Stephenson High School - Classmate Yearbook (Stephenson, MI)

 - Class of 1982

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Stephenson High School - Classmate Yearbook (Stephenson, MI) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Cover

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HH- in-Shia fix, -lg 51" -..:v. , fa. ' V .N . ,. Rl? .QQ "Qi, - , ,ff Iii' , .--w ', fS'Ay - 1--f v,- -'fri -ll-'H' ' ,""! a n Gi- - I . - , , ,. .. -v wg.. . , .. . . 5 .. ' -,rr E' , 1 U '11 if? SQL, ' '. 1-if ' .y-'S X - 1"-.fn-. 1 , .-.- zz H 1- R. K ., ' .G , f, , ' - g I n H,-:Wg Zig - , Y. -:3 K away gA,-,i.1,f- -. 'f 11 - ' 1 ff.-1,3 ff' If V .1 745 pig. V ,V ul, . , x, , ,, , , A , V ',' 1- . ,Aff ,-'.-Ax I- 1, v " 1-.jj-f Q- ' , 11, ' H ' , - ,gugjlj , 1ig:'izfg3igk, Eg ' ' Y ' r ' - 12 . 1TE.',w":!-1, " "' fig. 5. iff '14'i:- ri 1+-g' 3. A 21125. fqfmgggggg-f, ,f M ,, wp, fr . " A S." we 1 - , , 25,11 ,, 5.-rg 'V' 'laihix . 54 - ,igi fy V Q., ' X 5, .I . ' ' xr. q t, 1:1 ' 'w4,:g,:2Q ,E5p?ep, ' A' 'Qi , ff 1 'mi sir," " ' I :J 1 2,.- '. x ,. - ' 21' ' :-' ' ' . 'ff ' MQ' . 5 ' m ai l E fx ' Q ik lixy- 5,3,g1i,f?.i: . : .f ,ra 4,. .uv .,, .fifsiy , x L I . - 1 1 A , - 4 f - S nv- R .gf . ,,..,,. .wx Q I1 1 "pd" '- 1. ,v . 1 2 1 ,km KH H : C, , 1a A 1 w 1 X , N Z 4 w ' X 4 4 Q . 4 -unix:-'i-""" "" lLaf-n-Ii '1 2' F5 ff' f ,AX s :arg If .i QQ: 55-1 . . , ...., ' i , . I . : : J X .... "" m if 'fn 3 - " K IIII I ' I 5 - .- . 4' ' A ' " . V,,,' " Q "" ""'L 5 w f:Ef"'r7A - X" ' -- .: if ' E H YT :' 5:.5::' "" , -rrrgzw--. F-RM: ' ""HfdM1s .E i i X ,K V ,,,, K ,, L ,,,, A Q L. x 1 'S , .. . 5, N, . .. ' ,,,.... A hL'g , . , ' K'A' " b ff ' 5,-:3'V. -f"ssi'f:W" - f' ff --2 YM ,ffilrf . 1 u at i- Q 1' a BIZ f KH , s 5 s 5 S E ' X MH , ' SGIQCIBQBII' , , Vg l . ,5 arhier 5 ,S E Q - M irksen 74e 7272 Zagfe 74 Dedicated te Duane aee' ' lead f-awe 50, 1923 - Dmmee, 6, ref: We 70664 ge Swede 77Zf:4eeel Ze 1466 7044 Knew 'Wim We do not need a special day to bring you to our mindsg The day we do not think of you is hard to find. They say time heals all sorrow and helps us to forget, But time so far has only proved how much we miss you yet. God gave us strength to bear it and courage to take the blow, But what it meant to lose you will always show. 7aZZe af gwtewla 2 Deddcalclcwz 5 77Zemafu3e4 I7 714 Zmde 27 Fld Zmale 25 ?ze46mea 50 S 55 59 Seadaw 67 77 ?466tZl'Q 77 0 97 Wmtm ?eu'dar:z'de4 107 Spam 757 H ff I FMA 1 uf , 94 4k 1 79877 65444 6 I gears? l N ff... .. Paul Miller was presented the Congressional Award for his outstanding John Schultz, a member of the 1956 State Champion team coachingjob. presents Guss Lord with the State Championship banner which is now proudly displayed in the gym, The Champs were met by a huge crowd of ecstatic fans and followed all the way home while picking up more fans al the way. Once home, they were honored at a special assembly, followed by a celebration dance. 6 ong md k ,K v . if N W 1 W, N. x xx X fm A- 93.55 W W f W J. is 9 M--A 2, 7 35 If 7757 Lois Hendricksen and Jeff Koutnik Nadine Baudinat and Todd Beaudoin Fabrizia Cantoreggi and Dave Zwergel 'mm david Diane Noasconi and Ken Dietz 8 w . '4 . X S Jean Grinsteiner and Ed Roubal sf fi ,. 3 Jayne Hummel and Rob Labs 'mm KW! 006 Zaeea: Dame 7204444455 King: gd frugal -fanning aa 74a Zaeenmulqfm Haan! WX! W Tina Revall, escorted by Adrian Velasco. Peg Kiszely, escorted by Christen Morgenstern. L. x rgf- fa .c fa N I Rhonda Walli, escorted by Todd Zahorik. EN r s x Maria Upton, escorted by Bill Kuntze. 10 W' Laurie Dietz, escorted by Todd Mathias. KWWZ? Michelle Sullivan, escorted by BiiIDuca. Jane Revall, escorted Dietz. l by Ken Jessie Driftka, escorted by Rob Tharp. 11 f MQW 19170424 1""' wx. N Mm w wx Y-.,. 'Y Q 'dfir r an ' K ,I 'Y 1 va inn A Q z, 2 1 ' W5 Here are the results ofthe survey taken just before Christmas break. The Seniors decided what would be number one and the underclassmen picked the 2-10 spots. 1. Pizza 2. Tacos 3. Hamburgers 4. Steak 5. Shrimp 6. Lobster 7. Venison 1. Graduation 8. Lasagna 2. Basketball Games 9. Spaghetti 3. Lunch 10. Ice Cream 4. Football Games 5. Band 6. Track ' 7. Assemblies 8. Weightlifting 9. Gym 10. Cheerleading 77Zec44'Jc4Z Quay wz S 1. REO Speedwagon -- 2. Ac-oc - Q 'X 3. Styx . ' T' f 4. Journey A m. 5. Rolling Stones 6. Air Supply V' 7. Foreigner ' 1 8. ABBA fl T 9. Box Car Willie Q 10. Olivia Newton John nl 1 l it ' il mx 'XVI 59 Wa wCiX4'y7M l , if ' is gifs, gi 7.7, Siam 1. M"A"S"H 2. Saturday Night Live 3. Dukes of Hazzard 4. Dallas 5. Magnum P.l. Fall Guy Dynasty Facts of Life Hill Street Blues 10. Smurfs R . Basketball . Football . Baseball .Track .Girl Watching 6. Hunting 7 8. Drag Racing 9. Motorbiking 10. Volleyball . Drinking df! . if ' 'if '.,,,.- 9,7 ' X . ,.,,1-' 'PE ,214 - . Camaro .Trans Am . Corvette . Mustang . Porsche .,, ', r-fi-it-':"",,., . Ferrari . Jeep . Javelin . Nova . Volkswagon Winnie . Stripes . Endless Love .Animal House . Friday the 13th . Up In Smoke 6. Nice Dreams 7. Arthur 8. Cannonball Run 9. Superman 10. Halloween I -1 4 Y. f 'I .LII : A f ., 1- 5,11 1 , , I A J 1, If-'f' is " " '5 -as in Y 1 , . U , fr' i i ,Q 6 1 Pri f L 2 7 X14 N 3 S ' 4 10 df 5 1 2 - 3 4 5 ! Physical Private Eyes Keep on Lovin You Urgent Big Balls Start Me Up Endless Love For Your Eyes Only Waiting For A Girl Like You Gambler Bill Murray Bo Derek Burt Reynolds Steve Martin Robert Redford Mr Fowler Clint Eastwood Snoopy Cheech 81 Chong Cheryl Tiegs Wlmed I' I' Q "f '42 . Londo ?1:.: . Joosten . Miller . Sloat . Thompson .Tassava . Hieshetter .Young Miss Cooley Mr. Cunningham qi 9 ill' I D ll' 1 tv g- 'l 1' . 2. ' 3- ' V 4, , . . 5' . 6. bfi QI gi .B cg J g 9. " ' ' ch - X f 10. ' . Nl 9 .n l 1' I 'iii 9- 1.M 5' 1 2.ivii 4' . 'V , 3. Mr 5' , l 4.Mr 6' 5' 5. Mr 7' f Y 6.Ml' 8. ll 5 7'M' 9 li , 8. Mr ' , 5 1 1 1 9. 10' N 10. 4? i QU' ii fl , -95- ,A.Q.,1N.a:.i . . X ' ... , ,, A , .,.3gv, 5 - - El W! 715 67446 DemDdmq, 7ccm'L'ea4rJZZagel!t'464qewzaae'z.f7feeZ Kdke cm cm!! da cz eawzki af 7 daa'lfzeea47m5ecwya,4z'4e 'a f4ce4,Z4ot"76aaweawq4aeec5nz'4e444a4Z! 7'Z6neae'zfafz9eZz'4e,f0wtdaga0l4e4ooL mm40l.Wm7 hpmMq f6adauL't'4evzemczuz'tafaafoZ4fZaoa.f 97694 444446 Zcmcdea me wendy aamel4fJw9e64e.Zoagel!z'a,a6e6ca44lqoa wmzfawteadavfdauwqezdwdedwzgwz wakdeyoawmeadalq. 7z'd6a67'm7am4a666ededn7aZd966d. Christine Anderson George Anderson Brenda Axtell Kirt Bauer Marie Benson Patti Berquist John Berzsenyi Lonni Boye Jessica Breyer Bonnie Brock Charles Cappaert Karen Chaltry Deanna Chaney Mike Cole Rick Corey Sara Corey Jamie Crawford Brian DeMilIe Jamie DeMilIe Kerry Devlin Sheila Dill Jeanne Doboy Jeff Doboy Shari Eatherton Ray Fadroski Kevin Fayta Jay Fleury Heidi Frankow Scott Gilbert Cindy Grinsteiner Randy Grinsteiner Michelle Groenveld Mark Gross Heath Hamblen Carl Hanson lfi-ii?