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Sterling High School - Tiger Yearbook (Sterling, OK) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 136 of the 1979 volume:

M , M 3 X fl HS H Wa X Hifi-' is Q ,s 9 ,i I 1 1 I I i thi' Tl-IETIG-El-'21 1 979 mwbguw - eww Editor-in-Chief Randy Taylor Business Manager Barbara Derrico Class Editor Iodi Mote vwbwbfsmgly Advisor Myra Evans SportsfActivity Editor Clendon Brantley Photographer Penney Martin "N---t' David Dwuba Jolw Louis Qeibolab Edwwaddi Qclsdfieuu Jiang Delvcicof mwamgvm -? L1 IN Memorzxor: A i 1-tl ...Q :T "EEE, ,l v-1 -l 5-B --:-J. .L .11-1, if Q19- - m -Q l , ..-- 1 -3,-9-A ,Q' A-39 '35 Dedzmtww 2 Tge1uQfa6Q TABLE OF 4 Must R S Paoudtgmidefayf 8 Qe1am.sol,'7Q II Jwams 20 Qoplwwmes 22 Juazoful-Hgh 25 Edmnwtwq 21 Aatwdm 29 Qpofdns 51 QelwwLz5e 61 Advmtismg 75 'HGE-IZ Hard at Work! E f tl fra J , 4 2 ff, 1 , ,f if , X 44 ! y 1 f 1 -- Hardly Working! I ,,.. Seated from left to right: Randy Taylor, Editor-in-chief, Penney Martin, Photographerg jodi Mote, Class Editorg Clendon Brantley, Activ- ities Editorg and Barbara Derrico, Business Manager. Myra Evans, Yearbook Sponsor. ma-N ll, ru an --"" """""'-Q-may Sponsored by Myra and Ken Evans SLCW IVIINISTRATIC SCHOOL BOARD Mr. Huitt, Mr. Seymour, Mr. Pearson, Mr. McCall, Mr. Wright Glen D. Duncan High School Principal B.S. Math Sponsored hy Terry McCall PEJNCIPALS Robert Danilavez i Elementary Principal .rirism , a l f Gene Cross if junior High Principal it ,gf B.S. Industrial Arts 1" ll fi X V, . , 1 6 x ENT I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the graduating class of 1979 for their efforts in completing twelve years of prescribed course of study. Because of the educational opportunities that have been presented, each of you now has the ability to achieve a greater success in your adult life. On the behalf of the faculty and administra- tion, I sincerely hope that you will use your education as a foundation for furthur endeavors. The decisions you make concerning your future will be of great significance. Through the values and traits that you have developed and chosen for yourself during your years at Sterling School, you will either achieve excellence or mediocrity. I encourage each of you to set your goal for excellence and work toward that goal throughout your life. For the students who are underclassmen, may I challenge you to study and leam all that you can during your adolescence so that you will be better equipped in later years to handle problems and opportunities that arise. Sponsored by Lucy and Doyle Helm. FACUUY - GRADE QC!-IOOL 45? ,W , 7 , cw" ,. julie Sanders Pliiai HHCHII Kindergarten First CTS-C16 I Vickie Sfnaxllfxivood Mary Hartman Second Grade Sewrld Gfadfi . N ix ir I ,tt X .. , ,, X . X i . Third Grade Laretta TV , J Q it ft X1 VVanda Bracken Becky Etheridge Fourth Grade Fourth Grade 4+ .. - ,.f'.. .4-, .fs - vf 1 5 Brenda Rogers David W ds Connie Wahl jane Porter Bessie Sullivan Fifth Grade Fifgixglra , Special Ed. Speech Therapist Reading 1 G .fYxXi9'.Q,4Q x bf S 'if V . , W L FAOJUY -- JUNIOR-SENIOR I-HG!-I Kim 4 ix Charlotte Haynes Eddie Smallwood Opal Reed English - Spanish Vo-Agriculture Home Economics Library Myra Evans Randall Taylor English Science 133' Darryl Rogers High School Coach Driver's Ed. Bobby Sullivan Diary Boydstun Social Studies Music Am 85,4411 Nw f Nt W, L Don Isenberg Mathematics Ir. High Boys Coach ,. 'U'- Cheiyl Rothell Business Education QENIO Q Myra Evans nw -v Gene Cross E S if Penney Martin and jeff White Standing: Stephen Seibold - Sec.g Clendon Brantley - Vice Pres.g Tammie Hale - Reporter. Seated: Dewayne Cosgrove V Pres. Not pictured: Kent Dalrympic, Treas. 1 l----,MW pf' Penney Lee Martin Music Award, Sr. Play, Yearbook Staff, FHA 3 yrs., Cand., Best Dancer, Class Favorite. Barbara jean Derrico Basketball 1 yr., FHA Officer 3 yrs., FHA 3 yrs., Ir. and Sr. Play, Tiger Roars Staff, Yearbook Staff, Music 3 yrs., Student Council Representative. Glendon Lee Brantley Baseball and Basketball 4 yrs., FFA Sec. Treas., and Pres., 4 yr., Letterman, Year book Staff, VVho's VVho H.S. Student, Most Athletic, Ir. and Sr. Play. ffifi Stephen Louis Seibold Baseball 2 yrs., Basketball 1 yr., Star Greenhand, FFA 4 yrs., Officer 2 yrs., Sr. Play, Reporter and Secretary 2 yrs., 5 W f ., ,,. 'JW f' Iodi Mote FHA 4 yrs., Tiger Roars Staff, Yearbook Staff, Class Favorite, Queen Candidate, Mistress of Ceremonies, Sr. Play. Sponsored by Mary Derrico Randy Wayne Taylor Basketball, Track 4 yrs., Baseball 2 yrs., 4 Year Letterman, 4-H 9 yrs., Yearbook Staff, Ir. and Sr Play, 4-H Officer. Mary Linda Hartman Scorekeeper 4 yrs., Reporter 1 yr., FHA Pres., Ir. and Sr. Play, and History, Typing, and Music Award. Kent Weldon Dalrymple Sec. 1 yr., Treas. 