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Qvvs' ' 00" 0 , TA ew ' AQ WW? ' Ry V3 K 1- I fm 7 A 5- Wm ,ww MTM . f. ,MLRWM 5412- F'1?a'w:.m. WSE' Mm! dy? MM flffsff fa F ,f ,Sf WMM ffigfwwf wif M This Eye of the Tiger Yearbook belongs to -. , ',,', ,FM DEDICATION We dedicate this yearbook to our parents and teachers who have supported us in every way h t rough all the years and to our classmates who have worked so hard and shared moments of glory and defeat. Now as we are all ready to take that big step - leaving high school and continuing down life's path - we don't want to forget all the people that made it possible. Thanks alot!!! Sponsored by Roy J. Sherry, Jr. TABLE OF CONTENTS T sg 3 E 3 Q ii Administration - 3 Seniors - 9 Underclassmen - S5 sg 3 Q s Honors - 37 Sports - 49 Organizations - 61 ,h,u,w,,f:mfa 1 F si,-I Q Happenings - 72 Elementary - 81 Boosters - 101 Sponsored by Rickie and Connie Snider ADMINISTRATION K - A j s Pix Sf!-cffzx X givv fx xx 3 i55Xm3fA!. in 1 ,Q ,...w-A H. :rs 9 5 1 - 1 55 2!' .i5i 'A AJ: Sponsored by Ann Toothman Q-xl NJ-SIP g f-as Zxiki NSW B o 1 2 Alfred Jung d Merle Baughman President Vice-President o f - - ..'. - --TEdUC8ti0hf..'1.' TI: Alfred Smith Jimmy A. Wright Alton Huitt Member Secretary Member 4 Sponsored by Frank and Opal Capshew XXX Doyle Helm -..i...1"" Principals 1.-.,-.--'---' Randy Taylor Vice-Principal Junior High Craig Shaw Glfgfmgfgs vice-Principal P High School Sponsored by Weldon and Sharon Cosgrove vp. if j I, Jim Albiston Mary Ballard Robert Blair Les Bray Business Cook Industrial Arts Bus Driver Opal Capshew Kay Curry Cecilia Doye Glen Duncan Home Economics Kitchen Aide Librarian Mathematics Carolyn Flournoy Lucille Helm Kathy Kuntz Doug Lovett Music Secretary Bus Driver Maintenance NONTHKTQ RISQUES The sky is the llmlt! Sponsored By Cecilia Doye fwiiwc Team 5 w nav' n- "What am I doing with these two clowns?" "Hurry up and ring!" J. D. McLemore Counselor Eddie Smallwood Agriculture ..'e'g'- -- :if i Doris Sanders Cook Julie Moser Lady Tiger Coach Q 5iRLfN0 fi 'Y 4' ...fn . Larisa Thomas Special Education Coy Terrell Maintenance Phyllis Shaw Office Aide Randy Thomas English -an v -Q. Ann Toothman Jo Ann Waller Linda Warner Helen Woods English Social Studies Cook Maintenance Sponsored by AMBROSE GROCERY A N ,ae i. Sw S 0 I Q , 2 ,. I - ue Sundance and Belle Spider Man Don't talk to me now . . . X285 ' 1 , xi'f-gui . -NQXQ-3 ' 353' as SW . 'YU Q-,iff ,affxxa . . .and Engelbert too!!! They call It compressed Hot Air??? ,,, ,E Qw- How much money do you have? Doesn't everyone? J Tiger Dad . . . 8 Sponsored by GIBSON DISCOUNT CENTERS - Lawton 5 S e S 'K 'Q 2 ,pigs g be S NIURS Ti' . 3 , 2 E I SENIORS " .- - r C L ,A S S F A V 0 R I T E S Amy and Kevin C L i L ' 91 5 . S Merle and Barbara Baughman P A m'w... . S Thls class is really golng to the dogs! Ggrrell and Ann Bradshaw ,ff 5, C L A S S s P 0 N 3-X-' R s DU Gene Cross You're so Huggablel The good? The bad? or The ugIy?? Sponsored by Merle and Barbara Baughman CLASS OFFICERS: Timila Rother - Pres. Kevin Bradshaw - V. Pres. Chris Wilcox - Sec. Todd Bradshaw - Treas. Linda Curry - Rep. Stacy Green - Class Rep. 1983 Opal Capshaw 1 Talk about cutting up! 11 RANDY TROY LEMONS FFA - 4 yrs., Tennis - 3 yrs., Baseball ' - 1 yr., 3 year Letterman, AG Mechanics -1yr. SMILE - lt makes people wonder what you've been up to. TINA MARIE LILBURN RICKY DeWAYN E JON ES Vo-Tech - 1 yr., Vo-Ag - 3 yrs., 4-H 7 yrs., Wood Shop - 3 yrs., Basketball - 1 yr., Jr. and Sr. Play Jr. and Sr. Play, 4-H - 4 yrs., Who's Who - 2 yrs., Soc. of Dist. Amer. H.S. Students - 1 yr., Chemistry Award, General Science Award, Drafting I Award, Yearbook Photo., Music Sponsored by Hazel Hamilton AMY RENA BOTTS FHA - 3 yrs., FBLA - 1 yr., Music - yr., Tiger Roars Staff - 1 yr., 4-H - yr., Jr. and Sr. Play, Office Aide - 1 yi Biggest Flirt l I KEVIN BRYAN BRADSHAVE Class Officer - 6 yrs., FFA - 4 yrs., 01 ficer - 1 yr., Class Favorite - 2 yrs. Basketball - 4 yrs., Baseball - 4 yrs, Jr. and Sr. Play, Most Talkative, Princ Candidate MARK WADE cox rear Letterman, FFA - 4 yrs., Officer 1 yr., Baseball - 2 yrs., 4-H - 8 s., Basketball - 4 yrs., Mr. Sr. High, '. Jr. High, Best Actor, Jr. and Sr. Play LINDA CAROL CURRY sketball - 4 yrs., FFA - 2 yrs., Class vorite - 2 yrs., Class Officer - 5 s., FFA Sweetheart - 83, 4-H - 8 s., Jr. and Sr. Play, Who's Who, 4 year tterman, Okla. Farmers Union State visory Coun. CYNTHIA DENA BOYCE S.H. Val., Jr. and Sr. Play, FHA - 4 yrs., Offlcer - 3 yrs., Yearbook, FFA - 1 yr., Office Aide - 2 yrs., J.H. Sal., Honor Society - 6 yrs., Who's Who, Best Actor, Most Scholarly, 4-H - 1 yr. TIMILA STACY ROTHER Basketball - 4 yrs., FHA - 4 yrs., Of- ' ficer - 3 yrs., Class Pres. - Jr. and Sr., Jr. and Sr. Play, 4-H - 9 yrs., Honor , Society - 6 yrs., Who's Who, All-Area Guard of the Year - Sr. I We're In charge now! ERIC TODD BRADSHAW Baseball - 4 yrs., FFA - 4 yrs., Offlcer - 2 yrs., Jr. High Prince, Jr. and Sr. man, Mr. Jr. High, FHA - Beau - 83, Best Looking, Wittiest, Most Popular Sponsored by Tracie and Keith Sanders Play, Basketball - 4 yrs., 4 year Letter- FRANCES AMANDA WHITEHEAD Jr. and Sr. Play, Best Personality, Year- book, Tiger Roars Staff - 1 yr., FBLA - 1 yr., Who's Who - 1 yr., Music Award, Office Aide - 3 yrs., Music - 4 yrs., 4-H - 5 yrs. X iw ROBERT EDWARD BUSSEY Baseball - 4 yrs., 4-H - 5 yrs., Basket- ball - 2 yrs., 4 year Letterman, Vo- Tech - 2 yrs. We're just so thrilled!!! BILLY WAYNE MCDONALD Vo-Tech - 2 yrs., H.S. Art - 1 yr., Woodworking - 2 yrs., Cotton Electric Essay Contest - 1982 MICHAEL JACK BARKER Class Pres. - 10th, Vo-Tech - 2 yr: FFA - 2 yrs., 4-H - 6 yrs., Jr. and S Play, Dist. Amer. H.S. Stu., Baseball - 2 yrs., Basketball - 1 yr., Best Dance Best Personality Q MARTHA LOUISE HUTCHINSON FHA - 4 yrs., 4-H - 7 yrs., FBLA - yr., Music - 4 yrs., Yearbook, Offlc Alde - 3 yrs., Jr. Play - M.C. Sponsored by Marceina and Marlene Hutchinson and Family RONDA JOYE SIMPSON Jr. and Sr. Play, 4-H - 9 yrs., FHA - 4 yrs., Officer - 2 yrs., FBLA - 1 yr., Best Dancer, Best Dressed, Soc. of Dist. Amer. H.S. Students, Year- book, Tiger Roar's Staff JAMES BERNARD REGO 'A - 4 yrs., Officer - 1 yr., Jr. and Sr. ay, Basketball - 2 yrs., Baseball - 2 ' ' x l K Qi. ' ii: Q ATX. RONALD DARREL SEYMOUR Basketball - 4 yrs., FFA - 3 yrs., Baseball - 4 yrs., 4 year Letterman, Track - 2 yrs., Jr. and Sr. Play, Best Athlete, Outstand. Basketball Play. - Jr., I Dare You Award - Jr. Anything a man can do a woman can do better!! Sponsored by Ron and Anita Seymour STACY AN NETTE GREEN Basketball - 4 yrs., Class Officer - 4 yrs., Student Council - 4 yrs., Jr. and Sr. Play, FBLA Report. - 1 yr., FFA - 3 yrs., Vo-Tech - 1 yr., Frlendllest, 4 year Letterman, Tiger Roar's Staff RANDAL EUGENE FARRIS FFA - 2 yrs., Vo-Tech - 2 yrs. And now it's time for the Family Feud! LEWIS RAY MCCRACKEN FFA - 3 yrs., Vo-Tech - 2 yrs., Jr. and Sr. Play CHRISTINE RENE WILCOX Basketball - 4 yrs., FHA - 4 yrs., Of- ficer - 2 yrs., Jr. and Sr. Play, I Dare You Award - Jr., All-Area Forward - Jr.fSr., All Around Athlete - Jr.fSr., Most Athletic, Softball - 2 yrs. GREGORY LYNN WILLIAMS Basketball - 4 yrs., 4-H - 8 yrs., Baseball - 4 yrs., 4 year Letterman, Best Dressed, Jr. and Sr. Play, Outstand. Baseball Award - Jr., Who's Who, Soc. of Dist. Amer. H.S. Students, Outstand. H.S. Boy - Jr. Sponsored by Adraine and Deloris Smith Q' A . .s ix Ss Q .