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Cx C37qff'.7"C.5g. x,Re.f'xii,',fx Lfgsgx LJV,x5,,gkui,J.. J , ,,l,'--Lf' V211 XJYC MV? N :J 1 , x F, 5 -I NV H, wx J fv X ox x XLT-"?X,qf mfsw-fkfn-vkg 7. ,,3s,!L.C5--"v'v'X j,if'X1- 5 :ki - V, N I V3 , E 1 'bg X QI X' N YY f. PW ffl ,f ' V5 75 4 yin QT, I ,fir V. , f I 1 n Mi ' Wffw x l wif Hx V gl g H , X - C ,1 1 ' H m as V' w X In 1 v I Q x f! M 1 N W w X I .J X X X -, A ii, 4 X .R i Cx, X ',,C.."i .5 '!zr-" , , gf. YQ iv.: .,,-., 1 v X i X- ' l I i 1 uk! Q s -. I 5. 115A . '. k 41, K1 h 1 X 'ag X y fn -g U X. Q., ffii- fnfi QA ff Lf C,PNX3N? 1fXX f 3 4 . f f. . 1 ' X f I X X -1 , 1 Rxxlljy L jx, -,JQN 'X lax ' Yi' 'Y fl xj,UN VN-, bit X Y " XX X I X 1 .V TJJI, fxli-AN lx. pi?-X X wax N , . V ' D X' 1 K' X , V H Q A -s 1, . . Q' I, JA. ox ,Nix-gfgw 1 4 m1x-,ffM.-1X f -- Rn Av- -Q 1 M xg f x f fw I .. QW,-A ,4Llj.k,, UQ flxjx. xI,,V,Ll, Y'X1QLUf-l fy I CAXl,L wgf: , I X ' ,Jfylg b-'XWHNQ xl x'l' '1,. X J V 'N X ZA ' f 5 . ' X , 3 X ' ,X ,ii 1 -- 'Q . . V, 'lr :mu - .S Job cms v-no v nz IL YY Q, .x p C LB, 3 1 J -f av WW AW, 5 50 5 f 9. AJ oggx Ox C. "B+ UTY To Ck VSGA GCG? xixflvl Tv Q Xin dxkfxpib fx mx blk- Wi? SSEQ YSQ QLTJQV AXNQ 5'J2?'Lf7'C2i' VJQK UJ HQ 'Q UF W9 Uvwu fm WF 'N X xXx-- ?E f ,. Qi QQK ggf Eg fic iqfkg Kg .f C -A 6 QC CZ :S rx fa QQ 2 2 fs Qkgiqi is -nv 1. X .- Q p 1 'Y A PC KVM- J .22 'fc 2517, Zak 2, g 2, cs fx 5 Ci Q FN C50 xx' QV 4 is 1 -if ima AM? l Pig Sterline Middle Scheel 201 West Helly Avenue Sterling, Virginia 22170 Our 1983-84 year at S.lVl.S. was one we will always remember. Points of view from sixth graders, seventh graders and eighth graders gave us many different angles from which we enjoyed the year. Our experiences included good and bad feelings, laughter and tears, friends and enemies, first loves and heartbreaks to mention but a few. Academically we did homework, projects and term papers, took tests and worried over our grades. These experiences have changed our angles of perspective. The good times and the struggles have blended into memories of a very demanding but fun yea? I r l .2 4 V N, MW K ww th J Q.7 1 7 U My yn Q. 1. Vdbrbq Flex, 1 M M gi' V + ., , will Q "STAMPEDE" Mike and Kim walk to school on a rainy day. Bobby arrives at school 5 W 1 , i I "Let's cruise" Amy gets set fora typical day. -.... "Toe-dully bored, fer shun!" "Did someone say lunch?" Cafeteria Chaos 8 am to 2:50 nm When you got right down to it, a "typical day" wasn't so typical and the angles we looked at it through were different, too. A typical day started many dif- ferent ways. First, there was the simple task of getting up, which wasn't so simple for some of us. There were those who woke up at 6:30 a.rn. and took a full hour and a half getting ready. Then there were those of us who woke up at 7:30 and got ready in record speed. Next came the task of getting to school. Some of us walked, others rode bikes, some rode buses, and some of us depended on dear old Mom and Dad and the family car. Once at school the angles became even broader. Homeroom time was spent doing last night's homework or walking around the halls between 8:00 and 8:20. Then it was time to get to work. To some this was the best part fteachersl and to others, it was the worst. But at least there was lunch soon and we got a break to eat, catch up on the latest gossip and on nice days, take a break outside. After lunch, we were busy at work again. fMost of us anywayll .ir "We can't hang in there 'til Friday!! "Hey Bud, don't drink it ALL!" "FREE AT LAST" L...- Academically nclined Our academic subjects were the angle of most importance, or the core of our cur- riculum. The eighth grade courses were English, Math 8, pre-algebra, algebra l, civics, Spanish, or French. Spanish, French, and algebra l were high school accredited courses usually taken by college bound students. The sixth and seventh grade academic courses were math, science, language arts, social studies, spelling and reading. Fat little frog, isn't he? "Hmm, l think I see something interesting," says J. J. as he looks through an eyepiece of a microscope. il. Which way is the wind blowing? Why don't you ask Alison tleftl and Susan trighti. "Lunchtime! Anyone for froglegs?" asked Heidi. Kris tleftl and Frances trightj show their writing and research skills for a project. ql"'FQ T.V. reporters Candy ilefti and Christai irighti are recording some classwork. -nnil"""' John ileftj and Jay irightj think of a strategy to beat each other. Pacos Paul, Mr. WormeIi's1ather, picks Joe to help him participate in a two man concert during 7th period. if Mr. WormeIi's dad is just like him, he can't stop singing to Mrs. Gisriei and his son's 7th period classes, with School B's dean, Mrs. Minnick, watching over them. Janet and Kelly received first and third prize for the best costume on Halloween. Snecial Dccasions Made by Special Deonle Special occasions provided variety to this year. One day everyone wore their favorite football team's colors. Most popular were Redskins and Cowboys colors. Eighth graders enjoyed a day wearing "Class of '88" painter's caps. Music was provided by the 7th and 8th grade bands, and the 6th, 7th and 8th grade choruses. We also had a variety show and the Drama Club put on their first play. There were many dif- ferent angles on special occasions. One person stated, "When I think of those days, I think of dressing up and having a good time." Is this the U.S. Army? . 1 X w W Wm? 5 t I ' Nhxi W f'-tw J . V K ,I 'A if r. , i : ll . . .li b If A Joe cool? There's no place like home . . . May the force be with you, Mrs. Welke and Miss Hunt. Those yearbook sales people surely look busy, I wonder how those two got to be friends. X3 M Pg Y. ix-. -nn...,r-..s -...Q-. , -vm... ,nun - W Q, Since when did our school become the Good Ship Lollipop, Mrs. Kirby? No question at all that the Carolina Tarheels is Acie's favorite team. Al'tiStiC El1d0iiV0l'S .Q :,,- ,L.w .N Mark sands very carefully in order to get an A on his shadow box. Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students learned a lot through the unified arts pro- grams. Some students never had the opportunity to cook or sew as they did in home economics. Those in industrial arts used not only the basic tools of hammers, saws, and nails but the more ad- vance processes of working with graphics, metals, and plastics. Those students in art learned to work and create in various media including paints, clay, ceramics, papier-mache, printing and others. The unified arts gave students the chance to express themselves in areas never offered to them before attending middle school. WWF ' ' W ,. Lola, Kim, Carla, Renee and Felicia are cleaning up after eating a meal in Home Economics class. -AI! Chris, Lisa, Semi and class gather around Mrs. Scott while she is explaining and demonstrating a technique in art class. Dave, Steve and class watch carefully as Mr. James goes over tools and what they are to do with them. llSiC U Rhonda's hurt finger inhibits her to par- ticipate in guitar class. Hugging her guitar makes her feel better. Scott and class, with Mr. Gray's help, are practicing for the band concert. Our music department did an excellent job this year. The bands under the guidance of Mr. Gray, Mrs. Moseley, and Mr. McKee performed at our concerts with great enthusiasm. The choruses and guitar classes under the direction of Miss Bourgaize, Mrs. Dissmeyer, and Mrs. Dalton added much to the musical programs. Parents, faculty, and students en- joyed the musical presentations by all the students enrolled in the music courses at S.M.S. Lisa, Rafael and Cymon are concentrating so hard trying not to miss a note. ,414 eff -. JMB 6- Nichole looks over the 8th grade music in band class. W After ITIUUI' School could be fun, but after school was great! There was a lot to do after school. Some students did their homework, ate, or slept. Others went skating, rode bikes, babysat, bowled or lifted weights. Many students listened to the stereo, talked on the phone, or just got with friends. Many students were involved in lessons such as piano, dancing, horseback riding, baton twirling or gymnastics. Sports took up a lot of the students' time. There were soc- cer, basketball, baseball, and football teams, along with cheerleading, official or unofficial. 