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 - Class of 1941

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M x f v b w w n . , X . Q, , , 1, , Q 3, A M U ,v,,- .3 R, Q!?Z4'WM M WW fmqf' MZVW MjZffQL7fjfffff M! Z J 7 W fWjQ:,zfLif2 if i fffffd MW? MJ Jffvgw ff -5 fT 7 75 LAA i i lf . -l f K N! 1 .. 4 . ,a1gggaif,,,.m .Ql..w.m. .. ,.,m..,...u..l ...N M-.. 1' 4., M ? W M WP if iiiiaig f . ' 'f 4 fb W W ,J wwf W W AAU, W .M Q 2? f JJ H 5, 1,5 J f fi v I 5 If '- Eg Jvvgabv paid! IJ," ,f if . ji'7'J1"WJffg?f 70 J Hm f Mxwhiww 1 jgvev' !,f'jLfjf cf Aw!!!-Ffh L, if W a. W X 'MX X U S wig? W 3 h 3 xx KY s S 355 5 ii MWMQW Mwdwzyfgfdm il4wwLYM l'W,'SfQW,g fvwpllg-'Q' A 5ZVf1'fW5f'fw"' NW? 'W' Y?13 y ffXAf5Ww fwwfffw , ,, , , , I Q ' gf , 4wwMw , .Q . , AfvuQf.Q . g Qfffffgf WW Y 1 li fjwjff W Wiwbfiww wi Wwhmff Mfg EWWWM W MSM T19 1941 A,,J-lfyww VELLQW JACKET gp M I, I sTEPHENvEIIi1g?I"' 'Q L . . M., .,A,.,.Lu,................-.,..g-.,.,..' 2- V- . . . , -1 L. -.- f - V- - - --W f- -. -fw --- v - -- 2- .?-N 4 - --EYF - - -- t 3 TEHFI5 CHUUL if W M' ll PRESS mmm M91 M f , JWWMMBWAQW WM! QWWW' M35 yay YHWW if? ffffgggff 2W?b My fir STAFFORD ENGRAVING TEPHENVILLE EMPIRE-TRI PRINTING Mybfpwpwfwwja fjfbv nn HOME OF THE YELLOW JACKET The 1941YEl.l.QNXf JACKET Published by THE STUDENT PARTICIPATION COMMITTEE TOMMYE BAXTER BIGGS GENE ELKINS EDITOR MANAGER MINEOLA SCRIMSHIRE VALLIE EOFF SPONSORS F , I k, ' !4 . Wjgf M, WMwMfMf,,W, WZWMM ' W Nw V fi 'f W W 7 ff I I . if J ,. , , ., , - N '. de w Zh K .44 , - Xxx eg, 4 ,yn X. I ' if Whiify Zia Pnl? x H ' x 51-1294 L . I 55 4 .,... , ,K 3 is A I' f X 6 X . if Y W ki i 5 :JJ Qgbw 5 g W5 W0 1 r X , ' XX Ly. . X X f Q X L X X! F 2 F , I E I L 'F .pug-s,,w um 'f' is VIC 4' -' ' ' "' " " it W My ,gf y i ,gi fr p EDITCDIQS NOTE This book is about ready to go to press, and now for a brief note of explanation to our readers. Compiling this book has given much pleasure to all the staff members, but don't forget that there have been hours of Work along with the fun. Finding an unusual and interesting themeiwwas a real task. We studied the themes of other books and tried original ideas, but none of them seemed to be what we were looking for. Then it occurred to us that it would be interesting for the students to know just what amount of work is needed and how much time is required to produce a worthwhile yearbookg hence We are presenting on each of our division pages' a sheet of work notes from the editor's memorandum pad. Don't pass too hurriedly over these pages, for there you will find the secret of the Whole plan. To include in the book a record of all school activities, both work and play, has been our aim. We hope the results are pleasing to you. That this book may bring to you happy memories as the years go by is the Wish of the staff. - First row: Tommye Biggs, Nanell Harris, Aaron Autry, Laurette Keyser, Norma Jean Winn, Patsy Price, Gene Elkins, C. R. Main. Second row: Margaret Henderlite, Martha Jean Boyd, Billy Beene. 1 -7-x .fL,4v:sqm,' 'i's,',f,,-g,,- .,lli.Q.,kQ.::i1.z2if.11.::Jl- .N ,sg.nii.:i.L-.1L,.,gg, ., A -.T-M -L-1 I M J f 'Q MJ WWMW MWW' W ' Q? MW 1 WWW' OWU' MM? vv5kMf7!7,WWW M AVLMZQ CVAjO7,,,,,,QA,LJ! W , W , 2,01 W Q QW Q U . ., QAVQWQM, 'kd' "" 4- - - .. , , A L, A 5- , . . - , A . . ,......, .. H..-3... . ,, .. g. .. .,-..,-4..1Q,.,,,,,,AL,-H-.,u!.fLu' 1 A -A-. ff H ..- - qmgsg V -, ' '- ADMINISTRATION BUILDING M ,WMS ,. Q E I --4 3 1 Q E fi 3 1 . 1 'S u I J., .ALJ Mu . 'eff' I , R wl, N 1. f ml-A f wg., 1 'El ' lk:-M , . ' ' 1 - Q fi' - - ' ' A ' ' 4. Ki ' 5 q,M:i,f'J-, - . 'citfL5FZ-xii, ' 'iifl-Q? If '- ' ' , j , Q1:f,5ffg' 1 ' ' +1 ....-, iii' ff, . ' Lljfl, E ' 'P ive W T x Y Y Dix: 4 Y I I " x"" ""P""' -"- :ff -W -ww- HOM13 ECONQM1C1B ILDIN 11:31 - . 'Ta' . A , s , 1 1 ,X ' . -, jaj-J! I X W lj" , f ' QL' fu' . f-X' H A . . . V' f - , Aff '. fi -it- I - I. i r, f I 5 5 Z g h 5 gl g , -1- 1 K 'Ll' , P .X J 1 , 3 ,' ,L 4 1 A ' ' - , x ' 1 i . ' -., 1 ij I 1 , I ' 'l 1 ' ij' 1 ', ' ' , ' I ' ' . 'pl' , I P I v ' I ' a ' I 1 5 Y Q , 1 zf I . , I It 'P f 1 , - , V 1 s ' l , 1 N . if , S' I T j , 1 ' N '7' V L' . - E' , A , ' 'I 1 V - ra 5 ...- 4 ' U ., ' ff f A ' f . f .1ff- . f , . NJ ,I . . u ,f . . 1 , J' Y 9 - ' 5 1 M--M-,Mn , , ' gx 52' - - 4 'E ...QAJ A , ' ' - ' . 'NJ Y ',Y'L,7' 1'-'QM ---,-, NJN' Nw' Q - -,Y-V A . i "4-1?- BOARD OF EDUCATION Ben B. McCollum, J. E. Burnett, H. E. Braeuer, A. E. Emmett, R. E. Martin, Frank Carlton, Gedrge Shiels, Mrs. A. H. Newman. - PRESIDENT .,,.......,.. .......,...,....,, R . E. MARTIN VICE-PRESIDENT ,,,.O,,. ......,O, M RS. A. H. NEWMAN SECRETARY ..,.......... ...........O H . E. BRAEUER The success of any school system is basically proportional to the sincerity of its Board of . Education. Through the whole-hearted work of the citizens who make up the Stephenville Board, the school has been able to maintain a high standard of work and to offer its students an oppor- tunity for wholesome recreation. These public-spirited citizens have given hours of their time to planning for the school that it might keep its sound educational and Hnancial policies. Be- cause of their efforts, Stephenville has a school system that it may well be proud of. In behalf of all the students of Stephenville High School, the Yellow Jacket Staff wishes to thank the conscientious citizens who make up the Board of Education for their interest in the betterment of the school system. ...1 1- I I I L ,, . f l 1 ' ,f , . L'V49' MK VK! , fkvff ADMINISTRATION f ' ' f, .1 X--1, I -, J. E. BURNETT, SUPERINTENDENT ,Mf M! Y -f ,J V, ,I f 'sie -fvn5P5k?9"VKK ww .,,. ,I,I COLLIN B. JONES, PRINCIPAL I 1 f f . 1 , igfivf, I Ifqff . ,. AU Al 1 I lf M ,ff fm' Wwvro af fy If 4 I L f E, - V, , 5.55 I FACULTY f SW f 51,1231 ,Y ,IJ - 1. Q 'JA ' .5 10,1 "JMX ff A -A J.E.B 'mf 7 SUPERIN NDE 'I V -uv g Fifi! O COLLIN B. JONES PRINCIPAL L G. W. COLLUM RUBY BELEW - COMMERCIAL SUBJECTS Z 1 BAND if VALLIE EOFF C5,,,2i WVWZLQJ . rf k,,0Z,W I 1111111111 xii MMR MARION KIMB O SEC l5W1"f!WWf fwf- WWKZEZEZ77 MRS. CLIFFORD JOHNSON ' PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND ENGLISH ,D 6-ffvl! ,W ,,f, 5, ' 1 NX -13.. I I I I I I I I I I I V I I I N I L, HQ if KM hy' Q A 7 WM V117 "V ff wif sfbffvx 0 I 1' . li? ILL FACULTY JO A KING l C y I 1 U X f J. ,JMQX I A Q11 :MARSHALL kj L TI AND 2-INISTORY HOME ECONOMICS vb. WMA QM- A-M WW urwi-.Q-QT-1 .,,.,v-QA.a.,v1Jv.JU-'-."""A'tL-'tu . 9-u.hN-KA.IIa.A6-10-"""" PM i-LLLMAJ, MRS. W. J. MURDAUGH W. J. MURDAUGH ENGLISH AND ATHLET S s o H AND ENGLISH ..l'1- Q 3 E GAYLE RUSSELL 38- an M STORY W Q 'VU"'0-Nj-6'Vm2. , LAI eq, vocATIoNAL AGRICU TURE LN' 1 aww 4""'t-Qfk-941 my LA SCRIMSHIRE -14.. ,fin I Z5 , 4, ffyfdfwdj ' X? if f ff WW A wi 14 4 x X Wjjfif WM M . 'f W V' Tr W W i Sffib QPU 5 N f I SENIOR ACTIVITIES 1. Registration. 2. "The Red-Headed Stepchildf' 3. Third verse, same as the second. 4. Dig- nified Seniors. 5. More of the same. -X Banquet, MO' 'Sf , Q .WW n I Y K I x I 7 1 , .X X ..1G.. SENIOR OFFICERS , BARNEY WELCH AARON AUTRY C. B. RUSHING JACK WILSON BILLY BROWN MRS. JOHNSON OFFICERS ' PRESIDENT ,.I,..,,.,,,.,w ,LI,,,L.,,... .,.,,,I, B AR NEY WELCH VICE-PRESIDENT II...,......... .,,,... . AARON AUTRY SECRETARY-TREASURER. ,,I,,, I,I....,. C . B. RUSHING R ORTER. ...,......,..I,,,I,.,I LI.I . .. JAC WILSO EP QL- K N..f SERGEANT AT ARMS LI..,I,, .,..,.,.,IL,.L,L,L..I, B ILLY BROWN SPONSOR ,,LI I,.,IL MRS. JOHNSON 'A In September, 1938, 161 sophomores invaded Senior High School and captured Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Long for their sponsors. Of these 161 students, 82 had graduated from Junior High the previous spring, the remaining '79 were made up of mid-term graduates and rural students. From this group, 103 were promoted into the Junior Hass, where they were joined 50 others. Of this group, 89 became seniors the fol- lowing year. At this time, 41 more were added to the class roll, making a total of 130, of Whom 105 are candidates for graduation. The class of '41 Will long be remembered for its Outstanding achievements in foot- ball, basketball, track, and tennis. The class has presented four good plays-Elmer, Hounded by Hate, The Haunted Castle, and The Red-Headed Stepchild. Perhaps the most outstanding characteristic of this class is that its members are a group of jolly good fellows. .S E- CLASS JACKSON ALLEN "Cracky" Football '40, '41, Track '40, '41, Annual Play '40. I I BETH ARMSTRONG ..Beth,, G. A. A. '40, '41, F. H. T. '40, Pep Squad '40. AARON AUTRY "Moses" Chairman of S t u d e n t Body '40, '41g F. F. A. '39, '40, '41, Treasurer '40, President '41, Sen: ior Favorite '40: Foot- ball '39, '40, '413 Bas- ketball '39, '40, '41, Vol- eyball '38, Track '39, '40, '41 5 Vice-President of Class '41, Yellow Jacket Staff '41, Sports Editor, Annual Play '41, Fal- cons '39, '40, Annual Who's Who '39, '41g State High School Who'S Who '41. BETTY ANN AYERS "Betty Ann" Band '39, '40, '41, H. O. O. T. '39, '40g Dramatic Club '41: F.0.o. '39, '41, F. H. 'l'. '39, '40, G. A. A. '39, '413 Class Play '40, '41, Annual Play '41. OF 1941 VERA FERN AMMONS "Vera" JOE THOMAS ATCR . 017135 Band '37, '38, '39, '40, '41, Band Council '41, F. T. A. '40, '41, K. O. B. S. '39, '41, Sergeant at Arms '39, '41, Boys' igee Club '41g Spelling HAROLD AUVENSHINE "Auvenshine" RAY BARNES -'Ray-' N U VL rw 06 125 CLASS OF 1941 TOMMYE BAXTER BIGGS NETTIE MAE BILLS nBaXn Band '37, '38, '39, '40, '41, C. U. B. S. '39, '41, Secretary-Treasurer '39, G. A. A. '39, '40, '41, Choral Club '41, F. H. T. '39, '40, Spanish Club '40, '41, Yellow Jacket Stad' '41, Editor, Class Play '39, '41, Secretary- Treasurer of Class '39, T. O. E. S. '39, '40, '41, President '39, '41, D. A. R. Pilgrimage Candidate '41, Dramatic Club '41, Secretary-Treasurer '41, State High School Who's ,ffm '41, Annual Play BILLY BROWN uBgn glhack '40, '41, Football FOY E. CARPENTER RCMP., F. F. A. '39, Band '39, '40, '41, Drum Major '40, '41. ootball nager '41. QQ! , "Torchy" Pep Squad '40, Band '41 NELLIE B. BRUMMETT "Nellie B." Band '1l1. MARA NELL CARPENTER ..Tut,, Pep Squad '39, G. A. A. '39, Band '41, F. H. T. 40. 4 ROBBIE LEE CATHEY ..BabS,, S. P. C. '39, '41, CLASS OF 1941 ROBERTA ANN CATHEY RODOLPH CAUDLE "Bert" "Angel" HI' FH-otball '40, '41g Track 1 Fon-L qfve QW? s ,, A , UP Z' n 01 C 5 S S w .' H .. be, ,I M H1961 " om J OSEPHINE COSBY f-shorty" G. A. A. '4o. GENE ELKINS -lclenen President of Class '39, '40g Track '39, Class Favorite '40g Y e l 1 0 w Jacket Staff, Assistant Editor '40, Business Manager '41: Ye 1 1 o w Jacket Booster '41, S. P. C. '40, '41, Spanish Club '40, '41g State High School Who's Who '41. 5 'UE DOLORES FAUBION -.Deen G. A. A. '39, '40, Span- ish Club '39. ,. ,,,, DOT DONAHO "Dynamo" C. U. B. S. '39, '41, Vice-President '41: F. F. A. Sweetheart '40, '41, Band '39, '40, '41, Ma- jorette '41: G. A. A. '39, '40, '41: Dramatic Club '41: Class Play '39, '40, '41. .f DOROTHY EVANS "Evans" F. O. O. '39, '41, Vice- President '413 G. A. A. '39, '40, '41g F. H. T. '40: Pep Squad '39, '40, '41. ELIZABETH GAINES 1-Libn CLASS GWENDOLYN GIBSON "Gwen" VIRGINIA HALL 1-Jennyn ChoI'al Club '39, '41, Tennis '30, Banc '39, NANELLE HARRIS "Harris" Pep Squad '39, '40, '41, T. O. E. S. '39, '40, '41, Secretary - Treasurer '39, '40, '41, G. A. A. '39, '40, '41, F. T. A. '40, President '40, Future Homemakers' D e l e gate '40, F. H. T. '40, '41, Song Leader '41, Choral Club '30, '40, '41, Sccre' tal-y-Treasurer '40, Re- porter '41, S. P. C. '41, Yellow Jacket Staff '41, Literary Editor, Tennis '39, '40, '41, Dramatic Club '41, Declamation '40, Annual Play '41, State High School Who's Who '4l. ANNETTA HEREFORD "AnrIetta" Dramatic Club '41, Cho- ral Club '41. OF 1941 WILTON GOLIGHTLY "Jack" F. F. A. '40, JACK HARDING "Jack" Band '40, '4l. '41, G. A. A. '41' F. . Vw lEiZM!M NOLAN HENSARLING "Nolan" Band '37, '38, '39, '40, '41, President '41, Band Council '41, K. 0. B. S. '39, '40, Vice-President '39, F. F. A. '39, '40, '41, S-tate F. F. A. Band '39, '40, '41. 