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'1' k 3 IMES- Q' , QA Q? X3 kanwtmjfj 5 , G-Ne HWS l N QQ, YOQU ko, .G l- L A K3 M' 4. w.11bSjj2ijg5vE5,+ ? Q SP Lfifsyiynigq-til, - 5 is S , an-34? Q S. GQQQM I AEK. Ffifif 1 NE ELL who MQW wwwfww A ML ,' , ', , w r 4 W we W Mlif1oL1Kflff'3AQqjLLjSq'A!id!! , I ' J U Z ydm-5 5 M W .' 5 fi I I- Qff'V D N W 79 Jggjyzk' . 6115vx, fem 3 , X . 1 ww , 3 ZMQLJQW gifW'5WHfe5 f'7m WW WW MMG W i 1' . B - 5 4 1 i ij if WF! ffffw cv RQ!! I I dw Tf?f.f7d7C2Rl!55J 1 X53 7:A'f'ne:qL fn deal ' Q Ti-Rlrxgqfi afLO?fS I I F XM, WMS , MQJLMNLXWJ Wd, Mlm Qwmwwwwwf SMMJSI ,-VV' MM V 4 I l ,,?,, i l I l L THE TORC f I 1 X l PRESENTED - I i by the WAZ N SENIOR CLASSI G of I I STERLING HIGH SCHOOL ,X 1 GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA wg XX ,Y I L7 5 EEE. I F 'N J Betty Sue McDowell " I I editor-in-chief I '2- WE I X . X Richard Hill associate editor Saundra Arnold secretary Katheryn Lcltimore feature editor McFarland DeVore sports editor George Robinson business manager Foreword "Sterling High School, bless her name", So ends our Alma Mater. As we observe the rapidly fading glow of our careers, we LOOK TOWARD THE FUTURE with gratitude and with hope. We look with gratitude because of the profound knowledge that we have gained here. The class of 1962 cherishes high hopes for our ever-growing institution-an institution that is a perpetual source of knowledge, inspiration, confidence, and pleasure. The members of the Torch staff are grateful to the administration for its confidence in us to edit this annual, and it is our desire that in succeeding years this edition will be a pictorial exemplification of our sincere devotion to Sterling High School. As we depart and go our various ways, these lines shall ever be a glowing beacon, quietly illuminating the paths that lead us to undying successes: 2 J?sa'ifQffm::wufagep-mfmlfs 21:11. Mi' ' ' awww , f 'f-zg.:ffi:' Table of Contents Administration Classes Faculty Activities Features Sports Advertisements ADMINISTRATION AFX fy, , f W. , XQNZ, , .,-w,.g A , ,,, . , Q33,n,g3., .TUB .mi , K rk,A ,Vi L A "' 1 fl! vi fm.: " lg 'fwfg' 'ffm - ,,-if'l',.F" 595- Yf' X HAROLD 0. MIMS Principal 3. .gm ,M 7.A, ,. ..4,,. -WN J MRS. FRANCES NANCE Clerk LUKE H. CHATMAN Assistant Principal and MRS. DOROTHY CHAPMAN Secretary to the Assistant Principal 'Qu... Administration MRS. ALBERTA T. GRIMES Dean of Girls i JAMES ALEXANDER Auto Mechanics ALPHONSO ALLEN Health and Physical Education MRS. ANNIE R. BATES Geometry JESSE BATES English and Social - Studies MRS. MARIE BATES English and Speech MRS. ELEANOR BECK Health and Physical Education HERBERT BLASSENGALE, JR. General Science Faculty 55 5 FRED BOSTIC Mathematics A Q. , . me --JK .ft,'I'Xtv':' 'Q IEe?i2:55'..': 1-ff? if I 3 iAi,e.. , i .,.. ,, , , . , Sm W 5? if E 'fn it W AK . S 'rim t' I? MISS THELMA BURTON English MRS. GLORIA BROWN Trigonometry MRS. CLARA CROSS Music and English MRS. CLAUDETTE Science JOE DICKEY Social Studies WILLIE DOVER Band and English MRS. ELIZABETH EDWARDS Algebra JILES EDWARDS Mathematics CURETON MISS MARY FERGUSON English and Social Studies MRS. THERESA FRAZIER Assistant Librarian MRS. NANCY GRIGGS Counselor and Psychology MRS. ALBERTA GRIMES Dean of Girls and Counselor THOMAS HAMPTON Carpentry MRS. HATTIE HARRIS English MRS. ADRANNA GRANT Social Studies Faculty MRS. RUBY JONES Health and Physical Education THOMAS KERNS French and Psychology MISS EVELYN KING Librarian ELLIE JOHNSON Art MISS JOELLA KING Science MRS. THOMASENA JONES MRS. WINFRED LYKES English Social Studies JOSEPH MATHIS Health and Physical Education MRS. BLANCHE MCIVERI Mathematics and Social Studies gl Q ff 'SZ f H is S 1 S 513 if ff ,Z pg I fe? 1 so I it I s ie . I ,sss . , RS 'I ai i f ioi , K I L 9 HAROLD NEWSOME Business Education and Science MRS. XANTHENE NORRIS Counselor and French FLETCHER PRUITI' Co-ordinutor of Diversified Occupations MRS. HAZEL REARDEN French and History MRS. LUCILLE SMITH Music and Choir MRS, ANNA SMITH Social Studies JAMES SULLIVAN Science Faculty WILFRED WALKER Brick Masonry MRS. BERNICE WILLIAMS English MRS. MARY WILLIAMS Cosmetology WILLIE WHITTAKER Chemistry and Physics GRADY YEARGIN Agriculture MRS. AGNES YOUNG Biology MRS. BLANCHE ZIMMERMAN Home Economics Custodions PRESTON AUSTIN MRS. BLANCHE BOWENS JOHN DEAN MRS. OPHELIA FLEMING JAMES SEARLES gif? .-5 JIM WHITE Left to Right: MRS. LOUISE MOSLEY MRS. OTTIE COOLEY MRS. BERNICE HOWELL SEZZQESQRAH BROOKS C 0 Iete rio Sta If I , I,..N, M 9 is Q5 2 '5q".f.?,v-fl ,. ,.:f Y W?Qf E -:ff --mek 121 , Q + Q5 MU L, Q ,Un-. 1 .WVV1 S'saQK. f , ,... z 11 gi? ,YV V ,ii mv- '5' 5 M3 ,,.,w,. vm 9' wife 2? QB if 1 yd? ,aw W w..,,M 'vggigfqx ,i sm - 0 L65 07,1950 ' wifi i 1' - , b m .A 'E 5'Gf?QQ',1f'j I ' 1'1?,"' Qgif J ziaiwfi W I ' Homecoming MISS STERLING BETTY SUE McDOWELL CECIL ARNOLD Most Sfudious 5 MARY PINSON CECIL ARNOLD Best AII Round LEOLA CLEMENT DAVID PERRETT Most Likely to Succeed A I , 4 JEARLDINE TOWNES EDDIE OGLESBY Most Co-Operative BARBARA JACKSON EDDIE OGLESBY Most Business Like MARY PINSON CHARLES JACKSON Best Athletes MARY STOKES MELVIN PREASE Best Personality LINDA MCDONALD S. T. PADEN Most Popular lquulnulxuu-QQ! 4,199 MARY STOKES MELVIN PREASE Easiest on the Eye H ei Ei me DELORES COLEMAN WENDELL MANSELL Neotesf LINDA MCDONALD CARLISE WALKER Most Talented NADENE MATHIS RICHARD CURRY Wittiesi w 17 SANDRA ARNOLD JANE' GAMBRELL GERTIE Chose S-gg? V -.., , . QW , ' , of 1 .. I .f,,-1-,1-,,,, f -' wg, A . , 15 2 2 W arm r Q fag Q? 