- :ir X i . 44 4 ' 1 .1 I SHERRIE LYNN SMITH FHA - 4 yrs., 4-H - 9 yrs., 4 year Letterman, Who's Who, Basketball - 4 yrs., Softball - 2 yrs., Jr. and Sr. Play BOBBY DARREL SWEANY H.S. Art - 1 yr., Wood Shop - 2 yrs., Vo-Tech - 2 yrs., Jr. Play RUBY GAIL BENDER FHA - 4 yrs., Art - 1 yr., Vo-Tech - 1 yr., Music - 3 yrs. BRICE SCOTT MORSE Who's Who, Jr. and Sr. Play, Vo-Tech - 1 yr., Wood Shop - 1 yr., Drafting - 1 yr., Soc. of Dist. Amer. H.S. Students. .1 Say What??? Klinger Seymour ls it really worth it? I 4 E Put that arm down!!! I get no privacy! Caught "red-headed" Been finger-painting? Ahhhhhhhhh Momma's Boy Sponsored by Wanda's Burger Hut Who Were We in '83 MOST POPULAR Chris and Todd BEST DRESSED Ronda and Greg WITTIEST BEST PERSONALITY Timila and Todd Mandy and J.R. Q j. ff' , ,ff BEST ACTORS Mark and Dena . Quin Q N255 me im! if MOST TALKATIVE Kevin and Linda F4 MOST SCHOLARLY Greg and Dena W i FRIENDLIEST Stacy and Darrel 18 Sponsored by Hank and Sandra Keller I I MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED BIGGEST PEST Timila and Greg Linda and Jimmy MOST ATHLETIC Darrel and Chris SX, I . 1 - --A-.. Ei A I G -.f,.. i wi, ,- - L I 4 MOST BASHFUL Randy and Tina BEST LOOKING Timila and Todd -9' BIGGEST FLIRTS BEST DANCERS Randy and Amy Ronda and J. R. 'Q JK MOST LIKELY TO RETIRE Opal and Gene Sponsored by Gerrell and Ann Bradshaw THEWAYWEWERE- - . - J. R. Barker Gail Bender Amy Botts Dena Boyce Linda Curry Randal Farris Stacy Green Martha Hutchinson Billy McDonald Brice Morse Jimmy Rego Timila Rother SPONSOR Opal Capshew 20 gf, ,, . V f 2, gl, ,Q .N W n 2 V ,uk i Z.. L A r r f " 5 f at fr . . 'I Mandy Whitehead Chris Wilcox WIND The wind blew hard, The wind blew soft, It blew through the hay To the water trough. B But I was in the hay barn, B A E Playing in the hay. I don't know what happened, But it began to feel like clay. - Robert Bussey There once was a Ieprechaun named McStacy Who wouIdn't wear dresses that were lacy She only wore britches af DRESSES Sewed up with stitches, I had alittle dregs, And she wore them all It was very blue, 0V9f the Pl3CeY- And one day it became a mess, -- Timila Rother And the wind blew too. - Mandy Whitehead Sponsored by Carl Baughman wil 'll' p 'l ,,., AL... .xq I 1' V Hall--. Kevin Bradshaw Todd Bradshaw Robert Bussey Mark Cox Ricky Jones Randy Lemons Tina Lilburn Lewis McCracken Darrel Seymour Sherrie Smith Ronda Simpson Bobby Sweany L vi? Greg Williams as we , f ' R, 7 - .- L " J fj,:'-"-7 5-2' PUPPY DOGS ll W iiiweiiivi 'T p at Lf Puppy dogs are cute and furry p, Llil NW T 4+ ' 1 and fuzzy and black and brown l and white. 1 They are so small they wobble I back, and forth, and up and down, then out of sight. I love puppy dogs, don't you? There once was a leprechaun named They live in a basket for 3 while' McCracken, then they are able to leave. That hated a teacher named 'love puppy dogs, donvt you? MCBYGCKGH-, Chris wilcox He got hit with a paddle, Cause he would just rattle. SPONSUR McCracken just wouldn't quit yackin! Gene Cross - Lewis McCracken Dena Boyce - Val. Graduation - The Final Step Q., Sari lFinlandl receives awards! Greg Williams -- Sal. No smiling Randy - it's not allowed!! Those Dirty Rings!! Q , if Ronda, you're stepping on my foot! Graduation - a giggle a minute. Sponsored by John and Edith Cagle Junnonsf-mn What am I doing with these dummles? Water games . . . All fun no work . . . Rusty loves hls job!!! Sarl and Morgan wx Mark, how much did you pocket??? Jan, I LOVE THAT HAIR STYLE!!! Sponsored by Henry Hardzog Family ,,, W I M4 W . . . SOPHOMORES Wg! Look out Einstein . . . Aren't we cute??? You're losing something. Hard at work . . . What's so interesting? ww 4375, VVVV mv 'QR Talk about make-up lines . . . The natural look!!! Sponsored by Ed and Wanda Baker Sandy Ball Angela Barker Cheryl Brantley Chet Ford Lanny Glass Mark Jung Paula Jung Regina King Radeen Lovett Danelia McKaskIe N Sari Saastamoinen Jan Simpson X Mark Smelik 1 Sherri Smith 1 Tammy Snider 26 ik Headed for CLASS OFFICERS - Cheryl Brantley - Pres. Carol Hardzog - V-Pres. Diana Gail Sovo - Sec. Anne Marie Rankin - Treas. Sherrie Smith - Rep. Mark Jung - Rep. Radeen Lovett - Class Rep. fgg. tl- in-av -E' Sa X Sponsored by Frank and Opal Capshew the Top Jim Albiston ...Jrs. Sponsors: C L A S S F A V O R I T E S X Eddie Smallwood Anne Marie and Sam Rusty Hale Carol Hardzog Leon Hathorn Billy Jeffreys Mike Jones ,NX 42516 mum a Charles Miller Sam Mitchell Sheila Pierce Dodge Pool Anne Marie Rankin Diana Gail Sovo Marty Steinbronn Duane Sullivan Randall White Teddy Williams ,sl3"' Sponsored by Francies Snider l 2 7 Sophomores Can We Eva Barker Jackie Brimer Jimmy Crawford Angie Dodson Charles Edwards Dawn McCarley Johnnie McCracken Albert Norton Melody 0'LaughIin Laurie Rankin Sponsor Craig Shaw Mi? A ll? oil 1 nun Sponsor 1I,' I , ' I .2 Class Favorites Randy Thomas 4 . , l 1 - Laurie and Darren I I Kiss and make it better. Why do l always make mistakes?!? 28 Sponsored by Juanita Dodson Mills and Donald Mills Survive Till. . . '85 gnome Class Officers Rhonda Farmer Darren Fehring Elgie Forsythe Jennifer Girdner Billy Hutchinson Rhonda Rego Darrin Schettler Steve Seib Teresa Spriggs Charlotte Upton Angie Dodson President Laurie Rankin Secretary-Treasurer Billy Hutchinson Student Council Rep Darrin Schettler Vice-President Steve Seib Reporter f' 'HUM' Fearsome Four!! Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Hutchinson, Sr. FRESHMEN . . . Jasper Angie Terry Evie Jared Ronda Cary Adamson Alltizer Balcom Ballard Bradshaw Bray Coleman Michele Lisa Jeff David David Ysleta Shane Cross Curry Dees Dotson Duncan Forsythe Hardzog Cindy Donna Roy LeAndra Kevin Judy Eugene High Martin McCarley McDonald McKaskIe Milam Mithlo gg..- Vf' 4? ti fn Q. Danny Tammy Melody Alicia Kandi Kellie Misty Nunley Nunley Pierce Smith Smith Smith Smithson .L 2 me ,.-. , . -ef"'l' .5745 JA , ri i K . :Qi M' W-.Q . ,A 52 Stephanie Angela Frank Fabian Susy Thomas Karri Sovo Sullivan Tosee Turner Turpin Vorpagel Wilcox 30 Sponsored by Bill and Nelta McDonald Sponsor: J. D MOVIN' UP Sponsor: Ann Toothman OFFICERS - . fiea ifa 1' Q. 