040 YVONNE HOLLEY "Holley" Pcp Squad '39, Band '40, C. U. B. S. '39, '41, Secretary-Treasurer '41, G. A. A. '40, '41, Dele- gate to Future Home- makcrs' Convention '4 Choral Club '30, ,S ' Vic.. J-4 qua-blf I 57 4- nfl! 5,21 E' 347 fa f xx .lf .r 5-" a 'K, 1 CLASS OF 1941 MARY GEORGE HOWARD WANDA HURLEY -iMa1,y11 F. O. O. '39, '41, Presi- dent '41, G. A. A. '40 '41, Dramatic Club '41 Choral Club '39, T. O E. S. '39, '40, '41, Vice President '41, F. H. T. '40, '41, Pep Squad '39, '40, '41, Class Play '40, '41 ELSIE JACKSON "Elsie" Pep Squad '39, '40. CON NIE JONES "Blue Eyes" Spanish Club '39, '40, President '39, Class Play '39, '40, Football '39, '40, '41, Annual Play '41C Falcons '39, '40. R. J. KERR ..Runt,, Declamation '41, F. F. A. '40, '41, Treasurer '41, F. F. A. Public Speaking '40. "Hurley" Pcp Squad '39, '40. GLADYS JAMES -'cial-1yS" G. A. A. '39, F. H. T. '39, '40, Vice-President '40, TRUMAN KAY "Truman" Band '40, '41. LAURETTE KEYSER "Lo1ly" F. O. O. '39, '41, Secre- tary-'Freasurer '41, Dra- matic Club '41, G. A. A. '39, '40, '41, F. H. T. '40, Choral Club '39, Yellow Jacket Staff, Fea- ture Editor '40, Art Edi- tor '41, Class Play '39, '40, '41, Band '39, '40, Pep Squad '41, State Sigh School Who's Who CLASS DICK KING "Richard" Band '37, '38, '39, '40, '413 Parliamentarian of Class '40, Class Play '40, '41, F.-ff A. '40, Dramatic Club '41: Vice- President '41 : School Re- porter '41g Boys' Glee Club '41. .dn w OF 1941 NATHAN LAMB "Lambie" Band '41. MW we LOUISE LATIIAM IIL0uu G. A. A. '39, '40g F. H. T. '38, '39: Senior Fa- vorite '41, F. O. O. '41Q H. 0. O. T. '39 3 Pep Squ '39, 40 3 Yell Lea '4d. GAL LENELLA LOGAN "Lenella" G. A. A. '40, '41, F. II. T.'415 B a n d '40, '41, Dramatic Club '41. FRANCES MCMAINS "Frances" F. H. T. '39. KYLE LITTLE UKyle,, F. F. A. V103 Band '39, '40, '41. WILLIS MCCUTCHEON "Willis" Yellow Jacket Booster '41, C. R. MAIN "Cephus" Band '37, '38, '39, '40, '41. Vice - President '41g Yellow Jacket Staff, Ko- dak Editor '41, Annual Play '41. I, v Xflx Q-I fl an .Qt CLASS OF 1941 VIRGINIA MERLE MANNING CLARICE MYLENA MOODY "Virginia" Pep S-quad '39, '40, G. A. A. '39, '40, '41: Dec- lamation '30: F. H. 'l'. '402 F. T. A. '40, '41, Serfxeant at Arms, 405 Dramatic Club, '41. J AMES MOSER "Mosse" S. P. C. '40g Football '40, President of Class '40 LOUISE NIX "Louise" F. H. T. '39 '40 '41 , , - MARY HELEN PEARCY "Mary Helen" "ClaI'ice" MILDRED NANCE '-Mildl-ed" G. A. A. '39, Baseball '39 JUANITA PARHAM "Scoo'te1"' F, H. T. '40, Pep Squad '39, '40, '41g G. A. A. '39, '40, '4l.. PAULINE PEARCY "Snooky" Choral Club '39, '40, '41, Vice-President '40, Pres- ident '41, G. A. A. '39, '40, '41, President '40, '413 'l'. O. E. S. '39, '40, '41, SCI'lI9B.Ilt at Arms 39, '40, '41, Pep Squad '39, '40: Yell Leader '41Z Class Play '39, '41, Tennis '39, Baseball '89, F. H. T. '40, Typing '41g Annual Play '41. 1 CLASS ZONA BETH PEMBERTON nzonau Band '39, '40, '41, F. H. T. '40: T. O. E. S. '39, '40, '4l3 S. P. C. '41: G. A. A. '41, BILLIE JEAN PIERCE .Bmw G. A. A. '39, '40. CHARLENE ROBERSON "Charlie" Pep Squad '39, '40, '4lg G. A. A. '40, '41, Choral Club '40, '41, S. P. C. '40I I". 'l'. A. '40, Trea- surer '40. CALVIN SHELTON -.Cav F. F. A. '40, '41g Decla- mation '4l. OF 194k WILBUR PERRY "Blub" Football '40, '41, F. F. A. 's9. JESSIE GLYN PRUITT "Jessie Glyn" WANDA SHANNON "Wanda Belle" G. A. A. '39, '40g Choral Club '39: Pep Squad '39, '40, F. H. T. '40. CHARLES SHERRILL "Charlie Horse" F. F. A. '41. .ff Q CLASS OF 1941 GEORGE SHERRILL 11: E. A. A41. 1 , JZ! MARTHA SMITH "Mart" Pcp Squad '39, '40: F. H. 'l'. '39. '40, G. A. A. '39, '40, Reporter '39. J. R. STONE "Reuben" Yellow Jacket Booster '41, Phutuyzrapher '41 5 Boys' Glee Club '41g Class Play '40, F. F. A DONALD SMITH "Smith" K. O. N. '39, Football '40, '41g Track '40 5 Class Play '39, '41g Annual Play 'f11. f , 1, .' ff" 1 J OLIYEIJEANNE PELL ' H , 'l'. O. E. S. '39, '40 ' 1' I A oral Cl lv ' ' 41 3 lPep .. , '40, '41: 'G A ' 9 '40 '41 Sccrctary Vlce Dra Annual J Play 41 ij ' - :P si fldfvt '41 1't5 H 4- fig. 'H. 6 I . ' if D ORVAL TACKETT va .., - , Yellow Jacket Booster '41' F F A '39 '40 '41.' ' . ' ' , M J M urtle I' ootb Bask all 1 a s Play '39, Ed or 3 Secre- Class A ' LAVERNE THOMASON "Salty" Band '39, '40, '41, G. A. A. '40, '41g F. H. T. '40. 1 CLASS O ALBERT TOLBERT '-Billy the Kid" Class Play '39. DOROTHY JACQUE WEEKS "Peavine" Band '39, '40, '41, C. U. B. S. '39, '41, Vice-P1'es- ident '41, G, A. A. '39, '40, '41, Treasurer '40, F. H. T. '39, '4o. LYNDOL WELCH "Sissy" Band '39, '40, '41, C. U. B. S. '39, '41, President '39, F. T. A. '40, F. H. T. '39, '40. '41, Presi- dent '40, G. A. A. '40, '41, Dramatic Club '41. BILL WHITE "Bill" Yellow Jacket Booster '41, Boys' Glee Club '41, Dramatic Club '41. F 1941 MARJOIKIE WALKER "Margie" G. A. A. '39, '40, '41 Pep Squad '39, '40, '41 Choral Club '39, '40, '41 Tennis '39, '40, '41. BARNETT WELCH "Barney" Football '38, '39, '40, '412 Basketball '39, '40, Ton- nis '38, '39, '40, Track '38, '39, '40, Volleyball '38, Class Favorite '39, Reporter of Class '38, President of Class '41, Most Representative '41, State High School Who's Who '41. JOHN A. WHITACRE --whit" President of Class '39, Falcons '38, '39, Foot- ball '39, '40, '41, Basket- ball '38, '39, '40, '41, Tennis '38, '39, '40, '41, Yellow Jacket Stafl' '39, Assistant Editor, State High School Who's Who '41, SAMUEL WHITE ..Sam,, F. F. A. '39, '40, Yellow Jacket B o- o s t e 1' '41 , Boys' Glee Club 'f11. SAN1-'ORD WHITE "szmf0ra" F. F. A. '39, '40, Yel- low Jacket Booster '41, Boys' Glee Club '41, y i l Affi I Ai ff' CLASS OF 1941 BILLY WHITWORTH CHARLES H. WILLIAMS ..Bi1ly,, Football '41. JACK WILSON UDOCU Track '39, '40, '41,Base- ball '39, '40, '41, Class Play '38, '39, '41, Dra- matic Club '39, '41, Pres- ident '41, Yellow Jacket Booster '41, Choral Club '40, Boys' Glee Club '41, Song! Leader '41. THOMAS WISDOM "Smitty" Band '37, '38, '39, '40, '41, K. O. B. S. '39, '40, President '39, F. F. A. '40, State F. F. A. Band '39, '40, '41, Annual Play '41. LA FOYL WOOD UFOYV, T. 0. E. S. '39, '40, '41, Band '39, '40, '41, H. O. O. T. '39, G. A. A. '39, '40, '41, F. H. T. '40, Annual Play '41, "Williams" Football '40, '41, Tennis '41 NORMA JEAN WINN ..Hugh,, Pep Squad '39, Yell Leader '40, '41, F. O. O. '39, Reporter '41, T. O. E. S. '39,'40,'41, President '40, Class Play '39, '41, Annual Play '41, Yellow Jacket Staff '41, Most Representative '41, F. T. A, '40, '41, Secretary '40, President '41, State High School Who's Who '41. MAURICE WOLFE "Wolfe" Band '39, '40, '41, F. F. A. '39, '40, K. O. B. S. '39, '40, Treasurer '39, F. T. A. '40. VIRGINIA WOOD "Virg-ini " . I ' , '41, G. A. A. ., '4 '41, F. H. T. '39, '40, ' . ELIZABETH ANN WRIGHT C. U. B S '39 '40, '41, Secretary '40, G. A. A. '39, 41. I JUNIOR OFFICERS 1 0, R ,..J. SCOTTY SCOTT A. v. ROBERSON ELOISE HALE JIM WHITACRE GENE FERGUSON MISS HIGKS OFFICERS PRESIDENT 7,EE,,,,,EE7.,, ,E.,....,..........,E,v,,. ,......,. S C OTTY SCOTT VICE-PRESIDENT .,A,,7EE,7,,,EE ,,,,..., A . V. ROBERSON SECRETARY-TREASURER ,,7,EE. EE,..,. E Lo1sE HALE REPORTER. .........EE...,.,,EE,, ,,.... , JIM WHITACRE SERGEANT AT ARMS ,,,EEEE, ,E,,,,,EE,,,,, G ENE FERGUSON SPONSOR, ,..,..., .,E.,..,E M Iss Hicks On September 4, 1939, 43 noise-making and fun-loving sophomores, who had gradu- ated from Junior High School in May, enrolled in Senior High School along with 63 other sophomores. At mid-term 20 more students came from Junior High, making a total of 140. On February 29, 1940, this class presented two one-act plays, Twelve Old Maids, and Hen1'y's Mail Order Wife. The class had the good luck to have Miss Hicks and Mr. King as sponsors. Sixty of this group became juniors at the end of the termg 92 other students joined them to make a total of 152 juniors in the 1940-'41 class. On March 27, 1941, the class presented the play, Mother-111-Law Blues, and on May 9, a busy year was topped with a successful Junior-Senior banquet. These students are looking forward to their Senior year during '41 and '42, and perhaps by then these noise-making and fun-loving students can become dignified seniors. -291 'inn ffiaf CLASS OF 1942 MIRIAM ALDERMAN STEVE ALEXANDER 6 ., PM BI LY ANDERSON Y xf ' RAYMOND ARMSTRONG Q A we 1 . 'Q A 3 :,- 'E BILLY BEENE QUATA BOATWRIGHT SARAH BORDNER MARTHA J EANNE BOYD WANDA CLEVELAND EDWARD COLE RAYMOND COSBY MARY CATHERINE DACUS -30- CLASS OF' 1942 CLETA FANNING BILLY JACK FRIZZELL LA RUE GIBSON MORGAN GRAVES ELOISE HALE J ACQUELINE HAMILTON DUDLEY EVERETT .I WJ EUGENE FERGUSON JOHN B. GARRETT wwf W DOROTHY GRAVES OLIVER GRIFF1N f I' ' I fb Ig, NAOMA HALL CLASS OF 1942 RosE MARIE HARRIS MAXINE HAWKINS MARGARET HENDERLITE RACHEL HENDERLITE MYRON HOLAMON HERMON HOLT Lois HooK MARION HUTCHINSON LUCY BETH JAMES ' RAYFORD KAY K x4zvg4-Q42 ,f 4, AJ B1 LEE JEAN KING 7 6 BETTY Jo LATHAM 9-32- WW WM, CLASS OF 1942Wy M , 1.529 v 9 me POLLY LATHAM V 4 - ' CHRYST ELLE LOVELESS t I .::A. I RIS MCDO ALD MARY Jo NICHOLS FRANK OVERBY jf 66414-f'-'LJ QUAIN PARNELL fp? Wftkf MARY RUTH PEWITT BILLIE BERT POTEET HERBERT RAMPLEY SWAN RAMSAY LAVENA RAY CHARLES RIGGINS lg W- 1 r f JVM' -if ,ff fvvdl! , RH Ah. ,ie i I CLASS OF 1942 A. V. ROQBERSON DAPHENE ROBERSON CHARLES ROGERS Z SCOTTY coTT X EUNICE SMITH MARY Jo STOCKTON RUBYE LEE TACKETT ,FK WANDA WEIR JIM WHITACRE ,f ELMA WHITE E, M Qwgfjgl Y M t :I EE, YJ EDITH LOUISE WOOLEY 1341 C720 0' SOPHOMORE 0FFICERS fl, f' RUFUS Hxoos, JR. BILLY GLENN DOROTHY JEAN sT1GLER JOHN RIGGINS MRS, MURDAUGH OFFICERS PRESIDENT .w..,. - ,,.7.,, ....... . RUFUS Hioos, JR. VICE-PRESIDENT .LLLLLLLLLLLLLL LLLL.......,,LLL.LL.E B ILLY GLENN SECRETARY-TREASURER. LwV.., ...,.,,, D OROTHY JEAN STIGLER REPORTER ....V..O T,,,,,,,,,O.O,, ,,,O,,,,,,,,,,OO,O,,,O,, J o HN RIGGINS SPONSOR OO,O,OO OO,,,O, M RS. MURDAUGH "Our first year in high school" sounded big to a group of seventy wide-eyed, eager sophomores who were scheduled to enter Senior High School in September, 1940, but when these Pupils arrived on the campus they found that they had lots to learn. With their number increased to 138 by newcomers, students from rural districts, and the inevitable left-overs from former years, the sophomores set to Work with unbounded energy and soon made the upper-classmen conscious of the fact that they were around. They studied hard, presented programs, and took a big part in all school activities. Under the direction of their never-to-be-equaled sponsor, they presented the class play, The Phantom Bells, thereby convincing every one that they were not only good students and good sports, but also excellent actors. Ili X G x! O xxx v I CLASS OF 1943 JACK ANDERSON REBA JANE ANDERSON DOROTHY JANE AUVENSHINE v H BELCHER BETTY BROWN DOYLE BURKETT BILLY BUTLER If CHARLES CASSTE GENE COWA Z CAROL LEE DAWSON ih l MARY FERGUSON J OSEPHINE GARRETT :A DAN GILBERT BILLY GLENN BARBARA GOODGAME X . I XV jf CLASS OF 1943 MARY RUTH GRAY ALBERT GREEN 'IE 32 VIOLA HALL J. W HAM?AOjfJ'u WANDA HAMI ON M .f BLUEFFORD HANCOCK QQ Aff. ' Q, J OE EDWARD HARRELL MAXINE JHARRISON 457 fl Q s ERNEST HEATON if . ,jx 4' Q P XP fr J x K K ' E R DERLITE s RU S C I - Q WILDA HODCES I-J - E' MARY FRANCES HOLCOMB ELIZABETH MCKEOWN JOYCE MILLER JOE MINIARD mhz 4, W3 0 . . llvl: V -'--- ? -32 "': X t g? I I 'I t ., , - -H ,t l I 1 I 'fs 1: L 1 , l 'TM Q A I QQ, if Q, U Q A M CL Y BILLY JOE M 0 M J O PAIR O up 3 PATSY PRICE v'? W- D g - FMAXINE STRAOENER vig' , C5 ' UANITA ISE Eg? J W ASS OF 1 3 N NEWMAN MARTHA JANE OXFORD TOMMYE JO PEARCY RALPH POTEET JOHN RIGGINS LAVERNE RUSSELL . s 9, W 5 1'-" APY I ' ILLIE ACQUE STEPHENS DOROTHY JEAN STIGLER HAZEL STONE -, .U A A " DOROTHY JEAN TEDDLIE ' JACK LANE WINN ,N H W 'K Q. Wflggwwww M QW MMM N i9f5zfWj,M W Nm WW? ZW dw KX MW X f XXM N X W f X I MIM-I 'Q - " ' XNXX 'XX dm fb , XX N W9 ,W X X5 ' xii, 4 .jj i f X xx Q' AX "' ji a ji ff . 