'Sm fm e- f , ,. v , W ggwiiisisl , V 4 t , T 'K V -'I Y 9 9 A f ig ' J 1 ..1. I ,.':, 1 YJ 19'-iff fiL.?Lifgfft'sT.S5' 52f'??S"i:Vf:i,'35:s?f,:-:51,.f k ' f f 5 ', ' a':59,'i-'f f ' f. 1. Q22 .. 1 . - --Www ff,,., , K gg V 4 ns ' g- -. ,. WPQLW f-1,40 iliww f 1. , -V WILLIAM COOLEY WENDELL M ANSELL CHARLES JACKSON S. T. PADEN Our Girls MELVIN PREASE WILBERT RICE Chose These GEORGE ROBINSON RICHARD SMITH Junior-Senior Prom ir fi, Mi . l., Senior Class Officers Class of 1962 SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Annie Ruth Hughey, treasurer: Linda McDonald, secretaryp George Robinson, business mane ager, Etta Sue Thompson, assistant secretaryp and Betty Sue McDowell, editor of the Torch. STANDING: S. T. Paden, presi- dentg and David Perrett, vice president. 23 JUANITA ALLEN "What is yours is mine, and all mincl is yours." SANDRA ALLGOOD "The wasfe of money cures ifself, for soon fhere is no money fo wasfe." CLARENCE ANDERSON "By fhe work one knows Ihe workman." NANCY ANDERSON "Who againsf hope believed in hope." EARN EST ABERCROMBIE "I care for no one, no, not lp if no one cares for me." HAROLD ABERCROMBIE The rule of my life is fo make business a pleasure, and pleasure my business." ll LULA ABERCROMBIE "What the eyes see nof, the heart rues nor." JOSIE ALBERT "A man says whaf he knows, a woman says whaf will please." Senior 'fm-y ROBERT ANDERSON "Life is nof merely fo be alive, buf to be well." CECIL ARNOLD He who rebulces fhe world is rebuked by the world." ll ROBERT ARNOLD "Pafience and genfleness is power." SANDRA ARNOLD "The opinion of the sfrongesf 5 is always 1l1e best" Class SYLVESTER ARNOLD "Lei every man look before he leaps." JAMES ASHMORE "To be good is fo be happy.' ROBERT BAILEY "A good name is beHer lhan riches." FRANCES BAKER "Percaufion is beffer fhan cure s I ELLA BLACK "Wisdom denotes the pursuing of the best ends by the best means." HARRY BOBO "Health is cr gift of God 'or a product of common sense." ADA BOLDEN Beauty is in the eye of the beholden" MARY BROCK "A rolling stone gathers no moss.' LEROY BARBER "Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." JOANN BARKSDALE "Cheer up, the worst is yet to come." YVONNE BARKSDALE "Fair words never hurt the tongue." EDDIE BERRY "Silence is deep as eternityg speech is shallow as time." l Senior Class HARRIET BROWN "We live, not as we wish to, but as we can." ROBERT BURNSIDE "He that won't look ahead looks behind with a tear in his e WAYMOND BURTON Genius does what it must, and talent does wvhat it can." ll RUTH BUTLER "A life of knowledge is not often a life of injury, and crime." ye.lI CLARENCE BYRD "Man is man's natural ally." CLYDE BYRD "The greatest wealth is health." EVERETT BYRD "Much learning to do the man." JAMES CANTY "I am a part of all that I have met CHARLES CLEMENT "Remember, that time is money. LEOLA CLEMENT It is easier not to speak a word at all than to speak more words than we should." DELORES COLEMAN "None ever loved but at first sight they loved." WILLIAM COOLEY "A single life cloth well with churchmen." ELINOR CARTER "Sow a thought and reap an act." .IERELEAN CHANCELLOR "Keep thy shop, and thy shop will keep thee." WILLIAM CHANDLER "Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it." DOROTHY CHEEKS "Speech is great, but silence is greater."' Senior Class ll BETTY COPELAND "How much beh'er is if fo weep af joy Ihan lo joy af weeping." FREDDIE COPELAND ANNIE CORNER "Young in limbs, in judgement,old." CHRISTOPHER CREWS "Wonders are many, and none is more wonderful fhan man." Love is a sickness full of woes." ll ll ,PATRICIA CREWS A woman is always changable and capricious." RICHARD CROMER "lf is easier fo know mankind in general than individually." LOIS CROSBY "A woman's honor resfs on manly love." RACHEL CROUCH lf's qualify rafl1er fhan quanfify fhaf mailers." MCFARLAND DeVORE "The heart is wiser than the intellect." WALLACE DILLARD "Great men are not always wise." CATHERINE DUNCAN "A well-prepared mind hopes in adversity and tears in prosperity." THOMAS EDWARDS "The root of education is bitter, but the fruit is sweet." ll RICHARD CURRY not the food." CRYSTAL DAVIS "ln much wisdom is much grief." WILLIE DAVIS "All the worId's a stage." HAROLD DENDY "Some are weather-wise, some are otherwise." Wit is the salt of conversation, Senior Class ALBERTA FAIR "The persuasion of the fortunate sways the doubtful." ROBERT FERGUSON Secure of nothing-but to lose the race." ANN FERRELL "With strength to meet sorrow, and faith to endure." ELANOR FLEMING "Second thoughts are ever wiser." -NANCY FLEMING "Patience is the best remedy ,for every trouble." MARY FRANKS "To blow and swallow at the same moment is not easy." RHUNETTA FRAZIER "Not by years but by disposition is wisdom acquired." JACQUELYN FREEMAN "The best of healers is good cheer LARRY GORDON "A little learning is a dangerous thing." JOANNE GRIFFIN "To do two things at once is to clo neither." ELVERTA HAILSTOCK Manner, not gold, is woman's best adornmentf' WILLIE HAMLIN "Waste not fresh tears over old grief." JANE GAMBRELL "Little friends may prove great friends." ROSA GAULT "lt is easier to despise what you cannot get." HORACE GLADNEY "People often