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. w then there was light . . . slowly light found its way through the mist e was the dark of deep endless night — The stream of life began to flow From the rocks rolled a rock — From the trees, a tree, From the grass stole a blade — From the winds, a breeze, The sun sent a ray — The moon, a beam, As love flowed through all in an endless stream There was love .... Rinding rock and grass and water and ground With blendings of heaven s calm, quiet sound Breathing life through the water Coursing peace through her veins As the solitary stream began to flow From the rocks, and the rock — From the winds, and the. breeze, From the blade, and the grass — From the tree and the trees, A stream of life A stream of love A stream of music from the dawn of time Channa R. Schulman ,r .% !», As you complete your education at Stern College for Women. I extend my sincerest congratulations to you, and wish you every success in your future endeavors. Stern College was established to make a new kind of education available. Here the arts and sciences of western culture are perpetuated together with the time honored practices and teachings of Judaism. Here the modern woman can devote herself to the complete development of her capabilities as a Jewess and as a student of world thought. You who have benefited from this comprehensive training bear the obligation of carrying on the traditions of Torah even as you enter into your various chosen professions. I trust that you will meet this challenge with distinction, dedicating your- selves to a lifetime of service to the Jewish community and all humanity. Sincerely yours, DR. SAMUEL BELKIN In literature, the " stream of conscious- ness " has very definite implications that deal with the sublimation of the uncon- trollable in human nature. There is, how- ever, a stream of consciousness that ought to rise in the deliberate desire of respon- sibility. Perhaps the major aim of educa- tion is not only to fulfill one ' s responsibil- ity, and not only not to escape from it— but deliberately and consciously to trans- mute potential into a search for one ' s re- sponsibility and then to meet its demands. This effort, it seems to me, should be a stream of consciousness running through education and through life. And, this stream is metaphorically fed by the tribu- taries of Jewish learning and general schol- arship. Graduation but signifies your recog- nition of this fact and your readiness to commence drinking not at a fabled Pierian spring, but at a realistic and. idealistic stream of life. I wish you luck and success. Dan Vogel Dean KlBHBiHHffi The stream of life is ours . . . We listened ... We drank . . . And now — We begin our own streams BATYA E. ABRAMSON Bronx, New York History " When enthusiasm and brilliance are combined, expect a masterpiece. " Charm and sincerity, brilliance and drive, characterize Batya as being one of the outstanding members of our class. Possessed of a fine, analytic mind and a love for books, she excells as a- History major and as a substan- tial contributor to every one of her courses. As President of Yavneh at Stern during it ' s formative year, Batya has evidenced her talent for leadership and her love for Torah-Learning. After graduation, and her forthcoming marriage in June, Batya plans to continue her education at the University of Rochester and also hopes to fulfill her great dream of living in Israel. . . . ms d i wi t i , VQ3-n «ron tvvvi LINDA DEE ARANOFF Miami Beach, Florida Education " can resist anything but temptation. " This young miss from Miami, with her wry sense of humor, has the knack for combining fun and enjoyment with seriousness when necessary. Our industrious Linda has been our Class Historian, and this year was Social Coordinator of School Activities. She is also Co-Photographv Editor of our Yearbook. Capable and efficient, Linda, with the help of her roommate, organized the first and only gift shop in the dormitory. That the Lin-nic prospered was largely due to her very practical business sense. Tall, slender and sophisticated, Linda is looking forward to European travel and studying in Israel. . nrm ten t r sv niua sey RENA ESTHER AvRUTICK Hartford, Connecticut Early Childhood Education " Happiness is not a thing one gets. It is a thing one does. " The epitome of practicality combined with an endearing note of whim- -this is Rena to all who know her. The sterling qualities of honesty, devoted friendship and forthrightness shine brightly and she always has a word of good cheer, a helping hand. Upon graduation and her marriage to a future Rabbi, Rena hopes to teach, thus utilizing her major in Education. This resolute young lady is sure to succeed in all her endeavors. ... -qui ■ ' yn V3 " n ROSALIE S. BAYER Mount Vernon, New York Elementary Education " Nothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm. " Diminutive befits her appearance; abundance describes her accomplish- ments. Within four years at Stern, our spirited Rosalie has climbed the executive ladder from Sophomore Class President to Student Council Presi- dent. With her great talent for tact and diplomacy, she has aided in every capacity in which she has served. An Education major, Rosalie is an avid reader and a good student. If she handles her future classes as well as she does her classmates, they ' re in for quite a treat. DORENE PARSONS FEINSTEIN Youngstown, Ohio Sociology " The finest of all pleasures consists in promoting the pleasure of others. " This soft-spoken Senior presents the perfect picture of calm and seren- ity — until you see the mischievous gleam in her eye! She has taken part in many important events, among them participa- tion in the Student-Faculty Committee, the Charity Drive, personally inter- viewing the famous Robert Mclver — and marrying Stern ' s most eligible bachelor! Serious and studious, Dorene hopes to utilize her Sociology major by doing research or social work. .THW TTTY?K TBI 1Y0 " 23U3A Ti TAKSTtt . . . HELENE K. FRIEDMAN Charlotte, North Carolina French " Give every man thine ear but few thy voice; take each mans censure but reserve thy judgment. " This pert and saucy miss has brought to our school a glimpse of that gay city called Paris. True to that city of laughter and lights, she sparkles with enthusiasm, school spirit and " joie de vivre. " As Junior Class Treasurer and Senior Class Vice-President, Helene has taken her work seriously and managed both our accounts and our activities successfully. After graduation, Helene hopes to further her linguistic ability. Is it any wonder that French is her major? .Tmr TTQUT IWKTi 1YU V n EVA FROST New York City History " Every time one smiles, and much more when he laughs, it adds something to his fragment of life. " Eva is one Senior who continually amazes her classmates by the imaginative and practical ideas she always has, as a result of her very con- structive ways of thinking. This plucky and practical girl escaped with her family from Hungary during the Revolution and came to America. During her four years at Stern College, she became an excellent History major. She intends to do graduate work in psychology. In addition, she went to Israel where she completed a Hebrew Teacher ' s course and also studied at the Hebrew University. Upon her marriage to her Psychologist husband, Eva forms a profes- sional team as well. . . . vmr 91 itnun " ui 0 va EVELYN GLEICHER Long Beach, New York Education ' " have a heart with room for everyqoy. " Fun, excitement, laughter and cheer, these are Evie ' s natural surround- ings. They ' re portable too, for she brings them wherever she goes. Fashionable as Fifth Avenue and lively as a jack-in-the-box, our effer- vescent Evie has worked on many committees in school and has been Business Manager of the Observer. This summer, she plans a tour of Europe — lucky girl! An education major, Evelyn is sure to impart much of her zest for life to her future students. .TV19 im nVKTl T 1 2 Y WX . . . MIRIAM GUNZENHAUSER Cortland, New York Mathematics " ' There is but one virtue — the sacrifice of self. " Vivacious, charming and graceful, Mimi is an integration of as many variables as her major — math. She can be found, with equal probability, on a tennis court or at the opera. Other possible solutions to her whereabouts are concert halls, vollyball courts or the telephone booth. In addition, when she ' s not busy as Student Council Secretary or work- ing on Chagigot and class projects, she can be found diligently studying to excell in yet another advanced math course. This versatile Senior hopes to use her talents to teach mathematics in High School and work toward earning her Masters degree. .