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' . 0 y. , .fi - ff. ' , V Y , , . :JJ 1' 1 E 2 . 1 . A If ,,,1-f,-zbV1,f .J J. . ,, - 'L .Ji af 0' f ' , u if , , I , vt. C-0,7,yVi55b-b-I1,.- VT F VIMJU 1 liiyfg XM . 'i' ' ,.'f -' W . . , J-JVM' . - Q ".-rvfv 'gl ' ' ,A - X f' X .avg J I I ' Q, K-H: M T, . U V V .1 V I Q Y, ,W . W ' 1 ' , 4"l""' ' ,ft.J"!fW-Z . if I "T ,.. VXXW Ijfigfavi-T2 K, 'lpl , ff-5' ,ci ,TC 1 ul Qifbfglfffbvrz., 4..f,f,, rlyj Nj WX R Vx 13, Wm W W' - gm 'W t ' 1 MMU ' ' M if- fr , A gg? 134 3 , WY 5 Z X. AI I 1 , f fi Q5 'Q Q fi K A f'Qj"'h 4 4, E ' iz, Vi, A W Q L, ',,,.i1,. 5 .5 ,- ir 3, g Q J, Ld f Q JT 1 .A ' L4 jf-fi uxfx ,IC L :ffM,gJ,L ml X H K. , ..f.-TLQY 1.11 1 if!-fwgfil f X ,3 t 2' A- V V , -VYX gf x N W .,,-""+4 L Qf 9144-- ' I I LJ --n as Q.. x"'A"'VQ'.-ff-L jgwnlw All 57 if fLf,h-,,P,k M, yi "4 X ,if . Fr' D. ' ii f A, - ,QI Ill dit' tk K Jr XJ NPQB6 I XJ 3- i ,JI xw!K' N7 ' A Aj x 2 A xij i 1 fl .wwf 'JJ Ja Q AN ' iff" 3 Q' MX' .WXQB ' All xl jqiix M U ws, " , . . 4 1 ' ' :Q fs ' .f'2'f"'Y' tu fir'-'Y " ,v . fl ' 'Tre my-,.,L'A.A1fw -Xi - V Q 1 Y . F YN? I li M.: J' ' 1 -, -' "z ,- Viv. - ' . 1' x K . . ls, f x , .4 ,553 , f- m ,,l.+-Q...J 1 M ji ,ggi , 61141: 23554 iiimff , Si azz, .Aff E," """ Mil M' N .J . faa . ,N-H. 4 Z: fa' A41 - ...ff U 2?-.ftd e,.,!..f M 3 ' 1 1? ' aff SWQWMJQ 1 Y giver SE JMS fy' wi,,x Jiffy' M ff WA, f + W' f' gf? J X M KXQ 99019 '952 ue an 2695 lc i M M 1 1 i x 5 llfg f-f"?'d-Z 1 bk: W f - f I l .. I X Qs. f , , f M Q ff A lai X D was x b Qjl lf, 067- bthll CE lt YK C Edt V1 Jhsdc I D All B M - Put , ! 32, N-I' NQQ 9 ', 0 :L I ez ' X Dea L h Ad if W VMWHVW X nfl l y Q TO MR. CURTIS F. HRANDAU . . . IN APPRECIATION OI' HIS LOYAI. I"RIENDSHII'. WILLINGNESS TO HEI,I'. AND PRODUCTIYE EFFORTS AS TEACHER, ADVISOR, COACH. AND FRIEND, THE SENIORS OI" 1952 DEDIVATE THIS BLUE AND GOLD. Mr. Brandau is a valuable mcmlmcr of' our community and faculty of SHS. Besides his numerous civic responsibilities and his posi- tion in our social science dcpartmcnt, hc has coached tennis and varsity lmaslactlwzill teams and is thc present frosh-soph haskctlmall coach. He has taken time to serve as freshman ad- visor and worked hard to get us wcll startcd on a successful high school carccr. His friendly personality and willingness to offer encouragement and advice contributes greatly in making him a competent Dean of Boys. Gonfenfs FACULTY .,.. .... w , w LfLAbSES ,,.,,, ,, ACTIVITIES bPOR1b ...,., ....... 7 15 49 85 i itil Y The faculty of Sterling Township High School is to lie commended for the superb things that they have accomplished in the fields of educa- tion and vocational guidance this past year. Their comprehensive and helpful understanding: has aided us all in facing the difficult and deep- seated problems to be encountered in modern everyday life. We appreciate the extra time and effort put forth bv these teachers in advising and helping' to promote numerous extra-curricular activities. Elaculfxl IIOAIUJ Ol" lCl7UCA'l'ION I H l X Fi X , INCIIAI, -- X Q. OSCO2 86925 Our school activities are very ezlpzi- lily adininisterc-ml hy our prim-ipul. Mr. Roscoe liaclcs, and our assistant xx principal, Mr. U. li. lin-Voc. Tlieir interest in our welfare and their friendly eo-operative attitude linu- won the admiration and rc-sport of the student lmody. ASSISTA NT PRINFIP.-X L -- fz. U. IZ. DQUOZ We express our appreciation to the Board of Education for the effort they have put forth in dll'CK't.lIlj.'f the supervision of our school. Special zicknowledgeinent is due Mr. P. H. Ward, who resigned after many years of service. left to right: Mr. D. E. Castle, Mr. P. H. Ward, Mr. O. C. Beatty, Mr. H. M. Moore, Mr. C. R. Schuneman, Mr. E. J. Allison. We see them in our class each dayg Their knowledge they unfold. Although they pile the homework on, 0 U ' 0 ' Thoy're worth their weight in gold. I I C I I acuifxl ' O C O Miss Helen Hooker Mr. Curtis Ilrandau Miss Doris Burritt Mrs. Marie L. Davis Miss Marie Dickson GIIILS' PHYSICAL SOCIAL SCIENCE ENGLISH MATHI'IMA'1'ICS ENGLISH EDUCATION Mr. Darrell Dunham Miss Vella M. Fadden Miss Dollec Fauth Mr. Eugene Hall Miss Mary B. Harris INS'I'RUMl4lN'I'AL MUSIC' LIISRARIAN SOCIAL SCIENCE BOYS' PHYSICAL ENGLISH EDUCATION . . 1 X. 2 G . o ' J . 0 I A Q I ' J 3 I ' i I I I fl' fff i 2 Qu 629 l -4' If x N rs. Evelyn Ilzlwkins Miss Xllllfllllll llayn NURSE C1lMMl'llUllAl. Miss Jam Head Miss Ann llcuth c'0MMl41lu'!AI. HOME I-JCUNUMICS Mrs. Gazelle A. Hill Mr. l'c-tor Ilongguvvvxl l'lNGl.lSH VUQ'A'I'lllNlXl. XNOUIISHOI' lfloyd Hunsberger Miss M. Kruglwff Miss B3.l'b2l1'il Larson Mr. R. Juno Lee Mr. Dean Lehman VOCATIONAL SOCIAL SCIENCE. VO- SPEECH LATIN IIOYS' PHYSICAL EDU- WOODSHOI' CATIONAL GUIDANCE CATIONg COMMERCIAI Mrs. Vinla Men-tin Mr. Robert Mt-Murry Mrs. Margaret Moe Mr. B. A. Mitchell Miss Wilma Moore HOME l'll'ONOMll'S MATHEMATICS IIIOLOGYg GIRLS' PHY- CUMMICRCIAII GIRLS' PHYSICAL SICAI. EDUCATION EDUCATION Mr. Homer Musgrovo Mr. A. Neuhring Miss M. A. Ramsey Mr. J. E. Robbins Miss Jeanette Sasek HIGAIITH: IIOYS' ART ENGLISH SOCIAL SCIENCE SCIENCE: HOME PHYSICAL EDUCATION ECONOMICS 1113 Mr. T. G. Scheid ATHLETIC DIRECTOR Mr. C. W. Sherman SCIENCE Miss M. Thackaberry DIRECTOR OF READING INSTRUCTION O fl2I PHYSICAL EDUCATION : Mr. Arthur L. Schick Miss M. Schumakcr Miss Alma Sherman AGRICULTURE ENGLISH BIOLOGY Mr. E. E. Small Miss Ruth Straw Mr, John Strcngc MATHEMATICS SPANISH: FRENCH TRADE 8: INDUSTRIAL SHOP Mr. William Tonkin Miss Ruth Welle Mr. H. E. Whaley VOCAL MUSIC MATHEMATICS MECHANICAL DRAWING X 2 og f W! Q. ff. I I ing? Alf 5 ff1f"' S IC C R IC TA RY Miss Norma Raw Peters MAINTICNANCE MEN Mr. Stove Minicr, Mr. Stew- art Collinson, and Mr. Elam Hess. UUSTODIANS Mrs. Mary Lumbard, Mrs. Pauline Hunter, Mrs. Joan- ncttc Johnson, Mrs. Beryl Jacobs, and Mrs. Bertha Baer. . -:mi 1 5 a aX"f" 3 A . ,,,. W .- gsm.. I rl XQ if' Q k , 9, 1 f ff . 9 X -v"""'i GIIZSSZS Senior Recognition Day, class meetings, invitations, and plans for Baccalaureate and Graduation were all care- fully explained and carried out under the co-guidance of the Misses Ruth Welle and Doris Burritt. Under them, our high school career was brought to a successful close. Under the capable leadership of our Freshman officers, Dean Zellar, Darlene Clark, Norma Miller, and Wanda Rhoades, we started out our high school life with the Freshman Mixer held on October 9, 1848. The enthu- siasm which has made our class one that will be long remembered at S.H.S. was shown by the large attendance of the members to our first "high school party." Our freshman year ended on a gay note with the Freshman picnic held at Sinnissippi Park in June. The occasion was a happy one for all of us as we had finished our "pro- bation period" as freshmen and looked forward to the next year when, as Sophomores, we could take a more active part in the life at S.H.S. Don Knight, Nancy Kunde, Beth Myers, and George Schneider directed our class our Sophomore year. The "Soapbox Serenade" was another successful activity sponsored by the class of '52, This was the first all- school dance given by us, and again we showed our ability to work together as one group to produce a well- organized project. Six members of the class were inducted into the Na- tional Honor Society the last semester of our Junior year. The Junior-Senior Prom, "An Enchanted Eve- ning," was the highlight of the year. The theme was fairyland, and everyone really seemed to have an en- chfnted evening. During this year our class was led by Bob Smith, Karl Kilberg, Wallie Pepper, and Jeannie Sterenberg. eniofzs Bvisofzs Miss Doris Burritt and Miss Ruth Welle 4167 Olgficefzs Left to right: John Walton, President, Lyle Dirks, Treasurer, Barry Musgrove, Vice- President: Arlene Book, Secretary. Our Senior year has been a busy and exciting one. December 16th was set aside as Senior Recognition Day. We all wore our best clothes and were given a pin in the shape of a mortarboard and scroll. In the after- noon, we Seniors gave an assembly depicting all of the activities of our high school career. In the evening a special section was set aside for us at the basketball game, and following the game a dance for Seniors only was held in the girls' gym. Several members of our class were inducted into the National Honor Society which showed that we, as a group, not only think of social life, but also believe that school work is important. The annual Senior picnic held in the latter part of May closed the door to our high school life, but as we look back, we cannot help but remember that along with the fun there has gone a lot of hard work. The class of 1952 has excelled in many different school activities, including band, choir, debate, the Script, and, of course, we have added our share of athletes to the various athletic programs. While looking back at our Senior year, we realize that we owe a vote of thanks to .lohn Walton, Barry Mus- grove, Lyle Dirks, and Arlene Book for the splendid leadership they have shown in directing the activities of our last year at S.H.S. 4177 118 JEAN ALLEN Band: GAA: Jr. Red Cross: Campus Club: Latin Club: Prom. PATRICIA ANN BAIRD Latin Club: Hi-Tri: Fu- ture Teachers: Campus Club: Blue 8x Gold Staff: Girls' Chorus: GAA: Mon- itor: Sophomore Dance: Prom. SHIRLEY BARNES GAA: Band: Latin Club: Script Staff: Freshman Dance: Sophomore Dance: Prom. DONNA BAUMAN FHA: Girls' Chorus: Blue KL Gold Staff: Monitor: Robed Choir: Prom. SUSAN JANE BLACK FHA: Girls' Chorus: Blue Sz Gold: Script Staff: Li- brarian: GAA: Monitor. RICHARD ALLEN Football: Tennis: Bowl- ing: "S" Club: Monitor: Dramatic Club: Campus Club: Prom. ROBERT BAITHER Tennis: Bowling: Intra- mural Sports: Dramatic Club: Boys' Chorus: Dc- bate: Campus Club: Latin Club: Blue 85 Gold Staff: Prom. PATRICIA BATCHELLER GAA: Hi-Tri: FIIA, Sec. 2: Band: Girls' Chorus: Script Staff: Honor So- ciety: Robed Choir: Girls' Ensemble: Dramatic Club: Campus Club: Blue KL Gold, Co-Editor: Student Council: Freshman Dance: Sophomore Dance: Prom: Senior Dance. JOAN BIXBY GAA: Girls' Chorus' Monitor. CARRENIA BOLLING GAA: FHA: Script Staff: Librarian: Blue QQ Gold Staff: Sophomore Dance: Prom. ARLICNE HOOK Girls' Chorusg Girls' En- sembleg Rolmed Choirg Hi- Trig Cupu Clubg Blue Q Gold Staff: Script Staffg DONNA BOYUNGS Hi-Tri: Girls' Chorusg Jr. Red Cross: GAAQ Script Staffg FHAQ Freshman Danceg Sophomore Danceg anim 1952 MARLENE BUCHER Campus Clulmg Band, Hi- Trig Girls' Chorusg Rolmed Choirg GAAg Script Stalfg Dramatic Clubg Blue 8: GAAQ Senior Class Sec.3 Pl'0lY'l. Gold Staffg Freshman Campus Clubg Sophomore Danceg Sophomore Dunccg Danccg FHA: Promg Sen- Prom. ior Dancc. AUDRICY BOS Morrison High School 1, Jr. Red Cross: Busehallg 23 GAAQ Script Staffg Hi- Intramural Sportsg Stu- Tri, V.-Pres. 4. dent Councilg FFA: "S" Clubg Sophomore Dance. SHIRLEY ROBERT CARD MAXINE CARLSON BUCVINGHAM X Rock Falls High School 1. BilllllQ GAA. GAA: Script Staffg Bluc Q Gold Staff: Sophomore Danceg Prom. DONALD BUSHMAN LAVONNIC CAREY BuskcthallgFFA. Student Councilg Robed Choirg GAAQ Girls' Chor- usg Prom. N f19J eniozs 1952 SUSAN CHURCH Latin Club, GAA, Hi-Tri, Campus Club, Blue dz Gold Staff, Jr. Red Cross, Freshman Dance, Sopho- more Dance, Prom. RUSSELL DEETS FFA, Monitor GALE DuPREY Wrestling, Track, Boys' Chorus, Hi-Y. PATRICIA ELMICNDORF GAA, FHA, Girls' Chor- us, Band, Script Staff Monitor ' Freshman Dance 7 Y Sophomore Dance, Prom. EUNICE DETWICILER Chorus, GAA, FHA, Fu- ture Teachers, V.-Pres. 2, Pres. 3, Campus Club, Latin Club, Monitor. DONALD ESTABROOK Football, Baseball, Intra- mural Sports, Track, "S" Club, Student Council, Librarian, Hi-Y, Campus Club, Freshman Dance, Sophomore Dance, Prom, Senior Dance. CAROLE DONOVAN Band, Script, FHA, Blue XL Gold Staff, GAA. FFA, V.-Pres. 3, Treas. 4, Jr, Red Cross, Student Council , Monitor, Robcd Choir, Boys' Chorus, Sen- ior Class Treas. GERALD FRIMODT Tennis, Football, Basket- ball, Track, "S" Club, Capa Club, Band. MERCHEL FLYNN Tennis, "S" Club, Blue :Sz Gold Staff, Capa Club, Prom. f20l ANN GARTNER GAAQ Girls' Chorusg Hi- Trig FHAQ Script Staffg Librariang Blue Sz Gold Staffg Freshman Danceg Sophomore Dance: Prom. RAY GIERHART Cross Countryg "S" Clubg Trackg Boys' Chorusg Robed Choir. RONALD GOODNIGHT Footballg Basketballg "S" Clubg Trackg Hi-Yg Soph- omore Dance. BEULAH HADAWAY Milledgeville High School, 1, 25 Monitorg Jr. Red Cross. GLORIA HENDRICK Velley City QN. Dakota! High School, 1, 23 Hi-Trig Librarian: Campus Clubg Prom. LEO GEIL Boys' Chorusg Prom. DONNA GLENN FHAQ GAAQ Girls' Chor- usg Monitorg Freshman Danceg Promg Sophomore Dance. LOIS ANN GOOD GAA: Girls' Chorus: Hi- Trig Latin Clubg Campus Clubg Robed Choirg Girls' Ensemble: Script Staffg Sophomore Danceg Prom. PATRICIA LEE HANSON GAAg Hi-Trig Dramatic Clubg Campus Clubg Girls' Chorusg Blue and Gold Staffg Sophomore Danceg Prom. GLEN HELMS Bowlingg Football. 1215 6225 BOB HICKS FFAQ Intramural Basket- ballg Script Staffg Mon- itorg Librarian. RAOULAND HOWE Zion High School, 15 "S" Clubg Footballg Basket- ballg Trackg Monitor. AUDREY HURLEY GAA. ELVERA IBEN Latin Clubg Girls' Chor- nsg Jr. Red Crossg Stu- dent Councilgb Librariang Campus Clubg Monitorg Sophomore Danceg Prom. JANICE JACKSON GAA, Treas. 45 Ili-Tri: flue 8: Gold Stnffg Fresh- man Danceg Sophomore Danceg Prom. PAT HOWE Girls' Chorusg FHAQ Rob- ed Choirg GAA, V.-Pres. 4g Dramatic Clubg Capa Club, Sec. 35 Hi-Trig Blue and Gold Staffg Script Staffg Freshman Danceg Sophomore D-anceg Promg Senior Dance. DELORES HUBBARD Jr. Red Cross: Librariang Monitorg Sophomore Dance. WAYNE HUSSUNG Rock Falls High School, lg Trackg Football: "S" Club. DAVID ITNYRE FFAQ Campus Club. JANET JOHNSON Bandg Latin Clubg Prom. WARD M. JOHNSON Mllledygeville High School, 1, 2, Football, Monitor, FFA. LEE KEISER Football, Intramural Bas- ketball, Track, Wrestling, US" Club, Boys' Chorus, Robed Choir, Blue Sz Gold Staff, Script Staff, Soph- omore Dance, Prom. enims 1952 RUTH KIM BALL GAA, Latin Club, Robed Choir, Band, Debate, Hi- Tri, Campus Club, Sopho- more Dance, Prom, Sen- ior Dance. VIVIAN KARR Capa Club, FHA, Blue QQ Gold Staff. KARL KILBERG Basketball, Track, Wrest ling, Tennis, Cross Coun try, Latin Club, Monitor "S" Club, Student Coun cil, Jr. Class V.