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.NCNUG heTlHcr1C L y2 B W G K C Y M 11 ' 134 5 6MB 9101112131415B171819 .W-.rf . .'1 1.-.1l.. 4. 5 1 1 v I' Xi!! MXN 4 .Z Qzfeqi NINETEEN HUNDRED AND SIXTY SEVEN Q N 4? .Q ,Q J 4 'x I . ff: - - f .. ' nl 'N 1 - 1 - - Y uf ' 3.5, , .. x if,! f:,,-i'A- V -- : I , I ' ' l-.ff rift' X . V ,' . '- 1 :- 1 - . , ,. B11::g.,4.'l . 3' 5 f ' ' ,. h ' J? '74 , , .. ' -' ' ' i it-' I . ' . -A - I , A , 54e1?---a""- GQ! , X . L., .- ' ' 3' X - ' 1-- 's -A ' ' A N' ' ', A 4 ,ai V ' 5 - ig h Z' -Q, A . - n I I - , wh - is p I . . N N N 4 N ff is N X This is a pictorial record of some of the things the people of STEPHENVILLE HIGH SCHOOL do and say from June, 1966, to about that time in in and around the city of STEPHENVILLE, in the great state of TEXAS fe 1967 jczcfef Ecesenfs Stephenville High School is many things to many people. But to those who are close to it, whose everyday lives center around its well be- ing, SHS is abelief in something good, something to place one's pride in and something to which one devotes his untiring efforts and enthusiasm. And out of the efforts of the many people who lay cornerstones today will evolve the even bet- ter SHS of tomorrow - in academics, in sports, and in spirit. As we begin our pictorial record of the year, may we look back on SHS With fond memories and be able to relive and keepin our hearts the Pride and Spirit of Stephenville High School. 2 . .Qui czz20fQS!01k7f ' , , , 5' O X 3 3 GGIDFUS yjrzk. . . Uzkzgfa af Cioezlq yung 4 ..............1. 5650 of we Wk Y!-?CZ!I.OI? ga 0 017795 QS app off gn QQ X 2 3 0 Qc? 192 205 235 C3 jfs? Qgpzkrz fo Summer C5 Scribble . . farf Scribble . . . Scribble . . . Scrimmage ir' M.. With the beginning of school just a few flips of the calendar away, SHS students prepare for the coming year as the Stingerettes, the Band and football boys in- corporate the idea, "Practice makes perfect." The summer scribble party enhances enthusiasm as "kids" gather to receive their "book of the year" and relive "old times" pictured in the '66 Jacket. Pre- season excitement mounts as Jackets begin "two-a-days' and have areal scrimmage. Last minute hours of sum- mer fun are crowded into a few short hoursg then on August 31, SHS'ers once again bring the traditional con- fusion, happiness, pride, and spirit to SHS halls. 6 iii-,,. :aiu fa? 59121611 Wzbys. . . Qsfafzzs Sym gof Delegates to summer Student Council workshop re- port in assembly. studemc ounc il organizes. gscgoof llifsggswfz l FHA holds installation. fro unofyjrz' Q Spanish Club initiation is more fun! Senior girls take front-line stand for pep rallies. WQUO U93 anof Qgpzkazf Randy helps Doreen don her new Sweetheart jacket. "Jacket Pride" is the spark that ignites the flame of winning. Spirited downtown pep rally sets the stage for first district game. 9 Wesf C0122 fo SHS anof Tie Cglozkqzf Zjreafs 50059 I I appzhess 5. .. omecomzhy In the Homecoming Court are Jimmy Helm, Cindra Lewallen, Melvin Spitzen- berger, Linda Hassler, Billy Tomlinson, and Freddia Trammell. The winner is . . . Cindra! pure joy!! 5, .QM- f ,,, f In a homecoming hurry, students celebrate special days - Spirit Day during which the "in" greeting is "Beat the 'Roos", Color Day, with everyone wearing blue and, or gold, Dress-Up Day with so many ties and heels friends are hardly recogniz- able, Mourning Day showing respect for a 'Roo funeral, and Quiet CPD Day with an incessant beating of the drum all day Friday. Adding icing to the cake, 1965 Queen Trina Engler crowns Cindra 1966 Homecoming Queen, and the Jackets give SHS a thrilling 18- 1 4 victory over Weather- ford. Exes find "The Red Hearts" and a warm welcome at the Homecoming dance. I fya1212af1b125 yjro Oli Greafzbe OUXQX SW? National Honor Society inducts new members at its annual ban- quet. Stunning f?J Varsity Jack- ets vie for beauty title in a very special assembly. Highlights of other assemblies offer SHS musical entertainment and spiritual food for thought. LBJ fLittle Bitty Jimi and his friends entertain on the Stage Band Talent Show where Penny wins first prize in the high school talent division. . C pzkezf 93149 001:16 Do, Re, Mi . . . sings SHS choir 3 ma Wading through pictures and cupcakes is all in a day's work for Jacket staffers. 3, Basketball gets off to a spirited start with the "Big I Five." Leisure time for all . . . even Kitty 15 - F292 ifwffgaa i . ff Gfrzkfm as eer Onfayzb us. Christmas is a jumble of lights, decorations, and presents. Mid-term graduates SHS Stageband shows skill in playing their "Holly wood Tooters". Dream Pets 16 as ffe ygafygounces UMW' Spirit bounces inwith a thrilling season of both boys' and girls' basketball. jjrzk anof Qgpzkvf 122 jlfczffyjczsf 779912 Zami! Gompufer Weueak . . 19 44 fx, x, sf fm X xv wvjfrg, I k 'f-, ., X. .9-L' ' .fm A n..v,,,w. Nwwfff Y' .HAZ if J fx xx: Ivy? J cgcfoof 70 1114129 y gnspzkes GQSSQS7 ggzlvafy Qgpzfzf. . . 0,0912 RRUSQ QSfz10Q12f G0 cm czf CDeQyafes J-ff Of ? CS Z1 X QI? . G Q 6301209117 1012 S Q, .A.Q ,, Q fiff' A ' Sym - at t t 5. M9519 I, , ., 2 ' W l ' ' 5 ., H " .:'. -,f I I H ' W . i ga 5 , W F .lf- .jf , ., 5 at Q' J , a Q I i if . , .,,.,. , "" R 5 4 2 t , , W:,1z'f 1. F Q 5' g g, 'ilkl v QS jfcs jigsfs Weyzbn E yganof G0mpQf1f1'0n SHS sends 19 to the UIL meet at Lake Worth, Kathy Slaten, Cathy Brandon in Spelling and Plain Writing, Sue Cranford, Roger Kelly, Elaine Laughlin, Barbara Williams, Barbara Shipp in Typewritingg Mary Leath- erwood, Judy Cleveland in Shorthandg Mike Cedars, Stanley Carpenter, Jerry Rankin in Number Sense, Robert Justice, Jerry Rankin, Stanley Carpenter in Slide Rule. Carol, Barbara, Mary, Mike, Roger, and Stanley earn the right to compete at Regional. Mike and Carol then travel to the State meet, gaining reco- nition for themselves and SHS by placing third in Num- ber Sense and first in Poetry Interpretation respec- tively. , l, n ,--'. Q iihi ' . . ":, .1,', C Q 3 , A Iit 1 ws Q5 23 E35 3'0- E1 'H :M NSW 'U V, ' :QW EJ W mf .xwmm tw was k M? b V,J"'l if ggimif if 69 an +5 ,MA C- ssc n , 4 C3 L? hai--W , wa l, , M xxxx W W . , r.l1W7' P 2 ,W , ' , M ' ' A N - .mu 'JW YL 'A ' -- J ., , , e f ag. A N Y wa 15' 3 T 'W k , A , - i :QM W 1 ,N ff: 1 ' ' ' 'V H s A ' 2? V ff fi wi ' ,X XV 'fwww M xt " if f - :gy P H85 , ' 5 E - ' , 2 1' -i"" f ' 1 , Z . ' Y ir 1 V5 -' I. ,., N Y ga' ' N 5 'Q ' W 'Q 3 ,us'Z' M1 11 U I ML Qin E2 W ampazyn 0122 es 122 CQFIQZ anafyjrz' Q, cznof Qspzkzf. . J ,41,Y1f',,k1 vw C1 will ig , G S70 .ffe Tom qyazn, 575912 ffe Gounf ygeyzlfzs SHS Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors-to-be listen thoughtfully to Mary Jo, Bruce, Jerry, and John make their campaign promises, then cast their ballots at the May 18 Special Assembly. The votes are quickly counted, and by 11:15 John is the winner without a run-off. At 11:20, having received his oppo- nents' and Mr. Gi1bert's congratulations, John says "Thanks" to all his support- ers and promises to do his best as Student Body President. 26 ge ,. YW Frm! in 5 will 5 2 A A Q ive? i 5 V5 VW Q if 1 it tiff? ' '2?",f'2W Q ,gg Q '34-H Mx-..,gM...,.,...,.V, 81215119 ave Qlf f df my I5 .lux- s5-- 'E1...,,.,...,,," Wa 23 fmt -1f'- .4- --V 1 Z, W A W . ,J V p Qwsq g I K + ,, 1, 1111 , ff ,111X I P , 'LSR V , fn .- If' ' ' " - ,, 'ZF ' 1-5 .5 A -11,4 f 1 1 ,f,- 9' ' 5 A f, f , 7 ' 1 V. if Q Mb ,W 'Q V wlgyav I V wifi- 'frrfw Y 5 P-.4 Q 3, fviwv- we if ' fi 1.1 , V . . f ey. - 4 ,1 ' ,. f m. X e Q , V 1 5? 455 Y fi we , ff 4- ,i ,QQ .s fl Q, 4 if y 1 ' xv? if V Lf 5' , 4 5? wi if 5 1 as ,L A ,slzigfgh Q' fi, . 2, if -5 'if ,4 f" , z:g,1'i,'f:- f , my Ii' , 5 'si 1. -1 .A ,, . N N. W, L, i-L5'fKiim,,a.i W As calendar pages flipfaster and faster, Seniors grasp for those last moments with close friends . . . and finally for some . . . Graduation. 3 ik all ' owarafzfe . . Come fge jignors NHS names its oum president, Melvin Spitzen- berger, Citizen of the Year and elects Miss Gwen Will- iams the recipient of a one- year NEA membership to show appreciation for their teachers. From Gary Barron to Ann Straw- horn, 40 SHS Students are CC Merit award winners, having maintained an A average in all subjects for the first five six-weeks grading periods. Each receives acertificate and a scholar- ship letter showing the number of years he has made all A's. Rhonda Derrick, Karen Keeney, Lou Greenway, Sandy Bills, Judi Houston, Linda Hassler, and Sharon Stewart are FHA Girls for May, March, November, January, February, December, and April respectively. Winning the Bake- Off, Sandy is named FHA Girl of the Year at a Young Homemakers banquet honoringthe girls and their mothers and receives a S25 Savings Bond. Each girl receives an engraved silver charm. C 012 yrafukizifbns 7149 122 Orogf X614 UQQ cforzdn 1,09 Gfgoenngf Qgafzfafofzkzn Wogerf jusfzbe cmof 2612014 grafzafes Judy Cleveland Robert Justice Carol Rhoades Cheryl Pittman Paul Pendleton Lou Greenway Sue Bluethman Alese Futch Ann Strawhorn John McAlister Melvin Spitzenberger Joyce Lucas Jackie R. Jones Debbie Harrison 96.250 95.968 95.475 93.944 93.916 93.156 91.766 91.388 91.352 90.611 90.125 90.642 90.466 90.312 4 L, ig M Trl' Q anofcgpzfzf lb yjQO!0 S"l'Hoxr A om, People . . . THOSE WHO TEACH, our instructors, and THOSE WHO LEARN, the stu- dents . . . the heartbeat of SHS. This consti- tutes a learning situation. This is a school. Classrooms and halls are associated with the animation and vitality, the pride and spirit, that only youth and the youthful can radiate. SHS people compete on the athletic field, in band and drill team performances, and in the classroom - the place where ideas are aired and desires are expressed. Administrators aid the school's faculty and students while office personnel assist in making SHS run smoothly. Teachers strive for answers, but had rather receive reasons, thought processes, and deductive reasoning. Something more than scholastic information - adesire for personal achievement - is part of what teachers try to instill in students going about the business of ,Nagle , Q, V ,,, . . 0.1 growing up. Cooks provide lunches while custodians work to keep SHS in top shape. Seniors, juniors, sophomores, and fresh- men crowd the halls of SHS each day. 3 Sqfgqognzbzkfrafors ZQf0fA1k2y oyeffef Superintendent J. C. Helm, Jr. Superintendent J. C. Helm, Jr., Stephen- ville's outstanding Man of the Year, as head administrator develops plans with the School Board and guides overall planning. An efficient and constantly improving school program is due to years of hard work and careful planning. The supervision of personnel and budgeting of funds are among the duties of Mr. Helm. His integrity and dependability help educational facilities to operate with ease. Mr. Brad Thompson, Dr. Jim Whitacre, Mr. M. C. Brandon, Jr., Dr. Nathan Cedars, Mr. R. C. Ammons, Mr. Vern Pendleton, and Mr. R. E. Martin, Jr. - these busy seven men make up the Board of Education. Theirs is the task of hiring qualified personnel, endorsing expenditures for m a i nt e n an c e , authorizing construction of school buildings and creating a better understanding between community and school. Sevenbusinessmen, selected by fellow citizens, seek a higher level of education for Stephenvi1le's schools and its future citizens. Preparing plans for growth and supervising schools and personnel consume much of the School Board's time. eefo .5 jfs Mrs. Avis Colwick Wunnzby 12200 Qwfw' igfzfgiifsi YkLL'7 is ,L,, 2 ' I, H .5 M-W 'H in f' 3.4-xuwfs, vr., f' f gi ww J V - wiwff-42 J mvwvffww -Lff ., A 2 I i A " 1 E Q Q vu QQ, ..,., .U .M yggmrgzfrn mfwggefqvfrz Muw, Q ' .gg 4 B ,h,,,.. , '..,m,W ' ' I Q Q ,g , Q. ..,.........,. gk AVL. . .,,A M , mumlnnrlww: n. Mrs. Avis Colwick, assisted by Mrs. Janice Harris, maintains friendly efficiency in the office of the superintendent. Mrs. Janice Harris Mrs. Mae Crane Mr.Rush McLemore andMr. Helm discuss school tElX8S. 33 M.. , .,.,N . QW V I ' Forming the nucleus of the daily life at SHS, of- fice personnel cope with the various problems brought about by a wide variety of activities. Q TQFSOHHQ Zbfcscfoof v-5, Mrs. Yvonne Moore, secretaryfor the offices of the principal and the counselor, is assisted by Miss Janis Helm, teachers aide. Tactful, friendly, and un- derstanding are a few of the adjectives which describe the characteristics of our coun- selor, Mr. Charles Kitchens. National Merit scores are the topic of Mr. Kitchens' conference with Robert Justice and John McAlister. 34 Well 5 anofyjrom ofe 8501.900 y ,, cnny in , , 4 ,., , A1,4n , ai !Z: i g n EJ " WW,W,,,,,,,i,W, "One, two, three, four . . . !" Mr. Gilbert wonders whether he can ever count all those books. M-seeps-4-...W M N""'-N -...M F Mr. Gilbert relaxes after a busy day in his own office. Displaying sound judgement, Mr. Gil- bert serves the individuals of SHS and looks after the general welfare of the stu- dent body. He works hard to establish just, sound policies, upgrade the educa- tional program, and encourage students to accept responsibilities on their own. Like all principals, Mr. Gilbert has had to make some "unpopular" decisions. With zeal and interest he supports any activity associated with SHS and is de- voted to making this school a respected institution. W ecorof 512140 fnezyf cjfeeps Qgfqffjlgppllny Yvonne Moore fcenterj, secretary for the principa1'soffice,joins David Bridges, S1-13's mail Carrier, e150 Janice Harris and Avis Colwick, secretaries for Mr. He1m's office, delivers mail to and from other schools, at the school cafeteria for a coffee break. Billie and Janie are busy putting mail and class cards Karen takesaphone message while Marcia continues stamp in the teachers' boxes. ing the cards. 36 0 P eep CS C'GfcA1k2y77 ur Joyce, Judy, and Patsy work together to check daily attendance cards, Busy at the typewriter are Nika and Kathy a routine duty performed each period. preparing office "info." 'I 2323333215 n 3 5? 193 as i ...X .ZZ""- f- -- u"""Q-Q.- Teresa andSuzanne learn to use the Mimeograph machine Performing another office duty, Alese, Ann, and Joyce to turn out multiple copies of office materials. file report cards. 37 Mrs. Cleo Ferguson M. L. S., Texas Women's University Librarian, Q. V. Sponsor 18 Years Tenure "Yum! Yum! Good to the last bite! " 51 gfdf' 914095 Miss Janice Womack Library Aide 116 Years Tenure Mr. Jim Harwell B. M., Baylor University Band, Stage Band 6 Years Tenure 38 50k Scioof Mrs. Tina Mae Fulcher M. E., Texas Tech. Special Education 4 Years Tenure Mr. Mel Cowan B. M. E., Sam Houston State Teachers College Assistant Band Director Chorus 2 Years Tenure sim 54064 GW, f' Mr. Rex Stephens M. E., Texas AGM Vocational Agriculture FFA, Senior Class Sponsor 9 Years Tenure Following the final practice, Mrs. Davis joins Queen contestants for barbeque chicken preceding Lions Club Fun-D Night entertainment. Mr. Harvey Siems, student teacher at SHS, assists students with plant identification. Mr. Bill Hailey M. E., Texas A8zM Vocational Agriculture FFA, Student Council Sponsor 8 Years Tenure Mrs. Rosellen Davis Mrs. Faye Greenway B. S., TexasWomen's University B. S., Texas Women's University Homemaking FHA, Sophomore Sponsor FHA, Junior Class Sponsor 4 Years Tenure 11 Years Tenure 39 ow 70 Cguccee lk? Zuszhess. Mrs. Myrtle Deavenport M. B. A., West Texas State College Billie Bray and VOE classmates workin office jobs three or more hours VOE, Shorthand each day while attending school half a day. VOE, NHS Sponsor 13 Years Tenure Mr. Hehn presents service pins to three SHS teachers at CTA dinner. 1 Mrs. Carolyn Crow B. s., Tarleton State couege i Business, English ' ' l'lcc Junior Sponsor T' 1 Year Tenure I Mrs. Crow works for Juniors in football concession. 40 Mr. Willie G. Stephens B. S., Howard Payne Mr. John Hefton Industrial Cooperative M. E., Sul Ross State College Training Distributive Education VICA, Sophomore Sponsor DE, Junior Class Sponsor 2 Years Tenure 3 Years Tenure gy J QGZQ yryzby. . wave- . ' ' 2'2,"2"::.:-'1 " . . .1 . The Jacket camera catches Mr. Hef- ton "at ease" in the DE classroom between periods. VOE, the newest club at SHS, joins VICA and DECA, related SHS clubs, in a banquet recognizing cooperative em- ployers of students in the three programs. 41 5290 014122 y Ezfefar erzfayq 12 ffl? f. ti . wi 1. 185 V N lr Mrs. Phoebe Isbell Mrs. Lorraine Golden Mrs. Eileen Shipp M. A., North Texas B. A., North Texas M. E., Texas Christian State University State University University English English Business, English Freshman Class Sponsor Annual Sponsor Junior Class Sponsor 24 Years Tenure 13 Years Tenure 10 Years Tenure Mrs. Emma Kate Jackson M. E., North Texas State University English Student Council Sponsor 13 Years Tenure To meet the Southern Association's requirement for its members to complete once in each ten-year period the National Study of Sec- ondary School Evaluations, Mrs. Jackson and Mrs. Isbell hold a con- ference on the English department questionnaire. 42 GQJJQJ Off Qjracfzbe fb 0122122 u121'caf1b12 Having presented aprogram of original poems for the Mrs. June Shannon De Leon Shakespearean Club, Mrs. Shannon proudly M. S., Abilene Christian wears their gift to her - a money corsage. College English 8 Years Tenure Mrs. Lillie Ruth Laird Mrs. Laird helps Cherry Overman with the Stinger B. A., North Texas State University Spanish, Latin Las Chaquetas, Stinger Sponsor 10 Years Tenure 43 Oczdf QSXUUQQJ . Offering Civics and, or English IV, Miss Gwen Williams registers students for summer school. Miss Gwen Williams M. S., North Texas State University History FTA Sponsor 18 Years Tenure Miss Gayle Russell B. S., North Texas State University Civics, History 39 Years Tenure Miss Russell supervises a written question and answer as signment in her Civics class. 