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CLASSMATE il ? J ' rtt3t r v V oo EX LIBRIS t.La- . v 4-z: 4.J - _- -- k - - DEDICATION ::i;iMMWMi i!£MiSiM ' » « cfDeuicciti icaiion We ' ll all reaember him — our advisor for four years to Tdiom we dedicate our yearbook. Even vrith the most menial tasks he has helped us in every way. We appreciate his thouffhtfulness and wish him the best of luck. Mr. Oerald Martin Principal Behind the scenes, they ' ve done their part and more.... Mr. Joseph Queky Superintendent Mr. Alois Knoll Our advisors, iwtio pushed and prodded us through our last year ' a struggle .... Mr. John Snndqoist Mr. James Short BOTTCM ROWi Ur. Bdmer Lacasse, Miss Virginia Allgeyer, Urs. Byron Hanson, Uiss Marian Eckhart, Miss Mary V. Kleeberg, Miss Rosemary Ramsay, Mr. Gerald Martin. SECOND ROWi Miss Elizabeth Oas, Miss Jane Barstow, Mrs. Gunnar Nasluxd, Mrs. Owen Ralston, Miss Dorotto- Adesko, Mrs. TO. Hard Coakley, Mrs. Judith Morton, Mrs. Frances Weigand. TiUSD ROWi Mr. Alois Knoll, Miss Shirley Husby, Mr. Van Quaal, Mr. Thomas Faulkner, Mrs. Lenora Lienna, Mrs. Clifford Brown Jr., Mr. Waif red Granskog, Mr. Robert Gernand. TOP ROWi Mr. Vernon Zettel, Mr. John Sundquist, Mr. Fred Pintal, Mr. William Tonkin, Mr. James Short, Mr. Harry Wonders, Mr. Josep ! Gucky, Mr. Francis Cappaert. s ucultu We will always remember with gratitude and respect oxir thirty-one friendly and help- ful teachers. Always ready and vd.lling they were to help with anything and everything. Our thanks to you. ' I Ua ledictorian Clarence Hultman S alutatc cuu LAUDS lotian Florence Kalackas Top scholarship honors in the Senior Class were earned by Clarence Hultraan ai i Florence Kalackas. All of the following students, listed alphabetically with their toimships, earned an average of B or better during their years in high school. Elton Anderson --------- Ingallston Joyce Bush ----------- " « lme8 June Collard ----------- Daggett Joanne Flodine --------- Stephenson Edwsrd Freis ----------- «ellen Leonard Qondek ---------- -Nadeau Jeannette Qruenstem ------- Stephenson Eniin Hart ---------- -Stephenson Phyllis Hillbininer -------- Stephenson Clarence Hultman -------- -Ingallston Elaine Jardeen ---------- -liellen Bloise Jenkins ---------- -Nadeau Florence Kalackas --------- Daggett Carol Kgyser ----------- Daggett Joyce liacco ----------- -Holmes Michael Michnlck ---------- liellen Elaine Miller --------- -Ingallston Julia Paul ---------- -Stephenson Florence Smith ---------- -liellen Shirley Strom --------- -Stephenson Robert Weber ---------- Stephenson Janice Winter --------- -Stephenson Beatrice Zimmerman --------- Nadeau SENIORS s. eniorS Alvin Adams " Sonny " Varsity Club h, Elinore Berg " Berg " , Glee Club 3-H School Daze U Annual Staff 4 LaVeme Adams " Bemle " Annual Staff 3-U School Daze J-U App. Teacher 3 l4_H 1-3-5-4 Allen Broberg Service Club 3-H Varsity Club 4 Football 4 Track 3 