-Pres. Y Sophomore Dance, Prom. DON KNIGHT Cross Country, Basket- ball, Football, T ra c kg Baseball, "SH Club, V.- Pres. 4, Sophomore Class Pres., Capa Club, Pres. 3, Student Council. BOB KOSIER Football, Track, Wrest- ling, C1'oss Country, "S" Club, Student Council. NANCY KUNDE Blue Sz Gold, GAA, Sec. 3, Latin Club, Pres. 2, Jr. Red Cross, Sec. 2, Sopho- more Class V.-Pres., Stu- dent Council, Dramatic Club, Sec. 2, Monitor, Honor Society, V.-Pres. 4, Campus Club, Sophomore Dance, Prom, Senior Dance. PIIYLLIS KOSIICR GAA, FHA, Girls, Chor- us, Hi-Tri, Sec. 3, Robed Choir, Campus Club, Blue 81 Gold Staff, Student Council, Monitor, Script Staff, Freshman Danqe, Sophomore Dfrnce, Prom, Senior Dance. ARTHUR KRAFT Track, Football, Wrest- ling, "S" Club. 4231 eniozs 1952 CAROL LANDIS DON LESTER BILL LUDWIG Campus Clubg Sophomore FFAQ FFA State, V.-Pres.g Janesville fWis.J lligh Danccg GAAQ Prom. Monitor. School, 1, 2g Monitorg Jr. Red Crossg Campus Club: Blue Xz Gold Staff. MERRILDEAN ROBERT LOCKHART LEONARD Footballg Wrestlingg Ten- Student Councilg Girls' nisg Bowlingg "S" Clubg Chorusg Freshman Danceg Campus Clubg Monitorg Sophomore Danceg Prom. Prom. NANCY LUNDQUIST DELORES MAASS CHARLOTTE ' M- , LLAII Spanish Clubg Girls' Chor- Latin Clubg GAA, Pres. SCU usg l"HAg Future Teach- 45 Hi-Trig Honor Societyg GAAg Girls' Chorusg Rob- crsg G A A 3 Sophomore Sophomore Danceg Prom. ed Choirg FHAQ Monitorg Dance. Prom. DICK LYON RICHARD MCCORMICK Footbullg Bascballg Bas ketballg "S" Clubg Track Capa Club, V.-Pres. 3 ! Sophomore Danceg Prom. Footballg Basketballg "S" Clubg Trackg Hi-Yg Prom. 124 ALTON McLAUGHLIN Barnegat KN. JJ High, 1, 2 3 , . NANCY McWETHY GAAQ Ili-Trig FHAQ Blue Sz Gold Staff, Monitor, Sophomore Dance, Prom. JULIENNE LOUISE MANGLER Girls' Chorus: Librarian: FHAQ Blue Sz Gold Staff. EDWIN MEINERS FFA. MARY MILLER Latin Clubg GAA, Girls' Chorusg Campus Clubg Future Teachers, Pres. 4. DELMAR McNINCH Intramural Basketball 3 Librarian. ARTHUR MAGON Ilowlngg Jr. Red Cross, Dramatic Club: Campus Clubg Honor Societyg Blue KL Gold Staffg Prom. MARY JO MERCER Dixon High School, 1, 2g Hi-Trig Monitorg Dramatic Clubg Campus Clubg Blue and Gold Staff, Script Staffg Prom. MAKLENE METZNER GAA: FHAg Hi-Trig Girls' Chorusg Script Staff, Co- Editorg Blue Sz Gold Staffg Campus Club, Sophomore Dance, Promg Senior Dance. NORMA MILLER Iiandg Girls' Chorus, Rob- cd Choir: GAAg Girls' En- sembleg Dramatic Club, Treas. 25 Debate, Pres. 35 Student Councilg Latin Club: Future Teachers, Pres. 35 Jr. Red Cross, Sec. 43 Script Staffg Blue K: Gold Staff, Hi-Tri, Pres. 45 Freshman Class Sec.: Campus Clubg Hon- or Society, Sec. 45 Fresh- man Danceg Sophomore Danceg Prom. 1253 1263 EILEEN MINER Jr. Red Crossg Librariang GAAg Girls' Chorusg Lat- in Clubg Campus Clubg Prom. JANE MORROW Latin Clubg Capa Clubg Dramatic Clubg Future Teachersg Librariang Monitorg Prom. BARRY MUSGROVE Footballg Basketballg "S" Club, Pres. 4g Baseballg Student Council, Pres. 4g Campus Clubg Bandg Lat- in Clubg Senior Class V.- Prcs.g Hi-'Yg Prom. MARJORIE NELSON Girls' Chorusg Latin Club: Robed Choirg GAAQ Cam- pus Clubg Student Coun- r-ilg Mcnitorg Freshman Danceg Sophomore Dance: Prom. EDWARD OLSON Morrison High School, 13 FFA. WAYNE MOORE Latin Clubg Script Staffg Dramatic Clubg Campus Clubg Honor Societyg Prom. LARRY MUSGRAVE Intramural Bowling and Basketballg Bandg Sopho- more Danceg Prom. BETH MYERS GAAg Bandg FHAg Girls Chorusg Robed Choirg Hi- Trip Girls' Ensembleg Dra- matic Clubg Script Staffg Campus Club, Pres. 45 Blue Sz Gold Staffg Soph- omore Class Sccretaryg Honor Society, Treas. 43 Studcnt Councilg Fresh- man Danceg Sophomore Danceg Promg Senior Dance. MARIE OHMS Girls' Chorusg Monitorg Blue KL Gold Staffg Stu- dent Councilg Sophomore Danceg Prom. BILL PENLEY Boys' Chorusg Li'1rarian: Campus Club: Ticket Monitor. WANDA RHOADES SHIRLEY ROBBINS I O I O O O WALLIE PEPPER Footballg Wrestlingxg "S Clubg Capa Clubg Junior Class Sec.: Campus Cluhg Freshman Danceg Sopho- more Danceg Prom. JOHN PERSONA 'llcnnisg Intramural Bas- ketball: Boys' Chorus Robed Choir: Capa Club Campus Club. MAURICE REITZEL Campus Club. ,- GAAQ Girls' Cliorusg Hi- Trig Robed Choirg Girls' Ensemhleg Student Coun- cilg Cheerleaderg Fresh- man Class Treasg FHAQ Campus Clulxg Blue LQ Gold Staffg Script Staffg lfrushman Dana-eg Sopho- more Dance: Promg Sen- ior Dance. 0 0 0 6 0 O I O I I I JERRY PETERSON Bandg Campus Clubg Blue Kz Gold Staffg Prom. RONALD RICKLEFS l"I"Ag Monitorg Jr. Red Crossg Sophomore Danceg Campus Clubg Promg Senior Dance. eniozs 1952 JACK REISKE Bandg Boys' Chorusg De- bateg Robed Choirg Dra- matic Clubg Latin Clubg Honor Societyg Freshman Danceg Prom. BERNICE PROPHETER Girls' Chorusg GAAg Hi- Trig FHAQ Monitorg Blue KL Gold Staffg Sophomore Danceg Prom. JIM ROBINSON Footliallg Basketballg "S" Clubg Track. Librariang Latin Club. 4275 O O I I I I I O O I I O I I O O I NANCY ROTHSTEIN NED RYERSON DONNA MAE SEELEY Freeport High School, 1, Footballg Intramural Bas- Latin Clubg GAAg Mon- 2g Script Staff, Co-Editor ketball: "S" Club. itorg Campus Clubg Script 45 Latin Club, Pres. 33 Dramatic Cluhg Campus Clubg Hi-Trig GAAQ Fu- ture Teac-hersg Blue SL Gold Staffg Robed Choirg Honor Soeietyg Prom. Staffg Blue Nz Gold Staffg Honor Societyg Librariang Sophomore Dzmceg Prom. WILBERT RUCK Intramural Sports g Foot- lmallg "S" Clubg Hi-Y: Freshman Daneeg Sopho- WILMER SCHWANK Script Staffg Blue KL Gold Staffg Freshman Daneeg Sophomore Danceg Prom. Greenway fArkansasJ GAAQ Student Couneilg more Danceg Prom. SALLY SIIAFFER DON SHONTZ BOB SMITH GAAQ FHAg Hi-Trig Girls' Footlmallg Basketballg "S" Basketballg Footballg "S" Chorusg Sophomore Clubg Trackg FFAQ Boys' Club: Robed Choir: Stu- Daneeg Pl'0l1l. Quartetg Boys' Chorusg dent Couneilg Hi-YQ Jun-- Robed Choirg Sophomore ior Class Pres.g Freshman Daneeg Prom. Daneeg Sophomore Danceg Prom. DORIS SHAW ELAINE SIEX High School, 1, 23 GAA: Monitorg Lihrariang Blue LQ Gold Staffg Prom. Campus Clubg Girls' Chor- usg Robed Choirg Hi-Trig Cheerleader: Freshman Daneeg Sophomore Daneeg Prom. f28l SHIRLEY SMITH Band: FHA: GAA. JEANNIE STERENBERG GAA: Hi-Tri: FHA: Capa Club: Junior Class Treas.: Campus Club: Cheerlead- er: Girls' Chorus: Robed Choir: Script Staff: Blue 62 Gold Staff: Freshman Dance: Sophomore Dance: Prom. JOANNE STEVENS Girls' Chorus: GAA: Fu- ture Teachers: Jr. Red Cross: Latin Club: Sophomore Dance: JOHN SUNDAY Tennis: Bowling: Band, Pres. 4: "S" Club: Cam- pus Club: Capa Club: Jr. Red Cross: Honor Socie- ty: Blue Sz Gold, Co- Editor. JUNE SWANSON BOB SPERRY Vandalia Community High School, 1, 2. DON STEWART Tennis: Bowling: Band: Robed Choir: Latin Club: Campus Club: "S" Club: Script Staff: Debate: Blue Sz Gold Staff: Prom. MARLENE STUTZKE JON SURRATT Football: Basketball: Ten- nis: Bowling: "S" Club. MAE SWANSON Monitor. VM 4291 C301 CAROL TAFT' FHAQ GAAg Girls' Chor- usg Script Staffg Hi-Trig Robed Choirg Librariang Co-Ed Council, Pres. 35 Monitorg Blue Sz Gold Staffg Freshman Danceg Sophomore Danceg Promg Senior Dance. GENE THOME Librariang Script Staff. CAROL TURNER GAAg Hi-Trig Blue 8x Gold Staffg Sophomore Danceg Prom. .JOHN WALTON Golfg Intramural Sportsg "S" Clubg Senior Class Pres.g Bandg Capa Club: Student Councilg Campus Clubg Honor Society. JOHN WILLIAMS Footballg Basketballg "S" Clubg Trackg Baseball: Capa Clubg Campus Club. TOM THOMAS North Shore Country Day fWinnetkaJ, 2, 33 Tennisg Football. NANCY THUMMEL Bandg Girls' Chorusg Rob- ed Choirg GAAQ Latin Clubg Campus Clubg Girls' Ensembleg Freshman Danceg Prom. MAXINE ANN WALLIS GAAQ Script Staffg Blue KL Gold Staffg Girls' Chor- usg Robed Choirg Student Councilg Co-ed Council: Capa Club, Pres. 45 Hi- Trig FHAQ Freshman Danceg Promg Senior Dance. HARRY WEAVER Capa Clubg Jr. Red Crossg Campus Clubg Monitorg Freshman Dance. RONNIE WILLIAMSEN Footballg Basketballg "S" Clubg Track. W5 I T, ARLl'INlC WOLF Czxpa Ululmg Svript Staffg l,iln'zu'i:1ng Campus Club. MERLE WOLI"LICY DEAN ZELLAR FFA: Muni All ZAMBHANO Bowlingg Boys' Chmwlsg Capa Club. l"1'vshm:u1 Class P11-s.g Ili- YQ Golf: Svript Stuffg Cu- vd Counvilg Student Coun- cilg "S" Clubg Canmpus Vlulmg llluo KY Gold Staff, l-Iusim-ss Munzigrorg Boys' Chorusg Rolwd Choirg Monitor 3 l"1'vsl1mz1n Dancog Sopllolnorc llunvvg Prom. .msn vm ,gun g ' ,uh xl SMH U- tl E u mms 1952 I 31 J uniofzs The Junior class, supervised by two of our most capable teachers, Miss Marie Dickson and Miss Jan Head, honored the Senior class with the an- nual Junior-Senior Prom. The Prom, as everyone at S.H.S. knows, is the biggest social event of the year. The Juniors were kept busy working on decorations, programs, publicity, etc., for this exciting night. But even with all the hustle and bustle of working on the Prom, there were still some Juniors who found time to be outstanding in other activities, such as athletics, vocal and instrumental music, dramatics, and various clubs. The Juniors built up their treasury funds by selling candy during fifth period lunch hour and after school. The officers who led this class were: Leone Wolber, Ken Kraft, Billie Huenzer, and Carlyle Cameron. 132 Left to right: Miss Marie Dickson, Miss Jan Head, Advisors, Leone Wolber, President, Billie Huenger, Secretary, Ken Kraft, Vice-Presidentg Ann Farver, Student Council Repre- sentativeg Carlyle Cameron, Treasurer. uniofzs fllfiffp N'-744 05444 04" 164-v-L fart T ' I 4'f 9.14 I44-P. FIRST ROW: Theresa Barajas, lllargzarct Engelkins, Gail Flaningam, Sue Howe. SECOND ROW: Lauren I"razicr, Barbara Gehlsen, Marilyn Hook, Shirley Brown, John Fassler. THIRD ROW: Carlyle Cameron, John Dillon, Walter Giffrow, Elwood Herr, Bob Cordes. l"lliS'l' ROW: Janet Hurley, Joyce Bethard, Janet Betts, Marilyn Huffman. SEUUND ROW: Lester Handel, Shirley Aldrich, Shirley Hippen, Leola Ulark, Hoy l"cll. THIRD KOVV: Gene Courtright, Alvin Dettinan, Dick .-Xppenzeller, Austin Allen, Earl Beck. 133 J O I O O O O O O O O O 0 O I O FIRST ROW: Betty Carey, Janet Bcnislick, I'lzu'Iwzu'a Iiickford, Ilottiv Hardon. SECOND ROW: David Clark, -Iunc Bellars, Arlic Davis, Marilyn Aper, Charlcs Conf-hola. THIRD ROW: .Iohn Iilsvsser, I.aw1'cncc Don-ts, David Ahrcns, Roger Eshluman, Earl Bailey, Ray I-Ialnlmcn. I"IRS'I' ROW: Farol Benson, Ann Eshlcman, Anne Iiulirow, Donna Ilzilv. SECOND ROW: Alvin HllllSIJQl'f.f0l', Floy Allen, Joyce Brill, Lois Iflrickson, AI Dimond. THIRD ROW: Dean Gray, Dick Dram-, Ruhn Betts, Danny Dir. Pete Dillon, Jim Dc-Zuba. 1345 v FIRST ROW: Sue Hey, Sylvia Bawden, Ioan llellinar, Marilou Dummett SECOND ROW: Phil Beach, Ann Farver, Nancy Forquer, Billie Huenger, Mary Jane Bruns, Lino Carrillo. THIRD ROW: Frank Garcia, Lowell IILlI'lSl701'g'Gl', Ramon Gonzales, Ronnie Garwick, Al Hernandez. FIRST ROW: Marilyn Love, Betty Mooreliead, Joyce Scott. Janet Walker. SECOND ROW: Kermit Reins, Lois Muetzel, Judy Maynwrd, Betty Pritch- ard, Ken Etchison. THIRD ROW: Gene Ruth. Dick Wilson, Jim Smith, Dick Gelmhardt, Ray Anderson. XS: ill-vii . . "B, Qvx K GT f 'N""Y 'W in E' Y FIRST ROVV: Mzlrpgic Mc-yor, Judy Swain, Lconc VVoliwi', Ann Iilihlllilll SEVOND ROVVZ Tc-rry Powell, Doris VVo0ssnci', Mary Suillzird. Valli-rin Johnson, Kun Kraft. THIRD ROVV: Don I,LltL'l'D2lLlj..!'il, John Marquis I,:ii'i'y Lctclicr, David Rczivley, Dick Ohncn. FIRST ROW: M2ll'LFil' Wosscls. Lois Smith, Donna Mcliridc, 1':1i'ol Mortcii son. SECOND ROVV: Ronnie Michel, Joyce Schlividcr, Phyllis iilclfzills .lzlnicc Scott. Von Whcclcr. THIRD ROVV: Kcnt Robison. Lz1i'i'y McC'oy Lyla- Wollucr, Krvidci' VVoods, David Siox. -ig wg - egg A O I O I I O I O O 0 O O I O O I O O I FIRST ROW: Mary Ann Schultz, Jackie Long, Juanita Portner, Betty Morris. SICCOND ROVV: Floyd Kendell Jr., Nina Jean Keller, Sandra llnlmer. .Ioyee .Izn'ul1s, Don Rhundes. THIRD ROW: Terry Sippel, Ray Ric-klefs, .lon Minier, Toni Klein, Randall Smith. FIRST ROW: Ilarlulrn Myers, Marlene Weber, Delores Selden, Lunor Maier. SICCOND ROVV: Marilyn Mutznieli, Joyce Snlouff, Alfred Schwit- ters, Mary Lon Ogrlevee, Jeannie Marshamr. TIIIRD ROW: XVally Stevens, Albion Seuvey, Virgil Tegxeler, Glenn Alderfer. - ifw ,,,, FIRST ROW: Carolyn Lathrop, Wanda Walters, Margaret Lair. SECOND ROW: Catherine Wolf, June Wise, Barbara Thomas, Yvonne May. THIRD ' ' ' ' 'h 'tt Harold Seidel, ROW: Bob Wadsworth, Jim Emoiy, Richald St mi , Henry Steinhagen. X C Q I Z L. ifiiziilifii' in :ll Y lg :ek -' I 1 ,I 4:73. , ', f ' 1X ...., 1389 uniofzs gophomofzes The Sophomore class had a lvusy year under the ahle direction of John Carrillo, Fred Sinroll, Jean liloomquist, and Merle Johnson, and advised hy Miss Schumaker and Mr, Lee. Of course, the ordering of class rings in the spring' headed the list of important events. Candy canes, paper hearts. and a merry-pro-round set the scene for "The Candy Carousel," the annual sophomore dance. This first all-school dance sponsored lmy the Class of '54 was a big success. Their fine class spirit was exhibited this year when the class collected money to help pay the hospital and doctor hills of a classmate injured at school. Left to right: Mr. Lee, advisory .lohn Carrillo, Presimlentg .lean Bloomquist, Secretaryg Miss Schunialxer, advisory Ilerlv Reed, Student Council Repre- sentativeg Merle Johnson, T1'easurcr. Not shown: Fred Sinroll, Vice- President. 