1 yr., FFA 4 yrs., Music 3 yrs., Ir. and Sr. Play, Nat,l FFA Chorus, Honor Society 5 yrs. Tiger Roars Staff, Citz. Terry Lemons FFA 4 yrs., Basketball 1 yr., Baseball 1 yr., Basketball and Baseball Award. E Garland Bussey Treasurer 10th Grade. .5 Terri Lynn Fehring Basketball 4 yrs., Honor Society, 4 yr. Letterman, Ir. and Sr. Play, Salutatorian I.H. Princess. Sponsored by Bemard and Shirley Fehring .FIB xx NV Q . f lt Dee Ann Huitt Basketball 4 yrs., Class Officer 3 yrs., 4 - yr. Letterman, FHA 4 yrs., Tiger Roars Staff, Ir. and Sr. Play, Most Talkative, VVho's Who Among H.S. Students. Tammy Butler Cheerleader 11 yrs., Most Talkative, FHA 2 yrs., 4 - H Reporter 1 yr., Ir. Play. David Glen Payette FFA 4 yrs. David Ray Vorpagel Tammie Hale Basketball 4 yrs., Tiger Roars Staff, Ir. and Sr. Play, Honor Society 6 yrs., 9th Grade Valedictorian. Sponsored by Alton and Helen Huitt V2 W 1? V . 3 C Karen Boggs Basketball, Track, Volleyball, Softball, Ir. and Sr. Play, FHA Officer, Honor Society 6 Yrs., Maconic, Who's VVho, Class Officer. Kathleen Rainwater Louie Dewayne Morris Basketball 3 Yrs., FHA Basketball 2 Yrs., 4 Yrs., Ir. Play Baseball 1 Yr., FFA 1 fFreetosj. Yr. 11 Henry Celger Cathy Cagle FFA 4 Yrs., Drafting 2 Basketball 2 Yrs., FHA Yrs., Woodworking 1 4 Yrs., Mistress of Yr. Ceremonies, Queen Candidate. . ati Kimberly Kaye Kovacs Basketball 4 Yrs., jr. and Sr. Play, FHA 4 Yrs., Tiger Pioars Staff 4 Yrs., Letterman, Class Favorite, VVho's Who, Queen Runner- Up. ,.s. Robert Holt FFA 4 Yrs., Baseball 2 Yrs., Woodworking Award, Basketball 2 Yrs., Reporter, Mr. Sterling junior High. A31- . V, Weldon Dewayne Cosgrove Baseball 3 Yrs., Basketball 4 Yrs., Ir. and Sr. Play, 4-H 9 Yrs., Honor Society 6 Yrs., 4 Yr. Letterman, 5. s X Wayland Brown jr. sr. Play, FFA 2 Yrs., 4- H 4 Yrs., Basketball 2 Yrs., Baseball 3 Yrs., VVho's VVho in H.S. Students. Darryl Schettler Baseball 1 Yr., 4-H, jr. Play, VVho's VVho in H.S. Students. 4-H Officer 6 Yrs., Class President. Sponsored by Sherry and Latricia. Jeff XVhite Baseball 4 Yrs., Basketball 4 Yrs., Sr. Play, FFA 4 Yrs., Reporter, 4-H 4 Yrs Class Favorite, King Candidate. .W N. f-...W Most Athletic Glendon and Karen Most Popular Stephen and Terri Most likely to Succeed Kent and Karen Most Scholarly Karen and Kent QENIOIZQ 01,79 Most Bashful Glenn and Linda WI-!O'Q WI-IO Wittiest Stephen and Tammie i I -ii it ta Best Looking Stephen and Terri Most Talented Glendon and Kim Best Dressed Dewayne and Tammie Most Talkative IW Best Dancers Terry and Penney Biggest Flirts Robert and Iodi Louie and Dee Ann Jurvro Q Bobby Sullivan Eddie Smallwood Sandy Pendley and Roger Jacobi From left to right: Kristy Baker - Reporterg Donna Lovett - Pres.g Laurie Cox W Sec.-Treas.g and Cindy Hardzog - Vice Pres tim? Stanley Seibold Cheryl Simpson Brent Sweany Wendy Syring Teresa Tosee Lelana Weger Billy Adamson Kathy Alexander Dudley Boyd Kristy Baker Roxann Bray Laurie Cox Michael Davis Nadine Denrico Kelley Dodson Troy Fehring Charles Hamilton Cindy Hardzog Ken Harris Kay Hayes Dorenda Huitt Monica Hutchinson Roger Iacobi Kathy jones Donna Lovett Dong McCracken Juwro if m , gji. 95 w- also -J P' NX Q jerry Miller Gwyn Mitchell Sandy Pendley Terri Pickens Cheri Pool was Bl ii 'U rf, sk- -swf 1 X ex! K i 5 2 l -ft 1 if s t 'ki L 1 QOPHOMOIZEQ Qpoasoas .. 1 Mr. Taylor Mr. Rogers Dale Mclver - Pres.g YV iDale Mclver and Deanna Cosgrove O ' Kellie Curry - Reporterg Keith Hale - Vice Presidentg Ieri Kovacs - Sec. and Treas ,P an imap., ,f 1, H 2 'M 5 "' 'fr' 1,52 , A . 'Wg , ,. ,,, , , 157 ,, . ,Er aw 5, 1 . ,i f ,gf , ' ' . ,J ,Mfg-if J f f ' H , Wfzfglfh . A ffm., I, 7 La' , uh ff' . ,J W1 ' ,. 1 ' f' ' ' ,' ,, , Aff Iimmie Upton Iohn Vanwinkle Kenneth Vorpagel Cary Don White Tina Whitehead Iimmy Wright Mike Ball Teddy Castle Deanna Cosgrove Kelly Curry Kathy Day Gayla Delcamp john Dotson Diana Ewing Keith Hale Martin Hutchinson Charlie Iay Kent julian jeri Kovacs Betty Mansel Ronda Mantooth Dale Mclver Sharon Patton Kenneth Schettler Danette Shepard Mike Siscel QOPHOMOEEQ ,.,k s y David Smith Glenda Snider D'Ann Sullivan Katy Sullivan Kim Sullivan '!!""' .jug-,R 1 3 3 s IX, .S , ' -1 .. T' M sv.. i F ' L, it Q g g, ' ' N is ig. , xi If X V X sig D ' ' ft , ,hi . - Q' 46 '3- if , r W, I .Y ,' ' ff. 'Q as ' ki' 4'-it-,fi-'fi if fi - , , 5. .... f ., , 14 K1 l e - +1 -' D Q, X: . Ll' yt, , X S g SER ,'!.?'e,,,A- .4 I i X m rr, ,X S, pang i X fo 1 9, X ,IN , W M? fy :W , Oh yea! M V ! ,A fif M ' I Dr. Iulius Irving Hale You don't say? .Mi Beauty and the Beast! ! Keep your hands off the machine! Guess Who? Men's Liberation hi Ride 'em Rogers! Smile, you're on Candid Camera! Their normal way of viewing life. The SYS- Of 80 have C135-9??? I I F N SIGNALS AHEAD I-IMEN Qpoasoas 57,5gB.5?2S.5f EAU 26. 1 i A Diane Tn R , f 5 , Boydstun Don Isenberg Timmy Hayes and Lois Lawson 55109145 Standing: Geraldine Danilavez v Reporterg Danny Pearson - Student Councilg Roy Lee Creen - Sec.-Treas.g Virgil Tumer - Vice- Pres. Seated: Timmy Hayes - President. Gail Bender Carol Brantley Kevin Bray Winston Brown Debbie Crawford Geraldine Danilavez Kenny Day Cary Derrico james Dotson Todd Fehring Donna Ford Fred Forsythe Mary Geiger Roy Lee Green Darlene Hathorn Timmy Hayes Susie lluitt Bobby Hutchinson Mike jones Lori lung Mike lung Lois Lawson james Martin Roy Miller Reba O'Connor Renee Payette Danny Pearson Ronnie Rainwater Debbie Rankin jimmy Rankin Deanna Rego Beth Rich Kyle Richardson Lisa Smith Sophie Sovo David Stidham Deborah Sullivan Darryl Taylor Virgil Turner Tony Vetter Charles Weger Thea Whitaker FIZEQI-IMEN Picture Noi' Available if 5 fa. ' L 'K Y' E' Q vs 4 wr t 3 B. faq ' T so M wrv 1 fl- - Y it Ex .Sli E t , - X G' Q ,V 1 Q 5 RQ A' gg 'I s' .,,k . . W' x :itil .Vk"ff" ' ,ggi .g L, ,tygy " - 'Q ,W is V T52 -1f"'O Q , K ' - Yi, ., , v , .V,,. ,L ,E it 1- 5 I Lf' Wx. Y nl ' ef: ' J' L in ' t 2 X .il " L Q- ii Q RW' r. if is J .. , 3' ff aw iw - k ' ' 1 ff H, 5 V ' X t 1 s. 