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sa 3 A if Z 5. lf, ii ii 4 SE 5 v 2 X v 1 v n , i n V. . -.,. 1' f. lv-gy "3"'lll'Ui 5 3, :shi 'Z' Iii Rf. , nr .3 X! f' X 3 Q Wig 53 in M N-,H iw. .Sr A if , ,.., "" ,yi SA- . -1""Sx 3 .,,, 3 A if S' fix ff' if W 1: If , 5. ,H .QA V KA ? nr 3. 1. -gg if gf, af 0 Q'-5i'K ,WA me Memorial May we pause in this, our graduate year to remember Ronnie Morin, a classmate who was taken from our circle of friendship by an accident eight years ago. Ronnie came to Stephenson from Schaffer in 1944. He was in the fifth grade. Ronnie had brown hair and laughing brown eyes to go with a sunny personality. Those who knew Ronnie will never forget him and the happy school days together. Dedication We, the class of '57, dedicate this annual to the Administration of Stephenson High School, Mr Ioseph B. Gucky, Superintendent: and Mr. Gerald C. Martin, Principal. Under their skillful guidance we, as individuals, as a class, as a school and as a community, have progressed in education, recreation, community social activities, and in many other areas. As a token of appreciation for the contribution of their time and energy in striving for progress and a better school system, we dedicate this annual to them and whole heartedly thank them. N md 15' A AVLL ,mf 1, Q , , Q, if 1 7? 'ii 55. . liz Q l- WT, Q. New 1 ig. A ., Q sz 'if . E :ii F252 ,ici lim, 4 i ?1g.ff,fff? 5,-'QQ gg? 'fsl :.'u,.,f. 5-gr Aa: 1, . -fi,','3f:...?3' ' f. 'lfwiiif' 2' . 1 'M'127 i, i "Gigi, f, ' f, L Nfffff ,, 579: - ,. ,. . .. ff, 'SEQ . ff f - nw-. 4. J. .7 .wi gm -. ,. fs .. .154 I 7 I lv, . - W, Z ' sg , 5 259 . A Q z - K AS' , g A ,v -':. -,,,-FY vt ,sq 5 . ,.. , ,L E tw r I , wa , ' , t 11. ,QQ . ., " , ,. ...l-H ' Ax. .rv . U iigkg, ,j 1 ,Q 1 , .SM 3 4' 1.1 f , 2 x P , ,, ff Q if sf 5-S, ' 1155 5 -nf 3 .. A -al . Q., ,N naw- ww N '5 4-A fm 2 - ' H 4 P , fi, . H f L ,. Q 1 Q. ' ff' f , f' , S - K' ,Q f, w J . X S w ere . K A f . , - LL qgfw K- r Q L . , . P -' 55- L i ' 9 'K Q imyy 'Q i Y A ' ..., . 4 1 5' Michael Martin, Trustee: Charles Donaldson, Ir., Trustee: Axel Highdale, Treasurer: Dr. P. R. Carroll, President: Herbert Corey Secretary: Ioseph Gucky, Superintendent. School Board Mr. Herb Corey and Doctor P. R. Carroll are the oldest members on the board. Mr. Corey has served for twenty-one years and Doctor Carroll for twenty. Both of these men are life time residents of the village of Stephenson and are solicitous about its welfare. They recognize the truth that "a good school means a go od community". Stephenson High School is happy to extend to these members its gratitude for their continued interest and unselfish devotion for the ad- vancement of our school and community. Office We are happy to have Mrs. Roberts as secretary in the principal's office . This is her iirst year at Stephenson, how- ever, we hope that she will continue at her job for many years to come. Staff Stephenson High School has been pri- vileged to have Mrs. Hanson as the Sup't secretary again this year. She has been with our school for eleven years . We wish to say thank you Mrs. Hanson for the help you have given to each of us at one time or another. IU LEFT TO RIGHT Al Schultz George Lienna Leonard Dziedzlc, Art Kayser, Mike Grinsteiner, lim Szabo, Bud Sundstrom Clarence Plut hak Melvin We at S. H. S. are grateful to our time cook, Mrs. Alice Lesperance, and janitor, Mr. Greg Bayee . Mrs . Lesperance spends many hours in pre- paring meals that are nourishing and taste like mothers' home cooking to us students. Mr. Bayee puts in many hours a day to keep our school a tidy place for the students and faculty. k 75 2 , we A A W NL 12351, ,Km 'id' ffvrgf 'nj 9' f?hFi?f'A" """ , ,, , , 3 w"'m'mM4af?Wk W vii m' L , L V W ?,f" L" w. - fi- , g AE, mf -IN CHOWN nce Band, Instrument Music s 10 BETH BROWN Cheerleading Advisor, Librarian, Chair- man of Scholarship Committee, Cre- ative Writing. 1 ROBERT ERICKSON A A nn 4 KENNETH ANDERSON Junior Advisor ROLAND GILLEN 7th Advisor ' ., GUSS LORD Varsity Basketball Coach, Assi- stant Football Coach, Head Tr- ack Coach, Assistant Basketball Coach, Athletic Director, 7th Boys' and Girls' Gym Class. WALFRED GRANSKOG F. F. A. Advisor CHARLES MENKE STEVE POPOVICH FRANK STUPAK Annual Advisor, School Daze Ad- visor, Photographer, Sr. Play, Pag eant . MRS. SOLANDER 7th Advisor EDWARD RUTKOWSKI Jr. High Basketball Coach, Sth Advisor. IAMES SHORT Sr. Advisor IAM ES POZZA Head Basketball Coach, Assist- ant Track Coach, Varsity Football Coach, I. V. Basketball Coach, ' 1 1 w dl , 5 5 , lzlwfgi' ' fi , 13 IOHN SUNDQUIST ROBERT VOELKER Working hard Mr. Popovich, Voelker, and Mr. Erickson? FRANCES WEIGAND CONAN FISHER 1521 :Li-'ffz-' l'3'lif'Z,,iE35tEEJIi lf4f'f Q IACK AH SMAN RICHARD AN HALT FFA 1-2-3-4. Football 2, Basketball 3, Track 2-3-4, Choir 2-3-4, Annual Staff 4 , Dramatics 3-4. DELORIS BICHEL Basketlfxll 1-2-3, 4-H 1-2, Dri- vers Training 2, Dramatics l-2, C. Y. O. l-2-3-4, Annual Staff 2-4, School Daze Staff 4, Cheer- leader 1-2-3-4, Choir 1-2-3-4. KAT HLEEN BLAHNIK Glee Club l-2-3, Drivers Training 2, Girls' Sodallty 3-4, Girls' Bas- ketball l -2 . ALTON BERQ UTST Football 1-2-3-4, Basketball l- 2-3-4, Baseball 1-2-3-4, Choir 4, Vice-President 3, Treasurer Z- 4, Dance Band 3-4, Band 4. GERALD CAPPAERT Football 1-2-3-4, Boys' Quartett 2-3, Special Ensemble 4, Choir l-2-3-4, Dramatics 4, Track 2- 3. WALTER DEPATIE ball 1-2, Track 3-4. BHITY DAVIS Football l-2, Choir 3, Basket- 4-H 1-2, Drivers Training 4. IESS CAYLOR FFA1 2 3-4, Drivers Training 1. VERNA BAUMLER ROBERT BEAUDOIN Basketball 1-Z, Cheerleader 1-2. FOOUJEII1 1-2-3-4. Choir 2-3-4, IU DY BOGDAN Cheerleader 1-2-3-4, Choir 1-2- 4, Class Secretary 1, Home- coming Court 3, Spanish Club 2, School Daze 4, Drivers Training 3. Track 3, Dramatics 3. BERNICE BRIGHT Cheerleader 1-Z-3-4, Choir 3-4, Band l-2' 3-4, Annual Staff 4, School Daze Staff 4, Spanish Club 2, Class Secretary 4, Ap- prenticeTeaching3, Basketball 1, Homecoming Court 4. IAME S C RAN DALL President 1-2-3, 4-H l-2-3-4, Football 1, Basketball 1, Base- ball 1-2, Prom King 3, Choir 3, Dramatics 2-3 . FRANCES DROESE Cheerleader 2-3-4, Vice-Pres- ident 1, F. H. A. 1-2-3-4CPres- ident 3-41, Spanish Club 2-3-4, Dramatics 3-4, Annual Editor 4, School Daze Staff 3-4, Choir 1- 2-3-4, Apprentice Teaching 4. WAYNE DIRKMAN Vice-President 1, Pep Band 3-4, Dance Band 3-4, Band 2-3-4, Football 1-2, Basketball 1-2, Student Cotmcil 4, Wolverine Boys' State 2 . KENNETH GUSTAPSON Band 1 2 Basketball 1 C. Y. PHILLIP ECKSTROM Senior Band 1-2-3-4, Choir 1-2- 2-3 , Student Council 1-3-4fTreas- urer 31, Octette 3, Special Vo- cal Ensemble 3-4, Spanish Club 2-4, C. F. C. 1-2-3-4fPreSide-nt 41, Driver Training 3. JANET Bsaaooxc Choir 1-2-3-4, Band 1-2-3-4, Class Treasurer 3, Class Sec- retary 2, Dramatics 3-4, A Cap- pella 4, F. H. A. 1-2, Spanish Club 2-3, M. Y. F. 1-2-3-4. HARLAN GRUENSTERN Basketball 1-2-3-4, Track 1-2- 3-4, Baseball 1-2-3-4, Football 1-Z, Student Council 2-4, M. Y. P. l-2-3-4, Varsity Club 3-4. IO ANN HODOBAS Choir 1-2-3-4, 4-H 1-2, Sex- tette 2-3-4, ACappe.lla 3-4, Spe- cial Ensemble 3-4, Band 1-2, Dramatics 3-4, Prom Queen 3, Senior Carnival Queen 4, Cheer- leader 4. DONALD IVES Football 4, Basketball l 2 3 Baseball 3-4, Track l 2 3 4 P. F. A. 1-2. ELHANOR KOLLER ROBERT LABS Apprentice Teaching 3, Choir l- Football 1-2-3-4, Basketball 1- 2-3, 4-H 1-2-3, Drivers Train- 2-3-4, Varsity Club 3-4, Accor- ing 3, Sodality 1. dlon Lessons 2-3, Y.P. S. 4lTreas- urer 41. DONNA FILIBECK Student Council 1, F. H. A. 1, Office 4, Annual Staff 4, School Daze Staff 4, 4-H l-2, Appren- tice Work 3, Girls' Sodality l- 2-3. DON FORGETTE Secretary 