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i ?T% - Tabic of Contents Theme 2 Administration 4 Dedication Faculty 10 Seniors 40 Literature 70 Activities 80 Advertisements 94 Senior Directory 118 KOCHAVIAH I • f no m DR. SAMUEL BELKIN President Yeshiva University As you conclude your studies at Stern College for Women, I extend my sineerest congratulations for your past achievements and wish you every success in your future endeavors. Your alma mater has offered you a unique opportunity for intellectual and spiritual dc- velopment. At no other institution in the country are the rich treasures of Judaism and the arts and sciences of Western civilization perpetuated in one program. Stern College concentrates on the moral purposes of human knowledge while researching the mysteries of the universe, seeking a better understanding of the world in which we have been placed, attempting to achieve a greater appreciation of the lives and destinies of the people among whom we live. This unparalleled foundation will be in- valuable in the years ahead. For it is you who are the guardians of our Torah traditions m the home. I trust that, under the guiding principles of our faith, you will go on to ever greater service to G-d and our fellow man. Sincerely yours, 3- H P« - Dr. Samuel Belkin President MR. MAX STERN It is with great pleasure that I greet the Class of 1967 of Stern College for Women. When Yeshiva University established this ollege to provide young Jewish women with an outstanding Jewish and general education, the venture was a pioneering one, the first of its kind in higher education under Jewish sponsorship. That it has succeeded so well is a lasting tribute to the unfailing dedication of its faculty and to the caliber and devotion of its student body. As a group, you have compiled a number of academic and scholastic achievements which will always be recalled with pride by your Alma Mater. Now, as you prepare to join the ranks of Stern College for Women alumnae. I extend to each of you my warm congratula- tions and best wishes. There is nothing that has given me greater satisfaction than to see the increasing number of our graduates who have taken their places as responsible members of the community and as creative and skilled professionals in many essential fields of endeavor. I am con- fident that the Class of 1967 will add a glorious chapter to this proud tradition. DR. DAN VOGEL Dean Ed. note. In June 1967, Dr. Vogel leaves his post ii ilu- first dean of Stem College to return to tin ' classroom. The following is his final message to ■ graduating class. I in-- is m tenth (and last) message to .1 graduating class, and I reflect upon more than .1 decade ol the existence of Stern Col- lege. ikl so, everj year, maintaining our own ways, fulfilling oui own vision, we give to the world in each of you. a new I) -fashioned pcis, mi. unimitated at any other institution of learning. Each ol you lias been fashioned here into a microcosm -a small, hut com- plete world of an ancient tradition that is ever new; of a new philosophy of education that is based on ancient principles; of a unified quality amalgamating ancient learning and the most mod.Tii knowledge. on have proved that the contraries that flow into the concept of Stern College For Women are not para- doxes. But . o not think that the contraries end with the last lecture or the last test. Yours is a peculiar burden of life and you must understand it. To some among the Jewish community, your adherence to ancient laws in modern times will mean that you stand ever as a cruel symbol of the guilt of their weak- ness in not being able to accept the yoke of Torah. They are small minded; do not heed them. To others, you will stand as an object of curiosity that you have studied the culture and science of the western world and yet re- main true to Torah Judaism. They are mis- guided; pity them. To still others, the younger ones who look to follow you, you will stand as the paragon of the modern Jewish woman. These are the yearning ones; lead them. Often, at commencement time, the favorite image is the " flame " " Keep alive the flame of learning. " " Keep glowing the flame of success. " I offer, however, the image of the beacon — the steady glow of light in a world spiritually dark, the shaft of light that wanderers search for and are grateful for. Is your particular, individual light hardly noticeable? Perhaps, but do not be discour- aged. You join the little beacons of ten classes that preceded you and you will be joined by untold numbers who will follow. I wish you years of persistence, decades of achievement, a whole life of satisfaction, an eternal future of reward. MRS. ELIZABETH ISAACS Dean of Students note: After twelve years «• Dean nj Students, Mrs. Elizabeth Isaacs will re- tire, together with her husband, Prof. M. L. Isaacs of the Chemistry Department, in June 1967. This is the last of her an- nual messages to a xraduatinK class. The class of 1967 enjoys the special dis- tinction of being the tenth class to graduate from Stern College for Women. This decade has seen momentous changes in the history of the entire world, some good, some bad, but all most challenging to the graduate of 1967. Jewishly, there has never been a period of greater hopefulness and promise in our coun- try. To be graduated now from Stern College, well-prepared to plunge into the stream of events, is a privilege and a responsibility not to be wasted or set aside. Never before have women had such an opportunity to assume leadership, and in this age of " do it your- self, " we call on you to accept your responsi- bility and utilize the training, the wisdom and the understanding that you have acquired in your four years here to face and master the challenges before you. Congratulations and best wishes to each of you. Elizabeth Isaacs RABH1 JOSHI A SHMIDMAN D edication In the course of her college career, a student meets a variety of faculty mem bers. Some will be just names or faces; others shall serve as glorious memories for years to come. Occasionally, the student is lucky enough to find a teacher who is both friend and mentor; an individual whose warmth and personality extend far beyond the classroom, and whose very life encompasses a love for his subject matter. We as a class are fortunate to have found such an individual. That the subject matter he knows and loves is philosophy, religious philosophy, makes our good fortune even greater. As a class we shall remember the religious inspiration he radiates; as students we shall remember the philosophy with which we grappled; as dormitory residents we shall remember the warm friendly Shabai he conducted; as individuals we shall remember his warm, sincere interest in each of us. " V heresoever you shall find greatness, you shall find modesty. " In grateful recognition of all he represents, we humbly dedicate this yearbook to Rabbi Joshua Shmidman. EDITOR ' S MESSAGE Dear Fellow Graduates, Nature ' s majesty, grandeur, and beauty can best be seen in the springtime. Flowers begin to bloom, leaves appear on the trees, and a general sense of well-being and happiness permeates the world. The rejuvenation of the earth seems to be taking place and G-d ' s omnipresence can, in fact, be felt. But all this activity is merely the climax of a cycle. Nature has been preparing herself all winter for the moment when she will burst forth in all her splendor. For the past four years we too have been going through a period of preparation. Each of us is now more capable of taking a place in society. " Savoir, penser, rever — tout est la ' , ' (Victor Hugo). " To know, to think, and to dream — that is every- thing. " If each of us has learned enough to make her life fuller, if each of us has acquired a capacity for independent thinking, and if each of us can use her imagination more freely in order to propel herself into the world of yester- year and into the future, then the four years she has spent at Stern College will have achieved her purpose. With graduation we take on new responsibilities, but carry away with us old memories we will always cherish. Among them will be the warm friendships we have made, which will always serve as a reminder of the good times we had in our college years. Mazel. health, happiness, success, and prosperity — this is what I wish each one of you. Sincerelv vours, fiCL -n U Naomi Meyer Editor-in-Chief FACULTY " A teacher affects eternity: he can never tell where his influence stops. ' Henr - Brooks Adams DR MORRIS I PS I I l ■■ :li h MRS. JUDY ROSS Assistant Professor of English DR. DAN VOGEL Professor of English MISS JUDY ISAAC Instructor in English ENGLISH MR. HENRY GRINBERG Instructor in English MRS. LAUREL HATVARY Instructor in English DR. ANNA KRAKOWSK1 A ssociate Professor of French and Biblical Literature DR. MIR! I 1 l IRON Assistant Professor l French FRENCH DR. DORA BFLL Professor of French MRS s m SHMTOM W Lecturer in French RUSSIAN MR. HOWARD CHEIKEN Lecturer in Russian MRS. NANCY KNOPKA Instructor in Spanish SPANISH GERMAN t MR. ERNEST KOHN Lecturer in German MRS. FRUMA KOVACS Lecturer in Spanish RABBI LEO JUNG Professor 01 Ethics PHILOSOPHY DR. GERSION APPEL Visiting Associate Professor of Philosophy RABBI DAVID BLEICH Lecturer in Philosophy and Religious Studies DR. DORIS GOLDSTEIN Associate Professor