Sterling High School - Blue and Gold Yearbook (Sterling, IL)

 - Class of 1942

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W QQ STERLI Q ij:-gg x GOLD A QM ln the day-time, in the DlQl'll'llHl9 Classes meet at Sterling l-liqlw School IQ42 STERLI PUB ISHE THE STUDENTS OF STERLING , TOW S IP IGH SCHCOL. STERLING. ILLINOIS And the fame of passing classes? the ' 65 Z' f - 5 9 , . I , Should you ask me, whence this school I ' . M' ff' jj f With its legends and traditions, L, g' ff ,V ' With its spirit and its record G! if , N ,f J ,f ,,f"'X l should answer, I should tell you, 7 From students and the scholars, ff! fy fl ff , , From the wisdom of the teachers, f Q R From the many organizations, AX' I - tx l From the favor of our Father 5-In 7 X l Gitchee Manito the mighty. wbthgzi In this yearbook now completed, N M M. Find the story of the student, My l How he works and how he studies, 1 X To attain the final goal. 4 L X ND l Ye who Work to Win diplomas, 6 or , Ye who have before attained them, NWN fffyiikg, Read the record and the story i Ot a year at Sterling high school. 1 Ye who love a schoo1's legends, l Who have faith in God and nature, G 'g Who believe that in all ages Every human heart is human, That in even savage bosoms There are longings, yearnings, strivingsy Listen then in Indian style, To the Song ot Sterling High School! 7 A A + 9 f v v ' ' i 3 KT.: ' Xt, ' Q. tts V N it J so is e 1 X l -xxx 1 KX 0 'n By the waters of Rock River, By the heights of Sinnissippi, Stood the wigwams of the red men, Stood the villages of teepees. Here they hunted deer and bisong Here they lived and toiled and prospered, Long before their pale face brothers Found these lands so Wild and wayward, Found these Woodlands and these meadows. And their mighty chiettan, Blackhawk, Bravest of all lndian Warriors, Led the red men into battle, Led them from the field victorious, Like our army and our navy, Fighting now across the Water, Many Sterling High alumni Are enrolled in the armed forces, And they serve this country ably ln a time of groivest peril. To the courage and the bravery Of these fine American Warriors, To their boldness when in battle, To their wholesome mode of living - We, the students of this high school, We would dedicate this yearbook. ELDERS OF THE TRIBAL COUNCIL GUIDE THE YOUTH OF STERLING HIGH SCHOOL ADMIN ISTR TIO Carl E. Griesser, W. L. Hendricks, Elmer T. lanssen, A. W. Wheeler, , H 1 1 2- 5- ' - Q , annul ,N A Nz N-T2 Philip H. Ward WAR COUNCIL Many are the weighty problems Dealt with by this Worthy council. All are wise and learned Warriors: All are leaders in our city. Once a Week they meet together With the chieitain in his office. Now they plan a greater Wigwam For this ever-growing school. BOARD MEMBERS Elmer T. lanssen Carl E. Griesser William L. Hendricks Philip H. Ward Arthur W. Wheeler TERM EXPIRES 1942 1942 1943 1944 1944 THE CHIEF ln a tribe as large as this one, There rnust be an able chiettain, To advise and help the students, Givinq counsel when it's needed. Many are the heavy duties That he's faced eleven winters. He is ever just and l-iindly, And a friend to every student. 3 Superintendent Roscoe Eades Q I E ASSISTANT CHIEF Z' Students who are late or absent Have to see the second chieftainy E They rnust have a worthy reason To obtain a slip to classes. -stkn He is liked by all the students I For his qiit ot wit and wisdorn. U. R. DeVoe , Assistant Superintendent X l X I SQUAW HELP There are rnany letters Written: Much is typed and much is tiled ln the Sterling High School office By the stall ot qirls who work there. Hazel Sondaeroth, Eileen Corrigan, Florence Olson FACU LTY wggss- Marqaret Birch Sccial Science Curtis Brandau Athletics, Social Science Loretta Browne Library l 2 K . Doris E. Burritt fy' ' English, Draniatics 5 4 Ann Crane Strinqed Instrurnents Marie L. Davis Mathematics Harriet Echternacli Latin Dollee Fauth English Martha R. Goette Art, English Peter Hooqeveen General Science, Eva Hunt Commercial Elizabeth Ioiner Latin Dorothy Ludens History Evelyn Marsh English Helen McAndreWs School Nurse Haden M. Moore Vocational Shop FACULTY Visual Education 'wifi 5- -Q' 1'5"- FACULTY I i Helen Pasek English Helen Peterson Commercial I. I. Richards Band, Orchestra l. E. Robbins Social Science Harriet Schick ffaaj French, English, Typing gwofrff. ! IMWIJW T. G. Scheicl, lr. Athletics, Social Science Alma N. Sherman Biology E. E. Small Mathematics Mmm FACULTY A Viola B. Strauch Home Economics David Stryker English, Vocal Music lohn G. Terhune Social Science, Athletics C. N. Timmons Vocational Shop Amy Turnell Girls' Athletics, Hygiene l. A. Twardock Agriculture Virginia Weston Mathematics Hugh Whaley Vocational Shop The hiqht schooi proqroim is cm impoiitoihi port ot the educotiohoi pioh ot Ster- iiiiq Township ifiiqh Schooi. Here ore some ot the iequior ciosses: Miss ifiurits shorthand, Miss Schicids typihq, Mr. Smoiis shop moithemoitics, Mr. Hooqeveeh'-s woootshop, Mi. Yftfhotexfs ihechohicoi oiowihq, Mi. Timmorfs ond Mr. Moore's ffiochirie shop, Miss Petersoifs bookkeeping, ond Mr. Eoides ond iohhriy. IN THE LORE FOR GATHER Y LIVING .1 if ' x it Alf ijt! I xl Y ' V T i L' 0 T 5 ' Q ,,fV mf, CLASS TQFFICER. T jj ' .R V ri 'SEQIIQP' ,i DeVere Leondrdil .......,,Y. ....... P resident I ledn l-loiimdn A....... .' ....,..,. Secretary X Edwin Browne .n,,,,.. ...,vn........... T recrsurer f f' Dedn Ddhlqren V7..,......,,,,, Vice President l V, t x f T T Nt' 1' X :P X -4 Q ,fl xi' F X v N jjjfv .AJ J it N24 , Yi. ,l itll X xi i 4 tg 1 I IUNIOR 3 Dorn Troye ,,.......,.,....,e.,,......i,,...... President iirst semester l lMerrill Church ,...,...,.,,...... Vice President l first semester 5 -President, second semester i Helen Becker ..r,,,....V.r.,.......r,...... Tredsurer 7 Keith Wells ,..,.,. r,,i...... S ecretcrry WM ,f Z SOPHOMORE Donnd Yeclc .,,r,,,.....,,,,,.r... Vice President ' Sarah Burkett ir,.i.... rr,ri..... S ecretdry Frcrnlc Birch ,ii.... ....... T redsurer Lee Gritiith .,i...... ........ P resident l l xND ADVISERS l FRESHMEN lack Casse-ns ,,, ,,,, ,........, ,, , ,,,,A Presiderit 1 lean Hart .,,Y,,,,,, .....,.. V ice President Neil Iansseri .....,,,e,,, .A...,.... ,,,e,, S e cretary Howard Gamai ,Y,,,,,,,,,. Boys Treasurer Lois Stewart ,,,r,.r. a,a,,,,r G irl's Treasurer T Senior advisers. leit Miss Harriet Eciitemacli E. E. Small Iunior advisers, riqht Miss Dorothy Luderis David Stryker, with Bill Adams, Vive President Second Semester P, ...V Sophomore advisers, leit Miss Alma Sherman Curtis Brandau Freshman advisers, right Miss Amy Turnell I. A, Twardoclc Abel n Welker Ann Adams y I. Anderson Babel Bartel B it d n Behrens Benson ll Bernstein ean Betts M n Birdsall L 1 d E. Book Ed Bowers k Breitweiser Bell M Brewer ea y Beck Activities of the l9li2 Senior Class A ff' Candy Counter P Monthly class meetings p Halloween Frolic Senior Play-"You Can't Take lt With You" Two all-school luncheons Two after-game dances George Washington Ball'-All-school formal Northern Illinois Conference for High School Seniors Merry-Go-Bound Dance Annual trip to Chicago Baccalaureate Commencement Doris AbeleG.A.A. l, 2, 3, 45 Home Economics Club 3, 45 Science Club l5 Band l, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra l5 Senior Luncheon 45 Iunior Book Review 35 George Washing- ton Ball . . . Marian WelkerfG.A.A. l, 2, 3, 45 Science Club l5 Halloween Frolic 45 Iunior Hi-Tri 1, 25 Latin Club 2, 3 . . . Fern Ann Adams--Home Economics Club l5 Science Club l, 25 G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 45 Halloween Frolic 45 Senior Luncheon 45 Candy Committee 45 Homecoming 4 . . .Beverly I. AndersonfAnnual Board 45 Science Club 25 Cheerleader 2, 3, 45 G.A.A. 2, Vice President 3, 45 Twirler l5 Iunior-Senior Prom 35 Sophomore Dance 25 Senior Luncheon 4: Senior Hi-Tri 4, Vice President 35 Homecoming 35 Class Secretary l . . . Russ Babel-Football 15 Basket- ball 15 Bowling 45 Cage Club l, 3, 45 Intramural Basketball l, 25 Band l5 Iunior Red Cross 45 Classy Chet 4 . . . Ianie Barte1effDramatic Club 2, 3, 45 Debate l, 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 25 Home Economics Club l, 3, 45 Science Club l5 Script 2, 3, Co- Editor 45 G.A.A. 2, 35 Glee Club l5 Senior Play Cast 45 Iunior-Senior Prom 35 l-lallowe'en Frolic 45 Sophomore Dance 25 Iunior Dance 35 Senior Luncheon 45 lunior Book Preview 35 Candy Committee 45 Homecoming 35 lunior Red Cross 45 Speech Club l, 2, 3, 45 Future Collegians 4 . . . lean BeattyfFrench Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 35 Science Club 15 G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 45 Archery Manager 25 Senior Play Crew 45 Senior Hi-Tri 3, 45 Ring Committee 35 Co-chairman Senior Candy Counter 45 Homecoming 35 Freshman, Sophomore, Iunior Class Treasurer5 Future Colleqians ' 0344-5 ,F -, ,f , i?'?5w WT?5KHMWmW, f at ftwnons M . . f X fy X L , f x I VI ,kj-fy,LfL.2 flnALf6x'FCLg,o,,.q Qdffief, E1 L 4, 4 . . . Louise Beck-Home Economics Club l, 2,' 3, Science Club l, . . , 2, 3, 4, Cflee Club 2, 3, Hallowe'en Frolic 4 . . . Gordon Behrens-Dra- matic Club 3, 4, French Club 3, President 4, Debate Team l, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 2, 4, Secretary 3, Annual Editor 4, Science Club l, Script l, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra l, 2, Glee Club l, Bobed Choir l, 3, 4, Senior Play Cast 4, lunior-Senior Prom 3, Sophomore Dance 2, Senior Hi-Y 4, Hallowe'en Frolic 4, Senior Luncheon 4, lun- ior Rotarian 4, Speech Club l, 2, President 3, 4, Future Collegians 4, Intramural Basketball l, George Washington Ball 4 . . . Keith Benson-Track l, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 4, Cross Country l, 4, French Club 3, 4, Golf 3, Bowling 3, 4, Latin Club 2, Annual Board 4, Intramural Basketball l, 2, 4, "S" Club 4, Senior Play Cast 4, lunior-Senior Prom 3, Hallowe'en Frolic 4, Sophomore Dance 2, Sen- ior Luncheon 4, Iunior Rotarian 4, Homecoming 4 . . . Lillian BernsteinfFrencl'1 Club 3, 4, Latin Club 2, Science Club 2, Script 4, GAA. 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club l, Iunior Dance 3, Senior Hi-Tri 3, 4, Finance Committee 4, Librarian Club Chair- man 4, Future Collegians 4 . . . Orla lean Betts!Latin Club 2, Science Club l, Glee Club l, 2, 3, Robed Choir 2, 3, 4, Iunior-Senior Prom 3 . . . Marian Birdscxll- Latin Club 2, Home Economics 2, Cf.A.A. l, 2, Glee Club 1, Senior Luncheon 4, . . . Leland E. Book-Intramural Basketball 3, 4, Glee Club 2, Robed Choir 2, 4, Secretary 3, Rural Hi-Y 3, President 4, Senior Luncheon 4, Hallowe'en Frolic 4, George Washington Ball 4 . . . Edwin BowersfCage Club l, Cross Country l, Bowling 3, 4, Science Club 2, lntramural Basketball 3: Band l, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club l, 2, Robecl Choir l, 2, Hallowe'en Frolic 4, Sopho- more Dance 2, Iunior Dance 3, Senior Luncheon 4 . . . Dick BreitweiserfFootball l, 2, Track 2, Cross Country 3, Bowling 3, 4, intramural Basketball l, 2, 3, Science Club l, 2, Bobed Choir 3, 4, Iunior Hi-Y l, 2, Hallowe'en Frolic 4, Finance Com- mittee 4, lunior Dance 3, Senior Luncheon 4, Future Collegians 4 . . . Iune Bell fG.A.A. l, 3, 4, Latin Club 2, 3, Science Club l, Hallowe'en Frolic 4, Iunior Hi- Tri 3 . . . Mcfrvin Brewer!Latin Club 2, Science Club l, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4, Twirler l, 2, 3, 4, Hallowe'en Frolic 4, Sophomore Dance 2, lunior Rotar- ian, lunior Dance 3, Flag Baiser l, 2, 3, 4: Georq 2 WashinQtOH Ball 4. Y i N , ,, , ' ' 1 - ' f M5 5 1 A ' I rfllvlv " ,f ' A'-I F -1 , 1, , , 1, 1 J 1 ff XJ A I y 1 ',J,"BOb,1Broscovak Ed Browne I ,K A Lo's Mae Bryant .1 ' Bessie Buell ' A Charhgs Burkett f Charlotte Ann Carl of ,' lane! Casseps ' lack Chapman 'I ,Donald Coats Iaznes Coats fx . ' I Bob Broscovak-French Club 2, 3, 45 Debate A Club 15 Annual Board 45 Tennis 1, 2, 3, 45 fjlntramural Basketball l, 2, 35 Science Club 15 'f Club 3, 45 Iunior Hi-Y 25 Halloween Frolic X145 Homecoming 4 . . . Lois Mae Bryc:nteHome 5.3 gEconomics Club 15 Science Club 25 G.A.A. 1, QXXQZ, 3, 45 Junior-Senior Prom 35 Iunior Hi-Tri 1, 25 XQSenior Hi-Tri 3,45 lnvitation Committee 4 . . . X3 xx "Charles Burkett-Dixon High School 15 Football kts, 2, Track 2, 3, 4, Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4, wg QMS" Club 3, 45 Cross Country 3, 45 Halloween Frolic 45 Sophomore Dance 25 Senior Hi-Y 3, 45 L Senior Luncheon 45 Candy Committee 45 Home- coming Co-chairman 45 Treasurer Iunior Red Cross Councilp Classy Chefs Club 3, 45 Future Collegians 45 Bowling 45 Washington Ball 4 . . . Ianet Cassens-G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 25 Science Club 1, 25 Iunior-Senior Prom 35 Hall - we'en Frolic 45 lunior Hi-Tri 15 Senior Hi-Ti 3, 45 lunior Dance 35 Senior Luncheon 45 Hom - coming 45 George Washington Ball 4 . . . Donald Coats-Football 1, 25 Bird Club 1, lntra- mural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Science Club 1- F.F.A. 45 Iunior Hi-Y 15 Halloween Frolic Sophomore Dance 25 Iunior Dance 3 . . . Browne-Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Bird Club 15 Latin Club 25 Annual Board 45 lntra- mural Basketball 45 Science Club 15 Script 45 "S" Club 45 Band 3, 45 Orchestra 3, 45 Senior Play Crew 45 Iunior-Senior Prom 35 Iunior Hi-Y 1, Secretary 25 Halloween Frolic 45 Senior Hi-Y Treasurer 3, President 45 Iunior Rotarian 45 Iunior Book Review 35 Senior Class Treasurer5 Future Collegians 45 Senior Luncheon 4 . . . Bessie Buell-Basketball 15 Bowling 35 Library Assistant 3, 4 . . . Charlotte Ann CarlfG.