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L H Q E 1 3 1 4 2 5 ' 1 S 2 E 5 2 Q 2 I wifila f WS! 43: .f Xewaffwfi. M5523 j 'NLF' 1 1, ' Q USU if K z if-5 sf ig - i cfy V5 -Lf-2 51- f ,gm Mwgifq Q, '33 'f'7fk'bL:x,-Q . E E I . u L A ! I I I s E 1 Q i 5 5 Introducing ..... 211fa,NL.,,..f,s..1,eAAgqx,,,,4-1g,,'a7ee.L,. -9,5 ifJ.,W4wM4fw-Wm . g l""""'f'?r""'s99lf4f1f1v'9fA-evMvf-1.1lv4' M PPM v ,Q . 1 , A IMM- AXW Lum 'h'Zpf6f3S" lf-vPw4ffm-J s ' AAA- QQ HW 1 JD , li, -,-ff I A 5 .r 0,4 x V ' wx" L' '0jY""'! - H h W d alongn b d d y dents. We are very anxious M h lp h d publish the '56 ann lBy h y y d know ournarnes, h g dian angels ofSterling To hpHghS h lC h now,andlet k l lc h year1955-1956. ,QQ ' nl THE BLUE AND GOLD Sterling Township High School Sterling, lllinois ineteen Hundred ,- and Fift - Six , , 1, 1 3 1 1 f, , Y V ,JJ-f'f,.: L ' , , .f 4'-ac- N y , , 1 M ' -f rl I " n M- ' .A 1, 4 59 4 1, N ,, 1 , ,q,,.i,4' ja 7, IJ, 1,1 y ,7 ' ' V ' .V ,.,,' . Q 01.4, ,151 V ' 1 ff' - . . ' 'I'-0 .47 P 'f - .I J 1 -.ff . ,i .Iliff .QQ I X. ,, ,.,p',-1, I A A A -A f' ,f A ef J' . .-55"-' X. ,Q 1- ---QA.. ff- 2771. f ,N--f 1 .-- 'M' 4 ,U .. -b -vm, ,V . . M.. , V' -r' f ,qv .1 --fj'.ffc4f-46,1 'NX' Q Z", ,4 I 4-, 1 ,f 'X 15711 ff, I" Wgi, 4' , ME AM fi wwf. fo r 'W oi A ' ' -f NIU l Ah: If I jcfffl' I E154 Efrlbff- 1 A-f ,i it A ' I TIPLXP v 1Lf1L, ' L F VIE EIFK gt- I, Vljiyjvb fvlidfvugakfzy-I, ,LM,g I 7. MILA W3 ff M r 1 f i LASR xAI-LF. WEA!-J pr Q Judy Reents, Co - editor L DME, x x 2 VV 5 Z f X X D nl Yl' dmv: 'JUAN-104V Sally Scott, Co - editor Q X5 Q 7, ' J Lee Tyne, Business Manager l nk I -Bly " J in i lu V Jim Ziegler, Business Manager f . 1 , lv J fig' Q ll I9 l Q X G 'I I, S lj Nl AA 'lb lA? K 3 5 3 + .a, 1 I Mr. Arthur Neahring, Advisor 2 sf :Q xi I X Q H .gh-,Q -' Q -ag fr Jw .4 X. , 4 A . ..1 f Nr ,L ' ff 'Q-i,,rh.Lv 4 .,- W 1 if 45 ,5 f , , Q04 'al S if ' ' ' 4 f 1555, ' 3 H " A w- J. if ' ' , ., , . JNWQT' n. -w 1 A 1 ' 4-.1 ,lf . pg, F f ' - Q' 7 ,. , 2' V u. 1 1 51" . vi - , if f. ' 'X ,' 1 nf i Q gl, .A -.f , xg ' i - gfkif 1' 18-:Z . ,' ' as Y 5 farm V N .ff - ' . ,. x , KA ' , f . , Y . A " 3 r A' 1 : ,, Y f "- E' . s M, ,v 1 M-,X A H U4 X ' -- ,: ' 1 , i ' , A f 1 :airy 5 4 S f i . - mi, i "Wg - " ' ' a- 4 , 4 V J .uf v 1 4 ly rm. X ,I ,W K' i 58--C '15 "' f ' " 1 " , f 4 ' ' A A .Ax v,a,v1.,.x ' km. ' Qb ,wa,.w. ' , ,,.. w f A +?f4-, -A N -L ' f In Wi ,I .Y .N-.P .5 - , , , . vt 4. w.,..n' .H X ,a N. ,x 4, f' , . 'R-f 9 ' "HS,-. H 'L 'V' -L d J ! 'S V1 Xi- in ' 'o 21,",'1f.r Q S' .- . xlx'E .ful ' w Q' .lf . X. , I i ff- ,. 5 'Q' E' , Lxxfn gf: --i 1, if . K I V T K' 1, f sg. 4 Q' U Q JA' . K , my . ,-, . .1 -I ' ,. 'Af f f" M? 1- 1 - Q17 x H21 . f 5 f lf u if 1 a 91 .fa .sn , ,Wk-.W..-4--W .. Y V- 1 v Y we Q- .q J' A i f V , fx V gfgswsl K, - tv., Dedication I l', girl To you, Miss Wilma Moore, we the Senior Class of1956 gratefully dedicate our annual. We hope in this manner Lo show you our apprecialionfor your help and thoughtful advice to our class during ourfour years of high school. Q . as efelz- Mmglig j l I is fi E' it 'sw d f ljg N E' 1, if el all B , 3 Qfiiggl 3 z '3 1 2 iff, gl E X if X g i l i t ii 12 35 1156-gli 3 Q if mi X, V5 Miss Moore came to Sterling Township High School in l952. Here she became the head of the Girl's Physical Education Department. She is also head ad- visor ofthe Girlls Athletic Association and advisor for the cheerleaders. Her pleasing personality and co- operation make her a friend to all. 6 3 VC. 1' 'siwhl 1"i2,f::, z 3, :j k pr-?5'sI+ , .. 'Q I '53, www Tr, " A ,, Q .J f, if N - 'gif-asm, 1Qf'iiQ-1 u L I ' A'1"FjY1f A ' .,, ffm :fm gf 1 fin viii V. 1- if iigvr, ' ' ' ,ilffmavd H ,Q ' ' Q 'ifj'-5171, " , , fa f .IT I . -1 ' 'L fa afffxj ' ' , - ,Z ' A ' fgg'-A V V X- , W .i . , ,- VT . ' ' , J-z' 'f'-'51,-is 31 A fxipfzi e I T an ' .HIL .u.,, 5+ nt M N, , ' N ??f"m F- V, . . V f 'vl- LQ " "'!eiff,A 8 - -..E-,, is , ' wewvw -w 4 3 - - J. Fr. I ' . N"-:akpfqif A ffl- - V n If-13 5 EEL i 3 3 Lmll 1 - . fy. 9 - XX V-..'.--.gui wi ig V. The ' Ib ac f 11 Q ...1 af' 5,2 14 , , A, QL-- 33125 f ' . :ala " A 5 Wd- ' 'L A S ,ff , : - C . ' ,-Ig" :pg l, V nl , ,: Mr, I r , if ' If 1 a 1 .QQ - 4 , L A IJ, 1 ga--. , , I I ! -1 PL.. 'QQ gs '- 8 I 412 ,312 fb 1' bn- P M, ' gif-. ffl: T , ' . K QQQIFI '13, ' ln' m ? 1 '52 1-1 V 3 :M . I Q, sm fs 'N 3-.I 1. M A , r . -15236 ' - . 'G 45-"N ' 'V . 'ii 4, . 'v I JJ. '-F If ' ' -"wh 1 X-ww Q . , 1, ' fin ' ' C - ya wiv 'Q ' ' - X1 " if 'J VF: ' - 1 e ' f' 1 . A A -I r ,-LZ? 'iii' ' S - A fagaffe- if ity 4 O , ,ps -, rv ne . ' ' ' X ' SM . :- 1-'-, v, few f. ' .A - ,Sz in ' ,,.x .Mfg G.Li,. V 2 iff . ,X ' pggf Z5 35: Q V , ,..,':r 35,3 X K N ,f I ' 4 ' - ,H wfvr, Q Y 3, .u . J, Qfzg. X' 5 if , . 1,155 , 'EQ' L E I 'gf ' - x -wx 2.51" T 1 ' 1"ff' 3351? ' , 'P -lf, -vim , ,"E ' , :Lk A0 .Al .wg gr. g 4 'mv' ' Q , Lei, gi A '. 1 J 5' - . ', 'ia X x 7 ' 3 , 5'- iw .g :fy V M144 b . fiag fi' A My ' ' 9 L, Q" Wig 'gl' -Y 's 'iii 1-- A . 2 L' ' QA , MQ , , ,.,3, QQHQI3 'I 1, , 'F '5 ' 5" ' ' E21 f . 1. Q., V .LNV -' . 'Q ,A T .- -'.' 'ff . " ' , ,yi S15 11 ' , ' 55, W.. llu. , , V. . , H55 ig ,, WSL. ' if V " W, mx . I, 2.41, A . A ig.- ' fa-W V? if UE ' ,-M 3-fi ' gy, JZ. s 35, 5 2:3 ae rv f 'vilvf' 'JF' 1 x L ,f 1 Y' LIN , Wyatt ROSCOE EADES 23,5552 , ,V if f Principal Hz' 5 'Q EQ5 N 1 A 452109 ,R 2 s LX.- Y x S P ,Y '35 5235, my im . fag ,A L' vw 15,5 JV MJ g V ,913 Y , Wy ,fy , H' H U ":i,a5g1f15fz, iiasffgffz V2 :I ,Q- .gf W Q pfx W '92 , al 5 : 5. f N fx 1242 1 ' :fires fTFg11i' A MQ, e' A' Qvgifr fr f sf . 2'A3'4 ' JEPVV Kzfj g13i37f5fyiJ 7, ff? N' my K 19: 16' , .Va gm:-,QL 5 , ., A, M, Lx ., ,,6Afk?y'?f fwff A diplomat true, and friend ever J-fm qw 1., ,1f,,,,Q U 45, ,eg 11 W? 3-:,a'5'A.9fx L 9' W' L . , iff 1 54 E2 if 4 ,, W 5 L , Q' my wwf? Mfg? 1, 8 F 12 si di 1 'fgifgs sg' A: 1 VA , I V if U. R. DEPVOE' ,ff f W - , . L f -5 415 Q Ass1stant PIIHCIPHI Q I . Q -f if w ,-A -f ' , 1 K ,- . -x,.gA'f in - ar gf, " I 'gf ' " Q' v 5265, 2 f I I Q4 3 ,ef 3? "-. ' ' gy ' - . K N is . A il kk 1, 227 ,,. f 1 W f if xii? K V z ,Q JA' Te., ffv ' J ,jx Egg' EKN - Always a friendly word and cheeqful smile. w ga 13 wr 9 Board of Education I MR. H. R. ESHLEMAN MR. W. E. FRIEDRICHS MR. L. E. ELLISON MR. C. R. SCHUNEMAN President MRS. HELEN WHEELER MR. H. M. MOORE MRS. HELEN MARQUIS 10 ! f all 5-""' IK i n I if X gi n Z --.: sg, 1 :V , ' :" S 5, lg ...e. MR. JACK BARNES English A.B. University of Colorado. MR. CURTIS BRANDAU Civics, Guidance A.B. Cornell College, A.M. Columbia University, Uni- versity of Colorado. I i f A I y :-- . ., L k if X' MR. PAUL CLOPPER Speech BS.. A.M. Bradley Univer- sity. University. MISS DORIS B ITT nglis BS. U-ni sity Illinois. V753 '14 . in y3 k , as ,iii N j 'FU ' "4 , if ful :-- 7, ,,.. 1: .L...i:: E .,.:, . 21' U7 . 2 - at? was English A.B. Eastern Illinois State College, A.M. Northwestern A teacher affects eternityg he can never tell where his influence stops. is I if M f-ff 1 J as wi V--' ff MRS. HARRIET BUSHMAN English A.B. University of Illinois Northwestern University, MR. DuWAYNE DIETZ Physiology, Health Physical Education B.S. University of Iowa. MISS VELLA FADDEN MISS DOLLEE FAUTH MR. EUGENE HALL MRS. EVELYN Librarian Social Science Physical Education HAWKINS B.S. University of Illinois. A.M. University of Wyom- A.M. University oflllinois School Nurse A.M. University of Michi- ing. gan. S X X MISS VIRGINIA HAYN MRS. GAZELLE HILL MR. PETER MR. FLOYD Commercial English HOOGEVEEN HUNSBERGER M,S, Illinois Stale Normal B. of Ed. Illinois State Nor- Vocational Industrial Art University. mal University. Woodshop B.S. Northern Illinois State A.B. Central College. Teachers' College. MISS MILDRED MR. R. JUNE LEE MISS BETTY LENTZNER KRUGHOFF Drivers, Education Physical Education Social Science, Guidance B.S. University of Illinois, B.S. Northern Illinois State A.B. Bradley UI1iV6l'Si1y, M.S. Southern Illinois Uni- Teachers' College. A.M. University of Illinois. versity. I t is only the ignorant who despise education. MRS. VIOLA MARTIN Home Economics B.S. Michigan State Uni- versity, M.S. Colorado A.8zM. MR. ROBERT MCMURRAY Mathematics B.S. Northern Illinois Teachers' College. MRS. MARGARET MEE MR. B. A. MITCHELL Biology, Health Business B.S. Mammouth College. B.S., A.M. Illinois Wesleyan State University. 13 MISS WILMA MOORE Physical Education B. of Ed. Western State College. MISS LEOLA OFFNER Physical Education B. of Ed. Illinois State Nor- mal University. MISS JEANETTE SASEK General Science Physical Science B.S. University of Nebras- ka, Doane College, M.S. Iowa State College. MR. DEAN MUMFORD MR. HOMER MUSGROVE MR. ARTHUR Physical Education Physical Education NEAHRING B.S. Illinois State Normal Health Art University. A.M. Iowa University. B.S. Bradley Universi . MR. DONALD OLSEN Commercial B. of Ed. Wisconsin State. College, University of Ifpivai , If ,. A fy ,3,f, , f VI. ,ff , . fx 'A MR. JEROME ROBBINS Social Science Economics A.M. University of Illinois . l Knowledge is power. MISS DELORES SALZSIEDLER Latin, English A.B. St. Olaf College, A.M. University of South Dakota. MR. ARTHUR SCHICK Agriculture B.S. University of Illinois, M.S. University of Wiscon- sin. .. , .: -..,,s - .... 7 2 . ' ' 'fi X Q 1? Q MR. G. J. SCHULER Instrumental Music B.M., M.M. Illinois Wes- leyan University, M.S. Uni- versity of Illinois. MISS MARJORIE SCHUMAKER English A.B. Marycrest College A.M. University of Illinois x MISS MARGARET SHAVER Home Economics A.B. Carthage College. MR. .IOHN STRENCE Machine Shop B.S. Bradley University, University of Illinois, M.S. Superior State College. MR. HARVEY WAFFLE Mechanical Drawing Ph. M. University of Wis- consin. ..v-fs' MISS ALMA SHERMAN SHERMAN MISS RUTH STRAW Biology Chemistry, Physics Spanish, French A.B. Knox College, A.M. M.S. University of Illinois A.B. Ureka College. University of Wisconsin. , Y' MR. E. EWINC SMALL MISS MARGARET MR. WILLIAM J. TONKIN Mathematics THACKABERRY Vocal Music M.S. University of Illinois. Reading Instruction A.B. St. Olaf College. A.M. A.M., A.B. Northwestern University of Pennsylvania University. There is no royal road to education. MISS JANET WEBER MISS RUTH WELLE MRS. .IAN WICKEY Mathematics Mathematics Commercial B.S. Illinois Wesleyan Uni- A.B. Cornell College, M. of B.S. Iowa State Teachers' versity, University of Wis- Ed. University of Colorado, College, consin. Purdue University. 15 ffice Staff Left to right: Ml'S,,IIPy'l'f'C8llfTH'I',M189 Namw Ruiz. Miss Nu1wy0wrhols1-r. C f t ' St ff Left to right: Margzarvl Daxidson. f1vliaGf'nkir1gg4'l'. Bvrlha Mx-nz. Vlaru-l Rf-mic-ll, 16 aintanence Mike Knoll Steve Minier Left to right: Jennie Genkinger, Leola Sulouff, Jeanette Johnson, Vera Fritz, and Bertha Baer. a Perry Maple Elan Hess 17 4113? it 114 M 43-1:11 'Ntitkfwv U ?i f ir!! i eizjfg. K 3 WH , 45.35 ' f , gQ?m xg Wg? P in El! R 'g' xl Q W! 5 G ix gill' 5' an 1, '15'w " 'ffv -fx Ei' ' La x.f5.-fS+Tf'H- fam is 'f A X V A,iV r Q 'QL ff, K if 2 riff, , W '11.,mZf I 5 I R W . if YV, f, f If-'S L AQ. . a 4 ,gp ff x Q Q1 1 f if A-.,.,,, ,, 3.5, ff M gs 1 W' " 'P ?ff J4r"Jf ff W ",. ki kz Y If ,H L , ,Liga ' ,NWN Ak. W .1 ap AA , I I . il S 1 , I tw- ii - .Y ' y 1 is gk f 1655 , , Q A I 'f Aiggifif v 3533 wfii an Q ' M 4 ,,, + fi' ,,, A R , ' '1 - 'ffl ' ' ' li V:-V W vii- A 5' , i L54-V fr 4 M J lg 5'g!,j,E Sf, WE ., 4 'l .,x. 9' , 7, w' Wai H ,W . fv , 1 I fr '45 N V5 E g A l ? 4 ' 1 ,Lf 9 Jai 9-15 if 1 'f wig W , 1 Q , ,l " ' if? cy 'L Mi. Q. if H ' 'X ' X P 2 TV M Qi v il if W J. ii '4 QE " mr .. I wa Kyrx J r WTI 'K 5 i E - Y 1 5 ff, ' SENIORS My W--96 f 9m-J-19 M Qmdm? QM? jC!::.'LH3.Q:Mi1v--'5-M Vjl, Xyyff X ..l,.f.1n,,.o.N..1nr.o,..-' ef! 'ifwisf if SJQAJLWF3 9'JMf'j,ufjfafj""!W5 QQ? 60-U'f5f"'0' wyayf M R 40610 My i gsfxqlcfa, .ff 'T J A gy V W6 is W ff of Ky X Qi! f ff My 'Qfw Class of ' Left to right, sittingg Shirley Lindsay, Secretaryg Eugene Zinanni, Vice-Presidentg Beth Richter, Trea- surer. Standingg Miss Ruth Welle, Miss Doris Burritt, Advisors, Larry Sterenberg, President. Senior Class History Four years ago on September 2nd the class of '56, 227 strong, invaded the hal- lowed halls of S.H.S. Our very capable ofiicers for the first year wereg .lim Austin, Bob Brown, Georgia Wadsworth, and Carol Wetzell. Cooperative and full of ideas, we success- fully held the Freshmen Mixer to the strain ofi'You Belong to Me" and square-dancing calls. The following spring, we held a riotous picnic at Sinnissippi Park. During our second year, we ordered class rings, feeling sure they were the prettiest ever. The "Heart Hop" in February was our first all-school dance and we found that by hard work, we could achieve good results. Our athletes showed promise of great things as did our students in all fields as we moved into honorary positions. Jim Gebhardt, Sue Kannaka, Chuck Peugh, and Linda McCoy led us through a memorable Sophomore year. By the time we were Juniors, we had gained much experience in the way of using our ingenuity. Our float "Whip Those Barbsn with its barefoot slaves won first prize in the Homecoming Parade. Another high-light was the induction of eleven Juniors into the Honor Society. To top off our third year, we staged the Prom, "Pink Paradisev, which was the first to be held in the fieldhouse. This busy year was led by Keith Bos, Dianna Roden, Larry Sterenberg, and Jim Appenzeller. Under the friendly guidance of Miss Doris Burritt and Miss Ruth Welle, and the leadership of Larry Sterenberg, Eugene Zinanni, Shirley Lindsay, and Beth Richter, we entered our Senior year. As a class we enjoyed the Senior Dance, Recognition Day, Prom, Baccalaureate, and at last, Graduation. We are proud of our class and the honors gained in athletics, dramatics, music, journalism, scholarship, and good citizenship. "We will always love thy honored name, And through us we'll try to spread thy famef' 20 BILL ABNER ED ALLISON JIM APPENZELLER EIL ,IQQID6 JIM AUSTIN LORETTA BARAJAS PAT BARLOW LEWIS BATTLES fx ,pg .lf, NPL' f Q52 - '53, Freshman yearg lots to be learned. . FRED BEGGEROW CAROL BELLARS BARB BELLOWS BERT BENKITIS DONNA BENNETT 21 CLIFF BERGE JANET BERTSCH MARY JO BICKFORD PHYLLIS BEILEMA JOHANN BILLER f H-fJ,f,' f.. ,f -- 19 I'-1' V 'S - ' - ...v 1, -1 .' ' 1 , 4 ,', BOB BILLINGS BOB BITTNER MARILYN BLAIR DORETTA BLAYNEY First day at sehoolg every room looks alike. . .I N, n ., -I ' ,, S '.I. , lk xe' .IOE BONNEVILLE KEITH BOS JAN BOYUNGS 22 I 5 5 I S 'R AROLINE BRAUER BOB BROTH BOB BROWN TOM BRYANT JOE WALTER CAROLUS JOHN CAUDILLO "You Belong to Me, Wish You Were Heref, . , , A JIM CLAPPER BOB CLARK BARB CONCHOLA EDNA COURTRICHT FRED DEMSHAR 23 ILJHN DEWEY YVONNE DIETZ LIZANNE DILLON MARY ELLEN DRANE JEANNE DWYER 19 LARRY EILERS JOAN ESHLEMAN LIBBY EVANS LOIS FOSS Our athletes first "S" . RONNIE FULTON JIM GEBHARDT JOHNNY GEHLSEN 24 MARY KAY GERBER RONNIE GERKEN SHARON GRAHAM 56 GERRY GUTENSOHN SANDY HABERER LOIS HACKER WENDELL HANSON '53 - '54 Newest Fad, Kneesocks, Ostentatious! JANE HARTING DON HAUGER DON HOLBROOK JUDY HOOGEVEEN CHARLES HOOVER 25 Lk CARL HUFFMAN PAUL HUNTER NANCY HURD 19 . C-, L J PAT HURLESS PAULINE JACOBS DAVID JAMISON HOWARD JANSSEN Prideg Many Sophs make Varsity BEVERLY JOHNSON DONNA JOHNSON PEGGY JOHNSON SUE KANNAKA RUTH KILGUS 26 SUE KILHEFNI-IR DANNY KINDLIC BRINIH KIINDI-I LEONA KURK DICK LARSON JOYCE LATHROP JANICE LENHART DICK LINBOOM SHIRLEY LINDSAY I'That7s Amore, I Believe" . 'DJIA ri h , LEONARD LINK DICK LITTLE ANN LUNDSTROM 27 XJ .......m.Fi, J JOE QYPEREEMLJ R GENE LYON LINDA MQCOY GENE MCFALLS MICKEY MCGUIRE 'ij' X V N'w-A 'E J 4,75 Q ,KV he .X - , E LL N Lf: f-.Nr . xl x L' ,XX R lf X RALPH MACHAEL GAYLE MacLENNAN RETA MEINERS KAY MELCHI C5114 - Q55 Upperclassmen at last. . CAROL MICHEL MAXINE MILLER BARB MINOGUE 28 RONNIE MITCHELL JERROLD MOORE JERRY D. MOORE fav W ik- A Q6 BOB MOOREHEAD EVELYN MOOREHEAD JOHN MUELLER SHERRAL MUSGROVE Sterling captured Conference crown in football DON OHDA ELDA OHMS JIM OLDS MARGIE ORTIZ LOUIS PARKER 29 ,,W.,..,,, ww. TOM PATTEN WARRBR PATTEN NORNIA PETERSON CHUCK PEUCH RONNIE PINEDA flbdifyiffef - E- ,R . N ffruoydi. A 'N " R ' , 19 . 