'ff . g mf . Angie Alltizer - President Mcmmore Roy McCarley - Vice President Lisa Curry - Secretary Angela Sullivan - Treasurer Judy Milam - Reporter Evie Ballard - Student Council W 'Y Curley, Larry, and Moe. 1---Q Minnie and Mickey Favorites: Kandi Smith and Sponsored by Larry and Linda Coleman Cary Colemag: X X Eighth and Andrew Alltizer Candra Anderson Saundra Blankenship Missy Cagle Sherry Farmer Denise Hanks Kevin Hardzog Ronlta Huitt Ronnie Mansel Rhonda Parls Jonathan Parsons Brlgette Pendley Christy Spears Darrin Stelnbronn James Stillman Favornes. Cheryl and Darrin Q5 D..-1? Sponsored by STERLING GROCERYfKenneth and Billy Jean Schettler Sponsor: Randy Taylor e Can't Wait Patricia Christian Dawn Cox Jeff Demoville Cheryl Derrico "" Jerry Kovacs Kenneth Kuntz Tammy Lewis 'SM' Justin Lilburn Crystal Schettler Chad Simpson Connie Smith Ricky Snow 'QF ss E VK it Buck White Allen Wilson Stacy Wright K 139945 l Officers: Candra Cheryl Kevin Justin Drew 'WK Q f Zia Sponsored by Cletus and Carolyn White Sponsor: Llnda Snider Tracy Adamson Brad Alexander Renee Carroll Jimmy Cornwell Thomas Davls Brian Decker Dusty Dees Clint DeMovllle Tina Dotson Lawana Duncan Tracie Glass Donald Harrison Gina Howard Aubrey Hunter Becky Hutchinson Andrew Kuntz Brian Lawson Erlc Lovett Tisha Mansel Scott McHam Tommy Morse Tony Pearson Mary Pendly Mike Pickens Ronda Pinchback Steve Rich Scott Slmpson Jerry Smlth Donald Sovo T. D. Sovo Tamml Steinbronn Alan Taylor Derlk Tracy Charlie Turpln Bobby Upton Lora Whitehead Roy Wilcox Renee Wllllams Joey Wrlght SEVENTH GRADE TTY S CW? Sponsored by Don and Almeada Alexander LITTLE ANGELS???" 'C to' Favorites: Gina Howard and Eric Lovett. Officers: L to R: Tony Pearson, Brian Lawson, Steve Rich, Tisha Mansel, Eric Lovett. v. 1 i Tracle Glass, Renee Williams, Scott Slmpson, and T. D. Sovo Joey Wrlght, Steve Rlch, Tracie Glass, and T. D. Sovo on the bus ready to roll. enjoying the outing at Eagle Park, OK. N. 3 Sponsor: Mlss Moser Sponsor: Mr. Blair Sponsored by Janice and Vic Simpson , --Y y ,, . v 1. bf 4 f 1 M F? .llif ri ,gn-uw No guys, no wofxd. gI0 Teddy and me ag You've come a long way baby! Honest, officer. . . ainS1 we ly' And there I was me out 30g A xagii Close New S enc0u 66906 hier. Sponsored by Eugene and Bess Bratzler " N ' H0 DRS Sponsored by Roy and Shirley Boyce HoNoR soclETY ----l Valedictorian Salutatorian Dena Boyce Greg Williams Sponsored by Ike and Ora Williams 0 Front Row: Diana Gail Sovo, Cheryl Brantley, Greg Williams, Dena Boyce, Tina Lilburn. Back Row: Anne Marle R kl Ch I Wilcox, Timila Rother ---1 ---1983 'E 1 . Valedictorian Salutatorian Judy Milam Evie Ballard Left to Right: Stacy Wright, Traci Glass, Cynthia High, Kandi Smith, Judy Milam, Lisa Curry, Evie Ballard, Angle Alltlzer, Candra Anderson, Ronita Huitt, Christi Spears Sponsored by the Jackie Nunley Family YEARBOOK KING AND QUEEN fx Pete White Carol Hardzog 0 Oiler 1st Runner-Up Ronda and Darrel ESCORTS Jesse and Nikki 2nd Runner-Up Angie and Billy ff -m ,, W: 6' 'H 'L', Ii' H :H M f Wk Qiyvif 42 YEARBOOK PRINCE AND PRINCESS WWW 9.5 I S Y' 6 4 5 4 ninety,- Ov " " v uv 1 Q' ' 'T ?f.",-rgogotfs' 99, 'fwf' fx? Fv ' os x o ' ' ' HW 'S "Q, s...'4'.A 1' ' ' ' Q x AO 00" jugs - Q fig V4 1 ' xx Mb Nts , sqm 0 S 2 rwg"": fffrf 'I ,rf fllfffyw? ,Hg ef aw ' I 'V' 'BA . . - 9 , 'v pf, 1 I 52 50,5 ' ' 'G 4, , ww mfg 77,, ,afilqg ,gg f'0v"q," is K 7 ' 'V . .am,e,Q..L.o e ,go 6 I ,w . . 1? 1 N,X,X'1f ,, .l.Q.afAYAT. 339332 an kg I - M xi of '4v-4,a.h1,.,,A2fx: Awxdy' 4 ti , .Q 2311: 9 ' ' J 0 , Z W 4 5 'L 73' W 4 ' 51 f 169, 56 f', 4? Y' ' x 45 Qi," -vsrwrh ,, 5 Q . Q X. N '.'S'.i 0 v 0 ,px i 4 A :ll 'Q ai?" Eric Lovett Gina Howard 42 Sponsored by Doug and Rose Elaine Lovett 1st Runner-Up Fabian and Karri ESCORTS Dusty and Brandi 2nd Runner-Up Kevin and Brigette .81 MISS Chris 8. Mark THAT MAGIC MOMENT! Anticipation, tension, and excitement precede the big announcement - Mark and Chris were selected to reign as MR. AND MISS STERLING SENIOR HIGH. Their court included Marty S. and Sherri S. and Darren F. and Rhonda R. K-37 Maffy and Sherri Darren and Rhonda Sponsored by Jackie Nunley Family STERLING ,sk Lisa 8. Darrin ONE SHINING MOMENT! We had our own night of glory! The crowd en- thusiastically reacted when Darrin and Lisa were recognized as MR. 8. MISS STERLING JUNIOR HIGH. Jared B. and Cheryl D. and Tony P. and Tammy S. provided fierce competition for the winners. F Cheryl D. and Jared B. Tammy S. and Tony P. Photos by Sharon Cosgrove ,Q an K rv - if 2- Xzx , E 1 CHRIS WILCOX - Senior High GREG WILLIAMS - Senior High EUGENE MITHLO - Junior High ANGELA SULLIVAN - Junior High Sponsored by Franklin Powell S. I 1 4-YEAR LETTER CLUB Front: S. Smith. Seated: R. Bussey, L. Curry, C. Wilcox, S. Green, T. Rother. Standing: M. Cox, D. Seymour, T. Bradshaw, G. Williams 1 Wiki nf -2- ft Q- I mf lun' I Aziv . 3X ,' 1+ ' ' - A A I Timila R. Greg W. Chris W. Mark C. Stacy G. All-Area MVP All-Area 2 yrs. Darrel S. Linda C. Todd B. Sherrie S. Robert B 48 Individual photos by Sharon Cosgrove Q, ,N . fa K- W M K MN . , 3, .xi 5 :E X, k...k W-ks. .M A-N, . .M N .W W ff ,, .---- S2 'IN A, S. Yr- we , .M xi Y 49 I I' LADYTIGERS BASKETBALL - " ' ' Front Row: Rhonda Rego, Laurie Rankin, Anne M. Rankin, Timila Rother, Sherrie Smith, Radeen Lovett, Cheryl Brantley. Back Row: Carl Hardzog, D. G. Sovo, Regina King, Eva Barker, Linda Curry, Angela Sullivan, Chris Wilcox, Sherri Smith, Stacy Green, Coach Moser. 77 Tennal 29 57 Venden 31 6 1 FZQICIIUL 2 3 56 Big Pa6iune 45 66 Cement 42 46 Genonimo 36 4 8 Hinton 4 2 46 Elgin 51 6 0 FfQICh?J'L 3 7 66 Apache 74 6 2 Temple 3 5 64 Ringling 44 42 Big Pa6tune 53 43 Elgin 48 Eva 55 Fnednich 32 45 Elgin 53 77 cgme 42 53 Ru6h Spningb 43 55 Apache 63 53 Gnandgield 39 64 Bnag-Doyle 73 59 Gym 40 68 Gefwnimo 48 7 5 Fletehm 5 9 64 femme Cay 70 77 wa6 ncngzon 67 74 Bnay-Doyle 75 Regina Diana Gail so a K, Kg, . L.. 2161 Q W -15 . F an 'ii' QQ W 1 ' -Q lg Q va: fl' if i If 3 lx". Q x 'z ,. f T?-QN-Q3 xxx, , Vs K' f ---' m xm MX is '3 11 81 3 Q fi I I s -5 f' ' , ' , 1 K f L4 Jw I s Sli J ---I-----'- Front Row: T. Rother, L. Rankin, R. Rego, C. Brantley, R. Lovett, A. Rankin. Back Row: S. Smith, E. Barker, D. Sovo, C. Hardzog, C Wilcox, Coach Moser. . 3 t- ,him " -,. -F kg , . ' i If U Iigv, ' x. . ,, .K K M Q. ...... .. . ,. . . , . ' :" ' ' .. T' .- " .' F ji ., I q i .., , E ii .. kk K .L W W 1 , ' , ' ' we CM... Here it comes D. Gi Chrls heads for home . . . Radeen's power swing! . 1 , k yy ,l, . k + ..... . A 'C Jr r I ,C C 'afiffg " W..- F., P ,Y . A . Y A z . - fe Chris takes a cut! Angie wings it in! Timila on the move! What a move Cheryl! s .1 X W 'ii' .1 :QUIK ... AS X ,Q ,eu , X .S Q. ' ' up H 's. V, Q -,K , A G ai S. .W 5 2 5' K 1 1"'if'??