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1 ,Q X. '-. N fy Xa Q. Q1 Q Q .Ma w f mm, ' pu--"' 4 s p ' in f X 2 V SR "' .AY Q Q 301 Z. in 315.1 5 .. ,- , ,M f -Y: gl 1949 BLUE AND GOLD PRESENTED BY THE SENIOR CLASS ei STERLING TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL STERLING, ILLINOIS ' . -1 Phil Ward, editor jerry Robbins, business manager Y'fE"' -:P U OnQthg pages' qi the 1949: "Blue and Gdldn, thi! sgnior class is prdsentini in infprmal bk fthe ynfaictivities 'hi Starting Townslihiu Q mm scum, 1fm1w,' CIQSMBQ ' may .14 was 1 dag. mlarffi Q zenipuziag to pmugy. j C , 1 rf' in ..k P' V ' 1 ' 1. ., , sf. . ,X Q, ,, " 1.-1 , , hw, ., V . f 2-ii' V -., .. mini, , V . 9.41 ' r' " ' -mix f 'Y 5" ' Q Q1 ,A - " F3 I K., ... 'L 55 I , 4, . .,, I .M x. DEDICATIO We dedicate this book to Homer Musgrove as an expression of our deep appreciation for his fine work as physical education instructor, his pust activities as coach in nearly every sport at S.H.S. and as a friend to us all. Mr. Musgrove was born in Mattson, Illinois, on December 15, 1907. He received his four years of high school education in Cleve- land High School, St. Louis, Missouri. During this time he won nine letters: three in each baseball, basketball and football. He was an All Star selection in each of the above spo1'ts for two years in succession. In 1924 the St. Louis sports writers chose him as the outstanding quarterback and player of the city. Besides these sports accomplishments he represented the eastern half of Missouri in the National Oratorical Contest sponsored by the Globe Democrat, a strong St. Louis newspaper. He was awarded an athletic scholarship to the University of Iowa and in his freshman year there won three numerals. In his sophomore year Mr. Musgrove was varsity third baseman, and he helped Iowa to win the Big Ten championship in 1926. After com- pleting his work on a Bachelor of Science degree, he returned to the University for post-graduate courses and now holds a Master of Homer Musgrove Arts degree. Before coming to Sterling, Mr. Musgrove spent seven years at Elmore, Minnesota. In addition to being principal of the high school there, he taught physical education classes and coached all athletics. Sterling Township High School was for- tunate enough to obtain Mr. Musgrove's services in 1942. Since then he has taught health and boys' physical education, has guided all intramural sports, and has coach- ed football, baseball, basketball, track, tum- bling, boxing, and wrestling. As well as being an outstanding teacher, he has been recognized by the American Red Cross for teachings and achievements in swimming, lifesaving, and first aid. He has also had national and state recognition for his foot improvement program, which has this year been inaugurated into the girls' gym classes, and he has contributed many articles to national health magazines upon this sub- ject. In conjunction with all this, he is now supervisor of off-the-campus student teachers from the Physical Education Department of the Northern Illinois State Teachers College. Not willing to rest upon these accomplish- ments, Mr. Musgrove is superintendent of the Broadway Methodist Sunday School and is also the secretary and a member of the Board of Directors of the Sterling Gyro Club. The school sentiment was very nicely phrased by a senior girl who, when asked what she knew about Mr. Musgrove, replied, "Nothing, except I like him." Yes, we all like Mr. Musgrove very much and hope that he will be with us and be helping us for many years to come. n O We 4 I milf' ff 4 uf' Y .Fl Y f Hal!-'A' fad' Tho main t'llll'2lllL'l' ol' an olcl. estalmlislied l'0Ull4l2llllJll--- Stl-rlinigg 'Fownship lligh School, Sterling, Illinois. A1 Hchiml the svvd of knowledge is the tez1cher's hand. ZQf-fb-IDPFUP-lm'-4ZHZU3f PRINCIPAL Mr. Hoscoc Ezides Our assistant principal is Mr. IM-Voc. His kccn sense oi' humor and 'frionclly man ncr mzikc him 21 'friend ol cvcryono. lfricncllinoss is his guimling' factor in l'Llllllf1'XYItll :in "iron hzincl". Mr. llo- Yoc'sln'illizll1cc hclps smooth out mziny of thc prolrlcms that occur :it h.ll.S. All ol thcsc traits put togcthc mzilic il lN'l'SUllillllY that thi stuclcnts :irc lll'0L11l0l'l'l2lVlllj4 :is onc ol' their lczulers. is This is Mr. Iizulcs. thc prin- cipal oi' our school. Not always in thc limi-light hut morc oftcn in thc buck- grouncl, Mr. Euclcs is always doing his host for thc stu- dents zind the school. llis guidance and lcziilcrship arc truly assets to our school. S.H.S. is cluly honorccl to have such zi main of high ideals and principles for its leader. ASSISTA T PRI CIPAI. "nigga, lllr. lf. li. lDcYoc SCHGOL BO RD H. E. Bell, D. E. Castle, P1 H. Ward, 0. C. Beatty, L. H. Brown. The men whose pictures appear above represent both the executive and the legislative functions of the governing body of the school. The administrative phase is vested in the principal and his assistants, but the policies of the school are determined by the Board of Education. All through the school year it deliberately determines the actions and the functions of every department involved in school life. Particularly have these men been busy with the details of school building construc- tion of the new 331,850,000 project which is now in progress. ALUM l BOARD Sitting'-Hlircidn-1' Woods, St1llllllI1f,1'L'flll?.l.l'lCS Sprinkle, Plorcncc Olsen, Larry Wheeler, Leroy Thunimel, Lyle Hall. 7 SCHOOL SECRET RIES Mrs. Olsen, Miss Mundorff, Mrs. Bley. Here are the girls who manage the main office. Besides their regular office duties, Miss Mundorff, Mrs. Olsen, and Mrs. Bley run a combination Information Bureau, Lost and Found Department, and Ticket Office. If you are having difficulty finding room "F", if you have lost a book, if you want a ticket to a basketball game, or if you need an identification for an out-of-town game, they are ready to help you. JA ITORS Mr. Pm-lton, Mr. Stakemiller, Mr. Mayne, Mr. Reitzel. The men who do a wonderful job of keeping our school in working condition are the janitors. They are well known for their ingenuity in maintaining our rather outmoded buildings. They are keenly interest- ed in all our activities and are "good fellows" to know. 8 FACULTY Miss Priscilla Coffee, Miss Mary Harris, Miss Gazelle Adams, Miss Doris Burritt, Miss Barbara Larson, Miss Marie Dickson ENGLISH and SPEECH Senior English is a collective review of the preceding years of English, a course in constructive writing, and a survey of English litera- ture. Junior English classes are devoted to the study of American writers and to better writing. Sophomores study contemporary writers. Freshman English is mastering speech and good writing habits. Speech classes study the art of speaking Well and self-assuredly. Miss Harris, Miss Adams, Miss Barnes, Miss Dickson, and Miss Fischer teach English. Miss Burrltt and Miss Coffey teach English, too, and are the librarians. Miss Larson has charge of all speech classes. Miss Lucille Barnes Miss Esther Fischer English French ll I ..... M229 K ima.. Mr. .Iunc lice. Miss Lula Pignatclli.. Mr. Jerome Robbins, Miss Mildred Kl'LlQ'l10fT, Miss Dollee Fauth, Mr. Curtis Brandau. FOREIGN LANGUAGE and SOCIAL SCIENCE Mr. Lee teaches both first and second year Latin classes. For the first half of the school year, Miss Pignatelli taught Spanish and French. For the remainder of the year, Miss Straw taught Spanish, and Mrs. Stoltz taught French. The social science department imparts information to eager students about our country's growth, pointing out the different economic, social. and religious views of the times. Mr. Robbins, Miss Krughoff, Miss Fauth, and Mr. Brandau teach the social studies. X 'X Art Math 10 Mr. Art Neahring, Mr. William Tonkin, Mr. Cloyd Meycrs. Mrs. Marie Davis, Mr. Herbert Parsley, Miss Ruth Welle, Mr. E. E. Small ART, MUSIC and MATHEMATICS Mr. Neahring's art students this year have done various types of art. Included in the classes have been sketches of buildings and land- scapes, water paintings of still life, and some oil paintings. Art classes have also painted signs and posters for school functions, and they re- painted the Christmas shrine in the Civic Center. Fundamentally, the girls' and boys' choruses are organizations which develop voices for the Robed Choir. The Choir, as well as the Boys' Quartet, sings for the entertainment of others. In the music ap- preciation classes, students learn to judge types of music and its values. The courses offered by the math department are practical mathe- matics,.algebra I, plane geometry, algebra II, solid geometry, and trigonometry. The math instructors are Mrs. Davis, Miss Welle, Mr. Small, and Mr. Parsley. Home Economics Typing 11 Miss Eunice Deffenbaugh, Miss Helen Becker. Mrs. Davidson, Mr. Ted Schcid, Mr. Homer Musgrove, M1'. Gene Ilall. PHYSICAL EDUCATION and SCHOOL NURSE The chief objects of the physical education program is to teach better sportsmanship and to build stronger bodies. The girls' gym classes are held twice a Week for each group. The boys' classes are held three times a week. The instructors are Miss Becker. Miss Deffenbaugh, Mr. Hall, Mr. Scheid, and Mr. Musgrove. Mrs. Davidson, the school nurse, helps check on absences and is always standing by to help in emergencies. Biology Chemistry 12 Miss Doreen Landis, Mrs. Viola Martin. Mr. Bernie Mitchell, Miss Jan Head, Miss Eva Hunt HOME ECONOMICS and COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENTS Home economics is taught by Miss Landis and Mrs. Martin. This science and art deals with the selection and preparation of food and clothing. the conditions of living, the care and training of children, and ,the analysis of personal qualities. Typing and shorthand are taught by Miss Hunt and Miss Head. Mr. Mitchell teaches bookkeeping. Wood Shop Safety N 1 3 Miss Alma Sherman Mr. Chester Sherman, Miss Jeanette Sasek. Mr A1 thur Schick Mi Hugh Whaley, Mr. Peter Hoogeveen, Mr. Haden Moore. SCIENCE, SHOP and AGRICULTURE Physics, biology, senior science, and chemistry are courses offered under the heading of Natural Science. These are studies dealing with sound conclusions and generalizations by absolute accuracy of investi- gation. Mr. Sherman teaches physics and chemistry, and Miss Sherman and Miss Sasek teach biology and science. Mr. Schick teaches agriculture-the study of the cultivation of the land, the growing of crops and livestock on the farm, and farm manage- ment. In Mr. Hoogeveen's woodshop classes, boys make everything from desks to drawer pulls-and these articles are professional looking, too! Among some of the colorful and interesting items made are coffee ta- bles, bookends, shelves, and chairs. And if you need a spare part for your car or a vise for a workbench, the boys in Mr. Moore's machine shop classes can make it for you. Mechanical drawing is taught by Mr. Whaley. Civics I our steps to rcuch thx up-,1:1':1duz1tion. wr-r1H3PCU3P7UCD Keith Albers Fern Allison Robert F. Anslmeh Jeanne Aper Kenneth Babel Rielmrd Barnum Max Baumgardner Peggy Beach Don Wink Joyce Bell Flass President Darrell Bellows Jumvs Boh ms Curtis Benson Allan Boom' Dzwid Bl'USSl0l Wayne' Bruns L1-onzl Buhrow Eugene Bushman Bunny Lu Butler Bob Twardock class x'i.-L--Imksadmlt. Frank W. Casey and Prvsidunt Studont Y Y Advisory Council bully M. f'2lS0y We Z"'1w Carol Challand Richard Clark Z S Evelyn Crouse Robert Czuprynski Lawrence lla-nty Jack Duis Patricia Anne Dwyer Palmer Miller John Edward Eades Class Sm.,.L.t,,,.V Willard Ebersole Phyllis Ann Coakloy Viodzl Erln Betty Fenner Frzmk Fisher lol Beverly Flynn Neil Forcl Lois Foulcls Mary Put Geibel Richard Gibbs fliillllil Hey Class 'l'r0usurcr Dmliflld GOSh0l't Beverly llzmins Neil Hall Leone Hummelman Earl Harden Gene Hartman Lorraine Heilener Evelyn Hemminger Janna Hey Susan Hoffman f A , . ' 73 ' """"x f V Kay Hoogeveen Phll Vs nd Edirol--in-1-mf, Q lf Mary Ann Hull "Blue and Gold" Wayne Humphrey Jeanine Huntley Jeannette Juckley Kent Jacobs Polly Jewell Paul Kauffman Darwin Knutsen Vera Kraft Jerry Robbins . ' , LOIS Dlane Larson lluslnvss Manager. "Blue and Gold" Bob LQFQVI-C Darlene Martindale Gene Meyen Dale Long Darlene Long Mildred Rose Lucas Lois Manon Betty Marken Herb Marshang Wenda Michels Palmer Miller Bertha Peterson f'o-editor, "Script" Ruth Moreland Galle McBride Jalnos McBride Thomas McCormick L2lVC1'll0 Oelzel James Arthur Ohda Ileloris Ohms Helen Ohms Wsfkf? Susie Hoffman Vo-vditor, "Svript" Larry Olmsteafl .I vulwtlc Over 3, I f Donald Scharfenbergr Marion Parker Bertha IC. Peterson Charles Pippert Frzmcis H. Pope Jerome Robbins Margraret Saillarcl Jeannine Marie Schwitters Elsie Scribner flharles Sisson Ruth VVelle Class Advisor Nonis Snow Warren Sonneman Mary Edith Storonborg Leona Stern Gary Strock Irvin Tretteen V wwfiz- -- "fax - J Gwen Turnroth Bob Twardock Doris Burritt HMS Adviser Merton Wallingford Philip Ward Virginia Wolf Marilyn Woods William VVarehime Gloria Weaver Shirley Ann VVhite Deloris VVicks Laurence Wiemken Donald Wink Herbert Parsley Laurence Wooster Adviw- Gerald Zigler "Blue :md Gold' SENIOR ACTIVITIES Keith Albers-Footballg Intramural Basketballg Trackg Bowlingg "S" Clubg Junior-Senior Promg Halloween Frolic .... Fern Allison-Girls' Athletic Associationg Girls' Chorusg Halloween Frolic .... Robert F. Ana- pach-Footballg Trackg Baseballg Junior-Senior Promg Halloween Frolic. . . . Jeanne Aper-Girls' Chorusg Romani Hodicrnig Halloween Frolic .... Kenneth Babel-Boxingg Intramural Basketballg Sweetheart Swingg Halloween