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K O C A V I A JVin€t€£n Jumf md afi l -jtjrfy ix £; S? , f ? t :i,jff?f9i{ f 79it,, !i THE FRUIT AND THE CHAFF Between glorious heaven and smoldering hell An old belabored beggar walks the brownish earth. His clothes arc tattered and besmirched with dirt His brow is stained with the sweat of pain; Blood, hate, pain and death are the liquid of his sinews. OH GOD ABOVE. Is this the work of your creations? His head is bent, his eyes benumbed He travels slowly, with heavy st eps, the brownish earth. To the left he hears the moans and cries of tortured mothers Seeing their babes dying at their breasts, Tlieir tears (lowing and falling like rain. And all for nought For these cannot bring the dead to life. OH GOD ABOVE, Is this the work of your creation. ' And to the right he sees an old beragged woman Her silvery hair pushed and churned in the cruel and biting wind The creases in her brow bear witness to her toil and pain. OH GOD ABOVE, Is this the work of your creation. ' Her days were filled with heartfelt prayer She was righteous, good, and pure But now she stands amidst the filth and sells her dirty wares. Five famine-bred children has she. Their very bones betell Their fate; their cries go unheeded as they wallow in the dirt. OH GOD ABOVE, Is this the work of your creation. ' And just before him he hears the din and revel From the manor house: He hears the drunken cries of the squire As he fills his belly with the fruits of the land, perverted women Dance before him their gowns falling from their waists Their sensuous bodijs exposed and filled with evil. And yet They fill the eyes of this beastly squire. OH GOD ABOVE, Why do the evil reap the fruits of joy And the good the chaff of sorrow. ' And suddenly As if from some unfathomable realm A star appears and the heavens begin to burst At the sorrowful droning cry. The old belabored beggar Feels the touch of some celestial hand upon his shoulder The soft, sweet mellow voice taps gently at his cars, " My son, a true and noble question dost thou ask One that comes to the very portals of heaven And two answers shall I venture to calm your unbelieving heart: j Si ' ' S ' ss ' ' afi Sis ' ' sa ' s I I If I to the rigliicoiis did riches give, and all the vanities Which you call the fruits of joy How long would the good stay righteous? " The great King Solomon Towhom none can compare in wisdom ant! virttie Was good and pious before me until giving him His wish of gold and jewels, He turned evil and idolatrous before me; One thousand wives, one thousand liorses. All he sought was joy and glory. If this great man could not withstand The biting, venemous vanities WHAT DO YOU EXPECT OE MORTAL MAN? " No! For they are the seeds of evil Better shall the poor dwell in sorrow and righteousness Than in wealth and sin. " One more answer to thee I give And then to the heavens I do vanish. Look out again upon the beragged woman Look out upon the bereaved mother And hark How she still in God believes Though sorrow has broken down her body It could not touch her soul. If man is blessed eternally with joy And yet believes, it is no wonder. But — If MAN believes while besieged with pain and sorrow How much more will his reward be? " And therefore God to men gives sorrow To test their faith and courage. And from this trial He can discern the pure from the impure The fruit from the chaff. Between glorious heaven and smouldering hell An old belabored beggar walks the brownish earth. His head is bowed, his clothes are tattered But even in his poverty one can now discern A gleam, a fire emanating from hi s eyes As he passes with sluggish steps Unknown through the earth to eternity. By Adele Levine Dan Vi)gcl At the time you arc graduating, there is a war going on in Vict Nam, and it is a dirty war in a far away place, the closeness of which is brought home to us by casualty lists, draft calls, and the spectre of Munich, where once before there was a confrontation. There is another war in progress, where confrontation is even more dilficult, and where success or failure depends ujxjn the unseen more than upon the observable. It is the war against the Mind. Everywhere the unorganized but very potent attempt at the debilitation of the Mind goes on. " Adult " entertainment is given as synonymous with physical perversion; " Indi- viduality " is c-quated by the unwashed with immortality; " Freedom " is popularly tcx) often the cloak for irresponsibility. I call upon you to consciously reject these trends. 1 call ujxin you to exercise your freedom to choose to dwell in your Mind forever with Sages and true Poets, rather than with the transient and the glib. To prepare you for the good life of the Mind and Spirit has been our endeavor. Now we look forward over the years to see what we have wrougin in you. You will not fail us, for, indeed, you dare not. Good luck! Dan Vogcl Dcao Elizabeth Isaacs Greetings to the members of the senior class who will now join our 365 distin- guished alumnae. All of you have participated in what is still, after twelve years, the unique endeavor of Stern College for Women to prepare you to take your place in the world through the dual training in the liberal arts and sciences coupled with a knowl- edge and understanding of our cherished traditions. A good college education is more than memorization of facts and figures; it goes beyond a mere survey of knowledge. Education means learning to think and to analyze. It is the gateway to the development of maturity in all its aspects — intellectual, social, and spiritual. We are proud of your fellow-alumnae who have demonstrated their ability to utilize their college training for the enrichment of their ow n development and that of their families and communities. Whatever they are doing, be they home-makers, social workers or teachers, they are reflecting credit on themselves as well as on their Alma Mater. May you, too, be a guiding influence in the lives of those about you, and may happiness and success always be yours. Elizabeth Isaacs Dean of Students FACULTY Leo Jung Joseph H. Lookstein LISTING Gerald Blidstein Anna Krakowski Shlomo Simonson