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i RABBI DfL SAMUEL BELKIM - We have come together— from many places— from the north, and the south, and the east, and the west. We have met, and we have joined— in body and mind, in heart and in spirit. We have come to learn— about Man, about G-d, about the world, and in combination, about Man in G-d ' s World. We have rejoiced in our coming for we have found friends. We have shared joy and laughter, sorrow and tears, good days and bad days and just-all-right days. We have talked and we have sung and we have danced. We have hoped and dreamed and we have prayed. We have sought G-d and we have been bewildered and con- fused; but we are beginning to understand— Life and Death, Love and Hate, Good and Evil— and G-d and Man and the World. We have studied others and we have studied ourselves. We have studied much —but we have just begun to learn. We Ixave been guided. With patience and understanding we have been taught— to be patient and to understand. We have been inspired— to pursue learning beyond the classroom, to strive for higher goals, to seek a more determined will, and to find satisfaction in what we have achieved. KOCHAVIAH 1965 is dedicated to the Faculty of Stern College for Women KOCHAVIAH STAFF We offer this yearbook as the record of the class of 1965. In a few short days, the class of 1965 will become part of the past. Four years ago we came, as in- dividuals, bound then by our heritage and by the desire to attain common goals. We have now achieved these goals. Again we shall go our separate ways, perhaps to meet someday in re- union. Bound now by memories of what we have shared, we await the future. The world lies ahead of us, but we have much to remember. If this book serves to remind us, we shall have full- filled our purpose. Rachel J. Solomon EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Shelly Sehulman Literary Bina Levovitz Hebrew Evelyn Baron Business Judith A. Minchenberg Business Marion Stern Goder Photography Vivian Eisenberg Photography Estelle Brier Glass Copy Esther Am ster Copy ■»■■■ ■ .m r -- " ,5 ttv 1 Toby Weiss Typing Flora Wunsch Typing Phyllis Amster Art Administration and Faculty Dr. Samuel Belkin President As you leave Stern College for Women, I extend my sincerest congratulations for your past achievements and wish you every success in your future endeavors. Graduating during the 10th anniversary year of the College, you have participated in events which point up the unique characteristics of your alma mater. Here the modern young woman can devote herself to the complete development of her capabilities as a Jewess and as a student of Western culture. Stern College concentrates on the moral and spiritual purposes of the knowledge acquired in a liberal arts college— a center of learning which provides the opportunity to search and research into the mysteries of the universe, to acquire a better under- standing of the world in which we have been placed, to achieve a greater appreciation of the lives and destinies of the people among whom we live. I have abiding faith that you will govern your lives by the standards of the Torah, and that you will consider your educa- tion as a means to a great end: consecrated service to God and our fellowmen. Sincerely yours, Dr. Samuel Belkin PRESIDENT Mr. Max Stem It is with great pleasure that I greet the Class of 1965 of Stern College for Women. Yours is the good fortune to be part of an important anni- versary in the brief history of our college. Ten years ago when Yeshiva University established this college to provide young Jewish women with an outstanding Jewish and general educa- tion, the venture was a pioneering one, the first of its kind in higher education under Jewish sponsorship. That it has succeeded so well is a lasting tribute to the unfailing dedication of its faculty and to the caliber and devotion of its student body. During your undergraduate years here, you have witnessed much growth at Stern College. As a group you have compiled a number of academic and scholastic achievements which will always be recalled with pride by your Alma Mater. Now, as you prepare to join the ranks of Stern College for Women alumnae, I extend to each of you my warm congratulations and best wishes. There is nothing that has given me greater satisfaction than to see the increasing number of our graduates who have taken their places as responsible members of the community and as creative and skilled professionals in many