1 RUTH PITTS AURORA PIZARRO ROGER POLZIN PETE PUSKEDRA Robed Choir "The Spirit Also Helpeth Us". PAT RUSMUSSEN JUDY REENTS JOHN REITZEL 30 BETH RICHTER DIANNA RODEN WAYNE RUBRIGHT x nys? A VW xg JUDY RUDOLPH DONNA RUSSELL GORDON SAMPSON MARGARET SANDERS Twirp Season, Pink Paradise. . Xi' an BARB SAUNDERS ED SCHWAB SALLY SCOTT DON SEELEY CAROL SEIDEL 31 Q 5 EDITH SHANK LEO SHAWVER MARTHA SHERMAN VIVIAN SHUMAN SHIRLEY SKROGSTAD I9 . - , 4 rm xx' JOYCE SPEER KAY STANLEY SUE STEINHAGEN LARRY STERENBERG NP. S. I Love You, Crying In the Chapelw Q ' ' I Y ov H . a I I i K i.?, COLIN STEWART STAN STOCKTON NYLA STRIKE 4 i7 XQXJ , M 32 1 KEN STROCK JANE THUMMEL LOWELL TILLMAN GEORGE TUFI' JERRY TURNER Z ga' I . v A r f v I 5 '- 71011 K! J I ' 1 .5 f- :J LEE TYNE EDWARD USELMANN BOB VARY LOIS VLAD 755-'56 Homecomingg Our Queeng Our All-State End 4 A X WILLIAM WADE GEORGIA WADSWORTH 33 . N fi? ' I, ,LV MN J Y X! fX LINDA WAGNER JOANNE WALTERS M agis QQ! fx. vw Q i-X ' M AV V by of I N A Ik I T5 3 If V -P so IH ffffwffvf PAT WEEKS CAROL WETZELL SHIRLEY WHALEY CHARLOTTE WHIPPLE .593 Junior Rotariansg A look at the business World gr Q9 ff 5 LE WICKS CAROL WILKINSON EDWARD WILLIAMS ROBERT WIRE EARL WOLF I mv XJ' , E mf' . Q J' VELMA WOLFLEQ5 E JSPQJANNE WOODYATT .JJ V QV Qgf' , Q fx BOB YALE Aff Sfiifyfgxe JIM ZEIGLER EUGENE ZINANNI ' Top Tunes-"Sixteen Tonswg "Moments to Remember" 'vgiiyiiy' wgggjim gffrfs ififljfi? 145351 img, 'viii SENIOR CLASS PROPI-IECY It is 1966 in the celestial kingdom and the time has come for Ahskiwawa, the S.H.S. guardian war- rior angel and Skiniwawa, the S.H.S. guardian squaw angel to climb upon their heavenly horse of clouds, Rickety Rackety Boom, and swoop down to earth. It is their duty to venture over the world and make sure that the class of '56 is leading a life of pleasure and success. All the other guardian angels are en- vious of these two, because the class of '56 is a pretty special class, and Ahskiwawa and Skiniwawa received the honor of taking care of it. Nevertheless they are cheerfully waved off and start their eventful journey. "Mmmmm! New York, I wonder if there are any of our people here?" "Sure, look down there!" JIM AUSTIN is following George Gobel's footsteps, he's a T.V. comedian. LORETTA BARAJAS is a famous entertainer doing the Mexican Hat Dance. PAT BARLOW is a foreign correspondent for Time Magazine. FRED BEGGEROW has just proved BEGGEROW'S Theory of Physics. DONNA BEN- NETT is now one of Something Smith's redheads. BOB BILLINGS is a bouncer in one of New York's nightclubs. KEITH BOS does the "Bucky Beaver" commercial on the Mickey Mouse Show. LIZANNE DILLON is the owner of "Dillon's Daring Darlings" modeling agency. MARY KAY GERBER is a tuba player at Carnegie Hall. SHARON GRAHAM is on a T.V. commercial advertising hair products. CARL HUFFMAN is pitcher for the New York Yankees. PAUL HUNTER is moderator of 864,000,000 question. SHIRLEY LINDSAY has just released her third million dollar record of "Ah". BARBARA SAUNDERS is the married president of the Lonely Hearts of Metroplolitan New York. JOYCE SPEER is a stewardess for T.W.A. JANE THUMMEL is first flutist in the Philharmonic Orchestra. SHIRLEY WHALEY is a great T.V. comic. BARBARA BELLOWS manages the Employment Agency. BOB BROWN is a profes- sional photographer and also lead in New York's most prominent male quartet. A great author, GERRY GUTENSOHN, recently completed a book, How to Use Good English. WENDELL HANSON manufac- tures leather jackets, while JUDY HOOGEVEEN manufactures gold scissors. JOHN MUELLER has caused a great fad. He designs all kinds of green and yellow purses. RUTH PITTS is a peach pitter. AURORA PIZARRO writes childrenls story books. RALPH MACHAEL plays a piccolo on T.V. SALLY SCOTT models wide brimmed hats. JERRY TURNER is responsible for quite a few popular songs. JOANNE WOODYATT is a fashion designer. BOB WIRE is famous as a toe dancer. Continuing along to the west the two little angels find BILL ABNER has won the Indianapolis Labor Day Race three times in a row. BOB BITTNER is the Mexican road race driver for Lincoln. FRED DEM- SHAR is a stockcar test driver for General Motors. MARY DRANE is captain of "Mary's Marvel," girls' basketball team. JOAN ESHLEMAN is a tatoo artist. RONALD FULTON manufactures Crosleys. DONALD HOLBROOK is the organist for Wannamakers in Philadelphia. CHARLES HOOVER is an architect. PAULINE JACOBS is the world's champion lady wrestler. BOB MOOREHEAD can be found managing a house-painting crew. JOHN REITZEL moves pianos. ELDA OHMS is the President of the U.S.'s Secretary. GEORGIA WADSWORTH is a representative in Congress. GLEN WICKS repairs watches. JOE LUTRELL is President of Peter Pan. All of a sudden Rickety Rackety Boom swoops down to Chicago. Here again we find a few alumni. LEWIS BA'1'I'LES is a mechanic. BERUTA BENKITIS runs one of Chicago's largest restaurants. PHYL- LIS BIELEMA is the star yodeler at the "Sat. Nite Barn Dance." The tall men's association is centered here, and its president happens to be .JIM CLAPPER. JOHN CAUDILLO is a successful building con- tractor while WALTER CAROLUS is an engineer in electronics. JIM OLDS is zoo-keeper at Brookfield. MARGIE ORTIZ teaches the mambo. WARREN PATTEN is known as the "used car King." LEO SHAWVER manufactures campaign buttons. EDITH SHANK supervises the Memorial Hospital. Circling through Illinois the merry trio discovers that JOHN DEWEY is the governor and YVONNE DIETZ owns a chicken farm. RONNIE GERKEN owns the biggest feeder farm in Whiteside County. BEVERLY JOHNSON teaches physics at Agnew High School. The chief of Police in Coleta is DON OHDA. KAY STANLEY is a farmer's wife. BOB VARY is a pure-breed cattle raiser. SUE STEIN- HAGEN is the mother of ten boys. WAYNE RUBRIGHT is a general contractor. CAROL SEIDEL fills tea bags. KAY MELCHI is the dean of women at Beloit. 36 It's amazing to find how many graduates have become successful and settled right here in Sterling. GINO ZINNANI now has his own Piazza and Spaghetti House. WILLIAM WADE is the bookkeeping instructor at S.H.S. SUE KANNAKA is a P.E. instructor at S.H.S. Sterling's basketball team has now won "State" three consecutive years with BRUCE KUNDE as coach. LINDA McCOY is chapter mother of S.H.S.'s F.I'I.A. EDWARD ALLISON is President of the Board of Education at S.l'I.S. MICKEY Mc- GUIRE is the vary silent librarian. BOB YALE imports cosmetics for the "Man About Town." CAROL BELLARS is a housewife. CLIFFORD BERGE drives a school bus to S.H.S. MARY JO BICKFORD writes the "Advice to the Lovelorn" column in DONALD HAUGER's UHAUGER Herald." BOB BROTHERIDGE manages the Sterling branch of the A. and P. EDNA COURTRIGHT supervises the telephone company. J EANNE DWYER and JANE HARTING head the Singer Sewing Machine division here. ELIZABETH EVANS can be found on her beat as Sterling's lirst lady cop. LARRY EILERS is a livestock dealer here in town. Now JOHN GEHLSEN is the head publicity manager of GEHLSEN, GEHLSEN, GEHLSEN, Inc. DANNY KINDLE is the general manager for a chain of Foodland Super Markets. RICHARD LINBOOM heads the Cadillac Agency. JOYCE LATHROP has a booming business at JOYCE'S Jewelry Store. NORMA PETERSON helps JANE and JEANNE out because she is a seam- stress. JUDY RUDOLF is a buyer for Chester's. Old LARRY STERNBERG has worked his way up to being the President of Sterling's Wig Corp. JOANNE WALTERS is postmistress general. GEORGE TUFT collects money from Sterling's many parking meters. CAROL WETZELL teaches in the special room at Central School. COLIN STEWART is a professor at Bumblin University now at Sterling. SAN- DRA HABERER and BARBARA CONCHOLA are lab technicians at Community General. ELIZABETH RICHTER and MARILYN BLAIR are R.N.'s at Community General. JIM ZEIGLER is still in the re- serves. EARL WOLF Hts false teeth. TOM BRYANT is supply manager for BRYANT'S Produce Com- pany. JANET BERTSCH is a woman taxi driver while JIM GEBHARDT is a man who always seems to need a taxi. JOHAN N BILLER discovered a famous method of farming. Flying farther west, CAROLINE BRAUER is the world's champion doubles tennis player. HOWARD JANSSEN owns a multi-million dollar farm. LOIS FOSS is a house wife. JANICE LEN- HART heads the Home Economics at Iowa State College. RUTH KILGUS is a housewife and has a part time job of ringing fire alarms. LEONARD LINK owns a piggy bank factory. ANN LUN DSTROM makes and sells artifical fiowers. GENE LYONS is a tree climber. GENE McFALLS is a salesman for Cam-ou- flage-you Bomb Shelter. GAYLE MacLENNANiS a tightrope walker. MAXINE MILLER is a librarian. EVELYN MOOREHEAD paints numerals on watches. PAT RASMUSSEN manufactures shoe boxes. ROGER POLZIN is a dogcatcher. PETE PUSKEDRA makes tombstones. RONNIE PINEDA holds lightweight championship of wrestling in the world. MARGARET SANDERS proofreads forthe Read- er's Digest. JUDY REENTS is a stockyards official and hogseller. DONNA RUSSELL paints polka-dots on men's ties. SHIRLEY SKROGSTAD is a bicycle racer. LOIS VLAD is a housewife and mother. LEE TYNE is a doctor and a professional scout. STANLEY STOCKTON is a traveling salesman. KENNETH STROCK tunes pianos. DONNA JOHNSON runs a washeteria. Finally we reach California. Here we find a lot of them drinking in the sunshine. MARTHA SHER- MAN is Hollywoodis latest sensation while BOB CLARK is a perfect substitute for Rock Hudson. LOIS HACKER is a noted Hollywood gossip columnist. NYLA STRIKE model-s bathing suits. CAROL MICHEL manufactures "MICHEL'S Miracle Sun Tan Lotion." RITA MEINERS makes false pony tails. JERROLD MOORE trains alligators. ED WILLIAMS is a trick rodeo rider. RONNIE MITCHELL trains fleas for the circus, and PEGGY JOHNSON trains the elephants. PATSY WEEKS runs a reducing salon. DON SEELEY is a deep-sea diver. SUE KILHEFNER is a hair stylist. PAT HURLESS designs wallpaper. DAVID JAMISON is president of V-7 Motor Corp. DICK LARSON designs a new kind of stop signs for colorblind people. JIM APPENZELLAR is an Air Force jet pilot. After viewing the United States, we find that there are some who have made their names in foreign lands, too. For instance, JOE BOONEVILLE is Admiral of the Pacific Fleet. DORE'I'I'A BLAYNEY and VIVIAN SHUMAN are missionaries. JOE BURKHOLDER is an astronomer at Mt. Palomar. VELMA WOLFLEY is the national champion speller. JANICE BOYUN GS won the 1966 Olympics single-handed. NANCY HURD runs a tea room in Alaska, and LINDA WAGNER makes warm igloos. RICHARD LIT- TLE is a life guard at the North Pole. LEONA KURK is the National woman 4--H leader. LOWELL TILLMAN is a missionary in deepest Africa. SHERRAL MUSGROVE models for Dior in Paris. TOM- MY PATTEN runs an ocean liner. CHUCK PEUGH won broad jump honors at the Olympics. DIANNA RODEN was Miss Universe of 1964. ED SCHWAB is ambassador to England. CAROL BETH WILKIN- SON lectures on travel. And JERRY MOORE is stranded on the moon due to the breakdown of his rocket. 37 Seniors' Activities BILL ABNER EDWARD ALLISON: Sophomore Chorus, Robec Choir, TrafIic Club: Monitor, Campus Club. JAMES APPENZELLER: Student Council, "S" Club, pres., Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track, Hi-Y, Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Chorus, Robed Choir, Prom, Class treas. 3, Traffic Club, Freshman Dance, Sophomore Dance. JAMES AUSTIN: Football, Basketball, Track, Prom, Campus Club, pres., Class pres. 1,TrafHc Club, Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Chorus, Robed Choir, "S" Club, sec. 4-. LORETTA BARAJAS: Spanish Club, Freshman Cho- rus, Sophomore Chorus, Monitor, Prom. PATRICIA BARLOW: Band, G.A.A., Librarian, Script, Quill and Scroll, Honor Society, F.I'I.A. treas. I,2, Dramatic Club, Prom, Sophomore Dance, So-Hi, Hi-Tri, Pep Club, Traffic Club, Campus Club, Spanish Club. LEWIS BATTLES: Sophomore Chorus, Robed Choir, Traffic Club. FRED BEGGEROW CAROL BELLARS BARABARA BELLOWS: G.A.A., Latin Club, Fresh- man Chorus, Sophomore Chorus, Robed Choir, Campus Club, Script, Traffic Club. BIRUTA BENKITIS: Chester Nebraska High School 1, Pep Club, treas. 2, pres. 3, C.A,A., Square Dance Club, Spanish Club, Sophomore Cho- rus, Monitor, Student Council, Jr. Red Cross, Campus Club, Prom. DONNA JEAN BENNETT: Freshman Chorus, Script Staff, C.A.A., Librarian, Sophomore Chorus, So-Hi, Monitor, Traflic Club, Campus Club. CLIFFORD BERGE: Square Dance Club, Traflic Club. JANET BERTSCH: Pep Club, vice-pres. 2, C.A.A., Freshman Chorus, So-Hi, Hi-Tri, F.H.A., Student Council, Sophomore Chorus, Traf- Bc Club, Script, Band, Campus Club, Prom, Dramatic Club. MARY JO BICKFORD: Freshman Chorus, Sopho- more Chorus, Script, So-Hi, Hi-Tri, Fresh- man Dance, Dramatic Club, Spanish Club, Prom, Pep Club, Trafiic Club, Campus Club, Robed Choir. PHYLLIS BIELEMA: Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Chorus, G.A.A., Honor Society, sec.-treas., Hi-Tri, Pep Club, Dramatic Club, Prom, Script, Business Mgr., Quill and Scroll, pres., Sophomore Dance, Traffic Club, Campus Club, Monitor, Freshman Dance, Sr. Play. JOHANN BILLER: F.F.A. sec. 3, treas. 4-, Traffic Club, Monitor. ROBERT BILLINGS ROBERT BITTNER MARILYN BLAIR: Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Chorus, Band, Campus Club, F.H.A., Traf- fic Club, Prom. DORETTA BLAYNEY: Davenport High School 1,2, C.A.A., Traffic Club. JOSEPH BONNEVILLE: Football, Basketball, Ten- nis, Colf, Band, V-Pres., "S" Club, Latin Club, Campus Club, Traffic Club, Monitor. KEITH BOS: Football, Basketball, Track, Class pres. 3, Hi-Y, Prom: "S" Club, Traffic Club Coun- cil, Freshman Dance: Sophomore Dance, Monitor. JANICE BOYUNCS: Pep Club, C.A.A. vice-pres. 4-, Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Chorus, So- Hi, Spanish Club, Script, Traffic Club, Cam- pus Club, Square Dance Club, Student Council, Monitor, F.T.A. CAROLINE BRAUER: Freshman Chorus, Sopho- more Chorus, F.H.A., F.T.A., Pep Club, Spanish Club, Campus Club. ROBERT BROTHERIDGE: Football, Wrestling, Ten- nis, Band, "Sv Club, Prom, Traffic Club. ROBERT BROWN: Class pres. I, F.F.A., Camera Club, Student Council, Cheerleader, Soph- omore Dance, Traffic Club Council, Golf, Prom, Robed Choir, Band, Campus Club, A Boys' Quartet, Mixed Quartet, Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Chorus. THOMAS BRYANT, Football, Basketball, Track, "S" Club, Freshman Chorus, Traffic Club, Freshman Dance, Hi-Y. JOSEPH BURKHOLDER: Robed Choir, French Club, Campus Club, Traffic Club, Dramatic Club, Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Chorus, Camera Club. WALTER CAROLUS: Latin Club, Science Club, Traf- fic Club, Campus Club, Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Chorus, Robed Choir. JOHN CAUDILLO: "S" Club, Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Chorus, Football, Track, Traffic Club. JAMES CLAPPER: Cross Country-Wrestling Mgr. "S" Club, Tennis, Traffic Club. ROBERT W. CLARK: "SU Club, Basketball, Traflic Club, Track, Campus Club, Pep Club, BARABARA CONCHOLA: G.A.A., Campus Club, F.H.A., Dramatic Club, Monitor, Traffic Club Council, So-Hi, Hi-Tri, Freshman Cho- rus. EDNA COURTRIGHT: Freshman Chorus, Sopho- more Chorus, F.H.A., Librarian, Dramatic Club, Campus Club, Prom. FRED DEMSHAR JOHN DEWEY: Co-Ed Council, Golf, "S" Club, treas. 4, Football, Track. YVONNE DIETZ, C.A.A., Freshman Chorus, French Club, sec. 3, Hi-Tri, F.H.A., Monitor, Traffic Club, Campus Club, Student Council, Soph- omore Dance, Prom, Dramatic Club, Square Dance Club. ELIZABETH DILLON: G.A.A., Band, Robed Choir, Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Chorus, Twirler, Script, Youth Council, Co-Ed Coun- cil, Dramatic Club, Dramatic Club Play, Hi-Tri, So-Hi, Freshman Dance, Jr. Red Cross, Pep Club, Spanish Club, Traffic Club, Campus Club, Prom. MARY DRANE: Pep Club, Traffic Club, Monitor. JEANNE DWYER: Monitor, F.H.A., F.T.A., Script, Traffic Club. LARRY'EILERS: F.F.A., Monitor, Traflic Club. JOAN ESHLEMAN: Freshman Chorus, Sophomore Chorus, Robed Choir, French Club, treas. 