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- We make our lives in the world. We live by G-d ' s will; We aspire to His commandments. Kochaviah 1963 ,. Look into the candle ' s dancing glow; See the flame of fires long ago; See the great menorah of our past, As its light upon our lives is cast. See the fire and smoke of thunderous mount; Of which each soul can give its own account. See the gleam of heroes ' swords held high And flames which swallowed up the martyr ' s cry. Look into the flame and let the past Guide every step we take until the last. Let ancient wisdom light for us the way Of Torah life within our world today. Panlette Yased Armored by faith, Protected by tradition, We came together to learn how to go into the world. We come from overseas, from North, South, East, and West To New Yorl Filled with hopes and dreams Yet to be fulfilled. The macrocosm holds no limits for us, HffllfflHHHfll The college, our microcosm, becomes the focus of our lives. ?.- mFHi-at z Our new life begins I 1 i School commands our time, Commandments guide our actions. . With every book we open, new vistas appear, old scenes take on new sharpness. J- A guiding hand with every book directs our newly developed powers. Prof. Leo Jung Dr. Gershon Appel Mr. Max Celnik Mrs. Dorothy Cohen Winnowing the vague from the crystalizea thoughts. 10 Prof. Jules Greenstein Mr. Meir Havazelet Prof. Arthur Tauber 14 an J knowledge the building material Prof. Henry Lisman Prof. Meyer Karlin Miss Ellen Malino Prof. Melech Schachter Prof. Philip E. Kraus Mr. Gerald Tolchin Mrs. Jenny Giges Our actions gain direction; Our understanding is reinforced. 15 Miss Esther Ofri We can dance and sing. We can listen and speak. We can laugh at ourselves and sympathize with otht 18 We are concerned about the world situation; 19 We are apprehensive about our present existence. rims hi Sometimes aware but not involved; 20 Sometimes lost in involvement and forgetful of awareness. 21 Familiar faces and familiar places flash across our consciousness. mm Though part of the crowd we maintain our identity. 26 We live in the midst of the city, yet we do not lose our meaning. SPJ R 1, fl j lit " tf : i« = i»»Tguc Prof. Howard Levine We live in the macrocosm through the values instilled by the microcosm. 28 We are ready for the world. We welcome the chance to test our strength in the full 30 THE PUZZLE pursuit of a meaningful life. The pieces lie In puzzling disarray In shapes and shades As varied as their masters; And mingled is the light And dark together. A hand goes out And holds within its grasp A piece that meets Its favor and discretion— A drop of water In a sea of drops- Each piece a part That helps to make The whole. An interlocking form That often brings The joys of life To one who makes It fit. Paillette Yaned 31 32 Senior Dinner Graduation ! r v NIRA ASHER 390 River Drive, Passaic, N. J. Pre -Medicine nn3n5 nixnans nisnno i niaipn RACHEL BARASH 1 356 Tennyson St., Denver 4, Colo. Psychology -Education Photography Ed. for Yearbook Junior Class Treasurer Co-Chairman: Senior Party 5oxn rn5vy on5 5m ROCHELLE KLAUSER BEER 1370 W. 6th St.. Brooklyn 4. N. Y. Elementary Education n yn rnoy 5 n ne N 5m 34 MARILYN GOLDBERG BERGER 64-40 99th St., Forest Hills. N. Y. Elementary Education Dance Club Leader ' 61, ' 62 D