■ tvd:u nsr nunD T T W . , . MARCIA BRICKMAN HIRT New York City Psychology-Education, B.R.E. " The hand that hath made you fair, hath made you good. " Marcia, a Senior individualist, has amazed students and friends and teachers alike with a way of self-expression distinctly her own. During her college years, her bright, quick mind reduced study hours to a minimum, while she attained A ' s with ease and self-confidence. An out- standing B.R.E. student, Marcia ' s interests range from English, to philos- ophy, to political theory. Upon graduation, this education major will utilize her talents and ex- tensive knowledge as Rebbitzen of an upstate New York community. .rurna urn mnn ' to . . . SHIFRAH T. JUNGREIS Brooklyn, New York English " Her work is as a seed sown; it grows and spreads and sows itself anew. " As playright of the 1960 Purim Play, Shifrah made her dehut. Her many talents other than dramatic ability were evident from the time this quick-thinking Senior entered Stern College. Highly intelligent and alert, Shifrah astounds friends and teachers alike with her wide scope of knowledge about Literature, Art and Mythology. She also possesses understanding and insight, and always has a willing ear for a friend ' s problem. Shifrah combines within herself sincerity, wit and tact — the perfect recipe for a model Rebbitzin. .TVQ3TC «HJV TDT Y . . . MYRA KAGAN Chicago, Illinois Elementary Education " We can do more good by being good than in any other way. " Poise, good humor and fortitude — these are some of the characteristics by which Myra is known. But this only hints at the loyalty and strength of character within. A conscientious and diligent student, Myra spends much of her spare time at the piano. She also possesses a fine, clear soprano voice, which it has been our pleasure to hear at Chagigas and other school functions. Her interests are as diversified as her talents. An Education major, with a minor in Speech, Myra plans to teach. In addition, she hopes to earn a Masters degree in Speech and thereupon do therapy with retarded children. ANNETTE C. KARLIN Brooklyn, New York Education, B.H.L. " The virtue of a man ought to be measured not by his extra-ordinary exertions, but by his every-day conduct. " Petite, sweet, right down to the core; petite, sweet, and so much more — that ' s Annette! This Senior possesses the enviable talent for doing the right thing at the right time in a confident, relaxed, and effective manner. A cheerful, bright-eyed Annette possesses in addition the quality of resoluteness — and when armed with her knitting needles — BEWARE! She is the only elementary school teacher-to-be, offered the choice of teaching knitting instead of teaching school. , m TVTll TYTTt " •T D CLAIRE LANGNER KATZ Brooklyn, New York Psychology-Education, B.R.E. " A kind heart is a fountain of gladness, making everything in it ' s vicinity freshen into smiles. " This modest, warm-hearted young wife has shown us that one can suc- cessfully combine a Psychology-Education major with B.R.E. studies. And as if that were not enough, she is a devoted wife and homemaker as well. Though quiet and quite unpretentious, Claire ' s positive and optimistic attitude towards life is seen in her well chosen verbal contributions to all class discussions. Claire ' s plans for the forthcoming year include putting her B.R.E. degree to use by teaching in a Yeshiva. .tVjdi mum Tn ruM RUTH L. MATHEWS KATZ Bay Shore, Long Island Psychology-Education, B.R.E. " Love is ever the beginning of Knowledge, as fire is of light. " Behind Ruth ' s demure appearance lies a sparkling personality, a pungent wit and a very alert, and attentive mind. A 1-o-n-g distance com- muter for two years since her marriage, Ruth has maintained her high level of scholarship in the face of many adverse circumstances. A B.R.E. candidate, Education major and Psychology minor, this mother-to-be plans to teach and to pursue her studies in Psychology. Best of all, she will soon have first hand experience in both fields. NAOMI SARA KAUFMAN Bronx, New York Education " Good humor is the health of the soul. " Our cheerful Naomi has graced our halls, adding her inimitable spirit to our school. Good natured and easy-going, she looks for and finds the best in every- one and in every situation. An Education major, Naomi loves children and will find it easy to succeed as an elementary school teacher. " Now where did I leave my . . . ? " MYRNA KRENTZMAN KOSQWSKY Bridgeport, Connecticut Sociology-Psychology " ' The scent is the rose; the smile, the woman. " Idealism and practicality blended together — this is the scret of Myrna ' s charm and success. Conscientious and precise about everything she does, Myrna is a Dean ' s List student and an active participant in all school ac- tivities. Her concern for our school is reflected through her work on the Student Alumni Organization and as Secretary of the Senior Class. Possessing a lyrical soprano voice, Myrna has sung at school and class performances and is a member of our school chorus. This Senior Intercession bride has shown us that brains and beauty make a very compatible combination. 24 LOIS HARRIET KURITSKY Plainfield, New Jersey French " Never underestimate the power of a woman. " This studious Senior, who joined the class of ' 62 as a Sophomore, has proven her mettle by succeeding admirably in all of her scholastic endeavors. During her spare time, Lois can be found at museums, listening to her Hi-Fi or even at a baseball game! When inspired by mood or moment, she also composes comic poetry. For this French major, who minored in English and History, four years of undergraduate work are only a beginning and not an end in themselves. DEBBY COHEN LEIBENSTEIN Brooklyn, Ne w York Psychology " The tongue of the righteous is a fountain of life. " Debby ' s serene appearance belies her very lively and vivacious person- ality. Understanding, optimistic and possessing a pungent sense of humor, she is a devoted wife and proud mother. This ardent Zionist spent two years in Israel and studied at Bar-Ilan University before returning to Stern during her Junior year. Debby is a Psychology major with many other diversified interests. She loves opera, concerts — and hockey games. After graduation, Debby hopes to further her education in Graduate School. .ran rmur r D t quj DEBORAH MARLOWE Bronx, New York History " A tranquil heart is the life of the soul. " Our vivacious Debby will always be found with a smile as bright as her shining blond hair. Wherever she goes, her sunny disposition radiates warmth and enthusiasm. As star of the Freshman Purim Play, Debby ' s considerable singing and acting abilities were first seen. This many talented Senior is also endowed with a fine retentive mind which enables her to excell as a History major. A serious and dedicated student, Debby plans to continue her education in Graduate School and earn her Masters Degree. . V!3 Wra TU U D 1W — IT 1)TD TTT ' D ,U3T IDD T V DUJ 27 NECHAMA MAYERFELD Norma, New Jersey Sociology-Psychology " Happy is she who knows the joys of true friendship. " Wherever fun, laughter and mischief abound, you ' re sure to find Nechama in the middle of it. Affectionately dubbed " Nicki " by one and all, she has added her note of fashionable chic and shown us by example, the joys of true friendship. As Social Coordinator of our