. Wm, Bodncr Sondro and Babe Fannie NEVER THOUGHT YOU ' D MAKE IT- DID YA? ' A FRIEND " CONGRATULATIONS TO NEELY CONGRATULATIONS TO BRENDA SIEGEL FROM HER GREATEST FAN MAZEL AND BRACHA TO OUR DAUGHTER AND SISTER RUTH VO EHl Rabbi Mrs. Israel Tobak and Yacov TO OUR DEAR NIECE COUSIisI JUDY BEST WISHES LOTS OF LUCK IN ALL YOUR UNDERTAKINGS from Edith and Mordechi Singer Naphtale, Chaim, and Yette COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND DR. MRS. LAURENCE WEISBROD AND FAMILY Allentown, Pennsylvania GOLD STYLE NOVELTY CORP. WHOLESALERS OF LADIES ' HAND BAGS Office and Showroom 13 Orchard Street New York, N.Y. 10002 WHO IS JOHN GALT? A.R. KOCHAVIAH ' 68 It ' s About Time BEST V ISHES TO SUZI SCHUSTER TO NANCY- Mazel Tov on Your Double Simcha LOTS OF LOVE Mother Dad Rona Jeff WITH MY CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO LORRAINE DOVE OSBAND ON HER GRADUATION Willlom Eben WILLIE ' S FOOD MART INC. COMPLIMENTS OF THE LEICHTMAN FAMILY 181 East Broadwoy New York. N.Y. 10002 DAYTON, OHIO In Honor o Our Volunteer Youth leoder TO SIVYA RUTH AAAIN HATZIA CHA VCOL TOV Youth Oepl. Young Isroel of Kew Gordens Hills Mom ond Dad biSL ESSES: Mr. and Mrs. Mike Leventhol Hession ond Connolly, Inc. Cantor and Mrs. David Jacob Esther ' s Kosher Restaurant State Kosher Coterers Tarn Drugs, Inc. Mindick ' s Kosher Meat Ageno Drug Cynthia Kotz Aronson Furniture Company Syon Pocking Company Victoria Butchers Bonnie Morns Eva and Fronk Mayer Yet Another Friend Revzen Tomorin Ruth Voehl Harry Rubin Son Ltd. Mrs. Jacob Cohn A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Sol Kotz Antwerp Distributors An Enemy FRIENDS: Rev. and Mrs. S. Sachs Dr. and Mrs. Oscar Holle Mr. ond Mrs. Isaac Goss Nellie Nulman Mr. ond Mrs. Louis Landesmon In Memory of Morns Sogal Dr. and Mrs. B. J. Greenfield In Memory of Tilly Sogal Congregotion Tiphereth Israel Philip and Adele Schecter Mr. and Mrs. Adolf Morkovifz Lillie and Lou Cutfler Sodano Poultry One More Friend Mr. and Mrs. Eli Gordon Mr. Raymond J. Arroll Crown Supermorkets Jock Polivy Jewler Monfred H. Meyer Michoel and Judy Levine A Friend Rona and Jeffrey Cohn Mr. and Mrs. Ari Levi William Eisler Horry Eisler " Monday Night Dovening Group " Mr. and Mrs. Hymon Woldbaum Gerdo V. Tobak Atlos Oil Corp. Vv ' eintroub ' s and Sons Mr. and Mrs. A. Toxon Mr. and Mrs. Percevol Gordon Rabbi ond Mrs. Irving H. Goodman V olf Liebler and Sons Hazel Ginsberg Trouring Brothers, Inc. Seovey ' s Delicatessen Grandparents of Nancy Cohn Bonne Cleaners Bobie and Zodie Flom Another Friend Bobie and Zodie Shornin Midtown Beauty Solon In Memory of Choim Luftglos Mr. and Mrs. David T. Slominsky A Lover Jocob Zevi Slominsky Made-Rite Sportswear Joe Ochner Micky Mouse Still Another Friend Abe Lippmon Insurance Somuel A. Jaffa Zorro Be Fruitful ond Multiply Lady of the Red Curtains Mr. ond Mrs. Samuel Rosner Raymond Mr. ond Mrs. Howard Rodnon The Little Engine thot Could Mr. ond Mrs. Moishe Merl No More Friends SENIOR DIRECTORY LINDA ABRAMOFF 34 Hillside Ave. New York, N.Y. P ' eylim Chairman Sephorim Exchange Parshat Hashavua Hebrew Speaking Day SHULAMITH ADELMAN 1554WoirfSt. Denver, Colorado