It-H 1-2-3-4 Class Play y-k F.F.A. 1 Elton Anderson U-H 1-2-3- Photography 1-2-3- Joyce Bush " Bush " Annual Staff 4 ll-H 1-2 App. Teacher 3 Raymond Blom " Ray " F.F.A. 1 Football 2-3-4 Basketball 2-3-k Ruth Barley Class Play 3-4 Glee Club 3-3-4 School Daze 4 Anniial Staff U Dolores Brander " LaiTie " Olee Club 3- iDramatic 3 Leonard Chao eau " Litch " Basketball 1-2 Football 1-2-3 Track 1 George Borst " Ringe " School Printing k Philip ill Carroll " Phil k-H 2-3 Track 1-2-3 Class Play 2-3 Football 1-2-3-4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Spanish Club 3 Varsity Club 3-4 St. Council 1 Theodore Berger " Sonny " F.F.A. y-k Track 3- Basketball 2 L- •y Helen Chatlosh " Toots " Glee Club 2 H-H 1-3-3- School Daze 4 Annual Staff 4 St. Librarian 3 ' William Cole " Billy " David Carlson , F.F.A. 1-2-U St. Council 1-3- h-H 1-2-3-4 Photography Club 2-Jr-k June Collard " Junie " I4-H 2-3-1+ Secretaiy 1 Prom Queen 3 Class Pla y App. Teacher Cheerleader 1 Basketball 1-2-3 Maurice Corbisier- " Corky " John Doyen " Johnny " PhotograjAy 3- + Warren DeMille " Louie " Annual Staff 3 School Daze 1|-H Leonard Dombrowski " Lenny " F.F.A. 1-2-3 Beatrice DeLaurelle " Bea " School Daze 3 Annual Staff 3 U-H 3 i -.;! ' JoAime Flodine tiJo " Glee Club 1-3 School Daze {+ Annual Staff 4 Band 1-2 St. Council 1 U-H 1-2-3- Edward Freis nSd " Basketball 1 Football 1-3- Class Play 4 jl -H 1-2-3- Play Make-x: 4 Varsity Club Clara Fellion " Clare " Basketball 3-3- Glee Club 3- + Band 1 App. Teacher 2 lOay Make-up 3 Ervin Foley Basketball 1 Track 2 Lucille Flaum Basketball 1-2 Glee Club 1-2 Oper etta 1-2 C.Y.O. 1-2-3 l -H 1-2-3 Karol Gardner Track U P.P. A. 3- John Forssberg " Fearless " Basketball 1 Football 1 Leonard Oondek " Buz " Basketball 2 Football H F.F.A. 3 -H 1-2 Iris Gardner Jeannette Omens tern Clas8 Play 3- Glee Club 2-3 School Daze 7 Annual Staff Vice Pres. 2 Spanish Club 3 Elaine Jajxieen " Sis " Secretary 1 Sextette 3 Treas irer 2 Glee Club 1-2 Dorothy Francour " Frenchie " k-H 1 Sextette 3 Glee Club 1-2 Cheerleader 1 Eric Hafeman l4-H 1-2-3-4 Mildred Haulotte Verlin Johnson Track 1-2 Football 1 Basketball 2 K Beverly Hecyk " Bubbles " AnnusJ. Staff k School Daze k Glee Club 2 U-H 1-2-3-4 Jeanine Johnson " Johnny " 1+-H 1-2-3- Glee Club 3-{+ Spanish Club 3-|+ Basketball 1-2-3-4 Play Make-up 4 F K ■Hk H Dorothy Heraon Pt " Dot " p h-R 1-2-3 ' d Phyllis Hillbruner " Phil " Glee Club 2-4 St. Librarian 3 -Vi 1-9-% App. Teacher 4 Donald Hanson " Don " Basketball 1-2 Football 1-2 Track 1-2 U-H 1 Clarence Hultman F.F.A. 1-2 President 2-3 Photography 3 Lorraine Imhoff " Rainey " Glee Club l-2- 4 k-n 1-2 Sharon Hiibbard Glee Club 3-3-4 School Daze 4 Annual Staff k Eloise Jenkins " Jenks " App, Teacher 3 l ' ' i Donald King " Don " BoTS Choir 1-4 C.Y.O. 1-3 Basketball 1-2 Secretary 2-4 Leo Kaczanarczyk Erwin Hart " Bud " Track 1 Football 2-3-H School Daze 4 Annual Staff 4 Varsity Club 3- + Photography 