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Bowling 2, 3, 45 Home Economics 1, 25 Science Club 25 Annual Board 45 Glee Club 1, 35 Robed Choir 2, 3, 45 Iunior Hi-Tri 1, 25 Senior Hi-Tri 3, 4 . . . lack Chapman-Dramatic Club 3, 45 Bowling 45 Latin Club 2, 3, 45 Science Club 1, 25 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 1, 25 Glee Club 15 Robed Choir 15 Senior Play Cast 45 Iunior- genior lgrogn Hglloweegi lgrolic 434 Sophhomorle ance 5 umor ance 5 enior unc eon 5 Iunior Rotarian 45 Iunior Book Review 35 Future Collegians 4 . . . Iames CoaisfTrack 1, 25 Latin Club 25 Intramural Basketball 35 Science Club 15 Robed Choir 3, 45 Rural Hi-H 15 Hallo- x J' r K, X. 18 SENICDRS I 9 , ,fJO?'A.ff5wt-awe Clifford D. Conley Charles Conrad Dorothy Crabb Marjorie Overcash Russell Daehler Dean Dahlqfefl Betty Darnell leon Duvis Virqinig R, Dgef Hope Delores Desmond we'en Frolic 45 Religious Education Club l . . . Clifford D. Conley4Manlius High School 1, 2, 35 Hallowe'en Frolic 45 Future Collegians 4 . . . Dorothy CrabbfLyndon High School 1, 25 Dra- matic Club 3, 45 Archery 3, 45 Debate Club 3, 45 Script 45 Senior Play Crew 45 lunior-Senior Prom 35 Halloween Frolic 45 lunior Dance 35 Senior Luncheon 45 Senior Hi-Tri 3, 45 lunior Book Review 35 Finance Committee 45 lunior Bed Cross Council 45 Speech Club 3, 45 Co- chairman George Washington Ball 45 Future Collegians 4 . . . Russell Dcxehler-Football 1, 25 lntramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Science Club l, 25 lunior-Senior Prom5 lunior H-Y 15 Hallo- we'en Frolic 45 Senior Luncheon 4 . . . Betty Darnel1fG.A.A. l, 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club 3, 45 Latin Club 2, 3, 45 Home Economics Club l, 3: Script 2, 45 Glee Club l5 Senior Play Crew 45 lunior-Senior Prom 35 Halloween Frolic 45 lunior Dance 35 Senior Hi-Tri 3, 45 Candy Committee 45 Homecoming 45 Finance Committee 45 George Washington Ball 4 . . . Virginia R. Deets-G.A. A. l, 25 Science Club l, 25 Glee Club 2, 35 Bobed Choir 3, 45 Hallowe'en Frolic 4 . . . Charles ConradfTrack l, 25 Bowling 45 lntra- mural Basketball l, 2, 35 lunior Hi-Y 1, 25 Senior Hi-Y 35 Senior Luncheon 45 lunior Rotarian 4. . . . Mariorie Overcash-G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Science Club l, 25 Annual Board 45 Dra- matic Club 3, 45 Senior Play Crew 45 lunior-Senior Prom 35 Halloween Frolic 45 Sopho- more Dance 2 . . .Dean Dcrhlgrenelvlonmouth High School l5 Football l, 2, 3, 45 Track 2, 35 Bowling 3, 45 Latin Club 2, 3, President 45 Annual Board 45 Tennis 45 lntramural Basketball 2, 3, 45 Science Club l5 "S" Club 2, 3, 45 Senior Play Crew 45 lunior-Senior Prom 35 lunior Hi-Y l, 25 Senior Hi-Y 3, 45 lunior Dance 35 lunior Rotar- ian 45 Finance Committee 45 Chairman Ring Committee 35 Homecoming 3, 45 Vice President of Senior class5 Classy Chefs president 45 Fu- ture Collegians 45 George Washington Ball 4 . . . lean Dcxvis4Dramatic Club 45 Annual Board 45 Science Club 25 G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 45 lunior- Senior Prom 35 Senior Luncheon Chairman 4: Candy Committee 35 Homecoming 3, 4 . . . Hope Dolores Desmond4Home Economics Club l: Science Club l, 25 G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 45 Senior Luncheon 4. Merrill Doden Don A. Eaglin Anita Ebersol Glenn Ellmaker Fay Ewbank Q9 wavy Lawrenc F Richard Pluck lack F y Wayne Fri d h Beverly Friesen Cin Q Ol'1l'1e 9 9111 O T1 9-OI1 ine Grohe Bettie Haak Paul H. Hague Ellen Haskell Gene Harshman Lorra Ruth SENIORS Merrill DodenfFootball 25 Track 25 Bird Club l5 Bowling 3, 45 Rifle Club l5 lntra- mural Basketball l, 25 Science Club l, 25 Script 45 FPA. l5 Glee Club l, 35 Robed Choir 3, 45 Halloween Frolic 45 Sophomore Dance 25 Senior Hi-Y 45 Senior Luncheon 45 lunior Book Review 3 . . . Don A. Eag1infBowling 3, 45 Iunior Dance 3 . . . Anita EbersolefScience Club l5 Senior Luncheon 4 . . . Glenn Ellmakerffbotball 25 Track l, 2, 35 Rifle Club l5 lntramural Basketball l, 2, 35 Senior Play Crew 45 lunior Dance 35 Senior Hi-Y 3, Secretary 45 Senior Luncheon 45 Candy Committee 45 Iunior Red Cross Council 45 Future Collegians 45 Classy Chefs 35 Senior Dance 4 . . . Fay EwbankeTrack 2, 35 Dramatic Club 3, 45 Cross country l, 2, 35 Debate 35 Bowling 45 Latin Club 2, Vice President 35 Tennis 45 Science Club l, 25 Band l, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra l, 25 Glee Club l5 Senior Play Cast 45 lunior-Senior Prom 35 Iunior Hi-Y 25 Halloween Frolic 3, 45 Sophomore Dance Chairman 25 Senior Luncheon 45 Candy Committee 45 Speech Club 3, 45 Classy Chefs Club 35 George Washington Ball 45 Iunior Rotarian 4 . . . Lawrence Fenner eWillmar High School, Willmar Minnesota l5 Football l, 2, 35 Track l, 25 Intra- mural Basketball 25 Science Club l, 25 "S" Club 2, 35 Vice President of Sophomore Class5 Vice President of Iunior Class5 Iunior Rotarian 4 . . . Richard Fluck flfootball 2, 3, 45 Track 2, 35 lntramural Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 "S" Club 2, 3, 45 Robed Choir 3, Treasurer 45 Iunior Hi-Y l, 2 . . . lack Foy--Football 2, 3, 45 Track 1, 2, 3, 45 "S" Club 45 Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Halloween Frolic 4 . . . Wayne Friedrichsfliootball l, 2, 3, 45 Track l, 35 Dramatic Club 45 Bowling 3, 45 Intra- mural Basketball l, 25 Science Club l, 25 "S" Club 2, 3, 45 PFA l, 2, Vice Presi- dent 3, President 45 Robed Choir 2, 3, 45 Rural Hi-Y l, 25 Senior Play Cast 45 Halloween Frolic chairman 45 lunior Rotarian 45 Homecoming 3, 45 Iunior Red , f'v . ' I . ,V -l . I J V XJ y - , 'J J M X ' - V I 1 A I I X l K 3 Y r w 5 -,' -l .X . Q f ,If i,Yy,Y . , ,, J ' ' .1 l J-f f' L 1 N SL I I J Y i 1 f , X vp E 14 J F C 1 Ay' I X 3t'W'5Q?6lMM11r o F I9 4 2 Cross, President 45 Sophomore Class President 25 Iunior Class President 35 George Washington Ball 4 . . . Beverly Friesen-Home Economics Club l5 Science Club 25 G.A.A. 2, 3, 45 lunior-Senior Prom 35 lunior Hi-Tri l, 25 Senior Hi-Tri 3 . . . Stanley Fritz-Dramatic Club 3, 45 Science Club 25 Senior Play Cast 45 Hallowe'en Frolic 45 Senior Luncheon 4 . . . LaVonne Gettemyffknnual Board 45 Home Economics Club l5 G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 45 IuniorfSenior Prom 35 Halloween Frolic 45 Iunior Hi-Tri 25 Sen- ior Hi-Tri 3, 4 . . . Iohn GouldfFootball l, 2, 3, 45 Track l, 2, 3, 45 Bowling 45 lntramural Basketball l, 2, 35 Science Club l, 25 "S" Club l, 2, 3,45 Hallowe'en Frolic 45 Sophomore Dance 25 lunior Dance 35 Invitation Committee . . . Leon Gould eljootball 3, 45 Track l, 2, 3, 45 Cage Club l5 Basketball l, 2, 35 Bowling 45 "S" Club 1, 2, 3, Vice President 45 Band l, 2 . . . Lorraine Grobe-Home Economics Club 45 Senior Luncheon 4 . . . Bettie HcrakeHome Economics Club 1, 2, 4: Science Club l, 25 G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 45 Twirler 2, 3, 45 Halloween Frolic 45 Iunior Dance 35 Senior Hi-Tri 3, 45 Iunior Hi-Tri l, 2 . . . Paul H. Hague-Bowling 45 Science Club l, 25 PPA. l, 2, 3, President 4 . . . Ellen Hc1skelleDramatic Club 3, 45 French Club 3, Vice President 45 Debate Club l, 25 Latin Club l, 2, 3, 45 Annual Board 45 Home Economics Club l5 GAA. l, 2, 3, 45 Band l, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club l, 25 Twirler l, 2, 35 Senior Play Cast 45 lunior-Senior Prom 35 Halloween Frolic 45 Sophomore Dance 25 lunior Dance 35 Senior Luncheon 45 Candy Committee 45 Future Colleg- ians 45 One-act Play Cast 3 . . . Gene Hcrrshmcm----Debate Club l, 2, 3, 45 Annual Board 45 lntramural Basketball 15 Science Club l, 25 Script l5 Band l, 25 Hallo- ween Frolic 45 Senior Hi-Y 3, Treasurer 45 Senior Luncheon 45 Classy Chefs 3, Vice President 4 . . . Ruth A. Heilener'G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 25 Halloween Frolic 45 Latin Club 2. Paul Hermann B013 HEY Betty Iane Hicks Lavern G. Hoener lean Hoffman Bob Hults Iohn Hunsberger Orville Hunsberger Dorothy R. Iansse Betty lohnson Paul Hermann-Dramatic Club 45 Debate Club l, 25 Latin Club l, 3, 45 Tennis 2, 3, 45 Intramural Basketball 3, 45 Script 2, 3, Co-Editor 45 "S" Club 3, 45 Band 15 Senior Play Crew 45 Iunior-Senior Prom 35 Hallowe'en Frolic 45 Sophomore Dance 25 Senior Cotillion 45 Senior Hi-Y 25 Senior Luncheon 45 lunior Dance 35 lunior Rotarian 45 lunior Book Review 35 Candy Committee, Co- chairman 45 Homecoming 45 Future Collegians 45 Boys Cooking Club 4 . . . Betty Icrne HicksH Science Club 25 G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 15 Robed Choir 3, 45 Iunior Hi-Tri l, 25 Senior Hi- Tri 3 lean HoHmaneGAA l 2 Secretar 3 Economics Club l, 2, 35 Script 35 Hallowe'en Frolic 45 Senior Hi-Tri 3, President 45 Ring Com- President 45 Latin Club 25 Annual Board 45 Horneiqcp Secretary ot Iunior and Senior Classes . . . Iohn Hunsberqer-Football l, 25 Track l, 2, 3, 45 Cage Club l5 Cross Country 3, 45 Bowling 45 lntramural Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Science Club 25 "S" Club 45 Band l, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 25 lunior Hi-Y l 5 Iunior Dance 3 . . . Dorothy R. Ianssen 7G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 45 Home Economics l, 2, 3, 45 Science Club l5 Glee Club l, 2, 35 Robed Choir 3, 45 lunior Hi-Tri l, 25 Senior Hi-Tri 3, 4 . . . Bob HeyfFootball l, 25 Track l5 French Club 3 45 lntramural Basketball l Science Club l mittee 35 Candy Committee 45 Homecoming , 1 , X-X 25 Halloween Frolic 45 Senior Luncheon 45 -A Classy Chets Club 3 . . . Lavern G. Hoenerf Bowling 45 Debate l5 Latin Club l, 25 Annual Board 45 Tennis l5 Intramural Basketball l5 Science Club 1, 25 Band l, 2, 3, President 45 Or- chestra 3, 45 Senior Play Crew and Cast 45 lunior-Senior Prom 35 Sophomore Dance 25 Iunior Iunior Book Review 3, Future Collegians 4 Flag Dance 35 Senior Luncheon 45 lunior Rotarian 45 R0 fFootball l, 2, 3, 45 Track l, 2, 3, 45 Ten ' l, 2, 35 Dramatic Club 45 Latin Club l5 lntra- Raiser l, 2, 3, 4: Dramatic Club 4 . . . Bob,Hults r mm mural Basketball l, 45 Science Club l, 25 Script 45 "S" Club 2, 3, 45 F.F.A. 1, 2, 35 Rural Hi-Y 15 TXT Senior Play Crew 45 lunior-Senior Prom 35 Hallo- we'en Frolic 45 Sophomore Dance 25 lunior Dance 35 Senior Hi-Y 45 Senior Luncheon 45 Iunior Rotarian 45 Candy Committee 45 Basket- S E N I Q R S f 7. ',t , ff, ff lfmf I X il fy I bm W I Q44 L l L, llohnso Y .vf K' rbara Iohn n ffgv jgn 'llisrglfl X VV' N Eau Knox so l K jbuigsf K Te ontos M' Xx!Rona1d Koster , J n Laible Ml f Norma Landis Mfuiory Lcmqe J Iames E. Lunsford N it Q, N l A ball l, 2, 3, 4, ior ' 4, Sis' Coolag Club, Secretary , ' lu ng Te , Future Collegians 4 . . 'lle Hun ger-Frgboall 1, 2, 3, 4, Trac 2, 3, ' e l , 2, , 4, Q. "S" Club 1, 2, , 4, ior- ' Pro , lunior T Hi-Y 2, Hallowe'en Fr ' 4, dy Co ittee ,NX 4, Homecoming 4 . . . B., ' - . . . 1' ,-N, 1, 2, Science Club l, 2, o e'e Frolic - A 5 lunior Dance 3, Senior ri l . aul son R fScience Club 1, 2, Ban , 3, 4, e ra 3, 4, Iunior-Senior Prom 3, we'en ,Frolic mg 5 Sophomore Dance 2, Iunior Hi-Y 1, 2 enior Hi-Y 'X 3, 4 . . . Ioan Ki11ianeG.A.A. 1, 2- 1, 2, Home Economics Club l, Science Club ' Senior Luncheon 4, Iunior Book Preview 3, Future gi- 1 ik me 1 ans 4, Homecoming 4 . . . Ted Kontos-Bo Township High School l, 2, Basketball manage 3, Bowling 4, Annual Board 4, Hallowe'en Frolic 4, lunior-Senior Prom 3, Iunior Rotarian 4, Future Collegians 4, George Washington Ball 4, Senior Luncheon 4 .... Don Laible-Track 2, Bowling 3, 4, Science Club l, 2 . . . Mariory Lange- G.A.A.4l, 2, 3, 4, Home Economics Club l, 2, 3, Science Club l, Bancl l, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra l, 2, 4, Twirler 2, Iunior Dance 3, Library Assistant 4 . . . Barbara Iohnson-Morgan Park High School, Chicago 1, 2, 3, Senior Hi-Tri 4, Future Collegians 4, George Washington Ball 4 . . . lean Knox fFootball l, Track 1, Cross Country 2, Bowling 3, 4, Latin Club 2, Intramural Basketball 2, Script 4, F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Rural Hi-Y l, 2, Senior Play Cast 4, Future Collegians 4, George Washintgon Ball 4 . . . Ronald Koster- Football 1, 4, Track 3, 4, Bowling 4, Latin Club 2, Intramural Basketball l, Science Club 1, 2, "S" Club 4, Hallowe'en Frolic 4, Invitation Com- mittee 4 . . . Norma Landis-G.A.A. 1, 2, Latin Club 2, Home Economics Club 1, Science Club R 2, Glee Club l, Senior Hi-Tri 4 . . . Iames E. Lans- NIA ,fbrcj?fFootball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track l, 2, 3, 4, Bowling Xxx 1 f, 1 amural Basketball 1, 2, Latin Club 2, 3, 3 le ub 1, science Club 1, 2, "S" Club X X 1 Q , 4, nior-Senior Prom 3: Hallowe'en Frolic 4, Xjlkyl 7,'Hlo cominQL,f4: lunior Hi-Y l, 2: Senior Hi-Y I 9 LI, 2 S, if W -951 3, Seniorjkluncheon 4: Iunior Rotarian 4 . . . it K if fl' iv xv? i XQ XJ X .f X X , 1 X C KJJ TJ 'X lg