- Mw, IL. H ' 5 . K l NNY K Ni- Q ly A 9, 4 o Upleih Siewx ,WR-,N Y' if x ww- ,nt 4 JR. HIGH SPGRTS . . I . BOYS BASKETBALL - Top Row: Mr. Taylor, J. Bradshaw, C. Kuntz, R. Mansel, F. Tosee, D. Nunley, C. Coleman, E. Mithlo, T. Balcom, D. Steinbronn, Bottom Row: C. Simpson, J. Kovacs, D. Altizer, K. Hardzog, F. Turner, R. White, S. Wright, J. Lilburn. BASEBALL - Top Row: Mr. Taylor, D. Altizer, C. Coleman, E. Mithlo, T. Balcom, R. Mansel, D. Steinbronn, K. Hardzog. Bottom Row: C. Demovile, F. Turner, R. Snow, J. Kovacs, C. Simpson, R. White, S. Wright, J. Lilburn. Sponsored by Ronny and Debbie Mansel GIRLS BASKETBALL -- Top Row: Coach Moser, J. Milam, C. Smith, T. Nunley, R. Bray, K. Wilcox, A. Sullivan, M. Cagle. Second Row: M. Cross, K. Smith, A. Smith, E. Ballard, D. Martin, C. Spears, A. Altizer. Bottom Row: M. Pierce, C. Derrico, R. Huitt, C. Anderson, B. Pendley, R. Paris, L. Curry. SOFTBALL - Top Row: Coach Moser, A. Sullivan, D. Martin, T. Nunley, R. Bray, M. Pierce. Bottom Row: K. Smith, K. Wilcox, E. Ballard, L. Curry. , ' A fi ,: 1 ix I E Drganizations Sponsored by Judy Pylant Student Council Library Aides is A? A A g wr Z 1 . , X A I I I- , 4 :aa Q s S, Front Row: T. Rother QVPJ, C. Wilcox QSec.J, B. Hutchinson fSong Ldr.J, C. Brantley lPres.j, L. RankIn1Rep.J. Mlddle Row: J. Lllburn, C. Doye lSponsorJ, R. Lovett, C. Derrico, A. Dodson, L. Curry, T. Mansel, S. Rich. Back Row: A. Toothman fSponsorJ, A. Alltlzer, D. Sovo, S. Green, K. Hardzog, E. Ballard, T. Pearson. Tlna Dodson, Tracie Adamson, Mary Pendley, Tlna Lllburn 62 Sponsored by Jackie Nunley and Family Eye I7 AJ Some work . . -- of the Tiger Yearbook Staff . some sleep!!! Hard at work??? Munch, munch, munch . . . This really is hard work!!! , , ,, ffef V Hamm-mwwiip--ff',,gwe-,W ' All Tina Lilburn, Timila Rother lCo-ed.J, Dena Boyce lCo-ed.J, Sherrie Smith, Chris Wilcox lBus. Mgr.J, Martha Hutchinson, Ronda Simpson, Mandy Whitehead Sponsored by Jim and Marcia Albiston 63 " .. L -' FutureHomemakers KJ 'lcon Can you say: Rubber Baby My T 'B M BussyBumP0fS? I 3 'iv Q mx oFFlcERs ,ae Sitting: Dena Boyce lSec.1, Timlla Rother QPres.J, Todd Bradshaw lBeauJ, Cheryl Brantley QV. Pres.J, M r , X N L V X X X Ronda Simpson fHist.i. Standing: Danelia Mckaskle lParI.J, Chris Wilcox lChap.J, Mrs. Capshew lAd- I X ' V Q visorj, D. G. Sovo QRep.J, Paula Jung lSong Leaderj. Not Pictured: Tammy Snider QPhoto.J, Dawn Mc- 1 Carley lPianistJ. l "e ra 7"' 44--sf-R Puppy Powerll The Baby Bunchll Don't we look sweet? This course ls "Sew-Sew"l! 64 Sponsored by Roy and Barbara Simpson of America . - - .. - - - .1- .IF sq., 4' That Karate's pretty handy!! Spllt Personallty Your tag Is out Talk about DOLLS!!! You should see them on a bad day!! Sponsored by Mary Kay Cosmetics - Jeannine Rehwalt FUTURE FARMERS I .. ... ... .. 1 QL g Left to Right: Mr. Smallwood - Advisor, Todd Bradshaw - President, Mark Cox - Vice President, Kevin Bradshaw - Secretary, Sherri Smith - Reporter, Mark Jung - Treasurer, Darrel Seymour - Sentinel. Not Pictured: Jimmy Rego - Chaplain. 66 Sponsored by Bob and Barbara Farris l OF AMERICA 1-J VT FFA - Future Females of America! "Leggs" Scarecrows?! What more could a guy want? SeriousBusiness. Winners!! 1983 Comanche County Livestock Show Lawton. Sponsored by Eddie Smallwood and Family Senior and Junior High Music These music students participated in the Christmas Concert, District Choral Contest, District Vocal Music Contest, State Vocal Contest, All-Region Jr. High Honor Chorus and the Spring Concert to name a few. Sponsored by Veda and Ron Lilburn 69 ,, 1 Ci?-K C Front Row: E. Sovo Tosee fSponsorJ, F. Tosee QChapIaInJ, D. G. Sovo QPresi- dentj, E. Mithlo ISec.-Treas.I, T. D. Sovo fReporterJ, Mr. McLemore QAdvisorJ. sally gggclkow: D. Sovo fParIlamentarlanJ, S. Sovo QV-Presldentl, R. Mlthlo QPubhc B e Kerchee T. D. P ' Sovo n 5 Front Row: R. Sovo, C. Sovo, W. Kerchee, S. Sovo, L. Mlthlo, G. Sovo, J. Sovo, M. Forsythe. 2nd Row: D. Sovo, T. D. Sovo, S. Ker- chee, A. Newsome, A. Forsythe, A. Bender, M. Bender, R. Mithlo. 3rd Row: E. Sovo Tosee, E. Mithlo, F. Tosee, D. G. Sovo, S. Sovo, R. Mithlo, Mr. McLemore. Sponsored by STERLING INDIAN CULTURE STUDY GROUP ,si - TIGER ROARS . ... .L Front Row: Chris Wilcox, Tlmlla Rother, Mandy Whitehead. Second Row: Danelia McKaskIe, Ronda Simpson, Regina Klng, Jenny Gird- ner. Third Row: Jan Simpson, Linda Curry, Stacy Green. OFFICE AIDES fl? t,,,,f Front: Leandra McDonald, Chet Ford, Rhonda Farmer, Misty Smithson, Mandy Whitehead, Ronda Simpson, Sheila Pierce. Back: Martha Hutchinson, Dena Boyce. Sponsored by CARLSON'S CUSTOM DRAPERIES 71 1 T How Dare You!!! wi ,ui How Disgusting! Larry, Curly and Moe 72 Sponsored by TayIor's Dairy Tricycle Lemans Rejects Jam Ou!! Let's Try It All Together Jr. High -Q N Q xx Qraflkf I X gC, Xy L ' Q4 1" J' f ,- ,ll llfi-'W J '4 J it ff,Z:f,.,' ,Hy wtf Graduation Judy Milam E vie Ballard Valedictorian Salutatorian - Al- Judy, Jeff and Angle!!! Can you believe we're ready? EX!! Let us sing a little tune for you. David, Jared and Roy!!! Sponsored by Jackie Nunley and Family 74 1 Senior Play - "Pick a Dilly" The action takes place in the living room of the late Jason Strong's old mansion in Shady Dell, a small village near the Ozarks. Opal Dilly tries desperately to get Rod Benedict fheir to the Jason Strong fortunej to marry one of her three daughters. S I ' n 5, D' Q gg E WB? Jvaa .,-: L ,,'f , ef i I ff ,uL, , M. ,,,,f, 1' , , 'Ml Suian Clank ,, Punina Hogg . . Amanda Sinong . . Anvilla Gaavey . Oiii Gaivey . . . wilbun Gaavey . . Opal Dilly . . . June Robe Dilly . May Lily Dilly . wig CAST Apnil vioeee vieey' I . Thaddeui Bleahen Rod Benedict . . Tex Lanabee . d. . Jack Puncell . . Old Selby Dnahe . Azaniah Coggin . Shennie Smith . Linda Cuiny , . Dena Boyce , Stacy Gaeen . . Jinmy Rego Kevin Baadehaw , Chnie wilcox , Tina Lilbunn Ronda Simpaon Timila Rothen Dannel Seymoua . . . Maah Cox Gneg williams J R Baahen 'Mflnay wiyxehwd Todd Bnadehaw M X . . E52 ""' I MH- ' If PM ,HUUSQ TMC GCILQH cj the J , ELQ N, ' Dalia HCLOSQ, 1 jcLtI'IQ,LLII5 I ou NlCUfQMCfXQh 5dmEE mfr: bij THQ. jxa,tcm:,ILtg mm E Fllfft T' ' R PQ, tc JEPLS J L- ' CAS VEGETABLE , , , FRED ..... GEORGE BREWSTER CURT . . . . . ALEX . . . . . MISS BUTTERWORTH MAOAME STELLA . TROUBLEO LAOV , OELMA , , , MYRTLE , , , NORA . . . . . MRS, SMITH , , , MISS OOEBEGOME , SLUGGER ,,,, MRS. MOONTRAP , GLORIA Kezchem MMROOCK BIOOLEST MURRAY ..... MELISSA , , O'HARA ,,,, MISS PEACHV , CURTAIN ,,,, SOUMO EFFECTS , MISTRESS OF CERE SPONSORS .,,, 'AL ONE MOMI W 1 o a . Jegg Hazuizog . . . Mazda Cox , Gneg wdibiwm , Todd Bmadahaw Dame! Seymown . Chlula wdcox . . Stacy Gneevz Mandy wiultehead . Txlvmllia Rofthem Debbie Sibewafut . Tina Lxlkbwm , Shemale Smbth , . Dena Boyce , Bobby Sweany . . Linda Culuiy . Joyce Fazzmefn . .'J.R, Bafdam . Jbrmy Rego . . Amy 801556 . . Bfulce Mofuse . Ronda Simpzson , , Ricky Joneb Lewxlb McCILacken Malutha Hwtchirwcn , Opal Capeshew Gene Cnoao 1982 6 STERLING STOCK SHOW Ricky Snow Sam Mitchell i J Kelly Smith Seth Julian Sherrie Smith and friends J A Jasper Adamson 1 Darren Fehring 78 Sponsored by Sam Mitchell and Family Contestants COOL S THE GANG . . . GREASED LIGHTNING S . . THE GREASE MONKEYS JOE COOL 5 THE COOLERS . . EX-LAX G THE RUN-A-LOTS . . THIN SLICE 8 THE WONDER BUNS SHORT ROUND S THE BULLETS . TRICYCLE LEMANS . Scott, Eric A T. D. . Justin, Drew Q Darrin . . . Lisa, Rhonda 5 Terry Melody, Teresa 5 Charlotte . . . Teddy, Sherri 5 Marty Thomas, Ms. Doye s Ms. Moser Enthusiastic looking aren't we? Winners!!! Thin Slice leads . . . Short Round and Crew Cool on the move!!! Mr. Cross recognizes the winners. Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Coy Leggett Banque .Z Junior and Senior ,g X ,L 5 ,An 5 2" is cy yy, fi! 1 'Ns MIM All Sports K 1 Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Pendley ELE ENTARY TIGERCU BS lla-. RY f V Sponsored by Industrial Ignition 81 Supply Co. FACULTY Robert Danllavez Principal rw-1-.--AWK David Woods 5 Vice-Principal I 6th Grade Sandra Clifton Rita Duncan Mary Hartman 3rd Grade 1st Grade 2nd Grade 5 eff Diane Lee Jane Porter Julie Sanders Vicki Smallwood 5th Grade Speech Therapist Kindergarten 4th Grade ,,,mav Linda Snider Bessie Sullivan Patti Welch Laretta Woods lst Grade Spec. Reading Spec. Education 5th Grade Sponsored by Frank and Opal Capshew ' Sponsored by Joe Coleman ' ' ' ' Sixth Grade Jason Anderson Jeanie Ballard Arlene Bender Marlene Bender Dorthea Caporasa ff" Jason Dodson Stephanie Gagliardo Norman Hanks Holly Howard Sarah McNeIIy Luke Milam Sam Mitchell Richie Mithlo Brian Schettler Karen Snow Heike Spieshoefer Heather Tracy Stephanee Woods 4 New Fashion Trend V Hot Stuff -ge.. .F fix: Sponsored by Chub and Donna Smith ?f x xx as 'V-.1 'Wx N t,tt.t This is so easy! LookingAhead' ' ' " ' Julie Jung Robin King Ramona Matthews Tommy McCracken Russell Mithlo Dallas Nunley Shawn Nunley Brent Pierce Kieth Spriggs Jimmy Strate ve- Michael Then Tyler Wright Lori Coleman Chad Cross Crissy Davis Darla Dees Debbie Derrico Plnocclo ll Super Friends Having Problems? Sponsored by Alfred and Brenda Smith I Catch us if you can! Lynn Alexander Jim Camp Christy Farrell Jon Flowers Amy Forsythe Lana Fowler Raymond Jones Melissa .lung Sally Kerchee Shannon Mansel Sponsored by Larry and Donna Smith 86 Darin Duncan 5 Are you serious' in W V S Nice Mits?!? Lonnie Pierce Malesa Pierce Roger Pinchback Chass Schulte Kelly Smith What time is it? Some Smile! Randy Smith Terry Smith Lisa Snider Stacy Warner Wendy Whitehead Marty Curry Stephanie Davis Bobby Foust Dennis Hanks Brad Hardzog Clint Harrelson Kenneth Heck Melanie Henson Nancy Jacobi Seth Julian FOURTH GRADE Robert Adamson Tony Adamson 8.-rw' no ,-.1t1f'f4:, 'Q H D A, 4 Sponsored by Joey and Dinah Schulte "RISING TO THE OCCASION" Tara Kuntz Billie McCarIey Susan McNeIly Renee Parsons Christi Pierce Monica Rego lt!" I i 323 vi Q il I. Shane Reynolds Ray Smith Jenifer Snider Rodrick Sovo Kimberly Stefan Regina Stinchcomb Bart Tabbytosavit Malcom Upton Thomas Wood Sponsored by Robert and Charlotte Reynolds 89 Amanda Ball Andrea Bussey Styrling Christian Monte Eary THIRD GRADE Misty Huitt Jenny Jacobi Becky Jester Ronnie Julian Billie Rowe Sheila Schulte 5 Ronnie Skovly Terra Slatten Wwfv .,f' 'iff '18 ., M ma ,V 1 Megan Smallwood Ronnie Skovly and Megan Smallwood Sponsored by Jess and Cindy Alford ,gl Ray Flowers Judy Harrison Dianna Holt Teion Hughes Leslie Kuntz Kristin Lovelady Micheal Pendley Machelle Pierce Megan Smallwood Regina Steele Justin Sovo Sonya Sovo Jona Young Christopher Balcom Jason Conway Dannielle Decker Jamie Dees Berry Ford Moque Forsythe Brandy Garrett Danny Gober Danny Hanks Darenda Harrison Regina High Lucas Hogan William Kerchee SECOND GRADE . . . ? Q Sponsored by Coy and Lanelle Leggett . . . SECOND'S BEST if A Jason Kuhlman ".. . . 1 - ' f L9 ' A A . 3, QQ 1 K M - :, Q e -, -7 ' ,g N .K J -,-- X . ..... .... LE-irig gk A .... Q ' X : . .Z , Sf QQ L,,, .NS-fx : QM -' Q .f ,Q .... i - ,V 1- W SK ' . ' N was . X NR Amanda Kuntz Greg McCarIey fm- Seth McNeIIy Darrel Nunley Danlel Rego Michael Rowland S Rhonda Smlth Shannon Sovo fix '-X .. .Idle .4 1 X... ' c. f,'5 Xl ? X Terry Turner 5 jg Aaron Warner Q-if Lenna Webb . L f T f .-J :Eg Sponsored by Dale and Dortha Kuntz E'RE NUMBER ONE Patricia Dodson Cindy Fowler Brad Hale Chad Hale Chrls Hale Jesse Massey Heather Merldlth Loretta Mlthlo Raymond Penrod Maranda Pierce Cassandra Smlthson Carly Snider Anke Spieshoffer David Sprlggs Rodney Stinchcomb Eddy Adamson Jeremy Adamson Llsa Adamson Jeanette Ball P f- X - 21 1 A X is i 5 5 X K -INS P ' if fl L J :gk I ' v- E I . 2. P Q - -wi fel: aw vw, -- . l - 1: g::: iz' x 52 " P Bryan S., David S., Sonny D. all dressed up for the Christmas Play. V Lisa A. wanted to drive the fire truck on Fire Prevention Day. 94 Sponsored by Alfred and Brenda Smith e SECO X xv if DTO gs . at i ..Q We R in t 'Le ' R' 'R . Nikki Bruce 'N ' ,- L Melody Carlson ' 1 , is R J 7 .-is Heather Cross , X . Q X sf xx G ,ff X ' 5 ,. , X 3 . v 5 X lx X " Sonny Davis Jennifer Hape Rlcky Harrelson Rocky Harrelson Clint Huitt Steve Jung Samantha Rosemier Tracy Rowe Dana Sears Bryan Shaw Jolene Skouly Joey Striplln Sammy Webb Jennlfer Whitehead Brian Woods Roechelle Woods Sponsored by Jody Whitehead 4 Heather C. sits still for another basketball game. V Maranda P. enjoys an after school ride. f " aww All Msgs! Y" .. Q 3 gliaizsgttt e, , ' if ,Li A ol" -5 . at 95 :- .---3. - if .-- KINDERGARTEN Hey! Someone cover for me. Look! l'm on Candid Camera Mrs. Sanders, did I get an A? Smile, after this picture we get to go home!! So we're a little off key. ll Davld Gober James Hanks Dusty Hlgh Tracl Hlll Richard Hodges Scott McNeIly Helen Mlllam Amy Plerce Jared Plpkln Dennis Rankin Reglna Smith Casey Sovo Gina Sovo Kevin Sovo Brian Sulllvan Jay Alltlzer Jadyn Barker Aprll Bowen Christina Bruns Sponsored by S. and G Young Farmers Dennis Sanders and Billy Geiger Z KLASS OF 1995 1-- 2 Who took my picture? 3 Look out Dolly, here comes Brandi! 