7 jgata 7 2f 5 X ,, f ' ' , 4 Ky Q M . 1-,uh , ,. ,hi. ,: w.:. emrwa-Lu.. in in H , ' 2n. V W9 a'5'Zif4'j if , Cl-cody ZZ' CZa.4,4fobf.-c,46f74v.,L- 4Mf ,fQYLJ Maxam f-UM 2 Iwadifi 59,51-Qngzslw N779 so 444. 57"L!' SCHCDCDL SWEET!-HEART 3 Z ' , 4 X I v Q g ,K L g VV 5 2 ' if ' 3 3 , 12 , wifi. 2 ELOISE HALE -411 f MCDST REPRESENTATIVE BARNEY WELCH -12 ir! f I 'V l , i , ,132 I! X, fi, , fu. f 'E ".QfA-ffl-'I if is - ' ' ,N I " ,- .f 'Ji f -fLffAff.'- !f'4"",-'A' .P . -'xv -. - A f I E I, ' . I I - ax" !f'l.LZlAQ'!,2"'!J uf ,' -ff , -T .IVA 7. ,fl:gjQ:k,a,7flC'g"ff',,VoC.-J , . ,A , -Zi ' " I - .1 fill ,ff M, zifufnf - -Mg r. ' ' A ' 'ff 'T NORMAJEAN WINN . ,zf:,4f'f,Tf 'A-f422'Lr fl Cai? 'T 'V' W J . fl ,. - .flfffz KIA .1 -fl 'ly' ' ff! . T' J 71' yi.: 1- 5,4 -Af ,f""f V, . - T ff-.,1,, ,I Ffifv 4 47 l f' 53" Xl- . if X' " K, . ,X .1 . "'T" 'w fi if f A ffff W ' '. .. J - Aidff' r, fi it - 4 f J Y!! 1 ff 4-Af' 5'-,im if 4E 314 'v Q' gm-.2 cw. ,W-Mix M. iw! SENIQQ FAVQIQITES JQMWQQ, 5 is Q SS JUNIQR Ffwom W9 UM WMZ2P sfmwfp 555935 Qfwfgv LL M JM Ww,.,,f,U-1 2,a,a,-J-Q 4942141 JIM WHITACRE WNW 12 WW?".i3f5 ,M Q55Wjf2Myz , my ' gpm fgywpy YW 32 Aff SOP!-IGIVXQIQE FAVQIQITES I-"Q , ' 1 YJ,-.vpn .-1.-fx: . M0 'J " , nllqlie lay' 9 5 4 9 6 , .1 . , 4 1 Q., 1 J 0 - 1 0 nf 5 is DOROTHY' JLPINA STYGELER gan Q 42ff',4:,fJUu'.qQj,2v,,3. lm' . .js or 9 4 N. A , - . .V,. L- f . BILLY GLENN 4 .- , ' , , , , ,Z WHCTS WI-IQ .4 OLNE JEANNE S? URETTE KEYSER PM Y AARON AUTH MW WI-IO'S WI-10 Degh ,31'Q6flc:f FS. ,290 QW ZZ fab-Q I Mmm BAXTER B T0 if WN! WWW mm MW vubfm55V'MW -47 yn ni.: Q -QE? .. Ziff yduf j0oq wdfff .mid KINS Qu eu: U 9' 09.2 J HT0 THE BLUE AND THE GOLDN -Grace Chandler Colw Here's a toast to Stephenville High, We her praises ever sing, Stand and cheer her name once again Loudly may the echoes ring. Fill a glass for happy times, Sons and daughters ever true, Always holding deep in loyal hearts The Spirit of the Gold and Blue. To the To our To our To the To the May We To our Blue-to the Cold- school and its glorious history faith-to our zeal- days we remember so joyfully. Bilue-to the Gold- carry our banner to victory, hopes-to our dreams- To the world We shall make ours some da Here's to all our glorious past, Here's to our victories won- Here's to glorious future years, For our fame has just begun. Fill a glass for happy times, Sons and daughters ever true, Always holding deep in loyal hearts The Spirit of the Gold and Blue. .418- K ' JWWW QW WW! WWW aff j,,5WMLQ,QW MM WW W 1 Qffjjw WEL f PQJWM JH ? f HMI, WUM. gf X 4 .L 5 COACH MURDAUGH In evidence of his coaching ability, Coach Murdaugh this year developed a line that yielded but five touchdowns all season. Be- sides teaching the linesmen to play air- tight defensively, he welded them into a smooth-clicking, fast-charging machine on offense. If a man's ability is to be judged by his success, then there is no doubt but that Coach Murdaugh is a good coach. .K I xi fg- 'Q K 5 X. v COACHES ' CO C MARSHALL I tak a ore than fair coach to make a re an ir ootball team, and Coach Marshall mad 'i to champions the Yellow Jackets of 19 . In uniting a small squad of rathez ligh oys into a championship team, he perfo a great coaching ac- complishment inde . T Yellow Jackets could not have won t e district in 1940 had they not had the benefit of a very compe- tent coach. ff SE' soN REVIEW District Champions, the class of the district-that's the distinction won this year by the Stephenville High Yellow Jackets. Undefeated, eight wins and a tie but not a loss, 265 to 37-that's the record made by the high-flying, fast- stepping Jackets of 1940. Even the 7-7 tie with the bruising Temple state final- ists was another mark in their favor. Though Temple was awarded the game via the penetration rule, many say the Wildcats were lucky to have the score tied when the game was over. But what did the Jackets have that made them such strong opponents? The answer is a squad of experienced, de- termined, well-coached boys, who want- ed that 9-AA championship and went out after it. Very few people, besides the Jackets themselves, really expected ..50.. such a season. Even after the Jackets won two easy non-conference games with Coleman and De Leon and one con- ference game with Ranger, skeptics in- sisted that these successes were due to the lack of competition. "Breckenridge will tear 'em apart," they said. The score, Stephenville 26-Brecken- ridge 6-and the Stephenville Yellow Jackets replaced Breckenridge as the favorites in the district. Still there were the tough games with Cisco, Mineral Wells, and Brown- wood left in the district. After stowing away Dublin with a one-sided score, the Jackets Went to Ciscog where, slowed by a hot afternoon sun, they could get no better than a 13-O decision over the comparatively weak Cisco team. This somewhat poor showing left some doubt- ful about the Mineral Wells gameg es- pecially was this true since Mineral Wells had defeated the rough and tough Brownwood Lions. There was little cause for worry though, for Stephen- ville won with a three-touchdown mar- SQUAD gin. With this victory, the Jackets con- vinced even the direst pessimists that Stephenville had the bestteam in the district. "But will they beat Brownwood?" they asked. "We know they're the best team, but Brownwood is big and mean and hard for the Yellow Jackets to beat." ' The Lions were just another step, though, from which the Jackets went into the state Class AA play-offs for the first time in history. The by-district game went to Temple, three penetra- tions to two, and the season was over for the Yellow Jackets. Stephenville Coleman Stephenville De Leon Stephenville Ranger Stephenville Breckenridge Stephenville Dublin Stephenville Cisco Stephenville Mineral Wells Stephenville Brownwood Stephenville Temple Total Back row: Coach Murdaugh, Billy Brown, C. V. Tate, C. B. Rushing, Aaron Autry, John A. Whitacre, Wilbur Perry, Bill Hicks, Rudolph Caudle, Connie Jones, Coach Marshall. Middle row: Eugene Ferguson, Barney Welch, Donald Smith, Jackson Allen, Dudley Everett, Oliver Griffin, Charles Williams, A. V. Roberson, Billy Jack Roberts. Front row: Bud Casstevens, Bluefford Hancock, Leon Roberts, Joe Day Pair, Ernest Zimmerman, Ralph Poteet, Billy Whitworth, Scotty Scott. - .-5 1... I V, V V I LAAAYW, STEP!-lElXlVILI.E'S ALI.-DISTRICT PLAYERS 194O MM W BARNEY WELCH Q CONNIE JONES OLIVER GRIFFIN FIRST TEAM FIRST TEAM FIRST TEAM BACK GUARD GUARD AARON AUTRY FIRST TEAM END C. B. RUSHING DONALD SMITH JOHN A. WHITACRE SECOND TEAM SECOND TEAM SECOND TEAM BACK TACKLE BACK -52- A RUSHING-BACK THREE-LETTER MAN After starring three years at center, "Rush" shifted to fullback to add power to the backfield. His line blasts and his outstanding defensive play from the line-backing position earned him an all- district second-team rating. These quali- ties plus his signal-calling ability ac- count for his importance to the team. Alma SMITH-TACKLE Two-LETTER MAN Football was fun for Smith all the time, but in games he played for "keeps," The rougher the play, the bet- ter Smitty liked it, and he could hold his own with the best of them. Hard blocking and stout defensive play gain- ed for him the district coaches' selection on the All-District second team. BROWN ON A SWEEP AT CISCO QJ AACJEE S TATE-CENTER THREE-LETTER MAN Under ordinary circumstances, "Tur- tle" Tate was plenty good, but when he got mad he was a demon. With but lit- tle reserve strength at center, he was called on for extra effort in every gameg and every time he came through. His de- termination to be the best made Tate a hard-hitting, dependable center. JONES-GUARD THREE-LETTER MAN "Joe R0utt" Jones said he was as tough as they come, and made his op- ponents believe it. His fast, aggressive, never-let-up type of play earned him a unanimous vote for an All-District guard position. Thus ended Jones' three years of outstanding play in District 9-AA. JACKETS WW? BROWN-BACK oNE-LETTER MAN A newcomer to the Jackets, Billy had to prove himself a football player, and prove himself he did. He was the fast- est man on the team and he really used his speed on those reverses from his wing-back position. Pass plays to Brown were sure to Work because he could snare those passes. HICKS-END ONE-LETTER MAN Hicks came to Stephenville from Bluff Dale and in one season he won the rcs- pect and admiration of both teammates and opponents. Bill did everything well and made it look easy. Though he play- ed excellent ball all this season, still more is expected of him in 1941. 7 rw GRIFF N-GUARD THREE-LETTER MAN Nine games of hard, consistent, and smart football brought for Griffin a guard position on both the 9-AA All- District team and the Star-Telegram 11. Because he gave the tea111s so much trouble, the coaches in 9-AA selected him as the outstanding linesman in this district. WHITACRE-BACK THREE-LETTER MAN "Whit" was recognized by all as the best passer and punter in the district and was rated by many as one of the best in the state. A tricky change of pace made him also a dangerous run- ner. His position on the All-District second team was well earned. WHITACRE GETS OFF A CLOSE ONE AT BROWNWOOD JACKETS WE LCH-BACK FOUR-LETTER MAN Aided by all the assets a football player needs, Barney made a name for himself all over the state. 9-AA coaches gave him a unanimous vote for an All- District position and selected"Hirg as the outstanding back in the district. Sev- eral important selectors chose Barney on their all-state second teams. AUTRY--E ND THREE-LETTER MAN Converted from a half-back to an end at the beginning of the 1940 season, Autry developed into one of the best ends in the district. His outstanding ability to catch passes proved to be a most important attribute to the team and won for him a position on the All- District team. WELCH ON THE RAMPAGE WILLIAMS-END Two-LETTER MAN ' Charles Henry was so rough defen- sively that his fellow-Jackets said block- ing him was just like running into a good stout post. From his end position he mowed 'em down on defense and was a work-horse on offense. Williams spoke not with words but with blocks and tackles. CAUDLE-TACKLE oNE-LETTER MAN After gaining a great deal of valuQ able experience and weight last year, Caudle showed himself this year to be a Class-AA tackle. When in first-class condition, he weighed well ov1er 200 poundsg and he used every pound to the very best advantage. Rodolph was es- pecially rough on defense. .IAQ ALLEN-TACKLE Two-LETTER MAN 'ACracky" didn't make up his mind to be a good tackle until this year. This season, though, his hustle and spirit made him a real asset to the team. His presence in next fall's line-up leaves little to worry about as to the Jacket's strength at tackle. SCOTTFBACK oN1s-L1-:TTER MAN While earning his first letter as a Jacket, Scotty came to be known as one of the most vicious tacklers and hardest runners on the squad. With a little more experience and weight he can easily de- velop into a pace-setting 9-AA back. The fortunes of the Jackets in 1941 may depend largely on Scotty. ROBERSON-END ONE-LETTER