'N-wet' " if B' LV A, ,- .. I f , WIQ we if g B su: Q v by ' If 3 D ,ee,fy ., J 'I 5 K A g 1 P " ,. 4 414 I R " .9 ', ig cit , we K fha li H ' 1 Mis Haynes Todd Braly Robert Bussey Mark Cox Linda Curry Randy Farris Stacy Green Debbie Hutchinson Martha Hutchinson Ricky jones Tina Lilburn Lewis McCracken Billy McDonald Lorri Pickens jimmy Rego Todd Rogers Timila Rother Darrel Seymour Ronda Simpson Sherrie Smith Bobby Sweany Christine Swindler Penny Temple Mandy Whitehead Chris Wilcox Greg W illiams RQ X , , Pg? de lb X ,V f ff - ix.- new E ' Q Q s l 'A u S 2 ll L P Q wwf I 1 tx B rs. Reed eg J S Mary Anne Derrico Mrs. Rothell Chet Ford Kelly Clover Rusty Hale Carol Hardzog Leon Hathom Jimmy Hill Mikel Hood Bobby Huitt Billy Jeffreys Mike jones Mark Jung Paula lung Regina King Radeen Lovett Danelia McKaskle Charles Miller Sa.m Mitchell Sheila Pierce Dodge Pool Anne Marie Rankin jan Simpson Sherri Smith Tammy Snider Diana Sovo Kris Sovo Duane Sullivan Morgan Tosee jerry Turner Sharon Vetter Pete White Teddy Williams 'N 1 Q - .S ffgll 7 ,X 4 ww as 5.4 . .:, ,,,,,.- H., S. iv K kv. lmisu Lanny Class , l ,, Q5 ' QN , . L W K 4 l .X , A w ,V .Ex - xk 6' W ,V .ii. S fe P A Sandy Ball Cheryl Brantley , Z' K w . . Y I X xy , Y hw , , 'Z 6- -1-wvdwm A 3' YR Q. sv - Q ws ' 1, E p-fmf. ..-Ilmegggaifeiiiiggi 6?-"1-'f Z-,in nw ,QA fab.-vi-fs fo- K , N Q X 3 N155 S .ar va. v -1: .Lili 41, f ' 4, ' KE fall- fl?" Qi -1 'i-Q .,.' af5?i'i - FAVO Linda Curry and Mark Cox Pete VVhite and Carol Hardzog Mmm Standing: Kevin Bradshaw Gr Lorri Pickens - Reportersg Greg Williams - Student Councilg Chris Wilcox - Sec. 61 Treas.g Todd Bradshaw - Vice Pres. Seated: Timila Rother - Pres. 'Twin . lun. W ,...t..,.-sf -- Standing: Sherri Smith - Sec. 6: Treas.g Cheryl Brantley - Reporterg jerry Tumer - Student Councilg Carol Hardzog - Vice Pres. Seated: Rusty Hale - Pres. F X SP ED Ll T X ELEMENTARY Mr. Danilavez Angela Dodson Darren F ehring Elgie Forsythe Mary Henson Tim Henson Billy Hutchinson Laura Mansel Dawn McCartley johnny McCracken Laurie Rankin Rhonda Rego Darin Schettler Teresa Spriggs Buddy Temple Iames Temple Charlotte Upton Karen Vetter Karri Wilcox Kristy Weger Fred Womack DCU-I Ricky Ball Jimmy Crawford Craig Cross ,.4q- fb ,, 1,05 Qi wt, 0 ,, 1' -ev ..x bf azljl ' 'iliazi R roeoeo - . 5 r 1 ,,i... W fsfg kg ir AL yu p ,K ,553 il' .Xl if A. - is ZW kr, ' -2. . ' - -if 1 : , A , fm. mf-. 'Cl 2 Q gli-S 3 Q . . ,.. 3 7 41, Mrs. Rogers H Mr. Woods FIFTH GRAUE Rhonda Bray Laura Brown O'Teka Bender jared Bradshaw Angela Braly X . S W ig . ., U. .. Cary Coleman P- axe 2. . -M Lonnie Covington Michelle Cross - :ar X Q 1 t if Q X Q Lisa Curry Jeffery Dees David Dotson David Duncan LW V X Ysleta Forsythe . - Clyde Cray l ik Brent Hale swf J, PE Q.. s' Shane Hardzog Cynitha High Delbert Hill . David Huitt E we Ieannie Holt l-w r.- -- 1 3 EX Donna Martin . Roy McCarley Leandra McDonald Kevin McKaskle ' ' Judy Milam ' asa i - 1 5 'U' '15 3 5 Eugene Mithlo Danny Nunley Tammy N unley Melody Pierce Alicia Smith ' . , Q Kandi Smith ' Susie Small W. " X fi 'VK K B Misty Smithson ' "11 W Stephanie Sovo Angela Sullivan Frankie Tosee Fabian Tumer Thomas Vorpagel Karen Womack g. fs? jasper Adamson Evie Ballard if U 56' is S 'fe 4 -xv M5 v. .3 s- ,X M . . .,.,. Q. 'L i 464 W 'N 1 . il .5 E 4 to-ll Q kt' 3. wi if ""' . X 3 fm! 14- ... ', .QQ 4 V g n A Q . 'wr ai? 1 ' .Qi 3 . ,'. R E ,K ,ii W '34 Jvc X: i':.ii . 6 4 v. x -H N 93 Os was sf g s-f I , 'Q M. A Fi ' . , 4. . . is 5' K Q 'Fi ,' .-ea. 1- - 'H is , , :ui ,N ,, .LL ,-. ,,,, . .9 J vu Q- , f ii .ln r L if f in Y fi?-'f'fig.l sf-.' W . N. . 3- wr- fi ff , Qo- E i 4 gyyy is 4 ff an 1-.1 -1 Charles Edwards Kevin Hardzog Don Harrison Raymond Hill Ronita Huitt Ien'y Kovacs Kenneth Huntz Brian Lawson justin Lilbum Ronnie Mansel Brian Moore jonathan Parsons Brigette Pendley Mike Pickens Crystal Schettler Tommy Seymour Loree Short Chad Simpson Connie Smith Ricky Snow Christy Spears james Stillman Ricky White Roy Wilcox Stacy Wright Donna Butler Missy Cagle jackie Covington Cheryl Derrico Candra Anderson Michelle Bunjes C Q ' --,- It I. 21- C. ki xx N' I " is S 'H 2 1- L f 1 A ' ,- -A, 'lx "+. rf ",-::. f Z Ra Q' r l - f 4 f N Y Q N ' Q' Q l , . Q , has -, as N 52. N A N x .mt-Q' , xv gan I .,1f , i.. I I Q fl 43335 4. r i -Y-- '- Q -. f Mrs. Clifton Scottie Gray Sami Hale Kerry Holt Aubrey Hunter Becky Hutchinson Dennis jones Andy Kuntz Eric Lovett Letisha Mansel Tommy McCracken Sammy Mitchell Rickie Mithlo Ressell Mithlo Tony Pearson Ma.ry Pendley Rhonda Pinchback Steven Rich Scott Simpron Nathan Short Richard Small jerry Smith Donald Sovo Thomas Sovo Ramona Steele Kim Tahchawichah Alan Taylor Bobby Upton Chris Williams