srin nnnx o ' CJn 5i ruxxm il3?D HARRIET BIENENFELD 3156 Royal Palm Ave. Miami Beach, Fla. English nsn srm inns ntton mas BRYNA CHARNEY BLUMENREICH 105-10 65th Ave. Forest Hills 75, N. Y. Co-Chairman: Senior Theatre Party Copy Editor: Yearbook 2 " ? nniDi mom mxji mint? 35 ffi£ DEBORAH KRUPNICK BOKAR 7345 Ogelsby Ave., Chicago, III. Elementary Education d ed vo ' iddo n yn na K na 1 nu ' N mm MARCIA BREGMAN 5 Casino Court, Downsview, Ont. English Co-Chairman: New Year ' s Card Sale 63 Co-Chairman: Charity Drive ' 62 -id i torr no ' ? ' ? nxnn 5d nniJD DENISE COHEN 6345 Monitor St., Pittsburgh 17, Pa. Elementary Education Social and Assembly Entertainment Chorus niKJ " |80D1 31V 1?)P ' 3 36 V SHERILL COHEN 18919 Ckerrylawn Ave. Detroit 21, Mich. Elementary Education Senior Class Treasurer Associate Editor: Literary Magazine ' 62 rpnuTi: -11X1 ' n nm n?an5 u S J " tS RAE EHRMAN 1817 28th Ave., San Francisco, Cal. Cfiemisfry Fencing Squad 61 5m SHOSHANA EISENBERG 314 W. 100th St., New York N. Y. Psychology ■m -|ino in ru ' ao 37 BARBARA ELBAUM 69-07 Exeter St. Forest Hills 75, N. Y. Psychology -B. RE. Co-Business Manager: Yearbook TDrrrmnsn i in rrna JUDITH EPSTEIN 53 Westview Rd.. Worcester, Mass. English Co-Cnairman: Culture Forum 63 Fencing Squad ' 61 nnana nnris iva rv-nrp HINDY FINK 915 Olive St., Scranton, Pa. Elementary Education Junior Class President Student Council Treasurer ' 63 Chairman: Purim Cnagiga 61 n " npn ruinsa nias onxa nvDiyn 38 JUDY FINK 825 Olive St., Scranton. Pa. Elementary Education Vice President: Student Council. 62 Sophomore Class Vice President Chagiga Assembly Entertainment Dipnn nn udti nniJ nman nnc n udti nrm nnirp ROCHELLE LEE FINK 825 Olive St.. Scranton. Pa. Biofogy Freshman Class Vice President Treasurer: Student Council ' 61 President: Yavneh ' 62 Editor: Yearbook cpnn h 1 ? dxi v n s5 1 ' iTn to ax KXDn X5 HERMINE S. GERTZ 3409 Glen Ave.. Baltimore 15, Md. Math Dormitory Secretary 61 Dormitory Council: Treasurer 62 Co-Manager: Co-Op ' 62 Co-Copy Editor: Yearbook 31B " IV Ht — U ' O nan 35 HS CAROL GOLDBERG 108-49 66th Ave. Forest Hills 75, N. Y. Elementary Education Co-Manager: Co-Op ' 62 5 yi do ntfiro D ' j ' V poko nnytf rnja pinx-m d5j run NAOMI GOLDMAN 198 Callender St., Dorchester, Mass. Elementary Education: B.R..E. Treasurer: Senior Class Chairman: Torah Activities Committee 63 55nnn s n ' n nx-p n s nonj RENEE GOTTESMAN 59 Clifford Place, Bronx 53, N. Y. Biology Junior Class: Vice President Chairman: Big Sisters Committee 61 Co-Layout Editor: Yearbook 13? p ' S3 40 W 1 GILDA GRAFF 7319 S. Luella Ave., Chicago 49, III. Early Childhood Education Assembly Accompanist Secretary: Yavnek ' 62, ' 63 nix-tf nui Dim? wp PEARL GREENBAUM 1 19 Rodney St., " Brooklyn 11, N. Y. Elementary Education: B.R.E. run RUTH GROSSMAN 289 Osborne Terr., Newark. N. J. History Associate Editor: Yearbook Editor: Literary Magazine ' 62 Assoc. Editor: Literary Magazine ' 63 niiaj 3? mm pisi njn 31K " nn 41 lZ HINDA HEISLER 2731 166th St., Flushing, L. I. English Co-Chairman: Cultural Forum ' 63 m rovo nyi b»n jnrn C.1TA JOCHNOWITZ HOFFMAN 360 Beach 12th St. Far Rockaway 91. N. Y. History Vice President: Senior Class Chairman: Blood Drive 61. 