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Sterling High School - Tiger Yearbook (Sterling, OK) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 152 of the 1981 volume:

5 A IAQ? 'e , , 4? Lg? 1 TYYI Q 5- . I' JJ, ,.A ,. 53. 1?-3 '53 , "W "t , b 5 , W -u ,. '17 ,,x I 4 'Y , . ' 'A 1 Q . .W ' V' 1 7 ,. it-'Q Jeff: 2' 3 5 iii" . Q , ,. ,,. - 5 . K J ,, A - R: , 4,- 6 , wa- :Q ' .' 1 . ., .I f ' Q A .xfgi ,mxjy . ' 11 ' W A ifgssx ' A .Q . f 'f 'ai 4 x x psf- v, ' , X wa, I 4. vrfww 1 ,I ,IH ,' 1' , , 4,--4 1 - , Q r "4 1' My ' ' FM" 'C , , W ww iam , imw ' "r A, . '? 4 i,?M ' 4 1, . xfffm v .,. , f, . ,,,.,v W , w ' W .-ww x. Ma,"-. Ya. , M YAWW- " WW. 5 ' N , if . rw my., : .1 . w' .-',,,f 3-1 W.:-' ' "fl Am, . HV, , ,fa . . ,"' 'V Uwvf 4, ,pu-f' . Wt 'Wh ,Mit :fir 9 Q" Q11 ,pmype . IRN- - ififi V +, , ' '. uit R. '-44" V. my 3, ,MQ W: , .L I ,ws W 'f ,, . Y 'WM W 5 Q H' - ' my . ' My Ar W W 2 Y '?53gs?g.' ' W , Q . V , M' mf MM Q., : - ,-nga? -,1 " , ..,., , 5?-if 4 . 5 , . 15 f ba' .4 W ' W in 5' K 44' I , ii? ' " ,-V xggffm 2 ,Aix 5 ' -J. Q2 M ww We E54 ,mgphfyf . A . 15 .5:+,,!.4 ifeisg, J, .X Vu. if "ff W. '!'1gv,,-A,.',-'Lil ' - A a, .Q M! ' " x Tw JR Rafi Q.. ,X .. 'ln-,Lt "' 2 " fl'- . , lb? J .- , ivzsfi g ,, ,524 ft ' ' K241i'., 4 354 . "av 2- V' "AN L 'Why ,L-Q? n. 1 4 Ag, Q' 1 'Y F Q 2 29512434 , , E ' Q. ,gh S wp' ' -A . N4 . .,.. 4 1.2. li fp, .M yygjnv W M Nqr , .Q ' . X 3111? ' A az, - .Q 1 . ' , 4' 'Ji .kifggg QERA , .1e.MmKx w.'.'k'fvh5v. ' Cl, uXQ,Qi1Q,n,K RQ? fox' CE Q25 Vffyiji . f, Q QwmQ,X f6'W1f30ifx-nc-,ch fs, 15425 K QLA1Q NwQ pu, Q, auf Mp YXQJ xqxjxjuljvxgxfj CQTBQ gi ' N L1 CQAAJ -Qgxll Qjvxd If 'CQS-H im, Q.Q,p.:Q,,k,pj 13905. Magi? x TYXQIWQR SEMA X sy x O' . def. iw E i52-fi 5 355365 Mule ?3?5a5 3 wiifi : 525557 gb Us is 3f753S.2 i X, sz, - X QM as fm fQi3505 p!QMdfo,,ggfcf5L-3 WfagT?f6lfgWWW we " ' WZZMQMMW ' 130,21 X Q35 GCA wig? x K vig? X3 'ygwfgigmil A f5f,f?25555QfQs . he-.4 ,, , Page 2 3 7 11 23 ,R f Page K Q 1 Dedication U 1' Q 25 Administration "' 3' 27 Faculty 31 Seniors 39 Iuniors 1 kxwl 5 0 'W is Q - I - - ., ' ! '--" li 7 f VM' ' 3 3. I'-. I -'N-A 4 lrffh 'UWT . , - A s uf fix ? 9 x r 20th Centur Tigers Sophomores junior High Elementary Honors Activities In Memory of ..... THE SGUND OF SILENCE PAUL SIMON Hello darkness my old friend, I've come to talk with you again, Because a vision softly creeping, Left its seeds while I was sleeping And the vision that was planted in my brain Still remains within the sound of silence. ln restless dreams l walked alone, Narrow streets of cobble stone 'Neath the halo of a street lamp, I turned my collar to the cold and damp When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light That split the night, and touched the sound of silence. And in the naked light l saw Ten thousand people maybe more, People talking without speaking, People hearing without listening, People writing songs that voices never share And no one dares disturb the sound of silence. "Fools!" said l, "You do not know Silence like a cancer grows. Hear my words that l might teach you Take my arms that l might reach you." But my words like silent raindrops fell And echoed in the wells of silence. And the people bowed and prayed To the neon Cod they made, And the sign flashed out its warning ln the words that it was forming. And the sign said: "The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls and tenement halls" And whispered in the sounds of silence. Charlotte Haynes Earl Ewing Shirley lay Phyllis Delcamp Les Pipkins at s Q sg 1 I ' . lp t 1,3 'L ,,,. W A4 ,fi Xt XT.. , .,,, ff li if 7 7 - - fn-1, , P ' Q, ft 'liar f ll " ' Z lrlizx ' ,l . . Vi tip ,M ,.l. NX. X N lklit lt ' A ,nf X i'-' an Elementary Principal Mr. Danilavez Superintendent Doyle Helm High School Principal Gene Cross Ir, High Principal Glen Duncan Sponsored by Coy 8 Lanelle Leggett 6' Western Realty Assistant Elementary Principal Mr. Woods Board of Education Red Huitt . t Merle Baughman Alton Smith Alford lung Iimmy Al Wright Sp d by Charley Wade an .1697 . Z, , , f, . ff A ff , f f ' ! f , ' ff ,Z 1 4 f' . ,. 72 A rf ,. .y WV A WW ,H "On your mark, get set . . " "Show us your undie-alls. "Knit one, pearl two" Sweep your own floors' 11 Sleep has educational value? "What's your excuse this time?" tix, Junior-Senior High Faculty Iim Albiston Alan Ferrell Business Education Industrial Arts and Counselor BS. B.S. Don lsenberg Mathematics I. High Boys Coach B.S. Iane Porter Opal Reed Darryl Rogers Eddie Smallwood Speech Therapist Home Economies High School Coach Vocational Agriculture B.A. B.S. Drivers Education B.S. ia A 'Fl ' Vicki Sullivan Bob Sullivan Randall Taylor Library, Speech, English, ' English, Library Science B.A, Speech and Drama BS, BS. rr, , Roger Thompson History, Government BS. History Elementary Faculty Sandy Clifton Rita DUHC-HH Wanda Braken Third Grade BS. FifSf Grade B45- Fourth Grade BS. v i ' . 'P . 2' . Mary Hartman Ida Hill Brenda Rogers Iulie Sanders Second Grade B.S. Teacher Aid Fifth Grade BS. Kindergarten BS. gl A' Y al lk! if Q J 'I .gfmr'., v Vickie Smallwood Bess Sullivan Patti Welch Laretta Woods Fourth Grade BS. Reading BS., M.E, Special Education BS. Third Grade B.S. is if w 9 People Who Make the School Run K gi Mmm! lghm Mrs. Helm School secretary Custochans Coy Terrell Hellen Woods Doug Lovett Cooks Bus Drivers Russell Kent Iulian Gala Marie Delcamp Kathryn Louise Sullivan Michell Ann Barker Gary Don White Iohn Timothy Dotson Rhonda Delaine Mantooth Kathleen Ida Day Tina Louise Whitehead Sharon Kay Patton From Babies of the 60's RQ W D.E. 1 D.C. DS. S,P. Ds. 1.v. GD. K.D. M.B. KJ. IW- Doug M. GD- Sponsored by Iody Whitehead 4 M Kc. , '2s""'Jlf' ' 122551-S. "NM --4 ,sm . HN m n Q, -...Sw 'ff ' 'fir :If .Q.' ai 'PE :J .,-,fi :JY 5 ggziffkkbs r-: E 1:55 4:3 5 Eqwufm-.- to Seniors of '81 W Q ,,.,, M MMM am D.S. I-MEAN TC. Sponsored by Mr. 6' Mr , , KS. .