Frolic .... Richard Barnum-Junior-Senior Promg Halloween Frolic .... Max Baum- Bhfdnel'-BaSk9l1b21ll9 Football: T1'3l'k5 Baseballg "S" Clubg Junior-Senior Promg Halloween Frolicg Romani Hodicrnig Campus Club ..., Peggy Beach-Robed Choirg Girls' Athletic Association, council 4g Fifth Ave- nue Playersg Senior Play Crew, production managerg Junior-Senior P1'Ol'l1Q Romani Hodiernig "Script" Staffg Campus Clubg Girls' Ensemble, accompanist .... Nancy Behrens-Chicago, Illinois, 15 Sweetheart Swingg Girls' Athletic Association: "Script" Staffg Sadie Hawkins Danceg Girls' Ensembleg Junior-Senior Promg Robed Choirg Capag Halloween Frolic .... Joyce Bell-Romani Hodiernig Halloween Frolic .... Darrell Bel- lows-Football:.TulnbliI1g'g Scooter Clubg Halloween Frolic .... Curtis Benson-Debate Clubg Tumblingg Romani Hodiernxg Barnyard Frolicg "Script" Staffg Sweetheart Swingg Sadie Hawkins Danceg Junior-Senior Promg Halloween Frolicg Campus Club, vice-president 4 .... James Behma-Bowlingg Halloween Frolic. . . . Allan Boone-Community High School, Sterling, 1-23 Junior-Senior Promg Halloween Frolicg Bowling, . . . David Bressler-Romani Hodiernig "S" Clubg "Script" Staffg Junior-Senior Promg Fifth Avenue Play- ersg Debate Clubg Robed Choirg Campus Cluhg Halloween Frolicg Footballg Track: Sweetheart Swingg Sadie Hawkins Danceg Homecoming Danceg Intramural Basketballg Student Advisory Council .... Wayne Brunn -Future Farmers of Americag Halloween Frolicg Junior-Senior Promg Barn- yard Frolic .... Leona Buhrow-Sweetheart Swingg Romani Hodiernig Junior-Senior Promg Halloween Frolic. . . . Eugene Bushman-Future Farm- ers of Americag Halloween Frolicg Monitor .... Bunny Lu Butler - Barn- yard Frolicg Romani Hodiernig Sweetheart Swingg Librariang Sadie Hawkins Danceg "Script" Staffg Girls' Chorusg Junior-Senior Promg Monitorg Annual Boardg Homecoming Danceg Girls' Athletic Associationg Halloween Frolicg Campus Clubg Senior Play Crew .... Frank Casey- Baseballg Football: Trackg Junior-Senior Promg Romani Hodiernig "S" Clubg Halloween Frolicg Campus Clubg Homecoming' Dance .... Sally M. Casey-Girls' Athletic As- sociationg Future Homemakers of Americag Capag Girls' Chorusg Campus Clubg Fifth Avenue Playersg Junior-Senior Promg Halloween Frolicg Sweet- heart Swinrg Sadie Hawkins Danceg Homecoming Dance .... Carol Challand -Capag Girls' Athletic Associationg "Script" Staffg Junior-Senior Promg Fifth Avenue Players: Class president 35 Student Advisory Councilg Junior Red Cross Councilg Robed Choirg Campus Cluhg Halloween 'Frolicg Sweetheart Swingg Sadie Hawkins Danceg Homecoming' Danceg Senior Play Crew. . . . Richard Clark-Robed Choirg Senior Play Crewg Halloween Frolic .... Phyllis Ann Coakley-Oak Park, Illinois, 1-39 Campus Clubg .Junior Red Cross Councilg Girls' Athletic Association .... Evelyn Crouse-Girls' Ath- , , , letic Associationg Romani Hodiernig Halloween Frolicg Sweetheart Swingg Ndncy Behrenh Junior-Senior Prom .... Robert Czuprynski-Footballg Intramural Basket- ballg "S" Clubg Monitorg Barnyard Frolicg Sweetheart Swingg Homecoming Danceg Junior-Senior Promg Annual Boardg Halloween Frolicg Wrestlingg Campus Club ..., Lawrence Denty-Trackg Footballg Intramural Basketballg Junior-Senior Promg Hal- loween Frolicg Bowling ..,. Jack Duis-Trackg Cross Countryg Footballg Romani Hodierni, president 33 Campus Clubg .Junior-Senior Promg "S" Clubg Annual Boardg Sweetheart Swingg Barnyard Frolicg Home- moved to Rice Lake, Wisconsin. coming' Danceg Robed Choirg Halloween Frolic .... Patricia Anne Dwyer-Future Homemakers of Amer- icag Halloween Frolicg Girls' Chorus ..,. John Edward Baden-Tennisg Footballg Trackg Capag Robed Choirg Sweetheart Swingg "S" Clubg Boys' Chorusg Junior-Senior Promg Intramu1'al Basketballg Barnyard Frolicg Halloween Frolic .... Willard Ebersole-Future Farmers of America, vice-president 3, president 45 Halloween Frolicg Junior-Senior Promg Footballg Bainyard Frolicg "S" Club .... Vioda Erb-Hallo- Ween Frolicg Junior Red Cross Councilg .lunior-Senior Promg Sweetheart Swingg Capag Girls' Athletic Asso- ciationg "Script" Staffg Sadie Hawkins Danceg Barnyard Frolicg Senior Play Crew .... Betty Fenner- Barnyard Frolicg Romani Hodierni, secretary 2g Girls' Athletic Association, secretary 43 Sweetheart Swingg Homecoming' Dance: Girls' Chorusg Robed Choirg Girls' Ensembleg Future Teachers of Americag .Junior- Scnior Promg "Script" Staffg Monitorg Annual Boardg Campus Cluhp Un Peu de Parisg Halloween Frolic. . . 27 Frank Fisher-Junior-Senior Prom, Monitor, Scooter Club, Annual Board, Halloween Frolic .... Beverly Flynn-Future Homemakers of America, Girls' Athletic Association, Junior-Senior Prom, Halloween Frolic, Robed Choir .... Neil Ford-Intramural Basketball, Football, Sweetheart Swing, Junior-Senior Prom, Halloween Frolic, Cross Country, Bowling, Track, Baseball, Sadie Hawkins Dance, Homecoming Dance, "S" Club, Robed Choir, Campus Club, Annual Board, Wrestling, Mens' Chorus .... Lois Foulds-Girls' Athletic Association, secretary 3, Halloween Frolic, chairman, Junior-Senior Prom, Junior Red Cross Coun- cil, Fifth Avenue Players, president 4, Monitor, Romani Hodierni, Barnyard Frolic, Sweetheart Swing, Campus Club, Girls' Chorus, Baton Twirler, Future Teachers of America, Annual Board, Senior Play Crew, Capa, vice-president 4 .... Mary Pat Geibel-Girls' Athletic Association, Homecoming Dance, Junior Red Cross Council, Junior-Senior Prom, Halloween Frolic, Romani Hodierni, Robed Choir, Sweetheart Swing. . . . Richard Gibbs-Football, Track, Homecoming Dance, Halloween Frolic .... Donald Goshert-Track, Cross Country, Bowling, Sweetheart Swing, Sadie Hawkins Dance, Romani Hodierni, Halloween Frolic, "S" Club, Annual Board .... Beverly Hain:--Girls' Athletic Association, Future Homemakers of Amer- ica, Barnyard Frolic, Capa, Sweetheart Swing, Halloween Frolic, "Script" Staff .... Neil Hall-Baseball, Intramural Basketball, Bowling, Football, Track, Halloween Frolic, Homecoming Dance, Sweetheart Swing. . . . Leone Hammelman-Future Homemakers of America, "Script" Staff, Junior-Senior Prom, Halloween Frolic, Annual Board .... Earl Harden--Tennis, Bowling, Halloween Frolic, Scooter Club .... Gene Hartman-Sadie Hawkins Dance, Halloween Frolic .... Lorraine Heilener- Girls' Athletic Association, Girls' Chorus, Robed Choir, Girls' Ensemble, Sadie Hawkins Dance, Junior-Senior Prom, Halloween Frolic, Romani Hodierni, Campus Club, Senior Play Crew, Annual Board .... Evelyn Hemminger-Band, Girls' Athletic Association, Librarian, Monitor, Capa, Future Homemakers of America, Sweetheart Swing, Hal- loween Frolic .... Janna Hey-Halloween Frolic, Homecoming Dance, Girls' Athletic Association, Junior- Senior Prom, Student Advisory Council, Monitor, Capa, Romani Hodierni, Annual Board, Campus Club, Class treasurer 3-4, Librarian .... Susan Hoffman-Class vice-president 1, secretary 3, Cheerleader, Girls' Athletic Association, Sweetheart Swing, Romani Hodierni, Junior-Senior Prom, "Script", co-editor, Fifth Avenue Players, secretary 4, Student Council, secretary 4, Halloween Frolic, Senior Play Cast, Home- coming Dance, Campus Club, Librarian, Barnyard Frolic .... Kay Hoogeveen-Girls' Athletic Association, Girls' Chorus, Mixed Octet, Girls' Ensemble, Robed Choir,Junior-Senior P'rom,"Script"Staff,Annual Board, Campus Club, Senior Play Cast, Fifth Avenue Players, Romani Hodierni, Student Advisory Council, Hal- loween Frolic .... Mary Ann Hull-Girls' Athletic Association, Barnyard Frolic, Sweetheart Swing, Homc- coming Dance, Junior-Senior Prom, Junior Red Cross Council, Student Council, Robed Choir, Romani Hodierni, Halloween Frolic, Twirler, Girls' Chorus .... Wayne Humphrey-Boxing, Sweetheart Swing, "Script" Staff, Junior-Senior Prom, Football, Scooter Club, Annual Board, Halloween Frolic, Senior Play Cast, Wrestling, Barnyard Frolic, Monitor, Intramural Basketball, Campus Club, Track .... Jeanine Huntley-Girls' Athletic Association, Romani Hodierni, Sweetheart Swing, Campus Club, "Script" Staff, Junior-Senior Prom' Halloween Frolic, Senior Play Crew .... Jeannette Jackley-Girls' Athletic Associ- ation, Future Homemakers of America, Junior Red Cross Council, Sweetheart Swing, Sadie Hawkins Dance, Halloween Frolic, Annual Board .... Kent Jacobs-Junior Red Cross Council, Baseball, Intramural Bas- ketball, Bowling, Tumbling, Baton Twirler, Junior-Senior Prom, Scooter Club, president 3, Halloween Frolic, Robed Choir, Fifth Avenue Players, Senior P'lay Cast, Monitor, Cheerleader, Annual Board, Campus Club, Sadie Hawkins Dance .... Polly Jewell-Romani Hodierni, Girls' Athletic Association, Girls' Chor- us, Barnyard Frolic, Sweetheart Swing, Un Peu de Paris, co-chairman 4, Fifth Avenue Players, Debate Club, Junior-Senior Prom, "Script" Staff, Annual Board, Halloween Frolic, Homecoming Dance, Sen- ior Play Cast, Campus Club, president 4 .... Paul Kauffman-"S" Club, Track, manager, Football, manager, Basketball, manager, Bowling, Annual Board, Junior-Senior Prom, Red Cross Council, Halloween Frolic .... Darwin Knutsen-Band, Halloween Frolic .... Vera Kraft-Barnyard Frolic, Romani Ho- dierni, Girls' Athletic Association, council, Sweetheart Swing, Junior-Senior Prom, "Script" Staff, Fifth Ave- nue Players, Librarian, Junior Red Cross Council, treasurer 3, Halloween Frolic, Homecoming Dance, Sen- ior Play Crew, Annual Board, Sadie Hawkins Dance .... Lois Diane Larson--Capa, Girls' Athletic Asso- ciation, Future Homemakers of America, Junior-Senior Prom, Halloween Frolic .... Bob LeFevre- Future Farmers of America, treasurer 4, Cross Country, manager 4, Track, "S" Club, Halloween Frolic, Barnyard Frolic, Intramural Basketball, Track .... Darlene Long-Girls' Chorus, Romani Hodierni, Girls' Athletic Association, Halloween Frolic, Campus Club, Monitor .... Mildred Rose Lucas - Future Home- makers of America, Halloween Frolic, "Script" Staff, Campus Club .... Lois Manon-Future Homemakers of America, Girls' Athletic Association, Junior-Senior Prom, Halloween Frolic, Annual Board .... Betty Marken-Barnyard Frolic, Girls' Chorus, Romani Hodierni, Girls' Athletic Association, council, Sweetheart Swing, Fifth Avenue Players, "Script" Staff, Librarian, Junior-Senior Prom, Monitor, Senior Play Cast, Halloween Frolic .... Herb Marshang-Intramural Basketball, Intramural Bowling, Sadie Hawkins Dance, Halloween Frolic .... Darlene Martindale-Girls' Athletic Association, Girls' Ensemble, Robed Choir, 228 Girls' Chorus, Baton Twirle1', Sweetheart Swing, Junior-Senior Prom, Halloween Frolic, Campus Club, Romani Hodierni, "Script" Staff, Homecoming Dance, Sadie Hawkins Dance .... Gene Meyen-Rockford, Illinois, 2, Junior-Senior Prom, Homecoming Dance, Intramural Basketball, Halloween Frolic. . . . Wenda Michels-Sweetheart Swing, Romani Hodierni, Junior Red Cross Council, president 4, "Script" Staff, Girls' Athletic Association, Halloween Frolic, Senior Play Crew, business manager. . . . Palmer Miller-Romani Hodierni, Student Advisory Council, Campus Club, Basketball, Baseball, Cross Country, "S" Club, Class secretary 4, Annual Board, Barnyard Frolic, Sweetheart Swing, Sadie Hawkins Dance, Halloween Frolic, Monitor .... Ruth Moreland-Barnyard Frolic, Future Homemakers of America, Sweetheart Swing, Homecoming Dance, co-chairman 2, "Script" Staff, Junior Red Cross Council, treasurer 2, Librarian, Girls' Athletic Association, vice-president 3, Sadie Hawkins Dance, Junior-Senior Prom, co-chairman, Halloween Frolic, Senior Play Crew, Campus Club .... Gale McBride-"S" Club, Football, Halloween Frolic .... James McBride-Tumbling, Trampoline, Sadie Hawkins Dance, Junior-Senior Prom, Halloween Frolic .... Thomas McCormick-Basketball, Baseball, Football, Track, Cross Country, "S" Club, Homecoming Dance, Sweetheart Swing, Junior-Senior Prom, Halloween Frolic .... Laverne Oetzel-Girls' Athletic Association, Future Homemakers of America, Capa, Girls' Chorus, Sweetheart Swing, Halloween Frolic, Monitor .... James Arthur Ohda-Class president 1, Basketball, Track, Football, "S" Club, vice-president 4, Student Advisory Council, Junior Red Cross Council, Junior-Senior Prom, Halloween Frolic, Monitor .... Helen Ohms-Girls' Athletic Association, Future Teachers of America, Campus Club, Junior Red Cross Council, Sadie Hawkins D-ance, Halloween Frolic, Junior-Senior Prom: Future Homemakers of America, Un P'eu de Paris .... Deloris Ohms-Girls' Athletic Association, Sweetheart Swing, Junior-Senior Prom, Future Teachers of America, Future Homemakers of America, Campus Club, Un Peu de Paris, Librarian, Hal- loween Frolic .... Larry Olmstead-Tennis, Bowling, Halloween Frolic, Football, Intramural Basketball, Sweetheart Swing, Scooter Club, president 4 .... Jeanette Over-Future Homemakers of America, Barn- yard Frolic, Girls' Chorus, Sweetheart Swing, Capa, Junior-Senior Prom, "Script" Staff, Girls' Athletic As- sociation, president 4, Robed Choir, Halloween Frolic, Homecoming Dance, co-chairman 4, Senior Play Crew, Librarian, Campus Club .... Marion Parker- Girls' Athletic Association, council 3-4, Future Homemakers of America, Future Teachers of America, Sweetheart Swing, Fifth Avenue Players, Girls' Chorus, "Script" Staff, Campus Club, Romani Hodierni, Librarian, Homecoming Dance, Sadie Hawkins Dance, Junior-Senior Prom, Halloween Frolic, Senior Play Crew .... Bertha E. Peterson-Sadie Hawk- ins Dance, Halloween Frolic, Junior-Senior Prom, Homecoming Dance, Robed Choir, Girls' Chorus, Girls' Ensemble, "Script" Staff, co-editor 4, Fifth Avenue Players, student director of One Act Plays, Sweetheart Swing .... Charles