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Text from Pages 1 - 148 of the 1957 volume:

u Jw- ll lf!-NfVi3?71,V7 Fu' f 77d ' Y' ' ' " '-' i"""'i"-W" ' ' i M .7Ai.4 :Ae .S7t0l'y ro! 0 -0 ,.i"' .v"' Mr. , -N W , M A -,V 5, , M Q , V ',,'Q i ,4 :j.,f Tw" Ti' gf" 'V -4' ' i S W S " , . eu? i , 'S S ' V' I Wiiwslerslz, ---' -4- - ., ,W . 'ofa-'f'.F?' V A -. ' I W . 3292 ' W V' 1 ,. , , ' Z".5.G'fm:far' I -. . ,Q ". ' F r ' V WQ35ZQQQQ '+uf- u 1 W' f " 'f M ' A " sw grwifsexwqnge, 3 K . ffif '- . K 1 ' - -we V 1. '-Mir-'vw M-,-f....-,,,h K N ,V tbpup, , .M ,Z J -S ,Q-., S W Q?-2:--.-..,i,,,-,m-sm-I ' u,. 2 ,.,.. nr . ,V 1. The School Board looks over the site of the future Sterling .i .car AUM QWQ5' High School. 6. Dave's pass is checkedby Joan under the new M our 1w9 Cyuw uf W ow' btor ran wobt .M Lois as a Monkey- Shiner '6 . Qc 0 Xu' f 3. Hoh,Euvm!H 5' Tfi'Hi'Y Prepares 2. The Seniors get their food baskets for the needy at Thanksgiving. T,B, X-rays. To our parents we dedicate this book for 1957. We know that our activities sometimes drive them to dis- traction but still we know they s ome time s are mighty proud of us. parenlg. . . we also owe a lof fo . . .we in turn are very proud to be their A . it fe hiatt aa x, Z' children. Be they 60 or 20, strict or lax we still beam with pride when we say "Meetmymother and father. " .vig -1-D-""M Many thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Neff and Mr. and Mrs. F.E, Brayton for posing for this pic- ture. Photo credit goes to Eddie Dillenburg who spent many hours getting this arranged. 4 5140.1 gm' J .mf .4J..,.m.J,mf- TO THE STUDENTS OF ""'- STERLING HIGH SCHOOL To those of you who are starting your high school experiences, live them in full- est measure. Do things! Be a cre dit to yourself and your school. Serve well, for in serving others you shall serve your- self best. To those of you who are graduates of 1957, you will apply your experiences and loyalties to ever widening arenas. What oppor tunitie s will be yours, what challenges that will demand your finest efforts! May you keep with you always the fondness and pride in a c hie ve me nt s you have won as a part of Sterling High School, as steps to greater things to come. With all sincerity, Robert W. Turner HIGH SCHOOL BOARD PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE: John Lebsack, Mrs. Charle s Gaines, C,J, Jankovsky, Theodore Brown, Everett Dawson, and Elmer Burkhard. DISTRICT 12 SCHOOL BOARD PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: John .nxt Lebsack, Duff Mollohan, N.L. McNear, 'I Janet Grauberger, A.E, Beebe, and Elmer Burkhard. This book represents a rather impressive record of the extra-curricular activities of the students of Sterling High School. It is evidence of much time and talent spent by -A these students. It records the results of this accumulative effort. We sincerely hope j- that this program of a variety of experiences will have contributed some thing of permanent -.1 I value toward good citizenship and spiritual growth for each one who has participated. -X Best wishes to the members of the Class of '57 for whom this book will be a memento ' of their high school careers. A Sincerely, Elmer L. Burkhard Superintendent of Schools 4 T1 31 l,J4l,A 1 ' .pl ly huddles are not on the football field. The class of '57 as Sophornores at the Junior Senior Prom in 1955. 'U' piclwfl a "U0ffo. . i Joyce wins the first prize in the Chamber of Com- merce contest. K9 ,- The Class of '57 f Float in the Home- ' coming parade. Susan poses as an to attendant at I-bme- S . coming, The Officer s of the Clas s of '57: Phil Briton, Pres. lNot Shownjg Joyce O'Nea1, Sec. 3 Bob Sheldon, V. Pres., and Susan Barnhart, Treas. 1. The Class of '57 as Freshmen Ghosts in the Modern Dance Concert. Girls and Boys State representatives: Bundy, Welton, O'Nea1, Marks, Britton, and Eisenach. O Richard Spelts poses as the President of the Northern League. . , -1g ,II MARGARET ANNE ANDERSON Nat. Honor Society 45 Nat. Junior Honor Society 25 Pep Club l,2,3 llrcasurerl, A lPresidcntH5 Modern Dance 2,35 Thcspians 45 Student Council A5 Junior Class Play 35 Senior Class Play 45 French Club 3 Nice-Presdientl, A5 Catholic Youth Organization 1-45 Prom, Comm, RUBY JANE ARCHULETA Pep Club 2,35 G.A.A. l-45 Business Terries 45 F.T.A. 45 Bengal Cry Staff 4. 1 ff! 'Q M WILLIAM LAYTON its hill DELORES ANN BARBER Business 'lorries A lPresidcntl5 Nat. Honor Society 45 Junior Honor So- ciety I,25 Pep Club 35 Square Dance l,25 Tri-l-li-Y 2-4. SUSAN EARLENE BARNHART Pep Club I-45 Trifl-li-Y l-A lV.Pl lStud. Council 415 Nat. Hon. Soc. 3,45 Thcspians 3,45 Class Trcas. 45 Homecoming Attendant 45 G.A.A. l-45 Girl's State 3 lAlt,l5 Cheer Leader A, lAIt.J5 Forensics 25 Chorus 1,2 lPrcs.l 25 Modern Dance l-35 Rainbow line officer5 Westminster lCorn- mitteesj. DE Club5 Leon, Christmas Play, 'Ns LOUISE MAE ARLEDGE, CWINDJ CMRSJ Pep Club 25 Rifle Club lg Christian Church CCYFJ l,2. LEWIS VALENTINE ARTZER St. Anthony I tBasketballl5 Wrestling 25 Sodality I. 1 191 mafferi nof- - JANICE ANN ASHIY Band I-45 Modern Dance I-35 Pep Club 2-45 Tri-Hi-Y 25 Student Council 45 Christian Church KCYFJ. BAKER Iowa lStaudent Council U5 Class Plays 2,35 Easter Play Secretary. JAMES ALLEN BECK IDroppedl FREIDA ELLEN BENSCH Latin Club Ig National Honor Society 3,45 Junior Class Play 3g Square Dance Club 47 Art Club Ag Future Teachers of America 45 Library 3,47 Scdality llusk, Wyomingl 3. IVAN, 1,014 UF! fAou9Af fv AV' .AWRENCE EDWIN BOYER Forensics 2-dp Intramurals l,2. 'IELEN LORENE BRAMMER F.H.A. I llleporterl, 2 ll-Zeporterl, 3 Nice-Presidentl, 4 Presidentlp Square Dance Iedg Forensics fig Agriculture Secretary 2-47 4-H I-85 F.H.A. State Homemaker 3, T' JERRY LEE BAUDER Hi-Y lf4g S Club 2-4: Modern Choir Ag Wrestling I-dp Track 25 4-H I,2,3 Ureasurerl, 4, 5 ISecretaryl, 6 iVice-Presidentl, 7 fPresidentlg Walther League l'3g Tractor Club I,2,3 Nice-Presidentl. KENNETH LEROY BAUER Football 31 Class President Ig Future Farmers of America 2: Student Council If F.F.A. 4. xl PHILIP STEPHEN BRIYTON Boy's Statep Class President Ag Class Vice-President 35 Student Council 2-Af F.T.A. 2-Af French Club 3g l.R.C. 45 Forensics I-3: Rifle Club 1,21 Intramurals Ig DeMolay I-4 lOfficerslf Office in Rifle Club. MICHAEL ROBERT BROWN Abbey CCanon City, Coloradol l-3. BARBARA ANN BUNDY Tri-Hi-Y l-4 lPresidentl5 Pep Club l,2,3 Nice-Presj, 4 llreasurerlp Mod- ern Dance l-45 Student Council 1-25 Chorus l-25 Choir 3,45 Ski Club 3 lTreasurerl5 Rainbow l-5. LYNNE MARIE CAMPBELL lMcCULLOUGHl Choir 45 Topeka, Kansas l lPcp Clubl, 2 lTroy Janes, Pep Clubl, 3 lSenior Girls Glee Club, Troy Janes, Pep Clubl, 4 lSenior Leader, Glee Club, Troy .lanes Boardl. fx DONALD CAVIN Student Council 3,45 Band lg Nat. Junior Honor Society l,25 Pep Band l Baptist Church Youth Fellowship 4,3. CHERILL LOUISE COLLMAN Pep Club 3,45 Business Terries 45 Office Worker 35 Alma Theta Rho 2,3. X .5 CCQC ,ax NANCY JO CAMPBELL Tri-Hi-Y 45 Modern Dance 35 Pep Club 3,45 Business Terries 45 Student Council 45 Choir 3. CHARLES JAMES CANNON Student Council l,45 Band l,25 Choir 45 Modern Choir 45 Class Play 3,45 Thespians 45 French Club 35 Hi-Y lp Track 25 DeMolay. buf wfnaf I7 ,014 af! - GORDON ARTHUR CARTER Hi-Y 25 Basketball l,25 Football l. CATHERINE LYZENNA CATO Band 2-45 Modern Dance 2-45 Pep Club 1-4 lVice-Pres.l5 Tri-Hi-Y 'l-45 Thespians 3,45 Pep Band 35 Choir 45 Radio Club 35 Class Play 35 Ski Club 35 Rainbow l-4. aw 15 . am 5 5, ff 57 .5 ' Q I 1 lf. A 'ox '70 1-.,,,. , THOMAS R. DANIELS NENO CAMILLO DATTERI Future Farmers of America l-4 Ureasurerl 2, fVice-Presidentl 3, lPresi- dentl 4, lDistrict Presidentl 4, State Farmer Degree 3, Junior Class Presi- dent, Intramurals 3-4. anJ fAe lfnjj flllllf- . EDDIE LEE DILLENIURG Camera Club 3,4, Tiger Photographer 3,4. ROGER YHOMAS DOWIS Football 45 Basketball'l-3, Band I-4 lV.P.lp Thespians 4, Forensics 37 Hi-Y 2-4: Senior Class Play, Swing Band I-4, DeMolay l-4, MYF, MF 45 Miami, Florida 2. a li '1 DONALD ROY COOT5 S Club 2-4, Choir 3,45 Chorus 1,25 Hi-Y I-4, Track l-4, Football 4, Bas- ketball l,2, DeMolay l-4. GWEN DAL PONTE Pep Club 3,4 CDrill team Captainly Student Council 3, Quill and Scroll 3,4, Modern Dance l,3, Bengal Cry 3 fEditorl, Virginia: Cheerleader 2, 4-H 2 lSecretafyly Rainbow l-5: Sunshine Girl, Tiger 3. , 1 "1--.. r""'5 RICHARD ARLON DUBOIS F.F.A. l-4. CHARLES JOSEPH EASTMAN Civil Air Patrol 3,4 llst L1. Cadet, Comm. Officer, 41, Hi-Y 2-47 Art Club 4, Radio Club 2, Rifle Club ly DeMolay l-4 iSenior Councilorjp All Saints Youth Group l-4. DONNA MARIE EDWARDS Pep Club 2,41 Tri-HIAY I, Modern Dance Ig Band I-3, Ski Club 3, Art Club 4 lPresidentl, G.A.A. I-4g Junior Class Play, Rainbow I-45 Alma Theta Rho l-4, MYF lChurchJ. CLIFFORD WAYNE EISENACH Hi-Y 2-4, NASS 3-4, S Club 3,4, Pep Band 1,27 Band I-4 CPresidentl, Swing Band I-45 Boy's State 3, Class Plays 3,41 Football 3,4, DeMolay 1,4 lMaster Counselorlp Westminster IChurch-groupl. Qlll wx J iplb vi 43 U ik Qt X 1 .L DENNIS KEITH FLEMING DONALD CUTLER FORTNER Band I-3, Rifle Club 1,25 Pep Band I-3, Junior Class Play, DeMolay I-4. , ,. J 14 JOY FAPPAS QMRSJ Carmi, Illinois, Hi Tri If G.A.A. I-3, F.H.A. I-3 lSecretary-Treasurerj Library Club 2. GARY ALLEN FELZIEN Track 'I-4, Basketball l,2, Football 4, Choir 3,45 F.F.A. I-3 lSecretaryl Senior Class Play, Rifle Club I, S Club 4, Band ly Church Choir 3. ALVAN ALLAN FISCHER BARBARA ANN FIX IHENDONJ KMRSJ Pep Club I-3, Cheerleader 2,37 Band I, minxter 4, Hi Youth If Rainbow I-4. ' K X Q lil J x 5 4k f -,.. furguaiae ans! 116111,- Choir 3,47 Chorus 1,21 Wexf- l l ' fx 'Fw KENNETH GENTRY Chorus 25 Choir 3,47 Modern Choir 3,4g All State Choir 4g Baptist Youth Group 2-41 Church Choir, ROBERT GETZ Hi-Y l-45 Art Club 4. ll II I! Nfl' 1 A0512 . JANE ELLEN GIACOMINI Pep Club l-4: Cheerleader 2-45 Band l-4g Twirler 3,45 Chorus lg Choir 2-45 Modern Choir 2-45 Thespians 3,4p Modern Dance l-4g Student Coun- cil 3,4p Honor Societies l-4g G.A.A. 2-4 lPresidentl. RALPH ERNEST GOREHAM Y ,gi-ni 1 DELLA JEAN FRASCA Pep Club 2-41 Modern Dance 2-4g Square Dance l,2f Chorus l,2y Choir 3,45 Modern Choir 4. DIANA JEANETTE GARRETT Pep Club 3g Thespians 45 F,T.A. 3,4g G,A.A, l,3,4p Modern Dance 37 Glee Club 2g Junior Class Play, Senior Class Playg Wasatch Academy IUtahlg Rainbow l-4g W.F. lChurch groupl. DAVID RAY GRAMS Square Dance l-Sf Hi-Y 2g D.E. 45 Evangelical United Brethern Church Youth Group l-4. MARGARET PAULINE GREEN Band l-45 Pep Band l-45 National Junior Honor Society l,2p Pep Club l-45 Student Council 35 Thespians 3,47 Junior Class Playp Methodist Hi Youth l,2. fri lvxolll . M' l CHARLENE JUNE GRITYON -7 H Pep Club 1-37 Chorus 1,27 Church Youth Group7 Rainbow, .mmss ALLEN HALL if, Square Dance 27 Distributive Education 4 lPresident1. ii 7 1 ia. . .. 1 tum if PAULA FRANCES HAND Tri-Hi-Y 2-47 G.A.A. 1-47 Pep Club 3,47 Band 47 Modern Dance 27 Chorus 17 Bengal Cry 37 Quill and Scroll 3,47 Square Dance 17 French Club 3,47 Rainbow l-4i Westminster 1-4. CAROL JOAN HEBBERT p ,,. 'Wig Tri-Hi-Y 2-47 Pep Club 47 Gordon, Nebraska 1. 1 ' 1971 WLM, MA. IL .fgflillf ,l RONALD HEIN GWEN ANN HILL Pep Club 2-47 Tri-Hi-Y 2,37 F.H.A. 1-37 Bengal Cry Staff 37 Busineu Terries 47 Modern Dance 1,27 Chorus 1,27 Choir 37 Rainbow 1-47 Alma Theta Rho 17 Methodist Hi-Youth 4. RICHARD STANLEY HOCHNADEI. Sophomore Class Treasurer lPadroniJ. MARILYN RUTH HOFFMAN Pep Club 1-47 Modem Dance 1-47 Future Teachers 47 Band 1-47 4-H 17 Ski Club 37 Annual Staff lCo-Editorl 47 Pep Band 47 Rainbow 1-47 West- minster 1-4. X 5 x N., 'N Y 4 LEONARD EUGENE JONES Future Farmers of America I'-15 Wrestling 1,25 4-H 8 Years. VIRGINIA ADELE JONES Tri-Hi-Y I-45 Pep Club l,45 Modern Choir 3,45 Square Dance 1,25 MYF l-45 Church Choir. Dr our mnlln JAMES DALE KAISER Rifle Club 15 Baptist Youth Organization l,2. CAROLYN VIRGINIA KELLEY Future Homemakers of America I-4 lTreasurerl5 Business Terries 45 Square Dance l,25 Rainbow I-45 Hi Youth I-4. f -.r 'rg-'37 Xt y N-qv' MARY FRANCES HOLLOWAY Pep Club I-45 Modern Dance I-45 Band l-35 Chorus 25 Choir 3,45 Thes- pians 3,45 Student Council 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Class Play 35 Ski Club 35 Rainbow I-45 Church Group. PATRICIA ANNE HUFFSMITH Honor Society 25 Class Play 35 Pep Club 2-45 Student Council 45 Busi- ness Terries A5 Thespians 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 25 Denver, Colorado I5 Church Group I-45 Rainbow 253, gas' N an-ff' .ww WILLIS STANLEY KELLOGG Hi-Y L35 Class Play 35 Band l-45 Student Council 45 S Club 3,45 Foot- ball 'l-A5 Basketball l-35 Baseball l,2,45 Track 35 DeMolay. DAVID FRANKLIN KENNEDY Student Body President 45 Thespians 3,45 Class Play 35 National Junior Honor Society 25 Golf Club 3,45 Hi-Y 45 French Club 3,45 Art Club 45 Basketball I5 Track I5 DeMolay5 Westminster 2,45 Church Choir5 Prague, Oklahoma l. RAYMOND DENIS KESTER F.F.A. l,2,3,45 Square Dance l,2,35 Basketball 25 Intramurals I,2,3,4. KENNETH IRWIN KITCH Rifle Club 1,253 lPresidentJ. its " in-uf' L LYLE DEAN LEBSACK Band l,25 Pep Band l,25 Tiger Staff 35 Camera Club 1,25 Jr. Class Play 35 Senior Class Play5 Choir 3,45 Sterling Camera Clubs i,2,35 West- minster5 Church Choir. MARGARET ELIZABETH LINDSTROM Chorus I5 Choir 2,3,45 Future Teachers of America 2,3,4 lVice'Presidentl5 Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 Business Terries 4 lVice-President, SecretaryI5 Foursquare Ca- det Counselor, Choir Member. I -ali 'W' . LEE ANN KOEHLER Pep Club 2,35 Modern Dance 2,3. CAROL LYNNE KOENIG Nat. Junior Honor Soc. 25 Square Dance 'l,2,35 Modern Dance 25 Chorus I5 Choir 2,3,45 F.T.A. 45 Christian Youth Fellowship l,2,3,4 IV. Pres. 3,415 4-H Club i,2,3,4 ISec.-Treas. 