-,f., ,f. F g ah Q is . . hm A i G . W . s. Cecil Mantooth. D.M. it fm . M K.H M.S. T.W. Martin Dwight Hutchinson Kim Marie Sullivan David Wayne Smith Betty Darlene Mansel Kenneth Edward Schettler Sponsor by Bob Sullivan 63' Ross Optical Diana Ewing Iimmie Earl Upton Mike Siscel Keith Edward Hale Jeri Kovacs Wittiest Most Talented Who's Who Friendliest Best Dressed QP' mimi rf' Best Dancers Most Popular Best Looking S it 1 Most Scholarly Best Athletes Biggest Pest I M05t Bashful Most Talkativtx www, -f,.,,w 'N' B ltt it J I J- it fluff , 6. .nmfigfu M-115' 95 C fmwiii ,.f, Most Likely to Succeed Biggest Flirts Best Actors ,,..,,fj ,, - DeAnna Cosgrove Kenneth Lynn Vorpagle D'Ann Sullivan Danette Shepherd Iohn I. Van Winkle Sponsored By: Paul Talzuferro 8 Mr. 6' Mrs. Arnold Sullivan Iimmy Don Wright Dale Owen Mclver Kellie Kayeanne Curry Charley Ioe lay Teddy Ira Castle f f Sponsored by Cletus 8 Karolyn White Mama W ,mwww :WWW MW WW w""'A ,pf L, ,.,,,,,..4' , . , M,,,,! ,MMM MAWWA AWWA fm X1 ff A 5 Q ,f ,ii Z A, if if ,J If 5 1 Picture Not Available K Gail Bender Kevin Bray Winston Brown is Sponsored by Mary Sue Hayes 11th Grade Nicole Carpenter Debbie Crawford Geraldine Danilavez Kenny Day Gary Derrico James Dotson Todd Fehring Donna Ford Fred Forsythe Mary Geiger Roy Lee Green Darlene Hathorn Timmy Hayes Susy Huitt Bobby Hutchinson Michael Iones Lori lung Mike Iung Lois Lawson James Martin Roy Miller Renee Payette Danny Pearson Ronnie Rainwater Debbie Rankin Iimmy Rankin Deanna Rego Beth Rich Kyle Richardson jerry Seib Mencie Shuck Michael Smelik Sophie Sovo David Stidham Deborah Sullivan Darryl Taylor Virgil Turner Gina Turpin Iody Vance Tony Vetter Charles Weger Thea Whitaker gr, Sponsors Mr, Sullivan Mr. Smallwood Sm O. X Sophomores I. R. Barker Todd Bradshaw Kevin Bradshaw Amy Botts Dena Boyce Robert Bussey Mark Cox Linda Curry Ioyce Farmer Randy Farris Stacy Green Martha Hutchinson Ricky Iones Tina Lilburn Lewis McCraken Billy McDonald Brice Morse Lorri Pickens Iimmy Rego Todd Rogers Timila Rother Darrel Seymour Ronda Simpson Sherrie Smith Debbie Stewart Bobby Sweany Mandy Whitehead Chris Wilcox Greg Williams W ga? 7 'W' , is W .. , , ? in Q53 X EQ A x S Y is 5 X fi 0, f ff Y f , f UV X fl 3 9th Grade Sponsors Mr. Isenberg 8: Mr. Thompson 7th Grade Sponsors Mr. Rogers 8: Mrs. Sullivan 8th Grade Sponsors Mrs. Reed Albiston Cheryl Brantley Mary Ann Derrico Chet Ford Lanny Glass Rusty Hale Carol Hardzog Leon Hathorn Steve I-Iathorn Iimmy Hill Mikel Hood Bobby Huitt Billy Ieffreys Micheal Iones Mark lung Paula lung Regina King Radeen Lovett Danelia McKaskle Charles Miller Sam Mitchell Trina Morse Shelia Pierce Dodge Pool Ann Marie Rankin Ian Simpson Mark Smelik Sherry Smith Tammy Snider Diana Gail Sovo Duane Sullivan Morgan Tosee Ierry Turner Ronnie Vance Sharon Vetter Randall White Teddy Williams as 1 'Z t V I ,ix Q-Qfgj f , -,yy 8th Grade james Crawford Craig Cross Angela Dodson Darren Fehring Elgie Forsythe Billy Hutchinson Laura Mansel Dawn McCarley johnny McCracken Albert Norton Laurie Rankin Rhonda Rego Darrin Schettler Steve Seib Teresa Spriggs Michelle Thamer Charlotte Upton Iohn Vance Karen Vetter Kristina Weger 7th Grade jasper Adamson Ann Alltizer Beth Anderson Evie Ballard jared Bradshaw ,... Picture Not Available Ronda Bray Laura Brown Cary Coleman Lisa Curry Jeff Dees David Dotson David Duncan Ysleta Forsythe Brent Hale Cynthia High Delbert Hill Donna Martin Roy McCarley LeAndra McDonald Kevin McKaskle Iudy Milam Eugene Mithlo Danny Nunley Tammy Nunley Melody Pierce Alicia Smith Kandi Smith Misty Smithson Stephanie Sovo Angela Sullivan Frank Tosee Fabian Turner Susie Turpin Thomas Vorpagel Karri Wilcox QW I 4 wax 6th Grade jimmy Adamson Andrew Alltizer Candra Anderson Mr, Woods Picture Not Available ft' Michelle Bunjes Donna Butler Melissa Cagle Cheryl Derrico Kevin Hardzog Raymond Hill Iennie Holt David Huitt Ronita Huitt jerry Kovacs Kenneth Kuntz Tammy Lewis Iustin Lilburn Ronald Mansel Tommy Morse Ionathon Parsons Bridgette Pendley Dennis Ryans Chrystal Schettler Chad Simpson Connie Smith Richard Snow Christy Spears James Stillman Ronald Then Michael Turpin Iames Whitcomb Ricky White Iames Wilson Stacy Wright th Grade Mr. Danilavez Mrs. Rogers Tracie Adamson Brad Alexander Iimmy Cornwell Lori Culp Thomas Davis Dustine Dees Tina Dotson Lawana Duncan Traci Glass Don Harrison Angela Hix Kerry Holt Gina Howard Aubrey Hunter Becky Hutchinson Andrew Kuntz Brian Lawson Eric Lovett Letisha Mansel Ronald Mills Rickie Mithlo Russell Mithlo Mary Pendley Tony Pearson Michael Pickens Ronda Pinchback Steven Rich Scott Simpson Ierry Smith Donald Sovo T. D. Sovo Ramona Steele Kim Tahchawachah Alan Taylor Devin Thamer Michael Then Derik Tracy Bobby Upton Lora Whitehead Roy Wilcox Chris Williams Ioey Wright 4th Grade Mrs. Bracken Mrs, Smallwood Gary Adamson 0 picture available agmw picture available 4 ...nd jason Anderson Ieannette Ballard Arlene Bender Marlene Bender Chad Brown Wilma Bunjes Lori Coleman Chad Cross Crystal Davis Darla Dees Deborah Derrico Iason Dodson Heather Feldman Stephanie Gagiardo Kenny Hill Dustin Hood Holly Howars Dennis jones Iulie lung Robin King Ramona Matthews Tommy McCraken Luke Milam Sam Mitchell Dallas Nunley Shawn Nunley Brent Pierce Monty Rollins Brian Schettler Lisa Snider Karen Snow Keith Spriggs Bobbie Vantine Stacy Warner Stephanie Wood Tyler Wright 3rd Grade Lynn Alexander 5 Mrs. Clifton Mrs Woods Picture not available 'V 74 Debra Adamson jim Camp Lisa Carlson Daren Duncan Shalako Evans Ierrako Evans Tina Everett Marion Farmer Christy Farrell Amy Forsythe Lana Fowler Robert Gray Ianet Harrison Greg Jacobi Ioretta Iones Melissa lung Sally Kerchee Shannon Mansel Lisa Massey Raymond Matthews Randall Milam Alysia Newsom Lonnie Pierce Malesa Pierce Roger Pinchback Carl Prince Chass Schulte Kelly Smith Randy Smith Terry Smith jennifer Snider Christian Thamer Dora Valentine Ray Vance jason Whitcomb Wendy Whitehead 2 as 4 5 I 2nd Grade O I1 1 Mark Culp Martin Curry Stephanie Davis John Farmer Brad Hardzog Clint Harrelson Iudy Harrison Karena Holt Nancy Jacobi Seth julian Tara Kuntz Dustin Lemons Micheal Moore Lupe Morales Ramon Morales Renee Parsons Christi Pierce Monica Rego Shane Reynolds Rodriclc Sovo Regina Stinchcomb Cheri Thompson Malcolm Upton Thom as Wood Amanda Wyatt Mrs. Hartman Amanda Ball lst Grade Mrs. Duncan iv" 1 QM? 4 ff' 3 Picture Not Available NAM Andrea Bussey Timothy Clark Douglas Dees Monte Eary Moque Forsythe Danna Goddard Shelley Goddard Danny Hanks Rita Hermisillio Iackie Hix Dianna Holt Misty Huitt Ienny Iacobi Rebecca Iester Ronnie julian Leslie Kuntz Juana Morales Micheal Pendley Machelle Pierce Sheila Schulte Terra Slatter Megan Smallwood Regina Steele justin Sovo Sonya Sovo Kindergarten Raymond Anderson jason Conway Berry Ford Picture no available Picture not available ww' Mrs. Sanders was Q5 Brandy Garrett Brad Hale Chad Hale Darenda Harrison Adriana Hermisillio Regina High Sandy I-lix Willie Kerchie jason Kuhlman Amanda Kuntz Loretta Mithlo Ruby Morales Chris Newton Darrel Nunley Alishea Prince Daniel Rego Rhonda Smith Shannon Sovo Terry Turner Aaron Warner --s 1 1 . X , x'Q 3 S x ,k W 'xx ' , u " ' , ,Ll , x 1 f-yr Class Favorites N1 Kellie Curr aw--""' Seniors Iuniors Sophomores 7th Grade Fabian Turner Evie Ballard Y 'Sr Charley lay Deanna Rego 51 Mike Smelik Linda Curry Sr Darrel Seymour Freshman Teddy Williams Trina Morse 8th Grade Billy Hutchinson Angie Dodson Class Gfficers Seniors Iuniors Sophomores 8th Grade Freshmen 7th Grade King and Queen Q E: 3 . xx x AX A L X 1st Runners-up Timila Rother Tod Diana Ewing 10h 2nd Runners-up E 2 1 NE? Q ' ' A. Y W X K Nt X x 13 S ' i F v N naw Y- k X QNX X x .fi 5 x 5 I K E , 3 Aw Q .Q-L t FIR Q E 3 X d Rogers n Dotson S - 132 - 3 S Pm e 2-LSE iii X-. S5 I ia 1 ..k .1 .2Q: .w 2: 31.4 . . 