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..: : W-, -'-f, ff ' - ' 1-- 'fv - -., . - wA:-: , . M- I 7 .5.2 ll rf M Jonny gwwl X 1' N ' '- a, o1X xj7 ' .51 B 'J V My f ' ff lp W bf ' YJ! JEL gf 'wr ,-.X W , V y . ' . C13 xx. wk ,LA ,VKX X 5 , E W pf 5 Q 54 J? K FXR , S X1 .4 ' r 5 Y' JJ H' M R SX X Q ' xiii' eg it ,X Q K W Zf MA? 59 RY Xp! ,, 5 YA RF lf . ff J' bi 3 El Ffa Xu Q ia fri A M , H J , NE Q EX , C7104 2 Q f ,J WMM' ,aww I Ax sal"-faxx .A ff' , cg 3 -mfbfX1 qXHi1?1f 5zGMZ g"""fMjAQ X "XFX ' AM X5 x Q SGH Q5 r- ix fx QS X M 2 Ex fi W T X Q Q QB ' X W fi E3 gn I W Qqgywfh x www M Q mgwzg W vw' Wi? Q27 , YQWM TQMQLWW wi Pwjyy: W WW Q Wav wi? W , Qikiygf jg! Zjwf .wif ww xgblgiig v Aa ' N943 My N92 Q5 ,QS in 1 A pg ,f Mg.. I, Y' NW b,,f9fx3?gJW,fpA3'Mf,,wfM by 'ZfzmL"1 ' ' 'XM lyf Wzjfa. Qfgw. QA? Mfg? rw W QW W i555 x35 'EEEEMQQE 5 3 3 Q5 A 5 WWW Q gjkgi MQW R 5 is gi? QXMS 5 EXQS K X . QS? W 5 Q3 5 SQ if S553 W Aijkg Snior 64156 of . Sow? Ag .... - , , , W' AW fwLQ5Y W 4 vi' MUUXIQSG W BLUE AND Gow Sterlmg, IHIDOIS A E5 is 3534659 I W ,, Q is cw f9,.,,,, 4 s wb NF 3255 1, mb'- ,a1X.v.+. we m lj K wXf5,,e:f,X., y 5, gxagfgwi L. 'arf any L fu .S "ff xx . Q -vii Y. U fsxfx gs5 X L?,.,5:XR4.l5l?! FAN MH QGLX1 W . HX Sf SQ 2 ar 'E 4 3? W5 5 XS' glial J ab' mf 5753335 A N 9ZheXs'6AE XP., H kv flaw XQXQN: L. f x- - .X lx' :X L 3.5 4.3. . ,- 53 321 5 jk 8 hi: N, if , if-.. , '-.f' av Y X fn Sfiwwwx 43 ' as at gg SX X A bmw. fxfgw X 'RW l K' N ,M X X is f X Fix Avi X Hx gs: Q V1 X, ,igsfw .. Syv- ' - -'W ...XM , . ...X. X X WL 3 I 'i ? rx Q: XS is if X ia 5 ibm 8 'E Ns + X MX. E ., X SX is X. gi rs' x t. N A 5 Q 5 SQ., EX if B- X ' ,WX Nw . X,.:Xxrw'wwm'x'W in W k gs mvrxwb VW if +V .X ,,,X,..X,,..-mv if S , Q Q Q gi 2 E XX, X JT- ' ,A wg f?""35z 3 fm 3 Ax I s S FE is 2335 Ms WW - Q- x ' a Q . 'R . ,X . I XX A X W-XQXX , X QN'5f55,s'1,X . 'irmf Fwy. X WZ? . -- 'T N'91!, L e 4 Nw 7 Q? XS . 5 Si f f 5 as 3 il , Q ' gl gg s ,IX X ii! X. X f A E ' , xi M .45 if A 1 ,K , 'UPA gonfenfa . Administration Classes . . Sports . . . Activities . . Snapshots . . ,sz tp --c .ff z 5 f f X ,,..,-M-fm-ff f' A of ., H ff-,1?l,,f fa L! ,g wf4,1'f rj!! ,salts-iATf ff , ff!-25-' 1 t 1 d FfM4a.,2, win .,s. ,ji ..t.,fg ,, Zf1f'5:' fm" , 4.1 - 'f - . NN ,Eff I ., W! A ,I , M, ,. 2,1 V 'V - 1' Y . , li V. v. J' 4 1 ,-, 'Y-l , 1 - , f 1 f Jvfj! Ag ff' 40 ' 'W 'ffm ff' f ff?" V:-.hf4 P f , N I 77" r, A '9 5 ft . rg H" 1 4. , ,Mff-'z1-J'.- fy f4 7111 I fl . I K"-f I ,,-AAi,,m,,, .7-.1 I ' . ...M , ,-V .- I, J,,'f',' ,f47,ZlM,N arriorri, .siaclium 3 Qmechcafion , N yx 4 30 . M lg meqjm? . . . in appreciation of the loyal friendship, the willing help, the unfailing devotion, and the cheerful encouragement and guidance he has given in SHS activities, the seniors of 1950 dedicate the '50 Blue and Gold In the fall of 1920, a new teacher was added to the faculty of Ster- ling Township High School-Mr. U. R. DeVoe. During the thirty years that he has spent at SHS, Mr. DeVoe has taught a variety of subjects, including shop, algebra, geometry, physics, and chemistry. Since 1931 he has held the position of Assistant Prin- cipal of SHS. Mr. DeVoe was born on December 13, 1893, in Freeport, Illinois. After receiving his elementary and high school education in Freeport, he studied at Northwestern University and received his B.S. degree from that school in 1917. 4:-.w-a ..--.-- A I x A rqu , . M5-QAQ6 W xi a, E. . y ASH ' S. LY 'M , Q 12? fi 'Q his wx, K- L. S . na - ,f2S?fM 3 w :I , ig?" .W qw 'W' Q Q X ...Q , . 4 .,, -,.,-Q S X S . , A dz N xr E ...,.. .,,::L , j ..,, M 6 vii ,NL 55 X 5, 9' -Q 'S ew-::s.:vs:-E 5 64. MW? I ":" 5 Sk X X is EE Q x R vi s Z 5 2 .. .1 ..-4.-4, .fgclminidfraford principaf Mr. Roscoe Eades Wwe .fdoaijfanf principa! Mr. U. R. DeVoe Without the capable supervision and direction of Mr. Roscoe Eades and Mr. U. R. DeVoe, the school and all its activities could not function properly. Mr. Eades has had his time taken up this year almost ex- clusively by matters pertaining to the new school, and Mr. DeVoe has been in charge of a large part of the student program. The friendly co-operation and helpful sense of right and wrong expressed by these men have proven their leadership abilities. One of the least recognized and most important organizations of SHS is the School Board. Its members have unselfishly given much time and energy toward the welfare ofthe students and school activities. Also very much interested in the school, the Alumni Board is active in school activities-sponsoring dances and reunions, developing school spirit, and backing the sports program. SEMO! BORN! Mr. D. E. Castle Mr. P. H. Ward Mr. O. C. Beatty Mr. L. H. Brown Mr. H. E. Bell Jdfumni gona! Mrs. Lyle Swartley Mrs. Abram Hey Mr. Kieffer Wenger Mr. Lylc Gecting Mrs, Dan Walrath M1'. Kreidcr VVoods goardd 7 if 1 QM, ,r P? ,f . . - A ,, lr aff. .V 4 1 8 Mrs. Gazelle Hill ENGLISH Miss Lucile Barnes ENGLISH Miss Helen Becker GIRLS' PHYSICAL ED. Mr. Curtis Brandau SOCIAL SCIENCE Miss Doris Burritt ENGLISH Mrs. Eleanor Davidson NURSE Mrs. Marie Davis MATHEMATICS Miss Eunice Deffenbaugh GIRLS' PHYSICAL ED. Miss Marie Dickson ENGLISH Mr. Darrell Dunham INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC jAeir gale! mfg .95 . Miss Dollee Fauth SOCIAL SCIENCE Mr. Eugene Hall BOYS' PHYSICAL ED., HEALTH 0 Miss Mary Harris ENGLISH 'ss Jan Head COMMERCIAL S Mr. Peter Hoogeveen VOCATION SHOP " ' U Miss Eva Hunt COMMERCIAL Miss Mildred Krughoff SOCIAL SCIENCE, VOC'L GUID. Miss Doreen Landis HOME ECONOMICS Mr. R. J. Lee LATIN Miss Barbara Larson SPEECH . .7eacAing am! guichng 5 C .CJ-Cl,Cll,Ay 1. -. MX QQJIVT Mrs. Viola Martin HOME ECONOMICS Mrs. Margaret Mee BIOLOGY Mr. B. A. Mitchell COMMERCIAL 5 ll Mr. Haiien Moore TRADE AND- INDUSTRIAI MACHINE SHOP Mr. Homer Musgrove BOYS' PHYSICAL ED., HEALTH Mr. Arthur Neahr'n ART.fb!j X swf Mr. Herbert Parsley MATHEMATICS Mrs. Esther Ramseyer ENGLISH Mr. J. E. Robbins SOCIAL SCIENCE Miss Jeanette Sasek SCIENCE parfiea anal picnica . TIL Mr. T. G. Scheid PHYSICAL ED., ATHLETICS Mr. Arthur Schick , Jd,,ufKA'GRICULTURE my U A ', -J fl A, ,Q G A A i arjgrie Lymake LQ ' ' LI. V rl, i Miss Alma Sherman BIOLOGY Mr. C. W. Sherman SCIENCE Mr. E. E. Small MATHEMATICS Miss Ruth Straw SPANISH Mr. William Tonkin VOCAL MUSIC Miss Ruth Welle MATHEMATICS Mr. H. E. Whaley MECHANICAL DRAWING . . gorm group paolimea jacugy 11 iireftlll' of weaffbllg .9llJ,I'llC!i0IL Af 'J ' . Miss Margaret Thackaberry MK .Sven-efarie.1 Miss Marilyn Mundorff Mrs. Fern Pettit Mrs. Naomi Frye aniforxi Mr. Lyle Mayne Mr. Ed Pelton Mr. Steve Minier "All work and no eokes" would seem a dull day to the sehool's experienced office secretaries. Such refreshments during school hours vitalize the smiles and humor of these g'irls1necessary qualities for a day's secretarial Work. The caretakers of the school buildings have consistently kept the school and grounds at the peak of condition. Mr. Frank Reitzel, who was with SHS for many years, left in the fall to travel to California. 12 5 7 l'lll.0I'J K . u mom U,IAO morw Jl'l'.5A IH fill - in 6L:S6Q6 enzor 664:55 O icerd Lola Nelson Marilyn Miller Shirley Vorderstrasse Chuck Deets Cfaafi of ,50 .xdcdieue . . . For the senior class, 1949-50 has been a year of progress, as were the three preceding ones. One may look in any direction and see signs of this class's accomplishments. Their victories in the fields of sports and music speak for themselves. This year's basketball team was the first in the history of the school to go to Champaign-thus becoming one of the "sweet sixteen" teams in the state. Above all, the seniors have proven that they are good school citizens and that they should make equally good records for themselves after they have left school. The seniors sponsored two successful dances this year. The first, "The Cat's Meow," was the very successful, annual Hallowe'en Frolic. Fortune telling, darts, and movies were only a part of the activities that preceded the dance. The co-chairmen of the Frolic were Lola Nelson and Harry Blaisdell. "The Arabian Nights," which was held on the last day of March, was the senior dance. Its theme and decorations concerned flying car- pets and other Arabian fantasies. Joan Engelkens and Lyle Marquis were the co-chairmen of this dance. Rotary played an important role in senior activities. Six Junior Ro- tarians were chosen every three weeks from the senior class to attend the luncheon-meetings of the Sterling Rotary Club. At these meetings the seniors not only meet some of the prominent men of the town but also learned many interesting facts fromthe informative programs pre- sented during each meeting. . .yonora anal lgecognifion Another activity of the seniors was the senior play, "The Late Chris- topher Bean," which was presented for the student body and public on March 23 and 24. Larry Norton played the part of Doctor Haggertg Marilyn Miller, his Wife, Jean Sonneman and Lola Nelson, their daugh- ters, Dick Nuttall, an art dealer, Shirley Vorderstrasse, Abby, the maid, Warren Thummel, a forger of paintings, Orville Kimball, a young painter, and Harry Blaisdell, an honest art Critic. Under Miss Barbara Larson's direction, this play turned out to be a very successful senior activity. Much of the success of the senior class may be attributed to the friendly guidance of their advisers, Miss Doris Burritt and Miss Ruth Welle, who gave much of their time and energy to make this an out- standing year for the seniors. Officers for the four years Were as follows: FRESHMAN: Dick Davis, Pres. JUNIOR: Clark Prentiss, Pres. Ray Kenaga, V-Pres. Pat Forquer, V-Pres. Bill Loos, Sec. Helen Fenner, Sec. Jo Cole, Treas. Sue Bucher, Treas. SOPHOMORE: Larry Norton, Pres. SENIOR: Shirley Vorderstrasse, Pres Miss Doris Burritt Miss Ruth Welle John Bowman, 'V-Pres. Jean Sonneman, Sec. Vada Meyer, Treas. Chuck Deets, V-Pres. Lola Nelson, Sec. Marilyn Miller, Treas. l enior C4454 .fdcluwerd eniord 16 Donald Adams Marilyn Ahrens JoAnne Andrews Bernice Bartz Mary Jane Bellows Alice Bennett Harry Blaisdell Bonita Bolling Donna Bowman l Donald Adams - HHllOW8,0H FTOllC . . . Marilyn Ahrens - GAAg FHA, Vice- president 3, president 45 Valen Teen Danceg Librariang Promg Redman's Rhythmg Hallowe'en Frolicg Campus Club . . . JoAnne Andrews - Cheerleaderg Dramatic Club, treasurer 39 GAAQ Red Cross, secretary lg Script: FHA, president 33 Valen Teen Danceg Redman's Rhythmg Promg Hi Trig Campus Clubg Hallowe'en Frolic . . . Bernice Bartz - Hal1owe'en Frolicg Campus Clubg GAA, council 33 Capa Clubg Valen Teen Danceg FHA . . . Mary Jane Bellows - Promg Valen Teen Danceg Red- man's Rhythmg Dramatic Clubg Annual Boardg GAA, council, treasurer 3: Script Staffg Campus Clubg Romani Hodiernig Hallowe'en Frolicg Red Cross, secretalqyvlg Hi-Trig Future Teachersg Librarian . . . Alice Bennett - Valen Teen Danceg Red- man's Rhythmg Librariang Promg Hallowe'en Frolic . . . Harry Blaisdell - Romani Hodiernig Debateg Honor Societyg Promg Student Councilg Hallowe'en Frolicg Annual Boardg Redman's Rhythmg Campus Club . . . Bonita Bolling - Promg Hallowe'en Frolicg GAAQ FHA: Annual Boardg Script Staff . . . Donna Bowman - GAA: FHAQ Hi-Trig Valen Teen Danceg Redman's Rhythmg Girls' Chorusg Promg Hallowe'en Frolicg Script Staffg Annual Board. Jack Bowman - Basketballg Trackg Red Crossg Intramural Sportsg "S" Clubg Hal- lowe'en Frolicg Prom . . . Mary Brandt - GAAQ Script Staffg Annual Boardg Hallowe'en Frolicg Monitorg Capa Clubg Promg Valen Teen Danceg FI-IAQ Redman's Rhythm . . . Sue Bucher - Bandg GAA secretary 45 Scriptg Romani Hodiernig Hallowe'en Frolicg Hi Tri, president 43 Valen Teen Danceg Redman's Rhythmg Class treasurer 3g Student Councilg Robed Choirg Annual Boardg Prom . . -. LaVonne Buhrow - GAAg Girls' Chorusg FHAg Script Staffg HalloWe'en Frolie. . . Loren Burger - Intramural Basketballg Football Managerg Wrestlingg Cross Countryg Freshmen Basketball Managerg "S" Clubg Bandg Hal1owe'en Frolicg Hi-Y, vice- president 33 Valen Teen Danceg Romani Hodierni . . . Joyce Carter - Girls' Chorusg Robed Choirg Ensembleg FHAg GAA . . . Josephine