school, she ably managed the calendar of events by deftly juggl ing all activities so that nothing conflicted and we all had fun. Imaginative and adventuresome, Nechama. aided by her roommate, initiated a successful giftshop in the dormitory, called the Lin-Nic. And is it any wonder that our Co-Photography Editor is as pretty as a picture herself? . . . rmm — trr 3 rmim SANDRA JEAN MOSAK Forest Hills, New York Psychology " For manners are not idle, but the fruit of loyal nature, and noble mind. " This unique, modest Senior has a way with words and with people, a deep analytical mind, a subtle wit, and a brilliant smile. Naturally kind and considerate, Sandy has enhanced many a class and school activity. Within the classroom itself, her perceptive comments have stimulated teachers as well as students. Following her natural bend toward giving of herself, Sandy has headed Chagiga Committees, Senior Jewelry Sales, and has also done an excellent job as Feature Editor of the Yearbook. In her spare time this busy bee spins the threads of her web into clothes while also managing to weave in some fancy baking and oil painting. A cracker-jack in and out of school, Sandy plans to specialize in the field of Psychology. In the forthcoming years, Graduate School will add to its assets the presence of this most sincere student and considerate human being. .mur tt mw ,rm3n asm ma n " WK 29 LEAH FRANKEL MOSKOWITZ Forest Hills, New York Psychology-Education " He who sews courtesy, reaps friendship and he who plants kindness, gathers love. " Anytime, everytime, our fiery redheaded Senior with her heart of gold can be found adding words of encouragement, lending a helping hand, always a comfort. Rich in warmth, with practicality and good sense as a bonus, Leah has inspired the trust of her classmates and was Sophomore and Senior Class Treasurer. She is finally relieved of her money collecting duties at home where, by mutual agreement, her husband has taken over. SHERRELL REISMAN NAJMAN Bronx, New York Elementary Education " She ivho is filled with sincerity and goodness, walks with God. " This remarkable young wife brings her own sunshine wherever she goes, and bestows it liberally on everyone around her, spicing it with jokes and wise sayings. Sincere and self-less, Sherry sees the world through rose-colored glas- ses. She overlooks our faults and sees only our virtues. Conscientious and resolute, Sherry has worked hard for our school and for the cause of Inter-Yeshiva. Next year, she will bring the same devo- tion to her task of teaching children. SHIFRA NUSSBAUM Toronto, Canada History " Sensibility is the power of woman. " This friendly and talkative lass has brought a bit of diversified culture to our midst. Our Shifra has an international past. Although she now hails from Toronto, she has lived in Holland and Indonesia. Her intellectual talents have been centered around History but her interests also include English and Education. Our ambitious traveller will not make Stern her last stop. Graduate School is in her sights wherein she hopes to become a Historian. .TVs ini DTQ7Y rvrnnn ELLEN C. OFFENBACHER Lawrence, New York Education, B.R.E. " A noble deed is a step towards G-D. " A Religious Committee is being formed and somehow Ellen seemingly plucks time from the air and attends. Thus Monday through Friday finds this incredible B.R.E. Dean ' s List student ever in a whirl between Religious Ac- tivities, " Trumat Shaot, " discussions of further projects with Rabbi Levine, our Religious Advisor, and anything and everything of a religious nature which may possibly benefit student and school. Upon graduation, an ambitious Ellen is planning a six month study program in Israel, and a return to the United States to earn her Masters degree in Hebrew. SANDRA CAPLAN REICHMAN Forest Hills, New York Psychology " It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness. " Perceptive, trim, with a quick repartee, Sandy is a Senior Intercession Bride. She has always successfully combined her studies as a Psychology major with extra-curricular activities, somehow always finding time to help with one more function — and another, and another. As Junior Class president, her efficient manner got things done pronto! In addition, Sandy has often helped the class avoid financial predicaments by organizing fund-raising projects such as the sale of stockings and of watches. And because it ' s her nature, Sandy ' s undertakings are always successful. 7VT Y2UT1 IVftVm — HT mi3 2 JUDITH ROSENBERG Danville, Virginia History " There is an unspeakable pleasure attending the life of a voluntary student. " Our pretty, witty Judy is a devoted friend to both students and Faculty. Intelligent, versitile and talented, her contributions to Stern College range from authoring a Purim Play, to speaking for Stern College, to editing our Observer. This accomplished conversationalist can often be found discussing English, History, Philosophy or Israel and her experiences there. Our Judy is certain to succeed in whatever the future holds. .TDTT V311 TQ — ' TCI) TVT iV a Xi A.J. CHANNA R. SCHULMAN Brooklyn, New York English, B.H.L. " Sincerity is the face of the soul. " Every class has its poet, its dreamer. ... In the class of " 62, it is our Channa who occupies this unique position. Endowed with great sensitivity, she sees the world with deep understanding and shows to others its beauty and goodness. Ideas dance before her pen. . . . Imagination sparks her mind. . . . She looks into her heart, and writes. Her creative mind knows no limits. It transcends reality and creates a finer, deeper reality. Channa, an English major of exotic appearance, is greatly versed in World Literature and known for her perceptive analyses of difficult works. During her four year stay at Stern College, she has packed her programs with almost every Psychology, Philosophy, Art, and Hebrew course offered. As Editor of the Yearbook and writer of both Hebrew and English verse, Channa is also a devoted wife motivated in all she does by honesty of thought, sincerity of speech, and love of people. .1TYQ T Y . . . UJT TQ Tl , K1 " l VDH ARLENE G. SILVER New York City Chemistry " A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance. " With a friendly smile and a happy hello, this Senior with her good cheer and quick wit has enlivened our four years at Stern. Arlene also has a very astute business sense which has enabled her to be a successful Business Co-Managei of our yearbook and Circulation Manager of Observer for two years. A conscientious Chemistry major and Dean ' s List student, Arlene plans to teach Chemistry in High School and to attend Graduate School. . " idik ntwm mmuj r n BASYA SILVER Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Education " He that walks uprightly, walks securely. " A joke has been told and B asya ' s sincere, lively, unmistakable laughter is heard. This industrious Senior who has always travelled through life on a straight, honest path, is a joy appreciated by all who know her. At test time, Basya is in a scurry with last minute " things " to do. A joke is heard then or any time and somehow, somewhere a hopeful optimistic voice comes through the busy schedule of Hebrew Student Teaching, English Student Teaching, pens and papers piled on a desk, and honest sincere, unmistakable Basya laughter is heard. . . . Ill " 1 TTSO f RACHEL STEINBERG Camden, New Jersey Chemistry " A glad heart reaps happiness. " Carrot-topped, impulsive, and incredibly energetic, Rachie has whizzed through her work, adding spice and zest to our college days. With lots of school spirit and unfailing good cheer, she has organized many class ac- tivities and has been responsible for their success. This lawyer ' s wife-to-be has spent most of her time in the Chemistry labs, sometimes almost around the clock. We are all thankful that she has never blown the school to bits — yet! .D " 1 " V8 mum VV 2 VK V 2D 39 ■ !F° m Dm GOLDIE STERN Brooklyn, New York Education " Happiness and good sense are two of life ' s greatest blessings. " Goldie, a dark haired, dad eyed fiery ball of action, has completed four years of study while never for a moment neglecting extra curricular activities, her folk and Hebrew dancing and leadership of youth groups. An Education major who has taken many an English elective, Goldie is armed with authors and methods which serve her constantly. With Sunday School and Talmud Torah teaching experience behind her, this versatile, enthusiastic Senior will soon add elementary school teaching to her list of accomplishments. .11)3 vn — mm «iwfl SANDRA COHEN STRAUSS Brooklyn, New York Education " The only way to have a friend is to be one. " Throughout her four years at Stern College, this clear-thinking Senior has shown herself to be sensible, practical, and self-sufficient. A firm-minded and methodical thinker, Sandy is also athletic and loves the out-of-doors. Since her marriage, Sandy has become an extremely fastidious home- maker, while never neglecting her school work. She and her Pharmacist husband are a perfect " prescription " for a happy marriage. . ' rm vm p ivo twin -iujk asm BRENDA STREISAND Forest Hills, New York Biology " The value of life lies not in the length of days, but in the use we make of them. " Good humor, striking appearance, and a forthright manner, all add up to our " Honi. " With an amazing and seemingly endless store of energy, Brenda has worked through many a heavy program in school, while never neglecting her role as a devoted wife, and dedicated home-maker. As frost- ing on the cake, Brenda ' s great love of music has found expression through her active participation in the school chorus. This versatile Senior hopes to utilize her major in Biology by doing research work. . . . VHDV lU m 2Tir T : TV rTl HUl X7 2 113 7V21D mn vm JUDITH METZGER SUKENIK Kew Gardens, New York Psychology-Education " Gentle, fair, and wise is she. The Heaven, each grace did lend her. " Whether the time be one of student hardship or after a test, approaching vacation or after a rest, Judy always has a smile in her eyes and on her lips, that reflects the serene nature within. Possessing a rare refinement of character, Judy is also blessed with a pungent sense of humor to which she adds great tact and good will towards all. A young wife, and now a mother as well, Judy is the first of our class to apply the principles of Child Psychology to her very own child! CAROL F. TAUB Chicago, Illinois Education " . . . and there are some who possess the wisdom of silence. " Carol is a modest, reserved Senior with a sparkle in her eyes. An avid reader who also loves classical music, Carol is capable, conscientious and always willing to help in all activities. Her efficient handling of the duties of Business Co-Manager of our yearbook indicates some of the resolute, and practical qualities of her nature. Upon graduation, and her forthcoming marriage in July, Carol hopes to utilize her Education major by teaching in a Yeshiva. . . . TVIDDTI TTIUH T m l 7 % l HELEN VOEHL New York City History " Kindness is the golden chain by which society is bound together. " She is sitting in her Hebrew classrooms, quiet, but not silent. The word " History " is mentioned and Helen is alive, alert, and anticipating. ... The discussion takes on a new turn and Helen resumes her reflective demeanor: quiet, but not silent. As one of our intellectual historians, Helen has spent four years travel- ing from the Stone Age to the present. Knowing Helen, it is no wonder that she intends to continue and intensify her studies of the same in Graduate School. .TmsTi srn m pi . . . GILDA VOGEL Bronx Psychology " To be doing good is mans most glorious work. " Our gracious Gilda is a happy combination of a lively and charming personality with a serious and perceptive mind. Whether putting rats through their paces in the psychology lab., arguing a point during a lecture, or being a devoted wife to her lucky husband, she acts with courage and honesty. Gilda ' s plans include teaching Hebrew. Knowing Gilda, her pupils will be quite fortunate, for she will combine her knowledge of Psychology and Education with her usual determination to do every job well. .TVDt T 91D Itf 1 1 . . . 46 RUTH WEINBERG Binghamton, New York Education " The best portion of a good mans life is his little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and of love. " We call her " Madame President " for all our class business and fun. As she cheerfully presides over our class meetings, the problems seem to melt away and our plans assume their shapes. Incredibly active and devoted to improving our school, Ruth has worked on innumerable committees and was Sing Chairman for two years. In addition to excelling in her school work, energetic Ruth devotes much of her time to sports of all sorts — from bowling to baseball. An Education major and Psychology minor, Ruth plans to teach and hopes to earn her Master ' s degree in Guidance. .■Q13U3 Tilur ' n — - m n :mi Tr 2 mm 47 TOVA WEINBERG Toronto, Ontario Biology " Be not merely good, be good for something. " Tova is a bright and vivacious girl with a cheerful optimistic outlook on life. Quiet, yet active, she was Secretary of Yavneh, has worked on the Torah Activities Committee, and is Treasurer of the Dormitory. Tova ' s humanitarian attitude can be seen in her plans for the coming year. She has enrolled in Columbia ' s School of Physicians and Surgeons, wherein she will study Occupational Therapy. .iv 3 13 ra fi rave — n ,v 2r tdi nuitn ivnuum 48 SHEILA WEINREB Far Rockaway, New York Education, B.R.E Me speaketh little, and yet there lies a conversation in her eyes " If you were to see her move through Stern College halls, a quiet, modest figure would meet your eye. And if by chance you both would speak, a hint ol the delicacy of her fine inner nature would come through In her calm, refreshing manner, this Senior has successfully managed English and 1 Hebrew Student Teaching as well as editing the Hebrew section of the Yearbook. She has also earned her Elementary Education and B R E degrees. Sheila, a 1962 bride-to-be, will have no medical worries— " There ' s a doctor in the house. " • • • UniTl 2 TU3 2TQ lK-iY2 49 JESSICA J. WERNICK Brooklyn, New York Biology, B.R.E. " The ivords of a mans mouth are as deep waters; a flowing brook, a fountain of wisdom. " A constant, honest love of learning characterizes Jessie ' s four years at Stern College. An excellent Dean ' s List student endowed with a natural sincerity and Yirat Shamajim, Jessie has spent her hours mixing Biology with B.R.E. studies. Further mixing will take place next year when Jessie will fill her morn- ings doing laboratory work, and her evenings with Graduate courses. Here is one scientist who fills her test tubes with success! .rawrt m tot mvm rm m rums rrs DEVORAH WILAMOWSKY Bronx, New York Pre-Medical " The ivinds and waves are always on the side of the ablest navigators. " Devorah is a true and able scientist who is aware of the world around her. Demure, friendly and unpretentious, she excels in every subject from English to Physics — and this success never goes to her head. While at Stern College, Devorah has been an active class member. As Associate Editor of the Observer, she worked to make the newspaper a credit to the school — and come out on time! Devorah ' s future plans center around the field of medicine. She has been accepted to Einstein School of Medicine and plans to continue her education there. . .. Tnun tyi ivimn. is ROCHELLE ZIGELMAN Toronto, Ontario . Education " Love sought is good, but given unsought, is better. " Slender, elegant and graceful, Rochelle endears herself to all by her soft-spoken charm and gracious manner. Her interest in school affairs is evidenced by her active participation in many extra-curricular activities such as the Dormitory Council, the Senior Faculty Tea, Treasurer of the Yavneh branch at Stern College, and contributor to our Yearbook. Rochelle enjoys public speaking and utilizes her talents at several fund-raising dinners for our school. In addition to teaching, Rochelle ' s future may hold a career in public relations. This talented lass from Toronto proves that not all " belles " are Southerners. .1Y0 rVQ ATM31 " QT . . . And now We begin our own streams ' ■■ ' ' ?