1 YA- i A 1, - -,YB X Q m. , Q . Mascots Misty Huitt Brad HardZ08 Prince and Princess Lisa Curry jared Bradshaw 3 2 First Runner-up L R kin Darrin Schettler Sh 5 th Mark Smelik Second Runners-up Mascots Shelly Goddard Valedictorian 8: Salutatorian Hlgh School Valedictorian Salufutofiun Kellie Curry DeAnna Cosgrove Iumor H1gh Valedictorian Sulutatorian Cheryl Brantley Mark lung High School Honor Society Iunior High Honor Society JW s 4 mv D'Ann Sullivan All Area Forward State Speech 8: Demonstration Winner Member of Outstanding Names 8: Faces 'lqflls y e Q 'ms 'HQ L. SAI' V NX wr 'L .' N D 'D' ' , 155 l ' T-ii - Ii Q LS t 9 - . X . I f L ,slew l l i - lp - gif, i ,i , ,f f 4 xv, g 5. f 4 I ' ik.: . I ,,, 'v .ee x 'X ,, like ' Sterling Stars Kellie Curry lst State 4-h Demonstration S.W. District 4-h Reporter Thea Whitaker lst dz 2nd Tulsa Fair Showmanship Mr. 8: Miss Sterling High School y Don Wright D A n Sullivan Mr. 8: Miss Sterling Iunior High Ierry Turner Carol Hardzog iln ., ",'w'Q'i'1,J-'iffflfgSHiiZiii?E?5?3Wi9Tz' Future Farmers of America ' , Top Row: Danny Pearson, Mike lung, Todd Fehring, Keith Hale, james Martin, Bottom Row: Iimmy Don Wright, Ieri Kovacs, David Smith, Mr. Smaliwood. if ... l .-. Future Homemakers of America Standing: Dena Boyce, Debbie Crawford, Katy Sullivan, Opal Reed, Kathy Day, Tina Whitehead, Timila Rother.. Seated: Renee Payette, Rhonda Mantooth, Iimmy Don Wright, Michell Barker, Carol Brantley. F' FHA Beau Ieri Kovacs F F A Sweetheart X . " K I 51 A E . fp 3 QP .N - R it Q Q 20th Centur Tigers Staff Standing: lim Albiston, Rhonda Mantooth, Kathy Day, john Dotson, Gala Delcamp, Katy Sullivan, Michell Barker Sponsors: Mr Farrell, Mr. Taylor Seated: Tina Whitehead, Betty Mansel, Sharon Patton, Beverly I-lucks, Diana Ewing, Ioyce Farmer Tiger Roars Staff .ss-EIN '71 jim Albiston, Iames Martin, Mary Geiger, Donna Ford, Diana Ewing, Beth Rich, Lois Lawson, Kellie Curry Seated: Lori Jung, Sophie Soyo, Susy Huitt, Deanna Rego Office Aids vf Diana Ewing, Darlene Hawthorne, Debbie Stewart, Rhonda Mantooth, jerry Seib, Michell Barker, Kathy Day Library Aids Sitting: Mike jones, Billy Jeffreys, Joyce Farmer Standing: Mrs. Sullivan Indian Culture Studies Group '+R Y, 3 1 ,X . . P .. f - J S pezgfg, S Donnita Nahquaddy-Advisor, Diana G. Sovo-Reporter, Stephanie Sovo-Vice President Morgan Tosee-President, Sophie Sovo- Secretary-Treasurer, Eugene Mithlo-Parlimentaran, james R. Albiston-Teacher Sponsor ne Student Council High School 4-H - A .. QS Junior High 4-H Elementary 4-I-I 4 Year Letterman Best Athletes High Cheryl Brantley Rusty Hale High School Dale Mclver Tigers Verden Fletcher Geronimo Cement Elgin Geronimo Chatty Cache Fletcher Apache Fletcher Cache Cyril Apache Elgin Cache Sponsored by Larry 6' Donna Smith 6' Wilcox Electric. 48-22 39-57 65-41 80-64 49-44 73-44 60-33 63-25 68-63 76-62 68-52 61-33 58-44 55-68 52-50 59-48 RR4 Tigerettes Verden Fletcher Geronimo Cement Elgin Geronimo Chatty Apache Fletcher Cyril Fletcher Cache Cyril Apache Elgin Cache 50-47 60-69 50-42 37-30 56-51 44-55 61-59 73-48 49-39 82-57 55-45 63-45 55-60 64-44 64-52 52-51 Seventh and Eighth Basketball Fifth and sixth Basketball Senior High Baseball li W, , V een aai , aa Junior High Baseball ill! - Ballet Class l 1 X? f X f f' Superman W, , I . ,,, , 'Q HQ " fi' U H ,,, ,, 1 K M , ,.,, f "I lost my earring 'rf "Up, up, and away 'ff fs., Ls NIl',S 3 bird, it's 3 P18118 . . . N "Jacks anyone?" Tricycle Lemans 2f'3f?Zii.fG Iumor Pla IIN Miss Goodin ...... Mrs. Clendenning. Miss Ogilive ..... Mr. Harper ....... Coach Guthrie... Mr. Lundquist... Pamela Jones .... uBuzzn Bailey... Shalimar Ames .... nMidgeH Murphy... Faversham Lightly Tallulah Ploetz.. Ronald Sassoon... Miss Dill ....... HTickH Tok .... Mrs. Ratchet .... Elmer B. Ames... Kent Julian ..... Tina Whitehead... Gala Delcamp .... o More Homeworkn Kim Sullivan Kathy Day Kellie Curry Jimmie Upton Dale Mclver David Smith Danette Shepard Mike Sisoel Jeri Kovacs Michelle Barker Martin Hutchinson D'Ann Sullivan John Dotson Sharon Patton Keith Hale DeAnna Cosgrove Jimmy Don Wright Sound Emcee Emcee Sponsored by: Roberta 6' Elmer 6' Phyllis Petracek Senior Pla C Paw Belsnickle ------- Mau Belsinckle ------- Ceelie Belsnickle ---- Bonnie Mae Belsnickle Juney Lou Belsnlckle- Four Bclsnicklee ----- Five Belsnickle ------ Six Belsnlckle ------- Obeey Upschlager ----- Chiz Upschlager ------ Ronald Maxwell ------- Lucy Maxwell --------- The Reverend--------- Cousin Zeke--------------------- The Cousins--------------------- -----------Martin Hutchinson onqoocoosonxathy opqassnoooqoemna Cosgrove D' Ann Sullivan ---- ----- --Danette Shepherd Kellie Curry noaoootouonilefi Gala Delcamp Jhnny Don Wright Keith Hale John Dntson Rhonda Mantooth David Smith Jimmy Earl Upton Charley Jay Kenneth Vorpagel John Van winkle iff? ,lf - 1 an ' I ,JwQ,dw ef? ,nr Sponsored by: A4r.6? A4rs.14rnold Sulhvan 72 f 1 ' J " Q ' . , Aw ' - . A 'f V ff . .,. , f 5 -J 3 m fg if 'IM iq? W .0-W V V YM, , ., I H N ,,- -- ' I i , , , , . ,,,, MM, L , , V :Z ,, 4,, , MQ , , , , - f BNN' A: i X .A xx' i ' ' W I wi Q ' ' wk? .fvfigfl W3 V WMI qllllilmf WW 1 ,V ex ' , if nf . MN -W-lp-q A xx my w I 4, R 25 I ix Do I have to do this??? Common 59nS'37?77 I 0 Capltal Pun1shment"" 5 X I . I 4 Year Lettermen or escapees? v XJ Y J ""'W-Q-3' if .fa Q G - SR!! , , -w A Q34 as X K Ni? gag: A - 3' X- was Q K S, -Xi, Q f at ii I fs' "9 Xxx ' Congratulations to the Graduating Class of '81 f . IOII1. R dy yl Don lsenberg Opal Reed Mike Iones Allan Farrell Glen Duncan Cathy