3, Campus Club, Dramatic Club Student Coun- cil. ELIZABETH EVANS: Freshman Chorus: Sophomore ' Chorus: F.H.A.: So-Hi: Hi-Tri: G.A.A.: Soph- omore Dance: Script: Pep Club: Jr. Red Cross: Prom: Librarian: F.T.A.: Dramatic Club: Traffic Club: Monitor. LOIS FOSS: G.A.A.: So-Hi: Freshman Chorus Soph- omore Chorus: Robed Choir: Pep Club: Traf- fic Club: French Club: Sophomore Dance. RONALD FULTON: Football: Traffic Club: Monitor. JAMES GEBHARDT: Football: Basketball: Track: Traffic Club: "S" Club: Class pres. 2: Moni- tor: Freshman Chorus: Student Council. JOHN GEIILSEN: "S" Club: Baseball: Basketball: Football: Track: Traffic Club., MARY KAY GERBER: Dalton High School 1: Fresh- man Chorus: Sophomore Chorus: Robed Choir: Campus Club: Traffic Club: Girls' Ensemble: Blue and Gold Staff: Band: Dra- matic Club: Dramatic Club Play. RONALD GERKEN: F.F.A.: Traffic Club, Traffic Council. SHARON JO GRAHAM: Clearwater Fla. 2,3: Pep Club: Traffic Club: Campus Club: Monitor: Dramatic Club: So-Hi: Hi-Tri: Spanish Club. GERRY GUTENSOHN: "S" Club: Spanish Club: Basketball: Traffic Club: Track: Campus Club. SANDRA HABERER: Jr. Red Cross: Latin Club: Freshman Chorus: Pep Club: Student Coun- cil: Sophomore Chorus: Robed Choir: Traf- fic Club: Campus Club, sec. 4: Dramatic Club: Mixed Quartet: Blue and Gold Staff: Prom. LOIS HACKER: F.H.A.: Jr. Red Cross: Freshman Dance: So-Hi: Hi-Tri: Sophomore Chorus: Sophomore Dance: Traffic Club: Campus Club: Script: Pep Club: Dramatic Club: G.A.A. Exec. Board, pres. 4: Monitor: Prom. WENDELL HANSON: Basketball: Track: "Su Club: Traffic Club. JANE HARTING: F.H.A.: Sophomore Chorus: Script. DONALD HAUGER: Honor Society: Quill and Scroll: Script, Ed.: Freshman Chorus: Soph- omore Chorus: Robed Choir: Campus Club: Debate: Dramatic Club: Dramatic Club Play: Contest Play: Senior Play: Student Council: Traffic Club: Latin Club: Science Club: Bas- ketball. DONALD HOLBROOK: Freshman Chorus: Sopho- more Chorus: Camera Club: Campus Club: Student Council: Monitor. JUDY HOOGEVEEN: G.A.A. treas. 3: Dramatic Club: Pep Club, treas.: Dramatic Club Play: So-Hi: Hi-Tri, pres. 4: Traffic Club Council, treas.: Freshman Chorus: Sophomore Cho- rus: Robed Choir: Spanish Club, treas. 4: Script: Campus Club. CHARLES HOOVER: Wrestling: Football: "S" Club: Robed Choir: Freshman Chorus: Sophomore Chorus: Traffic Club. CARL HUFFMAN: "S" Club: Baseball: Basketball: Track: Football: Traffic Club. PAUL HUNTER: Oakland, Calif. High School 3: Football: Basketball: Track: Co-Ed Council: Freshman Chorus: Campus Club: Traffic Club: Student Council. NANCY CAROL HURD: Chadwick High School I,2: Dixon High School 2,3: F.H.A. treas. 2: Sophomore Chorus: Campus Club. PATRICIA HURLESS: Freshman Chorus: Latin Club: F.H.A.: Traffic Club: Campus Club: Librarian. PAULINE JACOBS: F.H.A.: Freshman Chorus: Soph- omore Chorus: Monitor. DAVID JAMISON: F.F.A.: Bowling: Traffic Club: Monitor. HOWARD JANSSEN: F.F.A. treas. I, Sent. 2, vice- pres. 3, pres. 4: Prom: Baseball: Basketball: Traffic Club: Campus Club: Square Dance Club: Monitor. BEVERLY JOHNSON: Latin Club: Pep Club: Dra- matic Club: Freshman Chorus: Sophomore Chorus: Robed Choir: F.T.A.: Freshman Dance: Prom: Campus Club: Blue and Gold Staff: Traffic Club. DONNA JOHNSON: Freshman Chorus: F.H.A.: Sophomore Chorus: Traffic Club: Monitor. PEGGY JOHNSON: F.H.A.: Traffic Club. SUE KANNAKA: Jr. Red Cross, treas. 1: Freshman Chorus: Sophomore Chorus: Hi-Tri: So-Hi: G.A.A. Exec. Board: Cheerleader: Class vice- pres. 2: Dramatic Club: Traffic Club: Pep Club: F.H.A.: Campus Club: Student Coun- cil: Band, pres.: Robed Choir: Homecoming Queen: Sophomore Dance. RUTH KILGUS: Latin Club: F.T.A.: Librarian: Fresh- man Chorus: Sophomore Chorus: Robed Choir: Script: Dramatic Club: Honor Society. SUE KILHEFNER: F.H.A.: Monitor: Prom. DANNY KINDLE: Student Council: Freshman Cho- rus: Sophomore Chorus: Robed Choir: Foot- ball: Basketball: Traffic Club: Pep Club: Campus Club. BRUCE KUNDE: "S" Club, pres. 4: Prom: Campus Club: Traffic Club: Pep Club: Football: Basketball: Track: Baseball: Freshman Cho- rus. LEONA KURK: G.A.A. Exec. Board: Jr. Red Cross: Student Council: Dramatic Club: Band: F.H.A.: Campus Club: Traffic Club: Librar- lan. DICK LARSON: Freshman Chorus: Basketball: Traf- fic Club Council: Football: Track: Science Club: Campus Club: Camera Club: Golf: Pep Club: Prom. JOYCE LATHROP: F.H.A.: Pep Club: Dramatic Club: Sophomore Dance: Prom: Script: Librarian. JANICE LENHART: Jr. Red Cross: F.H.A.: F.T.A.: Freshman Chorus: Sophomore Chorus: Dra- matic Club: Pep Club: Prom: Campus Club: Monitor. RICHARD LINBOOM: Football: Basketball: Base- ball: "S" Club. SHIRLEY LINDSAY: Freshman Chorus: Sophomore Chorus: Robed Choir: F.H.A.: G.A.A.: Traf- fic Club: Script: Prom: Mixed Quartet: Class sec. 4: Dramatic Club: Librarian: Band: Cam- pus Club. LEONARD LINK: Traffic Club: F.F.A.: Cross Coun- try: "S" Club: Campus Club. RICHARD LITTLE: Monitor. ANN LUNDSTROM: Freshman Dance: Freshman Chorus: Sophomore Chorus: Campus Club: Jr. Red Cross: Script: Dramatic Club: Prom. JOE LUTTRELL: Traffic Club: Bowling. GENE LYON: LINDA McCOY: Freshman Chorus: Sophomore Cho- rus: Robed Choir: Student Council: French Club, vice-pres. 3: F.H.A., sec. 1, vice-pres. 2, pres. 3,4-: Campus Club: Traffic Club: Jr. Red Cross: F.T.A.: Class Treasurer 2: Script. GENE McFALLS: F.F.A.: Traffic Club. DONALD McGUIREr Football: Track: Baseball: Freshman Chorus: Sophomore Chorus: Traf- fic Club: Basketball: "S" Club: Pep Club. RALPH MACHAEL: Football: Track: Freshman Cho- rus: Sophomore Chorus: Wrestling: Traffic Club: Pep Club: Campus Club: Robed Choir: Science Club. GAYLE MACLENNAN: F.H.A.: Monitor: Campus Club. RETA MEINERS: F.H.A.: Freshman Chorus: Soph- omore Chorus: Traffic Club: Prom: Pep Club: Monitor. KAY MELCHI: G.A.A.: Latin Club: Campus Club: Freshman Chorus: Sophomore Chorus: So- Hi: Hi-Tri: Pep Club: Jr. Red Cross. CAROL MICHEL: St. Ann's High School 3: Fresh- man Chorus: Sophomore Chorus: Robed Choir: Band: G.A.A.: Script: Blue and Gold Staff: So-Hi: Hi-Tri: Latin Club, pres, 2: Pep Club: Freshman Dance: Sophomore Dance: Prom: Campus Club: Traffic Club: Dramatic Club. MAXINE MILLER: F.H.A.: Freshman Chorus: Soph- omore Chorus: Librarian. BARBARA MINOGUE: F.H.A.: Prom: Pep Club: Librarian. RONNIE MITCHELL: Football: Bowling: Wrestling: Script: Traffic Club. JERROLD V. MOORE: Camera Club: "S" Club: Wrestling, Mgr.: Square Dance Club: Span- ish Club: Monitor. JERRY DONALD MOORE: Freshman Chorus: Soph- omore Chorus: "S" Club: Camera Club: Science Club: Basketball: Script: Traffic Club: French Club: Campus Club: Pep Club. ROBERT MOOREHEAD: Football: "SH Club: Traflic Club: Wrestling EVELYN MOOREHEAD: Freshman Chorus: Soph- omore Chorus: F.H.A.: G.A.A:: Sophomore Dance: Prom Monitor. JOHN MUELLER: Football: Dramatic Club, treas. 4: Debate, pres.: Traflic Club: Latin Club: Cam- pus Club: "S" Club: Science Club, sec.- treas.: Dramatic Club Play: Contest Play: Senior Play. SHERRAL MUSGROVE: So-Hi: Hi-Tri: Freshman Chorus: Sophomore Chorus: Robed Choir: Dramatic Club: Campus Club: Spanish Club, pres. 4-3 Traffic Club: Pep Club: Script: Prom: G.A.A. DON OHDA: Football: Track. ELDA OHMS: F.H.A.: Freshman Chorus: Sophomore Chorus: Pep Club: Sophomore Dance: Prom: Monitor: Trafiic Club. JIM OLDS MARGIE ORTIZ: F.H.A.: Freshman Chorus: Jr. Red Cross: Spanish Club: Traffic Club: Librarian: Monitor: Prom. LOUIS PARKER TOMMY PATTEN: Football. WARREN PATTEN: Football: Basketball: Monitor. NORMA PETERSON: Monitor. CHUCK PEUGH RONALD PINEDA: Wrestling. RUTH PITTS: Rock Falls High School: F.H.A. Band: Prom. AURORA PIZARRO: Script: Prom: Monitor. ROGER POLZIN: Cross Country: Spanish Club: Band: Track: "S" Club: Traffic Club. PATRICIA RASMUSSEN: Freshman Chorus: Soph- omore Chorus: Pep Club: Trafiic Club: Prom: Campus Club: Monitor. JUDITH REENTS: Latin Club: So-Hi: G.A.A.: Pep Club: Campus Club: Traffic Club: Freshman Chorus: Sophomore Chorus: Robed Choir: Band, sec. 3: Honor Society, vice-pres.: B19 and Gold Co-Editor: Student Council: Dra- matic Club: Prom. JOHN REITZEL ELIZABETH ANN RICHTER: Student Council: Honor Society: Latin Club: Freshman Cho- rus: Sophomore Chorus: Robed Choir: G.A.A.: Campus Club: So-Hi: Hi-Tri: Dra- matic Club, treas. 4: Sophomore Dance: Prom: Pep Club: Blue and Gold Staff: Traffic Club: Class treas. 4. DIANNA RODEN: G.A.A. vice-pres. 3: F.H.A.: Spanish Club, treas.: Dramatic Club, vice- pres. 4: Freshman Chorus: Sophomore Cho- rus: Robed Choir: Pep Club: Class vice-pres. 3: Traffic Club Council: Campus Club: Stu- dent Council pres. 4-: Blue and Gold Staff: So-Hi: Prom. WAYNE REUBRIGHT: Rock Falls High School 1,3: Monitor: "S" Club: Prom: Basketball: Foot- ball: Traffic Club: Track: Baseball. JUDY RUDOLPH: F.H.A.: Freshman Chorus: Pep Club: Monitor: Prom: Blue and Gold Staff. DONNA RUSSELL: Milledgeville High School 1,2: F.H.A.: Pep Club: Monitor. GORDON SAMPSON: Robed Choir: Monitor: Foot- ball: Campus Club: Freshman Chorus: Soph- omore Chorus. MARGARET SANDERS: F.H.A.: Freshman Chorus: Sophomore Chorus: Robed Choir: Girls, Ensemble Band: Prom: Pep Club. BARBARA SAUNDERS: Student Council: Dramatic Club: Traffic Club: Pep Club: Campus Club: F.H.A.: Script: Blue and Gold Staff: Prom: Freshman Chorus: Sophomore Chorus: Robed Choir: Band: Freshman Dance: Soph- omore Dance: Band: G.A.A. Exec. Board: So-Hi treas.: Girls' Ensemble: French Clum: Honor Society. EDWARD SCHWAB: Dramatic Club: Debate. SALLY SCOTT: Dramatic Club: Traffic Club: Pep Club: Campus Club: Script: Blue and Gold Co-Editor: Band: Sophomore Dance: Prom: G.A.A.: So-Hi: Hi-Tri: Latin Club: Co-Ed Council, pres. 4: Quill and'Scroll. DONALD SEELEY CAROL SEIDEL: F.H.A.: Sophomore Chorus. EDITH SHANK: Freshman Chorus: Sophomore Cho- rus: Robed Choir: Girls Ensemble: Latin Club: Campus Club: Jr. Red Cross: Traffic Club. LEO SHAWVER: Monitor. MARTHA SHERMAN: G.A.A.: Dramatic Club: Dra- matic Club Play: Band: Trailic Club: Fresh- man Chorus: Sophomore Chorus: Robed Choir: Pep Club: Campus Club: So-Hi: Hi- Tri: Honor Society: Sophomore Dance: Freshman Dance: Prom. VIVIAN SHUMAN: F.H.A.: Freshman Chorus: Script: Monitor: Campus Club. SHIRLEY TENE SKROGSTAD: So-Hi: Hi-Tri: Dra- matic Club Co-Ed Council, pres. 2, vice-pres. 4-5 Freshman Chorus: Sophomore Chorus: Student Council: Jr. Red Cross: Cheerlead- ing: F.H.A.: Traffic Club: Script: Freshman Dance: Prom: Monitor: Pep Club: Campus Club. JOYCE SPEER: F.H.A. vice-pres. 4: Pep Club: Jr. 9 Red Cross: French Club: Freshman Chorus: Sophomore Chorus: Dramatic Club: F.T.A., pres. 4: Student Council: Campus Club: Monitor: Prom. AUDREY KAY STANLEY: Pep Club: Square Dance Club: Campus Club: Script: Monitor: Prom. SUE STEINHAGEN LARRY STERENBERG: Football: Basketball: Track: "S" Club, sec. 3, pres. 4: Traflic Club Coun- cil, pres.: Campus Club, vice-pres.: Sopho- more Dance: Prom: Blue and Gold Stalf: Freshman Chorus: Sophomore Chorus: Robed Choir: Hi-Y. COLIN STEWART STANLEY STOCKTON: Football. NYLA STRIKE: Tampico High School I: Freshman Chorus: Sophomore Chorus: Band: Jr. Red Cross: Pep Club: Traffic Club: G.A.A.: Dra- matic Club: Campus Club. KENNETH STROCK: Monitor. IANE THUMMEL: Freshman Chorus: Sophomore Chorus: Robed Choir: F.T.A.: Script: Latin Club: Band: Freshman Dance: J r. Red Cross: Dramatic Club: Prom: Campus Club: Stu- dent Council: Girls Ensemble. LOWELL TILLMAN: Cross Country: Wrestling: Track: Script: Campus Club: Dramatic Club: Librarian: Co-Ed Council: Bowling: "S" Club: Traffic Club. GEORGE TUFT: Baseball: Band. JERRY TURNER: Tennis: Cross Country. LEE TYNE: Science Club vice-pres. 1, sec. 2,3: Camera Club, pres. 3: Traffic Club: Dramatic Club: French Club: Debate: Prom: Robed Choir: Boys Quartet: Honor Society: Fresh- man Chorus: Sophomore Chorus: Quill and Scroll, vice-pres. 4: Blue and Gold photogra- pher and Business Mgr.: Photo Ed. of Script. EDWARD USELMANN: Monitor: Bowling. ROBERT VARY: Wrestling: Football: Traflic Club: Track: "S" Club. LOIS VLAD: So-Hi: Jr. Red Cross: Dramatic Club: Pep Club: Prom: Freshman Dance: Monitor: Librarian: Freshman Chorus: Sophomore Dance: Scrip WILLIAM WADE GEORGIA WADSWORTH: Class sec. I: Freshman Chorus: Sophomore Chorus: Latin Club: De- bate, sec. 2,4-: Dramatic Club, pres. 4-: Quill and Scroll: Honor Society: Campus Club: Script, Feat. Ed.: Dramatic Club Play. LINDA WAGNER: Freshman Chorus: Sophomore Chorus: Robed Choir: G.A.A. Exec. Board: Script: So-Hi: Latin Club, vice-pres. 2: Pep Club: Campus Club: TraFfic Club, vice-pres.: Prom: Dramatic Club: Youth Council. JOANNE WALTERS: F.T.A.: Latin Club: Pep Club: So-Hi: Hi-Tri: Campus Club: Script: Dra- matic Club: Monitor: Sophomore Dance Prom. PATSY WEEKS: F.H.A.: Monitor. CAROL WETZELL: Honor Society: Band: Blue and Gold Staff: Script: Youth Council: G.A.A.: Robed Choir: Freshman Chorus: Sophomore Chorus: Pep Club: Traffic Club: Campus Club: Spanish Club: Prom: Dramatic Club: Cheerleader: Sophomore Dance: So-Hi: Hi- Tri5 Class treas. 1. SHIRLEY WHALEY: Campus Club: F.H.A., sec. 3,4-: Dramatic Club: Pep Club: Prom: Freshman Chorus: Sophomore Chorus: Monitor: Stu- dent Council, sec. 4. CHARLOTTE WHIPPLE: Ohio High School I: Pep Club: Square Dance Club: Script: Prom: Tral'Iic Club: Monitor: F.H.A.: Campus Club. GLEN WICKS: Football: "SM Club: Bowling: Track: Monitor: Traffic Club: Freshman Chorus. CAROL BETH WILKINSON: Freshman Chorus: Sophomore Chorus: Robed Choir: Spanish Club: Pep Club: So-Hi: Hi-Tri: Prom: Cam- pus Club: Dramatic Club: Script: Traffic Club: F.H.A.: Freshman Dance. EDWARD WILLIAMS: Traffic Club: Bowling. ROBERT WIRE: Warren High School I,2: Football: Track: "S" Club: Traffic Club: Monitor. EARL WOLF: Freshman Chorus: Sophomore Chorus: Robed Choir: Wrestling: Tennis: Basketball, Mgr.: Spanish Club, pres. 3: Campus Club: Student Council. VELMA WOLFLEY: Freshman Chorus: Sophomore Chorus: Pep Club: Script, Pro. Mgr.: Blue and Gold Staff: Monitor: Student Council: Honor Society: Prom. .IOANNE WOODYATT: F.H.A.: Freshman Chorus. ROBERT YALE: Spanish Club: Campus Club: Cam- era Club: Traffic Club. MERVIN ZEIGLER: Freshman Chorus: Sophomore Chorus: Robed Choir: Traffic Club: "Sv Club Honor Society, pres.: Student Council: Boys Quartet: Mixed Quartet: Campus Club: Camera Club: Football. EUGENE ZINANNNI W Q H' -VH M '51 4 5 Q 1 if ' X A , L3 ss if 3' f gr ,rw Q wagml 'QMw.-www -, V hw iw? a nigga , ww X 55 Q' 5? M ,We Sgt W I4 'fgjux k E :Q S In 2 J 2 W' 1 Q -- Q ' Q 15 1 . K W W- ? 1 wg , L 1 A 5 if MW ' fm 2 I PK qwm + -QQ 2 X k , -. K , 3 fir : fie2,,a'i'w1i - I f i k- is ,Q 31 ff' ' 'f - mfg , Aa 4 H- . ' Q f fi? W fs? is Q f ev A hx, 'waz wb, ww - ff ' HWY H ww , x,1 : H 2 E . 2 qiw sz M fx, N W? PW A, .K UNDERCLASSMEN CWS- N R Cb C? X QQX 11 Q5 52 gi., Q M 76, X CV lll lvflfb Q Of X13 wf5,Vf,fQf'T"f7M' Qyf ' J WM W Q ff I YK ffmf QQ 6,1 N1 f Lv-An! .1210 L-1114!-7f5-7 DA-0f'.+fi7, i,.,,l,,1,f,2 f 41.111 o ltd! 'Agx I ,L -ff.A'f1fi1',.t, - f J umor Class .awww gf ff-fff 13"-fi! .fffln Sd after' Qs W X Seated: Judy Sommers, Gary Hunsburger. Standing: Miss Shaver, Gary Wheelock, Gerald Wise, Frank Wagner, Don Cox, Mr. Clopper. As upperclassmen, the class of 1957 had a very successful year. The class was led by Gary Wheelock, president, Gary Hunsburger, vice-president, Frank Wagner, secretary, Gerald Wise, treasurer, and Judy Sommers and Don Cox, Student Council representatives. The Junior class was advised by Miss Shaver and Mr. Clopper. By hard work and ingenuity, the Juniors entered the first prize float in the Homecom- ing Parade. Again, the main project this year was the Prom. Selling candy was the main money project for this lovely affair which was again held in the field house. 44 , Y? wr "T ' w. OO!