of History HISTORY t MRS. BLANCHE COOK Instructor in History- MR. JULES LEVEY Instructor in History MRS FFA SCHLESINC.ER lecturer in Sociology SOCIOLOGY RABBI LEO DAVIDS Lect urer in Sociology MRS MARJORIE LEVIN Lecturer in MR. C. BEZALEL SHERMAN Lecturer in Sociology POLITICAL SCIENCE DR. ELEANOR OSTRAU Associate Professor in Political Science MRS. SUSAN RITNER Lecturer in Political Science ECONOMICS MR. ELBERT RANDALL Lecturer in Economics ART DR. RACHEL WISCHNITZER Professor of Fine Arts SPEECH Miss Helen Goodm;in Lecturer in Fine Arts MISS JUNE TAUBER Instructor in Speech MUSIC DR. RUTH KISCH Assistant Professor of Music HEALTH EDUCATION HYGIENE DR. ELI SAR Assistant Professor of Hygiene ■ Not Shown MISS JO LECHAY Instructor in Health Education MRS. HANNAH WOLKE NFELD Lecturer in Health Education DR. ABRAHAM TAUBER University Professor of Speech DR. ARTHUR TAUBER Assistant Professor of Health Education EDUCATION dr sin in k H I(,sbi-;rc. f i mciate Professor of Education Coordinator of Student Teaching MRS. SUSAN SARDY Teaching Associate in Education DR. JOSEPH LEVINSON Assistant Professor of Education DR. DAVID VITROGAN Associate Professor of Education CHEMISTRY RABBI JACOB RABINOWITZ Instructor in Chemistry MRS. ETHEL ORLIAN Lecturer in Chemistry DR. NATHANIEL REMES Associate Professor in Chemistry BIOLOGY DR. BEATRICE FRIEDLAND Professor of Biology MISS JESSICA WERNICK Instructor in Biology DR. FRED GOODMAN Associate Professor of Biology DR. PHYLLIS CAHN Associate Professor of Biology I MR. MURRAY ALTMAN Instructor in Biology 25 MR. ROBERT BARASH it turei in Psyi hi DR. JULES GREENSTEIN -I tsociate Professor of Psychology DR. MARCEL PERLMAN ,-) ssistant Professor of Psychology 26 PSYCHOLOGY DR. ELLEN ROBINSON Associate Professor of Psychology DR. VICTOR BONCHEK Lecturer in Psychology MR. LEON JURAVEL Teaching Associate of l ' h w i PHYSICS DR. Al BA I HEUMANN turer in Physics MR. SHERMAN MARCUS Teaching Associate of Ph rics :=- MR. JOSEPH FRIEDMAN Instructor in Mathematics MATHEMATICS DR. JACOB LEBOWITZ Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics MR. DAVID BLOOM Teaching Associate in Mathematics MR. JOEL GROSSMAN Teaching Associate in Mathematics JEWISH STUDIES DR. NOAH ROSENBLOOM Professor of Hebrew Literature HEBREW MR HANOCH Dl Bl iskY Instructor in Hebrew MR. HENRI KAMRI Instructor in Hebrew DR. JACOB FEINSTEIN Associate Professor of Hebrew and Bible MR. YEHOSHUA BEERY Instructor in Hebrew RABBI J. MITCHELL ORLIAN Instructor in Hebrew MRS. CHAYA EHRLICH Lecturer in Hebrew RABBI YITZCHAK KERSTEIN Instructor in Hebrew RABBI LEON KATZ Lecturer in Religious Studies RABBI II R()| I) k WOIOPSKY a turer in Religious Studies RABBI HOWARD LEVINE Professor of Religious Studies MRS LIBBY KLAPERMAN Let turer in Religious Studies RELIGIOUS STUDIES MRS. TOVA LICHTENSTEIN Lecturer in Religious Studies RABBI JOSHUA SHMIDMAN Instructor of Religious Studies RABBI ALTER METZGER Assistant Professor of Religious Studies RABBI MAURICE LAMM Lecturer in Religious Studies DR. SHLOMO E1DELBERG Professor of Jewish History Chairman of Department o) Jewish Studies DR. MEIER HAVAZELET Associate Professor oi Hebrew and Bible BIBLICAL LITERATURE AND JEWISH HISTORY R HB1 ( ,1 R l D HI ||)SI I | Instructor in Religious Studies DR. RAPHAEL WEINBERG Assistant Professor of Jewish History RABBI ARTHUR SHURIN Lecturer in Religious Studies HHBBP k j RABBI MARTIN GORDON Instructor in Religious Studies RABBI MELECH SCHACHTER Assistant Professor of Religious Studies DR. AARON SKAIST Assistant Professor of Bible MR. HAROLD GASTWIRT Instructor in Jewish Histor MR. MAX CELNICK Librarian LIBRARY Miss l [)] in si ( ) K i | 1 Assistant Librarian MRS. SARAH KELLER Staff Assistant y Fir ' P 7 MRS. ESTHER STRAUSER Staff Assistant MR. RONALD GOLDBERG Staff Assistant MISS IDA MALAMUD Staff Assistant MR. ABRAHAM WITTY 3 " RESIDENCE HALL MRS JFNM i I1C.I S Director, Student Resident e Hall MRS PAULINE BENATHEN Staff Assistant MRS. SARAH MEYER Staff Assistant MRS. LEAH SOBEL Staff Assistant MRS. EVELYN B A! MRIM) Staff Assistant DEANS OFFICE MISS CHAYA MAYER Receptionist ■ibJ MRS. ESTHER ZUROFF Placement Coordinator, Secretary to Dean of Students MRS. MIRIAM MOSTOW Registrar CAFETERIA MRS. LILIAN STERN Cashier t SAMUEL KLEIN Manager of the Cafeteria L. to R. Mr. Russi Vincente. Mrs. Helen Sussman. Mrs. Renee Smerka. Sammy Klein. agfc v, vv 4 (Mr : 3 T ■ AAA! .V 1 lit GRADUATES Learning is nothing without cultivated manners, but when the two are combined in a woman you have one of the most exquisite products of civilization. A ndre Maurois SI SAN L YN AMIS nxr mv M Mill M Mil S President, Senior Class Secretary, Student Council 1965-1966 Secretary, Sophomore ( 3ass Assistant Copy Editor, Observer ww uvb tdvi oy npoiy TAM R liOHROWSKY ion HISTORY Chess Hub ms nana pns MARLENE EHRENREICH BOXER HK 1 ? rDJD EDUCATION nVyn mpp Vti nuw ADELE BRODY SOCIOLOGY Chagiga Committees Art Club Yavnch naitt ruraa nmo hi k CAROLYN CHASKIN SOCIOLOGY Staff, Ashes Sparks Book Club ■vnna sSti man o n DEBRAH SHECTER CHERNIAK man ana SOCIOLOGY Typist, Ashes Sparks Chagiga Committees Big Sister nwn — nb nrviv B VRB VR KAGAJN I l !l N I l Dl ( M ' lON lent, Junioi I Chagjga Committ B Sister d ,: :-:d TOD ' izz? ,rir 2 " WN JIB ' n»H NINA ROSENBLUM COHEN President. Sophomore Class Chairman. Big Sister Program Chairman. Theater Party SHARON BETH DUCHAN rfrnfi HISTORY Vice President, Senior Class News Editor, Observer 1965-1966 Co-chairman, Junior Shabbos Big Sister 13 11 Yi n D ' fl npTX RACHEL ANN EGER1 EDUCATION Big Sister ww mr mux ynx — y.nft pna TOBY ETTA ENGEL EDUCATION Chairman of Forums, Student Council Chairman of Class Gift, Senior Dinner Floor Chairman Big Sister dtkt d Vk »j 3n aw tew in raona ELAINE WEISZ FERSTER nara EDUCATION Chagiga Committees nnstw dikti Vd :ik nVapa MAR(i VRI I s I K ND nste EDU IION ( ' • -chairman, I heatei Party Co-chairman, Chanukah Chagiga Big Sister my x msa mn ELSA SARAH FRANK. psYl IIOLOGY nwsn Vy main nb mir REBECCA FRIEDMAN Chagiga Committees Hebrew Dance Club nan 1W 1 i i nays SUSAN MIRIAM GOLDBFRGFR EDUCATION Chairman, Co-op Chairman, TAC Publications Committee Big Sister Dean ' s List n wpa mm nunn nxa SUSAN HARRIS GOLLER npai EDUCATION Treasurer, Student Council 1964-1965 Treasurer, Freshman Class Co-chairman, Blood Drive Co-chairman, Big Sister Program Djru vs urn nis RACHEL VITSICK GRAY EDUCATION Dean ' s List Vice President, Student Council 1965-1966 Social Co-ordinator, Student Council 1964-1965 Chairman, Senior Dinner Big Sister IANIC] GREENFARB sociology Dean ' s I ist President, Dormitory Council 1967 Chairman, Home Hospit Big Sister dv iw avnn CAROL LIBBY HART BIOLOGY Student Alumnae Committee mnan nx iaa»n — imaa wra SHARON CLAIRE HECHT EDUCATION Assistant News Editor, Observer Floor Chairman Home Hospitality Committee Vavneb nmn 1 ? naioi o ' w 1 ? nam S0CI01 or;Y JUDY JOSEPH MIRIAM MARSHA JOSOVITZ j? k» ana ENGLISH Chairman, Girl ' s Purim Chagiga Chairman, Junior Shabbos Assistant Feature Editor, Observer Drama Club d 3D tw nm ib AVIVA LEITER KAMINETZKY English B.R.E. Dean ' s List HARRIETTE LEE KATZNEL.SON pik? n;n EDUCATION Art Editor. Kotfuiviah Vice President. Junior Class Big Sister nTa rovu iK » di niam JL ' DY AUDREY KAVON EDUCATION Co-op Yiddish Club may n n nn JANET SUSAN KERN CHEMISTRY Chairman. Senior Shabbos President, Chemistry Club ins mx inbbi x n mm EILENH RUTH KLAVAN Chairman, Torah Activities Committee Chairman., Y.U. -Stern Charity Drive Student Alumnae Committee Big Sister B.R.E. minV jnmpfci mnnn m namx ZIPORA KLURMAN misx SOCIOLOGY rustr mai rip-is 1 ? arc ESTHER JOCHEWET KOENIG PSYCHOLOC-V Aishel Dean ' s List Secretary, Student Council 1964-1965 Co-chairman, Co-op Photography Editor, Kochaviah Co-chairman, Junior Book Sale •?pi jii n$n I I ' t I I IdS M SAN KOOK nsn riyir ,t " wx ravin PENINAH KRUMBEIN Raws B.H.L. MATHEMATICS Co-chairman, Tzedakah Drive Contributing Editor, Observer Hebrew Editor, Kochaviah Secretary, Senior Class Dean ' s List raw ? hv ion mini noam nnna fps SUSAN ENID KUHR n -iir Chairman. Blood Drive Chairman, Girl ' s Chanukah Chagiga Chairman, Chanukah Social Chagiga Committees nm a D« n»w a 1 ? 52 LEAH I.AIMAN Editor-in-Chief, Ashes Sparks 1965-1966 President, Folk Singing Club Drama Club nunn 1 ? 