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if Wm A MY' -s ,--, ww 'f W f 5.eiT1'!ff,J H L, ' if ,. . . 4, 5 5,5511 . f" V 1 ' nf --M " ' WW mm: vii, Mis? raw, -5 .. .V . , M. Hikiiwh H v ' is :l , x p.275f1L , L ' .ff -wif 5, :fm , -15345, p L jg. , H n w ,A Akyy In I ' 2 "ffSye,Q-v fzj t jggfgfgil - H. -5 fig A541335 as .gS,,kyL,- J- . .,,q3 -IH Q- , -7 .,,,,M ' if 'A " 1.S?wfi.1,i,, . , ,,.L 11" L Q , ' W X v V 5X, , A -ff-Q ., ,Q f ' -Wixs. K - , an 11 fx xx K - x M J x . n qw A H f- , Y ,. -..L V-P 1 - Q--Y- fafgie -iv-Q . v,,., .. ' . ' M' v' ' "'A K., . - k ..,.,' f .n 'H e dj.. -0 4 Q. .1 45 9- - I " ,,,1,A. , M-nfs ' X M., N- ' '-if-" - ,N , , R, 1 -W? -A A Q... i H U' W "L W ,..ggg,, .. ,Q Q' , it ' R 'V FN if W' M4 In 3 AA AJ. , . I :vw-f .4 -2 S . , T If 'F .1 -. '- ' A . b . b..:.. " '- """ +- - ww. - y 13" 'A , . ' ' " ' - - - . 'Q X , W f fl - ' ."F"'j ' - A' - .hh ' ,,,, f ww - W - , WT: A , ' " 'Q ' 4. i, ?--5.1, , ' .uw-5 H" 'Rum Pg .i."f"'f' 1 M , , " " .,., T ' ASL-4+ 5 L "XL M ' X l, I vwqk W -. , -bP"""' V- . y I-9' M ,. , , -5-F f-V + ,MW K -.-..,-- . f-nj .A .N HMWWM . -.,... R l 6? cl '15 ff' xx X. .fz E 1 if ff Qi 2? 1 4 WERE ,,,f1UW"3" W., - N' 'win O N . fg??f Iffgef .. 5 id? 'iif ei? fi- QQ fy J fy eff '52 ay kg-941, .af ' f 3' y y5 ggYW? 59' Q4 " O xwfijyydfwr .QQ v9.9 QS rbjji is ji' ' Q J ' My Eff? '13-Y .L SV of Sf 9' 3 ' f ' , 'KAW . JWMQ '50' 0 w,.,6,f6WJ Www' gwwywyw flf ,f Qc' ? WW W5 5 fwfffwaffp THE TIGER 1955 Dedicati on. . . Administration Seniors Juniors . . Sophomores Freshmen . Activities . Athletics Organizations . . A dvertisemen ts CONTENTS . . . 2 . . 3-8 . 9-25 . 27-39 . 41-47 . 51-55 . 57-68 . 71-81 83-116 118-122 a . Q 1 QL H SCH0 STERLING HIEQLQRADQ STERLING- ANNUAL STAFF S . Hutchinson P. Keller Keller 69 - c at N' Q. a . ,, xi, I G. Barber p. Ervin I ' N' ,-'.' D- D11BOiS L M J. Sherwin . . QA 5' Q A Mr. Stocking .JL J. Schneider wachholz These are the members of the 1954-'55 Tiger Staff. We have worked hard to make this year's annuala success. Lots ofnight work and some study hall time is involved in producing this annual. Now that we have finished it successfully we would like to thank all that have made it possible and hope everyone likes it. This class isacredit class open to Juniors and Seniors who have shown in other classes that they are responsible and willing to work hard. ZA I5 2 0 -- . 4 ig Z: mu, yu, f ,M Je ,. w . . W KSVV7' ,Sd ,av fi ,af-nf,fwffWf . Wa? fm' ff' Mffff M ,W M W, W WMM - , ,.,4, ' ,div , A . , ,,.,,l 3 A l ,Ll WA ww ., ,H . ,X hy E ,, i DEDICATION ' Miss Louise Cronbaugh is a graduate ofsSter1iug High and received her B.A. and M.A. d e g re e s at Sqlorado State College of Education at Gr e e le y. She has been the girls' physical education instructor Lt Sterling High for 14 years. Each year she sponsorslthe community-knownModern Dance concert which Ll given each spring by the Moderne Dance Club and the girls physical education classes. As atoken of our sincere appreciation for her friendly, helpful, and understanding guidance, we ded- icate to her the 1955 TIGER. e i e s c 4 l ADMISTRATION m ' 16 JN ' . A ,V L-10.1 C' L.. ' N' Y., . ' I. , f'f ' - U L, ,-ng' '-V-f., , y, J ' V, ,' vi ,. s.: 1 gf- x 4 , . . - .., VC V ,A 'jx A fini VX vvs xl 7 fx, ,X N. xx, f fkx f SUPERINTENDENTS MESSAGE Some of our forefathers declared that "The good Education of Children is of singular behoof and benefit to any Common- wealth." The founders of this nation realized that a government "of the people, by the people, for the people" depends upon an informed citizenry. A respect for the rights and dignity of the individual personality is basic to our way of life. We respect the right of the individual to be what he wants to be, to do and to say what he pleases, so long as he is charitable toward his fellows. This was an important factor in the early days of our history. It is more important nowadays when our society has become so much more complicated. To be charitable a citizen must have some understanding of the desires and needs of his fellow citizens. We believe that Sterling High School can a contribution toward this ideal. It'-is our sincere hope that the academic knowledge acquired and the practice in working to- gether for the common good in Sterling High School willcon- tribute to the health and happiness of every student who spends some time there. Our best wishes go with the Seniors of 1955 as they put themselves to the test against competition that becomes more and more exacting as time goes byg but the rewards are satisfying according to the sincereity of effort on the part of each individual and the degree of accomplishment for the good not only of himself but for the good of his fellow men. Sincerely, Elmer Burkhard Superintendent of Schools PRINCIPAUS MESSAGE Youxwho are in high school in this year of 1954-'55 have amost c hallengin g future. This present 'orld is changing so rapidly that we cannot even foresee the extent of these changes, nor understand their ffect on our lives. This decade has brought marvels of progress, wonders of science undreamed of by ur fathers have become commonplace. Now as we stand on the threshold of the miracles of the Atomic .ge, you in your adult life will witness an even greater, accelerated panorama of scientific miracles. With the superb and thrilling changes comes the power to destroy our civilization so completely as to rase every thread of centurie s of culture. ours will be the decisions to make in c r i s e s ever experienced by any generation. Only with moral courage and conviction to truth will you be orthy of the challenges you face. ' Your future will demand the best youhave to lVe. Robert W. Turner SCHOOL BOARDS D I S T R I C T 'I2 PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE: Mrs. Charles Gaines, Everett Dawson, C. J. Jankovsky, John Lebsack, James Walker, and Elmer Burkhard. IQ-I FOOIOGD V .4n,, a 1 PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE: John Lebsack, Duff Mollohan, N. L. McNear Janet Grauberger, A. E. Beede, and Elmer Burkhard. JANE T ARNOLD English. 1. INE Z ASTE LL Latin. Z. LEE BARNETT Shop. 3. BOB CARD 4. 7 Science , Speech, Tennis Coach. LOUISE CRONBAUGH 5. Girls' Physical Edu- cation. IRVING CROSS Agriculture . 6. EMMA DANIELS Office. 7. WILLIAM ERICSON Vocal Music Attendance. 8. 9 . ROBERT FOLEY 8 9 Logan County Director of Guidance . TED FOSTER History. 10. 11. DELORA GILLEN English, Freshman Counselor. 12. FRANCES GILLESPIE 10 Dean of Girls, English, Junior Counselor . 13. CLAYTON GRAY History, Physical Education, Coach. 13. STERLING ll 12 FACULTY Z0 . EDI TH HARMS FACULTY Typing, General Business , Shorthand . CATHERINE HUME Human Relations, Eng- lish, Senior Counselor . LLOYD JENSEN Band. JANE KARDOKUS Spanish. HARRIET LEAFGR EN Home Economic s . RUSSELL MAUNIER 23. Assistant Principal, Physchology. BILL MCLAREN Speech. RUBY MCQUILKIN Shorthand, Typing Bookkeeping . JAMES MENNICK Art, Crafts . FRANK MILES Z4 Attendance, Math Dean of Boys . FLORENCE M OE Librarian. L.E. PASS D. E. , History. DORIS PLUM M ER 25. General Business , Typing. 19 9 26. ZZ. 28. GRIFF RAMEY 29 . FRED RICKS 30 . MORRIS SANDSTEAD 31. WILLIAM STOCKING 32. AL WHITE 33. ALMER WIEBKE 34. GEORGE ZEMBER 27. WALLACE POST Science, Physical Edu- cation, Athletic Director. English. Agricultur e Science , Drivers Training. English, History Journalism. 32 Math, Sophomore Coun- selor, Coach. Physic s , Math . Science, Physical Edu- 33 cation, Coach. STERLING FACULTY JANITORS: Lee Graves, Kirk Daniels, Clyde Walr aven. DIETITIANS: Lola Headly, Rita Zulpo Gertrude Irnig. I If" -W.-iq 51 5:53 215 -El .,, ff, A 2 Q Q H S45 ' 8 Ei . Us 'Q 5 N ' "li X' W I9 .1 X'v, 3 s ASNICAH, CAROLE ANN Sr. Play 141, Ir. Play 131, Then. 13.41, Pep Club l.2.3,41, Mdrn. Dance 1l.2.31, Cholr 13.41, GAA 1l.2.3,41. Bond 1l.21. Trl-Hi-Y 111, Prom Comm. 131. ASNICAR. MARIORIE IEAN Pep Club 141, Choir 141. Hillron. Colo. 1l.2,31. BARBER. GEORGE ALLEN Cl. Prel. 141, Nal. Hon. Socieiy 13.41. Sid. Cncl. 141, Sr. Play 141, Sq. Dance 1l.2.3.41, Pres. 13.41. Q65 13.41, V. Pres. 141. Tiger Stull 141. Bengal Cry 131. co-ed. 131, Prom Comm. 131. Track 1l.Z,3,41, Rifle Club 1l1. S Club 13.41. BECK. IAMES ALLEN Track 11.21. Hi-Y 121. ALBRO. KENNETH BAILEY Hl-Y 13.41. lr. Play 131. Gol! Club 131. Sq. Dance 141, Alliancl, Nebr. 11.21. AMBN. DONALD LEROY Fl-'A 1l.2.3.41. Varsity lb. 141. B squad 11.31, Wreltl. B squad 11.31. Sq. Dance 12,3,41, lnixa. 1l.2.31. AMEN, IEANHTE ANN GAA 1l.2.3.41, Choir 13.41, Mdrn. Choir 141, lntra. 11.21. Ir. Play 131, Std. Cncl. 131. Ir. Hon. Society 121, Prom Comm. 131. Then. 131, Mdrn. Dance 131. Pep Club 13.41, FHA 1l1. AMSDEN. LARRY AVERY Forensics 13.41. Cl. V. Pres. 141, NASS 13.41, Ir. Hon. Soclely 121, S Club 13.41. Vaniiy lb 141, Hi-Y 12.3,41. Tennis 12.3.41, Track 111. Sq. Dance 141. Wresll. Mgr. 12.31, B :quad lb 131, lntra. 1l,2.31. Casper. Wyo. 111. BETTGER. LARRY LEE FFA 1l,2,3,41. FFA Iudqlnq 'hams 12.31. lnha. 1l1. BRAMMER. KENNETH WAYNE FFA 1l.2.3.41, Sq. Danco 12.3.41. Wrnll. Vanliy 13.41. B squad fb. 12.31. Inira. 1l.2.31. BRANCH. HAROLD EDWIN BRIGGS. RICHARD DEAN Sq. Dance 1l.2.3.41. Wrull. B squad 11.21. DE 141. X ' 4 ADE "x,"?- Z I-iw NC- ! Am a T-L 3. 35,051 'X U-1 A8 - T WHEN PICTURES K .uw A J" F f' Q Y' ' C 1 f . A 5 "' .X 51 rf ibut? . 1 E Win! I X W1 . 1 C 14 ' I-.1 4 ii :iii E BUCHENAU. EDRIANNE Sq. Dance 141. Choir 141. Mdrn. Choir 141. Foronllcs 141, Omaha, Nobr. 1l1. Poru. Nobr. 121, Boavor Clty. Nobr. 131. HURT. SYLVIA IRAN Pop Club 1l,2.3.41, Choir 13.41. Mdrn. Choir 13.41, GAA 1l.2.3.41, Tri-Hi-Y 1l.2.3.41. Sr. Play 141, Ir. Hon. Society 121. Mdxn. Dance 131, Prom Comm. 131, Intro. 11.21. Sq. Dunes 111, Girls State 131. CATO. HELEN PATRICIA Band 13:41. Swlnq Band 13.41, Pup Club 141, Trl- Hi-Y 141. Lccdvilli, Colo. 1l,21. CLAVER. IAC! LANE Rlllo Club 121, FFA 1l.2.3.41. Wroull. B squad 121. Inlra. 1l,2,31. CUMHIIIGS. IIARLBNE KAY Sq. Dann 12.141, Choir 12.141, 'l'rl-I-li-Y 12.31. DANIEL. IERRY CLAYTON Cl. Pnl. 111. Band 1l.2.3.41, Swing land 1l.2.1l.41. Sid. Cncl. 141. B squad bb 12.31, 'husk 1l.2.3.41. Sr. Play 141, lr. Play 131, Ir. Hon. Society 121. DENTON. LAWRENCE OWEN Vanity lb 141. B squad 131. Truck 13.41. Rl-Y 12.3.41, lniru. 12.3.41. S Club 141. DINGMAN. CAROLE IEAN Band 13.41. Sunburst. Montana 11.21. m:uO-,Zmm .- OT 4 DORSEY. PATRICK DAVID D5 141- Q: uf I DU BOIS. DOROTHY ANN Tlqlr Sic!! 13.61. Trl-lil-Y 1l.2.3.41. Pap Club 13.41. h ' W chan muy, sq. nam. m. 7 3 Q Nl NI na Y . A 1 QV . ' ' C Q "1 X J 4 DYSART. DANIEL EARL FFA 1l.2.31, 'hack 1l1. lnira. 11.11, Prom. Comm. 131. DE 141. ' EGBERT. IOAN ELAINE Band 1l.2.3.41. GAA 13.41. Prom Comm. 131. Ir. Play 131, Mdrn. Danes 141. Q. S ii EKSTEIN, CARI. KEITH ERDMAN. IANET ILENE Trl-Hi-Y 1l.2.33. ERVIN. PAUL RICHARD Track 1l.3.43, Hi-Y 143 Tiger Sta!! 143, G-oli Club 143. Intra. 11.23. Band 11.23. FEWEIL. WELDON PATTERSON FREDREGILL, STRAUD IAMES Forensic: 12.143, Std. Cncl. 1l.3,43, Hi-Y 1l,2,3,43 Tennis 1l,2.33. Ir. Play 133, S Club 133. GABLE. VEBLYN FLOYD Wrntl. Vanity 13.43. Vanity lb 143, B squad 133 S Club 143. IRC 13.43, Hi-Y 143. Choir 13.43, Wanaiah Indiana 123. GLIDEWELL. DOLORB ANN Turin 143. Pop Club 133. lull. Colo. 113. GROSS. ROBERT DEAN Choir 13.43, Bill! Club 123. I 1x I W b f x Jig' - Zffiifm HAWKINS. WARREN LOGAN Sid. Cncl. 141, Choir 12,3.41. Mdrn. Choir 141. Sq. Dance 13.41, Hi-Y 141. IHC 141, Prom Comm. 131. Rllll Club 121. HILLYER. ROBERT CLAYTON Wrutl. Vanity 1l1, Sr. Play 141. HOLDEN. GEORGE FHEDRIC Band 1l.2.3.41. Swlnq Band 13.41, Sr. Play 141. Ir. Play 131. Thu. 13.41. lr. Hon. Society 121, Wruil. B Squad 111. HOLDER, IANICE LEE Cholr 12.3.41. GAA 12.141, FHA 141, Sq. Dane! 12.31. Pop Club 131, Turin 141, Ponca, City, Olde. 111. HAGER, RAYMOND EUGENE FFA 1l.2.31. Sq. Danes 121. Wronl. B Squad 121, lnlrc. 