Pippert-Bowling, Football, Future Farmers of America, Capa, Junior-Senior Prom, Halloween Frolic, Campus Club, Annual Board, Senior Play Crew, Sadie Hawkins Dance .... Francis H. Pepe-Intramural Basketball, Halloween Frolic, Intramural Bowling, Junior-Senior Prom .... Jerome Robbins-Tennis, "S" Club, Robed Choir, Sadie Hawkins Dance, Junior-Senior Prom, Fifth Avenue Play- e1's, Senior Play Cast, Homecoming Dance, Halloween Frolic, Annual Board, Campus Club, Bowling, Tumbling .... Margaret Saillard-Girls' Athletic Association, Barnyard Frolic, Sweetheart Swing, Sadie Hawkins Dance, Halloween Frolic, "Script" Staff, Romani Hodierni, Band, Campus Club .... Donald Scharf- enberg-Band, Robed Choir, Male Quartet, Senior Play Cast, Junior-Senior Prom, Annual Board, Fifth Avenue Players, Capa, Boys' Chorus, Student Advisory Council, Baseball, Intramural Basketball, Campus Club, Sweetheart Swing, Halloween Frolic .... Jeannine Marie Sehwitters-Halloween Frolic, Future Homemakers of America, Homecoming Dance, Campus Club, Sweetheart Swing .... Elsie Scribner-Fw ture Homemakers of America, Girls' Athletic Association, Robed Choir, Junior-Senior Prom, Halloween Frolic .... Charles Sisson-Football, Basketball, Track, Baseball, Golf, "S" Club, Junior-Senior Prom, Halloween Frolic .... Nonis Snow-Cheerleader, Class secretary 1, Student Advisory Council, Junior Red Cross Council, Girls' Chorus, Romani Hodierni, Robed Choir, Librarian, Sweetheart Swing, Fifth Avenue Players' publicity chairman 3, program chairman 4, Junior-Senior Prom, Sadie Hawkins Dance, "Script" Staff, Annual Board, Halloween Frolic, Girls' Ensemble, Campus Club, Girls' Athletic Association, Senior Play Cast .... Warren Sonneman-Football, Basketball, Wrestling, Track, "S" Club, Capa, treasurer 4, Student Council, Class secretary 2, Halloween Frolic .... Mary Edith Sterenberg - Barnyard Frolic, Sweetheart Swing, Junior-Senior Prom, Romani Hodierni, Fifth Avenue Players, Girls' Athletic Associa- tion, Homecoming Dance, Sadie Hawkins Dance, Robed Choir, Girls' Chorus, Baton Twirler, Senior Play Cast, "Script" Staff, Annual Board, Campus Club, Student Advisory Council, Halloween Frolic .... Leona Stern-Future Homemakers of America, Girls' Athletic Association, Halloween Frolic .... Gary Strock- Barnyard Frolic, Future Farmers of America, reporter 2-4, Football, Track, Intramural Basketball, Cross Country, Sweetheart Swing, Halloween Frolic, "S" Club .... Irvin Tretteen-"S" Club, Football, Bowl- ing, "Script" Staff, Annual Board, Halloween Frolic, Junior-Senior Prom, Campus Club, Capa, Robed Choir, Fifth Avenue Players, Senior Play Cast, Sweetheart Swing .... Gwen Turnroth - Sweetheart Swing, Girls' Chorus, Romani Hodierni, Sadie Hawkins Dance, Girls' Athletic Association, Junior-Senior Prom, 29 Student Advisory Council, secretary 35 Campus Club, secretary 43 Halloween Frolicg Homecoming Dance. . . . Bob Twardoek- Football: Intramural Basketball: Trackg Barnyard Frolicg Sweetheart Swing: Junior- Senior Prom: Romani Hodiernig Campus Clubg Homecoming Dance: Student Council: Annual Board: Senior Play Cast: Fifth Avenue Players .... Merton Wallingford-Rock Falls, Illinois, 15 United States Navy 2g "Script" Staffg Sadie Hawkins Dance: Student Advisory Council: Monitorg Fifth Avenue Playersg Senior Play Cast: Intramural Basketball: Boxing: Halloween Frolic .... Philip Ward-Sweetheart Swing: Junior-Sen- ior Promg Robed Choirg Band: Bowling: Intramural Basketballg "Sf' Clubg Cross Countryg "Script" Staffg Campus Clubg Barnyard Frolicg Track: Halloween Frolicg Student Advisory Councilg Romani Hodxernig An- nual Board, editor: Un Peu de Paris, co-chairman 45 Debate Clubg Golfg lVIens' Chorus: Male Quartet .... William Warehime-Scooter Club: Halloween Frolicg Sadie Hawkins Dance: Senior Play Crew .... Shirley Ann White-Capag Girls' Chorus: Sadie Hawkins Danceg Halloween Frolic .... Deloris Wicks - Future Homemakers of Americag Girls' Athletic Association: Halloween Frolicg Junior Red Cross Councilg Home- coming Danceg Sweetheart Swing' .... Laurence Wiemken-Football: Boxing: .... Donald Wink-Soph- omore Dance, Chairman: Student Council: Romani Hodiernig Capag Footballg Trackg "S" Clubg Junior- Senior P'rom, co-chairman: Class vice-president 2-35 Class president 4g Monitorg Campus Club: Bowling: Halloween Frolic .... Virginia Wolf-Girls' Athletic Associationg Junior-Senior Promg Halloween Frolicg Junior Red Cross Council: Future Homemakers of America .... Marilyn Woods-Girls' Athletic Associ- ation: Sweetheart Swing: Capag Junior-Senior Prom: Librariang Halloween Frolicg "Script" Staff: Campus Club: Senior Play Crew .... Laurence Wooster-Footballg Trackg Intramural Basketball' Wrestling: "S" Clubg Barnyard Frolicg Sweetheart Swing: Class treasurer 1-23 Junior-Senior Prom: Robed Choir: Halloween Frog' .... Gerald Zigler-Scooter Clubg Trampolineg Halloween Frolicg Sweetheart Swing: Sadie Hawk- ins ance. SE IOR CLASS HISTQRY During their freshmen year a party was given for the purpose of getting acquainted. "The Barnyard Frolic' was well attended and very much enjoyed. The main event of the sophomore year was "Sweetheart Swing". This was the annual sophomore dance. The theme of the dance was appropriate for Valentine's Day. As Juniors the class was kept busy with the prom. "Top Hat" was a success. The theme followed was suggestive of Broadway. As a leap year event the class sponsored the "Sadie Hawkins Dance", which was a girl-pay-all affair. "January Thaw," the senior class play, was successfully presented to the student body and the public on December 8 and 9. The annual senior dance, given April 22, was outstanding for its excellent or- chestra and good floorshow. Several other dances were given for the purpose of raising funds fox the Annual. The class of '49 was counseled by Miss Burritt and Miss Welle. The officers for the four years were as follows: Freshman: Sophomore: Pres. Dick Holler V-Pres. Don Wink Sec. Warren Sonneman Treas. Larry Wooster Pres. Jim Ohda V-Pres. Susan Hoffman Sec. Nonis Snow Treas. Larry Wooster Junior: Senior: Pres. Carol Challand V-Pres. Don Wink Sec. Susan Hoffman Treas. Janna Hey Pres. Don Wink V-Pres. Bob Twardock Sec. Palmer Miller Treas. Janna Hey 30 I l I l I'1l'0Shf'Il0ll, sophomores, and j uniors--the undergraduates. ml11P-IDPCIUDPPUQPUFFIUZC JU ICR CLASS 32 CFFICERS Pat Forquer, Sue Bucher, Clark Prentiss, Helen Fenner Under the able supervision of their counselors, Miss Becker and Miss Dickson. the junior class presented "Redman's Rhythm" on October 13. This was a very successful dance with Shirley Vorder- :trasse and Harry Blaisdell acting as co- chairmen. Clark Prentiss was chosen president ol the junior class: Pat Forquer, vice-presi- dent: Sue Bucher, treasurer: and Helen Fenner, secretary. The junior class received second prize in the Homecoming Parade for an original float describing the defeat of Morrison in the Homecoming Football Game. A large percentage of the class were ace tive in basketball, football, Robed Choir, and Band. The highlight of the year was the Jun- ior-Senior Prom held on June 8. Pictures and further details of this dance will be in next year's Annual. ADVISORS Miss Dickson, Miss Becker. Row lal-Kill Stewart, Joanne Dunnnett, Clark Prvntiss, Suv liiiclic-i', Pat For quer, Helen Funncr, Bonita Bolling, l,ylv Marquis. llow ll--Miss liecker, Joanne Audra-ws, Mary .lane livllows, .loyrv Vartvr lVlarg'c-ry Paulson, .Iam-kio Sullivan, Mary Lou Sta-rn, liolty Sayrv Miss Dickson. Row lll---'Goorgv VV0c'lislvr, Bill Johnson, Roger l"utvrl1au1,:li, Max SL'l1l11illlllLf Fld VVells, Tony Pizzaro, Ray Kvnaga, C'lifi'orml Garriot. Cow I liolwrt Stnnlvy, Pat Stoadinan. Varlannv Huck. Yada Meyer, Vera llarslnnan, Dorothy Moorohead, Juno Rosonow, -lack Rinehart, Donald Adams. low ll' llc-lon Millvr, Dorotliy llvttlnan. .loan lilniendorf. Valda Nailor, Flor- cncv Russcl. Marguurito VVoessn0r. Row Ill' ylmxic Moffit, Carroll llonior, Ronald liuescr, Stuart Smith, 'l'oni llandol, William Waltcrs. Yvrnon Kendvll, Holm-rt llurlvy. 2523 low I l'z1ul Lund, Mary .lane liesemzui, Helen Itken, Pat Walters, Gretchen lmhlmers, Marian Stern, Alan Surratt, Warren Thuniniel. Row ll-f-Loretta Morden, Phyllis Lancaster, Laura Stern, lVlarlene Geihel, Genevieve Frank, Betty Henderson. Loren Berger. Row lll- -Ruyniond Pitts, Larry Norton, Him-hard Young, Neil Ruth, .luck llzill. Tom Griffith. Row I Phyllis DeWeerd, l,aVonne Huhrow. Joanne lizinmlheer. Lois ,Ann VVade, Shirley LZlClPlll7Ql'L1'Cl', Marilyn Ahrens, Harry Blaisclell, Glenn Mortenson. Row llADonna Bowman, Lillian VVag'ner, Marilyn Pyse, Marilyn Miller. l'nl Putman, Lucille Gnrriot, Otto Null, Stanley Stefanieh. Row III Gerald Fritz. John Wilgrer, Gene Gnunier. Dean lislilenian, Orville Kimhell. Hill Marshall, .lohn Rowman. Sl-1 Row lffllenn Froas, Bc-rnice Hartz, Betty Dccts, Shirley Tuft, Joanne Kundv, Mildred Scribner, Roszma Stern. Row Il-f-Verna Oltmans, llc-len Rising, Lois Kraft, .lean ,l.l0l'l'2lIl4'l', Normal Todhuntvr, Mary Tliiakos, .loan lilam. limi' lll ---- Aliolivrt Nlzagrolial, Ray Modlvr, Kc-nm-tli Suninivrs, Max Jolilisml. l,ylu Mvincrs, .Iulm Johnson, .luck Lyons. Cow In Marilyn lYilliinson, -lvminv SOYUIOINZIII, .losvpliinc 0010, Sliirlcy Yor- clm-rstrasso, lhmnottv Sl1z1wg'er, Margery Ruitzcl, Joan Engl-llaclis, lfllwin Tllivlvn. low ll- Mary Brandt, Lulu Nm-lsnn, .lozmnc Gvvr, Lucy Manzann, Astollu Lopcz. Sliirlvy llumphroy, Alice llennutt. limi' III -.lim Wilkins, .lulin Buwnmll, Leo P'ropliet, .lim Kaelilcr, Cliarlcs Doets, Kvitli Robinson, .lack Watson, .lim Crossland, Allen Kcndell. 35 SOPHGMQRE CLASS l 3 6 OFFICERS Joel Rice, Marlene Kenner, Lora Lea Wolf, Bob Peugh The sophomore class started its year off by electing Joel Rice as president. To help the president through the year, the class also elected Bob Peugh as vice- president, Lora Lea Wolf as secretary, and Marlene Kenner as treasurer. The class of '51 donated much to thc field of sports. They were definitely repa resented in football, basketball, and track. This class also did well in band and in choral groups. One of the highlights of the 48-49 school year was sponsored by this group. It was "Rainbow Romp", a dance, on February 26 which had a very entertain- ing floorshow and a smooth orchestra. Miss Harris and Mr. Schick assisted the sophomore class in its activities of the year. ADVISORS , Mr. Schick, Miss Harris Row I- llovf Ilh llow Ill V Wilma Linton, June Stern, Mr. Schick, Joel Rice, Marlene Kenner, Lora Lea Wolf, Bob Peugh, Miss Harris, Joyce Dettlnan, Sally Mosher. Lyle Matzzniek, .Ioe Moreno, Betty Panseik, Kalab Wesner, Barb DeZuba, Kay Eshleman, Shirley Glenn, Joyce Hall, Carmen Surratt. Ilob Galloway, Marvin Keiser, .lim Vary, Roger Laible, -lim Cross, -lim Galloway, Chuck Cole, Stan Doden. Row I-Sherwin Mefoinbs, Marlene Steadman, Marian Miller, Carolyn Nelson. Alive Eininitt. Glenna Gould, Pat Appenzeller. Row ll-Nancy Snavely, Mary Lee Huntley, Mary Snavely, Ilctty Winn, Gilbert Flowers, Norman Barnum, Harlan Bell. liow Ill-Charles Thialuzs, Ronald Hartman, Gary Aper, .lim Vleaveland, llill Arnold. Marvin Bixby. IST low I--liolw l"orward, Joyce Fritz, Mildred Mellot, Marilyn Cassens, .loan Henisheli, .loan Leisner, Janet Oltmans, Dick Widdows. low Il-Marian Holdren, Wilma Asbury, Wanda Bushman, Pat Meenen, Deloris lla-rr, Lou Ella Bushman, Chuck Rhoades. Row Ill- -Richard lfulfs, Lloyd Geiger, Kenard Green, Boh King, Boll Anderson, Holi lflversole, Wesley Koester. Row Row Il Row I l l I4 Bob Wilson, Bolm Mathis, Marilyn Nelson, Ruth Dudley, Sally llickforml. Doris Kundc, -loan Boggott, Alice Drane. Marilyn Bawden, Carol Camps, Janice Wagner. Mary Ann Snyder, .loel Harshinan, Ervin Lobaugh, LaVonn0 Hart. fPaul Small, .lim Nuttal, Don McKee. Jordan Daniels, Ted Sulouff, 'l'oin Slothower, Jim Kindle. IES Row I-Barbara Finkle, JoAnn Reins, Jane Cassens, Lois Van Gilder, Mary Lou Horwedel, Ruth Janssen, Delores Sehueler, Wesley Koster, Bob Feldman. liow ll-Beverly Cotter, JoAnne Ohda, Donna Howe, Mary Ann Miner, Bill Seott, Chuek Johannsen, Roh Thurm, Dale Janssen. Row III-John Michel, Brent Arterburn, Ronny Sehueler, Tom Keller, Larry Stutzke, Ronnie Knelson. llow lf.luanita Aldrich. Irene Harden, Norman Arthurs, Nancy liosenow, Ann Twardoek, Betty Seott, Alice Freas, Darlene Lucas, Merlin Book. New llflVlarian Kendall, Pat Allen, Janean Cunningham, Alice Louis, Kate Pusliedra, Kenneth Groff, Fred Courtwright. Row Ill-Richard Weigle, Daryl Knutsen, Gordon Brown, Robert Heath, Charles Hayen, Don Weeks, Laverne Johnson, Bob Willer. 