62 mi in nm- ' lra D iy mtr tot naiD BETH JACOBOWSKY 251 Seymour Rd. Port Chester, N. Y. Elementary Education ati D 1 DSB -|BTI yatpna Jfei v- 5 a — I b BEVERLY JACOBOWSKY 251 Seymour Rd. Port Chester, N. Y. Elementary Education njits 5 ' pv iDn mm miss MADELINE HELEN KAGAN 2361 S.W. 26th Lane Miami 33, Fla. Elementary Education Copy Editor: Yearbook Q1X 5n Dl5 L " 3 DHPD Mil ruTi n n FA YE KAPLAN 1 1 1 Clanton Park Rd. Downsview. Ont. Psycnofogy Chairman: Junior Sing School Music Coordinator President: Chorus 63 av to nor ,ov to not SHULAM1TH KLAVAN 1471 Roxana Rd., N.W. Washington 12. D. C. History B.H.L. Treasurer: Sophomore Class Chairman: Torah Activities Committee 61, ' 62 Co-Chairman: Big Sisters ' 62 Treasurer: Student Council ' 62 President: Student Council ' 63 b jb 3 -pi noam nx JEANETTE KLEINMAN 757 Herlcness St.. Philadelphia. Pa. History: Political Science Editor: Dormitory Newspaper ' 62 Associate Editor: Yearbook Chairman: Dormitory Social ' 62 norm nun pa: rtfn ne ' CAROL KORB 1451 56th St.. Brooklyn 19, N. Y. Elementary Education Chairman: Charity Drive ' 62 niB 5tf nna rrrns d d twi q -n5a tjisi 44 ELISSA (PITZIE) LANDO 843 Hartman Lane Far RocKaway 91, N. Y. English Treasurer: Freshman Class Author: Purim Play 61 Chairman: Senior Dinner minn pmy i xd ins ' Divn pDiyn 5a FRANCES LIPMAN 1000 Brecksville Rd. BrecKsville. Ohio Secretary: Junior Class Secretary: Dormitory Council 63 Co-Chairman: Senior Dinner Co-Chairman: Blood Drive ' 61 Co-Chairman: Book Sale ' 62 iiif d: ivi □nn ' " |n mias NAOMI LOCKWOOD 54 Flower Lane. Levittown, Pa. Elementary Education D ' oyn inai itv run ' nyj 45 wf FREDA LONDON 395 Anderson Ave. Winnipeg 4. Manitoba. Canada French nt y SUSAN MATKOWSKY 106 Ft. Washington Ave. New York N. Y. Education-Psychology n« " i n Qy min iin n ns 1 FELICE MILLER 8200 Reeds Lane Prairie Village, Kans. Elementaiy Education Chairman: Dormitory Chagiga 63 Chairman: Charity Drive 63 kud Kin inn empn , ntuu ' n 5o it y mma 46 BRYNA MINTZ 4857 Carlton Ave. Montreal 26, Canada Elementary Education Chairman: Ring Committee •omK " sin D ' nn t,yu n in SUSAN MOLK 44 Lincoln Ave.. Clifton, N. J. Elementary Education Chorus Fencing Squad 61 myn tiiDn ojni niton u5 IRIS NEMHAUSER 4334 Union St.. Flushing 55, N. Y. Biology Co-Chairman: Book Sale ' 62 Business Manager: Newspaper ' 62 Co-Business Manager: Yearbook d ' d ' j5e 5y hints ' ryn rrm 47 CAROL NOWAK 360 E. 65th St.. New York, N. Y. Elementary Education Class Publicity Chairman Fencing Squad 61 Co-Layout Editor: Yearbook nn 1JJ3 ?lp» Dl BTt n5»p SUZANNE PALEY -42 S. 6th Ave., Coatsville. Pa. Sociology Editor: Dormitory Newspaper 61 Chairman: Dormitory Culture 62 nns- nn d ' -dj ROSSI ROSENBERG PATT 4489 Broadway, New York 40. N. Y. English Fencing Squad ' 61 nvSlJIB P ' SQ HD nJB ' lB ' 48 BETSY PERNIKOFF 3302 W. Rogers Ave. Baltimore 15, Md. Sociology: Psychology ib» nsni on iDty RUTH ANN RAYMON 25 Hillside Ave. New York 40. N. Y. English President: Freshman Class Secretary: Student Council ' 61 nn rtfm m " psm na " pen ?m run DEBORAH REICH 351 Wilson Ave.. Beaver. Pa. Sociology lp na noti n — Ttj y inns mm S Wuk £R w " W 1 JUDITH RITTER ROSEN 2164 Barnes Ave., Bronx 62. N. Y. Psychology niva nrun mtyj noun nmn 1 SYLVIA ROSNER 1251 51st St.. Brooklyn 19, N. Y. Elementary Education Chairman: Junior Social PPNn 5d ' J 3D in NBTI1 EILEEN HELLMAN RUTMAN 2275 Randall Ave.. Bronx 72, N. Y. Cnemisfry -inDN 50 RACHELEE BROG