MAN With the added weight and experience that are so important in football, A. V. will, Without a doubt, be an important man in the Jacket line-up during the coming season. An earnest desire to play football and an abundance of natural ability, make A. V. a man any coach would like to have on his squad. EVERETT-END Two-LETTER MAN In his second year as a Jacket, Ever- ett proved to be a valuable man to have around. With his sliding type of line-play, he stopped a lot of run-plays that otherwise would have resulted in good yardage for the opponents. The strength of the Jacket's line next sea- son may depend largely on Dudley's determination. AUTRY RETURNING A KICKOFF JACKETS '. ex, V ROBERTS-BACK ONE-LETTER MAN Billy Jack's passing makes the pros- f-""' pect of the 1941 Jacket's air attack really look good. He has the ability, coolness, and confidence to become a first-rate passer and has already shown that he can "go" under fire. He can be ' depended on for a lot of good work next season. ONE-LETTER MAN Because of an elbow injury t k him out of service the greater art of the season, Quain did not play enough to earn a letter. He does, however, de- serve much praise for his hard work under such a handicap. His willingness and ability give promise that he will be a valuable man next fall. PARNELL-GUARQA M t BARNEY IN STRIDE AT CISCO PERRY-TACKLE ONE-LETTER MAN The boys on the squad knew to take Wilbur's complaining with a grain of salt. His good-natured grumbling did not keep him from being one of the most liked players of them all. Perry may be back next season to strengthen the Jacket's line. THOMPSON-GUARD oNE-LETTER MAN Although Earl played just enough to earn his letter in the 1940 season, he showed that he has what it takes to make a good guard. Lots of speed, quick-thinking, determination, and nat- ural ability are all in Thompson's fav- or. He will give 9-AA opposition plenty of trouble next fall. I7 ,1 flow JACKETS to ALL-DISTRICT MANAGERS All-district manager Fakey Fer- guson and his assistant, Moto Casstevens, were the guardians of the Jackets and their equipment. A familiar sight before any game was the two boys scurrying about encouraging the' players. How they -could carry six oranges in one hand, two rolls of tape and a warm -up blanket in the other, and still be able to shake the hand of every Jacket before the kickoff is still to be explained. EUGENE FERGUSON LEON ROBERTS TACKLE BLUEFFORD HANCOCK CENTER JOE DAY PAIR N BACK BILLY WHITWORTH END RALPH POTEET BACK W. A. WOOD BACK BUD CASS-TEVENS I, 4 JIM, M 459- J - 2- V w w IN THE STANDS w X Fun on the Brownwood Special. T i Burning Ranger. l They've got the spirit. T N The twelfth man . at ' M ,A BAND - 'WLVV Aa WMM 1147,-LP'I'1"E'S1DELINES Mfif, .MJ V 5 QQ? One eye on Mr. Collum and one on the boys. I I Miss Scrimshire,s mouth. Q ' . 754' 0' I Wfymk Sideline im Qs. REPSQUAD N BASKETBALL l : A E ,. rf ., A 1 .pg 9 1 i J V' l s i i s 5 s JOHN A. WHITACRE RAYMOND ARMSTRONG Three Years One Year Forward Forward BILL HICKS A. V. ROBERSON One Year One Year Center Center Starting during the Christmas holidays with three returning lettermen, some trans- fers, some freshmen, and a new coach, the Yellow Jackets of Stephenville High set about to develop into a basketball team. To overcome the handicap of not being plenty tall, smooth floor play was concentrated up- on. After rounding swiftly into form, the Jackets played their first game at Iredell. This was a real test, for Iredell, after sev- eral games, was yet undefeated. The Ire- dell team Was no match for the Stephen- ville basketeers, however, and the Jackets pulled away near the end of the game and won 42-32. This was the first of ten non- conference games that included such teams as Graham, Breckenridge, Brownwood, Co- manche, Ranger, and Mineral Wells. In the ten games with these opponents, the Jack- ets emerged victorious seven times and lost the other three, two of the losses being to the very well-known Graham Steers. The county play-off ended with Dublin again winner and the Jackets tied for sec- ond. The height of the Dublin men proved the deciding factors in both the Jackets' losses to the by-district champion Lions. An 18-12 defeat at the hands of Huckabay ac- counted for the only other Yellow Jacket ack row: Coach Marshall, Raymond Arm- strong, Aaron Autry, John A. Whitacre, Bill Hicks, C. V. Tate. Front row: Ersal Cain, Jim Whitacre, A. V. Roberson, J. B. Garrett, Quain Parnell. ..62... 1 BASKETBALL loss and the count was five victories and three defeats in the county. In winning these twelve games and los- Q it ing six during the season, the Jackets amassed 469 points and allowed their op- ponents to count a total of 389 points. So concluded another successful basketball sea- son for the Stephenville High Yellow Jack- Nu ets. ' M Q.. Stephenville 42 Iredell 32 Stephenville Graham Stephenville Huckabay Stephenville Lingleville Stephenville Graham Stephenville Comanche Stephenville Lingleville Stephenville Dublin Stephenville Ranger Stephenville Alexander Stephenville Ranger Stephenville Breckenridge Stephenville Brownwood Stephenville Mineral Wells Stephenville Comanche Stephenville Huckabay Stephenville Alexander Stephenville Dublin ERSAL CAIN C, V. TATE One Year Two Years Guard Guard JIM WHITACRE AARON AUTRY One Year Three Years JOHN A. PUSHES IN A BASKET AGAINST DUBLIN Guard Guard -53- TENNIS We Junior Smith, Orval Tackett, John A. Whitacre, C. V. Tate, Charles Rogers, Charles Williams, James Moser, Dick King. Though the teams this year featured mostly newcomers, 1941 was really a banner tennis Building around such veteran trackmen as VVi1son and Brown, Coach Murdaugh develop- ..ed a.track ay With the Junior teams and the four Senior teams were able to win six of the eight first places in the county. They competed against Dublin, the only other Class A school. John A. Whitacre, senior singles winner, won fourth place in the district. Nanell Harris and Marjorie Walker, winners of the senior girls' doubles, were eliminated in the district meet after winning their first match. County Track Meet. With Dublin the only competition, the Jackets won first place in all but two events and placed high in all. Brown, scoring 25 points, was high point man and led the Stephenville parade of winners that outscored Dublin approximately 86 to 42. In the Oil Belt Meet, the Yellow Jacket Tracksters placed fourth against some very strong opposition. Back row: Cecil Vaughn, Bill Hicks, Quain Parnell, A. V. Roberson, Jack Wilson TRACK Jmkmm Aaron Autry, Myron Holoman, Bud Higgs, Blueiford Hancock. S is 1 f' f " SPORTS REVIEW l f ij 1. Wilson follows through. 2. "Horseshoe" Hicks, the "Bluff Dale Kid." 3. Brown starts the 200-yard low hurdles. 4. "Whit" does it so easily. 5. Junior tennis entrants. 6. A close tip with Dublin. 7. Scrub game. It -65- A 4 r I' GIRLS' SPORTS 1. G. A. A. officers. 2. One-twog one-two. 3. Baseball Champs- Score: Senior Girls' Tennis. 5. Marjorie makes someone eat it. 6. Joe Dimaggio and "Gab ett. 7. An ace, no doubt. 7. V011 yball. o Q J No. NX Ei . . 1 I g A H. N fjyy f 1 6 . JW? XX W KWJW XV 1 X X X5 I fr QW M2235 1. Typing class. 2. Arabella Celestina Clotilda Twit- spulter. 3. . 3. "The Five and Ten Revue." 4. "Mother-in-Law Blues. 5. Nolan presenting the band tro- phies. X . X My , B 7 Q Gf. Look what Santa Claus brought c- Q- 8 s -- 7. A study in facial expressions. "Strange Cargo." ' 41" Smiling for C. R. Kid Stuff. iw Un. Pete and Repete. I K' S, H. S, Fire Department. . Ping Pong queen King. Leaning on the old front fender. f , K 1 Spring chickens. J ugg. Scared Lou. F W., l l V , , 7, ,w 1. Good looking, whew-whewl ! Y I 2. Noon hour. 3. Eight in a row. 4. Tired trespassers. u K 5. Just necking, 1- . X 6. Acting natural, ,J ' 'V' If ,. A-,MLK l"'j ,. ,ylyw F 7. Smitty and pals. 8. Buzz me, Miss Belew. 9. Easy on the post, Blubber. 10. Hunting termites, Kyle? 1. How'd they get together? 2. Posing. 3. Handsome He-men. 4. What's Jacqueline telling? ZX 5. Hoistigthe Mg. ,4'ufffvCff7f.' M 6. DeLeon sisters," M W 7. They must be lost. 8. How unusual! 4141 S-.. 9. Dopey Welch. 10. That's no horse, Bud. l . w .xy 1. Little Evans. 2. lfpund t ble ' i Aka Wi 3. County Meet Kid. 4. Songbirds ? , " I . Q 1 , 'L ' K . 1 4 5. No names-just dames. X f 6. Stairsteps. xx K 7. Dumb freshman. I V' Nell, Q if 8 Peek-a-boo 'LA1 . . ,J ,U V. .JA 9. Taking a stroll. t if XM 10. kgreetings, Gates! Hello, Bud! YQ U N ,YI X. 2 W. 4 .fe - V Watch the birdie. F. O. O. S. C. U. B. S. ' Well, I'11 Swan! Annie. Wm! Skipping, Mose? 7 Spruced Bruce is a Swoose Hello, Joe. The Sisters. It's a racket. Reason for grim faces The hangout. Tennis demons. Dick giving out with a high C. A f ' 1 iw V l Waiting for the bell-Oh yeah! Q-J 4 I g I '. gl 4.4.4- Dead Pan Joe. What are you reading? Biology Held trip. No blood kin. Mr. Jones Killing time. N., Li, nzf 11711 W- X is 1 7 , x f ff 'r7f 'ff U! X it f rf!! i X. Aid' ' Vffw if lf" f tAfVff . 1 .piffl fl! J F' 2' ff' ' .lj ' 7 x , " , V - JPL truns native. . f PQ ' T W , x 2. "Whatcha know, Joe?,' 3. What's cooking, boys? 4. Old Glory. 5. National Hat Day. 6, A paper or your life! 7. Freaks. 8, Birds of a feather, V 9. Happy-go-Little, 10. Stop Hitting, Peavine. ,- N-n Wig The Lathams. The Kings, The Poteets. The Carpenters. The Henderlites. , I The Casstevenses The Winns, H The Whitacres. The Sherrills, e Browns, I he Rigginses, Bbb dB11X Lys an 1 Bud and Betty Vera and Allen and Mrs and Mrs. Halls. Garretts. Gibsons. Hpoks. Pearcys. J ameses. "'T' ""' ""' W' 2' ' 'W ' ' Ln 1. Smith and Polly. 2. John A. and Lou. 3. Billie Bert and A. V. Mbftty and Billy. 5. Stiglcr and Billy Joe. 6. Teddlie and Scotty. 7. VMoto and. 8. Fakey and Norma Jean 9. Ray and Mary Ruth. 10. Caudle and La Foyl. 1 . W od Wifwfwif , we M Dfw' WIWWW f My Wdgymwfgfwfw 3 Ax'A Q. , LW n ' i Q of ff X X ' X , .1 . ,,, . , ,. - t , 4 , w A M-4.2 -Yf, dNf,,,vL 4 ., ,. 