39 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Dean Zellar, Darlene Clark, Norma Miller, Wanda Rhoades Miss Deffenbaugh and Mr. Brandau, freshman class advisors, report that their group of students are an enthusiastic, co- operative group. The "Freshman-Mixers", a party held October 9, was well attended by 150 class- mates from the enrolled 170 students. The freshman class officers are as fol- lows: president, Dean Zellarg vice-presi- dent, Darlene Clarkg treasurer, Wanda Rhoadesg secretary, Norma Miller. The class' student representative is Dean Hub- bard. With good co-operation the freshman class can look forward to a bright, happy, and sincere future. ADVISORS Miss Deffcnbaugrh, Mr. Ilrzindaui 40 Row l-lleverly Near, Virginia Hildebrand, Susie Church, Darlene Clark. Norma Miller, Wanda Rhodes, Donna Seeley, Shirley Barnes, Jean Allen. Row Il-Allan Fleer, Nancy Tliunnnel, Sally Shaffer, Judy Mangler, Janice Jaekson, Deloris M0l.aug'hlin, Barhara Garriott, Gene Zehr, Edwin Miners, Miss Deffenlmaugrli. Row Ill--ffllr. llrandau, Merehel Flynn, Ric-hard Allen, Glenn Springrinan, Roll Hruns, Holm llieks, Morris Reitzel, .lohn Sunday, John Surratt, Leo Miner. low l-- l.eo Geil, Jean Whiteside, Marlene Stutzlie, Pat liateheller, Marlene llueli- er, Varole Donovan, Carol Taft, Ronald Goodnight, Don Shontz. low ll Susan Rlaeli. Phyllis Kosier, Ann Gartner, Pat Baird, Joanne Morse, Kay Sullivan, Janice l'unning:hani, Beth Myers, Delmar MeNineli. Row lll- Alvin Geesey, Raymond Gierhart. Ronnie Geiger, George Schneider, Ned Ryerson. Skippy Rueli, Don Knight, lliek Lyon, Holm Kosier, Barry Musyzrove. I l l -11 lu ow I-Arthur Kraft, Richard McC'ormick, Patsy Urton, Pat Hanson, Elvera Ihen. Elaine Siex, Marie Ohms, Arlene Book, Jane Marlow. ow ll--Paul Ryan, Lee Keiser, .lack Maier. Janet Johnson, Carol Turner. Rat Howe, Eileen Miner. nv lllfliay Robison, Glen Helms, Everett Dewitt, Earl Condiff, Kenny Otten. LeRoy Hanson, Lyle Dirlis. Row Row Row Ill 1? Il- Ester Wollwer, Eva Fulton, Uarrenia Bolling, Pat l':lll10lldlll'l', Marjorie Nel- son, Nancy Kunde, Deloris Maass, Dovie Quimhy. Deloris Hulmlward. Nancy lVlcWethy, Loretta Rockwell, Gwennyth Bradford, Lois Good, Karl Kilherg, Virginia Stralow, Donna Bauman, Roh Wessels, Don Stewart. Gerald l"rimodt. John Walton, Lawrence Musgrrave, Fred Wyngrarden. John Persona. Gale Duprey, Ronald Williamsen, Jerry Peterson, Joseph Thomas, lloh llaither. Dean Hubbard. 412 iii, Row I+Don Lester, Don Bushman, Wayne Moore, Joyce Planthaber, Ruth Kimball, Merrildean Leonard, Eunice Detweiler, Dorothy Near, Mae Swanson. Row llsliill Penley, Edwin Grafton, Wilmer Schwank, Carol Sarber, Shirley Smith, Vivian Karr, June Swanson, Phyllis Berge, Audrey Hurley. Row Ill-Gene Thome, Merle Wolfley, Ronald Rieklefs, .lack Reiske, Franklin Holmes, Russel Deets, Donna Glenn, Shirley Robbins, Carol Landis. low I-iloanne Bixby, llelen Johnson, Maxine Carlson, Joanne Stevens, Nancy lil1I'ld1IlllSt, Marlene Metzner, Lavonne Carey, B0l'Hlk'C I'ropheter. Row Il-Jerry Homquist, Charlotte Meilulloh, Donna Boyungs, Maxine Wallis. Jeannie Sterenberg, Dick Huntley, Darrell Shierry, Harry Weaver. Row III-John Williams, Dick Czuprynski, .lay VVallis, Arthur Magrou, Ed D-ahlbergy Alfred Zainbruno, Hob Smith, .lim Robinson. 423 A if 5 1 bw' all N 91 we i 1 1 I J .-Q: n 5 . .ff if' 'S it . X 4'k wa A S 'nibig '., T 1 wi ' Q l time 'Q S'-wil i xV0l'kil1gtOgCthUl' in friendship is thv aim of all 2lCtlX1ti8S Dm-rm-1 PUC'-I UNT1 NN UAL BCJARD Between coffee and hamburgers in day and night sessions, the Annual Board came into being. The first few weeks were spent in learning the jobs to be done and in adjust- ing the board members to their work. During this time the board members were grouped as follows: EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Phil Ward BUSINESS MANAGER Jerry Robbins ADMINISTRATION Ruth Moreland, editor Darlene Martindale Jeanne Aper CLASSES Betty Fenner, editor Lorraine Heilener Gwen Turnroth FEATURES Vera Kraft, editor Polly Jewell Sally Casey SPORTS Neil Ford, editor Palmer Miller Jack Duis Irvin Tretteen ART AND LAYOUT Lois Foulds, editor Mimi Sterenberg Warren Sonneman Paul Kauffman CIRCULATION Nonis Snow Frank Fisher Kent Jacobs Don Goshert Charles Pippert TYPISTS Bunny Butler, chicf Jeannette Jackley Lois Manon Leone Hammelman EX-OFFICIO Don Wink, class president ADVISOR Herbert Parsley Then the work began. First the seniors were photographed in November. In December the large job of taking group pictures was completed in two days. Then write-ups had to be written, and the photographs sent to the engravers. Slowly the engravings began to come from the engravers. The arrival of these "cuts" brought on a last minute rush to finish the write-ups and to get sections of the book to the printer. But no sooner had a section reached the printer than one was returned for proofreading. With the return of the corrected proofs, the annual was ready for printing. But the book was not finished, it still had to be bound. This done the Annual was presented to the school. The staff of the 1949 "BLUE AND GOLD" would like to take this opportunity to thank the students, faculty, and friends who helped make this book possible. END - SHEET IDENTIFICATION FRONT Upper left-Mimi Sterenberg, Ruth Moreland, Nonis Snow. Upper center-Palmer Miller. Upper right-Phil Ward, Jerry Robbins, Kent Jacobs. Lower left-Jack Duis, Neil Ford, Irvin Tretteen. Lower center-Sally Casey, Vera Kraft. Lower right-Lorraine Heilener, Betty Fenner, Gwen Turnroth. 46 BACK Upper left-Paul Kauffman, Warren Sonncman. Don Wink. Upper right-Jeannette Jackley, Leone Hammel- man, Lois Manon. Lower left-Jeanne Aper, Darlene Martindale. Lower center-Lois Foulds, Bunny Butler, Polly Jewell. Lower right-Chuck Pippert, Don Goshert, Frank Fisher. RGMA l HODIER I 1 , . 4 i wi.-.Q ,- .ws Row I-Mr. Lee, advisor, Janice VVagner, Kalah Wesner, John Bowman, Row Row Row Row IV- Clark Prentiss. Barbara DeZuba, Luella Bushman, Lora Lea Wolf, Carol Camps, Joyce Hall, Pat Meenen. Nancy Snavely, Betty Winn, .loan Hogott, John Michels, Bill Scott, Sally Bickford, Dick Widdows. Betty Urton, Carolyn Nelson, Doris Kunde, Pat Appenzcller, Jane Cassens, Lois VanGilder. -Roscanna Stern, Alice Einmitt, Betty Scott, Bill Arnold, Joel Rice, JoAnne Kunde, Ann Twardock, Glenna Gould. The Latin Club, which is open to all Sterling High students taking Latin, was started in 1928. Officially known as t'Romani Hodierni". the club has as its main purpose the promoting of student interest in Roman culture. The literal translation of "Romani Hodierni" is "Ro- mans of today." Club members can be identified by pins inscribed with the official name. In the past few years it has been the custom of the Latin Club to welcome the first year Latin students with a party. This year the reception was held on November 29. JoAnne Kunde was the party chairman. This year's paramount event was the annual Roman Banquet held April 29. lmpersonating slaves, the freshmen dressed in white tunics served dinner to members of the advanced Latin classes. 47 ROMA I HGDIER I Row I- Row II- Row III- Row IV- Row V- Fred'Wyngardcn, Carl Kilberg, Shirley Robbins, Wayne Moore, Margie Nelson, Virginia Hilderbrand. Lois Ann Good, Janice Jackson, Nancy Thummel, Barry Musgrove, Martha Marrow, Beverly Cotter. Susie Church, Elvera Iben, Jack Rieske, Tom Thomas, Bob Baithcr, Ronald Williamson, John Persona. Nancy Kunde, Donna Seeley, Joanne Stevens, Ruth Kimball, Pat Baird, Delores Maass, Shirley Barnes. Norma Miller, Joan Leisner,'Skippy Ruck, Bob Mathis, Bob Feldman, Bob Smith, Delores Scheler. xl 1 u X if Vw M'-45 mu' by 6, 48 Latin Club Officers for the year were: President-John E. Bowman Vice-president-Kalah Wesner Sec-1'etary-treasurer-Janice Wagner PEU DE PARIS Advisor-Miss Pignatelli Jeanne Sonneman, Betty Fenner, Polly Jewell, Dick Nuttal, Phil Ward. "Un Peu de Paris", as the name signifies, brings just a little bit of Paris into Sterling High. Officers for the current year were Phil Ward, chairmang and Polly Jewell, co-chairman. The meetings were composed of listening to French conversation records and reading French newspapers. At the Christmas meeting the club rehearsed French carols. At the beginning of the year the club met only at school, but in the spring it met in the different mem- bers' homes to listen to French operas and popular songs. Miss Pignatelli began the year as French club advisor and carried through until the end of the first semester when Mrs. Stoltz took over. 49 DEBATE CLUB Alan Fleer, Gene Gaumer. Miss Larson, advisor, Joan Elmendorf, Marilyn Miller. Harry lllaisdell, Joan Keiscr, and Jack Reiske. Not pictured: Clark Prentiss, Wayne Humphrey, Larry Norton. 5 The S.H.S. debate team, coached by Miss Larson. began work early last fall on the national high school debate question, Resolved: That the United Nations Now be Revised Into a Federal World Government. After a good healthful combination of cokes, coaching, and criticism the squad was ready to venture forth against teams from other schools. The first series of practice tournaments were held at Rockford, East and West High Schools. The team, including Harry Blaisdell, Joan Elmendorf, and Jack Reiske on the affirmative and Marilyn Miller and Larry Norton debating the negative, came out of its first practice debate with a fourth place among eleven schools. Armed with 'knew material" the debaters entered the annual tourn- ament at Augustana College, in which twenty-five teams from all over Illinois and Iowa competed. The tournament of six rounds was held on February 4 and 5 on the college campus. In spite of being up against the toughest teams in the tournament, Sterling came out better than any other team in the N.C.I.C. Miss Larson, as well as the debaters, was kept busy since she judged in three of the six rounds. The next item on the debaters' agenda was the N.C.I.C. tournament debate held at Rochelle Township High School on Saturday, February 19. Of the schools competing. Sterling placed third. On March 12 the debate team traveled to East Rockford for the sectional meet. As the debate year came to an end. the debaters were confident that, with the experience gained this year. the decisions would fall to Sterling next year. ion' I- -Lyle Dirks, Donald Shontz, Gene Zehr, Merle Wolfley, Don Bushnian, Don Lester, lflolw Hicks. lion' ll Glen Springwnun, Holi llruns, Ray Modler, .lolin Johnson, lionnld liicklefs, R uss fleets. low I Luvern Johnson, Merlyn llook, Holm Forward, Max Johnson, Glen Ifrezis, Chuck Pippert, Tom Keller, Lloyd Geiger, Dick Fulfs. low lIg.lolinny Wilger, Hill Johnson, Gary Strock, Hob Anderson, llolm La-l"evre, Lyle Mutznick, Dale Long, Willard Ehersole, Mr. Schick. lion' Ill - Kenny Summers, Ronnie Schueler, Lyle Meiners, .lim Brown, Wayne llruns, NVQ-sley Koester, Holm Elmersole. Row I--Miss Pig'nat0lli, Ha-lcn Rvisingy, Rulli Dudlvy, Kato laxslcmlra. .-Xliw Ilranv. limi' llflllarilyn Hawdcn, Alia-4' Frm-as, Donna Ilnwc, -In Ann Olifla. llutli .lanssm-n, Marilyn Cassvns. llmr lll llvloris lla-rr, VVil1na Linton, Nanvy llosvnvilvr, Mary lluntlvy. Mary Lou llmwvvdvl, Kay l'iSl1lClll2l1. llov: lVf --lini Nuttall, Vliuc-li Yolo, Paul Small. liodgoi' Laililv, John Walton. Sally Mosher. Nut pivtizwcl: Loo Prophet, Roliort Magnna, Alfred Zainlwranu, Nurnia Starks. .lu Anne Goor, La Yunno llart, Bonnie Iloppvr. lluw lALfiis lfoulds, vivo prosidontg Lucy Manzanu, SOC'l'0l2ll'j'Q XYZll'l'l'll SUIIIIUIIHIII. tra-asurvrg Jack Lyon, prcsidvnt. Row ll- -.lolm VVilg'vr, Mary Brandt, Lula Nelsun, l'lst1-lla Lopez, Mary .lanv Loss'- nian, Marilyn Pyso. limi' lll lic-tty Sayre, Lava-rnc Oetmfl. Betty ln-1-ts, Gm-iii-x'ivx'v Frank. Marlrio livil- zvl, .Ioan lflngvlkons. limi' IV' f'liuc'k Ik-1-ts, Don SCllZll'l'ClllJCl'L.1'. llurotliy AllHbl'UllC'1l4l, Norma 'll2lClllllllll'l'. l,ur0na liovkwvll, Marilyn VVoods. lluw Y lic-i'nic'c Bartz, Don VVinli, .lo Ann Lan4lln'l-r. lh-an lislilvinan. Sally Vasvy. Vliul-li Pippm-rt. FUTURE FARMERS The F.F. A. is a national organization for boys enrolled in vocational agriculture classes. The F.F.A. has taken part in several activities this year. Among these projects have been coke sales at basketball games and the sale of milk and pencils. During the past year the club has had floats in the Homecoming Parade and the Fall Festival Parade. They had two basketball teams and played several games with local schools. The local F.F.A. Chapter attended the International Livestock Show in Chicago on December 1. Lyle Meiners attended the National Dairy Cattle Congress at Water- loo, Iowa, and won the Dairy Judging Contest at Manlius Cheese Day. He was awarded a trip to Waterloo with all expenses paid. On February 26, several members of the F.F.A. attended the Junior Dairy Calf Sale at the University of Illinois, College of Agriculture. Only residents of Illinois where able to purchase calves. The officers were: president, Williard Ebersoleg vice president, Dale Long, secretary, Lyle Matznickg reporter, Gary Strock, treasurer, Bob LeFevreg sentinel, Bob Anderson, advisor, Mr. Schick. CAPA CLUB The Capa Club presented the annual "Baile de Gracias" on Thanks- giving Eve. The decorations for the gym were in keeping with the Spanish theme. A huge straw hat hung from the center of the gym ceiling with red, green and white streamers radiating from it. Proceeds from the "Baile de Gracias" were used for a Christmas party for the Mexican children in this community. This party was given in the high school gym, and more than one hundred children en- joyed many games and contests. The highlights of the party were the breaking of the two "pinatas" and the distribution of gifts. The Capa Club was represented in the Homecoming parade by a Spanish float. The float was decorated in Mexico's colors, red, green and white and was graced by boys and girls in Mexican costumes. In the spring the new Capa members were initiated into the Club. They went through the usual torture. After initiation was over the Spanish Club enjoyed a dance in the Gym. The Capa C1ub's officers were: Jack Lyon, president, Lois Foulds, vice president, Lucy Manzano, secretary, and Warren Sonneman, treasurer. 