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 - Class of 1957

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1244 'f'fQ.4ffjljM MMWWM ...leigh -,ada Adil W wg 0'i1,w1'Xf:5,,4 1aij,p7 M JA We ll lf SW J.,-fVU'ff,,02' ji P0 xrffwte ww, 5, gf WNV My ffiiff jug V ij U, 42 r ' pix , 5 144.3 vwwfU'IZi QV L77 xiii 'fx ff , M WW fi fgkigg fkW K1 Q52 M MM SR Dwwfw agwwww W 7,9 QW fb Wfffvgf ffMK 2, L! WW! W MVWWZJ W' Mgnjpmb WQ9w W Gfff, Vf5Qg6fjy5,?7W,l47ffx V , ,I ff7L jfi ' W in fy 533 Cbsx 77 192, S wiv-12'-QQ QB E10-K, -QQ Q Q eff. wg A W . 'Prof .4 19,4052 iff. Sy 2 , 1 N i I L ' ,f , ,. 7 try ,Wa A ff 'HI i A . 1 MII 0 U!! A' J PI if J 0 , 4, 3 - ff f v K' , . fb 1 'f A X If A v iv 2 vb ju p 6 ,L H' " J l Q . I J ,K . N Y! ' U 4 , , , L .4 f Neg f ' ' f . 'X J 1' 'A J ' I 2, if ,f f 1 , . V ! I I4 ff. f , I L J ff 1 -PX ! , ' ,v ll' ww, frln 7 1 Yi-ELL' ,VW ,JACK1-E' , 5 If L ' l'v 4 2 f J m J f ' ' x! K My 2734 f ff f . , NV 1 W 'Q' ,ffl ap f"! Q if J J V Q X Nl Q X yr V .,, f J A R, Q , jf Xxx! jf jf If jj, , N Al! ' f V , X fx , flu! I J , j I ' . u f" ,w 7 'J we ' f M '-'ff if! N' fl J! fy' ll L f jjf V! X f X ' J f ' X . wx f - f ,f 1 f H Sr! ju 9 0 YK ' -' f NJ W MY, . N J' ' A x P j . Q I I' ' ,V ' 'fy J W , 4 Y, ' A ' L ll k j V nf. f N ' -X f A X H Afu V I I ! XV 'IA :PUBLISHED nv srunsurs or xy ' , WU 3 J' USTEPHENVILLE HIGH scHooL' CONTENTS- MEMORIAL 3 DEDICATION 4 HIGHLIGHTS 10 FACULTY 21 CLASSES 31 ATHLETICS 77 PERSONALITIES 107 ACTIVITIES 135 C RAFTS MEN - MITCHELL'S STUDIO MILLER'S STUDIO SOUTHWESTERN ENGRAVING CO. STEPHENVILLE PRINTING CO. AMERICAN BEAUTY COVER CO 2 IN MEMORY OF JUDY LEE HUNT As we turn to this page, I know I speak the sentiment of the entire school in saying it was good for all of us to have known Judy. Her pleasing personality, devotion to God, and keen interest for all with whom she was associated won her a place in the hearts of everyone at school. Even as I write this, I feel that I can sense her admonition to us that it was "His will be done, and not mine" spoken with no sorrow and no regret, but still in that happy and enthusiastic spirit so befitting to her. Judy made us better students and teachers in 19565 yet, I am confident that each time we tu1'n to this page in the annual, we will be better Christian Citizens through- out our life. For this, we can all sincerely say "Thank you, Judy." J. C. Helm, Jr. DEDICATIO - 09 ' ' ,Kg,eWMw,QgmxilmM.g c,,.4,,., 4750424 W' - CM' cdfk' frfbaf 'WL VN ar hw ' We, the Yellow Jacket Staff of 1957, dedicate th i U sIoooktoY , - the students of Stephenville High School, enthusiasm e a high ver-present interest, and undying unsuppressable have made thi -f-""' . 1 lt has b 1 throug elubs, d in the this is d 'neve ie! ,I W 1 f' I X, I 111 A I h your efforts in band, on the athletic field, in the r ms that S. H. S. has gained this fameg e spirit that dwells Within Y O U . May C iglc4,,,,1lfZ6lf'f'Z"' Otewvtf . . The 1957 edition of the Yellow Jacket has been published with but one objective: to capture a year - - its spirit, its mood, its memory - - between the covers. While the annual staff knows that the spirit of Stephenville High is a ,multitude of realities which are too intangible to be depicted in black and white, perhaps in some small way we can preserve this spirit we all hold so dear. If this book will serve as a bridge to the past and bring to mind the priceless memories of joy and pleasures of the year just gone, it will have served its purpose. There are those without whose efforts this book, the largest Yellow Jacket ever published, would not have been pos- sible. The staff would like to thank all of you. With these thoughts, the Yellow Jacket Staff proudly pre- sents to' you, the students, your 1957 Yellow Jacket. Sue Kenny Editor 6 f . I ff 7 z 3 ,iffy J , H, f' , F 1 1 L. MAINHBUILDING W 1-1 A: CA IG' like " ' " Shown at night is the main building of wHE!11VlllQ High? lW-ajesiic in its age, it l ouses the H2-ajorypa-rt of the c-lqssa-0-sus and the library. Equally imp viflal-liNQ,iQf'Rsjn the memories of its occupants as the center of ' ' ' ' and the heart of school spirit. This year it houses a record enrollment of 461, the largest since its construction in 1921. I lj I' -L-p ,X r 'JZ D . , WA-ww-f--- , ,.,,, ,,,.,..-.,.-,W,.-..l.W GY M N U M 24-"Lq.4-"-La-"Aga-''-1:-"-L+"-1.4-'7-11-'7-ga-'7-gL.'' ' ' ' ' ' ' " fanart' ' few Ufaffffdf Zia!! iff? j by-ff if ffwnf Jg,,.,J0 .Wl' -1 jQj Z ENTRANCE 2-4- The athletic activities of S. H. S. center- around the brick gymnasium, built in 1951. The entrance, shown left, leads to the coaches' offices, the dressing rooms and a la1'e basketball court with bleachers seat- ing 500. A large recreation room, Where students gather at any spare moment, is in the rear of the building. '-'fd-'4.'4.-wfdr-fm I-IOMEMAKING COTTAGE Ol Mwwwwfmwfwwwwwfffjl jim lfwqww - Mjgfwo ' ' ' ' wgfdjoaklq, -it -VT -QV P -'VP' M -'I T -Vi -VT li 1 -VT -VP -VT -'I I . .,.,. 5 M. ,N S. H. S., nditioned being oc- he first The spirit of S. H. S. begins to flourish for the Friday football game with a pen rally in the gymnasium when all the students give the boys a highly enthusiastic send-off. FALL HIGHLIGHTS Work and play are mixed in just the right amounts in decorating the student-council-sponsored float. ' H WH' Martha Littleton, Susan Chandler, and Nancy Hutchison comple- ment the finished float. Ann Maikell has her turn in the freshman "funn at the annual F. H. A. initiation. Judy Barham and Vicky Grief, on behalf of the student council and the Yellow Jackets, re- ceive a sportsmanship award from the Cameron Student Council. FALL HIGHLIGHTS Football in action! Guy Golden carries the pig h- Indians. skin for S. H. S. in the game against the Comanc e THE PROGRESS OF A BONFIRE. The five steps in burning the Tro- jans are gathering the material, stacking it on, gathering' the people, and, finally, the finished pro- uct, the burning: bonfire. "I prbmise that, if elected, I will do my best to . . . ,U candidates Rex Carey, Melvin Bunnell, Steve Davis, and Don Davis are shown making' campaign promises in the election for student body president. 1 2 - ,Hi .335 Q R51 Y V ,X , Ek A 5 R Ai Q Y ik K Y X ., six 'L W f Q ' wg 3' X If ' mai unm. Wm xi' Q ii W Q A x 1 Zvgi12'S 3 ' wx N -R was s:s:':12af:EaEsE?Q5r .zaiisiii , ,M , f sg 5 .MLM 'vu WINTER HIGHLIGHTS Mrs. Nash, Carol Shoemaker, makes a complicated situation even more compli- cated by having a fainting spell in the presentation play. Classes go on no matter how much else there is to do! Typing and homemaking' are two of the most popular electives although one couldn't tell it by the expressions on the faces of these participants. At the F. H. A. Christmas party games, What is itg bop, mombo, or What? No matter what the dance dancingg cookies, and punch were plen is, the band party-goers seem to enjoy doing it! tiful. Club projects-fattening calves, judging livestock, and assisting teachers - help to make a well - rounded school year. HIGHLIGHTS Mid-term graduates Frances McChristial, Joycelene Boase, and Faith Jones are shown leaving S. H. S. for the last time. Oh, that awful term theme! About mid- term the library and study hall are over- flowing with students trying, desperately, to make the dead-line. HIGHLIGHTS Eva Mae Lowe, Brenda Jennings, a new student in S. H. S., and Marie Pogue get into the swing of Hobo Day clean-up activ- ities by scrubbing blackboards. Erma Whitworth displays her talent :Lt the Junior Class Variety Show. The Valentine Queen, Jan Stone, is crown- ed by Don Davis, student body president, at the library-sponsored Valentine formal. Coach Miller 'ipinch-hits" for Coach McCall in the girls' district game with Olney. As the players faces show, the game wasn't going too well at half time. Springtime has corne at last with the bedecking of the lawn with an array of friendly girls lazily enjoying the sunshine. smpde HIGHLIGHTS Cilatsises, classes, classes! English and P.l9I. are the lazy man's worst. But, Mrs. Clenclenin's English, the human pyramid, and the push-ups seein to be doing all right in spite of all the cases of spring fever. Lunch is a time for gossip, food, and fun. SPRING HIGHLIGHTS The hallway is always the scene of a mad rush - - - never two people going in the same flirectionl Coach McCall presents Travis Spears' letter jacket to him in a most informal manner. Johnny Wooten, Eugene Byrd, Coy Wil- liams, Jess Elliott, and James Littleton are the golfing "old pros" of S. H. S. HIGHLIGHTS Interscholastic League activities require lots of W ere Frances M.QChristial, Robiso -Ball-lara Rogers, 5 ITS! 'A da D'Arcy try out for the Yo s v nd contest. 2? pf S 8 S With Visions of graduation dancing in the heads, Jay Bishop and Rex Carey g measured for caps and gowns. W ,, Q? L :'e...:..,5,:,ei:,. 1 Hz f Iv , ff 1 .. ::52a::.., In ..:..1 5 ,,,,,, , -- ' f , f W,4,0 "f 'f' ' NWN ' wwe' gy , W :W TE W .,.,.,.. 'N 'Viv W SUPERINTENDENT - J. C. HELM, JR. The congenial atmosphere that prevails among our school personel during this school year surpasses all expectations of the administration. I am sure that everyone in our school joins with me in congratulating the annual staff for their diligent and very efficient work in recording in our annual many of the outstanding events this year for us to remember in future years. The happiness we have observed during this year can only reflect pleasant memories. I wish to extend my appreciation and congratulations to everyone for an outstanding year. Sincerely, J. C. Helm, Jr. Superintendent 22 J s PRINCIPAL - COLLIN B. JONES I commend the Annual Staff, the sponsor, and all who have helped in any Way in making it possible for us to have this excellent annual. The fellowship that We have with one another :luring the time that we are to- gether in our high school activities will mean much to us as 'long as We live. May we always enjoy each other as we work together. Q. Collin B. Jones Principal 57,4 0-confaf-wv1f 'few !4r4r.1v..'1.'4r'45z F A C U '. 4"'..'rx.'4.v..'?.'