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 - Class of 1953

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fgwliovzglm a MM '9',f2ff,g2 M JM fha' V ' W AJ! Q4 3933 lad if yr" X 5 , jrmlq P " f A + ,J- I '11 f ff ff .1 I 4 41" m I 4 ir' ' 'Sv J 1 v -t g A -1 N4 -x v , N . 1 ,f -f I , L I rNJ -." 7 4. VX I I I l 'wx AL V 'mf 2 X 1 . ff I 'R EV , b W fl , J I L A A 2 ' 1 , , 4 , yi K ' 1 f' il fx ' f f. J .. . ,lx " - R , gf, Y rf P K 'xx 5 . 'ZJHA ,- , V K 5 V- f' , ,YK ,t-TH -k-by I F . 4 K I V, J K V f 4 "-W' 1 'X Ali- J 1 R .1 L, N F f + K Z 1 X r 1 4 I 2. xl 1 . 4 W A T C' ' g"'. ,K 1 J ,f A , I :Ki NJ I . x 4 1 ,.-My-M Y K E K mv vw 5 ,.-I' A 1 1 P1 V M 'WV' I W-JN V-qu::vM'w n Zj Jjzwf Zia? D Qmwyw I 7wf WJ' n I , W 7f""'L ,U,f.4c7 ' v if f , I I 1' J will fl 347 fe.. fl ff ffl! fwlllf' ,f',,fpv' , i' I f frfjvfufja maaodjffi. fnff ' X If . 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Jcivu.. wwHMwMwwwwiUMMW, , I s . , Sm k M x 2 A w ' Bmff T i-IE I953 YELLV W JACKET Aw' WWW 1470" TTY WOOD WJL 94A.a4f6f-6ff"'5" , jfmwuawbhi ,qavy Jwwwa, ' udxnlf-JMQU fofxgur-wM"""".'f""' N124 PEE Y CAROLYN COLE -bpu M, ,QLLCQLG-0 Q IgUTJ:I A.N.N NMEBLBTQ 7 - Gm ARE1xDELL 5621 ' OWE -S r fyufl-9 CHER1: ROBERTS ' JOYCE'-QREEN 04 W ' W D AYfiD HASSLIEFH SHIRLEY CU V 4,.,....1--.. - .-- C-4453 fran!!-fy NYUS OOKS ' LGENE DENIO1- .,-,,..J-...-- CDARLENE BR XJIFRANKLIN MCINROEH Wk 1MlMU:"N"Q',w1m:jg,L,,w X , W 4 hhhh N w h Q h h ' , h W h h h h , h h 1 'h h + ' W Xu W ,W ,AA4 AL. Ljfpchffdmfff f-Qi L' h 5 di Q f-Q MUD AQ , . AA, ' 4 . w wx? jg? 7, ' ' ' I H4M I , fe I h W ' Z pn! 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V V b ' ' n ' I Mel lfzw Mh ZZ? 69 I hh h MA . 49 0 , f s X ' A hh hhh lhhh h'h h M - h , 4 M ' , I . , ' V hw hhhhhhhh jf hhzhhhhh M h LH h 'JQWCW5 16 h 4 hhh h hhhh h -h f h hh ' MMM h . he 'WW jhhwqsm hh iw f. fr, a h In I I I I ht mebi hm hhh M hM h hEh' M hhhhh h hhh hhh ' f hhhhh hhhhh W hhh hhhh M u ' W h'h W 'h h f N f E y Q h w. W 1 Nina W Crab ffswaeu M 6Lu M'ffWq'! 70 . lick! . cs., , ,u,LA.-J jax Sfuojio WW? Souflzwesfenz Engraving 80. H I f ji Ji- - ,J Sfeplzenviffe Qprizzfinq Go. fb Vin-MJ VJJM'-cvdo, Q Gfmericalz .Beaufy Gover Go. ' J 7-J. 5.4 aj.L 7 4 TABLE OF CONTENTS Qi j INTRODU 1 my Ada, A Em'roR's ME 2 DEDICATION . Q A 65104. 44' 12 L cHooL Bon. 'f 'E V SUPERINTENDENT ............,.........,..,,,,,, 3 , J- M ,do PRINCIPAL ..................,..,,,.,...,..,..,...,.,,,,,.,,.., ,,,, 9 FACULTY ..............................,.................,..,,,.,,.,,,, ,,.,, 1 0-11 . UM 764 WW L, , A-z SEN1on CL.-xsgil ................................................. ...... 1 3-24 . QUNIOR CLASS ........ ................................. 25-Q xg. 0 l 0 S J - -1 S0PHoMonE CLASS-..........,4QQ.J.t ............................ 38-42 ' ' "U4"ZL""'Q ............................................. 48-51 HL! MZ AJ FAVORITES ....... 1 ................................................... 53-70 W L RTs .............. 1 ........................,...............,,, 73 92 ' MJ. MM G CLUBS .......................... 98 116 KODAKS 117 128 All CALEND 129 ROL 130-133 S9 Qwfx A . 135-148 Tl pie, e 'Lt j2uQvgxWb4QEgXJl!6MJ fdvtwjbigeo Qydloyee oz, ce Jo awww 1 fa WM aisles! C O., O.. 214 M iamx, JEL! gl wow rf We si 7 I A ibm I ff ,X K is Here's a toast to Stephenville High, We her praises ever sing 4 W Stand and cheer her name once again 3 L 3 M Loudly may the echoes ring. ft, Fill a glass for happy times, Sons and daughters ever true, Always holding deep in loyal hearts The spirit of the Gold and Blue. To To To To the Blue-To the Gold- our school and its glorious history, our faith-To our zeal- the days we remember so joyfully. To Ma.y we carry our banner to victory! To our hopes-To our dreams- 5 To the World We shall make ours someday. the Blue-To the Gold- Here's to all our glorious past, Here's to our victories won, Here's to glorious future years, For our fame has just begun. Fill a glass for happy times, Sons and daughters ever true, Always holding deep in loyal hearts, The spirit of the Gold and Blue. F ww? 1 62.10 l S N :S - k A 'bidi A 23 f of- 0 lxxlc, 14 r it . , A' l '- fe jig . 41-' ' 3 , ,X .':,. ,IA li 1735 is-l A ,,i ,A Q1 ul 1:2 ,k "1 Ju' 34 9, 'fl 1 E- .: lx 'l ' A1 f- A wx 4 'B ., , 'U ', 1 .,'.- xl.- .Q -' Xl i l , Ui . , . . . 5 JJ With deep sincerity and appreciation to one who has so freely Nl' given of her time and talents, has helped develop school spirit' and cre- L, ate better citizens of tomorrow, has shown love and understanding to- S ward her students and is truly a friend to all, a person unselfish in bi My every way, and loyal to our school and its students, we are happy to Q Q, dedicate this, the 19-53 edition of the YELLOW JACKET to Miss Gwen ff' Williams. Q wx ,- LQ to GX Sxoyp 5 35 QQVK X? me 71' 'NX 1 W J. B. MERRELL, SUPERINTENDENT VANCE TERRELL, PRESIDENT BOB HERRIN, VICE-PRI-:s1nEN'r REECIE JONES, SECRETARY R. L. MEEK BURETTE STONE RAYMOND JARRATT JOHN FICKE In behalf of the students of Stephenville High School, the Yellow Jacket Staff wishes to express sincere thanks to the members of the Board of Education. They have given to us an excellent school and have maintained for us high standards of education. 1,9 urevin fenbent- sq. cg. marvel' The annual staff offers its hearty congratulations and thanks to Mr. Merrell, whose untiring efforts for the betterment of the Stephenville schools is ever obvious We feel that he has done Well a tremendous task and sincerely has the interest of the students and faculty at heart. .g. Wmww, vinci A Cyouin E. gown To Mr. Jones, for his thoughtfulness of our welfare, we Wish to express our ap preciation. We will always remember the wonderful work that he is carrying' on. -9. uf wfzfuff-1 qw Mm .Sf ,.Q,w,,,l,.,f FALL Cf!La.lwC'u,a.f ?7'hAQ 811.1 ffeafi. TU-4.41541 FA, H-2028. 97la.iJum14,Zc-ia 19Ju4..f1-4.1 C'cJ5v 70 ?n 5v1.3,21.U-,WJ MMJU 10 1 7'7l0-bflvf ULQMLAA Gai, 'E' ' gf Yuwmw, JAM-pam aaa 2 I 5' E 5 E ww - Nwfwf W 'l:"I'2,'5'.,?.2.5i'Q"':" ll C NAME KNOWN AS ADMIRED FOR AMBITION LIKELY TO BE Ruth Xdams 'tkuthien Complexion Disc Jockey Lady CalTDriver Evelyn Anderson "Evelyn'i Size Marriage Teacher Lamar Baker "Lamar" Abilities in studies Science Teacher Bus Driver Toby Bear "Tobe" Red Hair Merchant Marines l7l5iBoy Iacli Bishop "jarring-Jaclln Size Farmer Football Coach Billy Blazlsoe "Uncle Bill No. 2" Way with teachers Husband Band Director Sue Boase "Suzie,' Eyelashes Successful home Wild West Show Girl John Brandon "Johnny" Western Clothes Trader Janitor at S. H. S. Billy Brannon f'UAngle Bill No. 1" Vocalfdary Craftsman Movie Director I 0 y Broclr "B'5l?' Amity to lead Secretary Songstress, arene Brooks -1Qf'Darnell" fl Sincerity Private secretary 1 Typists Norman Carpenter lTNorman" Shyness anager of store D. E. Teacher imonette Caughy lllflon Fingernails Secretary Principal at Chaxnberlinfs Mina CElc "Mina" Graduation irrw 3 years Go to College Theater Usher Carolyn CBE nCarolyn Ray" Clahes -. Secretary I+ A Model A Carcgyn Cox "Nellie,' Sweetness Wife Nl T - Elizabeth Crab e llfizl' uit s Yell Leader Bas taL 1reL-Bnyus "louise" ay with-Marshall Ylsgxfesiqnal-Argt Sign Painter B-obbie Davidson 'sBoggie" Eyes Housewife Mrs. Elmo Riggs lilerbert Davis "shyness" Attitude Rancher Filling Station Operator Margie De Haan Mini.-De Haann Twirling Abilityw Successful marrieddife Pro Tmrler ...- g3l1eTDunn "Herman Sgleuv Blacli Hair Night Club Operator Sunday School Teacher Charles Engfigh "Sheep" Blonde Cgy Hair ' Husband Hen-Pec e. Bs, an- Thornas Ferguson "Frog" Deeploice Get out of High School Author Brian Fincher "Bullfinch" Low voice Preacher Song Leader M F' 1, .fyfilvi " ,iv ilities eigious Waker? Wx- jgzrggaingc or "Dvlrlari1ite" 1336115 Lawyer Manager OLPSQEIYF Ethel Geeslin "EtllW' Musical ability Music Teacher Soap Opera Musician Anita Gibson 'Anitan Personality Homemaker Mother of Three 'P 1 G ' "Sl go" Shyness Basehall liayer Dancer Klee Gene Kelly jx: Elrisstlinnes "Giiiiely Bear" Freclaes Farmer Ag. Teacyr Doyle H216 "D0iley" Once Black Hair Department store executive Tenor Ebert Herrin "Ralihit" Making friends Engineer Car Qesman Jeralfglflcson "Woo-woo" Determination Petroleum Engineer Professor Hlgagif' Li s AF Sell furniture Selldnsurance T f'MQgn:Man" A Agxlit ri-rigineer ,, w-A Cheese Seller 'nj Y 'L ' 7 Fi ure Wife V " 5M' ,-ynell-Keeney Weenie' -g D D ane Kennedy "Janien Wit Wife Mrs. Hagiion llhldalee "Be-bo" Friends Fashion buyer Owner of Watts iff: Bonnie Lgnglgy "lEy" Red-Flair Congresglnan T:-anm-3 , , - 1 I e Loutherback "Shirley" Energy To Be rs. Denman L-Mrs. Cecil Denman -..... ar ta A Owe,-y "Ei-155D Sweetness Volleyball star ' Missionary '- em MgC1gren "Neta:n Hgjg t e able to type rivate Secretary my - ' Clif' ntere s anions star ermaid jiy Mcculilgugh '-lUg1yn Fhygque Swim Igiggl Channel SnQ1:QqhallwOwner Wglter MQLLW 'lWa Ho" Sleeping ln -glass Groceryman Fgodlo Owner mberw mnight "Bert" Sig Wife Holi-maker 4 joy McLarty "Lee , Speediness Housgvife vWife+of,auKnifglTrader 'Jihn Mclemore "Amos" Sgllc EUBUTCBE' CODSIEHQQT -- 'Geraldine Maylield "Ig-gym Smile To-he-rich Mrs.wEdyvjn,-.Sullivan :Betty Jo Meador "Betty ,lan Sh-ort Hair Advance-.toACashier Usherwin-lg:-kzony -is-Bleyvlu "Tllcker,' Girl-Friends WHY-4 Towbsla-grandpa Bachelorr V new Mag, "Brig" Fllyhoy Husband -WY LiQnvArnarillo Californian F- FM' "K'd'n Athletic Abilities Success-asYavHouseYwife Cook Eigrlita. lzlliyljxls "j1ianita" Seriousness Homemaking,Tl:aclrer YRadiL Announcer Nancy Neblett "NADH D?PEld351llYY Rfligiquslvorker -'Teacher-at'T.-'CLU. iSamxnE-North 'tSam' ' FTQJOYS '110le.17If5mHEmCf. SPQ?flM"5m,1'l0meLSPeCf..- E lil? Payne "PaleTheadTl Shyness Pinglpong king Great Hunter oe Price H1995 ' Boxing A-Ei-lity Pass English Wrestler et mggyp 'lfhe Kitlnr -Q Temper 1 Rich Housewife r 41 - a ,wan Eeberry "Vivian" Height Not to blush et ancer in t icia Reeves "Pali Walk Mrs. Brown Toe Dancer jgyr Riherd --Joy" intelligence l'list0ry'Teacher Quifllrligress aayton Roberson "flint" Brothers and sisters Be in Orchestra Crooner lCl'ffie Sewell "Cliffie" lrlyes Nurse Mrs. Dayis D-Cores Shepherd "Delores" Musical Talent Talent 'Band'-Director Mrs. Charles Igiglish Clara Stafford -fpattyv Size Entertainer Prison Warden Marshall Stephens 1fEQbersf'9 yranlggtgr Band'Master King of laies 'Paul-Stephens ,sl-Au-fp. VIH rss.-5 Height -'ifili Bash-etball Star -A- Basl-Eball Coach 7 Y 'Ba bara Stone Y "Hhs-F' . Blonde Hair Graduate Housewife Iaaie stone ffgig-,Ed Malone" Boots Trader Operate Bandera IT H"'Swne --Tm-ren? Eyes D. E. Teacher Slave Driver Igllilz Stramler 'ilitlghildii Brilliance Come Sclool Civics Professor Sam Taylor V "Sam Oh Blondfflair Buy A Coon.Dgg A Knife Trader :lames Terrell ".lgIli0f,' EYC BYOWS Doctor A Gleat Surgeon S Vanderver Hsylvestern M Complexion Heiress Day Dreamer rjlxeb, Willger HJ. D. D Quietness Loafer liomafer Nancy Wenham ..Ngnq,rs posture Homemakerw- Betty.-Crocggghll e Williamson '7TlElma"' Small waist T' t, Rogg- alker- C ncert Pianist nn oo E,Z'fAnnie"l 1 itiesl ed Mrs. Scottj ' dshion'B lmena l"N'6i Ylqerl, oice I 'Torch Singer' M-rg. 'Woo oo A Y race Wy!-y racie 1' Volleyball Ability Housewife Mrs. Tarpley M144 A . A, V4 - 12 :- rwiasvnlf N-an-. XW- J 13 ,J A. -OFFICERS - i A group of young darlings entered schools all over the country twelve years ago. From this group caime the Sen- iors of 'Stephenville High School. Some started at the Centval Ward School but these were only a minority of the group. As the years went by we gradually begain to congregate in Junior High School. The parties and all the fun we had then, began our social life as young men and women. The poor teachers who put up with us then probably thought us to be not the near citizens of the world, but rather little maniacs whose lives would never amount to much. Before we realized what was happening we were ready for high school. At the close of the year in 1949 our graduating class from Junior High School was the largest there had been in all the years before. We we1'e proud of that fact. The graduation exercise was brought about in grand form. The following term brought into Stephenville High School a group of students, who were very nervous and unac- quainted with such a system, although before a week was gone most of the students bega-n to get into the "swing of things." The following week we electedgoliij. class officers which consisted of: President, Jeral Jackson, Vice-Presi- dent, Clayton Robersongf 'etar , Carolyn floxe, Reporter, Sammie North, Sgt.