Cole - Class treasurer 15 Student Council, president 4g Red Crossg Girls' Chorusg GAAQ Romani Hodiernig Valen Teen Danceg Redman's Rhythmg Promg Script Staffg Hallowe'en Frolicg Monitorg Campus Clubg Cheerleaderg Annual Boardg Hi-Tri . . . Jim Crossland - Footballg Trackg "S" Clubg Intramural Sportsg Hallowe'en Frolicg Homecoming Dance . . . Betty Irene Deets - GAAQ Capa Clubg Hallowe'en Frolicg FHA. Jack Bowman Mary Brandt I Sue Bucher LaVonne Buhrow Loren Burger Joyce Carter Josephine Cole Jim Crossland Betty Dcets arm 0 7950 eniord Chuck Dccts Dorothy Dcttman Phyllis DcWccrd JoAnne Dumlnett Joan Elmcndorf Joan Engclkcns 18 Dean Plshleman Ilelcn Fenner Patricia Forqucr Chuck Dects -- liaselmallg Trackg Footlmallg Baskctballg Class vice-president ig Stu- dent Councilg HS" Clubg Hallowe'en Frolicg Rod Crossg Capa Clubg Campus Club . . . Dorothy Dettman - Annual Boardg Hallowe'en Frolicg Promg Script Staffg Librariang Valcn Tccn Danceg FHAQ GAA . . . Phyllis Jeanne DeWeerd -4- GAAQ Promg Hallo- we'en Danccg FHAQ Valen Teen Dance . . . JoAnne Dummett W- GAAg Promg Rolled Choirg Girls' Flnsembleg Monitorg Red Crossg Dramatic Clubg Hallowe'en Frolic . . . Joan Elmendorf - Bandg Hi-Tri, sccretaryg GAAQ Romani Hodiernig Script Staffg Girls' Chorusg Valen Teen Danceg FTAQ Promg Campus Clubg Dramatic Clubg Debate Clubg Hallowe'en Frolicg Annual Boardg Robed Choir . . . Joan Engelkens -- GAAg l"HAg Girls' Chorusg Capa Clubg Hi-Trig Campus Clubg Red Crossg Annual Board Hallowe'en Frolic . . . Dean Eshleman - Honor Societyg Hal1owe'en Frolicg Dramatic Clubg Campus Clubg Promg Capa Clubg Red Cross . , . Helen Fenner - Robed Choirg GAA, treasurer 4g Girls' Ensembleg Hallowe'en Frolicg Campus Clubg Red Crossg Annual Boardg Bandg Class secretary 35 Student Council 33 Latin Clubg FTA, treas- urer 2 . . . Pat Forquer A GAAg Bandg Girls' Chorusg Valen Teen Danceg Class vice-president fig P1-omg Script, Business Manager 4g Annual Boardg Hallowe'en Frolicg Campus Clulmg Latin Clubg Student Council. Genevieve Frank - Capa Club: HalloWe'en F1'0liCg FHA . . . Glenn Freas - FFAQ Hallowe'en Frolic . . . Clifford Garriott - "S" Clubg Student Couneilg Footballg Basketballg Track . . . Lucille Garriott - FHAg Girls' Chorusg Valen Teen Danceg Hallowe'en Frolie . . . Gene Gaumer -- Robed Choirg Hallowe'en Frolic . . . Joanne Geer - GAAQ Robed Choirg Girls' Chorusg FHAQ Bandg Capa Club . . . Marlene Geibel - Rock Falls, 13 Helena, Montana, 23 Hallowe'en Frolic . . . Thomas Griffith - Bandg Orchestrag Trackg Cross Countryg Intramural Sportsg Baseballg Redman's Rhythmg Tennisg Junior Senior Promg Hallowe'en Frolieg Romani Hodiernig Campus Clubg "S" Clubg Valen Teen Dance . . . John Hall - "S" Clubg Footballg Basketballg Baseballg Track: Romani Hodiernig Valen Teen Danceg Homecoming Danceg Promg Hallowe'en Frolicg Monitorg Campus Clubg Senior Hi-Y. I Genevieve Frank Glcnn Freas Clifford Gnrriott Lucille Garriott Gene Gaumer Joanne Geer Marlene Geibel Thomas Griffith John Hall Cfaafs o 1950 v- 19 eniora 20 Vera Harshman Betty Henderson Carroll Homer ri . . l 2 r- 3 Q Yfhirley Humphrey r Helen Itken TQ John Johnson Max Johnson William Johnson Jim Kaehler Vera E. Harshman - GAAg Girls' Chorusg Hi-Trig Romani Hodiernig Script Staffg Annual Boardg Campus Clubg Robed Choirg Junior-Senior Promg Hallowe'en Frolic . . . Betty Henderson - Junior-Senior Promg Hal1owe'en Frolicg Robed Choirg GAAQ Girls' Chorusg FHA . . . Carroll Homer - Hallowe'en Frolic . . . Shirley Humphrey - Bandg Hi-Trig Script, co-editorg Annual Boardg GAAg Fifth Avenue Playersg Romani Hodiernig Red Crossg Girls' Chorusg Junior-Senior Promg Hallowe'en Frolicg Valen Teen Danceg Redman's Rhythm . . . Helen ltken - Junior-Senior Promg Hall0we'en Frolieg FHAQ Monitor . . . John Johnson - Footballg Intramural Sportsg "S" Clubg FFA . . . Max Johnson - FFAg Junior-Senior Promg Valen Teen Danceg Hallowe'en Frolic . . . William G. Johnson - FFAQ Basketballg Campus Clubg Junior-Senior Promg Valen Teen Danceg Redman's Rhythm: Hallowe'en Frolicg Track . . . Jim Kaehler - Footballg Basketballg Trackg Bandg "S" Club. Ray Kenaga - Class vice-president lg Student Councilg Valen Teen Danceg "S" Club, secretary 2, president 3, 45 Footballg Basketballg Trackg Baseballg Hallowe'en Frolicg Homecoming Danceg Campus Clubg Prom . . . Neal Kendell k- Hallowe'en Frolic . . . Vernon Kendell - H3,ll0W9,9H F1'0liC . . . Orville Kimball -- Bandg Robed Choirg Trackg Baseballg Intramural Sportsg Annual Boardg Redman's Rhythmg Scriptg Valen Teen Danceg Promg Hallowe'en Frolicg Romani Hodiernig Campus Clubg Dramatic Clubg Hi-Y . . . Lois Kraft - GAAg Romani Hodiernig Campus Clubg FHA3 Annual Boardg Hallowe'en Frolicg Valen T'een Danceg Librarian . . . JoAnne Kunde - Romani Hodiernig Campus Clubg GAA, president 43 Annual Board: Monitorg Honor Societyg Promg Hallowe'en Frolicg Redman's Rhythm . . . Shirley Ladenberger - GAAg FHAQ Campus Clubg Scriptg Annual Boardg Valen Teen Danceg Hallowe'en Frolicg Promg Redman's Rhythm . . . JoAnne Landheer - Girls' Chorusg GAAQ Hi-Trip Capa Clubg Valen Teen Danceg Promg Campus Clubg Robed Choirg Annual Boardg Scriptg Hallowe'en Frolic . . . Mary Jane Leseman - Girls' Chorusg Robed Choirg Spanish Clubg FTA, secretaryg Campus Clubg GAAQ Dramatic Clubg Hallowe'en Frolicg Prom. Ray Kenaga Neal Kendell Vernon Kendell Orville Kimball Lois Kraft Joanne Kunde Shirley Ladenberger JoAnne Landheer Mary Jane Leseman 64454 o 1950 William Loos Estella Lopez Gretchen Luebbcrs Paul Lund John Lyon Lucy Manzano Lyle Marquis William Marshall Lylc Mcincrs William Laos - Footballg Freshman class secretaryg Valen Teen Danceg Hallowe'en F1'0liC . . . Estella Lopez - GAA: Capa Club: FHA . . . Gretchen Luebbers -- FHAg GAAQ Girls' Chorusg Hallowe'en Frolic . . Paul Lund - Intramural Basketball: Promg Tennisg Hallowe'en Frolicg Hi-YQ Valen Teen Dance . . . John Lyon - Homecoming Danceg Capa Club, president 43 US" Clubg Baseball: Basketballg Footballg Hallowe'en Frolic . . . Lucy Manzano - Scriptg Annualg Monitorg Capa Club, secretary 35 GAAg GAA Councilg FHA, treasurer 23 Student Councilg Promg Redman's Rhythmg Valen Teen Danceg Hallowe'en Dance . . . Lyle Marquis - Football Manager: Basketball Managerg Track Managerg Trackg Baseball Managerg "S" Clubg Sophomore D-anceg Latin Clubg Promg Red Cross, vice president 35 Senior Hi-Yg Robed Choirg Hall0we'en Frolicg Campus Club . . . William Marshall - Footballg Cross Country Managerg Hallowe'en Frolicg Wrestling . . . Lyle Meiners - FFAQ Hallowe'en Frolic. 2' Vnda Meyer - GAA, Script, typing editor, Annual Board, Class Treasurer, 2, 4' Student Council, Prom, Librarian, Girls' Chorus, Latin Club, Valen Teen Dance, Hallowe'en Frolic . . . Helen Miller - Annual Board, typing editor, Script Staff, Monitor, Hallowe'en Frolic, Prom, Librarian, Valen Teen Dance, FHA, Girls' Chorus . . . Marilyn Miller - GAA, Latin Club, Girls' Chorus, Robed Choir, Girls'.f Ensemble, Band, Honor Society, secretary 4, Script, Debate, Dramatics, treasurer 4, Prom, Valen Teen Dance, Hallowe'en Frolic, Annual Board, Red Cross, president 4, Student Council, Campus Club, Class Treasurer 4 . . . Betty Lou Moffatt - FHA, Quincy High School, 2, Rock Falls, 3 . . . Dorothy Moorehead - Hallowe'en Frolic, Annual Board, Librarian, Prom, Capa Club, Robed Choir, FTA, secretary 2, Girls' Chorus, Campus Club, Valen Teen Dance, FHA . . . Lauretta Morden - FHA, Hallowe'en Frolic . . . Glenn Mortensen - Intramural Sports, Hallowe'en Frolic, Campus Club, Prom, Boy's Quartet, Robed Choir, Band . . . Valda Nailor - Band, Robed Choir, Hallowe'en Frolic, GAA, FHA, Hi-Tri . . . Lola Nelson - Class secre- tary 4, Student Council, Dramatic Club, Hi-Tri, Band, Capa Club, Hallowe'en Frolic, GAA, Red Cross, Monitor, Valen Teen Dance, Prom. Vada Meyer Helen Miller Marilyn Miller Betty Lou Moffatt Dorothy Moorchcad Lauretta Morden Glenn Mortenson Valda Nailor Lola Nelson Kfaaa 0 7950 eniorri 24 Lawrence Norton Otto Null Joyce Nusbaum Richard Nuttall Robert Olson Verna Oltmanns Margery Paulson Raymond Pitts Walter Pitts ,,,..,..,.-----...4 Lawrence Norton - Footballg Basketballg Intramural Basketball: Track: Tennis, Honor Society, president 4, vice-president 35 Band, Robed Choirg Campus Clubg "S" Clubg Dramatic Clubg Student Councilg Boys' Quartet, Script, sports editorg Annual, editor-in-chief, Romani Hodiernig Sophomore class president, Hallowe'en Frolicg Junior-Senior Promg Valen Teen Danceg Debate . . . Otto Null - Hallowe'en Frolic . . . Joyce Nusbaum H- Dixon High School, 1, 2, 3g Capa Club, GAAg Annual Board, Script Staffg Robed Choir . . . Richard Ray Nuttall - "S" Clubg Monitorg Track, Dramatic Club, French Club, Script Staff, Annual Boardg Campus Clubg Student Council . . . Bob Olson - lVlorrison, 1, 2, 3, FFAQ Hallowe'en Frolic . . . Verna Olt- manns -H Milledgeville, 1, 25 GAA, Junior-Senior Promg Script Staffg Annual Board, Hallowelen Frolic . . . Margery Paulson - Hi-Trig GAAg Valen Teen Danceg Script Staff, Annual Boardg Hallowe'en Frolicg Robed Choirg Girls' Chorusg FHAg Junior-Senior Prom , . . Raymond B. Pitts - Footballg "S" Club . . . Walter Pitts - Hallowe'en Frolic. Tony Pizarro - "S" Clubg Footballg Trackg Wrestlingg Promg Hallowe'en Frolicg Campus Club . . . Clark Prentiss - Tennisg Footballg Cross Countryg Basketballg Intramural Sportsg Class president 39 Romani Hodiernig Bandg Robed Choirg Campus Clubg "S" Clubg Student Councilg Red Crossg Annual Board, business managerg Valen Teen Danceg Redman's Rhythmg Promg Hallowe'en Frolic . . . Leo Prophet - "S" Clubg Footballg Basketballg Trackg Campus Clubg Capa Clubg Hallowe'en Frolic Monitor . . . Roger Puterbaugh - Footballg Basketballg Trackg Baseballg Romani Hodiernig Valen Teen Danceg Red Cross, secretary 25 "S" Club, vice-president 45 Robed Choirg Hi-Yg Hallowe'en Frolicg Campus Club, president 4 . . . Marilyn Pyse - GAAQ FHAQ Hi-Trig Valen Teen Danceg Capa Clubg Campus Clubg Hallowe'en Frolicg FTA,g vice-president 33 Script Staffg Annual Board . . . Ronald Reeser - Redman's Rhythmg Hall0we'en Frolicg Prom . . . Helen Reising - Dramatic Clubg Capa Club . . . Marjorie Reitzel - GAAQ Annual Boardg Hallowe'en Frolicg Campus Clubg Hi-Trig Capa Clubg Girls' Chorusg FHA . . . Jack Rinehart -- Footballg Hallo- we'en Frolicg Intramural Sportsg Basketball. Tony Pizzaro Clark Prentiss Lco Prophet Roger Puterbaugh Marilyn Pysc Ronald Reeser Helen Reising Marjorie Reitzcl Jack Rinehart Cfafm o 7950 Keith Robison June Rosenow Carlanne Ruck Neil Ruth Max Schmaling Mildred Scribner Roncttc Shawger Stuart Smith Jean Sonneman Keith Robison -f-A 'lirackg Baseballg Bowlingg Hallowe'en Frolicg "S" Clubg Red Cross, treasurerg Footballg Basketballg Tennis . . . June Rosenow - Ha1lowe'en Frolicg Junior-Senior Promg FHAQ GAA . . . Carlanne Ruck - Red Crossg Sophomore Danceg GAAQ Latin Clubg Dramatic Clubg Script, co-editor 4g Campus Clubg Junior- Senior Promg Hallowe'en Frolicg Librariang Annual Board . . . Neil B. Ruth - Bandg Frosh-Soph Footballg Intramural Bowlingg Hallowe'en Frolic . . . Max Schmaling M "S" Clubg Frosh-Soph Footballg Varsity Footballg Varsity Trackg FFAg Hi-Y, president 4 . . . Mildred L. Scribner - FHAg GAAQ Capa Clubg Girls' Chorusg Robed Choirg Annualg Hallowe'en Frolic . . . Ronette Shawger - GAAg Hi-Trip Robed Choirg Campus Clubg Girls' Chorusg Script Staffg Latin Clubg Hal- 1oWe'en Frolicg Junior Danceg Sophomore Danceg Junior-Senior Prom . . . Stuart Smith - Hallowe'en Frolic . . . Jean Sonneman - Class secretary 2g GAAg Hi-Trig French Clubg Dramatic Club, president 43 Scriptg Student Councilg FHAg Co-Chair- man, Promg Hallowe'en Frolicg Campus Clubg Robed Choirg Sophomore Danceg Junior D-ance. Robert Stanley - Hallowe'en Frolic . . . Pat Steadman - GAAQ Valen Teen Danceg Dramatic Clubg Campus Clubg Romani Hodiernig Girls' Chorusg Robed Choirg Red- man's Rhythm: Junior-Senior Promg Hallowe'en Frolicg Annual Board . . . Stanley Stefanich - Golfg Wrestlingg Cross Country: Traekg "S" Club . . . Laura Stern - Future Homemakers of Americag Capa Clubg GAAg Librariang Hallowe'en Frolic . . . Marian Stern - Morrison High School, 1, 29 Hallowe'en Frolicg