SACKS Rd. 1, Evans City, Pa. Psychology -Education Chairman: Sophomore Sing Chairman: Senior Sing Culture Chairman 61 Chorus Chagiga Assembly Entertainment Feature Editor: Yearbook nam mnn mits ntj ' x nx5 5m LEAH SCHMERLER 1441 E. 54th St.. Brooklyn. N. Y. English : Education Chairman: Israeli Night 61 noDn5 nsNity idid nnnix nx5 DOROTHY SEGAL 17 Austin Terrace. Toronto. Ont. English President: Senior Class uaina nriK d ' pi5n K ' tyj mm 51 PHYLLIS BRUNSWICK SIEGEL 2020 Walton Ave.. Bronx 53. N. Y. Elementary Education Assistant Editor: Newspaper 60 ma ' d ' JB -QD3 Disn 5d nx 53pd mh nj ' JB DEANNE CHILL SHAPIRO 24 Somter St.. Providence. R. I. Sociology mnnn nK inson — -nao ipipn run nan DENA SHAPIRO 4062 N. 51 Boulevard Milwaukee 16, Wise. English Scholastic Service Society Secretary: Sophomore Class 60 News Editor: Newspaper ' 61 nets " DND u kb td Tin run 52 SHEILA SHAPIRO 682 Wyona St., Brooklyn 7, N. Y. Elementary Education Fencing Squad 61 DTK 53D noi n — DDn 1HPK DEENA SIGLER 72 Stratkearn Rd. Toronto 10, Ontario, Canada Psychology nssna iojiki tfB ' k? nntyy nnnao PUH HINDA STERNBERG 201 Roebling St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Elementary Education utfv mm di?b aniN 53 «v JUDITH TABORY 1417 49th St.. Brooklyn 19. N. Y. English News Editor: Newspaper ' 63 d ' J ' jdo norm mio nnirv MARY WAKSMAN 137V2 Washington Ave. Brooklyn, N. Y " piB 5 nnn rtfm B»m RHETA WEINSTEIN 629 Park Ave.. Elizabeth. N. J. Elementary Education Chairman: Halachik Seminar ' 63 President: Yavneh ' 61 Editor: Newspaper ' 62 Feature Editor: Newspaper ' 60 Copy Editor: Newspaper ' 60 nmn nt yi ds d idn run non 54 4 MARSHA DuBOW WOLICKI 240 Mt. Vernon Place Newark 6. N. J. Elementary Education run fcw 1 pu i " ? ntno PAULETTE HILLER YAGED 501 W. 184th St. New York 33. N. Y. Frencn President: Dramatics Club 61 Co-Editor: Newspaper 61 Literary Editor: Yearbook Scholastic Service Society D ' j nci ' j nrm moan nm mt5» JOY BELLE YUDOFSKY 2349 Valetta Lane Louisville, 5, Ken. Secretary: Dormitory Council ' 61 Vice Pres.: Dormitory Council ' 62 President: Dormitory Council ' 63 iniDD DIN J2 m nv5v 55 m OFFICERS OF THE CLASS OF 1963 Gita Hoffman, Vice President; Dorothy Segal, President; Shulamith Klavan, Presi- dent of Student Council; Sherill Cohen, Secretary; Naomi Goldman, Treasurer. fV% v _T 1 T " " V TT T v rrrrai KOCHAVIAH STAFF, 1963 Beverly Jacobowsky, Distribution; Paulette Hiller Yaged, Literary Editor; Jeanette Kleinman, Assistant Editor; Ruth Grossman, Assistant Editor; Hermine Gertz, Copy Editor; Shelly Fink, Editor-in-Chief; Bryna Charney Blumenreich, Copy Editor; Rachel Barash, Photography Editor; Rachelee Brog Sachs, Feature Edito r; Beth Jacobowsky, Distribution; Barbara Elbaum, Business Manager; Iris Nem- hauser, Business Manager. Absent when photo was taken, Elaine Feigenbaum, Junior Editor. the birth of an idea. im Compliments . . . PRINCE GEORGE HOTEL 14 EAST 28th STREET New York 16, N. Y. Stern College Residence 58 Best Wishes from STUDENT COUNCIL 1962-63 SHULAMITH KLAVAN, President ESTHER YABLOK, Vice President NAOMI MINDER, Secretary HINDY FINK ADENA SILVER Treasurers tnn niua wT t iq v»Ti in Congratulations and Best Wishes To Our Dear Daughter MADELINE Upon Her Graduation From Her Proud Parents Rabbi and Mrs. Chaim Mayer Kagan 60 Congratulations to DEANNE