9 , .I AV A W ' " A ' ' ' -V''-'gpr.53,313-.1fii.g:::gay3Vg,g,gg,mg STUDENT PARTICIPATION C0 Q' l l I I l r l First row: Aaron Autry, Martha Boyd, Patsy Price, Earl Drake, Gene Elkins. MSecind raw: Josephine Garrett, Blueiford Hancock, Nancll Harris, Zona Beth Pemberton, Scotty Scott, ISS usse . . X' ' OFFICERS I CHAIRMAN ,,,,,,,,,.,,, ,,,,,,,,T,T,,,,,,,,,,,,...,,,...,,..... A ARON AUTRY VICE-CHAIRMAN cccc,,,,c,,,,,cc, 7, MARTHA JEAN BOYD SECRETARY-TREASURER ,,,,,, I ,,,,c,ccc ,, PATSY PRICE SPONSOR ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, M ISS RUSSELL The Student Participation Committee was organized in 1931. The representatives on the committee are elected by the home roomsg the chairman is elected by the entire student body. The president and each representative must have an average of 85. This year the Student Participation Committee elected the Yellow Jacket Staffg a fire chief, Connie Jonesg two song-leaders, Olive Jeanne Spell and Jack Wilsong an accompanist, Tommye Biggsg and a school reporter for the local newspaper, Dick King. The committee has directed student assembly programs, has worked out a pro- gram for athletic contests between home rooms, and has inaugurated a ceremony for the raising of the flag at the beginning of the school day and for its lowering at the close of the day. Since its purpose is to foster a spirit of co-operation between students and teachers, the committee gives the students an opportunity to express their ideas concerning the activities of the school through the Student Paricipation Commitee. -50- I . ELLOW JACKET STAFF .C i I I l First Tommye Biggs, Billy Beene, Gene Elkins, Aaron Autry. Second row: Martha Boyd, Barney Evans, Nanell Harris, Margaret Henderlite, Laurette Keyser. Third rcfw: C. R. Main, Patsy Price, Norma Jean Winn, Miss Eoff, Miss Scrimshire. STAFF MEMBERS EDITOR ..................,.,,,A,,.,, TOMMYE BAXTER Bmos ASSISTANT EDITOR ...... ,.....,,,,ss,,,,,,.,,, B ILLY BEENE BUSINESS MANAGER ..,,,,,,.EEE,,,.,,.... ,,,,,,,,,EE7,.... G ENE EI,KINs4k ADVERTISING EDITOR I.,.,I,.,...........,,,,T.,... NORMA JEAN WINN ASSISTANT ADVERTISING EDITOR .....,I,.,,, MARTHA JEAN BOYD KODAK EDITOR ...,..I....I.,,I,.I.,,,,.,...,,.,.. ,,,,,,,,,,,.,I,,,, C , R, MAIN ASSISTANT KODAK EDITOR ,,,.I,, .,... B ARNEY EVANS LITERARY EDITOR ,,,,,,,,,I,,,I,.,,,.. ,.... N ANELL HARRIS SPORTS EDITOR ....,I .,...,,,,,,IIII A ARON AUTRY ART EDITOR ........... .IIIIIIII L AURETTE KEYSER FEATURE EDITOR II,I.I ...,,,,,,,....,......,IIII P ATSY PRICE TYPIST ,,,.I...,.....I,..., III.I,,....,....... M ARGARET HENDERLITE SPONSORS MISS EOFF MISS SCRIMSHIRE1 The first edition of the Yellow Jacket was published in 1937. The present staff was elected early in the school year by the Student Participation Committee. With the idea of producing a bigger and better annual than had been published previously, the group immediately set to work to get the wheels rolling toward the assembling of the 1941 Yellow Jacket. The first task was to choose an engraver and make a plan for the book. Then there were pictures to be made, copy to be prepared for the engravers and the printers, covers to be selected, and proof to be read. All in all the work consumed hours of time. The cost of publishing the 1941 yearbook was approximately 3935. Of this amount, 3525 was raised from the sale of annuals. To procure the remainder, the staff presented a play, "The Five and Ten Revue," maintained food Stands on both Specials, sold old paper, and Secured advertisements. We RFI C. U. B. S. W. EW Fil 'Self ,SC '..+0'Y'lu.L ,ww Aaaf' ,,, , ,Vx First iow . Joyce Teague, Dot Donaho, Yxonne - Y . ' 1 1 , ' .' -' Y I. Second ion. Sissy Welch, Tootsie Wi15,ht, Ma y erxrus n, Maitha Oxford, Betty BIOWH. Maxine Stracc V, Dorothy Jean Tcddlic, Third row: Mary Frances Holcomb, Dorothy Mrs. Johnson. F, f . I wx . fi J I 1 , OFFICE S EI KJ ' ROYAL C.U.B ...,, , W ,,,,,77, W ,JOYCE TEAGUE SCRIBE C.U.B. ., . .,.. .YVONNE HOLLEY . o7,o DOT DONAHO REPORTER 7o.,777o ROYAL CUBBIE .,.,, .,,, . MARY FERGUSON SCRIBE CUBBIE .. ,77,7 . .,,, MARTHA JANE OXFORD SPONSOR ,...c..,, . MRS. JOHNSON Motto: Think what you say, but tl0I1,ll always say what you think. The C.U.B.S. Club, a social organization, had its origin in 1938. Its purpose is to promote a spirit of friendly co-operation and wholesome entertainment for club mem- bers and the girls of the student body. This year thc club members purchased club uniforms which they wear to school once each Week. Among the social functions this club has had this year are a picnic, a slumber party, a theatre party, a Club Birthday Dinner, a Christmas, a Valentine, and a Thanksgiving party. The C.U.B.S. have endeavored to bring friends closer together. hgg- . , Tommye Biggs, Dorothy Jacque Weeks. WV' x0 ' ' ' ' MW W Ir. I l X ,Wa 'Q 9 W .fl fvlsj i.',,-' W' , K van-wb '3-v-4,42 .fri I K 5 ,,....,f, X L kr ,fwL"f'QJ S ps! f 44111. 4 eLr1fV""" First row: Mary George ward, Dorothy Evans, Lolly Keyser, No ma Jean Winn. Second row: Betty Ayre artha Boyd, Barbara Goodysame, Bett Jo Latham, Loui' a am. Third row: Polly Lath , Ann Newman, Patsy Price, Sybil Wo e, Mrs. Wi ry U fl OEFIOERS rj - ' ' S , ' PRESIDENT 7..,...,a, ,7.7777,77a,7a7,a,...,. M ARY GEORGE HOWARD ' V1cE-PRESIDENT E77E,7E,,E.. .,..,,,,,77.. D OROTHY EVANS SECRETARY-TREASURER ,,,,77 ,,,777 L AURETTE KEYSER REPORTER ,,,,,,,.,,..,,,.,7. ,,,,,,,7,,,... NORMA JEAN WINN SPONSOR ,77,,, E,...,, M Rs. MURDAUGH Motto: Friendliness first. On January 10, 1938, the F.0.0. Club was organized as a social organization oi' Senior High School. To co-operate with the school in developing a closer relation be- tween all the students of the school is the purpose of the club. Several social functions have been held by the club this year. Among them are a Weiner roast, a Valentine, a Christmas, a Thanksgiving, and and a patriotic party. The club members have uni- forms upon which appears the FOO cat, which is the emblem of the club. The organiz- ation is working to promote class unity. T. O. E. S. ' l I . First row: Tommye Biggs, Ngirma Jean Winn, Nanell Harris, Mary George Howard. Second row: Snooky Pearcy, Zona Beth Pemberton, Oliv Jeanne Spell, La Foyl Wood, Miss Hicks. X . y , V X TJ W 9 2 4 I f 5' ,, If OFFICERS V' fl B? L! PRESIDENT ,7.,7,eee, ,,ee,,,, 0M YE IGfGS ' I J VICE-PRESIDENT ,...ee77,777, 7777,ee M ARY GEORGE o ,buf f' JVLJ SECRETARY-TREASURER 7,77, , ,7,e,e,, LL HARR1si- ww jg!! SERGEANT AT ARMS, ,e.e,, 7,ee,,,7,7, S T iw ff 'P 1 REPORTER 77,,, 7, ee77,7,,..... .ee,,7.... O L1vE'JE1iUPEij4L,-XI-J SPONSOR ,,7..e ,..e,7.7 M iss S jw C Motto: Sing and be happy. 1' I I f X V gl ,- This club, the purpose of which is to promote musical activities and the appreciation for music, was organized in 1937 in Junior High School and was reorganized in 1939 when the members entered Senior High School. The T.O.E.S. have entertained the students with their singing in assembly and in other programs of interest to the stu- dent body. The club members present an annual program at Junior High School. This year the girls sang in assembly several times, in the Annual Play, in the presentation of the favorites, and in other programs presented at the Senior High School. They also sang over radio station KFPL. It has always been the aim of the girls to make the people who hear them sing want to hear them again .fL AQ- AAITLWPAQ Front row: Yvonne Garrison, Frances Villines, NValdeen Dorris, Anne Crighton, Mary Jo Nichols. Middle row: Maxine Harrison, Tclmmye Biggs, Elma White, Rachel Henderlite, Margaret Hendcrlite, Doris McDonald, Mary Mavis Raulston. Back row: Bobby Joe Lamb, Billy Jack Frizzell, Scotty Scott, Cecil Vaughn, Edward Cole, C. V. Tate, Connie Jones, Gene Elkins, Jack Hickey, Joe Harrell, Mrs. Murdaugh. OFFICERS EL PRESIDENTE. ..... .....,.,, , GENE ELKINS VICE-PRESIDENTE, ,,,,.. .,.......l, W ALDEEN DORR1s SECRETARIO-TESORO ,,..,, ,..,, M ARGARET HENDERLITE PARLIAMENTARIO ..c... ,,,.c,,,,,, E 7 CONNIE JONES REPORTERO ,,..,,,,,, ,,,..,,,, ,..,,,,,, D o ms MCDONALD FIADOR ,,.c, cc,,, , MRS. MURDAUGH Motto: Saber es poder. Las Chaquetas, a club for members of the Spanish classes, was organized under the name of La Junta on October 21, 1937. The following year, the name was changed to Las Chaquetas, the present name of the organization. The purpose of the club is to work and play the Spanish way. Through the meetings of the club, the members are given an opportunity to become better acquainted with the manners, customs, and language of the Spanish speaking countries. Just before the Christmas holidays the members of this club enjoyed a Spanish Christmas party given at the home of the sponsor. UTURE '0MEMAKERS' . ,Y Y , : First row: Stisler, Newman, . y Frances Holcomb, Lenella Logan, Norma Second row: Brown, Carol Lee Dawson, Dot Donaho, Naoma Hall, Viola Hall. Third row: Holley, Mary George Howard, Chrystelle Loveless, Martha Jane Oxford, Mary Fourth row: Maxine Stracener, Juanita Wise, Virginia Wood, Mrs. Massey. O CERS ENT ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, A NN NEWMAN SECRETARY-TREASURER ...,,. .,... , JOSEPHINE GARRETT SONG LEADER ,,,,,,..,,,,,... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, N ANELL HARRIS SPONSOR ,,,,,,,,....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, MRS. MAssEY Motto: We learn to do by doing. The purpose of this club is: "To develop organized interest in homemaking as a vocation. To foster high ideals of and an appreciation for home life. "To learn more of the changes which have taken place in the home and the reason for organized training. To respond. actively to community needs and enter into com- munity activities. To encourage recreational activities for students in homemaking edu- cation. To stimulate interest in the wise use of leisure time. To encourage thoroughness in undertakings. To stimulate interests in acquiring broad experiences. "To promote mentally and physically healthy girls and women." The Future Homemakers Club has been an organization in Stephenville High School since home economics was introduced into the curriculum. It was not until recent years, however, that the group obtained a State Charter. This year the members of the club have endeavored to learn and to understand the traits that make up the character of the All-American girl. Several entertainments have been held by this organizationg the most interesting one was a Kid Party at which the club entertained the members of the F. F. A. Other entertainments were a Weiner roast and a Christmas Party. Each year the club raises money to send delegates to the State Homemaking Rally, -g5.. .,l ,. I e ffgafftmif A ljzflf 1 I e?7.L-.- '.k' - -.4 is V U- FUTURE FARMERS Front row: Orval Tackett, Milton Snow, Aaron Autry, Charles Rogers, Clarence Lewis, A. V. Roberson. , Back row: Charles Faubion, Olin Wayne Wright, R. J. Kerr, Billy Anderson, Ersal Cain, Calvin Shelton. Inset: Mr. Scott, Dot Donaho. 'Q -W--, OFFICERS PRESIDENT . ,7oo,,,7 .. oo,777,, AARON AUTRY PARLIAMENTARIAN .,.. A. V. ROBERSON VICE-PRESIDENT ,,,.,,7 CALVIN SHELTON RQZPORTER ,.,,,,,,,,.,.,,.,., BILLY ANDERSON SECRETARY ,,,,L,,,L,LL, ,,,.,.,.,,,,, E RSAL CAIN WATCH Doc ,..,. ,,,,... 1 TMHITON SNOW' TREASURER ....,., ,............ R . J. KERR ADVISER . ............... .... ..... M R . SCOTT Motto: Earning to liveg living to serve. Back row: Travis Cook, Hewitt Maitin, Leo Dale, Raymond Ewers, Georfze Sherrill, Quain Parnell, Galvin Maxwell, Billy Butler, Ralph Poteet. Middle row: Harold Walker, J. C. Snow. Don Smithey. I", N. Hatchett, Harold Eades, J. D. Jennings, Guy Wayne Lackey, Eldridge Walker, Rayford Kay, Charles Sherrill, W. A. Woods. Front row: Jesse Thornberry, Roy Stanford, Hirse Graham, Charles Walker, Raymond Armstrong, Gates Daniels, Charles Casstevens, BlucH'ord Hancock, Bob Gore, Adria-n Howard. ' I l 4 g . fp N K G A. A. it , ' My A fy I 1'-4:1 V ., , A - In - - - A . 2.2: F9 . . 8 e U wi if m y l a F .4 7 . Z A i up KJ A ,Q M X s vb, . bzll ..,. . H. ,M in 4 V . A. - . . 'Fi' - . .. . G , af- il ' x i r Q22 3 . Q - .Lf I 1. . , I - S G . H: . Q .Q if Y' Q 7' - f 6 A' A E , A 3 ' 5 A V . ' . . I4 . . .A A , . , " I f ' 525 Q A " W Vargas' -'S ,'f344i First row: Snooky Pearcy, Olive Jeanne Spell, Reba Jane A erson, E ith Wooley, Mary Ruth Pewitt, A Eloise Hale, LaFoyl Wood, Dorothy Jacque Weeks, Tommye o Pearcy, Dorothy Jane Auvenshine. ' JW'-A' Second row: Betty Ayres, Tommye Biggs, Norma Ruth B Cher, Quata Boatwright, Betty Brown, Doye I a Bu1'kett, Wanda Cleveland, Mary Catherine Dacus, Dot D aho, Dorothy Evans. Third row: La Rue Gibson, Mary Ruth Gray, Naom Hall, Viola Hall, Jacqueline Hamilton, Nanell Harris, Maxine Harrison, Annetta Hereford, Mary Fr ees Holcomb, Yvonne Holley. Fourth row: Mary George Howard, Marion Hutchin n, Lolly Keyser, Billee Jean King, Lenella Logan, Doris McDonald, Virginia Merle Manning, Mary Jo ichols, Martha Oxford, Juanita Parham. Fifth row: Zona Beth Pemberton, Billie Bert Potee Charlene Roberson, Daphene Roberson, Eunice Smith, Billie Jacque Stephens, Dorothy Jean Stigler, Mary o Stockton, Rubye Lee Tac ett, Dorothy Jean Teddlie. Sixth row: Laverne Thomason, Marjorie Walker, issy Welch, Elma VV 'te,' anita Wise, Sybil Wolfe, Virginia Wood, Tootsie Wright, Mrs. Johnson. X . OFFICE - . I PRESIDENT ..,,.,,.,. ........,..,....,.........,,... S NOOKY PEA VICE-PRESIDENT oo,.. ,.r.. O LIVE JEANNE SPELL SECRETARY r.,. ....., oo,,, R E BA JANE ANDERSON TREASURER ,,,.,. ,,,,,,,ooooo E DITH WOOLEY REPORTER,,o,.. .. . r,,r,,oooo,, MARY RUTH GRAY SPONSOR ooo,o, ..o,,,, M Rs. JOHNSON Motto: Good sportsmanship above all. In September, 1936, a group of the physical education girls of Stephenville High School organized a club, the purpose of which was to create interest in physical activ- ities and to develop the social life of its members. This club was called thc Girls' Ath- letic Association. Since that year this has been one of the most popular organizations in Senior High School. Several social functions each year keep the members interested in club activities. The chief activity of the group is participation in the athletic events of the Interscholastic League Meet. This year, members of the club won honors in ten- nis, volley ball, and baseball in the Meet. ' vpffr pe. ga 9. DRAMATIC ' fffiy, or We 1 lynn Qi "Lau 'Lola Firstfrgxck Wilson, Dick King, Tommye Biggs, nooky Pearcy, Betty Ayers, Mary Catherine Dacus. 