1-2, Football 1, Bas- ketball 1, Athletic Manager 2, Baseball 1-2 , Drivers Training 2 , Dramatics 2 . LOIS IVES 0Lr1-2-3-4, C. F. C. 2-3. School Daze Staff 4, 4-H l-2. BEVERLY HOFER Choir 1-2 -4, Drivers Training 3. RAY HUBBARD Football l-2-3-4, Basketball 1- 2-3-4, Track 1-2-3-4, Treasurer 1-2, Varsity Club 3-4, School Daze Staff 4, Student Council 3, Apprentice Teaching 3, Carnival King 4. JANET JOHNSON Chealeader l-2, Basketball 1-2, Treasurer 1, Vice-President 2, B. Y. P. 1-2-3-4, Annual Staff 2. SO PHIA LaPOINT MARILYN LARSON Apprentice Teaching 3-4, Choir Choir 1-2-4, Band 2-3-4, Span- 2, Principal Office 4. ish Club 3, Girls' Basketball 1- 2, Dramatics 1-2, Annual Staff 2 , Drivers Training 2 . , , , 1 if 5 Senior Band 1-2-3-4, Choir 1-2- EDWARD PICH E Football 1-2, Basketball 1-2, Choir 3 Boy Scouts 1-2, F. F. BARBARA MELCHOIR Choir l-2-3-4, Senior Band 2-3- 4, Dramatics 3-4, Vice-Pres- icient 2, Sextette 2-3-4, Cheer- leader Z, Dance Band 3-4, Stu- dent Director Senior Band 3, Span- ish Club 2-3-4, A Cappella Choi: 3-4 . SUE MOUFORD Choir 1-2, Drivers Training 3, 4- H 1-2-3, A Cappella Choir 2. A PATRICIA RIVARD Class Secretary l-Z, 4-H l-2-3, Basketball 1-2, Cheerleader 1- 2 , Spanish Club 3, Junior Lead- er 3. HAROLD OYSTI Basketball 1-2, Baseball 1-2, Football 1 2, Annual Staff 2, Class President 2. RUTH SEANOR 3-4, Sextette 2-3-4, Spanish Club 2-3, Dance Band 3-4, Dfa- matics 3-4, Luther 1eague2-3-4. MAUREEN SMILTNEEK IEAN ANN STROHL Choir 1-2, F. H. A. 1-2-3-4, Basketball 1-2, Choir 1-2, Dri vers Training 2, Dramatics 1-2 Dramatics 3-4, Majorette 3-4, Reporter 3, Spanish Club 2-3-4, Annual Staff 4, School Daze Staff 3-4, Drivers Training 3. RUTH NORDGRIIN Vice-President l, President 2, Annual Staff 2, Gym 1-2, Spanish Club 3-4, C. F. C. 3-4, 4-H 1- 2-3, B. Y. F. l-2-3-4, Creative Writing 4. THEODORE NYLUND Basketball 1-2, Baseball 1-2 Track 3-4 , 4-H1-2 , Driver Train- ing 1. SHIRLEY RULEAU Rifle Club 3-4, Homecoming Court l, 4-H1-2, Apprentice Tea- ching 3-4, Cholr 4, Y. P. S. l-2. Dramatics 2, Basketball 1-2-3 F. C. Y. F. 1-2-3-4, Band 2-3 4, Choir 1-2, 4-H 1-2-3-4, Dri vers Training 2, Annual Staff 2 Spanish Club 3, C. F. C. 3-4 RICHARD STRAUSS Football 1-2-3-4, Baseball 1-2- 3-4, Track 3-4, Student Council 3, Class Vice-President 2, Dra- matics 2 . NANCY STROHL Choir l-2-3-4, Sextette 2-3-4, Band 3-4, Spanish Club 2-3, A Cappella Choir 4, Youthfellow- ship l-2-3-4, President 3, Sec- retary 2-4, F. H. A. 1. ANDREW STRAZZINSK1 Choir 1-2 . IOHN STROHL Basketball 1-Z , Baseball 1-2 , Class Treasurer 2, Drivers Train- ing 1. ROBERT VINCENT Basketball 1-2, Baseball 1-2, Track 1-2, 4-H 1-2-3-4, Drivers Training 1 . F.F.A GORDON SUNDSTROM . l-2-3-4, F. P. A. Tteas urer 4, Photography Club 4 Photography Club Treasurer 4 Drivers Training 3, Gun Club 2 4-H 1-2 . WAN DA SUNSTROM Accordion Lessons 1-2, FHA 1, Spanish Club 2-3, Secretary of Photography Club 4, Photography Club 4. KAREN WESTRICH Senior Band 1-2-3-4, President 3, Choir 1-2, Accompanist 3-4, Sextette 2-3-4, M. Y. F. 1-2-3- 4, Spanish Club 2-3-4, Dance Band 3-4. F. A. ARNOLD ADAMS Drives Training l, Track 1-3, F. 2-4. WILLIAM SCH UST ER Football 1-2-3-4, M. Y. F. 1-2-3-4, Basketball 1-2- 3, Baseball 1-2-3-4, hes- ldent 1-2, Cholr l-2-4 , Track l, Student Councll President 4, Dramatlcs 3- 4. 'fl I IAMES CHAMPEAU RICHARD COLE Football 1, Drivers Training 2, Football 1-2, Basketball l. Spanish Club 2 , Track 3. A. 3-4. DARRELL S UNDQUIST LARRY THONEY 1-2. Band 2, Baseball 1-2, Dramatlcs F. P, A. 1-2-3-4, Photography Club 4, Drivers 'Training 3, Gun Club 2 . f ARDA WACHTER pella 4, Annual Staff 4, School Daze Staff 4, Drivers Training 2 . Choir 3-4, Basketball 1-2 , A Cap- RONALD WANGERIN Track 3, Football l-2-4, Choir l-3-4, Spanish Club 2 . DONALD WETTHUHN Football l-2, Basketball l-2, Baseball 3-4, Track 3-4, F. F. VIVIAN BIRD Basketball 1-Z, C. P. C. 3, An- nual Staff 2. Football l-2-3, Track l-2-3, Basketball 1-2. DON CH-ANEY EUGENE DRUM Choir 1 . l 1 me ROLAND GOI-IL Basketball 1, Football l, Baseball 1, Drivers Training l, F. F. A. 3. CAROL DUI-'FRIN Annual Staff 3, School Daze Staff 3, 4-H l, F. H. A. l-2-3, Reg- ional Reporter 2 , Principals Of- fice 4, Class President 4, Span- ish Club 2, Basketball 1, Student Librarian 3-4. ROSEMARIE HALLFRISCH 4-H 1-2-3-4, President 3-4, Secretary 1, Treasurer 2, Princi- pals Office 4, Piano 1-2 . ROSE HOLLO Basketball l-2, Annual Staff l. GERALD LAHAY Basketball 1-2, Football l-2, Choir 3, Boy Scouts 1-2, F. F. A. 3-4. V IUDY EWALD Annual Staff 4, School Daze Staff 4, Principals Office 4, Rlfle Club 2-3, Homecoming Queen 4, Vice- President 4, 4-H 2-3, Choir 4, G. A. A. 2, Pep Club Z. IOHN GREEN Boy Scouts l-2, F. F. A. 4, Pho- tography 4, Gym 1-2, N. R. A. 1-2, 4-1-I 1. DONNA LUCKE 4-H 1-2-3-4, Leader 2-3-4, Bas- ketball 1-2, Choir 1-2, Drives Training 2, Dramatics 1-2, Prin- cipals Office 4, Annual Staff 2 . JANET mcoasm sexrene 2-,3-4, A Cap pella 1-2-3-4, 4-H 1- 2-3-4, Dramatlcs 3 Creative Writing 4 Choir 1-2-3-4. WARREN MEINTZ 'Ei' if ELEANOR MATHIAS WILLIAM MA-I-HIAS Choir 1-2-3-4, Drivers Training 3, Church Choir 1-2-3-4, Girls' Sodality 1-2, 4-H 1. RICHARD MORROW Spanish Club 3-4, Football 1-2- 3, Annual Staff 3-4, Track 3-4, School Daze Staff 4, Choir 1-3- 4, Boys' Ensemble 4, Dramatics 3-4. BARBARA PELKEY Band 1-2-3-4, Student Council 2, Secretary 3, C. Y. O. Secre- tary 4, Spanish Club 2-3, Dance Band 3, Homecoming Court 1 , Debate 3, Cheerleader 1-2-3-4. GERALD PHILLIPS Football 1-2, M. Y. F. 1-2-3-4. ROGER RASNER BETTY RAITMAIER Football l-2-3-4, Basketball 2- 4-H 1-2, Choir 1-2, P. H' A' 1, 3, Spanish Club 2-3, Luther Dramatics 3, Girls' Sodality 1- League President 3-4, Dramatics 2-3, Spanish Club 3. 3-4. BARBARA PL UT C HAK Apprentice Teaching 3 4, Drivers Training 3 Spanish Club 3, Girls Sodality 1-2-3-4. BARBARA KELE MBA Sym 1, Choir 1-3, Band 3-4, Apprentice Teach - .ng 4, Drivers Training 3, Dance Band 4. YVO NNE FAD ROSKI RAY GAYON BaSketb611 1-2, Ch0ir 1-2. Dfi' Choir 1-2-3-4, Photography Club vers Training 2, Annual Staff 2, 4, National Guard 3-4. Girls' Sodality 2-3-4, 4-H 1-2 Secretary 2. VICTORIA GRINSTEINER Majorette 3-4, Spanish Club 2, F. H. A. 1. BARBARA HOMERNICK Drivers Training 4, Student Li- brarian 3-4, Spanish Club 2-3 , Choir 1, School Daze 4. KAREN GROSS Dramatics 4, Spanish Club 2 . BERNADETTE KLINE Spanish Club Z-3-4, Dramatlcs 3. 965531256 2 MARION MARSZOLEK F. H. A. 2, Student Librarian 3, School Daze 3, Annual Staff 3, Choir 3 . PAT MATHEWS P. H. A. 1. Mwimiilif' exif V CAROL WILSON choir 4, P. H. A. 1-z, 4-H1-2-3-4, School Daze Staff 4, Drivers Training 3, Principals Office 4. Class History In the fall of '53, 83 students started down the "Education River" with graduation as our port. Officers aboard ship were Captain, Bill Schuster: his assistant, Frances Droesey Judy Bogdan who kept the class log book, and Ray Hubbard who made sure our cruise was financed. Mr. Pavlik and Mrs. Gustafson, our advisors, did their best to prevent mutiny, while Phil Eckstrom and Donna Filibeck represented us in the Student Council which did its best to help us when we floundered in rough water. Along the way we stopped at "Port Homecoming" where Barbara Pelkey and Shirley Ruleau were our candidates for Homecoming Queen. We went ashore for a class party with Daggett and Carney freshmen. Our first lap ended with a school picnic which included the upperclassmen who were taking similar cruises. The next September, 82 of us as sophomores were ready to take the second lap of our journey. Some changes were made in our crew's officers. Bill Schuster remained Captain but Barbara Melchoir now took over the helm when the need