-at-Arms, Bruce Chapman. As the year progressed we enjoyed the p ays an o r activities furnished by the upper classmen. Our sopohmorc year brought about the election of our officers, who were: President, Jay Ray McCullough, Vice- President, Clayton Roberson: Secretary, Joy Lee McLartyg Treasurer, Geraldene Mayfield, Sgt.-art-Arms, Texie Mae Sisson and Robert Herring Reporter, John Brandon. Still our activities were few. The real life as high school students began in our Junior year. The big event we were working toward was the Junior -Senior Banquet to be held in the spring. The activities consisted of an operetta, "Sadie Shaw from Arkansas" which brought down the house. Our sponsors were mainly responsible for the success of all. We had several basket- ball games and cake sales. At the end of the year we were able to give a banquet which was ca.rried out in the Hawai- ian theme and thoroughly enjoyed by all. The officers that helped so much that year were: President, James Terrell, Vice-President, Herman Kaufmang SecretaryfDarlene Brooks, Treasurer, Joy Lee McLarty3 Reporters, Linda LQ and Geraldene Mayfieldg Sgt.-at-Arms, Clayton Roberson. When the fall term of 1952 began the seniors looked forward to all the days to follow of that year. They were happy to be nearing that most important time in one's life, receiving the graduation diploma. Yet they all looked back and felt sad for all the days gone by. A grand event for that year was to be the trip, but it took ai lot of hard work and some dispute to accomplish it. We managed to raise the funds needed by cake sales, concessions at school and football games, two plays, maga- zine sa-les, and a girl's basketball game, and had a grand and glorious trip. The officers for that year were: President, James Terrell: Vice-President, Jeral Jackson, Secretary, Rowena- ,,,,.......-.1 lui-od, Treasurer, Joy Lee McLartyg Reporter, Clara Stafford, Sgt.-at-Arms, Herman Kaufman and"'Pal5 Reeves. As we marched down the aisle for that commencement exercise, we did it with tears in our eyes, and thoughts in our minds which never could be surpassed. They were thoughts of happiness for all the good things that had hap- pened, everlasting friends we had found, instructors we were never to forget, a very successful athletic season, and a gratitude to all. . Now that we lea-ve old S. H. S., let us leave the memory of the Senior Class of 1952-1953 to all, by these few words, a few mars on the old building, and words of advice to all who are here in the future: "Heed well all your days here a-nd remember them always." -14. President .,........,.. .... J ames Terrell Vice-President .,.......................................................................... Jeral Jackson C'Secreta-ty-QS., ...... T .... Rowena Woocu Treasurer ...... .....,,..,..,................. Q ...................................... Joy Lee MCLal'ty Reporter ..,..,.,,,,,.,,.,... .............,....... C lara Merle Stafford Surgoant--at-Arms .,.,.. ..... H erman Kaufman, Pa-t Reeves JACK BISHOP - "Ja1'1'in' Jack" Football 5493525 Track '49-'52g 'KSU Association '52-'53: S. P. C. '52-'53: F. H. A. '49-,531 Rr-porter '51-'53: Wildlilr Club ,511-'5l: S4-nior Class Play 'Tig Lulu' Star F8l'llll'I' '52-'51 BILLY BLEDSOE - "Uncle Bill No. 2" Band '49-'533 Football '49-'5llg Baslwlball 'SUQ Or- rhi-slra '5ll-'533 Drum Major '52-'53g F. H. A. '52-'53g Pri-si-mation Play '52g Junior Class Play '52q S. P. C. '5lg Rl-ru-zitioli Conimittvv '5lIg Flag Raiser '51 SUE ROBERTS BOASE -- "Suzie" Bmwstvr Jarkct Club '50-'fiflg Mm-dilation Club '50-'5lg Musir Club '51-52: Forum Club '52-'53, JOHN JAMES BRANDON - "Johnnie" Football '49-'5llg Bayskclball '49-'5U: Track '49-'5Ug P. C. '49-'5l: F. F. A.: Boostvr Jacks-t Club ,49- '533 Prrscnlalion Play '5l: Rvportvr of Snphomorv Class '5ll-'5l. Class of '53 RUTH ADAMS - "Ruthie" Band '49-,503 Music' Club '49-'5llg F. fl. A. '49-'5llg lioostrr Jacks! ,49-'53q V. Club ,5ll-'52: Junior Class Play '5lg D. E. Club '52-'533 Sm-uior Class Play '52-'53. EVELYN ANDERSON - "Evelyn" F. H. A. 349-'521 G. A. A. '49-'5ll: Boosts-r Jzwkvtli Club '51-'53g D. E. Club 352353. LAMAR BAKER - ULZUIHIM Sc-ivncv Club '52-'53g Prcsidi-nt '52: Outstanding Studvnt '53, TOBE BEAR - "Toby" Wildlifv Club '49-351: llnostc-r Jacko! Club '49-'53Q Band Managvr '49-,513 D. E. Club '51-'52g F. H. A. '52-A533 Junior Class Play '5l: Aviation Club '51-'52, 1-fy! K? N, A. 2, i MONETTE CAUGHEY - 'K lioostrr ,larkvt Club 493512 F. li. Club '51-'filly Sn-r'ivtury '52-'nllg Rm-portvl MINA CLARK -- "Mina" Q. V. Club '50-'531 'l'u'asurc'r '. 1.-'.f3 '50-'5Ilg Rs-port:-r '52-'53: Boost:-r Jar 4-1 Club 5 '52: Spauiz-lx Club '51-'53: Rn-porn-r '12-'53g Mt-di tutiou Club '51-'51 CAROLYN COLE - "Ca11'olyn Ray" Mllsir Club '49-'nllg Stingvr Staff 49-'5ll: Circulzv tion: Band '49-'52g Color Guard '5'lg F. H. A. '49- '53: M1-ditation Club '51-'52g Boostcr Jacks-t Club '51-'533 S. P. C. '52g junior Play '5lf'52g Gradua- tion Usb:-r '521 Annual Stall '5?lg Assiatant Advvr- lising Editor: Q. V. Club '52-'53: Pri-siclc-nt '52-'5I5. CAROLYN COX - "Carolyn Nell" Band 350352: Majorm-ttc 'Sli-'52g Sn-rrctary of Frvsli- man Class '49-'5llg Favoritt- '5ll: Sophomore Class Favorits- 'Sly junior Class Favorilv '52g Football Swvcthz-art 'filly Ms-ditation Club '51-'52g Sc-crm-tary ,51-'523 Boostt-r Jacks-I Club '50-'52g Spanish Club '52-'533 'l'r1-asurt-r '52-'5f'l: Q. V. Club '51-'52g F. H. A. '50-'53g S. P. C. '50-'5l. Class of '53 BILL BRANNON - "Uncle Bill No. 2" "S" Asmciation '50-'53g Band '5ll-'iflg Mdllilgl'F 'Slip lluska-rball '51-'533 P. C. 'Sli-'52g F. ll. A. '32-'53. BOBBIE BROCK - '4Bob" Xlusir Club '49-'5l: Vito-l'rl-siclvill '50-'5l1 Girl'x .'n-xtrttv '49-'52g Boostvr .larkvt Club '5l-'531 S1-tv rvturv '52-'53: Band '-19952: F. H. A. '52-'5flg Cho- ral Club '49-'533 S1-crm-tary '52-'5f'l: Graduation Ush- vr '52: Junior Class Play '51-'521 l'u'm-ntation Play '49-521 Yi-ll Lvatlvr '52-'53: Stingcr Stall' '4flf'5flg Art Editor '49-52: Adu-rtising Manugt-r '52-'5flg Annual Stall 'SU-'52g Art lfrlitor '50-'52g Svuior Class Play. DARLENE BROOKS - "Darnell" Band '50-'53: Flagbt-arm-r 503531 G. A. A. '49-'5ll: Music' Club '5ll-'ilg Booslvr Jurkvl Club '51-'SIM Mm-ditation Club '49-'533 Prvsidvut '50-'SIL Svcw- tary '5l-'52: F. H. A. '49-'5f'lg F. ll. A.s-1' ol tlu' Montll '52-'5f'lq Outstanding Studi-nl '49-'52g Cirl's Stall- '52: S. P. C, 'fill-'5lg 'lAi'1-zxsllwt' '52-'53: Ju- nior Play 'Sl-52: Junior Class St-rn-tary '51-'52: Annual Staff '52-'5f'lg Assistant Kodak Editor '52- .wflg btluqn-1 Stuff .22-Iwflg lypist 51-Ill: S1-uior Class Play '52-53: Prvscntatiou Pluy '52-'5f'l: Sm-nior Favoritv 52353. NORMAN CARPENTER - 'lNo1'inan" F. I". A. '49-'5l: D. If. '51-'iflg lloostor Jfu-lu-is Club '52-'5fl. fwfr' MARGIE HELMS DE HAAN - "Mrs. De Haan" Band '49-533 lkfajorette '50-'53g Booster Jacket Club '50-'53g F. H. A. '49-'53. GENE DUNN - "Herman Steele" Booster Jarket Club '50-'533 D. O. Club 'Sl-'5'Zg President 'Sl-'5'2g Aviation Club '50-'51, I CHARLES ENGLISH - "Sheepie" F. F. A. '49-'5l: F. T. A. '52-'53g President '52-H535 Math Club 352-'53g Vice-President '52-,53. THOMAS FERGUSON - "Frog" F. F. A. 499535 V. I. C. 351-'52, Class of '53 ELIZABETH CRABTREE - "Liz:-f Booster Jacket Club '49-'5f'l: G. A. A. '49-'5Ug F. H. A. '49-'53g Music Club '49-'50g Meditation Club '50-'53. SHIRLEY CUNYUS - "Louise" F. H. A. '49-523 G. A. A. l49-'5ll: Band '49-'53: Majorelte 3503535 Vice-l'resident '52-153: Choral Club '52-'53g Aviation Club '51-'52g Vice-President '52g Meditation Club '50-'53g Outstanding Student '50-'5lg Booster Jarket Club '50-'5f'lg Spanish Club 'Sl-'Tig Stinger Stall' '50-'53g Columnist '5lg Cir- eulntion '52g Typist-Columnist ,535 Annual Stall' '52-'5flg Art Editor '53g junior Play '52. BOBBIE DAVIDSON - "Boggie" Music Cluh '50g Booster Jacket Club '51-'53: Medi- tation Club '50-'53g Treasurer '51-'52g Choral Club '51-'533 Sergeant-at-Anus '52-'53g Presentation Play '53. HERBERT DAVIS - "Herbert" . ,, . J .fi ANITA GIBSON - 'lAnita" Boostvr Jarkvf Club '52-'53g F. H. A. '52-'53, PORTER GRIMES - A'Sluggo" Football '49-'53g Baskt-tball '49-'52: Basvball '50-'52g Junior Class Play '51-'52: S1-nior Class Play '52-'53g "S" Association '52: Firt-man '51-'52g Boy Athlr- tic Club '52: All District Football '52: Football Co-Captain '52. JOE GRISSOM - "Grizzly Beary F, F. A. l49-'533 Si-rra-tary '52-'53 DOYLE HALE - "Doily" Wild Life '50-'51g Boopatr-r Jacket Club '51-'53g D. E, '52-553. Class of '53 BRIAN FINCHER - "Bullfinch" Sgt.-at-Arms Freshman Class '48-'49: Prosr-ntation Play 350: Band '47-'5I: Choral '50-'53g Orclu-stra ,48-'51g Football 3503523 Junior Play '52: Mix4'cl Quartvt '51-'52: Mall- Quartrt '51-'52: Boys Slate '5l: Yr-ll Ln-adm' '523 Choral Prvsiclm-nt '51-'533 Vicv-Pri-sidt-nt '5llg Boosts-r jarkct Club '50-'5Ilg Prrsidt-nt '53, fn MARGIE FINCHER E HMM-g" G. A. A. 1493521 F. H. A. '-19353: Song lc-zulur '51-523 Historian '52-'5f'lg Emmett-r Jzickvt Club '51-7125 Mr-ditation Club '49-'53: Song lt-aclvr '52- '53g Outstanding stuclvut 'il-'51-,, f' X JOE GAINES - l'Joe" Football '49-'53: F. F, A. '50-'52: Parlizum-utariatm '51-'52: Basketball '51: D. E. Club '51-'523 Iioostl-r' Javkvt Club '52-'53g F. H. A. '52-'53g "SH Asso- riation '52-'53, ETHEL LYNN GEESLIN - "Ethel" Meditation Club 'SU-'53: Music Club '50-'Sly F. H. A. 550-,531 G. A. A. '52-'5f5q Booster Jackvt Club 551-'53g Outstanclinu: Stuclcnt 'ill-'5flg State- Intvr- sclxolastit' Lcaguv '51, 'R WYNELL KEENIE - "Weenie" G. A. A. '49-'5ll: F. ll. A.'-49-'53g Stiugvr Staff 'SU-'fig lioostm-i' lavkvt Club '49-'53: V. '49-'531 Music' Club '49-'5llg D. E. Club '52-Tiff: Svcrvtary '52-53: Dt-lvqatv to Ds-nton '50-'5l: D4-lvgatc to Austin '51-'52: D. li. Swt-1-tlu-art '52-'53: Junior Play '31-52: Svnior Class Play ,52-'53, JERRY KEILBERG - "K-Berg" Football '-19352: Track '50-'53g "S" Association '53g F. H. A. 233: Junior Class Play '52g Senior Class Play 'bfig Wliltl Lift' Club '5ll: Svcrvtary- llil'l'ilSlH'l'l' fill: liuostt-r jarkt-t Club '50-'53g Aviation Club 'SQZ Choral Club '52-'531 lllvflitation Club '53g Stamp Club '5H. JANE KENNEDY - 'AJane" F. II, A. '-ill-531 C. A. A. 349-'5ll: Boostui' Jactltvt Club '51-'535 Music Club '49-'5llg Choral Club '5U-Trl: V. I, C. '51-'52. LINDA LEE - "Be-Bo" G. A. A. '5ll: F. H. A. '50-'51l: Parliamcntarian '523 l'rvsifl1-lit '3Ii: Ars-a Pri-side-ut 53: lyiusic Club '5ll: lil:-rlitation Club 'ill-'52: St-rrvtary '5l: V. '51- '5f5: Yuri--l'rn-siclvnt 'iflz Iioostvr Jack:-t Club '51-'53q S. l'. C. 