■ ' ■■ ■■=■■■ -■■•■:•■-•-, ' •■-• ■ ' : MATURE ...iniNn ' AA " JBl " 331 iATlTnl VlKTliA. ,i " j " 30 aabuO nAAAA AA TIAB IQm TAAATK AKA AA ,AHBA AlVA D . . . AV9A33 BA ' -Uim -•■ ' ■• ' ; ' ■ ' ■ " ' ■ • ' • ' ■■■,•■■• ATKA VH n ARIAA " ? .AUK1 3AY1TA TAR VK A " J A " 3A 1 I H mUi K lATi A3. 3A AK» KAvA HATA .liAARAA HAAA K A KT1 " JA B V1U OAAA . . . The Line The forbidding gray of the sky presses down upon him. Mountains brooding in ominous majesty dwarf the lonely figure. He stands there: stooped, alone. There is no one to whom he may turn; the burden is his, and he alone may lift its oppressing weight. Groping, stumbling, he begins to fall. Then, with the last of his powers he stands upright once more. He lifts his head; the burden has been lifted. He is free. And his place beneath the gray sky is left empty . . . But, within the moment it is filled by another, and then, yet another. For, many are those who must rid themselves of the burden: rid themselves of the nigh unto overpowering weight of doubt, of fear. Answers are sought, answers that will enable the finder to stand erect. And the line will move on once more. Who are those who people this line? Those who have felt the pain as the first shaft of doubt pierces their being. Those who have dared to probe, those who have accepted the exquisite agony of cleansing the open wound. Not for such the soothing ointments of facile creeds, nor the binding with a fabric of forgetting. They have taken upon their shoulders the pack of the pilgrim, and set out in their search. Search for the stuff to fill the void, search for the stuff to make them whole. Yet, standing stooped beneath their burden, some forsake its call. The glim- mering oasis beckons. Plunging into its waters, they bob prettily on the face of the waves. They are cooled, and freed of pain. The burden has been cast off: it would weigh them down; they stand no longer. Yet others stand. Their being recoils at the thought of being buoyed limp and supine, devoid of will. They stand and will yet stand in the winding, slowly moving line. Batya Abramson 56 Silent Encounter She remembered the stiff bed, the cold walls, the antiseptic odor. She remembered the eyes and the hands of the white clad figures. Eyes staring down with concern as they searched for the source of pain, hands treating scars that ripped and lined her body. And masked blank mouths that revealed no hint of emotion. The expressionless mouths had filled her with a strange resentment. They seemed to tell her she was indistinct among the countless faceless sick, that pass for a while within hospital barriers. She had longed to cry out: I am a separate being, with separate fears, with separate needs. Lying there between forbidding walls, she had alternated between resolution and self pity. At times she made herself hard and unyielding, as if in preparation for a strange battle lying ahead. She resolved then to bear the comments of pity, that would fall from bitter mouths. She strengthened herself, to en- dure the pretense of seemingly unaware eyes. At other moments, the thought of facing others with the scarred results of pain, became too sharp for her to bear. Fears absorbed her mind, dissolved her confidence. Haltingly, she spoke of her desire to remain in isolated safeness, with- in the hospital walls. But harsh papers of discharge were put in her hand. Nothing more could be done. Others were waiting ... she was not alone in pain. More gently, however, the doctors spoke of a place where she could find relief, for in their work they were accustomed to dealing with feelings of terror. They suggested a place where she could postpone the necessity of accepting hurt as well as joy, grief as well as pleasure. Alone to that place of water and sky, she came to deter acceptance of the process of life. In a place of earth and air, she stifled all thought of what had been irrevocably done by the whirls of rainbow lighted fire. Alone with the wind and the trees and the stream, she dispensed with all the familiar images that bind existence to reality. The absence of the ordinary caused her to feel an aspect of limitless space and time. Like the stream, on whose edge she lay, there was no beginning, there was no end. She experienced a feeling of union with the living elements about her. This sense of oneness was in sharp contrast to her conception of the city of iron left behind. The sea and sand, light and air, were empty of the cities surging masses. Sounds of pity, more dreaded than bodily pain, were no- where present to disturb her. Parallel faces, formed of taut, tired lines, of eyes that avoid, and automatic smiles, were not part of the streets of the stream. 57 Her sense of strangeness with what she had left, and union with what she had come to, was such that she felt herself join with the wholeness of nature. She was present in the fleeting wind and the hot core of earth, one with the trees that shaded the drips of water leading to the sea beyond. She was present in the dark regions below the stream, where deep currents meet headon. Her body, a symbol of her presence, was one with the darkness and fog. For a time she was content to lie and absorb the strangeness that was strangely not alien. She did not think of why she had come, nor of what she must return to. The days began to fall into the patterns of the familiar. She watched, the morning winds find their course, and the moving bands of sunlight play upon the waters at noon. She became accustomed to the presence of a child, brought each afternoon to find his own solitary pleasure among the segments and edges of the stream. She came to expect the blue of the stream darkening as the nightfall approached. As the days hazily passed, she became more eager for the child to be brought. Dimly she realized that it was he, the single other human life about her, who could break the bubble of aloneness in which she had enclosed herself. Seemingly unaware of any onlooker, the little boy played on the fine sands near the water banks. The rays of the afternoon sun blazed down upon the sturdy child, burning his back and arms. She would watch him trot back and forth from the stream to the level bank of sand he had selected as his center. Each time he ran without fear into the waves and filled his pail with water. With the wet sand, his shovel and pail, the child would form rows and rows of tall castles. At times he turned his face toward the sky. At those moments, his eyes seemed to question the source of the fiery rays. At those moments it seemed as if his eyes were trying to ascertain what it meant to be one with the endless sun, and water, and sand. She felt at these moments, that his eyes co ntained the universal desire to question, and thus seemed to touch the unfathomable. He was near enough for her to call out to. The center of her feelings, however, was pierced by a bitter remembrance of the flames and the after- math they had left on her flesh. She was sure that the scarlet marks would frighten and repel. She wished to please. To keep herself from confronting such a rebuff, she looked downward until she was close to the damp salt smell of water and sand. The silent mutual awareness ended with the child ' s need to impart the results of his hands ' creation. He called to her, to notice a castle he had built, that was smoother and higher than the rest. Both held their breath 58 as they stared at the endless tiny sands forming the castle. She thought then that the child shared with her a feeling of pain for beauty that vanishes. Raising her face, and looking straight into the eyes of the little boy, she smiled, and felt a heaviness leave her as he smiled back. Then he pointed and directed her eyes again to the castle he had shaped. In a moment as clear as the drops of water