39 FIRST ROW: Naomi Book, Verna Collinson, Florence Geil, Virginia Alli- son, Eileen Iiberhardt, Shirley Gaulrapp. SECOND ROW: Nancy Crofton, Norma Fulton, Cheryl Blanding, Betty Haan, Joyce Kiser, J. Lee Dunbar. THIRD ROW: Dick Card, Dick Cox, LaVerne Battles, Don Adams, Ray Kunde, Allan Howe. FOURTH ROW: Bob Hartshorn, Ronnie Flowers. .Iohn Henson, Richard Helms, Gary Crossland, James Drury. FIRST ROW: Nancy Graham, Charliee Buyers, Donna Eshleman, Nancy Kosier, Katheryn Evans, Shirley Burger. SECOND ROW: John Kurfiss, Clifford Dettman, Robert Gettle, Don Kilberg, Walter Johannsen, Jack Kosier. THIRD ROW: Margo Dillon, Jean Bloomquist, Nancy Hecht, Pat Hudson, Barbara Faubel, Kay Elsesser. FOURTH ROW: Donald Hollaway, .Iohn DeWind, Jim Jackley, Craig Castle, John Carrillo, Charles Kent. ...................golalwmofzes I"lRS'l' ROW: Marilyn Sampson, Shirley Ann Mellleary, Shirley Putman, Janet Williams, Joanne Nicholson. SECOND ROW: Tommy Weidel, Mary Jo Peugrh, Bernadine Wolf, Shirley Meliride. Ronald VValters. THIRD ROW: Gene Tompkins. Julie Wilson, Helen Saillard, Patricia Seidel, Lyle Zimmerman. FOURTH ROW: Dick Shuman, John Wolf, Don MaeLennan, Plugene Robbins, Hill Woodyatt. l"lRS'I' ROVV1 Shirley llaekbarth, Lorain ldlmendorf, Ilatty liattles, llelen Dean, Pat Hragrgr. SECOND ROW: Mary Espinoza, Neal Schrader, Harold Spirer, Richard Pineda, Robert Nesbitt, Mary Card. THIRD ROW: Robert llaldeman, Carol Hanson, Joann Dettman, lileanor Davis, Doris Doty, 7 Y Merle Johnson. FOURTII ROW: Jim limmitt, lxay Gelrharmlt, Ronald Meenen. Flyde Morden. - an gs' ahh.. 142 FIRST ROW: Rose Meinen, Shirley Moo1'e, Faye Tegfeler, Valerie Shierry, Betty Leopard. SECOND ROW: Lester Weinstine, Vivian Urton, Ruth Morris, Frances Royer, Don Small. THIRD ROVV: Donald Sisson, Lois O'Bryan, Nancy Waters, Susan Snavely, Clare Morden. FOUIt'I'I'l ROW: Larry Larson, John Schwah, Dean Pitts, Ronald Newell, Jerome Rothstein, Bill Maxwell. l"IltS'l' NOW: Charlotte Meiners, Sylvia Scham, -Ioyce Reeser, Billie Speer, Laurel Larson. SECOND ROW: Arthur Scott, Leta Landheer, Sheila Musgzrove, Frances Rhode, Dean Long. THIRD ROW: Leonard Mellinyger, Trudy Worth, Mary Saunders, Mimi Sheldon, Royal Johnson. FOUR'l'll ROW: Sam Mylin, Wayne Thielhar, Jack Mitchell, David Swehla, Ronald Wollwer, Merle Orlowski. gopluomofzes ................. Q' I"IRST ROW: Furol Carter, .Ioan Bowers, Barbara Coe, Lesta Delancey, Audrey Balster, Janice Hawkins. SECOND ROVV: Dick Johnson, Larry Gaumer, Walter Garriott, Bob Herlmn, Frank Freas. THIRD ROW: Jean Dirks, li2lI'l53.l'2l Holland, Arlene Deets, I.ois Deter, Pat Capp. Nancy Cross. IVOURTII ROW: Arthur Graham. David Cullwergr, Alan Hall, Hill Clithero, Neil Brown, Jerry Adams. FIRST ROVV: Shirley Seidel, Iletty VV1-eks, Rnluertu Morris, Phyllis Near, Rarbara Townsend. SECOND ROW: Ronnie Loring, Nancy Overholser, Lou May, .lane Rienstra, Herb Reed. THIRD ROW: Dick Mennenga, Betty Sulouff, Carolyn Larson, Sue Theme, Pat Seleover, Herman Michels. FOURTH ROW: Wendall Rauseh. John Loose, Ralph Whetstone, Leon Neese, Rikus Luelmlwers. 1431 'ffzeslzmen The Freshman Mixer was well attended by the Class of '55. The excep- tional talent of the Freshman class was displayed in their floorshow, which was later repeated at an assembly for the entire student body. The Freshmen have become an important part of S. H. S. by showing: scholastic capabilities and by taking active parts in extra-curricular ac- tivities. Under the helpful guidance of Mrs. Moe and Mr. Brandau, the annual Freshman picnic was held which climaxcd a successful year. The officers of the Freshman class were Richard Nice, Pete Andrews, Gail Dillon, and John Marshall. Left to right: Mr. Brandau, advisory Richard Nice, Prcsidentg Gail Dillon Secretaryg Joyce Cameron, Student Council Representativeg M1's. Mec advisory Pete Andrews, Treasurer, .lohn Marshall, Vice-President. C443 oooooo ooooooooo sooo FIRST RONV: Shirley Garrioit, .lulie Findlay, l'hyllis llolloway, Reba Asbury, Mary Ann Flowers, Vera llarden. SECOND ROW: Patty Allen, Norma llubbart, Nancy Lee Freet, Neta Bowman, Selma Barnes, Delores Glass, THIRD ROW: Billy Grim, Bill Fisher, Roger Flaningam, Bob Bittner, Dan Dummett, Ronald Habben, Carl Bushman, FOURTH ROW: Gail Deets, Leonard Gilbert, Dick Holmquist, Larry Gierhart, James Huett, Bill Iloward, Robert Buhrow. FIRST ROW: Gail Aper, Cynthia Grennan, Grace Bealer, Dorothy Boll- man, Ruth Ann Hartman, Janet Ilackbarth. SECOND ROW: Bob Clark, Robert Deets, Neal Bressler, Rickey Allen, John Benson, Donald Brill. 'l'lllRD ROW: lflrnie Dimond, Connie Hale, ,loan Hieks, Mary Bauman, Shirley Argraves. Sandra Geiseman, Beverly Foss, Edgar Duprey. l"OUR'l'lI ROW: Don Flynn, Ronnie Bignall, Bob Dir, Kenneth llandel, .lim Baird, Bob Glass, .lim Barlow. .sign HFUAQQ: gmc. -gp' I ff FIRST ROVV: Jean Battles, Carol Howard, Judy Gartner, Rarlwara llaer, Lois Boucher. SECOND ROW: Rudy Barajas, Wayne Ilarrison, Arlyn lirh, Hob Gray, Charles Cox, Wilfred Hefter. THIRD ROW: Patricia Dale, Ilatricia Condiff, Stanley Fischhach, Gene Brandt, lllarcia Gehlsen, Shirley Gillispie, Lois Daniels. l"OUR'l'll ROW: Robert l'arlnaup4'li, .Ronald llergre, Francis Breed, Don Duhm, Harry Brown, Ish Velestino, Gerald Braun. FIRST ROW: Susan Dettman, Gale Dillon, Nancy Apple, Nanvy l-lalster, .loyve i'am4-ron, Carole llurgrer. SECOND ROW: Reuben Chapman, Roh Vox, lduprene Grim, .lim Eshlemau, Bruce Henson, Keith lfreas. THIRD ROVV: Nikki Flock, Reeda Bowers, Gail Buchanan, Carrie Doty, Ann llurkholder. FOURTH ROW: Peter Andrews, Charles Hollaway. Richard l'Iz1tilig'c'i', Ilarold llussung, Herbert Drane, Clark Galloway, Holi Clark. O O O O 0 O O O O O O O I O O O O O O f 46 J v x xv' -P , QP? 'ffzeslumen FIRST ROW: Betty Pitzer, Janice Varner, Eileene Wagner, Gladys Robi- son, Carmen Mendoza, Shirlene Springrman. SECOND ROW: Jimmy Man- drell, Alan S1-ham, Ronald Sonneman, Neil Pontious, Bill Kempster, John- nie Stern, James Keller, Don Kohl. THIRD ROW: Sharon McBean, Don- na Tcske, Sandra Williamson, Donna Wheelock, Mary Wiemken, Margretha Johnson. FOURTH ROW: John Marshall, Wayne Snow, Gordon Kendell, John Schaefer, Ronnie Mintun, Lyle Nailor, Manuel Ramirez. FIRST ROW: Margie Nanee, Gayla Mcl'omhs, Sue Michel, Janet Thurm, Joyce Seott, Lonette Miller. SECOND ROW: John Waller, Floyd Johan- nsen. Carollynn Sergeant, lloselyn Malmerry, Retta Wilson, David Waters, Larry Linton. THIRD ROW: Ruth Lobalih, Janice Starks, Harry Seavey, Tom King, Georgia Whiteside, Reta Robinson. FOURTH ROW: John Ilohhins, Jim King, Jack Reinhart, Walter Pope, Harold Martin, Kendall Shuman, Lee Wallis. N I if 3 U S :-5.4 YI" FIRST ROW: Ohnen, Lois McNeil, Judy Penley. SECOND ROW: Harry Peterson James Maxey, Bob Lund, George Neweum, Arlyn Thomson, Leo Wagren kneeht. THIRD ROW: Ruth Williams, Dana Johnson, Linda Iionyfe Carol Swartley, Deloris llflennengxa, Kay Stewart, Loretta Potts, Janet Many Dc-tty Miller, Joanne Whitaker, Carol Johnson, Jani' FOURTH ROW: Dean Peterson, Ellis Seavey. Jim Sehueler, Riellard Nice Rogrel' Seidel, Kenneth Kosier. Jim Johnson, James Stanley. FIRST ROW: Mary Stefanieh, Frances Mef'ombs, Loy Smith, Shirley Michel, Sharon Manprler, Donna Smith. SECOND ROVV: Willard Stanley Marlene Knowles, Katherine Lambert, Jim Townsend, Orville Karr, Sally Kannaka, Joyce Morehead, Leonard Long: THIRD ROVV: Lawrence Meyer, l'auline Woessner, Kay Zigler, Mary Lou Weeks, Nancy Miller Ruthie Felton, Alva Wise. FOURTH ROW: Jerry Staton, Elery Johnson Phillip Mendez, Melvin Smith, Iiill Surratt, Ross Melvin, Roh VVittenauer v v 7 X x UI' Qcfivifies glue 9 "As you read this annual, let you be reminded of the valiant students who gave their sanity for this publication." This might well be the inscription on the first page of this ye:ir's Blue and Gold. Under the leadership of Pat Batcheller and .Iohn Sunday, the seniors published the 1952 edition of the Blue and Gold. Early in the fall the committees for the annual were organized. First came the big job of working out a schedule for the publication. Then the club sponsors had to be interviewed for the write-ups, pictures had to be taken, and the lay-out decided upon. This resulted in worried seniors busily scurrying about in order to finish their particular job by the dead-line. Next came the job of listing the activities of the seniors. From the eno1'mity of this task, it might well be concluded that the class of '52 has led a busy and active high school career. Although the job of publishing a yearbook requires a lot of hard work, last minute changes, and numerous difficulties, let it never be said that the staff did not enjoy their work. Much was learned from the exper- ience that yearbook writing provides. The staff would like to express their appreciation to all those persons who gave their time to help make this year's Iflue and Gold possible. After all the pictures were taken and the articles written, everyone gave a sigh of relief. Another annual had been succssfully completed. Nancy Kunde, Jeannie Sterenberg, Don Stewart, John Sunday, Doc Schwank, Pat Batcheller, Mr. Lehman, Advisory Norma Miller, Dean Zellar, Pat Howe, Jerry Peterson, Maxine Wallis, Lee Keiser. 1505 nan., A lv.!:'. Lf T iid' eafzimoiz Q66 ............... FIRST ROW: Janice Jackson, Shirley Iiuckinghain, Donna Bauman, Su- san Church, Beth Myers. SECOND ROW: Susie Black, Arlene Book, John Persona, Jack Reiske, Bob Baithcr. THIRD ROW: Sally Shaffer, Pat Elmcndorf, Elvcra Ihen, Carrcnia Bolling. FOURTH ROW: Carol Taft, Wayne Moore, Marlene Bucher, Bill Ludwig, Donna Sccloy. FIRST ROW: Carol Turner, Ann Gartner, Pat Baird, Doris Shaw, Vivian Karr. SECOND ROW: Eunice Detwciler, Gloria Hendrick, Donna Boy- ungs, Phyllis Kosier, Wanda Rhoades. THIRD ROW: Nancy McWethy, Judy Mangler, Carole Donovan, Nancy Rothstein, Pat Hanson. FOURTH ROW: Bernice Propheter, Ruth Kimball, Marie Ohms, Mary Jo Mercer, Marlene Mctzner. fix 7-142 gan o................. The Band had a very successful year in 1952. They marched at tour ot' the home football games, executing Varied and in- teresting halt'-time maneuvers which were designed by mem- bers oi' the band. Aside from their marching ability, the band exhibited their talent in presenting concert music. The annual winter concert, which was dedicated to Abraham Lincoln, was presented on February I2 in the field house. This was one of the first programs ot' its kind to be given in the new building. Outstanding selections of the concert in- cluded compositions ol' Tchaikovsky, Bach, St. Saen. Paless irina, and Gould. A trip to Beloit Vollege on March 7 was one ofthe highlights ot' the year. On April 29, the band journeyed to Belvidere where they played a conce1't forthe high school student body. A spring concert was given May 25, when the band presented llershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue." Playing at Commencement m irlced the end ot' a busy season. FIRST ROW: l'at Batcheller, Don Stewart, Jack Beiske. l'hyllis lllclfalls, Marlene Bucher, Janet Johnson, Shirley Burger, SEFUND ROW: Nancy Forquer. Jeanne Marshang, Shirley Smith. Patty Battles, .loyee l'ameron, Mary Lou Oglevee, Lorain l'lllllCI1d0l'i', Lois McNeal. THIRD ROVV: Shir- ley llippen, Verna t'ollinson, Judy Penley. -lane Reinstra, Sue llowe, Larry lllusgrave, Lester Weinstine. Sally Kannaka. Wal'i:- Stevens, Richard llelms, Robert Nesbitt, Ilanny Ilummett. FOURTII ROW: Ruth Kimball. Betty Morehead, David Swehla, .lim Smith, John Robbins. llick llrane, .lohn Walton. Sul lllenihership in the orgranizntion is open to any student who plays :i inusienl instrument and is willing: to apply hiinsell'. Tryouts are given for ehziir positions in the hzind. The drum sem-tion was fully equipped this yea" with ai new set ol' eoneert drums. Along with the hard work lhzit has inside this org':iriixzition one to he proud of eoines vnluzihle experienee which most oi' the members will rely on in the future. llznnd of'l'ieers for the year were: .lohn Sunday, presi- dentg Ann l":n'ver, viee-president: lion Stewart, eopyistg ,lurk Iieislce. lihrnrinn. Neil Schrader was in charge of equipment. l"lliS'l' ROW: Nancy Thuniniel, Uzirrie Iloty, llettie llardnn N.ionn loot Sylvian Sehznn, llonnzi lishleniain. SECOND ROW: .Iohn Benson Shu i lVlusg'rove, Ann l"zirver, Shirley li2ll'll0S, liillie Speer, Nfn x Ox :hos Trudy Worth. Tlllllll ROW: lloh Lund, Larry Linton Shnlav .ui hnrtli, Maxine f'1ll'lS0ll, lioh XVadsworth. Gary Crossland lliiiv Cwdlllllll Mary SilLlIl1il'l'S, Norma Miller. Beth Myers. FOURTH ROW Bain Vlus grove, David Flin-lc, Mr. llurrell Dunham, Direetorg Nei 1 im Ll Vlithero, lNIzirg'ziret Lair, .lean Allen, Jerry Peterson, lohn Sun .lv . , A t Ps llllS'l' HOW: liatliryn Evans, l"at liraugg .loan Howors, l-larlwara Um-. Nana-5' Prnt'- tun, l'ranu-s lilmclv. Auclrvy llalstor. Vhuryl lllamlingf. Shirloy Ann Mul'lc-ary, Yalvriv ivrry. 1'liarlico liuyvrs. Nancy Graham, Donna lislilcman, Nanvy liosior, l,aurvl l lrsmi, ,lanvt Williams, Sliirlvy lilll'3.l'l'l'. Shirlvy Scidc-l. SECONIJ HOXY: Sliirlvy Nlm-llriclv. Nurma l'llll0ll, Xll'L1'lTll2l Allison, Fliarlotto Mvincrs, llvtty llaan. .l. lma- Ibunllar. Nanvy Vrrwss, lmis O'l'Iryan, Holt-n Saillard, Susan Snavoly, Pat Vapp. Lua ll xy. l'atriria HL-idol, -lx-an llloomquist, lit-tty Sulouff, Julio Vllilsnn, Sylvia Scham. luinm- Nivliulsmu. Tlllllll RUVV: Mary lispinoza, Harllara 'l'uwnsvncl. lflilvc-11 lilwr- li xrllt, lmyal -lnlinsun, l,aYcrnv llattlcs, llill VVuodyatt, David Swolila, Ulydv llurdvn. luis IN-tm-r, l'at llnflsun, lNancy llm-vht. Mary Saundcrs, Shvila Musg'rm'v. lit-sta lim'- l imwly, Nlarggn llillun. Mimi Slivlclmm. Marilyn Sampson. l"0Ull'l'll ROW: llulu-rt Xvsllitt, lhmalrl llullaway. Mc-rlu Jolmson. Arthur Graham, Vraig: Vastlv, Alan llall. lwlm llcWiml, ,lorry Ruthstoin, l,arrv Larson, Dick rlohnson. Dun Small, Ronald Waltt-rs. Mr. Wm. Tonkin, l7ii'ec't0r. rw 1 A . , . . . ,.. , llim, Nmplioliinw Mixofl thorns, umlvr tliv rllrs-utwii Hi William il. lnnl in . ... . , ,. . ,. was vuiingmsul ui hi nivmlwi's ol the hnplimiimw- rlass. llwir lirst lilllhll z15mpv11i'arico was tlic Vliristmas Varol Sing: piwst-lit:-rl at tlis- lfuurlli xllltl Klctliml st I l1lll'l'llOI1 llvvonilmor Ili. Thot'l1m'11salsugg:u't-za spring t-um cnt r w - llll'll' imi'wg,l.nns t-mislstml ut lmtli at-cmnpaniml and a 1-apvlla mils lliu- two l'l't'YlllN2lll vlmrusc's pwsc-:att-rl a spring' cmivc-i't and alsu sim, it lmlli VL-ntral and Vl'allavn- st-lwols this yvar. v w - is to tc ull Ili: llll1IllllIllllllN ul lliv vlilvt purposv ut' tliv two grrmips iz ' X ' : - musiv tu tlw Frvslima-n sn thoy will lu- pl'K'1lZll'l'll Ihr latvr partivlpxtimi un thu linlwcl Vlmir. Xlvnilw ' . . 