'Sl-'5f3g St-tri-tary '531 Press-ntation Plays 'SU-'5l: Junior Class Play '52: St-nior Class Play A533 junior Class Rt-port:-r '52: Annual Staff '52-'53q Co-Adu-rtising Editor '52-'ifig Outstanding Studi-nt A531 Runm-r-up Frm-sluuan Favorite ,505 Srhuol Swn-1-tlmart '53, n. A Class. of '53 ROBERT HERRIN - "Rabbit" Football 'SU-'52g Baskvlball '50-'52: 'lirark '53: "SU Association ,52-'51l: Sgt-at-Arms Sophomorv Class '5ll-'lilg Fira- Cluvli '51-'5flq S. P. C. '50-'5l Boosts-1' jafkvt Club '49-'5lPg Aviation Club '52-'53g rt-st-ntatiou Play '52g Pri-ss llouorablr LI:-ntion 'ootball Tvaiu '52g St-cmul '11-aiu All Distrirt '53g JERAL JACKSON - "Woo-Woo" l'r4-siclout Fra-sluuan Class '49-'5llg S. P. C. '50-'Sli Press-utatiou Plays '5ll-'52g Football '49-'52g Baskvt- ball '-19352: Bam-ball 'Stl-'5lg Vim--Px'n-sitlvtlt Senior class 52353: "SD Association '51-'53: Sm-niur Fa- voritt- Boy '52-'53g Junior Rotarian ,523 Prvss All- District Football llilillllj Firm-tttau '52-'535 All-Dis- trirt 553. BOBBY JOHN JONES - "Bobby John" Football '50-'5I: Trark '50-'5Ilg "S" Association '51- 53: lloostt-1' Jackvt Club 52453: Pri-svntation Play '5lg junior Class Play '52: Choral Club '51-'53- Sgt-ill-iAI'IllS 552-'535 St-uior Class Play '51 l , . . it HisRMAN IXAUI- MAN .. 1-Het--man" Football '49-'52: Baskt-tball 5503 Bai-:vlla 'f' -'fi' , ll to ts, f Band '47-'5ll: Trark 'SIP-533 Aviation Club '52- :,' l llll Pity '1ll'5i B1 s bllll Pl 'S . 'rm-st-utat' t as f'-.11 wy'.- 'z - 'fig "" .1 ssociation '51-'5Ilg S. l. C. 'ill-53: Vice-Pl'u'sitlullt 'JISC Pri-ss All-Dig-trlvt Football 'll-aut '52: Svcond 'll-am All-Distrirt '52g Orchcstra 'Sllg Fr:-shman Favoritv '5llq Sopliouuirv Fat'oritr'5lZ .luttior Fav- uritc- '51 Ruuuor-up Favoritv '5fi: xllfl'-l,l't'Slll4'Ilf Jruuior Class '52:, Sn-rgt-aut-at-Arms Sn-niux' Class .ig All-Distrirt '53, 'Jflg Finn-uiau '31-'SIM Outstaucliuxz Student '5 523 Junior Play '52g All-Statv Football Team '5 rr 1,l . I. . QW? . K .Viwl PATSY MCCOY --- "Patsy" F. H. A. '49-'iflg 'llravrl Club 'ill-UI: liomtt-r Jafkrt Club '52-Tiff. JAY RAY MCCULLOUGH Y "Ugly" Football '49-'51'lq Bam-ball '5l: Track '5ll: As- sociation '5U-'53g Prq-iclt-nt Snpluuunrt- Clam: Prvsi- dx-nt of Vvrsv Spraking Choir '5ll: Choral Club '50- '52' S1 at Armi '5l' Junim' Claw Pl'xx' '5l' Sgt' .,g.--,., . at4Arms Music Club '5lIg Runnvr-up Class Favu- ritt- '50-3511 Fireman '50-'52g Flag Raisn-r '5ll: Src- nnd Tram All-District Ftmtliall '5lg Pre-ss All'l'Jis- trirt Football '51 Prrpimln-nl "S" Associalinn '523 Mtlst Rt'prrst-ntativt' Boy '52: St-uiur Play '51 Pre-- sentation Plays 'SU-'52g Football Cu-Captain '52-'33g All-District,53. WALTER MCELROY - HWal-d0cler" l". F. A. '49-'5lg Ftmtbnll '19-'Sli D, li, Club '51 '53 ROBERTA MCKNIGHT - "Bert" F. H. A. 'SU-3533 Booster Jackrl Club !52-'53. Class of '53 BONNIE LONGLEY - "Jody" Mvditation Club '52-'53: G. A. A. ,49-'50g F. T F F, L f A. '52-U31 Forum 'JL-'53g r Mllsitt Club '4.l-'02 r Stinger Staff '52-'Jlig Buostrr Jack:-I Club '51-233. SHIRLEY LOUTHERBA CK - "Shirley Choral Club '50-'ifig G. A. A. '49-'503 Mvditatiou Club '49-'53g Song Lvadt-r '50-'51: Vice-l'rcsidvnt 'Sl-'52: Prvsidt-nt '52-'53g Booster Jacket Club '50 '53:rJt1nior Class Play '5lL'521 Svnior Class Pla l- '52-'.i33, Ynllt-yball Lt-aguv '.1l-'52g Prcscntatitm Play '32-'imfig Travt-ling Club 'SU-'51g Q. V. Clu 'Sli-'52. -l , A . ,r 4' ,. Y, if ,164 . BARBARA LOWERY - F. H. A. '49-'531 Bnostvr Ja P. C. '49-'5lg Mt-rlitatitmxl Pl 1.1-agua-. s Rv "Barbara" ska-t Club '51-'53: S ay '52-'53: Vnllt-yba I NETA MCCLAREN - "Neta Jean" F. H. A. '49-'5ll: Booster Jark tation Club '49-'53, vt Club '49-'53g Mt-d Q1 ww. M , . ,QQ K 1 2. JIM MOBLEY - HTUCliQl'H I Footlmall '49-'5fl: Baskctlyall '49-'5ll: Track ,SU-'533 Asmwlatiulx '5fl: l'rm'tw Holnlralxlc' Mvntlon All- Distritl '52: S. P. C. '49-'5l: F. F. A. '-199533 Virm--l'rc-simlw-nt 'illz Pl'l'Sllll'lll '5l: 'l'rm-asurl-r '?2: 1 y m Lum- Star Farnlvr '52Z lrvsn-ntatinn llay '5ll-H33 Runnn-r-up FI't'5llIll2U'l Favoritm- '5tlg F. H. A. Ba-au A533 W'ilcllifn- Clulr '493 Rt-purtvr '493 Outstanding Stuclm-nt '4ll-'Slip Svniur Play 52: llonorahlc Mvn- 'X linn All-Dislrirt '53, X ILETA CHAPMAN MOEN - "Ileta" G. A. A. '-I-93505 F, ll, A. '49-'531 Mllsic Club 'SU- '5l: lluustvr Jackvt Clul! '51-53: Furuln '53, HAZEL MURRAY LINDLEY -- "Hazel" JUANITA MYERS - "Juanita', F. ll, A. Clulx 'ill-'531 lluustl-r Clulm '51-'Jfig Span- ish Club "rl 'Tl Class of '53 JOY LEE MCCLARTY - "Joy" lvfusir Clull '-lll-'3U: llmush-r Cflulw 'Nl-'51l: l". ll. A. '-Ill-'aflg Parliaxu--ntari.u1 '52-'illg Rl:-rlitaliuu Clulr '50-'5l1 Svvrvtnry Sopllmlmrv Clasx 'Nl-'5l: l'rm'sm-n- tation Play '50-'5f'l: Runnvr-up Soplmlllun- Favo- rits- '50-'5l3 llallrl '5l-'52: lllajnrl-Itv 'al-TY: lrvas- llrc-r of .lunlur Class '51-'THQ Vullvvlmall lmaxgllm- 52: Runnvr-up Svniur Favulitc 52: 'l'rvaMu'c-I' Svniur Class '52-'53, 1 .1 N J '- I ll JOHN MCI FMOPF "Jill " Fmmtlrall '49-'5Ilg llaalcvlllall 'Jllg 'IH-ark 'Hg "S" Jxhrllfllllllbll 'Wig junior Plav 'Sl-WY: Sl-nim' Play '52: 'l'l'avvl Clull 'SU-'5l: Axiallml fflulr '521 Clmral Clull '52-'53, GERALDINE MAYFIELD SULLIVAN - "Jerry" F. ll, A. '49-'523 Supltmnurv Claus 'l'n-amxrvr '50-'ilz Runnvr-up Juniur l"avm'iu- '51-'.32: M--rliraliun Clulw '51-'523 liomtvr Ilaclu-l Clulm 'Sl-'51l: lianrl '5l-'ifli Flag ll:-arvr '51-'5fl: lll't'Nl'lllIlll0Il Play '31-'5Ilg llancl Swn-1-tlu-art '52-'53, BETTY JO MEAIJOR - "Betty" Blush' Clulm '-lfl-'5lg ll. li. '5l-'53, VIVIAN RASPBERRY - "Vivian" F. H. A. 503533 Booster Club 352353. PATRICIA REEVES -M "Pat" Music Club '49-'SOQ Band '49-'53g Vice-President l5l-,523 Flagbearer '49-,531 F. H. A. '49-'531 Boos- ter Club '51-'53g Treasurer '52-'53g Band Secretary '52-'53: Sgt.-at-Arms Senior Class '52-'53g Stinger Staff '51-,523 Circulation '5l-'5'Zg S. P. C. '51-'52Z Teen ol Month '51-'52: Interscholastic Volleyball '51-'52g'Prest-ntation Play '51-'53g Junior Play '51- '52g Senior Play '52-'51'l: Runner-up School Sweet- heart '52-'53. JOY RIHERD - "Joy" Outstanding Student '50-'53g Meditation Club '51- '53g Reporter '53g Music Club '51-'52g Reporter ,523 Forum '53: Future Teaehers of America '53: His- torian '53: Stinger Staff l53g CLAYTON ROBERSON - "Clut" Football '49-'Fnilg Basketball '4-9353: Baseball ,ill- '53q Track '50-'53: Band '47-3533 "SH Association 3523533 Junior Play '52g Senior Play '53: S.'P. C. gre-sideplt of gliidlellnt I3odyF'53lglfxrrfin1an . -. g ress onorame ention oot a eam '52g Aviation Club '52g Annual Staff PlayV'53: B0y's State '52g President of S. P.. C. 553g ice- liGfSHl"'EiSI. E3ESghn52l'..2lllalff,ff30LfVi32lIli"3?5'f'nisaflf kesball All-District Second Team '52q Orchestra '4 -'53g Recreation Committee '51g Bugler and Flag Raiser '49-'53g Press All-District First Team in Football '52g Tennis '52-'53g All-District '53. Class of '53 NANCY NEBLETT -- "Sears 01' Nan" C. A. A. '49-'50g S. P. C. '50-,515 Music Club, '49-'5l: Outstanding Students '49-'5'lg F. H. A. 349- '53g Secretary '53g Booster Jackets '51-'53: Medi- tation Club '52-'53g Animal Staff '50-'53g Sopho- more Editor '5lg Business Manager ,521 Editor '53: Annual Stall Play '52: Presentation Play '50-'51 SAMMIE LOU NORTH - "Sam" JOE PRICE - "Joe" Football lil-'53: "S" Association ,525 Colden Gloves '52g Aviation Club ,51-'52, CM. fi. SL . BETH RAMSEY - "The Kid" F. H. A. '49-3535 Choral Club '49-'5 3 Vice-Presb dent '52-'53: Sextette '49-'53g Stinger Staff '49-'5Ug 52-,535 Booster Jacket Club '49-'53: Presentation Play 'SU-'51-352353: Junior Play ,5l-'52g Senior Play '52-'53: Mlific Club '50-'5lg Meditation Club '49-'50g Yell Leader '52-'53, Class of '53 CLIFFIE SEWELL - "Cliffic" F. ll. A. 'ill-'533 liuuslt-r ,Izu'kt'?t- '52-'5fl: Intrr- sclmlastic' Illiilllll' Typing T4-ann 52: Y. l. C. Club '5l-'51 CLARA MERLE STAFFORD - "Fatty" F. ll. A. '49-'531 lioustrr .l2lI'lit'lS '-lll-'532 lN'lz1jnl'- vile' '50-'SIM Co-Sgt.-at-Artm. ligand '52-'SIM St-niur l'lnv '32-'53, MARSHALL STEPHENS -- "ICOb0l'g"' Urclu-stra '49-'53: Band '49-52: .luniur Class lllfly' '5l1 St-niur Class Play '52: 'l'l':tt't-ln-rf: Club '-l9.'5llZ Prvsirlt-ttt nf Hand '52-'5flg l'. C. '32-'fri VANCE STEPHENS - HP. V. " I' .F. A. '49-'bflg Svvtwttuty '51-32: lll't"lKlL'l'll '52- '53: Luna- Star Farnn-r '52-'5Ilg Dc-lt-Lgntv tn State' and National F. F, A. Cmnt-ntiun '51-'51 St-uiur Clnss l'lny 52353: Wiltllllt- Club '49-'5ll. BARBARA HALEY - "Barbara" F. H. A. '-19353: Boosts-r Jacket Club '50-352: Mcllitutiott Club 'SU-52: Outstanding Student '52: Vorntlunal lndustrlal Club '52g Vim--llrt-siilvnt '52. EDDIE STONE - 'lBig Ed Malone" D. E. Club '51-'53, TERRELL STONE - "Terrell" F. F. A. '49-'5lg D. O. '51-'52g Truasurvr '51-'52: , f , J D. IE. '5L-213: lrusidvnt 'SL-'533 Boosts-r Jarkvts '51-'521 Srivltu- Club '51-'52g St-rrvtal'y-'l'rt-axurc-r '51-'52. EDDIE STRAMLER - 'lEgghead" NANCY WEATHERS - "Nancy" Miisic Club '49-'52: F. H. A. ,49-'53: Boostt-r Jack- vt Club '52-'53g Junior Class Play '52g Svninr Class Play 1525 Stingt-r Stall '52-,53. f KROWENA WOOD - t'Ne1P-Ne1"' P X S. P. C. '49-'52g F. II. A. '49-'53g Vice-Prvsidi-nt '52-'53: Music Club '50-'51g Booster Jacks-t Club ,541-,531 Mt-dilation Club '5U-'53: Song Lf-adcr '51- '52g Outstanding Studcnt '51-'52g Senior Play '52g Junior Class Play ,521 Annual Staff Plays '51-,52: Si-niur Clagss Sn-cn-tary '52-'53g Girlls State '52: An- nual Szafl '52-'53g St-ninr Editor '52-'53g Blast Ri-pn-svutativv Girl '52-'53, i vry X ANN WOOD - "Annie" E .J ' . U- -v-- ' j Band '49-'52g Choral '49-'53g Girlls Scxtctt '49-'52: Boost:-r Jacket Club 49-1135 Vict'-Prvsidvnt 352353: ' G. A. A. '49-l5U- Stin ur Staff '51-'53' Featurt- Edi- n 'S Q l' tor '53q Junior Class Play '52g Int:-rscliolastic l Li-aguc Vollm-yball '52g Meditation Club Se-crm-tary '52-'5flg S. P. C. '52-'53g Suninr Play '52g Rlulucr- il' up Must Rt-prvst-ntativc '52-,53. x . if' RACE WYLY - "Gracie" F. H. A. '49-'53g G. A. .A. ,52-'53g Meditation '50-'53: Vice-Prcsidvnt '52-'53g Volleyball Lvaguc '51-152: Junior Class Play ,Sl-'52g Booster jacket Club '50-'52. , , f , ' " ,N If ' , , -I I4-f' X ,,fL1,o'1L4'f' ftlj I 11-1 -24- Class of '53 SAM TAYLOR - "Sam Odo1"' Football '49-523 liuskt-lball '49-'52: llasi-ball ,49- l53g Track '523 ikhhllflilllllll '51-'52: F. F. A. r Q9-'52: Bunwti-r .lacks-l Club '50-Ill: Fira-xnan '5ll- '533 junim' Class Play '5lg l'rt-svi1l:1tiuu Play '52I Algiutinii '5lg St-nima Class Play T521 Srit-urv Club JAMES TERRELL -- '4Junio1"' Funtball 55113531 llaskt-lball 'ill-'5lg 'Iirack '50-'53g lland '48-'5l: S. P. C. '51-'523 '1ll'l'2lSl1!'l'l' '5Q: Firv- man 553: Outstanding Studi-nt '51-'52g Sllllgvl' Staff '50-'53g Cn-Editor 353: Junior Class l'i't-sidvnt '52: Svninr Clasm Pri-sida-nt '52-'5fi: Giaduntiun Uslu-1' '52: Spanish Club '50-'5l: Prrsidt-nt '51: Junior Class Play '5lg Senior Clasp Play '533 "S" Asso- ciation '52-53: Aviation Club ,523 Pri-sc-ntatinn Play '52: Runner-up Most Rt-prt'ss-titativv '53g Pri-ss llnnorablt- Mi-ntion All-Distrivt '533 Si-rmul 'lit-:un All-District SUE VANDEVER - "Sylvestei"' 17. H. A. Club '50-'5l1 Botwstux' Jarlcrt Club '5l-'5fl. J. D. WVALKER - HJ. IJ." F. F. A. '48-53: St-rn-tary '50-'5l. JANE WILLIAMSON - "Thelma" S. P. C. '50-'5lg lionstvr ,lackvt Club '51-i521 F. H. A. '5ll-'53g 'lirt-asurm' '52-'5Ilg Digatrict Offitivr '52- '53: V. Club '50-'53q St-Crvtary '52-'53: Spanish Club '51-553: Si-crm-tary '52-'53g Outstanding Stu- di-nt 550-'5fl: Pn-get-ntation Pluy '5ll-'5lg Rlllllll'l'-llll Frvslunan Favoriti- '50-'5lg Rumi:-r-up Supluvuxurs' Faxnrits- '52-'53g Stingcr Stall' '5ll-'5f'l. 1, - -J - -OFFICERS- President ............. .....,,,.A....,,, B en Jones E-e:,President ,..... ...... C harles Roberson Secretary ........, ...... J o Reed Moon Treasurer ..... .,.,,. E dwin Kirklen Reporter ........... ...........,,.,..... M arilyn Frazier Sgt.-at-Arms .v.... ....,.. M ary Lulu Davidson Price Norman Savage In the Fall of 1952, seventy-six bright sophomores entered S. H. S. as Juniors. Their sponsors were Miss Sharon Jones, Coach Arnold Johnson, and Miss LaVerne Thompson. They elected Ben Jones, President, Tubba Roberson, Vice-Presidentg Jo Reed Moon, secretaryg Edwin Kirklen, Treasurer: Mary Davidson and Normam Savage, Sgt.