1-2 Florence Kalackas " Flossie " Basketball 1-2-3-4 St. Council 4 k-E 1-2 App. Teacher Play Make-up Carol Kayser " Chee Chee " Basketball 1-2 Glee Club 3-4 Treasurer 1-k Class Play 3 h-ti 1 Play Make up 4 Jack Kalishek " Curly " Football 3 F.F.A. 3-4 Basketball 1-2 Robert Klitzke " Bob " Track 2 F.F.A. 1-2-5- Margaret Kosweski " Margie " Glee Club 1-2 Annual Staff 4 k-H 1 Play Make-up 3 " V Shirley Laurin Homecoming Queen 4 School Paper M- C.Y.O. 1-2-3 Operetta 1 Rita Kline Glee Club S-3-4 Store Room 3 Joann Leave ck " Joan " , Annual Staff H School Daze 4 Photography 3- Kenneth Lind Strom " Kenny " F.F.A. 3 ?loger Lundquist Basketball 1-3-3-H Football 4 Track 3 Treasurer 1-2 Betty LaVeau " Betts " Annual Staff 4 School Daze k k-R 1-2-3-4 Store Room 3 Glee Club 1-2-3-4- Marlene Marana " Mugs " Basketball 3-4 Class Play 3 Olee Club 3 1 _H 2-3-4 App. Teacher k Patrick Moran " Pat " Football 3-1+ Basketball 1-3-3 Athletic Club 3-4( ' r- Rita Meintz " Mouse " School Daze Play Make-up Basketball 3- Allen Rhode " Niggle " . F.F.A. 12- 1+-H 1-2-3 Carol Nelson ••Bill " Basketball Class Play- Glee Club k-K App. Teacher Cheerleader l-2- -4 Spanish Club 3 carl of the Year 3 1-2 3 3 1 1+ Julia Pava " Julie " Class Play Glee Club St. Council Spanish Club 3- Rosalie Phillips Glee Club 2-k Class Play y-k Cheerleader 3- Spanish Club 3-k Marilyn Nault " May " -E 1-2-3- Glee Club 1-2 C.Y.O. 2 Richard Rivard " Rich " Basketball 1-2 Track 1-2 President 1 St. Council 1-2-4 k-K l-2- 4 Photography 3- Gordon Nelson " Gordy " Basketball 1-2 Football 3-4 Class Play H President 4 Spanish Club 3-4 « Michael Michnick " Mike " Basketball 1-2-3-H Football 1-2-3-H Vice Prea. Play Make up 5 Varsity Club 3-h Spanish Club H UlH l- -3- Douglas Nordin " Dickie " Basketball 1-2 Class Play School Daze 4 Annual Staff H I4-H 1-2-3- Boys Choir 4 Photography 3-4 Adele iiouf ord " Dellie " Olee Club 3-} School Daze M- Annual Staff k If-H i-a-3 Roger Myers " Rog " F.F.A. 1-2- Elaine Miller St. Librarian School Daze Annual Staff I4-H App. Teacher Play Make-i Joyce Macco " Joy " School Daze 3 Annual Staff 3 Vice Pres. 1 l»_H 1-2-3 ' Roger Lof gren " Buddy " 7.F.A. l-2-i+ Donald Nerat " Don " Basketball 1-2-3-4 Football 1-2-3-4 Track 2- -4 F,F.A. 1-2-4 itarl ti Phillips " Phil " Class Play 3- Glee Club 1-2 St. Librarian 4 School Daze 3-4 Annual Staff 3- -n 1-2 Cheerleader 1-2-3-4 St. Council 3 ueorge Raboin " Peno " Basketball 1-2-3 F.F.A. 3-4 4-H 1-2 Shirley Strom , Class Play 3- Band 1 Treasurer 3 St. Council 1-2 Spanish Club 3- Phyllis Shampo " Phil " Glee Club 1- 3 School Daze 3 Annual Staff k-K 1-2-3 Sextette Play Make-up Louise Spitzer " Toots " Glee Club 1-2-3- St. Librarian 3 k-E 1-2 Eugene Smith " Bud " Harold Schlenvogt " Schlen " Basketball 1 2-3-4 Football 1-2-3-4 Track 1-2-3-4 Varsity Club 3-4 Vema Saltz " Salty " App, Teacher 4 Play Make-up 4 Basketball 1-2 t.. .. Mary StarzynsW. ll-H 1-3-3- Sextette S- -4 Glee