essential fields of en- deavor. I am confident that the Class of 1965 will add a glorious chapter to this proud tradition. Sincerely yours, Max Stern 4 M j t -»- I V T L Bt fflB f J Dr. Dan Vogel Dean Mrs. Elizabeth Isaacs Dean of Students SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Judy Schwartz President Sylvia Levinson Vice President Gale B. Davis Treasurer Sandra M. Chomsky Secretary STUDENT COUNCIL 1964-65 Ruth Scheuer President Barbara Hollander Vice President Susan Harris Treasurer Esther Koenig Secretary Mr. Morris Altman Biology Dr. Esther Appelberg Sociology Dr. Gersion Appel Religious Studies Mr. Yehoshua Be ' ery Hebrew Prof. Dora Bell French Miss Marie Boks German Mrs. Lucy Brysk Speech Prof. Phyllis Cahn Biology Mr. Max Celnik Librarian Miss Carol Dvorkin Economics Prof. Shlomo Eidelberg Chairman, Hebrew Department Prof. Morris Epstein English Mr. Herschel Farkas Mathematics Prof. Jacob Feinstein Bible, Hebrew Mrs. Sarah Freeman Education Prof. Beatrice Friedland Biology Prof. Fred Goodman Biology Mr. Harold Greenberg Sociology Prof. Jules Greenstein Psychology Mr. Henry Grinberg English Mrs. Miriam Grosof Mathematics Mrs. Laurel Hatvary English Prof. Meier Havazelet Hebrew Mr. Jerry Hochbaum Sociology Prof Moses L. Isaacs Chemistry Prof. Leo Jung Philosophy Prof. Meyer Karlin Mathematics Mrs. Linda Kerber History Rabbi Yitzchak Kerstein Hebrew Prof. Ruth Kisch Music Mrs. Nancy Knopka Spanish Prof. Anna Krakowski French, Bible Prof. Howard Levine Religious Studies Prof. Henry Lisman Physics Prof. Joseph Lookstein Sociology Miss Esther Ofri Physical Education Rabbi Mitchell Orlian Hebrew Prof. Eleanor Ostrau Political Science Prof. Marcel Perl man Psychology Rabbi Jacob Rabinovvitz Chemistry Prof. Ellen Robinson Psychology Prof. Noah Rosenbloom Hebrew Literature Mrs. Nathalie Schacter Sociology Prof. Melech Schachter Religious Studies Mrs. Shoshana Schechter Hebrew Rabbi Joshua Shmidman Philosophy Mrs. Sabina Shmidman French Mrs. Sara Silbiger Political Science Dr. Aaron Skaist Bible Mrs. Linda Sussman Latin Mr. Barry Wallenstein English 8 Dr. Raphael Weinberg Jewish History, Bible Miss Blanche Wiesen History Mrs. Suzanne Wemple History Dr. Solomon Wind Jewish Studies Prof. Rachel Wischnitzer Art Miss Use Wunsch Music Mrs. Miriam R. Mostow Recorder Mrs. Esther Zuroff Placement Coordinator Mrs. Jenny Giges Residence Director Mrs. Ella Schwarz Mrs. Sarah Meyer Mrs. Leah Sobel Mrs. Evelyn Baumrind Mrs. Sarah Keller Librarian Mr. Jerome Schumacher Education Prof. Arthur Tauber Fencing Prof. Philip Kraus Education . . . and this shall he a record of who toe were 1M | IVfiT :wscwsC ' " inca ICWSCWS scWl_... iWS) cwscw n an pa in p i n ' xya msna pins moi »naan ' man i a ' an 1 ? Fold a rose leaf round the finger ' s taperness, and soothe thy lips. fc7L yv h 11 miss P»fi» mki nasn nxe ms new Your joy is your sorrow unmasked And the self same well from which your laughter rises was often times filled with vour tears. in ]jt» ma V:w 12 Let others probe the mystery if they can . . . The right thing hap- pens to the happy man. rr-nrr To be alive in such an age! X -j-ut mn ma nV a naa 1 p« mi ay mm naVn no 1 The silence of a deep peace of mind. JUyiAyriytdL JxjUjlOtiaa ( ul£ ujl miss 13 n a rrw rntna nVmn nVmn ja rnian to C A still and quiet conscience. A tranquil heart is the life of the soul. 14 L dJkjL- J rTS B 73KXD lrxff 710 111 ••ay: Jfaf ) 3. JSasui Happy is she who knows the joy of true friendship. raita 2113 pffH nv 31B .nyn nasn nyf? mnxi nrn nan ran " ? Hard work is the best investment man can make. rutsnty my d+MsL Jul CXynynJL Qcc |6W) 75 PTPI nwy 1 ?! Tiatj ia ' ? , ?i ti» 1 yU uu £ x t cUt LA J Lowliness is young ambition ' s lad- der, Whereto the climber upward turns his face. ey w r. 16 In quietness and confidence shall be your strength. jawa pVm mist? rusoii nsj s d nan nana jntrm oJL siMy C3 s- b, Not the word but the deed. nsmBtf rrtip inn nmm nj?n n an xVn max mar nay bpip naan nam The only rank which elevates a woman is that which a gentle spirit bestows her. ?rn (TTi V__Jo »-y? — - -I A O f s cC 17 ?rn nr ' ra l TLJLS y4 J t tJ c The winds and waves are always on the side of the ablest navigators. nv ' rjna p n ns nnn tvk»i rrs nnns You are good when you strive to give of yourself. d-Jt-eut- -zs nncK w C2yJU_ ut J IUL4LAC - Regard of honor and mild modesty. nan nnsw Vde m 1 ? nj?:a x " ? •ma -pnn in jwk Happiness and good sense are two of life ' s greatest blessings. itidk 19 nncx nn nr.t ty ion irwi