K X X K I aa., Ivy! 1' I K , is lil X D Dorothy A D lanice Little E11 L g Darda Lubben Elizabeth lean Martin Leo Megli K .fig X I Charles Mill Betty McCombs 1 Ray Mellott A, 1 LaVorine McNeil Bill McNinch Earl Nelson lack Ohure lfl fry 1 XA I JJ l S E N I o R S f l, 0 ,NJ If x lk Leila LeachfLyndon High School l, 25 G.A.A. 4 . . . DeVere Leonardllloot- ball l, 2 ,3, 45 Track l, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Basketball l, 2, 45 French Club 3,' 45 Science Club l, 25 "S" Club 2, 3, 45 lunior Hi-Y l, President 25 lunior-Senior Promk ll Co-Chairman 35 Iunior Dance 35 Senior Hi-Y 3, 45 lunior Rotarian 45 Iunior Book Review 35 Homecoming 35 Basketball Manager 35 Freshman Class President5 Sen ior Class President5 Future Collegians 4 . . . Dorothy Ann Lewis-Archery 25 Latin Club 2, 3, 45 Science Club l5 Hallowe'en Frolic 45 Sophomore Dance 25 lunior Dance 35 Senior Luncheon 45 Senior Hi-Tri 3, 45 Candy Committee 45 lnvitation Committee 4 . . . Doris Lintonfl-lome Economics club 25 Science Club l, 25 Iunior- Senior Prom 35 Hallowe'en Frolic 45 Senior Hi-Tri 3, 4 . . . Icxnice Little-G.A.A. 3, 45 Latin Club l, 2, 3, 4 . . . Ellene LongfGlee Club l5 Robed Choir 15 Hallowe'en Frolic 45 Latin Club 25 Home Economics Club 15 lnvitation Committee 4 . . . Dcxrda Lubben-G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 45 Dramatic Club 45 Science Club 25 Home Economics Clvub l5 Senior Play Crew 45 Iunior-Senior Prom 35 Hallowe'en Frolic 45 lunior Dance 35 Senior Luncheon 45 Senior Hi-Tri 3, 45 Homecoming 4 . . . Elizabeth lean Martin-G.A.A. 3, 45 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 2, 3, 45 Annual Board 45 Home Economics 15 Glee Club 15 Robed Choir 2, 3, 45 Senior Play Cast 45 George Washington Ball 45 Iunior-Senior Prom 35 Hallowe'en Frolic 45 Sophomore Dance 25 Homecoming 4 . . . Leo Meg1ieLatin Club 25 Annual Board 45 F.F.A. Vice President 3, Treasurer 45 Rural Hi-Y 3, Secretary 45 Iunior-Senior Prom 35 lunior Rotarian 45 Candy Committee 4 . . . Irene Melvin-G.A.A. 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 25 Home Economics Club 15 Band l, 2, 35 Glee Club l, 25 Hallowe'en Frolic 35 George Washington Ball 4 . . . Marian Mennengc: - Morrison High School l, 2, 35 Archery 45 Dramatic Club 35 Bowling 45 Latin Club l, 25 Hallowe'en 2,0111 -rig .QVQLJJV 77 FM W'M tm 7 lvzfr 4 it 7 ,xvtllx :Z 73' F l 9 Ll' 2 12' ll ll "X I Frolic 4 . . . Charles Millerflfootball ll 3, 47 Track 2, 3, 47 Dramatic Club 47 Cage Club lj Bowling 3, 47 Annual Board 47 Intramural Basketball l, 3, 47 Science Club7 "S" Club 3, President 47 Senior Play Cast 47 Iunior-Senior Prom 37 Halloween Frolic 47 Senior Hi-Y 3, 47 Co-Chairman George Washington Ball 47 lunior Dance 37 Senior Luncheon 47 Finance Committee 47 Homecoming 3, 4 . . . Betty McCornbs!G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 47 Annual Board 47 Home Economics Club Secre- tary l, 27 Science Club l, 27 Cheerleader 2, 3, 47 Cflee Club lj Twirler l7 lunior- Senior Prom 37 Halloween Frolic 3, 47 Sophomore Dance 27 lunior Hi-Tri l, 27 Senior Hi-Tri 3, Treasurer 47 Iunior Dance 37 Senior Luncheon 47 Homecoming 3, 47 Iunior Red Cross Council 47 Library Assistant 3, 47 Religious Education Club lj lunior Book Review 3 . . . Ray Mellott-Football l, 27 Track l, 37 Cross Country 37 Bird Club l7 Intramural Basketball l, 2, 37 Science Club l7 "S" Club 47 F.F.A. l, 2, 4, Reporter 37 Glee Club lj Robed Choir lj F.F.A. Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 . . . LaVonne McNeilfG.A.A. l, 2, 3, 47 Sopomore Dance 27 Seniq Luncheon 47 Home- coming 37 Dramatic Club 3, 47 Latin Club l, 2, 3, Vice President 47 Home Ecomon- ics Club lj Orchestra 27 Band l, 2, 3, 4j Glee Club lj Robed Choir l, 47 Twirler l, 2, 3, 47 Senior Play Cast llj Halloween Frolic 47 Future Collegians 47 lunior Prom 3 . . . Bill McNinchfFootball lj Cross Country 47 Cage Club l7 Bowling 3, 4j Intramural Basketball l, 2, 4j Science Club l7 Band l, 2, 3, 4j Orchestra 2, 3, 47 Hallowe'en Frolic 47 Sophomore Dance 27 Classy Chefs 4 . . . Earl NelsonfFoot- ball l, 2, 3, 47 Track l, 2, 3, 47 lce Hockey l7 Bowling 3, 47 Rifle Club lj lntra- mural Basketball l, 2, 3, 47 "S" Club l, 2, 3, 47 Iunior Hi-Y l, 27 Iunior Dance 37 lunior Rotarian , . . lack Oharef Cage Club 17 Bowling 47 Rifle Club l7 lntra- mural Basketball l, 3: Robed Choir 47 Hallowe'en Frolic 4. Doris Marie Overholser Marion M. Palmer Warren Planthaber Mary Pottinger Joanna Prentiss Neil Puckett Ernst Ricklefs Harvey Riser, Jr. Elda Robbins Irene Boyer Doris Marie Overholser-G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 45 Dra- matic Club 2, 3, Secretary and Treasurer 45 Debate l, 45 Latin 2, 35 Annual Board 45 Home Economics l, 25 Script 25 Glee Club 35 Bobed Choir 3, 45 Iunior'Senior Prom 35 Hallow- e'en Frolic 45 Sophomore Dance 25 Senior Lunch- eon 45 Finance Committee 45 Candy Com- mittee 45 Speech Club l, 2, 3, 45 Future Collegians 4 . . . Warren Planthaber- Cage Club l5 Rifle Club l5 Science Club l . . . Ioanna PrentisseLatin Club 2, 3, 45 Annual Board 45 Home Economics Club l5 G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 3, 45 Senior Play Crew 45 lunior- Senior Prom 35 Halloween Frolic 45 Sophomore Dance 25 Senior Luncheon 4: Candy Committee 35 Future Collegians 4 . . . Ernst Ricklefs-Cage Club l, 2, 4 . . . Elda RobbinseeDramatic Club 45 French Club 3, 45 Latin Club, Treasurer 25 Science Club l5 G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club l5 Robed Choir l5 Seiiioi Play Crew 45 lunior-Senior Prom 35 Halloween Frolic 45 Sophomore Dance 25 Senior Luncheon 45 Vice President Freshman Class . . . Marion M. Palmer-fDramatic Club 2, 3, 45 French Club 3, Secretary 45 Debate l, 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 25 Home Economics Club l5 Science Club 25 Script 2, 45 G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club l5 Senior Play Cast 45 lunior-Senior Prom 35 Halloween Frolic 45 Sophomore Dance 25 Iunior Dance 35 lunior Book Review 35 Speech Club Secretary l, 2, 3, President 45 Future Col- legians 45 Twirler 25 Business Manager Annual 4 . . . Mary PottingerfDesMoines, lowa High School, l, 2, 35 Annual Board 45 Robed Choir 45 Hallowe'en Frolic 4 . . . Neil PucketteFootball l, 2, 35 Track l, 2, 35 French Club 3, 45 Bowling 45 Tennis 25 lntramural Basketball l, 2, 35 Science Club l, 25 Script 45 "S" Club 2, 3, 45 lunior Dance Co-Chairman 35 Candy Committee 45 lnvitation Committee 45 Homecoming 3, 45 Hal- lowe'en Frolic 45 Future Collegians . . . Harvey Riser, Ir.-Football l, 2, 3, 45 Track l, 2, 35 Cage Club l5 Basketball l, 2, 35 Tennis 35 Intramural Basketball 4: Science31b,25 "S" Clubll, 2, 3, 45 f . - 1 ' SENIQRS , ,fi T! 'bfi ,L N", 'K' 2. ' 1 -'VM f, X1 K? ,, '-"4" J' -f " tj 25 - ,,,g , l , ,,.., ' ff 'T 3 f M fl . fl If ., i..f-fe-f Sod, ,,f,- X - . sw. . ' l l C we XJ 'xv lritwf V lf1J l 5 tw WX. fi x QA ist' I942 X W' kr yi' , J gy' gl-"ttf I 'A I 'O 'gif ' " 4 ' I ' J- " homas Royer lohn A. Schememar. 14 ' ly Marian Schueler lim Selogver Geraldine Shore Mjlfoyd Shumgn Clarence Smith Keith Smith Allene Smoot Leslie Stern Band l, 2, 35 Hallowe'en Frolic 45 lunior Dance 35 lunior Rotarian 4 . . . Irene RoyerfGlee Club lg Senior Play Crew 45 Hallowe'en Frolic 45 Senior Luncheon 4 . . . Thomas RoyerfScience Club 25 Halloween Frolic 45 Senior Luncheon 4 . . . Marian Schuelerelfolley Ball 25 Home Economics Club, President 3, Treasurer 45 Band l, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra l5 Glee Club 15 Robed Choir l5 lunior-Senior Prom 35 Halloween Frolic 45 Senior Luncheon 45 lunior Red Cross Council 45 George Washington Ball 4 . . . Geraldine Shore-GAA. l, 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club 3, 45 French Club 3, 45 Latin Club 25 Annual Board 45 Science Club l5 Script 45 Band 2, 3, 45 Glee Club l5 Senior Play Crew 45 lunior-Senior Prom 35 Hallowe'en Prolic 45 Chairman Sopoho- more Dance 25 lunior Dance 35 Senior Luncheon 45 Hi-Tri 3, 45 Candy Committee 45 lnvitation Com- mittee 45 Future Collegians 4 . . . Clarence Smith eBowling 45 Tennis 45 Science Club 15 Senior Play Crew 4 . . . Allene Smoot---Annual Board 45 Science Club l, 25 G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 45 Iunior- Senior Prom 35 Hallowe'en Frolic 45 Hi-Tri l, 2 . . . Iohn A. Scheinemanelfootball l, 35 Track l, 3, 45 Cross Country 45 Latin Club 25 lntra- mural Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Science Club l, 2, 3, 45 "S" Club 45 Band l5 Senior Play Crew 45 Hallowe'en Frolic 45 Senior Luncheon 45 Iunior Botarian 4 . . . Iim SelooverfCage Club 15 Bowling 45 Science 25 Glee Club 15 Robed Choir l5 Senior Play Cast 45 Hallowe'en Frolic 45 lunior Rotarian 45 Candy Committee 4 . . . Milford Shumcmflfootball l, 2, 3, 45 Track 2, 3, 45 Cage Club l5 lntramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Science Club 25 "S" Club 2, 3, 4 . . .Keith Smith eDramatic Club 45 Bowling 3, 45 Latin 25 FFA. l, 2, 3, 45 Rural Hi-Y l5 Senior Play Cast 45 lunior-Senior Prom 35 lunior Botarian 4 . . . Leslie SternfFootball l, 25 Science Club 25 Bobed Choir 45 Hallowe'en Prolic 45 lunior Dance 35 Senior Luncheon 4. W7 Gladys M. Wechsler Robert Wesley Steven Harold Stone Don Theme Betty Truedson Orville Wade Jay Wallace Loren Weckesser Donald Adams John H. Lathrop Norval Ztgler Tom Welton, Jr. Charles Wiker Arthur Wildman Lorna Witmer Vivian Wolf Harry Woodyatt Robert Woodyatt Harvey McFa1ls Jacque Sterenberg tcittccaief E N' A 1 we S NICDRS Jmww Gladys M. Wechsler-Annual Board 45 Home Economics Club 1, 25 Science Club 15 1-lallowe'en Frolic 45 Senior Luncheon 45 Hi-Tri 3 . . . Robert Wesley Stevens- French Club 3, 45 Bowling 4 Latin 25 Science 15 Band 15 Glee Club 15 Junior-Senior Prom 35 Senior Luncheon 45 Junior Book Review 35 Future Collegians 45 Halloween Frolic 45 . . . Harold Stone-Football 15 Basketball 15 Bowling 3, 45 "S" Club 15 Band 1, 2, 3, Vice President 45 Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 15 Bobed Choir 1 . . . Don Thome-Football 1, 2,5 Track 15 Bowling 35 Debate 15 lntra- mural Basketball 15 Science Club l, 25 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Junior Senior Prom 35 Sophomore Dance 2 . . . Betty TruedsonfHome Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Hi-Tri 1, 3 . . .Orville Wade-Track 15 Science Club 1, 25 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior Luncheon 45 Halloween Frolic 45 Robed Choir 2, 3, Secretary 45 Rural Hi-Y 1, Secretary 2, 3, Vice President 4 . . . Jay Wallace- Football 1, 25 Track 25 Bird Club 15 Annual Board 45 lntramural Basketball 1, 25 Science 1, 25 Junior-Senior Prom 35 1-1a1lowe'en Frolic 45 Sophomore Dance 25 Sen- ior Luncheon 45 Senior Hi-Y 4 . . . Loren Weckesserelfbotball 1, 25 Track 15 Cage Club 15 Basketball 45 Cross Country 45 lntramural Basketball 1, 2, 35 Junior Hi-Y 15 Ha1lowe'en Frolic 4 . . . Donald Adams-Graduate in August, Bowling 3, 45 Science Club 1, 2 . . . John H. Lathrop-Special student . . . Nor- val Ziqler-Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club 45 Bowl- ing 35 lntramural Basketball 1, 25 Science Club 25 "S" Club 2, 3, 45 Senior Play Crew and Cast 45 1-li-Y 15 Senior Luncheon 45 Junior Botarian 4 . . . Tom Welton Jr.-Track 2, 35 Cross Country 1, 25 Bowling 3, 45 Latin Club 25 Annual f l A 'iff I M- J fl , ll , 6' . I0 4 JJ Sw O F All I 9 ll 2 w' I i Board 45 Science Club l, 25 Glee Club l5 Senior Play Crew 45 Iunior-Senior Prom 35 lunior Hi-Y l, 25 Halloween Frolic 45 Sophomore Dance 25 Senior Hi-Y 35 Senior Luncheon 45 Iunior Book Review 35 Secretary ot lunior Class5 lunior Rotarian 4 . . . Charles Wiker-Football l, ,35 Track l, 2, 35 Cage Club 3, 45 Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Science Club l, 25 . . . Arthur Wildmcrn4Football 1, 25 Track l5 Dramatic Club 3, 45 Cross Country 45 Latin Club 2, 3, 45 Intramural Basket- ball l, 25 Science Club l, 25 Hallowe'en Frolic 4 . . . Lorna Witmer-Latin Club 25 Home Economics l, 2, 3 . . . Vivian Woli-G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 45 Individual Sports Manager 2, 45 Basketball Manager 35 Latin Club 25 Annual Board 45 Science Club l5 Cheerleader 2, 3, 45 lunior-Senior Prom 35 Halloween Frolic 45 Sophomore Dance 25 lunior Dance 35 Hi-Tri l, Secretary-Treasurer 2, Secretary 45 Bing Committee 35 Homecoming 45 Library Assistant 3, 45 Religious Education Club l ...Harry Wood- yattflfootball l, 2, 3, 45' Track l, 2, 3, 45 Cage Club l5 Basketball l, 2, 3, Co-Captain 45 Science Club l, 25 "S" Club l, 2, 3, 45 lunior-Senior Prom 35 Homecoming 3 . . . Robert Woodyatt-Football l, 2, 3, 45 Track 2, 3, 45 Cage Club l5 lntramural Bas- ketball l, 2, 3, 45 "S" Club 4 . . . Harvey Mclfalls-Graduate in August5 F.F.A. l, 2, 3, 45 Rural Hi-Y l . . . Iacque SterenbergfGraduate in August5 French Club 2, 3, 45 Bowling 35 Debate Club l5 Rifle Club 15 Tennis 25 Intramural Basketball 25 Science Club l5 Script l5 Band l, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Bobed Choir l, 2, 35 lunior-Senior Prom 35 lunior Hi-Y l5 Halloween Frolic 45 Sophomore Dance 25 lunior Dance 35 Homecoming 45 Future Collegians 4. J 2 Firsl low: Wusloy Bmwxx, Bud Armmcx, Dlck Cushmfm, B121 Gina, Mvxull Cluucth, Mullin llofsxmwurx, Rwkumt ll: xvifz, Bo Arxdczlsorx, lxfx Almvy. Secbnd IOW: lunf- ,Ft-ssxmw:1r'l, Allwmg Eldlod, Halen BC'Q'lCKF1, Hlrlvxxlr livll, Gvldfzn lifruxelt, FQIIMQT llxfrrxk, Hww-ucl llxwklx SCH, Nlrk l'i4yc'km', Vffxylufx Elruexr, Pfml Corbm, Thlrd rcw: Mu-xlfx Azmlxwlx, llmlzs Buyuxxqs, Nwyolcz Bmokfa, lFJw:lx',' NUS, He-tty Fiddfll, Vxvxfxzl B1-xfkxzxzxx, I 1 Vwzm EIFS5l-EI, Lf 9.11: Pt'-rzwlx, Elll Bvx'tk111f5l1'1ixl, lOl1I1 Agfr. Fcutih If".