111, DE 141. HAIGH, ROSS EMIL Track 1l.2.3.41, Wrull. B squad 1l,21, s squad lb u.z.a1, mn. Club 11.21, sq. Dance 111. HAMMACK. IAMES BERNARD Ili!! 1l,21. HAMMACK, NCHA BELLE Choir 1l,2,3,41. Mdm. Cholr 12.141, Pop Club 1l.2.31. Bengal Cry 131. GAA 121, Tri-Hi-Y 111, Prom Comm. 131. HULSE. CHARLES EDWARD Varsity bb 13.41. Vanity tb 13.41. Std. Cncl. 141. Hi-Y 13.41. Track 13.41, Prom. Comm. 131, Great Bend. Kane. 11.21. HULSE, GERRY MARIE Trl-Hi-Y 13.41. Great Bend. Kane. 11.21. HUMMEL. IMOGENE MAE land 1l.2.3,41. Sec. 131, Pep Club 1l,2,3.41. Tri-Hi-Y 1I,2,3,41. Sq. Dance 111. HUTCHINSON. SANDRA IEAN Tiger Stall 13.41. Ed. 141. Bengal Cry 131. Nat. Hon. Society 13.41. Ir. Hon. Society 121, Q6 S 13.41, Pep Club 1l.2.3,41. Tri-HL Y 1l.2.3.41. Sq. Dance 111. HYDE, ROBERT DALE Rifle Club 121. IOHNSON. RONONA Pep Club 12.3.41. Choir 13.41, Mdrn. Choir 131. Trl-Hi-Y 12.3.41. Sec. 131. Std. Cncl. 131. Denver, Colo. 111. Dallas, Texas 141. IOSTIES. IERRY FREDRICK Std. Body V. Pnl. 131, Std. Body Pres. 141, Ir. Hon Society 11.21, Nut. Hon. Society 13.41. NASS 12.3.41 Vanity bb 13.41. B squad bb 121, S Club 12.3.41 Tennis 1l,2.3.41. Std. Cncl. 12.3.41. C. Pres. 121 Hi-Y 12.3,41. Sr. Play 141, Forenelcl 141. KAISER, PAUL CLIFFORD Band 1l.2.3.41. 1 KRUM. PATRICIA IOYCE DE 13.41, Mtrino, Colo. 111. IRUSE. EDGAR CHARL5 Choir 141, land 141. LAMBERT. DAHLENE RAE FHA 11.141, Sid. Cncl. 141. Sq. Dance 121. LAMBRECIIIT, IOHN PETER KELLER, ALBERTA RUTI-I Pop Club 11.141, Choir 13.41, 'hi-Ill-Y 12,3,41, Tuul. 141, Tiger Siu!! 141. KHJIB, PATRICIA ANN Sq. Dance 121. Pop Club 12,3,41, Pros. 141, Choir 13,41, Tri-Hi-Y 12,3.41. Trans. 131, Tiqor Sic!! 141, Prom Comm. 131, Pudroni, Colo. 111. xnunson. Loran: cannon. rn 1l,2.3,41, nm. Club 441. IROEGER, CHARLOTTE CLARA ur:uO-.Zmva NOT gg Q6 ' K fp- f LANE. PATRICIA ANN Trl-HI-Y 12.3.41. Pop Club 1l.2.3.41. Choir 13.41, Prom Comm. 131, FHA 111. LANTZ, IEANETTE RAE Cl. Soc. 121. Ir. Play 131, Sr. Play 141. Sid. Cncl. 111, Sq. Danco 111. Pop Club 1l,2.3.41, Chllflludlsf 13.41. Choir 13.41. Thu. 131. GAA 1l.2.3.41. Soc. Troma. 141. Tri-Hi-Y 11.21, Mdrn. Dance 1l.2.3.41. Prom Comm. 131. LIVELY. MARILYN LOUISE Sq. Dance 121, FHA 111. DE 13.41. LOEWEN. SHIRLEY IOYCE Sq. Danco 141. ,fain LOONEY. RICHARD GUY Hi-Y 13.41. Golf Club 12.3.41. Bonqal Cry 141, Rlllo Club 121. Cushing. Okla. 1l1. LOSURE. KENNI.'I'H RAY Varsity lb 12.41. B squad fb 131. Track 12.3.41. Blnqal Cry 141. Hi-Y 141, RIIIO Club 121. Golf Club 121. Noconc. Texas 111. LUFT. GLORIA DARLENE Sq. Dcmco 13.41. Pop Club 12.31. Choir 13.41, Tri- Hl-Y 1l.2,3.41. FHA 121. Pmm Comm. 131. LUNDBERG. CAROL ANN Std. Cncl. 12.41. Nat. Hon. Society 13.41. lr. Hon. Socisly 11.21, Band 1l.2,3,41. Malorotto 12.31. Drum Maioroth 141, Pep Club 1l.2.3,41. Mdrn. Dance 1l.2.3.41. Cl. Soc.-Troal. 111, Choir 1l.2.31. Mdrn. Choir 12.31. Prom Comm. 131. GAA 1l,2.3.41, Thn. 13.41, Tri-I-Il-Y 111, intra. 1l1. MCCONVILLE. FRANCES IOAN GAA 1l,2.3.41. Pop Club 1l,2,31, Bonqal Cry 131, Mdrn. Dunes 1l.2.31, Choir 13.41. Prom Comm. 131. Trl-Hi-Y 131. Sq. Dance 1l.21, FHA 1l1, lnlrd. 121. MCDONALD. DALE RICHARD B squad fb 121, Varsity lb 13.41. Track 12.141, Cl. V. Pnl. 121. Cl. Pros. 131, Std. Cncl. 13.41, Hi-Y 12.3,41, Pnl. 141. S Club 13.41. FFA 121. Sr. Play 141, lr. Play 131, Prom Comm. 131, Thu. 13.41, V. Pnl. 141. MESSMER. LUE IOE MICHEL. LARRY FRBDRICK FFA 141. MAHAPFEY. DONALD RAY Rillo Club 1l,21. MARIS. CLARA Bonqal Cry 141. GAA 12.41. lnlru. 11,21 FHA 1l.41. Tu-rin 141, Laramio. Wyo. 131 MARI. IOSEPHINE ROSE FHA 13.41, Iliff. Colo. 11.21. MARSHALL, MARY LUCILLE FHA 1l.3.41. Std. Cncl. 141, Sq. Dancl 121. MILLER, ROBERT WAYNE Varsity fb. 1i.3.41, Std. Cncl. 141, S Club 13.41, FFA 1l.2.3,41, B squad bb 111. Sq. Dance 111. B squad lb 111. MILTON, CHROLYN IANE Band 1l,2,3,41, Tri-Hi-Y 12.3,41, Choir 13.41. Pep Club 1I,Z,3,41, Ir. Play 131. Prom Comm. 131, Malorelle 1Z.3,41. MITCHELL. HELEN IOYCE Pep Club 12,3.41. GAA 1l,2.3.41, Tri-Hi-Y 12.31, Bengal Cry 131. From Comm 131. MONHEISER, LAWRENCE MONCIIEY, KENNETH FRANKLIN Sid. Cuel. 13.41, Sr. Play 141, Choir 13,41, Pros. 141. Chorus Pres. 121, Mdrn. Choir 12.3,41, Hi-Y 1l.2,3,41, V. Pill. 141. Mdrn. Dune! 13.41. FTA 1l.2,31, IRC l,2,3,41, Pres. 141, Varsity fb 12.3,41, B squad 111, Varsily bb 141, B squad 1I,2.31, Tennis 12.3.41, Prom Chr. 131. S Club 13.41. MOBELAND, DANIEL NEIL Thes. 13.41. HI-Y 12.3.41, lb mqr. 131. Prom Comm. 131, Radio Club 12.31. infra. 121. MORGAN. ROY LEE Vanity lb 141, DE 141. Pres. 141. Stale Pres. 141, Sid. Cul. 141, Band 131, Tennis 141. Camera Club 13.41, Pres. 13.41, Prom Comm. 131. Monte Vina. Colo. 11.21. MORI, ROBERT' Va.nIly fb 141, B squad 131, FFA 13.41, PIOIII COMM- 131, Wnstl. B squad 1l,21, Inhu. 121. PATTISON. MARGARET Nui. Hon. Socldy 13.41. lr. Hon. Socltty 11.21. Mdrn. Dunes 1l.2,3.41. Pop Club 11.2.3,41, Soc. 141. Std. Cncl. 131. Sr. Play 141. Ir. Play 131, Cl. Trias. 121. GAA 11.2.3,41. V. Prom. 141, Chou-loader 131. Thu. 141, Prom Comm. 131, Band 11.21, Choir 131. REIBOLDT. SHIRLEE EILEEN Pop Club 13.41. Cholr 131. Mdm. Dance 131. Trl-H1-Y 13.41. Merino. Colo. 11.21. RICHHART. WILLIAM KENNETH RU!! Club 11.2.31. Iniru. 11.21. RIDDLE. DOLORB IRAN Ir. Hon. Society 121. FHA 111, Chickasha. Oklu. 111. NASH. LYLE EUGENE Sq. Dann 13.41, Rillo Club 11.21. Wrutl. B. squad 111. NORRIS. CHAUNCEY EVERl'T1"1' Vanity fb 141. Wrntl. Vaniiy 11.41. Bunqul Cry 131. Intra. 11.21. OAKS. GRETCHEN LEE PDP Club 13.0. Trans. 141. sf. Play 141, Thil. 141, Tri-Hi-Y 13.41. Mdtn. Dance 13.41. GAA 131. Prom Comm 131. Odoua. Texas 111, Grout Bond. Kam. 121. OSWALD. IAMES GEORGE I 'wud lb 111. vm-my nu 12.3.41. 'truck 13.41. S Club 13.41. BING. ROBERT LEE Vanity lb 12,3.41. B squad 111. Band 1l.2.3.41, Swing Band 121, Track 13.41. Cl. V. Prel. 1l1. S Club 13.41. RIZZOLO, DOROTHY ANGELA FHA 1l.2.3.41, Pres. 13.41. Terries 141. V. Pres. 141. Choir 1l.2.3.41. Pep Club 1l.2.31. intra. 1l.2.31. ROYLE. ERNA ANN Mdrn. Dance 1l.2.3,41, Cheerleader 13.41, Pep Club 1l.2,3,41. GAA 1l,2,3,41, Mdrn. Choir 12,3.41, Band 1l1, Thel. 13.41, lr. Hon. Society 121. Cl. Sec. 141, Cl. Trean. 131, lr. Play 131. Prom Comm. 131, Tri-Ill-Y 111- RUDEI., ROBERT DWAYNE Vanity bb 12.141, B squad 111. Vanity fb 13.41. B squad 1l.21. Tennis 111, bib. 12.3,41, Cl. V. Pres. 131, Sid. Cncl. 1l.2.41, Choir 141. S Club 13.41. Prom Comm. 131. 1 scx-msmm. xzznnv um: rm 1l.2.31. 'ng-r sean 141. mm. 11.2.31 SCHOTT. ROBERT EUGENE SCHUPPE. CAROLYN RUTH Ir. Play 131. Choir 13.41. Prom Comm 131 GAA 1l.2.3.41. Mdm. Dance 131. Tri-Hi-Y 11.21 Sq Dance 11.21. Inlra. 1l.2.31, Pep Club 1l,2.3.41. SHAW. GENE ROBERT Choir 13.41. Band 111. Ir. Play 131, Wresll B squad 111- TRAUTWEIN. KENNETH WILLARD Sr. Play 10. Band 141. Vanity lb 10, Track 141. Goll Club 10. Lan Animas. Colo. 1l.2.31. VAUGI-IN. BARBARA ANN Cl. Sec. 131, Cl. Treas. 10. Ir. Hon. Socleiy 11.21. Ben al Cr 3, Then. 3.4 GAA 11 2.3.0 Inna 4 Y 11 I 1. . . - 1l.2.31. Sr. Play 10. lr. Play 131. Q 6 S 13.0. Prom. Comm. 131, Sq. Dance 111. Mdm. Dance 121. FHA 111, 'rn-xx-Y m, Pep Club 1l.2,3.0. choir 1:41. VAUGHN. I0 ANNE Sid. Body See. 10. Ir. Play 131. Cheerleader 13.0. Pep Club 1l.Z.3.0. Choi: 13.0. Mdrn. Choir 131. Sid. Cncl. 1l.2.0. Queen Att. 12.31. Queen 10. Prom Comm. 131. Mdzn. Dance 11.31. Sq. Dance 111. WACHHOL1. PAUL DAVID Vaulty bb 13.0. B squad 11.21. Vanlw lb 10. 3 squad 131. Track 1l.2.3.0. Tlger Stall 10. S Club 13.0. SHAW. IANE1' LOUISE Bengal Cry 10. Sq. Dance 11.21, FHA 111. Band1l1. SHEHWIN. I UDITH CLAUDINE Tri-Hi-Y 1l.3,41, Prel. 141. Slate Sec. 10. GAA 1l.2.3.0, V. Prel. 131, Prel. 10. Sid. Cncl. 13.0. Ir. Hon. Society 121, Gltln State 131, Bengal Cry 131, Tiger Stall 10. Q G S 13.41, Treal. 10. Then. 13.0. Sr. Play 10. lr. Play 131. Sale- Teenl 13.41. Sec. 131. Prom Comm. 131. Band 11.21, Maioretle 121. Mdrn. Dance 1l.2.3.0. Pep Club 1l.2.3.0. Choir 131, Rille Club 131. Sq. Dance 1l1. SISNEROS. MOLLY CORDILLA GAA 1l.2.3.0. Pep Club 111, Intra. 1l.2.31. FHA 111. SOUDERS. SHIRLEY ANN Sr. Play 141. Ir. Play 131, Choir 13.0. Then. 13.41, Prom Comm. 131. GAA 1l.2.3.41. Mdm. Dance 131, lnh-a. 111, Sq. Dance 11.21, Tri-Hi-Y 111. WAGNER. FRANCES MAE Choir 1I.2.3,0. Mdrn. Choir 13.0. Tri- Hl-Y 1I.2.3.0. Pop Club 1l.2.3,41, Nut. Hon. Society 13.41, Ir. Hon. Society 11.21, IRC 13.0. Sld. Cncl. 131. WEBER. DONALD DEAN Track 1l.2.3.0. Vanity bb 13.41. B squad 11.21, Varsity lb 10, B :quad 11.21, S Club 13.0. NASS 13.0. Std. Cncl. 11.0. Hi-Y 12.3.0. Prom Comm. 131. WEBER. IUSTIN LEE I-Il-Y 13.0. Inlra. 1I.21 DE 10. Tuul. 141. WELLS. LESLIE DALE Truck 12.3.0. HI-Y 13.0, Tlqor Stall 131. lonqal Cry 10. B squad bb 1I1. Goll Club 10. WETTSTEIN. LEAH RODEAN Inira. 1I.21. Pop Club 12.31, GAA 1I.2.3.0. WEIBERS, 1SMITI'I1 MARY LOUISE Trl-III-Y 131, FHA 1I1. WILLIAMS. IAMES ROBERT YOUNG, WILLIAM PETER Varllly lb 13.0. Cholr 1I.21. FFA 1I.2.31. ltnqdl Cry 10. 1 'f-1,,' ,-1,,. ,x- X-?:'i!FmL5 . KX ,.. Q -:'.."" : swifwsiqm 6 -. , 5-WA Yi' 'gy P md. ' in.: .XI x' ly I 3? 'I as ,fl Sei' ' xy ... Q ,, .-,P ulI'ubIQO-Ich W L: L IWSJ7 f 442.1 6, 44 ,wp 1 wx WML . ,' , -fl' ,WZ 15 .4 pf, 1, 1, ff, 6 Q4.'vv-,.f" - A 'f ' ' ff' A . ' fic-vf' 'X vv0'v.c, D '. 4 :Lf ,f'fw"'.?,' qi -- fra 'j'f'2- ' .!f7 !54,-I "lk"-1 ' f 1 ,,.f f, , Y, .M-ff! dz--ff-ff 04' ,I ,fbi -9-,g u-I ,f fr ' 1,1 uf, . Y ty x I I fl- ,, ,,..:.fg. fri- -1 "' ' ' . J' Q' ' 0 qi -,ffl f l,,, "7" 7 "' K' --"X 'I' . I I '- , I s f ' . ,' - Aft, 1 ,-- '.:,f-r""' gflfv, , .V .,. - K, A 4 ,- 1 5 W- 'ff-. + fu, f ' , I ' ' F- ' ,fs - - I .2 ,rf K4 'K 7 V ' If I A 0 gf' .4 3 f if .-., . V if ' 1 r J 7 4 4 2 1 ff H - J- I , lj , wr! 'P ' f 1 , 1 A-" "g, I Z , "' 1 ' I' " f ff , , , ' 3 I ! , ', 1 ' ' I 'I NZ 2 ' I ai . ' "' ' . ,z ', I Q ' .kj Af A ,. AQ 'A"' I 4 ,,, , , ,, 6. 4 f .-f Mk -:o:- az- ' S I GOODRICH - I DAIRY ' I I ,. FINEST QUALITY " ? DAIRY FOODS Phone 1151 -102' '-202' dial LAwrence 20335 JUNIDRS President BOB Two of the main pro- jects of the Junior class are the Junior class play and the Junior-Senior Prom which is held in the spring. They also enter a float in the Homecoming parade each year. Secretary BARBARA NEIBERGER , ku.. hir, X, JUNIOR L3 RHF' A in QFFISQQRS ' ,Q ix X Cpu X U A, T, 3 ' L I I V ,Q T W If LII! L, y 'li-is P I I V 'AV ' 9' ,- Lx DXLXJJ fi , -ff' Z ,f I f'7: Lfcrk EK,-, 'X Tipp' ix OP , A 'iS,jf,-- Vice-President KJ, XJJRX7 My X Ti-eas ' pint ROGER FOLDA ri' N NP NA-NC? SC IVNER X I' u gf A , 41 g 'Q Q, 1 Elin' - - QN73i'zTm'A -1.5 ' 1 I.. - '1 '-v ,I :,.L uw new-a fe B "' B la. H ,V ,,.k 5 w ' IQQ QSQ 1 ,N I . Wt. .. 2- A Q ' . -1-.fig ' . 4 if -3-3 ' 1 Q The Junior Class Float 45 fFrances 5XQXxf"Abeyta C E, I W u I fm Hg fi ZCL. Q.. U10 CDC 'L' mp, O :ua Ycxf-fu J ir' Manuel Aragon Jack Beaird Ronald Acre Marilyn Barton Lanny Benson Octavian Aragon Mxla Bedingfield QQ 0 fl: H-:1 mush:-0 Q0 OS 0:1 5-' no ,... fb !