4 The mornlng class is all ready for Fire Prevention Day. 5 Can we move now! "F" Sussan Coats Ross Cox Shane Dalrymple Cory Garrett aeee ooo' so li: ll fx. X J C- J if rle f we K f E53 L. . .K L, - -an 2 few" J s of Sponsored by Eddie and Joan Rankin Roy Hultt Cynthia Jester Benlta Lovelady Jason Mansel Lorle McHam Carolyn Rodriguez J. D. Rowland Mallssa Schulte Brandl Shaw Carol Smith Mlchelle Wlllls Annle Wlshert Davld Wlshert Sandra Woods 4HersoHhe8Os These 4 Her s enjoy a day out' Tony, Kenny and Malcom enivy the rvllercoasfef- Malissa and Shannon are enjoying their ride Sponsored by Melvin and Vineta Butler Sponsored by David and Laretta Woods The success of our yearbook can be directly related to the moral and financial support of the community. The generosity of our financial friends is represented in the advertising on the following pages. H Thanks ADS in if by 353-3223 p. 2311 Cache Rd. r L 3- 'io ,118 'M SHAHETS PIZZA PARLOR Q,f'T Ano QFD V! PUBLIC HOUSE QAQKD Gwewf: Lawton, OK Belinda Hightower and Eric Fassio show some Armstrong equipment. AR MSTR 0 NG P3450 GROUP Fishing 81 Rental Tools PM Office-fLavvlon, OK-1105248-6100 101 Mr and Mrs Anlhong Jung DAN DELLUOMO DATSUN Sales Servlce Parts an Dau ghlers Sedans Wagons Trucks Sports Cars 353 2244 3 S W 2 12nd and Gorey Wade Selection of Used Cars 353 8887 201 W Gore Blvd 12nd and Gorey MARVEL BUSINESS SYSTEMS NC 910 West Gore Blvd Lawton OK 73501 1405, 353 3072 Ollvettl Sllver Reed Canon Typewrlters Calculators Electronic Typewnters Photo Copiers Furniture Accountmg Systems Word Processing Rt 1 365 4329 M 3 r der::?s2'::2s a SIlV::g99d Tlmlla Rother 5mmJ?MK1maCfm-MMmKf4,.9mu 0.14140 ' '5e.s3iRn.15 LTON DEAN wimw-w'+fKM18 PONTIAC GMC INC AUTHOMZED CC? qoface com-we W. 46 dmufo Lowa., 3 55 . . .3 ON! STOP SERVICE - 1... -mcesruszucms 59 ' ' Ii, .j,.: - Z ' dh -v.o.nzr1.xp.,v -..9Q'1r1e5f - r 1 v fi to accovnm quxucvm oo u 'I 1 Z 1 2 U 1 l Q 2 e SALESQ SERVJCE 5 Jw, L,,,,15,,,Af 218 -'UVM dlffain CSL 53 2 Q w, ma 7 O 2 . Q N . r ff X r . M o 2 - -1 0 AUTO MB GUIDITIDIING 0 TMIISIISSIUI SERVICE sm, 8, 353 8180 Cache Road irmwcf o. 'koaus lnnnwuduammgnny' 'ksmwa Q raumus a sour wnax Marlow Lumber 102 West Maln 658 5451 Marlow Okla BOWDEN BARBER 81 BEAUTY SUPPLY 412 Lee Blvd Lawton Oklahoma 73501 Ellls Bowden 355 1352 Tommy Bowden 353 5046 103 729 MainlDuncan Oklahoma 73533 "' xxx S29 OKLAHOMA NATIONAL BANK ' V B , 4051255 7121 fi Member FDIC L R For All Your Banking Needs Member F D.l.C Q55 7121 729 Mann Duncan Okla 'Q ' H I Implement Inc f 6th 8. 277 Hwy 512 Roosevelt Lawton, Oklahoma 73501 405 355 5279 'I' FORD TFZACTORS AND EQUIPMENT 'A' 'A' CRUSTBUSTER DISC AND DRILL i' 'A' OVVATONNA BALERS AND SWATHERS 'K Rudy Hanza Don Recer Charles Hanza P A CHEVROLET COMPANY I NEW 8. USE CARS 81 TRUCKS L M0 3 53280 L 2551 99 BANK 8 TRUST CO 807 N SHER DAN CMRENCE L-AUBREY Duncan Oklahoma LAWTON PKLA R 353 2771 7 3505 50 B tzoSllf ss 10lh at Maln 255 1810 104 Q I A K 0 I I 5--we-ef , , IL.-..J 'I Tractors ' ' '..... x X fav-vw' , -',: ra . , y ., . ,eg 1 O - ,wg I . . 1 5- -N A NW 'A N ,wx .. T ' 'H 1 'I ' ' D fcusvnomff . i a n 5- 1 Duncan ine - 5 L D1 V551 - . I ' ' V - es. - Dain ur es e orLe A 7 f - A ' .. .FW is Q.. , 0, ,aw ,..,.,.,,,, I.. , w 'Qt X 4 in K X W, ,zww A,a..,.,.w x .x A W fs, J A ,N , by "W""" w 4' gg-N . 'gf - W. ,J ,A X in A M Qxp Q -M -.. v 7 fh' 5 7 Q5 A .NN Nm, BRITTAIN'S JEWELERS 81 DISTRIBUTORS Main Office 310 East D Box 449 Lawton, Oklahoma 73502 1 1 S I UMW' EMM YAMAHA I7 I7 N, SHERIDAN RD. LAWTON. OK PHONE 73505 355- I3S5 Auihorized Sales. Paris, and Service GLENDA 9 BEAUTY SHOP Ri 1 658 2956 ' " MAnLow ox I - ' xa, , O u OFF ROAD FANTASY The Bug Boys Toy Store if ,C aw Pr I Tlmlla Rother and Ronda Simpson check out the Grllle Guards and KC Lrghts avarlable at OFF ROAD FANTASY Glenn Gull Don Wllllams 255 8891 255 4787 GILL ELECTRIC, INC. Shop Phone 255 1892 or 1896 411 East Maln Duncan, Oklahoma Bull Walker Kenneth Gull 255 8153 255-0097 106 Roll Bar Push Bar Tube Grrlle Tow Strap Wlndow Louver Headlrte Covers Rock Guards Wood Console Tow Hooks G 'M -45-339 Vent Shades Bug Shreld DrlvlnglFog Llght Tailgate Protector Chrome Hood Cap Runnlng Boards Slldlng Windows Jeep Chrome Chrome Bed Rarls Come see us for all your automotive accessorleslll 357 3191 1627 Cache Rd Lawton MOTORS INC dba., and., Honda Motorcycle Sales and Service 45 Joe Farley Chlckasha, OK Manager 1405, 224 6113 53 53 F - , 1 '51 H , , ,, L- - J ' ,E I A ff- .- 4:51:12 Jar:-ss '1' 4 'W 1 ' - Z I ' L I is f we 7 A - ' J and., I C SECURITY BANK AND TRUST 24-Hour Banking y Sell T CHARLIE SPARKS AUTO SALES, INC COMPUTER TECHNULOGY SOFTWARE COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY INC 1720 Cache Road - Suite A P 0 Box 1917 Lawton Oklahoma 73502 Robert Burns qaosy asa-3535 President METSRY BANK 1409W Gore 355 4045 Lawton OK INTERNATIONAL SERVICE INSURANCE COMPANY Glyn Taylor Agent Corner Ft Slll Blvd and Cache Road Lawton Oklahoma Phone 14051 355 4912 108 LOTUS HOUSE Chmese a....Amerucan Restaurant Phone 248 9092 1831 N W Cache Road Lawton Okla Lawton Coca Cola Bottling GZ 511 N 2nd St Lawton OK K CO. Q9 , .- -. - U i 'www , mp, Compleie Banking Service Cuslomer Parking Couri Drive-In Auio Teller Service ESTABLISHED 1901 Slrengih and Dependabililg Our Consianl Aim AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK Lawlon, Oklahoma Member F.D.I.C. Sixih and "D" Avenue Phone - 353-6500 WAGGONER CARPETS, GRAV A NAME TOO INC E ' S ' gra ng pee al sts Everything in Fine Quality Carpets and T h' - ame a es Rugs - e 'ry n r in ExpertWaIItoWaIIInstallatio 1316 N. Sheridan Rd Ph 355 2137 620 C A R Ph sae-0507 o 13501 Lawton' 0 n VI il roplesN plt J E9 9 Rhd dDI M y0 S Ct IIM g Lt klh 1405i 353-3354 I1 klahoma HINK'S AUTO ELECTRIC ALTERNATOR 8. STARTER Exchange or Repair Phone 248 7475 J Honegcufl R L Hmkle QIOQ Cache Road Lawion Okla D IE h IIP LAWTON TRANSIT MIX INC 'I' B 44 CONSTRUCTION 0 73502 0 73501 B Il C V Ph 248 4430 l 1 O 0 O I 0 .A 1' ir xcavating ' Asp a aving ox1 T Lawton, klahoma a A he 3, G mc. I lflz: . X ljfrfljii oo . La t kl h ' rion ' P 'd t one - 1010 W. GORE PHONE 248-2283 LAWTON, OK 73501 'Wg "Everything JUNG and JUNG, INC. for Your Car l S ' U.S. and Im ort!" efwip p u,H3f5Aff", ,raemzsxvim K -' - :il -W K i e -:I kgs. . 1 .ii A If wXy1lf!,I16V,' Z ..,-', -L ,Q aewc ri J ARTCARVED , . 2 -"' , f ' wi , ' f ,- , , 1 ELK PLAZA Tha aww 1141.5 ruin 12155. 1519 N. 81 HPGHWAYQDUNCAN. OKLAHOMA 73533Q PHONEQ 25351-0631 Insurance Appraisal Diamond Remounting HELMS JEWELRY 1:3 111 NC ilu'-V" 14051 355-1993 Q! Lf 1309 Gore Boulevard Lawton Oklahoma 111 ! I . 1802-W Gore, Lawton, Okla. 73502 n 7 ' :"' ' ' - In L 1 1 M x X, ....- N-W ' A - v I 2 """' N RUN STEPHENS SERVICE AND WELDINGWORKS, INC. 611 S.E 2nd P.O Box 147 Phone 355 4678 Lawton, Oklahoma A J Phone 355 1242 MANAGER 1214 Cache Road Lawton OK 73501 G- KIRKPATRICK S F,.,,,.,,,,e and and 117 W M h 1 Gems aln P one 658 54 1 Apphance Marlow Oklahoma 73055 Custom Processing bl Smoklng and Curmg N as i1"u'uPHILPOTT I REALTY INC STERLING MEAT COMPANY INC TRAILER AND MOTOR HOMES Box 408 Telephone Sterling OK 73567 365 4646 1 ' ' E t ' h ent Ms , MOBILE I-aomss RENTALS ' ' ' o. ' I 0 0 Who esale and Retail 2232322 2224335 I LINDSAY . 