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.pg - f. it ,aw Tfsfjf , 4. '-., . . . , S ., f , 2.91- 'v fi f f K , if ,wr 1 - wa. 4 'fr-1 wwf 2.4. W rRANifl-YN w ssor Cf Bnology mv COUSSQ . 5 Lilerlmg, KWSN' I 5555 N X T559 i - NTENENH PUSLHC UBRARY MID-CONTiNENT PUBLIC LIBRARY A M N, llllllllilllillIINllllllllllllIlllillllllllllllllilllllllilllllg Us Hizxizway Q8 gl '5E2'f5Hf'5 3 0000 1 0766688 9 1 1? lmiepenclence, MO 64050 Q 'E wr- 1 ,.,.f-.ur f. T i E K I W L 1 E Y I A, ! i , H r E i ll, Wf!L.,,,.- A f ..m....ff ,--fpy.,-4a,-.,-:,rn.,,, ,,q.,,.,. u S'r-uw-ING, KANSAS ms nocve QGARY HMNGET fin-eelaiws DEDICATIO In recognition of the firm sure hand, dependable in the chilling moments of athletic o peril. . . ' For being the kind of model toward which boys can mature to become more than mere men . . . For the sensitivity shown in teaching your classes where kindness and encouragement destine the characters of young people . . . Q For self-giving service to Sterling College in the glare of field lights and behind the scenes . . . , For the strength of convictions which earns the hardest wontrophy of all: the title Christian Athlete . . . For these things we dedicate this book to you Coach CLAIR GLEASON 'H ai X We dedicate this book to you, COACH CLAIR GLEASON. Y W, ,Y A Q.. Growth Growth through activities, growth through meeting others, growth through achieving, through honor--growth is seen much through college days. The 1968-1969 Roundup Staff prints this book for you in hopes that through reading it you will see a pictorial account of your growth this year. May you get as many hours of enjoyment out of it as We have in preparing it for you. 5 H' Q Q vw, ff, , ...W-.M .Aw Q, . , K mmhniwff ,,,r,, X or i ll 1 I Q 4 I . E n s Y 1 f i i I Q f I . x e . 3 9 1 1 i I 2 3 1 1 4 I I 4 3 5 1 E A? 3 i 4 .. 3 N" KX ,vw X t . 2 -L--,...,..,,, Growth in ,flchie ying ,,1 i5 Q f,, f in G 11: ,ez 3 , fjf f 7 4 ,4- f sf fn Qffwf f -iv? 'J .1 Qwfvf -X wwf wfi-1z:'.wJ,: . x x, EA' Grawfh Ch Hugh ffcfzfmr ,414dZ9z1ie WNW mn, ig I i I I lg i1 5 ,1 ,+ U xr Q 5 5 lf' gf i 3 52 qi: K feee Grew X . A e N Tzzlfle ef Uemfezefs Aeadelzzies Hellege lfzfe Sperfs Glasses 144 ,Meerfzeelzzenfs 184 Jude! W, : il A. I I L L V i E I PRESIDENT and MRS. WILLIAM M. MCCREERY i--f LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT College years offer some of the finest opportunities a young person will ever have for intellectual and social development. The Christian college seeks to furnish the additional opportunity for spiritual and moral growth, in these important years when values are being established and character is becoming fixed. One of the signs of growth and maturity is the ability to make a proper choice. Life is full of choices, and one of the choices which young people must inevitably I watched them tearing a building down, A band of men in a busy town. With a ho-heave-ho and a lusty yell, They swung a beam and a side wall fell. And I asked the foreman, "Are these men skilled. The men you'd hire if you had to build?" make is the choice of the their energies and talents whether to be positive or be a builder or a wrecker. direction in which will be applied - to be negativeg to There are some in this college generation today who seem to be content to tear down, while others have chosen the more difficult but more rewarding task of building a better world. An anonymous writer has put the question to each of us as to the direction we have chosen for our lives in these word: He gave a laugh and he replied, "No indeed, Just common labor is all I need. Why I can easily wreck in a day or two What builders have taken years to do?" And I thought to myself as I went my way Which of these roles have I tried to play? Am I a builder who works with care? Measuring life by rule and square, Shaping my deeds to a well made plan, Patiently doing the best I can? Or am I a Wrecker who walks the town, Content with the labor of tearing down? College is meant to give you the skills of you realize this ideal in the days ahead. and the inspiration to be a builder. May each As secretary to President McCreery, Kay Kane has many re- President William M.McCreery sponsibilities. Each year she takes care of commencement and handles the details relating to the seniors. Besides taking some of the heavy load off the President's shoulders she is also secretary to the faculty and as- sists the Board of Trustees in a similar capacity. As busy as Miss I , Kane is, she also is head of the 11317 social committee which plans all ac- A tivities on campus. Miss Kane, with sw her friendly personality, is always an assistance to the student, faculty, 'WYQ4 ..ii ,V f Q and administrative members of Sterling , College. f k r-f l Q, I fg " Q 142: if ,r . , V, ,MN ,,,, xy' , W, Z ,, ICE PRE IDE T STIMUL TE GROWTH OF THE COLLEGE Dr. Gene Conklin, Vice President of Sterling College, works in the area of col- lege development and planning. Representing Sterling at many public functions, he is con- stantly in contact with various foundations and persons interested in helping the college. Dr. Conklin is closely associated with the alumni activities of the college, and being aware of the college's image he is interested in the public relations office on campus. He is also responsible for the supervision of the Ad- missions and Student Recruitment Personnel. At special events such as dedications, an- niversaries, and banquets, one may witness his keen sense of humor and excellent speak- ing ability as Master of Ceremonies. Be- sides his friendly personality, his talent for playing the drums also entertains the students. Dr. Conklin has truly helped the growth of Sterling College through his activities and long hours of work. Busy at his desk, Dr. Conklin always has time for students' in- terests. 11-f DE ELOPME T FROM THE BO RD OF TR TEE FRONT ROW? J,W, Fields,H. Taylor,RichardRobbins,William Wherry, James Brock-Secretary, Ralph Gilmore, Ken White, McCreery-Vi c e Chairman, Jerome Chandler-C hai r m an, Harold Evans, Odus Rupe, Davis Cecil, Lamar Dunn, Willard Roscoe Coyne, J. Reece, H. McClellan. BACK ROW: Neal Hill, Orville Young, Nelson Kilbourn. EUl0ying the atmosphere and activities of Homecoming week-end, the Board of Trustees take time for lunch. The Sterling College Board of Trus- tees, consisting of concerned and expe- rienced men from all over the United States, work together for the develop- ment of our campus. Such matters as plan- ning and promoting academic and finan- cial improvements, expansion of the col- lege, and the promotion of an effective administration are some of the issues discussed during their two annual meetings scheduled during Homecoming and Com- mencement time. 'S n '."""""""6""'----...N DR. KENNETH SMITH Dean of Academics 1 Serving as Academic Dean of Sterling College is Dr. Kenneth Smith. As Dean, he presides over faculty meetings-coordinating their efforts to pro- vide a continuing improvement in academic learning, is chairman of the Credits and Curriculum Com- mittee, and is a member of Admissions Committee and Administrative Council. As director of the Hon- or's Program and head sponsor of Alphi Chi, Dean Smith is interested in promoting scholastic excel- lence among the students. With much time and patience, class scheduling for each semester is also a responsibility of his. Besides being busy with the duties of Academic Dean, Mr. Smith is also the Professor of Greek-- preparing young ministerial students for seminary. Dr. Smith also keeps himself busy with outside activities such as tennis and flying. HIGH CHOLA TIC i l STA DARD ARE E COURAGED l l 5 I Finding it her first year at Sterling College, : Mrs. Christine Maxwell is keeping herself busy l 5 being secretary to both Dean Smith and Vice President Conklin. As well as keeping up on 1 correspondence for these men, she aids Dean Smith in setting up the class schedules each semester. U Y l 1 16 . Mrs. Maxwell assists in the arrangement of the class schedule for Dean Smith. W, . ,M ,rr GUIDANCE THRO GH PER ONA COU SELI G Miss IRENE-AKIN Dean of Students Playing a vital role at Sterling College as both Dean of Students and Dean of Women, is Miss Irene Akin. Serving as Dean of Women involves such dutiesas attending the Admin- istrative Council and the Admissions Committee, administering tests, granting scholarships and loans, heading the student financial aid program, health services, housing, and keeping personnel files of all the students. She is also found supervising chapel attendance, automobile reg- istration, and switchboard, along with as- sembling all the material for the student hand- book. As Dean of Women she acts as a co- advisor with the Resident Director of each women's dormitory. Miss Akin also is in charge of the preparation of Residence Hall hand- books and room assignments for each of the girls. These duties bring Dean Akin into contact with virtually every student on Sterling College Campus. Never too busy to see a student, Miss Akin does much personal counseling, especially New this year at Sterling College, is Mrs. Barbara Boyd who is serving as Miss Akin's secretary. Working for the Dean of Students, Mrs. Boyd assists her by typing letters to prospective students, cutting stencils, running off tests, making chapel attendance lists,taking car registrations, and aids in preparing the student handbooks. Besides many other duties she is busy at the information desk acting as receptionists for all students and guests who need any assistance. in her capacity as foreign student advisor. Barbara Boyd receives a call from the ACCK "hotline for Miss Akin. P 18 MATURITY BY GUIDANCE CF DEAN MR. CURT BENNETT Dean of Men Mr. Curt Bennett stationed in his office in the bottom of Campbell Hall is the Dean of Men. He is responsible for the housing and the satis- faction of the men on campus. Another job of Mr. Bennett's is admissions Counselor, which takes in traveling in different parts of the country and interviewing prospective students. Since he's also football coach, Mr. Ben- nett encourages the application of football candi- dates. Mr. Bennett is also a Financial Aid Officer working in especially the area of College Work Study Awards. Mr. Bennett's constant work en- ables the College to grow to suit the students' needs. il .Qifjgg-J if . Mrs. Alumbaugh carries the title of Financial Aid Officer, but assumes various responsibilities. She perfects the co-ordi- nation of the National Grants, and the Col- lege Work Study program. Under these pro- grams Mrs. Alumbaugh collects the pay- ments for the loan, sends reports to the Federal Government, and helps Mr. Ben- nett with the Work Study Awards. Mrs. Alumbaugh also assumes the responsibility of being Sterling College's Notary Public. Mrs. Kay Weibe is secretary to both Mr. Curt Bennett, Dean of Men and to Mr. Robert McCreery, Director of Admissions. At her desk, in the basement of Campbell Hall, by means of a typewriter and telephone Mrs. Weibe does the corresponding for the new students and handles many technical problems. Mrs Nadine Oline Secretary to Mrs Shields finds 1 Mrs. Ada Lou Shields, as Sterling College Registrar, set up registration and pre-enro11- ment of regular and special students. It is in her office that students go when having prob- lems with courses, grades, or military defer- ment. Mrs. Shields sends grades to parents as well as transcripts to employers, she sets up examination schedules and is in charge of diplomas at graduation. Her duties as registrar also include collecting information for the school catalog and editing the student Directory. Mrs. Shields is also the college's Dean of Admissions. Under this title she is in charge of the admis- sions process for all students and also for as- signing advisors. As Director of admissions, Mr. Robert McCreery, along with the admissions counselors Mr. Curt Bennett, Mr. Gerald Ward, and Mr. Steve Kinney, recruit prospective students. Re- cruiting students takes on two main aspects: writing mounds of letters to high school stu- dents and personally visiting them in many different areas of the country. Many Sterling College students owe their presence here to this recruiting team. REGI TR TIO GO HAND I AN A, , - ' ', 7 , ,., , 1 2 A M' f U4 Q, J 9 71? MR. MARLEN MOSIER Business Manager Mr. Marlen Mosier is serving his second year as Business Manager. As Business Man- ager, he presents the financial report at the meetings of the Executive Committee, and serves as a member of the Administrative Council. y Busy in his office he processes invoices, pays bills, purchases all college commodities, keeps student accounts, files financial records , for scholarships and loans, and makes the vital decisions in the office. I W,-1 CGLLEGE SUPPORTED BY FINANCES I I I 2 2 ' 5 5 .. 5 i x 4 , x 1 l CLARA JEAN GLEASON PATRICIA KEY-Accountant ii 1 . it Assistant Business Manager MARY WILKEY-Cashier E 20 it C Serving as Assistant Business Man- ager is Mrs. Clara Jean Gleason. Along with assisting the Business Manager, she keeps all bookkeeping for the cur- rent fund which includes academic sup- plies, laboratory equipment and library books, and all other departmental sup- plies. Mrs. Gleason also keeps the rec- ords for the faculty and staff school insurance. Mrs. Key, acting as Sterling Col- lege accountant, keeps the systems Rev- enue Fund which includes the expense accounts of the cafeteria and the dorm. New this year is Mary Wilkey who has the responsibility of Cashier. She handles all the money and distributes the paychecks. ip? MRS. GLENNIS FAIR Secretary to Alumni Affairs Mrs. Glennis Fair, Secretary to Alumm Affairs, keeps Alumni records up to date by corresponding with all former students in cluding graduates, specials, and transfers She also keeps a circular file of all alumni who have attended Sterling College. Mrs. Fair is also in charge of the Alumni Fund. This year the goal for the fund is 330,000 and will be used for scholarships and student aid Mrs. Fair is always keeping in Contact withthe alumni, which keeps her busy in her office ALUlVI II CRE ED BY P BLICITY MR. RALPH MCAULEY Public ity Director Mr. Ralph McAuley is head of the Publicity Depart- ment. This job includes such duties as writing letters and pamphlets. Under the supervision of Mr. McAuley, the STERLINGAN and the college catalog are published quarterly and annually - respectively. Besides heading the publicity for the Sterling Silver Bowl, he also organ- izes the television and radio programs that publicize special events on campus. Mr. McAuley is assisted by his secretary, Marcia Turner. Traveling each spring with the Warriors' Band, he promotes the college in another way. Through his office, student home news- papers are informed of any special achievement done by that student. By Mr. McAuley's skills, Sterling College is well advertised throughout the nation. Mrs. Gladys Schmidt assumes the role of the mail clerk, casing faculty and business mail, mailing packages, and selling stamps to students. X 457 X aff ,Q ,. ,M f, Y BETTY CALDERWOOD VIOLA RHOADES HELEN STRICKLER Head Librarian Reference Librarian- Library Assistant Senior Class Sponsor LIBR RY A MINISTR TIO Under the direction of head librarian, Mrs. Betty Calderwood, her two assistant librarians, and twenty-three student librarians, the library is a resource center of instructional materials. With the present 60,000 volume library, the staff is continually processing between 4,000 to 5,000 new books each year. These books are selected by the librarians, and from the requests of faculty members and honor students. Cver 350 different magazines in the closed stacks are available for periodical re- views and enjoyment. New improvements, such as the Human- ities room and Children's Literature reading area, have been added to the library for the students' interest. if gm 'sf X -i e, Future elementary teacher spends time selecting good children's books in the Kiddie Library. The new Humanities Library adds relaxing surroundings for studying. Dizfzkivn of Smal Scimcc' ROBERT McGINTY Assistant Professor of - Business Admin. SL Econ. ROBERT MCGINTY B.S., University of Idaho M.S., University of Idaho LLOYD NICHOLS B.S., University of Oklahoma. I ESS Instructions in accounting are given by Mr. Nichols in his Tuesday and Thursday night HI TORY WARREN GARDNER Assistant Professor of History WARREN GARDNER B.A., Sterling College M.A., Emporia State Teachers College Sponsor of: Student Govern- ment and Pi Gamma Mu, I HOMER HAWES Head of History Dept. HOMER HAWES B.A., Harding College M.A., University of S o u t h Carolina PH. D., Michigan State University Sponsor of: Young Republicans and International R e 1 a t i o n s Club, BRUCE WHITE Assistant Professor of History 85 Political Science BRUCE WHITE M.A., University of Colorado Sponsor of Sophomore Class EDUCATIO RALPH RENFRO Head of Education Dept. Director of Night and Summer Classes. RALPH RENFRO B,A., Northwestern State College. Ed. D., Oklahoma State University Sponsor of Student Education Asso- ciation. Helping to teach some of the educational classes, is Mr. Wesley Darrow WESLEY DARROW B,S,, Emporia State Teachers College M.S,, Kansas State University ARTHUR GATHMAN Associate Professor of Ed- ucation ARTHUR GATHMAN B.A., Wheaton College M.S., University of Kentucky Acting as Secretary for the Education Department, is Mrs. Enola Ward. GEORGE SANTAYANA Professor of Sociology GEORGE SANTAYANA B.S.l., Emerson College M.S., Boston University PH, D., New York University L. L. D., Blackstone College M.D., College of Physicians and Sur- geons, Boston. 3 Many psychology experiments are performed in experimental psych lab. OCIOLOGY and P YCHOLOGY il CHARLES ATWATER EDWARD BAKIS GARY BUTLER Head Of Psychology Dept. Associate Professor of Psy- Assistant Professor of Psy- chology chology CHARLES ATWATER A-B-, GOPGOH College EDWARD BAIGS GARY BUTLER Ed- D-, B0Sf0U UHiVeI'SifY M. Ph., Estonian State University A.B., San Jose State College Sponsor Of Retreat Ph. D., Estonian State University Rel. D., School of Theology at Claremont, California if , CURT BENNETT CLAIR GLEASON A Coach Head of Athletics CURT BENNETT CLAIR GLEASON B.A,, Sterling College B.A,, Taylor University Sponsor of Junior Class M.S., Ball State Teachers Col- lege y Sponsor of "S" Club Y Teaching proper footing, increases bowling skill. PHYSIC EDUCATIO J ANELLE HUNT Instructor in Women's Physical Education JANELLE HUNT B.S., Kansas State College at Emporia Sponsor of: W.R.A. and Fresh- man Class. MAX OLDHAM Assistant Professor of Men's Physical Education MAX OLDHAM B.S., Southwest Missouri State, M.S., Kansas State Col- lege of Pittsburg, I 1 r Along with his busy schedule, Dr. Atwater helps many students with per- sonal problems. v 1 .,, zu it .41 li gt it 4 it at 1 ' 0'f7f ' fsaoj "ff lwmff-4' f' if f f ff , ,Y G I V' fl , 1 1 H La,J'1z:,.'f" 'T'fU'fj5 fill i ,, 5 gi, "'e ,qlfa L' 4 , . , H ft' i , ' I s if if-Ziri 1,,.,1 f 1 , ,4 'f f I its ft 1 4,4 5 1 Tiff ,WMM t tm i, 'I' I 1 x fgifffffff W il' t 1 gf 4. 1 1 f 2 ,f ,,6i7.yA rf ,' Q' , 1 5 I ' f giiifgalwix j 4, 3 5 , z,zf.M.x.,l I 4. I 2 r fl I Mm- """" Miz, ,am New this year are the co-ed physical education classes. Interest motivated by Prof. Gardner promotes discussion after class. , A, ' f 3' 1 4 Learning to use audio visual equipment prepares 5 r future teachers for more interesting classroom t learning. 1 x i, 1 A w 28 .M , , a f ' fy , 'Y' 'W-gamma-,.,,1.,-,.,.t,,.,,r ag Divisim af Humanities I 4 , N 1 3 581 N , P , . E , 1 P I W N f 1 E, 2 is L H1 z I i X 1 l 1 ti l I E1 1 if I 2 L fi , E , 5? I 'x I 11 ng!! H1 ,' 1 rl N sw! lf'l 1 ew, M 55? 