44 Sqpp yzhy 1158 jjasf fo ffe Qjresenf Mrs. Annie Lynn Leatherwood Mrs. Sharon Davis At the school tournament, Mrs. Sharon B. A., Mary Hardin B. S., North Texas Davis joins in the fun! Baylor Art, Health, History Stingerette, Cheerleader, Senior Class Sponsor 11 Years Tenure Mrs. Leatherwood lends a helping hand, pinning on corsages for Lions Queen contestants. State University History, Science 1 Year Tenure Some economics student must have known the right answer to evoke such a big grin from Coach Scott! 45 BOM CSCIQDCQ anofyncaffemazifbs Zaman Mr. J. D. Pilcher B. A., Howard Payne Math Freshman Sponsor 11 Years Tenure Mr. J. Fred Crabtree M. E., Texas Christian University Math, Physics Math Club Sponsor 20 Years Tenure Mr. Ledbetter ponders stump his students on a quiz. over a problem with which to Www ssyyy y 46 Mr. Jerry Ledbetter M. E., Southwest Texas State College Math Sophomore Sponsor 1 Year Tenure Mr. Pilcher proudly accepts his Service Award from School Board President R. E. Martin, Jr. Tezkcbbn Mr. Dean Williams M. E., Texas A8zM Biology Science Club Senior Sponsor 2 Years Tenure Mr. Don Davis B. S., McMurry College Chemistry Assistant Coach Science Club Sponsor 1 Year Tenure Experimentation enhances the quest for understanding. Mr. Dean Williams is often seen diligently working in the library. Biology is not all test tubes! 93 yszbaf 5OgICdfIbD . "Wait 'til I get my shoe tied,"wails Miss Smith as the vol- leyball scorekeeper calls time to play ball. Miss Sharon Smith B. S., Ouachita Baptist University Girls' P.E. Volleyball, Tennis Coach ' Senior Sponsor 1 Year Tenure V ' Mr. Sam Taylor B. S., North Texas State University Biology, Girls' Basket- ball, Sports After the Jacket upset victory over the 'Roos, Coach 9 years Tenure Taylor is all smiles despite getting put in the shower - clothes and all. 48 Xerczlse QSf1k22z1Qfe5 an Z 0 y Mr. Barry Johncour Mr. Bill Keeney Mr. Kenneth Scott B.S., West Texas State University B-5-1 North Texas State Uf1iVe1'SitY B.S., Texas Christian 'University Science, Health, Sports P. E., Sports Economics, Texas History, Freshman Sponsor, 1 Year Tenure 3 Years Tenure Head Coach, 5m Years Tenure Coach Davis keeps the gate for SHS Tourney. Coach Keeney seems to have a Serious problem. Showing off the new football jerseys, makes ready for the season. Coach Johncour 759.59 90127 C004 JDO!-6,0149 OZ' S Mrs. Logan. Busy custodians caring for SHS building and grounds are Mr. Evatt, Mr. Logan, and Mr. Cork "peeks" in as Mrs. Thomas and Mrs. Davis talk over banquet arrange- ments. Then Mrs. Thomas' helpers pose for the Jacket camera. SHS cafeteriadaily routine under the su- pervision of Mrs. Lois Thomas includes preparation and serving of food by Mrs. Huffman and Mrs. Williams to ever hungry students and faculty. Q12 Woufe anofaf These are helpful, friendly, and busy per- sonnel at SHS! Our custodians and lunch- room staff deserve a great deal of credit for keeping our school in such fine condition. These congenial men and women who are often called upon during the year are always reliable and willing to help. I R , Mechanic Bob Haggard Cleftl has the big responsibility of keeping eleven Stephenville I. S. D. buses ready to roll, transporting more than one hundred students dis- tances varying from two to twenty miles to and from SHS daily as well as making "special" trips occasion- ally. Regular drivers are A. F. Butler, Lee Cantrell, B. B. Holloway, E. S. Keilberg, Paul Koonsman, A. M. Luttrell, E. C. Martin, R. C. Martin, C. W. Moore, E. M. Taylor, and D. M. Ward. The Jacket camera clicks as Mike and Sue Cranford Cbelowl start home and driver Paul Koonsman lrightj "Loads up." .,., . M Q Zz? year Zeyzhs. . Jim Anderson Leland Anderson Janie Arendt Teresa Ator William Bates Stephene Bennett Gary Blasingame Sue Bluethman Senior class sponsors, Mrs. Leatherwood, Miss Smith, Mr. Williams, and Mr. Stephens, check the books to determine the financial status of the class of '67. 52 Patience, Lou! Your ring will still be there! jfe Efkn efygf Becomes urs Judy Brandon Nolan Brandt Billie Bray David Bridges Dale Brock John Brock ,J Edward Brooks Carroll Brown DAR Girl--Linda Hassler 53 MBP' muff., ,W-4 Andrea Burgess Brenda Burns Tommy Cantrell Paula Carter Gary Chandler Donna Chaney Linda Clemmer Judy Cleveland Top magazine salesmen proudly display sales figure reached. 54 sg, Q Johnny Collins Morris Couch fa,..,f new Carol Rhoades earns the highly accredited title of Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow. Connie Cragwall Rickey Crow With a sigh of relief mid-term graduates, Darla Smith, Shirley Howard, Joyce Lucas, Barbara Woods, Barbara Pendleton, and Donna Ramer, pause for a pose. Ricky Cruz Sherrie Day Jimmy Densmore Rhonda Derrick Qiwfl Helen Dow Renee Eyzaguirre Linda Folley Alese Futch Pat Garner Gary Gilly Nancy Glasgow John Golliday faf jfyje ur gufczre Dale Football Boys 56 N P 1 ' Q iw Linda ' Ui .ME Ann Zonta Girls for the year of 1966-67 are fRow D Lou Greenway, Alese Futch, June Perkins, Cindra Lewallen, CROW 21 Sue Bluethman, Ann Strawhorn, Carol Rhoades, Linda Hassler, and Judy Cleveland. Mary Green Lou Greenway Larry Griffin Di-Ann Gunn Lorita Gordon Charles Graham Peter Grant Roger Graves A' l . ' F wg 6 i ' if , W V! f . , 12, ' w!Z1T1 I V 'f lg ' ' w N 75 W I i,,i . , , "' ' :Uwe ,il 'f,f,l1,t'Hge1fl,''g-vw fl' , ,, V . l , ,, ,IMQM fwiiwliw,.rw '-2 , ,y Q , ,, V W, L Nw , igfsw rl fm., 4, , 2? ffm' M 1 1 ii V' ' A , l,,.. 1 in , H , A ,, 1 A - ' .V Zfwaffuwfzwwm.-,W f-" V ,. W - . H ' yu I . . ' I J? , . Akira 2 , ,, ,, M 5 M W " 1' f W 'Fw gv if YS A ,. ,fm K wmv: ,J QF,-.zfi,, V we Q W ff ff' W M S X E ,ff Q Ms A 4 mf: My H X s W Z f Q ff! is W a l J W K X 5 4, 4 f W f L 7 rw eff, ffgli W W K'V'5,M! wr , " , ' , '-Z, ml , g ,,,1 .f5,jgy5:rQp,x' 375:35w,9q.,g35ig5zg5Qgwg, f, ,Ag K' rf , 9 . V'wff3-v'1h,i,f " W.. 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Wm' 1' Joe Pinnelli Cheryl Pittman Paul Porter Suzan Price enzbrs goof fo gufufe or Ecoyress ei' .-'ffl' 'W u i . ,:,Hc? fix Q Football boys receiving scholarships proudly display the Mrs. Deavenport presents Melvin and Billie TSC sweat shirts of their respective colleges or universities. scholarships from the National Honor Society. ln Terry Price Bobby Pylant Donna Ramer Louise Ratliff 62 Jackie Reynolds Carol Rhoades Phyllis Rhodes Robert Richards Eoofzlny fo jjasfjgf lzemorzes 3-AAA All-District 5-AAA All-District Gary Rogan James Rush Linda Sauers David Sexton 63 invitations. Lloyd Kuykendal 1 fi x x X132 av aw Q airim 5'-15 ' 2' 5 'riff vi, , ,, iii, ,V .. 5 2, fi' ' 7 ff 'fir i i , 'f v, :f4:f:,f15fa4s"' Mwfif f - Eau V' , ' Q ww Q: to . if ry 1f'14?wiw'1wgQiir- iw . - , :gi ff , , H xi., - 5962 WWW: WWW ' Www xfqug ww. v . 538 ww... ' Darla Smith Melvin Spitzenberger David Stafford Brenda Stone Gary Stone Ann Strawhorn Lennis Summers Guy Tidwell Billy Tomlinson 1 joins our class just in time 5135 f an 'AMW Senior Assembly .,,4 , Q I. 5 1 . 4,, W ' Freddia Trammell Linda Walker Patty Walker Larry Wall Mike Watkins Karen Ware Danny Watson Jill Watson Sandra Watson Doreen Wilson David Whitenton Mark Whiteside Randy Wood 140122 C'dZ4QOft7GbG 0 CSCJOLFQ QFGOG From the firstday of high school as scared "Fish" to sophisticated Sophs engaging in many school activities, to eager Juniors who host the Junior-Senior Crown Jewel Ball and order Senior rings, to proud Seniors leading with their pride and spirit at pep rallies, football games, basketball games, and many other school func- tions, the big change to scholarly grads takes place. Then on May 23 as proud, sentimental, ostentatious Seniors we don our caps and gowns and with retrospective discernment and per- haps some lamentations, we begin our conquest of the future. Pictured at right are President Jimmy Helm, Vice- President Robert Justice, Secre- tary Ann Strawhorn, Treasurer Alan Johnson, Reporter Sue Bluethman, and Sgts.-at-Arms Melvin Spitzenberger and Mike Watkins - cap- able officers chosen by classmates to set the pace for the Class of '67. Graduation . . . mixed emotions Barbara Woods Penny Worley David Yates Diane YOURS 1 , M W W H ',li w 4' g N 2:3 . "' 514 lg , i. r ' V ,Y-x., L." ,W-'ix-.3 1 1. ns. A 'V . Senior officers pull for pride and spirit. 67 A ,, , ,f X ,Y :ff . Y if L W if 'vf,..:w, .nge UI?IbI1S' . CQJJ 0 765 +59 Q Linda Anderson Sara Anderson Sandy Bills iir in M I , , :, L M,1- 1559? kkk. ..'k Kathy Boucher Lynual Brannon r. s-rrkf-fi r , :i ffl - --,- . , 1 ,f - 'saw rss- sf-T5-' - s B9-TTY Bryan Linda Cannon ,. Q :,,. 1 1 1 ,x .A , an , - r f 4 Us-'l'S " Beth Ann Black Ernestine Bolling Dollie Boase 111215148 Zac! 97014 In the fall of '66 Juniors return to classrooms where hours are made long by the September heat. w. V- ,.-167 K yy pw! '19 J 3 I i f VV , Vf ' yriiy in ,ff M, 2 ig., if ny, X 2 1' I ,f - Q' ar e Y C rr aa ' f- I? "-' f 'tw ' .,', I fit: f ,, Jerry Carpenter Stanley Carpenter Pam Cavitt Carolyn Carr ,iWff,,,wL., ,',- f ,ar 4 Wai. Q 5 mi? VE' :gan .,fQ Z ,gvwfs Y Mary Jo Chandler Jimmy Chew 90-1401112 1 The lunch period affords Juniors time to gather and Vlgabll , :K f J will 1 R l ,fm 4, f, l 'J 4' f ,ya 2 ,Q lg gl. E9,l.w,,5ifFm1 if 6 iw! fs M W X :H,,.2e,kgj.l 1, 2 H Q 3433? f ip if 'Q ff EWS? x aw, 935, Q : iw . Suzanne Cook Gary Chick Sue Cranford Joyce Croft QM' Shauy Cruz Miles Currier John Cunyus Peggy Daniel Carolyn Davis Martha Deaver Steve Ditto Larry Doshier ' , ' ff me R . ,, Ja , wi :Y,f:5',le s V ' A 3, Ku- r . it J f 9' 1 Wiz X My J' wif 'WW , 1+ vm X B 8 A 1 " ' I -4. ,r -fi im , fl J , Q fa ' pperc assm Q12 af bwasf '-K.. ... V ",' ff f ' Q . A 'Q max E Joyce Dove Phyllis Dowell Karen Dunn Donna Frakes Gary Fulks Donnell Gaines in , f on ,, A W, K ' 'i f ',55X Y', ,gg he , i f D , We . .fyf.f,'fi1"':'a:' ' 1 1 . 22 .L 'ef :Z I 2' V' i f 1' Q5 . 1 oi ZII2IbZ'LS' Q f 4 54 M f gf, z ., ? w a . : IV QM 41? I Q , ? ez Janeth Giesecke I J '.'- '12 W Johanna Green P Sonny Goodman ' E? .35 ' ,ia H, , 5 .QT , f x it I 'W W 355' t w hy' Aix W ' Q' 59 sir, g f ikiw 1 3' VN L N 4, H fvccepf f7?es!0012s1'5zf19Qs Craig Heaton Kar en Hendrickson I if f Mike Henry ' Steve Hill 2, ,.'V if f ' -vnfv i iw Y 4 z'k,,52 A V, l i Q ., ' ig ia" ibut i Z P 71 , gl A q a'1-, Lou Hammett N - Ronnie Hampton , ' Janie Harwell 1 f I V f 1 36 it K, jg Af Z- f 356 yr - f ,fi , M ' Taking their turn operating football concessions, Juniors earn money for the prom. UZ2IbI'1S' Wm, any, reafq Zecofafe fo X Y if f vi' A, a 3 xg Q N , V X f A W' i xg X ' , 1 K ,Q VK ..., , X, ., K KM? Barbie Honsaker Charlotte Hooks Judi Houston Judy Huckabee Super salesmen . . . creators . . . d9C0I'21tOrS . . . Gloria Hyde Jerry Jackson Brenda Johnson Eddy Johnson 72 7 51QfQrfa111 91216145 0 67 . . anyfzl a Sherrie Johnson Diana Johnston Karen Keeney Judy Kenned bridge builders . . Prom merrymakers his 53535555 :W S X sri igwyiiii Mickey Koonsman Gary Lane Kay Lawhorn Cynthia Leatherman Mary Ann Leatherwood Debi Lucas Garry Lightfoot Larry Lightfoot Tommy Love Nancy McCarro1l ,L 'evmmi X wseegisfge iiiiiifgfkfifi 'fi .5 2ff??727?b if . Hx, of , ,K A X z My fl fig ,QU , aglex J ,L 552 Ui W 9 V ,f v N 5 f 2 z 9 V x 1 if 46 Z M44-N, Q X Wig ww Y. gig? K.. f , ,R . oyii n WK Q i 't'i ' . 2, . JW ff 1 fix:,,'y,'1f'Cfaf'lE , 1 N isf matuy .,1,,'e,:g,g 3 in 7 K ff P . , W, f i? L' 1 4 ,, , 1 Q fi", ' 'K ' 'fff'lf.: ' ILS 1C'5E,':1Yn w,H',1 :1i'f2",:ww in ,, X f J if M , f 'il Us waz? tiE,gg,? S jig, f as 5 X My 1 H ,Q as x ,rf Q 6 wk 1 1 A - ,.., A, ' 1 ' " : V .Ig.v:v5,,w,- .:-ffl,-.,.,,-M1 ig' ' I 57 7 jesfs fre yafen. I iowa, Y fi ,,.. , J if Teresa McCollum Bruce McNe11ie Kay Massingill Rita Mayo t Steven Meers W Cathryn Melton 1 enzbr 93122 yi? fre OJGQQJGQ Jay Mills Jimmy Moon Larry Moore Guyron Moring Deciding - Sizing . . Paying . . . 1 r i - L , S 1 1 2 " fg u ' L if . 1: Q x . 'N-:M K' 7 in 1. L- :. :':-r Q al A , X X 5 49 f" Sig gigikg-gk', iggg i iif?f'h'i"'Y' .. '-" 5 ,, i QL QE HQ rii.,, iL,,-1i - . 2 .,,. X kv 'N x i X 1 X, . K L' -Mg 'ggfgce l --'gp m - - 'Yi 7 sf , 151. '15 1, 52 :Tift " x ,... J K iii? Q Bruce Morton David Nix Cherry Overman Diane Oakes 75 unzofs yja Cf Q40 fx year P- ,,.. ,fl P ,- J 59" P P , .t P -11.1. P in 'I Sf 1 New ' PP t ,kkl L I pu. .,.. W P,-ft, .. X WW :P 'ia ' J J P t , .- K - QQ P H..- .3,, . P kr, . fa :f:'j.--'Q P, if--Q , .P -f e 1- gk Pak - P it ,L-.. , f - 5 5- -Pm: is-ivmfgfrfgy .- 1 JNPP if P--A V f-wgvw- Q Larry Patterson Jane Pack Joyce Parham Phil Phillips PP - '--, ig p .sf ' fznfzsiiiev ' 'J Yu - , 5'kji'5f5i,ziiEbi2 Zi' ' if W P - 4. 'f:.r:- EEE: 'W fiifwiigifiii "" Ty' P 22 315, kM'SifC "N" , ..., -P-'il-JL:-iP5i,liP7 "if PZ' LSL: P f- ff: M'-. W WM i'iii .P -f -ga P , na P. P , V " i.,. ' H zz- P, . 'Q' i , S ff N22 7 ' A R J' Q P 5 Ei rrrii P Mack Phipps Tinker Piper Jay Pittman Eddie Purvis vm. Vqiimsm. YS-Xxx J P P J, P- - P .,, PP P, , P.. , ,, P, I ,493 b y P :QE Welidell Quarles Jim Ramer Cathy Rampley Jerry Rankin 'fir f Q Pam Reynolds Jo Lynn Robertson 76 Barbara Schrimsher Gwen Sharp qfjfeznorzes cznofbvoof Q7 eaof Bill Sherrard 8 'Q-if ffxsw Vflivfvh- 1' f i n" 4 : , V : :Us S Dewayne Stephens Penny Thompson Mike Turley Sharon Shiflett ..,. . . 1 U viwr l g f g 1 ,cf ff' ' Ag, V , R 1 2 f : .. li' - : V ,,,, , , it ij ,I W fixxj l Sharon Stewart Bill Trammell AWK., , - I ' 14, .,,., f'gfq .5 ,img ll Gary Turney Kenny Stafford 1 Mark Snyder 4 5' . "Y I In J - ' V J 25 Q w i, l Joyce Stone Gary Stoner Jerry plays his hand for the Junior class in double solitaire at the school tournament. 'B 'X . vi Donna Van Meter Azalea Walker r Y' 'N 'Q . if ., gf kkV" gLk-i K K Geraldine Walker Lindy Walker 5 fi g likfik .,,,, . Randy Whitman Molly Wofford 'UN Pat Worley Judy Wyly Gkss 0 765 Juniors return to SHS in the fall of '66 withvisions of their prom to honor the class of '67 already dancing in their heads. Inclass meetings elected officers organize and head projects - a football concession, mum sales, rummage and bake sales, and a car wash - to earn money to finance the big event. PSAT, scheduled by choice, offer an opportunity for Juniors to get a "sneak pre- view" of college entrance exams. Encoun- tering new experiences and accepting more responsibilities, Juniors bring recognition to SHS. Nancy McCarrollserves as a Jacket chee rle ad er 5 Mary Jo Chandler is head' majoretteg Cathy Rampley is Stingerette Co- captain and Mary Ann Leatherwood, Lieu- tenant. Ronnie Hampton and Lindy Walker receive Honorable Mention All-District foot- ball honors, and Gloria Hyde earns basket- ball All-District honors. Janie Harwell is selected saxophonist in Brownwood's Stage Band Festival All- Star Band, Mary Ann Leatherwood wins District UIL Shorthand competition. Sandy Bills is named FHA Girl of the Year. Bruce McNellie is selected to attend the National Science Foundation Train- ing Program at the University of Kansas, John Cunyus to attend the American Legion Boys' State and Nancy McCarroll to attend Girls' State. The April 29 Shangri-la and ordering class rings set the stage for finals and earn- ing the name, SHS Seniors. Junior Class sponsors - Mr. Hefton, Mrs. Crow, Mrs. Davis, and Mrs. Shipp - hold a small "prom" con- ference. i Wie- is- Junior officers pull for pride and spirit ,rf- ff? 0 Eonyer M ow-910912-012'-ffeeyofemejo Q77 -:Q w af frmfni, Q K-Kiki , i....f.i:iE-: .oe 93, Vkrr. K . K Q av 3, , if 1 . ix 1 wx: A' ,P ' le Peggy Alexander Jeanette Alsup Debbie Ballow Paul Baxter Dent Bills Mike Bills Alice Boren David Boswell Mary Brown Bruce Buchanan Shelton Burkhart gfggfgjii . " . " My Cmuth D ,.a,. an Patsy Carter Larry Cashon "At ' Sophs are an active force in fall football activities. eesrr l r e ,eya v D Q f B l . .. , or f if Qt , .-.i , - ff-C . . Sig' " Hiff-3:1 1' 1- il rvlr ,rr. , I S J., ,A ii if 'il fl at 80 Mike Cedars Deniese Chandler Sandra Chew Gwen Clark Wesley Clark Thomas Cole Jo Nell Cooke Ann Couch Mike Cranford Charles Crank David Daniell Linda Daniels aa Sw ,Q 1, " -' ' 'ffiwv z ,SX ,mfqfiaffi , A 2 1 ,X ix sm, Qual, I 3 -wr? K 7, Ei a 'W ,X inf s M I 4 7 if N, 2 t Q ,ix X54 Us if 5 fwigiixf. -Y'-,J -'MQWmy.awry-12,3peg' ,MW W ..,. . mag Lf ,qv ,M f fas,m,f3w . A KA W, ff" 5 . '- -1Q,iHt::5?4:Vf,:,, ' LJ UW? i , , ' x I i w - f vfa firi My fm Yes Tis ,V , mt sf 1, Aki -3.-H -Q .. lQ,,iis,51KlgQ ,V YV.: ,,i -: fn - .,.. M -I as V .H ew Wi -: ,Q , 2 --S ' 1. 4,2 .. , . :4 f WH' "fa-rv. , 1 5E'f:i""-W 'V fr Q9 . , lf faiirfii, I 325, .,, f ' ,,, L., -ww - . Q V Q. Q g ., ' f, LH' V' . ' J -, - .,,, . . Q 1' - Y ,, ,ev 91 WW? 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QEWQ , ' lf K 1 W i"':Zff,:rf,.v ai i '?'T.igqQ5fq5JL? 4' i n r Anthony Garcia Eddie Garner Nellwyn Garner Marcia Gordon David Gray Lynda Green Kennith Griffin David Hancock yyfany 0,055 Qjarbbzpafe A12 J anof porfs, Kathy Hancock Connie Hatch Ronald Heffley Kenneth Henson Frances Hill Mary Holder Melinda Holder Steve Huey David Huffman Dolores Jackson Dewayne Jackson Jimmy Jackson rf GQJS cfzbzkfzes. . ew XCQ if W i , Ai., - -1 'vii H- - ' is fall'-a , Q 5 ne, .M - as m X ii 9 s -'NK HL A W, Wie L K . Q K S 2 9 as S. ki -1 - 9 f 3' Yrs' se Q-4... Q in esrr 82 C1165 Sophs sign spirit bobk and beam at newly won trophy. Len Johnson . , .7 6 Q we Tommy Johnson . r ,.., Wu-' h Wim. M X ' P 5 X R " Q Linda Jones Sheri Jones ,, we-M '- Alta Keeney Johnnie Keith J J W K X J E rn N 4. ig QQ I - .iA, JL, A 5 ali' S4 'S px W-f , J ' "W Signs, 2' - f .1 i:1:sfgQE'?li2 Piss f f mwpQ.2'5's1g, i' i x eh ' f if fi , +L- X X . 