11m r:j ROSALIE LANDESMAN Dean ' s List Editor-in-Chief, Ashes Sparks 1964-1965 Master of Ceremonies, Senior Dinner Israeli Reporter, Observer Chanukah Sing o ' yatw nron D ' aan nm JOYCE CAROLE LEFKOWITZ i w miss EDUCATION Big Sister a 1 ? rmw mopi job? ( R )[ I I 1 K I Ml I K run ricN EDUCATION Chagiga Committees n n ' td »a»jn ]n t kvm " jjidx vim ESTHER DIANE LEVENBERG HW1 ,r,BK Editor-in-Chief, 4 Aes 4 .fyar . - 1966-1967 Managing Editor. Observer 1965-1966 Literary Staff. Kochaviah President Book Club ima W :xnu x d 1 ? nas FRANCES SHARON LEVITT BIOLOGY Social Coordinator, Student Council 1966-1967 Business Manager, Kochaviah New York Times Representative Big Sister in w aw baw RACHELLE LINDA LEWIS PSYCHO! OGY Co-chairman, Blood Drive Chairman, Community Shabbatot Co-chairman, Senior Recor d Sale Floor Chairman ■ran mm nV aw ARLINE MALMAN Thorn MATHEMATICS Co-chairman, Beit Olot Tzedakah Committee Treasurer, Junior Senior Class Typing Editor, Observer Big Sister rx naniK ,mnan m nsmx ont ian nx nanis ,mpnxn SHARON EILEEN MANEVITZ Debating Society Dramatics Club Chagiga Committees ■prcpaa ba in in»uw w bp CHI R1 I MAZ incs 1 in MIOS, Purim Cbagiga Chagiga Committees nvin nspii travnv pa TZIPORA KANOTOPSKY MEIER mws PSYCHOLOGY B.R.E. Dean ' s List Big Sister nira n ua o iw maan N VA1I MEYER nun: French Aishe! Editor-in-Chief. Kochaviah Senior Editor, Observer Chairman, TAC Kashrut Committee Secretary, Junior Class Dean ' s List n 3 u m mai K bpk JLENE MARION NILDhl.MAN ns?» rrn Co-chairman, Blood Drive Chairman, Theater Party Co-chairman, Junior Shabbos Big Sister DW VW ■ ' " P r GLORIA WIEDERKEHR POLLACK ?ta a l B.R.E. Dean ' s List nyr mnm noia nam CHANA KASACHKOFF POUPKO run history-political science B.R.E. Dean s List n sn min ma ELSIE PREIS BIO] (k;v ifT na dh»jb ruaanm minn " o GITTEL RAMRAS EDUCATION Big Sister Co-chairman. Junior Shabbos Chagiga Committees naavi rnrru mpan rrm mian rtn PAULA GAIL REICH EDUCATION Copy Editor, Kochaxiah Chairman. Theater Party Big Sister Chagiga Committees -pun km pjj naia HiU ' i-N rlnll KIVKIN ENGLISH Observer Staff Literary Staff, Kochaviah Aide, Stern College Open House Big Sister pis ntyn Tfism SHEILA ROSEN EDUCATION Chagiga Committees mo na tns?a -,m NAOMI AVRUTICK ROSENBAUM ENGLISH Vice President, Sophomore Class Big Sister SI INI si mi I Rl M NB l M BIOLOGY Parshal Hashavua Committee inw vnmy inaipa nx nana RONNI ROSENBERG nps--, rmiy a Brwa x - naba PSYCHOLOGY TIRZAH ROSENFELD rami B.R.E. Dean ' s List Hebrew Editor, Kochaviah Observer Staff Israeli Dance Club max mar n»y r n»an nana M SOCIOl OGY LOIS ROSENTHAL nmj rrasn naV auj BELLA SALIT PSYCHOLOGY Copy Editor, Kochaviah Mitzvah Card Chairman, Student Council 1966-1967 Observer Staff Big Sister two wbm — wnv $ tea rpyna SARAH SAUSEN mm EDUCATION Chagiga Committees iTTS? iram rom Vy may nwj? i , w w scuMt i owrrz Dean ' s I isi GILDA FAY SCHUCHALTER President. Debating Society Chairman, Debating Club Associate Editor. Observer Editorial Assistant. Observer ■ps rujma ttrart nnaw SARA GOLDMAN SCHWARTZ EDUCATION Chagiga Committees Typist. Observer ntna nnwi ixin ns 1 mym TOBI ELIZABETH SLOTE n rD nsitt PREMEDICINE GAIL ANN SOLOMON EDUCATION Co-chairman, Junior Book Sale Literary Editor, Kochaviah Big Sister Co-op ns ' i mo men rrrwi 11333 n tp xr MARY JAINE SOLOMON ana EDUCATION Treasurer, Dormitory Council Chairman, Theater Party Art Editor, Kochaviah Observer Staff ynynsn pmxn iy nxtn mswn ESTHER SPENCINER ■men mSTORY-POl liu l m ll N 1 ; ditor, ' Observer Vice President, Debating Society Chairman, Senior Shabbos Chairman, rbeater faesn nyra rconaa u n ?wa SOCIOLOGY ROCHEL M. SPERLING nnufi Tm Aishcl Dean " s List President. Student Council 1966-1967 Editor-in-Chief. Observer 1965-1966 Secretary. Dormitory Council 1964-1965 Student Alumnae Committee tod i nn ]n niz K SOCIOLOGY ALITTA LEA SPIGELMAN na wxzr rn»n nn»w pot SHEILA 1. 1. 1. IN STEIN HISTORY-POLITICAL SCIENCE Typing Editor, Kochaviah Co-chairman, Big Sister Program Treasurer, Sophomore Class nan ns pin?: nia ,nyn aiai teii: na SANDRA REICH STENGEL EDUCATION B.R.E. GOLDIE TANNENBAUM nan? EDUCATION Chagiga Committees C.I R l DIM s ll I I 11 II Rkl I BDU( m ' ion Dean ' s I isl President, Dormitory Council 1966 I yping Editor, ( Observer Bi Sister ( lhagiga c tommittees arc in anitti yoaa m wiyia dw im: SUSAN ULMAN EDUCATION Chorus Israeli Dance Club TAC Chagiga Committees B.R.E. ibv m nxi y vi amx n m ELAINE PAULA VILENSKY EDUCATION Floor Chairman vpty np tot D ' nsw pna LIZA I.. WALLACH M.R.I Secretary, Freshman Class Business Manager, Observer Chairman, P ' eylim nya lon »aw nntaa ' a? CYLA SOCHACZEWSKI WEINER n?ns EDUCATION Big Sister TAC Yiddish Club Parshat Hashavua Club n pfrK oy roVvi y:xn DEBORAH WEINER EDUCATION President, Freshman Class Corresponding Secretary, Student Council Chairman, Y.U. -Stern Tzedakah Drive Big Sister V?nnn k i ti nxv nirx I SI HI R Ml M M isi iKil 1 x:y;r, -.rrs i i-i alios Music Coordinator, Student Council Sophomore Qass S Bic Sister ojnj on ?ryn SANDRA CHAYA WOLF SOCIOLOGY TAC U R I di 1 ? ns-n-n n v nania LENORE DEBORAH WOLFSON C lur i ma n, Cultural Board Information Co-ordinator. Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry Vice President. Dormitory Council 1965-1966 Big Sister ,twj;s onywn n bw 1 1 1 IN R. WHICH 1 fcm nnoK HISTORY Dean ' s List inx npan nVrm mm V LITERATURE Without charm, there can be no fine literature, as there can be no perfect flower without fraerance. Stephane Mallwme Evolution of .1 Stern Girl Class of ' 67 lieu evened she is as she comes to the cit) : It ' s dirt) and aois) and not at all pretty, Bui despite all the hustle, she senses inside. There ' s a storehouse of wonder a thousand miles wide. She ' s a freshman, it ' s true, with all ol the awe. w hicfa makes her respect ever) rule, ever) law, She works hkc a student, she laughs like a child. She tries to aet older bill it " all seems so 11 IT ' ' In November one hrida) to Crown Heights she does travel. uul is shocked h_ a death — like the bang of a gavel! And she erics out in horror as half-mast Hags are unfurled. That man was a part of her well-ordered world. She ' s not home with Mom to reach out for her hand. She feels all alone in a strange hostile land. For finals she toils to come through with all A ' s While outside the cit) lies in a white haze. A blizzard! How lovely! A final postponed ' She loses no time — she forgets all she ' s known; And runs down to Fifth with absolute glee. And sets out determined on a long shopping spree. In the spring comes the World ' s Fair and all of that walking. And back in the dorm there is endless talking Of things to be done in the summer that ' s near. And so our girl ends her first college year. As a sophomore she enters like she owns the place. And greets with great pleasure each familiar face. The city is hers, and she knows it quite well — The Ferry, the Village, the Frick, and Donnell. She knows the museums, the shops, and the streets, She goes out for pizza and other food treats. The world seems so ordered and fun to be in. It seems there ' s no battle which she couldn ' t win. An assembly one day — Dr. Belkin does speak. The room is so crowded, the floorboards all creak. He tells of a building which Stern is to see In two years from now, (not seventy-three). It will be quite a structure, a place of renown, Stern College will be on the map in our town. A landslide election, the good guy has won. And memories flash to the dead younger one. The year passes on without too much news. She pickets the Russians to let out the Jews. The spring comes and with it a cause for protest, No room in the dorm, — more commuters is best. United they stand in the second floor hall. And finally there shows up a crack in the wall Which divides the students from major concerns. Maybe someday these adults will learn That students should have a say in the school, They should have a hand in writing the rules. And so ends the year — it certainly went fast, But our sophomore does not look to the past. Her eyes are still foeused on what lies in store, She knows that she ' ll be here for just two years If she were in Egypt it couldn ' t be worse, The great New York City is under a curse. No water, no busses, no lights, and no air, The plagues are just endless — it doesn ' t seem fair. And now in the New Dorm her troubles seem massive, It ' s five to a room, and it ' s hard to be passive. She ' s really a Junior, despite all the woes, Security ' s hers for a while she knows. She looks at the freshman and smiles at their youth, They ' re only beginning to find out the truth. The Junior Shabbos is really quite fun, There are so many details that have to be done. At Shalosh Seudos we are served a new dish — Matzo balls with horseradish, (we thought it was fish!) And now in the springtime a library burns, The Junior and all of her friends take turns Trying to salvage a soggy old page, Holding the wisdom of some other age, And soon it is June, and another year ' s passed, Junior year is all over — now on to the last. Finally she ' s a Senior and panic sets in. She begins to wonder what world she is in. So many problems, so much to decide, She ponders her future with G-d as her guide. How she wishes she knew what step would come next, What lies in store beyond lectures and texts? College is fun, but it ' s almost all through, And still she knows not what she wants to do. Applications and GRE ' s — she ' s all tsedrayt, But worse comes to worse when it comes time to wait For mail that will tell where next year she will be, In grad school, or working, or just up a tree! At Chanukah time a pause in the race, A menorah lights up every heart in the place, As dancing and singing break out in the street, At that moment Stern College just can ' t be beat; And to top it all off, her class wins the sing, With a skit about candles (of all crazy things). Soon the year ends, and she leaves the old place, With little emotion displayed on her face. She ' s glad to be out — she ' s got her degree, She ' s on her own now in life ' s great big sea. She won ' t miss the school — just the friends that are dear, And just for one instant that thought brings a tear. But soon she is gone, will she ever know How much in those four years at Stern she did grow? From a youth to a person of value and mention, G-d guide her footsteps — she deems close attention. Susie Kuhr On 1 he Road 1 he dew