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Text from Pages 1 - 64 of the 1958 volume:

CvSO Ut L- 1958 o LEXINGTON AVENUE, NEW YORK ' 1 P1 oA c-Ml . . a- .-te- DR. SAMUEL BELKIN Every institution of higher learning can take pride, and justifiably so, in its grad- uates, and their achievements. But as the very first group of young women to be graduated from Stern College, yours is indeed a singular accomplishment, for you have turned an ardent dream into a glowing reality. Just a few years ago the seed of a momentous idea was planted — the idea of creating a liberal arts college under Jewish sponsorship to give to young Jewish women every- where an education in the precious traditions and principles of Judaism, as well as in academic subjects. Four years ago, when you first entered Stern College, you gave this idea fruition. Today, as you emerge as the first graduates, you have truly made it blossom forth gloriously, and I am certain that your pioneering spirit will prove an inspiration to all Stern College students in the future. The progress you have shown in the past few years, in intellectual and in spiritual development is a tribute to your ingenuity and ability, and a vindication of our faith in selecting you as the initial class at Sern College. Our beloved Yeshiva University also has made great strides. The recent years have seen the university grow not only in physical scope, but also in its increasing efforts to preserve the cherished heritage of Judaism. You have come from many parts of the United States, even from other nations, to study at Stern College. You have brought infinite credit to yourselves and to your families, and have significantly enriched the entire Jewish community. May 1 congratulate you as you mark this memorable milestone in your lives. I am confident that as you return to your home communities you will serve as articulate spokes- men for the goals and ideals for which Stern College was created. o xr iDresic3.eii.t MR. MAX STERN At this time I feel like any parent as he watches his children grow . . . first crawling, then toddling, finally walking away from home. There is a touch of immeasurable sad- ness in this, but always a very great pride. I know each of you. This is made possible because Stern College is no ordinary insti- tution. Your classes were relaxed and informal. You could drink together of the deepest joys and pains of personal progress. You struggled to build your own value systems. In addition to a full program of arts and sciences, you found at your disposal the rich heri- tage of Judaism and all the gathered treasures of the past. 1 am no stranger to your intel- lectual and spiritual development. I am a deeply proud man. You spent your last four years digging the foundation for something magnificent. You studied, prayed, played . . . where no one ever went before. It fell on you, as the very firs t graduating class of Stern College, to kindle a light, which is to guide every class in the future. Now you are leaving us to go out into the world. It is a vast world, filled with many problems. It is your job to rekindle the light of this world. At present women are leav- ing the home in ever-increasing numbers to go into business and the professions. This is often being done at the expense of family closeness and religiousness. Families