Club 1-2-3-H Play Make-up H Arnold Tanvas F.F.A. i-a .H Florence Smith " Flory " Wixiiam Sharkey " Bill " C.Y.O. 1-3-3-1+ Cleo Thone Qlee Club 1-2-3 School Daze 3-J+ Annual Staff 3- , It-H l-2- 4 Ernest Webber F.F.A. 3- Football 3 Basketball 2 Rita Tickler " Sunshine " Glee Club 4 Photography 3 Patricia Woessner " Pat " Basketball 3-k Class Play k Glee Club k Cheerleader 2 1 William Thiry " Wild Bill " Roseanna Sakovitz " Rose " School Daze 4 Annual Staff 4 Photography 3-4 Adeline Wachter Glee Club 1-2-3-f Spanish Club 4 ' Janice Winter Glee Club y-k Class Play 3 Secretary 3-3 Donald Wagberg " Don " F.F.A. 3- k-B 1-2-3- Robert Weber " Bob " Class Play St. Council y-k Spanish Club 3 Athletic Club 3 Basketball 1-2 A h Beatrice Zimmerman " Beadie " k-H 2 C.Y.O. 1-2-3 Glee Club 1-2 Vv ) ■ Oe S . r " - A% Oi G i - M ' e ' dhU ,..-.JUL 3 - . ' _j y Senior ( tasi KyjrhcerS Carol Kayser, kichael Michnick, Donald King, Gordon Nelson. y lciSS J lstort Y For some the years went fast, for others slow, but for a ll they prere happy years. Remember when we were freshmen? That was our salad year (green and mixed up) . Eighty three members strong we were, com- ing to S. H. S. from Mellen, Stephenson, Cedarville, Ingallston, Lake and Holmes townships. With head down and hand raised (Indian fashion polls) we elected our officers. They werei President- Tom Bolen V. President-Joyce Uacco Secretaiy-Elaine Jardeen llR Treasurer-Philip Carroll ' C ' X jr r Student Council-Julia Paul .1-, r v :? Philip Carroll-David Carlson (Continued, neoct page) As we delve into the past of the class of »51 memories galore pop out at us. Number one is our first class party. We ijere sent off to the Nadeau roller skating rink on iihat was to be the beginning of many more parties of that kind. As time marched on so did the class. In 19 we moved into the spotlight as Sophomores. What a happy and eventfvil year that was I The attendance books of Miss Husby and Mr. Slmdquist, our teacher ad- visors, credited us with a total of 7 members, Tms year our officers ran as followsi President-Ularence Hultman T. President-Jeanette Qruenstern Secretary-Jane Beyer Treasurer-Elaine Jardeen Shirley Strom and David Carlson returned to sit in the student council as representar- tives of our class. In ' 1+9, our Junior year, the Carney- _ Nadeau and Daggett High Schools added k3 new members to our class raising our enrollment record to 117 and the highest in the school. The majority rule gave us President-Clarence Hultman V. President-Sylvia Poi jore Secretary-Jamice Winter Treasurer-Shirley Strom Student Council-Marlyn Phillips Robert Weber-David Carlson as our officers. This year brought many new adventures for us. First on the list was our Junior play Miss Adventxure, Under the direction of Mrs. Weigan3 ar3 Mr. Sundquist, we had it ready to present to the public and school on March 31, 19?0. Palm trees, dimmed colored lights, soft music and wall scenes by Hawaii ' s shores staged the setting for the biggest event of the year, the Junioi Senior pircan. The difficulties and triauLs, pleasures and rewaixls were shared by our tvjo class sponsors, Mrs. Weigand and Mr. Sundquist. 