Henoch Dubitsky J. Mitchell Orllan Esther Offri FACULTY LISTING Ella Schwartz Evelyn Baumrind Sarah Meyers eatrice L. Friedland Fred Goodman Phyllis H. Cahn FACULTY LISTING Jerome Hochbaum Morris Altman Eleanor T. Ostrau Doris Goldstein Linda Kerber i Blanche W. Cook Marcel i. Perlman Sherman Marcus Ellen Robinson Jules Levey Sarah Freeman Jacob Engelhart ADMINISTRATION DAN VOGEU B.A.. M.A., Ph.D. EUZABETH K ISAACS, B.A. MIRIAM MOSTOW ESTHER S. ZUROFF. B.A. FLORENCE FISCHEL LIVIA TLRKEL CHAVA MAYER Dean Dean of Students Recorder Pl.iccment Coordinator Secretar) ' to the Dean Administrative Assistant Receptionist - Switchboard FACULTY MIRELLA AFFRON. B.A , Ph.D. MORRIS ALTMAN. B.A. GERSION APPEL. B.A., D.H.L VEHOSHUA BEERY, M.R.E. DORA M. BELL, Ph.D. I. DAVID BLEICH. B.A.. MA. C.ERALD BLIDSTEIN. B.A., M.A. MARIE BOKS. B.A., M.A. N ' lCTOR BOXCHEK, B.S. PHYLLIS H. CAHN, B.A.. M.S., Ph.D. HOWARD CHEIKEN, B.A., M.A. BLANCHE W. COOK. B.A. ROBERT H. COWEN. B.A., M.A. HENOCH DUBITSKY SHLOMO EIDELBERG, M.A., D.H.L, Ph.D. MORRIS EPSTEIN, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. JACOB ENGELHARDT, B.A., LA. JACOB FEINSTEIN, B.A., D.H.L. BERNICE H. FLEISS. B.A., M.A., Ed.D. BEATRICE L. FRIEDLAMD, B.A., M.A. Ph.D. JOSEPH B. FRIEDMAN. B.A., M.A., M.S. DORIS S. GOLDSTEIN, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. FRED GOODMAN, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. MARTIN GORDON, B.A., M.H.L. JULES M. GREENSTEIN, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. HENRY GRINBERG. B.A., M.A. MIRIAM S. GR.QQf. B.A., M.A., Ph.D. LAUREL HATVARY, B.A., M.A. MEIR HAVAZELET.M.A., D.H.L. EDWARD HOROWITZ, B.S., M.A. M.H.L. 7UDY ISAAC. B.A. MOSES L ISAACS, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. LEO JUNG, B.A , Ph.D., M.A., D.D., D.H.L YEHUDA JURAVEL B.A., M.A., B.G.S.S. HENRI KAMIR. Collegio Rabbinico MEYER KARLIN, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. RANON KATZOFF, B.A., M.A., B.H.L LINDA KERBER. B.A., M.A. ITZHAK KERSTEIN, M.A. RUTH KISCH-ARNDT, Diploma LIBBY KLAPERMAN, B.A., M.A. NANCY C KNOPKA. B.A., M.A. ANNA KRAKOWSKI, Ph.D. PHILIP E. KRAUS, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. JO LECHAY, B.A. HOWARD I. LEVINE. B.A., M.H.L, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of French Lecturer in Biologj ' Visiting Assistant Professor of Religious Studies Lecturer in Hebrew Professor of French Lecturer in Philosophy Instructor in Religious Studies Lecturer in German Lecturer in Psychology Associate Professor of Biology Lecturer in Russian Lecturer in History Lecturer in Mathematics Instructor in Hebrew Professor of Jewish History Associate Professor of English Instructor in Education Assistant Professor of Hebrew Visiting Associate Professor cf Education Professor of Biology Teaching Fellow in Mathematics Associate Professor of History ASSTciate Professor of Biology Instructor in Religious Studies Instructor in Religious Studies ' , Ass ' xiate Professor of Psychology ' i-i Instructor in English " Teaching Fellow in Mathematics Instructor in English . D.R.E. Associate Professor of Hebrew Lecturer in Hebrew Instructor in English Professor of Chemistry Professor of Ethics Teaching Fellow in Physics Instructor in Hebrew Associate Professor of Mathematics Lecturer in Latin Instructor in History Instructor in Hebrew Assistant Professor of Music Lecturer in Religious Studies Instructor in Spanish Associate Professor in French Professor of Education and Coordinator of Student Teaching Lecturer in Physical Education Associate Professor of Religious Studies 10 FACULTY lULl ' S I.r.Vl ' Y, B.A., M.A. TOVAH i.ic:htj;ns ' i r.iN, b.a„ m.s.w. HHNRY IJSMAN, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. JOSEPH H. LOOKSTIilN, B,A., M.A., D.D. GEORGIANNA W. LORD, B.A., M.A. SHRRMAN MARCUS, B.A., M.A., B.C.S.S. J. MITCHF.I.l. ORLIAN, B.R.E., B.A., M.S. ELEANOR T. OSTRAU, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. MARCEL L lERLMAN, B.A., M.S., Ph.D. JACOB RABINOWITZ, B.A., M.S. ELBERT RANDALL, B.A., M.A. ELLEN ROBINSON, B.A., M.A., Pli.D. NOAH H. ROSENBLOOM, B.R.E., D.H.L., M.A., Ph.D. ELI SAR, B.A., M.D. MELECH SCHACHTER, B.A., Ph.D. JOSHUA SHMIDMAN, B.A. SHLOMO SIMONSOHN, M.A., Ph.D. , AARON SKAIST, B.A., Ph.D. JACOB SODDEN, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. JUNE TAUBER, B.A. DAVID VITROGEN, B.S., M.S., M.E.E., Ph.D. DAN VOGEL, B.A,, M.A., Ph.D. RAPHAEL S. WEINBERG. B.A,, M.A., Ph.D. JESSICA WERNICK, B.A. RACHEL WISCHNITZER, M.A. HANNAH WOLKENFELD, A.A. Instrucior in History Lc-cturcT in Rcligiou.s Studies Professor of Mathematics I ' rofcssor of Sociology Assistant Professor of English Teaching Fellow in Physics Instructor in Hebrew Assistant Professor of Political Science Assistant Professor of Psychology Instructor in Chemistry Lecturer in Economics Vssistant Professor of Psychology Associate Professor of Hebrew Language and Literature Assistant Professor of Hygiene Associate Professor of Religious Studies Instructor in Piiilosophy Visiting Professor of Jewish History Dean Samuel L. Sar Assistant Professor of Bible Assistant Professor of Sociology Instructor in Speech .VssDciate Irofessor of Education Professor of English Assistant Professor of Jewish History and Biblical Literarure Laboratory Lecturer in Biology Professor of Fine Arts Lecturer in Health Education LIBRARY STAFF MAX CELNIK, B.A., B.H.L., M.L.S. IRA IMBERMAN, B.A., B.H.L., RONALD GOLDBERG, B.A. SARAH KELLER IDA MALAMUD, M.L.S. LIBBY NEIMAN, B.A., M.L.S. REEVA S. SIMON, B.S. EDITH SLOMOWITZ, B.A., M.L.S. ESTHER STRAUSSER Librarian Library Assistant Library Assistant Library Assistant Library Assistant Assistant Librarian Library Assistant Assistant Librarian Library Assistant STUDENT RESIDENCE STAFF MRS. JENNIE GIGES MRS. ELLA SCHWARTZ MRS. CAROLINA MEARNS, R.N. MRS. EVELYN BAUMRIND MRS. SARAH MEYERS Director, Student Residence Day Super ' isor Nurse of Student Residence Staff Assistant Staff Assistant The wind blows cold The sun grows dark The sun grows dark The stormy seas begin to rage The farrowed trees are bowed and bent As the evening star tells its tale. A small and lonely ship ' s at port Its masts are tattered, its