Future Homemakers of Americag GAA . . . William Stewart - "S" Clubg Fresh-Soph Footballg Varsity Footballg Basketball Managerg Romani Hodierni, secretary 25 Monitorg Sophomore Danceg Hallowe'en Frolicg Hi-YQ Junior-Senior Promg Librarian . . . Jackie Sullivan - Hallowe'en Frolicg GAAg Hi-Trig Freshman Dance: Junior-Senior Prom: Valen Teen Dance . . . Kenneth L. Summers - Future Farmers of Americag Golfg Hallowe'en Frolicg Campus Club . . . Allen Surratt - Bandg Footballg Intramural Basketballg Campus Clubg Bowlingg Hallowe'en Frolicg Tennisg Future Farmers of America. Robert Stanley Patricia Steadman Stanley Stefanich Laura Stern Marian Stern William Stewart WW ,Saw Jacqueline Sullivan Kenneth Summers Allen Surratt Cana o 7950 eniomi 28 N. . Mary Thiakos Elwin Thielen aff V!lkHT"'11 , Jeanne Torrance Shirley Tuft Tom Unzicker Betty Urton . Shirley Vorderstrasse Lois Ann Wade Mary Thiakos - Valen Teen Danceg FHAQ Red Crossg Student Councilg Monitorg Promg Hallowe'en Frolic . . . Elwin Thielen -A Footballg Basketballg Trackg "S" Clubg Hallowe'en Frolieg Bowling . . . Warren Thummel - Robed Choirg Bandg Mixed Octetg Male Quartetg Debateg Dramatic Clubg Footballg Romani Hodiernig Campus Clubg Intramural Basketballg Tumblingg Tennis . . . Jeanne Torrance - FHAQ GAAg Hallowe'en Frolic . . . Shirley Tuft - Girls' Chorusg Hallowe'en Frolic . . . Tom Unzicker - LaSalle-Peru High School, 1, 2, 35 Footballg "S" Clubg Campus Club, vice-presidentg Traekg Baseball . . . Betty Marienne Urton - Trenton High School, 15 Future Teachers Club, president 35 Romani Hodiernig Campus Clubg An- nual Board . . . Shirley Vorderetrasse - Roosevelt Junior High School, lg FHAg GAAg Girls' Chorusg Hi-Tri, vice-president 35 Robed Choirg Scooter Clubg Valen Teen Daneeg Promg Redman's Rhythmg Girls' Ensemble-3 Class president 43 Student Councilg Dramatic Clubg Hallowe'en Frolicg Campus Club . . . Lois Ann Wade -- Romani Hodiernig Girls' Chorusg Valcn Teen Danceg Hi-Trig Redman's Rhythmg Promg Campus Clubg Script Staffg Annual Boardg Hallowe'en Frolicg Robed Choir. .lim W ilkins Lillian Wagner - Hallowe'en Frolicg GAAg FHAQ Valen Teen Danceg Girls' Chorus . . . Pat Walters - Girls' Chorusg Valen Teen Danceg Latin Clubg Scriptg Annualg Redman's Rhythmg FTAg Librariang Hi-Trig Promg Hallowe'en Frolicg Campus Club . . . Jack Watson - Trackg Cross Coutnryg Hi-Yg "S" Clubg Hallowe'en Frolic . . . George Wechsler Jr. - Footballg Wrestlingg Trackg Intramural Basket- ballg "S" Club, secretary 43 Ha1lowe'en Frolic . . . Ed Wells - Footballg "S" Clubg Basketballg Trackg Baseballg Red Cross Councilg Hallowe'en Frolicg Junior Rotariang Campus Club . . . John Wilger - FFAQ Capa Club . . . Jim Wilkins - "S" Club, Dramatic Clubg Script Staffg Annual Boardg Campus Clubg Basketballg 'nitorg Valen Teen Danceg Junior-Senior Promg Hallowe'en Frolicg Trackg Intramural p rtsg Football . . . Merilyn Wilkinson - GAAQ Script Staffg Robed Choirg i-T a- matic Clubg Campus Clubg Homecoming Danceg Cheerleadingg Vale A eg Redman's Rhythmg Junior-Senior Promg Hallowe'en Frolie . . . Mar r ss - Hallowfven F1-glic p GAA: FHA. l if A Lillian Wagner Pat Walters Jack Watson George Wechsler, Jr. N Ed Wells John Wilger 7 Mcrilyn Wilkinson Marguerite lV0essncr CVM 0 1950 unior C5155 Seated -- Dick Widdows, treasurerg Lyle Matznick, presidentg Marilyn Bawden, vice-president, and Betty Winn, secretary. Standing - Miss Marie Dickson and Miss Jan Head, class advisers. jullilllii .glfage Mu:-,J jurlnccf .fligdgglnf Starlight and music flooded the coliseum early in June as the class of '51 p-resented for the upperclassmen "Harmony in Heaven", the annual spring prom. Dancing to Joe DeZutti's music, the juniors cli- maxed their social year with this June 7 event. Kalah Wesner and John Michel, as co-chairmen, headed fifty classmates in this gala evening. "Pirates Prance", another junior production, held the fall spotlight as one of the outstanding dances of the school year. On that November 11 evening, the school gym was dressed in a befitting pirate garb. The "Rollikin' Rosie", a good pirate ship, was the scene of a two-act floor- show, which served as an interlude to the dance music of the "Star- dusters". Counseling these next year's graduates through the year were Miss Marie Dickson and Miss Jan Head. Assisting them as class officers were: Lyle Matznick, president, Marilyn Bawden, vice-presidentg Betty Winn, secretary, and Dick Widdows, treasurer. Joan Bogott and Joe Moreno represented the interests of the jun- iors on the Student Council. 30 TOP PIVTURE. Row I-Joan Benishek, Marian Kendell, Joyce Dettman, Mary Anne Snyder, Joyce Hall. Row II-John Michel, Ric-hard Weigle, Ronald Hartman, Merlyn Book, Bob Anderson. Row III-Patt Meenen, Pat Allen, Deloris Kerr, Mary Ann Meinen, Betty Panseik, Carmen Surratt. Row IVfCharles Cole, James Gallo- way, Robert Ebersole, Robert Galloway, Roger Laible, Lyle Matznick. BOTTOM PICTURE. Row IfCarol Camps, Janice Wagner, Kalah Wesner. Kay Eshleman. Barbara DeZuba, Row II-ABob Wilson, Fred Courtright, Lloyd Geiger, Chuck Rhoades, Robert Heath. Row IH-Jean Asbury, Marian Holdren. Lora Lea Wolf, Donna Howe, Mary Huntley, Jo Anne Ohda. Row IV-Gordon Brown, Ron Schueler, Bob Mathis, Marvin Kaiser, Bob King, Paul Small. Cfaaa 0 7957 uniord 32 TOP PICTURE. Row I-Nancy Snavely, Mary Lou Horwedel, Juanita Aldrich, Janet Oltmanns, Mildred Mellott. Row II-Gilbert Flowers, Kenneth Groff, Norman liarnum, Pete Thiakos, Kenneth Cosgrove. Row IIIfJoan Leisner, Luella Bushman, Louise Menz, Marlene Kenner, Katy Puskedra, -lanean Cunningham. Row IV-dJo1'dan Daniel, Wesley Koester, Jim Nuttall, Laveine Johnson, John Dummett, Ted Sulouff. BOTTOM PICTURE . Row I-Doris Kunde. Pat Elgie, Marian Miller, Marilyn Hawden. Sally Mosher. Row II-Dale Janssen, Ervin Lobaugh, Stan Doden, Chuck .Iohannsc-n, Sherwin Mcfomlas. Row III-Alice Freas, Shirlee Glenn, Bev Cotter. Sally llickford, Ruth Dudley. VVilma Linton. Row IVfl3ob Peugh, Don Weeks, Jim Vross, Jim Vary, Don McKee, Jim Kindle. TOP PICTURE. ROW I-Glenna Gould, Pat Appenzeller, Marlene Steadman, Dolores Scheler. ROW II-Howard Ratzlaff, Bob Forward, Dick Fulfs, Bill Arnold. ROW III-Ruth Janssen, Alice Emmitt, JoAnn Weatherford, Irene Harden, JoAnn Reins. ROW IV-Gary Aper, Jim Cleaveland, Thomas Keller, Joel Harshman, Wesley H. Koster. BOTTOM PICTURE. ROW I-Joyce Fritz, Jane Cassens, Carolyn Nelson, June Stern. ROW II-Mary Snavely, Marilyn Cassens, Alice Drane, Betty Scott, Joan Bogott. ROW III-Marvin Bixby, Bill Scott, Richard Widdows, Micky Burke, Har- lan Bell. ROW IV-Lawrence Stutzke, Kennard Green, Brent Arterburn, Tom Slothower, Ronald Knelson. CAM 0 1951 0 0 .S70l9A0l'I'l0l'e aria l SEATED-Beth Myers, Don Knight, Nancy Kunde, and George Schneider. STANDING-Miss Mary Harris and Mr. June Lee. k lance .jvliglzhglzfd 30,94 Mar Soap bubbles were the rage on the night of February 24 when the sophomores held their annual dance in the gym. This affair, "The Soapbox Serenade," was a marked success-an- other victory for the class of '52, The sophomores' knack for originality was readily shown in their decorations, which were dominated by a fountain and a large number of soap bubbles. Officers chosen by this class for the year were Don Knight, presi- dent, Nancy Kunde, vice-president, Beth Myers, secretary, and George Schneider, treasurer. Maxine Wallace and Wayne Rhodes were chosen to represent the sophomores in the Student Council. Miss Mary Harris and Mr. June Lee directed the activities of the class of '52 and were instrumental in making the year a success for the class. The sophomores have been very active in almost all school organiza- tions, and they have made a good showing in this group Work. 34 TOP PICTURE. ROW I-Nancy McWethy, Marjorie Nelson, Charlotte McCul- loh, Lavonne Carey, Donna Seeley, Joanne Bixby. ROW II-Don Stewart, Bob Baither, Ned Ryerson, Gale Dupry, Dean Hubbard, Don Estabrook. ROW Ill- Karl Kilberg, Harry Weaver, Donald Bushman, Dick Huntley, Wallie Pepper, Gwen- nyth Bradford, Dovie Quimby. ROW IV-Jim Robinson, John Sunday, Raymond Gierhart, Ronald Ricklefs, Glenn Springman, Ronnie Williamsen, John Williams, Wilbert Ruck. BOTTOM PICTURE. ROW I-Elvera Iben, Shirley Robbins, June Swanson, Ruth Kimball, Virginia Hildebrand, Mary Miller. ROW II-Jane Morrow, Janet Johnson, Joanne Stevens, Nancy Lundquist, Bernice Propheter, Marie Ohms. ROW III-Gene Zehr, John Persona, Bob Card, Edwin Meiners, Leo Geil, Delmar McNinch, Bill Penley. ROW lV-Leo Miner, Jon Surratt, Jack Reiske, Bob Hicks, Robert Lockhart, Merle Wolfley, Don Lester. aaa 0 i952 30,0 0l'lfI,0I"85 TOP PICTURE. ROW I-Esther Wolber, Pat Hanson, Marlene Stutzke, Max- ine Carlson, Darlene Clark. ROW H-Nancy Kunde, Susie Church, Susie Black, Shirley Barnes, Phyllis Bergfe. ROW III-Barbara Garriott, Norma Wittenauer, Donna Boyungs, Deloris McLaughlin, Janice Jackson, Beverly Near. ROW IV- Robert Wessels, Maurice Reitzel, Gene Thome, Wilmer Schwank, Gerald Holmquist, Arlene Wolf, Donna Glenn. BOTTOM PICTURE. ROW I-Sally Shaffer. Shirley Smith, Arlene Book, Donna Bauman, Eva Fulton, Patsy Urton, Beverly Ray. ROW II-Ann Gartner, Elaine Siex, Merrildean Leonard, Janet Randall, Maxine Wallis, Marlene Metzner, Carol Taft. ROW Ill--Eileen Miner, Jean Allen, Eunice Detweiler, Joyce Planthaber, Ruth Menz, Jeanie Sterenberg, Lois Ann Good. ROW IV-Pat Batcheller, Larry Musgrave, Wayne Moore, Marlene Bucher, Lyle Dirks, Barry Musgrove, Dick Czuprynski. TOP PICTURE. ROW I-Carrenia Bolling, Helen Johnson, Delores Maass, Norma Miller, Mae Swanson, Shirley Buckingham. ROW II-Richard McCormick, Bob Kosier, Ronald Goodnight, Don Shontz, Don Knight, Dick Lyon. ROW III-Judy Mangler, Pat Isham, Nancy Thummel, Loretta Rockwell, Vivian Karr, Audrey Hur- ley, Joanne Morse. ROW IV-Ronnie Geiger, George Schneider, Bob Bruns, Edward Olson, Jay Davis, Al Zambrano, Glen Helmes. BOTTOM PICTURE. ROW I-Pat Elmendorf, Jeannie Whiteside, Carole Don- ovan, Carol Landis, Deloris Hubbard, Pat Baird. ROW H-John Walton, Merchel Flynn, Gerald Frimodt, Richard Allen, Lee Keiser, Jack Maier. ROW III-Kay Sullivan, Carol Turner, Jannis Cunningham, Wanda Rhoades, Phyllis Kosier, Pat Howe, Beth Myers. ROW IV-Franklin Holmes, Dean Zellar, Bob Smith, Russell Deets, Wayne Rhodes, Jerry Peterson, Arthur Magon. CVM 0 1952 Sl' P25 l'l'lCl,I'l G56 SEATED-Ramon Gonzalez, Ann Farvcr, Carlyle Cameron, and Ann Lahman. STANDING--Mr. Curtis Brandau and Miss Eunice Deffenbaugh. Wixer .ibominafea .Sl-rodlz .fdcfiuified Early in the year the freshmen elected the following officers and representatives: Ann Farver, president, Carlyle Cameron, vice- presidentg Ramon Gonzalez, secretary, Ann Lahman, treasurerg and John Dillon and Doris Woessner, Student Council members. Miss Eunice Deffenbaugh and Mr. Curt Brandau, class advisers, helped make the year a successful one for the freshmen. Several in- formative and helpful class meetings were called by the advisers in order to answer the many questions of these first-year students. Early in the second semester the annual "Freshman-Mixer" was held. At this activity, class members played several novel games and danced to recorded music. The class of 1953 has been well represented in social, scholastic, and activity groups during 1949-50. One of the honors won by the class this year was second prize for their float in the Homecoming parade. 