- OF! l Rau' I.' Kathy Blair. Barh Argraxcs. Rita Boseneilcr. Ardyce Biggs, Becky Bc-auchainp, Judy Baer. Row 2: Lois Bosenffilfrr, Sally Brotheridgv, Sheryl Benishffk. Karon Brandt, Sandra Bragg, Carman Butt, Bemrly Banos. Row 3: Bonnie Bowman, Peggy Brown, Darlene Burgess. Linfla BHlfllPy.,l0i1Il Bofrsf-. loyve Bllffllklllilll.BPHYBlIPlilllgl'121IIl.,lZ!Hf'lBUl'lli1I1ilIl.R01l'4iBlll Brioklv. Bill Allen, Chuck Bramlt. ,lohn Beihrf'nfll.Johr1 Bolluiar, l.ililiy Bignall. Row 1: Mary Louise Johnson, Myrna Rae Dornbusoh, Bc-verly Card, ,ludith Harting, Mari Elyne Docring, Karon Cluver, Celia Con- zalez, Shirley Fransvn. Row 2: Donna Gerken, Sharon Carbaugh. ,loymf Crawford, Karon Elincnrlorf, Barbara Eberlv, Dolores Feather, Kav Ernst. Shirley Erb. Row 3: Dori Cox. Rav Espinoza, Al Dixon, Keith Cassf-ns, Charlie Ch3Tlf?Sl0Il. Shirley Hoiison. Row 4: Ed Fassler, Larry Fulfs. Dean Clark. Hal Farver, Gerry Hunsburgor, Marion Duuuk. Jerry Echeharria. 45 at-K ,Z V7 Q57 wr" Q? li Row 1: Karen Kosier, Peggy Kent. loan McNeil, Carolyn Larson, Marilyn Kraft, Lois Mayberry. Row 2: Manuel Gonzalez, Orvillr- Hodge, Joan Mavhael, Linda Lehman. Cherylo Hushnrgsrr, Nanny He-in, Janivf- MCDQ-armon. Rau' 3: Bonita Kalnmalis, Doris Hippen, Carol Leesman, Jane Johnson, Jackie Hue-nger, Ann Hf'nflrim'ks. Smairla Grikmaniw, Margie Mc-0. Row 4: Gerald Hartman. Bill Gart- nr-r. Bill He-iniz, Ailt Hippvn. Dave Hippen, Duane Johnson. Tom Li1iiclr1L1ist,Wffs King. '-ar. ' 4533 4'-f' 5 T v wx Fw Wi 'sy' 'S I Row I: Pal Rf-in, Connis- Proctor, Mary Jam- Rajnowski, Kay Oltmanns. BarhR1-'vrl.J111lyPowvll.R0u'2:Maryl.ouOvffrholsor, Sharon Morris.,lani1'ff Rohr-rt, flaylv Mini+1r.Vvra Mll5LII'HN'!'. Karon Pivkrvl. Rl71l'.3fVPFl11lIl I,oi1g!Xr1r'ly Kulikoxski. Ted Maxwf-ll. Cvorge Marshall, Hari Mullan, Art Mvniloza. Rl4'l'llll'fl flm'rrvr'o. Rau' -1: Dani KkxSl4xl'. Rav Pvngh, Dvwain lrlvrvloril. Tvrl l"c'nhollow, Bill Hutton, John HlglDy',R11I1Mlllf'f'..lIHl King. 16 fiillf T7 Row 1: Sandy Snyrlcr. Lffannf- Shippcc. Linda Shultz. Beverly Wollner. Vicki Wiiig, Judy Wiemkeri. .Joyce Woessrier. Sophia Skrog- starl. Rou' 2: Marilyn Warren. Lou Scott. Irene Stern. Mary Zimmerman. Lila Schaefer, John Lair. Joyce Smith, Janice Wade. Joyce Springrnan. Rou' 3: Jim MvKve. Larry Penley. Norman Myers.Ja1'k Whalcy', Frank Wagner, Daxid Lutyf-ns. Don Schmitt, Johnny Razo. Rau' 4: Stan Millcr. Miko Knapp. Phil Near. Ronald Russell. David Wcmrmds. Calf' Ziglar. Bill Schwab. Boh Morris, Jack Snow, . 'iv A, N ,I - " fifi, Q ' g- 'L -V R0ll'lSN3I1Cf Wir-tm-l. Kai Stanlv-y. Nlury l,ou wl1'lIgf'f..lilIl1'l Stvrn. Louise- Waillis. lillffn Slvwarl. liiannl' Sw-hlu. Ron' 2: Roiiahl Wilscy. Esthf-1-Sluipp. Sharon Ty lvr. llurol Sinroll. Shirlvy Schultz. Sztllx Wi-nrlvll. Joan Wlirv. Joyce- Wlirth. Wiarre-ii Smith. Run' 3: RonD1'ttman. Don WY9lSf'IlllQ'Fgl'I'. Don W1-ich-l,l.vv Van Kanlpvn. Earl Stanlcy. Wlaxm- Dirks. Gary Wli1'm'lc:1'k. John Tiiriivr. Bill Tarncr. Rau' -1: lVlf'lXlll Strock. Fi'crlc'i'ivk Ulwna. filanilv Saxon. Ucralzl Wvisv, Kl'IlSlIlIlt'l.,JCTllI1Sllf'lfl1H1,Rl1'l1Sf'l4ll''llI'gIf' Stcxciis. Dax P Ste-inharh. 47 Sophomore Class The Sophomores completed a successful and busy year under the advisorship of Miss Marjorie Schu- maker and Mr. R. ,lune Lee and the leadership of president Bev Deets, vice-president David Davis, secretary Ken Engel, treasurer Judy Bressler, and student Council representative Brian Buyers. In February the annual Valentine Dance was sponsored by the Sophomores. Their clever ideas and dif- ferent approach turned it into one of the big social successes of the school year. The class also selected their beautiful and very modern class rings. New P mu WW GSXR? W6 Www ,MM M BM' Seated: Dave Davis, Beverly Deets, Miss Schumaker. Standing: Judy Bressler, Kenny Engel, Mr. Lee, Brian Buyers. 48 4 ff 3, '21 5 .V VVKJ ef' 1. :K ' I A k, ' 7 ' -,if l ' A S . 5 1 L 'B ' . I Row I: Wilma Burger, Dorothv Clopton, Carmen Cauclillo, Marie Bopes, Bev Crider, Barbara Billings. Row 2: Linda Pin1n1itt,Jovce Burgf-ss.,li111Buisvli. Hoe Doon. lXdl'f'll lialwr, Rosalie All1l4'l'SUlI. Kimi 3: liunnir- ilapp. Charles Bt'llSllIgl'l'. ,lutli Bolilke11..l111lyBr:-ssler. Samlv Brvssler. .lane Blovlx. Rav Book. llliarle-s Carts-r, Run' -1: Larry Bollnian. lavk Boiiinwile-. Brian Buw-rs. Willizirn Bellows, Douglas Arfluini. Aclclie Ex ans. .lim lliiI'I'k1g1lN'l'. .luim-s Bvnkitis. 4..,,.-f Row 1: Frances Cavenaugh, Neva Eslick, Janet Foltz, Bev Deets, Marry Ellis. Row 2: .lanet Combs, Joanna Dalldorf, Rosemary Esch, Donna Elsesser, Donna Erb, Nita Espinoza, Tom Doty. Row 3: Judie Eveland, Margaret Cballand, Don Edling, Dick Herr, Donna Crof- ton, Connie Barnes. Elaine Burgess, Ronald Huston. Row 4: Ken Engel, Bob Elfine, Jack Finkle, David Crofton, Tom Henson, Gordon Hansen, George Biller. Douglas Fell. 49 ft H I 1 Row 1: Linda Hurley, Jane Hanger, Janet Luptak, Patricia Herhon, Linda Kosier, Nancy Gronis. Row 2: Mary Lou Harper, Sandra Johnson, Nan Kiscr, Cheryl Harms, Phyllis Harms. Judy Cowan, Carolyn Harrington. Row 3: Jack Kindle, Ralph Helms, Tom Ingram, Penny Heffelfinger, Walter Kilgus, Steve Heller, Les Johnson, John Kreider. Row 4: Stephan Hill, Loren Hollaway, Ronald Hussung, Lyle Johnson, Richard King, David Hurd, Warren Handel. M new-S ff Row I.' June Holmquist, Marilyn Hackbarth, Beverly Grim, Lois King, Nan Lahman. Lorel King. Row 2: Shelby Little. Rosemary Howard, Jan Jackson, Kathy McClintock, Barbara Nici-, Connie Mitchell, Mary Kay Mcfllaughlin. Row 3: Rolland Lindsay, W4-lelfiri Long, Stanley Lawrence, Weldon Otten, Larry Longanecker, Milton Linton, Billy Jones. Row 4: Oren Myer, Gary Longaneeker, Ed Lalferty, Dave Lockhart, Brad Ludwig, George Kleim, Larry Lenhart, Jackie Hale. 50 Row 1: Lova Miller, Shirley Linboom, Patricia Nance, Pat Pierce, Georgia Propheter, Linda McMiIlian. Row 2: Kay Myers, Dottie Morris, Nancy Peugh, Nancy Robert, Mary Patten, Mary McCune, Kay Ohda. Row 3: David Seidel, Donald Matznivk, Linda Needy, Bob Popheter, Gary Rude, Joe Myers, Charlie Oritz. Row 4: Jim Mattison, Steve Moore, Donald Meyer, Caroll Minogue, Bill Man- field, Chuck Peterson, Terry Rhyne, Jim Payer. 1 Row 1: Shirley Warren, Dorothy Whitaker, Donna Wheeler, Judy Williams, Bev Scham. Row 2: Pat Schoaf, Zana Rinehart, Judy Seidel, Nancy Sulouff, Joan Stewart. Row 3: John Reeser, John Rubright, Victor Scribner, Judy Pettorini, Nancy Reiter, Lyle Snyder. Row 4: Richard Scott, Don Schaver, Russell Willis, Charles Reecher, Ken Taualii, Bill Young. 51 Row 1: Beverly Turner, Annie V ilder, Carolyn Van Blair, Sandra Reiger. Row 2: LaVerne Wolfley, Marc Wilson, Doris Wade, James Rosene, Jerry Sucher. Row 3: Cathy Roth, Audrey Smith, Richard Wagenknecht, Lenore Zaeske, Betty Tuft. Row 4: Donald Wilson, Doug Selden, Duane Bellar, Larry Zeigler, Richard Wolf, John Wurth. Q 5 Bo. 52 In Memoriam-Larry Woodring 1 Hopefully, eagerly Was he pressing on, Doing his best, looking forward To the future, Holding the thread of life Firm in his patient hands, Then God deemed fit To cut the thread, to bear him away. Do not mourn, He is happy there. But-we miss him. -C. G.M. 53 Freshman Class gg Left to right: Sue Scott, Richard Williams, Mr. Brandau, ,lean Myers, Ken Small, Ed Wesner, Mrs. Mee. By entering the largest Freshman Class in the history of our high school, the Class of '59 immediately became an important group in our student body. Once again the main projects of the class were the Fresh- man Mixer and Freshman Picnic. Elected to head this class were: Ken Small, presidentg Sue Scott, vice-presidentg Jean Myers, secretaryg Ed Wesner, treasurer, and Dick Williams, Student Council repre- sentatlve. Once again, Mrs. Margaret Q -J? Mee and Mr. Curtis Brandau f 26' . . , 'Y - guided and advised the Fresh- lr , ,, A r W tp: man Class. X X J' 5 X Ny sf 'J-X 1 ff! u if? it ', Q ff- " x '-ijfff XX 41 4 K X 54 if ,- Row I: Margaret Bivkforfl. 'Nlargarvt Blair, Kari-n Adams. Virginia Andreas, Nikki Allen. Sandy Argraxes, Mary .lo Brotht-ridge, Row 2: ,laniea Agile, Bill Brooks. Blaine- Benson, Pat Bl'1'li,BilI'lHll'ilM2ll'gilI'l'l Bowman, David Bfillllfj,I1ilXl'l'lH'BlUSS4'l'. Rout 3: Tillie- Auilanlurlith Bender. Jim ll1'gg4fi'4m. ,liin Brain-r, lilllllil Bl'i1lll1'y,,lLlIll" Baiws.'Ki'isleeii Ahling. Row 4: Daxid Allen. Norman Benters Clarenve Boyer, Kenni-Ili Av-lson. Daxid B1-ziiirlianip. Darly Bavkman, Arlyn Bravkvrnyc-i'. -", , wah-at i Y , V V . ve ' , ft, are 1' 'il I is y i 3 Xt 1 S .2 fx l i i 1 i ' ' i l 'A Y ' . ' .--f 3 ai ":: Q.-If .5 7 Row I: Susan Clark, Ernestina Castillo, Margaret Caudillo, Barbara Charleston, Susie Deets, Ann Dieckmann. Row 2: Ronald Dirks, ,lean Chenour, Alice Charleston, Betsy Demshar, Bonnie Card, Connie Doty, Gene Coats. R01413: Philip Connell, Lloyd Casey, Brenda Compton, Diana Dahlquist, Cherie Cummings, Carol Crofton, Bob Cecil, George Davis. Row 4: Dick Bittner, Mike Albert, Richard Dawson, Ed Colville, Myron Deets, Ray Carlson, Larry Colherg. 15 E 6 k..: 'Nuf- and Row 1: Alice Espinoz:-1,llla Freas, Maria Hernandez, Marlene Carwick, Caroline Fowleres, June Fransen. Row 2: Sandy Elliot, Susie Hawkins, Fran Farver, Nancy Ebersole, Ellen Carey. Beverly Folkers, Mary Rita Gartner, Sheila Dooley. Row 3: Paul Cahoon, Tim Frazer, Eugene Froeliger, Ray Clopton, Richard Eycrsole, Walt Giffrow, David Erby. Row 4: Roger Criego, Pete Garcia, Bob Field- ing, David Drane, Larry Dejonge, Cary Elmendnrf, Martin Genkinger. El 'E .WM Row 1: Carolyn Hess, Sandra Harting, Maryjane Howe, Alice Hernandez, Barbara Hubbard, Barbara lmmel. Row 2: Kathy Gerlach, Susan Goshert, Nancy Hinrichs, Connie Jackson, Judy Johnson, June Cowan, Joan Cehring. Row 3: Larry Handel, Mark Ellis, Terry Flynn, Elsie Hook, Sharon Johnson, Edward Girton, Larry Gerlach, Row 4: Jack Jachyra, Ralph Gonzalez, Dick Harms, Wayne Haan, Richard Hinz, Louie Guerrero, Stephen Hart, Eugene Hafner, 56 V 5. , 'N' 'Hi X V V ,Li .my W HHN W7 v S , ' -n ew . Row 1: Phyllis Little, Diana Kauffmen, Carol Meiners, Jeanette Kosier, Linda Matthews, Rebecca Mendoza, Marion Linboom. Row 2: Sandra Lyon, Sandra Larsen, Marjorie Knuth, Donna Keeling, Barbara Loos, Lana Lehman, Betty Legel. Row 3: Carolyn Kilroy, Aina Levalds, Frank Leisner, Bob McCormick, Jon Keiser, Beverly Long, Mike McDaniel. Row 4: Dennis Love, Robert Link, Irvin Kendell, Kenneth Leitz, William Metcalf, Bob McCloud, Neil Morehead. isgis 'x Row 1: Dianne McDearmon, Carol Overholser, Norma Mammosser, Darlene Muller, Sharon McLaughlin, Jean Myers. Row 2: Keith Meiners, Judy Moorehead, Susan Lunclstrom, Diane Kontos, Arlene Michels, Dave Miller, Richard Portner. Row 3: Evan Moore, Larry Patton, Elisabeth Lamm, Judy Landes, Pat McFadden, June Lee, Lawrence Morris, Tony Morales. Row 4: Bill Oswald, Frank Near, John Milles, Leroy Pizarro, Cary Noon, Monte Nornhold, Lyle Musselman. 57 ,rw 17' Y W Y ,, 2' 1 , JP is st - -f.. Mmfr'fL:i,12f551 . Q31 ,: ,3 " I we .- f c , - ' V J l r at - AP efti iiif fg ff - ill! E . 5, , rl' - , if Row 1: Carol June Meldorf, Peggy Robinson, Edith Mellinger, Betsy Mueller, Pat Rockwell. Judy Rausch. Row 2: Wilbur Sage, Trudy Roth, Susan Revzan, Rita Pizarro, Jean Robinson, Sharon Penhollow, Tom Stcinhagen. Row 3: Harold Stewart, Jack Speer, Tom Razo, Norma Potts, Joyce Nailor, David Shearburn, Paul Rodriquez. Row 4: Harold Sage, Richard Sisson, Larry Rosengerg, Jerry Reecher, Ronald Rubright, Kenny Small, Jim Schreiner, Maurice Sweitzer. 1 .1 Q, Q- 5 4 157 Row 1: Barbara Turner, Dee Roney, Carol Jean Smith, Linda Townsend, Sharon Slifer, Marilyn Smith. Row 2: Leland Siperly, Mary Topp, Susie Scott, Janet Sanders, Janice Swemline, Sharon Schultz, Eunice Shipp, David Clardie. Row 3: Nora Taualii, Lance Ries- selman, Duane Stem, Mike Thomas, David Thomas, Don Propheter, Patricia Stoudt. Row 4: Nancy Smith, Jannet Taylor, Glenice Riddle, Clarice Stutzke, Judy Sanders, Ann Schuneman, Nancy Stanley. 58 l - Row 1: Jean Walker, Joyce Williams, Sue Woodring, Phyllis Woessner, Sue Wetzel, Yvonne Yates, Shirley Wagner. Row 2: Lyle Wade, Richard Whaley, Lee Wolfe, Pat Wickey, Jayne Young, George Zook, Eddie Wesner, Clyde Wentling. Row 3: Paula Windsor, Sharon Wolfe, Wayne Wade. John Williams, Pat Virtue, Judy Wallingford, Janet Wetzell. Row 4: Dean Woodyatt, Jim Williams, Louis Zamhrano, Jim Tucker, Richard Williams, John Washburn, Dennis Yeager, Jerry Walling. 59 CLUBS an---MQ KT,- 5SSW GY 17 ,QRS 23? 3 E i 3. 5 "n Q9 af iQi Qi XVI? f' X f ff OZ WSW C7 x Q U 7' 121, nnual Editors Seated: Jim Zeigler, co-business manager, Lee Tyne, co-business manager, Sally Scott, co-editor, Judy Reents, co-editor: Carol Wet- zell, club staff editor. Standing: Earl Wolf, sport staff editor, Mr. Arthur Neahring, advisor: Bill Hutten, art editor, Bob Brown, photographer. Business Staff Row 1: Loretta Barajas, Velma Wolfley, Janet Bertsch, Kay Stanley, Charlotte Whipple, Jeanne Dwyer, Shirley Skrogstad. Row 2: Yvonne Dietz, Elda Ohms, Joyce Speer, Beverly Johnson, Lois Hacker, Libby Evans, Sue Kannaka, Linda Wagner. Row 3: Pat Bar low, Leona Kurk, Janice Lenhart, Judy Rudolph, Judy Hoogeveen, Carol Wetzell, Mary Jo Bickford, Martha Sherman. G2 Blue and Gold taff "Look at this picture,', "Where did that copy sheet go?', "Will this cartoon be O.K.?" Such are the sounds which go into making a yearbook. Along with these sounds, the click- ing of the typewriter is heard. This is usually caused by Beth Richter, our typist, to whom we owe a great deal of thanks. While looking through your annual, you will find two small Indians performing many antics. These were contributed by Bill Hutten, the art editor, whose clever pencil and ideas added so much to this annual. Other art designing was done by Dianna Roden. The beautiful shots of our campus and snapshots of this year's activities were pro- vided by the combined efforts of Bob Brown and Lee Tyne. What would an annual be with- out pictures? The written account of this year,s activities was done by Carol Wetzell and her club staff, Earl Wolf and his sports staff, and the editors. They deserve a big vote of thanks for their time and help. Last, but certainly not least, our thanks go to Mr. Neahring, our advisor. His patience, helpfulness, and suggestions were never-ending. Certainly, we could never have come through this year successfully without his help. Most of all, we hope you, the students of S.H.S., will enjoy our account of the events ofthe year l955-l956. THE EDITORS Seated: Mary Kay Gerber, Beth Richter, Sandra Haberer. Standing: Larry Sterenherg, John Mueller, Carol Michel, Joe Burk holder, Barbara Saunders, Dianna Roden, Velma Wolfley, Beverly Johnson. 63 Cript Y , .bn Q Seated: Pat Barlow, Donald Hauger, Mr. Jack Barnes, Phyllis Bielema. Standing: Georgia Wadsworth, Velma Wolfley, Sally Wendell Lowell Tillman, Judy Powell, Barb Re Z, Jaffa J ff W ff if Row 1: Bev Scham, Linda McCoy, Kathy Blair, Mary Lou Wenger, Barbara Bellows, Jean Myers. Row 2: Martha Sherman, Joyce Springman, Nan Lah man, Virginia Andreas, Shirley Erb, Judy Williams, Donna Erb. Row 3: Linda Wagner, Nancy Sulouff, Gayle Minier, Lila Schaefer, Jan Jackson, Nancy Reiter, Susan Revzan, Susan Lundstrom. Row 4: Margie Moore, Judy Mee, John Wurth, Bob Morris, Donald Wilson, Bill Manfield, Ann Schuneman, Pat Virtue. 64 Ten big issues of the Script this year were the result of a lot of hard work on the part of the editors. The editors had their own exclusive homeroom for the purpose of planning the issues. It was their task to see that all material was read, typed, proofread, and rewrit- ten, if necessary. This year they have put even more time into the publication by planning the layout of each issue. New columns were added which included the Ca. spus Corner, a column giving infor- mation on all phases of college education and articles on classes and jobs. The students who have volunteered so much time and efiiort to the publication of the Script were Don Hauger, editor-in-chief, Georgia Wadsworth, feature editor, Pat Barlow, news editor, Lowell Tillman, sports editor, Phyllis Bielema, business manager, Barb Reed, assistant business manager, Sally Wendell, exchange editor, Judy Powell, staff artist, Velma Wolfley, production manager. Mr. Jack Barnes was their helpful advisor. Row 1: Vicki Wing, Karen Kosier, Carol Overholser, Charlotte Whipple, Ruth Kilgus, Lois Vlad. Row 2: Sandy Bragg, Janet Combs Aurora Pizarro, Joanne Walters, Judy Bressler. Row 3: Jane Thummel, Mary Ho, Bickford, Judy Hoogeveen, Peggy Brown Barb Saunders, Joyc e Buchanan, Ann Lundstrom. Row 4: Janet Buchanan, Carol Leesman, Jane Johnson, Judy Wyatt, Sherral Musgrove Paula Windsor. 