3,4l5 Rainbow I,2,3,4 V.O.D. Winner 3. ala:-fy in fAe year, we. . KAREN MAE KRUGER Hillrose l,2,35 Sophomore Class lPresidentl5 Student Council 1,25 Pep Club I,2,35 FHA 1,25 Paper Staff 35 Annual Staff 35 Junior Class Play 35 Methodist Youth Fellowship. MYRL DEAN LAMB Rifle Club I5 Science Club 2,3. A. ew .rin NORMA JEAN LUFT Modern Choir 47 Thespians 3,47 Tri-Hi-Y l,2,37 Square Dance 1,27 Church Choir7 Walther League7 4-H fPresident, S8Cf8lBYYJf Jugs 2,3. ELEANOR LOUISE MACRUM Pep Club l-4 ldr.7 Modern Dance I-47 Modern Choir 47 Tri-Hi-Y I-27 Sophomore Class President, Council l-4. Aa-41011 fnfffufv Q K SH. ftp frfhinlrufrl GLENDA LEE MAHAFFEY Pep Club l,2,3, Chorus l,27 Choir 37 Tri-Hi-Y l,2,37 Modern Dance l,2,3. JUDITH ANN MAHAFFEY Pep Club l,2,3,47 Modern Dance 1,237 Student Council 2,37 Band l,2,3,47 Chorus 27 Choir 3,47 Ski Club 37 Alt. Idr, 3. ROBERT DAVID LITTLER Football 3,47 Basketball 1,27 Square Dance Club l,2,3,4 lPresidentJ Track 37 E.U,B. Church Secretary of Ushers Club, JAMES VERNON LOVINGGOOD Football 27 Square Dance 2 1Student Counciljg Basketball 2, Stage Car penter Junior Class Play 19567 MYF Methodist Church group I. s If JAMES THEODORE MAIER Hillrose l,2,37 F.F.A. l,4. DONALD WIllIAM MARKS S-Club 3,47 Football l,2,3,47 Basketball l,2,3,47 Baseball l,2,47 Track 37 Junior Honor Society 27 Junior Class PIay7 Hi-Y I7 Band l,2,37 EUBYF CPresident, Vice-President, TreasurerJ7 Sterling Tractor Club 4-H lPresidentJ. JO ANN MATHIS Pep Club I-45 Modern Dance 2,35 Tri-HRVY 35 Ski Club 35 Student Coun- cil 45 Band I-45 Art Club 4 ISecretary-TreasurerJ5 Annual Staff 45 Prom Chairman 35 Library 35 Office Worker 35 Walther League I-35 Church organist5 Church Choir. LYLE CHARLES McBRIDE Iliff I5 Square Dance 2,35 Christian Youth Fellowship. .xvi ROBERT ENOS NICHOLSON Choir 3,45 Chorus 25 Youth Group5 Sunday School Teacher. JOYCE MARLENE 0'NEAL Band I-45 Pep Club I-45 Class Secretary 3,45 F.T.A. 3,4 IPresidentJ5 Mod- ern Dance l,25 Class Play 45 National Junior Honor Society l,25 National Honor Society 3,45 Student Council 45 Thespians 45 Rainbow5 Westminster Fellowship5 Youth Budget lPresidentI5 Pep Band 3,45 Swing Band 3,4. -5, --in SI Emi? EMMETT EDWARD McDONALD JANICE MARIE MICHEL Business Terries 4 lTreasurerl5 National Junior Honor Society 25 Con- gregational Church. fA1'l1 Auf! ll ,lllflll LII' IAPIII. BEVERLY LOUISE MILLER Tri-Hi-Y I5 Pep Club I,25 Future Teachers of America I5 Rainbows5 Church Group. ROBERT GEORGE MOORE Student Council 45 Choir 3,45 Chorus 1,25 Track 1,25 Basketball 25 Bas- ketball "A" 3,45 Baseball 4. DEAN LEROY PERRIN Football 3,45 Square Dance 35 Terreton, Idaho l,25 Basketball 1,25 Base- ball l,25 F.F.A. I,2. GERALD BRAERTON PETERS North Phoenix, Ariz. l,25 Football I5 Track lj Football 3,45 Wrestling 45 Baseball 45 Choir A5 Presbyterian Choir and Westminster Fellowship 3,4. Ill? HPI, our Jvninr Ffa? ROLAND DALE PETERSON Hi-Y l,2,35 lndustrial Art Club l,2,35 At Lyons, Kansas. Rifle Club 45 N.Y.P.S. Church group. STEVEN MAX POLLAND Hi-Y 1,25 Band 1,25 Choir 35 Basketball l,2,35 Football 25 DeMolay l,2,3,45 Westminster. ix in Aa!! L,"--,. fy ., K THOMAS HARVEY OSBORN S-Club 45 Thespians 3,45 Quill and Scroll 3,45 Football l,2,3,45 Baslce ball l,2,35 Track 35 Bengal Cry Staff 35 Junior Play. I ROBERT EDGAR PASS ' Band l,2,3,45 S Club 3,45 Football l,2,35 Tennis l,2,3,A5 Swing Ban 2,3,45 Pep Band l,25 Westminster l,2,3,45 DeMolay 2,3,4. flfnwyh. 42 'Q ind' I' X ,, lkfllk I Lf? v COLEMAN MARION POLVADO S Club 2,145 Band l,2,3,45 Pep Band 35 Football 23,45 Wrestling l,Q,3,45 Episcopal Church Youth Group l,2,3,45 Civil Air Patrol 3,4. ELNA LAVONNE RASMUSSEN F.H.A. l,2,3,4 lVice-Presidentjg Square Dance l,2,3,4 lSecretary-Treasurerlg F.T.A. 45 Junior Honor Society 1,25 Rainbow l,2,3,45 lColor stationj, RICHARD LEROY REED Rifle Club 15 Camera Club 1,2. PRISCILLA RING I Chorus 1,25 Choir 35 Trinity Luvheran Church fWa1ther Churchl 1. EPHRAIM JOHN SANDOVAI. Wrestling 2-45 Chorus 35 Choir 45 Bengal Cry 3-4 lSports Ed. 315 lnfrn- Y murals 1,25 Foursquare Church Group 1-4. PHILIP SAPIEN .'y Q- ,Ei N Q SNERROLL JANE RING Modern Dance I-35 Band 15 Rainbow I-3. RICHARD HALE ROBIRDS Band 1-A5 Pep Band A5 Swing Band 4. .yafllfy 0,1 Off. 29-30 1 N' "ld- SHIRLEY JEAN ROHWEDDER ' Business Terries 45'Tri-Hi-Y 25 Square Dance 1,3,-15 Chorus 1,25 Choir 35 Alma Theta Rho 1-4 lPresident15 Rainbow I-45 Methodist Hi-Youth 1-4. LOIS LUCILLE RUF Pep Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 2-45 Modern Dance 1-35 Choir 3,45 Chorus 25 Ski Club 35 Church Group. - is 1' GARY NEIL SHAAL S Club 2-45 Football I-A5 Track 2-45 Evergreen, Colorado. ROBERT HOWARD SHELDON Baseball 2-45 Student Council l,35 Vice-President 45 Vice-President 25 Hi-Y l-45 Choir 3,45 Chorus 25 Basketball 1,25 DeMolay5 Westminster lPresidentJ. .Homecoming wild a greaf euenf wlerv- - ROBERT EMMET SHOTWELL Band I-45 Hi-Y I-45 Student Director Band 45 Swing Band 3,45 Pep Band 25 Youth Group at Baptist Church5 Riding Club lFort Morganl. ELEANOR ELIZABETH SISNEROS Choir 35 Pep Club 25 G.A.A. l-45 Modern Dance 25 Chor ip? us l,2. 'ffl , ww' DONALD CHARLES SCHOTT Trinity Walther League. FRANK HALL SECKLER Future Farmers of America l-3 lTreasurerJ5 Golf I-4 lStudent Council Representativek Westminster. M. A f LA a ft H, A A 5444? s. Q2 All IFN 1 CARL MARION SMITH Joes, Colorado I. STEPHEN GALE SMITH Science Club 35 Camera Club 35 Rifle Club 25 Radio Production 45 Tiger Staff 3. RICHARD JOHN SPELTS Conference V.P. 3, Pres. 45 Student Body V.P. 35 Student Council 3,45 Class Secretary 25 Nat. Jr. Hon. Soc, 25 Nat, Hon. Soc. 3,45 Junior Class Playp Thespians 3,4 lPresiden135 Senior Class Playp Football 253,45 S Club 45 NASS A. JANET KAY STANLEY Pep Club 3,45 Thespians 3,45 Modern Dance 3,45 Lubbock, Tex. FHA lPresi- dentlg Y-Teens, Thespians 2. ws? X ...M fins' , x. KAREN LYNETTE WELTON FHA l,2,3,45 GAA l,2,3,45 Nat. Jr. Hon. Soc. 25 Junior Class Playg Choir 45 Methodist Youth l,2,3,4, IVice-Presidentl. WILLIAM CLAY WHITCOMB S Club 3,45 Hi-Y 2,35 NASS 45 FFA lp Golf Club 25 Rifle Club 25 Swing Band 2,35 Pep Band l,25 Band l,2,3,-1: DeMolav: Episcopal Youth Group. SANDRA SUE THOMPSON Band l-45 Twirler 2,35 Drum Maiorette 45 Thespians 45 Choir 3,45 Modern Choir 45 Pep Club 3,45 Modern Dance 2,45 Junior Class Play: Senior Class Play5 GirI's Athletic Assn. KENNETH LEROY WAGNER Hi-Y 2,35 Walther League l,2,3,45 Vice President 35 Treasurer 45 Church League Bowling. J ghanor mdffum wru crownnl queen LA VERN ALLAN WAGNER F.F.A. l,45 Square Dance lg Football 25 Basketball intramurals 2. LEONARD DEAN WAGNER F.F.A. 1,25 D.E. 45 Youth Congregational l,2. 'hw ui CHARLES CURTIS WILSON Hi-Y lg Boy's Mixed Chorusp Stafford, Kansas 1. JOHN DAVID WILSON Q In l F.F.A. Ig Square Dance 2,4 lVice-Presidentlg Student Council 4g Student Advisor Ag Square Dance 2-4, In Way we were gumfi af fAe ,gram BARBARA GAY WOOD TrifHi-Y 37 F.T.A. Ag Choir 2,3g F.H.A. 2g Pep Club 2g Chorus lg Upton, Wyoming 2pB.Y.F. 1-3 lChurch Groupl. SHARON LEE WORDEN Pep Club 4g Modern Dance 3g Tri-Hi-Y 1-21 Future Teachers of America Ag M.Y,F.g Rainbow. JOHN ERWIN WHITE BEVERLY JO ANN WILSON Pep Club 1,21 F.H,A. 1-4. 7 SHARON LARAE WRITEBOI. Tri-Hi-Y 1-45 Chorus 1,27 Choir 31 Methodist Hi-Youth I-4. LORETTA MAE YOUNG Pep Club 1-dp Modern Dance 1-Sp Bengal Cry 35 Office Worker 35 Tiger 4 lCo-editorl. a , Bob and Carlyn Galats as they appeared ma National Assembly on folk .SaniU" play .JJtll'V',- ' . EFT TO RIGHT: Roger Dowis, Dianna Garret, Joyce O'Nea1, Jane iacomini, Dean Perrin, Lyle Lebsack, Richard Spelts, Charles Cannon, lifford Eisenach. V f v A s SE' iii NI ff, -1.1 .- -'Q if - '5- :L T I 'Lil' .-J Mr Lauterbach Direc tor 24 "Oh that Harvey" 'N 'C 7 1 1 ,A lfoh no! H The Senior Play was pre- s ente d on November 29th and 30th in Blair Hall. Elwood P. Dowd, who insisted he owned a six foot rabbit, was portrayed by Lyle Lebsack. His sister, Veta Louis Simmons, was very nicely portrayed by Jane Gia- comini. The play was directed by Mr. Charles Lauterbach. The play was received very enthusiastically both nights by Sterling High patrons and stu- dents. ,- if 54 K .54 -r .J 1 I f .-: :- . .iz -'- 'a uh - . , . -'.'. --Q-:2:1' ' :pr "'-:qz-' .-.g.::gv:g:-' .g:g-gg5-- ' 4 'Q "' 4 .Q K X324 7' Q. ,. Q-:-, , up :- N '. i S c e n e r y. . . Ed Dillenburg--Chief, Dave "' 494, Littler, Joyce O'Nea1, non sphon, Ed QQ!! Shallenburger, Ken Gentry, Mike Brown, a ' Steve Polland, Marlene Thomas, Sharon Worden, Denise Holden, Ann Lampert, Sharon Henry, Vida G o e r t z e n, Johnna Dixon. -gs , I Oh Lordl what a mess I've been through Doesn't help much Assistant to Director. .Sandra Thompson Lighting ........ .. ...... .EdfVsHa11en burger, Ed Dillenberg, Y Props..... ..... . ......... Diann May Cordellia Kraeger, Pat Harris. Mirror, Mirror on the wall Bus1ness,ManageIx. . . Lyzenna Cato, Bafharawbgiiues. S House Manager. 6 . . . Gary Ifelzien. Costumes. 1 .,,,.h. . . . :Sandra'C1emen, Barbara Barnes. P, W11son tr1es Such faces his luck ' you make X. ,nf . ef .' cf Y v 90 0 X J iwlnl mln' 18. n" me Mr. and Miss Merry Christmas Candidates 34 NL Couple 1' Y? Mr. and Miss Merry Christmas The Christmas formal is -an 'annual event. The Future Home Makers of America are the sponsors. V C' V " V This is the first year that a contestTYor'Mr. and Miss Merry Christmas was held., Theafol- lowing candidates were chosenby F, H. A. They are E. Rasmussen, D. Frasca, B. 'Wood, R. Spelts, G. Felzien, F. Seckler. Music by Rythm-aires. S 5 P ., ' "E-1360 Spelts Q .i 1 at dance fs n ELEANOR LOUISE MACRUM In Sterling High School it is traditional to choose aHomecoming Queen. This year Miss Macrum was given the Honor. She has been active in Pep Club and Modern Dance all four years of her High School career. She has alsobeen a choreographer in Mod- ern Dance for the last three years. This year we salute Miss Eleanor L. Macrum. ae? , 5 , .Q '. -f , F D, .L . 1. , . -f. 'S 53 Gfw- 46"- 1 1" Kay Stanley 'Q- Susan Barnhart 6,195 'Ai - .QAJWK ,,. . 4' 5""'t" Marilyn Hall 1. 'NN 'N M3 Joan Lampert Queen and with ee corts. 1 If I I .N k WW The Homecoming Dance 25. ff" cofdlilln 5 anJ Ian!! fm , , , 'Y 1, was held the night of If w., A f Oct. 12, in Blair Hall. l 12 De an and Band. Queen and Barnhart, E. Macrum mueanl g and Kg Stmlqy. J sr. An. s. jf. 2t4xLampert, and Soph . Att. M. Hall. ff 1' r g 'X X X 1 h Z. ,ff '1 "J -. '-'i 11-1- x 620105 S8054 SGA, 0 '1 bd pl 90 oe ace X f x"'Y"" '7 X X X F' F A First Place ug " .ff id s' ZA:-1 TZ'.. Q if 1 A -" I' , .MK -qi.: , 3' 1 W- 'S f 5 Q W ' P c ' "" ' it N ii! My ,vX . ,, , "3 if-Q+l9,i' :ef ' we my IS THE EEST WAY T my ei! W inn e r s of the Homecoming float contest have their names entered ona plaque which is displayed in the study hall. 2 .J 5x ri at WU Hd H1 A : 4 X ' L Q ,M on 2' H Wm 1 ' f' gf In ,. Easy does it. 0 count egnlllahon was ull Probablythe funniest thing that happens during the school I . f ,Q That's the way. .g,9,uy '1 mxx 3 Q1 "' year is the freshman initiation. This year the initiation was verycomical but only lasted a. day and a half. Freshmen had to wear burlap over their shoes, aburlap dress and recite their poem. Cheers and yells filled the halls ss evevmne en- joyed watching the freshmen fill the paces that werf- get for them. Candy was the main diet of the seniors, as the sweet teeth were filled throughout the school. A v 5 A Gangway f ' l. L.- Y, , V... 1' "NJ: .L . Anyone for the cooler? Mr. Turner and Mr. Maunier reviewed all of Chow uma' the initiation plans be- fore initiation started. AQ! .nn Lam ASSISTANT EDITORS C . Mansuetti rt 3 N . r x t HONORARY EDITOR Alice Kaepernik C har le s Mansuetti and Tek Konkel, Znd semester complete- ly ran the print shop this year and helped earn money by print- ing tickets and all the ads for the annual. Jan cyanorarg CJ-, 1 tr was C40-nn. ' At the beginning of the s e rn e s te r Mr. Stocking was given the job of pick- ing an Honorary Editor based on work done. The people at the top of the page worked all year. Alice Kaepernik was chosen Honorary E dito r for her good attitude and all-round k n o wl e d g e of yearbook production, Charles Mansuetti was s e l e c te d Ass't Editor for his ability to take over the printing dept. Ann Lampe rt was also selected Ass't Editor for her efforts as ad manager. Left: Below: Tekk 1 Johnna-Jeanette Kon e ual. Ann Lampe rt aided by J ohnna Dixon and Jeanette B redehoft sold ads to the cooperative m e r c h a n t s of Sterling to the tune of S545.00. Without this the staff would not have been able to include autograph pa g e s and many other features. nun srncsng 1- -S ws iii 4 . ms wonnsnp-U Pnnarnm :xi Ip if THIS YEARS sgolim SHEETS 'OR v Q7f ' 4 - Humans ' Pon mrs rAsxHilgg?EfgRvs cnsmr FRJEDA Hansen ,yoj EASLNN Mlrfus nomll xnwnms U AND . ' TL . lei' Q L 5' - ' 4 ,Ye To the seniors at the right goes a lot of thanks for the work they did dur- fa 'S ing the one semester they were able to Q give the staff the value of their mature thinking. Loretta Young, and Marilyn -ia. Hoffman dida lot of the planning for the book. Carole Koenig inherited a lot of pages to correct and did many last minute pages like an old timer. rm K 1. L. Young 2. K. Gentry C. Koenig The juniors to the right entered M' second semester. Without their help the book would never been fin- ished on time. By register- ing for next se- mester an ea rl y start will be pgs- sible on next years book. Curtis M. Hoffman S. Henry N I, 'irlbxl . Mathis ii J ' xl 'iff N u m b e r s on . each picture tell Q Q U B. Hartway pagei done by in- .S- dividual. ,.,5fi.L"i.'?'.u aqua I U ard Cheerleaders Jane G1acom1n1 Cynth1a Curlee Joan Lampert and Janet Ruf were really atom f1red as they cheered, pleaded, and threat ened the student body 1nto cheermg more and more They b e c a m e concerned about good sportsmansh1p when someone booed the referee Early in the morning you would often find these girls p r a c tic in g better yells and demonstrations. 5 L., 14 'J .. Jw rl? J LEP, - ' . The Annual Staff after much debate picked Esther Williams and her family to pick this years Tiger and Tigr e s s. We wish to thank Miss Williams and her family very much for pic kin g Judy Mahaffey and Di c k Spelts for this years Tiger and Tigress, 9 fix M1 fb S3 Qierw 9 ijt r ,J W' .gg gf lr Q, za, K Q ,Lf Q W Y Sterling Tiger Staff, Sterling High School, Sterling, Colorado. Dear Sirs: Attention: Alice Kaepernik, Business Manager. The privilege of judging the most typical High School boy and girl has indeed been an extreme pleasure. However this most pleasurable task has also presented quite a problem to my husband, Ben, and myself to determine the selections,as ALL the persons of the photographs were such good looking young people. After a bit of debate between us the final selections were made as marked upon the reverse of the pictures enclosed. As requested, I am also enclosing a large picture of myself which you may use, l do hope you like it and the smaller ones of we two grown-ups and the family group fthis was taken just before Christmas timel. My best regards come to one and all with many, many, thanks again for the honor of acting as a Judge in which Mr.Gage joins me. Yours most sincerely, E.Wil1iam ' 35 4 fi f s x x K -' - A G FELZEIN 36 . A ' ' , RICHARD JOHN SPELTS ' 12 N9 , L Q A 5 3 4 5 54 g .f f ffl!!! 414.111 14!f.1 0 if 9' U5 s f K G I L U s., ls. I , 5x . S I W I Q1 E R MICHAEL R. B WN "IB-' A A :A ' J JUDY ANN MAHAFFEY 5 x L 4: N9 43 4 0 '?YY5'h'll l'3lf!-fYL'n'9'5'5UPYU O fig' 0 ff. . ,wx ffiw u- H - 'L 591 K' V - , - Alf-- l PORTRAITS OF l DISTINCTION AND HALLMARK CARDS PHOTO NEEDS DEVELOPING f WEDDINGS - -fx-, .f f- - John Schure presents Homecoming Queen, Eleanor Macrum, with colored enlargement, IHILLER CIIELLS S'l'Ulll0 Come To Our Modern Prescription Counter For Quick Accurate Service E is '51 , I A A 4. . 31:51 nv TESTS! HOUSE OF BEAUTY Dependable Beauty Care ei Specializing In Permanents 1, 5 Dru Pierson - Owner I F. AJ 216 Mm SL Phone La 2-0190 me me uenfwlmrmirmnmurwumln Sterling Colorado Phone LA 2 - 1817 105 South 2nd St 38 ' I U11 IUHEUHIE HUUH HEEUUHII HUIHWE H1115 H UHF SIVIHOUP CONGRATUl.A'I'IONS TO THE SENIORS OF 1957 BANK lach account insured to a maximum of I 10,000 by The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. SEVEN UP F BOTTLING CO. 2nd 54 M2111 La 2 -1383 402 South Front St. La 2-1640 STERLING' COLORADO s'rEm.xNo, col on wo I HISKEY'S HumHnPHun1srung Eleanor Macrum Georganne Henry WATCHES DIAMONDS CRYSTAL JEWELRY FINE CHINA ROMINGER JEWELRY I EHHEIH1 SHUP I "'.fffg, A ---?: ,A-,, - STERLING. COLORADO I ' 201 Ash Sr. LaZ-3451 208 Main Sr. 5feflif1Q,C0l0rodo 1111 3- 2587 39 40 IDI MAI S IHSURHHCE HND BUHUS BURKE RADIO DOWIS AGENCY AND APPLIANCE Dean Armilda R.C.A, VICTOR RADIOS Richard V1 Duane AND TPQQIQVISION SIIHUHE5 HIEEAI IHEUHHHEI HIHH R.c.A. WHIRLPOOL HOME APPLIANCE 116 S. Sec, St, L32-1406 STERLING, COLORADO lx IQ I I Qs Carol Ehrlich Larry Haberkorn Charles Cannon Barbara Fix M,F, Holloway 'PICK EY' AUTO PARTS AND SUPPLIES DISTRIBUTOR FOR U.S. ROYAL TIRES COMPLETE TIRE SHOP RECAPPING AND REPAIRING llSIl0YAl LM nw Tl R E 5 STERLING. COLORADO NO V. 81 EDWARDS CAFETERIA WHERE YOU PA Y FOR ONLY NVHAT YOU TAKE FINE FOOD 1151! 