arose. Janet Esbrook kept track of the log book while Ray Hubbard still kept a close watch on our finances. When troubles drifted our way we took them to our Student Council representatives, Harlan Gruenstem and Barbara Pelkey. Our advisors, Miss Swanson and Mr. LaCasse, helped us with our many needs and desires. Co-eds, Jo Ann Hodbas and Geraldine Suplinsky, were our candidates at the Home- coming. November 4, we dropped anchor at Escanaba for a rollicking, class roller skating party, but the highlight of the year was the May Dance on May 14. We later drifted into Wells Park where we had our annual school picnic. Once again we set our sails as we joined up with Carney and Daggett students who planned on helping us have a delightful year. Mr. LaCasse and Mr. Sundquist, our ad- visors, were on hand as we elected our officers. Jim Crandall took the place at the helm and Alton Berquist assisted him. Barbara Pelkey recorded in our log book all important data and Janet Esbrook took care of our financial status. Ray Hubbard, Phil Eckstrom, and Dick Straus represented us and our troubles at Student Council sessions. Two pretty juniors, Vema Baumler and Judy Bogdan were our Homecoming Queen Can- didates: Ray Hubbard and Verna Baumler were king and queen candidates for the Senior Camival. King Jim Crandall and Queen Jo Ann Hodobas reigned over our Junior Prom, which was given the theme "Three Coins In The Fountain". Our Junior Play, "Mother Was A Freshman", was enjoyed by all and the cast certainly had fun presenting it. Sails again were trimmed for our annual school picnic at Wells Park. Treasurer ---------------- - ------------- Alton Berquist Secretary ------------- - - Bernice Bright Vice-President - - - - - -Judy Ewald President ----- - - Carol Duffrin Sails and anchor aweigh, and seniors already aboard are trying to make their last year a memorable one. Getting right down to business: Carol Duffrin was elected to guide us with the help of Iudy Ewald, Bernice Bright was given the job of writing the minutes of our meetings. Alton Berquist made sure our bills were paid up and kept our treasure che st full. Bill Schuster, Harlan Gruenstern, Wayne Dirkman and Phil Eckstrom were our life pre- servers when we seemed to be sinking in our troubles by representing us at Student Council meetings. Our advisors, Mr. Short and Mr. Sundquist, stood a vigilant watch over us throughout our senior year. When Homecoming time neared, Iudy Ewald and Bernice Bright represented us as can- didates for queen. Judy Ewald was chosen to reign as Homecoming Queen of 1956 . For our Sr. Carnival, our candidates Ray Hubbard and Io Ann Hodobas were crowned king and queen. Then came our Sr. Play, a mystery, "Drums of Death". Graduation is just around the bend, but first we had the Sr. Tea, sponsored by the P. T. A.: the Sr. Banquet at the Dells, near Escanabag and the pageant held in the gym. Finally the end of our long and happy cruise is here. Commencement Exercises, May 26, were climaxed by Graduation Night, May 29. We have at last reached our goal and we will always look back on the great times we had in Stephenson High. Honor Students Valedictorian Salutatorian Ruth Ann Nordgren, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Nordgren, of Daggett Township, and Phillip Eck strom, son of Mr. and Mrs. Truman Eckstrom, of Mellen Township have earned the top scholastic honors of the class of 1957 of Stephenson High School. Ruth Ann Nordgren, valedictorian, has a 2. 968 average for the four years of high school. She attended the Daggett Public School through the tenth grade and Stephenson Public School for the past two years. Ruth has been active in the Christian Fellowship Club, Spanish Club, Four H, Creative Writing Club, Daggett Baptist Church youth group and has served as pianist for the church. She also was a class officer in the ninth and tenth grades at Daggett. Ruth has majored in college preparatory work and upon graduation plans to attend the Bethel College at St. Paul, Minnesota. She will major in Home Economics. Phillip Eckstrom, salutatorian, attended the Mellen Township School through the eighth grade and Stephenson Public School for the last four years. He has been a member of the Student Council for three years, an active member of the Mission Covenant Church young peoples group of Wallace and president ofthe Christian Fellowship Club. He has also been in the Stephenson High School band and choir for four years. He finishes high school with a 2.900 academic average. Phillip has majored in college preparatory work and plans to attend Michigan State University to study engineering. Other members of the class of 1957 who rank in the top ten are: Victoria Grinsteiner Ianet Esbrook Marian Marszolak Ianet Jacobsen Barbara Melchoir Alton Berquist Ruth Seanor Yvonne Salo Others receiving an average of B f2.000l or better are: Frances Droese Eleanor Koller Iean Ann Strohl Donna Filibeck Donna Lucke Iohn Strohl Roland Gohl Theodore Nylund Wanda Sundstrom Harlan Gruenstern Barbara Pelkey James Voss JoAnn Hodobas Patricia Rivard Arda Wachter Janet johnson William Schuster Karen Westrich Mwww Mwmwxk . ' -5 . A2i4,fQ Warren Suchovsky-President, Carol Piche-Secretary, Charles Peterson-Vlce-Pres- ident, Edwin And erson-Treasurer. Juniors The Iuniors began the school year 56-57 with one-hundred and thirty members, The big items this year were selecting class rings and dancing at the Iunior Prom, April 26. The candidates for Sr. Carnival Queen and King were Carol Piche and Ioe Linder. The Junior Play was held on March 15 . It was under the excellent direction of Mrs. Weig and . Alice Anderson John Ander son Merle Brander Richard Crane Clyde Anderson Larry And e rso n Mary Inu Buckmaster Iohn Davis David Anderson Ian ic e Baumler Gilbert Carrier Melvin David L. Anderson Edwin Anderson Ierome Behnke Gerald Berg Janet Chelmecki Barbara Cole Dill Rita Dombrowski Barbara Donaldson 33 G1 egory Doug ovito Richard Fadroski Betty Doyen Louis Dupont Donna Eland Geraldine Fadroski ,g.:z,gg,h g ki 1 y 5 3 X If-,Q i-gmwgt11f..'zii1:g5LL- fi Y' X A f Q-Rim:5:k5::2..5?:1.m ,Hal .Q .. :..,. V. ..... gu t E X Q Be-ttyMar1e Fxlibeck Doris Pilibeck Bela Feher Lorrey Ann Feher Mary Io Feh er Ioanne Gustafson lack Flster Dennls Gadda Dorothy H QQ Foley 'K was R W W Q Nu ff Ioyce Gustafson 34 Arlene Gronma rk Carol Gros schadl r N X A mm :af:::5 5y,,h 4- . - Q '2-: f-" ' g Shirley Han' i S gym Q K N ,,, . ,r.o,, ,. I ,, A , , r w: .Z r,,,,z,smi ' Dennis Hannon Mona Harris :gs - f x W ' ,...f.. ,., L., ,... , . .., j, MS, Douglas Herson Roger Imhoff Patsy Iohnson Dorothy Havelka Roberta Hayward Hazel Hofer Bruce Johnson Garon Hayward Dorotny Hoiyer Anthony Kak uk Emma Iohnson Janet Ko ehle r Mildred Hollsten helen Tohnson i 5-L im 5 msaisffiiifs , M M. , . . ,M H ,Ji Qf9w1:Qw 'ILC iisiisfifli 11 ...,.,,. ' Harvey Kleinke Mary Heidenreich Patsy Hummell Ie an Iohn so n Willlanf Koller 35 onnie untze Kathleen Marlene Eugene LcRoy LaPointe Le Greve Caryl La rson ncis :person los eph Linder Carolyn Thoma s Lynch Dan Mc Neal Li nd strom bara hlhoff Donna Nault Ianice Morrow Sharon Mudgett Barbara Motta rd scar elson 36 Wilbert Ne l so n Gerald Newlin Robert Nordin Iohn Oberthur Marie Ohlson Marlene Plutchak Ian et Revall Gladys Paig e Mary Io Plutchak Gene Ritter Charles Peterson Nancy Plutchak Daniel Peter son Carol Piche Ierome Poquette Margaret Ray Thomas Robison Geraldine Rickaby Betty Ruleau Robert Ruleau Kenlyn Rivard Eileen Ruttner Margaret Salp James Sandahl 37 Iean Sandahl Ronald Sand ahl Nancy Simmons Norbert Smlltneek Paul Sederquist Shirley Strohl Warren Suchovsky Beverly John Swanson Patsy Swanson Delore s Thiry Rueben Thorpe Swa nson Robert Voelker Iohn Waldo Alice Vandenho uten Yv onne Walli 38 Donald Wan ger in Karen Wangerin Nancy Wood E Gerald Zimmerman Eva Zlel Sophomores The tenth grade class enrolled this year with eighty-nine students. The first of the year they elected class officers. The first class party was spent at Lourdes High School roller skating. The purpose of the following party was to become acquainted with future classmates hom Carney and Daggett. Ianis Fries QSecretaryJ, Susan Diehm KTreasurarD, Holman Lind eroth Nice-Presideritl, George Zender lPresidentl. 