.'X OLEENE CHRANE MARY JO CLENDENIN J. FRED CRABTRE B. A. 102 Hours M. E. English English, Algebra Algebra, Physics ROSELLEN DAVIS MYRTLE DEAVENPORT JOHNNY DUNN SUE DUNN B. S. B. S. M. P. E. B. B. A. Homemaking Commercial Coach, Gen. Math Distributive Educati4 24 dx, 61: 4 A .Q-vf, f ,. , ',, " , .,1 J - ,X 1.1 CLEO FERGUSON BEN GILBERT LORRAINE GOLDEN M. L. S. B. S. B. A. Librarian Vocational Agriculture English PEARL HICKS DEAN HILBURN SAM HOUSTON PHOEBE ISBELL M. A. B. S. B. S. B. A. Geometry, Algebra General Science Band, Orchestra English, Spanish SWTWTWT-W1WTVTW1'n V N- ANNIPI LYNN LEATHERWOOD 5 'BT'A. Girls Physical Education SAMMIE PITTMAN B. S. Homemaking SCOTT MCCALL ACULTY 2-:Ar N W f-'A'-A-Q f DAMON MILLER B. S. B. S. Coach Coach, Business Math GAYLE RUSSELL JOY TERRY B. M. S. Social Science Chemistry, Biology RALPH MOSER M. S. Vocational Agriculture GWEN WILLIAMS M. S. Social Science BOARD OF EDUCATION Studying plans for a proposed high school building are Jess Elliott, Vice-President Bob Herrin, President E. L. Stephens, Gene Wright, and Burette Stone Cseatedj and Gene Porter, Seclletmy Clyde Buren, and Superintendent J. C. Helm, Jr. fstandingj. Film Co-Orclinator Lunch Room Supervisor JIM MORLEY MRS. T. C. ELKINS nn OFFICE STAFF Superintendent's Secretary MISS LA VIECE RAMSAY P1'incipal's Secretary MRS. JOYCE TOSH The highly efficient office girls who have many of the "general flunky jobs" are Marilyn Cantrell, Nancy Raborn, Jane Slemmons, Rachel Ogle, Genie Wade, and Lovctta Cahill. 28 Band Hall - Gymnasium Custodian M. SHANNON OTHER SCHOOL PERSONNEL BUSS DRIVERS Bus drivers who are given the job of trans- porting some 350 students to Stephenville public schools are B. B. Gilly, U. D. Can- trell, Andrew Jackson, Gerald Davis, D. D. Waldrep, George Sparkman, M. Shannon, Jim Jamison, O. B. Williams, and W. B. Bishop. COOKS Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Huffman are al- ways ready to serve us a good hot lunch. Building Custodians JIMMY EVATT - ANDREW JACKSON if ,w Rm! " bfgaffsiikifdk vim gif ........ . "'v' 1 l wr , 1 TZ fl 1, 1"AC'Ul,'I'Y ACTIYITI ICS l l,0z1tlif-i'worvrl swings into zwtirm. Z. lmuk wlimfs yilziying' with blocks! 25. M11 Ivntt cle-:ins up thc- plzicv. -1. Tm- lieu limi! 3. 'l'c'uclie-1's zitte-ml pi'c-Agnmv pop 1 xlly to clmc-1' llic- .Izu'kcts. 43, Miss WVillizmis mul H4-x milirry Play Night. T. ls ull that S0l'l0llS? 8. lim' Hmmm l'z1t1'ol. Sl. fllirisliiiv Wliylmurn cliecfrfully "looks 11 the bi1'rlie" after tlic final cullziili of ilu: S. H. S. l'l2lVOl'llC Pl'KES6l1l.Z11lfJI1 Play. Ill. M4-rry Christmas, Mr. Hc-lm! 11. Faculty artist. 12. Cozicli McCall, Befm'-1 . . IH. Hl1l'l'y', 'l'vzic'lic-Vs, ilu- ln-ll rziiigl l-1, . . . . . :xml ziftc-i' Fozivli. U we Z3 Qi -23 , ,I .ig f Q -Q 9 'w 3 1 W N, , S' , ,. M 1 SENIOR Cathy, Jeanne and Jeanette cut letters to go on S. H. S. float. ...aff- Anna, Norma, Mozelle, Louise and Marilyn prepare for the Senior concession. Each and every Thursday the Seniors sell their "Wares" in the hall at free period. It really is fun to work in the concessionsg huh, Yvonne? f K Senior girls sing "Have Thine Own Way, Lord" on religious assembly program. Jan and Yvonne learn re-upholstering in Homemaking. The Peddlers - - Jimmy, Don and Steve. Wayne and Vicky eat at the Box Supper. Preparation begins for the Seniors' biggest money-making project - - the magazine sub- scription sale. Teacher, look how tall I've grown! Wendy fRosanneJ, Miss Denning fJeanneJ, Mrs. Nash fCarJlJ, and Nona 1DonnaJ in the presentation play, "Teen Time". 4 I l l W iwig 1 S 5 5 QW J i -if! 4 :is Y 'K 1 5 W 4 Z 'S ..... : .:.:.:.-f X fy' -iff , 5 ' afiwff M OFFICERS AND SPONSORS Wynelle Dunn ...., ......... R eporter Steve Davis ..,.. ..,. V ice-President Rex Carey ,,,,, ..,........,..... P resident Rosanne Croft ..........,. Secretary-T1'easu1'e I' an ors: 4 ' M1-. J. Fred Crabtree, Mrs. Myrtle Deavenport. EDITH ANN ADAMS - F.H.A, Club, I-4, Library Club, 3-4, , Reporter, 3, Booster Jackets, I-3, Stinger Staff, 3. K . HUGH JOHN ALBRIGHT - Moth Club, I-3, Science Club, I, Booster Jackets, I-2, Who's Who in Texas History, 4. GEORGIA ANN BEARD f- Booster Jackets, I-3, F.H,A. Club I-3, Style Show, 2, Jr,-Sr. Banquet Committee, 3, Athletic Ban- quet Committee, 3, D.E. Club, 4. DOROTHY BILLS - F.H A. Club, l-4, Booster Club, l, F.T.A., 3-4, Usher for F,T,A. Play, 3, Homemaking Class Vice-Presb dent, I. -"XfVUvV7 fi ' ff ' fig! JM! ,X jfsif A-X 71" . Wlll yl!WVlT7 Y gffuj JAY DEE BISHOP - Class President, I, S.P.C., I, Football, l-4, Booster Jackets, l-3, F.F A., I-4, Vice-President, 2, Treasurer, 3, Judging Team, l-3, "S" Association, 3, F.H.A. Beau, 4, JOYCELENE BOASE - Booster Jackets, I-3, F.H.A. Club, l-2, D.E. Club, 3-4, Reporter, 3, Secretary, 4, D. E, Play, 3, VVho's Who in D. E., 4, LASS OF 57 RICHARD BRYANT BOYD - Bancl l-3, All-District 2-3, Drummer for Flag Raising, 3, Math Club, l-2, Jr. Play, 3, Presenta, tion Play, 4, Science Club, 4, Sr. Play. Z BQVAJ JOSIE MOZELLE BRQQK - Booster Jackets, l-3, F.H.A. Clula, l-3, Volleyball, 3, Basketball Manager, 4. MARVIN D. BUNNELL -- F.F.A. Club, ll-4, Booster Jackets, l-2. MELVIN LE ROY BUNNEU. - F.F A. l-4, BOOSTSI' Jackets, l-Q. JERRY ANN BYRD - F,H.A. Club, 1-4, Style Show, 2, Stinger- ettes, l-4, Leader, 4, Booster Jackets, l-3, Jr.-Sr. Banquet Server, 2, Usher at Jr, Play, 3, Jr.-Sr. Banquet Comm., 3. LOVETTA MINGUS CAHILL - F.H.A. Club, I-3, Style Show, 2: Booster Jackets, l-3, Stingerettes, 2-3, Office Staff, 24. S. P. C. MEMBERS Rex Carey Vickey Grief Bill Ferguson Carol Shoemaker Wayne Stone Sue Kenny Steve Davis SE IORS MARILYN CANTRELL - Booster Jackets, 1-3, Jr.-Sr. Banquet Committee, 3, Office Staff, 4. REX LYNN CAREY - Football, 1-4, "A" Team, 3-4, Co-Captain, 3-4, Basketball, 1-4, "A" Team, 3-4, Baseball, 1-4, F.F.A. Club, 1-4, President, 3, S,P,C., 1-4, Class President, 3-4, "S" Association, 3-4, Flag Raiser, 3, Fire Chief, 4, Class Favorite, 1-3, Most Representative Boy, 4, Jr.-Sr. Banquet Server, 2, Who's Who in General Math and Biology. DOROTHY JEAN CARPENTER - Booster Jackets, 1-3, F.H.A. Club, 1-4, D,E. Club, 4, Social Chairman, 4, Library Club, 4. J. A. CARTER - Booster Jackets, 1-3, Math Club, 2, D.E. Club, 3-4 DONALD WAYNE CASE - Football, I-3, Track, 1-2, F.T.A. Club, 3-4, D.E. Club, 4, Vice-President, 4, "S" Association, 3. l '.-Sfs. JN WILLOW DEAN CHAPMRN -- Booster Jackets, 18, F.H.A. Club, 2, Meditation Club, 4. ROSANNE CROFT - Stingerettes, I-3, Choral Club, 1-2, Booster Jackets, 1-3, F.H.A., 1-4, Song Leader, 2, Treasurer, 3, District Ill Treasurer, 3, Area IV President, 4 Style Show,2, Girl of the Year, 3, Stinger Staff, 1-2, Annual Staff, 2-3, Ad Editor, 2, Club Editor, 3, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Presentation Play, 4, Jr.-Sr. Banquet Server, 2, Class Reporter, 2, Class Treasurer, 3-4, Who's Who in Homemaking Ill, Cheerleader, 4, School Sweetheart, 4. LINDA MAYRIS D'ARCY - Band, 1-4, Head Librarian, 3, Sec- retary, 4, Maiorette, 2-4, Head Maiorette, 4, Orchestra M. C., 4, Choir, I-2, Stingerettes, 1, F.H.A,, 1-3, F.T.A., 4, Booster Jackets, 1-3, Jr.-Sr. Banquet Server, 2, Graduation Usherette, 3, Runner-Up Valentine Couple, 3, Wha's Who in English III, Stinger Staff, 1-2, Annual Staff, 1-4, Photogra- pher, 1, Art Editor, 2-3, Music Editor, 4, Football Sweet- heart, 4, I.L. Poetry Reading, 4, I.L. Shorthand, 4. CLASS OF '57 DONALD WAYNE DAVIS - F.F.A., I-4, President, 2, State Vice- President, 4, Area IV President, 4, Dairy Products Team, 1, State Dairy Judging Team, 2, Who's Who in Ag. ll, S.P.C., 2-4, State Convention Delegate, 3, Student Body President, 4, Jr.-Sr. Banquet Server, 2, "S" Association, 3-4, Booster Jackets, 1-3, Basketball, 1-4, "A" Team, 2-4, Football, 1-4, "A" Team, 2-4, Honorable Mention All-District, 3, All- District, 4, Honorable Mention All-State, 4, Wigwam Wise- man All-American Football Team. STEVEN LEE DAVIS - Basketball, 1-4, HA" Team, 3-4, Hubbard All-Tournament Team, 4, Booster Jackets, 1-3, Math Club, 1-2, Science Club, I-2, Speech Club, 3, Choral Club, 3, Vice-President, 3, "S" Association, 3-4, S.P.C., 4, Class Sgt.- ot-Arms, 3, Class Vice-President, 4, Runner-Up Most Repre- sentative, 4, Presentation Play, 4, Senior Play, Cheerleader, 4, Flag Raiser, 4, Jr.-Sr. Banquet Server, 2. SHIRLEY ANN DOLLISON - F.H.A. 1-4, Booster Jackets, I-3, X Stingerettes, 1-3, Who's Who in P.E., 1, Presentation Play, li 3, Stinger Staff, 3, Entertainer at Bond Banquet, 3, Jr.-Sr. Banquet Committee. E l I 1 t 1 CATHERINE WYNELL DUNN - F.H,A., 1-4, Stingerettes, 1, 4, G Sgt.-at-Arms, 4, Band Librarian, 4, Booster Jackets, 1-3, 1, Presentation Play, 4, Sr. Play, Spanish Club, 4, Treasurer, 3 4, Tennis Doubles, 4, Jr.-Sr. Banquet Committee, 3, F.F.A. 1 Banquet Server, 1, Stinger Staff, 1, Class Reporter, 4, Choral 1 Club, 1, Runner-Up Sr. Favorite, Transfer to Panama Canal f Zone, 2. I E 5 CATHERINE ANN ENGLISH - Class Reporter, 1, Booster Jackets, 1-3, Library Staff, 2, F.H.A., 1-4, Stinger Staff, 1-3, Jr. I Thespions, 3, F.T.A., 2-3, Vice-President, 3, F.T.A. Play, 2, Class Sgt.-at-Arms, 3, Class Secretary, 2. 2 3 4 BOBBYE EVATT - Class Secretory, 1, F.H.A., I-3, Style Show, I, Booster Jackets, 1-3, D. E. Club, 4, Treasurer, 4. , E ' i E i 1 ESTER YVONNE FENNER QI- F.H.A., I-4, Style Show, 2, F.T.A., E - , .T.A. Play, 2-3, Student Assistant, 4, Jr.-Sr. Banquet Food Committee, Usherette at Jr. Play. 3 1 WILLIAM DEE FERGUSON - Stinger Staff, 3, Baseball, 1-3, Basketball, 1-4, "A" Team, 2-4, Tennis, 2-4, District Single's t Champ, 3, Moth Club, 2, Booster Jackets, 1-3, President, 3, S.P.C., 1-4, Jr.-Sr. Banquet Server, 2, Presentation Play, 1, ' 2, 4, Runner-Up Class Favorite, 2-3, Who's Who in Shop, , 1-2, Fireman, 4, Cheerleader, 3-4, Head Cheerleader, 4, E Graduation Usher, 3, "S" Association, 3-4, Sr. Play, Sr. E 2 SE IORS JL' JEANETTE - F.H,A, Club, 2-4, Booster Jackets, 2-3, Jr-Sr. Banquet Committee, 3, Athletic Banquet Committee 3, Basketball Mgr., 3, Volleyball, 3. NORMAN FRANKFATHER - Transfer from Kermit. ELLIE LOUISE FRANKLIN - F.H,A., 2, Basketball, 2-4, "A" Team, 2-4, Captain, 4, Booster Club, 2-3, Who's Who in Basketball, 3-4. JIMMY GENE GARNER - Booster Jackets, l-3, Math Club, l-3, President, 3, Bausch 81 Lomb Science Award, 4, Baseball, 2, Basketball Mgr., 3, Football Mgr., 3-4, Presentation Play, 4, Annual Staff, Business Manager and Photographer, 4, Inter- scholastic League Number Sense Regional Champ, 4: Who's Who in Algebra I, in Chemistry, in American History, in Plane Geometry, in Algebra ll and in Physics. BARBARA ANN GENTZEL - F.H.A., i-4, Style Show, 2, Booster Jackets, l-3, F.T.A., 3-4, P.E. Assistant Teacher, 4, Jr.-Sr. Banquet Committee Chairman, Sr. Class Finance Committee, Homeroom Captain, BOBBIE JEAN GILLEY - Booster Jackets, I-3, F.H.A,, I-2. LA RUE GREENE - F.H.A., l-4, Booster Jackets, 2-3, Science Club, I, Secretary-Treasurer, l, F,T.A., 3-4, Who's Who in +-P-fE., 3-4, Office Staff, 2. - Af-.-,. WN., ,---,WAC Q- ' V VICKY LOU GRIEF - F.H,A., l-4, Public Relations, 2, Reporter, 3, Song Leader, 4, Girl of the Month, 3, Style Show, 2, Booster Jackets, l-3, Choral Club, 1-2, Annual Staff, 2-4, Advertising Editor, 2, Club Editor, 3, Sr. Editor, 4, Stinger Staff, l-2, Jr.