53 l Advisor Miss lfauth Row l-- Pat Meenen, Delores Herr, lletty llrton. llorotliy Mooreliezxd. Marilyn l'yse. Row ll -flll2ll'l0ttl' Mcfulloch, .lozxn l'Ilincndorl'. Marion li2ll'li0l'. llonnzl llowe, llnellzi Buslnnzxn. The Future Teachers Club was orirunized for the first time last year. The purpose of this organization is to instruct those students interested in the duties and responsibilities ot' teachers. Several of the Future Teachers attended Tez1cher's Institutes at Morrison and at Sterling. Miss Ruth Mzinus gave il very interesting :ind educational travel talk on November 15. The school lllJI'2ll'l2lllS are tl group ot' sophomore. junior, and senior girls who assist Miss Burritt and Miss Foftey in the school liln'zn'y. The girls work hard in checking and shelving hooks, and in helping: fellow students with reference work. lizxck RowfSusie llot't'inzxn, Janna Hey, llelen Miller, Marilyn Woods. Valrlzlnne Huck, Yoda Meyer, lleloris Ohms, lx'l2ll'l2ll1 Miller. Miss llurritt. advisor. lfront Row-.leunnett Over, Shirley Glenn. Alice llennett, Mary -lane llellows. Mur- lene Kenner. liois Kraft. Hmm I liilixm-:iv Iiixximmii, K--nl Jzumlsf, VX 1-min Mir-In-Is, NY:u'1u- Hlllnplirvy. l'nImu-r Milli-I Huw II .lunn Ii--im-r. Ii:-'ly Mzxrlxvii. IIIIIIIIX liulln-1' Imis Iulllnl Ihtlx Inixllni Ixm'xii Hmlnminyu I.:iu-rnv Ui-in-'. Il:ii'I4-iw I..-mx. Mies Iirll:,1'ImI'1', 4 , .-4. .- - . . f.- Ilmx III .I:um:i II.-x, NI:-:'! XX':xIIiixgx'I'mwl. Il-un Wink, Hula l'm11xl'5i1sIxi .Iim tlhmlzx. Ifrziiilx Ifixln-1' Nut pirturn-il: Marx .Xml Ilull. II11 rliniiiturs, 1-Imscii Ivy il Imzlvcl ul' slvlmlcllts, Iizul Zl X'2ll'IOIX ui' jnlns, 'I'l10x' 'pro- xw-iitmi luzlfing' in the lmlls Iwtwn-on pvrieads and avtvmi as lm-ss:-ng'vl's fm' thu office and tcau-lwrs. 'l'I1v nimiitui-s 4Ii1'wt1-ci x'isiLm's in thu- nlIic'o ui' to any zlppoiutmvnt awaiting? tlwm olwm-wlmvrv in ilu- IIllIIlIlII" 5 - X. , . ,.,.. Um Nlllmla III hum 1 u I1 xixlil Iltllll' class was cliusun Iiy his vlzxsslnzxtcs fm' thi- .Iuniur . 4 . , Iivd Vruss IIUIIIIVII. IIIIVIIIQ thu nmnth of fIl1lIU2lI'y this 0I'g'Zl.llIZ2lI,IOlI spmisurcd Z1 vloiliiiig' drivu for thu IIUUKIX cliildrcii ul' thc wovld, zlml in I"vIn'Llz1l'y the f'ou1ic'iI mom- Iwrs put l'm'tl1 tlwil' vI't'm'tx for tho UIIIZIITII ni' Ilimm-S", Iiww I IIIIIVXIII Iiixln. .luvii Il--islw .In l'uIv. Ilmm:i l54vXiiilL'a, Km-111 .Inv-ulrs. I.vIn- llirlw. Huw II M Iluxv III my Imrmw, .Xulxiw-r, In-ith Ilulm-mi, .lim IN1i:r1-im. I,vIn- Ivlurquis. Wu-mln Mir-In-lx. Murllxn Milivr. Il-'un Ilulvlvursl. Imix Irirsf-ii, IVI:irx' .I:im- Ih-Iluxxs, Nzinvv Klmnh-. Nimlzi Iurlw. Huw IV IIUI- Ixmv,l:nr1uni1-- Iluvlx. II cl:-in Ohmw. I"V:im'if IH: I.:-f:i Nm-IM-ii. Flin--IX Iilimlvs. iw limi VN:-I-Iw l'Iix'IIix l'u'xl4Im-v Iuml V81-Ilw, -an-.1 iw wr ! as ' - is CAMPUS CLUB Row I-Miss Krughoff, Polly Jewell, Lois Foulds, Curt Henson. Row II-Mimi Sterenherg, Gwen Turn- roth, Marion Parker. Row III-Phil Ward, Marilyn I'ysv. Delores Ohms. Row IV-Chuck Pippert, Joanne Kundc, Mary Jane Leseman. Row V-Dick Nuttall, Don Wink. Larry Norton. Row VI-Margie Reitzel, .Ioan Engel- kcns, .Ioan Elmendorf. Row VII-Sally Casey, Lorraine Ileil- ener, Darlene Long. Row VIII-Jerry Robbins, Margaret l , Saillard, Helen Ohms. The juniors and seniors who plan to attend college may become members of the Campus Club. This club, under the direction of Miss Krughoff, passed on information about colleges, universities, and other educational institutions to its members. The club also arranges for personal interviews between college representatives and interested students. The Campus Club held a dance after one of the football games. Miss Pignatelli talked to the Campus Club on fraternities, sororities, housing, and scholarships for the different colleges. Books and cata- logues were placed in the library as a source of materials regarding colleges and universities. 56 How If--Jim XVilkins, Peggy Ileaeh, W Carol fvhlllllllld, Warren Thummel Bow ll Tom Griffith, Don Selmri'en- laergr, Dare Hressler. low lIl - Dean I':ShlL'lll2lI1, Jeanne Aper, " Mildred Lucas. llow IV-Orvill liimlmll. Put Walters. .lannn Hey. lion' V---Palllner Miller. Marilyn Woods, Jeannine Sehwitters. How YI Pete Vusey, Neil I"ord. Row I-Bunny Butler, Kent .Inu-obs. Row II-Joan Keiser. Nonis Snow. Row III-Darlene Martindale. .Iezmnette Over, Betty Fenner. How IV-Kenny Summers, Kay llooge- veen, Bill Johnson. Row V-Holm C z u p r y n s k i, Dorothy M oorehead, Joanne I4ill1llhL'0l'. Row VI--Clark Prentiss, l'z1L Stead- man. Phyllis Coukley. RowVIIglVIz1x H1lLllNj,L'2ll'dlll'l'. Iiolm Twardoek, Susie Hoffman. 57 SCRIPT Sitting-Betty Marken, Shirley Humphrey, Susie Hoffman. co-editor, Bertha Peter- son. co-editor, Ruth Moreland, Miss Krughoff, advisor, Standing-Mr. Parsley. advisor. Kay lloogeyeen. Larry Norton. "Scriptsl" "ScriptsI" Now on sale! Read all about it! Sterling defeats East Rockiordl Get your t'Script" now and read about the sensational game of the year! Such important and outstanding schcol news as this is printed by the "Script", which is Sterling High School's monthly newspaper. Be- sides news items, two of the outstanding column headings which have appeared this last year are the"Squealer"and the"InquiringReporter". The "Script" Staff worked with g1'eat speed to get the "Script" to the printers and then to the students and faculty. There were two special issues this year. The first was the Christmas issue which was printed in green ink. The other was the Junior Class issue. which was the May issue, to give the Juniors experience in putting out a complete issue. Several ofthe issues contained a columnar heading titled ltwy2ll'l'ilJl'S in the Spotlight", and "Smart and Smooth". These were read and en- joyed hy everyone. A banquet was held this spring for the staff and advisors. Susie Hoffman and Bertha Peterson were co-editors ofthe "Script" this yeal and Miss Krughoff and Mr. Parsley were the advisors. 524 limi' I+-Sully Mosher, Marilyn Wilkinson. llotty Winn, Ann 'l'wzu'dm'k, -loam llugott, .loan lilnwndorf. limi' ll---Pat Walters, Mary Jam- llollows, Vat l"m'qiu-i', Marilyn Milla-r, JuAnm Andrews, lllarizin Miller, l?zu'lmzu':i lh-Ziilm. Row Illf-Pat Allvn, Kav Plslilvimnn, Mznrlcnc KOIIIIOV. Blzirv Luu Stn-rn, .lm-11111111 Stor- vnluvrg, .lvzininv fllllllllllgfilillll, Kzilzih Wosncr. Row IX' --IM-an Zellzir, llivli Nuttall, Suu Ilinvlu-i'. livlvn Miller, 1i2ll'l2lllIl0 lim-la, V4-ru llzirshnian, lla-tty Sm-ott, Yamila Mvyor. low l---Polly Jowvll, Ya-ra lirzift, l.c-mio llzimnwlinzui, Milclrvcl I.ucus, Jvzxnim- lluntloy, lim' Hains, Nonis Snow. low ll--lllzirimi Pzirlu-i', Yiudzi l'li'l1, l'v1:g'y HL-null. Hctty l"vnnn-V, .lvumittv Ovvr. Mimi Sta-iw-iilwi'g. .loan K1-isor. low Ill Wziynv llilinplirvy. llliil NV:ii'ml, Mort xvlllllllgfl-0l'll. Mzxi'g.:'ai1'c-t Sziilizird. Marilyn Wmicls. STUDE T CUUNCIL Row Row Row How Illg 60 Jeanne Sonneman, Sue Bucher, Darlene Clark, Marian Miller, Mary Ann Hull, Pat Forquer, Helen Fenner. Ray Kenega, Janna Hey, Mr. Lee, advisor, Susie Hoffman, Bob Twardoc-lc, Miss Krughoff, advisor, Larry Norton. Lora Lea VVolf, Marlene Kenner, Wanda Rhodes, Betty Panscik, Norma Miller, Mary Thiakos, Dean Hubbard. Don Wink, Bob Peugh, Dean Zellar, Mcrt Wallingford, Clark Prentiss, Palmer Miller, Joel Rice, Barry Musgrove, Jim Ohda. The Student Council is an organization of students who express the desires of the various school activities. The officers of each class and two representatives at large from each class were elected to the Student Council. The Council holds meetings every few months. They helped pre- pare the Homecoming Parade. This group is under the capable direction of Miss Krughoff and Mr. Lee. They have elected the monitors and held a preliminary elimina- tion contest for Cheerleaders. The officers of the Council for the year are: president, Bob Twar- dockg secretary, Susie Hoffman. "S" CLUB Row IkPalnier Miller, Jerry Robbins, Keith Albers, Phil Ward, Pete Casey, Jack Duis, Bob LeFevre, Dale Long, Don Goshert. Row II-Tom McCormick, Paul Kauffman, Chuck Sisson, War1'en Sonncnian, Irvin Tretteen, Willard Ebersole, Dave Bressler, Gary Strock, Neil Ford, Don Wink. Row III-Bob Czuprynski, Larry Wooster, Jim Ohda, John Eades, Hob Twardock, Max Baunigardner. The "S" Club is an organization composed of all the boys who have won minor or major letters in any of the school's competitive sports. The "S" Club co-operated with the G.A.A. in sponsoring the "Blue and Gold" Homecoming Dance. The coliseum was decorated with the colors blue and gold. Signs and "T" shirts were sold during the year to add a little money lo the club's treasury. "S" Club members also ushered and took tickets at the football and basketball games. The "S" Club members are to set an example for others in and out ol' school. They are to see that no one destroys anything in the school. The club was founded to promote good school spirit and a strong inter- est in athletics, and the "S" Club acts as a governing body. There was a football banquet held in the fall and a basketball ban- quet in the spring. The major and minor letters were awarded during assembly programs. The initiation of new members was held at Sinnissippi Park. Of- ficers for the year were: president, Ray Kenagag vice president, Jim Ohda: and secretary-treasurer, Tom McCormick. lil rf Row Ifl,eo Prophot, Keith Rolmison, Ed Portor, Larry Norton. .lark llzill, Tom Griffith, .lim Wilkins, lid VVQlls, Chuck Dcots. Row llf'l'ony Pizzarro, .lack Bowman, Jack Lyon. Goorgv 'Wvvhslm-r, .lohn liowman. Lyle Marquis, Elwin Thielen, Otto Null. Stun Stcfanich, Lou-n Blll'j.1'0l'. Jim Crossland. llow Ill?-luck Watson, Cliff Gurriot, Max Sclimuling, Ray Kvmxgrzx, .lolin -lUllllS0ll. l!ill Sl.ll1ll'l., Hog- l'LltCl'll2lll1,1'l1, Dick Youngz, .lim Koa-lilur. Vlurk l'rc-ntiss. Row lfVVvsl0y lioostvr, .lim Galloway, Chuck flolv. .lov Mori-no, .lim f'li-volzmrl, Jordan Daniels, Paul Small. Row Ilsliay Gu-rhart, Roger Laililc. Bill Scott, Barry Musgrrovc. Holm Wilson, Don Knight, Holm Andvrson, Don Weeks, Tcd Suloff, Don Mrlioo. Row lllvC'liu1'k Hzlyvn, Roh Elmrsolo, Dick l'zup1'ynski, .lim Yury, llola Gzxllowny, Marvin Kaiser, Jim Cross. Row Row Row Row GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATIO ,Av Jeanne Sonneinan, Mary Jane Bellows, Betty Fenner, .Jeanette Over. Sally Casey, Pat Forquer, Merrildeane Leonard, Vera Kraft, Sally Mosher, Vada Meyers, Carlanne Ruck, Bernice Bartz, Ronnette Shawger, Sue Bucher. Peggy Beach, Susie Hoffman, Lucy Manzano, Barbara DeZubu, Kalah Wes- ner, Lora Lea Wolf. Shirley Humphrey, Kay Hoogeveen, Kay Plshleman, Betty Marken. Helen Fenner, Joanne Geer, Marion Parker, Polly Jewell, Miss Becker, Miss Deffenbaugh. The Girls' Athletic Association had a very active year under the direction of Miss Becker and Miss Deffenbaugh. The officers for the 1948-49 year were: president, Jeannette Over, vice president, Jeanne Sonnemang secretary, Betty Fenner, and treas- urer, Mary Jane Bellows. The G.A.A. started the year's activities with a fall picnic 'to welcome the new members. Next, the girls played hostess at a G.A.A. Workshop held October 2 in the Sterling High School building. Several senior girls attended a playday at Francis Shimer College at Mt. Carroll on October 9. The big event of the G.A.A. year was the Blue and Gold Home- coming Dance, sponsored by the G.A.A. and the "S" Club. The Harvest Moon Dance was the annual F.F.A.-G.A.A. get-together. CContinued on Page 665 63 Row Row ll--f lion liow 'lll l--.Iarinis Cunningham, Marlene Metznvr, Elaino Sivx. Pat llaird, Phyllis Kosiur, Bernice llropheter, Charlotte McC'ulloh, liunivv Dotwoilvr. Kay Sullivan, Donna Seeley, Carol Taft, Joanne Storonlwrgr, Lois Aim Good, .lanivv Jackson, Carol Turner, VVanda Rhodes, Donna lioyungzjs, Nancy Thummol, Ann Gartner, Sally Schaffer. Darlene Clark, Nancy Kunde, Susan Church, lllarjoric Nolson, Marilyn llranc, llolcn Johnson, LaVonne Cary, Ruth Kimhall. Vioda lirh, .loannino Huntley, Marlonc Kenner, Marian Miller. Mimi Stur- onlu-rg', Valda Nailor, Joan Elmendorf. liow Il-.loam-ttc Javklcy, Laverne Oetzel, Carmen Surratt, Gloria Weavvr, Nnnis llow lll Snow, Lillian Wagner, Phyllis DeWcercl, Deloris Ohms, Betty Hvndorson. Mary Ann Hull, Mary Pat Gcihcl. lic-va-rly llainos, lleloris Wicks, Gwen Turnroth, Varol Challand. Marilyn Pysv, V1-ra llarshman, lvlargraret Saillard, Hclcn Ohms, Marian Stern, Laura Stn-rn, Gretchen Luclmlmens. Glenn, Marlene Bucher, Delores Scheler, Marlene Steadman, Carol Landis, low Row JoAnne Dummit, Lois Kraft, Marilyn Miller, JoAnne Kuncle, Shirley Tuft, Nancy Lundquist, JoAnne Stevens, JoAnne Landheer, Shirley Ladenliergrer, Pat Steadman. Row llgliva Fulton, June Stern, JoAnne Ohda. Norma Miller, Joan Bopyott, Betty Winn, Josephine Cole, Shirley Barnes, Nancy Snavely, Betty Scott, Marilyn Ahrens, Shirley Vorderstrasse. Row lll liat Elmendorf, Pat Howe, Eileen Miner, Shirley Glenn, Joyce Woods, Plstella Lopez, Beth Meyers, Maxine Wallis, Pat Hand, Arlene Book, Ann Twardock. Row IV-Glenna Gould, Alice Emniitt, Marjorie Reitzel, Joan Engelkens, Donna Pat Batcheller. l--'Alice Freas, Sally Casey, Betty Marken, Alice Lewis, Mary Lou Stern, Margie Paulson, JoAnne Andrews, Wenda Michels, Darlene Long, Marilyn Wilkinson. tow II-'Bernice Bartz, Betty Deets, Bunny Butler, Lois Foulds, Jeanette Over, Pat Bow Ill lforquer, Shirley Humphrey, Jeanne Sonneman, Sue Bucher, Betty Fenner. ---Lorraine Heilener, Phyllis Coakley, Vada Meyer, Carlanne Huck, lion- nette Shawger, Peggy Beach, Susie Hoffman, Janna Hey, Kay Hoopreveen, Vera Kraft. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATIO Row I- liow ll-- llowlll l 7 9 X Pat Mecnen, Sally Mosher, Kalah Wesner, Kay Eshleman, Barbara DOZllllil, Janice VVag'ner, Carol Famps, Marilyn Bawden, Sally Bickford, Joyce Hall. Mary Lou Horwedel, Wilma Linton, Merrildean Leonard, Donna Bowman, Lora Lea Wolf, Ruth Dudley, Carolyn Nelson, Mary Snavely, .lane Cassens, Mary Huntley. Lucy Manzano, Tiny Fenner, Mary .lane Bellows, Joanne GL-er, Bonita liollingr, l'olly Jewell, Marion Parker, Marilyn Cassens, Pat Appcnzeller, Lois Yan Gilder. On February 7 the initiation oi' all new members of the G.A.A. by the upperclassmen was held. There were many contests on the G.A.A. agenda for this year. First there was the archery tournament held early in the fall. Next came the state bowling tournament in which ten local girls participated on Febru- ary 16 and the telegraphic basketball-shooting tourney which was played on March ll. Also included in the year's sports events was an all star basketball game between the club's two "first-string" teams. The teams had previously been chosen for ' their ability and agility on the basketball , court. lf' The G.A.A. was responsible for one of , - ',' the most unusual affairs of the year, "Bob- ,' ' bysox Bounce". This dance. held on April Fools' Day, was a combination WPA and sock dance. The girls had to pay all ex- ,Pict 'ie ' us? penses, including corsages for their dates. X :X 2 and everyone was required to dance in his ,f . Q' ,-.93 socks. , ' Q' ln May a banquet was held at St. John's of . Lutheran Church tor the purpose of hon- oring those members who had earned club awards. SE ICR PLAY lrvin Tretteen, Polly Jewell, Mimi Stercnberg, Wayne Humphrey, Kent Jacobs, Nonis Snow, Jerry Robbins, Don Scharfenberg, Kay Hoogevcen, and Bob Twardock. The three-act comedy "January Thaw" was presented by members of the class of '49 on December 8 and 9. This comedy concerns the lives of two fictitious families, 'the Rock- woods and the Gages. The Gage family had recently purchased, re- decorated, and moved into an old farmhouse which formerly had been inhabited by an aged couple, the Rockwoods. The deed to the farm contained an unusual clause, which Mrs. Gage optimistically ignored, granting the Rockwoods the right to dwell in the house as long as they lived. The Gages were quite comfortable in their newly acquired home until the Rockwoods, the same family mentioned in the deed, returned to their homeplace to live. Since both families had rights to the house and since both were quite reluctant to leave, neither family would vacate the house. The ensuing action with its complica- tions, hostilities, and misunderstandings made this play a fast moving, colorful and hilarious comedy. Miss Larson was the director of this highly successful and entertaining play. . The cast was composed of the following 0 seniors: Susie Hoffman, Jerry Robbins, k. Betty Marken, Mimi Sterenberg, Nonis Snow, Polly Jewell, Irvin Tretteen, Bob Twardock, Kay Hoogeveen, Mert Walling- ford, Kent Jacobs, Don Sharfenberg, and 0 ,, Wayne Humphrey. G6 PS 67 DRAMATIC CLUB Row I-Susie Hoffman, Lois Foulds, Nonis Snow, JoAnne Andrews, Shirley Humphrey. Row II-Miss Larson, Betty Marken, Mimi Sterenberg, Bertha Peterson, Vera Kraft, Polly Jewell, Sally Casey, Marion Parker. Row Ill-Jerry Robbins, Joan Keiser, Peggy Beach, Carol Challand, Irvin Trcttcen, Marilyn Wilkinson, Jeanne Sonncman, Marilyn Miller. The Dramatic Club is an organization of those students who are interested in developing their acting abilities. The club was organized in 1928, and it is one of the few S.H.S. associations to date back that far. Tryouts were held in the fall for all students who desired to become club members: initiation of all new members, however, was not done until spring. The first production to be staged by the group was a contest play which was given at Dixon in the North Central Dramatic Festival on December 11. The other productions of the year were the three one- act plays which were presented on March 25 in the high school gym- nasium. These performances were: "Now Is the Time", "Where but in America", and "One of Us". 68 DRAMATIC CLUB Row I-Marilyn Bawden, Carol Camps, Barbara DeZuba, Janice Wagner, lxal 1h Wesner, Mary Jane Bellows. Row II-Kay Hoogeveen, Helen Reising, Wenda Michels, Wayne Humphrey, Joycc Dettman, Joan Bogott, Ann Twardock, Dick Widdows. Row III'-Brent Arterburn, Dave Bressler, Don Scharfenbcrg', Bob Twardock, Kant Jacobs, Mert Wallingford, Joel Rice, Bob Mathis. Not pictured-Curt Benson, Darlene Martindale. "Now is the Time", written by John Kilpatrick, is a comedy con- cerning a political election. The cast was: Walter, Charles Pippertg Charley, Curt Bensong Kate, Mimi Sterenbergg Madge, Marilyn Wilkin- song Lucy, Marion Parkerg and Cora, Ann Twardock. "Where but in America" is a short comedy sketch by Oscar M. Wolf. Joan Keiser, Dick Widdows, and Janice Wagner played the 'three characters in the production, Molly Espenhayne, Bob Espenhayne, and Hilda-the Swedish maid. "One of us", by Charles Henry, is a murder mystery. Its cast in the elub's production was: Michael, Curt Benson: Freda, Polly Jewellg Agatha, Carol Challandg Ingrid, Marilyn Wilkinsong Lettie, Joan Keiserg and Vernon, Kent Jacobs. 69 FUTURE HQMEMAKERS OF AMERICA . a l , Q fw wffslf f, fi-ws f ,,, 4 5 WL? i Row I-Janet Oltmanns, Donna Bowman, Pat Dwyer, Ruth Janssen, Marilyn Ahr- ens, JoAnne Andrews, Kay Eshleman, Mrs. Martin, Ruth Dudley, Marion Parker. Row II-Wanda Bushman, Mildred Millot, Joyce Dettman, June Stern, Mary Ann Meinen, Mildred Lucas, Mary Ann Snyder, Shirley Glenn, Pat Allen, Mar- guerite Woesner. Row III-Marian Stern, Helen Itken, Delores Scheler, Carol Nelson, Juanita Ald- rich, LaVonne Buhrow, Shirley Ladenberger, Lillian Wagner, Loretta Morden, Junc Rosenow. All girls taking or having previously taken a course in homemaking may become members of the Future Homemakers of America. The sponsors of the club are Mrs. William B. Martin and Miss Doreen Landis. Local activities this year included the installation of officers, formal initiation of members who had earned their degrees, educational and social meetings, and the operation of the concessions at the football games. The girls also participated in activities with other schools in nor- thern Illinois. Representatives attended a delegates meeting at Amboy and a spring F.H.A. rally at Byron. Each year a delegate is sent to the F.H.A. Leadership Training Camp at East Bay on Lake Bloomington. Ruth Janssen attended the camp for five days during the latter part of August. 70 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Ai- 9 , ,s ., l - -- -cs- - s rx .s,.:.., 35 ., ..,...,.... .. W.. . 5 Row I-Susan Black, Donna Boyungs, Esther Wolber, Dovie Quimby, Elaine Siex, Joyce Woods. Row II-Miss Landis, Donna Bowman, Carrenia Bolling, Eva Fulton, Helen John- son, Eunice Detweiler, Marlene Metzner. Row III-Charlotte McCulloh, Judy Mangler, Beth Myers, Pat Howe, Wanda Rhoades, Janice Cunningham, Jeanne Sterenberg. Row IV-Bernice Propheter, LaVonne Carey, Pat Batcheller, Darlene Lucas, Nancy Lundquist, Arlene Book, Fat Elmendorf, Carol Taft. Officers for the first semester were: w p 0 flaunt President, JoAnne Andrews Vice-president, Marilyn Ahrens Secretary, Kay Eshleman x Treasurer, Ruth Janssen Q xx pf, 'txl V N r , .. V Q' ,M 'i 'PQ 2 J -'. , Second semester officers were: X President, Marilyn Ahrens Vice-president, Eunice Dctweiler Treasu rer, Joyce Dettman 71 5 if if F? af V 4 Q il Q A ff 5 52 , 1 .. Q13 QQ 3 sig 1 4 A U! ff f i 15.53 .Av .irc :c-fy: A bn-4 C"',.f -:"'- .-ai Q35 sim :5. .. , 355 I: PCE 522 :swif- '-:sql O LI-C? sim .Ld- a. 5 Z -C LC' 1,0- f-: C-1, 41 1" '-'SE big S ,- ...M- i-4,-4: mg: ,- -IE QE 91:13. L-55: 72 3. EQ, acu mgwc 42 ' f- Q, ... bw-UQ Nz., QCP!" :L-cs, wif' :mg ZEQ wi-'-I , LJ :cg P553 515 Sei .CJ 522 2. cd 3155131 hiv. 'GJ 4-I .I-. va,:,: C1-.,',:ZC- ,:E 'L"'5 QUIZ: Lv '24 523. 4'-Q, :WF :XL in A 33,2 CCQJ 5.11124 O 9 9 VD . LS A :vs H : E Z E .c ,- C LC .-C +-' 2' DS +5 4-1 5 SL 12. 4.1 .4-I GJ D'-I 5 va H ': 3 c W C .E C 'T' if 3 o CJ as c s: 11 E t I ni Z D1 -ff CU F CV CQ 3. 2 QE Z O m :U sf C11 C K6 H 6 4.5 Q-7 O L1 U1 hi E ,- : .- 1: 5 ,C E-1 s: P E 5 3. 9 ni me s: J ,.. 43' DZ ... gif 3' . ... L.. cu? Q35 o -,c 53 CT' MJ. L",- U: :H EJ - .- ,-F" gr c, -U3 SC HDS H E1 Hi ,Fw -wr J gm 12 1:44 ,. 55 331 3.,j :cu EE .F ij?-E 'Ex N: -:-L ... 'U-rs 2? f:':: "L-4 -'ff tm nz- E55 - C. ,CZ- L19 f: N. 243 fi? if 4-3 - ss: cm LGT: 5 an am Es: Cl: ':-' are "h-4 -Ed 254 wif GJ E41 O5 -:cv ltr. :"'+-2 fs 3 . Q90 PN f- 'E ... 3? ES 'Q : , Z Sc EC. N . ... 49' f E3 E' O C n 4.1 5 c LC .E 5 as Q cf 3 cm :E 15 o L3 A 7. 'z C Sv fa. 44 E w.J 21 E kc rf' gc 11 CZ .ni 6-3 : Qi ,.. .... :J . A ai m L11 ld -4 6 :E 5 .-C: LJ 3 D3 m C ev E -4 Z 'd CI CU -A E3 w f- C '1 tt. eterson. Allan Sutra P C A - .J :- z 2 5 5 ... : Q ,C Q U1 P C C c D1 si va ,- Z 'U 'ua A-4 :E d Z : m 1" c v.-4 6 C C cu L7 if LE BAND This year the S.H.S. Band, directed by Cloyd Myers, has played and performed at football games and in concerts and parades. The band made many outstanding formations at the football games. Among these were "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star", presented in the dark with lights twinkling from the band members' hats, and "Shine on Harvest Moon", also presented in the dark with a golden moon ris- ing in the background. All visiting football teams were recognized by the formation of their school symbols. The "Pep Band", composed of several members of the regular band, provided pre-game and halftime entertainment at several basketball games. On Saturday, March 26, the band was represented in the North- western Illinois District Music Contest held at Freeport by the following students: Warren Thummel, piccolog Ruth Kimball, marimbag Tom Griffith, tromboneg and Marilyn Miller, clarinet. All these students re- ceived first division ratings in their respective classes, and they were entered in the state contests at Canton on April 29 and 30. ROBED Cl-IQIR 74 Mr. Tonkin, an outstanding director as well as soloist, has produced again this year one of the finest mixed choirs in Illinois. This year the choir has presented eleven major concerts. The sea- son began with a program in Oregon sponsored by the Oregon Women's Club. Included in this program was Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker Suite" as arranged by Harry Simeone. This same program also was presented at the Fourth Street Methodist Church. Two concerts were given during the holiday season with "Laud Him" by Pepping the outstanding num- ber. The first was the annual Christmas concert at St. John's Church, and the second was a repeat performance for the S.H.S. student body. The next group of numbers studied were patriotic, "Battle Hymn of the Republic" was one of the outstanding numbers. Mr. Cloyd Myers was soloist in Robinson's "Ballad for Americans", which was exception- ally outstanding and which was used in the spring program. Patriotic concerts were given at the Whiteside County Teachers' Institute, at S.H.S. for the student body, at Wallace School, and at Central School. The last concerts of the 48-49 season were made up of lighter and more popular numbers such as "Dry Bones", a negro spiritual, and "Ex- altation" by Christiansen. Filling the serious side, however, were such strong numbers as "Tenebrae Factae Sunt", sung in Latin, and "The Holy City" by Adams as arranged for Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians. On May 1 the choir traveled to Francis Shimer College: on May 4, to Eureka College, and on May 24 the choir presented its spring concert. Thus ended a successful and funful year. 0 llow l -loycv llvttinzin, lllury Ann Mm-inon, Sally l'3iulql'o1'd, Mildrz-nl Mc-llot, Sally Nluslivr. .loan l.n-isncr, l,oi'z1 Ima Wolf, lialzili Wosm-V, lllawlcm- lin-lim-1' Carol Vziinps. llow ll l'nl Mvcnc-ii, llc-tty Vanscili, Juno Stvrn, ,lam-t Oltinunns, .lnunitzi .-Xldrim-li Wilmzx Linton. 'loan Bogrott, Mary Snavoly, lllary lluntlvy, Sliirlvy Glvnn i'urnion Surrat, Beverly Uottcr, Mr. Tonkin. llow lllf -lil-tty Winn, lleloros llvrr, Wanda Bushman. lrvm- l'l2ll'lll'Il, Marilyn Nol- son. llvlorvs Sm-liolvr. llnrlvnv l,l1m'as, Mary l,on Ilorwvdul, Alico lflinmitt Patsy .-Xppcnzcllvr, Nunvy Smivoly, llluriun lic-ndc-ll, Alice l"l'c-us, .loam Uhdn low l lfliln-on Minor, Put llowo, Judy llrlilllLl'lOl', Wanda lihoadvs, .Iuniw Cun- ningrliznn. Phyllis lil-11:1-, .lezinnc St0i'0nlmci'g', Norma Miller, Kay Sullivan. llcth Myl-rs, llliyllis Kosivr, Donna lloynngs, l'liai'lott0 Mcfulloli, Nancy 'l'liuinin0l. Uurol Tlll'llL'l'. low ll lllzirtlin lllziwow. -lo.-Xnno Hixlry. Mziriu Ohms, Maximo Wallis, Juan VVliitc- side-, Susan lilack, lllurlonc lvlctznvr. Donna lflowinzm, Sully Sl1z1ff'0i'. linnim-v llvlwvilvr, llnnnzi S01-lvy, Ann fl21l'tll0l'. l.ois Ann Good. limi' lll l'zit llnnson, llorotliy Nvzir, Arlcm- Book. lllarilyn Dl'Zllli', l'llvi1':i Ilwn, I Y Nzmvy lmnclqnist, liornicc li'opli0tvi', l.z1Vonno C'z1i'0y, Izit Iiutclivll0i', ,lcannv Stevens, Bl0l'l'llCl02lll l,vonzu'd, Put l'lln1cndm'f, Darlvnc Vlzirlq, Vurol 'l'zil't, lll2ll'jUl'll' Nelson. ii, l , Nonis Snow, .loan Keiser, Bc-tty Fenner, Joyce fl2Il't0l'. Bc-rtlxa I'c-torsmm, Mzxrilxn Miller, Kay Hoogxevecn, Shirley X70l'fl91'Stl'2lSS0, l10l'l'l1ll10 lloilcm-r. Svutc-d :lt 'Alu wizlno-I'c51'Lrv Beach. l . xV21l'l'CI1 Thummcl, Don Sl1zn'fvnl101'g', Phil Ward, Holm Twurdock. S1-atm-cl at 'L piunnvrlllr. Tonkin. low I William IN-ull-X. Iwo G4-il. l"l'c-rl VVyl1g'z1l'dcn, lnlm I'u1'som1, lion Shun Gull- llllmlvy. I.yl0 llirks, Iwo lllinn-r, Alam lflvor. lmv ll .Iulm Blix-lu-ls, NIL-rlyu Ilmvli, llnlm XVilsun, Alvin G1-1-soy. llc-am Zvllzxr, 'Ibm 5lIOIfllIHX'l'l'. liulm Iszlitlmvr. ,Illl'li Iicislu-, Ilvzm l'Illl7lHll'CI. Iimv lll Iwo lxvlsvr, I.uvv1'uv Jolmsuu, liogfvl' I12lllll0,flllll Nultzlll, llzny Gin-1'l1:11'l. .llm l'lvvc-lzlml. l'z1ul Small, Gvorgc Svl1m'idv1', liunny Gvigfvr. I llimi Stl-l'vl1lw1'g', llzlrll-llc Al2ll'Illlll2lIl', .lrwl Rico. Sally Moslwr, Kzxlzlh xyL'Slll'l', mtl CHEERLEADERS Nonis Snow, Kent Jacobs, JoAnne Andrews. The cheerleaders did a splendid job of leading: the student body's cheering: and in helping to show the sc'hool's spirit at football and hasketbzill games, This year they selected and presented to the students several new cheers. 