-,': Flxirlf y lffflw l'-'zzz AIlV'IlfW',1YI'X, Mary Bffllf' Gfffl im, lflzt CYS' l.:z, l'.'1:1x'Nzg lfzflei, . ' '31vl11'a1'. l'V !".' A'l11"l-' "url G1 rflyf VYZHIIV., lmfwilxy EHULS, A1160 Funk, Cf 11: lirsvtl First TCW: llwlfglxt Mm't:7n:rrm, Hfiicild Fllmnts, Keltlx Bxum':1, lirjzrlmilh Rmtzol, KHJIM Vllelliu, Gem, Kwlly, Bull Ilw1:1:'11xl11. Second row: l'1:1r1 VJ1lfyc':1, l'cj-wffy l!lr:rtenson, Cecil Vxffxde-, Clfuomiv Vlfoll, Rfxy Orlowski, Russell Kzpsztf-1, Bull Kult, Lawn Mums. Thxrd rowz Sus- Sruxtlx, Iffzxnlf, Qwifox, latin Wlqqms, Nmnvz VW-lkm, Hfilmx Wwllzfr, Milrqely 'x'v'o'f, Tiny lung M1211 Joyce lN1i'7hl, lorlfzxzifx Millcr, Beverly W'ise. Fourth row: Ed Hfrdko, H111 Asians, Tom Boqrzfvrd, Dam 'l'myl,, Rfiylx '.A.':'xc!f3 ssicv Eellxzs, Mfxxvux Sfullzrfl, Holmvl Kelsey, Vazxnon H1m1r,h::, Charles Hendricks, Hczmlrx Hifgwlktfir, First row: Darlene Leonard, Rosella Taylor, Dorothy Schutt, Howard Moran, Robert Knuh Nel Allabrugh Doro hy Ward, Gloria Paulson, Alice Hoover. Second row: Byron Long, Raymond Wolf, Earl Alexander, Irons- Schneider, Georgina McDonald Warren Kyger Lee jones, Vlfcldon Galloway, Charles Srnoot, lim Ellrnaker. Third row: Gladys Moore, Dorothy Miatko, Marion Schultz, Elsie Meier, Florence Stern Betty Schuldt Lucille Hog Bill Trudo, Marvin Harms, Clair Schwfrnk, Iirn Reitzel, Fourth row: john Hurley, George Marion, Marian Novak, Helen Langford, Lois McConnell Dorothy Hoener Nellie Hill Donald Wallick, Bill Taylor, Paul Weyrauch, Earl Rigkgfl Aflyn 101195, JUNIORS You shall hear how junior tribesmen Sponsored many festive powwows, Sold sweetmeats at tribal contests, Basketball and football contests, Getting necessary wampum For their senior year in high school. ln the stormy months of winter, When the snow lay still and sparkling, They presented to the public Four reviews of new editions, Latest books upon the market. They gave dances in the schoolhouse After games with neighboring tribesmen When the winds of March were raging, Classmen gathered all the students For the annual junior war dance. ln the spring the junior students Promenadecl with the seniors At the year's outstanding formal, At the annual junior prom. First row: Mae Allen, Stewart, Martha Second row: Verbetta Yeck, Mary Lou SOP!-IOMORES Listen now in Indian style To the story of the Sophomores, How they planned a gala powwow, First affair that they had sponsored Since they entered into high school, Tribal dances are quite common 0,30 .A But few are so entertaining 4 Fx I Q -' As the Sophomore tribal rally. l oflkf 3 3' -, ' For the great hall of the Wigwam 211 lx hd4pR I They' cut pine trees in the forest X ' 'Tvs lit A 'YK And hung snowballs from the rafters, RQ N L11 ' Thus they decked the tribal Wigwam MQ L ,Wx For the annual Sophomore Dance. X xy X tx Stir, 1 ly 'v Shirley Fehrenbach, Bernice Wessels, Virginia GeLaz, Catherine Detweiler, Irene Shaible, Dorothy Bartlow, lean Bressler. Wolf, Vera Bley, Ianet Gazell, Bob Cate, loyce Meenen, Ted McDonald, Audrey Cassens, Donna Holler, lanet Swartley. Third rowzl-larriet Radke, Dorothy Landis, Iune McKee, Suzanne lanssen, PQQQY Quigley, Ted Scheid, Ray Wooster, Bob Bulmer, Joanne Stager, Bettijeanne McNeil, Audrey Lqlqman, Sarah Burkett, Fourth row: Bill Newcum, Charles Van Gilder, Ralph Haag, Elan Barraclaugh, Bob Swehla, lack Iamison, Douglas Ford, Russell Coats, Lynn Wildrnan, Myron Shannon, Warren Davis, Edmund Bowman, Angeline Ceruti. Fifth row: Marit Riser, Pat Greer, Janet Ferguson, Elsie Lund, Dorothy VVoodyatt, Donna Cross, lane Drury, Arlene Betts, Betty Portner, Ianice Humphrey, Charles Calhoun, Glenn Gaurner, terorne McKinney, Leon Mulcahey, .l k I 0 n , u First rrw lezrmttg liykszr 1, Mtzry lN:xt.:t:1, fled Vkfiuk, lzirliri lvlimqfm, Lyle Hurlfss, Georg? Watson, Ciiolyn tai' Second ww Corrs A1-:b.:i1,glr, H1421 Tltivllgzr Luli: lNfyf215,Betty SvlQ:r1ieclebr.slt, Luis Hgrsllrzttizr' Tick l.'.'i1it'.'e:, Arif Htnderson, lalrri Ampirm. Third row lime 'l'et14:h:??it, Mary Strock, Fmotlry H.,1fik, Firrlsrie- Fwrwell, Alycgc Cmllixliori, ltmoihy Tr-rtteeri, Elwy Wficlcesser, Bob Sfex, Bmb Zicgler. Fcurtli rovrf--Ted ll!lVlF'L7I1fIlCl, lifwzrr Ruth, frwlizp Aqgqsn, Edwzrd Ifwrrer, Bill Sfhr :rig-f, Boi: lvl irzt Arziwfd Ilif-r. 'ix '- !'lV.ll'lSbGI'fQDZ, Ed B-Sigel. Fifth Harold Butzlpxji, Bpb Tr sirifii-1, l'If'rC V.'11z'-ri, Fisifr Stxltzfzf Piul lzrkley, B112 Tift -2 ','f':rr'frg Cir"- liilw Breed, Frrmtis Beirrt-112, Bill Gfimlci, Biclitird fiwririe-r. First row Marian Hoover, lrerw Nesbitt, Vfrnori Pyse, Hcgwofrd Krrrft, Lee Griffith, Frcmlc Birvh, Pczulirltf Fberscle Second Bow -fyfizry Plllfrz BT-zrrger, 'firqiriii Bliley, Betts Bti? Pfzrxlrzw lfrfkley lmrnetta lrzvis, Stzrrly E"i"'. Bob Vfxtsori, Edu-13rd Olcisl, Glzfiys Ylzzirrnd. l Third ww Shirley Butler, E501-ettf: Bedivk, Bernice Fmirtfr, Lenz: Mme Aslfipfiuqlr, EUQCIKQ Halt, Bicllixrci Qfieckizizz George Finch, Bob Haque. Fourth row flXl0fITlU Rollins, Betty Shorter, Lofrtrice Lfrndwrrir, Phyllis Miller, lohn Gcrfiey, Marlin LQF:3vre, Albrg Pfmscik, Biihfrrcl Mrllsr, Liwrenca Mundi. Fifth ri'-I Forrest Olzrtsteird, Hswird Hicks, Bill Robinson i-ltzrcld Bxrrlunf, Q2-lightSterenbG:q,B1ll f,'c:it1R,FriI:ic Hufssurig, Bob Burke, Clwiide Cunimiris, luck Morris. First row Robert Stouttor, Kendall Freeman, Lauren Morris, Elwood Foy, Bill Willitrnis, Harold Parks, Dewey Olinqor, Ranhlftll Barnett, l,ftVvimf' Bl1Yllll?lSlGI'. St wwnrl row lack Cfrssenx, llivk Sr:hinitt, Stin Ricltq-v, Kenny Dtihnt, lloyd Hunsberqer, Hubert Maynfnd, Gerald Parkin, Borer Rice, Wtll1'11xt Srrutt, Vtfalltwe lfvlclxnan. Third iczw M-grrill Benson, Iorgttpliirro Lalhle, Lois: Stewart, Barbara Heindol, Vonda Brool-crl, Cfrtlirfrine Aque, Mar- ituie Paks, Marion Dtwts, l5flflQI1E Otten, lotxnno Eberhardt, Pauline DeWeerd. Fftiltlt rvw' Lyle Book, flivzn Nflron, Lela N"ttslo'ittin, Ruth Olds, Htrirttvt Srhueler, Vivian llotn, Viviun Dew, Vioft Stzwla, Viola Pvicik-, Buverly Schultz, Lois Rink, Shirley Gittrow, l'1t'li rf w Vtful: X'Vells, C1101 'l'ttvOner, Lotxellu Htthhxrt, lvlrrtha Furidcfrhttrfj, Shirley Pfrrlclfwk, Mftrtlyix Bellfirs, Rtztl 'l'lt1ullmr, lxflyr-iz Bt1tz+ r, M trif- Lttct-rs, Vwxi Millar, Alxleno Rtrrlrtz, Aurlrey Adfnr Yirst row Evelyn Weckcssor, Betty Crrpp, Elaine Geiger, Martha Whitley, Mary Lou Foulds, loan Shelley, Betty Bae lohn, Ferne Lelfovro, Doris Oltrnan. - Second :nw Vada Fields, Phyllis Matzinqer, Eleanor Schutt, lean Hart, Pauline Trenholin, Orla lean Dahlberq, Beverly Hoffman, Ester Hayen, Ruth Schultz. Third rowf-Betty Sisson, Mary lane Linton, Mary lo Denny, Ruth Goodnight, Dorothy Maxwell, Neva Olson, loyce Null, Ida Harms, Kathryn Deets, Rose Mary Meqli, Verna Harnmelman, Violet Haqerrnann. Fourth row Leslie Otten, Martorie Haak, Doris Biven, Lester Wade, Claude Brown, Ross Berger, larnes May, Donald Behrens, Robert Brown, Bill Scott, Lawrence Duprey. Filth row- -Ronald Mathias, William Babcock, Laurence Deusch, Kenny Galloway, Charles Gaumer, Neil Ianssen, Herman Tretten, larnes Carlton, Donald Deern, Eugene Holcomb, Donald Summers, Robert Reitzel. First row' Rosemary Eaqlin, Pat Ryan, Lorrainne Lawrence, Mary Zigler, Evelyn Thompson, Darlene Kendell, Dozo- thy Wiker, Fay Devine. Second row-fLeorc1 Wolber, Betty Ebersole, Lois Kelsey, Pat Marquis, Marilyn Cies, Bonnie Bell, loan Welker, Gene- vieve Wendt, Beth Phelps. Third row Pat Roden, Shirley Schmitt, Connie Doerrnann, Marcia Bogaard, Robert Beatty, Howard Gisi, Charles Potts, loan Hubbard, Barbara Roland, Maxine Kniser. Fourth row Allan Wildman, Robert Miller, Charles Fishback, Gerald lones, Marvin l-laber, Donald Piundsiein, Eu- gene Kyger, Arden Dean, Lloyd Dettnian. Fifth ro Ray Blum, Billy Appenzeller, Clair Rank, LeRoy White, Leroy Doden. Eugene Haak, liruniy Partridge, QB? u Pomicusl Earl Prince, Marvin Harrison. ww Youngest of the Sterling tribesmen . . Are the freshmen in the high schoolg V jj X They have just begun to take part A . In the many tribal functions, ! - ln the clubs and in the contests, ,si FRESHMEN QD ,Iii 2553? ln the pow-wows and the dances Sponsored here at Sterling high school. ln the fall, the upper classmen Greet the class of freshmen students X ln the Way of past tradition, With a grave initiation. '- This year freshmen had advisers, . Chosen from th staff of teachers riff? L 5 XJ? F e ar f arn Zj' . 'ba 4 ' nr'-v Y Lp wg, 07-f' pxrx LUV. .I . I to X it if W xl Prdverhsxrrq me George Wushrnqkon SGH: Huh-5, Wewzkesser, Hxmsberqer, Mewxrr, Krxmc, Xnwrvxrd, Emrroker Homework: Drury, F. MrXXer, Pormer 'Y'rxree's 41 crowd: Frredrrchs, McCorrrbs., K, Smrkh Prckups: XNrXXrs Nasker, Chcxrhe Curxsirrqern --Errrouie io disrrick som cgome-sr Under me arch ok me G. NN. B-AX: XCQXSQY, H. Woodyon, Dewer1,Lobmmr,Bud and Search Burkekk Rocoqrrize Ggbborxs' hot?---Wnrrx rr sc-zrzremry, xni5Ki?r'? "Sing We and Chunk 'n"z Hoover, Ekired, Baker, Pokkmqer, V. Peaks., Skryker, Yrredrichs, S. Come, B. Wohurr, C. Wade Bepem pertormorrce, wirh rerreskmrrxems Sqrmws: X, Horirrroa, Lewis, YJ. Hunk. I H f W A . X Sterling rivals . On thex Pin... W 'iff K I X v J f I' r"- f In b If , f ' f f - ax f- 4. .z.zJ.fA, If f A A 1 Q, f 1 If in I C1 I .fnf if rw L x 3 , f .Ni f f uf rl ' " '- f V I 1 -ff A A A 9 I Z ' ' ' ' Q S I Fiozit row l1'1 Abu-gy, Harvlyy Riser, Norval Zigler, loli'i Gould, Charles Miller, Co-cagstairxs Harry Vtloodyatt and Earl Molson, Dean Dohllruori, Gene Kelley, Weldon Galloway ,Leon Gould, l'DeVere Leonard. fwrirxd row Coach Ted Szrhoid, Miltord Shumfm, Ronald Koster, Wayne Friedrichs, Kenneth Heitzel, Robert Wood yott, lfrmes Lunsford, Eolu Hults, Toni Boamrd, Rirfhwrd Wliitver, Orville Hunsberrrer, Marvin Soillfxrd, Bud Arming, Cofrrfh Brrrridfru. 'Vlmrl row Hill Krrrft, Edwin Browne, Irruk Foy, Roland Kolsey, Iwo Tatollrx, Dick Pluck, llivlc riirxriri, Gordon Evinrtt, Merrill Cfhx1rf'le, K itll Prllwrx, Bill llussuruq, Bob Flwvlier. x ' 1 G l ' VARSITY FOOTBALL ,fm You shall hear how Sterling Warriors 1 Fought upon the tield ot hattle, 38 Gaining triumphs in the contests And renown among the warriors. Homeward they then Came exulting With the trophies ot the battle, With a shout and song of triumph, To the shores ot Sterling high school. And the tribesmen in the school Vlfaited tor the coming heroes: Listened to their songs of triumph, Welcomed them with songs and dances, Made a joyous Celebration, And in cheering numbers shouted, "Honor he to Sterling warriors!" Kennrth Hunshjfrqer Cuslimixn, Martin Doer ,fi Results of the 1941 1 X Football Season X Rock Falls 25, Sterling 7 Community 7, Sterling 0. Sterling 7, Mendota 6. Sterling 13, Belvidere 0. Sterling 19, Princeton 7. Sterling 6, Dixon 0. DeKalb 12, Sterling 6. Clinton l4, Sterling 0. With the overwhelming success of the 1940 eleven still looming in the minds of the players, students, and all ardent boosters, the 1941 team faced a challenge. With cooperation and hard work the boys turned in a successful season in the North Central Conference. lnexperience told the tale in the season's opener as Rock Falls trounced the Sterling elev- en 25 to 7, on the Rock Falls field. lt seemingly wasn't in the hands of fate to have Sterling win an intra-city game this year. The following week, Community defeated Sterling 7 to 0. Co-Captain Harry Woodyatt finally got the Goldmen off on the right foot with a 7 to 6 con- ference win over Mendota. Woodyatt reeled off 24 yards for a touchdown and then place- kicked the extra point to give a thrilling victory to Sterling. Former conference member Belvidere proved no match for Sterling in a game played on the former's field, as Woodyatt again capitalized the scoring for a 13 to 0 win. A slippery turf held down the score. Princeton was next on the schedule. Sterling won the game with a 19 to 7 victory. Gallo- way plunged for one touchdown, while Woodyatt scored the other two. The annual tussle with Dixon ended in a victory for Sterling, 6 to 0, as Galloway circled end to score the game-winning touchdown. This made two victorious years in succession over the purple invaders. This game highlighted the Homecoming celebration. With no conference defeats chalked against them, Sterling swam to DeKalb but even a submarine would not have helped a lot in the quagmire of mud, as DeKalb annexed the conference crown from the Sterling team with a 13 to 6 win. insult was laboriously added to injury at Clinton, Iowa in the season's finale, as Clinton defeated Sterling 14 to 0. This defeat left the team with a .500 percentage, but the season was actually much more of a success than that. It was the will to do and the fighting