CHILL SHAPIRO Upon Her Graduation Her very proud husband, DR. LEONARD Z. SHAPIRO MR. and MRS. ELI GOLD, DAVID, JOSHUA and JUDY RABBI and MRS. LAWRENCE NESIS, ZACHARY and THEA RABBI and MRS. SAMUEL CHILL and FAMILY HARTZ MOUNTAIN PET FOODS RABBI and MRS. AKIVA CHILL and FAMILY MR. and MRS. SAMUEL COHEN and FAMILY RABBI and MRS. ABRAHAM CHILL MR. C. DANIEL CHILL MRS. ROSE CHILL REV. ABRAHAM KAPLAN MR. and MRS. ABE MEDOFF MR. GEORGE SCHWARTZ MR. and MRS. JOSEPH SHAPIRO 61 Congratulations and Mazel Tov To Our Darling Daughter and Sister GILDA N. GRAFF Third Generation American Active in Traditional Jewish Education and Observance of the Torah MR. and MRS. MEYER H. GRAFF and JACOB Chicago, Illinois Sincerest Congratulations to Our Dear Daughter, Granddaughter and Sister With Best Wishes to ELISSA FRIEDMAN LANDO (Pitzie) DENISE COHEN RABBI and MRS. ISRAEL E. FRIEDMAN On Her Graduation MR. and MRS. MORRIS FRIEDMAN MR. and MRS. JAY FRIEDMAN and EZRA MRS. RACHEL PORT HARRY N. MORRIS and FAMILY JACQUELINE FRIEDMAN " m ' jia ty mty n«i ' rri icy nun nm„ Congratulations and Best Wishes to THE CLASS OF 1963 STERN COLLEGE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION President - JOANNE P. KLEIN ' 58 1st Vice President - GINGER SOCOL ' 59 2nd Vice President - JUDY LEFKOWITZ ' 61 Recording Secretary - ROSALIE BAYER ' 62 Corresponding Secretary - RITA SIFF ' 61 Treasurer - ESTHER RIVKIN ' 61 Congratulations to Our Daughter R E N E E and her Classmates on their Graduation MR. and MRS. BERNARD GOTTESMAN Greetings from THE CATTLE SHOCHTIM UNION Local 491 799 BROADWAY New York 3, N. Y. Our Love and Prayer for a Lifetime of Happiness to RABBI and MRS. JEROME WOLICKI from MOM and MACK 63 Best Wishes to RHETA WEINSTEIN from WILLIAMSBURG COAT, APRON and TOWEL SUPPLY CO., Inc. 337 STAGG STREET Brooklyn 6, N. Y. Congratulations to RHETA WEINSTEIN OLYMPIA TRANSPORTATION CO., Inc. 437 WEST 13th STREET New York 14, N. Y. MOORE BROS. 1209 UTICA AVENUE Brooklyn, New York 64 Congratulations and Best Wishes to DENISE COHEN From a Pittsburgh Friend MR. and MRS. EMIL LEBOVITZ PARAMOUNT CATERERS New York ' s Finest Caterers HENRY ZISKIN, Pres. 127 WEST 43rd ST. and 305 WEST END AVE. New York City Congratulations to DEBORAH KRUPNICK BOKER On Her Graduation from Stern College MR. and MRS. SAMSON KRUPNICK Joseph, Peri, Elia, Elissa and Rachel Krupnick MR. and MRS. SIDNEY ROSENZWEIG SAVANNAH, GEORGIA Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to CAROL GOLBERG from RABBI and MRS. D. GOLDBERG MR. and MRS. LOUIS RICH MR. HERBERT RICH MYRON and ROCHELLE To Compliment My Beloved Granddaughter GILDA GRAFF MR. MORRIS N. TAXON HOTEL PHARMACY MADISON AVENUE and 28th STREET New York, N. Y. Compliments of VITA FOOD PRODUCTS, Inc. Mazel Tov to Our Daughters JUDY and SHELLY FINK Upon Their Graduation MR. and MRS. NATHAN FINK MR. and MRS. ALEX FINK MOORE BROS. WHOLESALE MEATS, Inc. 1209 UTICA AVENUE Brooklyn, New York In Loving Memory of RABBI MORRIS N. TAXON (Class of 1912 Yitzchock Elchanon Yeshiva) Grandfather of Gilda Graff MRS. MORRIS N. TAXON PENNSYLVANIA PAPER AND SUPPLY COMPANY A Friend of Shelly Fink Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to Compliments of B R Y N A MR. and MRS. DAVID FINK and FAMILY from MT. COBB, PA. MOTHER, MORDECAI, HERBIE and SUE, and LEON Mazel Tov Mazel Tov to