grudge others what they cannot enjoy themselves." CLARA GOLDEN "No human thing is of serious importance." Senior Class an WILLIE BELLE HAMPTON "As a rule, the game of life is worth playing, buf fhe sfruggle is the prize. BIRDIE HARRIS "Today lei me live wellg none knows whaf may be Iomorrow." R. T. HARRIS "EaIen bread is forgoHen." WILLIE HARRIS "All I care fo know is fhaf man is a human being-Thai is enough for meg he can'f be any worse." ll JAMES HAWKINS Misforiunes come on wings and depart on foot" DWIGHT HUGGINS "Learn that the presenf hour is man's." ANNIE HUGHEY "Greaf fhoughfs, greaf feelings, came io fhem, like insfincfs, unawaresf' LARRY IRBY "Love is sunshine, hafe is shadow life is checkered shade and sunshine." I I BETTY JENKINS One good turn deserves another" LILLIE JOHNSON 'Be not wise in your own conceit" THERRA JOHNSON "To see what is right and not to do it is a want of courage" WILLIE JOHNSON "Whose house is of glass, must not throw stones at anothef' ROSELLA IRBY "He who laughs on Friday will weep on Sunday" VERDIE IRBY "Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none" BARBARA JACKSON CHARLES JACKSON "When a dog is drowning, everyone offers him a drink" Facts are stubborn things" Senior Class CHARITY JONES "Love, and o cough, ccrnnof be hid" GEORGIE JONES "Lei ihe worsf come io fhe worsf" JIMMY KELLER "Whaf is noi in o man connof come oui of him surely" HAROLD KELLY "He can give liifle fo his servonf fhof licks his knife" x 1 L 1 YVONNE KINSEY "No rule is so general, which odmifs nof some excepiion" LOURDINE LAMKIN "Wind puffs up empfy bladders, opinion, fools" LUDELL LANE "Every why hafh a wherefore" BETTY LATIMORE "Every fai frail musf sfond upon his boHom" DOROTHY LYONS He has a mouth for every matter" PATRICIA LYNCH "Chewing the food of sweet and bitter fancy" RICHARD MACHEN 'There was the vail through which I might not see" PATRICIA MAHAFFEY "There are many religions, but there is only one morality" "lt I KATHRYN LATIMORE "There is no stone without its name" JOAN LENHARRDT "My name is Legion: For we are many" CARL LESTER devote it to music." CHARLES LEWIS "A lying mouth is a stinking pit" were to begin life again, I would Senior Class PARALEE McBEE "Where soil is, men grow, whether fo weeds or flowers" RUTH MAYES "Obedience is the mofher of success, fhe wife of safety" LINDA McD'ONALD "The greafesf affribufe of heaven is mercy" BETTY McDOWELL "They dared fo die, lef us who live dare fo have pify and forgive" SHIRLEY MAKINS "Oh, come wifh me and be my love WENDELL MANSELL "As your wedding ring wears, you will wear off your cares" NADENE MATHIS "The opinion of fhe sfrongesf is always fhe best" FREDDIE MATTISON "By fhe work one knows fhe workman' BENNIE MOORE Willows are weak, yet they bind other woods." RALPH MORTON "Let not a whisper fall that we have clied in vain." JAMES ANN MOULTRIE 'Immortal youth shall crow their deathless fame." MATTIE NANCE "She mourns with gladness. CHARLES MCGREER "No lady is so fair as mine." THEODORE MCNEIL "What I am to be I am now becoming." ANNETTE MILES "When every lip invokes young love- Iiness, whom, whom but you commemorate." BOBBY MILLER "With thee I fain would live, with thee I'd gladly die." Senior Class DAVID NASH "I cannot Iove my Lord, and not love his name." HORACE NASH who plants a tree plants cr hope." ODESSA NEELY "Offer a prayer-a tear." GUS NIX "The greatest attribute of heaven is mercy." JEROME NORMAN "How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it." THURMOND NORRIS "lf I were a star of even, l'd rise and set for thee." EDDIE OGLESBY "I gave my life for freedom-this I knowp For those who bade me fight had told me so." ANN OLIVER "l do not Iove thee!-no! I do not love thee! and yet when thou art absent I ' am sad." JEANETTE PEPPER Who is that can tell me who I am?" DAVID PERRETT "lf you wish to reach the highest begin at the lowest." 'JOHNNY PHELPS "One manner of consent is, when a man is still and felleth not." RAYMOND PHELPS "A thick head can do as much damage as a hard heart." SHIRLEY ORR "Courage consists in equality to the problem before me." S. T. PADEN "Nothing is achieved before it be throughly attempted." ROBERT PARKS ' "ln every rank, great or small, tis industry supports us all." HARRY PEDEN "But screw your courage to the sticking-place." Senior 4 Class' HELEN PINSON "To silence another, first be silent yourself." MARY PINSON "No one knows what he can do till he tries." SHIRLEY POSEY Tears are sometimes as weighty as words." MELVIN PREASE "A sly old fish is too cunning I for the hook." J ll EDWIN PUTMAN "Nature delights in punishing stupid people." JOSEPH REID "Oh, Lord: not If I never read muchp I have something else to do." THOMAS RHODES I om too old, and the seas are too long, for me to trouble the Cape of Good Hope." WILBER RICE "I saw a dead man win a fight, and I think that man was I." VICKIE ROBINSON "A bitter jest, when it comes too near the truth, leaves a sharp sting behind it." FLORENCE ROLLINSON "What is well done is clone soon enough." MATTIE ROSS "Take heed of still waters, they quickly pass away." DOROTHY SANDERS "lt is harcl! But what can not be removed, becomes lighter through patience." ll FANNIE RICHARDSON The horrible pleasure of pleasing inferior people." GEORGE ROBINSON "Not because Socrates said so, . . . I look upon all men as my compatriots." MARGARET