1 . 2 N., F 51 9 Eybfafgrl .. 0 Biff, .diy 1. ' , fi .ff l 'ft a my I 'M . 9.Vw"! if yy., i ,Q .'L - ,fttilav 5,5 .,. if-'U 'A 'W Katie and Angela are friends even though they cheer for different teams. The balloon landing was a real attention getter. r. i if , A 'ff ng """"' f '-,N , ,Q-A , . i g ,'HQ..', ,g.,'m,'tf"L'-:3.:'qg"'.5 . 'Fam tw.. '42 .. 1' Y s .fi if kg 1' r'.g,, Q r E553 Q .V l ., r E .. '.i-'nf - .., egg nest Xf-L 'Q "vw .K 5 Jim, Greg and Doug spent many hours after school painting the mural in School B. Where is the ball? S5 rj 19 ,."' 'Q' 2 Have you done your good deed today? 'u an V H QM? Q - . , rm 3 ', Q ,H 'N KH' .A N ' Ai- ,r M V ,J in u U G W1 Nr' rh ' Q, as -nm ,,r,f:, grr,,q,gg. my r 'r-Mmm www, - ...4-x....4P Brandy practices many hours to get ready for the variety show. Practice makes perfect. Boy! This is relaxing :A lieenine in Shane Sports have always been a popular activity both in and out of school. There were numerous ways to be a member of a team. People didn't need to totally rely on the physical education pro- gram in school to participate in sports. Youth leagues in soccer, baseball, football, basketball, bowling and other sports were sponsored by recreational groups, civic organizations and businesses. Students at SMS weren't the only ones allowed to have fun or participate in sports. Several teachers were members of sports teams and Miss Herr completed the Marine Marathon, all 26 miles of it. 5 .X N"-ssf..t t wan' N - 1 --.... Mr. Abt defends the basket as Mr. Engel tries to shoot. s What's this? A new style in hats. fe. Joe Theismann move over ' I it's a bird, it's a plane, it's . QQ EX L wt t e Nothing like alittle basketball after lunch, Q One small step for Jill, one giant step for mankind. Why the big smile? What are you up to? Some people just don't get into the game. Complete the 26 mile Marine Marathon and you can have a cake just like Miss Herr receiv- ed. . . m-m-m good! ITSDSQ DUIIKSQ . "F and ollsh Students showed their own personalities with their own different and individual angles of style. Our most recent styles included vans, muscle shirts, earrings and spiked hair- cuts for those "less conservative" students, as well as argyle vests, lzods, Docksiders, and baggies for our traditional "preppies." A few memories still "lingered on" from previous years. We still wore designer jeans, Levi's, and Nikes. And we couldn't forget our "O.P. craze." Our newest favorite colors were aqua, grey, and black. They went right along with our always reliable pink and purple. This year will always be remembered for our truly varied and unique fads and fashions. ls Stacy a "Prep" or what? Argyle, Anyone? gy I: g A at Where's my yacht? What would we ever do without our Nikes! 14 l Hey Calvin, check out those Glorias! ,Z Writing in style ,A . D Mila Y . Z Y' .RJ "Toe-dully Awesome" vans, hun! 4 Brad is ready for anything. Drew sure knows howto "Get Rad! 'rv' Stacy shows us she has "the look." Q Dil LEU 'Lfl-at 'IJUIJLU 'U WI? We owed a lot to the admrnlstratron and staff for anglrng us through mlddle school thas year Mr lvlauck Ms Landolt and Ms Comet helped us through these trylng tlmes The secretarres counselors nurses and deans saw us through our worst no money for lunch flghts or arguments wlth frlends headaches and rnjunes and gave us general advlce Let us not forget to mentlon the cafetena staff who fed us and the custodlal staff who cleaned up after us We seldom took the tame to thank these people for all thelr help ! l A U teachers worked with us closely and individually.-The Admil1iSI1ri:lti0l1 Mr. Mauck, principal at Sterling Middle School for the past eight years, was the final authority on decisions affecting our school. He not only kept us from running in the halls but also saw that the school was open for shows and concerts. He made reports to the Central Office that were complete and on time. He supervised the overall functioning of the school, from students to finances. His jobs were many and varied and kept him very busy but he did like to have contact with the students as much as possible. Wulf' .th Ms. Comet was the assistant principal in charge of curriculum. She developed the master schedule for all classes at S.M.S. and helped schedule each student into those classes. She oversaw the curriculum taught and provided guidance in those areas when asked. .. .V . . slr. f .. -am.. . .. in M yr. I y L 4. we M A Q . . . .M -. l . 't El .. f :if 'i ,Q 7 'M 1 ... " N :i w ,'Nf".j .1 j . 0 . H, nit 4: - jr it 1, ff' ti I . ..f"' I"- " ' "" ' I . .Q 1 .wmafvf "' E vm mwil .J..ii:... Ms. Landolt was the assistant principal in charge of discipline and building maintenance. She was the person who contacted parents or guardians when a student had a discipline problem or needed extra help in some area. She also had the responsibility of seeing that our school was kept in order so that the learning pro- cess could take place. ' ' r ' , I vb if . it S8Cl'0ti:ll'iBS 5 g 1 Q X K R T B f ,B 1-g N Q zxiw s, t g f- I Mrs. Bailey Mrs. Behrs Mrs. Talley In our main office Mrs. Bailey answered the phone, took care ot student attendance on the computer, and was the person to see if you forgot your lunch money. Mrs. Behrs found substitute teachers, did the lunch count, and other secretarial duties. Mrs. Talley took care of the financial records and filled in where needed. Our individual school secretaries were always doing something. Mrs. Bartow, Mrs. Guillot, and Mrs. Johnson were constantly doing DRA forms, typing, helping the deans, looking for absent or missing students, keep- ing cumulative grade books, making up the Dean's List, assisting the students as need- ed, and much, much more. Nh wh W X ws QW 'MM"J, 4' ff fl i,, sw? ifff 2 ff - :gym ! ftft ..ffr, . ..,...,, ,,r,, r rrr' "t' l,,,,"" r V: y r - , t' r tii . li . fa ' l ' tti V S 1.1 . l"' . ,. . . at ' l l' I ll l ' ' 'ii I . A , . Ms S. In rrttty ggg Mrs. Bartow Mrs. Guillot Mrs. Johnson School A School B ' School C 4 pig.. -x it t .Xi S. il. Q is is . I Lf 1 yxq f I x 3, ,s ,rc 4 Librarians, Nurse, Maintenance, Substitutes Thanks to our librarians, Ms. Boudreau and Mrs. Miller, we get our book reports in on time. M..-.. .wrvg ,,,, .,,,, 5 if is ..V. A 'L' 1' i M. 137 2 1 X tt A S .. , J X ,r , XL stats 5 x ts,,. ,,t... 2 l J. Heat repairers, Mr. Fleasoner and Mr. Moreland, see to it that we don't freeze our toes off - thanks! it .. r .s i . , . S Lis. Mrs. Skelton, our school nurse, has the tough job of handling everything from jammed fingers to sore throats. WLS .iw frat f f "What an exhausting day!" 3 't Wifi. .' .,, , iz? fi CMN? Substitutes are always there when we need them. Pictured Left to Right: Mrs. Autry, Mrs. Buckner, Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Fleming. Not Pictured: Mrs. Altano, Mrs. Brad- ford, Mrs. Dobson, Mrs. Evans, Mr. Minnick. and Mrs. Plumlee. 