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 - Class of 1947

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if wwf A v,ffLvi'f, .Lf , .0-9? , W' Ar' L5 , pb Q WWA fic? fW Wf My izfffffff A, KM, 1 ,pq-a. P 9,21 WA W f 'ffw' fl f WMM fi . 11 if fugfy . if ' 1' 'A Alfyf ' n P. jk 1' fl Y p mf' 1+ . 1' U .I NJ X, A L :ff l . 'J . ,' -- . 1 1, r E4 Pr jeg?" ff 'P JL' ff V ,W ' I iv I M3 I r A ,,' -J! 1 -' ,lip f M5 Z! , ,, fx WM. ,M J. A lg L31 , Y 'ixj 5 41' Q x." . 4' X JW . 'gi ig... ff' V - J 2,7 1 I m My 1 uy A JU , 5 , Ax bd ,g I A"'j' Txffw gy' . .3493 ' Q.. - 3 f ,' X X I' O xy! W ,V Q riW5,ffW MQ gif ffl ff W5 fi X 5 Q if U MW wif Wi Wfiwii YM Grant Groeerysnmarkes aosN.cIinunSh - O QJ,fMV,W, V izffwzmwf , ww- WAMWMQZ Egigfwiifigqh W fiwmdbvfz, W fax' n gli W S ws Q Dwi iw gyglxgy QQ ww C-ML W, wffww -WWW W ,Y 'P fmw fe: Q MW fffgwww STAFF CONSTANCE LINDLEY YVONNE SHUFFIELD Editor Business Manager KENNETH WYATT ,ff Sports Editor BETTY JOYCE BENTON ALVIN YOUNG Advertising Editor Assistant Advertising ldditm MCKEE JANE TAYLOR Art Editor LAUDAZELLE BROWN DONNA D'ARCY Feature Editor Assistant Feature Editor EDWIN MORRIS Club Editor JOHNNY DUNN HUDSON VAUGHAN KOdal?Developer Kodak Developer ROBERT Cox Senior Class Editor ROY REE HAMILTON BILL Nix Junior Class Editor Sophomore Class Edito BARBARA TERREL Freshman Class Editor SPONSORS PEARL HICKS FREDERICA SMITH ..2.. ing... ,,. 1 .liiefglw :Q--r ww X TX fy , if H51 f Qin I lin A li my ! 4 -jf 3-1 w N, ,ly 1 ,XXX f- ' 11 t---S--' Dm A M FAN? ,,!f , , f The IQ4 7 Yeffow f 416,661 lDl'L'.fUllfJ' HIM and I-IEI2 FROM THE EJDITOR Every year the editor is alloted n page in the annual for thanks to the co-workers who have helped 'with the book. I want to show rny appreciation to the YELLOW JACKET Stag, to those who have advertised, and to you who hav-e purchased and are reading this book. The sponsors, Miss Hicks and Mrs. Smith, also have my deep gratitude. But this year I zcanl to devote this page in the memory of Miss Scrirnshire whom we all loved as a teacher and friend. I only wish now that she had known we were dedicating this book to her. Now we can only honor her memory, she herself honored her life. She was a teacher for thirty-seven years, twenty-seven of which were spent in this school system. She was a great teacher, possessing the highest attribute of greatness. a deep humility. Fortitude, that combination of courage, patience. and understanding. was her characteristic. She was well trained and experienced in actualities. She taught grammar, clear thinking, clean writing. and correct speaking. She taught literature, beauty. and the fact that through reading "we may learn from others what ue have not time to learn for our- selves." By words and examples she gladly taught us. Miss Scrirnshire was a Christian who professed by deed. as well as by word. In the test paper she was correcting 'when the accident which caused her death occurred, she asked for the meaning of the word irnmortality. Uf course, to some of us the meaning of the word was not clear. But now we know. Miss Scrimshire has "attained that building of God, a house not made with hands, eternal in heavenf' Moreover, she has attained another kind of immortality not given all who walk this earth. For in the hearts and minds of the boys and girls and the men and women of the Stephenville High School district Miss Scrimshire will not die. CON s1'ANcE LINDLEY. .-4-Q DEDICATICDN Hl'l'Llll5l' ul' llvl' lNl'lllF-USU years ul' dl'YUliUll in llt'l' xmrk uml ln thu- sludvnls ni' Slvpllcn- xillf- lligln S1-lmnl. lN'l'illlN' of hl'l' lPlll'lPOSl'flIl- nm-fa in lilv, auul lN'l'illlSl' nl' Iwi' fm-vling for Immunity. lhm- znmuul stall' lmingly mln-divulcf llnis, llu- vlvu-11111 mlilioll of llu- YI-Jl.l,0W Jnrkl-3'l'. lu Mibs Minn-Ulu Srrinnslnirc. ADMINISTRATION BUILDING in xR lfzwli If Iuwlx R BOARD CDF EDUCATICDN livvnum- of ilu' lmurs nf unlirinu sw-1'x'i1'v nf thu limml ul' l'11lm'uliull. Q Sl1'llIll'llXiHl' lms lu-vu allulc' lo 1l1'v4'lulm illlil Illililllilill ll svllonl Sy!-3ll'lll of wllivlm il muy m-ll lu- prmul. In lwllallf ul all llu- stud:-nts of Str-plwmwllc Hugh Iwvhuol, thc YrLl.I.0u J,-ulklfl' xxisllvs to thunk thx- Hmlrd of l'3dll1'ilti0I1 for the high flumlamls of nur sa-luml. l'l:r:slm:x'l' . UR. li. AIARTIN XIlII'I-l'Nl415IIlIiN'I' ..,. AIRS. .-X. H. Nrzmlm Sl-ICR!-I'l'KNX , , ,l-I. li. lhauiulcn ni? My mv: ll:-u Mvi'ullum, fI'nl'Lro Shin-lb, Ilslrry llr:nvlu'r, ow: A. IC. Idmms-lt. l-'rank Curllun. M1's. A. II. N:-wmzm. Ii. E. Mill".il1. J, H. Mm-rrill. -7- . s 1 l J. B. MERRILL so l'E1i1N'1'l:lNDEN1' Again we pause to congratulate the 1947 stall' and its sponsors for another fine edition of the YELLOW JACKET. The joy oi' any task is seeing' it progress through the many phases of production and a willful meaningful spirit of cooper- ation on the part of all who have had a part in it. From personal observation l know this to be true of this particular production. May your experiences be as harmonious and your ultimate aim in life as successful as has been yours in the production of this, the memoris of the activities of the students of Stephenville High School during this, your senior year. -3- ,fl X ffggf lr .I l l l 1 i 'Q l i i C. B. JONES 1f1uNu11'Al. A true inspiration has como to me through my association with you. You have worked hard and faithfully to make this a red letter year in your high career. You have done this through care- ful living and through careful planning, I commend you for mak- ing this one of your best annuals. You should strive to live a happy and useful life now and in the future so that you can have many pleasant memories. Cherish these memoriesg think about livingg love life: live nowg expect to live tomorrow. May you always be as happy as you arc now. , -9-Q . Q FACULTY M. U. QMUYUJ MURPHY, ILS. Loman: S. MURPHY, 13.5. JIM T. MUm.1cY, M.A. Gluwx C. UUAN, ILA. f'0lI!'ll nml llillllf' hll'0ll0llll6N Assisiuuf Cvuwll Yll1llllf'IllI1flf'H l'llysi1'ul Erlzu-ulinu and lUfIlllf'HIllll-FH A . I. I GAYLE RUSSELL, B.A. NIINEOLA SCRIMSHIRE, FREDERICA SMITH, B.A. C. B. TROUP, B.S. WALLM Social Sr'ivm'v M.A. Spevch and English S1'iv-arm' MJ-I.l,. English I,iln'ariau . ...lg- louis F ACUL u':l.lf1 I"1:Az1r:1:, IS..-X. MMHUN KIMIHUI I'lCAlCl. Ilwxs, M.A f'unlnlw'r'irll IIASSLI-Ili Jlr1llr1'n1r1f1'1'x Aqf'f'l'l'ffll'.Il .'1-L JAmc,x'l"l', 15.5. f'I.Al'llI4I A. liwlm-'r', Jn. JANE V. Klu-nas, I-3.8 l,1m1'l1 Room A.B. llus1'uvxs Erlzfcufinu SlIlN'l'fHff'll!ll'l!f Iiunrl Y 'xv Aw . l"lc TV ANVHS Ilnxxr, ILA. l'l1ur:mc li. ISBPII, ILVIIKIHSII Spunisll and I nglnsll IQALPI1 Mosaic, ILS. Guomzz B, Mum HY lvllfllffillllll flgr1'r'n Ifurr' B A Science , . GK JR ..11.- ' 1. 1. Grocery experts. 2. Latest addition to the faculty - I . I mtlli y wr Q I Ubwl ' Q, 4 3. English sharks. 4. Office "Big Dogs." 5. Studying a math problem. G. Master of noise. 7. Going fishing? 8. Hope that door doesn't fall. 9. Industrious looking, isn't he? l. The school's inlpurtant nn-n 2. willlllel' what they :irc plannimx? Ji. Nice blueprint. -1. What arc you going' tu do with it. 5. lnl'u1'muliun for ull. 6. Whut do you think, Miss Russell? 7. She is having' her picture made. 8. Walling for J. ll. 1 , ...l 1, 4 . This ' fl. "' , '- 1 4 1 , v , f.-1, 6 A-5, x , ,r.. . r 1 z 1 J 44 N I . ' 'ro THE BLUE ANDATHE GOLD Here's a goast to Stephenville High, We her praises' ever ning, A Sltandfand izheer hor namovonce again? ' Loudljf may the'AufCl1oes.rihQ. -1. l l'll4l'l'41 glass for 'hailipy-iiineo, I Sons axid' daughtersever true, A Always holding ,dqep in loyal llC8HSl Thel spirit of the, Gold aixd Blue. To' the Blue-to the'Golll-l-' 4, T o our school aiid its gloriqui hisloryg' N To ourfaith--to our zeal?-L To the days we remember--sbijoyfully. To the Bluose-to the Cold-5 A Q Mqy we carry? ou-i' banner! to victoryg , To, our hopdsf-4et6i-our drgamsu- To the wofld wehsllhlfmake ours some dizy. . T -- 1. , i .uv ' 1" 1 ,. . . ,l-Iegfa Lo all our glorious past, H6re's'tu our victories Wynne . Here? to orious futxire yoarsf ' , . , , I For but fmneihab 5131 bqnn, ' ' ' .Q Fill an glass for happy times, ' 1, Smisland daughters ever true, -f""i""iQ h Always holdingldeep in loyal ', 17 ,Q Tlievspirit of. the Gold and Blue. '- " I . . an , F5-I 1 CLASSES SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS l'REsIuEN'I' .. HARVEY EARP VICE-PRESIDENT EDWIN MORRIS SECRETARY MORGAN KAY TREASURER JANE NEIGHBOURS REPORTER . BETTY JOYCE BENTON SERGEANT-AT-ARMs W. C. SMITH SPONSORS MRS. LOUISE MURPHY MISS GRACE UGAN How the days have flown since we came to S. H. S. We have enjoyed many good times, even the hou1's of studying. Each of us has made many new friends and learned many nevsle skills and truths, The three class plays were highlights oi' our activities. The Soplioinore play, was "Criss Cross", the Junior, "Wild Oats Boyn, and the Senior one was "Spooks and Spa:-Ims". Other highlights were games, pep meetings, and parties. Several of our graduating class have returned from the armed forces. They are welcome to our group. We give our thanks to all the faculty for their efforts iII leading us in our search for an education and in making our activities more enjoyable. -15- CLASS OF '47 ll' Bos ALHXANMJR lfmwtlmall -141--15-46: Basketball -1-I: Track 44-45-46: Class Officer 44: Class lfzwurite 44: S-um: Leader 44-46: S.P.C. 15: Annual Staff 45: Annual Stuff Play 44: Fireman 45: "S" Association -I1-'15--lli: "S" Association Officer 45-56: Stinm-1' Slall' -15-Iii. ISURIJNICR ANIJICRSUN lf'.i-LA. ISAIG--1T: Sn-is-in-v vim. ua-17. li li TT Y J l J YC IC B li N TON l".H.A. ll-I5-Ili: 'lll't'2lSUI't'l' 115: Prusident 46: Mirnbilu Dictu Club -Hi-Rcporterg Annual Staff A15-46: Advertising Malmprer -Hi: Class Olficvr -16: Class Play 44-45-463 Run- nfr-llp -Hi: Class lfzwurilm- -iii: Choral Club 46: Annual Stull' Play Ili. JAMES BISIIOI' l"m:tbull Ill: Mechanical Drawim: Club -H-115: Mirabile Ilia-tu Club I6-17, Uppurhnrify. sornzzrr or later, comes fo all who worlc and wash. ll'll,l,lAlVl HUAKIDMAN l'iUl'ilill'l isumlrv czub 1-.u.A, 11-xii, . Spanish Club Ili: Ollicvr will: l".H.A. H3-,173 Clmrul llll lb I l .IA I N BOYNTON MARY KATHRYN BROWN Fate makes our 'ra-Ic1tiues,' choice makes our friends.-Dr:L1LL1c. ..A..17... 2 , , , 5- -i lx JKWJ A num who does not leurvl. by his misfalfes turns flu' 1106! school muster out of hls life. GLORIA COLLINS 1f.n.A. 10-47. ROBERT COX Spanish Clulv M-45-46-47: Mlrahilv Diutu Club 45-46- " 46 Clas Pla 46 47' Annual Stall' 46-472 472 ll'uCl4 1 ss y - . Ifirvmnn Hi-47: Annual Staff Play 45-46. BOBBY DA LE 1-'.l-xA. 4z.4::-111-45-40-47. RUTH IIA NNER l".l1.A. 46-IT. CLASS OF '47 REBECCA BROWN l".H.A. +15-46-47: S.P.C. 4435 Wh0's Who 46: Class Play 115-46-47: Class Officer lil: Class Favorite 46: Annual Staff 463 Band 46447: Band Reporter 16: I-'.H.A. Vico- Prvsirlont 47. LA V ERN l'I l:uUc'lllf1l: lVlEllICNlA CTAN'l'RlCl.l. HOWARD CAREY Mechanical Druwimz' Club -15-1135 Mirulmilv him-Lu Cluh IG-47. The school is not the and but only the beginning of an education.--COOLIDGE. . -if X Y g ik 29 if Q N 3' I Thr' sz'1'r1'f of lmppiuvxs is not in doing -whuf one likes, but in lilring what one docs.-BARRIE. SAM EADS Cinss Play -lli-lT: lVlii':ibilv Dim-lu Club will-17. l,UlYIl,Ll'I l'IAlll' HARVIGY EARI' Mimbila- llictu Club -Vi: "S" Assn.-uiutiun 413--Ili-47: llnsi-ball -Ili: Class Olliccr 45--IG--173 Mlrabile Dictu Club Plny -lil: Slum- llflamam-r Class Plny -IT: S.P.C. ITQ Class l"nvoriti- 17: Whifs Who 47. lllAli'l'llA EVANS Clmrnl Club llig Spanish Club lli-IT: Miwibilm' llivtu Club 16-47: lllirnluilv lliclu Club Play Ill: Class l'l:1y llll. x C L A S S 0 Fi ,4 7 TED DEAVER lfimtlmll fl-l-45--165 Mirubile Dictu Club 46: "S" As suciatinn 45-463 Mechanical Drawing: Club 44-46. JACK IIUVIG JOHNNY DUNN Football -iii--l-l-l5-46: Basketball -l-l--15: Truck 114-45- 465 Baseball 46: Annual Staff 45-46--173 Stinger Stall' 45- 46: Spanish Club 43-44: Olficer 43--Hg "S" Association 14-45-46: Class Play 443 Class Favorite Runner-Up 45- 465 Runner-Up Most Representative 45-flfig Fireman 45: Annual Stall' Play 173 Chapel Prmzram Committee 46-47. JUANITA EAMES l-'.H.A. 15-45--IT: S.P.C. 16-17. .. -1 Happiness is ll delicate balance between what one is and what one has.