-4 o. .lm Www 5-is" CUCU OO 3:1 o- 0 H 00 IO-ZCL Ronald Bredehoft Paul Budin James Brammer Donna Brockman Jack Brooks Glen Busxg ,fwffa-z-:f,Jf'imsa 'D' Marilyn Burkhard Shirley Brandt Mary Cambl in Don Carey Kae Dick :if Robert Crabtree Pat Carol Comstock Bonnie Day Connie Dillehay Elaine Crouch Shirley Phillip Sonya Edens O O C 5 rr '1 E 9' 5 vwsbl-0 Degenhart Dermer IO-ZCG Betty Elliott Ila Gish Bob Fletcher Pat Garey Sharon Felzien Ma r il yn Franklin Phyllis Gollobith Roger Folda Barbara Gibbs Bob Fleming Marcella Grauberger Jacquelyn all Guiraud Sli' A QA L Z QCP cl' C- ' J 5' AK Fix L 1 5 W f' 5 '1 U J V I J 11 ed W l" L IVLJIQZZ7 CO Faye Hager ,I KW YW WW .lf l I 1 sb T ICU! go oo- Bob l9 xc 0 S l va M ggflnil Harrach I C iw? Plc ' we Kyo A A ,gy A Bill Hershner mbl' ww Milton Herbrick Harold Headrick Sara Holbrook UI I i Q Donald 'W Hughes Bill Hergenreter . 35 IO-Zcc. Dorothy Hughes Harold Knight Carol Immel Ronald CN ww 1 5 Roberta Hughes Loumse Kaberline Joan Lamb Jeanette Jones Bob Kzrcher Gordon Hummel Rosalie Lane Jeanette Larson Morris McLavey Ralph Luc us V Gene Malaby Manual L eb sock Sallie Lutin George Meacham All en L uft Bob Maxwell 37 ETS! DW D-5 m rv H 'sf GAUIDFO E .,1' J' 0 - 2 C 9 C-4 52 5 ,-. xii. D' O na m L, ,. . KD -!i Q ' v-1 S Q. fu or R-. -X x Z M X ., ,,, '2T"'A:- E gf S C , . 5 5 'TJ I' rw z C' A fs? if B- if PZ, Xwgx 'N N XX, 1 or ,If ' 4 f' 'XJ l L QQ" f HL' ' 1 Monheiser 6' John ' " I f Neiberger Mid wfiw flrxo KNJC R Richard sons Barbara of Ronald Nation Jacquehne Pastor Bonme Judy Monroe Duane Radcliffe Neiberger Ogley Ronald Ramey Vernon Scheel Caroline Rigel Stephen Roley Virginia Reitz Ronald Robirds Nancy Scrivner Helen Ringlernan 'll Dana Sankey 39 Jeanette Claudia Sincock FU ,... O :- sv H cn. Q o :J UIIDDFQ VNU 5.2 FY D' IO-ZCC. U ,... n F' Terry Tarbox Nina. Sonnenbe rg Amon Weenona Tinch Tindall Frank Yvonne Story 2 sv GQ :1 0 H Je Raye Van Gundy 4-0 Waxtley Jack Wagner Dick Walker Y 1 Not pictured are: Larry Behm La Verne Brees Lloyd Carter Orin Einspahr Jim Evers Harold Graharr- Nancy Hartway Jim Hergenreter Don Hobbs Jim Hruska Herbert Keller Don Kerr Larry Kutchar Joe Manuello Wilda Marshall Kenny Perkins Richard Ramey Richard Rieb Joyce Schledwitz Betty Stewart Richard Terrill Roy Uhrig Dick Bogie L011iS6 Sandra Wind Worden Confetti rains at the all School Carnival U2 fo pU' F' I'-' 0 SUI E8 F? na 251 :E m:r' 0 :S UNDDFO COMPLIMENTS EASTMAN BROTHERS Vllnlndt Dlmibllnn STERLING GAMBLE'S STORES I:The Friendly Storej Home of Hiawatha Bicycle Sterling Colorado Phone 48 ROMIN GER JEWELRY Diamonds Watches Crystal Fine China ECONOMY STORE THE STORE FOR VALUES SHOES 125 N. Front Sterling EBERLE'S ICE CREAM STORE Phone 109W 115 N. Ft. Sf. coNGRAruLAnoNs JOU RNAL office Supply Co. 119 N 2 d Chief Sewing Machine Hdqrs SALES REPAIRS SEWING NOTIONS OF ALL KINDS Ph 1260 w 3 1 M I s s rn g c . I1 Sterling, Colo. Ulle ' - INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER DEERING MCCORMIC IMPLEMENTS 138 S. Front Sterling Colorado E. T. HALL xJ-'V K f IW gm, 'Vw X. 4 I R Q ,Av NJ Q S x 'xx M X w 9.1 y Y' wif lx P3 Q Q X0 XB X 5 5 N r 6 79611141 91 X, x .Nh X 1 Ki: S E1 X r-V 'Nj 'XJ ilxxt L X43 f W ,. x .xt Q IN 1 :W N x fi :CLK SOPHOMORES ff J4- Q 7, 1 llfjfrx r, X xx Ni 'D X. N :J President an-" ELEANORE MACRUM 'W' 3302011005 IP all Delores Barber Susan Barnhart Secretary RICHARD SPELTS OFFICERS Treasurer WILLIS KELLOGG Helen Brammer Phil Britton Barbara Bundy Norma Bush Peggy Anderson Ruby Archlueta Lewis Artzer Janice Ashby Vice -President BOB SHELDON Jerry Bauder Larry Boyer loger Dowis Dick DuBois Charles Cannon Lyzenna Cato Don Cavin Cherrill Collman Don Coots Tom Daniels Neno Datteri Sf 'WE' Clifford Eisenach JoAnn Evers Garry Felzien Pat Huffsrnith Della Frasca Bob Getz Jane Giacomini Ralph Goreham Joe Eastman P19 Q-S ww H n- IB mwOZOI'U0v' M.F. Holloway Virginia Jones Jim Kaiser Carolyn Kelley Lee Ann Koehler Raymond Kester Juanita Keys Marlene Kenney Margaret Green Charlene Gritton Jim Hall Rickie Hamilton Kay Ham Julia Hammack Paula Hand Nancy Hanks '5- X ,v rw , -ww .mt fm, X . vw ,jx fi , .ff V 4 W - .:1..51:-..f--V . 5.-1, .1 xv' , - xs gr' -Q ,. N . -.q, -rim, t 45 F 12 .1 V x Q m Y s QQ' X sn A W A k W W ff fit was-W 7 ' fsaikx, M3 .. 'L 'L ,eg ik. :xii 5 gm .P+ .,, ,J aim f ,LQ Qggqixf wi, .M Pa M, , , 1.5, w i g ' , . 3 If - 'K' W"if5 Q W K r ei E Y fi' v . .gig 3, Y - j 4 Q '3 'Im :S ' J 1. Wigs? M li? T .4 I ,Q - 1 X4 W Q. Sie . 4 5 '1 42 ' ,Q , fig' W ' - flgjf .. ' , l 5 fm N1 ,. ,'?fK?f fi 3 Z 1--fy . Q X 4- 1 K 5553.1 i'm:AqfgE4-wig? -i N M 31111: ' sv 4 , ,wilt fre. gy sw 1:53 ..,, , ,Q M P321 if ' - - 4 , 'W 1 M , V Q- . ,nz :sg , ' X v Lg, 4 f ff' ' L .1 Q sy W gif mg L ' fi lv "1 A t K .Q 31. :Q ,. LW 41? - ' A -K 2 HZWZLQI' -'sl M. H X Q Xin-W -if f ' .. L,sfi'w':,wz ' sw.xw.g:f' vkaijmiizg, X 1 . if g 431 law if Es mm-A-5: " J fa' Y 1 .ink .H A R Hi ' ' 1 fy a A 1 S f frfkgvagv 2 ' . 5 .fm ,ltwf 6. ,,, 5 S 4 A :ES 2 islam 5? K 'Z Tiiwi .f 4, F .AZ KLAI A I . X . . ,Mei 5 Qi ,Lrfw z ,mm "Fig: aw: Hwy -f: M1-wit ,fmfwfpkfl . is e ' f 5415531 X 'Mm 52 k Aft, .. 1. . . yJ:'4is:5?.h,. -za A W , fg . 1?m.i'wzf.w'f1s.s+91ff'a1 i':f4,1-.w29J432'ffA J Q 'N im: ,, ,XJ A Goldine Amen Marilyn Bogie Gordon Carter Muriel Chandler Kenneth David Eddie Dillenberg Loretta Dukart Samuel Edwards Joyce Eichem Robert Eichem Alvan Fischer Dennis Fleming Donald Fortner Kenneth Gentry Richard Givens David Grams Richard Harms Shirley Harms Ronald Hein Gwen Hill Robert Hruska SOPHOM ORES NOT PIC TURED: Leonard Jones Alice Keller Willis Kellogg Rita Kelly Raymond Kester Joseph Klug Myrl Lamb Edward Lambrecht Morris Lester James Lovinggood Herbert Lucas Gene Magill Jo Ann Mathis Lyle McBride Emmett McDonald Pairrish Meadors Janice Michel Robert Moore Judith Monroe Robert Nicholson George Kaepernik Sharon Worden Lorreta Young Jean Wasson Karen Welton John White Gene Williams Beverly Wilson Bud Wilson Gavin Wilson Wesley Wilson Joan Ray Philip Reed Richard Reed Brenda Rudd V Ephraim Sandoval Philip Sapien Donald Schott Frank Seckler Stephen Smith Sylvia Trinnier Gladys Tullous Galen White William Whitcornb John D. Wilson John W. Wilson Barbara Wood Sharon Writebol NFOZOIWOGD ,. I f . A Pl I 1,7 ll I 1 I ff-Q i R f, wg, A V 4 , QF ff - W - . r -f , Tkinf L-'l.,,f'l ,.. ., - x,,,. -7 . A K f f k . . ...f , - ax Sl ,Q I I ' I ' L" an A j,4.,ff-f3ff'f,A fg ,,,- T V I fi ii , 'ft ' U A fb A Q - . 2 . Y cf 1' --..fl '--f' 1171 g.P171f1 q 1 ,L I ' tj- A - .ff ,Q-7' .-,, ,Ny -fl if - ' 12 ' Q, J- -J O 1Q'?7f4f- I ff- 630' ff' - " M - ' ' 0 f I I. G L .AJ ,,,, , J ' 7, 7' R I V ?17jQ,i A4 N E f' , 1.1, -7 If V A L if 'j'J'-'Z,- .1 M I 111i-,a.2',f' 1 rj , ' .. . I H V L, wg " x - . s Q , f M ff -L 5 1,0 1-J .- . A 1 N' -5 I . U' A I . 5 ' Q QA' !',,72LWV,'lf9"z"'L' " ' -- R' . - U 1, ,J - life Af: KI' gi 'J.-4:f..,vj,.. '77 Z7'Zf1.,f' ,,.f"'7?A1Z?K,71 ex A , 3 ' l L ig 9 f ' I 1 1.2 U :X '. V' X I 1 .lj V3 L54 I x RIG!-ml, lg. TL, JLLJ' 5.2,,,,,mQ'-C 7 ' lv X3 . ' 5 mlbw wif' kinky-e . fmwvc'? ' A 5 wf W L X 3 ' fb I ri V L X, 1Q,,L,4J.,..,-c,.M.?,,. 1470 Syaoov LJL.. X-5 WX V A f . ij If X767-Qfha c-fa-L.a,,dc.1 cf 'C-Af' '-"L"'f 'Li S4-4-2:41 Q 'six r . -+L! fx? If , fx I Vx Q' DXQJ LQ 15 1, V Cv JI' Ju. wif? fum WR fi . ,J I L, 'L 'J 1 X' YF? 'QQ 64.7 .zZ4.,fL.CfLJ fig Lda24.,f.., QL. Q. g L , Q5 5 ftfi '? ff V V J J 'f J " K" A 1 Q 1 Q L LJ' If '- 1 -Ebtj-f 7.6-Q L 3 Alu C 1. 1 ' rg X, S xi , 'j ,Q L+-71 f Z I CONGRATULATIONS MWEQK f wwf TO THE 4 CLASS OF 1955 W Xb 105 Mm St' PALMER PLUMBING 5 CT W U1 C-I H 2 5 E no T :D z U m C11 nb 5 z cn CJ O Z "U uw 2: OUR CONGRATULATIGNS TO THE QUEEN AND ALL STERLING HIGH STUDENTS R Dollerschell 82 John Schu f. o ,LERSCHELIXS Crowning the H mecoming Queen ewzmm af Qlggjxj Wffj glen SUGAR 00 STERLING CCNGRATULATIONS OF 1955 TO THE CLASS THIS MILK WILL KEEP YOU 'ON THE BEAM" lT'S FRESH AND GOOD AND RICH WITH CREAM- lt's Meadow Gold Take fhe happier, healthier way lo calm nerves, glowing complexion, 'round the clock energy-with won- derful Meadow Gold Milkl You'll say it's the best iasiing milk in lown -and here's why: Meadow Gold is brought in daily from the finest farms in this area. lt's processed ln our sparkling clean dairy. And S2 R3 Meadow Q HOMOGENITD GRADE A ? Z M :Ik f Beatrice Toads Co. carefully homogenized to give yo rich cream in every sipl You'll be feeling 'Grade A' a the time, once you get the hob of four big glasses a day of sati lying, full-flavored Meadow Gol Try a quart lodayl Meadow Gold Is ggggyjoo FRESHMEN 1 I President J. BARNHART 54 OFFICERS Vice-President Secretary J. ALCALA J, RUF FRESHMEN 322322 G. Allen N. Amen B. Anderson B. Barnes J. Beaird G. Bettger G. Bommelaere J. Blair C. Boyer J. Bredehoft D. Carey T. Carey C. Chirnside V. Cochran J. Comfort J. Cornell L. Crabtree C. Curlee G. Dancer J. Davis S. Davis N. Day G. Dickenson J. Dixon B. Dorsett P. Dur ee S. Eldred B. Eva HS J. Fisk B. Floyd A. Frasca J. Frost J. Garner J. Gates V. Goertzen L. Grauberger P. Harris L. Hyden P. Hays B. Hays S. G. Henry Henry C. Herman A. Hickenbottom S. Holder B. Hulslander R. Ils S. Inskeep M. Jone M. Kaiser C . Kesner J. Kester P. Kloberda T. Konkel M. Kraft HZ S. Kyle J. Lampert D. Lane J. Lane J. Lewis FRESHMEN FRESHMEN rar! QV' 6 Xiu' D. Lindstrom A. Lively J. Loos D. Lopez L. Mackey V. Magerfleisch J. Mary D. Maxwell B. McKee E. McKee G. Miller J. Montgomery A. Moss M. Osborn L. Petre C. Polland K. Pretiger J. Quint J. Quint K. Rasmussen M. Rathmann B. Rieb S. Rodeman E. Rose J. Rui' L. Sanders A. Schroeder R. Schott E. Shallenberger R. Shepard M. Slizewski M. Sincock T. Smith J. Sperber FRESHMEN J. Swanson B. Thomas H. Tripp L. Unrein R. Van Gundy P. Vonfeldt C..Wa.gner L. Wagner M. Walker J. Watkins W. Weakley J. Whitcomb K. White R. Whitlatch E. Williams D. Williamson NOT PICTURED: D. Albrandt D. Artzer L. Ballmes V. Bettini J. Bonser B. Bowen B. Cochran M. Curtis A. Davis L. Dorney G. Everett M. Falcon C. Ford A. Graber D. Gustus D. Hafer B. Hartway M. Headley D. Headrick K. Heimbegner G. Hill H. Hunker R. Jackson B. Jones A. Kaepernik K. Kaiser D. Keil L. Knudson Cordelia Kreager B. Lechman C. Lybarger C. Mansuetti S. Mares J. Mari W. McCord D. Mentgen J. Miller P. Miller B. Nash C. Nelson D. Newton G. Parsons M. Royle P. Schneider CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1955 1 I v Trinnier Van De Weghe Winter owd Yahn Yahn Young Younkin 0 THE STERLING FURNITURE CO. FUNHICHOIIIC COMPLIMENTS OF THE eww- F-f-ww l22-124 North Second Sine! STARLIGHT DRIVE - INN Sterling, cam. Sf .f' I I TO THE CLASS OF 1955 DELUXE CLEANERS Phone 272 328 Mal Sl BAUR'S MARKET Open 7 Days a Week 7:30 A.M. to 9:30 P.M. Sollth of Sterling Highway 6 JOHN O'CONNELL H I D E AND F U R HECKER DRUG The hquarc Deal Uruggista Phone 59 Sterling Colorado The Larges+ and Mosl' Complefe S+o Lumber and Builder's Supplies in NORTHEASTERN COLORADO GOOD WOOD GOODS HENRY T. OVERTO CONGRATULATIONS X Mm, , ocAN Cou 9 TO THE CLASS 4 UMBERCOMPANY 8 1955 ' - 'l'E,Rl.lNG.c0l.0RADO ACTIVITIES The new Logan County hospital was completed in the spring of 1954. It has been constructed of brick and cement and all equipment is new and very modern. 59 TIGER -9 to CJJ O46 Tony's close friend, Jerry Lew- be is, introduced himtothelovely starlet Janet Leigh and they were married in 1951. They live in a r anc h style home in California. Together they collect jazz records, jitterbug like champions and daily play a game of badminton. They have dinellonf, Cum, .1f0n,,..'