Farrell Mr. 6' Mrs. Doyle H I Mrs. Kim Sullivan R 8 S Sporting G d Mr. 65' Mrs. Millard Day Kenneth Edward Schettler FFA-4 yrs, FFA Officer-1 yr. Class Officer-2 yrs. Social Studies Award David Wayne Smith FFA-4 yrs. FFA Officer-1 yr. Basketball-3 yrs. Baseball-4 yrs. jr. 8: Sr, Play DeAnna Cosgrove Basketball-4 yrs.g 4-h-9 yrs.p FHA-3 yrs.p Miss Sterling Ir. Highg Ir. 8: Sr. Playg Honor Society-5 yrs. Salutatoriang The Society of Distinguished American High School Studentg Who's Who Among American High School Stu- dents Gary Don White FFA-3 yrs, Vo-tech-1 yr. Welding Whois Who-Biggest Flirt FFA4Chapter Sentinel Mike Siscel Basketball-4 yrs. Baseball-4 yrs. Ir. Playg 4-h 4 yrs. Who's Who-Best Actor D'Ann Sullivan Basketball-4 yrs.g Trackg 4-h 9 yrs. FHA-3 yrs.g Honor Societyg Ir, 8: Sr. Playg Drama Playg Student Council-Pres. FBLA-Vice-Pres.g '79 8: '81 Miss Sterling High Schoolp Who's Who Among High School Studentsg The Society of Distinguished Amercian High School Students Seniors of '81 , Kathleen Ida Day FHA 4 yrs., FHA Officer, Assist. Editor of Yearbook, Tiger Roars Staff, Ir. 8: Sr. Play, Who's Who Among American High School Students, Office Aid 2 yrs., Typing Award Tina Louise Whitehead FHA 4 yrs., FHA Songleader 1 yr., HOSA 1 yr., HOSA Parlia- mentarian 1 yr., Yearbook Assist. Business Manager, Tiger Roars Staff, Ir. Play MC, Vo-Tech 1 yr., Spanish Club, Librarian 4 yrs., Who's Who Among American High School Students, Home Ec. Award 2 yrs., English Award 1 yr., Honor Society, Most Bashful Iohn Timothy Dotson Who's Who Among American High School Students 2 yrs., Soci- ety of Distinguished American High School Students 2 yrs., Most Likely to Succeed, Most Scholarly, Honor Society 4 yrs., Ir. 8: Sr. Play, King Candidate, Baseball, Basketball, Office Aid, Yearbook Artist Iimm Don Wright Basketball yrs., Baseball 4 yrs., Ag. 4 yrs., Jr. 8: Sr. Plays, FHA Beau, Society of Distinguished American High School Students, FFA Officer 2 yrs. Class Favorite Dale Owen Mclver Baseball 4 yrs., Basketball 4 yrs., 4 yr. Letterman, Honor Society 2 yrs., Who's Who Among American High Shcool Students, Sophomore Class President, Ir. Play, Sophomore Class Favorite, Student Council Kellie Kayeanne Curry Basketball 4 yrs, Honor Society 6 yrs, 4-H 10 years, Who's Who Among American High School Students 2 yrs, Society of Distin- guished American High School Students 3 yrs, Ir. 8: Sr. Play, Class Officer 4 yrs, Class Favorite 2 yrs, Music 3 yrs, Student Council President 79-80, Student Council Secretary 80-81. Russell Kent julian FFA 3 yrs, 4-H 2 yrs, Best Dressed, Vo-Tech 1 yr. Kenneth Lynn Vorpagel r. Pla , :HA lyyr., Drama 1 yr., Vo-Tech 1 yr. Kim Marie Sullivan Basketball 4 yrs., Who's Who Among American High School Students 2 yrs., 4-H 9 yrs. Rhonda Delaine Mantooth FHA 4 yrs., FHA Officer 3 yrs., Senior Play, Editor in Chief of Yearbook Staff, Tiger Roar Staff, Who's Who Among American High School Students, Library Aid, Office Aid. Iohn I. Van Winkle Senior Play, Home Ec. 1 yr., Vo-Tech 1 yr., Consumers Math 1 yr. ' I Seniors of 8 1 Sponsored By: Dr. Howard K. Ross 8 Rick Goddard Martin Dwight Hutchinson Ir. 8: Sr. Play, FFA 2 yrs., FHA 1 yr., Vo-Tech 1 yr., Drama 1 yr. Ieri Kovacs Basketball 4 yrs., FHA 3 yrs., FFA Sweetheart, Ir. 8: Sr. Play, Who's Who Among American High School Students, 4-H 6 yrs., Honor Society 3 yrs., Charley Ioe lay Basketball 2 yrs., Senior Play, FFA 3 yrs., Class Favorite 3 yrs., Vo-Tech 1 yr., Shop 2 yrs., Best Dancer 8: Wittiest. Gala Marie Delcamp FHA 4 yrs., Tiger Roar Staff, Spanish Club, Sports Editor of Yearbook, Vo-Tech 1 yr., Vice President of Business and Office Class, Sr. Play, Emcee Ir. Play, Who's Who Among American High School Students. Betty Darlene Mansel FHA 4 yrs., Class Editor of Yearbook Staff, Speech 2 yrs., Vo-Tech 1 yr. Michell Ann Barker FHA 4 yrs., Officer 2 yrs., Sub-District Vice-Chairman 1 yr., Of- fice Aid, 4-H 4 yrs., Ir. 8: Sr. Play, Who's Who Among American High School Students, Most Talkative, Biggest Flirt, Business Manager for Yearbook Staff, Vo-Tech 1 yr., DECA Treasurer, Consumers Math Award, Home Ec. Award. Friendliest. Danette She herd Ir. 8: Sr. Plays, 4-H 9 yrs., onor Society 4 yrs., Basketball 4 yrs., The Society of Distinguished American High School Students, Who's Who Among American High School Students, Vo-Tech 1 yr. Officer, FHA 3 yrs. Diana T. Ewin Who's Who Among American igh School Students, 4-H 8 yrs., Yearbook Photographer, Tiger Roars Editor, Queen Candidate, Library Aid 4 yrs., Office Aid, Vocal Choir 4 yrs. Iimmie Upton Shop 2 yrs. FFA 3 yrs. Vo-Tech 1 yr. Drafting 1 yr. Kathr n Louise Sullivan OK Brown wiss Queen, FHA Officer 3 yrs., Washington Short Course, 4-H 9 yrs., FHA 4 yrs., Yearbook Staff, POAD Award, Sr. Play MC, Who's Who Among American High School Students Keith Edward Hale Basketball 4 yrs., Baseball 4 yrs., FFA 4 yrs., FFA Officer 1 yr., Class Officer 5 yrs., 4 yr. Letterman, Society of Distinguished American High School Students, Ir. 8: Sr. Play Sharon Kay Patton Citizenship Award 2 yrs., FHA 3 yrs., Ir. 8: Sr. Play, FHA Offi- cer 2 yrs., Yearbook Copy Editor, Vo-Tech 1 yr., Spanish Club 1 yr. Teddy Ira Castle Vo-Tech 1 yr. Baseball 2 yrs. 4-H 4 yrs. Typing 1 yr. ' I Seniors of 81 Sponsored By: Edmond Iacobi 6' Ioe Markle Sand Oak Farm Registered Brown Swiss Sand Oak Grand Beauty 644034 Born Ianuary 4, 1977 1979 8 1980 Champion 1979 6' 1980 Oklahoma State l,I.S.A. Tulsa State Pair Fair Breed Champion Regional Brown Swiss Breed Champion Show Bobby Sullivan 65' Family Marlow Oklahoma .lm 0909- Iohn's Apco Cold Beer 8 Soft Drin Fletc OK Iac:obi's Plumbing Gpal And Mary E11en's Beauty Shop H h OK XDPWQ- 41-Lx QA9' 'S' f'5?a'x5ZiZa QM A we Y f9LVAw X 5681533 1 R X , fm? SNK 3 fm R W1 Ni XX X STERLING LANDSCAPE NURSERY Riff O30 I rr ' X I STERLING LANDSCAPE NURSERY Cg 1' f h R Cy F ly v i fig X Y' EAUTY R 8K R PATS S B 84 DRESS SHOP STERLING OKLAHOMA Downtown Sterling 365-4547 lFl1"S GOOD FOOD YOU WAIT f fl ""' if N Sferling K - -S ALgc,Zfl3glS Chub Anderson Rt. 1 Box 17A 365-4583 Fletcher, OK 73541 vi Olrlahome Lawfon 9 SOONER FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN Lawton Branch, 4121 Core Road, Lawton, Oklahoma 73501 357-1414 A BST RACT TULSA OKLAHOMA CITY CO M PAN Y NORMAN PONCA CITY MC ALESTER Phone- BROKEN ARRow 3553680 NEWKIRK John M. Roll, General Mgr. Don Jump, Office Mgr. l-AVV-l-ON Charley Maguire, Assf. Office Mgr. . . . expect ITIOFG fFOIT1 Okla- homa's Piggybank! OK Iohnson's Dairy Foods H .LL.,A..LL.. F 5 K 4 g29CAv GJVQJJ7 ilHJfLa!w77t?n,OK 'NM Wuyjjjf owpw k PA -V fgwy 'Qxiygowvyigb wk M ob' Mon.