2 Main St. Phone I,a2-9886 STERLING, COLORADO mm W' Junior-5 exAz'Az'fncJ of o enlluuaim Gary Bom rn e 1 ae r e tries to start a fad and support school spirit all in one operation. .,. aff Jfzoof atfiuifvi L. TO R.: Gary Bommelaere, Sec. and Treas., Bill Weakley, Pres., Bud Paullin, V-Pres. lei ROW l P. Abbott D. Albrandt G. Allen ROW Z N. Amen B. Barnes ROW 3 J. Barnhart J. Beaird B. Bennett ROW 4 G. Bommelaere J. Bonser B. Bowen J. Bredehoft J. Brown R. Carey ,YJ Msf X 'T- ROW 1 T. Carey C. Chirnside S. Clemen R. Cochran V. Cochran D. Cornell ROW Z C. Curlee M. Curtis G. Dancer ROW 3 G. Dickinson J. Dixon ROW 4 P. Duree S. Eldred E. Enwall ROW 5 M. Falcon J. Fisk A. Frasca J. Frost C. Gardner J. Garner """!n LJ on 51. EH 'TX 'N 'Pi 'D ROW 1 W. Gaynor V. Goertzen L. Grauberger R. Gustus J. Hagemeier P. Harris ROW 2 G. Henry S. Henry C. Herman ROW 3 A. Hickenbottom L. Hofmann ROW 4 S. Holder B. Hulslander R. Ils ROW 5 V. Inskeep B. Jones M. Jones A. Kaepernik K. Kaiser M. Kaiser 'E si. ii ROW 1 J. Kester J. Kinkead P. Kloberdanz T. Konkel C. Kreager A. Lampert ROW 2 J. Lampert D. Lane J. Lane ROW 3 A. Levi D. Lindstrom ROW 4 J. Loos L. Mackey V. Magerfleisch ROW 5 B. Mahaffey C. Mansuetti D. Maxwell D. May L. Mc Cabe B. McCau11ey W--11? 4-5 -.4 'ani 5' -8 -Q-94 'Ns NS. ex' 'Ne N-7' -N K .af 42 Nd? 39' x Wx fm, ROW 1 B. McKee E. McKee D. Mentgen Cr. Miller J. Montgomery C. Moorman ROW Z A. Moss C. Nelson D. Newton ROW 3 J. Parsons W. Paullin ROW 4 L. Petre C. Polland K. Pretiger ROW 5 K. Rasmussen M. Rathman B. Rieb S. Rodeman J. Ruf J. Ruf xr.:- 'Fx F-'LE 9 fl 1.1 xg X1 '-Q-,Q ROW l L. Sanders A. Schroeder E. Shallenberger R. Shepard M. Sincock H. Sperber ROW Z J. Steele N. Steinhorst M. Thomas ROW 3 C. Thompson R. Van Gundy ROW 4 L. Wagner M. Walker J. Walsworth ROW 5 J. Watkins W. Weakley J. Whitcomb K. White J. Whitlatch E. Williams 'S- Y we .JS ,J .4 4 2 -L..- K .hge 5 R RQ- r"'s,n sd' i f'-.f-"V fu... f "sv J Sl -fn f P P. Younkin McGill, Alvin Miller, James Royle, Martin Schott, Dick Strodtman, D. Suedekum, M. Taladay, F. Van Deweghe, Weingardt, R. White, John Yahn, Gene K. JUNIORS NOT SHOWN Ballmes, Ralph Blair, Janice Brown, Billy Comfort, James Crabtree, Larry David, Arden Dorney, Larry Dorsett, Bonnie Floyd, Robert Ford, Charles Grisham, Richard Hafer, Donald Hartway, Robert Headrick, Richard Heimbegner, Ken Hunker, Harold Jackson, Ronald Kesner, Claudine Knudson, Leland Kyle, Zetta Luckey, Thomas Mares, Steven McCord. William WHWHWHWHWHWHWHWHWWTHWHWH 'S l ' M X zu, warp Lac! S 5:1 'Z?", M 9 azlflperd, J a rr X J. 'S- S S S S S S S S S S S S S .x 'C7 The B-Squad Cheer- leaders shown in the five pictures below are Madra Sanders, Mary Lou Monheiser, C a r ol Ann Ehrlich, and Ann Lambert. The girls, selected by the students la s t spring, gained much valuable experience and did much to add to Tiger spirit. The s tudent body is in- deed very proud of their efforts. STI'lRl,lNG'S FINEST A PHUTUEHHPHS 'hula il A Y M 1 R E ' S 9 N K , 'Ur-,Y .210 Mann Street X t W r M f' A Sterling, Colorado I A n ff fs M atuce. Delores Michel , Barber Elna 7 mafsmussen Rasmussen Mahaffey yew 'E Kay - Elna -.--i CONGRA'I'l'l,:X'l'lUNS IO TH li CLASS OF 1957 THE HAMILTONS Y H9 Main Street 114 South Second Street I 1 ,N I ., v , 2774 STERLING, coL.oRADo STERLING, COLORADO QEH UUUHS TU VHHHUHIE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1957 PUBLIC SERVICE UUMPANY IIF UULIIIRAIHI rh 'Q Johnna Dixon holds out her ha cl for e money while Lyle Lebsack r signs himself to digging out the money for the electric Sterling Divisirm 227 Main 'str I V! O thn 'B b Pass shows his impatience A n Lampert and Sandra Clemen who are looking at 1' stick and perfume. IP 'il URIIFT Illlllll FOR QUALITY, SERVICE, ECONOMY I Sferli g wry! Colored sl party! e a umber -curl VAN'S SPUDNUT SHOP 227 Nlzun orrcvt STERLING, COLORADO IUUU EUHHEIIUH Plmnc- Lu 2 - 17 Ill gl OFFICE I C' I 'I 9 Qscunni SUPPLIES iesewsvffj L A llis Kellogg fmcls ! , v I'lw11r l.Illl llllll 9 ss 27 I , V his money in, while Sandra Clernen and li X .Iohnna Dixon look for something for "9 N' Znd 6, their knicldknacrk shelves. l r"".ffW'a4.'l1 1 ' ff: Q ,ill Our facuhy wa.1. . . if X R vi! V .M coli, . Y, A .X . l Af' ff I rf' , Q' .fag Mrs. Pictured above are Miss Gillespie, Mr. Ericsen, Mrs. Gueck and Ritter in the faculty Lounge. The Lounge was created two years ago since no teacher has a room as home base. Added this year were a studio couch and a coke machine. ,unJer4ll1'1Ji"9' LOUISE CRONBAUGH - Girls' Phy. Ed., A.B. - Colo. State College. IRVING CROSS - Vocational Ed. Director, LCHS, B.A., M. E. - Colorado A 8: M. EMMA DANIELS - Secretary to the Principal tr' , FRANCIS GILLESPIE - Eng., B.S. - Ohio Uni- versity. GRACE GUECK - English, B.A. - Colorado State College. JEAN HECKEL - School Nurse. This year saw Sterling start out the year with only five new teachers. The teachers this year have been a close working group dedicated to good education. 1. JANET ARNOLD - Eng., Sp., B.A. - Ark. Col- lege, M.A. - La. State College. 2. INEZASTELL - Latin, M.A. - University of Ne- braska. 3. LEE BARNETT -Industrial Arts, B.A. - Colo. State College. ini 7. WILLIAM ERICSON -Vocal Music, B.M. , M.M. - Colo. University. 8. ROBERT FOLEY - Director of Guidance, LCHS System. A.B., M.A. - Colorado State College. 9. TED FOSTER - History. B. A. - Colorado State College. 13. JOHN HOUCK - Math, B.L. - Uni. ofWis., M.S. Uni. of Arkansas. Loretta Heights College. . ARTHUR IMBER - Arts, Crafts, M. Drawing., B.A. - D. U. , M.A. - Mills College ofCalifornia. -. 'U 4 Us 2, 14. CATHERINE HUME - Human Rei. Eng. A.B., - Q 15 LLOYD JENSEN - Instrumental Music, A. B. - CSCE., M.A. - C.U. JANE KARDOKUS - Spanish, Social Studies, B. A. - Colo. University. COLEEN LAUTENBACH - Eng. , B.A. - Central College of Iowa. 4. 5. 6. RUSSELL MAUNIER - Ass't. Principal, B.S. - Colo. A Sz M, M.S. University of Nebraska. RUBY MCQUILKIN - Commercial, B.A. and M. A. - Colo. State College. FRANK MILES - Math., M. E. - CSCE. Earlythis year became Principal of Walsenburg High School. gi.-4-Q DORISPLUMMER - Commercial, Act. Accounts. B. A. - Colo. State College of Education. WALLY POST - Science, Athletic Director. B. S. - Colo. A 8: M. GRIFF RAMEY - English. B.A. - Hastings Col- lege. 'x enfflujaafif CHARLES LAUTERBACH - Speech, Dramatics, B.A. - Colo. University. VELMA LEHMKUHLER - Librarian, B.S. - Uni. of Nebraska, B.A. - Denver University. LEE LINDECRANTZ - Boys' Phys Ed. , Gen. Sci- ence, B.S. gl M.E. - Colorado A gl M. 0 X ELMER MOE - Audio-Visual Aids Co-ordinator. B.A. - St. Olar College, M.A. - CSCE. FLORENCE MOE - History, Social Studies. B. A. - Augsburg Uni., M.A. Colo. State College. WILLIAM MUNNS - Social Studies, B. A. avi M.S. Colorado State Teachers College. 53 4. 5. 6. HIIJ 'agar 1. FRED RICKS - Vo. Ag., B.S. and M. E. - Colo- rado A Sz M. Z. BETTY RITTER -Commercial, B.A. -University of Denver. 3. MOE SANDSTEAD - Drivers Tr., Gen. Science, Algebra. B.A. - Colorado A 8: M. l LEO SIMON -Gen. Business, 13.12. B.S. - Uni- A ' versity of Penn. , Q H .., Y 4? DOUGLAS soRR1-:LL - con. Science, Biology. by - A . Q' Assw coach. B.S. - Colorado A in M. -475 WILLIAM STOCKINC1 - American Gov., Journal- ,A ymgll ism, B.S. - University of Nebraska. i"' A iff T' i 225223. l 7. IDA THOMAS - Home Economics. B.S. - Colo- rado A Zk M. 0- 8. AL WHITE - Math. B.A. andB.S. -Colorado Uni- 3 versity. X 'eh' '-5" 9. ALMER WIEBKE - Math., Physics, Radio Pro-N duction. B.A. - CSCE. Pictured above: Kirk Daniels, Hd. Pictured above: Clyde Walraven Cust. Q20 yrs.j Lee Graves 112 Q20 yrs.j yrs.j x Q-f Q-ff r - is FriedaSchuppe, Q2 yrs.jGertrude Imig, Q7 yrs.j Hd. Cook, Twila Daniels, f1yr.j CONGRATLATIONS CQMMQWUHS SAVINGS BANK OF STERLING 'X ""M X ' ry1pM1sER , ssexlzsxsf 639 25325252 BUTTLING U00 RHSIQRVE INSURANCE 530 S- ff" ave I'1'3'304l bYS'l'liM .s'rr-:nL1Nc., conommo CONGRATULATIONS ONLY THE FINEST AT N SENIQRS HECK RS imma GREAT WEST ERN sumn co. T 'W' GW GW 1" . S Q 2-OUR E Qvsvs' , Young ! NB Jos . ,-3-90 OX ORADO I Ll """81 I A'S D0 IT THIS IWIHYQQQ and FUR STORAGE X fl 32825 Gfiif XS Q92 QRS, Q9962 b Wg Giacofnini, Rufg Holloway, Hoffma: xqjlr 9 ggmgiifdf CONGRATLATIONS TO THE Q 657 MEANING SENIORS OF 1957 lil Z lm , A WHITE Klwnmv K Ka Nu 270 I lx gt I 2715 COLORAUO'S FINEST PASTRIES . -ac 'son .'. ,f Sterling, Colorado 314 Main Sterling, Colorado I,a 2 - 2240 FLOWERS SAY WHAT LIPS CAN'T H591 UP LUEH EHHUHE ADD-A-B D FLOWERS ARTCARVED GND 54' 'I X O ,JN A DIAM L 'V-A. J , f I -5 Q-'83 f CWS-1 RINGS - V W- A' ,Q P ' , fe 116 W. NIAIN ST. Phone 1,112-0283 A 7 in G K 217 Main Street LQZ- 0992 56 STERLING, COLORADO Juv: ag. , , fffffw , WP fauna! organizafiong f I f Q9 ev-W Y V Y '71 Groups and clubs of Sterling High gamj A041241 Whether it be football game, basketball game or pep rally, the pep band was always HJ present adding music, a beat of a drum or the blare of the trumpet to the fanfare. The "kitchen" 'sc Pass the Music Over The Brass The Sterling High Pep Band Members: Mahaffey, Mathis, Hoffman, Polland, Williamson, Robirds, Whit- comb, Smith, Hickenbottom, Vance. Cochran,Countryrnan, Bigg, Montague, Boyer, Koenig, Pass, Smith, Donald- son, Bomberg, Schrotberger, Moncrief, O'Neal, Eldred, Defoe,Rizzo1o, Green, Walker, Freeman, Enwall, Lebsack, Pivonka, Kinkead, White, Dancer, Wigharn, Ol s o n, Radford, F e r r e 1 l, Touslee. The Band Played On Tra-la-la Q .A m, lo appreciafe mu5ir. ROW 1: T. Radford, K. Tous- lee, A. Ferrell, D. Olson ROW 2: C. Eisenach, J. Bon- ser, M. Hoffman, B. Fred regill. ROW 3: W. Kellogg R. Dowis, G. Dancer, L Cato, R. Wigham. ROW 4 D. Radcliffe, I... Kleen, G Williamson, J. Whitcomb D. Robirds, T. Polland. Every Tuesday theband has a practice period for one hour in the morning. Then through that day each group of instruments comes a different period for sectionals. That evening at 6:50 the band practices till 8: 15. ROW 1: J. O'Neal, S. Eldred, J. Ashby, N. Amen, B. Koe nig. ROW Z: C. Herman, D Holden, R. Jones, J. Mathis ROW 3: B. Schott, J. Pat terson, J. Defoe, D. Free- man, J. Moncrief. ROW4 N.Hickenbottom, E.Rizzolo E. Monheiser, N. Johnson ROW 5: A. Waln, V. Thomp- son, R. Schledwitz, D Marks. sau' 'U fonhtlenff- ' ROWl: L. Fortner, S. Leb sack, J. Mahaffey, J. Giaco mini. ROW 2: N. Derringer C. Van DeWeghe, C. Ham ilton, E. Simon, S. Pivon ka. ROW 3: R. Freeman R. Haigh, C. Dodd, J. Tin dall. ROW 4: M. Green, G Henry, M. Walker, C. Pol vado, M. Enwall. In 1956 the Sterling High Columbine Band were guests at Cheyenne Frontier Days. This fall they participated activelyin all the football games. This fall they had their annual Dinner Dance and Style Show which was a great success. ROW 1: J. Hagemeier, J. Beebe, C. Benson, P. Kep- ler, D. Schrotberger. ROW Z: J. Kratzer, J. Montague, B. Donaldson, B. Boyer, D. Countryman. ROW 3: J.Koe- nig, B. Pass, P. Hand, G. Biggs. ROW 4: D. Smith, G. Dickinson, B. Whitcomb, B. Cochran, C. Stevens. 50 anal!! "'9o6,,, I . 1-ahhh 2. is Schrotberger . ZND ROW Q g Smith. 31113 ROW: J. 'Q y Mathis, L. Vance, M. Xl'7'wMQqk Hoffman. QM AX ?5rQQ.i XX xi N TOP ROW, L. TOR.: Mathis, Vance, Hickenbottom. ZND ROW: Kellogg, Eisenach, Kinkead, Fredregill, Ferrell, Smith, Schrotberger, Bomberg, Cornell, Radcliffe, Kleen, Armour, Polland, Williamson, Whitcomb. 3RD ROW: Pass, Smith, Whitcomb, Cochran, Bigg, Blando, Koenig, Mon- tague, Boyer, Donaldson, Hand, Countryman, Kratzer, Haigh, Dodd, Tindall, Freeman, Enwall, Green, Polvado, Walker. 4TH ROW: Thompson, Beebe, Hagemeier, Schrotberger, Rizzolo, Johnson, Ward, Knaub, Wigham, Dancer, Cato, Kellogg, Radcliffe, Olson, Touslee, Hoffman, Bonser, Eisenach. 5TH ROW: O'Neal, Shotwell, Eldred, Ashby, Herman, Holden, Marks, Koenig, Jones, Monheiser, DeFoe, Moncrief, Waln, Freeman, Schledewitz, Hickenbottom, BOTTOM ROW: Bonser, Bloomfield, Benson, Hamilton, Simon, Pivonka, Derringer, Giacomini, Mahaffey, Fortner, Lebsack, 61 TOP ROW, L. TO R.: T. Bomberg, J. Cornell, W. A. Hickenbottom, K. White, J. Kinkead, R. The Sterling High Swing Band pl a y e cl for s e v e r al dances sponsored by the VFW and played for the Merino Prom, p,,,,,,.,-,,,,M. In S e pte mbe r the Swing Band pla ye d at the Band Dinner, Dance and Style Show to raise 51100.00 toward the purchase of new band uniforms. an! 'nfmoragd ,K XF 1 ' O SHHLIHE HIBH SHJIHE EWU PICTURED LEFT TO RIGHT, QTOP ROWI: Jim C 0 rn ell, Gilbert Williamson, Shirley Pivonka, Denice Holden, Alan Hickenbottom, Joyce O'Nea1, Bob Shotwell. QBOTTOM ROWD: Je r r y Bon- ser, Willis Kellogg, Bob Fred- rigill, Ga r y Bigg, Bob Pa s s, Gordon Dickenson. The Swing Band plays for dance in Blair Hall. Pass, Dickenson and Whitcomb do a solof01' C0ncertAssembly, V' v The Terries gain experience on the most modern equip- ment such as an electric typewriter, adding machines and earn to take dictation that is given to them from tape ecordings. train' l guiiflfn J M fo, worLi"9 juried arfil' vv 1 .., 8 . -Ho-vQ'f.s nf. Z L. -R.: ROW 1: Ruby Archuleta, Janice Michel, DeloresBarber, Pat Huffsmith, Margaret Lindstrom and Cherill Collman. ROW Z: Shirley Rohwedder, Nancy Campbell, Mrs. McQuilkin, Priscilla Ring and Gwen Hill. Business Career Terries is organized for the pur- ,E pose of gaining experience by doing assorted office work 9 ' such as: typing, mimeographing, and duplicating. This 3, -. "" workis done for students, teachers, and other outside people for a nominal fee. ! l . x I f 1 Ars. McQuilkin Sponsor --L--1-- mmmss :nun rwuls "'nC23.E'.I!SL3m"I"'x 'ictured below are: L. -R. 3 Nancy Campbell, Margaret is-HHH ..indstrom, Pat Huffsmith, Mrs. McQuilkin, Janice '-"gg,,L.,,,..,,,,- - U lqnrllltu- - Aichel, and Delores Barber. T: 'mneu ""' .-SHUHHQ .T Examples of their work. iwm, , S .M . 3 ,R 1 . ,X Ds I Delores Barber President Pat Huffsmith Vice President Margaret Lindstrom Secretary Nancy Campbell S. C. Rep. Janice Michel Treasurer No Picture T-5 'E , ll! ll lla' ROW 5, G. Wood, R. McAllister, G. Bommalaere, G. Bar- nett, C. Macrum, T. Boggs. ROW 6, D. Coots, D. Kennedy, B. Weakley, W. Paullin, J. Cornell. ROW 7, Mr. Munns R. Jones, R. Ledbetter, R. Dowis, H. Sperber. X Hi-Yis the only school sponsored boy's religious group in our school, and is open to all boys who are really interested inthe program. Hi-Y meets every other week at seven-thirty p.m. , when a business type meeting takes place. Film strips are shown, with occasional guest speakers providing a chal- lenge to the boys to be better examples. This is the first year that the meetings have been held at night instead of during or after school, and has given better representation for this ac- tivity. L TO R: Hi -Y officers are, B. VanGundy, Chap- lain: L. Sanders, Secre- tarygG. Yatn, Vice Pres- identg B. Fredregill Treasurer, B. Paullin, l Student C ounc il Repre- sentative . 