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n ,NWI . 7-3 5' In .fx . . R I -,:,.. A L' u m N E R F. 5 n 1555! THI1 GREFHLS I ' , v rg ML '- yy! A ,- W v ' ' r fi ill J ,M 2. Q WL ' 4 - alms yy -'A ff , ' . r Auf IH' '-i""'-P 2 ' ' .Ly L 5' if LC! T, 1'f , my A , 1 J Fr Q - 5 gy X V ds if --5 -Q it " js 2 'E' 7 f t 'Am x x X SWYJ A I It Ns I FQ PM "A gi IT' ' -Q AM- L 'xx W Q..----r ' AY X, 1 Y as---if f Q 1 .-S. h K H ' 3 f x ul XJ K -X X 3 X , br Ag4,fH,wMg , mn V14 fx. I A I f K. ,,,-Lx, 15 'I X I N I . N , ,.L.?fk,kx4gJ' X A K , .P x' I' . ' ' 1 1 ,, j-3-124 T. 3 Q F 5 t ,4.. 1 4 C 3 ' 4750 5 i .T I P Eg 1 . A o f .. i . - , i 4062. ,all - gi 3 .': is N G5 fAwwa3f3fW?'ff3M , 1 1 11wwQg4 1awx?,.:,.-5.3 03 di J H io 'R 'E fe K Q 6 YNBQW MA" u J! 4'fY'1'?Vyf 7 'WK XM if fp kY65JN V ,.4,.f-CLA Q4 - Q4 C9 N929 M All ,f v 1 - , 1f vi ., -wu- J - my Mia -J 1 K IQ. L--Q' fQsJU1' IJ 1. 1' :Af A., 'f-JU-7 ,Y 4 . -pf! 1 gk-df J 7 l'fs g. ff-' ,J . s.J-' ,1 :JJ f"1'0v alq. N.,4.ffj'A, W SAX MN 1A I X .fgfejqf , , ' M ,ffggx . Q f- ' fx! Yr af" , , V Q f Afqifdx.-fu Y J I' QQ f1d?f wk k 41 XQ ,n Ly , JF ' , of " ANN Shy 3 fra yo? J' Y,f"?k-wx Q' M2 U27 m'3lX3W:u+?E MW 1' ,WCA W fRTgMMWQ v 1 wh' 0 'yy wk J.L . n Am MJ M , f .Q 54 21? , . 6' 0gj?Ql My -, , w,,zJ,f. 1 WMM 1JAW4'd" if qyQwHWgi,5fQi1 ?fW W U?faMM5N'g Jgniff fiff ygfwmw my? W ff H ' WI, Db, ,Q , ,, i . , ,h ', w , O ! , Y s ' '.- - X . l 1 1 al, 1 ' - - ' "' -' , . U g Y N -iii X P -1 4' 4 I-I'-, In -. L- - "IT 'aff : 4 . DEDI CATI CDN , 1, . ads.- P 1 .. . ' -1.4 ,rv ,. 2' 43,14 g" ,ff 4-42 fi Tr 1 bg 9, .. ,Q L, -" ff' 'ff 1' - ' 565' J ' 'X W. :big ,, '-mv' L ' ' n .4- 5" " ' g P ii CLYDE KIRK WALRAVEN ig. DANIELS 16 Years of ll 16 Years gf Service W Service LEE GRAVES-9 Years of Service For their long years of dedicated service in the interests of education and their friendly cooperation with the teachers and students of Sterling High School we dedicate this 1954 Tiger to the three custodians known by all the students as Kirk, Wally and Lee. 'ANN 'Y ABLE OF CONTENTS Dedication i Soonomor e 5 Ai Administration 5 Y r e shro en 49 E' acuity 8 Psthietic s 57 f Senior s X3 Pxctiv ities 'I i Snnior s Z9 Organizations Ads 4, YL, 28, 40, 48, 55, 56, 69 , 70,82-84,ii HE- 'YXGER has been the oiiiciai annuai iing High since at ieast 192-i. Tiger received an prix- 'Pne present 'Y oi Ster in 1928 the erican rating. es to regain a P-rv staff. nop similar rating . A-atc R gg ' S T fn ,e Sign eil e 1-Za tj? 12 ,' RA ilfgfl dafelztcoll n WVQIYMI, ey ' Blhan S1 ' agdsrock ' Bojis, H - n Ing gerf-lishin so . G n ' s ' 1 ls Paharh r a Cwjn a 5 D FACULTY O S SENIORS , .vumw .N 110415 J: ,Uri 'QJQQX .-11.41.-.-1,,,.-W , - - W fYY,ii.......-.,,.,.-.. - jifl -1 N 1 5 ff ii , x ' THIS MILK WILL KEEP YOU ON THE BEAM lT'S FRESH AND GOOD AND RICH WITH CREAM- I I 1 1 xx its Meadow Gold I, S gi 45 Li' X 1 II X I J? Take the happier, healthier way to calm nerves, glowing complexion, 'round the clock energy-with won- derful Meadow Gold Milkl You'lI say it's the best tasting milk in town -and here's why: Meadow Gold is brought in daily from the finest farms in this area. It's processed in our sparkling clean dairy. And carefully homogenized to give you rich cream in every sipl You'Il be feeling 'Grade A' all the time, once you get the habit ' f - of four big glasses a day of satis- fying, full-flavored Meadow Gold. Try a quart todayl xg at i Meadow Gold is :piggy-9993! gill: Ig" -' I ft Q 3, W'i"'1 A-sg 1 Meadow WA "-:35 2 "II Q Goal 3 ' ':'9?,'N" g e d 1 a QW PAS?-:JEEEED 4 .I .':':'2'z:1'.. D. . Ga, f ' ..::3 ---up ..-.... U.. .... - A j A Eg: ,iv . TY K I wifi' 1' ' ' 15. I. . sm' "1 -Wifi , rx .mfs I :il I Beatrice 'Foods Co. g f " jf If Y 4 g'.- .A:.A,.,.:y- 'I I Q I WDMINISTRHTIUIN as 'T 'N .X ,q I' f I- Al! fl 'N A I' 'N f' f " -' " N -s ,, A A A 'I lqn N fs 9 A 'N as " A 1 .N .. f 1747X! sb 53 .fQ55ff3Q T fe-'17 IZ 55-yi? Lf-f-"Q QD '4 wa Li 'f SUPERINTENDENTCS PRlNCmPA1.'5 MESSAGE MESSAGE i X S Congratulations to the Seniors of 1954! We sincerely hope that you have gained enjoyment and sat- isfaction through your endeavors in Sterling High School during the past four years. We hope that the expe- rience has been pleasant enough so that there is atinge of sadness in your hearts as you come to the realiza- tion that your ca- reerhere is finish- ed. We hope that your work and play in high school havl b e e n profitable e- nough to make your experiences f r o m now on more pleas- ant and meaningful than theymight havo, 0 been otherwise. The extent to which your high school experience proves worthwhile to you depends in a large measure upon how well you have ap- plied yourself during this time. We will look fo r w a r d to having you come back many times for visits and to share some of your future experiences with us. To the Juniors and Underclass - men we say that we are happy to have you with us yet awhile. We want to help you as much as we can to make your activities in Sterling School enjoyable and meaning - ful. Elmer L. Burkhard ,f Our world is full of challenges Each tomorrow opens new avenues of progressin all fields of endeav- or New jobs are being created that have not existed before new prob lems are arising in our society new decisions must be made in time of We cannot t e l l what will be dernan V ded of you, citizens of th e future can only hope to open the doors to the ways of knowledge in which you choose crises 7 to walk. Your vision must carry you fur- ther. This we know- that your world will demand the bestthat is in you. Any less will deny you opportunities that these challenges present. Remember these values-truth, honor, and virtue. "This above all: to thine own self be true, and it must follow, as night follows the dayg Thou canst not then be false to any man." Congratulations Seniors! Best Wishes for the coming year Robert W. Turner SCHOOL BOARDS LEP k, E, Ga P CamPbelh 3- Lebsac . S J Walkeff 1n6 n ' 'G l E. Burkhafd' fr TO RIGHT: R. NOT PICTURED LEFT T C. J. Jankovsky ear, A Tl J-oh . E. Bees Lebsack e' Jan ' L et G1-a. W' -B uber rown s ell er' replaced b y gre Ce Gu eck Ib elow 1, 11 LOGAN Griiick C OUNTJ 1-I IGH SC HOOL COMMITTEE pf ,fx W. 7 J vi- A A.X. , , W f 1 ELI ABETH FRANCES CATHERINE 6' GILLESPIE C HUME I . fl E .ish ef l, English if English Dean of Girls Senior wfilizfisfl ' f Counselor - ml. A Human M ' 3, Relations ,, loi , 4 fi T 1 d if Q M FRANCES VAN TED FOSTER VALKENBURGH History English S .fd "'..'.2' 1 BEN KNAUB FRANK MILES ALMER WIEBKE Hi5t01'Y Mathematics American Attendance Mathematics Government Dean of Boys Physics Physical Education Junior Counselor 1, ALVIN WHITE GLENN ROGERS Mathematics Physical Speech Education Dramatics LEE BARNETT L. E. PASS INEZ ASTELL 8 Shop D. E. Latin A RUSSELL MAUNIER N Asst. P rincipal Attendance Science NN Xw EDIT H HAR MS Typing Shorthand General Busine s s G' MORRIS SANDSTEAD Science Mathematic s Drive r s Training wp' 1 WALLY POST Athletic Director Sc ie nc e P hy sic al Education DORIS PLUMMER TYPU18 General Business ROBERT CARD Science Speech 'if MARGARET DALE TOFT Science Coach Physical Education RUBY MCQUILKEN Shorthand Bookkeeping Typing COBB fn 'lla -I' Am rican G ernment 1.4 Spanish English FRED RICKS IRVING CROSS GRIFFITH Agriculture Agriculture DeMAY 5 'Y ii , WILLIAM ERICSON Vocal Music Attendance 'x 1 '-Q I .r ROBERT FOLEY Logan county Director of Guidance fl, .f xsyfjlwi ilf 7 lfl' HARRi:ETf LEAFGREN Home Economics 'WW' MINNIE COLLMAN Dietitian n ' uf ui V AH Nr 'IE' -I TJ X Vg 4: n M if f I xx " TQ ,,, ' L l A 1445 wi X W LLOYD LOUISE JENSEN CRONBAUGH I Band Physical N tx fd Education wr-r HELEN ATKINSON Librarian . ,' English Jw, v- r EMMA GRIFFITH DANIELS RAMEY Office English GERTRUDE IMIG Dietitian RUTH COLLMAN-Dietitian JANE VAN DYKE- English STUDENT GOVERNMENT Student government of Sterling High is composed of representa- tives from each hom e r o o m and major club. The c ouncil meets every Wednesday during activity pe riod to discuss problems con- cerning the student body. Some of their projects have been the annual school c a r n iv a l, and publication of the student handb o ok "Tiger T rails." Last year they painted and made ready the student coke room. The council makes recom- mendations to local authorities on traffic problems and other things of a "community-student"nature. The three student body officers at the left are: President, Jack Schreiner, Vice-President, Jerry Jostiesg Secretary, Jo Ann Hamil. ELOW: LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Josties, D. Lebsack, K. Nloncrief, J. Schreiner, K. asteel, J. Fredregill, B. Tarbox, B. Schott, R. Bredehoft, R. Sheldon, lVlr. lVliles, , Neiberger, J. Garner, L.. Pass, N. Hanks, J. Hamil, M. Camblin, P. Keller, F. agner, S, Elliott, K. Bauer, D. Wagner, V. Jones, K. Welton, lVl. Pattison, R. Poole, , Ekberg, J. Poland, lVl. Saville, S. Bostron, B. Bundy, D. lVlcDonald, H. Eastman, B. olinger, . Backes, allard, B. lvonka, arrach, , Walker, , Rhodes, mnenberg, cl.avev. Congratulations Seniors lcnsmnzrf W 'Q 1200 w. Main M Phone 1900 WA YMIRES The Newest - First In Famous Names v L HIXHOK ws fffyx -E-E-Z-23, 55 Xl D A , ...BZ nil as 0 ' 2? rf? Q7'-gf-'Jvv Ai cfs 'f .QSIIQSJH-2M,3,,Qsff1w1 wif 9 M TFICERS we 1- ,5 ,ahaha 44f,,,,,,ana!a,!za,0f6 1 fa'-44444 4Z"'f""fwL . "' raff- L .1 if y , ,LJ ,wt , Ly. , A 525, R , K. :ft it PRESIDENT E351 .15 D 'Q Bob Schott VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY Dick Backes Ruth Poole .9 , ,U R ff - -. :iw like - H. ' ' ffl ,S 1 5' M :fl A I-ja" 5 .f"'Y . ' '1 gf 5557 1. .FRE ' 1 at G' Vf'LL,, 7, Q ' ' Q AM - f f5','fli? f"k "fm ,A ' ' . E ' I TREASURER ,Cru Don Hagemeier 9, .M C : I' "John Loves Mary," a well known Broadway play, was produced by the senior class on December4 and Sth. Another of their activities is the Logan County Senior Day. On Sneak Day the seniors are scatter to the four winds rather than going some place together. 