39 greg sw Arlene Aichner Gary Allgeyer Philip Anhalt Carol Adams Brenda Bayee Ruth Ann Be yer Dale Borch ardt Barbara Burie Donald Carlson Joanne Champeau Charles Chaney Pearl Ei serle 40 Iud ith Corey Audrey Marilu De Mille Lois Bland Davl s Donald Erickson Myron Erickson Su san Diehm Dale Payta lame s Felllon Floyd Ga yon Gail Hansen Eugene Frank Ted Grinstelner Iohn Fredrick sen George Gross -fm. 2 1 is Xmesf K LaVerne Frei s Jani s Frei s Barbara Hal brook Iame s Hall fri sc h Beverly Hering Iohn Havelka Roger Ive s Q 2S??i3??f2zi'?N' li EE fgggggfwfu 'heimgiiggg 1: ff:-' ' meals .V... fwmyme sm? eassmweff sneewmsss Q' ffiwihsiiifi 13, ' , .-: . fem ' - :-gf:-,u .3-4:12:52 few 'ff5i3P?45kEww9i3iiQg svweemxizmmwiiiiewiei 5 A ' A ' S' 515-lifliiil l Danny Hayward Robert johnson Iudy Hodobas Gerald Iones Rug er Hohe ned er Shirley Kac zma rc zyk 41 irginia alemba Petm' Kolaszewski Audrey Barbara Kosewski George Kramer Kosewski Marie Kramer Stanley Lesperance Holman I GUY Lynch Iudy Madsen Lind eroth Alan Marcusen Marjorie Menor 42 Rosalie Marszolek Eunice Miller Michael Mathias Leonard Motto Sharon Melntz Patrlc ia Melchoir Darrel Nelson Io seph Nerat Myrtle Ann Nylund lame s Pelkey Bobbie Jean Sanders Gary Szapa Nancy Nordg ren Ienv Pfieff Nancy Schuster X naive? me new QEQMQ WVTJ M4 UQ? .. ..,. ,A V. 7ig,? 3 VV gg aaa Barbara Tharp Carol Olive Wini fred Phillips Thoma s Seidl Carole Thoune Judy Palzewicz George Parrish Paul Riv ard Margie Ruleau Albert Smith Donna Vargo james Stadola Ia mes Vetort 43 Sharron Walcutt 44 Keith William Wilson Wirhanowlcz Autographs George Ze nder Freshmen Carol Loberger fTreasurerJ, Tom Salp CSecretaryl, David Peterson CVice-Pres- identl, Mike Dougovito CPresidentJ In September, the ninth grade enrolled for their first high school year with sev- enty-two students. The beginning of the year they elected class officers to rep- resent them in their school affairs. For the first time the freshmen were able to enter candidates for homecoming queen. They were Marilyn Szabo and Ann Heidereich. Charles Aic hner Edwina Ander son Gia dwin Nancy Anderson Peter Bastien Ander son Thomas Bastien Ronald Corev Michael Dougovito 46 Iohn Ber zsenyi Constance DeM11le Billy Du ffrin Steve Bogdan Dale DeLaure1le Ruth Eckstrom Arthur Borski Edward Corey James Desjarlais Ioanne D111 Carol Eland Sharon Erickson Ieanne Ewald Iacquelyn Preis Steve Feher Charlene Albert Fllibeck Lawrenc e Foley Carol Preis Dona ld Mary Halvorsen Grave s Halbrook Floyd Hanson Robert Hue bel Alvin Harri s Robert Hummel Phillip Gruenstem Gerald Havelka Gale Ann Heldenreich Partlcia Hofer Ives Ioanne Jacobsen Earl Ierzyk 47 Karl Iohn son Sharon Kakuk . Loren Iohn son Robert Karen Kakuk Johnson Eloise Koller Chester Kozlowski Rae Jean Carole Loberger Michael Martin Lelchtnam Ronald Mathla s Madeline Mounler Fred Mei ntz Shirley Dennis Menchowskl Meintz Carol Ma rvln Parrett 48 Rita Parrett Peterson David Peterson Ronald Newlin Ioan Rdsner Iohn K ' Swanson Thoma s Salp Marilyn Szabo David S e anor Wayne Thonne Lucille Strohl Leonard Suchovsky Douglas Walli Katherine Wangerin 49 ff' Vi wr, f, 4, Q 4, 6 ....,E,i 125 H 2 A W- gy. S 15' 5 if, , +34 'W Q, if . . J x 5Sj,,1f: ?7,3e F - '-,B L v , A w- -z xf'AWNf:5N9 1ffSWi,?i:41 L WWWW M1 f " N nw: ,mga . . .-1 LM M Q X f ::::-.,wp- mwMWMemmfWfMf'f5117 Mai wwf, .M 1--if ,-4, Wu-. I - f x, , H f 1 , H as i H , ' .J.M,Qgfm,15mw.wQww,wg . .-W . ., , x .WM A-Wf-,,l ,, W fm My 1S Q,,.v-XMf,,,zw 1 . A A wr Jw. wr A Q Y L M 1 ' my L '- 2 , M mp m ,. . K K K 1 N 'J V, - A- ,.. ., f' k 'L x ' ggi?-we f r ,.. 1. 1 .qi V ,QE , , . - ,, H V A , ff- ,qw AS 4:1-.V w ' iff. ' N, ' i "L 'L ., . NW iv K' W . M Wig " "fSf,JL"x .ffm " . .Q lgfiwl ' H Sim? 3 ' .Q , rr , 554 - -ey. ,,: V sh , :m.,,f -E622 ,155-f.., 7-,Q . 3 Y: ' mi Q x A 1 , .,: 3 W4 N T W Wi? ,., NRL ' . ,M J, is we X A , WF ff, fw I ' wi - :i w wf A W X ,Q - ,gy ,, ' -fa. - f' uw, ff i , ., : Q ,, A ,gif if , 1 ? W, Y ... W Q ,, Q Y 6 LL,, . . ff ,, if ' . W EQ ". M K wi' KV ' ri . A ,fn 1 15 ' ' 4 1314, ,m,, 'A f Jw ', 5 . f x 'f ' nik , Ak jx, ,,,:V M. ,,,, H: b -wi, I K J if L.,, , W M-F a. . , .5 ,, 211' Vkhr K V . , ,-,, Q . 5 lv ' " "-L Y if Q 1 ff A A A , A .w A 2 5 5 Fhiggsfi - qw ""' ali' ,fy "' ff ay? :SY L I - 1:' ::::. i 1' , - I, 'I E: Q' "-'fl , Haw' 'FQSIN 'XT ' 4 X , , if L'LL 5 X 5 "'- I H ' E 5 'L,- 1 - ffm ,155 , U1 K. 53 gf 2 ' ' jg? I-hw xifgvt :Ugg Jfrf w: f 15449 - ,kpg,f3,, " . .fzkz ' ,1-Zflmki 734 f'f'. :: - my 33,9 73' 5 ..,- - --'. Q . - H ' f - - f 1 -L,,,. M ' - ,," .',- ri? - -5 - . I I I. -f y . :,, V ' 'm" K f' ' v tiff 2.45: ' 1 " '122a1aH v-QQTQVV 'S rlflr- E : 4 Ei, 355' , ,,,, v I: Hi - Effsf. . 'H' ,,fl: s,:-' ' 'fiim if V .Jifk 'QV 'fat-li-7.4m 'A1?'.S'L' 5' L' L Q2 ..., " if ?Yf P -A-' E15i'5':Qwvi2 ' in--J -'zf 1 ff ff Q ffl fij,fg'S 135 " A+f,.f2fi,, 5' ',zW"LI1 52 ' .- 'if k S . ,. - Q . f - "'- -f '- ' " , f -- f i1Ziaf2?5fif9ii:' fAE?,QQfif-Wikia. X 2. ' xffiulif i4lz,il !gf -5F71 M K' , fl 2, ' f' fa, H 4 H ',L. 1 LL',- 1 -- ' f ' 'm'k ' ,.,, A A f H K- 4 E' , Y wmv- S . WE? LEFT TO RIGHT: JoAnne Hodobas, Nancy Strohl, Barbara Melchoir, Janet Jacobson, Kathy LaPoint, Ruth Seanor, Piano Accompaniment-Karen Westrich. BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Ronald Pavlik, Director, B. Swanson, K. LaPoint, R. Seanor, I. Iacobson, N. Strohl, E. Anderson, S. Kakuk, M. Salp, S. Diehm, I. Esbroox, SECOND ROW: N. Simmons, G. Hanson, B. Herring, B. Burie, K. Kakuk, K. Wangerin, I. Iohnson, B. Bayee, I. Palzewicz, D. Hoiyer. THIRD ROW: M. Plutchak, G. Rickaby, N. Anderson, K. Wachter, D. Havelka, I. Rasner, C. Fries, B. Melchoir, I. Hodobas, Piano Accompaniment-K. Westrich. Q BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ianet Jacobson, Nancy Strohl, Karen Wangerin, Margaret Salp, Susan Diehm, Ierry Lynch, Greg Dougovito, Karl Iohnson, Louis Dupont. SECOND POW: Gail Hansen, Kathleen LaPoint Ruth Seanor, Barbara Melchoir, Io Ann Hodobas, Philip Eckstrom, Ronald Wangerin, Richard Morrow, Wayne Dirkm an . V BOTTOM ROW, LEFTTO RIGHT: Vtdlbert Nclson, Albert Smith, Wayne Dirkman, Michael Mathias, Ierry Lynch, Greg Douqovito Karl Johnson, Roger Rasner, louis Dupont. TOP ROW: William Wixhanowicz, Roger Imhoff, Richard Morrow, Ricky Berquist Philip Eckstrnm Tev Nvlnmi mf-hard Anhalt, Ronald Wangerin, Gerald Zimmerman, Charles Peterson. QW' 'fg5,:g5,-mzgmwmw,tgps ,Ewa ,A my -ggmn imma- 1. H' ni,14w,,A.:fQsazwW -:Q .L L' xT?T?'G5'5 1- -- ' i f""' 'nv L. 5 .,,.. f 7, S36 Y ,N M, Z f 55, 3 " E Q if, 5 5 1 'ik My K in-1 Q A Q, 2 BNF S X N QF iw if se Q, xs Q 5 E R W 3 W Q X 1115? mKyW...M+v W Q . . fi V W' A WSW 'hw' WW' www? WU' 'NWI 'wwf' . if in 4 1 Q. Q 6 l , in il E A Q' 5: V' 4 , 'K 1 S I H J M h H E m. ay Q , v . gf. ,, iff K '- ' 'I S Vzl' , g - .1 f 1 X x .' ,Q , Q E x f ' EEK, 'f 1 Y, f IL if 1 K K A 3, V 5 V gi ff tk' :gun KI 2 ,. 