HINDY FINK to Upon Her Graduation BETH and BEVERLY MR. and MRS. M. JACOBOWSKY and MARK MR. and MRS. BENJAMIN KOENIGSBERG Congratulations and Best Wishes for Health and Happiness Mazel Tov to Our Daughter RUTH to our FRANCES and her fellow graduates And Her Fellow Graduates DR. and MRS. DONALD G. LIPMAN and FAMILY REV. and MRS. MAX GROSSMAN Mazel Tov and Best Wishes BETSY Compliments of a Friend from MR. and MRS. BENJAMIN PERNIKOFF to ESTHER and SARITA MARSHA WOLICKI MR. and MRS. MICHAEL BEREZIN GERSHON, BOB, and RUTHIE Mazel Tov to Our Daughter and Sister S N E 1 L A RABBI and MRS. AARON SHAPIRO RABBI and MRS. ISRAEL ORENSTEIN and Daughters ABRAHAM SHAPIRO ISAAC FLUHR Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to RACHELEE BROG SACKS your proud husband and parents: HERSHEL SACKS MR. and MRS. REUBEN BROG DR. and MRS. LOUIS SACKS dear friends: MORTY and PHYLLIS SUMMER RITA and BILL ROTHCHILD BETTE ROTTENBERG and NAPHTALI GOLDSTEIN Compliments of SILPIT INDUSTRIES, Ltd. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Dear Dt , You did it! We knew you could. Love, DEVORAH and XJ2X Compliments of JOSEPH MARGULIUS 170 McADAM AVENUE Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Congratulations to SHELLY FINK on her graduation from DR. and MRS. B. V. KAUFMAN Best Wishes for Future Success to Our Daughter BRYNA MINTZ and to all the graduates MOM, DAD, AND LEONARD BIENENFELD GLASS WORKS 1539-49 COVERT STREET Brooklyn 27, N. Y. J A 1-4400 Mazel Tov to HARRIET and Her Classmates SCHICK CATERING CORP. 1385 CONEY ISLAND AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. MR. and MRS. BIENENFELD Mazel Tov to Our Daughter NAOMI and to her Classmates RABBI and MRS. GOLDMAN Greetings and Congratulations to our Daughter, SHULAMITH, and her classmates MR. and MRS. HARRY S. KLAVAN WASHINGTON, D. C. With Much Love to Our Dear Daughter SUZANNE and Hope for Her Continued Health, Happiness and Success MOTHER, FATHER, ISRAEL } 3 7ATi To BRYNA BLUMENREICH and The Class of ' 63 A FRIEND In Memory of Beloved Mother MIRIAM DEVORA FRIEDMAN MRS. PEARL KOENIGSBERG DRS. EVELYNE and JULES SCHWABER and CARL STUART and JEFFREY MARK Congratulations to MADELINE KAGAN from RABBI and MRS J. SUKENIK and MR. and MRS. AARON S. LAUER MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA Good Luck to MARSHA and YOSSIE WOLICKI SAM WARD - LENA DWORK COUSINS CLUB Mazel Tov to My Wife JUDITH on her graduation RABBI MARVIN ROSEN Congratulations and Best Wishes to The Graduating Class of 1962-63 RABBI and MRS. DAVID S. SHAPIRO MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN A FRIEND OF SYLVIA ROSNER PREMIER SMOKED FISH CO. 143 GRAND STREET Brooklyn 11, N. Y. Compliments to MARSHA WOLICKI, Daughter of PEARL DWORK, from COLLINS AND WIESE COAL CO. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Congratulations and Best Wishes to Our Daughter ROCHELLE on her graduation MR. and MRS. IRVING KLAUSNER Congratulations to MARSHA WOLICKI on her graduation THE ANNES FAMILY In Loving Memory of Our Dear Father and Grandfather NATHAN DENKENSOHN Congratulations to ROCHELLE KLAUSNER on her Graduation — form — A FRIEND Greetings from DEENIE SIGLER TORONTO, CANADA To Our Wonderful Daughter and Sister CHAYA on her graduation RABBI and MRS. KORB PESACH and YOCHEVED MIRIAM Compliments of DOMINION ELECTRIC 87 