1 , . islnp in tln- 0l'j,f2ll1lZ2ltl0l1S is ups-n tu am' lrvsliman inte-ra-slul m Slllflllilf. goplmomofae Glmofzus 1 5.1 y -A Q 4 g - , l"lllS'l' NOW: Rudy llarajas, Ronald Sonnm-man, lirurc- licnsmn, Tom King, 1l.'1lll O S l'c-fvrson, l'hui-li Vox, Don Kohl, Alan Schani. SlCl'ONll ROW: llirk llolnnluist, tl liolr NVittn-nauur, John lllarshall, Kendall Shunian, .lim Baird, Runnin- llignall, Alva Wim-. lm-0 Wallis. 'FHIIQD HOW: Gm-no Brandt, Richard Niro, Larry Givrhart, lion- niv Mintun. John Sclizlcll-l', Phillip Mvndcz, lioggcr Sm-idol, Vhas. Hollaway, .l. Srhuvlvr. an l"lliS'l' ROW: lic-tty l'itm'r, Nlargrie Nam-0, l"ranL-vs Mrl'onilms, lflilvvn llagrnvr. Gladys liohison. Mary Stvfanich, .lanvt Thurm, lin-tty Miller, Shirloy liliulwl, Donna Smith. Sharon lilangrlvr, .loyco Srott, Gail Apvr. SICVOND KONV: llarlvara liavr, Ruth Ann ' l , llartman, Gvorgia Wllitvsidv, Gale Dillon. Sharon lllclican, Ruth I,oluaug1'h, Joannl- li S Whitaker, Dana Johnson. Nancy Iialstor, .loyrv Cameron, Marla-no Knowlos, Judy Gartnor, Gayla lllCfl0l1lllS, Suv Michvl, -lanot Hacklvarth. 'l'lllRl3 ROW: Phyllis llolloway. Shirlvy Gillispiv, livtta .loan VVilson, .lanicc Ohnun, lla-vvrly Foss, Loy Smith. Vai-ol Johnson. Kay Ziglar. Julio lfindlay, Nanvy Applc. Dorothy Bollinan, lluthio l'n-lton, Varollynn Scrg'0ant, -lanivv Starks. l"0llll'l'll HOW: Mai'g:r0ll10 Johnson. l'atriria Dale, Ann liurkliolclvr. Sandra VVillianis0n, Vonnio llalv, 171-loris Klonm-iiga. .loan llivks, Gail liurlianan, Carol Swartlvy, Mary liillllllilll. Sandra Gviso- man. Pat l'ondil'i'. Shirlc-y Arg:1'avc-s, Nota l-Rowman. Gram- lh-alvr. Susan IM-ttinan. 155i The Reima Slim ................ The llolmccl Choir made its first public appearance of the year in the tall when they performed before the Illinois organization of high school superintenclents. The program was presented in the Gold Coast lloom ot' the Congress Hotel in Chicago. A portion oi' the group sang at the Union Thanksgiving Services helml at the Fourth Street Methodist Church. On llcccmlmcr 20, thc annual Christmas concert was presented at St. John's Lutheran Church. The program was high-lighted hy the sing- ing ol' "Carillon lleigh-Ho", "From Heaven Above". and "Praise to The Lord". A concert ol' light music was given by the choir in the spring. At this time both thc lmoys' and girls' sections of the choir were featured in group scloctions. l"lliS'l' IQOVVZ llcth Mya-rs, .lcannic Stcrcnlrcrg, Nancy 'iiilllllll1ll'i. vvklllliil llliozulms Maxine Wallis, lilainc Sicx, Lois Good. l,anor Maier. Sue llcy, Marilou llunnnctl SICVOND ROW: Donna Hale, l.aVonnc Carey, Phyllis Mclfalls, llonna liaurnan Carol Taft, Ann lfarvcr, Doris Wocssner, Pat Hatchcllcr, Yalcria Johnson, .lo llcll mar. Tllllill ROVV: John Pcrsona, Lino Carrillo, Terry liowcll. Jack licislw. llcai Zcllar, Larry McCoy, liarl Hailey, David Ahrcns. FUURTII ROW: llay Gicrhart llick VVilson, John VValton, Dick Ohnen, Elwood llcrr. XYaltcr Giffrow, Dax licavley, .lim Smith. 1 '17 In the spring the group journeyed to Normal, Illinois, where they per- formed before the students at Normal State Teacher's College. Two concerts of thirty-five minutes each were presented by the choir and were attended by approximately three thousand students. The pro- gram consisted of sacred selections in keeping with the Lenten season and also a group of secular numbers. lVIembers of the choir are chosen by audition from the Junior and Sen- ior elasses in the fall. This year's choir. under the direction of William J. Tonkin. was composed of seventy-one members. FIRST ROW: lllarjorie Nelson, Ruth Kimball, Delores Selden. Leone Wolber, Charlotte Mcl'ulloh, Shirley Aldrich, Pat Ilowe, lVlarg'aret Lair, Phyllis liosier, Mr. Tonhin, Director, SICCOND ROW: Marlene Bucher, Judy Maynard, Arlene Hook, Ann Plshleman. .ludy Swain, Norma Miller, Nancy Rothstein, Farol Benson, Janice Scott, Margie Meyer. THIRD ROW: Lee Keiser, Don Puterbaugh, Pete Dillon, .liin lJeZuba, Gene Ruth, David Siex. Von Wheeler, Phil Beach. I"0URTIl ROW: Roger Eshlenian, John lNlarquis, Rob Cordes, Bob Smith, Don Stewart, Kent Robinson, Lyle llirks, Don Shontz. is 'W--w ,-, R' Q. ,, Nz S 14521441316 Yziiivy 'l'illlIlllll1'i, lmis Ami Miami, Wzimiu Illiivsiflvs. Vail lhitclivllm-i', .-Xrlviio Ihmli. Muri- iu lhiiiiim-1, .-Xiin l"zii'vvi', Suu Hex Ns .' ii'ni:x Millvr, llvtli Mym-rs. K Q , Q, m i .. i i i, wwf' 5 '- ' , ii . ff if 11 -' , J " f W Wi 1 ,E iii. i R Xa f O S uafzfef liwgui' i':Si1il'lN2ll1. Wzillvi' Gil' iiwiw, limi Sliwwiitx. l"Iiil lim-:ivli lliiriiiff Him' your the lfiisciiililo, vmisistiiig' nt' iiiiw im-iiilivi's :mil :in :iv- vmiip mist nh 2 ' missin i'i'nm thi- Iiuiwd Vhuir. 2lIlIN'2ll'l'li alt iiizxiiy viviv :uid , izil i'liiivtim1s iii thi- wimiiiuiiity mid siirrwiiiimliiigr zirvzi. swiiiv wt' NYili1'll rn- tliv Rm-lx liivvi' Yzillcy 'I'vzu'liL'l's' Instituto livlcl ut Mwi'i'iswii :xml Y X X1"3i'il0 Iluiigingg ui' the cil'1'CIlSH ut tlio Y.W.f'.A. N v Quzirtvt sung' fur x'zii'ious civic' :incl social iimgziiiixzitiiiiis lllll'illQ' Him' ruui'sc ut' tliv yi-zu: Al tho C'hi'istniz1s i'um-vit ut' thnx lliilwil Vliuii' "U Littli- 'I'mvn ui' lin-lhlm-lim-iii" was pri-sviitod by this priwmp, 'I'lii- tkiui' limp 1581 uw vhusm-n froiii im-iiilwi's of tlw f'hoii'. 014072 OCiZflIooo000000 ln 19111 the National llonor Society was started because higli school principals felt there was not enough recog- nition given to students who olrtain a high scholastic record. 'l'he local chapter of the Society was orefanized ill lflllfl. Scholarship, leadership, character, and service are the qualities which a student must possess before being: ad- mitted into the organization. The membership is chosen hy the faculty. 'l'he new memlmers upon being received into the group recite the pledge ol' the Sterling: chapter of the National llonor Society. "I pledge mysell' to uphold the high purpose of the Na- tional Ilonor Society to which I have heen electedg 1 will he loyal at all times to my school: and will maintain and em'onray,:e high standards of scholarship, leadership, character. and service." The officers for the year were: Arthur Magron, presi- dentg Nancy liunde, vice-presidentg Norma Miller, secre- tary, and lieth Myers. treasurer. Mrs. Marie Davis is the advisor ot' the group. f K 4265 H 'Q P, 1 P' P' - lm' C Q' I MN I 1.1-it to ripfhtz Seated: Nancy Rothstein. Maxine Wallis, John Walton, Delores Maass, Wayne Moore, John Sunday, Donna Seeley. Standing: Jack Reiske, Norma Miller, Beth Myers, Jeannie Sterenlmerg, Pat Batcheller, Nancy Kunde, Arthur Mag'on. gnu ent "'t 3 W 'krx Y?' FIRST ROW: Phyllis Kosier, Marie Ohms, Donna Wheelock, Billie Spun SEVONIJ ROW: Lois McNeil, lvlerrildean Leonard, Barry lVlnsg:ro1 Miss Mildred Kruy,rhoft', Advisory Pete Dillon. Lester VVL-instine, Dial Johnson. THIRD ROW: Karl Killmere. Holm Kosier, .lanice Scott, Nan l"Ol'l1Lll'l', lfllvera Ilxcn, Margaret Lair. FOURTH ROVV: Hs-rlm Re ouncf -lolin Walton. Holi liruns, Dick Ohnen. Merle Orlowski. on l ii iii FIRST ROW: Carmen Mendoza, Alan Schain, -laincs .lohns , if' EllllUlldOl'f, Joyce Cameron. SICVOND ROVV: Ronald llalwlien. Vliffo ist 'lllll ll liettinan, Sheila Musgrrove, f'at.herine Wolf, ,lean UTOOINQII-.'. ' ROW: Ann Farver, Sylvia Hawdcn, Pete Andrew Wollier, l.aVonne Carey. s, Richard Nice, L04 "Over here is the cheering section, kids!" That was a common state- ment at all the games this year as the Student Council orgiinized a special student cheering section. Among other things, the council decorated a Christmas tree for 'th' x main hall, sold school supplies at the student store, selected the cheer- leaders, and for the first time, set up a noon time recreational program The officers for the year were Barry Musgrove. president. and P-Q-tc Dillon, secretary. The advisor forthe grroup is Miss Mildred Krughoff 1 till J x onitoflgooooooooooooooooooo 4'This is our new eal'eteria, and at the end of the hail is the home economies department." So went the eonver sation during' National lidueation Week, when the monitors were responsible for showing' visitors about the building. Some ol' the tgnieal duties of the monitors are: 'preventing loafing' in the halls, keeping halls clean and quiet, eolleetinj: absen.-e slips. and doing' short errands about the building for the faeulty. ln order to be a monitor. a senior must have a free period, be a reliable person, and be a student in good stand- ing. lhe monitors are advised by Miss Mildred Krughoff. FIRST RONV: l.ois Good. Phyllis Kosier, Vivian Karr, Euniee Detweiler. Dorfs Shaw. SICFOND ROW: Bill Penley, ,lane Morrow, Beulah Hada- way, lVlae Swanson, Mary Miller, Karl Kilberlx. THIRD ROW: Mary Jo Q, Mercer, Hill Ludwig, Harry Weaver. Lyle Di1'ks, Maurice Reitzel. Hob 7 Kosier, Hlvera Iben. FOURTH ROW: Marjorie Nelson, Miss Mildred lirug'hofl', Advisor, Wayne Moore. Ward Johnson, Merle Wolfley, Ron Rieklefs, Donna Glenn. FIRST ROW: Fharlotte Mefulloh. Susie Black, Naney MeWethy, Marie Al 'A I Ohms. SICVOND ROW: .Ioan Bixby, Nanuy Kunde, Donna Bauman, De- lores Hubbard, llerniee Propheter. THIRD ROW: Pat Elmendorf, Barry X Musgrove, Don Lester. Dick Allen, Don Knight, Carol Taft. FOURTH V, '. ROVV: Glen Helms, Hob Lockhart. Raouland Howe, Robert Hicks, Dean In 'i Zellar, Russell Deets. 1 O, f Q l 33 4 Twifzlefzs I.4-tliv llz11'mlr'l1..lnyvc- Vzum 1011. A Luis Mn-Null. Slwilzl Mllsggrnvv. Y. , 11321 X 1 1' Y A W, S? S , - ' " 9- ' . LI Ebxg? :if 'W . 1 x N ., afzscfml Gkeefzleabezs Wm-ss:-Is. lhxviml Sis-x, Wan lllwzulvs, Iilqnim- Sivx. r C CX-ll? 1- 6 All 'LOSI4.-gdplft Glleezleabezs Sylvia Su-lmm. Sully Kllllllllliil, Sllcilu lllusgwmvv. Mzlry Sll'l'2llIll'll, Phyllis llullowuy. Mary lflspinuzzl. 1 5: Q 'NNN-. .HV ' 45 fa .J W-...fy x wx 0. 12 wg X .Nm K, ,,.-.-...1 N-ww! AX 'fs' O O O O O O O 0 I O 0 0 I O O O O 71.214614 The French Club was newly organized this year. Any student taking French is eligible for membership in this club. Al- though a new club, it did not take long for the members to become active. A trip to Chicago was the main event of the year. The purpose of the club is to acquaint the students with French habits and customs. The advisor for the club is Miss Ruth Straw. The officers for the year were: Ann Lah- man, presidentg Kreider Woods, vice-presidentg Joanne Nic- holson, secretaryg and Barbara Gehlsen, treasurer. Barbara Gehlscn, Miss Straw, Advisor, Krcider Woods, Ann Lahman, Joanne Nicholson. C649 iv eff ................?ufu'ze7-eaclzefzs l The Future Teachers had a busy and varied schedule this - year. Shortly after the beginning of the school year, the club organized into a home-room group. Among the activities carried on by the organization was the picnic supper held in the fall at which new members yr were initiated and the newly elected officers installed. I 4' Twice a week reports were given during the home-room f ' l meetings by members who had attended conferences, camps, and conventions during the summer. In February the group attended the meeting of the Whiteside County Teacher's Association. - X li . . 4 V V 227, The officers for the year were: Mary Miller, presidentg Floy Allen, vice-presidentg Theresa Barajas, secreta1'y- treasurer. Miss Dollee Fauth is the advisor for the club. ' lflf' 'ff x I v 'l ll ' 'f A N .. fi fi , I, I 4, K i af 5 1 ' QNX s 'I .fsil X J f ii hff , , A, rg f SEATED: Donna Hale, Theresa Barajas, Margaret Lair, Miss Fautli, Ad- visory Norma Miller, Joan Bellmar, Floy Allen. STANDING: Jane Mor- row. Mary Miller, Donna Teske, Nancy Rothstein, Judy Maynard, Mary Jo Peugh. , ww g .W C651 'W O wk? fafin ............ FIRST ROW: Nancy Graham, liilccn Ehcrhardt, Sylvia Scham, Judy Gartncr, llillic Spccr, Naomi llook, Janicc Varncr. SECOND ROW: Virginia Allison, Uharlicc lluy- crs, Donna Eslilcman, Frances Roycr, Vcrna Follinson, Fayc Tcgfulcr, Julic NYilson. Sliirlcy Putman. THIRD ROW: Don Small, Sheila lVlusg:rovc.'l'rudy VVorth, Larry Nclson, llcrlr Rccd, Los Wcinstinc, Barbara Coe, Mimi Sheldon, Joyce liiscr. FOURTH ROW: Vathcrinc Wolf, Lois O'l3ryan, Nancy Watcrs. -lorry Rothstein, Mr. .lunc li:-c, Advisor, llill Vlithcro, John I'JcVVind, Pat Hudson, Mary Saundcrs, Nancy llcclif. ,lean Hloomquist. FIRST ROW: lfarliara liaor, Gladys Rolxison, Shirlcy Michcl, .Ioycc Vamcron. Sharon Blanglcr, Gail Apcr, Judy Pcnlcy. SECOND ROW: Bolw D. Clark, Wilfred Hcftcr. Vyntliia Grcnnan, Lois Mc-Ncil, Carollyn Sergeant, Betty Moorchcad, Ruth Ann Hart- man, Rculucn Vliapman, Alan Scham. THIRD ROW: Holm Lund, Pauline Wocssncr, Sally Kannalia, Nancy Apple, Ann Burkholdcr. Retta Jcan VVilson, Calc Dillon, Ruth Williams, XYaync Harrison. FOURTH ROW: Julie Findlay, Donna Whcclock, Donna Tcslic, .loan llicks, Richard Nicc, Jim Baird, Carol Swartley, Sandra Gciseman, Hov- Orly Foss, Phyllis Holloway. 1 4313 J anis ., . A L3 wx M A Q- K-57 M ,F 5 x L Glulg ................. . VIIIST ROVY: TlI0l'1'S1l llalwxjzns, -lzinot xV2llliUl', llois Muvtzol, Mnxino VVz1llix, lin-tlic llzirdvn. Marilyn llul't'nizu1. SECOND ROW: lliclizud Pincdu, .ludy Swain, Sylvia llnwdvn. llliss Straw. Advisor: -lanv Morrow, Joanne Mz11'slizuig', Nnnvy liutlistuin. Al ornzindvx. 