ROBINSON "Talent is that wvhich is in a man's power! Genius is that in whose power a man is." PERRY ROBINSON "Where the streams runneth smoothest, the water is deepest." Senior Class ADDIE B. SMITH "Second thoughts, they say, are best." DALMER SMITH "A brother is a friend given by nature." GERTIE SMITH "One is known by the company he keeps." RICHARD SMITH "lt is through fraternity that liberty is saved." Y ll WILBERT SMITH "Few are his words, but wonder fully clear." SHIRLEY STARKS Deeds let escape are never to be done." ROBERT STEVENS "What bread men break is broken to them again." MARY STOKES 'He who moves not forward goes ' backward." I WILLIAM SULLIVAN "Willows are weak, yef fhey bind ofher woods'f WILLIAM SULLIVAN How beaufiful a day can be when kindness fouches iI'f WILLIE SULLIVAN "He mourns with gladness". .IUANITA TALLEY They foughf for peace, for peace fhey fell". "He who plants a free planfs LIZZETT SUBER HEYWARD SULLIVAN "Offer a prayer-a fear'f SARAH SULLIVAN "Lei noi a whisper fall fhaf we have died in vain'L CATHERINE SULLIVAN Ulmmorfal youfh shall crow fheir cleafhless fame'f a hope'i Senior Class ' NETTIE TERRANCE "To know is nothing at ally to imagine is everything." LOUVENIA THOMASON "The best is never to be born at all." ETTA THOMPSON "A compliment is something like a kiss through a veil." FRANKIE THOMPSON "The happiness of men consist in lite. And life is in labor." JAMES THOMPSON No human feeling can ever be so appalling as joy." ' ZION THOMPSON "Man is a pliable animal, a being who gets accustomed to everything." JEARLDINE TOWNES "The vocation of every man and woman is to serve other people." PATSY TRAPP "All human wisdom is summed up in two words,-wait and hope." 'If WILLIE MAE TROTTER "The ignoranf man always adores whai he cannoi undersfandf' JERRY VERNON "No one knows what he can do unfil he tries." CARLISE WALKER "For prying info any human affairs, none are equal fo those whom if does not concern." I 5 RUDEEN WARE I "The nexf clay is never so good as the Q day before." z I Seniors JAMES WHITE "You cannol puf Ihe same shoe on every fool." FRANK WHITMIRE I "lf is noi every quesfion Ihaf deserves an answer." I I I I DORIS WILLIAMS I "Every day should be passed as if I were to be our lasf." NANCY WILLIAMS "Money alone sefs all The world in motion." 46 5 I. 5-. O. D. WILLIAMS "lf is better to learn late than never." PATRICIA WILLIAMS "The loss which is unknown is no loss at all." ALICE WILSON "lt is very hard undertaking to seek to please everybody." CAROLYN WILSON "Treat your friends as if he might be- come an enemy." Seniors DON WILSON Never find your delight in another's misfortune." THOMASENA WILSON "He is truly wise who gains wisdom from another's mishaps." 97W Po re nqt Teo Junior Class Cflicers Class of i963 SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Aurelia Nance, business manager, Marlin Williams, secretary, William Broclcman, president, Rose Anne Mitchell, vice president, Carol Coles, treasurer. STAND- ING: Samuel Watson, reporter, Fannie Duncan, assistant secretary. 49 Juniors 50 Ernest Burton Henry Butler Mildred Callahan A Jerry Cains James Carter James Cason Harriet Cauley Shirley A. Clark Harry Clinkscale Jean Coleman Carole Coles Annie P. Davis Barbara Davis Linda Dogan Jackueline Donald Fannie Duncan Robert Ellis Linda Elrod Pauline Evans Barbara Fleming Elaine Arnold Charles Beck Beverly Blassingame William Brockman Haskell Brown Johnnie Mae Bryson if r,., J siiei ssei 5 ..--.,'f:' E Clarence Frieze Aurnerte Gambrell Lacy Gauett Charlsenia Goldsmith Benjamin Good Lillian Goodwin Wallace Greene Odell Griffin Elaine Grimes Billy Hailstock Mary Hailstock Charles Hamilton Lark Harris Willie Harris Charles Henderson Frank Henderson Richard Hill Lizzis Mae Huff James Irby Carolyn Jackson Robert Jenkins Floyd Johnson Irving Jones Margaret Jones Ruthie Lee Jones William Keels Juniors 51 'Zin .- .. Ah-N -v n ,T a PM memes? AW ..,..,,. e igwir C, M, ,, I K M4 495- :, A' Res V 1 Q a asszivglgg-.ffl ,S I , 'www . .fs-,4 , . f t:fg,,:fzssw'e 94 t, I , ,,,,,,- f in K 9' K 1 3 . . A . , sg, ., A 1 K JJ 1 it-fr M is 1, ff X , Q wi Ivory Kennedy Annie M. Ladson Alfredo Lockhart Sylvia Machen Herbert Mack Betty Ma rigney Juniors Bobby Martin Linda Mattison Patricia McCrary Victoria McGee Geraldine McGowan Ruduloph McKinney Harold Mims Rosa Ann Mitchell Robert Moss Aurelia Nance Ethel Nance Dorothy Norris Booker Oglesby Harry Oglesby Antonia Percival James Pickett Carroll Pitts Inez Posley Catherine Richardson Charles Robinson Juniors Shirley Smith Sarah L. Starks Peggy Stephen Authur Stewart James Sullivan Nettie Thompson Sylvia Thompson LaVerne Vandiver Barbara Walker Charles Walker Obie Walker Robert Walker Wilbert Walker Hughland Wardlaw Jimmy Wardlaw Mararete Wardlaw Elizabeth Watts Samuel Watson Sarah Wharton Betty Williams Charles Sewell Martha Shamley Patricia Sherman Nancy Simmons Berdie Mae Smith Berdine Smith 2 l i , Ls A . , . vkl 'X H :X Sim 'igxggp' .gg:"?:i2 12511 ,f I S ., df. . W, Q 1 5 , N1 I l Sophomore Class Officers Class of T964 SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Josephine Makins, assistant secretary, Juanita Hill, vice president, Reginald Avery, presi- dent, Jackie Williams, treasurer, and Dionne Johnson, secre- tary. STANDING: Joseph Vaughn, reporter, Jimmy Arter, business manager, and