1951 and all has turned out well. 101 Seniors, weary, but happy, maybe a little sad at the thought of leaving school ( ? ) , but proud of the idea that we have Just passed through a very in rtant phase of our life. Successful or otherwise it has been fun. Where we started out as green freshmen, we are now dignified Seniors, Under the leadership of President-Gordon Nelson V. President- Michael Ittchnick Secretary-Donald King Treasurei Carol Kayser Student Covmcil Representatives Robert Weber-Florence Kalackas Michael Mi chnick-Ri chard Rivard we plunged into a play, carnival, class party, pagesint, trip, yearbook and some dances. With the capable assistance of Mr. Short, Mr. Sundquist and Mr. Knoll, ovir advisors, we were able to come out on top. It ' s now May 29. And with the white and blue of oxir goms, red roses, and the motto " Today we follow, tomorrow we lead, " we draw the golden cxirtain of success on the Senior Class of ' 51. o •o o I c o •a o 3 s c JZ 43 -P o 3 CDS Q -P bb-P • « -H ? .a j«j 10 oc« Q o « O +3 cd 5g CO g ID ex « o o2-P i 11 c o TO « X M •g - I a-p ■ X d Id TO RiM Mg -p n •a i M a JS o O X +3-P to© C -P c «■ toSr .. o o oH CO OH 9 C bT O tog-H © O C B -PX ' H • B) © o o 0, - 82 «iH © O •P-PS CO CO o © ©to R h £ o fc © B TO o o Do © ffl ' O J H (4 O JQTOC3 to d © 5 a •H -H o -p+j % m TO H H O xt a o H 2 •p -P CD O UX © Cu o © © © ad o fl • o c ao OCQO o 1 u o to o « o I 5 0,0) d o -p o -8 © w © g TH ©jKjyl O . X C © flj © o V( o © x o o H » -ri O OJ3 « fj © ra ■p © o X to I CH-P o © n B -P 3H 3 O 3 O H ©HV 8© ra o to -P • O (X) turn 00- OOgC) OQTO s o n £ 1 O n e s: o © a •g o to H -. _ tor) 2 tiH C S4J 43 -P C S H q -p (4 a 8-§-65 d nt5 |e TO sjl (S giS 5 « u o 3 I .© -p n » o n o •-a C © c o O cjg ■g.° TO O X o d o « o X ' -a « o Q o OT a, o a o 8, m55 o n jt: o 85 o o o Q OM S S3 . %S •o « I c 43 II I -8 « o o J} 3 2 I I o c I too « 2S 13 o o (4 u ::2 S;§ - 4 t •6 M o I J3 O tl? I ' d c o 11 4i p. £ flj -P _ H B a 8 i O fS Ui « !4 Q O O ol. s C (0 a 4-1 o M O cd •-4 H O JS o ■ » Zt £ aJ o V • o 2 b ► - - -H 1 c H I O o I 1 a ra o H O ir o o • d o c ■5! t S -p5 o o 5 gTigt 2 5 I I ir i oaHHO am BJpQ 1 mn 8? 2 •3 « b O-P © §)« H I n 5 43 to (hi 8 i st« •o pT ©c -a + c-p-p . (rf+S tf 0)41 C -P« ••d ' -d I Q cd 4» o o jp • bp « • d o ?4dr-l O Cd CO o vi o 14 Cd •H o H O I n s Cd (1 r H n o £ u u « o d X u JC € e » e.p « • a I :3 5 !ll o d) am cQ 1 2 - O 00 ' •S n-. - I O - cS 5 ' fi I 1 g " a. " t3 43 s •3 cd cd eo a 04 II 0) H (4 to to (4 S (§ o? C 4 O f- aV u goo o 45 o £ Q cPh ©H . 