And all the world was an en- chanted place. A subtle grace of heart and mind. rjo uju . -ife to hoJ j D s 1tt 6-Ot MA Give everyman thine ear but few thy voice. nan A miarntp ns nfta ixik Grace- the outward expression of inward harmony. natsnty 21 nrae npixai nasn , ' M " wo s wnnn pU- xjaJk-muuCtj Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well. What friends if to myself untrue? ' as?n 22 Dna A good heart includes all other virtues. nn naan nun pru nV " ?aa n aiya nma n ' aan nm Style is the dress of thoughts. %eXsx - %- uJL nam 23 ona ntfp A dignity and stateliness. nt V ttjii ny rr ' pa nsai bhyi nxj A glad heart reaps happiness. nma Oh, who will walk a mile with me along life ' s merry way? nr:E n sna , crw mpa Vd rv ' ana naw rrawn nnn fan n 1 ? njn ,pt " ra " ? There are those who give with joy And joy is their reward. cnia 25 rrn £ She wears a proud humility. naan 1 ? ro rruj? U 26 nana pnna a But I em impatient, I want to laugh now. maty There is but one virtue- the sacri- fice of self. nrn nnx nnVm asia nnw mpaa Sweet attractive grace. UjidaJ aA C U jSull c nonn 27 ana T wf youuki Keep smiling, everyone will won- der what you ' ve been up to. njn nap jiaa a 1 ? viD Tsn ms naan 28 Knowledge increases strength. £ u i l y cuy zJ nncN She seems to be quiet- but one never knows. mirr ma a ' B " ntt a 1 ? nityan taa na ia f ' A quick responsiveness in word and deed. na? mm 29 npai nasr .ii i»n xVty kti in I have to thank G-d I ' m a woman. Victory belongs to the most per- severing. UMJCJ rrn ufcrn nma mnnn nm bo uavi nrm mpan run guvSlsl-sl tto nru- o t - -x t- Death dependent is on birth Heaven may be found on earth. nan: max np ' rwa am nn 1 ? ' nssa a 1 ?! mna " ? nami D " »aaft nam mv I want to be able always to look myself straight in the eye. 31 mi irnn Virtue with speech and motion graced. rton rtow n o rn tp nsmi m nam And there are some who possess the wisdom of silence. 32 m WW If there is any miracle in the world, any mystery, it is individuality. " aanan h ed nn s dt m -|sm m n nana n-n Lead me to the rock that is too high for me. 33 nn " ?j? rvty n o n wy man mm naVo ujth ldmm G-d, give me hills to climb and strength for climbing. I nnnan nx pnnan jn» 34 Nothing great was ever accom- plished without enthusiasm. 4A JLLlj AjuuJL y y naw mirp yw» And when she laughed the sun shined clear. D Van ' D a i 1 ? wya »ax -wis mm mm nicpa He who walks uprightly walks securely. row 35 inns _ p X c-xf t Beauty lives with kindness. onnx fin aa rum rftoa A sense of life so lovely and intense. 36 1TOT - H21H TfrW nm-s - I take no man ' s opinion, I have some of my own. rrm rfttffi " J3J nfl ' Dia mman rfrn Toil not for reward nor thanks. ?m 37 ?rn incK A time to keep silent and a time to speak. rnaa nDin The value of life lies not in the length of davs But in the use we make of them. flMwu M Mima J Mfj man ■na ' W rrw y i »mrn mxsm irony 1 ? rnssn xtw ' ra 1 ? »I?j Let us then be up and doing with a heart for any fate. nnir? tw v nans i ipaa imn nina rx in lYoami Life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday. TTW 39 mw rrn nwyan an • ' D 1 ? an u L u, sM y JfraltLuiAy Gentle of speech. uaian ruianm nrva nma naana The witcherv within her smile that lay. c£aJ hu nJLj hjLMA dJ yrna Good humor is the health of the soul. nana rripya onjwa mW,T nwai nx nb ' anan nTaVn Sincerity is the face of the soul. O miss 41 . . . and this — a reminder of what we did here 42 43 ESTHER AMSTER 1321 44th St. Brooklyn, N. Y. Education Copy Editor, Kochaviah Folk Singing Club PHYLLIS AMSTER 1321 44th St. Brooklyn, N. Y. Education Art Editor, Kochaviah JUDITH LEE AVRUTICK 219 Ridgefield St. Hartford, Conn. Sociology Big Sister Art Club Israeli Dance Club EVELYN BARON 1265 Gerard Ave. Bronx, N. Y. Psychology Business Manager, Kochaviah, Co-Chairman, Senior Raffle, Co-Chairman, Senior Keys and Rings, Big Sister, Co-op Staff SUZANNE SCHWARZ BRAFMAN 5609 15th Ave. Brooklyn, N. Y. Education Big Sister, Chagiga Committees SANDRA MARCIA CHOMSKY 264 Cornwall St. Hartford, Conn. Education Secretary, Senior Class, President, Drama Club, Big Sister, Chagiga Committees Yiddish Club 44 NAOMI C. COHEN 69-36 175th St. Flushing, N. Y. Psychology, B.R.E. T.A.C. member GALE BETH DAVIS 1111 North Belgrade Road Silver Spring, Md. Education Treasurer, Sophomore and Senior Class, Vice President, Dormitory Council, Co-Chairman, Senior Keys and Rings, Co-Chairman, Dormitory Chagiga, Cantata Narrator, Big Sister, Co-op Staff EDYTHE SUZANNE DUBROW 28 Lake Place New