find them- selves lost and alone, cut off from the spiritual lifeline of the past. As members of your community, each of you faces serious choices. You will gain comfort from the teachings of the past which you received at Stern College, and nourishment from the wisdom of To rah. The doors of Stern College are always open to you for guidance and counsel. I hope you will come back often to visit with us. I will always remember you. OTJL3? f oxxxider MRS. MIRIAM MOSTOW, Secretary to the Registrar eLdnainistrettion. MRS. ESTHER ZUROFF, MISS MIRIAM FLEMINGER: Administrative Secretaries MR. JOSEPH ELLENBERG, Secretary to the President and Associate Bursar etiKa. tli.ere -wets liglit r I In his twin capacity of registrar and assistant professor of English, Dr. Dan Vogel wields a double-edged pen mightier than any sword. He joined the faculty of Yeshiva College in 1949. after a year at Rutgers University, as an instructor in English. He transferred to Stern College in 1954, the institution ' s initial year, and became registrar in 1955. In June, 1956, Dr. Vogel was elevated to an assistant professorship. A native of Brooklyn, he was graduated from New Utrecht High School in 1944. and received a B.A. degree in English from Brooklyn College four years later. With the aid of a graduate teaching fellowship he took his M.A. Degree in American Litera- ture at Rutgers University in 1949. and in 1956 he was granted the doctorate in that field by New York University. Although Dr. Vogel is a married man with a family of three children, he has found time to hold various offices in the Young Israel Organization, on both the local and the national levels. He is also the author of articles on higher Jewish education which ap- peared in The Jewish Parent, as well as of an article on Melville which is scheduled for publication this year in Nineteenth Century Fiction. i?egistretr DR DAN VOGEL g-Lii 3.etnce co-u-xiselor MRS. ELIZABETH ISAACS If a life of constant and varied activity constitutes a good preparation for a Di- rector of Student Activities, then it would be difficult to find a more suitable person for the position than Mrs. Elizabeth Isaacs, who has held that post at Stern College since the spring of 1955. Bom and reared in New York City. Mrs. Isaacs was graduated from Barnard College where she specialized in French, a subject which she subsequently taught in the public high schools from time to time. After her marriage to Dr. Moses L. Isaacs, she took an increasing interest in community affairs. Her most important work in her own estimation is her activity with the Women ' s Branch of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America. She was national president of the organ- ization and served as a member of the speakers ' bureau. At present she is honorary president of the organization. Mrs. Isaacs is one of the few women members of the board of directors of the Union and is a member of its Kashruth Commission. Mrs. Isaacs has also been active in numerous other organizations in official capaci- ties, including holding the offices of Honorary President of the Sisterhood of Ohab Zedek in Yonkers. New York, and chairman of the Conference Committee of National Jewish Women ' s Organizations. humanities DR. LICHTENSTEIN DR. EPSTEIN PROFESSOR LEVY RABBI JUNG. MRS. KISCH RABBI