19 Cafeteria and Custodi I Staff The cafeteria staff prepared about 550 to 600 lunches a day for the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. The favorite foods in the cafeteria were french fries and pizza. Many students enjoyed doughnuts, milk shakes, ice cream, and danish rolls. After lunch the job of the cafeteria staff was to wash trays, tables, and floors, When everything was all clean lunch preparations were made for the following day. ss!- Michelle and Katrina pay Mrs. Lane for their ice cream. : ist Row, L-R: Mrs. Dade, Mrs. Lloyd, Ms. Ftamey. 2nd 1st Ftow, L-H: Mrs. Madigan, Mgr., Mrs. Lane, Mrs. Luster. 2nd Row A Mrs. Haight, Mrs. Jeffries, Mrs. Sidwar, Mrs. Lawson, and Mrs. Rowi MV- Nickerson. MV- l-'Wd' and MV- RameY- LaFollette. Without the custodians our school would have been a mess. They plowed the snow from the sidewalks ln winter and cleared the grounds the other seasons. They stayed after school and swept floors, cleaned desks, and made sure the school was in order for the next day. Even during the day they were on constant call, putting paper towels in empty containers, fixing broken air conditioners, replacing light bulbs, and delivering supplies. ,, One pizza is enough for Greg today. 20 OOL A Ms. Bourgaize Mrs. Gisriel Mrs. Hardcastle Mr. Harvey X .. xx 5 1 Mrs. Meade Mrs. Nevins Ms. Parker AROUND THE WORLD IN 180 DAYS Welcome to THE BLACKBOARD JUNGLE where School A faculty gladly donated THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES to this RISKY BUSINESS ol education. With UNCOMMON VALOR we managed THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH. At the helm were our three CAPTAINS COURAGEOUS. The dean, AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN, handled all pro- blems with TRUE GRIT, Our MIRACLE WORKER counselor and our SUPER KWOJ MAN secretary both helped keep the ANIMAL HOUSE running smoothly. The leader of THE SOUND OF MUSIC resided in School A as did the commandant of STALAG 17, Our school also benefited from the talents of art, speech, special education, home ec, and industrial arts teachers. lWe thought at least ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST a long time ago, but we didn't say which onell The ORDINARY PEOPLE, our 6th grade faculty, must have had THE RIGHT STUFF. They could make it through even THE LONGEST DAY without going STIR CRAZY. THE LILIES OF THE FIELD, our 7th grade teachers, added A TOUCH OF CLASS to all birthday parties and festivities. A double feature ran daily during the Bth grade faculty lunch: THE GUN- FIGHT AT O K CORRAL followed by THE BIG CHILL. We were a dedicated bunch, but at 3 o'clock each day there was no doubt FOR WHOM THE BELLS TOLL. The GREAT ESCAPE was made and we were GONE WITH THE WIND, atleast until 7:30 the next day when this all began once again! YQ? www . fan Lf 1 Dean: Mr. Toth Counselor: Mrs. Gelenter 21 Ms. Campbell T? SKF Mr. McKee Ms. Ros .2 ,. ik Mrs. Dalton Mrs. Dissmeyer Mr. Engel Mr. Gray wwf' NWT - ' , Mrs. Mrs. Moseley Mrs. Nichols Mrs. Nunnally Mrs. Plummer Mrs. 22 Dean: Mrs. Minnick Counselor: Mrs. Ellis THE 7 HOUR WORKOUT The faculty of School B spent ONE DAY AT A TIME teaching the FACTS OF LIFE to the WHIZ KIDS. We dreamed of FAME as we employed DlFF'RENT STROKES'to educate our students for the A-TEAM. The organizer of MAMA'S FAMILY was Mrs. Min- nick. She was often heard saying "THAT'S lNCREDIBLE" as students left her PEO- PLE'S COURT after she made her EMERALD POINT. Mrs. Ellis, our guidance counselor, served as a GUIDING LIGHT as she helped everyone with FAMILY FEUDS and FAMILY TIES. Mrs. Guillot, our secretary, often felt like LEAVING IT TO BEAVER as she prepared the DRAs or kept track of those going to the GENERAL HOSPITAL. Our home ec and art teacher turned the TWILIGHT ZONE into a learning process as they explored DOMESTIC LIFE and FANTASY ISLAND. "WE GOT IT MADE" was the slogan as students were taught by our industrial arts teacher, THE DUKE OF HAZARD. DALLAS was never hard to locate with our social studies teachers to help us. Our math teachers could always be counted on to make sure we had 3 STOOGES in our COMEDY HOUR. 1 plus 2 always equalled 3. The English teachers wanted to head for ARCHlE'S PLACE when they heard students say "GIMME A BREAK" instead of "give me one." Our science teachers used 20120 vision in their microscopes as they examined algae found under KNOTS LANDING. The music department worked hard to provide ENTERTAIN- MENT TONIGHT. TV BLOOPERS became a thing of the past with the help of our reading teacher. The French teacher sometimes worked so hard she got the Champs Elysee Blues instead of the HILL STREET BLUES. We all felt the 7 Hour Workout was worth it when, AFTER M.A.S.H., we could meet our very own MAGNUM, P.I. for CHEERS on the LOVE BOAT. It was then we knew we were REAL PEOPLE. SCH L tr foie 5. X .39 N44 Qfigzgcb WDW Mwn . 3" fl ' Ch 'Pi N Q" re. f T' ,. , W' 'fb' 5+ WN Y? wif lp.. Mrs. Lincicome Xe Mrs. Cooper F 'UK ff . ' Z7 .1 Ms. Hunt ww C WITH A some IN MY HEART School C was a very unique place to work whether in APRIL SHOWERS or on an OH, WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY. IT'S MAGIC to be where the dean told you "I GET AROUND and IT HAD TO BE YOU" and you'Il always have these MEMORIES and HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN soon. And of course there was the counselor who served as a BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATERS where you knew YOU'VE GOT A FRIEND and a secretary that remembered THE FIRST TIME EVER I SAW YOUR FACE. Then there were the teachers that made SCHOOL DAYS 'S WONDERFUL, TOO MARVELOUS FOR WORDS. You knew the one tsl that accepted you JUST THE WAY YOU ARE, the special one lst you say is SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME. You'II always remember the teacher who took you on a SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY lrom the SHENANDOAH to SAN FRANCISCO or explained the velocity ol AUTUMN LEAVES BLOWING IN THE WIND, or used modern math aids such as the INCHWORM to help you in math class, or the home ec teacher that told you the pattern was UPSIDE DOWN or how to make TEA FOR TWO, or the industrial arts teacher that supplied you the tool when you said, "IF I HAD A HAMMER" . . ., or the art teacher you posed lor told you "YOU MUST HAVE BEEN A BEAUTIFUL BABY" or there were ditlerent types of SMILES. Let us not forget the English teachers that tried to tell you AlN'T SHE SWEET and AIN'T MISBEHAVEN are not good grammar, or the gym teacher that taught PHYSICAL educa- tion that tells you I GET A KICK OUT OF YOU during soccer or football. All in all School C staff had fun from parties or showers to the - "White Elephant" gift exchange they CELEBRATE throughout the year. Cooperation, dedication, and fellowship were a lew ofthe qualities that helped School C be a relaxed and fun place to be untll SUMMERTIME. 1-fe es: ft. it Mr. Abt Ms. Ahrens I A Mrs. Baker fn- - are Mrs. Goldman I Mrs. Johnson QQ' rl Y' Mrs. Scott Mr. Stone Q .... Ms. Symons Mrs. Walter Mrs. Welke Ms. Zimmerman 23 EUIIUUIEEUU IEEIEJW Each lndrvldual student viewed hrs or her year at Sterling Middle School from a dlfferent angle Our mental physrcal and ernotlonal outlook made each school day speclal As dlfferent as we were as lndlvlduals so were our contnbu trons to the unlque splnt that rnade the student body at Sterllng Mlddle School 1 1 Ex gil 155 38?