bows are bent It has no captain to steer its path It has no wind to ease its way. And then as if by some wondrous hand Four loft winds begin to blow Through the mist four ports arise Calling to this silent ship. These ports will mend your tattered masts These ports will fix your broken bows These flowered ports will steer your ship Will give it strength for the open seas We, the ship tossed and turned From you Stern College We found our way In four short years You ' ve armed us with the strength to face the stormy world ■ And now Gone, gone, are those wondrous years Filled with song with happy tears The echoes of our college years Will always remain in our hearts. Adele Levine 11 Ml LODVi; R ASHliXUHRG I-ducadun, B.A. SHAM (OHLN Psychology, B.A, D.R.E. VIVIAN BALMHA Chemistry, B.A. ffr 12 RACHl ' l. i:i.lX)l MARCIA DAVIS English, B.A. HADASSAH ClOLDMAN FLAMM Education, B.A., B.R.E. 13 SHtlLA 1-RANK English. B.A. s . GLORIA K. GOLDFARB Riolopy. B.A. MlRIA f i-rxK Education B.A. _ 14 tl % JACQUF.I.INF. FRir.DMAN GOLDMAN Psychology, B.A. FAYE GOLDSMITH English. B.A. INGRID GEV.AXTMAN Dim Historv. B.A. 15 M.XRII.VN GOLOMB Hisiory B.A. ANN GREENBERG Sociology, B.A. JUD ' i ' GOnSCHALK iiiiKlish B.A. 16 MINA IIOKOWITZ Ldiitatiun, li.A. MARILYN R. PATT GROSS Mathematics, B.A. ANNETTE KAGAN V3vn Education, B.A. 17 1V1AN KALISH nant liJucadon. B.A. MARSHA KlRbHBLUM Education, B.A. SUSAN KATZ mm m y Education, B.A. 18 ANITA KI.IilN liilucation, B.A. LILLIAN DESSAU KWITEL Education, B.A. SUE KOSS Education, B.A. 19 NJYRA A. LEE run Biology, B.A. ADELE LEVINE Psychology, B.A. AXET [.EFKOW ' ITZ Biology, B.A. 20 NOr.MI LOWINCr.R nan Kn jlish, IJ.A., EVA LEWIN French, B.A. MALKA BROOME LUNDNER Education, BjL 21 PliARL MARCUS Sociology. U.A. SHEII.A MONESSON French, B.A. ' AEL JEANNE MAX Education, B.A., B.R.E. 22 ri;da ruth nhuman Psychology, B.A. ESTHER PERNIKOFF Histon ' . B.A. ETHEL M. PELCOVITZ Education, B.A., B.R.E. 23 EVELYN (CKavic) I ' tVlAMlMK English. B.A. CHANA RUDA nan Sociology, B.A. HA KHAR A PRENNER Sociology, B.A. 24 ARi.i ' .Ni; c;aii. sih-rman nnt7N English, n.A, HARRIET ESTHER SABINSON Sociology, B.A. INA SINGER N3V3 run Education, B.A. 25 REN A STERNFIHLD Unglish, B.A. ESTHER M. TAUB nnoN Biology, B.A. Vivy Prc-Dcntal, B.A. 26 MIRIAM ' iOliY TI NNI-.NBAUM liiulijgy, 13. A. TOBY UMANSKY Enslish, B.A. CAROL TLTNIS Psychology, B.A. 27 CLAUDIA URKOWITZ Fk-McJ. b.a. JUDITH SUE WEINRED Education, B.A., B.R.E. HELENE GAIL WEILGUS VT3 n EJucation, B.A. 28 HLLEN JOY WEISS Psychology, B. A, B.R.l ' . HAW AH WEINSTEIN Education, B.A. FRANCINE WELT Education, B.A. 29 DONNA LEA ZACKAl nn FELICE ZIMNfERN French, B.A. 30 FLORENCE ZWEIG Education, B.A. MARSHA ZWEIG nam yM Ntt Education, B.A. 3) A C T I VI TIES ASHENBERG. MELODYE R. BAUMHAFT. VIVIAN COHEN. SHANl DAVIS. MARQA ELDOD. RACHEL FLAMM. HADASSAH ( ncc Guldman ) FRANK. SHLILA FUNK. MIRIAM GEVANTMAN. IKGRID GOLDFARD. GLORIA (nee Klcinman) GOLDMAN. JACQUEUNE (ncc Friedman) GOLDSMITH. FA YE GOLOMB, MARILYN GOTTSCHALK. JUDY GREENBERG, ANN GROSS. MARIL ' N R. (nee Pact) HOROWITZ. MINA KAGAN. ANNETTE KALISH, VIVIAN KATZ. SUSAN KIRSHBLUNf, MARSHA KLEIN, ANITA KOSS. SUSAN fnec Blumenchal KWITEL. LILLIAN (nee Dessau) LEE, MYRA A. Big sister; of Freshman Chagiga; Israeli D.mce Club. Dean ' s list. Cultural co-orilinator; Speaker for Stern College; Big sister; Art Club. Freshman Class Vice President; Chagiga Chairman; T.A.C. Parshat Hasha- vua Club. President of Freshman Class; Qiairman of Sophomore Shabbat; Chairman of Junior Shabbat; Religious guidance; Big sister; Co-chairman of Junior sing; Chairman of { ' Ol- ' b-i) Publications of T.A.C Yavneh. SSSJ. Co-Chairman of Sophomore Shababt; Co-Chairman of Junior Chagigah; Vice-President of Junior Class; President of Junior Class; Co-Chairman of Junior Book Sale; Co-Chairman of Senior Barton candy sale; Co-Chairman of the Senior Dinner; Co-Chairman of the Shabbat Minyan Committee; Big sister; Floor Chairman. Chairman of Junior Chagiga. Dean ' s list: Laboratory assistant; Big sister. Chairman of Freshman-Sophomore Purim Chagiga; Co-authro of Purim Sing Junior and Senior year. Dean ' s list; Co-Chairman of Sophomore Chagiga. Co-Chairman of Sophomore Chagiga; Co-author of skit for Senior-Fresh- man Tea; Chairman of food; Sophomore, Junior, Senior Chagigas. Co-Chairman of Poetr) ' Festival for Seniors. Parshat Hashuvua Club; Peylim Representative. Dean ' s list; Big siter; Floor Chairman; Bowling trophy. Photography Editor (Kochaviah); Big sister. Co-Chairman of Junior Sing; Chairman of Freshman Chagiga; Door Chair- man of Sophomore Chagiga. President of Senior Class; Co-op manager; Treasurer of Sophomore Class. Dean ' s list. Art Club. Secretary of Senior Class; Student Council; Dramatic Club; Bowling trophy; Social Chairman of Freshman Chagiga. President of Student Council ( ' 65- ' 66); Treasurer of Student Council (Sophomore year); Freshman-Week Co-Chairman; Big sister; Student- Alumnae Committee; Freshman Class Treasurer; T.A.C. member; Club coordinator; Assistant News Editor - Observer (Freshman year); Speaker ' ' at Open House. Big sister. Senior Class Treasurer; President of Yavneh; (Junior year;; Dean ' s list. 32 A C T I VI TIES l.r.FKOVITZ, JANFH I.I ' VlNli, ADELE LEW IN, EVA EOWlNCiER, NOEMI LUNDNER, MALKA MARCUS, PEARE MAX, YAEL MONESSON, SHEILA NEUMAN, RED A RUTH PE.LCOVnZ. ETHEL M. PERNIKOFF, ESTHER POTASHNIK, CHAVIE PRENNER, BARBARA RUDA, GHANA SABINSON, HARRIET E. SHERMAN, ARLENE G. SINGER, INA STERNFIELD, RENA TAUB, ESTHER TENNENBAUM, MIRIAM TUNIS, CAROL Co-Chairman of Pociry Fcsuval; Deans Hit; Choir; Purim Sing Commit- tee (Junior year). Vice President of Senior Class; Big sister; Dean ' s list; Folk singing dub; Purim Sing Co mmittee (Junior year). Dean ' s list; Staff writer for Observer. News Editor of Observer (Fall, 1963); Observer Staff (■62- ' 66); Coop Staff (Fail ' 64); T.A.C. member (■64- ' 65); Student Alumni-associate member (Spring 65); Big sister ( ' 63- ' 65); Dean ' s list; Speaker for Stern College. Dean ' s list; Big sister; Bowling trophy. President, Treasurer and Floor Chairman of Dorm Council; Layout Editor of Kochviah; Chairman of Junior Class Chagiga. Dean ' s