756-3555 Posr omce Box 513 ' ' SHASTA RECREATIONAL , - Trophies - Plaques - Engraving - Medallions Uhr Elruphvr E MILITARY BUSINESS DESK DESK NAMEPLATES f - NAMEPLATES O N DESK SETS . CUSTOM MILITARY ' . MADE SIGNS NAME TAGS Lawton OK 73505 Ph. 4051357-8155 I Shaping Owners 1703 N. Sheridan Rd. Calvin 8g Nancy Smith SOUVENIRS No Appointment Necessary ELBERT'S Ronnie Mansel ASTER UBE Phone 365-4405 Sterling Okla. ioiswesfm 351'5"'2 Oil Change ir Tire Rotation ir State Inspection Larry Seelig CW3, IRet.l Agent 1230 Cache Road Lawton. Uklahoma 73501 Bus. 248-7826 RU. 536-4631 Aura- Fire- Llfo- Commerchl Congratulations Seniors 113 ,--H 512 'X -. . , ,w'. -'P 'l'l"'x I ffi-'.:-in-."":"' A - w-- e- --.11 9 Q9 I QNX 1 nw Q, BARRETT BROS. INC 1416 F St Lawton Okla Hydraullc Crane and Fork Luft Servrce 24 Hour Service Rates Hourly or by Contract Dave Barrett 14051353 3304 Cylmder Bormg Blacksmrthmg Magnero and Electrical Acetylene and Electrlc Repair Weldlng Tractor Truck Auto and Farm Machmery Repalrmg Route 1 Lawton Okla 73501 114 MCCALL'S GARAGE EARL DRUG SOUTH PREQCRIPTIONQ I L B MARLOW FARMERS CO OP THE FARMERS STORE WJH K I F ok h 102E IM 0kI h Ph Ph 355 5232 658 6613 355 5233 ll ll . . orner, Manager R. G. astner, Ass't. Manager F d S ed F t'l' H d A ' IH Ih D' B Ik d B g tl' 604 I d Ch ' I L 1 I ' M I SEXTON AND SEXTON SCHOOL SUPPLY 588 3686 STERLING H wigwwew my 95525 357 5858 1105 S. SHERIDAN D 0 I I 103C bl k Ap h ok, 73006 CORPORATION Off 1405, 946 899 11 1 C k P0 B 82039 Okl h C ly, OK 73148 GROCE RY Rush Springs Pharmacy Frank Peterman Reg stered Pharmac st 476 3271 476 3272 """M'K 416 2343 Rush Sprmgs Okla LARRANCE DUNCAN JEWELRY TANK Nlta Pfelfer CORP 520 M Ph 255 3519 Steel Fabrlcatlng Qkl 13533 Re nforc ng Structu al Steel Jo st Tanks and Vessels bl Ph 355 36241 ghtl 353 4600 101 East B ,tgl gf 'Ogg' Q4 ' RQBERT Q 4 LARRANGE X QUALITY FOODS RhSpg " i i 4 .ree Phone ' Home Phone 4.3 YW - I I I t ' 0 'n one I ' p i i - r - i 0 B ' I D' d Commercial Sand asting Jesse Robe tson, Estimator Home one - ni 1 Q 1 Q , .3 Q - ff " J 7 , 3 I 'A 4 ' AN- . X .xx ' us rin s, OK KE N'S ELEC Resideniial - Commercial Repairs and Remodeling Q4-Hour Deliverg on K h W I ox 588-2797 Off 35 66 3 Herzig Sewing Cenier 1 .I Linda George shows Sherrie S. and Chris W. the new Viking. 812 West Gore 164 Central Mall 53-8800 355-7110 Lawton, Okla. 118 STZINJLEY'-E OFFICE MACHINES, INC TRIC CDMPANY Poriable Qieam Cleaning Trenehing and Backhoe Service Rewinding Elechfic Moiors Don Shackl I d 588 33 9 D WI 588 58 '--. i s S I -S . -S ppl. BERNARD ENTERPRISES Q, X av N x y 1 , px- I A .X X ' f jj Y ij 1 X n AA . , X. I 1 v. 1 ' s a e U W ' i as a, 8 Spencer T. Bernard ' Morris and Gale McAdoo "Buyer and Dryer and Shipper" Of Qualit Peanuts THE BANK OF WW ELGIN BANK An Emblem of Excellence ibaf A Symbol of Service MemberFDlC O R hSp JQNEQ 6 BERNARD 00' AGENCY Insurance Real Eslale . , r . U av qw Iv..-f W, NN,N,,N,, .M , I I 5fW.a..... ., i . -rf W' ""' all aim, ,. J 4: f M l.ll L kl . 9 - as YOUR myfpfulnf lnwnf IGINY .., sn., HISE AUTO AND FARM SUPPLY 9ooHg's Barber Shop Ambrose Sigle Shop e r rl 0 " DALE E. JONES Pi W5f'5ff"W"E"'PF 476-3289 SPENCER T. BERNARD Ru9H SPRINGS OKLAHOMA A M r r Y, ,K t A NAVY KP A,,A W , Our Business ls Diamonds XXM If X DIAMOND JIM Bonded Diamond Jeweler Appraisor Phone 355-8235 Phone 255-8519 209 C Street 518-518-520 Main Lawton Okla.73501 Duncan Okla. 73533 MT SCOTT FEED AND SEED 1002 F. Avenue Superior Feeds Seeds X 1 fc Jim and Nita Pfeiter M' I I ' 'd F fl' ' Babbniifkl'3ZT'5'2p2ZefLLLz3Z1d EIeVaI'0" 353-3169 Fged Lawton Okla. 588-3351 I Con gratulatlons 1 we I Ii' JI.. i . . i John and Edith Cagle 122 Apache Farmers Coop and Chiokasha Feed Siore I X I Seniors of 1983 Qand iheir SQO hogsj W CoHon Gin Service Siaiion 558-3346 1 F ?" .X W Ygfiw frf 1545? 'V Xf Q A' . 'S'-f xl riff ,X X. N V 'W hx '. 'Pi ' X 1, oe .037 ey 1 ff QQ'-fill.. " Ml D was Food to Tell Your . Friends About P" N " 357 8 MON. THRU SAT Office Home 476-3063 476-2148 WALKER'S HOME WOODWARD Q FURNISHINGS DEpAR1MEN1 "Shop at Your Small Town Low Overhead Store and Save" E 218 W. Blakely R h Sp ' g OK Cy 'l FI t h Walters C g Ap h CROW'S Radiator and Muffler Shop 1704 Cache R d L t Okl h 8 6 e er -440 IF l1"S sooo rooo You want.. g FEATURING Nike Converse Spot-Bilt Hang-Ten Active Sportswear Apparel and Sporting Shoes MARLE N E 'S CAFE Phone 365-451 1 Sterling Okla. OTASCO -ami E J NANCY MIKE AND RON CROW ASSOCIATE STORE Home ot Better Values Since 1963 it - A ' ' l l I 1 Marlow Okla 125 Lawton Custom Draperies Decoratlng Center Leona Carlson 248 1732 1318 N Sheridan Rd Lawton -mwah! mmm' ig ,N FA ra me n s 'X INSURANCE X Xiwfffl UN -. :flu 'fav 1 my ik' W Bobby Stephens Agency awww Agent 2355 West Gore Blvd Lawton Oklahoma 73505 Bus 44055 248 6500 228 west Mann Res 14051 429 8550 Marlow Oklahoma 73055 Auto Flre Llfe Commercial I - . . 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H r A4 , .....-s tn ..-'A' , I 5 , 1 X K 1' I Xi M , H K 'II ii .ef x f 'dl CAMPBELL SPARKS MOTORS INC New and Llsed Cars Trucks and Custom Vans 248 5560 357 1803 2303 Cache Road Lawton OK 73505 A Z ,Q +1 HOUSE OF FLOWERS Buster Scott QA former Sterling student! shows C Wllcox S Smlth a floral arrangement 128 SHRIVER S STORE Gas Onl Groceries Hardware and Flshlng Supplies Lawton OK Gig U w RLISH SPRINGS LLIMBER HARDWARE CO INC Ph 476 3217 Rush Springs OK , . I Rt. 1 , 5' . it X J IDL... . D " . O, O .-:::, Wi DIRT EXCAVATION ASPHALT PAVING H G JENKINS CONSTRUCTION INC f O CONGRATULATIONS HARVEYG JENKINS PRESIDENT PHONE 405f355 9822 The Autlzers P O BOX 706 1603 SO RAILROAD LAWTON, OK 73502 Fran and Jim Angie, Drew Jay, Allison A I , .s . - 5: F' 1 -C I I an 'iff A o I Y I v K .: -1 Aixam Q ' J 1 -fvgfif. - ' v I .LV 'I' Q , v 1 .K . wr ' " .X 5, ' 1 f ' . ing Q ' ' s . 15g'!"J N J lg ' I , I O O , o 7 O ' J - 0 JACOBI PLUMBING AIR CDNDITIONING AND HEATING ix, I Rl I BOX I9 qi X Flelcher Okla 73541 I gf? ses 4364 Con gralulahons Qennors Teacher Q I I P Capshew CO OP SERVICE INC Julie Moser o Md-:I LInda Snider Cecilia Doye Shaw Duncan Lawlon Okla 73502 l I Taylor Welch '4- 'Q if RQ!! Aj 0 -1'-he-A 'M Q il 'Q I C 31.3551 I 'AJ - O O Craig and Phyllis l 3 ' . I I l Servlcels ur i eName Box 2187 I I Glenn and Rita l O Randy and 405 355-3700 2434 "F" Avenue Mumers -- Duals Q The Mufhn Shop "Our Business is Exhausiingn -- E 357-0096- E fs 5 . Asse . Q5'2'2:?f?::.. ' OP 'S.,?.'Z.T,Z"Z'ZT.1TZBSWmS 's"' 2221122 613 Sheridan Rd. Boosiers EZIlZ1Z"" Woods Iniernahonal Paper Company 3. " Sanders Di n L 1 sis? Edd d a e ee -573 5 . BER-to ,- V ky Smallwood Us ,K J. D. McLemore 249E tG inzsllldgd, ui i t 353-0990 Randy Thomas eo s . 4 , , . , J J d I M AIbIStOn B 'ming Materials D' vb r Qualit uildin a ' I Ply d, Lumber, Door M'Il k, Cb tSd gBId gMt I 131 H V DOG FOOD Business Is Golng to the Dogs hd? 476 3267 Rush Spr ngs OK Maron S e 1 an Plzzarla Sandw ches Salad Bar Cold Beer Przza Owned by Bob and Marc: Carroll 365-4827 100 E. Maln WILD WILLIE9 Drscount Records Customed T Shrrts and Tapes and Lettering Car Stereos Customed Caps Concert Trcket Open 7 days Agency a Week Mon Sat 10am 8pm Sun 1230pm 6pm Elk Plaza 252 2327 Duncan The Konnechon 'Nl w Juniors ll I l And Ladnes Apparel 228 W Maln 658 5335 Marlow OK 73055 Trent s Pharmaeg 1005 Senlor Crtrzens D scount 328 Cole 549-6115 Fletcher, OK 73541 . I 0 - . CA K I fr .