'l'lllRD ROW: Carol licnson, Ilzn'lmrzi Tlwimxs, Wallin- IR-ppm-i', lion Kraft. Dun l,lllUl'l11lllQ.fh, L2ll'l'y McCoy, Lois Dotvr, Judy lllaynzird. l"OllR'l'll ROXV: linn i':1i'i'illo, John 1'zu'i'illu, Ramon Gnnzrulvs, Dick Olinvn, Al Zalnlwziiw, lfllwuml llcrr, Divlq Lyon, Don Knight, l"lliS'l' ROW: Sliirloy llzu'lclizii'tl1, Patty Ilzittlcs, I.oi'uin l'llllll'lHl0l'li. Mary Vziwl. Mary Plspinozex. Sl'li'ONll ROVV: Uhzirlos Owiiuliolu, Mzu'g.5u llillun, Mary Ann Ycliultz, Fur-ol llunson, Wvndzill Rziuscli. THIRD ROW: Kay Elsvssc-1', Suv 'l'lunnv, Nzinvy l'i'nl'tnn, -luclciv Long: l"UllR'l'lI ROW: Flioryl lllanding, I'ill Wundyutt, l,uwi'vm'v Meyer, Donald Hullnwuy, Eluanm' Davis. 1 G7 J F QW! Us M if l' " lu if .1-' " lpvdllnxxg- S., 41 5 '54 Club ................ FIRST ROVV: Waynv Moore, Program Co-Uhairniang Doris VVoc-ssnvr, Svrrvtary- Trl-asurcrg Beth Myl-rs, Prcsidvntg Miss Mildred Krug:liol'l'. Advisor: Ron Rirklvfw, I'ro3.rram Fo-Chairman. SECOND RUVV: Tlivrc-sa Iiarajas. Marilyn Huffman. Iwi.- tic Harden, lNIargio Wosscls, .lane Morrow. Jackiv Long. Vivian Karr. THIRD ROW: Barlnara Hickford, Ann Lahinan, Sue Ilvy, Joyrc Svhnoidvr, Ann I"arvvr, Hillio Huon- ggvr, Cathcrinc VVolf, Wanda Waltc-rs, Margarvt I.air. Gail Iflaningani. FOURTH ROW: Joanne Ivlarshang, Loola Clark, Phil Ilvavh, Al Hi-rnandoz, Don Iistalnrook. Glvnn Aldvrfur, John Persona, Iiarlmara Thomas, Yale-ria Johnson. l"Il"'l'II ROW: Donna Svvley, Harry lVlusg'rovc, Ilolr Smith, John VValton, Iloli Lockhart, L00 Koisvr, .Ion Miniur, Arlm-no Wolf. I"IRS'I' IQOW: Nancy Thuinlnol, Eunice Dotwoilvr, Lanor Maier, Judy Swain, Elainv Sivx, Floy Allen, Gloria Hendrick. Bn-tty lyloorvhvad, Joan Allvn. SECOND ROW: David Vlark, Roh Wadsworth, TL-rry Powell, Ann lflshlcinan. Nam-y I'iOl'llllC'l', Farol Ill-nson, Harry VV1-avcr, Bill Pk-nloy, Vharlcs l'onvhola. THIRD ROW: Phyllis Mclfalls, Sylvia Hawdvn, Laura-n Frazier, Wally Stevens, Bill Ludwig, Gem- Ruth. liflaurirc Rvitzvl, Sally Shaf'l'or. Susan Vhurch, IVOURTII ROW: Dvlorvs S1-ldc-n, Mary I,ou Oglvvvv, Earl Hailey, David Ahrens, Iilwood Ilc-rr, John Dillon, ffarlylc- Cainoron, Marjoriv Nelson, Mary Milla-1'. inf' qv? l"IRS'l' ROW: Lois Good, Mary Jo lx1Cl'K'01', Pat Hanson, Marlene Metznor, l'at l'aii'd, lCilv1-n Minor. SECOND ROW: Shirley Brown, Walliv Popper, Jam-k liviskv, Jim lk-Zuha, Pvtv Dillon, Norma Millvr, Nancy Rothstein. 'l'lllRll ROW: Ruth liiinhall, lloh Haithvr, llick Alla-n, Tom Thomas. Don Stl-wart, Larry McCoy, lfarlrara Gvhlsvn, l"OUli'l'll ROW: Judy May- nard, Lyle Wollwr, John Sunday. Jim Smith, Dave Itnyre, .Ioan llcllmar. l"lRS'l' HOW: Jvannio Stn-1'e-nlwrgx, Phyllis liosiur, Maxim- Wallis. Nancy linndu, Wanda Rhoadvs, Pat llowc. SECOND ROW: Al Iliniond, l'llvvi'a lhon, Pat liatcln-llcr, Richard Ilranc, Arlene Book, Carol Taft. Tlllllll ROW: Don l'nturhang'li, lh-an Zn-llar, Ramon Gonzales, Kreidci' Woods, Jerry Poturson. llivk Wilson. l"OllR'l'H ROW: Shirley llippvn. Waltci' Giffrow, llogw' Eshloman, John Williams, Marlm-nv Bl.lK'llCl'. GW! L45 Club quam ' ,I FIRST ROW: Carole Howard, D-oris Doty, Lesta DeLancey. l'at Rraprgr. SECOND ROVV: Marilou Dummett, Norma Fulton, Mrs. Martin, Advisor: ' ' ' Janet May, Carrie Doty. THIRD ROW: Barbara Holland, Marcia Gehl- sen Neta Bowman, Florence Geil. FOURTH ROVV: Connie Hale, Linda H' D Glenn. Mary Bauman, Leone Wollwer. Longcor, Shirley ippen, onna FIRST ROW: Carole Burger, Vera Harden, Delores Glass, Reta BND POW: Laurel Larson, Eunice Dvetweiler, Frances Mcflomlis. SEV! 1 Miss Jeanette Sasek, Advisorg Judy Mangfler, Helen Dean. THIRD ROVV: N I' t, Rernadine Wolf, Fax-ole Nancv Kosier, .Ioann Dettman, ancy 'ree Donoyan, Nikki Flock. FOURTH ROW: Mimi Sheldon, Betty Sulouff, Reeda Bowers, Varolyn Larson. Donna Bauman, .lean Dirks. The goal oi' the l".ll.A. is to make America's future homes happier. Mem- bership in this organization is open to all girls taking or having' previously taken a course in homemaking. The clulm enjoyed a busy year under the leadership of Shirley Hippen as president. Among: their many activities were the installation of officers, educational and social meetings, and the formal initiation of new members. The other officers ot' the organization include Nita Rowman, vice- presidentg Leone Wollwer, secretary, and Lesta DeI.ancey. treasurer. l'T0l Robinson, 7.10 ............... The local chapter ot' the F.I".A. is composed of all boys who are enroll- ed in agriculture. The organization has enjoyed a successful year. having an activc and varied schedule. The social high-light of the year was the annual Parent-Son Banquet. Mr. Arthur Schick is advisor to the group. FIRST ROW: Lawrcncc Dccts. Don Shontz, Don I.cstcr, Illinois vicc- prcsidcntg Ray Ricklcfs, secrctaryg Alvin Dctlinan. Iiylc Dirks, trcasurcr. SECOND ROW: Ward Johnson, Virgil Tcgclcr, Alfred Schwittcrs, Mr, Schick, Advisor: Richard Schmitt, Russell Dccts. Mcrlc Wolflcy. THIRD ROW: David Itnyrc. vice-prcsidcntg Edward Olson. David Rcavlcy, Holi Ilicks, Holm Iiruns, Roh Vordcs, Ron Ricklefs, prcsidcntg Allvion Scavcy. FIRST ROW: Kcith Ifrcas, Rolwcrt Dects. Lconard Long, Donald Ilrill, Frank Ifrcas. SECOND ROW: Allan Ilowc, Dean Long, Dean Pctcrson, Arlyn Thomson, Ronald Ilalilicn. Ilarry Pctcrson. THIRD ROW: Clifford Dcttman, scntinclg .Iamcs Maxcy, Gail Dccts, Donald Hollaway, Harry sd f x L., se I 2: NI, ll f,l f fx. Scavcy, Rolmcrt Iiuhrow. IVOURTII ROW: Glenn Hadaway, Ellis Scavcy. Charles llollaway, Don INlacI,cnnan. Ncil Drown, Rikus Luclihcrs. Mcrle Orlowski. reporter. 0 fer' I FIRST ROW: Lowell Hunsberger, Norma Miller, Miss Mary B. Harris, Carol Benson, Jean Bloomquist. SECOND ROW: Joanne Nicholson, Marilyn Huffman, Mary Ann Flowers, Pauline Woessner, Mary Stefanich, Mary Espinoza. THIRD ROW: John Walton, Don Small, Audrey Bos, Joanne Stevens, Joan Bowers, Mimi Sheldon, Jim Barlow, David Clark. FOURTH ROW: Sam Mylin, Don Rhoades, Beulah Hadaway, Deloris Hubbard, Joyce Schneider, Dick Kohl, Harry Weaver. FIFTH ROW: Leone Wolber, Judy Maynard, Don Knight, Bill Clithero, Ron Ricklefs, Kent Robison, Ellis Seavey, Gail Buchanan, Neta Bowman. uniofz Red 61055 The Council, under the guidance of Miss Mary Harris, ? had a busy year, undertaking many new projects. "You 7 Can Help" was the slogan of the Junior Red Cross Coun- f cil during their campaign to collect clothing for needy s- V X families in the United States and Korea. This project -' hi, was in compliance with the National Campaign for cloth- ing for the Indian Reservations, other needy social groups in the United States and Korean Refugees. Other projects included enrolling students in the Junior T xlx Red Cross, publishing a bulletin about Red Cross activ- ' 9 ities in the area, and collecting money to help pay doctor and hospital bills for a student who received injuries at school. The home-rooms each added a foot to the March of Dimes this year. Each group was presented a card- board foot which had slots for 18 dimes. This novel idea proved to be very helpful in the success of the drive. The officers for this year were: Carol Benson, president: Lowell Hunsberger, vice-president: Norma Miller, secre- tary: and Jean Bloomquist, treasurer. C723 xilii s"'H5i SEATED: Floy Allen, Norma Miller, Miss Barbara Larson, Advisor. STANDING: Don Stewart, Earl Bailey, Ann Farver. Debate "In view of these facts, we of the Negative conclude that you must agree that the American people should reject the plan presented by the Affirmative that all American citizens should be subject to con- scription for essential services in time of war." The debate club had a busy schedule this year, attending many tourn- aments in various parts of the state. On January 26, a practice tourn- ament Was held at Northern Illinois State Teachers' College in prepar- ation for the annual invitational tournament held at Augustana College on February 1. On March 1, the team attended the N.C.I.C. tourna- ment which was held in Mendota. The team this year consisted of Norma Miller and Earl Bailey, Nega- tive, and Floy Allen, Ann Farver, and Don Stewart, Affirmative. Q ww I I'4NN. ' 7 '19 i733 This group of students kept the library neat and orderly. This was the first year that the librarians organized into a club. 4?-1... l 5 lu Q '- A Christmas party was held on December 17 at which H 22 ...- Q wx' ,S .UL Il I 1 I I K I time the fireplace in the lilmary was initiated. To become a librarian a student must have a free period and also be a student in good standing: This year the elub had a total of 27 members. k The head librarian was Mary .lane Brunsg circulation was in ehargre of Marilyn Matznick, and David Siex and Kent I Robinson were in ehargre of shelving. Miss Vella Fad- den, school librarian, is advisor of the clulm. ' 1l 1 i filrfzafzians FIRST ROW: Cynthia Grennan, Shirley Garriott, Janice Varner, Jackie Long, Margie Wessels, Dona Jean Geiger. SECOND ROW: Kermit Reins, Gloria Hen- drick, Tommy Weidel, Gene Thorne, David Siex, Lesta DeLaneey, Ronald Walters. THIRD ROW: Jane Morrow, Kay Elsesser, Sue Thome, Miss Fadden, Carol Taft, Farrenia Bolling, Harry Seavey. FOURTH ROW: Mary Jane Bruns, Marilyn Matz- niek, Austin Allan, Holm Hicks, Kent Robison, Arlene Wolf, Joan Bellmar. -V- C743 Z Dfzamafic I I I Q The Dramatic Club, under the direction of Miss Barbara Larson, is an organization for students who are interested 0 in developing: their acting ahilities. Tryouts for the cluh were held in the fall, and sixteen new niemlvers were 9 admitted. The main vroject of the clulw this vcar was the mroduc- I . tion of the three one-act plays given for the pululic on g December 5 and 6. The presentations included "Riders to the Sea," "The Neighbors," and "Sauce for the Gos- 0 lines." This year the cluh continued its broadcasts ol' "SHS on the Air" progrranis which were initiated last 0 year. . Officers for the year were: Pat llanson. president, Ar- thur Mairon. vice-president: Ramon Gonzales, secretary, and Earl Hailev, treasurer. Q . O C FIRST ROW: Norma Miller, lieth Myers. l"atty llattles, Mary Espinoza, Mar3.ric Wessels, l'at llowe, Nancy Graham, Sylvia Sehani, Nancy Kosier, Nancy Rothstein. SlCl'ONlb ROW: David Clark, .Indy Swain, Nancy Kunde, Sylvia Bawden, J. Lee llnnlmar, l'at llatcheller, Miss Barbara Larson, Advisor, Delores Selden, Gail Flan- llljllllll, llarhara Foe, .lane Morrow, Pat Hanson. THIRD ROW: Barbara Bickford, lllary .lo Mercer, Nancy Iforquer, .lo Bellmar, Merrildean Leonard, Ann Farver, Marlene llucher, .lean lllooniquist, Margaret Lair, Loa May, Janice Scott, Sheila Mnsgrove. l"OllR'l'll ROW: Earl Bailey, Holm Iiaither, Ronald Wolher, .lack Mitchell, Roger l'lshleni:1n, Richard Helms, David Ahrcns, Dick Allen, .lack Reiske, Richard Ilrane, Wayne Moore. ' f if "" 0 Nt . Z 263 0 l ' gcfzipf Who dared brave the lion's den, which was in reality the publications room, when the geniuses were at work pre- paring for the publication of the monthly newspaper, the SCRIPT. "The Book Rack," "Dial Your Style," and "Hits by a Miss" were added features which were topped off by specially illustrated headings. Unusual baby pictures of students aroused the readers' curiosities. Because of capable reporters, the news stories had that certain "wow." Co-editors Nancy Rothstein and Marlene Metzner were ably advised by the new sponsor, Miss Margaret Ramsey. After a neglect of several years, membership into Quill and Scroll, National Honorary High School Journalistic Fraternity, was renewed, thereby automatically elevat- ing the standards of the staff. The high-light of the year occurred in the spring when students who had met certain qualifications were inducted into Quill and Scroll in a very impressive ceremony. Gwen Bradford, Thcresea Barajas, Miss Ramsey, Advisory Judy Swain, Doris Woessner, Don Estabrook, Nancy Rothstein, Wayne Moore, Marlene Metzner. Z6 ..- , L, in f"N.J lt' In -1.4 H, JV lv. It l"lllS'l' ROW: Sliirlvy llacklmarth, Lottie llardvn. Patty llattlvs, Mzirgio Wussi-ls. , Nancy Graham. .loycv llvtliard. Mary Espinozna, Kathryn Evans, Shirley Rlirgrw. SICVUNIJ ROW: Marilyn llul't'n1an, Lorain lCllll0Ild0l'i', l'IilL-cn l'Ilwi'liardt, Nancy Kosivr, Laurel liarsmi, Sliirlcy llnvlcingfliain, Nlai'g'o llillnn, Donna lislilm-man, l'liarliu' Buyers, .loycv l'anu-roll. Tlllllll ROVV: .luyc-0 liucsvly Marilnu llLlllIllll'tt, Slim-il.1 llv'lllSL1'l'0V0, Mimi Slwlcloii, ,lnlly Maynarrl. Mary .lu lllorvvr. -lo llullniar, Ann lislilenian. f lllargfio Mvyvr. l"0llll'l'll ROW: .Ivan lllomnqnist, C:u'i'c'nia llnllingr. Mary S2lLlllli1'l'S. 0' Pat Hudson, Phyllis Nlulfzills. llillio llllL'll1.1'Ul', .lvannio Marshang, Luonv Wnllwr. lmnlu t'lai'k, IM-lows Soldvn. l"lIlS'l' HOW: l'at lil'2l1.f1-fy Lois Good, llulli Myi-rs, llnris Shaw, .lam-t Williams, Mari- lyn Sznnpsnn, lflnnivm- llvtwvilvr, Donna Iloynngs, Ann Gartnor, Vivian Karr. Pliyllih liosior. SICFONIT ROVV: llhyllis llolluway, Sylvia Scl1aln,.luym-v Kiscr, Nnrina lllillvl' Vziml lla-nson, Nanvy l"Ul'tllICl', Gail Flilllllljflllll, llutty Sulnn1'l', .loann llottnian, Snail lllan-la. Sliirloy Ma-liriclo, llat llnwo. Tlllllll ROW: Alan Sc-liani. lloan lk-tvrsmi law Wallis. Donna Sm-lm-y, lllarlcnu llnclior. llarlnara 'l'Immas. ,laniro Scott. G4-nm Vlwlllllllkk l'i'ucv Henson. f'z1l'nlv Donovan, Maxine' VVallis. l"llllll'I'll ROW: Arlvnn, llnnk, l':n'nl Taft, liont llulmison, lion Stl-wart. lion Kraft, llm- Svliwank. Dick Ohnvn 1,1-v lin-isvr, l'L-tc Dillon, .lim Sclnn-lm-r, David Sin-x. Ann l"al'vcr, l'at l'lllll0lld0l'i.. fT7l Q- l"lliS'l' NOVY: l'aI llowc, Sylvia liawdcn, Miss llclcn llcclacr, Advisorg Ik-loris Maass, Mary Saundcrs. SICVOND ROW: Mrs. M. Moc. Advisorg Kathryn Evans. Patty Ilattlcs, Marlcnv Mc-txncr, Mary Espinoza, Thor- csa lfarajas. Miss Wilma Moorc, Advisor. 