65 The ational Honor Society Row l.' Yvonne Dietz, Velma Wolhfgt, Pat Barlow, Phyllis Bielema, Ruth Kilgus, Linda McCoy. Row 2.' Elizabeth Richter, Carol Wetzell, Judy Reents, Barbara Sau ders, Georgia Vfadsworth, Nyla Strike. Row 3: Martha Sherman. Donald Hanger, Jim Zeller, r 1 iamlwcinm ee yne us in in a agner M.W'll' ',L ,T ,' A t',L'dW ,. New ' X In 1921 the National Honor Society was started because high school principals felt QV h .re was not enough recognition given to students who obtained high scholastic records. The local chapter of the society was organized in 1949. There are four main qualities which a student must possess to be chosen for member- X ship by the faculty. They are: scholarship, which is determined by grades for the four years, leadership, which is the ability to actually lead others or to inspire them towards , good thinking and worthwhile action, service, which is helpfulness and willingness to serve, and character, or one's moral standards and ideals. X New members are inducted by a very impressive "tapping" ceremony. They recite the pledge: Nl pledge myself to uphold the high purpose of the National Honor Society to which 1 have been elected, 1 will be loyal at all times to my school, and will maintain and V X encourage high standards of scholarship, leadership, character, and servicef, The now annual, "Hall Sock-Hopi' was sponsored as a pleasing variation ofthe usual juke-box dance, and necklaces with school emblems and charms were sold as a way to ob- tain money forthe scholarship fund. 66 uill and Scroll Seated: Pat Barlow, Sally Scott, Phyllis Bielema, Georgia Wadsworth. Standing: Lee Tyne, Don Hanger, Mr. Arthur Neahring. The Quill and Scroll is an honorary organ- ization for students who are outstanding in the journalistic field. To become a member, one must be on the Script or Annual Staff, a junior or senior in the upper third of his class in scholastic standing, and he must be recommended bythe advisor, Mr. Neahring. 'Ki N. f-"' , Rh ii Student ouncil Left to right: Tom Lundquist, Shirley Whaley, Mr. Dietz, Gary Weelock, Dianna Roden. This year's Student Council was busy making a new constitution for the student body. The organization also operated a school supply store for the student's convenience and for building up the treasury. The council sponsored the annual Twirp Season which was a delight to all boys concerned, but a little hard on the pocketbooks of the weaker sex. The group was under the leadership of Dianna Roden, presidentg Tom Lundquist, vice-presidentg Shirley Whaley, secretaryg Cary Wheelock, treasurerg and the guidance of Mr. Dietz. 68 Row 1: Phyllis Woessner, Susan Goshert, Kay Stanley, Mari Elyne Doering, Nikki Allen, Judy Summers, Velma Wolfley. Row 2: Barbara Nice, Tim Frazer, Joyce Soeer, Lila Schaefer. Bonnie Bowman, Bob McCormick, Judie Eveland, Aina Levalds, ,lan Boyengs. Row 3: Don Cox, Colin Stewart, Brian Buyers, Pat Virtue, Judy Reents, Pat Boyenga, Dave Davis, Earl Wolf, Bill Allen. Row 4: Neil Morehead, John Miller, Don Holbrook, Kenneth Axelson, Tom Hensen, Richard Wolf, Jon King, Richard Williams, Larry Lennart. 69 Campus Club Seated: Sandra Haberer, Miss Krughoff, Jim Austin. Standing: Shirley Whaley, Larry Sterenberg. The Campus Club is an organization for Juniors and Seniors who are prospective college students. The Senior ollicers were Jim Austin, president, Larry Sterenberg, vice- president, Sandra Haberer, secretary, and Shirley Whaley, Program Chairman. This club held monthly meetings, at which questions of scholarship, entrance applications, etc. were answered. Throughout the year, Seniors talked to college representatives for facts concerning their particular colleges. Junior girls were entertained at two teas given by the A.A.W. and the P.E.0.T. Miss Mildred Krughoff was the acting advisor. Row l: Yvonne Dietz, Phyllis Bielema, Kathy Blair, Pat Barlow, Carman Burr, Lois Boseneiler, Judy Baer. Row 2: Janet Bertsch, Mary Jo Biclcford, Sandy Bragg, Carol Wetzell, Marilyn Blair, Joyce Crawford, Joan Boese, Beverly Banes, Sally Brotheridge. Row 3: Janet Buchanan. Peggy Brown, Bonnie Bowman, Biruta Benkitis, Linda Bradley, Joyce Buchanan, Caroline Brauer, Darlene Burgess, Janice Boyungs, Barbara Conchola. Row 4: Edward Allison, Joe Bonneville, Walter Carolus, John Bellmar, Bob Brown, Jim Appen- zeller, Dan Kindle, Dick Larson, Slim Behrendt, Bill Allen. 70 .. .... . Row I: Ruth Kilgus, Joan Eshlenian, Sue Kaunaka, Judith Harting, Barb Bellows, Myrna Rae Dornbusch, Karen Kosier. Row 2: Becky Beauchamp. Lois Hacker, Sharon Graham. Judy Hoogeveen, Shirley Fransen, Beverly Johnson, Janice Lenhart, Donna Cer- ken. Row 3: Shirley Lindsay, Leona Kurk, Joan McNeil, Charles Hoover, Dean Clark, Mary Kay Gerber, Jane Johnson, Andy Kulikovski, Wes King, Dolores Feather. Rou' 4: Howard Janssen, John Landherr, Don Holbrook, Gerry Gutensohn, Harold Farver, Gerry Hunsberger. Bill Gartner, David Lutyens. Row 1: Judy Powell, Barb Reed, Sue Steinhagen, Karen Pickrel, Mari Elyne Doering, Linda McCoy Carolyn Larson. Row 2: Dianna Roden, Aurora Pizarro, Pat Hurless, Sally Scott, Margie Mee, Donna Bennett, Nan Hurd. Row 3: Ronnie Pineda, Gayle Minier, Joan Machael, Kay Melchi, Doris Hippen, Carol Leesman, Ann Hendricks, Judy Moore. Row 4: Tom Lundquist, Bruce Kunde, Jerrold Moore, Jerry Moore, Bill Hutten, Stan Miller, Bob Morris. 71 Row 1: Leanne Shippee, Kay Oltmanns, Shirley Skrogstad, Nyla Strike, Kay Stanley, Celia Gonzalez. Row 2: Linda Shultz, Gayle MacLennan, Lizanne Dillon, Ann Lundstrom, Elizabeth Richter, Vivian Shuman, Judy Wiemken, Vicki Wing. Row 3: John Mueller, Vera Musgrave, Lila Schaefer, Barb Saunders, Edith Shank, Judy Reents, Joyce Soeer, Norman Myers. Row 4: George Marshall, John Sheldon, Rich Seldon, Lee Tyne, Joe Burkholder, Leonard Link, Colin Stewart, Ed Schwab, Bill Tarner, Row 1: Janice Wade, Nancy Wetzel, Dianne Swehla, Mary Lou Wenger, JoAnne Woodyatt. Row 2: Martha Sherman, Linda Wagner, Sherrall Musgrove, Carol Wilkinson, Joan Wire, Sharon Tyler, Sally Wendell. Row 3: Carol Michel, Jane Thummel, Georgia Wads- worth, Joanne Walters, Judy Wyatt, Charlotte Whipple. Row 4: Bob Yale, Lowell Tillman, Gerald Wise, James Zeigler, Robert Wire, Frank Wagner, Gordon Sampson. 72 Dramatic Club Seated: Wes King, Dianna Roden, Georgia Wadsworth, John Mueller. Standing: Besh Richter, Frank Wagner, Mr. Clopper, Diane Swehla. The first big-accomplishment ofthe Dramatic Club was its successful performance of "Life With Father". Later in the year an evening of one-act plays was given exclusively by sohomores in the group. Early in the spring the club participated in the one-act play contest, members also took part in individual events in the speech con- ICSL The busy year was brought to a climax with a picnic for the purpose of electing next year,s officers. The group was led by Georgia Wadsworth, president, Dianna Roden, vice-president, Beth Richter, secretary, John Mueller, treasurer. Mr. Paul Clopper was the advisor. Row 1: Wilma Burger, Phyllis Bielema, Myrna Rae Dornbusch, Barb Argraves, Pat Barlow, Yvonne Dietz, Barbara Billings, Nancy Gronis. Row 2: Judy Cowan, Donna Erb, Sandra Bragg, Janet Combs, Carol Wetzell, Cheryl Harms, Mary Jo Bickford, Joan Eshle- man, Janet Bertsch. Row 3: Peggy Brown, Libby Evans, Judie Eveland, Judy Moore, Margaret Challand, Leona Kurk, Pat Boyengn, Sheryl Benishek, Joyce Burgess, Rosalie Anderson. Row 4: Larry Penley, Slim Behrendt, Dean Clark, Rich Seldon, Joe Burkholder, Mary Gerber, Libby Bignall, Linda Bradley, Steve Hill, Dick Herr, Ray Book. .ke 'J 9 is cj, gs jf Row 1: Marilyn Kraft, Bev Scham, Nancy Lahman, Kathie Blair, Sue Apple, Jane Thummel, Nita Espinoza, Kay Oltmanns, Shirley Warren. Row 2: Shirley Skrogstad, Judy Bressler, Rosemary Esch, Lizanne Dillon, Sue Kannaka, Joan Stewart, Joyce Speer, Pat Kinney, Dolores Feather, Donna Wheeler, Mary Lou Harper, Row 3: Nancy Sulouff, Ann Seidel, Nan Kiser, Judy Bohlken, Kathy McClintock, Nancy Robert, Joanna Dalldorf, Ann Lundstrom, Ann Moran, Joanne Walters, Mary Ellen Doering. Row 4: John Kreia der, Gayle Minier, Jan Jackson, Carol Leesman, Janet Buchanan, Joan Wire, Beverly Johnson, Janice, Lenhart, Colin Stewart. 113. 4, Row 1: Dorothy Whitaker, Karen Pickrel, Mary Lou Wenger, Shirley Whaley, Sandra Haberer, Janet Luptak, Nyla Strike, Linda Schultz, Judy Powell, Judy Summers, Barb Reed. Row 2: Vicki Wing, Lou Scott, Lois Hacker, Nancy Wetzel, Sharon Graham, Margie Mee, Barbara Nice, Connie Mitchell, Mary Kay McGlaughlin, Judy Wiemken, Karen Kosier, Joan McNeil. Row 3: Carol Michel, Linda Wagner, Martha Sherman, Kay Woodyatt, Judy Hoogeveen, Sherral Musgrove, Carol Wilkinson, Sally Wendell, Cathy Roth, Judy Wyatt, Sharon Tyler, Nancy Reiter. Row 4: Joe Myers, Ed Schwab, Barb Saunders, Jane Johnson, Judy Pettorini, Walter Kil- gus, Brian Buyers, Lyle Johnson, Lee Tyne, Bill Manfield, Gary Wheelock, John Wurth, Les Johnson, Tom Lundquist. Debate Left to right: Mr. Clopper, fat tablet -Georgia Wadsworth, John Mueller. Row 1: Frances Cavanaugh, Betsy Demshar, Colin Stewart. Row 2: Paula Windsor, Karen Baker, Connie Iackson. Row 3: Ed Schwab, Don Hanger, Brian Byers. Every year the Debators work hard and this past year was no exception. They par- ticipated in tournaments in La Grange in November, Augustana College in February, the N.C.I.C. Debate Tournament in March, and concluded the year at the I.H.S.A. State debate contest. The oflicers for the year were John Muel- ler, presidentg Colin Stewart, vice-presidentg and Georgia Wadsworth, secretary-treasurer. The Debate question for this season has been "Resolved: That Governmental Sub- sidies Should be Granted According to Need to High School Graduates Who qualify for Additional Training." .4-RN f' an v7 cf, i KST rl iw RQ Future Homemakers Row 1: Nancy Gronis, Beverly Folkers, Susie Deets, Mary Rtia Gartner, Marlene Garwick, Margaret Blair, Illa Freas. Row 2: Alice Charleston, Jeanne Dwyer, Sheila Dooley, Connie Doty, Caroline Fowler, ,lane Brotheridge. Row 3.' Mary Lou Harper, Brenda Comp- ton, Judy Cowan, June Cowan, Nikki Allen, Elsie Hook, Nancy Henricks, Virginia Andreas. Row 4: Bonnie Card, Fran Farver, Pat Hurless, Mrs. Doty, Carol Crofton, Mary ,lo Banes, Judith Bender, Bonnie Bowman. The activities of the F.H.A. were many and varied, a few of which were ajoint party with F.F.A., a style show, a party for "Dads", and initiation of new members. The big accomplishment of the year was a prize-winning float. The Chapter plans to send a delegate to State F.F.A. Camp which is held every summer. The officers for the year were Linda McCoy, president, Beverly Grim, vice-president, Lenore Zaeske, secretary, and Shirley Waley, treasurer. The Capable advisors were Miss Margaret Shaver and Mrs. Viola Martin. Row I: June Homquist Sandra Harting, Beverly Long, Joan Gehring, Linda Matthews, Dianne MeDearmon, Carolyn Hess. Row2 Carol Jean Smith, Linda Kosier, Beverly Grim, Yvonne Dietz, Pat Barlow, Maryjane Howe, Alice Hernandez, Linda McCoy. Row 3: Arlene Michels, Sandra Lyon, Sue Kilhefner, Nan Hurd, Ellen Carey, Judy Moorehead, Norma Mammosser, Judy Seidel, Row 4: Elaine Burgess, Leona Kurk, Joyce Lathrop, Sharon Johnson, Mrs. Martin, June Lee, Janice Lenhart, Judy Landes, Janice McDear HIGH. Row 1.' Judy Rausch, Sandy Snyder, Barbara Turner, JoAnne Woodyatt, Sharon Slifer, Marilyn Smith. Row 2.' Mary Fopp, Peggy Robinson, Pat Wickey, Judy Wallingford, Janice Swemline, Shirley Whaley, Vivian Shuman, Shirley Wagner. Row 3: Gayle Mac- Lenna, Sharon Wolfe, Gayle Minier, Miss Shaver, Joyce Speer, Elda Ohms, Nancy Smith, Sharon Penhollow, Joyce Wirth. Row 4: Jean Robinson, Pat Virtue, Glenice Riddle, Jancy Reiter, Judy Rudolph, Margaret Sanders, Clarice Stutzke, Lenore Zaeske. 77 Future Farmers Left to right: Ron Dettman, Mr. Schick, Bill Alleng Ron Miller, Don Weidel, Howard Janssen Q 1 t .Q x KH The aim of the Future Farmers of America is to pro- mote better farming methods among the boys inter- ested in farming. Mr. Schick, advisor of the Sterling F.l".A. Chapter, helped them extensively. Many of the boys won awards in the different phases of farming, such as dairy and livestock judging to mention a few. The 1955-1956 Chapter leaders were: Howard Jans- sen, Presidentg Ron Miller, Vice-Presidentg Bill Allen, secretaryg Don Weidel, treasurer, Ron Dettman, Re- porter, and Johann Biller, sentinel. 78 "Nw 'avi Row 1: Bill Brooks, Donald Matznick, Larry Gerlach, Shelby Little. Row 2: Gerald Hartman, Leonard Lind, Bill Brickle, Duane Stern, Gary Elmendorf. Row 3: Clifford Berge, Ed Fassler, Wayne Dirks, Bob Vary. Row 4: Ronald Gerken, Gene McFalls, Ray Peugh, Larry Eilers, Charles Maxwell. ,,,.... tin..-ffjr' N Q Q Row 1: Dave Miller, Ronald Dirlcs, Stanley Lawrence, Weldon Long. Row 2: Orville Hodge, LaVerne Wolfley, Vernon Long, Charlie Charleston, Harold Stewart. Row 3: Bill Gartner, Loren Holloway, George Biller, Larry Lenhart. Row 4: Larry Fulfs, Ailt Hippen, Ted Penhollow, Darrell Blosser, Jack Whaley. 79 Future Teachers Row 1: Wilma Burger, Judy Baer, Jeanette Kosier, Pat Barlow, Carol Jean Smith, Marilyn Hackbanh. Row 2: Marjorie Knuth, Judie Eveland, Mary McGlaughlin, Cathy Roth, Becky Beauchamp, Pat Rein, Pat Schoaf. Row 3.' Jan Boyungs, Judy Seidel, Ellen Stewart, Beverly Johnson, Miss Dickson, Susan Revzan, Gayle MacLennan, Jannet Taylor. Row 4: Doris Wade, Janice Lenhart, Linda Brad- ley, Judy Pettorini, Kenneth Axelson, Jon Keiser, Joyce Speer, Joanne Walters. Future Teachers was organized for the purpose of giving students interested in teaching an opportunity to learn about this field. This was accomplished by talks given on requirements, attractions, and also dis- advantages of teaching. The organization entertained outside organizations and also helped the Spanish Club plan the Christmas party for Mexican children. This year members were given a chance to observe in classrooms on the level of teaching in which they were particularly interested. Joyce Speer headed the group as president with Beverly Johnson serving as vice-president, Jon Keiser as secretary, and Janice Lenhart as treasurer. Miss Marie Dickson was the helpful advisor. 80 French Club Row I: Nancy Cronis, Miss Straw, Mary Kay Mcfllaughlin. Row 2: Frank Wagner, ,lim Breisch. Sandy Elliot, Nancy Reiter. g A T 0 i 'fs i J it ' 'Q K f The French Clubis purpose is to give further informa- tion concerning the habits and customs of France to the stu- dents who are studying French. Throughout this year, the students corresponded with their pen pals in France, They planned a trip to Chicago after the first semester. The students were going to visit the Art Institute and a French restaurant. If possible, they wanted to see a picture show which would be of particular interest to the club. The oliicers for the year were: president, Frank Wagner, vice-president, Mary Kay McClaughling secretary, Judy Som- mersg and treasurer, Jim Briesch. Miss Ruth Straw was the club advisor. 