drops teai on Blades oi grass that Sway and part I o make a path For her unsteady feet. Her he. id half turns And smiles at people Standing in the cottage door Waving to her. She stumbles. And they tutt and look concerned But no one moves to help. She ' s on her own. It looks like It will he a sunny day But who knows What the noon or night can bring. Or what lies just around the bend Out of sight? She turns once more To sec the cottage Melting in the morning mist. No people now. They ' ve closed the door. She smiles While tears make dew drops On her cheeks. And just keeps walking forward. There ' s nowhere else to go. Leah Lai man Good Things and Small Packages The upperclassmcn looked at us in horror — - " a mob! " It ' s quite difficult not to smile when remember- ing our entrance into Stern College four years ago — the largest class in Stern College history — four years ago, but no longer. Every freshman class since then has been more than double our size. We are left with the distinction of being " the last small class. " To the members of the Class of ' 67, this phrase is more than characteristic. The idea of " smallness " has helped to set the tone of our friendships, have given di- rection to our activities, and has facilitated many fine accomplishments. But, in the final analysis, it won ' t only be remembered as the smallest, but also as one of the best. To pretend that all was " pollyanna " these past four years would be silly. Quite a few times it would have been loverly to be one of four thousand. In the Class ' s eyes, each new boy dated was a husband by Monday morning; the grade on the Bio test which was almost in the minus figures seemed to be as widely known as our graduation date; the treasurer could almost mentally keep track of those who hadn ' t paid their dues. Oh, to have been a mere number! It seems very clear now, as four years at Stern Col- lege are about to become a memory, that we wouldn ' t trade the close friendships we ' ve made for privacy. At one time or another we ' ve been in classes together, eaten lunch together, or kibbitzed away our free hours together: " Could you please take notes for me in Chumash class tomorrow? Say what ' s new with you? I haven ' t really talked to you in ages . . . " A closeness exists that relieves the burden of disap- pointments. " What are you doing back at ten o ' clock? Was he so bad? " A closeness exists which intensifies joy. " Mazel Tov, I knew you ' d get accepted! " The cold, aloof world is waiting right outside our doors; we wel- comed the shelter of being surrounded by our friends. " One of the best ever " is not a sentimental figment of our imagination — we have the accomplishments to make it a reality. Our class Shabbosim have always been saturated with class spirit and good, plain fun. When we were called upon to present a class effort at the Girls ' Purim and Chanukah Chagigas, our enthusiasm was noted even if we didn ' t always win. As a whole, the Class of ' 67 is dynamic and has sparked each of us to make accomplishments for our- selves. Because of our small size, our personal deeds were recognized and we were able to realize a sense of self-importance. There are very few of Stern ' s activities that the Class of ' 67 did not support by its participation. We can be proud of ourselves and of each other. The legend, " the last small class, " tells a tale of suc- cess. Twelve years of small classes have shown that Yeshiva University ' s " feminine experiment " has worked. Now we, as alumnae, will see a new Stern Col- lege, a larger enrollment, a new building, and probably, a " big school " atmosphere. We wish Stern College con- tinued growth and achievement. But a bit of advice — keep a little of our " smallness: " it ' s worth it! Arline Malman b oooooooooooooo X00000 00 oO — -s-:. - naop nva na» r:c tol .- " •:- n z y:z nnno Titop " -• I one st " - r.-,r : ,-y:c tol .ncatf •:•: nKl nvinan " :•: nK -.-• •,-■:-- . •:••;- in» toe -y na an nnnon nn n ,rmn nnnn " , . -x nnnon ntoa rx: , ;s piDJ s- piNl .r- :- - ' ;•;•:- --• ;-; —-- ,z z ' " i-V- ,D 1K ;••— : miH -•;■ " ' J — nm ,r mwa rrty we K. ,-oyiw _... :£: _ __ , n , a n -p WD y- ; ;«;-!• .Dm DHPJN T- ' ' - " n? . " pas -;- D »yn rayv WBW2 ,3W TKrft toa 1 : :•: nnno rs r;-- :s vrain oa ,own nianai V- s .; . »nwn nnam pvt toa ,-inr jnw ' nca w no toi .kixd njj n ana " :s - .; nam msvi •:•;=: r.x z-z— ' nation jnai r nay - :- ' iD3 i-r;-:- —• n« -s- m — « to» nvi ino ,ma .pmc yai toa . ;s iniN vpkw .-2-r: nam : d»xm d ' vjki airna na nno " ;s - - s -mao dv pa mx« jn -; F owaBn toi ntm -;•: o a asn nnno " rr; DNnDi ::z nnw nsm n naa :s- .ono ' c jnw un nt --• ._ , : , :sr; ' toi •V ' S- 1 " " sr •- noiJ ■.-■■:- — .-•: ;rs-; : ' .lotya jn s .nnp n -:-:zz wana -rs vwan nK nata % ; z D ' tfiaa ' as pm _ D1 ._._.. .„- -.-.- -- - ; -». s = --- s - rwrpa •-;-; ::z •— -;2 nunrt a aoo -v : - ' : iniK n«n -:s oa =-:v= " - % -;s K .=-•;;- n« .-•—: " -:■ Dmafi rs niT»KO jn - ' s ,z ? 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Vxai iiwaw) naya mix nan iwyo man nmxa nnanyna nnxsnn X7 ays nx npan -hxt baai .(wnn wy t-d mmna nnxn x n " to© .rpaa piya naiaan na ama nx aiy apyw pnxn nnso x n ,apyi ,wj rww nx nnmn X7i — rman nwx xxa 1 ? .in maw nx 1 ?! ?nn nmxn .vn nuan npani nw anx apy .mna in nx? wy ;ixvi na 1 nmn tan nojK« " 7m nxnpn man rnpy nmn x n .bin, nx nnx-in nnx nwaa .nx 1 ? 1 ? ama ama x " ?w nan ,-npF nx 1 ? nwxa .nap maxyn nanpnnn nann ma nx ?m na wja ' D nx nb moo bm mnnn apy 1 ? nun a-n 1 ? mmpn nx nbaa 7m. .rwiai jtnaa nmx xn? K n bnn ,nr »jaa » ut " .nmnx maa nya nainx ay an 1 ? ma 1 ? -pna ariapiw ffrmn xaxn — " Vnn uaiu .Tjuiaiu H ' ?y i 1 ? rnia nya Wsnnb baimy hj ' js 1 ? nay 1 ? mam bf tdtwi ma nbaoan nvo x 1 ? pn .nxra n sna n " apn nvara nmnn ,7am an jix 1 ? y nann- a ynr x 1 ? iviw mnaxn nm 1 ? mi a .D ' aa nn , » ' ? i ? on ' a nmx nx 1 ? nirxa ,yin ' .n a o ' ja nwv tnfy nxh -mnpy .jww iiry 1 ? xbuiw naviw usa nnaa km naop smvi nx noMyn K n ,nna .bnn nK anx apy njrr xm .y nn ay a«n y n»» nannaa nmo vim ay n»»n nmx nna ra ' isa » " ?ixi iD ' oawi ox nrn? nnsn km .TiT X s ? n " ?w n snn nx 8 ? wnnbu turw - iBb sn j n »np ivi nriBW abi -n a now rw rn naa ,ja aV -D a »ao n. in 1 ? mam " ?nnV nm nnsn xm .mnBo»n laa ,mns.n " ?u; mbiym nnaa n ' an 1 ? Vai: nxr nrpD n» y .my: ,non ,nnsu ' a ! ? nwoa ya 1 ? maax - mnaxn. .n x nna n?aoan mnaxn nanaa namaa Knu? 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W3y imi . " ua o t.d ejioi ,ujdd " ; u 7ac , :•:•£.-• nn n nnn naman risaiiTi , " u«na awm iny .U ' jni urna n ai unvi nm nxa — nnnx ,w viv avn iranoai ' myn- 1 nx i: 3m unar ana hid m mnm no 1 ? usa D-,xns mayi ,ir»n vs n« ,nyww8i Q ' uian u«na was mk d xs ' . " ' .n-nrn a;- D iy 1 ? Djsn 1 ? nnu j nnyi U3 viaoi ;-y: ia n do a ' a 1 .mns 1 ? ux noa m ' ya x ' ?a ---• njnc .ynsn 1 ? um inaauo m» nm msy 1 ? ux T»saiz? ,rT»3i?na rtpiia rwu ux bds» abi nan d ' --;z nxnp 1 ?! D WDan nx: n ' Dxn 1 ? t»sj -nn---:- nnnva nnu. : laasy 1 ? xxa 1 ? ijx onm ra ' wam .U3 1 ? yaix " 733 i nj?a nnyr. nnni ubv WTa wm nnxa nrm by n ' Ton mass n xn ,n3iDD 3n noa an nn r ' xn .xa;n nnpb or ba naay ma npisai ms ?» nsipna ms aa nwa n .nnais myi yni my b -yia inx xn,n kw .o iau, ' pna nixa 1 ? lm nx a T rt B ' nn 3n »to pmmai u»t bs nx anp.m nbni aai 1 ns -:; ,na ?aT nnxb d ik .aiysa o iyan inx nx K ' svrt ,inm3y " 73 nx by na die. ' nxin i: ' x inay ba - :. ' x- .vnvaana nn n xb ,v ,vaoa .won ba ox by nKT nisaa in 1 n , :.nb ' onnm 3syn m araKnn xn .bp:3 nnxnb bsv t 2v? nnnxa paynnbi o ' x by lb nsoi nbnp.n n--:- --n wa a " miK nna dv-vti KU ' ja bb 3 tokot lac 7Kprn ' , ' Twm 1 3x131 yixs noKa3 aaia? m w w ■- iynvn .-men jQtnw niaan man b-xa ,ant: ' b nuna " is ,nmon n b nna rn an rwa an nnnr- omx y:3rb nnsn -niC3bi Dnairn a- - a _ inx3r t v " 3 -»nbxpTnn .n:s 3n .nra an .mnn nx .wain xb pyxai ,i2bn«n Kb 79 ACTIVITIES " By G-d. but I was born to laughter, and merry comrades made me glow. " William Rose Benet KOCHAVIAH _sgjj -is g» lilH.W III ||f! flfj 111,1 HI I Seated L to R: Miriam Josovitz, Peninah Krumbein, Naomi Meyer. Sheila Stein, Gail Solomon. Standing L to R: Paula Reich. Mary Jaine Solomon, Esther Koenig, Baila Salit. Fran Levitt. Tirzah Rosenfeld. Editor-in-Chief Naomi Meyei Literary Editor Gail Solomon Hebrew Editors Peninah Krumbein Tirzah Rosenfeld Art Editors Mary Jaine Solomon Harriettc Katznelson Typing Editor Sheila Stein Copy Editors Paula Reich Baila Salit Photography Editor Esther Koenig Business Manager Frances Levitt Staff: Liza Wallach, Esther Spcncincr, Arline Malman. Leah Laiman, Aviva Kam- inetzky, Tzipora Meier, Susie Kuhr, Carol Hart, Esther Levenbcrg, Elsa Frank. Rosalie Landesman, Linda Lewis. Sharon Duchan. STUDENT COUNCIL Seated L to R: Nancy Cohn, Treasurer; Susan Schustek, Recording Secretary. Standing L to R: Debby Weiner, Corresponding Secretary; Rochel Sperling, President; Zelda Badner, Vice President. DORMITORY COUNCIL wifimgiiflu niMJi iii;ni] L to R: Patti Flom, Vice President; Phyllis Curchack, Secretary; Reva Weinreb, Trea- surer. Jeri Smulevitz Turkel, President. OBSERVER Seated L to R: Miriam Fink, Feature Editor. Rivkah Landesman, Editor-in-Chief: Esther Spenciner, Associate Editor; Gilda Schuchalter, Editorial Assistant. First Row: Vivian Sin- ger, Business Manager; Peninah Krumbein; Contributing Editor; Brenda Siegel. Assistant Contributing