14 These leaders of Sterling High today are the potential leaders of the world tomorrow. :yd Acre nd l,Z,3,4 es.45 Foot ll l,2,3,43 seball Z,3,4S sketball 1, Z5 Ilub 2,42 es. 45 NASS 3 Intramurals l 3,45 '54 Tiger ,M 41, ,iwxf rw ,V .1 Y 5, .1 Q ff rl. ' I, gh: -vi' . -as u Geraldine Bass AH, V .. 4. Jerry Ballard Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y 45 Foot- ball 2, 35 Track 1, Z, 3, 45 Wrest- ling 3, 45 Student Council 45 Thes- pians 3,45 Class Treas. 35 Class Play 3,45 Prom Comm. 3. Larry Benson Choir 3,45 Band 1, 25 Hi-Y 45 Radio Club 1, Z, 35 Rifle Club. ,t 'I -- Tv , 4, W I Y IA H1-Y 2, 3, 4 Track Mgr. 3,45 IR 3,45 Class V. Pres. 45 Student council 4, Choir 3, 45 Basketball Mgr. 3, S Club 45 Class Play 3,4 Carnival Comm. Dick Backes ' s.,w'i,,, Bob Barnts Class Play 3,45 Wrestling 1, 25 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Thespians 45 Intramurals 35 Radio Club l, 2.5 Baseball 4. Clifford Benson Choir 3,45 Band 1. Shirley Benson Pep Club 1, 2, 3,45 Tri.-Hi-Y 3,45 Choir 3, 45 F.H.A. 3. - Def 5 15 Barbara Betz Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3,45 Pep Club 1, Z, 3, 45 Modern Dance 1, 2,35 Square Dance 1, 2,45 Class Play 3,45 Jr. Hon. Society 25 Thespians 3.4. S9 Velma Bolish Q Iv 16 Jim Bigg Choir 3,45 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Play 3,45 S Club 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Thespians 3, 45 Modern Choir5 Swing Band5 Baseball 2, 45 Football 35 Prom Comm. 3. ..A. FHA 'fm Edna Brandt D. E. Club 4. Janet Bloomfield Girls State 35 Jr. Hon. Society Z5 Pep Club l, Z, 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 Square Dance 1, 2,45 Modern Dance l, 25 IR 3,45 Prom Comm. 35 Class Play 45 BCT 4. Shirley Bostron Pep Club Z, 3, 45 F. H. A. Z, 3, 45 IR 1, Z, 3, 45 Square Dance 1, Z5 Stu- dent Council 45 Class Play 4. L -ef' Bob Bolinger Track l, Z, 3, 45 Hi-Y Z, 3, 45 Student Council 45 Square Dance Z, 3, 45 IR Z, 3, 45 S Club 45 Tiger Staff 45 NASS 3,45 Football Z5 Mgr. 3 Prom Comm. 35 Basketball 3. A Cathrine Bran F. H. A. 1, Z5 G. A. A. D. E. Club 4 Lalph Bredehoft 'ootball 3, 4, iaseball Z, Vrestling Z, I Club Z, Basketball l. Larry Carey Tiger Staff 4 Paper Staff 3 Student Council 3 4 Baseball Intramurals F F Jerry Coakley D E Club4 Donna Dahl Golden 1, 2, B. C. T. 4. 1,5 -, Kay Bunning Iliff l, Z, 3, D. E. Club 4. ' 1 S? -,Wx-nfs kg. I-, , . he Terre Cochran Football 1, 2., 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Tennis l, Z, 3, 4, Golf Club 3, 4, NASS 3, 4, IR 3,4, Choir 3, Class Play 3,4, Prom Comm. 3, Boys' State 3. if 4, Hi-Y 3,4, Pres. 3 Kenny Casteel St. Anthony 1, Football 3, 4, Basketball Z, 3, 4, Baseball Z,4, Tennis 3, S Club 4, Student Council 4, IR Club 3, 4, Class Play 3, Intra- murals Z, 3, 4, Choir 3. Walter Dermer F. F.A. l, 3 4 S Club 4, Football 4, Square Dance 2, 3, Wrestling l, Z, 3, 4, Intra murals Z. Cheerleader 45 Eleanor Dodson D. E. Club 45 Choir 3, 45 Square Dance 1. -S1 Larry Whyman Band 1, Z, 3, 45 W - .,, ,Z , vp , J Dean DuBo1s Harry Eastman Band 1, Z, 3, 45 Jr. Hon. Society Z5 Nat. Hon. Society 3,45 S Club 45 NASS 3, 45 IR Club 45 Swing Band Z, 3, 45 Pep Band 1, Z, 3, 45 Student Council 3, 4. Square Dance 25 Intramurals 3, Swing Band 2, 3, 45 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Choir 3,45 Modern Choir 3, 45 Hi-Y 45 Radio Club Z, 3. if Howard Fix Square Dance 1 2,35 Football 1, 2,45 Track 1, 2, 3,45 Wrestling 1,z,3,4, Hi-Y 2, 3,45 s Club z, F.A. F if vi Mary L.. Elliott Class Play 3, 45 Thespians 3, 45 Modern Dance 1, Z, 35 Square Dance Z5 Choir 3,45 G.A.A. 1, 41' Pep Club 1, z, 3,4, 2. 3,4, Tri H1 Y Cleone Ekberg Student Council Z, 3, 45 Student Body Sec. 35 Tri-Hi-Y 1, Z, 3, 45 Pres. 45 State Tri-Hi-Y and Hi-Y Sec. 35 Pep Club 1, Z5 Girls' State 35 Class Sec. 1, Z5 DAR Good Citizen 4. 'VNU Jo Garner Jr. Hon. Soc. Z5 Hon. Soc. 3 G. A. A. Z, 3, 4 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4' choir 3,45 1. R ,, Z,3,45 Sq. Dan ,QI ,", ' ' Z5 Student Cour 5 Lrlizzg 5 Z, 4, is A . .7 N., H' Q , in , V' Li, Eloria Girardi V. H. A. :ep Club 1, Z5 D. E. Club 45 iquare Dance Z, 15 Intramurals , 3. 'N 1:2- 'lla n l1.i5'Et Don Hagemeier Track 1, Z, 3, 45 Football Z, 3, 45 Boys' State 35 IR Z, 3, 45 Pres. Z5 NASS 3, 45 Jr. Hon. Society 1, Z5 V. -Pres. 25 Quill 81 Scroll 3, 45 Tiger Co- -JP" W Dallas Greenwood .F.A. Square Dance Z. 35 Choir 3, 45 Football 15 Basketball 1, Track 1, 4. Il-3. KAI 'I'-s-'K Gwen Graham We wr-.4 liarta f Rex Haigh www? Square Dance 2, 3 4- Football Wrestling Z, Editor 4: Paper Rifle Club 1, za I staff 3, s Club 4. jr . -3 Prom Comm 3. 5 . I P' ' , , H1'Y Z' 3' 4' L W f N' , Class Play 3, 4. 5 NT' fi "Q Jo Ann Hamil Student Body Sec. 45 Student Coun- cil 3,45 Class V. -Pres. 35 Jr. Hon. Society 1, 2.5 Hon. Society 3, 45 F. F. A. Sweetheart 35 Homecoming Attendant 3, 45 Pep Club 3, 45 IR Z, 3, 45 Intra- murals Z, 3, 45 Snnare Dann: 7 Patricia Hafer I Barbara 1-iau Pep Club 1, Z, 3, 45 G. A. A. 1, Z, 3, 45 IR 3, 45 Pres. 4 Modern Choir 3, 45 Choir Z, 3, 45 Class Treas. Z5 Intramurals 15 Rifle Club 15 Square Dance Pat Harris Pep Club l, 2, 3,45 Jr. Hon. Society 1, 25 Class Play 35 Modern Dance I, Z, 3, 45 IR 3, 45 Thespians 3,45 Sec. 45 Square Dance 1. Jame s Hitch Burton Kansas 1, Zi Class Play 3: Prom Comm. 3. Janice Hartway Square Dance 1, Pep Club 1, Z, 3, 45 IR Z5 B. C. T. 45 Intramurals 15 Modern Dance 15 Class Play 4. bf? M Dorothy Hein Iliff 1 Z 3 Kenneth Ekstein Wrestling 1, Z, 33 Rifle Club 1, 2. Sandra Irwin Pep Club 1, 2., 45 G. A. A. 1, Z, 45 Jr. Hon. Society Z5 Pasadena 35 Choir 2,45 Mod- ern Dance 1, 2, 45 Tiger Staff 45 Paper Staff 45 0 I fl , Janet Kaepe rmk Photo Club 4, F. H. A. Z, 3. Class Play 4. K 'vi QW ...A Carol Hessler Merino 1, Z, 35 Tri-I-li-Y 4. . Rolleen Kent Pep Club 1, 2, 3 45 Pres. 45 Cheerleader 35 G. A. A. 1, Z, 3, 45 Pres. 45 Bax I, 25 Majorette Intramurals I, 3, 45 Choir 45 L ern Dance 4. flildred Kloberdanz lt. Anthony 1, 5 Pep Club 3,45 Iheerleader 45 i.A.A. 3,45 ec. Treas. 45 ntramurals 45 flodern Dance 3, 5 Class Sec. 3. L wi 1' Neil Lind Strom Band 1, 2, 3, 45 I-li-Y 45 Wrestling 3, 45 Choir 4. Shirley Lebsock F.H.A. l,Z,3, 45 Pep Club 35 F. T. A. 45 Intra- murals 2., 3,45 Jr. Hon. Society Z. Don Lebsack S Club 45 Hi-Y 1,25 Choir 3,45 NASS 3,45 IR 45 F.F.A. 1,Z,3, 45 F.F.A Dist. Officer 45 Bas- ketball Z, 3,45 Track 15 Base- ball Z, 3, 4. -W I ' ii , s Ef.,....a I, Don Lutz Sedgwick 1,25 Square Dance 35 D. E. Club 4 Rita Lively Pep Club Z5 Paper Staff 35 Tiger Staff 45 Quill 81 Scroll 3, 45 Choir 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 35 Square Dance Z5 D. E. Club 45 Padroni 1. ... ... , W, H. Y , 'WNW Gilbert Lind strom F.F.A1,z,3,4g Band 3,45 Track 15 Basketball 15 Jr. Hon. Society Z. Y Qg,M.f,Lw 30 L45 5 QQQQK1 J -1-, l 1' my v.. . 5,56 :fy Helen Maggard Pep Club 1, Z, 3, 4, 1-'.H.A. 1,2, 35 F. T. A. 45 B.C. T. 45 Intra- murals 1. . 21 Patricia Maggard F. T. A. 45 Pep Club 1, Z, 3, 45 Tri-1-li 43 F. 1-1. A. 1,25 Square Dance 1,35 Prom Comm. 35 Class Play 3,45 Choir 3,4. Dora Marks F. H. A. 1, 25 Intra- murals 3,45 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Choir 3,4. 22 WMM? 'W Edward Mari Iliff 1, 2, 35 D. E. Club 4. Joanne Mangel s F. H. A. l,2,3,45 Pres. 4, State Officer 3,45 Square Dance 1, 2,45 Jr. Hon. Society 25 Pep Club 3,45 Tri-Hi Y 1, G. A. A. 1, Intramurals 1. ,Jnv'W -vt eff. June Merrell Jack McLavey F F A l Z 3 4, V. -Pres. 3, Pres. 45 Jr. Hon. Society Z5 Wrest- ling 3, 45 Student Council 45 Intra- murals Z Q Q- 5 1" Doris Marks Pep Club Z, 3, 45 F.H.A. 1,2.,3,45 Choir 3,4. Elma Michieli Rifle Club 1, Z, 3, 45 Officer 3,45 Square Dance 1, Z, 3, 45 V. -Pres. 45 Pep Club 1, Z, 3,45 Sec. 45 Thespians 1, Z, 3,45 Class Play 3,4. Dorothy Miner F. H. A. 1, Z, 3g Pep Club Z, 3, 4g F. T. A. 4g D. E Club 4. lf, QZSV1 A I 'N 7 Y U ' sg V ,.2Z'z..6"if"f4f.4'...4 Marilyn Olsen Peetz 1, Z, 33 Tri-Hi Y 4. Lyle Nation F.F.A.1,Z.,3, 4g Wrestling 3, 4g Square Dance 1, 45 Track 1, Intramurals Z, 3. Lawrence Monhe1ser Loraine Paris F.H.A.1,2.,3, 4g Square Dance 1, Z, 35 Pep Club 3,43 B. C. T. 45 Band 1 xiii, uw Q11 'if Eugene Parsons Intramurals 3g Square Dance 4. Dora Nikel Iliff 1, 2, 3g D. E. Club 4. Lynda Pass Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Tri-Hi Y Z, 3, 4g F. T. A. 4g Choir 4: Pep Club 1. 23 Bob Pivonka Hon. Society 3,45 NASS 3,45 Football 1, Z, 3, 45 Wrestling Z, 45 Track 1, Z, 3,45 Class Pres. 35 Class V. - Pres. Z5 Boys' State 3. 24 A Ottis Rhodes NASS Z, 3, 45 Mod ern Choir 3, 45 Student Council 4 Homecoming es- cort 45 Hi Y Sec. 451R 3,45 Track Z, 3, 45 Football Z, 3,45 Basketball Z, 3, 45 Choir 3,4 Prom Comm. 35 S Club 2, 3,4. Qu . 4 X . auf' 'Uninc- HF' Ruth Poole Tri-Hi Y l, Z, 3,45 Jr. Hon. Society 1,25 G.A.A. l, 2, 3,45 Modern Dance 1, 2,35 Band 1, Z, 3, 45 Majorette 3, 45 Choir 45 Mod ern Choir 45 Class Play 35 Class Sec. 4. ---U Mildred Rieke Pep Club 1, Z, 3, 45 Choir 3,45 Square Dance l, F. T. A. 4' .Tr Hon. Society Z. Jo Etta Poland Choir 3,45 IR 45 D. E. Club 45 V, -Pres. 45 Student Council 45 Minatare, Nebr. 15 Long- mont 2. if s. Joan Richards :-V .1 Choir 3, 45 Modern Choir 3, 45 Modern Dance 1, Z5 Pep Club 1, Z, 35 Cheerleader 35 Student Coun- cil 35 D. E. Club 45 Sec. 45 Ben- gal Cry Staff 3. Franklin Powers Intramurals 1, Z5 Wrestling 15 Rifle Club l5 D. E. Club 3. Mary Rizzolo F.H.A. l,Z,3, 45 Asst. Sec. 4 F.H.A. Queen Attendant 35 B. C,T. 45 Prom Comm. 3. flarilyn Robirds 'ep Club 4, iquare Dance l. Daryl Rush Football l, 2, 3,4g S Club Z3 D. E. Club 4, Intramurals l, Z, 'T' Marjorie Saville Pep Club l, Z, 3, 4, Student Coun- cil 4, Modern Dance 1, Zg Thes pians 1, Z, 3, 45 V. -Pres. 3, Pres. 43 Choir 33 Intramurals l, Zg D. E. Club 3, Bengal Cry 3. Grace Sander s Pep Club 1,45 Square Dance lg B. C. T. 45 G. A. William Sapien Hillrose 1, Z, S Shirley Schledwitz Club 4, Basket- ball 3, 4g Track 35 D. E. Club 4g Treas. 