81 panish Club 5 K. f. Row I: Phyllis Wtmessiier. Susie Scott. Carman Burr. Carol Overholser. Myrna Rae Uornhusch. Row 2: Diane Swehla. Nora Taualii. Sally Brotheridge. Beverly Hanes. Louise Wallis. Trudy Roth. Row 3: Charles Carter. Janet Wetzell. Pat Sohoaf. Doris Hippen. Margaret Challand. Warren Smith. Rau' 4: Richard Guerrero. Divk Herr. Leroy Pizarro. David Woods. Ken Taualii. John Kreider. Manuel Gonzalez. The Capa Club, headed hy Sherral Musgrove. presidentg Martha Sherman. vice-presidentg Janet Wetzell, secretaryg and Beverly Banes, treasurer. had a very active year. Among other activities, the club sponsored a dance and the annual Christmas party for the Mexican children. Also. this year, Sterling took part in the I. F. P. A. L. State Convention of which Carol Wetzell is vice-president. Miss Straw was the helpful advisor. Row 1: Bev Scham. ,Indy Baer. Karen Pivkrel, ,lanive Yvade. ,lean Myers. Row 2: Sue Apple. Martha Sherman. ,ludy Bressler. ,Ioan Boese. Cathy Roth. Becky Beauchamp. Row 3: Carol Wetzell. ,loan Wire. .ludy Hoogeveen. Miss Straw. Sherral Musgrove. Judy Wyatt. Doris Wade. joyre Wirth. Row 4: Jack Bonneville. Harrell Wells. Gerald Wise. Fred Demshar. ,I oe Myers. ,Iohn Razo. Latin Club ' n . at 1 V Y Q Row I: Wilma Burger. Frances Cavanaugh. Karen Adams, Susan Goshert. Beverly Crider. Jane Hanger. Linda Hurley. Row 2: Elaine Benson, Marjorie Knuth, Barbara Nice. Janet Combs, Judy Williams. Carolyn Harrington. Karen Baker. Janet Foltz. Row 3: Judy Eveland. Rosemary Esch, Jo Dalldorf. Miss Salzsiedler, Cherie Cummings. Betsy Demshar, Bob Cecil. Philip Connell. Row 4: Bob Eltline, Ronald Hussung. Cordon Hansen. Dean Clark, David Allen, Tim Frazer, Eugene Froeliger. The Latin Club provides a glimpse into life as lived by the Roman people, centuries ago. To help tlie Latin Club members go back several centuries, were Dean Clark as president, Douglas Selden as vice-president. Judie Eveland as secretary, and Judy Pettorini as treasurer. Needing extra guidance, Miss Delores Salzsiedler gladly contributed her time and ideas. To top off the year, these Hliiomansw had a HRomani Hodierinif' or Roman Holiday which consisted of a large banquet in typical Roman style with food from eggs to apples. ' -12 : ,gs M by . -- . ia ' fi'lik,iir'7v ,1. C t J terar sf" fi V, , , 5 ,A 5 ME Anza.: K M-116: Fifi? el , f , , , V ' y' ,. , V t iii' A J-7'-as it ,ff ' Row I: Leanne Shippee. Sue Wetzel. Carolyn Larson. Nan Lalnnan. June Fransen. Diana Kauffman. Jean Walker. Row 21' Linda McMillan, Carol Jane Meldorf. Linda Shultz. Betsy Mueller. Aina Levalds. Patricia Schultz. Nancy Stanley. Sandy Larsen. Connie Jackson. Row 3: John Williams, Edith Mellinger. Kathy McClintock. Linda Needy. Jan Jackson. Pat Boyenga. Paula Windsor. Les Johnson. Row 4: Larry Rosenberg, Ann Schunenian. Elisabeth Lamm. Judy Pettorini. Kenneth Axelson. Russell Wlillis. Mike Knapp. Dougkselden, Steve Heller. 83 Science Club Row I: Tim Frazer, jim Schreiner, Ed Schwab, John Mueller, Colin Stewart. Joe Myers. Carl Grams. Row 2: Walter Carolus, Bill Manfield, Jerry Moore, Rich Selden, .lim Carragher, Fred Beggerow, Brian Buyers. Row 3: Bob Brown, Duane Johnson. Gordon Hansen, Dick Larson, John Landherr. Lee Tyne. Row 4: Claude Saxon. Ralph Machael. Steve Moore, Russell Willis, Don Hauger, Mr. C. W. Sherman. The main program of the Science Club is projects in research and construction. Through these projects, science talents are sought and found. The president, Colin Stewart, carried out a very interest- ing projectg that is to prove by experiment J. J. Thomsonls theory which deals with the nature of X-rays and their reaction with the fundamental particles of matter. The other oflicers are: vice-president, Edward Schwalig and secretary, John Mueller. The cluh advisor is Mr. Sherman. 84 amera Club Row I: Lee Tyne. Charles Carter. Ronnie Capp, Dick Larson. Row 2: Bob Brown. Joe Myers, Charles Bensinger. Brian Buyers john Mueller. Row 3: Mr. Sherman, Jerry Moore. Jerrold Moore, Dick Herr. Row 4: ,lohn Rubright, Charles Reecher. Duane x v X K o F Zeller Bill Manfield. Don Wilson. This year, under the guidance of Mr. Sher- man and the leadership of Jerrold Moore, the Camera Club purchased a nGraphic 357 The pur- pose in buying this 35mm camera was to enable the members of the club to learn how to take good quality color pictures at low cost. Through the use of the club's darkroom and its equipment, the individual members of the club contributed their photographic skills to the Script, the Blue and Cold, and to the various de- partments of the school. fxxf 039 ? rx X kdulillllmlll Ll el ,Q onitors with han.. Row 1: Yvonne Dietz. Phyllis Rielema. liarli Conrhola. Lihliy Evans. Jeanne llwyer. Loretta Barajas. Row 2: Evelyn Moorehead. Lois Hacker. Sharon Graham. Donna Jean Bennett. Riruta llenkitis. Jan lloyungs. Sue Kilhefner. Row 3: Johann liiller. Pauline Jacobs. Mary Drane, Bliss Krughofl. Janice Lenhart. Gayle N1arLennan. Ronnie Fulton. Row 4: Dirk Little. Edward Allison. Fred Demshar. Larry Eilers. Jim Cehhardt. Howard Janssen. Joe Bonneville. Leonard Link. To lmeeome a monitor. a senior had to he dependable. have his work up. and he a good representative ofthe class and school. The duties of a monitor were to keep the halls clean and quiet. greet visitors and assist them in any way possible. The monitors were under the direction of Miss Mildred Krugholl. K? -...Q-.-.X Row I: Charlotte Whipple, Shirley Skrogstad. Shirley Whaley. Velma Wolliey. Kay Stanley. Lois Vlad. Row 2: Elda Ohms. Joyce Speer. Reta Meiners. Norma Peterson. Vivian Shuman. Margie Ortiz. Row fi: llavid Jamison. Pat Rasmussen, Donna Russell. Judy Rudolph. Aurora Pizarro, Joanne Walters. Pat Weeks. Cordon Sampson. Row -1: Warren Patten. Jerrold Moore. Robert Wire. Glen Wivks. Leo Shawver. Don llolhrook. Edward llselmann. Ken Strovk. Colin Stewart. Librarians Row I: Marilyn Hackbarth, Lova Miller, Barb Argraves, Carolyn Larson, Jeanette Kosier. Margie Ortiz. Row 2: Linda Kosier, Maxine Miller, Miss Fadden. Joan McNeil, Vera Musgrave, Pat Barlow. Row 3: Mary Lou Harper, Edna Courtright, Joyce Lathrop, Joyce Crawford. Judy Seidel, Aina Levalds, Kathy McClintock. Row 4: Darlene Burgess. Pat Hurless, Penny Heffel- finger. Lowell Tillman, John Bellmar, ,ludy Petorini, ,loan Machael, Leona Kurk. The Sterling librarians, under the guidance of Miss Vella Fadden, took many strides toward making the past year a successful one. A major undertaking was the organizing of the Whiteside County Student Librarian Organization first held at Sterling High in November. The president ofthe group was a local librarian, Pat Barlow. She, in turn, appointed the corresponding secretary, Edna Courtright. The local group consisted of twenty-five student librarians. It was headed by Pat Barlow. The librarians had varied duties, such as desk librarian, shelving librarian, magazine room librarian, clerical librarian, and bulletin board librarian. During the year the group enjoyed the Christmas party held in the library, and also the annual spring picnic. Both were well attended and enjoyed. 'Q P akxf- ,, 02 Q? Cy M ggi 'Bti' Traffic Council .g4'?fMfiN JY , V x Raw I: Ron Cerkin. Keith Bos. Larry Sterenlierg. Row Z: Bob Nloorehead. lrene Stern. Judy Hoogeveen, Linda Wagner. Row 3: ,lim Zeigler. Hill Hutlen. llick Larson. Nlr. Lee. advisor, at hoard. The Traflic Cluh began their travels this year with lVlr. Lee as chauffeur. After some miles of driving, they decided that Larry Sterenherg should take over the controls. He was aided by Dick Larson, Linda Wagner, lrene Stern, ,lim Zeigler, Judy Hoogeveen. Keith Bos, Ron Cerken, Bob lVloorehead, Bill Hutten as representatives of the Trallic Club. One stop was made when Duane Carter, stock-car racer for twenty-five years, spoke to the Juniors and Seniors and reminded them that safe driving pays. This council has inspired good driving from every student at Sterling Township High School. 0 51 5 the Co-Ed Council my K Row I: Kathy Blair, Pat Kinney. Jan Jackson, Pat Boyenga. Lizanne Dillon, Shirley Skrogstad, Judy Bressler. Row 2: Vicki Wing. Judy Wiemken, Beverly Wolber. Sally Scott. Karen Adams, Marlene Carwick, Jean Myers. Row 3: Gary Wheelock, Frank Wagner, Tom Lundquist, Susie Scott, Janet Wetzell, Judy Powell. Gerry Hunsherger. Row 4: Kenny Small. Larry Longanacker. Bill Young. Jim Tucker. Les Johnson. This council is an organized body of representatives from each YM and YW club and also from Sterling and Rock Falls High Schools. Altogether there are thirty-four members. The purpose of the group is to 'gfoster activities for the bet- terment ofthe youth of our communityf' These activities are: Back-to-School dance, Turkey Trot dance, Christmas Formal dance, and May Pole dance. An- other activity held annually is the Easter Sunrise Service and breakfast. Oflicers of the council were: president, Sally Scottg vice-president, Shirley Skrogstadg secretary, Judy Powell, and treasurer, Cary Wheelock. eww? I , 4' T K x l A - f' X VN ra JL fx' ij lg 3 X ff ,W ,ij f ,,, J Lti r-'x 'EE 4 K g,-ff" 89 l QFXXBB. Hi-Tri ... .. .l Row I: Vicki Wing, Beverly Wolher. Shirley Skrogstad, Judy Wiemken. Kay Oltxnanns, Judy Powell, Sue Steinhagen, Judy Summers, Jo Reed. Row 2: Pat Barlow. Karen Pickrel, Pat Kinney, Libby Evans, Joanne Walters, Dolores Feather, Karen Elmendorf, Mary Lou Wenger, Dianne Swehla. Row 3: Carol Michel, Phyllis Bielema, Nancy Wetzel, Sally Scott, Lois Hacker, Bonnie Bowman. Lizanne Dillon. Carol Wetzell. Anne Hendricks, Peggy Brown. Kay Stanley. Row 4: Lila Schaefer, Leona Kurk, Sherral Musgrove, Judy Hoogeveen, Kay Woodyatt, Carol Leesman, Joyce Wagner. Judy Moore, Judy Wyatt, Janet Buchanan, Sharon Tyler. The officers ofthe Hi-Tri this year were: Judy Hoogeveen. presidentg Judy Wyatt, vice-presidentg Judy Summers, secretary, Pat Hamrick, treasurer. Under this fine leadership, the Hi-Tri took part in many interesting activities. They helped their sister organization, the So-Hi, decorate the basement of the YWCA: sponsored a swimming partyg and exchanged Scrapbooks with girls in Japan. 90 So-Hi Row I: Barbara Turner, Barbara Charleston, Phyllis Woessner. Carol Overholser. Sue Wetzel. Susan Coshert. Row 2: Margaret Blair, Elaine Benson, Sandy Elliott, Judie Eveland. Janet Wetzell. Susie Scott. Row 3: Nancy Smith, Nancy Lahman. Bev Scham. Sue Apple, Judy Seidel, Susie Hawkins. R01414: Judy Bohlken. Judy Bressler. Nancy Sulouff, Ann Reiter. Jan Jackson. Rosemary Esch. Margaret Challand. The olhcers of So-Hi for this year were: Bev Scham, presidentg Nancy Smith, vice- presidentg Janet Taylor, secretary, and Phyllis Woessner, treasurer. The main project for the year was to decorate the basement of the YWCA. 3' in fi Et? if QI J 1. 56, ,, if Ma Kr 9 E7 . f l J if . " tt J N ll' .,i2t i 1, ii fa.. 5 W J I i X S '3 A S, 1 Rau' I: Susan Clark, Diana Kauffman, Janet Luptak. Jean Myers. Wilnia Burger. Row 2: Kay Ohda, Pat Rockwell. Brenda llmrnplon. Janet Combs. Mary Kay Mcfllaughlin. Connie Doty. Row 3: Virginia Andreas, Susan Lundstrom, Jean Robinson, I'alrit-ia Schultz. Janne! Taylor, Nancy Stanley. Cathy Roth. Row 4: Nan Kiser. Cheryl Harms. Elisabeth Lamm. Pat Virtue, Norma Pulls. Paula Windsor. "SM Club vi Row 1: Carl Crains. Ronnie Detlman. Bill Allen. .lerry Erheheria. Dirk Cuererro. Torn Doly. Row 2: John Caudillo, Boh lirotheridgie. .loe Bonneville. ,lohn Dewey. Ed Fassler. Dave Davis. Row 3: .lim Austin. Ken Engel. Charles Hoover, Mickey McGuire. Dennis IIUHIHIIII, Keith Cassens. Dick Linlioom. Row 4: Tom llryant. Bruce Kunde. Jinx Celihardt. jiln Appenzeller. lioh Clark. Gerry Cutensohn. ,lim Farver. Gerry Hunsherger. Dennis Bo'hm, Dean Clark. The Sterling "Sw Club is composed of major and minor NSD letter winners. It was guided through a favorable school year hy Bruce Kunde, president: .lim Gehhardt. vive-president: ,lim Austin. secretary. and John Dewey. treasurer. The advisors were Mr. Hunsherger and Nlr. Mitchell. Row I: Don W'eidel. Steve Heller. Ed Schwab. Leonard Link. Billy Jones. Row 2: Larry Longanerker. ,lohn Wlurth. Ken Taualii. Toni Lundqnist. ,lohn Behrendt. Ron Miller. Row fi: Earl Stanley. Frank Wagner. Hay Peugh. Duane Zellar. llill Hein. David Lutyens. Gary Wheelock. Rau' 4: ,lohn Sheldon. John Higlny. Bill l'lllll6l1. jerry Wise. ,lim Zeigler. Dave llippen. Cale Zigler. Richard Wolf. Row I: Art Mendoza. Don Cox. Larry Lenhart. Joe Myers. Norman Myers. Row 2: George Marshall. Mike Knapp. Mr. Huns- berger. Brad Ludwig. John Mueller. Chuvk Brandt. R01413: Alvin Dixon. ,lon King. Stan Miller. Ralph Machael. Mason Fritz. ,lohn Landherr. Leslie Johnson. Row -1: Duane Hereford. Glenn Wir-ks. Jerrold Moore. Jerry Nlnure. Dave Luckliart. Lyle johnson. Bob Morris. Tom Henson. ll A ...... Row 1: Ronald Wilsay. Harrell Wells. Wes King. Larry Penley. Roh jones. Row 2: Cary Rude. Duugglas Karr. Larry Slerenlmerg. Earl Wolf. Bill Tarner. John Lair. Row 3: .lack Snow. Ruger Pnlzin. Wayne Rulyrigln. Carl Hllllllidfl. Rim-ll Selden. Dun Seeley. Boll Vary. Row 4: Boll Wire. Chuck Peugh. Don Woods. Ken Sipple. Wendell Hanson. Bulb Nluorelleuml. Lowell rllllllllilll. .A.A. . A nh ADVISORS. Left to right: Miss Wilma Moore, Miss Betty Lentzner. and Miss Leola Offner. K E53 ik . . gg 415.4 'VW' .C-. 1-.1 EXECUTIVE BOARD. Row I: ,Ian Boyungs, Becky Beaurhamp, Lois Hacker. Jane Johnson. Dorothy Whitaker. Row 2: Carol Sinroll. Sue Kannaka, Rosemary Howard. Barb Billings. Jan jackson. Yvonne Dietz. Row 13: Cami Wetzell. Margie Mee, Judy Wyatt. Sinaida Grikmanis. Harb Saunders. Leona Kurk. 94 fl. 4. .-X. NIENIISERS. Fr1's11r111'n: .Mlzirxix K.. Aliling. K.. Andreas. V.. llevk. P.. llelirens. li.. llenwn. li.. llrarlley. L.. Castillo. P Clark. S.. Cotnptnri. li.. Crofton. S.. lftiinniings. C.. l,CII1Sl12lF. ll.. llarwirk. Nl.. tluwliert. S.. Hawking. Huwe. M. J.. .lurk sun. C.. Julinsrm. J.. Keeling. IJ.. Kwier. J.. Lamm. E.. Lamlie. J.. Larsen. Levalcls. A.. Luus. li.. Nlelmlurff, C., Mc-Farlmlen. flldllaugflilin. S.. Xlellinger. E.. Nlenflozu. R.. Nlunrelieacl. J.. Nlueller. ll.. Myers. J.. fJYCl'll0lSCI'. C.. Potts. N.. Revzan. S.. Rifltlle. Rockwell. P.. Scntt. S.. Svhultz. P.. Schunneman. HK.. Smith. C. J.. Stanley. N.. Stuutlt. P.. Talialli. N.. Taylor. J.. Virtue, Walker. J.. Yvetzell. J.. Wivkey. P.. Wues-ner. P.. Young. J.. We-tzell. S, Suplzonmrcfx: zkiirlersmi. R.. Apple. S.. Bohlken. Billings. li.. Bfwyenga. P.. llrewfler. J.. liurgler. W.. lilsesser. IJ.. Espinoza. .l.. Harms. lf.. Harmk. P.. Huwarcl. H.. JZlt'lih0Il. King. L.. King. Luis. Laliman. N.. Luptak. J.. Nive. ll.. Rnlwert. N.. Sf-llzun. ll.. Stewart. J.. Sulmiff. N.. Warren. S.. Whitaker. P C. P. J. J. ll. Patten. Nl. Juniors: lieauvlianip. ll.. Bowman. li.. llruwn. P.. lltivlianun. Jan. Btu-llatlail. Juyve. llnering. M.. Feather. ll.. Crik nlanis. S.. Harting. J.. HBI1flTlt'liS. A.. Juhnsmi. J.. Kofier. K.. Kraft. Nl.. Leewman. tl.. Mt-Neil. J.. Klee. Xl.. Mfmre. J.. Mus graxe. V.. Pivkrel. K.. Prtwtnr. C.. Reed. B.. Tyler. S.. Sinroll. lf.. Stanley. K.. Swellla. ll.. Wenger. Xl. L.. Wetzell. N.. VVire. J. Wy'att, J. Sv111'0r.s: Barlow. P.. Bellows. ll.. liielerna. P.. liertsvli. J.. lllayney. ll.. lifiyllllgi J.. Dietz. Y.. Dillon. L.. Havker. I Hoogeveen. J.. Kannaka. S.. Kurk. L.. Nlivllel. C.. Nl0lH'Cll621tl. NIIISQVHXC. S.. Pizarro. A.. Reents. J.. Rmlen. ll.. Satltlclerx Sherman. Nl.. Scott. Strike. N.. Wagner. l.... Wetxell. C. Bi U5 The Girls, Athletic Association had a Everybody can't have ill QE mS?Hi Ww? WWWEQW W busy and eventful year. The G.A.A. is one of the largest and most active clubs of the school. Requirements for a member include participa- tion in a sport each quarter a minimum of four nights. serving on at least one committee a year, a HC" average, and payment of dues. Sports sponsored this year hy the G.A.A. were speedhall, volleyball. hasketlwall, tennis, aerial darts. and softhall. Eyes on the birdie! 4 s the leader of our clulw' ' H Watch that glass window! ,Q 1, Xgriiye ia, V fl ,.4?a!.1:m: Socially, the club sponsored two all- school events. Homecoming and the Levi Leap. In addition to this. club events included the informal initiation and the mother and daugh- ter banquet in the spring. Much credit for a successful year goes to Lois Hacker. President: Janice Boyungs. lst Vice-President: Jane Johnson. 2nd Vice- Presidenlg Becky Beauchainp. Treasurerg and the clulfs advisors. Miss Yvilma Moore. Miss Leola Oflner. and Miss Betty Lentzner. Hands across the nel X, Watch that vliargingf Im Our lllilflill Olin-nil and tlicrcl Qv FINE ARTS 52?--- Gun C? QQX 17 Ai 2 5 f 9 O ALA, ff f W Qyf kj 7 N Cf 0 F a M . .fo . . f . ' ' W vi AfPz:wrs?Zif,.. A 1 ,fzQ:f:45?sw:4 55 1 Q -as 'gf Sig K 4 'E -1,. :pi .. fm . 3 W1 gg, ,, g, 1i , Q X ' 1 w V, EL. 5 3 43222 , ,a SW J ,, 2 , A. M 4 5 1 my WN 353 3 Ash , 4,21 YB' Fm-2, - ,IL ff A -MZ' .L w we ,ffafx 1751, f-r 'fs 5:4 kg mu Q 35 if Qs gf R msg vs fy V fmt 5 Q 3552 iq. . X , is 4 Q' .QV . , . 5- f.: .,-w wf? 17 - V Qnggyl M My mv W ,, ,, G - W ff W . V+ fx: mm Q fy' M- Mfaamfx- M A wfzfljfimmmhx W HM,At Wm-N' M.. 