sparkling on the sand, she saw that life in isolation is incomplete, distorted, a poor shadow of the truth. She saw that refusal to confront life prevents two separate beings, from unit- ing in a single shared emotion. Instead of yielding with faith to life ' s varied movement, she had removed herself, isolated herself. In this moment of recognition it was as if her old fearful self parted, to remain as a separate entity besides the stream. She felt a pity for the un- real entity left behind, forever to be unaware that the stream as a whole is changless, and that minutes and days are lost in its vastness. The ripples of the surface are disturbed for a while, not always do they flow smoothly to their source. But the turbulence passes, the rushing waters still, the storm abates . . . and the stream flows on. It was late afternoon. The child had gone. She looked at the spot where he had carefully built his castles and felt a sweet sadness as the forms dissolved and returned to sand and sea. . . . Before turning to go, she wept mortal tears. They dropped from her eyes and added to the overflowing stream of life, the beginning and the end. RUTH GROSSMAN 59 t?s nityn 1 ? k-ib» nsn anains en 1 ? may rum minn ms . " en nnn„ ta nmnxn nonsn ty aa trip tan nn 1 ? " ! ,nnmm n nan im« " ann tan nnxin .D " m: nncn TKrtf ,nxin-iansa nn nasn iaoo nns ta avn nsxn inn -Da niDDj , " nnano„i " nmo„ nsinn nnnmo pmnao ,annn two snrfti " in ,npusn na " ,csn ns — natron nm tsnnn itsnpon — lpa ans-fa r; ennp mmpo even nns msatto .nmnn ms unaios ta ts sn ms ns -p ' Tin ' 7 laty mxo aninTi nnn ts sn3 ,p ntsny sint? nnn ns nsn sint ny„ (.a ' n nats o naan t?sn) " .-wn lannnnn ' ma jny ta ibb 1 ? n«i» ' " pair,, ntann nan ta ■u-nnm nnyn man 1 ? 2 s ? not? sta ;n n n may 1 ? iany .n irn ta ty maom tsnnp mn ntao — .nistsan np ta ' nynn nsan mno i smpn tap 1 ? moyts " t ,tar maty nnts npnxn ta npn nam ' rip ijs ff jnis nita ' •on , 7S-its n myns ynsa laay 1 ? mxo a p 1 ? ppyi nn nNS " 1 nnsnp — nontan inmnn pin 1 ? man ncty — nana joints utaptt nmaan ;nays as lata atso as mrra naa laainxan pan D taon i ha 1 ? an nitnp " ptat?„a itata , (taan) natron nna naya wnixiann nixnsn maoiToi mamo -as . . . lalw a on itata ' 1 ' ' nnn mntr ny„ " pnsi nns tan ,min ta niKitra nnynl b s pis atr) " « s nnnon ■pas ' 7 ntaan ta nsn .nta sai ny — ic m x r to 1 60 .emn n:a nitr) nimn nyian nnn psi ,nsma " nn-nnD„n Hirvn pnpn " nn itaty nmonn lata ns nnin , na i: laoy ■uao am csnan aipa 1 ? nnnn onn isna i ty noaan n Q .taw .m ■ ' a ' ay ' ? nty ]si«n ,nt nw pwi cyiiyytri nt as D amn caiona nrn ]vmr iiy ns t nnn psty qs en cm " o ,nwnnn m:i3tri niTyn ntys iains ta " cm3 , ' , ' , ur„ ns iw ' " 1 nta ]£3isn cc en 1 ? ixsntf inn cn mns , D ,| n my en 1 ? mnsaw ,nmn , -n , ' mnnn .c na can nmtr awe nrn i ,ma sn pyna sxr::n ;m»iy nspinn n scn ] ny tas mn ' ' asn moy tavtr ,nrn nwn mnxn nn pi a n " n nmnn,, ta - it nr no ,]sn ncnii fn sn na st? iynnn mrnn ns nn on nTD n nyT nyi ns nnn 1 ? — titibd iia n 1 ? iron T ' n 1 ' i na — " pac„ ntann ta -nni aipon ' w -n — , ' amsn sm " ' man ta nna ■ nnnn ta 1 ? mprnnm nnmynn nm nan njtap .moiiaan Itran ,uod nns tan yptym nyn tay nmn nns ta 1 ? .n nnm t npn lanmD n 1 y a cn nyms w- M2 itaa inntr ,B sa-nn ,| DDm nnnsn nyim iaaa nnx„ lansn ta»n nn lan ipay n ' jni aaT 1 .ian ianm tatinn ma nn nmao ns -ptran ' ? " wwy nnxn .mxisnn anion ,n s n iaa n m nnn anoiy nnn nmn nony mn 1 ? a n-n nc a nsiai ,u ma nn apoy aai on a cn qsi ,Msapn mux moioyn ntaan Itysia nos s mnrns ta mtrp ,-prpn . . . ata ny ' rinn naD-oa } " v; ta« .naiatn nr taia do ns ' ataxa mayi ,nr mm aits " mta - ' jonm frit? ;ntai ta nmn new ,nna3-no " in ta . . . into nybDiT J iya mxy 1 ? na it nyuo tar; " na naa ?nas taa nayn T rfi oomtw aooan ■ywn i sk tap Kta uta iDtarai-nyian uian ?l " ?Kia mm • ' D , D t3 ' " DJ? m-nin D sptpan n« lasw taa onmo as iB Kai ?c , sn •,:« no mnn ,mjnn«n owa " nann oai ,a«pno ,naN ,nmna lata 1 ? yim tax ,nmn nixnxn nvni rr ' DiK ' ? ta mean naanna ' fi nwa lanana . . . Dvnnnaa i:k d o 1 naa .neimio i: 1 mntf Dixy on " innn nantan Dins ms 1 ? ,01? itu? chihm nDin ?« maim) i:« d om o a tas ,ib s« — ?maaa ?n »xan dtdjjd i DtW? Er«an nnna yan ,jK3 rop5 ?mDiTi ,«ta ,rta2 ■wnp ta ijmnm vimnn ayae k 1 ? oia nn lavinD ' a ta oomn c ' -sn naa nsian nanta ]sa w« onsm M 1 ? ita ny i tay naa inr mnn eym uk .iaaa o aixyi o na mno ?yvra .nnxip iaxt? ntae p« — cta;a rcenpim on p a us o n nimnaa sxa: r na cisn .on yi D ynta mnxiK eta ta mta 1 ? inantaa rynraK nnnnm rpman D»ran mama tfnn taai ,-itarn nn n .ntatan taa rnKpoasn mann .tao-ntan iaao nta lata mWim niD»33 mo " 1 — ,mmp nanta nn« ta dubo mini piths nil TiiTiaa n« laTioK ftn n ib ' m r D " Psn cvn rsa natnn npDS k — ,taa nnna tats oonyn ta en .naiKn ta nrn nimn ata dij?b mnyir km xn D non n «ta nmrtf ,i» n-in nuts ' nns y:n ,nDn»n m n ne ne ,irDj arf? ' piSDD m niDDisno ,mps3 o m t mnj ta d s k ,nnn ' sn ny mta — c otn ta ta» onarK on ptayn ,fpx ta» ennn mis n« , ' yron -s -mc ,c c m»n .mran ' nssc nypon n nno ,UDy eta nj» T " 1 s? Dt ann tso uyan cniat? ,c;n) ,nernpn uriDTX ta ,7s-itr nota ayn rmrff ne p a mm yiano 82 — (nsta nta : 1 ? myann D iyn nnn 1 .nown ta ' ,n ta ,moa. iT taD .nmpa ns: nvrm mm ,nsyn nyia ta 1 ti-rn nn nnanm j?; yx-w nanoa man- aian8 dodi nia 1 nri .mn- ymn — nay nanon om taa c taai o snann c an taa D«m nniT5 n ' a Dnsi ,y ta a , t; doidiq Dm ,natapn isv ' nna sv n3DB nysa nn ta " 7 psc ps .nmnn .mxisna lata -ataan ly :? ,T7ta; na n-natr: ija 1 ? pi t-s r nnan msn« ,ntar;n " laxnsa oa jEDimiaB ' sn ' itass na mn s: ow mwnw nw aiN -Tn ejeata ir«N nip s naa- ,mm rny n - ,22T oy ri3ia? - " .rn miDia erne ca pna cxsi ctay npnas om taa .•;2 , p ,n ' rc ,| T i a ' 7n .nTiiaoD ta " i ' ta tik o yswn r min omna cna my taa om.T ' n nanaa o niannn c " -- aa -t- 61 mnDtfi en D pmx .aima cpnea cvyx i n nu n cyoo t»js .jp? acr wp xk .cmTyw nam mpmx en .cpntrnn ty ddd Kin .iviwi a dj? pmx is ,- m pi 5npa ,-p 5 ipa pmx sin cj o a . . , aa Inan p« • • . on a ' nan px .n d .enntr Dto . . . ovty Dta . . . d hj C73 . . . o pmx rooty nD ' C ' c jnw pyun ktw . . . nnntr , ia nmssnm .tb d njm:i nnms torn .clnjioty .nmJD npTiy noja rva mn ' h .nsn x rnto rnym -psty tidk . . . ann 1 ? tidk . . . DJan5 " iidk mn n oyto no i 5or Dn5 pi imn . . . ' rfi cjunni pn mio .nana a — ps a — nfoa mpn p« ... nan lino nan pan 1 ? . . . nra . . . pan n anDn 1 ? .TTiya D " B sn o«n nua men nmtaDnnD pan 1 ? ,Di: , »aDB ' .cnmtyty ymty pyun x nty . . . n a . ' reft nmxsnoi rpfl o mmn nmis K " n ,c 13dc Dwyun jn Vjk . . . nrf ,nnaD ,nnan ,nanX — ty — n — « ?yi " iTi " px ?yto " " p« .vns ymr ensty noNi .man n x 1 " natrnnn naa pi — ,ats n« — a nvmna rpNNwynj yas — n x«i atynx ia a cnxn 62 rr n nn l ] i uu im« itapn .jtapn n:a cy a 1 ? nxxT nryx dk Tin 1 ? D anDD vjsi ,pm mix ,n p mix ,idx tc ' jxity n n .3 " od 3130 ,ta« 7 ax 1 ? d mod cn tr .iT j: tw m . " pniypa d nr.y ,k d a 1 ? cy ,cxm r ni NW . . . c ' riya imoa pstf c:n nrx nnx on a ,miy n«r iwi .inty« 7 tyi« pa .ima 1 ? as pa js 1 ? ex pa tra- ,cynw py-nn kmsp . . . nans — .nam nx ' ro nan« main n rmi nnnia K " »m ,0 1208 ' .d di? .anoints . ' td ' j nmxsnrr 3«n ;;n 31300 rotm nnstynn °73i natpn or nmpn nx i 1 ? ensaa c d .a ano rrrum v:a xna nr ,n:rn33 nn xnt? nymn nsr .yiatrn - vn en 1 ? D3 . . . njitajtspn .KiDja Nnaon nniD innaty iejdc kic n -Di 1 ? yaisf 3«n .ms c nfK nan 1 ? nxn « " n non ya .■wnn nm 1 ? nnw .mawn 1 ? nanm n Kt? ,3 11 axn .na ia iio n iTn sintra nam acv . . . vn im ens c]dik noan nns — naiti ,nmn jD aots ' .ennvu™ ,cy-nT pyun aw . . . nnan . ia nm«snni n s " o runui nnma fcpm .a uoty At Dawn . . . When earth and sky cease to slumber Shadows fade . . . Dew drops dry . . . And yet 1 I " ' ■ «»« S j . i ! ; JBMte -«?«?