4g Foot- ball 4g Baseball 4. pv- NV G. Raymond Schlueter S Club 2, 3,4, Football 1, Z, 3, 4, Wrestling 3, 4' Baseball 3 4 l Bob Schott F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1 Z, 3, 4, Class Treas. lg Class Pres. 4, Base- ball 2, 3, 4, Stu dent Council Z, 3,45 Class Play 3,4g F.F.A. V Pres. 4. 25 Jack Schreiner Student Council Z, 3, 45 V. -Pres. 35 Pres. 45 Hon. Society l, Z, 3, 45 Track l, Z, 3, 45 Basketball 1, Z, 3, 45 Hi-Y Z, 3, 45 State Pres. 3. 41 i 5 1' Wayland Smith IR Z, 3,45 Jr. Hon. Society 1, 25 Forensics 45 Hi- Y 3,45 Modern Choir 3,45 Choir 3 45 Class Pres. 15 Radio Club l, 2 3. it-K 2 f ii John Simants D. E. Club 45 Football Z5 Square Dance 45 Intramurals 2. nl: Grace Stewart W . 26 Pep Club l, Z, 3, 45 G.A.A. l, 2, 3,45 Tri-Hi Y Z, 3,45 Choir Z, 3,45 Thespians 3 Z5 Modern Dance l, Z, 3, 4. 45 Intramurals l, Marjorie Shepard Iliff 1,25 Pep Club 35 D. E. Club 3, 45 Intramurals 3. is Mary Smith Gordon Sonnenberg Student Counci15 S Club 45 Choir 3,45 Band 1, Z, 3, 45 Football l, 25 Basketball 1, Z, 35 3 4 'Y Hi-Y1,Z, , 5 Intramurals l, Z, 3,45 Class Play 3. Marlene Str unk Band 1, Z, 3, 45 Tri-Hi Y 3,45 Pep Club 3, 45 Choir 45 Class Play 3, 45 Intramurals 1. anic e Sutto n '. T. A. 45 Love- and 1, Z, 3. an' , . Bus Tarbox Football 45 Student Council 45 Baseball 45 S Club 45 Margaret Montana l, Z, 3. Terrill A Charle s Turner Annual Staff 45 Band 1, 25 Rifle Club. ,1 f 'I' 1 ' 'lf' W' A 1 WH. . an I A C "-..- l,v 53135. VW' ,525 it -mx Judith Vaughn Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Cheerleader 45 Modern Dance 1, Z, 3, 45 Tri-Hi Y Z, 3, 45V.-Pres 45 Thespians 1, 2, 3, 45 V.-Pres. 45 Treas. 35 B. C. T. 45 Choir 3, 45 Square Dance l, Z5 Class Play 3,45 Intramurals 1, 2, 3,4. Bennie Torres Basketball 45 Paper Staff 45 Editor 45 F. F. A. 45 Intramurals 45 Baseball 45 St. Anthony 1, Z, 3. Ralph Unrein Football 35 Intramurals Z K 1 w Helen Wagner B. C. T. 45 F. H. A. 3, 45 Intra- murals Z, 3, 45 Square Dance Z, 3. 27 Lorna Wagner T 45 V.- Pres 4 Square Dance Z 3,45 F. H A Jr. Class l Lela Wilson Pep Club 3, 45 F. H. A. 1, Z, 3, 45 G.A. A. 1, 2,35 Modern Dance Z, 35 Intramurals 1, Z5 D. E. Club 45 Prom Comm. 35 F. H. A. reporter and historian. Lila Lea Whittenbaugh Band 1, Z, 3, 49 Pep Club l, Z, 3, 45 Tri-Hi Y 3,45 F.H. A. 1: C1-KSS Play 3, 45 Asst. Librarian 4. S Club 45 Foot- I Weatherill . '34 .41 l A Basketball 1,2, 5 1 35 Track 1, 2, 3,11 4, choir 3,4, ' Sec. -Treas. 45 Paper Staff 45 Hi-Y 45 Class Play 45 IR 3,4. Roberta Wilson Vernal, Utah 1, Z, 35 Pep Club 45 Pape r Staff 4. Joyce Winters D. E. Club 4 Araphoe 1, Z, 3. gf 4 . J l .- '- '1-'J ' 733 e a.. 5. ..... .. ,x ,A Il' Clarke Williams Wisconsin lg Wrestling Z, 35 D. E. Club 45 Thespians Z5 Baseball Z. I . z Gayle Writebol Tri-Hi Y 3,4 Cafe cashier Junxuoxz OFFICERS wan President: Dale McDonald Vice-President: Bob Ruciel 'Wx Q w Y v Secretary: Barbara Vaughn Treasurer: ErnaROy1r. Two of thc main projects ofthe Junior Class are thc Junior vlass play and thc Junior-Svnior Prom which is held in spring. Thr-y also vnu- r a float in the Homecoming parade Cach year. 'QL' Alberta Keller 'S' . , Bill Y oung is F . 4' U i,j A " kWWfgQ . ,ll lqlig B ob Schott Y if-7 X H J Carole Asnicar I ! X X l I Alice Walker 'FT ,. iv. 'D I 5'-H Bud Wells Carole Dingman f . C1366 f'fd?n Barbara Maxwell Gross -47 Nb rl .J M ,. Betty Nelson LK. L.-C Kenny Moncrief fm - J' Carol Lunmrg fWM" Carolyn Milton 'x Carolyn Schuppe 3 Q6 e' -J x lm Charlott Kr oeger 1 Dick Looney 'ci cn . Doris Collman .D Ax Hn - . X... Elois Sanner 32 Darlene Lambert My ,rl , Dorothy DuBois hip Delores Glidewell in is K, . - N ,S ll' . 22 1--1' Don Amen 41" Frances McConville Frances Wagner Q4 Delores Riddle -ww kv... 1 gl v Don Weber 75x 'N Dorothy Ri' olo I Frances Zuhlk ln M 1 5 f 'lf' -X s I pf TL ,lv Franklin Parks red Ho CJ as-l "Q 'i 'l Gerry Hulse etchen Oaks Hflen Mitchell ii Imogene Hummel Jack Claver Janet F: ii' , is 9 JaI1iCC Holder Jean Burt -If-'GYICUC' Amen Jgni I-,antz gi i ' 4 5 G1 Jerry Daniel 'H J Jim Oswald af -1- ,, lil.. J oan Egbert if M w-nf' Jerry Josties Jerry Schneider :gl l i ' A in 43 Q 'I K X..,.. T'Lk,, xx Q ' 'alan A if Jim Williams -Z 'df Jim Fredregill 2,32 J o Vaughn "1" Joe Messmer r X Josephine ari bulb an J0YCe Blair Juanita Koch Judi' Sherwin Justin We 54 N 5 1 6- Kenneth Albro Kenneth Brarnmer Larry Ambden I ,L il, 'N V 1. xx r h , f- A -. . he LoR ee Knudson Marie Engroff Lyle Nash Marilyn Lively Kenneth Losure Kenneth W90d all ,Y :LS L rry Bettger Larry Denton Margaret ttison Mary Marshall Maxine Harris JIG- -15" Molly Sisneros Nora Hammack Opal Scheel l Opal Dorsett -'N sv - Q QQ. xy -wage Pat Cato Pat Lane I up qv haf' If I Paul Wachholz 'wr' -":"" s Paul Ervin e 4' X' Q . IE Pete Hulse KS- ffl Keller Pat Krum 1 Paul Kais 'U S' K ,Q Q :A,l l wf X 'J . gl Raymcmd Hager Ramona Johnsonx 'vat- vf it Richard Briggs Robert Hyde Rodean Wettstein Ross Haigh Roy Morgan '21 HL1fChif1S0l1 Shirley Reiboldt Shirley Souders Shirley Wasson , ,li 'W' Mgiir ' r Bob Hillyer 5131. ffjjiin' Bob Miner Bob Mori'L.,,,, L ' mlfifg-' A ,M " V' Dan Dysart 'wi' 'J .Ed Branch W ,ff f Ed Weichel Jim Beck V f i .Toe Artzer - Pat Dorsey 5, Pat Miner Warren Hawkins Jackson Betty Bill Bob Carl Dan Everett Gloria Luft Gordon Bundy Janet Erdman NOT SHOW Ve rlyn Ga Hammack La y Michel Mar ne Cummings Richa Wolfe Shirley owen Suzan San hez Thelma Kr er Wayne Bamf d ff im M A V9 -' n 5 yi-7131 vefv V Lo -, F f fave ,fa 4, . ff! H Q. " VV ,Q - Ni , 5: M ' 4 5 X 'in.f,j.5' 'So -, ,fkgfce rf r 8 V ' f S'a,,lAl,l, 1 lg ..-rfrvvvw o x x .5 Q. , 'w in 'ns' I he Qax -Ju- an or 2 fi Lf, 9 ll To A fx gd 4, psy. ... V Q2 ,f jff. VVViAyf' V V V, ' , i 2 W is Q ' fm., A in of f w e .e .a ' . N54 V ""' j.V 1 Q fi 'gl ' W ' . 1 ,ju xfut ram 'i'l fix? , gm. c,f n r ' 1 1.--. XM-Na ee e 4 97 1 g A or Ns V K V ,. V VWVLVV V ,,V7, M 2 Q nen f K X If . ww Iwi V 4' -Sw - is ,-H, fx -. , A 'V 'ai , 5 - 1 4 gi.. . fyw.lf.f ' , 4' iv 2 5 -fl.. ' . . . and so,Sterling High School is adding jg em .V another chapter in the colorful and romantic 4 9' ' story of the traditional class ring--a ring Q 1 ' E if Q I 72, 1000 with a meaning. I... G. Balfour Company John N. Ramsey Representative ffl . 40 , '-l V . i 1. V 3 O if ,r -, rw 2- .Q 'J' X . ' 1 ., 9 Je .---, c A, 38 -,L V :lil i' UQ VV VV V' 'i V,. , . ,Qfw Vxx X il E KN 1 5 if wx 'vi Xl xls',oVS ,f - X' A K 11 . ml 91 'f ,1 vim Q T . ,Q -H, 1 .- "" Let Us Do Your Worrying EXPERT REPAIR SERVICE I MITCHELL roNnAc co 321 324N fhTI1 dStr f gCI BURKE Rudlo and Appliance Home of RCA V cfor and Whlrlpool Washe s and Dry 'H G A11 coNGRAruLATloNs JOU RNAL Office Supply Co. 119 N 2nd Sferl n Colo For the Besf of M Ik For the Best In AII Da ry Producfs GOOD-RICH DAIRY ICHIQI- I , . I l . . II i 5 I, ' , ' ers 0 . .Al , , If ,- -452 :I K I ' 'I -Q J, I V, , If QU I A r . O G - . I IIQ 'I' I 4 4 . ar ar ee I my .4 N C V I . Srerlin . oorado G -F? E I l I l 1 I I l - Z 1 I i K . I vi., 1 H' - I Q I1 . Its I he went wa Koellrng Hofmann Motor Co LOGAN THEATRE STERLING S NEW FAMILY THEATRE OPEN Weekdays 6 15 Sat. 8- Su . 1 P.M. Phone 803 COMMERCIAL SAVINGS BANK Menzber Federer Deposit Insurance Corporation Federal Reserve System Congrofulohons Graduoi Ing Class S0 I-IOIVIO E 0 Q . , oo .ff 'Z . - " lxxfrwf -:'- 1 x.. ... -M.,--, If LQ- A Vx X ...J O.. -r'lX, I 0 O o oo 0 90 D 0 0 9 0 9 6 00 0 o 9 9 j 41 BOB WEAKLEY Vice -President ' X Abeyta, F. Acre, R. Adolf, G. Barton, M. Beaird, J. Bedingfield, M. Benson, C. Benson, I... Bloomfield, C. Brandt, S. Bredehoft, R. Brees, L. 42 GFFICER S DICK WALKER President NANCY SCRIVNER Secretary ..ZQ,f'444 ., J-111.14 Q Qo'z .QCFJ A 9, 304. ,Y ""' ' ls 7f. -' 41. vffjl-ff-,f2fs,, n nf, few fywf S' UJlf"" ""'Qff 'f?'i1,44- dff-1,41-,f'5 2.421 Swmjf . Qjfvf -17'1f- do il ,-ilu,-.p,.7,' JCJAQ1 f' ii ix -and JEANETTE JON! Treasurer l 9' wa-1 gl '11 if, i . W- Q' Y . S 'Y . A i .A at 1 1 S' Brockman, D, Brooks, J. Budin, P. Burns, D, Burkhard, M. Busig, G. Carroll, M. Carey, D. o E 1. K Q x I "ll!mU wifwfyfwww K. , w . . X 'Xl A... rm .-444 A JJ WJ M J +f 18 SJW! -Sf .JJ-for,.,J M19 Q o f ' xx? 5. . J- My 1 J Q5 Exif Y J J Camblin, CEM Comstock, C. I Corn, W. ,NN Crabtree, R. ' N-,JJ , 555' ' QS' Crouch, M. Day, B, Davis, L., Degenhart, P. VC Dermer, S. Dick, R. Dillehay, C, Edens, S, 43 E' 1 ii. Q are S Einspahr, O. Elliott, B. Felzien, S. t Fleming, R. A ,gh is L - A Fletcher, W. M Folda, R. l S l Foos, C. ' ' Franklin, M. A Garey, P. , 'E U -2' -, A Gillespie, R. 2 ' "" ' 1 "5 Gollobith, P. ""' 5, ,J .. ,QAV v-9' I ' 1 l 1? Grauberger, M, 2 1 Guiraud, R. Hager, F. 4 X X Hager, H, " A Hamil, D. Harrach, R. J -J' , Headrick, H. ll 4' N ,. , ' L , ggwgz AW! I mae? ..., --..- .L - 'L' W f He rbrick, M. 1 Hcrggcnrctcr, W, mx He 1' :sc hue r, B hy A 7 Vs. , AQ . -1 ' Hldunwzin, C. gf A,', Ml" .A 5: fx A ff , if , - . , 6 Hruska, J. Humrncl, G. Immel, C. nb. ww 'ln-if Kabe rline, L. R rar- Vra- fl? Kelli, R. V. .. f ... ' ,E .' jijf M - ., w ' f ff Q3 cliff K , X Mb 7 f W 1'-"X KIICQRRJ ,jj M59 M 1.amb', J: jjj 1..ane,R.!q . Mfip f H'-I1 NK I 25 Lindstrom, A. Lovatto, A. Luft, A. Lutin, S. 'Ye R . . 4. l ,L , ,Ay . 1 J J Ramey, R. Reed, P. Reitz, V. Richardson, J. Morris, F, Munroe, J. s. Maxwell, R. Meacham, G. Miller, G. Neiberger, B. Neiberger, R. ,lc McCabe, N. Mc Lavey, M. Malaby, G. Marshall, W. Ogley, B, Radcliffe, R. Ramey, R. I Q -v Pl 'I I f Rigel, C. Ringlcman, H. Robirds, C. Rolcy, S. A W?"--4 5 3 Sankey, D. hz W Y Sincock, C. 4-4' Schledwitz, J. , 'f Smith, W. Sonnenberg, N. A 1,9 ir, a - is 5 -- 4""' v" Stewart, B. A A , 'gf Stortz, M. I, v ' r 1 ' .-" I ' Q .4 ' . Q ,-W Tarbox, T, 5. "v ,,, ' U, Tindall, A. B, "QQ:-... 4 - ,H Van Gundy, J. 1 ku 3.4 , , 'nh -4- at x QQ. VA'L L At5': m.-v jx N..-""' 4 isfzrrf ,ihl 2 Volcic, J. Von Kaenel, B Wagner, J. Wagner, R. LI'-Q-- -.4 1--'S' ruff' 5 Robert Hale - 3 V 'f 2... it i,' Ronald Burns X ' vs 4 K Z w Vernon Scheel 1, l"f X M Y M 'il Robert Bomberg a Q. 