- 3'-X 1 l gp' X, Q gm V ,f P A W e Qfitvf W Q , x Y- 52. gh 'wig L 'Mg-it QW 1 xv , im il af? Tzfef 5 f aj if 9 I 'v Kgs? V 3 f A - xxx-1 . ua L5 Bl, 2 -Li lb gh -A if ..-f, if T2 2 .sfqmmw-5 IEIECU I3 Elghth grade was a tlme for change and growth We were prepar mg for hugh school and beyond Courses became more dlfflcult as some added Spanish French or algebra As we matured we assumed more responslblllty by maklng more of our own cholces The changes made were not only academic Soclally we were Involved In many actrvltles both ln and out of school Our oplnlons and attltudes changed as we began to exercise our lndlvlduallty Each of us vlewed thus actlon fllled year from a different angle Our own needs Influenced our cholces and expanded our maturlty 4' 'abs s., f X LJ Q,fV nu-l ,ff mm' - f...-...I WWMW i' , He-men, Jim and Kevin, flex their muscles after a rough day in class Nl Sth Grader - - - Sair Ahmad Cindy Alderman Debbie Alger Bobby Allen Jimmy Anderson Mike Anderson Missy Ault Chris Avery Alex Aveta John Aveta James Ayres Tobey Babish Blake Bailey Jeff Bailey Tonia-Bailey Bryan Baire Mike Baker Kim Ball Lara Ball Danny Barker Russell Beckelhimer Billy Becker John Behabetz Stacy Bienacker T. M. Bigley Kay Blaine Chris Bock Roxanne Boucher Frank Bowers Heather Brady Michelle Breton Carla Broadus Amy Brooks Becky Brown Butch Brown Rod Brown Tim Brumback Jerry Bryant Karen Budlong Kellie Burke Eddie Burns Ricky Burton Tricia Butler Jenny Canaff Roger Care Scott Carpenter Troy Carter Colleen Cassidy ,ff A - - Sth Grade 28 Eric, a Loudoun volleyball team memb at the International Olympics in Baton 1 Chris holds his trophy for being the champ in seat ball. .pod Q, QQ Sth Grade Greg Cassidy Kim Cathey Eric Cave Consuelo Chamorro Doug Channell Christine Chapman Stuart Chavez Bryan Chin Guilio Cianci Anita Clark Priscilla Clark Bruce Clarke Angela Cline Sherry Clouser Pat Coffey Mischell Cohen Mary Ann Coleman Chris Copeland Acie Crosen lll Dale Crump Dawn Dambrose Kim Davis Lance Davis Freddy DeLeon 29 Heather Dennis Karin Dingman Becky Dize Jeff Dobies Larry Dobson Chris Doweli Wayne Drager Billy Durst Teresa Dyer Gabby Earhardt Bob Edmison Randall Edwards Sean Egen Cindy Eldridge Brad Ellmore Heather Engle Jamie Eubanks Kim Evans Michelle Evans Billy Evers Jeff Eversmann Mark Farmer ' Carla Ford Jill Fowler KP Mr. Engel tries to calm all the Redskins fans in the hall. View Sth Grade -1'-LL 'lluav' Picture nz? ' - Noi' " X Ave ila ble Q, 3 4 wx' .h,, 5 , .M Egg l ii "Um! Boy, this food is good!" said by students and their moms at a Home-Ec luncheon. -Qt, Q W ,... N., Donna Fox Monica Foy Kristie Frantz Karla French Peggy Gannon Mike Garrett Chris Gay John Geltinger Julie Gillespie John Godby Nelson Gonzalez Christine Goode Denise Gooseberry Dan Greenblatt Carol Grigsby Michelle Groves Carol Gudger P. J. Haas Trenita Hackley Kelly Hajdlcs Jay Hall Stacey Hall Jason Halsall Akemi Haman Sth Grade , .- 31 Charles Harris Herbie Harris Ronnie Havens Tom Hawkins Dwight Herrman David Hibberd Chris Highlander Emily Hijazi Christy Hodge Birdie Hoffman Jim Hollar Drew Howe Leigh Howell Ray Howey Gregg Hunter Teresa Hunter Kristin lmhoff Steve Ireland Doreen Jacobson Tim Janson Anthony Jenkins David Jenkins Kim Jenkins Chris Jensen 32 R,,,,...--H" Drew concentrates as he tapes the base of his model house ' while other students watch " Sth Grade l in is-ss--Q Z.: K Q 5' : 'K ' is Danny Jett Darin Johnson Rhonda Johnson John Karman Stacy Kay David Kessel Charles Ketner Felicia King Chris Kiser Donnie Kline Billy Koch Jeff Koessler Jennifer Kosser Debbie Kotch Michele Kracke Kellie Krise Kathy Kriston Heather Lancaster Mike LaFle Greg Latka Gina Latorre Richard Lau Derek Lee Jennifer Lees 33 Sharon Lester Kathy Lewandowski Steve Lightkep Laura Lindsay Jason Lizik Lola Lockett Stacy London Brent Lucas Donnie Ludlam B. J. Lyons Jim Mackey Cindy Makely Ricky Manacle Erika Mansfield David Marchand f Sarah Markham Davy Mason Scott Mathis David Matson Marsha Mayer Jennifer McClain Jim McCord Veronica McEIwee Christy McGinnes Jill McMahon Chris McMinn 34 st as w sstsggg ',JlE' ...':':' QL l'ki51EE:. si "':.'g:g:4i5555'.ii5in:- -X . Q' I . ' X i 4' 'N 1 . f : 12:5 - if v + Q :, . t Q Q Q v g , . - sr '-.Mr ik. aa., M, it ' 5 -'Q' CVO? QR!! "":v 4. dividual pictures include: Lett to Right Angela Cline, and Mariam Hamidi. Sth f5l'i'tldB Some eighth grade students missing in- Row 1: David Pryor, Donnie Williams, Darrin Johnson. Flow Two: Carla French, Carla and friends "get down" during P.E. Sth Grade GQ ix Ben McMurray Bob McNiel Charlene Meredith David Merifleld Cliff Merrick Lisa Miller Michelle Mills Heather Minnick Matt Mohr Todd Moran Carla Morelli Marc Mori Renee Morris Teresa Morris Dana Nelson William Nelson Amy Newell Anita Newsome Randy Nordby Pat Norton Mike Novean Danny Patrick Rob Patrick Kelly Patterson 35 Shannon Patterson Susan Paukovich Carrie Pearson Steve Perkins Paula Phillips Shawn Plumhoff Kari Popek Kim Potts Traci Prater Stephanie Price Kristy Prince Megan Prosser Sarah Pulley Krissy Pumpa Marcus Randolph Brian Reynolds Greg Reyzer Scott Rhoads Paul Robinson Scott Rohrbach Michelle Roper Terri Rose John Roundy Steve Rowe 'U 36 'wif' H8109 Anita and Denise walk around outside after eating lunch. , Mlm. i 3153? - Sth Grade Wu? Shannon empties her locker looking for the homework she has. SthI3ri1de - - - Shelly Rundel Shannon Russell Willie Russell Marsh Rutter Jon Sadd Chris Saitta Colleen Satterwhite Todd Schaaf Angela Schneider Sharon Schoffstall Dawn Scruggs Jill Sharp Wayne Sharp Mike Shaw Brian Shifflett Diana Shiflett Joyce Shoemake Jenifer Shoemaker Jamie Simpson Tiffany Skiles Scott Smayda Jon Smith Julie Smith Matt Smith Nikkie Smith Robin Smith 37 Russell Snyder Donnie Sooklal John Stahl Butch Steele Eric Stewart Katie Stone Tye Stone Shawn Story Stephanie Strawser Shawn Summa David Sumpter Mark Tatum Anne Taylor Kim Taylor Anthony Thomas Michelle Thornton Lee-Anne Tidman Robert Traylor Brandy Truitt Eric Truman Jennifer Turner Joe Vacca Billy Vannoy Tony Virgilio Angela Vitale Michael Walker 38 l I" ,,, , ' , N for W . my "H, , ,., it - yyyt 1 'A I Vi " ,L Q, ' ,E ,,, ' .3 I 1 , .., .Eh n m tv' A ,-4, V H gl rt, ,, i " T M ' Habla espanol?" As the Spanish Club would say. They are taught by Mrs. Walter. Sth GYHUB - WW? Picture Not Avaiia ble tsis fl adn Picture Not Availa ble "Parlez-vous frarQais?" as the French class would say. They are taught by Mrs. Lynn. Al Walters Melissa Washington Sterling Washington Susie Webster Kathy Welch Loree Whitlow Rob Wiersberg Al Wilder Cassandra Williams Juli Wilson Robert Wilson Heather Winters Kim Witthuhn Missy Wood Chris Woodruff Janice Woodward Kevin Woodward Susan Woody Karen Wright Ken Wright Mario Wright Nicole Wyche Bernie Zenis Renard Zottig Keith Zulka Sth Grade ' ' ' 39 XA, x " Best All Around: Friendlioat: Best Artist: Roxanne Boucher Nelson Gonzalez Washington Angela Vitale Angela Cline Chris McMinn The "Eighth Grade Predictions" have always been a fun part of the year at Sterling Middle School. Students were chosen in categories such as: Most Athletic, Best Musician, Best Dressed and others. The choices were made by the eighth grade teachers and were hopefully made correctly. All that is left to do is to wait twenty years or so to see what happens. Moat Dramatic: Drew Howe Denise Gooseberry 9 2 t l I Best Home Economist: Millionaire: Best Drosaod: Jill Fowler Larry Dobson Brandy Truitt Chris Bock Cassandra Williams Robert Traylor 40 "X CAnR L A Most Athletic: Boat Musician: Boot Politician: Anita Newsome Eric Stewart Darrin Johnson Carla Morelli Julie Smith Ricky Burton Reprint from Sterling Times Herald Dateline December 2004 Another year comes to an end and it is time we recall some of the events. ln January, the XXXVIII Super Bowl was won by the Washington Redskins led by quarterback Eric Stewart, Also in January the largest slot machine payoff in history, S7,500,000, was awarded to Ms. Brandy Truitt. ln March the first performance at Carnegie Hall was made by Mr. Darin Johnson. Ms, Carla Morelli performed there later in the month. The Winter Olympics were started this month and among the United States competitors was gold medalist winner Anita Newsome for downhill skiing. Mr. Chris Bock acquired over a million dollars when he discovered one of the rare paintings by Chris McMinn. Also in July a disastrous fire destroyed one of the many factories of the C. Williams Clothes Manufacturers. The cause was attributed to faul- ty wiring. ln November the Presidential election made headlines when the first female candidate, Ms. Julie Smith, narrowly lost to incumbent President Richard Burton. Boat Sclontlst: Dan Greenblatt Howell X . ,X . Q . iieasi Carpeaiasra Boat Vllritorllioportor: Wittlolt: Mike Anderson Shannon Russell Peggy Gannon William Nelson Sherry Clouser Steve Perkins 41 I3 I3 We as seventh graders felt more confldent about classes teachers and maklng new fnends this year Openlng comblnatlon lockers Even though we knew the ropes and enjoyed the year we stlll weren t the bug elghth graders that people looked up to but we knew we would have our chance next year Thus bullt up confidence gave us a healthy angle from which to approach the 8th grade Q was routine andltinding our classes was easier. Picture Not Availa ble N. I T X x N T - Nikki does her research in the library, Maureen Lore was a new seventh grade student this year. 7th GYHUB A sssss T a i i . - li s "M Terry Adams Chris Alsop Chris Anderson Danny Anderson Julie Anderson Sadat Ardestani Kilber Arrington John Atkisson Gene Aversano Eric Ayala Tatiana Ayala Traci Bailey Bonnie Baker Todd Baldwin Tammy Ball Marie Ballerini Kevin Barnes Mark Barnhouse Shawn Baron Robert Bassett G. G. Bauer Shirley Beale Debbie Beales Heather Beck Alex Bennett John Bennett Diane Bereznak Cheryl Berthelson Laura Bigley Karen Bissinger Sean Blair Chris Bodvin Sean Boone 43 Sharon Bos Chris Bowman Matt Bowman John Boyce Eddie Boyd Richie Boyer Shawn Branham Greg Brewster Carmen Broadus Jeanette Brown Robert Brown Ann Brownell Julie Buchanan Tom Burges Albert Burkhart Chris Butts Cindy Buzzard Gina Canterbury Greg Cazenas Venessa Choate Elissa Clark Lori Clark Chad Clarke Jett Clawson Jon Cleaves Robert Coffman Peter Collins Jason Colvin Pat Condon Joanne Conover Allen Conrad Tony Conway Brenda Conway 44 Miss Hunt's class plays seatball after a hard day's :mera S-52:3 5 .. ' ' 5 ,-I .:- rfifiif -t.f"'it, er ifi y ' 7th Grade ' Picture Not Available G.G. says, Mrs. Welke, I know how to do this. A . 7th Grade NT: s. . Jamie Cooper Dewaya .e Corum Robert Cottrill Tony Crider Linda Custer Shawn Daniels Kim Davis Angela Deeben Dusty Dillman Debbie Dilly Dawn Dixon Cheryl Dize Greg Dobies Sean Dodrill Danny Dornseif Jesse Downer Robert Doyle Michelle Dunigan Randy Dye Cheryl Dymond Gerry Earl Abigail Edgell Krista Edgett Tammy Edwards Amjad El Atari Majida El Atari Andy Elliott Kim Evans Bridget Everett Katrina Everett Kevin Featherstone Sharonda Felders Kelli Fitzgerald 45 Lance Flores Roxanne Flores April Foltz Jody Furlong Tina Furr Nick Gaddy Shannon Gardner David Gaul Lance Gearing John Geddie James Ginader Frank Ginder Tony Girolami Kathy Gisriel Jo Jo Glorioso Brian Gore Chris Gosnell Jenny Green Cindy Gregory Mike Griffith Terry Groff Kelle Grove Ralph Grove Kara Haight Tom Haight Charles Haman Joe Hamilton Cindy Hampton Lisa Harmon Lisa Hein Jon Henderson Cymon Hight Dawn Hiner 46 Hi NX Chris might even be an interior decorator when he is older. -uw, Picture Not Available Phuc Hoang Melissa Holdren Cheryl Hoover Sonya Horton Kenny Huffman Doug Hummer Jerry Jacobsen Todd Jefferson Tim Jobe J. J. Jones Aaron Keith Billy Kennedy Joe Kennedy Tammy Kincannon Amy Klapmuts Teresa Kline Steven Kosciolek Kim Lackey Amy LaClair Cheri Lacy Marty LaFollette Billy Laignel Tommy Laignel Kellie Langin Kenny Lau Brian Lemaster Matt Lewis Diana Link Christi Lipscomb Noelle Littleton Bobby Loff Jennifer Lovejoy Matt Luther 7th Grade 1 '. : .' - 2 47 Katie Lyons Mark Macielinski Ricky Malkiewicz Kandi Manweiler Janet Marshall Robby Marshall Kevin Martin Tim Martin Brendan Masterson Teresa Matthews Gibson Mazurkiewicz Bill McBride Mary McCarthy Kyle McDaniel Kim McDowell Tina McNally Debbie Mervine Julie Messitt Mike Mikesell John Miller Keith Miller Michele Miller Wayne Miller Chris Miskovich Amy Mitchell Chris Moore Allison Moran Kathy Morga Diane Mosholder Lia Mucia Jennifer Mullinax David Nagle Rachel Naleppa Us Jennifer tries to become a Fledskrnetle. 5 AQ "' is it in gd' J 'gait i iiii fi -SEEESSIJ.. 'E-2:1 ,, Qg::.g,g:,s-.g5Ei:w.:.. Picture Not Available it-'V' +C' i. 48 ' 7th Era K MN,,,.,,,,.....--w -.......,WM,..,.f Q Siam R N ga- J, "' '- 1 .mink gg, .A-as it ,,.,.uun"v-W"""' - Susanne Napiewocki Carrie Newton Nam Nguyen Matt Norris Barbie Nugent Brett Nunn Joe O'DelI Rusty O'Deli Kris Ogozalek JoAnn Palmer David Parsons Tim Patrick Yvette Patterson Chris Pauley Karen Phillips Angie Picariello Dana Pierleonardi Angela Pittard Brian Plaugher Terri Pressel Kenny Price Wayne Price Cheryl Proctor Michele Pugh Kenny Ouattrin Monika Quinn Kelley Randolph Jennifer Reedy Kathy Jo Rice Tina Robbins Namisa Roberts Kim Rounds John Rudd Jennifer Rulli What did you do this time, Frankie? 7th Grade T-'-"""' 49 Chrissy Satter Jehad Salous Theresa Sayen Chris Schlack Beth Schmude Jason Schoftstall Katrina Seay Chrissy Seminaro Ftafael Serrano Scott Seville Melissa Shaffer Danny Sharritt Amy Shaw Chrissy Sherman Jason Shiftlett Lori Silva Brett Simons Dionne Sloan Lauri Smith Joyce Snyder Tom Snyder Kim Soodeen Danielle Sours Guy Staats Staci Stainbrook Timmy Stemple Jason Stickles Brett Stone Nikki Stover Chris Taylor Heather Teger Leah Terrell Belinda Thacker xQXXX X yt X X X x E X w Q s fm 2 K X31 fxixeeh e as 'T' I S , .t it- 02 ,92-:-1" "I wonder if I can stuff it all in?" questions Mark. is .13 s siri' i 'f i'ti ,, ...,, M yr .nl - .. .. - ... 7th Grade 50 PYTQN A-ttf '53 "'!' x v " P ., f Q - f Aren't they cute? Mrs. Short's class read to Kindercare students. They'll be here soon! , Picture Not Available K O Jennifer Thomas Kamal Thomas Kathy Thompson Julie Treanor Marjorie Trotter Ami Tucker Fred Turner Kathy Tyson Andy VanAmburg Christy VanBevers Mark Vandiver Cory Vannoy Heather Vaughn Angela Vega Donny Vickers Eva Walter Kjell Wander Heidi Waters Joe Watson Melissa Weathers Allison Webster Dee Dee Weed Frances White Joe Whitlow Angela Williams Becky Williams Nick Wilson Glenn Wolf Gessika Wolfe Dee Dee Wood Doug Wood Rhonda Wray Theresa Yee Tom Yee Tracie Zenis . 7th Grade 1 '.'. - .. 51 IEIELU IE As we entered slxth grade thus past September rt was the beglnnlng of a senes of years of fun and exclternent at Sterling Middle School As soon as we started school we were ferent teachers changing classes comblnatlon lockers and rnaklng new friends Though our experrence was lndlvldual our sprnt has developed for the Class of 199O' caughtnup in the excitement of getting lost, dif- v tx , I i as Q S 3 S-"N K i 6 wif. '9 ln. W Ouyen is getting ready for a great day!! . x Y . -f - ., v 9 N it th Grade '- P ,E X K tl? e . 