'l'llIl!IJ NOW: Gail l'll2llllUj.1'2llll, Shirlcy Mcllriclc. Maxinc Wallis. Danna lluyuims, Shirlcy lirnwn. ,-Xudrcy llus. l"OlfH'l'l'I ROW: S110 llcy. Nnn liahinan, Mimi Shclclmi, 'l'riuly Vl'orth, liarhara llchlscn, lluih lilllllbllll. Margrarct Lair. l"lRS'l' RUXV: .lcannic Stcrcn- In-rg, Ann Gartncr, Wanda Rhnadcs. Phyllis liosicr. .loycc Scott, .Ioan Allcn. Iflilccn Minor, .lanicm-.lackson. SICVONII ROW' Pat llaird, Margic Mcycr, Judy Swain. Shirlcy Aldrich, la-o'a Clark. Norma Millcr, Shirlcy li2ll'Ut'S. .laclaia lmn ". Luis Macl- zcl. TIIIRD ROW: lClainc Sicw. Nancy Rothstein, Ann lishlc- man, Varul lim-nsun. Ann l"'ir- vcr. Sally Sliaffcr, Phyllis Mc- lfalls. Susan Church, Nancy Kundc. I"0UR'l'll ROW: llc- lorcs Scldcn. llillic Ilacngcr, Lcono VVolhcr, Doris VVUQ-ssncr, Mary Saillard, Marilyn Apu-r, .Ioycc Suluuff, Marilyn Matz- nick, Nancy l"urqucr. l"IliS'l' ROW: llctty Pitxcr. Gail Apcr. Pat Allcn, Shirlcy Gar- riott. Ruthie lycltun, liathcrinc l,2lll1lN'l't, .lanicc Yarncr, .ludy Pcnlcy. SICVONII ROVVZ lictty Varcv. Varul Murtcnson. .lanct Betts, .Indy Gartnvr, .lanvt Thurni, Graco Maric licalcr, Kay Ziglcr, .Iuycc l'ann-run. Ruth Lohaugfh. 'l'llIllIJ ROW: Margric VVL-ssc-ls, Marilyn lluff- inan. Lcttic lilartlcn, liarhara Hickford. Shirlcy Gillispic, Rct- ta -If-an Wilson. Nancy Ralstor. Nancy Applc. .Iuycc Mnrvlivatl. FOURTII ROXY: .luycc Schncid- cr, .Icannc Marshangx, Dc-loris Mcnncngra, ,lunc licllars, Gail Buchanan, Varol Swartlcy, San- dra Gciscnian, Iicycrly Foss, Donna Wlicclock. Getting acquainted was the main purpose of the annual Big- Little Sister Picnic on September 12, at Sinnissippi Park. This marked the beginning of a full year of activities for the G.A.A. Soon afterwards, on October 12, the girls co-sponsored the Homecoming Dance with the "S" Club. Other social activ- ities for the year included the G.A.A. Workshop, which was held in Dixon on November 3, the ever-popular W.P.A. Dance. the annual Spring Banquet, and the N.C.I.C. Play Day at Mendota. Throughout the year several after-school sports such as ten- nis, softball, soccer, golf, archery, bowling, basketball, and many others were enjoyed by all. Miss Helen Becker, Miss Wilma Moore, and Mrs. Margaret Mee are the club advisors. Assisting them this year were: Delores Maass, president: Pat Howe, vice-president: Sylvia Bawden, secretary: and Mary Saunders, treasurer. FIRST RONV: Carol Howard, Sue Michel, Vera Harden, Janet Hackbarth, Shirley Burger. SECOND ROW: Ruth Ann Hartman, Mary Ann Flowers, Betty Miller, Joanne Whitaker, Donna Smith. THIRD ROW: Sharon McBean, Gale Dillon, Dana Johnson, Kay Stewart, Janice Ohnen, Mary Stefanich. FOURTH ROW: Loretta Potts, Reeda Bowers, Nikki Flock, Marcia Gehlsen, Carrie Doty, Neta Bowman. FIRST ROW: Pat Bragg, Shir- ley Michel, Phyllis Holloway, A - Charlice Buyers, Sally Kannakav Roberta Morris, Sharon Man- gler. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Sampson, Eileen Eberhardt, Sylvia Scham, Nancy Graham, Margo Dillon, Janet Williams, Janice Hawkins, Nancy Kosier. THIRD ROW: Joan Bowers, Charlotte Meiners, Dona Jean l Geiger, Barbara Coe, Jean Bloomquist, Sheila Musgrove, Lesta LeLancey, Doris Doty, Ruth Morris. FOURTH ROW: Nancy Miller, Verna Collinson, Susan Snavely, Sue Thome, Pat Hudson, Kay Elsesser, Julie Findlay, Joyce Reeser, Joyce Kiser, Lorain Elmendorf. - " " cz 1, U O I O C . Xinlxkkv 0 X xfvigff 'ga 5 . Q. 5 . lib' I l 0 'W ' it Q i - Rs Under the guidance of Barry Musgrove, Don Knight, Lyle Wolber, and Dean Zellar, the "S" Club had a very successful year. Thic club and the G.A.A. co-sponsored the annual Homecoming Dance, which was held in the tower building. Other projects of the year included renting seat back- rests at the basketball games, ushering at all games, put- ting out the football programs, and acting as guardians of the school. The high-light of the year was, of course, the initiation of the members which was held at Sinnissippi Fark with the coaches acting as "chefs" Mr. Scheid is the sponsor of the group. FIRST ROVV: Ronnie Michel, Tommy Weidel, Bob Kosicr, Terry Powell, Karl Kil- berg, Don Rhoadcs, Robert Haldcman, Phil Beach, Alan Scham. SECOND ROW: Don Kilberg, Alva Wise, Bob Baitherg Mr. Small, Mr. Lehman, M1'. Sherman, Advisors, John Marshall, Dick Kohl, Sam Mylin, David Siex. THIRD ROW: Randall Smith, Craig Castle, John Walton, Gerald Braun, Merle Johnson, Clark Galloway, Pete Andrews, Bob Wittenauer, Bob Glass, Von Wheeler. FOURTH ROW: Larry Mc- Coy, Bob Smith, Dean Zellar, Dick Gebhardt, Ray Gierhart, Gary Wiemken, Harold Hussung, Harry Brown, John DeWind, Bob Dir, Richard Nice. 1803 FIRST ROW: liorniit Roins, Earl Duck, .Iolm IR-rsona, I.yls- Ziinnierinan, Don Sliontz, llvrls Road, Kon Etuhison, Mac- Mcllormick, Wallin- Popper, Arthur Svott. SECOND ROW: Ray Andi-rson, David Swclmla, Ward Johnson, Jim DL-Zulma, Potv Dillon, Don liniglit, Art Kraft, Ronald Goodnight, Al Dimond. THIRD ROW: G1-rald l"rinioclt., Don Stowart. M0i'clwl Flynn, Willmcrt Rusk, Jon Snrratt, Dave Rf-avlcy, Nod Ryvr- son, Gln-nn Aldvrfvr, Don lfistabrook, Kon Kraft, Dick Allen. l"OllRTll ROVV: Toni 'l'liomas, .lorry Rothstvin, Holi Lockhart, liolm llrnns, Raonland Ilowv, Mr. Schm-id, John Williams, John Sunday, Dirk Ohm-n. Dick Wilson. Don I'ntL-rlraugrli. l"lRS'l' ROW: Jack Kosiur, Dick Johnson, Ulifford Dcttman. l,aV1-rne Battles, livstor Wvinslinv, Walter Garriott, .lorry Adams, Al Ilcrnandoz, Lino Carrillo. SICCUND QUW: Mr. Mill-ln-ll. Dolw llartsliorn, .lanws Drury. Owen Mills, Don Lester, liowvll llinisln-rg'i-r 1"1rlvlv Kknnoron, Manuel Raniirvz, John Carrillo, Mr. Rrandau. 'I'lllRD i0W: l'illll'l'lll' Rolmlrins, Nvil Brown, Harry Mnsgrrovc, John Fasslor, Alan Hall, L01- ivisor, Jon lllinivr, Ish Uvlvstino, Phillip Mendez, Hill Maxwell. l"OUR'l'H RUVV: Ronald Nm-wvll, .John Wolf, .lolin Dillon, Ray Gelmhardt, Ray Gonzalcs, Walt Gil'l'row, lini Slnitli, Larry lmtcln-1', .lolin Marquis, Wayne Hussnngr, Lyle Wollwr, Danny Dir. 'Po pw 95 A L DY ,fm Q , Recfzeational Gounci The noon-time recreation activities which took place this year were under the direction of this group. It is composed of a representative from each of the home rooms. Co-chairmen for the Recreational Council were Nancy Kunde and Earl Bailey. Mr. Scheid was the sponsor of the group. The recreation program included tournaments of all kinds. The home rooms organized teams to compete in each activity. By process of elimination, a champion of each sport was chos- en from both the boys' and girls' home rooms. The winner of each tournament was awarded a trophy which they kept until the completion of the next tournament, when it was pre- sented to the new winning home room. This, in itself, was a tournament to see how many times each home room could win the trophy. This year's program proved to be a big success, and it is hoped that the recreation program can be duplicated next year. FIRST ROW Nita Bowman June Swanson, Shirley Brown, Donna Boy- ungs, Nancy Kunde, Earl Bailey, Margo Dillon, Mary Saillard, Joanne Nicholson. SECOND ROW: Wayne Moore, David Waters, Don Small, Bob Baither, Nancy Apple, Shirley Gillispie, Janice Ohnen, Mimi Sheldon, Harry Brown, Ronny Flowers, Dick Kohl. 0 O C 0 0 0 0 ' lx 0 0 0 0 1 rf fx XJ TH fin 5 1 L Q Ns I fats-Q ill ' s , 3 t Q- wa ,W bf' 'ii Q, ,VX wg, ,' 'F 3 545.-.,,s., 3 1' 4 , Y M15 w ' :W ww W' if Qi!! O su' 1 .H a' .N ',. J 'Vw nd' ... .'.s.muw- 1' .Inn ofzfs 'football This year's edition of the Golden Warriors was indeed typical of the fine teams that Bernie Mitchell has turned out over the span of time that he has coached here. The 1951 Varsity football team finished with the very creditable record of five wins, two ties, and one loss, and a third place in the NCIG race. Glenn Alderfer, Carlyle Cameron, Wayne Hussung, and quarter- back Barry Musgrove shared the scoring honors, with Wallie Pepper as our defensive line-back- er. Ilick Lyons was the "educated-toe man" this year, and our outstanding linemen were Don Shontz, Raouland Howe, and Larry Letch- er. With many great performers back next fall, we'll be looking for another fine team to repre- sent SHS. Glenn Alderfer Barry Mnsgiowc Wallie Pepper Don Shontl FIRST ROW: Jon Minier, Richard Allen, Raymond Anderson, Lino Varrillo, Ish Uelestino, Al Hernandez, Manuel Ramirez, Wallie Pepper. SEVOND ROW: Lyle Zimmerman, manager, Ken Kraft, Bob Smith, Ramon Gonzales, Ronnie Williamson, John Dillon, Jon Surratt, Don Puterbaugh, Dean Gray, Mr. Mitchell, coach. THIRD ROW: Mr. Sherman, Wayne Hussung, John Marquis, Bob Lockhart, Larry Letcher. Raouland Howe, John Williams, David Reavley, Dick Gebhardt, Mr. Scheid. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Musgrove, Dick Lyon, Carlyle Carmeron, Glenn Alderfer, Art Kraft, Barry Musgrove, Lowell Hunsbergfer, Larry Meiners, Don Shontz, Neil Wick. I"lI"TH ROW: John Fassler, Phillip Mendez, Wilbert Ruck, Danny Dir, Larry Mc-Coy, Lee Keiser, Ward Johnson, Dick Wilson, manager. B 'vit . 1. 1.14-rhf 1 I ffl' Rzioulnnd llowo Don I'utoi'luu1gli Jon Slllliltt Carlyle Clilll01'0fl Ronnie Williamson Divk Lyon John Williams VVuynu Ilussung' 0 0 0 o 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Q l,owvll llinislwrgur l12ll'l'y Lvtclwl' Larry lVlvinc-rs Dean Gray Art liraft lion Kraft John Dillon Al Hernandez X120 55,2 FIRST ROW: Bob Smith, Dick Gelmhardt. SECOND ROW: Richard Allen, Holm Lock- hart. THIRD ROW: Danny Dir, Ward Johnson. FOURTH ROW: Wilbert Ruck, Lee Keiser. FIFTH ROW: Lino Carrillo, Ish Celestine, Ramon Gonzales. Uafzsitxl Elootlmll SEASONS RECORD Sterling' 19 Community Sterling 28 Rock Falls Sterling 24 Dixon Sterling I3 DeKalb Sterling 34 Genesee Sterling 16 Ottawa Sterling 0 Hall Sterling 12 Reavis Sterling' Wells lcancelledj ioooooooooooooo 4, fzoslu- ali ooflmll Sip? Sterling fi Sterling P ", Sterling " 'f Sterling Sterling Sterling' Sterling Sterling 1- NNN NME FIRST ROW: Thomas Weidel, Don Kilberg, Bob Wittenauer, Dick John- son. Walt Garriott, Dick Kohl, Pete Andrews. SECOND ROW: Bob Dir, Richard Nico, Kendall Shuman, John Wolf, Alva Wise, Clark Galloway, Cliff Dcttman, Mcrlc Johnson. THIRD ROW: John Marshall, manager, John Loos, Robert Glass, Harry Brown, Neil Brown, Roger Seidel, Wil- liam Maxwell, Jerry Braun, Bob Hartshorn, Jerry Adams, manager. ,FOURTH ROW: Mr. McMurry, coach, Larry Gaumer, Ronald Berge, Robert Carbuugh, Eugene Robbins, Don MacLennan, Dick Shuman, Harold Martin, Ross M1-lvin, Mr. Hall, assistant coach. FIFTH ROW: Dick Cox, John Carrillo, Owcn Mills, Craig' Castle, Harold Hussung, Ronnie Newell, John DoWind. ABSENT: Fred Sinroll. SFIASON'S 8 20 0 12 6 19 7 0 RECORD Clinton Rock Falls Dixon DeKalb Geneseo Ottawa Hall Reavis 5 X X j 2 0 28 X3 14 xi 14 m 12 6 Vx X 12 1, 0 : , o ,Q ' N 'T x g i X .al giiiii - - x M lx X' I lp i Tx fully! pee-wee 'football FIRST ROW: Billy Grim, Don Kohl, Bob Cox, Dick Card, Charles Cox, lionald Sonncman, Ernie Dimond, David Waters, Art Scott. SECOND ROW: Edgar DuPrey, Neal Bressler, Ricky Allen, Wilfred Hefter, Holm Clark, Lawrence Moyer, James Barlow, Raymond Seeley, Larry Linton, Mr. Dunham, coach. THIRD ROW: Neal Schrader, managrerg Neil Pon- tious, Roger Flaningzun, Jim Flshleman, William Woodyatt, Don Flynn, Dun Dummctt, Bruce Henson. FOURTH ROW: Kenny Kosier, Bill Sur- rutt, Richard Eutingxcr, Kenneth Handel, James Johnson, Fred l1'ark0r, Bob Bittner. Cfrzich Gvnv llnll's lrzislu-tlmll Goldvn Wui'i'im's stzirtvd tho lU5l-52 sousnvn undci' ll numlwi' of vc-ry svriuus hun- dioups, invlnding: ai luck ui' l'L'tlll'l1lI1j,l' lvtturincn and ai luck of vxpn-1'ivli4'u on thv part of tliv rvinuining' lmys 1 out for lmaskctlbull. llnwovc-V, :is is usual at our svlnml, whvn nvcvssity i'l'O2lt0d zi dc-inzind for tzilont, mn- cnzulliing staff dug: dvup into our liid- den 1'0sniii'c-os amd 1-:uno up with fvl- 'fl lows who, lmy the vnd of thu svzisuii, wuro vapalrlv of playing ai prolly good gunna- ol' lmslictlwall. lVitli this y02ll"S tvzini losing: only thrvc lmys via thc g'rzicluzition miito, wc arn- looking forward to nvxt wintn-i"s svn- son, and wa-'rv quito vortuin that nm-xt ya-zn"s tvzun will tonic tliiwiipfli willi zi fini' i'oc'ni'1l. afzsifmi gaslzeflmll l"IllS'l' HOW: Gm-nv llzill, cmiclig llivk Wilson. liizirizigc-1'. Sl'll'ONll ROW: l.inn K':u'i'illo, 'l'oi'i'y l'nw0ll, Don Knight, Dick Ohnun. Ramon Gonzalos, .luhn lllurquis, l.:1i'i'y lla-tvlim-i', John VVillizuns, liylc VVollwi', Ray Gvliliardt. Dun l'Litci'lmi1g:li, l'i2ll'l'y M11s1,:rm'0, Jim Dm-Znlmzi. SPIASIDNF lil'Ii'0lClD 3 x urn Llsgmu Rav Gelmharclt. lion l'ut0rlmugrh. lion kIllLfl'lt IHHIX 4 c 61 lk non. BO'l"l'OM ROXN: Lyle VVollwr, 0 n Vllllldl11N o n AIKUIN Hanlon Gonzalos, ,lim I7vZulu1, Lino Stn-rling: JIS 'l'ildL-n 'l'wl1 Sterling' -17 l'll'l'Ui10l't Sterling -17 Nast Mulino Stcrlingz Citi C'mnmunity Storlingg 52 Vlintun Stvrling' 51 Ilixun Stc-rlimg lili I'1'inu-um Slvrlingr ni Mendota Sta-rling' IHS Rock Island Stn-rling: 54 lim-li Falls Storling' 2325 lfzxst l!m'lQl'm'd Stn-rling 523 Dixun Sterling: 432 G21l0Slhlll'11 Stvrling' -19 l-lmlk lfulls Sterling 52 llwlwllm- Stn-rling 535 Mmwisml Su-rling: H7 fl0l1l'SUU Sterling: 55 Wa-st Rm'kI'm'cl Stvrling -18 llzxll Sterling' Ili? VVvlls Sta-rling' .ul C'mnmunity Sterling! 48 IM-liallw li0g'im1z1l 'l'oL11'm'y Storling 57 l'll'2lIllillll Gruvm Stn-rling .ll Huck Falls z11'1'illo. lil 51? SH All 'Tl Ill Tl' .YJ -17 TPI 4343 till IZN llll HU 55 -ll 50 152 5.2 -ll 55 Q30 .143 Sl planls n ew Eiieldlzouse It took a long time, but we finally got it. Of course, we're speaking of our fine new fieldhouse, which is really the front-line showplace of Sterling Township High School. The first basketball game, and, in addition, the first public activity of any kind to be held in it was the Tilden Tech-Sterling game on December 1. Superintendent Eades con- ducted a short dedication ceremony preceding the game. Although the Coliseum used to be well filled for all of Sterling's home games, the same number of spectators in our fieldhouse looked rather insignificant due to the vastly increased seating capacity. Sterling High was fortunate to have the sectional tourney assigned to the fieldhouse this spring, since it gave a very large number of people from other localities a chance to see the new structure with its amaz- ingly complete facilities. UC W' ff ' of , i Tvivkfv- .M A, v J-3 iff iikydwpiff .ffl y Oy- in 'K 4 i lu qt! K f'Q,Q6IiW ' ! 