ROTH MRS. WISCHNITZER MR. HAVAZELET DR. BRAYER RABBI FAIVELSON DR. EIDELBERG jevs ish studies DR. WIND DR. ROSENBLOOM MISS OCHS RABBI LEVINE 13 MRS. SCHACTER social studies DR. KRASH DR. PREDMESKY DR. GUTERMAN RABBI RACKMAN MR. PERLMAN DR. FRIEDLAND natural sciences DR. LISMAN DR. ISAACS DR. ADLER Music MR. BENATHAN Jewish Education SARAH G. KATZ Health Education RABBI LOOKSTEIN Sociology DR. KRAMER Psychology Front row: SARALIE ZEITZ, RACHEL ROSENBERG, AUDREY KATZ, DVORA ABRAMSON, JUDY OCHS Middle row: EVA OSTERREICHER, PEARL EDELMAN, RUTH SOLOMON, MARILYN BELL, JOANNE KLEIN, EVA DIER Back row: GILDA WOHL, DEBRA ROTH, JOAN PHILIPSON, RENAH BELL, BARBARA GROSS, SURA KATZ, FAITH CELNICK ANNE ROSENBAUM, 16 ABRAMSON, DVORA -iterary Editor of Masora, Kochaviah Staff 56- ' 57, Co-chairman of P ' eylim, Jewish Ethics Hub, Hebrew Dance Club, Psych-Soc Club. tlxe niox clctss BELL, M ARILYN Secretary Treasurer of Senior Class, Vice Presi- dent of Jewish Ethics Club, Israeli Dance Club, Psych-Soc. Club. BELL, RENAH MESCHELOFF Art Editor of Masora, President of the Art Club, Chain Club, Debating Club. CELMIK, FAITH In Retrospect, news staff; Co-Op Manager, ' 56- ' 57, Jewish Ethics Club, Debating Society. CYPERSTEIN, BEATRICE Copy Editor of Masora, Debating Club, Psych- Soc Club. i tlie senioa? cJletss L fi i DIER, EVA Vice President of Chalil Club, President of Hebrew Dance Club, Discussion Group, Dra- matics. 19 EDELMAN, PEARL Secretary of Student Council ' 55, Associate Editor of Kochaviah; Vice President of De- bating Society ' 55 ' 56; Chalil Club, Hebrew Dance Club, Psych-Soc Club. FROMER, TAMAR Hebrew Staff, In Retrospect ' 56. f tlxe erLi03? class GROSS, BARBARA Coordinator of Musical Activities; Composer of Alma Mater; Leader of Chalil Club; President of Dramatics Club. Secretary of Debating Club; Jewish Ethics Club. 20 HERTZBERG, EVELYN Circulation Editor of In Retrospect ' 57, Sec retary of Sophomore Class ' 56, Debating So ciety, Chalil Club. tlie sen-ior oLetss HIRSCH, ROSA LEAH Dorm Representative to Student Council; Treas- urer of Student Council ' 56- ' 57; President of Dorm Council ' 57. KATZ, AUDREY Co-Editor of In Retrospect; Head of Charity Drive ' 54- ' 55. Editor-in-Chief of Kochaviah ' 55 ' 56 ' 57; Editor-in-Chief of Masora. il 21 KATZ, SURA Student Council Vice President ' 54- ' 55; ' 55- ' 56; Student Council President ' 56- ' 57; De- bating Society. tlxe senior clstss KLEIN, JOANNE Business Manager of In Retrospect; Student Council Treasurer ' 55- ' 56; Co-op Manager; Business Manager of Masora; Jewish Ethics Club; Chalil Club. gJSZ MILLER, BRYNA Vice President of Dorm Council ' 56; Vice President, Chalil Club ' 56; Jewish Ethics Club, Debating Society, Dramatics Club, Vice Presi- dent of Sr. Class. MILLER, ROBERTA Dorm Council Vice President ' 57; Vice Presi- dent of Psych-Soc Club ' 57; Vice President of Junior Class. Hebrew Club, Jewish Ethics Club. OCHS, JUDY President of Psych-Soc Club ' 55- ' 56. Co- Editor of Debating Society; Hebrew Club. I 1 tlxe sen.iox cjletss OSTERREICHER, EVA Secretary of Student Council ' 55- ' 56; News Staff of Kochaviah. President of Junior Class. Typing Editor of Kochaviah. Vice President of Student Council ' 56- ' 57; Dramatics Club; He- brew Dance Club. i 23 PHILIPSON, JOAN Feature Editor of Kochaviah; Student Council Treasurer ' 55- ' 56; Associate Art Editor of Masora; Art Club; Chalil Club; Debating So- ciety, RABINOWITZ, ROSALIE Business Staff of In Retrospect; Choir, Psych- Soc Club. tlxe senior clstss ROSENBAUM, ANNE Student Council President ' 54- ' 55, ' 55- ' 56, ' 57- ' 58; Associate Editor of Kochaviah ' 57; Choir; Debating Society; Psych-Soc Club. ROSENBERG, RACHEL Student Council Vice President ' 56- ' 57; News Editor of Kochaviah ' 57, News Editor of Ma- sora, Psych-Soc Club. tlcie senioxj ROTH, DEBRA Co-Op Staff; Choir; Dramatics Club. SOLOMON, RUTH News Editor of In Retrospect; Sophomore Class President; Vice President of Dorm Council ' 57; Hebrew Editor of Masora; Chalil Club; Senior Class President; Debating Society. 25 WOHL, GILDA Editor of in Retrospect; News Editor of Ko- chaviah ' 55; Editor of Student Handbook; Chalil Club; Jewish Ethics Club. tlxe sen-ior clstss ZEITZ, SARALIE Typing Editor of Kochaviah; Typing Editor of Masora; President of Chalil Club. senior directory ABRAMSON, DVORA 982 E. 179 St. Bronx 60, N. Y. Bronx. N. Y. Elementary Ed B RE. BELL, MARILYN 5540 N. Francisco Chicago, Illinois Chicdfiii. llliini ' is Elementary Ed GROSS, BARBARA 1025 St. John ' s PI, Brooklyn 13, N. Y. Brook ) }i. jV. V. Math. HERTZBERG, EVE 3900 Maine Ave. Baltimore 15, Maryland Baltimore. .M,i. Elementary Ed. OSTERREICHER, EVA 427 Bergen Ave. Jersey City, N. J. Jersey City. N. J. Biology HEBER, JOAN PHILIPSON 757 Westgate St. Louis, Mo. BrooUyn. M. Y. Elementary Ed. RENA MESCHELOFF 7 1 2 Crown Street Brooklyn 13, N. Y. Chicago. Illin(ji. and Miami Beach. F orii ., English CELNIK. FAITH 207 E. 14th Street New York 3, N. Y. .Miami Beach. Florida Psy.-Soc. and B.R.E. CYPERSTEIN, BEATRICE 900 Bronx Park So. Bronx 60, N. Y. Bronx. N. Y. Elementary Ed. DIER, EVA 74 Weeguahic Ave. Newark, N.J. Neuarli. N. J. Elementary Ed. EDELMAN, PEARL 109 Rothschild Petach Tikvoh Israel FROMER, TAMAR Albert Einstein Dorm or 190 Riverside Dr. Apt. 5a New York, N. Y. Tel Aviv. Israel Pre-Med. HIRSCH, ROSA LEAH 544-30th Ave. San Francisco, Cal. Sa i Francisco. Cal. Elementary Ed. KATZ, AUDREY 4S0 Montgomery St. Brooklyn 25, N. Y. Br.„,lhn. ,V. Y. Elementary Ed. KATZ, SURA SCHREIBER 83-55 Austin Street Kew Gardens, N. Y. Newark, N. J. Psychology KLEIN, JOANNE PL. 1525 East 26 St. Brooklyn 29, N. Y. Croun Hci.Khts Elementary Ed. MILLER, BRYNA 3836 Menio Drive Baltimore, Md. Baltimore. Md. Elementary Ed. MILLER, ROBERTA 3908 Pinkney Road Baltimore 15, Md. Baltimore, Md. Elementary Ed. OCHS, JUDY 80 D ' Arcy St. Toronto, Canada or 712 W. 180th St. New York 33, N. Y. Toronto, Canada Psy. Soc, B.R.E. RABINOWITZ, ROSALIE 61 8 Remsen Ave. BrooHyn 36, N. Y. Brooklyn, N. Y, Elementary Ed. ROSENBAUM, ANNE 401-78 St. North Bergen, N. J. North Bergen, N. ]. Math. ROSENBERG, RACHEL 3 I 1 Rabertson Ave. Danville, Virginia Danville, Virginia English ROTH, DEBRA STITSKIN 1 16 Albany Blvd. Atlantic Beach, L. I. Atlantic Beach Eng. Lit. SOLOMON, RUTH 2107 N. Howard St. Phila. 22, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Math., B.R.E. WOHL, GILDAK 7 1 2 Crown Street Brooklyn, N. Y. Baltimore. Md. English ZEITZ, SARALIE 996 Aldus St. Bronx 59, N. Y. Bronx, N. J. Elementary Ed. 27 29 L ANNE ROSENBAUM, President of Student Council EVA OSTERREICHER, Vice-President of Stu- dent Council At work — Audrpv Shaoiro, Secretary, Martelle Urivetsky Treas., Anne Rosenbaum, Pres. ,( dramatics club dance group .