-Q Q Picture Not Available 'E' l S l 1 X -N N. 15 -x 1 R ,555 Debby Hanson Brad Harris Lonnie Harris John Hartz Glen Havelka Fred Hazen Annette Heidenreich Keith Herson Floyd Hollsten Jodi lhander Mike Johnson Sherry Johnson Terry Johnson Jeff Kakuk Sally Kaczmarczyk James Kauppila Christine Kolaszewski Pat Koutnik Mike Kramer Sandy LaPointe Cary Lesperance David Massoni Kim Mathias Dan Menacher Anne Neumann Tony Newlin Tom Oliver Scott Paidl Steve Parrett Bill Parrett Tina Paronto Dan Patz Laurie Philipps Jim Pierce Paula Pomeroy 19 Wendy Rivard Terri Roubal Kami Salo Glen Schmidt Richard Schnell Scott Schuette Kim Sederquist Melissa Struck Troy Szymik Rob Tatrow Jeron Tebo Don Tessemer Heather Tessmer Jim Thoune Nancy Thoune Joe Vallie Melody Van Marie Van Hese Roberta Van Pool Karl Walli , ' - QEEEXSSZY QT: W i M il QV Michelle Wangerin Ron Wery ,yy I ! km i 1 , i ff 3' Wm F 4... H N 4 'cfm M A' , ii: f , W ,,. Treasurer: Michelle Wangerin Secretary: Heidi Frankow Vice-President: Steve Parrett President: Tony Newlin Advisors: Mr. McKay and Ms. Elsworth ? Z l . flgfihs G if 3 ,ZZ ,eh .J M .iv figagz L if 4716 Zfwwle DecvzD6wzq, g4Q,Z6lf0t9Cfl'tl'46gl'4Qfl446460'Z6i40L'f mac6Ze12'e'zz'6cwf4e7z'49fmde. 74a-fqbgeefz zhumwyudfeamqauakldemau We davit wen get ta 94 Z4 mumfkw. 74a MQ 2044lf4576dl.! 7daa'leaen44aet'6mez'a,eZ4qcmqmofze. 79el!6ameczZ5:50,0aam4c4aa!cuwi7 6406Mmd64 f44fgQf46um67 f6a64dcJl!,dt"4z'o4alafz6z'a74a4dand,b6ay. Valddawdatdiefdkefafegfwwa-nga? Becky Anderson Greg Bastien Patti Baumler Pat Benson Chris Beno June Blom Chris Brown Kirsten Burmeister Penny Carr Tim Casperson Jeff Christopherson Clint Clements Candi Cogswell Mike Crossman Haili Cole John Dantinne Carl Davis Gene Deerwester Mark Denning Wally Dietz Lori Eatherton Jeff Ebsch Michell Engel Kim Evans Jeff Foley Gina Frank Missy Frankow Tim Garrison David Greer Jenny Greer Wendy Hafeman Jean Hanson Lorna Harris Darrell Havelka Q ,. ' gh , Qf fw J 5 'oi l li I ,,,,,, X r" ,wh 'i if Y . xx,,,...,.-+......-a.,, , iz' K ft iv l ll!" .Q-. W 242 lx., f Q f . , . , . - ,E ,gi ,, ' iiifgfj Virginia Grinsteiner 19, 'I ir . 'Y if F ""' , 9 , 3 -. - K M 4 1 . - gy Q' , I Vgrrr R 1. 2 nm C a iz ilil , i f ' ,Vi. 45, if 'iff WA , I - 'f ' ,I V,." J w I-K A , 5 it 1 e D+ , 12 llllll 1 it 22 Inf' fr i l'liii2l,' il iilr 1432 ,., ,i,i nu ,D vw K, ei 1, QA, V, ,,,t n ,, 3 ' l ws, is sr J 2 5, 1 ' 'U ' Q lr wife... 422. fs, fe S -A.. ' Q if Wy Mx W as Y M QW! l f if , f it 'ii-ii i "Mi A .:,'f- , sfii' was wie " X 1 eff' Q J, 1-. an f My r J , Q 1 f f kfwg X .. . JW? ' x W, XZ?-5 in 'M xx we sf ' J Y 7 i 96 1 , 57, I fm , , WM , L if 2 M ey X V 1 f 'A W Q' ff' 4' if fe ff, K ,giggl- : r' ' 1- 3 4. 9,912 . I' E Z" : f i Qi ' v ii i' ,I ' Fl? .5 0 g, iii F ":' a m i has 2 , 777' La, it l if Q ' I ,,,:, mm,,5 LL., L,,,,,LL , H ,. ,,, ,A mE:L, V , ...-M ,, , .ek ,gig if imager" J ,,,...,,,.. ,,, I, 7 rn, .nigh Picture N ot Available Picture Not Available J iiiiii S J , ':" 'gAL': ' I 1 ,, , J, - sl 7 ZW?-4 . 5 1 A , , ii 5: J lll Z lg . If i Yi ,wi , :V M ff: ,,,.A J 425 an Kristin Havelka Greg Hayward Bruce Hohmann Greg lhander Missy Jerzyk Kirk Johnson Pat Joslin Paul Kayser Nancy Kedsch Ron Klein Shannon Koller Kerry Kuntze Sheila Labombard Kelly Leigh Shannon Linderoth Debby Londo Mike Lueskow Paul Massoni Brian Marcusen Lisa Mathias Matthew Mathias Randy Matty Eileen Meade Gary Merkling Rory Mireau Shannon Montileaux Sandy Nelson Julie Palzewicz Richard Palzewicz Nancy Paul Wendy Peretto Mike Plutchak Jeff Pomeroy Melissa Pratt Michelle Rasner Catherine Rivard Marie Roubal Dean Sandahl Joel Sandahl Tina Shampo Pam Simon Tim Smotucha Renee Sundstrom Bill Swanson Greg Tatrow Karma Tessmer Jeff Thoney Chris Truitt Christine Van Jim Van Hese Scott Versailles Wendy Vetort Becky Wangerin Kris Wangerin Lynn Williams i" . . K ' egg : , 1 - 'QA X Q. N Q X Q5 WY? , X 6 if W' Q X iv Q ,X S ,ww 315 for gi is ig: X A J!! 5 K j Q , 5 -if K- ,. s:.xrf?4, 'rg j gg, P i Lori Eatherton - President Greg Tatrow - Vice-President Marie Roubal - Secretary Greg Bastien - Treasurer Advisors Mr. Raether and Mr. Fazer ?fze44mea DeafzD6cnq, 7ad4qt'4e7fze44mea7al!z'aaZt'ead1Ze0z 70e'fzeaZ4a9am9z'a5a6Zd Lfkdp4W . 74cJoqecvz4cw Qea4ac4ac4aa9e,0zamjaa6afa7v'fzJ9d.7 eaZZqfeeZZ62e4ameaae,ml72w1!aZ6l.'Z!e wwmzzmgmgauegeexm. We wen had lie kQ af lafztz'464qewz4a7ae4ZZg4aaez'a,eaz'mg mae to ide "ak 704 7 dad! m44mqcKa44e47caan'1!'zecedaeo'zecKd1!,!a4 Wada. Tanna Barstow Ann Bartels Brenda Baumler Mike Baumler Bob Becker Mary Berzsenyi Lucy Boye Bob Brabec Steve Brock Cheryl Burde Erinn Burmeister David Cappaert Ernest Carlson Dean Chaney Jeff Chaney Sandy Crossman David Dahl Brian Dantinne Niki Diehm Lana Dill Carlo Dishneau Jessy Driftka Roger Elsworth JoAnn Fadroski Sarah Finch Jackie Freis Becky Gilbert Brian Gilliam Henry Granskog Loretta Grinstein Tina Grinsteiner Arthur Hanson Scott Hanson Brenda Harris Brigitta Higgins ,kvi . .. fi-213 'ew gf, I 'f.,, 5 jf 7 95, ry ,'t' Q me l M k , 1 2 L 1 K Z 1 I me ., Nt.,,, , D 9 Vlfuiilbi if Z f of 2 7 X 9 F2 il ,ls 1 l ii vi 2 ik My , I Q .W W A W tx ft'-XX if A3 we fffff Li l, f ,E 45fr?Ai'1i1H-if f3'?ms21mizillfawfiiilwnike x I il lr 1 Q- I W' 'Q l if -x 4 z . e 5'f',fsP'xf1 z -2 ' .l vef w 12... . . . .n w i 2 Picture Not Available W Q f W! Picture Not Available gf? ggi .- , ww if E ,, fy, ,, , - ffiv WW 5 O A , 4, A? 'W fi 'm i 'mn ? v V! 1 Dee Dee Hoots Bill Hower Trisha Jeschke Kelly Johnson Wendy Kaupilla Paul Kiraly Jeff Klatt Doug Kelin Lisa Klitzke Missy Kline Kelly Kolaszewski Kim Kolaszewski Kim Kramer Heidi Kruhmin Mike Kruse Tim Leigh Jeff Lesperance Jim Lusardi Kay McGivern Kim McGivern Lewis McGiveron Jim McMonigal Scott Marcusen Pam Mathias Lisa Myers Dawn Nordgren Tammy Ouimette Bob Paidl Jessy Palzewic Virginia Patz David Parrett Kevin Peterson Kenneth Peterson Chris Philipps Jeff Plutchak Bruce Raboin Gary Racsek Scott Raminger Jayne Revall Ron Rivard Bill Rivard Karl Roemer Steve Routhier Mary Ruttner Barbara Schultz Bill Spring Sue Strauss Robert Sullivan Melody Sundstrom Scott Tessmer Rob Tharp Bart Tickler Mike Topper John Upton Frank Vallie Pictu re o Available Picture Not Available Picture Not Available Picture Not Available -.ww wa M -EM , Q A i Picture Not Available .xmauzef Jerry Wetthuhn Debbie Wilson Bill Wilson Mary Zahorik Stephen Vetort Jeff Vincent Jim Vincent Mary Wagner Craig Wangerin Left to right: Mr. Nordin, Advisor, Jeff Vincent Secretary, Becky Gilbert Vice-President, Niki Diehm President, Trisha Jeschke Treasurer, Mr. Estola, Advisor. Sdlddmdfwd DecvzD6cwq, 704dffd44W02d4Q! 7441 44- wz,m,eq5mS4zM44qm44r,7'ml6mw cwdmam446d7cauZa69a.'z?o1y,da74czae fdeyittewf '7Q0ffWtQWZ600'Z4Z5660t4f6l'dd4q.Zd607 dave z'4azf64w4eadad'4mcz gaadmaad. 70eZ6,79olz'446lz'4eZaa24, 24115446 mew4q7z'aa64ZZz'4au4wzdeZm4e4.7'ae dmmtdngmemmqafeepf Picture Not Available fwevw ff.. f -1, ii etiffl 4 2 , ::f 1 Mi 554' if ,f fs 5 , 2' 9.25" ig! R . x V 'i , 5? Ai: inf, Y l ff " is 5 ll LW- Rl ,e :M .aw 3-, , we .ff r 'ie S , I ,,, ,? ef f iq ' 3 L ,A ' i M ,VL ,,,, W ,,,, W M ' if .rf I 1 , k L X4 fl W. f I Q" I, A 1,,,,.:, , , J J , ,,,. 1 t v ,J ?i' Km' t mf my 1, J , ,,,.. ls if l" . fm al -, Bai U1-lv ll x"' ,Q , 1 4, of L x it ,gi F 1 ff H ,vvvvv . .1 f ,wi M,,,,m,A H 1. ' " fe,W,.. 