38 TOP PICTURE. ROVV I-Susan Hey, Judy Swain, Barbara Biekford, Floy Allen, Sally Fraser. ROW II-Jackie Evans, Lauren Frazier, Ronald Garwick, Lawrence Deets, Richard Schmitt, Raymond Ricklefs, Bob Wolber, David Ahrens. ROW Hlf Don Rhoades, John Elsesser, Theresa Barajas, Janet Hurley, Barbara Meyers, Gwen Burtlow, Ronnie Michel, Phil Beach. ROW IV--Mary Jane Bruns, Mary Lou Ogle- vee, Joann Bellmar, Judy Maynard, Anne Buhrow, Marilyn Aper, Valeria Johnson, Betty Pritchard. BOTTOM PICTURE. ROW If--Jacqueline Long, Shirley Aldrich, Carolyn Lath- rop, Vera Arthurs, Betty Morris. ROVV II-Kent Robison, Richard Drane, David Siex, Kenneth Etchison, Wilber Courtright, John Fassler, Raymond Habben, Lester Thielen. ROW III-Charles Conchola, Bob Wadsworth, Janet Walker, Deloris Knal- sen, Ma1'ilyn Huffman, Shirley Ann Zehr, Kermit Reins, David Clark. ROW IV- June Wise, Mary Saillard, Doris Woessner, June Bellars, Shirley Hipnen, Marilyn Matznick, Ann Farver, Shirley Asbury. Cfafw 0 7953 39 Q.. P85 lflflelfl 40 TOP PICTURE. ROW I-Shirley Jennings, Ann Lahman, Carol Benson, Mar- jorie Meyer, Sylvia Bawden. ROW II-Joyce Jacobs, Gail Flaningam, Wanda Walters, Dolly Bell, Janice Scott, Delores Selden, Leola Clark, Phyllis McFalls, ROW III-Wally Stevens, Randall Smith, Juanita Portner, Lula Belle Fisher, Joyce Scott, Sue Howe, Chuck Hayward, Von Wheeler. ROW IV-Elwood Herr, Kreider Woods, Dick Wilson, Dick Ohnen, John Marquis, Ramon Gonzalez, Carlyle Cameron, Lowell Hunsberger. BOTTOM PICTURE. ROW I-Betty Moorehead, Pat Woods, Lois Tarbill, Mar- ilyn Hook, Marilou Dummett. ROW He-Tom Klein, Cloyd Kendell, Bob Sallee, John Dillon, Alvin Hunsberger, Robert Cordcs, Terry Powell, Don Puterbaugh. ROW llI-Lanor Maier, Janet Benishek, Betty Carey, Joyce Bethard, Lois Wagner, Janet Betts, Lettie Harden, Margie Wessels. ROW IVA-Galen Vos, Danny Dir, Rohn Betts, David Reavley, Walter Giffrow, Dick Gebhardt, Perry Hubbart, James Smith. TOP PICTURE. ROW If-Dorothy Near, Carol Eagrlin, Gladys Quimby, Marjorie Maberry, Lois Ericksen. ROW II-.lim Walters, Alvin Dimond, Jeannie lVIarshang', Shirley Brown, Carol Mortenson, Donna McBride, Lois Smith, Barbara Gehlsen. ROW III-Gene Ruth, Jim DeZuba, David Welker, Raymond Anderson, Lester Han- del, Earl Beck. ROW IV-Alfred Schwitters, Frank Garcia, Gene Fritz, Richard Appenzeller, Duane Hohlen, Lyle Wolber, Jack Walters, Glenn Wiemken. BOTTOM PICTURE. ROW I-Billie Huenger, Joyce Sulouff, Pat Reap, Cath- erine Wolf, Arlie Davis. ROW II-Nancy Forquer, Leone Wolber, Margaret Lair, Al Hernandez, Lino Carrillo, Peter Dillon, Harold Seidel, Roy Fell. ROW HI- Joyce Schneider, Barbara Thomas, Terry Sippel, Albion Seavey, Marvin Wagnei, Henry Steinhagen, Raphael Rivera. ROW IV-Billy Near, Larry Meiners, Richard Reap, Larry McCoy, Don Howlett, Merle Meiners, Virgil Tegeler. rW f CAM 0 1953 Nui? f, me Eff! ' 'K f , f f 7 fn 1 , f, , .,4:..4efg.4- f 'f -, , ,M fr 'f 1 ,. Mp., " W A 5,401 V , ..' ' Q 5 , R -, -f-:fn-nn-f-,, A .. I I ardify jraclf ROW I-John Bowman, Roger Puterbaugh, Jack Watson, Cliff Garriott, Max Schmaling, Jack Bowman, Chuck Deets, Jim Crossland. ROW II-Bob LeFevre, Gary Strock, Warren Sonneman, Neil Ford, Max Baumgardner, Chuck Sisson, Pete Casey, Jack Duis, Bob Twardock, Phil Ward, Mert Wallingford. ROW III-Coach Bernie Mitchell, George Wechsler, Ed Wells, Ray Kenaga, Jim Kaehler, Don Goshert, Tony Pizarro, Keith Albers, Tom McCormick, Coach E. E. Small, Coach Homer Mus grove. ROW IV--Coach Ted Scheid, Jack Hall, Chuck Cole, Bob Galloway, Roger Igiaible, Marv Kaiser, Jim Galloway, Bob Peugh, Joe Moreno, Elwin Thielen, Leo rophet. warriord ,mn anal lidfricf For the fourth consecutive year, Coach Ted Scheid and his assistants produced a championship track squad. Not only did they take the conference title, but they won the district meet as well. Many individual honors were won during the year. Bob Twardock's series of record smashing discus hurls topped the list of new records set by squad members. Other record-breakers were Max Baumgardner, Max Schmaling, Ray Kenaga, Cliff Garriott, Jack Duis, Jack Watson, and Tom McCormick. Ray Kenaga also had the honor of qualifying in the state finals-a meet in which he tied for second place in pole vaulting. 1949 VARSITY TRACK SCHEDULE April : SHS, 105, Amboy, 563 Morrison, 28. April : Kewanee Night Relays-SHS, fourth place. April Clinton Gateway-SHS, third place. April SHS, 713 Freeport, 42. April SHS, 110.95 Kewanee, 39.53 E. Moline, 38.6. May Rock Island, 74.63 SHS, 72.23 Moline, 40.6. May SHS, 103, Hall, 51, Princeton, 35. May SHS, 121.255 Rock Falls, 53.753 Community, 1 May District-SHS, first place. May SHS, 873 Dixon, 26. May Geneseo Night Relays-SHS, first place. May NCIC-SHS, first place. 44 jhincfacla .jJaue perzzcf lgeconl Coach Chet Sherman's 1949 Frosh-Soph track, squad had a very successful season. They rolled over all their opponents, and they end- ed the season by taking the Frosh-Soph NCIC championship--rounding out an undefeated season. In the record-smashing meet of the year, the Inter-City, the squad really went to work. They broke all but one record, and that one was tied. In this meet, Marv Kaiser set a new 70-yard high hurdle record, Bob Galloway set the record in the 100-yard dash, and Galloway and Chuck Cole set a new pole vaulting record. Jim Galloway set a new broad jump record and tied the high jump record, Roger Laible set a new mile record, Joe Moreno won the 880 in record time, and Bob Peugh broke the record in the 100-yard dash. The 440-yard relay team also set a new relay record. 1949 FROSH-SOPH TRACK SCHEDULE April 20: SHS, 76.755 Tampico Varsity, 60.255 Lyndon Varsity, 4. April 28: SHS, 665 Milledgeville, 47. May 4' SHS, 101.85 Rock Falls, 59.25 Community, 30. May 9 SHS, 70.55 Sterling Jr.-Varsity, 605 Prophetstown, 58.5 May 18: SHS, 69.35 Dixon, 43.7. May 23: NCIC-SHS, first place. ROW I-Bob Galloway, Chuck Cole, Roger Laible, Jim Galloway, Marv Kaiser, Joe Moreno, Bob Peugh, Jim Nuttall. ROW II-Coach Gene Hall, Ronny Geiger, Bob King, Barry Musgrove, Don Weeks, Ray Gierhart, Coach Chet Sherman. ROW III- Dick Czuprynski, Don Knight, Dick Weigle, Jim Cleaveland, Bob Smith, Chuck Rhoades, Gilbert Flowers. 55.1. - SOFA 3....L ennid ROW I-Tom Thomas, Bill Scott, Warren Thummel, Allen Fleer, Bob Baither, Rich- ard Allen, John Sunday, Merchel Flynn, Coach Curt Brandau. ROW II-Larry Norton, Paul Lund, Larry Denty, Neil Hall, Dick Young, Clark Prentiss, Tom Grif- fith, Earl Harden, Jon Surratt, Bill Arnold. Wet 37uaJ,5 growd 46 "Heartiest congratulations to the '49 SHS tennis team. Such was the praise bestowed upon the tennis men after they racked up the first SHS tennis victory since the war-a Win over the Dixon Dukes. Under Coach Brandau's supervision, more than thirty prospective tennis wielders turned out for this spring sport, giving Sterling solid team strength and insuring good teams in the future. Seven matches were scheduled for the SHS netmen, three away from home and the remainder on the stadium courts. Highlighting the season was a tie for third place in the district tennis clash at East Rockford. The racquet-swinging Warriors turned in great games of tennis and placed ahead of Dixon, Freeport, and Belvidere. Rochelle shared third place with SHS, and East and West Rockford finished first and second, respectively. 1949 TENNIS SCHEDULE April 20: fVars.J Clinton, 5: SHS, 2. CF-SJ Clinton, '73 SHS, O. April 25: fVars,J SHS, 45 Dixon, 3. fF-SJ Dixon, 43 SHS, 1. April 29: fVars.J Freeport, 5: SHS, 2. May 7: District-QSHS, tie for third place. May 10: fVars.J Clinton, 53 SHS, 2. QF-SJ Clinton, 73 SHS, O. May 28: NCIC-SHS, fourth place. ROW I-Ronny Schueler, Palmer Miller, Dick Nuttall, Fred Wynegarten Gilbert Flowers, Coach Peter Hoogeveen. ROW II-Phil Ward, Dave Bressler Jun Ohda Glenn Mortenson, Kenny Summers, Irvin Lobaugh. 3413 g.,fp,,, gztpaf fem, Just one victory highlighted the '49 season for the Sterling High golf teams, but Coach Peter Hoogeveen's crew outdid themselves in enthusiastic interest. The majority of the team were inexperienced in the intricacies of the game but made a good showing in competition on the links. Rock Falls became the only SHS victim when the Warriors dumped the Rockets 914 to 615 at the Prairieview course. Dave Bressler, Irvin Lobaugh, Jim Ohda, Palmer Miller, and Dick Nuttall gained individual victories to give Sterling the win. In the NCIC meet, Sterling battled to fourth place, one notch ahead of the last place Rock Falls squad. DeKalb's Lunt led his team to vic- tory by shooting a 76, while Phil Ward's 87 was high for the SHS tee-toters. Though only winning one out of seven matches, Coach Hoogeveen and his boys laid a strong foundation for the future of golf at SHS. 1949 GOLF SCHEDULE April Dixon, 95 SHS, 3. fHereD April Rochelle, 183 SHS, 0. fTherel May Rock Falls, 6Lg SHS, 934. fHereJ May Dixon, 20, SHS, 2. fTherel May Princeton, Sq SHS, 0. fHereJ May DeKalb, 6: SHS, 0. QHereJ May Conference-SHS, fourth. CHereD 1 Uardify .mofdaf :-f21:.- : Q 'iw :zv .3- 4-1. M AM, ROW I-Coach B. A. Mitchell, Wallace Wagner, Bob Anderson, Jack Hall, Chuck Cole, Bob Galloway, George Wechsler, Elwin Thielen, Chuck Rhoades, Jim Kindle, Coach Ted Scheid, Coach Chet Sherman. ROW II-Jim Vary, Ray Kenaga, Max Schmaling, Roger Puterbaugh, Marv Kaiser, Cliff Garriott, Tony Pizarro, Don McKee, Tom Unzicker, Ed Wells, Jim Cleaveland. ROW III-Bob Ebersole, Bob Peugh, Stan Doden, Wesley Koester, Jim Cross, Jim Galloway, Paul Small, Don Weeks, Leo Prophet, Bill Stewart, Lyle Marquis. warriora go Yflmlehafeci Yflnfierl Coach Bernie Mitchell's 1949 Golden Warriors had one of the most successful seasons of any Sterling football team. Not only did they take the NCIC championship, but they also had an unbeaten, untied season. They were one of four teams in SHS history to accomplish thisifeat. The Warriors started off the season by drubbing Community in a game which had many penalties called on both sides-more for reasons of inexperience than for roughness. In their next game they trounced the Dixon Dukes, and this time the whole Sterling first string proved their worth-showing that Mr. Mitchell had a very well balanced team. On Homecoming night the Warriors really outdid themselves and beat Princeton before a capacity stadium crowd. In their next game, a high scoring battle with DeKalb, Sterling left the field the victors although DeKalb had started the game off by returning a kick-oft to score the first touchdown. Sterling won their hardest fought battle on October 21 by beating Hall Township in the last five minutes of play. And in their next game, the Warriors took the NCIC title with their victory over Ottawa. The SHS squad came through with their seventh consecutive victory by beating Thorton of Harvey, and Morrison was the Victim of the Warriors' eighth win. Their victory over Rock Falls on November 10 topped off the ex- tremely successful season for the SHS Golden Warriors. Bob Anderson Jim Cleaveland Chuck Cole Jim Cross Chuck Dects Bob Ebersole Bob Galloway Jim Galloway Captain Ray Kenaga Wins the toss in the Sterling-Princeton, Homecom- ing game. Sterling won the encount- er by a score of 19 to 6. Cliff Garriott Kcnnard Green Jack Hall Marv Kaiser ,www "Way 4 ff Ray Kenaga ,f Don 1N7ICKe!f f6 Bob Peugh Tony Pizarro Senior caeffermen All State recognition was awarded Ray Kenaga, Roger Puterbaugh, Tom Unzick- er, Cliff Garriott, and Tony Pizarro. These five players and Elwin Thielen, Ed Wells, Leo Prophet, and Max Schmaling, all graduating seniors, were members of the starting eleven. Jack Hall, Bill Stew- art, George Wechsler, and Chuck Deets were also senior letter winners. Leo Prophet Roger Puterbaugh Paul Small Max Schmaling Tom Unzicker George Wechsler 1949 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Date Score Opponent Sept. 16 SHS 35- 6 Community Sept. 30 SHS 27- 7 Dixon Oct. 7 SHS 19- 6 Princeton Oct. 14 SHS 39-25 DeKalb Oct. 21 SHS 6- 0 Hall Township Oct. 28 SHS 13- 6 Ottawa Nov. 4 SHS 33-19 Thorton Nov. 10 SHS 33- 0 Morrison Nov. 14 SHS 50- 0 Rock Falls Bill Stewart Elwin Thielen Don Weeks Ed Wells j-3 griclclera pfay jough 3cLeJuAa Coach Gene Hall's frosh-soph football team had what might be called a "hard luck" year. During the 1949 season, these boys won only one game and lost the rest by very narrow margins-six points or less. The"Papo0ses" opened their season by losing to a more experienced Dixon team. In their next game, the frosh-soph's lost to a larger and more experienced Clinton team. On October 4 the "Papooses" got their only victory of the season, a 7-0 win over DeKalb. Their touchdown was scored by a pass from Carlyle Cameron to Dick Czuprynski. In Sterling's next two games, the "Papooses" were beaten by 'teams from Hall Township and Ottawa. And in their last game of the sea- son, the frosh-soph team lost to a Rock Falls squad. Regardless of their hard luck, these boys gained valuable exper- ience during the year, and this should make them a tough team to beat next year. 1949 FROSH-SOPH FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Sept. 30: SHS, 73 Dixon, 12. Oct. 21: SHS, O3 Hall, 6. Oct. 3: SHS, 0: Clinton, 6. Oct. 28: SHS, 79 Ottawa, 13. Oct. 4: SHS, 7: DeKalb, 0. Nov. 14: SHS, 6: Rock Falls, 12. ROW 1-Coach Gene Hall, Barry Musgrove, Bob Kosier, Lino Carrillo Don Knight Don Kraft, Terry Powell, Don Puterbaugh, Dick Huntley, Wally Pepper, Coach Hom- er Musgrove. ROW II-Dick Wilson, Dick Czuprynski, Ramon Gonzalez, Dick Geb- hardt, George Schneider, Lyle Wolber, Dick Ohnen, Ronnie Geiger, Ronald William- sen. ROW III-Art Kraft, Dick Lyon, Carlyle Cameron, Lowell Hunsberger, Ned Ryerson, Bob Smith, Bob Etchison, Don Shontz, Dean Hubbard. Mwwawml, f f 72054 ' joofgaf Magda! ROW I-Jack Lyon, Jack Hall, Don Knight, Barry Musgrove, Dick Lyon. ROW Ilkf Chuck Deets, Frank Casey, Ray Kenaga, Palmer Miller. Chuck Cole, Bob Perlh. ROW III-Lyle Marquis, Neil Hall, Tom McCormick, Max Baumgardner, Roger Puterbaugh, Dick Czuprynski. gufunen Wu .gjummer circuif The NCIC summer baseball program yielded another conference championship to SHS-the baseball crown. After starting the season weakly. the Sterling nine racked up eight straight victories before DeKalb severed the winning streak. Coach Homer Musgrove's boys came back, however, to finish the season with no more defeats and to win first place in the league. Max Baumgardner and Chuck Deets shared honors in both the hitting and pitching departments. Baumgardner hit .438, winning three and losing one, While Deets hit .432, winning five ball games. Much credit for the success of the team is due Coach Musgrove, Coach Pete Hoogeveen. and Manager Lyle Marquis. 