'Q' I IM 13- NY' v, M X f ,- sl Q Q 'I ii X t Ruth Wilson Richard Terrill Fx fs? Louise Wind Bob White l Sophomore s Not Pictured Manuel Aragon Octavian Aragon Lawrence Behm Richard Bogie Melvin Brunner Phillip Countryman Bobbye Davis James Evers Nancy Hartway Donald Hobbs Herbert Keller Larry Kutchar Manual Lebsock Milton Squires Roy Uhrig Frank Waitley Sandra Worden Robert Michel Ronald Nation Carol Olsen Richard Rieb Shirley Ross James Shear Clare Skov Gary Smith Wayne Solomon 48 lla Gish James Brammer .lame s Hergenreter I ici J Inv, 5: 5 1 . 'r QZK I Pi? 97 . 1, ff. .A 'W 4. 4 1' 1241- fQT4.i? yff. Q hr X g l ' ' 3 O O The 1954 Free Throw champs Sponsored by Hi-Y Helen Wagner and Jerry Josties 'MMO' X I 4 ' in 5 4 X. in L, JV 11-X E IN Ykahj I F4 . L g F W,k"" 7 'ku V' K ,J L lf' li- ' N . f if AX L' IVA 'ji L. 1 1 L ' 1-'L 'f 1,K IUNKE Y ,, fc 7 X fit 2 '-' L as Q33 1 4 , Fw '05-T , Lf-3 ICI! Q vm 15,5 1.- 1135 N Liv-.df " ' LAR' f , 1 4'-I 5,4- '. . 1 W. 7 -.4-, ff-Q' h 'x .' SH f , C3269 g Fw? -M LJ Hi OFFICERS PHOTOGRAPH N07 AVA!! AILF 7 mf ' "" ru I only 5 -' -W A wt K f f W ' 4 Xfk f ' J ' fi Pre sident-K. Baur Treasurer-J. Kevs -5 'ff sv, ii , V on W eee nat V.-President-D, May Secretary-B. Moore L. Boyer P. Anderson nv- W ,, Q ,Q , I fa' 1 K so, I . f . - , D. Barber 1 Lyf 0 . B. W11son 'Hn x W -fx , ..,.,,'l: X 1 ? I ' Q' - if K. Welton " . L. Young iq. B. Wood L , ' ' j x H. Brammer A I J, Ashby A, rf' . .H J. White S. Barnhart 5. ff ,Sf V3 E. Wasson - gh ,, S. Writebol I. 'v W .. W H- e A ,F',,f' . e ,m f' 4 QYJM. Bogze we J. wnson 1 M f Q -0 X' f WF 9.4! .N If W P. Britton C. Baker , W fi '55 ,Jaya Q in 'Y' J 413 B. whncomb Q J. Bauder tl- Q . gg. V o 'A g iwixo o W 1 . fm W Wg? f 9 - N L, Wagner 'L l ,,, orden - 1 A V x Y' iii" 50 - B Bllndl' S Drummond wif' an ..,s. 1, . 75- ,1 s . r if A ww S.. . D15 'D , n " A E :YQ ra' fx Pb M. Chandler K. Wagner QA, ,ks M. Shear L Ruf 0 'II- A. N, l W E. S1sneros L X K . . T. Daniel n , Jw. 1 r n . .. .5 Wai C- Cannon ' E .-6 ze D. Du Bois Q Miffnefn 5 ' f . G5 I we c.'AcQ1ACaA5 -' r Q ay, F. Seckler ni- U 5' ' M G. Tullous S Rohwedder Nfl? I I B- Shotwell E. Dillenberg sa. A "j Y L. Cato J. Eastman . Q: ' . of lQ D. Schoenberg D. Coots Q Q V , gh .jg In .. ,,3-:jk g. fa r A ri ' +551 1 g - . an R. Robirds .' Hx S. Tompson k u ' " ff or Di . R. Dowis B. Sheldon ,. M , "f f W 'f . q M Q23 . D. Calvin ' 5231. '1 D' Edwards ,Eva 1 .. ..f-. rvl' W . G Dal Ponte lf . ' . ' Q . or I... Rush In 'H . ff? 'Q .-v , .,f. If . R. Spelts ' 'gif mg ,W N 51 . V C. Eisenach 'Z' 1 ,fm l-- X. K D. pac 'J my P. Ring S. Polland 0 'C J. Evers D. Garrett ' 1 E , ' . 3 1 L' P. Reed 0... 'T -I 'n"XfH"if P. Pimple - v. 2, -Q -4, 'J ' ' G. Felzien -J Mm." 1 in ?ff.tliS X K. Gentry Q S - K gf, A J Rasmussen Ll ,r . 1 V . f 1 1, x Alf Jxfl K, Y! XV 'Nu GJ ' ' ' B. Pass :lf sv J. Foxhoven .AN Qw P .'5"'J!R' . R. Getz " 43 ' C. Polvado . -. X A ff H R X-R I c. Gritton ,- W 'pr V f .3 48. U M qt 9' ' - " Li , A i s T. Osborn K . -Q V 3 ' 'J ' L.. Miner sm- L ' FR 1.2 1 X41 J. Giacomini ' A .J P' 4' KA? K. Ham A. Oleson B. M111er . Gorham ii 1, V1 .' 45 sy !! A R - Y , I Tr rx, I! 5 -K. I J. K rn cl? 5 q h q .LVN . 7 . J. O'Nea1 ' Q I... Miles J., f an . V sf? A , M. Green f ,I F . Hand L V K Q 5 1 ara , ws.. KJ. M. Neiberger f., ,- X. "- . jf 72. Jig J. D. Marks 52 ' A Q N. Hanks i,f'! bg xl l E. Koch ' "' Ks e"" "- D' Henry M. Lamb V 1- ' gf E f- -.1-f ,fl J. MahaffeY l f f w K ll wi "' so 1 1 ' . SAX . e Ogg .W fj X -A if , s' x ff .R f"" ' ' A' Lopez M. Holloway K A 1 . Y fi it R. Hein R- Kesfer , fs "' "J ' , 'YQ G. Hessenflow W5 C. Koenig X . .- fx X K av 5 r R Ken - .Q .. l "' 'O G. Mahaffey - Y KX Ei -A il, -I 1 i 0 M. Lindstrom 8 wx Q: fl J- Kaiser . .J-ff . '- ' X ,fo ' M' FLWM J ' 1 I ZLV . .. A5-5 -I I S7 Hemphill 4. . L M. Kenney . .4 Q , xx.-I, 71 M ' 5 G- H111 I... Koehler N ... Q - . . ., . Q E. Macrum L P X . , . T l an in . . Q JMWIX' 1... Lekpsack gg al, -' A Keller lk? ? ff, Q Q M at .. K . X v B. Hendon . f A ' A 1' V5 f-A 9 1 1 yr' S- ' " P N e f , O1 UD' v., iv E X ' M M fr.. . f-he f Q M. Hoffman ,Xi ' ,f-.. ffgplieue l' ' . , . Y Q g dX5'.1s! X . " ' 0 t . , Q? o XX th A ., 0 . . I Q J v VW? ' N. Luft ' fl ,-YLW ' nf' n'l.H.f'1y .AX Q' 1.. My 1 53 Amen Qkzaiuiig Bakerf Carnbell Datteri Everett Evers Fischer Fortner Givens Grams Gray NOT PICTURED ,r 1, Harms Harms Haskell Hochnadel Jones Jones Kaepernik Kitch Lampros Lechman Lester Wilson Littler Lucas Magill Mathis Mazel Mc Camon McDonald Meadors Michel Nicholson Rafaeli Reed Ringleman Romero Sandoval Sapien Schott Shamblin Sims Skeen Smith Torre s Wagner G. White Mila Late Hail the Conque 4 01' Pal O' Mme A The A 1 do Too Young to O lnee Top Tall Tangle 35, . PARTS-FARM HARDWARE-SERVICE EXPERT O wATcH REPAIRING One Week Promxse Date On Most Repairs Q Lighter Repair Q Guaranteed Work Your Farm Supply Store -Q Full Selechon of Bands rum ww 215 can sf. Pm" naw IN AAA SPORTING GOODS CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS OF 1954 1 HARRIS SERVICE Phone 1 142 1017 S. Division Af. S-IIS' HUTCHINSON JE WE L RY 217 Main Ph. 290 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS OF 1954 All Kinds of Signs Phone 1523 216 Main Inrown Pharmacy Congrofulafions 'I'0 Senior Your Friendlv Drug Sfore CT? Phone 32 ,54, : foaG.fXwN.rJl CUATS' Carbureior and Ignifion Service 517 N. 3rd-Phone 'ws' - f. J 1 " 531 I 'SQliEf1"95fW ' - I-X 'Q l.f,3,:,Q. 1 13,5--wig, -fi 49 Qfszigr ,psf-1 e ,auf Qkgzlg. v ,QL V SUNRISE BAKERY Phono us: no N an THE STERLING FURNITURE C0 FURNITURE-APPLIANCES Complete Furnishings For The Home l22-124 North Second Sine! Sterling, Colo gig HU-ILUICS N, fik - XL ,L 21 fr?.cE,,- 53? j f 75 ,222 ip S' X1 Wy ' A" SQUAD Tigers Tigers Tigers Tigers Tigers Littleton Rocky Ford Greeley Brush Fort Morgan Homecoming Tigers Tigers Tigers Tigers Tigers State Tige r s Englewood Canon City College High Brighton Fort Morgan Quarter Finals Yuma Coach Post 49" 'qv W 1 Coach Toft BOX SCCDRES AND COACHES ' 26 ' 6 ' 54 O ' 35 7 Tigers 12. Longmont Z1 ' 33 6 ' 13 13 C 1 18 19 45 O 9. 40 6 if 44 6 I ze 7 -as 13 15 1 Coach Sandstead 1, 'U 4 , Coach White Y, . " W MS? .vi V i' ' 'I-'Y'.,A.4 ' ',-naps., "B" SQUAD Sterling IZ Sterling 7 Sterling 13 Sterling 6 Sterling 0 Sterling 2.6 Sterling 0 Sidney Z8 Haxtun "A" Z1 Fort Morgan 0 Brush 0 Fort Morgan 13 Junior High 0 Haxtun 0 -:nr ,-,-YA-'-',nJs,- A A - A A A A A - T--rv-1 t SQUAD - I ggg... N In JLJJOO. , . ,,,,.,.g, E,. . . .gf x R 'mermsa ' 'gif .H f- '- KgD"5Q4'f-35-.. 7 "'T',i'f'w67".87f.,,79" 7 ,3A"79 .r--'7'-"' , I f- 6 V 5 1 1 E WJ- ,H fs V . - I 1 I ' ' 7, 5 V T! f 'i . ' I L- . -T 1 BX: A Ju... EI. Ar! I ' z-" iv ' .aflrht A' - 4 If ' FIRST ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Kircher, D. Hagemeier, D. McDonald, B. Harrach, B. Rudel P. Hulse, W. Sapien, B. Miller, J. Artzer, W. Dermer. SECOND ROW: F. Acre, L. Whyman R. Schlueter, R. Bredehoft, K. Moncrief, H. Fix, T. Cochran, J. Oswald, B. Knight, B. Weatherill K. Casteel. THIRD ROW: Coach Post, D. Rush, B. Tarbox, B. Pivonka, J. Hergenreter, G. Miller, J. Ballard, O. Rhodes, B. Ring, R. Folda, Coach Toft QAsst.1. B SQUAD I FIRST ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Marks, B. Mori, B. Corn, J. Brooks, R. Bredehoft, M. Aragon, K. Bauer. SECOND ROW: D. Amen, D. Wagner, W. Kellogg, L. Denton, P. Wachholz, K. Losure, D. Looney, L. Amsden, B, Crabtree, G, Smith, D. Graham. THIRD ROW: Mr. Sandstead fCoachJ, P. Budin, B. Herbrick, B. Bomberg, V.Gabe1, B. Fleming, J. Messmer, K. Keller, J. Hruska. 59 1? STERLI NG TIGERS f X Football game at November 14, 1953 Aa ! o a C r 'ff' 0 .o Jo ' 1,56 Q I' J. 4 I o .f 41,216 xl C7 Jerry Ballard Backfield .1 'frz Ga 18696 wa ew-L ANZ? S 1 Ray Schlueter ' A-LL-J3- ,ggfo I, , Y-,V ,.. af 1 . Bill Weatherl Tackle E End f gn ' eveaebo F1 '0 X0 2 .a , . 2' 0 f Yxaw 1366 tives' 4-' 5 aC1fIe:Id'qC1- gg, E' r , A Ba , Ck y , o my Alkl 5 Q gs' by my L' ' ' '4- 5' E or 3 W Q or A, 4, Howard Fix Guard X 5566 441 Bob Pivonka Backfield 895V Not pictured are: Ottis Rhodes, ,I Dafxfxikeyd Terry Cochran, "Wally" Der- 'BBQSH sac? mex-,"Wi11ie" Sapien, and Larry ackfj Tarb e o Whyman. ld on E Pla S'e,he1ver ' B 'Y ac kg-el U' V , 'V' L BASKETBHLL A AND B IRST ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: P. Hulse, B. Rudel, J. Josties, W. Sapien, R. Folda, G. Miller, 3 Torres, P. Wachholz. SECOND ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: G. Malaby, J. Schreiner, D. Lebsack, D Rhodes, Coach Toft, B. Schott, J. Daniels, D. Weber, J. Hergenreter. Box Scores rs 43 Akron 46 North Denver 35 Holyoke 42 Laramie 56 Littleton 41 Cheyenne 37 Brush 48 Morgan 42 College High 54 Yuma 53 Brighton 53 Brush 60 Morgan 61 College High 60 Brighton 4'Conference games District Tournament rs 61 Yuma 44 Brush 57 Brighton State Tournament s 51 Rocky Ford 38 Delta 36 32 49 43 46 76 464' 554' 524' 48 474' 554' 514' 474' 764' 51 33 66 60 48 IM Tigers 'B' ll II I COACH TOFT The basketball team coached by Mr. Dale Toft, University of Denver star, has shown that win or lose they have what it takes to make true champions. Box Scores North Denver 35 Akron 31 Holyoke 17 Laramie 29 Littleton 39 Cheyenne 68 Brush 264' Morgan 294' College High 354' Yuma 35 Brighton 364' Brush 364' Morgan 384' College High 374' Brighton 594' 63 SGPHGMORES FIRST ROW: Ronnie Robirds, Gary Smith, Bob Weakley, Kenny Keller, George Meacham. SECOND ROW: Mr. White, Bryan Bomberg, Dick Walker, Jim Hruska, Bob Hale, Bob I-Iarrach, Bob Crabtree. rfezsumsm Q K FIRST ROW: Bob Sheldon, Bob Pass, David Littler, Don Marks, Gary Felzien, Bob Eichem, D C t Kenn Bauer. SECOND ROW: Tom Osborn, Tom Daniel, Dick Spelts, Roger on oo s, y Dowis, Mr. Sandstead, Steve Polland, Bob Moore, Willis Kellogg, Cliff Ehsenach. M X l' ' L K 'L V 'x 1 I ky' -,-1 ' . N I' 1.4 -. l Sify' ..'f v 4 Q ,X ,fa X, Xj vt wi' Q by if dles Expert Dri ht .iate ..HQ 13.Q,1:AS 8 O Qpqutzful Drlve For Ty J W .4 if. N O-C LO 01 CA I Us Xrn .JS fn I -H11 l'I" HCTION Lf round Star te rling s All 'HLtS.Tmll -. Whmch T X Has I Ronnie Ac re Bob Pivonka N FIRST ROW: V. Gabel, Coach B. Knaub, B. Pivonka. SECOND ROW: B. Corn, R. Bredehoft, H. Knight, J. Brooks, R. 1 Wagner, W. Dermer. THIRD ROW: 1... Nation, R. Acre, R. Schlueter, K. Brammer, J. McClavey. WRES TLING This years wrestling squad started rather slow but ended the season very successfully by bringing home the conference championship, Those who earned the chance to enter the State Tournament were, J. Brooks, B. Corn, W. Derrner, B. Pivonka and R. Schlueter. The squad is very well matched and is under the very capable hands of Mr. Knaub. The 1954 teams vic- tories probably would not have been near so numerous without the assistance of the coach. ,B '11 5 3, ., .vgwd Sterling Greeley Hi Sterling Sterling Cheyenne Wyo. Sterling Sterling Boulder Sterling Sterling Brush Sterling Sterling Fort Morgan Sterling Sterling College Hi Jack McC1avey STATE OX S C O RE S Wally Dermer 3rd, Bob Pivonka 4th. Brighton 17 Fort Morgan 19 Brush 14 Brighton 17 Arvada Z 67 AND B SQUAD WRESTLING 9. ttf Wu, NN , Y - A , .ffxwzwmmfg f I I 'mwgzt-,.T'N -my A W.