.....1A 0.14 January 31, 1955 ser George, You really gave us a tough job! But Lnce you had to have the pictures beck, n made our decisions real quick-like. We did our best, but you know pictures now only so much of a perscn's personality, a we hope we haven't made any enemies among ie other contestants. We marked the pic- ures es to our choice. We don't have any 5x7 pictures of us , the present time, so we hope the ones we ve enclosed will do. Thank you for lettln i be the judges. Sincerely, C116-5x7 pictures L 50 S if starred opposite each other, but their one ambition for the future is to work together in a musical. :WW TIGER P555 A Q it Z TIGRESS 1 Carol Lundbe rg Robert Ring The AnnualStaff presents the TIGER and TIGRESS for 1955. To Janet and Tony Cur- tis we owe warmest thanks for their selec- tions and congratulations to Carol Lundberg and Robert Ring. The basis for these selections was the nominating of eight boys and eight girls by the various organizations through the school. 61l Homecomm 9 'N Queen . 'A.A I I A Ronnie Johnson Erni Royle 42 av ?',L, Bafbafa Neiberger The Queen and her Senior Attendants. N Eleanor Macrum Junior and Sophomore Attendants 6 A T T E N D T" A N T HOMECOMING The Crowning Grand March Here they come. 64 The Queen in her Glory. That's it Sterling QGOH FESTIVITIES What a blaze ! The third prize winner. Yea Sterling, Let's fight. ww, . . . A ' me E I A Hi-Y-Wash them up! Nail those Trojans. Homecoming Festivities are a yearly event. The Freshmen are in charge of the bonfire and the Student Council is responsible for getting the floats in order. 1, FRE HMAN INITI Tl N V , 'x 5 l . 1 I ' 1 I 4 4 . iw. ii: ' - -U It Mt, , pp Q IQ f U' is t A X 3 .a 1 ,QQ f X Frmhman Initiation Week was held this year on the 3rd week of September. It is first outlined by the Seniors and then approved by the administration. No hazing is allowed. Al- which is a yearly activity 'lx n . 5 -Y i Q 7 V 15- 5 yf! I. f , . .1 r' l his A i W 's wif' .L x S s s ' Q-'I V 'Q V S ' x ' -Lia 'f' 1 Q A Hyfgx 3 fl5:5yffl,4Qw?gA. ,W iii it j f ,pri . V ,D i Q y , afifikf 'Q , ' ?Ssz::.g,s..g,f- - H H ' 'i v wi' ff . f :is s Y ,Kiai'Egm, , i T iff 2 S-9 Q gt t V b V h , ' A' i I K ' ,hs hq,!,.k::Q?fef . I ig: uf' 1 if i tif' ' ' i i wig 1- rg- Q ' ew tg, .fren j . ,K , -f5f'::li'23iMfw Qi, ., I f R55Y'ix'fi"l A-fffsisi ,li-tw-w if .L r.., W Vf,f N, 9 - qggyyfgg, , :va f An' is X pr 1 rt.-'agile . v xi L though most people thin it is just to have fun wit the Freshmen the mai the Freshmen feel mor at home in Sterling Hig School purpose of it is to mak my fi .3' lr-H 1 CARNIVAL The all school carnival is a annual event. The Stu- dent Council is in charge of having the clubs draw for their booths, and the building of then . Afte r they are made, the clubs orate them to their own taste. To pay for the expenses the unc il gets a per-cent ofthe receipts from each booth. The bs this year made 5660. The Council then had to pay 538.61 the supplies, not counting the cost of printing the script ch is used in place of money. x s .ff ' , N133 M 7 . . ff sl' 1 X w , N.: I swear to do my best ...... The lazy sombrero' s This a yearly event. 1. Oh you're pretty too 1 The great politician That's the way it goes, money for script. DOWN TO , EHRTH' 1-tual ..,..-.,.---- The senior class play "Down To Earth," under the direction of Director Bill McC1aren, with Gretchen Oaks assisting, was presented with smoothness and skill by the able 23 me mbe r cast, stage c re w and technical workers. It received high praise from its audience the two nights of its pr e s e n t a tio n in Blair Hall, December 2, 3. "It spark1ed" was the adjective used by the town paper in its comments on "Down To Earth. " I My fx - i if 1- 1 ,Q 68 'nl' Q xg CAST OF CHARACTERS Agnes . . Wilfred . . Pilone , . Augusta . . Diana . . Orpha . . Ruthie . . Millie . Baxter. . . MAGI PATTISON .GEORGE BARBER . JERRY DANIEL . . . JENI LANTZ. . . . JEAN BURT BARBARA VAUGHN CAROLE ASNICAR SHIRLEY SOUDERS . KEN MONCRIEF 'Z' K , O June . . . Richard . . Herman . . Robert. . . . . JUDY SI-IERWIN .DALE MCDONALD . . FRED HOLDEN . JERRY JOSTIES 6 Y On December 20, the Future Homemakers of America sponsored the traditional all-school Christmas fromal which was held in Blair Hall. The theme ofthe dance was "Winter Dream Land" and decorations were of blue and w hite. Approximately 100 couples danced to the music of the Rhythmaires from 8:30 p.m. until 11:30 Ruth Wilson was in charge of refreshments and Karen Welton was decoration chairman. The faculty members we re guests at the formal. ,AFHHES inn 70 fkfwxx 'N Come to Our Modern PRESCRIPTION Counter for Quick Accurate Serv1ce BROWN S f fm? 217 Main Strcct S'l'ERI,lNG COIKJRADO KIEWERY NVATC' H ES DIAMONDS FOSTC J RIA GLASSWARE FOLLOW THE CHEERLEADERS FOR A SURE F11 BROWN S SHOE FIT "FZZ1T.f'52GZ1DS A R R 0 W AGENCY FURNI PURE d APPI IANCES STERLING S BIGGEST lNsunANcE MAN CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS MORRISON IMPLEMENT CO BIG B I I LASF DFAI ER fd T c I ' ' an , , l'l1f1m' 636 ,, ,, Sterling CQ1,,mL1U 204-6 Popular S Your Friendly 1 . ront -om arton 72 ,IB ZZNF f 5 c Q XA 2'-2' O- C' qu ki: f C. f -. Ag! Q 'Q 2K if mfg? Z! .X"ef, H cf 73 . . A ' v -r .5 1. ., 'x .v ., . 1 .f .-X 05:4 f , P 4 f ,ff V 1 wf- Pictured from left to right: B Squad co- aches Sandstead and Gray, Assistant A S quad Coach White, Head coach Wally Post and Assistant A coach Zem- ber. " '- A f VV' f Q 'Wx 5 Sterling high.-scthgolfhqgf a veiqxsugesiful year in football in 1954. It was Sterling's last - 1 year in Clifs' fog' agnndff hmade it a very successful one by winning the conference championshipqk, t h the biggest turnout in his coaching c a r e e r and was very ple a s ed with th pop Et ofthe team. The only Tiger defeats were handed them by the Longm ont Trojv, , hbm the Tigers will meet in conference play next year, and a strong Pueblo Centenni Walieyen. Several improvements were made on the football field. A new fence was put around 'ftjend a new set of bleachers was constructed on the visitor's side. A SQUAD B SQUAD Sterling Littleton Sterling Sidney Sterling Golden Sterling Fort Morgan Sterling Greeley Sterling Brush Sterling Longmont Sterling Fort Morgan Sterling Brush Sterling Brush Sterling Fort Morgan Sterling Haxtun Sterling Pueblo Sterling Sterling Junior Centennial High Sterling College Hi Sterling Brighton Sterling Yuma ",'QI Wgl W3- Q '. Zi -'U' '. ' f" 3 f 05" 24, -Tiff ' I W-ff, Q RN, - 4 ' L, I "f l " ', 1 1 f . . ,.,'Iv ... ,,h Y- 7 Q Ly, s ,eww . , A . 1, , ,W 1 ,f u, ,.,,l , 1 . . K, 1 Y ., N . .. sw ,f ,f ,X - X M XY 'Md v... . ...Mu . , , 1kf'Rf'!' - .M 1' M ff . ,.-.wg . N . , wqf . 2 ' - g-- xx fag A I 4 mf we fr-fx - " 5 , .f,.4-wg 3 96 97 99 95 99 75 93, 98 esfgy 9-, K ff rl r K S 'E' N' ' E' tvs?-925 'QBVKQS2 59 P31 65,77 ' 1 'f "1-' 1'-'Sf-fi' 3 'if iff ,. - vs ,hi 7'-'fn f.vifZ2f?A 'rf 1 ve 392 " . ' ,JV ,amz K, idx L . . . S -,-. 1 , 4 Wa 4: X ' ' Sw It ,. Q 'ew lu' 1 5 A Ragga L ei. 'A' get D, , WT Pk H: M Q, Sim gg 33 r X' vi k . fx A3 V Mm l . K 5 t , L, J. ,H lf A D 1 in if QSM, J lxA Q' 'If 2 5 , in , , .YW .vw Q, , JA fs " ,Blu 'v V . w ' I in 1 S 'Q""f,., "E - ' '3'9""f 'LQ uf? 'wir 0 'H is? 4 K g:.,,M 5 .,,A ,.w1L,M,,.f"'W K l I K I T l 4 4 -K K - 5 . . 'M '- MV ,Q 2ffw'ff'1 ' 'f f H W -few X -- y ' - ' X K . . - L" f - ' X gt Na Q by , fjiggg L . f e -... , WAV -A , fab lv f 7 , M' V ,, . , M - - , . H-LN A V' x A 'iN if gr , ' 'f, h , ., , 4- an X "-' A iii" 'ws N A ?TTQ-'R' jeg? S 'Hu' I XJ:-4? in di'- if K Q ,X 4 Fi .E .ff S ig GRADUATING SENIORS Bob Rudel P-31 wachhoiz Captam FRESHMEN Tigers Opp, 35 Iliff 44 Z4 Ft. Morgan 28 45 Brush 48 32 Sidney 53 39 Ft. Morgan 12 Kenny Moncrief 30 Brush 28 A 81 B SQUAD STERLING A B 35 44 Holyoke 55 Wray 36 Lakewood 52. Golden 45 Englewood 29 Brush 49 Ft. Morgan 44 Yuma 38 College High 43 Akron 37 Brighton 35 Englewood 48 Brush 57 Ft. Morgan 63 College High 50 Brighton OPPONENT A B 40 Z1 38 20 64 13 70 30 59 60 45 34 60 41 54 24 48 27 38 45 34 51 47 36 57 40 77 35 54 19 66 36 B-squad fights for ball SOPHCMORES Tigers Qpp, 18 Ft. Morgan 30 Brush 16 Sidney 11 Ft. Morgan Z0 Brush Don Weber Jerry Josties 78 .f ' X i' Q fc ff' X in Q 5 Q ' 'J' 'cf'-f f X y ,, . 5 ,g Q1 X- Q sf: Q XE? 52" " " nf: X : x f' K, xA K M, I W' I If f fa x X X KS -if .1 N Q 5 P E Q2 9 i 4'?5i3'5'l A 'Jjwfxh Ya 4-'Q ' f y fig? i Xi? 15, 5 k F Q Hy 3 A., Q . f - - , '- H, f K 5' g "- H M 4 ' X- M' ax ,f ' ' X "U K' ,. ,. c K , if X ---'- L' ,KI 'V I W4 :f'fz,,Q' gkv W , xrk f '. W X- CN' A g,5a..A .2.i'l fy if m20Z0I1O4-D 25171 252 m Pwnfm fr C.4U1r-4 "2 290 gf-cg Sim EPP? U' w H1 av F123 EH5 2533 8071 F.. r' HV' mglg aaa HID 5- v-1 Wu, fm SD 2.1 CD!-' gil 92 EE? 5'-1 O fbi Fw Q? Sm gg. U15 WH Urn EL? KNEELING LEFT TO RIGHT: G. Carter, K. Baur, T. Osborn, QB. Pass, B. Shel- don. ROW TWO: G. Felzien, T. Daniel, Coach White, S. Polland, W. Kellogg, D ' Coats. NOT PICTURED: R. Kester, D. Spelts, J. Lovinggood, D. Kennedy, D Littler. F R E S H M E N Sterling fights for ball. Jostics drives in vs-IOIM Z0--IOP l'l'bw-unxvlbw Weber lays it in. 'ffm M QQOMQ, gs mvyf Last minute instructions - U. Monty hooks for tw Rudy gets fouled. ' 'W' O . S f, .v 'Q a .--""'r,gS i ,g,,m.HW.... 4 -.5 McLavey praised after victory. WRESTLING SCORES Coach watches diligently Brooks gets a win STERLING OPPONENTS A B A B 19 In Holyoke -7? 5 G Greeley High 38 47 College High 5 33 Yuma Z1 16 Brighton ze 16 8 Loveland 28 10 16 11 Brush 30 10 21 Arvada 25 16 Ft. Morgan 32 32 Brighton 12 11 13 Ft. Morgan 28 Z1 18 6 Brush 26 10 The BIG boys await start K0 A-'W-'-ww-.-....w.....Q -Q-i.,.+ .N-rs 'NN N.. . , .ga-5. FRONT ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Lindstrom, L. Jones, J. Sandoval, C. Palvado, G. Shaal, B. Van Gundy, R. Goreham, G. Hill, J. Brammer, J. Montgomery. SECOND ROW: K. Kaiser, J. Claver, R. Acre, B. Bornberg, B. Gross, D. Grams, H. Knight. BACK ROW: C. Wilson, J. Bau- der, M. Aragon, E. Norris, D. Wagner, K. Trautwein, Coach Zember, D. Amen, D. Carey, M. McLavey, V. Gable, J. Oswald, G. Shaw. WRESTLING FRONT ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: K. Wilson, J. Bauder, M. Aragon, E. Norris, D. Wag- ner, K. Trautwein. SECOND ROW: D. Amen, D. Carey, M. McLavey, V. Gable, J. Oswald. CORNERS: H. Knight, R. Acre. Nh. A S A U D rfxled ks.. Refresh COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. 