1949 BASEBALL SCHEDULE June SHS, 35 Alumni, 13. July SHS 63 Dixon, 4. June SHS, '73 Dixon, 7. July SHS 20, Ottawa, 4. June SHS, 33 Ottawa, 1. July SHS, 6: DeKalb, 7. June SHS, 23 DeKalb, 1. July SHS, 23 Rock Falls, 2. June SHS, 18, Rock Falls, 2. July SHS 17 Community, 3 June SHS, 113 Community, 1. July SHS, 43 Hall, 3. July SHS. 93 Princeton, 1. Aug SHS 12 Princeton, 2. 52 P055 - COMl'lil"g ROW I-Bill Arnold, Ray Gierhart, Roger Laible, Jack Watson, Stan Stefanich, Sherwin McCombS, Loren Burger, ROW H-Randall Smith, Chuck Johannsen, Don Lester, Bill Marshall, Coach E. E. Small, Gilbert Flowers, Karl Kilberg, Bob Wads- worth. Stan Stefanich and Jack Watson smile for the cam- eras after winning first and third places, respectively, in the NCIC run. 1 pullllffd ANNEX C CFOIUH By placing fourth in the Geneseo Invitational on October 1, Coach E. E. Smallls SHS runners got off to a fast start in the 1949 cross-country season. Paced by Jack Watson and Stan Stefanich, the distance men marched over Dixon, Erie, Byron, and LaSalle-Peru in succession. This march was climaxed by a victory in the NCIC meet held at Sterling on October 22. Scoring 39, the Sterling crew won the championship over Geneseo, De- Kalb, Dixon, and Princeton-teams which placed in the order given. Stan Stefanich captured first place with a good time, and Jack Watson copped third. After this third consecutive NCIC triumph, the SHS runners downed Erie before going to the dis- trict meet. In the district competition, Rock Is- land walked away with top honors, and Sterling took second place. At the state finals, Stefanich finished 29th and Watson 32nd. 53 gaaleigaf ROW I-Bob Galloway, Stanley Doden, Jim Galloway, Elwin Thielen, Jack Hall, Jack Lyon. ROW II-Coach Gene Hall, Ray Kenaga, Roger Puterhaugh, Marvin Kaiser, Cliff Garriott, Ed Wells, Chuck Cole, Lyle Marquis. 66 Cagera gain Szueef .sjixfeenu lgecognfffon Coach Gene Hall's 1949-50 Warriors had one of the best seasons of any Sterling basketball team. These boys not only won the Intercity and NCIC championships, but they were the first SHS team to go to the "sweet sixteen" state finals at Champaign. Coach Hall's squad got off to a slow start but gained considerably in strength as the season progressed. In their regular season, the War- riors won fifteen of their games and lost eight. At the Dixon regional, the Warriors rolled to victory by defeating Amboy, Community, and Rock Falls. And in the Moline sectional, the Blue and Gold boys swamped Aledo in the first game of the tournament. On May 10 the Warriors had their best game of the season, the final game of the Moline sectional. In this thrill-packed game, the SHS team defeated a strong Rock Island five and thereby were qual- ified for the state tournament at Champaign. In the first game of the state tournament, Sterling was beaten by a tough Tilden Tech team. Although the Warriors came out on the short end of the scoring, they still displayed the skill, stamina, and determination which made them a championship team. ,4nn 4 fi ' I ff mf Nz' 450 f f ,, fi' 44 ,O f"f,', 1 ' H my Q W ww? 12 ff ,ff L! fe 1 pufw. 5 4:1 v T mf J iw ,, 'Y 3 a WQ W . . ,A i Q -.. X 'KNQMQ9' s I 1: Q i W , Q, E was ii S Q 5 St ,gs a I M 3 Q fp Q15 fr.,-' M..-" A .,,4 l V V ? My A IIIAAA lvf 5 C EVV ji ,. , 2 A ,frf H . Zigi? 1 I-lll,, X!! . ff f 2 if ' fm if W Z papooded .S,Cd4J 77ill0t?2I1, .7025 Coach Curt Brandau's frosh-soph "Papooses" had one of the most successful seasons of SHS frosh-soph basketball teams. In their whole season, the frosh-soph team lost only two games and won 19. The "Papooses" took the NCIC championship and also Won the intercity championship-feats which rounded out a very successful season. 1949-50 FROSH-SOPH BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Nov. 25: SHS, 35: East Moline, 25. Jan. 27: SHS, 38: Rochelle, 31. Nov. 29: SHS, 353 Beloit, 33. Jan. 31: SHS, 44: Community, 28. Dec. 6: SHS, 37: Morrison, 35. Feb. 3: SHS, 26, Geneseo, 23. Dec. 9: SHS, 41: Freeport, 35. Feb. 4: SHS, 55: Galesburg, 34. Dec. 13: SHS, 38: Community, 24. Feb. 7: SHS, 37: Rock Falls, 29. Dec. 16: SHS, 24: Mendota, 11. Feb. 10: SHS, 48: Hall, 32. Jan. 6: SHS, 21: Rock Falls, 23. Feb. 11: SHS, 33: Dixon, 7. Jan. 7: SHS, 31: Rock Island, 44. Feb. 17: SHS, 43: Ottawa, 38. Jan. 13: SHS, 45: Dixon, 13. Feb. 18: SHS, 40: East Rockford, 30. Jan. 20: SHS, 37: Princeton, 36. Feb. 24: SHS, 25: DeKalb, 24. Jan. 21: SHS, 43: West Rockford, 32. ROW I-Dick Lyon, Don Knight, Lyle Wolber, Bob Smith, Dick Czuprynski, Barry Musgrove. ROW II-Coach Curt Brandau, Richard Ohnen, Ramon Gonzalez, Dick Gebhardt, Ronnie Williamsen, Ronnie Goodnight. ROW III-Bob Boothe, Dick McCormick, Don Puterbaugrh, Lino Carrillo, Terry Powell, Karl Kilbergf. EOJA' M5 wreafgng .Hy Q.. iii fb g T f l iff ,fl Xxx. JW4 it 1 ROW I-Loren Burger, Earl Beck, Don Rhoades, Von Wheeler, Ray Anderson, Dick Huntley. ROW II-Gilbert Flowers, Kenny Etchison, Kenny Kraft, Tony Pizarro, Art Kraft, Bob Kosier, Carlyle Cameron, Chuck Rhoades. ROW IH-Coach Hunsberger, Bob Anderson, Dick Weigle, Lyle Matznick, Coach Homer Musgrove, Bob Lockhart, Jim Cleaveland, George Wechsler, Ted Sulouff, Coach Chet Sherman. x x ' ,if ii I ,, W V :iw n. 4" ,iw 1' ' wi ' 1' Q- .fi ' 'MM 4 ifrapffefb pface Jourfh in Jiafricf ,,,, ', go M MPT WML' ' V' Sterling High's wrestlers, under the coaching of Mr. Homer Mus- Ailif few , grove, had a big year on the mats, winning half of their matches. 'Wi -H 'G 1 15" The Warriors displayed ability and aggressivness in Winning a Qi' fa LJ I ' K. lxcxyf jf E' rfv' " f ,. fourth place tie in the district bouts. Loren Burger, George Wechsler, and Tony Pizarro came off the mats with individual third places, while .- the remainder of the crew picked up points with lower placings. , M 1 1 Another outstanding performance by the muscle-men was the tri- angular victory over Beloit and East Rockford. This clash proved the power and stamina of Sterling's mat team. y K. Wrestling in varsity positions were Loren Burger, Gilbert Flowers, Dick Huntley, George Wechsler, Art Kraft, Dick Weigle, Carlyle Cam- eron, Lyle Matznick, Stan Stefanich, Bob Anderson, and Tony Pizarro. 1 949-50 WRESTLING SCHEDULE Dec. : Moline Invitational-SHS, eighth place. 10 Dec 14' SHS, 16 6 7 9 1 15 g Maquoketa, 25. Dec SHS, 22, East Rockford, 12. Jan. SHS, 85 Rock Island, 30. Jan, SHS, 323 Peoria Woodruff, 15. Jan. SHS, 10' Moline, 30. Jan. SHS, 575 Beloit, 373 E. Rockford, 18 Feb. SHS, 28' Peoria Woodruff, 10. Feb. SHS, 16' Clinton, 19. Feb SHS, 259 East Rockford, 11. Feb. 58 Sectional -SHS, tie for fourth place. .,N..,:: 12 W Q gig .i1,, W 5 YY Q Egg Q 1,1 - :,, Ri k , L 5 X .,,.. :': ' . 3- If 5-52 51525151 2 X? X ig ---- 5 mf' in Q Q ' 4 - S' R Q ,E Sf ,. 5 R Y I Q .,.,. ' M l Q .A Y u XE Q ish S Q . .. xg B, Qi? , ' A -'--' gnnf'A'Vi"' , M N gi. Q Q si'-53 N' fs ' - K 1 ig .,., 5 ' Q' ix I R .,.,. D if z. M ig? , as if . ' X ' H ' s K 1 4 Sa 1 3 as 1 U G - ' V Y , I Awix K' G A ' V X ag X"dTm'L'l'7'3T!-SQL.,-N-K'Q,Nj MM A w uf X , if Q Q K 9 Q, if f A+ fm' V r ef K E ,, ex ,, X as ..,... 1 Q , X Wm Q W ga Nfl' 3 .. If X . wif , X , S ' Q, Q X' "If Y' my if , M BM, ,MA ,M x xxx Xi' E SN L 33ifE5:S:,:':::E:: K .. 5 f-::e:: ., Q W 15 . " 3 N n . WQM3 ' ,QS TGQ , wx cu 'ma QQ W X fe: Q ..g 5 lay. QQ .N s- f ff. 2 I0 . AX 8 Ex iii ff N FQ W Www 1-Q..-,L-.. ...... . 3 -Q-... .+-. 'W .4.. , J -f,,. 1H5Si msiii ' ,WMA ,xf,,:g13 'sa 'A Q xi 8 ,.1. K 'At ,,. V --." 2 J qffafgsv ' twain, V, 3 fy 'WT , is ' x 'Wi V A is TW' A '53 QCLFAOOL ROW I-Clark Prentiss, Mr. Herbert Parsley, Larry Norton. ROW Il-Joan Elmen- dorf, Orville Kimball, JoAnne Kunde, Harry Blaisdell, Marilyn Miller. .SJ2l'l.i0I'5 60'0,92l'fl'te 30 PFOLJMCQ M'arLooL 1950 BLUE AND GOLD STAFF I'1lJI'l'0R-IN-CH I IGF Larry Norton IIUSINICS-S MANAGER Clark Prentiss FACULTY AND CLASSES Harry Blaisdell, editor Jo Cole JoAnn Landheer Dorothy Moorehead CLUBS Marilyn Miller, editor Pat Forauer Shirley Humphrey Lois Kraft Marilyn Pyse Margie Reitzel Patricia Steadman ART AND LAYOUT Joan Elmendorf, editor Helen Fenner Vera Harshman Betty Urton SPORTS Orville Kimball, editor Mary Jane Bellows Donna Bowman 62 Dick Nuttall Jim Wilkins Bonita Bolling Marilyn Ahrens TYIPING Helen Miller, editor Shirley Ladenberger Mildred Scribner Fat Walters Verna Oltmanns Vada Meyer Carlanne Ruck CIRCULATION JoAnne Kunde, manager Dorothy Dettman Sue Bucher Joan Engelkens Lois Wade Margie Paulson Mary Brandt Joyce Nusbaum STUDENT PHOTOGRAPHERS Lee Keiser Bob Feldman ADVISER Mr. Herbert Parsley TOP PICTURE. ROVV I--Donna Bowman, Shirley Ladenberger, Vada Meyer, Vera Harshman. ROVV II-Dorothy Moorehead, Pat Steadman, Dick Nuttall, Jim Wilkins, Pat Forquer, Carlanne Ruck. ROW III-fLucy Manzano, Joan Engelke-ns, JoAnn Landheer, Margie Reitzcl, Lois Kraft, Marilyn Ahrens. BOTTOM PICTURE. ROW I-Pat Walters, Joyce Nusbaum, Mary ,lane Bellows, Mary Brandt. ROW II---Margie Paulson, Helen Miller, Dorothy Dettman, Bonita Bolling, Marilyn Pyse. ROW III-Verna Oltmanns, Mildred Scribner, Shirley Humphrey, Jo Cole, Sue Bucher, Lois Wade. LI"LO0L .961 crqaf ROW I-Dean Zellar, Carlanne Ruck, Shirley Humphrey, Mr. Herbert Parsley. ROW II-Joan Elmendorf, Pat Forquer, Vada Meyer, Marian Miller. your-nahala Wewa am! .clealurea "Sports Talk," "Stool Pigeon," "Teen Time," and senior interviews were some of the regular features printed in the "Script" during the past year. Along with these features, this school publication gave coverage of SHS activities and published pictures and cartoons. During the year, several special issues of "Script" were presented. At Christmas the newspaper reflected the yuletide spirit by using green ink as well as by featuring Christmas articles. On April Foo1's Day the mood of the day was carried out in several humorous articles con- trived to misinform the student body. The juniors had charge of the ninth issue of the paper, and the final copy of the year was dedicated to the seniors. The staff of the "Script" was divided into five groups-feature, news, sports, circulation, and copy staffs. Carlanne Ruck and Shirley Humphrey served as co-editors, and Mr. Herbert Parsley was the facul- ty adviser. 