list; Dance club. Art Club, Culinary Arts Club; Chairman of Decoration Committees for Socials; Kochaviah staff. Keys and Rings Chairman; Literary Editor of Kochaviah; Dean ' s list; Chairman of Dorm Chagiga ( ' 65- ' 66); Co-author of Purim skit (Junior- Senior years ) ; Chairman of Chess Club ( ' 65- ' 65 ) . Chairman of T.A.C; Hebrew Editor of Kochaviah; Vice-President of Junior Class; Student Alumnae Committee; Big sister; Religious guidance ( ' 63- ' 64) Secretary; Co-author of Purim Skit (Junior-Senior years); Class Chairman of Tzedakah Drive (Junior year); Religious guidance Chairman ' (Junior year). Chairman of Chanuakah assembly. Art Editor of Ashes and Sparks; Art Editor of Kochaviah; Member of T.A.C; Art Club; Yiddish Club; Big sister. Israeli Dance Club. Israeli Dance Club. Sociology Club; Decoration Committee for Junior Chagiga; Invitation Committee for Senior Chagiga; Social Activities Committee. Big sister; Chairman of Junior Chagiga; Dean ' s Est; Etormitory Council (Floor Chairman); Culinary Arts Club. In charge of checkroom for Freshman Chagiga; Art Club; Chumash Club; Conversational Hebrew. Dean ' s list; Vice President of Sophomore Class; Big sister; Co-Chairman of Spring Social (Sophomore Chagiga); Service Club ( ' 62- " 65). Copy Editor of Kochaviah; Dance Club; Culinary and Ast Clubs: ■ " ater- ; safety aid and_swim instructor; Co-op staff. Chairman of Shabbat Committee; Chairman of Halachic Seminar Com- mittee; Dean ' s list; Member of T.A.C; Honorable mention for Woodrow Wilson Fellowship; Co-Chairman of Senior Candy sale. Dean ' s list; Big sister; Co-Chairman of Freshman v " eek-end in Forest Hills. Class Week-ends-decorations; First Chairman of Student Council Russian Jewry; Parshat Hashavua Qub, Temporary Chairman of Stern Chapter of Yavneh. 33 A C T I VI TIES UMANSKY, TOBY URKOWITZ, CLAIjUIA WEILGUS. HELENl- WEINREB. lUDlTH WEINSTEIN. HAVN ' AH WEISS. ELLEN ■W ' ELT. FRANCINE ZACKAl, DONNA ZIMMERN. FELICE ZWEIG, FLORENCE ZWEIG. MARSHA n Editor-in-Chief of Kochavi.ili; Feature Editor of Observer, Vice President of Drama Club. Drama Qub; Chemistry Club; Co-op stall. Dean ' s list; Photography Editor of Kociiaviaii; Big sister; Chiiirnun ot Sophomore Qass Week-end. Chairman of Religious Guidance of Stern College ( ' 65- ' 66); Big sister; (■63- ' 66); Assistant Hebrew Editor of Kochaviah; Member of T.A.C. (■65- ' 66); Program Chairman; Sophomore Chagiga " 63, Junior Chagiga •64. Newspaper typist; Big sister; Purim Play ( ' 65); Dr;ima Play ( ' 66); Yid- dish Club; Drama Club; Member of T.A.C; Co-Chairman of Inter- Yeshiva CounciL Religious Guidance; Co-Chairman of T.A.C; Co-Chairman of refresh- ment committee for Chanukah Chagiga; Big sister; Newspaper reporctr; Class Chairman of Tzedakah Drive ( ' 64- ' 65 ) . Dean ' s list; Secretary of Junior Class; Big sister; Business Manager of Kochaviah; Chairman of Junior Chagiga; Chairman of Senior Shabbac. Big sister; Chairman of Chanukah Chagiga; Decorations Committee for Class Shabbatot and Socials; Chagiga Program Committee; Folk Music Qub. Chairman (and Instructor) of Israeli Dance Club ( ' 62- ' 66); Co-Chairman of Poetry Festival for Seniors; Chairman of Chanukah and Purim Sing for Senior Class; Typing Editor of Kochaviah; Treasurer of Dorm Council " (54); Floor Chairman ( ' 63- ' 64); Member of Junior Sing Committee. President of Drama Club. Chairman of Junior Class Book Sale; Co-op staff; Yiddish Club. D EBATI NG CLUB DRAMATIC SOCIETY Student Council for Russian Jewry BLOOD DRIVE k Poetry Festival SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS 34 SENIOR LISTING Aslicnbcrg, Mclodyc R. 70-39 136th Street Flushing, N. Y. Baumhaft, Vivian 38 Charles St. Wilkes Barrc, Pa. Cohen, Shani 67-55 llOth St, Forest Hills 75, N.Y. Davis, Marcia E. F811-13thSt. Washington, D.C., 20012 Eldod, Rachel 121 Dizengoff St. Tel Aviv, Israel Flamm, Hadassah Goldman c, o Rabinowitz 145 Hooper St. Brooklyn, N. Y. Frank, Sheila E. 201 High St. Passaic, N. J. Funk, Miriam M. 2602 E. Spring Seattle, Washington Gevantman, Ingrid D. 3303 Greenvale Rd. Baltimore, Maryland Goldfarb, Gloria Kleinman 68-33 150th St. Queens, N. Y. Goldman, Jacqueline Friedman 105-37 64th Ave. Forest Hills ,N. Y. Goldsmith, Faye Jeanne 1710 McKinley South Bend, Indiana Golomb Marilyn D. 829 South Wooster IxDs Angeles, Cal (Jross, Marilyn Patt 701 Empire Blvd., Brooklyn, N. Y. 11213 Horowitz, Mina R. 4499 Henry Hudson Parkway Riverdale, N. Y. 10471 Kagan, Annette 661 Westminster Brooklyn, N. Y. Kalish, Vivian 1 8 Clover St. Elizabeth, N. J. Katz, Susan D. 233 Beach 74th St. Arverne, N.Y. 11692 Kirschblum, Marsha 135-12 72nd Ave. Flushing, N. Y. Klein, Anita F. 122 Boyce Ave. Utica, N. Y. Koss, Susan C. 557 W. 187th St. New York, N.Y. 10033 Kwittel, Lillian Dessau 6 Hollywood Court Far Rockaway, N. Y. Lee, Myra A. 15 Argyle Rd. Brooklyn, N. Y. Lefkowit, Janet 3575 Harvey Cleveland, Ohio Levine, Adele J. 33-68 21st St. Long Island City 6, N. Y. Lewin, Eva V. P. O. Box 293 Ste. Agathe, Canada Lowinger, Noemi 1775 - 46 Street Brooklyn, N. Y. Lundner, Malka Broome 1925-QuentinRd. Brooklyn, N. Y. 35 Sherman, Arlenc G. 127 Manchester Terr. Springfield, Mass. Marcus, Pearl 110 Lincoln Exeter, Pa. Max, Yael 37 Locust Ave. Cedarhurst, N. Y. Monesson, Sheila 2 17 Private Way Lakewobd, N. J. Neuman, Reda Ruth 3707 Liberty Heights Ave. Baltimore, Md. Osband, Arleen R. 314 South Goodman Ave. Rochester, N. Y. Pelcovitz, Ethel 781 Caffrey Ave. Far Rockaway, N. Y. Pernikoff, Esther 3302 West Rogers Ave. Baltimore, Md. Potashnik, Evelyn 1615 Elizabeth PL Cincinnati, Ohio Prenner, Barbara 1 1 Smith Ave. Ware, Mass. Ruda, Ghana 182-02 69th Ave. Fresh Meadows 65, N. Y., Sabinson, Harriet E. 666 Water St. New York, N. Y. 10002 Singer. Ina 179 Schuyler Ave. Newark, N. J. Sternfield, Rena Lee 6302 Wirt Ave. Baltimore 15, Md. 53-09 Marathon Parkway Little Neck, N. Y. Taub, Esther 3222 West Carmen Chicago, 111. Tennenbaum, Miriam T. 356 Crown St. Brwjklyn, N. Y. Tunis, Carol E. 96 W. 32nd St. Bayonne, N. J. Umansky, Toby 250 Vassar Ave. Newark, N. J. Urkowitz, Claudia 245 Hawthorne St. Brooklyn, N. Y. 11225 Weilgus, Helene 504-H Grand St. New York, N. Y. 10002 Weinreb, Judith