111 gf lr 'I M? H44 W H' ,AVI nf -Hesuvm f . .f, " vs,cz'v4w- - gnu-gw:,:ff M f2urm21-......... : " H- GORDON ZAHRADNIK Assistant Professor of Art GORDON ZAHRADNIK M.S., Fort Hays Kansas State College Sponsor of: Senior Class and Student Union Board, LEON AKIN Associate Professor of Music LEON AKIN B.A., Sterling College M.A., Colorado State College of Education Sponsor of Choir Club. ART Ray finishes his ceramic piece by heating it in the hot kiln. MUSIC ROBERT GORDON Head of Music Dept. ROBERT GORDON B.A., Sterling College M.A., Colorado State Sponsor of Band Club. College LEO LAWLESS Associate Professor of Music LEO LAWLESS B.M., Syracuse University A MARTHA BLADT B.A., Illinois State College M.A., Montana State University Sponsor of Sigma Tau Delta MARTHA BLADT ' Head of English Dept. DOROTHY BEHNKE SUSAN MCGINTY Instructor Of English Instructor inVEnglish ZELDA WAKELIN A.B., Nebraska Wesleyan University M.A., University of Nebraska LAHOMA COUNTS B.A., University of Texas M.R.E., Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary GU G DOROTHY BEHNKE B.S., Sterling College M.S., Emporia State SUSAN McGINTY B.S., University of Idaho ZELDA WAKELIN LAHOMA COUNTS Associate Professor of Lan- Instructor in Spanish guages .em ,pm-W, .... .4 JAMES BUSKIRK B.A., Hamline University B.D., Fuller Seminary Th. M., Princeton Theological Seminary Sponsor of: Gospel Team, Retreat, and Alpha Phi Omega. FRANCES CALDERWOOD B.A., Sterling College M.R,E., Pittsburgh Xenia Theological Seminary Sponsor of Chi Sigma, Theta. JAMES BUSIGRK FRANCES CALDE RWOOD Chaplain and Counselor Assistant Professor of Christian Education. RELIGIO DALE SNYDER B.A., Wheaton College Th. M., Westminster Seminary Th. D., Free University of Amsterdam Sponsor of: Christian Fellowship, Retreat, and War- rios for Christ. LESTER TAYLOR B.A., Sterling College M.A., Winona Lake School of Theology Sponsor of Philosophy Club, and Alpha Phi Omega, Biblical experiences are discussed in New Testament class. rf. SPEECH CLAYTON CAMPBELL GORDON KLING Head of Speech Dept. Instructor in S p e e ch and Drama CLAYTON CAMPBELL GORDON KLING A.B., McKendree College A,B., Wheaton College M.S., Purdue University M.A., Western Illinois University Sponsor of: Alpha Psi Omega, Pi Kappa Delta, and Artist Lectures. Play production class learns about stage equipment and methods of operation. UM NITIE LUCILE LUKENS A,B,, Sterling College M.A., Stanford University M,A., University of Denver CAROL GENE BROWNLEE B,A,, Sterling College M.A., University of Kansas LU CAROL GENE BROWNLEE CILE LUKENS - Assistant Professor of. Hu- Associate Professor of Li manities bfary Science Prof. Taylor points out Biblical areas on the relief map to a couple of his students. T i i f . Variety of records from the Record Library may be checked out Relaxation and Self e e . e hi d th O h the arts by Students. xpr ssion ar ac eve r ug "Strike Up the Band" with Prof. Gordon conducting. RQ -' gy fill, 7' ,... I Q I x D I 1 1 r ,l Dilfisim af Natural Science 1 1 A RICHARD WALKER Assistant Professor of Biology WOODROW FRANKLIN Head of Biology Dept. WOODROW FRANKLIN B,S,, McPherson College h D Kansas State University Ps 0, RICHARD WALKER . B,S,, Kansas State Teachers College of Pittsburg M.S., Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia Sponsor of: Sophomore Class and Student Government, if 5 i i 5 u I 1 1 I i I 1 I 9 BIOLOGY and CHEMISTRY ROBERT CROSEN B.S., Tarkio College M.S., University of South Dakota Sponsor Of: Alpha Phi Omega. DANIEL POWERS M,S., University of Wichita Ph. D., University of Kansas Sponsor of Science Club. Mixing your own brew, Dave? ROBERT CROSEN DANIEL POWERS Head Of Chemistry Dept- Associate Professor of Chem- istry L I I I i f 3 I ! 5 i I v 1 1 s Y I i . ii TH and PHYSIC RICHARD HOFFMAN Assistant Professor ofMathe matics RICHARD HOFFMAN M,S,, Oklaho m a State Uni versity DEAN MARSH Head of Math Dept. DEAN MARSH B.S., Sterling College M.A,, Emporia State Teachers Col- lege PAUL STRICKLER Head of Physics Dept. PAUL STRICKLER B.A,, College of Emporia Ph. D., University of Kansas Sponsor of Freshman Class, HO E ECO O ICS FERN OLINE B.A,, Sterling College M.S., Kansas State University Sponsor of Le Bon Ton. FERN OLINE Associate Professor of Home Economics Quickest way to someone's heart! . ........, ,-...- .- 1 N o N Q , Vv , Nts fx gif L ' ' Mafia L4A,g,f,'x 'fy ,W w- Q ,..- fn- - . 'iv g iw, I , ,VZU My Ma ,1, ,4,,,Zf-P33 x 1 I I, """'L"'AV 11 GCI L LIFE 1 Y A ? 3 f . f . 2 7 J V I VM' .. QQ'fJffgi,!ffV- 72 ' ' 52s9Q'k -LL' ' L X J W. f .5 iisf M M f Q . ' sf f, X X' ,, f f f Q f 4 X f f f t 'iffrwsi sbf,-fwllfi,-'JKT f MZV' Q Wy: f X WZ?-0 WLM 3 V" M id i Qi sy Sziivsfa, f ff ,rf 1. fgyifii X '73 - I ' ' X ' 1 fm- - , fi f M LV, X five We .ms 1 1 1 i y pi. it Q :N . - . Afsff ,, , ' ' if " fb ski www, rw emffwiifs ' -' ff if ff s ' - Q41 s4S4ywhim L' ",xS:Y5'fz5'-it, 1- , 'f s 1, . Q Q :aff we " .2 , K Y M55 vs , 'X sf, N' , f ' off 4 , 1. , .s 4 ef.-5.1-.y.gf4,aQ F uw:-V fr - 4 " - kv GMX sf X fe w- K f -4-.',fe:,4fv4 G 21.1 Liz and Lynn don't seem too terrified in the House of Horrors. Bev and Shelley eagerly take Sue's money for a carnival ticket. Jerry Rakes knocks out his frustrations on an old car, Kg ,WW I 1 145,43 if I 7 1 A ' 1 'z 41. ,F . Each candidate anticipates the choice of queen. ' The Queen is announced. .f X Bob Hall presents Queen Jill with her roses. Queen Jill and her attendants relax to enjoy the play. Q EE CHGSE LD 6 -4 Dr. Gene Conklin introduces the evening's entertainment in grand style. ALUM IBA QUET The Alumni Banquet is held annually at Sterling College to honor its returning students during Home- coming Weekend. Dr. Gene Conklin served as the master of ceremonies for the guests. The evening's entertainment included the Sometimes, the Four Most, and Randy Fahrenholtz at the piano. Dr. McCreery gave a welcome to those attending. Finally Rev. Milligan, president of the Alumni Association, spoke a few words. The Sometimes entertain for banquet guests. Everyone seems to enjoy the good food and program provided for them. B W. J ,W ay MMQ , f K I, f n any Wf ,f,, 1 il Uh ,Aman V -I I M HQ'I .,.,wIgf,.,.-M HOMECO I G QUEE JILL PAIGE RIVERSIDE, ILLINOIS W, MSM ..,, , xg . fi I 1 ,Y If J H0 ECOMI G ATTE AN MARY PHILIPS ROCHESTER, PENNSYLVANIA Z s CAROL W Y ATT X A A A A A A STERLING, KANSAS WW., QQ 7 f 5 f , ? f' ',,- 45 ' ' f ','fCf! WW, 'V ,U 4' 'f X f L. -Wwzizf '57 ,f L' nfxb TASTICK GRO TH The Sterling College Department of Speech and Theatre, under the chairmanship of Clayton C. Campbell, presented "The Fantasticksu as this year's Homecoming Play. Under the direction of Gordon Kling II, this musical play gave the audi- ence a chance to witness a lighthearted love story written purely for enjoyment. The performances of the eight-member cast gave evidence of many hours of hard work. CAST Luisa Jennifer Gordon Matt Mike Barbera El Gallo Dennis Brewer Mute Roberta Denkmann Bellomy Dennis Young Hucklebee Steve Tauscher Mortimer Kent Hamilton Hemi' Dennis Mustard The two fathers conspire to wed their offspring. E1 Gallo plans his getaway with Luisa. The cast graciously receive the praises of the audience. El Gallo, Luisa, and the Mute - each has his own thoughts. . 3 sn , . zv , Vx Q.-V f', 1 an v Nxddtz' The Mute opens Actl with a shower of color. Life is a reality, not a fairy tale. Isn't that the way the world is? Matt and Luisa wish they did not have to meet behind their fathers' backs. E . , Qdigglarqgm ' ova!!-I-3' -Znfkfffr w w Ll: tyre", -f-5' , Q '1- , 5'- v fl x Li. 4 Q4 A. , 3 'Xl 8 A yy 1 eg 7 5751712 :t 4. 5 get ., H f ' "' 1' fiVwf'? ' 'lem I v '11 t 1 t 'gil ,idndd rrrr Queen Jill and her attendants, Mary and Carol, greet the Homecoming crowd. I President and Mrs. McCreery take time out from board meetings to ride in the parade. 1 PRIDE, GLORY, In the hearts of Sterling College students, Homecoming is the culmination of the fall sea- son. The traditional Homecoming Parade is a part of this anticipated event. The chairman of this year's parade was Chad Wimer. The festivity involved such dignitaries as President McCreery and his wife, floats representative of the various Tvxxvnhs kxxx 1-fig X W NWA L The Smiths wave to the Homecoming crowd. The Conklins follow the McCreerys. W'--M--P' ...-. N.. as "' 4 '16, Q I 4 at - av -w + f f , , 4-f ,, ' , W., wg .. " Y ff Q 1 Q A .Y f 'f 5 X 1 4. Community bands assemble on the football field with the Sterling College band to form a map of the United States. AND H0 OR dorms and organizations of Sterling College, and Queen Jill Paige and her attendants, Mary Philips and Carol Wyatt, chosen to reign over the entire Homecoming Weekend. This year's Homecoming Parade was indeed amanifestation of the Sterling College pride which makes her "Queen of the Kansas plains". Student Government Board travels in the past The cheerleaders throw candy to eager hands .4""4 AMERICA To some, the Homecoming Parade came as a reliefg to others, it came as a sense of satisfaction and pride. To all, it was a time of enjoyment as the completed floats rolled down Broadway to Spencer corner. It was also a time of anticipation as to whose float would be designated "the best" in carrying out this year's Homecoming theme - "Pride, Glory, and Honor in American Holidays." With their replica of the Mayflower, the Junior class tied for third place. Double, bubble, boil, and trouble. The fruit of plenty was Ki1bourn's contribution and took second place. 3 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 4 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I HGLIDAY Each float symbolized a different holiday. The winning float, built by the men of Camp- bell Hall, portrayed Halloween. Kilbourn's men built the second place float, also centered around a Fall holiday - Thanksgiving. The Junior and Freshman classes gave the judges, a problem, so both were awarded third place. The Freshman class also took third place on a May Day foot- ball field. A Evans Hall represents St. Patrick's Day with a pot of gold. "A country divided stands alone" was the theme of the Black Power float. The Fourth of July was the Sophomore class' holiday. The Senior class had in abstract representations of New Year's Day. M135 Knuudup MARGO MCCREIGHT Class of 1969 -4 ,Mn Kaundup GALEN ROGERS Class of 1968 SUE HOGUE SUE TIPPIN AND AND DAVE FOSTER DENNIS BREWER Class of 1970 Class of 1971 1'-' S, Work, J. Gordon, and R. Hemphill sing to the royalty. I I 4 Chad Wimer crowns Margo. Kay Hogue, editor congratulates the king I The royalty and attendants reign over the movie in Spencer. 3 dw. f s 1' ' ' fi.:-Fr '-- W 4 E If K -,f N fi: 7 1- , f .4235 QQ- ,I ,, x ,ff Wmfer Koyalfy Queen KATHLEEN JOHNSON Class of 1970 " ' - - ' " M.-M-.-1--.-W-.-M.-Has.-.-41-1-4-1....4....g...w.....,...4......,......,.,,,,,.......n ' , - , t WY, , , 1 , A - SP' Q SANDRA ASBURY MARETTA BURGET Class of 1969 Class of 1970 KATHRYN RAY NANCY TEAGUE Class of 1969 Class of 1969 Refreshments were a needed touch during the dance Queen Katie accepts roses from last year's Queen Carol. Sock-it-to 'em! The royalty and escorts wait for the band to play their dance. . . ..,. ..... ...y.,.., ...t..-......,......:.....,....1-......,.z,.....f:... V - ..,.. .....f.. .,5,H,,.,.. ,.,., ,,, , K H ,, , - Y ,Y , , U Q ,F ' R Threading needles is nothing compared to this! "So she said that he said . . ." XMA "Hey! You don't eat the Cranberries--you string 'em!" This may have been a familiar comment at the Student Union Decorating Party, one of the many activities going on around Christmas time on campus. This ought to give me a good charge! CAMP To add to the zest of the Christmas season on the S.C. campus were decorated Christmas trees in the dorms--as well as in some of the wings, dorm parties, and the annual choir and band Christmas concerts. , , .,,., ,U --VK. AA,.,M.,w , . -f 1 :mf A , v if U4 ff. 2 ,', A,-4 1 , -.L 'kxfffi V rg F - ., 7, x,,.Q, ,, mp, , . f I, ., JV, I f',W'? Qfga f MH 7 f. Wy,-, 'fm ' vgfyyp , A . M ,' g gf4,'1, 1 , , uf! 7 rw-:wi 4 ,fm1'1a,yff . nf-fmf A ii?L?vif,y,,Mf,f, 2 X V Y V42 ,, X f Aff . ,f ,, ..f,,f ' 4 f,M'fb,,QF',J, ,, wgxv, Y, f' 7 , ' ' ,, f"' f ',,"2' 'V ' f.f,. ,f,4,, -fun' Y, .,f ,,A1. ,a ,Q. . f," I , J, ' f ' ' WWI If LA ,f ' !4y.,,,,m4 fr L 1 ,fm , , f , , f ff, ,,' f 43' f ,,i,,,,, 4, 1 , ff" 113. I J 57.46 I , H fi' ff, aw ,, 4, , ,,7,,ff,A, ,t ,rf-, .f I. ., Q Ken Fredrickson, Kent Hamilton, Randy Smith and FMOC Ray Karl 2 X, , ,W ,4m,:4,gwf,5,' 1 f y7lJ'.,,g" , V A' W5, ,xv .J?f',iwlff5"?5'4" J F pw'+-5957 f ,Z 4 M ,Nj ff A " J ,N ,, ' Ak ' 4- 7 af , ,,, ,...-W . ww 1 1 K .L...q.f.......,1..Q..f.......-u.M...z-..,i..-.4-...Az -4 - V . , - , I l t 1 f E L 3 Sue Ann Salem sings to FMOC candidates. on Q 4:5 . +3 my , . ,U 4 H Sue Groote gives a reading on love. FMOC HO ORED Le Bon Ton president Carol congratulates Ray. Conversation at the banquet centered around Christmas plans. 0,1-,, if f Z. V , ' 'B , , . 1 It f, si 0" 3? J ,.!,,f f is It , -., ,mu ' T 'Mic .nfl ,f rx g , ,n 1 X as f ' ' X K .f- 4' -4,5 A' Q ang I I ., 4.9. a j, F fi A nf, .QQ Xa if bu I iv . ,.,m,f,4', .A , 4, 5 f xemx ,, . . I A - 1, 'A ,J , -I paw ,tar ,' . ft- w s , ,gf W at wg King Tim Jaeger and Queen Janice Johns survey the proceedings man, Randy Fahrenholtz, and Diane Ray. J with their attending royaltyg Paulette Neymeyer, Dave Zimmer- FRESHM VALE TT E BA QL ET This year, as always, came the Fresh- man Class' turn to outshine the other classes at the annual Valentine Banquet held on Feb- ruary 14th and sponsored by the Freshman class. Kent Hamilton was the M.C. and topping off the festive evening was the announcement of the king and queen royalty, Tim Jaeger and Janice Johns, chosen by student body to reign over the event. Janice receives a traditional kiss . . . . . . . . . . . . and Tim a traditional crown. me :fx e. fm, ff .vii 22 U. 1 v .. sf, ,, ,K 522. Y x f 1 5125451 2 E , R .dk A 7' Mrs. "T" receives a Valentine gift from Kent Hamilton and the "This sitting is driving me batty--Let's get out and dance! Freshman class. Although the newly fallen snow ofthe day threaten- ed to ruin the evening, nevertheless, the banquet- goers did not let that stop themfrom enjoying the eat- ing as Well as the dance to the beat of The Bishops and the movie, "The Three Lives of Thomasina," which were the climaxes of the night. The Valentine Holiday could not have been made lovelier. Shaking it up to the beat of The Bishops. FGOC Candidates: MC. Norm Brown, Andy Davidson, Larry Morris, Ray Farag, Jim Tenopir. Southard, Dave Foster, Steve Riley, Paul Blomquist, Tom DIE H WKI Larry Southard, FGOC Bujo, Campbell Halls Hobo. '-f-1 7 I , I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Lark Peterson and Joe Leonard enjoy the Kent pours it On. Maretta pins a corsage on Andy Hobo banquet. WEEK Tom Morris, Jim Tenopir, and Bill Portz display their ice cream eating ability. ,M Wg, Lv, Thislis a learning situation? 75 it 2 7 N ,I r .1 The "West Indies Sojourn and Seminar" included twenty-four students and was led by Dr. George Santayana and his wife. It in- cluded a 14-day stay in Kingston, Jamaica with a visit to the Governor-General's, bus tours through the countryside, and lectures by Dr. Lloyd Braithwaite of the University of the West Indies, on sociological aspects of the West Indies. An exciting day was spent at Jamaica's famous Dunn's'RiyerA Falls Beach. A challenging moment to be remembered by the West Indies Sojourners was the final exam. J 4 1 I B312 'I I I I A twenty-two day tour of the Middle East and Europe, the "Holy Lands Tour" was undertaken by eight students and Professor Lester Taylor. From the United States they visited Egypt, Lebanon, Israel, and Jerusalem. On the return trip, the group saw cities in Greece, Italy, Germany, and England. Fifty students took advantage of field trip offerings by the ACCK during the interterm month- unique opportunities in gaining first hand knowl- edge of various cultures and topics. An on-the-scenes study of life forms in Puerto Rico was performed by six biology students. The four weeks-were spent gathering specimens of marine biology. Most of the trip was spent at La Parquera in southeast Puerto Rico studying coral formations off the shores of the island of Maugey. e cemc beau of Puerto Rico Prof. Walker enjoys himself in Puerto Rico. 'ARTI T LECT RE SERIE The Artist Lecture Series has come to be known as a tradition on Sterling College Campus for many years. A committee made up of four students and a faculty member locate and pro- vide the performers for the series. Committee members are: Harry Swarts, Diana Cooley, Linda Brownlee, Joel Blomquist. El Trio Romantico A Fiesta of Sound, The happy blending of voices and guitars with music of Mexico and the great Southwest. Q K i f I I l 1 N r l 5 S 1 I Dvrm 17115 Dorm Council: First Row: Diana Cooley, Kathy Ray, Marsha Beard, Jill Paige, Margo McCreight, Mom Smith, Second Row: Marilyn Tillotson, Comiie Bill, Sandy Jessup, Cindy Hunter, Joyce Scheufler, Flos Bellina, Helen Stewart, Nancy Brownlee, Glenda White. Mrs. Eunice Smith Housemother MCCREERY HALL From the "terrace" to the second floor, the pulsating warmth of McCreery Hall is apparent. , The dorm consists of upperclass women and each day is rarely the same. Fun, fellowship, and fellows seem to be the Companions of MCCreery Hall. To complete this pleasant atmosphere is "Mom" Smith, McCreery's mom away from home. She fulfills the dorm's role as the Coeds' college home. Christmas Spirit involves listening, also. MUSH RUSH! Storytime . . . in is' -"""" M-- --A Mrs. Anabel Sterett Housemother Dorm Council: First Row: Galen Rogers, Mom Sterett, Dennis Black, Wayne Shierant Second Row: Doug Reinard, Bob Lewis, Steve Mosher, Dave Leebrick, Bill Thayer, Gary Winget, Harry Swarts. CA PBELL HALL Silhouettes in thought. Down the Walk from McCreery over a well-worn path, dwell the mighty men of Campbell Hall. Besides sending out UFO's, they also find time for some studying, more sleeping, and much more eating--in between launchings, of course. Rounding off the harmony of Campbell Hall, is "Mom" Sterett, ready to help out and offer advice, when needed. Now, Sir,ify0u'11StepthiSWay , , . Not exactly the WALL STREET JOURNAL, but A. "Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum . . . " EVANS H LL Dorm life is usually a new experience for most of the Evans Hall residents. The dorm is composed of mostly freshmen coeds. To these women, unheard-of atrosities such as desk duty, linen time, and quiet hours are new. To assist them in this new experience is "Mom" Hughes, who is a newcomer also this year. Together, the women of Evans and "Mom" are working to make Evans a warm "home." Mrs. Jessie Beth Hughes Housemother Could this be love? Dorm Council: First Row: Jane Milligan, Mom Hughes, Manley, Sue Salem, Bev Charles, Jan McCrory, Lou Ann Sue Hogue, Carol Ford, Jeri Ramsay. Second Row: Mindy Litchfield, Linda Minner, Kathy Jensen, Phyllis Hendrich. WNW ....,......,.....,.,..,..,.,. ---..-.,....-,,-. 2 i , A X X X r 4x 2 WW X X fffm X.. ,S n 52 2 "I don't care how dirty your car is! You towels!" Mrs. Zetta Blackhall Mrs. Mary Blice Housemother Housemother KILBGUR HA Is this the only room that keeps beer on tap? !?! are freshmen, they have quickly learned for college men. In fact, there seems to campus, it is honored with two hous "coordinate" the activities of this act Q Dorm Council: First Row: Daryl Nuss, Joel McCrory, Dennis Behnke. Third Row: Joe Knaus, Steve Riley ' ' ' l R' k Hem hill Harold Kimball Keith Ray Karl, Mark Joosse. Second Row. Dave Harbach, Kirk Bing e, ic p , , As Smith, Larry Southard, Rod Halverson, Jim Tenopir, a rumor of a Well-traveled path across from a nearby dorm, but it was never Since Kilbourn Hall is the largest only get two Although most of the men of Kilbourn Hall fromtheir Campbell kin the "ins and outs" of college livin' have been the field verified. dorm on emothers, "Moms" Blackhall and Blice. These two women help ive dorm. , Paul mus. v ff? ,IM -' 9,4 Ht W 575' 4 - , r.- K . A -if , "'al.e'qi:l i , A ,,.,,.,w-M, NW-f','fW'fz"fff' Q 4, ., . ., ,L A... 5 l Wayne Anderson rides again! Among the most essential people on our campus are members of the maintenance staff . Continually in demand from one end of the campus to the other, this group starts work early to sweep and scrub floors in our dorms and classrooms, repair broken intercoms, keep washing machines, dryers and pop machines in running orderg and mend faulty plumbing, electricity, and heating systems. Members of AI TENANCE TAFF this group also have the job' of keepingthe cam- pus grounds looking green and watered fOne would think they believe it their job to keep students well-watered tooly, and in the dead of winter they clear sidewalks of snow so we can get to classes better. This is a hard-working crew which we could not do without for even a single minute! MAINTENANCE CREW: First Row: W. Adair, R. Man Row: D. Curry, H. Pitts, G. Brownlee, B, Calderwood, Warren, E. Warren, R. Smucker, D. Culerfield, Second D. Butts, C, Clough, W. Anderson. , ,S Keep that ki'fCh9r1 Clean, Polly. Mrs. T. discusses plans for the all school party with John Nystrom. Under the direction of Mrs. Trostle and the Famous for her all-school dinners,Mrs. T. aid of John Nystrom many meals were served put in hours of work doing those little extras that to students, parents, and guests during this year. makes the cafeteria at Sterling the place it is. We honored these ladies Cand Johnj for the food they feed us. i 0rga141Zz1f1'1f14s H """' H' ' -8- i 1 iv Q ,Q President - Don Walter T DE T GOVER ME An active and interested student body helped'Pres- ident 'Don Walter to make decisions pertinant to the faculty, students, and the whole community. Sterling was one member of the recently formed A.C.C.K., and served as a mediator in most discussions. Among many major issues that came before the board one of the most controversial was the proposed coffeehouse. With the help of Vice-President, Galen Rodgers, all problems were handled with efficiency and as much speed as possible. ' Vice President - Galen Rogers Sec-Treas. - Carol White Seated - Dr. Gardner, G, Rogers, C. White, D, Walter, Prof. S, Lichte, D. Nuss, S. Miller, M. McCreight, S Walker. Standing - G. Sappenfield, E. Kottman, T. Bontrager, Blackwood y Marilyn Markey, Dave Foster, Paulette Neymeyer, Randy Smith, Carol Ford. Under the capable supervision of Director Dave Foster, the Student Activity Center soared to un- equaled heights. 