-Sat 8:00-5:30 Box 612 5 gt 5 Ph. 14051 476-3484 215 West Blakely Rush Springs, GK 73082 Sandra Pate Specializing in Sonjia Dalrymple Gift Selection Mc:Kesson's Shoe Scott Lumber Repair Co., INC. 2210 Gore 102 West Main Street, P.O. Box 311 Lawton, QK Marlow, Oklahoma 73055 SIMPSGN GARAGE AND STATION 8fVSp POB G bbl G 365 4561 Ok! h STERLING GROCERY G RQc 6" 'Q T Mi? 'ec 0 4 .sn ,. my - ,,.w Sm 4 Main S+ree+ 365-4288 O BII dNkH Okl In GILLIANS PAINT AND WALLPAPER w'I' Roy Gillian Own D oe Paint Since I754 2309 W. Lee 248-2 I 57 on Old C g t lt f Sterlzng Hzgh School Dr. Cuffie Waid Optometrist 130 Z CvLawt0n Ph 355 1298 MANSEL'S SERVICE STATION 365-4405 S+ I Okl h THE FIRST IS gmc? SQQNER THE A QF GUITAR 6,9111 M T639 1 I X COMPANY SINCE ZZ' aufahaf '921 voun EXCLUSIVE ozsmnemorf Fon KGO W' New 81 Used Guitars AUTOMATIC QARAGE DOOR OPENER SYSTEMS SALES -INSTALLATION - SERVICE - PART soouiil Overhead Door Company of Southwest Ok Gulfn Pos: omce Box 228 50' Lawton, Oklahoma 7350! Telephone: I405I 355-O86-0 : n un 'TI ' :Ima- "I I Strings Accessories AMPS wumuxwm Iuuxumu nmnnuuurulnuuunln IIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIII PVIVHIG LESSONS IIIIIIUI2 IIIkIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIII'IIIIIiIIIl QQIIIIIIIIIQITIIIQI MIKE GRIFFIN 1517 Core II uuuu1umIIIIIIIIL III IullImf31-IIvIuInkuI luuuxu nunnuunmmu RANDY THOMAS, Owners 357-1689 -' wnmmu IIIIIIIIIIIII umm ummumu Inn ' IIIIIIlIIIIIII:III1IIIIIIII ' .'I-JI!" 'Q I' I I P.O. DRAWER 228 LAWTON, OKLAHOMA 73502 lox usv cons aounsvmzo PHONE 405-355-0859 MALQN E MGTOR CCDMPAN Y Ford Since 1922 Fords, LTD's, Thunderbirds Fazrrnonts and Escorts 549 6169 Sales Service Fletcher ffm FORD OK FELTQN DEAN PGNTIAC Low Sale Prices Excellent Service after Sale ICon1plete Pontiac Line-up! Bonneville, Grand Prix, LeMans GMC Trucks, High Mileage Diesel Trucks Firebird, Trans AM, Sunbird, Phoenix 52nd 8 Cache Rd. Lawton OK -I-Jigifgfifig ,Egg 2 5 APACHE 8 lfiiia, FARMERS E, ig COCDPERATIVE 7 'J .fmt fi: I , . Ly , w-wg, . W 'HF ' . W u 'V I , wmlff' AM" Apache Elevation 84 Chickasha Co-op Station Feedstore 588-3351 588-3346 224-5810 If l1"S GOOD FOOD , I W, ,Ann g ALFQRD s OPAL AND MARY ELLEN s , , -, CAFE BEAUTY SHOP flfmf N 365-4583 365.4469 Sterling H Oklahoma Sterling Oklahoma Congratulations PATSY'S BEAUTY fo the Seniors 8, of 81 DRESS SHOP Downtown Sterling 365-4547 CHUB ANDERSON STERLING MEAT COMPANY, INC. Custom Processing Smoking and Curing Wholesale and Retail Box 408 Sterling, Oklahoma 73567 Telephone 365-4646 ABSTRACT COMPANY Phone - 355-3680 John M. Roll, General Mgr. Don Jump, Office Mgr. Charley Maguire, Asst. Office Mgr. Lawton OK APACHE SPORT SHOP Top Service to Good Sports john Whetzal HARDZOG'S WESTERN STORE Boots for Hard to Fit Feet Sizes AAA to EE AP6Cl'l6 Oklahoma Owner A Across the Street from the Bank 588-3400 "Q X QNQN 'GW 5 1 CN OA Apache 1' fx X 1 I N f' Carey Neal Marine Mariner Outboards Skeeter Bass Boats DEPARTMENT STORE The place to go for brands you know Downtown Apache, Oklahoma Open 8:30 to 6 Phone 588-3893 Family Boats Caravelle-Sea Star Ankor Craft-Del Magic Sales-Parts-Service Telephone C4059 248-4587 921 N. Sheridan Rd. Lawton, Ok. 73501 Give us a Call 357 8618 BENTLEY-SMITH REALTY Let us take care to your Real Estate needs. We have over 500 different Floor Plans to choose from and will build on your lot or ours. 1716 Cache Road Lawton W Oklahoma Gene Burk Auto Glass Looe M yjy , I x eff :fm U Q ' .X ky , F GW. y XQJ h Ugly UMC! QCJ 'Nile I , I -ee Im Kim Ufooaesj Geiger These are my cousins Eugene fright! and Mike Burk fleftl. They would like to replace your windsheild Gene Burk A.G.S. EARL DRUG A T THE 4-DUCES EARL DRUG 33l c Avenue 357-lull Q----s - li' U SHOE KIYAII W EIN SHIRTS I TIOUSEIS wan" Wu' M M' 'nm SUEDI JACKETS HAND-MAUI IOOTS wrsrnu uns H .du-A 'o6'i3IsC3h'!H A D mmm Jzwmv 4 cunuos - 0 MA, ACME I JUSTIN IOOTS ' PICTURE EARL DRUG SGUTH 353 -6 0 77 604 Lee Blvd. 355-5233 QM ', sl? ' it Q5 f ?5'u'Ili'5'A3c'E'T22??s5'6I5 , Lawfon Olde. L w 5 is s llllllE""lI W 0 2605 Cache Rd WIG WORLD AND GIFTS 416 LEE BLVD. Lawton, Oklahoma 73501 405-357-7500 SUE MARSHALL DRUG Prescriplions Velerinary Supplies Cyril Oklahoma BOWDEN BARBER AND BEAUTY SUPPLY 412 LEE BLVD. LAWTON, OKLAHOMA 73501 ELLIS BOWDEN Bus. Phone 355-1352 TOMMY BOWDEN Res. Phone 353-5046 CASOLINE ALLEY 84 ART GALLERY Cyril Oklahoma Flowers for All Occasions TCL PASSBOOK SAVINGS 852- SIX MONTH 'HMB CERTIFICATE BQ-KA 968 '1'NVP1LY15j.QllQN'Uf'7fX,IYlE cE1:T1F1cATE 4lO S.W. Lee Blvd. S 248-8820 P.o. Box 454 ,g-,1gqjpirA1N?5TnEE'r Goldie Frosl cv1ulg,"6Kgl4hdMA2"'ifzozo Lawlon Olxla. FACTORY TAPE OUTLET The Store with the Most Music 8 Tracks, Cassette, LP's, 45's and Miscella- neous Craig Ef Panasonic Dealer 1906 Cache Road Phone 357-4400 l E T B F Edwards HOME FURNISHINGS 255-6741 eos WALNUT ouNcAN oKu.A TOM W. EDWARDS if Wig! iii?-'Q 3,499 Q N' wif ' V Q ffyfwvw , iigfif X Inez Carlson s , , ' 'Q I ff 'lg X INEZ , , , CARLSON? f custom DRAPERIES X N E msg EITJIOENEZIMATES 3553798 IClCDp Woodwards Furniture Appliances MT. SCOTT FEED AND SEED 1002 F. Avenue Zenith 8 Quasar Box 344 Superior Feeds Seeds 5883457 Minerals Insecticides Fertilizers Baby Chicks Vet Supplies Dog Food Maytag 353-3169 Lawton Okla Frigidare Amana Sales Service Apache Oklahoma Oklahoma Auction Center SHRIVERS' STORE Junior, Mayre, Earlene, and Kerry Gas, Oil, Groceries, and Hardware Fishing Supplies and Plastic Pipe Retail and Wholesale Gas Phone 355-OIO4 Chickashal Oklahoma SW of Sterling Oklahoma Charlie Brown Phone 222-0330 l X Lawrence lung Alford lung Rt. No. 1 Elgin, Okla. Box 134 Jung Brothers Dairy Milk is number 1 Be smart drink milk Rt. 1. Marlow Rt. 1 Marlow Anthong lung Charles lung Wanda's Burger Hut Wanda Whitaker 492-4929 Elgin OKLAHOMA aff Sage Compliment of BOB'S DAIRY MART BEAVER'S ANIMAL Hamburgers Fries Drinks . . . K9-W-lllwnbgcl 7M Miles East Hwy 7 onndiliunh. N iz L.. lu, Lawton Oklahoma Lovha.Wo. Phono: ll?