JANICE ALPERN 5700 Arlington Ave. Riverdale, N.Y. RUTH AMIN 156-1 1 Aguilar Ave. Flushing, N.Y. Senior Class President Contrib. Ed., Observer Treasurer, Soph. Class Student Council HELENE ANDREWS 2917 Holland St. Erie, Pa. President Dorm Council Vice-Pres., Dorm Council Chagiga Chairman FAYE APPLEBAUM 255 Hall Ave. Windsor, Ontario S.S.S.J. Art Club Israeli Dancing PAMELA ARONSON 2564 Pearsall Rd. New York, N.Y. ZELDA BADNER Briggs Highway R.D. 1 Box 142 Ellenville, N.Y. President, Freshman Class Treas., Student Council Vice-Pres., Stud. Council President, Stud. Council SHEILA BELOVE 29 Overlook Rd. Ardsley, N.Y. Observer, staff Chorus Co-op Israeli Dance Club RI ' BECC A BLRCJLAS 70-41 153 St. Flushing, N.Y. SARA bi:rgman 180 West F,nd Ave. New York, N.Y. Blood Drive NHHLY Bl-RNSTEIN 34 Hillside Ave. New York, N.Y. TZIVIA BIELER 5800 Arlington Ave. Riverdale, N.Y. Sounding; Board, Co-ed. MIRIAM BIENSTOCK R.D. No. 4 Casino Drive Freehold, New Jersey Observer, staff Israeli Dance Oub BELLA BURACK 2401 Nostrand Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. NANCY COHN 3819 Glen Ave. Baltimore, Maryland Treas., Stud. Council Student Council Senior Dinner Calendar Artist SHERYL COOPER 65-36 99th St. Forest Hills, N.Y. Observer, staff Chagiga Chairman Class Sing Big Sister Supper MARA DAVIS ILENE DAVISON 3035 Barnes Ave. Bronx, N.Y. JUDITH DESSER 108-17 66th Ave. Forest Hills, N.Y. Big Sister TAC Torah Campus HSim.k UKEIFUS 720 Pcab xly St. N.W. Washington, D.C. Big Sister TAC AGNES ERDHLYI 6 Dcakki Mishole Hungary SHIRLEY hlll-INGER 1528 49lhSt. Brooklyn, N.Y. Big Sister Israeli Dance Club, Instructor LORRAINE FARKAS 4900 N. Kimball Ave. Chicago, III. Floor Chairman Tzedakah Drive Fire Marshall PHYLLIS FARKAS 51 Grumman Ave. Newark, N.J. Big Sister Chagiga Committees Student Alumni Secretary, Soph. Qass JEANNE FELDMAN 74 A Fuller St. Brookline, Mass. Floor Chairman Senior Sale Sophomore Chagiga ELGA FEUER 1041 Pugsley Ave. Bronx, N.Y. Soph., Fund Raising MIRIAM FINK 6 1 5 Monroe Ave. Scranton, Pa. Junior Oass President Ashes and Sparks, Editor Observer, Senior Editor Kochaviali, Photog. Staff ETHEL FISCHER 7007 Park Heights Ave. Baltimore, Maryland TAC Big Sister LINDA FLEISCHER 365 Powers Ave. Bronx, N.Y. Trea-s., Senior Class Big Sister TAC Chorus MARCIA FREEDMAN 14 Norris PI. Si. Catharines. Ontario Big Sister SHEILA FRIEDNLAN 20 BridgcfKirt Si Worcester. Mass. TAC S vial Committees Sephorini Exchange Oneg Shabbai. Chrmn. LINDA GALPER 1 200 ;in Nest Ave. Bron.x. N.Y SHERRY C.INSBLRC. 48 Belmont St. Portland, Maine Co-iip, Co-Chairman Fkx)r Chairman TAC ERICA-SIMONE GOLDMAN 1 -62nd St. West New York, N.J. Senior Gass Secretar - Senior Shabbas. Chairman Oneg Shabbat Chagiga Chairman CARIN GORDON 155-05 Horace Harding Blvd. Flushing, New York ROSE GREEN 5867 Darlington Rd. Pittsburgh, Pa. Big Sister TAC FAYEGREENl lELD 13 10 Bailey Ave. McKeesport, Pa. Drama Club Oiemisir Club Observer, Feature Editor Observer. Editor-in-Chief JANKl: L.KIJSSI LI D 1817 Story Ave. Bronx, N.Y. MIRIAM tikOSS.M.AN 3334 Uainbridge Ave. Bronx, New York Junior Weekend. Chairman SHOSHANA GL I MAN W)33 N. Drake .Ave. Chicago. 