'Y- in U .X KN we ng k 4 Xt f it ig K 8 ll- -fi 2 " 'Y 51 K N 4 wx' ,X Roger Kelly Garland Knipstein Linda Laney Woody Lawson Randy Lay Tula Lewallen Kay Littleton Hellon Luttrell -- A .i1:,,1 fm, ",' Q ' ,'kL Q "" . J .J I 1 ' Wie.'i' P. Marilyn McA11ster , , j Terry Lowery J V I if . N 1 slag , J , J ,',VV Danny MCG011gh s J K . H ., as fb- .,::-"g h, .3,3:,,-,. 1.2559-, ,gyjgfml 35,12-,S:iY.lz, w ,S 19' A 1 83 Ronnie McKinney Nika McNeill Pat Mast Kevan Meeha.n ' . it , Q anew., ,gg ' 'X P35355 ' e P it --5,5 .CZ V, V5 as :S if' , as-X 4 Q. ig u , 4 is A , -.,x , J oa.n Miller . . - 'ff ff" . , " Leslie Miller ' .. Z ,M Mary Montgomery w fy M 1 - Yfii' ..: " ' '.',- li M1237-:sian .Q 1 55 1 . ' X 'Q Pat Myers Patsy Overman Mike Pack Rita Packwood -our 3-1- '- ' ' xr-lin, 53555 "W r . if wg-gigaa, ', . , - . ' .- 1 1 Q ykirigsigk ' , -ff, .Wig L5Qfi'P5-tiki. '- ,N ff . b ' kvg: Q X, :V Q14-:,X,,:,Q?g ix tzfffi mn. - ,.L,f-fpg1g:,gA .zy,s,,M . ' w,'T Q5 ff-l7"5W ' . X. - f. 1'41"fWsMeP' . . .- 1 ,f-fwwfkiafe-1 L.: . , P X A . . ' err! 1.5 'Gee-1g,,' . .,,.Ms.f, f Q wmgferagsn-snag :S -f , ,W s:.?3ee3?ga: ii-.i1Q:.f1 M1ffL , .i',.LM, wi-,,, ,M as P- - Maw fvHii5ii3?-iifi' A ' ,, Si. if 2 - - A if-flffcfziff .. 1 ,W ,Q . ,ismqwfzi .,::. af, . A1 .-W-r-H.M-aw1-1-Mgbfsmmg 'aa H Agxi P ax, 4 -5 X S 8 is ,Q Q W ' .M g W Eff-S' Q rg, , a ,L k,,Lk V Ag, .. H .TI A , 2 Q35 e ' 5 sz siiifzeiigg- ft f f YYY? V ,: as : " A A mix Quan? Q? 15222 5 is NN ,,, Si Wi ,W 5, 5, KWSN my ff 55 P I U HQ- 7 ' - ' l-2-ff:1x,,fm:f7-my 4'g,gretE.:Z.?' ' 'Q ,Sxg!siigivgiffffiflixfgf V 1 fx wifi -1 21: ' -'fi1,iT'1iEs,:f . . ' f-,z,: , f?gf3:,iih ,- - ,wtf-,Q wg'z' ft . - sxhlffzsfwfs g..'ifs:+ 1,1 ,SE ' P 'itaifdfiyfffzm '- t , 1 X P , . , 1 f 1gifs,fe2','s2i,Q, i, , as U , - of4f2i-e3:gw,,g,fL i 'fi' rw-Q,'H?1f-,z'f9l il -limi it zi"f - ,. A,ggggfsfr1z,,i-ggeggisgsf -'f'2iS"lffYv , "1 'i 4-keiilfikii' Wgtgiawigpf? 1 , - .f , .MK-m11ym,':w,15 1, . 'MA X , 't ,'2,12Q:izUifsffiifsiffzlmxf -Q . tv fff22ff5E?Ssm,t5'f,fez.i QW f. , .A ,. Wzftmtkz jpg A . U . ,,L - m,,a,, , . Q+.,,., , m,,::3.,E, ,L1,falqy:5gEggf31 QQSVS H '5'efiLs5'fi 1, , ' "Q-V ' 5 -f 10565 K it I iff? 2 D fw .,i. x " '1 .2 -' ' ,' ', :gi '11, D- - -L V, - igglii I I ' 84 a+'- dt 1 R fi W' Q. .- X .4 wr ig K ,N ,,, 1 M '--- - iff fi ' -A if P: " ST. -Q--W , ,5 Debra Parnell Anthony Patterson Sharon Patterson Jerri Payne Nelda Pendleton Carolyn Perry Jimmy Perry J ohn Pigott Vicki Powell Jackie Quarles Paula Raborn Hazel Reynolds S7190 Ozzf 7014 Elk ancf Cgpzkzf Sophs take solo spots in Stage Band Concert Jimmy Russell Warren Russell Bob Scott Waylon Scott Wayne Sharp Barbara Shipp Annalynn Skipper Brent Simmons Kathy Slaten Glenda Slay Suzan Smith Donald Spinks .F .. ,. .1,:u- - kf5fT5QQQ.ffi'1 7lSi1iiW1fi'P 3 V wig 2-.5,gis:ri1i1aa4 gf: g. ,, ftgqfgwigf' ww-fl-vet -. .1 4 K ,.u,g',z.g.fv1.f.. Qflfti-.QQM 112 , -W -. 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G S Mike Spinks Lee Stanley Jerry Stem Linda Stephens Ckss 0 769 Pictured at right are President Jerry Stem, Vice-President Anthony Garcia, Secre- tary Linda Dickerson, Treasurer Nika Mc- Neill, Reporter Suzan Smith, and Sgts.-at- Arms David Gray and David Daniell - capable officers chosen by classmates to set the pace for the class of '69. Emerging from a fresh- man year full of happy times and work, the Sophomore Class swings full blast into a new and even better year. No longer expected to do Seniors' bidding, "Sophs" take an active part in every phase of school life. Silas Mar- ner, Julius Caesar, and second place in the school tourney are the Sophomores very own, but spirit contests, sports and work of all kinds add to the Sophomores' year as the Sophomores add to the year for the whole student body of SHS. -V 35 ' , V -if --:ii 2 - 1- ' 1 1 f if-'-'-.1 - ' wx w,,-giiff eizu, c "E: f Q 33-5-ig wggflyass SSD ' ,gr X . - -f. e A fd--5.125-w 'af14i,1:A f tl, iff : ' Mwt:1Q1:s. fi i 1? l f . , , W as as at Q f Y M ig 4 t 'M W g s bs, 3 if 5 S X ,Q Q 1 " X 5 1 1 X, 'ff Q f f rig , XZ1., ,. 3 fr E T X-is Q. 2 X is L 5 XE ' E K Q t M N i Q , 1, -':: '-if R 5 i Mike Stewart Billy Thomas Diane Thompson Timmy Thompson Mike Walker Neal Ulmer William Walker 5' Qu' ft! at Linda White Barbara Williams x S wx ,Jays S V 1555539 . ia k..:, g L. i .,.'- V i 'iff V15":il. ' K if 'E' :mm f fl 'fi Q its f D Dale Watson Hank Watson Pat Webb r S . , .k,VV: t 1 , ,,i,',a.'t y - S t - - lalt 1.1 fi tli. ' K In k',1 K Ts, 'L Q V1 , Sl w slat, ' Linda Willis Ross Wolfe Sam Yeates 86 'sf A ar- 4 N -. fly p w,fQpaw, Q- i, ', W 'fl i 'M' K -Q. x w .pw U if 1 wi M Sophomore officers pull for pride and spirit. 87 'W f fi QQ, ,fi In 'TXCWQ 4 or :If ,f 1 V L Q A B Q Martha Adams Rhonda Adams L ' TWP 4 .rsgifp .. ,--Ja 7. L. - f we 53? H Q 5 L fe, -Q, W Q ww iff If W mLff f L, ,. 4:11 w ' " , so so B M ff if Brad Allen Wayne Baker Y 'X 4 N S f A 1 ' is Mi vga B Q A , ill L wsfgis- RY' Weef ffe GQJS 0 770, Fish get initiated into "two-a-days." an Gary Barron I Q Gary Bills Pat Bills Murle Blasingame ial ll,. -'..fg.Q-5-xi x wiiofisff- fr., 1-1, -5,31 - ,W - af.. -,z as .? ,,,,,ik ,f A i 's , 1 if rngfz- -f Eddie Bramlett Cathy Brandon Pat Brodnax Danny Brown ,l,, ,wwf 1 fr .. 'fn H .Q .. .S ,.- - fy , , Eddie Brown A Sue Burkeen h ' , Frank Cannon - "",' George Carpenter , , A 88 Q... W X fx rf ,.,- twwi? ,jvsfon I ., if an mx L1 . 165 gras men Csfronj Frank1e Carr Steve Carter Freshman girls join Jnme to watch pre-school scrimmage. Carol Chick Louann Cranford Linda Dalby Steve Deaver Ronald Derrick Ed Eads Judy Ellerd J ohnnye Engler L A wg Susan Eure 1. lx ' KXAA' W .V Mt De De Everett 1 Greg Fannmg Q 5 is Laura Fanning Q Q, l Y f ,- v - '51 - H455 .','a- 1- t fi , --- 55 89 Diane Caughman Rusty Chandler C .... V .Iifirrxf ' ' HK -jg A ' ' - 5 ,A 5 ' fzigv .5 1 K ff 45 ' 1-'R -' -Q, 15' K , .. Q1 33" -' 5 was ,Q 142 "" . xx A.- - . ,. A ,.3k.m,.5I, T, W h, i ,, v ate:-' q S.- ff.xa b ' R I , .glial - X V- 5 ,.-Ui' as: 2. we C ' e ' H' .' t, 3512... .-:tif . 1-:fm z -:www .w 'F 1, - 'saliva A 'V FEL-, -Kiwi' fr , Wh-1es'i 5:72 f 'fa - ,f ' ' . f , .il F5334-q.fA-51. , Q-,.f-f:"i1' f-+- A U, N ,, , qfiliug ' -as it A A fig-2s 'i1P,e ft, v- V - . 5-- X7tXM5...'I: 1 ' K . W ,. ii: ..,P:., .tw .. ra' " : X '- '- -M fx 7- if? 55-.twin 'SN-JvWT,'35' 1 Y P 1, szfif-I-f.,'g2' ig- ein: s .2125 -Wva"-'g22-m.'f'+Fi'e sa, 1 Q3 Reima '.- "inf" 4 I --r'3x!?N R: X-- N .D . gran-my +G f -' Eg ,l-M95 " ?2i52k:TlJ:i351, 5 3'.f'3s'43?195'k'i Sk :QS PW ymgofqf y as lQ o ,V 1495 12633. . ,g gk. V 5,5 gw.-if f gf 15f"W Mk N, ,,..,: 53 3 b SVN N Lamarvin Faught Norma Ferguson H 1-fr 3292? X S A 5 Karen Fitzgerald Joe Garcia Freshmen show respect for upperclassmen Davld Golhday Kerry Goodman Susan Hadderton z" a 1 r.rr ' ,- sv - V Brenda Hale Marvm Hale Dale Hancock S ev Nancy Hancock K Ricky Harding Jr... L 32:15 .. -s 141. gszx, 5-, xg ., .' 1,4 Qc.: ..f , .ws .R A + Q .v Via, if. X fr z.: ', 1:.:,' Q A ex' g, ...!.,.:,. X K gf: 2: it .S " David Hancock Mike Hancock Janice Heffley John Hefton --apr' h "WSF A , . iv M as Qu? 5 gg' can pa W 'Q .fau,, . if'i"'3Rwim 'iffffffffw Q Q' 3 Y' r 131'?',.'?5 f ' -i l 90 Would you believe pre-game relaxation the key to winning ways of Freshman gridders? Powder Puff gridiron stars faboveb contest Chamberlin boys. Ralph Hymer Connie Jackson L so L Phyllis Johnston , 6 gg, Sally Justice . A, ., or un ' ' lf Aff.:-'Q 234, 5, .. U any . 1 MQ, Seam- Qiflffgfsf 'figs L'f:f:::'fu1rF:f W 0 'F , Deana Koonsman Sandra Leslie Roger Lowery Vicki Lowry K., 96012626152 waz, Q is ' . ir-s- we--f -:AQ -f s. f' - Sa S ' - Biff Henningson Debbie Hooks 606149117 QS S r ries - il a X L Craig Hodge . , '39 rrfi X 1 1 Sfmt .,. fa., pf. ix-5 if , ' is . 3. wg .Q V W .a -..-X f X I X g S ix AS a s . X gs Patsy Hooks mi xv. .1 .H 53,6 WS we .35 , -gg as -'f .f51Vaw2'5f xlfvbfc-l'5nN,f . 9 sf? , f My j 2 Q X "' w Q ies M 2V"+" if we . .f me-'.z:,' . , :5,uimf.wQa,mfQ4?fi g 1 ' 12 ' Q if re f ' ,Q I yn m D sharon Luttrell D x David McCann yyiiyly? I Jimmy Mccaffv lii 7 Richard McC1eskeY Jif ir,, yk fq -riser! Aiik V i'., Q at ?gWiS W 91 Csfowzlny Wespecf fo CMUPQFC assmen, X ' fit' L' ' Duncan McMahan 1 -Us . X 3 A s 1.0 ., , Barbara Manley Debby Martin i - ,fl ,S Donita Martin Karen Martin Sharon Mast Muffin Morton Diane Moon Martha Melton Mike Miller Pam Musick Richard Nachtigall Last bell and still "lots" of pictures to make . . . 92 ig' My Lkkk I gfflf r r.rr i 0 1' H ' f k " o ' ' Larry Ogle Sheila Outlaw Randy Pack Ray Pack Become yjczrf cyf Cgcfoof . .qs D E . YA ir, , :,P '- i , t jew -.rn .:... - is . N 9 NNI V. Hwlififfjf ..,, J gg' as 53 N A M5151 Q . ii.-'fi-9?2f,. ,wwf 3 ,F .E 3 Billy Robinson Mickey Robinson ,V K an-' 0 5 5 f " e 'iY511S'3ii" --.' a5"5J5',3 5 , Debra Robison Carol Roden William Parker Deborah Pipes Patty Purvis , Connie Porter h h in ' - F '- R H ,ii we we n Qi f H X N , waxes-ii-ii F Carroll Quarles - Sandy Quarles Q . ..,, ' m Jerry Ramer V ' H Q- if Ann Ray Debbie Rhodes 93 Suzi Robertson David Riggins Sadr-4 'Yi . 79 1 Q x 3 Qi Q wb i xg: is X ,, .Sag nz. .flbfq 'F N f X -8 ' Q5 is 43 H N gf of Town "Fish" stay after school for annual "pix". K-.., Wesf 44951114906 . . jesfs CSIZOQIFQ -my , 2,593 E S59 3 'gg"g A A'g.,g ffl, if is ', ig A p .. Uk ., ., N, ,.'A,.L ifjig " ' mLm," i iii! Inf S. V Lk,, . r ,, . ' Hi ' H' izff fw- 4'-iw SS. Z-My y mp 2 -' Mir ' Nita Stephens Cynthia Stewart Gene Stewart Johnnie Stocks Clifford Saxon Pam Sharp Janet Shiflett Scotty Shuffield Brenda Simmons Ellen Skipper Diane Smith Jerry Smith Joanna Sparkman Bill Spence Lanny Spikes Gary Stas ey y S is is kzjr.-.L gX W 'i if w Ll sg .sm A X EEE ws- Q ,v WSJ Lark ex 1 2 If 'f 1 bt? "' ' e i ii? i S 5 .rf L fs' . . onfrzgufzby Trl' Q cmof Cgpzkzf 5 if A - Darrell Stone 4, Sherri Stoner e' e' Z 'e'e ' T K g . -- les -' , . .k'L M' 6 -if S Pat Swam - S S S , 152 --,.1 rf Mike Tate . -- fs SR Y ' QV 2 NM H sf' K 'Swim i, ' . Debra Taylor , Q Q , ' Jo Ann Terry f x iinw fil' Donna Turley T eeor L.. Mark Vandaveer ev S YK teaser .,., T T 1. ww Vickie Vaughn .1 '1 AW, X . . ., rrrr H , -- - Q-Q T , Jerry Walker Sify' T 4 T Ronnie Walters it . DWG-111 Weems ' , 'N --XX f - - - , l if . , ' Sherry Whitacre Charles Williams Ronnie gets a big hand at the Stage Band Talent Show. COpposite Pagel Grueling CAT tests . . . a new ex- perience for freshmen. Delbert Wise Dale Wood 95 Joe Garcia represents WJ Fish in checkers con- test at School Tourney. Two Steves consult sponsors Mr. Johncour, Mr. Pilcher, and Mrs. Isbell. Newcomers Carol Rollins, Cyndy Price, and Rhon- nie Smith visit the SHS library. waz? Qiff exf year Pictured at right are President Steve Carter, Vice-President William Parker, Secretary Steve Deaver, Treasurer Sherry Whitacre, Reporter Rusty Chandler, and Sgts.-at-Arms Ricky Harding and Joe Garcia - capable officers chosen by class- mates to set the pace for the class of "70. Emerg- ingfrom a fum-filledyear at Junior High, Freshmen find themselves caught up in a whirlwind of SHS activities. The first day of school finds Fish down on their hands and knees to Seniors. Buttoning-up, singing the school song, and leading cheers are a few of the "musts" for Freshmen. By participating in many activities "Fish" gain a sense of ,belonging and soon become "real" Jackets. As the year comes to a close for one hundred and sixty-five, members of the class of '70 are largely looking forward to a bigger and better year - for Sopho- mores have no hidden fears. ,lla-rv. Clinton Wright S Mary Yarbrough Y 'rxxi ti lf. u Kenny Yeager Larry Young We-" Shirley Young Glenda Zimmerman 96 5 Y' F 1,1 Nr- f ... Freshman officers pull for pride and spirit 97 Trl' Q anof Qgpzkzf lk? w jg in S X C Representing action at SHS are Student Body President Nolan Brandt, Stingerette Captain Linda Hassler, Head Cheerleader Lou Greenway, Regional Golf Medalist Ed Brooks, Drum Major Gary Blasingame, Honeybee June Per- kins, Football Tri-Captain Mike Watkins, Stinger Sta.ffer Sue Bluethman, and Jacket Co-Editor Judy Cleveland. 98 1 w Activities inject into a year a myriad of memories. Victories and defeats, games and parties, concerts and speeches - these reflect good times, fun times, thoughtful times. Athletes meeting - each with desire to win-possessing pure enjoyment of physi- cal activity, stimulation of competition, satisfaction of achievement . . . Dedicated participants and cheering spectators - grip- ped by tensions, hope - drawn together by common goals. Organizations enhance SHS, giving it pride and spirit. Groups strive toward goals ofservice. Members realize personal gains of sacrifice, friendship, accomplish- ment, and contribution. 1 Qsfzzofanf 5191122 ukfors . . Janie Arendt Kevan Meehan Head Cheerleader Lou Greenway Peter Grant Nancy McCarro11 Richard Leeth 0 Me U3 ue, 70 ffe gofaf Here's a toast to Stephenville High, We her praises ever sing, Stand and cheer her name once againg Loudly may the echoes ring. Fill a glass for happy times, Sons and daughters ever true, Always holding deep in loyal hearts The Spirit of the Gold and Blue. To the Blue - To the Gold - To our school and its glorious historyg To our faith - To our zeal - To the days we remember so joyfully. To the Blue - To the Gold - May we carry our banner to victoryg To our hopes - to our dreams - To the world we shall make ours some day Here's to all our glorious past, Here's to our victories won - Here's to glorious future years. For our fame has just begtm. Fill a glass for happy times, Sons and daughters ever true, Always holding deep in loyal hearts The Spirit of the Gold and Blue. eep Jacfefs' 230124175 'WMF 9. gf Q, , L j -f - t-,J Af ff ' ' :wx ' JAC KEU 3, ,H my , W , , 1 ,L ei 1 Q23 ' 2? V Q 2 4 A M I .wa I wg' f fy 1 'if 3 f "" ' Z? - ,N k.,i., ,.,A, , , Q ,""-- ' -' fr' J xgvf' fx V J 3! ' Q f D. I fi K f , A , x E41 A1 X 4 5 1,5 ,fm wzfiffff ' ' '53 9 'X SM? , ff K, s , ,. ,.. W + K-,hw af-lffwm' -- f n V f 5 52 ff? .man ,Q ,fa lOl Two-a-days afszky jacfefs Wame 55,1212 weeffearf' Game captains David Stafford, Robert Justice, and Mike Watkins bestow Jacket honors on Football Sweetheart, Ann Strawhorn. lO2 CRightJ Happiness is victory over Weatherford putting the Jackets back in the district race. Coach Johncour gives his evil grin of approval to coach Davis' latest p1a.n of strategy. ' vt L vcvu 5 h CDQQ, 9001. , an of jrzl- Gapfwhs Dale Brock 175 lbs. Mike Watkins 200 lbs. Senior Back 3 Letters A11-District David Stafford 160 lbs. Senior Back 2 Letters Hon. Men. A11-District t los Senior Guard 3 Letters A11-District - jacfef yjrzbfa. . Z8 Season Instilled with traditional SHS pride and spirit, the 1966 Jacket Varsity with fifteen returning lettermen enthusiastically exhibit team effort to post for head coach Kenneth Scott a 7-3 season record, the same as that of his '63 Jacket team and the best since 1963. Assisting Coach Ken Scott in guiding the athletic fortunes of the Jackets are coaches Bill Keeney, Sam Taylor, and two newcomers to SHS, backfield coach Barry Johncour and line coach Don Davis. In pre-season scrimmages, the Jackets clip Graham, only to bow to Hamilton. Then in early season practice games while "shel- lacking ' Duncanville, the Jackets lost to two state-ranked foes, the Granbury Pirates and the Brownwood Lions. In district play the Jackets, after losing an early battle to Miner- al Wells, remain in contention for a piece of the crown by upsetting Weatherford to give SHS the sweet taste of aHomecoming victory. Their title dreams disappear only when Weatherford fails to hold Mineral Wells in their final clash. The Jackets finish a respectable second in district competition. Sixteen senior Jack- ets can remember a good last year as 5-AAA statistics show SHS having the most pro- ductive offense, 276 points. Also eight play- ers are named to the All-District Team while six others receive honorable mention. Mike Watkins, Gary Chandler, and Randy Wood receive honorable mention for All-State, and Dale Brock ties for fourth in Schoolboy AAA scoring. "Potmd for pound, Jim is the toughest man on our line," thinks Coach Ken Scott as he hel s the in'ured Jacket P J leave Grapevine's gridiron. 4 al Uarslzy land Kmpstem serve as 1966 football managexs SEASON RECORD Jackets Opp0I1entS Granbury Duncanville Brownwood Brewer Mineral Wells Diamond Hill Azle Weatherford Lake Worth Grapevine At right, Hale strides for a Jacket TD. Mike Watkins and David Hale make a stop. ff? Qamwor 91093 acfefs 276 J 0112213 Jim Anderson 150 lbs. Senior Guard 2 Letters Hon. Men. All-District William Bates 210 lbs. Senior Tackle 2 Letters 106 Nolan Brandt 165 lbs. Senior End 2 Letters All-District ,AVI At left, tmable to find a receiver, Chandler gets a 20-yard runback. Below, Brock makes a good move. .QA r""W ri? 