Mrs. Hazel Rearden, advisor 55 Richard Abercrombie Leo Adams Paul Anderson Jimmy Arter Reginal Avery James Bailey Annie Beeks Shirley Berry James Blakley Alfred Bluford Edward Bonner Julius Bowens Mary Brewster James Brown Janice Brown Jannie Brown Christine Burton ' Earnesfine Builer Carolyn Carter Shirley Cauldwell Frances Chiles Hattie Chiles Annie Coleman Rachel Connor Richard Cooper Sandra Crosby Thomas Davenporf Jacquelyn Davis Moses Dillard E Jacquelyn Donald James Dreher William Drummond Leander Drummonds Maurice Fair Edward Floyd John Fuller Martha Gambrell Gloria Garret? Bobbie Golden Sarah Garden Barbara Graffareicl Leroy Graham to James McGee John Mosley Leroy Nance Betty Permenter Ernest Peterson Patricia Peterson Virginia Pickett Brenda Pinson Elizabeth Pinson Princella Pinson Catherine Pitts Johnnie Poole Richard Rhodes Inez Robinson Mildred Sanders Charles Scott Barbara Shumata John Shumate sf Sophomores Wallace Green Vera Hall Barbara Harris Betty Harris James Harris Juanita Harris Secna Harris Otis Hatton Patricia Heard Juanita Hill Warren lrby Dionne Johnson Harold Johnson Mary Johnson Ollie Jones Juanita Kelley ' Margaret Latimore Jeanne Lenhardt Sandra Little Juliette Littleiohn Mack Lockhart Margaret Lomax Grace Marion Ralph Martin UW fm, f Sophomores Jackie Williams Johnnie Williams Pregene Wright Joseph Vaughn Beverly Simpson Curtis Simpson Juanita Sizemore Cora Smith Jacquelyn Smith Xanthene Smith Linda Smith Shirley Smith Lillian Starks Patricia Stevens Casper Sullivan Collies Sullivan Maxine Sullivan Ralph Sullivan Garland Taylor Phillip Thompson Joyce Walker Kirby Wallace Barbara Watts Shirley White Thomas White Christine William Claude Williams Gloria Williams Freshman Class Officers Class of 1965 SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Edna Starks, treasurer, Lula Faye McBee, vice president, Margaret Mitchell, president, Frankie Kennedy, secretary, and Lillian Knuckles, assistant secretary, STANDING: Brenda Webb, business manager, and Brenda Martin, reporter. 59 f ,wwf ii i i L sss i : E . B s L ce . A.X. ,,.. . s -xi 60 Freshmen Herbert Anderson Patricia Baker Dorothy Barksdale Hilda Barksdale Ray Barksdale Roy Barksdale Yvonne Barksdale Wynovia Barksdale Genny Beeks Barbara Bibbs Ronald Blandin Betty Booker Walter Bradley Doris Brockman Carolyn Brown Fredrick Brown Herman Brown John Brown Nannie Brown Willa Brown Mildred Brunson Hattie Bryson Delores Bulow Donald Butler Christine Cannon Leroy Chapman Sarah Clinksscale Bobbie Cooke Lee Vowen Cox Edward Crawley Leon Crawley Thomas Cureton Marion Davis Arnie Dacus Shirley Dogan Eddie Donald Mary Duncan Leroy Elrod John Erby Dorothy Fields James Flemings Elma Delores Foster Dorothy Fritz James Fuller Bobbie Gale Sylvia Gamble Louis Garrett Will Garrett Freeder Goldsmith John Goldsmith Charles Goodman Doris Griffin Carrie Hailstock Joyce Hall Flessie Hardman Charles Harris Linda Harris Mary Hewins Carl Hill Carole Hill Mirrio Hudson Nedra Huggins Beverly Hunt Eliiah Hunt Jimmy Hunt Delores Jackson Mary Jackson Mary Jamison Patricia Jenkins Geneva Joe Bessie Jones James Jones Melvin Jones Frankie Kennedy Lillian Knuckles Sandra Knuckles Cora Lake Olivia Lake Mary Lee Delores Lewis Shirley Lloyd William Makins Stanley Mansell Benjamin Martin Q Freshmen ' Emi x I F2 'Z 5 1' KP' xi' ,mis va? lx f yls1 T titi .L K '+R , at s 5, ,, X ,X fs -P 'Q at Q "ST A M N 5 fi ri J vw In M gn D1 1 s cf 4' Q3 5 . 4 its s :seg X 'R 62 W we Freshmen .j -. 2 -- . .' f3,,,,s f ig : n 1 x L 1 if, ,, ., ., , , :WG Pe ake :ff Q 251 'Ei' 7 V. V ,i.,,,, L . .,., ' Qfa. ffgiti 5 s x KYB' Brenda Martin Patricia Mayes Frank McBee Lula McBee Sandra McBee Catherine McCullough James McGee Clyde McGowan Mary McGowan Charles McNeil Garnell Miller Jessie Miller Lewis E. Mims Margaret Mitchell Bertha Moffett James Moore Mary Perrin Sainclra Peterson Janice Prease Alice Quiller Elaine Robinson Melvin Rochester James Rosemond Emma Seawright Mable Simpson Shirley Simpson Patricia Sizemore Barbara Smith Faye Smith Edna Starks Carmel Sullivan Casper Sullivan Virginia Sullivan Elizabeth Talley Freddie Thomas Jeanette Thomas Tommy Thomas James C. Thompson James Thompson LaVonne Thompson William Thompson Tyrone Townes Beffy Valentine Patricia Wanzer Darlene Wafson Brenda Webb Carolyn Williams Douglas Williams James Williams William Wilson Shirley Workman Marshalyn Yeargin Larry Young Samuel Zimmerman Freshmen 90 1 0 -iv BETTY SUE MCDOWELL Chemistry tv ' District Science Fair Winners GEORGE BAKER Biology WILLIAM THOMPSON Biology, Junior Division Sub-Freshmen Class Cfficers Class of T966 SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jacqulina Tober, president, Ma- Iinda Lake, vice president, Verdi Norris, secretary, Sarah Brown, business manager, Perry Jackson, treasurer, and Doris Hammond, assistant secretary, and James Sullivan, advisor 65 Sub-Freshmen MM 66 Vera Adams Thomas Allen Barbara Anderson Clarence Anderson Arlga Barksdcle Rosa Lee Barton Clarence Black Henry S. Blaclf Jacqueline Black Raymond Blandin William Bonner Raymon Boston Jessie Boyce Richard Bradley Doris Brewster Dorothy Brown Sara Brown Vernell Brown Yvonne Brown James Burton Johnnie M. Burton Linda Butler Linda Cannon Jacqueline Channcellor Brenda Choice William 'Coleman Eddie Cooper Annie Mae Copeland Linda Dial Thomas Downs Patricia Dreher