1- if , ,5, H ii rr J ,R 8 r, Picture Not Available f 1 , n IK f v ii Karen Aman Dave Beaudo Brandon Becker Kathy Behnke Jim Berzsenyi Suzanne Bigelow Ron Borski Deanna Boye Christopher Breyer Connie Brown Jerry Buboltz John Burie Eric Burmeister Duane Chaney Jacky Clements Kelly Clontz Gina Cogswell Tim Cole Kevin Crawford Debbie Crossman Sally Dahl Laurie Dietz Bill Duca Cheryl Ebsch Mark Eckert Steve Elliot Duane Elsworth Darren Fadroski Diane Fadroski Lisa Fadroski Paul Foley Mike Fox Dale Frank Laura Frederiksen Galen Goldsmith Torri Gomske Liz Granquist Cheryl Groeneveld Mary Gromala Michele Gross Mike Gustafson Ken Hacker Lisa Hallfrisch Brian Harris Sandi Harris Kim Haulotte Brian Havelka Rom Hazen Kevin Hendrickson Kellie Hohmann Mary Hollsten Debbie Hoots Tracie Horie Jim Horvath Jeff Hulsizer Rob Hummel Kathy lhander Cheryl Isaacson Chris Jamison Cindy Johnson Norman Johnson Karen Kiraly Penny Kiszely Jeff Kleinke Tina Klemolin Tina Kolaszewski Jeff Koller Jim Kuntze Mike Leanna Don Lusardi vw' , , ,W Picture Not V f Available J 1 H? 'M 3. 7 sr , "R p,, L A I ' jf, 4i'i f f'15,' .li,,ii,1 f . f ,,,, L 4:T..1 ..-f iii li'2 , J ' C '-11 H ! kqiyy wg-ml ia : 1 V ki M - . ,, Ali-, Vziyuf .. . iilfvl K ' V9 A W Li ww f' X , i Jr i A y. . , , C "" W ,.,, , '?,l.f, Pic fu re I J, ,H Not ' Available 1 2 'S i 1- A .nik- J,,, , Y, , 'irr J i J fi , .. ,,,, A W.-ff,f,,z,gg , , Mu. ,, , ,, ,.f f 2 . W. ,, A 'Q A if , 5? 3 ' f 52,256 V K , , ,, ,f ,wwf M5 If 'W' ,L w . V.. in if i 1 ffi' 71,2 ff? 5 if V V iiim 1 fibf , ' "' T ai 3 by - T, J x H - ' frii iii ,,, I ' V' Q an ii ITIL , A ' 'ii,-,, 2- ' M ,V,, , .,,,, ,J -if 'ff by V , ii ,gtg , ' .1 4, we 'mr -Zig ' -Many, A I .14 , V 1 '. , ""' W " MJ' " L. A, Mizz L angina, ,ml i g-i viugu. .V f,, We K 'Z' we en' A Picture Not Available 2 H1 ':'f Q , Q A ,. " be , I5 it tr f, T 'Q I W . 6' N 4 41 1 K .,,,,,. ,, ,,, A if , T 3' " W ,, if ..., . Z ,v - . MW' ,QB qw 1 f we is :aff , - 3 Q tg? 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In addition to her outstanding academic record, Jayne has been an act participant in various school groups including National Honor Society, Scott's HI-Q and High School Bowl Teams, AFS CSecretaryJ and Annual S1 CCo-Editorb. She is a former class officer of two years, has participated in Girls Basketball and Cheerleading and is involved in Band, where she is a member of Pep and Stage Bands and Colorguard. Jayne's participation outside of school includes Sewing 4H, and a membe of the St. Frederick's Church in Daggett, serving as a church lector and organist. Careef. Em Wada Ruth Marian Walli, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Walli of Stephen- son, shares the Valedictorian honors as a result of her perfect 4.00 academic record also. Ruth, too, has been very active in school organizations including Business and Office Education Club CPresidentJ, National Honor Society CPresidentD, Future Farmers of America fSecretaryJ, AFS, and Scott's Hl-Q and High School Bowl Teams. She has also been a member of the Girls' Basketball and Track teams. Ruth has gained recognition as a member of Girls' State, a National Merit Finalist, and Who's Who Among American High School Students. Outside of school, Ruth has participated in Sewing 4H and is a member of the Precious Blood Church in Stephenson. daafeuafl The 1982 Salutatorian honors go to Tina Marie Revall, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Revall of Stephenson. Tina's academic ability is matched by her athletic success. She has par- ticipated in Girls' Basketball and Track teams, winning many awards in bot areas. Tina is the local winner of the Voice of Democracy and also a member ol the National Honor Society CTreasurerJ, Scott's HI-Q and High'School Bovi Teams, and is a former class officer. Tina is a member of the Precious Blood Church in Stephenson. 62 7 664444547952 Jayne Hummel 4.000 Ruth Walli 4.000 Tina Revall 3,974 RObil'l Eick 3-868 Tammy Thoune 3-800 Peggy Kiszely 3.783 David Kraus 3-731 Barbara Kakuk 3-725 Sandra Sederquist 3.684 Lois Hendricksen 3.619 'gofzfelflezm Tricia Joan Andrews, Grace Marie Bigelow, Linda S. Buckmaster, Denis Edward Chaney, Jeffrey Joseph Koutnik, James Allen Kleinke, Robert Paul Labs, David Charles LaMack, Diane Lynn Noasconi, Lara Palzewic, Leslie E. Peterson, Sandy Mae Raboin, Sheryl L. Plutchak, Brenda Marie Ruiter, Daniel Lee Rye, Valerie Lynn Sohr, Ann Marie Wagner, Mark J. Zuern Scot!! Qfvwwned 7fzea4afaez Eau 704336, Pfzedaient' Dame 72o44eand, Seazetwuf Sd faafad Wise-Pfzeddewt endow 66444 UWGWZ4 and ' ,, Q ,,, ,5 KLLIA i Q aw F35 .q.. X, Q v 5 i f AA A m 0 N ., H 4 X X ez Z 4 2 4 a Z 05 4 Zag! Dave Kraus, Rob Labs, Mark Zuern, Pat Breshnahan wg...-li sz x +5 -. fs? his Ruth Walli, Barb Kakuk, Tricia Andrews f f fi' 1 K f x ir 'f Va' , i Q , f A14 bs 'Ev pw ms mf , A FWS? g In L? . ,wigs aw ,, -M ,A 'K V. M mx-:fi 53" L8 7762, Edcdcvwl S 7751. .laude Seddcf MM-I Amwnazmme f44464Zcwt da-0 7711, WCCAGCZ goal? Pfzdacdpaf 7711. Wldcdad 7amcwa46c Hamm: Flzcmeopal Q E Swwfdfw ta ide Pwvwd Win. fame pewzun 5wwmuwhMeS Wada 7408400 77144. 5404? Wwwma Wm! 7Z0Q01afD499elf'f 7044. Dafzeen 741554224 of Stqekevwaw 204744 fqeafwafiue fain pa0nmdS 771124. Emo! Zecwdam of Stepdemaa ?aca6z'q 2ewz36af-zq, 70e!dcz!wvwa,metz'ggaodd4q.77Zq leacdwetaaddleaaqanmeblaaacdaage. 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I A ,Mr 3" A M15 , Q W - may 4 ,, if T? 1 nw A 2 if M 4 1 A '26 ,MM -N. mwhf ""',gf.,Ewa5ff. 25,5 -"' , ?'-Q ., ..,, I ., EW' ff f 1 f f Y W 4 7 0 W f Q' I l W 'Flu' 'ur ,-?':f:,CH::i MI.gPPq5,,j"'Ifg"' ,':::1,x::'Vf?1',,: 'J f W f,.ffe.H . 78 ,, m.,,,-xx -.-' , -L ,, W V , - W ,,,, H 'yy - Ofman , ,hue , E, ' I . , Viwf., ' H1 ,,VA, - Q i, , A, , 1: 3. John Brosiovlck , ::1 . f Wmxoad . "" - " 1: 4 val Dill ,pezxtop ' f- , V fffyr H W 5- Shef'YW?ffan9f1 f 44 :26 Ze 7 H I ,, f ,V ,I ,, J 4' - a'9dM?2"0f ff 8. Vai Pamgr f ' -:L ' , ' ' ' ff , U , ' ' ,V 7 ' MQW" 'V fiibggf f H ' ,I Lm , , f' f V , V , , ' udp Plutchak Q Ji 1 " L , 2 ' f L ,I if 1. Jenny aiey I i H f V"' I ' 4 f,Q,,,,, Y, 'f'- ' ,, F i ,I A 5 ' f ,, ' "" VVVVVVVVVVVVVV ' f W f ff" Q G w I Y A I I I A V ' " . ,... ,, f """" l ' H 'JZ' ,wn,gaa1W,EwV:a:- , V! ,,,,, ,, 1 ,zz ' A , W2 Ww w 1 X ' W 7 " ff ' X V f S Z 4 iw f , BW ,,,,, , , ff 3? W H , - i XQMMZI f M, 1 . f X sl f X S, S, 3? W , ,, ,K f -J ' ,www ,, , V 9 ' . f yyyf A K ,. ,,,, 4 ,fffwg 1, Q f x:5v,A,4+fmW ,,,, Why ,vim ,,,, Mk, ,,, , . fgwk LK I h I M "" f , 5w,,,.,,,, fm-ffVfif?59?!,,z4w1ywffmfwfrfflgff 1 fff, Q, W. f I " If - , . -- fag- N m:fQ,,fmfww -- ff , - f' gg MQW gf ,, , fm H ,,,, M ,,,, week-gg - N. .iii -F wi S 0 'am DewzD6cvzq, '7ww'zdeaeaeaz.74,ewzW,e4u4eme anczccwdqK4'z.7044t'ccw744q7 74a Www: Sacdetqw cz 77641454 aeedo M4 7 ,mf afzdefzed 5 Md- uwdwdcdea ,ham ?,0,Z.6. 70e'fze did? 7 wad, 74a aleZ6umedWaZent'6ae4ac+6m4cuwl7fzece6a- edldzeef 70e7ala4afaf5z'44awzz'ad4qz'aw4l!c4 l'4eW7-2meel.70441!cz4mafzl!gfza4qdof amdwzw 70eZZ,75elft'mgoofz7'ZZZeZa1!e. ffahdcw and Zdzwmm awe SW! Back row: Sue Johnson, Lois Hendricksen, Steve Anderson, and Jeff Rye. Middle row: Jayne Hum mel, Sue Ericksen, and Peg Kiszely. Front row: Connie DeLaureIle and Laura Fredericksen. 77044 a-24613011-faqne - - aa?-' X t Li 61 Q X-1: ny . 5 'Ww- Back row from left: D. J. Chaney, Rob Tharp, Missy Jerzyk, Sue Strauss, Kris Kolaszewski, Gail Hummel, and Dennis DeMille. Front row: Scott Rasner, Jeff Koutnik, Peg Kiszely, Pat Bresnahan, Lara Palzewic, and Merri Hoijer. E : eg Z .