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 - Class of 1942

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TEXHS CHUUL couuoso , ,..2,...,. 1 Q 2 3 "Lz:::::z:."' PRESS muon BILLY BEENE Editor J. B. GARRETT STAFFORD EN 0. Engravers STEPHENVILLE EM TRIBUNE Printers MQ!! Y 1! NM V! f LXJX-Qi!!! f :" J WWA! Nw 1 "M" WW wwygffjgm ?Tz5fz:3,?',iii,g WLM? 0,4 QQ M44 ww, Mggxw A44 . '50 wwf M5046 f MW X jW,0ff""dl ' MM A l ' 135431 WML ,favcefs JW Q W MZWZWWW Wwjpyy A' JVJCQHZTA f,1,x J ,, 11. My X. 'J j-f '90 KW J Wymqw AJZQQMWL. Tlwe Yellow Jacket Annual publication ol Stephenville l-liglw Sclwool Steplwenville, -l-exasl QL-LQ? AM WW ,gm lm 764 3T3 iiQ2ZTLf3Z72fL4lfjfL.fn17fMw ?fi2tQ,Wi4i AL 2gg!f:554'?'2 , 1'-+ 1 -14 my f-.41 gffff' , "" ff 1? a ff' .4 5414141 615 17' ax ifffffffffdfzfzzzf fg f, 4,g ,Wx ,ZQWIZ63 fad 549726 -'QW -Qldffffby ffrffzg 7J4Lf4.:3d,E MK ff W, !,L666' " ,MJ .JLQQ 4421- 60,4 R..,f2,W2Z1 'Q,z' 'ZJMLQ ,027 M ' A , ,.,,t ,,, , ,. , ,.i A,. . , A QAA , .. T ..f, A,4.W,X , .. - Z 'E-,z'e,,Qu.g ' ,6-dw D " ,Rgf i j72,ff ff -5,-I I ,,. ' 7 fy. ., w 'L , . .N P ,N-X L 4 V- 1 'f' ' - f Q- 'f . 'W ' ' K! " A . ,f,P " ., dfdf 'Z + M X 9-6, fA an-4 ff f! ' WMM A 4,64 , DEDICATIQN Because our lives have been enriched through association with our fellow students and our teachers in the classrooms, in the halls, in our club activities, and on the athletic held, because we wish to per- petuate these relationships, and because We realize, as did the ancient philosopher, that he who has even one real friend is indeed rich, We dedicate this edition of The Yellow jacket to our high-school friend- ships. PHEFAIIE ln compiling this year- book, the sixth edition of The Yellow jacket, it has been our purpose to por- tray as realisticly as pos- sible the activities of Ste- phenville High School. We hope you like the book and that you get as much pleasure from read- ing it as we have from producing it. NE PHESENTING MR. OLIVER OUR NEW SUPERINTEND-ENT BUAHD UF EUUEATIUN Front row: Ben B. McCollum, Mrs. A. H. Newman, R, E. Martin. Back row: A. E. Emmett, Ivan P. Oliver, H. E. Braeuer, George Shiels, Frank Carlton. OFFICERS PRESIDENT ,..,.,.,,,,,. .....,......,.,... R . E. MARTIN VICE-PRESIDENT ....... ,.,.,,,.. M Rs. A. H. NEWMAN SECRETARY.. ..,,,,,. ...A..,...... H . E. BRAEUER Because the members of the Board of Education have been untiring in their work and unselfish in their devotion to a civic trust, Stephenville has been able to develop and maintain a school system of which it may well be proud. Because of their intelligent planning, a sound educational policy has been developed throughout the systemg and because of their business ability, the school has been placed on a firm financial basis. In behalf of the students of Stephenville High School, the Yellow Jacket Staff wishes to thank the members of the Board of Education for the hours they have given to Work- ing for the Stephenville Public School System. 1 1 . ati 1.5, ,.,L'j,ZL"'L'L' TABLE UF nuumns jjlwf Eiiilli 'Wd'-' DMM LT An apple a day Brings good grades our way. fWe hope AUMINISTHATIUN E ,. QW IvAN P. OLIVER, SUPERINTENDENT GOLLIN B, JONES, PRINCIPAL M12- RUBY BELEW COM MERCIAL SUBJECTS G. W. COLLUM BAND SOCIAL VALLIE E Fw V, SCIENCE GLISQ if I f ,, ' U f MARION KIMBRO HASSLER M , ,LL M SECRETARY LOTTIE HESTER HOME ECONOMICS PEARL HICKS MATHEMATICS W I I Qgfvi gh! lg ,111 X I xxx Af' I 0 JOSEPH A. KING tb LQ, !E2IENCE AN MATHEMATICS GRACE ESTAL LEUSCHNER SPEECH, ENGLISH, AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION AVN' ti J ,ff JIMMIE MARSHALL .wi SOCIAL SCIENCE AND ATHLETICS .-A A9 . NELL WELCH MURDAUGH 1 SPANISH AND ENGLISH I , 4 I ,,f' ELI RUSHKNIG' V f 4 SOCIAL SCIENCE AND ATHLETICS fi, GAYLE RUSSELL SOCIAL SCIENCE Vw Mi? 2'-f' .W E. W. SCOTT ,ly io, I ff' VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE 'A MINEOLA SCRIMSHIRE ENGLISH J I I ' J J 9 ,L 5 ,. I , E ,WV A 'if' S I mx Mr. King. Mr. Collum. Mr. Marshall. QLQIU.. Nam blwvxe,-.. EEZ' Q eusdh . . ,1--4 QW QL Wirral-Ps l lzbdv-u..vJ 101' .l . ' A'9"SV"a'V"'! Qxv-IZAJ1 is cks.l C X . CQA'-'9A'pNTND:. Mrs. Murdaugli. Mr. Oliver. Mrs. Johnson. Miss Russell and Miss Belew. Mr. Rushing. Mr. Jones and Mr. Scott. Miss Eoff and Miss Scrimshire. Mrs. Hassler and Miss Hester. m.XfJ,L CLASSES These are the Classes, good ones toog Study? Well, teachers may think we do. P l 1 J nf Q v SENIUH ELASS UFFIEEHS U I f ,D llxfig JI Qi l ffl J 1 EUGENE FERGUSON SCOTTY SCOTT ELOISE HALE CHARLES ROGERS JACK SWATZELL JACKSON ALLEN MISS HICKS . OFFICERS I ,J PRESIDENT L,LL,... ......,.,L,LL...,..,.L.,....L,, EUGENE FERGUSON -sf VICE-PRESIDENT .,L, LLL,LL..... SCOTTY SCOTT SECRETARY LL,LLL,L... ...L,L E LOISE HALE TREASURER L,..... .,,,,. C HARL1-:S ROGERS REPORTER ,,L, ,,.........,L,,L ,L,,,. J A CK SWATZELL SERGEANT AT ARMS ,LLL,,LL L.,,..,.,.., J ACKSON ALLEN SPONSOR ..LL,,,,. ....,L, M ISS HICKS On September 4, 1939, 140 lovable, but somewhat noisy sophomores enrolled in Steph- enville High School. Taking some time to find out what High School was all about, they finally Settled down and contributed much to their school. They were fortunate enough to draw Miss Hicks and Mr. King as their sponsors and Scotty Scott as their president. The most outstanding event of the year was the presentation of two one-act plays, "Twelve Old Maids," and "Hem-y's Mail Order Wife." As Juniors they continued their good work in lessons, sports, and all school activities. Again Scotty was elected president. Luck being with them, they elected Eloise Hale, a member of the class, as School Sweetheart. After presenting a three-act comedy, "Mother-In-Law Blues," they were able to have a Successful Junior-Senior Banquet. Suddenly this fun-loving, noise-making bunch found themselves Seniors. Yes, they were even dignified and studious the night before exams. A member of this class, Bill Hicks, was elected as president of the student body. Again Eloise Hale was elected School Sweetheart, and Eugene Ferguson presided as president of the Senior class. On the football field and basketball court this class was well represented by A. V. Roberson, Scotty Scott, J. B. Garrett, Bill Hicks, Jim Whitacre, and Dudley Everett. Their last year was indeed full of fun and studying. Looking back over their High School days, some happy, and some not so happy, they see they have accomplished much and carry with them many unforgetable memories, but Stephenville High will long remember the class of '42 for its outstanding students, its high ideals, its cooperative spirit, and yes, even its noise. DELMON ALEXANDER A lex F.F.A. '39, '42, Track '41, Football '39, BILLY JOE ANDERSON Blub Football '41, Basketball '42I F.F.A. '41: Yellow Jacket Boosters '40. BILLY BEENE 'Legs Band '40, '41, Vice-P1'esi- dent, 42: "The Yellow Jack- et," Assistant Editor, '41, Editor '42, Falcons '40, Stags '42, S.P.C. '40, Class Play '41, '42, Class Favorite '40g Class Favorite Runner- up '42g Baseball '40, Bas- ketball '40g Who's Who '41, '42, State High School Who's Who '42, "The Yel- low Jacket" Play '41, QUATA BOATWRIGHT Quata F.H.T. '41, '42: G.A.A. '40, '41, '42: Class Play '40, Pep Squad '39, Baseball '40. STEVE ALEXANDER Steve MILDRED BET AR M STRONG Beth F.H.T. '40, '41, '42, G. '40, '41, ' . MARY VIRGINIA BICKLEY 'Virginia Choral Club '42, G.A.A. ' Class Play '42, SARAH R0sE BORDN Sarah F.H.T. '42, G.A.A. '42. CLASS UF 1942 CLASS UF T942 MARTHA JEAN BOYD J eau Choral Club '40C Baseball '40, Class Play '40, '41, '42, S.P.C. '40, '41, Vice-Chair- man '41, Pep Squad '39, '40, F.H.T. '42, G.A.A. '42, Treasurer , C 1 a s s Favorite '40, Most Representative '42, "The Yellow Jacket," Assistant Advertising Man- ager '41, Class Editor '42: F.0.0. '41, '42, Secretary '42, Chapel Program Com- mittee '41, Chairman, Social Committee '42, Who's Who '42, State High School Who's Who '42, MARY LYNN BROWN Ma1'y Class Play '41, '42, F.H.T. '40 2 G.A.A. '42. DOYE BURKETT Doye G.A.A. '41, '42, F.H.T. '41, '42, Choral Club '41. VVANDA CLEVELAND Wanme F.H.T. '40, '42, Secretary '40, G.A.A. '40, '41, '42, M.U.G.S. '42, Vice-President, Pep Squad '39, Class Play '40, '41, '42, Vice-President of Class '40, S.P.C. '42, Secretary, Social Committee '42, Class Favorite Runner- up '42, State High School Who's Who '42. OLETHA BOYD Floogie F.H.T. '41, '42, G.A.A. '41 '42. JAMES BRUNSON James J. D. BYRAM J. D. DOROTHY JEFF COGDELL J ef Band '40, '42, G.A.A. '40, '41, Minute Men of Science '42, F.H.'l'. '41, '42. JAMES COLVIN Jimmy F.F.A. '41, '42, RAYMOND COSBY Ray F.F.A. '41, '42. MARY DACUS Katy 1421-I.T. '40, '42, Dramatic Club '41, G.A.A. '40, '41, '42g M.U.G.S. '42, Treasur- er: Pep Squad '40, Class Play '40, '41, '42. HAROLD EADES Eades F.F.A. '41, '42, Parliamen- turian '42. TRAVIS COOK Cook F.F.A. '4o. EVELYN MARIE Cox Sweetpea G.A.A. '41, Baseball '40. CHRISTINE DENSON Teenie GEORGE DUDLEY EVERETT, JR. G. D. 00 ball '40 '41 '42 Track F t . . : ' '40, '42: Basketball '42, F.F. A. '40, '41. CLASS UF 1942 ,Q .,., ' '-4, , 5:-:EE-. 'S A4441 if IILASS UF 1942 I .e-we if -if 6 N FRED EWERS Years Jr. Track Team '39g Base- ball '39. EUGENE FERGUSON Fahey C la s s President '39, '42: Class Sergeant at Arms '41: Falcons '39, '40, Who's Who '40, '42g Football '38, Foot- ball Manager '39, '40, '41g Basketball Manager '40. J. B. GARRETT Jugg . Band '40, '41, Captain '41, Basketball '40. '41, '42 3 Football '41g Track '41, '42: Baseball '4Og "The Yellow Jacket" '42, Business Man- ager: Class Play '40, '41, S. P. C. '42, Stags '42, Vice-President, Most Rep- resentative '42, Song Leader '421 My Home Town Speak- er '41, '42: Who's Who '42: State High School Who's Who '42g Fire Captain '42. LA RUE GIBSON La Rue Class Play '40, F.T.A. '40, C1bA.A. '40, '41, Choral Club CLETA FANNING Clem LILLY JACK FRIZZELL Frizzell YVONNE GARRISON Bon Baseball '41g Volleyball '41: Choral Club '41g Spanish Club '41, '42. DOROTHY GRAVES Dot G.A.A. '42. MORGAN GRAVES Morgan Yellow Jacket Booster Club '40 ELOISE HALE Hale ' G.A,A. '39, '40, '41, '42, F. H.T. '39, '40, Choral Club '39, '40, Pep Squad '39, Yell Leader '40, '41, Minute Men of Science '42, 'JPresident: Baseball '39, '40, Volleyball '40, '41, Class Play '39, Secretary of Class '41, '42, School Sweetheart '41, '42, Most Representative Runner- up '42. JACQUELINE HAMILTON J cickie F.H.T. '40, G.A.A. '41, '42. MARGARET HENOERLITE Sis Typing '40, "The Yellow Jacket" '41, Typist,Spanish Club '41, '42, Secretary '41, Sclrmol Pianist '42, Choral Club '41, National Guild of Piano Players Audition '40, '41, '42. DOROTHY GREENLEE Dot Class Play '40 , Pep Squad '39, Choral Club '40, '41 , G.A.A. '40, '41, '42. NAOMA HALL Shorty F.H.T. '41, '42, G.A.A. '41, '42. ROSE MARIE HARRIS Rosie RACHEL HENDERLITE Sis Spanish Cluh '41, '42, Presi- dent '42, Choral Club '41Z Band '41, CLASS UF H142 J ef FLQWW' QILL HICKS MARGARET ELAINE William HMMAN S.P.C. '42, Chail'mzlll:Who's Bunny VVho '12 Q Most, Rcpl'cs0ntn- tive Runner-up '42 3 State High School Who's Who '42 1 Basketball '41, '42, All-Dis- trict '42 g Track '41 3 Foot- ball '40, '41, All-District '41. X 1 , . MYRON HOLAMON HERMON Hom' H olamon H erm Track '40, '41g F.F.A. '41, Class Play '40, '41, '42: '42' Band '39, '-10, '41, 42. Yellow Jacket Booster '40, Minute Men off Science '42, Vice-President: Boys' Cho- ral Club '41g Social Com- mittee '42. ADRIAN HOWARD MARION HUTCHINSON Adrian Jo 1".F.A. '41, 512. M.U. G. S. '42, Secretary: Class Play '40, '41, ,Pep Squad '39, F.H.T. '40, '42, G.A,A. '40, '41, '42, Choral Club '40, '41, '42, Dramatic Club '41g "The Yellow Jac- ket" '42, Club Editor, Ten- nis '40, LUCY BETH JAMES J. D. ELM0 JENNINGS LMCLV Genius C.A.A. '40, 1+'.H.T. '40, '41, 10.1-'.A. '41, '4z. A153 Baseball '40, Vullcybull -221 LAWANDA JOHNSON Lonnie TRUMAN KAY T ruman Band '39, '40, '41, '42, Class Play '42. Gln!!! 4714199 ,099 7 4 BETTY JO LATHAM Bo Choral Club '40, Baseball '40, Class Play '40, '42, F. H.T. '42, Delegate to State F.H.T. Convention '40, F.0. O. '41, '42, Rep r '42, G. A. A. '42, V' e-Pre ' ent, 9, , h Who ' Pep Squ '4 ' W o's 1 ff Y fb- K, ,Y If A ff CHRYSTELLE Lovl-:LI-:ss Christy Class Play '40, '41, G. A. A. '40, '41, '42, Band '40, '41, '42, F.H.T. '41, Choral Club '40, Baseball '40. ' RAYFORD KAY Red F.F.A. '41, '42. BILLEE JEAN KING Bill ' Band '40, '41, '42, Class Play '40, '41, '42, Dramatic Club '41 , G. A. A. '40, '41, '42, Choral Club '41, F.H.T. '40, '42, Minute Men of Sci- ence '42, Treasurer , M. U. G.S. '42, President, Baseball '40 , State High S c h o ol Who's Who '42. ' ' PAULINE LATHAM Polly F. 0. O. '41, '42, ce-Presi- dent, '42, Minutef Men Of Science '42, Se tary, nd '39, '40, '41, ' , F.H.T. 39, School Swee e ner- up '42. W0 DORIS MCDONALD Mac F H.T. '40, '42 , Spanish Club '40, '41, Reporter '41, Cho- ral Club '40, '41, '42, G.A.A. '40, '41, '42, M.U.G.S. '42, Parliamentarian, S.P.C. '41, '42, Treasurer '42. Mui, ELASS UF 1942 fdifl Q jg ELASS UF 1942 ' ,VJ I I mam 1' 3 ,jf ,, fl A 1' 1 ffl? K 0 MILDRED NANCE Dimples G.A.A. '39, '42, F.H.T. '42, Baseball '39, MARY HELEN PEARCY Mary Helen F.H.T. '41, '42. BILLIE NORBERTA PoT1-:I-:T Billie Bert F.0.0. '42, F.H.T. '41, '42, Choral Club '42, President: Pep Squad '39, G.A.A. '40, '41, '42, President '42, Class Play '40: Baseball '40. Lois FAYNE RHOADES Flossie State High School Who's Who '42. ..24... MARY Jo NICHOLS Jo Pep Squad '39, G.A.A. '40, '41, Spanish Club '40, '41, F.H.T. '42. MARY RUTH PEWITT Little Babe Class Play '40, Pep Squad '39, Choral Club '41, G.A.A. '40, '41, 42, F.H.T. '41, '42, M.U.G.S. '42, Baseball '40. SWAN RAMsAY Swan Declamation '41. "om'l5u' Z CHARLES RIGGINS Chas. Band '40, '41, '42, "The Yel- low Jacket" '42, Sports Edi- tor, School Bugler '41, '42, Who's Who '42, Stags '42, Minute Men of Science '42, Reporter, Football '41. DOROTHY LOU RIPLEY Sponcc DAPHENE RORERSON Sho-rty G.A.A. '40 '41 '42, F.H.T '41, '42, 'choral Club '40, '41 '42 , . MARY ALICE RODGERS Mary Alice LOUISE SAVAGE Lou A. V. ROBERSON A Track '40: Football '30, '40, '41, Basketball '40, '41, '42, Stags '42, President, F. l".A. '40, '41, Parliamentar- ian '41, Class Parliamentar- ian '40, Class Vice-President '41, Fire Chief '42, Chief Air Raid Warden '42, "The Yellow Jacket" Play '40, ERNEST DEANE RODMAN Tookey F.H.T. '40, '41, '42, Vice- President '42, Spanish Club '42, Secretary-Treasurer '42, Choral Club '41, G.A.A. '40, '41, Pep Squad '40, Dele- gate to F.H.T. Convention '40. CHARLES ROGERS General Tennis '40, '41, '42, F.F.A. '40, '41, Secretary-Treasub er, '41, Class Play '40,Class Treasurer '42: Social Com- mittee '42, VERNE SCOTT, JR. Scotty Football '40, '41, Track '40, '41, '42, Basketball '423 C la S s President '40, '41 , Cla s s Vice-President '42 , Class l"avor'itc '42, S. P. C. '41 , Stairs '42, Spanish Club '41, '42, Wh0's Who '412 Stabc High School WhO'S Who '42. 11133 010122 K-2 ,ff " '- fs 4 . 4 .left Ml' class M1942 , lik 1 IMOGENE Sums Imogene Vollcy ball '40, '41, '42, Baseball '40, Spanish Club '41 '42 , . EUNICE SMITH Jo Anna Class Play '40, F.T.A. '40, G.A.A. '40, '41, Choral Club '40, '41, Dramatic Club '41, Pep Squad '40, Band '39, '42, Interscholastic League Spelling '40, '41. MARY Jo STOCKTON S 'f 8 X J0 - N . . . , 2, or u GAA '41 '4 Ch C1 b 3 '41, Minnte ,Men 9 cience X xt, 421 lgwf J 1 p . ,h " 1 V , 1 J , JL: . -7 H f' - X, 'ft ! 1,1 A f 5 1 ff xx-Vyjv M' r ,K 'fl 'JJ C A X if j ff - Qfy .UM J I X ,1 oy A U jJ'ACK SWATZELL RUBY LEE TACKETT 2711076 Tackett S-P-C4 '42Z Stags '42, Ser- Pcp Squad '39, '40, F.H.'l'. Sant at Arms ' Class Re '41 '42, Declamation '40, I-Z , ' porter '42, Fire Captain '42. JOYCE TEAGUE Joyce Class Favorite '39, C.U.B.S. '39, '41, President '41, l".H. '41', G.A.A. '40, '41, '42, Interscholastic League Spell- ing '40, '41. LAVERNE THOMASON Verne Band '39, '40, '41, '42, G.A. A. '39, '40, '41, '42, I".H.T. T. '40, G.A.A. '40, Drum '39, '40. Major '40. ...261 MAXINE WAKEHELD M ax NVinncr of "Know Texas" Contest in 1940 District 9A. JIM WHITACRE Whit Football '41, Basketball '40, '41, '42, Track '40, Tennis '40, Baseball '40, Class Re- porter '41, Class Favorite '41, Stags '42, Band '41, Brass Sextette First Divis- ion State and First Division National Contests '41, Fire Captain '42. FLORINE WHEELER Florinc VERA MAE WIMBERLEY Vera SYEIL WOLFE , , . I" 4 f." Syb "The Yellow Jacket" '40, '-'11, Class Play '41, 42, Class Favorite '41, '42, F.O. 0. '-11, '42, President '42, F.H.'I'. '40, '41, G.A.A. ' '41, Choral Club '40, , 42, Quartet '41, Trio '41, '42 , Reporter '40, '41 , SP. C. '40, Band '40, '41, '42, Play 40, '41 Majorette '40, '42, Drum Ma- jor j42, "The Yellow Jacket" ' 4 Z, Advertising Manager, F.F.A. Sweetheart '42, 'Fen- nis '40, Baseball '40, Typ- MARY RUTH WINTERS Ruth EDITH LOUISE WOOLEN Fuzzy Pep Squad '39, Band '40, '41, '42, G.A.A. '39, '40, '41, '42, F.H.T. '39, '40, F.0.0. '42, Minute Men of Science '42, Volleyball '40, '41, Baseball '40. ing '4l. MARY BETH WORKMAN WINONA PEARL WRIGHT Beth Band '42, Minute Men of Pearl Science '42, G.A.A. '42. LUCILE WYLY Cil U N 1 JUNIUH cuss urrnns Aim. l R P r ,. A i I Q 'SE We I ,-., BUD HIGGS CHARLES cAssTEvENs DOROTHY JEAN STIGLER BARBARA GOODGAME JOHN RIGGINS MRS. MURDAUGH J . Ll fx X ',u-JV v..A.gL,v4,1 ugj Ei K PL' 1 Z IU!-f'r lf-fm they. 4 Ee:-.fyv-x.f0fV 'Lf 'J V rj .J , ff OFFICERS -21-0441.151 wf..w-Q 'we l 'Lu' Z , , ,' 7- I fx, aC.f.fg,4,,LAJ ugfltg PRESIDENT AA..,..,..,.. K..AA.,,A. . A7,7AAAA,v.A. U D Hioos .55 .11 1. Mggl VICE-PRESIDENT AA,..., .7A,..... C HARLES CASSTEVENS J 1, ,Ag -L,,,,, SECRETARY ,,,E,,,,. TREASURER ...,.A.., 7........ B ARBARA GOODGAME - REPORTER . 7,7,EE7.7,7,E,7,.E4,,,7 . 6 . .......,, DOROTHY JEAN STIGLER Q , ,mvgtj -VIS-az,-8, x A K0-V 'u6LAxx4,1luL.- fr"-fw.4,fs,? JOHN RIGGINS ,LM-gVJ " LLM-?c,v JN- SERGEANT AT ARMS ,...EE7,,7EE,7,7,E,777,E.,,,..,......,...EE LEON :ROBERTS ,,JAjgJJ f' , K' SPONSOR ,T7.... . ..,, MRS. W. J. MURDAUGR H-U-1-'-N13 Lua.. -i4.u.,UL .,, KQX-QT " .1.Q,Oa-4..v..E,L-a.,.e4.J-J 'I' - .J D - H ' ' r C,4.,a.,f , ru Aorf X xfx.4,,, L10 During September, 1940, not only 138 freshmen entered Senior High School but alsolv-fav-1, -Zl,,.-L. their very admirable sponsor, Mrs. W. J. Murdaugh. These loud but intelligent sopho- mores proved to be diligent students and showed their acting ability by presenting, "The Phantom Bells," one of the most outstanding plays of the year. In 1941 they re-entered Senior High School with the new and somewhat more im- portant title of "Juniors" This past year has been filled with numerous activitiesg all of the students have worked diligently to provide means for the long-anticipated Junior- Senior Banquet. To prove they were a versatile class, they sponsored a book review, bingo stands, and the sale of wondergraphs and pep pins. Then these students presented their never-to-be-forgotten play "The Mummy and the Mumpsf' Toward the end of February they began planting a garden in which they raised part of the food to be used at the '.f4.,f..13 L.A.f.f,L.At 1.1-144.4 " -1,0 12,1 glut gil Qt, 4 is annual banquet. In athletic activities, as well as in other phases of school life, the Juniors ,LU ' ' I! shone. Eight Juniors-Ralph Hicks, Blucfford Hancock, Joe Day Pair, Quain Parnell, 1'9'L"' hia- Ralph Poteet, Bud Higgs, Leon Roberts, and Bob Gore-were football letteimeng Weldon 'ug 11-.vw -Lf' Moody and W. B. Stephens won the school letter in basketball. Charles Casstevcns, one ' 2 of the capable managers of the football team, was also a Junior. .,,,g,.r-Mitra The students of the class of '43 have enjoyed their association togetherg and although Q Q c S ,Q they are looking forward to their senior year with anticipation, their hearts are filled with regret when they remember that next year will be their last in Senior High School. .ggjdu uf-ally R - MJJL, LMALJ-... I ,-Q1-A,,,,,J 3-1-WJ -VW"-4, -Zfwwsa 'VU-114134 .A ,,fJ.z.Ad4y'W? , -2s- , 4 6 W I,f.,'.4. ,V fy-Je .. 1'-f'Jf"'1:,' JACK ANDERSON Likes to hunt. REBA JAYNE ANDERSON Likes things Wel-don. DOROTHY JANE AUVENSHINE Says Grijjfin polish shines the best. NORMA RUTH BETLCHER Likes to cook. MORRIS BELL Is a studious person. BETTY JO BROWN Says favorite subject is campusology. JACK BURKETT Is sometimes mistaken for Carl. BILLY BUTLER Is always found eating. CHARLES CASSTEVENS Is as cute as a mustard seed. EVELYN COUCH Likes Thursday nights. GENE COWAN Likes to spend Saturday nights out of X CAROL DAWSON Wants Moore chocolate ' cake. MAXINE DOBBS Likes Coinedics. WALDEEN DORRIS Likes army boys. DOROTHY ELLIOTT Likes cookies. as ELASS UF 1943 ..29-. vo- cmss or 1943 ' W ,V ,, . i L " I , , ' .1 ,NBL li, . -3' 'QJJ i M KJ, JJJ 3 I y I .- ' V gm' ,YF f I 'x ' V' Y' 30 MARY FERGUSON Always ficldles while Ranger burns. JOSEPHINE GARRETT Says fa'vorite pastime is f?j DAN GILBERT Enjoys music masterpieces. BILLY GLENN Hangs ont of classes. BARBARA GOODGAME .1... vi----1 . Says favorite dish is brown-eyed B 'J Q-of J GREEN "'Is a rah! rah! boy. Y, f ,. X 6 -566191, I VIoLA H LL 1 l Is one of the Hall sisters. SAMMY HANOVER Loves classical music. JOE HARRELL Hangs out at the Mill. MAXINE HARRISON Likes amzei' M ERNEST ATON Shall have noise wheger M he goes. PETER HENDERLITE Likes brunettes and Tschaikovsky. RALPH HICKS Knows a shortcut to Dublin. , BUD HIGGS 'as an ambition to be ke Mag Fowler. MARY FRANCES HOLCOMB Likes sqaeaking windmills. ZELMA HOLLEY Thinks Billy Glenn is cm ideal boy. NINA HUFFMAN Likes Model T'sr DOROTHY ANN JACKSON Is little but loud. JOHNNIE ELIZABETH JENKINS Likes to see 'ASuieide Squad" perform. TED JONES Likes redheads. SARA ANN KEITH Has d good left hand. RUBY LEATHERMAN Piefers blonds. GLADYS LITTLE Evidently likes to study. ELIZABETH MCKEOWN J do Likes to dance. K. W0 FRANCES MILLER Doesnlt like school. ' JOYCE FAYNE MILLER Likes yeometiwy when it is e-a-s-y. BILLY MOORE Likes less Poteets. ANN NEWMAN Is a sweater girl. MARTHA JANE OXFORD Likes tu yu m lzzmting. JOE DAY PAIR Aclores black eyes. I O CLASS UF H143 Q5 MQW. J A f ' .u , 6 ELASSLUF 1943 9 QV., X JL ix, kwin . AIN PARNELL xf'a""' ocly's sweetheart. I N ' TOMMY JO PEARCY Admits t at"if Talking weVe a crime, she would be a criminal. RALPH POTEET Loves the spotlight. JOHN HIGGINS Likes Junior High girls. PANSY ROGERS Enjoys singing. GI NETTA SIKES Likes married life. MARION SPEER Says her favorite fruit is Pair. DOROTHY JEAN STIGLER Likes Moore B-steels. MAXIN E STRACENER Likes high school ewes. DOROTIIY JEAN TEDDLIE llfants to to west--12 miles. DON WATSON Is a genius in Eng lish. DALE VVI-IITE Is glacl he kept his bicycle. JACK LANE WINN Likes to play guns with A. R. JUANITA WISE Likes to skate. Leaf ' K I f M? TWJTRSUPHUMUHE cuss umcfns MONTE SWATZELL BARBARA FUNK BARBARA ROTHE ROBERT CAMERON JOE DACUS Miss HESTER OFFICERS PRESIDENT ,,7B.... ,.,BBB MONTE SWATZELL i VICE-PRESIDENT 7.77..., ,,Bv,. . BARBARA FUNK SECRETARY ...,.....,, ,.T,,.,TB B ARBARA ROTHE TREASURER ,77BB, ...... R OBERT CAMERON REPORTER ........ .. ............. .. ................... .JOE DACUS SERGEANT AT ARMS ,,,..,.. ........, J AMES WILLINGHAM SPONSOR ,O,,. OO.,.. MISS HESTER On September 8, 1941, ninety-four sophomores enrolled in Stephenville Senior High School. Of these, thirty-one entered the iirst grade in 19333 thirty-two graduated from Ward School in the same classg and fifty-eight graduated from Junior High School together. On April 30, 1942, under the direction of the sponsor, Miss Lottie Hester, the class presented a farce in three acts entitled "Keeping Up Appearances." The cast of charac- ters in the play consisted of Barbara Rothe, Mildred Hensarling, Emily Vaughan, Mar- tha Jane Braunig, Joyce Roberts, Edwin Lee Burnett, Joe Dacus, and Robert Cameron. The sophomore boys were active in all types of athletics. In football and basketball they worked hard for the privilege of playing on the team. It is unusual for a Sophomore to letter in footballg Robert Cameron did this. A number of sophomores had places on the Junior Track Team, which won second place in the Bluebonnet Relays at Brown- wood. In this meet Robert Cameron won seven medals, Edwin Lee Burnett, three. Tl1e sophomores are eagerly looking forward to the Junior and Senior years in High School. They expect to accomplish much and have fun doing it. - -33.. CLASS UF 1944 DIXIE MARIE BARNARD Quiet BEMENTA BECK Interesting MARTHA JANE BRAUNIG Tallfat-ive MARIE BROCK Coy EDWIN LEE BURNETT Genuine RAYMOND BURNETT Reliable ROBERT CAMERON Athletic J UANITA COOK Sunny ALBERT CRAGWALL Vigorous MARY CUNNINGHAM Unselfislz P 3-In JOE DACUS Stalwart BILLY JOE DEANE Lively GLENN DORRIS Competent ALICE DRAKE Ducky JAMES C. FARMER Clever CHARLES FERGUSON Inventive BARBARA FUNK I nfv'1'go1'ating L, MARY KATHERINE HARRIS f Sweet MILDRED HENSARLING Versatile CLAUDIA HUDSPETH Dignified NEITA JOY JONES S tudious MARY JO LAVVSON Cute JOE MACK LINDLEY Mischievous BETTY J O LOGAN Helpful GENE MENEFEE Likable FLOY MOON ' 'Sophisticated BILLY NICHOLS A Cheerful ANNA BELLE POSEY Agreedble JOHNNIE RAMPLEY Shrewd MARY RICH Magnificent JOYCE ROBERTS Friendly s 'I 5 BARBARA ROTHE Captivating MONTE SWATZELL Swell Reserved S CORINNE TUDOR xl 40 EMILY VAUGHAN Winsome FRANCES WILLIAMS Lovable MARILU WISDOM Attractive JOYZELLE WYATT Energetic miss UF1Q44W -I f . I Af- - 'XifY 1:, . 1 I if f 2 Qigfiggg fi A , ?f 35- SCI-IQQI. CALENDAR, 1941-1942 September September September September September October October November November November November November 8-School opensg classes begin. 12-First football gameg Jackets defeat Hico. 19--Jackets annex Dublin game. 24-First Lyceum, "Delbert Har- ter, World Traveler." 27-Bluefford gets a broken leg in the Goose Creek game. 9-Bonfire for Ranger game. 31-Jackets brave the Denison mud. 5-Juniors present Miss Savage in book review. 13-M.U.G.S. Candlelight Tea. 13-14-F.F.A. Area Chapter Con- ducting Team wins first place. 21-Brownwood game, last of the SCRSOH. 26-"B" Team Wins Weatherford November December December December December December December December December December January January January January January game. T ' Y 28-Mrs. Johnson leaves. 1-Mrs. Leuschner arrives. 2-High School elects favorites. 4-Favorites are presented. 6 -F.F.A. Father and Son ban- quet. 19-Christmas Holidays begin. 20-M.U.G.S. Christmas Party. 20-Sta s ' ' 26-F.0.0. Party. 31-C.U.B.S. New Year's Eve Party. 5-School begins again. 16 -DeLeon Basketball Tourna- ment. 21-22-23-Mid-Term Examinations. 23-Miss Belew leaves. 24-Jackets win Gorman Basket- ball Tournament. -35- February February February February February March March March March March lVI'arch March April April April April April April April April May May May May May May 2--Miss Forrest arrives. 13-Jackets win District Basket- ball. 14-Valentine's Day. 20-C.U.B.S. Barn Party. 27-Juniors present "The Mum- my and- the Mumpsf' 1 ' X fupq 1-rf' 13-F.0.0. Bglch Q ceq 13-S.H.S. Students present p'o-I' E gram at Dublin. ' 16-The holiday we didn't get. Q Stephenville Day at the Stock Showl. 19-Lyceum, "Paging Uncle Sam". 26-Seniors present "Te pest and Sunshinefbilacax 54,44 28-Track Meet with Dublin. 31-Half-holiday for patriotic rally. 1-l Fool's Dayvqgfulj ,,,..0l 4-Bluebonnet Relays at Brown- wood. 18-District Track Meet at Breckenridge. p 21-Band Banquet. 22-Arlite Smith, "E:5pert Diver." 23-Band Concert and Cakewalk. 28-29-Sugar Rationing. 30-Sophomores present "Keeping up Appearances." 2-F.F.A. boys go to Bywaters Ranch. 8-Junior-Senior Banquet. 15-Senior Day. 24-Baccalaureate Sermon. 25-26-27-Final Examinations- A' A 29-Commencement. - not iw 147 FAVORITES Flowers, congratulations, dear friends to you-- Sweetheart, most represelltative, favorites too. SCHCDGI. SWEET!-HEAIQT ELOISE HALE fQl " fffxf ,Lf ,Qfwc , T- f ' Ap fi M 0 M 0 S T " fi VN REPREsENjMlyg in 6 ,.. ff . w q. I - ,M M 2 ' 4. 110 I su, Us v if w J. B. GARRETT MART1-LA YEAN B.OY:D i xl bo F1 , fha r 1'.5 Y A. . I ,Q 1 Q.-v A ' fit Q A w v J .1 f ,I, , K' f. ' , 'O ww f J 2 , " K 'O 2 yf,,"A I f'-f ,- I :!f14'3 ! ' f ' ' , Y' .',!- " K N 1 1 ' 1 . ' ,I H' fy L,,V' Lf, - ,f' if, , V-'Y .A ' :V vw' VV A l . ' I I J I f 1 My fV"vVl,1" ff' , r V 9 , X' NIA' f lf" I K , 7 ww ,Q f .1 J- f ' 1,11 . " 5' 1 ' Q' 4,,l..1 1 i4 1 J , VP, 4 , If f 'f if- ' , fi B ,IVE , I A ' I' V , , V V ,felt ,+ , M ,ff OP .Jig I K' f 4 N f if ' 5 Nw- 4'5- 14 V ,L L, I SENIOR SYBIL WOLFE FAVCD'I2I TE S s . 'fx ms. Q u f y. 1 ' " . , 31 SCOTTY SCOTT H- 'alffrfldwzf , gli!"-d4M'f'lf"056!ui?i Wjf 'Tx 'x yi ,X - ky' xxx: X x X . ' I ' ' M " gm. v 5 k R, N X V , I 4, . . , . ., Q' N c - ' A X R N NX wz' 1. xxx E X9 X S X X N N X XX K X X x w X ,' , ,Hz tj V A L 5: J Q ,x. ,fTXfg?1 if A Jgugflxil FCM? MS Q, Q-N N X Ks ,. Tia FAN OX Ry I1 T YEQSMQ 5 ' 'X Y Xf .. , WK ' A' X' QV-2 X N Y 9 'Q LY Q' .S y " 8 Xb 'XXX' Q EMM XX. ,i -XX XQ Mx "X V53 K. Lf! ,X 3 , 6 ,s ww X X Rx . fkfy' Qi h J' X' Ng 4 BUD HICCS w, . . xy - XX DOROTHY JEAN STIGLER mx- x 'K N X 5 x X . -fa as .HJ X -w gi XXX3 '4 5,v QSKLX' 'x N, JR 1 . N XA b K X.., i Q x X 5-x X X. SQPHQMQRE FAVCDRITES MILDRED HENSARLING 1 4 ROBERT CAMERON RUNNERS-UP 1 of , p- ' f I .78 , m Ally If-,f ,f f 'lqfilf fyf s' A 1 '. Iv' , 1 X I V-,Z 1 I J CHARLES CASSTEVENSL J! if-M--'xo-A Junior Favorite ' ELOISE HALE Most Representative WANDA CLEVELAND Senior Favorite BILL HICKS Most Representative DonoTHY JEAN TEDDLIE BETTY Jo BROWN ANN NEWMAN Junior Favorite .X PAULINE LATHAM School Sweetheart BARBARA ROTHE Sophomore Favorite JOE DACUS Sophomore Favorite BILLY BEENE Senior Favorite FEA"LlRES Here are pictures lry the score, Filled with memories galore. if-if VVHO'S WHO EUGENE FERGUSON Gcnial, loyal, likeable. Waiting for A .R. Jovizil juniors. Bluff Dale bound. Gather round, little chums A secret? Tell us. Is Mary heavy, Tackctt? Soplis. Side-line action. Bite-ums. The line-up. Time for attention! The twelfth man. Anatopism- C See Wester Dictionaryj Something to look up to. Glamour! whewl whewl Getting a little sunshine They've got it bad. Curbed. VVHO'S VVHO l f - V MAREBA JEAN BOYD Reliable, animated ' ng,,,,4,.Ms+wif'1:!il""""'b considerat? .4-cs L- 9 C4 WlIO'S WHO BARBARA GOODGAME Sincere, talented, refined. 4 f if N 9' v"'..f-x W Xl' L U4 ' Tumpy. Shining Shine. Why so solemn? Allen in school? By Ripley W '7 ax, 4 Preparing for Brownwood Ready for the Moun- taineers. Jingle bells. Bluff Dale kids. Where are the boys? The great profile. How did he find time to rest at noon? Smiling faces. Guess who? A.lI-djs,t1'jct Hicks, gg' Bill' Eicks strides again. Illl knock you down. Two hundred pounds for the Jackets. The Mole in person. Gee! Do girls burr their hair too? Pep meeting. Mug Sisters. WHO'S WHO J. B. GARRETT Clever, skilful, practical. X if L fli xiii' I' WHO'S WIIO A. V. ROBERSON Energetic, agreeable, loyal. Cute, aim in? A noisy bunch. Dignified seniors., My , I' 1 M W WW A W Sisters. 53' ,,fJ?jjQ ,Ziff ffl' 'gf Hanging out at the Wood shed. A f2l111i1i3.1'Sigl1t-Nfl. 30. Good shotffchl Pair? Ecco-. Freshmen F.0.0. Geniuses. Chas. o , , , -J ,Q N 5 I U . l E I! Q Y Discussing fna Mae! H- , ,J M I- 1- ws- 'pts ix u .,xKx ' Qxuii G-City brothers. K" .iofvx 071.-'D 'Agni NCP Seeing double. X Posing Posey. Preparing for Ranger. No blood-kin. WHO'S WHO BILLY BEENE i 'M l I WHO'S WHO QQIZ5 CHARLES RIGGINS Dependable, candid, efficient. Q'-UK Y Two of a kind. its ish trio. Handscnie, more hand- some, most handsome. The women. Profiles. D. D. I J Margie-Doye. Waiting for a chance. All ,,Smiles. Tea sipper Scott. Killing time. Posed. Vi One good sqeeze. Chunis. Mary, Marion, Alice, and --'z Rosie showing off her ring. A hodgepodge collection. Stags. 1 14521 W HO'S XVHO Charles Casstevens. Alert, mischievous, like- able. WHO'S WHO BILL Hicks Athletic, co-operative, unassuming. A strange trio. A1-e they really studying? Smiling for Bod. Waiting for the bell. Hello, shorthand shark. 15 - Stairsteps. Oak Dale dainsels. A9 Resting. On the step of S.H.S. " n ' ' era,-J 1 .- ., Q ,f bylflqfahjd If VK. I 4.- l gf 57 'N' , A, , , if rl- f V K ff 1 Campus beauties. Ralph and Dorothy. Scotty and Barbara. A. V. Billie Bert. Joe and Marion. Earl and' Marilu. Jim and Sybil. Edwin Lee and Mildred Paul and Dorothy. Beth and Raymond. WHO'S WHO BETTY LATHAM Loyal, lively, lovable. Bun HIGGS Likoable, -genuine, intellectual. U s Ni, Vx, Pepping up for Breckenridge. I 5 R' A . I e. . in 1 Y TQ aid! lj M61 Football and basketball banquet , a 4 Junior-Senior Banquet of '41. Burning Ranger. Sweater boys. "The Mummy and the Mumpsfy I' Ditto. l ' o Folffs E-Jl'7lOI' -Cham." l ATHLETICS --1 ,, , W ,T WW, ln this section y0u're sure to find Football, basketball, sports of every kind. , ,A Jw'- HEHINIJ THE JACKETS Wreck, wreck, wreck 'em, Jackets! Wreck, wreck, wreck 'em, Jackets! Stinging Jackets, flying Jackets! Wreck, wreck, wreck, 'em, Jackets! We're from Stephenville, Good old Stephenville, Where the Yellow Jackets stay, Where the Pep Squad is peppyg And when you hear our band And see those Jackets, 'Tis then you'll understand H We're from Stephenville, good old Stephenville, Where all hearts are true. We have a grand old team we can't forget. Jackets, we're strong for you. Hail! Hail! The gangys all here. Right behind the Yellow Jackets! Right behind the Yellow Jackets! Hail! Hail! The gang's all here. Right behind the Yellow Jackets Yellow Jackets, Yellow Jackets, Going right thru, We are here to back you, We are here to back you, Yellow Jackets, Yellow Jackets, Going right thru, We are here to back you now. Gold and blue, fight! Gold and blue, fight! Who fight? You fight! Gold and blue, fight! Fight 'en1, Jackets, Sting 'em, Jackets, now! fight! fight! fight! Fight 'em, sting 'ern, X fit!! A fm V- N 1 l , I A464 K. .! J i I .ali .. , . , . .. .. COACH MARSHALL COACH RUSHING Mr. Marshall developed a lighting, high- spirited team from a group of light, inex- perienced boys. He helped to develop a spirit of sportsmanship throughout the school. His coaching brought out the best qualities in the boys and molded them into a team that worked together. Mr. Rushing returned to Stephenville High School this year as assistant coach tofthef Yellow Jackets, the team on which he play- ed during the 1931 and 1932 seasons. By his ability' to coach as well as his ability to un- derstand them, he won the respect and con- fidence of all the boys. His efficient work in scouting' other games was a valuable asset to the team. Back row: Coach Rushing, on, J..G..S1-ww, ,Gene Cowan, Jack Burkett, Roy Stanford, Harris McCol- lum, Charles Riggins, Jim Whitacre, Robert Cameron, Carl Dickerson, Joe Harrell, Albert Cragwall, Bob Gore, Ed- win Lee 'Burnett, Glenn Dorris, Coach Marshall. Front row: Charles Casstevens, Gene Ferguson, Bill Hicks, J. B. Garrett, Leon Roberts, Joe Day Pair, Ralph Hicks, Rufus Higgs, Quain Parnell, Ralph Poteet, Dudley Everett, A. V. Roberson, Scotty Scott, James Willingham. Mascot : James Jones. J ' I 4-ew 2 k59- 67 ff QN5 if FUUTHAI. .ale WW Q - N s BILL HICKS END Bill's constant ability to snare passes and his good defense work earned him a position cn the All-District team. A. V. ROBERSON END A. V., an able pass receiver and good block- er, really liked to "mow-'em-down" when the opponent started around his end. SCOTTY SCOTT BACK Scotty was the biggest ground-gainer on the Jacket squad and was usually on the tossing the aerial attack. , BACK Bud was the pass-receiving wing'-back of the w BUD HIGGS ack squad. With his ability and hustle much IS ected of him next season. I fry PARNELL C NTER uain play at