-Sr. Banquet Server, 2, S.P.C., I-4, State Convention Delegate, 2, Presentation Play, 3, Band Librarian, 4, Chairman S.H.S. Float Committee, 3-4, Fire Monitor, 4, Stingerettes, I-4, President, 4, Presentation Play Usherette, 2, 4, Most Representative Girl, 4. 5 .l.iJ:n'a.ry.ACl-eIz'JZ-4,7 Vice-President, 4. CLASS OF '57 NATHAN DARWIN HALE - Band, 1-4, All District, 1-2, All- Region, 2, Orchestra, 1-2, Football, 1-4, "A" Team, 2-4, "S" Association, 2-4, Runner-Up Class Favorite, 1 4, Base- ball, 1-4, Basketball, 1, Track, 1-2, Booster Jackets, 1-3, Jr.-Sr, Banquet Server, 2, Jr. Play, Senior Play. ORAN RAY HALLMARK 1 Football, 1, Math Club, 1, F.F.A., 2 D.E. Club, 3, Booster Jackets, 1-3. MARVIN DOYLE HARRIS -- Booster Jackets, 2, D.E. Club, 3-4, Scrapbook Editor, 4. EVA JOAN HARTSFIELD.,-1Ii.H.A. Club, 1, Booster Jackets, 2-3, -kv, L ,L DARRELL RAY HEFFLEY - F.F.A. Club, 1-4, Booster Jackets, 2-3. LOYD GENE HELMS - F.F.A., 1-2, Treasurer, 1, Reporter, 2, D.E. Club, 3-4, Booster Jackets, 1-3, Band, 1. JAMES OPIE HERRIN - Band, 1-3, Jr.-Sr, Banquet Server, 2, Math Club, 1-2, Science Club, 1-2, Booster Jackets, 1-3, Jr. Play, Presentation Play, 4, Senior Play. l s ., , , In I s. QQ DONNA LEE HILL - F.H.A., 1-4, Sgt,-at-Arms, 2, Secretary, 3, Degree Committee Chairman, 4, Girl of the Month, 3, Booster Jackets, 1-3, Band, 2-4, Maiorette, 3-4, Assistant Quartermaster, 3, Jr.-Sr. Banquet Server, 2, Jr.-Sr. Banquet Committee, 3, D,E. Club, 4, Reporter, 4, D.E. Sweetheart, 4, Choral Club, 1-2, Presentation Play, 4, Stinger Staff, 1, Junior Play. SE IDRS SHARON KAY HALBROOK - Transfer from Odessa 4 1 , MAVALYN ANN HOOK - Band, l-3, Flagbearer, 3, Orchestra l-3, Basketball, l-4, "A" Team, 3-4, Mgr., l-2, Tennis l-4, Speech Club, 3, F.H.A. Club, l-4, F.T,A., I-3, Cheer- leader, 4, Booster Jackets, I-3, Presentation Play, 4, Jr Play, Volleyball Team, l-4, Runner-Up Mast Representative Girl, 4, Junior Garden Club, President, 3, Sr, Play. MARTHA LOU HUDDLESTON - Transfer from De Leon, 3, F.H,A. l-4, F.T,A., 2-4, Bond, l-4, Lieutenant, 4, All-District, 3 Band Sweetheart, 4. CAROL JEAN HUSTON - F.H.A. Club, l, Booster Jackets, l, Transfer to Hart, 2-3. JERRY DON HUSTON - Booster Jackets, l-3, "S" Association, 3-4, Cheerleader, 4, Class Vice-President, l, Basketball, l-4, "A" Team, 3-4, Valentine Runner-Up Couple, 4, Who's Who in Basketball, 4, Tennis, 4. NANCY ALTA HUTCHISON - Booster Jackets, 2-3, Choral Club, 2-3, Stingerettes, 2-4, Sgt.-at-Arms, 4, Class Reporter, 3, Spanish Club, 2-4, President, 4, Basketball "B" Team, 3, Junior Play Usherette, Jr.-Sr, Banquet Server, 2, F.H.A,, 4. JOHN HOWARD JAMES - F.F.A. Club, l-4, Booster Jackets, l-3, Boxing, 4. ANNA DORA JOHNSON - Booster Jackets, l-3, F.H.A., 4, Style Show, 2, Volleyball, 3, Baseball, l-4, "A" Team, 3-4. CLASS OF '57 NORMAN SCOTT JOHNSON - F,F.A., i-2, Science Club, 4. FAITH MARIE JONES - Band, I-4, Secretary, 2-3, Asst. Drum Maior, 3-4, Maiorette, 2-4, Stingerettes, I, Choral Club, i-2, All-Region, i-2, Secretary, 2, Booster Jackets, I-3, F,H.A., I, Presentation Play, 4, Class Favorite, I, Runner- Up Class Favorite, 2-3, Runner-Up School Sweetheart, 4, Orchestra, 3, S.P.C., I-3, State Convention Delegate, 2-3, Jr.-Sr, Banquet Server, 2, Stinger Staff, I-2, Essay Contest Winner, 3, Office Staff, I, Whos Who in Grammar IV. NORMA SUE KENNY -- Runner-Up Class Favorite, I, Class Favorite, 2-4, Wha's Who in General Science, in English I, in American History, in English III in Social Studies, in Civics, S.P.C., I-4, District Secretary, 3, Treasurer, 3, Sec- retary, 4, Booster Jackets, 1-3, F.l-l.A., I-4, Interschalastic League Debate, 2, District Champs, Stinger Staff,1, Annual Staff, 2-4, Club Editor, 2, Co-Editor, 3, Editor, 4, F.T.A., 2-4, Miss F.T.A, of S.H.S., 2, District Corresponding Sec- retary, 3, Historian, 3, President, 4, F,T.A, Play, 2-3, Speech Club, 2, Presentation Play, I, 3, 4, D.A.R. Citizen- ship Award, 4, Jr.-Sr. Banquet Program, 3, Graduation Usherette, 3. JOHN ANDERSON KIMBRO - Booster Jackets, 2, F.T.A., 3, F.F.A., 3. t ,r , i " ' i '41, if SHIRLEY ANN KING - F.T.A,, 4, Transfer from Coleman, 4. SHERROD JOE KYLE - Football, 4, F.F.A., 4, Boxing, 4, Trans- fer from Fort Worth, 4. 3 DOROTHY LATTA - Booster Jackets, I-3, Volleyball, 3, Jr.-Sr. Banquet Committee, 3, F.H.A,, l-3, Style Show, 2. f PATRICK MELVIN LATTA - Booster Jackets, 2-3 Science Club, 2, Math Club, 3-4. S SE IORS JAMES FRANK LITTLETON - Booster Jackets, I-3, Golf, 2-4, Math Club, 2, Spanish Club, 4, Football, I-2. FRANCES JEAN McCHRISTIAL - F.H.A., I-3, Style Show, l-2, Parliamentarian, 3, Booster Jackets, I-3, Stingerettes, l-3, Who's Who in Homernaking Il and in Bookkeeping, F,T.A., 2, Choral Club, I-3, Jr.-Sr. Banquet Server, 2, Sr. Finance Committee. NORMA LEA MILLER - F.H.A., 2, Booster Jackets, 2-3, Basket- ball, 3-4, "A" Team, 4. VICTOR DARRELL MOORE - F.F.A., I-4, Booster Jackets, I-2, Science Club, I-3. JOE NELSON - Math Club, 2, D.E. Club, 3-11. SHIRLEY JEAN NOLAND - F.H,A., I-4, Style Show, I-27 Booster Jackets, I-3. HERSCHEL STOVALL NORTH - D.E, Club, 4. RACHEL LEONE OGLE - Transfer from Hico, 3, Stingerettes, 47 Office Staff, 4. CLASS 0? '57 ROBERT CONNELL PARK - Band, l-4, Booster Jackets, l, Math Club, i-4, Secretary-Treasurer, 3, Spanish Club, 2, Who's Who in American History. DONALD GENE PEACOCK -- Booster Jackets, l-3, D.E. Club, 3-4, President, 4, Presentation Play, 4, Choral Club, 2, F.F.A., 2, U.I.L. Golf Team, 1-4, Sr. Play Stage Manager. NORMAN CLYDE QUIRL - F F.A., 3, Booster Jackets, 3. DORIS JEAN RIGGS - F,H,A, l-2, Booster Jackets, l,3, Basket- ball. 2-3. V NNE JEANETTE R ISO - F.H.A,, 2, Booster Jackets, l-3, Wo ey5a1 2- 7 Basketball "A" Team? l - . if BARBARA LYNN ROGERS - Booster Jackets, l-2, F,H.A., l-3, Spanish Club, 2-4, Who's Who in Shorthand. CAROL ANN SEGAL - Transfer from Houston, 4, F.H.A,, 4, Office Staff, 4, Who's Who in Civics and in Literature IV, CAROL ANN SHOEMAKER - F.H.A., I-2, Booster Jackets, i-3: Jr. Play, Cheerleader, 4, F.F.A. Sweetheart, 4, S.P.C., A, Who's Who in Drivers Education, Office Staff, 3, Choral Club, 2, Stingerettes, l, Speech Club, 2, Presentation Play, 4, Sr. Play, Tennis, 4, SE IDRS NEVA JANE SLEMMONS - F.H.A., I-4, Booster Jackets, l-3, Office Staff, 3-4, Jr. Play, Jr.-Sr. Banquet Committee, Band, 1-4, Flagbearer, 3-4, Ass't Librarian, 3, Presentation Play, 4, Junior Garden Club, 3, Vice-President, 3, Prompter for Senior Play. , , ,B i BETTE JAN STONE - Library Club, l-4, T.A,L.A. Delegate, I-4, Historian, 3, President, 4, F.H.A., l-3, Style Show, l-2, State Convention, 3, Annual Staff, 2-3, Stinger Staff, 2, Booster Jackets, l-3, Jr.-Sr, Banquet Theme Committee, Valentine Queen, 4. MARSHALL WAYNE STONE - Football, I-4, "A" Team, 3-4, Basketball, I-4, "A" Team, 3-4, Baseball, l-4, Tennis, 3, "S" Association, 3-4, President, 4, F.T.A., 4, Booster Jackets, I-3, Fireman, 4, Jr.-Sr. Banquet Server, 2, S,P.C., 4, Senior Play, Presentation Play, 2. BEVERLY JEAN TAYLOR - Stingerettes, 2-4, Secretary-Treasurer, 4, F,H.A., 2-4, Choral Club, 2-3, Jr.-Sr. Banquet Committee, Speech Club, 2, Booster Club, 2-3, Presentation Play, 4, Senior Play. OTTO TELLEZ - Transfer from Kermit, 4. , 771, chanel- EUGENIA ANN WADE - F.H.A., I-3, Booster Jackets, i-3, Stingerettes, 2-4, Jr.-Sr. Banquet Committee, Office Staff, l-4 LINDA OMALJEAN WALL - F.H.A., i-3, Booster Jackets I-3- Choral Club, i-2, Band, 2-3, Stingerettes, 2-4, Jr.-Sr. Banquet Committee, Annual Staff, i-3, Photographer, i-2, Feature Editor, 3, Stinger Staff, 2, Jr. Play, Presentation Play, 4, Usher at Presentation Play, I-3, Jr,-Sr. Banquet Server, 2, D.E. Club, 4, Parliamentarian, State Convention Delegate, Senior Play. PHILLIP WAYNE WALLS - Band, i-4 Lieutenant, 3, Student Director, 3, Captain, 4, Booster Jackets, i-3, Choral Club, 2-3, Orchestra, 2-4, F,T.A., 3-4, F.T.A. Play, 3, Jr. Play, Who's Who in Band, 3-4. ROBERT EDWIN WHITE - Math Club, l-2, Science Club, l-3, Booster Club, l-3, F.T,A., 4, Basketball, l-4, "A" Team, 2-4, All-Area Team, 3, All-District, 4, Stinger Staff, 3, Cheerleader, 3, Football, i, 2, 4, Baseball, I-4, "S" Asso- ciation, 3-4, Jr.-Sr. Banquet Server, 2, Class President, 2. JUDITH MARLENE WOMACK - Booster Jackets, l-2, F.H.A,, l-4, h b 3 4 Jr Pl y Style Show, 2, F.T.A., 2-3, Spanis Clu, Usher, Jr.-Sr. Banquet Decorating and Food Committee. DAVID LAWRENCE WOOD - F.F.A,, l-3, Booster Jackets, l-3, Basketball, l-3. GRADY WYLY - F.F.A., l-4, Vice-President, 2, Dairy Judging, 2, Livestock Judging, 3, Sentinel, 3. MARVIN HENRY WYLY - F.F,A,, l-4, Secretary, 4, Livestock Judging, 2, Meat Judging, 3. WAYNE ODELL ZIMMERMAN - Football, 1-4, Second Team All- District, 3-4, Basketball, 1, Baseball l-4, "S" Association, 3-47 Booster Club, l-3, Who's Who in Shop lll, Math Club, 2-3. Drinking up the profits at the concession sland. CLASS UF '57 - 7 . a OFFICERS AND SPONSORS S' P- C' MEMBERS Buddy Baley ........,................... Sgt.-at-Arms Bohn Jay Barham .....,. ............. R eporter Guy Golden .....,.......,. ....... V ice-President Jim Coleman ..... ..,... S gt.-at-Arms Mike Keahey ...., ..,.., P resident Lynn Jones ,.,.......... .,.. T reasurer Carroll Golightly ,....... ............ S ecretary Sponsors: Mrs. Sammie Pittman, Mr. Ben Gilbert Mrs. Joy Terry Clinton Arthur Tommy Glasgow Guy Golden Mike Keahey Larue Boase Elizabeth Brown Judith Barham Kay Smith gives a chalk talk at special Thanksgiving assembly p1'0gI'3.1'I1. JUNIOR BuddywBaley, Guy, Golden, Mike Keahey, and Tommy Louthei back, S. H. S. Juniors, are selected on 9AAA All-Distrlct Foot ball Team by "Waco News Tribune. Phyllis Wright, Evelyn Bailey, La Nell Jones, Alpha Jo Weir, and Patsy Wooley practice for yell-leader tryouts. Marilyn Ferguson, Mary Cornell, Ann Heffington, John Ecl liavhain, Norma Sue Teague, and Clinton Arthur repiesiriit the many Juniors in the band and Stingerettes. ACTIVITIES Trying out for parts in t'Quit Your Kiddingn -jPriscil1a Poor Juniors out to get another dime on Tuesday- Morton, Carolyn Waldrep, Mary Farmer, Georgla Scher- Buddy, Lynn, Troice, David, and Ferel. H1912 Hlld M211'11Y1'1 F91'gl1S011- Anderson, Arnold Angell, James Arthur, Clinton Bailey, Evelyn Baley, Buddy Barham, Bohn Jay Barham, John Ed Barham, Judy Bell, Judy Billingsley, Jerry Bishop, Larry Boase, Larue 48 Roase, Robert Q lhdnelzgios, Frankie Brown, Elizabeth Bunch, D01-othy C L A S S O F ' Rui-well, Russell Cason, Kenneth Cato, Judy Chambers, Max Chance, Bgbby Cline, Troice Coleman, Jim Cornell, Joy Lynn A0 Cornell, Mary Beth Cosby, Mildred Cowan, John Crain, Standlee ' U N I O R S Q' in 1 Q ., I fw Q 1:::f 'Q x Q ! X 01 F Cmzcinr, Ann Denio, Fredia Denman, Martha 4 I s u I , ' ' A .l Elliott, Charles Farmer, Mary Ferguson, Frances Ferguson, Marilyn 50 Fiddler, A. J. Fincher, Sandra Glasgow, Tommy