64 Aaue ,Lien JJ . Z -M' y APIIJPJ ll., L TO R: ROW 1, C. H. Hyde, D. McCord, R. Mari R Grauberger, ROW 2, T. Bomberg J. Fisk, G. Dickinson, M. Enwall M. Sandstead. ROW 3, J. Bauder J. Eastmen, R. Davis, B. Brown J. Whitcomb, J. Burch. ROW 4 B Sheldon, C. Eisenach, C. Polland, L. Grauberger, W. Schrotberger B. Getz. Decorating the Christmas tree. K 1 N McNaug J The Girls Athletic Association is open to all girls partic- Q 14,4 W... ,...,.,ff ularly interested in sports. Six awards are given to the girls unajw' G-om, on a point system. These points are earned through organized ' activities and individual participation. 00 00 f-4 PICTUREDABOVEARE: L. TOR. ROW 1, Miss Cronbaugh, J. Garner, J. Lampert, J. Giaco- rnini, C. Curlee, and R. Archuleta. ROW 2, J. Ruf, E. Sisneros, S. Barnhart, J.C. Ruf, and J. Dixon. ROW 3, A. Schroeder, B. Bennett, J. Loos, A. Lampert, M. Thomas, and E. Ma- crum. ROW 4, M. Rathmann, M. Jones, G. Henry, P. Hand, and S. Clemen. ROW 5, D. Garrett, and K. Welton. .?. '1 .,.. SJ PICTURED ABOVE ARE: L. TO R. ROW 1, C Ehrlich, M. Ollhoff, B. Koenig, C. Clawson M. Sanders, and G. Lane. ROW 2, M. Hall B. Donaldson, S. Lebsack, S. Wagner, and D. Holden. ROW 3, R. Schledwitz, D. Schrotber- ger, M. Williams, K. Gililand, 'and C. NieS0n ROW 4, S. Stone, and D. Stewart. 0 PICTUREDABOVE ARE: L. TOR., Miss Cron- baugh, Sponsor, Jerri Garner, Student Council Representative, Jane Giacomini, Pre sidentg Joan Lampert, Vice President: and Cynthia Curlee, Secretary-Treasurer. I 3 "1 ' E., vi ' Q. - , . . - I V 1 PICTURED ABOVE ARE: L. TO R. ROW 1, S Smith, L. Stevenson, S. Sanders, P. Schnorr J. Brown, and A. Madison. ROW 2, J. Soper J. Ward, A. Dixon, J. Ball, and S. Andersen ROW 3, J. Henry, S. Curlee, J. Seckler, B Obermeier, J. Defoe, and R. Wigham. ROW 4 P. Patterson, R. Haigh, C. Hamilton, D. Olson and J. Moncrief. ROW 5, N. Turner, V. Brach- tenback, B. Steinhorst, and S. Homer. 65 anal frainnl ua fo 41 feacAerJ- ROW 1: Elna Rasmussen, huleta, Sharon Wor- den, Freida Bensch, Mar- garet Lindstrom, Joyce O'Neal. ROW 2: Marilynn Hoffman, berdanz, Beverly Miller, Bonnie McCaulley, Kathy Kloberdanz. ROW 3: Carol Koenig, Diana C Barbara Wood. OFFICERS President Nealg Vice President, M a r g a r e t Lind- strom: Sec retary, Beverly Miller. Z1, 1950. Our local Future Teachers of America organization has the of being the second such club in the State of Colorado. They mis being the first group by only a few hours. It was founded on April Students who become members take an active part in teaching classes in school when the necessity arises. Members also teach Sunday school classes, music, work in the library or attendance office and help grade papers. ROW l: Jo Ann Ruf, Virga Lee Cochran, Jeanne Beaird, Janet Ruf, Cynthia Curlee. ROW Z: Ge r ri G a r ne r , Maty Rathmann, Cveorganne Henry, hroeder, Cordelia Kreager, Diann May, Sandra Clemen. ROW 3: Eric Enwall, Gordon Dickinson, Bill Weakley, Barbara Barnes, Gary Bommelaere, Bob Van Gundy, Harold Sperber. 66 WC 4,4,.,4 u, in won! unzlerilanhng The purpose of this organization shallbe to promote among the mem- bers ofthe Club and the general high school student body a better under- standing of international affairs, to stimulate interest in world problems, and to develop leadership, citizen- ship, and willingness to serve school, community, and state. In the spring of each year the Sterling International Relations Club s pon s o rs a regional con- ference for all students in Logan County who are intere sted in world affairs. EK a1::1::1::1::1::1::1:u1:a1::1::1c 1: :1c:1c:1c 11: :1:a1: :1::1c 110101: D EX. BOARD: J. Mahaffey-SC Rep., L. Cato-V.P., P. Ander- son-Pres., E. Macrum-Sec., B. Bundy-Treas., S. Barnhart-Alt. Leader, J. Ruf, C. Curlee, J. Lampert, J. Giacomini--Cheer- leaders. Pep Club is open to all girls with a "C" average or above and is principally for the support of the school teams through cheers. Strength is given to our teams in letting the players know that the student body is behind tliem. Sterling has two sets of cheerleaders ----- A squad and B Each year several groups of girls try out as a cheerlead A squad and B squad cheerleaders. A girl must be a junior ora senior to make A squad. The sophomore and junior girls thenmake up the B squad cheerleaders. Pep Club sponsors the Homecoming dance, concessions and adds team support with clever skits during the year. This group is spon s o r e d by Mrs. Lautenback, Miss Thomas and Mrs. Ritter. Pep Club officers are: Presi- dent. .Peggy Anderson, Treasurer. .Barbara Bundy, Vice- President. .L y z e nna Cato, Secretary. .Eleanor Macrum. I-lick Y--rs squad ----- for the two teams respectively. ing body. The student body then elects the pei: 61.144, a ?frA , organfzaffon. . . ROW 1: J. Ruf, J. Cviacomini, C. Curlee. ROW Z: S. Worden, L.'Ruf, M. Hol- loway, S. Barnhart, J. Mahaffey, B. Bundy. ROW 3: Miss Thomas, D. Frasca, Cr. Hill, J. Ashby, V. Jones, C. Hebbert. ROW 4: Mrs. Ritter, P. Huffsmith, J. O'Neal, K. Stanley, E. Macrum, J. Mathis, N. Campbell. ROW 5: Mrs. Lautenbach, G. Dal Ponte, M. Hoffman, C. Collman, P. Hand, P. Anderson. ROW 6: M. Green, L. Young, L. Cato. 67 ltefffzl ui lv gnioy 11111119 5,,0r'5 ROW lg Monheiser, Sanders, Ehrlich, Lampert. ROW .Zz Bennett, Dixon, Petre Amen, Riif. ROW 'wg Rzlthmann, Nelson, El fired, lfrasca. ROW -1: 5-lteinhorst, Moorman, Cochran, Kester, lls. ROW 5: Wfxllwr, Maxwell, Chirn sifle, Schroecler. ROW 6: .'Xll0n, Thomas, llonry ? ROW 1: D. Bvnge, .l. Mc'Caffree G. Lane, B. Tyson, D. Holden C, Doclcl. ROW Z: .l. Fox, D. Marks, S Mathis, K. Lester, J. Miles ROW 5: C. Clawson, M. Ollhoff, B. Koenig, M. Dixon, J. Pope M. llall. ROW -1: K. llines, B. Amen, N Shelabarger, B. Scholl, J. Cal houn. ROW 5: .l. Miller, L. Hale, A Bevelhimor, M. Bianco. 68 ROW li .l, lmos, li. Nlafkc C. Gardner, B. llulslanclc-r, C. llernian, .l. Watkins. ROW 23 C.K1'eagOr, S, Rorlv- nian, B.lw1cCaulley, l.. Wag- ner, J. Breclehoft. ROW :Sf P. liloherrlanz, M. Jones, B.B.z1rncs, C. Thomp- son, S. Clemvn. Y, ROW 1: K. Kloberflanz, C. Sinflt, D. Hamil, G. McCabe, J. Beebe C. Nieson. ROW Z: M. Amen, J. Burkholder, H. Collman, S. Wag- ner, K. Gililand. ROW 5: .T Houck, S. Huffsmith, V. Rosen bash. it Plfflltj all!! gfllflf' MJ IIOIUAA' ROW 1: Wigham, Brunkhardt, Howerter, Brown, Meacham, Madison. ROW Z: Rizzolo, Kai- ser, Ogley, Stevenson, Felzien. ROW 3: Kepler, Steinhorst, Ham- ilton, Keller, Busig, Williams. ROW 4: Homer, VanValkenburgh, Brachtenbach, Defoe, Morrill, Meyers. ROW 5: Henry, Curlee, Turner, Moncrief, Olson. ROW 1: Miller, Pope, Obermeier, Sanders, Schnorr, Dixon. ROW 2: Andersen, Ball, Roper, Van- DeWeghe, Malaby. ROW 3: Pim- ple, Hergenreter, Coakley, Seek- ler, Smith, Monheiser. ROW 4: Henry, Hastings, Johnson, Smith, Hickenbottom, Casteel, Willis. 69 Ka l ,,t The Drill Team was organized for the first time this year to provide a way for the fresh- men and sophomores to earn merits in Pep Club, They performed for the student body at foot- ball games this year. Drill Team provides aisle for Homecoming Queen and Attendants . ROW 1: Mi1ler,Pope, Madi- son, Brown, Da1Ponte, Dixon, Morrill, and Her- gentreter. ROW 2: S. Smith, Sanders, Schnorr,Brachten- bach, Steinhorst, Ball, Coakley, Andersen, Ober- meier, G. Henry, Curlee, and Homer. ROW 3: D. Smith, Felzien, Meyers, Willis, Van Valkenburg, Soper, Pimple, Howerter, Ogley, Stevenson, J. Henry, Turner, Malaby, Seckler, and Casteel. Escorts and Drill Team ROW 1: E. Smith, L. Hale, J. Fox, G. Da1Ponte, M. Ollhoff, C. Clawson, S. Wagner, M, Dixon, and M. Hall. ROW 2: J. Houck, D. Benge, Judy Pope, D. Hamil, B. Tyson, K. Lester, A. Bevelhimer, J. Calhoun, S. Mathis, J. McCaffree, C. Sindt, and B. Lane, Gwen Dal Ponte was the director of the Drill Team. The S. Club is made up of the A squad athletic organization. It is open to all boys providing re- quired athletic achievements are met. Much enjoyment and effort go into this club, first in becoming a member, and second to uphold the school athletic development. Several sports make up the S. Club among them being: football, basketball, track, wrestling, tennis and ping pong. The S. Club represents the Sterling High School Athletic Organization. 5 cm mfmwff wad Prizm! All Loy,- President. Vice Pres . Sec. Treas. . S. C. Rep.. Sgt. Arms OFFICERS . . . . . . . . . .GARY SHAAL . . . GARY FELZIEN . .CLIFF EISENACH . . . . . . .DON MARKS . . COLMAN POLVADO L, TO R.: William Whitcomb, Willis Kellogg, Don Coots, Clifford Eisenach, Don Marks, Gary Felzien, JerryBauder, GaryShaal, JohnSandoval, Bob Pass, DickSpelts, Colman Polvado, Bob Moore, William Weakley, Gene Yahn, Dale Lindstrom, Lyle Wohlers, Coach Post, Jim Miller. 71 'Du nn DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION Life glllff worting 0x,u'r1'1'n1 l L TO R: W. Baker, Mr. Simon, L. Artzer, T. Daniel, P. Sa- pien, R. Hein, D. Grams, L. Wagner, M. Lamp, J. Hall, E. li McDonald. This class being quite different than most other school groups or classes, offers learning through actual application of things that are discussed in class. This course has its regular class time allot- ment during third hour, under Mr. Simon, and is to better the employee-employer relationships. It also offers a means of working and remaining in school. Class discussions range from common problems, proper clothing and speech, to methods of sales and mathematics. They sponsor an employer-employee banquet each year as amethod of good Will. Some training is also received in operating the school store in the Blue Room. The students are then expected to fulfill these points while on the job, and with cus- tomer relationships. Alljobsheldbythese students in connection with D. E. must be in some way related to distribution. I' ' viyrl Lamb working at the loyal Printing Company. Ronald H ein working at the Sterling Sheet Metal and Roofing Company. Leonard Wagner working at Appel's Conoco Service Sta- tion. 545- 'L me . J x u ' s 1 'I 'lj .-P lo. L. TO R.: A. Moss, D. Benge, J. Mathis, D. Edwards, D. Olson, R. Wigham. ROW 2: D. Stewart, F. Bensch, E. Lambert, J. Soper, S. Hermen. ROW 3: B. Getz, C. Chandler, C. Brandt, Mr. Im- ber, A. Ferrell, J. Eastman, D. Kennedy. J "if ew 1 ormnl .far J X I 71 ff If f A , y . ,fav gfugwlu infvrvjfing rf? iii? 6,-' 0 0 YW I 1 f T Lk E31 Q The Art Club was organized for the first time this year '-'--' and met Mondays from 6:30 to 8:00. They worked in enameling and other media such as earrings, tie clasps, pendants and cufflinks. Beyond this the Art Club has developed into an organization that helps when artwork is needed through- out the school. 1 Some of the school projects which they have been of assistance are the Homecoming Dance. Christmas Formal, Senior Class Play and several other activities. They undertook the painting of stained glass windows at Christmas time in the art room. QL f-.,g.Q.-3.:.:,-g-..,.,,-......- - PICTURED AT LEFT: F. Bensch, J. East- man, and E. Lambert. Frieda is removing enameled work from the kiln. 73 Smcock Huffsmith Moncrief Campbell Paullin Datteri. ROW 6, Polland, Weakley, Kloberdanz VanGundy Burch NOT PICTURED ARE A Amen B. Wilson, B. Moore, S. Holder, P. Britton J .5 HJ jllll1?Il1 to nrifin wAf1A PICTURE NO. 1 COFFICERSI L TO R: J. Barnhart, fV,P, jg D. Kennedy, lPres.j, and Judy Watkins, fSec. -Treas.j PICTURE NO. 2 QASSEMBLY COMMITTEEJ Sandstead, Britton, Holloway, Polland, 12nd RowlMacrum, Sincock, Fortner, S. Curlee, PICTURE NO. 3 KRECREATION AND SO- CIALCOMMITTEEJ R. Harrah, J. Koenig, C. Curlee, J. O'Neal, J. Ashby. NOT PIC- TURED: J. Garner. I i KT! L TO R: Seckler, Ander son, Holloway, Sand stead, Beaird, Ashby Kellogg. ROW 2, Harrah Koenig, Bonser, Lind strom, Bigg, Cannon ROW 3, Barnhart, Gar ner, Pope, Mathis, S Curlee, Ollhoff. ROW 4 C. Curlee, Ruf, Fortner Mahaffey, O'Neal, Kon kel, Cavin. ROW 5, Ken nedy, Ledbetter, Clemen STUDENT COUNCIL This organization is made up of the students elected from groups and organizations, and are suited to serve usbetter in our student government. Students elected to student council are people who we feel will carry on our desires as students. It is divided into several committees in order to give special attention to problems that arise. Officers are: Dave Kennedy President, Jim Barnhart V.P., Judy Watkins Sec, Treas. we Aux! :lame uolfl' in jrluoof affairs- SOCIAL COMMITTEE: Cannon, Ledbetter, Mon- crief, Mahaffey, Ruf, Bonser, Cavin. - - I - - CONCESSIONS COMMITTEE: Moore, Campbell, M IS C E L L A N EO U S COMMITTEE: Kellogg Huffsmith, Pope, Holder, Barnhart, Bigg, Weakley, Beaird, Mathis, Ollhoff, Wilson, Paul- lin. Y YJ 'in-fl - '-vu.. 'a "' 4 - . ! Q I - .. . .T-0 A ' x' ' N' ,t . , .X 4 f ii... MAINTENANCE COMMITTEE: Burch, Amen, FINANCE COMMITTEE: VanGundy, S. Ander- Datteri, Harnil, Clemen, Kloberdanz. Not pic- Son, Konkel. Not Pictured, P. Anderson, C zured, Lovinggood, Giacornini. Stevens, S. Wagner. "Concentration, inspiration, and application dampened a little with perspiration will help you reach your destination." Colman Cox. 75 4 Wim Cf'-5 WM fu!! gg uduali ' ' RIFLE CLUB Thelocal club charter was issued in 1928, and has been active ever since. The purpose of this club is to train young people in safe and accurate hand- ling of firearms. Interest is developed in acquiring skill in marksmanship. Meetings are devoted to shooting for qualifications in contests within the club. These are in accordance with the Director of Civilian Marksrnanship. The present club limits the mem- bership to 21 boys. The highest rank held at the start of the 1956-57 sea- son was that of sharpshooter, held by Ch arle s Ford, LaMont Balmess and John Swanbom. ,. .- I i " x ivan.-,aw L. TO R.: Swanbam, Hessler, Schroeder, Hamilton, For- tune, Penland, Stott, Lane, Backes, Quinn, Dickson, Bal- lmes, Peterson, Stone, Ford, Mr. Foley, Whitlatch. Life will Jmaii Boys are eligible who earn var- sity letters in either major sports, and whose scholarship for three con- secutive semesters is equal to or higher than the general average of the school, and who have exemplified the highest type of sportsmanship and of citizenship. The National Athletic Scholar- ship Society of Secondary Schools was founded in 1925. L. TO R.: D. Marks, Mr. Post, C. Eisenach, C. Polvado. Not Pictured J. Bauder. 76 To be a member ofQuill and Scroll you must meet the following requirements: flj be of at least junior am! mon, standing, f2j be in the upper half of your classy 13, f were 4-fm!! 1 u 1 1 a 1 or 0 do outstanding work in journalistic or literary effortg XS-, Q45 must be recommended by the advi s e r or school "Off principal: and Q51 you must be appr ove d by the ex- -. ecutive secretary. l Q-1 Q1 Q' iw, 5 - pax. ,co,co- , s , . M s s if as LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Stocking, Tom Osborn, Paula Hand, Gwen Dal Ponte, and Lo re tta Young. Regular Quill and Scroll is open to those who meet the above require- ments. A QandS writer's award is given to those who only are lacking one qualification. Tiger Staff Candi- dates: Konkel, Brede- hoft, Lampert, Koenig, Henry, Curtis and Kae- pernik, Bengal Cry Candidates: Newton, Kaiser, Sanders, Miller. 