2- ' .swf K sf' ' 'Jie ff' .lg ' Sui 'zoslm-gopln gczslzetlmll ,x BW This year's Frosh-Soph basketball team, coach- ed by Curt Brandau, played a total of 21 games, winning 11 and losing 10. The boys who paced the offensive threat were Herhy Reed, who scored 122 points: John Wolf, who collected 1443 and the leading scorer, with 181 points, John Carrillo. As this 21-game slate which our Frosh-Soph team plays is a rather long one, the future basketball stars of SHS are gaining' a lot of fine experience. Another advantage is that they come up against the same teams now that they will compete with in Varsity play. The Frosh-Soph Papooses furnished us with some excellent preliminary contests out at the fieldhouse this past winter, and we look for- ward to seeing many of these hoys gaining a berth on next year's Varsity team. l"lliS'l' ROW: Jim Eshleman, Sam Mylin, Herb Reed, Leon Neece, Lyle Nailor, Walter Garriott, John Marshall, Bill Kempster, manager. SECOND ROW: Floyd IIunsherg'ei', assistant coach, John Carrillo, Craig: Castle, Harold llussungr, Ronnie Newell, lsh Celestino, John Wolf, Dick Nice, Curt Hrandau, coach. uniot Uafzsitni Basketball Sterling Sterling Sterling Sterling Sterling Sterling Sterling Sterling Sterling Sterling Sterling Sterling Sterling Sterling Sterling Sterling Sterling Sterling Sterling Sterling Sterling FROSH-SOl"ll SICASON'S RECORD Freeport E. Moline Community Clinton Dixon Mendota Rock Island Rock Falls li. Rockford Princeton Dixon Galeslmurg Rock Falls Rochelle Morrison Geneseo W. Rockford llall Ottawa Community Delially 3S -18 lil 35 32 -10 G0 343 54 C35 557 40 43 -lil 28 Ill! 45 423 3345 25 .30 Q - FIRST ROW: Ronnie Michel. Austin Allen, Manuel Ramirez, Lester VVeinstine, John Loos, Harold Seidel, Roh Hartshorn, Don Small, manager, SEFOND ROW: Rer- nie Mitchell, coach, David Swehla, Jack Mitchell, Jerry Rothstein, Bill Clithero. Kreider Woods, John Dc-Wind, John Henson, Larry Mc-Coy. The .Iunior Varsity lmasketlrall team, or, as they are com- monly known, the J-V's were the "winningest" lmaskctliall team SHS possessed this past season. Coached by Rernie Mitchell, the J-V's racked up ll wins against 3 losses, heating such teams as the East Rockford .I-V's, the Free- port J-V's, and the Franklin Grove varsity. The out- standing players were Gray, Cameron, Marquis, and Letcher. This team had the honor oi' lmeing the first Sterling team ever to win a game in the new fieldhouse, when on Deceniher 8 they defeated Freeport 538-333. At one time this team had a 7-game winning streak going. Although this is one of the SHS teams which 'receives little attention, it is still very important, since it gives many boys who want to play, and otherwise could not, a chance to have a well-organized outfit, and it also is a developing and proving ground for rising players. 1955 qrfzesizman gaslzefim ff'N '- .953 'Z The Freshman basketball team, coached by Holm McMurray, managed to win one out of seven games this past season, Dixon being their only victim. Leading nlayers were Johnson, Schue- ler, and Galloway. This team of the younger basketball players at Sterling serves as a testing ground of talent and as a chance for these boys to gain valuable experience which they will need when they move up to the Frosh-Soph squad. IIRST ROW: Jim Barlow, Bruce Benson, Dan Dummett, John Benson, Richard Pineda, Charles Cox, Raymond Seeley. SECOND ROW: Lawr- ence Meyers, Clark Galloway, Ross Melvin, Jim Johnson, Ken Kosier, Bill Sulratt, Bill Howard, Ronald Bignall, Neil Bressler. THIRD ROW: Mr. MclVIurry, coach, .lim Baird, Dick Eatinger, Boh Carlmaugh, Harry Brown, Francis Breed, Kenneth Handle, Jim Schueler, Roger Seidel. x. 7 - 4: .-in l"IlQS'l' HOW: lVlr. Musgrave, Mr. Sherman, Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Scheicl Mr.Il1 ll. SICCOND ROW: lVlr. Brnndau, Mr. Dunham, lVIr. Lohman Mr. Snmll, Mr. Hunslmergcr, Mr. lVlclVlurry. Goaclzing S2666 S ln 1947, Curt Brandziu, za former SHS Varsity lnnskotlmll coach. inau- gurntml an new unnuzil award, the Curt lifllllililll Free Throw Trophy. This yi-z1r's winnvr is il sophomore, Nay Gulmliziiwlt, who established an ncw rocnrml ol' 65.l'f 'lo gain posses- sion ot' tho lwaiutiful trophy. Thus Huy joins Snm and Holm Galloway and Ray KUIIZIQIH as ll member of El group artists. ui' uutstumiing free throw l ,ljlfbfllvw N' ' ' , " ,. - . f , , 94-,Q - f -' 'i - N ' fa-f' ' XX'-f'-ff -' - - 1 1 ' I ' f 74144. V.. I ' J -7 0' 1- .' 24 fly" 'ij-N. . f ff 5 ,, ' , . I Ar , V, . 5. v, . -. ,,'..1:. fe- fwf' i J 5 . ,, 4 . , . . v 1' At.,-QL ks fvfbc elf ' ' qizuvh ,-Af hiim. Ss - . I fi. H" FIRST ROW: Neil Wick, manager, Dick McCormick, Dick Lyon, Don Knight, Karl Kilberg, Barry Musgrove, Ray Gierhart, Wayne Hussung, Bob Smith, Terry Powell. SECOND ROW: Gilbert Flowers, Bill Arnold, LaVerne Johnson, Chuck Cole, Bob Galloway, Bob Peugh, Paul Small, Roger Laibel, Marv Kaiser, Lyle Zimmerman, manager. THIRD ROW: Ted Scheid, coach, Mr. Musgrove, coach, Ronnie William- Sen, Jim Kindle, Bob King, Bob Mathis, Don Weeks, Dick Gebhardt, Jim Vary Raouland Howe, Jim Galloway, Mr. Small, coachg Bernie Mitchell, coach. FOURTH ROW: Lino Carrillo, Carlyle Cameron, D-on Wiemken, John Carrillo, Ray Gebhardt, Tom Poston, Lowell Hunsberger, Glenn Alderfer. 0 L11-01,4461-f?1u'X,lTM44, 'f UW ffdfflf 'f 7 1. e 1 Jfff im... tl x," .g,,f! I M-4 l,g,:ix 0 A Wu AJQGJYLQ 17A V XJR!-I . I K UThe 1951 Track teams from Sterling Township once ' again came through in the clutch and gave us our tra- ditional victories. With the passing of many stars from . the 1950 team, one of the greatest ever to represent SHS, . the outlook for 1951 was not too promising. However, hard work and great improvement of several individuals . and a fine team spirit resulted in another fine Varsity track team which came through with the 5th successive . Conference title and the third District Championship in a row. We also scored our 14th successive dual meet . victory over Dixon, and our star pole vaulter, Bob Gal-- loway, placed third in this event at the State Champion- . ships at Champaign. The Frosh-Soph outfit also carried on ap1'opos of Sterling 9 High in squeezing out a 345 to 335 victory over Ottawa in its Conference meet, while winning 4 out of 5 regular g season meets. This team is coached by Chester Sherman and his assistant, Gene Hall. 1 98 l VARSITY SEASON'S RECORD Sterling 71.53 Rochelle 395: Oregon 30 Kewanee Night Relays: Peoria Woodruff 703 Ster- ling 53.55 Kewanee 46.5 Sterling 76: Freeport 237 Sterling Relays: LaSalle-Peru 395: Sterling 34: Moline 25: Rock Island 20.53 Freeport 0' Dixon 4 1 East Rockford 74: Sterling 36: Kewanee 31 Gateway Classic, Clinton, Iowa: Sterling 3rd in Class A with 41 5X6 points Twin City Triangular: Sterling U5 215: Rock Falls 78 2!5g Catholic Community 16 1!5 District Meet, Rock Island: Won by Sterling with 3614, points. Geneseo Night Relays: Sterling, with bulk of team at Champaign, was tith with 25121 points Sterling 771143 Dixon 3515.1 State Meet: Roh Galloway third in Pole Vault Sterling 100.75 Rock Island 78.3 North Central Conference Meet: Sterling won with 41 points FROSH-SOPH SEASON'S RECORD Sterling 81: Tampico Varsity 32: Lyndon Varsity 27 Ste1'ling 1011143 Milledgeville Varsity SLIM Rock Falls 86163 Sterling 811fQ' Community 21 Sterling 138: Community 21 NCIC Frosh-Soph Meet: Sterling 34922 Ottawa 33103 Dixon 26: Rock Falls 231125 Princeton 21 1x2 Kewanee Relays: 440 Yard Relay Team tied for lst with Rock Island Geneseo Night Relays: Sterling 2nd place FIRST ROW: Lester Handel, Jim DeZuba, Herb Reed, Laverne Battles, Sam Lino Carrillo, Carlyle Cameron, John Dillon, Walter Giffrow, Glenn Alderfer, Mylin, Earl Beck, Merle Johnson. SECOND ROW: Dick Wilson, manager: Terry Powel, Don Puterbaugh, Dick Gebhardt, John Minier, Jerry Adams, 111311- ager. THIRD ROW: Gene Hall, coach: Dick Kohl, Lowell Hunsherger, Ray Gebhardt, Don Poston, Larry Leteher. Dick Ohnen, Don Wiemken, John Carrillo, Chet Sherman, coach. FOURTH ROW: John Wolf, Lyle Wolber, Ramon Gon- zalez, Glenn Wiemken, Gary Wiemken, Don Rhyme, Craig' Castle, Fred Sinroll. 7-'zaclz '71-..-U gf"-1:19-v l 1 FLA: ':3,.4-1: afzsittl Gfzoss ountfui Coached lay IC. IC. Small, the Sterling High cross country 'team had a successful season despite having only one returning let- terman. The squad tied for first place in NCIC and fourth in the district meet. Geneseo won the first annual Sterling Ina- ritation Meet with a score of 34 pointsg Sterling was second with 59 points. Jim lJeZulma ran one of his best races ofthe year, placing third, with Reed placing tenth and Powell, 'thir- teenth. Outstanding runners this year were Herb Reed, 'Ferry Powell, Jim lJeZulJa. and Ray Gierhart. Since all of these boys except Gierhart will he back next year, Coach Small anticipates another outstanding season with a sport that is rapidly lmecoming very popular at SHS. l"lltS'l' ROW: liolw VVadswortl1, David Vlark, VValter Giffroxx lion lxni 1 lflarl Heck. Sl'X'ONlJ ROW: E. E. Small, coachg Holi Kos lltilw ht Ray Gierhart, Dick Ohnen, Jim Dt-Zulwa, Terry Ion Hu! f I., I c 0' a 'iiioslm-gofrln Gfzoss ounffznl FIRST ROW: Jack Kosier, Jerry Rothstein, Lester Weinstine, John Ben- son, Richard Helms, John Henson, SECOND HOW: Alan Sehani, Robert Haldeinan, Larry Larson, David Swehla, Dean Peterson, James Stanley, E. E. Small, couch. IJIXON TRIANGULAR Sterling lstg Dixon 2nd MORRISON-STERLING DUAL Sterling lst GENESEO INVITATIONALS Peoria Woodruff lstg Sterling 6th NN EST ROCKFORD- STERLING DUAL Sterling: Ist FIRST ANNUAL STERLING INVITATION Geneseo lstg Sterling: Lind QUADRANGULAR Sterling' lstg Dixon ind: Morrison Ilrdg l"rineeton 4th NCIK' MEET Sterling-Geneseo tie for Ist LA SALLIC-PERU STICIILING DUAL Sterling' Ist MORRISON-STERLING DUAL Morrison Ist DISTRIVT MEET Sterling 4th 11011 IIRST ROW Icuy Adams Richard Card, Art Scott, Ronnie Sonneman, Phil BL uh Dick Johnson Dean Peterson, Jack Kosier. SECOND ROW: Aithux kur Cliff Dettman Lester Handle, Noel Feather, Don Rhoades, Ricky Allen Richard Cox Earl Beck, Bob Cox. THIRD ROW: Mr. Mus- gxove muh Neil Schrader manager, Bob Dir, Larry Gierhart, William Maxwell ken Kr :ft Iohn Fassler, Lyle Zimmerman, manager, Chet Sher- man coich FOURTH ROW Royal Johnson, Bill Woodyatt, Fred Park- e1 Walter lohannsen Pete Andrews, John Robbins, Don Kilberg, Bob Kosier. A few years ago wrestling was unknown at SHS. In fact, when it was first introduced as a inter-school competitive sport, our coaches had a very difficult time finding suitable foes for the boys. But, as you all probably know, this problem has disappeared, and our matmen wrestle a long, interesting, and difficult schedule. The Sterling Township High School Wrestling team coached by Homer B. Musgrove and Chester Sherman had a very successful season this past winter. Five members of the team participated in the State meet which was held at Proviso High in Maywood. Although Sterling was not award- ed with a place winner in the big meet, the Golden Warriors did excep- tionally well against very keen competition. The team took fourth place in the Davenport Invitational, second in the Beginners' Meet, won five and lost four matches during the regular season against teams including Maquoketa, Peoria Woodruff, Peoria Manual, and Molineg won the NCIC Meetg and tied for third in the Sec- tional Meet. The outstanding performers included Bob Kosier, John Fassler, Earl Beck, Don Rhoades, Phil Beach, Ken Kraft, and Art Kraft. Art went undefeat- ed for the season until the State Meet, many times wrestling boys above his own weight classification. Wrestling has obviously become a major spo1't as SHS, and, as such, is attracting a bigger following each year. We can all feel proud of the fact that the "grunt-and-groan boys" have made such rapid strides to gain the place they now occupy as interscholastic representatives of our school. whestlin VARSITY SEASON'S RECORD Davenport Invitational Tournament: Sterling 4th Beginners' Tournament: Sterling 2nd Sterling ISS Maquoketa 5 Sterling 22 Rock Island 28 Sterling 10 Moline 233 Sterling' 38 Pekin 52 Peoria Woodruff 23-1 Sterling 15 Clinton 250 Sterling 28 Ottawa 5 Sterling' 28 Peoria Manual 17 Sterling 123 Peoria Woodruff 16 Sterling' 38 Genesee 15 NCIC Meet: Sterling 1st place Seetional Meet: Sterling' tied for Ilrcl pluee "B" SQUAD Sterling 45 Dixon Varsity S Sterling 12 Moline HB" 16 Sterling 23 Lyons Varsity 233 O I O O I O I I I O O O O O I I O I :1: m's0urv:r:'g1q1f:.:w-im 11 ,ff 2 1: ,yr " i' w"mnm-wswryfv V I 1 l"lliS'l' NUVVZ Alvin Ilixnond, Gerald Ifrimodt, Morchol Flynn, Riulmrd Allvn, .Iohn l,0l'SOIl?l. SFIVONID ROW: Noll Schrader, Lester Wa-instinv, , llill Srott, Hill VVoodyatt, Holy Noslwitt, Curt Brandau, rozlull. THIRD ROW: Ronnio Nc-woll, Jon Surratt, John Sunday, .Inn Smith. Blll Vlithcro. Don Stewart. FIRST ROVV: Kvrmit Reins, .laxnvs Drury, Richard Hs-lms. .lorry Roth- ol :etc-in, Irvin I.ol1aL1g:h. SECOND IKOWN: John VValton. Gordon lirown, Alan llall, Pc-to Hoogovccn. couclxg DQ-an Pitts, John IR-Wind. Q , ,I if xx x 1 iv 3 an f M 3, , 'H xg 4 L .1 1' u g "gk QA , 1 - ': Q -.'b H. 5. I- BRLI 9TH sm I Q 4- 0,- be as fE FLD, 'QTERLIHG I .. i,Rl.q Y 51 ui Sl' FIRST ROW: Barry Musgrove, Raymond Anderson, Chuck Cole, Dick Pineda, Don Puterbaugh, Dick Lyon, Don Estabrook. SECOND ROW: Lino Carrillo, Don Knight, Wallie