spirit that carried the boys along. !f"JJ'w !yQ,y'l,,f PS1-. f I J rV,ff',ffm J' W'lZFlv'l iii JJLQEQQEKRMEN ,W Nelson H. Woodyall Anninq Ziqler Boqaard Galloway Kelsey l-lulis Dahlgren Whilver l-lunsberqer K. Hunsberqer Brown Leonard Gould Miller L. Gould Riser Pluck Beecher Lansford Foy Saillard K. Reitzel Freidrichs E. Browne Kraft Shuman Koster Kelly B. Woodyall Abney i r r L Front row--Bill Scott, George Watson, Duane Hunsberger, Dwight Ste-renberg, Howard Kraft, Bill Robinson, lohn Mangan, Lloyd Engle, Ansel Henderson, Ted Scheid Ill, Manager Neal Wick. Second Row---Herman Tre-tteen, Bill Welton, Kenny Duhm, Ervin Nelson, Lee Griffith, Frank Birch, Chuck Calhoun, Leon Mulcahey, Donald Arterburn, Floyd Hunsberger, Coach lohn Terhune. Third row- Lyle Book, Kendall Freeman, Lynn Wildman, Stan Ridge, Bill Gould, Dale Breed, Bob Tresenriter, Bob Bulmer, Neil lanssen, Bandall Barnett, Donald Deem. Fourth row Bob Swehla, Howard Gorman, Charles Gaumer, Lawrence Deusch, Donald Behrens, Claude Brown, Bob Brown, Bob Reitzel, Elwood Foy, Lauren Morris. FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL The papooses of Bud Terhune fared quite Well in their tribal warfare during the football moon, completing their season with five victories, two defeats, and two ties. Stan Ridge staggered over for a touchdown to give the baby injuns a 6 to 6 tie with Rock Falls in the season's opener. The freshman-sophomore squad did not play Community on the same night that the varsity did, but twice during the year they played and defeated their cross-town rivals. These victories were included in the regular schedule. Mendota was met and defeated 6 to O in the first conference game. Belvidere fell before the frosh-soph eleven 6 to O in the first conference game. A wet field proved too much for Sterling or Princeton to contend with, and the game ended in a scoreless tie. Dixon maintained their jinx over the Sterling freshman-sophomore group for the second straight year with a l3 to 6 victory. Dekalb fumbled a ball to present Sterling with a 6 to U win in the final conference game of the season. Clinton mauled Sterling in the last game of the year, 33 to 7. The game was played on the Clinton gridiron. Sterling landed in second place in the final conference standings and developed several out- standing performers for next year's varsity team. Kneeling' Frank Bressler, Dan Troye, Loren Weckesser, Tom Bogaard, Keith Wells, Keith Brown, Ira Abney. Standing Coach Peter 1-looqeveen, Manager Bill We--ltcizi, Kenny Reitzel, Orville Hunsberqer, Merril Church, Harry Woodyatt, loe Galloway, Coach Curtis Erfmduu. VARSITY BASKETBALL The 1941-42 basketball quintet came through their rigid 22-game schedule in satisfying style, winning ll and losing 11 for a .500 percentage. As did the football squad, the cagers played under the handicap of a great season the year before, but consistent hard work led to the ultimate goal of a successful season. Rock Falls and Freeport started the season with wins from Sterling, 30 to 28, and 40 to 21. The Sterling five managed to capture the next six games: Clinton was the first to fall in an overtime battle, 41 to 38. Then, Galesburg was defeated 42 to 37, Community 38 to 18, Dixon 33 to 28, and East Moline 37 to 27. Princeton unexpectedly stopped the parade by an upset won on their own floor, 41 to 39. Boone, lowa, making a tour through lllinois, stopped long enough to obliterate Sterling 37 to 27. Waverly, lowa, provided Sterling a chance to see the country, but the lowans defeated the lllinois boys 35 to 33. Sterling marched down to Moline and back with a 41 to 33 defeat. The gold five defeated Mendota 33 to 28 for their second conference win on lanuary 9. The following evening, S.l-1.S. fell at Rockford East 1-ligh, 38 to 30. Thrills abounded in the Coliseum on lanuary l6 as Sterling won a double over- time from DeKalb, 45 to 43. Peoria Woodruff next administered a 45 to 35 defeat. Dixon, always rigorous on their home hard- wood, gained revenge on Sterling With a 43 to 25 lashing. Community fought hard against Sterling but was subdued 28 to 24 in their return engagement. Sterling turned into the home stretch and put on the speed as they rebuked Princeton 37 to 32, Mendota 30 to l7, and then hit a snag: Rock Falls 35, Sterling 27. The course was quickly recovered as Sterling gained a three-way tie for the North Central lllinois Conference championship by defeating DeKalb 43 to 24. West Rockford rallied to beat Sterling in the regular season finale, 4l to 37. A tabulation of the points for all games reveals that Sterling made one more point than their opponents. Sterling rang up a total of 741 to their opponents' 740. SCHEDULE Nov. 28 Rock Falls Sterling Nov. 29 Freeport Sterling Dec. 2 Sterling Clinton Dec. 5 Sterling Cfalesburg Dec. 9 Sterling Community Dec. l2 Sterling Dixon Dec. l6 Sterling East Moline Dec. l 9 Princeton Sterling Dec. 29 Boone, la. Sterling Dec. 30 Waverly, la. Sterling lan. 3 Moline Sterling Ian. 9 Sterling Mendota Ian. 10 East Rockford Sterling Ian. l6 Sterling DeKalb lan. l7 Peoria Woodruff Sterling lan. 23 Dixon Sterling Ian. 25 Sterling Community Feb. 2 Sterlinq Princeton Feb. l 3 Sterling Mendota Feb. l8 Rock Falls Sterling Feb. 20 Sterling DeKalb Feb. 27 West Rockford Sterling Dixon Regional Mar 3 Sterling Steward Mar 5 Sterling Rock Falls Mar 6 Dixon Sterling Moline Sectional Mar. l l Sterling Viola Mar. l2 Moline Sterling .. V V LX l R 'N kvxl1X I 4 Q.tixRg1x, s.-if-1 cl First row-Coach Peter Hoogeveen, Ted Scheid Ill, Dick Vtfhitver, Paul Gribbons, Sian Ridge, Kenneth Duhm, Ervin Nelson, Coach Curtis Brandau. Second row Neil lanssen, Ralph Haag, Floyd Hunsberger, lohn Mangan, Kenneth Galloway, Ansel Henderson, Neal Wick. Nov. 23 Rock Falls 20 Sterling Nov. 29 Freeport 30 Sterling Dec. 2 Clinton 28 Sterling Dec. 5 Cfalesburg 39 Sterling Dec. 9 Sterling 33 Community Dec. l2 Sterling 27 Dixon Dec. l6 Sterling 25 East Moline Dec. l9 Sterling 24 Princeton Ian. 9 Sterling 27 Mendota lan. lU Sterling 33 East Rockford lan. 16 DeKalb 29 Sterling lan. l7 Sterling 28 Peoria Woodruff lan. 23 Dixon 25 Sterling lan. 26 Sterling 24 Community Feb. 2 Princeton 25 Sterling Feb. l3 Mendota 19 Sterling Feb. l8 Rock Falls 17 Sterling Feb. 20 Sterling 28 DeKalb Feb. 27 West Rockford 38 Sterling The freshman-sophomore basketball team tied for second place in the N C I C The team played a rigid 19-game schedule, Winning nine and losing ten. lolin Terhune directed the team during tne first semester ot play, and Peter Hoogeveen coached during the se- cond semester. Athletic Coaches: Curtis Brandau, E. B. Peter Hoogeveen, Ted Scheid. Here We see the high school coaches, Who instruct the Sterling Warriors ln the various athletics On the battle field ot sports. Senior Cheerleaders: Betty McCombs, Wolf, Beverly Anderson. lust as to the bow the cord is, So, cheerleaders in the contests, They who led the tribe in cheering For the many tribal contests That are held in Sterling High School. Small, Vivian Sophomore Cheerleaders: Arlene Betts, Har- riet Badke, Lula Myers. Youngest ot the tribes' cheerleaders Are the acrobatic sophomores, They turn somersaults and cart wheels At the tribal celebrations. Here the Warriors play together, For the honor of the high school, Troye and Woodyatt were co-captains Ot the stalwart Sterling Warriors. Kneeling-Elwin Duhm, Bob Broscovak, Bob Iamison, Paul Hermann, Bill Haglund. Standing-John Platt, Walter Cassens, Tom Bogaard, Bob Hults, Herb Carlton, Harry Woodyatt, Coach Curtis Brandau. ggi! - fl fit PEEQVQBMV jg he 1 4l tennis team met with seven Waterloos and were unable to make the Win column. Rochelle toppled the S.H.S. racketeers in the initial encounter by a 4 to 2 count. A singles victory by Broscovak and a doubles match win by Duhm and Cassens provided Sterling with their 2 points. Princeton blanked Sterling 7 to O in the next match, but against Morrison, Sterl- ing managed to collect 3 points on victories by Hermann, Cassens, and Iamison. The Hub City pill pounders, however, had 6 points that were more than enough for victory. Dixon won 6 to 1, and Morrison repeated With a 5 to l domination. In a return match with Dixon, Sterling made 4 points to the purple and White's 8, losing, but putting up their best opposi- tion of the season. Iamison and Cassens gained victories in the singles While Haglund and Broscovak, and Harry Woodyatt and Iohn Platt teamed up to win doubles matches. Princeton whitewashed the Sterling tennis team 5 to U in the season's finale. Six Sterling players entered the North Central Conference meet at Princeton and placed third. Letter Winners for the year were Bob Iamison, Walter Cassens, Iohn Platt, Bill Haglund, Paul Her- mann, Bob Broscovalc, and Elwin Duhm. aiffw? First row--Bob l-lults, Harry Woodyatt, Earl Nelson, Leon Gould, lohn Gould, Ray Mellott, Charles Burkett. Second row- Ernie Hubbart, Harvey Riser, Bob Wolf, lohn Woodyatt ,Erwin Ridge, Royal Breed, Burdette Stead- man, Clair Book, Bob Griesser. Third row-Coach E. E. Small, Orville Hunsberger, John O. Adams, Ed Radke, lim Wink, Elwin Haak, Neal Foulds, Coach Ted Scheid. VARSIEY TRACK For the fourth consecutive year, Sterling trackmen won the North Central lllinois Conference championship and placed second in the district meet. Sterling captured a triangular meet from Morrison and Mt. Morris to open the spring track season, ringing up a total of 87 V2 points, while the nearest opponent had 28. Freeport was downed in a close dual meet, 57V2 to 55 V2. The relay team of Riser, Hults, Breed, and Ridge brought about the victory. The annual Whiteside county meet held at the stadium turned out to be a rout as the gold trackmen scored 85 points: Rock Falls was second with 40. Ridge established a new county meet record in the l00 yard dash by traversing the distance in l0:2. Ridge also set a new record in the 220 and Iohn Woodyatt and Steadman set new records in the 200 low hurdles and high jump, respectively. Ridge and Woodyatt came through with flying colors in a triangular meet at Kewanee, but Sterling lost out in the final tabulating. Ridge made a new mark of 10:1 in the l00 yard dash. Sterling defeated West Rockford and Peoria Central in a triangular meet and then pro- ceeded to topple Dixon in a dual meet, 69 to 41. The Blue and Gold thinclads put in a fine showing at the district meet at Kewanee on May 9, finishing second to Kewanee for district honors. Kewanee scored 32V2 points to our SOVZ. lohn Woodyatt reeled off the high hurdles in 15.35 Ridge took first in the 220 with a mark of 22:57 and Steadman tied for first in the high jump. All state qualifiers made fine showings at the state meet, although Burdette Steadman was the only one to earn a place in the scoring. He tied for fifth place in the high jump with four others, thus getting one-fifth of a point. The remaining members of the squad Went to Geneseo and took third place in the Geneseo Relays, it 1 Terhune. 3:5 . Q A A if ,mmf snr-ess News , I 'fri ,X 3 1' ,I v- a,.mm,,,h, V E aa X -ll- 8 5 K Kneeling Forrest -4 lx., Olmstead, Charl S Keith Wells ,gpm ,. FRESHMAN-SOPHCMCRE TRACK The Sterling freshman-sophomore track squad went through their 1941 schedule without a defeat chalked against them in four meets. Triis string of victories included the conference track championship. lvlilledgeville and Freeport were defeated in the first dual meets of the year. Sterling won as they piled up 30V2 points. Princeton was second with 34 5-6. Beecher won the 100 yard dash and the 220 yard dash to place the only firsts for Sterling. The relay team came in second to Princeton. ln the final meet of the year, Dixon was defeated in a dual meet, 60 to 53. Anderson, Beitzel, Beecher, Troye, Badke, and the relay team consisting of Welton, Beitzel, Anderson and Beecher took first place for Sterling. CRCSS COUNTRY After a one year's lapse of activity, the cross-country squad went into action in 1941, under the direction of E. E. Small. Due to lack of experience, the group did not enjoy a successful season from the victory standpoint, but gained much track experience. Two dual meets were held with Kewanee. The Boilermakers won both, one held on their own lot and the other at the new S.l-l.S cross country at Sinnissippi Heights. A dual meet with Peoria Woodruff was also held at Sinnissippi Heights. This was won by Peoria. ln a triangular affair, competing with Peoria Woodruff and Pekin, Sterling came in third: Peoria Woodruff was first and Pekin, second. Sterling also entered the Peoria invitational meet, though not represented by the entire squad. The following boys won cross-country letters: lohn Hunsberger, Kenneth Galloway, Forrest Olmstead, lohn Scheineman, Bill Taylor, Keith Wells, and Lynn Wildman. Keith Benson received a managers award. Sitting V - Ed Radk Ronald Kelsey Keith Brown Ken neth Beltzel Bob Reecher, To n Bo qaard, Keith Wells R a ym O n d Wolf Standing-Lloyd En gel, Dick Whitver Paul Grtbbons Bill Welton, lohn Man gan, Coach Ihn A Burkett, Art Wild man, Bill Taylor Standing - Manager Keith Benson lohn xg. Hunsberger, Mer rill Benson lohn Scheineman Coach E. E. Small 1 Cies, Keith Benson, Burdette Steadman, Bob Griesser, Ernie Hubbart. rowepa Gverholser, Coach Peter Hoogeveen, Keith Brown, Gerald Keller. . A , . ', f',Af ,ff ,f I fx I " - I 'Lf , W B 'f -ff , 1 ff at if J, , if GULF ,X l VVJ I V N XJ ,f A ' X Grf the golf course, Sterling Tribesmen, f , ' ' , , -' I WM! Drive the balls across the prairie, , .X , fx 'Winning honors for the high school, Trophies for the schools show cases. The l94l golf team met with defeat throughout the regular season of play, losing all l2 matches, but they rose to the realm of glory by winning the district meet at Ottawa, placing second in the conference meet at Mendota, and being represented in fifth place in the state meet at Peoria. ln dual meets with Clinton, Freeport, Kewanee, Dixon, Rochelle, and Princeton, Sterling lost two to each. Bob Griesser placed fifth in the state meet to bring a climactic ending to an otherwise disastrous season. -44 ll First row Dordo Lubbon, Helen Becker, leon Hottmfin, Beverly Anderson, Second row Donna Yeck, Viviun Wolf, Iedn Bresslcr, Crzroline Duproy, Miss Amy T e Thnd low lodnne Stoqer, Norma Welker, Idnet Swffrtlcy, Betty Pdddon, Hclcn Wdlke OFFICERS OF THE GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION leon Hoitrnon YY,,,, Beverly Anderson Helen Becker .,,,..,r, Dordo Lubben ,,,,.. Iodnne Stoqer .,,r, Donno Yeckn.. leon Bressler. Norrnot Welker ,r,,, Helen Wulker..i Caroline Duprey.. Betty Foclden ........ Viviun Wolt ,,,l.,, lonet Swcfrtley ,,Y,,, SPORTS ...President ..Vice President and Sociol Chairman .........Secretory ond Publicity Monoqer .....,..Treorsurer ond Business Monoqer MANAGERS .......Tennis ........Arcl'1ery .......Bosketloctll ........BoWlinq .......Volleyboll ............Golt ....-..-........-...........,...sOfibQ1i W 'A Co-choirrnen ot lndividucrl Sports Archery champions: Harriet Radke, Beverly Anderson, Donna Yeck. Bowling Champions: lean Hoffman, Dorothy Ianssen, Betty Darnell, Leila Leach, lean Beatty, Betty Haak. Bowling class: loanna Prentiss, Alice Hoover, Gladys Gottel, Dorothy Janssen, Betty Darnell, Charlotte Carl, Vivian Wolf, Marian Welker, LaVonne McNeil, Elda Robbins, Beverly Wise, Ellen Haskell, Marion Palmer. Sophomore basketball team: Betty Schmiedebush, Dorothy Haak, Lula Myers, Susie Ianssen, Dorothy Woodyatt, Harriet Radke, lune Teachout, Lois Harshmrm. Senior basketball team: Betty McCombs, lean Hot-tman, Darda Lubben, Charlotte Carl, Marian Welker, Beverly Anderson, Vivian Wolf. Tennis champions: Ioanne Stager and Helen Becker. ln the ancient tribes ot redmen, Squaws were strong and stalwart women: Now the girls at Sterling high school Have their organized athletics To develop strength and rhythm, To promote good sportsmanship. ln the autumn months, the maidens Played the tournament ot tennis And ot shooting bows and arrows. Planning with the warriors' "S" club, They presented tor alumni The homecoming celebration. When the winter snows had fallen, lndoor sports were undertaken: Bowling in the coliseum, Volleyball and basketball. ln the spring they started archery, Played at sottball, golf and tennis. Then in May the annual banduet, Held according to tradition, Climaxed all the year's attainments. Here awards were then presented To the maidens who had earned them, Thus the G.A.A. year ended. ,Elk ,Z fi fi nnumxxxl ffff NME 51 N fi vt W ww, Dancing in khf: Gym The Three Lmuhmdos 'Ywxdersz 'Drum Major Mclrvin Brewer, LUVCQHQ MCNQU, P57 Ryrm, Lois Hunk, Evekyn Thompson, Audrey Adair, Bennetts Dyksua, Hnrrxet Schuder, Morycue Parks, Homme: EQU, Xnsuuuior Vxrqimn Gairizf Geoxqc NNr1sh1uqX0rx BCH ---- H:1NowQ'en YKOXKC More Georqe vVv'JShiTXQXOD BON Macbeth: Mnfibexh, Behrens, Wilriumm, Hnskelk. ' f , ,Ji-typ XJYV11-lx 'J' X, my-- -., -'-rf'-f ""'iki'Jf, -4-1.,,,.,..i'.. A ,lp ihgirsjejgure v .. V " ,czgmff f Ugg:-Werknndplay 4 f If fl M -'-""t , fi-Zdri-'55-1 f K, 'g,uA,vv-x., 35 LLA-,-4 , 9 - 7 6 v r First rowflanie Bartel, Charles Burkett, Wayne Friedrichs, Barbara Bell, Keith Brown, Tom Bogaard Third row lean Hart, Connie Doermann, loanne Stcrqer, Lois Kelsey, Pat Marquis, Dorothy Cribh Dorothy Stewart. 1' f RED CROSS COUNCIL 1 , Xu X f r N ' Eyleryvtribesmari in the high school '- ls a irjember ot the Red Cross: W lt Visfgovenhed by the council, gf ' 1 5? Y 'V 'I Chosenjtrom a second-hour classes. ff ,Warriors from t 's chosen council N . 5 2 - I ' Gather Wampum from the tribesmen, x 1 Money which is used in helping Those who serve in our armed forces, Giving aid Where it is needed ln a time of bitter warfare. ln this way the Sterling triloesmen Find a means to aid their nation ln its hour ot greatest peril. OFFICERS Wayne Friedrichs ,,,,,,, .,,,.,,...,.. P resident D.-.34 Barbara Bell .,,..,,..... ..,.. V ice President - lame Bartel ....... .......... S ecretary .-4... ......,... :..-.. ...- Charles Burkett .,..i. ....... T reasurer '.' L L, L, , , ,f '. Lf- so K . First row -Paul Hermann, Chdrles Miller, lfwezn Ddhlornn, Glenn Ellnifilcer, Bob Hults, Vlldyne Friedric Orville Hunsberqer. Second row Dick Breitwniser, Marvin Brewer, Ted Konlcs, lean Knox, ldck Chdpzndn, Earl Nelson lohn Sclieinemon, Edwin Browne, Third row Keith Smith, Robert Stevens, Ronald Koster, lim Lunsford, Foy Ewbonlc, Ldvern Hooner Toni Welton, Keith Benson, Gordon Behrens. lflurth row l.ort-n VJclcfs:sv1, l'lp:rold Strinf-, Russel llfvwlxiwi, Rxy Hlvilfirt, lim Gent lliishmqxn, llizvv-y Riser, fUVv1,- l.-enzrznl. JUNIOR ROTARIANS ln their Senior yedr in high school, Warriors chosen by the biq chiefs Ot the circle ot Rotorions, Meet dt Weekly dinner powpows. Every new moon three ore chosen From the most observing tribesmen. When the Senior yedr is ended, All the chosen loroves ore summoned To return crnd plcrn d powwow For the men who entertained them. Fc its ltxv Vffill 1 ' v 'W' G E L Q-.--Q .- -.--1 1""'rl ' R1 nr -:L 'sim ' 'xt x,':- "Liz-if , 'Ii' .l Jcwey, Fir.: r r L. H1 t lx x ri xla ' xzf S- . .. 1 .. .onzld Tl1o::.:, Pxniciz Gclnz, lean Knox, lack I l' w Ifnnv, Mnvnz Bren-:C:, lcyce Me-enan, Virginia C Tlziza Mittzsn Vfzrd, Fab Bnlmer, Vick: Snack, Beverly Wie H.i.,kr Rive, Fry Fwlwwnk, laura! Swfirtley, Martin Eoerrncm Fourth rcw Marilyn Baztlcnw, Lorrfnzxe Lxwrence, Robert Siex, ., zrgcr, Hxlrilrl Slmntr, lslyrozi Slxfrnncn, Ed Browne, Biil Frith raw Gerxldiritl Slum, l.'.7'zrren Davis lrrorn: Mclienney, vim'-1 rfl Fair st Ol: ' za, Bill Newcuzn, Public Appearances B A N D EZZLZTQLEGSSQQS Christmas shopping season opening District contest at Genesee Sectional contest at Ottawa Spring concert County music testival Commencement. Soloists Cathryn Detweiler, clarinet: Ellen Haskell, clarinet, Glenn Gaumer, sousaphone: Harold Stone, comet, Lavern Hoener, Cornet, Marvin Brewer, tenor saxophoneg Virginia Gelaz, Saxophone and twirlerg lack Chapman, bassoon. nge 'wfzrign ':, Cltuae Cummins, Dorothy Deets, Dorothy thy Stewart, Dorothy Miatke, Paul lohnson, lfxck Chapman, lchutt, Russell Coats, Ansel Henderson, Dwight Mortensen hue-ler, Doris Boyunqs, Lavern Hoener, Harold Stone. Vonda Brooks, Evan Barraclauqh, Lynn Vfildznan, lohn Hans k, Eugene Holcomb, Richard Rank, Pizizl Gribboris Pfam s l ou Q' ku D A' ' , ac, e siren era oris . Dei. Thrice a Week for their rehearsals Sterling tribesmen Come toqether, Playinq on the reeds and tom-toms, Horns and trumpets, bass and cymbals Many are the worthy honors Given to these fine musicians, They who play the martial music For parades and tor the contests. Compositions by their leader Are heard here and through the nation, For he is a famous bandman, And a writer ot fine music. First row-Mary Strock, leanne Quilter, locmna Prentiss, Dorothy Miatke, Earl Riclcer, Dwight Mortensen Dorothy Schutt. Second roWfGlenn Gaumer, Richard Rank, Ralph lflfade, Verbetta Wolfe, Carol Tavener Barbara Rowland, Virginia Gelaz, Donald Dewey, Pat Gelaz, Cathryn Detweiler, Marjorie Lange Bl McNinch, Ed Browne, Lavern Hoener, Third row- -Boberl Swelila, Director l. l. Rirliirrds, Roger Rice, Nicliolaf: Broker, Pd Bowers Don Thom Harold Stone, Marvin Brewer. ORCHESTRA I J xahflj Members of this organization Play upon the strings and woodwinds Play upon the harp and timbrel, Making sweet symphonic music. ln the spring they join the chorus To present their yearly concert, Playing pieces ot rare beauty For the city's music lovers. PUBLIC APPEARANCES Senior Play Chamber ot Commerce Banquet F.F.A, Banquet Mendelssohn Club Spring Concert Most beloved by many tribesmen Are the gentle chibiabos: They, the best ot all musicians, They, the sweetest ot all singers. When they sing the whole school listens, All the warriors gather round them. 1941-42 Appearances September Congregational Church February 4 St. lohn's Social Circle October Kings Daughters County Pebruary 5 lordan Sportsiiiarrs Club Convention February 28 District Solo Contest at October Rock River Division Teach- Cfeneseo ers' Convention March l2 Woodlawn School P. T. A. November High School Adult Rural March l4 District Chorus Contest at Group Cfeneseo November QDSIUHQ ot American Edu- March l5 Trinity Church Vesper cation Week March 24 P. P. A. Banquet December Sterling Womans Club May l5 County Music Pestival Daggmbey Downtown Carol Broadcast Spring Concert Dgcembef Ministerial Association Baccalaureate Christmas Play Cornniencenient Decembgf St. lohn's Christmas Eve Service OFFICERS leanne Quilter ,,,,..,...,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, P resident lim Coats .,,,,, , ., ., ,,,, Vice President Qrville Wade, ,,.,,.. Secretary Dick Pluck ll,,,,,, ..,,,.. T reasurer Glenn Gaumerw, l,,,,,, Librarian l1.r ilw Betty .. tlr., Betty Hivlzs, Aliv' Hcovir, Effty Cirrttiberliiri, Pit B'.ij'li1i!1C1rx, Pizrik Birvl, A-.liiifl Hermit,-1 zx, Cecil l, 'rx KY-wry, Cli:i'ottt Ctrl, leiiririr Quilter, Glczia Pzxxlstti. Sacrfrizl row fl'.l4:ri" fS',v1l-c, Doris O'Jiilr"l:1fr, l.1Vo'1'1t l'vlvNfil, Vfizlliictg l1id:.t:r1, Lifziid Bock, L".f roll Shank, ,vrriiizx Lelfevre, Oxvillr Vfide Sliirlcy Bell, Orlf: lrizzx Rft, Hel-eri Vfzlkti, Liars Boyunqs. , Third low Margery Wolf, Virginia Ijwvirzl joan Artorburri, Barbara Bell, tiy?,Priedri , Robert Siex, Lester W rdf-H, Hubert Mfryiirrrd, Arlene Eldrvd, Helen Becker,n ld ys ottel, 'e Hill. Pourtl: row Director' lffrvid Stryker, lin: Cftfzts, Bill Vfelton, Paul Crib on" is ith 'EL' ,rlomi Gau- mer Gordon Bfflirf-mf: Rfrlrrh 'Nzriff Robert Cite, 'lick Syck rely YRS -:'xlix'i! :mr Llilfcr P i I win-y ffm.-f, Q cbd pyvyf K First row- Director David Stryker, acroxnrariist leanne Quilter, loyce Null, Bernice Fcnzicr, Ruth Thielbar, lean Thiolbar, Iornnotto Dykstra, Orltz lean fzlberg, Harriet Schueler, Second row Pauline Ebersole, lofrn Hurt, Virginia Miller, Audrey Adair, Barbara Heindel, Marie Lucas, Ronnie Eberhnit, Esther Hryen, Dons Biven. Third row'-fMC1rjoriv Parks, Catherine Ague, Mary Zigler, Irene Shaible, Violet Haqeriimn, Ruth Good- night. Marilyn W-llwigz, H GIRLS CHORUS Q ,Ig - 1. Y X .v 'Vik V quam!" .7 ww 1 Wllllllll -S... ,, iiiivt Riidke, Mtry Dawn Swefxririaen, Susie liuirszzt-n. Singers, too, these younger maidens. Twice a week they meet together At the downtown Coliseum To rehearse their treble music. They their voices raise tor pleasure, And to learn voice fundamentals that they may take their places So ln the robed choir ot mixed Voices. ln the spring they sing in public At the annual spring concertg And they join other musicians ln the annual county powwow. Officers Susie lanssen ...... ...... P resident Mary Watson ...... ...... S ecretary Norma Rollins ....... ..... T reasurer Barbara I-leindel ..,... ,oo.,w L ibrarian . z First row liinie Bartel, Dorothy Crabb, Marion Painter, Barbara Bell, Gordon Behrens. Second row Swehlcr, lofinne Singer, Dorint: Yeck, Tay Ewbanli, llfjflfi Overllolsnr, Catch l'?fOZlA Robbins. Third row Connie fioerinfznn, Mfirciir Boq':fii'd, Bonnic Bcll, Mxrrliix Wlz'tl:y, Alycc Cdl thou, lyo .nh Vxfoodyatt, Cfcne Harsliznan. To discuss the current problems ln an able, fluent manner, To debate on tribal questions, Tribesmen join the Sterling Speech Club OFFICERS Marion Palmer YY.,.,......,,,,..ri,,,,.,. ,,.,. . President loanne Stager, ,,,, . ,,,,,,,,, Vice President Donna Yeclc ,,,.. c,.r.. S ecretary-treasurer DEBATE Champions of the Tradewinds Conference Tourna- ment of Northern lllinois High Schools Sponsored by North Central College. Questionee Besolved: That every able-bodied male citizen in the United States should have one year of full-time military training before attain- ing the present draft age. SPEECH CLUB Barbara Bell, Dorothy Crabb, Gordon Behrens, Marion Palmer, lanie Bartel. C l n FUTURE COLLEGIANS fl For the rnany high school seniors by Who have plans to enter college, M There is guidance and direction, lt they join this organization. 