-at-Arms, and Marilyn Frazier, Reporter. During the year they gave ai T. W. I. R. P. Week Dance, climaxing the annual T. W. I. R. P. Week, a formal Valentine Dance, ax play entitled "The Big Blow Up", a variety show, and the annuial Junior-Senior Banquet. ..26- LEONDA BELL JEAN BLEQDSQE 1 ' ' RUTH BOASE DONALD CAMPBELL LAVERNE CARPENTER GOLDIA CAREY CHARLES CASON Class of '54 V v ,. R R A49 ' , AOO GAY LON CHANDLER J. D. CHAPMAN 641.64- CLARA COOPER CHARLENE COWAN DAVID CUNYUS 2Xw.w..m A XM 2' .... , :'.EE-3 ' Flk- gn - , S "25: N:.g gf Q ,V-.4 f fr "' A ' A- , M? I .fzfd Q -,J W k..,. . ....,gU 1 ,.-' Class o '54 MARY DAVIDSON PRICE ROBERT DeWEESE JERRY FLEMMONS JAMES FOWLER MARILYN FRAZIER DOYLENE HALBERT EDWIN GARNER JACKIE HALLMARK BOBBIE HANOVER PATSY HERRING GLENDA HOOK A. C. HOWELI WAYNE HOWELL FELIX JONES JIMMY KELLY JEANETTE JONES EDWIN KIRKLEN WALTON KOENCEY DAN LANE W. L. LEATHERMAN JOYCE LONG DON EARL LEE ERIC LOONEY NEVA McELROY Class of '54 3 fi 31 1 -1 Class of '54 I 1 1 I I I 5 E r HERMAN MCGEEHEE BILLIE SUE MARTIN v PATRICIA MINIARD BOBBIE MOON ,W- Q. 3 AjJo REED MOON I -,H-Q-f-f", Z, BETTY MUELLER MAXIE MOSELEY fl X- RU TH NELSQN,,,,f gf- BETTY PACK MARTHA OWENS DEAN PAIR STANLEY POWERS ARNOLD RASBERRY BARBARA RAY JOYCE RAY CHARLES RORERSON CHERE ROBERTS FRANK SHIELS NORMAN SAVAGE VIRGINIA SMITH J. D. SPENCE MAX SMITHEY CHARLIE STACEY MARY STREBECK i , Class of '54 1? 2 Zlass of '54 HOUSTON WELLS CHARLES WHITE WARREN WILCOX KPDEGGY WHITEI LOUAN WILLIAMS SHARON WILSON BETTYE WOOD if ALDEN WOOD MILDRED WOOLEY DOROTHY WOOTEN FRANK WOOTEN 'mx 'Er- 0 WM - OFFICERS - M ,911 X ., X, , , P 'esidgnt ............ .......................... ...... I ' Charles ,Bashamjy ice-President ...... ........ ......... ...... A Gerald Wood ,Secret y ........ ...... , . .................... ....... , ........ ...... W a ynel1Barha Qonnie Turnbo Reporte ...... ........ ig. ..... X ...... Kenneth Pair gt.-at-Arms .... ...,................ ................ .... 'M-NThe Sophomores entered high, school this year with an. air of enthusiasm. Every- ne was looking forward to. this year. The first day was one of renewing old Hp riends, making newtones and settling down for the next nine months. ' - r mwf' , Officers were elected at the first Sophomore class meeting and our activities V In 4 it for the year were also discussed. The annual Sophomore class play was presented on April 10. It was a comedy by the 'title of "Glory to Goldy". It is the sincere aim of the Sophomore class to maintain the high standards of X of this school and to hold the respect of everyone therein. N.- .34. BEVERLY ABERNATHY - ' CAROL AN LYNN BANOWSKY DERSON JOENARENDELIZ' A :sg HG fJ"!.,,.,, If CHARLES BASHAM I , ARY LOUISE BARHAM WAYNELL BARHAM JACKIE BILLS BUCK BRANDON XCHARLOTTE JIMMIE COKER OTTO BISHOP BURNETTQ 'k NANCY CARTER EVA COLEMAN , -X GLYNDA COOK kizff- .-K" uv- Class of '55 1 I 4 I I I I L' rf' Class of '55 MORRIS COOK ROSCOE COUNTS X JUDITH cox ' HAZEL CRABTREE DEAN CROW f 4NELDA JOYCE CRANKj f DOUGLAS DAVIS WANDA DAY SHARON DEAVER SHIRLEY DEAVER Rxm QQNE DEN15' -,, . , W R ,A.,...A.A.. ,...,,. ,Mui MARY FRANCIS DILLONJ' L- akhfeldt fo 0- he A PEGGY DIXON SUP" ' KENNETH DITMORE C BO-lg DOVE ll. . ,H VX N CAROLE DUNN BILLY EAKINS DOVIE LOREESE ENGLISH BERNIE ERWIN RICHARD FAGAN RAYLENE FAUBUS MILTON FENNER THOMAS FINCHER EARLENE GARRETT CARROLL GENTZEL fart BARBARA GOLIGHTLY -,,,, ,,, , GQA 5 NINA GOODMAN ROYCE GREEN JIMMIE GREEN JOYCE GREEN .fl-il W 5 J Class of '55 090'-Q , 041441, Class of '55 ...ww-,.f, ... .,.-, , 'quads Is...Szf I RAY GRISSOM LOUISE HALE ax A ARLENE HALL RODNEY HALE TOMM Y HEFFINGTON DOROTHY HEIFNER ARDENIA HENDON BETTY HENDRIX TRAVIS HICKS VIRGINIA HIGHTOWER JOAN HITCHCOCK NORMA HOOK DAVID HOGU SHARON HOOK CLARA HOWELI CARRIE HUMPHRIES DONNA JOHNSTON RAY KELLY COVELLE JONES V CLAUDIA LANEY LONNIE LEATHERMAN JIMMY LEE MELBA LITTLE TOMMIE LONG PATRICIA LOOKINGBILJI JAY LOCKHART SHIRLEY McALISTER PATSY MCCLERY FRANK MCINROE NELDA McINROE KENNETH PAIR Class of '55 E , ,, -- ,Cz ,,. a --' - - - ...M--f. Class of '55 LINDA MCMAHAN E. J. MALONE DAVID MAYFIELD HAROLD MILLER MACKIE MONTGOMERY JACKIE MOOR ' ERNESTINE MURRAY ,,,..--- RLIHLH ANN NEBLET . L. NEUMAN FOY PARHAM ROY PARHAM MARIE RABB xp n I , , N fn an - X ROBERTA 'P'H'E'i7l"S EDNA RILEY CAROLYN ROBERTS CARROLL ROBERTS Class of '55 CAROLINA ROGERS I ' 7 MARY RALSTON BOBIIIR SALMON FRANCIS SKILES LARRY SNEATH RUBY SNOW BETTY SPARKS ,,.,.-. GLORIA C A R T E R ALBERT STEM WILLIAM STONE ,.,:. QA .o.o.5 I I 'V s I 5 I - A L'-X' V! A lx A X". f JERRY TIMQS FO JEAN THOMAS RILLIE VAUGHN TUBBS CONNIE TURNBOW X .41. Class of '55 WILLIS TURNER DEONNE WALKER SAMMIE WALL ff 0 NL CLAUDELL WVALLAS ' 'Q ' PATSY WATSON Q PAUL WEIDENBACH JIMMIE JOHN WELLS MARTHA WINTERS VVILLIAM WOODS l...-- GERALD WOOD ff .- ' 4 ' ZIMRUDE WOOTDN ' JIM FRANK WRIGHT BOB WRIGHT GLENNA YANCY 6 4 MARY YEATES BARBARA YOUNG WWW wimfwlmm Aww -M-:w"'4' , Q S-ww -Bunn - OFFICERS . af, 1' r , r 1 P1'6SlflQl1l?'.df.f14.14. fm ..,.,.. ii,!,LJ,.:,f.,,Z.:.p ...N 1L..1'f'1.. Vice-President ...,,......,.,. fi,J...J,.Q ,,.., Secretary-Treasurer . ..,..,.....,,,.......,.. Reporter .......,......... , Sgt.-at-Arms ..., ,r Dale Weathers Louann Carpenter Mary Laney ....' Rhoda Peters' Don Cleveland The Class of '56 entered the halls of learning of Stephenville High School in September, 1952, 131 members' strong.PWThey elected as their class officers: Dale Weathels, presidentg L 4 Mary Laney, secretary- -..-, , f , 1 Ti treafsurerg R-hngvclam--13eQei's, reporterg and Don Cleveland, sgt.-at-arms. They enjoyed W., a picnic in the spring. -44. TIMMIE AKEY RITA AUTEN JOANN BARRON EARL BLUE RICHARD BLUE KATHLEEN BRASHEAR BARBARA BREWER BARBARA BROCK GEORGE BROOKS SANDRA BROOKS SHIRLEY BYRD JAYNE TT CANEDY SANDRA CALDWELL ff , 6 LOUAN CARPENTE 2 l BURNE TT CARTER Class of '56 -in W? usa, Class of '56 REX CARTER JIMMY CASON G. L. CLAYTON AUDREY CAVITT DAVID CLEVELAND BETTY COLLIER DON CLEVELAND ROY COPPEGE JAMES DAY MARY ANN DAVIS SAMMIE DEISHER GLENDA DOVER LAURA DOLLISON ANN EDMONSON JOE EDMONSON NEDRA ELLICHMAN BRENDA FARRAR ALVIN FERGUSON VIVIA GRAHAM WANDA HARTOFIIELD MARYANN HANES DAVID HASSLER ACE HEIFNER SONDRA HILLBURN GLENDA JOHNSON NORMAN JOHNSON SUE KEITH I DOROTHY JONES 'J I' .I IMM-IE KOONSMAN MARY LANEY Class of '56 -3 r s , M-"' , 1.5 -,Q x A K A A wk' Class of '56 DOROTHY LATTA JAMES LATTA CELIA LOGAN TOMMY LOONEY MADGE LUTTRAL TOMMIE MQCLEERY NELDA MCLEORY MARTHA MCGEE ROSE ANN McINROE PATSY MEFFORD MARILYN MERRELL JOANN MILLER DOROTHY MORTON BUD MOSER BILLY NOONKASTER TERRY QKINGJ OWENS GLEDA PACK SAM MILTON PAYNE PACK JO PAYNE BARBARA PENDLETON LOUISE PHILLIPS HRHODA lgmglls " ANN PITTMAN ALICIA POSTON JACKIE POSEY VIRGINIA PRICE JAMES RAMSEY DEBORAH PRUITT FRANK RICHCREEK JOYCE RIDDLEY ANN ROBERSON Class of '56 . an - ,MAJ Class of '56 i 1 MIKIE ROULSTON ROLAND RUSSELL I ffl SAM RUSSELL EUVONNE SECHRIST VIRGINIA SHOOK ROY SPINDOR DANNY SMITH BARBARA STANTON DARWIN STEM NANCY STEPHENS MARVIN STEWART DOROTHY STONE BEVERLY STURDIVANT LINDA STONE JOHNNY TACKETT VAN TATE FRANK TE JIMMIE TROY THURMAN RRELL JOYCE THOMAS DOROTHY TOLER JERRY WALKER SANDRA WATSON LQALE- WEATHERS f JOHNNY WEIDNER LOLA MAE WESSON JOYCE WESSON PA JAMES WILLIAMS A. C. YARDLEY TSY WHITESIDE LA VERNE ZIMMERMAN WANDA YOUNG Class of '56 gf 1 avovifes in -53- fgcbool fgweef' cavi- " r' 1 ... gginba dgueua age: , 1 54 t-ubent' ob vesibevat' Cylns vw t-on gnva H17 .Ralwrson , w ,V 1 1 5 .dumb mfeefkeavt- geralbewe cftqnyfielb F-eullivnva J Q, AW I ff 'J Muff fd M J' U, K!! 'I If " fog- , if,4,Ld'7tf . 'Z,44fcffLf fb ooflwsll femme? cart Carolyn Coy 7 E' E' J4- f914?66f'b6431'f' N R056 4j4n-'cue 1-1. 1,4 W tqivv Y-uclzcv L41oUcn ost' . e vesenfafive U, I I' -,,-- do A ",,-,v,m...,L,.., ,,-.- .-L rw"" 1 I f J , I , :J f .f V1 -MJ LU . f v I ,- ax Rowena Valet!-A Woab CXJLA AAL! 'AVA' ,: ,,l,.,, I 4 -60- if H- 7 gf ,mf K , ost' ervesen fat-Ive nga? .Ray ffmcculloujb l ,J Ji Y, w!-', fl-,. M,,.,,, W ,M ' ' 1 V! s nf - N V1 501' Avovi fe 371916 mnrlene gfbblli ..62- en for favorite glfdl WAyNl gdCLSov1 un for Avovi fe marilyn g4bele :Frazier M un im' Avovi fe L'A!Ls-mann :Qu lavage ' 5 MMM WW 9 W of owqove g0v01'cf6 AQMMJ J wwf 'jjj Qu-5114,-J VW Ad kffblflfp' I J 6 ,f Q", - M . V2....t.,. ,.-...i , 0,t-.-.f..JY,., 1 6' ""' !f+2Jff3 6 ffkkfffczgvf- or50'44o1.e ytavovife 51,7 ,Q.c1.5,,. res mon favorite ,ff fy X KN I fs 'mum 0-www vmrwm pfffLflT4!M,Qy,4! ff 5 A' , ,- ff! vw MM lwj my my Jwqlf ..' I g 1' ' ' ' 'V . -J bb -"" x 1 'T' 4 cn. ! 1 'f I 7 , , 1,,4.f,'- M' 1 -, -- .I .f "' 1 ' 'f X 'fl Y, . -Q!! I I 'O ., -f v1'7' - 'X 1 1 !'4 1 res man avovit-ef 1 'f tg" ""'V0'1b Lax lc t41'.at-Lars f 1 1 Q .1 :- -69- 5 .Q "f 1 vw., . I 2 w QUNNQQS M JCJ1-008: ,Soni fwuw wi-Y Ji-nd, am, J vim, Suv-ui.lZ4... Pau. 7Yle.Jwv..-o-u jug. in-o-ray, ldv ELIZABETH CRABTREE Book Physics IVIARGIE FINCHER JERAL JACKSON Athletics LINDA LEE DOYLE HALE '17, E JIM Agriczilture- Trigonometry in i STANLEY POWERS Band ut-st-vwubin fuben 4-5 keeping SHIRLEY CUNYUS Typing I - Bookkeeping LAMAR BAKER I Homemaking IV K ETHEL GEESLIN English IVA JOY RIHERD Typing II - Sh,ortha,nd MOBLEY RUTH NELSON American History - English III I E MAX SMITHEY 11. E. 1 JANE WILLIAMSON Egnlisli IV B - Spanish II CHARLES ROBERSON Athletics .71. 4... uf-at-anbua t-uben fs t S, g5g:,5:5:g:::::5:E5 , NE .2:-. N A X I I gf' WWW .Q.Q ' :J A A533 -72 ' 5 DAVID CUNYUS A m ericrm History MARILYN FRAZIER Geometry RUTH ANN NEBLETT Biology - Foorls CAROLYN ROBERTS Physical Education FRANKLIN McINROE Agriculture CLAUDELL WALLACE fxxlyw Library HK T ' 5 ., MACKIE MONTGOMERY Athletics TOMMIE LONG Algebra. I KMQIOYCE GREEN '- ,V English II g FRANK TE RRELL Agriculture MERILYN MERRELL E'ngl'ish I DALE WEATHERS World H istory f, .1 ' ' ,, Riff K ' -. I , W Hfdl' ""'fl"7',,z .. T". I I his lefl I 1 GLENNA YANCY Clothing JOE GASTON General Svience SAMMIE DIE SHER General Math DAVID CLEVELAND Athletics in-. xx-.. wx! Stephenville Stephenville Stephenville Stephenville Stephenville Stephenville Stephenville Stephenville Stephenville Stephenville Stephenville Stephenville Stephenville Z SCOREBOARD - Brownwood Weatherford Minenal Wells Graham Ft. Worth Tech Cleburne Coleman Comanche Ranger Cisco Winters Graham Terrell Ln Coach Murphy's seven years of coaching at Ste- phenville High School he has proved to be one of the best coaches in this part of the country. He gained this fame by his outstanding character and his friendliness with everyone. Coach not only taught the boys the fundamentlals of football, but talso to play the game fair, whether win- ning or losing. He was always behind the team regard- less of the outcome. This year Coach has had one of the best seasons of all. He coached the team to the qua-rterfinals where they lost to the Terrell Tigers, who later won the State Championship. We congratulate Coach Murphy on his having a very successful season and one in which Stephenville High School will never forget. 1 I J A -MANAGERs- W rw! 20 14 12 13 0 6 7 7 14 20 6 13 28 Joe .Arendell,'Covelle Jones, Gene"Denio , , . 