- Paz! 2? ,- ma P .- me Wayan Back row: Steve Anderson, Mark Mathais, Debbie Hazen, Scott Hanson, Rob Tharp, Jim Horvath, Steve Vetort, John Labs, Row 4: Julie Newlin, Steve Elliott, John Burie, Lois Hendricksen, Dawn Nordgren, Val Sohr, Debbie Wilson, Jessie Drifka, Roy Vetort, Row 3: Brenda Wilson, Rick Staples, Pete Wagberg, Jeff Koutnik, Carol Feher, Mimi Jerzyk, Paul Lowskow, Tricia Andrews, Dave Kraus. Row 2: Kim Kolaszewski, Vida Tessmer, Tina Freis, Cheryl Groeneveld. Row 1: Diana Shampo, Sandy Raboin, Lara Palzewic, Virginia Patz, Joann Fadroski, Patti Nordquist. fs' Back row: Mike Tyrell, Kevin Hendricksen, Chris Breyer, Andy Green, Galen Goldsmith, Mr. Furmanski. Ro Kelly Kolaszewski, Kurt Roemer, Dale Frank, Jim Lusardi, Cindy Johnson, Tim Martin. Row 5: Art Hanson, Lusardi, Tony Paidl, Ann Bartels. Row 4: Mary Gromala, Carl Roemer, Merri Hoijer, Liane Brown, Tim Lei Sandy Leaveck, Kim Wilson. Row 3: Tracy Machalk, Tina Kolaszewski, Roberta Raminger, Sheryl Isaacson, Melody Sundstrom, Jean Grinsteiner, Jackie Freis. Row 2: Jessie Palzewic, Mary Wagner, Pam Mathais, McGivern, Sue Erickson, Sue Johnson, Diane Fadroski, Trisha Jeschki. Row 1: Dolores Majkrazak, Chris Harris, Tracy Parrett, Dave LaMack, Jayne Hummel, Sheryl Plutchak, w 6: Don gh. Kay , -M Z em, IVV, ,,T,,ffQQQ1. law?-' 246044 arm? 4 72 ,W , ffggzl fy, ,l ff, ,Jef f XV! :,7j'jWhL1,WJllfL55ff , ff W ' wivefwriz If 2 M, . ww: , X ,ffl 5- l Q .. , W, J ,,,,,, 5 f f f iw mai flew H 54-if V gm ""f Wm , fs ,fa ,, ,Q - ww : Z. E , K f s 5 f 5 ' f igs? ,,,,,, : 2 9 wig, -, H 1" " ,M . f ::::,,,,,, q!Q,yA!57'f45f"AAQ V Ql7"Aii.fff ewliyf' 'i' W lv 'UMW' Y f '+Mi,,2i?fQi' , - fff"'45 4: ' Z7 . ff :v,,m,fffrw' ,lf ff " W' , f' 5 ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,, ,,,,,o , F yi W A5 157 2 ' 2 wa Wifw 2 5 A' if 5 l E E4 l 2 W 1 xiii 1 riff Z f ,f fe Q 2 'gg 'ag .l I W! Ji ,Q X , 4 3 ' Q G1 3 l ff Q W Tw! 5 any Mi- ff ai? pqfflf , W X Q W2 W -rfr -- .wi,f,,, ,,,,.,,,fmWwWH wif' M4415 :ii J if ? i Back row: Mary Gramela, Chris Breyer, Steve Elliot, Mike Tyrell, Kevin Hendricksen, John Burie, Andy Green, Rick Staples. Front row: Dave Kraus, Lois Hendricksen, Jayne Hummel, Sandy Leaveck, Tim Leigh, Kurt Roemer, Julie Newlin, Galen Goldsmith. 341446 Back row: Julie Newlin, Patti Nordquist, Kris Harris, John Burie, Roy Vetort, Liane Brown, Kim Wilson, Karl Roemer, Mary Gromala, Lois Hendricksen, Dave LaMack, Kurt Roemer, Middle row: Chris Breyer, Andy Green, Rick Staples, Diana Shampo, Sheryl Plutchak, Jayne Hummel, Sandy Raboin, Lara Palzewic, Tracie Parrett, Bren- da Wilson, Dave Krause, Jim Horvath, Kevin Hendricksen. Front row: Galen Goldsmith, Art Hansen, Debbie Hazen, Dale Frank, Lyann Schultz, Merri Hoijer, Debbie Wilson, Jessi Drifka. Haha Zuma Saaaa fadada facade ?'ze64 Sana! Pfalcdad lynfgnlt 564463 -fdaae geneva dau! ?e4a faaae Qfammef Sac fadaaaa Dedvzea Wiayifzagaa WM Fffewi -ll Umm 77Za72neZz'e jake Weafida 'gazed Back row from left: Debbie Hanson, Chris Kolaszewski, George Anderson, Carl Hanson, Sandy LaPointe, Jean Hanson, Sandy Nelson, Gina Frank, Joel Sandahl, Marie Roubal, Nancy Kedsch, John Dantinne, Tim Smotucha, Carl Davis, Darrell Havelka, and Dan Patz. Second row: Ray Fadroski, Scott Gilbert, Chris Brown, Shannon Montileaux, Chris Truitt, Lorna Harris, Wendy Vetort, Jessica Breyer, Cindy Grinsteiner, Debbie Londo, Lisa Mathias, Haili Cole, Wendy Rlvard, and Michelle Groenveld. Front row: Kirk Johnson, Kelly Leigh, Becky Wangerin, Lori Eatherton, Julie Palzewic, Kerry Devlin, Terry Johnson, Heather Tessmer, and Sherry Johnson. l i WWW" . Wwe- .- Www Wetofu' '71 In li gangs at , agixssky I 55i'ii':i 'Iwm lr ma? ,8sgisi1E" - liaise- ' .. sf Q R, ' U ill' ' ' I 86 3 4. O I l ' gnc rifcdea 4. X lv 'ff 4 . f wx I xxx I V 42 S 'y1iiA'ii 7 I, Aa Lug f ,9-"0 1 5 f f J ' " iw F - 6? r. f'. 'U "4Q"'QV A M ' gy I. , if-xg' -fn .5 , J V 1. , Vx, ,vm . 3 I -X P .- , 4f+ " .-ff w , f new -,-f ".,,- ,. , 55-F35-:f f ' ' 'S' j' ,L A ,,,wW'M Q a'i,1VN d .!. "ir 'X 'ff d .il,!,:.f 3.05, . MQW t 3 ' if C 'ii if pg ef 10 J' -rs is ,qi Q 2 ' Wk. Back row from left: Jami Kauppila, Kathy Cole, Liane Brown, Roy Vetort, Dick Strauss, Tricia Andrews, Turh Walli, Laurie Berger, Robin Eick. and Rob Labs. Middle row: Donna Walli, Shannon Tickler, Gene Gustafson, Dan Rye, Patti Nordquist, Sue Johnson, Barb Kakuk, Linda Buckmaster, Robin Leaveck, Ann Wagner, and Susan Masson. Front row: Sandy Raboin, Carla Granquist, Merri Hoijer, Bobby Jo Motto, Barb Paidl, Lisa Strazzinski, Grace Bigelow, Sandy Sederquist, Sandy Coney, and Roxanne Bust. 7712. S nn, . "wr 7Eat470a!Zd- P SmwlyS -Vice-p 20564-leaaeci-S '7ua4f4 -7 2oq'7etofu!-77 Damm70aZ!-Qfazauem lam? -2 Each year BOEC students compete in different categories of business, this years competition being held at Northern Michigan University in Marquette. Members could compete in up to three different competitions held hroughout the day. The top eight finalists in each category were recognized, with the top three receiving rophies and the fourth through eighth place winners receiving certificates. The following students earned rophies and certificates that day. Laurie Berger - 2nd place in Legal Occupations Clerk, Grace Bigelow - 7th place in Extemporaneous Verbal ommunications ll, Roxanne Bust- 2nd place in Prepared Verbal Communications l, 3rd place in information ommunications l, 7th place in Extemporaneous Verbal Communications lg Robin Eick - 4th place in Extem- oraneous Verbal Communications llg Merri Hoijer - 4th place in Receptionist, 7th place in Job lnterview lg Barb akuk - 6th place in Business Arithmetic: Patti Nordquist - 4th place in both Prepared Verbal Communica- ions I and Extemporaneous Verbal Communications lp Sandy Sederquist - 2nd place in Prepared Verbal Com- unications Ilp Shannon Tickler - 4th place in Business Arithmetic, 6th place in Information Communications lg ann Wagner - 2nd place in Accounting lg Donna Walli - 7th place in information lg Ruth Walli - lst place in eceptionist, 4th place in General Clerical ll, and recipient of a Diplomat Award for leadership ability. The spelling team, consisting of Kathy Cole, Gene Gustafson, and Barb Kakuk, earned a 6th place certificate. The parliamentary procedures team, consisting of Ruth Walli CChairmanJ, Tricia andrews, Grace Bigelow, Robin Eick, Rob Lavs, Sandy Sederquist, and Roy Vetort, placed 3rd. The following members then went on to place at the state convention held in Detroit. Ruth Walli - lst place in the Receptionist contest Bth place in the General Clerical ll contest Liane Brown and Linda Buckmaster - 3rd place for their bulletin board display Dick Strauss - 4th place in Job Manual- Pre-employed Grace Bigelow - 6th place in Extemporaneous Verbal Communications ll Robin Eick - 7th place in Extemporaneous Verbal Communications ll Donna Walli - 7th place in Chapter Activities Scrapbook category Stephenson's parliamentary procedures team earned a 7th place trophy. ln addition to the competition, state officer elections were held. Ruth Walli was installed as state parliamen- tarian for the 1982-1983 school year. i Congratulations BOEC members on your fine performances! 