Editor; Sylvia Laufer, Managing Editor; Jeanne Litvin. Photography Editor. Second Row: Naomi Meyer, Senior Editor; Marlene Glassman. Copy Editor; Susan Amin. Assistant Copy Editor; Chia Ramras, Managing Editor. Not Shown: Faye Greenfield, Fea- ture Editor; Arline Malman. Typing Editor. CLASS OFFICERS SENIORS JUNIORS !!!!! .Mli !! L to R Susan Amin. President; Sharon Duchan. Vice President: Penman Krumbein. Secretary; Ar- line Malman, reasurer. Seated L to R: Miriam Fink. President; Helen Weintraub. Treasurer. Standing I to R: Elaine Levi, Vice President; Mara Davis. Secretary. SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Seated L to R: Beverly Moskowitz, President; Sandra Burstcin. Vice President. Standing L to R: Toby Brandriss. Secretary; Susan Osokow, Trea- surer. L to R: Judcc Grecnberg; Treasurer; Mimi Dcutsch. Secretary; Zahava Spitz, Vice President; Shana Kellner, President. HONORED GUESTS Rabbi Goren Chief Rabbi, Israeli Army- Rabbi Dr. Joseph B. Soloveichik Mr. Max Stern Rabbi Immanuel Jakobovits And in just two weeks, we ' ll break ground. ' " Then you say abra kadabra poof, i nl you ' ve got a term paper! " " Okay, okas ' So we don ' t believe in . . . " " Well, if you go to bed at 4 and wake up at 6. you can ' t expect miracles. " " Trust me, I ' ll pay the penny I owe tomor- row. " " Be ' emet, you assigned a hundred pages in one night? " " I ' m afraid I ' m not at liberty to recommend a nice Jewish girl jor you. " ' Tom Jones and I have lots in common. 1 Senior D: " Zeh geer. " Oh. no! I made nitroglycerin instead of laugh- ing gas! " 1 " What — me worry?! " " All right, there are ten in our class: seven are here. Do xou think he ' ll take attendance? " OUR CAMPUS , re minute and oil with thru- cloddy hats! " ' Six hundred thirteen is this . . . many mitzvahs ' Congratulations. Leah! You sat on the broken spring. " Take it easy. You ' re entitled to miss one problem in four years. " " Our group had 20 r ' r fewer cavities. ' " Fourth floor or bust! " Don ' t bother me about lunch now. " " If that ' s what Chazal say, that ' s what they say. " " The prettiest girl I ever saw was sippin ' virus through a straw. " " No wonder I couldn ' t find it — it ' s his own payroosh! 7 don ' t see any giant in this washer! ' " You give me an extended and I won ' t do exercises above your room. " P71 fft " ' 1 4 All ■»r; iiirtainls U»l»(_n.— _Min ' ii " i- tparifuintj Unf« fi Man kilt in I. A KOO-S AND OVIR SIX IOOmS AND OvIR — . F« . rl WEDNESDAY. MARCH 1.1967 Apartments — Ironi Apiftminli— Rurirdtli Apartments- Riverdala uniusnumid LSIHNI1NIC 5TH AVENUE— 60i » DOUGLAS GIBBONS- HOLLYDAY IVES, INC. » it n« . « I K i ' ) imi saOIIS. )•, ■ i 6 I MOulf, . I . 4 • • 4»f. P4fti llT 1 I 12 ST 400 EAST Magnificent 6 Roomj . » ■ . » I kOO mo i (.1 8 •. I - s ■. « Ti in- ik, 1 rm . v ■ ■■ ■=•. .:■■ Si Eur VIEWS I ... - • " r ■•-, ' : - :. ' .■ 3402311 • •» • . » i » • it : :«•■■-! 1 • i • • - -■ M5000 -, , ' ■ l ' •»x U i I. " 20 -. r »c r .• " " STi Corm- i.r and I ' ll ' f-- J :r-i 16.50 Ft i EAST-TowMjmim oft Put V »-;■;. Co UN ' H» u 9 H ST 1 CENTRAL PaS WEST ' THE DAKOTA • • ■_ ' J e-j.Pij ih ' i v - 79 ST, 239 EAST Luxury 8ldg— Fully Air Concf FREE CAS ST Elll. rnooom lur " b r ■ EIou aoeT i-i- « - : : « i . ■ ' |m3 ■ walTON ave us; sn m , ... blda. fpnl cofltillfJ. J I PL IOS00 WE. IV 14 SI ..c H. (I HI I..K. Ikr SC I " " £■0 14 M ... I ««u-Prol-M25 . • I.. APARTMENTS Of VAKI0U5 SlltS Apartments— Bronx UNFURNISHED H Vi ' i- [Ml SEE SUP " 176 ST. 233 E. 1 V, Blks CONC NEWLY RENOVATED :■)! i5si ANDREWS— 7 mod rail. IW 6Hn. tiso « . . .- . ! ? ., ,, , , 1AILET AVE-WEST 8R0N.X Modn f lev Bidl. 3W Rmi A.n CHI LT 1-2112 tor Apomt no fee. Surf w UN S-S157. DAVIDSON AVE-kr Forthem, IV, nn Hudo III win kitcn. Nrw ci " rove I i -i j s! painted I i to move m. ideal i Ifcl eiev b ' Sl. S • u 2 nr: FOROHAM HILL. JVj tr J1JO: 4 ' , •ito Ave CY t 9604 GRAND CONCOURSE 1749 LEWIS MORRIS APTS Several 4 and 5 Room Aportmenlj Anticipated FREE ELECTRICITY 24 Hr Doorman Service Rent Controlled Prof. Suites Also .vail ... , , «n 116 MSI 0 " A D CONCOURSE ■ : ■ ■- 8 ' -i EXEClT 1020 CRANO CONCOURSE l i Occuo. 2 Bedroom Apts Rent includes Free Gas, Electricity, Air-Cond A C4 ' |l Mriymin ' B rt o STToiftOutSE ifonwr 116 SiTiIVT« • - ' ALSO: l ' i Msd III IH ■ •P20WS CR CONCOURSE »» IUJ SI) SI 1 i ooo a- yx. B - NO. UM II 2 Ml ' . ' ' ; xcue •■■ S i-: ■ 1 Co mc MU 11730 •0 S E— CHARMING DUPLEX I CR CONCOURSE IMO cor 177. .I.v. ■ MM - •.-. ,--. ... ... o C6NC mr 1711 si). 1» nViict Pik. liTVj " it lli ' . ' . - . . . • . UNIVERSITT V1 1100 I t,fmon! »!» W188 AVI... 7US kLAUT aii: F irtfocf Old. .-• ■ . IKI U.i ,Vvl, ipirtRiinls— fllvirdili FURNISHtb UtCORAIOR tURNl ' SHID APIS AVAILABLE IAvVv EDIATELY MO LTASE REQUIRED ■ ■ « : UNfURNISHtD Ml Sf»( l 1 NEW RIVER TERRACE 3621 Paliudt Avr 3 ' j Rms fr $171 3 ' , Rms, Terr, 17th Fir.. $194 4 Rms, Terrace $228 5 ' , Rms, Terrace $300 6 ' , Rms, Terrace 392 FREE III, IlKlriC I ctnlnl i RIVER VIEWS POOL ON PR ON PREM. TU CREENTHAL I CO. INC 331 ST 14051 Hmnr KiKJion Pkvir) TOWN HOUSE 7 rmi, ?1 . bt " ECED Pirkino Kl 9 7S33 or PL IS446 BRIAR OAKS CHOICE 1. 2 t 3 BEORM APTS. 4SSS Hinrv Hudwn P4rt, T S EE AGEN T ON PREMI SES RIVERDALE 254 ST RIVEROALE NEW 5425 VALLES AVE (OFF 2S4 ST I BWAY) Ml 3 ' , RMS FROM $155 AT NO E. 7RA COST ' ruiL 2 BDRM APT W DINING ROOM 1 WINDOWED KITCHEN I BDRM APT CONVERT TO 2 1 BORM APT CONVERT TO 3 .AIR CONO CLOSETS GALORE . CHILDREN ' S PLAY AREA BUS TO ALL SUBWAYS Agent on Prem. 549-4082 Sm il rTveToaq NFJHERLAND GARDENS 0-» 8 Kk Irom School. Pool ml IMMEDIATE POSSESSION Studio Apts., $89 1 -Bedroom Aptj., $141 G r «f m own .14 i ' JX im itDi 2 ' , 3 ' , Rms. Fr. $124.50 LIBERAL CONCESSIONS VAN CORTLANDT TOWERS THE FOUNTAINS AT CLOVE LAKES PARK INDOOR I OulUOORS • POOLS . CY ROOM COND. ' Studio, 1, 2 3 Bedrm Apt from $138 IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY PROFESSIONAL APTS ' ■ lOAM-IPM 273-3400 o- MA I4I3S J. I. Sopher Co., Inc. Imlinf 1 Alml on P tirt i. Kl ' .-mo Br. do lo Ell iii lo Clovr Ro. WINDSORS NORTH SOUTH .. ■ EXCEPTIONAL 3 BEDRM APTS fr $259 1 Bedrm Apt fr $164 RENTAL INCLUDES CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONING ELECTRIC I GAS RENTING OFFICE ON PREMISES Kl 8-2203 Anothir Aoirlmint Community by CARO L MGMT CORP RIVERDALE SKYVIEW ON THE HUDSON ARLINGTON AVE. BETWEEN WEST 2S6 1 2«l STS. WEST OF RIVERDALE AVE. APT RESIDENCE WITH YEAR-ROUND RESORT FACILITIES ONLY 24 MINUTES FROM MANHATTAN FEATURING FANTASTIC RIVER VIEWS . ICE-SKATING RINK . TENNIS COURTS . TERRACE LOUNGE . RECREATION AREA . ART CLASSES . SAUNA BATH . 2 SWIMMING POOLS family o.m rut RENTAL INCLUDES GAS ELECTRIC Studio, 1, 2 3 Bedrooms from $119 IMMED FUTURE OCCUP. MODEL APIS OPEN FOR INSPECTION RENTING OFFICE ON PREMISES OPEN DAILY I SUNDAY ■ JHiBlTION HALL OPEN DAILY t SUN. AT 467 MADISON AVENUE. HA 1-4135 Kl 8-4543-4 J. I. Sopher Co., Inc. R. ' nj Ag On P:»m CAROL ' MGMT CORP. KAPPOCX ST. JSO THE GLEN BRIAR 1 2 Bedrms 12 Baths) . ' . . - v I ' 1 $150 POST RD A il ■ RIVEROALE l ' i RM. TERR APT 1U 4 3734 - S,. Apartments Statin Island UNFURNISHID AUSTIN PIACI .55 OFF VICTORY 1LVD IR SI 1 LAMI Rl R. 4109 UNION ST, . WADSwoirrh on Tmc ollan THE LUCKIEST PEOPLE SEA CLIFF TOWERS ?0 CLIFF SIRTTT OFF BAY S1REET 9 ii. Lu.ufioui L.vmo Closest to NYC Bklyn Teluxe 2 Bdrm Apts, Free Gas Fr$182,2Bths,Ter IMMID. OCCUP. 2 bdr Ir SIS7, ilio I bi)r; 447-7150. ViaORY BLVD. KM NEW. SludiM fr 5120. I A 2 bdrm » terpen fin nm pool, .nr ccri, qii, immri o il on Prom 4470477 of 98K Apartments— Quitns FURNISHED ASTORIA BituMul conil, new 2 subAir J2S0 r 3 bdfmi : -. Ill OK. 744 Ap.iclments Quid UNFURNISHED FLUSHING MODERN El 3 : . ?. -i ' , Rms, ft I FRANKLIN TERRA 140-37 ASH AVI - • « KUSHG-Xiw Gdn. Hllli— fr LET US DO YOUR LO SVl C ' ll III] 1 kmi 4; Rmi SUI-S Rm» ■ ' It Ml.n SI. 001 (LUSHING WOULD YOU BELI V Nl Wll ' . IL HUSHING Nl w i 191 Pun " 3 07 14 •. I ' rr «.. ' | M mi I R6 : HUSHING. Now Lui r i ' i lOWl I S U ' B trio on 3 mi JI30; 3V, rn T6.2I3SS .tl« 6 PM. 4. I I USHINi; (. rn Oil 147 10 Avl I bl lutiwiv iiK.ppin loll fr SI4? 50 Sr. Supl HUSHING Jr 4 r... Hrv tldi ■ «a h f ib4llovrn 111 3M1 Av 74? 7324 oi GE 5-IJO; HUSHING 163 1 SlnNMl houiti I " ) blthi S700 m. 3! FLUSHING. 4 RM5 NR SC SHOPS, TRANSITS, Jl BO I 19SS nl pool JA 3 177 FOREST HILLS ASTORIA— 1 rm 111 wk. 2 rmi 520 »k Jksn HU 1 rm S12 Kk. 2 rm S22 BEST 76-26 8«lv, J. His, HI 61300 ASTORIA itlrK lot I blk IND subw IS paoMI SU2 monfn Til: A5TORIA. LARGE MODERN IV urn.itiid rmi, TV. I block to lub L 8-9252 or OL I W69 ELMHURST. N.w 3 roomi, ished, nr lubwiy ifiop ud ng «is. CHI 898 5106. NloModlin Deco lo lubway. Clll Mr Heme HI 54202. ' Apts With A V To The Futurt LEFRAK C Currently Featured in Housekeeping Magi MkcJi 1967, PlOM 144 March 19o7, Pages COMPARE OUR V, STUDIO NO 1 BEDRM NO 2 BEDRM NO 2 BEDRM NOV (d n no rm. 2 bttll, trff. dl 3 BEDRM NO ol, llr cond; Kirpn .. 86- It 60 A», 45709S0 j i «46H HEIthTJ. " ' I S894 oi NR 7 51 ' JCKSN HTS, 40-19 72 ST 3 ' A btaul lorn INQ IRT 74 SI SI JACKSON HTS ALL SIZES B»lul_ turn noir lub. own er 899 92 ?, JACKSON Hltvlrind now S rmi bliut AC bin peooll I NYC IL 7-0761; 429 0241 fi ■• . " !K IN 1-8763; IL 1 223 APARTMENTS— BROOKLYN FURNISHED UNFURNISHED IROOKLTN MEIGHTJ PREFERRED LOCATION 5 Minutes to New York UNFURNISHED UNFURNISHID STUDIO APTS f r- 1 A I OCEAN PAPKWIT JACKSON HEIGHTS. furnished, for bl on, Call OL I-44SS. KEW GARDENS 10 MINUTES TO JFK 1 BLOCK TO 010 BUS I SHOPS w 12 itory (ifipioot bldo, brlut tor lure, free alf-cond, lundock, long i ihort te m leiiri. Low, low rpnli 83 60 I lain SI Mr. Djvn, HI 1-305 KEW GDNS LUX 3 ' 2 Mod turn, direct bol Kenned. A.roorl IND Kew G dni Stj I2JI6 83 Dr ipl I f KFJW GARDCKS. 