1 l 3. - , Mwv- -V in - V .ve . ,, , 3. was . -J - hr- ,wr ' 'Q I . A Y- 0' .. .. --.-fn "Nl Jeanne Sterenberg, Wanda Rhoades. T8 I 1:15 t Q I I 3-x' 71 The symbol ofthe XV2ll'1'iOl'S head backs every sport at SHS. cnOH'-lt'1'Jt"IH3P CCDACHES -""'m ' .J DI llIC1"l'OR --Mr. Svhvid. BASKETBALL-Mr. Ilrnnrlzlu and Mr. Hull Maw sg sm. 3 I"OU'l'I-IAI,I.-Mr. Schvid. Mr. Hull, Mr. Musgrave, Mr, Mitvholl, Mr. Sherman. Mr, Bla-Ummm S0 COACHES X 5 wx - Q -M l N S' fmx QAVK--Ml'. Sherman, Mr. Mitclmvll, Mr. Sclwicl. Mr. llzlll, Mr. lllllsggxwwv, Mr. Small. MINOR SPORTS--lNl1'. Small, M13 llrzxmluu. Mr. llmngx-x'vn-11, MV. lllllSj.fl'UVO. Sl BASEBALL sffigh Row I lhuck Cole Palmer Miller, Jack Hall, Bud Carl, Harlan Puterbaugh. R1 w II Paul Small Chuck Deets, Tom McCormick, Ray Kenaga, Max Baumgardner, Rogu Iuteibaugh, Ed Wells. Iiovs Ill Dick C lupivnski, Pete Casey, Herb Hayen, Max Sehmaling. On June 11 Sterling opened its baseball season when the Golden Warriors defeated the Dixon Dukes and chalked up the first conference win of the year-ll to l. Roger Puterbaugh had a field day when he pitched a very good game, hit a homer, and scored three runs. On June 16, Sterling was beaten by Ottawa, 7 to 4. In the June 19 game with DeKalb, the Barbs proved to be too much for Sterling. A big fifth inning won for the Barbs. Roger lfuterbaugh and Max Baumgardner saw pitching duty in this game. On June 23 Haumgardnei' went all the way as Sterling nosed out Rock Falls, 5 to 4, in a conference game. In a free scoring game on June 30, Hall Township poured runs across the plate to beat the Warriors 9 to 7. R. Puterbaugh was on the mound. At their next game on July 2, Sterling used almost every available man for pitching duty and heat Prince- ton in a wild scoring game. Meeting Dixon for the second time in the season on July 7, the VVarriors scored five runs in the first inning to get the jump on the Dukes. Sterling held this lead while their opponents piled up four runs. Ray Kenaga started the pitching for S.H.S. but was relieved by R. Puterbaugh. On July 10 the Warriors got revenge on the Ottawa team by defeating them 16 to 5. Chuck Deets made four runs from five times at bat for Sterling honors. The Warriors next game was with DeKalb, and the Barbs again defeated the local team. Sterling and Rock Falls played to a tie on July 17, and the game was called on account of da1'kness. Then on July 24, the Warriors defeated a very good Hall 'team to win an important conference game. R. Puterbaugh did the pitching in this victory. Bud Carl did the pitching and R. Puterbaugh hit a homer on July 28 to clinch the last game in the season, in which the Warriors thumped Princeton-11 to 2. Kcnaga and Baumgardner each made three l'LlTlS in this final contest of the year. of the year. VARSITY FQOTBALL Row I- Row Row III Row IV+ George Wechsler, Gary Strock, Jim Wilkins, Will Ebersole, Wal'l'L'n Son- neman, Don Wink, Larry Norton, Jack Hall, Hlwin Thielen. Chuck Sisson, Pete Casey, Keith Albers, Tom McCormick, Max Schmaling. Ray Kenaga. .lim Ohda, Ed Wells, Leo Prophet. Coach Mitchell, Tony Pizarro, Ed Porter, .lim Kaehler, Max Baumgardner, Bob Twardock, Roger Puterbaugh, Cliff Garriott, Bob Czuprynski. Loren Burger-mgr., Bill Stewart, Irvin Tretteen, John Johnson, Ray- mond Pitts, Keith Robison, Jim Crossland, Lyle Marquis-mgr., Paul Kauffman-mgr. , By their homecoming triumph over Morrison, the Golden Warriors, coached by Bernie Mitchell, completed a very successful season. Opening the season the War- riors came through with a 12-7 victory over a strong Belvidere team. The following week Community was whitewashed 31-0 with every Sterling player seeing action. The intercity title was clinched the next week with a hard fought victory over Rock Falls, 27-20 in a game of thrills. With the Sterling line playing its best game of the season, the Warriors met their first defeat at the hands of the Ottawa Pirates. Stunned by the defeat, the Warriors bounced back with a resounding 26-0 victory over Dixon. At Mendota the following week, the Warriors smothered a weak Trojan team, 29 to 0. The reserves played much of the game and did a very good job. In a game with a highly regarded DeKalb team, Sterling defeated the Barbs 32-12 in a hide-and-seek game in the fog. With the conference at stake, Hall township invaded Sterling, bringing with them hund1'eds of fans. Sickness on the Warriors' team caused them to suffer a few weak spots, and in the hardest fought battle of the year, the Warriors went down 6-0. Many times Sterling just missed the goal line--the fighting Hall line stopped them each time. The season's last game was with Morrison, and the final score was 42-6. The whole team played in this game and realized that they had taken part in a very suc- cessful season. a season for which they deserve much credit. They responded well to their coaching and learned their tackling and blocking exceptionally well. This IEP-18-49 team proved to be one of the strongest teams in S.H.S. history. 83 9? Left -- Keith Albers. Max Bzxu1npzz11'dne1', Pete Casey, Bob Czuprynski. Center - Chuck Deets, Wil- lard Ebersole, Cliff Garriott. Right - Ray Kenaga, Tom McCormick, -lim Ohda, Tony Pizarro. WA 'ni Left g L00 I:'1'0ph0t, Roger PLlt0l'll2lllfL'h, Max Sclnnaling, Chuck Sisson. Center ---- Wzwrcn Sonne- man, Elwm Thielen, Irvin Trctteon. Right -- Ifoh Twardock. lid Wells, Don Wink, L2ll'l'X NVoost01'. FROSH - SOPH FOOTB LL Row I-Don Knight, Bob Wilson, Ted Sulouff, Bob Kosier, Joe Moreno, Don Weeks, Bob Ebersole, Bob Anderson, Bob Peugh. Row II-George Schneider, Don Shontz, Chuck Hayen, Jim Vary, Dick Czuprynski, Chuck Cole, Barry Musgrove, Jim Galloway, Wesley Koester. Row III-Herb McDonnell, Paul Small, Jordon Daniel, Don McKee, Marvin Kaiser, Bob King, Brent Arterburn, Jim Cleaveland, Coach Musgrovc. Coach Homer Musgrove's fresh-soph team won three games and lost three this season. In conference play the "Papooses" won three and lost only one to tie for first place in the fresh-soph conference. Coach Musgrove deserves much credit for the tcam's fairly successful season. In their first game, which was with Rock Falls, the "Papooses" went backward down the field because of abundant penalties. The team was within the Rock Falls ten- yard line five times in the second half but failed to score. The game, which was non- confercnce, ended with the following score: Rock Falls 6, Sterling 0. At Ottawa in the second game for the Sterling team, the opponents scored on the second play of the game. Although an 80-yard run by Sterling at the opening of the second half tied up the game, Gttawa was able to score twice in the closing min- utes of the game to win, 20 to 6. This was a conference game. The Sterling team won its first game of the season at Dixon, 7 to 6. This was 1 the "Papooscs"' first conference Ha' win as well. Later, at Mendota thc ?" Sterling team was beaten 13 to 7 in a non-conference game. The game was tied early in the third A quarter, but Mendota was able to score again and win. At home, the team won its sec- ond conference game by defeating .. DeKalb. Since both teams had a Q tough ground defense, the scor- ' ing was done by passing. Sterling 1 then defeated Hall Township with ,w It a score of 21 to 19 in their third ' conference win. This victory end- ' ed Sterling's season and gave the ,Q ,Q "Papooses" the right to sharc the 1 conference title with DeKalb. 86 CRGSS CQ TRY Row I-Roger Laible, Neil Ford, Jack Watson, Stan Stefanich, Jack Duis, Palmer Miller, John Bowman, Ray Gierhart. Row II-Bob LeFevre-mgr., Don Lester, Bill Marshall, Bob Peugh, Otto Null, Karl Kilberg, Coach Small. Coached by IC. E. Small, the Sterling High cross country team had a successful season. 'The squad piled up quite a collection of ribbons and medals. In their first meet, held at Geneseo, Sterling placed second in Class A. This was the annual invitational event. Paris won with a score of 23 points to the Warriors' 77. Duis was the first man of Sterling to cross the finish line of about a two-mile course. Next, in a dual meet with Princeton, Sterling took the first five places. This made the score 15 to 40 in the Warriors' favor. Duis clocked the winning time, fol- lowed in order by Stefanich, Watson, Bowman, and Miller. Sterling then added Erie to its list of "the conquered" by defeating them 26-29 on the Cardinals' course. Bowman ran one of his best races of the year placing third, behind an Erie boy and Duis. In the Frosh-Soph run, Sterling was beaten I6-20. Gierhart, a freshman, led the field in good time. At Mendota, in a dual meet, Sterling added another victory. The score was IG-47. Duis, Stefanich, Watson, and Bowman crossed the tape with only nine seconds between them. Winning the N.C.I.C. brought the Warriors their fourth win of the year. Being defending -' champs made the team work harder to hold the title. Duis won the event and Watson, Stefan- ich, Bowman, and Miller placed third, fourth, twelfth, and thirteenth, respectively, making S the winning score of 33. Sterling again proved too much for Erie, winning 27-28. This made victory number five. In the big race of the year, the dist1'ict, Sterling placed third with a score of 66 points. By placing third and fourth. respectively, Duis X K and Stefanich earned the chance to run in the X f state meet. Here, out of 105 contestants, Duis I - Q 1 -v placed thirteenth and Stcfanich thirty-fifth, which was very good considering the competi- tion. S7 VARSITY TOM Mc-CORMICK-Tom fought hard at his forward position and earned for him- self the title of Honorary Captain. JIM OHDA-By means ot accurate shooting and pass ing, Jim played a great brand of ball in his final year as a Golden Warrior "X MAX BAUMGARDNER- This year Max won the most valuable player title by his consistent basket shooting and rebounding. He led the team in points scored. CHUCK SISSON-In his last year as a Golden War- rior, Chuck grave a classic example of what team spirit can do and showed fight all the way. RAY KICNAGA-Ray was this year's winner of the Curt Brandau Free Throw Trophy, and his fire helped the Warriors out of many toufrh spots. ROGER PUTERBAUGH -A junior, Rog Won a first string berth because he has spark and drive so necessary to a winning' combination. BASKETBALL ELWIN THIEI,EN-lC1- win is small in stature, but his fighting spirit and ability helped the Warriors when the going: was tough. DALE LONG-With his accurate eye and left hand. Dale was a constant threat to the Warriors' opponents. JACK HALL-Jack play- ed good basketball during his first year on the varsity and promises to he of help in the future. JOHN BOWMAN Johns ability was a help during' the vear, and he should he 21 help to future quints. PALMER MILLER-Pab mer, a senior this year, showed a lot of spirit and did a good job on the team. CLIFF GARRIOTTQBQ- cause Cliff was full of drive and the will to win, he earn- cd the sixth position on the squad. 9 VARSITY BASKETBALL Row I-Tom McCormick, Roger Puterbaugh, Max Baumgardner, Coach Hall, Ray Kenaga, Jim Ohda, Lyle Marquisimgr. Row ll-Jack Hall, Dale Long, Chuck Sisson, Cliff Garriott, Palmer Miller, Elwin Thielen, John Bowman. Coach Gene Hall's varsity basketball squad of 48-42? will long be remembered as one of Sterling High's best. During the season, the Warriors racked up 24 wins against two defeats. In doing so, the intra-city title and the regional tournament crown came into their possession. In the opening game, Sterling tu1'ned back the determined East Moline team. Freeport then pushed the Golden Warriors to the limit as Sterling won 35-33 in a real thriller. A last second basket by Ohda and a murderous overtime period sent the highly regarded Tilden Tech quintet back to Chicago. This game proved that the Warriors had the necessary spark to go places. The Blue and Gold cagers defeated Morrison by two points in a tense ball game. Then they stretched their winning column to 10 games by beating Dixon, Beloit, Community, Rock Falls, Dixon, and Princeton. By finally getting down to business in the second half, Sterling was able to prop- erly dispose of Galesburg's Silver Streaks by a score of 55-329. Rochelle fell before the Warrior's onslaught and so did West Rockford in an over- time period, 55-52. Genesee, Community, Hall Twp., Rock Falls, and Ottawa were no match for Sterling, as game number 18 was stored away. East Rockford and their possession brand of basketball almost stopped the Golden Warriors. For 8 minutes the Rabs stalled and made the final score 23-22 in Sterling's favor. The DeKalb Barbs next gave the Warriors their only regular season defeat. It was in the form of a 45-54 upset. Bouncing back hard, Sterling defeated Wells of Chicago and Mendota which gave them a tally of 21 wins against only one loss. In tournament play the Golden Warriors met and defeated Rock Falls, Amboy, and Dixon to capture the regional crown. In the sectional, however, West Rockford proved too much, and Sterling was forced to taste loss for the second time during the year. Coach Hall did a truly remarkable job moulding the team. livery member of the squad deserves a lot of credit. FROSH - SOPH BASKETB LL Row I-Coach Brandau, Don Weeks, Jim Galloway, Bob Peugh, Bob Galloway lim Cross, Jim Vary, Ray Robison, Marvin Kaiser. Row II-Dick Lyon, Don Knight, Stan Doden, Barry Musgrovc, .loc Moreno Dlcl Czuprynski, Bob Smith, Chuck Cole, Bill Stewart-mgrr. The 48-49 Frosh-Soph basketball squad had Under Coach Curt B1'andau's able supervision, the ed in tying for first place in the N. C. I. C. They played capable ball all the way and certainly de- serve the honors which they won. To start the cage year off properly, the team edged a lively East Moline squad out by one point. A defeat by powerful Freeport only antagonized them for Morrison, Dixon, Beloit, Community, Rock Falls, Dixon again, and Princeton fell be- fore another reverse was suffered by Sterling. A total of 6 defeats against 14 wins adds up to a year of good basketball. and this was the record that the "Papooses" established. Mr. Brandau had a lot of good material to work with, and he developed it well. Many of his players will be seen on future varsity ball clubs. a very good season. "Papooses" succeed ,- '5 ,--X H, DNC xl, xt 'X X - K 1 1 I 1 I 1 i 1 I 1 91 VARSITY TRACK Row I- Row II- Row III- Row IV U2 Keith Albers, Jim Ohda, Tom McCormick, Ray Kenaga, Jack Bowman, Jim Crossland, Pete Casey. David DeWind, Larry McCormick, Don Poston, Ed Hussung, Dick Thielen, DuWayne Dietz, Jim Glen, Tony Williams, Bob LeFevre, Sarge Millinger. Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Musgrove, Chuck Sisson, Neil Ford, Bob Twardock, Max Baumgardner, Jim Kaehler, Phil Ward, Roger Puterbaugh, Stan Stefanich, Mr. Scheid, Mr. Small. -Lyle Marquis--mgr., John Bowman, Jack Duis, Cliff Gairiott, Ed Wells, Leo Prophet, Chuck Deets, Bob Lyons-mgr. The Warrior track squad put Sterling on the map with their outstanding per- formance in the '48 season. The Warriors got a good start by placing a close second at the Geneseo Day Rc- lays. They broke two records and took home a good portion of the awards. ln their second meet, Sterling won a triangular meet with Savanna and Morrison. Continuing their winning streak, they nosed out Peoria Woodruff to win the Kewanee Relays. Then, in a breath taking affair on our own track, Sterling took Freeport to win their dual meet. Dietz secured sweet revenge on McClannathan by winning the hundred- yard dash a full stride ahead. On May 1 Oak Park, last year's state champions, had their heels nipped by the Warriors. Sterling received a close second with East Moline trailing. Then Sterling and Rock Island tied with 86 points in a triangular meet with Geneseo. Rock Island, however, succeeded in defeating Sterling in the district meet by a score of 40 to 35L. Seven of Sterling's team qualified to compete in the state meet. S.H.S. won the intra-city title by 1205, Rock Falls had a score of 58L, and Com- munity, 9. Five previous records were broken at this event. The highlight of the season was the state meet at Champaign. Sterling, considered a darkhorse, led until the last event. The Warriors were then beaten by LaGrange. 15 to 135. Hussung, P'rophet, Bowman, and Dietz composed the Warrior relay team, but they found the competition too fast. Dietz ran his heart out and won the 200-- yard low hurdles. He also took a close second in the 100-yard dash. Dick Thielen spouted honor by tying for first place in the pole vault at 12 feet nine inches. Ray Kenaga also did a fine job in the pole vault but failed to fly high enough into the stratosphere. Sterling won 8 of the 13 first places in a dual meet with Dixon. Dietz tied the 100-yard dash record of 10.2 seconds. The track team ended a successful season by winning top honors in thc confer- ence. Dietz won the 100-yard dash and broke the record with the remarkable time of 9.9 second. Jim Kaehler performed beautifully to win the high jump award. Twar- dock hurled the platter farther than any one else to win the discus event. Thielen broke the old record of 12 feet 15 inches by soaring 12 feet 6 inches in the pole vault. FROSH - SOPH RACK Row I-Stan Stefanich, Dick VVeig'le, Chuck Deets, Ed Wells, .lim Kaehler, .lack Watson, John Bowman, Elwin Thielen. Row Il-Mr. Hall, Jack Cunningham, .lack Bowman, Jim Crossland. Leo Prophet, Tony Pizzaro, Roger Puterbaugrli, Cliff Garriott, .lim Wilkins, .lim Gallo- way, Mr. Sherman. Row III-Georgre Wechsler, Jack Hall, Don VVeeks, Ray Kenagza, lV1arvin Kaiser, Roger Laible, Bob Pc-ugh, Chuck C'ole, Paul Kauffmansnigr. "S.H.S. first in the state in 1950" is the motto ' of our Frosh-Soph track team. They had a per- X 6 fect record until the last contest of the year, the I conference meet. They took a dual with Milledge- ville by an easy margin. Next they overwhelmed f Prophetstown and the S.H.S. junior varsity in a triangrular meet. The Frosh-Sophs received top honors in the twin city triangular by a score over a hundred. In the Dixon dual meet Ray Kenaga broke the record in the pole vault by vaulting 12 feet. The only defeat the team suffered was the conference. Hall Township won the event with Sterling trailing by 19 points. U3 WRESTLI G wif? Foreground-Loren Burger, Dick Huntley, Chuck Rhoades, Gilbert Flowers. Sitting-Warren Sonneman, Neil Ford. Gail Duprey, Lee Keiser. Kneeling-Bill Marshall, Bob Twardock, Tony Pizarro, John Michel. Standing-George Wechsler, Bob Kascala fassistant coachj, Bob Kosier, Bob Wilson. I Voach Musgrove, Larry Wooster, Ted Sulouff fmanagerl, Bob Anderson, Stan Stefanich. This year for the first time in the history of S.H.S.. wrestling was recognized as a major spo1't. The wrestling team of 1948-49 was under the capable instruction of' Coach Musgrove. The team made a very good showing and gained much experience while winning four out of six meets in team competition. In the first meet an inexperienced Warrior team lost to C"linton's "B" team, 35 to 28, but on January 18 Sterling sco1'ed sweet revenge on Clinton by a score of 337 to 19. Again in "B" team competition, Sterling won over Rock Island by a big margin-34 to 9. For the first time of the year the Sterling matmen entered team competition with East Rockf'ord's and Beloit's varsity teams in a triangular meet. Beloit scored 54 points, East Rockford, 49, and Sterling, 26. Two Sterling boys won their divisionsg "Dynamite" Burger won in the H5-pound class. and Warren Sonneman won in the 155-pound class. On February 8 the Sterling team again de- --' feated Clinton's "B" team. The score was 233 to 13, and this gave Sterling two wins over Flinton Hifui f-If :r'fU" ' 1 ,gov Xiao if I to one defeat. In a return match with Rock Is, qt land's "B" team on February. Sterling barely nosed out the Islanders-24 to 23. Sterling entered the Rock Island sectional for individual honors. In this meet Warren Sonne- man and Gilbert Flowers qualified for the state A meet by winning second places. These boys did exceptionally well in the strong competition. In , scoring, Sterling placed third with eighteen points 'Il to Rock Island's first with 47 points. Burger and x Wooster received third olaces, and Pizarro, An- A- derson, and Wechsler won fourth place honors This was the last meet of a very fine season and gives future teams something to aim for. zy- The 1947 edition of the Warrior Racketeers went through a tough schedule of matches with- out a victory. As the sea- son went on, the team improved, and the boys got some real enjoyment out of the garne. In the first match with Clinton, Iowa, Sterling' failed to score, hut in a later match they held Clinton to a score of 4 to 2. In the N.C.l.C. meet at Dixon, Sterling took third with one point. C o a c h Hoogevec-n's S.l'l.S. golf squad went through the 1948 season hy winning' one match out of seven. This match was won from Sterling's arch rivals, Rock Falls. In the N.C.I.C. meet, Ro- Lhclle, with a strong team, eopped top honors while Sterling placed seventh. lligh scorers throughout the season were Jurkens, Scheid, and Ward. TENNIS Sitting: Herbie Miller, Allen Surratt. Bill Scott, Bill Arnold. Standing: Roh Giffrow, .lim Young, Mr. Lee, Dick Young, Tom Griilith. GULF Mr. Hoogeveen, John liades, Phil Ward, Bill Jurkens. Bill Scheid, llave DeWind, Stan Stefanich. 95 PATRO A 81 P Super Market A 8: S Dairy Inc. Al's Radio Shop Annabelle-Ray Jewelry-Gifts Arcade Laundry, Cleaners gl Dyers Dr. Fletcher Austin Badger Paint Store George Bare's Grocery Bauder Machine Works G. E. Behrens Co. Lee Behrens, D.D.S. Bennett and Barton Besse 8: Besse Bickford's Pharmacy Blackhawk Music Co. Dr. Karl E. Blanchard Blankinships Fred Boese Sales Stores D. B. Bogaard Bogott Welding Works Bowman Bros. Shoe Store Bowman's Grocery Bradley's Inc. Brown-Lynch Scott Co. Cameron's Bakery Cassen's Grocery Otto F. Castendyck Agency The Chester Co. Percy Clutterham Coast to Coast Store Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Cold Storage Locker Service Connell's Clothing Cox's Shell Service Station Culligan Soft Water Service Credit Bureau of Whiteside County Dr. C. P. Danreiter Davis' Soda Grill Albert Dondero Confectionery DeAnne's ' Detweiler Insurance Agency John Dillon Oil Co. Dixie Carmel Corn Shop Dunbar's Furniture Store Dunnebeck Chevrolet Co. E 81 W Clothing House East Side Market Earl Eikenberry Sheet Metal Works Eberley's Drug Store 96 John Harold Eilert, M. D. Frank Ewing Motor Sales Farnham's Inc. H Foley Motor Sales Frantz Mfg. Company Nile P. Gartner, D.S.C. Galt Hotel William T. Galt and Co. Gaulrapp 81 Flock Gehring s Jewelry Store George Furniture Company Gisi's Cities Service Goshert's Confectionery Dr. Peter T. Gray Grebner's Distinctive Footwear H 81 B Scooter Sales Orville Hagg ' Haldeman Motor Company Hanson Jewelers Hart Camera Shop Herby Hayen Hefter Oldsmobile Sales Hey Brothers Hill 81 Halgren Hill's Electric Co. House 'n' Town Shop ldeal Cleaners Illinois Northern Utilities Co. Jacoby Air Service Cliff John Insurance Agency Jokerst Motor Sales Frank Kennedy King Cycle Store Kleinschmidt Cleaners Krogers Leeper's DX Service Lill-Mar, the Children's Shop Lockett Paint Store J. J. Ludens Maid-Rite Sandwich Shop Ma's Kitchen Manion's Sterling News McGlaughlin's Ready-to-wear McNeil Electric Mode O'Day Moses Dillon Co.. Dr. Arthur L. Mulnix Musser's Confectionery Mylin's Agricultural Store National Bank of Sterling Northern Illinois Water Corp. Persona Piggly Wiggly Pippert Market gl Grocery Pitt's Sport Store John B. Platt Prince Ice Cream Castles, Inc. R 81 D Used Cars Dr. H. H. Readel-dentist L. S. Reavley, M.D. Mervyn H. Reed W. P. Rock, D.D-.S. Rock Falls Dairy 1 Russell Burdsall 81 Ward Bolt 81 Nut Co. Schlough's Food Store Scott Battery and Electric Scott Burr Store Dale F. Scott, M.D. Sears-Roebuck 81 Co. Shank's Machine Shop Sheldon 81 Brown Siex Barber Shop Skyway Motor Sales Frank Stager Insurance Agency Stene Jewelry Sterling Bootery Sterling Daily Gazette Sterling Fashion Shoppe Sterling Floral Shop Sterling Home Improvement Co. Sterling Implement Store Sterling Recreation Carl J. Stutzke Hardware Sullivan's Clothing Store Swartley's Greenhouses Swehla gl Company Tampico Hardware 81 lmpl. Co. Twin City Motor Corp. Twin City Produce Co. Virtue Electric Walz Lunch The Westerner W. B. Wetzell Agency Lyle Wilcox H. W. Wiles Woods Funeral Home Wrights "66" East End Snack Bar YMCA ACKNOWLEDGEME TS Blankenberg Photographers, Kankakee, Ill. Jahn 81 Ollier, Engravers, Chicago, Ill. The S. K. Smith Co., Covers, Chicago, Ill. Brock gl Rankin, Binders, Chicago, Ill. J Q , uw, ,g QII- . , U, Us V. K '- ,, ' u A :, -fry ' 5 . -'1 - -. I Ab K 5A'M'9' 5 ,IU 41 ' r, -a ,j' ,. A ,JK -, , A I.-...W . Aw K 5 ' ' 1. 5. , I i I . M,- ,N , 1, p Q , . '35, . ,, F , 9 - f, , ' N ,fr , ., .tt H, . - ' v 1 : 1 Q.-m ,- - -, A , V- .- 2 f- ' , ' ,W 6 ' Q' , . , A 1:55- J ' " V , Y -1-+: . . 7 un' "1 'Fi ' ' A - " Q ' Q - 52-A. ' ,' ' I-H ' UQ .v" "il X I, ,, ,.n. . V 5 "f, ..,, 1- l 1 uw M" " . 4' .Lf f'f ...-, gl Q Q K 7 J., - 1 fi? 'W f,"55'3" i-, v 4 1 K f .f w e-, 'Q-am. - .v - W2 - ' , . " ,Q+f-11.5, . - ., ' - f f 1" rt ' :':f'w- - -f 4 ,. .-, ,1, N V ., - 1 ,1 -, -. , .4 1' - - , 191, , A frwz. '-1':L' A- - .EJr'. "1-"P N 4 - 5"3v"'5d7L- ' 'WIE5 - ff. T-41'-'Cfq Q Q 1 -I .!1.,,,,Zu,Ig' P W All-, V ' . -irq ,Lil -V 4:1 -H9-.?,,: I :,FiQ,9:51f'-, V 4 ' .. -4. -' arf .' vi- '--1 1- 4- , 3 - - U." 1'::w'- ' -'if '3.Q - " 11: MA ,Lt ff , g r E :-Y. J. ,V 3 QUMM -1 V -, 53 1" '-' -- '- -' '- wr "F"'i' 'fly 2' Lg-11.1 T7mQ3v??l " fl if --r'T3'i.L ' ' rf" -"- " .fiflf f J' :I 511- "'.'-ffif M" ! 'Y , ---- ' 4:1 1 , ,.". , 1 - "3-,'ff"r, ', ' ,p q'51i'.',2 3 1: - '15-ii '1 - , . 1, .' A, .,,1:g:,. , 1 L J, 1 ..Q!:,g'3- -. ZA , -A, ly , 5 ,K .il A U I 'ALJ fm, -i'!fl-"I: ' 'A Ni- '4 1 ' " -'. 5 g -:121 -' ,-aa X ' ' 'k ' :,v,f,' '1'f.":g'Q-314'-L.-' 7 A Fi :gffi Ima.. .. j1 ,.,,. kt., .1 L V' V A wx . . , 54 ,-Q ,L-..,,.,H,,,,. Y.,, ffny A ws .YZ . '?l"?T'1f', 2:2 -' H " A : x ""-.' ::'-Qi'-3' A . 2'-Y . 4. ,sk Jul! ,1 , ,1, ' -ffl" "r"Q,N " 'fliw xA 4 , v ...' lm U ,' 4: , W. - . .. . , ' np, .W xf V , ., f- .4-P: '11-1 1,fi3kc'-- ' 'M 'g,l'jg- 4-QA:-:v,. Q . , ff' -r 1 H . - '. '-.1 5 .. 'JV .zofsr . E .,- I , Q J. .Hn s. +:eQf:2,.1-111:.A-'.' 1-. ,,.1. hav. M xi .,A. W ,,,. ,Q , , Q, .-,54 5 - , , ,. Q . .. ' ' 1' ?.:i:-4 ffi?:if?' 3 Mb., ., A Q, 1 .X 5 F-. 35. ,,, .. . . , . . r ww .W , 12, - QQ: 'Jef ' Nlgfzf 8 Wm N4 "' Q Q35 n , N L i V w ,

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