5 2 1 WS Desmond Agostini Jimmy Allison Lesa Amburgey Katie Andrews Heather Armstrong Jess Babish Phil Bailey Michelle Barnett Shawn Barnett Robert Barr Chris Barry Beth Battani Teresa Beamer Kathy Beange Leah Becker Andy Bell Scott Benjamin Mike Bennett Karri Bicksler Brian Boland Tony Bowers Jay Bowles Jeremy Boyd Thomas Breeden John Brower John Buchanan Kent Buchanan Cindy Buening Sheri Burton Tavga Bustani Glen Canterbury Lisa Canterbury Richie Care 53 Shannon Carroll Carrie Carter Debbie Casebolt John Cassidy Cristal Chavez Clayton Chenard Sandra Clark Troy Cleer Tracy Cloutier Toby Cohen Robin Conrad Scotty Conrad Ginger Cotter Flobin Cox David Coyle Greg Crawford Theresa Cummings Benny D'Agostino Latosha Davis Chris Dawson ,:Adolfo DeLeon J Pepe Dhillon Stephanie Digman Tami Dismas Kristie Dixon Jason Dowell Jeremy Drake Jeremy Earley Leslie Easterday Heather Eirtle Cathy Eldridge C. C. Eldridge Lisa Elie 54 'D C' tg re 'N it ..., x .3 Q ' sf t' " G it it LL1,,, Q '-'1- P. ' ' -. - .. ti l ' trf - b D . his wi tg at -" Q i ifxg. Becky works hard on her science assignment. Picture o Available i 15th Grade Leslie Ellmore Keith Everhart Brian Evers Mike Evers Mike Farrington Lee Farris Brenda Farrow Paul Fecteau Janet Ford Tammi Ford Russ Fraser Billy Fritz Bobby Fuller Shane Galloway Kristi Galloway Richelle Gaskin Gene Gay Rowland Gee Mike Geltinger Patrick George Dwayne Gillespie Duane Glass Danny Gorman John Gorth Melanie Green Missy Green Amy Grillo Tina Haas Matt Habibi Rayvon Hackley Alison Hall Rodney Hampton Matt Hanlon 55 Maria Harman Mike Harman Sarah Hart Ashraf Hassan Jimmy.Hassett Vicki Havens Travis Hawk Mark Hedden Jeff Henrikson Paul Hernandez Audrey Herrman Susan Hessenauer Brandon Hipps Kenny Hite Kim Hobbs Deana Hoisington Jennifer Holmes Sarah Howell Donny Huffman James Hunter Brian Janson Shadi Jaser Donald Jenkins Lawrence Jones Becky Jones Tracy Kalbaugh David Kent Jennifer Kephart Troy Kerr lmtiaz Khan Sameena Khan Artie Kidwell Shawn Kilpatrick Steve Klapmuts Mary Kline 40 .. an S .. Jody would li li al' X f iisi is sw MS 2 Picture Not Available 56 4 " X, - W i - SPACE-THE rn ke to be the second woman in space.. K :KVV "Q S ' Lk x , 1 - vi Q 6th Grade ...-.- Tommy Kloehn Mike Koplets Jeramie Kopp John Kracke Vickie Krise Chris Lair Trevor Lambert Andrea Land Danny Latka Andi Layrnan Roberta Layne Laura Lear Melissa Leen Nikol Leggette Bernie Leighan David Lent Tina Leone Chuck Lewis Coyan Lewis Scott Losh Jon Lovejoy Melinda Lovette Kyle Loyd Allison Lucente Angie Lugaila Lori Lyons Teri Machado Jim MacKenzie Kevin Madden Billy Malkiewicz Mike Manacle Jeff Marshall Doug Martin 57 Neil Mason Christy Mathis Cindy May Torrey McGlenn Kelly McGowan Amy McLaughlin Luis Medina Amy Miller Danny Miller Charles Mills Heather Minor Michael Mitchell Shannon Mitchell Melody Mobley Jenny Mock Greg Monteforte Kim Moreland Chris Morris Tara Mullen Angie Mullins John Naleppa Karen Neiberger Jeff Newcome Julie Newell Mike Newman Quyen Nguyen Candee Nolan Steve Norman Erin O'Donohue Michelle Ogden Seni Ok Peter O'Neal Debbie Ortega Marc Otterback Chris Owen Kevin Owens LA Picture Not Available ,SX Mi iit. J' i :I -s ei J 'W we as s 2 is as if , -A AJIVV 1 . fi 4+ , C ' r 'it'i is X X- 2' ' X . ' s P X y . N .av " I ,ZS - I - 58 4 ' '- 6th Grade 1 -sr :ze K1 x t t w X, X A 1: 1 X 'iv 'F K Y tk 1' B yybb ee b lim" 15th Grade "-!'Qa-,,. Michelle Palmer Seton Pangburn Amy Pantall Jennifer Patterson Tommy Pavelko Shalynn Payne Alex Perez Nikki Perry Tina Peters Bennie Phillips Richard Phillips Pam Pinkard Hope Plumhoff Joe Pond Stephanie Porter Roger Pratt Jimmy Prendergast Rebecca Pulley Chris Pursell Stefanie Redmon Jennifer Reifel Michelle Ricker Chris Roberts Scott Roberts Joan Robinson Kim Robison Julie Roebuck Jeff Rollins Robbie Rose Janie Rouden Kenny Rounds J. R. Rubal Robbie Rush Jodi Rymer Scott Sands Vickie and Christina may be the next Michelangelo and da Vinci. 59 Bobby Sargent Merrie Schafer Malinda Schmith Stephanie Schnarrs Dan Schollian Susanne Scholz J. P. Schreiber Alison Scott Jason Shaffer Dorene Sheffield Tamara Shie Lisa Shifflett Todd Shortt Teri Showalter Justin Shue Jennifer Simpson Julie Smayda Brad Smith Lisa Smith Kevin Smith Sharon Smith Bradley Snyder Jenny Snyder Sean Sours Chris Starr Andy Staton Julie Steere Vicki Stemple John Stets John Stiefvater Mark Stringfellow Brian Swallow Jeff Taylor 60 'l t ffft J it y ly lyll t ilyl J ,rt, J J J f at 4 at 4 W J 4 X 4' v , 1. sl 0 M it ,J J J J llyl , " 1 4 W Picture J J 7 fi- No? Available if J """"-Q. f wwf' df' m Wx H ' 1 "What way is the wind bIowing?" wonders Cheryl. ' ' nk. 'Ov R. 0' ,, ,Jw N 3 x' I A JJ yy' """' Wa. ,,,,f W f. J, J 4 if 5 0 9 va - - wr .M ,MH y J x ri. rtf f l I X .Jyf Qt Q l r it K I 0. K if TW T Y , if w w, l I ,, :, ll- g f f ,al , ,... 1-Ewa , . R Qw i A ,R J,5y 1-ith Gfadfb Joe Tomassetti Tanya Trohanov Brent Truman Peter Turner Jennifer Turpin B. C. Tyler Mike Uchic f John Van Bevers Doug Vaughn Sheryl Vezina Andy Wagner Tina Walkup Lora Walters Tom Waterman Kevin Watts Vicky Weaver Bryan Welch Kenny Welch Marie Wenerd Chris Whately Cynthia Whiting Marianne Wilder Steven Williams Chris Wilson Mike Winslow Danny Winthrop Vicki Witthuhn Sean Wolfman Aaron Wyche John Yochim Melissa Zavatson Scotti Zottig 61 ! LLL1, I.IJ L1, I.I.h, I.Ll.LI.h, ELLLIL I.l.IgLLI.LI.LLfIl'l. IJLLuE Along Wlth our strong academIc program students have been Involved IH many experlences outsIde of the classroom Student COUHCII representatives helped to plan SpIrIt Day the VarIety Show and an 8th grade dance Our clubs stImulated Interest In specIal areas such as a dramatIc productIon comIc books and computers Those In terested In the area of DUDIICHTIOD were Involved In our newspaper SpIrIt or the yearbook Angles A Vaflety of fIeld TFIDS presented more ODDOYTUDITIGS to become deeply In volved In our school year The clubs and actIvItIes gave each of us an oppor tunIty to pursue our IndIvIdual In terests from our own DSFSDGCTIVS AYY 771 I' I" .IIy,.1,,,1 I. r,1I- l Y ' KI "!l 7 l The student council consisted of a representative and an alternate from every homeroom in schools A, B, and C. The members were chosen by the students in their homeroom at the beginning of the school year. The council was in charge of trying to resolve pro- blems students might have had. The problem was brought to a representative and then to the council where a solution would be sought. The council also was involved in many other school activities. They sponsored a food drive at Thanksgiving, organized a Spirit Day where students dressed in the colors of their favorite football team, and at mid term began selling doughnuts, juice, and hot chocolate between 8:00 and 8:20 each morning. -if Wa? its Picture tri: Left to Right: Jennifer Lees, Treasurer: Brandy Truitt, President: Kim Whitthuhn, Secretary. I z Picture 113: L to R: Sherri Clouser, Heather Teger. Picture 31: Lelt to Right: Jennifer Lees, Treasurer: Brandy Truitt, President: Kim Whit thuhn, Secretary. Picture 32: Left to Right, lst Row: Cindy Alderman, Julie Gillespie Kathy Welch, Gene Aversano, Greg Brewster, Robert Traylor, Stefanie Ftedmon, Alison Scott, Sharonda Felders, Kathy Jo Rice, Joe Tomassetti, Toby Cohen, Vicki Witthuhn 2nd Row: B. C. Tyler, Christine Goode, Stacey Hall, Jenniler Lees, Mischell Cohen, Corj Vannoy, Cymon Hight, Joe Hamilton, Brian Lemaster, Michelle Duriigan, Beth Schmude Doreen Jacobson. 