-Y M. I , . Hu- f"',..4s'L'yX ...ur-x,,.,.v s..., 4 ,X ,, K - ' " FIRST ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Sandoval, M. Aragon, O. Aragon, C. Palvado, J. Buudcr, C. Wilson. SECOND ROW: D. Amen,G. White, H. Hager,D. Carey, M. Lcbsl1uk,H. Knight, THIRD ROW: R. Acre, R. Schlueter, I... Nation, K. Brammer, J. McClavey. Bill Corn ,Q 1-.4 .1 JackvBrooks Draws ' x. ,-1, ,- -mul Y' " " ' Z ' I v li' .. Q., , Ju I XJ I, x. A . .. n 0 , 1 1 l 1 we ' V ,f Grapplin Wally If I If E 'X.. What an Angle, Ra' -ASA McClavey strains for the Tigers . w - Sigma S "Jw . 1 uw f 5 1 Lf- , ' .1 ,4:, ' R L' -Q as lf I I W ' ,,.-. , f 9, Q ,- Q fl' ' 2 , - Nil' I "53- g Wfff " , ,ewilif Wifi! f ' i' Q 'K K' ' " ' al' 1 I '1' -" . M! 2 I If i n 55 , A X Q, , I ,.. I .Wi ,iz 68 s .K-mv - nf- 1 QQ .IFJ g,, , f ' A 1 I taxa , n-- qw ,.:. , , 32: 1 ,, :, EZ' 'fy -E. N . - ,.4,?z,, A :E ,-fm,-. ' 5.4: , . . g . X . X Q! Congraiulafions All Sferling High Classes See Picture of Homecoming Queen On Page 78 1954 Tigress On Page 75 Both Photos by Dollerschells ee s s ' :FL.! V i it at :ii P Q Q i ,ff U A. 1 if Freshmen? ? ? ? '? T N fg ' is an P411 tlw lflmp-fi'm1v? sf :nn I N J 1 Congratulations Glass of 54 x I ' v ' Mgt my "3" N M ,ff "Say If Wlfh Flowers QW 1 X Q K 4. M ain if 5 EN i E rouznn nom snor IIYM DEAN H DUWIS AGENCY INSURANCE and BONDS STERLING S sleeesr INSURANCE MAN W l W' Ml' 'W' , WJ' Wm l Q y V IVITY , f M ' KVM MSM ia iff' J . ,J-,'AA.f.p' .H J ' ffl :Luau ,g.. .,,41 " M QQ'31i"P?' My I F ,'L 'Ef"., 'D f Q 0 I A U f' , -1 , W M f J' kj! naw' Qyvxo 'Y' IV, qv 0 ,VD U D s 7lf1oxU0W3x Y 'Iv fb s 9 U G 1 NX F Q, No ,V 's Ss fxv X9 X Wu xx sg 63 Q XX gig? sf A 'P S j lb K 60 J 3 P xr N NT x 1, ? 5 fbrk Q- X V 'af J9 J 71 JN cginxrixzr-my f ' U lg 'Li -O fw- ilvllshed inonliily lay the ji-iiriiniissii -lziss--s lnivntvd ivy nine issues of the lllliiiwrpglwl .. Stuff tors ..... . ........... Y ess Mana.:--r lsisiaint . , Y. glsinir Maimig--r , ,, ., slsii . up IC I ip- Emlilui' .. . slrltxiiits iigi- liililwi' 'ma BWCOIIIEI' By Elois Lanner i you noticed a tall g around the junk n't be alarmed , the art rouses your tuil lights :ing red enamel lr this is only in the stage but he is to i for his idea and his r. Mr. DeMay rs the tail lights and crushes .nto a fine powder. This is gerous operation because ipened to breath any of Llow it, he probably wouldn md to tell us how it tasted. ioves most of the duiiger by water to this powder. Sinte Lter will not combine with ss powder he Simply i,ti-reins WK me wif rigs ui R 4 wish were asked to take dates and be respon- sible for one or more broadcasts. hgve bggn the world. JCI11 ROLI attf Klol Flog Ham Sch Wd! 1953-54 STAFF N. Hammack, H. Mitc F. Zuhlke, Mr. Stoc 21, as a B. Vaughan, S. Hutchii with Eng. the "B" Si leen Kent, as B. Torres, B. Weatheril McConville, J. Sherwil The themn Barber, E, Sanner,G.Gra the United lx representing Q Bob Hochnadel, Margy Saw J. Ballard. a blanket, repn Chiefg Emi Roy ,111'UllfVh a tlnv vvire screeii vr-i.,. .t,., - . 1 M-4---4 Rv crass skirt was g th Ig' vi The Bengal Cry was pub IPS! J - - . . . all ESRIIA I , . - low ournalism is an elective course open to Juniors pped in a sa llshed nine tl m e s thll nos and seniors. Practical training is offered A., portrayed the year. In addition 9 ig he in writing, ladvertising, layout, the study .gan girlg Rplleey sues of the new paper lool of current Journalistic works and the ,arolyn SCUUIJDC, ' , M W 91' analysis of propaganda. blanket, Wvre The C a t s e O Fir ,Q twins. were turned 0 ut ti Mr. Pos' 0 Atl Y tyyi W .. ,,, ..,.. ..e,,,.it.nient OKAUON' G It UD again by POUNDS the 'ENE charge of the pingrznns, which Wi' 'ut he allows it to Sflt 2211119 are being' condiirtml as fl project Cl' 0V211P01'Hi9S- He SONIC 111198 since the Dl'i7f'I'l1l'11S are serving i ' e his Process by llefliillii' iff medium forhpuhlic relatioi ' A 'car c ov e r 1 , tlirmiixli the niediuni of with newSPaPer reason for DcM:1y'? cxa public and parents o' X made up th. lbs is I-he 18 C085 O YC can become beite' -, lf his experiment does thg edumgiomi - Bengal Cry ' ie will have a inexpensive Sghool. -'J' Home comin! of red enamel, and if it The f ' Dickm- float, Thi then it has cost him nothing been L , met, Stew- ,- B i g Splasl may be wiser for the ex- recently been -.. u 3- ,I an for social ac- was trfel wuld have known of my mer Grinnell College Carniva its before halloween residence han, b O 0 tl d have Ofgamled 1 graduate of Sterling High f 5 7 help 305 th' ool, Miss Dickinson is a sopho- or efimems more at Grinnell and while attend- wld 1121" ci ing Sterling High School she was ai 3' ' very active in band, QAJ A N 5 J - - ron Ai N Good-Rich Dairy ,, RINTING FOR All. YOUR DAIRY FOODS FRANI, Johpfii A f AND THE BEST IN ,mmm 1 "1 was only showing her my wound ..... " ZLASS Q' . wi Rogers at his best. f Good evening, here are your papers. It is a good evening, isn't it sir?" Qlt was ..... D "John Loves Mary," Directed by GlennRogers. S. Elliott starred as Mary, J. Bigg as John, T. Cochran as the Senator, and R. Kent as his wife. B. Pivonka , was the bellboyg J. Ballard, J. I FredgB.Weatheri1l,the generalg -wif E. Michieli, John's wife. wqiy in Q ', J 4 But. . But, I thought she was your wife. . . ?" "May I drop dead on this very spot! " 'he story of the play surrounds ie love life of John and Mary. ohn finds himself in one mess ight after another. He never as achance to explain until its Jo late, when his wife Lili, 'hom he married to bring to 'red, turns up in the midst of iings. 2 -fi 1 goiifleg LL 1 XX' H 59' l Holleen Kent Don Hagemeier Co-Editors, TIGER Sterling High School Sterling, Colorado Dear Hcllevn and Don, Thank arain so very much for the honor you extended to us. It has really been most difflcnlt to make a selection- the hardest we have had to make in a long time. Our choice for Queen is Miss Barbara Hall and for King we have selected Mr. Floyd Acre. These two were to us, the most typical examples of todays Ame 1 r can High School Stwdent. Please extend our sincere conzratwlations to the winners and t o the other fine contestants we send our warmest rezaras. Good luck to you and to all of the students of Storllnz High School. Sincerely, 74 E MART! RRY WIS 1961 oontest This is the first year that the .ger Staff has sponsored a IGER 8: TIGRESS CONTEST. Pictures chosen by the var- us clubs were sent to Dean artin and Jerry Lewis to dge. From these pictures ey chose a boy and girl which ey thought repre sented a pical example of todays Amer- a.n High School Student. If this type of contest meets th the stude nt s approval it 11 be continued. 'fish WMP!!! 75 'eff' W Q S INITIAT vez' ix X99 T6 6 WC Xe ow Q61 be Se .axoo Q 'IO eva GVQ a ' S L 1' no pga ev- o 11 SL wo V33 616 wet 5 Obbfe f Q9 ' 806 f 4,2 H P" I I-sf!! 414 fl: q -4437 fl I 1 1, 05' IBDCB DART THFZOVV eff vf W0 , 'I -ntl-xr 1 'Muon , Jim ,SW ROLLEEN KENT ff' ATTENDANTS x' 'C , ' N N Hs. lf! .fin 019' -Q7- 1 if'--sv' JoAnn Hamil Jo Vaughn i. 1 Millie Klobcrclanz Barbara Neilberger Sophomore Attendant Photo not available Moved to California NI-IOIVIECOIVIING Looks like we're all here Louder! 80 Grand March The C rowuing Following through 1 Dig that crazy bonfire That's a bonfire? ACTIVITIES Junior class Tri Hi Y ,'-1' N- .sy 'ef Tiger staff 'f' UID IALLI I B engal C ry staff F11'St pr1ze-FFA Faculty Senior class 81 WHITE KITCHEN "Specialists ln Fancy Pasffy" H IJFUFIIJ PHONE 500 STERLING h S5 :La-'Tis ,- .... ...- . 33 495 A Facult 'S Wvvkvnd 314 Main Phone 518 EY X When Thlnvgahook Dark- fs-,d,,,, 4 DELUXE CLEANERS Villians of SHS izwfzb "The Home of Fine Dry Cleaning" Phone 272 323 Mug, 5,- Congratulations to Senlors WELSH GRAIN and FEED Feed Grcun and Proteln Phon 125 'l0'l W M n CONGRATULATIONS T SENIORS OF I954 THE Tk In CONGRATULATIONS N N SENIORS OF I954 DENVER ELEVATORS NITA JoI1N 630 N 4th sf Ps-Aowe i525 SIB' 9 C""""' DODGE I rwmoutl-1 Dodge Job-Rated Trucks IIIIY SMITH MOTOR 00. O I I 0 C I e . ai III' 311 I1 S wi, "Son irds?" ' . i rin , I CONGRATULATICNS From MONTGOMERY WARDS MAXWELL'S BAUER"S SHEET STERLING MARKET METAL Kenny Maxwell, Prop. open, DaysAweek Ph. 483 111 N. Front Sow' S'e"i"9 J The early bird gets-'-d1'C55ed Shoes, -whose shoes is who 4 vw ' 1 a wwe, GOODYEAR GENERAL ELECTRIC SINCLAIR Ui' FOXHCVEN SERVICE UHQHNIZ QQNS E 'll' J .