64 TOP PICTURE. ROW I-Mary Jane Bellows, Verna Oltlnanns, Sally Mosher, Joyce Nusbaum, Mary Brandt. ROVV ll-Bill Scott, Paul Small, Orville Kimball, Jim Wilkins, Chuck Deets, John Michel. ROW IIIAAJoan Bogott, Bettie Winn, Joan Leisner, Mary Anne Snyder, Luella Bushman, Mildred Mellott, Lois Ann Wade, JoAnne Andrews. ROVV IV-Pat Walters, Helen Miller, Marilyn Pyse, Vera Harsh- man, Donna Bowman, Marilyn Miller. Lucy Manzano, Jean Sonneman. ROW V- Shirley Ladenberger, Jo Anne Landheer, Bonita Bolling, Pat Steadman, Betty Scott, Sue Bucher, Ronette Shawger, LaVonne Buhrow. BOTTOM PICTURE. ROW' I-Barbara Biekford, Sally Fraser, Lettie Harden, Patt Meenen, Joyce Hall, Carol Benson. ROW II-Margie Wessels, Beth Myers, Kalah VVesner, Kay Eshleman, Jan VVagner, Dolly Bell. ROW Ill-Jeannie Steren- lmerg, Lois Ann Good, Kay Sullivan, Carol Taft, Phyllis Kosier, Pat Howe, Jannis Cunningham, David Clark. ROW IV--Delores Selden, Shirley Buckingham, Marlene Metzner, Carrenia Bolling, Maxine VValIis, Pat Batcheller, Jeannie Marshangx ROW V-Leola Clark, Nancy Forquer, Arlene Book, Marlene Bucher, Barbara Thomas, Sylvia Bawden. Janice Scott, Ann Farver. l sSDCl'll0l xg? .gzaclenf Cjounci ROW I-Charles Thiakos, Maxine Wallis. ROW II-Joe Moreno, Nancy Kunde. ROW III-Bettie Winn, Dick Widdows. ROW IV-Marilyn Miller, Lyle Matznick, Doris Kunde, Joan Bogott. ROW V4Cliff Garriott, Dick Nuttall, Mr. June Lee, Marilyn Bawden, Jo Cole, Miss Mildred Krughoff, Shirley Vorderstrasse, Lola Nelson. Harry Blaisdell. ROW VI-Doris Woessner, Don Knight, George Schneider, Wayne Rhodes, Ann Farver, Carlyle Cameron, Ann Lahman, Beth Myers. Cyflllllfif ,NKWJJ .S70A'l? .SJCAOOK l9I'0AA'll1J Solving the problems concerning student life at SHS was the m un job of the Student Council during the past year. This organization was also a link between the faculty and the students of SHS A preliminary election of cheerleaders was one of the first jobs of the council. By reducing the number of contestants in this first elec tion, the final selection, which was made by all the students thus was simplified. Assemblies with student appeal were chosen by a committee of Councilmen and faculty for next year. Working hand in hand with the Alumni Association the council helped sponsor the "Basket Ball" on March 25. This dance honoied the varsity basketball team after they had participated in the sweet sixteen" tournament at Champaign. Josephine Cole and Marilyn Bawden served as officers for the year. Sponsors for the group were Miss Mildred Krughoff and Mr June Lee. G6 0I'l0l" ocaefg SITTING-Dean Flshleman, Marilyn lVIiller, Larry Norton, Clark Pientiss STAND ING-Joan Elmendorf, Jeanne Sonneman, Shirley Vorderstrasse, Glenn Moitenson Harry Blaisdell, Carlanne Ruck, JoAnne Kunde, Lola Nelson. Wew 901111 gizcouragea .jvligA .gifanclarcla "I pledge myself to uphold the high purposes of the National Honor Society to which I have been electedg I will be true to the principles for which it standsg I will be loyal at all times to my schoolg and will maintain and encourage high standards of scholarship, character, leadership, and service." Such was the wording of a pledge by which Principal Eades in- ducted six new members into the Sterling Chapter of the National Honor Society. This occasion marked the first increase in the mem- bership of the group since the original twenty honor students were elected to the first SHS honor organization in the spring of 1949. The purpose of the National Honor Society is to create an enthusi- asm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, encourage worthy students, and to develop character in the pupils of the schools in which a chapter exists. An intricate and thorough method is used in determining the mem- bership of this highly selective group. Prospective members must not only maintain a high scholastic average but must excel in 'traits of character, leadership, and courage. The officers of the group for the past year were Larry Norton, president, Clark Prentiss, vice-prosidentg lVlarilyn Miller, seen-t.:u'yg and Dean Eshleman, treasurer. omani auocberni ROW I-Donna Seeley, lilvera lben, Susie Church, Joanne Stevens, Marjorie Nelson, Mary Miller. ROW ll-Floy Allen, Wayne Moore, Bob Baither, Doris Woessner, Nancy Kunde, Ann Lahman, Jack Reiske, Mr. June Lee. ROW III-Joann Bellmar, Dolores Scheler, Bob Feldman, Bob Mathis, Jim Smith, Roger Eshleman, Mary Lou Oglevee, Judy Maynard. EUIYIILILJ CJAHHLX I Bal' dY.?allqll0l Rome was built in a day and it happened in SHS. In April, the Latin Club sponsored their annual Roman Banquet in the gym, dec- orated to suggest a bit of old Rome. Tunicked freshmen slaves served a typical Roman feast to the nobility - second year Latin students and their guests Interest in Roman culture and Latin has been increased by the club's affiliation with the Junior Classical Society of Illinois. This society sponsored a number of lectures which several of the Latin students of SHS attended. Officers for the year were: President, Nancy Kundeg vice-president, Jack Reiskeg treasurer, Ann Lahmang secretary, Doris Woessner. Mr. Lee served as advisor for this group. 68 TOP PICTURE. ROW I-Nancy Thummel, Ruth Kimball, Norma Miller, Pat Baird, Gail Flaningam, Joyce Sulouff. ROWV H+Barbara Bickford, Marilyn Matz- nick, Valeria Johnson. Leone Wolber, Nancy Forquer, Janice Scott, Phyliss McFalls, Delores Maass. ROW HI-Virginia Hildebrand, Shirley Robbins, Jane Morrow, Ann Farver, Marge Meyer, Leola Clark, Delores Selden, Billie Huenger. BOTTOM PICTURE. ROW I-Eileen Miner, Jean Allen, Roh Wadsworth, David Clark, Janice Jackson, Lois Good, Shirley Ann Zehr. ROW II-Barbara Gehlsen, Shirley Barnes, Joyce Schneider, Susan Hey, Eunice Detweiler, Shirley Brown, Mai- garet Lair, Janet Johnson. ROW lII+Karl Kilberg, Don Stewart, Billy Near, Dick Wilson, Barry Musgrove, Richard Drane, Randall Smith. omalzi eirloofierni G9 TOP PICTURE. ROW I-Mary Huntley, Pat Woods, Delores Herr, Donna Howe, Helen Reising, Alice Freas. ROW IIfMarilyn Cassens, Paul Small, Kay Eshleman, Sally Mosher, Ruth Janssen, Miss Ruth Straw, Al Zambrano. ROVV III-Arlene Book, Pat Elgie, Lola Nelson, Katy Puskedra, JoAnne Ohda, Barbara Thomas, Ar- lene Wolf, Alice Drane. ROW IVfRoger Laible, Jim Vary, Leo Prophet. BOTTOM PICTURE. ROW I-Gerald Fri- modt, John Persona, Harry Weaver, Merchel Flynn, Kenneth Cosgrove, Leo Miner, Al Her- nandez. ROW II-Dick Huntley, Joyce Nusbaum, Lucy Manzano, Dorothy Moorehead, Marilyn Bawden, Ruth Dudley, Wilma Linton, Nancy Boseneiler. ROW III-Pat Howe, Wallie Pep- per, Theresa Barajas. ROW IV-John Walton, John Sunday, Bob Smith, Chuck Cole, Jim Nut- tall, John Williams, Jon Surratt, Don Knight, Dick Lyon. Christmas spirit was very evident at the Christmas party which the Capa Club gave for the Mexican children of Sterling. The highlight of the party was the observance of an old Mexican custom, the break- ing of the pinata. Other activities included the annual Thanksgiving dance, a float in the homecoming parade, and monthly meetings. Officers of the club were: Sally Mosher, president, Ruth Janssen, vice-president, Kay Eshleman, secretaryg and Paul Small, treasurer. Miss Straw was the advisor for the group. 70 y.. fer ROW I-Susan Church, Arlene Book, Sally Fraser, Marilyn Bawden, Kay Sullivan, Susan Hey, Shirley Jennings. ROW II-Jack Walters, Charles Rhoades, Kenneth Fischback, Marilyn Miller, Nancy Kunde, Miss Lucille Barnes, Marvin Bixby. ROW III-Phil Beach, Mary Jane Bellows, Joyce Dettman, Norma Miller, David Clark. ROW IV-Jordan Daniels, Arthur Magan, Bob Anderson, Bob Bruns, Ronnie Geiger. JoAnne Dummett, June Bellars, Joan Engelkens, Merlyn Book, Dale Janssen. ywia OIYJACLIIJ, jlorcfgn .gilluljelzb Toothpaste, soap, towels, pencils, a volleyball, combs, school pub- lications--these are a few items included in the chest which the Junior Red Cross sent to a foreign school this year. The project was done entirely by students of SHS and Community High School. Other projects of the year included sending gifts to wounded vet- erans at Hallowe'en and to orphans at Christmas. The J. R. C. also made several fund drives for the March of Dimes and other charitable organizations. Efficient leadership of the council was assured by sending two delegates to leadership training centers last summer. At these camps students acquired ideas for new and different projects. The SHS Junior Red Cross Council, under the capable guidance of Miss Lucille Barnes, has had one of its most active years. President of this organization for the year was Marilyn Miller. Nancy Kunclc was socrctzwy, and Kenny Fiscliback served :ls tl'0IlSlll'0l'. 71 Vnoniford SlCATl'lDf1luth Janssen, JoAnne Kunde, Lucy Manzano, Mary Thiakos, Helen Miller, Charles Rhoades, .lack Hall. ROW H- Loren Burger, Mary Brandt, Jean Asbury, Helen Reising, Deloris Herr, Jo Cole, Lola Nelson, Miss Mildred Krughoff. ROW III- Bill Stewart, Jim Wilkins, Leo Prophet, JoAnne Dumniett, Dick Loafing in the halls of SHS is prevented by the monitors. This group consists of juniors and seniors who are chosen by the student council. Their many duties include greeting visitors and directing them to their destinations, seeing that the center stairs are used correctly, selling tickets on certain occasions, collecting slips, and assisting in keeping the halls neat and clean. jufufe j2Cl,CAeI"5' SEATED-MNancy Snavely, Mary Lou Horwedel, Pat VValters. Betty Urton, Delores Herr, Miss Dollcc Fauth. STANDING4lCunicc Det- weiler, .Ioanne Stevens, Nancy Lundquist, Pat Baird. Norma Mil- Nuttall, Max Johnson, Helen Itken. lcr, Alice Freas. 72 Did you ever have the urge to teach a class? Well, if you did, the club for you is Future Teachers of America. It is part of the National Organization of the Future Teachers of America under the National Education Association. Miss Fauth is the advisor of the club. The officers for the year were: Delores llerr, prcsidentg Nancy Lundquist, vice-presidentg JoAnne Stevens, secretary, Eunice Detweiler, treasurer. fibegafe ROW I-Larry Norton, Miss Bar- bara Larson, Floy Allen, Harry Blaisdell. ROW ll-Jack Reiske, Marilyn Miller, VVarren Thummel, Norma Miller. Second place in the NCTC debate tourney Went to the Sterling de- baters this year. Earlier in the year, the team made a good showing by tieing for top honors in the Sterling tournament and by placing fifth among 29 entries at Augustana. Norma Miller, Marilyn Miller, Larry Norton, and Jack Reiske were the members of this year's varsity squad. The coach for the Debate Club was Miss Barbara Larson. og' rariand AAQ ROW I-Marian Miller, Marilyn Bawden, JoAnne Andrews, Donna Bowman. ROW II-Dorothy Moorehead, Susie Black, Juanita Aldrich, Laura Stern, Mary Anne Snyder, Pat Walters, .loan Beni- shek, Deloris McLaughlin. ROVV IlI+Pat Allen, -lanean Cunning- ham, Carol Turner, Barbara Gar- riott, Pat Hanson. ROW IV- Miss Marjorie Schumaker, Marlene Steadman, Marilyn Ahrens, Mari- lyn Cassens, Arlene Book, Donna Seeley, -lane Morrow, Carrenia V , Bolling, Eva Fulton. Shelving. mending. and checking books were the chief activities of the librarians during the year. In order to make the study hall a more pleasant place to Work, the girls decorated the library using different themes. These themes in- cluded a Yuletide scene and a display concerning careers. The librarians work in close collaboration with the school librarian, Miss Marjorie Schumaker. 73 57 lflflfU'Q 0l'l'l2l'l'lCl, QPJ V TOP PICTURE. ROW I--Miss Doreen Landis, Joyce Dettman, Eunice Detweiler, Pat Batchel- ler, Marilyn Ahrens, Mrs. Viola Martin. ROW IIfMarguerite VVoessner, Mary Ann Meinen, Margie Paulson, Margie Wessels, Sue Howe, Janet Walker, Betty Henderson. ROW Illf Lavonne Carey, Esther Wolber, Darlene Clark Gretchen Luehbers, Shirley Hippen, Beverly llay, Anne Buhrow, Lois Ericksen. OFFICERS: First Semester- i President, Marilyn Ahrens Vice-president, Eunice Detweiler Secretary, Fat Batcheller Treasurer, Joyce Dettman Second Semester- President, Eunice Detweiler Vice-president, Esther Wolber Secretary Lois Ericksen Treasurer, Donna Bauman BOTTOM PICTURE. ROW I-Marilyn Book, Arlie Davis, Marilou Dummett, Catherine Wolf, Mary Jane Bruns. ROW II-+Lauretta Morden, Shirley Ladenberger, Lillian Wagner, LaVonne Buhrow, Lucille Garriott, Marilyne Pyse, Jeanne Torrance. ROW III-Dovie Quimby, Patsy Ur- ton, Ruth Janssen, Eva Fulton, Donna Bauman, Betty Lou Moffatt, Deloris Knalsen. Happier home life is the chief goal of the Future Homemakers of America. The local club is part of a national organization of students who study homemaking. Pienics and parties plus a float in the homecoming parade were the feature activities of the group during the year. Helping the girls plan these events were Mrs. Viola Martin and Miss Doreen Landis. Continuing in their practice of sending a delegate to camp each year, the Future Ilomemakers sponsored Esther W0lber's trip to 'the F. ll. A. Leadership Training Camp at Lake Bloomington last summer. 