PRINCESS STREET Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada To our dear niece and cousin CHAYA KORB on her graduation RABBI and MRS. A. SHATZKES and FAMILY RABBI and MRS. D. KORB and FAMILY RABBI and MRS. M. GOODMAN and FAMILY RABBI and MRS. A. LOPIN and FAMILY MR. and MRS. S. RUBNIGH and FAMILY Mazel Tov to Our Daughter and Sister, FREDA on her graduation From Her Proud Family MR. and MRS. DAVID LONDON, SAUL and ESTHER To the daughter of our dear Rabbi and to our Sunday School Teacher CHAYA KORB on her graduation CONGREGATION AHAVAT CHESED 7902 - 15th Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. Compliments of DR. and MRS. SIDNEY FEUERSTEIN and FAMILY For tire Finest in Furs YUDOFSKY FURRIERS LOUISVILLE, KY. LExington 2-8671 IRVING ' S SPECIALTY SHOPS DRESSES - SPORTSWEAR - LINGERIE 39 EAST 28th STREET NEW YORK 16, N. Y. Congratulations to our Daughter JOY BELLE on her graduation MR. and MRS. JOSEPH YUDOFSKY Bracha V ' hatzlacha to Our Granddaughter BRYNA MINTZ REV. and MRS. S. GERSHUNY Mazel Tov to our Daughter DOROTHY on her Graduation MR. and MRS. ROY SEGAL and DAUGHTERS TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA SOuth 8-9282 LEEDER and LEEDER General Insurance Brokers 4100 FOURTH AVENUE BROOKLYN 32, N. Y. MR. and MRS. GEORGE J. BURSAK Best Wishes GREEN ' S PRINTING COMPANY TORONTO, CANADA Best Wishes to Our Dear Daughter HINDY and Her Classmates MR. and MRS. MEYER E. FINK and FAMILY Mazel Tov to HINDY, JUDY, and SHELLY FINK — from — Young Israel of Scranton Intermediate Group GANZ BROTHERS DRY CLEANING and ALTERATION Special Discount for Students 245 LEXINTON AVENUE NEW YORK, N. Y. Congratulations to Our Beloved Daughter JUDITH RABBI and MRS. ZEVI TABORY Compliments to MARSHA WOLICKI AUNT and UNCLE SY HELGOTT HAMIZNON DAIRY RESTAURANT " pnnoS iu 3„ 44 WEST 30th STREET Between 6th Ave. Broadway New York City Mazel Tov to Our Daughter and Sister SYLVIA upon her graduation MR. and MRS. JUDAH ROSNER BARRY, MIRIAM, and JACK PE 6-1967 LO 5-9642 FRED ' S BEAUTY SALON FRED - Colorist - Cold Waver Hair Styles by MR. AMATO of Napoli Mazel Tov to our Head Counsellor and Bnos President CHAYA KORB AGUDATH ISRAEL OF AMERICA 59 WEST 35th STREET NEW YORK 1, N. Y. In Memory of BLOCH PUBLISHING CO. " The Jewish Book Concern " DAVID DANIEL DU BOW Father of Marsha Wolicki 31 WEST 31st STREET NEW YORK 1, N. Y. Mazel Tov to JEANETTE and the Class of ' 63 HESSION AND CONNOLLY, Inc. Fruits - " Vegetables - Grocery and Delicatessen Meat Dept. - Prime Meats Our Specialty 27 EAST 28th STREET MU 5-7572 from THE PHILADELPHIA CHAPTER YESHIVA UNIVERSITY WOMEN 70 BEN FISHER and E. POLCEK VICTORY MARKET PORT CHESTER, N. Y. THE FLOWER GARDEN Flowers for All Occasions 135 EAST 34th STREET NEW YORK CITY Best Wishes to SHEILA SHAPIRO from MR. and MRS. JULIUS SHIDLOVSKY We Wish Our FELICE Continued Joy and Success CONGREGATION OHEV SHOLOM PRAIRIE VILLAGE, KANSAS Harold Tenenbaum, President Marshall Miller, Rabbi Best Wishes to MARSHA WOLICKI Daughter of Mr. and JVIrs. Mack Dwork J. W. COHEN FOUNDATION Mazel Tov to SUZANNE PALEY Upon Her Graduation NATHAN PERLSTEIN 544 Lombard Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Mazel Tov to Our Daughter LETTY Upon Her Graduation MR. and MRS. CHARLES HILLER PACKARD PHARMACY JOSHUA MYRON, Ph.G. 133 EAST 34th STREET New