1968-69 will be known and long re- membered as the year of the juke box and theWar- rior Room addition. For proof of this year's success one need only to look at the Union's Sunday night attendance. The Board served as the student's bar- gaining power with those of higher offices. ST DENT UNION y BOARD I Student Union Board try their hand at bowling. Seated: Shirely Dilday, Don Bonnell, Ann Harris, Standing: Charlotte Cross, Barbara Philips, Joyce Orr, Jack Girst, Mary Ruth, Sue Blackwood. SOCI L COMMITTEE ELECTIO BO RD A group of students asked to serve by the Student Government President make up the Election Board. Their main task is to super- vise all elections, on campus,from Homecoming Queen to class officers. This board supervises nominations, distribute ballots, record voters, tally votes, and in every way insure afair elec- tion. It is the responsibility of the Social Com- mittee to review and reprove all proposed ac- tivities on our campus. The members of this appointed committee judge all social events which take place during the year and bestow the Kay Kane Award upon the winner. First row: Marjorie DeVries, Janet Gordon, Carol Ford, Beverly Ron Heard, Daryl Nuss, Don Milligan, Randy Smith. Peters, Shelly Strandberg, Kay Kane. Second row: John Graham, President . . GlendaWhite Vice president . JimDeVries Secretary Treasurer .... Sue Groote Sponsor Clayton C. Campbell Seated Sue Gardner, Glenda White, Sue Groote, Standing: Jim bell, Dave Bauer. Devries, Sam Stewart, Randy Henry, Kent Hamilton, Prof. Camp- PI KAPP DELT Kent and Randy prepare for a debate. Pi Kappa Delta is a national forensic A honorary society whose purpose is to stimu- late progress and promote the interests of inter-collegiate oratory, debate, and public speaking. A primary concern of this chapter is to provide functional leadership training for life, while at the same time encourage fellowship, cooperation, and incentive for 'T I ---'-..a..-.................-......,...,...,.,,... , ,,, , ,,.,,- H , H Y vY--.vV ni-1 an Y. Y 1 V ww Y H-Lu! M v-WV I a-f.......,...,.........-.-....-.....-.....-.,....... - First Row: ,Steve Tausher, Dave Bauer, Marc Kaufman, George Synder, Ken Handkins, Dave Winterhalder, George Stickel, Darrel Gee, Dr. Crosen. Second Row: Dr. Conklin, Randy Copeland, Joe Gregory, Larry Gant, Joe Carrithers, Dermis Brewer, Bob John son, Norm Brown, Ed Dent, Bruce Byrant, Mr., Buskirk. .P.O. Newly chartered this year, the Sterling Col- lege chapter of Alpha Phi Omega is the newest addition to the National Service Fraternity. Its purpose is to assemble college men in the fel- lowship of the Scout Oath and Law, to de- velop leadership, to promote friendship, to pro- vide service for humanity, and to further the freedom that is our national educational, and in- tellectual heritage. The well rounded program of Alpha Phi Omega makes it a fraternity with real meaning. The service activities ofthe fraternity include such projects as the used book sale, the community blood drive, campus improve- ment projects, and scholarships. Alpha Phi Omega also offeres many chances for social as well as service activities. Fellowship among the members through mixers, picnics, and parties is an integral part of the dynamic chapter program. APO prepares for Silver Bowl F .G.O.C. Candidates LPH PSI C G Alpha Psi Omega is the national honor dramatics fraternity whose pur- pose is to stimulate interest in dra- matic activities in Sterling Collegeg to secure for the college all the advantages, and mutual helpfulness provided by a large national fraternity, and by means of electing students to membership, ser- ve as a reward for their worthy efforts in participating in the plays staged by the dramatics organization of the college. President ....... Dennis Asbury Vice-President .... Garen Gookin Secretary-Treasurer . .Louise Brokaw Sponsor ...... Clayton C. Campbell Jenny Gordon, Don Milligan, Kathy Lee, Louise Brokaw, Bobbie Spore, Prof. Campbell Prof. Kling Denkmann, Shelly Strandberg, Sue Groote, Dave Hopple, Steve ' ' V it I 5 .W ,gurl ... -1 , I E. 5 ! 1 ! I V 4 i J 5 ! S 1 l First row: Marsha Beard, Carol White, Connie Bill, Susan Gard- Graham, Harold Kimball. ner, Kathy Holmes. Second row: Phil Olmsted, Sam Lichte, John CHI IGMA THETA Begun at Wheaton College, Sterling's chap- ter was the second in the U.S. It became nationally affiliated in October, 1964. The purpose of this honorary organization is to support the highest Christian ideals in the field of education. To be eligible a student must have completed eight hours of education oi psychology and have a grade point average O 2.75. Chi Sigma Theta represents the Greek words for "Christ, the Wisdom of God." President ...... . Harold A. Kimball Vice-President ......... Sus an Gardner Secretary-Treasurer . . . Kathy Holmes Advisor ...... Miss Frances Calderwood Chi Sigma Theta at work 1 T" 'gill' First row: Miriam Curts, Dee Young, Fredes Thompson, Tony row: James McCrory, Phil McCrory, Brent Van Vleck, Ken Thompson, Sam Lichte, LeeAnne Lichte, Barbara Borst. Second Davidson, Dave Foster, Pete Bartanuas. President .... . . Tony Thompson Vice-President . . . . . Sam Lichte Secretary .... . . Delores Young Treasurer . . . . . Phil McCrory Chaplain . . . Gary Winget Reporter . . . . Anita Bryant PHI BET LAMBD Phi Beta Lambda is a national business fra- ternity made up of students interested in business and economics. This club strives to associate its members with varied topics relating to business and economics and with those individuals who have had experience in the world of business through speakers, films, and panel discussions. Member- ship is open to any student enrolled in a business course with a grade point average of 2.8 in business. A highlight of the year was the opportunity of host- ing all Kansas chapters of Phi Beta Lambda in a state business workshop. T' s 1 Pi Gamma -Mu is a national social science fra- ternity and is designed for those students with a concentration of work in the field of social science. Membership is open to anyone who has ,completed at least 20 hours in the combined fields of History, Economics, Sociology, and Geography and has main- tained a 3.0 average in all social science courses and is ranked in the upper third of his class. The chapter has an Endowment Fund to pro- vide an award each year to a graduating member of the chapter. President .... . . Jerry Rakes Vice-president . . . Carol White Secretary . . .... Irene Akin Sponsor . . Warren Gardner First row: Dr. Gardner, Kathy Holmes, Carol White, Richard Cummings, Second row: Don Bormell, Dr. Hawes, Dave Foster, PHI GMM Sam Lichte, Gerald Rakes, Dr. Atwater, Bob Lewis, Prof. Darrow, Elliott Ngeny. LPHA CHI KELSEY SCHOLAR ' 4 First row D Nuss, D Walters, B. Simpson, L. Lichte, K. Lee, Lichte, D. Milligan, S. Stewert, L. Coomber, J. Graham. M Burgert Second row S Mosher, A. Davidson, D. Brewer, S. Alpha Chi, the Sterling Chapter of which was organized in 1965, is a national scholastic honor fraternity designed to promote and recognize academic achievement. To be eligible for admission into this society, one must rank in the top ten percent of his junior or senior class and have a minimum accumu- lative grade point average of 3.5. The Kelsey Scholars are drawn from the ranks of those sophomore, junior, or senior students who, during the previous academic year, attained a grade point average of 3.5 or better. , , Mraz? ,. .- , -.-..., ,. , ,, 4 First row: J. DeVries, L. DeVries, F. Thompson, S. Dilday, G. B. Rickenback, M. Rector, M. McCrieght, M. Groote Tlurd row White, L. Lichte, M. Beard, K. Lee, Second row: W. Flecher, C. P. Beard, D. Milligan, T. Thompson, C. Wimer J Graham D Garner, G. Stichel, D. Bauer, M. DeVries, B. Peters, S. Groote, Black, L. Coomber, D. Brewer, T. Bontrager, J Rakes President ..... . . Shirley Dilday Vice-President . . . Jim DeVries Secretary .... . . . Lynn DeVries Treasurer . . . . Fredes Thompson The Sigma Theta Chapter of Sigma Tau Del- ta was organized in the 1963-64 school year. An honorary English fraternity, its purposes are to promote within its membership the skills of written expression and knowledge of literary masterpieces, and to sponsor activities that will .stimulate the literary interests of the Sterling College student body. Special projects include a trip to Bethel to hear poet John Ciardi, the pub- lishing of a literary magazine each semester containing student compositions and a special May banquet are of interest to members. Mem- bership requirements are a 2.2 overall grade average, completion of six hours of Freshman English, and invitation by the chapter. NMMA TA DELTA Phil Beard and John Graham look over the Hu- manities Room in the Library. Dave Leebrick, Sam Stewart, and Don Walter dis cuss Chemistry projects. , ff'-f ' I Fourteen students were selected for recognition in Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. These students were nominated by a student-faculty committee on c ampus and then screened by the editorial board of Who's Who. These students have a Writeup in the 1968-69 edition of the publication. Sandy Asbury is an elementary education major. She was also a candidate for Winter Royalty her senior year. Phil Beard has served thepast two years as ed- itor of the Stir. He also belongs to Sigma Tau Delta. Rose Campos has served as President of Inter- national Relations Club and belongs to Pi Gamma Mu. Diana Cooley was a member of the Choir and the Gospel Tones. She is also a Kelsey Scholar. Andy Davidson is a Kelsey Scholar and was Sterling's representative for Junior Year Abroad. Shirley Dilday is a member of International Re- lations Club, Chi Sigma Theta, Student Education Association, Sigma Tau Delta, and is aKelsey Scholar. John Graham has worked on the Stir, served as President of Chi Sigma Theta, and is also a Kelsey Scholar. Dave Leebrick has served as President of War- riors for Christ, member of Science Club, and is also a Kelsey Scholar. Steve Mosher has served as President of Gospel Team, member of the varsity basketball team, and is a member of Fellowship of Christian Athletics. Jackie Neal is a member of Pi Gamma Mu, Stu- dent Education Association, and Phi Beta Lambda. Kathy Ray' was a Winter Royalty candidate, a member of Student Government Association, and Le Bon Ton. Becky Simpson is a member of Le Bon Ton, and is also a Kelsey Scholar. Sam Stewart has served as President of Science Club. He is also a Kelsey Scholar. Don Walter is President of Student Government Association, a member of Science Club. He is also a Kelsey Scholar and a member of Alpha Chi. '12- 2f-125:-:fa-sf-U - A 7 nv ...QM mln: 5 Andy Davidson and Steve Mosher enjoy achat in the Humanities Room. Kathy Ray, Sandy Asbury, and Diana Cooley talk over current education problems. HG' HO Rose Campos and Shirley Dilday observe an art Becky Simpson and Jackie Neal look at new stu- project in the Union. dent material on Sterling College. vibes'- CHRI TIAN FELLOWSHIP Christian Fellowship is anorganization open to all and seeks to promote Christian growth as an important part of the individuals life on the carn- pus of Sterling College. Regular weekly meetings of devotions, prayer, and fellowship stimulate the in- dividual to private thinking and encourage him to express himself to and with other Christians and thereby promote meaningful experiences. C.F. traditionally begins its year with a hayrack ride and sponsors such programs as the Foster Grand- parent and Spring Retreat in cooperation with Gos- pel Team. Films, speakers, buzz and discussion groups and panels are used in the weekly meetings. C F officers leave administration building. Terry Bontrager, Sam Stewart, Kathy Jensen, Steve Work, Liz Kottmenn, and Bev Charles. President .... . . Terry Bontrager Vice-President . . . . Sam Stewart Secretary . . . . . . BevCharles Treasurer . . Kathy Jensen .ii Group discussion 1-V 1-,gg1:..-K1f-.v--- 1,-syn e .- qfsixxse, Q'-s.. -QL As a voluntary organization, Gospel Team endeavors to train and develop students in areas of speaking, scripture reading, special music and child evangelism through workshops and prac- tical experience. Teams are sent out upon re- quest to churches, orphanages, rest homes, youth rallies, and reformatories. During Spring Recess a te am is sent out on an extended tour representing-Sterling College and the Gospel Team organization. This active group strives weekly to fulfill its purpose to present a Christian witness by service to others in its programs and activities: Final team preperation. I Jim Raymo, Becky Elliot, Dennis Brewer, Kathy Adair, and Chaplain Buskirk. President ........ . . . Bob Wade Vice-President ......... Dennis Brewer Corresponding Secretary . . . Becky Walker Recording Secretary .... . . . Kathy Adair Treasurer ........ .... L iz Wiley Advisor . . . .Chaplain Buskirk GOSPEL TEAM WARRIOR FUR CHRIST Warriors for Christ is an organization de- voted to spreading the Gospel by means of radio. Members are given opportunity to gain first- hand knowledge and skill in the various as- pects of radio program production. Regular monthly meetings which deal with business of interest to all members are held as well as weekly or bi-weekly special interest meetings in which the program is actually assembled and produced. The organization welcomes mem- bers who are willing to spend the necessary time each week working to raise the overall program quality and increase the listening audience. President .... . David H.Leebrick Vice-President ..... Keith Phillips Secretary . . . Mary Ann Blackwood Treasurer . . .... Wally Fletcher Advisor . . Dr. Dale Snyder Seated: Mary Ann Blackwood, Lee Ann Lichte, Carol Garner. Sfandlns: Wally Fletcher, charies Kenan, Dave Leebrick, and Keith Phillips. -MY -l, ,.gzk,,1.,,,,.., ,f .,,.l - -A WE ,nn , Seated Steve Mosher Harry Swvarts Dennis Black Standing Clair Gleason, Kent Hamilton, Sam Lichte, and Tim Jaeger. President .... . . Harry Swarts Vice-President . . . . Dennis Black Secretary . . . . . Steve Mosher Fellowship of Christian Athletes links together men of the campus who have two common interests: Christ and athletics. This nation side organization is designed to bringyoung men. together in a time of Christian fellowship through Bible study and open discussion of matters relevant and related to the interests of the group. Local rallies and other state and national meetings can be attended as well as the regularly scheduled meetings of the local chapter. YOUNG DE OCR T The Kans as Young Democrats is an independent organization operating on the Sterling College campus. The pur- pose of the club is to elicit a gre ate r understanding and appreciation for the Democratic Party policies among the students on our campus. The chapter was involved in many of the election. ac- tivities and campaigns in the community and surrounding areas. Membership is open to those students interested in politics and learning ways to be of ser- vice to the government of our nation. President - ..... . Francis Ola Vice-President . . . Bob Lewis Secretary . . . . . . Eli Visnich Tresurer . . . Pete Bartanuas Pete Bartanuas Francis Ola, Eli Visnich, Emil Standish, Bob Lewis, Wayne Shieranf. . i i H 'e A W, L-Q GQ an ala 99 H-Q Front Row: Barb Dorr, George Stickel, Steve Work, Second Row: Stewart, Diane Ficken, Jack G1rst, Ken Davidson, Fourth Row Mary Neuschwander, Nancy Van Skiver, PegMelia, Richard Smiley, Alice Richardson, Dana Haan, Lorraine Coomber, Rick Hemphill, Harold Kimball, Third R0w:Mary Ruthi, Karen Hendrick, Marilyn Phil Olmstead, Back Row Chuck Inglett, Sam Lichte YOUNG REPUBLICA President .... . . George Stickel Vice-President . . . . Barbara Dorr Secretary . . . . . Liz Wiley Treasurer ..... . . . Steve Work Publicity ........ Harold Kimball Program Chairman .... Art Larson The Young Republicians is an ac- tive organization designed to enhance student interest in the political affairs of the American government. This club is fully affiliated with and endorsed by the National Republican Party and seeks to fulfill the ideals established by the party. The activities of this election year were strongly supported by this group as they brought in speakers from various republican organizations and the Kansas legislature as well as actively par- ticipating in several rallies on campus, in the county and across the state. :DS ' 9 1 l 1 P I T 1 1 r 1 I.R.C. First row: Mike Wells, Dick Cummings, PegMelia, Dennis row: Jack Girst, Dave Foster Ken Davidson Jim Bolton Kathy Behnke, Pete Bartanus Second row: Jerry Rakes, Keith Asmus, Holmes, Les Wilson. Steve Tursick, Linda Thomsen, John Parsons, Phil Riegal. Third IRC The International Relations Club on the Sterling College campus exists for the benefit of History and Political Sci- ence majors as well as all the interests of the academic community. The goal of the l,R,C. is to familiarize each mem- ber with his individual role as a re- sponsible citizen of the world com- munity. By presenting ideas freely between the speaker and the audience good political and intellectual matur- ation was hoped for. Students. gain valu- able knowledge of contemporary affairs of both national and international signif- icance. President ..... Richard Cummings Vice-president ..... Elliott Ngeny Secretary .... . . . Peggy Melia Chaplain . . .... Dennis Behnke Advisor . . . Dr. Homer Hawes na ' ,. " V Q - f X Le Bon Ton First row: Carol Wyatt, Kathy Jenson, Sandy Fessen- den, Peggy Anderson, Letha Schroeder, Kathy Adair, Niki Ray, Mary Lichte, Miriam Read, Carol Ramsay, Shelley, Strandberg, Nancy Brownlee. Second row: Margie Lichte, Sue Ann Salem, Jan Newby, Nancy Teague, Judy Morris, Helen Stewart, Mary Cres- well, Connie Bill, Sandy Hunter, Chris Anderson, Jeanie McAuley, Vickie Cabezas, Nancy VanSkiver, Rhoda Rich. Third row: Peg Mella, Barbara Philips, Janice Coulter, Sue Tippin, Margo McCreight, Diana Flesher, Cris Gathers, Kathy Gathers, Kay Hogue, Marilyn Markey, Kathy Ray, Carol White, Alice Handkins, Becky Simpson, Marilyn Tillotson. LE B0 TO The purpose of Le Bon Ton is three- fold: it is first, to further interest in Home Economics on the college cam- pusg second, to train women to be active and efficient leaders in home and com- munity lifeg third, to furnish an op- portunity for study and participation in social affairs. These ideals are em- phasized at each monthly meeting. This organization is open to any- one who is enrolled in or has taken a course in the Home Economics depart- ment, but requires the upholding of its principles by all participants. President . . . . . Carol Ramsay Vice-president . . Peggy Anderson Secretary . . . . . . Kathy Adair Corresponding Secretary ....... Tre asurer . Reporter . Publicity . Advisor . Miriam Read . . Mary Lichte . Letha Schroeder . . . . . NikiRay . Miss Fern Oline 1 .ff , Aa Seated Kelly Smith, Marc Kaufman, Susan Pollock, Ann Harris, Ottem, John Krupp, Bob Johnson, Al Learned, Sam Stewart, Kathy Lee, Lorraine Coomber, George Stickel, Dave Leebrick, Don Milligan, Dr. Franklin, Dr. Powers, Dr Strickler, Dr Crosen, Dave Harbach Standing Dean Murray, Maurice Coulter, James Don Walter, John Adair. CIE CE CLUB President .... . Dave Harbaoh Vice-President . . Steve Schenck Secretary . . . . . George Stickel Treasurer . . . Dave Leebrick Advisor . . Dr. Daniel Powers A trip to Wesley Medical Center in Wichita, a book discussion on science and society, and films and lectures from the different sciences are representative of the type of program pre- sented by the Science Club. Membership is ex- tended to any person who desires a broader understanding of all the sciences and wishes to be informed on a wide variety of subjects of scientific concern. Meetings are held monthly and material of importance is presented to the group at this time. THE TUDE EDUCATIO ASSOCI TIO The Student Education Association affords those students whofare interested in te aching an opportunity to belong to an organization which has local, state, and ' national affiliations. This organization .also paves the way for eventual mem- bership in the National Education Asso- iation when the teaching profession is entered. The ,groupe learns of the various aspects of teaching through the monthly meetings featuring guest speakers with interesting experiences or timely teach- ing method or programs, films, and panel discussions. President ..... . Connie Bill Vice-President ...... Bill Korf Secretary-Tre asurer .......... Publicity . Advisor . First row: Peggy Anderson, Beverly Charles, Commie Bill, Bill Korf, Janice Coulter, Sandy Winterhalder, Joyce Schlender. Second row: Kathy Ray, Marilyn Markey, Jeanie McAuley, Nancy Teague, Mary Lichte. Third row: Mindy Manly, Barbie Irwin, Carol Ford, Judy Morris, Mary Ann Blackwood, Rhoda Rich, Anita Bryant, Peggy Anderson . . . Bev Charles Dr. Ralph Renfro McCrieght, Alice Handkins, Phyllis Crouse, Bob Wade. Fourth row: Linda Berger, Miriam Read, Ruth Smith, Marsha White, Harold Kimball, Alice Fisher, Linda Thomsen, Charles Graham, Bob Schirer, Ray Karl, Bill Thayer, Carol Ramsey, Glenda White, Keith Asmus. V, rn 'f v pw' 100 son, Joe Palmer, Harry Fink, Ray Karl. Fourth row: Dave McCreey, Larry Southard, Jim Aaron, Eli Visnich, Steve Slough, Ray Farag. First row: Mark Joosse, Lonnie Kruse, Bob Lewis, Bill Thayer, John Haspels, Joel McCrory, Chad Wimer. Second row: Steve Tursick, Bill Korf, Pete Bartanuas, Jim Tenopir, Steve Riley, Les Wilson, Third row:Sam Stewart, Dennis Black, James Abram- CC 77 Sterling College men who have lettered in at least one varsity sport are eligible for member- ship in "S" Club. This group is active in such ac- tivities as the Sterling Silver Bowl, the Sterling y Relays, and the annual basketball game between the Z seniors and the faculty. The group operates a con- ? cession stand at sports events to raise money for f , 4 their various projects. This organization is of value in that it enables the athlete to earn membership and take pride in the fact that he is eligible for such a group. President .... . Bill Thayer CL viee-President . . . Bob Lewis ' Treasurer . . . . Lonnie Kruse 1 i 4 The Women's Recreation Association is or- ganized to foster interest in women's sports and to promote a higher degree of efficiency in health, sportsmanship, and physical activity. Members actively participate in intramural and intercollegiate sports. Tournaments are held in such major sports as badminton, basketball, and volleyball. ' The girls have opportunities to earn points throughout the year and awards on the basis of these points are presented at a banquet in the spring. Z Active membership in W.R.A. is open to any undergraduate or faculty woman of Sterling Col- lege who is willing to comply withthe regulations and standards of'the association. First row: Linda Thomsen, Bonnie Richenbach, Dee Young, Jeanette son, Marcia Wilson, Chris Anderson, Linda Mehl, Joyce Sharpen, Thompson, Myra Morlan, Miss Hunt. Second row: Peggy McBane, Nancy Narlee. Joyce Thomsen, Janis Kellison, Joan Ash, Third row: Lark Peter- President . . . . . Linda Thomsen Vice-President . . Bonnie Rickenbach Secretary ..... . Delores Young Treasurer ..... . Kathy Adair Publicity Chairman . . 