'kai new 5w 13.5, A 5 gg KV fy 'S Wosf yjrooqzcfzoe fwnse John Brock 160 lbs. Senior End 2 Letters All-District ff 'W Gary Chandler 200 1bs. Senior Quarterback 3 Letters Hon. Men. All-District 107 Roger Graves 176 lbs. Senior Quarterback 1 Letter K fi fi. A David Hale 160 lbs. 2 Letters Senior Back A11-District Eddy Hooker 190 lbs. 2 Letters Senior Guard A11-District ,!l' E Robert Justice 215 lbs. 3 Letters Senior Center A11-District Ccjzyff jacfefs Wage Qzkfrzbf geam N A real Jacket tackle . . . Lowering the boom, big Rob deals Ram quarterback Bob McMurry "Justice," Danny Watson 160 lbs. 1 Letter Senior Back John McAlister 190 lbs. 2 Letters Senior Tackle Hon. Men. All-District Joe Pinnelli 200 lbs. 3 Letters Senior Guard 155 of ecezbe 0120ra6Q Wenbbn Randy Wood 215 lbs. 3 Letters Senior Tackle Mac makes a good block, but the hole closes too soon. 109 All-District Jackets clear the way for Hale to rum back that pass interception. Gary Fulks 160 lbs. 1 Letter Junior End Ronnie Hampton 190 lbs. 2 Letters Junior Guard Hon. Men. A11-District llO David Nix 155 lbs. 2 Letters Junior End we 1225 fb a Wow Cinofgooofcseason Walker strides for the Mineral We1l's goal line. Duke Everett 135 lbs. 1 Letter Sophomore Back Bill Trammell 155 lbs. 1 Letter J Lmior Back Lindy Walker 185 lbs. 2 Letters Junior Back Hon. Men. All-District Ill 11121614 arszky ompebffbn W0 ay QROW lj Billy Thomas,Jerry Rankin, Larry Cashon, Mike Cranford, Eddie Garner, Stanley Carpenter. fRow 2D Coach Johncour, Anthony Garcia, Mike Henry, Ross Wolfe, David Gray, Neal Ulmer, Hank Watson, Larry Doshier. CROW 31 Jerry Stem, Wayne Sharp, Terry Lowery, John Moon, David Fry, Kennith Griffin. fRow 41 Kenny Henson, David Daniell, Larry Richards, Randy Lay, Terry Fitzgerald, Mike Walker. I SEASON REC ORD J ackets Opponents 20 Hico 42 26 Diamond Hill 6 l 1 2 Comanche 8 0 Brewer 1 6 6 Mineral Wells 28 1 14 Cleburne 30 20 Azle 33 0 Weatherford 20 0 Lake Worth 8 64 Grapevine 6 112 Qzres men Josf 7-0 Wecor zhnzby 2 Q43 EGGCZQCQ amass CU S70 Cop fblbfrzkffj Grown SEASON RECORD f' jiri' 14' Jackets Opponents 30 Hamilton "B" O 6 Cleburne 22 38 Comanche 12 44 Brewer 20 48 Mineral Wells Lee 0 52 Mineral Wells Austin 28 36 Azle 14 16 Weatherford 6 44 Lake Worth 14 46 Grapevine 8 K . V tg, ikfckvs Frosh Action CROW IJ Larry Ogle, Ed Eads, Eddie Bramlett, Craig Hodge, Bill Spence, Jerry Ramer, Gene Stewart. fRow 23 Danny Brown, Dale Woods, Ray Pack, Randy Pack, Frank Cannon, Mike Hancock, Gary Stasey. CROW 35 Steve Dea- ver, Greg Fanning, Gary Barron, Ronald Derrick, Ronnie Walters, Eddie Brown, Jeff Bennett, Joe Garcia. fRow 45 Scotty Shuffield, Jerry Walker, William Parker, Delbert Wise, Rusty Chandler, Marvin Hale, Carroll Quarles. 1 113 1 f cofzkyy 6955? dydlbdf Qzbfrzcf 520973 762 X fi R tct 5 X7-Na Melvin Spitzenberger, Kenneth Jackson, Jimmy Densmore, John Brock, and Gary Chandler, known as the SHS Var sity "Big Five," Spark Jacket roundball action. SHS 74 48 76 58 45 48 59 78 65 67 70 54 53 63 Weatherford Brewer Diamond Hill Grapevine Azle Lake Worth Mineral Wells Weatherford Brewer Diamond Hill Grapevine Azle Lake Worth Mineral Wells Opponents 37 44 53 42 61 38 70 48 69 85 46 62 42 65 H4 VT, Coach Keeney warms the varsity roundball bench QS H5 Uarszky yjosfs 66 Wounogaf Wecor "Hatchet Squad" teammates - Nolan Brandt, Ronnie Hampton, Danny Watson, Jerry Jackson, and Gary Fulks - aid Jacket success. Mark Snyder replaces Hampton early in the season. ?l Managers Bill Trammell and Mike Henry look over season records. Brock goes under for two points. 1 I5 Nolan Brandt Gary Chandler S911i0I' 2nd-Team All-District 57 Points Senior 82 points John Brock Hon. Men. All-District Senior 133 points 2912512201497 byeczoflfzy jacfef cscofezg jffs 495 0 eamps 1536 Qzlnfs Jackets call time out to patch up "Dead Eye's" eye 116 Chandler gets off jump shot. Jimmy Densmore Hon. Men. A11-District Senior 495 points Melvin Spitzenberger Hon. Men. A11-District Senior 334 points Kenneth Jacks on All-District Senior 448 points jacfson Wecezbes Qlkfflbf jlgnors, Qensmofe Wages Qseconofgeam Kenneth Jackson shoots jump shot for another Graham's Swain comes unjointed as Densmore tries for two points. another basket. 117 Danny Watson Senior 5 points i n 'W X-S Brock moves in for rebound as Spitz shoots against Hamilton ciozfz, 70,0 jacfef f7?Q60ZII?OQZ3 98213 319 0 eamfs 1191 Wegoun 5 Gary Fulks Junior 9 points Jerry Jackson Junior 4 points H8 Mark Snyder Junior 1 point L7 U Qscoregoarofcgfows SHS 43 37 32 58 69 41 34 49 38 52 63 42 55 31 6H7 Qzbfrzbf g?ec0r0f Weatherford Brewer Diamond Hill Grapevine Azle Lake Worth Mineral Wells Weatherford Brewer Diamond Hill Grapevine Azle Lake Worth Mineral Wells Opponents 40 39 56 43 42 43 62 38 62 55 42 79 48 41 At left Jackets call a well earned time out. Spitz, top Jacket rebounder, goes for another basket. 5 Coach Barry Johncour directs cage efforts of both the Junior Varsity and the Freshmen. 570612001114 OGC QS anfgrosf GGYQFS JUNIOR VARSITY: CROW IJ Kenny Henson, Mike Cranford, Bruce Buchanan, Marion Ferguson, Larry Patterson, Michael Stewart. CROW 2D Larry Cashon, Larry Richards, Terry Lowery, David Daniell, Roger Kelly, and Mark Snyder. High-point man Larry Cashon goes in for a lay-up. Coach Johncour fleftj uses time-out to improve JV game strategy 120 I 1 I Three "Fish" George Carpenter, Randy Pack, and Gary Barron go in for lay-ups. 5901526 yjozbfs anofa QH4 5905012 Wecor 561203 ZgQ ay ffe res man Z9 fcyjouzfzces CAGERS: CROW lj Steve Deaver, Ed Eads. CROW 23 Gary Stasey, Danny Brown, Randy Pack, Mike Tate, Eddie Brown. fRow 35 Coach Johncour, George Carpenter, Greg Fanning, Ronald Derrick, Gary Barron, Richard Nachti- gall, and Darrell Stone. 121 QS jfcg JYQJJXS 5157 L7 C7 Zzlffrzbf jracf Weef Pictured individually are five sophomores and one junior Whose combined efforts represent SHS Varsity Track for 1967. At right Frosh Track man- agers Gary Barron C1eftJ and Eddie Bramlett pose With cindermen CRoW lj Joe Garcia, Larry Ogle, Scotty Shuffield, CROW 25 Steve Deaver, Ronald Der- rick, Dale Wood, CROW 33 Danny Brown, Gary Sta- sey, Ray Pack, CROW 41 George Carpenter, Ronnie Walters, and Eddie Brown Who join With Jr. High in hosting invitational track meets offering opportunity and inspiration to young track enthusiasts of this area. Duke Everett Dean Robinson -ww Frosh Cindermen 4. Garland Knipstein Larry Richards Dennis Smith Gary Fulks 122 V 'W QS jfcs gown? QQ!! 122 ffe QSXQXQQ Qswzhy gf ys Defending District Champs Kenny Henson, Ed Brooks, Danny McGough, Nolan Brandt, and Jimmy Helm fkneelingj tee off for State competition. Off to State they go! ! 123 Regional M e d ali s t Ed Brooks measures the distance to state honors. Not only does the SHS Jacket Golf Team repeat as District Champs, but Ed Brooks also re- peats as District Medalist and Coach Bill Keeneytakes tophonors in competition among district coaches. Aiming toward higher honors, the Stinger teammates come out on top in Regional com- petition and advance to the State Meet, Finding Austin's Morris Williams Golf Course a tough challenge, the Jackets take third place behind defending state AAA champs, the Seguin Matadors, and Beaumont Forest Park. L7 051200111473 jacfef C' Gaseys 77 CMU af Za!! Jacket Nine, ready for action. . .Wirming all four home games and experiencing three losses on the road, Stinger diamondmen establish awinning 4-3 record for Coach John- cour's first year as baseball mentor. Posting a hefty .360 batting average for the short season, the Jackets just miss atie in the 5AAA race by al5-13 decision to Mineral Wells in the final game. y,yQQf,a.. er!-yff? OI? ffe Zag INFIELDERS: CROW lj Mike Henry, Guy Tidwell, Gary McC1eskey, Randy Lay, fRow 25 Kenny Henson, Gary Stasey, and Eddy Hooker a..,lJ,C?1f5Z?:k S, KE ,Q 124 A Wm y?Z7C6QI4.S an . CATCHERS: Bill Trammell and Mike Watkins OUTFIELDERS: Row 1 Bill Trammell Jerr Stem C 7 Y Anthony Garcia, Marion Ferguson, 1Row ij Jerry Car: penter, Gary Chandler, and Guyron Moring 9121213 . . PITCHERS: Ant Chandler hony Garcla, Kenny Henson, and Gary GdfCgQfS Q --5, , l Zzyyesf Q-aacfef II? C3 H5 SINGLES: Brad Allen DOUBLES: John Cimyus and Brent Simmons M-regvgvw-,-,. X 1 1+ W- -H even enzbrs iffy Ears!! Season Sys 7396.3 Janie Arendt Rhonda Derrick Lake View See-S another 2 point Senior Guard Senior Guard d1'0P th1'0ugh the hoop 35 Glori 2 Letters 1 Letter Hyde drives in- Pat Garner LOU Greenway Cindra Lewallen Senior Guard A Senior Guard Senior Forward 1 Letter 3 Letters 3 Letters All-DiStI'iCt A11-DiStI'iC'L 126 5 9 f S E .+e.,,w, if ,, Y., VARSITY HONEYBEES: CROW lj Lou Greenway, Cindra Lewallen, Janie Arendt, June Perkins, Pat Gar- ner, Lynn Luttrell. CROW 25 Cissy McMahan, Barbara Shipp, Dollie Boase, Debbie Ballow, Gloria Hyde. Resting up f?J before the big game the Happy, hungry, and victorious Honeybees! With d9teI'II1iI19-ti0I1 2-Hd Pride Coach Bees get together for a chat. Taylor looks over his '67 Bees be- fore leavingfor the gym and a 48-44 victory over Lake View. 127 our 'Kees Wafe Qzbfrzbf ,mm i Lyrm Luttrell June Perkins Dollie battles with 2 Lake View Senior Forward Senior Guard Maidens for a loose ball in a Dis- 1 Letter 3 Letters trict 3-AAA contest. All-District Dollie Boase Gloria Hyde Jl1I1iOI' Forward Junigr F01-Ward 2 Letters 2 Letters All-District Dollie Boase jumps and hits against Mineral Wells . 128 767 Huey ees I SHS? F-4 KZ GQHG amps Debbie Ballow Sophomore Forward 1 Letter Barbara Shipp and Cissy Mc- Mahan look on as Coach Taylor Lynn Luttrell drives in for 2 points against reviews the Scores, Mineral Wells. Honeybee guards make it tough for Gloria Hyde takes a long shot against Hamilton. Cindra goes for 2 Mineral Wells during district play. against Maidens. 129 Zfygees KROW Onel Vicki Powell, Vivian Lee, Hellon Luttrell, Mary Holder, Pat Myers, Deniese Chandler, Marcia Gordon, and Jane Pack. fRow Twol Patty Webb, Nika McNeill, Barbara Shipp, Debbie Ballow, Tula Lewallen, Cissy McMahan, and Linda Dickerson. All together now - one, two, three, Substitute Vivian Lee waits to be. Tears of sweetvictory roll after B- "Let's Go!" "buzzed" into the game. Bees stomp Lake W01'th' ,Kees fRow Onel Vickie Lowery, Rhonda Adams, Deana Koonsman, Nita Stephens, Diane Caughman, Jo Ann Terry, Sandra Lesley, Suzi Robertson. fRow Twoj Ann Powell, Diane Moon, Shirley Young, Pat Brodnax, De De Eve- rett, Sherry Whitacre, Connie Jackson. fofzhy. . . Uokygaf I L VOLLEYBALL: KROW Onel Gloria Hyde, Pam Cavitt. CROW TWOJ Cissy McMahan, Lynn Luttrell, Dollie Boase. CROW Threel June Perkins, Jane Pack, Debbie Ballow, Jo Ann Terry. Barbara Shipp Singles June Perkins and Janie Arendt' Doubles Y 131 Miss Smith sets her alarm to keep a watch ful eye on tennis and volleyball players. gfen ezmzls. . . Zzyyesf Wacfef LUIQQUQ anof Gaffy 53600069 cgfzlnyereffes Captain Linda Hassler Co- Captain Cathy Rampley QROW Onel Alta Keeney Linda Daniels Jan Jacks Judi Houston Ernestine Bolling Sheri Jones Teresa McCollum Mary Ann Leatherwood, Lt. Phyllis Dowell, Lt. Peggy Alexander Penny Thompson Joyce Croft Linda Jones Paula Raborn Judy Huckabee Mary Jane Montgomery CROW Twol Louise Ratliff Linda Willis Mary Hill Suzan Smith Charlotte Hooks Frances Hill Martha Deaver Pat Worley Ann Couch Melinda Holder Debra Dixon Alice Boren Debi Lucas Lee Stanley Mary Holder Linda and Cathy walk Stingerette Beau Jimmy Helm off the field. X9-f X ja es cv fo Zzkecf Mrs. Jim Harwell 52 N X , 4 X www Q' Q 44, fm if 7 , fn Wgg I lf' x -axlx +A 54 A ,R-F9214 , U is--115' I ff-117 , , I S . , - QW H K W5 1 + W QW fe? , ' 4 L ., , f ,,L,., f W My M, yjracfzbe 0 yjezygrm ance 134 A , ,fy 3 2 EE 'mei gm, 4, SHS acfef Zczzizof DRUM MAJOR Gary Blasingame ASSISTANT DRUM MAJOR Janie Harwell I35 "'--1W.w,,N,W,,W Q... 'W WM. ff 0z1120fgfjR0zzs1'c3 U Band perks up pep rally spirit. Sweetheart Jackie receives traditional gift, flowers, and kiss. Residents in the area hear Band music floating across the practice field early in the late August dawn's early light as the drum major's sharpwhistle calls members to atten- tion. The director's voice thunders into the microphone althoughheis as sleepy as anyone. Trombones slide off drowsy shoulders, but players soon learn to stay alert during vital marching practice. The Jacket Band gets an "A" rating for "Applause" and "Appreciation" in "Autumn." SHS drum major and majorettes are a spirited preface to every parade and at each half-time presented. Helping to synchronize the movements of the marching band, Drum Major Gary Blasingame adds dignity to all per- formances. The majorettes majestically step across the football field, leading the band in a spirited march. Their carefully coordinated routines are the result of many hours spent in training and practice. SHS members of the All-District, All- Regional and Area Bands are Muffin Morton, Richard Leeth, Paul Pendleton and Jimmy Perry. The All-District and All-Regional Bands also include Jeanette Alsup, Mike Cedars, Peter Grant, Janie Harwell and Bruce McNellie. Also Gary Blasingame makes the All-Regional Band, and Mary Jo Chandler, Jerri Payne, David Hancock, Terry Priceand Timmy Thompson the All-District. 592 QOUJGUJWMGYS THE 1966-67 JACKET BAND Band practice "sweaters" relax while Mary J o, Gary, and Mr. Harwell plan half-time routine. ary ancf 5155 aucy Wqbreffes geaof . i To the click of their drumsticks the Band and Majorettes strut through downtown Stephenville before raising their instruments to perform once more in the annual Tarleton Homecoming Parade. With a loud, shrill whistle, Drum Major Connie Cragwall Lynda Green Gary Blasingame starts the band rolling. 138 jacfef Zan Believing practice makes perfect, major- ettes spend many hours, early and late, perfecting half- time routines. Mary Jo Chandler Head Majorette Kay Littleton De De Everett JO Ann Terry 139 ysjanof Q39 cffozys FRENCH HORNS, OBOE, and BASSOON Gary Blasingame, Cathy Brandon, Janie Harwell, Terry Price. TROMBONES and BARITONES KRow Onel Paul Pendleton, Tony Huey, Carroll Brown, Len Johnson, Peter Grant. QRow Twol David Riggins, Charles Williams, Brad Allen. CLARIINETS fRow Onel Penny Worley, Geraldine Walker, Patty Purvis, Hazel Reynolds, Vickie Bills, Debra Robison. CROW Two! Debby Martin, Kathy Hancock, Gwen Clark, Duncan McMahan, Connie Hatch, Marilyn McAlister, Brenda Hale. fRow Threel PattyWebb, Sharon Luttrell, Jerri Payne, Darla Smith, Andrea Burgess, Anna Oxford, Johnnye Engler, Pam Musick. FLUTES fRow Onel Connie Cragwall, De De Everett, Kay Little- ton, Mary Jo Chandler. fRow Twol Tommy Collins, Jackie Reynolds, Johanna Green, Lorita Gordon, Rhonda Adams, Pam Sharp, Beth Ann Black, Janeth Giesecke. fRow Threel Martha Adams, Pat Bills, Muffin Morton, Karen Martin, Donna Turley. 40 0122 1228 C!-?51ff1CS SAXOPHONES fRow Onej Joan Miller, David Hancock, Ellen Skipper. QRow Two? Wayne Baker, Jimmy Chew, Murle Blasing- ame, Timmy Thompson,Dwain Weems. CROW Threej Debra Pipes, Jo Ann Terry, Debbie Harrison, Lynda Green, Cheryl Pittman. TRUMPETS and CORNETS fRow Onel Mike Cedars, David Sexton, Richard Leeth, Bruce McNellie, Jerry Smith, Azalea Walker. fRow TwoJJeanette Alsup, Rickey Harding, Gary Bills, Mike Bills, Judy Ellerd. BASSES Jerry Carpenter, Jimmy Perry, Bill Sherrard, Will- iam Walker. PERCUSSION QROW Onel Carolyn Perry, Debbie Hefton, Anthony Patterson, Thomas Cole, Mike Riggs. QROW Twof Rickey Crow, David Huffman. 1' li' ,if GCA? yljeyzzofog gs yjanofcsweeffearf BAND COUNCIL President Gary Blasingame Vice-President Terry Price Secretary Timmy Thompson Treasurer Mike Cedars Reporter Bruce McNellie Drum Major Gary Blasingame Assistant Drum Major Janie Harwell Quartermasters Anthony Patterson Mike Riggs Freshman Representative Rickey Harding Head Majorette Mary Jo Chandler Librarians Joan Miller Janie Harwell Cuba, Q fi ,- Q if Band council members at leftare fRow One? Gary Blasingame, Mike Riggs, Rickey Harding, fRow Twol Mary Jo Chandler, Bruce McNellie, Janie Harwell, Mike Cedars, Timmy Thompson, and Anthony Patterson. Roses for a Sweetheart :rw-vw,-"" 142 VU - ff? ff? JFGCQCQ J er ecfs J QI' Ormance. . . 3 V ' E st ' , V55 xi N ,,... x if Q R X i as YNV Q A 4139 wt A L L ' KM-v,QsA,...,.,X.,.A,,-AAQ. nf . :ifg-Lfi f'Lf-M551 1 . 1, - R . MM. . . , K - ., ,F I. , k ,. . 0 U Y I N ,., L, ' 21 1 1 'F' 1--5 -ffm - 5' N1 1' .Lf . ., 2:f,, L g, .. :Q f , 1 1 ,kg :, -N x '-.11 L f' -'j Q: . ..,..S.Q:ss:'wg4,,Ls .14 x ,f ', I - ! t. ,P -V ' f V Z .Y :A , Q. .M - - x x - - iw 5 Q Q 4 . . , ,ugfi , , . 4 . --P fs -b ,. .xy J' , . - f ., .. fx-Fla - M? , ' ' -,- ' L' QQ- S ww -A -K 'mm '+- a " - L1 ... 1 E ,, . f , - L A, - qi Q. ,fx 'Piggy L , TL "Wvf44nf1L'5ff83 L K L Ugg Q, 55 gf 4.5. Q-Q53 E - a t :Q WM Q, ,V , v . K1 , - Q g A N, ,mm 0 nl - ,., ,3,gEg .. , ..4L,,,,, , . ,v f kb A M aj., ,K fy X N fl, QR v is 5 pe LL L 'S i ff - 2 -Lf 52: '7' , 7-Lg fm .fm f'f ff I - -X-, -A L - K , K v. 4 .f , .. W , . I L S k . - - i ' ., S X bg L Q if, ' . "' - : s r wx 1 ani? Hi-:fu-flma.U,,m4,.g.U .. . Q -. ' ff.: - V .- - gg W 1: X3 L W ' ' Q5 :gem 'L 173 1. 1, , f . 1-'i P. ff'-"" 1 ' L L Y ' L V -- K - --f-' . , .,,... 55 1 A - '---- f - . ' - - x L H -X--' W . . W ., . , ,M Q v f, .W A ,f w.:,4:NL..n,. ,. m1m..m,s. - - . .,, 143 C73 GCQ-S i Janie Harwell Brownwood Festival A11-Star Band Qzkecfor 12295 ygczncflziczn 122 ee Qjnvg SHS's recently organized "Tijuana Trash" gives an entertaining assembly with a "South -of-the-Border" atmosphere. ,Saw Ojfzny Zac .i f.vE3l1R?g,i,? J Blue Band members are CROW One-J Judy Cleveland, Mary Jo Chandler, Janie Harwell, Cheryl Pittman, Timmy Thompson, Joan Miller, Terry Price, fRgw Twoj Anthony Patterson, Jimmy Perry, Bruce McNe11ie, Mike Cedars, Richard Leeth, Jeanette Alsup, David Sexton, and Rickey Harding. T44 erry 971769 S70 zeoes Csfafe orczf Wan Guest accompanist for SHS Cho- rus is Muffin Morton on the flute. Chorus har moniz e s for SHS assembly. Terry Price SHS Chorus members are fRow Onej Geraldine Walker, Rita Mayo, Renee Ezzaguirre, Pat Worley, Brenda Johnson, Jeanette Alsup, fRow Twoj Karen Ware, Penny Worley, Debbie Harrison, Jan Jacks, Linda Clemmer, Judy Wyly, Patsy Hooks, CROW Threej Anthony Patterson, Ricky Harding, Janeth Giesecke, Dianne Smith, Cynthia Stewart, Johnnie Stocks, CROW FourJWayne Baker, Larry Young, Carroll Quarles, Paul Pendleton, James Rush, Terry Price, and George Carpenter. 145 T., E Q. U C115 Odsemes .Q-V , :fam - X -ay-xwasfr ex: wig i sa'-Q if if Straw Sz' 1 4 V -'A' ' i 71 X553 ':Zi:3'1ZEIl.': '4E'fI.l1 gg i- links?-Zf.'fff g . gk Q .. sfefgs5fz,',f 1 - . '- Ng W was X if 1 5 Q W ei' 1'Pigw's3e:ass5gf2gw5ii,.aresfggf-f- A J genre is Ai. as A fix f ev Sh . ..., T259 5532 - . eff ..-- f '- .mwig-,: X: ,. , , .. - W E K , f 1 . liif , JLf'155fl' ' ?f9l5?-'F",ff., iff ' ' I 'f F .1 xp. m e e .Qs V-:fe 2. 