77 air wa! Lat- - - Sv f 5 argl' L, TOR.: Rasmussen, Wil- liams, L. Ruf, .ToRuf, E. Lampert, Lindstrom, Mac- rum, Cato, Bundy, McCaulle35 Garner, Giacomini, Koenig, Herman, Jones, Luft, Henry, Koehler, Stewart, M. Wil- liams, Miller, Curlee, Rath- mann, Kloberdanz, J.M. Ruf. L. TO R.: Moss, Holloway, Frasca, Hall., Petre, Dixon, Eldred, Curtis, Kesner, Ha- mil, Loos, Schroeder, Lane, Boyer, Welton, Garrett, Boyer, Welton, Garrett, Campbell, Mahaffe y, Fix, Thompson, Clemen, Sincock. L. TO R.: Sandoval, Swan- barn, Sperber, Shallenberger, Bauder, Yahn, Fisk, Felzien, Sheldon, Nicholson, Shaal, Lebsack, Sand e r 5 , Moore, Wohlers, Coots, Cannon, Grauberger, Parsons, Gentry Floyd , Royle . fun HIIJ eclufafiorllll ' Z ' x x -X ffl af Caroling at the I Logan County Court House RST ROW, LTO R: C. Koenig, R. Nicholson, E. Shallenberger, B. Floyd, L. Wohlers, M. Holloway, Ruf, J. Bauder, J. Peters, E. Macrum, C. Shaal, G. Felzien, D. Coots, H. Sperber, S. Sanders, . Hall, J. Dixon. SECOND ROW, L TO R: M. Williams, P. Kloberdanz, A. Schroeder, M. Curtis, Thompson, C. Kesner, K. Welton, L. Campbell, B. Bundy, J. Giacomini, M. Royal, V. Jones, Parsons, L. Cato, D. Boyer, S. Thompson, M. Hamil, D. Garrett, S. Eldred, C. Herman. THIRD JW, L TO R: D. Lane, S. Henry, J. Williams, D. Stuart, N. Luft, E. Rasmussen, J. Sandoval, J. Lrner, Jo Ann Ruf, B. Miller, M. Lindstrom. BACK ROWS, L TO R: K. Gentry, L. Lebsack, J. Lhn, B. Moore, B. Sheldon, Janet Ruf, C. Curlee. C. Cannon. 5.-jj' Q A good choir, while being one of the definite assets to a well arranged school offers splendid opportunities for advancement in choral training. Our choir department, under the direction of Mr. Ericson, who him self is avery considerate and capable leader offers a large variety of music. Being allotted time during schoolhours, much enjoyment as well as hard work, vocally, go into this organization and achievements. Our choir Y was made up of some 75 students. ' CHOIR OFFICERS ARE: I . President ......... ELEANOR MACRUM agus!!! Vice President ...... HAROLD SPERBER "" Secretary-Treasurer .... BARBARA BUNDY Q A Mr William Ericson choir director 4, G . - I . . in I 79 uv' . 1 Q hfff .slag S E. ,F If , . ,W l' , , .. iw -Q M v . V JZ "" , 3 vt J ,nn 1 - .1 A. K , ' . . ,R ' . . A my Q. A , x. rv K -9 X " Fu .FQ . t H j . .i P Q. l X v LEFT TO RIGHT: Casteel, Burkholder, Touslee, Thompson, Holden, Monheiser, Amen, Grauberger, McNaughton, Luft, Madison, Brandt, Boggs, Sinner, Kleen, Cisneros, Reichert, Haberkorn, Ledbetter, Barnett, D. Casteel, Burch, Homer, Pope, VanValkenburgh, Henry, Hergenreter, Tetsell, Gandie, Resler. Chorus is open to all students, and is very essential to the student's choral training and development. Under Mr, CAOFUJ gfwl' uf Ericson's direction, performances are produced and expe- rience acquired. Officers are: Pres. Dick Tetsell, V.P. a vvfaf 4f"'f Madra Sanders, Sec. Treas. Jo Ann Pope. 4 e -f . 'ah R 'F .rf V' , A Q7 s ST' S' ' 7 YZ? , v 2 'ml' ,L S fi ' fn? I 1 " L La., .2 LEFT TO RIGHT: Roth, Hillyer, Ward, Benson, Felzien, Welton, Mathis, Smith, Sandoval, Meloney, Haigh, Sanders, Soper, Christopherson, Barnts, Coakley, Hagemeier, Williams, Johnson, Kepler, Werth, Curlee, Miller. YY7 x I A f iQ , lei: L 2 -' I ' ' A g, X - " i 'i .J . X' X 3' ' F5 'f X , Y ' i X ii ' ' - s Q L K x I V ' Q I . ,fl il I f S ? ' P , l J L TO R: M, Hall, D. Frasca, G, Yahn, J. Bauder, J, Gia- comini, E. Macrum, SECOND ROW: V. Hagemeier, D. Boyer, J. Fisk, E. Shallenberger, L. Kleen, J. Ruf. THIRD ROW: A. Schroeder, N. Luft, C- Cannon, V. Jones, J. Garner. FOURTH ROW: H. Sperber, K. Gentry, C, Brant, uL1fv ylyoclvrn C2An1'r,l1f0l'fJl'J 4,1 wifg exfxerfvnre. . . Modern Choir is a select group chosen from moth the chorus and choir. This group meets :very Monday night when members rehearse nodernmusical arrangements. It plays an im- rortant part in the presentation of the annual Ihristmas program. This group is called upon nanytimes during the school year to give spe- :ia1 appearances. L. TO R: A. Schroeder, N. Luft, S. Thompson, vi. Hall, J. Garner, J. Giacomini. SECOND IOW: G, Yahn, D. Frasca, V. Hagemeier, Y. Jones, D. Boyer, E. Macrum, J. Ruf, C. Iannon. THIRD ROW: J. Bauder, L. Kleen, E. Shallenberger, K. Gentry, H. Sperber, C. 3rant. -lE I . Z A -' 1" Tlafionaf a!'l0'l0" Society wa: for Upper- rfcljdmfn' ' The Nationall-Ionor Society is for juniors and seniors in high school. To be eligible for this club you must have at least a B average and in the upper third of your class. L TO R: P. Anderson, D. Barber, S. Barnhart, D. Spelts, J. O'Neal, J. Giacomini, r. Bensch. BACK ROW: L. Barnett, C. Hume, R. McOuilkin, L. Cronbaugh, R. Turner. :Fw u wA1'A 77af1'onaf Junior clvlanor .Shriely waj hr unclvrrftlddmfn. L TO R: E. Lambert, C. Williams, M. Williams, L. Fortune, R. Jones, Mrs. Moe, D. Hamil, M. Ollhoff. L. Fortner, S. Lebsack. The National Junior Honor Society is for freshmen and sophomores in high school. To be eligible for this club theymust have at least a B average and in the upper third of their class. Amember maybe dropped from the Honor Society if he or she falls below the standards which were the bases of his election. 82 V,- is JJ Thhgm QU mann mv "" wad L. TO R. : Frasca, Holloway, Stanley, Bundy, Cato. ROW 2: Hoffman, Edwards, Gar- rett, Loos, Barnes, Miss Cronbaugh. ROW 3: Thomp- son, Bennett, Schroeder, Henry, Ils. ROW 4: Clemen, Cochran, Allen, Bredehoft, Kreager, Kloberdanz. ROW 5:Garner, Thomas, Kaeper- nik, Rathmann, Hagemeier, Thompson. ROW 6: Ruf, Beaird, Curle e , Lampert. Modern Dance is open to all girls with a C average or better. But if the average drops below a C e girlis out of Modern Dance. Thursday nights are practice nights, from 7:00 to 9:00. If one practice ghtis missed the girlis out of Modern Dance because they are required to attend all practices. Girls Lth imagination do the choreography for the dances, to be given at the concert. For the past years the Modern Dance Group has gone to Greeley to give the concert which is given March at Sterling High. This year will be the Sixteenth annual dance concert. .. TO R.: McCabe, McCaf- ree, Sanders, Holden, Lane Ialaby. ROW Z: Coakley, 'e1zien, Henr y, Hastings imon. ROW 3: Koenig mith, Ball, Stevenson ingman, B o ye r , Ollhoff OW 4: Andersen, Pope sckler, Obermeier, Burns ouslee. ROW 5: Monheiser lawson, Hamil, Pope, Fox Jhnson, Wirtz. ROW 6: Don- Ldson, Curtis, Hall, Schrot- arger, Dixon, Marks, Ma- ils, Fortner. ROW7: Bian- J, Burkholcler, Smith, Ehr- ch, Schledwitz, Stone, Ol- Jn, Moncrief. ROW 8: Tur- zr, Hamilton, Henry, Wil- ams. :B 1. X, , . A , VM ,,,.k.,5 f, V' 1 w 1 I , L TOR: Teske, Dickinson, McLavey, Carrasco, Kyle, Stoltz, Vendegna, Schroeder, Stott, Henry, Mari, R. Hessler, J. Hessler, Williams, Brunkhardt, Haas, Bau- der, D. Leonhardt, Roth, Stoltz, Knudson, Deal, Stone, R. Leonhardt. LTOR: DuBois, Montgomery, Kester, Maier, Knudson, Datteri, Claver, Stanley, Brammer, Harrah, Lindstrom, Coakley, Miller, Albrandt, Gaynor, D. Carey, L. Wag- ner, T. Carey, Bauer, Crabtree, B. Wagner. arm an? QR winning M w4"'J5 FPA Belo W. gllqltr FA Homecoming float Above: Ray Kester catae and wg" project oo" 10 mg-avr, Ziff So? Judah e.t. ct Q con I . tr! tb 8 de. Tenke judging poultry Below: Center: Jerry Haas and project X, Q. " ,. K Ag. teachers: left, Cro! and right, Ricks Ray Kester and Sears Roebuck ewes Right: Student WM 'Wx lib teachers, Jack Gilb- retson and Ralph Deins f Y Q 'CII XJ V 2 ROW 1: N. Felzien, J. Brown, J.' Ruf, E. Simon, N. Derringer, L. Fortner. ROW 2: M. Hoffman, M. Holloway, L. Ruf, J. Watkins, K. Ogley, D. Benge. ROW 3: P. Hand, E. Macrurn, J. Soper, J. Garner, M. Lindstrom, J. Fox, D. Marks. ROW 4: A. Schroe- der, M. VanValkenburgh, S. Writbol, C. Van DeWeghe, L. Hale, C. Hebbert. ROW 5: B. Bennett, N. Campbell, C. Chirnside, D. Maxwell, J. Beebe, J. Malaby. ROW 6: S. Homer, S. Meyers, V. Jones, K. Hastings, J. Houck. ROW 7: V.L. Hagemeier, S. Barnts. B. Reib, S. Willis. put on by the TRI-HI-Y for the school. They also put on an Easter Party for the needy N children. BelowMr. Turner presenting the 1956 State HI-Y, TRI-HI-Y Honor Club Trophy. 3 Each Christmas they clothe completely a small boy and girl. An Easter Assembly is ROW 1: B. Bundy, Mr. Turner. ROW 2: L. Petre, D. Barber, S. Cle- men, L. Cato, S. Barnhart. 57,1 JJ. U 1....1 ff-ff' 3' 1.. -M Hfffmff 91 I f 86 X I 1 -in I.. A . X X ,H ffl if 1,19 Zo' A VZ JAM' ana! X V! x- THE PURPOSE To Create, Maintain, and extend throughout the home, s c h o o 1, and community high stand- ards of Christian character, WN, :WAHUIH Q 'vga' LEFT TO RIGHT: Lucella Petre, Paula Hand, Shirley Willis, K a r e n Ogley, M a r g a r e t Van Valkenburgh, Margaret L i n d s t r o m, D o nn a Benge, and Bar bara Bundy fill ba ske ts for ieedy. L. Kay Stanley and Lyzenna Cato. I. Sharon Smith and Pamela Schnorr. 5. Charles Brandt and Leslie Kleen. q4z,,rP' 1 - fs LEFT TO RIGHT: Barbara Bundy, President, Sandra Clemen, Vic e President, Mrs. Arnold, Sponsor, Susan Barnhart, Student Council Rep- reS6f1taiIiVeS Miss Gillespie, Sponsorg Lyzenna Cato, State Council Secretary: Delores Barber, Secretaryg and Luella Petre, Treasurer. cs - li 'J Pre sident--DAVID LITTLER jlnffafaf. Jan... vice President--JoHN WILSON wen har,,,J in Secretary-Treasurerw-ELNA RASMUSSEN Jann- student Council Rep. --PAT KLOBERDANZ Milla" Square Dance meets every Tues- day night at 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. under the direction of Almer Wiebke. The object of the club is mainly to learn square dancing and to derive enjoy- ment from this type of dancing. It is also a way of making new friends. In past years the Square Dance club has attended D.U. and CSCF Square Dance Festivals, where the as I emphasis is put on perfection. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Lovinggood, S. Rohwedder, S. Herman, H. Brammer, D. Littler. SECOND ROW: J. Montgomery, C. Gardner, E. Rasmussen, B. Hulslander, C, Williams, L. Unrein. THIRD ROW: G. Barnett, F. Bensch, V. Rosenbach, A. Ivanov. FOURTH ROW: T. Boggs, K. Rasmussen, J. Lane, H. Littler, P. Kloberdanz, and M. Stone. K'- L .-al" f MR. ALMER WIEBKE, Sponsor 88 4 gif-A fvarnezl J AomemaLIn9 in r - i Future Homemakers is an organ- ! ization for girls who wish to further their interest in home economics. Some of the activities of F. H.A, include: fState Projectsj 1. Sending Christmas presents to State Home for mentally defi- cient. Z. Selling Easter Lilies for Crip- pled Children's fund. 3. Host to District Meet. 4. Sending Care Packages. 5. Donations to March of Dimes. ru 6. Annual Winter Formal Dance- sponsor Mr. and Miss Christ- mas Contest. - 7. Parent-Daughter Banquet. I I I ' ll 8. Spring Style Show. 9. Parties and Hayrack ride with F. F.A. L. TO R.: C. Keever, D. Smith, W. Wagner, L. Severance, i 'K I V SI. Jones, V. Hagemeier, S. Brants, K. Rasmussen, C. Gard- . ier, K. Pretiger, M. Falcon, P. Falcon, N. Hickenbottom, Glrls Paint C B. Wilson' Nurses Office lv. Illllll-1 OFFICERS: L. TOR.3 L. Mackey, K. Welton, L. Wagner, E. Rasmussen, H. Brammer, S. Holder, D. Lane, P. Kloberdanz, J. Hagerneier. Miss Ida Thomas, Teacher, 89 11105 Clrenfl' fire Q ch V JWJ in r :W The French Club was or- ganized in 1955. Its object is for a better understanding of the c ountry, its people, customs, and language. The club me ets twice a month. At these meetings Miss Kardokus, the sponsor, reads stories of France. W , ,V. 'ri-gl N 'Q' 5 .6 'uv , cp .. Q f n ,- ' xi , . Miss Kardokus organized the FrenchC1ubin 1955. She also teaches aSpanish class. MJ L. to R.: P. Hand, C. Cannon, D. Kennedy, B. Sheldon, M. .Tone s, B. Bennett, Miss Kardokus, and P. Anderson. R My . l'Hf-Y N Leclub de francias avait son o r i gin e dans 1955. L'objectif est pour une bonne intelligence du pays, les habitants, les habitudes et la langue. Le rendez-vous du club est deux fois chaque mois. Mademoiselle Kardokus, la maitresse, lit les contes de France. FEATURES ,MM f"' Ns 3OV'T TRIM OU la The Screamin' Meanies 90 QNX National H on o r Society Candidates in white r o be s and members in black. R fa ci PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE L, TO R.: Janice Michel, 3hir1eyWagner, Carole Koe- nig, Mrs. Daniel, Ann Fras- ca, Beverly Miller, Carolyn Nieson, Sharon Stone, Bon- nie McCaulley. Students who work in the attendance office and Mrs. Daniel's office, do so vol- untarily during their study period. Many of the students do it for their own pleasure or their own experience. - 'lf - X I man? wfdllfll to X lleffn in Dfhfej' ATTENDANCE OFFICE L. TO R.: Alice Kaepernik, Loretta. Young, Lois Curtis, Mirian Duncan, Lyzenna Cato, Susan Barnhart, Lee Ann Koehler, Dorothy Lane, Barbara Fix. f hr- LIBRARY L. TO R.: Loretta Young, Alice Kaepernik, Marilynn Hoffman, Jo Ann Mathis, Margaret Lindstrom, Miss Lehrnkuhler, Della Frasca, Zetta Kyle, Ruby Archuleta, Freida Bensch, Betty Jean Mc Kee , Etta Jane McKee. 9 jorendff lueopfe gained experience In the tree L. TO R. E. Enwall, G. Dickin- son, R. Fredregill. ROW TWO L. TO R. W. Paullin, D. May, Mr. Lauterbach, C. Wirtz, M. Sandstead. The Sterling High Debate team went to the Greeley Debate Tournament in Novem- ber, and won second prize. Diana May - Poetry, Carol Wirtz - Drama. They plan to atte nd the State Meet in March. Other meets will be attended if pos- sible. Forensic is open to any one interested in debate, discussion, interpretations of poet- ry, drama, and prose, oratory and extem- poraneous speaking. Thespian is an honorary organization of students interested in play production and drama. They learn the processes of producing plays, reading, etc. Theyhave to fulfill the requirements inorder to become members. Some outside time is necessary. In order to join you must have 10 points gained by participation in school plays. When a person has gained 50 points he becomes an honorary member. The sponsor this year is Charles Lauterbach. unJ.7AeJ,11'nn5 Alu! fun in Filly! ROW ONEL. TOR. C. Eise- nach, S. Thompson, N. Luft, D. Garrett, J. O'Neal. ROW TWO L, TO R. Mr. Lauter- bach, M. Green, S. Barn- hart, C. Cannon, D. Ken- nedy, M. Holloway, K. Stan- ley. ROW THREE L. TO R. R. Dowis, L. Cato, P. An- derson, T. Osborn. On October Z0 members of the Bengal Cry staff went to xulder to the High School Journalism Conference. At this nference they listened to a student panel on editorials, lis- ned toafolk singer at the noon banquet, and heard Jane Ster- ig tell how she got her start in journalism with the Denver lSt. me lacy, ,, Jfurlenfd informal. - - vig? 'ili 1 kr ' H 5 l 3 y H , '. 17 t s ' I Q I?-Ti, Q. ' kg gi t f V K ,1'.,...,. A H is u" 'ln-Q Hu' i S f av' ' I S s o 9' 0' 'F' AH' il' Au. , . . ' if' 3 S' Y -4238-1-.t'1 0 I ' ..... J """ ...S ff" - 4 f 7,-.ala Q 2 -H S -f J-""'9 -. " . -.3 f X Q' 'vi U5 'Q '- U ff 2 Y--f ' 11+ .1 ' ' 's .-.- " 21 'fl sp -.Ja B. 'L-. H 4, f 5 ff - I' 4 13 fe.. 2... 5 BOVE-QL TO Rl: Konkel, Newton, rchuleta, Frost, Lane, liller. Standing: ' Qaiser, Mr. Stock- ig, 'Sandoval, Iolder. Not V4 ictured- 366+ Q d M' ,2- icCor if K taxifwdrw , 4 1 Q sfofswl 7 , G , A ni el" 4 .Q f a 0 4- ,fgfa he ...fir sl A 54", ' N . 9. ,vw A. A 1,3- ,,oxxxY"l" N r A l .fla- lu vm 'v "a un t , 1 W - V - y v 03.57-' Q' There are tenmembers in the class this ear with jobs as follows: Assist. Ed., J. Iillerg Bus. Mgr., J. Frost: Mail Ed., M. IaisergAd Sales. , S. Holder and T. Konkel: lx. Ed., J. Sandoval: Photo. , J. Lane and B. McCord: Sports Ed., D. Newton, B. 