'mp v A , N V . J' Aiggg I, F' E 9 95 5 i ,V if if f If R ,Q 5 mi 9 if Q ,Q , X , x ,M ., .VE 2 ,-VA l , -qu. Karen Westrich, Barbara Kalemba, Karl Iohnson, Barbara Melchoir, Bob johnson, Susan Diehm, Wayne Dirkman, Nancy Anderson, Neil LaCasse Beverly Swanson, Brenda Bayee, Tom Salp, Ruth Seanor, Alton Berquist, ABSENT. Dance Band The Stephenson High School Dance Band was organized last year and many of the orginal members are playing in it again this year. They brighten up the dances after the games by playing waltzes, fox trots, Latin American num- bers, polkas and jitterbugs. The band consists of fifteen members including Mr. Chown. Bob Iohnson, Wayne Dirkman, Karl Iohnson, Clower brasslg Brenda Bayee, Neal LaCasse, Mr. Chown, Ktrumpetslp Ruth Seanor, Qper- cussionlg Rick Berquist, Kbass fiddlelp Barbara Melchoir, Barbara Kalemba, Susan Diehm, lalto saxjp Tom Salp, fbaritone saxlp Nancy Anderson, Beverly Swanson, Ctenor saxlg Karen Westrich, Kpianol. 58 Junior Band FIRST ROW: Fred Stage, Eldon Bowers, Mary Vargo, Kathleen Corey, Allan Dill, Marilyn Rasner, Iohn Sweeney, Nancy Martin, Ruth Eckstom, Robert Halbrook, Loraine Thorpe. SECOND ROW: Ioann Palzevvicz, Suzanne Walcutt, Ioann Dill, Charlene Graves, Sharon Mudgett, Carol Ruleau, Iudy Paige, Adabelle Curtis, Barbara Ives, Donna Callairi. LAST ROW: Mary Halvorsen, Tom Hoijer, Jim Salp, Charles Pelkey, Mr. Iohn Chown. - -',- ' NL. ..-,. , , W Sports OUT me, and g 3z,- ,,: - ? EW 'iisf Q ff "5 -. l g h f gridiron, basket- me as I flow through rocks 4' Wi, Q 4 H B 14 S gn. . f,.. . , 1 5 X , V ffs ww ,mvweb mime Vifvllkigwwf f-aw 5 in Mn... 1, - . A-1 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: lack Fister, Gerald Cappaert, William Schuster, Oscar Nelson, Robert Beaudoin, Ronnie Wangerin, Robert Labs, Francis Lesperance. SECOND ROW: Dan Peterson, Iohn Wood, Eugene LeRoy, Tony Kakuk, Warren Suchovsky, Alton Berquist, Paul Sederquist, Don Chaney, Roger Imhoff. THIRD ROW: Roger Rasner, Ioe Nerat, James Stodola, Phil Anhalt, Raymond Hubbard, Don Ives, Tom Lynch, Greg Dougovito. FOURTH ROW: Iim Pozza lcoachl, Charles Petefson, Jerry Zimmerman, Richard Fadroski, William Wirhanowicz, Clyde Anderson, Robert Ruleau, Garon Hayward, Richard Morrow, Gus Lord fcoachj, Ed Sanders and Dale Borchardt Qmanagersl. arsity Football RAY HUBBARD - ALL AMERICAN Our star tackle, Ray Hubbard, was nominated by the Sports writers and sports broadcasters for the National High School All-American squad of 1956 . All those nominated are eligible to play in the Ail-Star East-West game next August, if they are selected by East-West coaches. B05 Bea'-ldoin B111 Schuster 101111 WOOG jerry Cappaert QUE1fif31'b5Ck Center Quarterback Left Guard Senior Senior Senior Senior Eagles I956 ,um Tackle ESCANABA 2 6 6 Senior MAN ISTIQ UE 34 6 LO URDES 2 0 7 KINGSFORD 1 4 l 3 Ronnie Wangerin Alton Berquist Robert Labs Roger Rasner Right End Guard Left Tackle Right Half Senior Senior Senior Senior jack Fister Oscar Nelson Francis Lesperance Greg Dougovito Right Half Right End junior Iunior Football Schedule MUNISING 19 6 ISHPEMING 15 6 CRYSTAL FALLS 32 0 GLADSTONE 32 O Roger Imhoff Tony Kakuk Fullback Tackle Iunior Junior Right Half Fullback Junior Junior Warren Such ov sky Le ft Half junior Dan Peterson Eugene LeRoy Left End Left Tackle Junior Iunior Y Tom Lynch Phil Anhalt Joe Nerat Paul Sederquist junior Sophomore Sophomore junior Don Chaney Richard Fadroski Don Ives Hdlfbgck Iunior Halfback Senior Senior pm, 3-"Q n 1956 Nov. Z0 30 Dec. 4 11 15 TEAM WE THEY GLADST ONE LOURDES PESHTIGO ESCANABA MENOMINEE 1957 Ian. 5 ll 19 22 29 Feb. 2 5 8 16 23 Mar. 1 Varsity Basketball TEAM HOLY NAME GLADSTONE MANISTIQUE MENOMINEE PESHTIGO NEGAUNEE LOURDES MUNIS ING HOLY NAME MANISTIQUE ESCANABA lack Fister "lake" 5 ft. 9 in. Guard Iunior Francis Le sperance lIBOboll 5 ft. 7 in. Guard Iunior Danny Peterson ..Dan.. 6 ft. 2 ln. Center Iunior Charles Chaney " Buck" 5 ft. 7 in. Guard Sophomore Tony Kakuk "Doughnuts" 5 ft. 10 in. Forward Iunior Eugene LeRoy "Elmer" 6 ft. 2 in. Forward Iunior Richard Strauss "Dick" 5 ft. 8 in. Guard Senior Harlan Gruenstern "Goose" 5 ft. 7 in. Guard Senior Raymond Hubbard "Tuff" 6 ft. 1 ln. Forward Senior Robert Labs ..Bob.. 6 ft. 1 1n. Center Senior Edwin Sanders "Doc" 6 ft. 1 in. Senior Raymond Nelson "Oscar" 6 ft. 0 in. Junior J. V. Basketball FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Gary Allgeyer, Gale Ives, Jim Stodola, Dan McNeal, Jim sanaahl, David Pet arsa n, Holman Linderern, Tom Lynch, Jae Linder, Jim Fellian, Jim veien, Roger Ives, Ren Corey, nm Pelkey, and Warren suehavaky. CENTER: 'rom Phillips, Manager, Jim Pazza, Coach. TEANI WE THEY TEAM THEY GLADSTONE 5 3 41 MENOMINEE 64 LO URDES 5 3 32 PESHTIGO 37 PESHTIGO 64 33 NEGAUNEE 56 ESCANABA 5 0 52 LO URDES 5 3 MENOMINEE 61 52 MUNISING 47 HOLY NAME 59 47 HOLY NAME 47 GLADSTONE 5 7 55 MANISTIQ UE 34 MANISTIQUE 6 3 67 ww 'Aw-411 ,,., f H 1 , . Q -ww, iw? if" wi ' 1, 2 W? . 5 fx. if ,Va ,iiiiik , ,, ,,.,.5Lg . , .. -, -- 1 ,, . ,jflf-L::1ff Q :,1, i S,- m 'i "Q y Q Wg T J iQf ww .wx -mm, 5, ,K num ., it f ' f- , M . .5 . "WMA-ww. m,,,,,,M ' - x A X.a..1v-WY'X"vk V' V .gf K . md Q ,Q K4 1 -'M f k .,A.,.m..m..,,MM,,.A..,. 4 Q, I X f 1 V -. A. 1 . X ff - -K 1' meg wzqmf fwgfw- .. 1 S ff K ff, 5'gfff:,' .f ' 'lx f Q .M,i,:5,iS .kiny ,, 1 , f ' i...ji 1 ' A ., . K , ,. . 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L mimi: its Maru mmf-vixVV Wwwi, BMW! fllffy uhuhxvwizm nw zfsn-Nw? .5 Quhzsnl-fxtimu t-- Hn' VV px-wtf-vwiwn hhulhwk 0 Mrx L x is ,U 1 wt? ,Vi Vp QNX 4 jx L- L S 1 S Q :fir vin 'Eg 19151 1 swiry xL 'N V 3, 1 fn ' N-zf"': Q - H ,V , 1 V ,W VV Yfiff lgmif-is Wf9LQLliif1iW . 5k V . -rtimn isa WVU 375' !3wL3'-'W-'5i."5 QL iff? ifiiifisaiws wig Sgmm li in me L fmififf :V , LLL-, V - V ,L wr Q iiwf iw W 1MwVf1f'2i , NW ' V111 fff9f1?h3ff ?Mf'V' MN , V aw an he' V 11 xflfiiig' fiYxiW1' V 'W V533 V"Lm:':' ww Q ' ,,,?af'wAf2g'11s1xfefaf vtvaa aa-'wvxiwg kk :Vim ,,. , L ummm, A iii. 'ylxgwu 'rkgy pm-ii ?mfwf1LAL. T . gifisxxgymryii iam? gf ,usamz ' .nsikhi swim Q1 Slavs Mex ifiivmiii Ki S! -- fy Lawn U mt K LLYNSQYQQ4 -1i'itI':, fp.x'Q,Q,,!"e1sQ1'3i aflaklh ,QQ LL3zvswfLLLL?Vf4'LVg 3 ' 5 3' -I 3- 1 W - ' " ' "" ff S V, f' L 5' ' fi "-ax rvf , :aw . K z i. A lm nf wrt--it as, xnkmwwkfxl' www tw 152533 W' VVm.w.5 WW gi. M, 'sf H ,AWQLW77 1 V, 8.0, ' ' i v VV V 'Nw asain sy 1,. 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L L x .L.L LL ,L L..L ixigiw Zaww LLL Lk wwg A A f X Y' ""f""f"d E 5w'9"'f'?5l'5 wiwmiwm mms ' 4' V K L www ff K 3QLLLLM'fXWf"9gL8:ifL iff Siwfmifsiiwasr idfiiiiiiyfi 'viii - 'V I " X' - iklgmi SVVSV1-:ww . W" R U U. ' .1 f , " , f Q ,: "-' L' V - - L , vp, fsixmzmzws Vwiwggp .if fix R9 VV! mm? , A V V 5, f'g.i,gix,5 V A ' ' ' ' " ffiffwiw f"Wfffffi22. -MYHMY5 2-3 Ham. www! Qimf- --V-:Mi V vi V wa i - Y-1' Hifi h"h"'4"i45 M wrim-fk.V -N...V:,. ummm nm 58:41 xiii.-sixVV'u:V' -MQW' fiifawf-1' .F son, Richard Blchel, ' June Rickin Morrow ' Dlck Anhal , Ama Wachter, Bemi t, Frances Droese IE ' ce Bright, Judy Bogdan, Deloris dltorj, jean Ann Strohl, Judy Evvald. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Wayne Dirkman, Connie DeMille, Kathleen LaPointo, Tommy Phillips, Phillip Eckstrom. SECOND ROW: Connie Hubbard, Karen Wangerin, James Erickson, Richard Crane. THIRD ROW: William Schuster, Iames Stodala, Harlan Gruenstern, Robert Huebcl, Mr. Marvin Student Council Our Student Council and their advisor Mr. Martin have done an excellent job this year in arranging school activities and in solving problems that have came up during the year. The officers this year are: Bill Schuster-President, Iim Stodola-Treasurer, Karen Wangerin-Sec- retary, Harlan Gruenstern-Vice-President, Wayne Dirkman-Sergeant-at-ArmS. .x STANDING: Frances Droese, Advisor: Miss Lee, Brenda Bayee, Nancy Schuster, Mary Halvorsen. SITTING: lean Ann Strohl, Mary Io Feher, Marjorie Menor, Karen Kakuk, Lorrey Ann Feher, Sharon Kakuk, Joanne Dill, Ieanne Ewald, Marilyn Szabo, Connie DeMille. F. H. A. The motto of F. H. A. expresses the purpose of the organization, the motto itself is: "Learning to live better today in order that our lives and those of our families may be better tomorrow". The officers of the F. H. A. Club in S. H. S. are: Frances Droese, president: Mary Io Feher, vice-presidentg Iean Strohl, secretary: Lorrey Feher, treasurer, Karen Kakuk, reporter, Marjorie Menor, historiang and Sharon Kakuk, song leader. The P. H. A. Club goals are working towards the good of its school, community, home and families. In the past year, to fulfill their goals they served for a Christmas Party sponsored by the Lions Club, sponsored a Christmas Fantasy Dance, and had a Mothers Day Program. The Club attended the fall regional meeting at Marquette where Mary Io Feher was elected pres- ident and Sharon Kakuk, song leader, of chapters 16-17-18, which takes in the Upper Peninsula. 77 lst ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Philip Gruenstern, larry Thoney, Iohn Green, Gerald Lal-lay, Edward Plche. Znd ROW: Peter Bastien, Ronald Sandahl, Roh- Cfft Huffmfilf lack Ashmdn, Marvin Sundsrrom. Floyd Hanson, Thomas Bastien, Alvin Harris. 3rd ROW: Ierry Pfieff, Ronald Beckman, Donald Wetthuhn, Dave Lee Anderson, Robert Ruleau, Garon Hayward, Anhur Bcrski, Bill Duffrln, Wayne Thonne, Iohn Bfrrzsenyi, Bela Feher, Advisor-Mr. Walfred Gmnskog. Secretary Charles Peter Son fy 3 Wm ll Spflflnfl F F Sullltllllil Robert Clark ' ' ' Larry Thoney Vice-Presldent President TYUHSLUQI Bela Fghef WGYTCI1 SUCh0V5kY Gordon Sundstrorn Q :.v 2, .gem r O Qual! I 1 i.' S A 'I' v-Q s The achievements of the Stephenson branch of the Future Farmers of America are seldom heard of and are given only a fraction of the praise due to them. Our F. P. A. Club is of service to its community, as is shown in their many activities such as maintaining the athletic field, and seeding the playground at the elementary school. This club has brought to our school a gold plaque, which was awarded in Detroit, to the Stephenson Chapter, for out- standing accomplishments as a superior chapter. A member of this chapter, Nick Thoney, had the Grand Champion steer at t.he U. P. Fair in Escanaba. We would like to take this opportunity to salute Mr. Granskog and to the boys for the fine wcrk they are doing. Spanish Club The Spanish Club chose at their first month- ly meeting the officers for the year. They were: President-Karen Wangerinp Vice-President- Dick Morrowp Secretary-Treasurer-Margaret Salp. For their annual Christmas Party they sang Christmas Carols in Spanish and climaxed it with the breaking of the Pinata. ' ::. ' ' fm a im :ff -s M 5,4 'xl' Sw 'N I I -K '-Q ML I Q 3 map-w f f F,-:wg If V95 igNm WWW Xfls-mf ""'!-sf' ,Qui 5295 IZ" aa! ' 1 1- i il ig man Office Girls These are the girls who help keep the wheels going in the Principal's office: Donna Filibeck, Rosemarie Hallfrisch, Iudy Ewald, Carol Duffrin, Sophia LaPoint, Betty Raitmaier, Donna Lucke, Carol Wilson. Library Assistants During their free period these students help in the library re- pairing old books and doing other odd jobs: Carol Duffrin, Carol Bland, Hazel Hofer, Pat Hummel, Betty Doyen, Rae lean L-Qichman, Sharon Kakuk. Apprentice Teachers li you like to teach little children, why not go and see Mrs. Lienna about becoming an Apprentice Teacher. That's what Shirley Ruleau, Frances Droese, Sophia LaPointe, Eugene LeRoy, Lorrey Ann Feher, and Ianet Iacobsen did. --.6 Supply Room Girls If ever in need of a pencil or some paper just come to the supply room and these girls will help you: Marlene LeGreve, Lorrey Ann Peher, Mary Heidenreich, Rita Dombrowski. Iudy Madsen, Nancy Schuster, Audrey Koeswski, Ioanne Champeau, John Green, Betty Pilabeck, Steve Feher, Leonard Suchosky, Nancy' Plutchak Lawrence Foley, Bela Feher. ABSENT: Gordon Sundstrom, Wanda Sundstrom, Larry Thoney. Photograph lub The Photography Club has been in charge of one of the biggest projects in Stephenson High School-- taking pictures for the annual. The officers are: Chairman-Betty Filabeck, Secretary-Wanda Sundstrom, Treasurer-Gordon Szmdstxom, Sergeant-at-Arms- Larry Thoney. 84 W H Queen Judy Ewald b Junior Attendant f Mary Lou Buckmaster Junior Attendant' mmons Nancy Si Wi? t Carol Olwe Sophomore Attendan 2 - ' Sophomore Attendant: Margie Ruleau Freshman Attendant: Ann Heidenreich Freshman Attendant: Mafnyn Szabo x Senior Carm val! Queen Io Ann Hodabos, King Ray Hub 'i bard 5 fs 5 35 51 4' man 4'1"f3. X as 'K . 1: AN sw 3. K .V , M 'Q -J! VW Q H 3 J 43 5 3 wi 2 W 13 '1 ui '51 may ve ,Q , as ,uf Z ,ff g at 1 1 W up xg. wr F, 3311553 wg, -,QkmMU17g My Us QW Hia Q J -xg VE Q ,A is 5, is 1 '1 'E 'Q ,V 1 ,. , 44 i FW N VV K M gi a 'Y af 49 AWK ' 2. A 4-2-W uf 1 R 3 wmv im ,V 5 pmwww as JUniOl' PYUIT17 Queen Io Ann Hodabas, King james Crandall Junior Prom xba, 7' Y' Ai ry .vi 4Yx,xg'x 7 fb, . y v , 5, ...AY-My 'W ,Iv . f 1' 'Q , 41 '- 'v'.Y The Park Scene of the Iunior Prom following the theme, "Three Coins in the Fountain" was brought to life on Friday, April 20. In the middle of the floor was a beautiful fountain with clear crystal blue wata' trickling down the sides. At the entrance was a little white terrace decorated with colored flowers. Many other scenes and dec- orations filled the gym. The highlight of the evening was the Grand March, led by Queen Io Ann Hodabas and King James Crandall. 93 Senior Carnival Fish pond, Dart throwing, Divorce Bureau, Marriage Bureau, Candy Booth and Cake Walk were some of the fea- tures of the annual Senior Carnival on November 10, 1956. The candidates for King and Queen were Carol Piche, Ioe Linder, Myrtle Ann Nyland, George Zendor, jean Ewald, David Peterson, Io Ann Hodobas and Raymond Hubbard. Io Ann Hodobas and Raymond Hubbard reigned as King and Queen. Margaret Salp and Ierry Cappaert were elected by the school to reign as King and Queen of the F. H. A. Fantasy Ball on December 7 They were crowned by two adorable children, Peggy Saltz and John Kauk The gym was transformed into a winter fairy-land. "Snowflakes covered the ceiling, a Christmas tree with blue lights was in the center of the gym, while the bleachers were gaily decorated with "snow covered" balsam and Christmas Cards. In two corners of the gym were huge colored pictures with lights placed behind them. Kwb 2 Junior Class Play The Iuniors presented their play, "Mother Is A Freshman", on April 14, in the Stephen- son Gym. The play was under the direction of Mrs. Frances Weigand with Miss Frances Droese as student director. "Mother Is A Freshman" is the story of a young college girl, Ruth Seanor, whose mother, Barbara Melchoir, has spent all the insurance money left by her father's death. Abigail Fortitude Abbott decides the only way to keep her daughter in college is to apply for an Abigail Fortitude scholarship. The fum begins when mother and daughter are greeted at the college by a very suspic- ious Dean Gillingham, Richard Morrow. A little love is supplied by the handsome Pro- fessor, Iim Voss. The many college students included a pleasingly plump young lady, Jean Ann Strohl, who loves to eat, Clara, Ianet Esbrook, a young admirer of Susan and Sylvia, Janet Iacobsen, a studious girl who tends to frown on dances. Helen, Io Ann Hodobas, is a sophisticated girl who finds many things more interesting than studies and Carrie, Bernadette Kline, is a happy-go-lucky girl who seems to have no problems. Bunny, Barbara Pelkey, is a popular campus girl. The house-mother is played by Betty Raitmaier. W'hat's a play without boys or a college without men? Bobo is played by Roger Rasner, a popular young fellow who is rather conceited. The other college boys are played by Bob Beaudoin, Iim Crandall and Bill Schuster. Senior Play A half ruined mansion in a lonely swamp along the Atlantic coast was the setting for the Senior Play, "Drums of Death". The cast included: Mrs. Gillette- - Eugenia Bowles- Amelia Gillette- - - ------- - Paula Bailey ------- e- ---- Sheldon Harley --------- - Octroon maid- - Iules ------ Mrs. Oakley ------- ---- Sheriff ----- Doctor ---- - Student Director- - - -------- Ian et Es brook Iean Ann Strohl Frances Droese - - Karen Gross - Roger Rasner Barbara Melchoir - - Bill Schuster - - Ruth Seanor ------ ----DickMorrow - - - - - - - - - -Ierry Cappaert - - - ---- Io Ann Hodobas Director ------ - - - - - ' - Mr. Stupak Y ' . . . , 1, , -5' 5, E K . A ,gran ,-mfg A in vw ,If .