■ ; S|fc I tF- ; Mm Is S J " 1 T ie school — the elevator — - the hall i i rii ? (ifj L Jj pfc ZTie library — £ ie lunchroom — £ ie lounge — is silent, asleep aste " -- the sky casts beams on grass, on ground . . . Wind — Leaves — Rustling sound . . . And yet — »■■■: ' %: 1 1 111 . ■ , JS i - n i;, " ' a The stairway — the classroom — the hall The laboratory — the lockers — the school — is silent, asleep. Birds fly, birds sing, Nature is alive Alarm-clocks ring — Horns sound 68 And then there is light . . AND THEN THERE IS LIFE! ' 4jB 3O3JJ03 H3M0W YIR jVlItU ; . l)i SCHOOL . . . ELEVATOR . . . HALLS 70 LIBRARY . . . LUNCHROOM . . . LOUNGE STAIRWAYS . . . CLASSROOMS . . . LABORATORY 72 LOCKERS . . . LIFE . . . LAUGHTER — THE SCHOOL! 73 un jj j . - , jlS . - •YESH1VA U Eft n i m p h o J ' mm Career Night Junior Class Book Sale Hebrew Speaking Day 75 Music Club Parshat Hashavua Club Yearbook The Observer The editorial policy of the Observer, our student newspaper, has been strong, forth- right, and steadfast in an attempt to clarify our problems and offer practical sugges- tions. Headed by Rita Weinstein, the news- paper has served as an active voice in the school. The Observer has made the student body aware of the existing conditions. To some its editorials were shocking. To some the editorials were entertaining. To most, however, the editorials were informative, positive, and progressive. The students look forward to continued leadership in student affairs by our active, spirited newspaper. iTUDENT COUNCIL ROSALIE BAYER, President This year has been an eventful one in the history of Yeshiva University. As the university celebrates its 75th anniversary, Stern College, too, basks in the glory and importance of the occasion. Despite its youth. Stern College has achieved great stature. We the students recognize this importance and do our part to maintain and develop the ideals, aims, and goals of our school. The motto of this year ' s governing body has been " to achieve. " Student Council has worked toward the improvement of our surroundings and scholastic conditions. We have sought to present our problems as we, the students, saw them — honestly, sin- cerely, and directly, in the hope that corrective action would be taken. We have pioneered in many areas Many vital committees, such as the Student Improvement and Grievance Committee, and the Torah Activities Committee, were established. The Student Improvement and Grievance Committee worked methodically and pro- digiously to make known to the proper authorities the feelings of the entire student body concerning the attitudes, teaching methods, and curriculum of the school. Visits to the Dean and to the President of the university were undertaken. These sessions, for the most part, yielded positive results. Much has been accomplished this year by the active participants in the com- mittees formed. For the record, however, let us state that this should be a continued effort on the part of all future Student Councils. In order for Student Council to succeed, the entire student body must unite and work toward the betterment of the school. With positive plans to maintain a feeling of unity on the part of students and administration alike, Student Council will move in the direction of its goal — " to achieve. " 78 KOCHAVIAH STAFF KOCHAVIAH BATYA E. ABRAMSON English Editor LINDA DEE ARANOFF Co-Photography Editor CHANNA R. SCHULMAN, Editor-in-chief SHIELA WEINREB Hebrew Editor CAROL F. TAUB Co-Business Manager The editorial staff of " Kochavia, 1962 " would like to thank our patient and cooper- ative English and Hebrew advisors — Dr. Morris Epstein, and Mr. Meir Havazelet. It was with their aid that the Yearbook staff was able to benefit from past works and begin its own stream — that flowed with mood as well as theme. SANDRA JEAN MOSAK Feature Editor ARLENE SILVER Co-Business Manager NECHAMA MAYERFELD Co-Photography Editor 79 Elizabeth Isaacs Dean of Students Dr. Morris Epstein English MRS. JENNY GEIGES Associate Director of Student Residence Hall FACULTY Dr. Arthur Kaplan Classical Languages 80 Rabbi J. Mitchell Orlian Hebrew Dr. Akiba Predmesky Political Science Dr. Jacob Rabinowitz Chemistry Lucy T. Brysk Speech Allana Cummings Psychology Dr. Joseph Lookstein Sociology Gabriella de Beer Spanish Ellen Malino History Dr. Leopold Flatto Mathematics Rabbi Meyer Minkowich Hebrew Sarah Freeman Education Esther Ofri Health Education Or. Fred Goodman Biology Barbara Ohlsen Speech Kay Greenbaum Psychology Dr. Lester Rosenthal Education William Greenwald Economics Earl Ryan Speech Arthur Tauber Health Education Rabbi Grossman Hebrew Studies Bernard Sandler Hebrew Susanne Wemple History Laurel Hatvary English Dr. Eli Sar Hygiene Use Wunsch Music Dr. Philip Kraus Education Rabbi Joseph Singer Religious Studies Miriam Mostow Recorder Dr. Emanuel Rackman Political Science Dr. Noah Rosenbloom Jewish History 82 Natalie Schactor Sociology Rabbi Joshua Schmidman Religious Studies and Philosophy 83 Senior Last Will and Testament Batya Abramson — what every girl needs — charm, intelligence and wit Linda Aranoff — her dry spontaneous sense of humor Rena AvRutick — some free time with Richie Rosalie Bayer — a conference with Dr. Vogel that yielded positive results Dorene Feinstein — the best teacher in the world Helene Friedman — the French influence and two " French " roommates Eva Frost — a taste for culture Evelyn Gleicher — job as fashion editor of Mademoiselle or Seventeen Miriam Gunzenhauser — a trail of countless good deeds Marcia Hirt — a model ' s poise and grace Shifrah Jungreis — carbon paper Myra Kagan — a song from her heart Annette Karlin — job as knitting instructor at Stern, next door to the math classroom Claire Langner Katz — job teaching in a public school — just for one day Naomi Kaufman — a watch that runs 15 minutes fast Myrna Krentzmahn Kosowsky — the 7 :45 New Haven to the other commuters Lois Kuritsky — a class with Dr. Epstein Debbie Cohen Leibenstein — a baby-sitter sent by Torah U ' mesorah Debbie Marlowe — her blonde joie de vivre Ruth Mathews Katz — commuter ticket for one and a half persons Nechama Mayerfeld — some fashion tips Sandra Mosak — her enviable way with people 84 Leah Frankel Moskowitz — a baby edition of Sefer Chofetz Chaim Sherrell Reisman Najman — a good word for everyone Shifra Nussbaum — a well stocked library Ellen Offenbacher — stores filled with only Kosher cookies Sandra Caplan Reichman — another Skinner Box Judith Rosenberg — another English class with Dr. Lichtenstein Channa R. Schulman — her natural flair for the exotic Arlene Silver — the Chemistry lab — in one piece Basya Silver — a Senior dinner come true Rachel Steinberg — enough time for a conference with Rabbi Levine Goldie Stern — open house for Senior class Chagigas Sandra Cohen Strauss — a full-time maid Brenda Streisand — a second honeymoon in Alabama Judith Metzger Sukenik — a mother ' s smile Carol F. Taub — nightly Toronto phone calls Helen Voehl — discussions with the intellectual historians Gilda Vogel — a book on the philosophy of a photographer Ruth Weinberg — another committee are there any others? Tova Weinberg — a free ticket to Israel Sheila Weinreb — a crop of new Rebitzens for her hats Jessica Wernick — six-book exams Devorah W ilamowsky — a report card with more than two marks lower than " B " Rochelle JAgelman — one free night in the month When their four years pass . . . The quiet classrooms at dawn . . . The laughter in the halls — Will continue long after they are gone 85 Class of ' 63 Class of ' 64 Mazel Tov to our Daughter Helene, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Friedman Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Max Weil Compliments of Dr. and Mrs. Fred Weinberg, Toronto, Canada Greetings from Yeshiva University Women ' s Organization Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Hartford Chapter Best Wishes for Good Luck and Success in the future Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Barth Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Morris M. Silverberg H. M. Arnold Mattress Co., Bridgeport, Conn. Freeda Vitamins, 110 E. 41st St., N.Y.C. Mr. and Mrs. Sol Salzman and Family Haag Pharmacy Inc., 477 Ave., P, Brooklyn 23, N. Y. Worth Pharmacy, 952 McDonald Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Charlie Bale, 482 Ave., P, Brooklyn, N. Y. Audrey, Haskel, and