Golden, Guy CLASS 0? '58 x-A Golightly, Carroll Goligihtly, Noi ma ..f"Y'Ex Q,-lux 'lug' Golightly, Sue Hamilton, Bert Harrell, Sammy Heffingiton, Ann Hendon, Garvin Howle, Junior Jackson, Paul X Joyce Jones, David Jones, LaNe'll JUNIORS Jones, Larry Jones, Lynn Keahey, Mike Kinsey, Thurl I Eg M Lane, Jackie bunny, Bobbie Leatherman, Acie Little, Ferel fvivrncf 52 ,EA Little, James Longley, Ruby Loutherback, Tommy Lowery, Carolyn CLASS OF '58 Lowery, Clarence Lowery, Melton McAlister, Mary McChristial, Jo Ann Mclnnis, Nancy McPherson, Bobby McPherson, Janette Martin, James 53 Martin, Rita Mayfield, Billie Mercer, Kay Merrell, Byron UNIORS Miniard, Marilyn Morton, John Morton, Priscilla Nelson, Jan mf Q 1 A Pair, Douglas Palmer, Robert Pa1'kei',Wilbe1't f mslgliel l 54 . ,: :. '55 .:.: Q x .. Q 52, 3, E ag, I f A i 3 J' Rasberry, Donald Rzsbei' y, Nita Richardson, Franklin Roberson, Patsy Rodgers, Sandva lbseilakmq Pat Scliermer, Georgia Schmidt, Larry fgimffe, ,. ' L, I A Skillman, Hollis Smith, Kay Snow, Hayden Sparks, La Vada X 5 m 'X-FV Spears, Travis Tabor, Woody Tarver, Nita Teague, Norma Sue Tidwell, Carol Sue Vandaveer, Glen Walclrep, Carolyn Wa'H!e-r, Charlene , Sandra Watson, Shirley Weeks, Judy Weir, Alpha Jo i 6 56 N :,, .,,w,,,' Welch, Winston Williard, Mary Williams, Coy Wood, Franklin LASS OF '58 Wooley, Patsy Wooten, Johnny Wright, Phyllis Yancy, Don 'I I Yardley, Barbarav Yeates, Martha Zimmerman, Cqroline 4 V1 'fx wfvvxim K A LL 57 CLASS OFFICERS: Scherry Stephens, Reporter' Penny Terrell, Secretary-Treasurerg Beverly Cawyer, Presidentg Dale Anderson, Vice-Presidentg Paul Cook, Sergeant-at-Arms. Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Dunn, Sophomore Sponsors Sophomore Committee meeting in the home of their sponsors. 58 . ': eg 2 3 5 3 s E i 3 E 1. What's so l'l1fOl'0:3fii7X1', gz'i'ls'.' 4. Gossip session at Pop R-ally 6. Enjoy the lunch? :Q Annual Staff Party for Favorites. Got room for one more, boys? Big' gmne? Gut in there, Goorge! YVOW ! I I Albright, Jennie Bishop, Jennie Carpenter, Dolores SOP!-IDMORES Allen, Sherry 1 ,',. Brandorl, Willie Lou Carter, Jim Anderson, Dale Brewer, George Case, Carol Bailey, Bobby Burnett, Rusty Cawyer, Beverly Bills, Calvin Byrd, E ugene Chandler, Susan 60 Chapgian, Shir ey Cook, Paul Diamond, Barbara CLASS OF '59 Christian, Dwayne Coppedge, Yvonne Dotson, Carolyn Cla-rkj V Carolyn Cox, Wiley Dove, Marie Click, Cline, Kendall Wanda Cunningham, Daniels, Amy Mary Beth Dowell, Fears, Sharon Barbara Rl Fleming, Mike Graham, VVindle Harris, Evelyn SOPHOMORES Fowler, Donald Greene, Trena Hai ris, Jerrel Fox, Goodman, Goodman, Harold Rudine Virgi 'a Grief, Gryder, Hancock, Ross Joan Johnny Hartsfield, Hendon, H ilburn, Shirley Darrell Ronald G2 ' r I E E CLASS OF '59 Hilliard, Howell, Wanda Barbara .9547 it Keelingr, IQ liinflzi Martha Littleton, Logan, Martha Sylvia Johnson, James Latham, James Long, Janice Jones, Jordon, Martha Claudia Lee, Lewallen, Carolyn Eddie lg ingbill, Loper, Judy llonalcl 63 xi Lowery, Clinton McMillin, June Miller, Douglas SOPHOMORES ,... McElroy, McKinney, McKinney, E. J. C. R. Martha McPherson, Martin, Martin, Jo ll Carroll Judith Miller, Montgomery, Moseley, Linda Rennie Linda McClarty Sammy Mathis, Jimmy Nail, T. J. 64 7 Noland, Avinell Packwood, Wayne Powell, Lynn CLASS OF '59 North, O'B1'yant Wanda Frank Partain, Payne, Sandra Ben Price, . , James Nelda O'B1'yant, Rnzelle Pefkins, Robert Raborn, Nancy G5 6 P-ae-le Barbara Pittman, Judith Rasbe-1'1-y, Frank SCP!-IOMORES Reagan, Richardson, Rhudene Joye Sechrist, Shelton, Billie Sue W. C. Stanford, Stephens, Cleta Hattie Fay Richardson, Myrna Showalter, Jana Stephens, Scherry Roberson, Rowe, Nell Allene Singleton Carol Perry 99,555- Tarver, Loretta Sue 66 Tarver, Jimmy Villines, Gloria A f' Williams, Pail CLASS OF '59 Terrell, Penny VVa rd, Jerry VVolfenburger, Carolyn Trammell, Turley, Vandever, David Buster Jerry Wartes, Weldon, White, Charles Don Doyle D Yarbrough, Zimmerman, Harrison, Cathey Judy Dorothy G7 FRESH MEN Freshman Sponsors Coach Miller and Mrs. Isbell frightj with class officers: Cstandingtj Reporter Arden Knight, Presi- dent David Cole, Sgts.-at-Arms Kenneth Sligerrand, James Leatherwood, fsittingb Secretary Karen Sandlin, Treasurer Karen Shoemaker, and Yige-Presiderg ltghirql Sviieevbergelp Freshman footballer Kenneth Slinger and basketballer Jess Elliott. A game is enjoyed by Fish at the class Halloween Party. Ann Bradley, Elizabeth Burwell, John Latham, and Conita Clayton prepare to light their candles at the F.T.A. initiation. CLASS OF '60 Freshmen are represented on the S.P.C. by Mike Morton, Vernon Gunn, David Cole, Bobby Glasgow, Bonnie Lewis, Linda Davis and Elizabeth Burwell. Freshman agriculture boys practice land- judging. Homemaking girl Elaine Rile Judy Ogle, Rosie Jones, and Charlene Hartsfield, pre- pare a bulletin board in the cottage. Freshmen present "Crazy Mixed-up Christ- mas". Cast includes Katy Waters, Judy Dunn, Barbara Huffman, David Cole, and Michele Wec . Anderson, Janette Bishop, James Burwell, Elizabeth Cathey, James FRESI-IME Bailey, Billy Bradley, Ann Carpenter, Charles Crane, Shirley Rarbee, Keith Bramlett, Shirley Carr, Ralph Clayton, Conita Bell, Billy f' 1 Brarnlett, VVilliam , I Canter, Wanda Cleveland, Phillip Bills, Dwain Brock, Jerry Carter, Vfilma Cole, David Cooper, Larry Doshier, Betty Jo Glasgow, Bobby Hartsfield, Charlene' CLASS OF '60 Crow, Wayne Bunn, Judy Golightly, Wanda 4.5, ,159 . ,nfs Q.- Hendrickson, Rosa if W znlunv H . '2 --::,,., W", V 2 C ,V l saw' Currier, Janice Elliott, Jess Grizzard, Sharon 'L -. -., .4 C l Hunsi-ng, Ruwii if 'Yfsfw Mi Daniel, ' Ona Faye Flory, Patricia Gunn, Vernon Hilburn, Eugene x . I I Davis, Linda Ford, R. D. L 1. 14..- Halbert, Roberta Hill, Jackie y U ,ix'L3M.. . Holder, Lucretia K x X Huffman, X Barbara xsu., --f Jones, Don Latham, John FRESHME Hook, Kenneth Hughes, Lola Kirby, J acquieta X - Latham, Mike 2 Hooks, Met ' J ackson, James Knight, Arden Lcatherwood, James H owell, W. R. Jackson, Mosetta Knox, Ema Lou Lewis, Bonnie Huey, Mary James, Jerry Land, Mozelle Lookingbill Jan Loudermilk, Roberta Maikell, Ann Moseley, Kendall Parker, James CLASS OF '60 , . , Lowe, Eva Mae llffeltaxfi, Mattie 5 Moser, Jfhn Pendleton, Belva 5 Lowery, Charles Miller, Barbara Mounce, Hobby Pogue, Marie Macleley, Gerald Mills, Eugene Ogle, Judy . 1'1C6,g fSancl1'a, , Y , Madeley, Philip Morton, Mike Park, Harry Puckett, Willie Quirl, Tommy A rw . "5 , ,AJ L2-img L pf 'Elaine ii.. Schmidt, Glen Sparks, Jerry FRESI-IME Ratliff, Delbert Rives, Jack Self, Sheron Spindor, Pat . ..1',. .'f.,A. .4 Ratliff, Earnestine Roulston, Lois Shoemaker, Karon Sue Spitzenberger, Mildred Ray, Ca 1'ol Russell, Grady Slinger, Kenneth Starnes, Terrell Richardson Barbara Sandlin, Karen Sparks, Dorothy Stewart, Robert Stewart, Sue VVallace, Joe VVillet, Wanda Wood, Hershel CLASS OF '60 Still, Charles ,.4,,,,- 'Wa'U21's, Katy 'X'fooflle, Eddie Tidwell, Vandever, Charles Bill lVelch, Whitfield, Michele Norman Fish Stingerettes Parading lVooley, VVyly, David Nancy Wall, Mack VVhitworth Erma VVooCl, Frances Young, if Darlene :Xml : ,Ji lm . I 1 The Yellow Jackets presented their 1956 sweetheart, Miss Linda D'Arcy, before the final game of the 1956 season. Pictured escorting Miss D'Arcy through the goal posts are captains Rex Carey and Donald Davis. The other captain, Mike Keahey, is not picturerl. FOOTBALL COACH SCOTT MCCALL COACH JOHNNY DUNN COACH DAMON MILLER E . on "2: 2-11 2:'2' ..:.:.:: 1 .sr ::., -' -1-V 11' '-'v V . vl f f i f f i r cf-- 2 MANAGERS CAPTAINS The football managers this year were Troice The 1956 Yellow Jackets were captained by Rex Cline, Jimmy Garner, and Lynn Jones. The Carey, Don Davis, and Mike Keahey. This was Jackets will miss the services of Jimmy next the second year that Rex led the Jackets. DONALD DAVIS umber 50 - Center-Linebacker nior - 3 Letters - Weight 190 Exptain - All-District - 1 Touchdown. year, but Lynn and Troice will return as seniors. WAYNE ZIMMERMAN Number 11 - Quarterback - Senior - 2 Letters - Weight 160 - All-District Second Team - Passing: 35 of 85 for 659 yards and 8 touchdowns - Rush- ing: 65 for 132 for 2 yard average and 3 touchdowns. WAYNE STONE Number 92 - End-Linebacker - Sen- ior - 1 Letter - Weight 150 - Pass receiving: 9 for 162 and 2 touch- downs - Punting: 7 for 187 and 26.7 - 13 extra points. 9 DARWIN HALE Number 37 - Halfback - Senior - 3 Letters - Weight 155 - Rushing: 74 for 335 for 4.5 yard average and 2 touchdowns. - Pass receiving: S for 70 and 1 touchdown - Punting: 13 for 375 and 28.9 average - 3 extrfi points. REX CAREY Number 43 - Fullback-linebacker - Senior - 2 Letters - Weight 165 - Captain - Rushing: 46 for 151 for inff' 1 3.3 yard average. - Pass receiving: 2 for 32. ROB WHITE Number 91 - End-halfback Sen 1 Letter - Weight 140 - Pass iei for 21. FOOTBALL Darwin Hale takes the pitchout from Wayne Zimmerman on the option against Killeen Other Yellow Jackets are Tommy Loutherback 1785, Wayne Stone 1925, Guy Golden ion groundj , i Z and Don Davis fhead shown in back-groundj. We l K ffm ww TOMMY LOUTHERBACK MIKE KEAHEY JIM COLEMAN Number 78 - Tackle - Junior - 2 Number 45 - Fullback-End - Junior Number 68 - Guard-Linebacke Letters - Weight 195 - 1 touchdown - 2 Letters - Weight 175 - Captain - Junior - 2 Letters - Weight 171 Punting: 2 for 46 and 23 Rushing: 63 for 260 for 4.1 yard avcrag'e and 2 touchdowns - Passing: l for 0 - Pass receiving: 3 for 57 - V Kickoffs: 8 for 322 and 41.5 average :J -' V' N FOOTBALL tx X 1 Mike Keahey f45J and Wayne Stone 15525 lead Darwin Halo around Con1anche's left end. llis Parder QGTJ chases the play as other defensive players stop Dublin. Making' Franklin Wood speeds tackle are: Don Davis ibehind ball carrierb, Mike Keahey fto rightj, and Jim around the Lions. Coleman 4685. . FOOTBALL FRANKLIN WOOD ugibzvr 34 - Halfback - Junior - 1 etter - Weight 160 - Rushing: 31 r 445 for 14.3 yard average and mouchclowns - Pass receiving 1 for 33 GUY GOLDEN Number 44 - Halfback - Junior - 2 Letters - Weight 150 - All-District Second Team - Rushing: 97 for 555 for 5.7 yard average and 6 touch- downs - Pass receiving: 4 for 45. WILLIS PARKER Nuinber 67 - Guard - Junior Letter - Weight 180. ARNOLD ANDERSON TOMMY GLASGOW HOLLIS SKILLMAN Number 75 - Tackle - Junior - 2 Number 93- End-Linebacker-Junior Number 73 - Tackle - Junior Letters - Weight 180 1 Letter - W'eight 150 - Pass recei- Letter - Weight 185 ving: 2 for 43 and 2 touchdowns FOOTBALL Tommy Glasgow is brought down after a pass interception against Killeen. Other Jackets in the picture are: fleft to rightj Wayne Stone, Willis Parker, Guy Golden, Don Davis, Tommy Loutherback, Arnold Anderson, and Buddy Baley 3' ,W A wa' A t fy ' 2 'fx' 'T ww 1 M21 5 df x ANL , fp. -Eg ,:,, , Yi 'zzz :::11 . M Xa, N A ..