Vickie Garrett Dorothy Gary Johnnie Gary Azoleen Gates Eugene T. Graffinreed Lenorah Green John H. Hackney Carolyn Hallums Patricia Harris Samuel Harris Doris Hammond Bessie Henderson Nancy Hill Richard lrby Perry Jackson Robert L. Jackson Dricilla Jamison Jesse Jamison Mary Jamison Agnes Johnson Joyce Johnson Luther Johnson Ronald L. Johnson Joyce Jones Lettie Jones James Keller Malincla Lake William Lee Lawrence Lockhardt Eunice Mahone James Madison Betty Martin Ruth Ann Martin John McDonald Julia McDowell Ethel Moore Willie Nance Virdie,-Norris Jacob Oliver Marcella O'Neal Elaine Pinson Louise Reed Perry Reeves Blanche A. Rhodes Mary A. Rice Oscar Rosemond Mary Ross Annette Shumate Veretta Shumate Delores Sizemore Charles Sullivan . Helen C. Sullivan Anthony Summers Sub-Freshmen .. , Qziiigfs y K , - - ., i , .ff- ' . . 'f 51, A -fm y J , J ,,,le S - . -- "" ll' f. 5 1 f- if , ,',' ,,,, 'R Q li 'ii' . vi gg X . .. - frf ,S K as ilisssxzsmfs su .1f-S2v.f:z- .: I il' ' we M . . X LL., Q l n 4 sv. ' nw, ,J W., s-:. f,, --sff- ls s e .fe , 'fs ,Ev 'R 13. W.: ' 4 xi. tu- la' WW 2 Q '1 Q3 , 7? qi 'W X . .. 1 .. ,.gW, ,, an V , M , 1 ,JZ ..,. ,V . QM, , V,,: L 1 5 ' ' W V- gAi9E5I4!4!, L ' "KY, tfQ,5il5553fl?f '45 A ": if s i N false:-.ifssia , " ' . fl " , 5 ' :w222i5f379 si lk: ,-,fisfxi-gm. S ' ' g FHM , ' ' ' , is i Ge, H I ' 'i Q " E E 'Ny-Q-f Sub-Freshmen Mildred Williams Joyce Wright Willie Lois Wright Johnny M. Terry Barbara Thomason Betty Thompson George W. Thompson Kay F. Thompson Walter Thompson Jacqueline Tolbert Jonathon Vernon Elizah White Earleen White Betty Willioms Bobby Williams F.T.A. Mrs. A. Grimes, Adviser ACTIVITIES JR. CHOIR MRS. C. CROSS Director SR. CHOIR MRS. L. SMITH Director BAND WILLIE DOVER Director THE TORCH STAFF JULIUS KILGORE ' Adviser PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE MRS. THOMASINA JONES Adviser THE PINTA STAFF MRS. BERNICE WILLIAMS Adviser STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS MRS. WINFRED LYKES ' ' " Adviser STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVE MRS. WINFRED LYKES Adviser STERLING CHAPTER OF THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY MRS. XANTHENE NORRIS Adviser NEW HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA MISS ELLA MAE LOGAN MRS. BLANCHE ZIMMERMAN Advisers . eu VL- .'w11,1 :--f+:1n::f :M .,wf1-:sv .,,, 1.4: :ssm,x.uus.a1 NEW FARMERS OF AMERICA GRADY YEARGIN Adviser DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATICNS CLUB FLETCHER PRUITT Adviser 73 FRENCH II THOMAS KERNS Adviser Aim Q -," Own w ww k--k iw, f,.. Jwrfif JUNIOR CITIZENS OF AMERICA MRS. HAZEL REARDEN Adviser STERLING CHAPTER OF THE TRADE AND INDUSTRIAL ORGANIZATION WILFRED WALKER Adviser CHEMISTRY CLASS WILLIE WHITTAKER Instructor PHYSICS CLASS WILLIE WHITTAKER Instructor ADVANCED ALGEBRA AND TRIGONOMETRY MRS. GLORIA BROWN Instructor BULLETIN BOARD COMMITTEE ELLIE JOHNSON Adviser 76 GUIDANCE COMMITTEE MRS. ALBERTA GRIMES Adviser CAFETERIA COMMITTEE MRS. BLANCHE MCIVER Adviser TAILORING CLASS WINFRED DANIELS Instructor COSMETOLOGY I MRS. MARY WILLIAMS Instructor COSMETOLOGY II MRS. MARY WILLIAMS Instructor Student Librarians Drill Team 7B Office Workers Dance Group Brick Masonry Wilfred Walker Instructor Carpentry Thomas Hampton Instructor Auto Mechanics James Alexander Instructor , -. I M. .qi ..,. I, ' 7 2 7 M Q' .-f I A -"' " , , ,,5:,,, l j I . , if-,RWM , If p a x L31 ffvi ' V ' QE, """ ff f Q , my Y , M,ffs,,, ..,, ':-,.:v5:,:ff5kxf1EQLQEWEEL, wg2? 4, ' K j' ' I 4 f -' ' ZH '5H412s'5'f.5T'. 9 WN? , ,'l'X.i'1ifV1J1511.5i."L39-rEL5?"'?Q75W5wiJ f 'ff '-Ar-A 1'.?2'vi'ff' N ' ' Alfa - 'fz , nf I K, J..:. f ., f e ,. 3 - ,y,.wJM5f'. sfw' H r -f ' " I so 1 , ' 5, I an - i i 5 'eff"' -' :f Je- , :Y -,'2s'1'1, . . . ., fsfwff11f1,pjz': i Iffgii-Q W.: ' . " '- ' . f , , ag-,K K W -' -- -if 1 Q +51 offset' M 45'-:rg 'rt' , 1- --Q . s 'I ,S f ' ' Y ' 5 T37-I 'Q fm M :las - -' :fi-, - ,:. I 1 . -21 ' 4 fs-, A ug' 9-as ' - - , - -,ee-.i -.-fu ,I N Q . ss , ew, , ' gm. 'Q f ff If . - , s:- " 3 i Q tr I ,. . V: ' 5 if ., -Q' : th J - It , . I " 55? fi r ' 'fi ' f I 1 , I .. . 1 I I ' ' ff - ' - , Y ,. ' , A rw: - ,. - .J ' we " ' E ' ' -' '-:zz :J ,, S I -:,: W . fic A- if 571, 1 5 : HL , 'T 9if51:I:1I-146321-"iff if "3 '?5Q!Z9E1ifv3i3i14mZ" - ,, Carpentry Thomas Hampton Instructor 79 TYPING I HAROLD NEWSOME Instructor FRENCH Ill MRS. XANTHENE NORRIS Instructor TYPING ll MRS. FREDDIE REID Instructor ATHLETICS CECIL ARNOLD FRANK HENDERSON CHARLES JACKSON forward guard guard FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Cecil Arnold, forward, Jack Miller, Harold Dendy, forward, Dwight Huggins, guard, Willie Johnson, guard, Waymond Burton, forward, Charles Jackson, guard, and guard, Jerry Lafimore, forward, Arthur Williams, forward, Frank William Cooley, guard, SECOND ROW: Jiles Edwards, coach, Henderson, guard, and Robert Ferguson, guard. . .AVS .Aff J ,- H -ii." ' ' ,- Q M.