Lora VVhitehead joey Wright Mrs. Woods Scooter Davis Dusty Dees Tina Dotson Lawana Duncan Traci Class THIRD Brad Alexander Tracie Adamson jimmy Comwell Lori Culp sm., f I sgfgk Picture No Available 4 5,5 'Av- 'Sv SECOND i 1 Mrs. Hartman Wilma Bunjs Angela Carter Lori Coleman Chad Cross Crystal Davis Debroah Derrico Darla Dees jamie Dodson jason Dodson Shalko Evans Leslie Frost Roben Gray Kenny Hill Dustin Hood julie lung Robin King Luke Milam Dallas Nunley Shawn Nunley Brent Pierce Cherri Ramerez Brian Schettler Terry Smith Lisa Snider Karen Snow Keith Spriggs Thomas Temple Stacy Warner Tyler Wright Stephanee Woods x Mrs. Smallwood Arlene Bender Marlene Bender Chad Brown jason Anderson Ieannie Ballard Y ,- Mr ' if Sponsored by Hartmans Water Dnlling Miss Webb C 4. Mrs. Duncan Darin Duncan Ierako Evans Tina Evertt Amy Forsythe Lana Fowler Kim Gray james Heston Janet Harrison Greg Jacobi Ioretta jones Melissa lung Sally Kerchee Shannon Mansel Stephanie Mantooth Lisa Massey Randall Milam Michael Moore Alysia Newsom Lonnie Pierce Malesa Pierce Roger Pinchback Chass Schulte Nancy Small Kelly Smith Randy Smith Ienifer Snider Deanna Tem le P Wendy Whitehead Tina Williams Tamera Wilson FUZGT Melody Adamson Robert Adamson Lynn Alexander . in , Chris Bruns Lisa Carlson Caroyl Clark ll' , ,W Q krf, g ,, f . Mrs. Sanders Timmie Clark Mark Culp Merinda Collins Marty Curry Stephanie Davis Adam Cray Brad Hardzog Clint Harrelson Iudy Harrison Karena Holt Clarice Hoover Nancy Jacobi Seth julian Tara Kuntz jamie Lawson Iason Melnick Renee Parsons Christi Pierce Monica Rego Shane Reynolds Rodlick Sovo Regina Stinchcomb Malcom Upton Tommy Woods ld Tony Adamson Audra Ball Andrea Bussey er 5 J 01 NTU! B1 TWO WAY TRAFFIC AHEAD H C S I-I olf ' ,Jo 1.1! . I v . ,vas 4 to ettyy P P ' . 1 eere , .. .. P ' A Q f S Rhonda Mantooth - Parliamentarian, Barbara Derrico - Song Leader, Kathy Alexander - Vice President, Linda Hartman - Presi- dent, Cheri Pool - Secretary, Monica Hutchinson - Reporter, Sandy Pendley - Historian. Standing: Katy Sullivan - Devotional Leader, Mrs. Reed - Sponsor, jeff White - FHA Beau, Nadine Derrico - Photographer, and Sharon Patton - Pianist. FARM Or AMERICA A' V me NATIONAL sruovmc vocAnoNAL oRGANlzAnoN ron Bovs AGRICULTURE Clendon Brantley - Presidentg Cindy Hardzog - Sweetheartg Stephen Seibold - Vice Presidentg Kent Dalrymple - Treasurerg jeff White - Reporterg Roger Iacobi - Sec.g Mr, Smallwood - Advisorg Troy Fehring - Chaplaing Stanley Seibold - Sentinel. Sponsored by Eddie Smallwood TIGEI-'21 i SHP Standing from left to right: Gwyn Mitchell, Cheryl Simpson, Mrs. Rothell, sponsor, and Nadine Derrico. Seated are: Teresa Tosee, Wendy Syr- ing, Kelley Dodson, Monica Hutchinson, Terri Pickens and Roxanne Bray. lift?-W H. gpm. ,,....e Standing from left to right: Timmy Hayes, Greg Williams, Danny Pearson, Dale Mclver, Mr. Cross, sponsor, jeri Kovacs, Timila Rother, Chris VVilcox, Sherri Smith, and Roy Lee Green. Seated are: jerry Turner, Deanna Cosgrove, Donna Lovett, Dewayne Cosgrove, Laurie Cox, Karen Boggs and Rusty Hale. UBPAPXAIDEQ -ling-an Standing from left to right: Gayla Delcamp, Tina Whitehead, Rhonda Mantooth, Mike jones and Roy Miller. Seated is: Diana Ewing. OFFICEAIDEQ . . Standing from left to right' Betty Mansel Mon' H hi . , :ca utc nson, Kim Kovacs, Dewayne Cosgrove, Iodi Mote, jerry Miller and Debbie Crawford. Seated from left to right are: Mary Geiger and Kathy jones. Sponsored by jean Mote 5 X I w E E i Q 3 5 r s E. l 5 JUNIOR I-IIGI-I GIRLS CI-IOIR JUNIOR I-IIG-I-I BOYS CI-IOIR uausama - Seated left to right: Diane Boydstun, Sponsor, Kathy Rainwater, Sharon Patton, Wendy Syring, De'Ann Sullivan, Kellie Curry and john VanWinkle. Standing: Wayland Brown, Louie Morris, Terry Lemons, Randy Taylor, Dale Mclver, Martin Hutchinson, Kenneth Vorpagel and Kent Dalrymple. QF X -5 M ia " ihoxu T Say it Lf with -ss th ' 4-I-I Back row, left to right: Mike Siscel, Manin Hutchinson. 2nd Row: jerry Miller, Rhonda Mantooth, Monica Hutchinson, Diane Ewing. 3rd Row: Darryl Schettler, Randy Taylor, Kay Hayes, Nadine Derrico, D'Ann Sullivan. 4th Row: Kellie Curry, Reporterg Laurie Cox, Vice Pres., Dorenda Huitt, Songleaderg DeWayne Cosgrove, Pres., Cheryl Simpson, Sec.g DeAnna Cosgrove, Treas.g Danette Shephard, Parlia- mentarian. J ' High 4-I-I G-wdeedwolz 4-H QM-via. .,.......-- 4-Her's at work! Calling in the reserves! X55 5-IFB Qfv i QKJUNXOR LWES D T SHOW 4-I-I wma Highlights SH W 4-I-I mwbl-:FA Hfglwzgkta QOMA WEST P OQJJUNIOR uve PM N 4-HA ' Dewayne Cosgrove Dist. 4-H President If ... Linda Hartman Darryl Schettler 2nd Place REC Essay Cont. lst Place Project .qw Laurie Cox Cindy Hardzog Dorenda Huitt N at'l Citizenship Short-Course CWash. Star Greenhand 4-H Dress Revue D.C. 783 42? .K ,x' MN www.. it Cheryl Simpson 4-H Dress Revue Danette Shepherd County Demonstration Q Deanna Cosgrove Kellie Curry Reserve Grand Dress Revue 4-H Com. County Hall of Fame State Club Cong. 