3rd Row: Kyle Loyd, Peter Collins, Matt Luther, Tim Brumback Stacy Kay, Kim Witthuhn, Brandy Truitt, G, G. Bauer, Jennifer Fleedy, Julie Andersor Dionne Sloan, Leigh M. Howell, Scott Seville. 4th Row: Desmond Agostini, Seni Ok, Bol Edmison, Greg Fleyzer, Kelle Grove, Laurie Smith, Kelley Randolph, Mary McCarthy Heather Vaughn, Diana Link. Missing: Jim Anderson, Kim Evans, John Kracke, Bol McNiel. The student announcers had a very responsi- ble and sought after job. Sherri made the morning announcements and Heather made the afternoon announcements. One of the most important duties was to be on time. Another was to speak clearly, distinct- ly, and in a pleasant sounding voice. The experience enabled students to speak before a large audience and build self confidence. 63 Lett to Right, lsl Row Sponsors Ms Watson and Mrs Urick ?nd Row: Denise Gooseberry, Heidi Waters. Dan Greenblatt, Namisa Roberts 3rd Row Julie Smith, Shannon Russell, Carla Morelli, Michele Miller. Amy Klapmuls, William Nelson The Spirit, the Sterling Middle School newspaper, was started in the Spring of 1983 by a small group of students who were interested in jour- nalism, Several new staff members were added in the fall and new editors were chosen at that time. The Spirit attempted to feature articles about interesting people and events at the middle school. It also included polls, cartoons, and creative writing which were gathered from students who were not on the staff. L L' Lett to Right, ist Row Sponsors Ms Campbell, Ms Ellis, Mrs Wyzkoski. Mr Wormeli, lNot Picturedl Mrs Minnick and Mr. Kraft 2nd Flow Cindy Eldridge, Kathy Lewandowski, Lisa Amburgey. Jenny Mock. Julie Smith, Bonnie Baker, Mlschell Cohen 3rd Row Karen Bissinger, Danny Winthrop, Joe Whitlow, Chris Miskovich, Duane Gillespie. Peggy Gannon, Shannon Carroll, Richard Care, Brian Boland 4th Row Chris Roberts, Carla Morelll, Melanie Green 5th Row Kelley Randolph, Cheryl Dlze. Melissa Shaffer, Diane Bereznak, Krista Edgett, Mary McCarthy, Brian Lemaster, Dawn Hiner, Eva Walter, Michele Pugh. Allison Webster, Angela Vitale, Sharon Lester. 6th Row: Lauri Smith, Brenda Conway, Melissa Green, Noelle Littleton, Tammy Kincannon, Fred Turner, Nelson Gonzalez, Monica Foy, loree Whitlow, leigh Howell, Katrina Seay, Shannon Russell, Birdie Hollman. Jim l-lollar. "Quiet on the set! Lights! Actors in their places! Cue the music! Ready? Sal enters stage left. . Sterling Middle School Drama Club burst into life this year with the production of "The Sage of Sagebrush Sal." The Drama Club consisted of over fifty students and seven faculty members. Each member of the club had specific tasks during club performances. These included: keeping up with good grades, set design and construction, costumes, make-up, actors, actresses, understudies, student managers, lights, music, advertising, audience warm-up, and dancers. Each part was vital to the complete performance. Eight to ten weeks prior to the performance, rehearsals began. Rehearsals were full of bloopers as well as heartwarming moments when ever- thing "clicked" Above all, the club learned to work as a team and shared together the tingles of standing ovations knowing they did their best and had a blast doing it! 64 The Comic Book Club, comprised of comic collectors of y many interests, made its debut this year. Several of the comics F T, T Q 5 it .film enjoyed in the club this year were "X-men," "Conan the Bar- tl, , -T - T barian," and "Alpha Flight." - l r . The club designed their own comic book characters and at- 5 I tended comic book conventions throughout the Washington, D.C. area. Q The elected officers were President - Aaron Keith and ,V Q Treasurer - Doug Hummer. The club was sponsored by Mr. .43 Wormeli. COMIC BOOK Cl UB OFFICTFTS President fe Aaron Keith. Treasurer f Doug Hummer. 1stFlow Aaron Keith, Doug Hummer, Sean Dodrill. 2nd Row Mr. Wormelt lsponsort , Todd Jefferson, Cymon Hlght, John Geddie, John Rudd Not Pictured: Biily Laignel, Tim Jobe. 1 ml if 137352 ' Picture D3 Seated, Jimmy Anderson. Standing, Vicki Wltthuhn. Robert Barr, Jeff Henrrkson, Bobby Fuller, Lee Farris, Danny Winthrop, Bill McBride, Mrs lynn lsponsorl, Freddy DeLeon, Frankie Grnder, PeterTurner. Kenny Rounds Not Pictured Mrs Ross lsponsorl , J R Ftubal The Computer Club of Sterling Middle School was created as a direct result of the interest expressed by many students. Many of our students had already been directly involved in working on computers either through local camps offered by NOVA, or through hands-on experience with computers owned by their own families and friends. These students were interested in learning about and working on computers throughout the school year and in an organized club atmosphere with others who shared their same interests. The Computer Club was a club with an exciting future as we looked forward to our own classroom computers at SMS. The 35 members should be helpful in creating a place for computers in our school. Mrs. Lynn and Mrs. Floss were the teacher sponsors. 65 The sixth, seventh, and eighth grade choruses were the three performing groups that made up the choral part of the music program. The sixth grade chorus met twice a week after school with Ms. Bourgaize as the conductor and Mrs. Dissmeyer as accompanist. Miss Bourgaize directed the seventh grade chorus and Mrs. Dissmeyer directed the eighth grade group. Mrs. Dalton accompanied both groups. All choral groups performed several times a year. A small classical guitar ensemble also performed a few times in the spring. Mr. Gray directed both the seventh and eighth grade bands that numbered about 100 students each. The bands performed several times a E year. Assisting Mr. Gray were Mrs. Moseley and Mr. Schaffer. We were proud of our Sterl- ing Middle School music pro- gram. lt was one of the best in Northern Virginia. fjdff' Q ' ' Picture 111: L-R, 1st Row: Billy Malkiewicz, Ashraf Hassan, Maria Harman, Karen Nieburger, Tina Leone, Hope Plumhoff. 2nd Row: Missy Leen, Melody Mobley, Angie Mullins, Angie Lugaila, Sheryl Vezina, Michelle Ogden. 3rd Row: Jennifer Snyder, Michelle Ricker, Alison Hall, Kim Moreland, Shalynn Payne, Michelle Barnett. 4th Row: Amy Miller, Chris Roberts, Sarah Howell, Jennifer Fiefel, Mary Kline, Tanya Trohanov, Cristal Chavez, Seton Pangburn. Missing: Leah Becker. SIXTH GRADE CHORUS -A f 2 Picture 112: L-R, tst Row: Pat Con- don, Theresa Yee, Thomas Laignel, Venessa Choate, Dana Pierleonardi, Michele Pugh, Eric Ayala, Allison Webster. 2nd Row: Eva Walter, Michele Miller, Robert Doyle, Ami Tucker, Marie Ballerini, DeeDee Wood, Beth Schmude, Kim Soodeen, Diane Bereznak, Richard Boyer, Guy Staats. 3rd Row: Melissa Holdren, Jennifer Lovejoy, Krista Edgett, Kathy Gisriel, Debbie Beales, Kara Haight, April Foltz, Bonnie Baker, John Ged- die. 4th Row: Julie Anderson, Teresa Kline, Joyce Snyder, Jody Furlong, Melissa Weathers, Kevin Featherstone, Noelle Littleton, Gina Canterbury, Angie Williams, Jeanette Brown, Allison Moran. Missing: Christina McNally, Jolyn Jones, Sue Napiewocki, Maureen Lore, Monika Quinn. SEVENTH GRADE CHORUS Picture 33: L-R, 1st Row: Mike No- vean, John Roundy, Erika Mansfield, Gabby Earhardt, Shelly Rundel, Cindy Alderman, Susie Webster, Angela ax Vitale, Denise Gooseberry. 2nd Row: ' Ricky Manacle, Darin Johnson, Missy Wood, Sue Paukovich, Kristin lmhoff, Brandy Truitt, Susan Woody, Sarah Markham, Becky Brown, Gina Latorre. 3rd Row: Herbie Harris, Brent Lucas, Mark Farmer, Heather Min- nick, Krissy Pumpa, Priscilla Clark, Michelle Evans, Lisa Miller, Kathy Welch, Karin Dingman. 