1 . Myra Morlan Advisor ...... - MiSS Hunt I 1 I I I I I l l I 1o1 4, ll 52 if M 5 L, li 2 1 1 4 4 I I 5 . F, i ii U 'L M 102 H! 2 1 , V i , ., 1: ., be Prof. Akin directs the Choir. STERLI G COLLEGE CHOIR Representing Sterling College at home and throughout the United States, the Sterling College Concert Choir is active throughout the year. This President . . Terry Bontra er , , , , , g group provides special music for Spiritual Em- Secretary . .. Joyce Scheufler , , . phasis Week, chapel, the annual Christmas pro- Treasurer . . Diana Cooley , gram and other functions locally and throughout the state. A highlight of the year is the spring tour which this year was centered in the Great Lakes states. A new group was selected this year from the membership of the choir to sing both popular and madrigal songs for Various social functions on campus. First Row: D. Jackson, S. Salem, A. Ratekin, S. Boehnke, L. Gordon, G. Synder, V. Steinrnetz, Third Row: R. Copeland, S. Minner, J. Paige, S. Hogue, D. Cooley, H. Stewart, D. Hogue, P. McMahan, H. Swarts, R. Smith, T. Bontrager, G. Norris, R. Ghormley. Second Row: D. Gee, B. Brownlee, B. Charles, J. John, Fahrenholtz, D. Nuss, D. Milligan, C. Graham, D. Young. S. Tippin, A. Fischer, L. Coomber, J. Milligan, J. Scheufler, J. TERLI COLLEG BA D First Row: J. Ottem, P. Anderson, S. Kehril, D. Haan, J. Crane, mont. Third Row: D. Fillman, L. Ritter, D. Walton, D. Beery, S. B. Borst, J. Tyson, J. Gordon. Second Row:R. Smith, J. McAu1ey, Vanhorn, D. Winterhalder, R. Cole, D. Gee, S. Blackwood, L. J. Adair, M. Blackwell, L. Brokaw, J. Haspels, S. Cardwell, J. Peterson, C. Ford, K. Hendrick, D. Long, Prof. Gordon, B. Newby, L. McAu1ey, K. Smith, N. Brown, C. Philips, C. Stro- Brownlee, L. Gant, H. Swarts. I r L F L H 1 , V 1 X f Q s 1 The Sterling College Band is an important and effective organization open to interested stu- dents With ability and previous experience in the area of instrumental music. As aperforrning group the band creates an enthusiastic atmosphere for home basketball and football games and pep rallies. The Winter Concert, End of Tour Concert, and the Confusical Popcert along with the Band Tour in the spring provide opportunities for the student to develop musicianship and playing ability as well as advertise Sterling College. President ..... . Dan Beery Vice-President . . . . . Kirk Smith Secret ary-Treasurer ..... Peggy Anders on Publicity .......... . . Jeannie McAuley Director ...... . Mr. Robert Gordon And the Band plays on! Prof Gordon gives final preparation before concert 106 Dr. Bulter, advisor and Kay Hogue, lst semester editor, organize the Round-Up. Editor Gary Winget and advisor Dr . Bulter talk over the final ROU D-UP Margo McCreight and Doug Reinard work on the academic section of the Round-Up. Sandy Fessenden, Marilyn Markey, and Kathy Holmes discuss the Social activities on campus. Bob Collins, Asst. Business Manager and Anita Bryant, Business Chad Wimer, Linda Minner, Barbie Irwin and Floss Bellina Manager look over the Ad section. organize the organizations, I, ,iitim Ruth Parsons, Art editor, and TOITI Gibb, Dh0f0g1'2Phe1', discuss Phil Olmstead and Les Wilson, Sports editors, makes additions ideas for the ROUHCI-UP cover. to the basketball section. The Round-Up staff provides a yearbook for the enjoyment of Sterling College faculty, student body, and friends. Many hours are spent by staff member taking and developing pictures, planning layouts, writing copy and captions, selling ads, pasting and proofreading. We the staff present our book to you and hope it will be a treasury of the memorable experiences that occurred during the 1968-1969 school year. Jeff Tinsley, Photo Director, plans what equipment to use for I the next job. Peg Melia and Maretta Burgert arrange the class sections. . if 'fn Markey, Linda Minner. Third row: Bob Collins, Norm Brown, Connie Denno, Tom Gibb, Chad Wimer, Jeff Tinsley, Gary Wlnget, Phil Olmstead. Peg Melia, Ruth Parsons, Margo McCreight, Anita Bryant, Marilyn gg First row: Kathy Holmes, Marcia Wilson, Rose Fowles, Barbie Irwin, Sue Dunn, Kay Hogue, Dr. Butler. Second row: Maretta Burgert, Sandy Fessesden, Mary Ann Hockersmith, Floss Bellina, 107 108 Editor Phil and his assistants go about putting to work ideals learned at Topeka conference for journalism. nfs Put I'm sure I took that picture with the stobe on. 'Q Star The 1968-69 Ye Sterling Stir was under the capable leadership of editor-in-chief Phil Beard. The paper presented a provocative look of campus life. In October representatives from the paper at- tended a journalism conference at Washburn Uni- versity in Topeka. This year's staff had a unique change of resi- dency, they now occupy the air-conditioned upstairs of Spencer Hall fair-conditioned because it has win- dowsj. But the real piece of mastery 'Was added by the "beautiful red telephone." One of the highlights of this year's paper was the "opinion poll." Assistant Editor, Don Milligan, served as a special correspondent to the students. He gathered information on such timely issues as the interim and a student coffee-house. Although the hard working crew served modestly through the year, they turned out work that Ben Franklin would have been proud to claim. Here's your feature story assignments for the week, go to it! I f,.. You cover the Homecoming activities. ,, .......-..-VT! 4 ,-.........:.....-.-..--+-?..a-.....,.?-fw--1f-,,..,-....-,-- -- - Editor Phil Beard Assistant Editor Don Milligan Student Governmen Editor Liz Wiley Assistant Ann Ratekin Features Editor Kathie Lee Assistants Ruth Ann English, Maretta Burgert, Dennis Young A Connie Denno, Jerrie Lee Assistants Dana Haan, Linda Ritter Linda Brownlee Assistants Randy Copeland, Sally J arrott Activities Editors Academic Editor ingfatir W Sports Editor Dennis Black Assistant H. R. Chennell Columnists Andy Davidson, Shirley Dilday, John Graham Photographers Bob Bell, Norm Brown, Tom Gibb Circulation Manager Linda Ritter Business Manager Tony Thompson Assistant Business Manager Jerry Rakes Adviser Ralph McAuley Did I write that article? FRONT ROW: C. Denno, D. Milligan, P. Beard, D. Black, N. Brown, L. Macy, S. Dilday, L. Ritter, ROW THREE: L. Brownlee, K. Lee, T. Thompson. ROW TWO: T. Gibb, A. Ratekin, M. Burgert. 109 . l N N N w N v I 1 i 1 i HM- ' H- H - f ff- - -- --F--AV -f -- - - f-- 1.-i...,......4. -W,:..,,:-X .A . --,,,,-L ,...,. , - i - . ' ,,,,,,-, , , ,,.. ,M -- ..---1.1. T1 112 I ,,,,W, ..,,.- U., l...-. . ., L ...,,.,. . , L..-, ...,. , ' It . ,. ,,., Wu. ., .aa..:.1L:i:o,, ., , ' " ,, at ' ,I ,, . ,.., ,, '.,...,,.t ,f,-N,.,-',.,,.,,t,., I A i ft. Y' Y Y f "'Y V' ' B " . ' ,, W.. .,,,, ,. , . ,,,A,, ,,,,..,,, A , .,. ,sa ...,..,a-,..,...,a.,,...,, ..f.4,z,.,,.,,.,,,,,,,,.,A,-.,, -t.,.,,',,.,1..1 ' ' , - -7 four" ' 1' 'sf ' ' , ,.i, .ffm ,I . ,. , ,. 'M' f,-. gn fl ' " k ' -"" - -' , , - W r ' ,, , , , 1, F ,......t.........4- Vrrkf, -Y , - f W, , W V M M 1 . ' , x.,,, ,.t-,. ,...,, .v,,. W 4.,.,,',,'..,.:.,,,......l....., f W,..,,..',,h.,, -..W W No 10 ll 12 13 14 15 20 21 22 23 24 25 30 31 32 33 40 41 42 43 44 50 51 52 53 55 60 61 62 Name--Hometown Ira Wallace - Dighton, Ks. Don McKeown - Barberton, Ohio Larry Hoban - Clarks Green, Pa. Steve Riley - Minneola, Ks. Bill Grey - St. Petersburg, Fla. Dennis Asbury - Sterling, Ks. Craig Wagerle - Sterling, Ks. Larry Miller, Philadelphia, Pa. John Blackwell - Rochester, N. Y. Ray Karl - Barberton, Ohio Dan Thompson - Sterling, Ks. Gary McNutt - Turtle Creek, Pa. Ernie Spore - Sterling, Ks. Jim Repole - Burgettstown, Pa. Larry Johns - Elizabethtown, Pa. Joe Knaus - Latrobe, Pa. Tony Thompson - Sterling, Ks. Greg Kerr - Terre Haute, Ind. Jim Aaron - Attalla, Ala. Keith Kitt - Wauneta, Nebr. Bill Blair - Terre Haute, Ind. Jim Abramson - New Bedford, Pa. Steve Slough - Raymond, Ks. Gary Gates - Palmyra, Ill. Ken McHaynes - St. Louis, Mo. Jim Tenopir - Harvard, Ne-br. Ray Farag - Gary, Indiana Joe Palmer - Latrobe, Pa. Ken Fredrickson - Smith Center, Ks. Weight POS. 16 3 QB 175 QB 165 QB 160 HB 165 QB 210 QB 160 HB 165 HB 170 HB 175 HB 195 HB 160 HB 175 FB 150 WB 205 FB 180 HB 185 HB 175 HB 182 HB 160 HB 168 WB 200 LB 185 LB 205 C 196 LB 222 C 175 G 195 G 225 G as TERLIC3 SO. Ei FOOTB LL Jr. Sr. Fr. Fr. 6 3 SW Jr. Fr. Ei: 19 Fr. SO. Sr. YM 4 QQ So. So. Fr. Fr. Jr. HEAD SO. SO- COACH Jr. ASS'T COACH ATHLETIC DIRECTOR i l V 1 Pk - --. ,,,. E 'A fA.XX . XX .,x. ,-.. Own., ..,,-' LX: .,.X xx.. 3 :.q-M -fxx s- -V vv V in W"'m"""""'- "k' ' f, ,,f ,,,, nmhv, ., .,i.A l X- M hh,, X, 1 "i'M"WM""s'f'-"W ,,a...,l...Y.,,M,i.... ,.,,,XX ,,,, x.,,.. Q, ,.,X 15,6 ,,.X , X X ' X' 'M -' 3 O t . ff C N Wi 'K H f I I I KVVL I W A A -I Q V4""'r'-"WM Y--, , XX,, .. N,XXNXX X,,x ,,x.X 3,-tgrfxp " f' .,-.uQ,,gr' Q ,, I RPMI x K krr, X 'V rm., -, ..x, ..... , AX xX.,. 3-g4va,iX,i,X.,, f .X,, .,,xL - 1 .,': ..,k 'MNH XEKZTLKKLHTK X ,, x..,.X. ,X V H i' - SWA wma ' x V W V "X' V' "A-X is is X..., A. ,,.X ,XQU.. use .X 8 V 3 ,IX V XX , ,, X. ,x.x, .ww ,,.. ' X ,,.. xxx, , XX.', 1' ,Rx L 3 H L H K ,,, Y,,, , V V A , . X K, 1 4 4 1 l T I CCL TE L I JV G 68 Q: XO CURT BENNETT MAX OLDHAM CLAIR GLEASON LEGE No. Name - Hometown Weight Pos. Class 170 G Sr 63 Bob Wade - Hutchinson, Ks. 64 Bill Taylor - Somerdale, N,J. 66 Paul Witmer - Dalmatia, Pa. 6'7 Cecil Burdette - Lyons,,Ks. 68 David Purtee - Knightstown, Ind. 70 Stephen Hollis - Calumet, Pa. '71 Robert Schroeder - Guide Rock, Nebr. 72 Leonard Schroeder - Guide Rock, Nebr. '74 Jack Allison - Latrobe, Pa. '75 Joel Blomquist - Denver, Colo. '76 Bill Thayer - Guide Rock, Nebr. 77 Eli Visnisch - Export, Pa. '78 Howell McFarla.nd - Mt. Pleasant, Pa. Mike McGuire - Nashville, Ks. Bill Portz - Geneva, Ohio Danny Kralik - Wayne Shierant Martin Ferrick Steve Tursick - Bob Lewis - St. Leonard Kralik Doug Herrick - Latrobe, Pa. - Mt. Carmel, Pa. - Girard, Ohio Denver, Colo. Louis, Mo. - Latrobe, Pa. Lebanon, Ohio Gary White - Rural Valley, Pa. Rodney S argent -Mmvmma Bob Zang - Factoryville, Pa. Steve Barbour - Tabor, Iowa John New - Greencastle, Ind. Steve Kistner - Hollywood, Fla. Kent Davison - Rochester, Pa. Larry Swank - Hutchinson, Ks. 240 NG 180 G 190 G 180 G 180 T 190 T 210 T 216 G 200 T 205 T 250 T 248 T 210 T 175 HB 170 HB 175 E 205 E 200 E 208 1f2 E 170 E 175 E 190 G 210 E 257 T 155 WB 195 FB 160 HB 150 HB 185 E 113 Wg! ,I-f W1 .140 "WY" K w 1 I I I 1 ' f 2 agp-up--gr -A-f -Q : 1 1 N 1 1 i I COACHES: Gleason, Oldham, Cullop, Bennett BE HI D TH E C E I I 1 You, in the red and the blue! CO-CAPTAINS and Bennett: J. Blomquist and B. Lewis f 2 ' K Y f""h -qg Mr' ,J I 1 14 SMISOR STADIUM 57 Larry gives a few pointers. BETHAN Y Here comes the ball! FIR T GA E FOILED The 20, the 30, the 40. Using a simple word, PRIDE as a nucleus Coach Bennett prepared to mold 16 lettermen, trans- fers and incoming Freshmen into a successful team. The New Warriors opened the 1968 season against the Bethany Swedes. Sterling quickly found themselves behind early in the game. A bad snap from center recovered by the Swedes proved fatal. Bethany scored from the first offensive play. Their running and passing in the first half had Sterling at a deficit. Junior Bill Grey had the quarterbacking duties for the Warriors. Dan Thompson, last year's Most Valuable Back, left on the first play when he re- injured his ankle. Senior Ray Karl and Freshman Ernie Spore provided Sterling with the offensive punch. Ernie gained 45 yards for a 3.26 average. Sterling's defense started to jell during the sec- ond half. Larry Miller recovered afumble and in- tercepted a pass. Leading tackler for Sterling was Jim Abramson. The final score was Sterling-O-- Bethany-20. 115 116 All most, 22. Jump higher. BAKER HELD To SEVE With a 0-1 record the Warriors traveled to Baker University. From the Kickoff a fierce de- fensive battle ensued. Neither team was able to mount very much offensive. However in the third period Baker scored. Previously John Blackwell had intercepted a Wildcat pass and raced to paydirt, a penalty completely away from the play brought the ball back. Down by seven points the Warriors tried to get on the scoreboard. Many times Sterling was in scoring position but were unable to get into the end zone. Ernie Spore led the Warriors on the ground, with an average of ,3 yards a carry. Ernie suffered a kid- ney injury, consequently he was out for the season. Doug Herrick was the leading receiver a total of 49 yards on three receptions. Steve Riley had an excellent punting average of 42.8. Standouts on de- fense were Jim Abramson and Eli Visnisch, who were the leading tacklers. Final score Sterling-0--Baker 7. I'11 make it? Q Y-1 - I.'ve got my man. Ugh! OTTAWA 1 E SH TS O T W RRIORS 3 4 I s L C onsultation. i 1 I I i 5 i After losing a close ball game to Baker, the Warriors hosted Ottawa, University. Coach Bennett worked his men all week getting prepared for the Braves. The wet field matched only Sterling's wet offense. The Warriors could not find the way to the goal line. The Braves lead at half time by nineteen points. Behind by 19 points the Warriors played catch up football. Needing to score quickly Bill Grey started putting the ball in the air. Time after time a Warrior had the ball then lost the handle to it. Bob Lewis was the leading receiver with four receptions. As in previous games the defensive unit drew much of the playing time. The defensive team four times got the ball for the offense but no score re- sulted. John Blackwell, Bill Taylor and Eli Visnisch were credited with a fumble recovery. The Front Four of the Warriors held the Braves hard running backs for only 100 yards rushing. Final score Sterling-0--Ottawa-32. 117 118 .', ell 1 On lookers of agony. He won't get away from me. They got me! BETHEL VICTGRY VICTORY! How sweet it is. The Warriors put their offense and defense together for a long awaited win. Not allowing Bethel College to score early in the garne, the Warriors scored first in the second quarter. Dan Thompson sprinted into the end zone from 8 yards out. Danny coming back to action after a long rest gave Bill Grey another hard running back. Leading by six points and in the second half the defense decided to get a touchdown. Gleason's Gluttons rushed the Thresher punter. Bob Lewis, from defensive end blocked the punt. As the ball roled into the end zone Marty Ferrick dove on it for the touchdown. Sterling led going into the final period 13-6. In the closing seconds Bill Portz came up with his second Interception. Final score Sterling-13--Bethel -6. Let me go! y I iz Go out there and fight. FRIENDS THEIR GAME Just sit down. N qu Time out for measurement. Tape it up tightly. Coming off a win against Bethel College the Warriors went to work to defeat Friends University Homecoming. Friends at the time were the third team in the KCAC. Friends scored quickly in the first few min- utes of play. The Warrior defense quickly stiffened and only permitted Friends 108 yards rushing. De- fensive tackle Mike lVIcGuire constantly dragged Falcon backs down from behind. Tony "Stroker" Thompson and John Blackwell picked. off Falcon passes. Defensive signal caller Jim Abramson kept the Friends offensive team guessing. Abe as usual led the tackle chart from his linebacker spot. Freshman Greg Kerr scored Sterling's only touchdown, Greg took the ball over from the eleven yard line. The point after touchdown was kicked by Dave Purtee. Kerr was the leading ground gainer for the Warriors. He had 71 yards on 9carries for a 7.88 average. Raybo Karl was his usual sturdy self with a 5.8 average. Sterling's offense looked the best this game than any in the past. Final score Sterling-7-- Friends-21. 119 STERLI G HGME WITH 19 Sterling College football team tried hard to give the Homecoming fans a victory but fell seven points short. With any luck at all the Warriors would have walked away with the game. Inside their one yard line Sterling had to give up the ball as a result of a fumble. The Presbys led at half time but in the third quarter Sterling tied up the game. On a broken play Bill Grey saw Wayne Shierant all alone in the end zone. Grey lofted the ball to Scar 20 yards away for the touchdown. Scar had four receptions during the game for a total of 46 yards. Great play as Bob New stands on his head. 1v-f COLLEGE COMI G C. of E. 68 With the game tied up Sterling's defense went to work. Late in the third period John Blackwell picked off a pass and returned it up field 25 yards. However the offense gave it right back as a result of a fumble. Emporia scored in the third quarter giving them again a 7 point lead. The Warriors tried desperately to score again but were not able. Ken lVlcHaynes and Abe were the leading tacklers with other men with many assists showing a lot of team tackling. Final score was Sterling-7 College of Emporia-14. Don't just stand there! Bill Thayer heads for the ball carrier. me got in 121 122 Sterling gets off to a fine start. KANSAS WESLEYAN ,,'f,i.f' ' 'W 'W' ll 5 f I 5 J W it y ., ,.q,AV. .W ,,,A .,..,,A an If A 4 v,,, Y' I . 