both center and guard po- sitions. He he ped to keep the team in high spirits all season. J. B. GARRETT TACKLE "Jugg" played steady offensive and defens- ive ball and carried his part of the load at all times. J' ' . J My gjldw My - GUARD "Bo ivargfvvas always at the right place at ,II the r? ' me. He is a returning letterman arc?n om next year's team will be formed. ' RALPH POTEET 4 BACK "Bass" was the small, but eificient, line- plunger. He really got started when the going got tough. L60-. DUDLEY EVERETT TACKLE Although ineligible part of the season, Dud- ley really turned in some good games. He Will be sorely missed next season. ROBERT CAMERON ' BACK As a newcomer to the squad, "Sebe" won his first letter, as Well as the respect of team mates and opponents. FFS-:L mek? W g, if JAMES WILLINGHA K, t M5 V PQ. of L -1 TACKLE ,, .. :X ' 'fBu11d0g" liked to play on the could get just as rough as his oppyieiaj. Q LL G-sw-ff, 3.1 JOE DAY PAIR 1-,jl9",, ,NM 1- BACK ' , He liked to play the game. With more and experience he can develop into an lent back. BLUEFFORD HANCOC CENTER "Butch" was the hard-luck squad. After receiving a third game, he was sorely der of the season. RALPH HICKS GUARD Although dogged by injuries during part of the season, Ralph showed signs of a real guard. Much is expected of him in the future. BOB GORE GUARD While earning his first letter, Bob proved bc a good sport, as Well as a good player. JIM WHITACRE BACK Jim did a fine job of- running and passing as well as playing air-tight defensive ball. ...61-.. ruummr Ja-260 fiilfffi fjvidegfx L f U FUUTBALL r.. ROY STANFORD TACKLE Roy could be depended on at all times to do his best. He was a good hustler. Y CHARLES HIGGINS UL CENTER "Chas," liked to play the game. He helped to keep the squad in high spirits with his con- stant chatter. BILLY .Q ANDERSON l D TACKLE s Ml" p"Blub" was one of the most loyal men on the squad d at all times he was a dependable playeI'. . JOE DACUS CENTER With three more years of eligibility, UD3I'b,, will be a valuable man to future Jacket teams. BILLY JOE MOORE END YVith more experience to go with his ability, "Mole" will be a constant player for the J ackets. EDWIN LEE BURNETT GUARD I' ' . " steI"' has the makings of an first .rate gua . He had lots of hustle and kept up the er aH Qeason. ,:' h s I . ' S. v., 'J NA fe -N XJ. C. SNOW N GUARD J. C. turned in some good games this season and is expected back next year. JOE HARRELL TACKLE "Steam RolleI"' was one of the heaviest men on the squad. With more experience he will be a capable tackle. HARRIS MCCOLLUM BACK "Cutter" was the smallest man on the team, but not the quietest. He could make anyone smile when the going was the toughest. ALBERT CRAGWALL TACKLE "Craig" received valuable experience this year, which will undoubtedly be of much value to him in the future. GLENN DORRIS GUARD Glenn, a sophomore, showed plenty of prom- ise of becoming a good guard for the Jackets. GENE COWAN V END With his ability and willingness, Gene can develop into a fine end. JOE MACK LINDLEY END "Junk" proved to be a good sport. He took many hard knocks without grumbling. JACK BURKETT END On several occasions Jack proved himself capable of holding down the end position. EUGENE FERGUSON MANAGER "Ferg" was the man who kept the Jackets prepared to play. He will long be remembered for his faithiul service and his ready smile. CHARLES!!! CASSTEVENS f I is 7 ,MANAGER D A 0, . 'lpasiiyfffvlvas qtuick to learn the duties of an ?S1Sq? tfmanager, showed up at the right me li the'Vr'iglf,tj'place. 1 'ill-1 "Al I Aiii V vi if W murslu Al V ,' 4 , ff FUUTBALL X OKI' tackle gain by Scott. Yardage against Brownwood. Hide:-out play against Dublin. When Stephenville beat Cisco. 5. xl 'A , H K fix- v The Jacket line holds. Pair taking oil' on an end run SEASUN HEVIEW Practice for the 1941 Stephenville Yellow Jackets began one week before school opened. Almost all of the thirty boys Working out were newcomers to the squad and lacked experience and weight. The Jackets were also slowed by injuries and ineligibilities. These were determining factors in the results of the season. These boys were game, however, and, despite several losses, kept up a high spirit and lots of hustle the entire season. STEPHENVILLE 1340 HICO The Jackets won their first game against a Class A team as a result of a powerful running attack by Higgs, Scott, and Hicks plus a fine grade of football, both offensive and defensive, displayed by the whole team. STEPHENVILLE 18+0 DUBLIN Sparking an offense of alternate running and passing attacks, the Jackets defeated their ancient rivals. The scoring started in the second quarter when Scott plunged over from the one- yard stripe, following a blocked Lion punt. Hicks raced 50 yards through the middle of the Dublin team for a touchdown that was called back, just as the half ended. On the Iirst play of the second half Higgs, on a hide-out play, took a pass from Whitacre and ran 50 yards for a second score. In the last minutes of play Whitacre intercepted a Lion pass and returned it 65 ya1'ds to the Jackets' 20. On the next play he tossed a pass to Hicks who went for a touch- down. The Jackets looked good in this game and several players turned in good games. STEPHENVILLE 0+39 GOOSE CREEK Overwhelming power spelled defeat for the Jackets in their first game with an AA oppon- ent. The greatest loss, however, was not the score but the loss of BlueHord Hancock, who suffered a broken leg. The Jackets never quit fighting, and at the end of the game they were trying desperately to score. Practically every player who saw action bore some sign of the battle after the game. STEPHENVILLE 0+31 RANGER The Jackets entered their first conference game greatly handicapped by injuries and in- eligible players. The Bulldogs were not any bet- ter than the Jackets, but by taking advantage of several lucky breaks they Won. All of their touchdowns resulted from intercepted passes or blocked punts. STEPHENVILLE O+60 BRECKENRIDGE Displaying magnificent power and a revenge- ful spirit throughout the game, the big Bucka- roos rolled over the fighting Jackets. With Scott ...65... throwing and Higgs and Hicks on the receiving end, the Jacket passes were a standing threat, although the tight Breckenridge defense pre- vented any of them from going for a touchdown. STEPHENVILLE 13+7 CISCO This was the only conference game won by the Jackets during the season. Hicks scored first in the third quarter, after taking a pass from Scott and racing 57 yards to the goal line. Scott scored the other touchdown in the fourth period by plunging over from the one-foot stripe. Cisco drove over from the one-yard line in the fourth period for their only score. STEPHENVILLE 0+26 DENISONW Playing in a sea of mud, the Jackets made a brilliant second-half comeback, but it was not enough to offset the 26 points scored by the big Denison eleven during the first half. STEPHENVILLE 14+40 MINERAL WELLS The Jackets clutched victory for a few min- utes when Whitacre scored in the second quar- ter, but bowed to a superior team. The Moun- taineers' passing and running attack, sparked by McQuarey, was too much for the Jackets. .Jig STEPHENVILLE 13+20 BROWNWOOD FW A , After playing for three quarters and not scoring, but letting the Lions push over three well-earned touchdowns, the Jackets opened up. First, after Cameron advanced the ball to the two-yard line, Scott plunged overg then, stand- ing on his own ten, Scott tossed a pass to Rober- son, who outran the Lions to the goal line. STEPHENVILLE 32+7 WTEATHERFORD QB TEAM, In a sparkling 32-7 game against Weather- ford the B Team showed lots of hustle and a good brand of football. Trailing at the half by 7-6 these fighters came back in the last half, and with a steady stream of substitutes to tire the Kangaroo team, they scored 26 points. This group promises some good material for future Yellow Jacket teams. vie, 'IL6 Sflfhe l F1 out ucxlzabj' E-,.. fl -li H 4 5, . BASWHALL ' J U N X at - .W Front row: Jim Whitacre, A. V. Roberson, Bill Hicks, J. B. Garrett, Weldon Moody. Middle row: Quain Parnell, Charles Casstevens, Charles Wood, Billy Joe Morris, Don Watson, Coach Marshall. Back row: Scotty Scott, W. B. Stevens, Ralph Pcrteet, Bud Higgs. The Jackets, determined to get in the best possible shape, began intensive drill immediately after the close of- the football season. With four returning lettermen and several able newcomers, the Jackets engaged Alexander and Dub- lin before the Christmas holidays and emerged victorious from both contests. During the holidays they bowed to a more experienced Cleburne team. The boys came out on the big end of the score in their next five practice games, three of these were taken when they won the Alexander tournament. , The Jackets started district play at Breckenridge by easily defeating the Buckaroos. After losing one game in the Comanche tournament, they hit their stride and won the next seven games, which included four district teams-Cisco, Ranger, Mineral Wells, and Brownwood. In winning the Gorman tourna- ment, the boys topped Hasse, Gorman, and Dublin. In a determined come-back after a loss to Weather- ford, the Jackets won the season thriller-a 22-21 last-minute triumph over Breckenridge. The Jackets successfully completed the remaining district schedule by defeating Cisco, Mineral Wells, Brownwood, and Ranger. By way of revenge for an earlier defeat, they blasted Weatherford for a sensational 47-23 score. In the first bi-district game with -Waco, on the Stephenville court, the Jackets got a slow start and were never able to catch up. In the second game, at Waco, the boys were no match for the tall, fast Tigers. Two Jackets, and Weldon Moody, were chosen on the All-District first team and one, Jim Whitacre, on the s v . Stephenville 53-29 Alexander Stephenville 31-25 Dublin Stephenville 17-13 Dublin Stephenville 38-23 Ranger Stephenville 20-26 Cleburne Stephenville 34-25 Mineral Wells Stephenville 24-16 Hico Stephenville 33-19 Brownwood Stephenville 24 9 Huckabay Stephenville 25-30 Weatherfo1'd Stephenville 19-15 Evant Stephenville 22-21 Breckenridge Stephenville 17-12 Alexander Stephenville 46-10 Cisco Stephenville 20-18 Comanche Stephenville 28-24 Ranger Stephenville 25-11 Breckenridge Stephenville 47 23 Weatherford Stephenville 18-26 Comanche Stephenville 35- 8 Mineral Wells Stephenville 51-19 Cisco Stephenville 63-22 Brownwood Stephenville 33-27 Hasse Stephenville 21-29 Waco Stephenville 38-12 Gorman Stephenville 29-39 Waco LEG.: if rift BILL HICKS CENTER A. V. ROBERSON FORWARD 0 ' WELDON MOODY M GUARD JIM 'WHITACRE X GUARD J. B. GARRETT FORWARD W. B. STEPHENS CENTER BILLY JOE MORRIS FORWARD CHARLES CASSTEVENS GUARD '35 f I ,' f A ' X i, , f f.f,'7 '. .,. :,. .fx BUD HIGGS FORWARD BASKETBALL . - , a0o-NVfU'tftZ""' JNVQULLJ -67.- M BASKETBALL f aaa o v The ole hand shake. Smooth Hoor play against Breck- enridge. Whitacre takes a free pitch. "Jugg" makes a crip shot against Ranger. Stopping the Buckaroos. Bill takes the tip-off against Ran- ger. -SQUAD Back row: Bill Hicks, Jesse Thornberry, Scotty Scott Quain Parnell, Jack Swatzell, Bud Higgs, Dan Gilbert Coach Marshall. Front row: James Willingham, J. B. Garrett, Joe Har rell, Robert Cameron, Ralph Poteet. Hlccs AND SWATZELL-dash men. . S 1 , 9 JL , ,J f JJ! ' HM ' ff! f 'Ziff jjy., I -ff' l JM' Q ,J J! 'I f' ,J 'f ,' " ef 1, 1 'A V rf' l f , ff' ' J , A ,ff ,ff 1 J M! f ff' . - ' I ,, X I M111 X! I 'V , ' f, N Q,-f 1 1,1 37 4: NJ 1' J HARRELL AND WILLINGHAM-weight men ' t ff Le RELAY TEAM. . 