'lm , . nge 3 X 4 C , ,1 . Q .1 , wx. .1 2 gf sz 'F 1' sl fgf .ww fs. mi . rw 9 'I f ..3?. M , ' 'f?fk+ 2.4 7, Q . f 512, hs, :I wwf. W, ,, any A ,5 25 Q., I.. ,,,, ,Q - Q fl . .ff Q1 J - 6 B - . 1. ,Y ' , - V L f ff-,,,1. f V -Q Q ' 5? ' V' ,gf zz ,N ,E ,lg fi . 4 ,fm ' f - J 1 ,A ,..,,- ,, wr 4 ,N ,, 'Z S 15 gi nf I 1. ,?af':i,?zS rg x 5 -S1 9 -f S1 pf ., N, ww ,g Q ,g ig. .s ,ggpf K ,, ff 2 - f 5 . Q 'i is 4,L is gk 23 5: 1. , if 3. ii i ei ?f Q. 2 f Q, 5' ' 2 , 3, , Q' -92 . T, 3 iff? Qi if 4 , w,- . ig : ' if +4 . fx f M Je ' ' . , , , . 715 , 'KS if Q f .: 1 L ,,.wa QQ Igzxwszwsw 3 ? , we xim- f 1 1 .ws 555255- H ' '3g2.i?. .IM -5:5253 iii? .mit wr.. 352351 2 , , i ' -wf .ss ,,wm,,.., 1, 2 2 1 . 2 5, ei? ,,. , ,, Y ' I i 231 5 wi., F, -I .1 X , ,, fi ,yy f W W , ,,,,,, M , H, W , M .4 , , Q ' 2 ,. M , Q?--lffgwgggsgwxgjggszfg uf, 'X wx MA' Lu 1 1' 0 ,K .' , 13. ..1,.,?Mf,.: ,V E N M V mm 1' ., wry.. M, W f 1 P 2 S K 1 f iffy 3 Q, . Q S fL L. 15,5 'is xl' xg, 1 2 12,- K S S Q N p 4 Q P 'H-am., I Q 1. mm-num -mm aw-'wmv-fx.,2m wr ww mamma ww. .2 . .. an .au ii' ' 5r I i Ax E sz v x 4 21:5 ,, ' x Ji: iff gi -, Q f ' , i fx E . V 4 m , 1 ,S 6 Q 'A 4 A ,. L ,F E' ' I , , -- -W, im, , ,f W. A .... JM, My ti A " -1-ai::ag5i'.s,:if-'fM,W,gw I V . nex:5-gQ,,'s- Y' A. ,L A .. A M ,. .L N Q K . , Kf"T.,, ,Wim LM 5,,,- 5, V J i f'2f2g:,3f,4,w2B,,,wi4 , V NIM, ,uvsggmp-Lwlw-M555-i u 7 . k ,. --1 Qgg wg H ,Q MM ws A' R , f A 1 ,f-1vffw?211., .1 1 5 V fw3?Kf'1'E.ga5M" Q -M'-in 'V ' -2:t'- K i t A ' it - L L 'lgg f M V, - V '- . I A-ff 3 f L,Q,,gSi:-5-in fgzAQ.fKgQgi,a.fgygk-HJ jm5e , N " A15-fm, f . -- U. A . I L 2 mm ' f A ' - Hsu ,A 4 WHL ,f"' 5 jf L ggi' ' HW 'X , Y. 'X 16995 ,X K X 5 1 'X ' X , V I K N n I mm 'E Wflffii' ,. k 4 fwzfmb gl ,9i'I: :J w - , w , ,, ., -3 ,M .1 A f . 5A X 'rlgg A Bi - ' 'I "'E'fa"'A' 5. A f ,, A Q, My Vf ' 2 fl 5 gg " f '- +- ' 'F V 'gig' 4 ii ..-Z. ,I , 2' 55' 'I ff f ' xx? Az gw in Y F vigrx 4 ' 551-s iq? F an T E ' 1 5 g , , B224-r .50 2 ,F E, t , K 4 1 TQ , Q 1 K K Y 5 G 5:2 E ax ew , 4, 1 ,, 2 1. Q? X, x .v 5 5- '5 1 nz. if 5 . , , 4 5 . A, 1 3 z 4 if FY 1 '4 , K , " , SH if 'S' H. 5 Q. V lou Q x KL , my ,, 'V ,Qs ,. V 'K V Vi 4 K 1, . ' t 3' by 1 " ' I f' I wiv gg S , as V - f f 1: - 1'- 155 , , V is fgi g -5 :waz K . 2 5225 Q' 2 I is 3172 -in 5 . 4 'ak N xii 56 f' ' fax-1 4 2 ,. i K? Q' , 8 "fag X Qi mi: .. L , +, J 3 iw f mf. Q S E ' - 3 9 Y vw-vf"A ' "M-rf I - , QM , , , M , , , M ivgfkz-3 ww , Mm ff gym kfffgfw A 'M'-f 7,.WfL,,f,ffQf-au.,,,,,-6 ' my-W E WM- ff :Q M K Q 'K' ., ,. , aw ,HQ 1. 45 u ,Q -m 30 Sf J R I sq' f QW 4 .,,A. V . V Am 7' vs ff 1 ,X f f fm' 3, -- gwfzfwgfe- Ami ,,,5,,m., ,, , L A gf W ' "'- :-' -.. A1 .. pw, ,Ai ,fx , W L H- M S A U -fjwf f hh., .Af-,Ref gan ,. ,gi fgfi q5s1::,:-. . , j ?"" ,. -fi -. -- Q . . .. ' " ' " 'A ' "' f if ,.. ft Eighty of the best voices from the Junior and Senior classes T o composed this year's Hobed Choir. Again this year, the choir had U-I' a busy and successful season. The choir's itinerary this year included a regular rehearsal broadcast on WSDR during Education Week, participation in tlte NCTC Music Festival at Rock Falls. and the annual Christmas concerts at St, John's, Lutheran and Messiah Lutheran churches. Many outstanding numbers were programed for the concerts including 'hBrazilian Psalm," "From Heaven Above." and "O Magnum Mysterium." Next. the choir took part in the Whiteside County Education Associations Centennial at Morrison. In March, the Hobed Choir joined with the school's other choral grottps for a mass concert. On Palm Sunday, the choir presented the annual '40livet to Calvary." Following this presentation. the group enjoyed a combined concert with the Ottawa Choir and a visit to a college campus. Concluding the year's events were the annual spring concert followed by the Alumni Banquet and the Baccalaureate Service, Members of the choir were: Ed Allison. Jim Appenzeller. Jim Austin, Lewis Battles. Carol Bellars. Mary Jo Bickford. Bob Brown. Joe Burkholder, Walter Carolus. Lizanne Dillon, Joan Eshleman. Mary Kay Gerber. Sandra Haberer, Don Hauger, Judy Hoogeveen. Charles Hoover. Beverly Johnson. Sue Kannaka, Ruth Kilgus. Danny Kindle, Shirley Lindsay. Linda McCoy. Ralph Machael. Carol Michel. Sherral Nlusgrove. Judy Reents. Elizabeth Richter, Dianna Roden. Cordon Sampson. Margaret Sanders. Barbara Saunders, Edith Shank, Martha Sherman. Jane Thtnnmel. Lee Tyne. Linda Wagner, Carol Wetzell. Carol Wilkinson, Jim Zeigler, Eugene Zinnani, John Behrendt, Ardyce Biggs. Lois Boseneiler. Don Cox, Marion Duuck, Aimee Eberhardt. Ray Espinoza. Jim Farver, Ann Hendricks. John Higby. Dennis Jutl- tnan. Gerry Hunsberger. Jane Johnson. Jon King, Wes King, John Lair. Edwin Landherr. George Marshall. Bob Morris. Karen Pickrel, Richard Selden. John Sheldon. Leanne Shippee. Linda Schultz, Carol Sinroll. Judy Sommers, Dianne Swehla. Sharon Tyler. Sally Wendell, Mary Lou Wenger. Jack Whaley. Vicki Wing. Joyce Wossner. Kay Woodyatt, Gale Zigler. Larry Sterenberg. Margie lNlee, Earl Wolf, MR. WILLIAM A. TONKIN and Judy Moore. Approximately ninety students participated in the band this past year. The band contributed much color and life to the school activities. from marching at the football games to playing "l'omp and Circumstanceu at the Graduation exercises. The lirst projects lor the year were the hall-time shows at the football games. These shows each had a theme and added much to the enjoyment of the game. Again this year the band took part in the N.l.S.C. Homecoming at Dekalb. Also, a large group of band members participated in the N.C.I.C. AlllSlC Festival at Rock Falls. With football season oyer. the baml then settled into serious practice for their Formal Winter Concert. This concert was high- lighted by the performance of Tscliaikowskyfs "Finale of the Fourth Symphony in F Minor." During this time the band also played al the home basketball games as a pep band. The baml then participated in a massed concert with all the choral siroups of the school. lNlendelssohn's "Piano ,Cont-erto" with Xlary Kay llerber. soloist. was featured at the Spring Concert. Thc band conclttiletl the season with the annttal Memorial Day parade and playing at Commencentent. The ollicers ol' the band this year were: Sue Kannaka. presi- dontg Alot: Bonneyillc. yice-president: and Jane Thunnnel. secretary. Xlr. Scliulcr dcscryes a big yote ol' thanks from the entire student body lot proxiding the scltool with such a line baml. . L 5 O s yin. tp. .I nik sfiittittilt Q. .-L Y' O 0'!'Eea-lf G ir 'Ut l . ll A f .. 1 l. l- ,th 'ytrffal Sophomore Chorus :1 ag , o,o ., ,T, J o, loo Row I: Shirley Warren. Frances Caxanaugh. Linda Hurley. Mary Deets, Linda McMillan, Rosalie Anderson, Donna Erh, Karen Baker. Elaine Burgess. Cathy Roth. Linda Needy, Penny Heffellinger. Lenore Zaeske. Margaret Challand. Sandra Reiger. Judie Exeland. Mary Kay McClaughlin. Patricia Ann Herbon. Carolyn Harrington. June Holmquist. Jane Hauger. Pat Pierce, Lorel King. Wilma Burger. Row 2: Beverly Turner. Janet Luptak. Beverly Grim, Dorothy Whitaker. Janet Foltz. Joan Stewart, Judy Seidel, Janet Combs, ,Jayne Black, Sandy Braun. Audrey Smith, Ann Reiter. Judy Pettorini, Nancy Peugh. Doris Wade, Donna Crofton, Judy Bressler. Mary Patten. Joyce Burgess. Judy Bohlken. Donna Elsesser. Lois King. Kay Ohda. Mary Lou Harper, Bev Deets. Row 3: Barbara Billings, Nancy Cronis. Linda Kosier, Sandra Johnson, Judy Williams. Rosemary Esch, Barbara Nice, Ray Book. Charles Carter. George Klein. Doug Selden. Caroll Minogue, Larry Longanecker, Terry Rhyne. Walter Kilgus, Rolland Lindsay, David Davis. Nancy Sulouff. Connie Mitchell. Donna Wheeler. Jan Jackson. Sue Apple. Nan Lahman. Nita Espinoza. Row 4: William Bellows. Les Johnson. Jack Rubright. Bill Young, John Wurth. Bill Manfield. Eddie Evans. Cordon Hansen, Steve Moore, David Croften. Russell Willis. Brad Ludwig. Lyle Johnson, Mr. Tonkin, Larry Zeigler, Ken Engel. Ronald Hussung, Jim Mattison, Bob Elfline. Steve Hill. Dick Herr. Joe Doan. Jim Carragher. Tom Ingram. John Krieder, Ronald Huston. Brian Buyers, Joe Myers. This pearls Sophomore Chorus consisted of approximately 100 voices. ln this large group preparation was continued for entrance into the Robed Choir. The members became more accustomed to four and eight part singing. and also worked a great deal on the sight-reading of music. Activities in which this group participated included a concert at the Junior High School, participation in a massed concert with other choral groups. and a concert in the spring along with the freshman groups. 103 Freshman irl 9 Choru Row 1: Pal Vllicliey. lietsy Nlueller. Carul June Nleltlurl. llrentlu timiipturi. l'atrir-ia Svliultz. Sliurtni ,lul111-1111. Krifleen Aliling. Uleniue Riddle. Elisalmelli Lilllllll. F1311 Farwer. june Lee. Virginia Xrulreax. Nant-3 Smith. Nlary 'l'u11p. Hou' 2: :Klive Espinoza. llla Freaa Marion Llllltttlllll. llurliara llliarlestuii. live Honey. flarol .lt-an Smith. Flin-ila llrmley. Santlra Elliott. Alune lfrsirifen. Carol Overhnlser. Nikki Allen. Margie Knutli. Sue XX etml. Nlurgie llautlillu. Fu-1111 tflurlx. Xlarizi llernamlez. .lean Walker. l.in1la 'l'mwn- seud. R111413: ,lean Myers. Rainuria Carvia. Nlarlene tlarnir-lx. ffunnie Duty. ,loan tlcliring. llurolyri Kilruy. ,lutly Nluweliezitl. Janet Sanders, Elaine lle11sun. Etlitli Nlc'lli11g1e1'. tlnnnie .lilt'lis1rll. lfrrie-tiiia lla-lillu. Netra Vllilllillil. llexerly Fnllxers. l'at list-k. ,leanette Knsier. Susie lleets. Phyllis Wneesrier. llurlvaru VllllI4Il6l'. ,Xnn l,lt't'l-xlllilllll. Hun- I: Sliarwvri Nlt-Laugliliri. ,lanire Swseiuline. Alive Charleston. Lana I1Cllll1i1Il.SLlSi6 Sc-utr. ,lanet Warnell. Suxie llzmlxiris. ,Kina Lexlzitlx. Suntly l.i1I'Nt'Il. ,Iannet Taylor. lliana llahlquiet. Jayne Young. Margaret lilair. Judy ltalliriplmtl. Nunn Stanley. llarlrara llelireris. llill'UllllC lfuwler. Klart Rita Gartner. Ron' 5: Norma Maminosser. Pat Rockwell. Nurtna Potts. Margaret llmxiuan. llunna Keeling. Sliarnn Srliultx. Paula vlllIltlNtI'. Nanny Ebersole. Pat McFadden. Pat Virtue. ,lurly Sanders. Sharon Wnlfe. .lean Rnluinsm. Susan Rexzan. ffarul ffmltori. .lurly landee. Elsie Hook. Rita Pizarro. Betty Legal. Nlaryjane Howe. IOG vga., .. ,r Freshman Boys, Chorus -I ' 1 k f W 2 t f he .vi E171 if 7 ii H i A W VE -IZ Q W " ' w N fu- , 3. MQ ' Ag. wash V7 Q X 1 ' 'I 'kt' ' A 1- '-as L: i' L ' 'if' 1 T?" E7 w... 'J 4: Z' r was T A' ' f , , , if , X Q. K , , ,tii T.: f Q V 'IL' ' iw : . 5 ' ' f ' ' - ' f ,- . ,, E H IQ ' Q 4 r 5 W - . ' ' A Y , J iff, I fs 'P - L V. i , -A - 5 7 1.21. T 1 ITE, g I i ZLL 1 i 1,755 1 it 'Q' g gg . , , 5 1 Z. . rwgi it 4, , V I K . Q-V, sv . Q I , . -c. ,N W, N E . 1 , i is - r Y 'Cl V . . p 3, . T is . Z, 6 , Sap 'T e at f H 'mf' X l ' . ' if ' ' ' 2 f l i ' 5 ' I 5 5 , f 3 3 L i .' , , . ' V Row I: Laverne Blosser. Lee Wolfe. George Davis. Bolm Cecil. David Erhy. Tony Morales. Eddie Wesner. Richard Whaley. Mike McDaniel. Row 2: ,lon Keiser. Dayid Shearhurn. Boll lx1l'flHI'lNlCli. Roherl Freeman. john Williams. ,lack Soeer. Walt Ciffrow. David Thomas. Lloyd Casey. Paul Rodriguez. Row 3: ,lim Schreiner. Dennis Yeager. Kenny Small, Dennis Love. Eugene Hafner, Eugene Froeliger. Tim Frazer. Arlyn Brackemyer, ,lack Jachyra. Mike Allmert. Row 4: Richard Williams, Kenneth Leitz. ,lim Williams. David Drane. Kenneth Axelson. Louis Zamhrano. Larry Rosenberg. David Allen. Cary Noon. Richard Sisson. The approximate total of the two choruses is 120. These are strictly voluntary groups with the interest of music at heart. These groups perform at various places including the junior High School, participation in a massed concert in February, and give an individual appearance in the latter part of the year. The purpose of these groups is the early training provided for the Robed Choir. 107 Mixed uartet r. f, - : iz ' ,ai i"h""?' ...x Left to right: ,lim Zeigler. Sandra llalierer. Shirley liindsay. Holi Brown. The Mixed Quartet has been organized only a short time. The group performed at several out-of-town engagements including the Ogle County Soil Conservation Dinner at Oregon and the Highway Engineer Depart- mentvs Christmas Dinner at the Dixon Country Club. Entertainment was provided by the quartet at the Senior Class Play and the Spring Concert. Other performances included varied social organizations and community singing. Some ofthe groups more popular songs were: "Deacon ,lonesfl 'allreanif' and Hliasy Streetfa Boys, uartet Left I0 right: Lee Tyne. ,lim Zeigler. Bob Brown. Holi Morris. "Where is Brown?', HLet's try this nuinlmer againf, Such comments were ox erheard at the rehearsals of this years Boys, Quartet. These boys entertained at various community atiairs such as womenls meetings and civic groups. Special affairs in which they took part were: the Ogle County Conservation Banquet at Oregon. the intermission during the Dramatic Cluli play. and the annual Rolled Choir Spring Concert. Members of the Quartet were Lee Tyne. First Tenor: Holi Brown. Lead: ,lim Zeigler. Baritone: liolw Wlorris. Bass. iris, Ensemble E' QW" This talented group of girls were engaged to sing at various clubs and organizations in Sterling during the year. Their singing was enjoyed immensely by all who heard it. The girls were: Mary Kay Gerber. Margaret Sanders. Barbara Saunders, Edith Shank, .lane Thummell. and Martha Sherman. Twirlers -H 5 lfixe Iwirlers. lietulod hy ,loan Nl1'Neil as niujorette. led the S.H.S. hand through half-time perforinances and parades. These girls ne-re: Sumlru Snyder. Limnne llillon. liexerly liaines. ,lanet Wetxell. and Jeannie Myers. 109 fs 2 ? Lf? fi Q X5 SPORTS Q Q X A XXX E C5 is .fa NT:-A ., :P O ,J-. ,A4 my M' 9:5 Ls if Q Jxgfay Q K3 K wg ., .. Cheerleaders 1 1 t 7 ll? . . , ,., ta ff 24.9 A Y. ,N '39 '07 Xx- The Yarxity tiheerleaniers who tliml sttvh a terrifie jul, leading the 1-heers thi, part year were: Shirley Skruggstawl. San- tly iiragg. Hue killlllilhll. ami tiarul NM-tn-ll. , :B xy 'fe , 411' A W- 5 X N4 N 7,7 J. ! ,H ,yawn L, L . x H, , ,. 1 an 4 W i . 'W fs. G we , , .2 XM' ,L :Lit Q. 'ft it x pp ., f -. 'ft C ' Agfmt, 1 W... Rnsahe .Xmiersm1. ,lane ,lt A new amhiltuttt In the vitevr- mgl staff were the,lttn1m- Nat' sity fiil1'!Ct'Iffil4il'5I'H. They were: rUIl.iNLlIl1't Suluuft. ami Nam-5 I,ehman. I.r-atiiugg the 4-liven for tht Fresit-Supil giatnee thi- yea: were: Jutly Belkin. Sue Svntt. Nita Ifspirmza. Vhyllif Wm--N ner, Wilma Burger. thn- Varsit Track Row 1: Chuck Peugh, .lim Appenzeller, Jim Gebhardt, ,lim Austin, ,Don McGuire, Bruce Kunde. Row 2: Coach Musgrove, Neil Bressler, ,lim Baird, Clark Galloway, Ish Celestino, Harold Hussung, Neil Pontious, Charles Cox, Coach Mitchell. Row 3: Coach Schied, Bob Clark, Frank Wagner, ,lohn Higby, Earl Stanley, George Marshall. Dick Eatinger, Coach Small. Row 4: Dave Davis, Stan Miller, Gary Hunsburger, Lowell Tillman, Keith Cassens, ,lon King. Sterling had a very successful track season, winning 12 and losing only 3. Sterling placed second in the Davenport lIa.J Relays third in the District meet at Rock Island, and fourth in the Oak Park Indoor Relays. The finale ofthe season came when the Warriors won the N.C.I.C. meet at Sterling. The Warriors sent four men to State-Ish Celestion in the shot put, Don McGuire in the 880-yard relays, George Marshall in the pole vault, and Harold Hussung in the high and low hurdles. Hussung was the only one to qualify. placing third in the high hurdles. Season Record OAK PARK INDOOR RELAYS Sterling 99, Rock Falls 76 1!2. Newman 20 1!2, , Sterling fourth in Class B. DISTRICT MEET STERLING INDOOR Moline 39, Rock Island 33 1f2, Sterling 31, Calesburg 15, E. Moline Sterling first place-55 points. Sterling 101, Moline 89. 