-6644 - - - WAGGONER CARPETS, INC. if drwlnfzpggto b Everything in Fine Quality Carpets and awtonf ' 30 y Rugs Expert Wall to Wall Installation 1316 N. Sheridan Rd. A 6' W ROOT BEER DRIVE-IN! f405I 353-3354 Buy a Quarter Pound Burger with cheese 6' we'll give you a 40:1 Root Beer free! Lawton Oklahoma 1305 N. Sheridan Rd. 355-6453 Sales 14051 588-2112 I3 84 S FARM SUPPLY INC Allis-Chalmers - New Holland Sunflower-Miller Disc Farm Equipment PO. Box 771 Apache, Oklahoma 73006 Parts M051 588-3338 SAND HILLS KENNEL Ronnie Pinchback Rt. 1 Marlow, Ok. 73055 A Sz M Apco May Harris IOHN E BARNES T. H. ROGERS LBR. CO. IR., O.D. Doctor of Optometry Dick Bailey 1415 W. Gore 588-2402 Lawton, Oklahoma 73501 C4052 355-3036 Apache Oklahoma APACHE LIVESTOCK ZALE5 IEWELRY SALES INC. The Diamond Store Charles Hicks 588-3840 OK Apache Lawton, OK Lawton, OK 33 Cache Rd. Sq. Central Mall Congratulations Qagjd XS s fiif 52315 5 gg 5 fifgsggf EHIOVS Compliments of the Mclntosh family I ack Doris Greg T Okl h I ST TE NAT ION AL I LET Us HELP esta.-Q as fs AV E t x - 3, ' it U L' Cai IW! A ' 55' - Q-'zz E ,ggi?Z - Zami 77Zawe-y State National Bank "The bank that service built" Ira Green, Chairman of the Board Tom Mahaffey, President Donald B. Green, Exec. Vice President Press Mahaffey, Asst. Vice Pres. 65' Cashier Darvin W. Allen, Asst. Vice Pres. Les Dawson, Asst. Vice Pres. PHONE 658-5422 Marlow, OK Robbins Funeral Home Sympathetic Personal Service Air Conditioned Cars 549-6036 Fletcher :mimi 5 S.E. Washington Lawton, OK PHONE 405-427-6581 IIADY MIXED CONCRETE Marlow Concrete Company So. 81 Highway P.O. Box 91 Marlow, OK. 73055 if Tandy Leather Dealer B. I.'s Talent Tree Arts 69 Crafts Art Classes Gary Sumner Bus. Phone 658-5431 Res. Phone 658-2152 B' I' Cox 727 Walnut 252-2135 Duncan, OK. 73533 ..-.i.. Cm lm Brumme11's fs All ' 1 f Tire Center f ,LLM LM3 C h if Inc. by ll Q N:0iA'0L'- 'XXI fxisf-1'-My A ff' Q Ygjugdvd " f?XV9C9tCD JQWWK VC f BFGoodr1ch f X Complete Car Care Center Q '11 Q Y' XXQK, X , ,SN 1. 5 wr i 1 iff A ' " .I " f , qw . 3.141 - H I iff- '. ' ff ' . 1 6 ' f f 1-2 f,l'g R Qgiix El X'-X " 2, Q., L.. X XC -eff Y V 224-2211 Nights-Sunday Ev' Holidays call: 224-2173 327 Kansas -Manner ark e 6 SQIVICC Q9 -bwximhlzpl, No. A 7 L! ! ,em-1 -s Jueefvvelg NE gc ' I Nbkik. 81 Hwy. Phor?eN2g5- 84? Duncan, Okla. 73533 4 Lafjlglzjnfgjjfitgfon ALPINE CHEESE HOUSE z r Genuine Wisconsin Cheese Fresh Sandwitches PUBLISEQECLIE INC Party Trays Made to Order P.O. Box 648 4051353-0620 5583220 Lawton Oklahoma 73502 Marlow Oklahoma MILLER BAND INSTRUMENTS CO. KING CLEVELAND SELMER BUNDY LUDWIG DRUMS WURLITZER Pianos THE TREE HOUSE Clothing for the Family 219 W. Blakely Cuigars Sheet Music Lessons ALES - RENTALS - REPAIRS - ACCESSORIES . Rush Springs Oklahoma 357-1211 513 C P.O. Box 508 Lawton, Okla. 73502 476-3118 CECIL LAWSON BUICK-CADILLAC CO. HI-VI DOG FOOD ALSC Y Our Business ls Going 'ro the Dogs! BUICK 476-3267 wT AY F ,ul WV Guam Rush Springs it Oklahoma 4455 Cache Road jffy L' Lawton Oklahoma 73504 355-1213 THE REMNANT BARN INC 226 West Main Marlow Oklahoma CARPET CENTER 2702 W. Gore Lawton Oklahoma 73501 nv' - I' ...LQ 1 .4 5- LI: .. ull xy .ff f li m 5 'il u - .. I ll " - ':?.'i-'E- Ni..':"'.."Q"'1:1,-: . -- ""'- fs -. . ' ,Ca -A-,-:E lllliilgll lsszq- "v-'T-"Piss . :U M A V ig lluls 'TQ 2:-"'1'.--f"s-.": E if-fx H :-......i'-'fts +-2'-f,,-.,f-Eg-5S5.NE Q' A .... ...- "' ..... fr f H'-if 0000 -I- A WEEE SQUUIIIE S M0'3L'LEi.1Q'U3'i.3:,'I!f,AY Q3 UUQQQQ FRIDAY SATURDAY , x 8:30 - 6:00 8:30 1 12:00 Q3 SEE R? Q Il-if U35 W, - H V V.. 1-wnfhsameznguennimni, - . 0 4""X' A 1' -4 v , r ' I -X I I' EachdepositorinsuredtoS100,000 i -1 U -1 al 1 an , x hr , "' " 1.1 naw ummm vumuu na- mamma mas FIR NLIIUBIII lvl! lid ,Ji ,, . ST ,, 111111 'W !'L'53na-Z"",?iT3'nL2"?511's5nJRm ' "" """"""' """""""""l" :aus Hunan- Ildlllsll-u no In V K IRIRD KN MIUICIDSIUIKIDIQQIIHKIUW il 41 ii! xi' V' It ! , I V . K I Vf fu h I vw un-ct lh Ullljlli rf 0 A 0 0, f' r Main Bank Monday thru Thursday 9100 fv 3500 FEDERAL osvosn uNsuRANcs convommon Friday 9:00 to 3:00 4:00 to 6:00 pm. The First Bank af Apache Phone 588-3361 Conway Sr Hale Floor Covering cusToM MARBLE N 1 1 Conway s Decorating Plaza 2309 West Lee Blvd. Complete line of decorating in 1 step Lawton Oklahoma Van-tops Tubs Lao-bowls Wall Panels phone 357-3757 CONWAY'S DRAPERIES Draperies-Blinds-Woven Shades phone 355-3225 CARPETS Sheet-vinyl Laminate Tops phone 355-3225 MEL WEATHERLY'S CUSTOM COUNTER TOPS phone 357-5170 Mangum Chevy Service after the sale MARLOW OK CITY 658-5473 634-3411 DUNCAN 255-1221 353-2019 Rush Springs Pharmacy FRANK PETERMAN REG. PHARM. Phone: 476-3271 476-3272 Home Phone: 476-2343 Rush Springs Oklahoma TAFT GROCERY E. J., Nancy, Mike, ancl Ron Crow 353-7428 Fresh Meats ff Vegtables Associate S+ore Home of Better Values 1615 Taft Lawton Marlow Oklahoma DUNCAN BOOT 8 SHOE REPAIR MARLOW-COOP t l "THE FARMERS STORE" Complete Relmlf Sefvlff Fertilizers - Feed - Seed - Chemical All Shoe cure Items Personalized Belts . 8 Buckles Box 204 East Mann 653-3313 255-9482 717 Main FRO TIER FEDERAL SAVINGS 2601 Cache Lawton ROY'S FEED AND SEED Cooper- Purina- Acco Feeds Veterinary Supplies Tac Hardware Supplies Rush Springs Oklahoma Rick's Drive In Sue Green Ozlla Cox 476-2300 Rush Springs Oklahoma Bill Sare's Radiator Shop Best Radiator Shop in Lawton Working on Radiators Since 1946 907 S. 11th St. 353-8032 HASTON AUTO SUPPLY QIIPII i Mistletoe Express Sterling Agent 476-3824 Rush Springs Oklahoma Mr. Quick Performance Center 912 South 11th Street Phone 355-4646 Lawton, OK. 73501 Complete Line of Automotive Parts C53 kit 1 -EV" I 5 5 --lMe?egn4l SU 1 wf x gfsii , ' . X a 1fiy N - 1 sms New Holland-Chickasha New Holland-Chickasha We sell and service: Highway 81 South New Holland Phone 405-222-1451 Versatile Miller Sunflower Largest Stock of New Holland Parts in South Oklahoma 4 Congratulations Sr. of '81 Ryans Moving 81 Storage Co. 621O Cache Road-P.O. Box 5010 Lawton, Oklahoma 73504 Eugene Ryans Phone Owner Bus. 536-1474 Res. 353-3027 Lawton Stock Yards Congratulates the 1981 Seniors of Sterling Garden City of the World Earl Glover Oscar Glover Kuntry Kookin SERVES YOU FIRST lib Licken Gud Compliments of Hambergers Chicken Underwoods Catering Service steaks Salad Bar Phone 353-2590 2603 Cache Rd Marlow, Oklahoma Lawton Carry Outs 823 Outlaw Ave. 658-6211 Marlow Real Estate 8: Congratulations Insurance Agency Serving all your insurance needs To the graduating Class of STERLING YOUR lldepelldellf From: Insurance LAGEN1' Dan L. Wigington 201 N. Bdwy. Marlow, Oklahoma Security Bank and Trust 24-Hour Banking With Your Neighborhood Bancard Your Good Friend in Lawton C Avenue at Fifth Street 353-7700 Lawton Oklahoma Re-Elect Tom Manar State Representative Y kr h e Oklahoma House of Representatives fGood Luck Seniorslj HUITT ELECTRIC Rod HuH'+ Con+rac'for R d 365 4625 B 248 4772 R + I L wi' OH h TIEESAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION LA WTON 73501 MARLOW 73055 NORMAN 73069 'IT ALL I N S I LAQ.'T' BEG L 1 l l ' I ,,.............c.. SANDERS AUTO PARTS ALL MAKES MOTORCYCLES SALES 84 SERVICE MOTORCYCLES - Sales 81 Service LAWNMOWERS - SMALL ENGINES Sales 84 Service We Carry Simplicity 81 Ariens Lawn Mowers 81 Lawn Tractors HWY 277 549-6165 FLETCHER cyfai, ox CYRIL STATE BAN K Homer A. Thompson Pres. Box 89 464-2277 SOUTHWEST VET CLINIC Dr. joe Kelsey Doug Kirpatrick Porter HiII Oklahoma 492-4404 IIHEAVY-DUTY POWER EASY-DUTY oovronr' , T 1 I ' iq ,.