-Q 24231 ,w,E.,,, ,, . MRS. RUBY JONES PATRICIA HEARD BEI lf PERMENTER coach forward guard Girls' Basketball LEFT TO RIGHT: Betty Permenter, guard, Frances Chiles, forward, Thompson, forward, Clestine Moore, guard, Barbara Posey, guard Ritha Downes, forward, Carolyn Jackson, forward, Lillie Johnson, Annie Harrison, guard, Louvenia Peters, trainer, Betty McDowell forward, Carrie Sullivan, forward, Patricia Keels, forward, Mary statistician, and Jimmy Carter, manager. Jeter, guard, Mary Sexton, guard Patricia Heard, forward, Elaine WILLIAM THOMPSON THOMAS WHITE SAMUEL ZIMMERMAN guard guard forward Junior Varsity Basketball FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: William Makins, Thomas White, Gary Thompson, James Tarrance, Robert Fisher, James Fleicher, Samuel Smith, William Thompson, Ronnie Nance, John Sesswell, Eddie ZImI'nel'I'l1GI1, -IGIHGS Davis, and ROIJGTT BUFHSIJB- Warren, and Charles Mingo. STANDING: Julius Bowens, Philip MACK LOCKHART HAROLD MIMS PHILIP THOMPSON pitcher shortstop second base FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mack Lorkhart, Philip Thompson, James Bailey, and George Robinson. THIRD ROW: Billy Fleming, Richard Curry, Benniie Duckett, Charles Jackson, and Johnny Har- James Thompson, Jerome Norman, Curtis Butler, and James Kowans mon. SECOND ROW: J. D. Hailstock, Harold Mims, W. C. Harrison, 3' ew V, 4 XFX,-"fi, s x w P6 Q Q -.1 ,kiig ?2,ESf:i1s,,,- f i1fQf.k, Sz,-15.5353 if f em Q 34 T55 5552?-:LILSS V ,,,. , ..,, Q .K if ,, Q, 5 7 152: f ' 3, , n P My gm, gfikgipg .rv its 213131. Tiff - ' 75-1' J' ffl 1 P 33154 :Q .7 -at , 'H QM,- " , i 2?.,.ki,.1i-K' Qgfi5iLiT 'G QS' 'fills ,..., 1-,i' - , . ffm wie 1-ii Nm. 13, .W ,--- W 25625 'f?'.Qf?f:1' g WA., .L ifigff NL.. vf-- sl. ,, by . U-ses .fflf 'Q' Kim. h. 1.1 5 r 531.12 if -. f. .f X wx-.1 - mtv. ,. , w. ,, .. gi, ,gl ,.., g L. 5512? Q . Sikifl . E Qi? " x .f- Qfeiy' Zfzmez Na V. 5. 5. -. W.-sw ng F. ,, .... gm w. we-591 .f K zU,..f, ' if . Q ga: . 1?lzsiffz:si .K Y irxqisii A .- , f ,,-.k W - E231 , sL1Lk'l:iz.ii7'E2i5 wer ' 1 5 .... psi g ., ALPHONSO ALLEN Head Couch YY HERBERT BLASSINGALE Line Coach EDDIE HEYWARD i , ,,f5v,.: WILLIAM COOLEY ROBERT BURNSIDE 2' f' ' DALMAR SMITH f, .M ,L .-vw - 1 ' ' . f . ' . is Y 4 X X w Afmfffw , fffqfq -'X L,-f5m."A lwmfqfi 1: I! f Mrfix .. RAYMOND PHELPS 4 'MTW vw 'Tx' 'J' 'TW Wm' "WW -E - f ' I J '- ""' "1ff'Q2'f:, . - Q ff: - - . , A-, - 1,15wzksfgaax,gggggyfg-1 fy, fri 5,Qzriik-w,g11fi1-zgg My 94, RICHARD CURRY HARRIS ' , """'a :QQ L 5 3 .jg K, ELLIEVQIOHNSON " Bcuckfield Coach sg ' 3.1 '1 VIRDIE IRBY CHARLES JAQKSON RICHARD CROMER, Traingf- ' , "ffl 4 liffvg - 7 i 1 .4:,ifQ5p'fm Q H K .7t:11.5s-vifmi? 'Ujffni . f-'Jw k,.. ,,- , -, WK X nm-wig lfw, .w,, 'vf1:12ZE1Qi L, VLLX i M ., ,- H: A-fix 'Q is f-ik -1 2. ,J M-'. 3 fs' ., Z 53,3 'wf?m1,, gig 5359155563 -wx I W7 - T 1 , K, Qwmgai 1, 2:1315 A M, . - fwgggf '- K Ls ' ,Q ' ? ' . ,fy , 125 'fmiiiffi-ive , --1'w'i,s ., A... 5, . .JS l5Ev'1??iLgS'5e5E" ,kk-,h ,hx ifffiii Mwksifg 4 4 , 417513 5 ,f 11:4 5: 4 Q A Q Q, - 5 A,A,A ,X JY Q 1 R' ,f fx fx '-'LIZ ' 5 4, 'gg.?f:21ibz9YE.5?1r:Nzf3 S xms, 5? as .39 P 11, 'S5zffj?r5:3igT?L sz 5 'T 'igiififiiz 3394551353 ' . wsgxww - .,.-f"mbfg? , - fm, - . . , J, -' z .if . , " 5 ' ? A . M. L.,,Q W ,. 1 ? ' A ' X FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jerry Berry, Thomas Downs, Calvin Pressley, and Morris Page. SECOND ROW, Lewis Richardson, Larry Houston, Robert Banks, David Nash, and Charles Cureton. THIRD ROW: Donald White, Joseph Reid, Waymond Burton, Arthur Williams, Ralph Sullivan, Richard Hill, and Delano Eaddy. Not shown: ,David Perrett, Floyd Johnson, Jimmy Carter, and James Tarrance. Track ARTHUR WILLIAMS Broad Jumper WAYMOND BURTON High Jumper 3 3 E E I x 2 3 it I 3 I 1 fd?" THE HUDDLE "There ls Only One" In GREENVILLE Air Conditioned Across the Street from Sterling High JAS. Q. BROWN, Manager cmd Owner lnmeyeursmcllrlmcplldl Com plimenfs of .lunsou MILLS SERVING THE COMMUNITY FOR FIFTY YEARS 1912 1962 . EDNA DIRTON'S BEAUTY SHOPPE REMEMBER LADIES BEAUTY IS DUTY SPECIALISTS IN HAIR CARE STYLING - SOAP TREATMENT - OIL TREATMENT TINTING - FACIAL - CUTTING MANICURING-COLD WAVE - EYEBROW ARCH OPERATORS Mrs. Edna Dirton Miss Terry McCullough TeIepI1one CE 2-5I7I -CE 3-3056 A COMPLETE LINE OF COSMETICS FREE PARKING 'WE BELIEVE IN YUUH JUIIIIMENTH Homocsmzen mu: Q Q E E . X94 A ICE CREAM and MILK COMPARE PET WITH ANY OTHER STEVENSON BROS. Dial CE 5-6373 HOME FURNISHINGS - FURNITURE - RADIOS WESTINGHOUSE APPLIANCES CURTAINS - SPREADS - RUGS MAYTAG WASHING MACHINES 845 Buncombe Street Greenville, S. C. HABLHW THEATRE and HAHLEMESUHA SHUP HOME OWNED ' HOME OPERATED M I Y Fr d H f Th B I I E f f hf A d F d Your Patronage Greatly Appreciafed f""""'-F3-A 252, EE Qwsasisaiisg Serving , ml Greenville with MODERN AIR RIDE COACHES CALL US FOR LOCAL CHARTER RATES Our Complimenfs and Sincere Best Wishes City Coach Lines CHEATHAM-C-REENVI LLE HARDWARE CO. Plenty Free Customer Parking COMPLETE LINE HARDWARE AND PAINTS 201 BUNCOMBE STREET C. DOUGLAS WILSON 8g CO. DEVELOPERS OF PINE HILL VILLAGE MORTGAGE LOANS INSURANCE REAL ESTATE Telephone CE 9-6601 201 E. North Street PEARCE-YOUNG-ANGEL COM PANY Greenville, South Carolina SERVICE FOOD DISTRIBUTORS Supplying Hotels, Restaurants, Retail Stores PEPSI-coLA Bornmo am COMPANY EPSI' Dial CEdar 9-8461 0 Greenville, South Carolina S. 0. FRANKS "Chapel of Remembrance" t 700 Anderson Street Phone CEdc1r 3-8361 Greenville, South Carolina BRANCHES LIBERTY PICKENS VI 3-2522 TR 8-6087 ' in 3 fx we U98 Downtown ' Greenville , Y- If TXT ' lka- -- IH , Q - E F ' J a, "xx, 6 gm ferr L - -E Q ,T 631 ' ,' '. I , I 7' N . - - I. V I. . ---umm-an "I- J ng, , g.... - .... JA E A., www fm ua GREEN? mes Compliments