111. Big Sister KiK-luiviii i. staff BEATRICE HI 1 I ' klX 573 Winthrop .A . New Haven, Conn. Chagiga Co-chairman Soph. Class Theatre Party BAILA JACOBSON 98-5 I 65lh Ave. Forest Hills. N.Y. Ohscrvcr. staff Concert Scries Cliairman ROCHELLEJASKOLL 301 Hillside Rd. Elizabeth. N.J. PA I I i KA 1 lObCabrini Blvd. New York, N.Y. Dorm Council. Vice-President Chagiga Chairman Observer, staff Big Sister VARDA KATZ 32 Laurel Ave. Clifton. N.J. Ashes and Sparks. Art Ed. Ashes and Sparks. Co-Ed. Kochaviah. staff Drama Club RIVKAH LANDESMAN 609 Shaw Ave. McKeesport. Pa. Observer. Copy Editor Observer, Editor-in-Chief TAC. Chairman Kochaviah. Hebrew Editor S 1 A L 1 . L 1 LR 807 North Genesee Ave. Los Angeles. Calif. Observer. Managing Editor Ktihuviah. Literary Editor Big Sister AW I I A ARl ' S bOl South M.iin St. Spring ,ilk , NA . 1 A II U II I MAN iVOS RlisUc Rd. Dayton. Ohio Treas., Student Council Torah Camjius H M II I K K ) S 3444 Ripple Rd. Baltimore. Md. French Club Parshah Hashavuah ELAINE LEVI 2502 Ken Oak Rd. Baltimore. Md. Student Council. Sec. Junior Class Vice-Pres. Chagiga Chairman Big Sister CAROLE LEVINE 2520 West Kings Highway San Antonia. Texas Aslies and Sparks, staff Fashion Show Big Sister Chagiga C inimitlees ,11 DM 11 I I A l H 14 1 (i() S4ih Rd. Biiaiwood. N. ' . Big Sister Observer, staff MIRIAM LEVY 24 1 Carondelet St. New Orleans. La. ELLEN LIGHTMAN 231 1 Bronxwcxid Ave. Bronx. N.Y. Big Sister Fashion Show SAUNDRA I.IPMAN 1031 N.E. 17Klh Terr. North Miami Beach, Fia. Choir Israeli Dance Group Fire Marshall HANNAH MALOWITSKY 3967 MacKenzie St. Montreal, Canada Big Sister Chagiga Committee BERNICE MAN DEL 21 West 86th St. New York, N.Y. Soph. Theatre Party SANDY MAYER 65-30 108th St. Forest Hills, N.Y. Chagiga Committee Senior Theatre Party JUDITH MERL 20 East 1 8th St. Brooklyn, N.Y. Committees BONNIE MORRIS 5462 Fair Oaks St. Pittsburgh, Pa. PHYLLIS MOSKOWITZ 193 Pomona Ave. Newark, N.J. Big Sister Wig Show Chagiga Chairman RITA MYERS 422 72nd St. North Bergen, N.J. PAIGE NEWMAN 5807 North Bernard Rd. Chicago, 111. Big Sister P ' eelim Committee Senior Shabbas, Chairman CAROLE NOBEL 1 609 Meadow Lane East Meadow, N.Y. SlIliKRY NLNBERG 1 1440 Amherst Ave. Whcaton, Md. Floor Chairman Chagiga Chairman Yavnch Ashes and Sparks, stall ' BONNIE NIJIKIS 42 Van Houtcn Ave. Jersey City, N.J. LORRAINE OSBAND 314 South Goodman St. Rochester, N.Y. TAC Chagiga Committees Shabbas Committees ALICE PALOKOFF 306 Laburnum Cres. Rochester, N.Y. Observer, Business Mngr. Dorm Council Big Sister Israeli Dance Oub FRUMA POTOK 5424 South Gratten Seattle, Wash. Big Sister TAC Chagiga Committees ARLENE PRESS 4800 North 10th St. Philadelphia, Pa. Yavneh, Pres., Treas. Yiddish Club JOANNE RAPHAEL 170 West End Ave. New York, N.Y. HELEN REDNER 48 Desjardins Court Hamilton, Ontario Book Club Faculty-Student Review JUDITH ROSENBERG 3128 Erie Street Erie, Pa. Drama Club Ashes and Sparks, Typist Ashes and Sparks, Artist Big Sister EVA Rf SNER 3660 Oxford Ave. Rivcrdale, N.Y. JOAN NANCY SALTZ 3054 North Bay Rd. Miami Beach, Fla. MAGDA SAS 6010 Wilderton Ave. Montreal, Canada IX)NNA SAVA 157 Thomaston St. Hartford, Conn. Floor