-F. H. DENISON. ...19... X 46-47. 2 Clulrucirr is simply a habit lfmg cunfiuued. ELBERT HAMILTON l".l".A. 15--Ili-117: Class Play 46: Mirubile- Dlctu Club flli. MARY SUE HARVEY l".ll,A. A15-Ml-473 lVlll'nbilv Dictu Clulu 45-M5-47: Stix-m-v Clulu 415-17: Program Committee 46-47: Class Play 47, C L A S S O F ' 4 7 LEON FERGUSON 5-1162 llaselxaxll 16. WALIDU l"lNClll'Ili : . -' :nu-ul llmwimz Clulu ll-I5-Ili. DOROTHY GEICSLIN I ll A I Hi-47: Class Play NIT: Annual Stull' l'Iuy Ili. U ANNA BELLIC HARRIS l".H.A. '15-463 Mirabllc Divtu Club -lil-IT: Science Cluln J. W. HOLMES l".I".A. llll-15--16-47: Science Club 16--17. Nl'lLllA HUCKABAY Mirnluilv Dia-tu Club 46-47. The rval 1111119080 of books is to trap the 'mind inlv doing its own Q. -20-- th in Icing.-MOSLEY. If you yvurn jus! om' usvfzrl thing lmffw' f rluylmrly r'lHf', you will H9l't'I' lu' out of a jolr. --ul RUBY FAY JONES l ' l".ll.A. lf:--HS--IT: Sm'l'a'l:u'y FIT: Chu:-ul Clulr IG: lfilflll I0-1.3 I' lm: lin-nm-I' IT: 0lTi1-or I6-IT. MORGA N KAY l".l".A. ll-17: S.l'.C. 16-175 Class Ollicur -I5-'16-IT' Annual Stull' Play tlig Prvsielvnt of I",I".A. I5--Ili. l VICTOR KAY l" l" A I5-47' "S" Xwxmiulioll 13 Ili I7 li s . . . . , . - -c-r - 3 uukvetballl lm-Ui-IT: Scivlw: Club IT: Vice-Plcslllvnl. uf l".l".A. HS. CONSTA NCE l.IN lJl.l'IY Spunislu Clulu JIS-IT: l".H.A. 15: Eslitur of Annuul -IT: nm-1--up Must lh-press-mutin- IT: Whu's Whu 417: '.C. -IT. CLASS OF '47 BETTY JO JOHNSON JACKIE JOHNSON lin' :I Ili- IT. ARTHUR JOHNSON l".I".A. 415-Hi-IT. ROBERT JONES l"c1ut'all ,124--H-15-415: Spanish Club 43--ll-45--163 Basket I-ull H-I5-,Mig Firv Chief -15: S.P.C. -455 Mechanical Dmwini: Club 46: Who's Who -IS: "S" Association 44- I5-Ili. 'I l ,. Blessed is he who has fouml his nxorlrg let him ask no oflzvr blcsserlness. --g1... ii I T .' 41" O "ill Q. . Q - Ui: i All who joy IUIJIIICI 'u'f'1r must shun' iff lruppincss was burn ll f'l4'f7I.'-BYRON. LOWELI, MATTHEWS Class Play M-45-46-17: S.P.C. 415-16: Mirubilc Divtu Club 46-17. RUBY JO Moolcld l".ll.A. 15-1133 Mirulviln- llim'l,u Clulu 17. DOROTHY MONTGOMERY l'IllWlN IVIUKHIS S.l',l7. 'il-113: Iinslwtlmll 'H-'15-443--17: Mnnaum' 45--llll lllwvtlrall 15-Mi: Class Play 44-45-16-173 Class Olficc-1' 116- 17: Annual Sullf 46-47: Spanish Club 41-45-46: Firvmxm -15: "S" Association 45-46-1173 Science Cluh 46-47: Truck -16-47: Annual Staff Play 46-47. CLASS OF '47 WAYNE Lows l".l+'.A. 'H--15--16--17. .l UNE Nm-IIONA llll ANNABl'Il,l.lC IVICGICHICIC BETTY MQLARTY emu.-an Club usp Mirabile Din-tu Club m.17. I Imam. no tiling as genius-genius is nothing but labor and diligence.-HOGAITH. -22.. CLASS OF '47 MAGGIE MOSELY UVUN NULANII U JANE NEIGHBUURS ' W' :, 473 Caass Play 46-47: Who's Who 47. F ERLENE PROFFITT 49" .... A Q v Spanish Club 46-47: Class Favorite 473 Class Officer X S Q lx r Wisdom is in l.'f1ou'1'ng hlfll' to do it, and virtue is doing it.-DAVID STARR JORDAN. THOMAS RHOADES ML-chanirul Drawing Ululv lin--IG: Science Club 475 PATSY RHOAUES l".A. 45-46. fix ..., :Z s.v.c. 47: Mirabilc Dictu Club 47. ' ' H nl .Lil l - - WJ J. C. RIGGS l4'.lf'.A. .15--us-47. .IU ANN ROBERTS Spanish Clulx 46-47: Mirnbile Dictu Club 47. There is a pcrzvrfr greater than the power of bayo- ncts and tha' is the power of ideas.-NAPOLEON. ....23.. Tlzc only way to make ll, friwzfl is to bc omg- EMERSON. ID. A. SMITH Mirahilc Dictu Club 47: Cheer 'Leader 47: Class Play 46-47: Mcchunicul Drawing: Cluh 47: S.P.C. 47. W. C. SMl'l'll l"mv1,lmll 43-'14-'15-46: Bnskelball 43-44-45-46--17: llnsc- lnall 46: Track 45-46-47: Runner-up Class Favorite 46: Class Officer 45-46: Annuul Staff Play 45-46: I4'.F.A. 43: Firm- Chief 47: Wh0's Who 44. CLASS OF '47 JOHN BEN RUMPH 1f'.F.A. 44-45-46. JO ANN RUSSELL Class Play 45: l".H.A. 45-46-17: Choral Club 46: .luniur llunnvr-up 16: Mzijorottv 46: School Swccthcnrt. 47. LYNN SE WELL llaskvtlizxll 'Ili-47. YVONNE SHUFFIELD Class Officer 45-46: Reporter 45: Treasurer 46: Stinger Stall' 45-46: Sophomore Editor 45, Junior Editor 46: Class Play 45-46: F.H.A. 45-46-47: Reporter 47: S.P.C. 45: Annual Staff 45: Business Manager 47: Annual Staff Play 47: Band 47-Secretary and Treasurer 47: Major- ette 47. W T S f' All f W JAM SONES Class Officer 45-46: Buyzler 45-46: S.P,C. 45-46-47: '- President of Student Body 47: Who's Who 46-47 : Spanish Club 47: Mirnbile Dictu Club 47: Annual Staff 45: Class " Play 45-46-47: Band 45: Orchestra 46: "S" Association ,... ,WE 46-47: Football 45-46: Runner-up Class Favorite 45: Class Favorite 46. .' v 3? RAYMOND s1'oNr1 . i lluellwlliull 44-45--46: Science Clulx 46: l".l".A. 44-45-46: W I Class Officer 45. lVh.en. love and skill work together, expect u masterpiece. -24- Au ublf' num shows his spirit by gcnfle -zum-ds and resolute ar!ions.-CHESTERFIELD. LA RUE WHITE l".ll.A. ,amen-17: Chun-1.1 Club ua. MAE lll'll,l. WlllTFIl'll.ll Clmrnl Clulu 16: l".H.A. Ili--175 Clulx Olfirvr IT. KENNl'ITl'l VVYATT Clmw Play I-I--153 Football 153 Hnselmll 45--IG: Basket- b 5-463 l".l".A. -163 Class Officer -16: Annual Staff 117: Mi lo Dictu Club -IT: Annual Staff -XT: Most Represen- lutlvcf -17: Fireman 15, ll lC'l"l'Y BliAlVll.l'l'l"l' Mirulrilv llictu Cluh lli-17. -.-25.. ia. CLASS OF ' DIXIE STASFJY 1-'.H.A. 45..w--17. MCKICIC JANE TA YLOR h.l,L. lo--lh: Spanish Llulw I5-lh: Class l'I:u Ilv ll Mimlvilw- Ili:-lu Clulx Hi-173 Annuzll Stull' 143-VI. MARY TEAGUIC l".ll.A. I5-115. MAXINE THOMPSON 'wry natural ucfiou is gl'llL'l'f'llI.-EMERSON ' THE JUNIOR CLASS '46-'47 OFFICERS PlCES1llEN'I' .... A, R. PEARLIY V1cE-PREs1oEN'r DONNA D,ARCY SECRETARY MARY TOM ROBERSON TREASURER , LANELLE PYEATT REPORTER NANCY SEAY SPONSORS Mus. ADIGLE FRAZIEH MRS. KATHLEEN WILLIAMS The Junior Class of '46-'47 was organized early in the school yeali of 1946. Out of a class of eighty-five students the five officers listed above were chosen. 1 The class was inactive during the first semester of the year, but during' the last sem- ester a play, "They Gave Him a Co-ed," was presented and was a great success. Of course, everyone enjoyed the annual Junior-Senior Banquet. Scottie, A. R., Bull, and l-lonky played great games of football, and we are proud of the boys. The members of our class are active in basket-ball and track, too. We are all looking forward to our senior yearg yet, knowing that it is our last year, we do not want the days to go by too swiftly. The Junior Class will always remember the happy days of High School. ..26- L, - L S -,ff . : -I is X 'iliuvif' x X. a x in Lf ' if CLASS OFW18 MAVELINE AYCOCK Y ,.,, as XS IHCN l:A'l'Y Q K " ,1AMlf:s1sAK1cR X ff -27- V. II. BIRD BILLY BRAMBLETT MARY K. BRANNAN LAUI5AZl'ILLl'I BROWN MILTON BROWN HOBBY BRUMMl'I'l"1' ANN CANAIPY CHARLES CARTER .IAMIGS IC. 4TAli'l'I'lN E E :Au ..., . 11" '13 CLASS OF '48 JOHN CAWTIIORN MARIIC VRICWS DONNA l,4lIIISI'1IP'.-XIIIW I'lIDIJAI.I'IIC IJOWICLI, WILMA IDIIISKIIII. W. II. DUNN MARIE IIUNSON BETTY FRA N KI.I N MARY I"RANIiI,lN MARVIN I"INI'III'IR IVIARI-LYNN GOI,IGlI'I'I,Y l!II,l,l I'I GRA Vlih Ex CLASS OF '48 MISSY GRIMES V 4 r .IOY lIAMIl,'l'ON f ,. 3 l4l'I'l"l'Y IIAIHVIAN i VS 'NK X 3 A SEX S Q Y ""'uv -Q- ,Q v N. N Q . ...- Q -X ,Q 5 . pu Nil' ww? CIIAHLES IIIUKS PRESTON HOOK ALTON RAY HOOTEN ', I .MA .IO HURLEY MA RTRUE H UTCII ESON New 'VNU -A zu..- MANY HYDE HAIL JACKSON MARY HELEN JOHNSON l!ONNl'lI.l1.IONI'2S fb ix K ., K X Q 1 ,QV 5 Q ziz ,lzg i 1rARmc1,1. LANI 'EFF :E2'E:Z .:'. ', am 1? I ZR N3 4'-2.-W 'Q' ...3 0.4. CLASS OF '48 BETTY KEITH LESTER LACKEY ROY LARNER, JR. MART LATHAM HOWARD LAY LOREE LEATIIERMAN BILLY WEST LEE l5ER'l' l.lNllI.EY PEGGY LINIJLEY HERBERT LITTLE VIRGII. 'l.l'l"I'l.E Q XR. A N . . V? J ,gi 3 X MJ' '2 3, in . N v X gg? 'N ' Q .- ,31,- . CLASSOF'48 JOYCE LIVINGSTON -f' , RUBY FAYE MAYFIELD MARIE ML-DOUGLE GRACE MEADOR TRAVIS MILLER DOROTHY MOORE PATRICIA MOORE EDNA MORRIS NAOMI OAKES HAROLD PARNELI, R, B. PARNELI. JEAN PAYNE wiv fi? CLASS OF '48 A. R. PEARCY LA NI'II,I.l'I l'YI'IATT NATHAN RHOAIJES LYNIPOI. KOHICRSON 4 f j MARY TOM ROBERSUN ,-.4 ,V ' r-'-M sig T .T NANCY SEAY KENNETH SCOTT ILA I"AYli SHOUK GAILYA SMITH NAOMI STARNPIS EDWARD TARRANCPI ISICNNA 'I'll0RN'l'UN -...A 'YQ .Q aw . . , Q 1 ..,: Efss? CLASS OF '48 JAMES TRAMMELL HUDSON VAUGIIAN LENA FAYE WALKER CLEO WATSON FRANCES WOOD MALCOLM WOODS BOB WORRELL JAMES W. YANCY AL YOUNG ,Q RAY YOUNG I .ff SOPHOMORE CLASS Pr:Es1uEN'r . JOYCE DAwsoN Co-PREs1nENT RAY GRAvEs SECRETARY DARLENE LUTTRALL Co-SECRETARY KAY GRAVES REPoR1'1-:R BETTY Lou HARVEY Co-REPoR'rE1e WENDALL LACKEY SPONSORS Mus. l4'1cANeEs Hom' Mic. C. B. Timur The Sophomore class, consisting of UU members, was organized in September, elect- ing co-officers as listed above. This plan, which prevents the dominating rule of either boys or girls, reflects the class's individuality and democracy. The main activity of the year was the class play, chosen by the officers and sponsors, which thrilled not only the audience, but the whole cast as well. The class sponsors, Mrs. Holt and Mr. Troup, have been extremely helpful through- out the year, entering into the class activities with the real spirit. The Sophomores are ullticipzltimt two more years in Stephenville lligh as equally enjoyable as this one. --3414 9 .3 ., A .X Q! , 'S .1 R ',.,:-. A --QQ CLASS OF '49 BILLY ALLEN JANICE ALSUI' UICUII. ANIDIGRSON - . J' ARIHUK , FRANCES BILLS If P, " ' K L 1mYI.14: 1sAI1,l+:Y 13 Q X5 N , ' t S? JOAN BISHOP . JACKIE BOYD CHARLES BROWN THOMAS 11. CARVER, JR. BONNIE COZBY J. C. CLARK ' EDWIN CLINE THOMAS BLUFORD COLLINS, JR. 1VlAliOf'lI.lNl'J IPA Y fr 5 F 'war qggu CLASS OF '49 JOYCE DAWSON JOIC Illililllffli WAl.LAfTl'1llI'1ANlNlVl'I l"LORl'JNCl'I IJUNN RUTII IJUNSON BOBBIIC LOU ICAIH' ,IOANN EATON ICIJNA I'INGl.l4lli BILL FANNING BILL FLEMING L. D. FRANKS MARGARET GAINES BARBARA ANN GAHAGAN THELMA GEESLIN NAHMI GIBSON YI ff - ,UMW 4 If ,,.,......, ' W.-Aw-vw A CLASS 'OF '49 VIRGINIA GLASGOW RAY GRAVIGS KAY OIQAVIGS IIOY OICNIC OLICNN I3l'I'l"1'Y LOU IIANVIGY LOUISIG HAMILTON NANCY IIOWIQLL LOILANIJ IIUILLICY FRANK ISISELL BILLY JONES ICOBICRT KENNY RAYMOND KENNY MARY .IO KENNY BILLY HENSLICY WPINIJICLI, LAITKIGY . f V. ... limi x .. z-xy. , K ' Qf .::,,.'., . I 1 if I if 4 K I3 A3 i Iwi my x ' ' 'Q V X? X I 1 , JIM i'- mm 9 I-'ff 'A In X: Q' .I 4 4 N1 Ugfmf ff-n s. Q 'f. Ix I. ,I x , r 1' 1 .. .,,, , . zi, ,, ,-,-,. 5 .,..v , I . A .,..A ..,,, kz... X 1,-. ..:.:. I I. 2 'n In P, R IA CLASS OF '49 SARAH ANN NORTH PHILIP OGAN GICNIC O'NI'IAl. SAMMIIC JO O'I"l'INGl'IR ICLIZABETH PARHAM PATSY PIERCE WANIJA I,l'II'1 l'I'l"l'MAN SAIVHVIIIC POWERS , If .1 I RALPH RICHARDSON NJ I, U X 'BOB RAMSAY BILI. RAMSAY ROGER DEAN ROBERSON MARY LOUISE RUSSELL ISAAC SAVAGE my w ,I A O' " .,,.., Q Q E X iff X A E .f 1 K x xiS 5 CLASS OF '49 DARRELL SULLIVAN ALBERT SCOTT CWYNTA SCOTT POLLY SHANNON DOROTHY SKILLMAN JEAN SKILLMAN BETTY JEAN SMELLEY THOMAS McLAIN SPELL, JR. CHARLES STEPHENS DOROTHY STONE BILLY DALE TALLEY MONROE TEAGUE ' """""" ' A BETTY TRAMMELL MARY TUNNELL ' . "':'O 1 ' - ',A:', I '-Q: 'OAEH' A Il, .fgigliff U A Bl'3T'l'Y JU SCOTT 5 ,sig :fini '.Q'Q , YN - lv- M. 'f'-' , , -39 C L A S S U F '4 9 .Jo JEAN LAUGHLIN UOYLE DON LIKE IMOGENE LINIISEY MARION LUUKY IIARLENE I,U'l"l'liAl,I, NADINE MAXWELI JACK DENNIS Mn-CTUIAUJIIGII, JR. DEAN McI.All'I'Y JEAN MCLARTY l.A NELI. MCKNIGHT ALLEN MOOIJY BILLIE JU MOORE GRAIJY MURRY CHARLES NEBLETT, III .. Bun, NIX L x,,l . L, l X L '19 Q .. xx UV? - .111 . CLASS OF '49 IVHICIP Wl'IlIll'INBACII 'FIIUIIMA N WAl,IiICll Mll,l1Iil'IlPM-'XIG WILLIS IHCNNY WUUIF l!l'IIl'l',-N Wlllilr l'IIiNl'IS'I' WOODS ICY.-X VON WYAT' R x 1 Q 'Y s I ' ' x .4 l 1 . rw if ' 1 ,V . I , 4 l FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS ljRESlllEN'l' lJAv1u NEWMAN VICE PRESIDENT HAL PILGRIM, SECRETARY EVELYN ANDREWS TREASURER , REPORTER JOE CANADY SPONSORS MR. GEo. Mum-EY MRS. KR:-:us On September 6, 12946, 122 excited freshman enrolled in Stephenville Senior High School. Taking some time to find out what High School was all about, they finally set- tled down and contributed much to their school. They met on October 7, 1946, and elected officers under the supervision of Mr. Murphy, One of the most outstauiding social events ol' the year was an hayride planned hy their program committee. An evening of fun, food, and foolishness was enjoyed by ull. It proved to be u grrezit success in everyone's opinion. .