6th Ave Phgng 1 119 Main l5,,Ze4Z7hZZa-Wi I GRADUATES -, Phonc122-W "Soy If Wifh Flowers" STERLING s""i""' urcl-I snos. SHUE SHOP T-v PIONEERS Mack Smith RADIQ Nor Li In HEARING AIDS TELEVISION 111 Norfh 2nd Sf- 117 Ash Street' Sterling Colorado lb w? STERLINGS RAY'S TEXACO OWN FAMILY THEATER WR DOWNTOWN Yew Seamless Panoramic Screen CINEMASCOPE AND SERVICE STATION WIDE-WIDE SCREEN Doors Open Pixogxc Fill 34 Week-ends 1:15pm NVeek-days 6:15pm 3rd ancl P0PUlaf Phone 871 ORGANIZATIONS FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Schuppe, N Hartway, L. Kab- erline, B. Day, S. Souders. C. Lundberg,M. Pat- tison, M. Camb- lin, E. Royle, J. Sherwin, J. Lantz, C. Asnicar, C. Immel, S. Edens, N. Sonnenberg, L. Ruf. SECOND ROW: J. Mahaf- fey, T. Tarbox, t J Egbert R Johnson B. Gibbs, G. Oaks Y Story P Smith B Elliott C Monheiser J Monheiser D Edwards L Koehler, B. Hendon Miss Cronbaugh BACK ROW G Tullous S Thompson N Hanks S Harms C Kelly, D, Frasca M Hoffman P Hand P Anderson E Macrum J O'Neal S Barnhart J Giacomini, B. Bundy 1 I 1 9 FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT J Blair C Kreager L Miles S Rlng E Sisneros, C. Koe- mg L Mackey B Hulslander J Rose J Dixon J Ashbv M Neiberger P Pimple, L. Unrien, R Archuleta SECOND ROW D Maxwell G Henry D Yahn B Nash B Rieb, C. Boyer, G Allen M Walker J Ruf M Rathrnan A Kaepernik R Ils G Miller J Bredehoft, J. Loos J Lewis M Kraft C Herman K Pretiger BACK ROW M Slizewski M Thomas, J. Lampert V Cochran N Amen J Beaird C Curlee J Ruf J Garner P Miller B Barnes, S. Clemen, M Jones S Holder S Henry J Lively R Shepard H Tripp S Eldred P Harris, Miss Cron- S - I , R I F L E C L U B LEFT TO RIGHT: STANDING: Leland Knudson, "Skippy" Ins ke ep, Tek Konkel, Jerry Bonser, Don Cavin, Gerald Dancer, Kenneth Kitch, Bill Fle tc he r, Phil Britton, Charlie Ford, Mr. Foley, Alan Hickenbottom, David Mentgen, LoRee Knudson, and Don Fortner. KNEELING LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Cochran, Bill McCord, Ronald Jackson, Bob Ballmes and John Swanson. Shooting from the prone position. Hey, take it easy where you point that "piece!" Do youwant to shoot me? RIFLE CLUB is a very popular activity at Sterling High. Students are learning proper handling of firearms and receive an op- portunity to qualify for diffe r e nt degrees of marksmanship. This is a very active club and has one of the longest records of continu- ous active organization am ong all the c lub s within the school. Mr. Foley is their sponsor. -IZIIIUC-IV! I--02:00 N SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Weakley, J. Josties, J. Vaughn, ROW ONE: D. Lopez, A. Hic bottom, B. Van Gundy, C. Cannon, L. Lebsock, J. Barnhart, J. Comfort, C. Polland, M,F. loway, J. Davis. ROW TWO: M. Marshall, J. O'Nea.l, C. Welton, N. Hanks, J. Sherwin, Camblin, R. Wilson, S. Brandt, E. Macrum, C. Lundberg, M. Grauberger, R. Johnson, B. Bund ROW THREE: G. Miller, J. Beaird, P. Hulse, D. McDonald, G. Barber, W. Hawkins, R. Morga B. Bomberg, Mr. Frank Miles, B. Harrach, D. Carey, J. Daniels, B. Hershner, B. Miller, Britton, J. Fredregill, D, Weber. , . It The Student Council is the executive com- mittee for the student body. It is composed of representatives from all student organizations, clubs, and home rooms, and is largely respon- sible for the policies and g ene r al control of student activities. A worthwhile activity of the council this year was the Korean Clothing Drive. The council also had charge of concessions at a football game. It sponsored Twirp Week, the all school election and all school picnic in the spring. Yes, the members are busy keep- ing the school government alive ..... vital. . workable. PRESIDENT .... . Jerry Josties VICE-PRESIDENT . . . Bob Weakley SECRETARY .... . . Jo Vaughr SPONSOR . . . .Frank Mile NATIONAL J JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY This is an honorary society for freshman and sophomores who must have an A average . They are chosen on qualities of scholarship, leader- ship, c h a r a c t e r, and citizenship. LEFT TO RIGHT: Joyce O'Neal, Jane Giacomini, Margaret Green, Delores Barber, Mrs. Moe, Elna Rasmussen, Della Frasca, Donald Calvin, Kenneth Wagner. HI-Y ' lpn- :AA The object of the activity is "to create, maintain, and extend throughout the com- munity high standards of Christian character." The Hi-Y sponsors have many school activities. Like Hi- Y, this organization has cer- tain projects to fulfill throughout the year. 'IRST ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: Walker-Treas., Bomberg-S.C., McDonald-Pres., Moncrief-Vice- Jres., Amsden-Sec., Radcliffe-Chap. SECOND ROW: Bommelaere, Hall, Alcala, Rarney, Fewell, '. Weber, Looney, Tindall, D. Ramey, Hummel, Van Gundy, Yahn, Bauder, Bauer. THIRD ROW: lable, Budin, Losure, Getz, Benson, K. White, Hawkins, Meacham, Grams, Beaird, Fredregill. 'OURTH ROW: Wells, Albro, Roley, Moreland, B. White, Barnhart, Brown, B. Weakley, Josties, 5. Weakley, Kellogg, Eastman, Whitcomb, Coots, Shotwell, Wagner, Budin, Mr. Gray, Polland, Er- in, Hale, Maxwell, J. Whitcomb, Hershner, Harrach, Dowis, Eisenach. 89 The objectives of this organization are to help the members better understand the teaching profession Phe F.T.A. group's activities consist of substitute teaching, listening to educators, and observing class 'oom teaching in the elementary grades. Monthly meetings are held in the home of the sponsor where ,he group has the privilege of listening to some outstanding educator, who is the guest speaker Tlus :lub is led by Mrs. Hume. F U T U R E FIRST ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: V. Magerfleisch, M. Grauberger, M. Lindstrom, J. Pastor, H Mitch ell, T. Tarbox, C. Sincock. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Hume-Sponsor, M. Chandler, M. Bedingfield S Brandt, P. Budin, P. Britton, S. Lutin, D. Radcliffe, J. Van Gundy. This group is organ- ized to stimulate and direct student inter- est in current world affairs. This club is open to all students who havea sincere interest in learning more about-world problems. Anannual state conference is held at Denver Uni- versity each fall. 90 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS FIRST ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: W. Finch, N. Scrivner, J. Lamb, M. Burkhard, M. Bedingfield, R. Johnson, F. Wagner, S. Worden. SEDOND ROW: Mr. Foster, V. Scheel, B. Fletcher, V. Gable, B. Bomberg, K. Moncrief, W. Hawkins. Not Pictured is Bob Fleming. Y-'L se WEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: R. Iorgan, J. Comfort, R. Ramey, L. .ebsock. SECOND ROW: K. Pretiger, .. Dorney, J. Lane, L. Grauberger, '. Smith, A. Moss. THIRD ROW: S. oley, R. Spelts, G. Dickinson, Mr ard, J. White, R. Bredehoft, C. Can- On. DIIFIZPO as - sr, H " ac:-n f Camera Club is open to all stu- dents who are interested in photo- graphy as a hobby or a future pro- fession. Students provide their own c am e ra s and their supplies. The school owns a 3X5 Graphic and some dark room equipment. At present the Camera Club has one small dark room, which lim its the number of members that may participate in the club. u Oy.,- Card and Ramey working on the Polaroid at the carnival. "Haven't I seen you some place before. -x KNEELING LEFT TO RIGHT: Royle, Lantz, Sonnenberg, Vaughn. FIRST ROW: Day, She Hummel, Keller, DuBois, Tarbox, Keller, Pattison, Oaks, Mitchell, Guiraud, Van Gundy, SECOND ROW: Dermer, Monheiser, Wind, Hutchinson, Wagner, Felzien, Gollobith, Ric Schuppe, Milton, Amen, Burt, Reiboldt, Sankey, Dillehay, Bloomfield. THIRD ROW: Larson, Hughe Kaberline, Monheiser, Dick, Ringleman, Abeyta, McConville, Kroeger, Souders, Vaughn, berg, Camblin, Hartway, Lane. FOURTH ROW: Burkhard, Lutin, Immel, Cato, Asnicar, Johnsoi Story, Edens, Asnicar. KNEELING LEFT TO RIGHT: Hendon, Giacomini, Neiberger. FIRST ROW: Barnes, Gritton, Nei berger, Herman, Hoffman,Henry, Ruf, Ruf, Young, Cochran, Mathis,Ruf, Mahaffey, Bundy, Mahaffe Edwards. SECOND ROW: Clemen, Jones, Rathman, Wagner, Nelson, Archuleta, Harris, Beai Dixon, Green, Ashby, Holloway, Koehler, Cato, Marcrum, Henry, Anderson. THIRD ROW: Kreage Kenney, Sisnerous, Rieb, Lane, Boyer, Miller, Barnhart, O'Neal, Vonfeldt, Bredehoft, Tripp, El dred, Mackey, Frasca, Miss Gillen. FOURTH ROW: Slizewski, Lambert, Thomas, Fewell, Cur lee, Allen. Pat Keller g ,gf X fs I 1 . 5 if v ,Jag President. . . . . . . . . PAT KELLER Vice-President . ..... TERRY TARBOX Secretary .... . . MARGARET PATTISON Treasurer, . . . . . GRETCHEN OAKS Sponsor. . . . . . MISS GILLEN J Orange l and Bla c k FIGHT! FIGHT! That's the PEP CLUB cheering our boys on to victory, led byfour peppy cheer- leaders. Pat Keller, as president, takes over at the meetings every Tues- day. The club helps in many school activities, such as sponsoring the homecoming dance decor- ating the halls before games, and'c on tr i butin g in Mis s Gillen gif other ways toward school spirit. 93 THESPIAN Curtain going up! ! This is an honorary organization of students established for the ad- vancement of dramatic arts. The National Thespian Society members are students who have fulfilled their requirements in act- ing and in staging plays. Q , , i f 3 E FIRST ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: Shirley Souders-Treasurer, Carol Asnicar-Secretary, Barbara Vaughn-President, Dale McDonald-Vice-President, Fred Holde n-Student Council Representative. SECOND ROW: Mr. McC1aren, Judy Sherwin, Carol Lundberg, Margaret Pattison, Erna Royle, Manuel Aragon, George Mechem. Hershner points out duties Fletcher gets cue KXJL, Z0--lncU0:u-u 0-:naw FO 'U as P1 Ph O 5 rn H UI f-4 rn IT' ro W H L0 na 'U W H FY' Ui U cn FN cn o FV ,.. 4 rn U1 'U m rn O D" ,... Ul C1- ,... U1 o C UI W co O- On the air. . . Exact timing important The radio-production class is made up of advanced spe e c h students. Mr. Card is the leader of this group and is very outstanding in the radio field. Sterling High speech students present two radio programs each week over KGEK of Sterling. All the activities of this class are based on the s e two programs a week, and it takes a lot of originality and preparation on the part of the students to make these productions. Each program, which lasts fifteen minutes, is based on the ac tivitie s of the school. 95 NATIONAL ATHLETIC SOCIETY FRONT ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: Ronnie Bredehoft, Dick Wagner, Larry Ams- den. SECOND ROW: Jer- ry Josties, Bob Harrack, Mr. Post, Don Weber. The National Athletic Scholarship Society, is an organiza- tion for boys who have earned a varsity letter and have grades above the average school grade. In order to be in the Athletic Honorary they must be designated by the coaches. 1 x i .,',.,l -Wir gp, DIVERSIFIED EDUCATION This course includes a full program of work experience on the job in the community under school supervision in coopera- tion with the employer. LL- FIRST ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: Marilyn Lively, Roy Morgan, Ju s tin Weber, Ed Branch, SECOND ROW: Charlotte Kroeg- er, Dorothy Hughes, Frances McConville, Pat Krum, Caroline Riegle. THIRD ROW: Mr. Pass, Bob Gillespie, Richard Bogie Don Kerr, Richard Briggs, Carl Ekstein, Dan Dysart, Pat Dorsey. I '1 's Zvi 1' .J ,pi .Q- wi yl A t E V, Q 6 I -rl 935 Q Q sviv , . fx P FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dorothy Lane, Jane Quint, Claudine Kesner, Sharon Writebol, Kay Ham, Barbara Rieb, Carole Boyer, Sharon Henry, Karen Pretiger, Carol 1-lebbert, Mary Hollo- way, Jerry Garner. SECOND ROW: Della Frasca, Cynthia Curlee, Janet Ruf, Gene Yahn, Robert Sheldon, Edward Williams, Robert Hays, Lyle Grauberger, Gary Shaal, Jerry Bauder, Richard Schott, Dale Lindstrom, Lois Ruf, Virga Cochran, Jeanette Bredehoft. THIRD ROW: Mr. Ericson, Elna Ras- mussen, Janice Blair, Mary Curtis, Phyllis Duree, Eleanor Sisneros, Marlene Kenny, Rosalie Shep- ard, Jane Lively, Kay Rasmussen, Judy Lewis, Judy Loos, Susan Barnhart, Glenda Mahaffey, Barbara Bundy, Jo Ann Ruf, Carol Wagn e r, Helen Tripp, Jo Ann Mathis, Lee Ann Koehler. FOURTH ROW: Cordelia Kreager, Doris Yahn, Bonnie Nash, Sue Anne Eldred, Georgeann Allen, Anne Frasca, Kath- ryn Sincock, Shirley Rodeman, Judy Mahaffey, Barbara Hendon, Margie Slizewski, Barbara Barnes, Carolyn Herman, Mary Rathman, Patricia Vonfeldt, Anita Schroeder, Betty Hulslander, Jean Quint, Zetta Kyle, Marilyn Kraft. BACK ROW: Carter Lybarger, Robert Floyd, Gerald Parsons, Kenneth Sentry, Robert Moore, Don Coots, Patricia Kloberdanz, Priscilla Ring. .mf,,, ,XJ ,f, -T A wgll. t.rl,rw4,tEf- E- d - s Q When you walk that lone-some val- lgy? yougot to walk it by. yu' selI..M C ir, le J, all ti 1 li r,rw,,lJ.4t,55 454, mf aa. 414 , ec, H geo 00 - waglc that lon some val ley K Walk it by llf By 0 . . - 6- - yo Se .- -yo fi'4ff29+4r , 4- 9 F 9 lan - i 6' ds A Qgf ,55'?,vQQ QQ Y walk that lone- some val - leyf ', Hm R no DQ ,. 7 A - - ' . u. ' 45,4 fi :A+ - gg u V02 oo Q50 AQ, H 1 Y 'iv 00- qt 'X W 4 S Q z,Z.f,4? J . bf? f '70 .ij 9? 