-, or IIITIIMV li-C Tim: As il IV iii I 025 X N I X? cv f XX x s A GREEN LINE IMP. CO. Hw JOHN DE ER y 7 East Lawton, Okla. 357-1001 Larry Cabelka Come in and Iet us show you how our new 4-wheel drive tractors lessen th h ' e p ysical and mechanical ef- forts of big hours in the field. MC CALL'S GARAGE CYLINDER BORING BLACKSMITHING MACNERO and ELECTRICAL ACETYLENE and ELECTRIC REPAIR WELDING Tractor Truck Auto and Farm Machinery Repairing ROUTE 1 LAWTON, OKLA. 73501 ROBERT'S GROCERY Through Our Doors Walk Ihe Fines? People Our Cusfomers ES 1,5 1 Rush Springs, OK E' n RKET yr Q. Leggett Construction Co. 304 Ridgeview Way Lawton, Ok. 73505 355-4482 RUSH SPRINGS HARDWARE Box 542 Phone 476-342l Housewares Plumbing Hardware Gardening Ceramics Electrical Jerald, Frances, Monica, and Kent Burnet Rush Springs Oklahoma Kellycustom Seed Cleaner Cephas M. Kelly Fletcher Oklahoma Ghz: Marlow Review Newspaper and job Printing 658-2217 or 658-6611 316 W. Main Marlow 73055 Robbins Ford Phone 658-5466 U34 Years in Marlow" BLANTGN REAL ESTATE 84 INSURANCE '35 YOURY nilrpr 'fill lfuwnrr XAGEHT 0 'nuns vuv unu- X Pr-5 219 W. Main OEF: 14051 658-2618 Marlow, Okla. 73055 RES: 14051 658-2583 THE BANK OF ELGIN HISE AUTO AND FARM SUPPLY Hardware Housewares Au+o Parfs Rufh Berry Wa+er Sysfems 492-4227 An Emblem of Excellence Elgin out A Symbol of Service Member F.D.l.C. Elgin Olrla. Shull-Hardzog Elgin Insurance Elgm Agency, Inc. Lumber Hardware Sz Appliance Inc. Drawer I S H U L- L Owner-Burl Mansel R.C.A. and Whirlpool Appliances Elgin, Oklahoma 73538 Hwy. 277 Box A 4051492-4137 HARDZQG Phone 492-4000 S H U L L Elgin, Oklahoma 73538 'nc' HAFIDZOG APACHE FARMERS COCDPERATIVE ?'33?Fi"K?' 1. ws MR-uc .-..,4..l., ..,,.,, i L w 'r ': - ay wg' 5 ,wq5.,J-, N - f M.. M. --.Q gm:-y,y:: , Apache Elevation 84 Chickasha CO-Op Station Feedstore 588-3351 588-3346 224-5810 "THE OLD RELIABLE" FIRST NATIONAL BANK RUSH SPRINGS, OKLAHOMA 73082 SINCE 1906 PHONE 405 476-3255 3 , Q5 , Ra .mo O. Gibbs, Chairman of Board Q s a N' ' 0 6 Z' .7 Q I Q36 92 x GD . f , U7 Q 23 0 iq ie if? fl Q E5 UQS Charles W. Appling, President Bill Baumann, Vice President B. I. Crittendon, Exec. Vice President Ronald Parish, Cashier Mark Brown, Sr. Vice President Ann Baumann, Public Realations C. H. Wyatt, Ir., Vice President N fx '. . X 5 , ZS,QawtoCh'!9 dlflost Clinique ChiQdrrEv1 O4ppomeQ Stone O y Margo Sanders A A A r S O X f , J j+S, u wner 5 f 'A j I 1 F gf ' O ff 1905 N. SHERIDAN Ox, 4 'Q' O ' x f' 51: 9 , 5 1 LAWTON, OKLAHOMA 73505 em 559, , ' Q fafllgoizfg 11 x , .sit nf -4 ' T n1Qf- W' Q1 uh?" . . A Sw -- Q . TELEPHONE Z' ,Qi , G9 X- V 4051355-2284 VISA MASTERCHARGE WELCOME Lawton Custom Draperies LEONA CARLSON 1318 N. SHERIDAN RD DECORATING CENTER 248-1732 V- ' JON ES-BERN ARD AGENCY INSURANCE-REAL ESTATE 9 UR Qfwufgg QW0 Jima, 'Jgiwfgw MQ u4fXg Qfwcmvw XM bg f EXVQ UM bb vounl.,f,,,.1,., XC 5 , Q? KQQQW5 LQZQC7 56,71 K f f ' JJ rw fww Msg Egfwf MADE wwf RQ R f 4 ef Q 0 if LEQEQZ JCE, W! if ,gem gig WR fi A E! ij f Rf in be fijxb Ti Ks -' Eg-QR LA 7 awk E I f SPENCER T. BERNARD " E, Rush Sp g X X DALE E. JONES fi ,Q 476 3289 okl KK QQ A5 La X JN X A , X 'kkg ' 'fi EEi1 X Z X XXNQ X ix ii-' Ig! ' if ll X! Tl-KA DAIRY Registered Holsteins Mary Sue Hayes Tim Best Wishes Seniors SAUERMAN SALES Complete Auto Parts Service: Repair 84 Exchange Alternators - Generators 701 F Street Starters - Carburetors Brake Drums Turned McCulloch Saws Parts and Service Maremont Mufflers 355-0460 . X-Y X ,fr X to Q AMSIOIL DEALERS George or Iody Whitehead SYNTHETIC LUBRICANTS Arvlsfou. vs PETROLEUM LUBRICANT' ,lj E ,E ECo,lAMsm2v1fQPexcP'wm1Qw ffl v,.A HMKV-E 'E 6010 .mor I 'r'.fw-r Rt. 1 Box 19 K l""' A tl' 'R 91 .f 1 J O l l l Fletcher, OK 73541 l I M'1R 1 l 1' 2 405-365-4694 in fl l l l 42 PSS 01811 ,, l v 3 o 29 ww l fe 2 1416 F St. Lawton, Okla. HYDRAULIC CRANE SERVICE 18 to 70 Ton Cranes 66 to 230 Foot Booms -153---1' WE 1 -A Rates Hourly or by Contract 5"' A Q63 We specialize in all types of const ruction erections Prefab and Steel DAVE BARRETT l405j 353-3304 Flowers Roy's Auto Supply Etc. WHOLESALE AUTO PARTS Luther Tucker Downtown Elgin it 492-4880 1325 Lee Blvd. Phone 357-0384 XX sg? Lawton, Oklahoma 73501 Open weekdays 8 to 8 Sally Wass Home: 464-3352 Grav-a-Name G I Too 91-gi' o'EQ,e 1 7? Engraving Specialists :S w ew Trophies - Nameplates 28 jewelry Engraving Warehouse Dale Cantwell, Owner Phone 355-2137 Food Discount 620 C Avenue Lawton, Oklahoma 73501 Complete Banking Service Customer Parking Court Drive-In Auto Teller Service Strength and Dependability Our Constant Aim 4 f' A 'x ,v-., :. ' "Q" 'i"'j. "ff if , . 5953 3354" A 'a gf-x31"','-"'Q4,',y. f"g . Yjvr 5 .Ag -avg-,,q,.vJU5-Lu1,V- as .. .g'?"-Eifiarf 1'fi.3'l-:im :xiii if r , tif- 715' S' . 1-' - em , 1? S t T UNM.. ANK g t 1 MERECAN i E .. 'T LAWTON OKLAHOMA , .. ,J"zg,,', Sixth 6' "D ll Member P.D.l.C. Avenue Phone 353-6500 T 1 ?. N- A Y.7'f v FIRST NATIQNAL BANK Congra'l'ula1'ions fo Each of you Seniors on your gradualion from Sferling High School and may you have conlinued success in each of your endeavors lhrough life. Please Lel' Us Help You in All Your Endeavors! Each deposiborinsured to '40,000. 