'Nm D,Ann Sl1lliV3Il Thea Wlljtakef Winner State and County Speech Grand Champion Gilt WHEN WET F N K J SPORTS First row: Deanna Cosgrove, D'Ann Sullivan, Dorenda Huitt, Danette Shepherd, Kim Kovacs, Teresa Tosee, Kellie Curry and Donna Lovett. Second row: Linda Hartman, Scorekeeperg Sandy Pendley, Dee Ann Huitt, Terri Fehring, Kay Hayes, Tammie Hale, Gwyn Mitchell, Kim Sullivan, Karen Boggs, Kathy Alexander and Kristy Baker. Darryl Rogers - Coach Home Oppt. Home Oppt. 42 Fletcher 32 68 Cement 54 54 Elgin 47 60 Fletcher 46 56 Verden 54 56 Bray 45 56 Cache 38 54 Ruah Springs 50 60 Rush Springs 40 71 Apache 80 59 Elgin 58 Lookeba-Sickles 60 Central 58 Comanche County Toumey Champs. 54 Apache 51 57 Cyril 52 55 Central 44 65 Cyril 44 50 Cache 49 Tzgw First row: Clendon Brantley, Randy Taylor, Robert Holt, Dewayne Cosgrove, and jeff VVhite. Second Row: David Smith, jimmy Wright, Mike Davis, Roger Iacohi, Darryl Rogers, Coachg Mike Siscel, Troy Fehring, Dale Mclver and Keith Hale. Home Oppt. 54 Fletcher 52 69 Elgin 74 58 Verden P 74 54 Cache 65 63 Rush Springs89 56 50 Elgin 69 72 Central 77 87 Apache 88 45 Cyril 50 59 Central 57 67 Cyril 63 65 Cache 70 Home 77 Cement 63 Fletcher 76 Bray 76 Rush Springs 77 Apache Lookeba-Sickles Oppt. 72 60 69 59 64 Jwaiofu High Gals Baslwtbaldw Juwiofv I-liglv Bags Easlwibawf Sponsored by Gene Cross QweutivmwLEfgl1tlvGin!s Basketball QweutlvamLEfgl1thBogs Baslwtbaflb cagdmwewdvewdeeanseaswbaw VIP Til E E EZ EQ U I li l mgavmuswvewayaogsemwbaw I I QME T0 wumrnv ww J' High l .....-:-.-.., li tpqg t' 2-ii!-f Back row, standing from left to right: C-reg Williams, Ronnie Rainwater, Danny Pearson, Darrel Seymour, Winston Brown, Roy Green, Timmy Hayes, Todd Bradshaw, and Don Isenberg, Coach. Front row: jimmy Rego, Fred Forsythe, Todd F ehring, Gary Derrico, Mike lung, Robert Bussey. Virgil Tumer, Todd Rogers, and Darryl Taylor. High Qclwot J ky -4 5 ri-, 4-.. . , y SEM Q54 'fv- BX 5,55 ga ,,,LggE,: is ix- N XX 11 Seated from left to right: Dewayne Cosgrove, Keith Hale, Dale Mclver, Troy Fehring, Mike Siscel, Stephen Seibold, Ieff White, jimmy Wright, and Randy Taylor. Center: Mike Daxds, David Smith and Roger Jacobi. Standing: Glendon Brantley and Darryl Rogers - Coach. Sponsored hy Dean and Evelyn Brantley. 4 Y , i f Y Y 'aw- Tammie Hale Terri Fehring 1 Q cz, - , F , HY , lL ,, .,., W., ..-' A DeeAnn Huitt . ' f KimKovacs :"' U -S3 M M if 'z "' if Karen Boggs L 5 i ,,:,. H K RQ f as -52 Q '79 55 Q13 LE? W 'Tl Aw - :. 4eafv Dewayne Cosgrove Randy Taylor jeff White 79 Glendon Brantley fgfbfnx as f v A A ... , W L ,,,Q ' 1, f X I, hx ' rgw F J' ff ,.,, ,,,. , ,M Tgwdtes Adiow! , If 5' , l ff 'MA M ig jd V X ff H mx 5- - ,X 1. Q ffypy. V W, A :gs ws A , 1- 'H .V '5' " ,Y Y -ij .. 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J ' I-Iiglvl-lowv ' fgii ' aewsQ'5is5'f 3' Front row, left to right: Mark lung, Mikel Hood, Cheryl Brantley, Susan Huitt, Timila Rother, and Donna Ford. Back row: Greg Williams, james Martin, Reba O'Connor, Chris Wilcox, Carol Brantley, and Geraldine Danilavez. Jumiofv P0119 'Pwaents Aw 5 lynn, lin 'Hs xhk 'XL i 4 -XJ M, g Q I-1 . .. .,,. ?'yJI0DW3""f' Q ' "Rest Penang Taking care of business! Wanna fight? A fe iff' 1 -- Trick or Treat? Do blondes have more fun? Working hard, Robert? Stanley's serious side Thank goodness it's Friday! l ' Drop one, pearl two! Give me that excuse just one more time! Tiger Roars Staff 1 Not today, Stanley! 045 0 F N 250 C? Q K J ADVERTISERS DON'S STATICDN AND GROCERY N, .QL - 3' f-.14 l ., f i ffl -ff, .:-f e 'Y' Rouie I Call 355 4760 or 355-I I73 Open 7 Days a Week Come by and See Us Some+ime Lawion Oklahoma SECURITY BANK AND TRUST 24-Hour Banking Wi+h Your Neighborhood Bancard Your Good Friend in Lawlon C Avenue al Fif+h S+ree+ 353-7700 Lawfon Oklahoma WELDON COX PONTIAC DEALER 52nd and Cache Road Po, NAC 353-a I ao TRUCKS Serving S.W. Oklahoma Wi+h Pride Lawion Oklahoma Comple+e Banking Service Cusfomer Parking Courf Drive-In Au+o Teller Service 'ESTABLISHED 1901 S+reng+h and Dependabilify Our Consfa-ni' Aim 7? national bank Member F.D.l.C. Sixfh 8: "D" Avenue Phone 353-6500 SAUERMAN SALES Com pIe+e AuI'o Parfs Service: Repair 8: Exchange Alfernafors - Genera+ors S+a rfers - Carbure+ors Brake Drums Turned McCulloch Saws Par+s and Service AP Long Lasfing Mufflers 355-0460 70 I Ferris HOME SAVINGS 81 LOAN Three Locafions +o Serve You 7I I D Avenue 4437 Cache Rd. 3I I Main S1'ree+ 355-0253 355-8 I 56 248-4778 Law'Ion Lawfon Marlow GREEN'S HARDWARE Owned and Operafed by fhe Green Family for 49 Years 365-4494 Congrafulafions Seniors! Sierling Oklahoma DUNLAP MT. SCOTT FEED gl SEED SPORTING GOODS Wholesale 81 Refail 524 S. 3rd A+hle+ic Equipmenl' Superior Fer+llizers 2920 Cache Road Feeds Baby Chicks 248-2002 Sefads Velbsupgllej Bill Sfamps Jr. Mmefals 09 00 Dick Noble lnseciicides 353-3lb9 Billy Sfa mps La wfon lr SHOE REPAIR MONEY WESTERN SHIRTS I TROUSERS "N" WW' 'V W' FUNNY Hf3S55i3f'lS2n B and F FINANCE Jo-nn cuornes 'J cnoss suns 1'oNlNl5lf42,JigrilEll .TUg'lllTlo:O0TS Us M TO Flggmzfi Cash on Your Si-gna+ure "W"-' -'N----v Loans on Your Slgnalure Sleven L. Benfield Manager I 7I0 Lee Blvd. 'V J ,- f , - Lonanom u 'rsx nn uonmv 5514 g 353 0675 or 357 2577 Y me:f.:.':'faz.f:4'Jrwf.. 1-W42S sauna omcs Accsssoms ly ' f ,, l-GWTOU , "' 1 as " - lulluwn mlm' WN' M .-......... 