74 . R ' z I E l . - . .,:,: ' ' -: ,,bbw 5. ,L We boys in the .athletic department are most grate- ful to Coach Johnson for his faithful g'uidance. His stalwart, moral character has been an inspiration to us throughout the time he has been our assistant mentor. He hias instilled in us his will to fight and to win honor- ably. His spirit of co-operation and his Willingness to lend a- helping hand always has been in evidence. We are proud of him and glad to call him "Coach" Johnson. MURPHY, WHITE, PRICE, LEATHERMAN, GAINES, LANE, KEILBERG, PAIR, JOHNSON, BISHOP, HEMBY, MONTGOMERY, ROBERSON, TAYLOR, KAUFMAN KELLEY, FLEMMONS, MOBLEY, ROBERSON, McCULLOUGH, JACKSON, GRIMES TERRELL, HERRIN, McLEMORE .T5. In the fourth year of Work with the "B" team, Coach Allen Utterback has helped to develop athletes for the coming years that Stephenville High School can be proud of. He has devoted his tireless energy not only to the athletes of Stephenville, but also to the student body as a whole. His outstanding character, his personality, and his love and devotion of young people have made him a favorite among' the students of S. H. S. 15 p hifi Qi, if Q - .I 1 -76- HERMAN KAUFMAN - "K'man"-Her- man was I ' C, t 160 pound fullbacks in the State. He was honorable- mention on several teams. He was a con- stant hustler. He was also a unanimo choice for the All-District Team. ' CLAYTON ROBERSON -- "Clut"-Qua-r- terback for the Jackets, was one of the best ball handlers in the State. He was selected on the all district team. This is the seventh year in a row a Jacket quar- terback received this honor. JERAL JACKSON - "Woo-Woo' - 175 pound senior center for the Jackets, was the best blocker on the team. Playing his second year as regular for the Jackets, he was selected on the All-District team. ROBERT HERRIN - "Rabbit" - an all- around senior end. This was his second year as a Starter. His spirit and endurance kept the team going in tight places. His spectacular catches won several games this year. JAMES TERRELL - "Junior" - Left tackle for the Jackets, really showed up this year as one of the toughest defensive men in the State. He played his heart out in every game. He was selected on the All-District Second Team. JAY RAY McCULLOUGH -"Jay"- A three year letterman with one more yea-r of eligibility, if he chooses to take it. He was one of the biggest and fastest linemen in the State and earned ia place on the All- District team by unanimous decision. Was at Jacket Captain. ' -.'.,f-..- lf, ., nfl- "nw Nr I I A 'J . H, M..- -"r ' .. 1 'V ...W iwwt-' 1!-'Q .77- PORTER GRIMES -- Switched from a de- fensive back to a guard during spring training. He developed into one of the finest little linemen of the district. He was one of the Captains for the Jackets. SAM TAYLOR - "Odar" - 155 pound fullback, had lots of drive and determi'n.a- tion. He played in almost every position on the line and in the backfield. Sam was a great runner until he injured a shoulder at Cleburne and then became a star de- fensive man. JIM MOBLEY -- "Tucker" - offensive right end for the Jackets, he was most al- ways on the receiving end of those quick little jump passes. He was always good for a firstdown. Jim also made at good blocker. JOHN McLEMORE - a squadman from Last year, really came through for the Jackets in the play-offs with Winters, Graham and Terrell. He was a steady per- former who gave his all. JOE PRICE - Joe was one of the hardest tacklers on the team. He received a head injury late in the season which hampered his part in the pla-y-offs. JERRY KEILBERG - "K-berg" Jerry was not one of the regulars but he had the spirit and determination that it tlakes to make a football player. He never complafin- ed and always did his part well when tasked to do so. CHARLES ROBERSON - "Tubba" - Switched from end to tackle, Roberson blossomed out into one of the finest line- men in the district. He has one more year for the Jackets and will be a great asset to them. CLYDE HEMBY - Sophomore who was showing promise of becoming a good run- ner. He broke a collalr bone in the Weather- ford game and moved to Sherman. JACK BISHOP - "Jai-rin' Jack" - Al- though lie was the smallest mlan on the squad, he was pound for pound the rough- est. He had intestinail fortitude with a cap- ital "G" He was a constant hustler who never gave up. JOE GAINES - This was Joe's first year out for football and he really liked the game. He was big and strong a-nd could really take it when the chips were down. MACKEY MONTGOMERY - Fresh from the "B" team, Mackey really proved his worth. With two more years of eligibility, Mackey will probably be one of the fin- est backs Stephenville has had. JERRY FLEMMONS -Jerry was regular defensive end land showed signs of real stardom. With one more year to go, he will blossom into the best all-around end the Jackets have had for awhile. X LONNIE LEATHERMAN - Lonnie was a big boy who really loved the game. He is alnother one with two years of eligibility amd we are expecting Lonnie to be one more outstanding quarterback for the Yel- low Jackets. KENNETH PAIR - Ken really Went all out for footballg he was always in there fighting. He has two more years left to play and he should really help the Jackets. CARRO.LL,..GENTZ-EL - "Ge'ntzel" -- A small lineman who could be depended upon to hold his end of the deal. Just a sopho- more, he is expected to really help the Jack- ets next year. DAN LANE - When Jeral broke his a-rm Dan stepped in and filled his shoes proper- ly. He has one more year and will really boost the line next year. JIMMY KELLEY f- A real hard runner when he got started, and .always hard to stop. He will help the Jackets next year because he never gives up. Jimmy was the best broken-field runner that the Jackets had, especially on punt and kick-off re- turns. CHARLES WHITE -- Charles was crippled mostz of the season but ha-s shown .that he is a sure tackler and dependable safety man. He has great possibilities as a runner, passer, and punter. -i 21' I sw Y f Q , f Q IX M4- ,. L W X y 1: pm 'I . if Vi 5 it sxffliffkii Q Q Y '1 ESX . .Q 5 wax v f' f 3' I N , ' Q , 6, 5 ,-:pn 3 3 f'x ' fmt ' Q SM , :ri ffl , xx - A-M ,X x X :xx Mlwflw. ll DUBLIN 25 MINERAL WELLS 41 SWEETWATER 62 BALLINGER 47 COMANCHE 47 CISCO 49 HAMILTON 43 CISCO 24 RANGER 47 COMANCHE 39 CISCO 50 RANGER 37 COMANCHE 46 RANGER 34 COMANCHE 49 RANGER 42 -D I S T R I RANGER 33 RANGER 32 - R E G I O MOUNT VERNON 37 CENTER 57 if ff vs 60 vs 52 vs 52 vs 54 vs 54 vs 47 vs 41 vs 40 vs 39 vs 46 vs 34 vs 42 vs 53 vs 32 vs 50 vs 45 C T P L A Y-0 F F vs 47 vs 33 N A L G A M E S vs 44 vs 40 60144 STEPHENVILLE STEPHENVILLE STEPHENVILLE STEPHENVILLE STEPHENVILLE STEPHENVILLE STEPHENVILLE STEPHENVILLE STEPHENVILLE STEPHENVILLE STEPHENVILLE STEPHENVILLE STEPHENVILLE STEPHENVILLE STEPHENVILLE STEPHENVILLE STEPHENVILLE STEPHENVILLE STEPHENVILLE STEPHENVILLE :OBP RSON. BRANNON, LEATHERMAN, HOGG, STI-IPHENS. ONTGOMIZRY, LOONEY, JACKSON, SAVAGli,,'I6XL 84- If ff 605144 This year the Stephenville High School had a very good "B" team. The "B" team played nearly every time the "A" team played. They showed a lot of spirit. Even when they were behind, they still were fighting with all they had. The "B" team showed some good prospects for the "A" team next year. Most of the "B" team was made up of freshmen and sophomores. Some of these had never played basketball before, but they were willing to learn and try, and that is the reason they showed up so well. The "B" team should be commendrell for their good Work this year of 1952-1953. W xi 'X XT. 4. f j " " inovlz F. m H M 'o I ' " " " ' . . f ' ' fr!!-5 R A ,'WA3EDLhVlQLROBLR'1S, wmmnus, 11 PARHAM, YARDLLY, Jonas X - I f7 Ge 1-,f?', ,', K -A fffw ,174-'xCsfYx 7 , .NA -1. off L ,,, k ZLHA flafx-4,,4I4 , ,g5- 'lQMfwuvm ayio-n,7l?o-lf-uuaafnf EMF iifmvf- , 5.44-Af! 19'-1+-ff .x . 4 gd ,4J,.,A, I " nf' M-wgm 1 6' X 0'Y'llYb4l..l.a xL0.Jtfx.uJv.,vn, ........ --...........L....-1.4, ... ,,,, A-- ,.. -, N-.. . ...- ....-........ . Q Q sms- S. ...M .et ' l nrsfv MUBLEY, l.l'l-VIHIZRMAN, TERRELL, MONTGOMERY, C. ROBERSON KAUFMAN, Cl.EVliLAND.lWOODt McCR.XRY. JONES The 1952 Jackets placed third with thirty and one-fourth points in their ZA track district, beaten only by Weather- ford, with thirty-five points, and Wichita Falls with thirty and three-fourths points. There were eight Jackets, all of whom gnaduated except Bobby John Jones, Jim Terrell, and Jim Mobley, who went on into the Regional Meet with Kirby Keahey and Jim Terrell going on to the State Meet, where both failed to qualify. The 1953 Yellow Jacket Track team was small as usual, but the ten man team had high hopes of winning' first place in their strong A conference over highly rated Comanche. The Jackets opened their track season with a journey to the Fort Worth Recreational Meet, where 'none of the team qualified for the finals. The next weeks they saw action in a triangular meet in Stephenville, the Tarleton Invitational, the Bluebonnet Relays, the District Track Meet, and the Indian Trail Relays. mfg? vias! miami ' - RETRURNING 1952 TRACK TEAM -- BOBBY JOHN JONES JAMES TERRELL JIM MOBLEY 100 - 220 - 440 and Mile Relay Shot Put - Discus Mile Run .2-QU. 0 j Ni X 1 I -39. 1, 241 . 1 v . l Y 1 1 1 I w , 1 Y k..,. Y .... ,,,, W. ,,-,-.-,.. , W-.. - .W VY W .90. 630144. I, Q c .l .fv9"'. gifgw A Q'-41222-4.1 gh' 5 aslzeflfall Team This year for the first time in the history of Stephenville High School, we had a girl's basketball team. They were provided with new uniforms of blue and gold and also with warming-up uniforms. The girls did considerably Well for their first year. During the season the team played twenty-six games, winning thirteen of them. They also Won the Desdemona Tournament and consolation trophy in the De Leon Tournament. The season began with Allen Utterback as the coach: but before the season wars over Mrs. Woods came from Electra, Texas to coach the team. We are expecting to field a good team next yea-r. We are not losing any girls and they will all have a year's experience in playing together. UT 1'i3RBAc14J 510014. wxxcny. SPARKSS. HALE. STREBECK, Howuu. 1,Axiw,i,1QfbEiRDNf'lL,xNLvf giggigms, SNOW, CRAB'1'RE15 .g2. Xe' I eabevs We wish to express our thanks and appreciation to our yell leaders who have given of their fine lea-dership all year round. They have worked hard both on and off the football field and have striven to lead and guide us to the fullest. Their never ceasing spirit helped the Jackets to muster that extra energy they needed many times to go on to victory. Congratulations to Jerry TlmlllS, l Rams? Norman Savage, Marilyn Frazier, Brian Fincher, andiBobbie Brock for a job well done! X J ., WM. V, .93. Ag I Experiment , J. Mobley -- 2nd Place Dairy Products Judges W. Wood and pigs B. Nooncastcr and his pig R. Carter and sheep T. Thurinianand hereford G. L.'s swine Tarleton Contests Paul Shows 'em how A Kz M or bust H. Well - Sth Place Buck's animals Green Hands Gaylon' and hogs Bull Rider .94. Tarleton Winners Livestock Judges Sheik, Ray, Banners Douglas Dea'n's Beans Dairy Judges Poultry Judges J. Moblcy Y Z-33rd Placi J. Mobley - last place rv ' V W. .. ., , ,..,. I "": E "': I NX Q? f ::- 4, .::: 2 j .V .,,. .,,,.,, .J ak- 'K-, , . awffwiffeg, n + fs-1' ' - 1 . ,',, a?fg.g?fi4g,gw QD- T Miss Hicks ' : cmsmf ' ' F3 ' F Q gif' -E-AA-" f- '-QQ ..., 'gd L 5 - an f1.i'f1'X?FLU7'fff'3 52-ffl-'-wir:-Uf"1 R. -1 ITS X gl-fi' 4, '-4 , .3 ' fs so , gf X Q 57 5 m Q ik -fr? 'S' m'+'vr1"UU3 P-ETB "4DQ35'Uf'J 'f0+"'SL 1 H 1ZA1A1igEi:EEEE zzgz V VW , L 'gr ' , ,.,, 23 OE yank UW , E33-ugyg jgylyygg Dmvj cl Ann 'Kmduk ECL," Lg, 333. ECL EUFLEA, F31 E151 EMU EA JB r - 'V ! J' ' O q O gl 'The Student Participation Committee of Stepln-nville High School is Composed of two students from each home room with at least a B average. The students should ,also be outstanding' in every phase of school life. The Student Body President is a member of the organi- zation and presides over the meeting: The members are spokesman for the students in their home rooms, .and they try to see that each student's ideas are discussed during' at meeting. The organization tries to promote a feeling' of harmony and understanding between the faculty and students. As our chief pro- ject this year we have redecoixated the stage in the auditorium. The com- mittee also sponsors assembly programs and other projects. The members of the S. P. C. wish to express their appreciation to the student body for electing' them as their represcntatives. VVe hope that we have carried out your wishes .and have made this year more enjoyable. ' -SPONSORS- MISS GAYLE RUSSELL COACH ALLEN UTTERRACK , ,, ,, 1 -.-AV-ww 25.315 g . BISHOP, BROOKS. KAUFMAN, RUSSELL. ROHI-IRSON, U'l"l'ERliACK. Llili, STIZPIHCNSA WOOD QIONICS. FRJXZIIZR. POWI-1 S, WOOD, CUNYUS. MOON, WHITE. COX. WOOD. GREEN Nu-IXKOI-I, .OOlQINGliIL,. GREEN. TIIOMAS. WliA'l'HllRS. McINROli. LOONICY, STONIC. lI.l.Xl,I..