1 .gf ii ' , -ww 'f . : xg E 1 , ' ,I -H w: ., " -' :A f": ' . in Ib ,iQA?5Y:55Zf':1 1' Q' ' A ,, 2 X ,V p R i, si .. , .ifggiyf 54' ,F Q 1 5 152- bk mu XL E ,L Q L . fa N V .. ... ff V1 ft W A f M Junior High assembly skit Library is open early and late. Q. V. invites faculty for coffee. First period workers shelve books. Third period workers are buSy in The WOI'kI'0OI11- Fourth period Workers gather at the check-out desk i ,Ig VY? Q? 5 QLEANS' - Q n..l1, C abbnafbyzgrary wee! af CS H6 Q. V. contributes S10 to NHS scholarship fund. Indispensable library assistants - mem- bers of Quaestores Veritates, Seekers of Truth or Knowledge - keep our SHS library operating efficiently. This year for the first time, the library is kept open mornings before school and at noon. Judy Carruth and David Yates are on duty at these times. First period workers are Ann Strawhorn, Penny Thompson, and Lee Stanleyg second period, Mike Riggs, Diane Oakes, Judy Wyly, and Elaine Laughlin, third period, Alese Futch, Rita Packwood, Helen Dow, and Phyllis Rhodesg fourth period, Hellon Luttrell, Sharon Shiflett, Sandy Chew, and Martha Landesg fifth period, Jo Nell Cooke, Marilyn McAlister, Carolyn Perry, and Linda Anderson, sixth period, Debra Taylor, Barbara Schrimsher, Mary Ann Yarbrough, and Lynn Luttrell. Fifth period workers are seen in the magazine room. 5 ,. Ii Q Library aide Janice Womack and Librarian Cleo Fer- guson start the tedious task of inventorying almost 7000 SHS library books. Second period workers arrange magazine display. Sixth period workers judge book marks. Q csweeffearf 57 eye gufcf Q. V. Historian Karen Ware, at left, is "shooting" at first place honors for the 66-67 scrapbook. Officers, at right, are President Alese Futch, Secretary Linda Anderson, Re- porter Elaine Laughlin, Vice-President David Yates, and Parliamentarian Lynn Luttrell. 148 Wuhan af M12 or 0C1ef UNVW QOCHY X its V' A lj Mrs. Myrtle Deavenport Sponsor Sue Bluethman Treasurer Mary Green Parliamentarian Robert Justice Vice- President Judy Cleveland Reporter 149 Melvin Spitz enberger President Billie Bray Secretary Alese Futch Lou Greenway W5 y?ec'0y121'ZQ-S erojcq Melvin presides at the induction banquet for new RiCh2-rd Leeth John MCA1iSt6I' members . "Rm Paul Pendleton June Perkins Cheryl Pittman Suzan Price M.,..,M, . Carol Rhoades Ann Strawhorn Penny Worley Beth Ann Black 150 QSCAOQFJQQU, EQQQQIGSQQU, auf aracfef an ,M ,J Mary Jo Chandler Sue Cranford Peggy Daniel Joyce Dove Johanna Green Judi Houston Mary Leatherwood Steve Meers Congratulations are in order. Jane Pack Sharon Stewart 151 ff pi UO8.. Sandra Watson City Recreation Hall VOE meeting Patty Walker Office of Jim Walsworth Tax Assessor and Collector 'F Sherrie Day Poston Feed Mill President Billie Bray recognizes guests at the Employer-Appreciation Banquet. ewesf af C3 Mary Green Office of J. C. Helm, Jr. 5 R, Mrs. Myrtle Deavenport, VOE co-ordinator, con tacts prospective employers. Nancy Glasgow 'Stephenville Daily Empire and Empire-Tribune Di-Ann Gunn Stephenville State Bank I53 U O 8 Greczfes WH 0Qrsfa12 y gf .mm an-vw., -We ,V M H 323 5.55ei5gQQ : 83 Eiiii '53 yjuszh ess Jroce ares .mai Billie Bray Jones Chevrolet Karan Meehan Office of City Secretary 4 Linda Folley Herring Real Estate Brenda Burns Denman Tile and Carpet Company G CSQCOIQUX-CSUCCQS.yfLZfx 99014 Qsweeffearf 7fQOf-O90 S7Z'dl22I2?Q VICA Sweetheart Freddie. Tram- mell receives the traditional gift from club president, Coy Oakes. My 22 Qgfepg Q12 ww C3CAxOO1f,7Z0QI22 ers 0 QA :X 4 xx, if .1 N 3 V- wz? X33 1 Y, 5, 5 K X K if J L F: L 9' V 1 A ' was , 1, A . K ki S 2 -M if , , e 1, H- 5 L ,.. 4 - s 4-ff b . I i .,., X X l V xv ' Teacher-Coordinator Willie G. Stephens gives class VICA OFFICERS instruction. ,J "vvf L, vm'-if MU- 2 2' .W:,,f s L I Parnell Hord Safeway Billy Tomlinson Jim Huston Jones Chevrolet Sammy Godfrey City Recreation Dept. Coy Oakes White Motor C0- 156 ocafzbnczfgn cfzsfrzdf gf F-'122ef1'Ca James Rush Frank's T.V. Larry Wall Jake Brock's Repair Shop Jimmy Norris Quality Glass and Body Shop Lennis Summers Summel-'S Mattress Factory ,W HJWMKWT, W W4 , S W if ,J ,, ,,,, K , ', . , giixw-:A r my X , ,V 6 Barry Bryan Sartor 81 Son Gary Montgomery Gifford's Radio 8: T.V. 157 fdlk? or gufure, ..... A Q q--Q,....-v- ...rf ' ' . ' -' W . 'fg z I 4 A . .3 4 ' iQ . Q g,,,, 75 5 rug Karen Hendrickson Pair Pharmacy VOE, DE, and ICT cooperative banquet is well attended. JR, f Morris Couch Piggly Wiggly 158 azh Xp erzen ce I a . any if Xu, - 1'-' XX v 5 ,,,,,.. yi 5 a a r y 3 i I VLVV K 3 1 I A I U C Vvrvvr :L-Q A, V rior v r, ff-f fn, to as 1 L' 1 C 1 t'rQ' A fy. ", i B -7- , ' f, ak wh o ' ,, . ., z ff? fi f mf i 'if , , 1, V JV ,Q .if W . i fi' it 1,1--E ., 'V vw 1 A bbw! V .v, AAV. ,,,. eq g "1 .5 1' ,J any ' David Hancock Cashon's Radio 8: T.V. y Ag at 1, A nv- Q it 'y ff gi 'Q' A hw H ,lzfw 'wrf f Hr 'SM as Z y 2 i' r e' A - ff if ft as t. ,,,,,,n+a I J", ,,- 4 f ' - 75 at A'., ,, V ' 3 I A f ,,,. iwft-,,f?w2fvf'?i?z'P' I, v,., wi. . 5 ff--' '1 'M zQ'tf w - ' f. N ,,'. 'f.- mmf: .,,I i f f' V, iiri i'e J 'i i r'iri C C i i, iri. - iQffTGl?l7'f it Zero-Hour ICT students are really studying. Larry Griffin Jay'sTown and Country Service Center mme Csfepf 9125 E Mr. Stephens chats with V'ICA Sweetheart. Freddia Trammell Lawson Jewelry Kaye Helms Molly Wofford Chamber of Commerce 0014 JD czfes yjroyram Guy Tidwell Jay's Town and Country Service Center ev Joe Dameron Jim Ramer ICT Second Semester Students Eddie Johnson Tejas Bowl F59 DECA. Zzlsfffgufzbe Cfjofzcabbn President Paul Porter fastens Donna' s bracelet, a Sweetheart memento from Donna Ramer DECA SWEETHEART DE students Spvuld one hour daily in the classroom. 16 Bottles, bottles, everywhere . ff' uf-,ia ,,.,, 'div 0 ..,a,,... ,f.,1 .,., I Q --J- as S -' ' r x' ' Q gf My it - ' '.' , , 0 maxi -2 Q 'LL'L Pi - - Y gwwgghixs mm-If W -X . f xv :lf , e fa it QM ie 1 Q .,L.. :Ci , M . at 2-fi,,m MS e'sf1z,4s i 4 K1f+g.sf'ifgtv21,...,. I Mitfsiz-if,tgf-,ehfai , VZ iiii l 1 ssc . t y no . Q 'S S Second Semester Student Cheryl Pittman Pittman's Shell Station Michael Hash VOE, VIC, and DE join in hostinga spring banquet, recognizing employers of the respective club members. Mr. Hayden McDaniel, Director of Vocational Edu- cation at L. D. Bell High School, is guest speaker for the "family affair." . H ja- A sagem, if -1' ' 1 -f fMi1?fii4' - W iff -"fi I 25 ,Q . , . , . , S, ,f 1235: tgiff-Wgszlgx, .. ' ' V ' 155 Sf i QS czrz21k2 y bzle gearnzhy f eve 0,03 Qzufure Debbie Hefton Majestic Theater ' f G 3 iy 'ig MW Anna Oxford Service Drug Store .5 I QT!!! 82" 1.42 Donnie Smith Louthe rback Grocery 162 Tony Huey Brown Sz Pearcy .fi ,g w 'f'- mi if r, ,.,f,:-nz. .. --1 - - or V 1 , .P '., ,- A . ,. ffm: - 1 . Q f m . A " 1 Y lima X.-, :L zjiiiifff' , ff. , .- ' " i oo'r ,W ' it A-Y VI- o ffiffgffxii J r c i -ff iy' IC E F ' - I ' Zowvrig F W s' i ,si , 1 AFTER ma ria X 5 ' X Q my ig N oe, Larry Moore Zero Lok-Box r,, 3 qhf la I'V 4' wi ,,,V in Y 'wa -,, f -V ,L ,I , 3 : ffw, W , U ease: If , , . 'fi2: 53.55 v "' ,y 1.81 p, 5 49 W 14 .i, , sfw' Kg, dx A Ku , 1 Q, fv if U 1 11: 1 iy , r.:, ' 1 Jimmy Helm Pigg ly Wiggly If 'C fp Mg y f,,4,,g, 77,. :pf I 1 f Z , ,,,,. . Paul Porter 590 ers goin Warfefzby fD1Q9fr1'6uf1b12 Rickey Crow Wright' s Appliances M is D 3 'S .b ,ao gi i W 'N 6. , Donnell Gaines A Sz P Food Store f m o o i,i 6,g, C C 0 if IIN Teresa Ator Joyce Parham Service Drug Store La i f eeeo I ee 5 ef, 5 5 'L David Yates Sears, Roebuck 8: Co. i Darla Smith Miller Studio Car roll Brown Brown Hardware 163 sim Hem gm yin 5 Giwzzze 3 Jan Jacks ,. A I , , .Km ,V FRY, I, Ll f iw. 155 11, is ' i' l A f , l ay' L., lags. ,' N, 4, 'Y Z' x -,Q Jill Watson K ,. , l wwf R Slaughter Drug Store Gary Hudson Cook Bros. Lumber Co. J-12 'H lllol Z ' mf ,,,h 2' A A mm ,M , fr K M A ww-Q ...-- an f' ki an f .fsgfw 5 f 1 , . , K K ' www A 5 -15 1 aw " W fo.3, Qf'f -:A ,-M---W " ' " if A 3 , f-ll Q-1 1 I VV . , 5 kj, , ,,,, -Q, Service Drug Store John Golliday Safeway Food Store Donna Ramer Stephene Bennett Linda Walker Perry Brothers Ben Franklin Store 4 a CSUQJZ by Zzzszhess yi is David Whitenton Whitenton's TV Kay Massingill Town Shoppe I , X Y S A A , Carolyn Carr Ann Jacks Bobby Pylant Dairyland Service Drug Store 0 by A R X -X A- .,.. ..,,,... S M 'X S "A" ' ff 1 , .V . Q ww 1 : 2 1,142 A ' ' gs ""'. X ,wk k:., 1 K 5 , up -, ' f m 0 lair A ,, K ' David Maxwell Stewart's Sinclair Station Donna, Frakes Tejas Pro Shop 165 97 7 SZ rouyg ZDUQCZQQIUQQU Linda Hassler, last year's Sweetheart, presents President Golightly the gavelg Randy reveals identity of the 1966 1967 Sweetheartg Doreen tries jacket for size. State F FA President Lone Star Farmer Degree Applicants Camera Shy Officers OFFICERS Randy Golightly President Nolan Brandt Vice-President Ronnie Hampton Secretary Gary Stone Treasurer Robert Richards Reporter Randy Whitman Sentinel Edward Brooks Parliamentarian Mike Turley Second Vice-President yjarfzbzpafzbn af QS jfci 3 FFA activities at SHS enrich the voca- tional agriculture program involving ninety- two boys. Encouraging the members in "Learning to do, doing to learn, earning to live, and living to serve," are club advisors, Rex Stephens and Bill Hailey. To give their 2 students experience beyond the classroom scope through community services, co-op- erative activities and farming programs is their purpose. Co-op Ag, offered this year for the first time at SHS, permits participating students to learn and earn by attending classes half a day and working in a related business half a day. At right, Co-op Ag students are seen inspecting a dairy barn. 5 Ag I boys learn to use hand tools. Ag IV boys check a small gasoline engine. Ag III boys practice welding, Ag II boys learn to use power tools. 167 if T 104' Y i K V . ,mmm ft .Wf+ as -an 1 eww Www? J, AG III boys visit local swine farm. Dent Bills loads Gus. Mr. Hailey and Mr. Stevens demonstrate hoof trimming. earn yjracbbaf Ag boys paint new fence. Randy Golightly grooms his steer for the show. Ag class inspects "Tractor of Tomorrow." W fo Wfczfe Query ay QQ asjer Ronnie shows his dairy heifer. Ag boys show fat barrow class. Judge places calves at local show. Young Farmers weigh in show calves. gy Zaye? Z0 77 QOQJQZ juagzby Land: Mike Pack, David Gray, Randy Lay, Dwayne Jackson. Range and Pasture Management: Delbert Wise, Ralph Hymer, Royce Lee. Dairy: Mack Phipps, Murle Blasingame, Clinton Wright. 170 Livestock: Neal Ulmer, Lindy Walker, Randy Whitman. Final exam keeps AG I boys busy to the last minute. OCUGI' Q CU FHA officers are fRow Onel President Lou Greenway, Sgt.-at-Arms Joyce Croft, His- torian Elaine Laughlin, Secretary Sharon Stewart, Projects Chairman Janie Arendt, QRow TWOJ Publicity Chairman Barbara Pend- leton, Recreation Chairman Linda Hassler, Parliamentarian Billie Bray, Treasurer Karen Keeney, Sgt.-at-Arms Ann Strawhorn, CROW Threel Program Chairman Rhonda Der- rick, and Degree Chairman Sandy Bills. Spon- sors are Mrs. Faye Greenway and Mrs. Rosellen Davis. o Q. N Q B Co FU QX QMMUS uw wb' If" 'yx X, rl, L. n !l"1,f21 ' X 'Ly' . S fk f , Q ' xo Dix Future Homemakers assist Young Homemakers in making candy to send to Erath County boys in the service. -s F . 97 W fvcfzbzfzes fre y?ewar 122g Mrs. Davis and Sandy Bills discuss Sandy's plans for ob- , Lou Greenway presents FHA beau, Gary Blasing taining a junior degree. ame, with an FHA key ring. I72 gufure om ema ers earn ow ow Mary Anne Yarbrough demonstrates the procedure for making paper flowers to the fifth period Homemaking I class. i Q Q Pat Myers, president of the fourth period Homemaking I FHA unit, conducts the opening ceremony. 173 fix Lou "raps" for attention and invites Mary Holder and Linda Daniels "sing for their supper" and guests in to'Round the World dinner. for the entertainment of guests. M7 zfifcf 112 11226 aces 1126 Second period Homemaking I members are KROW Onej Vickie Bills, Frankie Carr, Vicki Lowry, Ann Powell, CRGW Twoj Patty Purvis, Nancy Hancock, and Diane Smith. Mrs. Greenway demonstrates the proper way to line a dress for fifth period Homemaking II students - Diane Oakes, Barbara Schrimsher, Judi Houston, Linda Daniels, and Connie Cragwall. 4 Judy Wyly, Vivian Lee, Mrs. Greenway, Sharon Stewart, and Janie Arendt reupholster a chair for the new FHA dressing room, Eager Freshmen - CROW One! Cathy Brandon, Kerry Goodman, Deana Koonsman, Deborah Pipes, Martha Melton, QRow Twol Laura Fanning, Debbie Hooks, Pam Sharp, Susan Eure, Sally Justice, and Louann Cranford - learn the fundamental steps of sewing. Other FHA members not in Homemaking classes are fRow Oneb Linda Hassler, Lou Greenway, June Perkins, Barbara Pendleton, Hellon Luttrell, KROW Twoj Sheila Lohrmann, Joyce Dove, Ann Straw- horn, Billie Bray, Carolyn Davis, fRow Three! Carol Rhoades, Elaine Laughlin, Alese Futch, Lynn Luttrell, Karen Keeney, Joyce Croft, and Kathy Boucher. 175 L7 jfomas fbaozls ufure fjeacfers gf Sqmezizba Q OFFICERS Gwen Williams Sponsor Ann Strawhorn President Freddia Trammell Vice- President Jill Watson Historian Johanna Green Treasurer Annalynn Skipper Secretary David Yates Reporter S t ep he nv i l l e High' s Future Teachers, under the guidance of Miss Gwen Williams, begin active club work early in the fall. On October 25 officers are installed and new members initiated. Twenty-three members attend District Convention in Mason, but only thirteen earn enough points to attend the State Convention in San Antonio. Projects during the year include bake sales and sale of memory books to finance club activities. In the last assembly of the year, seven seniors receive recognition for active membership. FTA members are CRow Onel Sandy Chew, De De Everett, Debbie Rhodes, Sally Justice, Ann Powell, Rhonda Adams, Deana Koonsman, Ellen Skipper, John Pigott, CRow Twoj Lynda Green, Karen Dunn, Ann Strawhorn, Peggy Alexander, Joan Miller, Darla Smith, Teresa McCollum, Brad Allen, CRow Threel Judy Carruth, Frances Hill, Annalynn Skipper, Barbara Shipp, Tinker Piper, Judi Houston, Vivian Lee, Dwain Weems, CRow Fourl Johanna Green, Suzan Price, Len Johnson, David Yates, Timmy Thompson, David Daniell, Freddia Trammell, Gloria Hyde, and Bob Scott. wa The Jacket camera focuses Cabovelon busy FTA' ers working on the SHS scrapbook an annual service project. Several meetings with muchwork in assembly-line fashion are necessary to compile the year's news clippings in this attrac- tive scrapbook. 177 JUNIOR MEMBERS: QROW Onel Mr. Crabtree,Judi Houston, Pat Worley, Nancy McCarroll. fRow Twoj Mike Henry, Eddie Purvis, Phil Phillips, Stanley Carpenter, Jerry Rankin. QRow Threej Steve Meers, Bruce Mc- Nellie. l l OFFICERS President Peter Grant Vice-President Robert Justice Secretary Sue Bluethman Treasurer Ann Strawhorn Reporter Melvin Spitzenberger Sgt.-at-Arms Alan Johnson and Gary Blas ingame jzpalfem abbs 178 fjzzfyffen SENIOR MEMBERS Copposite pagel Elaine Laughlin Alese Futch Linda Hassler Penny Worley Lorita Gordon Ann Strawhorn Andrea Burgess Sheila Lohrrnann Carol Rhoades Judy Cleveland Sue Bluethrnan Danny Watson Paul Pendleton John McAlister Roger Graves Gary Rogan Ricky Cruz Gary Blasingame Peter Grant Robert Justice Melvin Spitzenberger Joe Pinnelli Knowing "To Err Is Human," students interested inthe intricacies of math join together for club activities such as this fun gathering at the Crabtree's. WUQ QSQX FRESHMAN AND SOPHOMORE MEMBERS: fRow Onel Kathy Slaten, Cathy Brandon, Muffin Morton. fRow Twol John Pigott, Karen Martin, Johnnie Stocks, Warren Russell. QRow Threel Neal Ulmer, Mike Cedars, Jackie Quarles. CROW Fourj Sam Yeates, Len Johnson, Marion Ferguson. 179 Qpaozls, 1' Hams Science Club officers are punctual for Jacket camera date - all except Judy who goes to get Coach Johncour to be in the sponsor's picture. SENIOR MEMBERS: fRow Onel Coach Johncour, Dean Williams, Martha Landes, Lorita Gordon, Alese Futch, Andrea Burgess, Debbie Hefton, Robert Richards. fRow Twol Sheila Lohrmann, Linda Hassler, Sue Bluethman, Ann Straw- horn, Doreen Wilson, Nolan Brandt, Edward Brooks. CROW Threel Danny Watson, Penny Worley, Judy Cleveland, Rhonda Derrick, Debbie Harrison, Jimmy Helm, Paul Pendleton. QRow FourJRichard Leeth, Ricky Cruz, Gary Rogan, Alan Johnson, Peter Grant, Melvin Spitzenberger, Robert Justice, Joe Pinnelli, Mike Watkins, Jim Anderson, John McAlister. ISO 7 an jofncour pozysof C3 CSCICIQCQ . t-: ., . . .....N,, OFFICERS Melvin Spitzenberger President Alan Johnson Vice-President Sue Bluethman Secretary Ann Strawhorn Treasurer Judy Cleveland Reporter Peter Grant Program Chairman JUNIOR MEMBERS: fRow Onej Phil Phillips, Pam Reynolds, Sharon Stewart, Mary Ann Leatherwood, Mary Jo Chandler, Pat Worley,Cathy Rarnpley. CROW Twol Sue Cranford, Kathy Boucher, Tinker Piper, Karen Keeney, Debi Lucas, Charlotte Hooks, Penny Thompson, Diana Johnston. CROW Three? Nancy McCarroll, Janeth Giesecke, Beth Ann Black, Jerry Carpenter, Jay Mills, Bruce McNellie, Bill Trammell, Mike Henry. 181 F' F' czezizce Jqcbbzfzes. . un, J ecreafzbn, SOPHOMORE MEMBERS: CROW Onel Warren Russell, Nellwyn Garner, Kay Littleton, Kathy Hancock, Sheri Jones, Lee Stanley,Jo Nell Cooke. CROW Twol Hellon Luttre1l,Sandy Chew,Deniese Chand1er,Tula Lewallen, Marcia Gordon, Ann Couch. CROW Threej Neal Ulmer, Len Johnson, Dean Robinson, Gwen Clark, Suzan Smith, Linda Daniels, Mary Holder, Alta Keeney. fRow Fourl Mike Cedars, Kevan Meehan, Randy Lay, Mike Walker, Larry Richards, Bob Scott, Debra Parnell. 