1 ' Second row: Dot Donaho, Nanell Harris, Annetta Hereford, Mary George Howard, Laurette Keyser, ff! illee Jean King. X I 7 Third row: Lenella Logan, Virginia Manning, Euni e Smith, Olive Joanne Spcll, Sissy Welch, Miss ' ' Belew, Mrs. Johnson. fyy ' df, . 42 ' OFFICERS , C PRESIDENT ,,,.,,,,.,, .......,,,,,r,,,,,,,,.,.. ,,,,,, J A CK WIL VICE-PRESIDENT... ,,,,,,,,,, .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,....,,, D ICK KING SECRETARY-TREASURER ,..,.... ..,.s,, T OMMYE BAXTER Bioos REPORTER ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,........... ,,.,..rr,,,,,, S NOOKY P Roy SPONSORS! Miss BELEW MRS. JOHNSON Motto: "The world is a stage and all tl1e people are actors."-Shakespeare. This club was organized in January, 1938, but was inactive in 1940. It was re-organ- ized this year by a group of talented and dramatic-minded students. The club, the pur- pose Of which is to present dramas, develop talents, and at every chance to entertain the student body, gives its members an opportunity to learn and put into practice the fundamentals of dramatics. The members of the club this year are extremely talented, and have appeared, not only in the presentation of Dramatic Club plays, but in other dramatic productions of the school. A Christmas play, The Gift of the Magi, by O. Henry, arranged by Dick King, was presented by the club. A costume party repre- senting the secret ambitions of the club members and their guests, held by the group early in the second semester, proved to be one of the most successful social affairs of the year. -89-A 'I Y l CHORALCLUB , p :Ili Front row: Charlene Roberson, Ma 'ie Christy, Eunice S-mith, Sybil olfe, Juanita Parham, Mary Ruth Gray, Virginia Hall, Dorothy reenlee, Daphene Roberson. Middle row: Mrs. Murdaugh, Tom ye Biggs, Nanell Harris, Olive Jeanne Spell, Doye Burkett, Juanita Wise, Doris McDonald, Marion Jo tchinson, Yvonne Garrison, Back row: Billee Jean King, Reb Jane Anderson, Annetta Hereford, Snooky Pearcy, Marjorie Walke1', Mary Ruth Pewitt, Elma White. -.5 ' OFF ERS PRESIDENT ,,,,,,,, ,lll . 7 ,,,.....,.,,, ..... ....,,,,,,,,,,,,,, S N ooKY PEARCY VICE-PRESIDENT ,,,,,,,, ,,..letl,,, S Yau, WOLFE SECRETARY ....,,,,,,,, ,,,,, , .REBA ANDERSON REPORTER, ,,.,,... ,,.,, , ...,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,, N ANELL HARRIS SPONSOR ,,,,,,, ,,l,l,,, M Rs. MURDAUGH Motto: We learn to sing by singing The oldest organization in Stephenville High School is the Girls' Choral Club. In 1914, in the days when the high school was located on the second Hoor of the old Central Ward building, this group was organized under the direction of Mrs. Willis Higginbotham, who gave her services to the school because of her interest in music. When the Senior High School building was erected in 1921, the Choral Club was reorganized, and it has remained as one of the permanent organizations of the school. The purpose of the club is to promote skill in voice and interest in choral work. In carrying out this purpose during the current year, the club has had a part in a number of programs of interest to the student body. The group sang in a special Christ- mas service held at the Baptist Church for the football team. In County Choral singing the club again won iirst place-an honor which the group has failed to take only twice since Erath County has held such a contest. The club also presented a thirty-minute program over KFPL and was afterward entertained by friends in Dublin. -90- 5 a I li f Jean Stigler, Barba Goodgame. Y I - ' Y I U Y WWW!! tl-CTL: Second row: Ed ard Cole, Lenella Logan, Billee Jean King, Betty Brown, Maxine Stracener, Mary Ferguson, Bobby ack Stigler, Ernest Heaton, Nathan Lamb, Edith Wooley, Mara Nell Carpenter, Nettie Mae Bills, aurice Wolfe, Jo-3 Elkins. Third row: M ry Rich, C. C. Lincecum, Pauline Latham, " 'l Livingston, Pemberton, Mild'ed Hensarling, John Riggins, Billy Joe Moore, Billy Butler, ery fate Thomason, Bett Ann Ayers, Chrystelle Loveless, Sonny Burnett, Dorothy Jacque Weeks Wood, La Foyl 'ood. ' Fourth row- Fairbeth Miller, Sissy ,,Welch, Tommye Biggs, George Minter, James Farmer, Harrod, Harol T. Baxter, Charles Riggins, J. B. Garrett, Billy Beene, Smitty Wisdom, Nolan Latham H0 ll, Dick King, Mary Frances Holcomb. -5"- Fifth ro : Kyle Little, Hobart Wood, 4 Y' ' , C. R. Main, Tr Lewall , Jack Harding, Joe Tom Ator, W. B. Stephe 'c ard C Andrew an, Lloyd . OFFICERS PRESIDENT .,.......,.r. ...., . NOLAN HENSARLING . VICE-PRESIDENT ,,..,,,. ,,...,,.., ,... C . R. MAIN DRUM MAJOR ....... .... F or E. CARPENTER f f , 5 DOT DONAHO MAJORET1ES'i""i""i l SYBIL WOLFE DIRECTOR. ..,.. ...... G . W. COLLUM The Stephenville High School Band was organized in 1936. Under the direction of Mr. Collum, the band has made rapid progress during the past few years. It is now com- posed of members Who, in their blue and gold uniforms, have not only attended all the football games, but have worked to advertise the team and the games. The band members present two programs in assembly each year besides the annual concert at the First Baptist Church. The band conducted a cakewalk April 17 to raise money to make a trip to Abilene for the Regional Contest, held there on April 24 and 25. The organizatnon has received high honors at regional band contests in the past, and has also received honors at National contests. Besides the regular officers of the band, there are eight captains: Nolan Hensarling, C. R. Main, Foy E. Carpenter, Charles David Livingston, Valton Lewallen, W. B. Stephens, Jugg Garrett, and Joe Tom Ator. . 57 Q UAA xTniyLJ5-HA MW 4 PEP SQUA pt My Ji, D7 J.. .Ja t .D . X Frnnterowz Snooky Pearcy, Eloise Hale, Norma Jean Winn, Louise Latham. 4' , Second row: Dorothy Jackson, Daphene Roberson, Charlene Roberson. Y W Third row: Nanell Harris, Carmen Burks, Martha Jean Boyd, Betty Jo Latham. - Fourth row: Olive Jeanne Spell, Mary Ruth Gray, Margie Christie, Marjorie Walker. - Fifth row: Juanita Parham, Tommye Jo Pearcy. ix Sixth row: Myrtle Sheffield, Wilda Hodges, Norma Ruth Belcher, Doye Burkett. X Seventh row: Wanda Hurley, Elsie Marie Jackson, Nina Fay Huffman, Wanda Hamilton. M Sponsor: Mrs. Johnson. Y LEADERS NORMA JEAN WINN ELo1sE HALE LOUISE LATHAM PAULINE PEAROY I SPONSOR: MRS. JOHNSON 0 , .A v The Pep Squad, one of the oldest organizations in High School, has added zip and zest and vim and vigor to the football spirit in pep meetings before games, in the stands and On the field during games, and in parades and victory marches after games. To create spirit and to keep enthusiasm throughout the school has been the purpose of this club. Its members have lived up to this standard in the past and will no doubt con- tinue to do so with their whole-hearted backing to the team during both victory and defeat. I . W Wx BOOSTERS . ix .. il Qdffffzf he , ,rm-4. I Z I - .I , ,- Front row: Joe Miniard, Billy Glenn, Jack Wilson, Willis McCutcheon, Otis Zimmerman, Sa my White, Morgan Graves. Second row: Ersal Cain, Jack Lane Winn, Mr. King, Sanford White, Orval Tackett. Third row: Raymond Stephens, Ray Barnes, Bill White, J. R. Stone, Hermon Holt, Raymond Armstrong, Charles Trimble, Gene Elkins, Bruce Rampley. Fourth row: D. J. Stephens. OFFICERS SENIOR BOOSTER. ...... ....,.. ,JOSEPII A. KING JUNIOR BOOSTER ,.... -, ............, GENE ELKINS SCRIBE BOOSTER ,..... -. ....,.., CHARLES TRIMBLE , YELL BOOSTER ,.,. ...,..... .JACK WILSOB,-4 f M TWV" Motto: Be there! Brother! Be there! This is the most recent addition to the clubs of Stephenville High School. In the fall of 1940, the club Was organized to create and give impetus to worthwhile activities and to play the role of boosters at all times. Its members have lived up to its purpose by boosting and standing behind the football team and the basketball squad. Their loud yelling and bright blue uniforms have added enthusiasm and color to the games and have kept the athletic events in the publi eye. -9 3- T K SCI-KDOI. CAI.ENDAl2,194O-1941 ptember September September October November November qremher 9-Registration. 10-Classes begin. 13-Football season opens. 18-First out-of-town game at Dublin. 7-Senior cakewalk planned, but postponed. 19-Senior cakewalk planned again, but postponed indefinitely. Q-Siycizg ftraingqjrowimnmd. November ecember, 30-F. F. A. Banquet. 6-Special train to Tempe,- December December December January January 5-Father-Son Banquet. 17-Homemaking Banquet. 20-Christmas holidays begin. 6-Holidays are over. 7-Basketball season opens. January 23-24-Mid-term finals. February February February 17 February 28 6-Annual play-"Five and Ten Revue." 13-Book review by Miss Pickard in assembly. -News of the Baxter-Biggs wed- ding, of February 10, reached school. -Senior play-"The Red-Head- ed Stepchildf' March 7-Physics trip to Dallas planned, but rained out. March 13-14-County League Meet. March 28-Junior play: "Mother-in-La Blues." March 29-Oil Belt District Meet at Brown- wood. April 1-April Fools' Day for didn't you know?J April 4-5-District League Meet at Breck- enridge. April 10-Physics class goes to Dallas. CLK!! 5 April 1 1-Spring oliday. April April April April April April April April April April April May May May May May May May May May May ..94.... 1 7-Seniors Visit Tarleton. 17-Band Cakewalk. 18-Sophomore play-"The Phantom Bells." 20-Band plays at Singing Convention. 21-It rained. 22-lt .rained again. - 23-And again. 24-The sun shone a few minutes. 24-Brass Sextet goes to Abilene. eww t v-4-fl 25-The n is shining. 25- oes o Abilene for contest. 1-Senior class program in assembly. 2-Senior Day at San Antonio. 9-Junior-Senior Banquet. 1 goes to Waco.'w-lf!'.A? TL-J lf' 23-Senior examinations begin.- 25-Baccalaureate Sermon. 26-Senior examinations. 28-29-Final examinations. 30-Commencement. 31-??????'? 6 , J Je Q W4-1 YD 6 e'Ylor-H12 Te 74 or 71 5 5.3133 fi-KK A J e"'f'f1A, f :JA 5 ifwaffufl - AH 0,5qk .W B J A 5 'Wav 1772 112' , Q5 H 'ZW 6 he 'V X wa if nfs a if 01 Ll 5 I Tm 15:35 'V 5 6 P ZS iff h TIE fx 5009 JD f Z ff xx X ch 119' 5 V+ Qff xxfm Yah F 5,7 3 00071 w0YK I 01 76+ X' X' f 122 9 5' - 07L,0 Y -, A ral lgfffffgaf 71.529 lj jfs Jw H1 6 W 5' THL5 0 X, P +0 S- t ,fl I XX' 17 'V hear fe 234' 0 N , 4 F94 W,-wwf If W' X 1i9'XQ Ge f X f ii i' A' 4 4 f ' W My If , ' ,'?, , zfyfff' , X I w ii N 0 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Q 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Boosting for the . . . Yellow Jackets in EVERYTHING Q A. H. Demke Hatchery 000000 00 00000000 000000000 00' LATHAIWS Your Master Cleaners PHONE 441 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 40 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 4? 