- £.55 ' ' ;W jev ish forum group psycho-soc student Zionist organization r .1 iS M t u KlMk M ' . ' eett, cirin.35: etnci Toe iiaerry Bubble bubble, toil and trouble. Ah, take the cash and let the credit go, nor heed the rumbling of an impatient queue. Back in Vienna they didn ' t worry about " a little bit of a middle bit . . . " The keepers of the door, that lift us to the heights and plunge us down . . . hail to thee blithe spirits! " Nourishing a youth sublime with the fairy ta of science and the long result of time. " No ivory towered scientists, these. ' In days of yore, througout tne ages . Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh You ' ve got to have Faith In pursuit of knowledge—elusive, eh wot? " - -- ■ A i- i -_ " ai 4gi 1 Term paper time again. Remember Siberia! " FOR THE COMMANDMENT IS A LAMP AND THE TORAH IS A LIGHT " advertising = Eest Wh i ed to A nne A Friend ivlf. and tvlr6. lv[ax cnreiber an a amiiii IN HONOR OF SURA ' S GRADUATION 47 Mr. and Mrs Max Stern and Family A. Weisbrod Pine academic iewelru MANUFACTURERS OF STERN COLLEGE RINGS AND KEYS 95 CANAL STREET NEW YORK 2, N. Y. Yeshiva University Women ' s Organization 250 WEST 57th STREET NEW YORK CITY extends hearfiest congratulations and all good wishes to our First Graduating Class MRS. JOSEPH S. GREENBERG, National President Honorary Presidents MRS. WALTER J. DIAMOND, MRS. MAURICE KRENGEL Vice Presidents MRS. JERRY ROTHMAN MRS. SAMUEL STEINBERG MRS. MURRAY ROTHMAN MRS. SIMON WEBER MRS. MEYER J. STAVISKY MRS. ABRAHAM WOUK MRS. TONIE IGER, Treasurer MRS. GABRIEL NEUSTADTER, Financial Secretary MRS. HENRY FLIEGLER, Corresponding Secretary MRS. WILLIAM SCHRADER, Recording Secretary 50 Alvin Weisbrod Manufacturers of: Unbreakable - interchangeable play-tested Toys for the Imagination Multiple Products Corporation General Offices Plant Showroom 55 West 13th Street 200 Fifth Ave., Rm. 409 New York 11, N.Y. New York 1 1, N. Y. SI MAZEL TOV TO EVA DIER AND ALL THE STERN GRADUATES Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Dier STAR CATERERS DISTINCTIVE KOSHER CATERING by RABBI H. GOLDENBERG Hotel — Synagogue and Home Catering HA 9-4100 TR 3-7129 Special attention to Stern College Students and Their Families. Rabbi and Mrs. Zeitz and Family 996 ALDUS STREET GREETINGS FROM SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Hirsch and Chykie BETH JACOB CONGREGATION EXTENDS GREETINGS TO THE FIRST GRADUATION CLASS OF STERN COLLEGE URI MILLER, Rabbi SAM ROSE. President JOSEPH BERNHARDT, Chairman of the Board MRS. IRVING APPLEFELD. President of The Sisterhood MR. ARTHUR HAUSMAN President of The Brotherhood BEST WISHES FROM • • • A FRIEND MILWAUKEE, WISC. COMPLIMENTS OF • • • A FRIEND MAZEL TOV TO OUR DAUGHTER. GRANDDAUGHTER SISTER ROBERTA ( " ROEHEL " ) AND HER FELLOW CLASSMATES May you all have " Hatzlacha " in your future endeavors. Mr. and Mrs. Louis 1. Miller 52 BEST WISHES TO OUR DAUGHTER ROSALIE Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Rabinowitz Marilyn and Don BEST WISHES TO SURA KATZ IN Honor of MARILYN BELL ' S graduation from her parents MR. and MRS. LOUIS N. BELL Chicago, III. • • • Mr. Fred Gross 132 NASSAU STREET NEW YORK CITY COMPLIMENTS OF HARRY J. SRULOWITZ BEST WISHES RENAH RABBI and MRS. MESCHELOFF