Haven, Conn. Education, B.R.E. Observer Staff, Big Sister, Current Events Club, Class Committees Chorus VIVIAN EISENBERG 132 15th Ave. S.W. Calgary, Alberta, Canada Psychology Dean ' s List, Photography Editor, Kochaviah, Co-Chairman, Junior Book Sale, Co-Chairman, Senior Weekend, Drama Club Culinary Arts Club y SHEVI B. FELMAN 294 Parkside Ave. Brooklyn, N. Y. Education Big Sister, Religious Guidance Committee SHIRLEY FINK R.D. 3 Lake Ariel, Pa. Mathematics Chairman, Charity Drive, Co-Chairman, Purim Chagiga, Publicity Coordinator Debating Club 45 CHAYA RACHELLE FISHMAN 666 West 188th St. N ' ew York, N. Y. Education Big Sister, Chagiga Committees MYRNA R. SCHREIBER FRIEDBERG 707 Beverley Rd. Brooklyn, N. Y. Biology Observer Staff, Chorus, Big Sister, Chagiga Committees This way is as good as any to get ads. SHAINE ESTHER FRIEDMAN 7 Temple Ave. Winthrop, Mass. Education, B.R.E. Chairman, Torah Activities Committee, Observer Staff, Chairman, Junior Chagiga, Chagiga Committees, Charity Drive, Dormitory Council, Current Events Cluh, Parshat Hashvua Club, Big Sister, Drama Club, Lighting Director ARLENE HANNAH FRUCHTER 3351 Ruckle St. Indianapolis, Ind. Psychology Co-Chairman, Senior Record Sale, Co-Chairman, Senior Chanukah Social, Cantata Narrator, Chagiga Committees, Dormitory Council It was nothing girls, I ' ll do the yearbook again any day. ESTELLE BRIER GLASS 453 F.D.R. Drive New York, N. Y. English Copy Editor, Kochaviah, Big Sister One potato, two potato, three potato, four. DIANE GLYN 3001 Wylie Ave. Baltimore, Md. Education Observer Staff, Social Coordinator, Senior Class, Club Coordinator, Publicity Committee, Chagiga Committees, Dormitory Council 46 MARION STERN GODER 686 West 204th St. New York, N. Y. Education Photography Editor, Kochaviah, Big Sister RISHA GOODMAN 30 Burlington St. Hartford, Conn. Education President, Freshman Class, Social Coordinator, T.A.C. member, Chagiga Committees, Chairman, Home Hospitality, Big Sister Fool, don ' t you know to spell Isaacs with two S ' s. SHOSHANA GOTTESMAN 100 Montgomery St. Highland Park, N. J. French PERIE KATZ HIRSHAUT 1580 Pelham Parkway Bronx, N. Y. Psychology Dean ' s List, T.A.C. member, Israeli Dance Club, Culinary Skills Club, Big Sister, Open House Guide, Dormitory Council BARBARA HOLLANDER 52 Poplar St. West Hempstead, N. Y. Psychology Vice President, Student Council, President, Junior Class, Vice President, Sophomore Class, President, Drama Club, Co-Chairman, Chanukah Chagiga, T.A.C. member. Treasurer, Dormitory Council, Big Sister, Cantata member DIANE HOURWITZ 5 Ward Place West Haven, Conn. Mathematics Dormitory Council, Big Sister, Chagiga Committees, Co-Chairman, Stratford trip Oh, hello, Mrs. Sobel, is it really after hours? Hate to tell you but what you ate was the misplaced garbage. NEDRA ISRAEL 2922 Nostrand Ave. Brooklyn, N. Y. Psychology Big Sister, Chairman, Culture Board, Drama Club, Charity Drive, Chagiga Committees, Political Science Club, Chairman, Senior Class Sales KALMA MUSHKTN KAHAN 245 East 19th St. New York, N. Y. Psychology Vice President, Drama Club, News Editor, Observer, Chagiga Committees, Israeli Dance Club, Charity Drive, Big Sister Don ' t worry girls, in 240 hours you ' ll be done with student teaching also. BRYNA KALIFON 2200 Barclay Ave. Montreal, Quebec, Canada English News Editor, Observer PAULA KORNMEHL 26 Columbia Ave. Cedarhurst, N. Y. Psychology Drama Club, Chagiga Committees MIRIAM LANDESMAN 718 Huey St. McKeesport, Pa. Psychology, B.R.E. Associate and Feature Editor, Observer, Associate Editor, Editor, Ashes and Sparks, Chairman, Charity Drive, Chagiga Committees, Big S i ster IIELENE F. LANDGARTEN 30 Brantwood Road Worcester, Mass. Education Vice President, President, Dormitory Council, Drama Club, Chagiga Committees, Israeli Dance Club Well, somebody had to take it. I Just one more, 614 won ' t be too many mitzvot. 48 -- SYLVIA LEVINSON 440 Daly Ave. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Psychology Dean ' s List, Vice President, Senior Class, Dormitory Council, Drama Club, Co-Chairman, Junior social. Class Committees, Big Sister BINA LEVOVITZ 1643 44th St. Brooklyn, N. Y. Education, B.R.E. Dean ' s List, Hebrew Editor, Kochaviah, Hebrew Activities Coordinator, Big Sister You had a good time, yeah, ask if he has a friend. HADASSAH MAIDENBAUM 10 Manor Lane Lawrence, N. Y. English MURIEL EHRMAN MANDEL 65-50 Wetherole St. Forest Hills, N. Y. Sociology Co-Chairman, Culture Board, Chagiga Committees, Parshat Hashavua Club Yeah, I hate her, let ' s put her on our black list. ESTHER MANN 88 Lancaster St. Quincy, Mass. History-Political Science President, Sophomore Class, Cantata, Class Committees JUDITH A. MINCHENBERG 186 Pomona Ave. Newark, N. J. Education Business Manager, Kochaviah Chairman, Theater Party, Business Manager, Observer, Chagiga Committees, Israeli Dance Club, Dormitory Council, Big Sister Hoorah, our soc. teacher has laryngitis. 