3 I f ' if f . fl 4, 1 , vw I Another fumble . . . oh no! RPRI E ICTORY Going into a game with the number one team in the Conference and picked to lose isn't very easy. All the Warriors do is show the pickers how much they know about Sterling. Coach Ben- nett and his staff drilled their men in the ways to stop KWU and it all paid off. In a constant rain the Warriors pulled the upset of the season. However to themselves it wasn't an upset but just a tremendous win. Bill Grey didn't pass much because of the rain but when he did he made it count. Bill Grey hit end Bob Lewis over the middle and Touchdown play. if xv Big Lew dragged the Coyotes over the end zone for the score. Bill Grey later scored himself on a quarterback sneak from the one yard line. Dave Purtee made good the two points after touch- downs which was the deciding factor. With the scoring done the defensive team took over to secure the Warrior Victory. The entire defense was outstanding but one person emerged as a standout. Ray Farag, not very big in size but what determination will do. Ray showed those big guards from KWU what the game was all about. Sterling-14--KWU-13. J ubilant Bennett .J One way all the way, SOUTHWESTERN PARE T' DAY POILED Upset minded for the second week in a row Sterling readied themselves to knock of the Builders of Southwestern. Sterling's defense had a job well a- head of them, because of Southwestern strong running attack. Sterling's Warriors again played a terrific de- fensive game. The defense put Sterling on the score board in the fourth quarter. With a hard rush by Marty Ferrick he forced Southwestern's quarterback to throw an off target pass which ended up in the of Bill Blair. The defense then turned to offense and through blocks all down the field as Bill went in un- rnolested. The interception covered about sixty yards. In the closing minutes of the first half Danny Thomp- son dove over from the two yard line to give the Warriors their second score. Sterling went in at half time trailing Southwestern by 3 points. In the second half the Warriors could not mount any drives be- cause of quite a few penalties, and also a toughened Builder defense. Bob Lewis did find it quite easy though to snare passes. Bobalo caught four aerials gor 48 yards. Final score Warriors-13--Southwestern- 2 Q Players' parents honored at game. Can I help too? 123 Danny plunges for yardage. Stopped him. 124 Willie Warrior remains at Sterling! For the third consecutive year the Sterling Warriors successfully defended their hold on Willie Warrior. Sterling's offense showed the most potency it has all season. The main weapon used by the Warriors were the running of Greg Kerr and the passing of Bill Grey. Greg gained 125 yards on the ground and 67 yards through the air. Bill Grey had his best game of the season in completing 627, of his passes. Bill passed for a total of 141 yards. The scoring for the Warriors started with Dan Thompson carrying the ball over from the two. Next Greg Kerr took a screen pass from Grey and went 45 yards for the score. John New scored his first TD of the season when he drove over from the 2 yard line. Not to be out done the defensive team also came up with a score. Craig Wagerle picked off a Bulldog pass and went 55 yards for the score. Final score ofthe game: Sterling 28 and MC- Pherson 13. V Coach Bennett's B team football team showed him this year that he will have the needed talent to re- place the vacancies left by graduating seniors, and also good competition for this years lettermen to worry about. The B team thoroughly handled the Bulldogs of McPherson in a59-19trouncing. Leading groungainers for the Warriors were Jim Aaron, John New and Jim Repole. Sterling managed to gain over 300 yards on the ground, and a total offense of 643 yards. The B teamers also played the Bethany Swedes and again came out on top. The final score was 37-12 Scoring for Sterling were Joe Knaus, Gary McNutt and Leonard Kralik, plus a 20 yard field goal by Dave Purtee. A lot of spirit and determination is contained in this year's B team, which will definetly spark the team to a successful year in the next season. as Coach Cullop talkes with the boys. Who's got the ball. B TEA FOOTB LL Going down. Trainer Larry Southard encourages the team on. 125 uugugr., w I I I E That's my ball. Grab that flag! FLAG FOOTB LL U1 ll nl 126 Time out for the good guys. l 4 K i l ! 3 1 I 1 5 lem PL YED Where are your shoes, man? Curt heads for the goal line. 127 128 First row: Chad Wimer, Mark Joosse, Bill Selley, Lonnie Kruse, Thayer, Les Wilson, Tom Morris, Dennis Maley, Norm Patterson Mark Shields. Second row: Steve Mosher, Joel McCrory, Bill The Sterling College Basketball Team starts off a new season with seven starting regulars back from last year. Coach Oldham has a lot of new talent which might give depth and im- petus to the new Sterling era in basketball. Coach Oldham has worked hard for three years Coach Gleason and Coach Oldham. trying to put together a winning combination. This is a difficult process for a coach. If the team can click and function as an entire unit, the 68-69 season can be a very fruitful one, indeed! Little All-American, Coach Oldham, shows his form in faculty game. N604- -.ggffaff 5, 'GYXK 'f 1 P i 1 i 1 1 1 1 l 1 I 1 I First row: Norm Patterson, Tom Morris, Lonnie Kruse, Mark Perry Hinton, Tom Firment, Third row: 'Coach Gleason, Bill Joose, Dennis Maley, Chad Wimer. Second row: Larry Southard, Korf, Joel McCrory, Rich Kneisel, Bob Schroeder, Chuck'C1ayton, ' Steve Mosher, Bill Thayer, Bi1lSe11ey, Les Wilson, Kent Davison, Bill Hammel, Mark Shields, Steve Spencer, Coach Oldham. ' TERLI G COLLEGE BASKETBALL 1 Head Coach: Ass't Coach Max Oldham and Ath. Dir.: ' Clair Gleason Warrior Roster: No. Pos. Name: Hometown: Hgt. Year: 10 G Dennis Maley. . . Logan, Ks . . 5-11 Jr. 5 12 G Mark Joosse. . Racine, Wis. . . . . 6-1 So. ' 14 G Steve Mosher. . . Alden, Ks .... 6-2 Sr. 20 G Chad Wimer. . . Elwood City, Pa. . . . . 6-1 Jr. 22 F Mark Shields. . Sterling, Ks. . . 6-2 Sr. 24 G Bill Selly .... Colby, Ks . . . 6-1 Jr. 1 30 F Joel MoCrory. . . Denison, Ks. . . . . 6-3 So. 32 F Lonnie Kruse. . Lorraine, Ks-. . 6-3 So. E 34 F Tom Merrie. . . E. Chicago, md. 6-2 Fr. 1 . 40 C Bill Thayer .... Guide Reek, Neb. 6-3 sr. 1 42 C Les Wilson .... Auguste, Maine. 6-6 Jr. 1 44 G Norman Patterson Cleveland, Ohio. 5-11 Fr. 1, 10 G Kent Davison. . . Rochester, Pa. . . . .6-0 Fr. I 20 F Steve Spencer . . E. ChiCagO. Ind- 5-1 FI'- 1 22 F Bill Hamel .... Guide Rock, Neb. . . . , 6-3 Fr. 30 F Richard Kneisel. . . . .Lebanon, Ohio .... . . 6-3 Fr. 32 G Bill Korf ..... lnga1ls,KS. . . 6-0 So. 34 G Perry Hinton. . . Ft. Lauderdale, Fla .... 5-7 So. 40 F Robert Schroeder. Guide Rook, Neb 6-3 Fr. 52 C Charles Clayton ....... Lyndon, Ks. . . 6-3 Fr. i . Trainer: Larry Southard 129 S 130 Sterling students give a resounding ovation to Warrior players at Bethel. "Wheeser" eyes the bucket. nav ft "Sully" has 'em on the run. Hotdog" Wimer drives in for lay-up. 5 1 I 2 Q s Y 2 f 1 y i I fitfg J -.qmfs . , 1-, KMW5 N' ' 1 cf A if Q ,AWK 313 We A ,.. 5 is av hu W Lonnie Kruse breaks through the "Circle of Victory" to start the '68-69' season off . . Maley pumps for two, as McCrory moves in for the rebound. "Wi1t's one '-'Scre'11 of a Hamb1er" too! Basketba11's a scrambling game and Mark Shields is atough competitor. .Sock it to 'em Mark! 131 , z fw11, ai ff ,i 5... y K wh ,p-I ,, S P' 1:4 H.,-4' "-fav Q .2 si +V 4 f2 ,., .. ,, s4J.v iw4x,,f L 'CQ' 'x ah ,f ,J ff f f xx, , N Q ff' Q E ! , ff ae W4- fl 5 W, ji 1 -W X f 3 1' ff if , 'mfg f 06,552 " mv, ,, N., . 7, ' yn , QQ f , N .Xl A 7 ,vw M ,xx X. I 1 5 ,. , g W ' ,a1r'iM' . A 'YK ,,,!F?0m, H A, ' Q1f3?L ij x F' iiifflf , lil! lv- V525 ' f. f-fx I "Pretty cheer for victory! Go Warriors. Stormin Norman" staggers No. 50 "S'U'L'L'Y!" 7 133 134 Dennis Maley drives hard on a fast break against the Coyotes. Coach Oldham, District 10 "Coach ofthe Year" instructs his teamx 4 v "Alas! Alas! A bid ado victory has not eluded Sterling Col1ege." The Sterling College Basket- ball Team took on a new look this year and that look was a winning look. The Warriors proved themselves a threat in the conference when they won six straight games . . . They beat the likes of Ottawa, C of E, KWU and Baker. The Warriors posting a 14-6 record fought their way into second place in the KCAC. The ending of the 68-69 season many highlights can be seen. Mark Joosse's last second shot against KWU and Tom Morris" shot forcing the War- riors into overtime against McPherson. Besides finishing second in the conference the Warriors can also boast having the Coach of the Year in the District 10. A fine tribute to a deserving Coach Oldham. With second place securely theirs the War- riors are preparing to. upset Friends for the title. Only losing three men through graduation Coach Oldham will have a fine nucleus to work with next year. A-Team Season Standings: 1968-1969 STERLING , OPPONENTS L S ....... 80-98 ...... Peru St. tTouj W . . . , .86 MacPherson L . . . . .84 L . . . . . 78 Bethel W . . . .95 K.W.U. L , . . . .88 Friends W . . . . .89 C. of E. W S. . . . .95 Tabor W S, , . . .91 Baker W . . . 104 Southwestern W . . . . .85 Ottawa W . . . . . 79 Bethany L . . . . .78 MacPherson W . . . . .80- Bethel W . . . . 79 K.W.U. L S. . . . . 73 Friends L . . . . 72- C. of E. W S, , , . 110- Tabor W , . . .82- Baker W . , . . 72- Southwestern W S, , . . . 78 Ottawa L , , , . 77 Bethany W S ,,,,.. 101- MacPherson Final Record: -6 Conference -8 Over-All. 7 . Kruse and McCrory team-up to make it tough for their A one an' a two . . . opponents. Bill "Wi11y" Thayer lets fly with his one hand push shot. Lonnie trys for two against Friends. 135 V ii I4 I 1 K w I N I N I P P 1 F V r w w V 136 i Touchdown!" Rich gets stuffed on a nice shot. Perry moves down court on 9. fast break. Spence grabes two points You did it again Vi A good word from Coach Chad shakes 'em up A11 for Sterling stand up and holler Ulu.. K i g OPPONENTS . . . Bethel . . K.W.U. . . Friends . C. of E. . . Tabor I . . Baker Southwestern . . Ottawa . . Bethany MoPhers on . . . Bethel . . K.W.U. . Friends . C. of E. . . . Tabor . . . Baker Southwestern . . . Ottawa . . Bethany . McPherson F1na1 Record 12 8 Conference Rebound Steve brings 1t down court.' 140 l Grace Sappenfield, Vicki Mann, Mary Phillips, Carol Wyatt, Niki Ray. A TEA CHEERLEADER Grace Vicki C arol V Mary ,su- Janice John, Mary Neuschwander, Shelley Strandberg, Barbara Baker, Diana Ray. B TEA CHEERLE DER Mary Shelley Janice 141 5... 142 veit Who do I give it to. Stroker takes a nice shot A one-hander for Miller. Sam gets two. '34 lilalsuz illissiuun X- tow.. ,,,tt ,M. awww YS' X X .I 7 I K 1 J s 1 1 E s 5 1 v 1 I 5 I TRAMURAL BASKETB LL 1. Kapple 10- 2. Lewis 10- 3. Tursiok 9 4. D. Thompson 7 5. Stewart 7 6. Karl 5 7. Grey 4 8. Winget 4 9. T. Thompson 3 1 0. Sohierant 2 1 1 . Kellison 1 1 2. Amend 1 Nice shot Lew. Jump it Up, 143 9, v u Q 4 Q e X X, x I u 4 . X 4. I, 'f 1 1 4 1 . 1416 W I .f,, L 4 gl ,, ,A.,,,, I , ,,L, 5 1,1 f , ' ' ws., " Q 3 3 , fp. 6 Aww, 15 - - 1245 , I FRESHMAN President .... . . . Kent Hamilton S,U, Representative . . . Paulette Neymeyer Vice-President . . . .RandyFahrenholtz S.G. Representative . . . . .Sue Blackwood Secretary - .... . . Marilyn Stewart Steve Miller Treasurer . . . . Steve MoMahan 1- Barbara Baker Indianapolis, Indiana William Baker Aledo, Illinois Steven Barbour Tabor, Iowa Richard Bellina Willow Grove, Penns Susan Blackwood Holton, Kansas William Blair Terre Haute, Indiana Paul Blomquist Denver, Colorado Sigrid Boehnke Carmichael, Californ ylvania ia l ii William Boese Gary, Indiana John Brownlee Sylvia, Kansas Theodore Burgess Smith Center, Kansas James Burns Syracuse, Kansas Samuel Cardwell Danville, Virginia Richard Christiana Shamokin, Pennsylvania Charles Clayton Lyndon, Kansas Stephen Coble San Jose, Costa Rica Ruth Ann Cones McPherson, Kansas Janet Crane Great Bend, Kansas Jane Cross Indianapolis, Indiana Margaret Cross Lewis, Kansas FRESHMEN 147 148 Kent Davison Rochester, Pennsylvania Deloris Drumright Kingman, Kansas Sue Ann Dunn Elkland, Pennsylvania Joe Dunsford Augusta, Kansas Randal Fahrenholtz Sylvia, Kansas Robert Farmer Viola, Kansas Thomas Firment Calumet, Pennsylvania Larry Gant Camden, Ohio I FRESHMEN Gary Gates Palmyra, Illinois Stanley Gauntt Junction City, Kansas Mark Ge rmann Morganville, Kansas Janet Gordon Hutchinson, Kansas Patricia Graber Kingman, Kansas Dana Haan Harrisburg, South Dakota William Hamel Bostwick, Nebraska Kent Hamilton Leoti, Kansas ! Mary puts her knowledge of art into practice. 5 I Mary Hockers mith Gove, Kansas Brenda Hoelscher Bushton, Kansas Deborah Hogue Topeka, Kansas Stephen Hollis Calumet, Pennsylvania David Hopple Delta Junction, Alaska Robert Householder New Galilee, Pennsylvania Kathy Hughes Aliquippa, Pennsylvania Bob Hulse Ellsworth, Kansas Joseph Hammonds Narberth, Pennsylvania Gary Hart Caldwell, Kansas Larry Hart Caldwell, Kansas Lorretta Haspels Sanborn, Iowa Ronald Heard I Walled Lake, Michigan Karen Hendrieh Portis, Kansas Phyllis Hendrich Sacramento, California James Herrick Lebanon, Ohio l r FRESHMEN 149 150 FRESHMEN Timothy Jaeger Leoti, Kansas Janice John Tribune, Kansas Larry Johns , Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Robert Johnson Danbury, Connecticut James Kattera Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania Marc Kaufman . Long Beach, L.I., New York Janis Kellison Wichita, Kansas Charles Kenall Ellsworth, Wisconsin Gregory Kerr Terre Haute, Indiana Clark Killion Haysville, Kansas Joseph Kim etto Kericho, Kenya Stephen Kistner Hollywood, Florida Randolph Kooken Abilene, Kansas Daniel Kralik Latrobe, Pennsylvania Leonard Kralik Latrobe, Pennsylvania Marjorie Lichte Stafford, Kansas Louise Litchfield Zenith, Kansas Mary Lotze Covina, California Ralph McAu1ey Sterling, Kansas Janet McCrory Denison, Kansas Howell McFarland Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania Kenneth McHaynes St. Louis, Missouri Don McKeown Barberton, Ohio Steven McMahan Clay Center, Kansas Lynn Macey Richfield, Minnesota Melinda Manley New Concord, Ohio Linda Mehl Hamilton, Ohio Patrick Melia Trimble, Missouri Steven Miller Ewing, Nebraska Linda Minner Abilene, Kansas Ricki Mulvaney Lyons, Kansas Dennis Mustard Sterling, Kansas Mary Neuschwander Tribune, Kansas John New Greencastle, Pennsylvania Paulette Neymeyer Aplington, Iowa Gary Norris Junction City, Kansas Alan Ocker Carlisle, Pennsylvania Julius Pete Ganado, Arizona Lark Peterson Pawnee Rock, Kansas FRESHMEN 151 152 Carole Phillips May etta, Kansas Chester Pifer Belpre, Ohio William Portz Geneva, Ohio Alan Price Denver, Colorado David Purtee Knightstown, Indiana Ann Ratekin Council Bluffs, Iowa Diana Ray Ellsworth, Kansas Gladys Ray Panola, Alabama Jam es Raymo Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Mark Rice Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Mary Richardson Winfield, Kansas Linda Ritter Minneapolis, Minnesota Wfzlrz 1 i f " Tfi-ff - Hazel Rogers Panola, Alabama Mary Ruthi Osborne, Kansas Sue Salem Ellinwood, Kansas Anthony Santangelo Johnstown, New York Rodney Sargent Sterling, Kansas Joyce Scharpen Bloomington, Minnesota Kelly Schmidt Syracuse, Kansas Robert Schroeder Guide Rock, Nebraska Robert Schwerdtfager Salina, Kansas John Shaffer Pamona, California Collien Silvers Milford, New Jersey Donald Snyder New Brighton, Pennsylvania Douglas Snyder Wichita, Kansas StevenlSpencer East Chicago, Illinois Ernest Spore Sterling, Kansas .Q 4 Kathlynn Stahmer Tarkio, Missouri Robert Stefancik Yatesboro, Pennsylvania Marilyn Stewart Zenith, Kansas Sue Stewart Portis, Kansas Victor Stinemetze Sterling, Kansas Cheryl Stormont Cedarville, Ohio Shelley Strandberg Los Angeles, California Larry Stricker Greenfield, Ohio David Suhajda Cicero, Illinois Steven Tauscher Bristol, Virginia Karen Thompson Great Bend, Kansas Joyce Thomsen Minden, Nebraska Julie Ann Tyson Haysville, Kansas Stephen Van Horn Glen Elder, Kansas William Vaughn Wichita, Kansas Joyce Wallace Olathe, Kansas David Walters Marissa, Illinois Dorothea Walton Deerfield, Kansas Mark Whitaker Hutchinson, Kansas Gary White Rural Valley, Pennsylvania Hal White Kingsdown, Kansas Sharon Wilson Omaha, Nebraska David Winterhalter Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Paul Witmer Dalmatia, Pennsylvania Scott Worsham Westfield, New Jersey Robert Zang Factoryville, Pennsylvania David Zimmerman Archbold, Ohio 153 154 I V . .fzagfgf ,V , fi . I V , A ,Ll 7 , ,, ff , ' 2 , , s . ff: ':y ,,,:.y,: ' f I " awk ns. i 9- W,-7.,. f V I . . 5 2 gn 1. ,V .,,,.x ., MW My , 1, Q- W, , ,Ll ek" 148- unsafe: mann,-wwf' OPHCJ ORE President .... . MarkJoosse S.U. Representative . . . . Randy Smith Vice President . . . Joel McCrory S,G, Representative . . Grace Sappenfield Secretary . . . Joyce Orr Daryl Nuss Treasurer . . DaveBauer James Aaron Atalla, Alabama John Adair Aliquippa, Pennsylvania Gloria Andrus Daly City, California Keith Asmus Moline, Illinois David Bauer Denver, Colorado Marsha Beard Minneola, Kansas Betty Behnke Bushton, Kansas Dennis Behnke Wildwood, Illinois Linda Berger Jetmore, Kansas Mary Ann Blackwood Holton, Kansas Mary Bleam Jetmore, Kansas Barbara Borst Kingman, Kansas Dennis Brewer Council Bluffs, Iowa Norman Brown Aledo, Illinois Linda Brownlee Claremont, California Bruce Byrant Mariba, Kentucky Ina Buck Leoti, Kansas Victoria Cabezas San Jose, Costa Rica Joe Carrithers Syracuse, Kansas Beverly Charles Camden, Ohio SOPHOMORE 155 156 Gregory Cleveland Anthony, Kansas Robert Collins Salina, Kansas Laura Cooley Lincoln, Nebraska Lorraine Coomber Freeport, Illinois Marilyn Copeland Sterling, Kansas Randolph Copeland Great Bend, Kansas Maurice Coulter Coulterville, Illinois Charlotte Cross Lewis, Kansas SOPHOMORE -i Steven Crow New Province, New Jersey Carolyn Dahlstrom Billings, Montana Nancy DaVault Pratt, Kansas Roberta Denkmann Davenport, Iowa Connie Denno Halstead, Kansas Marjorie DeVries Belvidere, South Dakota Ramona Dill Sterling, Kansas Barbara Dorr Denver, Colorado Edith Elliott Los Alamos, New Mexico Raymond Farag Gary, Indiana Martin Ferrick Girard, Ohio Karen Ficken LaCrosse, Kansas Smile Charlie, it's only mystery meat!" K Y , , Donna Fillman Monmouth, Illinois Alice Fischer Hudson, Kansas Diann Flesher La Mesa, California Wallace Fletcher Dalhart, Texas Rosemary Fowles Clay Center, Kansas Carol Garner Payson, Arizona Christine Gathers Miltonvale, Kansas Kathleen Gathe rs Miltonvale, Kansas Darrel Gee St. John, Kansas Thomas Gibb Murray City, New York Jennifer Gordon San Diego, California Charles Graham Washington, Pennsylvania Joseph Gregory Minersville, Pennsylvania Charles Gustitus Minersville, Pennsylvania Kenneth Hankins Reynolds, Indiana Jeanne Harris Lyons, Kansas SOPHOMORE 1 57 158 Frank Kehrli Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Neva Klein Burdett, Kansas Joseph Knaus Lat robe, Pennsylvania William Korf Ingalls, Kansas John Krupp Ellsworth, Kansas Lonnie Kruse Lorraine, Kansas Arthur Larson Geneva, Illinois Kathie Laszewski Endicott, New York Albert Learned Zenith, Kansas Geraldyn Lee Plainfield, New Jersey Lee Anne Lichte Sterling, Kansas Duncan Long Alden, Kansas SOPHOMORE Norman Harrison Duluth, Minnesota Jean Haspels Mizan Tefari, Ethiopia Larry Hirst Pretty Prairie, Kansas Mary Hurley Kanopolis, Kansas Charles Inglett Aledo, Illinois Barbara Irwin Topeka, Kansas Kathleen Jensen Summerfield, Kansas Mark J oosse Racine, Wisconsin Margaret Sheikhupura, West Pakistan Joel McCrory Denison, Kansas Philip McCrory Sterling, Kansas Curtis McLilly Rochester, New York Vicki Mann ' Golden, Colorado Jane Milligan Wichita, Kansas Joan Mitchell Parkville, Missouri Steven Montgomery Barnard, Kansas Walter Moon Ellwood City, Pennsylvania Thomas Morris Yuma, Colorado Stanley Murray Larned, Kansas Nancy Narlee Mercer, Pennsylvania J erene Newby Sterling, Kansas Daryl Nuss Wilson, Kansas Joyce Orr Fowler, Kansas Rebecca Ortiz El Paso, Texas James Ottem Syracuse, Kansas Joseph Palmer Lat robe, Pennsylvania Linda Partington Sterling, Kansas Beverly Peters Great Bend, Kansas SOPHOMORE 159 160 "S.C. students at "work". Grace Sappenfield Sterling, Kansas Joyce Schlender Burrton, Kansas Leonard Schroeder Guide Rock, Nebraska Letha Schroeder Kingman, Kansas Steven Slough Raymond, Kansas Randall Smith Jetmore, Kansas Suzanne Smith Sterling, Kansas Robert Snell Mobile, Alabama SOPHOMORE Phyllis Philips Rochester, Pennsylvania Edgar Pruitt Panola, Alabama Bertha Quarles Panola, Alabama Jeredith Ramsay Minneola, Kansas N ellora Ray Ellsworth, Kansas Mary Rector Scott City, Kansas Bonnie Rickenbach Chadron, Nebraska Stephen Riley M inneola, Kansas w 5 -51391 .1737 George Snyder Sterling, Kansas Carlyle Spore Arlington, Kansas Linda Spore Sterling, Kansas Helen Stewart Salem, New Jersey George Stickel Sterling, Kansas Allen Stucky Pretty Prairie, Kansas Deborah Taylor Panola, Alabama John Tedford Minneola, Kansas Jeanette Thompson Weston, Colorado Suzanne Tippin Sterling, Kansas Michael Trueheart Evanston, Illinois Eli Visnich Export, Pennsylvania Arthur Vogan Mercer, Pennsylvania Orlandus Waters , Salisbury, Maryland Ira Wallace Alden, Kansas Michael Wells Denver, Colorado Belinda White Dillon, South Carolina Marsha White Denver, Colorado Betty Widener Ellinwood, Kansas Lynette Wiens Meade, Kansas eborah Williams liquippa, Pennsylvania D A Dollien Williams Prairie, Alabama Sandra Winterhalder Denver, Colorado Martha Wullschleger Sackson, Kentucky Carol Wyatt Sterling, Kansas SOPHCMORE 161 162 -,rv t an ,ki 5 President . . Vice-president Secretary . . Treasurer . UN IGH . Steve Work Jim Tenopir . . Jill Paige Don Bonnell S,U, Representative . . . . Carol Ford S,G, Representative . . . . Liz Kottmann Terry Bontraeger Chris Anderson Mora, Minnesota Peggy Anderson Sterling, Kansas Tom Angelo St. Louis, Missouri Charles Bell Rochester, Pennsylvania Paul Bingle Ellwood City, Pennsylvania Jim Bolton Lyons, Kansas Don Bonnell Carlisle, Massachusetts Terry Bontrager Beloit, Kansas Michael Buchak Endicott, New York Maretta Burgert Pittsburg, Kansas Donald Caywood Sterling, Kansas Yun Soo Chang Los Angeles, California I Dick Cummings Newton, Kansas Ken Davidson Plevna, Kansas Bill Davis San Diego, California Jim DeVries Sterling, Kansas Lynn DeVries Sterling, Kansas Elizabeth Fallon Soccoro, New Mexico Bill Ferguson Fort Morgan, Colorado Sandy Fessenden San Antonio, Texas