2605 Cache Rd i M11 ,un Nuiorul 'ml 'SAN' ":-r-'9iPe-- V . of . 5 E - ' I- M K A A x: T., Agn K 4 -. - ! in t H .4 -21 :ZNGEIEIY -. am:- - k i - Q" " , , , ,,:-:-ii 'fs 'l I -, 'i ' if , ,H r e Exit! .-:VE --'- ' Q,,,'?,,,,,,... -.,.. .. .5111-.. . L: .. Jr- - - N - 4 '- -- - i-?15'3" Esfa blished in I 908 LET us Hai? ,L if XBAV f - 5 i 'i i-we Zan 77504469 lra Green, Presidenl' Tom Mahaffey, Exec. Vice Presidenl Donald B. Green, Vice Presideni' and Cashier Member FDIC SI TE N AT I O N AL Phone 658-5425 Marlow, Oklahoma APACHE FARMERS COOPERATIVE WTTRZTC r o-or wfcu A+.-.l...., ' 'V 3 55 I 0 R-ggbyy XJ IFM7 M3 f Tri' in I ' '9'?',ILx'i' K ' . ' - X ' I3 4' A RAY FINE YAMAHA I I I0 SouI'I1 3rd S+ree+ Chickasha, OIcIa. 224-6332 EARL DRUG enue GILLIANS PAINT AND WALLPAPER AND EARL DRUG sour:-I BRUCE AUT0 RYANS MOVING SALES AND Besf Qualify - Lowes+ Prices l2l I N. Sheridan STORAGE CO. Eugene Ryan, Owner P.O. Box 50 I 0 355-I474 SHAKEY'S PIZZA r Q gf iso this , PZZA PA LO Qjfxl QFD l I R R 'f ND ' S YE PUBUC HOUSE wmv awww 23I I Cache Road, Lawfon, OIcIa. Phone: 353-8223 IL - V il I JONAH'S SUBMARINE SANDWICH h GENE BU RK - AUTO GLASS One Hour Windshield Ins+alla+ion Appoin+men'rs No+ Necessary SW Corner of Lee and Sheridan 355-3890 Lawfon l'lOma MARLOW ARTS AND HOBBIES Macrame Supplies Craffs Painlings by Local Ar'l'is'rs Made +o Order Canvas Cuslom Framing Marlow Oklahoma THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK I P l.-m-- . ,,... - ,. K LLZL R 12 fa Q I gl U I H H 0 L -ir ggi..:1h. , I 5 A. KN..-ww Ml' A, ,..,.,.........,z. 4 k z an A Member FDIC William S. EIIio+, Presideni' MarIow Oklahoma -Sk Torin Locaiions in Uni+ed Sfaies Torring+on, Connec+icu+ Van Nuys, California Rochesfer, Indiana Kalamazoo, Michigan Lawion, Oklahoma 2507 Jefferson S+. Law1'on, Oklahoma Foreign Locafions Uniied Kingdom Swindon, Wilfshire Belgium: Nivelles Sydney, Ausiralia Alcala De Henares, Spain Sao Jose Dos Comp, Brazil l av OKLAHOMA ABSTRACT 5I9C Avenue Norfh of Couri House 353-2424 Lawfon Okla. CompIimen'Is of BEAVER'S ANIMAL HOSPITAL D. W. Beaver, DVM Kennefh Gunke, DVM I2 Lee Blvd. Law+on, Okla. Phone: 357-6644 MARTIN'S CRATING AND PACKING SUPPLIES I3 I 3 Summif Flowers for AII Occasions BO-KA FLOWERS 357-75I I 4I0 S.W. Lee Blvd. Don Mar+in Paul Mar'fin G2T3f8?:io + 353-194: 355-3 169 L + O 'e os Okla Law+on OkIa. aw on ' I5 Bishop Rd. 353-30I0 Trade Wifh CurreIl's Where Qualify Tells Law+on Okla. A-I AUTO SALVAGE 25 Hour Wrecker Service S'Iandard Transmission Specialisfs New and Used Paris Au+o Air!Cond. Service 508 RooseveI+ 353- I 534 Lawfon Okla. CarI Burk David Banky SOUTH PLAINS AUTO SALVAGE, Zales Revolving Charge - Bank Americard Masier Charge - American Express - Diners Club Cade Blanche - Layaway . ,, Ao g S'I'uden'I Accounis Welcome 1- x , 5 45399 " Used AuI'o Paris Il'-5574 9 4 ZALES 24 Hour Wrecker Service The Diamond SIOIQ Ph 355-0627 I 502 .W. one Lawton' Oklahoma S 2nd 4I I C. Downfown Cache Road STERLING GROCERY G I so oct"'.s- J., J,11h.u , i 15 ' Main S'Iree+ 365-4288 Owners Bill and Nicky Harris Sferling Oklahoma La wfon FARM BUREAU INSURANCE Life, HeaI+h, Aufo, Credil Life Home and Farm Owners Frank ScheHIer The Man Wi+h 'Ihe Plan 806 D Avenue Office Phone: 353-5 I 73 Home Phone: 492-4460 Oklahoma 8I DISCOUNT 'II MQ' YOU NGS AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE Snap-On EIec'I'ronic Scope SEXTON AND SEXTON SCHOOL SUPPLY, INC. zN if Wx, 4 1 I y .A If 1' .'1 N C71 v FIRST NATIONAL BANK Congrafulaiions 'lo Each of you Seniors on your graduafion from Sferling High School and may you have confinued success in each of your endeavors Ihrough life. Flefcher Please Lei Us Help You in All Your Endeavors! Each depositor insured to '40,000. 0""'a- " K 'nv' FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION LET US HELP TT Oklahoma DUNCAN SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION I006 Main Sfreef P.O. Box I347 255-8 I 87 I IIIIIIINI 1 'lI'I'Fw SAND OAK FARM Sand Oak Grand Bell 633293 January 8, I976 I977- Flefcher Isl I978- Flefcher Isl' Comanche Isl Comanche Isl Law+on Isl Lawfon Isl' OKC 5+h OKC 3rd Enid 3rd Enid 2nd S+erling Isl Sferling Is+ Elgin Is+ Elgin Isf Oklahoma Junior Bell-ringer of I977. Bes'I' Two-Year Old a+ Oklahoma Ci+y. Exporfed fo Soufh America Ocfober I978. Bobby Sullivan 8: Family Marlow Rouie I Oklahoma KIRKPATRICK'S Furni+ure and Appliances I I 7 Wesi Main GLOVER PAINT AND BODY WCRKS Specialized Aulo Pain+ing 658'54l l We cu+ glass for all cars. 255-2222 asa 25I5 M l Okl la M I Old h GRAVE'S DRUG HICK'S DEPT. if STORE Q 302 W. Main 658-36l7 V M 1' ln g 658-54l7 M I OH I., M l Okl h MARLOW REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE COTTON DISCOUNT Chuck Virgin CO' Tsll 5482 C252 2373 M I b58'6'28 OH h M ' REALTOR Ok' l' JANIS DEPT. MANGUM CHEVY STORE VT M I p oKc+y asa 5473 T 634 34II R hsp g ou h D ' L f 255 I22I 353 ZOI9 CUSTOM SHIRT GALLERY BENTLEY-SMITH REALTY I7l6 Cache Rd. 357-86l8 RED CARPETQ ffice ls lndependen'rly Owned a DAVID MILLER ELECTRIC 'E x f, . 