-,4g,. X Y Tx X S H CLASS OF '50 .ff i3 fu! M hd ' Q 1 I CHARLENE ALEXANDER - - 9 Q .,,,,. P xEVELYN ANDRIQD! . ,v V' ggi I .. ,. . ' N Q V E 3 lu S K, """:: ":"' 1 !lI,l.Y ANTIIUNY BOBBY ATKINSON 3 CHARLSICY ANN ISAKIGIL M x ORVILLIC BELCH ICR J FIRAI, BLACKWOOIP JOIC BIiAIH.I'IY nfs. X S if MARTHA BRAEUICK MARY LOUISE BRAMIAICT MARY JOYCE BKANHAM JIMMY BROOKS HELI-:N BURNETT Jon CANAIDY A MANY MM: UANAIJY --43.- CLASS OF '50 JACKIE CANTRELL FRANCES ANN CARLTON IDONALR CTIIAPMAN IJONALIJ CH KISTI li WELTON CLONlNGl'2li RAY GLENN COOK MARILYN COI"I"MAN DOROTHY COZUY BILLIE JEAN DANIEL BILLY IDICKERSON JESSIFI FERN DOVE BOB FIASLEY NELL DUNSON DAVEY EIJMONIJSON Ol IICN ELLIS, Jlc. Ns CLASS OF '50 .IAM ES IVREIJERIC EVER ETT .I OYC IC IC V A N S ,,14, .,.1,. 1112 4- wi "Wi ,Q xx XIMII IXNIIKN M , .IUIG EVANS n R .IICRRY I"I,0WI'IIlb1 1 1 'lu X QNX 1f'uANcfr:s N ARY C Mild I1 ww- .IAM ES GILLENTINE 'K JACK GILLY .IAMICS Gll.l.Y KATIIRYN GILMORIC JEAN GRAHAM I f-'BE'l'TY SUN GRA NT Mll,IllCl'Ill1llClTVll'lS Q :.,. 3 , I ,,,.-::-.-,. xi 5 - ,f R :EN ""'-: I 5 j-fa 1' Q' , ' ,f I NK-'lx J - 1 CLASS OF '50 JIMMIE GRISSOM JACKIE GRISWOLD JACK IIANCOITK DEIIBERT HARRIS DWAINE I-IAYS DOROTHY IIIGGINBOTIIAIVI PANSY MAME u1'rc:11c:m:K c:uAuLxf:s 11o1.r:1cooK EDHA JOHNSTON LOIS DEAN JONES PEGGY RUTII JONES VONDELI, JONES EDGAR KEELING, JR. CAROLYN KEILBERG I,lIfTII.I,E KEl'l'lI ff sn-R .Is X IP 5 3' I ' ' ' I ISS A xx S 'Q Q as 'N 3 X x X NX Q Qi" IQQFQ W7 .8 CLASS QF '50 DELWYN KOONSMAN BILLY FAYE LAWSON HAROLD LEWALLEN RICHARD LITTLE DONALD LOWERY CAROLYN MARTIN ROBERT MCELYEA NORMA JEAN MINTER DON MOORE l PAT URPIIY 0' DAVHJNEWMAN RAY OWENS LOUISE O'BRYANT JAMES PATTON WA NDA l'l'lNDl.I'2TON 4' v ' HER "' A 1 Ns. mv N 37' " Q ,N ag! A 4555 ' s pk? K 4' 1 Q! . ,""?v Y I -V zziz 'Ns 4 am , 43 ,f an M. 1 L4g- , CLASS OF '50 ALBERT PRICE JOYCE PITCOCK IIAI. PILGRIM CHARLES PYLANT MELVA JO REYNOLDS ?"6g, YV in-A A EJi1i1gHARDsoN tf all JOANNE ROBBINS ELMO RIGGS DONALD ROBERSON PATRICIA ANN ROBERTS BILLY ROSS DON ROULSTON MORAN SATTERFIELD J. C. SCOTT, JR. ROBERT SHIELS may S S ' Q .Ab 'I I 'S A I' mf' X 'Nun ' .,:: ' 5 I CLASSOF'50 BOBBY JOE SHROYER L. C. SHUFFIELD BILLY JOE SMITH IJEAN SMITII J. C. SMITH MELVA SMITH NELL SMITH TOMMY SNOW MARIE SONES BETTY STARNES RUBY STEM NORMAN STEMBRIDGE HELEN STEPHENS SID VAN STEPHENS EVELYN STONE I. A - , W 32? CLASS OF 50 JERL STONE RICHARD STONE SUE S'l'RAClf1Nl'lli DON TA'rr: mn 3 fl' LL' Apu! T ICAO U IG 8 W BARBARA '1'ER1H'lI.l, TERRY BETTY GRACE W IISENANT -AW' JO NELL WARD LETA FAYE WEST GLENN EARL WHITESIIJIC Xml JOHNNY WILLINGHAM THULIA WOOTEN ROBBIIC LOU WRIGHT SNAPSHCDTS 1 www mm Hey, Mz11't.1'uc, your face! IS. Poor Thunclcrbolt. ll. In the jug. Lcap-frog, T. l1f1?ll'1'l0ll woman and two more. 12. He bites Lawdzn. Hobbyhorse. 8. Going' somewhere? 13. High climbers. What are you looking alt? tl. Heads down. 14. Are you posing by any chance? Playing ball? 10. Scrimmage. --52- .sf 3 1 1 x Y' 'N W9 A-F 'QQXN . I' 2':A ,Six V F.. 33.1, . hx li ,Q , 1 1 r .R N Q , E :-. . ,.,.x : , -SN-X 4 6 t . wi .Q if X XT V x , s v l f Q' :" x 9 .17 .. 5 . .,:, X ' V E . . 5? il . lx ,,,, - ' ? ...SEAN I. l'uwr llcmlgv. ii .lust Suphs. 'l -. Whut's thu maxltcr, l,l'L'll.: T Ii. Ambitious 'I 'I '? ' 8 -1. lJuke's mixturu. 9 5. Hello, Potty! 10 Wlmt's in that I lwlgl- Three of a kind. Just rbsting. N. C. Mr. and Mrs. Whz1t's that? Two g'l'0NVSOIllE' twusomes. Serious faces of serious boys Good looking . . . calves, f. A'-W x Yr I 3 gb Showing off. Smile for the birdie. Timber! Just leaving? What for? E .. Hello, girl. Names in the news. Time for the bell? Tough crowd. El Why the smile? VVatch that pole. Snakes in the grass? Three deep. 5' sl i m ww Q: M e.. mm , Q 57 This is forbidden hy Mr. Jones. Hi! Ho! Iloblxiri. lirunmi przuieers nt' S. H. H. Stretcliiiig the -. Four horses. Beauties ot' the fishes. Spring is sprung. Just be careful. 1 M55-- 'DSX Your guess is as good as mine! 50-Q. fbi i Monkey faces. More fishes. hunk more pleasant ph-use! Some crew. Sunning in the sun. Working, but how hard Be careful with the car. ff! ff 'ni- v l JI fs. Fir- ,I in .-if 451 K V l f 4 . gk wg? l I ,4 71 sl' Night school. Just ilirls. Whulfs su funny. Well l Well l .Q an 'umm 5. The muscle men uf S. H. S. 8. Hubba! Hubba! li. Why so glum. chums? ll. Open your eyes Naomi. 7. Two line young men. 10. All American. -56-. ll lil 11 ll. Smile just a little. Lust his last frim-ml. llaty, where is M. K. ll A happy crew. as x Xl 6,2 .. 4 1 4 w i 4 -So ,nag ,......-...QM l. Look out! lt might falll 2. Don't Ret too rough, girls. tl. 'l'wo Blufl' Dale sporhswomen. 4. Who ure they? H-m-m-whar's th' other izal? Sl. Is it cold? Quite a collection. 10. Car caught cold, kids? Sight-seeing. 11. Pleasant past time, I guess. You boys always manage to get in. 12. How do you spell a long, low whistle? ...57.. il .4 s, X ,M , mmf?-. xwwmi 3253 ' ' ' f.: .' if ij x ' Q:?"f 1 8:44 qs l N i if . ,. .:,. ' -,-g...ix,5- Q wi' f .Q ,aw 'ew M 5 1. All AlllL'l'lC2illS? 2. Sun grins. ... Ring zxrnuml llw rosy. 1. llzirvm-y's tuclniiquc at wurll. Li. Quite 21 loud. 13. Aw, come on now, grin ax little. egg, BFI'-l'l'-I' llm-y. sun, lww clirl yin gut in" Nnto tliu vxpim-ssimi. Goin' sonic plan-0? Ancl so many in um- pin-Lnru! Nocturnal S. H. S. Lazy little lads, ain't they? M wr- 2 Q K , WNW ,. QQ x QR X X12 . A Xswsm E bn .L gi ..: i , X x X Ixuy is re-:ally doubln-li. llum! Tznkv it 1-usy. 'I'Iw fZlI'lll worm-n ui' tmluy. IInw's the weather up l,IlL'l'1 Lovely backp.:1'ounml. Hen party. Sisters. L"Yr'1w '. "5 QV :ig . wmzg'-N1 Dog pile. Beautiful car. Hur troubles begin Stags of S. Il. S. Beauty bath. 6-man football. Holley cats. Lazy bones. Wyndol--thv out tloorsnlan. 'l'hinkil1g'! Turtles C0l11iIlg' out for sun, N. C. fno commentl. Stockyard bound. gm we ,I -E.:-:., S.,:..:::-, l . .J Nw. x N 'X KV ' N U s XXX F Q Xi Q 5 . 'W ' N. . i 5 SQ xxx QQ l ke Q x lt N X RW S S QS, W ,. W " Q A .h... ' . S 5 Q-S5 Q: ' Tl - ., E A ' s Kbuu 'V A . K , XQQQ . F ' . 3 'XF' ,- i Likely lookin' lzisses. L1-an two. 1'axnicrzi-conscious. li. 0. brzlml suiimlpaipn-i'. Smiles :irc precious, yu I love you truly. know. 8. ii. Ill ll 12 13 '--lil-- Look like mighty inen, eh? Buster Brown, Inc. l-Izlttei' up. The Lone Raiigcr Watch the birdie. R for rattlesnake Pretty tree-isn't it? lbs un C lflg la 's lil -n 5 A 'su s 2' L is , li' -XV. V1 xl! 'sfffy lk , ' c -JE, ..,, , ,ff g ,vyil Q -.l Q . "Wax , W l N 5 A -.f.. A , , :lj if +1 ...,,., n W ll c, Q, is v ..,...,. , ,., 2 M, K N., A an G J' X 'I I x. ll. .1. li. T. .1 V, , S N x r 8 Y ,nl lvl-iml Ala". Class l"rcsl1n1m-rm M A. U. Nuturc tzllacs il CULll'Sl Yo Gu u munc it at wa-igllt champ Girls M boys of S. H. b. 'l'l1 rec-V ---l?l l'!ll lwprinl, . Slmotin' the lnullll! Mrs. Slllltlllti class Home Economics Building.: One of the I'll'2lZlCl'lS classes .'Ruggcd journey 1 we .. 'Fifi 1 YA ,R , 1 'X The long A3 tho short of il, Sunning 2 plus 2 equals -1? Four jills and a pup Big head Kay! Four wonders 7. Popsoilvnt smiles b. Lazy bonus il. The true stooges 10. This is no laughing matter 11. Just looking' 12. What are you looking' for, James Must, lic lvzip y Hl.z1il' Htvps Smile buys! Big Lill'ClJ l'ziii1Lcd dolls Bluff Hallo, luv. l Swim- Iiuiicli liuzy bones Four cronies LC3.1lillg' towers Sluupy Man-dell 'l'l.reu uf ai kind 5, H B-1'-1'-1'-1' . .. k W , id' A x .,., 3 5 , Q.: ,.,. N in N X . X , ki XX eh KS N F SQ? X my X T? X ,W , Xe fix 11 M Emi vs fi Lum. :un L yzlf li llappg T!!! E 1 I F ! L 5 " 1' v . y , ,V X 6 'ke af ' 5 's Vlzmss illL'2llllPllNPl1l1,I.N' 7. Should haw tukun IllUl't' ul' Some like il, SONIC liUll'L W hut il pose! ' J. the bus It must be love What expressions. Gin' places! Y g f' lil l 5 ' -4 XXX 4' Studying really isn't so bad Even though it hasn't become a fad. di .EK If S Y, M- .I , "-f,Qg.:- ,,,.f .. . A ,. X is f We are always enjoying a kodaking spree No matter where we might, happen to bc. I l :-+55 Q li F.:-2--5-:P N,-,,r Q f ""' I 0- 11 . 1 Qnrf. This is an old familiar sight Trying to teach us what is right, fl? 'seq 653 Q.. 'ff W ., e :Q 0-10. -,NB At the half we think its grand Just to lead our marching band. Golden days have passed away, Yet in these papers they will stay- Memories of long ago, Kept for you and me to know. . W55-- 9. tal 9 ... SX .11 N NJ-X XX...-"E ' arf: X4 'A A 5 xr, -sh l f'-' Uni' clubs are always lots of fun With parties galore when our work is done. .,.,,,. 5? ' i lil fffxx . ,,x d n We have lots and lots to do Yet we find time for dancing too. K. fi MIX' - . . ,V " X A 22 ! -v J 5 QA J' I- - Yo' lit' U t -r:-,f x i . - - .1 .-.1--1 .- ..-... - ...- llcre comes a Jacket all the way 'l'hey'll win to play another day. yd--L. .ri ir The Dove Quo. June LQ Julius. llvrt zlml ifmnstzxxwv. Mcllurly-f-'thrcu Linn-Q ifhus. and Kuhccczn. Mary' Lou und Ralph. . Y... WL. 7. Kenneth and Gwcrm. 8. The llarvuy Girls. il. Tho lJunson"I'riu, IU. Kenny l,ull1L-lllll'1l puwn-r. ll. Kay mul Ray. 12. Bill und Bob. s is-.ff J "' 5 s. x hmm ,M si 1..- Ed KL Edna Morris. Mary Tom Sz brothers, Jones sisters. Jack SL James Gilly. Bishops. Lackey brothers. GR 7. Skillman sisters. 8. Evans sisters. 9. Little brothers. 10. Stephens brothers. 11. Worrell brothers. 12. Wood brothers. BRGTI-IERS AND SISTERS lll'Sl- row: Kvnm-th nnml Eval Von Wyatt. Imuisv :mil Elbert Humillun. 'Yummy anll Viviun Grallaqm. Mullrm- nml Mary 'l'ou vunal row: .luv aunl Allll Uaumfly. Ill-lly :xml Louisa- llramlolt. llornthy and Thvlmzn Gm-slin. llucillv :mel lie-ttv .lo Kuith lhxrml row: Ruby mul Willie Stem, S. R. und l'll'llllCL'S Bills, Wuyuc and Betty '1'1'ummull, Johnny mul l"Im'uncQ Dunn. l ., -59.,-. CCDUPLES 1. W. C, Smith-Martha Latham Uudgej fMartJ 5, ,,2. Kenneth Wyatt-Peggy Lindley Qliootj QPegJ 3. Charles Brown-Joyce Dawson lCha1'lieJ fJoyceJ 4. Dorothy Higginbotham-Billy Allen fDotJ fBillJ 5. Bob Alexander-Joyce Livingston fflol. Bobj Uoycel 6. Virgil Little-Bobby Boren fVirgilJ QBobbyJ 7. Joe Canady-JoAnn Robbins fJoe7 fJoAnnJ .Q 8. A. R. Pearcy-Donna D'Arcy fA. RJ KDonnaD U. Jessie Fern Dove--Donald Likes fJessieJ fDonJ ..'f0... FAVQRITES , a X ff!! J.- f 44, lv. 4 V J' ' 1- 'lf ,. ,",-""5' if .V-.f , L ,, . ' ,,'v:. . 43, . . . J, W -A .63 ' 1. ...F-ff' J: "rr :fa -Srl,-is .. ..,U5v5. 'lik . . Uk,--is' . ,U ,X . .L1.l. as Tfi - 'fast' ,"3,"n,I Q'2"E1'TE" A 4 'v 111. , , QI.. Aff ffl 'IV-x r .' . ut.. 'Wi fx. . if j 4 V 'f...5,: . 'f .. fi." I if: . . .n Ein'-g W . M '-s.z I, f ,:.,V.g,.,,q .I - 4 ,. .f ' f.f'ff' we -. I '.. '. n- VH: 4 'uh ft- ,Ig U- WSE. Agn-4 , . ' w 'IS .av mv' "1 . N 'fi 1 '-fwf- X-f + 1 Jk"j,ffR -'Q-,igff ' 1 'I '21, 1 'C -' I SWEETHEART JO ANN RUSSELL H: I EEA, 7 STUDENT PRESIDENT JAMES RAY SONES' j' ' 1 rf Wa 1 1 V , , -.. ' 1. ' .. 5 4, - -Q V U , 'I 4 J ' Q 4 I f . , ,, I' . , 1 5 ,I 7 " A 3- I ! - J J ' D ,fx . .v- ' . , 1 fi , e ' f MCDST REPRESENTATIVE , ' , l V Y .f f A- . PEGGY LINDLEY KENNETH WYATT SENIOR JANE NEIGHBOURS . , N , k VA .. L 1 M, . Y ,f , .Iggy -4 ,,. TS' 5: S s A fpwxi-,QL I t 'vfqxbivwf X x f-. .H .. u.,.+...- HARVEY EARP JUNICDR .KQ 9 .Qi 3 35 -L A. R. PEARCY DONNA D'ARCY N 'L' NWN x .S ' 'ggi 1. SOP?-ICDMORE RAY GRAVES BETTY LOU HARVEY 49- 6. Z S ' o s "78uJ wb NJ-J.A4.!A,,' , Lug k'CfL'i'u J. ..,'g'.Lfvfx Q,,,L,fL.LA., -'I-41, H- Aj RJ f,s1"4"L'y'1'..f j'i,gx,g! , -9,.yg, L. C. SHUFFIELD FRESI-IMEN fy ' L 7 WW, N. gn ,,v, .., 4, " , 1 Irwin ' Ah 'V I .AA I I K , RUIXIIXIERSQUP .Q , ,5,,w, SWEETHEART-JOY HAMILTON ,SENIOR FAVORITES--BETTY JOYCE BENTQN, W. C. SMITH J UNIOB FAVORITES-ALTON RAY Ho0'1'EN, MARY KATHERINE BRANNON S01-'HOMORE FAVORITES-JOYCE DAWSON, RALPH RICHARDSON FIIIISHMAN FAVORITES-OREN ELLIS, BARBARA ATERRELL M0sT REPRESENTATIVE-JOHNNY DUNN, CONSTANCE LINDL Y 1 1 534' F U, .ip , 'f52"':'.5 A.- ,"' AA If' -' - 12 -I . "ff I Ag? Ex! f , I ij- ,E v .JU ,WTF fi'I+.,. 4:5955 Q 'I iixv. ,-'f ,ni mf "A P ri ax A , L3 'A ji if . ,An asf mi 'z F" :- ..x ... . 'Q ' 'LL jgk, ' ,, ESU .. 1 . .Vi Min, u ,FM . fr -nm I-1-.4--1 8 .14 ., . 15' ' Avi. 4. I .-. VA- .4 3 U' , R5 4 Tug P' 4.iEg,'.e. 1 ,J .,.'