of SULLIVAN HARDWARE COMPANY Pleasantburg Industrial Park Greenville, South Carolina Distributors of BUILDERS, MILL, ELECTRICAL, PLUMBING AND HEATING SUPPLIES FLOOR COVERING - TOOLS - SPORTING GOODS - HOUSEWARES We Salute Sterling High School Graduates Those We Have Known Made Most Worthy Employees HINTON RESTAURANT AND DRIVE-IN WADE HAMPTON BLVD. GREENVILLE, S. C. PHONE CEdar 3-9672 WATKINS, ARNOLD 81 SHEPPARD MORTUARY 401 N. Calhoun Street Greenville, S. C. FUNERAL DIRECTOR - NOTARY PUBLIC 24 HOUR AMBULANCE SERVICE CALL CE 5-5056-CE 9-7549 --- -W - FREEMAN'S, INC. CHINA, GIFTS, HOUSEWARES, HARDWARE IOI W. North Street LEAGUE'S, INC. 243 North Main Street SHEET MUSIC - MUSIC BOOKS PIANOS SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. PAINTS FOR ALL PURPOSES I3 College Street CE 5-3464 Compliments of ATTAWAY- EASTE RLI N PONTIAC, INC. 40 Rutherford St. Greenville, S. C. For Good Pictures and Fast Service Patronize HOLLYWOOD STUDIO 534 S. Main St. Greenville, S. C. SPECIAL PRICES TO GRADUATES HARLEM CAB CO. 4'l'l GREEN AVENUE Dial CEdc1r 3-'I593 Courteous, Dependable Drivers 24 HOUR SERVICE Radio Control Greenville, S. C. ATLAS YELLOW FRONT WESTERN FINANCE STORE AND BONDING CO., INC 32 Pendleton Street Phone CE 9-8068 lI3 Pendleton Street Telephone 235-1658 J. C. HALEY FURNITURE CO. FREE CUSTOMER PARKING CE 3-5358 - CE 3-5359 656 S. Main Street Greenville, S. C. GOLD-TONE STUDIO 516 South Main On River Bridge SPECIAL PRICES TO GRADUATES We Appreciate Your Business CROFT'S WASHERETTE 625 Green Avenue Phone CE 5-9389 Open 24 Hours a Day Every Day in the Year HAM GIVEN AWAY EVERY SATURDAY See Attendant on Duty Every Day Except Sundays BIG JIM COALS By The Bag - V2 Ton - Ton - or Truck Load QUALITY COAL CO. 100 Mayberry Street CEdar 3-4571 MAXWELL BROTHERS FURNITURE - FRIGIDAIRES Phone CEdar 2-6704 22-24 South Main Street GIBBS' PHARMACY PRESCRIPTION DEPARTMENT Phone CE 2-5422 Reg. No. 804 Corner Falls and Brood Streets Greenville, S. C. LATEST STYLE CLOTHING AT REASONABLE PRICES Bob's Men's Shop 32 S. Moin Street STONE BROTHERS Complete Outfitters . to . Men, Young Men and Students Downtown and Pleasantburg COLLINS MOTOR CO. CADILLAC AND JEEP Soles ond Service 106 Augusto Street Phone CE 5-7436 SOUTHERN BAKERIES CO. SOUTHERN BREAD AND CAKES Dial CE 3-7461 HEYWARD MAHON CO. MEN'S and STUDENTS' CLOTHING SHOES - FURNISHINGS Greenville, South Carolina ONEAL-WILLIAMS, INC. SPORTING Goons 241 North Main Street Greenville, S. C. SOUTHERN ICE CO. 'GREENVILLE PLANT Phone CE 3-1646 221 River Street ICE - COAL - FUEL OIL GOODYEAR SHOE SHOP "One of GreenviIIe's Oldest Shoe Shops" Was Opened in 1924 27 Pendleton Street MERCHANTS CANDY 8. SPECIALTY CO. GREENVILLE AUTO SERVICE Condielfll-Iclgclgliielixl-Fliroducts W ks R5l50.I:NeSq.Ierl.i illgeil Spe .Guy Riv r s re CE 2-8901 'ec "', U C' e Grreghville, S. C. Dml CE 5'24II OVERNITE SNACK BAR 205 Dunbor Street CE 9-5927 THOMPSON SUPERETTE 318 Anderson Street CE 3-9788 Greenville, S. C. The elecfric way, best foday--fomorrow, fhe only way Emi DUK PGWER COMPANY Q-:mb ' z6fQa5wZaZM!fm , y A+ ON C0 Q X X YEA 5 jg ? ,, ' xv. X X 5, G .Vi -.,- , iwbia- - X Q55 Q' RBOOKS OF DISTINCTION W f ,yyy '-yfQy 5 ' 1", Z "Y: Q Wi-, Y,,, . ff Q 2 y ,L,.Lii Eh jim' E ,Z 'givfniilmw 4 el, e f 33 - -,1 f ix if 1 Q XX QQ Wig! IW T ff XXXW: i l I - Q :I I E EE E I In 2 2 if - G .1 5 Q 5: E I 5 E I I : Q 5 E E .f 5 5 ' A " H : .' E. 2. f, 2 sl ,f: -2 1 A I5 u.. 5.-'12 '12, EEZ Lv - 1 .Q ' ' ' 5 I -. E fi , -. ii 'vii : - L - LN: 'Z E ' - " Q F . E A V :El 5 - 5 Z 5 5 ' m , -1 ,, 5" :'Fl- Tn " S v- , - i JN ' , -5 x 5: -FQ LQ' .4-v i ' E- .' J ?j..c X 2 'Q' I -1 il" n' , E 'V 1'5"-' as ' E ".ff' 'F ' Q 1 9 I 1,'v get 'Q 5--Q' i 2 .E 1 'Q' E- -a - o Q . . 4 .... A - 2:-' ' 1 2: - 3: , ': Ez' : .l5: 2 5: .E :3.5-if? . 1 if sa " 5.154 bg.- 3 z .Z .:,-. 5 E5 5 1 31 - af 5' I 1 "-'L 2'-.. 5 :" p .. E' : - pun- ' I ' - ..1 I . -P . : Z 1: . E - i ,E Fa 1 -- .. : Vw ' E , " 4'-T-4 .1 u. : 5,.-. 'it 'Z P' ' E'-:U 1 v' : : 2: 1' - - - sl Q . E 52122 . ,.' ' 1 55- .' gin. - 1' .1 4,11 Q f E. AFL "' I 11' 12-oz NOW BIG R PRICE AT REGULA ""i""""" " 1 , .L 1 'f cvl 2 KP L, ' ' 4 , Ld 'S Q4 ff,f"' CU FQ ,ly Q Q QA Q' fl 'Ki wx JJ LQ Q X QQ g K JM 0 Q LQLQ C3 X-Jinx f Q , ' j gf ! by Q 'N R217 1 S VL, Q KN H ZW fb Q Aye ' ' Q sq, F ,SG Win fig? W Sfeffg K M 13q7k jbbtk' Q X M. , f 'Mg ........M..m.... N I f3EgE3fS3S5 ' QQ X2 Ei S SS it N S xv SX Y i I 1, 3 5 F , vx iiDI,,: Lt , 5 f1 f -M3Q ap1JLQvf A fUuTn9 ddFff

Suggestions in the Sterling High School - Torch Yearbook (Greenville, SC) collection:

Sterling High School - Torch Yearbook (Greenville, SC) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Sterling High School - Torch Yearbook (Greenville, SC) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 29

1962, pg 29

Sterling High School - Torch Yearbook (Greenville, SC) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 55

1962, pg 55

Sterling High School - Torch Yearbook (Greenville, SC) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 47

1962, pg 47

Sterling High School - Torch Yearbook (Greenville, SC) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 10

1962, pg 10

Sterling High School - Torch Yearbook (Greenville, SC) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 35

1962, pg 35

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