5 K, ww -,, 'Uh I 2D I 's5,P?!xPb?!'61T .,.., f" 1 sh I LAWTON, OKLAHOMA COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. CLD RELIABLE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Rush Springs Esfa blished I906 'af SM 1 ' filkkf uhh! mill , f9'f..w NIII .I I Wmmw Raymond O. Gibbs, Chairman of Board Charles W. Appling, Presiden'I C. H. Wya'H, Jr., Vice-Presiden'I' and Cashier Member Federal Deposif Insurance Company Member Federal Reserve Bank R AND H IMPLEMENT Crusf Busfer Farm Equipmeni Law+on Ford Tracfors 5 I 2 Roosevel+ 355-5279 Owafonna O APACHE SPORT Top Service +o Good Spor+s John Whe+zal Owner Hwy. 62 Soufh 588-3400 Apache OK Flefche ROBBINS FUNERAL HOME Sym pa+he+ic Personal Service Air Condifioned Cars Ambulance Oxygen and Firsf-And Equlpmeni' 549-6036 r OK MALONE MOTOR COMPANY Ford Since I922 Fords, LTD's, Thunderbirds, Fairmon+s and Pi 549-6 I 69 I I CACHE ROAD NATIONAL BANK Member F.D.l.C. PT K BAR KUNTRY GARBER'S JEWELERS Szguicite Qecaeizq urs I... , 59, I i mei me ' l ,, U m inuwvfivnnil H' 4: JCQQ11 n 329 C Avenue KCJRRAL .l l lx 1 El Full Service Wesfern Sfore 658-5379 Sou+h Hwy. 8I Lewlon OK Kun+ry Cross Roads Marlow crromi S Season Fashion Accessories 8: Lingerie lo Junior Sizes 3 'ro I5 and Misses 4- I8 Business goes where il' 'I is invi+ed and slays where 3' if is well 'freafed Jean Landori 2 I 8 Wesl' Main 658-2460 Marlow Phone 658-5466 "25 Years in Marlow" R. L. TULLOUS FOWLER'S WELDING Pain+, Glass and Aluminum Welding Floor Covering MLS , Tle Wholesale 8: Refail razmg Shop Welding IOIO D Avenue 365-56 l 3 355- l 346 Niglrls Call 658-3783 Okl h Norlh of Marlow Lawlon 6 oma I STEVE S DRAPES Docfors l Hayden J0-Ann lsleve B'bYl Dillard and Dillard Owner Draperies Wovan Shades Bedspreads Decora+or Blinds Upholsfery Zim Wm "" 'X .I ff rf 1 W Z llllllx Z l' QV X , ff 6 xv 1 l 1 L e E A L 2309 Wesl Lee Blvd. IO4 No,-+L, 3-I-h Conway 8: Hale Building Law+on, Oklahoma 73505 353-4255 Duncan, Okla. IO7 STEVE'S HAIR DESIGN Open Monday Through Sa'I'urcIay OTHELLO'S ITALIAN RESTAURANT Specializing in 26I7 Cache Road pizza 8' pada 22ncI and Gore 355 9308 Boulevard 248-7494 Law'Ion OK Law+on Lawfon GRAVE-A-NAME ABSTRACT COMPANY Don Jump, Office Mgr. Charley Maguire, Assf. Office Mgr La fon w OK TOO Engraving SpeciaIis'Is Trophies - NamepIa+es JeweIry Engraving 620 C Avenue Dale Ca n+weII - Owner 355-2 I 37 II ' "I WOODWARD'S I? 1I I rn an s Q CAFETERIA I-' I 4 I I "C'O::.::O.::2 If FURNITURE 4, ui,-,v su I nsyrl IQ P I CI SI Ch C bbl II f'm?:f5:::':fGzv,A,H'": II APPLIANCES I0 . N' wi All You Con iq! E We . , , , tr '. ', I Box 334 SI 6,3 Frigidaire SaIes I RANCH srvlf Fooos I M + 5 - I 269h and cm.. ncaa oaaa 353-2590 If ay ag emce ' ?f55'f5f:f'?1 Apache OK X. 'aqik' . F, SERVICE INC. MACHINES MARVEL BUSINESS Cusfom Grinding 81 Mixing OIive'Hi - Underwood WI1ea'I' EIevaI'or Sales - Service - . Ren+aIs New and Used Branches In Chgizggzzsidand Darrel Marvel 9 I 0 Gore 353 3072 Lavdon OK Lawfon OK HARDZOC-5'S WESTERN STORE Boo+s for Hard +o Fil Fee+ Sizes AAA 'Io EE Apache Oklahoma . s L- ,G In X, . - ' xx X 5' 4' C Y 2 fx 3 S' THE APACHE NEWS Commercial Prin+ing of AII Types "A Newspaper Is a Mirror RefIec'Iing 'I'he Grow+h and Progress of a Communi'I'y" S+anIey Wrigh'I Ediior - Publisher 588 3862 Apache, OK HARRIS HARDWARE RCA 8: WHIRLPOOL APPLIANCES HARDWARE STORES 588 34I4 Apache Oklahoma CYRIL STATE BANK Homer A. Thompson Pres. Box 89 Cyril, OK 464-2277 TOPPERS FURNITURE 81 APPLIANCE Marion T. HIII, Owner Phone 549-6370 Fletcher, Oklahoma FLETCHER HERALD L+ IN GV' SWS A X f It QE,'f!'M!4! ' Q - I Publicafi CHICKASHA gggrwg TRACTQR 8. BARBER sl-loP EQUIPMENT 3. LUCILLE'S FABRIC , . 8, :ma AM BROSE STYLE SHOP n Olrlahom Complimenis of 5m5qsXKenQuckq 1 lined -A-.if dluekenl O Lawfon Olrla. AAMCO World's Larges'I' Transmission Specialis+s Free Mulfi Check 423 S. Sheridan Rd. 355-6640 Law+on Olcla HISE AUTO AND FARM SUPPLY Hardware Housewares Au'I'o Paris Rufh Berry Wa+er Sysfems 492-4227 Elgin Olrla. THE BANK OF ELGIN An Emblem of Excellence A Symbol of Service Member F.D.l.C. Elgin Olzla. HUITT ELECTRIC Rod Hui'H' Con+rac'Ior Residence 365-4625 Business 248-4772 Roufe I Lawfon Oklahoma "RUSH SPRINGS PHARMACY" Kay and Frank Peierman Regisfered Pharmacisi' on Du+y af All Times CompIe+e Prescripfion Service We Have a Full Line of Franlrhoma PoH'ery A CompIe'I'e Line of Veferinary Supplies and Supplies for Any Need Phone 476-35 I 8 Home Phone 476-2243 Rush Springs OIrIa home VIIIlll0lllll0lllIll0lllllIll!!IIHHIIIIWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHM0100 ,argent Bernard Enterprises ?'9???QP?97"575'F "799ix739'P9 f'999?i8???? 2' ' 79? 0 .3 8292" Q -Lff4'11f:ef.ff22,a,ff2,f,22f2f 'Q -4: s 25 Q : S 6 ST S A 5 25 g N cg JJ U OE 9 -Q S E Q 3' D Q0 5' Q3 in 2 fn S Q Q rf-3 Q Q 11 fr 'Z E 2 T' Q 2 9? 