1 R They discover their Vocations Through the guidance oi advisers A , Chosen from the staii ot teachersp ' And they rneet with college agents I To discuss and plan their future. M -S' ln this way the high school tribesrnen Plan tor higher education. L rect First row bd Browne, Paul Hermann, Dean lltrhlgren, Charles Miller, Adviscr Harriet Scflrrmk, l'JtrVorc Leonard, Bob Hults, Glenn Ellrnal-ce-r. Sororid row Ellen Haskell, lofrnna Pre-ntiss, Bill Benson, Elda Robbins, Doris Overholser, Marion Palmer Betty Martin, Bud Stevens, lack Chrrpnicrn, 'l'hird row- 'lorry Shore, loan Beatty, Betty Darnell, Barbara lohnson, Lillian Bernstein, Marjorie Lange Mary Pottinger, Dorothy Ann Lewis, loan Kxllian, lean Davis. Yourth row fGene Hzrrshrnan, Fay Ewbank, Lavern Hoener, LaVorine McNeil, Tom Weltori, lohn Scheine nran, Art lNild:.i1rr1, Leo Megli, lim Seloover, lean Knox, Wayne Friedrichs. Yltth row Dorothy Crabb, lanie Barrel, lion Laible, Cliff Conley, Dick Brertweiser, Harry Woodyatt Charles Burkett, lacaue Sterenberg, Neil Puckett, Bob Broscovak, Gordon Behrens. First row- -Miss Elizabeth loiner, Betty Darnell, Dorothy Crabb, Doris Overholser, Fay Ewbank, lack Chapman, liilez. Haskell, Miss Doris Burrm. Second rowelvlarion Palmer, Arlene Eldred, Barbara Bell, Betty Martin, lanie Bartel, Ieannie Quilter, Alice Hoover, Darda Lubben, Iecm Davis, Ianet Swartley. Third roweGordon Behrens, Audrey Lahman, lune Desmond, Helen Becker, Ierry Shore, lean Beatty, Nellie Hill, Helen Walker, Elda Robbins, Donna Yeck. Fourth row--LaVonne McNeil, Lavern Hoener, Tom Welton, Keith Smith, Wayne Friedrichs, Charles Miller, Keith Brown, Paul Hermann, Keith Benson, loanne Stager, Bettiieanne McNeil. Fifth row-lean Knox, Bob Hults, Ralph Haag, Bob Swehla, lacic Jamison, Don Wallick, Arthur Wildman, Lynn Wildmzn, Stanley Fritz, Myron Shannon. FIFTH AVENUE PLAYERS Students with a yen for acting, Students who enjoy stage drama, Have a chance to practice stagecratt ln the school dramatic club. OFFICERS lack Chapman ...... ............. P resident Betty Darnell ,,,,,,,,,, ............ V ice President Doris Overholser c.... ..... S ecretary-Treasurer Fay Ewbahk ,,,.,,,. ....... P rogram Manager Den Wallick ,,,.,, ...... P ublicity Manager MEETINGS Qctaber ,,,.,,,, ....... l nitiation November ....,........,......,......................... Senior Play December .,.. Playlet: "Oh, Say, Can You Sing?" Ianuary ........,.,..,,,...... .................................. S ocial February ...... ......................... M Clie-up Merch ,,,,,,,,, ...,... P laylet: "Rehearsal" April ,r,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,.,,..,,................. E lection of Officers May ,.... ,.... P ublic performance of one-act plays Picnic Keith Smith, Betty Martin Ellen Haskell, Fay Ew- bank, Gordon Behrens Wayrie Friedrichs, L Vonne McNeil lack Chapman, Doris Ov- erholser, Keith Benson, Charles Miller Norval Ziqler, lean Knox Lavern l-loener, lim S loover lanie Bartel, Stanley Fritz Marion Palmer SENIOR PLAY HYQU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YQUH by Moss l'lart and George S. Kaufman, presented De- cember 3, 4, and 5 by the Senior C Directed by Miss Doris Burritt and Penelope Sycamorefelfietty Martin Essie CarmichaelfEllen Haskell Rhebaflanie Bartel Paul Sycamorefffharles Miller Mr. De PinnafKeith Smith Ed Carmichaelfljay Ewbank Donald- A-Stanley Fritz Martin Vanderhott--f-lack Chapman Alice Sycamore-LaVonne McNeil Grand Duches lass. Miss Eliza beth loiner. The Cast Tony Kirby- Wayne Friedrichs Boris KolenkhovfGordon Behrens Mr. Kirbyf- Keith Benson Mrs. Kirby -Doris Overholser G Mans Lavern Hoener lim--Norval Ziqler Mace-lim Seloover Hendersonflean Knox s Olga Katrina-Marion Palmer CI, Q. V 1 I 1 We X Z! " i ,, , 1 4' K, 22 . .X 't l 2 J QC, :NZ I - .1 --f' if' ill, N I I J 1 4 7i ' lx - 5 fx? I , y 1 , ,j ' ,1 4, f f X, 5 - 1 ' I -5 X ' , J ' 2 X D , , I I, 1 li ll ', tx, 1 y, .. J Dahlqren Dorothy l-'ocner LaVonne Mt Neil Helen Walker Norma Rollins Irene Nesbitt Adviser Harriet lbhternach At ,fl -J First Row Adviser Elizabeth loiner, Marion Hoover, lack Chapman, Gordon Behrens, Dean i W- f U T41 VK it U 4 1 I f 4 f A X 5 Second Row Dorothy Ann Lewis, Betty Darnell, Ioanna Prentiss, Barbara Bell, Betty Martin, leanne Quilter, Alice Hoover, Ellen Haskell, Virginia GeLaz, Dorothy Stewart, Martha Barte low, Angeline Ceruti, lean Bressler. Third Row ---Shirley Butler, Phyllis Miller, Vera Bley, Ianet Gezel, Dorothy Deets, Gloria Paulson, Donald Dewey, Audrey Cassens, Donna Yeck, Mary Lou Holler, Ianet Swartley, Sarah Burkett. Fourth Row Irene Shaible, Cathryn Detweiler, Patricia, Keith Brown, Paul Hermann, Tom Boqaard, Gordon Bennett, Bud Wooster, Bob Bulmer, Ioanne Stager, Bettijeanne McNeil, Audrey Lahrnan, Glenn Gauiner, Fifth Row-Betty Bice, Virginia Bailey, Ralph Haag, Evan Barraclaugh, Bob Swehla, Bob Iaintson, Douglas Ford, Russell Coats, Lynn Wildman, Myron Shannon, Warren Davis, Edwin Bowman, Claude Cummins. Sixth Row-flanice Little, Leatrice Landwair, Verbetta Wolfe, Dorothy Landis, lanice Humphrey, leanette Dykstra, Donna Cross, lane Drury, Betty Partner, Arlene Betts, Bill Welton, Charles Calhoun, Ierorne Mclienny, Earl Ricker, Bob Burke. Vtfhen the red men roamed this country, When they toiled and lived and prospered, Dwelt the ancient men called Romans, Far across the big sea Water. There they built a mighty nation: There they spoke a cultured language Studied now by Sterling students. Officers Dean Dahlgren .,Y., c................ F irst Consul CPresidentl LaVonne McNeil ..o,..., Second Consul CVice-Presidentl Helen Walker ,.,......,.........,..., Aedile tSecretaryl Dorothy l-loener ,,,,,, ,..,..Yv Q uaestor CTreasurerl Club Activities October l7e!l'reasure l-lunt December l5-Christmas Broadcast and Play February lOeV tor Victory Program Cicero Walks with Washington and Lincoln March lO-Ioint meeting with the French Club May 8-Roman Banquet aft iff-J f4'1.J. WDMANI HODERNI xx ...mln K A 65 First Row--Bob Hey, Gordon Behrens, Adviser Harriet Schick, Ellen Haskell, Marion Palmer, Paul Weyrauch. Second Row----Nellie Hill, Bid Stevens, Lillian Bernstein, lean Beatty, Ierry Shore, Merrill Church, Earl Ricker. Third Row---Lena Mae Ashpaugh, Doris Boyungs, Gloria Paulson, lune Desmond, Helen Becker, Barbara Bell, Arlene Eldred, Elda Robbins. Fourth Row V-Iohn Aper, Bob Broscovak, lack Sterenberg, Neil Puckett, DeVere Lconard, Keith Benson. First friends ot the Indian tribesmen Were the early French explorers, Smoked the pipe ot peace in council, Traded ture and taught their language. Now the modern high school student Learns the language of the Frenchmen. UN PEU DE PARIS Meetings September 17---Picnic at Sinnissippi Park October 2lfScavenger Hunt November l8e-Supper Meeting X December l8-Christmas Party A February l9flnitiation I 1 - ' March 23fMeeting with Romani Hodierni .., r MayeAu Revoir ' 4 S 1 Officers A Gordon Behrens V.,.V ..,...........,.. .......,,,.,,. P r esident - --h Ellen Haskell ..t,, ....., V ice President :'::t:,-ff Marion Palmer ..,,,, .......,... S ecretary ' 'Q Bob Hey ,.,...,.Y,,,. ...,rc T reasurer 56 First Row Betty Capp, Dorothy Lrindis, Margery Woll, Gladys Moore, Betty McCo1nbs, Adviser Viola Stiauch. Second Row- Mary lane Linton, Lois Kelsey, LaVonne Bressler, Florence Stern, lrene Shaible, Ethel Wechsler, Bettie Haak. Third Row Nayola Brooks, Barbara Roance, Neva Olson, locinnc Eberhflrt, Pauline DEVVYE6Iif'l, Esther Hayden, loan Sheley, Marie Lucas. Fourth Row Mary Strock, Iznie Bfirtel, Maxine Knisoi, Lorraine Graber, Betty Chamberlain, Dorothy lanssen, Gladys Gottel, Betty Truedson, Mfirybelle Gehant, ifQffifQfQiQiQiiuffZ ficiiiinifgms, H O M E S ' . ei ' ' risiieifilifliihklliofiemlffiliims, E C O N 0 M I C S Learn to make a happy home. C L U B Activities September' Plans for Home Ec District Rally Qctober' Orqanization oi Club December Christmas Party planned December --Christmas Party lanuaryf initiation February fRoller Skatinq Party MarchffParty with PPA. ff! Q-ff! OFFICERS Gladys Moore .,.... ,,,,.i,,,.,.,.., ,.........,,,. P r esiclent Margery Woli.,., ,,,,, Vice President Dorothy Landis, ,. ....,, ,Secretary Marian Schueler ..... ,Treasurer Rf...-J .k...J nf"""i 050.2 aw' ,Al First Row Gene Harshrnan, Bill Cies, Neil Puckett, Russell Koster, Charles Burkett, lean Know Second Row Bob Dravis, Art Wildman, Dean Dahlgren, Paul Hermann, Bob l-lults, Donald Laibl lay Wallace, Leland Book, Ronald Koster, Miss Viola Strauch. CLASSY CHEFS f X J L-I ' x et it Zfkxx .,.f- -,.. 4,....- .4- ".-Q Every Tuesday noon these warriors Meet together in the kitchen, Where they learn to cook their dinner Like the squaws who study cooking. Thus the modern high school Warriors Learn to cook without can openers lust as well as any Squaw can. Dean Dahlgren... Gene Harshrnan ...,,t, Bob Hults .....,...... Charles Burkett ,..... Paul Hermann ......,. Leland Book ..w,,, Officers m,,,t,i.....President W,,tVice President ,.,,,.,,...,..,.,.Treasurer ,,W-,.s,..,,,,,Y,,,Secretary Publicity s,,Menu Manager Chairman Kms: Row .ldvisfi , :vid Stryker, Betty Mcfloznbs, Editor Gordon Behrens, Business Mcxngger l'vl'i1'1ori Piilxner, liozothy Cx ilrib, Second Row Beverly Anderson, Ellen Hrzskell, Betty Mcrrtin, Doris Overholser, Ierry Shore, leln Divis, fiom l'liililqr2Hn, Tliird Row Gladys Wctflisler, Mfiiigorie Overcfish, lodnnf: Prentxss, Allene Srnoot, LCIVOHHQ Getteniy, Toni Vulilioii, Ted Kozilos, Boli Brosiioviik, l'tv1i1El Ri w l.r'l Bizwzxt, li--, lkfli-ixli, Ke--itll lik-zisvxi, lwrn l'loft:ii'in, Chirles Miller, Gene H-Lirshiiidn Q21 nl if' Vztl. Vivi in Whit, Here you see the cheertul trihesrnen A N N I I A L Who designed ctnd pldnned this yecrr book ln the style ot bolrd Longfellow, He who Wrote ot Hiorwdthcr. B G A R D With this therne in rnind, the students Took the pictures, Wrote the cdptions, Lcrid the pdges out in order To present or ldsting record Ct CI yecir ot Sterling High Schooly With this therne in rnind, the poet Wrote the Song of Sterling High School. Poetry hy the editor X Q The 1942 Blue ond Gold stcrlt cipprecidtes the ossistonce ot cedder Engraving Company Hcirt's Studio ond Cdniero Shop Miss Mdrgoret Birch U. R. DeVoe Miss Helen Peterson I I 4 K I W. f- ew- ' K. . W HI-TRI xi llitst Row f-Nellie Hill, Chvrrlotto Carl, Vividn Wolf, Adviser Lorottd Browne, leon Hoffman, Betty McCombs, loyce Wright. Second Row' Dorothy Schutt, Beverly Anderson, Alice Hoover, Pcltricitr Butthondn, Betty Chun,- berldin, Gladys Gott-el, Darlene Leoncrrd, Mdry lane Miller. Third Row -Lillian Bernstein, Dorothy Deets, Ndyolcr Brooks, Gloria Paulson, Margery Wolf, Pouleng Boker, Betty Hfurk, Dorothy Ann Lewis, Fourth Row- Dorothy Icirnsson, Doris Linton, LoVonne Gottcfniy, Nornux Ltxiidis, Leonfr Bxfinffli Betty Fddden, Mfxrifrn Dido, Lorrmne Miller, Mtxrybollw Gulitint. Ttflh Row Idnet Cussens, Ietm Betitty, Ierry Shore, Betty lttnnoll, Btevt-rly Friesen, titnbriri lfvlinsori, Dfuclcr l.nbln-tt, Mciritrn Novtxk, Gltrdyfi ltllofuiw. Mdny Sterling High School mdidens Meet in council every new moon, Twice o month they hold their meetings, One for business, one tor pleosure. They hove suppers ond discussions Led by ditterent Hi-Tri members. Through the yeor they hove ggy powwows, NA l-ldyrctck ride in egrly autumn, 'I Couple Pgrty l-lglloWe'en Week, 5 Penny Porty in the springtime. X t Members who become tdmilidr I 'fl With the lotws gnd with the rules Get Hi-Tri pins tor their knowledge Ct the purpose ot this girl's club. X , I - ltllllllllml A r' it uxxxv , K 0f1,,,,W , OFFICERS Xb N. .D leon l-loitmdn ...,o o,... P resident A Vivign Wolf ...r,,,,,. ,Y... S ecretctry Betty MCCombs ,,,,,, ,,,,, T redsurer 1 First Row Adviser Curtis Brfxnddu, Frank Birch, Lee Griffith, Bill Vifelton, Adviser Sheldon Fordhxni. Second Row lohn Cossens, Stanley Ridge, Kenneth Duhni, Floyd Hunsberqsr, Ervie Nelson, Lyle Book. Third Row Elwood Foy, Hubert Maynard, Rcxndcxll Barnett, Tod Scheid Ill, Netil Wick, Roy Woof:- ter. l'ot1rth How Bob Brown, Dwight Sterenbeicg, Bob Bulnior, Bolt Cfzrtff, Leon Ivitilctxlxry, Bill Scott, Bob Reitzv-l. All Sophomore ond Freshmon Warriors lnterested in Y.M.C.A., loin this Hi-Y orgonizotion Planned for high school underclossmen. Twice cr month they hold their meetings, Supper ond on outside speolcer, At the Y.lVl.C.A. building. November lOl -Orgonizcttionotl meeting November 24fProgrdm plons December 8 --f-Miss Loretto Browne December 22 Christmos Pctrty lonuory liiflnduction night' Sheldon ljordhotm Februdry lleeGotme Night February 23f flu. Ross Young Mcrrch 9-vPublic speaking night Morch Zlielviovies April l3eeMr. George Bulmer April 27-Election of officers Moy ll--P-lniticxtion Moy 25eePicnic Officers Lee Griffith ......, ...oioo iigggggg ,,,,,,l,.......,.... T r e crsurer Pfgnk Birch ,YVVV,, ,,.,,,,,,,, A .Vice President B111 Weltgn ,.,,,,, ,,,,,,, S ecretoryffreosurer JUNIOR HI-Y nf lb R Y 5 ' me ,-.. ,Q X Q 5 , ' oi d s:-I S .go '!5w:'f Md' .Ti ffff? fL4"f4"-f First Row Edwin Browne, Gene Hdrslinzfin, Gene Kelley, Gzgnn Bllnmlcer, lxcyisor E. H. Small. Second Bowfpfxul Johnson, Keith Brown, llofin Dmhlqrctn .9bf'I1TlPS Miller Bolo Hults, Martin Doernionn. I ff Third Bow'--Kenneth Reitzel, Iirn l.t'IIlSfOTd, Pfxul H nicjiiifilieitli , eiiill Biden' Chorl - rj Al Burlcett,Ir1y VV:IllC1Ce. If 2 75 ,J X Fourth Bow-ffllxfxrlos Hendricks, Bob Drayisz, Dir:l2x.1FluCk, Dsgalffre eUn1'u?, Gordon Vehrenr, l GC11dOH Bennett, Arthur Vxflcizmn. ' N k f jj- KJ T ' PPGX A ' f ft 4-I J' . X I if i I ' 'Vi ' ,- I Ixg' n' if! l S E N I 0 R ll 1un1or an 5 lor Wcqfiors F . 