89 i Front row left to right: Tricia Andrews, Lara Palzewic, Ruth Walli, Shannon Tickler, Wendy Revall, Mary Hollsten, and Tracie Horie. Second row: Diane Noasconi, Sandy Raboin, Jayne Hummel, Sandy Leaveck, Kim Hargrove, Chris McMonigaI, Christen Morgenstern, and Advisor Greg Dausey. Third row: Jamie Kauppila, Liane Brown, Patty Nordquist, Gene Gustafson, Kin Nash, Pat Bresnahan, Roy Vetort, and Adrian Velasco 3 '23 N :is ,N ' Q ' Mi K i Hg! Top to bottom: Tricia Andrews, Vice-President, Jayne Hummel, Secretary, Lara Palzewic, President, Sandy Leaveck, Fund Raising Chairperson, and Liane Brown, Treasurer. 90 Advisor Greg Dausey an ' fzdevwlo W "Hi!" My name is Adrian Velasco, and I am from Ecuador. In Ecuador the weather is very different, we have snow, but not like here in Stephenson, it is in the mountains. I live in the capital city and my family is alittle big. There are six kids, I am the youngest. Here I stay with Mr. and Mrs. Cappeart, whom I want to thank in particular, for their help in hard moments, and for all moments we have enjoyed. I want to thank all the teachers for their help during this year and also to the AFS club for giving me the oppor- tunity to know new people. The school is different. I like how the people practice the sports here because it keeps the people together like one big body, "An Eagle." I think there are great people in Stephenson. I had a chance to meet some people and they are good persons, nother people didn't give me the opportunity to know hem, it is because they have a wrong idea about what AFS is. I would like the next year when another AFS stu- dent comes, you give to them a chance to know you bet- ter, and you will know what AFS really is. I had much enjoyment in Stephenson, and I thank you for the good time. I will miss everybody. ADIOS Hi Gang! My name is Christian Morgenstern and I m from Hamburg, West Germany. In my family at home I have besides my parents, Klaus and Marianne, two brothers and one sister. My brothers, Matthias, is 14 years old, Claus is 2 years old. My sister, Maike, is 13 years old. They are all as nice as their older brother is. Hamburg has a population of almost two million people. What a change when I came to Stephenson. But it was a big challenge, too. At first l missed my friends and certain activities which I had in Germany very much. Soon, I saw the big advantage of the small town life. All the nice people I met here. I never will forget them. There were so many who helped me, but I can only name a few. Special thanks to my host families, the Jim Bastians and the Ken Goldsmiths. I enjoyed them very much. Further more l want to thank Mr. and Mrs. LaCasse, Mrs. Rice and Mrs. Swan- son for their help. Now I'II take a look at the darker side of my experience. The school. I was really surprised how much I enjoyed the school here. The teachers were always very helpful and never lost their patience with me. In Stephenson I didn't have to work as hard as I had to back in Germany. In my school I have twelve different subjects a week. Concerning the students I would like to recom- mend that they involve the AFS'ers a little more in their activi- ties. Special greetings to "The Kid." ' I hope that the local AFS club will continue it's work for along time as successful as ever and it will get all the support it needs, including host families. It's a challenge. My future plan is to go to the university and to work for the government in foreign relations. You'll see again as soon as possible. Auf Wiedersehen 91 Back row left to right: David Kraus, Kurt Roemer, Chris Bor- ski. Second row: Jayne Hummel, Tina Revall, Roxanne Bust. Front: Ruth Walli. f -,.,.i,f, ---l:t11 " v,.N.-.Q-..v-Qx.f ,k PM AL,...:1 i ' QL amaze bl K is X t 7 -. .. - A T 92 Stephenson's High School Bowl Team. Mr. Kalhoefer Advisor This year, Stephenson's Hi-Q Team consists of 4 senior members and 3 junior members. In their first year of competi- tion are Senior member Dave Kraus, Junior members Chris Borski, Roxanne Bust, and Kurt Roemer. ln their second year of competition are three seniors Jayne Hummel, Tina Revall, and Ruth Walli. The Hi-Q Team competes 3 times, including a home meet on January 20. Stephenson also participated in High School Bowl this year. The four seniors went up to Marquette for the contest. if ' y Saad-enlq - Top row: Mike Tyrrell, Dave Kraus, Barb Kakuk, Lois Hendricksen, Jayne Hummel, Peg Kiszely, Adrian Velasco, Christian Morgenstern, Chris Borski. Front row: Ruth Walli, Wendy Revall, Tammy Thoune, Tricia Andrews, Sandy Sederquist, Brenda Wilson, Tina Revall, Mr. Kaufman Advisor. 0 .' , 2444 704364 , and z.'S1Si3+'?'ZffiJ -,,., mf 93 7.7, , l 5 E E i E E l l W W T- .. - Back row left to right: Bart Roubal, Joe Wagner, Jim Higgins, Roy Vetort, Brian Thoney, Dan Rye, Mark Halfrisch, Peter Thoune, Steve Andev son, Tom Philips. Third row: Jeff Eckert, Frank Vallie, Gerald Mellinger, Henry Granskog, Ed Roubal, Chris Beaudoin, Gary Plummer, an- Mark Mathias. Second row: Jim Revall, Andy Granskog, Steve Crossman, John Burie, Rhonda Walli, Tricia Andrews, Ruth Walli, Jean Grins teiner, Angie Johnson, and Scott Mitchell. Front row: Tim Martin, Penny Kiszely, Donna Walli, Ron Rivard, Karl Roemer, Advisor Scol McKay, Tina Philips, Ray Vetort, Kim Jessen, Kevin Swille, and Tom Zemba. 5 I i I l l I i i l . l I . I l l Back row left to right: Ruth Walli, Secretary. Jean Grinsteiner, Treasurer, Andy Green, Reporter, Chris Beaudoin, Sentinel, Bart Roubal, Vice-President, and Jon I Wagner, Jr. Sentinel. Front row left to right: Donna Walli, Jr. Reporter, Rhonda Walli AdV'S0" Mr- Scott McKay Jr. Vice-President, John Burie, Jr. Treasurer, Ed Roubal, President, and Tricia An drews, Jr. President. Missing: Missy Szabo, Jr. Secretary. 94 .WJ-Y. s 5 E 3 X Q Q i 2 a si Q-:nr Back row: Anne Bartels, Mary Zahorik, Cheryl lssacson, Kim Hargrove, Patti Nordquist, Sue Johnson, Sue Erickson, Shannon Tickler, Barb Kakuk, Chris Borski. Row 2: Tammy Ouimette, Tina Kolaszewski, Kim Haulotte, Brenda Nelson, Missy Olsen, Chris McMonigaI, Mary Ruttner, Melody Sundstrom, Wendy Revall, Advisor Mrs. Linderoth. Row 1: Lisa Myers, Bobbi-Jo Motto, Karen Kiraly, Briggetta Higgins, Sandi Harris, Tina Grinsteiner, Barb Paidl, Lisa Strazzinski, Mary Machalk. Cheryl Isaacson - Parliamentarian, Patti Nordquist - Reporter, Shannon Tickler - Treasurer, Kim Hargrove - President, Wendy Revall - Recreation Leader, Sue Johnson - Secretary, Sue Erickson - Vice-President, and Barb Kakuk - Historian. 14406444 74. .4 95 My - f I WML 1:3 Wada 7e.u'6ua'6e4 DecwD64w, '5'o1y,6z!4coze44oZeenca!dZaZeZq.'f'?ad www! 7ad4q64t4e4ecan4d4qz'464wee6 fda!! adm! 444 Jew due! due to ide 7'mczgaeeac4adc'dat'eaad4amez'd6a9Zc'6e fd64dae4w'Z4a46peaeae'2qd4g.f 79otaW4Zewz'6aeccvzdcwdczZaxa,4 7 Z6a67'm6aZaae!70eZ6czt'Zecwl!4e'zdaa4 Qgef 7752 ? 'gfamecamazg Zueem .Zcvwz 7746661166 K 3666 Kewlye 6cmd6dat'e4.- 245606 5666 Sd 2444646 20560: .lecwecd Pay Wetofzt Ima P46666-64 3666 Kcwtye Scwdq Seeing: 77ez'e 70495069 l?X2 fe, 75676 gezeeelfeafg Qfameeemriely Zvceere: Delfee .female Z Dean Scmeladf DOD Zcwdedezlee mae, may 7716444401544 QW Wlwwffe 77Zeeeq ?ma6aw Dean Seeded! Deffee Zmda ?cu'z'1y 'gaaemez fade 77Z0zeeue geeky 70ee9ezee Pat' Zeeman 5,7610 039 QQ X Q- mimi, J U Q, j gf gig M' Af' . YW 6606503 XO f-flddefdea DecwDdcvzq, 77zfu94z44W,,fMmz4em4zemzm9 7'ZZneae'z fafz9eL'z'd4ZZa4l4ecamla4aZ! 74a 5466 ,44cwwew1fw66d! 7umkd qammQmw 7cawuvzefeeZc1lfz'ad4q!7'm4a7a6a96l'ZZ mantle. 