1 ff .1 fl Z, J-f ' 4 1 l ' I I, I' If ' A plz ,' I 4, f A, 4 "J V1 ' L I U1 f -I L i ,zfff PARNELL AND GILBERT-distance men. THORNBERRY--mile man. HTO THE BLUE AND THE GULDM -G race Chu nycllcr Col LU ich Hcre's a toast to Stephenville lligh, We her praises ever sing, Stand and cheer her name once again, Loudly may the echoes ring. Fill a glass for happy times, Sons and daughters ever true, Always holding deep in loyal hearts The Spirit of the Gold and Blue. To the Blue-to the Gold- To our school and its glorious history, To our faith-to our zeal- To the days we remember so joylully. To the Blue-to the Gold- May We carry our banner to victory, To our hopes-to our dreams-- To the world We shall make ours some day Here's to all our glorious past, Here's to our victories won- Here's to glorious future years, For our fame has just begun. Fill a glass for happy times, Sons and daughters ever true, Always holding deep in loyal hearts The Spirit of the Cold and Blue. -706 i UHEANIZATIUNS Down comes the mallet with forceg This is the club section, of course . . I K 'Q ki , ,'sx4' ef I - , ' I. . l lax s srun NT PAHTIEIPATIUN EUMMITlEExli',M'l l nd S S ibi 4 .1 iff! 4 , y fj f I.. E i - ,l 4 ,A 'Ami K as fi p 5 E i M y i First Bill Hicks, Billy Glenn, Wanda Cleveland, Doris McDonald. -Selcond row: Gates Daniels, Barbara Funk, J. B. Garrett, Mildred Hensarling. 'li Thir row: Joe D '- Pair, Jack Swatzell, Joyzelle Wyatt, Miss Russell. I1 ,I 4 I .4 f f , If A OFFICERS if w fj it 1177 f I! XJ fl! L11 1 91 ,X 'I' J K rj PRESIDENT ...,,...,,d,... ,...e. B ILL HICKS VICE-PRESIDENT .,...... ............. B ILLY GLENN SECRETARY ,L,,L,L.... ..... RNDA CLEVELAND . TREASURER ..,,.,,.,........ ..L,,,,..,,L. D oR1S MCDONALD SPONSOR ...L,.L, ....,,L M Iss RUSSELL The Student Participation Committee, made up of students chosen from the home rooms, was organized in 1931. Members of the committee must have an average of 85. The purpose of the Student Participation Committee is to bring the students and teach- ers closer together and to give the students an opportunity to have some part in the supervision of extra-curricular activities. The Yellow Jacket Staffg a fire chief, A. V. Robersong song leaders, Mary Frances Holcomb and J. B. Garrettg an accompanist, Margaret Henderlite have been elected by the Student Participation Committee this year. The fire and air raid drills have also been under the direction of this committee. The committee made possible three lyceum numbers. A Social Committee, consisting of Herman Holt, Wanda Cleveland, Martha Boyd, and Charles Rogers, was organized under the auspices of the Student Participa- tion Committee. This group has assisted a faculty committee, made up of Mrs. Mur- daugh, Mr. King, and Miss Belew, in arranging the School social calendar. .4724 f ...I . rf' J' -J- 1-,, to ff IW: x N l ' . J ff' - 5 A: , A I ' ig bl M ,, vmuw IAUKH surf ip- , 4,.. ,- .. W, ,. g 1 A , lqgvqn if . S V qlei A L K , luu Q I fi .:-1' 11' W P g, I S iii? 1 'zlii Zlrxiigi A A ,, J .. . i':'i , if 5' 'Lil A . t I I I I , Yf gi fix, ,I ff X N A X 1 W X X ' el ii P of ,R J Hi? 33 'Y row: Billy Beene, ,Charles Casstevens, J. B. Garrett, Martha Boyd. Second row: Barbara Goodgame Mildred Hensarling, Marion Hutchinson, Billy Joe Moore. Third row: Charles R' i s bil 'Wolfe, Miss Belew, Miss Eoif, Miss Scrimshire. 1 STAFF MEMBERS -E-Drro'R .............,...................................,....,.....,,,.. ASSISTANT EDITOR ........ ...... Ii NQASSTEVENS " BUSINESS MANAGER ...,..... SENIOR CLASS EDITOR ........ JUNIOR CLASS EDITOR ........... .......... SOPHOMORE CLASS EDITOR ......, ......... B. GARRETT ....,,rfrrYr.MARTHA BOYD .WBARBARA GOODGAME iMll:DRED HENSARLINGQ CLUB EDITOR ..I,..................,.. .,..., M ARION HUTCHINSON FEATURE EDITOR. ....... SHORTS EDITOR ,.,,,,,,. .-.....BILLY JOE MOORE ,.-.,.ICI-IARL ' ADYIERTISIN SPONSORS MISS BELEW MISS EOFF Ml9hFE""""M""W' MISS SCRIMSHIRE .act 'Ia ,-,RL Zola, Q40-fflrf Starting in October with the idea of having the largest and most complete yearbook in the six-year history of The Yellow Jacket, we, the staff, found ourselves considerably handicapped by the high price of materials. Finding the least expensive means of pre- paring and compiling this annual has been our greatest problem. Early staff meetings were given over to heated arguments about such questions as how many pages should be allotted to the classes, how the favorites' pictures should be arranged, whether the football boys should have bust or action pictures, what kind of covers we should use, and various other problems equally as important to the produc- tion of a Successful yearbook. Finally our problems were solved, and we settled down to the real work of publishing an annualg that is, getting pictures, preparing copy for the engravers, canvassing for ads, finding other ways of securing funds, getting copy ready for the printer, and finally reading proof. Co-operation and hard work through long afternoons and late night hours have made possible the book we are now presenting to you. The staff wishes to express its appreciation to Miss Eoff and Miss Scrimshire for their untiring patience and their constant guidance of the work of this publication. Q il' 1 Y .5 3 G? y 3 L First row: Dorothy Jean Mary Frances Holcomb, Betty Brown. Second row: Mary Ferguson, Martha Jane Oxford, Dorothy Jean Mrs. Leuschner. OFFICERS ROYAL C. U. B .r7a,77 ..,7,e,, D OROTHY JEAN STIGLER SCRIBE C. U. B. ...... ,..... . .....r M ARY Honcoivm REPORTER ..............,........ ................ M AXINE STRACENER SPONSOR ......... ..r... l' vIRs. LEUSCHNER MOTTO: Think what you say, but don't always say what you think. In 1938 the C. U. B. S. was organized and was later chartered as a social club at Stephenville High School. The purpose of the C. U. B. S. is to promote a friendly co- operation and wholesome entertainment for the girls of the student body. Mrs. Clifford Johnson was originally sponsor of this group, but when she resigned from the faculty of Stephenville High School, Ms. Grace Leuschner was chosen to take her place. The club has had several important social events, the most outstanding of which were a Christmas party and a barn party. --74- siege F. U. U. gn... ' X 7flM9t!f,fel,.- N ffl M 'L' ,iff 'I ,ALL '?4ifl ill!! i M Ivfxryd QXAVU W ,ai .3 or or aff R All ,J ' ,fy fy ,f A . 1,2 A V J' rf. f f A J, 1 L M f 2 ' A 1. L J! I4- ' 5 'C . 'Ll' if First row: Sybil Wolfe, Polly Latham, Jean Boyd, Q- J, Second row: Ann Newman, Barbara Funk, Mildred Hensarling, Floy Moon, Billie Bert Poteet. , 'N ,lik Third row: Patsy Price, Barbara Rot e, Marilu Wisdom, Edith Wooley, Mrs. Murdaugh. - I I ,W f 0 .,. .. f' . 0 gay- jjlkylg ,, . Q , . ,A ,L M f H , . K' OFFICERS -. 'ff J ' f PRESIDENT E.,7.EE,,..,E,.. .. .E,.,...E SYBIL WOLFE W dj VICE-PRESIDENT E,,,,,E, ,,...... P 6LLY LATHAM JJ SECRETARY ,,....,,.. .. ..,,, .,,.,,,,7,.,..,, J EAN BOYD be J Q 1 TREASURER ,777EE,7 ,,,,,,,. B OBBY GOODGAME " - 1,957 REPORTER . .. E,E,,EEEE7.EEEE,, EE,,E B ETT A Q 6 SERGEANT AT ARMS ,,,,E,7 EEEEEE, i EE,,,,......l.,,E,, A NN NEWMAN ' SPONSOR E...O,.,77 EEEE T .,,MRS. MURDAUGH MOTTO: Friendliness first. The F. O. O. club is the oldest organized social club of Stephenville High School, hav- ing been organized on January 10, 1938 by three charter members. The organization now has fifteen members who strive to be true to the club motto of "Friendliness first." The greatest aim of the club is to co-operate with the school in developing a closer relation- ship between all the students of the school. Under the direction of Mrs. Murdaugh, the sponsor of the club, the F. O. O. has had another sueeessful -year. The club has had several informal parties, but the most enjoyable event was a formal party held at Christmas. RJ? 5... Nt" if wir., 4 i r 5 1 33" , ,i'v if 5 ' g A "',. li ' '29 NIUE I , . I I I l,, I 9 ' . .1 ' 7 "1 N . First row: Billee Jean King, Wanda Cleveland, Jo Hutchinson, Mary Dacus, Doris McDonald. Second row: Reba Jayne Anderson, Carol Dawson, Josephine Garrett, Mary Ruth Pewitt, Miss Hester. OFFICERS PRESIDENT e,7777,777... re... . BILLEE JEAN KING VICE-PRESIDENT rerr, . i.,.. WANDA CLEVELAND SECRETARY E,77,,E,,, e,,w., J o HUTCHINSON TREASURER 7e,7,,.E . Ei... ....., ,,ee7.. M A RY DAcUs SERGEANT AT ARMS ,.,.., ,.,,7e,7,,,.e, D ORIS MCDONALD SPONSOR AA..,D ,LDADD M ISS HESTER MOTTO: Friend to everyoneg enemy to no one. In 1939 the M. U. G. S. was organized in Junior High School, with eight charter members. In 1941 the club obtained a charter to become a school organization. In that year it also added four new members, and Miss Lottie Hester consented to be sponsor. The members of the club endeavor to carry out their purpose of making new friends and drawing old ones closer together. During the year the club has had a candlelight tea, a chili supper, a Christmas party, a New Year's theater party, a Valentine party, and numerous picnics and hikes. fri 017 'ff T ,l, I, If-I ' ,J fi G! Q A Q'N "' First row: A. V. Roberson, J. Bfcarrett, Charles Rogers, Edwin Lee Burnett, Jack Swatzell. Second row: Billy Beene, Robert Cameron, Charles Casstevens, Billy Glenn, Bud Higgs. Third row: Billy Moore, Scotty Scott, Charles Riggins, John Riggins, Jim Whitacre, Mr. Rushing. "",..'-L-' OFFICERS PRESIDENT .......... ....... . A. V. ROBERSON VICE-PRESIDENT ,..,,......,. sss,.,, J . B, GARRETT SECRETARY-TREASURER ,,.e.., sss.ssvss... C HARLES ROGERS REPORTER ..EEEE EEEEEEEE.EEE.EEEEEE ....... E D WIN LEE BURNETT SERGEANT AT ARMS ,e7,,,., V......,e ' .,v...e,,,e, J ACK SWATZELL SPONSOR, .,7e,, ,e.,,,,, , MR. RUSHING MoTTo: A winner never quits, A quitter never wins. On September 15, 1939 a group of energetic, fun-loving boys desiring to contribute to the athletic, social, and scholastic activities of Stephenville High School got together to organize a club. In the three years of the club's existence the boys have tried to bring a closer contact between the teachers and the students, to help the students enjoy school and school activities, and to promote athletic, social, and scholastic activities. The club chose Mr. Eli Rushing as sponsor, and on November 18, 1941 was chartered as a school club. M77-. 1- '-r MJJM ' - .- .4 ,a X 1' J 'pf' .1 f EHUHAL ELUB , , , 5 X , Front row: Neita Joy Jones, Rubye Jo Smith, Waldeen Dorris, Patsy Price, Betty Jo Brown, Martha Jane Oxford, Maxine Stracener, Marilu Wisdom. Back row: Mrs. Murdaugh, Barbara Goodgame, Doris McDonald, Claudia Hudspeth, Alice Drake, Floy Moon, Virginia Bickley, Reba Anderson, Billie Bert Poteet, Mary Frances Holcomb. X OEEICERS V PRESIDENT ,,,.,,,,,,,,.... ..el ..,.,. B ILLIE BERT POTEET VICE-PRESIDENT ,,,,,, ,e,,,, R EEA JAYNE ANDERSON SECRETARY ....,..7.,. ....Q.., M ARTHA JANE OXFORD REPORTER ..,.. .. .......,v.. ...... M ARY FRANCES HOLCOMR SERGEANT AT ARMS. ,..,V., ..7.,,el,,,.....,. B ARBARA GOODGAME SPONSOR .eeV, ....., M Rs. MURDAUG , MOTTO: We learn to sing' by singing. First organized in 1914 in the Old Central Ward School, the Stephenville High School Choral Club is the oldest organization in the school. When the new building was erected in 1921 the choral club was reorganized, and has since become one of the most active clubs of the school. The purpose of the organization is to promote skill in voice and in- terest in choral work. Last semester the choral club participated in the State Federated Music Club Con- vention, which was held at Stephenville, and also gave a Christmas program in chapel, -73- LAS EHAUUETAS M Front row: Imogene Sikes, Vera Mae Wimberley, Emily Vaughan, Mildred Hensarling, Alice Drake, Ruby Leatherman, Neita Joy Jones. Middle row: Claudia Hudspeth, Yvonne Garrison, Margaret Henderlite, Ernest Deane Rodman, Rachel Henderlite, Ruby Jo Smith, Barbara Goodgame. Back row: Scotty Scott, Leon Roberts, Peter Henderlite, Curtis McCarty, Jack Hickey, George Walton, Billy Jack Rhodes, Glenn Dorris, Mrs. Murdaugh. OFFICERS EL PRESIDENTE. ,..,, ,..... R ACHEL HENDERLITE VICE-PRESIDENTE ..i,s ........,...i,i,,ss S COTTY SCOTT SECRETARIO-TEs0Ro ,,,, ,...... E RNEST DEANE RODMAN REPORTERO .,ss,,,,ss,,,.,., .i,,,s,,,,,ss,,,,s.. J ACK HICKEY GUARDIAN FORNIDO ,,, s.......,,,ss,, P ETER HENDERLITE FIADOR ....,,,s ,..,. M Rs. MURDAUGH MOTTO: Saber es poder. Under the name of La Junta, the Spanish Club was organized on October 21, 1937, but the name was later changed to Las Chaquetas. The club is under the direction of Mrs. Murdaugh, who helps the students of her Spanish classes and the Spanish Club become better acquainted with the manners, customs, and languages of the various Spanish-speaking countries. To work and play the Spanish way is the highest aim of the Spanish Club. During the year the club has entertained with several parties. ..