5 , , l r ed 1113.9-. I, H I - Y l ' e Hi-Y orqcy' when If ' , 9 Pl ned' Llhiqlg s ool'13je class 7 -" They d nie531'fi'1qs sive! Yiew on: .'flj,'J T ' . Eve Suivpers Xorg Idiscijssiuhs, n l A L l bya Steflinffygjding W iriors. A . V xr - UINJ tx: Mee in VI!! L 1 9 . If er 2QfLJle Wilc X , TA A ern erjlfle -I. Sta ey lcqjnb l, f YH 'Pslovem r 27 H Mc l E f Dace Zr 4 oiifwx Boys Conference J V' D9qI8I1'1b9I' l8'--Rev. Busyll Van de Buntej V X" lonilory Sf-Silveldon rdhorn xl xr "X nuory Zfillyle ' ox me X . . Februcyuf 5+fDis ssion 4 ' , ' February l9-'WQVII1 Niqlit Q fix' f A '-S A l Mor Sei ee O. Behrens ,GJ J I -1 ' Ch l9 -- XB. Wiggins ll- lx :: T , pr'il,'9 f e . B. DeVoe , X U K --eeDiscqzsionp E vctlon f f X x ctyj 'WMO r'S Ni if-fflfred Dcxlilqren ,- ,.'ll"', Moy Zl ic- l. Q rx ff ' - , 0 0' fn 1 1, B I li l - f 1 Officers li! i Ed Browne ..,,,,,,.A....,,,,,,,,,,,w,,,.,.,,,, i ,.',i. ,,,,,,.,.. . . .President Glenn Ellrncrlcer i......,,,,,,,,,, gfvz' .,...,,.., ,....,, S ecretctry Roland Kelsey .......,.,,,,. .7,,,,,,,,,,.l.. ,,77,,, ....,. T r ecrsurer Gene Kelly..ZTVT1,,,'o,,f ,,,, ..,,.,,,,,, ,.Y., Y Y ,Vice President X!' E First Row Cecil Wade, Orville Vllacle, Leo Mcgli, Leland Book, Adviser l. A. Twardoclc, Lloyd Dettman, Vernon Pyse, Second Row Harold Ratzlafl, Byron Long, Lester Wade, Daryl Long, Marvin Harms, Clair Schwank, Dwight Sterenberg, Marvin Habbeu. 'Third Row Marlin LeFefevrC, LeRoy Duden, lin: Pfrrtiirlao, Donald Pfundfstuin, Danfrld B-elirezir, fliiaene Hzlak, Wayne Bauer, Arnold lben, EM-wwy Olinger. Farm boys have their Rural Hi-Y Meetings that are of great interest R U R A L To the band of high school warriors Who will make our future farmers. H I ' Y Meetings Cctober 27fElection of officers November 5fLyle B. Wilcoxe--"Life lnsurancen November l2eFormal lnitiation of new members December llfMr. Gerard "Aviation" December l7 eGrab boy party at Y.M.C.A. February 4f--Rev. A. l. Tavennerfe-"Qbjectives of Life" February lleBishop A. C. Good-fe"Laying a Foundation for the Future" February l7f-eCurtis Brandaue- -f'The Origin of Basketball" March 4fO. A. Fackler "The Red Cross and the Help it gives to the Army" March 25- -Closing meeting' Pot-Luck Dinner Officers Leland Book ..,..,. ................ ............... P r esident Orville Wade ..... ....... V ice President L90 Megli ......... ..i......... S ecretary Cecil Wade ....... H .Treasurer First Row' Adviser I. A, Twardock, Wayne Friedrichs, Leo Mcali, Keith Wells, Ray Mellott, Russell Koster, Vernon Pyse, Lloyd Dettman. Sccond Row Harold Ratzlatt, Byron Lonq, Elwyn Lonq, Daryl Long, Bill Buclcinqhani, Marvin Harms, Wayne Bauer, Eugene Haak, Dwiqht Ste-renberq, Mqrvin Habben. 'l'liird Bow Ray Orlowski, Orville Wade, Leroy Duclen, Iini Partridge, Don Ptundstein, Donald Behrens, Arnold lhen, Forrest Frank, Dick Sanner, Dewey Olinqer. Ffiuitli Row Rtiy Blunt, Arlyn lonas, M rrlin Leljvvre, Harvey lvli'Fi1lls, Htfwtrri Kraft, lil-itll Sniith, Teri Scheid, loan Knox, lim Reitzel, Ikon Coats, FUTURE FARMERS CDF AMERICA gm , Meetings September 22 Business Meeting. Cctober 4f -State Milk and Meat ludainq Contest Placed tirst in milk and meat, fourth in qrain. Qctober GW-Initiation ot Freshmen. October 2l-22fNational Meat and Milk Iudainq Contest at Kansas City. Won tirst in meat and eiqhth in milk. Bay Mellott -'individual champion in meat juda- inq. November l5-fCorn and Poultry Show at Coliseum. December 4--iTrip to lnternational Livestock Show in Chicaqo. December lO eBusiness Meeting. lanuary 21' Election ot second semester oiticers. February l9 -f-Skating party at Sinnissippi. March l7f fF.F.A. Home Economics Party. March 24' Parent-Son Banquet at St. lohnls Church. Dusty Miller, speaker. National Championship Meat ludqinq Team Ted Scheid, Bay Mellott, Leo Meqli, I. A. Twardock, Keith Wells vi, f A Fir? 'HDwlfBr:il,,:'1rcr Bei, lYdvi:sm' David Stryker, Keith Brown, Betty Darnell, lanie Bartel, Paul , yi-Lgflirrriri, 'l'om-fBocfxard, Pfrul Woyrauch. V . Sv9i'oriqOFtovJ-' lantge l-ly1inphr'st3fSusie lrrzzssen, M :ry Vifrrtsori, Arlene Eldred, lerry Shore, Dorothy ,A J, t,Zr.1bb, Mfir'iC:v'P:lmm, I,z::1nr Srager, Bib Brown. f 'S in ', Third Row- Nrvrrtih Rollins, F ir il: litlliifll, Ed Browne, Lillitin Bernstein, Betty Rio , layre lyletiritr- ' ijjft A l5urlx1LN Aixdfry l.ihv:' rig, Mrry Lani Hrillf-r, Helen Becker, Pit M irqviis. , ,X k. I .Thrifty 'litwf'-Bt--ttrierrriric lklrxltrif, l,r-tv Nlogli, Mr--irill ltdtn, Merrill Ciiiiivh, lttzn Knox, Gordftii 551' 57" I f ltralrrtimzn, Bob' l-lults, Anssttl lrlt-zridwrsrin, Neil Pirvkvttt, Myivi Butzor, Mulht: Whtiir-y. f,,A f ' Y ,' 1 . A , 1 M N r , ' gf f I n- Q? .J f it t + M M RIP T f' lb Sterling high schools nionthly paper, , S C . . I , ,gf Written by this stat-t of students, . Q' , Makes a record of the school year 1 And intorrns the eager tribesnien Ct the news and corning contests, Students make up all the pages, N Write the stories, and the headlines, And betore the Script is published Sorne reporters track the news down, Some write features, some are typists, Some cut up and paste the dummy. ln the north wing ot the wigwarn ls the Sterling Script stalls otlice, Used tor dancing, singing, talking, lust as rnuch as tor the Script work. Right: Co-Editors lanie Bartel and Paul Herrnann Many long and tiring hours Spent by these two Sterling students Make the Script a publication That the school can well be proud of. l -E fum i ,xxx X . ,XM Wu N First Rowe-Harvey Riser, Dean Dahlgren, Keith Brown, Charles Miller, Leon Gould, Gene Kelley, Bob Hults, Charles Burkett, Orville Hunsberger. Second Rowe lrvin Nelson, Edwin Browne, Kenneth Reitzel, lim Lansiord, Paul Hermann, DeVere Leonard, Dick Pluck, Martin Doerrnann, Norval Zigler, Bud Anning, Kendall Freeman. Third Rowe--Charles Calhoun, lohn Hunsberger, Wayne Eriedrichs, Paul Weyrauch, Bill Benson, Keith Vfells, Dwight Sterenberg, Ronald Koster, Merrill Church, Edwin Radke, Ira Abnoy. Fourth Row'-Howard Kraft, Ronald Kelsey, Marvin Saillard, Bob Anderson, Erank Birch, Leo Griftith, Frank Bressler, Weldon Galloway, Leon Mulcahey, Kenneth Duhrn, Bill Kraft, lohn Gould, Bill Taylor, my if , v' i mfr' Fifth Row Stanley Ridge, Harry Woodyott, Dan Troye, Tom Bogaard, Bill Adams, Vernon Hin, r J richs, Robert Woodyatt, Milford Shuman, Iohn Mangan, George Watson, Dick Whiver, ju df I I X fi we n Kenneth Galloway, Forrest Olrnstead, lack Foy. Jw 1 Sixth Row' Paul Gribbons, Earl Nelson, Bill Welton, Coach Peter l-loogeven, Coach Ted BSC d, -'J DMN f' SiiichpfffliiBi3Z2dCili1,iZiZiE'B5a583333?illSObE1iiZZQ?2iTur Wiidmcmdohn S em if if f i Y , f , Y q I iff, Q ,f yds!! 'if ' i X- 'rf N. .tie A ff if MYR t These are all the Sterling warriors, .,' X Qu, Members of the high school "S" club: i' Q For their service in the contests ' And their courage in the battles, They are given letter emblems, Won in all kinds ot athletics. C L U B ln the tall with G.A.A. girls, They helped plan the school homecoming, By tradition, in the springtime, Candidates to join the "S" club Were all given initiation. All the coaches are advisers For this club of Sterling warriors. Officers Charles Miller ..ii. .......,,,i..... .,.....iioo.iii P r esident Leon Gould ...,.. ...ii,,,,, V ice President Keith Brown ...... ..... S ecretary-Treasurer 76 'ao First liow Betty M'-Ccwznbs, Alice lloovefx, Librdrmi l.or3tt'r Browne, l.ill1.zn Bersteiri, J rbi dnqe . Second Row fGlodys Moore, Durlenc Leondrd, Idmes Seloover, Mcxry Idno Miller, Mczrifin Ends Third lilOW"'LGOllfI BICIHCT1, Bessie Buell, Dorothy Ifmssen, Betty Portner, ldnice Humphrey VIVTCIH Wolf. LIBRARIANS CLUB These ore iribesmen who crre Workers ln the Sterling l-liqh School libroryg They check in ond check out cill books, Ledrn to rnend dnd rebind volurnes. This club holds occcisioncil meetings To discuss librctry problems. ln the spring, by old tradition, Members held the crnnucrl bcinquet. STERLING STUDENTS IN THE ARMED FORCES These two students from our school loined their countrys drmed torces, Lett the cldss room to go trctininq, Met their country's coll to colors! A- xw, Lddoeo, Herfoomx, xobkfxs, Yioqex, G. Q xox-sex ex Shore, 660.03 ff OYOQY f1 6 one Yike -seoked ee ?seoKX-ss, Domek, Xoovet, Dowqxeo, XfXoXxe-. exon 1: Browne, Nfxee Buimx, Mxee X Qmcixced makeup on Hdie ok-5, Ckxofobeioko, D. Xone-serx, i 'Snow ef Yioxxoexehop quoxxex fofw 'Omxs ff No oppXe Sefixoi QXONI stew: , T, XNeXXoo, Se XOQKXGYYXOU, N. 'LXqXe , f Drorooxxc Ckio A 'oYx-seufiv. Gokiey Co Yxomote Dorxce Roo' Gown Ysxm cmd Mo oeoei i, Sc oerxet be e Sep Z YK Xwoke 0:3 YX vkuq K 'CXU5 f YXQMS 'rm E Ex Exewer 0 Sooqfokids Xeo ikdoe, Cod, Hdied, YM Hooq, Swekko, Yxxedxkcxoe, Bexxq? f Xoqeuuf- NoeX f Luxe oem Bed V50 UQ H X XX 5 Burkholder's Standard Service Ludwig Greager Sheet' Metal Works Sterling Home Improvement Company Abel's Confectionery Castle's Super Service Coca Cola Bottling Company Bawden's Service Station Walz Lunch, Tom Ramsdell Sterling Cleaners Leo Wahl Colonial Beauty Shop Sunshine Feed Store Mylin's Agricultural Store Hey Bros. Sterling Implement Company The Sugar Bowl, Photus Prophet Bogott Welding Works Scheler Sporting Goods Haldeman Motor Company Scott's Battery and Electric Dondero's Confectionery The A G P leanette's Beauty Shoppe Sterling Tire Market Chicago Mail Order Company, Marie Bell, Manager Haskell's School and Office Supply Company Bradley's Inc. W. I. Palmer, D.D.S. Central Body Shop Sterling Recreation Dr. H. M. Iacobs W. H. Perry, M.D. C. P. Danreiter, D.D.S. Kennard I. Besse, Robert I. Besse Otto F. Castendyck A. I. Frank Dr. I. K. Swain Dr. K. E. Blanchard Tim Sullivan, M.D. Lester S. Reavley, M.D. F. W. Brodrick, M.D. Dale F. Scott, M.D. Lee O. Behrens, D.D.S. Mantield's Clothing Store Dr. Nile Gartner F. W. Woolworth, Mr. Brown Frank Stager Insurance Agency Robert Mitchell Aaencv Neal I. Marquis, M. D. I. I. Ludens W. H. McCandless, M.D. PATRONS Here you see a list of patrons, Business and professional people Who have purchased high school annuals, Who have thus helped in financing A school project such as this one. Gratitude is due these patrons, .Also to the many others Who were willing to buy copies, Had there copies been to sell. H. Lyle Acton, D.D.S. Lola's Beauty Salon Ben lokerst Moses Dillon Company W. A. Krohn E 6- W Clothing House W. H. Oppold Gaulrapp and Flock Dr. I. A. Mathis The Miniature Cafe Gerdes Iewelry Store Bickiord's Pharmacy Dunbar Furniture Company Beiens' Complete Food Market Cameron's Bakery G-oshert's Confectionery Weisser and Cobb R. W. E. Mitchell B. A. Gehring, Your Ieweler Sterling Federal Savings and Loan Association Annabelle Ray Shop Iohn Stager Chester's G. L. Sullivan W G H Apparel Shop Sterling Bootery Lil-Mar Shop, Ready-to-Wear Brown Lynch Scott DeAnne's Hart's Studio and Camera Shop Dorothy Engel Music Store Chase Studio and Book Store Twin City Motor Company Dr. Anna Beuhler Leo A. Ridge A 6 S Dairy A. I. Long Bob Warner and Son Carl I. Stutzke Paul Schneider Meat Market Sears Roebuck and Company Maid-Rite Sandwich Shop Richardson's Coffee Shop G. E. Bishop Printing Company Kleinschmidt Cleaners Swehla's Standard Service Vogue Beauty Shop, Ann Bogott, Frances Rite Galt Hotel W. T. Galt and Company The Smoke Shop Eberley Drug Farnham's Inc. Tailors and Furriers Grehner's Shoe Store Blankenship Shoe Store, Charles Winter Federal Bakery Schlough Food Store Mervyn H. Reed Music Store Willis S. Burr, The Printer Persona Studio Gartner's Shoe Shop Sterling Inn and Cafe F. T. Wyne Northern Illinois Water Corporation Northwestern Music Company Mr. W. S. Redd Kroger Super Market, Clyde Lewis Weaver Sheet Metal East Side Market Shawger's Food Stores Daehler's Grocery Ben F. Kreider Arthur's Restaurant Twin City Produce Anderson and Iacob Long's Poultry Market Leo's Lunch The National Bank of Sterling Central National Bank of Sterling Dr. I. B. Carolus W. G. K. Music Shoppe Randolph Hotel Wood's Gift Shop and Funeral Home Percy Clutterham Sheet Metal Work McNeil Electric DeHaven's Beauty ShoD Wallace's Paint and Wallpaper Shop Dr. B. R. Selden Ideal Cleaners Stein's lewelry Store Wyne-Deaver Dry Goods Clayton Shunemarx True Value Hardware Store Carl E. Sheldon Dr. Iohn D. Davis Crystal Barber and Beauty Shop Killian's Paul Philips T. Ross Young Emil Feldman Chic Beauty Shop ii iha Za ffmyaz LAVERGNE I. LOUNSBURY, DIRECTOR A 4, -uw Leader Engraving and Printing Company YMQZJQ QW ' ff 7kwf mon hh! M C 756 fW4"J""Q7' ' wb 1 7fAJ47Zfd KQWI' -Lf,fff?fff ff MiZ4Z,,M,T7f,WMff www' , 0' JM 'Jw WF' j'f5VMpWfJWW L WMYf?ZW ,r WM EWEA- M 2 WQx + W-gm QJMWNL , gk,-e..v5 Vt ,M ugh-Av . 'E-'Q'-f-WNQL UN+MJ'1 YfX0JMv'L'NX5s1 U-O-'vQVJ'0+3f 1-U-A, J?uA.fHS.AfvMmA.IxgJ:k-,1qMOJQ,Q .xggtfm-Br X.-.fu ,M,MM9,QMLM3,-sag, ,vault 'aj Q , . XsxNJxLQ,,.Qn,'c: Q,QQ.,QQxw6 ,,LQvLQ vgginfowvi vw-QNQI c,.n.Q,'Q1J,,,,,u. W mf M? if4 fSQ WMM WM F x A-Swk f x YQ m,,m,,,,.,b ,Hp oxwovuwgx I . - 11 jgLyJ2',Q . ,

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