'lcCord. Members change off each issue so hat eachmember gets a chance to be editor uring the first semester. At the semester n editor will be chosen for the rest of the ear. The Bengal Cry staff is producing a weekly school publication for the first time this year. This will mean that some thirty issues of the school paper will be pro- duced during 1956-57. This is being attempted without any additional revenue from either students or advertisers. Students work for the "Big Inch" awards which Mr. Stocking gives to the students writing two hundred inches of acceptable and printed copy. Twice each year newspapers are sent to the National Scholastic PressAssociation at the University of Minne- sota for critical analysis. All Bengal Cry members after one semester of journalism are eligible for Quill and Scroll, International Honorary .Tournalistic Society. -,sworn b miuneurou " g g Qqh. . . .093 SECOND s EM EST ER Nf'ff"1w1 s- ..1...m. pm, A K EDITOR , A its qw. .. ,. - pHHvrnm,,,, Margola Kaiser Q IXYINNV - . ..... M, l mmr lnmg e ,xt rl: - up W' M . K xx N, 1 1 .. K ...,,,IQuln4, um . ri . ' 'Hr fix .gn-. .yr 4... N, .., -- J S'-f ...4?f"77 1 In fm 1 G ,. at 9 nm X S , lf H ...., , pf A f E ' M -'-- f-V fZfQf'1fi,' :I . " 4 .J .... 1. : eff J' 0 RADIO CLASS E One of the active contributors to school repre- sentation in Sterling High, is the radio production class under the direction of Mr. Wiebke. Radio production class puts onaweekly 15minute program Saturday morning at 11:00 A. M. over KOLR. The presentations include news, features, current in- tere sts and popular songs of Sterling High. Some researchwork goes into producing these programs. Students get varied responsibility by changing off these research jobs. anrl ra41i0 "fan informer! ffl' FWLLC L..-4 PICTURE NO. I, L TO R: R. Ils, V. Cochran, J. Lampert, M. Walker, J. Bredehoft, J. Dixon, J. I-Iagemeier, D. Garrett, T. Os- born, D. Robirds, A. Lampert, L. Dorney, C. Polvado, C. Cannon, L. Boyer, C. Stevens, S. Smith, R. 0 Spelts, B. Pass, L. Lebsack. If' 'ti" ii PICTURE No. 2. 1. TO Rf -Q ' R C C. Polvado, J. Dixon, A. Lam- m' u wff pert . PICTURE No. 3. 1. TO R: "M ' Q .Q C. Stevens, L. Dorney, L. Leb- sack, Mr. Wiebke, M. Walker, J. ' . Lx Ji Hagemeier. 5 " 'C X- -I ZW The Q 4 GH E X XX J 'Q AT THE CAUT u ,X f by DRIVE IN ANDIRESTAURANT WHERE GOOD FOOD 'AND SERVICE IS oUR Mofrfro THHHH HUU 824 SidnCYA Ph L 2 4535 mx HHH rm llIUUD'S IIHFE A SATISFIED CUSTOMER IS OUR FIRST CONSIDERATION 630 North 4-th St. Phone La 2-9859 Sterling, Colorado COAST TO COAST I,UC'Al,l,Y OXYNICD NA'l'IUNAl,I,Y ORGANIZED HIMHHHHHIWHSSIWUHE CONGRATULATIONS SEN IORS OF 1957 IWGWVHI ETSQZP 4f244fQfL gn, X fl ff-Ny ' 1-X ' Q7 rx Y Xe I. K'T'Z 2:71 3 I nc0nfY5gW FOXHOVEN SE osnsnuw Q T no ELECTRIC ,, W W ye? 75' 1011 Main sr. lmfme Luz- 3245 ESP pg, Robert Hurst HenrY B0mmCl3Cff' PALMER PLUMBING AND HEATING ,S . QAEQEQIIR 110 South Seuoml St. Phone I,z12- 256i Sterling, Colorado LEBSACK'S FEED AND SEED Goochcs Best A nd Puri nn Chows Feed, Seed, Fertilizer 410 S th If Phone LA 2 - 3442 96 St 1 g Colorado A 1 fl I ' if , ,., an A f , - lizslzflzmqh -siz- 'Q -siz- 'fha su -sis 4? rw Cfasbn were tml w0"L too. Hear no evil, SEE NO EVIL, Speak no evil. I 4 1 'I Kee P Your eyes on e that copy! ly 1 I . A little here 'n' a little there. As" "Ah told you so. " XX -59524. . he H h 4, fx , i , 3 Q wg 3. f 1 l ,, , , A s Y X A 'W 4 -l , 5 4 ' Y Chewin' the rag. q - I A 5 is Q ,..., -. Foster's ringside seat to . ." A W basketball games. 5' 1 ' -,Q eve' e X Watch that rovl v,. Displays for Am- Ed. Week 2.1-1 5 L1 ., Y- J , f - V 4 I I fe: 1 . " 1. -. N0 muss, no fuss, leave xt to us. fl- ' z HALE'S X 2 HEHHULUE HHH mmm -W U' Clglgieggeaders 'I 3 P Coots . l A Slrmb 316 Poplar St. I La Z - 9814 BROAEQAT CCROCERY 1 BEST WISHES FRESH FRl'I'1'S, MEATS. .. AND STAPLE GROCERIES 'HE' 111 - S, 4 E ,W Q-,P Qupasmsnuuug 1 N' Mr. sz Mrs. D. E,Ke1loge 307 B adwuy St. Phone 1421 1709 STERLING. coLoRADo 810 South Div. Ave. Ph. La 2 -035A CoNoRATULA'r1oNs sEN1oRs CONGRATULATIONS STERLING SHOE' SHOP T0 THE CLASS 7 A GOOD COBBLER ' ,V 4 . DELUXE CLEANERS IHUIIHHIIHIHWIHIHHIIHIHNHIHIWIHHIHIW1111111111 111 North Znd Street 328 Main St. Phone La2-2840 Q'-q'1mmM Popular St. Phone La2- 1719 98 B. Moore G. Dal Ponte Sterling, C0l0f0d0 were fudf. . . 0pAOWl 0I'2J Marilyn Hall and Richard Ledbetter start off the fall in the right kind of spirit. we S' X '-G '15- Paul Abe Lois Adolf Margie Amen Jim Anderson Gloria Archuleta Pat Baldwin Judith Beebe Donna Benge Ann Bevelhimer Marianne Bianco David Bigg Garry Bigg Phillip Blandin Garry Blando Barbara Boyer Dolores Boyer Duane Brunkhardt Judith Burkholder Richard Casteel Gene Claver C on s tanc e Claw son Jim Coakley Harry Collrnan Harriett Collrnan Gene Colvard 'Q 8-9 13-15 16- 19 J, 20-22 5-7 11-12 '15 '-A491 1 I 23-24 w.. 'Tv- it :qs I N -Q '19 'xx '43 "'9 D-'SL' effing IAP Q 9 25 X fax of . . fs' -Slerfulg 'JJi9L Howard Combs Beverly Crank Lois Curtis Francis Dickson Shirley Dingman Charlotte Dodd Martha Dixon Bonnie Donaldson Phyllis Dorney Miriam Duncan Carol Ehrlich Douglas Fielder Laurae Fortner Lowell Fortune Judith Fox Robert Fredregill David Freeman Robert Gaines Richard Giffin Karen Gililand Mary Sue Gossett Jerry Haas Gary Hagemeier Lynda Hale Marilyn Hall if O 102 Donna Hannl 16 Richard Hamilton John Harrison Sandra Hermen Sharon Hermen John Hessler Karenlhnes RUHIHSUUCT Patliochnadel Denise Holden Johnewe Houck Shir1ey'IIuffsrnith Jeanette Hughes Royce Jones John Kennedy Kathleen Kloberdanz Barbara Koenig KenneH1Kroeger Earla Lambert Gloria Lane Sharron Lebsack Richard Ledbeder Dale Leonhardt Ronald Leonhardt Karyn Lester anal wvre Le9innin9 fo faLe an arHue.. 13-15 20-22 VP 23-24 1-Q G E' 1 1 I 'll' "-A. Z-3 parl in 4fAoo! afffuifiea. . . Kenneth Magerfleisch Mary MaGill Richard Mari Dorothy Marks Roland Martin Sharen Mathis Richard McAllister Jane McCaffree Katherine Maxwell Gerry McCabe 14-15 19 Z1 22-25 M Joyce Miles Jacqueline Miller Mary Lou Monheiser Marilynn Ollhoff Hugh O'Neal John Penland Gary Peterson John Pitkin Shirley Pivonka Charles Polvado Judy Pope Loel Resler Valerie Rosenbach Betty Schell John Schledwitz 3 J-v-'V Nl' 'EE' 13-15 23 Z 4 6 7 8 9 Rita Schledwitz Maurleen Schnorr Laurina Severance Nancy Shelabarger Cherylle Shelclon Elaine Simon Connie Sindt David Smitlu Eva Jane Smith 16-19 f.Jv' S227 10 ll IZ 15 14 15 Roger Stanley Charles Stevens Donna Stewart Sharon Stone Alvin Suedekum Ruby Thompson Z0-Z2 f J t K K 1 " f 16 17 18 19 Z0 Z1 ZZ. .ll Z4 25 Karen Touslee Edna Trout Bonnie Tyson Shirley Wagner Alan Waln Charles lVillard Carolyn Williams Ilarvcy Williams Marilyn Williams Gilbert Williamson L, forming a rounfif- - "5'F'1'i -n I' 2.3-24 I 25 if L ..- X I l i?' This is the first class to try the council idea to decide class problems. I5.x YQ- sv Amen, Bonnie Artzer, Donald Baier, Donna Bauder, Charles Borner, William V, lb Brittenham, Ronnell - Broyles, Robert 1 Clarence Wood Calhoun, Julie Deal, Larry . DeRock, Dale Derringer, Nancy Dilsaver, William Dodd, Charlotte Evers, Stanley Fleming, Charlotte Floyd, June Fundenberger, Joan Geutter, Paul Gibson, Daniel Hampton, Drucilla Harrach, Roger Heimbegner, Sylvia Hergenreter, Stanley Hillyer, Delbert Hruska, Ray Hunker, Patricia Jackson, Lonnie Kiel, Donald Kratzer, Jack Guy Wood IIQIX '53 James Yack SOPHOMORE COUNCIL Back Row: R. Jones, C. Ehrlich, P. Morris, L. Fortner, Ca1'01Yn Wlrtz PICTURES NOT SHOWN la govern and maid: cfau Jeciaioni- Krueger, Jim Lamb, Meredith Mares, Daniel Mary, Jake McGill, Billy McClanahan, Marcus Appleh-3-U5 Miles, James Morris, Paul Nichol, William Nieson, Carolyn Pelton, Ronald Priesner, Richard Rieb, Leroy Rigel, William Roth, Garry Sanders, Madra Schnorr, Jerry Schrotberger, Dorothy Stone, Mason Swanbom, John Teske, James Tetsell, Richard Thompson, Roberta Tripp, Helen Unrein, Larry VanNorman, Louise Wagner, Robert Wheatley, James Wilson, Rosemary Wohlers, Lyle Joe Mr. Sorrell, D. I-larnil, C. Stevens, C. Williams, R. Ledbetter. Front Row: M. Sanders, L.Wohlers, B. Koenig, E. Lambert, R. McAllister, M. Ollhoff. . .0 1-. c + A ' 3 ...J Treas C Stevens Pres., -ga' ., ,.,,, K L Fortner Sec D Hamil: ll-ll' iH"'5'1"'lil A V. Pres. P. Morris. fifi e Aiea muummnlnusumnuvnmm ,SPA HAS? nrmvnru ngjsrsf GAS DIVISION 326 Main Sr. La 2 -4424 STERLING coLoRADo BAUER'S MARKET BEST OF LUCK OPEN SEVEN DAYS A WEEK TO YOU TIGERS umm cnssmuum mum -X N F -4 v X Don and Helen Lampert www A ' QQAQ2 516 Scuth Div. LA 2 - 3753 Route 3 LA 2 3443 STERLING, COLORADO Sterling' Colorado SI' J '95 P .' Schnorr Kellogg 'H N. Amen SZQSQZQZSQSAKQQCSQ S SGHMMQ ' M' Han 3 , - - -A -A ENJOY GOOD FOOD AT 1 cununnxs EHEHLE5 M WHERE THE SMART GIR' GOING PLACES X 9 BUYS HER FASHION3 ICE CREAM STORE 123 North 3rd St. P11006 I I 7 4741 115 North Front St. LA 2 -3347 Sterling Colorado Ster1ing'CO10rad0 106 I .w , ,Q foue J fo Le. .. T gers mass for practice. X X u I,,4ar1H"" un 1 ' Jul' fo Civil' L, TO R.: Robert Sheldon Richard Rudel, Charle s Cannon Frank Seckler, Jim Anderson The legs belong to Dave Ken- nedy. The Northern League has a regular golf schedule just like other sports and their plans are to enter com petition next year . Their plans are to enter the golftournament in the late spring if possible. This is a state wide meet Their major problem now is practice and establishing a competitive club. They are also hampered in not having adequate facilities for invitational play here at Sterling. They planto take part in some meets with other Northern Conference schools as their schedule per- mits. They are not able to join League play due to our newness and organization just recently. L. TO R.: Dave Ken- ne dy, Robert Shel- don, Richard Rudel Charles Cannon, Frank Seckler, Jim Anderson. r i . '1 bq 'IT' " W9 ,A 5- lk' 1. Q C ,N '19 Q ff' A 1- ' "A" squad left to right, back row: Bob Moore, Don Newton, Jim Miller, Bill Weakley, Larry Sanders, John Steele. Front: Gene Yahn, Willis Kellogg' Don Marks, Cliff Eisenach, Stan Hergenreter. Right: Coach Munns. The Tigers had one of their worst seasons this year, winning two of their conference garn es and losing twelve. ' wb EXTW 2, I N over the Fort Morgan Maroons in Blair Hall. BASKETBALL SEASON GAMES Greeley Ft. Morgan Englewood Ft. Collins Boulder Longmont Loveland Greeley Ft. Morgan Englewood Ft. Collins Boulder Longmont Loveland B' squad left to right: Richard McAllis- ter Ray Hruska Gary Peterson, Paul Morris, Bud Polland Dick Tetsell, Eric Enwall. Center Coach Lindercrantz. The surprise game of the sea- son came against Longmont. Coach Munns realized that the Tigers had hit the low point of their season so he called for no practice all week. The Tigers went out game night and whipped Longmont sixty-three to fifty-nine! Q - Y-' 1 lx fn Bob Moore scores. RIGHT: Up and over by Gene Yahn. ABOVE: Weakely takes a long one. RIGHT: Moore close BELOW: Clifford Eisen- ach intercepts . QV W, A,,,, 2 I i -I I , S4 H3 Y wg' ABOVE. Elsenach makes a basket. LEFT: Stan Hergen reter makes good ABOVE: Senior Bob Moore Fink? f Y' , Y si action' lk'f a 'TN-A ABOVE Jlm M111er gets off a long pass. LEFT: Jim tries to inter- cept. BELOW: Senior Don Marks, N -f M EW RIGHT: Larry San ders drops one. -9 Jw? wrfb Although we came out last in the conference the team rr . did exceptionally well considering that most of the team our auf was made up of underclassmen A l s o it was necessary 5'-:Z i BACK ROW L. TOR. ,' H. Stone,C. Polvado, R. VanGundy, R. Casteel, A. Levi, J. Cornell, FRONT ROW: R. Ring, R. Gaines, J. Sandoval, J. Bauder, C. Pol- vado, C. Bauder. ig-J 1-L is , x v ,, 'li ,Q B P Q16 '. i 5' ' Y' Sorrell Post Games ets two Gundy dr1ves m BACK ROW L, TO R.: Borth, Brunner, Perrin, Kaiser, Ledbetter, Wood, Jones, Hagemier, Claver. FOURTH ROW: Fortune, Montgomery, McCord, Priesner, Kroeger, Lindstrom, McClavey, Carrasco, Palmer. THIRD ROW: Vendegna, Hamilton, Greiss, Kaiser. SECOND ROW: Stone, Polvado, VanGundy, Casteel, Levi, Cornell. FIRST ROW: Ring, Gaines, Sandoval, Bauder, Polvado, BZ-luder. COACH: Douglas Sorrell. 112 vw'-s. Bauder wins Vid? ' jk ' - V . L 4 5 " A ' QF J. Sandoval 'I ,-, 1 r 4 854-ww. ,M ,H : A M F A --'v -f 1'-,,. ' ""' ,gf -, si, .,, 7 ' . x. ,l , Lg .- ww W Bauder tries for a pin M-w . ' -'I' 4 ik' ' Yi ., . ' H . Q, M, .. . Sandoval weighs in r.l..! C . Polvado 4,,,,q ?00J r oolpffgydfe Jflvqclf P. GaryShaa1 and Jerry Bauder went to state meet at Denver in February. J. Bauder White listens in Tigers enter He's off! 325.,...44 J, jogflaff u Brush gets one away 5512? gran ,N YZ, .. Q' 5 ll ff f .1 fa ,r 'V ' - 5-9 Marks drives Football Game Scores Sterling 8 Loveland Sterling 13 Brush Sterling O I Boulder Sterling 7 Ft. Morgan Sterling 14 Ft. Collins Sterling O Greeley Sterling 6 Pueblo Cen. So does Sterling Sterling goes down rx . . ' -- N . 'Pa g Y , txXf?..5,f,,3Z', 7 fix . 7 ' Coach Post and the other football coaches really worked out the boys this year in every prac tic e but in spite of this we still ended low in the AA league. Both the towns- , t people and the student body have learned that competition F,-Quad tha W is good for both students and the town. u La-1 "' ' fl.- , 1. - VARSITY "B" SQUAD TOP ROW L. TO R.: Coach Sor- rell, Morris, Brunkhardt, Apple- mans, Freeman, Willard, Mac- Allister, Coach Lindecranz. ZND ROW: Enwall, Weingart, Van De- Weghe, Haas, Hickenbottom, Col- lard, I-Iagemeier, Hergenreter. 3RD ROW: Hesler, Roth, Mares, Lindstrom, Blando, Abe, Waln. 4TH ROW: Bauder, Gaynor, Hoff- man, Kennedy, Bigg, O'Neal, Zasteel, Jones. TOP ROW L. TO R.: Perrin, Ei- senach, Kel1Oggf Whitcomb, Spelts, Mares, Dowis, Cornell. ZND ROW: Coach White, Felzein, Coots, Weakley, Sanders, Miller, Whit- comb, Coach Post. 3RD ROW: Shallenberger, R ob i r d s, Osborn, Newton, Daniel, Littler, Albrant, Lebsack. 4TH ROW: Bauder, Levi, VanGundy, Ledbetter, Tetsel1,Fisk, Peters, Newton. 5TH ROW: Marks, Steele, Polvado, Yahn, Pass, Shaal. was sax. V , F Q1 X, - . ' -'T ' 1 'Q , f 1. Vi - A 4: 'w la . .4 is , . . rg ,. ,. .- Q. -. , I" ' ri . 3 A i A" 4 . vf if N , " 0 ' - . .. ,,.. flu 'M H 'ul -Z 5 v- n, A yr' i I 7 G 'P w P- f X V ., ,,,. K , s- r gi Y 5, - 4y,..,.NL 'F N -'Eid ' 3 'ii . :A ., - x A g Tl , 9 ' S f- h ,A 1 M' 4 4 :2'ff"s--9"-+ -" 9 , - .. - - - FRESHMAN SQUAD TOP ROW L. TO R.: Roth, Mor- rison, Haberkorn, Sankey, Free- man, Sinner, Carrasco. ZND ROW: Coach Munns, Burch, Stone, Pret- iger, Brunner, Stoltz, Coach Sand- stead. 3RD ROW: Allen, Ivanov, Littler, Koenig, McNaughton, Cis- neros, Bauer. 4TH ROW: Polland, Enwall, Zeck, Smith, Jones, Vance. 115 93 S2 S9 76 3.1 w -J ,as ,ff If O. U 'I ,I . Q - fr ' , . .. . 1 3, 1 ta M if . r h .-, I X , -.1 , , ' rf-' ' ' u 1 3 ' I, .-F ""' ' ' 5 1 Q." 'C fyyv. 1' .N ff 4 1. ?'f?!?fif.5,Y"'-Q7'w..wr+ -' W W an Y .gh M5 UM. 4. . M. A v ,i Wx,fL'MAfw .Tx , , hp Rv... " an . 