1 ry 2, A 01 Chorus is an organization for freshmen and sophomores interested in vocal music. The group is inder the direction of Mr. William Er i c s o n and participates in various school assemblies and helps he choir in the spring c onc e rt. This group has opportunities for various public performances. 97 " 1 l I 'v .xy N FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Milton, E. Buchenau, J. Holder, D. Rizzolo, C. Asnicar, F Wagner, N Hartway, J. Burt, N. Sonnenberg, J. Guiraud, J. Pastor, L. Brees, C. Schuppe. SEC- OND ROW: S Souders, S. Edens, P. Lane, J. Hergenreter, K. Moncrief, L, Miller, W Hawkins, B Gross, O. Aragon, H. Knight, E. Couch, S. Felzien. THIRD ROW: J. Amen, C Sincock, H. Ringleman M. Grauberger, L. Kaberline, W. Hergenreter, R. Ramey, G. Meacham, R. Johnson, G. Luft, M Franklin, C. Comstock. FOURTH ROW: B. Elliott, B. Day, B. Stewart, M. Cummings, Cv. Miller R. Folda, V. Scheel, R. Weakley, J. Lantz, C. Koenig, Mr. Ericson. FIFTH ROW: J. Vaughn, A Keller, P. Keller, I. Gish, V. Gabel, R. Parsons, A. Luft, P. Budin, R. Rudel, J. Oswald, D. Du Bois, Y. Story, M. Asnicar, N. Luft, M. Lindstrom. LAST ROW: T. Tarbox, C. Bloomfield, D Sankey, M. Barton, E. McCrum, J. Giacomini, E. Royle, F. McConville. CHOIR . , . A 1 't , 'B t eam Burt, Orin Einsphar, Ken Mon- Ccompims Jeam ur rief, Larry Miller, Harold Knight. Pres K Moncrief Mr. Ericson FRONT ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Ericson, Jeanette Amen, Claudia Sincock, Jeani Burt, George Meacham, Larry Miller, Harold Knight, Frances Wagner, Jackie Guiraud, Jackie Pastor. SECOND ROW: Edrianne Buchenau, Marcella Grauberger, Ila Gish, James Hergenreter, Paul Budin, Richard Parsons, Kenneth Moncrief, Warren Hawkins, Ranona Johnson, Jane Giacomini, Nina Sonnenberg. MR. WILLIAM ERICSON Vocal Music Director M O D E R Modern choir is a selected group of mem- N bers from choir and chorus unde r the direc- tion ofMr. William Ericson. This select group of singers participates in school assemblies, exchange assemblies and various school acti- C vities. Theyalso perform for various town or- ganizations. H O I R J ROW ONE: LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Lopez, L. Knudson, H. Hunker, G. Bettger, A. Lopez G. Jones, C. Wilson. D. Lindstom, J. Montgomery. ROW TWO: B. Hill, R. Kester, P Reed, G. White, D. Hobbs, L. Bettger, L. Wagner, J. Brammer, B. Hergenreter, D. Amen V. Scheel, F. Seckler, D. Carey, B. Anderson, ROW THREE: D. Albrant, J. Miller, K Heimbergner, N. Datteri, L. Knudson, D. DuBois, R. Waitley, R. Miller, B. Wilson, M McLavey, B. Busig, K. Brammer, G. Felzien, D. Hamil, M. Lebsock. ROW FOUR: Mr Ricks, D. Hathaway, D. Carey, J. Claver, O. Einspahr, R. Uhrig, D. Terrill, Mr. Cross FX Q 2, X N4 , Qs f . . . . .but farm shop included Paper work important.. . f, X, w u7"7?'T5"Q97" 'Vi fl' i ' K W,iQ'W'tSfg, iii?Qf'Sif3f?i'gi??iiZw??fz ., . . . , - - -1 -f at 1 ,mg :ees , f f'.,wgf-Q- N, as .l,M'rgl,,:,, fig, -,f . .,. .ey . . W 4 . V, 5 .. .11 eb jg! A li-,3l5:,.J,E!i.,:V,,5x.,Q,g, v . F. 7' 1 . K - . .K f I SEATED: LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Miller-Student Advisor, D. Carey-Sentinel, M. McLavey-Reporter K. Brammer-President, F. Waitley-Secretary, D. Hamil-Vice-President, N. Datteri-Treasurer. The Future Farmers of America is a national organization of boys studying vocational agriculture The F. F.A. is an intra-curricular activity. M embe r s study agricultural science in the classroom farm mechanics, carry out a supervised farming program on their home farm and engage in many leader ship training activities on a local, state and national level. The Sterling Chapter carries out many activities each year. Some of the outstanding activities engaged in are the parent-son banquet, a tr ip to the National Western Livestock Show, and the state convention. F F Hamil and Busig busy in shop Frank and his trust Steed Contests are held in Farm Mechanics, Poultry Y ' Judging, Crop Judging, Livestock Judging, Public Speaking, and Parliamentary Procedure. 101 .,, QUILL and SCROLL Pictured from left to right are George Barber-Vice- President, Barbara Va- ughn-Secretary, S an d r a Hutchinson-P r e sid e nt, Judy Sherwin-Treasurer, a n d Mr . Stocking -Spon- SOI. Hey, what goes here? These are the members of this years Quill and Scroll. To belong to this or- ganization students have to be in the upper third of their class scholastically, must have done outstand- ing work in journalistic writing or on some staff job and must be on either the Bengal Cry or Tiger Staff. A joint formal initiation is held with St. Anthony's high school each year. They also hold a picnic early in the spring. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Pictured from left to rightg ROW 1: Sandra Hutchinson, Frances Wagner. ROW 2: Jer- ry Josties, Carol Lund- berg, Margaret Pattison, andGeorgeBarber. ROW 3: Mrs. Hume, Miss Cronbaugh, and Mrs. Mc- Quilkin. ROW 4: Mr. Turner and Mr. Barnett. Students are selected fo the National Honor Society o the basis of service to th school, scholarship, leadership, and character. The members usually rank in the upper ten per cent o their class . . ,' ' , f -, I : ag,-, 1 --- ' ri if 61:11, ,1 , T 'A I, L , , V i , V I ,atc Q ,5 A. i ,, ,jg , ll P SEATED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Marshall-Secretary, Ila Gish, First Vice-President, Dorothy Rizzolo-President, Helen Ringleman-Second Vice-President, and Pat Garey-Treasurer. FIRST ROW: Jean Quint, Gwen Hill, Darlene Lambert, Josephine Mari, Ann Frasca, RuthWi1- xon,BeverlyWilson, Karen Welton, Pat Pimple, Thelma Ringleman, Janice Holder, Helen Bram- ner, Carolyn Kelley, Wilda Marshall, Elna Rasmussen. SECOND ROW: Miss Leafgreen, Barbara Bowen, Luella Petre, Janice Blair, Doris Yahn, Lucinda Macky, Betty Hulsander, Marilyn Kraft, Jhyllis Duree, KayHam, Alice Keller, Manuella Talcon, Clara Mares, Joyce Frost, and LaVonne Wagner. THIRD ROW: Margare t Osborn, Pat Schneider, Jane Quint, Barbara Jones, Gloria viiller, Sharon Henry, Sondra Holder, Vita Goertzen, Joyce Eichem, Margaret Walker, Ruth Ils, Ilaudine Kesner, Pat Hays, Mary Headley, Helen Keller and Zetta Kyle. A P P l e S f o 1, c a r I1 i 1' V 3. f 1 Officers initiate Candidates F.H.A. is an organization tor girls interested in homernaking. The club is a chapter of the National Future Homemakers of America. The years activities are centered around the eight purposes w hic h relate to homemaking, recreation and international good will. This is a "live- wire" group that is always busy. F.H.A. helps develop leadership and teaches girls to work to- gether for a common interest. Members can earn junior, chapter and State Homemaker degrees for their work. MHC-IC11 mzmxbZmZOI TQ P0-wmzb 1-I 0 05 THE STERLING HIGH SCHOOL "COLUMBlNE" BAND On S t d Jul 3 d rou of 110 band students and sponsors left by way of Burlington Zephr for Chicago en route to the Lions International C onv e ntion in New York City, Upon arriving, the group visited the Field Museum, the Shedd Aquarium, and fortunately had time to witness a demonstration of the heavens at the Adler Plane- tarium. En route to Washington D.C. that evening, the stu- dents saw many tug boats carrying ore to various steel mills along the way and also saw the blastfurnaces in operation in Pittsburg. Early Monday morning the band saw Harpers' Ferry, scene of the John Brown incident of Civil War fame. Upon arrival in Washington, the group proceeded to the Congressional Hotel, and having checked in, on their first eastern tour which included the following highlights: Lincoln Memorial, Washington Memorial Bridge, across the Poto- mac River, Arlington Cemetery Qobserving the changing of the guard ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldierl, Lee Mansion, Alexandria, Mount Vernon, National Airport Pentagon Building and Jefferson Memorial. The evening was spent taking a pleas- '-Xf Tuesday morning found the group arising bright and early in order to proceed to the Capitol grounds where the pictures of the organization were taken. This was followed by one of the highlights of the trip- the tour of the Nation's Capitol, the Senate Cham- bers and the House ofRepresentatives. The Smith- sonian Institute was next visitedwhere the students saw the Spirit of St. Louis and innumerable items of I istorical interest. Next on the intinerary was our appointment with 'resident Eisenhower at 12:10 p.m. in the R o s e iarden of the White House. It was, withouta doubt, ne of the greatest thrills of the entire trip. His raciousness endeared him within the heart of all f us. We owe a vote of thanks to Senators John- on, Millikin, and Congressman Hill in making our isit to Washington a treasured memory. Before leaving Washington Tuesday afternoon, ne students had the opportunity to visit the Library f Congress where they viewed the original drafts f Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, the Bill of Rights, he Gutenberg Bible, the Stars and Stripes Forever ,nd other famous historical works too numerous to nention. 0 The band next traveled to Jersey City where it was ferried across the Hudson River to Manhattan sland. Seeing the skyline of Manhattan Island at ,ight was truly inspiring. Wednesday morning was spent touring the United Nations Building We were fortunate to be able to ,ttend a session of the Trusteeship Council and listen to the various speakers and interpreters That afternoon the band participated in the Lions nternational Parade down Fifth Avenue this being .ne of the most colorful parades in convention cir- les. Spirits were not dampened by the weather. Vithout doubt the students in the Sterling High School 'ealized their responsibility and gave the finest per - ormance of their marching career. Other appearances in New York included those .t the Roosevelt Hotel, Madison Square Garden and he Polo Grounds where the students saw the World ieries champs, the New York Giants, defeat Pitts- vurg. Other points of interest visited while in New fork were the Statue of Liberty, the N.B.C. Buil- ling, Rockefeller Center, Empire State Building, Fimes Square, Wall Street, Central Park where hey heard the Goldman Band play on the Wall lirected by Dr. Edwin Franko Goldman. BAND 0, 'farm , V ,ggg -, A Q 5 S Q 'r r p ",'-33",-.N"'Q9".-' fy -' . . , FW ' mln H ' N' -M rf -'H 2 KHP, ,-f- fa J j .-. '1- xQ,.: mg' 1 '55 W,-. WM wma - 'W ..- 15: 'U ' H gif W , 91 -57 I 'MIK'- :42-.ggfr 2 I' Qfffv 1 gk' 1 Ca Q like VH' if ' v:,Z 4 A:-U gm ,F J - ,- we .W wi, 3 k , 3 Q, .,,, , . .4 Ii r "f of Q 'sy W 5 , ,f if 541 W, gi M ' if ' X Q 3 fi J. 5 1 Qrvn 4 91 4-A 1 L .n 4 I 1: 3' V? J M A '99, .f .. w - wk 51,3 1- Q .r A Q 115. df i . .. 'Q W 'Rf I E, is , f V. V7 :- 1-'iw 31 P ' I, .. iw y as 3 J ff' 11 gm X ' 5 ff, . X A 'f K . K . il V2 . M.f4Lfb's3 kk 2 Z I -P A. aj ' 1 ' K, -gg! g- -:I in sqm K Gy Pi? -. I X .ig .5 9 qwfaa vu Q K 1 P4 1 l'F1'Le' W' -.! -'mi-', rf ' ' , ,rf ?