182 gnfefeszf g120e31i1ya29'012 anof y-aecoynzfzbn President Melvin Spitzenberger presents Paul Pendle- ton the club' s first Science Merit Award. This selection is based on Paul's grades and his interest in science- related subjects. FRESHMAN MEMBERS: fRow Onel Phyllis Johnston, Muffin Morton, Sheila Outlaw, Cathy Brandon, Debbie Rhodes, Sally Justice. KROW Twol Martha Melton, Karen Fitzgerald, Carol Roden, Ann Ray, Karen Martin, Linda Dalby. CROW Threel Lanny Spikes, Debby Martin, Brenda Hale, Kerry Goodman, Johnnie Stocks. 183 as Gfa uefas 712122 ers, an ear De De Everett, better known as "Mike's,"Walkera.nd Cedars, strike Bob and Judy 85k the ql19Sti0l'l, "IS "Dexterity," owes her great success an artistic pose as they "show us how turn about fair play?" to outstanding facial expressions. it's done." Spanish I members are CROW Onel Mark Vandaveer, Barbara Manley, Judy Wyly, Linda Dalby, Biff Henningsen, CROW Twol David Riggins, Rita Ma.yo, Jean Douglas, Pat Worley, CROW Threel Jackie Quarles, David Daniell, Mike Cedars, and Rickey Harding. F84 yjromofe gnferesf zh jj S7 7 Qvqjffazkzs Spanish II members are CROW OnelSuzan Smith, Marilyn McA1ister, Andrea Burgess, Tinker Piper, Joyce Dove, QROW Twol Judy Brandon, Judi Houston, Judy Cleveland, Beth Ann Black, Debi Lucas, fRow Threel Hazel Reynolds, Warren Russell, David Huffman, Mike Cranford, CROW Fourl Eddie Garner, Mike Walker, and Bob Scott. 2.3 Guest speaker Ernest DeLeon shares his first hand "Info" on culture of our neighbor to the South- PASF Delegates, Austin Bound 185 Other members are fR6w Oneb Sheila Lohrmann, Carol Rhoades, Lorita Gordon, Kathy Slaten, Ann Strawhorn, Teresa McCollum, Cherry Overinan, CROW Twoj Joe Pinnelli, Terry Price, Sue Bluethman, Len Johnson, Phil Phillips, Dean Robinson, John Pigot, QROW Threel Gary Rogan, Ricky Cruz, Bruce McNellie, Melvin Spitzenberger, Peter Grant, Jerry Jackson, Roger Graves, and John Cunyus. fa cf Wife . ,if The annual Las Chaquetas banquet, held in SHS cafe- Having been active in Las Chaquetas, nine Senior club tefia- OH April 14, is W0l1-3-tf6HC19d- members receive PASF awards. 186 gt., .mv I i I-5 . Ody eau 0111? 5 eep U2 fge mow f S n 5 , 1 e up is y M eg i , I 3 4' ' FW K -M ccce at N e iff' .. I- 5 - 1 ' . -- 4 3 ' -2: it wie A-W:-swf A . ' - 1 f.i-2.1 f X - -413:42-g. ' wr glfiisr ,- - . ,gi : S' as f Eff L i, n I K' ' ' L L K i v ., tw ig . Q- Wi.,-fiivzsrs I e K Q -- ., . F 3-'S ' A 'L A Q' ' " 'ff "i""F7llfL-ish Y 1- .f - -- K' -- . . ' - I ,I --'-1,sws:f .E J I - "Ghost writer" - Kathy Slaten f Q: its . ., t it X Q2 ' as Q S ,J S F5 ,J A 3? 'f Artist and errand boy - David Yates These busy four Spanish clubbers - David Yates, Sue Bluethinan, Kathy Slaten, and Cherry Overman - form an assembly line to put together the "fresh-off-the- press" STINGER. Directed by Las Cha- quetas sponsor, Mrs. Lillie Ruth Laird, they take turns editing our school paper. The STINGER reports past, present, and future SHS activities. Typist - Sue Bluethman Duplicator - Cherry Overman Nolan Brandt, chosen last spring to head SHS student body, presides as council members elect officers for the year. QSXUQQJQX G0 uz2C1fj7Q5 Adhering to the ideal of personal freedom through personal responsibility, the Student Council strives to promote pride and spirit that will give solidarity and strength to the individual student as well as to the overall school. The Councilconsists of the president elected by the entire student body, each class president and three boy and three girl re- presentatives from each class, and lastyear' s state convention delegates. In an early fall meeting the council under the guidance of sponsors, Mrs. Emma Kate Jackson and Mr. Bill Hailey, elects officers from its mem- bership. The group operates Rec Room con- cession sales, sponsors Homecoming activ- ities and school tourney, helps to plan assem- blies and serves as a link between students and administration. Freshman members are CROW Onel Pat Swain, Martha Melton, Connie Porter, CROW Twol Steve Carter, Gary Barron, Duncan McMahan, and Ronald Derrick. R12 of 1112 Wosf 901112 ys- 12 Sophomore members are QROW Onej Kay Littleton, Tula Lewallen, DenieseCha.nd1er, CROW Twoj Dean Robinson, Duke Everett, Larry Cashon, and Jerry Stem. Qgfuofenf Gounczf Sponsors jzpuszkg gun, t7?gQ'Q551D enf -7 iPkdSIf.7y G012251k2af1b12 IB9 i i 1. Junior members are CROW One! Carolyn Davis, Nancy McCarro11, Kathy Boucher, CROW Twol Jerry Jackson, Gary Lane, Eddie Purvis, and John Cunyus. - ......,W,.N Q? Q., ,qw WW A 2 ,J 1 ,L W in 1, A ,J muwzfiw ' C3 jfog Gfrzkfm as pzkzf- gnferesf 190 R.,- NJ Senior members are CRow Onej Janie Arendt, Recording Secretary Linda Hassler, CROW Twol Billie Bray, Corres ponding Secretary Lou Greenway, Cindra Lewallen, CROW Threel President Nolan Brandt, Jimmy Helm, John Mc Alister, Reporter Joe Pinnelli, CROW Fourl Dale Brock, Vice-President Robert Justice, and Treasurer Melvin Spit zenberger. yjarflbljvabbn, Szybymenf. . 1 f . ,gf .,,. 3 f "Zi 191 5 . ffl Q anoffgfozfzf II? QUOZGIZZQS During '67 Jacket sales in early fall from slates of six Miss Jacket nominees and four Mr. Jacket nominees, student buyers name Molly Wofford, Miss Jacket and David Stafford Mr. Jacket. Announcement of this honor is reserved for the Annual Scribble Party in August. Then in February, Half Past 'Teen, an entertaining comedy directed by Mrs. Christine Whyburn, sets the scene for Sam Bul1itt's re- vealing, with the aid of his inventive nephew Jim' s computer, the identity of Favorites chosen to reflect SHS pride and spirit. WQQU Zranf CSXUUQJQX ZOQQ yjreszinf jack? WQYIQOXOG y jYQf22 kV3dI?OfQS6IJQQf5Qdff Qsfzbyereffe Ze 4' , 'fa M K! Ei 415.1 I f u 4 ,. -11.4 'w ,A e Q, x . - s ef 4 N. cl' Nr 5 J if, Jlla Wi Q 'WL ,J R' f -:.,ffgr '34 .nv KEN ww 'Q , -' f,-7, K,-M' A :nf . fl ' , 'v K . . An,A.'f' , ix f. ,, Q2 .P iff: I 4, :Wag K . J' tx , '-UZ ig l" Mjwduowa-..+N W 1 . y Af-X- J' W 'W ,275 55 x .wllifg 1454? ' 4 555641 ,. if x Q. L f . is 1 ' .a .W 1 fwffig, V 3 A 1' fm 'T'f. " K ,, l Q I K Y 'vw 4 w fwvn .M ' 'FP' ?'?N fn pw N :cg v 4 ' ,g,r'K'L:Q','N' A , Q3 is if-Lwf' f"feS' "'15 1' Wm' 3 xgyfaskr- is 13' ' if t . K 4 V ' JW if MKHIMRNQ 5' M K, , ,L ,EM W i - 'MW' 5 ' , ,ff Q , . ' 35 i ,M A N' a 1.,-X-ix? ' h XV ,. 1' gwT,Wa.f. x 1, I . -x "' ji, Z3-51, 4, n 1 X 1 vw' 'vvffv I I4 Q ,.n C3110 fd Decvcz Q12 omecomzh czeen , ' -W5 3 PM , g km XL ' x fx' ik i,... 'K 7 ,-: :lm 5 2 X f f, 5 1 1 . ,W 24,15 wo 5' Nw ,M 4 ' F-I mr gc my fic' fry , ' ?'f:4fa ?!!f5.s W if ' 1 Ttgp, Wg, my ,S Arif, "Wg ' 2. ' ' , ,EM J 2? .QHN wqnm.. .w 1 1? M, E --H ,,- -Nm f X if 'ir ,Wg 1 2 sf r I , 9621311 ysjfzszbyame Qoreen Ujzfon Beau Qsweczfgearf feoe Garfer TQ! Cslljdlh 55214935122 an Qzaoories my Ezffkfon jerry cgfem QS Q05 0122 ore 700017795 ,""fN like ' 0 ' ' if I gary Bane YTQQ ZUWMJ 11121614 fyaoorzfes M Zim? Zfdy 47051212 y Goffhs Qsenzbr gaoorzfes W0 fer!! jusfzbe AE ali f jndas! f7?e!0fe5e12fazi1'0e 2 f EOC! QIOQQIQCUGY jzaosf yfepresenfabbe ' il 9X N ,,QPfZ,. , ga, ,in f- ' ' Y 551112042 msskf CS cf 0 of C5 509915 ear! ,ww ifwf' tix M5112 ff , SEQ P -an rigs' GDI? 9-qZ"QI2OQ Qscfoof cgweeffearf MOST REPRESENTATIVE David Stafford auonfe - SENIORS evela-nd SOPHOMORES Duke Everett Tula Lewallen f unners- JUNIORS Nancy McCar1'o11 B111 Trammell FR ES HM EN Sherry Whitacre Danny Brown MOST REPRES ENTATIVE Sue Bluethman K, ,NM 208 yjrz' Q anofcglozkczf lk? U!U!0Of 209 Written advertisement is one of the best methods of making products known to the public. Through the gracious advertisement of the Stephenville businessmen, THE JACK- ET, NINETEEN HUNDRED AND SIXTY- SEVEN, presents SHS Pride and Spirit. Both the merchants and the annual staff profit by such advertising. The businessmen are benefited because their products and service are on display to thousands of people, and THE JACKET is publicized and supported. Consistent advertisement and loyal sup- port are essential parts of THE JACKET. Through loyal advertising in THE JACKET, community businessmen form their own SHS booster club. To these merchants who sup- port SHS, a Jacket Thanks for being a great SHS booster club. QW' tltet iig STEPHENVILLE ROTARY CLUB EXPLORER POST 50 CRoW ll Bill Sherrard, Rickey Harding, Biff Henningsen, Phil Phillips, David Riggins, Sam Yeates, Len Johnson, John Cunyus, Terry Price, CROW 21 Dale Hancock, Terry Fitzgerald, Ross Wolfe, Mike Walker, Eddie Garner, Mike Cedars, Dean Robinson, Jerry Jackson, CRoW 35 Bryan Ganske, David Daniell, Gary Rogan, Ricky Cruz, Peter Grant, Jimmy Moon, Alan Johnson, Advisors Doyle Daniell and Danny Wolfe. President . . Vice-President Treasurer . . Secretary . . Reporter . . 211 OFFICERS Alan Johnson Jerry Jackson . Gary Rogan John Cimyus Roger Graves l W .... , i . , .. , , 'Simbel' E265 PIPER FEE A , El. ' Ei ..i fa. 'EE' C3?l??..i3?N?iN2f3fiE3G The Jacket camera focuses on Tinker at Piper Feed Sz Seed. PIPER FEED 81 SEED Owner L. D. Piper 965-7222 P. O. Box 68 Morgan Mill Texas 22 ACME MUSIC CO. Burl Lawrence Stephenville, Texas ANDERSON MOTOR COMPANY BUICK - PONTIAC SL RAMBLER Raymond Anderson, Owner BALLOW INSURANCE Forty Years Dependable Service BELCHER'S ENCO SERVICE STATION We Give Gold Bond Stamps 220 East Washington WO 5-4116 BLUE'S SERVICE STATION We Give SSLH Green Stamps 940 W. Washington Phone WO 5-5175 BROOKS REAL ESTATE 198 East Washington WO 5-3241 PHONES WO 5-5051 BROWN gl PEARCY MOTOR CO. Cadillac - Olds - Sales St Service Westinghouse Appliances 5-3103 234 Belknap CREWS REPAIR SERVICE "Big Enough to Serve You and Small Enough to Know You" American Standard INSULATION Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Appliance Service and Heating 504 E. Clifton BATTS Sz BLOWN Phone WO 5-4990 ,W A.... M ,..,, . , STEPHENVILLE HCJSPITAL SQ CLINIC 5-3115 . kna STEPHENVILLE SAVINGS 81 LOAN ASSOCIATION MAY ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE! DON'T SELL YOUR SECURITY SHORT. A CAREER BASED ON GOOD FINANCIAL BACK- GROUND CAN GIVE YOU CONFIDENCE AND ENHANCE YOUR SUCCESS. EPHENVILLE I g S,.. 1 .. V5 Www iW,..,3Q, Emrlkigkiqf-Yi.-i-15,3551155 iffy' k . ,. 1 --W I w V ..., ., ..., ...-.,L... ,... f - - ' ' S' .. .,,,..,I .K .L L, W, K . , - I .MU X, ,, . ... . My A 4' I I ' S A- A pf I - A ,wif S I ' A ' 4 S. 5 A sf ..,,f 4, .xy I i ,L 57, . 1559 W W. , any ,M ,,,S A 215 JAKE 8: DCDROTHYS CAFE Sk iii to at Specializing in STEAKS, CHICKEN, SANDWICHES "Friendly Service" 406 E. washington Phone Wo 5 5211 SQWS 5 At the SHS Student Council Valentine Dinner en- joyed at Jake and Dorothy's, the Jacket camera focuses CABOVEJ on Council sponsors, Mr. Bill Hailey and Mrs. Emma Kate Jackson and CBE- LOWJ on new second-semester members, Bob Scott and Mike Cranford. Officers of the SHS governing body KCENTERJ are pictured with the sponsors. 216 JOHNNIE HAMPTON CATTLE COMPANY Office Phone Home Phone WO 5-2324 WO 5-4868 Jacket Beauties ? ? ? Ronnie Hampton Jacket Center CAWYER DRUG CO. Prescriptions Carefully Compoimded Dial L-3129 Stephenville, Texas For Health and Beauty For Gifts of Distinction SAM CLEVELAND District Attorney Office Courthouse Home 5 - 39 1 4 5 - 357 8 DAILY EMPIRE Afternoon and Sunday Morning EMPIRE-TRIBUNE Every Friday Supreme in The Heart of Texas DAMERON MOBIL SERVICE "Service Our Specialty" 965-4988 855 W. Washington DENMAN TILE SL CARPET CO. 150 S. Columbia Call 965-4093 for Free Estimates THE DONUT HOUSE Variety of Donuts Bar B-Que Chicken 965-5555 865 W. Washington ELLIS INSURANCE AGENCY General Insurance Auto - Furniture - FHA Loans ERATH EGG FARM Phone WO 5-4219 "The Kind of Leghorns You Have Always Wanted" 217 FRANKS T. V. SERVICE 1050 East Washington Phone WO 5-3825 FURNITURE MART 1060 E. Washington 965-7574 Stephenville, Texas GIFFORD RADIO S: T.V. SERVICE GOODYEAR SERVIC E STORE 220 W. College Phone WO 5-3280 354 E. Washington ep lGIlVl G, exas WO 5-3127 St I 'll . T Wheel JAY'S Alignment TOWN Sz COUNTRY B8.l3.I'lClI1g SERVICE PQULTRY FARM Complete Automotive Service Tow-In Day or Night 965-3367 6 Miles East Phone WO 5-7194 Hwy. 377 Stephenville, Texas 'R IQNGLAND CENTER LA VADA'S BEAUTY SHOP .twin BARBER SHOP 965-5844 w e James Mast' Sr' Owner 246 W Mason Stephenville 627 Lingleville Rd. ' Distinctive Tv I COX: S Gift Wrapping ,I A Spwalfy 'A ALLIED BODY 8. FRAME Finding Mike and Karen busily decorating for Shangri-La, Mrs. Golden calls, "Smile, yOu're On the Jacket camera." Wrecker Service Phone WO 5-3800 813 E. Washington Stephenville, Texas BARNES 81 MCCULLOUGH Lumber, Shingles, Sash, Doors "Everything to Build Anything" 218 THE BRAEU ER AGENCY INSURANCE SERVICE Wanna B. Hancock Juanita Dixon Bus. WO 5-3513 Res. WO 5-2616 Box 250, Stephenville, Texas DAIRY DINER WO 5-5597 Call and pick up orders at window South Loop G. K. LEWALLEN WESTERN STORE Western Wear St Ranch Supplies Cindra goes high to score for 'Bees in district play. TRAVIS MCMAHAN Jeweler West Side of Square Stephenville, Texas C. O. MCMILLAN Attorney at Law Neblett - King Building Stephenville, Texas MAJESTIC BARBER SHOP . MONTGOMERY Next Door to Theatre We appreciate your patronage. NICHOLS FLORAL CO. 270 N. Belknap WO 5-4316 FLOWERS FOR EVERY OCCASION" HOMER NDC HARDWARE 193 S. Graham WO 5-4637 VERN O. PENDLETON Mobil Oil Co. Consignee WO 5-4710 1621 E. Washington J. C. PENNEY CO., Inc. Stephenville, Texas PERKINS GROCERY We Deliver 802 Tarleton Avenue Phone WO 5-3143 QUALITY GLASS SL BODY SHOP No Job Too Large Or Too Small 24 Hr. Wrecker Service 5-3391 111 Morgan Mill Rd. 8-3674 RUSTY Sz NETA'S CAFE Lingleville Road Phone: WO 8-2313 S SL S FURNITURE STORE New and Used Furniture Bargains 1307 East Washington Bottled Under Authority of the Coca- Cola Company by "Texas Coca-Cola Bottling Company" 281211 3. ruth Invlll' - UIL band contestants visit the coke trailer operated by SHS Chorus. JAKE BROCK'S REPAIR SHOP 1720 N. Graham 965-5223 Dale, top SHS Jacket scorer, ties for fourth in Schoolboy AAA scoring. 5 8.10 BEN FRANKLIN 5 8.10 "Locally Owned -- Nationally Known" 124 Belknap Stephenville, Texas "Where You Can Find Everything" I GLASGOW FARM STORE STEPHENVILLE, TEXAS Box 27 WO 5-4822 De Laval Milking Equipment Parts - Service Wanda Oil Sz Greases Klenzade Products U. S. Royal Tires Richmond Tires SL Batteries Home Lite Chain Saws 220 THE STEPHENVILLE STATE BANK "Full Service Banking" FDIC SANDERS GROCERY 1004 W. Tarleton Open 7 A.M. to 9 P.M. WO- 5-7472 SCOTT VETERINARY HOSPITAL Stephenville, Texas SHANNON SUPPLY CO. Butane - Propane gl Appliances Stephenville, Texas JOHN D. SKIPPER Farins Ranches City Property Appraisals wo 5-5212 fg ig 212 E. College St. Res. WO 5-5404 Ql kgf Stephenville, Texas TRINITY REAL ESTATE ,S Air Conditioning and victory bring Jacket smiles. Sporter ' s Paradise JIMMY'S SPORTING 81 HARDWARE Kingland Center Ph. WO 5-7246 Stephenville, Texas 76401 JONES CHEVROLET CO. l Sales Service 222 DAIRY LAND 966 W. Washington By the railroad track VERNON GUNN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY SLAUGHTER DRUG STORE Prescription Pharmacists Walgreen Agency Stephenville, Texas Stephenville 119 S XOG5-51342 Ou ra alll Qggtw Ulfld qQ,qUlfOUlflQVlf CO. STEPHENVILLE, TEXAS 76401 Typewriters Gifts Greeting Cards S P E E D W A S H Laundry and Dry Cleaners Wayne Garner Washington 8: Lillian Stephenville STARNES BEAUTY SHOP Up-to-date Beauty Salon 1015 N. Ollie WO 8-3512 STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES Frank L. Robinson Agency STEPHENVILLE FLORAL CO. "Flowers For Any Oi Your Occasions" Mr. St Mrs. J. H. Ferguson Phone WO 5-3619 I T SCOTT'S CLEANERS 830 W. Tarleton 965-3515 Scotty "scoots" to uphold SCOTT CLEANERS reputation for prompt, dependable delivery. 223 FARMERS FIRST NATIONAL BANK MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION The Old Reliable Since 1906 Mr. Roger Gideon addresses Shangri-La" guests. 224 This page dedicated to SHS activity by mal Thompson Imsuvanceqqgency 225 STEPHENVILLE CATTLE COMPANY Sale Every Wednesday STEPHENVILLE FUNERAL HOME STEPHENVILLE VETERINARY HOSPITAL WO 54321 Dr. Ben B. McCollum, Jr. Stephenville, Texas Stephenville, Texas SWINDLE JEWELRY STYLE SHAPER P ' C b 198 N. Belknap Sr. Next to Majestic Ruby CaE28nN8L R336 ms Y Stephenville, Texas WO 5-7577 TREWITT-REED FUNERAL HOME WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Stephenville, Texas Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Reed Phone WO 5-3313 W0 5-3418 N. E. Corner of the Square STEPHENVILLE STEAM LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS FREE Pickup and Delivery Phone WO 5-3145 TOBY STONE REAL ESTATE East Side of Square WO 5-5450 CLYDE V. SWEENEY Attorney at Law Stephenville State Bank Building WO 5-5470 226 WHITENTON COLOR TV Sales and Service WO 8-3312 Dublin Hwy. Stephenville, Texas WHITE MOTOR CO. Chrysler - Dodge WHITE SL WEEMS SERVICE STATION 309 W. Washington Phone WO 5-4513 Stephenville, Texas GWYNDOLA H. WOLFE General Insurance Phone WO 5-3615 234 N. Belknap WRlGHT'S FURNITURE SL APPLIANCES 185 West Washington W ff?-y , 7 I l Ste henville Texas I -E W . p ' Lv Ll T H E Y U C C A H U T for 1510 on your dial PIZZA 968-2512 DAIRY QUEEN Use our Drive-Up Window oricome . inside to enjoy our service and hospitality. 