-XX . Ml',RRl'.I.L. lltfrlx 4 s -Q7.. 1 A -,,, President .,.,,...... Vice-President ..,... Secretary ........ Treasurei' Sgt.-at-Arnis . L oosfev Jerry Tim it l'f'K" ' Brian Fincher Ami Wood Bobbie Brock Pat Reeves Ciarolyn Roberts Q5 f, I F 1 e if i.iiio o 1 'QI e'i 1 ::ee .,ii ' ':o, 1 .,o,, i i i b o f 9 Q sf :sfs 2:,,, ,,,. F .:,:..,:..: .,.- . , . A ,.,-..,..,,. nzvz- 1 1' '--" ':::: Y " "'. i-iE f-' Q I QQQA in U K Q ,M .,,, New in , S ,, ,. A mu E '21 x ,:5.:,,', ' ,,,:: ' --.- x ,'::,, I Azun IEEV ' ' ., 1.:, , ,,.,.,, Z . Q i , I is s' ., , oiiiiii e ' oii o ooooioi o i iii ii .,:,,. f -V: . ::E:::v .. ., " ---:,-, ,,:. :I A.: -::' I: V V- Q ,:::, x " 4" :'1 -::1:s:s5 I V ,,-:: ..'2: zi' 5 Q i M62 , ,:,::: ,Q ::::,. , . F wvh ! i :.. , Atzl -:--:: I lx ---: ..., -V , 4. :AE S :ZV .... i iq.,, , Y . ,5,: h ,f S ,P ,I ,,-v vvti V ,,,, LL- I 3-:. ,..,. E::.: -W Ah , Q - :-, i .. Q K ':i-vv It teltv H ' - 4 A ,izz -.,: ,,,: ,. , ' --.. . S A- H 1 X J' I 4 ,. zi. b ,.,'I -,E: A ,... r i ..:. 7 Q .... J - 5 ,:,.,,, X ' 4 6 t 1 ,, , .qtznl V 3' A AAHI, '1"--""'-"'-1-f i i.: ,:,, :5 :,A :5'.: A fiii' "':5 fv' at - 'W ,,,::E5,::. fre :""' ""::1':1'5' ' ':'i::- --i-'Q z , ' A A "-,' -1.. Q l ' ' Q ' eeeb i i .oi,b iiii iieiii i iii M ' e ' 'x ..,i" V '-:: ..:. . v:Ei. f., , i ,QQA 1 i.i1' zz- : EEE. A , "" Xi e i :EE Mia? A '- ' Qiio .,,, , 5 'e1-.12':i i ,,i2 Eii i. iiwf 1 .:": 5 els M e: X K --i'- Ezv i Q i A iw -93. Qc goost-ev Lgaclzet- The purpose of the Booster Jacket Club is to promote school spirit, boost morals, and learn good sportsmanship. These objectives apply not only to sports but to the classroom and the other activities of the school. The Booster Jacket Club has sponsored two sox hops to raise money for pay- ment of the yell leader's sweaters. Various pep ralleys, projects, and programs have also been performed throughout the year. The club has the largest enrollment of any of the clubs in school and stands as an everlasting tribute to the school spirit. iff 7 4 ,fly ' f' X' 'PQ L 4' j QNQX MATL4 X X . I S x fp? X MD! f Io' A ith .gg. V E nm MfM1'6 094469410 CQVS of l 7 ING!! KCA A 'K i ti X R MOTTO: "Toward New Horizons" THEME: t'Buildingf Today for Tomoiiow -EMBLEM MEANING- The homes of tomorrow are in the hands of the boys and girls of today -CREED- We are the Future Homemal-:es of America, We face the future with warm courage and high hope, For we have the clear consciousness of seeking' Old land precious values. For we are the builders of homes. Homes for A1nerica's future. Homes where living will be the expression of everything That is good and fair. Homes where truth and love and security and faith Will be realities, not dreams We are the Future Homemakers of America, We face the future with warm courage and high hope 1 Crabtree Na-ncy Weafhers Jeanette Jones Rowena Wood Nancy Neblett Jane Williamson Mina Clark Linda L02 ll' il I . .I T 3 ' K ' Mrs. Ross Wolfe Mrs. L. H 1 -DEGREES- Jzmioog Connie. Turnbow Linda McMahan Joy Lee McLarty Chere Roberts Billie Sue Martin Doylene Halbert Ruth Nelson Linda Leed. gan! 'Tli5mas,. Tlauill Wallace Mary Nell Strebeck Hazel Ciwabtree - Chapter Elizabeth Crabtree Linda McMahan ...L-Q .,,,.fQ HONORARY MEMBERS - G. Martin Mrs. T. H. Gafrrett Mrs. Monroe Hook F.H.A. BEAU - Jim Mobley Q I,-W fl .sf i T ,. so . zeii 'f lszl . 1 N E- , 1 Q: - K 4......:- - 37. , 4: I r 5 i if . 1 . ' E 3 ottat o ennn o ' . , so . . 1 : --', 6 V 1 Q . .'. :-, A3 f :Q ,.., I- ,V R ip.. I Av . b A Eln :':': W . f , Q. " l ,... i CEEEI l'::' i f fl ' lull "::1' 1 E5' . ' -... e":: ff "::E' A l f .... . Iii- --f: -Q-Q '1"' . f ff tttf'1 1 Q- " 5 . 2 E:,? , .g ., -,vv, .-,.:: E2:5 gi W lx llcw ,fl 1, al ., :.,,, 3 ::- it ww ,: :11222:11: ' E , 7 ...' :1f::i :':::555 A e -'..,, b :.':: .Ez.. L b , Q vV:: in " G U . ., u ' P 0 In -:f. Q .,., 1::t l ---- ,,,,... 'E C .5 f .i V K llll C ' . f l, Eai . Vx V , , :. M- N - ' JT ,, . yrq. Iuulll, . V uzzblbuub i A .E X . . :::-E:,- . y x x -5 It bb 4 .,.., z " 'l I A ll " 2.1.:. 1 . llll Z ' W Q A :22 f l .... .o,, 1 E .... Ezu uzlu M w f:.-.,, g 5.53 bb.. ll . --' ... "', . -. ,:-i' ., ll I ' ' A EVQVV X ..,., C . K ?r E .,i.: ' f ,..,. z .55 . all v,,:::EE z f b Alvv L . ,,, Y 4 all - . . ., .. . .ja-is J., A , x W I 4 A krm is , A , -'-, ia tlvz H I V MW . AVP A ZEI Azizzu I , I V Q V In Q i e , ... t .. E t .4 -222:-":" ,. Efiz :E::-Q f ' f? " 1""- t:"-2::Q . ft ':'iUf" ff, M X Q ..- , 2111i .. .ii 1..,:. , -:vv fi. ' or -W if ' A ' 2 if ,og , l jf, 100 . L M1 CLUB MOTHERS Mrs. Rrafs Colo Mrs. Cliarles Neblett, Jr. Mrs. A. S. Strebeck Mrs. A. E. Dillon Mrs. 0. W. Holcomb In the year 15152-1953, the monthly I7l'Oj.l'l'21lllS were planned around an viglit-point jIl'0j.l'l'2ll1lI 1. To furtlior interest in home ec- ononiics. 2. Intci'n,ational good will. 53. To promote a growiiig' apprecia- tion of tln- Joys afnd satisfactions of lionicmaliing . -1. To eniphasize important worthy liomm- lI10lIIb6l'SlIlp. 5. To provide wholesome individu- al and group recrc-ation. G. To fostvr the development of C11-ative leadership in home and coni- inunity life. 7. To encourage democracy in Home and Community life. 8. To work for good home and family lifo for all. -ACTIVITIES FOR THE YEAR- State Fair Trip F. H. A. Week Christnias Party 1 Style Show District F. H. A. Camp at Lampasas Qx Yr , .T ,L.. cf.. Y Q1 ., ,.' K , , , ...V A .:::,- . ' N Iflf WM M M , . In ..", 5 , ,,,,.' i r .... ll- ',.' Q A - if T X . Q: .. :-: : ..,-- , J., V51 A :.:-:, :-- :,. ..,. I! W I . ,:.'::.2 x . -,::a --.:' : 2:.:. up -:,,, -' L -' - V ' I ' 1 i A ioo iooo A ioolioo ef I I AAIIAT I . i A r i. no , iii. A.- l K -. ,M J . vvb tt . 1 it .. ig k I z .::. -N,,.,.::, 3 ..g. In ..,,A 1 Wx W N-.:1.. 1 X 6 E blubnnq S :-- , J i :..,' '::':l . ..-...-: ..::12 ,Q ziizz ' 5 - oiir Aioioo r I T... Ai- oonollo Aoio I 'i w ... . 'A ":' zz' '.,,- b.:. Q Eif ' I 'l':: , f"' qilz ....o . . Ezz ' V. I I A . I - Q ! il I -' Y ,V :.., fzi :" .Qea "11:: ' . 5 " ' I . . fx- XT EEE riff? . , I 11' -szi ' l :"":" . ' l .-,, . -'-E 'ffl' I . ' A ."A:E . if " .if"" 5. , - i A Ili X -Q . Qbir is In A .55 -:'- f s e ,. ,ti llx X .E:- .I 'gpg -,.. ..--, M? ix l b ' , , Q in ' I i' ' Q' x . ,X . fx. M. -101- 5..- K P A ' 'K jc l Vance Stephens i .... Charles Cason Milton Pa-yne Joe Grissom Jim Mobley Jack Bishop Kenneth Ditniorc Franklin Mclnrcw Arlene Hall Mr. Moser ISIIOP IAYLOR DEWIZESIQ, My-INROIZ, FINNIR WOOIOIN CHANDIER, SPENCE, RASPBI RRX i INKINS Wl:.lDl'XBXCll q sruws NO. SIZE TOTAL TOTAL NET VALUE OF LABOR Boys Ac. - HD INCOME EXPENSE INCOME SELF LABOR INCOME Feeding For Beef 8 12 S 2732.40 31853.25 S 879.15 S 190.75 S 1069.90 Breeding Beef Cows 4 10 3041.20 1967.40 1073.80 81.60 1155.40 Dairy Heifers 8 13 1950.40 1247.90 712.50 43.50 756.00 Dairy Cows 6 7 1695.35 1021.30 674.05 67.80 742.85 Feeding For Pork 8 40 1920.65 1512.60 408.05 62.40 470.45 Gilts 9 14 431.50 322.10 109.40 43.75 153.15 Broilers or Fryers 7 750 451.35 337.90 113.45 46.25 159.70 Hens for Eggs 3 156 289.65 229.15 60.50 30.85 91.35 Breeding Ewes 2 6 179.40 106.90 72.50 8.50 81.00 Cotton Production 1 8 181.40 62.50 120.90 16.50 137.40 Corn Production 4 25 500.50 225.60 274.90 52.50 527.40 Peanut Production 3 18 216.30 327.50 -111.20 43.50 -67.70 Castor Beans M 1 10 175.50 75.50 100.00 10.00 110.00 'Tom-goes I P' 2 2 50.50 17.50 l33.0Il - 8.25 41.25 N TOTALS 66 1071 -S13,Q10- SB-SQYJIL i -S1.'?L5l6.'77- IS16,0i212 Kfis DAY. THURMAN, RICHCREEK, MOONCASTER, MILLER, STEWAR,T, EDMONSON, YARDLEY HOGG, CLAYTON, COOKER, WALKER, TERRELL, SPINDOR, COUNTS, HEFFNER, B. CARTER BASHAM, WOOD, R. CARTER, LATTA, A FERGUSON, JOHNSON, BROOKS, RAMSEY, POSEY -103- Mjrs 49 N 5 Uaeswres 'UP iw gfuf-LE U R E K 4 y' N gk. X ., M war' .......-2., 7 ,:. ,,,. . xx . : M - L7 ' V ::: : Q N Q n ut . Q p .:.,.... H ,:.: I ..:. i .,1.:: Eizr b gs N GLX 0 , rlgiig, B, Cdffafsnd W- Qlaudell W, :::aa::::4 . - " .X VH: x wa W 1' 4 ff 5 ., " Harbin., Y, Rita! R' f gQ!f X, 0 . QQPDRTEH ' ,f-f""" ' P bxlmnxm qllglgulls xg. ,V 1 !!IlIAEE3x vf igfw x H. Marfanna D. Dpmfhy M, in .fi ':-- --:: a hW?, Okura., .M.,wMw -WL? ' 3 X 'if gi ff: bqbq qq I ii gnmz XRHHSUR yl A ' v V' ' F t :Q . Y .. , .... , f . . I 5 5.3 C ' - K . ,Q 'vqz ,. 5 . in.. 2 Z 5, Q. 11 -sei' Q .-."".,b i 'E ' ....- ' :" :sep S, 2 1 "":' 4 - S ' jf' I A A15 ,E 5. K i lx A K 1' 'V ,' N ,1 WS xy Q . at V I . , N A , :" xbw' 'J"" E z AA X . fnnmrnson Shirley? qlglilg , , 32:1 r ,lilqrgfrg , x, ., ., :,., E 55, R A . ,lf ff- C 1 E 0 is ffm Ma xasom u E , ..: 5sv,. t C K ' A 2- E - ,AJ if Jll K ll, J A iff . ,.,, 1 1.,, Z ,:,,.,,:,::. R ' f f"' 1' f' S 72 ,vzqif-'1,:-,Q 1 5. li! ' ,HG if e V '? '51 X ..,.,. zvxk W 5 , 3 li .J... ' - Q , . Q XQK . - I , F- ' 5 'l 1 H X Q Q W1 TJ Ely' Q zzz f Q' H Q i 4! i "':f , . DIL- N xi . ,L . , . cm , ,. 1 Q. 3' ,Q n-iYha:r,wHickArI' inmawn, hcxllawzd. be H13 names H Q , 4 AA,:. A 4 ' fhj iv lam. Come, ih H be clone on. Eavfh A8 Sf :QH IJAP I' 2 fi if is fn' ea,-mn.. me us +hism?'a.j our dull gm,-643, X 5 1 A J 1 hcl grjivz us own 13 as we Forjuvd our bio,-Sw nd. Mad. vs not mia emftation, but iw-diver as E From !il , -'fav aihi1LQi9 ,ill Rin 410m and. ihcgs-vtv B 5 'f and. Wz ov5 Fov vzr d.' fcr V' em 2' X' at h Oo bfa 6'x.9 an ax: cfs 69 cf: eu C4 'M' Q b Tx 1 H ' . 1 YW' in dv K , 3' ' Cl I b : W Mddqe 'fmmq Barbara, Debra. Hazel Nancq A , Q t 3 5,5 J :fi k : N ' - -335-H-Z. - in x 3 Q P :'Q5 ,, z 'B' 1 - i hk :.. x K K3 x AQE? i V5 A h .M h 4 ::.:af: :.,.- ::- ,T JY N Qt , F W 7 .,- X X ,- A V f AA- ---L F 1 1 K -105- 1' nv y 1' , Q? gg Q Wss WSXXRMS 'Rm wx fmt M ,.. 4 Bo md e, ::.. 2 Rodvxeux 6 . Q X Diva VO 0:5 Da V is AAO ,, CA 3022, fs- A V2 Tiac s sociafiorw , we 1 p 'Y oc ig ,522 635 iw, f 5 '22, N60 Zflfdiaweaf A4916 01,500 dfbo-naaef N4f,',,,,aI Educ' 'f ff - -",. 1 ..:, I jf klll 3 ,-gm Z," ff f - 40 x m . . 5 6 , . , X5 H Q ":. Kifidfapwj ' n WSW x, OVCO' 626- 05'i,?:W fffw iv 1 ! 5. . . fy 4 1 1 QML' !! I I ak? ssocsahoh The HS" Association is a major part of high school athletics. It is composed of the lettermen in football, basketball, baseball, and track. The "S" Association functions very good under the leadership of Coaches Murphy, Johnson, and Utterback. The "S" Association has been very successful since its organization in 1937. men and at least one social function is planned for the lettermen. President ..,......... Jay Ray McCullough Vice-President ...,.............. Porter Grimes A1105 uv- -Y Y YYY X I, 'I PRICE. XCKSON. TERRELL, GRIMES. MI-CuLI,oUI'.I-I. RAUFMAN, IIILRRIN, Moisrmx RoIf.IsRsox .IONIE , MfI.EMORI3. GAINES. BISHOP, FINCIIER, TAYLOR, KEI'I.IsERo, BRANNIIN lY1ON'1'GcjhlERY, ROBERSON, AR L, RELLEY, LOONEY, FLEMMONS, PAIR, GENTZEL -108- The highlight of the year is the annual initiation of all new letter- V AN .. gg Eddie N .... ,M YQ, . ,Aw -as F J' Marffwa kg .. ,. I 4 Jaan EVGIQIIW Q, " I , V, 'ii ' Bobby QW ,. LOMG TI - M ----------------,-r-f.f.-n.1,.- -, YA- - F, YY... . . ..,,- .. .V,. ,-....v-.-... ..... -..,. . , . I , l 1' l l , .6 1 f ' x . 1 XVXfC1H.'9r' IVIGX 2 A , . .:5,f:' M f- F? Obffwm ' J o ycc i Doyle Terrell b x Dfesfdenr ,WX Vice-President + i 5 occ, , swf fx :' -L 59 12:61, X Q :?:: ,,,Z ::,, DS Of' Mor'ae11i1e Sammie ziiz ' Qepof-ter' K-90 vi? Secreicxrhy V KK . f s Lo Ve mcg N of--man Wynell h kxxu Sgt-at-Ar-ms Treasurer Shot-gm cf ZZ: 1 ":1 5 ' .. i f Q. Cfwuries' Shan 109 H ouston Betfy Jd .,2A :.,,, ""fQ 4 A P-M2E:A i 1::: Eiii 1'v v Izkzt , q. q '.':5b Z VZVVVIIA- ' iiq .,21., 'af Iz. A. . -f i l f- 2:' vb is 4x 2 ziz ::' E.E b 44h Q A' I, V 'Lf .SHQQDN Wanda Pafgj Hal'-if 5D0F3"'TfLY 54 na an Q , 5 R , Q 'V 2 R E ge.T7f.5' V ,ag ,. R . J l A 16 A sn' ,x M :qz In H ...E: :,. .::'.. I W ..A.:E:. Z ,..- .....: Z :.:.:l,.:, E Ei. zzz Efif EZV: ..1E:q ' I 1 0' A i , cam, Marg Louise, M R-E.Y NSW AM T22 Aaaeuia. M CHM. Lim eannie, , A .,,. W , Q is Jr' W 'Q EZ- .,:,..' 