JUNIOR 163 Carol Ford Langdon, North Dakota Dave Foster Denver, Colorado Ken Fredrickson Guide Rock, Nebraska Phyllis Ghormley Lincoln, Nebraska Jack Girst Pontiac, Michigan William Grey St. Petersburg, Florida Marvin Groote Sterling, Kansas Sue Groote Sterling, Kansas Sheila Hammond Albuquerque, New Mexico Dave Harbach Glenolden, Pennsylvania Barbara Harms Hoisington, Kansas Ann Harris Brownwood, Texas Rick Hemphill Malvern, Pennsylvania Sue Hogue Topeka, Kansas Steve Hughbanks Great Bend, Kansas Cindy Hunter Guide Rock, Nebraska Philip Jackowski Endicott, New York Diana Jackson Berkeley, Missouri Sally Jarrott Hutchinson, Kansas Katie Johnson Honolulu, Hawaii , .faffiff i"'ikL 7 s , 4 Hey, man, what's happening?" Larry Keil Grove City, Pennsylvania Lynne Kennedy Lyons, Kansas Fred Ketchum La Prairie, Illinois Elizabeth Kottrnan Lyons, Kansas Kathie Lee Stoughton, Massachusetts Linda Leikam Hutchinson, Kansas wayne Lemon Lenora, Kansas Diane Lewis West Middlesex, Pennsylvania 165 166 JUNIOR Dennis Maley Smith Center, Kansas Karen Maynard Haven, Kansas Peg Melia Trimble, Missouri Don Milligan Wichita, Kansas Russell Moore Kansas City, Kansas Myra Morlan Granger, Indiana Judy Morris Yuma, Colorado Barbara Nelson Wakarusa, Kansas Francis Ola Avella, Pennsylvania Jill Paige Riverside, Illinois Barbara Philips Fort Morgan, Colorado Fred Pinkerton Coats, Kansas Robert Lewis St. Louis, Missouri Imogene Libby Lyons, Kansas Mary Lichte Stafford, Kansas Mary Loutzenhisen Lyons, Kansas Lennette Lundberg McPherson, Kansas Jean McAuley Sterling, Kansas Jim McCrory Sterling, Kansas Mike McGuire Lyons, Kansas Sue Pollock Powhattan, Kansas Kent Sappenfield Sterling, Kansas Mary Schrock Hutchinson, ' Kansas Bill Selley Colby, Kansas Nancy Sillin Sterling, Kansas Richard Smiley Detroit, Michigan Kirk Smith Anthony, Kansas Ruth Smith Mayfield, Kansas Steve Spore Sterling, Kansas Larry Swank Hutchinson, Kansas Jim Tenopir Harvard, Nebraska Fredes Thompson Sterling, Kansas Steve Tursick Denver, Colorado Nancy Van Skiver Wichita, Kansas Elizabeth Wiley Camden, Ohio Chad Wimer Ellwood City, Pennsylvania Steve Work Bloomfield, New J ersey Delores Young . St. Louis, Missouri Dennis Young Newark, Ohio Walter Yount Plevna, KanSHS 167 168 President . . . . . Vice-president Secretary . . Treasurer . . E IORS Gary Winget Doug Reinard . . Karen Gibb . . Kathy Ray Publicity ...... . . Carol Ramsey S,U. Representative . . . .Marilyn Markey S.G. Representative . . . . Margo McCreight Sam Lichte KATHLEEN ADAIR PETER BARTANUS PHILIP BEARD f' M M-af JOAN ASH F LORENC E B ELLINA MICHAEL BARBERA DAN BEERY Three Kings for 9. Day CONNIE BILL DENNIS BLACK 169 170 JEANETTE BLACKFORD JOEL BLOMQUIST I LOUISE BROKAW LAWRENCE BROWN NANCY BROWNLEE ANITA BRYANT CECIL BURDETTE MARY BURDETT BEVERLY BRIGGS Seniors eat at Cafteria ROSENE LLE CAMPOS DOROTHY CHAIN GRACE CHILDS RICHARD COLE JANICE COULTER DIANA COOLEY JACK CRAIG MARY CRESWELL PHYLLIS CROUSE STANLEY COPELAND MIRIAM CURTS 171 172 V Y V AN DY DAVIDSON EVELYN DAVIS EDWARD DENT SHIRLEY DILDAY SHARON DOUGHERTY REBECCA WALKER RODNEY ELY ELLIOTT Students While they eat TERRY ENGELHARDT RONALD ENGLISH RUT H E NGLISH HARRY F INK TONE LLA FRIERSON SUSAN GARDNER JACK GATES KAREN GIBB JAMES GROGAN TERRY HAAS RODNEY HALVERSON JOHN GRAHAM ALICE HANDKINS 173 174 CAROLYN HANSON WES HAMILTON MYRNA HARMON JANE HARRISON JOHN HASPELS KAY HOGUE KATHY HOLMES I PAM IRWIN SANDY JESSUP JOHN KAPPLE RAY KARL GARY KASSON SARAH KEHRLI STEVE KELLISON 1 I ' ' + MARILYN KIMPLE HAROLD KIMBALL DAVE LEEBRICK SAM LICHTE ELIZABETH MARY LGUGHRIDGE DAVE MCCREERY MARGO MCCREIGHT LITTELL 175 176 MARILYN MARKEY JO MCREYNOLDS STEVE MOSHER I ROD MOSIER JACKIE NEAL DAVID NEEL ELLIOTT NGENY KAY NORQUIST PHIL OLIVISTEAD JOHN PARSONS RUTH PARSONS I I KEITH PHILLIPS JERRY RAKES CAROL RAMSAY KATHY RAY MIRIAM READ CAROL REDD LINDA REED RONALD REED RAY REIFSTECK DOUG REINARD RALPH RENFRO 177 178 GALEN RODGERS CHERYL SCHROEDER ..'. RICHARD RETALLIC RHODA RICH PHIL RIEGEL JOYCE SCHEVFLER STEVE SCHENCK BOB SCHIRER SARAH SEITZ WAYNE SHIERANT EVELYN SIEGRIST BECKY SIMPSON WARREN SKILES LARRY SQUTHARD 2 A SAM STEWART LYLE STORY LAURA STRICKLETT FRITZ SULLIVAN TIM SULLIVAN HARRY SWARTS JOHN SZILAGGE NANCY TEAGUE 179 180 D W BILL THAYER LINDA THOMSEN MARILYN TILLOTSON - I 1 I N 7 1 ' 1 JEFF TINSLEY BRENT VAN VLECK NANCY VETTER BOB WADE ' r GARY WALKER LARRY WALKER DON WALTERS LUCILLE WELCH 1 L, NEAL WH1 A JAMES WESTON T KER CARQL WHITE GLENDA WHITE LES WILSON MARCIA WILSON GARY WINGET Senior football players grab 'em. W 7 M Q if ,I .Ak 181 Matthew R. Beer and Frank A. Kehrli died in an auto accident November 3,- 1968. Matt, a student from September 1965 to the Fall of 1968, was an involved person. His interests with activities on campus were numerous. His special quality was his willingness to help anyone. He was a popular young man in the Sterling Community, as well as on campus. Frank was a student for one year beginning in Sept. 1965. He then entered the U.S. Marine Corp, where he served in a distinguished manner. He returned to campus in Sept of 1968. It could be said that Frank's very special quality was courage. Many of us may have a little more of it from having known him. Richard Soetaert, Jean Smith, Janice Raymo, Robert New, Robert Griffin. 183 N N v Y so-1 X 4 1 ' V 9 up 1 , 4,4 ix V L z,ffi.f,, , ff If ,, gui ,'fYd,f3gi",gg5,,jgvrrliiWLM ,-a if f - gf 1..: . " A " .5 1 fig", P"-' Fg' , 'f JA f 56? A-,bv ,ag 25 u, jf! ,.,T v .i Q N , E, fa- Q. x Jw 5 x . yi V. - - fl Hn .A A .- ww- Q. , . 'Q 3, V .:g.:'.v3f'., ' ' X if-w' -if ' Witt S1-I-:Q , "film, if ,Q X gf ' 5, --1 'QQH,f E61 L.-W X V -yi 1' - , ' Y I W P- V, f rn x 1 at BROCK'S PHARMACY KANSAS TELEPHONE COMPANY 4th Largest in the U.S Holding the Keys to your Success Almost anything at 1 1 CAMPUS BOOKSTORE D.J. 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GEORGE 15902 Turney Road Maple Heights. Ohio AKIN. IRENE Sterling Kansas. . .6.17 AKIN. LEON Sterling Kansas. . .30 ALLISON. JACK Center Drive Latrobe. Penna. . . 112.113 ALUMBAUGH. ELNORA Sterling Kansas . . . 7,18 AMEND. JAMES 218 N. 5th Sterling. Kan. ANDERSON. CHRISTINE Route 2 Mora. Minn. .. 101.163 ANDERSON. PEGGY 448 N. Broadway Sterling. Kan.. .99.104.163 ANDERSON, WAYNE 448 N. Broadway Sterling. Kan. . .75 ANDRUS. GLORIA 401 Higate Drive Daly City. Calif... 155 ANGELO. THOMAS Arsenal Street St. Louis. Miss. . . 163 ASBURY. DENNIS 411 N. Broadway Sterling. Kan... 112.113 ASBU RY. SANDRA 411 N. Broadway Sterling. Kan. . . 57.89 ASH. JOAN Box 67 Roxbury. Kan... 101.169 ASMUS. KEITH 1448 23rd Avenue Moline. 111. . . 55.73.99 ATWATER, CHARLES Sterling Kansas . . . 26.28.85 BAKER. BARBARA 6430 Linden Drive Indianapolis.1nd... 140.147 BAKER. WILLIAM Route 3 Aledo.I11... 147 BAKIS. EDWARD Sterling Kansas . . .26 BARBERA, MICHAEL 27 Heights Lane Feasterville, Penna. . .46.47. 169 BARBOUR. STEVEN 623 East Street Tabor. Iowa. , . l12.1l3.147 BARTANUS. PETER Box 345 I DEX Avella. Penna. . . 84.9-1.96,l00. 169 BAUER. DAVID 246 E, 109th Ave. Denver. Colo. .. 154.155 BEACH. JACK 3201 W. 17th Hutchinson. Kansas BEARD. MARSHA Minneola Kansas. . .70.83.155 BEARD. PHILIP Minneola Kansas.. .,169 BEERY. DAN 305 Columbia Ave. Seaman. Ohio . . . 104.169 BEHNKE. BETTY Route 1 Bushton. Kan.. . 155 BEHNKE. DENNIS 1109 Deer Path Road Wildwood. Ill. . . 73.155 BEHNKE. DOROTHY Lyons Kansas. . .31 BELL, CHARLES 776 Catherine St. Rochester, Penna. . . 163 BELL. ROBERT 519 Haig St. . Ellwood City. Penna. BELLINA. FLORENCE 494 Grant Ave. Willow Grove. Penna. . . 70.106, 107.169 BELLINA. RICHARD 494 Grant Ave. Willow Grove. Penna. . . 147 BENNETT. CU RT Sterling Kansas. . .8.18.l9.27.63.1l4 BERGER. LINDA Route 1 Jetmore. Kan. . .99,155 BILL. CONNIE 321 Elizabeth Way Fullerton. Calif. . . 169 BINGLE. PAUL 112 Orchard Ave. Ellwood City. Penna. . . 73.163 BLACK. DENNIS 411 S. lst Street Independence. Kan. . . 71.87.93. 100,109,169 BLACKFORD. JEANETTE 131 W. 12th Hutchinson. Kan... 170 BLACKHALL. ZETTA Sterling. Kan. . . 73 BLACKWELL. JOHN 176 Rugby Ave. Rochester. N.Y. . . 112.1 13 BLACKWOOD. MARYANN Route 2 Holton. Kan. . . BLACKWOOD. SUSAN Route 2 Holton, Kan... 104.146.l47 BLADT. MARTHA Sterling. Kan. . . 73 BLAIR. WILLIAM 2721 Putnam Terre Haute. Ind. . . 112,147 BLICE. MARY Sterling, Kan.. .73 BLEAM. MARY Box 371 Jetmore. Kan.. . 155 BLOMQUIST. JOEL 435 E. 2nd Ave. Denver. Colo. .. 112.1 13.170 BLOMQUIST. PAUL 435 E. 2nd Ave. Denver, Colo. .. 147 BOARD OF TRUSTEES . . .4.15 BOEHNKE. SIGRID 5533 Hesper WHY Carmichael. Calif. .. 147 BOESE. WILLIAM 768 Durbin St. Gary. Ind. . . 147 BOLTON. JAMES 421 E. Lyon Lyons. Kan... 163 BONNELL, DONALD West Street Carlisle. Mass. . . 85.162, 163 BONNEMA. JOHN Redding Place Towaco. N.J. BONTRAGER. TERRY 219 Hersey Beloit. Kan. . . 90,162,163 BORST. BARBARA 300 E. East Ave. Kingman. Kan. . . 84.104, 155 BOYD. BARBARA Sterling. Kan, . . 6.17 BREWER. DENNIS 134 Kenmore Council Bluffs. Iowa. . .46.54. 91.155 BRIGGS. BEVERLY 1518 Linwood Dr. Hutchinson. Kan... 170 BRIGGS. JOHN 1518 Linwood Drive Hutchinson. Kan. BROKAW. LOUISE Route 1 Hanover,I1l...82.104.170 BROWN. LAWRENCE 138 Willow Place Blanchester. Ohio . . . 170 BROWN. NORMAN Route 2 A1edo,I11... BROWNLEE. CAROL GENE Sterling, Kan. . .33 BROWNLEE. GEORGE Sterling, Kan. . .75 BROWNLEE. JOHN Sylvia, Kan... 104.147 BROWNLEE. LINDA 1534 Wells Ave. Claremont. Calif. . . 109.155 BROWNLEE. NANCY 3007 Villa Los Alamos. N.M. . . 70.170 BRYANT. ANITA Mariba. Ky.. .34,99.106.107. 170 BRYANT. BRUCE Mariba. Ky. . . 155 BUCHAK. MICHAEL 1410 Flora St. Endicott. N.Y. . . 163 BUCK. INA Leoti. Kan... 155 BURDETTE, CECIL 409 W. 2nd Lyons. Kan... l12.113.170 BURDICK. MARY Nickerson. Kan... 170 BURGERT. MARETTA 1406 S. Catalpa Pittsburg. Kan. . . 163 BU RG ESS. TH EODORE 114 Colfax Smith Center. Kan. . . 147 BURNS. JAMES 404 N. Elizabeth Syracuse. Kan... 147 BUSKIRK. JAMES Sterling. Kan. . . 32.63 BUTLER. GARY Sterling. Kan.. .26,106.107 BUTTS. DONALD 220 S. 3rd Sterling. Kan. . .75 BUTTS, JOAN 220 S. 3rd Sterling. Kan. . .91 LC., CALDERWOOD. BETTY Sterling. Kan. . .22 CALDERWOOD. FRANCES Sterling. Kan. . .32 CABEZAS. VICTORIA Box 2961 San Jose. Costa Rica. . .34,155 CALDERWOOD. MARGARET 603 N. 6th Sterling. Kan. CALDERWOOD. ROBERT Sterling. Kan. . .75 CAMPBELL. CLAYTON Sterling. Kan. . . 33,82 CAMPOS, ROSENELLE 573 Hopkins Buffalo. N.Y. . . 28.89.170 CARDWELL. SAMUEL 283 Grant St. Apt. 3 Danville. Va... 104.147 CARRITHERS. JOE Box 72 Syracuse. Kan... 155 CAYWOOD, DONALD 229 N. 10th Sterling. Kan. .. 163 CHAIN. DOROTHY 606 Hirsch Ellinwood. Kan. . . 171 CHANG. YUN SOO 964 S. Fedora St. Los Angeles. Calif. .. 163 CHARLES. BEVERLY Route 2 Camden. Ohio . . . 72.90.99,155 CHEEK. CALVIN Route 3 St. John. Kan. CHENNELL. HOWARD 5450 Aberdeen Fairway. Kan. CHILDS. GRACE Box 714 Plevna, Kan... 171 CHRISTIANA. RICHARD 28 S. Shamokin St. Shamokin. Penna. . . 147 CLAYTON. CHARLES Box 212 Lyndon. Kan... 129.137.147 CLEVELAND. GREGORY 827 Jennings Anthony. Kan. . . 156 CLOUGH. SYLVAN Sterling. Kan. . .75 COBLE. STEPHEN Apartado 2240 San Jose. Costa Rica. . . 147 COFFIELD. DONALD Sterling. Kan. . .75 COLE. RICHARD 546 E. Main Sterling. Kan... 104.171 COLLINS. ROBERT 2027 Roach Salina. Kan... 106,107,156 COM BS. JOHN 509 E. Main St, Lebanon. Ohio CONES. RUTH 917 N. Myers McPherson. Kan... 147 CONKLIN. GENE Hutchinson. Kan. . . 3.14 COOLEY. LAURA 1820 Crestline Dr. Lincoln. Nebr. . . 156 COOLEY. DIANA Route 1 Leoti. Kan. . . 70.89.l03.l70 COOMBER. LORRAINE Route4 Freeport. Ill. . . 98.156 COPELAND. MARILYN 116 W. Adams Sterling. Kan... 156 195 . 196 COPELAND, RANDOLPH 1909 Polk Great Bend. Kan... 156 COPELAND, STANLEY 116 W. Adams Sterling, Kan. .. 171 COULTER.JAN1CE Route 2 Coulterville . . . 99,171 COULTER. MAURICE Route 2 Coulterville,I1l...98,l56 COUNTS, LAHOMA Sterling. Kan. . .31 CRAIG. JACK 405 Liberty Hutchinson, Kan. . . 171 CRANE, JANET 2537 Quivira Great Bend, Kan. . . 104,147 CROSEN, ROBERT Sterling, Kan. . . 36,98 CROSS, CHARLOTTE Lewis, Kan... 156 CROSS, JANE 960 Beechwood Lane Indianapolis, Ind... 147' CROSS. MARGARET Lewis. Kan... 147 CRESWELL, MARY K. Box 124 Minneola, Kan. . . 97,171 CROUSE. PHYLLIS Harlan, Kan. . . 99,171 CROW, STEVEN 200 Runnymede New Province, N.J. .. 156 CULLOP. COACH Sterling, Kan... 114,125 CUMMINGS, RICHARD 1200 Grandview Ave. Newton. Kan. . . 85,163 CURRY. D.E. Sterling, Kan. . .75 CURTS, MIRIAM R.R. 5 Lebanon, Ind. . . 84,171 ,D- DAHLSTROM, CAROLYN 130 Avenue B Billings. Mont. . . 156 DaVAULT, NANCY Lake Road Pratt, Kan.. . 156 DAVIDSON, ANDREW 28 Arlington Place Kearney, N.J. . . 86,89,172 DAVIDSON, KENNETH Plevna, Kan. . . 84,163 DARROW, WESLEY Sterling, Kan. . . 25,85 DAVIS, EVELYN 420 E. Monroe Sterling, Kan... 172 DAVIS, WILLIAM 1775 Ebers St. San Diego, Calif. .. 163 DAVISON, KENT 817 Coleman Drive Rochester, Penna. .. 112,1 13, 129,137,148 DELP,JOAN 709 W. 23rd Hutchinson, Kan. DENKMANN, ROBERTA 2138 Frisco Drive Davenport, Iowa . . .46,47,82,156 DENNO, CONNIE R.R. 1 Halstead. Kan... 107,109,156 DENT, EDWARD Box 478 Culver, Kan. , . 172 DeVRIES, JAMES 315 W. Washington Sterling, Kan. . . 163 DeVRIES, LYNN 315 W. Washington Sterling, Kan. ., 163 DeVRIES.MARJOR1E Box 203 Belvidere. S.D. . . 79.156 DILDAY. SHIRLEY 250 Moltican Lane Florissant, Mo. . . 87,89.l09.172 DILL, ROMANA 204 W, Main St. Sterling, Kan... 156 DORR, BARBARA 1500 S. Vine St. Denver, Colo. .. 156 DOUGHERTY, SHARON 328 W. 5th Apt. 4 Hutchinson, Kan, .. 172 DRESSEL, LORETA R.R. 3 Lyons, Kansas DRUMRIGHT, DELORIS R.R. 1 Kingman, Kan. .. 148 DUNN, SUE ANN R.R. 1 Elkland, Penna. .. 107,148 DUNSFORD, JOE 203 E. 5th Augusta, Kan... 148 DUTTON, RICHARD 124 E.6th Apt.3 Hutchinson, Kan. LE, ELLIOTT, EDITH 2060 46th St. Los Alamos, N.M. .. 156 ELY, RODNEY 107 S. 5th Sterling, Kan... 172 ENGELHARDT, TERRY Box 1443 Estes Park, Colo... 172 ENGLISH, RONALD 825 Hazel Canon City, Colo. .. 172 ENGLISH, RUTH ANN 825 Hazel Canon, City, Colo. .. 173 EVENS. CHARLES 19 E. Berry Greencastle, Ind. -F- FAIR, GLENNA Sterling, Kan. . . 9,21 FAHRENHOLTZ, RANDAL Sylvia, Kan. . . 62,146,148 FALLON, ELIZABETH 323 Spring St. Socorro, N.M. .. 163 FARAG, RAYMOND 1132 Whitecomb Gary, Ind... 100,1l2,113,156 FARMER, ROBERT R.R. 1 Viola, Kan... 148 FARNEY, JERRY 616 W. 6th Hutchinson, Kan. EERGUSON, ROBERT . I Ft. Morgan, Colo. .. 163 FERRICK, MARTIN 234 Trumbull Girard, Ohio. . , 112,113,156 FESSENDEN, SANDRA 10023 Astronaut Dr. San Antonio, Tex... 106,107,163 FICKEN, DIANE 415 Columbia LaCrosse, Kan... 156 FILLMAN, DONNA 512 E. 3rd Monmouth. Ill. . . 104.156 FINK, HARRY 910 Florence Wichita, Kan... 100,173 FIRMENT,THOMAS Box 67 Calumet, Penna. .. 1-18 FISCHER, ALICE Hudson, Kan. . . 99,157 FISHER. PAUL General Dclivcry Alden, Kan. FLEESON. HELEN 812 E. Avenue South Lyons, Kan. FLESHER,D1ANN -1386 Valle Drive La Mesa,Cali1'. . . 157 FLETCHALL, EUGENE 219 E. Trusedell Lyons, Kan. FORD. CAROL 1024 12th St. Langdon,N.D...72,78.79,99.l0-1 162,164 FOSTER. DAVID 1200 S. Gaylord Denver, Colo.. .54,78,84,85,l04 FOSTER, ROBERT R.F.D. Pawnee Rock, Kan. FOWLES. ROSEMARY Route5 Clay Center, Kan... 107,157 FRANKLIN, WOODROW Sterling, Kan. . . 36.98 FREDERICK, MAC 128 W. Main Sterling, Kan. FREDERICKSON. KENNETH Guide Rock Nebraska. . .60,1 12,113,164 FRIERSON, TONELLA Box 288 Laurens, S.C. .. 173 GANT, LARRY R.R. 2 Camden, Ohio... 104,148 GARDNER, SUSAN R.R. 1 Leoti, Kan. . . 80,83.173 GARDNER, WARREN Sterling, Kan. . . 24,28,85 GARNER, CAROL 1107 E. Aero Dr. Payson, Ariz. . . 92,157 GATES, GARY R.R. 3 Palmyra, lll.. . 112,113,148 GATES, JACK R.R. 1 Anthony, Kan... 173 GATHERS, CHRISTINE Miltonvale, Kan... 157 GATHERS, KATHLEEN Miltonvale, Kan.. . 157 GATHMAN, ARTHUR Sterling, Kan. . .25 GAUNTT, STANLEY 602 Countryside Rd. Junction City, Kan.. . 148 GEE, DARREL Box 207 St. John, Kan... 104,157 GERMANN, MARK Morganville, Kan... 148 GHORMLEY, PHYLLIS 2115 S. 24th St. Lincoln, Neb. .. 164 GIBB, KAREN R.R. 1 Biggsville,I11.. .28,168,173 GIBB, ROBERT 717 Summit St. McKeesport, Penna. GIBB, THOMAS 15 Deerfield Rd. Murray City, N.Y. . . 107,109,157 G1BSON.JO NELL R.R. 2 Macksville, Kan. GUST, JACK 267 State Pontiac, Mich. . . 164 GLEASON. CLAIR Sterling, Kan. . .3,27.93,1l-1,128 GLEASON,CLARA JEAN Sterling, Kan. . . 3.10.20 GOMEZ. CREASY 1317 E. 8th Hutchinson, Kan. GORDON. JANET 2416 N. Lorraine Hutchinson, Kan. . . 79,104,148 GORDON. JENNIFER 1912 Galveston St. San Diego. Calil. . .46.-17.55.82 157 GORDON. ROBERT Sterling, Kan. . . 30.34.104 GRABER, PATRICIA R.R. 3 Kingman, Kan. .. 148 GRAHAM, CHARLES 563 N. Main St. Washington, Penna. . . 99,157 GRAHAM, JOHN 563 N. Main St. Washington, Penna. . . 79,83,86 87.88.173 GRAM, SANDRA 821 E. Avenue South Lyons, Kan. GREGORY, JOSEPH 405 N. 2nd St. Minersville, Penna. . . 157 GREY. WILLIAM 5140 South llth Ave. St. Petersburg, Fla... 112,l13, 164 GRIFFIN. ROBERT RD. 2 New Brighten, Penna. .. 183 GROGAN, JAMES 416 W. Jefferson Sterling, Kan... 173 GROOTE, MARVIN 307 N. 17th Sterling. Kan... 164 GROOTE, SUSAN 307 N. 7th Sterling, Kan. . . 6l,82,164 GUSTITUS, CHARLES 235 S. Del. Ave. Minersville, Pa... 157 -Hu HAAN, DANA R.R. 1 Harrisburg, S.D. .. 104,148 HAAS, TERRY R.R. 2 Veedersburg, Ind. . . 173 Halverson, Rodney 216 Crossman Ave. Buena Vista. Colo. . , 73,173 HAMEL, WILLIAM R.R. 1 Bostwick, Neb. . . 129,137,148 HAMILTON, WESLEY Harrisburg, Neb. .. 174 HAMILTON, KENT R.R. 1 Leoti, Kan. . .46,60,63.93,146. 148. HAMMOND, SHEILA 9113 Gutierrez N.E. Albuquerque, N.M. . . 164 HAMMONDS, JOSEPH 223 Dudley Ave. Narberth, Penna. .. 149 HANDKINS.ALICE RAGO, KAN. . .97,99.173 HANKINS, KENNETH Box 204 Reynolds. Ind. .. 157 HANSON, CAROLYN 1414 23rd St. Bettendorf, Iowa . . . 174 HARBACH, DAVID 404 Rively Ave. Gleno1den,Penna.. .73,98,l64 HARMAN, MYRNA 1707 7th St. Dodge City, Kan. .. 174 HARMS. BARBARA 225 W. Broadway Hoisington, Kan.. . 164 HARRIS, ANN 2019 Vincent St. Brownwood, Tex. . . 98,16-1 HARR1S,JAMES R.C. 7 Greensburg. Penna. . . 157 HARRIS. JEANNE 103 N. St. John Lyons. Kan. HARRISON. JANE R.R. 1 Nickerson. Kan... 174 HARRISON. NORMAN 912 N. 57111 Ave. W. Duluth. Minn. ,. 158 Hart. Gary 502 S. Main St. Caldwell. Kan, .. 149 HART. LARRY 2400 17th St. Caldwell. Kan... 149 HASPELS. JOHN American Mission Mizan Tefari. Ethiopia. . . 100. 174 HASPELS. JEAN American Mission Mizan Tefari. Ethiopia... 158 HASPELS. LORRETTA RFD 1 Sanborn. Iowa... 149 HAUSCHILD. KAREN 205 E. 17th St. Hutchinson. Kan. HAWES. HOM ER Sterling. Kan. . . 24.85 HEARD. RONALD 1948 Big Trail Walled Lake. Mich.. .79.1-19 HEMPHILL. RICHARD 11 Wood Lane Malvern. Penna. . . 55.73.165 HENDRICH. KAREN Portis. Kan... 149 HENRY. RANDALL 309 N. 8th St. Sterling. Kan. HERRICK. JAMES 122 W. Orchard Lebanon. Ohio . . . 112.1 13.149 HINTON. PERRY 2900 N.W. 20th St. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. . . 129.136, 137 HIPPEN. ROCHELLE 82 Faircrest Drive Hutchinson. Kan. HIRST, LARY Pretty Prairie. Kan. . . 158 HOBAN. LAWRENCE 301 Brighton Drive Clarks Green. Penna. .. 112 HOBSON. WILLIAM 206 W. 26th Hutchinson. Kan. HOCKERSMITH. MARY ANN R.R. 1 Gove. Kan... 107.149 HOELSCHER. BRENDA R.R. I . Bushton. Kan... 149 HOFFMAN. RICHARD Ellinwood. Kan. . .37 HOGUE. DEBORAH 5111 W. 22nd Park Topeka. Kan... 149 HOGUE. KATHRYN 5111 W.22nd Park Topeka. Kan. . . HOGUE. SUE 5111 W. 22nd Park Topeka. Kan. . .54.72.164 HOLLIS. STEPHEN Box 32 Calumet. Penna... 112.113.149 HOLMES. FLORENCE 110 E. Cleveland Pratt. Kan. HOLMES. KATHLEEN 211 E. 81st St. North Kansas City. Mo.. . 107.174 HOPPLE. DAVID General Delivery Delta Junction. Ala. . . 82.1-19 HORTON. MARTHA Box 777 Plevna. Kan. HOSS. BETH 303 W,Truesdel1 Lyons. Kan. ECBUISEHOLDER. ROBERT New Galilee. Penna. . . 149 HUGHBANKS. STEVEN 1067 Warner Rd. Great Bend. Kan.. . 164 HUGHES.JESSIE BETH Sterling. Kan. . .72 HUGHES. KATHY 2833 Patterson Dr. A1iquippa.Penna.. . 149 HULSE.BOBB1E 312 E. Ninth Ellsworth. Kan. .. 1-19 HUNT. JANELLE Sterling. Kan. . . 27.63.101 HUNTER. CINDY Guide Rock. Neb. . . 70.164 HURLEY. MARY R.R. 1 Kanopolis. Kan.. . 122.158 ,IW INGLETT.CHARLES Route 1 Aledo. Ill. . . 157.158 IRWIN. BARBIE 2130 Burnett Road Topeka. Kan. . . 99.l06.l07.l58 IRWIN. PAM 2130 Burnett Road Topeka. Kan.. . 174 EJ, Jackowski. Philip 115 W. Edward St. Endicott. N.Y. .. 164 JACKSON. DIANA 6325 Fay Drive Berkeley. Mo... 164 JAEGER. TIMOTHY Route 1 Leoti. Kan. . . 62.93.150 JARROTT.JOHN 610 W. 23rd Hutchinson. Kan. JARROTT. SALLY 622 West 23rd Hutchinson. Kan... 164 JENSEN. KATHLEEN Box 56 Summerfield. Kan. . . 5l.72.90. 158 JESSUP. SANDRA 3919 Via Salice Campbell. Calif. . . 70.174 JOBE. SHIRLEY 813 E. Avenue South Lyons. Kan. JOHN. JANICE Tribune. Kan. , . 62.l40.150 JOHNS. LARRY 220 E. Park Street Elizabethtown. Pa. . . 150 JOHNSON. JUDITH 803 W, 22nd Hutchinson. Kan. JOHNSON. KATHLEEN 1526 Laukahi St. Honolulu. Hawaii . . . 56.58.164 JOHNSON. ROBERT 120 E. Pembroke Rd. Danbury. Conn. . . 98.150 JOOSSE. MARK 606 Ohio St. Racine, Wisconsin . . . 73.100. 128.129.l32.158 ,-K.. KANE. KAY Sterling Kansas. . .2.13.79 KAPPLE. JOHN 1760 Lehigh Boulder. Colorado . . . 174 KARL. RAY 314 Newell St. Barberton. Ohio . . . 60.73.99. 100.1 12,113.17-I KASSON. GARY Lancaster Road Granville. Ohio . .. 