Chairman TAC Observer, Supplement Ed. Chemistry Club, officer REGINA SAVITSKY 79-06 150th St. Flushing, N.Y. Big Sister SYLVIA SCHICK 1850 Ortega St. San Francisco, Calif. Chorus Chagiga Committee BARBARA SCHREIBER 2005 Salisbun, ' Pk. Dr. Westbury, L.I. Soph. Qass, Vice-Pres. Senior Oass Vice-Pres. TAC Observer, staff SUSAN SCHUSTEK 96-02 57 Ave. Forest Hills, N.Y. Senior Dinner Chairman Student Council, Rec. Sec. Student Council. Vice-Pres. Joint Student-Faculty Committee on Student Life DEBR.A. SEG. ' L 1401 Ocean Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y ' . BRENDA SIEGEL 3603 Lindholm Rd. Shaker Heights, Ohio TAC Big Sister Observer, Contributing Ed. KochaviaJi, Editor-in-Chief NLALJC SILVER 2921 Nonh 2nd St. Hamsburg. Pa. Chagiga Commiitee Tzcdaka Drive Chairman Obsener. sCafl " JUDY SINGER 3400 Siraihmorc Ave. B;il(imorc, Mil. Kochuyuih. Bu.siness Mngr. Yavnch. Presideni Chagiga Conimittccs MARLA SI.OMINSK.Y 951 Eiust 1 2 Si. Brcwklyn, N.Y. MINDY SONNENSCHINE 845 43rd Si. Brooklyn. N.Y. BRENDA SPIEGEL 104 West 40th St. Wilmington, Delaware Chorus Yavneh Domi Chagiga Committees Senior Shabbas KAIHl KINESTERN 4662 Kent Ave. Montreal. Canada Drama Society LEA STERNBERG 141-52 Pershing Crescent Jamaica, New York Parshat Hashavua Gass Sales ESTHER STOBEZKI 461 East 28th St. Patcrson, N.J. Big Sister TAC Senior Sale EDNA STONE 270 Lafayette Blvd. Long Beach, L.I. Cultural Chairman Chairman, Social Affairs FALL.- RLBl. -sU l 1 A n 5655 N.St. Louis Chicago, III. lAC Big Sister Shabbas Committees Torah Ciunpus REVA SYLVETSKY 2310 Madison Ave. BridgepH irt. Conn. Sophomore Shabbas Junior Picnic Senior Shabbas Art Club SHPRINTZTEIII I H Al M 4500 University l ' k . University Hciuhis, Ohio Art Club Chagiga Committees Public .Affairs Club Stiph. Class Fundraising LAURA TREITEL 1635 Popham .Ave. Bron.x, N.Y. DORY Tl ' RK 402 CoUin A c. Buffalo. N. . TAC .Art Club Chorus JUDITH TURK 6108 N. Lawndale Ave. Chicago. 111. Dramatics Stxicty, Pres. Ashes and Sparks, Copy Ed. Kochaviah, staff Bet Olot Committee REBECCA ULMAN 3000 Bron.x Park East Bron.x. N.Y. Torah Campus TAC Soph. Class President Big Sister RUTH VOEHL 6804 Cross Country Blvd. Baltimore. Md. Big Sister TAC Photography Ed., Kochaviali Sr. Class Theatre Party C I I l.A W AUSt IIAI 78 Crest Rd. Merrick. N.Y. Big Sister |.;i M Ki 1! I ' ( ) ii. ' :iis Parksville. N. . Floor Chairman Dorm Council, Lreasurer C ' ii,i,i;ii;a Chairman HAIIlMll HA Wl.lNlkAl H 1U6 Cabruu Blvd. New York. N.Y. Big Sister Choir Parshat Hashavua HIT.HN WHIN IRAUB 6240 North St. Louis Ave. Chicago. 111. Junior Class Treasurer Big Sister Tzedaka (ommiiicc Chagiga Committee SYLVIA WEISS 108-29 63 Rd. Forest Hills. NY. Chagiga Cniiiniiitce ERIKA WETZLER 2 1 1 Central Park West New York, N.Y. Chagiga Committees Ashes and Sparks, staff LEA WIF.NER 164 Linden Blvd. Brooklyn, N.Y. Drama Club Big Sister Dorm Council Chagiga Cliairman GILDA WIN ILRS 380 Mountain Rd. L ' nion City, N.J. SARAH WISNIEWSKI 669 1 4 Avenue Paterson, N.J. S.S.S.J. Printed by BRADBURY, SAYLES, O NEILL-PARAGON ' 1 , • ■ii ' ' ' iH ' ' . i ' ' ' ' '

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