40 4? 4? 4? 4? 40 4? 4? 4? 40 4? 4? 0 4? 4? 40 0 4? CP 4? 4? 4? 4? 40 4? 000000000000000000000000000 4 And then there was the absent-minded professor who starred at himself in the mirror for half an hour trying to remem- bere where he had seen that face before. "I have been on t is train seven years,', proudly said the co u r of the slowly moving T p S Cia Charles QIP?: "Is that so? Where did you get o ?" UU 00000000000000000000000000 1 Progress always involves risks. You can't steal second base and keep your foot on first. , The wise worm never crawls out until after the early bird has eaten its breakfast. If at first you don't succeed, try second base. For years and years the two sexes have been racing for supremacy. Now they have settled down to neck and neck. we orewerf KV ffm f77ff!7off X The photographs in this yearbook were made by us and can be duplicated at any time. NOVELTY STUDIO BAXLEY S STUDIO Phone 125 . Phone 115 WEST SIDE or SQUARE SOUTHWEST CORNER OF SQUARE 0000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000 '1 00 4 I 062 ' I K I!! I O 9 l J 040C?0404?C?0'0'0404?4? 4 0404?4?4?4?4?4?4?0404?C?0404?C?0 0404?4?4?4?4?4?4?4?4?4?C?0404?4?4?4?4?C?040C?0'04?Cd?XCXQ4?4?0404?4?4?C?4?4?4?C'0 -96 V 000000000 0 00 0 000000000000 00000000000000000000000000000000000 0 00 0 0 0 00000000 0 0 3 0 2 .V L 0 2 You'll Wonder 3 Z Z Z 3 Why You Never 2 Ate Here Before! g 2 0 0 0 2 Brick Kitchen E 3 2 Z 0 rm, ,Y 0 0 'C 0 0 o 0 o Z Z Z Mothershead 3 3 3 Cottage 3 3 3 for good 2 2 Rooms 3 3 2 of Z t 3 Meals 3 3 3 2 Z o Q o 3 Z 3 3 V 1 Bill. I 3 Over 325 Years oy e 1 ln s e . 3 g y 3 Of Service Is 3 0 Garage 3 O 2 2 Your Guarantee 3 and Body Shop 3 3 o Q of o 2? 0 0 Satisfaction! 0 00 0 00 000000000 0000000000000 0000000000000 0 CauDle Hlcks Scott EvereTt R ROW Complete Stocks of ushlng Welgfomp lon Qualzty Merchandise 00000000000000000000000000 0 000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000 000 000 00000 0000000 00000000 00 0000 BFOWN Correctly Styled Griffin Moderately Przced JoNes PEr1y Autry TAte Vghnffggfe R E Cox Dry Goods Allen Company Robe1tS o 0 0 0 O Q 3 0, 0 0 , 3 0 3. - ' Z I . - . ' 45 Q 0. lfb N .Q a ?. 2 X' 51 Q T12 Q ot .. -. : 3 -. 33 5 0 Q o 0 3 , 0 0 0 0 0 Z I 0 3 O l 0 0 0 0 0 0 q 0 0 0 Z O 0 0 0 ' N. 0 0 O 0 0 0 3 . 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o STEPHENVILLE TEXAS By Ch 1 S R gg I 3 -97- 0000000000000000000 ' 0 000 000000 0000000000000000 0 000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000 6 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000OO00000000000000000000000000000000 MEM DAFFYNITIONS: Coolie-a movie with air-conditioning. Countersunk-the way you feel when you See a counter full of candy and have only a penny. Contraband-a bunch of hill-billys with mouth-organs and fiddles. Etiquette-the noise you muStn't drink soup with. Period Costumes-dresses all covered with dots. Saxaphone-an ill wind which nobody blows good. Detour-the roughest distance between two points. Etc.-a sign used to make others think you know more than you do. Gargoyle-a mouth wash. Languish-a nation's speech. Furnish-what's kept in the cellar. Skeleton--A stack of bones with all the people scraped off. Majestic and Palace T H E A T R E S PHONE 5 MOVIES ARE YOUR BEST ENTERTAINMENT 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Z WE TAKE INTEREST Z 0 0 3 -IN- 2 0 0 5 OUR CUSTOMERS 2 Z AS WELL AS X 0 0 25 -FROM- Q 2 OUR CUSTOMERS Z Z 2 ii 2 0 ++ 0 0 0 O E THE 3 E Stephenville State Bank E 2 STEPHENVILLE, 'TEXAS 2 O 2 3 ++ Q 0 0 Z 2 3 MEMBER 2 FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Z 42 WASHINGTON, D. C. E 0 0 0 0 0 0 Q 0 0 0 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 -gg- Stigler's FOOD STORE FOR Good Schools and Qualzty Groceries COMPLIMENTS OF J C PENNEY Company 0000 000 00 000 00 000 00 000 00 000 00 000 00 0000 000 00 000 00 000 9 o o o o o o O 1 o Z O . o - 0? 0 . 6 o 0 + + o + + o o o o o o o o 3 O I o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o 0 0 o 2 - - o O O o o o o o o o O 0 o o o o o o o o o o oo Q 0000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Over 35 Years of Successful Banking ++ FARMERS-FIRST NATIONAL BANK STEPHENVILLE, TEXAS ++ MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO0000000000 OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 00 O0 "Better Homes for Better,Living"' ++ C L A Y Building Material Company ++ "Better Homes for Better Living" CONGRATULATIONS We extend our heartiest congratulations to the Senior Class of this year. We also congratulate the other students for hav- ing the privilege of attending the best high school and living in the best town in Texas Southwest Natural Gas Company PHONE 266 OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO O0OOOOOO0OOOOO70000OOO -Murdaugh: Now Richard hold your head .up and shoulders back. You d like to have a fine carriage when you re a man wouldn t you? Richard Cole: Well I d rather have an airplane. Mr. Casstevens: Had you the car out last night Son? Bud Casstevens: Yes Dad I took some of the boys for a run. Mr. Casstevens: Well tell the boys I found one of their little lace handker chlefs Earl Drake What shall we do with ourselves Harold Auve Well toss for it If 1 s ea s well go to the pictures and 1f its tails vsell call on the girls Harold A All right If It does we ll s udy for the exams 0 O 0 0 O 0 0 O O 0 O 0 O O 0 0 O O 0 0 0 O O O O O O 0 O 0 O 0 0 0 0 O O O O O 0 O 0 O 0 0 O O 0 O O O O O O O 0 O O 0 0 0 9 O O O 0 O O O O O 0 O O '0000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO O oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo000000000 Q OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO o Mr " , , Y 3 7 Y !Y ll Y Y H O + H 7, I ,, 7 Y 77 ., , Q Q - ' - n O . . K1 ' n i. 'rf' ' i I' ,: u 1 " r - , 7 5 ' -9 ' 19 ' n Earl Drake: "It might stand on edge!" v . cr - - s t 57 ooooooooooooooo oooo oooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooo I I T , 9 as . 2, 1 2 2 0000000000000000000000000000 0 0000000 0000000000000000000000 0 000000000000 v 0 o 0 o o o o o 2 2 2 2 2 COMPLIMENTS 2 SHANNON 2 Cole Floral Co. 2 2 OF Supply Company 2 2 2 2 2 "Say It With Flowers" 3 3 FARMALL TRACTORS 3 Jewelry Shop E INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS QE PHONE 141 E o o o o o 0 o 0 0 o O 0 o " ' o 0 0 3 COMPLIMENTS 3 2 ' 9 E 2 . 2 Sting em 3 ' OF , A hb , l HOT 2 Yellow Jackets 3 . S y S Q o o ' ' o 2 Ideal Bread 2 D065 ' 2 o o o o 2 STEPHENVILLE BAKERY 3 WOLFE'S NllI'Se1'Y 2 o 0 o o 0 0 o o , o o o E A Scottish horseman went in- E E Written on Junior Srnithls E 0 to 2- Sadd191'yS Sh0P and asked 0 0 English Literature Book: "If it O 0 f012 0119 SPUP- 0 O rains, stand on thisg it's dry." O 2 2 2 2 '2But why only one spur?" V , 2 asked the puzzled clerk. 2 GOODYEAR TIRES 2 Said Aaron Autry, address- 2 3 , U l 3 3 ing a meeting, "My father gave 2 O R9P119d.J0Ck5 Well, lf I can 0 , 0 me these hints on speech-rnak- Q 0 get one Side of the horse to gov 0 Gas and O11 0 ing: 'Be sincere . . . be brief . . . 0 o ' " o o , o O the other ll go w1th it. 0 O be seatedf, 1 O o o o o o o o E 2 2 2 Tl'll6t0ll6 RCllll0S COMPLIMENTS 3 MAJESTIC 3 o o o o o SPORTING GOODS 0 0 Sandwich Sho o o o OF o p o 2 AUTO SUPPLIES 2 0 2 0 o o , 0 o o - o 0 .2 2 The Varsity Shop 2 2 4 0 - - 9 I - 0 2 - Allffffllfgllle 2 A H 2 2 . 1 . o TO lVIAJESTlC THEATRE o o 0 o o o I o o o ,Z 2 2 2 2 F iss Scrimshire: Why are 27 A O The class in English IV had O 2 11 late? 2 COMPLIMENTS OF 3 just assembled for a test 3 o o ' " o - o 0 Virginia Merle: Well, a sign 0 0 "Great Scott, I've forgotten O 3 down here- 2 Frank Carlton 3 who wrote Ivanhoe," whispered 2 3 Miss Scrimshire: Well, what 2 DRY GOODS COMPANY g Sissy to Billy Brown- 2 2 has H Sign E013 to dp with it? 2 North Side of Square 2 'Tll tell you if you'll tell me 2 o . . . . 0 A 0 who in the dickens wrote Tale 0 o V1rg1n1a Merle: The sign o Phone 25 0 ' - - o . ,, ,, of Two Cztzes. said: School ahead, go slow. 2 2 o 0 0 o 2 2 2 2 Chicken Shanty 2 W F HQQKER 2 SHOP AT 2 o o , , A o o o o o o o o o 0 2 Fried Chicken a Specwlw 2 TINNING AND PLUMBING 2 M. I. NOVIT'S 2 Q 0 o o E Everything Good to Eat Shop Phone 52 E DEPARTMENT STORE ii 3 Cold Drinks Curb Service 3 Residence Plume 490 2 PHONE 65 3 2 2 2 2 5 ooooooooooooooooooooooooo o . -100- ,. -JOL- O O 0 O g 0 WH' f" U1 5 1+ :mm 0 Z 3 w E gfiiz gc 3 U Eufgo 35512 E H Z O EMUF' Fqbiw :E cu pg 332.5 S55-9,5 af 5 5: F4 Q 4 3 C 5 w H , Z H o E g gmg 3 Eg M 3 3 5-2 E 53 H4 QEZELF 5 ESE? U w 5 D141 9 AFP 3- w 2 Li'521c" C3 gd 5 UQ 'E 'WC E si' 55 50570 '1 Up- ff H els 'TJ www. :P-'UI E: C w as CQ H U1 Y , 'U H ' :'m Q2 : 'BUF - F H Q 2 : r in t4'J2 N Szfn I W J- C m C Fifa ggwiiffs. po' C-gig '22 5 N :E F5 is a' 3535- 3 Pm: 5 O Q g QM g 2 wasggmf-1052 V :H 4 PM mb. Us -' OUSQ F Q2 UQ S A Hn 2 H om fm ' :iw N I m m ,-3 H 'fn ' U N. m o ou Hmm Q so sv - .. Q -H. rn o-U r N, L- V Gm o 2553225 9 if 5 2222 as 5:2222 232 Q, 2 O rv - :J rv- ... 'dm 5' N, OO o H2223 U2 ME, N' 'U mi Z -J "' mai-' ' H U3 o . : UQ Z 2 Q 5-OE 2 an 5 5 222: E 95 nz 2 Q G ,E3 V Z w -' cu'-cgfhm C5 CD P C O W ' C Fl ' 0 F' Z .1 Y' 'U O25 E Q3 cn g gi gg? 5 '11 Z 3 r-hr-4. m -P -P cn ami 79 2 4700000000000000ooo0000000000090OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO' g 0 2 o 3 QQ o Pi 3 SE E5 I 52 :U 5 5 Uv S m 2 O H Q p-4 o V"U1QQ,,l:U E.. fb 155 mg? EZ Pi 2 U5 S 5 E Q fp o o' 0 w 0 b M' 5 -35 H-5 m 5- H FQ m 5 M X H o o CD"'N475 P+," ca Em 55155 'D wi B1 F' fm' 9:0 W Q o 0 G 2 'wg H W H QF 234 0 Q Zin 3 N U1 Q m cf I1 Q 4 O 0 Q 5553! gg gg qv WS is if :E R, 30? ' 3 Q 5.51 3 0 Q 3 5 Q1 Q F1 , his 2132 Z 'D B m' o 5. U15 '1 -Q 4 Q H: O 0 o isgimiii i:QU12ZES.: sggasfw 5'g55' awww? 2 0 O - H G H ' Wm H Q FN 5 Y 9 T' '11 "':. .... 1 U1 H I U2 P!- 2'5f--S12352 252.2222 fa. 2252 S 2""'-'- :1a2,f'f2 05215-Goo 2'-4fb5'g-3.25 55 sv H :UQ 0 Q QCD -W -. 0 Zwwmgim' 52 co"a5"' 'UIQ 31575 H ' Ui Q 0:-r mg 0 Z U1 C' STN v-s O A 9 U3 0 'QW sw "1 cn --24 oo -Q G H- 5 0 o Sw 5 Z 0 O , mg W gh 2 P3 15 M O Q ea w-7 0 o o O Q 0 0 0 'UN 0?' 0 5 5.2 C 0 2 S U E 22222 A 12221 22-aw 5 E Z1 2 E ,-, , .. O K -1- O :Z E 2 5 'U 2 W Eg-'g,...?T' S. O 350'-lg ,1 P4 DEQ 71 3 4, E P1 he . '15 EQ-eb msc. 13 Z egg 2,5 3 gg N. p-1 Z9 E. 0 XE Sp mf' Ep, 503 2 ,4 Eg! 551492 mmeifg ,uoomn 2 0 'Wgaabr 55934 552: 3 H22-" 3233 g9"?'g7:' 2mEU:'D. 0 32?-slgggw 25532 27-U, g P4 5:5252-5'm52 saga' 'Z 0 mmm o FHO 5 O A O E O 2A rs '-' P1 0 2 ffgogmbg H2 Q52 2 0 is 2225532 MESS? 22 2 -- 25 f' 255 'Q U' HU Ha VVS :U 1024+-+52 2 gg :wage fi? 023332 Q 'U mi sg 5 EFQEUQ 22092 3 ' ff . 