175 KATTERA. JAMES 212 Evans Avenue Mount Pleasant. Penna. . . 150 KAUFMAN. MARC 211 East Penn Street Long Beach. L.I., N.Y. . .98.l50 KEHRLI. FRANK 211 Bailey Avenue Pittsburgh. Penna. . . 158 KEHRLI. SARAH 211 Bailey Avenue Pittsburgh. Penna. .. 175 KEIL. LARRY Miller Avenue Grove City. Penna. .. 164 KELLISON. JANIS 22-14 Marigold Lane Wichita. Kansas... 101.150 KELLISON. STEPHEN 2244 Marigold Lane Wichita. Kansas . . . 175 KELLY.JEANNE 476 Gregory Avenue Weehawken. New Jersey KENALL. CHARLES R.F.D. 3 Ellsworth. Wisconsin . . . 92.150 KENNEDY. LYNNE 225 East Blair Lyons. Kansas.. . 164 KERR. GREGORY 2605 South 10th Street Terre Haute. Indiana... 112.113 150 KETCHUM. FRED La Prairie Illinois... 164 KEY. PAT Sterling Kansas... 10.20 KILLION. CLARK 265 Van Arsdale Haysville. Kansas. . , 150 KIMBALL. HAROLD Star Route Medicine Lodge. Kansas. , . 73. KIMETTO. JOSEPH P.O. Box 83 Kericho. Kenya. .. 150 KIMPLE. MARILYN Rural Roule2 Lyons. Kansas... 175 KINNEY. STEVEN Sterling Kansas . . . 8.19 KISTNER. STEPHEN 321 North 69th Way Hollywood. Florida... 112.113. 150 KITT. KEITH Wauneta Nebraska . .. 112.1 13 KLEIN. NEVA Burdett Kansas... 158 KLING. GORDON Sterling Kansas . . . 33.82 KNAUS.JOSEPH R.D. 43. Box 427 Latrobe. Penna. . .73.112.113. 158 KNEISEL. RICHARD -149 South East Street Lebanon. Ohio. .. l29.136.137 KOOKEN. RANDOLPH 429 N.E. 8th Street Abilene. Kansas. . . 150 KORF. WILLIAM Box 805 Ingalls. Kansas. . ,99.100.l29. 137.158 KOTTMAN. ELIZABETH 708 South St. John Lyons. Kansas.. .90.l62.l6-1 KRALIK. DANIEL F.D, 3. Box 438 .H .. 4... ....,.....s,.,-.V Latrobe. Penna. . . 112,113,150 KRALIK. LEONARD R.D. 3. Box 438 Latrobe. Penna. . . 112.1 13.150 KRUPP. JOHN Route 1. Box 56 Ellsworth. Kansas . . . 98.158 KRUSE. LONNIE Rural Route 1 Lorraine. Kansas.. . 100.128, 129.13l.l35.158 LLL LARSON. ARTHUR 1315 Dunstan Geneva. Illinois. . . 158 LARSON. KATHERINE 2128-31st Street Rock Island. Illinois LASZEWSKI. KATHIE 312 Skye Island Drive Endicott. New York . . . 158 LAWLESS. LEO Sterling Kansas. . . 30 LEARNED. ALBERT Rural Route 2 Zenith. Kansas . . . 98.158 LEE. GERALDYN 428 Spooner Avenue Plainfield. New Jersey... 158 LEE. KATHERINE 334 Lakewood Drive Stoughton. Mass. . . LEEBRICK. DAVID Rural Route 1 Atwood. Kansas. . . 175 LEIKAM. LINDA 1612 O'Danie1 Hutchinson. Kansas. .. 158.164 LEMON. WAYNE Lenora Kansas. .. 164 LEWIS. DIANE 432 Main Street West Middlesex. Penna. .. 164 LEWIS. ROBERT 4009 Labadie Street St. Louis. Missouri . . . 71.85. 100.1 12.1 13.1 14.166 LIBBY. IMOGENE 521 South Clark Lyons. Kansas. . . 166 LIBBY. JOHN 521 South Clark I.yons. Kansas LICHTE. LEE ANNE 221 East Main St. Apt. 1 Sterling. Kansas . . . 84.92 LICHTE. MARJORIE 230 North Keystone Stafford. Kansas. . . 150 LICHTE. MARY 230 North Keystone Stafford. Kansas. . . 166 LICHTE. SAMUEL 221 East Main St. Apt. 1 Sterling. Kansas.. . LITCHFIELD. LOUISE Zenith Kansas . . . 72.150 LITTELL. ELISABETH 38 Carlington Road Beaver Fal1s.Penna... 175 LOCKE. DEBORAH 8806 Eby Drive Overland Park. Kansas LONG. DUNCAN Box 212 Alden. Kansas... 158 LONG. HARVEY 312 North -1th Sterling. Kansas LONG. THOMAS Box 79 Raymond. Kansas LOTZE. MARY 1-150 East Grove Center Covina. California . . . 150 LOUGIIRIDGE. MARY 197 198 216 West Sixth Garnett, Kansas... 175 LOUTXENHISER, MARY 327 DeWitt Lyons, Kansas. . . 166 LUKENS, LUCILE Sterling Kansas. . .33 LUNDBERG, LENNETTE 1511 East Kansas McPherson, Kansas LMC.. McAuley, Jean 449 North Broadway Sterling, Kansas.. . 166 MCAULEY, LAWRENCE 449 North Broadway Sterling, Kansas... 150 McAULEY, RALPH Sterling Kansas , . . 9,21 MCBANE, MARGARET Kutchery Road Sheikhupura, W. Pakistan... 101, 159 MCCREERY, DAVID 720 North 6th Sterling, Kansas. . . 100,175 McCREERY, ROBERT Sterling Kansas . . . 8,19 McCREERY, WILLIAM President Sterling, Kansas... 1,2,l2,13 MCCREERY, MRS. WILLIAM Sterling Kansas . .. 12 MCCREIGHT, MARGARET Viola Illinois. . .52,55,70,97,99,l06. 107,168,175 MCCRORY, JAMES Rural Route 2 Sterling, Kansas . . . 84,166 MCCRORY, JANET Denison Kansas. . . 72,151 MCCRORY, JOEL Denison Kansas . . . 73,100,l28,129, 135, 159 MCCRORY, PHILIP Rural Route 2 Sterling, Kansas. . .84 MCFARLAND, HOWELL 114 Eagle Street Mount Pleasant, Penna. .. 112, 113,151 McGlNTY, ROBERT Sterling Kansas. . .24 MCGINTY, SUSAN Sterling Kansas.. .31 MCGUIRE, MICHAEL 518 West Taylor Lyons, Kansas... 112,113,166 MCHAYNES, KENNETH 2915 A Cass St. Louis, Missouri . . . 112,l 13, 151 McKEE, DENNIS Nickerson Kansas MCKEOWN, DON Q 160 14th Street 1 Barberton, Ohio . .. 112,113 McLILLY, CURTIS 1 Clifton Street Rochester, New York . . . 159 MCMAHAN, STEVEN 1733 Berglund Drive Clay Center, Kansas... 146,151 McNUTT, GARY 508 Mercer Street Turtle Creek, Penna. , . 112,113 McREYNOLDS, JOSEPHINE 35 Random Road Hutchinson, Kansas. . . 176 HM, Macey, Lynn 7326 llth Avenue South Richfield, Minnesota. . .41,109, 151 MALEY, DENNIS 219 Athletic Street Smith Center, Kansas. . . 128, 129,166 MANLEY, MELINDA 57 College Place New Concord, Ohio . . . 72,151 MANN, VICKI 411 Washington Golden, Colo. . .49,140,159 MANWARREN, CARL Sterling, Kan. . .75 MARKEY, MARILYN 146 Midland Glen Ridge, N.J. . . 78,97,106, 107,168,176 MARSH, DEAN Sterling, Kan.. .37 MARSH, MARCIA Sterling, Kan. MAXWELL, CHRISTINE Sterling, Kan. . . 5,16 MAYNARD, KAREN 112 N. Sedgwick Haven, Kan... 166 MEHL, LINDA 5512 Princton-Glendale Rd. Hamilton, Ohio . . . 101,151 MELIA. MARGARET Rural Route Trimble, Mo. .. 107,166 MELIA, PATRICK Rural Route Trimble, Mo. .. 151 MELLIES, SYLVIA 111 N. 7th Sterling, Kan. MILLER, HAROLD Box 233 Partridge, Kan. MILLER, LARRY 232 Buckley St. Bristol, Penna. .. 112,113 MILLER, STEVEN Ewing, Neb. . . 146,151 MILLIGAN, DONALD 5915 Kenawee Wichita, Kan. . . 66,72,82,98,109 MILLIGAN, JANE 5915 Kenawee Wichita, Kan. . . 72,159 MINNER, LINDA 207 N.E. 6th Abilene, Kan. . .51,72,106,107 MITCHELL, JOAN R.R. 23 Parkville, Mo... 159 MONTGOMERY, STEVEN Barnard, Kan. .. 159 MOON, WALTER 317 Orchard Ave. Ellwood City, Penna. .. 159 MOORE, ROBERT 118 Virginia Lyons, Kansas MORGAN, BETTY 1 14 W. 24th Hutchinson, Kansas MORLAN, MYRA 52043 Fir Road Granger, Ind... 101,166 MOORE, RUSSELL 7838 Longwood Kansas City, Kan... 166 MORRIS, JUDITH Box 286 Yuma, Colo... 166 MORRIS, THOMAS Box 286 Yuma, Colo. .. 159 MORRIS, THOMAS 4210 Ivy East Chicago, Ind. .. 128,129,159 MOSHER, STEPHEN Alden, Kan. . , 7l,86,89,93,128. 129,130,176 MOS1ER,MARLEN Abbyville, Kan. . .20 MOS1ER,RODNEY R.R. 1 Sterling, Kan.. . 176 MOSIER, ROGER R.R. 1 Sterling, Kansas MULVANEY, RICKI 1015 S. St.John Lyons, Kan. .. 151 MURRY, STANLEY R.R. 3 Larned, Kan.. . 159 MUSTARD, DENNIS 320 North Fifth Sterling, Kansas. . .46,151 MYERS, LOREN 213 South Second St. Sterling, Kansas -NL NAGAHIRO, THOMAS 631 School Village Paia, Maui, Hawaii NARLEE, NANCY R,D. 35 Mercer, Penna. .. 101,159 NASTASUK, MICHAEL 238-20-148 Drive Rosedale, New York NEAL, JACQUELYN 407 South Broadway Sterling, Kansas . . . 89,176 NEEL, DAVID Naples Italy. . . 176 NELSON, BARBARA R.R. ffl Wakarusa, Kansas . . . 166 NEUSCHWANDER, MARY Box 567 Tribune, Kansas. . . 140,149,151 NEW, JOHN R.R. 7141 Greencastle, Indiana... 112.113, 151 NEW, ROBERT R.R. ,ffl Greencastle, Indiana. . . 183 NEWBY, JERENE 330 North Broadway Sterling, Kansas... 159 NEYMEYER, PAULETTE R.R. ffl Aplington, Iowa . . . 62,78,l46, 151 NGENY, ELLIOT Chemaner Loc. 5 Kericho, Kenya . . . 85,176 NICHOLS, LLOYD Sterling Kansas. . .24 NORQUIST, KAY Plevna Kansas. . . 176 NORRIS, GARY 323 South Madison Junction City, Kansas... 151 NUSS, DARYL R.R. 42 Wilson, Kansas.. .73,79,154,l59 NYSTROM, DONNA 206 South Sixth Sterling, Kansas NYSTROM, JOHN Sterling Kansas RQ- O'BANlON, ALFORD 103 South Ford Hutchinson, Kansas OCKER. ALAN 60 Bonnybrook Road Carlisle, Penna. .. 151 OLA, FRANCIS Box 371 Avella, Penna. . . 94,166 OLD, MARILYN 1000 North Main Hutchinson, Kansas OLDHAM, MAX Sterling Kansas . . . 27,1 14,128 OL1NE.FERN Sterling Kansas . . .37 OLINE, NADINE Sterling Kansas... 19 OLMSTEAD, PHILLIP 1745 Higley Avenue Cedar Rapids, Iowa.. .83,95, 107,176 ORR, JOYCE R.R. 42 Fowler, Kansas. .. 154,159 ORTIZ, REBECCA 1918 Magoffin Avenue E1 Paso, Texas . . . 159 OTTEM, JAMES Box 796 Syracuse, Kansas. . . 159 wp, PAIGE, JILL 312 Herrick Riverside, Illinois.. . 34,42,44, 48,70, 162,166 PALMER, JOSEPH R.D. 9143, Box 394 Latrobe, Penna. . . 100,112,113, 159 PARKER. ROBERT Willowbrook Hutchinson, Kansas PARSONS, JOHN 2075 Andover Lane Erie, Penna. . . 96,176 PARSONS, RUTH 2075 Andover Lane Erie, Penna. .. 107,176 PARTINGTON, LINDA 112 North Sixth Sterling, Kansas , .. 159 PATTERSON, NORMAN 1289 Bender East Cleveland, Ohio , .. 128,129. 133 PEAKE, STEVEN 2518 Spaatz Avenue Columbus, Ohio PETE, JULIUS Box 14 Ganado, Arizona . .. 151 PETERS, BEVERLY 3413 17th Street Great Bend, Kansas. . .41,79,l59 PETERSON, LARK Pawnee Rock Kansas... 101,151 PHILIPS, BARBARA 424 Meeker Street Ft. Morgan, Colorado. . , 166 Philips, Mary 310 Jefferson Street Rochester, Penna. . .42,45,48, 140,160 PHILLIPS, CAROLE R.R. 711 Mayetta, Kansas. . . 152 PHILLIPS, KEITH 16 De Sept 6 51611 Mexico, D.F., Mexico . . . 92,177 PIFER, CHESTER 713 Talbot Street Belpre, Ohio . . . 152 PINKERTON, FRED Box 126 Coats, Kansas... 166 PITTS, HERMAN Sterling Kansas. . . 75 POLLOCK, SUSAN Powhattan Kansas . . . 98,167 PORTZ, WILLIAM 450 Lawn Street Beneva,Ohio. .. 112,113,152 POWERS, DANIEL Sterling Kansas . . . 36,87 PRICE, ALAN 2245 South Stuart Denver. Colorado . .. 152 PRICE. JESSE Sterling Kansas PRUITT. EDGAR Rt. ffl. Box 75 Panola, Alabama . . . 160 PURTEE. DAVID 439 North Washington Knightstown. Indiana . .. 112.1 13 QUARLES. BERTHA Rt. 741. Box 10 A Panola, Alabama... 160 RAKES. GERALD 14 Briar Lane Geneva, Illinois.. .4I.85.87,96. 177 RAMSAY. CAROL Minneola Kansas. . .97,99.168.I77 RAMSAY. JEREDITH Minneola Kansas . . . 72.160 RASMUSSEN. ILSE 11 Rambler Rd. Hutchinson, Kansas RATEKIN. ANN 214 Sylvan Drive Council Bluffs, Iowa. . . 109.152 RAY. DIANA 201 Forest Drive Ellsworth. Kan. . . 62.152 RAY, GLADYS P.O. Box 102 Panola, Ala. . . 152 RAY. KATHRYN 201 Forest Drive Ellsworth. Kan. . . 57,70,88.97. 168.177 RAY. NELLORA 201 Forest Drive Ellsworth. Kan. . .49.140.160 RAYMO. JAMES 423 S. Meadowcraft Pittsburgh, Penna. . . 91,152 RAYMO. JANICE 423 S. Meadowcraft Pittsburgh, Penna. .. 183 READ. MIRIAM 461 S. Portage Road Doylestown. Ohio . . . 97.99.177 RECTOR. MARY 211 College Scott City. Kan... 160 REDD. CAROL Box 656 Plevna, Kan... 177 REED. LINDA 225 N. 4th Sterling. Kan.. . 177 REED. RONALD Glenvil. Neb...177 REIFSTECK. RAYMOND 529 Ash Street A1toona.Penna... 177 REINARD, DOUGLAS 119 Buss Rd. Aliquippa. Penna. . . 28.3-1,71.168 177 RENFRO, RALPH 232 N. Broadway Sterling. Kan.. .25 RENFRO. VIRGIL 232 N. Broadway Sterling. Kan... 177 REPOLE. JAMES 211 Center Ave. Burgettstown. Pa. .. 112,113 RETALLIC. RICHARD Route I Clinton. Penna. . . 178 RHODES. ESTHER R.R. Sterling. Kan. RHODES. VIOLA Sterling. Kan.. .22 RICE. MARK 57 Cochran Road Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio . . . 152 RICH. RHODA Viola. III. . . 97.99.178 RICHARDSON. MARY 720 E. 12th Winfield. Kan. .. 152 RICHARDSON. ROGER 454 Marguerite Ave. Cuyahoga Falls. Ohio . . . 28 RICKENBACH, BONNIE Star Rt. 2. Box 87 Chadron. Nebraska . . . 101.160 RIEGEL. PHILIP 123 Ashley Road Sinking Springs. Penna. . .96.178 RILEY, STEPHEN Minneola Kansas. . .73.100.112,I13.160 RITTER. LINDA 6009 Oliver Ave. South Minneapolis. Minnesota... 109. 152 ROBERTS. GREGORY Plevna Kansas ROGERS. HAZEL Route 1. Box 158 Panola, Alabama . . . 152 ROGERS. GALEN Guide Rock Nebraska . . . 53.71.178 RUTHI. MARY Route 2 Osborne, Kansas... 152 ...SL SALEM. DAVID Rural Route 2 St. John. Kansas SALEM. SUE Ellinwood Kansas . . . 61.72.152 SANTANGELO, ANTHONY 18 Prospect Street Johnstown. New York... 152 SANTAYANA. GEORGE Sterling Kansas. . .26 SAPPENFIELD. GRACE 303 East Jefferson Sterling. Kansas. . .49.I40.154. 160 SAPPENFIELD. KENT 303 East Jefferson Sterling. Kansas. . . 167 SARGENT, RODNEY East Center Street Mill Village, Penna. . . 112.1 13. 152 SCHARPEN. JOYCE 9818 Chicago Avenue South Bloomington.Minnesota... 101. 152 SCHENCK, STEVE 112 Allegheny Avenue Reno. Penna. . . 178 SCHEUFLER. JOYCE Rural Route2 Ellinwood. Kansas . . . 70,103,178 SCHIRER. ROBERT Route I Newton, Kansas . . . 99.178 SCHLENDER. JOYCE Burrton Kansas... 160 SCHMIDT. KELLY Box 355 Syracuse. Kansas. . . 152 SCHMIDTT. GLADYS Sterling Kansas. . .9.21 SCHMUCKER. RUBEN Sterling Kansas. . .75 SCHOLES. SILVA Box 133 Sylvia. Kansas SCHROCK. MARY 111 East 14th Hutchinson, Kansas. . . 167 SCHROEDER. Cheryl 216 South Poplar Newton. Kansas... 178 SCHROEDER. LEONARD Route I Guide Rock, Nebraska. . . 112. 113.160 SCHROEDER. LETHA R.R. 543 Kingman. Kansas. . . 160 SCHROEDER. ROBERT Guide Rock Nekgraska. . . 1I2.113.I29.l37. I 2 SCHWERDTFAGER, ROBERT Rural Route 1 Salina, Kansas... 152 SEITZ. SARAH Box 322 Ellinwood. Kansas. . . 178 SELLEY. BILL 830 South Grant Colby. Kansas... I28.129.130. 133.167 SHAFFER. JOHN 2432 Hemlock Way Pomona. California . .. 152 SHIELDS. ADA LOU Sterling Kansas. . . 8.19 SHEILDS, MARK 329 North 3rd Sterling. Kansas . . . 128,129 SHIERANT, WAYNE 533 West'2nd Mt. Carmel. Penna. . .71.94.1 12. 113.178 SIEGRIST, EVELYN Route I Sterling, Kan... 178 SILLIN. NANCY 203 N. 7th Sterling, Kan... 167 SILVERS. COLLIEN 33 Water St. Milford. N.J. . . 152 SIMPSON. REBEKAH 313 S. 7th Sterling. Kan. . . SKILES. WARREN Route 3 Lyons. Kan... 179 SLOUGH, STEVEN Box 5 Raymond, Kan... 100,112,160 SMILEY. RICHARD 12032 Mettetal Detroit, Mich, . . 167 SMITH. EUNICE Sterling. Kan. . .70 SMITH. KENNETH Sterling. Kan. . . 5.17 SMITH. KIRK Route 1 Anthony, Kan. . . 73.98.167 SMITH.JEAN 225 N. VanRensseIaer Rensselaer. Ind... 183 SMITH. RANDALL- Box 45 Jetmore. Kan... 160 SMITH, RUTH P.O. Box 98 Mayfield. Kan. . . 22.78.15-1.167 SMITH. SUZANNE 204 N. 6th Sterling. Kan... 160 SNELL. ROBERT 1715A Katye St. Mobile. Ala. .. 160 SNYDER. DALE Sterling, Kan. . .32 SNYDER. DONALD 328 12th Avenue New Brighton. Penna. .. 152 SNYDER. DOUGLAS 1933 S. Ridgewood Wichita. Kan. SNYDER. GEORGE 221 E. Jackson Sterling. Kan.. . 161 SOETAERT. RICHARD Route3 V+- 1-4--ff--A--s-f Olathe. Kan. .. 183 SOUTHARD. LARRY R.R. 2 Phillipsburg. Kan. . . 73.100.I25. 179 SPENCER. STEVEN 4015 Canaport Ave. East Chicago. Ind. . . 129.137.138. 152 SPHOR. BARBARA 907 E. 12th. 77132 Hutchinson. Kan. SPOHR. CARLYLE 315 W. Main Arlington, Kan... 161 SPORE. ERNEST 221 N. 4th Sterling. Kan... 112,113,152 SPORE. LINDA 434 N. Broadway Sterling. Kan.. . 161 SPORE. STEPHEN 434 N. Broadway Sterling. Kan. . . 82,167 STAHMER. KATHLYNN 1105 Sycamore Tarkio. Missouri . . . 153 STANISH. EMIL Box 30 Joffre. Penna. STEFANCIK. BOB Box 94 Yatesboro, Penna. . . 153 STERETT. ANABEL Sterling Kansas. . .71 STEWART. HELEN 60 Market Salem. New Jersey.. . 70,161 STEWART. MARILY Rt. 2. Box 43 Zenith. Kansas. . . 153 STEWART. SUE Portis Kansas... 153 STEWART. SAMUEL Box 113 Portis. Kansas. . . STICKEL, GEORGE 402 East Main Sterling. Kansas.. .98.I61 STINEMETZE. VICTOR 210 East Washington Sterling, Kansas.. . 153 STORMONT. CHERYL 174 Xenia Avenue Cedarville. Ohio . .. 153 STORY. LYLE 78 Edgemere Plainsboro, New Jersey... 179 STRANDBERG. SHELLEY 1553 Pointview Los Angeles. California 41.79. 82.140.153 STRICKER. LARRY 434 Waddell Greenfield. Ohio. . . 153 STRICKLER, HELEN Sterling Kansas.. .22 STRICKLER, PAUL Sterling Kansas. . .37.98 STRICKLETT. ANNA 410 South Douglas Lyons. Kansas... 179 STRICKLIN. RONNIE Box 22 Raymond. Kansas STUCKY. ALLEN Route 1 Pretty Prairie. Kansas . . . 161 SUHAJDA. DAVID 2310 61stCourt Cicero, Illinois... 153 SULLIVAN. FREDERIC Route 2 Grant Park, Illinois. . . 179 SULLIVAN. TIMOTHY Elbridge Terrace Elbridgc. New York... 179 SWAFFORD, SARA 1407 N. Van Buren Hutchinson. Kansas 199 200 SWANK. LARRY 909 South Elm Hutchinson, Kansas... 112.113, 167 SWARTS. HARRY Osage City Kansas. . . 71,93.103,179 SZILAGYI, JOHN 204 North Fourth Sterling. Kansas... 179 ,T- TAUSCHER, STEVEN 513 Belleair Lane Bristol, Va. . .46.47.153 TAYLOR, DEBORAH Route 1 Panola. Ala... 161 TAYLOR. LESTER Sterling. Kan. . . 32,34 TAYLOR. WILLIAM 803 N. Broadway Sterling, Kan... 112,113 TEAGUE, NANCY 108 S. Chestnut New Hampton, Iowa. . . 57.97,99, 179 TEDFORD, MARK RFD 1 Minneola, Kan.. ,161 TENOPIR. JAMES Harvard, Neb. . .73.100,112.I13, 162,167 TERRELL. DENNIS Route 2 Sterling, Kansas THAYER. WILLIAM Guide Rock, Neb. . .7l,99,110, 112,113,128,129.132.135,180 THOMPSON, ANTHONY 411 N. Broadway Sterling. Kan. . .84.87,109,112, 113 THOMPSON, DANIEL 518 South St. Sterling. Kan... 112,113,124 THOMPSON. FREDES 411 N. Broadway Sterling. Kan. . . 84.167 THOMPSON, JEANETTE Stonewall Plaza Weston, Colo. . . 101,161 THOMPSON, KAREN 2206 26th Street Great Bend, Kan... 153 THOMSEN, JOYCE Route 3 Minden, Neb. . . 101,153 THOMSEN, LINDA Box 119 Minden, Neb. . . 101,180 TILLOTSON, MARILYN 6704 Elwood Drive Albuquerque,N.M...70.96,180 TINSLEY, JEFFREY 4604 Oxford Street Garrett Park, Md... 107,180 TIPPIN, SUZANNE 536 N. Broadway Sterling, Kan. . . 41,43,54,161 TROSTLE. DONALD Nickerson, Kan.. . 75 TROSTLE. LENORE Nickerson. Kan.. .75 TRUEHEART. MICHAEL 2-114 Thayer Street Evanston, Ill. .. 161 TURSICK STEVEN 1250 Glencoe Denver. Colo. . . 100.1 12,1 13.167 TYSON. JULIE 514 Alexander Haysville, Kan... 153 HV, VAN HORN. STEPHEN Route 1 Glen Elder, Kan... 153 VanSKIVER, NANCY Route7 Wichita, Kan. . . 167 VanVLECK. BRENT 4427 West 70th Terrace Prairie Village, Kan.. .84,180 VAUGHN, WILLIAM 1005 N. Water Wichita, Kan... 153 VETTER, NANCY 128 W. 12th Hutchinson, Kan... 180 VISNICH, ELI Box 61 Export, Penna. .. 100,161 VOGAN, ARTHUR McKinley Avenue Mercer, Penna. HW- WADE. BOB 1107 Hendricks Hutchinson, Kan. . . 99,1 12,1 13, 180 WAGERLE, CRAIG 203 N. 3rd Sterling, Kan. WAKLIN, ZELDA Sterling, Kan.. .31 WALKER, GARRY 519 W.Truesde1l Lyons, Kan. .. 180 WALKER, HAROLD 419 N. Broadway Sterling, Kan. WALKER, LARRY 209 N. Euclid Lyons, Kan... 180 CWALKERJ ELLIOTT. BECKY 419 N. Broadway Sterling, Kan... 172 WALKER, RICHARD Sterling, Kansas.. .36 WALLACE, IRA Box 225 Alden, Kan. WALLACE, JOYCE 504 Grace Terrace Olathe, Kan. .. 153 WALTER, DONNAL Route 2 Downs, Kan. . . 76,86,88.98,180 WALTERS, DAVID 117 N. Hamilton Marissa, Ill. .. 153 WALTON. DOROTHEA Deerfield. Kan. . . 153 WARD, ENOLA Sterling. Kan.. .25 WARD. GERALD Sterling. Kan. . , 19 WATERS. ORLANDUS 705 Booth Street Salisbury. Md... 161 WELCH. LUCILLE 330 N 3rd Sterling. Kan... 180 WELLS. MICHAEL 2993 S. Zenobia Denver. Colo. .. 161 WENOS. GAIL Box 35 Alden, Kan. WESTON, JAMES 314 W 8th Street Hutchinson, Kan. 181 WHITAKER. MARK 222 Countryside Drive Hutchinson, Kan... 153 WITAKER, NEAL 222 Countryside Drive Hutchinson, Kan... 181 WHITE. BELINDA 305 E. Hampton Dillon, S. Carolina . .. 161 WHITE, BRUCE Sterling. Kan.. .24 WHITE, CAROL Gladstone Ill. . . 83.85.181 WHITE, GARY R.D. 1 Rural Valley, Penna. . . 153 WHITE, GLENDA Greensburg. Kan. . . 70,80,81,87, 99,181 WHITE. HAL Box 88 Kingsdown, Kan... 153 WHITE, MARSHA 230 Cherokee Denver, Colo... 161 WIDENER. BETTY Route2 Ellinwood. Kan... 161 WIEBE, KAY Sterling, Kan.. . 18 WIELY, ELIZABETH 6583 Israel Somers Road Camden, Ohio. . . 41,167 WILKEY, MARY Sterling, Kan.. . 10,20 WILLIAMS. DEBORAH 5218 Glenwall Drive A1iquippa.Penna... 161 WILLIAMS. DOLLIEN Prairie Mission Prairie, Alabama. .. 161 WILSON, LESLIE 71 Princeton Ave. Augusta. Maine. , .96.100.107, l28,129,131,181 WILSON, MARCIA 3332 Fontenelle Blvd. Omaha, Neb. . . 101,181 WILSON, SHARON 3332 Fontenelle Blvd. Omaha. Neb. WIMER. JON 800 Wampum Ellwood City, Penna. . . 55,100. 106,,138 WINGET. GARY Box 67 Hanston. Kan. . . 181 WINTERHALDER, SANDRA 226 W. 3rd Denver, Colo. . . 161 WINTERHALTER, DAVID 2321 Sawmill Run Blvd. Pittsburgh, Penna. WITMER, PAUL R.D. 1 Da1matia.Penna. WOODS, STEVEN 4707 N. Donald Bethany, Okla. WORK, STEVEN 15 Urma Place B1oomfield.N.J...55,90,162,165 WORSHAM, SCOTT 852 Carleton Rd. Westfield, N.J. WULLSCHLEGER, MARTHA Box 752 Jackson, Ken. . . 161 WYATT. CAROL 304 E. Monroe Sterling, Kan. . .42,45,48,140.l61 ,Y- YOUNG. DELORES 3944 St. Ferdinand St. Louis. Mo. . . 84,101,167 YOUNG, DENNIS R.R. 7 Newark, Ohio . . .46,47,167 YOUNT, WALTER Plevna, Kansas -Z, ZACUR, ALEX 1211 Ridge Ave. Latrobe, Penna. ZAHRADNIK. GORDON Sterling, Kan. . .30 ZAMZOW. PHILIP 315 S.41st Ave. West Richland, Wash. ZANATH, EDWARD 5202 Harvard Drive Aliquippa, Penna. ZANG, ROBERT 9 Mathewson Terrace Faetoryville, Penna. ZIMMERMAN. DAVID 301 Park Street Arehbold, Ohio. . .62 ZIMMERMAN, MARIETA 506 W. 14th St. Hutchinson, Kan. ZWICK. LILLIE Route 2 Lyons, Kan. KATHLEEN ADAIR Home Economics C.F. l.2.3.41 Gospel Team I.2.3.41 W.R.A. 1 2.31 Le Bon Ton 1.2.3.-I1 Reporter 31 Secrel tary 41 I.R.C. Secretary 31 Retreat Devotions Committee Head 3. JOAN ASH Biology Science Club 3.41 W.R.A. 1.2.3.