-J79.. 3' Q , F H T' if I I I H ,xx ll I Y A I 'Q , A rt. , f an of a ti' N at , ef . y . IIII X f '- V I Q . -LA ... . V - 222 ' ' 3 'La ' I m a. V K A. Us --"1 . was X-1" of f to I Y , it , 4 . if . are 15. a t 1. is ,V", Q fl . .. ., ' f ::ggQ I V A VJ- .,,, Vx J, 4 , ix' K i n R M E N. ' S ""' , , ,, . ,V N. . if Y- ef f - E i M A J I First row: Marion Speer, Ernest Deane Rodman, Dorothy Jean Stigler, Josephine Garrett, Bementa Beck, Reba Jayne Anderson, Dixie Marie Barnard, Norma Ruth Belcher, Quata Boatwright, Second row: Sarah Bordner, Jean Boyd, Martha Jane Braunig, Marie Brock, Betty Brown, Wanda Cleve- land, Dorothy Jeff Cogdell, Mary Dacus, Carol Dawson. Third row: Waldeen Dorris, Barbara Funk, Naoma Hall, Viola Hall, Mary Katherine Harris, Mildred Hensarling, Mary Frances Holcomb, Claudia Hudspeth, Jo Hutchinson. Fouth row: Lucy Beth James, Neita Joy Jones, Billee Jean King, Betty Jo Latham, Mary Jo Lawson, Betty Jo Logan, Doris McDonald, Floy Moon, Mildred Nance. Fifth row: gun , Mary Jo Nichols, Tommye Jo Pearcy, Billie Bert Poteet, Mary Rich, Daphene Roberson, Joyc ober , arbara Rothe, Maxine Stracener. Sixth row: Ruby Lee Tackett, Dorothy Teddlie, Corinne Tudor, Emily Vaughan, Frances Williams, Marilu Wisdom, Joyzelle Wyatt, Miss Hester. OFFICERS PRESIDENT ,e..,,,7,7 .....,,....,,,,e,,, M ARION SPEER VICE-PRESIDENT ..c,. V.,,,. E RNEST DEANE RODMAN SECRETARY ,e,,.,ee,e,,,e,e, ....., D oRo'rHY JEAN STIGLER SERGEANT AT ARMS c,,c, ..... J OSEPHINE GARRETT REPORTER. ...,,,.,7t,,7.,,... ......,.,,,. B EMENTA BECK SPONSOR 77.7V,,.,,,7.,......7.......,. Miss HESTER Morro: We learn to do by doing. The purpose of the club is- "To develop organized interest. in homemaking as a vocation. To foster high ideals of, and an appreciation for home life. "To learn more of the changes which have taken place in the home and the reason for organized training. To respond actively to community needs and enter into community activities. To encourage recreational activities for students in homemaking education. To stimulate interest in the wise use of leisure time. To encourage thoroughness in under- takings. To stimulate interest in acquiring broad experiences. "To promote mentally and physically healthy girls and women." The Homemaking Club was organized in Stephenville High School in 1929, but it did not obtain a state charter until 1936. There are now sixty-two members in the club. During the year the club has had several entertainments, the most interesting of which was Christmas caroling and the taking of baskets of fruit and canned foods to three unfortunate families. ..80... I. . - E.A.A. W, ai A J1 First row: Ann Newman, Barbara Rothe, Martha Oxford, Mildred Hensarling, Betty Jo Latham, Neita Jones, Billie Bert Poteet, Daphene Roberson. Second row: Mrs. Leuschner, Dorothy Jean Teddlie, Dorothy Jeff Cogdell, Beth Workman, Marilu Wis- dom, Betty Jo Logan, Barbara Funk, Carlene Elkins. Third row: Virginia Bickley, Betty Jo Brown, Naomi Hall, Mary Helen Pearcy, Beth Armstrong, Tom- mye Jo Pearcy, Martha Boyd, Emily Vaughan. Fourth row: Billee Jean King, Viola Hall, Jacqueline Hamilton, Anna Belle Posey, Mary Lynn Brown, Dorothy Greenlee, Mary Frances Holcomb. Fifth row: Joyce Roberts, Doris McDonald, Marion Hutchinson, Nina Faye'Hulfman, VVanda Cleveland, Quata Boatwright, Mary Ruth Pewitt, Maxine Stracener, Chrystelle Loveless. Sixth row: Frances Williams, Corinne Tudor, Reba Jayne Anderson, Mary Dacus, Alice Drake, Dorothy Grggsgnth row: Joyzelle Wyatt, Mildred Nance, Mary Katherine Harris, Sarah Bordner, Flay Moon, Edith Wooley, Eloise Hale, Barbara Goodgame, Claudia Hudspcth. -OFFICERS Nj , . PRESIDENT .,..,....... ff:iff.4-115.1 ..... ...... B ILLIE BERT POTEET VICE-PRESIDENT ...... .,........ B ETTY Jo LATHAM D SECRETARY ,.,...,.,, ...,. M ILDRED HENSARLING TREASURER .... .................... M ARTHA BOYD REPORTER ,.....,....,....... ...., M ARY FRANCES HOLCOM SERGEANT AT ARMS. ..,.. ........... R EBA JAYNE ANDERSON SPONSOR ..,.. ......, M RS. LEUSCHNER MOTTO: Good sportsmanship above all The Girls' Athletic Association, which was Organized in September, 1936, is composed of the girls of Stephenville High School who are interested in physical and Social activi- ties. The purpose of the Girls' Athletic Association is to create interest in physical ac- tivities and to develop the social life of its members. Almost all of the girls take an active part in athletic events, such as skating, tennis, soft ball, basket ball and volley ball. Social activities consisting of picnics, Weiner roasts, hay rides, and skating parties keep the members interested in the club. .481-... IVIINUTE NIEN K Top row: Eloise Hale, Holt, Pauline Latham, Billee Jean King. Bottom row: Bud Higgs, Charles Riggins, Jack Anderson, Scott! Scott, Mr. King. PRESIDENT ,,,,,,,7,777 VICE-PRESIDENT ,...7,v SECRETARY .a7a,..l,a TREASURER , ...,7 . REPORTERS 7.,.,,,7,,,,,,, PARLIAMENTARIAN ......, QUARTERMASTER ,.,7v.,. SERGEANT AT ARMS ....... OFFICERS SPONSOR ,........ rf' ELOISE HALE HER ON HOLT in ' L E LATHAM ,,....BILLEE JEAN KING CHAR RIGGINS BUD BILLY BUTLER JACK ANDERSON .,........,,SCOTTY SCOTT ......MR. KING MO'TTOZ AS the men of science develop, so does the world about usg therefore let us be diligent with our labors. f M V, ,U , if gi 'M wc new I gf MMO!! V fiffffyi , , To meet a need brought about by a greatly increased enrollment in the natural science courses, "The Minute Men of Science" was organized during the first Semester of the 1941-'42 term. -32- f ' ,ff gp ur scrum Front row: James McCarty, ina Huffman, Dorothy Jeff Cogdell, Edith Wooley, Marilu Wisdom, Mary Jo Stockton, Eloise Hale, Beth cvrkman, Pauline Latham. Back row: George Walton, Billy Troup, Charles Ferguson, Joe Mack Lindley, Jack Anderson, James Parr, Joe Miniard, Mr. King, Billee Jean King, Maxine Harrison, Billy Butler, Herman Holt, Charles Riggins. The creed and pledge of this organization is as follows: "I realize the importance of successful, worthwhile activities to any organized groupg therefore to this organization I pledge a courteous observance of all rules, regulations, and customs, and the greatest possible individual contribution to the interests of science." The purpose of this organization is to strengthen the science department of Stephen- ville High School, to develop individual initiative in exploring everyday science, and to enable the present generation and its posterity to live a more complete and a more enjoyable life. -. Two meetings of this group are held each month. At these meetings are performed experiments that lead the members from the known to the unknown in scienceg the group is given opportunities to hear interesting lectures and witness impressive demon- strations. One of the most instructive of these was a presentation of spontaneous com- bustion and the smoke screen as applied to modern warfare, given by C. R. Main and Nolan Hensarling, amateur chemists and ex-students of Stephenville High School. -837- ff HITUWHE FAHNIEHS X Front row: Jack Burkett, Carl Dickerson, Billy Butler, Blueiord Hancock, Raymond Armstrong, J. C. Snow, Calvin Maxwell, Gates Daniels. I 4 . t Middle row: Robert Ray Morrison, Guy Wayne Lackey, Bobby Grimes, Hewitt Martin, Elbridge Walker, Sybil Wolfe, Harold Walker, J. D. Jennings, Raymond Coshiy, Quain Parnell, Mr. Scott. f , Back row: Bob Gore, Ernest Boucher, Ralph Hiclzs, lVI,y'ron Holamon. Charles Walker, Rayford Kay, F. N. Hatchett, Jerry Schrimsher, Harold Eades. OFFICERS I PRESIDENT .....,...,. GATES DANIELS VICE-PRESIDENT ,..,.. ....... C ALVIN MAXWELL SECRETARY... ,....... .... B LUEFFORD HANCOCK TREASURER .L... ...... . J. C. SNOW REPORTER ..... ............. . .. BILLY BUTLER PARLIAMENTARIAN ...... ..... H AROLD EADES WATCH DOG ........... , ....... QUAIN PARNELL SONG LEADER .............I...... ...... R oy STANFORD CHAPTER SWEETHEART ....... ....,......... S YBIL WOLFE ADVISER. ..... ..... M R. SCOTT MOTTO: Learning to do, Doing to learn, Earning to live, Living to serve. The Stephenville Chapter of Future Farmers of America was chartered in 1932, and has been an aggressive chapter of the Texas Association since that time. ...S 4... fy ur AIVIEHIEA Front row: Gene Menefee, Tommy Walker, Billy TAI ison, Ted Jones, Toy Armstrong, Dwain Oakes, Loman D. Hammitt, Delbert Hopper. .. ' ' I Middle row: Johnny Rampley, Ike Hyde, James4'Wakeiield, Sybil Wolfe, H. B. Lane, James Colvin, Leland Parr, Albert Stewart, Grady Balentine. Back row: Houston Hooks, Brooks Carpenter, Billy Worrell, Gene Cowan, Joe Mack Lindley, Billy Faubion, Raymond Burnett, Sonny Wakefield, Floyd Tims. The membership of the Stephenville chapter is made up of sixty-eight boys, all of Whom are taking Vocational Agricultuie in the High School. The principal aim of the organization is to develop aggressive rural leadership. Co- operative chapter projects in hog feeding and breeding are being carried on this year by the Stephenville chapter. This project gives the boys practical experience in feeding and managing hogs. The chapter owns five registered Durocs. Special emphasis has been placed in this year's program on the food-for-freedom campaign. Each boy has a garden as a project. The project program for each boy has been increased 50W over last year's to help meet the growing demand for food. -3 5- -NJ - ow to fxydlfkx l I Jgyyybi row' Barbara Goodgame, Barbara Rothe, Sybil Wolfe, Bobby Jack Stigler, Leroy Edlth Tate, Erma Jo Rich, Joe Elkins. John Tidwell, Harold T. Baxter, John Riggins, Laverne Thomason, Chrysbelle Marie Boyd, Billee Jean King, Mildred Hensarling, Mary Andrews, George Billy Fred Staiord, Dorothy Jeff Cogdell, Pauline Latham, Mary Smith, Coleen Collins, Bobbie Roulston. row' T Armstrong, Marvin Moring, Billy Beene, Truman Kay, Junior Smith, Houston Hook, Mary Frances Holcomb. row: , Betty Brown, Maxine Stracener, Myron Holamon, James Farmer, Billy Sixth row: Jean Hunt, Ernest Heaton, Ralph Roberts. .A OFFICERS PRESIDENT ........... ,.., - ERNEST HEATON H!! NLF? lg X VICE-PRESIDENT ,,,,,, .,,,, B ILLY BEENE ' ' ' ,, - DQQMMAJOR ....- ----------..-.-.. S YBIL WOLFE 8 i , ,, MAJORETTES ...... ..Qi.BARBARA GOODGAME 'I . ,, ix BARBARA RCQIE , 5 P - ' DIRECTOR ....... ..,.,. G . W. COLLUM K ' MOTTO: 'KThe richest boy or girl is poor without music."-Tschaikovsky. The Stephenville High School Band was organized in 1936. Under the direction of Mr. Collum the band has won many honors at both State and National contests. The purpose of the band is to develop an interest in and an appreciation of music. The gold and blue uniforms of the band have been conspicuous at all football games and other school functions. The loyalty and enthusiasm of this group are shown by its unfailing response to any call of duty. Each year two programs are presented in assembly by the band. The group has had part in several public programs, including the dedication of the American Legion Hall. ..86.. ' ' Anvfm Thanks to fthese firms, and individuals too For their help with the yearbook of 42. EBDOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO0000000000 O O 0 O 0 O Z 2 3 We Take Interest IN Our Customers Q o 2 , 2 3 As Well as FROM Our Customers. 