5 "', zz, ,':' , S . 1 if sf " V W aw xi! f M1 I Q NVQ. is gsm J ,,.. p in 5 H si Q -- AA., Qubfl fuwww A cg 1,15 13oR5Tify , , g ,, :E, ' Z Claudia ,La Vherfel y SYN? is 'S wx -110- , ' 1 1- W x , , A ,...A. Lx :::: .t i-': .:,,. X -':" ig K ' L 1--: I Tb' IX' ' A ,v'v .,..,:: 5 A z J.: ii Aim, i R ,:::"' -1? ' .v eb i . 5 A wi J, :-,. ' I U , f-S ' Q. ' 1 1. ' , 14 + -. wg Mr-BA ke? M'Fe'fN3r .GPCSN UZ'-v BCH Tgy-p-'QU 'Pr-e5icl9N7 u'P'rQ.1':'J8N'f Se c.f'n-gggi 'Re .Po,.i.EY,, A .,,, I Mb idwe r E"": b A G.L.C1ny'f0N ? Qj!L9l15, Q 'Rodney I-,JALQL sie ::::.. - .,,.,. , ,,..,,, :,..., "'q nt 4 3 3 1 X 37 Wi llrn ms 3 . 1 ' is .FSA .NM W wi? ,.,.,.,.,. g 5, - . . - . wf IQ!! 5 If IFE! W STCWRP1' W' 'Bob Mase? v Sam PHQK B.Fv'w:'w 'D. ,. --if fm 1'-"::'1-2 f -: . W , . K'. , UAH Tfriwe. -111- ASSIQY' C. Brooks Wicfife we p,va3Y 9'ble' XJQC l.yNN Cr-aiu Q ..... ,,,,, -...,-....... ..... 1-Amnr BA ,fer I b i N N- JB husfwl 0.61-een kg, .svvawofa Q . T519 B521 , A P ' ' 95 ? E' is ? 5 D .-:11 ":' bR ,ziz P.. ff T P42530 Jgfggfdcx 6' ,,,,, ,A,..:A'A'1 E ::,, .. .- Q " - R . :,. ,,.: ., x. ' am F ' za: I Q-'.L. . ,. M , A .. m .:.. " ma - lg' Yfcandf ! 1 'V I h I 'S N jf? 2r:.::: zzzze :., A xW "' A f ia R R , 2: .,,:. A gf N ,,,,,,,-14 ' QQ W Garbaiahjo Habla "' W5 L """A::1:: 5 ""' fl 0 . Q 14 'K - ? If 5 ' ... Q ,'2'P X fa ' -fl A' - '::: K l OEHEZXZ 1 -112- :au ..., .. . ' ... E: ::x,..,. zzv qqq qqqu Q X W R x X 1 My , in X W si .J X-Kinks fax: s .. QW X -1 C au-wg us VR W 5 QX S px ,,A ,, . ..... .,.-,::-'- ' s: 'Q mgwm n ,ffa v A Q X 4. X x E W ,A 4 . Q Eff x AH F 1 f ' if A gxfnuixtk' 1 Teyyexx I s . . Bv ockj . RJ ' Q.: ,,... ., :,. Q :-:::-:::: a :a ::.:.:,:,l . M, ' .Si Q Si' QS? own! h Qs X X. 4 K ? Q. QQAQ Luvf, A iidfi'-bw The , J 'Vx f 5 MMM 0.1 1.-. f f .5 -,,..: .,, .5 .iw Q "'-.,. y Yilvvvnagnnhs BYEQ QH I I ... :.,5 5 Itl' 1, 'I , is " , N '..:.."": ' - :"::"' 5 ' 5- zz- zz' Z '-" ak V4 'Ymfnbow TIINGE - . 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Anita Gibson. l.ox1.m Wifliamsf Typisla K Bonnie Lmmley, Dvloros Shepherd. Shirley Cungfus, War:-an Wilc'ox,E'L1as'ksrw Brvmksfis Yirgzinia Smith. Sponsor U.. ,v Mrs. Ruth Nmks ..... . 5 - .-.- f 22-rfT'1I'-:':'5i555?::5:: . ,.,,,, 1 :.-f". 1 ....-.:- f .... - A -gif A E' ' ' "" . :P ., t ...aim Q:- Y-u.wox .fwaisxox . - Cmpf ' -1113- Wood, w M W X 1 N W XXX Rams, Qmmsqi 02. . 95 ik 5 Q? X K X Q XX A 63 X' + Q . N Y T2-, 1 Nsmkhgis QQ Ki rXKYxvX R a ..... W ... -' Q GXBso'n if .Arq X. 5. . 3 Stmmksx. 5 An? This year the Bland was reorganized by Mr. Grady Barnes. Hc- taught in Dallas Schools before coming' to Stcplicnvillc. He is a pro- fessional drummer, and has clone much to improve thc band in the alc- partinent of drums. He has obtained for the band, si-vel ',-, il new instru- ments. The band is very active in district, state and local at't'11irs. The Stephenville High School Hand was invited to Midwestern University to help celebrate their Homecoming' Day. life marched in a two mile parade, at lunch at the cafeteria- of the University, and 'lhcn attended the Homecoming' Day Football Qanie. The Band backed the Regional Chafmpions, the Yellow Jackets, at every game, except Coleman. Sickness prevented their going there. Several of the members of the band were chosen for the All-Dis- trict band and one was chosen to the All-State Band. The annual Band Banquet was held May 5 at the Tarlt-ton Dining Hall, followed by a band picnic at Glen Rose. This year thc band attended the State Contest at Tai-lctoii State College. l ,p L fi Mu: Y px A 1 ..x Scci etai y at tea ve s X 1J,,7" 4, ' - ' v N- " ' i, ,f i I , ,lf f ' Gill Spatniastci Clara. Mule b foid " Vt! 'N , 9 5 In 1 . ,- 4 ,ii . Yi -114- Cya! Cl..L I'l'vsich-nt ,.,, Hvizln FillCi1l'I' mI'1'11sicl- .,,,,,,.,....,,,,,,.,.,,,,, 4-th liao ' 1 -sic-c'1'vi:fi'y .,,, ,, ...,,,,,..,,, ,,A..,,,,,,.. Bobbin- Ti'vz1su1'c'1' YYY Jo ivvfi-M2011 IlUI70l'tUl' Staulvy l'owv1's Silt.-Ht-Al'lNS ,, Hubby John .hmm-s Sgt.-at-A1'111s , ,,,,, Rolmbief Ilzlvislsmm The Clmral Flub of 15152-19532, LIINIUI' tho now lm-zulwslmip of Grzuly Barnvs, has pEl.l'tik'iIl21tk'li in a gwvat many tliings. Tha- ululv has sung' at te-acl1ex"s imieetings, in ,nssc-mblivs, at thu l,im1's zz-ml Rotary Vlubs. For thv first time in thc history of S, H. S. .Io Ili-wi Mmm :xml Horn Looney l'fxIll'9SK?lItl'li tho clmral club at thv All-Stzxtv Music Cmivi-iitimi in Galveston, Tvxus. A vuiv nf tlmliks gm-s to our :ww 1lii'wtm', M17 Grzuiy Hz:-V114-s, . J! .,j" i f 1 , X xs lx! V X 1 . ,I lf ' ' if 'X ' ' .rflrz I , Y' xxx .4 X- ff. 1, ,W -115- ' Q x 5 KQF X , T bi 54 ,. X ... ' XS w Aww. mf T? J! g4y Z fwfj bf !-91. Wann V Nnxk' Q if bw psp N 9, 'ffawf mm, claw, AMHMUL ' u . X u f.. L BAAQQQ5 XX Wm 42. NL P .2110-G..-Q! Pd?-bww z3,..M.4,,, L Milbank? -118- I 'Q x x Q4 . . X 5050145 ,ff- , Q 1'0a 'bv Taylor Roberson Wood Mclnroe Pack and Brooks Carter 7. Doa-vel' 8. Long 9. Neblett 10. Davis 11. Grissom 12. Cunyus - 120 - 13. Walker 14. Blgdsoe-, 15T"IfElIey' 143. Ferguson 17. Heffner vo. is. Johnston 5. Looney 9. Phillips li. F' ' W, , 10 P.a1'l1am T avl son 11 Ca rpenter 8. Stone 12 13 -121- C1'abL1,'gg Ro erts Cleveland M'gElroy Laney ii li' L A A Q H 5 jll' r.. M jjitv. -'Beat Upslj Qi Jacket Boosters What, A Crew? 7.' Big Shots Young Girls 8. Couples Sitting' Pretty 9. Five Good-Looking Boys Girls 10. Juniors -122- all' Girls and olcl S. H. S. Smile Girls Sleepy All girls and no boysj isnt.. 4535081 QL 1. Smile Thomas Smile your best, girls-41 1.1.1. Bernice and Friency 2. llig' men of S. H. S. 1. Evcryborly in, shoot ' 12. Just four girls 32. Lazyf-Ik, 8. Pretty, huh? 13. Five- of a kind 4. Sitting' Around Sl. Miss Gwen 14. Sitting' in the shade 5. Thugs 10. llon't crowd him out, bullies 15. What arm you doing, J. D.? - 123 :lv ee V111 'ii Fnqlzifrifw-1 Wl1at's the matter, Bill? Four boys Morgan Mill girls Amuand .Dale Three to one Tlircv to one, again Girls in checks Out numbered What a pyramid Gov. Greggmand Others Cduplediiu KL Jimmy - Beverlyjz Tick amd up, boys Having fun? -124- 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 .Lazy Whose Dog? 1 Brothers C Y gin H 3 -lialding Hands Loud Shirts Grey-Vomit Crew Senior Gi1'ls N- Line-up Boys 6 Girls 7 Charles and Dolores 8 Lot me in 9 Herman, Robert and Carolyn 10 up L if V' Ann 6. S ' r Rijgh, Pet and Jane 7. .ophomores Pair and his mohawk haircut 8. Boys Home Ec. Girls 9. Norma., Boopie and Yatsb Four thugs 10. Four pretty girls -126- Throcf of u kind Who's this? Ha-viug' their picture made Ba1'bax',a and Norma Poor Mrs. Russell's car. Jerry and Laura N... X., I f X qv , V W vp f I !. J xl' " I 'A .ALF f i , A. L. and his face Girls football tvam Just posing-3 Here! Girls! Ho-man Kirlilon ti. Energetic looking boys 11. Ji, E. Boys T. Love-birds 12. Foul' culls 8. Whose horse? 13. Basketball Girls posing: 9. Boys 14. Frvshinan Girls 10. What's funny, Roscoe? - 127 - Three of a kind Science Students 9. Posing' Just four girls 6. Show-offs 10. Musciv ---- M4-ii? Frog and his crew T. Linda and Alica 11. Big' Dogs W. Ii., Roy and Darwin 8. Home EC. Girls 12. 3 to 2. VVatc'l1 out boys -128- iii ,Yxlk Aundernette Turley Aundrew Turley Wallace Martin Smilingl? Looking to the Future Edarlyn Palmer Mrs. Woods Back in Junior High Pretty Boys-uuhh! Pretty Girls-uuhh! S. H. S. Boosters Lazy Bones Barbana and Grace Posing- ' Smile awhile One Alone Uh-Oh-better Watch it! Porter and Buddy-cute uhh! .130. 4 . ' 'JL , wi ' Y ' .July f f ,ffl -I V' 'J 1,1 , .I ,VA Xl, 1 141 x J Band Masters Joe Price Qhandsomej Girls again In front of the school Toothless Linda, More Girls Precious Little Herman Boys Wasn't Jeral .a cute little boy? 1 ,, . 2 September 1 September 2 fgckool Calenbav September 12 . September 18 19 September September 26 October 3 October 9 . October 17 October 21 October 31 November 4 November 7 November 2-7 . 12 November November 14 November 21 November 22 November 25 November 28 December 5 December 12 December 14 December 16 December 17-18-19,-. . . 19 December - Ja December 29-30-31 nuary 5 Faculty Meeting School Began First Football Game at Brownwood Pictures Made for Annual Jackets Play at Weatherford Football Game at Mineral Wells Jackets Play Graham Here Jackets Play at Ft. Worth Tech. Jackets Play Cleburne to a tie Booster Jackets Sox Hop Jackets Beat Coleman There S. H. S. Students Visit Comanche First Conference Game with Co- manche F. H. A. Week Parent's Visitation Day Jackets Plaiy Ranger here Jackets Take Cisco There Toss of Coin fYea Jacketslj Annual Staff Presentation of Fa- vorites Bi-District Game with Winters Regional G1ame with Graham there Qua-rter-Finals Game with Terrell S. H. S. Band Concert "Desperate Desmond's Dastardly Deed" QSenior Class "Me1ler Dra- Inav, First Half of Mid-Term Exams Christmas Holidays Howard Payne Basketball Tourna- ment A December 31 . . Spanish Club's New Years Party Ja-nuary 8 . . . Junior Class Party I - F January 14-15-16 . Last Half of Mid-Ter Exams f January 29 . . Q. V. Club Party February 12 . . . . Q. V. Club Party-Dance 'H-A' February 13-14-15 . . . . rict Basketball Tournament February 20-21-22 . . . Basketball Tournament, . . . . egioiial Basketball at Denton A' : ' . . . . . .- . March 13 . . . .... Teacher's Meeting at Brownwood March 13-14 . . . Fort Worth Track Meet March 21 . T. S. C. Invitational Track Meet March 24 . Interschola-stic League Volleyball March 26-27 . Senior Coat Hanger Drive March 27 . Inlterscholastic League One Act P ay ,J-. March 28-29 . Interscholastic League Softball yy? ' 'QApril 3-6 . Easter Holidays fl April 7 . . Stage Band Contest in' Brownwood ,ffl Ap 1-1-2 . . Jis ricfafraclcf an Filelld Meet ' ,K f . . unior ass r' ' 7 . . 'Chorifflontkt in rown ,007-'QM ril 2 .- . . nque I Agril 23 ged Klgie Pgmfram . A ril 2 enior ass ay A516124 Annual Staff Picnic gan!" April 24 . S. H. S. Band Concert April 25 Election of Yell Leaders April 30 Science Club Picnic May 1 . Q. V. Dance May 2 , Interscholastic League State Band Contest at T. S. C. May 8 . . . . . . .gunior-Sjenior Banque May 15 . . . enior ay May 15-16-17 senior Tripff ' May 24 . . . . . . Baccalaureate May 28 . . . . No School fTeacher's Meetingj May 29 . . Graduation May294,.,x. . .fl School Closes QYEA! YEAD Juanita Myers ONE? NE lm ANN X 5 gk in ESM N all Q lnk LQ iq S A u S xg 'mf S M y pg ms SN S Trib l Lamar Baker Toby Bear Jack Bishop Billy Bledsoe Sue Boase John Brandon Billy Brannon Qobbie Brock! F.o.0 S A .Darlene Brooksb ter Monette Caughey Mina: Clark - n Cole Elizabeth Crabtree Shirley Cunyus Bobbie Davidson Herbert Davis Margie De Haan Gene Dunn Charles English Thomas Ferguson 0' i32,.JaL Ethe Geeslin Joe Grissom Doyle Hale Robert Herrin J eral Jackson Bobby Jones Herman Kaufman Wynell Keeney Jerry Keilberg Jane K nedy in al-Lew5 onnie Lon ey Shir Qogieaack Bar ra flowery, Patsy Mc oy J ay Ray McCullough Walter McI.lroy Roberta McKnight Joy McLarty John McLemore Nancy Neblett Sammie North Dale Payne Joe Price gtk Ramsay? Q. Vivian Rasberry Patricia Reeves Joy Riherd Clayton' Roberson Cliffie Sewell Delores Shepherd Clara Stafford rshalll Ste - - s MA! Paul ance Stephens i I ra Stone I aley Eddie Stone Terrell Stone Eddie Stramler Slam Taylor James Terrell Sue Vandever Geraldene Mayfield SullivanJ. D. Walker Betty Jo Meador J a-ne Williamson Jim Mobley Na3133LWeath s immumr J-Ann wmdlg 30 db Hazel Murry Lind y gRUWK5Wood ' ' ' X gg, lf tr E1 llllfllgi race Wyly DPW 'W . ' LW.. ,WGA ci' Quay 44,401 0437- laws! Arnold Raspberry . if ,aio ,MW MW . U M I M ZTMIQQ ,W-M4 5 uniovs ff I M pearl, my I I. kb X . M Evelyn Anderson A. C. Howell Y 1 LSO!! 611 Wayne Howell Barbara, Ray W- Janette Jones Joyce Ray ' ' -1 oase James Kelley pfwvclhfw. Ja.. fn- fr" Donald Campbell LaVerne Carpenter Goldia Carey ' Charles Cason Gaylon Chandler Ellara COOPCIJ Charlene Cowan David Cunyus Mary Davidson Price Robqt DeWeese Jerry Flemmons James Fowler Marilyn Frazier Edwin Garner Doylene Holbert Jackie Hallmark Bob Hanover Patsy Herring Glenda Hook fl Walton Koency Dan W. Lane . L. Leatherman Don Earl Lee Loyce Long ric Wayne Looney eva Jo c ro Herman McGeehee Billie Sue Martin Pat Miniard Bobbie Moon Q0 Reed Moo Manxie Mosley Betty Mueller Ruth Nelson 'J Martha Jean Owens Colburn Dean Pair Edarlyn P-almer Stanley Powers -133- Charles Roberson Chere Joyce Roberts Norman Savage Frank Shiels Virginia Smith Max Smithey J. D. Spence Charlie Stacey Mary Nell Strebeck Houston Wells Charles White EeE j Louan Williams Sharon Wilson Bettye Wood Alden Wood Mildred Wooley Dorothy Wooton Frank Wooton LB.