227 JOSEPH A. CHANDLER Attorney at Law Neblett - King Building Stephenville, Texas Superintendent J. C. Helm, Jr., "sells Mr. Chandler on the school bond election. YY KIMBELL-STEPH EN VILLE CO. Wholesale Grocers PAYTON 81 FRAKES All Jersey Milk gl Ice Cream 143 N. Clinton WO 5-4021 PERRY BROS., INC. TEJAS BOWL Headquarters for in Stephenville School Supplies Stephenville, Texas Phone WO 5-5758 S C I READY MIX CONCRETE Immediate Delivery Experienced Personnel Any Size Job 1000 Airport Rd. 965-7122 2 BRANDON FEED COMPANY P. O. Box 3 Stephenville, Texas Phone WO 5-4922 515 Lingleville Hwy. , .Q vi "1 V ' ' vl wav? Jo Junior and Parkland ofDallas -VILLE MFG CO. INC. PARK . , Mrs. Helen Hampton, manager Wearing Jo Juniors, Kay, Ann, Judy, Charlotte, Pam, and Gwen share a bag of popcorn. MARTIN BROS. GULF PRODUCTS - WHOLESALE gL RETAIL If it's for the Car, Truck or Tractor, WE HAVE IT Phone WO 5-4113 "We Never Close" We Give S Sz H Green Stamps 229 ZANE CARTER INSURANCE AGENCY 155 N. Graham P. O. Box 11 Phone WO 5-3435 Stephenville, Texas TEXACO INC. Louis Wofford, Consignee H. F. WALKER TRACTOR CO. Rt. 1 Box 137 -- Dublin Hwy. Stephenville, Texas 76401 Sales and Services for U Massey-Ferguson Bush Hog Taking advantage of Driver Ed11C21t1Ol1 train David Brown Servis ing, SHS Freshman earn better car insurance New Holland rates. PAIR PHARMACY Douglas Pair, Pharmacist Stephenville Hospital Stephenville, Texas Welding Anywhere, Anytime RIGGS MACHINE AND WELDING "Truck Tandem ---- Water Well Servicing" Phones WO 5-3910 - Day . .WO 5-3080 - Night 307 East Road . . . Stephenville, Texas Mike takes a "picture break" at his dad's place of business. 230 WILLIAMS 8t YOUNG CONTRACTORS Commercial and Residential Phone WO 8-2614 2004 W. Swan Stephenville, Texas ZERO LOK-BOX CO. Wholesale Meats Stephenville , Texas BURNS TIRE CO. Stephenville, Texas 202 Graham St WO 5 . -5787 R083 Brenda poses beside Burns Tire Co. Road Service car for the Jacket camera. PORTER 81 SON SEEDSMEN Stephenville, Texas W.B. SARTOR AND SON gs QQ sms-ssnvlcs t.':'::::::ET WTS Q' 3:1g1'-. L Q we REPAIR Q f ALL MAKES Stephenville, Texas Fort Worth Hwy. Phone WO 5-5657 Paper - Shell Pecan Specialists J Gs, -ti? 1 ' ' KING ABSTRAC COMPANY Th B. Ki E tS'd S Annogggird ng Phone 35Ooc:llai?umq5ui1LiS17 Abstracts Title Insurance Land Surveying Maps Since 1919 Mailing Address P. o. Box 250 Stephenville, Texas 76401 LY Ci, E P'GGLY W'GG SERVICE DRUG STORE W Stephenville, Texas ' "Quality Merchandise Always" The REXALL Store 5 We Give S SL H Green Stamps WE GIVE SSLH GREEN STAMPS PHONE WO 5-5055 Early arrivals for the Rainbow Room Senior Reception are these members of the v-piggly Wiggly fam ily. 232 BUILDING MATERIAL OM PANY -Q Jie-z'.silLum5erDeaIer.r "Better Homes For Better Living" Stephenville, Texas X HERRIN MOTOR CO. i 1 F 0 H u L v 5.4! A BOB HERRIN, Your Friendly Ford Dealer ' X? Mercury Before you buy, try COOK BROS. LUMBER CO. South Loop 195 Phone: 968-2171 Stephenville, Texas JACK ARTHUR THEATRES MAJESTIC STARLITE Awaiting the SHS Commencement "countdown" at TSC, Sue, Lou, and Mr. Stephens plan to accept Mr. Jack Arthur's theatre invitation to climax the eventful evening. 233 Judy Cleveland jacfef Sfcyff Lmda Hassler Eqesefoes yjrz' Q Qgpzkzf Lou Greenway Mary Jo Chandler Kay Littleton June Perkins ,Y-, - Sue Cranford Mary Leatherwood ealggw, ,1 ,, f- 7 M3253 Ji , V - , V . V 345 ,V ,V I , ,f ,mai , ww aw- .. - "V",Q,'7""' eern' f V , vs: ' f L, , ff n ,'., M. . fr , b , y 2 A ,,r',, g Q ,,Lr ,,,f,5ly,, ,,l,Mj in Q ,,fkT'l4,f"Ef5S'Y'w?"' I 7.U.Lwg,,,-4 K W, Debra Parnell Cathy Brandon Jerry Jackson Joe Pinnelli 45, Gif, W f ff' 5 Za 65? V Q if 2 lr f' 1 ,Aa 1 Sharon Stewart Karen Ware r ar sf f bf, M J 4,4 K 4 Y if 4 .1 if ,1 my 'Y' " f ww 2- Wlifiig f . yjfz' Q anof Qspfkczf lb gl? 06235 7 mzkyzlsfrafofs CQ 52620115 Helm, J. c., Jr. 21,32-33,4o,22a Gilbert, Ben 21,23,26-27,35,41,65,99 Kitchens, Charles 14,34,94,166 Cowan, Mel l5,31,38,145,220 Crabtree, J. Fred 46,178-179 Crow, Carolyn 4,40,78 Davis, Don 47,49,l03,146,181 Davis, Rosellen 39,50,94,151,l71- 172 Davis, Sharon 45,78 Deavenport, Myrtle 2,23,28,40,62, 147,149,151-153 Ferguson, Cleo 22,323,146-147 Fulcher, Tina Mae 38 Golden, Lorraine 42 Greenway, Faye 39,171 Hailey, Bill M. 8,16,23,39-40,188, 216 Harwell, Jim 14,23,3a,137,143-144, 225 Hefton, John 22,41,'78,16O-161 Isbell, Phoebe 42,96,146 Jackson, Emma Kate 8,23,42,188, 216 Johncour, Barry 17,49,96,103,116, 119- 121,124,180-181 Keeney, Bill 49,91,11-4,116,119 Laird, Lillie Ruth 8,43 Leatherwood, Annie Lynn 21,45,52, 133,151,224 Ledbetter, Jerry 46,146 Pilcher, J. D. 46,96 Russell, Gayle 44,146 Scott, Kenneth 12,31,45,49,103-104 Sharmon, Elsie June 43 Shipp, Eileen 42,71,78 Smith, Sharon Ann 48,52,131,224 Stephens, Rex 31,39,52,65,224 Stephens, Willie G. 41,159 Taylor, Sam 17,48,91,127,129-130 Williams, Dean 27,47,52,181 Williams, Gwen 28,414,176 SHS Principal Ben Gilbert still has a few scholastic letters. Anyone care to try for one? CU OZZQI4 CSCgOOfJQf'SOI2Z?Q BOARD MEMBERS Ammons, R. C. 32 Brandon, M. C. Jr. 28,32 Cedars, Dr. Nathan 32 Martin, R. E. Jr. 32,46 Pendleton, Vern 32 Thompson, Brad 32 Whitacre, Dr. Jim 32 SECRETARIES Colwick, Avis 33,36 Crane, Mae 33 Crow, Lillian Moore, Yvonne 34,36,64,146 TEACHER AIDES Harris, Janice 33,36 Helm, Janis 34,37,146,191 Womack, Janice 38,147 BUS DRIVERS TAX ASSESSOR Butler, Austin F. Cantrell, L. Lee Haggard, Henry R. 51 Mc Lemore, Rush 33 Holloway, Bobby B. Keilberg, E. S. Koonsman, Paul 51 Luttrell, Andrew M. Martin, Elbert C. Martin, Roy C. Moore, C. Wayrnon Taylor, Eddy M. Ward, David M. 235 LUNC HROOM Cork, Ernest 50 Huffman, Clara 50-51 Thomas, Lois 50 Williams, Nancy 51 C USTODIANS Evatt, Jimmy 50 Logan, G. W. 50 Logan, Maxie 50 Adams, Martha 88,137-138,140,230 Adams, Rhonda 88,130,137,140,177 Allen, Brad 88,93,125,137,140,177 Arnold, Eddie 88 Baker, Wayne 88,137,141,145 Barron, Gary 28,88,113,121-122,188 Bennett, Jeff 88,113 Bills, Gary 88,137,141 Bills, Pat 17,88,137,140,143,173 Bills, Vickie 136,140,174 Blasingame, Murle 88,137,141,170 Bostick, Don Bramlett, Eddie 88,113,122 Brandon, Cathy 23,88,93,140,171, 175,179,183,234 Brodnax, Pat 88,130 Brown, Danny 19,88,91,113,121-122, 168,170,207 Brown, Eddie 88,113,121 Burkeen, Sue 88,92,173 Cannon, Frank 88,91,113,167-168 Carpenter, George 88,121-122,145 Carr, Frankie 89,174 Carter, Steve 8,19,89,96-97,188, 190,198 Caughman, Diane 89,130,173 Chandler, Rusty 89,91,97,113 Chick, Carol 89 Cole, Joe Collins, Tommy 94,137,140 Cozby, Jimmy Cranford, Louann 89,175 Dalby, Linda 89,185 Daniel, Joe Don Deaver, Steve 88-89,96-97,113,121- 122 Denman, Bill Derrick, Ronald 89,113,121-122, 170,188 Dittoe, Paul Dowell, Torn Eads, Ed 89-90,113,121 Ellerd, Judy 89,92,141 Engler, Johnnye 89,93,136,140,173 Eure, Susan 89,175 Everett, De De 2,5,89,130,137-140, 176- 177,184,229 Fanning, Greg 89,91,113,121 Fanning, Laura 17,89,175,230 Faught, Lamarvin 90,94 Ferguson, Norma 90,173 Fitzgerald, Karen 17,90,173,183,230 Garcia, Joe 88,90,94,96-97,113 Golliday, David 90 Goodman, Kerry 90,175,183 Goree, Terry Griffin, Rebecca Hadderton, Susan 90,92 Hale, Brenda 90,92,136,140,l83 Hale, Marvin 90,113 Hancock, Dale 90,105,211 Hancock, David 90,93,137,141,144 Hancock, Mike 90,113,167 Hancock, Nancy 90,174 Harding, Rickey 15,90,97,137,141- 142,144-145,185,211,225 Heffley, Janice 90 Hefton, John 90,230 Henningsen, Biff 7,91,185,211 1293 122912 Mrs. Mae Crane, on a coffee break from her secretarial duties in Mr Helm's office, invites Mrs. Huffman and Mrs. Williams to pose for the Jacket camera with her. 236 Hodge, Craig 91,113 Hooks, Debbie 91,175 Hooks, Patsy 91-92, 145 Hymer, Ralph 7,91,170 Jackson, Connie 91,130 Johnston, Phyllis 13,91,182-183 Justice, Sally 89,91,175,177,182- 183 Koonsman, Deana 91,130,175,177 Lee, Royce 170 Lesley, Sandra 91,130 Lowery, Roger 91 Lowry, Vicki 91,94,130,175 Luna, Lucy Luna, William Luttrell, Sharon 90,91,136,14O McCann, David 91 McCarty, Jimmy 91 McCleskey, Richard 91,124,167 McMahan, Duncan 92,94,136,138, 140,188 Mahoney, James D. Manley, Barbara Jean 92-93,185 Martin, Debby 22,91-92,136,140, 173,183 Martin, Donita 92,94 Martin, Karen 92-94,137,140,173, 179,183,230 Martin, Valerie Mast, Sharon 92 Melton, Martha 89,92,175,182-183, 188 Miller, Mike 92 Miller, Orval Mills, Leslie Moon, Diane 92,130 Morton, Muffin 91-94,137,14O,145, 179 Moses, David Musick, Pam 92,140 Nachtigall, Richard 7,92,121 Ogle, Larry 88,92,113,122 Outlaw, Sheila 90,92,.183 Owens, Lonnie Pack, Randy 88,92,113,121 Pack, Ray 88,92,113,122 Parker, William 91,93-94,97,113, 167,170 Pipes, Deborah 93,137,141,171,175 Porter, Connie 7,89,93,173,188 Powell, Ann 91,93,13O,174,177 Price, Cynthia 96 Purvis, Patty 13,93-94,136,140,175, 220 Quarles, Carroll 91,93,113,145 Quarles, Sandy 93,173 Ramer, Jerry 93,113 Ray, Ann 93-94,173,177,183,229 Rhodes, Debbie 89,93,173,177,183 Riggins, David 2,23,93,137,140,144, 185,211,225 Robertson, Suzi 93,130 Robinson, Billy 93 Robinson, Mickey 47,93 Robison, Debra 93,140,173 Roden, Carolyn 93,183 Rollins, Carol 96 Rosenberry, Lilah Saxon, Clifford 94 Sellers, Vickie Sharp, Pam 94,137,175,23O Shiflett, Janet 94 Shuffield, Scotty 91,94,113,122,223 Simmons, Brenda 92,94 Skipper, Ellen 94,136,141,'173,177 Smith, Dianne 15,94,145,174 Smith, Jerry 94,137,141,230 Smith, Rhonnie 15,96,137 Smith, Margaret Sparkman, Joanna 94 Spence, Bill 94,113 Spikes, Lanny 94,183 Spoon, Jackie Stasey, Gary 91,94,113,121-122,124 Stephens, Nita 9,89,91,94,130,176 Stewart, Cynthia 94,145,173 Stewart, Gene 94,113 Stocks, Johnnie 15,94,145,173,179, 183 Stone, Darrell 39,95,121,167 Stoner, Sherri 95 Stoner, Terri Swain, Pat 16,19,95,173,188,190,198 Tate, Mike 95,121 Taylor, Debra 93,95,147 Terry, Jo Ann 21,94-95,130-131, 137-139,141,229 Turley, Donna 8,95,173 Van Meter, Joe Freshman Driver Education students complete 30 class hours before or after the regular school day to be ready for summer driver training. Vandaveer, Mark 95,185 Vaughn, Vickie 95,136,138 Walker, Jerry 88,95,113 Walters, Ronnie 14,91,95,113,122 Weems, Dwain 93,95,136,141,177 Whitacre, Sherry 19,90-91,95-96, 130,173,207 Williams, Charles 45,95,137,140, 144 Wise, Delbert 39,88,91,95,113,170 Wood, Dale 88,95,113,122 Wright, Clinton 96,170 Yarbrough, Mary 90,96,147,173 Yeager, Kenny 96 Young, Larry 96,145 Young, Shirley 96,130,184 Zimmerman, Glenda 90,93,96 237 Ables, Freddie Alexander, Peggy 5,80,132,134,176- 177 Alsup, Jeanette 13,20,80,137,141, 144- 145 Ballow, Debbie 6,80,127,129-131 Baxter, Paul 80 Bills, Dent 80,167-168 Bills, Mike 80,137,141 Blumer, Irene 31 Boren, Alice 10,80,132 Boswell, David 80 Brown, Mary 80 Buchanan, Bruce 80,120 Burkhart, Shelton 80 Carr, Kenneth Carruth, Judy 80,146,176-177 Carter, Patsy 80 Cashon, Larry 80,112,120,189,222 Cedars, Mike 16,23,47,73,80-81,85, 137,141-142,144,179,182,184- 186,211 Chandler, Deniese 81,99,130,182, 189 Chew, Sandy 31,81,146,176- 177,182 Clark, Gwen 81,138,14O,182 Clark, Wesley 81 Cole, Thomas 81,136-137,141,143 Cooke, Jo Nell 81,147,182 Couch, Ann 6,81,132,134,182 Cranford, Mike 8,51,81,112,120,184, 216,225 , Crank, Charles 81 Dameron, Joe 31,159 Daniell, David 5,81,87,112,120,177, 189,211 Daniels, Linda 11,1s,s1,132,134, 174-175,182 Day, Clarence Decker, Sandra 81,172 Dickerson, Linda 6,81,83,87,130,172 Dixon, Debra 31,81,132 Douglas, Jean 8,81,185 Dowell, Billy 81 Downing, Marsha Driver, Larry 81 Elliott, Jack 81 Everett, Duke 5,8,14,19,80-81,105, 11l,122,168,189,206 Ferguson, Marion 81,120,125,179,225 Fitzgerald, Terry 5,81,112,211 Fry, David 7,81,112 Ganske, Bryan 81,211 Garcia, Anthony 5,22,82,87,112,125 Garner, Eddie 5,82,112,184,211 Garner, Nellwyn 15,18,82,182 Godfrey, Sam 156 Golightly, Randy 9,166-168 Gordon, Marcia 13,36,48,82,130,182 Gray, David 5,82,87,112,170 Green, Lynda 82,138-139,141,177, 229 Griffin, Kennith 82,112 Hamilton, Jacqueline 22,31,220 Hancock, David 82,158 Hancock, Kathy 37,82,138,14O,143, 182 QSOP5 0122 OFQS Sophomore singers, Mary and Linda entertain in regular assembly 2 Hatch, Connie 82,137,140,172 Heffley, Ronald 82,168 Henson, Kenny 82,112,12O,123-125, Hill, Frances 82,132,134,177 Holder, Mary 82-83,130,132,134, 175,182 Holder, Melinda 82,132 Hollingsworth, Johnny 68 Huey, Steve 82,167-168 Huff man 3 Jackson, Jackson, Jackson, Johnson, 21 1 Johnson, David 82,137,141,184 Dolores 82 Dwayne 82,170 Jimmy 82 Len 83,140,177,179,186, Tommy 83 Jokel, Bobby Joiner, Donnie 22 Jones, Linda 83,132,173,192 Jones, Sheri 83,132,182 Keeney, Alta 6,83,132,134,182 Keith, Johnnie 83 Kelly, Roger 23,83,120 Knipstein, Garland 7,83,104,122, 167-168 Laney, Linda 83 Lawson, Woodie 83 Lay, Randy 80,83,112,124,170,182 Lewallen, Tula 6,8,19-20,83,130, 182,189,206 184 Littleton, Kay 5-6,15,19,21-22,83, 137-140,182,189,199,229,234 Lowery, Terry 5,83,96,112,120 Luttrell, Hellon 22,31,83,130,146, 175,182 McAlister, Marilyn 22,83,136,138, 140,143,147,184 McCleskey, Gary 6 McG0ugh, Danny 5,233,123 McKinney, Ronnie 84 McMahan, Cissy 6,22,83,127,129- 131 McNeill, Nika 11,22,s'1,s4,s7,1so, ies Mast, Patricia 84 Meehan, Kevan 3-4,9,11,84,99,101, 182 Miller, Joan 13,84-85,95,137,144, 177,225 Miller, Leslie 84 Montgomery, Mary Jane 84,132 Moon, John 5,84,112,168 Myers, Pat 84,130,173 Overman, Patsy 22,37,84,172 Pack, Mike 84,170,189 Packwood, Rita Nell 84,146,173 Parnell, Debra 6,15,a4,1a2,225-226, 234 Patterson, Anthony 2,15,84,l36,l41 -142,144-145 Patterson, Sharon 84 Payne Jerri 84,136,138,140 Pendleton, Nelda 84 Perry, Carolyn 23,84,137,141,147 Perry, Jim 22,84,137,141,144,185 Pigott, John 84,177,179 Powell, Vicki 83-84,130,161,172 Quarles, Jackie 84,179,185 Raborn, Paula 10,84,132 Rasberry, Dennis Reynolds, Hazel 13,84,137-138,140 184 Rhoades, Rocky 85 Richards, Larry 80,85,112,120,122, 167-168,182 Riggs, Mike 22,85,137,141-142,147, 230 Robinson, Dean 8,85,122,182,185- 186,189,211 Russell, Jimmy 85 Russell, Warren 85,179,182,184 Scott, Bob 85,176-l77,182,184,186, 216,225 Scott, Waylon 85 Sharp, Wayne 85,112 Shipp, Barbara 5,22-23,48,85,127, 129- 131,177 Simmons, Brent 85,125 Simmons, Howard Skipper, Annalynn 85,136,176- 177 Slaten, Kathy 15,80,85,179,186-187 Slay, Glenda 85 Smith, Dennis 31,122 Smith, Suzan 11,85,87,132,182,184, 186 Smithey, Anthony Snow, Jer ry Selected Juniors assist at SHS Commencement Sparks, Donald 5 Spinks, Donald 85 Spinks, Mike 86 Stanley, Lee 86,132,134,146,182 Stem, Jerry 19,86-87,112,125,189, 199 Stephens, Linda 86 Stewart, Michael 86,120,189 Stover, Thomas Thomas, Billy 5,80,86,112 Thompson, Diana 83,86 Thompson, Timmy 16,85-86,95,137 141-142,144,177,186,225 Ulmer, Neal 7,86,112,167-168,17O, 179,182 Walker, Mike 80,86,112,182,184, 211 Walker, William 4,11,86,137,'141 Watson, Dale 86 Watson, Hank 86,112 Webb, Patty 83,86,130,140 White, Linda 86 Williams, Barbara 86 Willis, Linda 86,-132 Wolfe, Ross 80,86,112,211 Yeates, Sam 22,45,86,170,179,211 111215143 Allen, Sandra Anderson, Linda 68,146-148 Anderson, Sara 11,21,31,68 Beauford, Teresa Bills, Sandy 28,3l,68,171-172,174 Black, Beth Ann 8,20,31,68,73,137, 140,15O,181,184,225 239 Boase, Dollie 17,31,68,126-129,131, 172,219,225 Bolling, Ernestine 68,132,134 Boucher, Kathy 68,72,175,190 Bradshaw, Richard Bramion, Lynual 68 Bryan, Barry 68,157 Cannon, Linda 68,75 Carpenter, Jerry 69,125,141,181 Carpenter, Stanley 69,112,137-138, 144,178 Carr, Carolyn 69,160,165 Cavitt, Pam 69,131,229 Chandler, Mary Jo 11,15,18,21,26, 31,69,72,79,101,137,139-140, 142,144,151,181,224,229,234 Chew, Jimmy 69,137,141 Chick, Gary 69 Cook, Suzanne 37,69,75 Cranford, Sue 6,23,31,51,69,78,151, 181,226,234 Croft, Joyce 69,75,132,134,171,175 Cruz, Shally 21,69,225 Cunyus, John 18,26,66,70,120,185- 186,190,211 Currier, Miles 68-69 Daniel, Peggy 70,151 Davis, Carolyn 8,11,17-18,23,69-70, 72,175,190 Deaver, Martha 6,70,132 Ditto, Steve 70 Doshier, Larry 70,112 Dove, Joyce 37,70,75,151,l75,184- 185 Dowell, Phyllis 70,132,134,172 Dunn, Karen 18,36,70,99,177 Frakes, Donna 69-70,165 Fnlks, Gary 21,70,105,110,115,118, 122,168,209 Gaines, Donnell 70-71,163 Giesecke, Janeth 6,15,20,137,14O, 145,172,181 Goodman, Sonny 71 Graves, Phyllis Green, Johanna 71,137,140,151 Griffin, Sara Hammett, Lou 71 Hampton, Ronnie 14,71,75,105,110, 115,166,168-169,217 Harwell, Janie 71,135-137,14O,142, 144,189,225 Heaton, Craig 69,71,104-105 Hendrickson, Karen 68,71,153,156, 158,161 Henry, Mike 71 Hill, Steve 71 Honsaker, Barbie 72,172 Hooks, Charlotte 72,132,181,229 Houston, Judi 8,14,18,28,72,75,132, 134,15l,174,176-178,184,186, 225 Huckabee, Judy 72,75,79,132 Hudson, Floy Hyde, Gloria 47,63,72,126-129,131, 177,218 Jackson, Jerry 8,15-16,18,21,23,26, 66,71-72,77,115,118,186,19O, 211,234 240 Johnson, Brenda 72,145 Johnson, Eddy 72,156,159 Johnson, Sherrie 73 Johnston, Diana 73,181 Keeney, Karen 8,17,28,47,73,171, 174- 175,181,218,225 Kennedy, Judy 73,229 Koonsman, Mickey 21,73 Lane, Gary 2O,23,73,79,167,19O, 200,224 Lawhorn, Kay 73 Leatherman, Cynthia 73,75 Leatherwood, Mary Ann 14,23,74, 79,132,134,151,181,234 Lee, Vivian 74,130,177 Lightfoot, Garry 19,21,69,74,167 Lightfoot, Larry 74,167 Long, Rose Love, Tommy 74 Lucas, Debi 18,74,132,134,181,l84 186,192 McCarroll, Nancy 3,8-9,18-19,22- 23,68,74,100-10l,178,181,190, 207 7 McCollum, Teresa 74,132,134,172, 177,186 McNellie, Bruce 2,7-8,15-16,26,74, 136,141-142,178,181,186 Massingill, Kay 68,72,74,160,165, 210,229 Mayo, Rita 74,145,185 Meers, Steven 14,74,151,178 Melton, Cathryn 74 Mills, Jay 21,75,181 Moon, Jimmy 5,73,75,168,211 Moore, Larry 73,79,162 Moring, Guyron 6,69,75,105,124- 125 Morton, Bruce 69,75,167-168 Nix, David 68,75,105,110 Oakes, Diane 20,70,147,174 Overman, Cherry 20,43,71,75,172, 186-187 Pack, Jane 14,76,130-131,151 Parham, Joyce 68,76,160,163 Patterson, Larry 76,120 Payne, Joe Don Phillips, Phil 22,76,178,181,186,211 Phipps, Mack 76,170 Piper, Tinker 20,76,l76-177,181, 184-185,212,226 Pittman, Jay 76 Purvis, Eddie 73,76,167,178,190 Quarles, Wendall 76,167 Ramer, Jim 76,156,159 Rampley, Cathy 10,21,76,132-134, 172,181 Rankin, Jerry 22-23,76,112,178 Ray, Patty Sue Reynolds, Pam 69,76,172,181 Rhodes, Linda Robertson, Jo Lynn 76,189 Schrimsher, Barbara 20,76,147,174 Sharp, Gwen 76,229 Sherrard, Bill 13,73,77,137-138, 141,143,168,211 Shiflett, Sharon 77,146 smith, Betty Snyder, Mark 77,115,118,120,167-168 168 Stafford, Kenny 77 Stephens, Dewayne 77 Stewart, Sharon 14-15,21,28,72,7'7, 134,151,171,181,234 rStone, Joyce Stoner, Gary Th0mP50l1, Penny 20,77,132,134, 146,181,225 Thompson, Virgil 68 Trammell, Bill 19,77,79,105,111, 115-116,125,168,181,207,211 Turley, Mike 77,166-168,218 Turney, Gary 77,168 Meter, Donna Van 78 Walker, Azalea 72,78,137,141,172 Walkie-4r5 Geraldine 78,138,14O,143, Walker, Lind 78 102 105 111 169- y : s Q 9 ' 170 Walton, Stella Whitman, Randy 20,31,78,166-168, 170 Witt, Johnny Witt, Kenneth Wofford, Molly 1,19,78,156,159,192, 200 Worley, Pat 15,78,132,134,145,178- 179,181,185 Wyly, Judy 20,78,145-147,174,185- 186 ezzzbr gn OQX CQ Cgfczblstfzkis ANDERSON, JIM 12,13,18,24,52,102,104-106,108 169,180,225 FFA 1-4, Reporter 3, Football 1-4, Hon. Men. All- Dist. 3-4, Track 1. ANDERSON, LE LAND 52 FFA 2, DE 3. ARENDT, JANIE 3,8-9,19,24,36,52,91,100-101, 126-127,131,171,174,191-192,205 Class Reporter 2, Student Council 3-4, Science Club 1-4, FHA 1-4, 3rd Vice-Pres. 4, Alternate Cheer- leader 3, Cheerleader 4, Basketball 1-4, Tennis 4, Class Favorite 3, School Sweetheart 4. ATOR, TERESA 9,24,37,52,64,163 FHA 1-3, Science Club 2. BATES, WILLIAM 52,56,105-106,209. Football 1,3-4. BENNETT, STEPHENE 52,64,164 FHA 1. ELASINGAME, GARY 10,23-24,31,52,98,102, 135-138,14O,142,144,172,178-179,191,197 Miss Gwen Williams recognizes Senior FTA members who have been active in club work. Math Club 3-4, Band 1-4, Drum Major 4, Band Coun- cil Pres. 4, FHA Beau 4. BLUETHMAN, SUE 6-s,14,19,25,27,29,52,54,57,s5, 67,98,149-150,178,180,185-187,207,232,233 Class Secretary 1-2, Class Reporter 4, Stinger Staff 3-4, Editor 4, National Honor Society 3-4, Treasurer 4, Student Council 1-2, Spanish Club 1-4, Secretary 2, Treasurer 3, Vice- Pres. 4, Math Club 3-4, Secretary 4, Science Club 1-4, Secretary 4, Social Studies Club 3, Secretary 3, Stingerettes 1-2, Most Representative Runner-Up 4, Zonta Girl 4, Chamber of Commerce Award 1-2,4, Honor Graduate 4. BRANDON, JUDY 24,37,53,172,184 FHA 2-3, Spanish Club 3-4, Science Club 3. BRANDT, NOLAN 6,s,15,20,22,24,31,53,56,e5-66, 98,105-106,110,115-117,119,123-124,166, 169,18O,188,190-191,193,216 Student Council 1-2,4, President 4, FFA 1-4, Football 1-4, All-Dist. 4, Basketball 1-4, Golf 1-4,' Baseball 2-4, Class Favorite Runner- Up 3, Student Body Presi- dent 4. BRAY, BILLIE 5,19,25,2'z,36,4o,53,eo,e2,1o1,149,151- 154,171,175,191,201,225 FHA 1-4, Parliamentarian 4, National Honor Society 3-4, Secretary 4, Science Club 2-3, FTA 1-3, VOE 4, President 4, Student Council 4, Band 1, Class Favor- ite 4, Chamber of Commerce Award 2. BRIDGES, DAVID 21,36,53,6o. Transfer from Temple, Oklahoma 3, School Mail car- rier 4. 