-,-.' QED vp .,,,, ,:. . N, , Hg? .N V. . M ,A ,g- f E X 'N an 'Lain 'Wg-an ,, lf' p-...xv ,wwf Q' O ' W X -gg:v4snfvW4s5'...m1-ff Sf' x.f ' 'RJ ix Q ki? X ' " 4 1 I 1 4 if 2 f .f W K ,xx w -f w+f ,m M ' W i" W 110 S - CLUB ew-9' in I l, FIRST ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: G. Miller, R. Folda, B. Miller, P. Hulse, R. Acre, A. Lindstrom. SECOND ROW: D. McDonald, B. Harrach, J. Oswald, B. Ring, D. Wagner, H. Knight, R. Crabtree. THIRD ROW: B. Kircher, G. Barber, J. Josties, D. Weber, L. Amsden, L. Denton, P. Wachholz, R. Bredehoft. STANDING: FOURTH ROW: B. Weakly, D. Walker, Coach Post, V. Gabel, J. Hergenreter "S" Club is open to Sterling High ath- letes who have earned at least one letter in a major sport. The objectives of this organization are: to h o n o r achievement in interscholastic s p o r t sg encourage participation of more boys in athletics, to promote better sports- manship and c i ti z e n s hi pg work for the improvement of a thle te s and encourage greater community interest in and support for the Sterling High School athletic pro- gram. Buy a pin to "BEAT MORGAN." The Basketball players shine at the carnival. Miss Louis Cronbaugh spon- QW KNEELING LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Lantz, J. Sherwin, M. Ca- mblin, M. Pattison, ROW ONE: C. Schuppe, J. Amen, J. Lamb, C. Lundberg, J. Vaughn, J. Holder, S. Souders, R. Lane. ROW TWO: J. Burt, N. Scrivner, J. Lewis, M. Raft- man, M. Sisneros, C. Mares, C. Monheiser, J. Monheiser, S. Barnhart. ROW THREE: B. Vaughn, B. Evans, G. Hen- ry, S. Clemens, J. Egbert, M. Jones, E. Royle, C. Kesner, Miss Cronbaugh. President JUDY SHERWIN Vice -President MAGI PAT TISON Sec retar y-Treasurer JENI LANT Z Sponsor MISS CRONBAUGH G.A.A. :rs this athletic minded group. he girls started their vear with picnic which featured sporting rents and an initiation for thirty- vo girls. The Sadie Hawkins mce, which c lim a xe d "twirp :ason" in the s p r i ng, was at- nded by many a "shmoo. " The ,ghlight for M i s s Cronbaugh's rls is the annual presentation ' awards earned during the year. his usually takes place at a pic- c that closes the year's activi- ss. KNEELING LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Lantz, J. Sherwin, M. Pat- tison, M. Camblin. ROW ONE: S. Worden, D. Edwards, J Giacomini, E. Macrum, S. Thompson, P. Hays, M. Falcon ROW TWO: J. Frost, P. Harris, J. Davis, J. Loos, N. Hanks B. Ream, J. Ruf, J. Beaird, J. Dixon. ROW THREE: J Rose, V. Cochran, A. Schroeder, K. Sincock, P. Duree, K Welton, J. Garner, J. Ruf, C. Curlee, Miss Cronbaugh. SQUARE MR. WIEBKE Sponsor DANCE GEORGE BARBER President '5 EVEN B 5' Yxpgrllps lceipiamfe 9-Vpiaftqe 81-debtR 446216960 Ygp CONNIE DILLEHAY Sec retary-Treasurer Do-se-do with a right and left grand and here we go to the square dance. The purpose of this club is to help improve the dance pr ogr am of Sterling High School. This club gives members a great deal of very clean fun at a m e e ting once a week. With the able leadership of Mr. Wiebke, the demonstration group pa r ticipate s in the Modern Dance Program in the spring and puts on various performances at s quar e festivals throughout the state. George Barber has been the president of this club for two con- secutive years. This year the club boasts a membership of nearly 70. W FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Chirnsida E. Buchenau, B. Anderson, C. Dillehay, V. Schee S. Rodeman. SECOND ROW: Mr. Wiebke, H. Brammer, D. Amen, C. Bloomfield, K. Brammer, B Kloberdanz, D. Briggs, J. Richardson. 'RONT ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Dukart, 2. Rasmussen, J. Hall, L. Petre, E. Willi- mzl Ji Larson' SECOND ROW? D- Barber. N. Harden, L. Nash, K. Rasmussen, G. Hill, J. Kester '. ltt er. FRONT ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Loos, G Bommelaere, J. Lewis, D. Gustus, C. Kelly. EICOND ROW: L. Wagner, M. Aragon, V. Jones, W. Hawkins, D. Frasca, R. Kester, A. Frasca. FRONT ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Kaiser, L.. McBride, S. Felzien, L. Carter, C. Nel- son. SECOND ROW: J. Guiraud, L. Amsden, M. Cummings, J. Wagner, C. Koenig, D. Grams, A. Kaepernik. 113 ROW ONE: LEFT TO RIGHT: S. Worden, B. Bundy, S. Edens, S. Barnhart, P, Lane, R, Johnson, J. Sherwin, T. Tarbox, J. Van Gundy, A. Keller, J. Guiraud, J. Richardson, C. Kroeger, C. Milton. ROW TWO: B. Ogley, J. Burt, S. Writebol, G. Hulse, R. Lane, J. Jones, L. Cato, B. Elliott, C. Dillehay, C. Bloomfield, M. Franklin, C. Sincock, S. Felzien, S. Worden, Miss Edith Harms. ROW THREE: V. Reitz, C. Rigel, D. Sankey, S. Reiboldt, F. Wagner, G. Luft, M. Cummings, J, Erdman, M. Burkhard, P. Degen- hart, D. DuBois, I. Hummel, P. Keller, V.Jones, S. Hutchinson, N. Hanks, Miss Fran- ces Gillespie. H Y Tri H1 Y Club, which is an affiliate of the state and national Y.M . . . . .1 C.A., was organized five years ago. Sponsored by Miss Gillespi and Miss Harms, Tri-Hi-Y meets one-half hour once a week, in cluding in their meetings opening devotions, business, projec and activity discussions, and talks stimulating loc al and stat4 leadership. President Judy Sherwin serves also as State Sec retary of the Hi-Y-Tri-Hi-Y organizations. Some of the pr oj e c ts undertaken by Tri-Hi-Y this year hav. been a co-operative system of turning pages daily for a hospit- alized polio student, an all-school social whereby enough foo: was collected to distribute twenty-one baskets to needy families at Thanksgiving time, completely clothing two children at Christ- mas, lighting the trees in front of the high school during the Christmas season, a Waist dance after a basketball game, forma initiation, club dinner, collecting money for Korean shoes, giving ax Easter assembly, sponsoring an Easter party for needy children, an: H J the purchasing ar American flag and stand for the stage. OFFICERS President ..... J. SHERWIN Vice-President . . T. TARBOX Secretary. . . J. VAN GUNDY Treasurer .... A. KELLER Sponsors .... MISS HARMS AND MISS GILLESPIE Initation Banquet Thanksgiving dance helps needy families Initiate s provide ente rtainment More initation stunts SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: A. Keller, T. Tarbox, J. Sherwin, J, Van Gundy. STAND- ING LEFT TO RIGHT: S. Rohwedder, C. Wagner, B. McKee, E. McKee, J Monroe P. Huffsmith, C. Chirnside, D. Brockman, L. Ruf, C. Hcbbert. ROW TWO: C. Boyer P. Harris, L. Breeze, D. Barber, S. Holbrook, P. Cato, N. Luft, B. Gibbs, J. Pastor, A. Schroeder, B. Nash. ROW THREE: Miss Frances Gillespie, D. Lane, K. Sincock, 1 I B. Barnes, D. Maxwell, S. Clemen, K. Dick, B. Hendon, J. Garner, J. Dixon, Miss Edith Harms. P T R I H I Y 115 Q N. Z susmsss CAREEk TERRIES -Q4 v' you FIRST ROWV! LEFT TO RIGHT: Darlene F Q befffh Vaughn, or-ia Luft, Carolyn Sc Iv V, Mares, Janice Holder, Dfzrothy Rxzzolo, well, Jim Beck, Mrs. :fMcQu11ken Jo ' I Q alagg' ffl: G 6 a H Pk I " J if Members Qi this prgan- a , ization workifdr aw a 'n , Shorthand aQd'.gyp ipglgy f a J -S , Qbqut ff K' O 45 outside worki fb: s Q ho bl oi' for mdWid3iliQ'a4 if 7 A if ae 4 as as e +1 4 1 6 U: Spon:1qxs a zirg wiZris. plc- a Q, W Quilkin and Man Hafmsqf ,a a . Q 'The +pxn4pc5inlgja of Qfthg. v ' is f0a wa!B'ehe5i9?1v5a? 1SQ?Wn " " ' W ' a a fi,wf 1 .V1- . . , , , ., f 'Iam--T 'gf J ?"i:, gli, 'wif Q--ggi-af. Li, 1 AQ, , i -W, J? J' af Q,fff1e-5,5-'sigmaM'fQ 'wwf H Y V f 'fiL,z2a.g,1A142' ,,- 412 , af 5 I . October 16, 1954. Editor CLARA MARES In this class the student s learn how to write stories, layout pages, interviews, and other duties and responsibilities which go together in newspaper work. To be in this class you have to have a "C" average in Engli s h, know how to type, and have proven to be reliable, responsible students. THE BENGAL CRY This year the Bengal CryStaff had 17 members, the most Mr. Stocking has had to date. The Staff turns out 12 issues a year supplemented by an o c c a s i on al Cat's Meow fa mimeographed paperj. Each year the staff takes a trip to Denver to tour the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News buildings. This year the group went to Boulder to attend the journali s mconference on Natinnal Srhnlaatir H1755 Aannriatinn ALI,-AMERICAN'N'EWg1'A1?I-EKRHSRITICAI. SERVICE :ss-. ., 'gf 1' V -X T- vlllfv,-.W 1 A BENGAL CRY In nmgnirmn nfm mrnLi 1: mvarJnl Zfllpirh Qlluaa 'ihmnr Rating In :lu Flhy-nn! Nmmrml Nnmpupu Crm.-nl Sm-ire uf :lu Nmimml Sflualuuir Pm. Ano.-inzfon fn.- :lu Uniwmry .J Mmnrmm, Sflmol nf Juumafi.vm, :lm Tl..'.....L .1.,. .1 s.,.....L.,, 1954. Yearly Journalistic Award FIRST ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: R Robirds, N. Sonnenberg, B. Day, E Norris, C. Mares, D. Looney, B Wells, K. Losure. SECOND ROW J. Shaw, C. Comstock, Mr. Stocking B. Young, J. Brammer, G. Smith, C Dillehay, C. Bloomfield, P.'Degen- hart, F. Hager. STAFF POSITIONS: Associate Edi- tor 8: Page 1Editor-R. Robirds, Sports Editor-B. Wells, Assistant- D. Looney, K. Losure QPage 7 Edi- itorl, Ad Manager-N. Sonnenberg, Assistant-B. Young, Business Manager-B. Day, Mail 8: Headline Editor-C. Bloomfield, Ex. 8: Pg. 8 Editor-C. Dillehay, Page Z Editor-J. Shaw, Page 4 Editor-P. Degenhart, Page 5 Editor-J. Brammer. 117 Q ll-ip. nf' 1- ' VJQ, , n I -Q .f'-' ' "7 ,-rl, ,ff -' A 0 ,ao sito Ox, 0 5. EDITOR EDITOR f' A 43, , , Q . f 1 X ' x Ni 53,9 A . nz f ,t 1 ff ' 9" co 3 W I 5. 4 6Q 9 my VJ is ni: , elxx ggi? Q , f Q I 16' J? H f ff' . ':, ia X , 54 9 9 N3 O '69 9' Ye copv , NLE Ox oi O' Em-ron EDITOR ART Q50 Pmur 09, ef OO Q0 O X5 -S. EDITOR SPORTS EDITOR O .30 w 'pc' -M9 ". -0 Q son-ron AD alex eff' GX .5 Q xooex 6' 450 3 ' MANAGER PICTURE -o 43' 91 Q ' Business 1 Eorron '06 0,1 Even though we may look and eel like this -we would like to ex- press our gratitude to all, Stu- .ents, Administration, and others vho might have helped in making his yearbook a success. l8 M lAGER Paul Erv1n's bmrthday party. L . V1 r I an d , r r Shirley Reiboldt Q- i V p 'Q u' 'P Justin Weber i i-. K -we-v-w---we img RQ i W Edrianne Buc he nau We First Prize S ,V x 'e V N.. 5 x e . R 5 7, 0 Joan Egbert Jim Oswald l N l Janice Holder Molly Sisner os fleftl Judy Sherwin , Alberta Keller Subm1tted by Sondra. Holder PRIZE wlNNERs AND WAFS Carolyn Milton Pat Keller so Je ni Lantz ll 9 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1955 WAYMIRES CONGRATULATIONS A TO THE CLASS OF 1955 BOB'S GULF AND SPORTING SERVICE 104 Park CONGRATULATION TO THE CLASS OE 1955 MONTGOMERY WARD 127 No. 3rd The Pin-ups Ti . PRIZE WINNERS AND SNAPS P It up Dear old J.H. First Prize Second Prize Quit flirt- ing 'Y I A I I X l Looking for hysterical women? l Submitted by Helen B1-ammer Submitted by Nancy Scrivner Bowlegged Get 'em Jim cow-girl Smile pretty Sleepy-head FHA Initiation Dare Ya What's up? 121 I O Z A R T H ELECTRIC BEST WISHES TO CLASS SERVICE p OF 1955 EMODEUNG COMMERCIAL REPAIRING RESIDENTIAL A, t Phone 1427 . 1xlgfg,w.'.:g.j, " arl K. Bozarfh Rodert L. RC1dOldf 1-'O " 113 No. 2nd Street COMPLIMENTS OF E L K S P9 PARK - ETT 90,6 EDWARDS CAFETERIA One Mile South on Hi-Way 6 I ,rst in Sterling withCurb Service Self-Speaker .Nb The BEST Hamburgers Q,-z-96 wb A 9,591+ REASONABLE PRICES SW , fo I N' C01d D . , . NIGGA FAST SERVICE UDIYS Nvma gg 5 v. eq, ROY And IRENE Q? GOOD FOOD . q ' " A RAMSEY OF BALFOUR s Elecfrical csooov-EAR SINCLAIR " FOXHOVEN SERVICE The Business Farmer Printing Co. COMMERCIAL TING---STATIONERY-ABUSINESS PAPER I2 NORTH 3RD ST. LING. COLORADO Compliments of New Mefhod Cleaners elephone LAwrence 205 48 110 Hamilton Street farold R. Whyman RAMEY FARM SUPPLY auurad gi rnncron Your Farm Supply Store PARTS-FARM HARDWARE-SERVICE ,gg 1010 216 Oak Sf. F. O, BOX 1031 Mika! I-'IU N E QAI. I-QIOTVIE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE p CLASS OF 1955 u TIGER - INN GDATS' Carbureior PII 785 517 N. Brel and Ignifion Service 123 ' 0 Qdlenzen 4 1444occ'a!con STERLING. COLORADO ,W E. EAT MORE BEEF ff.. RJUICYDELICIQUS Qfl EWFQ -' SERVING ALL OF N. E. COLO. Phillip, Seclwick, Logan Counties Congratulations to Seniors WELSH SUNRISE HOME DELIVERY GRAIN and FEED Feed, Grain and Protein 0'l W. Main Phone 125 v'CIIOlII'yS N.IslI Nlitvlwll ljonrizu' Compnm' A 'licclgcn Motor, Inu. l3ill's Alotol' lligggins Nlotox' C'onIpzmx' Ko,-lling lloffmnn Aloror Co. 