EFROM and DAVID COMPLIMENTS TO THE GRADUATES Fred M. Rosenberg HARSBERGER ' S DEPT. STORE DANVILLE, VIRGINIA Emanuel G. Carton CARTON and CARTON BALTIMORE, MARYLAND COMPLIMENTS OF Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Levin and Family 4246 NO. ALPINE MILWAUKEE, WISC. PResident 3-5350 Office Hours: By Appointment EVELYN SALKIN ELECTROLOGIST 1 670 CARROLL ST. BROOKLYN, N. Y. Near Utica Ave. THE BALTIMORE FRIENDS and WOMEN ' S LEAGUE OF YESHIVA UNIVERSITY extend their heartiest congratulations to the following students uporj their graduation from Stern College and receiving their B.A. Degree. EVE HERTZBERG Daughter of Rabbi and Mrs. H. M. Hertzberg BRYNA MILLER Daughter of Rabbi and Mrs. Uri Miller ROBERTA MILLER Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Miller MRS. LOUIS WOHL Daughter of Mrs. Rosina Kaplon Rabbi N. H. Frankel Baltimore Director Yeshiva University Mrs. Mollie Eisenberg President Women ' s League Compliments of a Friend BEST WISHES TO HONEY AND HER CLASSMATES Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Rosenbaum EDDIE, HESHIE, ESTHER, YEHUDAH 53 DR. and MRS. ELI SAR Melvin and Alan COMPLIMENTS OF BARTON ' S FAMOUS FOR CONTINENTAL CHOCOLATES 65 Continental Chocolate Shops in New York, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Newark. Closed on the Sabbath and all Jewish Holidays. Congratulations to our daughter AUDREY and Her Fellow Graduates MR. and MRS. MORRIS KATZ DR. S. E. GROSS — DR. S. J. FANBURG H. 2WANG — JULIUS KAPLAN SCHUSTER DRUG STORE HARRY KATZ Congratulations MRS. MOSES KAPLON FAMILY MR. and MRS. LOUIS WOHL Compliments of PACKARD PHARMACY Congratulations to my Niece ANNE UNCLE CHARLIE Best Wishes to FAITH and MAX CELNIK PHILIPP FELDHEIM SONS. INC. " The House of the Jewish Book " 381 Grand St. New York 2, N. Y. Best Wishes on your Graduation AUNT. UNCLE and FAMILY Best Wishes to the Senior Class of ' 58 DAVID S. KATZ Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of 1958 DR. and MRS. STITSKIN Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of 1958 MR. and Mrs. JOSEPH ROTH Best of luck always to JOANNE and JUDAH from GRANDMA Best Wishes to Our Niece ROBERTA MILLER AUNT ROSE and UNCLE AL BLOCK and UNCLE MEYER MILLER Closed Saturdays — Open Sundays Trousseau Household Linens Gr Domestics SOL EISENBERG — Suncrest Textile Inc. 518 Broadway, N. Y. C. REctor 2-0360 near Spring Street Greetings from CELIA and MURRAY KOTKES and FAMILY Compliments of MR. and MRS. MARVIN E. KLITSNER Milwaukee, Wisconsin J. M. S. MANUFACTURING CORP. 1 Bond Street New York 12, N. Y. LO 8-8400 - Ext. 67 After 5 LO 8-1050 YESHIVA COLLEGE CO-OP STORES Books - School Supplies - Appliances All Your Clothing Needs and Records Amsterdam Ave. 186th St. New York 33, N. Y. Congratulations to our Dear Niece ANNE from JACK and BELLE and THE CHILDREN COLONIAL TOGS 71 W. 35th St. New York, N. Y. Best Wishes to AUDREY KATZ CHickering 4-0003-4 A. I. Reinstein REINSTEIN-BERGER. INC. FINE FURS 330 Seventh Avenue New York 1, N. Y. LOngacre 5-4389 PAUL PELTZ CO. MFG. FURRIERS The House of Fine Workmanship 330 Seventh Ave. 14th Fl. New York 1, N. Y. MR. and MRS. L. HEBER Chicago, III. RABBI and MRS. B. GREENFIELD Joseph. Manuel, Judith, Jonah Cincinnati, Ohio Mazel Tov to PEARL EDELMAN from Grandfather MR. SAMUEL KAPLAN RABBI SAMUEL P. HEBER Compliments