S. 1010 Moss Place Far Rockaway, N. Y. Weinstein, Ha - ah B. 629 Park Ave. EUzabeth, N. J. Weiss, Ellen J. 1430 Cleveland Road Miami Beach, Florida Welt, Francine 79-34 260th St. Floral Park, N. Y. Zackai. Donna Lee 7025 Clyde Chicago, Illinois Zimmern, Felice 900 Academy Terr. Linden. N. J. Zweig. Florence 5601 Bartlett St. Pirtsbiirgh, Pa. Zweig. MiTsha Z. 458 Avenue T Brooklyn, N. Y. CLASS HISTORY r ' eshman year we were wiJc-cycd wanderers through tlie never-never land of the oldest and largest. We plodded tluough knee-deep red tape — tuition payments, program changes, O.K. ' s from the top, and all the bookkeeping that goes with late fees. W ' c ex- plored our campus — the Donnell Libraray, Museum of Ntodcrn Art, and the Broadway theaters. W ' c were introduced to a lively social life — dorm chagigot, dorm socials, class chagigot, class socials, school chagigot, school socials . . . We had spirit — rooting for Y.U. on College Bowl . . . And then there was school — Biology lab, English Composition, languages. Wc really plugged away for a while. But most important of all were the people we studied with. The girls were great — not stylish at first, not " New Yorker " yet, but silly, sociable, serious and studious. { ophomore year seem very blurry from this vantage point. It was the least im- pressive year, except for Kennedy ' s death. We were here and some of our friends had left. We were still lower classmen, but we knew enough to pull ourselves out of the less deep ruts. The Prince George offered countless opportunities. We were met by guest lec- turers there — the fire chief, th doctor and especially the religious revivalist. When we felt low we could scrawl messages on windows and make new friends. We made some use of our campus — days or nights in the Village ,shopping sprees in Altman ' s, Sak ' s, and Ohrbach ' s. And when we wanted to relax we dropped into the Lor- ctta Young lounge. We could always watch Robert Kennedy lead a parade on General Pulaski Day or kick around beer cans on 5th and 27th after the St. Patrick ' s Day festivi- ties. Of course we attended school — perhaps a little less often than Freshman year — and we worked either less or more diligently. Spring fever got to some of us (teachers too) a bit earlier and lasted a lot longer. For some it never arrived. 36 CLASS HISTORY I unior year was the year of the picket, pick-out and pick-on. Picket for Rus- sian Jewry, for more freedom and dorm privileges. It was a time for choosing sparklers, reception halls, apartments, and majors. This was the year room-mates became fashion co-ordinators and interior decorators. This was the year we blew aJl the fuses in the dorm one floor after another — and some of us even managed to hook up our air-conditi- This was the year of greatest change. We were expanding ... to the jailhouse. Sounded rather confining to us, though. Altogether, it was a very engaging group who parted for the summer of ' 65. ( unny how all of a sudden we were seniors. Not one big belJy m the halls we could our own. But we returned to a greater measure of freedom and camaraderie than ever before. We were installed in a new dorm along with private telephones and a desk for each girl. The commuters joined us during the blackout and again during the subway strike. Amazing how close you can become to a person simply by loaning a nightgown. We finally realized that Mrs. Sobel and Mrs. Keller were two of our best friends. This was a year of reminiscing, goofing ofi and or plugging for that degree. This was a time of worrying about how time is beginning to pass all too quickly. This was a rime of finding the world situation directly touching us . . . The newspapers we are filled with pictures of boys younger than we who were dying in Viet Nam — for us. As we leave Stern, hopefully for a more secure fture, we see our four years here as ones of challenge, determination, tragedy, tension, ingenuity, turmoil, expectations, and hope. 37 THE PAST FOUR YEARS HAVE BEEN ONES OF CHALLENGE 38 DETERMINATION 39 1 Fir ' V y - Pot 3mmik: TRAGEDY .40 POTJvSHNlK fofo • ••TENSION 41 »= ' o-rAs.v INGENUITY 42 POTASMMlK TURMOIL 43 EXPECTATIONS 44 I SEE HIM I see Him in a sick ' s recovery, In a scientific discovery. I sec Him in creative tension, Realization, materialiation, and invention. I see Him in the voice of our Tanoim. In the discussion of the Arnoroini. I see Him in the Rishonim ' s debate. And in my ancestor ' s faith. I see Him in my mother ' s devotion. In a little girl ' s emotion. I see Him in Beethoven ' s inspiration And in Dr. Schweitzer ' s devotion. I see Him in the gale ' s soar. In the sea ' s mighty roar. I see Him in heaven ' s silence, And in nature ' s thundering violence. I see Him in Jewish History, Highly complex and- full of mystery. I see the Great Sire Even in Treblinka ' s and Oswicim ' s fire. On a rainy day I see Him on the cloud ' s roof. Cold, far, distant, aloof And on a warm day, in prayer I see Him clear Glorious, majestic and yet close and near. I see G-d the Universe Creator In science, the innovator, I see G-d the Great Judge, In human misery and grudge. I believe in the uniqueness of our religion and race I believe in the rightousness of our case. When I see the weak ' s survival, I am sure of the ultimate Messiah ' s arrival. I believe that all people are of one stock, Yet I am aware that I am of the minority block A lost sheep of Jacob ' s flock And G-d is my fortress and rock. by Dr. Samuel Soloveichik • • H OPE 45 P ' i ' ' ' ' i f t i By [he river ' s rippling waters Neath the sun ' s golden beams Neath the heaven ' s azure blue Neath the sky with its twinkling stars. There ' s a tree growing Its roots are buried deep Its branches raised unto the sun Its sustenance to reap. Little sapling drinks the silvery dew While it ' s fanned by the c x)l cast wind Tiny buds blossoming forth Sending out its sweet perfumes. Tlie little tree is growing Its roots are buried deep Itsbranches raised unto the sun Its sustenance to reap. Winter now descends bringing with it Gold and frosty death-like winds United one, gather together To uproot this lonely tree. But the little tree is strong Its roots are buried deep Its branches raised unto the sun Its sustenance to reap. Winter now descends bringing with it Cold and frosty death-like winds United one, gather together To uproot this lonely tree. But the little tree is strong Its roots are buried deep Its branches raised unto the sun Its sustenance to reap. We the saplings We the tiny buds Struggling for life in a stormy world Receiving sustenance from learning Gaining strength from Torah ' s ways. Neither storms nor heavens Can ere uproot this tree Its branches raised to thee Stern College Sustenance to reap. Adele Levine 4 i2?W i A$vSiS??S a£ 2ASk S 2g(2AS4 ;? S £ 46 o ' i ' ym v T HON ( ' K niDS) " m c-n =7 ' ;! ncsn ' ;i - in y -nv; c r;n en " n- rj ' ?