- . . .- . . i . : . .- . . 4 - ,ox 24 . 7 Shopping Center 1 4 Q o - . lllp i , 'E 0 - I 4? sax My 0 4 ol b f I O O i I 132 MALONE MCTOR COMPANY Ford Since 1922 Ford, LTD's, Thunderbird's Fairmonts and Escorts 549-6169 Sales Service Fletcher OK I F O R D I 0kIahoma's Oldest Ford Dealershnp' Glen's Pawn Shop 2330 W Gore Blvd. 353-6615 Lawton OK 73501 133 BENTLEY SMITH REALTY 1920 Cache Rd., Lawion Buying, Selling, or TALK , , TO RED CARPET BU'ld"18 THE REST OF SglgglCA Give Us a Call ai lQEE?i?f?iET "L' lvnlea lxrfa Professionals! BARBIE 'S CAFE Breakfasi Hours 6 a.m. io II a.m. Lunch and Dinner ll a.m. io IO p.m. Home Cooking Sieaks Shrimp Chicken 365-4547 134 The Craft Carousel wlehna Paint an Drywall dyL dC Ronnie Smith " Owner d R d h h Phone 549 6361 353 5319 h R B T 9 Service Center BEST MOTORS MTD AMF 6 M AC Y dp IS d dS 353 1062 0 1608W L Bl d COTTIPIIITIGITTS of Beth s New 8: Used Tomapuald Boutique 1004 D. Avenue . - 54: .Fix 0 "1 -' 'fig "f o o o I - ' 3 I American Handicrafts d Tan eathercratts Merribee Needlearts an rafts o o L A Ti ' L ' , Anne Marie an a een c eck t afts : - tth ' ncle's store. C oad Square Lawton, OK O 0 O Lawnmower and Til er Parts Gilson Dynamark Low Down Finance for onths ir ap ardman No Interest Magna Amencagngines an a t Murray Corner o heri an and Lawn Boy - Briggs an tratton -- Tecumseh Cache Road - Lawton kl . ee v . L t OK o 1 d O C Taylor Publishing Co. I-won Okla- 3 Sierling V m y " '." tg .A Q si jyx. B + 1 003 9' P: J 1 ' '.- -M- Bo gen as 25. Y' hi 'YQ Congraiulahons Sensors C y dLe elle Leggett 136 A 4 R V R F + R I T I E M e W E C A N 1' 3 9 All Sporis C u ELGIN REALTY COMPANY FORW SALE g E SHULL HARDZOG ELGIN INSURANCE AGENCY INC Hardzog Elgin, 4051492-4317 Bos u ni s WHIZZ SCISS HAS-I-CN AUTO BEAUTY SALON NAPA NAPAJ bb gA SESCO THE STERLING ARCADE tt Arc d St r Ee THE SPORTS LOCKER R D Q ,. is Rsconns us-,En 1907 Sher d7 Stylist Open- Mon -Fri. 4 , - in Sterling Phit er St l' g t V T15 476-3824 i 3 31 X Cf, Z ax ' f -A Aww 1,P"'f, . f -,L A f Q, me 1.9 J holesale Distribu Athletic Apparel Shoes 07 East Avenue 'B' 516 Ridley Road l n, Oklahoma 73501 Duncan, la a 3533 355-2402 Phone - I A r I I P Q Q ,ft ., :PSI ' r r N-- ,, QQ. Come and Join in the Fun at the Funnest N. i an ' Ie a e in e ling - ELLEDGE LAWTON MONUMENT A complete monument servlce featurmg all Ieadmg granltes Chrls C Elledge Owner Delrvery to All Nelghbormg Cemeteries Make your selectrons early to as sure dellverles by Memorlal Day 355 1580 1st and C Ave - Lawton Small Fork Lm caulesuafds noustaboul Large Fork Lifts Septic Tanks Pler Holes Dutch Machines Pads FRENCH S Rousmsour af SERVICE co Fully Insured 1 2 1 Office 365 4257 Sterlmg Oklahoma 365 4245 Tommy Nichols Blake French 4051492 4024 4051353 7480 Mobrle Phone 355 6704 Unlt 3755 139 'Backhoes 'Cellars 'Hot Shot Service 1- ' 'I' 'k -k ' 'A' ' 1 ' 'A' ' ' t I O . : - - . , . - , . Desrgnmg and Brass Brldal Equrpment Sandra Pate wma-, Speclalrzrng Q M Q Gift Selectron 215 West Blakely Rush Sprmgs Okla 73082 Phone 476 3484 sxsxg1Xl1.xxxssgS'Ifl!l'I' Anomoah OK PH 226 0.113 I LAWTON OK PH 353 6077 A 'Z -... W L MM 4' Dole Forducoy Billie Fordxoy 1 ' KN? 'lg 1 S tune mann-asv' Sonya Dalrymple Mountain View Mall 2605 Cache Road Ardmore, Oklahoma Lawton, Oklahoma 142 Con gratulations Qtac SiIk.FIoraI tt'k Yrryt 'o 5 . . Q 4. A ,' , 9 3 I ' 5 6 V 7 7 1 Q. ,xx n num Woof' ooo 3 J Y, h . : f' x 5' ELLEDGE LAWTON MONUMENT A complete monument service featuring all Ieadmg granltes Chrls C Elledge Owner Dellvery to All Nelghbormg Cemeteries Make your selectuons early to as sure dellverles by Memorlal Day 355 1580 1st and C Ave - Lawton Backhoes Cellars Hot Shot Service Large Fork Llfts Septic Tanks Pler Holes Dutch Machlnes Pads FRENCH S Rousmaour 8r senvlcs co Fully Insured 1 2 1 Ottlce 365 4257 Sterlmg Oklahoma 365 4245 Tommy Nichols Blake French 4051492 4024 4051353 7480 Moblle Phone 355 6704 Umt 3755 139 4- 1 f - 'Small Fork Lift icameguafds 'ROU8l8bOllf Q - -A - Q - f - - Q I o . : - 1 . , . - , . DAIRY BOOSTERQ Bully and Claruce Pnerce Henry and Malvenna Hardzog Ebanel-la Holstelns Lawton OK FLOWERS ETC an White S Dawg Thanks for Your Support' EM 315 492 4880 Sally Wass FLETCHER CHRISTIAN CHURCH 464 3352 10 00 1100 S E 600p WdNght 730p O O O O I I 0 I 0 O I , N , ' Myihra f . 15 ff . it w Az" I 1, In ww ww .w ,fm If , ,'m5hQ In Q of W 9,4 f ,W - Swim: Q, 2g'fali,"A I K . I' I wwf ' V, W 'W A IP? D town Elgln MA 5' i L' Home East End of Cole Street , Order of Serv' Sun. Morning : a Sun. School : a un. vening : e . i : I If A TI' 1 cf' f cvl 1 X' f I, j FIRST NATIONAL BANK Congratulations to Each of you Seniors on your graduation from Sterling High School and may you have continued success in each of your endeavors through lite. Please Let Us Help You in All Your Endeavors! Fgch deponilnr iluured lo lI00,000. FDI HDIIAL nivom wwlANCf colronncu Fletcher Bobby Bridges shows Tina L. the internal workings of a Bank. Oklahoma 141 Desugnmg Brass Brldal Equlpment Sandra Pate Speclalnzmg 9 A S Gift Selection 215 West Blakely Rush Springs Okla 73082 Phone 476 3484 sgfixxxx-xxxxyssxu-l . . I Q ARDMQRL ox PH 26 0313 mf mm LAWTON OK PH 353 6077 A3 no w 1 horGood Dole Forducoy Bllllo Fordxoy Q' U as 'llggixxullllltiss Sonpa Dalrymple Mountain Vlew Mall 2605 Cache Road Ardmore, Oklahoma Lawton, Oklahoma 142 Congratulations Silk Floral and ' ' ' ' in I - B 4 .f , "l Q " f .1 4 s Y I' ,xx lg' num Wear' our D 5 5 r 1 4' . ' f Y Stac I I N QimPSOD5.QQf.?99 .f .A R3 Roy ti' A - at-S if I g IEQ, I SIMPSON 365-456 1 Box 8 Sterlmg Okla Amanda Kuntz and Daniel Rego like Simpson's Garage, and the candy tool ABSTRACT COMPANY ABSTRACTS, TITLE INSURANCE, "FULL SERVICE" CLOSING DEPARTMENT John M. Roll Partner Don Pump Partner Charley Maguire Asst. Office Mgr. 355-3680 613 C. Avenue Lawton, Okla 143 E I gm eed Slore QW HQ fa X Q5 me in 'Nl ,ZX 'Y Elgln, OK 492 4413 Sleep Wlth The Best 8' ? 602 S Sherndan 248 7400 Lawton Oklo HORSEBREAKING Lots of Hard Rude n Bllly McDonald Sterling 365 4296 365 4575 J8nC T0 OUR FRIENDS Thanks for the help Thanks for the lun Thanks for all the work Your generosity too This year was a success And ll s all thanks to you! Jan S and Carol H lrke the selectron of walerbeds at by Tlmlla Rolher Your kmdness was appreciated EYE OF THE TIGER STAFF That youwe done 144 C .ff 47? f I , .,fl,:77 ,,g. 4,3922 '5, ' , A Q , - 'Q T if X N 'V K h A A fx "' . I N' Tv-:L E, fx 2 Q 'F 4 f g r 4 XX 4 x :Q N i f d E an If f-is Q 5 gg" Y - I . 'i 3, II . w 9 im H Az, ,Q :r 'mt "1-SGS-T5 , a n L W ' sig irffvi ' v- 4? if F- M ff 'hawk 'V T -X 2 X sk , 6 itz. M 1 RL" E me ki 'Q-K 'Q 5 pm mf ,aw fs,-.nm ,Vi L '47 -1-ug

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