!g,,.- . 1,.,,ME'y,,,,. ' 1 " ":i -2' -3' 1- X ,V . I : -if i f ' :Ml 4 . ,, '. 'rr- Qlf, QL E. Aff., NEWT- Vllh 1.7. qffv W f :yi - 'v E21 Q1 ul, 3534 1. '- ri 11- . q.V,fA , -- :- 71 --iw. J .av W ill, an ff fi 'rw .'-lar.-tag' Q PQL. ?gQf'4d :V 1, . . ,z L' 1 'l ., , "J MQ-J. ,,e. K ,,f'Le,w' Tiff: 'gs Eff- ' .,., ,J ., . , --7.4, -v r f q'E.- -:cf QE- 1 ff-Y ' 1' .x-U . .W ' L A favs ifw- - "' I x H, .FQ i 'Q' if Z4 .jf ae. , QA' 8 .1 mv, A J WLS.. . A u 2lX'q wil 5 Y 'Y 4 ' Af .1 ? I 'v- ' 1 1351- " . 4-.63 if +14 VA ,-X .1 'VY ' "W 2 x -4 .Q 51 5? ' ff New , .+A sflvfgf A ' " V . gg, A , x. 4 LF? V 'Q if 1 'Q'-pw . 1 ,, .Y , ' . .- 1 1 .V . ' .L A f N v ' v H Us W H 0 RAY GRAVES JOY REE HAMILTON LaNELLE PYEATT KAY GRAVES JAMES RAY SONES . CON-STANCE LINDLEY n . -N, -x , :mu '- . -,W .I , si H .ig ', 5 .. ..-N QF? qzifv . 'Q41 g::"'i"' -.fl Q - -w..1- A ., r Af -A . -ff-1"Ei:.7-,,x.a.zr' 'ff - . 4. ' f . . ' ' ' , ,f ' ' .T , , lim. f,,,1 -- 1, . - '4:"'-, -.,-. xr V' .7 U, , ,M 21.5589 Lfiff , i"1- '-'ff' .7 ' 1 v -ff-"2 Q15 '- '---. -4.1-1. 1' 'f-,Q.g,'p 1 f."1'-b'y1z' uf? M '-2-0 '... 1 , 7.-1"",i4fr --.X - fi :,, . :A .,L- .,. , K J-,, fi E Y- .gg ,L. - Y W. ul, .H - V.: '.' ' .4r.1.4vAh,,..,,,.,f',4-,f., f L.--4'f, ' N W 'A :fn 3? 'A - "'-47+---f 4-w.r"W6' FfI'!"vi 1 - J. 5' 'H 4 4'-1T'ff:2,gvJ1 .1-.1 ZF ri 2.511-, ' ' 'F' rw . 'D' ' 'W if 'SL X '- -' ' , V. My sl-L ,:Qm,.'.': '. A. ,Q ,f, at - 4 .,'."'.j fx:-5::f,f,: N . wn..QQ ij QJ.. M. -,,a' :7l'.f. W Ti-B, ' - - - pq,-1, Y 3 x , , .- , 1515 ,f .-1 - .. ':, 31:4 , ...H-fn -.Y ..,, . .L+-, 5, ,, 4,4-- .,, ' : 1,4- Q 111.0 ...., .1 A Hrfw 1 V' "vw 1 f. !- if-f' L?.,J": Q'1f'5g nh. " bxqm 'Elisa CI-ICDSEN BY S. P. C HARVEY EARP JANE NEIGHBOURS DONNA D'ARCY A. R. PEARCY KENNETH WYATT gforilbil lr PEGGY LINDL Y ,J A 1. Scott shows up in the DeLeon game. 2. Band pe1'f0rming'. J. Flag bearers and lnzljorettes. 4. Stephenville's up-lift society. 5. The Annual Staff weclcling' cast. 6. Bond fire and the yell l9?ll6l'S. I r Q , . ' lf' 'J Y 7. Bond tire X---- 8. Johnia Did vs. Forcl Brahn. 9. Favorites. 10. Destruction engineers. H ' 5 'W xv - ' E in L p. P 4, I gfliijf is if l l Coach Murphy with a handful of men. molded a team that was united not only in strength hut in spirit. With eleven re- turning: lettf-rmen next year, Coach Murphy will, with his ability tu understand boys and with their loyalty to him, un- doubtedly turn in nn excellent season for the Yellow Jacket records. "A" SQUAD The Jackets started this season with coniidcnce lie- cause with most of our main men back we had a good team. Our first game, with Fort Worth Tech, turned out very successfully with a 24-0 score for us. We went to Graham next to lose to them with a 12-26 score. In our game with Cisco, our first district frame, it seemed as though we should win but the score was a 12-12 tie. At the Weatherford game, next on the district line-up, we were more fortunate by gaining a 14-12 win. In the Breck game the boys had hard luck and came out on the small end of a 13-25 score. Our next frame, with Ile Leon, proved to be an easier game with the Jackets winning by a score of 19-lil. The Mineral Wells Moun- taineers won from the Jackets in a late touchdown pass which resulted in a 6-0 score. The next gaine with Paschal thc Jackets came out 21-38. mm scoiu-1 'rHr111c's Fort Worth Tech . . 24 0 Graham . . . 12 26 Cisco . . . . 12 12 Weatherford . 1-1 12 Breckenridge . . 13 25 De Leon . . 19 13 Mineral Wells . 0 ti Paschal . . . 21 348 Ranger . . . 349 lil Brownwood . fi lil 'l'op: Couch Murphy, Bobby Shroyer, Bill Dickerson, Hudson Vaughan. W. C. Smith, Robert Jones, Johnny Dunn. A. li. Pearcy, Ben Raty, Jack M1-Cullough. Dean Roberson, Ralph Richardson. Bottom: Albert Scott, Marvin Fincher. Ted Deaver. Johnny Willingham, Kenneth Scott, Bob Alexander, Joe Cunady, li. B. Parnell, Roy Glenn, Ed Morris, Alton Hooten. J UNIUR JACKETS The Junior Jackets turned in Z1 very good season this year, Probably some of the boys will make the Jacket squad in the years to come and an excellent showing against all opponents. The Junior Stingers, Slaying against some good ball clubs, turned out five games with three won-one tied-and one lost. llanics won: liuilger, llublin, amd Wezitherford. A Tied: Weatherford. Lost: Strawn. Couch Nlobley, returning us assistant coach bu the team he coached in '37 and '38, developed this year a line that all over the' district was respected for its strength. Mr. Mobley also A goached the Junior Jacket squad who turned in a fine 588803. 4 e l' ' w' ' 'i Y' K Y Ki ' 2 I . V 'I f V . ' X! I V fl Q l 1 ff 1. , i 4. V, 1" 1 . ' Wid- - I Q93 Q 'I'op: Hobby lirumme-tt. Red Wheeler. William Boardman, Lester Lackey. Kay liluvcs, ltuy Gnivoss, liobhy Atkinson, 1"runkie Isbell, Herbert Roberson, Charles Stevens, Coach Mobley. Bottom: L. C. Shuffield, Glenn Whiteside, H. B. Garrett, Wyndul Lackey, lky Ncwnmn, 'l'. U. Uo1lins,. Billy Russ, Tummy Spell, Hal Pilgrim. ' -35- INA LATHAM JOHNNY DUNN swEE'rHEAR'1' ACTING cAP'1'A1N . .1 STARTING LINE-UP Top: A. R. Poarcy. Johnny Dunn, Rubert Jones, W. C. Smith. Bottom: Ted Deaver, Johnny Willingham, Kenneth Scott, Bob Ale-xamier, Joe Cuxuulg. K. B. Pzwxxell, Ruy Glenn -85.. JOHNNY DUNN-BACK Zero tacked up 71 points for the Jac- kets this year. He was a side-stepping, awiveled-hipped back that was usual- ly good for a touchdown in every name. Hia running ability and his work on defense earned his position on the All-District First Team and Honorable Mention on the All-State 'l'eam. W. U. SMITH BACK Smith, ii triple threat on unyom-'s team, gave everything he had in each :ind every iznme. His iusks to pass, punt, run. and block were carried through with skill that comes from a horn athlete. He led the Jacket squad to many victories and in doing so, he earned his position on the All-District Second Team. ROBERT JONES -BACK K. B., still in there tearing 'em up on defense. showed that district a very proud exhibition of ball-carrying. One of the fastest backs in the district, he gained much yardage and several scores for the Jackets. He was placed on the All-District Second Team this year and was on the Honorable Mention list for District in '45 and '46. ROI! ALEXANDER CENTER Col., the huatlim: center of the Jac- kets, believed that every game was to be won und put forth his every eifort to aeeompiish this. His rough and rug- ged play on the defense and his quick thinkinpz on the offense gained him a well deserved position on the All-Dis- triet Second Team. SMITH LOOKING FOR A RECEIVER DUNN GE'I'S HIS MAN l bf? .:,, F 1 ., , Mos- .. NQNW' - -, .. -,.,...... ff 'L 4 wwf" 'f i'3 ' 5 'f , WM 'Wi'fT" I . Q 1 1 Ay Wy. i in Q V t, 'A U f 7 .wc-1 A. f ,QA . A , .. ., ,., . -,. ..-J 'PED DEAVER END ll. 0. was a fast. rusrgzed, little end who did not know the meaning: ol' "quit", When his opponents gzot rough. so did he. His speed and agzility en- abled him to break up many of the opponents' pass and punt plays before they developed. His ability to snug: passes and to gzet down under the hull on a punt made him one of the best ends in the district. A. R. PEARCY BACK Vain was one of the most suevessful line-buekers in the ball club. When yardalze was needed, Van eimld usually be depended upon to gzet it. His hnrd hitting: blocks opened many a hole for a fellow back. He was also nn alert person on defense. Much is expected of him next year. K EN NETH SCOTT- G U A ltll Scott. the mainstay in the line. us- ually kept the ball for thc Jackets by g:iving: the opponents a largze set.-back ever so often. Scott, playing: his second year at gzuard, still has another year to prove his worth. His low, hard, un- dying: chargres and his constant cour- axle made room for him on the All- District Second Team. R. H. PARNELL--'l'ACKLE Bull was one of the rouyzhest tackles in the business. When the line needed to hold, it usually did, and not xl play- er put out any more toward holding: it than did Bull. His brand of playing will surely imprnve by next year and he'll undoubtedly he gi very stood man. His hall playing grave him a berth on the Honorable Mention list of this district. UNE BIG MESS SMITH LOOKS SllRROllNDED ROY GENPI GLENN END Pinter, the left encl 4.-f the Stinprcrs. played very uuod bull ull season. He was not only guml on defense lrut could lend in gum! style of interference. Eat- er wus usunlly well down under the lmll on u punt und could cnmlamrel' thc currier very much, fur his tackles were usually very hnrcl. He will he missed by ull ul' Stephenville in the cuming yenrs. JOE UANAIDY GU.-XRD .loc wus ll lltllltlllllll-l-ZlSl lmy that was ilirouirh the line every time and was ulwziys netting: in some nl' the up- pusing lcum's huir. Jue was ulwziys on the ulert for any play through the line or nrnund it und wus usually zxlile tw stop must nf them. He will be missed on next yezir's leum. HUDSON VA UGHAN---BACK Honky. playing his second year with the Jackets, wus injured during mid- svnson but was able to continue in the Inst few frames. Much is expected of this hard hitting, hnrd tackling buck nn the next season nf ball. JOHNNY Wll.lilNGH.-XM 'l'ACKl.H Potty, playing his Iirst year for the Jzicket Sllllllil, has certainly started ful- lowimr in his lll'l?lhl'l"S footsteps. and we wish him luck in doing sn. His rushing: tackles and quick blocks brought him All-District Honorable Mention. VAN lKAlll. l'AllRll'Ilt SMITH HLOCKING DUNN CROSSES THE DOUIXLE- S'l'Rll'l'I STANDING lll' Q -1. 'l ' . li an . 1 fg'?55'f . KX iw: 'Q 1 if "- X s .g Ra-H 5 H . M W., ,Qu is it 2 .t A Q X it A K+ X . - ' N Q X- .vt A-'lx Rl' X x, K , .M 3.vt,., W ..,,t, , f V - - x eygm- r ,, gkgs-ivtiggtW,3wxS b . Qs .' .X f-was fc 'ff , . A - kiqynifwef I- nw A qt Ax -ixxk Vw xpxkzwk H A ,Ak X, Y-gfl NY , lRg"','?' ' li , Q- V we "'R1ki,.5QQfa- g L' I s " ,, 1'lk'v'3 v'f'i'.sL1s' 3 --- ' -N7 it 'fu we 5 "tier Qt Q r- ' - P -' ' W f 55355 Qimigfc- :fL"!'S'f 'st-iSi:i"i"' bi M ' sf ' ' ' me ' 'VW' Q -if f we fflf - it ff X .4 - s -N - - x 3-A 1,-1 "5 " 3 ' .X A ly 535 'ig A-. , . sg, ," ' ", "X fi S5 if Jgf-frivlffw ' i ' if Q 1 s - J-1 X- . 'J rn- X 51' - ' 1 -if - . " ' - -iiiiffgr K' ug 5 if V iii, ,.N5?' ' ,,:5,.,,1.Y,?. + .5 N wr. W -H1 mme Q - L -. , :K ..r 'U M " ,f -89 - gk 'Y 4. . A ,l z. ,.. Qi -kai 1--1 Qs nffgwm-Ia -X 1, .. 5 .es f-.,-.,,,,f, , . . .- ...Q-"V N wfw l ' A f-Y ' 'ii7"'T', 5, K .- ,W ,rf Y M,- 5 x-.12 --HU. -- ag.. rl, 1-Q s J.. .3 'iv L' if :Fi "Qi" -V - ' 4 gt . 1. - , .-sf' V, Q7 ggfq 3 . ' 1 ga f-5' ff f '35 at u, 4-Yfglum -f 5fd2"'l"'qffY' 1, xff .L Q his ...