-;„ I linn ■ ' nny hb ' b ' ns i:i ' 7ddd s ' 7na p ]v; v pi ' 7ti ' ht r n ncKc ntr-yn • ' in nmsj nn n tr ' pti ' D on □■ ' snj o dn .ddud ■ ' UD7r; cn y .pnr n-inna s ' 7c tr ' iD ' a la-.n li- ' D i ,nman n c " ' ityp nc nnw 3 minn D nmm ]Mn mnn " im r; snn n " :ipn .i? nam myotyn i jti ' -cn ■iDxy inn " ? nims y cuwn m " " mti-sNnn nmnn nnM Dunn -iiti-SDn -ionn Tna vcyn ijsn ' ? msn y ,n " i-iDiD mn t: ' n:ti ' n .c n:: -Ji-jn iiin ion D ' 7iy„ :DDnn nnsDa nnnt ' n nnn n |n " ' ' 7y n ' l 1D en en ncsa .cDmn " nmo n m JDi pirn ' ? ax-n 3 ' 7C ' .c ' 7r; ' ? mn- ' s ' i ' i ly-ny p rn ma r - ? " ' " i - ' THKn ,nasT jn r insn ' ? itt ' ss s . " ly nan nns nDl • „ .nD«- s ' n n? r ' 7B ' no-.n i D " ' nD m ' 7ynn ' jincn ' ? u-i y n p s n sn c sna D ira . ru ' n ns crw D D«T . " n " apn ' 7 rime ncyj in ns " ? ncs ri H .- " ' i ' " ' ' ' ' " c ' ' ' " ' " " ' ' " ' c:c«k ' nDDi noD nns y " nns n " apn c ' ion--„ — inn-na ncsn n.s --rnn n " apn .i:iD ' 7iy T3-iDn nnNn ns -i Dyn ' i ' it na-np na-.n n7t2 " ,D i: 7yty ,n " ipn ' 711 ' iD iyn nsim SD:in cctt " ? i-inxc ' -ina n cyn ,n " ,jD cyD iDD ' ?wn ' ? nT ' nM imn .nnsi in ' ' " ' ' ' ' C ' 2:i: ' jn CTpsnn " r pm7 ca- n .n i; n ' ' ' 7 D n- ' iriism nnoTOn i nmn nrpa .c- nvDvn -.r ' Li ' yna n ' ,jn:c ni HT «n " ' . " iiD • ' NT min ' i ' tr o ' i ' iya o ' vrin ' ? ' 713 " ' !:■ ' « nnsm nenn T ' t ' t: ' ' 73N wsi nsti-D Nin Di ti ' n .• ' Tin- ' n UD iy ■ ' Ji ty " i«sn nr,Dn n ' c c ' m cn n nnpn nmD ' ' n ' ?-c ' 7 ' ' yM r j cid ' ' " ' T ' y p i rcn in: s ni -ins " , -ns 7r ' i ' ty ;iy ' n„ :n ' 7 qoa: a vyn ' 73C ' n yin nana i ianpi lis i3c " ' yD pi nnsn- I ' -n , " . . " m ' 7trn my ri« i-in ' ' ' i in icy 47 TOBY UMANSKY, EJiror-in-Oiicf FEUCE ZIMMERN, Typint; Eilitor Copy EJiior Ri;i)A RUTH NtUMAN. Literary Editor KOCHAVIAH S T A F F 1966 PEARL MARCL S Layout Editor ETHEL PELCOVITZ Hebrew Editor JUDITH WEINREH, Assistant Hebrew EJimr (RANCINL WELT, Business Manager HELENE WEILGUS Photography Editor CHAVIE POTASHNIK, Art Kilitor MINA HOROWITZ Photography Editor ? ,((; : A ,(| ' ? ' ,,(; ? " ■• y,1 ' ' To the Class of ' 66 As these four years hold personal memories for each of you, the work that went into the yearbook will always remain with me. 1 never would have been able to do it without Ethel and Reda Ruth who took over when I didn ' t know which way to turn. They goaded me when I was lazy, and took the initiative to cope with problems I couldn ' t solve myself. They went through one layout after another with the thought only of helping me to please you. They stayed awake at night, unable to sleep because deadlines were missed and ads weren ' t coming in. Chavie ' s work was a constant amazement to us. Frannie never panicked once — though for a while we had reason to believe the yearbook would never materialize. Felice spent her vacations and free nights typing for us. Mina and Helene nearly had a camera chapeau when certain candids were developed. To them, and to everyone that made this yearbook possible, you owe this year ' s Kochaviah. In retrospect, four years seem so short. Yes, we ' ll sign each other ' s yearbooks, kiss, cry, and promise to call and write . . . but these relatively carefree days are gone. We won ' t have R.S., Psychology or Drama Society in common any more. Relationships will end June 16 — but one day years later you will pick up this book and say — " Oh, Re- member her — she ' s the one that was afraid two months before graduation she wouldn ' t make it " . An other faces, forms and voices will come floating back on a cloud seen through rose-colored glasses. Then you will close this book, and the moment will pass. But for that moment — smile, or shed a tear, for four years gone by. Toby Umansky Editor-in-Chief x :! ' ' S Hs S 2 HS; i ' S£ Hs ' fe2£ ' ' 49 there was a cloud. She wasn ' t a ver)- prctrj ' cloud but she was white, downy, and free-floating. When she smiled, all the clouds hovered over her — yet — she felt threat ened by the very air which created her. She seemed to be a happy cloud. She had always pushed the storms behind her. She clung to the shining face of the sun — to protect herself — to maintain her serenity. Shq feared that shed become a rain cloud. One day, the filthy air about her saturated her purity. She fought to be alone, to cleanse herself. All w ' as in vain. The stormy cloud behind pushed, shoved, beat her. They tortured her already turbulent insides. Again, she fought. She struggled within thc;r grasp. All was lost. AlasI She became a rain cloud. Never would she be the same serene, in- nocent, and soft cloud she once was. Her form was tainted with the pollution of the past. Torn and dejected, she relented. Her suffering had distigured her. She was scarred and ugly. Wherever she drifted, she was alone. She no longer greeted the passing clouds with a smile. Yet, the rays of the sun continued to penetrate the armor of dirt . . . Rcda Ruth Neuman 50 t)opVNon o«.£,S CXR aV.Eia.du puCSUiX o -ttvic ooaLS- fr QQ-Qtd in fu«Lht«vnO| hufi. E.n ' Ae.avoRS a.«i. junv; -,. flmona tht most. pRodudwa ATia-nbtRs oc XVvt StvctrTL bcxiu aRt t,V s. stVMORS. 