4th Row: Ray Howey, Bob Edmison, Donnie Ludlam, Marcus Randolph, Debbie Kotch, Traci Prater, Heather Dennis, Diana Shiflett, Michelle Breton, Carol Grigsby, Nicky Smith. 5th Row: Ricky Lau, Heather Engle, Loree Whitlow, Roxanne Boucher, Paula Phillips, Carla Morelli, Theresa Rose, Jamie Eubanks, Jennifer Lees, Leigh Howell, Lola Lockett. Missing: Angela Cline, James Ayres, Miriam Hamidi, Chrissie Dixon, Billy Becker, Sharon Schoff- 66 EIGHTH GRADE CHORUS stall, Kay Blaine. Picture 211: FLUTES - Laura Bigley, Karen Bissinger, Ann Brownell, Julie Buchanan, Cindy Buzzard, Brenda Conway, Kim Davis, Cheryl Daze, Michelle Dunigan, Gerry Earl, Bridget Everett, Katrina Everett, Sharonda Felders, Roxanne Flores, Shannon Gardner, Cindy Gregory, Cheryl Hoover, Amy Klapmuts, Katy Lyons, Mark Maciellnski, Mary McCarthy, Julie Messitt, Lia Mucia. Carrie Newton, JoAnn Palmer, Angela Pittard, Terri Pressel, Kelley Randolph, Jenniter Rulli, Theresa Sayen, Katrina Seay, Chrissy Seminaro, Lauri Smith, Staci Stainbrook, Belinda Thacker, Kathy Thompson, Heidi Waters, Tracie Zenis CLARWETS - Tammy Ball, Cheryl Berthelson, Jett Clawson, Jamie Cooper, Dawn Dixon, Tammy Edwards, David Gaul, Kelle Grove, Lisa l-lein, Tammy Kincannon, Kimoerlie Lackey. Amy Mitchell, Rachel Naleppa, Kris Ogozalek, Yvette Patterson, Angela Picariello, Jenniler Reedy, Namisa Roberts, Lori Silva, Danielle Sours, Julie Treanor, Kathy Tyson, Kjell Wander. Deanna Weed, Stacey Weller SEVENTH GRADE BAND NK L ids r- oi ? SAXOPHONES - Chris Alsop, Gene Aversano, Traci Bailey, Kevin Barnes, Robert Coflman, Kim Evans, Wilfredo Glorioso, Brian Gore, Terry Gott, Steve Kosciolek, Bill McBride, David Nagle, Chris Pauley, Christian Schlack, Tom Snyder, Steve Stone, Marjorie Trotter, Becky Williams TRUMPETS f Randy Dye, Andy Elliott, Chris Gosnell, Chris Mlskovich, Brian Plaugher, Jason Schollstall, Christine Sherman, Andy VanAmoerg, Heather Vaughn DRUMS - Sadat Ardestani, Matt Lewis, Matt Norns, Jason Stickles, Chris Taylor, Cory Vannoy, Doug Wood Picture 312: FL UTES - Heather Brady, Amy Brooks, Karen Budlong, Colleen Cassidy, Kim Cathey, Sherry Clouser, Teresa Dyer, Cindy Eldridge, Monica Foy, Karla French, Nelson Gonzalez, Akemi Haman, Doreen Jacobson, Rhonda Johnson, Michele Kracke, Laura Lindsay, Christina McGinnes, Dana Nelson, Stephanie Price, Megan Prosser, Colleen Satterwhite, Julie Smith, Michelle Thornton, Janice Woodward, Karen Wright CLARINETS - Kellie Burke, Becky Dize, Brad Ellmore, Jill Fowler, Peggy Gannon, Christine Goode, Bill Koch, Heather Lancaster, Sharon Lester, Amy Newell, Kim Potts, Sarah Pulley, Juli Wilson, Nicole Wyche EIGHTH GRADE BAND i ltr r or r ' ikhii ' Xl ', m 'mga , , - ' A - -J ,,s,w.s is A L SP TTXTTPX., SEVENTH GRADE EIGHTH GRADE GUITAR GUITAR BASS CLARlNETS - Shannon Russell, Cassandra Williams OBOE - Stacy Kay FR HORN f Darin Johnson SAXOPHONES. Robert Allen, John Aveta, Russell Beckelhlrner, Paul Bock, Bryan Chin, Guilio Clancl, Jose DeLeon, Larry Dobson, Wayne Drager, Gregg Hunter, Anita Newsome, Shan- non Patterson, Steve Perkins, Scott Rhoads, Michael Shaw, Robert Traylor, Bill Vannoy, Tony Vlrgilio TRUMPETS - Chris Avery, Alex Aveta, T M Bidley, Carla Broadus, Tim Brumback, Chris Gay, John Godby, Jett Koessler, Mike l aRe, Derek Lee, William Nelson, Pat Norton, Chris Sait- ta, Donny Sooklal, Ty Stone, Al Walters, Robert Wilson TROMBONES - Lance Davis, Jason Halsall, Wayne Sharp, Shawn Surnma, David Sumpter, Jenniler Turner, Kenneth Wright BARlTONES - Dan Greenhlatt, Roo Patrick, David Pryor TUBA - Marsh Rutter DRUMS - Michael Baker. Jerry Bryant, Tom l-lavvkins, Steve lreland, Jim Mackey, Chris McMinn, Ben McMurray, Boo McNlei Jon Smith Picture m3 lst Row' Diane Mosholder, Lisa Harmon, Ratael Serrano, Cyrnon Highl 2nd Row Heather Beck, Rhonda Wray, Arny Shaw, Terri Matthews, Tina Robbins Picture 1:4 Greg Reyzer, Russell Snyder, Kathy Welch, Michelle Mills Here are pictures of administration, teachers, and secretaries when they were middle school age. Can you believe they were once your age? Who has changed? Who looks the same? See how many you can guess correct- ly before looking on the bottom of the next page. Have fun! mn 5IIIvuus-.........,,. 'Ds- MW 1-n-v.m.,.,...,.,,, 'M-mw.n.,,,,,,.,,. WTN-r YH! y t g 20 X ' it 'Q 'P -ffm 'f'-gmrm l'rfM!'1,, qw'-nv' 'vw J9U59M 'SW 'LZ 'SOQHUQ SW '92 'JSv1JSd 'SW 'sz 'KLLBLJLJJJN 'SJW 'va 'LJOJJS 'SJW 'ez 'JJSH 'SW 'az 'u1JoMS6LJLuOH 'SJW 'La 'SLSLLJLJLW SJW 'oz 'moi 'JW 'eL 'UOSJJLLOP SJW 'QL 'noun 'SJW 'LL ASI0l40!N 'SJW '9L 'l0II!n9 'SJW 'QL 'wva 'SJW 'vL 'SSOH 'SJW 'QL 'LSLJSL9 'SJW 'aL 'KJOSSJQ 'JW 'LL '951I9M 'SJW Ol 'ULWI 'SJW '6 'LJOSLLJSLJLH 'SJW '9 'Mouee 'SJW 'L 'HSJLSW 'JW '9 'Smal 'SW 'Q 'ACIID1 'SJW 'v 'SPPSW 'SJW '9'1UUH 'SW 'Z 'LLSQGUJI-20 'SW AL l T The yearbook staff of 1983-84 was twenty-tive sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students and tour adult advisors. Our advisors were Mrs. Kracke, a parent, and three teachers, Ms. Cultice, Mrs. Kilby, and Mrs. Welke. We met every Thursday from 3-4:30 and worked very hard, diligently, and efficiently to publish what we thought and hoped would be a good and memorable yearbook. Mr. Scarry, a representative of Taylor Publishing Company, met with the staff once or twice a month to discuss plans, help with the layouts, and guide our selec- tions on materials and all our decisions, We couldn't have done it without his help. All in all we worked hard but we also enjoyed our year on the yearbook staff. Nelson Gonzalez 5 It Julie Newell AUQGIB Vitale Staff Members worked hard on the divider pages of the yearbook. .ix - ,L P ox oy vntykyfgs l l .ffr 9 Gannon . DeeDee Wood Jenny Synder .f-A 18 Oby Cohen Jill Fowler Michele Kracke Greg Fleyzer ' Q . . W 4 T.. Karen Bissinger Kim Evans "We ought to be in pictures" said Mrs. Kilby and Ms. Cultice. "I give up on these two!" said Mrs. Welke. O- ff' YT K Say cheese! Snyder Yvette Patterson Krissy Pllmpa X N 'Cassandra Williams Heather Teger Dionne Sloan l' w 4 Nicole Wyche Steve Kosciolek Kim CaTh9Y . Deana Hoisington Darin Johnson Cheryl Berthelson NJ Au f Ggraphs MJNL JMWX 'le X 6 U., Q JBHMMX Gmxb ff MLW xl XM U 9 N 5 in L kyym mlm v JJ 1 ljWq5Lc5 gm'-H J L hw W2 ,wflw WL A 5 fufyvbjf My gZQ Q09 Q3 Q V 735 Q Nw A0 Wm x W Xe ,ixwgkk Xb HM Q66 41? UgXYxN0 Q wx X N? LXQLQQQQR h wb A65 K X9 Auto ra hs 6- TZ' A cogf pllfgofj 4-L WQQQW UUOULXCQ QMMAD Mfg WUI Q3 Qgmxeogdgffgk WAOUZ' VOQVIIMHE QQ fav? 3552+ may 59 f fi Autographs Autographs Autographs Q9 GJ fm Zigi? maknwi f5Ce15LQg,M9Q, Autographs 39636690903 CD OSU QQS' Wi? S325 iw wif Sf V by 35355 Q QQ? 0 In wwf MWA Q SgjQ,ffi,yfiffy QM sw wiv f 56 QW' 'fag SSW WM Autographs Autographs

Suggestions in the Sterling Middle School - Angles Yearbook (Sterling, VA) collection:

Sterling Middle School - Angles Yearbook (Sterling, VA) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 55

1984, pg 55

Sterling Middle School - Angles Yearbook (Sterling, VA) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 23

1984, pg 23

Sterling Middle School - Angles Yearbook (Sterling, VA) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 57

1984, pg 57

Sterling Middle School - Angles Yearbook (Sterling, VA) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 10

1984, pg 10

Sterling Middle School - Angles Yearbook (Sterling, VA) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 85

1984, pg 85

Sterling Middle School - Angles Yearbook (Sterling, VA) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 81

1984, pg 81

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