3 S sw, 2 W 2 E SE Eng, M mg S gt is ITF: Qc E: 3 o 5 W , o H6 w H I m 5 up o 0 UQ 4 :W 921+ mm :sw ww- j :S o . - Q. "FSF 'FUF 85 T? ,.. oooooooooooo ooo oooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.oooooooooooooooooooooo ooooo ooo oooooooooooooooo oooo 0 O o Tl-IE CLASS OF 1941 TWENTY YEARS FROM TODAY Jackson Allen-still trying to make up his mind to get a hair-cut to please Snooky. Vera. Ammons-on Board of Directors of Allen Academy for mules. Warren Anderson-inventor of the new formula for peroxide blondes. Joe Tom Ator-first trombone in Phil Spitalny's All-Girl Orchestra on the Hour of Charm. Aaron Autry-founder and co-owner of the Gigolo Escort Bureau, endeav- oring to please every lady he escorts. Betty Ayers-stenographer at King Sz Braeuer Insurance Agency. Ray Barnes-head of the Gray Stove Foundry, Bluff Dale, Texas. Billy Biggs-vice-president of the HHUA CHen-pecked husband's Union of America.D E Tommye Baxter Biggs-placidly rocking on her front porch-she's not wor- ried-she's got her man. Nettie Mae Bills-cymbal crasher for the Girls' United States Marine Band. Lois Bowden-proprietress of an apartment on Fifth Avenue. Ruth Bramlett-nurse in Hayden Military Academy. Billy Brown-manager of the All-Girl Rodeo in Madison Square Garden. Imogene Bunnell-reception clerk at Macy's. F'oy -drum major of Hardin-Simmons C-owboy Band. ara Nell Carpent -cooking "drum sticks" for Bill Hicks. o s-editor-in-chief of the Alvarado Gazetteg also inventor of the new type Sock-0-balls. Robbie and Roberta Cathey-car hops at the Y-Cafe. Juanita Chapman-history instructor at John Tarleton. Dot Donaho-hula girl in Barnum and Bailey Circus. Doris Ruth Dyson-the lucky girl who will strike oil in the future. Gene Elkins i the insane asylum from inventing goofy gadgets. originator of the new dance craze, the "Stomp-Stomp." ac - armer regular job at First National Bank decorating Christmas trees. Dolores Faubion-smallest midget in Barnum and Bailey Circus. Elizabeth Gaines-first lady to sail under the north pole, over the south pole, and through the equator. Gwendolyn Gibson-physical education teacher at Vassar College. Jack Golightly-rich playboy with a blue sedan full of blondes. Marjorie Grissett-woman barber at the Grissett Beauty Salon. Eloise Gristy-concert pianist now appearing at Carnegie Hall. Jack Harding-first base Cbassl for New York Yankees. Nanell Harris-author of the recent best-seller, "How to Play Cock-eye, in 10 easy Lessons." Wanda Hassler-governess to a banker's children in Dallas, Texas. Doorthy Hatchett-president of Hatchett's Hatchet Factory. -vice-president of the Welch Grape Juice Company. Annetta Hereford-dancing hostess at an army camp. -girl Eorter of the Vigy-side Inn. Mary George Howard-secretary of the REA at Cross Plains. Wanda Hurley-leading lady of "Here With the Breeze" as Scarlet O'Scara." Connie Jones-messenger boy for the Cleburne Blanket Company. Homer Jones-handsome brunet hero of the movies, whose name is now Homer Gable. R. J. Kerr-the 1961 Tyrone Power with the brownest eyes in Hollywood. Lolly Keyser-head air hostess on the TWC Airlines, recently elected Miss Airline Hostess of 1961. Dick King-lightgheavy-weight boxer at Madison Square Garden. Nathan Lamb-drummer for the army. Louise Latham-co-owner of the Popcorn Stand in front of the Majestic the- ater. Ruby Leatherman-owner of a chicken farm at Bluff Dale. Kyle Little-scoutmaster in Cedar Hollow. Charles David Livingston-sponsor of the S. H. S. Senior Class of 1961, .fp which is trying to go to Africa for Senior Day. .fs i It 1 WW L Logan-playing a licorice stick in the Main Sidewalk Show. 'llis McCutcheED-instructor in Police School of Driving. Dixie and Helen McKeage-private secretaries in Gryder Sz Little, Inc. Frances McMains-English teacher at Hamilton. C. R. Main-president of Main Reducing Pills Company. Virginia Manning-stockholder in the Taxi Service of Stephenville. James Moser-soda jerker at the Varsity. Louise Nix-hair dresser in a prominent beauty salon in New York. Ines Norwick-wife of the United States ambassador to Mexico. Riley Oxford-1961 cowboy movie troubadour. Hazel Pack-bookkeeper of Oak Dale Daily Syndicate. Leonard Pack-maker of Snicker Candy Bars. Juanita Parham-stenographer for the Coast-to-Coast Nichols' Floral Shops. Snooky Pearcy-has at last found a man taller than she, going steady with James Stewart. Mary Helen Pearcy-model for Jon Whitcomb. Zona Beth Pemberton-wife of a prominent army officer at Camp Bowie. Wilbur Perry-chief tester of feather beds and innerspring mattresses. Billie Jean Pierce-secretary of S. H. S. Jessie Glyn Pruitt-co-owner of the Wolfe Floral Shop. Ruth Pilgrim--librarian at Stephenville Public Library. Charlene Roberson-novelist who recently won the Pulitzer Prize. Juanell Rogers-power behind the Wood Rope Factory at Bluif Dale. C. B. Rushing-head salesman of the baton department of the Beaumont Music Company. Wanda Shannon and Martha Smith-owners of the Shannon-Smith Board- ing House for Tarleton boys. Charles Sherrill-playing part of Superman over KFPL. Donald Smith-recently elected Glamour Boy by the Redheads of America. Qleorge Sherrill bus driver of the Cracker-Box. Louise Snow-jjccessful in running the Boogie-Woogie Dancing Pavillion at Coney Island. Milton Snow-County Commissioner, Precinct 1, Erath County. Olive Jeanne Spell-blues singer in a honky-tonk in Hawaii, who is billed as the Songbird of the South Sea Islands. D. J. Stephens-driver of the taxi line from the college to the picture show. Daphne Suitt-saleslady at the Perry 5 SL 10c Store. Orval Tackett-Coach Wisdom's assistant and still making sophomore hearts Hutter C. V. Tate-floorwalker in the J. C. Penney Store, Stephenville, Texas. Calvin Shelton-president of the Howard-Wink Dancing School. J. R. Stone-raising roosters at the College Farm. Marjorie Walker-holder of the women's endurance record in tennis. Barney Welch-Qmodel for Walt Disney's dopey characters. - Ruth- Weir-seamstress for Weir Dresses for Young Moderns. John A. Whitacre-chief of police at Breckenridge. Sammy and Sanford White-manufacturers of clear type Christy's Sno-White K Shoe Polish. - Charles H. Williams-successor of Don Budge in tennis. Jack Wilson-the Great Chef, who became famous for hot pepper salad made of snow, rainbow drippings, and cloud fluffs. Norma Jean Winn-president of the Missionary Society at Jacksboro. SmittL -joke editor of Esquire, writing the column, "Smutty's Best Jokes." Maurice Wolfe-designer of Paris fashions at Maurice's. Virginia Wood-gossip columnist in Hollywood, giving the latest dope on all the newest Hlm frolics. Lia Foyl Wood-playing part of the "Angel" in the latest Broadway production. Cecil Woolverton-Lone Eagle who recently made the non-stop flight to Mars and back. Eva Worrell-leading a life of leisure at Chalk Mountain. Tootsie Wright-recently elected laziest girl employee of Moser's Grocery Store. Olen Wayne Wright-commentator on Wayne CWalter Winchellb Wright's Hour of Charm. 49490 4374520049 OGQQQQQOOOOOOQGOOGOOQ QOGPQDQQGGOOGOOGDQQGOQGQQQQQQQ O00 E Z 3 Z Z 0 . o 0 X Compliments 2 ANDERSON FEED MILL E 0 O E E fi 3 - OF 3 Quality Feeds g 0 0 O 0 0 O E CROSS DRUG STORE PHONE 61 if 2 1: O e 0 Q Q 0 o 0 OOOQOQQOOOQQQQOQ Q Q E O ' 0 o ' ' O Q g U IN C 5 o f7' Jn 6 X772 ' 5 O O O O Q A o Q CS Qfo dfrdf Cin. 7 5 O O E Q y- fo V' 1776. P S E O O Z 3 O O re A f ii o . V - o g 5 , . gy!! Z O QOGOQ GGOQGQO QQQOOQGO QOOQ 2 9 O 9 0 O Z Z Q O 3 'II E ' T ' 3 3 The Stephenxge mplre- rlbune 5 o ' ff 0 5 ww S 'J 5 5 ,. M Sf J ,xf ONE 1925 3 Q " ,' ' O O , LL " V , l, All 2 E V mf , I . my 3 0 J' ' Sf R " .3 0 o M, ' . 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Ask 0 3 2 the accident victim what h1S name is, so Z 0 . 0 we can notify his family." 4, 2 D0 YOU have 21 Paper CUP 2 Nurse fa few minutes laterjz "He says O Q How many minutes till the bell? 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' TIJOHN, TERRELL - A - A A 1 - ERcE,BILLIE JEAN' ARDING,JACK f ALEXANDER, DELMAN ALEXANDER. STEVE - LDERMAN MIRIAM . w w ' I I ' 0 : ' 2 A ' . A LES RAY 'I1gl31El5l?ffflLV B J - TWRIGHT, QUATA -: e A , 5 Y .I , O N W D' B DNER SARAH B n MARTHA Ax OLFTHA c- N MARY LYNN X JUNIORS BRUNSON, JAMES BYRUM, J . D. , CAIN, ERSAL CAREY, TRUETT CARPENTER, ERNA LEE CARV A A, 0 , c D w - COGDELL, DOROTHY JEFF i!llllnlull!IAIM O OK TRAVI iOLE, EDWARD -108- ,K PRUETT, JESSIE GLYN , ROBERSON, CHARLE E RODGERS, J UANELL ' ROULSTON, JOE ' RUSHING, C. B. S ANNON A ' NDA ilillfllf ' ' ' I l5 i A NIUZSITFK l :-E.-s.:uuIuil:lA1illlf ' , Q A ' HER I GE ' Db ,g I . 5 l , Y A - I A SNOW, LOUISE S-N W M C , 0 A Ri. SP I ' , RAC ' P EN D.J.,Jr.' STRAMLER, BOBBY ll I I ' A ' ,JOYCE THOMPSON, BRADFORD TOLBERT, ALBERT TRIMBLE, CHARLES UNDERWOOD, CONAN , JORIE NELL DOROTHY JACQ WEIR, R WEIR, WANDA WELCH, BARNETT WELCH LYNDOL W ,BILL WHITE, SAMUEL WHITE, SANFORD A - , LESHENR WILSON .IAC II- ORMAJ - U A O D R NI L V ll ER O ,CE IL WORRELL, EVA WRIGHT, ELIZABETH ANN WRIGHT, OLEN WAYNE A U ' I I II I ' , I V , , ks Ulfilv-lI'1l!iaIullllIi'4l A ,, . u . . A I l 0 O ' C COSBY, RAYMOND COX, EVELYN DACUS, MARY CATHERINE DARBY, TRUETT DENSON, NETTIE' LOU EADES, HAROLD ELLIS L CILLE FANN , FAUBION, CHARLE 'E ' GEN IZZELL, BIL CK YN 3 Q W GARNER, MILTON GARNER, NELL GARRETT, J. B. GARRISON, YVONNE GEORGE, ROBERTA GIBSON, LA RUE GILLEY, MANUEL GORE, LOUISE GRAHAM, HIRSE L. GRAVES, MORGAN E OROTHY HALL, NAOMI A RIS, ROSE MARIE HATCHETT, F. N., Jr. HAWKINS, MAXINE HENDERLITE, MARGARET HENDERLITE, RACHEL HERRINGTON, JOE H1ClKS,.BI-LI, Y UAA S ., l .,, 4HHHb HOOK,LO1S HOOKS, DOROTHY HOOKS, EDWIN HOWARD, ADRIAN HUTCHINSON, MARION JACKSON, HARDY JAMES, LUCY BETH JENNINGS. J. D., Jr. NSON I . NDA q w umm ' : v ,, U nn-S - ' , YWAYNE Li CKiYI I n 3 A V I ATHA EN, VALTON LEWIS, CLARENCE LEWIS, OLETA ITTLE CLARENCE QQVELESS, CHRYSq:.EL.i.A-ED MCCLERRY, DELMA LEE MCCOWN, RUBY I dl McLAUGHLIN, BENNIE MAXWELL, CALVIN MILES, LORRAINE MITCHELL, DREW IEUUDY, IGHOLS, MARY JO O'BRYANT, JAMES PACK, WILLIE B. PEWITT, MARY RHI? YPOTEET, BILLIE BER RAIVI'P'1TEY','BR'U'CE RAMPLEY, HERBERT RAMSAY, SWAN RAY, LAVENA RHOADS, GLENN WESLEY R LO FA NE RI , LOU EQBlQE5.QLI.-A--VT' R I I l K I L ' HE ODGERS, ARY AL CE RODMAN, Eb DEANE 'RLOQERSI CHAR , ROGERS, PANSY ROULSTON, MARY MAVIS SAFFELL, LESSIE SAVAGE, LOUISE SOPHOMORE f-ff--E" D HRIMSHER, JERRYI. S IELD, MYRTLE G. SIKES, GINNETTA SIKES, IMOGENE SIMPSON, LEONA SMITH, EUNICE SMITH UN R ITHE , DO SPARKMAN, GEORGE STEPHENS, RAYMOND STEPHENS, W. B. STONE, VELLA LEE STRICKLAND, EMBRY SUITT, WILLOW DENE TABER, BENNIE TACKETT, RUBY LEE TALLEY, WAYLAND TATUM, O. V. TATUM, THELMA THOMASON, LAVERNE TOLAR, SHELBY WAKEFIELD, MAXINE XVALKER, CHARLES WALTON, GEORGE WHITACRE, JIM WHITE, ELMA WOLFE SYBI WOOD, W. A. WOOLEY, EDITH WORRELL, BILLY WORRELL, MELVIN WRIGHT, WINONA PEARL WYLIE, LUCILE S ALEXANDER, RUSSELL AMILTON, I . . . , , A , , . ANDERSON, REBA JA - - 1 'I 2 M Y f ' ' RRM RTIIIIE JANE 1 L ' so ' . ' "JR" C' -ArR L, JOE A Q. .J 4 g2?NIaIS?EAIR?,BY MERLE f - -..:.a.v-f-fm T ,'ARNEL UAI BELCHER, NORMA RUTH ' - Q' ' ' , - 'Q H J0 BELL, MORRIS i.i.1guum1'IllmI3E ' , " -, ' BIRDWELL, BILLIE Q IC K E J C ' ' ERP 'Q ' , ' j Q N EOSIIICOIIERF HICKS. OTH0 RAY, ANNIE RUTH BRILEY, WELBQRNE ' ' , ' 9 - ' M, CHARLENE RH ILLY JACK R00 , K I 4- C. S, RUF -' gfgq, C. 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MCCARTY, CURTIS MCCARTY, STANLEY MCKEOWN, ELIZABETH MCLENNON, GENEVA MATTHEWS, DORRIS MARTIN, HOWITT MEADOR, INA FAY HIISIHJQF, .I Hmm MOORE, BILLY JOE MORING. MARVIN MOUNCE, LETA -109- Nw THORNBERRY, JESSE VAUGHN, CECIL VILLINES-, FRANCES LKER A :' I : A A Iwnggfm' LD DEAN :r I- KE , O " WAKEFIELD, JAMES WASHRURN, ELIZABETH WATSON, JUANITA WILLIAMS, DAN WILLINGHAM, JAMES , S WINN J K LAN JUA ZIMM , EST ZIMMERMAN, OTIS EARL Ms W2 if 5 wv A '+ AUT GRAPHZQ YJ Cfvj fZfW'fo2lMaMw wi ,WU , ww-an la! .Qu AALDAMM ' MLM. ,W-457 ' A ,VwM7A'cMf'L'41 fiT,A2ml fvw-JM-'7,Zaff -,LL . QOAHMJ jgbwwugl 5ft"-M'-v.w9.,6w,...Q HQQ ll J VM 64-ff 40.75. MMM' Jeff 0"'i'f7 A' iA"" f WA., ,,,,'7,,w,.z4,,Mf wjlffja ' f Q-Qe4,7 '344 6 ,E-g Q "' u 3 5 'ff' .f'."'n .15 1 XT-'E l 3 95,-5,5 e ff?-C3E3'?'Ngu"'3q S Q ru Q d " AUTQGRAPHS ,ff'6"6' ' JM.. M4:zM.,,M.4 M, F LZ, , 'afijf "'a""" n -4. AM.. .A.u,,., 4,,.,4c ,Q5?4 4: :fl I: u . I n""0""4' -.Z:, . '1. Q - ,V .,. - - 'S-J '41 M. , A fa f ""4""' Ti? 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Suggestions in the Stephenville High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Stephenville, TX) collection:

Stephenville High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Stephenville, TX) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


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