- , ., I I DEAN ROBERSONK -GUARD Deany had the spirit and punch that it takes to make a fine Yellow Jacket. He was a fast charging guard who was rouilh as the next fellow. I-Ie should make an excellent yzuard next season. JACK MeCULl.0UGH- 'VACKLE Jack. sometimes jocosely known as "Runt,," was a ns-wcomel' to the Jacket squad and lacks-d exporienru. Huwvvvr. what he lavkod in that, hc 'made up for in his uliim-km-ss in catvliimg on lu the opponents' plays and his aliility to break it up. If "Hunt" ru-turns to S. H. S. next yvnr, he will mzikv om- rxf the lust, of the Jacket squad. A I .l'lER'l' SCOTT-G l I A RI! Al played guard part-time und bark part-time but was equally good in eavli position. ln the bavkfield ho had thc- drivc of a much heavier person and on the line he wus able tu keep his posi- tion well filled und never let his op- ponent get the best of him. ALTON HUU'l'l'lN L1EN'l'l'Ilt "Fingers", thc- only sulu renter thx- Stinxzers had this year, proved that hc was just a little better than the man across the line, Hu had the blocking' skill of a veteran and the tackling power nf a 200 pounder. This is nnv substitute that should prove his worth in the seasons to come. .lAl7Kl'2'l'S UN lblfll-'ENSIG SMITH. COLONEL AND DUNN ON DEl"ENS'l' EDWIN MORRIS END EII, :i miss catching sub end, was ii much nccdcwl main un tha- Jacket squad. llis spirit mul chatter will long' bc rcmcmlu-i'cd in S. H. S, unrl hy each :incl cvcry unc nl' his fcllow Jackets. Iflml. with his ability to make scrim- nnlm- nnml to crutch those high passes, will ln- niissml in the Juckct nest next ycnr. RAl.l'Il RIUIIARIISON GUARD Iizilph ccrL:uinly mzulc ii rmiuli fm' -'min' nl' lhc lmys this yvzir. fur hc slinwml just hun' il pluyci' slmuld gci. tin-mnzli thc lim- :xml lsau' up thc play lucI'm'c il, l'I'Zlt'l!l'1l thc linc of scrimmmzc. This yuii' wus R:ilph's last ycnl' to play for thc Jnckcts. Hc will he miss- cml in Lhc ycnrs to cumc. MARVIN FINCHER-END lfinchcr was unc uf the fastest. and most rclinlrlc sub ends a coach could aisk fur. Ilis huril clmrxriniz rushes and his jurriniz tncklcs manic him a cun- stunt. threat to thc persun that tried to run in-uumi him. Much is cxpccteil ni' this hull pluycr ncxt year. ISOIIIIY JOE smcoyi-:R-BACK Shrnycr was unc uf our fcw passers this ycur. Hc wus also u fair punter und ai mimi runncr. Iiuhliy wus always :iwukc uml rcauiy un ilcfcnsc and never niisscml u lucklc. Much is expcctcd of this lmck ncxt ycnr. SIVIITII GOING AROUND END GIVE A IKIG BUG, POTTY ,if 4 'Nm-' sais if r Q ws, ,, . f, b., .W X '. S if 5' A x- ' vga: ef .. ,. Xin., . ' 'K H." v vw, , .gi-lvh, , ,f - YN' ' , J '. g'Qnr -.ggffv ,Ni "Wm 5 'Qui 51 1 . ,Q , V VV... 1 I 1' f MEN liA'I'Y- 'l'ACKl.l'I lien was an red-headed sub-tackle who will surely make proud next your. Ben was ready to take all the punish- ment there was to take and then still had plenty of punch left. He was 100W true to the Jackets and will always remain so. liIl.l.Y UICKERSON BACK Dark vvus vm- ui' the smallest men un the- Lv:-lm hut was i nthvre- trying ut. :ill times, If a person cvvr wnntvrl Lu maikv good in football, it was Duck. Su he was lighting all the way. Duck is exepeclml to make u mrml hack next ypall. Bobby and Travis were the boys who kept thu Jackets ready fur play. They were the ones who saw after the odds and ends around the field house. The entire Jacket squad appreciates the 1-H'ort ol' these two maum.:0l's. BOYS Ol" THE "H" SQUAD "li" SQUAD UN lJl'Il"l'lNSE 'I'HE WHOLE .lACKl'I'l' TEAM "IL U." SNARES A LONG ONE ' -v 03: S593 X Q? I 3 YS, X s Q SQ W X 3 S A Q ylxik ,N xx S l .X Q Q x 5 A w SX: X-XQX NYXN Ay? X x is 5: A 43 NS SV . - Ei 3 X E f 5 .F A .X 53, W x we - - 3 1 N Ni W gh? S, X S' Q Q1 A l x 55 an ui " . ....,.. 'x A Q x +9 R Nm N w X A x Q V W, Q? Qu M X vi X ' K Q O vm- 'M' X x X b N ' sf x my N E, 'QS xx X RQ, XJ- X 'A 3 an X f 3 Ls Y W X S 12, x 1 fx 6 X + i x af . , f f X :fx Q X ix S - QQ-Q'XSs:' ' w -A-X ' ' N iw Ni 'S bk- r X S sf Q :xx W MM Q wi xsx, , x A . ,R X xx -S sg X N4 x X :V SS, is BASKETBALL Although the Jackets did not win the blue ribbon of this district, but settled for the second place laurel, the student body and other fans throughout Stephenville will agree that we have had a very successful season. The A team has won sixteen games and lost only four. The B team has won nine games against two losses, one of these by only one point. Some stiff competition has been played, but the team has left a good account of itself in each game. Two boys who made the all-district team, Stone and Earp, and other good ball play- ers are graduating this year, However, Coach Murphy is developing some talent that will be back next year. A good illustration of this was shown in the Alexander Tour- nament which these boys won taking each game by a comfortable margin. Back row: Coach Murphy, Donald Lowery, Edwin Morris, Bill Bramblett, Victor Kay, Lynn Sewell. Front row: Robert Jones, W. C. Smith, Marvin Fincher, Raymond Stone, Harvey Earp. -94.. N I ll ' fi? W . h L Pe, 41- New S 'iv E S5 2. ws -if K 1 is -i Q as JUNIOR JACKETS The Junior Jackets turned in a very good season this year. Probably some of the boys will make the Jacket squad in the years to come and an excellent showing against all opponents. The J. Stingers, playing against some good ball clubs, turned out five games with three won, one tied, and one lost. Games Won: Ranger, Dublin, Weatherford Tied: Weatherford Lost: Strawn Buck row: Conch Murphy, Bill Fannin. Wyndul Lackey, Kay Graves, Ben Baty, Malcolm Woods. Front row: Darrel Sullivan, L. C. Shuffield, Ray Graves, Alton Hooten, Alan Moody. -95- BASKETBALL 1. HARVEY EARP--Playing his second year with the Stingers, Harvey was really one of the best men in the district. With a sum of points he was second highest on the S. H. S. squad this year. ROBERT JONES-A fast and hard working guard, Robert fo1'ced himself to the limit in every game. His leaving at mid-term was a great loss to the Jacket squad. 3. W. C. SMITH-Back for his fourth year on the team, he really proved his worth on the Jacket squad this last half season he played for the school. Graduating at mid- term he will be missed throughout the rest of this season and next year. 4. RAYMOND STONE-"Till", a line ball player was the high point man on the Jacket team and also high point man in the district. When the team was down-hearted "Till" was usually good for a laugh and also a couple of points. 5. MARVIN FINCHER-A good defensive man and a fail,-hoop-hitter, Marvin was well respected throughout the opponents for his well developed brand of play. -95- BASKETBALL 1. VICTOR KAY-Victor joined the team at mid-term to become one of the main- stays on the Stinger squad. A fast and active ballplayer, he never failed to hit a few in each game and usually was a most aggressive defense man, 2. LYNN SEWELL-A small but sure guard was this so-called "Speedy". His pass- ing and shooting kept the audience expecting anything while he was in the game. He will be remembered for his cheerfulness and his ability to handle the ball. 3. BILLY BRAMLETT-One of the boys that worked hard on his basketball this season. Billy was one to surprise you when it was least expected. 4. EDWIN MORRIS-Ed, a tall, fast, active boy, that played every movement his opponent made to the best of his ability, seemed to be able to crawl all over his man without even being near him. He was a good ball player and a swell team mate. 5. DON LOWERY--A fast and active boy that really worked and played hard this season. 6. C. played most of the season on the Jr. Jacket ball clubg however, mlich is eipected of this skyscraper in the next season of 1948. -9 7.. fi I fd C X t T 's 1 . 55 ob 5 9 f I fa' l i TTI, aj -I I 'A will ', .I 5 ' 'M .ev li l it ,E I ani your lligh School. No, l'1n not a building inode of bricks and mortar, the familiar edifice you see each day of the school year. That is my outward appearance--the staring windows, the doors scutfed mark- ed, the long halls, the sunny classrooms. I, your school, am a composite personality which is the sum total of all the students and faculty on the school rolls. I ani as strong and happy and useful as you pupils and teachers are brave and contented and worthy. But each of you who are careless, worthless, or disgruntled makes me that way, too. Only through you can I do the great task which has been committed to me. The past and present is the result, in great measure, of how well I have done this task. More and more the future will depend on how well I shall do this task. I can do it only through you who are in school now and you who have left school for the adult world. This task is called education, a dry term. Yet, it does mean what it implies, a process of leading--a leading out of ignorance and fear-a leading forth of the latent abilities of each individual pupil-a leading from darkness into the radiance of truth. That is, the truth for each individual, for my purpose is to help each student live his own life. I, your school, would give you some idea of that great heritage ot' knowledge which through the years has endured, I would have you know the truth and beauty of the past and its practicability, too, for our ideas of society, government, and man himself stem from the unfinished past. Howeve1', I would give you more than this. I would bring to you some understanding of the present, of the tools to use and the skills necessary in this work-a-day world. Still more, I would give you that training, that discipline, call it religion if you will, for without religion one can not live a completely good life. I would teach you each day the love of God and the loveiof one's neighbors. I am your school. While you are a student and after you have left my worn steps, love nie, protect me, be loyal to 'me. I, in turn, will lead and nurture you and yours. I am your High School. I am a composite of students, faculty, graduates. "God bless us everyone." H-A STUDENT ....98... CLUBS 15 Ks xv r -UJ FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA THEME: Building Today For Tomorrow COI.ORs: Rod and White FLOWER: Red Rose Morro: "Toward New Horizons" Cm-11-Ln: We are the Future l-lomemakers of America. We face thc future with warm courage, and high hope. For we have thc clear consciousness of seeking Old and precious values. For wc are the builders of homes, Homes for America's future. Homes Where living will be the expression of cverything That is good and fair. Homes where truth and love and security and faith Will he realities, not dreams. We are the Futurc Homemakers of America. We face the future with courage, And hih hope. Huck row: Marilyn Goliizhtly, Mary Tum Roberson, LaRue White, Gloria Collins. Dorothy Geeslin, Jain Boynton, Jo Ann Russell, Mary Sue Harvey, Yvonne Shuffield, Ann Canady, Loree Leatherman. Juanita Eads, Benna Thornton, Pcmry Lindley, Sz-coml row: Rebecca Brown, Mavdell Whitfield, Betty Joyce Benton, Naomi Starnes, Betty Jo Keith. 1"rOnt row: Lauqlazelle Brown, Mary Brannon, LaNelle Pyeatt. Donna D'Arr:y, Ruby Faye Jones. -100- FUTURE HOMEMAKERS Tho Futuro Homemakvrs of America, which was organized in 1929, has grown into one of the lending' clubs of S. H. S. In the year of '46-'-17 tho monthly Dl'0g'l'2l111S were planned around an six point progi-am: Improving.: Oursvlvos. Contrihuiing: to Our llomes. Cmzopi-n'z1t.i11g for School Bettornic-nt. llovvlopimr Our Organization. Sm-rving llur Community, State-, and Nation. Promoting: Recreational Activiiies. The l'0l'l'C2l.liUIl2ll activities wore u Hallow- Q-'on Party, Cliristmzls Party, with the F. F. A. Club as guests, :md Mothers' and Daugh- tvrs' Ton. UllAl"l'l'l1i MUTIIHKS: M us. fi0I.lGII'l'l,Y Mics. Rosu OFFICERS BE'r'rv BEN'1'oN PRESIDENT REBECCA BROWN VICE PRESIDENT Rom' JoNEs SECRETARY M,u-:m-11.1. Wlllll'l'l-'lllllll TREASURI-31: Yvorw N1-1 SHUFI-'ll-ILIJ REPORTER LA N l'II.I.IfI l,Yl'IA'I"l' So'1'.-AT-ARMS SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS ROBERT JONES A. R. PEARCY . . PRESIDENT, First Term .VICE PRESIDENT, First Term PRESIDENT, Second Term V. ll. Bnnm VICE PRESIDENT, Secund Term MARY BRANNAN SEcicE'rA1cY BEN BATY TREASOHEN KENNETH SOON' SE1cuEAN'1'-A'1vAinvis CLEO WATSON REPOIl'l'ER CLUL: SPONSOR C. B. Tlcuui' The Science Club is an Organization made up Of thirty- Onc members, all Of whom are Students Of one Of the elec- tive courses in the Science department. This club was Or- ganized in Order to Stimuluate interest and enjoyment by the members. The combination of students Of the two cum'- Ses, mechanical drawing' and physics, makes a very in- teresting club. The members take an active interest in the varied activities Of the club. A, - l we S ' .,,. f . M - - .ty -'-:-21' ' .. ay 4 an W wie ,gr -A 'i -102- linuk nm: l'nuv.1 hlurphg. .la "S" ASSOCIATION lhv A 4 lub IS mnxgmsul ul'z1ll buys fPZll'lIk'illilllIlf1f III ulh la-tics ni' S. ll. S. This group has haul il gum! season and nn:sL ul' them cxpcct, to be buck nm-xt year. The picturu is not coxnph-Le because of thu ubsellcc of scvcral ul' Lhv me-xnbers. uno- Xmnuux. Vu-lm' km' liuunvnd Swm- Hwlwm-x I"'np lxnn N II 'Xluxln I , , . . . . 1 , 4. - , ,A ,unc , nz ' 'lnchl-r, liulmy Lirumrn Courh Mnhlvy. Mixlclln- naw: Alum H-mlun, Allu-rl Stull. Iiohlxy Sllrvyur. A. li. l'L-zlrry. Jzwlx McL'LllIuuy4n, Dunn lhflulw-nnxn. 