--. 7-kf W www: AL ln N QeQQi1,,i, silk? in 22 Q9 Xa ' Q l u Iames Bastien, LeRoy Iohnson, Neil LaCasse, Ronnie Anderson, David Granskog, Everett Nylund, Clarence Massey, Leonard Strohl, Wayne Hubbard, Raymond Iohnston, Charles Stage, Bill Davies, Harry Muma, Bill Rivard, Richard Leaveck, Marvin Marcusen, Robert Meintz, IoAnn Iardeen, Leslie Turcotte, Linda Edney, Tom Weber, Marilyn Rasner, Donna Miller, Evelyn Iones, Tana Rupp, Alice Curtis, Connie Payta, Ierilyn Steinbrecher, Sharon Calliari, Lucille Meshiguad, Sally Diehm, Theresa Grubsteuber, Mary Io Wangerin, Ioan Wiberg, Shirley Warner, Carol Vanderhouten, Elaine LaMere, Kathleen Corey, Sharon Borchardt, Iudy LeRoy, Roxann Kapica, Peggy Ives, Karen Stromgren, Beth Lehto, Nancy Martin, MaryAnn Raitmaier, Martha Bright, Mary Lynn Sheevy, Mary Ann Stupak, Allen Dill, Iay Svinski, Ivin Iohnson, Ronald Ruleau, Tommy Phillips, Harlan Anderson, Kenneth Rasner, Advisors, Mr. Wonders, and Mr. Rutkovvski. Eighth Grade ,Q Q ? ggr , N. QQ, . 2 V Wm' I ,,L.L., V . M 8 EM QP,, . xi , K me 1 Qi Vf.' ' wifi tm W K! f f , nz - W7 A 'www Ei eve E i it M i fif'w i Sv Q-,, t Q3 wk ,mwwmw fa:-Q my YU' "o Q9 06,06 0632? I f, Donna, Ian Q Kathy B. , 1 Picnic Time Crazy heh ? Marlene 7 , , 1 f -Si f -fr, 'Fisi flu, ff , ,, aaaa A, .5 Vggn Greg, Mike, Carl Betty, Margie, Shir H A 1,15 X Q aaa-' fy -y,y, l yxa' i E111 K. " 1 ' . . iaya I .H R f .,' -2 f - 5 '," Who are these? 'V L' R175 'L-P."" i Z! M ,y,, y gn. a,.yy Q y my -ll all E ,, . 'Q . I ,.-A V. K if LV.,,. ',,h ..,, Lv-af . , ' ,xy in, If ,,,.. Bettie C.-Bee B.-Carol D.- Donna F.-Shirl R.-Babe L. X O49 all Carol Ighn S, f r , 1 w r sz Q .. .1 , , Q., . by I ' ffkfgr, gk! fag K V ' '- ff jg r , C - , ,W f W mr- fi W 31 .1 ZX f wif? , 4 saiar gfl N Frances D. Bill Nancy S. I, 1. L ff ' 1 ..... - ei' "-. , Yvoune S. Warren S. Barb and Pat M. Richard M. N Greta W. r,.. 7, 2 5 g g U fwfr., i my gi g- i,..1Z,,JQw..g?,, .L , , f - 'f ifE?1f .QS .mf ii , gif 5' 'fm tg ' -fiiriiregf . 5 K 1 x K2 E IJ j e' 1 ' , my X Ni 4' S F12-55: . ,, Q 5.52 ,X Q My 569' ' , . 2 . . , ,. . P., ,Lair 4 vm A M 45 1. . Nl an bg X ,, . 'B' 4, 1 ,I rr j 'xg Verna B. Uk g x sf Deloris B. Arda W. Eleanor M. WAY BACK WHEN! I Jean S. V A ,..-. ,L .. se' Q 4' igywv 3 . V '51 4M : , r .rf My "WWE L, M M Par R . a X K an 'J . X 5 Q? x ff s J'ffWS 1r"v fum -' 'A iii ' fi 5 ' Q?2is XfQ15Qjr:V i53. 5 . '5 ? fxffei , . X M ,Y ii M , gg ' -ii? - 2 I 1 . V I ,, Greg D. Don Remember this 'P -" L' i 'ff . m!'?1EikLifX fm,exs355i'z ,...'..:w-wx... BANK OF STEPHENSON SERVING MENOMINEE COUNTY FOR 55 YEARS MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION nw N FOR ALL YOUR BANKING NEEDS For A Friendly Welcome, Prompt Attention, Courteous Service, Banking Facilities To Meet A Wide Variety Of Needs, And Experienced Counsel On Money Matters Of Many Kinds - - - We Invite You To Do Your Banking With Us. It Is The Sincere Desire Of The Officers And Personnel OfThis Bank To Be Of Help And Service To The Graduates Of 1957 As They Take Place In The Community. 108 Compliments Of Compliments Of Nels0n's Bakery 1 Plumbing 81 Heating 1429 - 13th Street Menominee, Michi. 2124 Hall Ave. gan Marinette, Wisconsin Compliments Of Bill loga Lincoln - Mercury 1428 Main Street Marinette, Wisconsin Redwood 5 -6626 Your Authorized Lincoln - Mercury Dealer Compliments Of Paddy's Bar Beer - Liquor Cedar - River, Michigan Compliments Of First National Bank Menominee , Michigan Compliments Of Winkle's Drug Store Ios eph S . Winkle Proprietor Menominee, Michigan Compliments Of Peterson's TV Radio Repair Stephenson, Michigan Kuhnle's Cafe On Green Bay Orders To Take Out Charcoal Broiled Foods Pizza Pie Phone UN 3-246 3 Menominee, Michigan THE NEW VOGUE PRODUCER'S DAIRY Menominee , Michigan Menominee , Michigan BOB'S TAVERN DRIVE - IN - RESTAURANT Menominee, Michigan Menominee, Michigan RED OWL AGENCY IOZAITIS GROCERY "Where Friendliness And Courtesy Menominee, Michigan Always Prevail" Stephenson, Michigan DINE - A - WHILE FALSTAD'S IMP. CO. MS1'10miHeG, Michigan Menominee, Michigan OAK TAVERN Compliments Of D1-H1169 Square - Old Oak LUND HARDWARE 61 SPL. Marinette, Wisconsin Marinette, Wisconsin DIEHM FUNERAL HOME MENOMINEE SAW COMPANY Stephenson, Michigan Menominee, Michigan 110 Compliments Of Compliments Of CARNEY CHEESE HOUSE Where Friends Meet Carney, Michigan Stephenson, Michigan Compliments Of Compliments Of THE DIME STORE Stephenson, Michigan Peterson Br0ther's Store Compliments Of VIC'S SERVICE STATION Nadeau, Michigan Carney, Michigan MARIE'S DRESS SHOP WIBERG' S GROCERY Stephenson, Michigan Stephenson, Michigan VI - IOE BUCK TAVERN GILBERT 'S STYLE SHOP Marinette, Wisconsin Marinette, Wisconsin ANDERSON' S COFFEE SHOP, NADEAU STORE, HEATING AND COOLING, A Sf P NAGY'S SERVICE STATION, Compliments Of Dr. G. I. MAIHOFFER ALLI S-CI-l ALMERS Carney Nadeau Marinette Menominee Carney Compliments Of MAN UFACT URERS OF DUfl'BSl1lI0,S Home GAS Menominee, Michigan Hot Flame Gas Company Compliments Of Stromgren's Clothing Store MON R' BERQUIST CARNEY, MICHIGAN Stephenson, Michigan C pl t Of FORD Schmidt's Bicycle Shop SALES SERVICE 470 Tenth Ave. Menominee, Michigan Modern Machinery Sales Compliments of Nelson's Bakery STEPHENSON, MICHIGAN 1421 - 13th St. Menominee Michigan 112 Compliments Of -MUSIC . . C 6: N AUTO SUPPLY -NEWS . . Menominee, Michigan -SPORTS , , "If You Can't Pit It, Try" FRANK'S SHOE STORE W A G , N "We Fit The Hard To Fit" 2419 13th Street Menominee, Michigan 1340 K. C. Compliments Of MENOMINEE, MARINETTE MI BIRD BAR Menominee, Michigan For Highest Quality Concrete READ THE WALSH SAND 8: GRAVEL COMPANY Menominee, Michigan , Dining At Falk Hotel Menommee Herald-leader Is Wonderful - Try It FALK HOTEL Mike 6: Stella Falk Prop . FOR ALL Menominee, Michigan -LOCAL Shop The Hall Ave. Way -NATIONAL HUB CLOTHIERS 1 822 Hall Avenue Marinette, Wisconsin i"kic'k'k'k k'k'k'k -VVORLD NEWS 113 COMPLIMENTS OF Menominee County Journal Compliments Of Reds Standard Service Stephenson, Michigan Compliments Of FRANK BAYEE. Publisher Menominee Boller Works Menominee, Michigan STEPI-IENSON, MICHIGAN COMPLIMENTS Cohodas OF Phone UN 3-3466 615 6th Avenue Menominee Michi an I Compliments Of Vants Market Daggett, Michigan 114 Anderson Motor Sales G. M. C. SALES SLSERVICE STEPHENSON, MICHIGAN -SASH .... , . HDOORS . . . -MILLWORK . . . I "WHO" l. E. Gibout Xt Son Manufacturers Compliments Of FINE CABINET WORK Ricaby's IGA Store INTERIOR FINISH b MENOMINEE, MICHIGAN Stephenso Michigan Compliments Of COMPLIMENTS OF Eisendrath Glove Co. Daggett Mercantile Mai-inette, Wiscons Compliments OI GENERAL MERCHANDISE FLOUR :Sr FEED COAL Corey's Implement BUILDING MATERIAL DAGGETT, MICHIGAN Stephenson Michigan IENSON RADIO 8: TV GUSTAFSON IEWELRY GENE AND GINGERS MOTTARD BARBER SHOP BOURGEOIS