-I1 Treasurer 21 President and Vice-President 31 Women's Varsity Basketball 1.2.41 Women's Field Hockey Team 2.3. MICHAEL BARBERA Psychology C.F. Music Chairman 31 Kilbourn Dorm Council 21 President 31 Class President 11 "Over Pruised Seasonnz "The Silver Whis- tle"1 "The Fantasticksn. PETER BARTANUS Business Golf 3.41 Intramurals 1.21 Business Club 3.4. il I.R.C. 41 "S" Club 3.41 Young Democrats PHILIP BEARD English Intramurals Kelsey Scholar 21 Sigma Tau Delta 3.41 Parliamentarian-Historian 41 Stir Staff 2.3.41 Editor 3.41 Who's Who 41 Gospel Team 2. DANIEL BEERY Biology Also attended LeTourneau College. Long- view.Texas Band 3.41 President 41 Election Board 4. FLORENCE BELLINA1 Elementary Education Bible Study Leader 2.31 C.F. 1.2.3.-I1 Gospel Team 1.2.31 Round-Up Copist 3.41 Spanish Club 21 W.R.A. 1.2.31 Evans Hall Dorm Coun- cil I1 McCreery Hall R.A. 41 Retreat Com- mittee 21 Women's Field Hockey Team Cap- tain 2.3. CONNIE BILL Elementary Education Also attended Biola College. La Mirada. Cal- ifornia Bible Study Leader 31 C.F. 3.41 Chi Sigma Theta 41 McCreery Hall R.A. 41 Gospel Team 3.41 Le Bon Ton 41 SKSTA-SEA 3.41 Presi- dent4. DENNIS BLACK English Baseball Intramurals Camp- bell Hall Wing Leader 31 President 41 F.C.A. Vice-President 41 Science Club I.2.3.4i Sig- ma Tau Delta 41 "S" Club 2.3.41 Stir Sports Editor 2.3.41 Student Government Board Rep- resentative 31 ACCK Representative 41 Young Republicans 21 Chairman of Literary Maga- zine4. JEANETTE BLACKFORD Psychology and Physical Education Also attended Hutchinson Junior College Women's Basketball 3: Tennis Intra- murals 3.41 Bible Study Leader 1.2: Campus Christian Club 1.21 C.F. 3.41 SKSTA-SEA 4: W.R.A.3.4. JOEL BLOMOUIST Mathematics I II Football Co-Captain 3.41 "S Club 2.3.41 Spanish Club 31 Kilbourn Hall Dorm Council 3.4. JOHN BONNEMA I Divisional Social Science tZoology emphaSlSI Also attended Houghton College I Student Union Representative 41 Student Union Director 41 Young Republicans 41 Social Com- mittee 3. LOUISE BROKAW Education I b Also attended University ol' Illinois Alpha Psi Omega 41 Secretary 41 Build 41 I.R.C.3. LAWRENCE BROWN Biology and Psychology Alpha Psi Omega 2.3.41 Chi Sigma Theta 3.41 Election Board l.2.3.41 I.R.C. 1.21 North Cen- tral Regional Vice Chairman 21 Round-Up Photographer 21 Science Club 2.3.41 SKSTA- SEA 11 Stir Photographer 21 Young Demo- crats l.2.3.41 Publicity Chairman li Vice Chairman 2.41 Chairman and First Vice Chairman ol' 4th District 3, NANCY BROWNLEE Elementary Education and Psychology McCreery Hall R.A. 41 Election Board Sec- retary 21 Le Bon Ton 2.41 Science Club 31 W.R.A.2.3. ANITA BRYANT Business Business Club 3.41 Reporter 41 B-team Cheer- leader I1 A-team Cheerleader 2.31 Head Cheerleader 31 C.F. 1.2.3.-11 McCreery Hall Dorm Council 21 Child Evangelism 21 Round- Up 2.3.41 Business Manager 3.41 Valentine ggieen I1 SKSTA-SEA 41 Class Treasurer 1. CECIL BURDETTE Physical Education Also attended Southwestern College Football 4: Track 3.41 Intramurals 3. MARY BURDICK History and Political Science Pi Gamma Mu 3.41SKSnI-A-SEA 4. ROSENELLE CAMPOS History Honors Program 3.41 I.R.C. 2.3.41 President 31 Kelsey Scholar 21 Pi Gamma Mu 3.41 Chair- man of Problems Inc. Committee 31 Who's Who 41 Young Republicans 2. DOROTHY CHAIN Elementary Education Chi Sigma Theta 3.41SKSTA-SEA 3.4. GRACE CHILDS Elementary Education Also attended Hutchinson Junior College and Fort Hays State College. DIANA COOLEY Music McCreery Hall Dorm Council 21 President 41 Gospel Team 1.2.31 Gospel Tones 2.31 Intro- duction to Honors 21 Kelsey Scholar 1.2.31 Spanish Club SCCFCIQIFYZ Pianist for "H.M.S. Pinaforeu. "The Fantasticksn: Who's Who 4: Choir Treasurer 3.4: Artist Lecture Series Committee 3.41 2nd place-ACCK Talent Show 3. JANICE COULTER Home Economics C.F. l.2.3.41 Gospel Team l.2.3.41 Le Bon Ton SKSTA-SEA 41 Co-Chairman Foster Grandparents 31 Chairman 4. JACK CRAIG Psychology I I Also attended Hutchinson Community Junior College Chi Sigma Theta 31 Pi Gamma Mu 3.4. MARY CRESWELL Psychology I , Also attended Hutchinson Community Junior College and Grace Hospital School oi Nurs- .ng I.R.C. 31 Le Bon Ton- 1.3.4. PHYLLIS CROUSE Elementary Education I I I I Band 11 C.F. l.2.3.41 Chi Sigma ThctaI41 Gos- pel Team 2.41 SKSTA-SEA 3.41 Spanlsll Cl'-lb 2. MIRIAM CURTS QI I I I Secondary Education tl-Ield ol Businessl Business Club 3.41 C+. 1.2: GvSPCl.T021m '- 21I.R.C.2.31SKSTA-SEA 2.41 Spanish Club 2. -1- ---ff we---4-, ANDREW DAVIDSON Psychology Also attended American University ol' Beirut Band I1 C.F. I1 Chi Sigma Theta 21 Gospel Team 21 Honors Program 2.41 Kelsey Scholar 2.41 Stir Columnist 41 Who's Who 41 Junior Year Abroad. EDWARD DENT History and Political Science SKSTA or SEA 3.41 Pi Gamma Mu 3.4. SHIRLEY DILDAY Psychology and English Alpha Chi 3.41 Election Board 41 Gospel Team 11 Honors Program 3.41 Kelsey Scholar 1.2.3. 41 I.R.C. 31 Sigma Tau Delta 2.3.41 Vice-Pres- ident 31 President 41 SKSTA-SEA 1.2.31 Pres- idcnt 31 Stir Columnist 41 Women's Tennis 31 Field Hockey 1.21 Volleyball Team 3. SHARON DOUGHERTY Music Also attended Azusa Pacilic College. Azusa. California and Hutchinson Community Junior College. REBECCA ELLIOTT Bible and Christian Education Bible Study Leader 2.31 Head ol' B.S. Leaders 31 Gospel Team Secretary 41 Le Bon Ton 31 W.R.A. 2.3. RODNEY ELY Psychology Class Vice President I1 Fellowship ol Chris- tian Athletes 2.3.41 Campbell Hall Dorm Coun- cil 31 Kilbourn Hall Dorm Council 21 Football 7 TERRY ENGELHARDT Divisional Natural Science tMath and Physics emphasisl. RONALD ENGLISH Sociology Also attended Colorado State University Golf 2.31 Spanish Club 2. RUTH ANN ENGLISH English Band I1 Chi Sigma Theta 2.3.41 Treasurer 3: I.R.C. 31 Kelsey Scholar 2.31 Stir Staff Re- porter4. HARRY FINK Sociology Also attended Ottawa University Baseball 3.41 Intramurals 2.3.41 F.C.A. 2.3.41 President 41 Sigma Tau Delta 31 "S" Club 3. 4. TONELLA MITCHELL FRIERSON Biology Band 11 I.R.C. 1.21 Science Club I.2,3.41 Sigma Tau Delta 2.31 Secretary 31 W.R.A. I1 Young Democrats 1.2.3. SUSAN GARDNER Bible-Christian Education Bible Study Leader 31 C.If. 1.2.3.-11 Chi Sigma Theta 2.3.41 Vice President 3.41 Gospel Team Child Evangelism Leader 21 Pi Kappa Delta l.2.3.41 Secretary-Treasurer 21 SKSTA or SEA 1. JACK GATES Psychology I I Bible Study Leader 31 C.F. 1.2.31 Chi Sigma Theta 2.3.41 Gospel Team 21 I.R.C. 31 Young Democrats 2.31 Publicity Chairman 3. KAREN GIBB English Kelsev Scholar 2.3.41 Garden Party Queen 21 Sigma Tau Delta 2.3.41 SKSTA or SEA Ii Spanish Club 2.3. JOHN GRAHAM Psychology and English I I Band 1.2.31 Vice President 21 C.F. I1 Chl Sigma Theta 2.3.41 President 31 KiIbournIHall Dorm Council 31 Kelsey Scholar 3.41 Sigma Tau Delta 41 Stir Columnist 3.41 Whos Who -I- 201 l I I I 202 JAM ES GROGAN Physics TERRY HAAS Physical Education Intramurals: Football. Basketball. Softball. 2.3.41 Business Club 2.3.-1. RODNEY HALVERSON Mathematics Science Club 3.4: SKSTA or SEA 3.4. J.WESLEY HAMILTON Mathematics Track 3: Warriors for Christ 1. ALICE HANDKINS Home Economics Le Bon Ton l.2.3.41 Correspondence Secre- tary 3: SKSTA or SEA 3.4. CAROLYN HANSON Elementary Education A-team Cheerleader 2.41 B-team Cheer- leader 1: Le Bon Ton 1.2.31 Round-Up Assist- ant Editor 3: SKSTA or SEA 41 Stir Reporter 41 Student Government Board Representative 3. MYRNA HARMAN Elementary Education Also attended Dodge City Community Junior College SKSTA or SEA 3: Sigma Tau Delta 3.41 Stir Typist3.4. JANE HARRISON . Elementary Education JOHN HASPELS Biology and Bible and Philosophy Football 1: Track l.2.3.41 Intramurals 1.2.3. 4: C.F. l.2.3.41 President 3: Election Board 2: Fellowship of Christian Athletes 2.3.41 Gospel Team 2.3.41 I.R.C. 1.2.31 Garden Party Candidate 21 Science Club 4: "S" Club l.2.3.4. KATHRYN HOGUE Elementary Education Also attended Kansas State University Band 1: A-team Cheerleader 3: Gospel Team 3: I.R.C. 2: Le Bon Ton 4: Round-Up 2.3.41 Editor 4: Winter Royalty Candidate 3: SKSTA or SEA 1.2.3,4: Stir Staff 2.3 "H.M.S. Pin- afore": Young Republicans 1. KATHLEEN HOLMES Sociology Chi Sigma Theta 3.4: Secretary-Treasurer 4: Gospel Team 2: I.R.C. 4: Pi Gamma Mu 4: Round-Up Typist 2.3: Social Activities 4: W.R.A. 2.3: Young Republicans 2. SANDRA JESSUP Elementary Education and Christian Education Also attended West Valley Junior College. Campbell. California Band 1: B-team Cheerleader 11 Chi Sigma Theta 3: McCreery Hall R.A. 4: Dorm Coun- cil 314: Dorm Treasurer 3: Gospel Team 2.3. 4: Recording Secretary 3: Round-Up Assistant Editor 3: W.R.A. 1.2.3: Publicity Chairman 3. JOHN KAPPLE Business and Psychology Also attended Colorado University Basketball Junior Varsity 1: Varsity 21 Foot- ball 4: Intramurals 1.2.41 Kilbourn Hall Wing Leader 21 Campbell Hall Wing Leader 4: I.R.A. 1.2.41 Round-Up 21 Science Club 2: Ugliest Man on Campus 2: Class President 2: Homecoming General Chairman 4. RAY KARL Mathematics Football l.2.3.41 Intramurals l.2.3.41 Kilbourn Hall President 4: F.M.O.C. 4: "Miss King" 3: "S" Club or SEA 4. L. GARY KASSON Psychology Young Republicans 2.3.41 Football Mascot 3.4. SARAH KEHRLI Biology Also attended University of Pittsburgh and Allegheny General Hospital of Nursing. Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania. Band3.-I. STEPHEN KELLISON Political Science and History Tennis 1.2.41 Kilbourn Hall Assistant to the House Mother 3: Kilbourn Hall Treasurer 1.2: "S" Club 2.3.41 Student Union Board 2. HAROLD KIMBALL Psychology Cross Country 21 Chi Sigma Theta 3.4: Presi- dent 4: Kilbourn Hall Wing Leader 4: SKSTA or SEA 4: Young Republicans 3.4: Good News Club 2. DAVID LEEBRICK Chemistry Campbell Hall Wing Leader 41 Honors Pro- gram 2.3.41 Kelsey Scholar 1.2.31 Science Club 2.3.4: Vice President 3: Treasurer 4: Student Government Board Parliamentarian 4: Warriors for Christ 2.3.41 President 3.4: Who's Who 4: Campus Chorus 1. SAMUEL LICHTE Mathematics and Economics Baseball 1.2: Golf 3.4: Intramurals: Basket- ball l.2.3.41 Bowling 1.2: Football 2.4: Busi- ness Club 2.3.41 Reporter 2: Vice President 3.4: Chi Sigma Theta 3.41 Fellowship of Chris- tian Athletes l.2.3.41 Honors Program 3: I.R.C. 2.3: Kelsey Scholar 4: Pi Gamma Mu 3.4: SKSTA or SEA 4: Stir Assistant Sports Editor 3: Student Government Board Repre- sentative 4: Young Republicans l.2.3.41 Pro- gram Chairman 3. ELISABETH LITTELL Elementary Education Also attended Geneva College and Pennsyl- vania State University SKSTA or SEA 4. MARY LOUGHRIDGE Psychology and Sociology Band 1.2: "H.M.S. Pinafore" FluteTrio. Orchestra: DAVID MCCREERY Psychology Cross Country 1.2.31 Track 1.2.31 Intramu- rals: Football 4: Basketball 1: C.F. 2.3.41 Chi Sigma Theta 3.4: Campbell Hall Dorm Council 3: President 3: Fellowship of Christian Ath- letes 2.3.4: Gospel Team 2.3.4: F.M.O.C. 2: "S" Club l.2.3.41 President 3: Class Presi- dent 31 Social Committee 3. MARGARET MCCREIGHT Elementary Education C.F. l.2.3.41 McCreery Hall Dorm Council 3. 4: Vice President 3: McCreery Hall Assistant House Mother 4: Le Bon Ton 2.3.41 Round-Up l.2.3.41 Academics Editor 2: Editor-in-Chief 31 Miss Round-Up 4: Sigma Tau Delta 3.41 SKSTA or SEA 3.41 Spanish Club 2: Student Government Board Representative 4: Home- coming Publicity Chairman 41 Disciplinary Council Representative 41 Retreat Central Committee4. MARILYN MARKEY Psychology C.F. 1.2: Gospel Team 3: I.R.C. 2: Le Bon Ton 2.3.41 Round-Up l.2.3.41 Activities Co-Editor 2: Social Life Editor 4: SKSTA or SEA 1.4: Spanish Club 31 Student Union Board 4: Class Secretary 3. STEPHEN MOSHER Psychology Basketball: Junior Varsity 1: Varsity 2.3.41 Tennis 2.3.41 C.F. Campbell Hall Wing Leader 41 Fellowship of Christian Ath- letes 3.4: Gospel Team l.2.3.41 Vice Presi- dent 3: President 4: Kelsey Scholar 1.2.31 Valentine King 1: "S" Club 3.41 Stir Assist- ant Sports Editor 21Who's Who 4. RODNEY MOSI ER Education JACQUELYN NEAL Business and Economics Business Club 2.31 Pi Gamma Mu 3.41 Sigma Tau Delta 2.31 SKSTA or SEA 3.4: Who's Who 4. DAVID NEEL - Biology Also attended University of Miami. Florida Golf 1.2.41 "S" Club 1.2.4. ELLIOTT NGENY Education I.R.C. 2.3.41 Vice President 3.4: Pi Gamma Mu 3.41 Stir Staff Co-Columnist 41 Soccer Team4. KAY NORQUIST Elementary Education Also attended Hutchinson Community Junior College Chi Sigma Theta 3: SKSTA or SEA 4. PHILLIP OLMSTEAD Physical Education Also attended Parsons College. Fairfield. Iowa Baseball 2.3.41 Intramurals 2.3.41 Business Club 3.41 Chi Sigma Theta 2.3.41 Round-Up Sports Editor 41 "S" Club 2.3.41 SKSTA or SEA 4: Young Republicans l.2.3.41 Campbell Hall Float Committee 3.4. JOHN PARSONS Psychology Also attended Keystone Junior College I.R.C. 4. RUTH PARSONS Art and Elementary Education I.R.C. 2: Round-Up Art Editor 4: W.R.A. 1.2. 41 Homecoming Queen's Float Committee 3. GERALD RAKES Business and Economics Business Club 3.4: Honors Program 3: I.R.C. 1.21 Pi Gamma Mu 3.4: President 4: Sigma Tau Delta 3.4: Young Democrats 1.41 Young Republicans 2. CAROL RAMSAY Art Education C.F. Publicity Chairman 2: Evans Hall R.A. 2: President 3: Le Bon Ton l.2.3.4: Publicity Chairman 2: Vice President 3: President 4: Winter Royalty Queen 3: SKSTA or SEA 4: Spanish Club 3: Student Union Board 2.3: Choir 2.31 Class Publicity Chairman 4. KATHRYN RAY Elementary Education Band 1: B-team Cheerleader 1: C.F. 1.2: Ev- ans Hall Treasurer 1: Evans Hall R.A. 2: Mc- Creery Hall Vice President 4: Le Bon Ton 3. 4: Miss Round-Up Candidate 2: Winter Royalty Candidate 3.4: SKSTA or SEA 4: Spanish Club 2: Student Government Board Representative 3: Who's Who 4: Class Treasurer 4. MIRIAM READ Home Economics . Band 1.2: Le Bon Ton l.2.3.41 Corresponding Secretary 41 Round-Up Staff 1: SKSTA or SEA 4: W.R.A. 1.2: Young Democrats 1. CAROL REDD Elementary Education Also attended Hutchinson Community Junior College LINDA REED Physical Education Election Board 31 SKSTA or SEA 4: W.R.A. 1.21 Secretary 21 Choir 3. RONALD REED Bible and Philosophy Band 11 Chi Sigma Theta -1. RAYMOND REIFSTEC-K Education Also attended Pennsylvania State University Bllfld 41 YOL1I1g Republicans 3.-I1 Chairman ol' Campbell Hall Float 4. R.DOUGLAS REINARD Bible and Philosophy Intramural Football 43 Band I,2,31 Campbell Hall Treasurer 41 Interterm Wing Leader 4' Kilbourn Hall Dorm Council 35 Round-Up Stall 4: Young Republicans 2: Class Vice President4. RALPH RENFRO JR. Elementary Education and Physical Education Young Democrats 2. RICHARD RETALLIC Bible and Philosophy Also attended Southwest Missouri State Football 2,31 Intramurals: Basketball 2,31 Football 41 C.F. 2.43 Kilbourn Hall: Wing Leader 3: Fellowship of Christian Athletes 251 Gospel Team 4. ESTH ER RHODE Elementary Education RHODA RICH ' Elementary Education C.F. I,2,3,41 Le Bon Ton l,2,3,43 SKSTA or SEA 4: Spanish Club 2. PHILIP RIEGEL History PiGamma Mu 3,4. GALEN ROGERS Mathematics Basketball I: Intramurals 2,3,4: Bible Study Leader 33 Campbell Hall Wing Leader 3: As- sistant to the House Mother 43 Election Board 33 I.R.C. 3.42 Round-Up King 43 SKSTA or SEA I: Student Government Board Vice President 43 Young Republicans 3.4. STEVEN SCHENCK Mathematics Also attended Indiana University of Pennsyl- vania. Intramurals Football 43 Science Club 3,43 Vice President4. JOYCE SCHEUFLER Psychology and Education Band I3 C.F. I,21 McCreery Hall R.A. 43 Gos- pel Team I,2,3,43 Treasurer 33 Choir 2,3,43 Secretary 43 Madrigals 43 Retreat Commit- tee 3. WAYNE SCHIERANT Physical Education Football l,2,43 "S" Club l,2,3,43 Intramural Football 33 Vice President of Campbell Hall 43 Young Democrats I. , ROBERT SCHIRER Secondary Education and English Also attended Wichita State University Good News Club Sponsor 23 I.R.C. 23 SKSTA or SEA 2,43 Young Democrats 23 Alpha Phi Omega 41 Homecoming Committee Co-Chair- man 4. CHERYL SCHROEDER Psychology , Also attended The College of Emporia. SA RA H SEITZ Elementary Education EVELYN SIEGRIST Elementary Education Also attended Emporia State Teachers College REBEKAH SIMPSON Home Economics Kelsey Scholar 2,3,4: Le Bon Ton l,2,3,43 Corresponding Secretary 2: Secretary 3: Who S Who 4: Lindsay Achievement Award 2. WARREN SKILES Bible MARILYN TILLOTSON Elementary Education Blble Study Leader 2.3: Chi Sigma Theta 3 Dornr Council 43 Gospel Team --. 1 vangeism H 'd 331, B T 2,141 sksra OISEA I Cd C on on JEFFREY TINSLEY Sociolog ... . . .. .,a.. ,,,, :V ,4a,,A,.... ..,..,,,,,4,.,. V. V,,,,,,,?,,,,n,Wx,i 'du IARRY SOUTHARD Physical Educ ttion Also attended Southeastern St ite I- otball I2 Head Trainer 34 S Club 7 Pres1dcnt3 SAM U EL STEWART Chemistry Q To ' W1 .. I . iw 1 t- -- M 3,41.i,R.c. I,2,31 -Young Republicans 1.2.31 ,yg Alpha PS1 Omega I.2,3,4: Intramurals Foot- p,tl2lll3,41 R1ounElaUp l,2,3,-I: Photographer l,2: o ograp ic itor 3,43 Stir Phot ' h 3, 41 "H.M.S. Pinafore". ograp er NANCY VETTER Secondary Education Also Sigma Theta 3,41 LeBon Ton 3,41 SKSTA or SEA 3.4. ROBERT WADE History and Political Science Football I,2,3,4: Track I1 Intramurals Bas- ketball l,2,3: Chi Sigma Theta 43 Kilbourn Hall Wing Leader 2: Fellowship ol Christian Athletes 2,31 Gospel Team l,2,3,43 Vice Pres- ident 33 President 43 I.R.C. I,2,33 Chaplain 23 "S" Club 2,3,43 SKSTA or SEA 4. GARRY WALKER Sociology LARRY WALKER Sociology DONNAL WALTER Chemistry Intramurals 23 Band l,2,33 President 2: Kil- bourn Hall Wing Leader 23 Gospel Team 2,33 Honors Program 2,31 I.R.C. 22 Kelsey Scholar I,2,31 Science Club l,2,33 Student Government Board President 33 Who's Who 3. JAMES WESTON History and Political Science. NEAL WHITAKER Psychology CAROL WHITE Sociology Chi Sigma Theta 3,43 Le Bon Ton 2,3,43 Pi Gamma Mu 3,43 Vice President 43 Student Government Board Secretary-Treasurer 4. GLENDA WHITE Elementary Education Also attended Kansas University C.F. 2,3,43 McCreery Hall R.A. 43 Election Board 43 Pi Kappa Delta 2,3,43 Vice President 23 Secretary 3: President 4: Sigma Tau Delta 2,3,43 Historian 23 SKSTA or SEA 3,43 Young Republicans 3,43 Dean's Honor Roll 43 Debate Team 2: "The Silver WhistIe": "An Over- praised Season". MARCIA WILSON French Also attended Westmar College, Le Mars. Iowa and University of Nebraska at Omaha Round-Up Underclassman Section 3,41 Chair- man 43 Stir Staff Reporter 3: W.R.A. 3,4. GARY WINGET Bible and Philosophy and Business Intramurals l,2,3,4: Business Club .2,3,4S President 3: Chaplain 4: Who's Who in Phi Beta Lambda 33 Kilbourn Hall Wing Leader Campbell Hall Wing Leader 4: Dorm Council Secretary 43 Gospel Team 2,32 Round-Up Assistant Business Manager 3.4: Assistant Photographer 3,41 Editor 4: Class President 4. C. LESLIE WILSON Biology and Physical Education Also attended Muskingum College g Basketball 1.3.43 Track 2,3,43 Fellowship of Christian Athletes 4: I.R.C. 4: Round-Up 41 Science Club 4: "S" Club 2,3,43 Kilbourn Hall Dorm Council 4. Junior Varsity l,2: Football 3: Track l,23 ln- tramurals 3,41 C.F. 2,3.4: Vice President 4: Kilbourn Hall Wing Leader 21 Honors Program 2,31 Kelsey Scholar 2,3,4: Pi Kappa Delta 1,23 Garden Party King 23 Science Club l,2,3,43 President 3: "S" Club 2,3,43 Who's Who 43 Young Republicans l,2. LYLE STORY Elementary Education Chi Sigma Theta 23 Student Government Board Representative 2: Kilbourn Hall Dorm Coun- cil 2: Band I: C.F. ll Gospel Team I: Track. ' ' n 1 7 l,3. Honors Program -, ANNA STRICKLETT Elementary Education FREDRIC SULLIVAN Physical Education Baseball 2,3,4: Intramurals l,2,3,4: Fellow- ship of Christian Athletes 3,43 "S" Club 2.3, 4. TIMOTHY SULLIVAN Business and Economics Also attended Auburn Community College and SUNY at Albany Tennis 3.43 Band 3,43 Business Club 3,41 Stage Band 3,4. HARRY SWARTS Business Baseball 2,33 Intramurals 3,43 Band l,2,3,43 Drum Major 2,3,43 Business Club 33 Camp- bell Hall Wing Leader 43 Fellowship of Chris- tian Athletes 3,41 President 43 Gospel Team l,2,3,43 Gospel Tones l,2,33 F.M.O.C. candi- date I3 "H.M.S. Pinafore"3 Choir l,2,4. JOHN SZILAGYI Mathematics NANCY TEAGUE Elementary Education Child Evangelism 23 Le Bon Ton I,2,3,4: Re- porter 23 Garden Party Candidate 23 Winter Royalty Candidate 3,41 SKSTA or SEA 4: Stu- dent Government Representative 23 Secretary- Treasurer 3. WILLIAM THAYER Mathematics Also attended Nebraska Wesleyan University Basketball 2,3,43 Football 2,3,41 Intramurals 33 Kilbourn Hall Wing Leader 2,31 Campbell Hall Wing Leader 43 F.O.M.C. 3: "S" Club 2,3,43 President 33 SKSTA or SEA 4: Spanish Club 3. ANTHONY THOMPSON Economics Football l,2,3,43 Golf 2,3,4: Track I: Intra- murals I,2,3,4: Phi Beta Lambda l,2,3,43 Re- porter 23 State and Local President 3: Who's Who in I968 Phi Beta Lambda Chi Sigma Theta 33 Kilbourn Hall Dorm Council I: Fel- lowship of Christian Athletes 2,3,4.: VICC President 33 Round-Up Sports Editor 2: Round-Up Candidate 21 Sigma Tau Delta l,2.3. 43 President 31 "S" Club l,2,3,4: Stir Sports Reporter 33 Business Manager 4: ."H.M.S. Pinalore"3 "The Importance of Being Ear- nest"3 Young Democrats 23 Young Republi- cans 2: Choir 2. LINDA THOMSEN History . Honors Program 2,43 I.R.C. 2.3.41 Pl Gilmmil Mu 3,41 SKSTA or SEA 3,41 W.R.A. l,2.3,4: Treasurer 3: President 4. l I l 1 uf' g y ff, :4l.if.'.u,Lr.m.,.xL AVL .1 A34 -fi..,.., x . , , K X Q 'H' ' J "5vs,..4g,' ' 'V A ,X .ff '-Q K ,P - 1 1 'Eh .."' .a-.?W,y, . F ' .' - , ' 1 ,--Mr ' ' ' " -i , 'w .'g,e,Nf4f..4,, ,xp : ,, 34, W X iw. :T .4 ' L- 5 + 1' ..,f-v , + - 1 ' 1. Q

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