51 REEL " DO Hi a .iin dorm! Whoops, not on 2Sth Street, Here wf arc. Excuse mc, phone call . Visit some friends Hey, here s a Loiiiimjter! Dance a little Have something to eat . Sing some 52 RM LIFE The decor in the hall is beautiful. Join an engagement party. Would y(ju sign the register, please. Visit a student, Drop in on a meeting, Wait a minchal And promise to clean up tomorrow morning. Quick, get the phone before it wakes up the roommates. Gather for bedtime stories 53 Get Smart! Id really pull the Hair " over his eyes. - Just ivc up the txHtie? Off key, but in unison! r f%. Let ' s pretend we ' re liaving a good time. , - Auction of livestock. Going once . . . 1 ' v: i They tailored me for U.N.C.LE. -rr And girls, always remember to cross your legs at the ankle . . . n W ' oul you believe ten five.- ' - Let go, dammit! 54 The spies who came in from the cold. n They asked me who I was. I ' m so pretty " . And she can cook, tool I ' m the greatestl orin ? A on t lNy " :? VTV IPNW See no evil, hear no evil, speak . . . I lost 25 lbs. on the " drinking " man ' s diet! nV 3, Tut. rut . . . I ' d rather fight than switch. 55 rT-r-.r-.r .i .rirntricrir .r .r .r- ' .r-it-- r- ' -t i£i trirap ' ; Best wishes to the GRADUATES STUDENT COUNCIL, 1965 SUE KOSS-President RACHEL VITSICK-Vice-President SUSAN AAAIN-Secretary ZELDA BADNER-Treasurer GOLD HONOR PAGE 56 Congratulations to KOCHAVIAH 1966 FROM KOCHAVIAH 1965 Copy Editors-ESTELLE BRIER GLASS ESTHER AMSTER Typing Editors-TOBY WEISS FLORA WUNSCH Art Editor-PHYLLIS AMSTER from Editor-In-Chief-RACHEL J. SOLOMON Literary Editor-SHELLY SHULMAN Hebrew Editor-BINA LEVOVITZ Business Editors-EVELYN BARON JUDITH A. MINCHENBERG Photography Editors-MARION STERN CODER VIVIAN EISENBERG 57 The Class .- f 10 SR wishes SENIOR CLASS A Maze! Tov President: REBECCA ULAAAN Vice President: BARBARA SCHREIBER Secretary: PHYLLIS FARKAS Treasurer: RUTH AMIN Connratulations from the CLASS OF 1967 President: BARBARA KAGAN Vice President: HARRIETTE KATZNELSON Secretary: NAOMI MEYER Treasurer: ARLINE MALMAN I X Best wishes to the SENIOR CLASS THE STERN COLLEGE DORMITORY COUNCIL President: PEARL MARCUS Vice President: LENORE WOLFSON Secretary: HELENE ANDREWS Treasurer: MARY JAINE SOLOMON WSSSSS5=SfSSSSSs:S5SSSfS5SiS5:Sf:V:U5=4f 58 Congratul.ilioiis (roni the FRESHMEN CLASS President; MALKA SAX Vice President: BEVERLY MOSKOWITZ Secretary; ELSA CANTOR Treasurer; JUDY SCHAPIRA flS In honor of the Graduatiori of our Teachers; ANNETTE KAGAN and FRANCINE WELT CONGREGATION BETH SHALOM Mineola, L. I. Rabbi Irving Rockoff With love and appreciation To my Parents, MR. and MRS. EDWARD WELT FRANCINE MR. Congratulations to TOBY on her graduation from her Grandparents and MRS. IRA SCHWINDER Congratulations and Best Wishes to MINA HOROWITZ MR. and MRS. MILTON STEINBERG and FAMILY Business Phone WAtkins 4-1977 Home Phone; CH 2-7658 GEFEN ' S DAIRY RESTAURANT Home Cooking SATURDAYS JEWISH HOLIDAYS CLOSED SALEK GEFEN, President 297 SEVENTH AVENUE Near 27th Street New York 1, N. Y. Congratulatons to our Niece N OEMI MR. and MRS. M. LOWINGER and SONS 59 . r r - -lr rffnrn -n- r r rffi-lt-n re— ; ' . r-c ' r r■ rnr n-lr-rr- nt a -ff etta With the compliments of Rabbi Dr. and Mrs. D. Lewin and Judith Lewin On the occasion of the Graduation of their Daughter and Sister EVA A Hearty AAazel Tov to MALKIE Upon her Graduation LEROY RABBI and MRS. AA. BROOME and FAMILY MR. and MRS. A. LUNDNER Our love and ' brochos ' to our own graduate— ETHEL on this great moment in her life Mazel Tov and Hatzlacha Dad and Mother JUDY, DAVID and NOCHIE PELCOVITZ 60 A Double Mazel Tov to ESTHER and MOSHE On their Engagement and Graduations LOVE, MOTHER, DAD; CAROL, JOE and LEAH ADINAH; SHIA and NEETEE; SHOMO. and MIRIAM -r. . Be-,! of h)rV to CAROL E. TUNIS Fror ' -i STORR TRACTOR COMPANY Westfield, New Jersey 201 -232-7800 Ford Industrial Tractors — Loaders — Backhoes Mazel Tov Uvrakhot Maaleefot L ' DONNA LEA ZACKAI L ' seyuma Ima, Aba, Sabta Hertsel and Aviva 61 £ ur r:vnr- ' .t-ir-io ' ' - " Mazel " — Forever— And Ever jnd E er to FLORENCE H. ZWEIG MR ond MRS. ISADORE H ZWEIG and Daughters SHIRLEY, MARLEEN, GINA Best Wishes and Brachos and Hatzlacha to REDA RUTH GRANDMA and GRANDPOP AUNT SYLVIA and UNCLE BEN AUNT JEAN and UNCLE STANLEY ANN LEE and COUSIN MARK JERRY and ADELE and COUSIN ALISE MR Best Wishes to REDA RUTH and MRS. M. LEO STORCK Mazel Tov to REDA RUTH NEUMAN from her Parents and -Brother A lR. and MRS. CHARLES NEUMAN and GARY Love to our Shining Star FR ANCINE MR. and MRS. EDWARD WEIT REGINA and BERNARD REDA RUTH NEUMAN REDA RUTH Mazel Tov to SUE KOSS and all the Graduates MOM and DAD, MIKE and HELEN RUTH and KURT ROSENTHAL MORIS and LENNY LOSS and SAUL jg5Hggg3g»:3gE5g a-A -a-iM M ;-i WM V4)-iV4M)-iM 62 i:«ae=rt=«=lcn3Klti!=i!rlC3titiWfcfta 914 -647-4200 N. Y. Wl 7-7717 Gartenberg and Schechter ' s PIONEER COUNTRY CLUB Greenfield Park, New York Strict Kosher Modern Resort Hotel Mile Long Lake 9 Hole Golf Course Wedding - Bar Mitzvahs - Conventions Mazel Tov to our Daughter and Niece SHEILA MR. and MRS. ISRAEL MONESSON MR. and MRS. MIKE MONESSON To Honor the Graduation of MR. and MRS. GEORGE TARGUM, ROBIN and " MOOSE " Congratulations to MELODYE and her Sister Graduates You finally made it JOAN JEFF ASHENBERG Best Wishes to MELODYE and all her Classmates ALL CITY POULTRY CORP. To Congratulations Best Wishes Love, IRA BEN RITTER, INC. 124 West 3Clh Street Nev York City In honor of INGRID GEVANTMAN RABBI JACOB D. MAX HARRIS STRAUSS INC. Textiles 315 Seventh Avenue New York, N. Y. Mazel Tov to my darling Daughter ANNETTE on her graduation Love, MOM Mazel Tov to My Dear Niece ANNETTE en her graduation RABBI JOSEPH KAGAN 63 BLOCK PUBLISHING CO. 1 " L .L. ,on - . ONCtRN 31 WEST 31 SI STREET New York 1, N. Y. PARKVANDERBILT APOTHECARY, INC. : ; ; - -■ • ' ...V ■lorl. ii, , " 4 V. Phono: MU 5-3304 Discounts for Sicrn College Students SAUL More than many Thanks for your help open earl SUE, the Pros. AAazel vKol Tov to H A V V A H Upon her Graduation BEN POSNOCK PROVISIONS CO., INC. THE WEINSTEIN FAMILY In loving n-.emory of .:■, ' di-.»f !.usb.ind SAMUEL ZEVIN HORAV 5HMUEL T2VI B " R AVRAHAM ZEV icchcr liadik livrocha MRS. M. ZEVIN Best Wishes to My Granddaughter ADELE BUDI Congratulations to ANITA KLEIN MEN OF HOUSE OF JACOB MINYAN Utica, N. Y. Congratulations 27-MK from SARASAC A heartfelt mazel tov for Hazlocho in all her endeavors 1o HADASSAH from her Pdrcnts-in law MR. i MRS. KURT flAMM GERSHON YEHUDO Mazel Tov Brocha To our Beloved Daughter Sister SUCHIE MR. MRS. LEO FRANK MARCIA A mazel lev to my Wife, HADASSAH upon her graduation from RABBI ARI FLAM A Hearty Mazel Tov to our Dear Daughter HADASSAH on this happy occasion from her parents RABBI MRS. SAUL GOLDMAN, MOISHE, JOSHUA 64 RAJAH PORTRAIT STUDIO 550 Fiflh Avcnuo New York, N. Y. 10035 PL 7-3638 SP 7-5460 Congroluldtions: INA JACOB, FRANCES, GARY SINGER JACOB KLAPPHOLZ Br-;t ■;- lo CAROL TUNIS AUNT SALLY SISTERS PENNY CIVIA To our Niece AMY MR MRS. NICHOLAS POLLAK a BOBBY Best wishes to " FELICE " WALTER J. ZIMMERN SALES CORP. Boston - New Yorl CUT N ' COMB INC. 5 E. 35ih Street New York, N. Y. MU 3-3314 MR. ALFRED Hair Consultant " Bowl for your Hcillli " GRAMERCY BOWLING CENTRE 203 E. 23rd Street New York City Open League Bowling For Reservations Call MU 6-9863 FARMFOOD RESTAURANT 142 V . 