14. Sterling 84 1f3, Dixon 33 2f3. DAVENPORT RELAYS CENESEO NIGHT RELAYS Davenport 93 7f12, Sterling 61 1f4, Moline 35 lf3. Clinlon.1a.32. Sterling 79 1f2, Calesburg 61 1f2, Geneseo 58, Kewanee 22, Alle- Sterling 78 U2, Freeport 39 U2. man fR.I.J 21 1!2. STERLING RELAYS ILLINOIS STATE MEET Sterling 80, LaSalle-Peru 55, Moline 51, W. Rockford 50. Rock Harold Hussung, 3rd, High Hurdles. Sterling 104, Rock Island 86. Island 43, Freeport 28, Morrison 25, Dixon 14, Rock Falls 14, Ster- N.C.I.C. MEET ling 80 If2, DeKalb 4-3, Kewanee 19. Sterling 51.2, DeKalb 36.9, Mendota 27, Ceneseo 24-, Princeton 18.7, DEKALB RELAYS Dixon 17.2, Rock Falls 16, Rockelle 12, Ottawa 6, Hall Twp. 1. ALL TIME S.H.S. RECORDS SET: 120 Yard H.H. Harold Hussung 14,6 sec, 180 Yard L.I'I. Harold Hussung 19.8 sec. High ,lump Robert W. Clark 6' 1 1f2" Broad .lump Charles Peugh 22' 1 1f8" Shot Put 1 Ismael Celestino 52' 5 118' 4-40 Yard Relay g R. Con, J. Austin. H. Hussung, C. Peugh 44.8 sec. One Mile Relay D. McGuire, N. Pontions. J. Austin. J. Baird 3 min. 34 sec. 320 Yard H.H. Shuttle Relay R. Cox, R. Knndc, N. Pontinns. H, Hussung 41.9 sec. 4-80 Yard L.H. Shuttle Relay R. Cox, B. Kunde, M. Pontious. H. Hussung 56.4 sec. 380 Yard Relay lRe00rd tied! R. Cox, ,l. Austin, C. Peugh, H. Hussung 1 min. 32.4 sec. H3 Frosh-Soph Track Row 1: Gerald Wise, Jon King, Duane Zellar, John Higby, Jim Farver, Frank Wagner, Bill Cox, Duane Hereford, Doug Seldon, Chuck Brandt. Row 2: Don Cox, George Marshall, Charles Koehler, Earl Stanley, Cary Hunsberger, Bill Tamer, Gordon Hanson, Norman Myers, Dick Cuerro, Walter Kilgus, Herral Wells, Ton Henson, Tom Doty. Row 3: Jim Breisch mgr. Jerry Waller mgr., Larry Lenhart. John Wurth, Warren Handel, James Bort, Rich Seldon, Dennis Bohm, Gale Zigler, Dave Lockhardt, Coach Sherman. Row 4: Coacl Hall, Dave Davis, Larry Longenecker, John Sheldon, David Lutyens, Stan Miller, Bill Hines, Ken Engel, Ken Tuailii, Keith Cassens Lyle Snider. 114 Golf Row l: Ron Huston, John Landheer, Bill Manfield, John Lair. Row 2: Joe Bonneville, Richard King, Dave Hippen, Alvin Dixon, Coach MacMurray. The golf team had 2 wins and l2 losses. They plan-cl fourth at the Morrison Invita- tional Tournament, and sixth at the N.C.l.C. meet at Rochelle. IIS Tennis Row 1: Steve Heller, Warren Smith, Bob Elfine, Joe Myers, Mike Flanningam, John Kreider. Row 2: Mr. Youngberg, Tom Lundquist Ken Kosier, Jim Schueler, Dean Clark, Larry Linton, John Behrendt. The tennis squad had a successful season winning 4, losing 7, and tying 1. At the end of the season they placed second in the N.C.I.C. tournament held at Sterling. Mr. Arlyn Youngberg coached the squad this past year. 116 Baseball Q Row 1: Gerry Hunsberger, Jim Johnson, Don Seeley, Jim Barlow, John Wurth, Tom Hensen, Jerry Williams. Row 2: Coach Homer Mus grove, Johnny Gehlson, Dick Eatinger, Bruce Benson, Carl Huffman, Jim Eshleman, Bud Nice, Ron Minton, Gene Hall, assistant coach The Sterling High School Golden Warrior Baseball team enjoyed another fine base- ball season and their second consecutive NCTC championship. Much of the team's success was due to the fine battery work by Benson, Huffman, Seeley, and Cehlson, who collaborated to hang up a l4--2 record, one of the best seasons ever enjoyed by the Golden Warriors. The race for the hunting was a close one right down to the wire with Rock Falls, De- Kalk, and Sterling battling it out into the final week of play. The Warriors managed to spilt even with a fine DeKalb team and then go on to a two game margin by nosing outa heads-up Rock Falls club in a three game series. This series was the crucial one for both local teams and the hard earned victories clinched the title for Sterling Township. 117 455' Varsit Football Captain Bruce Kunde This year's S. H. S. Colden Warriors came through again in line style with a winning season. While compiling a fine record of five wins, three losses, and one tie, they won a tie for second place in the N.C.1.C. and tied for the inter-city title. Coach Bernie Mitchell is to be complimented on the success of the team. Several members of the squad made various All-State teams. Captain Bruce Kunde was fortunate enough to gain All-State recognition on the Champaign News-Gazette team for his fine work throughout the season. There were a large number ofjuniors on the team which should provide a good nucleus for next yearis squad. Seasonis Record Sterling 14- Newman 14 " 21 Rock Falls 7 " 21 Dixon 6 'i 6 DeKalb 12 " 30 Belvedere 0 'i 14 Ottawa 19 ii 34- Hall Township 6 'l 0 Mendota 33 i' 64 Geneseo 7 Row 1: ,lim Austin, Don Cox, George Marshall, Bill Tarncr, ,Iohn 1.air,,Ioo Bonneville, Art Mendoza, Frank Wagner. Row 2: Richard Seldon mgr., Wayne Ruhright, Keith Bos, John Sheldon, Ron Miller, ,Ion King, Gary Wheelock, Paul Hunter, ,lim Gebhardt, Dick Guerro, Carl Grams. Row 3: Mr. Dcitz, Bruce Kundee, Glenn Wicks, ,lim Zoiglur, Gerald Wise, ,lim Farver, Gale Zigler, Dave Lockhart, John Higby, Mr. Sherman, Mr. Mitchell. Row 4: Don Mofluirvr, Duane Hcreeforrl, Cary Himsherger, Dave Hippen, Dennis Bohm, War- ren Patten, Bob Wire, Earl Stanley. Row 5: Ed Schwah, Don Ohda, Dirk Larson, Mason Fritz, John Behrendt. IIN Wayne Rubright John Sheldon Jim Austin Gerald Wise Ed Schwab Jim Zeigler Art Mendoza , Warren Patten Frank Wagner Gerry Hunsberger Jim Farver Don Cox Mickey McGuire Joe Bonneville Paul Hunter Earl Stanley Duane Hereford Bob Wire John Behrent Keith Bos 1 . 5, John Higby Ron Miller George Marshall Gale Zigler John Lair Jim flfehhurfll Dave: Lmzkhurt l,17IllllH lluhm Glen Wicks .ld AAA - f. .n..wq. , ,uv mmwzfwafm.. sw ,.7,.'f,,xmmmwmmq.:smm,r:guw2fv wzmmm iifffswaumwwmanmauha -'-www r' -fs we m-, 4 ,mwkuwsyv-fn6mw,zL'x:'auv1w Fresh-Soph Football .W Q. . , Row 1: John Kreider, Joe Myers, Ron Huston, Jack Bonneville, Ron Rubright, Les Johnson, Charlie Ortiz. Row 2.' Larry Lenhart, War ren Handel, John Wurth, Ken Taualii, Bill Young, Dave Davis, Jack Rubright, Ron Hussung. Row 3: Mr. Hunsherger, Martin Genkinger Mgr., Weldon Otten, Larry Longenecker, Leroy Pizarro, Bob Elfiine, Richard Williams, Dave Siedel, Mgr., Mr. McMurry. Row 4. Wayne Haan, Ed Coville, Doug Seldon, Brad Ludwig, Charles Reecher, Lyle Johnson, Richard Wolf, Carrol Minogue, Jim Tucker. I 1? Mr. Bob McMurry and Mr. Floyd Hunsberger coached the Sterling Braves to conference champion- 6 ship and the first undefeated season since Bernie Mitchell turned the trick twelve years ago. In their X, 0 points to their opponents, thirty-one. seven wins and one tie, the Braves scored ninety-four 3-xt. .2 Pee Wee Football Row 1: Ron Capp, Bob McCormick, Richard Portner, Tom Steinhagen, David Bradley, Edwin Wesener, ,lim Ague. Row 2: Eugene Haf- ner, Ray Clopton, .lack Speer, David Thomas, Robert Cecil, Mike Thomas, Tom Razo, Larry Handel. Row 3: Mr. Mumford, coach, Mar- tin Cenkinger, mgr., Ken Small, Dick Dawson, Arlyn Brackemyer, Bill Oswald, Rolland Lindsay, David Seidel. Row 4: Dean Wodyatt, Jim Brauer, Gary Noon, Duane Stern, David Allen, Jerry Walling, Daryl Beckman, Donald Matznick, Warren Ciffrow-absent. Coach Dean Mumford's Peewees lost six game and won none, but they held their opponents to an average of only nine points a game. 122 Cross Countr Row I: Jack Finkle, Cary Rude, Don Edling, Terry Rhvne, David Drane, Jim Mattison, Mike Albert, George Davis, Bob Propheter Mgr. Row 2: Mr. Duis, Lowell Tillman. Stan Miller, Ray Peugh, Roger Polzin, Ted Turner, Manuel Gonzales, Bob Freeman, Mgr. The Golden Warrior Cross-country team won one out of eight meets, with two second places from tri- angular meets. They won twelfth place at the Peoria Invitational and tenth place at the Sterling Invitational. The Warriors took sixth in the conference and seventh in the district. The Frosh-Soph team won three out of eight meets, tying for third in the conference. 123 restling X, lgyfwf RonniePi neda ,BobMoor ehead . .Ev U y N KV fi9g,,L.xf' MY This year's wrestling team finished third in the sectional meet at Rock lsland, with Rock lsland placing first, and Ceneseo second. Three Sterling wrestlers qual- ified for the state meet. Ron Pineda was first in the 120 pound class. Charles Hoover placed first in the 133 pound class. Ronald Wilsey placed second in the 103 pound class and also qualified for the state meet. The team won the fifth straight championship in the NCIC Con- ference. ln the state meet, Ron Pineda won first place forthe 120 pound class. Sterling totaled 15 points to place fifteenth in the meet. Ronnie Mitchell, Charles Hoover. restling Z' L its g W Q ,. , : Q t J 79 N.: fra 'N 1 Row 1: Carl Grams, John Krieder, George Davis, Leland Siperly, Tony Morales. Row 2: Larry Morrio, John Lair, Ron Wilsey, Les John- son, Larry Patten, David Thomas, Lee Wolfe. Row 3: Mr. Musgrove, Ron Pineda, Ed Fassler, Charles Hover, Harrell Wills, Kenneth Leitz, Mr. Deitz. Row 4: Chuck Brandt, Bob Moorehead, Mike Knapp, Ron Mitchell, Ken Sippel, Mason Fritz, Gary Hunsberger. 125 X Varsity Basketball o fx TOURNEY Xl I I 1 I Ja Sterling 76- Sterling 74- Sterling 82- Sterling 48- Sterling 58- Sterling 63- Sterling 61- Sterling 81- Sterling 49- Sterling 68- I Sterling 75- Sterling 72- Sterling 51- Sterling 74- Sterling 46- Season's Record Q22-81 Morrison 42 Freeport 65 Dixon 51 DeKalb 63 East Rockford 81 Newman 43 Sterling 83- CENTRALIA HOLIDAY Salem 90 Canton 47 Champaign 62 Quincy 58 Mendota 61 Clinton, Ia. 52 Rock Falls 45 Galesburg 58 Dixon 73 Belvidere 57 NEW-MOR-ROC-STER TOURNEY Sterling 84-Morrison 61 Sterling 89- Sterling 58- Sterling 62- Sterling 86- Sterling 80- Sterling 91- Sterling 73- Sterling 78- Sterling 74- Rock Falls 72 Rochelle 54 West Rockford 83 Princeton 70 Genesee 24 Monroe, Wisc. 64 Hall 45 Tilden Tech, Chicago 62 Ottawa 66 STERLING REGIONAL TOURNEY Sterling 87-Lyndon 39 Sterling 83-Prophetstown 60 Sterling 64-Dixon 60 EAST MOLINE SECTIONAL TOURNEY Sterling 64-Moline 71 U' A Standingi Coach Gene Hall, Wendell Harison, ,lim Appenzeller, Bob Clark, Gerry Gutensohn, Gerald Wise, .Iim Farver. Kc Kneeling' Earl Wolf mgr John Sheldon Bruce Kunde John Gehlson Duane Hereford George Marshall, Jim Austin, A t x X 01 7 L 12, ui' ,.,'.. . S ir ,.L. I 'L 3 W wg. . HJ. ,fS.d,, l Cerryw sv lm "Dwain" "George" eecarysa eetlohnva Fresh-Soph Basketball Row 1: John Writh, Brad Ludwig, Warren Handel, Ken Small, Ken Engle, Tom Doty, mgr. Row 2: Mr. Hunsberger, Tom lngrum Chuck Koehler, Dave Lockhart, Dave Croften, Doug Seldon, Tom Hensen, ,lim Tucker. Sterling 53 Sterling 45 Sterling 50 Sterling 29 Sterling 46 Sterling 41 Sterling 47 Sterling 52 Sterling 56 Sterling 61 Sterling 57 Season's Record Q10-12j Morrison 25 Freeport 47 Dixon 55 DeKalb 45 East Rockford 64 Newman 47 Rock Falls 65 Mendota 43 Clinton, Ia. 48 Dixon 65 Belvidere 38 Sterling 55 Sterling 34 Sterling 55 Sterling 51 Sterling 69 Sterling 65 Sterling 57 Sterling 44 Sterling 41 Sterling 71 Sterling 58 Geneseo 41 Rock Falls Erie 36 Frosh-Soph Amboy 52 Tourney Rochelle 56 West Rockford 67 Princeton 62 Geneseo 44 Monroe, Wise. 43 Hall Twsp. 48 Ottawa 81 Galesburg 78 Jumor ars1t ljasketball-freshman Basketball Row 1: Ron Houston, George Marshall, Tom Lundquist, Alvin Dixon, Jack Bonneville. Row 2: Dwain Hereford, Dean Clark, Ron Hus- sung, John Sheldon, Stan Miller, John Behrendt, mgr. Row 3: Bill Bellows, Gerald Wise, Russell Willis, Jim Farver, John Landheer, Mr. Hall, coach. Row 1: Cary Noon, Larry Handel, Ken Small, Daryl Beckman, Bob McCormick, Neil Morehead. Row 2: Tom Doty, Tom Ingram, Mike Thomas, Rohert Link, Bob Cecil, Tom Razo, Eddie Wesner. Row 3: Mr. Mumford, coach, Lary Risenberg, Leroy Pizzarro, Lois Zam- brano, Dick Williams, Jim Tucker, Dave Allen. 130 Qur Coaches w -wi, ,g N.. . 2 Q 1- X 4, ww M .1 ff ACTIVITIES If 921 Xl-ii-G -4 'F 5 film 54 sw fx W ik 'T -33 X43 XD Q X - SED! gms I wp 1 Q 2 X XXNQ FJ X W' ew gi J" 165 and excxtement filled the air. all "Q d 03,84 ueen ofthe Crowd" 3 as ff' ! if- 5. I J' 3 I' 3N'3 ,-ig I wp? ,.2.,,,f1 U' 1 Q l, fb I www ff ?MmEwi5si7fiE mmwmw W - , yu? - in ,t h g,, ,A W A y lf 1 ge, - - ' f n ' XE Alf e Curtain Time. hs, 5 Mmmmm of L .QWML ,gk Eeeekf Everyone look this way Practice makes perfect wwf' iii Lum hziuin. , . Q f wr, if-1,-K if 011' :looks O83 0' oments of Music A lot of fun and work ? A s ,P - 5 X it ., x .ky V :I-'f kv: f ffl, Q Si' k As4g?fJ--1 ,, , fax I 'Alu ,fr 31 21 SA 'fi .f W sf' wsfsx if 7 -MA 24. 5 5.5 V 4 , ,W .i Q3-:V 4 ,wk .7 A " ,W .. 1 x af' QW QW 1 M,,.4-f Q 11 X ,A an I foln def, 'Ward p 'Won Lenz,- K ,-.. N' ,.,. y an .V 55 gg f'j,5?5' ?v ,,v..:. w:s....1gi:i? ff jt"7 i, ,M x3 Wy, . ,H .J3,,,A , 37, x,gg?'gLT, , 7 MQ, .liimlfzif as Soxs 8 kd And rxght here we have ..., atlvo H C0 17153 a r,-Ch aught lIl the act zu. iw? 'S 52 Q .K -435, 5 A Q ,f of fwikm i ,hmm Q .5.1- Q 5 ' , ' X f M Q K 0 E21 .M S A I , , .lm If 4 it . F ,tg , C, ' mgsaf., H Patrons l,l'4,n, 4 f-Hn! l, l ,g , pil.. "f VN y' A! lla' or-3' 4-v ' .1 , I' S .J 9 t ' A' ' - N" A X" l fA'Ffie5d' " . 'X' A ' ty. rt , ow 'A-afsepiifyw A . it -X r ,ylv tu f Tl 'P "swat Al1eHEs1Q9saLH2i11-le 'ss iw An e,rson's D-X Service An erson's9l:'fgady Mi? A Annabelle-Ray Jewelers X It Arcade Laundry Bun Austin Chevrolet Co. Bachman's'Shoe Store Behrens Furniture Co. Bender 81 Burch Music C. Besse 81 Besse, Attorneys Bickford's Pharmacy Fred Boese Sales Store Bogott Welding Works Bradley,s Clothing Store Broadway Texaco Station Castendyck Insurance Agency Central National Bank Chapman Bros. Chester Company Chic Beauty Shop Clip 81 Curl Shop Coast to Coast Store Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Colonial Beauty Salon Connell's Clothing DeAnne's H. A. Detwciler Agency " N . Q" . I lift Tr. B. Dillon10il pcax rp Bunbaifs Furniture Co. Q, A x E 8rlYVTflcfhirigSStore" V ix A an-. LL EYE11isl1i1j,Flifofneys Q My ' EshlemanLPhotos R. W. Flock Agency Foley Motor Sales Ford Hopkins Frantz Manufacturing Co. Gehring's Jewelry Store Dr. Peter Gray, M. D. Ray Haldernan Hardware Products Co. Haskell's Earl J. Helms, Insurance Hummel's Meat Market ldeal Cleaners Cliff John, Insurance Kleinschmidt Cleaners Klines Dept. Store Kreider's Dixie Carmel Co Charles O. Larson Co. Lundstrom Greenhouses D. Manfield Co. Mar-Jean Variety Store McClaughlin's McKenna Sales Sz Service Melvin Funeral Home Midwest Food Service rn Shop The Annual Staff of S.H.S. wishes to thank the patrons for their assistance in the publication of this year's Blue Kc Gold. Robert Mitchell Agency Dr. C. J. Mueller, M.D. Dr. A. L. Mulnix Mylin Agricultural Store National Bank of Sterling Newton 81 Heckert Standard Service Northern Illinois Loan Corp. North Locust Grocery Northwestern Steel 81 Wire Co. Obermiller's People,s Super Market Art Pepper Conoco Service A. H. Prestin Prince Castles Inc. Dr. Harold Readel Reitzel Insurance Dr. George Reynolds George Robinson Dr. W. P. Rock Rock Falls Dairy Rock River Sports Shop Clayton R. Schuneman Scott Burr Store Sears Roebuck 81 Co. Service Shoe Store Siex Barber Shop Simpson-Powlson Lumber Co. Singing Wheels Skating Rink Smith 81 Harms Sinclair Service Stager Insurance Agency Sterling Bootery Sterling Camera Center Sterling Cleaners 81 D1 yers Sterling Fashion Shop Sterling Floral Shop Sterling Home Improvement Co Sterling-Rock Falls Clinic Sterling 81 State Theaters Stutzke 81 Sons Sullivan,s Men's 81 Boy's Wear Superior Cleaners Swehla Oil Co. Dr. Tim Sullivan Swartley's Greenhouses Ted's Haberdashery Thomeway Lines Twin City Produce Vanetti Home Supply Co. Dr. C. F. Wagner, D.D.S. Walteris Dept. Store Weaver Sheet Metal Shop Wetzell Food Mart W. B. Wetzell Agency Wheelock's W.S.D.R. Radio Station Y.M.C.A. Drs. Zaeske 81 Zaeske Wfgwwwgiw JW! in MM filii Mkfyf W whwqwifwb W WMA 53 Wgojl M QM www MHJMJ QQQ 4145 My . W , My WM 9f,,f3,v QW W? ,fgwf ZQiZ:Q QyX,fkfj rig? 1 Zlfiigiifwffigf W + hw. .......... f . ' I4 ' ,L . .af A ' TJ. , f,D,,.,,fPoJ, I WL . A44 f . if aww? , 'Z C27 AQ qw 4 V . A , 4 ' ' ri ' A l , 1 1. .- 'S ,l'l-'O b M' M Www T2'5?i'ffW'W f'f2"" Q , ,LA . . , , 4 T vi Q s Q - 4 ". , . ,X 3 . .. . Q-5' Qfgfwiffwi ,,f QQ 2?g?'m? MQWWMY 4 . . .and here. GJ CWJfUA7ffUAZlH-'N VLLfJf,4,u,..,,QJ , wJsz,4LJ?,,,m'mQAj:'f Amwfwv aww WMA ffimvvwlwaw 'UMW gww X ' QUWJ XM M H? W Qfwpff ff fMfm4mW fmyw fb 4 Wfwwig s f g' 423 Wifi X NA If 'KRQENA Q45 mi 3 N Q J ,,w1,Qk 1 rx i A it J ig, J, Wi H ew. LW i. Wx ,M faf ,+ if My vi -M.. www 5410 'w ,Xb mx

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