-- .,.,,,: 5 fi, R, 1 g V x x xy if 4 1 5 W? iii 0 553 QM 16 lf ,M A X, 4' 4' , f 4 Q " fa xx ,Z 5, f ,XX QQXNQ' sg? 15,655 1 't Q Q 1 ., .,:s:SI..- . ..:, z :::.,,.,, gl I VV sl mf Q M if F :, " V' K , f: , 0 xg Y Q W.. W W 5 ,W Qian., Glasgow catches a pass in the end zone against Killeen. Right End Wayne Stone 1925 is also open. Tommy Loutherback 1783, Rex Carey 1433, Guy Golden 1with ballj, and Jim Coleman 1behind Goldenb go on offense. FOGTBALI. MIKE FLEMING GEORGE BREWER Number 42 - Fullback - Sophomore - Number 66 - Guard-Linebacker Reserve - Weight 160 - Rushing: Z Sophomore - Reserve - Weight 170 for 1 for .5 yard average - Punting: 1 for 0. DEE WHITE Number 10 - Quarterback - Sopho- more - Reserve - Weight 165 - Pass- ing: 1 of 3 for 21 - Rushing: 3 foi 6 for 2 yard average. Q G 5 Z S ff ,l if ,1 ve Z 5 E 2 , 5 5 2? 2 Z Back Row: Coach McCall, Stone, Keahey, Davis, Andr Middle Row: Leatherman, D. White, Cason, Skillman, Front Row: Bishop, B. White, Fleming, Brewer, Glasg E I956 ' EL The 1956 Yellow Jackets won seven games, lost two games and tierl one game for the most successful season a Stephenville team has had in several years. This years' team outscored opponents 190 points to 88. Seven players, end Buddy Baley, center Donald Davis, quarter,- hack Watyne Zimmerman, halfback Guy Golden, tackles Acie Leatherw- man and Tommy Loutherback, and fullback Mike Keahey, received All-District recognition. Coach McCall was named District 9-AAA Coach of the Year. y Carey Hale, Loutherback, Zimmerman, Coach Dunn. ook Burwell, Parker, Wood. Lan Golden Jones, Barham. W LACK- STEPIIENVILLE STEPIIENVILLE STEPHENVILLE STEPIIENVILLE STEPHENVILLE STEPIIENVILLE STEPHENVILLE STEPHENVILLE STEPHENVILLE STEPIIENVILLE FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD 7 COMANCHE 12 BROVVNWOOD 6 MINERAL WELLS 20 DIAMOND HILL DUBLIN 31 CAMERON 13 UNIVERSITY HIGH 26 LA VEGA HIGH 26 ' IxILLEEN ,G,.v...Yo..oY,....,,rr.,.. "B" TEAM BACK ROW: Coach Miller, Bailey fmglzj, Mathis, Burnett, Ward, Bailey, Kyle, Grief, Sliger, Wartes, Cleveland fmginj MIDDLE ROW: Hilburn, Cooper, Sones, Loper, Gunn, Byrd, Hancock, Harris, Jones FRONT ROW: C. Elliott, Russell, J. Elliott, Woodle, Wall, Johnson, Anderson, Glasgow, Nail FOOTBALL Cheerleaders led the Jackets onto the field shortly before each game through a tunnel formed by the Yellow Jacket Booster Club and other fans. S SQL 'Q S 44 W .Neff 1 X Q? QW x wx 2 F.-.Q I 1 .5 . x ty Z, I QS ff BOYS' BASKETBALL STEPHENVILLE STEPHENVILLE STEPHENVILLE STEPHENVILLE STEPHENVILLE STEPHENVILLE STEPHENVILLE STEPHENVILLE STEPHENVILLE STEPHENVILLE STEPHENVILLE STEPHENVILLE STEPHENVILLE STEPHENVILLE 66 56 46 57 58 51 48 47 31 72 40 50 62 45 Weatherford ,,,,. ,..... Glen Rose Decatur ,.,....... Dublin .,,..,,,......A. Mineral Wells .. De Leon ..,A.,Y,.,,,. ...,.. Dublin .,,,.,,,,.. Comanche ,.,,, Comanche ....,... Weatherford ..,, Mineral Wells .. Cameron ,,,,,.,...,. University High Comanche ...,..,,.,,..,...... 36 37 58 25 40 23 44 40 44 40 31 31 54 412 COACH MILLER STEPHENVILLE STEPHENVILLE STEPHENVILLE STEPHENVILLE STEPHENVILLE STEPHENVILLE STEPHENVILLE STEPHENVILLE STEPHENVILLE STEPHENVILLE 56 70 41 62 69 51 66 50 80 51 La Vega ...., Franklin .,ii.,i Chilton ..A,,,,,,,,... Valley Mills .... Mexia .........,.,.. Killeen ,,.,,.,.,..,,l Cameron ...,........ University High La Vega .....l,lli,. Killeen ,,,,,,,.,,,,.. 29 34 40 41 47 61 53 55 56 71 This season's basketball team won 18 and list 6 games while outscoring their opponents 1,334 points to 1,052 points. They won the third-place trophy in the bianbui Jubilee Tournament second in the De Leon Invitational Tournament and Y y first in the sixteen-team Hubbard Invitational Tournament. Bob White was named to the All Tournament teams at De Leon and Hubbard, Steve Davis at Huhbardg and Don Davis at De Leon. Bob White marle first team All-District, Steve Davis, econd team, Rex Ca1ey and Don Davis receivul honorable mention. Coach Miller tstanflingl, Bailey Cnigixl, Huston, Cnleman, Golden, Ferguson, Covey S Davis, VVood, Keahey, D. Davis, Stone, Glasgow, White, Cleveland f1'Ylg'1'.l BOB VVHITE Number 21 - 272 Points Senior - 3 Letters Height 5' 51" - Weight 145 All-District - A11-Tournament Dc Leon and Hubbard REX CAREY Number 234 - 152 Points Senior - 2 Letters STEVE DAVIS Numer S0 - 332 Points Senior - 2 Letters Height fi' 4" - Weight 185 Al1'Dist1-ict Second Team A11'Tournament Hubbard DON DAVIS Number 33 - 161 Points Senior - 3 Letters Haisrht W 1" - Wf1iv'ht 190 WAYNE STONE Number 32 - 173 Points Senior - 2 Letters Height 5' 11" - Weight 15 JERRY HUSTON Number 24 - 91 Points Senior - 2 Letters T-Ynin-L+ K' IIN KX7nin-kt 10 BILL FERGUSON Number 22 - Points Senior - 2 Letters Height 6' - VVeig'ht 160 GUY GOLDEN Number 35 - 23 Points Junior - 2 Letters Height 6, - Weight 150 MIKE KEAHEY Junior 2 Lettue FRANKLIN VVOOIJ umoi 2 Iet ers Number 31 - 51 Points Number 23 - 26 Points ' ' - , V. J ' ' - , , t 3 . Height 6' - VVcig:ht 174 TOMMY GLASGOW Number 20 - 8 Points Junior - 2 Letters Height 5' 10" - VVeight 1 Height G' 1' - VVeig.fht 160 JIM COLEMAN Number 25 - 12 Points Junior - 1 Letter 50 Height 5' 9" - Weight 175 Q 4, .4 GIRLS' HB" TEAM Bishop, Jo McPherson, Mei'ce1', Janette McPherson, Shoeniaker, Donaldson, Chrank, Ilw Stephens, Coach McCall. "B" BASKETBALL BOYS' "B" TEAM BACK ROW: Coach Millev, Burnett, Grief, White, Ward, Schmidt, Gunn FRONT ROW: Hancocf, Cawyec, Glasgow, Elliott, Rlll'l1ZiHl IRL ' BASKETBALL STEPHENVILLE Glen Rose ..... ...... 4 9 STEPHENVILLE Decatur 49 STEPHENVILLE Dublin ........ 68 STEPHENVILLE Comanche ....., 40 STEPHENVILLE Gorman ........ 59 STEPHENVILLE Comanche ....., 21 STEPHENVILLE Comanche ...... 39 STEPHENVILLE Mineral Wells 36 STEPHENVILLE Brewer ........,. 52 STEPHENVILLE Weatherford 50 STEPHENVILLE Carlton ........., 47 STEPHENVILLE Mineral Wells 42 STEPHENVILLE Brewer .......... 49 STEPHENVILLE Huckabay ...... 44 STEPHENVILLE Weatherford 40 STEPHENVILLE G1'an'51'ES2' .... 35 STEPHENVILLE Olney 48 The Honey Bees won the district championship for the fourth consecutive year. They Won 13 and lost 4 games and, outscored their opponents 850 - 768 points. They Won the consolation trophy at the Granbury Jubilee Tournament and placed second in the De Leon Invitational Tournament. Louise Franklin was named on the All-Tournament Team at De Leon. Coach McCall, Goodman, Miller, Keeling, Noland, Lee, Richardson, Jones, COACH McCALL Roulston, Johnson, Franklin, Allen, Hook. 1 Q 1 . .Q .. , ...iff . .1 . . , Q xi K X 'f f 4, :IEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-BBW' . W Q sa k .g2" f -.-. X M I wxw , 1 Q I ff? .W Ni V " was V- me , - -' Q , 559 ie... .. 4'1" A x W 4 , f W' V42 E 1 I .NW Z ff ,:,. , 5 .N ' f - ,W , .Q .V 15" 'yx k :::. I I 'i w as 5 Q ,M W WWF? N 1. M Q in ww :V 5 I' x E 3 5 n 1 i I z I s ! 5 3 2 Q E E 5 i E i 5 E 2 i ! 3 aw MI OR SPORTS TENNIS Carol Shoemaker, Mavalyn Hook, Joye Richardson, and Wynelle Dunn fnot picturedl. Bob White, Wayne Stone, Bill Ferguson, Jerry Billingsly, and Jerry Huston fnot picturedj . Johnny Hancock, Beverly Cawyer, M. O. Fleming, Vernon Gunn, Bobby Glasgow, and Ross Grief. GOLF Donald Peacock, Coy Williams, Jess Elliott, Johnny Wooten, Don Weldon, and Eugene Byrd. Coach Dunn gives the golfers a lesson in form. 101 J I H 3 , W X -'.g l' :1: 2 5, W' W BACK ROW: Coach Dunn, Keahey, Davis, Baley, Grief, Wood, Golden fnot picturedj. FRONT ROW: Barham, Lynn Jones, Fleming, Elliott, Larry Jones, Cleveland fmgixj. YELLOW JACKET DISTRICT CHAMPIONSHIP TRACK TEAM The 1957 track team entered the Brady Relays, Fort Worth's Southwest Recreation Meet, the Tarle- ton Relays and the Bluebonnet Relays at Brownwood before the 9AAA District Meet. Buddy Baley placed first in all these meets in either the shot or the discus. Bohn Jay Barham placed second in the 880 and the mile relay teamfJones, Barham, Grief and Goldenj placed fourth at the Blue- bonnet Relays where the team placed fourth. But on April 6, amid winds of 25 mph., Stephenville High School won its first track district champ- ionship. They scored a suprising 58 points to 41 for runner-up Killeen and produced nine first places and one first-place tie out of 14 events. The team was small, as it always is, having only 12 members, but it sent eight boys to the Regional Meet. Franklin Wood, Guy Golden, Ross Grief, Bohn Jay Barham, Larry Jones, Mike Keahey, :ind Charles Elliott will be trying for spots at the State Meet. Billy Bell, Larry Cooper, Bobby Glasgow, Jackie Hill, Glen Schmidt, Charles Still and Mack Wall participated in the junior division. 1957 YELLOW JACKET BASEBALL TEAM Hopes for a successful 1957 Yellow Jacket baseball season is high among the vc-teran players and a few new-comers. Taking care of the pitching chores will be VVayne Zimmerman, Rex Carey, Hollis Skillman, Tommy Loutherback, and Dee VVhite. Mike Keahey will do most of the catching. Paul Sones will relieve Keahey behind the plate. Infielders seeing the most action will probably be Tommy Glasgow, Wayne Stone, Bob White, Rex Carey, and Vernon Gunn. Darwin Hale, Jim Coleman, Beverly Cawyer, Tommy Loutherback and Don Jones will play outfield. BACK ROW: Coach McCall, Glasgow, Stone, Carey, Hale, Skillman, Loutherback, Coleman, D. Jones. FRONT ROW: B. White, Byrd, Cawyer, Gunn, IJ. White, Keahey, Zimmerman, Sones, Billingsley. g ffyie 4, 2 l ,J ... .. 5 WAYNE ZIMMERMAN REX CAREY WAYNE STONE BOB WHITE DARWIN HALE TOMMY LOUTHERBACK MIKE KEAHEY JIM COLEMAN TOMMY GLASGOW 105 jf. FRANKLIN WOOD HOLLIS SKILLMAN DEE WHITE EUGENE BYRD BEVERLY CAWYER DON YANCY VERNON GUNN PAUL SONES DON JONES 106 gf Rosanne Croft SCHOOL SWEETHEART 108 1 3 Vicky Grief MOST REPRESENTATIVE 110 4" s I , E Rex Carey MOST REPRESENTATIVE 111 Sue Kenny SENIOR FAVORITE 112 1 l I Elizabeth Brown JUNIOR FAVORITE 114 4 Q Q ik 5 V K ' 4 S G if , UE! Q ,ag 5- M ff ge! ,W V 4 K Q 4 ,... , ,E Y , , , , Mike Keahey JUNIOR FAVORITE 115 Q ,S 5 gy. Penny Terrell SOPHOMORE FAVORITE 11? Jerry Ward SOPHOMORE FAVORITE 11 Bonnie Lewis FRESHMAN T-'AVCRITE 118 Vernon Gunn FRESHMAN FAVORITE 11 Elm QW Linda D'A1'cy FOOTBALL SWEET!