7'mc6u'cwz'a4a4n..4'cwZqeafzwe4coze 4cwla9aadz'cJme.7tcacw4aexe6tm7taZe Ze9a,4z'4e2m6Zefum.ZaefaqaweaZwaq4 Zau'6twcwaZamq4,4cm! or "", - f o A 5-'nf J . . -5 if - Q" QQ., .i. E. . 4, . 1' 1" 5-y'f4?P I, . X F f GH al 115 Q :Je If fl , f ' as A 3 , . 102 My X , 4 ww XJ. i 1- .'g I Q .JI S-?Xrw.Q'N' NA s X590 ' 4,5 V 2.,,ff-A 7 . x , 'Q ,Y-E5 1 1 , . Q F S 5' gy? W3 it X: i : f f V1 QQQIL ' 'V gy if QL N MXW4 f. fa ' .X Q- ,Q ff.-,',L '.x ,f Y ZA fi ,, :J ff' ff 1- 'N gif I , A H 5' e , - Lrg J4 'QQQ' V ff? fn g ff 6 21 1, 1 ,T Q I 49 Q 0 f 'a J 5 gill! 1' 5 X 11 7 1 ' ff X 1 f . . ff ' 4 1 I 'Q ,fi 9, v ' V sfg F f f 31 5 4,1 f gf? Q ff J 7-is . . . i x Q F I1 I . GQ U F2 K aff' QW. 7 MRSA Back row from left: Dave Cappaert, Jim Vincent, Jeff Vincent, Jim Lusardi, Jeff Lesperance, Scott Monette, Duane Chaney, Dave lmhoft, and Scott Hanson. Middle row: Coach Fowler, Duane Elsworth, David Beaudo, Todd Mathias, Mark Eckert, Richie Rost, Ron Borski, Rob Tharp, Mike Gustafson, and Kurt Wangerin. Front row: Art Hanson, Henry Granskog, Brian Dantinne, Kevin Crawford, Ken Peterson, Bill Hower, Eric Burmeister, and Kevin Peterson. S750 14 Marinette Central 6 14 Marinette Central 6 34 Bark River 34 22 Niagara 34 21 Oconto O 30 Menominee 36 28 Rapid River 32 21 Crystal Falls 36 32 North Central 12 4wins 4losses ltie Back row: Coach Bart Estola, Carlo Dishneau, Manager, Scott Van, Ron Mireau, Jeff Swanson, Brian Raether, Coach Dausey, Coach Usitalo. Middle row: Gary Plummer, Scott Rasner, Rich Dietz, Peter Thoune, Dennis Baumler, Brian Thoney, Jeff Eckert, Jim Ciochetto. Front row: Gerald Mellinger, Roy Vetort, Pat Breshahan, Scott Hummel, Jay DeMille, Ray Vetort, Jim Higgins, Ken Hower, Chris Beau- S7-'50 0 Forest Park 36 Bark River 30 Rapid River 48 Manistique 24 North Central O Marinette Central 26 Mid Peninsula 41 North Dickenson 104 6 . Patti Nordquist, Donna Wetthuhn, Debbie Lesperance, Diana Shampo, Grace Bigelow, Kim Hargrove if f X Zoned Em ma 4' E f, fx- ,,, , 1 I Ein X 'r FK ' , 'JXQV1 vb: ' -JW . f M ' Nl! ' 1 I V px f - . gm :inf fl 1 : K, V , sf' ' L 'ffl-M - . ,, , X in ' ' 11' 5' 'N 9 m .R ' X X . f 2017 Kew Welafzz' Www QW Z9 v ff cs W 47 Wagyu Ddildfk Q... . X . .LA . W Quaid Pm: em gzeadczdcuz gundam 41 Z a fz Z P dz 4, 6 ee df If Set gn One Scott nm 1 st Team Off. Qb. 81 def Off. center Def. linebacker Ron season: Ro Ron Ron n 7156 qw' 2 Back row from left: Niki Diehm and Trisha Jeschke, assistant coaches, Heidi Frankow, Jodi lhander, Kerry Devlin, Bonnie Brock, Lonni Boye Jessica Breyer, Melody Van, Kim Mathias, Shari Eatherton, Chris Lolaszewski, Jane Revall, assistant coach, and Coach Usitalo. Front row Michelle Groenveld, Jamie DeMiIIe, Tina Paronto, Wendy Rivard, Sally Kaczmarczyk, Jean Doboy, Kim Sederquist, and Cindy Grinsteiner. sag Wwe Back row from left: Coach Perry, Gail Hummel and Wendy Revall, assistant coaches. Middle row: Kerry Kuntze, Wendy Vetort, Candi Cogswell, Julie Palzewic, Virginia Grinsteiner, Sandy Nelson, Mikki Rasner, and Haili Cole. Front row: Pam Simon, Nancy Paul, Missy Frankow, Lori Eatherton, Becky Wangerin, Patti Baumler, Lorna Harris, and June Blom. 108 pry, gm' Back row from left: Pam Mathias, Brenda Baumler, Laurie Dietz, Tracie Parrett,Cheryl Ebsch, Roberta Raminger Kelly Kolaszewski. I-Ofeiia GI'if1Sf6if1SI'. Jane Revall, and manager Kris Harris. Frogt row: Erinn Burmeister, Niki Diehm, Lisa Strazzinski, Trisha Jeschke, Kim Kolaszewski, Donna Walli, Sue Strauss, and Laura Frederiksen. S7150 17 Menominee 38 24 Norway 57 15 Escanaba 45 30 North Central 34 30 Gladstone 40 26 North Dickinson 31 29 Mid Pen 34 24 North Central 29 24 Marquette 33 28 Norway 62 36 Gladstone 34 14 Menominee 40 37 Eben 22 25 Escanaba 49 37 North Dickinson 45 19 Marquette 34 23 Menominee 51 27 Marinette Cath. Cent. 33 28 Mid Pen 17 I Back row: Coach Frazer, Lisa Strazzinski"', Laurie Dietz", Chris Borski, Janis Mulzer, Chris Sullivan, Beth Thoney, Cheryl Ebsch' Trisha Jeschke'. Front row: Wendy Revall, Rhonda Walli, Gail Hurnel, Sandy Raboin, Brenda Ruiter, Tina Revall. 'Moved up to Varsity Squad for tournaments - tt i Ez. f..., e gri I 50 Norway 5 ,ttt, C 4 43 NorthiCentratf5 5 53 4 C 45 C Esganaba if 72 433C CC Gtadstone 542 i iie 4 C 4 Dickinson iCC 37 C , CC C,CCCC L34 he C i ltii' 'iii ti Cf-Wa' fss Marquette - 4825 5 4 Norway 54 C Gladstone 44 38 Meriiminee 60 59 Eben 61 46 iel Escanaba 69 64 Marquette 64 61 NorthfDticki ig5Ei6n C 59 C Q if W ' Marinette Cath. Cen.Cgf 58 4 C CC Mid pea CCCCCCC 69 ii e - 64 Kingsfqfd 58 it CCC 82' Iron Mountain 61 5 - 40 St. lgnace eee, 55 4 4 'km 74oneq feud! 'zendcz 44164 Padua, Ente: ' +., A , ...E f,4'??' 0195 mv we 7156 6 gage' Z' Back row from left: Karl Walli, Ron Wery, Scott Gilbert, Jeron Tebo, Mike Johnson, Bob Tatrow, Cary Lesperance, Bill Parrett, Brad Harris, Jim Kauppila, Chuck Cappaert. Front row: Jamie Crawford, Tom Oliver, Tony Newlin, Carl Hanson, Randy Grinsteiner, Steve Parrett, Lonnie Harris, David Massoni, Heath Hamblen, Scott Schuette, and Joe Vallie. 674 6 Zaye' 2 is-sfiivi V, , Back row from left: Greg Bastien, Mike Lueskow, Wally Dietz, Pat Benson, Greg Tatrow, Paul Massoni, Randy Matty. Front row: Coach Estola, Tim Garrison, Kris Wangerln, Bill Swanson, Jeft Thoney, Rory Mireau. Jeff Foley, and John Dantinne. 3 Left to Right: Debbie Hanson, Kris Kolaszewski, Terri Roubal, Sherri Eatherton, Michelle Wangerin, Wendy Rivard. 1 Left to Right: Lisa Mathais, Debbie Londo, Nancy Kedsch, Marissa Jerzyk, Shannon Koller, Kathy Rivard .........,,..1.,..1q Back row from left: Scott Hanson, manager, Bill Spring, Jim Vincent, Chris Phillips, Art Hanson, Rob Tharp, manager, John Upton, and Steve Vetort, Front row: Coach Fowler, Ken Peterson, Bob Brabec, Bruce Raboin, Jim Lusardi, Dave Cappeart, Jeff Lesperance, and Steve Brock. S750 13 Menominee 56 39 Gladstone 44 47 Marinette Cath. Cen. 72 55 Marquette 70 48 Menominee 31 75 Mid Pen 19 67 Munising 62 58 Escanaba 80 56 Escanaba 67 48 Escanaba 76 74 West Iron 48 62 Menominee 49 45 Marquette 84 35 Gladstone 66 115 fy. 'gage' 3 Back row from left: Dan Strauss, Galen Goldsmith, Tony Paidl, Richie Rost, Duane Chaney, Don Lusardi. Front Row6Dan Machalk, Todd Mathias, Scott Monette, Ron Mireau, Kurt Wangerin, Rob Hummel, Jeff Klienke, and Dar- ren ysti. 6 'Z 4 6 ffl 6 6 5 D 604 S7-'SO Menominee Marinette Cath. North Central Marquette Menominee North Dickinson Mid Pen Munsing Escanaba Escanaba Republic North Central Esanba Mid Pen West lron Menominee Marquette Gladstone North Dickinson Back row: Coach Fazer, Dan Rye, John Labs, Mike Tyrrell, Steve Elliott, Jeff Koutnik, Gene Gustafson, manager. Front row: Scott Van, Bria Raether, Tim Kuntz, Ken Dietz, Rich Dietz, Bob Norquist, Jim Ciochetto V fs :Mele Zewtfdvz W alll! ' 118 SSSHS SHS S335 SHS SHS SHS SHS S SHS SHS ss-as sus sus sz-as SHS SEQ Menogmnee S S Me'1Qm'nee SS S SS North DickinsSorgSS H 2!kQiq PenisuIa S - S SSS A SS SSS S S Wektiron County Menominee Marquette Gladstone North Dickinson Zoned YW 7 -1 M K 6 03 4a WZ da 76 0 Z f 120 3 4 a Z D 4 an gg V' fy X, f SZ 'L f 'IMI A4 X37 ,L W ' -1 f' lf N I Nl ' J 6 wx I Rl 'C , G05 J X: V L Q X w X ak' 79577 cam Back row: Tricia Andrews, Jean Grinsteiner, Sue Erickson, Tina Kolaszewski, Missy Oldsen, Tammy Thuine Robin Eick. Middle row: Coach Dausy, Debbie Hoots, Rhonda Walli, Laurie Dietz, Chris Sullivan Sandy Ra boin, Sandy Leaveck. Frnt row: Ruth Walli, Laura Frederiksen, Chris Borski, Tina Revall, Lara Palzewic 79? 