'luml Uvzun-r. l'1'unL row: W. C. Smith, Juhnny Willimrhzun. Jw Uzmzuly, R. B. Farm-ll, Kenneth Smit. Jurncs Sum-5, -los-4 FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA o1v1v1c:lf:1cs l'lcr1s11wLN1' MARVIN FINCHEK V101-1 PRrzsmEN'r J. C, Ruins Sr:n'I:1c'l'AlcY BURDNI-:lc ANUERSUN 'l'm1xslu:ic1c Pm-1s'roN Hmm lil-1l'IlR'l'IflIi JAMES E. CA1:'1'mc W'.,X'l'llH Dm, HOWARD LAY l'AlCI,lAINlI'lN'l'AHlAN BENNY Wuov lim-Ii ram: lmxxauwl Img. lllllllws lin,-um-. ,lannvh 'I'r:nmm1'Il, Ulmrlie lirl ii ls William Iiurrlm-r. liuhhv llulv. Wzxynv Luwl mn. h, li. I I., , Viviun' Kay. Otis Iimmsv, Miltun Iiruwn. .l. C. Riggs, Lynclul Roberson. P11-stun Hunk, Ik-nniv Wmul, Ruymmul Stone, Wzxlrlu l"im-In-1 Vmnt run: Ralph Nlusvr. ISpun,4m'r. Hn-rin-rt Little, Arthur Johnson, J. W. Hnlmvs, Iiorzlnf-r Anclvrsun, James Carter, Cvcil Anclcr un, ISI-rt Limllcy, Ilxurrn-Il I.:xnm-. Nlurgan Kay, IVIzu'vin Fincher, Jr, Curve-r. Clem: Watson, Swvvthcart. - 4104-- FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA The Stephenville FFA Chapter has done much to create a desire in Erath County for pure-bred stock. Special work has been done with Duroc pigs, Hereford and other registered beet' cattle, and the Jersey dairy cow. The l"l"A has proved that by beginning with small investments great increase may be attained. In 1945 the Chapter's investment was three pigs. These were presented to the members of' the FFA Club with the understanding: that the chapter retain two sow pigs from the first litter. These six have been presented to members on the same return scale. Sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce the Chapter started the Hereford milk fed calves exhibit. Our first show in 1946 had three entries. This year there were eleven. Each time these were taken to the Fort Worth Stock Show, and the boys did well finan- cially. We are expecting some twenty-five or more entries next year. Our Chapter also had an interest in registered Jersey dairy eattle. The Erath County Jersey Club was the first to present a calf to our club which will give the first heifer calf to the Erath County organization. Our aim is more pure bred stock which means better yields and more money. - 105--H Ra V? x J -ffl! N S. P. C. 1'R1-:Sim-:NT JAMES RAY SONES VICI-I Pm-:sinEN'r HARVEY EAR1' Sr1eum'A1cY-'l'1cr:Asliman Li-JNA l'lAY WALKH1: lmnalml lmwery Norma J ean M inter Harold Parnell Lena Fay Walker Constance Lindley Morgan Kay Harvey Earp Juanita Eades Margaret Gaines Bill Fannin . . . M Marjorie Nell Smith L. C. Shuffielfl James Ray Bones .2 35.73 lf' ,if X 1 f iv! Nix' f Mary Luuise Russell Darrell Sullivan Mary Helen Johnson Joy Kee Hamilton Alton Ray Hooten Patsy Rhodes D. A. Smith V. H. Bird Donna D'Arcy Betty Lou Harvey Jack McCullough Oren Ellis Frances Carltwn -l06- LAS CHEQUETAS Mowo: SABER PODER EL PREsInEN1'E JANE NEIGIIBoURs EL VICE PRESIIII-:N'rE ALVIN YOUNG EL Tin-:AsI1nER NANCY SEAY EL REPORTERO . WILLIE STEM EL FIA1moII,I SENORA PHOEBE ISBELL This year the Spanish Club had a vm-ry enjoyable season. The first entertain- ment was the Spanish initiation held at the home of Constance Lindley. The second was a Halloween dance. Another highlight of the season was a Christmas dance, and the next to come will be a Spanish supper at the Home Economics Building. We are looking forward to it with eager anticipation. For the first. time in several years the club members have pins with Spanish insignia. Our annual all day picnic at the Lindley Ranch will close our social activities for this year. ,"i' 13' 1 ,EQ f' .gr X Lexus l"iust row: Phoebe Isbell, June Neighbours, Alvin Young, Ray Young, Nancy Seay, Constance Lindley, Edwin Morris, Sammie Powers Second ru.-w: Robert Jones, Betty Lou Harvey, James Ray Sones, Edna Morris, Harold Parnell, Patricia Moore, Robert Cox, Martha Evans Tliird row: Nuomi Gibson, Willie Stem, Grace Meador, Joan Roberts, Nancy Howell, John Cawthorn, Edna Engler, Mary Louise Russell wmv-- MIRABILE DICTU OFFICERS PRESIDENT KENNETH WYATT VICE PRESIDENT JAMES BISHOP SECRETARY-TREASURER JoAN Roisaivrs ltEl'URTER BETTY JoYoE BEN'roN Svonsoic Mus. H. B. SMITH The awakening' of an activc interest in speech arts is the purpose of the Mirabilc- Dictu Club. The club enjoyed several social functions during the year. A picnic at Club Lake was the initiation party for the new mcmbers. A breakfast was given at Mrs. Smitlfs home near Christmas time. The special project of the club was a play, "A Date With Judy," which was given in April. Another enjoyable ycar for the Mirabile Dictu Club will be brought to a close with a spring picnic. Members' Betty .lean Bramblett Patsy Rhodes McKee Jane Taylor. Ruby Jo Moore, D. A. Smith. Betty Mc-Clarty, James Ray Sones, Peizizy ilrinrlley, .Joyce Livingston, 'Lowell Matthews, Dan Bishop. Howard Carey. Harvey Earp, Sam Eadcs, Bon Bnty, Anna Belle Harris, Lena Faye Walker, Mary Sue Harvey, Nancy Sexy, Alvin Youmr, Martha Evans, Robert Cox. Malcolm Woods. Jack Dove, Dorothy Cozby, Marvin Fincher, Naomi Hurndon, Ted Deaver, Elbert Hamilton, Nelda Huckaby, A. C. Martin, Charlene Oxford, Marilyn Coffman, Denzil Baxley. -108- l' Sas NN E2 -bww Mwqgfffi 'N . who-M ' ' mmm I. . W, Siva-py, Miss Russell Stumlying: tln- nwnu llunchlmck Morris The crucial moment Vicious Virgil x fi T X U 10 109- Tohy in action Champion McCleskvy Tough, what? Shadow boxing Pale faces BAND OI"l"IC'l'RS Ruhy I". James, Yvonne ShutYic-Isl, Mary 'I'4.-m Rolla-rsorll Uhurlvw Bro I af l A! W x P x .ll Q 5 r W, ' i W Bill Nix FLAG BEAREHS num IJ'Alw-y Ruby I". Jouw l.aNclle Pyeutl QQQ4 Xb X -v,- ,N rs g i ' ' Xlf fi, BAND IN ACTION o P f" - --llUd- W i w. Q., as leg 1 W wr W? S up "WN A, A J 1 S 'vw fl ' - 3 5 1 ' 5 I 1- 1 1 - ,Qi i J' . N cf -sr 1 + i Y KU- -' A '-" I f , DRUM MAJOR MAJORETTES 1'CgU5- Limlll-5 Juyuu l,ixings1.un Yvmlnv Sfhuilivlml Marilyn Guliuhtly Mary Tum lhrhvrsun 'Pup Huw: Mr. Km-illf, Danna D'An-y. Ruby Fay Jungs, La Nellv PM-att, Martha Latham. Rillic Graves. Bobbin- Lou Earp. lmruthy l.in1ll1-y. H161-old Parnvll. l-Id Clinv, We-Itun Cluningcr, Betty Sue Gra-nt, Charlsa Ann Baker, Dorothy Stone, Jackie Johnson, Bill Ramsay, Billy Hale, Arlic Brown, Rebecca Brown, Joyce Livingstcrn, Yvonne Sheffield, Marilyn Golightly, Mary 'Ibm Rolmrson, Pctl!!! Limllvy. pf Jliuttnln Row: Charlvs Nolmlvtt, livrt Lindley, Miary Beth Garrett, Leslie Elli5on!Zelm:-1 .lo Hurley. LL-sliv liillimzsls-y, Brian Finclicr, D. C. Wilkins, Florence Dunn, Norman Heath, Sammie 'Ottingcxg Charles B1'UNN'll. Charles Hicks, Joe Sunvs, Bill Nha? -Ill- V X 4 -X 4.4, be X' 5 -5 "7 .9 , ff. ff W ag! V' gf! 4' f 9 4? if EYTTTK gy lf' XXX f a QI, ' E F 'El 1 N E Wir Rm MHQ 5761 M J .- Q' , . L74 v . , I V rx ,w f . THE CHEER LEADERS NL-ver before has thu Annual Staff t'm'mz1lly 1'ccwp:x1imecl :xml zlccrealiatvcl thu sph-mlirl work of the Cl'lL'l'l' lczulvrs of S. II. S. Thcse tive-two buys and three 1Iil'lS'f-h2lYk' heigfhtc-ned, stl'engthenQcl, and rliwcte-rl our school spirit at mlmvrulls gzunos zmcl rzlllivs. 'l'hv stuff fu-ls that ii is muly prupvr that in pfunuim- 2llDl!l'l'l'l2lf,l0Il thnx page Iw ggrzltviully Kll'flIL'Elll'll tu this hm- gruup ui' stumlents -our clwvr lm-znlers. 9 -112- IMPORTANT EVENTS School Opened . 1-11- .1 ,. 1, 1 . , September 2 Football Sweetheart Presented -1 V.,, --v.- ,,.... - ee.., 1 ,, 1 , October 10 Favorites Presented ' M 7 December 5 1945 Athletic Sweaters Delivered December 6 Junior Reproduction of SoEFno2or2 Pl? Q -47.Janua1'y 30 Baptist C rch Enterta' ed Seniors P ' -- eb y 6 Memorial Service for Miss Scrimshire W February 19 5 Z 'l Senior Play - February 21 . Calf Show ' A .2-'i 1f-- I-V W "':'-Y ' February 2 K Band Banquet M . hex, . S rch 14 Football-Basketball Banquet M h 20 ' .40-gg, arc I Junior Play M- p April 1 Speech Club Play X 5 , p - 2 April 11 District Track Meet April 12 Seniors Visit J. T. A. C. A I 1 pri 8 Annual Staff Sponsor a Program A pril 18 Sophomore Play .May 1 Junior-Senior Banquet May 9 Senior Day M 16 A . ay School Closed .5 -. - , J' ,WMF-Ummkfxm-, Yq,Y,May 23 ,s A, lie " ' 25"-Gif Y . g . -113- rs 9 if?- - S' , Ar I f ALEXANDER, BOB ANDERSON, BORDNER BATES, ORVILLE BAXLEY, DANZIL BENTON, BETTY JOYCE BILLS, S. R. BISHOP, JAMES BOREN. BOBBIE BOUCHER. LA VERNE BOYNTON, JAIN BRAMLETF, BE'I'I'Y BROWN, MARY KATHRYN BROWN, REBECCA CANTRELL, MEDINA CAREY, HOWARD CASEY, CLAIRE MAE COLLINS, GLORIA COX, ROBERT CUMBY, JOE DALE, BOBBY DANNER, RUTH DEAVER, TED DUNN, JOHNNY EADES, JUANITA EADS, SAM EARP, HARVEY EARP, LUCILLE EDWARDS, GLENN SENIOR CLASS .. J 'K' ,MM lg' I -Y ,49- FERGUSON, LEON FINCHER, WALDO GEESLIN, DOROTHY HAMILTON, ELBERT HARRIS, ANNA BELLE HARVEY. MARY SUE HERNDON, NAOMI HOLMES, J. W. HUCKABAY, NELDA JOHNSON, ARTHUR C. JOHNSON, BETTY JO JOHNSON, JACKIE JONES, ROBE ONE KAY, MORGAN KAY, VICTOR LATHAM, INA MAE LINDLEY, BERT LINDLEY, CONSTANCE LOWE, WAYNE McDONALD, JUNE McLARTY, BETTY MATTHEWS, LOWELL MENEFEE, GENE MENZIES, A. L. MONTGOMERY, DOROTHY MOORE, RUBY JO MORRIS, EDWIN TNQ: -1 1 4- ai. Ei' MOSLEY, MAGGIE LEE NEIGHBORS, JANE NOLAND, UVON OXFORD, CHARLENE PARNELL, BILLY WAYNE PROFFITT, ERLENE RHOADES, PATSY RHOADES, THOMAS RIGGS. J. C. ROBERTS, JOAN RUMPH, JOHN BEN RUSSELL. JO ANN SEWELL, LYNN SHUFFIELD, YVONNE SMITH, D. A. SMITH, W. C. SONES, JAMES RAY STARNES, NAOMI STASEY, DIXIE STONE, RAYMOND TATE, SHIRLENE TAYLOR, McKEE JANE TEAGUE, MARY THOMPSON, MAXINE WHITE, LA RUE WHITFIELD, MAEDELL WYATT, KENNETH JUNIOI2 CLASS KX X f 7' V - C f lt w I 0 3 N I Bax 3: I IQ. - . Q' ' --D- "K" ' . f ! , -, lc . ' fy Z, ' V. l K ' ' 4 Il , a .ELF I I I AYCOCK, MAVELINE HARMON, l5E'lVI'Y MOORE, PATRICIA BAKER, JAMES HICKS, CHARLES MORRIS, EDNA BATY, BEN HOOK, PRESTON MURRY, GRADY BILLS, S. R. HOOTEN. ALTON NEVVBORN, RUBY BIRD, V. H. I-IURLEY. ZELMA JO OAKES, NAOMI BOARDMAN, WILLIAM HUTCHESON, MARTRUE PARNELL, HAROLD BOASE, ELOISE HYDE, MARY PARNELL, R, B. BRAMLE'I'l', BILLY JACKSON, GAIL PEARCY, A. R. BRANNON. MARY JACKSON, MARYNEAL PAYNE, JEAN BROWN. LAUDAZELLE JOHNSON, MARY HELEN PYEATT, LANELLE BROWN, MILTON JONES. BONNELL RHODES, NATHAN BRUMMETF, BOBBY KEITH, BETTY JO ROBERSON, LYNDOL CANADY. ANN LACKEY, LESTER ROBERSON, MARY TOM CARTER. CHARLES LANE, DARRELL SEAY, NANCY CARTER, JAMES E. LARNER. RAY I SCOTT, KENNETH CAWTHORN, JOHN LATHAM, MARTliA..J SHOOK, ILA FAYE COUNTS. RALPH L. ' LAY, HOWARD SMITH, GAILYA CREWS. MARIE LEATHERMAN, LOREE STARNES, NAOMI D'ARCY, DONNA LEE. BILLY STEM, WILLIE DOVE, JACK LINDLEY, BERT STUBBLEFIELD, GEORGE DOWELL, EDDALEE LINDLEY, PEGGY TARRENCE, ED DRISKILL. WILMA LITTLE, HERBERT THORNTON, BENNA DUNN, WYNDALL LITTLE, VIRGIL TRAMMELL. JAMES V DUNSON, MARIE LIVINGSTON, JOYCE VAUGHAN, HUDSON EVANS, MARTHA MCDOUGLE, MARIE WALKER, LENA FAYE FINCHER, MARVIN McGEHEE, ANNABELLE WATSON, CLEO FRANKLIN, BE'I'I'Y JEAN McLARTY, BETTY WOOD, FRANCES FRANKLIN, MARY MARTIN, HARLEY WOODS, MALCOLM GAITHER, LETHA FERN MAYFIELD, RUBY WORRELL. BOB GOLIGHTLY, MARILYN MEADOR, GRACE YANCEY, JAMES GRAVES, BILLIE MILLER, TRAVIS YOUNG, ALVIN GRIMES, MARY ALICE MOORE, BILLY JO YOUNG, RAY HAMILTON, JOY REE MOORE, DOROTHY .f' ri 1 --f I I 5-M SGP!-IGMGRE CLASS W ' 1 131 U 5, ' f"' r ff, I. 1 Wx I . eq 1' I ,- X -ALLENQBILLY GENE 'I LS'tIP, JANICE NDERSON, CECIL AUTHUR, JOE BAILEY, DOYLE BILLS, FRANCES BISHOP, DON BOYD, .IACQUELYN BROWN, CHARLES CARTER, .TAMES CARVE , T. D. JR. CH LL, PEGGY JOYCE CLARK, J. O. CLINE, EDWIN COLLINS. T. B. COZBY, BONNIE DAWSON, JOYCE DAY, MARCELENE DERRICK, CARL DERRICK, JOE DOVE, WALLACE DUNN, FLORENCE' DUNSON, RUTH EARP, BOBBIE LOU EATON, JOANN EDWARDS, BEAU1-'ORD ENGLER, EDNA IVANNING, BILL FRANKS, L. D. GAHAGAN, BARBARA GAINES, MARGARET GAINES, NEWTON GEESLIN, THELMA GIBSON, NAOMI GLASGOW, MAXINE GRAHAM, VIVIAN GRAVES, KAY GRAVES, RAY HAMILTON, LOUISE HARVEY, BE'I'I'Y LOU HEATH, NORMAN HENSLEY, BILLY HOWELL, NANCY HURLEY, LORAND ISBELL, FRANK JONES, BILLY KENNY, MARY JO KENNY, RAYMOND KENNY. ROBERT LACKEY, WENDELL LAUGHLIN, JO LIKE. DON LINDLEY, CECIL LINDSEY, IMOGENE LUCKY, MARION LUTTRALL, DARLENE MQCULLOUGH, JACK MCKNIGHT, LANELL McLARTY, DEAN MCLARTY, JEAN MAXWELL, NADINE MOODY, ALLEN MOORE, BILLIE JO LE A HARLES, III ' ' SARAH OGAN PHILIP OTTENGER SAMMIE PARHAM ELIZABETH . l I O'NEAL, GENE GRAHAM, TOMMY I ARKER JEAN -willi- PIERCE, PATSY PIERSON, WANDA PITTMAN, WANDA POWERS, SAMMIE RAMSAY, BILL RAMSAY, BOB RICHARDSON. RALPH RIGGS. ELMO ROBERSON, DEAN ROGERS, LOTHELL RUSSELL, MARY LOUISE SAVAGE, ISAAC SCOTT. ALBERT SCOTT, BETTY .IO SCOTT, GWYNTA SHANNON. POLLY SKILLMAN, DOROTHY SMELLY, BE'I'1'Y JEAN SPELL, TOMMY STEPHENS, CHARLES STONE, DOROTHY SULLIVAN, DARRELL SYDOW, FRED TALLY, BILLY DALE TEAGUE, MONROE TRAMMELL, BETTY JEAN TUNNELL, MARY VAVRA, PHIL VETTERS, BE'I'I'Y WALKER, THURMAN WEIDENBACH, FRED WILLIS, MILDRED WOOD, BENNY WOODS, ERNEST WRIGHT, ROBBIE LU 4+ , AEM Liu' A ? My FRESHMAN CLASS I :ri 75. , ff- . . 