-IEART 120 Martha Huddleston BAND SWEETHEART 121 Carol Shoemaker F. F. A. SWEETHEART 122 I Jay Bishop F. H. A. BEAU 123 Donna Hill D.E. SWEETHEART 124 George Dunson STINGERETTE BEAU I Jan Stone VALENTINE QUEEN 12f' Faith Jones SCHOOL SWEETHEART RUNNERS-UP MOST REPRESENTATIVE lyn Hook Steve Davis 14 3 127 Wynelle Dunn Darwin Hale - SENIOR - RU N N ERS-UP - JUNIOR - Judy Barham Tommy Glasgo 128 Susan Chandler Mike Fleming SOPHOMORE RU N NERS- U P FRESHMAN Mildred Spitzenbergei' - Karon Shoemaker David Cole WH O'S Wl-I0 CAROL SEGAL LA RUE GREENE Civics, English Literature Physical Education I X .f..f' . if -rfb J 1 WHO'S WHO members are selected care- fully and are outstanding personalities in their respective classes. The emphasis of selection is placed on scholarship and par- ticipation in extracurricular activities, BARBARA ROGERS --Shorthand - 1 ,L f'... BUDDY BAILEY Football JERRY HUSTON Basketball 'MILDRED SPITZENBERGER Homemaking I SUE KENNY Social Studies, Civics ROBERTA LOUDERMILK General Math RUDINE GOODMAN 4 T Library SAM McLARTY N English II GUY GOLDEN Geometry JOYCELENE BOASE Distributive Education EMA LOU KNOX Spanish I ROBERT PALMER Chemistry, Amer. History, Algebra II WH O'S WHO The required qualities for nomination and final listing are character, scholarship, leadership in school activities, and the pos- sibility of future usefulness to business and society. J X LaNELL JONES HUGH ALBRIGHT English III Texas History WI-IO'S WI-IO FRANCES McCHRISTIAL Bookkeeping JUDY BELL Typing I LOUISE FRANKLIN Basketball M. O. FLEMING Algebra I BETTY DOSHIER English I FAITH JONES Grammar IV JOY CORNELL Spanish II, Typing II J. M. LEATHERWOOD General Science 1 lc' ,J ' GLORIA VILLINES Biology 1 l JIM GARNER Physics, Algebra II JUDY CATO Amer. History, Geometry GARVIN HENDON Agriculture III PHILLIP WALLS Band SANDRA RODGERS Homemaking IV DARREL HENDON Agriculture II GERALD MADELEY Agriculture I PENNY TERRELL Homemaking II PHILIP MADELEY Business Arithmetic WH O'S WHO "A" HONOR ROLL Below are listed names of students who have made all A's and the number of times each has made the honor roll during the first four six-weeks periods. The first-semester honor roll is included. Garner, Jimmy Segal, Carol Jones, Faith Kenny, Sue Cornell, Joy Lynn Jones, La Nell Palmer, Robert Brown, Elizabeth Golden, Guy Watson, Shirley Arthur, Clinton Jones, David Showalter, Jana Clark, Carolyn Howell, Barbara Byrd, Eugene Fleming, Mike Littleton, Martha Terrell, Penny Villines, Gloria Cawyer, Beverly Moseley, Linda Lewis, Bonnie Loudermilk, Roberta Madeley, Gerald Madeley, Phili K y , onita , 3V1 Grig5grdpSharon C H-albert, Roberta XKHuffman, Barbarax night, Arden S E N I 0 R S 5 McChristial, Frances 4 5 -G-11eene.lJ3.,.RPe , 3 4 facie' 4 CR'6Eers,i a ii 'C -ff? J U N I 0 R S 5 Barham, Judy 1 5 Bell, Judy 1 5 Cato, Judy 1 4 Harrell, Sammy 1 4 Hendon, Garvin 1 4 Schermer, Georgia 1 3 Teague, Norma. Sue 1 3 Yancy, Don 1 S O P H 0 M 0 R E S 5 Packwood, Wayne 2 4 Chandler, Susan 1 4 Cunningham, Amy Sue 1 3 Jordon, Claudia 1 3 Keeling, Linda 1 3 Kimball, Martha 1 3 Logan, Sylvia 1 '3 51 Martin, Judith 1 2 Miller, Linda 1 2 Yarbrough, Cathey 1 F R E S H M E N 4 Moser, John 2 4 Davis, Linda 1 4 Doshier, Betty Jo 1 4 ' a 1 ,QD Q-IerringLB,,u1gh 1 3 2 Hill, Jackie 1 2 Miller, Barbara l Q Price Sa dra! I, 2 0 2 ' I WB , arles 1 bill!--:.1va,,'i Q 'IMD a , 134 '-gn ,wi A, 4 -gl f f? D , 4 U1 ' 9 sk 'Q , Q, W ?f 4 ww X MA .35 14. ww Q y W :::,. - .:isasasa:,Es- 'Z , I """ af- - , , M 5 ,gi , ,Q ,X Q mf an 0 M A V W x .. , J Q , , D .... ....,., , 2 E 0 Nm faq... M ? . Mk gy Q i 4 V . ... 6 X' xy 1 W Q ,WS ?M 5 "A" .T 5 'V 'A ik 6 g g Y. if W AS - 'ga I Q 5 ' yjswflf ff. 0 5. ' AAA. My 'A A' 5 , 55 ., V A W Ai ,B 1 ,,..: N g v ...- xy ? iw K 2 ,, 8 " Q . x V -1 i A S 3 ,. ..., E. Q ix W X Q IQI -41 4 ' M x 1 z ,YM S' . -EE 5 V- AAA-:--:-:-':" Q? Q, I Ax uv is .--vv , ,H Q M51 ::s::sea :::e it i 99 55 o . ,--.N fy 1 - ' A 9 '25 dz ..:,. N53 ' :" 2 33 X N ' 2 :-- 2 , f fy :-- ez, 'gay x , Q, 9 ' gf 8 .: 'V V- i ' " , . XM.. f S 4 XV -F " , " ,..:::: 'V 2 Q , I' if ,M Q , ,K I, 5 2 4 ,,:,:::V will aw' -Ng 5 Ji t 1 , ,, QW, N 'aff Q ' ZW ' ' A' :"" ' H f ag, vi X 5 ,A MV B A , A gm wx A A W ,Q W , 4 j ,. 2 N . 2 i 1: f EEE, ' m A , 5 if MW A 1 , fi 4 ' .ff fQ I , John Ed Barham, Donna Hill, Clinton Arthur, Gerald Madeley lerrell, David Cole, Ann Heffington, Patsy Wooley, Faith Jones l olmby Chance, Philip Madeley, Mike Latham, Harry Park, Bobby , Ferel Little, Martha Huddleston, Stanfllee Crain, Phyllis Wright 'Arcy, Jana Showalter. F T BAND 2 Mr. Sam Huston DIRECTOR Because of Mr. Houston, his tire- less efforts and initiative, we have witnessed a miraculous improve- ment in our band during the past two y631'S. Martha Huddleston HAND-SWEETHEART Martha was elected by popular vote of the band and presented at the last football game with a bouquet of roses and an ID bra- celet. BAND COUNCIL AND OFFICERS Mm-if Phillip Walls BAND-CAPTAIN Phillip was elected by popular vc of the band members. He offi ates at all band business meetinr and council meetings. It is a' his duty to keep order at rehearsals. TOP ROW: George llunson, drum-majorg Stanrllee Crain, quartermasterg Clinton Arthur, lst. lieutenantg Ferel Little, assistant quarter-master, James Latham, libra- riang Alpha Jo Weir, treasurer. BOTTOM ROW: Martha Huddleston, 2nd, lieuten- antg Phillip Walls, band captain, Mr. Houstong Linda D'Arcy, secretary. Q , 3, 4 0 I if M r X ix ,, Z 3 5 I 2, AL , hj,f I 1 i k5m 4? ta xk Ka ., 5 -W M'f'?'W M A ' 1. 1 E I 1 54, ww my Q 7 , , v ,nw "" Q" W X Y I 510,11 9 f 4v t Q33 afgama Wagga S is ,IK in 313 55 1' 7 Wg, ' " ' , fzb ' -' if mf", 1 7.2 gf Q y ' ' ' ' h' " "" xi , V 1,,.,. 2 V, ,A M-J Bw l ,kwa fm .Q xl! lx , V I Q, ..,,,,1,.,,, izzll A Ng' ',,, W qw X ' ,gmt mi X A R534 iv ,k img X .... ., iv lim! Q Ji Y I N, S K ,L if 24, 3 M M , : .a 5 .W M, j' gg , ,Z V31 Www' I 64 Q J' iw!! I , M 4, F Q gf 2 lg lg gl 4' .w Q Jjidyjj J wsu, x ,W .M A " , if ff ff , , A 1 ,M ' .1 I a Xa "U-'ig f if f S ,Q 5? fx A V 'VR R Q. ' ? 2 f If 31 ,W .::: rf f : ,.,. 2 , Q Q """: E :W V . was lm Z , jaws A -f, gi 5 :-- g,v, . YZ ,A S f i? 5 M g A ? 52 ....... 41 , - g ' +4 HHASSES - - First Row: VVuyne lluclcwoocl, Sh:-mn Self Seconfl How: Eugene llyrml, Billy Hailey. Tliirfl Huw: Hobby Bailey, Jzunes Latlmm, .lulm likltllillll SECTIO CLARINETS - - Top Center, Clockwise: Clinton Arthur Robert Park, Johnny VVOoten, Metzi Hiuks Donna Hill, Roberta Halbert, Mike Morton John Ed Harliarn, Gs-ralrl Marleley. PERCUSSION - - Top Center, Clockwisez VVa.yne Crow, Alpha Jo Weir, Ferel Little, Marilyn Fer- guson, Linda D'Arcy, Jana Showalter, Martha Hurlclleston, Sue Golightly. Center: Vlirvgwcly' Tabor MEMBERS Top Center, Clockwisexz Bobby Chance, Phillip Walls, Larry Jones, Beverly Ciw- yer, Mike Latham, Hurry Park, Philip Mzuleley, Coy Williams. FLUTES, SAXAPHONES - - First Row: Carol Sue Tidwell, Jane Slem- mons, Elizabeth Bur- well. Second Row: Scherry Stephens, Pen- ny Terrell, Faith Jones Patsy Wooley, Ann Heffington, Linda D'Arcy, David Cole. BASSES - - George Dunson, Stancllee Crain, Georg llrewcr, Rustrir Turley. Faith Jones Linda D'Arcy HEAD MAJORETTE HEAD MAJORETTE Ann Heffingtou Marilyn Ferguson George, Pat, Phyllis, and Jam: are seen in "action" at tho County Fair Pill'i1flf?. GEORGE DUNSON DRUM-MAJOR 84 FLAG BEARERS PATSY WOOLEY PHYLLIS WRIGHT JANE SLEMMONS The orchestra entertains at morning assembly MEMBERS: Top Row: George Dunson, Drums, Eddie Lewallen, bass, John Latham, tromlooneg James Latham, trombone. Middle Row: Marilyn Ferguson, pianist, James Price, trumpet, Mike Latham, trumpet, Coy Williams, trumpet, Phillip Walls, trumpet. Bottom Row: Johnny Wooten, sax, Ann Heffington, sax, Darwin Hale, sax, Patsy Wooley, sax. IAA + K , 1 - I A 1 --,, 1, , 4 , , i QE., , . ,' ' ' - , , , H ,f , , ty ., I f Q . f NW? 1 " ia' ' U Back Row: Terrell Starnes, Jacquieta Kirby, Beverly Taylor, Nancy Hutchison, Susan Chandler, Billie May- field, Vicky Grief, Sherry Allen, Wynell Dunn, Karon Shoemaker, Roberta Loudermilk, Karon Sandlin, Jerry Byrd, Ema Lou Knox, Barbara Howell, Martha Littleton, Amy Sue Cunningham, Lola Gail Hughes, Barbara Huffman, Mosetta Jackson, Bonnie Lewis, Shirley Chrane, Pat Flory, Conita Clayton. Middle Row: Carolyn Clark, Joyce Johnson, Charlene Walker, Genie Wade, Marie Pogue, Eva Mae Lowe, Barbara Diamond, Nell Roberson, Wanda North, Jennie Albright, Linda Keeling, Kay Smith, Norma Teague, VVanda Golightly, Sha1'on Dowell, Elizabeth Brown. Front Row: Sharon Gi-izzard, Janette Anderson, Wanda Cline Earnestine Ratliff, NanCy Mg- Innis, Judy Barham, La Nell Jones, Joy Cornell, Mary Cornell, ov I ' , T aron VVaters, Sandra Partain, Frances Wood, Ann Bradley, Michele Welch. LEADER - JERRY BYRD OFFICERS Nancy Hutchison ,.... ,.,,, S gt.-at-Arms La Nell Jones ..,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, R eportey Judy Barham ,,..., Vice-President Vicky Gl'iCf ..,..,,...., ...,....,.. P resident Mrs. Leatherwood ..,,i Sponsor Jerry Byrd .,.,......., ,..... L eadei- Beverly Taylor ...., ,,,, S Qcretary Wynelle Dunn ,,,.,,. ,,,,, S gt,-at-Arms dw Nui? is M AWA ,, . Y s I .,.. 1 W' EN' ' 3 if ff' . ""'z5 Wixi 4 5 fi" ,Qi Bill Ferguson, Mavalyn Hook, Carol Shoemaker, Steve Davis, Rosanne Croft, and Jerry Huston The attractive signs made and displayed by the cheer- leaders were a great booster to the school spirit. inns ,L W 1 ,5 'J 5 if ' ' . M 6 'E Ei, g fy CHEERLEADERS CHEERLEADERS AT WORK After a snake-dance and pep rally on the square, tired, but still enthusiastic, cheerleaders led the school song. The pep r 3 ally skits were another of the cheer leaders' responsibilities. I l l ,Q Fl!! N N UAL STAFF Editor . ,,.,..,..A.,.A,,,...,. ,.,...... S ue Kenny Business Manager ..,,., ...,... J immy Garner Senior Editor ..,...,,i,. .......,... V icky Grief Junior Ed.itor ....,.,,..,,.,,. Elizabeth Brown Sophomore Editor ,,,.,......, Susan Chandler Freshman Editor .... MildredwSpi.tzenberger Sports Editor ,,r, Efifwivohn Jay Barham Music Editor .........,,,.r,.,,...... Linda D'Arcy Organization Editor ,,,,,,.,.... Judy Barham Organization Editor .,,,,,..,... Penny Terrell Art Editor .,,,..,.,,,,,,.,,.....,......,.. Kay Smith Photographers- Jimmy Garner, John Moser Advertising Editors- Sheron Self, Mike Morton, Lola Hughes, Mosetta Jackson Sponsor .,...,.,.,,,,.,...,. Mrs. Lorraine Golden Mrs. Golden, Jim Garner, and Sue Kenny discuss plans for the yearbook with the printer, Otis Barnard. i Class editors, Vicky Grief, Susan Chandler, Elizabeth Brown, andsw-ldred Spitzen'5fY,Q"- er, are hard at work. - ,,, Other Staff Members: fstandingj Kay Smith, Bohn Jay Barham, Penny Terrell Jimmy Garner, Lola Hughes, John MOS61', Mike Morton, fsittingj Linda D'Arcy Judy Barham, Sheron Self, Mosetta Jackson. Presiding - Don Davis. Row 1: Mr. Moser, Judy Barham, Sue Kenny, Steve Davis, Guy Golden, Vicky Grief Sandra Partain, Carol Shoemaker. Row 2: Mike Morton, David Cole, Ve1'n0n Gunn, Elizabeth Hurwell, Linda Davis, Larue Boase, Martha Little- ton, Elizabeth Brown, Sherry Allen, Bonnie Lewis. Row 3: Clinton Arthur, Wayne Packwood, Beverly Cawyer, Tommy Glasgow, Mike Keahey, Rex Carey, Bill Ferguson, Wayne Stone. Row 4: Bobby Glasgow, James Johnson, Jerry Ward, Miss Russell, Miss Williams. STUDE T PARTICIPATIO CUMMITTEE OFFICERS .ludy Barham ...... .... R eporter Elizabeth Brown .,,... ,,,,, T reagurer Rex Carey ........... .... V ice-President Donald Davis ...... ,,,,,,, P resident Sue Kenny .... ,,...,......,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,, S ecretary Larue Boase ...... Corresponding Secretary Planning meeting in Mr. Helm's office for I March of Dimes campaign. Working at S. P. C. concession. Campaigning for Student Body President. S. P. C. ACTIVITIES VQTIEQQ FSR Q EZVEIQUU 1" S if? 