49 DVORA LEE MINDER 64 Fairmont Ave. Sommerville, N. J. Mathematics News Editor, Editor-in-chief, Observer, Chairman, Blood Drive, Alumnae-Student Committee member, Big Sister JUDY SELTZER MORGENSTERN 69-51 150th St. Kew Garden Hills, N. Y. Education Our attendance at class meeting has tripled— there are now 12. ALICE SAVITSKY NOVICK 91 Tulip Ave. Floral Park, N. Y. Education, B.R.E. Chagiga Committees ARLEEN NAOMI OSBAND 314 South Goodman St. Rochester, N. Y. Education Dormitory Council, Chagiga Committees, Yiddish Club, Big Sister Let me tell you, formaldehyde works even better than sniffing glue. YONA PORUSH 922 Michigan Ave. Miami Beach, Fla. Psychology, B.R.E. Drama Club, T.A.C. member, Class Committees, Parshat Hashavua Club BARBARA C. RADINSKY 501 West 184th St. New York, N. Y. Education Secretary, Junior Class, Co-Chairman, Junior Weekend. T.A.C. member. Big Sister It ' s what ' s up front that counts. 50 IV SHIRLEY REINGEWERTZ 59 Alexandra Wood Toronto, Ontario, Canada History Current Events Club, Hospital Volunteer, Co-Chairman, Record Sale SHAINDY RESHEVSKY 5 Hadassah Lane Spring Valley, N. Y. Education Dean ' s List, Chagiga Committees, Israeli Dance Club, Folk Singing Club A woman can succeed in a man ' s world. BETTY JEAN ROSENBERG 1201 University Drive, N. E. Atlanta, Ga. English T.A.C. member, Co-Chairman, Stratford trip, Historian, Student Council, Chagiga Committees RUTH I. SCHEUER 1206 Turner Ave. Wanamassa, Asbury Park, N. J. History-Political Science Dean ' s List, President, Student Council, Treasurer, Freshman Class, T.A.C. member, Observer Staff, Representative, City Commission for Human Rights, Big Sister SHELLY SCHULMAN 188 Clinton Place Newark, N. J. English Literary Editor, Kochauiah, Copy Editor, Observer, Vice President, Junior Class, T.A.C. member, Big Sister JUDY SCHWARTZ 1906 Highland Ave. New Castle, Pa. Education President, Senior Class, Secretary. Sophomore Class, Secretary, Student Council, Drama Club, Chairman, Freshman Chagiga, T.A.C. member. Big Sister Even you won t write anything for our literary section? No, these aren ' t varicose veins. 51 LEANORA SHERMAN 67 Westfield Ave. Bridgeport, Conn. Sociology Chairman, Senior Weekend, Sister Bis FREYDA WEINREB SHIMANSKY 742 Montgomery St. Brooklyn, N. Y. English Dormitory Council, Chagiga Committees, Israeli Dance Club, Co-op Staff Ah, come on, you know who Rashi is. EVA SINGER 53-11 90th St. Elmhurst, N.Y. Psychology SHEILA ELLEN SNYDER 1028 Garden Drive Newport News, Va. Education Treasurer, Junior Class, Chairman, Blood Drive, Chairman, Senior Class Social, Committee Chairman, Junior Weekend, T.A.C. member, Chairman, Home Hospitality, Class Committees, Big Sister RACHEL J. SOLOMON 137 South Maple St. Mount Carmel, Pa. Sociology Editor-in-chief, Kochaviah, Co-op Manager, Co-Chairman, Junior Book Sale, Co-Chairman, Dormitory Chagiga, Observer Staff, Dormitory Council, Co-Chairman, Senior Raffle, Chagiga Committees, Big Sister Do we really look like Stern girls? COOKIE KONIGSBERG SPIELMAN 992 Eastern Parkway Brooklyn, N.Y. Mathematics-Physics, B.R.E. 52 NAOMI GURIAN SPILKY 759 East 10th St. Brooklyn, N. Y. Education JOAN STERN 2816 Avenue I Brooklyn, N. Y. Psychology I ' d love to go to the senior prom with you. SHARON TISCHLER 212 East Broadway New York, N. Y. Education ANNE-SHIRLEY WALDMAN 169 Waterloo Avenue Downsview, Ontario, Canada Education FRAYDA FINK WEISS 402 Ocean Parkwav Brooklyn, N. Y. Education Music Club TOBY WEISS 501 West 184th St. New York, N. Y. Education Typing Editor, Kochaviah, Co-Chairman, Junior Weekend, Co-Chairman, Stratford trip. Class Committees, Big Sister FLORA WUNSCH 417 Grand St. New York, N. Y. Education Typing Editor, Kochaviah, Class Committees, Chagiga Committees, Art Club, Co-Chairman, Dorm-Commuter Weekend And when are you getting married? And when are you getting married? Happiness is a tanach gemer. 