7 feudte 13 Menominee: 74, Coleman: 42, Stephenson: 40 Cat Colemanj 23 Stephenson: 80, Gladstone: 34 Cat Gladestonej 35 Stephenson: 98V2, Rapid River: 51, Republic: 42V2 North Central: 36 Cat Rapid Riverb 47 Peshtigo: 112M, Oconto Falls: 67, Stephenson: 44 Crivitz: 13V2 Cat Crivitzj 53 Florence: 77, Stepheson: 46, Cat Florenceb 63 Stephenson: 102, Niagara: 77w, Crivitz: 37 Wausakee: 7V2 Cat Niagaraj Regionals at Munising: third of five teams U.P. Finals, at Marquette: fourth of sixteen teams 5444462 400 meters: Debbie Hoots 1:01.81 High Jump: Laurie Dietz 4' 9" 400 Relay: Chris Sullivan 52.72 Becky Mayer, Debbie Hoots, Robin Team Total Points in one Meet 102 Individual Total Points in a Season Robin Eick 89V2 mm WX! 2?aqa' Top row: Jim Higgins, Gerald Mellinger, Chris Veaudoin, Bob Phillips, Steve Elliott, Bill Duca, Mark Zuern, Jeff Kleinke, Kevin Hendricksen Row 2: Steve Crossman, Pat Breshnahan, Scott Hummel, Ken Dietz, Jeff Eckert, Duane Chaney, Ron Mireau, Dick Strauss. Row 1: Jett Swan son, Scott Rasner, Scott Van, Steve Hummel, Rich Dietz, Rob Hummel, Coach Lord, 4-23 5 .Se L .,' fb fQ21ff on , 74 , , Zoned cw! 123 az46t'qm- 1 mi V 21 .., 1 Y JA' E? f g 'J ' 1 4 43' g WE nw 5 f vf Q. v"'l Xxf , ski! N1 5 A Q, .v 'g x .fi X W 3' b 1,5 , M' I f 'QW 5 My at I if I Wed ' P f 1' ,I 7,1 , f ,, Q me 4 s A , A44-XA M WWW, EX 'wg X px , 1 ,Q ww W m, K M K' , 'im , 10" ,f""' Mary Zahorik Tammy Ouimette DeeDee Hoots Mary Berzsenyi Tanna Barstow Jessy Palzewic Kim Kramer Brigitta Higgins Heidi Kruhmin Barbara Schultz Coaches Scott Van Brian Raether Kevin Parrett .-0? .-0 Mary Gromala Kathy Behnke Sally Dahl Lynann Schultz Tina Kolaszewski Brenda Nelson Cheryl Groeneveld Tammy Rivard Theresa Rivard Sandy Harris Gina Cogswell Coaches Dan Machalk Dan Strauss Todd Mathias I I I I .-0 Lara Palzewic Tammy THoune Jayne Hummel Peggy Kiszely Laurie Berger Ruth Wall Sandy Corey Grace Bigelow Lois Hendricksen Barb Kakuk Judy Berzsenyi Mary Brown Jean Grinesteiner Tricia Andrews Sandy Leaveck Debbie Hazen Tina Philipps Roxanne Bust Debbie Lesprance Julie Newlin Maria Upton Liane Brown Carol Feher Patti Nordquist Jami Kauppila ,gm ., G . , Mme: ,sf-i:-. :-.Q ..,,. gf: . s g . M -we , K ...x I:-1, ,iNfi'lSfQNrsQws. 1-H. 1 S 49 ,mfr x 4 "2T aNLlNi?! 5' 5 S gi f J if -. if ' fiivrh-'ON ' 1 L W T. .. ii in I , , M' 2 2 x -N f'is55g1fQ1:ff ' ' 1 1-'.f'-fgax is sei if f i ,,,,, U M M kkhk W a , , fe-f,.eff.:::em::::wmumn""- ' wan W H'm'Y' J JJ 1 1 1 2 1 1 8 127 1 ' 'x N. fm i ' XXX Q A, . 54-9-lug,-, Axe:-F ,il-4 6 I wb, AUJYD Sv 6? Can GHS and Aclver'55emenT6 129 Congratulations Seniors! MARINETTE MARINE J conPonA1'loN Marinette, Wisconsin 130 S Q x 5 Q F Q 'K . 5 : 9 5 .X f ns l 5 I 1 In 'Qx q , n. 3' Sa 5 X I ,n ,x f fi' k k K A in 'X 'M R gg ,, i xv ,QFYSK 'M E . .LT gi ,Q mg' 'shjin fain -'-MM , ww , Q2 an A " - P' g 1 . Wmmw " ,N 1 "5 "m,..,... 4 3 3 ' I ' ' , 42 , may 4 l ' , . ,. . ., Q as K sw' 1 ? . ,Q fN""'H"NNrx ' fi K in . K 7.11: 1. rv ---. ,,-vu ,xg 'A - '-'f ' ,- 1 xv if ' K X K r2Q:"4 ,K S :W .N K' L.: k We Gag- X if J f,., gm? 4 2 Q' Sus X 1 Bus 19061863-5587 Res 19061 863-5033 Registered Representative JERRY L. BECK 2012 10th Street Menominee MI 49858 INVESTORS DIVERSIFIED SERVICES INC. IDS LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Lanai? 8 61,3 1 I , CENTER Q Ca ls M new show DYIVG. 44, Q Q5 ....:,::'z'::g,VSzf',-:::':' VERY 9 esve gat lt Mi? .S I "' an I I Good Luck Seniors '82 Tlph Compliments of BOREN CLINIC 1510 Main Street Marinette, Wisconsin 54143 FELDSTEIN JEWELERS 1529 Main ette, Wisconsin 54143 AN UL THE ANSUL COMPANY, MARINETTE, WI 54148 Part of VA' Wormald International Group D 81B FURNITURE OUTLET INCORPORATION 1300 38th Ave Menomlnee Mlchlgan 49858 I T M E K xisvgj , Elf... Vw ff' Ebfi, -v ,Q-Gif .. I xi :ki iY1 1' 5 Q 5 I A I N Quality tvngisslnytx ' I I Insurance Iliff-xv 'nur M A A v Since 1909 STEPHENSON INSURANCE AGENCY nlrpllnl llurrnn IGIII vu-vu: vu Ign- PHIL ZWERGEL, Agent Stephenson, Michigan Phone 753-4747 or 863-7071 MARINETTE CAMERA FAIR Photographic Headquarters In Store Color Print Processing D t M ' tt OVID OWI1 aflne E Phone 41151 735-6101 LARRY S RED OWL 1439 Main St. Marinette, WI 54143 and 1617 10th Ave. Menominee, MI 49858 '4'ff09"44447ww- aan gm 7'l6ead.- aww Sweeldeafzlx gow' 74004556 7e4c4m ,L f , ., f hi, f nm Tzjvi , 11, my I , L., . HH ,391 f"fQ , . ff ff? Q h1iY',u,:,3i,i' X Y f-um: A , fp 1 4 . 4 1 5 Q' y ,, Y , f , W 4 fm 32' 'AL Z', ' vi' s 'f f 'mm Q I " . ug Mx uv ,, er 'ha , 'Ffa 1,5 . .W ,Z V+! 5 Mar 5 , - A ff Wa W1 we A Q, , wr 4 A .MN 4 4 wy- ,A 3, A I --s I 5 W, La A 4 ik 9 5 Qyfl Sh ld y b k 5 T 0 IC Congratulations on that diploma. lt is the key to many opportunities. Our experienced staff is here to help with your major financial decisions, as you take advantage of those opportunities, that enable you to reach your ultimate goal in life. WE WISH YOU SUCCESS. FIRST NATIUNAL BANK and TRUST OF MENOMINEE ' 1 141 Ijolvywl cw, . p f0M To Tweedle-Dee, To my bestest friend. Remember look- ing at a magazine and saying "warput warpould darpoo arpif tharpat lar- parpened tarpoo iarpoo. Arpi tharpink arpi warpound fararckl What a Polack. Thanks for always being there when I need you. Love, - Tweedle-Dum l'li:'ll3ll ACIZS Dear Dear, We've had a lot of great times together. Remember our crazy driver. Never tell anyone all that I've told you. Your the best friend I ever had. I don't know what l'd have done without you. Love Honey To Our Fellow Chem II Sufferer's and Mr. Nordin, Well we made it through with only two casualties. We may have red marks under our eyes but we've learned that mixing salt with water just may blow up in our face. Thank-you Mr. Nordin for putting up with our Senioritis. Sue J. Love, Your the best friend anyone could ever have! and We have a lot of great memories! Lets make a lot The Pen Squirter more and keep in touch! Best Friends Forever Sue E. Your one of the best Very special Indeed Remember all the times we ve had and lets add a lot more And if I ever walk across Remember falling in the bathtub and kicking the water on? And falling ln that mud puddle? And afterwards eating cold chicken? To Weiner, Thanks for being a friend. lane pushing me in the watery Remember T.R and the ? What a "party"! Remember the "big hole." Polack Lara, Lois, Grace, and Jean Thanks for all the wonderful school memories May you futures be filled with happiness. Tammy To L. B. Let's keep the good times rolling and enjoy ourselves. You've even given me the courage needed to do a lot of things. R.E. To My Annual Staff, H H , g fs----., Good Work MAYNARDS! Have a good sum- 5, T ' ' ' ""' merand THANK You. Hi 1 'ngfgf R J Barbler mgxsg dv i Thanks for the pizza. -A f,- .