'Y Q ...L ii'?"T:Lw?5A?iQS'l3iVS. Rmgmiiggfmi.. E3MEQaQh5l35 Q IWQMY SQRNESAQQEQ WSZAIWSEC ?5NfS..?Ti? all ftiiwwmk , TRESTSQ S. H. S. has been well represented in two parades, the County Fair Parade and the Tarleton Homecoming Parade, by the S. P. C. sponsored floats. FUTURE I-IOMEMAKERS OFFICERS Standing: Penny Terrell ..... ,,,...,....... R eporter Mrs. Davis ,....... ................... S ponsor LaNell Jones ....... ....,, P arliamentarian Vicky Grief ...... ......... S ong Leader Mrs. Pittman ,.......i ......,...,. S ponsor Elizabeth Brown i.,.. ,,.,.....,... S ecretary Wanda North .,... ...... S gt.-at-Arms Sitting: Alpha Weir ..,...,... ..,................. P ianist Patsy Wooley ....... ....... V ice-President Judy Barham .......... ....,,,..,., P resident Marilyn Ferguson Ann Heffington ....,. Secretary Historian STATE DEGREE CANDIDATES LaNell Jones, Patsy Wooley, Ann Heffing- ton, and Judy Barham , ,-.2 My A... U. I - SENIOR MEMBERS 0 JUNIOR MEMBERS W w r JPHOMORE MEMBERS MEMBERS 4,f,,,.. 7 OF AMERICA Mfesafs M We 4,4398 Qt r- 1 Q i ii wh MEM MF 1 42221 F. H. A. ACTIVITIES Better Breakfast, Mr. Helm. 6. Officer Installation. FHA Initiation. 7. Skit at District Meeting. Is the street rough, Fish? 8. Rosanne as Area IV President. LaNell as district treasurer. 9. FHA Party. County Fair Exhibit. 10. FHA Hostesses serve guest refresh- ments. mv are 2? 3 F. F. A. ACTIVITIES C. R.'s pig factory at Work. Garvin's choice steer at the State Fair. Whcre's Sammy? Freshman class in action. Sammy's choice steer. Poultry team. Brothers? Freshman land-judging team Wins Qnd. place. First place for the Dairy Team. Fwd nlqm. mn:,... inmi :..,1,..:..,. LM. FUTURE FARMERS Mr. Gilbert A.... Jerry Ward .... Marvin Wyly .... Jerrel Harris ..,.. Mr. Moser ...... James Johnson .,.. ..... Wilbert Parker ..,., OFFICERS Jumor Howle .... Y....,....... ........ P r esldent Carol Shoemaker ,,.,..., F.H.A. Sweetheart Charles Elliott ..,.. ...,...., V ice-President Sponsor Parliamentarian Reporter Secretary Treasurer Sentinal Sponsor LONE STAR DEGREE APPLICANTS JUNIORS AND SENIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMAN CLASS A FRESHMAN CLASS B OF AMERICA Willie Puckett, Adren Knight, Philip Madeley, Sponsor Dean Hilburn, John Moser, Philip Cleveland, Buddy Baley, Gerald Madeley, James Leatherwood, and Mike Morton SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS Standing: Billy Bailey .,....l . John Moser ,..,, Adren Knight ..,. Sitting: 1 Mike Morton ,,.,,..,,, 158 James Leatherwood ....... ....... Treasurer Secretary Reporter Vice-President President Larry Jones . ...., ..... R ep01"CG1' Clinton Arthui ..., .... P resident Mr. Crabtree ,,..,. ...,4........ S IJOHSOI' Irma-nd Jones A.. ........ V ice-President Charles Elliott ...,.,., Sec1'et.ary-Treasurer Standing: Harry Park, Charles Elliott, Douglas Pair, A. J. Fidler, Robert Parks Arnold Anderson, Mr. Crabtree. Sitting: Larry Jones, David Jones, Clinton Arthur, Lynn Jones, Jerry Billingsley Eugene Byrd MATH CLUB OFFICERS l 1' 'S , , K 1 , f ff ' ml ,lf 6 Back Row: Priscilla Morton, Mary Beth Daniels, Mary Beth Cornell, Barbara Fears, Dorothy Carpenter, Martha Jones, Hattie Fay Stephens, Janice Long, Sylvia Logan, Eva Hartsfield3Rudine Goodman, Joy Cornell, Sharon Grizzard, Mrs. Ferguson, Marilyn Miniard, Rita Martin, Carolyn Waldrep, Larue Boase. Middle Row: Evelyn Bailey, Michele Welch, Norma Teague, Jan Stone, Sandra Partain, Dolores Carpenter, Frances Wood, Lucretia Holder, Jennie Bishop. Front Row: Charles Elliott, Judy Barham, Nita Tarver, Douglas Pair. QUASESTORES VERITATIS OFFICERS Standing: Judy Barham ...... ........,,,..... R eporter Joy Cornell ..... ....... P arliamentarian Norma Teague ......,.,... Historian Sitting: Priscilla Morton ..... Secretary Jan Stone .......... ...,.......,....... P resident Eva Hartsfield .,,. f ,...,.. Vice-President Q LIBRARY ACTIVITIES Llbiaiy bulletin bocuci IS di ways an eye-catcher. Miss Thompson, T. S. C. liblu rian speaks to Q. V. Club. Scherry Stephens and Ann Maikell call attention to new books on display. Wayne enjoys wide variety of magazines available. Back Row: James Jackson, Larry Jones, Lynn Jones, Wayne Stone, Bobby White, Russell Burwell, Bohn Jay Barham, John Latham, Mike Morton flth. Row: Alpha Weir, Linda D'Arcy, Ann Heffington, Patsy Wooley, Norma Teague, Mary Farmer, Marilyn Miniard, Mary Co1'nell, Joy Cornell, La U6, Nmdffii-l SIlltZCf'lbC1'gf?1', Elizabeth Burwell, Pat Spindor, Priscilla Morton, Dorothy ills, Yvonne Fenner. 3rd, Row: Donald Davis, James Latham, Judy Barham, Sue Kenny, Georgia Schermer Ferel Little, Carolyn Waldrep. Qnd. Row: Martha Huddleston, Linda Davis, Scherry Stephens, Evelyn Bailey, Larue Boase, Conita Clayton, Sheron Self, Mosetta Jackson. ist. Row: Ann Bradley, Judy Weeks, Mary Beth Daniels, Shirley King, La Nell Jones FUTURE TEACHERS UF AMERICA OFFICERS Standing: James Latham ,,,.. ,,,. T reasurer Carolyn Waldrep ..... Historian Sue Kenny ,,,,,,,,. ,,i.iiii,,i P resident Sitting: Donald Davis .,ii..i. , .ii, Parliamentarian Priscilla Morton .,,.,. ................ R eporter Judy Barham i...,.., ...,.. V ice-President Miss Williams ........,. ....,.i...,.,.,... S ponsor Georgia Schermer ..................,..... Secretary Ferel Little .. .,.......,..... District Treasurer New members Joy Cornell, Bob White, Lynn Jones and John Latham light their candles in the formal initiation ceremony. Judy Weeks and Yvonne Fenner, F. T. A. student assistants Work with Miss Russell. Members pledge their support to F.T.A. activities with the F.T.A. Creed. l j I fl, 1 'll I ll I X 'Q lf f I I IX, .3 f If. T. Nfl ACTIVITIES Suc Kenny teaches Chamberlin Class 3C as an F.T.A. career day activity. The decoration committee - Mildred Spit- genbergeri Scherry Stephens, La Rue Greene, and Priscilla Morton - ass1sted"5y Miss Williams made the most impmrtant plans for the District F.T.A. Convention to which Stephenville served as host. Letter jackets and blankets were presented in Assembly to HA" Team Football ll " ASSOCIATIO lic-lrl in gym. Sitting: Wayne Stone ,,,, Buddy Baley Standing: Jim Coleman Tommy Loutherback Coach Miller ..,..,,,l,,, Coach Dunn ...... Lynn Jones ..,l. ,,,,. Coach McCall .l,,,,,,,,,,,, USU Association organization meeting' Is OFFICERS President Sgrt.-at-A1'm': SeCi'etal'y-T reasu Ve 2' Vic:--Proszflmt Sponsor Sgt.-:it-A1'1n'-3 Sponsox Sponsor' Sack Row: Wilbert Parker, Tommy Lou- herback, Bohn Jay Barham, Mike Keahey, Franklin Wood, Jim Coleman, Tommy llasgow, Don Yancy, Guy Golden. Front tow: Jim Garner, Troice Cline, Hollis Skillman, Arnold Anderson, Kenneth Cason larry Jones, Charles Elliott, Lynn Jones, Qussell Burwell, Travis Spears. l l l ack Row: Johnny Hancock, Mike Flem- Big, Dee White, Larry Schmidt, Jerry ard, Ross Grief, Rusty Burnett, Beverly awyer, George Brewer, Front Row: Jer- rel Harris, Eugene Byrd, Paul Cook, Don 7Veldon, Charles Wartes, James Johnson, 'erry Vandever, Ronald Hilburn, Buddy pills. Sack Row: Grady Russell, Kenneth Slig- r, Paul Sones, Vernon Gunn, Jess Elliott, lobby Glasgow, Bobby Bailey. Front Row: lilly Bailey, Coyle Griffin, Mack Wall, lon Jones, Charles Still, Phillip Cleveland MEMBERS Back Row: Wayne Stone, Bill Ferguson, Steve Davis, Rex Carey, Don Davis, Bob White, Jerry Huston, Front Row: Jay Bishop, Acie Leatherman, Joe Kyle, Wayne Zimmerman, Darwin Hale, Buddy Baley. Top Row: Joy Cornell, Wynelle Dunn, Nancy Hutchison, Dolores Carpenter, Evelyn Bailey. 2nd, Row: Mrs. Isbell, Douglas Miller, Harry Park, Corroll Martin, Bobby Chance, Bohn Jay Barham, Pat Flory, David Jones, Carolyn Waldrcp, Judy Womack, Marilyn Miniard, Ema Lou Knox. Sitting: David Cole, James Latham, John Latham, Karen Sandlin, Erma Whitworth, Ann Bradley, Larue Boase, Barbara Rogers. 1- . LAS Cl-IAQUETAS Judy Womack, Nancy Hutchison, and Judy Cato present a skit for thc regular club program. Christmas card selling is one of the chief monery-making projects. OFFICERS David Jones .,....i,.,,,,i,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,r,,, R epoytel- Priscilla Morton ,... ,,i,,, V ice-President Nancy Hutchison ,,,,i, ,,,,,,,, I Jiesiqlent J0y Cornell .,,.....,,,,,,, ,,,,,, S ecretary Wync-Ile Dunn .,,,., ,,,,, T reasuror Spring Project UNI OR GARDE CLUB Christmas Project Standing: Ona Faye Daniels, Linda Moseley, Cleta Stanford, itZ6DbBTg61', Sandra Rodgers, Cathey Yarbrough, Martha Kimbell, Linda Davis U Seated: Mrs. Davis, Patsy Woolley, Mrs. Maxwell, Penny Terrell, Rozelle O'Bryant, Mrs. Pittman, Scherry Stephens. I C . Move over, boys! It's the girls' day! . For best results, turn the book up- side down. . We did it! Iftfs minel Qi, 'gf' 1 . For Frances' base man, Carol is all right. . Their favorite sport -sitting. . Did you make it? . Tennis hopefuls. . Uh-oh, somebody goofed! . Shirley doing what comes naturally. . The headless totem pole. 12. Now, what? . One, two, three S-T-R--E---T ---- C----H GIRLS 3 1 OFFICERS Jeanne VV:1ll ,,,,,,, ,,,,, P ai'liarnenta1'ian linhhye Evatt ,, . ,,,,,,,,, Treasurei' llonzilml Peacock ,,.,...... President Ilnn Case ,,,,,,Y,,,,,, Vice-President Joycelene House ,,,,. ,.,.... S ecretary llrmnzi Hill , ,,Y,,,, RQIIIJITGO' IJ. li. Cai' in Pzwadv wwf DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATIO Donna Hill, sweetheart, with Donald fr Herschel North demonstrates sales tech Peacock and Jeanne Wall after bein pl-esented at the presentation play. niques to customer, Joycelene Boase. Q QSM il mqx X 3553, ri i MARTHA YEATES M Service Drug Store DONALD PEACOCK at A :SL P Supermarket BOBBYE EVATT at COX's Department Storr- MAX CHAMBERS at Y- Service Station GEORGIA SCHERMER at Perry Bros. 5 XL 10 THURL KINSEY at Perkins Grocery 81 Market C I DOYLE HARRIS at Golightly Meat Market ! 3 E 4 K s iii qs SW-wif, , it Q . ...A 5 '-1 .,,,,.:,, H. .N 1 Ay Wm MR- N,- WW! Nm me OFFICERS Judy Bell ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ..A,,. P ianist Alpha Jo Weir ,..l.. ,..,,... P resident Marilyn Miniard ..,.. .,,., V ice-President Martha Kimbell .... .,,,,,,,,,,,,..l..,.. P ianist Mary Farmer ...., ,,,. P rogram Chairman Erma Whitworth ..,.. ..,.,.,,,, S ong' Leader Rita Martin ...,.,.. ,,,,,, R eporter Historian Larue Boase ,.,. Mildred Cosby .. ,, ,,,, Secretary-Treasurem- MEDITATIO CLUB lst. Row: Linda Moseley, Judith Maitin, ildred Spitzenber er Martha Denman, Judy . 