53 STERN COLLEGE: FOR WOMEN YESHIVA m«VEPSITY X v Congratulations to KOCHAVIAH 1965 from KOCHAVIAH 1964 Editor-in-Chief: Malkie Gluck Associate Editor: Evelyn Blatt Blachor Literary Editor-. Sylvia Barack Business Editors-. Dorothy Richards Bloch, Elaine Rivkin Taragin Copy Editor-. Naomi Fuchs Hebrew Editor-. Marilyn Stein Typing Editor-. Inez Bernstein Levi Photography Editor-. Natalie Klein 54 1 STERN COLLFGI ■3 Jly HARTZ MOUNTAN PET FOODS 55 PRINCE GEORGE HOTEL 14 EAST 28TH STREET New York, New York BEST WISHES FROM THE CLASS OF 1968 ) ZELDA BADNER President MICHELE KAGAN Vice President ft HARRIET JAKUBOVICS Secretary LESLIE SUKENIK Treasurer 56 Mazel Tov and Best Wishes COMPLIMENTS OF for a Successful Future to SHEYI DOC ROBINS PROGRAMS Judea Center Synagogue, Brooklyn, New York Rabbi Dr. Mrs. Meir Felman Mazel Tov and Best Wishes Dr. Mrs. Yehudi M. Felman to our daughter and sister Dr. Mrs. Norman A. Bloom JOAN Mr. Mrs. David Stern and Lenny Adina Sara Bloom Bobe Zaideh Comess 57 Congratulations and Best Wishes to THE CLASS OF 1965 BEST WISHES TO STERN COLLEGE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION PERIE KATZ HIRSHAUT Honorary President: Joanne P. Klein ' 58 FOR BROCHOS 00 ' BERIUTH President: Rosalie Bayer ' 62 Osher V ' Osher 1st Vice President-. Rita Siff ' 61 Shefah Ve Sholem 2nd Vice President: Arlene Lehrer ' 62 Mr. Mrs. Lawrence M. Smith Mr. Mrs. Ben Osdoby Family Corresponding Secretary. Kay Skaist ' 60 Kraf Hainmann Construction Co. Recording Secretary: Gita J. Hoffman ' 63 Hey Ru Fishing — Fred Katz Treasurer: Genia Socol ' 59 First National Bank of Woodridge Mountain Dale, New York 58 Mazel Tov and Best Wishes CONGRATULA770NS TO to our niece CHAVY SHARON TISCHLER upon her graduation and the graduating class Uncle Lou and Aunt Leah Uncle Jack A FRIEND CONGRATULATIONS TO CONGRATULATIONS TO EDYTHE SUZANNE DuBROW EDYTHE SUZANNE DuBROW Converse Carlisle Co. City Fuel Co., Inc. Springfield, Mass. 1025 Dixwell Avenue Hamden, Connecticut 59 THE DORMITORY COUNCIL 1964-1965 HELENE LANDGARTEN President MARLENE HOCHMAN Vice President ROCHELLE SPERLING Secretary PEARL MARCUS Treasurer CONGRATULATIONS TO MARION STERN CODER And to the Graduates of 1 965 EDWARD BOKER, INC. Wholesale Fruits Vegetables THE CLASS OF 1967 NINA ROSENBLUM President NAOMI AvRUTICK Vice President SUSAN AMIN Secretary SHEILA STEIN Treasurer THE CLASS OF 1966 MIRIAM FUNK President ETHEL PELCOVITZ Vice President FRANCINE WELT Secretary HARRIET MANDEL Treasurer 60 Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1965 May the years bring happiness and fulfillment MR. MRS. 1. REINGEWERTZ DAUGHTER Toronto, Ontario, Canada CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES MAZEL AND BRACHA RACHEL RACHEL Mr. Mrs. Ted Matlow, Mount Carmel, Pa. Rabbi Mrs. E. Solomon, Gail Gerald Mrs. Henry Wolf and Family, Mount Carmel, Pa. Mr. Mrs. William Solomon Family Mr. Mrs. Melvin Wolfe, Mount Carmel, Pa. Mr. Mrs. Joseph Friedman Family Mr. David Solomon Mr. Mrs. Samuel Fogel Family, Newark, N. J. Congratulations and Best Wishes BINA LEVOVITZ MOM, DAD, JOE 61 Congratulations to Mr. Mrs. Allan Fireman LOUIS J. SEPTIMUS CO. Congratulations Best Wishes Jo the Graduating Class of 1965 Yeshiva University Women ' s Organization MRS. JERRY ROTHMAN, President CONGRATULATIONS to our daughter KALMA MUSHKIN KAHAN SHANE DISTRIBUTORS Ottawa, Ontario, Canada H. BESSIN M. FRIEDMAN 62 MAZEL TOV TO DVORA MODERN-CRAFT CONSTRUCTION CO. AND HER CLASSMATES SO 3-6325 Mr. Mrs. H. Minder TENEMENT HOUSE FIRE REPAIRS Naomi David Property Purchased As Is Uncle Abe (Newark area only) Uncle Benjamin The Pell Cousins Aunt Helen Uncle Manny BEST WISHES TO RELATIVES OF JOAN STERN HELENE LANDGARTEN A. NUSSBAUM KNITTING MILLS, INC. 1 44 Spencer Street Brooklyn, New York 63 The Best! Grossinger ' s has been presented with the Gour- met Culinary Merit Award by J. George Fredericks, president of the Gourmet Society. The award has been given " in recognition of Grossinger ' s culinary imagination, originality, and excellence, and the resort ' s interest in and de- votion to good gourmet standards in food prepara- tion and service. " As a first resort, think of Grossinger ' s, winner of the Merit Award that merits your attention. For the best of every- thing, c ' mon to Gross- inger ' s! EVERYTHING The BEST for each GUEST! GR OS SINGER, NEW YORK 64 Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to our dauther FRAYDA MR. MRS. ALEX FINK Ellenville 655 N. Y.: Wl 7-77M GARTENBERG SCHECHTER ' S PIONEER COUNTRY CLUB GREENFIELD PARK, NEW YORK Strict Kosher Modern Resort Hotel • All Sports • Entertainment • Free Golf • Private Lake • Health Club WEDDINGS — BAR MITZVAHS — CONVENTIONS — ETC. CONGRATULATIONS TO ARLENE HANNAH FRUCHTER Daughter of our friends RABBI MRS. NANDOR FRUCHTER THE ETTINGER FAMILY Indianapolis, Ind. Special Discount to all Stern College Students DRY CLEANING, LAUNDRY SERVICE, ALTERATIONS Free pick-up delivery service VALET SHOP 226 LEXINGTON AVENUE — NEW YORK, NEW YORK Phone: LExington 2-5464 65 ADAS ISRAEL CONGREGATION HAMILTON, ONTARIO, CANADA Maze! and tlracha to our dear CHAVY A FRIEND TO BINA LEVOVITZ Compliments of TOV CATERERS 181 E. Broadway, N. Y. 2, N.Y. 97-22 63rd Road, Queens, N.Y. COMPLIMENTS SUNWORTHY FULL WALL MURALS available wallpaper dealers throughout the country made by CANADIAN WALLPAPER MANUFACTURERS, LIMITED Toronto, Ontario, Canada BINA LEVOVITZ Compliments of MATAMIM KOSHER PROD., INC. 4310 16th Avenue Brooklyn, New York GOLDIE MEYER GASNER Toronto, Ontario, Canada ■ Mazel Tov to our daughter PAULA Rabbi Mrs. N. Kornmehl To our Graduate NAOMI A. H. Spilky Family Complments of Mr. Mrs. Martin K. Levinson 440 Daly Avenue Ottawa, Canada Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to our daughter and sister RUTHIE Mr. Mrs. Richard Scheuer and Shellie HOTEL PHARMACY 78 Madison Avenue New York, New York Congratulations BRYNA You did it at last! Chazak Ve-amatz to PERIE KATZ HIRSHAUT Women ' s Branch UOJCA Sullivan — Ulster Chapter ZUNDELL HARDWARE CO. Springfield, Massachusetts Congratulations to ESTELLE Mom Dad Bernice Stan Family Jack Mae Glass Aaron Elsa Family Mazel Tov to MARION STERN GODER and all the Graduates The Gruenspecht Family Rabbi Jacob Mann Rabbi Mrs. Jonah Mann Family Rabbi Mrs. Abraham Mann wish Kol Tuv to ESTHER STAHL-BADNER Modern Bungalow Colony Briggs Highway, Ellenville, New York adjoining synagogue " Make our colony your summer home " Phone: Ellenville 835-J-l 67 Beth Israel Synagogue Wishes all the best to ESTHER MANN Best Wishes to our daughter ARLENE HANNAH Rabbi Mrs. Nandor Fruchter Compliments Toby, Samuel, and Mark Verman 92 Wenderly Drive, Toronto Best Wishes to BARBARA Mr. Mrs. S. Hollander For Coast to Coast travel go Continental Trailways Bus System, U.S.A. In honor of my wife JUDY MORGENSTERN Our compliments and Mazel-tov wishes to BRYNA Your Grandparents Best Wishes to JUDY Mom, Dad, Marsha, Bubby MEHADRIN KOSHER MEATS 97-16 66th Avenue Rego Park, New York HOUSE OF CARDS 365 Lexington Avenue (Bet. 40th 41st St.) New York, New York Mazel Tov to our Wife and Mother EVA Rabbi M. Singer Vera YESHIVA CO-OP 2555 Amsterdam Avenue New York, New York Best Wishes to JOAN STERN Mrs. Thelma L. Siegartel Mazel Tov to our daughter sister FLORA Mr. 8. Mrs. 1. Wunsch Alan In honor of the graduation of BARBARA RADINSKY Best Wishes to the CLASS OF ' 65 The Koval Family Best Wishes to JUDY Mr. Mrs. H. Morgenstern Mazel Tov to our grandchild FLORA WUNSCH Zaida Miriam Kamlet KING ARTHUR YARN CORP. 190 Mercer Street New York, New York Mazel Tov and Best Wishes MIRIAM Mr. Mrs. Louis Landesman Congratulations on the completion of the first decade of progress and achievement. May we witness many more. WEBERS ' CATERERS, INC. 1660 Morris Avenue Bronx, New York Congratulations and Best Wishes EDYTHE SUZANNE DuBROW Max Okun Springfield, Mass. Mazel Tov to JOAN STERN on her graduation Mr. Mrs. A. Luxenberg Congratulations to VIVIAN EISENBERG upon her graduation Mr. Mrs. Sam Gurevitch Calgary, Alberta, Canada MID-CITY OPTICAL GROUP, INC. 1220 Broadway (Bet. 30th 31st St.) lO 3-6581 Dr. Samuel I. Katz, Dr. Marvin S. Fox Maze! Tov to JOAN STERN on her graruation Mr. Mrs. Samuel Schneider In honor of our Niece SANDRA Mr. Mrs. Abraham Berkowitz Mr. Mrs. Israel Chomsky BLOCH PUBLISHING CO. The Jewish Concern 31 West 31st Stret New York, New York Best Wishes to the Hartford Girls AGUDAS ACHIM SYNAGOGUE Hartford, Connecticutt Abraham N. AvRutick, Rabbi Harold Veroff, President JOSEPH CR00G COMPANY, INC. Real Estate — Insurance 37 College Street New Haven, Connecticut Phone: 777-7311 Mazel and Bracha to our daughter and sister CHAVY Mr. Mrs. Benjamin Baron and Heshie With very best congratulations to our niece DIANE HOURWITZ Aunt Minnie Uncle Jack Slochower Best Wishes to VIVIAN EISENBERG Mr. Mrs. Jack Hart Calgary, Alberta, Canada Congratulations to CHAVY and her classmates Mr. Mrs. Louis Kaplan For the finest in Hebrew jewelry NISSIM HIZME 89 Canal Street New York, New York WA 5-2922 THE HIGHLAND MOTOR-MOTEL Calgary, Alberta, Canada A Place Ye Canna ' Forget Leo Sheftal, General Manager Best Wishes to CHAVY and her fellow graduates Mr. Mrs. U. Doppelt Mazel Tov to SHIRLEY FINK