IGA MARKET KENN'Y'S MOTOR SERVICE Fashionable Wearing Apparel THE BELL STORE For The Whole Family Marinette, Wisconsin -Toys -Films -Gifts Compliments Of PARIS VARIETY , 2614 13th Street Gruenstern s IGA Store Meminee, Michigan And CHRISTENSEN MACHINERY AND SUPPLY CO. Palestine Cheese Factory 1320 First Street Route 2 Stephenson Menominee, Michigan Compliments Of Dr. IOHN E. MASE Dr. HOWARD B. STILLMAN Dentist Marinette, Wisconsin Dr. P. E. BRENNEN Dentist Farmers :Sf Merchants Building Phone RE 5-562 6 Marinette, Wisconsin "Nothing But Good Shoes" VICTOR SHOE STORE Feet Fitted To Keep Feet Fit Menominee, Michigan Q Badger Green Bay Business College 123 S. WASHINGTON ST. GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN PHONE HEMLOCK 2 -7 6 l 6 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ACCOUNTING COURT REPORTING MEDICAL, LEGAL AND EXECUTIVE SECRETARIAL OFFICE MACHINES Write Or Call For Free Information On Courses, Salaries And Opportunities In The Fields Of Business. COMPLIMENTS Compliments Of OF RAY HUBBARD Gerue 0ll Company Stephenson, Michigan MID - COUNTY MARINETTE IRON AND DISTRIBUTOR METAL YARD OF "Top Prices Paid" For Scrap Iron And Metals Marinette, Wisconsin MOBILOIL MATT PRATT MOBILGAS Dealer In Quality Coal PHONE STEPHENSON 137-ll Stephenson, Michigan STEPHENSON, MICHIGAN Compliments Qf SELLING GOOD HOME Dr. CARROLL FURNISHINGS Stephenson, Michigan SINCE 1888 Compliments Of DISHNEAU'S SERVICE STATION AND GRILL Stephenson, Michigan Compliments Of WHITE HOUSE MILK COMPANY Stephenson, Michigan Globe House Furnishings Co. 1618 - 28 MAIN STREET PHONE RE 5-5424 MARINETTE, WISCONSIN Compliments Of Dr. LE. Nelson, Dentist 1554 Main Street Phone - Redwood 5-3337 Marinette, Wisconsin Compliments Of Farmers and Merchants' Bank "We Serve More People Because We Have More Compliments Of HORVATI-I' S JEWELRY Stephenson, Michigan Compliments Of GAMBLES Stephenson, Michigan A C Compliments Of VILLAGE LUNCH Stella Dziedzic 1 Proprietor F1'1eedS" Stephenson, Michigan Marinette, Wisconsin Compliments Of Plankington ARTS senvice STATION Padflng COITIDHHY Stephenson, Michigan A Division Of Swift Shoes For The Entire And Company Famlly Menominee , Michigan BOB'S SHOE STORE Stephenson, Michigan Homilggdsigakes Compliments Gateway Cafe Of Home Cooking OLSEN'S RESTAURANT 1029 10th Ave. Marinette, ,PHHM Wisconsin Menominee, ' Michigan Storage Crating Ed Beaudo Moving Co. Local - Long Distance Moving Menominee, Michigan "Trade With Folks Cold Storage Cleaning - Repairing SCHMIDT'S FUR SERVICE Remodeling 5 41 l Oth Ave . Menominee, Michigan Meats Groceries Frozen Food Lockers ZENDER'S I G A MARKET Your Friendly Store Daggett, Michigan You Know" , Compliments Ed s Super Market Of STODOLA IRON SHCP 1034 20th Street Daggett, Michigan Menominee, Michigan Tires Batteries Eklerythiflg EMM Accessories PhO'COQ1'aDhiC LOBERGER SERVICE STATION US 41 Daggett, Michigan Compliments Of Dr. JOHN HEIDENREICH Daggett , Michigan Compliments Of STEPHEN SON BAKERY Stephenson, Michigan Wedding - Commercial Candid Or Formal Conant Studios Child Portraiture Portrait Specialties Marinette, Menominee For Heating--Plumbing Materials Of All Kinds See E. F. Potter lumber Company Phone 71 Stephenson, Michigan Compliments Of Compliments Of ' OAK TAVERN Asselrns Ice Cream Dunlap Square "The Cream Of The Marinette, Wisconsin North". Compliments Of Menominee, Michigan GEORGE MENOR'S Compliments Of 748 Marinette Ave. Phone 2-2727 Marinette, Wisconsin Joy Product Company Dr- D. B. FAST OPTOMETRIST , , , 1554 Main Street Menommee' Mlchlgan Phone Redwood 5313 Marinette, Wisconsin Compliments Of COMPLIMENTS OF Edqurst and Sons Cleaners 505 10th Street Menominee, Michigan and , Compliments Of Mr Cleaners Abstract Company "Make Your Cleaners MI Cleaners". MENOMINEE, MICHIGAN 701 8th Avenue Menominee , Michigan Compliments Of " ' P S FRED 1. RAsoR MenOrQ2Tify.?remO t REALTOR . , Schmrdt s Bakery Menominee , Michigan S 'f S h 'd' "Serving For Over pecllgakgryml t S 35 Yearsn' Menominee, Michigan V. GM. ELECTRIC COMPANY For All Forms , Phone UN 2601 , , Of Insurance See Menominee, Michigan Compliments Of MABEL DRESS SHOP 1617 Main Street Ralph Peterson Insurance Agency 832 l Oth Avenue Marinette, Wisconsin Menominee, Michigan Compliments Qf Compliments 0 I Boren Clrnrc SMARTWEAR Dr. C. H. Boren Dr. I. A. Boren Marinette, Wisconsin Dr. I. Wm. Boren, Ir. Dr. Claric H. Boren -W Dr. I. D. Zeratsky Dr. R. T. Gustafson Marinette, O Wisconsin Compliments Of GATEWAY AUTO COURT GIPP'S BEAUTY SHOP DREE'S ELECTRIC SHOP BEHNKE'S GROCERY GASPER'S HARDWARE George E , Pe strui Pres-Mgr. HOTEL MARINETTE Hospitality Comfort--Service Marinette, Wisconsin Compliments Of DIEHM FUNERAL HOME N Stephenson, Michigan XXALWAYS DRIVE CAREFULLY" We're Happy To Service Your CarWOLVERI NE MOTORS , 970 39th Ave., Phone UN39297, BROADWAY SERVICE , 2221l3t1'1, Phone UN 3-3443, CENTRAL AUTO BODY, 13C 10th, Phone UN3-2921, EVAN'S HALL AVE. SERVICE, Marinette, RE2506, TESSIERS SERVICE, 35251Oth, Phone UN 3-5065, E WA L D' S GA RA G E , 3501 10th, Phone UN 3-3875. Compliments Of COURTESY OP M.ACHALT'S CLOTHING STORE A Daggett, Michigan Compliments . Of Friend MENOMINEE PRODUCE CO. i C Phone Un 3-312 1 Tilly Tot to Teen Shop Menominee, Michigan Sara S. Levine "Where The Unusual Is Compliments The Usualn' of Main Street T E BEAU Y SHOP H T Redwood 5-4121--1726 Menominee Michigan Marinette, Wisconsin Compliments Of Compliments KARTHEISER Of SASH AND DOOR CO. Menominee, Michigan Menominee, Michigan Compliments Of RElNKE'S DAIRY Compliments Marinette, Wisconsin Of I Complimentsw I S M S Of Solander Electric and TV H. F. SELLNOLD DENTIST Stephenson, Michigan 1532 Main Street Marinette, Wisconsin s 0' '-- f X In Q C mcuusln vusuc mm! sonvonmon Service rm' . Gb-vjpllb' Q REDDY KILOWATT 65 Congratulations To The Class Of 1957 The Annual Staff "Lois" "Donald" 4 "Your Mid 8: North County Cleaners" Dresses Suits Coats And Hats Royal Cleaners Phone 488 Stephenson, Michigan "Judy and Jeanne " Take Pride - ---- - In Your Education For years, now, you have been acquiring the tools with which to live, in today's world. It's a big, challenging world, and the better you have learned to use these tools for living that education has given you, the better you'll live. In this country your education has been forged on the hearth of truth, you have been given facts, not propaganda. Your tools for living are true and Strong. You can take pride in them. Iust how long this kind of education will be available in this country will depend, to a great extent on the way you, and the others of your generation, use these tools. It will take work, determination, and some sacrifice. Without work, determination, and sacrifice, plus pride in our way of life, you will not be able to use these tools for living to the upmost. When that day comes, it may mean that in your life time, this kind of mental equipment, the tools of truth, may no longer be available to the human race. Take pride in your education. LAUERMANS Autographs Autographs Autographs At this time, the entire staff of the "Eagle" wish to express their thanks to the merchants, Clubs, and organizations for contributing to make this the fine annual we hope it is. We also wish to extend our sincere thanks to Myrtle Ann Nylund for her time and effort given in writing the theme for this annual. Autographs No more sleepless nights Fran- -it's finished. fFran is the Editorj J 91 ul' 4,0 bli-90019 blllpdllyl ncll uw' can rs" 9 N U1 n 110 0 CDistinction gon Oven gwenty Cyeans 1 me nucg M I w11l c1ose flrmroots flows and you have learned in S. H. S. '57 Spirit s x 3

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