2nd, Row: Erma W5'litNifOl'th, Martha Wright, Caroline Zimmerman, James Angell, Garvin Hendon, Carolyn Clark, Sandra Rogers, La Nell Jones, Wanda North, Nell Roberson, Miss Hicks-Spoijxsor, Dean Chapman, an, Barbara Pack, .3 sue Sechrist, Evelyn Harris. 'lr x in huwmmzww 174 W 1' M54 vw mnuwg ravi? 3 wits K Q ' E E :: fi It's at bird! It's 21 plane! lt's . . Bottoms up! Going: soinewherfb? Joy TCl'l'y!S Bugs. 'All thumbs! cause students to work late on Hoinecoming float. Movingx? Forgfet unything"? Civics class drznnzxtizing' nzxturalizzi- lion process. They'1'e in good moods! That a new combination? Is P. E. that difficult? S'niatte1', Faith, Somebody, push! Go, Jim llandy! Stove, you've1 i'c-forinvd! me dl 4 8.4.4 faq W 4 ,, ,,A,AV ,W i f V,ZwggW4"i fM My Wfwifk M ::-:: , it x WW2 f 352222222 1 'y ,.,,, f WW' WW WW 4 ...:...: - rx ., Q H 2 if fm vvlzv If .,.::,::,.,.., r -I V":, Q Am all W' ' " ...,.,.: 2 gg-' Awflm' 2 n g a si" MY 4, V 3 QW X 2 ff, ' ' . ia-153 .9 A 'W ..,.,...... , Xl ., ,.,. 'I , bfi i . 5 ' 1 ea l my W W if Q, Preacher Boyd and Nightingale Tarver. George and Ann, sock-hopping. Waiting for somebody? Rough and Ready Kids from Cedar Point. Q Crippled Trojans in pep rally skit. Have a good time last night? Sisters. Hidden talent revealed! Studying? At noon? lil- - 1" - ' Robbing the cradle, aren't you Cathy? "Birds of a feather . :'. " New style autograph party. Least ye forget, George! S.P.C. conference on parking problem. V 2 A 5 , , EZ is -W N M5 ' 2, :" .. " , 4 X ww -. U W M E M" Wffnwfwiff 4 Ai.:f'1f-5323. V ., 4 X ,M 5 gy. 3 EI Q E yum Nmfww f i 5 , . 2 gi CT I W EEE ,., F Ji E is ? :,., 1 ' fqwww, 5 ....:.:.:f.:..,:,, ,f Q Q , is W ,J 5 S .Q W K .. s A if Q E' TARLETON STATE COLLEGE V A N ' -, ' f 1 . X VH,-HEHEH STUWUX x , . , Owned and operated by'M1'. and Mfs. J. C. Mitchell s , P halo raplzdx , xi . 6 LMA if f - ' oreuer fl f-2,31 ,The Photographs in thix Yeafrbook wuzde by us can be duplic-aterl at any time. 178 . BW Ef"g,,7fg iw' y -'L . K QM Wwljy ' ifbfivw A MrAQ , ime ts I Mfg Jafwvgrjg-Fi stx tion ank The 1d"Re 11EfF5 Since 1906 ff II I -A . 17 4" M' 'J 6 - , I ff-' ' 'fi'-1 L ' Groat Southorn Ranch 8: Dairy farm Ti' 'm1'versijq'eJ g-arming, fkazzclzinq HIZJ .pairyinqn L I l-Y, l R g t d Brown Swiss HO W-N0w- BQAWN-Qgw The Big Brown Cow i 1 - - I - Dr. Vance Terrell, owner Box 371 sf ph ll T 8 My 9pf4Q'yQ,j jg 9 X f P3 0 d V fl W STEDHENVILLE II1-9S'l5'Ff2kIZ 8: l5lIl'N'lC STEPHENVILLE, TEXAS D M 7' M 7 Lynx YYY Kb X9 2 . vii ' f g L2BTEg'15L'IifQa.nD. X VA E TERYQLL, M. D. Q1 x F .... ,F. F.A.C.s. BRUC 'gR D. NATHAN CEDARS M D ROBERT E. WEAVER,E1g D. JOHN H. GLYNN M D - Y, , 1 Stephenville, Texas X , N CLAY BUILDING MATERIAL CO. "Better Homes For Better Living" yff glee , For 292 -, Q , ,pp - .15 TEPHENVILLE STAT15 BANK fr! 2' he ,fa-1 sf, ,r,:'!.w.:, M S- Ng , 9' If J' Y- . . NAI I' 1-. mi ll asqfbshslaa-. IIN' . P Sa:-. nk! l , TJL' nii f f 'M '1 4 I :HI I ! .L E atv l I xx T- l Stephenville, Texas MEMBER F. D. I. C. 182 MY ZWW Wwgff W7 gif ,Z WX 5 'f " 9 ff :WWW . ' W ,fe ?2fWfff' qgp.,,,M.e.4,n.44 4 lgisly WIGGLY Q rchandise Always" dv J We Give S8z Stamps I nvilI Texas wwf W KM' E5 u WC ,1l,, i JACK ARTHUR THEATRES H , jf.. . MAJESTIC - PALACE - STARLITE f..llf-f' -. L..- 1 A' SLAUGHTER DRUG 7A,LLAP' PRESCRIPTION PHARMACISTS Congratulations to the S-an-ie-ss of 1957 For an Evening of Good Eeeoeo-mivwl - Entertainment 'Remember Ab . M'crvl'es mae your best entertamment value WA LGREEN AGENCY Stephenville, Texas Tl1ere's u "one and only" in refreshment, too '.f..J" , I , J!! IOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY IY "Texas Cocla-Cola Bottling Company" 184 fl- 94f5Q,'-' ff7f1""""k+ -1 Vey X f "- A - ' .K . 45" - -fy XX Dr. Pepper Bottling Co . X ', l PM X 4 Dublimqilfexas ul VI x X , M QM yff W .1 ,W ff ff, sr HENV LE1cEco.4ff ff and O ZERO LOK-BOX A 7 S 7 f 1 , I mfbgw O W YW NATURAL GA 'L 1fl' X, ACOMRANY ' My M WJ M 'AWK may MQ HOLLINGSWORTH POULTRY FARM ens YVjW O 3 24 , R12 SIL Phone L1ndsey-i ' Whybu1'n, OW ' anager is Y if , ' iumrriiiil L1 V! 22f'?Kt wazqyfgton -eet fr M if Wasfhjfgd avg, Lubrication I I-Iunlyle Pro cts and Atlas Tir ywfire 6 Tubes - Batte ' I V V , 1 j, 1 WL JI' ff MARTIN os. X' ff- GULF PRODUCTS - O UQ I WH E ALEKL E AIL 9 -. f OL s Q T DPW: C U Chrysler Plymouth .' Battery Charged - Mechanic Work - Front End Machine - Motor Tune Up - Wheels Balanced - Wash and. Grease lf it's for the Car, Truck or Tractor - WE HAVE IT Phone L-4113 "We Never Close" We Give SKLH Green Stamps MILLER STUDIO Kodak film Fine portraits Dial L-3519 240 W. College 4 YOU Dirty Them - WE Clean Them - STEPHENVILLE STEAM LAUNDRY and CLEANERS Dial L-3145 FREE Pickup and Delivery CHAMPION PRODUCTS, INC. Manufac urers of . Champion Q-XXUDI N and V' Champion Q-X Moly Upholstering - Refinishing - Repairing Old Furniture Made Like New Tailor Made SEAT 1 lb H SPARKMAN TRIMjSHOP QSLIP COVERS E , Pick-Up and Delive1j'Se.u:.i.c.e Dial Lindsey- I 017558 198 W. Frey +..,,, ' xl' I ls:2' ' xi, 1 ' 0 -funn- '4 '1' my HERRIN MOTOR co. jlq iff' BOB HERRIN Your Friendly Ford Dealer SERVICE DRUG STORE The REXALL Store Dan D'Arcy, Proprietor 'Z fn L-3517 PHONES 5 LM SL5 XX "T Blue and The Gold" y Grace Chandlefr Colwick e's a toast to Stephenville High, e her praises ever sing, Stand and cheer her name once again 5 Loudly may the echoes ring. Fill a glass for happy times, Sons and daughters ever true, Always holding deep in loyal hearts The Spirit of the Gold and Blue. To the Blue - - to the Gold - - To our school and. its glorious history, To our faith - - to our zeal - - To the days we remember so joyfully. To the Blue - - to the Gold - - May we carry our banner to victory, To our hopes - - to our dreams - - To the world we shall make ours some day. Here's to all our glorious past, Here's to our victories won - - Here's to glorious future years, For our fame has just begun. Fill a glass for happy times, Sons and daughters ever true, Always holding deep in loyal hearts The Spirit of the Gold and Blue. 0 J BRAD THOMPSON GENERAL INSURANCE - LOANS 235 W. Washington P. O. Box 85 Phone L-3155 Stephenville, Texas ADAMS CONOCO STATION B. F. Goodrich Tires Sz Batteries Washing and Lubrication 281 N. Graham Phone L-3939 F 'jf , . .Af e were 7-1' .-7 r". 1-Ur vi V -, JW! JIU! ,111 ff, 1 ll! 1 I , 1 I i , Jpffg 1 'fi f I- , f , f of ' If V HV' nl' fl I ' f" 2' ' f 1 , , Calnst ction bump. W ' ' I ' ,I ,al 'fir . I " gh .' Q, x , f 1' . .I " -II UU pdub 0 l uf! M, Vu f p, I 1 1 JJ, HI 2 0 jf' Ly I hi ji I j Il!! n X ' U P' N' zappos. LQNNBER . V' ,. DayfLf30 54 f,! J Nite L-4524 f if ' . XXX , 4 1 lf. , f .V ' ubiinxlzoaab. , I Q 1 1 . 1,4 ww Q . lf! JN af, 7 ,'x' I flkff X I EDDIE WILLIAMS CONTRACTOR Commerical and Residential Phone Lindsey-4634 990 N. McCart Stephenville, Texas ALLIED BODY 8z FRAME Windshield - Door Glass Replacement Fort Worth Highway L-3800 if All s , l A pw I - - I N A 1 I ' 3' ' fl NX luis Qin o ET tb ll f,,f' """ gli jj if 'T illfiwy SJ s s K l "'sERw561ll i M' MF' :S TSO n ,y Gnevnom 1510 on your dial y E -. E5 H.: W W Broadcasting Yellow Jacket - - lx I REECIE R. JONES Sports, Talent, and News. - N Ki'- PAYTON 8: FRAKES gg: ' Dividend Rate - INSURED SAVINGS - l A I ALL JERSEY MILK 8z ICE CREAM IT'S DAYS FRESHER Now More Than Ever, It Will Pay You To Shop At Q,Q:- 3 1- , 2-Q? 5: - 's - -:gf avr." -- -- Where you will find more complete stocks of Dependable Quality Merchandise I FIRST IN VALUES FOR THE HOME 2 TJ jlsilx TEP NVILL 8: LOAN ASSOCIATION . Stephenville, Texas POSTON FEED CO. 8z BONDED WAREHOUSE FEED, SEED, PECANS, PEANUTS, WOOL, MOHAIR, MIXING, GRINDING Stephenville, Texas RASPBERRY'S GRO. - MKT. - STA. Open 7-9 Glen Rose Hwy. 7-ELEVEN FOOD .STORE Open 7-11 Ft. Worth Hwy. 129 fflliazfu Qjmfvvf A 1 . A," 444456, 4 , 4 J 1 1.444 I A ,A .Q , W A , 9 ' 44, ' df""6f:wYN oLA LE ' ,Er 1 0 U ST E I , kg,qi4M1,t3Q15 " W -3312 N ,JL-Jil,-53313 S xy L Rlcl-IA soN-KEELING Wade gl A. O. Holley sfo ISE A hvfrngliments Of 0 v0 E'?AFEWAY 6 Stephenville, Texas LOANS - REFINANCING - INSURANCE ELLIS INSURANCE AGENCY wwksfts Of FA R I , Q1,wl:oFF H Llngleville Iihvxay ' . FOP PQSEQVATIOUS QA BARHAM SEED 8: SUPPLY Bulk Garden Seed - Field Seed - Hatchery Wayne Barham LOUTHERBACK'S GROCERY 1105 W. Long L-5116 WE DELIVER M9 lxt MAJESTIC SHOP Stephenville, State Bank Building Lindsey-4715 snosivpg Co ete.Fam1 y Shoe Stofe e, fixes " 4' Y? STEPHENVILLE FLORAL CO. "Flowers For Any Of Your Occasions" Phone L-3619 Mr. Sz Mrs. J. H. Ferguson EVERETT'S FIRESTONE Dealer Store East Side of Square L-3317 Everything in Sporting Goods Stephenville, Texas Won-P .QW SH EEP5 31,0 WOLFEJS NURSERY Lv'-l'SY:u HT7 cf Nb dwg w-H-HIE at WEE: s SERVICE STATION 309 W. Washington Phone L-4513 Stephenville, Texas Tidwell Turkey Farm 8: Hsatchery Finest Quality Poults at Reasonable Prices Route 1 Phone 2543 Desdemona, Texas LARNER'S GROCERY 81 MKT. 704 W. Frey Merel Norman Cosmetics Sold and Demonstrated 190 HI1 f, .. - . K ' SHOP and SAVE AT fy Q cLEo's FRUIT STAN- X2 -J A at PxGR CE 'PJ MLP IV N ,,, jf - .eg . xi NL Aff ,Qfif ff,i+"'7 aw , E A A sv jf' y 4, . LUNG S, STAFFORD CLEANE S i f" il l Bi J iitis W. . , ' b Y , ,WQ9 fwHILL E f : 2 A MAT ' 1 E I L 892 X A Mx, L-56 f 0 A sofn' 'mm N l 16 CA R 31235 Ro pw Health and aut iXy Dip! Quality Flowers Courteous Service Experienced Designing COLLINS FLOWER SHOP 398 N. Belknap Phone L-4818 666 Neblett ITQZT1 ' FRIGIDAIRE MOTOROLA O 9 DAIRY KING A P N s "Where Friends Meet for A Treat to Eat" Stephenville Dublin HIGGINBOTHAM MOTOR CO. . iT . A Mm A SALES and SERVICE '- xviqlllmwv 7 Stephenville, Texas Pickup 8: Delivery ' ' 697 Tarleton Phone L-3422 For ALL YOUR GROCERY NEEDS I,-'GBR-jlvlvs STOVALL-NORTH GROCERY Mr. and Mrs. H. N. North, Owners JOSEPH A. CHANDLER Attorney at Law Neblett-King' Building Stephenville, Texas I 191 FQEBX OUTLET STORE Shoes Sz Clothing 222 W. College STILL'S CLEANERS 167 N. Clinton L-3717 4 K x ' ' , -. -A, I ' Q. S Q i ng l 1 1 ' 1 7 D" ' I , A f , GIFFORD RADIO 8: T.V. Service A 'I X ' u k1M9BEL HENWLLE co. 269 W. College Phone I3-3280 ,Q -- X, ,A 1 x 1 tl ,' K. aj 1 , 0 Stephenville, Texas A Il 'molesg Gfows I-X y X. ' . ,... N A J " V. "H 1' , f V' 'K' ACME Music co. BL P5 SERYIQESTACQQN ' 'WE GIVEISQH' GREEN STAMPS DOUBLE sgm'MEs.'iJgv WEDNESDAY' Burl Lawrence Stephenville f' -. ' " I Q Q X g I 940-W. 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