Mindy Lookstein Rabbi and Mrs. Jay Braverman Marty and Elayne Mayerfeld Gindoff and Grunther Inc., South Plainfield, N. J. Mr. and Mrs. Zachariah Kuritsky, Plainfield, N. J. Mr. and Mrs. Abe Aranoff and Family Hershey ' s Commercial Stationery, 48 Clinton St., N.Y.C. Joe King Orchestras, 137-43 75th Rd., Kew Gardens Hills Flushing 67, N. Y., Liggett 4-5322 Compliments of Mendell 0. Ganchrow Dr. M. B. Weinberg and Family, Toronto, Canada Steinmetz Bros., Inc., 442 Broadway, New York 13, N. Y. Mr. and Mrs. George Goldberg Mr. and Mrs. Morris Liebman Mr. and Mrs. Victor Gerberisi Mr. Isidore Mayer Stern Bros., Fuel Oil Co., Inc., 5005-1 9th Ave., Brooklyn 4, N. Y. Industrial Products Corp., 50 Broad St., New York 4, N. Y. Compliments of B and A Tailoring Compliments of Rabbi and Mrs. Abraham AvRutnick, Hartford, Conn. Willie ' s Food Mart Mr. and Mrs. Shapairo Goldstein Pharmacy Mr. and Mrs. Robert Strauss Mazel Tov Debby— B.D.L. Mazel Tov Class of ' 62 — Shifrah and Yaacov Jungreis Nathan S. Rozenberg Inter-American Industries Import and Export Co., 246 Fifth Ave., New York 1, N. Y. Menhadrin Caterers - Sicherman Zelmanovitz Congratulations to DVORAH WILAMOWSKY Daughter of Our Beloved Rabbi Upon her Graduation from Stern College CONGREGATION MISHKENOTH ISRAEL OF THE BRONX Louis B. Siegel, President Oscar Pomerantz, Vice-President Zelig Bailey, Gabai Mazel Tov GOLDIE — from — MOM, DAD, JOAN, LENNY, LEONA, and RONNIE 87 HARTZ MOUNTAIN PET FOODS Best Wishes to the CLASS OF 1 962 From STUDENT COUNCIL 1961-62 ROSALIE BAYER, President JUDY FINK, Vice-President MIRIAM GUNZENHAUSER, Secretary SHULAMITH KLAVAN, Treasurer 88 In Memory of My Grandfather DANIEL REISMAN Sherry Najman Best Wishes and Lots of Luck to DEBORAH MARLOWE Upon Her Graduation From Her Parents and Relatives MR. and MRS. MEYER MARLOWE DR. and MRS. EDWARD MARLOWE MR. and MRS. IRVING SILVERMAN MR. and MRS. DAVID GROSS MR. and MRS. OSCAR SOKOLOFF MR. and MRS. SIMON BENENSON 89 Congratulations to Our " lm Tirzuh Ein Zu Agadah " DEAR WIFE and MOMMY Congratulations and Best Wishes to Upon Her Graduation ARLENE From Her Husband MOSHE SUKENIK MR. and MRS. NATHAN SILVER and Daughter JOSEPH WILLIAM and SHELDON MALKA Mazel Tov to our daughter and sister NECHAMA A Hearty Mazel Tov on her graduation to my new Baccalaureate and Wife NECHAMA MR. and MRS. SALI MAYERFELD MARTY and ELAYNE MAYERFELD RABBI JOSEPH KATZ BERNIE and EFF1E MAYERFELD and FAMILY HENRY MAYERFELD MR. and MRS. ALTER KATZ 90 Congratulations to JUDITH SUKENIK Upon Her Graduation From MR. and MRS. ISIDORE METZGER Alter Ben Zion, Miriam and Gershon and Tova MR. and MRS. WM. SUKENIK Bobby and Danny, Avrumi, Leahle, and Brochi Congrafu af ons and Best Wishes to THE CLASS OF 1962 STERN COLLEGE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION BARBARA GROSS, President MAY TAC SERVE TO PROMOTE TARYAG Best Wishes for Hatzlacha — to — THE CHAIRMAN ATARA OFFENBACHER COLLEGE FOR WOMEN REBECCA CHARITY FUND, INC. Salutes SHEILA WEINREB on her graduation Best Wishes MR. and MRS. C. H. BENDHEIM and FAMILY 91 Congratulations to ROSALIE BAYER on her graduation NEWMAN ' S FURNITURE 144-46 SO. FOURTH STREET Mt. Vernon, New York Best Wishes to ANNETTE KARLIN — from — HER FAMILY TRIANGLE PLUMBING COMPANY 1080 U.S. HIGHWAY 22 Mountainside, New Jersey Congratulations and Best Wishes to SANDRA STRAUSS MR. and MRS. HENRY OBRON MR. and MRS. FRANK STRAUSS MR. and MRS. PHILIP TRACHTER MR. and MRS. MORRIS TRACHTER MR. and MRS. DANIEL COHEN 92 Maze Toy to Our Dear SANDY from her proud parents DR. and MRS. JACOB L. MOSAK l in nriN t tfi rixn pxo jn CLASS OF ' 63 Congratulations and Best Wishes to THE CLASS OF ' 62 CLASS OF ' 65 Compliments of LORSTAN STUDIOS Official Yearbook Photographers 2 WEST 39th STREET New York 18, N. Y. The Most Personalized Catering Service WEBER ' S CATERERS Homes, Hotels, Temples MT. EDEN CENTER, BRONX OZONE PARK JEWISH CENTER TR 2-0870 Congratulations and Best Wishes to MISS EVELYN GLEICHER MR. and MRS. SIDNEY IVRY A FRIEND - of - STERN COLLEGE Compliments of BELMONT CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 93 Best Wishes to BASYA SILVER KESHER ISRAEL CONGREGATION Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to my daughter RUTH, and her roomates on their graduation MRS. C. WEINBERG Congratulations and Best Wishes to HELEN from TRYLON WIRE AND METAL WORKS, INC. Congratulations and Best Wishes to CAROL AUNT SARAH, UNCLE LOUIS RONNIE and DANNY Congratulations and Best of Luck to CLAIRE DAD, MOM, and EPHRAIM NYDEN ' S INCORPORATED 904 Madison Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. Mazel Tov to BASYA and the GRADUATING CLASS RABBI and MRS. D. L. SILVER ADENA, MALKA, and AHRON GANZ BROTHERS Dry Cleaning, Pressing and Alterations 245 Lexington Ave., New York 16, N. Y. MU 5-3325 Congratulations to JOYCE Upon Her Graduation MOM, DAD, BONNIE, and ALLAN Congrafu afions and Best Wishes to CLAIRE KATZ upon her graduation BEN SPERO Congratulations and Best Wishes to HELEN BLOCH PUBLISHING CO. " The Jewish Book Concern " 31 West 31st St., New York 1, N. Y. Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to HELEN MR. and MRS. ABE MACKLER LO 3-4190-1 Free Deliveries MADISON FOODS, INC. 1654 Bathgate Ave., Bronx, N. Y. Strictly Kosher Meats Under Supervision of Rabbi Samuel Walkin of Brooklyn MR. and MRS. HERMAN SCHAEVITZ 94 Compliments of HANOVER HOOD SHOP SChyler 4-8300 Maze Tov and Good Luck to MIRIAM and her Classmates AUNT HANNA and UNCLE SOL MR. and MRS. D. STEINBERG DAIRYLAND RESTAURANT 261 West 35th St., New York, N. Y. LO 4-5625 MR. and MRS. MICHAEL ALBERT Greetings from MR. and MRS. ISRAEL WEINBERG Toronto, Canada Compliments of MR. and MRS. HENRY L. KRAUSHAR lots of Luck to CLAIRE LANGNER KATZ upon her Graduation S. M. COPLON SON CARL MARCUS 1410 Broadway, New York, N. Y. Compliments to MISS HELEN VOEHL from CONGREGATION SHAARE HATIKVAH 71 1 West 179th St., New York 33, N. Y. Best of Luck to ROCH ELLE In Honor of MYRA KAGAN on her graduation from Stern With Love GILDA GRAFF Congratulations and Best Wishes to our daughter MIRIAM and all the graduates MR. and MRS. SOL H. GUNZENHAUSER BERWYN FABRICS Compliments of CONGREGATION AGUDAS ACHIM Hartford, Connecticut JULIUS WEINER, President ABRAHAM N. AvRUTNICK, Rabbi J. FRIEDMAN BARRISTER SOLICITOR 121 Richmond West, Toronto, Canada 95 Our Best Wishes to MYRNA and the Class of 1962 HERB, INA and JUDITH PRAGER Mazel Tov to our Cousin JESSICA MR. and MRS. PERRY BERGER ALVIN and JOEL Congratulations and Best Wishes to TOVA WEINBERG CHANI, CHAIM, MENDY and MOSHE KOFMAN THE PACKARD PHARMACY, INC. JOSHUA MYRON, Ph.G. 133 East 34th St., New York, N. Y. MU. 5-1420 Best Wishes to my Fellow-Graduates ANNETTE KARLIN MR. and MRS. ROY SEGAL and FAMILY Toronto, Canada Congratulations and Best Wishes to SHEILA upon her graduation THE WEINREB and GANCHROW FAMILIES ROGERS CLOTHES " New Jersey ' s Largest Clothing Chain " 104 W. Front St., Plainfleld, N. J. PLainfield 5-7441 Best Wishes to ELLEN OFFENBACHER our Oneg Shabbot Leader 5th GRADE GIRLS CONGREGATION KNESETH ISRAEL Far Rockaway 91, N. Y. Bracha VHaizlacha to our Granddaughter JESSICA REV. and MRS. DAVID WERNICK Best Wishes to our JESSICA MR. and MRS. SIDNEY WERNICK BENJAMIN, NECHELE, and BASHEVA MRS. FAIGE SIMNOWITZ Queen Dress Company 214 W. 28th St., N. Y. C. M S Launderette 553 3rd Avenue, N. Y. C. Sam ' s Kosher Delicatessen 158 East Broadway, New York 2, N. Y. Kinereth Restaurant 100-2nd Avenue, N. Y. C. Goodhue Pharmacy 187 Madison Ave., corner of 35th St. Majestic Belt Novelty Co. 315 W. 37th St., N. Y. C. Crown 5 10c Store 318 Riggs Road, N.E., Washington, D. C. Mr. N. Sokol 79 Strathearn Road, Toronto, Canada C C Skirt Dress Co. 535-8th Avenue, N. Y. C. Petit Cleaners 541-3rd Avenue, N. Y. C. 96 PHOTOS BY LORSTAN STUDIOS Litho in U.S.A. by SCHOOL PUBLICATIONS, INC. And then there was light . . . And slowly light found its way through the mist Gone was the dark of deep endless night — The stream of life began to flow

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