49 Street New York, N. Y. Unoffical meeting place for both Undergraduates Alumni Ten Pins - Duck Pins - Barrel Pins Free Instructions at all tmies Inquire about our new " Birthday Club " DANOR TRAVEL CORP. 60 W. 46fh Street New York, N. Y. 10036 PL 7-5925 Congratulations to ANITA KLEIN Compliments of SISTERHOOD OF TIFERETH 2V1 Utica, N. Y. GRamercy 5-6915-6916 Meats Poultry for home freezers 1. GOLDBERG SONS Glat Kosher Meats Provisions 500 Grand Street New York 2, N. Y. (Amalgamated-Hillman Cooperatives) Best Wishes to HAVVAH WEINSTEIN from her Friends at LOOMCRAFT! Open Day Night GRamercy 7-9338-9344 RAPOPORT ' S DAIRY RESTAURANT 91-93 Second Avenue New York 3, N. Y. Free Meeting Rooms Catering for all occasions - Over 500 Seating Capacity Retail Liquor Store License No. L-365 GOLDRICH WINES LIQUORS INC. New York 16, N. Y. LExington 2-9734-9735 David Carlin Best wishes to our Daughter CAROL EDA MOM DAD Compliments of J S JEWELERS INC. 333 5;h Avenue 65 AAazel Tov and Hatzlacha To HAVVA WEINSTEIN Gn;i SIMCHA WEISS From THE ST. LOUIS RABBNICAL COLLEGE COMPLlNfENTARY HOTEL PHARMACY MR. MRS. ALBERT GOLDSCHEIDER TAMILV MRS. JACOB COHN DR. MRS. MURRAY M. MIMELES KEY FOOD, LONG ISLAND CITY MR. E. URMAN SIMONS ELI STARR, M.D. ISAAC RUBENSTEIN MEAT : POULTRY MARKET JACK POLIVY, JEWELER AMIT ' CLEANERS TAILORS HARRY MEYER TANENBAUM BAKE SHOP DR. LEONARD STRULOWITZ FAMILY CAROL TM SAGOTSKY MRS. GEORGE MARCUS MR. MR. MRS. STANLEY SHERMAN Compliments of BERNSTEIN ' S DELICATESSIN ANONYMOUS PARK SQUARE HARDWARE INC. BRUSCO FUEL OIL CO., INC. SAMUEL BAUER SONS, INC. MIDTOWN RESTAURANT MR. MRS. A. HARRY JACOBSON ESTHERS KOSHER DAIRY RESTAURANT NAT FISHMAN FAMILY PRUDENTIAL PAPER PODUCTS CO., INC. Best Wishes to CAROL TUNIS LARIAN BEAUTY SALON, INC. MR. GOLD MAXWELL MARCUS 66 Compliments of To FELICE With sincerest wishes for much success in the future— Mazel Tov LENNY, BEATE DORY, RENEE RUTH and ABAHAM M DAVIS Congratulations to JANET LEFKOWITZ from MR. and MRS. IRWIN TAMBLER Congratulations to MARILYN GOLOMB From MR. HARRY SIEGEL Congratulations to JANET From HELENE, JORDAN and NAT Congratulations to MIRIAM TENNENBAUM MR. and MRS. JACK BLUMENFRUCHT from an anonymous admirer of JANET LEFKOWITZ 67 ' . =S:S:3;=S::3SHas:3SnE3nP3HE3SHaSP3P ■■ r-ff-irir-ff-ff- r-irTr-irTTnr- n-ir-i -tr-tr-n ff n-n-i»- » - n--n -- n -- i - n - iT - it --i --iT- r r- ' r- ' r-q j Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to our Daughter GHANA REV .ind MRS A H GREENBERG 4896 Fulton Montreal, Canada THE CLASS OF 1969 wishes THE CLASS OF 1966 Congraiulaiions and Best Wishes Congratulations to SHANI COHEN from her loving family Maze! Tov, Love, and Best Wishes MARILYN R. PATT GROSS MR. and Mrs. ABRAHAM W. pATT YALE and MARTIN PATT MARSHALL P. GROSS MR. and MRS. JACOB S. GROSS and SUSAN LESTER KAUFMAN Best Wishes lo . -d LILLIAN KATZ FAMILY on her gradudtion HEDY ASCHEIM Complimenfs of KARMEL TAKE HOME FOOD 2. INC. SANDY HOROWITZ 68 Barachat Mazel Hatzlacha To MARSHA Love MOTHER, DAD, and RIVY Mazel Tov VIV MOM, DAD, NORMAN, SID, LINDA AUNT FLORENCE and UNCLE DAVE Mazel Tov to HINDY WEILGUS MOM, DAD, SIMMY and NAOMI EUDICE, MOISHE and ZVI To V ith best wishes for a future that is everything you ' re looking forward to! GRANDMA TARGUM Emanuel Targum Family Klempner Family Duchan Family Rubin Family Rose Skyer and Ceil Flanagan To CHAVIE Maze! Tov and Best Wishes for Continued Succes and Happiness MOTHER, DAD and DINA Compliments of BEN POSNICK PROVISION CO., INC. Processors and Distributors Kosher Meat Products and Poultry 1713 E. Elizabeth Avenue Linden, New York Congratulations to our Cousin MARSHA ZWEIG DR. IGNATZ NADEL DR. CHARLOne NADEL 69 To the Girls of " GE " r ( -n- -( -m- -l -n- -n- -n--n-n- 1- --( - - ] CELESTE SHEILA ..nd MYRA Congratulations to I Our Dear Daughter and Sister J A hearty Mazel Tov and best of everything to you! M 1 N A 1 CANTOR MRS. MARTIN HOROWITZ ] ] ANONYMOUS ] In devotion to TOBY ] ] who has spent endless hours of Best Wishes to ■ MIRIAM TENNENBAUM patience and dedication to AUNT HELEN, UNCLE JACK ] produce such a masterpiece and FAMILY ] y " Kochaviah 1966 " j P from KOCHAVIAH STAFF ] i 1 FELICE j J May this be the beginning | of success for you To AUNT TOBY, UNCLE MURRAY ] ] JACK and MICHAEL S T. U. G. Q Love ] 1 1 P E. H. G. ] ] n To 1 n 1 E. H. G. Love T. U. (G.) . JS-U-iU%JPS-IUJWU-U-4MUS JUV-S-IV4V.U.U-U::saK3ME3 70 " ( zziinai and jDnfit Wiihsi 71 T ' 5 ' !V ' ' W ' ' ' 5H « ! y • r ., i ' t sf ' ve ' i S e £A( ' !f ' Sce££ i S 72 tftn

Suggestions in the Stern College for Women - Kochaviah Yearbook (New York, NY) collection:

Stern College for Women - Kochaviah Yearbook (New York, NY) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Stern College for Women - Kochaviah Yearbook (New York, NY) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Stern College for Women - Kochaviah Yearbook (New York, NY) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Stern College for Women - Kochaviah Yearbook (New York, NY) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


Stern College for Women - Kochaviah Yearbook (New York, NY) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Stern College for Women - Kochaviah Yearbook (New York, NY) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


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