-nliiuv , 1 '-'W I N TOP ROW: I... to R.: F, Acre, H. Eastman, J. Schreiner, R. Pivonka SECOND ROW: Mr, Post, O. Rhodes, D. Lebsack, J. Josties FIRST ROW: D. Hagemeier, B. Schott, T. Cochran, B. Bolinger NATIONAL ATM LL' T I C NI-IONARAR' The National Athlet Scholarship S o c i c ty w first organized in Sterli High two years ago. Tk organization is for boys w have earned a var sity lett and have grades above 1 average school grade. T boys must be designated the coaches. r. to l. 1-to r' B. Torre R, Lively Mr. Don Stocking Hagemeier Quill and Scroll is an honorary society for journalists. To belong you must have worked either on the school paper or annual and be in the upper third of your class scholastically, 86 QUILI.. ANU SCR OLL An honorary organization of people inter- ested in play pro- THESPIANS duction and drama. They learn the process of pro- ducing one act plays, give read- ings, etc. Some outside time essary. Inorder tojoin, you is nec - must have 10 points,gained by participation in school plays, etc. When a person has gained 50 points he becomes an honorary member. Marge Saville is Pres. Grace Stewart is Vice-Pres. and Patty Harris is Sec. -Treas. I Y t X H x P2 ' 'X 5, X Q Heads sitting on second step: Marge Saville and Rolleen Kent Circlewise: Mr. Rogers, sponsor, is cr ouching next to Jerry Ballard, who is proposing to Patty Harris, with Barbara Betz and Elma Michieli posing for the camera mang Judy Vaughn has a tooth ache and Jim Bigg is comforting her, Center is Susie Elliott, who is receiving instruction froni Ivir. Rogers, who is sponsor of the club andis ,-,.x nextto Jerry Ballard, who is i proposing to Patty Harris, who is standing next to Barbara Betz and Elma Michieli posing for the - - - 87 Mx, me oem 1 6411115 1111111 kph 99 111'.1i" 1 1 11 111111' M1 1 11 H ,Ml 1' 1 13 ty 1 11i'11111111 '1 1ll""5 1 1 1 ifiiimil 1 II11l111iimTilii1li11 5151352 11'1? 1 X511 1111511 1"'Wi1Wi1iiiiii!i11i:iiiiiiii?1 1111111111i11111111111?1li1e111 1111g111l111111i1111,:11111 1 1 ' 1 ui, V 1 11 1 '1 '1111 1:1:11r1111,11 1 l11 :1'11w11111111i 1 11111 11111: 111T111I1111?VE11 -5131 1 iiiliihiiiiiiif i1"1111gfH 111111 1 1.11111+1!,,..11'11 ' 'VL 511115 IH 1 1111111111 1111 11 11 -111 15 1 111'11 1111111111111 111 1 1i11112i14:1111 I11I'!1,1!g,1'L?1111!11111. ,El-1k2-15.11121 I !i11,:'11111111.11 11111111131 11 11113 1 11111314111,11f:1g1!j11l111i1'i 1111.1 . 111 111111111111111 1111: 111 ' 1?1ii1'111i':1:31'1111111121T ' ?Bii'1 ' 1111111111111 ,ililgfviih 1111111111 11111:11:111'11f111511it1211121 "11111: X1 I1 1 ,1,11 1 :11,, 1, WMU1i111lii25111111g1,11 1111i ' 'H 1 151125 111 1 11fs111f11rf1111111111S111 1111116111111 llKi1iiiiiii1ii v 11111111 111 11111111111 111 11.l11s11oa1id1' 1 'iiiTWi1fi11111?7i:Tif11111iT11+2ai1113i I 1 11'p111111111111111111111111111-1111111111135121 1. 111 1 .1 1,111111 1 1 1 rlti 1. 11 1 '11. , 11621: -L'-1' 2:5 Gif? 'F2, 11iW'l'iE'1?3d1i 1l H1111 lmiiiii ,11iiP11E2 1i 'l in if -111111, 1 1 1 11 ,I1 ' 11 1 11? Miliii H1 11 fi 1 11111U111H1!1i10f111f111PPt11!9f19111 W1 111111111111111111El111111111111111 1111 1 1 1'41111111111111f1111f111111111111f111i112 V11 111111:1 -1111116311111 11 1-'11 M1 Y "i 1'?E.'fT,Q1i151.f'1f1i i1 'h 1ii!11iliii11jEiliq911??aif'?ii 111 1111111E111111111111C11111111111111 I 1ilx11'i1ii ii:i Wilma' 'iii 1"i1111i 1111141111111111111111111114+11si1111111111111i111-111111 I I Qi I 1 I E if 1 111111 1111111111111141111111111s1e1 ,l11l1ii UNI1! il11N1A1f1s j511.Q 1 11 1 1 I 1 4 111115 111-11111111111if1i1111i1r111111111e11 1 1 1111viii.11Q111l!1H21i,i1?g fi -1.'?f'Eig 1 13,1 1.1 1 1. E4 I 1 1 111411111111111111111111111111111211111111 -11111111111111111111111111i11111i111f15111111111111111i11 11111111111 '111111i111111pV!114gi1 1 11211111 kiliiiifiipiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidi 1111'111h111111111111?11111if111iil1 1 1111111!1i111pii 111113 il'i1l11i1i1'11111 11 . W 11111111111111111111111 5 1112 Bkiiwvyaifhifffsehwi 111q111f1114111111eBw1 1 111111111 1111l'1111 1,1 1 11111, 1.1 1, 1 11 1, 1 . 1 1 1 L1 1 11 1 1 I 3111111111111 1 11 11 1 11, 111 1 ' " ' ' 1111.11,"1Q '1 1 1,1-1.1 1 1 :Qi i5i1i1 11k I' Wx N1 5 .Rr J' 6 1K1 was "' uk -15141 1 xi! 1, 3' Ny 'E 1 The Sterling High School Con cert Band received a rating 0 highly superior in concert am I sight reading work at the Stan ,Music Festival held in B-oulde' in the spring of 1953. Many me mb e r s worked dil igently to p r e s e nt solos am iensembles in the festival l1e11 tat Ft. Morgan and returnegi hom gbidith superior and excellen agjward medals. 1 1 Group and iindivigloalgficiqum nts are re1cogki:Lzieii1ih-th Qspring with an Annuilliono Awards Banquem ' 1 1 , 1 11 11 1 1, 1 ,111111,111111,11- 11111 , 1 .1,. 1 1 1 11 1 '1- 1 1 11,.1, -1 !11,M:1x Pikes1PddB'dr 3i"'1fi'4,1 fiii . 8114111111111 Cf11Q1119Pf4hHH11' I 1 , .1 11 .111 1. 1', K 1 1111 111:11u:1,1,111:,,f1 11-11 1 111 1.1111 111 i 111llliil!l1Il1i11'i1:l1I1111111:1-11 1 ' 11 1 1 -glj,111111 P 11.1 1 ,1 111111111111Hl111111 1 1 111131111 11121: 1 ,Hifi 'gf IHI1111, 11 111 , ,..,...M.,,a,uv'.,,.,w ,I .W 1-Y - wily?-,pw rv' 1 gifs. 1, nf, vine... .gl ,iw 1 . , lj . Sanner, R. Morgan, J. Dan- rls, J. Wilson, M. Carroll, C annon, A. Oleson, B. Whit- :amb,R. Acre,C. Skov,L. Why- lan, L.. Miller, G. Felzein . Pass,S. Campbell, L. Ben- an, D. Cavin, D. Robirds, B. 'hite, B. Ring, G. Lindstrom, . Ballard,B. Barnts, G. Son- enberg,B. Fleming,D. Walker, . Eastman,J. Brooks,G. Hum- nel,D. Marks, B. Bomberg, J. igg, L. Lebsack, P. Kaiser, F. olden,B. Neiberger,M. Green, , Polvado. E H...+,. by S. Felzein, J. Mahaffey, J Giacomini, M. Holloway, F Morris, M. Camblin, S. L.ut1n J. Egbert, C. Lundberg, J Beaird, L. Pass, L. Miles R. Ramey, M. Burkhard, L. Hummel, C. Milton, B. Kent S. Poland, F. Acre, B, Shot- well, P. Countryman, D. San- key, M. Barton, J. Ashby, S Ring, J. Mathis, J. O'Neal, S Thompson, C. Dingman, D Edwards, I... Lovatto, R. Ro- birds, R. Poole, C. E15eU3Ch L. Whittenbaugh, M. HOff1'T1aI1 M. Strunk, P. Cato, D. F0141- ner, K. Neiberger, W. Kellogg R. Dowis, N. Lindstrom, Executive committee: G. Sonnenberg, B. Barnts, J. Ballard, Floyd Acre, F. Holden, W. Kellogg, J. Beaird, I Hummel, C. Milton. 89 - 1 ? i 43 'fat The band presented many varied and interest- ing half-time entertainments. Below and at right are pictures of the group showing their maurching perfection. " L sb? Q Majorettes for the band are from left to right: Carolyn Milton, Carol Lundberg, Mary Camblin, and Head Majorette, Ruth Poole, x MARCHINC5 tg tlbly '-"" HIGH St HUGH BAND 4. -- -And they're off! if Parading in Denver for the Denver Post. 'BAND , - . r p -- ,z ss.. . ' M., , . i-emi F5 . ' '!ag.' I ,vga 3. t Q SXA is-3 ...av if . ' V ' is L , "L, - N ,,TI-amp, Tramp, Tramp, "Dig that caraazy man! Tramp!" gl i AQ- N.-I 'pf' . 4' A ir, . ' "Q42Ml'...Q S Here we sit like birds in the wilderness ,,,, "Band of the State"-at State Fair. Sterling High Band swept here! Summertime b rin g s about our marching season and with it innumerable invitations to participate in many towns. The band "hits the road, " a c c e p t i n g the invitations that it can. Last season they returned to Sidney for their Ft. Sidney Days Celebration and to Colorado Spring s for their annual Pikes Peak Rodeo held in Pe nr o s e Stadium. Here, they took a tour through the Garden of the Gods. They were again in the Logan County Fair Parade and went to S e d g wi c k for their annual Fall Celebration. The group was selected as the Official Colo- rado State Fair Band for 1953, an honor that resulted in the outstanding trip of the season. Thanks to the Sterling Lions Club, a Broom Sale was held that financed three memorable days spent in Pueblo during which time the band gave a performance in front of The Denver Post and nine othe r performances before record breaking crowds at the State Fair. 90 -'j'5'jj'o ' msn scaoox 9 ' 1 j ,,,.., . mm " , .9 Colo. - ' MPIONS the fall the brass ense- mble is on call for formal events and the pep band con- tributes their share to the excitement of athletic games. This year the Ster- ling High Band has been select- ed an outstanding organization, and as a result of this honor will be rep resented in the publication, "First Chair of America," which features highly superior musical groups from over the entire country. SWING BAND Lloyd Jensen is the Mr. "lT" as far as Sterling Hi is concerned. lt is he whohas made the nar of Sterling High nationally known. T students thank him for his wo derful leadership and ha work. FC.-- F185 fr.: AT PIANO: Mrs. Jensen, Mary Camblin standing. FIRST RO W. Kellogg, J. Beaird, Mr. Jensen,C. Eisenach, P. Cato, Robirds, M. Burkhard, R.Dowis. SECOND ROW: G. Felze I... Miller,B. Pass,R. Acre,l... Whyman, H. Eastman,B. Flemi: D. Walker. STANDING: F. Holden, J. Daniels. Looking over the record, the Sterling Band has enjoyed the most cessful season of its present career and plans to continue making richer through a variety of musical experiences. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS This group is organized to stimulate and direct students interest in current affairs. The club is open to all students who have a sincere interest in learning more about world problems. An annual state con- ference is held at Denver University each fall. BOTTOM ROW: Mr. Foster, sponsor, Louise Lovatto, Sandra Worden, Frances Wagner, Jo Ann I-Iamil, Shirley Bostron, Jo Garner, Janet Bloomfield, Sec. -Treas. SECOND ROW: Bob Bolinger, Don Hagemeier, Mildred Rieke, Ruth Poole, Barbara Hall, Pres., Barbara Betz, Patty Harris, Bob Gross, Bob Pivonka, THIRD ROW: Wayland Smith, Jack Schreiner, Ottis Rhodes, Bill Weatherill, Kenney Moncrief, Kenney Casteel, Harry Eastman, Dick Backes. This group attended the IR conference at Denver University, Dec- ember 4 and 5. Kenny Moncrief and Jo Garner were the candidates for President and Vice-President. This conference was attended by thirty-three schools and over 402 students and their sponsors. X L I l -of-ielfg --"""'l .bn OFFICERS AROUND TABLE: S. Schledwitz, vice-pres M. Rizzolo, ass't sec., J. Mangels, pres., S. Lebsoc treas.. S, Bostron, Znd vice-pres., FIRST ROW: T Ringleman, W, Marshall, P. Gollobith, S, Wasson, I Wilson, hist., L.. Paris, reporter, D. Marks, parl., E Wagner, song leader, D. Rizzolo, ass't hist. , H. Ringlf man, ass't vice-pres., P. Gary, C. Kelley, Miss L.ea: gren, sponsor, TOP ROW: M. Marshall, J. Mari, D Lambert, J. Schledwitz, P. Pirnple A, Keller, B, Wilson, K. Welton, I Gish, E. Sanner, K, Ham, G, Hill, E Rasmussen, H, Brammer, This organization is open to girl who have studied or are studying hom economics. Each girl accepts a hom project to complete before advancemen inthe group is possible. They partici pate in picnics, dancing parties, in stallation ceremonies las picturedj, an. group projects. This group meet during one activity period eac h Weef and one evening every other week out side schooltime. As a girl progresse she can meet requirements for Junio: Home maker, Chapter Homemaker State Homemaker and American Home! maker. JFS f que 00, me . s Org bel? re kiiefober 5 me 661 ' better 3 sf-ana . aflxxxng 9 te oie551o 0 Pine Y Tak vi Blau ' r chapwn to 15 Ove nie siuae all' Pxafl to who become s teacher LEFT TO RIGHT: S. Lebsock, J. Sutton, M. Grauberger, C. Sincock, E. Brandt, S. Lutin, H, Maggard, D. Radcliff, S. Brandt, K, Moncrief, S. Maggard, M. Rieke, Mrs. Hume. BUSINESS CAREER TEPRIES ABOVE FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Wagner, M Rizzolo, J. Hartway, S. Elliott, J. Bloomfield, Sanders, H, Maggard, D. Dahl, H. Wagner, Marks, L. Paris, Mrs. McQuilkin, B. Betz, Bollish, J, Vaughn, RIGHT: Vice-Pres. , L. Wagnerg Treas. , H. Mag gardg Pres., B. Betzg Sec., D. Dahl. 95 Members of this organization work for awards in shorthand and typing, learn about office machines, do outside work for school or for individuals. Sponsors are Mrs. McQuilkin and Miss Harms, The purpose of the club is to make them- selves known in the community as ef- ficient workers. Cl-IOIIQ 5 I ' lg' A, xx .. ". '. Q N 5 x , q Q 5 'ly LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Schuppe, C. Milton, J. Amen, J. Bloomfield, S, Souders, P. Lane, C. Lundberg, D. Backes, B. Pivonka, K. Moncrief, O. Rhodes, J. Bigg, W. Hawkins, W. Smith, B. Gross, B. Vaughn, E. Royle, J. Lantz, J. Sherwin, D. Collman, F. Wagner, J. Garner, S. Irwin, J. Holder, C. Kroeger, R. Lively, J. Richards, D. Marks, D. Rizzolo, C. Asnicar, J. Vaughn, N. Hammack, B. Nelson, C. Benson, N. Lindstrorr., J. Schreiner, D. Lebsack, B. Terrill, F. McConville, B. Maxwell, G. Luft, M. Pattison, S. Reibolt, F. Zuhlke, M. Elliott, J. Burt, Mr. Ericson, M. Strunk, L. Pass, O. Scheel, A. Keller, P. Keller, E. Michieli, J. Vaughn, M. Rieke, M. Cummings, G. Stewart, B. Hall, G. Shaw, V. Gabel, G. Sonnenberg, B. Weatherill, L. Whyman, D. Greenwood, R. Poole, D. DuBois, D. Marks, E. Dodson, R. Kent, M. Kloberdanz, P, Maggard, J. Blair. MODERN Cl-IOIR 2 Choir is composed of juniors and senior 4 A A A 3 who have had previous vocal experience . Other students may be enrolled upon tli recommendation of the instructor. Tk Christmas choir a s s e mb ly is an annuz program, sacred in nature, which come as the climax to the holiday season. The also p re s e nt a spring concert combine with the chorus. Modern Choir is a selected group of merr bers from choir and chorus which perforr in assemblies, exchange assemblies an various school activities. Town organizations also invite them t W perform at group meetings. LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Garner, C. Sincock, J. Richards, J. Vaughn, N. Hammack, C. Lundberg, M. Elliott, D. Collman, J. Burt, F. Wagner, B. Pivonka, W. Smith, K. Moncrief, L. Whyman, R. Poole, B. Hall, O. Rhodes, J. Schreiner, J. Bigg, H. Knight, Mr. Eric- son. CHORUS Clog it-I ' 'Anas FIRST ROW: Nicholson, McCamon, Hessenflow, Moore, L. Miller, Lebsack, Coots, Rarney Kitch, Knight, Benson, A. Lindstrom, Bauder, Hochnadel. SECOND ROW: Wasson, Edens Tarbox, Immel, Day, Kaberline, Carroll, Ring, B. Miller, Macrum, Mahaffey, Franklin Crouch, Brees, Comstock, Rasmussen, Drummond, Guiraud, Mr, Ericson, THIRD ROW Rush, Garrett, Rohwedder, Richardson, Writebol, Bloomfield, Ham, T. Ringleman, Hill Kenney, Sisneros, Frasco, Gritton, Barnhart, Bundy, Giacomini, Luft, M. Lindstrorn Wood, Sonnenberg, Getz, Pimple. FOURTH ROW: J. Hergenrete r, Folda, G. Miller Herbrick, Tullous, H. Ringleman, Stewart, Dillehay, Sankey, Grauberger, Tompson, Hanks Anderson, Cato, Hendon, Hand, Koenig, Knott, Sincock, Einspahr, Budin, Fletcher, B Hergenreter. SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: Faith Morris, Mary Camblin, Rosalie Lane. STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT: Nancy Sc rivner, Dana Sankey, Ronald Bredehoft, Bob Weakley, Mrs. Rinaldo, sponsor. NMTIONAL JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY An honorary society for fre shmen and sopho- mores who must have an "AV average. They are c ho s e n on qualities of scholarship, leadership, character and citizen- ship. The Robert R. Knowles chapter charter was granted in 1951 and es- tablished in the school in 1952. PEPCT-UB, BELOW: B-squad cheer leaders: J. Lantz, N. Sonnenberg, M. Pattison, E. Royle Juniors: first row: Milton, Kroeger, Glidewell, Lane, Mitchell, Scheel, SOud21'S Amen,Schuppe. Second row: Wagner,DuBois,Hummel,I-lutchinson,Keller,Keller,Coll man,Reiboldt,Vaughn,Oaks. Top row: McConvil1e,Wettstein,Riddle, Rizzolo, Holder, Zuhlke, Asnicar, Lundberg, Sherwin, Maxwell, Hammack, Burt. Pep Club is open to all girls. They must buy their own uniform and wear it on spec- ified days. This is a serv- ice organization w h o s e primary p u r p 0 s e is to promote har- mony, citizen- ship, and school spirit among the student body. Members of Pep Club attend all athletic Conte sts, pep rallies, and o t he r s c ho ol gatherings. They also pre- s e nt s e v e r al original pep skits during the year. O f f i c e r s a r e P r e s. Rolleen, Kent, V. P r e s. Barbara Hall, Sec. Elma Mich- ieli, T r e a s. Shirley Bostron. 98 BELOW: B-squad cheer leaders: J. Lantz, N. Sonnenberg, M. Pattison, E. Royl Juniors: first row: Milton, Kroeger, Glidewell, Lane, Mitchell, Scheel, Souder Ameu,Schuppe. Second row: Wagner,DuBois,l-lummel,Hutchinson,Keller,Keller,Col man,Reiboldt,Vaughn,Oaks. Top row: McConville,Wettstein,Ridclle, Rizzolo, Holde Zuhlke, Asnicar, Lundberg, Sherwin, Maxwell, Hammack, Burt. VRESSI-JMAN 5. S OPJ-IOMORES It FIRST ROW: Richardson, Lovatto, Young, Barnhart, Neiberger, Gollobith, Neiberger, Ma- haffey, lmmel, Edens, Day, Tarbox, Bundy, Mathis, Ruf. SECOND ROW: Pimple, Rush, Hartway, Sankey, Giacomini, Drummond, Ring, Green, Guiraud, Gritton, Miller, Brockman, Cato,Holloway, Mac rum, Hoffman, Mahaffey. THIRD ROW: Ringleman, Bloomfield, Marshall, Dermer, O'Neil, Abeyta, Stewart, Anderson, Burkhard, Lutin, Gish, Jones, Van-Gundy, Hen- don, Kabe rline , Ke nney. The end of this :ar marks the r s t birthday of 'ager," the Ster- ig Tigers mas- t. He has spark- our t i g e r s to my a victory and pt school spirit wing throughout : Student Body. has witnessed 1 only our vic- ies and thrills 1vinning,but also iewed our spirit en our boys Q ff were on the brink of defeat. "Ta ge r" has had a few down- falls himself. For instanceglosing his tail was no en- joyment fo r him. Buteven without a tail, he stayed right in and fought for all he wa s Worth to keep the orange and black flying high. "T a g e r" is truly a symbol of school spirit. "We're Loyal To You Sterling High ,,,,,,,,,, . . . " 'F n 99 fff fd Jw- 1? Tugc r R ng" Vi J C ouch Pos1'1'ouslie Rhapsody in Or zmgc :md Blank" CLUB , ,,... v. .K v 52' 4 TOP TO BOTTOM: Sponsor Mr. Post, J. Schreiner, D. Lebsack, J. Ballard, J. Os- wald, K. Moncrief, B. Rudel, B. Schott, B. Weatherill, B. Ring, G. Barber, B. Bol- inger, H. Fix, B. Pivonka, D. Backes, D. McDonald, D. Hagemeier, T. Cochran, D. Weber, L. Amsden, J. Bigg, O. Rhodes, H. Eastman, J. Fredregill, L. Whyman K. Casteel, B. Tarbox D. Rush F. A R ' , , cre, . Schlueter, W. Derrner, R. Bredehoft, J. Josties, R. Folda, G. Miller, J. Brooks, D. Wanger, Sponsor-Mr. Knaub. The newly formed "S" club is composed of Sterling High athletes who have earned at least one letter in a major sport. The objectives of this organization are: to honor a c h i e v e m e n t in interscholastic sports, en- courage participation of more boys in athletics, pro- mote better sportsmanship and citizenship, work for the improvement of athletes and athletics at 'J-'L Sterling High A School, and en- courage great- Be er community thatlat 'em interest in and sup- S our ' bus port for the Sterling custom eng. High Schoolathletic 'nu program. p,Pf 0?-P' C0058 oils' ' ,A m :ilu x It I ffl .f ' U ,..1-gg5'fT?:f. ' D15 ,sew 101 R CLUB f neu, rxen zxucn, L.. mienlerl, V. f-uso... o...V.,..- .. B. Fletcher, G. Hessenflow, G. Felzein, R. Poole, P. Britton, J. Wilson, J. Eastman, Mr. Robert Foley, sponsor. 60 SD 2 A 'ow W 06 .o 5 oz 0.-x 6801 O6-S6 0 uf 92 2- 6 4: fn , V .fl o S. gb 5? rn Us m o- -of o N NX 'o 3 F 102 Students learn proper handling of fire- arms and receive an opportunity to ualif for different degrees of marks- fl Y manship in the Rifle Club sponsored by Mr. Foley. """'M lcmbers irn rious ics of llot, tap cl group ncus, exch spring 2 club sistczl the gym Lsscs, u scnts node rn nec uccrt. LEFT TO RIGHT: S. Irwin, J. Amen, J. Burt, S, Souders, S. Elliott, C. Schuppe, J, Vaughn, B. Terrill, J. Vaughn, B. Hall, R. Kent, M. Kloberdanz., P. Harris, G. Oaks, J. Sherwin, M. Pattison, J. I-aIl'CZ, C, Lundberg, E. Royle, F. McConville, S. Reibolt, Miss Cronbaugh. LEFT TO RIGHT: P. Gollobith, S. Ring, D. Garret J Guiraud M Barton C B1 , . , . , . oom field, C. Dillehay, S. Edens, B. Day, M. Neiberger, N, Sonnenberg, L.. Ruf, J. Ashby L. Young, B. Bundy, J. Volcic, H. Ringleman, J, Lamb, L, Kaberline, C. Immel, M Camblin, R. Lane, B. Neiberger, T. Tarbox, W. Marshall, T, Ringleman, B, Hendon J. Mahaffey, L. Miles, G, DalPonte, S. Barnhart, G. Tullous, P. Anderson, J. O'Neal . Macrum, G. Mahaffey, M, Hoffman, J, Glacomim, M. Holloway, N. Hartway, G Hill. 103 HI- E 1 s Z I 4 FIRST ROW: Bolinger, Schreiner, Hale, Rhodes, Cochran, Hagemeier, Amsden, Backes, Beaird. SECC ROW: Mr. Knaub, Josties, Herschner, Hulse,McDonald,Moncr1ef,Whyman, Bigg, Coots, Denton, J. Wet Fix. THIRD ROW: Hessenflow, Marks, D. Weber, Wells, Albro, D. Ramey, Roley, R. Ramey, Ball: Fredregill, Radcliffe, Benson. FOURTH ROW: Shotwell, Polland, Getz, Weakley, Bomberg, Herbr' Walker, Harrach, Weatherill, Budin, Sonnenberg, Smith, Looney. Hi-Y is a club with purpose "to c re at maintain, and exten throughout the schoc and the community 1.1145 high standards 1 christian character. ll I ii, The Sterling Hi-Yi U F also trying to encou rage closer cooper ation with, and mor active participatio in worthwhile schoc and community activ ities well as churc activities. Emphasi is placed uponser OFFICERS vice projects throughout the school and community Jack Schreiner Ottis Rhodes Bob Hale Terry Cochran Larry Amsden Dick Backes it ' 5 Jack Beaird Don Hagemeier Mr. Knaub Ki ,, Last years champ Jim Bigg teams up with Ottis Rhodes. , A 553-.33 NATIONAL HGNOR SOCIETY Students are s e l e c t e d for the Nlational Honor Society on basis of service to the school, scholarship, eadership, and character. The members generally rank in the xpper 1070 of their class. 