York, N. Y. MU 5-1420 Wl 7-3640 Wl 7-3641 LADY FAIR HAIRSTYLIST BY SAM RIEFF 29 WEST 35th STREET NEW YORK 1, N. Y. Stern ' s French Cleaners, 1309 - 49th St., Brooklyn 19, N. Y. Rothman ' s Photo Supplies, 572 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn 11, N. Y. Schneierson Mfg. Corp., 1350 Broadway, New York Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to LEAH Upon Her Graduation May She Have Only Success in All Her Endeavors MR. and MRS. SCHMERLER Pelham Photo Studio, 2170 White Plains Rd., Bronx 60, N. Y. J. Leitner, Strictly Kosher Meat and Poultry Market Oakdale Jewelers, 30 West 35th St., New York Congregation Beth Sholom, Mineola, Long Island The Katz Family, 120 Riverdale Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. Empire Jewelry Shop, 135 East 34th Street, New York Willie ' s Food Mart, 181 East Broadway, New York WEBER ' S GLATT KOSHER CATERERS 1660 MORRIS AVENUE Congratulations to the Class of 1963 Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to Our Daughter SUSAN and to All the Graduates MR. and MRS. M. MATKOWSKY Park Florist, 115 East 34th Street, New York Pasteur Pharmacy, 10 Park Ave. at 34th St., New York Fein Insurance Brokerage Co., 27 E. Mt. Eden Ave., Bronx, N. Y. 71 Gold Reiss, Inc. (Hardware), 4211 - 13th Ave., Brooklyn Nu-Star Super Market To our niece LETTY - from Aunt Irma and Uncle Alfred Fleischmann-Heymann Co., Inc., Glatt Kosher Meat WINS Cleaners ■ Dyers - Tailors, 185 Lexington Ave., N. Y. Mazel Tov to All the Graduates Our Best to JEANNETTE, Dr. Mrs. Harry Shay Jonathan Moishe Levovitz Compliments of a Friend of Shelly Fink Compliments of Alfred Parker Samuel Kaplan Kinor David Orthodox Kosher Meat, Poultry Provision Corp. Eugene and Arenka Greenstein The Perry House, Bethlehem, N. H. Compliments of Mr. S. L. Glassman Robert Neiman and Edith Fishman Compliments of Dr. Herbert Alter, D.D.S. Joseph Deutsch Edward Merrin Joseph Stillman A Friend of Susan Matkowsky Effie and Bernie Mayerfeld and Children Compliments of Rudy Tepel and Orchestra Sea Horse Fishery Sam Roschelle Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kevelson Compliments of Mom, Dad, and Phyllis Hellman Compliments of Universal Light Company 72 In loving memory of Herman Book Compliments of a Friend of Suzanne Paley Compliments of W. Blakeley Chandlee Dr. Ralph Berger City Center Drugs Murray Hill Cleaners Rapoport ' s Dairy Restaurant Mr. and Mrs. David J. Cohen Meyer D. Schnall, M.D. Waller ' s Butcher Friedman ' s (Formerly Nachman ' s) Dairy Restaurant Compliments of Menachem Mendal Katz Jack Polivy A. Goldman Moore Bros. Wholesale Meats, Inc. Compliments of Joseph S. Gordon Compliments of Marvin E. Klitsner P. Grussgott Reinberg ' s Bakery The Gertz Family Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Rabinowitz and Son Compliments of Mr. Goldberg and Sons Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Jochnowitz and Family Philip Feldheim, Inc., " The House of the Jewish Book " Compliments of Dr. and Mrs. Norman W. Shaul and Family Great Lakes Chapter of Women ' s Branch of Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America Bernard Herschberg — Franchised Furniture Co. II

Suggestions in the Stern College for Women - Kochaviah Yearbook (New York, NY) collection:

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