Her Grandparents Mazel Tov to VIVIAN EISENBERG Mr. W. Polsky Calgary, Alberta, Canada Best Wishes to ESTHER MANN Mr. 8, Mrs. B. Bean 69 Best Wishes to the Students and Alumni of Stern College Mr. Mrs. Meyer Fink Scranton, Pa. Congratulations to the GRADUATING CLASS OF ' 65 Compliments of a Friend of KALMA Compliments of New Haven Chapter Yeshiva University Women ' s Organization Mrs. Morris Widder, President Open Day Night GRamercy 7-9344 9338 RAPOPORT ' S DAIRY RESTAURANT 91-93 Second Avenue New York 3, New York HESSION CONNOLLY, INC. CORONET WATCH CO. Grocery and Delicatessen Manufacturers of Stern College 175 Madison Ave. MU 3-6252 Keys and Rings 27 Eas , 28th S) MU 5.7572 LATHAM BEAUTY SALON 4 East 28th Street New York, New York To our Niece BINA Mazel Tov and Best Wishes Rabbi Mrs. R. Levovitz Mazel Tov to our Rabbi ' s daughter ARLENE HANNAH FRUCHTER Cong. B ' nai Torah Sisterhood Indianapolis, Ind. PACKARD PHARMACY 133 East 34th Street New York, New York Discounts to all Stern College Students Best Wishes to BINA LEVOVITZ upon her graduation Rabbi M. L. Levovitz and Family Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to our daughter and sister JUDITH upon her graduation Rabbi Mrs. A. N. AvRutick Naomi AURA PHOTOGRAPHERS Meyer D. Rich 251 West 86th Street New York 24, New York. . SUsquehonna 7-3200 Congratulations to BINA LEVOVITZ Mauzone Home Kosher Products, Inc. 4901 16th Street Brooklyn, N.Y. Mazel Tov DIANE and the Class of ' 65 Rabbi Mrs. Louis A. Glyn BARTON ' S BONBONNIERE GREETING CARDS 172 Madison Avenue (Bet. 33rd 34th St.) New York, New York LE 2-5232 Best Wishes to ESTHER MANN Women ' s Council of Beth Israel Synagogue Mazel Tov and Best Wishes BARBARA and her classmates Mr. Mrs. Louis Hollander HOTEL SEVILLE BEAUTY SALON 17 East 28th Street New York 16, New York MU 4-8449 Mazel Tov and Very Best Wishes to our daughter and sister DIANE Mr. 8. Mrs. Samuel Hourwitz 8 Arthur Congratulations to MISS SHIRLEY REINGEWERTZ and the Graduating Class of 1965 Mr. Frank Ignagni Toronto, Ontario, Canada GEFEN ' S DAIRY RESTAURANT, INC. 297 Seventh Avenue New York 1, New York Closed Saturdays Jewish Holidays In honor of BARBARA ' S graduation The Strauss Family Best Wishes from LARIAN BEAUTY SALON, INC. 140 East 34th Street MU 5-3272 Professional care is best for your hair 70 Compliments of CONGREGATION BETH SHOLOM Regency Hairdressers, Inc., 29 West 35th St., N.Y.C. Rochester, New York Dr. Seymour Robert Strauss Okun Furniture Co., 1 786 Main Street, Springfield, Mass. A friend E. O. Kosher Dairy Restaurant, 161 Madison Ave., N.Y.C. Delicious Glatt Kosher Provisions, Inc. Jerry Leeds Dembitzer Bros. Lippy, Debby, Judah, Ahuva, Zvi Friedman Simon Fisher Mr. Mrs. Barnett Samuels Mr. Mrs. Jack Hart Salon 31 Highland Motor Hotel, Calgary, Canada Sklar and Levitin Dollar Cleaners, Calgary, Canada Mauzone Home Kosher Products Mr. Mrs. Sam Gurevitch Dr. Harold Z. Levine Hartford Chapter, Y.U.W.O. Solomon Weiss Co. Meal Mart Broadway Corp. Alfred Parker Mr. Mrs. Joseph Leventhal, Nanticoke, Pa. Morse Sleep Shop Neil Stockhammer, Esq. Mr. Mrs. Julius Mayer Mr. Mrs. Sam Landgarten and Family Irwin Furniture Co. Gertel ' s Bake Shoppe Jack Polivy, Jeweler King Arthur Yarn Corp. Mr. Mrs. 1. AvRutick Solomon Rabinowitz Hebrew Bookstore Sam ' s Kosher Delicatessen Mr. Mrs. Aron Zelman East New York Inwood Fish Co. Mr. Mrs. Benjamin F. Weiner Family Esther, Bill, Pat, and Dennis Slochower Mr. Mrs. Sol Weinreb 1. M. Delicatessen Corp. Martin Sukenick Mr. Mrs. S. Levine Noah Zark Kosher Pizza, Inc. Petit Quality Cleaners, Inc. David Shapiro Family Dannon Milk Product, Inc. Slutsky ' s Glatt Kosher Prime Meats Seymour D. Multz, Engraver Mr. Mrs. Harry Donin Cong. Emunath Israel, New York City Mr. Mrs. Hans Frank Rudy Tepel Orchestras The Ladies Auxiliary of the Worcester Ivriah School Rabbi Mrs. Richard Barth Susan Miriam Rand ' s Butcher, Asbury Park The Orchard, Fruit Baskets Platters Joseph Helen Reichman Shellie Scheuer Mr. Mrs. Ben Abbott Mrs. Ida Porush, Naftali Israel J. N. Farmery The Mintz Family Winthrop Chapter, Mizrachi Women of America Mr. Mrs. Carl Chomsky 71 Congratulations to our daughter HADASSAH MR. MRS. NAT MAIDENBAUM FAMILY Compliments of Bloomingdale s Portrait Studios 71 Best Wishes to the class of 1965 Student Council of Stern College Officers 1 964-65 President: Ruth Scheuer Vice President: Barbara Hollander Secretary: Esther Koenig Treasurer: Susan Harris _ . _i»±

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