3 Z Z Z Z 3 THT STEPHENVIILT STATE BANK 3 Z 3 0 O 2 Steph nvllle, Texas Member F .D.I .C . 2 O . 9 o V . 4 A Y 0 E f lf' I 0 D j. , TK O 0 V, ,xy ., A P, O ibx NR Elm I 3 0 f' . ' O O . . ' ' Q Ox T BAXIEHMUMPANT Q .. HA MILL Z Q ' --A. ' 3 YP t SX Our p1'ices are always the lowest E 2 I I T 5 , 'I Always New Fresh Goods 2 0 I I u. ltty Feed -sf 0 Q ' ' .f h xl Same goods for less money. 0 o 2 0 0 4 If ., E More goods for the money. 0 2s I ' W H 'H' 2 4 X . , I A Q X-TPIIJOEEI61 O 2 , ' jl M' 1,2 Baxtefs and Save Z 0 I , N- 0 Q a J . O s 1 XV O 0 - , F O Q ' 7 o 0 .J O 0 X Xi o T E 53,-,SI A I d Dedication to English Teachers: E . S I X 2 5 Your Pat,-Onage ppreclalte I seen him when he done it and I taken in 2 Q after him, If i'd knewed I could of rid I 0 0 would of went, but since I seed I couldn't, 0 2 I just drive up beside him, flang out my 2 o ' arm, wove at him and he wonk at me. I o 2 couldn't et anything after I got, there, and 2 0 H 5, I tried to have it fixed but the telephone 0 O Sed rung, I answered the door because it was o 2 nearer. I weren't expecting nobody and 2 o . that's who it is with a friend. So I taken Q 2 Phone Qyyallty Dru,g3 the thoirty-tree thousand and buyed seats 2 O for the standing army. 0 O 2 0 I o , . 1 , E I if I X If -5 T5 ig I X - A g 3 0 K '- X ' f 5 . X' X . I is X X 2 0 Z 3 - x . 2 5 N fs I is 0 5 X ll if ' X . X, rx f' K ,X . K ' 1 s 3 Qjinlplunqltsx X X X Loanlss 3 . 2 Insurance .5 3. , o Q ,. s - fs, A , ' N A fx xx D T, xi M I O , 0 ' ' . X ' , i , ' 'X X Q, , X, . Y ' O X O fs ' . I 'Q x . ' A 3 I , X :X N ,X N ,h X X I I' It P I 1 , M f' X 2 ill' 'iliElTlNYlf M s- o I - A . , x ' Q I 'W M- 0 , ,ix . ' xx 5 ' I X , - s , - V . . 'X 4 I ' T A I' -. l 2 ,. 2 x X YN . X X YN ss I oo oooo oooooooooo oooooooo oooooo oo oo o o oo oo vooo oo eoo -o oo-o oooo 'w' 1 s- .X ' N - . X. . 4. A N , .Z I X N . 1 x ,-is-, N N .. A Q , X I 'W 2 4 . - .' C' M . g000000000000000 OQQA -900450000000ff0000000'J"fX00,900 A '0 000fiff0 00000000000000000 0 O ' 9 ' 0 3 ' 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 o ffiiiitiiiit !?ffQ yy!jgijacuMPANv W Mai i o o o 2 Cop: Have you a warning signal on the 2 Q front of your car? 0 2 Virginia Bickley: Yes, Sir, I have a little 0 O sign that says Dodge Brothers. M 2 o o 3 oem J.: What's an icicle? 3 2 Dan Gilbert: That's easy. It's a drip 2 0 caught in a draft. Insurance Abstracts 0 o o o o 0 Tramp: Will you give me a dime for a Lgans 0 2 cup of coffee? X 2 Cebe Cameron: I don't drink coffee. 2 o fff' ""x"""-"W W""g"""' We ' 2 ff Ernest Deane: You ought to take ch1o1'o- Stephenville, Texas if orm. E Mary Jo Stockton: Yeh? Who teaches it? 2 2 ,-M 3 'NX 'i 0 o x' fi jfi o 0 0 0 My 0 o W A , o E . ' ' jjifw A, Compliments 2 1 0 I , 0 9 j . O A , A 0 . jf' jx I . ' O 000Q00000 000000000 1 HUTEL LUNG yi? f g f EHUSS DRUG STUHE o o o o o o o o 000 -89- 0000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO000000000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO00000O00000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WHITFIELD DRIVE-IN CLEANERS PHONE 182 Band Uniforms a Specialty WULFFS NUHSIHY UUUK PUHUUNI New and Used Cars "WORLD'S WILDEST TRADERH O O O O O O 0 O O O O O O O O 0 O O O O O 0 0 0 O O O O O O O O 0 0 O O 0 O O O O O O O 0 O O O O O O O O O O 0 O 0 O O 0 O O 0 O 0 O O O 0 O O O 2 000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OO Albert C.: lSeeing knotholes in a piece of woodJ: "What are those?" Carpenter: "They're knotholesf' Albert: "Oh, you can't fool me, I know they're some kind of holes." Ernest: Why didn't you laugh at Miss Russell's joke yesterday? Casey: I don't have tog I'n1 failing any- way. Miss Scrimshire has requested the editor to put the jokes on tissue paper so that she can see through them. During the first years of their married life Mr. Jones was away quite a bit, so one night when he was at home his wife went to a movie and left him to mind the child- 1en. When she returned home, Mr. Jones said he had had trouble putting the red- headed one to bed and had spanked her. Mrs. Jones horrified said, "Why, Collin, that was the neighbor's kid." Wanted: A chauffeur to drive my car, must be deaf and dumb, and have a very stiff neck.-Jack Swatzell. . is ' Q4 I I XNIHI SIEPHENVILLI IIVIPIHI-IHIHUNI L Q nse. Phone 198 gf f '51 3 t X ,iv X' Printeitis forsslie High School Annual .tx -I TX - , A . X x wifi is ,Printing x I , I X . ' K K X vi x Office Supplies 000000O0000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAOOOOOOOOO00000OOOOO00000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO000 0 O O O O O O O O 0 O O O C C C C O C O C O C 4? 0 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 40 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 40 47 4? 4? 4? O 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? C? 4? 4? O 4? 9 9 0 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? OOOOO00000000000000OO00000000000000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO0000000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCOOOOOOOOOOOOOC HBetter Homes for Better Livingw CLAY BUILDING IIAAIIIIIAL EIIAAPANY HBetter Homes for Better Livingv EIINGIIAIIILAIIIINS ,to the Senior Class of this year. We also congratulate the other students for hav- ing the privilege of attending the best high school and living in the best town in Texas. SIIIIIHWLSI NAIIIHAL GAS EIIAAPANY Phone 266 DAFFYNITIONS . Indiscreet-Where little children should not play after school. Sedate-What the girl friend answers over the 'phone to her beau. Defense-That which the garbage can is on the other side of. Indorse-Where we go to escape the rain. Deduce-What we get for coming in late. Intense-What the draftees sleep in. Snuff-Meaning sufficient. My mother uses powdery My father uses latherg My girl friend uses lipstickg At least, that's ,what I gather. 1 I. Alf 'gDaddy, may I ask a question? "Yes son, but it must be a short one." 'If a doctor is doctoring a doctor, does the doctor during the doctoring have to doctor the dcctor the way the doctor being doctored wants to be doctored, or does the doctor doctoring the doctor, doctor the doctor the way he usually doctors?" On the first night that Charles Rogers started working as an usher, he was told to be very courteous to the patrons. When he found a lady sitting in the wrong seat, he said, "Mardon me padam, but you're oc- cupeeving the wrong pi, may I sew you to another sheet. 0 O O O O C. O O O O O O O 0 O O 0 O O O 0 0 O O O O O 0 O 0 O O 0 O O O O 0 0 O O O O O 0 O O O O O O 0 0 O O O O 0 o 0 0 O O O O 0 O 0 O O 0 O 0 0 O 000000000000OO00000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO0000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO00000000000 I dxf! I ,Il yy II I' ,X , NV 'IJIIX If I 'I R I H1 x .tsl I I, L . Compliments of jI I, Q II AI j , EAEII WAI r gi Lf UAL PEPPIH Humans UUIIPANI I A A I A I AI Dublin, Texas ig, IMI' K I O O O O O 0 O O C O O O O C C C C O C C C C O C 45 C 4? 4? 47 40 47 45 4? 4? C5 45 C7 4? 4? 49 45 45 45 49 47 43 45 45 C? 4? 49 4? 4? 49 47 4? 49 Cv 45 43 4? fb 45 4? 47 47 45 4? 47 45 45 45 4? 45 4? O000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO iv O Q O o oowwM oooooooooo00o00ooo0.owwoowoooog ,,f"x,fq1.. 2 ' 'Q' O CQ ,' , 35355 E1 L g . .- A ,-.5 Q Q: g,+mQ2'f255?5'f.I 1, gfwisgi Ee :EE g E 17 SIESNE-Q5 RN. CQ' 5553 S 52 1 ,Q Q Q' U Fimsfsm ci Cn 3: mwdofif E' IISQX Q 0 If S-f4E.:fm'Sc'n ' R' Q ima' mm 'Q ::-- 'G 3 : Sc. 5- Dv , -4 :CI C New .Q -I I- 0 Q bd :: 52,9,,Lg.,H-. 5 I... 'Q -4 fs 560, rn 3: H51 c+5O"1 E' 3 :EP-'-I-gi-bg, QE' fx ' g. f-D fp Hoi Q.. g-I-I Cb - ,U I-v-. 0 0 l 'Zigi 0 222 In FCLSS-' SD" C3 3 CID p-1 g... 2 5 Q ' mg O - Q -I :,g,,m8..f4 UU U: Q, - vmoms o p, "H Ov, -I 0 H -1 ca PD .1 N. 3 :Q-:f rf I- ze- 0 35? 'Q Hari? mg- Qin, wgfg,,f4 fD2,.,.., mgzlzo 33 3 1 UMT3: ff: X4 UQ F" C5 "' Z E-SHO N T1 5-2 :il Iv 1 chem O mm -- 37' H GHWY3 3 -I 5? 0 wfcfz' WSWS C F 2 SU'-M HHS I ' Z0 553:-E 51 2236 5: o cr: k D: O WHEN, -.. ,g 'GDI cfg mmm: 4 'U cf: cu H: mfmiim T: M Q HQ' P W r- fi :Is m mfao E X 3 3 3 "' Q' 5 I1-I Q "' E-'11 35 Cf: cf, o f' X FEW? 0 ::n- O.. 2:1-fn E' Q Nagle 11: H 6F49 :I: 0 :I V 2:1 rn V' l mm : :U di 0 iff? g d.:S1g m 9 I 0 gs- Q- rv N30 ,.. 31 'C 0 52490 g W'0:2O W O ' 0 15:1 e-rrbee-'C I -505'-"'Hf75" V1 O 0 O 0 O 0 O 0 In O1 U 5' S o ::-' O , o W big? fi Eg Cf: 2 W O 3 swf Q 22 H Hg -I . Q I W 5 Q W M W r-fq 0 5 IQ -.. H . Q' gif .- 5 E wan.. Q Q -U Z 3 :S 5 5, I, mfbgg, gg 5' 5 Q-- .. l Q 33- 'D 'S E :J LSE Q Z Z: C3 NCL D 5 ,-mn C: :D 3 CHE' Ibn: I-I-I ,K-5-'43, C 1. 1-I I-UI.-.UUE-3 -E S O F, 0 NE, ' 3 1 06:75 5+ -I 355132. 3 5' 9025 +11 .....' 0 S+- F.: WH' News I ff -H Q22 - Q '-" x C I-h . " I-I .. Q :D Egg? Cm :U 59950 Fw fl C-D-r-5 U' 3 5 :I: I -4 ggmm O :D 'CT D- ,,, Eg lr--CD U1 G: 0 FU 1 QQQQ B 3 Q 'Fm 1+ "' iff! nf :Cl o 3 3 c: nj c1 U fb: T, O c Q :U I D' Us - f-+ z 1 0 Sli 7: 5 r"" 5235- sa: 1' Qgkgvgigh r '11 Ce TJICU' U -I ' g 5 I-r-I sg. It-I 5 I QZCDCD CD Q SQ O 3 2 25:3 '-532' rg-.Gig "11k4"' SGH UQ 5 5 C!D"" I-Ir-I-I f If z at-,I I Q I IQ bw 2 5 2 -U f I Q 5' 'US r'l'l Q. 5 C13 S, Q 29, I6 E Cf: 2 O FU' :z:: H' E' o " ' "l U O m if 5 H :gg O G, 5 CID cb GQ 2 I-1 P-I m Q I1 'D Ie- H "' ZZ T5 ' 2 3 2 '4 EE' H: 3 Q 0 0 O 0000000000000000o0000000000000000O00000000000o0o'''5'000000000000O0O'0000000 00000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO000000000000000000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 0000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO3000000000000000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EEUHGE IVIINTEH Grocery and Market Free Delivery Phones 43-228 Compliments of FHANK EAHLTUN DRY GOODS COMPANY North Side of Square Phone 25 Beth and Rosie were discussing the ways to keep their husbands at home. Beth told Rosie that the last time Raymond went out, she locked the doorg and when he came home and knocked she said, "Is that you, Cecil?" Raymond hasn't been out since. KING'S SEHVIEE STATIUN TEXACO PRODUCTS Firestone Tires Truetone Radios - Sporting Goods Western Flyer Bicycles Western Auto Associate Store J. T. Harding Mary Ruth Prewitt: I can hold 'do' for fifteen seconds. Eloise Hale: I can hold 're' for twenty seconds. Sybil Wolfe: Tliat's nothing Jim held 'mi' for three hours last night. HEFFLEY HAUIU SEHVIEE Expert Radio Repairing Philco Rados Phone 20 UNYX EAFE Where the Gang Gangs DEFENSE STAMPS SOLD "A Stamp a day will keep a Jap away" If you eat there once, you'll always go back HHIEK KHEHEN AHMSTHUNG ll BEENE y and Dry Cleaning Phone 254 I Bud: "Do you think I'm stuck-up?" e . "No, why?" ud: "Well, most people as good-looking as I am usually are." Scott: "May I kiss your hand?" Rothe: "Whats the matter? Is my mouth sticky?" Compliments of THE VAHSITY SHUP "Y" CAFE Stephenville's Finest Drive-in Miss Eoff marked the final exams so strictly that one of her sophomore English students flunked for having a period up- side down. SHANNUN SUPPLY EUIVIPANY FARMALL TRACTORS International Trucks L+ SlIBLlH'S Hlllll STUHE o o o 0 o 0 o o o o o o o o 0 o o o o o o o o 0 o o o o o o o o o o o o o 0 0 o o 0 0 o o 0 o o o 0 0 o o o o o o 0 o o 0 'o 0 o o 0 o 0 o o o 0 o o o ooooooooooooooooooooooooococooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo0oooooooooooooo0ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ENROLLMENT FOR 1941-1942 ALEXANDER, DELMON ALEXANDER, STEVE ALLEN. JACKSON ANDERSON, BILLY ARMSTRONG, BETH ARMSTRONG, BETH WORKMAN BAKER, ROSIE HARRIS BALENTINE, GRADY BEENE, BILLY BICKLEY, MARY VIRGINIA BOATWRIGHT, QUATA BORDNER, SARAH BOYD, MARTHA JEAN BOYD, OLETHA BRAMLETT, RUTH BROWN, MARY LYNN BRUNSON, JAMES BURKETT, DOYE BYRAM, J. D. CARDWELL, IMOGENE CAREY, TRUETT CARPENTER, ERNA LEE CARPENTER, JIMMIE CLEVELAND, WANDA COGDELL, DOROTHY JEFF COLE, EDWARD COLVIN, JAMES COOK, TRAVIS COX, EVELYN DACUS, MARY CATHERINE DEATON, HUGH ED DENSON, CHRISTINE DRAKE. EARL DRISKILL, BETTY LOU EADES, HAROLD EVANS, BARNEY EVATT, SUE EVERETT, DUDL ERS, FRED FANNING, CLETA FAUBION, CHARLES FERGUSON, EUGENE FRIZZELL, BILLY JACK GARNER, NELL GARRETT, J. B. GARRISON, YVONNE GIBSON, LA RUE AN.DERSON, JACK ANDERSON, REBA JAYNE ARMSTRONG, RAYMOND ARMSTRONG, TOY AUVENSHINE, DOROTHY BELCHER, NORMA RUTH BELL, MORRIS BILLS, DENSEL BISHOP, GENEVIEVE BRAMLETT, CHARLENE BRAMLETT, HATTIE LOU BROWN, BETTY SENIQRS GILLEY, MANUEL GORE, LOUISE GRAVES, DOROTHY GRAVES, MORGAN GREENLEE, DOROTHY HALE, ELOISE HALL, NAOMA HAMILTON, JACQUELINE HANSON, DOROTHY IRENE HATCHETT, F. N. HENDERLITE, MARGARET HENDERLITE, RACHEL HENRY, JOYCE TEAGUE HICKS, BILL HILLMAN, BUNNY HOLT, HERMON HOOK, LOIS HOOKS, DOROTHY HOWARD, ADRIAN HUTCHINSON, MARION JACKSON, ELSIE JAMES, GLADYS " JAMES, LUCY BETH JENNINGS, J. D. JOHNSON, CECIL JOHNSON, LAWANDA K Y, RAYFORD Y, TRUMAN , BILLEE JEAN CKEY, GUY WAYNE ATHAM, BETTY LATHA , PAULINE LEWIS, BESSIE -OVELESS. CHRYSTELLE MAXWELL, CALVIN MCCOWN, RUBY MODANIEL, BILLIE MODONALD, DORIS MCGEE, HATTIE MILLER, MAIDA LOU MOODY, CLARICE NANCE, MILDRED NEAL, ALPHA NICHOLS, MARY JO PACK, DELBERT PACK, NANNIE FAYE JUNIORS BURKETT, JACK BUTLER, BILLY CARVER, ALPHA . ,Q-.