3 0' 11 " 5 5 , -- fe m A N N O .L 3 CD 0 3 A CD Q 3' Q Q ., X CD H- -, JP 2 Q : Y' U' S 9 Q E ,Q 5 2: 0 N i Q X X X . X . N Q Q N N 9 X . N . Q re X WA 1 ,L 1 .D 55 1 f 5 S 55, , L Q- g A f5?2 E k A- ' 31 2,-22 f2wff4efff,Af2'P82!a,-zfarf -L T1 FIRE? Fene HL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIAAION Savings and Loan Associafion IOI5 Wes+ Main Phone 255-5758 3UA'c5 II I YOU. AVIHGS fr ur vo ,fs ' ,000 K 4,0 cnwx Olglaho ' RoBERT's eRoc:ERY Through Our Doors Walk 'I'he Fmesl' People Our Cusfomers T C.P Q f 'V XX . us prmgs --' 1 R h S OK H1693 eiiff RUSH SPRINGS HARDWARE Box 542 Phone 476 342l House ares Plumbmg Hard are Gardening Ceramics Elec+rlcal Jerald Frances Monica and Kenf Burnef Rush Springs Oklahoma STERLING MEAT COMPANY' INC. SHRIVERS' STORE Junior, Mayre, Earlene, and Kerry Cuslom Processing S lc' d C ' mo mg an urnng Wholesale and Relall Gas, Oil, Groceries, and Hardware Fishing Supplies and Plas'I'ic Pipe Box 408 Re+ail and Wholesale Gas S+erling,Olclahoma 73567 Phone 355-OIO4 SW of Sferling Oklahoma Telephone 365-4646 PELLY'S SINCLAIR TROY'S STATION TEXACO STE CO i 1 Rush Springs Oklahoma Rush Springs Oklahoma E. J., Nancy, Mike, and Ron Crow Associale Slore Home of BeH'er Values Marlow Oklahoma HOUSE OF FRAMES Jo Ann Brown, Manager 24l 6 W. Gore Blvd. 353-2300 Lawlon Oklahoma COUNTRY CLUB Sebring S'lyle Shop Hair Designs for Men and Women OUTHOUSE FACTORY OUTLET Everyday Low Prices Savings From 50 lo 7570 Eslelle Yea'ls - Owner Appoinlmenls or Drop-ins I3 I4 W, Gore 4403 W. Gore 32516324 353.3910 L me OH h Lawlon Oklahoma awion a oma i STATE FARM BOX'S ICE DOCK ,,,,,,,,,,,,, INSURANCE CO. Home Offices - Bloominglon, Illinois Warren Vann - Agenl I 302 Lee Blvd. 353-4040 Ice - Pop P.O. Box I608 I7l6 Cache Road Business Phone: 357-6230 Law+on, Oklahoma 73502 Res. Phone: 355-0978 LSWIOFI OIKI-iI10m6 THE OTHER PLACE Is Your Levi's Place CUSTOM MARBLE COMPANY 2309 W. Lee - 357-3757 355-3225 I 3 I4 W. Gore or and Marble Vanily Tops Lavalories Townwesl Shopping C+r. L + OH h Lawfon Oklahoma aw on a oma 915547 Jilutners Il if eI'c. Q Q fr F if W in gg? Q F., IW II 492-4880 Affer Hours Call 464-3352 Flowers 'For Every Occasion Weddings, Anniversaries Birlhdays, Funerals, efc. ELGIN LUMBER, HARDWARE 81 APPLIANCE, INC R.C.A. and Whirlpool Appliances Free Delivery 'Io Sferling HWY- 277 Box A Phone 492-4000 Elgln Oklahoma Elgin, Oklahoma 73538 C I ' ongralu ahons 0 I Seniors BILL 5 of Pawn Shop wa+h Big Bank Roll Terence Hampfon D.D'S. 25I I N. Sheridan Road Law'I'on, Oklahoma 248- I030 Marlow Oklahoma Ben Sfeln s TCDWN ES MEN'S STORE BRADSHAW'S LAUNDRY C g 'r I f' 2223515521 S ' Tuxedo Renfal 79 Cl +h s for fhe Large and Tall WIS Cach Road Sq. 355 6' I0 Sferling Oklah w+on Oklah J ACC B I P LU M B I N G 8: Congra+ulaf Se H EATING Alber+ Laux Roufe I Box I9 365-4364 Flefcher Olrlah STEWART'S AUTO REPAIR f 1- ' 'Z' is. g I Wi, 5 .li 5 A My I ' ' v N an " we - X 'lffamuml' P? 4 ,i3"', 476 3489 R sh Sp gs Oklahoma Alfred Kirkis Jack Hunfe Law+on S'I'eI g Promp+ - Sai sfacfory Ser ce 248 7972 AL AND JACK'S PLUMBING Ne Homes and All PI mb ng R pa s TI-KA DAIRY M ySue H y Tum and Kay BesI' Wishes Seniors X097 ' - Iffkko SIL JS' ' 'I e'Q??Q,fv', 521' W7 Qc 1-'W 9 4 LQ, ,B . K ,ls '1vl'm:g9IvII'33 ZJFI WXXQ 4- '1' rx I N 41 IIN I xx STERLING LANDSCAPE NURSERY O E d B B I 365 4206 XIf l v' X I I XX MODEL "T" DAIRY FARM Ron, Willene, Donna, Chef and "The Boss," Berry Ford Regisiered Ayrshires and Jerseys Congrafulafions Seniors Lawion COMANCHE s NG' A HD J TREE ? f f - fo Q... X We Cafer fo fhe lndependeni Builder Railroad and C Ave. 357-8630 Oklahoma D AND J BOWDEN BARBER T.v. AND RADIO AND BEAUTY SUPPLY 408If2 Lee Blvd. 2484499 4I2 Lee Blvd. Ellis Bowd Bus. 355- I 352 won OH +1 IZTEZM ReS8SZLi'i12 ERNIE'S FURN. ALEXANDER'S MART ANTENNA AND REPAIR SERVICE I5I4 Lee Blvd 248 3939 365-4326 w+0n Okl h S+ I ou h GlLBERT'S R AND S WLPR SHOP SPORTING GOODS Disfincfive Cusfom Tailoring Muna y ac' 'I' u 'f dA '802 W- Gore 'boa G 355'I I07 353 28'5 Law-Ion ou h wfon Olrl I1 ELLIOT DEPT. STGRE MARSHALL DRUG C'jf1hi'EgfndFSh0j3f0 ve+Zlfffllplf':Qnies sas 3893 C I OH h A h Oklh i WORTHAM REAL BILL'S AUTO SERVICE ESTATE Hwy.8I N. Used Pickups 658-6 I 85 John D. Worlham, Broker Lucy Radfke 24 Hr. Wrecker Service 476-3987 and Glee Worlham Associafes Rush Springs Oklahoma Marlow Oklahoma T. H. ROGERS . LUMBER CO. WELDING TT' Randy Nowlin, Owner lgzl:-ter X Porla ble and Shop Welding Hardware Carpel' a n d Eleld:rTfl:2lH:nd N Plumbin 2, HAPPY's GARAGE 'K X Power Tools X MINNIIDTA W T' l la Tl ff N li l When you're sick, see a docfor. E When your car is sick, see Happy' We Sell fo Serve Again I 5I I N. Hwy. 8I 549-6284 658-6407 If No Answer Call 549-6250 . ,il Flelcher ' Marlow Oklahoma 4 CAM PBELL-SPARKS Congra+uIa+lons , ' lam-iw 81 Senlors 79! 255-2200 Duncan OIKI I1 From LONGACRE ELECTRIC WATER WELL DRILLING AND PUMPS I M I C II 658 5234 I D C II 255 3547 G,enn Hmmm 365 4473 s+ 1 ou +1 HASTON AUTO Congra+uIa+ions SUPPLY Seniors '79! - Ph u dJ d 1 G' S 4763824 ou h M I ou h HAROLD'S BOOT RUSH SPRINGS AND SADDLE SHOP LUMBER I03 N.4 65823740 R hsp ou +1 M I Oklh TEEL GROCERY SOUTHWEST QARPET We give Top Value stumps' Wholesale Prices io 'rhe Public Where saiiisiiiee: cusgomers bring 23335162 V l' R hSprings Okl h D OH h PACE CO. CRUTCHER'S SAVINGS - LOANS - WESTERN STORE INSU RANCE 920 Main Alerf fo serve you. 252 3220 I3 d M D rf 1' Sl' 'l 905 M 285 3 l40 255 2020 D Olrl h D Olrl h MARLOW CONCRETE Hl-Vl DOG FOOD COMPANY Our Business ls Going fo 'ihe Dogs! 476-3267 jx 558 5432 fl 5 oss 5453 R h Sp -MQ? 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