Pepper, John Carrillo, Pete Dillon. THIRD ROW: Bob Peugh, Marv Kaiser, Bob Bruns, Ramon Gonzalez, Don Weeks, Dick Ohnen. ennis Sterling's 1951 Tennis team fared little better than any of the last few years' teams, since they finished last in the NCIC Tournament. In regular season matches, our racket-men won only one out of eleven bouts. However, they managed to place third in the five-team District Meet. The 1951 tennis Warriors were led by such men as Jerry Frimodt, Bob Baither, and Jon Surratt. Tennis as an important inter-school sport is definitely on the up- swing at SHS, and with the further de- velopment of the above-mentioned boys, plus a few others, 1952 could easily be THE year for tennis at Sterling High. Gall The Golf team from SHS completed a not- too-successful season in 1951, winning none of their matches. They met such teams as Dixon, Rochelle, and Freeport. The leading players were Ervin Lobaugh, Dean Zellar, and Jack Schafer. Golf, one of the minor sports at SHS, is coached by Peter Hoogeveen. gaselzall The SHS Baseball team in 1951 played a rough 15-game schedule and finished with a very creditable record of 6 wins, 8 losses, and one tie. Musgrove and Williamsen we1'e our leading pitchers, while Pepper led the offen- sive threat with a batting average of .309. Since only four players were lost by the graduation route, Coach Musgrove and his baseballers are looking forward to the approaching season with much anticipation. SEASON'S RECORD Sterling 4 Alumni 5 Sterling 3 Rock Falls Sterling 4 Princeton Sterling 5 Community Sterling 7 Ottawa Sterling 0 Hall Sterling 2 DeKalb Sterling 3 Princeton Sterling 5 Community Sterling 3 Rock Falls Sterling 0 Ottawa Sterling 0 Hall Sterling 3 DeKalb Sterling 2 Alumni Sterling 10 Community eniofz ' pfzoplzesxl Dear Miss Burritt and Miss Welle: June 3, 1962 As we were looking through our 1952 annual, we thought that you would be interested in knowing what each of us is doing today, ten years after graduation. LOIS ANN GOOD is the only nurse at the hospital who sings her patients to sleep instead of giving them ether! DONNA BOYUNGS and JEAN ALLEN are man- aging a dance studio in Brooklyn. The state tennis champion is one of our former classmates, JON SURRATT. BOB BAITHER and DICK ALLEN are in Europe play- ing exhibition tennis, while TOM THOMAS has changed to ping pong. PAT BAT- CHELLER is a piano teacher in Morrison. JOAN BIXBY is a telegraph operator, while SUSIE BLACK is supervisor of the telephone office. GALE DUPREY is giv- ing Texaco and Shell a lot of competition with his new chain of Brilliant Bronze stations. ARLENE BOOK has brought fame to Sterling as one of our country's great opera stars. AUDREY BOS writes a column entitled "Building Your Conver- sation" for the Gazette, of which MARLENE METZNER is now editor. DONNA BAUMAN, MERRILDEAN LEONARD, SHIRLEY BARNES, and ANN GARTNER have all changed their last names and are living happily ever after. JANE MORROW is the Spanish teacher at Township. ART KRAFT and BOB KOSIER are really rough and tough as "pro" wrestlers on TV. BETH MYERS is better known as Mademoiselle Myers, as she is now a famous 5th Avenue dress designer. 42-aa L u,7'af,,,,, Ld : 6' Mf you listen to WMAQ on Tuesdays at 7:30, you will hear NANCY LUNDQUIST, 1 . I 46041 77A,q,9vice-president of the chain of A Sz P stores. It's not too hard to guess what DON f-ooo!! -42, 6,9 car Adm ea - .pray 044 .Za fl -whiz I, A f 1 1' M ' f'-ff ' ,V . fl.. ki 4gl,v, F . ' a ' - f 6.511 ' Z . 1 I fn . - ,gm . A3 X 4 1 lla ' -'Q fx. f' .' 441' .fgffl . , 4- L, ...Ah - ' l 1 . . 4, I 1106i .1- 1 . BARRY MUSGROVE has taken over Mr. Scheid's job as athletic director at SHS. who followed her radio career. BILL LUDWIG and BOB SPERRY are president and LESTER is. Yes, a very successful farmer. WANDA RHOADES has just com- pleted swimming the English Channel. She also has replaced Esther Williams in the movies since Esther broke her leg. SHIRLEY ROBBINS and MARLENE STUTZKE are manufacturing R Sz S typewriters. J MS owns a penthouse in New York and now is a very popular playboy. RONNIE WILLIAMSEN is pitcher for the Chicago White Sox. He pitched a no-hit, no-run game last season. ELAINE SIEX has her own establishment where she designs frames for glasses. BERNICE PROPHETER manufactures girls' gym suits, they have really changed since we were in school. DELMAR McNINCH always wanted to come back and take "Pappy" Strenge's place, and that he did. NANCY ROTHSTEIN works with handicapped children in Moline and is doing a wonderful job. JUDY MANGLER is owner of the Mangle Iron Company. WAYNE HUSSUNG'S wife seems to think he is a handy man to have around the house. CAROL TAFT is executive secretary of the YWCA. And there's either a car or a man in the family named Kaiser. I wonder? SHIRLEY SMITH and EILEEN MINER have their own firm and don't waste money on secretaries. They take each other's dictation instead. HARRY WEAVER owns a few oil wells in Texas. He pays the second highest income tax in the U.S. BOB LOCKHART is first. He manufactures polish for white bucks. MARY HELEN MILLER is the Future Teacher adviser at Township. NANCY THUMMEL is the owner of a music store in Chicago. DON KNIGHT is a big league baseball player. His batting average is .647. RONNY RICKLEFS and AL ZAM- BRANO can be currently seen in the movie, "Accordians For Two." MARIE OHMS wasn't a whiz in typing and shorthand for nothing. She is now supervisor of the Gregg Business School. "MAC" McCORMICK has just completed designing the latest Studebaker model. NANCY KUNDE is a teacher at Blackburn College. DEAN ZELLAR is working in a laboratory for the government. His chemistry did him some good after all. JACK REISKE is a senator from Illinois. He is well known for his debating ability. PAT BAIRD is superintendent of nurses at the hospital. EDWARD OLSON seems to be doing very well in farming. He owns five now. It's hard to imagine LYLE DIRKS as anything except a farmer, but he is-an agri- cultural teacher, which isn't too far from that line. BEULAH HADAWAY and AUDREY HURLEY have established the H dz H Apparel Shoppe. NANCY Mc- 'WETFHY has a nice home in Rock Falls. PHYLLIS KOSIER proved so capable as Ster1ing's first policewoman that she was promoted to the position of FBI District Agent. That fifth hour monitor's post wasn't in vain after all. DELORES MAASS always said she wanted to be a secretary and marry her boss's rich son, and that she did. RUTH KIMBALL is touring the States as a marimba star. She is also on the radio and TV. NORMA MILLER really makes a good teacher for the Indians. MAURICE REITZEL has taken over his father's electric shop. JANICE JACKSON and SUSIE CHURCH are on one of Iowa's famous girls' basketball teams. SALLY SHAFFER is on her way to join them now. CHAR- LOTTE McCULLOH has a novelty shop on Third Street. The only solo LEE KEISER got in Robed Choir was a loud wail in "D-ry Bones." Now he is one of America's top crooners. Here's one that really surprised us.-DICK LYON is play- ing first piccolo in the Boston Symphony Orchestra. He kept that talent hidden in high school! ELVERA IBEN makes an awfully cute nurse. Right now she is taking care of NED RYERSON, who "cracked up" in a race at Speedbowl Park. GENE THOME and "DOC" SCHWANK are cartoonists for the Post magazine. MAXINE WALLIS and PATTY HOWE have taken over Miss Becker's and Miss Moore's jobs as P.E. teachers at SHS. Every day they start class by doing ten "burpees." ART MAGON is the window display artist for Marshall Field Ka Co. MARY JO MERCER is the speech teacher at Township. PAT HANSON'S name can be seen in lights on Broadway. Even though GLEN HELMS found book- keeping tough in high school, he went on with it in college. Mr. Mitchell is now out of a job. CAROL TURNER has been made mascot for the New York Giants. GERALD FRIMODT and MERCHEL FLYNN have teamed up to teach their fav- orite subject--non-college English. You'd never guess RONNY GOODNIGHT'S oc- cupation. Hes president of the Butchers' Union. ARLENE WOLF is the author of several famous children's books. LEO GEIL and KARL KILBERG have gone into competition against the Gazette with their own paper. Their chief photographer is JERRY PETERSON. MARGIE NELSON is a famous scientist in Washington, D.C. Smith's Funeral Home is run by BOB SMITH, chief mortician. JOHN PERSONA has taken over his father's business and has extended Persona's Photos to Dixon and Morrison. All we know about JIM ROBINSON is that he spends all of his time in Rock Falls, but we can't figure out why. DON SHONTZ has pushed right on to fame with his wonderful tenor voice. Everywhere he goes, girls faint at his feet. This he likes? MAE and JUNE SWANSON are now known as "Which twin has the Toni?" "S.KIPPY" RUCK owns a chain of bakeries from here to the coast. DONNA SEELEY is head librarian at the Public Library. DON STEWART and his orchestra, which includes the famous JOHN SUNDAY and his "talking trombone," have recorded several songs written by WALLIE PEPPER. DON ESTABROOK is manufacturing Don's Dandy Billiard Balls for ALTON McLAUGHLIN, who runs his own pool hall. DELORIS HUBBARD is the owner of the Charm Blouse Shoppee. RAY GIERHART is now cross country coach at Cornell College. You can see BILL PENLEY and RAOU- LAND HOWE in the "Atlas Muscle Builder" ad, as the models for the "before" and "after" illustrations. You will note that Bill has "Democrat" tatooed on his chest. After GLORIA HENDRICK finished nurses' training she became an airline hostess and liked it so well that she's been "up in the air" ever since. BOB HICKS is manufacturing Hick's Handsome Cowboy Boots. LAVONNE CAREY is a model for hair stylist JEANNIE STERENBERG in New York City. BOB CARD has worked himself right up to manager of the Scott Store. CAROLE DONOVAN, SHIRLEY BUCKINGHAM, PAT ELMENDORF, DORIS SHAW, and DONNA GLENN can be seen on the Roller Derby on TV. MAXINE CARLSON is secretary for the Buick garage. WAYNE MOORE is now a director at MGM Studios. MARLENE BUCHER is managing the famous girls' basketball team-The Midgets. DAVID ITNYRE, DON BUSHMAN, RUSSELL DEETS, WARD JOHN- SON, and MERLE WOLFLEY all hold important offices in the Farm Bureau. It isn't hard to know why ED MEINERS manufactures red hair dye and red toupees. Of course, you know about JOHN WALTON. He was really the "local boy who made good!" He's the President of the United States, and CARRENIA BOLLING is his private secretary. EUNICE DETWEILER makes a wonderful kindergarten teacher. JANET JOHNSON and VIVIAN KARR aren't as good friends now as they were in high school. You see, Janet runs Walgreen's and Vivian, Ford Hop- kins. JOANNE STEVENS is in Wimbleton, England, playing in the tennis matches. BOB BRUNS is part-time coach for the pitchers on the Rockford Peaches softball team. CAROL LANDIS liked NISTC so well that she returned and became a "prof" there. LARRY MUSGRAVE is now "The Harry James of Today." Need we say more? Talking over these old times makes us anxious for our class reunion which is to be held next Fall. We are looking forward to seeing you then. Very truly yours, CAROL and PHYLLIS eniofz DQGPLZSII f107l Q paffzons 11081 A and S Dairy Arcade Laundry Annabelle-Ray Badger Paint Store Dr. Behrens Bere and Rutt Bickford Drug Store Blackhawk Luncheonette B1ei's Shell Service Bowman's Market Basket Bowman Bros. Shoe Store Bradley Barber Shop Bradley's Inc. Broadway Texaco Service Dr. M. David Burnstine Cameron's Bakery and Luncheonette Central National Bank Chase Book Store Chester Co. Cliff John Insurance Agency Coast to Coast Store Connell's Clothing Store Cottage Grocery Dr. C. P. Danreiter DeAnne's J. B. Dillon Oil Co. Dunnebeck Chevrolet Co. E and W Clothing Store Dr. J. H. Eilert Eshleman Photos Eshleman Grocery Frank Ewing Motor Sales Fairfax Hardware Federal Bakery Dr. J. F. Ferris Dr. Robert T. Fielding R. W. Flock Insurance Agency Foley Motor Sales Ford Hopkins Drug Store Samuel Frank Studebaker Sales Gamble Store Dr. Nile Gartner Gerdes Jewelry Store Dr. Peter Gray Haldeman Motor Co. Haskell's Earl Helms Insurance Hey Brothers Ideal Dry Cleaners Jack's Barber Shop Cliff John Insurance Agency Theo. Johnson Oil Co. F. B. Kennedy Kleinschmidt Cleaners Chas. O. Larson Co. Clyde Lewis Lundstrom Greenhouse Manfield Lumber Co. Manion's Confectionery Ma's Kitchcn M'cGlaughlin's Miami Lounge Dining Room Miller and Ellison Mode 0' Day Frock Shop Haden Moore Dr. A. L. Mulnix Dr. H. R. Murphy Mylin Agriculture Store Northern Illinois Corp. Obermiller's Clothing Store Parks Music Store People's Markets Persona Studios Pitts Sport Store Louis Raphael Dept. Store Dr. Readel Mervyn H. Reed A. D. Reider Insurance Agency . Dr. W. P. Rock Rock River Sports Store Schuneman Insurance Agency Dr. Dale Scott Scott's 5 and 10 Sheldon. Brown, and Haglund Smith's Sinclair Sterling Daily Gazette Sterling Fashion Shop Sterling Federal Savings and Sterling Floral Shop Sterling Home Improvement C. J. Stutzke Superior Cleaners Swartley's Greenhouse Swehla Oil Co. Ted's Haberdashery Twin City Motor Corp. Twin City Yellow Cab WSDR Ward and Ward Dr. J. R. Webb Karl Wentsel W. B. Wetzell Agency Lyle Wilcox Neil Wick Williamsen's Barber Shop Rock River Valley Printers, Sterling, Illinois C Eshleman Photos, Sterling, Illinois Pontiac Engraving Co., Chicago, Illinois The S. K. Smith Company, Covers, Chicago, Illinois Brock Sz Rankin, Binders, Chicago, Illinois -J Loan 1' . QII XI qV.A jXx3ugg v wx- Q l, 'W .1Q. -, ' '-14. . " '-LING Q ,. "mir . , , I XI K -C , I I Sunil wI gpg - Ifgp , If 1 1 . . N . - .' 3 . a , ,.I. . I r. J ' ,. q . y . ' ' - 5'fF!I'?4-1' r',.1II ' ,LI 1 "II I .1?4II: A H. E . 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Suggestions in the Sterling High School - Blue and Gold Yearbook (Sterling, IL) collection:

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