2Vi briiht; ilry rmi. Pnvllo hou-. . pr,va tnlfinco. CALL VI 75497 PrOODSIDE 48 10 43 SI ?T 4-1193 CELTIC PAPK GAPDENS 3 ' i POOMS 5170 rledr c ,nt liter Ota Rent ole 10-12. n, a nrr UNFURNli ' .D 2 bit Juliet,! Blvd t L I. Expri 271 7600 OPEN DAILY 10 AM to I FOREST HILL5: In the Huf PARKEF TOWER! 1, 2, 3 Bedrm Api ALSO EFFICIENCIES 10460 Queens Bh PPING ARCADE IN BL Y 2 block! from IND Btti Ave Exp SID 1 BMT T YELLOWSTONE BLV ARMAN CO. Bldr- Owner FOR HILLS.KEW GDNS 1 V TOWNRIDG APARTMENTS 47 o c luxury bldi 9 rent controlled bit Studios, 1,2, 3 bdo! $97 Up— No Concessions OK, — Call —HOT LINE- 793-1900, 9 to Apartmenis— Queens UNFURNISHED FOREST HILLS REGO PARK " NEVER A SERVICE CHARGE " LIFE REALTY SPECIALS Vh studio) . " ' (an cond, hi rise (full bdrm) n kitchen) 1107 Git II 24 Ga ' 1130 Gil I III Rl Al IY (ORP 9729 64th Rd. I 9 9025 IL 9 902 5-09 151 si Ave, VI 8 90(1 JACKSON MTS NEW ELEV BLDGS 2V2, w w crptg, aired 5y2,2bths,2masbdrs TW 8-4359 TW 8-4221 80-15 41 AVE 1 BLK SUB •NO FEES GARAGE ON PREM office »t 465 F. Lincoln Av Jackson Heights, 34-41 85th St CARLTON HOUSE 2, Vh, I 4 ' 2 Rm Aps. Beaut ful, laroe, some wilh Ra.scrt Dmrttr-. Terrace Mosl Reasonable Special! Inquire on Premises JKS NTS arti J-175; 21VW5: 1-S100 3VS115; 4 S140; 5-1165. Many others Vausthan 40-44 76 St (cr Bwy) DE 5 2828 JACKSON Helttlts Vh I 4 rm tot from S ' 10 in ' elevator bidq. rinse to subway See Supt 37-27 86th St. JACKSON HEIGHTS JACKSON HGTS-Boston Pines Towers, new, swim pool, 1-2 brclrm fr S138, 69-01 No, Blvd. cor 69 SI, NR 2-5150 ilor. Nr subway, schls JACKSON HTS. ATTR 3-RM APT J tarn hse, 84 St, residential, 1135 CALL 446-5278 OR EL 5-0335. HEIGHTS 75-20 Rsvlf Avt OL 1-8975 Apirimtnls— Nassau-SuMolk UNFURNISHED WF5TISURY 3 4 POS7 AVE. 3 ' ,, 4Vi I Apartment — Wiitchtjiitr fURNlSHFb 6 81 5 NEW ROCHFtLE, Furn or iinlurn. long term A.r cond Bale, TV, 4-PE 8-1900, UNFURNISHED BRIARCLITF VIC. (neat Os-.lnlno) HIGHLAND TTRRArr Vh, 41 ,, ' , ' , I ' M f.ARIll II AIM ' , •eal-in ' kltCnCIU. FREE A,r rrm.lg swimming pool, qas I parking Apply prem dally i sun 9M wi 1-2693 115 South Highland A e. on Rouli • BRONX RIVfR Pf , 575 VI, It rm-., conv IOC. " walk S NY m clrl™ " jl62 " MT. VERNON VERNON MANOR (OOP Sf.C NO. I accenting applications lor 3 I Vh fr. S81 25 mo, Down payment 11,42. ' Iv residential area. Walk to rail Mon thru Sui ipanminlt— N UNFURNISI Ft. Lee Mediterrar ' I 2 b ' drms, dmini I Immed. (201) 947- FORT LEE: 2-3-4- m »r future orruo. I V. Bridge. (201) 9. lo 9 PM, Sat I Sun ri FORT LEE, 2 Bedroorr Luxury Buildim ■em 1285 dint Call FORT LEE— 4 h HACKFNSAfK 3Rms, 4 Reasonable (201 1 HU 7 8357 NEW RO(HriLE mop. 4V, lo ims, 2 (9141 Bl S 2989 oi (9141 GR 6 541.. ' NIW ROCHELLE Vh lo rms, tal-li kit; elev bldo nr walcr; air cond Subl 1163 914 NE 2 3660 alter 7 PM 4V2-S145, 6-1145. MANY OTHERS ' PARKER 75-04 37th Avt TW 9-6200 LUXURY APARTMENTS Vk to 5 ROOMS Hillside Manor 185-01 HILLSIDE AVE. CHATEAU MARIE 88-10 178 STREET ROYAL ARMS 175-11 88 AVE THE MIDLAND 87-24 MIDLAND PKWY For Eve Appts Call OL 8-2620 JAMAICA ESTATES Vrc HILLSIDE HOUSE FINE NEW AIR-COND, BLDG Choice large layouts 4 closet snac« 2 ' ,, 3 ' 2 JR 4 ROOMS SPECIAL MOVE-IN TERMS See Supt premises, 87-40 165th St. (Corner Hillside Ave ) J A 3 7440 Mam Office ST 4-6970 JAMAICA-14J-45 »91t Ave. PARK TERRACE JAMAICA AREA GRDN APTS iy 2 RMS $75 2 RMS FURNISHED $92 Newly dec. Murphy bed, incin near all transit. Ideal business 198-lQ JAMAICA AVE $85 JAMAICA ESTATES VIC 90-05 153 ST. Vh l Vh rm apts, Mod elev bldo. transprtn. See Supt ,., New S27S. Key with Wm E ■alnjf apt, sundeck, oaraoe NORTH YONKERU COMPARE VALUE! Crestwood APARTMENTS AT WESTCHESTER on DeHaven Drive f Norlh Broadway and Gateway Roa Studio Apts fr $129 1 Bedrm Apts fr 159 2 Bedrm Apts fr 210 PROF APTS AVAILABLE OLYMPIC-SIZE SWIMMING POOL KIDDIE WADING POOL BUS AT CORNER TO SUBWAY l NY CENTRAL IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY AGENT ON PREM DAILY I SUN 10 AM— 8 PM 914 HA 3-1380 Saw Mill Pkway, exit at Tuckahot Road. Continue on Saw Will River Service, road to Odell Ave. Turn left to N. Bway. Left on N. Bway to Gateway Road, turn left to bldgs. Another Prestioe Community by GLENWOOD MGT COORP NORTH YONKERS, studio apt. dressing rm, excellent closet space, swim on premises. Excellent location C A L L (9141 423-1 889 WHITE PUINS BRAND NEW IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY 1 2 Bdrm Apts WIELD ' 345 MAIN ST JUST EAST OF NO. BROADWAY (Beautiful Residen ' ial Area) Phone: (914) 428-1889 HITE PLAINS IMMED OCCUPANCY CAMEO HOUSE WESTCHESTER ' S MOST EXCITING NEW APARTMENT RESIDENCE 1 -2-3 Bedrm Suites $230-$380 LUXURIES YOU NEVER DREAMED OF 1 An Entire Bloclcfront on S. B ' wav Between Martme Ave. I Mitchell PI. 00 Mortine Av 914-WH 9-3955 WHITE PUUHl PARKVILLE HOUSE Stud t. 2. 3 BR fr 11. Air-cond 16 Lake SI. (914) WH 6 1582 WHITE PUINS— 3 bdrm Vh bth. din " - 2-fam home 2 pvt en 1275 914— RO 1-7126 PINE GROVE 35 Pne St, W. o North Bway NIGHT DOORMAN 2 Rms $117 2 Bdrm from $180 3 Bdrms $280 2 BATHS-TERRACE Magnificent of city skyline DIR: 1 block west of North Bway JAMAICA modern Vh rm apt JI23 No ecuritV 29 1-9312 a ft 6. 1 blk sub K!W GARDENS KEW MAIN APTS GARDEN APTS. -,HTS . -EDROOM APTS ' : " " " train Il80 2 BEDROOMS Vh BATHS) . 1710 Includes gas, air conditioner, parking JONATHAN WOODNER CO. HIGHTSTC WYNBROOK Dutch bedrnom l 12 to 2 bedro nday fr Good Manage jersey art WOULD BELIP AN APT. W .20x15 Living I . Large Eat-In Windowed Ki . Sun-Drenchec • Walk-In Clou PLUS Dining Dressing Only 10 Minutes f all for or $I4 C in a Large Exec Eaually exci 1 2 Bdrm also available $165. JERSEY CITY ' S St. Jof APARTME Kennedy Blvd. 8. I FREE GAS A 24-HOUR DO SWIMMING PO( BATHS MUC ON PREM (201) OL ' Rental Office Opin RENTING AGENT J. I. SOPHER NX Exhibition 667 Madison Ave MAOISON TWSP lison Gardens, 4 4 conies- swim club PALISADES NEW JER TALLE LUXURY RE! RIVIE TOWI 6040 Kennec West New York, 34 STORIES OVERL HUDSON RIVER SKYLINE DIREC FROM LINCOLf. ONLY 12 Ml FROM MID-MA Spac Studio, 1 . from $ ' FREE SWIMMII FREE ELECTS! Prof Apts IMMEDIATE OC ADVERTISEMENTS " Extra. Extra — Read All About It! " Roche] Sperling— President Zelda Lee Badner— Vice President Suzi Schustek— Recording Secretary Deborah Wiener— Corresponding Secretary Nancy Cohn— Treasurer Congratulations to the Class of ' 67 rrom Student Council 1966-1967 Mazel Tov to the illustrious Class of ' 67 Best Wishes for a Bright and Successful Future Miriam Fink, President Elaine Levi, Vice President Mara Davis, Secretary Helen Weintraub, Treasurer Bev Moskowitz, President Sandy Burnstein, Vice President Toby Brandriss, Secretary Susan Osokow, Treasurer Shana Kellner, President Zahava Spitz, Vice President Mimi Dentsch, Secretary Judy Greenberg, Treasurer In honor of Rabbi Nachum L. Rabinovitch Rabbi Hersh M. Galinsky The Charleston Hebrew Institute Charleston, South Carolina Best Wishes and Welcome to the Class of ' 67 Stern College Alumnae Association Ellen Offenbacher ' 62-President Arlene S. Lerer ' 62— Vice President Jeanette Kleinman ' 63— Vice President Gilda Hochbaum ' 63— Recording Secretary Phyllis Drillick ' 64— Corresponding Secretary Ethel Korn ' 60— Treasurer Yaakov Zev— Director, Alumni Activities William H. Rothchild— Assistant Director, Alumni Activities Best Wishes To The Class of 1967 Janice Greenfarb Helene Andrews Renee Rosen Merrill Silverstein Cynthia Reiss Patti Stern Martha Solonche Sandy Lifshutz Karen Staiman Marlene Ravitz Reva Weinreb Edith Moses Hannah Mincer Roberta Meren Hava Pomrenze Vivian Osdoby Carolvn Chaskin And All the Girls in the Dormitory Maze! T " and Best Wishes to Zipora Klurman Park Crescent Hotel L50 lli erside Drh e iw Vdi k. New Y n k Compliments ot: Cordon Chemical Co., Inc. Worcester, Mass. Would yon Paul Sew man? Why can ' t we jrrini tlir ii hole t rrirbook in Freru h? I.E.F. Construction Corp. 707 6th Ave. Brooklyn 15, N.Y. Compliments of: Hammond Plastics 88 Webster St. Worcester, Mass. To Leah: Ma the road ahead be paved with Bowers and the sun shine every Step of the way. Mr. and Mrs. has. I .airman Mr and Mrs. Ted Belman Mr. and Mrs. Murray Laiman Rabbi and Mrs. H. Careen Mr. anil Mrs. M kain Mr. and Mrs. Sam Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bornstein Mr. and Mrs. Henry Katz Mr. and Mrs. Isaae Katz Mr. and Mrs. Morris Lax Maze) T Tn our Dear Daughter Esther And her fellow graduates Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Spenciner Pennv and Shira Sylvia and Jerrv Rosenblum Jay Neal Estee Aviva Dee and Chuck 102 Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to Cheryl Maza from Rabbi and Mrs. J. Maza Joseph Phyllis Sandra Elliot Allen And a friend Franchisee! Furniture Company The Furniture Discount Center for Stern College Brides 117 E. 24 St. New York City OR 4-8930 Congratulations to Ellen Wright We Are Proud of You Cong. People of Righteousness and Anshei Zedek Sisterhood Yonkers, N.Y. Charles A. Spirn Rabbi Leo Spiegel President Frank Peretz Financial Secretary Congratulations to Carolyn and her classmates Marlene Boxer; Ma el To upon youi graduation. i Congratulations to the class ol li ing Boxei and their parents Mom, 1 )ad, Elide, Mona signed: and ( Irandma Vnnie Ehrenreich The Parents oi Mom, 1 )ad, and taron Boxer Deborah Weiner Uncle ll.iiM mii Yi tta, Mark, and Dennis Dubin UncK- W illie, Vunl Helen, ami Melvin Kat In helm t [ ninnon of Grandma Sadie Siegfried In helmed memory of I ' ncle Isidore Katz Congratulations to Janice Greenfarb and the 1967 graduating class. May all your hopes and aspirations " GREETINGS " become a reality. Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell Slote Yi-ur Pittsburgh, Pa, friends, Mr. and Mrv Harry N " . Morris and Bonnie To Heni: Hopes for continued happin ess, from Her parents Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Fink Her husband Jerry Her in-laivs Rabbi and Mrs. Alex Weisfogel and family We aren ' t even go- ing to unpack this temesterl Best wishes anrl lots of maze] for a bright future. Mr. and Mrs. E. Schiff Montreal, Canada Congratulations and Best Wishes to our daughter and sister Carole Fink Leifer Mr. and Mrs. Alex Fink Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Eiger Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Weiss Compliments of: A FRIEND M.i.t I T. and Bes) ishes to our daughter and sister Judy on her graduation Mr. and Mrs Paul Hochberger and I a nda li iin ha v chol tu to our own darling, Harriet to and .ill her classmates. Rabbi and Mrs. M Eatznelson and Judah Mi .iinl Mrs. Alan Katznelson and Valfii- Mr. and Mrs. Charles Goldberg Aunt Leah and Uncle Ben Aunt Anna and Uncle Phil Mazel Tov to Linda she ' tatzliachi b ' chol ma ' asay yadayich. From her parents and family. To: Ronni Mum. Dad, Steve Grandma and Grandpa Jerry In memory of beloved grandparents Israel and Esther Rivkin and Harry and Rebecca Schapiro to whom the learning of Torah meant so much. The Rivkin Family Baltimore, Maryland But I really don ' t have a lunch per- mM iod on Monday 8, h | Jm mm Congratulations to Sandra Wolf from Zippo Manufacturing Go. Mazel Tov to Sandy Reich Stengel with love, Glenn Stengel Mr. and Mrs. George Strum and Naphtali Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel Reich Mr. and Mrs. Fred Stengel Mr. and Mrs. David Naiman Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stengel Mrs. Rose Atlas J. Solomon, Inc. New London, Connecticut ions to Elaine Ferster from 1 in Mom, Dad Susan and Freda Bracha Vhatzlacha to our daughter and sister Miriam with love M Dad and Phi) Maze] and Bracha to Gail Babbi and Mrs. Ephraim Solomon and Gerald Rabhi and Mrs. Abraham Witty Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Friedman Mr. David Solomon SU 7-6000 TB 3-7129 Herman L. Goldenberg STAR CATERERS, INC. " Distinctii e (Unit Kosher Catering " Hotel Bolivar 230 Central Park W. New York 24, N. Y. FINEST HOTEL and Synagogue Catering CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF ' 67 With special warm wishes to ALL our Brides who were and are to be Ma el and Rracha Mazel Tov to to our own Judy Kavon Mom and Dad Pcninah May we always have much Brother, Martin nachas from you. Aunt Ida Grandma Mom and Dad Malka, Elyakim, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Waring and sons Jay and Jack Spielrogel Ruben Moshe, and Baabie. To Aviva and her colleagues Yatzliach Hashem Darkeichem from the Mishpacha To Eilene and her classmates B ' racha V ' hatzlacha Mom and Dad Irving, Miriam Joyce Aura Photographers Meyer D. Rich 251 W S6th Street New York. N. Y. SU 7-3200 ( Sompliments ol [Tie 1 esai a Universitj omen ' s ( Organization Hartford Chapter " !ome ba little Sheila " 1 miss you Krnie ' " Business Phone WAtkins 4-1977 Home Phone CH 2-7659 Cefen ' s Dairj Restaurant Home Cooking Saturdays and Jewish Holidays Closed Seventh Avenue Near 27th Street New York, N. V. Compliments Thompson Medical Co., Inc. Congratulations to our daughter Rosalie and the class of ' 67 The Landt sm.m Family Congratulations to Adele Brody Schwartz Insurance Brokerage Congratulations and Best Wishes to Sharon Duchan .iiid all her little friends Sillman-Ducharj Inc. Custom Builders Detroit. Mi higan 48235 Best Wishes to Susan from Uncle Phil and Aunt fanel Maze] Tov and best wishes for success in the future to our daughter Tamara Rabbi and Mrs. J. Bobrowsky Gittel and Moshe ' l o our daughter Susan on In i graduation Chazali Vamatz Al and Laura Amin Mazel Tov and best wishes to Naomi and the graduating class of 1967 The Meyer family Congratulations to my dear wife Chana on the occasion of her graduation Moshe Poupko Mazel and Bracha to Naomi Congregation Agudas Achim Rabbi and Mrs. A. N. AvRutick and family Rabbi and Mrs. Richard Barth and family Much luck and happiness to Gail Mr. and Mrs. Ted Matlow Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Wolf Hannah Reinberg Roslyn Silovitz Our appreciation to Stern College which has inspired our daughter Lois Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Rosenthal Grandparents Mr. and Mrs. N. Friedberg and sister Joan Best wishes to our sister Mary Jaiiie from Florence and Ralph Mud 1 o .iihI Best w ishes to Our beloved daughter ( hana li.ililu .mil Mr. Kasachkofl w ashington, 1 1 1 ( ongratulations to our Daughter and Sister Susan Mi and Mis [sue Goldbergei .uul Ralph Maze] r« to Mv I ( iranddaughtei iiv.cii Goldberger l pan her ( . toil Mn (• Homburger Maze! to out Daughtei Barbara Kagan ( imenl Mi and Mis Meyei Kagan Ubany, N.Y. 12208 Best Wishes to Our Slls.lll Bubbj and Zavdee .ind .iiiiii.i Vn linsk Simcha ind Renana Maze! Tov to our Granddaughter Barbara Kagan Cinu ' iit Mr. and Mrs Hin ioii Kagan Albany, N.Y. ( ' cintr.ilul.itiuiis tn Sharon Duchan Ami All the Curb Young Israel of Northwest Detroit Congratulations to Sharon Duchan from I ' ncle David and Aunt Rose i ongratulations and Best Wishes to Toby I ' pon Her Graduation ith I ove Mr .mil Mrs Isaac Engel ( alia and Gertrude To: Debby Mom, Dad and Aaron Congratulations :md Best Imk In tlu- Future to Toby Engel Mr. Hermann Fishman Dr. and Mrs. II. l. Idler and Joshua Seattle, Washington Greetings from A friend of Stern College in Chicago From a Friend of Rachel Vitsick Cray Maze! Tov to our Daughter Rachel I ' pon her Graduation Rabbi and Mrs. S. Vitsick and Sarah A Friend of Sue Am in To Sharon: With Continued Good Wishes of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Medlinsky Worcester, Massachusetts Best Wishes to Our Daughter Sharon Mr. and Mrs. Jack Euenstadl Norwich, Conn. Congratulations B ' rocha V ' hatzlacha To our clear cousin Harriette From Jacob and Sara Kronick Mazel Tov and Hest Wishes to Esther Koenig Mr. and Mrs. Moses Reznick and Family Charleston, S. C. Broadway Bank and Trust Co. In Honor of Coldie L. Tannenbaum ' s Graduation Congratulations to Rochel On Her Graduation Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sperling and Michael To Mary Jaine Maze! Tov on your Graduation Mom, Dad, Florence, Ralph and Shmully Compliments to our friend Gilda Schuchalter from Mr. and Mrs. G. Paul Pfeffer Best Wishes and Lots of Luck to our daughter and sister Baila on her graduation Mr. and Mrs. R. Salit and Mendy Mazel Tov to Our granddaughter and Niece Esther Levenberg Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Rothman Mr. and Mrs. Archie Rothman Mazel Tov to my Daughter Esther On Her Graduation Rabbi Samuel Levenberg With Best Wishes to Baila On Her Graduation Jerry Hatzlochah Rabbah to The Class of 1967 Best Wishes to Susan Kook From Her Family Mazel Tov and Best Wishes To Our Wife and Mommy Abe and Zvi Joseph Congratulations to our niece Janice Greenfarb Uncle Harry and Aunt Irene patnlarJoni l o i iur ( n padoate Arlinc M.ilin.m If tun Mr jihI Mrs Seymou Reinhard David, And) and Mikc- 1 oasratulatkata tn Arlinc Malinan Iron, Mono and Dad. 1 rtbej l.udli .nut ( liildrrn ( iiimr.itul.itions lii m 111. . , ROSalM I .iiuli ' Mii.m and Rachel Egerl and the dan ol ' 67 Mr Ben Egerl u iih l ondesl Marel Tov in o.i. Grand Niece Lands From bet Great Aunts I ongr.itul.itinus to Cloi i.i w iederkehi Pollack from (.olilrt ich Bros, Furs, Inc. and EMridgc Textile Co. Shulman Fuel Oil Co. 256 Boulevard Bavonne, N. J. (201) 339-1184 Fuel Oil and Oil Burners Meihach ' s Clatt Kosher Caterer! Completely renovated Burnside Manor 85 W. Burnside Ave. Bronx. N.Y. CY 5-2177 Yillics Food Mart. Inc. 181 E. Broadway New York- 10002 Vnited (Carpet Stores w estport, Conn. Midcity Press Inc. 138 East 34 Street New York, N. Y. Beth Jacob Sisterhood Dayton. Ohio Congratulations to Susan Kuhr Y ' oung Israel of Dayton Maze] Tov to our Daughter Susan Mr. .iiul Mrs. A kuhr Mazel Tov to Our Daughter and Sister Ilene On Her Craduation Mr. and Mrs. Leo Niedehnan and Diana Maze! Tov to Naomi and the Entire Class of f 7 Mr mkI Mrs. Aaron Rosenbaum and Family Congratulations to Ilene Niedehnan Mrs. Frida Scharfstein Meibach ' s Glatl Kosher Burnside Manor Caterers Completely renovated 85 W. Burnside Avenue Bronx, New York CY 5-2177 Congratulations and best wishes to tn v daughter Carol from Mrs. Ruth Hart Congratulations to my daughter Sarah on her graduation Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Reich Park-Vanderhilt Apothecary, Inc. Drugs and Cosmetics 64 East 34 Street, New York 16, N. Y. Phone: MU 