241 BROCK, DALE 2,6,a,10,21,25,27,49,53,56,60,62,103, 1o5,1o7,1o9,191,22o,224. FFA 1-3, Secretary 3, Student Council 4, Science Club 3, Biology Club 3-4, Football 1-4, Captain 4, Hon. Men. All-Dist. 3,All-District 4, Basketball 2, Baseball 3-4, Track 1-3. BROCK, JoHN 17,25,45,53,62,1o2,1o5,1o7,11o-111, 114-119 FFA 1-3, Football 1-4,All-District4,Basketball 1-4, Hon. Men. All-Dist. 4. BROOKS, EDWARD 25,53,57,98,123,180 Class Secretary 3, Science Club 4, FFA 2-4, Officer 4, Golf 1-4, District Medalist and First Place Team 3, Blue Bonnet Tournament Medalist 3, Regional Run- ner-Up Medalist 3, District Medalist and First Place Team 4, Regional Medalist and First Team 4. BROWN, CARROLL 27,53,14O,163 DE 3-4. BURGESS, ANDREA 8,25,27,54,136, 138,140,178, 184 FHA 1, Science Club 2-4, FTA 2-3, Treasurer 3, Band 1-4, Treasurer 3, Spanish Club 3-4, Math Club 3-4, Chorus 2. BURNS, BRENDA 2,l8,25,27,54,154,192,231 Stingerettes 1, Science Club 1, FHA 1, VOE 4, Alter- nate Cheerleader 4. CANTRELL, TOMMY 20,25,27,54,64 CARTER, PAULA 25,54 FHA 1-2, VOE 4. CHANDLER, GARY 12,15,24,54,60,62,102,105,107, 114,116,124- 125,192,225 Science Club 2-3, Football 2-4, Hon. Men. All-Dist. and State 4, Basketball 2-4, Second Team All-District, Baseball 1-4, All-District 3,4. CHANEY, DONNA 44,54 Stingerettes 2. CLEMMER, LINDA 9,15,24,52,54,145 CLEVELAND, JUDY 4,6,14,18-21,23-24,27,29,54,57, 61,98,144,149,151,178,180,184,186,206,210,234 Social Studies Club 2-3, Spanish Club 2-4, Science Club 1-4, Reporter 4, National Honor Society 3-4, Re- porter 4, Stage Band 2-4, Class Reporter 3, Annual Staff 2-4, Co- Editor 4, Presentation Play 3-4, Class Favorite Runner-Up 4, Zonta Girl 4, Chamber of Commerce Award 1-4, UTL Typing 3, UIL Shorthand 4, Valedictorian 4. COLLINS, JOHNNY 19,55,101,201 Class Sgt.-at-Arms 1-2, Science Club 1, Spanish Club 1, Football 1-3, Track 1-2, Class Favorite Runner- Up 1, Class Favorite 2-4. 242 COUCH, MORRIS 2l,24,55,146,156,158 VICA 4, Sgt.-at-Arms 4, Library Club'3-4, Science Club 1-3. COZBY, JERRY FFA 1-3. CRAGWALL, CONNIQE 1O,24,54-55,137- 138,140,174, 229 FHA 1,3-4, FTA 1,3, Science Club2, Band 1-4, Major- ette 1-4. CROW, RICKEY 21,27,55,141,160,l63 Band 1. CRUZ, RICKY 24,55,178,l80,186,211 Social Studies Club 3, Science Club 3, Math Club 3-4, Science Club 4, Tennis 2-3. DAY, SHERRIE 6,16,22,24,54-55,147,152 FHA 1, Library Club 2-4, Science Club 2-3, Spanish Club 3, VOE 4. DENSMORE, JIMMY 5,15,2O,24,55,114-117,119,189, 225 Basketball 1-4, Hon. Men. All-Dist. 4, Baseball 2-3, Track 2. DERRICK, RHONDA 24,28,55,126-127,171,180 Social Studies Club 1, Science Club 2-4, FHA 2-4, Vice-Pres. 4, DE 4, Basketball 1-4, Volleyball 1-2. DOW, HELEN 25,54,56,146 Transfer from Strawn 4, Library Club 4, Volleyball 4. EYZAGUIRRE, RENEE 15,56,145 Transfer from Kentucky 4, Choir 4. FOLLEY, LINDA 9,25,56,152,154 FHA 1,3, VOE 4, Stingerettes 2-3. FUTCH, ALESE 7,14,25,29,37,56-57,146,148-149,1'75, 178,180 FHA 1-4, Historian 3, 5th Vice-Pres. 4, FTA 1, Li- brary Club 2-4, National Honor Society 3-4, Science Club 3, Honor Graduate 4. GARNER, PAT 9,16-17,25,54,56,126-12'7,129 Student Council 1, FHA1, Spanish Club2, Science Club 2-3, Basketball 1-4, Class Favorite 1-2. GILLY, GARY 7,56 FFA 1-4. GLASGOW, NANCY 25,56,152- 153 Stingerettes 1-2, FHA 1-2, Spanish Club 2, Science Club 2-3, von 4. GOLLIDAY, JOHN 56,164 GORDON, LORITA 6-7,22,25,57,137,14O,178,180,186 FHA 15 FTA 1-35 Science Club 3-45 Math Club 3,45 Spanish Club 2-45 Band 1-45 Chamber of Commerce Award 1. GRAHAM, CHARLES 57 FFA 1-4. GRANT, PETER 3,5,9,11,1a,1e,24,27,5v,e1,so,100- 1o1,1s7,14o,144,178-1'19,1ao,1a6,211,2:s2 Spanish Club 1, 3-45 Social Studies Club 2-3, Treas- urer 35Math Club 2-4, President 45Science Club 2-4, Program Chairman 45 Band 1-45 Stage Band 2-45 Cheerleader 4. GRAVES, ROGER 8,18,20,24,57,105, 107,178,180, 186, 217 Band 15 Biology Club 45 Spanish Club 45 Math Club 45 Football 1, 3-45 UIL Typing 3. GREEN, MARY 9,24,57,149,153 FHA 15 FTA 25 National Honor Society 3-4, Parlia- mentariau 45 VOE 4. GREENWAY, LOU 3,7-9,13-15,19,21,24,27-29,31,52,f 57,63,98,100-101,126,127,149-150,171-172,174- 175,191,203,216,233-234 FHA 1-4, 4th Vice-Pres. 2, President 3-4, Area IV 4th Vice- Pres. 35 FTA 1-25 Science Club 2-35 National Honor Society 3-45 Student Council 1,3-4, Corres- ponding Secretary 45 Annual Staff 1-45 Stinger Staff 25 Cheerleader 3-45 Basketball 1-4, All-District 2,45 Tennis 25 Most Representative 45 Zonta Girl 45Cham- ber of Commerce Award 2-45 SBP Nominee5 Honor Graduate 4. GRIFFIN, LARRY 57,158 Transfer from Ft. Worth, Texas 2. GUNN, DI-ANN 24,57,152-153,161 Spanish Club 15 FHA 15 Science Club 15 Stingerettes 1-25 VOE 4, Vice-Pres. 45Cheerleader 35 Class Fav- orite 1-3. HALE, DAVID 21,24,58,60,105-106,108-110,217,225 Science Club 1-45 Biology Club 3-45 Football 1-4, Hon. Men. All-Dist. 3, All-District 45 Basketball 15 Base- ball 1-45 Track 1-2. HARRISON, DEBORAH 15,21,25,2'7,29,58,137,141- 143,145,180 Band 1-2,45 FHA 15 FTA 25 Stage Band 25 Honor Graduate 4. HASH, MICHAEL ANN 58,161 FHA 1-35 DE 4. HASSLER, LINDA 8,10,12,16,18-19,21-22,24,28,53- 54,56-59,60,65,98-99,101, 132-134,166,171,175, 178,180,191-192,204,210,216,234 Science Club 1-4, Secretary 35 FHA 1-4, 4th Vice- President 3-45 Stingerettes 1-4, Jr. Lieutenant 3, Captain 45 Student Council 2-4, Recording Secretary 45 Annual Staff 3-4, Co- Editor 45 Math Club 45 School Sweetheart 45 Class Officer 15 Miss Jacket Nominee 3-45 HomecomingQueen Nominee 45 DAR Good Citizen Award 45 Zonta Girl 45 Presentation Play 3-45 FFA Sweetheart 35 Chamber of Commerce Award 2. HEFTON, DEBBIE 25,58,137,141,162,18O Band 1-45 Science Club 45 FHA 1-25 FTA 1-25 Spanish Club 35 DE 4. HELM, JIMMY 7,1O, 12,20-21,25,58,65,67,99, 123,133 162,180,191-192,194,224 Class Officer 2,45 Science Club 3-45 Biology Club 45 Student Council 1-45 Golf 2-45 Football Manager 1-2' Class Favorite Runner- Up 25 Stingerette Beau 4. I J HELMS, KAYE 25,58,64,156,159 Transfer from Ft. Worth, Texas 45 VICA 4, Treas- urer 4. HILL, MARY 25,58,66,132 Stingerettes 1-45 FHA 1. HOOKER, EDDY 6,7,27,58,102,105,108,110-111,124, 225 Science Club 3- 45 Class officer 35 Football 1-4, All- District 3-45 Baseball 1-4, All-District 4. HORD, PARNELL 58,156 FFA 1-45 Science Club 35 Football 1. HOWARD SHIRLEY 16,25,55,58 Band 15 FTA 2-4. HOWELL, DOUGLAS 58 HUDSON, GARY 164 FFA 1. HUEY, TONY 25,59,138,140,162 DE 45 Band 1-45 Spanish Club 2-3. HUSTON, JIM 25,59-60, 156 VICA3-4. JACKS, ANN 24,59,u-50,165 FHA 1-35 DE 4, Basketball 2-3. JACKS, JAN 25,59,132,134,145,164 DE 45 Stingerettes 2-4. JACKSON, KENNETH 15,2O,24,27,59,63,114,116-119 Basketball 1-4, All-District 4. JOHNSON, ALAN 11,24,59,67,99,180,211 Spanish Club 1-35 Math Club 3-4, Sgt.-at-Arms 45 Social Studies Club 15 Science Club 1-4, Vice-Presi- dent 45 Class Officer 4. 243 JUSTICE, ROBERT 8,14,18-19,21,24,29,34,59,65,67, 80,102,105,108-109,149,178,180,182,191- 192,202, 216 Class Officer 2-45 Spanish Club 25 Social Studies Club 25 Science Club 2-45 Math Club 3-4, Vice-President 45 Student Council 3-4, Vice-President 45 National Honor Society 3-4, Vice-President 45 Football 1-4, All-District 45 Track 1-35 Most Representative 45 Sa- lutatorian 4. KERR, JIM 24,59,167 Class Officer 1-25 Student Council 1-25 FFA 3-45 Band 15 Science Club 15 Spanish Club 1-25 Class Favorite 15 Presentation Play 1. KING, DAVID 20,24,59 Transfer from Ft. Worth, Texas 2. KUYKENDALL, LLOYD 24,64 Transfer from Kopperl, Texas 4. LANDES, MARTHA 21,24,59,146, 180 Library Club 1-4, Parliamentarian 35 FHA 1,35 Sci- ence Club 2-4. LAUGHLIN, ELAINE 7,23,25,54,59-eo,127,147-148, 171,175,178 FHA 1, 3-4, Historian 45 Science Club 1-35 Library Club 3-45 Spanish Club 25 Basketball 1-25 Basketball Manager 3-4. LEETH, RICHARD 3,9,14,25,27,59,61,100- 101,137- 138,141,144,150, 180,232 Transfer from Hico, Texas 35 FTA 35 Spanish Club 35 Science Club 3-45 Math Club 35 Social Studies Club 35 Band 3-4, All-District and Regional Band 3-4, Area Band 45 Stage Band 3-45 Cheerleader 45 National Honor Society 4. LEWALLEN, CINDRA 8-9,12-13,17,21,25,31,45,57,6O -61,63,99,101,126-129,189,191,196,219 FHA1-35 Spanish Club 15 Science Club 3-45 Biology Club 35 Student Council 45 Basketball 1-4, All-District 3-45 Homecoming Queen 45 UIL Typing 3. LOHRMANN, SHEILA 7,22,25,60,175,178,18O,186 FTA 15 FHA 1-45 Science Club 2-45Math Club 45 Span- ish Club 2-4. LUCAS, JOYCE 25,29,37,44,55,6O FHA 1-35 Spanish Club 2-35 Stinger Staff 35 National Honor Society 35 Honor Graduate 4. LUTTRELL, LYNN 5,7,22,25,60-61,127-129,131,147- 148,175 Science Club 1-45 Library Club 3-4, Parliamentarian 45 FHA 1, 3-45 Basketball 1-45 Volleyball 1-4. MCALISTER, JOHN 8,14,21,25,27,29,34,56,60,102, 105,109,l50,178-180,191,225 Student Council 3-45 National Honor Society 3-45 Sci- ence Club 2-45 Spanish Club 1-35 Band 1-35 Math Club 244 3-45 Stage Band 2-35 Football 3-4, Hon. Men. All-Dist. Baseball 2-35 Chamber of Commerce Award 1-45 Honor Graduate 4. MCKNIGHT, JOHNNY 60,167 FFA 1-4. MAXWELL, DAVID 160,165 MEEHAN, KARAN 25,60,152,154 Transfer from Hamilton, Texas 25 FHA 25 VICA 2-3, Sweetheart 35 VOE 45 Science Club 2-35 Biology Club 35 Basketball 2. MONTGOMERY, GARY 60,157 VICA 3, Officer 3. NORRIS, JIMMY 25,651,156-157 FFA 1. OAKES, COY 24,52,61,153,155-156,161,232 FFA 15 VICA 3-4, President 4. OXFORD, ANNA 24,61,136,14O,143,160,162,232 Band 1-4, Majorette 15 Spanish Club 25 FHA 15 FTA 3, Secretary 35 DE 45 Science Club 1-2. PAYNE, FRANCES 25,61 FHA 35 FTA 15 Stingerettes 2-3. PENDLETON, BARBARA 20,24,44,55,61,171, 175,232 Stingerettes 1-25 Science Club 2-35 FHA 1-4, 5th Vice- Pres. 4. PENDLETON, PAUL 2,15,22,24,2'1,29,61,137,140,144 -145,15o,1'za,1ao,1s3,233 Band 1-4, All-District and Regional Band 3-45 Stage Band 2-4, Vice- President 3-45 National Honor Society 3-45 Chorus 3-45 Honor Graduate 4. PERKINS, JUNE 15-1a,24,5'1,e1,e3,89,91,98,1o1,127- 129,131,150,175,232,234 National Honor Society 3-45 Spanish Club 2-45 Science Club 2-45 FHA 1-35 Annual Staff 45 Basketball 1-45 All-District 3-45 Volleyball 2-45 Tennis 2-45 Zonta Girl 4. PINNE LLI, JOE 2,8,14- 15,18,21-22,24,62, 102,105, 109,178-180,186, 191,216,234 FTA 15 Spanish Club 1-4, President 35 Science Club 1-45 Social Studies Club 35 Student Council 2-45 Class Officer 35 Annual Staff 45 Football 1-45 Track 1-25 Baseball 35 Presentation Play 3-45 SBP Nominee. PITTMAN, CHERYL 24,29,s2,137,141,144,15o,1eo- 161,225,233 Band 1-45 Stage Band 1-45 FHA 15 Science Club 45 National Honor Society 45 Honor Graduate 4. PORTER, PAUL 25,27,62,16O,162 Spanish Club 15 DE 4, President 45 Baseball 2. PRICE, SUZAN 14,25,44,62,14O,150 FHA 1-25 FTA 3-45 National Honor Society 3-45 Sci- ence Club 1-25 Spanish Club 3. PRICE, TERRY 2,6,1O,15,23,25,62,95,136,142-145, 186,211,225 FTA 15 Science Club 35 Spanish Club 45 Band 1-4, Band Council 1-4, Drum Major 3, All-District Band 1-4, All- Regional Band 35 Stage Band 1-45 Choir 3-4, All- Regional and State Choir 45 Tennis 25 Football 3. PYITANT, BOBBY 25,62,165 Spanish Club 15 DE 4. RAMER, DONNA 55,62,160,164 DE 4, Sweetheart 4. RATLIFF, LOUISE 6,25,62,132,134 Stingerettes 1-45 FHA 1-25 Science Club 2. REYNOLDS, JACQUELINE 10,27,63,136,140,142-143, 194 Band 1-4, Sweetheart 45 Spanish Club 15 FHA 15 Honor Graduate 4. RHOADES, CAROL 14,16,22-24,29,45,54-55,57,63, 150, 175,178,186 FHA 3-45 Science Club 2-35 Spanish Club 2-45 Math Club 45 National Honor Society 3-45 Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow 45 State UIL Poetry Inter- pretation, First Place5 Honor Graduate 4. RHODES, PHYLLIS 25,63-64,146 Transfer from Key West, Florida 35 Library 4. RICHARDS, ROBERT 4525,63,99,1O1,166,169,180 FFA 1-4, Parliamentarian 3, Reporter 4, Reporter for Cross Timbers District 4, Lone Star Farmer of Texas 35 Science Club 1-45 Math Club 45 Biology Club 3-45 Basketball 1-2. ROGAN, GARY 2O,25,63,178,180,186,211 Math Club 45 Science Club 45 Basketball 1. RUSH, JAMES 15,25,63-64,145,157,179 Transfer from Amarillo, Texas 25 Choir 3-45 Math Club 45 VICA 45 Football 2-35 Track 2. SAUBRS, LINDA 9,63 FTA 1, FHA 15 VICA 3. SEXTON, DAVID 13,24,63,137,141,144,221,225 FFA 1-35 Band 1-45 Stage Band 45 Baseball 1-3. SMITH, DARLA 16,24,55,64,140,163 Transfer from Big Lake, Texas 25 Band 25 Science Club 2-35 FTA 2. SMITH, DONNIE 160,162 DE 3-4. SPITZENBERGER, MELVIN 8,12,14-17,25-26,28-29, 31,61-62,64,67,101,114-119,147, 149-151, 178- 18O,183,186,189- 191,216,232 Spanish Club 1, 3-4, Sgt.-at-Arms 45 Class Officer 45 Student Council 3-4, Treasurer 45 Math Club 3-4, Re- porter 35 Social Studies Club 25 Science Club 1-4, President 45 National Honor Society 3-4, President 45 Basketball 1-4, Hon. Men. All-Dist. 45 Track 1-25 Honor Graduate 4. STAFFORD, DAVID 1,13,16,64,102- 103,105,110, 192, 206 Science Club 1-25 Football 1, 3-45 Tri-Captain 4, Hon. Men. All-Dist. 45 Baseball 1-25 Moat Representative Runner-Up 45 Mr. Jacket 4. STONE, BRENDA 64 Spanish Club 1-25 FHA 1-25 Science Club 25 FTA 25 Band 1-35 Basketball 1. STONE, GARY 64 FFA 1-2. STRAWHORN, ANN 7-'8,21,24-25,27-29,37,39,45,56- 57,60-61,64,66-67,101- 102,146,150-151,171,175- 178,180,182,195 FHA 1-4, Sgt.-at-Arms 3-45 Spanish Club 2-4, Sgt.-at- Arms 3, Treasurer 45 FTA 3-4, President 45 Library Club 45 Science Club 2-4, Treasurer 45 Student Coun- cil 25 Math Club 2-4, Secretary2, Treasurer 45 Class Officer 45 FootballSweetheart 45 Zonta Girl 45 Cham- ber of Commerce Award 45 Honor Graduate 4. SUMMERS, LENNIS 24,64,157 Football 15 Track 15 Baseball 1-2. TIDWELL, GUY 64,124,159 Spanish Club 1-25 Science Club 2. TOMLINSON, BILLY 6,12,64,99,156,159 Spanish Club 1-2, VICA 35 Baseball 2. TRAMMELL, FREDDIA 12,24,27,31,39,65,99,155- 156,158-159,176-177,182 FHA 1-35 Science Club 3-45 FTA 3-4, Vice-President 45 Stingerettes 1-35 VICA 4, Sweetheart 45 Home- coming Queen Nominee. WALKER, LINDA 24,65,164,186 FHA 1-35 'Science Club 15 DE 3-45 Library 4. WALKER, PATTY 22,24,65,152 Spanish Club 1-25 FHA 1-25 Stingerettes 25 Science Club 25 VOE 4. WALL, LARRY 25,65-66,157 Football 1-25 Basketball 1. WARE, KAREN 15,18,65,145,234 Transfer from Liberal, Kansas 25 Library 2-45 Sci- ence Club 2-35 FHA 25 Annual Staff 4- 245 WATKINS, MIKE 6,14,19,25,44-45,62,65,6'7,8O,98, 102- 103,105-106,124- 125,206,222 Class Officer 3-4, Football 1-4, All-District 4, Hon. Men. All-State 4, Captain 4, Baseball 2-4, All-District 4, Class Favorite Runner-Up 4. WATSON, DANNY 25,44,56,65,80,105,109,115,118, 178,180,217 FFA 1, Science Club 2-4, Math Club 3-4, Basketball 1-4, Football 4. WATSON, JILL 25,44,65,164,176 FTA 2-4, Historian 4, Spanish Club 2-4, Science Club 2-3, Biology Club 2-3, Stingerettes 1-2, Volleyball 4. WATSON, SANDRA 9,25,65,152 Transfer from Ft. Worth, Texas 4, VOE 4. WHITENTON, DAVID 27,66,165,168 FFA 1-2. WHITESIDE, MARK 66 Transfer from Oakdale, Louisiana 3. 246 WILSON, DOREEN 9,20,25,66,166,18O,19'7 Transfer from Dallas, Texas 3, Science Club 4, FTA 4, FFA Sweetheart 4. WOOD, RANDY 6,10,21,25,27,62,66,102,105-106,109 Spanish Club 1-2, Science Club 4, Football 2-4, All- District 4, Hon. Men. All-State 4, Basketball 1, Base- ball 2. WOODS, BARBARA 55,66 Transfer from Dublin, Texas 3. WORLEY, PENNY 14,66,140,145,150,178,180 Transfer from Birmingham, Alabama 3, Band 4. YATES, DAVID 24,66,96,146,148,161,163,176-177, 185-187 FTA 1-4, Reporter 3-4, Spanish Club 1-4, Treasurer 3, Reporter 4, Math Club 3, Library Club 3-4, Vice- President 4, DE 4, Chaplain, Basketball 1. YOUNG, DIANE 66 'FHA 1-2. gqufoyrapf jjayes 4 . Ku T32 . lf. vt ul .F- ,af Q ,- H

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