11. -m .,. .Y , ,fx f'3Z5g s., No. 5 1 viii!! Pictures No. 1 and 4, on page 116, are of the Fort Morgan gameg No. 2 and 3 are of Home- coming. Picture No. 7 on this page is of the Brush gameg No. 5 and 6 are of the Loveland game. No. 6 No. 7 HOLLOWAY - Chev 1 B MITCHELL- Ponria BILLS - Olsmodl Ldll TIEDGEN - Limfol M y COCHRAN - sfudcb k P 14 d - Plymo h D dg HIGGINS - Ford VENOHR'S AUTO SALES INC. Chrysler- Ply outh Impe l STERLING NEW CAR DEALERS ASSIICIATIUN Q Q I O ly I Q W A Q J7 18 Q SUHEH LHHEE FINEST LANES IN N. E. COLORADO 208 Norah 10 th Ave Phone LA 2 - 3331 Steriing, Colorado CARLSIIN FRINK COLORADO'S FINEST DAIRY FOODS 334 North 4th St. Phone La2-0335 STERLING. COLORADO Row Z: Clauson, B. Cochran, G. Dickinson, J. Steel. C. Ehrlich. I Q" W .ynifiafion wa, gfwff, Lam! L, f7,,,Am.m. , FRESHMAN OFFICERS Freasurer Jim Birch, Secretary Sharon Andersen, V. P r e s i dent V La.Von Hagemeier, President Jim Koenig. 1. Nickey Allee 2. Robert Allee 3. George Allen 22. Vanda Brachtenbach 23. Charles Brandt 4. Allen Amen 5. Jack Amen 6. Sharron Andersen 24. Martha Brown 25. Joyce Brunkhardt 7. Eva Archuleta 8. John Backes 9. Fred Baker 26. James Brunner 27. James Burch 10. Judy Ball 11. Gary Barnett 12. Sandra Barnts 28. Rochelle Burns 29. Roberta Busig 13. Betty Baskall 14. Larry Bauer 15. Ronald Beachler 30. Larry Carlson 31. Larry Carrasco 16. Carol Benson 17. Gerald Berlage 18. Timothy Boggs 32. Jeanneane Casteel 33. Linda Christopherson 19. Thomas Bomberg 20. George Borner 21. David Borth 34. Carole Coakley 35. David Countryman 1. Sharon Curlee 2 . Ronald Dave s 3. Joyce Defoe 22. Genevieve Henry 23. Judy Henry 4. Robert Dickinson 5. Amanda Dixon 6. Daryle Donner 24. Beverly Hergenreter 25. Richard Hessler 7. Michael Enwall 8. Rodney Erickson 9. Pablita. Falcon 26. Norma Hickenbottom 27. Anita Hillyer 10. Naioma Felzien 11. Allen Ferrell 12. Robert Freeman 28. Mack Hitch 29. Rosalie Hobbs 13. Shirley Gentz 14. Richard Goss 15. Robert Grauberger 30. Jeanne Homer 31. Jolita Howerter 16. John Haberkorn 17. Barbara Haley 18. V1aVon Hagemeier 32. Betty Hughes 33. Barbara Hurst 19. Rita Haigh 20. Carol Hamilton 21. Catherine Hastings 34. Howard Hyde 35. Arthur Ivanov r .- ' 'I 1' 1. N '. " f ww, 4 3 J. 2? . 1 x 1 ' lx if A sl fl. - .f f 'Q 3 A . . .If .all Adv -.1 rw S ii ' 1. Dee Ann Johnson 2. Nancy Johnson 3. Clyde Jones 22. Delores Medina 23. Clara Meloney 4. Bob Jones 5. Constance Kaiser 6. Carolyn Keever 24. Sandra Meyers 25. Bonnie Miller 7. Charlotte Keller 8. Peggy Kepler 9, Leslie Kleen 26. Lynn Miller 27. Judy Moncrief 10. James Koenig ll. Richard Lane 12. Henry Littler 28. Edna Monheiser 29. Gerald Montague 13. Don Lindsey 14. Charles Macrum 15. Anne Madison 30. Judith Morrill 31. Jim Morrison 16. Cathy Maier 17. Janice Malaby 18. Jo Anne Mathis 32. Beverly Obermeier 33. Karen Ogley 19. Gerald Maxwell 20. Bernard McLavey 21. Charles McNaughton 34. Delores Olson 35. Doris Pimple X? cfs S -A x"Qu- - IJ.. S?- Q 1. JoAnn Pope 2. Joseph Pretiger 3. Dennls Quinn 22. Leslie Smith 23. Dick Smith 4. Thomas Radford 5. Patty Reed 6. Gordon Reichert 24. Sharron Smith 25. Janie Soper 7. Richard Ring 8. Esther Rlzzolo 9. Elaine Roth 26. Betta Steinhor st 27. Linda Stevenson 10. Larry Roth 1 1. Richard Rudel 12. Sharon Sanders 28. Harley Stoltz 29. Larry Stoltz 13. Pamela Schnorr 14. B111 Schroeder 15. Paul Schroeder 30. Harold Stone 31. John Tlndall 16. Woodrow Schrotberger 17. Jean Seckler 18. Frances Sickler 32. Nancy Turner 33. Helga Thom 19. Vernon Sinner 20. Dorothy Smith 21. Felicia Smith 34. Virginia Thompson 35. Larry Vance 1. Connie Van De Weghe Z. Margaret Van Valkenburgh 3. Alfred Vendegna 4. Wanda Wagner 5. David Wagner 6. Rita Walsworth 7. Jimmie Ward 8. Doris Welton 9. Carole Werth 10. Roberta Wigham ll. Janice Williams 12. Rosemary Williamson 13. Shirley Willis 14. William Zech NOT PICTURED Barbara Applehans Lynn Beck Jere Blevins William Bradley Gary Bunker Charles Chandler Stephen Cisneros William Curry Arthur David John Gandie John Gazdik Ronald Griess Dewey Henness Gary Henry Charles Hubbard Nancy Jones Lowell Knudson William Kyle Doris Libertus James Luft Donald Marks Donald Marx Daniel McCord Virginia Meachem Tyrone Messersmith Cecil Myers William Palmer George Park Juanita Patterson Leland Peterson Jerry Pipho Timothy Polland Danny Radcliffe Alvin Richart Morris Sandstead Shirley Sandoval Eric Sankey Clarence Schiefelbein Darlene Schnorr Deryle Stott Ronald Van Gordon Naomi Williams ff,-, ,-,, Q ffffffff NXXXXYXX ' 1,4 f14'fE .hfvrf 'Fwy , 'N L 7' ml Second First Third Michael Brown Lois Ruf Joan Lampert Mary Frances Holloway Charles Cannon 3 F7 Mary Lou Monhei ser Carol Ehrlick Lou Monheiser 7" I hh Marilyn Hall .S,na,15Aof Zlknnerj were Pl'l'A'PlJ Ly .gafaff 1 Clifford Eisenach Glenda Virga Mahaffey Cochran Larry Boyer Hells "13" submitted by Jane Giacomini Rslgee I f CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS OF 1957 PLANSERVICE WELL-KNQWN BRANDS EVERYTHING FOR THE BUILDEI S' HU3fff13'2itZ',:,Pp4.H5ff,Z'tTith' H: Swbe, 5111111115 LUIHHHI CU. CONGRATULATIONS sEN1oRs 0111957 ITCS FUN TO SHGP AT BIG B DRIVE-IN John and Helen Barton 919 W. Main LA 2 - 0676 Sterl1ng, Colorado STERLING HH1Hl1UH1'2 EUFHPHHH Where Sterling Buys With Confidence 122-26 North Second Equipment Makes A Good Farmer Better' s E.T. HALL, INC C. Keener U J. Moncrief I H T GORDON HALL, Mgr. Sterling, Colorado c. .1-:is enac h HARRIS SERVICE CENTER Cert w H., ,,, . service Is our Mom t'ttI 't"' rnnmue co. 1017 South -Div. Ave Phone La Z - 9914 STERLING. COLORADO 126 209 NORTH FRONT sr. STERLING, COLORADO J G J4wf09'aF r" ' ' 5 W' 90 SQUARE DANCE David Lfiffer CHOIR Eleanor Macrum ART CLUB Dave Kennedy A COMPLETE LINE AT 4 lll1'I'l'll llllll' W IRD ' 4.31.1111 fell 123 North 5rd Street phone Lai?-1192 STERLING. COLORADO BEST WISHES TIGERS OF '57 I THE MALT SHOP Featuring The Nation's Favorite Pizza Burger, Cake, Malts, Ice Cream, ANNETTE GINTHER DANCE STUDIO HIP HEHUBHIIE HHIIH Hamburgers and other sandwiches Dance Masters 602 N 1-3 d . - Ort' ' St I Plme LA2 9903 217 North Front sf. Phone LA2-0865 Sterling, Colorado CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS OF 1957 FROM HIIHUUHJ BULB 1300 NVCSY Nluin Phone La 2 -2847 128 L. Catof P. Anderson i M. Omoff W KJ Cm 47 X., uzunuxxxxxx azfuuxxxxxxx fnuzuxxxuxx zuunnxxxxxx ulnnuxxxxxx ann ew, -JW' FHA UP' LaVe1-ne Wagner will' ' ' BENGAL CRY Richard Speltl mf , Q -M9 . Y . '-.327 BAND Joyce O'Nca1 FHA Karen Welton JAKE MEAT MARKET Telewsmn Commumcatm Radio Electronic Device , 1 1 QUALI I Y MLAT AND GROCERIES X ' I 1 4 INC 123 North 2nd St Phone LA 2 - 2801 ' 8th Ave and YVest Main STERLING. COLORADO Sterling, Colorado Abe, Paul Byrne - 100.115 93191 evelheimer, Ann Marie 68, 70, 100 Abbott, Patsy Ann - 42 Blanco, Mary Ann - 68, 83, 100 Adolf, Lois Pearl - 100 Bigg, David Ellsworth - 115 Albrandt, Donald Lee - 42, 84,115 Bigg, Gary Gwen - 58,60,6l,62, 100 Allee, Nickey - 120 Blair, Janice Adair - 48 Allee, Robert Michael - 120 Blandin, Phillip Garry - 100 Allen, George Alvin - 115,120 Blando, Garry Richard - 61,100, 115 Allen, Georgeann Catherine - 42,6B,33 Blevens, Jere Michael - 124 Amen, Allen Andrew - 120 Boggs, Timothy Jay - 64,8O, 88, 120 Amen, Bonnie Rae - 63,73, 105 Bomberg, Thomas Mathew Jr. - 58, 61, 64,120 Amen, Jack Eugene - 120 Bommelaere, Gary Louis - 41,-12, 64,66 Amen, Marjorie Louise - 69, 100 Bonser, Jerry Mahlon - 42, 59, 61,62, 74 Amen, Norma Jean . 42, 59,68 Borner, George Michel - 120 Anderson, James Douglas Christopher - 100, 108 Burner, William Harold - 105 Anderson, Margaret Anne Alice - 2, 7, 37, 67, 82, 90, 92,135 Borth, David Ralph - 112,120 Andersen, Sharron Lynn - 65, 69,70, 74, 83,119,120 Bowen, Barbara Marie - 42 Applehans, Barbara Jene - 124 Boyer, Barbara Jean - 58, 60,61, 83, 100 Applehans, Joseph Edward - 105. 115 Boyer, Delores Mary - 100 Archuleta, Eva Estella - 120 Boyer, Lawrence Edwin - Z, 8, 78, 79,81, 94,125 Archuleta, Gloria Ruffinita 100 Brachtenbach, Vanda Lea - 65,69,70, 120 Archuleta, Ruby Jane - 7, 61, 65, 66, 91, 93 Bradley, William Lee - 124 Artzer, Donald Andrew - 105 Brammer, llelen Lorene - 8, 84, 88,89 Afllef, Lewis Valentine - 7, 72 Brandt, Charles Henry - 73, HU, til, B7, 120 Ashby, Janice Ann - 7, 59, 61, 67, 74 Bredehoft, Jeanette Ruth - 53, 42, 83, 94,140 Backes, John Brien - 76, 120 Brittenham, Ronnell Berg - 105 Baier, Donna Jean - 105 Britton, Philip Stephen - 6, 8,74, 135 Baker, Fred Fay - 120 Brown, Billy Evan - 48, 64 Baldwin, Patricia Lea 2 100 Brown, Jerry Lee - 42 Ball, Judy Carol - 65, 69, 70, 83, 120 Brown, Martha Joylene - 65, 69, 70,86,120 Ballmes, Lamont Ralph - 48, 76 Brown, Michael Robert - 8, 36, 125, 13.1 Barber, Delores Ann - Barnes, Barbara Beth - Barnett, Gary Lee - Barnhart, James Earl - Barnharl, Susan Earlene - Barnts, Sandra Ann - Baskall, Betty Ann - Bauder, Charles James - Bsuder, Jerry Lee - Bauer, Kenneth Leroy - Bauer, Larry Eugene - Beachler, Ronald Lyle - Bealrrl, Jeanne Adair - Beck, Lynn Richard - Beebe, Judith Claire - Benge, Donna Mae - Bennett, Bettv Angeline - Bensch, Freida Ellen - Benson, Carol Ann - Berlage, Gerald llenry - 7,e1,sz,s6,av 31,4Z,66,68,83 64,80,88,120 42,64,74 6, 7, 29, !O,65, 67, 82, 86,87, 91, 92,133 80, 86, 89,120 120 84, 105, 112, 115 8,64,66,7B,79,81,84,112,113,115 s,a4 84,115,120 120 31,42,66,83 124 60,61,69,86,100 es,vo,v3,a6,e1,1oo 42,68,83,86,90 2,S,66,7l,82,88,91,135 60,61,B0,120 izo Broyles, Robert Larry - Brunkhart, Duane Eugene Brunkhardt, Joyce Elizabeth - Brunner, James LeRoy - Bundy, Barbara Ann - Bunker, Gary Lee - Burkholder, Judith Kay - Burch, James llarvey Jr. Burns, Rochelle Clair - Busig, Roberta Jean - Calhoun, Julie V Campbell, Lynne lMariel McCullough lMrs.1 - Campbell, Nancy Joan - Cannon, Charles James - Carey, Richard Merle - Carey, Terrance Eugene - Carlson, Larry Ray - Carrasco, Lawrence Gregory - Carter, Gordon Arthur - Casteel, Jenneane Kay - 105 84,100,115 69,120 112,115,120 67, 78, 79, 83, 86, B7 124 69,80,83, 100 64, B0,115,119,120 83,120 69.120 es,vo,1o5 9,78,79 9,61, 67,86 6,9,Z4,74,78,79,H1,90,9Z,94,108,125,137 42,48,84 45,84 120 a4,1xz,11s.1zo 9 69,70,120 X7 0 afulafi BEAUTY IS OUR BUSINESS ELEHUWS iliHUlH STUUIU 130 E 2 3 .S 2, P. Anderson B. Whitcomb J. Whitcomb J. Cornell D. Garrett 155 ,rn iw' BAND 0 B111 Whltcoms PEP CLUB wuif Ke Hogg ART CLUB Donna Edwards CHORUS KW Stanley 55 5 4 -H I 'I Casteel, Richard Lawrence - Cato, Catherlne Lysenna - Cavln, Donald - Chandler, Charles Gerald - Chlrnslde, Carol Lou - Chrletopherson, Linda Joyce Cisneros, Stephen Anthony - Claver, Gene Robert - Clavson, Connie Kay - Clemen, Sandra Clalrs - Carole Elaine - James Russell - Coaklay, Coaltley, Cochran, Robert Eugene - Cochran, Vlrga Lee - Collman, Cherlll Louise Cullman, Harrlett Ann - Collman, Harry Thomas Colvard, Gene Baylor - Combs, Howard Claude - Comfort, James Richard Coots, Ibn Roy - Cornell, Darrell James - Countryman, Davld Lee Crabtree, Larry Sidney Crank, Beverly June - Curlee, Curlee, Cynthla Ann - Sharon Rose - Curry, William Guy - Cnrtls, Freida - Curtle, Lois Elleen - Curtls, Mary Ann - Dal Pont Racer, e, Gwen March - Gerald Marvin - lhnlel, Thomas - htterl, Nano Camille - David, Arthur Douglas - mvls, Ronald Gayle - Devle, Arden Dorsey - Deal, Larry Douglas - Dafoe, Joyce Ann - hliock, Dale Lloyd - Derrlnger, Nancy Jo - Ucklnlon, Charles Gordon - Dlcldnson, Robert Lee - Dickson, Francis Lee - Dllsaver, Wllllam Gerold - Dlllenburg, Eddie Lee - Dlngman, Shirley Ellen - Dixon, Amanda Lee - Dixon, Johnna Faye - Dixon, Martha Jane - Dodd, Charlotte Ann - Donaldson, Bonnie Luo - Donner, Daryle Pat - Dorney, Larry Dale - Dornsy, Phyllis June - Ibrsstt, Bonnie Lavonne - Dovls, Roger Thomas - hxllolee, Richard Arlen - llancan, Mlrlam Darlene - Duree, Phyllis Jean- Eastmen. Charles Joseph - Edwards, Donna Merle - llhrllch, Carol Ann - lleenach, Clifford Wayne - Eldred, Sus Anne - Duvall, Es-lc Les - lhavall, Michael Richard - Erickson, Rodney - Evers, Stanley lhxgsne - Falcon, Manuslle Rlos Falcon, Pabllta - Felalen, Gary Allen - Felseln, Nalofma Kay - Ferrell, Allen Jack - Fielder, James Douglas - Fisk, James Lloyd - Fix. fl-lendonl Barbara Ann Q Mrsl Flamlnl. Charlotte Jeanette - Floyd. Jane Rammona - Floyd, Robert Charles - Ford, Charles Thomas - Fortner, Ann Laurae - Fortner, Donald Cutler - Fortune, Lowell Maxwell - Fox, Judith Eileen - Fraeca, Ann Maris - Frasca, Della Jean - Fredreglll, Robert Austln - Freeman, David Wllllam - Freeman, Robert Frame - Frost, Joyce Elaine - Fundenbnrger, Joan Kay - Gaines, Robert Charles - Candle, John Ollver - N32 5, 9,5 s9flJ!X a0,10o,112.115 9,6l,61.18,79.l3.36,37.91.92 9 7L1M 43.60.06 81,120 115,124 84,100,112 6L6L7l8LlM 43,65,66,68,74,78,83,86,87 617m8LlM a0,s4,s5,10o 43.5a.60.61 43,66,68,83,94,l25 9.61.67 69,100 100 100,115 101 48 10,64,7l,78,79,115 43,61,6Z,64,1l2,115 58,60,61,lZ0 4s,s4 101 1,34,43,65,66,67,74,78,79,B0,B3 60,65,70,74,83,1Zl 124 83 91,101 3L4L7L71lM 2,10,67,70 43.5s.59.61 10.12.115 1o,s4 124 64,121 43 84,105 5L5t6L6L6tlM 105 61.06.105 43,6o,62.64.66.a4,92 121 76,101 105 3,10 83,101 6L6Z7mlM 33,43,65,68,78,79.94,l40 6L7mBLlM 61,6B,10l,105 58,60,6l,65,83,l0l 121 94 101 48 10,z4.z6.59,92,115 10,84 91,101 43 10.64.13 11,37,73,B3,131 4s,6s,6s,s3.1o1,105,12s 6,l1,24,26,59,6l,64,7L 76,92,109,ll0,1l1,ll5,l25 43,58,59,61,68,78,79 43,58,66,92,l09,ll5 60,61,64,115.l2l 121 105 43, 89 89, 121 11,21,36,11.1a.19,91,115,131 10,so,a3,s6,121 58,59,6l,73,l2l 101 43,64,78,B1,ll5 6,11.1a,91 105 105 4s,1s.19 46,16 60,B3,86,l01,l05 lL61 16,a2.1o1.112 61,68,70,83,86,l01 43,68,9l 12,21,61,1a,a1.s3,91 59,62,64,92,101 61, 101, 115 58, 59, 60, 115, 121 43, 93 105 101, 112 124 Gardner, Clara Jean - Garner, Jerri Ann - Gaynor, Wllllam Wayne - Garrett, Diana Jeanette - Gazdlk, Gentry, Raymond Roy - Kenneth - Gentz, Shirley Ann - Getz, Robert Richard - Geutter, Paul - Glacomini, Jane Ellen - Gibson, Daniel Ray - Glffln, Richard Lee - Gilliland, Karen Sze - Goertzen, Vlda Irene - Goss, Richard Allan - Gossett, Mary Sue - Grams, David Ray - Grauherger, Robert Earle - Grauberger, Lyle Dean - Grisham, Richard Glenn - Griess, Ronald Ray - Green, Margaret Pauline - Gritton, Charlene June - Gustus, Richard Scott - Haas, Gerald Allen - ' Haberkorn, John Lawrence - Haier, Donald - Hagemeier, Gary Glen - Hagemeier, Joyce LaRea - Hagemeler, VLaVon - Haigh, Rlta Kay - Hale, Lynda Kay - Haley, Barbara Jeanne - Hall, Marilyn Jean - Hamil, Donna Lynne - Hamllton, Carol Anne - Hamilton, Richard Russell - Hampton, Chloe Drucllla - Hand, Paula Frances - Hsrrah, Roger Duane - Harrison, John Oliver - Harris, Patrlcla Louise - Hartway, Robert Lee - Hastings, Catherine Louise Headrlck, Richard Everdell Hebbert, Carol Jean - l-leimhegner, Kenneth John - Heimbegner, Sylvia Jean - Hein, Ronald Eugene - Henness, Dewey Robert - Henry, Gary Eugene - Henry, Genevieve - Henry, Georganne - Henry, Judy LaRue - Henry, Sharon LaVlne - Hergenreter, Beverly Jane - Hergenreter, Stanley Robert Herman, Carolyn Mae - Herman, Sandra Dee - Herman, Sharon Lorraine - Hessler, John Keith - Hessler , Richard Eugene - Hlckenbottom, Alan Dale - Hlckenbottom, Norma Ilene Hlll, Gwendolyn Ann - Hlllye r , Hillye r , Anita Sue - Delbert Ray - Hlnes, Karen Verlene - Hitch, Mack Evan - Hlnnlr, Ruth Allene - Hobbs, Rosalle Jean - Hochnadel, Patrlcla Ann - Hochnadel, Richard Stanley Hoffman, Marilyn Ruth - Hofmann, Leo Dennis - Holde u, Holds r , Denlae Fellcla - Sondra Jean - Holloway, Mary Frances - Homer, Houck, Sheralyn Jeanne - Johnette Vlrglnla - Howerter, Jollta Rae - Hruska, Raymond Lee - Hubbard, Charles Keith - Huifsmlth, Shirley Rae - 1-Iulfemlth, Patrlcia Anne - Hughe s, l-lughs s, Betty Kay - Jeanette Vera - Hulslander, Betty Ruth - Hunke r , Hunke r , Harold Harvey - Patrlcla Ann - Hurst, Barbara Lee - Hyde, Howard Vernon - lls, Ruth Lorraine - lnskee p, Ivanov, Vernon Roy - Arthur - 6, 12, 24, 26, 3 43,6e,as,s9 43,65,66,74,78,79,81,83,86 44,84,l15 12,24,65,66,78,79,83,92,94 124 12,33,78,79,81,l40 121 12.64.13 105 L6m6L6L7L7Z8L8LlH 105 101 6i61lM 44 64,B0,121 101 2.12.12 78,121 44,64,1s 48 84,112,124 1L5L6m6L6L92 13 44 85,101,115 80,115,121 48 101,112,115 44,60,61,B3,B9,94 s0,a1.e6.s9.119,121 60,61,65,80,12l 68,70,86,101 121 1, 29, 30, 65,68, 70, 78, 79, 81, 83, 95, 99,101,125 MILBLS 69. 