3 OT T OM R OW: JoAnn Hamil, Zleone Ekberg, Jo Garner, SEC- DND ROW: Mr. Turner, Mrs. Mc- Iuilkin, Miss C ronb augh, Mrs. -lume. THIRDROW: Mr. Barnett, -larry Eastman, Jack Schreiner, ind Bob Pivonka, "Q il mf , 4 Q 'Z CA MER!! CLUB Camera Club is open to allstu- dents who are interested in photo- graphy as a hobby or a future pro- Eession. T walkin ARE: Bill C anny Benson, Jorn. Lyle Leb an e Sa k 1 T e Kaepez-nik, Ca' Charles Calm N,-v nd LOU on B 7 1Se Lovatto: 1'Yan Bomber 1, J Qqk SPIN W, 'x W1-H121 The obj ect of the Spin and Whirl Club is to promote square dancing among the students at Sterling High School. GIRL S LPORTS 80 -Wax I , 435 iw. ' off' The girls pictured above are in Miss Cron- augh's fifth hour physical education class. They re M. Burkhart, S. Edens, F. McConvi11e. F. lorris, M. Robirds, P. Smith, B. VonKaene1, - Wagner. J. Shaw, M. Rizzolo. -Atta way to show 'em- V "THE HORNETS" won the girls' volleyball Championship this year by defeating the "Bouncing Babes" in a tournament com- posed of five teams. Pictured are: FIRST ROW: J. Hamil, S. Leb- sock, S. Dermer. SECOND ROW: J. Volcic, H. Wag- ner, R. Kent, E. Mich- ieli. FIRST ROW: G. Lindstrom, D. Carey, J. McI..avey, B. Schott, W. Dermer, B. Miller, J. Sch- neider. SECOND ROW: J. Brammer, E. Branch, T. Raffaeli, P. Reed, G. White, G. Felzien J. Torres, L.. Jones, C. Wilson. THIRD ROW: D. Lebsack, D. Terrill, I... Wagner, G. Busig L.. Nation, L. Bettger, D. Hobbs,D. Hamil, I... Lebsack, G. Kaepernik, W. Hergenreter, V Scheel, R. Dubois, Mr. Cross. FOURTH ROW: H. Hagez-,D. Greenwood, D. DuBois, R. Hager F. Waitley, M. Lebsack B. Mori, D. Amen, R. Nation, D. May, N. Datteri, F. Seckler, T Mazel. FIFTH ROW: B. Torres, I... Knudson, J. Claver, J. Wagner, M. Mclsavey, J. Wilson R. Kester, D. Dysart, K. Brammer, R. Uhrig, O. Einspahr. 'nr'- L fm 'Cry .gy rmwva F010 . ,4- .-ht vi FW Q Club, 'fm it -1 ii. Weary? U QI up X lg U 'f i-.T 09 1533135 . :: X aa c 'gf U Uf Hoffomvf ,ff ' LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Miller, Sec. Q B. Schott, V. -Pres.g J. McL.avey, Pres.g J. Schneider, Sentinelg W. Dermer, Treas. STANDING: Mr. Ricks Advisor. , Sponsorg D. Carey, Reporterg G. Lindstrom, Student A q xfj ,-giggg! gttigi JA - This organization is open to boys studying agriculture. Many activities, such as judging teams and an annual trip to the stock show in Denver, are carried out by this club. Tnis group meets one evening every other week outside school and one-half hour each week during school hours. 109 ABOVE: R. Poole, M.Kloberdanz, R. Kent, J. Sherwin, S. Irwin, O Scheel, D. Collman, S. Elliott, J Egbert, G. Oaks, S. Souder s, J Garner, J. Burt, J. Amen, C Schuppe, Miss Cronbaugh, H. Mit- chell, J. Holder, J. Vaughn, E Royle, C. Lundberg, B. Vaughn, M Pattison, B. Hall, J. Lantz, B Maxwell, F, McConvi1le. Ill it Members of the Girls Athletic Associ tion participate in various inter- scholasi games and tournaments. Health, safe physical development and worthy use leisure time are objectives of this grou AT RIGHT: R. Poole, R. Kent, J Sherwin, M. Kloberdanz, N. Scrivner P. Smith, M. Camblin, R. Lane, N Barnhart, D. Garrett, E. Sisneros Miss Cronbaugh, J. Lamb, P. Hand, P Gollobitli, S. Worden. 2 S 1 1 5 5 4-,,,,,7i, FRONT ROW: Jim Bigg, Parliamentariang Mr. Glenn Rogers, Sponsor: and Jo Garner President. BACK ROW: Curtis Baker, Jack Beaird, Treasurerg Jim Fredregill, Vice- Presidentg Larry Amsden, Secretaryg and Phil Britton. LEFT TO RIGHT: Larry Amsden, Wayland Smith, Glenn Rogers, Je Raye VanGundy, Jo Ga rne r, Jac k Beaird, and Jim Bigg. Forensics is open to all students interested in debate. This group offers an opportunity for members to make public appearances andpresent logical thoughts while on their feet. Occasionaldebate meets require outside time. Yf - 1 7--' X12 111 ,fi Q ' TRI-HI-5' n -l C C Vice-Pres. b'lK.b1' RUW: W hj:-ff '-K'L" ' MTQQZ J. les., ... .....5 .... , J. Guirard, H. Mitchell, C. S. Worden, J. Richardson, D. Collman, J. Garner, S. Elliott, J. Milton, O. Scheel, F. Wagner, Burt. SECOND ROW: S. Rigel, C. Sincock, S. Edens, M. Carroll, P. Lane, S. Hutchinson,A. Keller, G. Luft, P. Roth, L. Pass, M. Strunk, J. Bloomfield. THIRD ROW: G.. Writebol, P. Reed, D. DuBois, I. Hummel, M. Cummings, J. Erdman, R. Poole, J. Sherwin, B. Betz, Whittenbaugh, Sponsor, Miss Gillespie. Tri-Hi 1' i in-A Homecom- 'QV 1, .L ing float. .Ji-ty P. Keller, J. Y i Shreiner, R. John- K. , son, B. Wells help Tri-Hi-Y take 3rd place. ' ll " E i fl '--A ABOVE: P. Keller, Sec., C. Ekberg, Pres., J. Vaughn, Vice-Pres. FIRST ROW: S. Worden, B. Ogley, T. Tarbox, B. Bundy, G. Mahaffey, G. Oaks, C. Dillehay, D. Sankey, M. Barton, C. Bloomfield, L.. Rush, J. Ashby, R. Getz. SECOND ROW: J. Jones, R. Lane, S. Barnhart, V. Reitz, S. Ruiboldt, C. Olsen, C. Hessler, V. Jones, I... Cato, B. Elliott, M. Franklin, S. Felzein, Sponsor Miss Harms. THIRD ROW: M. Smith, S. Writebol, J. Hulse, O. Dorsett, M. Burkhard, R. Wilson, B. Miller, G. Tullous, M. Olsen, P. Maggard, P. Degenhart, N. Hanks E. Macrum. 'L 1 g 1 ls K W 4 x . "Dancing in the Dark .... " "I'm gonna buy a paper Doll" Scenes from Tri-Hi-Y initiation of new members. At right, Cleone Ekberg is shown presiding. Tri-Hi-Y is open to all girls interested in c r e a tin g, maintaining, and extending high standards of Christian character throughout ' 9 the community. TR I .. H I.. y' --New hear this. ,. tuf Behave?" 1' N WHOOPEE' ' ff 06 50 V60 1' N0 Q :B A rilyn Olson Qs A How High The Sun" A1n't I Sweet? D IVETQ S ICIED EDUCATION LEFT TO RIGHT: W. Sapien, M. Shepard, J. Polland, J Richards E. Dodson, K. Bunning, G. Girardi, C Braun D Nikel, S. Schledwitz, M. Lively, L. Wilson E Brandt Mr Pass, J. Simants, E, Parsons,E, Mari D Lutz L Monheiser, C. Williams. Janet Bloomfi 'Why Don't Y Q04 Xi K SENIORS-STEND ff.-4 J s Tarbox Margo Shepard Cleone ' fp HQUYOUQ think YOL1 gOt tI'Oub .H il s D This course includes a full program of work exper- ience on the job in the community under school supervision in coopera- tion with the employer .. P. Mauna! Shirley Benson efifif "Ah Shaddup" B lo.' . . . 5 'x , . ,., - l -' 4' 'X T 'l Sow' ,1 4 .. Frank Powers "Take Me ln Your Arms"- ,J - ' Q . ff - I V v V- ., ' A I W4 Grave Stowari "Hey, El rc-al leg slappvr" Q 591 Qfffglwf Bro wn Shoe Flf Co As Phone 6 Co grafulahons Sen ors COMPLIMENTS ELKS ll ht If Q57 H EBERLE S ICE CREAM STORE Phone 109W H5 N Ft Sf h E S E a S . of l54l 56 V ww , 2 Kjx or Q f' , -my Eg x Q. - " rig , one atatime" , 6 I fffff S ff 7' 'X f- J "Downthe atch - AFTER -4 xg . ,h,,.. We of the Tiger staff of 1954, wish to extend our gratitude to the Administration, the students, and our advertisers for helping to make our yearbook a success. o 'f fl MOI- ' fof? . ff' ' G "Red' Chl- the M R125 Oo 44,9 we Doris Collman H afles T Ortjcia G C0116 741 160.692 N Class Pages Editor and L urlle nu Ot 6'-' 1:-ay" '70 G16 5 etteri 1' E712 eflt 1' J ng or L I I Hsatchll -- Sandra Hutch W fob Bolinger '4Cf1'l,. Hutch. ports Editor lfy Ecrlnso 111011 Gladys I 13511 NQA1Ez'Ocking Pdandra Irwin 1 r5ponS01' lcture Editor llBudll 0 Leslie Wells Asst. Ad Manager "Little Mo" I LQCana1'y" I Ewen Graharn Rjckjll Carey Art Editor Basin fa L,-vel Ia-Hager ess Y i M anage1-B 116 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS COGHRAN S Packard Sales Servlce Lodxing For Greater Value? Then Lot Us Help You Plan Your luildmg and Remodeling Tlus Summer L H5 .--. PLATTE VALLEY LIIMBER 00 STERLING SHOE SHOP MODERN SHOE REPAIR lll North 2nd Sl Parad of Ros s NN WHITCDMB MOT0llS Your Lmcoln and Mercury Dealer 51: Slerlmg Colo A-!A?'5!U 0 0 O 2,0390 X Q 'CO .ga Xe NO ,bo 'ae' ffe 00429 Gorden Sonnenbert "W1th These Hands' 'O xfgxg' 64 'Zvx 993 Barbara Here P 1' .,,, W , , I-naAnmcK's Jgwgugng 105 MAIN ST. COMPLIMENTS EASTMAN BROTHERS Wholesale 'S 0 Rolleen Kent 'I'm Nobod sBa .gee 6 QW 50 js Millie Kloberdanz Elma Michieli Little Home on the Range" Distributors STERLING hes JoEtta Polland T Foo 'sh T P 11 hing Linda Pass "That's My Baby Ottis Rhodvs 'The Gvntl cmcn ISA Q 'J U7 1 pf! MW , J 'X' I A 1 ' ' , I ' f 1 A Y X 0 f x D ! I J C es? r J J .jj L ff J!! J P 1 x f! L M X H9 x' , f Wir" fu Jjbgh WJ w W Fw WEREAT U79 v W' -M QQ wssmm U K sum N comrnuv ' g'4l1.'4 ' U1 'lIE!Il" ""' VT' B l ll E ll I ll Il C A F If STUDRENTS FROM STERILING HIGH? ? Mono S R OGAN CoUN'r X X UMmmCoMPA 0 GOOD WOOD GOODS The Larges+ and Mosi' Complefe Sfock Lumber and Bullders Supplies NORTHEASTERN COLORADO HENRY T ovERToN WW-4'wff .5 Qvzvfllaaf 1,000 ,wiffvof QM fyvfffgi-Qb,Q,15e, aufofiw' ,Zia C C, k d good look n b b s WOW STERLING SHEET METAL g ROOFING CO X fi X f V .s'l'l.llLlNG.c0l. RADO. 3 ' W -5351 1"'CVl'vPn fhovun-4w?-- In--D '- any-H-v.-- heese! 'hee Cm . I I I I 1 a Q H., - H! 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