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Ok 73501 SEXTON AND SEXTCDN SCHOOL SUPPLY, INC. 3 .I V , I A C Double I Enterprises Inc. Figure Perfection Salon 37 Cache Road Cache Road Square Apache Propane Co. Box 261 Apache Oklahoma Phone 588-3300 Tullous Mfg. Co. Aluminum Welding MIG TIG Brazing Shear, Press Brake, 8 Roll Shop Welding 365-5613 North of Marlow 4 BARNEY'S DELI 804 Main THE FRAME SHOP AND GALLERY 2208 Gore Blvd. Art Supplies 8 Custom Framing Duncan Oklahoma Lawton 357-6777 IANICE'S BEAUTY A. R. A. EQUIPMENT SHOP RENTAL 2318 West Gore Southwest of Sterling 353-5683 Lawton Oklahoma METROPOLITAN Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. CROW'S Metropolitan Property 8 Liability Ins. Co. Radiator 81 Muffler Shop 1501 W. Gore 1704 Cache Road Lawton, Ok. 73501 Lawton Oklahoma Phone Number 357-4408 Bert Robertson Ioan Wgpd Office: 355-6231 Qffice: 355-5231 HOME! 355-5213 Home: 355-1775 2nd 6' B Avenue Lawton, OK. Phone: 353-8912 STANLEY'S ELECTRIC SULLIVAN INSURANCE Every thing in your Electrical Needs AGENCY Low Prices Insurance of All Kinds 255-3349 Duncan Etta Sullivan Agent Open Monday-Saturday PARTS PLUS 10 A.M.-4 P.M. Ring and Brake MAGIC DOOR CERAMICS Automotive Supply 1010 W. Gore Lawton Okla. 73501 Kiln Repair 6' Service Highway 81 South Bypass-Marlow, Ok. Phone 248-2293 Classes Thursday Gary 6' Linda Bruner Certified Duncan Teacher Telephone 658-6251 "Everything for Your Car, LIS and Import" lung and lung Inc. ALLAN WINHAM KIRKPATRICKS Furniture Appliances Gifts Gems Best Place To Trade 50Ufl'l HWY 81 PO- BOX 5 Complete home furnishings Rush Springs OK Marlow Duncan WAGGONER CARPETS, INC. Everything in Fine Quality Carpets and LAMB5 PHILLIPS 66 Rugs Expert Wall to Wall Installation Your favorite station 1316 N. Sheridan Rd. sooner or later l405l 353-3354 Marlow Okla' Lawton Oklahoma Congratulations TRQTTERS Seniors of 81! MELBA BRLIMSON Delta Tire 84 Mag Center All Sterling Residents get special rates. Wheel Aligning Shocks Bill Troter owner 2016 W Lee Blv 357-0823 THE OIL CHANGE SH OPPE Thats All We Do! Oil Change Now Or Mechanic Later A-1 CERAMICS Greenware Bisque Paints Flflng 302 East Cole Fletcher, Okla. 73541 Sheridan 6, D Lawton ESl'Ellt1 Kiser THE KLOTHES KLOSET A.F. WASS LUMBER 84 Custom Caps, T-Shirts, HARDWARE' INC' and Athletic Shorts No. Hwy 8 D T? V 464-3251 KO Fletcher Oklahoma Cyril Oklahoma Elmo Gibson GIBSON OIL CO. MAC' I LITTLE MAC'S GROC. GROC. Phillips 66 Distributor Wholesale Ea' Retail Cyril, Oklahoma 73029 fgitff 'gf' Lifftl SE , 0 , Office Home 355-1237 357-5757 464-2257 464-3175 PROWELL fr mpj. Zanjm if BARBER SHOPPE 0 I' " I l7l'l N. SHERIDAN RD. LAWTON. OK PHONE E 73505 355-l3i,mJ I 2102 W. Lee Lawton 'ffgi lil iifhhififl M051 658-6613 STEWARTS AUTO REPAIR C 8 S EQUIPMENT Ierry Stewart Sales-Service-Rentals 476-3489 476-2366 Rf- 2 Hwy 81 5- Rush Springs Oklahoma Marlow Ok. 73055 DON NUTT Buick, Chrysler, Plymouth, 84 Dodge, Inc. BLADES TEXACO V777 n B Operated and owned by ll Tl CHRYSLER DUUQE Alfred and Grace Blades llBHICSl 21 S th 9th St r 301 S' 3rd' ou ree - Duncan Oklahoma Rush Springs Oklahoma LATHAM'S, INC. Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning WARD 81 EARNHART Bathique 1 Feed Seed 84 Fertilizer 702 Willow 255-5742 Evergreen Feeds Duncan, Oklahoma 73533 Marlow 658-3312 Lynn Latham Mikes SPORTS TEEL CENTER, INC. GROCERY E1 MARKET Get Good Food-For Better Health Melon Center of the World 252-3800 Let us Help you save on food Elk Plaza Duncan Oklahoma Rush Springs Oklahoma ELGIN REALTY COMPANY Congratulations Seniors Equities Insurance Farms Real Estate New Homes THEA WHITAKER Bus. Phone 492-4260 Res. Phone 492-4231 Elgin, OK S l' David Kolker, Owner ter mg Oklahoma ELGIN CAFE TRENT'S DISCOUNT PHARMACY Phone 549-6115 Ann Ingram, owner 492-4593 Fletqherl Qkla, Home Cooking Weekdays - 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Saturday - 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Trent Moser, Reg. Pharm. Elgin, Oklahoma Hwy 277 ELGIN "66" STATION pmlupg FLETCHER HERALD Fletcher Oklahoma Box 511 Phone 492-4765 Elgin, Oklahoma 73538 GENES AUTO AMBROSE GROCERY SERVICE , Sure Fine Prochds S49-6338 24 Hour Wrecker Service lohnny 8. leannette Ambrose Rt. 1 Elgin 95 Mile West Hetcher Cxddnm. of Porter Hill i E LAWTON OFFICE Phonezss-0123 1 , MACHINE X X V V Q 'Q'- v N x A 1004 D A 7,INC. , M WARD MALL Q Dum n,Okl h m 73533 f'---f "SO YeatofCofj1'nOuojs Service" 3 Lawton Oklahoma '. We sell to serve again ,1Jf"'4 STAR PAWN SHOP THE T.H. ROGERS LUMBER CO. AND PROMART 908 South 11th Street Lawton, Oklahoma 601 South 81 Bypass Duncan, Oklahoma 73533 Manage, phone Owner Robert "Butch" Pritchard Manager Vernon Williams 353-5600 Bill Williams Telfvhvmf 4051 255-4750 Of 4751 RINGER . , Rv. SALES Ldilcoxaona 5th Wheels . . Travel Trailers . . Tops Cabovers . . Tent Trailers. . Motor Homes "" Dry Goods Y Phone 224-2896 Y A Highway 81 South 213 West Mann Marlow, Okla. It' cnfcknsnn, Oklahoma 73018 g BLIRL'S DISCOUNT DUNCAN COMPONENT PHARMACY CENTER 328 South 81 Bypass Duncan, Oklahoma Ward Mall Duncan, Oklahoma 73533 Phone Phone 2524028 Pnnnnncy-252-1270 I Emergency-255-6673 140 Pool Snooker Dominoes Pinball 6' Video Games Come watch football on a 7 ft. screen television Pickles Family Recreation Center M 81 S QUICK MART Milk, Groceries, Ice, Gas, Coke Pop Open 7 till 11, 7 days a week! sHARRoN'S FLOWER T SHOPPE RUSH SPRINGS LUMBER Flowers for all occasions We wire Flowers Anywhere 476-3217 301 Cole h , Fletcher, Oklahoma Phone 549-6226 RUS Sprmgs Oklahoma T.H. ROGERS TOWNSEND ELECTRIC LUMBER C MPANY O 208 W.Blakely Insured Bonded 1. National Electric Code Conderence Certi- - 'Situ fied 2. All Minor and Major Appliance Reapir llEverything for the builderff 3. Wiring Residential or Commercial on Re- Box 400 405-549-0248 modeling or New Construction Fletcher, Oklahoma 73541 Rush Springs Oklahoma K 6' I HARDWARE sLAWsoN'S FLOWERS 314 W. Blakely Karl 6' Irma Pfleiderer Rush Springs, Main Street Elizabeth Slawson Phone 476-3737 549-6558 Fletcher, Oklahoma Home 475-2124 CABLE MEAT CENTER Custom Slaughtering 84 Processing BRUNER"S FRUIT AND VEGETABLES Wholesale and Retail Gary and Linda Bruner l State Inspected Rush Springs, Oklahoma 476-2332 South 81 highway 658-3210 142 IWW! M, ff? QQ, ,QM kpm QW ' mmm m?ff,7wwMmwf-MX f JQYZQQJ JM Www ,fl if uf nm 5 Wk QQ, DMKCMXM M Sfficfdo S 6 , ffm gb ? CW 5 Qfwww IW KN 'Q I 35, Q W Us fm " U We' Q1 ox wx MZDNJM ' Q Ng N Rel oo- gw I I S656 gg X F .J My f K gil 5 'Qjjgq Q36 wif? XPMQN 2? 2' X QU' Z! , 4 23 icq Vx lx K fycii X CL DPL 'OYA 005 A M,y K , ,Chu 3 Jw Na WL N 19145 Z2 my K L1 MU Nm 0,1 if W ww aww Illgfb fk8'i'WJWb! Vw 3 ,Q WJ of ,LM 1 qw, ,QMW MMM .fx x M ,Q Q A, UQML ,' x fgkgb .K 6L'L'q ' ' 1 X193 ,yu gb pjpigj 6'w1c3jLy94,1.A.O fOA,cJ6,0.lC3,4fJ, MQW OWAJ M962 My Q Cf j, . ru Q1 QM Wk H ,DL G cr? 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