-. ,L A.S. X V Q J ttH g...- K 8 . ,X Remember Halloween night! Wasn't it great A A 1 l LL S f Mule ., ij L V . Q 0 p ,. ear Madam Editor: Ib Remember this annual. All the suffering we've had to make it Q 'G ' ppen, - the headaches from the buzzer and the basketballs uncing. Trying to move our room - the poor destl! All the S adIines??? The Wed. we worked late - a great pizza!!! It was a 'eat year, for our last. See you on the slopes. A from your obedient worker, Jr. g fn iq 'lv X f " xg , 1 ,bard 4' 4 vga Dad , get . 0 x Ai il P Qi' Q1 5 R 9 M iami g T J in W 1 fa? ,', l Q A M From n Fe- Fe and Ma HHDD AdS To Lara, Good luck in the future with John and college. Thanks for all the Pep talks and the encouragement you gave me. from your sister Jessy 41? Q s P - e Remember when me, you, and D.D. painted the house then got the bomb stuck? Fun hey! Take care of your pickle, too. Friends Always, P - e 146 To Ruth, Good luck in college and in the future . . .l Love, Donna and Rhonda yi wwf. if To Chris M. We have to go smelt fishing more often. from Mary To the Main Maynard, You better put all the things that you tool: back! We all know that you are the one losing ou: stuff, sure can't be us. Your Loving Staff To: Poogle To my bestest friend. Thanks for the fun and support during my "depressment." Don't sit on Mainard and don't forget Bob. Never say "What we hit" or sleep on a truck! Quit racing and sleeping in my chair. from Tweedle-Dee To Laura F. Just put it on the insurance. They'II never know. From Mary To Bobby Jo: Let's go out to Chesters and fight J. S. From Mary To Nummy: Never forget those Friday nights bar-hopping in tick- tocks car. And the time Keith and Sandi made me laugh so hard I almost didn't make it. Love Ya Mo ...A To Jeff H. Let's not blow it! From Mary W' W 'W ua... X,.. New - ,a .. '--.. xi! To Coach Dausey: Thanks to you l'm where I am now lin the weight roomy. I never would have gotten as far as I have without you. Thanks for being a slave driver. Love, Robin 147 .WR RS 5 engine parts, inc. ,,, 1731 Industrial Parkway v Marinette, WI 54143 STEPHENSON TRUE VALUE HARDWARE AND LUMBER General Contractors Complete Building Supplies Plumbing and Heating Phone 753-2227 Congratulations Seniors MARINETTE MARINE CCDRPCRATION 5 Q715Q732-9455 AJ . Z m if wel: Sha e Q, Y .9 PP X X JEWELRY 81 GIFTS 148 TL KYM POGRANT 1702 MBII1 Sl. x"'f Owner Marinette, WI 54143 Svinicki Tile and pet SQ 'L , - K ' El A 3 Q 'X X: .- : ,... , , Sz, ffofsm P k e eene oeoo 1 , .: Ei? k..k. 'f fm Q ' .AL'. . 'wen .... K . ,, ,, :g g L ' ies ,,,. , zix L, J e 4 ,making your house a home.' .sv"""' THE STIJRE Mill Street Stephenson, MI 49887 CN rodman Industries mc resnnwood dnvusron - box 76 - marmette, wa 541413 MILLER'S ACTION OFFICE SUPPLY Office Furniture and Supplies Typewriters, Calculators, Wedding Invitations, Copiers 705 First Street Menominee, MI 49858 THE ENGINE SHOP Lawn 81 Garden Service Lawn Boy, Bolens, Poulan Chainsaws and Ariens "We Serve What We Sell and Most Others" 2435 13th St. Menominee, MI Phone: 863-8569 Congratulations 1982 Seniors W STEPHENSON BAKERY tat Phone: 753-6316 4 Q LONG EQUIPMENT co. I g as , g , ttttttt at tttc 2731 Tenth Street w'swL ttttat 7 ttlit Menominee,MI49858 ,fb 'lf stlss g ses-5268 5 tr.a, f il I - DAN EKSTROM D.D.S 781 West Drive Menominee, Michigan 49858 .1 I A ".....-..., M-4 .. 44, .'v..,.,,-- PETROLEUM COMPANY 5400 13th Street Industrial Park Menominee, Michigan 49858 We Would Like fo be Your Banker: FGl'lTl6l'S 81 M6l'ChCll'lfS BGIIK 81 Trust Ludingfon S+. Marinehie The Bank Thai' Serves Boih Sides of 'ihe River Member F.D.l.C. 151 m INDUSTRIES, INC. 5600 N. 13th Street Box 208 mee, Mlchlgan 863-4401 STEPHENSON FAMILY RESTAURANT Homecooking and Takeout Orders Open 7 Days a Week Phone: 753-4506 BRISSETTE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY BlLL'S Mqbi I MOBIL SERVICE Stephenson, MI 49887 3101 Tenth sneer Phone I CQ-A Menominee,Ml49ssa 49061863-4428 if M 715-735 71 Men PAUL srumos D.'SELi'2' 82 REDPATH AND MASON 906 1st Street Menominee, MI 49858 52 1906, asa-2653 PHOTOGRAPHY Ph I 9 Ph 1605 Marine ain Street tte, Wisconsin 54143 24 Hour Nursing Service Phone: qsoey 753-4981 Rome 1 Box 59 ROUBAL NURSING HCME Jewelry Diamonds Jewelry 81 Watches Gifts f xwfk im. I HORVATH'S JEWELRY r MERLAINES Downtown Marinette Wisconsin we is 1 5 s X , . S X Junior Fashions Missy Fashions Bridal Wear Z, Compliments of N V HonvA-n-rs SUPER vALu 1, X F , . f n we N ' Stephenson, MI 49887 Law Offices of BARSTOW, SELSOR 81 BARSTOW P.C. First National Bank Building Menominee, Michigan 49858 STEVEN GEO. BARSTAW Telephone L. GRANT SELSOR 19061 863-9959 JEFFREY G. BARSTOW 153 Congratulations Class of '82 STATE FARM INSURANCE CCMPANY STATE FARM INSURANCE gg Auto , 0 Q0 GEORGE STAQUET 1604 13th St. Menominee, MI 49858 MENOMINEE ABSTRACT AND LAND CO. 945 First Street Menominee, Michigan 49858 Serving All Your Abstract and Title Insurance Needs BEN FRANKLIN Stephenson Michigan Congratulations Class of 82 BOB S AUTO REPAIR Transmission Service Brakes Engine Overhauls Phone: qsosy 753 2544 Highway 41 srephenson lvu49as1 aa yi ' S! H? X X .wf,,i:?-' 1" ' 5"'Y'i55if1 A ii S I h . b sts' H RED'S STANDARD SERVICE Stephenson, Michig Ph -753 4703 Best of Luck ' STEPHENSON PHARMACY and the BUZZARD'S NEST GIFT SHOP Menominee County The 'Serving Menomlnee County Slnce 1893" ANDERSON AUTO USED CARS AND RV SALES INC. Travel Trailer Parts Used Cars and R V 's Ph asa 2681 M M h g 49858 Phone: 1906!-753-2296 To Start a Subscription Stephenson, MI 49887 Q i' N5 f '5 5 1 -51: T f-if WHL W9 'WW 'V-' 'W""""' A my S "Serving the Financial Needs of Menominee County Since 1902" BANK 0F STEPHENSCN Stephenson, Michigan 49887 906-753-2225 DiI'eCfOl'S Herbert W. Corey Norman Dolsky Harry Westrich Bruce Crandall Vincent Peterson Clayton Roubal Francis Menacher Loren Hulsizer Eugene Phillips Officers Herbert W. Corey, Chairman of the Board Francis D. Menacher, President Vincent Peterson, Vice-President Roger A. Freis, Cashier Gordon Herson, Assistant Cashier Alice Anderson, Assistant Cashier Dennis P. Grinsteiner, Assistant Cashier and Auditor Theodore J. Jenkins, CarneylNadeau Branch Manager Banking That ls Building Menominee County With Offices at Stephenson and Carney I Congratulations Seniors PHYLLIS' HAIR F LAIR Latest Style for Entire Family Stephenson, Ml 49887 PAT'S MOBIL AND STAPLES GRILL 753-4791 Stephenson, MI 49887 I MELLINGER INSURANCE AGENCY Insurance of All Kinds Hwy 41 Stephenson MI 49887 6' "W: ,gf ,NS 'le MONETTE'S 0 GLEN MOTORS SOLAN DER'S INC. For All Your Home RB 648 Us 41 Appliance Needs and Elmwood Rd. Menominee, MI 49858 Shphh 9 , 49887 Business Ph 1906! 863-5593 ummm VII"-11.22" VILLAGE LUNCH TB Home Cooking-and . Hon:-mllllzglf-,Pres MID-COU NTY VETERINARY CLINIC Stephenson, Michigan I NADINE'S TOY SHOP AND CRAFT SUPPLIES Menominee, Ml 49858 ASSOCIATED PENINSULA TITLE 81 ABSTRACT CO. Abstracts of Title Title Insurance B t Y I t I tg t R rue A. Karb B b ra R. Klltzk Cheryl A. Wagner 863 7871 1000 9th St. M 1 1 Q 'rl-lYBERG's 1639 Main Stree D t M I 5 tt 'wk MI 9" lf AltEyJl Autographs Taylor Publishing Company lnsd

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