1 I JI L, X ALEXANDER, CHARLENE ANTHONY, BILLY ANDREWS, SIDEAN ATKINSON, BOBBY BAKER, CHARLSEY CBE! oRv1LLE BLACKWOOD, L BOLLING, FRANCES BRADLEY, ADELE RAEUER. MARTHA BRANHAM, MARY JOYCE Baooxs .11 I BROWN, BUSTER BURNE'I'I', HELEN CANADY. JOE Q' CANADY, MARY CANTRELL, JACQUELIN CARLTON, FRANCES CAREY, KENNETH . CHANDLER, DOUGLAS CHAPMAN, DONALD cHR1s'r1E, DONALD cox-'FMAN, MARILYN i RAMLEFT, LOUISE CLONINGER. WELTON 5 COOK, ROY GLENN COZBY, DOROTHY DANIEL, BILLIE JEAN DICKERSON, BILLY DOVE, JESSIE FERN DUNSON, NELL EASLEY I 2 ELLIS, OREN, JR. EVANS, JOYCE EVANS, ZOE EVERE'I'I', JIMMY EWERS, VIRGIL FLOWERS, JERRY IPOWLER, FRANCES GARRE'I'1', H. B. ll GILMORE, KATHRYN GILLY, JACK GILLY. JAMES G 4- H n RMA up GRIMES, MILDRED GRISSOM, JIMMY GRISWOLD, JACKIE HANCOCK, JACK HARRIS, DELBERT HAYES, DWAINE HIGGINBOTHAM, DOROTHY I-IITCHCOCK, PANSY HOLBROOK, CHARLES HOUSTON, LEE HUMBERSON, CHARLES HUMBERSON, LEON HINS-ON CHRISTINE OHNSTON, EDRA JONES, 0 AN JONES, PEGGY RUTH JONES, VONDELL KEELING. EDGAR KEILBERG. CAROLYN KEITH, LUCILLE KOONSMAN, DELVVYN LAWSON, BERTIE LEWALLE LD LOWERY, DONAL LUCKY, GEORGE McELYEA, ROBERT MARTIN, A. C. L, MARY MINTER, NORMA IOORE, D MURPHY, PAT NEWMAN, DAVID NOR 1 2 4 H I ' ENS, RAY PATTON, JAMES PENDLETON, WANDA PHILLIPS, BOYD PILGRIM, HAL PITCOCK, JOYCE PITMAN, PATSY PRICE, ALBERT PYLANT, CHARLES M117- 1 ,fix KEY LDS, MELBA JO CH. RD A Y LO RIGGS, ELMO ROBBINS, JO ANN ROBERSON, DONALD ROBERTS, PATRICIA fbiisif ROULSTON, DON SANDERS MORWEN LD MO SCOTT, BETTY SCOTT, J. E. SHEPHERD DON SHITGYEE BOBBY JOE CIN' SHIELS, ILOBEBT , M442 ECG SMITH, BILLY JO SMITH. DEAN , ARJORIE NELL SMITH, MELV T' C 72144... SIARNE ,BE'1IY JE s M, RUBY STEMBRIDGE, NORMAN STEPHENS, HELEN STEPHENS, sm VAN STONE, EVELYN STONE, JE' q- - - , IN 5 " 'L 'B TATE, DON f, TEAC, a , I I V--fin IC 0 ' TERRY, LOIS LOUISE TURNER, NORMA VAVRA, PHIL WARD, JO NELL WEST. LETA FAYE WI-II FESIDE GI ENN WILKI ' . WILLINGI-IAM. JOI-INN 79" "E, wH1sENAN'r, BE'1'rY GRACh I Q A I I lla? WORRELL, DAVID 0 9 IN MEMCDRY CD F Mineola Scrimslwire Born March 1, 1882! Died January 19, 1947 Even unto death, he-1' thoughts were of othe1's.AH. H. Hassle:- M118 -l-ributcs to Mineola Scrirnshire When l was a student in the elementary grades I knew Miss Scrimshire as a teacher and when I taught English in .high school, I knew her as the head of our department. To her I owe much of my training as an instructor and much of my attitude toward work and toward life. I am one of hundreds in whom her ideas live on.-Rowena Clark Creswell. lt was my happy privilege to know Miss Scrimshire beth as a teacher and as a friend. ln early child- hood I learned to love and to admire her for her integrity, for her surety: and for her true Christian spirit. Always her thoughts were for her school, for her church, and for her students. Never shall I forget the wonderful messages that she gave me in private conversation and in the classroom. To teach with her in later years was a sincere pleasure. She was truly a noble woman. - Mrs. Phoebe Isbell, In Miss Scrimshire's passing we feel greatly the loss of a sagacious friend and true teacher, one who cheerfully and devotedly dedicated her life and talents to one of our most important professions. Not only did she possess that rare capacity for creating an inner desire for learningg somehow she was also able to make one see the necessity of it if one's life is to be made full. When one has known and enjoyed such a teacher's mind and spirit, the sense of its loss is indeed keen. The loss itself is irreparable.-Jack Buchanan. In memory of one whom I hold most high in respect and esteem because of the courage and self con- fidence she gave me.-Lula Mae Goodwin Bryan. Miss Mineola was one of the few teachers I had who will always stay in my memory. I have realized more as time went by how truly fine she was. I appreciate being -given the privilege to be among the contributors.-Joseph Chandler. To Miss Scrimshire-a devoted, unselfish teacher and friend whose every thought was for her stu- dents whom she loved, taught, and helped. She will always live in our memories.-Virginia Barekman White. Miss Scrimshire was, in addition to being a capable English teacher, a true servant of God. The in- fiuence of her work with the young people of the Methodist Church has greatly improved the lives of many young men and women who have known her. Her life has influenced and will continue in a worthwhile way those of us who knew and lover her and aspire to greater Christian achievements in living because of her.-Morgan Garrett. ' As a pupil of the third grade I remember Miss Scrimshire as one of the kindest teachers I have ever had.--Lois Hale Loftin. I will remember Miss Scrimshire as much more than an excellent English teacher. Her sincerity, her interest and understanding and her unwavering confidence were qualities that I know have left im- pressions on the lives of all with whom she came in contact.-Maxine Cowan Williams. --iw- Franlclin Conger Born March 22, 1929 Died February 19, 1947 Franklin entered our high school with a good record. His interests were in music, ath- letics, and his classmates. He always helped when he could. The students of the school were also loyal to Franklin. During his last year they- bestowed upon him the honor of Student Body President. As chairman of the Student Council, Franklin looked after the opportunities and privileges of his classmates. . Some of us will remember him in the field where we were with him the most. We shall always remember and cherish him for his high ideals and for his splendid outlook upon life. I -120- ADVERTISEMENTS WWW f 'IHIC S'l'AIf'l" WISHIGS 'l'O l'lXl'Hl'lSS ITS Al'PliECIA'l'ION 'l'O THE FIRMS WHO HAVE HELPED TO MAKE THIS ANNUAL POSSIBLE I , 'C " J, SOUTHWESTERN ENGRAVING COMPANY, Engravers STEPHENVILLE EMPIRE-TRIBUNE, Prinlvers BAXLEYES STUDIO, Pllotographer BAX STUDIO, Photographer M-1zzu - oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo o 2 Waiter: Are you Hungary? 3 0 lZUMPLlMEN'1'S OF Albert Scott: Yes, Siam. O O o 0 Waiter: Den Russia to the table and l'll 2 2 NIILLEH ELEANEHS 2 3 Albert Scott: All right, Sweden my coffee fb' 2 and Denmark my bill. o 3 2 o 2 A. R.: 1've never seen such dreamy eyes! 2 o X Donna: You've never stayed so late before. 2 2 r I W 7 0 3 1 IL Mrs. lsbell: Name two ways to turn an 2 3 man's head. 0 -. - , .-- - - - ff- f-f-4A--- - ------4-4 La Nell: Rattle money or rustle a skirt. E 0 Jean Parker: The horn on your car must 2 5 HAIWS 3 3 be broken. 2 3 R. B.: No, it's just indifferent: it doesn't 3 2 give a hoot. 0 O ELTON LATHAM, Owner O 2 + 2 o O o 3 15.41 2 fi fs 3 0 Q. g , AQ- 2 . f O 3 . LZOMPLIMENTS OF 3 O 5 f 0 , KBQIJQ YMAL 3 X , 5. ' o 2 Q o X i 2 1 3 hiu.Z I O o O o O o 2 Q O V-H ,, IIE. Z 2 2 fs 2 H + o O o 2 Robert: Papa, give me a nickle. CUMPLIMENTS UF E 2 Papa: Why, son, you're too big a boy to be M . o .2 K 'BRUWN mac: 2 2 R-obert: I guess you're right: make it a 1 , - 3 3 dm. wtogoh COMPANY g 2 +: - ' '-:'fVNLYV E O . f Q Fred Stafford U. K. Grimes 2 Q o 3 COLLEGE CLEANERS 3 0 . 0 2 Phone 449 Tarleton Station 1-N0w1". said Miss Russell, "give me a defi- 2 3 You must lu' pl1'usc'd. muon of Space' 2 Q 1 ,Y Y W H , ,Y N Y Y YW., 7,-,,ai+ Willie Stem stood up, iiustered and red. 2 3 "Space," he began, "is where there is 0 O nothing, I can't explain it exactly, but l 0 Z m:o1v1Pl.1Mr:N'1's o S have it in my hf-2111-" 2 o ' sgks 0 3 a-I-gem.: 3 vi!! :'::.-f-f O 23 Z ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooog -123- OOOOOOOOOOOOOO0OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO0OOOOO0O0OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO00996 O O 2 2 0 o O o O o O o O o O o O o O SLAUGHTEH UHUE STUHE 0 O o 2 o o 2 ON THE FRIENDLY CORNER o 2 3 2 I I O 3 HIGGINBUTHAIVI HHUS EBU 2 o 2 i 2 2 2 i DEPARTMENl'SlOHE 3 o ' f' , O O l o X uoMPLiMEN1s UF g O o O i o O 1 r 1 f- 1 -1 1 2 Nl. I. NUVIT S UEPT. Sllllll b0U1H SIDPJ DQUAHPJ 2 0 o 3 "Clothing for the Entire Family" 3 Meer be e e T,e Z O o 2 o o Constance: Mr. Merrill, why does Missouri , 3 2 stand at the head of mule raising in ' Q o the United States? 9 o 2 Mr. Merrill: Because the other end is Luo 3 dangerous. . o OD 0 2 M me 2.2 was 2 2 , 3 Q A - - 3 fi 7f. 2 o 5 8 O 2 ' K C " 2 2 0 3 0 . ' Q O 2 Nl ' ' 2 0 ia, A .A T' 2 0 ',,x.4.,f ' O 2 1 O . 1 1 0 2 LUANb INSURANLL , , N 3 O n ' O O l I 0 2 REFINANCING i ' all 2 3 . O 2 n L . 3 o 2 O O X o o , b O O ' '19-F 0 O o O o 2 ELLIS INSUHANEE AGENEY i 2 0 Mr. George Murphy: When do the leaves 2 Z begin to turn? 0 3 OREN ELLIS Nell Smith: The night before exams. 2 O o g our: T0 MR. TROUI' Z . Sing a song of sulphide, beaker full of lime, 2 3 Four and twenty test tubes breaking all the Q time. ' 3 When the cork is taken out, 2 3 Fumes begin to reek, o o Isn't that an awful mess Z To have five times a week? 0 2 3 SOOO000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOC00000 0000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO u-124- OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO00000000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO o 2 i 2 O o O o O o 0 Z o 3 Now, More Than Ever, It Will Pay 3 O o 2 You to Shop at E 2 0 0 o O - X o 0 ENIPIHE THIHUNE 1 O o I I A 2 1 3 Use ACox ' O 2 I'rii1fc1's of ilu' I . 3 3 R. E.COX DRY GOODS COMPANY Q High Sclwol Annual 3 2 1 o O 1 o o 1 3 2 o 3 Pl-IUNE 198 Wlufrc im ivflib'i,1f1iv10,-6 compzerv 2 O Q 2 Stocks of Dependable Quality 2 O o o 2 Ilflerchandise. 2 3 PRINTING O1-'FICE SUPPLIES 2 I o 2 I g o I O . ' O . 1 0 , f - .,Y4, M-. ,ffm f . , , -M 0 T g 3 f O O 1 o 2 3 0 ,a L A o 2 ' K3 2? 2 HAHNES Xi NI EULLUUEH 2 2 2 Z x 2 0 , , f 2 2 EVERYTHING T0 BUILD ANYTHING 'i v c Q O ' ' 3 o 3 . I X 2 l 2 O 1'HoNE 31 1 X O 0 , I , 0 , . o 0 - o 0 o O o O In 3 O A-'F 0 O , Y -H -V -- --. + o 2 me 2 O o 3 3 o A KISS! 2 o 2 A kiss is a noun, because it is both common 2 3 and properg 2 0 MONEY DOES GROW ON TREES A kiss is a pronoun, because she stands 2 2 for it. 3 2 A kiss is an verb because it is either active 0 3 WULFE NUHSEHY INC 0 5 n A kiss is an zuiverli, because it modiiies the 2 W art. 0 3 lt is an interjection because it shows strong 2 . 5 and sudden feeling, 0 lt is il conjunction because it connects. 2 3 2 0 -l25-- L-S C O Q O C Q Q O O O O O O C C O C O O C C C O C C C C C C C C C C O C C C O C O C C C C C C C C O O C O C C C O C C C C C C O C C O O C O O 0 O O C O C O C C O C C O C O C C O O O C O O C O C C O C C O O O O O O C CCCCCCCOCOOCOOOCCOCOCOOOOCCOOOCOOOCCOCCOOOCOOCCOOOOOCOOCCOOCOCCOCOCOCOCOCCO o . . - I 'asf df o'i I' F--T , ,. fx -X I Ma-Q Lowcll: Miss Hicks, where do thc insects go in winter time? Miss Hicks: Search me. Lowell: Never mind the search. I just want- ed to know where they spent the winter. We Take Interest lN OUR CUSTOMERS As Well As FROM OUR CUSTOMERS THE STTPHTNVILLT STATE BANK Members of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Washington, D. C. Over Thirty-Nine Years of Successful Banking TAHNITHS-TIHST NATIUNAL BANK S'l'EPlIENVll.l.E, Tigms Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation CAN YOU IMAGINE- -Kenneth Scott as an orchestra leader? -Laudazelle Brown with short black hair? -Rebecca Brown with size 12 shoes? -La Nelle Pyeatt without a letter from Danny? ' TT -Martha without W. oil -Billie Lee Graves with straight hair? -James Ray Sones speechless? -Miss Hicks with waist-length curly hair? -Joyce Dawson running a hot dog stand in Burma? -A. R. Pearcy taking Frank Sinatra's place? -Alton Ray Hooten toe dancing for us in assembly, dressed accordingly? --Miss Russell a Republican? -Harvey Earp in a rattle-trap? -Lynn Sewell with a bustle? -Hudson Vaughn without a girl friend? -Victor Kay dressed as Carmen Miranda? -Ray Graves not making all thc girls swoon? -V-Allen Moody not being funny? V--Wyndol Dunn dressed like Margaret O'Brien? ---Bobby Brumniett with freckles? -Edwin Morris as a bare-back bronc rider? -R, B. Parnell as a professional tap dancer? COO3000CCOOCOOCOCO0OOCOOOOOOCCCOOOOOOOOOO0OOOOCOOOOOOOOOOCOOOCOOOCOOOCCOOCO C C C O O A QS C C C Q O O C C C C C O C C C C C C C 47 49 4? QD Q7 47 47 C7 4? 