of DR. MRS. JACOB GREEN FAMILY MR. MRS. ALVIN A. GARFIELD FAMILY MUrray HiC 5-2981 MURRAY HILL LAUNDRY Cleaners and Tailors 260 Lexington Avenue Bet. 35th and 36th Sts. New York 16, N. Y. SENECA SPORTSWEAR MFG. CO. I 199 Broadway New York Mazel Tov and Hatzlacha To All The Graduates RABBI MRS. M. KORB FAMILY M. SCHACHTER 123 Rivington Street New York City Compliments of MR. MRS. ABE FELDMAN For Fast Free Deliveries Call MU 4-8960 VALLEY FOOD SHOP Groceries - Fancy Fruits - Frozen Foods 218 Madison Avenue New York City Compliments of MR. MRS. JOS. L. FREMAN Best Wishes To Our Niece ROCHEL MILLER MR. MRS. EMANUEL M. MILLER DAUGHTERS SHULAMIT PHYLLIS MODERN FOOD MARKET 414 Bergen Avenue Jersey City, N. J. HARRY SCHWARTZ 91-70 11 1th Street Richmond Hill 18, N. Y. MR. MRS. PHILLIP WEISS 2220 Shady Avenue Pittsburgh 17, Pa. MR. MRS. MAX RESNICK FAMILY Compliments of LINCOLN SEA FOOD 533 West Side Avenue Jersey City, New Jersey Compliments of REV. MRS. NOAH H. BRAMSON Dorchester, Mass. « JEWISH WOMEN ' S LEAGUE FOR TAHARATH HAMISH POCHO 358 Oakland Avenue Pittsburgh, Pa. Best Wishes To ROBERTA MILLER from AUNT ROZ UNCLE SAUL TARAGIN Compliments of MR. MRS. BENJAMIN G. MILLER tt FAMILY Balitmore, Md. Compliments of MRS. ISADORE MARINE National Chairman Stern College Scholarship Fund Greetings and Best Wishes MR. fir MRS. MURRAY PFEFFER SONS THE FLOWER GARDEN Lexington at 34th Street New York )6, N. Y. LE 2-7974 Flowers For All Occasions Compliments of GOODHUE PHARMACY 197 Madison Ave., Cor. 35th St. Phone MU 3-2658, 2659 MU 5-3325 — We Call For Deliver GANZ BROTHERS Dry Cleaning Pressing We Do All Kinds of Alterations 245 Lexington Ave. Near 34th St. New York 16, N. Y. Special Discount To Stern College Students Best Wishes from RABBI MRS. DAVID SHAPIRO, lOLET DENA Milwaukee, Wisconsin Compliments to MARILYN BELL Compliments from MR. MRS. J. HOFFMAN Free Delivery — Prompt Service Phone MU 6-5640 KIRSCH PHARMACY, INC. 524 Third Avenue Corner 35th Street New York City MUrray Hill 5-3925 1. Greenspan VERNON CARD SHOP Printing, Stationery, Greeting Cards 232 Madison Avenue, Cor. 37th Street New York 16, N. Y. MU 5-671 5 — House Phone — We Call Deliver PETIT Cleaners - Launderers - Tailors A Complete Quality Service 541 Third Avenue New York 16, N. Y. MAZEL TOV To Our Dear Daughter-in-law PEARL MR. MRS. MAX EDELMAN Compliments of RABBI MRS. ROTH Congratulations to MRS. PEARL EDELMAN My Favorite Graduate MR. BURTON EDELMAN 55 MAZEL TOV To Our Dear Daughter Sister PEARL MOM, DAD MORDECAI KIDANSKY Compliments of MR. MRS. ABE STRULOWITZ FAMILY Newark, New Jersey Best Wishes To Roberta and the Graduates UNCLE SAM, AUNT CEIL COUSIN LEONARD MILLER Compliments of THE RAFF FAMILY Compliments of LASSER FUEL SERVICE 210 Monticello Avenue Jersey City 4, N. J. Best Wishes for Success from a friend of MISS HERTZ I NG WILLIAM LOODAN Congratulations and Best Wishes for Future Success MR. MRS. BORIS KATZ MR. LEO STORCH Congratulations to our Daughter Eve on her graduation RABBI Gr MRS. HERTZBURG WASH 40c — DRY 35c BLEACH, BLUE or AMMONIA 5c. EACH LAUNDER-BEST 585 Third Ave. (nr. E. 38thl MU 4-3745 Immediate Service Delivered 30c - Picked up 30c - Folded 25c per bundle 1 per cent to Stern College girls upon presentation of bursar ' s card. 56 ,m.- k i

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