-V 5 WQASSIEV-.ENS, hbu, C HARLES CLARK, RAY COLE, RICHARD COSBY, RAYMOND COUCH, EVELYN COWVAN, GENE DANIELS, GATES DAWSON, CAROL LEE DICKERSON, CARL ..94.. PARNELL, QUAIN PEAPCY, MARY HELEN PEWITT, MARY RUTH PIPES, EUGENIA PO-TEET, BILLIE BERT RAMPLEY, HERBERT RAMSAY, SWAN RHOADES, LOIS FAYNE GGINS, CHARLES RI , OTHY LOU ROBERSON, A. v. ROBERSON, DAPHENE RODGERS, MARY ALICE RODMAN, ERNEST DEANE ROGEI S, CHARLES ROGERS, PANSY SAVAGE, LOUISE SCHRIMSHER, JERRY SCOTT, VERNE A., JR. SIKES, IMOGENE SMITH, EUNICE SMITH, JUNIOR SMITHEY, DON SNOW, J. C. STEPHENS, RAYMOND STEPHENS, W. B. SWATZELL, JACK TABER. BENNIE TACKETT, RUBY LEE THOMASON, LAVERNE TRIMBLE, CHARLES WAKEFIELD, MAXINE VVALKER, CHARLES WALTON, GEORGE WEEKS, DOROTHY JACQUE WEIR, WANDA WHEELER, FLORINE WHITACRE, JIM WIMBERLEY, VERA MAE WINTERS, MARY RUTH WOLFE, SYBIL WOOLEY, EDITH WORRELL, BILLIE WORRELL, MELVIN WRIGHT, WINONA PEARL WYLY, LUCILLE DILLARD, BILLYE JOYCE DOBBS, MAXINE DORRIS, WALDEEN DUNN, BILLY RAY ELLIOTT, DOROTHY FERGUSON, MARY FRANKLIN, FRANCENE FRANKLIN, FRANCES FRANKS, ROBERT FROST, FRANKIE GARRETT, JOSEPHINE GILBERT, DAN GLENN, BILLY GOODGAME, BARBARA GORE, BOB GORE, LAVERNE GREEN, ALBERT HALE, VIRGINIA HALL, VIOLA HAMILTON, WANDA HANCOCK, BLUEFFORD HANOVER, SAMMY HARRELL, JOE HARRIS, NELL HARRISON, MAXINE HAWKINS, MAXINE fel 6 6 AT ' ' HENDERLITE, PETER HIC-KEY, JACK HICKMAN, VESTA HIGGS, BUD HOLAMON, MYRON HOLCOMB, MARY FRANCES HOLLEY, ZELMA HOOK, LOREE HOOK, MARIE HUFFMAN, NINA FAYE - 'VI ,V,f,f,U HYDE, IKE HYDE, LAVETTA JACKSON, BILL J DOROT JENKINS, JOHNNIE ELIZA JOHNSON, HAZEL RUTH JONES, TED KEITH, SARA ANN KERR, CARROLL LACKEY, J, C. ALLISON, BILLY ATOR, JOHN PAUL BACON, O. T. BAINES, EARL BARNARD, DIXIE MARIE BECK, BEMENTA BOUCHER, ERNEST BROCK, MARIE BRAUNIG, MARTHA JANE BURNETT, EDWIN LEE BURNETT, RAYMOND CAMERON, ROBERT CAMPBELL, PAUL CARPENTER, BROOKS COOK, JUANITA CRAGWALL, ALBERT CUNi i i M, MARY I DEANE, BILLY JOE DEEDS, EDGAR LEE DORRIS, GLENN DRAKE, ALICE ELKINS, CARLENE ENGLISH, GLORA GENE ETHRIDGE, BILLY EWERS, RAYMOND FARMER, JAMES C. FAUBION, BILLY FERGUSON, CHARLES FOSTER, ALTON FRANK, WAYNE FRANKLIN, BILLIE SUE FUNK, BARBARA LANGLEY, DOROTHY LANE, H. B. LEATHERMAN, RUBY LEWALLEN, VALTON LITTLE, GLADYS LOCKER, ALBERT LOWE, LETA FERN MCCORMICK, BARRON McCORMICK, CLARA MAE McCRARY, STOLLIE PEARL McDOUGAL, BESSIE McKEOWN, ELIZABEIH, MILLER, BILLIE NELL MILLER, FRANCES MINIARD, JOE MOODY, DOROTHY MOODY, J. T. MOODY, WELDON MORRIS, BILLY JOE MORRISON, ROBERT RAY NEWMAN, ANN OAKES, DUANE VERBY, FRANK PAIR, JOE DAY PEARCY, TOMMYE JO POTEET, RALPH PRUETT, M. V. MSAY, HELEN RAY, ANNIE RUTH RHODES, BILLY JACK RIGGINS, JOHN ROBERTS, LEON ROULSTON, MARY MAVIS SOP!-IOMORES GRAHAM. ARMENTHA GRIMES, MARJY HAMMIT, LOMAN DEE HAMPTON, BEATRICE HARRIS, MARY KATHERINE HENSARLING, MILDRED JOYE HERRINGTON, ROBERT HICKS, RALPH HIGGINBOTHAM, CHARLENE HIGGINBOTHAM, RAY HINTON, HARWOOD HODGES, WILDA HOOK, HOUSTON HOOK, PANSY HOOKER, CHERRY SUE HOPPER, DELBERT HOWELL, LATHAM HOWELL, MARY HUDSPETH, CLAUDIA HUNT, JIMMIE JOHNSON, EARLENE JONES, NEITA JOY KIZER, MARY ROBERT LAWSON, MARY JO LEWALLEN, CURTIS LINDLEY, JOE MACK LOGAN, BETTY JO LOWERY, DENNIS McALISTER, KATHRYN McCOWN, WANE McKINNEY, MARY SUE MAYES, JOHN MENEFEE, GENE ...9 5... RUSH, CHARLES SAFFELL, LESSIE SHANNON, LLOYD SMITH, RUBYE JO SNOW, ALMA DEANE SPEER, MARION STANDRIDGE, DOROTHY I STANFORD, ROY STACEY, BILLY JOE STEPHENS, BILLIE JACQUE STEWART, ALBERT STIGLER, DOROTHY JEAN STINNETT, JUANITA ST STRACENER, MAXINE TEDDLIE, DOROTHY JEAN THOMPSON, EARL THOMPSON, ELSIE THOMPSON, RICHARD THORNBERRY, JESSE WAKEFIELD, JAMES A. WALDREP, VALENE WALKER, ELBRIDGE WALKER, HAROLD WALKER, TOMMY WASHBURN, ELIZABETH WATSON, DON WHITE, DALE WHITES-IDE, MARY HELEN WINN, JACK LANE WISE, JUANITA WOOD, CHARLES wooD, W. A. Y WORRELL, JIM MOON, FLOY NASH, JEANE NICHOLS, BILLY PARR, JAMES PARR, LELAND POSEY, ANNA BELLE PRESSLEY, LARRY RAMPLEY, JOHN RICH, MARY ROBERTS, JOYCE ROTHE, BARBARA SAVAGE, DONNIE MERLE SHERRILL, MAXINE SMITH, CARL SPEARS, MARJORIE SUBLETT, MARY LOU SWATZELL, MONTE TIMS, FLOYD TROUP, BILLY TUDOR, CORINNE VAUGHAN, EMILY VOWELL, BILLY SAM WAKEFIELD, SONNY WALKER, WANDA WATSON, JUANITA WILLIAMS, FRANCES WILLINGHAM, JAMES L. WISDOM, MARILU WYATT, JOYZELLE ZIMMERMAN, ERNEST ZIMMERMAN, OTIS ZUMWALT, GARLAND fx, f 'lb 3' 'MJ 'W I 00W,0 90000-5000000000 4 0000 00i5000000 00000 WQ0000 00 00000000000000 000000 Boostin H! lf, I M wg ..... S gr!!! , 3 CML My 101,41 jackets M lf, If I 45 Everything ,f l A f , fgq V63 if ff ,ff . .-illEIVIKE HATEHEHY I f Two men Stone and Wood were standing at a street corner. A pretty girl walked by. Wood turned to Stone, and Stone turned to Wood. Their necks turned to rubber, and the girl turned into a hat shop. Billy Glenn: "I had my nose broken in two places." Gene Cowan: "Well, you oughta' stay out of those places!" Mr. Oliver: "How's the team coming?" Mr. Marshall: "Like counterfeit money- the halves are full of lead, and the quarters can't pass. 120 m its we area r X 1 u . y 1 " y 3,11 H J X JJ ww' C ll ,Mt Ukgogiihs W yearbook reyizade by us and ee? ffi 6 I he dupltcated at any time. V HBAXH STUDIO BAXLEYS STUDIO PHONE 125 Phone 115 WEST SIDE OF SQUARE SOUTHWEST CORNER OF SQUARE OOO00000000OOOOOOOOO00000000000000000O0000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOQOOOOOOOOOOO -v0OC500000000000000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO N x lr, Y 4' , OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO C0000000000000"' 6 A C Q a N 5 0 Yo .9 O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Q O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 5 0 0 0 Q O O 0 0 0 O Q O 0 0 0 0 v 1 A hundied years ago to ay A wilderness yas heie A man with powder 1n his gun Went fo1 th to hunt a deei, But now the times have changed somewhat Along a diffei ent plan A deal with powdei on hei nose G es foith to hunt a man Bod Between you and me, what do you think of Joe Day Betvseen you and 1ne not so good but alone oh boy ' Mildred H Edwin Lee is the only boy who ever kissed me Tommye Jo Are you biagging oi complaining? Billy Joe A Youi gul s spoiled isnt she? Joe Dacus No it s Just the perfume she s wear ing. fMorgan G: What color iswliry Jo Stocktons hair? Calvin M: I m not sure. Shes down at the beauty parlor now. .,f' . - -4,,,.f"'A Rf ' Mr. Marshall: Dudley, I hear that you st ur' lessons yesterday. Dudley: ,Yes, Coach. Mr. Marshall: Well Ill let it pass this time, but it looks as if you re neglect- ing your football. Manager to whom Tru- ian was applying for a position: Is there any- thing you can do better than anything else? Truman K: Yes, sir, I Ask for H H5011 E SHOES Permit u to suggest that you select . - from our large stock your next pair of school shoes. RED Goose Sl-loss Half the Fun Correct fitting is a foremost considera- tion with every sale made in our store. Hating Feet The active feet of your happy school boys girls require footwear that will withstand e onslaught of kicks and scrapes to which Red Goose shoes are continually subjected. Too, this footwear must be constructed to provide a maximum of comfort with no sacrifice of style. Red Goose and Friedman-Shelby shoes meet these requirements and that is why they are favorites with boys and girls the nation over. Sold by- . E. Cox Dry Goods Co. an read my own writing. StePhel1Vill9, Texas x 2114, -97- I 000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO0.000000000000000000 OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO x f . x""' sq , -5 . O r , A H 3 h-J ' ' Q O ' Q 0 ' . O I . , ' 03. 0 ' Z f-4 .. - . ..- . I -Q f . - , e 2 i I . U l ' 0 U Q . 4 Q , H " - o c 4 ,, .4 . . 0 w- ' -I O .l -- 0 , - . . . - Q Q f . ' w Q u H 2 c X , i - n ' I o ' ' ' . - ' . 2 O V 0 Ag 0 l 0 . 0 O Z N o Y cu 8 0 O 'N O - 2 ' 2 ' o 0 Z 0 O O O 0 C O C C C C 0 45 - C ' o 2 ' ,gy lm 3 Q 0 ws 4 ,Auull 2 l O A f N Q . 1 9 ' l ' o l 0 C O 4 se w' .la s O O O O O fbi DQ? J j J 2 f .Y J If ,J- yl f J' ,J jj ff ' ' go Q cfoooooc oc oooooooooc ocfibooo voooooooooooooooooooo 4 ooooo 2 ooo Q ooooo 6 oooooooo . X , . O ,w il We lftyx l 2 E 4 1 . i , H Q rf f Plullllln 2 2 o 2 fl o J" 2 fl'l1H5ByYAHSiel kj 35 I ' I j J I , Agent 2 . - f ' . . . . 0 l fy 2 u 1' ,V fbi I 1 x Y Slnclalr Reflnlng Co. 2 Q' 9,42 Q, Sulctes X l Ballktjlg Quality P1'0d11CtS 'J' 2 l .Ji 79' l. ' Cannot be substituted J o j ' fy o li , 3 , ll X , Phone 98 2 ji! I ' l 1 0 BP gl 2 2 H FAH HS-FIRST 2 lf' 2 O 5 o - o 2 lf M UN AL HANK As tl. 2.1.1. Se.. its 3 jx - 22 Twinkle, twinkle, little star, 0 2 I ' V How I wonder what you are, 2 o J ' St he Ville Texas Up above the world so high Q . 2 3 :Nm 7 Llke a diamond in the sky. lx' 2 But as the Senior Sees It- 2 2 ' I Scintillate, scintillate, luminous constel- V . latIOI'l, o 0 I Member Interrogatively I question your consti- O - J tuet elements, 3 TJ 4 Fe eral Deposit Insurance Corporation In your prodigious altitude, above the o X tx terrestial sphere. 2 EK 0 'I ' Similar to carboaceous isometic octahed- . A l I lj ral in the celestial firmament. O IW' 'l 0, 3 6 K If 1: ll 3' I 3 li , ,. Billy B: Will the staff please be quiet! 1 - 'Ml I j 2 V 'fl 2 haven't heard a word I've said since I called ' 2 ,y o the meeting to order. 35 H o 0 asey: at s a rlg t. ou re not miss- 0 I C Th ' ll ' h Y ' ' 0 2 ing much. N 2 2 2 2 2 0 - X ' lx o o X, o 2 Bill Hicks: I want to join the army. X 1 2 o I'm a track athlete. fu o 3 Sergeant: Sorry. We don't want anybody ' u ,V if 2 2 0 who's trained to start running when a gun A 7 X , 2 3 is lar-ed.!a Q 2-P on . 1- 3 o , N , o QW f' - I- it 2 0 o 2 ' Phone 5 ' 2 o 0 0 0 o o 3 Z 0 O 2 2 S AJ 2 2 EHVIEE DHUE STUHE ' 2 O . o 0 Movzes are your Best 3 O Q 0 f 'f h ' I . 0 3 Wah 1? e Service that Serves. Entertainment 3 o o o o o o 2 2 Z Z 000000000 000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO A U T Q G P A P H S 7rWbZfffwWffU ,wfffffifyf-' W W AWWV ' ,,4V4f.' ff M cygwin yn, mu A ffbff' ,fQfVJ7'f'f'j. W WM J aj, fwffy' WZ ,fW, WZf -wff' M74 QM A ZAWJZXM7' ' 770 fjgfjjy C11 W My in ,C fd V . lQf,,f,41v4y' V 171'-if . 57,7 Jawa Mm' far , Ji 6.7! ,ovffzl ,7AV 7f7'ff' GV 22'-J VJ? NfLfl ' 'AVQW ,,-f,--a.,f Urfvx -' ' V, ' Vyf"-44,4 . ,,,3fbQ 4""- 41, a, ff7'f,+f,,- ,lbigb Q-T. sZf4fm,..,,, Q h'A MV i Jifibff 771 W, 'AE-," ' 71475--.ff-1,. ,vyLf Ni 3 ' Q X W M if if WWW Www i 55? SSEETSEEEEQEQSW Q., u I, 4- 3. 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