'uul Long Nlolors I-Iolloxx:1y'S, lm' JNEW CAR DEALER'S ASSOCIATION SERVICE BURKE RADIO AND APPLIANCE RCA VICTOR RADIOS and TELEVISION WhirlpoolIWashers and Dryers HI-fidelity Records and Players ' We Have EVERYTHING Plastic Hose 'Fishing Rods 'Reels 109 Main St. Phone 82 . iw 'QMIM S, MM Qu k3'W , MW HWMMXXM' Wim Mmummwmwmmaul at-Xwu. 5 mmm3lLmmmM Nm ii ,, E QUAD CWLA u tb b g ax' hub Q, W fmmmm, K X53 ,,,0,,P,q,LmX3MA MAL Mm Mmwibfkof My my MNTQJ-Eiimiiw 2, W W A . . MU B 'SU-bAu.LLb ygmdkfuug WMM, wmmms hmhulwamgummmi by P 1 -Qi M. AL., WWW W 4MyM Xi W WWW 5622225 WW Mffff fx bf 'PWM W' A i M 5355 M MMM Efifillfi Exif ia ' N 'ff7'tZ"jZ? l fg wwl ihjza LQMM47' ii? 6M4lwAw5 ' 3- MWA aufwa-1:w,,,z4,,. HSP" 0' 3 'fa few 22 QE W ,ff fW M ,wfpfwgf 3 . W ff !,g,?'cf52f,2fgf My My 'W W J 126 .,. I , . A , , I A i 5 ,,,..,L V , ,: - -,E .4 ,T U K ., ,L .A , Q ,V i V A. 4' 1 . . , .. , ,. .wx .. A. .-Q V . L i V - A x ' ' i V. " Y, . . il ' V V 1', ,-.3 . , , 'O , 5, I -,N ' ' , f ' I2 ' L- ,- - 1 I w I S . ll , . 9 W W I Hx ,x M W F f" ',xX a 'M My 51 bivwu, we Diva-Q on an "' 'S '7 , 5,5 gif WMU Ca, 73 JUQSZXMYU 'bww-414 ftmib but 1 if f I QQ, Ii 7 f XX w - , I 11 D - "M ' ' kiwi! ,A . Q .Q Q ,F I . N'g o ' ' 1 p N . x W S 'W o 6 W1 L l -41. uhh ., w' 5 M ..L.. , .. . L, 5 v 2 QW, 4 my . gi,ce,1ff-:,f.ov+-45-2 www. if 5 . J . 4. J if 5 , 5 il 4 x x s Lb 1 ' Q hr i I ,. .. I , v L F s .L 5 yd .Lv,1,.. W, LMA SN: I haw ,x Pi, . .. .Fr ' ff ,5 5 ilfv, - w i ,v' ,Erie ' 4:4 : ,fry ,,., .NL V 4' Q92- E. r' ' ,, , E X 1 '52 111, W-?' i .1 6 Y X ? . 3 ,141 M I, fe: L 117 I S LL' , r ' ,Y Q. 4 S 'v A- X ' N L' s -I . N ' v nl . y I . K o ' .., Or ttf, 4 Q 5' 1 - .1 w A ' s fe . 1'.'ni' '1 V v C .va ws K' X 1 W A it ','! f : . '6- . uf' ' ,f ,. 'F '--4- ' " H . X M Y K v ' 3 ' A 1 'S 7 3 'Q ' xx?" '-ff .5 SVAQ. 'Q ' Y .ii-.'. - ' "' ' ' N I A -s'- --, g,'.'.' if I ff, -fur '. B.-f-1N,,h. 5- , - -A 3- '? -,J '.' - . . . YW . . -'1 ' , ' " ' I' 'G .J 'Q-' ' , , - jx. ,T 4' - -ul 1 . fs in q-an ,,wm. x.. ,V si ly .5 lv xg M- ,,- .1 ""vx' " f F' AQ, in 3-. 5 ,, 4 , i t e -' ,y X1 ,MQQ M .41 . . 3, v 'av 'sm 'ni r The Qjj wer' Staff Editors .ice PPL EM n . w H, - . 5cfzool f' ' H' k 5w , QOZOFGAILO ENT SHARON FELZ JUDY SHER r Praia In J' J - . ff' ii ty' K, WN i Q QQ?-3 i ii! -2' Y ' F' P if 3.4-sg 'wsu- a Y L 1,. Q!-wil ' ' KT' "DR -u 'iff . sk, " an ff -421,5 S 1 0 Q 0 ' . K f A ,- ..!'?fft'f LQf....x3u K 5. fr 1 " ' 'A "Li Q- xgififim Y : QI I -Q- TRACK TEAM ROW ONE: LEFT TO RIGHT: Ross Haigh, Don Coots, Bob Moore, Clifford Eisenach, Garry Shaal Manuel Aragon, Joe Eastman, Jim Hergenreter. ROW TWO: Bob Gross, Frank Waitley, Larry Denton, Dick Looney, Bob Ring, Paul Wachholz, Kenneth Losure, Lar r y Amsden, Lyle McBride ROW THREE: Coach White, Coach Post, Bob Fleming, Paul Budin, Jerry Daniel, Kenneth Albro, Jim Oswald, Don Weber, Paul Ervin, Geor ge Barber. ROW FOUR: Bud Wells, Dale McDonald Bob Kircher, Gary Felzien, Don Newton, Jerry Brown, Dick Robirds, Bob Hays, David Grams Hal Sperber, Larry Crabtree, Jerry Bauder, Coach Zember. Coach White Q I Coach White THE 1955 TRACK TEAM Sidney Invitational. . Sterling. . . . Third D.U. Relays . . .Q . Sterling. . . . Third Northeastern Jr. College Invitational .... Sterling. . . . First Morgan Invitational . Sterling. . . Second C.U. Relays . . Sterling. . . Fifth Brush Duel. . Brush . . . Won Morgan Duel . . . .Sterling. . . .Won Conference . . Sterling. . . . Third State. . Sterling. . . . Ninth . . . .:::. -F . -3. . 's N Larry Denton LEFT TO RIGHT: Larry Denton, Paul Wachholz, 9 Don Weber, Kenneth Losure. Ozzie Oswald TRACK LEFT TO RIGHT: Dale McDonald, Dick Looney, Kenneth Albro, Paul Ervin, George Barber, Ross Haigh, Bud Wells. 1"' ,.,"f""7 .,-J Larry Amsden -., . .-:-:gi 'Z' . Q 3 4 LEFT TO RIGHT: ROW ONE: Ronald Acre, Bob Rudel, Ronald Robirds, Pete Hulse. ROW TWO Larry Miller, Bob Harrach, Bill He r shne r, Ronald Bredehoft, Bob Mille r, Don Marks. ROW THREE: Coach Gray, Myrl Lamb, Dick Wagner, Gene Williams, Bob Maxwell, Bob Hale, Kenneth Trautwein, Gary Miller, Jim Hruska. Xiu EFT TO RIGHT: ROW ONE: Bob Harrach, Dick Wagner, Jnald Acre, Bob Miller. ROW TWO: Bob Rudel, Pete ilse, Coach Gray, Gene Williams, Gary Miller. 16 +16 4' 2 4416 B54 2 1955 BASEBALL SEASON Sterling Sterling Sterling Sterling Sterling fP'League Games VS VS VS VS VS Brush Brush Brighton Ft. Morgan College H. Y J J f 4 25? 'N J Bob Rudel Kenny Trautwein Pete Hulse Bob Miller 1955 Coaches Gray and Sandstead after a successfulseason. X x LEFT TO RIGHT: ROW ONE: Edie Atkins, Bob Ewing, Joe Montgomery, Gene Yahn. ROW TWO Tony Levi, Jim Fisk, Steve M are s, Bob Van Gundy. ROW THREE: Coach Sandstead, Bud Paul lin, John Steele, Jim Miller, Larry Sanders, Lyle Grauberger. .Ds ow XYXAXOQ1 S506 9 X 0 , xx O NIB efiaip kx X taxa QQ 33 's O Ny 8' Q? Lizzie , . Agnes . Howard . Joan. . Jeannie . Ginger Eddie Davis Tommy Gre Mr. Wilson Ed Hoffman . . n CAST MARCELLA GRAUBERGER . . . . . MARY CAMBLIN . . .GARY MILLER . . . .SALLIE LUTIN . . JEANETTE JONES . JE RAYE VAN GUNDY . . . . . . DON CAREY . . RONALD BREDEHOFT . . . . BOB WEAKLEY . .BILL FLETCHER Xb. Q. Q .59 The Junior Class Play "TIME OUT FOR GINGER was presented in Blair Hall April 14 and 15. Direc tor Bill McClaren, assisted by Claudia Sincock, an his 27 member cast, stage crew and technical worker put on a dazzling performance before its audience. 3 i -I 1 X fxx' 5 w J' , N ff L TIME OUT FOR GINGER Y , .. -'D cw' 65 JUNIOR - SENIOR QQ? Aa R l Wx 0 XVX KN 21 -050 atchmg the goXd E ish '1 1. iii 4 Q Q , j -Q After th 0-. e Dance. 6 O C' f, 1600, E0 LPN? Q1-o O6 XP 'I "TOUCH OF VENUS," the Y theme of the 1955 Junior -Senior Prom, decorations were high- lighted with pillars and a foun- tain. The Prom was held in Blair Hall May 7 with the Engle- wood Swing Band furnishing the music. The Grand March lead by the Senior Class President, George Barber, b r ought to a climax an enjoyable evening of dancing. Op U PROM V 0 Gfv In XS '-27 'I Jerry Josties Kenny Moncrief LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Weakley, Dxck Walker, Kenny Moncnef, Jerry Josties mx1h1MA.w N"yXn s,gN1.4.'nX 'mx . -Q. Coach Card Bill Fletcher Dick Walker ""'S-nw ,sf 1. The Chorus at ease? What now Mr. Barnett? Q" Don't study too hard, CLASS SHOTS ' mm -U, 1 -, sz: N ii I "Jim you give it a try." Wonder what class this is- You C2111 this a shorthand class! Study Hall bookworms! ! I 1- fs - , YN aeakerz Mrs. Anna C. Petteys RADUATIO 1 1 11" 1 :KXH KI XKXHI XXX! Xl. Commencement Exercises '-1"l 111 11 1 gif UF 6' Il.111II.1'1 11 -1 111, lH1IlsI1XX,.HXl 1I,l141.. -1,11 111.1 -W f 101 110119 ,H mug, il . Clas s Motto decorates 1 11 11 , 1 1 1 1 1 111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 111 1 11 1 11 1 1.1 1 1 1 1 1111111u1ss 111, 1 1 11111-H1111 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 114 1 1111 11 1 1 1 1111 1 11 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 ..1,111 1 11 -1,..,1 11 111,1- 11 1 11 11 1 1.11111r111 1.1.11 1 411 11 11 111111 11 1 1 1 11 JJ J 1 In the seniors march. The Big Switch g an- Jankovsky presents diplomas NATIONAL ATHLETIC SCHOLASTIC SOCIETY SENIOR HONOR SOCIETY 1955 SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS JOINT HONOR SCHOLARSHIPS Colorado University: Fred Holden, Margaret Pattison, Larry Amsden. Colorado A 8: M: Sandra Hutchinson NORTHEASTERN JUNIOR COLLEGE--Maintenance Fee Awards Kiwanis: Edrianne Bucfhenau Rotary: Dolores Riddle Lions: Dorothy Rizzolo Elks ffl: Shirley Souders Cosmopolitan: Patricia Keller THOM MCAN-SCHOLASTIC ROTO SUCCESS AWARD---National, First Jerrold Josties SWARTHMORE COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP Jerrold Josties UNIVERSITY OF DENVER-Educational Grant - 1l2 Tuition Jerry Daniel COLORADO UNIVERSITY REGENTS SCHOLARSHIP Frances Wagner COLORADO STATE COLLEGE OF EDUCATIONiTUITION WAIVER Edgar Kruse JACK PETTEYS MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP George Barber CENTENNIAL FOUNDATION - S500 to Colorado A 8: M Judith Sherwin NEW CLUB MEMBERS George Barber Jerry Daniel Bob Ring Kenny Albro Dale McDonald Ken Moncrief Edgar Kruse Dick Walker Bruce Herbrick Bob Harrack Bob Weakley Bryon Bomberg Paul Budin Jim Hruska Bob Fleming Manuel Aragon Bob Kircher Butch Knight Gar y Mille r NATIONAL JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY Margaret Anderson James Barnhart Gary Bomrnelaere Sandra Clemen Cynthia Curlee Robert Floyd Ann Frasca Jerry Garner Patricia Harris Patricia Huffsmith Dave Kennedy Carol Koenig Judith Loos Don Marks Janice Michel Kay Rasmussen Barbara Kieb Janet Ruf Anita Schroeder Richard Spelts Robert Van Gundy William Weakley Karon Welton Mary Camblin Je Raye Van Gundy Nancy Scrivner Claudia Sincock Bob Harrack Paul Budin Bob Weakley THESPIANS Marcella Gruaberger, Mary Camblin, Je Raye Van Gundy, Claudia Sincock, Al Luft, Sallie Lutin, Jeanette Jones, Don Carey, Bob Weak- ley. FUTURE TEACHERS Marilyn Burkhart, Joyce O'Nei1l, Sarah Hol- brook, Joan Lamb, R o nn i e Rob i r cl s, Dana Sanky. Av SENI 1 Ain P Senior Career Day, May 3, was held in the Sterling High Sc hool Building. Schools present at the gathering were Iliff, Merino, Sterling, Peetz, Fleming, Padroni, and Crook. Sectional meet- ings were held under the direction of authorities in their particular vocational field in the morning. Luncheon was served at the Northeastern Jr. College, afterwhich a tour of the campus was taken. Fox Theatre invited the group to a matinee at their theatre in the afternoon. A Banquet at the Ster- ling Municipal Auditorium, with the Rev. Dean Paul Roberts s pe aking, was enjoyed by the group and their sponsors. The Day was climaxed with a dance at the Sterling High School. Coach guides Tigers Two TWIRPS!! Jerry presides Jim speaks at Convention Wild Bill directs Chorus '52 . Best dressed couple R Q -, . . . Q K " s W , be R ,em 5533 'sm ,M x if ' 31 A.. if X 1 xg"'!f . KKQ X513 KK . 'Z 10 wif ,1 ggi. 'F' Q 2 25. QE V . 1 'x 'Q A Q N 4. Q, " 'Q' my f Q Q T " y Cf, . 2 , ff' N : ff 4 ' . Q, , IK KKK Q ww W' 8. H Q aw K KK K ,y , K - - X 5 ' 5 A N, f gig ' 1 , 'W' gf . Q, , 0 ' ,VW " ,, ,rf - M f '- . ' Y Q' Z an 1 ,, A ,W ,ge,.Q,,,. f ,K , av , it K A , ,K . Km . 3 .1 K ,KK 'KW K KK jg? ' -f 3. 'FL . Q ff -:W ' 2 A wr N rf 1 gk 2 ' ', ' U 0 L. f KKK K1 AA" fu xx " dxf -53.1 QQ , ' ' , S, K . 1 - K i A, , . , . ,.K L- KK KK Kf ,KX ,F K ' ,W A .. w ' A' ' ,J 3 -1 'I f" " 'my A' K ,K ff W . 3 ,h f ,X Q , sK 1:9 gig, 'K' V A , 4, t mf it K K K Q45 KKK ., ., In W K. ik K Nj, K . K k,61KMs"x.'wK-. .P fl KK K Y KK 3 Wflf ' I K r ,Q K .' WKK' K UM ff, ami' A ' K V f' 5-11 Y- + - ,KK " T. 5 r , K . 4 f ,,' W hw K,K K K' Y , . K K K Y QL N., , , f , ., ,W A ,, ,K FQ - , x fu 9" it . Q 534-Q' 4+ -I L ' ' 3' 5 J? ,- - 'W vu ' l L, A y 7 1. . ' ?'5-'Kurt W f. K A W . Q K - ,xx , f, f , KKK EK Ky 'w K 4. 4K - fy -K K R A ,rx A 'xiyfw ' Q ff. ,aid Q Kwj gg 'lf 3k,.,"f A 5' A ,iffy 3 ".. X 'nn 'L iw' afvawag' ,, 'E , 'x ' "' A . -X Ae . ' 'Tift , , my-,f gffff U, , J, , t KK xg Q ' '.-'tim Q A .2 4' , ze' Q 'f 46 V . , . , , ' - ' , AY - ' ' ' s ' 1 M K. 5, X 1 uv 'K K A 0: K .. , E A dt KK XKQKK K 4 K Y, ' 43- r f .hwy , V , A 'M 'J Q L ,."f 4 v. 5' . .579 ' ' Q- if 1255 f 'Lf ff .sfSf:.KK'QQ 1 Y 'L ,, y KK K 5 ' 3 ffffw .-.5 M . , E 5 , Ji, , ff. C - K , K xx ww WWW www Q -m.......,..... E EE - Nm f HQSKW . k . , K . KKKML. 4 , , 4 . , fa. .5 , , -4L:gM,, Kb. , . . ' Y M. g ..Q'g1f?2gm. . A V, ' - ' , K M M M K ' q ng I E :f,:1 I

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