74 57 C' lfLflfU"Q Cll"l'l'l 0l"5 OFFICERS : President, Bob Forward Vice-president, Lyle Meiners Secretary, Bob Ebersole Treasurer, Lyle Matznick Sentinel, Merlyn Book Reporter, Don Shontz TOP PICTURE. ROW I-YVilliam Johnson, Richard Fulfs, Edward Olson, Ron Schueler, Lloyd Geiger, Glenn Freas, Russell Deets, Ron- ald Ricklefs. ROVV II-Tom Keller, Bob Ander- son, Lyle Matznick, Bob Flbersole, Bob Forward, Don Shontz, Merlyn Book, Mr. Arthur Schick, Lyle Dirks. ROW III-John Johnson, Kenny Summers, Bob Olson, Wesley Koester, Bob Bruns, Laverne Johnson, Charley Pippert, BOTTOM PICTURE. ROW I-Bob Wolber, Raymond Habben, Raymond Ricklefs, Gene Zehr, Richard Schmitt, John Elsesser, Albion Seavey. ROVV lI+David Reavley, Bob Hicks, Alfred Schwittcrs, Don Lester, Don Bushman, Bob Cordes. Edwin Meiners, John Wilger. ROW III --Merle Wolfley, Duane Hohlcn, Max Johnson, Howard Ratzlaff, Don Howlett, Merle Meiners, Larry Meiners. Gordon Brown. Probably the only club at SHS in which individual students can make a profit is the F. F. A. Howard Ratzlaff had the largest profit this year-551390.63 Perhaps the outstanding activities of this group were the numerous trips to surrounding farms which were made to judge livestock. A visit to the International Livestock show at Chicago brought to a climax their study of livestock. The club this year was led by Bob Forward as president assisted by Lyle Meiners, who acted as vice-president. Mr. Arthur Schick served as advisor for the group. 75 CLITLIULLJ ROW 1 faround the tablcJfMiss Mildred Krughoff, .loan Bogott, Roger Puterbaugh, Kay Eshleman, Tom Unzzicker. ROW II-Delores Scheler, Ruth Janssen, Mary Lou Horwedel, Ca1'olyn Nelson, Marlene Steadman, Betty Scott, Ronette Shawger, Shir- ley Vorderstrasse. ROW Ill-Dean Eshleman, Dick Nuttall, Tom Griffith, Allen Surratt, Joel Rice, Glenn Mortenson, Jim Wilkins, Leo Prophet. ROW IV-Clark Prentiss, Orville Kimball, Tony Pizarro, Larry Norton, Kenneth Summers, Gene Gaumer, Ed Wells, Gordon Brown. .SJlf'ILi0I'J CJOMILJUALI for jrcfjdfe If you plan to go to college and want to take courses related to youx career ambitions. then join the Campus Club. This organization consists of junior and senior students who want information on college life including facts about such things as scholar ships, freshman college courses, entrance requirements and expenses to expect. Miss Krughoff, the club sponsor, arranges for iepresentatlves of surrounding colleges and universities to speak with club members Also to aid high school students investigate various schools of higher education, this organization maintains a shelf of books and college catalogues in the school library. Several college students were invited to speak to the Campus Club this year in order to give first-hand information on college life Officers for the year were Roger Puterbaugh, president Tom Un zicker, vice-presidentg Joan Bogott, secretary-treasurer and Kay Eshleman, program chairman. 76 ROW IHWBerniue Bartz, .JoAnne Kunde, Jean Sonneman, Merilyn Wilkinson, JoAnne Landheer, Wilma Linton. ROVV II-Margie Reitzel, Joan Engelkens, Sally Bickford, Sally Mosher, Marilyn Bawden, Marilyn Nelson, -lane Cassens. ROW IH-Richard VViddows, Lyle Marquis, Max Schmaling, Tom Keller, Bill Arnold, Bill Scott, Warren Thummel. ROVV IV-Brent Arterburn, Harry Blaisdell, Clifford Garriott, Charley Pippert, John Michel, Bob Feldman, Ray Kenaga, .lack Hall. ROVV I+Bettie Winn, Deloris Herr, ,lan Wagner, Barbara DeZuba, Kalah VVesner, Vera Harshman. ROW II--Pat Allen, Lora Lea Wolf, Joan Elmendorf, Lois Kraft, Mary Jane Bellows, Carol Camps, Patt Meenen, Joyce Hall. ROW III-Ruth Dudley, Pat Forquer, Marilyn Miller, Pat Walters, Betty Urton, Luella Bushman, Mildred Mc-llott. ROVV IV-.Io Cole, JoAnne Andrews, Pat Steadman, Marilyn Ahrens, Carl- anne Huck, Shirley Ladenhergfer, Nancy Snavely, Marilyn Pyse. X , 0 'fl Ctlflflldlfifi A " CAA ROW I-Mr. Bob McMurray, Mr. Chester Sherman, Jordan Daniel, Don Weeks, Dick Czuprynski, Jim Cleaveland, Larry Norton, Mr. Curt Brandau. ROW II-Paul Small, Raymond Pitts, Ray Gierhart, Jim Cross, Jack Watson, Kennard Green, Dick Geb- hardt, Jim Kindle. ROW Ill-Wesley Koester, Don McKee, Chuck Deets, Ed Wells, Cliff Garriott, Jim Nuttall, John Johnson. ROW IV-Jim Vary, Roger Puterbaugh, Clark Prentiss, Jim Kaehler, Bob King, Marvin Kaiser, Tony Pizarro, Max Schmaling. .gnifialion join 3- 7fW!en'5 .syociuf Mar "Notice: All nails must be removed from members paddles prior to "S" Club initiation in June. Weapons will be thoroughly inspected by Mr. B. Mitchell." Such was the warning issued to veteran letter winners before the annual "S" Club initiation ceremonies. This event sei ved as the twenty second yearly introduction of new members into this respected law enforcing group. Through the efforts of Coach Ted Scheid, the "S Club was formed in 1928 to promote morale and participation in sports At the present time, both major and minor award winners are admitted as members to the club. Striking outside the world of competitive sports the organization has sponsored dances, banquets, and other activities In the fall the boys collaborated with the GAA to produce an outstanding event the annual Homecoming Dance. Climaxing the day's parade pep meeting and football clash, the affair honored Warrior heroes of past and present. Additional opportunities for raising club funds weie provided by the sale of booster plates for cars and Warrior T-shirts Besides at tempting these monetary efforts, club members assisted during the basketball season by distributing programs, taking tickets ushering and door-watching. Behind "Sn Club activities is the entire SHS coaching staff headed by Mr. Scheid. Elected at the spring initiation to hold offices during 1949 1950 were Ray Kenaga, president, Roger Puterbaugh, vicc presldcnt incl George Wechsler, secretary-treasurer. 78 TOP PICTURE. ROW I-Mr. Homer Musgrove, Bob Peugh, Lowell Hunsbergcr, Dick Huntley, Loren Burger, Dick Weigle, Ted Sulouff, Mr. Gene Hall. ROW II- Richard Allen, John Michel, Leo Prophet, Jack Bowman, Bob Baither, Merchel Flynn, Wallace Wagner. ROW III-Terry Powell, Dick Ohnen, Bob Ebersole, Bob Anderson Elwin Thielen, Lloyd Geiger, Joe Moreno. ROW IV-Tom Unzicker, Jim Wilkins, John Sunday, Dick Nuttall, Ronny Schueler, Bill Arnold, Tom Griffith, George Wechsler. BOTTOM PICTURE. ROW I-Mr. Ted Scheid, Mr. Bernie Mitchell, Don Stew- art, Stan Stefanich, Gilbert Flowers, Kenneth Etchison, Don Puterbaugh, Mr. E. E. Small. ROVV II-Wallie Pepper, Bob Kosier, Bob Wilson, Arthur Kraft, Jon Surratt, Sherwin McCombs, Don Knight, Dick Lyon, Lyle Wolber. ROW III-Don Shontz, Ken Kraft, Ronald Goodnight, Chuck Rhoades, Bob Smith, Jack Hall, Jack Lyon. Bill Scott, Erwin Lobaugh. ROW IV-Carlyle Came1'on, Chuck Cole, Barry Mus- grove, Bob Galloway, Jim Galloway, Roger Laible, Ray Kenaga, Lyle Marquis, Bill tewart. 66 S i' CAL g,4,4 ROW I-Miss Eunice Deffenbaugh, Sue Bucher, JoAnne Kunde, Kalah Wesner, Miss Helen Becker. ROW H-Donna Boyungs, Carol Turner, Jannis Cunningham, Janet Betts, Kay Eshleman, Barbara DeZuba, Jan Wagner, Mary Jane Bellows, Eileen Miner. ROW III'-Joyce Schneider, Pat Howe, Elaine Siex, Phyllis Kosier, Maxine Wallis, Ann Gartner, Carol Taft, Sally Shaffer, Pat Hansen. ROW IV-Mary Sail- lard, Carrenia Bolling, Donna Seeley, Marilyn Cassens, Marlene Bucher, Joan Engel- kens, Eva Fulton, Marilyn Pyse. gli!! .9 ILULLCL? .SYJOFIJ WWA! 80 Getting acquainted had "top billing" at the annual Big Sister picnic on September 15 at Sinnissippi Park. This event was the first of the season for the Girls' Athletic Association, and it ushered in a year full of activities. Soon after this initial affair, Sinnissippi Park was the scene of an- other big GAA supper. This time it was "pot-luck", held jointly with the FFA on September 24. As a finale to one of the festive days at SHS, the club co-sponsored the Homecoming dance on October 7. Other social activities of the year were the WPA dance on April 14, and the annual spring banquet, which was given on May 16. Fall, winter, and spring sports rounded out the year for this all-girl organization. One of these sports, archery, brought state-wide recog- nition to five club members who won third place in the state telegraphic tournament. Added this year to the club's calendar was something new-roller skating. Trips to Polo were scheduled each month so that the girls might skate along with GAA members from other schools in this vicinity. Miss Helen Becker and Miss Eunice Deffenbaugh were the advisers of this active group. Assisting them in the administrative work of the association were JoAnne Kunde, president, Kalah Wesner, vice-presi- dentg Helen Fenner, treasurer, and Sue Bucher, secretary. TOP PICTURE. ROW I-Donna Bowman, Marlene Steadman, Mary Lou Horwedel, Carolyn Nelson, Pat Appenzeller, Betty Scott, Margie Reitzel. ROW ll-Ann Far- ver, Marilyn Ahrens, JoAnn Landheer, Pat Steadman, Vera Harshman, Carlanne Ruck, Shirley Ladenberger, Vada Meyer, Sally Mosher. ROW IIIfBernice Bartz, Arlene Book, Marlene Metzner. Pat Bateheller, Joann Bellmar, Merilyn VVilkinson, Joanne Bixby. Merrildean Leonard, Betty Deets, Lois Erieksen. ROW IV-Darlene Clark, Ronette Shawger, Pat Elmendorf, Jean Sonneman, Donna Glenn, Barbara Thomas, Shirley Vorderstrasse, Esther VVolher, Judy Maynard, BOTTOM PICTURE. ROW IiLois Kraft, Ruth Dudley, Estella Lopez, Shirley Smith, lVIar,e'aret Lair, Shirley Tuft, June Wise. ROW II-Mary Miller, Marilyn Aper, Lavonne Carey, Marjorie Nelson, Pat Baird, Norma Miller, Nancy Snavely, Mary Snavely, Betty Winn. ROVV III-Ruth Kimball, Shirley Barnes, Billie Huen- ger, Marjorie Meyer, Sylvia Bawden, Phyllis McFalls, Betty Moorehead, Pat Forquei, Marilyn Miller, Lucy Manzano. ROVV IV--Sandra Huber, Marilyn Nelson, Jane Cassens, JoAnne Geer, Bonita Bolling, Marian Miller, Marilyn Bawden, Sally Bick- ford, Wilma Linton, Delores Maass. 92,44 54,4 82 TOP' PIFTURE. ROW I-Mary Anne Snyder, Carol Camps, Joyce Hall, Phyllis De- Wcerd, Lillian Wagner, Lucille Garriott, Jeanne Torrance. ROVV Ile-Gail Flanimram, Lois Muetzel, Eunice Detweiler. Pat Allen, Joyce Dettman, Joan Bogott, Shirley Humphrey, Jo Cole, JoAnne Andrews. ROW III-eSally Fraser, Carol Benson, Jean- nie Marshang, Leola Clark, Shirley Buckingham, Helen Johnson, Shirley Brown, Nancy Thumniel, Deloris McLaughlin, Nancy McWethy. ROW IV-Verna Oltmanns, June Stern, Lora Lea Wolf, Janet Oltinanns, Joyce Sulouff, Barbara Bickford, Ann Lahnian, Dolly Bell, Nancy Forquer, Janice Scott. IlO'l'TOM PICTURE. ROW I-Farol lllortenson, Janice Jackson, Barbara Garriott, Joyce Scott, Janean Cunningham, Jern Allen, Beth Myers. ROW II-Theresa llarajas, Gwen Hurtlow, Janet Hurley, Lula Fisher, Carmen Surratt, Marlene Ken- ner, Lois Good, Lettie Harden, Judy Swain. ROVV III-Joyce Nusbaum, Margie Paulson, Lola Nelson, Jackie Sullivan, Mary Brandt, Kay Sullivan, Wanda Rhoades, Jeanie Sterenbergr, Margie VVessels. ROW IVX Janet Randall, Leone Wolber, Susie Church, Nancy Kunde, Susie Hey, Barbara Gehlsen, Joan Leisner, Betty Panscik, lletty Farey. K ramafic l President, Jean Sonncman Vice-pres., Janice Wagner Secretary, Barbara DeZuba Treasurer, Marilyn Miller TOI' PICTURE. ROW I-Lola Nelson, Mary .lane Bellows, JoAnne Andrews, Marilyn Miller, Jean Sonneman, Miss Larson. ROW Il-Carlanne Rua-k, Shirley Humphrey. Shirley Vorderstrasse, Joyce Nusbaum, JoAnne Dummett. ROW llI+Harry lilais- dell, Dick Nuttall, llill Marshall, Merilyn VVillqinson. ROW' IV--Warren Thummex, Orville Kimball, Larry Norton, Dean lishleman, Ronnie Reeser, .lim Wilkins. BOTTOM PICTURE. ROW Ieflialah Wesner, Jan Wagner, Marilyn Bawden, Mai- ian Miller, Barbara DcZuba, ROW II-Sally Mosher, Kay Eshleman, Joyce Dettmal., Carol Camps, Joyce Hall. ROW' III-Jane Morrow, Naniy Kunde, Norma Miller, Wayne Moore, Bob Mathis. ROVV IV-Joan llogott, Pat Hanson, Merrildcan Leon- ard, Jack Reiske, Brent Arterburn. One of the oldest organizations of SHS is the Dramatic Club, which was organized in 1928. The main project of the club this year was the production of three one-act plays. One of these, "A By-Line for St. Luke," was entered in the annual NCIC contest. The coach and director for this group is Miss Barbara Larson. 