43 O O O O o O C C C Q C C 0 O O O C O O 0 o C C C C C C? C 43 4? 47 47 C 43 47 45 4? 45 49 47 4? 4? C C C C C O C C C C C C C C C O C C C7 o 4? 47 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? o O 0 0 4 O oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooog 3 Z O o O o O o O o 0 0 o 0 o O M A A E S T I E 0 9 o 3 2 O 0 3 is nm 3 ' 2 W 2 Y. .: 0 o Q A P A L A E E O 2 MY A A A 2 o ,, iw I 2 O L'g O A O O ff A' A' x A o 2 W1 WAN A 5 2 .' j X o gf :Vi IA A ' , A 3 A A O 2 A ' , A I-ways Gund EllfL'l'fll'i7llIllfIIf 2 O , ad 3 I M For The Whole F'a'm,ily 2 3 2 3 3 3 Z 3 PHQNE No. 5 Q O 2 O o 2 o O o Z n 3 o '--- - + E O A 3 3 o if 2 O 2 Said the toe to the sock, "Let me through. 2 . '. 2 Let me through." 5 O 0 E Said the Sock to the toe, "I'1l be darned if 2 o 2 1 do." 3 3 o x , N O Z 1' HE REXALL STORE 3 o 3 2 2 , 2 3 3 0 V ' O . .. SFEPHENVILLE FLORAL CO. O 3 DAN D ARQY, PRUPRIETOR 2 O Flowers For All Occasions g o 3 Phone 49-111 MR. and MRS. J. H. FERGUSON, Owners if Phone 141 Stephenville, Texas 2 Stcphcnvillc, Texas + i----f f -- f- f f- - 1+?i- o E STEl'HENVlLLl'l 3 o E HARDWARE COMPANY 2 o 2 Home Iiflfllfllllfl'-S and Aufu Parts Q N O NORTH SIDE SQUARE E O Z 0000000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO00000OOO000OO000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO -127-M O OCOO00000000000000000000000000000000000000O0v00000000 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000 'ef -T-1' I 4 .- 'ff 'TIJIE Lo-ich Moblty: Did you ever hear about thu race. of the head of cabbage the fire hydrmt and the tomato? Alton: lNo. Coach Mobley: Phe cabbage was ahead the hydrant was running, strongly and the tomato was trying to ketch up. DIAMUNU IVIUTUH EU bALES SERVILE PHONE 458 West W lSl1lIlgt0l'l x LUTHER PARK FURNITURE HARDWARE APPLIANCES TEPHENVILLE LAUNDRY DRY ELLANINCJ DELIVERY PHONE .254 ZANE EAHTEH SPELL ll HUTEHINSUN LROL ERY Az MARKI:'1 PHONE 239 HHUWN S IEWELHY Jn-r ' ggx ,Qg-1-11 '15 .1 Mr. Jones: This is the fifth time you vt ln en suit into my office this week. What have you to say? McKee: Im certwinly glad its lfriday. o O 0 0 0 o 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 o 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 O O O 0 0 0 O 0 O 0 0 0 0 O 0 o 0 0 0 O 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 o 0 O 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 o O 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0 0000000000 Q v . A 0 O l CID '- F . , 5 A H R X n ' . H - - J qw-X02 . Y 1 , , f " Q . xx Qx I i A 1 1 , f . M ., l nF.,XffCD..,5x ,A ' X-:fr I -Q 4 ' , y gs: 1 9 - . X - Q fs EF - H - 4:- ?4 , u 4 i S Y Y--444 -- A-W A 44 444 -AA-- 4 - -- - -v A--- - A A +A- A - 5 'io . A ' I f l - ' -, Vx , ... .1 ly.-N , 1 ff A ' . s K A . - I ......-- -x 1 ' 0 . l bk W . 1- y , .. . V , A '000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO' ' 00 00490 00 O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O O 0 0 O O 0 0 O C 0 0 0 O 45 47 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 45 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 47 4? 4? 4? 47 45 47 47 45 4? 4? 4? 4? 45 4? 4? 45 4? 4? 4? 47 47 4? 49 49 4? 4? 4? 47 4? 4? 47 4? 4? 43 4? 0OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO0OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO000000000000000000009 000000000000 0000O00000000000000000 0000 0 000000000000000000000000000000000000 000 0 ' 000000000000000000000O000000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O . 0 0 0 0 O 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 I X I I ' Wx V Li Q9 bg I - I 'I I L W. C.: I've bought a book on how to make Y love, but it's just a waste of money. 3 James Ray: How's that? 1 W, C.: Well, it says I should take my' gi1'l's I hand in my hand and look into her -f eyes and say, "I love you, Genevieve." 7 James Ray: That sounds good. What's wrong with it? W. C.: My girl's name is Mart. Ilelwyn Koonsinan: "I don't see any need of washing my hands before I go to school. Jerry Flowers: Why not? Delwinz I'm not one who is always raising them. IVlr. Jones: lat a teachers' conferencel Long live the teachers! L Miss Russell lin a weak voicej On what? + Compliments Of NIIILSIIE BIHBLII SHUI' PHONE 418 IUH GIFTS IHL GIIIII EHILLIHLN SHLIP Gifts for all the family. 425 W. Washington-2 blocks west of square HALL IIUIILL SHLIP I II"Ilf'l'I' Friends Meet MEXICAN FOODS - STEAKS :a+ Senior to Junior: Never do today what you can put off till tomorrow. 4 A A friend is a person who dislikes the same people you dislike. 0 Q 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 C C O C 0 C O C C O 0 O O 0 C C 4? C 4? 47 4? 43 45 4? 40 4? 0 4? 4? 4? 45 C C? 4? 47 4? 4? 47 C 4? 4? WILLIAMS ILLII SIUHL G plus 6 Phone -104 Stephenville, Texas - W - --e--+ SEN'l'ENl7l'IS lN SOPHOMORE THEMES "ln England for Christmas dinner there is served a bo1'e's head roasted." "The man etched and fell on the ground." 4 ' COMPLIMENTS OF SILPHLNVILLL NILIILIH EU. PERRY IIOIVIE I5QUlPIVlEN'l' SERVICE Maytag Washers-Zenith Radios Kelvinator Refrigrerators li, Washington Phone 53 -l29-- o 0 0 0 0 0 C C O C C 0 C 4? 4? 4? 4? C 49 4? 4? 45 4? 45 45 4? 4? 4? 49 4? 43 49 47 4? 4? 43 43 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 49 45 4? 4? 47 47 4? 45 45 4? 49 4? OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO0000000000000000000000 O 5 If Mrs. Williams: Alvin. P2U'aPhl'aSQ the ffll' Naomi Starnes: I don't see how football 3 O lowing sentence: He was bent on seeing players ever get clean. o 0 lwn Y o V 3 Coach Murphy: Silly, what do you think 0 Alvin: The sight of her doubled me up. the scrub team is for? 2 2 o 0 + 2 O o O o 2 THEWITT FUNERAL HUNIE A O SPAHKNIAN U SUN U 2 3 U AMBULANC1-1 0 0 GROCERY Sz MARKET 1 3 3 A 201---PHONES-359 O -, . , . ' ' . 2 ' , 1 , rs , 2 iloiriu ol Ply md 01111. I hone 9.21 F 'my and Nighl Srrlyicc E 2 e 41 so A A o 3 U Compliments of 2 2 MINTER E 3 y GROCERY sz MARKET 3 2 Free Delivery 2 Z E nw, i 288-PHONES-43 3 O lrvlnqs + O 2 "RS ILAIIDHIES' U O O E M,-,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,'?,7I,'l1"'if'5 U COMPLIMENTS OF 3 O U 2 3 TY O o i ' 3 T VAHSI SH UP 2 Z U g +f e O O 1 ff 0 , C O 3 U t i 'gl is O o o O v o f' V A I iv U 3 2 d' ! Q o O o O o 3 A' o 3 ' O 3 ' U i 'PE ' XG me A 2 -- 0 2 -5 V 4. W O O I R A - 3 0 A O Y PAUL NIAHH 2 2 2 O SINCLAIRE MANUFACTURE AGENT 2 o 1 2 R3.ww-yHONES-OHkC98 X O 2 + 3 CONGRATULATIONS 9 23 Un Your Achievements During The 2 2 1946-1947 School Term o o Y 2 Sl OVALL Si NORTH . V X GROCERY 6 MARKET 3 0OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOQOOOOOOoooooooooeooooovo o -130- I aooooo oooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooo oooo-ooooooooooooooooooooooooooof-ooooooooooooooooooo o . o O o o o r.. - , 0 Q ::?EQ5fj??5E:-275 :QE 0 Q G 1' 7:2 'iz Z ,- 77: C. 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Cf'9 E G -'S 3 Z 'E -1:1 V O f5'9 'f 1 C25 - il ' 1 1 ' 3 "'4 ' 2 O 1 gr:-. 1 E2 ""' , gs, 5 f 1 c:::: ::f:' 1 O 1? l i U I N A : I 2 3 3, -": i 1 3:5 ' ' ' r"" E 0 ' 1 ' 1 O 1 1 0 I 1 I o E O , 1 6 O . ! 1 g O O 0 O -M132Mm OQQOOQQQQGQQQ OOOQOQOQOOOQQ QO Q OG O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O O O 0 O O O 0 0 '00 00 0000000 0 OO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO0 0'000000000000000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO000000006000000000000 WHAT A MAN! Some fellows can get away with any- thing. There's one in our neighborhood that does. Morals don't mean a thing to him. He's unmarried and lives openly with a woman he's crazy aboutg and he doesn't care what the neighbors say or think. He has no re- gard for truth or law. The duties of the so-called good citizen are just so much bunk as far as he is con- cerned. He doesn't vote at either the pri- maries or the general election. He never thinks of paying a bill. We have seen him take a 32.00 taxi ride without giving the driver so much as a pleasant look. The driver only stared at him and muttered something silly. .He won't work a lickg he won't go to church: he can't play cards or dance, or fool around with musical instruments or the radio. So far as is known, he has no intel- lectual interests at all. He neglects his ap- pearance terribly. He's so indolent he'd let the house burn down before he'd turn in an alarm. The telephone can ring' itself to pieces and he wouldn't bother to answer it, Even on such a controversial subject as the liquor ques- tion, nobody knows exactly where he stands, because one minute he's dry, and the next minute he's wet. But we'll say this for him, in spite of all his faults, he comes of a darn good family. He's our new baby. 0 Lu! Q -.r 9 'lfil5'l"l'Elil HOMES FUR BETTER LIVING ELIIY BUILDING MATERIAL IIUMPANY 4 CUMPLIMENTS OF EANIPUS LAIINIJHY Puoms 292 I I I I Heredity is something in a father until his son starts to act like a fool. 1 . 0 O O O O O O O O O O O O V o o o 0 o o 0 o 0 o o 0 o o o o 0 o o 0 O Q o o I o o + h o o o 6 o o o o o 0 A , o c O + You can always tell a Seniorg He always does his bestg You can always tell a Juniorg He is always oddly dressedg You can always tell a Freshmang I By his timid, hesitant touchg You can always tell a Sophomoreg I But you cannot tell him MUCH. FARM MACHINERY SHANNON SUPPLY COMPANY Butane Q Electrical Appliances Phone 168 Stephenville +- Y .., . . , VALICIIN ELEC'l'l-UC PHONE 454 Westinghouse Appliances Radio Service I Everything Electric 00v0000009O000000000000000000000000003000O000000000000000OO00000000000 O -133- i O O O O O 0 O O O O Q O O O O A O O A O O O O O A 0 O O O O O 0 Q Q x O O C O O O O O O O O 0 O 0 O 0 G O O O O O O O O O O O O O O 0 O Qr o ooOO0000Ov0OOvOOOOOOOOOOOOQQOOOOOOOOOO00 000000QOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO: J. I. NIAYS 84 EU. FURNITURE - HARDWARE GIFTS. RECORDS 8: SUPPLIES Al Pl IANLLS Laudazelle to Malk You may talk of signs oi weathoi Ot coming days you may sing Its a sign of an early sp11ng,. H. B. Garrett enteredlv. groceay store and saiii to the okerkz Take this orde5': 10 lbs. ,sugar at 6 cents, 11 lbs. coffee at 250: s lbs. tea at 30 cents. Add that up. How much is it? Q Clerk: Five dollars. S ll. B.: Arc you sur!! Clerk:2Ol' course I'm sure, ll. B.: Thanks. Thzlifs :ny uritlnnctic lc-sson l'o'r tomorrow ,1 cfo1u1'1,m'H c'1,1ff1N1Nf: SENVICI' HATS CLEANED 81 BLOCKED SEUII ELEANEHS Puolwi 105 O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O 0 O O 0 O O O O O O O O 0 , O I O O O O o o 0 0 O 0 O O O O O O O O O O O ,,,,L.L,L,UL,,,,,.,A,,,,n,L,.,, O RADIO SALES AND SERVICE HARPER NOVELTY CO. COIN OPERATED MACHINES Records 10c up Currenf Hifs Old Favorites WHITE AUTO STORE Everything for Your Home and Auto 100'k Home Owned ALBERT and ROBERT ROBERSON SIEPHENVILLE PHINIINE EU Printing o Dmmatwn ions, 91 BOX 556 WISIEHIA IEE EHEANI HAH o o 0 1 w 1 O , A in o o o o 0 o o Q o 0 , O K o o o O . 0 X o l I O 1 ' 6 I O .5 o UNI o O 1 xx 0 P, s -G O L I A O r Q . kg o o 9 o o o ""' ' ' ' Qv Qv o o o o Q o - - z o o ' ' o , . . O . . . . . Q o Y But when you sit on a good sharp tack, V O v J ' . . . .' . Q I1 I L I J o o o C, o o o is , Q. 3 .3 I 0 . . . . . . I O . . . O f 3 Pl R o o - ----f--- ' ' ' ' 'W ' o o , . . o o o o 4. Q O Q I , . . ., THAT'S MY BOY! Fiqshmanz zPlease, mama, let me go out tonight." 1 Sophomore: "May I go out tonight? The show is over at tml." Junior: Hlylll going out tonight, Dad." Senior: "Good night, folksg I xcifl bring.: in the milk." o O O 0 O O O O O O O O O O C C O 4 O C C C C O C C C 47 4? 43 C N3 C 43 C3 C fb C7 C7 4? 47 O 4? 4? C? 47 49 C O 47 49 4? 45 47 OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 00000000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO0000000000000 I Y A QQQXQQQQX5QNQ5QVQ5vXQWQwj9'vwNEQXQNQQQQ-QK9QNQQfQNQ'QQPQQNQMQNQ QNQQXQQFQXQPQQ 0 0 0 Q o 0 0 0 2 o - 0.1 Q o 0 0 o ' Q I 0 0 , 0 "5 X' s "' ' X R Q . v . b , 2 fN , dx, ff!! , , J I J 0 f ' v ' f ' o Y I if ' 6 ' JS? f 1 9 v fx W 5 Lx, 6 - A ' o o J K 4 A 3 M O . V V ,. 4 O 4 . J ' Sl .V In rf , J A 0 ff ' ' D. C I f 1' ' w Ti 2 .A -' r ff f f , A O ,5 J I- J . j x I. 'VA X Q' JS J 0 A: Q 1' . :. 0 , ix' 0 ..N 0 .x I xi 0 R o ' 0 0 Q 2 2 O Ii 9 SQ ' o 0 . o o o - Q 65 0 A 0 52 Z 45 0 fb o 65 . 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