10. 18. 79. 82. as. 102, 105 60, 61, 65, 69, 83,121 76,102,112 105 13,60.61.65,61,e6,90,133 74,105 102 44 33,4s,140 69,a3,a6,1z1 48 13,67,86 48 105 13,72 . 124 84,124 60,69,70,80,83,12l 33.65.66 6i6l7m8llM 33,44,68,78,79,140 69,1o,s0.121 105,109,111,115 4L5l6L6L7L79 102 73, BB, 102 76, 102, 115 84, 121 44, 58,6 1, 62, 115 58,69,99,121 l3,61,67 80, 121 105 68, 102 121 102 121 102 13 8, 59, 61, 66, 67, 83, 86, 91,140 44. 115 59, 61, 62, 65, 68, 80, 83,102 44.89. 93 ' 14,67,74,78,79,83,86,9Z,125 65, 69, 70, 80, 86, 121 69, 70, 102 69, 70, 121 105, 109 124 69, 74, 102 14, 61, 67, 74 121 102 44, 68, 88 48 105 121 64, 121 44, 68, 83, 94 44 88, 115, 121 UL W5 Lo 0 ' I Mike Brown Qlfam, , cx-xoaus JJ " ' W0 I QUILL AND SCROLL Bos Shotwell TRI-HI-Y Susan Barnhart QUILL AND SCROIT Paula Hand Kelter Jacklon, Lonnie Ray - Jackson, Ronald Leroy - Johnaen, Dee Ann - Johneon, Nancy louise - Jonel, Barbara Ann - Jones, Clyde Merton Jr. - Jonel, Leonard Eugene - Jonel, Margaret Ann - Jones, Nancy Jo - Jonel, Robert Paul - Jones, Royce Eldon - Jonee. Vlrglnla Adele - Kaepernlk, Allce Kay - Kallar. Constance Charlotte Klllll, Jamal Dale - Kaiser, Kenneth Kay - Kalser, Margola Jean - Kaevar, Carolyn Joy - Keller, Charlotte lnulsa Kelley, Carolyn Vlrglnla Kellogg, Willis Stanley - Kennedy, nlvia rnnusn Kennedy, Mearl John - Kepler, Margaret Ann - Keener. , Joan Louise - Claudine Shlrley - Kelter, Raymond Danls - Kiel, Donald Rlchard - Klnhaad, Jamal Brown - Kltch, Kenneth Irwin - Kleen, Lellle Dean - Kloherdana, Mary Kathleen - Hoberdanl, Patrlcla - xllldldll, Leland Levis - Knudson, Lovell Wayne - Koehler, Lee Ann -, Kuahl, Koenig, Carols Lynne - Koenig, Jamel Ellis - Koenig, Barbara Jaan - Konllel, Thornton Edward Krltae r, JackWlll1am - Kreager, Cordelia Jana - Kroeglr. Kenneth Fred - Krueger, Jamal Joleph - Kruger, Karan Mae - Clarence Wllltam Nichol, Kyle, Wllllam Albert - Kyle, Zetta Mae - Lamb, Meredith Charlal - Lamb, Myrl Dean - Lambert. Earla Mae - Lampert, Ann Ellaabeth - Lampert, Joan Katherine - Lana, Dorothy Ellen - Lane. Gloria Sue - Lane, Joseph Henry - Lana, Richard Raymond - Lehlack, Lyla Dean . Leblack, Sharron Elayne . Ledbetter, Rlchard Kant . Leonhardt, Dale Lee Richard Joseph - Leonhardt, Ronald Leon Peter - Lester, Karyn Ann - Levl, Anthony IOIIPH - Llhertnl, Dorle Lonlle - Llndetrom. Dale Cllfton - Llndltrom, Margaret Ellaabeth Lindsey, Kay Ibn - Llttlar, Henry Read - Llttler. Robert David - bool. Judy Ann - Lovlnggood, James Vernon - Luckey. ThUlIlll Edward - Luft, Jamal Henry - Luft, Norma Jean - McAlllster, Richard Lee - McBride, Lyla Charlel - McCabe, Geraldine Ann - McCabe, Rose Louise - McCaflree, Jane Illllabeth - McCaul1ey, Bennle Fay - McCord, Danlel George - McCord, Wllllam E. - Mclhnald, Emmett Edward - McGill, Alvln Cnrblt . McGill, Billy Frank - McCllnahan, Marcul Raymond McKee, Betty Jean - McKee, Etta Jana - McClavey, Barnard Ray - McNaughton, Charlel Duncan - Mackey, Lucinda Loulle - Macrum. Charles Rlchard - Macrum, Eleanor Loulle - Mld6l0h, Anna Strahan - 'I34 a9llJ!X 105 48 122 59,61,,124 44 115,122 14 44,65,68,90 as,a9.1zz 112,115,122 59,6l,64,82,102,l05 14,61,1s,19,s1,s6 33,44,83,91,140 69,122 14,109 44 44,95 89.122 6213 14 6,14,61,62,71,74,109.110,115,131 1, 14, 64. 73, 74, 90, 92, 108, 127 102, 115 60, 69, 80, 122 48, 78, 79 2, 7, 45, 68 15, 84. 85 105 45, 58, 61 15 59, 61, 80, 81. 87,122 66, 69. 102 45, 66, 68, 78, 79, 83, 88, 89 48, 84 124 15. 78, 91 2, 15, 33, 66, 78, 79, 91,140 60, 115, 119, 122 58, 59, 61, 65, 68, 74, 83,102,105 33. 45, 74, 93, 140 60, 61, 105 45, 66, 68, 83 102 105, 112 15 None 84, 124 48, 91 105 15, 72 31, 68, 73, 78, 82, 102, 105 33, 45, 48, 65, 94, 140 1, 29, 30, 34, 45, 65, 67, 83, 94. 125 45, 78, 79, 89, 91, 93 65, 70, 83,102 45, 88 76, 122 15, 24, 25, 61, 78, 79, 94,115 58, 60, 65, 82, 102 64, 74, 80, 95. 102, 105, 109 84,102 a4,1oz 68,70,102 45, 112, 115 124 45, 71, 74, 84, 112, 115 L1L6L6L7L718Q8L9l 122 88,115,122 16,8B,1l5,127 45,65,68,78,83 16,88 48 80,124 l6,78,79,81,92 64,l03,105,109,ll5 17 69.83.103 45.66.92 6s,1o,aa,1o3 45,66,68,78.91 64,124 48,112 11,12 48 105 105 46,91 46,91 s4.112.1z2 64,80,ll5,l22 45,6a,s9 64,122 16,,6s,61,1s,19,s1,s6,121 6i6Z7mBl1M Magerflellch, Kenneth Leroy - Magerflelsch, Verna Lorraine Maglll, Mary Grace - Mahaffey, Barbarann Matilda - Mahafley, Judlth Ann - Maler, Cathy Loulle - Maler, James Theodore - Malaby, Janice Mlldalene - Manauettl, Charlal Anthony - Marks, Donald Dlgane - Marks, Donald Wllllam - Marke, Dorothy Mae - Marla, Daniel . Mares, Steven - Mari, Rlchard Lee - Martin, Roland Earl - Mary, Jacob Andrew - Marx, Donald Lee - Mlfhll, Jo Ann - Mathis, Joanne Maxdne - Mllhll, Sharon - Marvell, Doris Darlene - Maxwell, Gerald Kelth - Maxwell, Katherine Kay - May, Dlann Ruth - Meacham, Vlrglnla Clare - 103 45 103 45 16,37,58,60,61,67,74,75,125,137 122 16,84 smvmemxu 33.45.140 124 6.16. 59.61, 71.76, 109, lll, 114, 115 6a,ss,a6.1oa Medlna, Dolorel Viola - Maloney. Clara lhnma - Mentgen, David Anthony - Meyers. Sandra Joy - Michel, Janice Marie - Mills. Jamal Dean - Mllel, Joyce Elayne - Mlller, Beverly Loulle - Mlller, Bonnie Beth - Miller, Glorla Jacquallne - 105,115 48,115 103 103 105 124 5,l7,33,53,59,6l,67,73,91,140 122 6s.1o,so,s3,1o1 45,6a,a6 122 103 45.66.92 69.124 122 80,122 46 6Z7m8LlM 17.61.91 105 6a,1o5 1L6L7L7Z91 69,70,80,83,122 46 Millar, Jacqueline . Miller, JIXIIOI Allen - Miller, Lynn - Moncrlef, Judith Jean - Monhelser, Edna Ann - Monhellar, Mary Louise - Montague, Gerald Allen - Montgomery, Joseph Rlchard Moore, Robert George . Moorman, Cynthia - Morrill. Judlth Carol - Morrls, Paul Warren . Morrison, Jamal Ray - MOII, Anita - Myers, Nallon, Cecll William - Carol Kay - Newton, Donald Floyd - William Robert - Nl8l0!l, Carolyn Ruth - Nlchollon, Robert mill - Obermeler, Beverly Jean - Ogley, Karen Ann - Ollhoff. Marilyn Kay - Olson, llbfll Earlene - O'Naal, Hugh Norman - O'Naal, Joyce Marlene - Osborn, Thomas Harvey - Palmer, William Eugene - Park, George Wllllam - Parlonl. Gerald Kalth - PIII, Robert Edgar - Patterson, Juanita Jean - Paullln. Pe lton, Wannle Lee 1Bud1 - Ronald Lee - Pen1and,. John Clinton - Pe rrln, Peters. Dean LeRoy . Gerald .Braerton - Plllflbh, Gary Leroy - Peter I0 n, Leland Merril - Peterson Roland Dale - Petra, Luella Marla - Plmple , Dorls Jean - Plpho, Gerald Arnold - Pitkin, John Frank - Plvonka, Shirley Jean - Polland. Calvin Lee - Polland, Steven Mal - Polland, Timothy John - Polvado. Charlel Armond . Polvado. Coleman Marlon . Pope, J oAnn- Pope, Judy Kay . Pretlger, Joe Michael - Pretlglr, Karen Sue - Prlesnar, Richard Dean - Quinn, Dennis Michael - Radcllff, Danny Lee - Radford, Thomas Thayne - Raamullan, Elna LaVonna - 68,103 4s,11,95,1o9.111,115 54,122 5L5Z6L6L6Z7L8L1H 59,61,69,l0,122 4a,6s,ss,1oa,125 smbmenln 46,84,88,l22 17,71,78,79,l09,ll0,111 46,65 6Z7m1H 105,109,115 115,122 46.13.16 124 46,68 46, 93, 109, 115 105 65,69,91,105 11,62,1a,19 6L6Z7m8LlR 69,70,86,87.l22 3L6L6L7m7L8LBl1M,W5 5a,59,61,65.69,13,aa,122 103.115 6,17,Z4,26,59,6l,66,67,74,B2,127 18.9Z.94.115 112,124 124 46.78.79 l8,60,61,62,7l,94,115 59,65,124 46, 64, 92 105 76,103 lB,24,109, 2,18,79 115 115 76, 103 124 18 46,68.86,78,87 69.10.122 124 103 5s.61,6z,1oa 46. 64 1a,5a 59f6l.109,l15,124 103,112 18,60,61,7l,76,94,112,113,115 69,70,80,83,123 68,70,74,83,103 115.125 46,89 112 76,123 59.61.124 5s,59.1z: 18. 27. 37. 66. 18. 79. as. as, 139 MU' luv' Ha willinut' BUSINESS TERRIES ravi Bob Sheldon FTA Frieda Banach FTA Phil Br itton GAA Gary Shaal GAA Jane Giacomini PEP CLUB PCESY Anderson l05 69, 70, 80, 87,124 yegwr-new -W -- - nw' N, . . 1 Rasmussen, Kay LaVerne - Rathmann, Mary Louise - Reed, Patricia - Reed, Richard Leroy - Reichert. Gordon Phillip - Resler, Loel Leaman - Rickhart, Alvin D. - Rleb, Barbara Ann - Rleb, LeroyAlexander - Rlgel, William Adam - Ring, Priscilla Darlene - Ring, Richard Alexander - Ring. Sherroll Jana - Rlasolo, Either Rene - Robirds, Rlchard Hale - Rodsman, Shirley Mae - Rohwsddsr, Shirley Jean - Rosenbach, Varerle Ann - Roth, Elaine Emella - Roth. Garry David - Roth, Larry Gordon - Royle, Martin Leroy - Ruf, JoAnn Carol - Rui, Marian Janet - Rui, Lois Lucille - Rudel, Richard Kenneth - Sandoval, Ephrlam John - Sandoval, Shirley Mae - Sanders, Larry Dean - Sanders, Madre Loye - Sanders, Sharon Ann - Sandstsad, Morris William Jr. - ,runny .911 JO! 46. ss- 99 Taladay, Floyd Eugene - 46' 65' 66' 68' 78' 53 Teske, James Leland - 123 Tetsell, Richard Raymond - 19 Thom, Helga Dora - B01 123 Thomas, Marlene Betty - 103 Thompson, Carolyn Ruth - 124 Thompson, Roberta Rae - 46 Thompson, Ruby Leah - 105 Thompson, Sandra Sue - 105 Thompson, Virginia Marie - 19- 61 Tindall, John Allen - UZ. 123 Touslee, Karen Ileene - l9 58,59,6l,69,l23 19.5s,59,94,115 Tripp, Helen Alberta - Trout, Edna Irene - Turner, Nancy - 46- 65 Tyson, Bonnie Elouise - 19' 61' 89 Unrein, Larry Gerald - 69. 95. 103 Vance, Laurence Eugene - 123 Van De Weghe. Connie Louise - 04. 105, 115 va, D, 80,ll5,l23 Weghe, Kenneth Kay - Van Gordon, Ronald Gene - 49. 781 79 Ven Gundy, Robert Brueon - 65,69,70,81,123 Sanke y. Saplsn, Scha ll, Schiefe Schott , Schott , Eric Thatcher - Philip - Betty Ann - lbeln, Clarence Lee - Donald Charles - Richard Alexander - Schledwita. John Allen - Schledwtta, Rita Bernice - Schnorr, Darleen Ann - Schnorr, Jerry Jake - Schnorr, Maurleen - 105 83,92, 105 Schnorr, Pamela Lane -g Schroeder, Anita Christine - Schroeder, Paul Wordsworth Schroeder, William Orville - Schrotberger, Dorothy Kay - Schrotbe rger, Woodrow Lynn Sackler, Frank Hall - Sackler, Jean Elizabeth - Severance, Laurina Ann - Shaal, Gary Neil - Shellenberger, Edward Lee - Sheldon, Chex-ylle Ann - Sheldon, Robert Howard - Shalabarger, Nancy Ann - Shepard, Roealie Clydine - Shotwsll, Robert Emmet - Sickler, Frances Ruth - ' Slncock, Mary Kathryn - Sinner, Vernon Leroy - Simon, Imogene Elaine - Sindt, Sonnie Sue - Slsneroe, Eleanor Ellzebeth - Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Soper , Carl Marlon - David Earl - Dorothy Mae - Eva Jane - Felicia Sue - Leslie Derrett - Richard Dwight - Sharron Lynn - Stephen Gale - Janie Lea - Sperber, Harold Edward - Spslts, Stanley Stanley Steels, Stelnho Steinho Richard John - , Janet Kay - , Roger M.- John Keith - ret, Betta Jane . rat, Niki Ann - Stevens, Charles Manley - Stevenson, Linda Anne - Stewart, Donna Nadine - Stoltz , Stolta , Stone , Stone , Stone , Harley Ernest - Larry Harold - Harold Wilson - Mason Harry - Phyllis Sharon - Stott, Daryl Gene - Strodtman, Donald Leroy - Buedeknm, Alvin l-larve - Suedekum, Melvin Glen - Swsnba m, John E. - 46,65,66,68,78,79,86 3L4L6i6M6L7L7l8LB3 2,l9,67,78,79,86,l25,l37 100,123 19,11.1s.19,95,112.113 00.124 47,64,7B.79,l09,lll,ll5 4s.65,6s.s3.105 6i627m8mlH 64.14.124 115,124 19,72 68.103 124 20 48 l03 59,6l,65,l04 lZ4 105 104 41,65,66,6s.1s.19,s1.s3 123 16,s4,12s 60,6l,65,83,l05 58,6l,64,lZ3 z0,21.14.1os 2,65,69.10,s3.123 s9,104 Z0,36,7l,78,79,ll5,l35 47,78,79,8l,ll5 83,104 6,20,64,78,79,90,l08,l35 60.104 47 Z0,bl,62,l33 123 47,74,78 80,115,123 6l,69,70,86,l04 60,61,104 20.65,s0 20 60,61,104 69,70,80,89,l23 70,B3,l04 123 ll5,l23 61,123 65.1o,a1,123 20,94 65,69,10.13,a0.a6,1z3 47,64,66,78,79,Bl 6,2l,24,27, 36,7l,82,94, ll5, l27,s1.9z.131 104 41,109,115 65,69,10.123 47,68 60.94,l04,l05 65.69.10.e3,123 65.13,7s,v9,1o4 04,115,123 04,123 115,123 76,84,8B,l05 65,s3.91.1o4 76,84,lZ4 48 104 48 76, 78,105 Van Norman, Louise Marie - Van Valkenburgh, Margaret Melruvina Vandegna, Alfred Ralph - Wagner, David Michael - Wagner, Kenneth Leroy - Wagner, LaVern Allen - Wagner, LaVonne Edythe - Wagner, Shirley Ann - Wagner, Robert Dean - Wagner, Wanda Ilene - Walker, Margaret Marie - Waln, Alan Burl - Walsworth, Johnnie Lee - Walsworth, Rita Faye - Ward. Jimmie Lorene - Watkins, Judith Ann - Wealfley, William Goodson - Welngardt, Ronald Joseph - WUI-WD' Doris Jeanne - Welton, Karen Lynette - Werth, Carole Elaine - Wheatley, James - Whitcomb, James Hall - Whltcomb, William Clay - White, John Erwin - White, Kenneth Albert - Whitlatch, Robert Hubbard - Wlgham, Roberta Kay - Willard, Charles Roy - Williams, Carolyn Kay - Williams, Edward Lee - Williams, Harvey Lee - Williams, Janice Lorraine - Williams, Marilyn Fay - Williams, Naomi Elizabeth - Williamson, Gilbert Anthony - Williamson, Rosemary - Willis, Shirley Celeste - Wilson, Wilson, Wileon, Wilson, Beverly Jo Ann - John David - Charles Curtis - Rosemary Elizabeth - Wirtz, Carelyn Kay - Wohlers, Lyle Fredrick - Wood, Clarence Ace - Wood, Guy Hugh - Worden, Sharon Lee - Wrltebol, Sharon LaRee - Yack, Jamee Stanley - Yahn, Gene Allen - Young, Loretta May - Younkln, Patricia Mae - Zech, William Stevens - 48 04.05.105 80,105,109 123 41.65,6a,s3 47,6l,68,79 80,l05 83,104 2l,78,79,83,92 59.123 60.61.123 58,59.6l.B0,83,l04 105 104 65,69,70,83,lZ3 6s,10,104 88,105 5B,6l,ll5,l23 60.69.124 48,115 l24 41,64,66,112,115 84, l ll, l24 l24 tl 21,127 47.68.89 70,9l,l04 69.84.105 09,124 47,58,60,6l,6B,94 59,6l,l04,ll5 47 124 61.65.0o,124 41.60.06 47,64,66,7l,l09.ll0,ll5 40.115 70,124 5fZl,65,78,79,86,89,l27 80,124 105 41.64.115 6,21,5s,6o.61,11,19,115,131 22,40 41.50.61 41,16 58,59,6l,65,69,73,l24 104,115 78,79,BZ,88,l04,l05 47 04.104 69.124 65,1s.s2,19.104 69,80,83,l24 5a,59,61,62,104 124 69,7O,86,B7,l24 22,89 22,00 22 7l,78,79,l05 105 64,105,112 22,66,67 22,86 105 48,64,7l,78,8l,l09,ll0,ll5 2Z,33,67,9l,l40 Q 45 115. 124 our man., I 5 TRI -HI-Y aJuerf"" Gary Felzlen 4g74'f CHOIR Charles Cannon I BUSINESS TERRIES Lois Rui 'I BENGA L ffkf CRY Judy Mahaffey X1 2 841 ward 1 Xi .WJ " "' l...f JJG' J worlfinq' ' . SQUARE DANCE Elna. Rasmussen ANNUAL STAFF Don Coots ANNUAL STAFF M , F. Holloway 'D x jg er Ea , V . if K Q- 3 I, I . f gi? fix f Wggfwn Bob Hnrtway Sharon Henry Ad Layout Carole Koenig The Annual Staff started out this year with eight members. Due to the fac t that the class was changed from sixth period to third ,period many of the students, who were seniors, could not make the switch. f' B23-12 LEFT TO RIGHT: K. Gentry, C. Mansuettx, Mr Stocking, A. Kaepernik, J. Mathis, L. Young, J. Dlxon, M Hoffman, and A . Lampert. evif Takifu nie easy' Oops there' Evening work and often Saturday and Sunday work were necessary and Mlry Am. cum. very few of the s tude n t s know how much work is put into the book by the students on the staff. If you like your ye arbook this year, tell the staff , XJ, v Nv Brd members. . . .It's their reward. 'UW' .Q x fn. ,:': x " ' f I J 91.0, M, 5 YW- ' ,n LM, I O if' 1 . 4. 10, fl lr'v'7' 0" n ' . 0 ' ml o 1 'r W. ',, . 4 1' If . . 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