823 Jah jf, 84 TOP' PICTURE. KOVV I-Mary Saillard, Leola Clark, Jo Cole. Lola Nelson, Mary Ann Snyder, Joyce Nusbaum, Lois Ann Wade. ROW II-Jean Sonneman, Shirley Vorderstrasse, Ronette Shawger, Sue Bucher, Sally Mosher, Merilyn Wilkinson, Farol Taft. ROW III--Jeannie Marshansr, Shirley Humphrey, Pat Elmendorf, Bar- bara Thomas. Pat Hatcheller, Marlene Bucher. IIOTTOM IJICTTURIC. ROW lvCarol Turner, Lois Good, Theresa Barajas, Maxine Wallis, Phyllis Kosier. Pat Howe, Jan VVagxner, Donna Boyungrs. ROW II-Marlene Metzner, Heth Myers, Wanda Rhoades, Donna Bowman, Lettie Harden, Pat Steadnian, Kay lishleman, Deloris Selden, Jeannie Sterenherg. ROW III-Norma Miller, Nancy l"orquer, Janice Scott, Margie VVessels, Ann Farver, Barbara Gehlsen, Elaine Siex. Officers for the year were: President, Sue Bucher Viee-president, Ronette Shawgger Secretary, Sally Mosher Treasurer, Beth Myers I TOP PICTURE. ROW I--Roger Laible, Boh Peugh, Chuck Cole, Jack Hall, Jim Kindle, Chuck Rhoades, Chuck -lohannsen, Loren Burger, Mr. June Lee. ROW ll-H Don McKee, Paul Small, Jim Galloway, Marvin Kaiser, Elwin Thielen, Jack Watson, Don Weeks. ROW Ill-Lyle Marquis, Ray Kenaga, Tom Unzicker, Tony Pizarro, Max Schmaling, Roger Puterbaugh, Jim Vary, George Wechsler. BOTTOM PICTURE. ROW I-iDavid Welker, Al Dimond, Gene Ruth, Von Wheeler, Don Rhoades, Phil Reach, David Clark, Jim DeZuha. ROVV ll-Richard McCormick, Don Shontz, Kenneth Etchinson, Pete Dillon, Lester Thielen, Larry McCoy, Richard Drane, Don Capp, Wallie Pepper. ROW III-John Williams, John Marquis, Don Lester, Lowell Hunsberger, Don Estabrook, Don Puterbaugh, Terry Powell, Ken Kraft. ROVV IV-Dick Wilson, Wilhcrt Ruck, Dick Ohnen, Ramon Gonzalez, David Reavley, Bob Smith, Robert Lockhart, Lyle Wolber. Officers for the year were: President, Max Schmaling' Vice-president, Bob Peugh Secretary, Jim Galloway Treasurer, Paul Small 5 .fan IQOVV lfMai'ilyn Milli-r. -lack llc-islam-, l'at li2ltC'll!'llt'l'. Marlvnc lluvhvr. Shirlvy Ald- rivh. Ja -an Marsvhangp HOW ll Nam-y l"oi'cgm1vi', Shirloy Ilippvn. .lam-t Johnson. lion Stewart. Ne-il Iiulh. llill Sl-om, Larry Norton. Sylvia Bawda-n. Karol Donovan. Ann ci VOVS Ill Nh lx N ith lnll -X ll Dal N Sld lfarv - '. x ' irc-Q Im' . 'A .rno4. 'ora' Sv Ull. flvrry Peterson. Phyllis lllclfalls, lmonv lYollwr, Suv Howe, Vat .-Xllun, Glenn llortvnson. Vlzlrli Prvn- tiss. Glenna Gould. Wally Stl-vm-ns. ROW IY---Ruth Kimhall. llic-li Ilrano. .lolin Walton. Sli u.Hc'ulnJ l2l'l"i0I'Hl on Jn' fl . . l,l'CSCllllllgI salon-lions ranginff from Dvorak to Gould. 'tho SHS con- P1 turf, hand was hoard in its outstanding performance ol' the your, ilu' annual spring concert on April 27. Under the direction of Mr. llarrc-ll Dunham, the hand has addod gruatly to student and public functions during the past year. Beginiiing his first year at SHS. Mr. Dunham directed this musical organization in volorful and ll'llDl'l'SSlY6 half-time maneuvers at football games. Thcso ap-pearam-vs featured a battle of hands, a llghtvd heart formation. and various other marchingl drills. After thai transposition from the field to tho rehearsal room. two mid-winter performancvs were 2,flYCll+Ill'OjIl'21lllS for the Marvh of Dimes and National Guard. gall ROW lfNancy Snavely, Nancy Thummel, liettie Harden, Pat Elmendorf, Shirley Humphrey, Warren Thummel. ROW llfShirley Barnes, Gene Ruth, Allen Surratt, John Fassler, Bobbie Wadsworth, Kreidcr Woods. Maxine Carlson, Norma Miller, Beth Myers. ROW III-Larry Musgrave, Barbara Gehlson, Tom Griffith, Ronnie Schueler, John Sunday, -lean Allen, David Ahrens, David Clark, lllargaret Lahr, Pat lforquer, Orville Kimball. ROVV lV--Barry Musgrove, Jim Crossland, Bob Feldman, .lim Smith, Tom Slothower. J fi . . anal Ill, Cnncerf .Nuff Although postponed because of coal shortages, the spring concert was successfully presented. Both classical and semi-classical music made up the program, highlighted by the Finale of the New VVorld Symphony. by Dvorak. and the First Suite for Concert Band, by Gustav Holtz. As featured soloist of the evening, Glenn Mortenson played 'Tarnival of Venice" on his trumpet. In contest work, first divisions in the district contest were won by Tom Griffith, on the trombone, and Glenn Mortenson, on the trumpet. A trio consisting of these boys and Mr. Dunham, played many engage- ments throughout the Sterling area. Officers ofthe band during the past year have been Marilyn Miller, president: Glenn Mortenson, vice-presidentg and John Walton, manager. H7 pager! Clair ROW I-Mr. William Tonlqin, Deloris Herr. Farol Uamps, Kay Eshleman, llarlw De- Zulia, Sally Rivkforfl, llc-ttie VVinn, JoAnne Landhver. KUVV ll7Jean Sonnenian. Lois Ann VVade, .loyve Carter, Nam-y lloseneiler, Pat Appenzeller, JoAnne Dummett, Mary Lou Horwedel. ROW Ill--Joyce llall, .Ioan l'llmendorf, Marilyn Miller, Pat Steadman, Mc-rlyn Book. 'Fed Sulouff, William Johnson, Larry Norton. HOW IV-- 'l'om Slothower, .lim C'leaveland. Joel Rive, Paul Small, Glenn Nlortm-nson, Orville Kimball, Roger llailvle, linger l'ut1-rlmangh, cv sf C77 - IlII'llJf'l'.l g, lllfl ll.f.lll'J . Walnut, Dixon, and llelialh were some of the towns in which the liolmecl Choir presented concerts this year. Besides these out-ot'-town trips the choir sang many times in Sterling. The two main features of the year were the Christmas and the spring concerts. Numbers presented at these concerts ranged from the light - such as "The Night Before Christmas" hy VVaring - to the very serious - such as "Gloria l'atri" hy Palestrina. 88 pages! 64006 ROW I-Ruth Dudley, Merilyn Wilkinson, Mary Snavely, Nancy Snavely, JoAnn Gt-er. Lora Lea Wolf. ROW IlfShirley Vorderstrasse, Ronette Shawgyer, Sue Burli- er. .Ioan llogott. Wilma Linton, Yalda Nailor, Joyce Nuslmaum. ROVV IIIW-John Dunnnett. Lyle Marquis, -lohn Michel, Warren Thunnnel, Bill Scott, Glenna Gould, ,lan Wagner, lit-tty Henderson. ROVV lY7l!oh King, ,lini Nuttall, Gene Gaulner, lloli Mathis. Laverne Johnson, Gordon llrown, Ronny Schueler. . jf, fziifuz, .zigif Two of the smaller groups affiliated with the choir are the Girls' lflnsemlnle and the Boys' Quartet. These groups are chosen from the choir by try-outs at the beginning of the year. The Rolzed Choir is composed of over sixty junior and senior stu- dents who are auditioned at the beginning of the year. The choir is under the direction of Mr. William Tonkin. At the district contest, Glenna Gould and VVarren Thummel each took first in their divisions and JoAnne Ilummett took second. 89 ogri UPMJ ROW 1-Jim DeZuba, Pete Dillon, Richard Drane, Bob Sallee, Terry Powell, David Sicx, Gene Zehr, Gene Ruth, Chuck Hayward, Phil Beach, Von Wheeler, David Clark, ROW II-Lyle Dirks, Lawrence Frazier, Randall Smith, Lino Carrillo, Glenn Wiem- ken, Don Puterbaugh, Cloyd Kendell, Richard Appenzeller, Jack Rciske, John Per- sona, Don Shontz, Bob Cordes, Larry McCoy, David Welker, Kent Robison. ROW III-Frank Garcia, Lee Keiser, Jack Walters, Dick Wilson, Dick Ohnen, Ramon Gonzalez, Roger Eshleman, James Smith, Ronnie Geiger, Ray Geirhart, Dean Zcllar, John Marquis, Elwood Herr, Rahn Betts. 90 CJAUFILJUJ .S,lil7'lLlfl,l,l0 lMIL'd! .QILIUPUJ IJ Preparing members for the Robed Choir is the chief aim of the boys' and girls' choruses. These groups are composed of freshman and sophomore students who are interested in vocal music. At Christmas time the two groups presented a concert in the Pres- byterian church-a performance featuring Christmas carols. Another concert was presented in the spring. To stimulate interest in music, the choruses presented short concerts at Central and Wallace grade schools. Mr. William Tonkin directed these singers, as well as taught them the fundamentals of music. 'l'0l" l'If"l'UliE. ROW l-.lanet Hurley, Jeannie Sterenbergf, Wanda lilioades, Lois Good, Betty Moorehead, lieth Myers, Lois Muetxel, Carolyn Lathrop. C'arol Turnei. ROVV ll-Nancy Forquer, Maxine Wallis, Gail l"laning'am, Elaine Siex, Bernice Propheter, Marjorie Meyer, Delores Selden, Wanda Walters, Phyllis liosier. Carol Benson. ROW III-Marie Ohms. Donna Bauman, Naney Ilunquist, Joanne Stevens, Pat Hanson, Marjorie Nelson, Sylvia l-lawden. Leola Clark, Arlene Hook, Charlotte Mc-Culloli. HOW IX'--Lavonne Carey, loann Hellmar, Billie lluenger, Vat Bateheller. Marlene Bucher. Donna Glenn, Mary Saillard, Mary Lou Oglevee, Ann Farver, lil- vera Iben. L10T'l'OM PICTURE. ROVV Ifflwen liurtlow, Margie VVL-ssels, Lettie Harden. .lanci Betts, Joyce Betliard, Varol Mortenson. Betty Varey, Judy Swain, Theresa Barajas. ROW llwlaeoueline Long. .loyee Selzneider. Phyllis Melfalls. Ann Lahman, Sally Fraser. Arlie Davis. Marilou llunimett. Harlmara Hiekford, llzxnor Maier. Dolly Hell. ROW III-Jeannie Marshang' Donna Meliride. Marilyn Aper, Susan lley, Catherine Wolf. Judy Maynard. -loyee Suloziff. l'at Woods, Marilyn Hook. .lanet Iienisheli. ROVV lYgMarilyn Matznieli. Anne Huhrow, Leone Wollmer, Gladys ffzlllllllby, Doris Woessner, June Bellars, Barbara Tliomas, Yaleria Johnson, June Wise, ,laniee Scott. gang, 6A0ru6 gzwmit KOVV l-Joyce Carter, Marilyn Miller, JoAnne Dunnnctt, Wilma Linton fpianistl. ROW II-Barbara DcZulia, .Ioan Bogott. KOVV Ill-Ruth Dudley, Shirley Vordcrr- Strasse. ROVV IVfGlcnna Gould. Ogff, Mdlnlel Warren Thunnnel, Bob Mathis, Glenn Mortenson, Larry Norton, Mr. Tonkin, Don Shontz, Ronnie Schuulcr, Toni Slothuwer, Flark Prentiss. U2 .7wirLr6 Margie Wcssels, llarlwara Thomas, Joel Rive. -lanicc Svott. Dolly Ann Ilcll. MQW' LC! LIQPJ SFIATED-Jo Cole, Marilyn VVilkinson, John Michel, Janice XNkl.2ll0l', JoAnne An- drews, ST.-XNDINGf.Iennn0 Stei'enlmc1'g,5, David Siex, Wanda Rhoades. 93 1 iiffigg, ' iz is Q, f mg wk.. Bfxfxmw MR L wma, N QQFFL ww N, k jun? A nm M 32 :Eff .-,. E Q . xxx, If K1 Q. W mm, :Q I A w . .N WN 15 s L J s 2 assi . Q ,Ax 3 a ww Q ew? Sis., R ' Min Yo S wr 'Q' gif ., .Q ,.,, . 'EE Q ,X ' ii X' -if f X t gig R w 1 S 1 " "' ' .fi H W Sk ' 4:85 em K as wa -. V igiigw N5 M f '1Q:,1f:c5x fx-5? :: mi? L, , wSS , fi M - Qgliif' ggi' 81511 3 253 if ff' 5 as ' fp lv M Q gif Q, .: F N 22 2,31 :E-arf, - 6 Q Q 'sv Hi K 2 - :f::f:f J R F W1 .AE Nw!!'5'U fn' ,fd pa from A Kr P A Kr S Annabelle-Ray Jewelers Badger Paint Store G. E. 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Readel Mervyn H. Reed Rock Falls Dairy Dr. H. Rubright Russell, Burdsall Kr Ward Co. Schlough's Grocery Frank Stager Insurance Agency Sterling Sterling Sterling Sterling Sterling Sterling Daily Gazette Fashion Shop Federal Savings and Loa Floral Shop Home Improvement Co. Implement Carl J. Stutzke Sullivan's Clothing Store Assn Swartley's Greenhouse Twin City Corporation Twin City Produce Co. WSDR Walz Lunch W. B. Wetzell Lyle Wilcox Woods Funeral Home Wi W? M141 Mfr 411.54 C WW!!! 96 CLI'l0l,ULJ9eI'I'I,eI1tJ Rock River Valley Printers, Sterling Illinois Blankenberg Photographers, Kankakee, Illinois Jahn Kr Ollier, Engravers, Chicago, Illinois The S. K. Smith Co., Covers, Chicago, Illinois Brock 8x Rankin, Binders, Chicago, Illinois Wziffffgfzffgdiaw 5... Q X A KV, Mmmwgfyd xf'?O5.'WWWX1f5 ff V M ' +"m W ff MQW kjkfwp QXWGQQL 5 E 0 Q EQ? 323422 2 Qf25 Gf 1 SF fiw he 3? 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Suggestions in the Sterling High School - Blue and Gold Yearbook (Sterling, IL) collection:

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