-L0-fl! VU LJ , Yffv-wa CL l 4 ' ,da-4"",i"!,,,1,,',,,Q' o emo es 52" 'fb .f,,74,l-.J'2-5".s Carol Anderson Joe Aren e Lynn : '-Q y Charles Ba-sham Quinton Bailey Wla'f7fi3lNBa1'ham Jackie Bills Otto Bishop 'LBuck Brandorg 1 l fBever1i AbernathyQ'0 Jimmy Coker jbflbivwvv LCharlotte Burnettx ffl Eva May Coleman ncy Carter lenda Cook orris Coo Roscoe Counts Judith Cox 1Hazel Crabtree, Dean Crow Wanda Day Sharon Deaver Shirley Deaver - a - eni u. W ne- - nil.. . enneth Ditmore Si-150 X' Joi Inn!! ove Carole Dunn illy Eakins Qgvie Englisg Bernie Erwin Richard Fagan Raylene Faubus Milton Fenner Phillip Fenner Thomas Fincher Earlene Gcarrett Carroll Gentzel 5. Barbara Golightly Nina Goodman Cecil Qgw F 'a 'Jimmie Green o s Ray Grissom Mary Louise Haiil Rodney Hale Arlene Hnall Tommy Heffington Dorothy Heifner Clyde Hemby Ardenia Hendon Betty Hendrick Travis Hicks Virginia Hightower Joan Hitchcock David Hogg Norma Hook Sharon Hook Clara: Howle Carrie Humphries Donna Johnston Qove1l.e-J nes Ray Kelley iw' Lonnie Leatherman James Lee Melba Little Tommie L n ffataljoowlzingbill A ir ey ister Patsy McCleery Franklin Mclnroe Nelda Mclnroe Lindia McMahan E. J. Malone - Ruth Ann Neblett Kennet air Foy Parham Ro Parham N Canberra Piilgv-Ti nffj ar1e a ' Edna Riley Carroll Roberts Carolyn Roberts 1, 4drLa.LZf'f A Rovlslenta ',, , fy ,Li We Bobbie Salmon L Frances Skiles --Larry Sneath- Ruby Snow Betty Sparks Sammy Spears Gloria Spell Jackie St. Clair Charlie Stacey s M ww- Albert Stem Pnatsy Taylor Jerry Tims MW , onnie uinbo nw N' i .' 'M My Dionne W .- -X Cla o e ' allace at Jimmy John W'e11s A, : ' A .I-'ul rs WMD A illiam Wood David Mayfield LU Jane Wooten If Harold Miller Mackey Montgomery Jimm Moody Ernestine Mui-ry . 134 . ames right Bob Wright Glenna Yanc ' Barbara Young ffl.: Timmie Akey Kenneth Albin Rita Auten Jo Ann Barron Earl Blue Mary Bnashier Barbara Brewer Barbarra Brock Shirley Byrd J e Ca a ouan Carpen er 1 4 ' I1 agndrna Card ell erdette Carter Norma Carter Rex Carter J immy Cason Audrey Cavitt G. L. Clayton David Cleveland Donald Cleveland Betty Ann Collier Roy Dean Coppedge Joe Lynn Crow Mary Ann Davis James Day Sammie Deisher Laura Dollison Glenna Dover eor e Dunson Ann Edmon son Joe Edmondson Nedra Ellichrnian Brenda Farrar Alvin Ferguson Calvin Ferguson Barbara Flipper Sue Ganoe Joe Gaston Vivia Graham Wnanda Hartzfield xl Sue Keith F ff If s,f W10M MF lDa!isl Mary Ann Haynes Ace Heifner Sandra. Hillburn Glynda Johnson Norman Johnston Dorothym-J ones N nsmn Mary Laney Dorothy Latta James Latta Delia Logan Tom Looney Madge Luttrall Donald Ra-y McAnear Bert McCann Tommie Lou McCleery Nelda McElroy Martha McGeehee Rose Mclnroe Robert McIntyre Alvis Martini Platsy Medford Marilyn Merrell Moann Miller Dorothy Morton Robert Moser Billy Noonkester Billie Jean Owens Terry Owens Gledai Pack Sam Pack Joy Parham J ammye Joe Payne Milton Payne Barbara Pendleton Rhoda Peters Evelyn Phillips Doris Ann Pittman -111911. 2,956 Alicia Posto JJ -135- Virginia Price Deborah Pruett James Ramsay Frank Richcreek Joyce Ridley Ann Roberson oland aim Russell Rayford Savage Eynonne Sechrist Roy Spindor Virginia Shook Danny Smith Barbara Stanton Carroll Sumrall Darwin Stem Nancy Stephens Marvin Stewart Dorothy Stone Linda Stone William Stone Beverly Sturdivant Johnny Tackett James Tarpley Van Brown Tate Frank Terrell Jimmie Joyce Thomas Troy Thurman Dorothy Toler Jerry Walker Sandra Watson , !3naJdfJ Johnny Weidner Evelyn Wesson Lola Wesson Patsy Whiteside James Williams A. S. Yardley Wanda Young LaVerne Zimmerman RELIGIOUS OPPORTUNITIES FIRST METHODIST CHURCH WALLACE DUNSON FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH H Ins-I-D-1vssiIN RC II FELIX GRESHAM FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH ERNEST DIMALINE CHURCH OF CHRIST --W ICI- A - RALPH STARLING ST. LUKE'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH THOMAS TALLEY VICAR QWASHINGTON STREET BAPTIST CHURCHD CPRIMITIVE BAPTIST CHURCH M. L. WELCH HARBIN METHODIST CHURCH E. W. HOLT OAK DALE METHODIST CIIIIBQHQJI-'Q H s CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH D. E. HOGAN UNITED PENTECOSTAL CHURCH MRS. AGNES RICH, Pastor GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH C. N. ELLIS HARVEY BAPTIST CHURCH LANHAM CAMPBELL CHURCH CF GCD J. H. MITCHELL ASSEMBLY OF GCD CHURCH H. C. BROWN CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE HERSCHELL PATTERSON GREEN CREEK CHURCH BIBLE BAPTIST CHURCH E. L. BYNUM TARLETON HEIGHTS CHURCH OF CHRIST QIALLEY GROVE BAPTIST CHURCHQQ PM MOODY SMITH Q BAPTIST STUDENT CENTER JERRY VARDAMAN METHODIST STUDENT CENTER RICHARD CLEMONS COLORED BAPTIST CHURCH L. W. OWENS COLORED METHODIST CHURCH M. J. TOLES S. H. S. MEDITATION CLUB Q 13 fwlff-f Wmfjygow, Md ffip Emi' MM M55 ,wffiiji CMKDE' ' W 5F WISHE-S TO EXPRESS APPRECIATION T0 THE U - WHO HAVE HELP D MAKE THIS 101-c.aAuJ!4?vvf-446 'fofadffvcakebx ,,...,4:1!f,J,4,z'1 ,c.,.,a4.,,.,nLM-v -137LfL,c5'2.-J'-7 Q .OX.Qn7?. ive 01'e17ex'! 0 0 0 The Photographs in this Yearbook were made by usp they com be duplicated at any time. L1-YAY-Y'v1AY'f11vvs4fvvAv1AvAv11A4fvvvvvuaa 3ax Sfuoho jaxley Sfuowio Phone L-3613 Phone L-3519 West Side of Square Southwest Corner of Square JACK ARTHUR Tl-IEATRES MAJESTIC -- RITZ - PALACE - STARLITE TOWER CONGRATULATIONS TO TH ,OF 1953 g , ,.. :LTI u g F r an evenmg of good economical t remember- VLIQQ ARE YOUR BEST ENTERTAINMENT VALUE -138- -AUTOGRAPHS- AZWW , J lU ZQMWJMQ, 4,,WwQ ZJZZMLMMMWW, P9 up-V'fQAJ,M,oc v 4'fbZL SHI, ,DQ mf' -ffM,w,WQ'ifCL pm. ,Ziff '5'WW bfx A S 1,456 4, f 44, -H' , Q17 Jfwivyf WWW ' fa?-6-5 iw F AL111-5' ' i 3 '?f"'A1 6 ,sw 2,67 AJ f.,+'4-f-,,f u 'z 'f Q' , .Wu ,rv Jwkqgflifwki few? -Ziff .-,-.-- -139- IB Lv-'W W , , 5 ,,, , 4,0-2 AA I ' VMMQQLI A. AAAA ,MM .,fea -wyww-4-M1754-,W ' . M, wwufl- MW -if I-ffffwlww-f tylwco ...1Q-w , Malawi-. M Miz' "MFA I 'Ly' 'dw "W""'L'L 'rp 0' fx.: JwvA fAf2yV"""""""-J I - A ,HERRJN MOTOR COMPANY- . A 0, Qlfffvf' A I ' 170, M J Q.: 3 A SALES A SERVICE P. O. BOX 141 PHONE L-3133 9. , f'.,2,lf"I',5 . 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Washington St t Ph eL3145 Pkp8zD1 y Stephenvill T AW -AUTc3Sizf,PHs7 LLM, wyfy wgffwwwyizgm. gm M ff mg M6 ,9,4.90mL4- f ar WWW , JZ-Z4 . jW -ww.w. ,J ,dz H wwf MWWMMW NM JKWQQQUL? aww Mzfw MW' . ,7,.ff -FMA4 Q . , xof- sf' img Q,?WW?fM A W Aww 0 YQ ' +-fwwxsw DJ-M P , 'W 'Lvl as WM JAKE 0THY'S MARTIN BROS. -GULF PRODUCTS- WHOLESALE dz RETAIL CAFE CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH Specializing in Steaks, Chicken, .Battery Charged Sandwiches 'Mechanic Work 'Front End Machine "Friendly Service" 'Motor Tune-up 'Wheels Balanced 406 E. Washington Phone L-5211 'Wash 'sz Grease If it's fofr the car, truck, or tfractofr, we OPEN 24 HOURS have 'if- Phone L-4113 "We Never Close" WE GIVE S 8: H GREEN STAMPS O H . 1 , If Q ,ff fl 1 I' IVIV 9 , 960014 Z0 f l 1 I my , in , wb W5 -,,! -51,9 1 . 1 1 CQ CWD ' J Q , nfl ' f A I F 1 , I 1 ' n 1 'I I f rf! II ' 'f' ' ' I ' ' ' ' I ill. 'A ' I ' . , Q by ' . f , - 1 I 1 I' ' f W DRINK I 2 as aww- f lf- ., X , I I - I , I wi, . 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FIRST IN VALUES FOR THE HOME 3 BEALL BROTHERS 3 QUALITY MERCHANDISE Stephenvil1e's Newest Department Store COMPLETELY AIR-CONDITIONED S MLPJQSQSLLEO - L f I I C. f .V gf ' 1,461 f R I, f gp 4' , I I I ,,9'-Q-.355 974475 TATE JEWELERSEQ-3 West Side Square Phone L-4100 "Stepherwille's Largest and Finest" BRAEUER BUILDING - PHONE L-3513 HARRY E. BRAEUER The Complete Insurance Loan Service Institution PERKINS GRO. 8: MKT. EDGAR DOYLE Free Delivery Phone L-4823 802 Tarleton Ave. WHITE MOTOR COMPANY DOYLE WHITE Box 203 Phone L-3138 Stephenville, Texas COLLINS FLOWER SHOP "Express Your Love With Flowers" 666 N. N eblett Phone L-3411 COLLEGE TAILORS U. K. GRIMES, Owner Phone L-4223 Taarleton Station "You Must Be Pleased" SLAUGHTEITS WALGREEN AGENCY DRUG STORE PAT'S BEAUTY SHOP Congratulations to the Seniors of 1953 BELCHER'S HUMBLE SERVICE STATION ESSO EXTRA - - ESSO MOTOR OIL Phone L-4116 220 E. Washington JO ANN'S BEAUTY SHOP 4-Wa-y Hair Shaping and Styling Phone L-4222 350 N. Clinton GEO. MINTER GRO. Sz MARKET Phone L-3143 Free Delivery Fred Stafford Billy Fred Stafford STAFFORD CLEANERS 398 N. Belknap h A Phone L-4818 s- .,., 'L' MOSER - NICHOLS FURNITURE - APPLIANCES P. O. Box 328 Phone L-3819 Stephenville, Texas WHIT'S PIT Barbeque to go-Barbequed Chicken Our Specialty HAMBURGERS BLUE'S SERVICE STA. "WE GIVE S Sz H GREEN STAMPS" Phone L-5175 PIGGLY WIGGLY Our Business Is Your Business You Have Made Us What We Are Today WE WELCOME YOU! Uoecuv UUCU7, mn... .1222 1741, STORE L-351 dies 8z School Supplies 220 E. College ,wwf I f , G 0 0 D F 0 R ll F E Jacket Football and jciask x-1.5- l'. MNNQNMOM GON CLOTHIERS Kg 'Ll THE STORE EOR MEN 7' ' South Side of Square CHAS. NEBLETT I be n -671 "QD ,., 1' T ff' Stephenville, Texas Phone L-3181 ,QJQUU ' f"' A T .J ,AMW we M K i LL z L! L1 Q V, N ex, 'S1 - ' 9 k 1' A ,J 'V n-uf' , 5? - vJ I' " F 1 ear: air XZ ,A 6 V! 1' ' ,!. N - c J Q5 Q0 -Ll, A gr f L -3. , V , ' LftfLL'2ii f F fb f fig! U . . S ' f-J .148- Awqj X I f f , NA Y sl soN SERVI E STATION 940 W. Washington Phone L-5318 Stephenville, Texas JOE FLETCHER MOTOR COMPANY Sales - DODGE - PLYMOUTH - Service Phone L-4561 376 E. Wasington Stephenville, Texas CINDERELLA DRESS SHOPPE READY-TO-WEAR Smart Styles Popular Pric STOVALL 8: NORTH CLOVER FARM STORE "Home of Good Foods" Ph L 3310 1004 T l t MILLER CLEANERS 697 Taqrleton Phone L-3422 CROSS DRUG STORE L-3312-Phones-L-3313 STEPHENVILLE FLORAL COMPANY 'Flowers For Any Of Your Occasions" Phone L-3619 O fl A P P ll N C E S I YOUR FRIGIDAIRE DEALER CENTRAL BARBER SHOP BROCK FARRAR Phone L-4916 CAWYER DRUG STORE For Complete Drug Store Service BARNES STORE 5c and 1.00 Store The Friendly Store VAUGHAN ELECTRIC Radio Service-Everything Electrical Ph L-4312 SHIELS .READY-TO-WEAR Progressing With Stepherwille for 24 Years Leading Styles - Labeled Good M. I. NOVIT Quality Merclvandise-Friendly Service Phone L-3413 GWYNDOLA H. WOLFE GENERAL INSURANCE Phone L-3615 234 N. Belknap , C Q ,I f I , HOLL - B ' GH TUDEBAKER .MOTOR COMPANY WRECKER SERVICE Sales Service Phone L-3711 QMWQ if Qi MQ 'QM WW QW ia? 9 Wmyiwm iii? vii? jg Wifi? Zi-'M' M391 Q gf M qw WWKW My ggi M 55: wa swf jg gif? 2 sg gm JXQVW HN H9 , W X M 'W kiwi? SW Xi W SE S . Ka. ' v EX EK XE ww B !47ff1'53 Mm, A 4 X im ,. T150 A A , , . , , . , , ... ,.. ,,, ,,,,11 . . . : , - , , , , , ..,,, 1 L L M , ,.1 ,Q4 w wwNmwwMMWm M h GMWKZL' J I ALJ ' fl ' .fvxfnf ,JIRA ofrtnisl !.v1..-,f ' ' J ' I ' . 777 A I u ' LW, L7 72? UQ J-M412 f I KA! T 1 ,Je 'D ,W 'T ,Lf i ' -25-fbiaifg C, LBtYUs Help You Succeed 0fd' V If 0 N QQ 07' E 5L,z,QL, .,L,D, fnwmp -Zim 6 FARMERSfFIRS'E V ,J , A NATIgNAL BANK B THE sT iQfEg, , STATE BAQJK Stephenvllle, Texas C mmercial Ba k g S 1906 Stephenville, :Texas MEMBER OF E D. 1. C. MEMBER F. D. I."c. m 'Ag' f x, W V ,A t E E , 5 5 0' . ' x W PM 5 'r of fp B ' n 4 0 V E T , ' HIGGINBOTHAMM BROS. OM ANY 4 at COMPANY F1 DEPARTMENT STORE EE-T T . 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