5-3304 Discounts for Stem College Students 20% — 40% The Packard Pharmacy Murray Hill 5-1420 Joshua Myron Ph. G. 133 East 34 Street at Lexington New York Best wishes to Lois and her class The Click Shop Women ' s Apparel 1587 Fulton Street Brooklyn, New York Success and best wishes to Lois Rosenthal and the class of 1967 Silkmaid Stocking Co. David W. Wakely music to suit the occasion Tw 8-2400 41 - 50 78th Street Elmhurst 73, New York Park Florist H. S. Calamaras 115 East 34 Street New York 16, N. Y. Mu 5-9320 Mu 5-9321 Retail Liquor Store License No. L-365 GOLDRICH Wines and Liquors Inc. Samuel Carlin 60 East 34 Street New York 16, N. Y. Le 2-9734 - 9735 Key Food Citv Fair Supermarket 21 - 12 36th Ave. L.I.C. 6, N. Y. Mazel Tov B. B. Turkel Love, Mom and Dad Smulevitz New Bedford Thread Co., Inc. P.O. Box 72 New Bedford, Mass. Well-Built Shoulder Pad Corp. 347 W. 36th Street New York 18, N.Y. Lo 5-0900 Cedar Center Bi Rite 13S83 Cedar Road Cleveland, Ohio Compliments Bloch Publishing Co. 31 West 31 Street New York. N.Y. itulationi and best « ishes to " ur dauahtei l ' ippi Mr Mrs 1 eflcowib Retail I iquoi Store 1 loonse No. 1 -368 Goldrich w ines and Liquors [nc Goldrich NV iii.N Utd 1 ii|imrs Inc. CO E 34th Street New Vork. N. V. i I 3-9734, i»7;)5 David ( iriin ki I i i to INDIANAPOLIS SOI I HI RN OHIO CHAPTER ol WOM1 N S BRANt H I OJt Praudl) congratulates theii lirst i«u graduates: { l l 1 l W i ind ti. Ohio SI S W kl HI?. Dayton, Ohio BUSIN1 SSES New York Times College and nl Department Pasteur Pharmacy Ml ' V. ' K ' S Hession .mi! Connolly, Inc. Larian Beauty Salon, In Martel Pharmacy, Forest Hills. N 1 Kreiger Insurance Agency The Drs Ruchocki and Family Bonne Cleaners Ml l )-3629 oil; FRIENDS: Mrv Fannie Sperling Mr .ind Mr- rlarrj s Klavan [ersej eggs— Charles Rosenstein Eastside Kosher Meat Market Barbara Schachnow Pielet mous Mr and Mrs. Joseph S. Wright Phyllis and Louise Weiner Mr. and Mrs. Leon Wolf Mi and Mrs. Michael Preis and Family Mr ferry Weisfogi I Mr. and lr Morris Morin and sons Mr. and Mrv Barne Pulda Tin- Finkelstein Family The H.irr St. ins To onr sist. r Sheila S. Howard I.. Slote Mrs Hi ssie Sehulman Pennj and Shira Spenciner II use of Israel. Inc. Mr and Mrs. , i man Vdler A Friend " I Sonia Schiff Rosen- baum G K. lurkle Dr. and Mrs. II. Taragin and Moishe Rabbi and Mrs. A. Golovensitz and Family l.i-vine Brothers Management Co. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Levine and familv Mr. and Mrs. Carl Stern Mandell-Shoenig Insurance Ag- ency Melviii Weisz C.L.U. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Saul Mr and Mrs Noah Lasice Mom, Dad, Lloyd, and Leon Sol Suslovieh Rabbi and Mrs. Z. Perkowsky and family Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Sachs Rabbi and Mrs. Avner German The Stem ' s Mr. and Mrs. A. Taxson Park — Yanderhilt Apothecary, Inc. Joseph Strauch Mr. and Mrs Philip Harris and family Mr. Carl Rescorl — Toronto Mr. Sid Drevnig — Toronto Carillion Sportswear — Toronto New Fashion Dress Co. — Tor- onto Nu - Mode Dress Co. — Toronto Adrian Co. — Toronto Mr. and Mrs. Harry Reich Abraham and Sara Spielman lc Schmulewitz George Rennert, Eyelyn Diekert Suflern Rug and Furniture Co. Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Murr.n AJtwarg Dr. and Mrs. David Rosenblatt Mrs. Harry Halpren Margaret and Andrew Rosinger Mr. and Mrs. Carl Solomon and family Dr. Albert W. Canter Dr. and Mrs Sam Rosenblum and Family Dr. Herman L. Aronoff Mr. and Mrs. Walter Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Israel Goldman The Shafner family Joseph D. Frankel Rabbi Alexander Friedman Gutman and Mayer Zamuck ' s Bakery, Inc. Nachie Stepansky Mr. and Mrs. Meyer Seif Mirel S u 1 h t I M Corp.— Delicatessen and Bestaurant Mr. and Mrs. Henry Oclbaum Al Fulda and family Juma Quality Meats Gramercy Bowling Center Mr and Mrs. Nathan Leifer Jewish Center of Richmond Hill Mr. and Mrs. Sampson Cramer Rabbi and Mrs. Michel! Geller Cynthia Katz H6 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS FROM THE EDITOR I wish to acknowledge the services of the following people, without whose help the publica- tion of this yearbook could not have been possible: Mr. Bert Jacobson, of the Public Relations Department of Yeshiva University, for his invalu- able assistance in supplying us with many of our photographs. Mr. Paul Stein, of Aura Photographers, and his staff, for their expert professional work in photography. Mi. Emil Schmidt, of Bradbury. Sayles, O ' Neill, Incorporated, for his knowledge and foresight, his advice and assistance in all technical matters relating to this publication, and mosdy for Ms constant words of encouragement. I, personally, extend my thanks to my staff for their conscientious work. Special thanks go to Paula, Gail, Peninah, and Baila for their cooperation, good humor, and assistance in the prepara- tion of Kochaviah, 1967. SENIOR DIRECTORY 118 min i r 1 1 AguQar A c Rushi ng, N Y 11367 B.ula S.ilil Asplcr f :4i Mountmin Sights Montreal 2s . Quebec . |13th st ■ H.IK 75. N V Marienc Ehrenreich Boxer Neptune sc Brooklyn, N " i Wlc Nussbacher Brod) ' ••r. i entral Pert West New York, N V 10023 ( .iii ' U n l ti.i-.kin 4i Quince) Vve Scranton, Pa Debbie Shcctcr Chcrniak 105 Bowman St Hamilton, Ontario Barbara Kagan Ciment 24 Bennett ve New York. NY. N Rosenhlum Cohen 70 E 1f 2nd St. Bronx N Sharon [)tichan IS444 Northlawn Detroit, Michigan 48221 Rachel Egert 2126 78th St. Brooklvn. N.Y, 12214 lob) Engel 15551 Addison Ave. Southtield. Michigan 48075 Elaine Weisz Perster 1718 Grand Ave Bronx. NY 10453 .ret Frand 21st W Brooklyn. N.Y. I rank 5021 N. 9th St. Philadelphia. Pa. Rebecca Friedman 44 Central Ave. Lawrence. L.I. 1 1559 Susan Goldbergcr 7545 S. Yates Chicago. Illinois 60649 Suvin Harris Gollcr 1024 E, I6th Street Brooklyn. N.Y. Rachel Vitsick Gray I Bogardas Place New York. N.Y. Janice Grccnfarb 123 West High St. Somcrvillc. N.J. Carol Hart 2129 80th St. Brooklyn. N.Y. 11214 Sharon Hccht 21 Joseph Perkins Rd. Norwich. Conn. Jud Hochbcrgcr Joseph 495 W. 186th St. New York. N.Y. Miriam Josovitz 4121 18th Brooklyn. N.Y. 11218 Aviva I.citcr Kaminetzkv 1515 47th St. Brooklyn. N.Y. 11219 Harrictte Katznclson 101 N. Collington Ave. Baltimore. Md. 21231 Judy Kavon 114-02 101st. Ave. Richmond Hill. N.Y. Janet Kern 1074 Adriennc Dr. N. Bcllmore. N.Y. 11710 lilenc Klavan 661 I Baythorne Rd. Baltimore, Md 21209 Zipora Klurman West i nd ve New York. N. Esther kocmg m Pitt St i harleston, st 29403 Susan Kook 24 Van Reipen Ave terse) City, NJ Peninah Knimbein 1550 SOlh si Brooklyn, N.Y. 11219 Susan Kuhr 1814 Burroughs Dayton, Ohio 45406 l eafa l aiman I is ( line Ave. S. Hamilton. Onl Canada Rosalie Landesman 640 I .is! Park Ave. Long Beach, N.Y. 11516 loyce l etkowitz 3766 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn. N.Y. 11229 Carole Fink Leifer 1455 4 ' )lh St. Brookhn. N.Y. II21 Esther Levenberg 665 Crown St. Brooklyn. N.Y 11213 I- ran Levitt 56 Parkview Terrace Newark, N.Y. 07112 loyce Levy 9945 60th Ave. Rego Park. N.Y. I inda Lewis 1640 Portal Drive N.W. Washington. D.C. 20012 Sharon Mancvitz 726 Ocean Ave. Brooklyn. N.Y. 11226 Cheryl Maza IS (lark St. South River. N.J. Zipora Kanatopsky Meier 37-50 87th St. Jackson Heights. N.Y. Naomi Meyer 164 E. 40th St. Brooklyn. N.Y. I 1203 Ilenc Nicdelman 699 W. Jackson Ave. Bridgeport. Conn. Gloria Wiederkehr Pollack 38 E. 208th St. Bronx. N.Y. 10467 Jml Kasachkoff Poupko 2005 Grand Avenue Bronx. New York F.lsic Prcis 90-11 149th St. Jamaica 35, N.Y. Gittel Ramras 712 Clay Ave. Scranton. Pa. 18510 Paula Reich 76 Welfare Ave. Cranston. Rhode Island 02910 Arlinc Malman Rcinhard 7628 Greenland Rd. Cincinnati. Ohio 45237 Filccn Rivkin 3404 Devonshire Drive Baltimore. Md. 21215 Sheila Rosen 89 Shaw Ave. Newark. N.J. Naomi AvRulick Rosenhaum 1 I airview Ave. Jersey City. N.J. soma Schifl Rosenbaum 1279 I 17th si Brooklyn, N.Y. Ronnie Rosenberg 992 Ulan I ourt l eaneck, N.J. I ir ah Rosenfeld 1039 Beach 12th si i .,. Rockaway, N.Y. i [691 l ois Rosenthal is Causeway I awrence, N.Y. s.naii Reich Sausen 157 Wesl i nd Km i lizabeth, N.J. Lvnn Schmulowitz 354 Beach 56th st Vrverne, N.Y. Gilda Schuchalter 30 First St Suffera, N.Y. 10901 Sai .i ( ioldman Schv, at 12 I9ii Albermarie Rd i klyn, N.Y. 11226 Elaine Vilensky Shindel 100-09 Metropolitan Ave. Forest Hills. N.Y. 11375 Tobi Slole 56 Iain Drive Greal Neck, N.Y. i i. m1 Solomon 137 S. Maple St. Ml Carmel, Pa. 17851 Mary laine Solomon 240 Williams St. New London. Conn. Fsther Spencincr 79-12 209th St. Fhuhing, N.Y. 1 1364 Rochcl Sperling 8009 16th St. N.W. Washington. D.C. 20012 Alitta Spigelman 19 W. 69th St. New York. N.Y. Sheila Stein 6312 Wallis Ave. Baltimore. Md. 21215 Sandra Reich Stengel 515 W. 183rd St New York. N.Y. 10033 Goldic Tannenbaum 467 E. 37th St. Patcrson. N.J. 07504 Jeri Smnlcvitz Turkcl 395 Ft. Washington Ave. New York. N.Y. 10033 Susan Ulman 1 Guild Rd Worcester, Mass. Liza Wallach 5226 So Brighton St. Seattle 18. Washington l.i Sochaczewski Wciner 84-20 Austin St. Kcw Gardens. N.Y. Debbie Wciner 809 Virginia Ave. N. Bcllmore. N.Y. I 1710 Hcni Fink Wcisfogcl 175 E. 52nd St. Brooklyn. N.Y. Sandra Wolf 420 Riverside Dr. New York. N.Y. Lenore Wolfson 5931 Oakhurst Dr. Largo. Florida 33540 Fllcn Wright 8 Waring Row Yonkers. N.Y. 10701 Autographs J utographs

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