1 6 P O O O • ,4 ti uji tss: u 5 43 ra 11 13 gf © O © H P 43 43 l li 00 « t o © c © •a s H i-l -H n o CO h m cd ©•S © © o M -a § (0 © t s o CO © {4 •-I ■ K I •a Q o: o 5 o © s ■p n g 8 eg -p o a, Ih o o »o (fl 5 1 •► I a 8 -P B- 2 -P-P P Mi-I 4» O o ■p H -p • . ► -H © i2 O-PO 06-I •H © tf 1 1 § tea ill llll © § CO CO o s is CO •P " 8 O I I 8 0.JS V-P © • c o (0 (4 •p o ■ri O cd V O © B O (D • •e i © Q P B s It) © a-P © n B a o C 44 B O « C-3 Q © HO© 45j: O txm Sn Q ©• CO -PCS o f4 o Xi g 13-3 o o a B ttfl •H B B p C -, - £3 O B-P i O J3 0} 043H -P b0O Vd -P ©-p ' E 5 1 5:55 a g u tt cS cSlcS s s i O-P •§ 5 s B -P C J © o o B o o 1 I i llidcS :d| •p a ©■ 5 Si coco a)-P cd •P « H S 5 5 X I . © ■P -e " © u u ■p a © (4 B BJ B -P ri c OtJ rt _ -H •« H • s OJ3-PH 8 C O O • B te O WO ••d - S ?S§c§:S B 1 s »4 CO -p e cd © i o -p eg J3 m m © •-3 O I © o a »t u ?1 1 I 5 © © In ■P J3 CO H © « 8 © kd C fl © © Jd (4 » •-» Cm a 4S ■P O a CO q «)». T3 -• Q CB « " S -■s to JC ii -ti - c a ' a , 5 I -P-H-P U CO flj jp JP Q O o ■JS c- Q 5 S ' S ' •P ' Hg ' 5 $;i3 i?slS £ ssi 5 3 9 ©E p-d 0 CO t« ri ' M C «J O H h »4 fi Q « ex: o »4 OCO -PPQO. cd a H c c«o , - 5if|||||i % o ■p-p P O »H Q iSO -P ?1-6 C bo -H §• » c o-p«-pCs c u •§ I I 5 e-i g n t, « g : 3 o g H o n o Pi a C •a s 8 1 g n a 1 g = ' 2 o " S g a -p o h CD o S 5 ■P cd X CO V-P J3-P Q O « 01 g-p (4 a cd 4) 8 P (D 9 O CD ffl QO •B hi an 4 11 5 -p cd (h-P i SI »4 D f u §1 •8 -8 (to o ' %S am a i o S " § PI •8 Hi o B a »4 e a: o CO o E-i 5» s -P-P Xiri rt C «o tI bo dill? TO-P4i Ot O C o o e U e o m H Ofa _ X p C -3 _ o Vl • o s o o I t)0 . COl, § 1 -S 8, g -g a.f?oo 8k •a e B CO a bo o I ' d S ' -g Tl • 0) U) Ji BJ-P O O 4J CO O » O C COQDCO S OnCQ ' (4 C -p Q 0 03 - H U tia a o mq; o ' H O 1 B g e •a « -p B -P § H « c-p O B U (0 ° 4-1 4 B B Vl O CO U OJ5TJ O BtO » PTj 4) HX 3 I :4 If CO 1-J o B ( " S C 6 O B C O 11 PX O Q -p o o B +3 C CH p O-P » Q 5:1 « fl » B O B B ft D I 3 I D B • :a a s 1 -p (4 B to fe • 00 • • u u u u s a god o •H P-P bo •k L -P (0 o «« B s ». ID rH «) B B oi-p Q e Q «a a -p s g CC43 . B n 3r-4 C © «d b wovgOcdeoB bpC C» O O OH 3 p jD n CO 0 ( O S O Q ox: o o rt o IE o Ba W ow -p o S-P M « -p -p o B » a (wa:o)E- ocQ H-p Vl o B B 43 B B p B B-P •12 c C B «l 8 cd c (4 s O. B B C B •H •H B Vi 8 C H C « -« O O 8 B B B B-P a CQH C O B C B 03 JO •H U 04i O B B B B m o n) 5 ■P B n o »4 B Class W;i{ We, the Senior Class of 1950, seeining-ly being of so ' and raind and memory, do hereby make, publish, and declare this to be our last rdll and testament, hereby revoking any will or vdlls heretofore made by us I Alvin Adams, vdll ray ability to study in Study Hall to who ever I needs it. La Verne Adams, mil all the A ' s I I didn ' t get in American Government to Angeline Charlier. I Elton Anderson, will ray ability to do work to anyone in need of it. I Ruth Bagley, vdll all the vork I do in Business Practice to Mitzi Nel- son. I Elinore Berg, will ray good humor Janice Bader. Theadore Berger, will all I didn ' t I learn to Richard Lars en. Raymond Blom, will my ability to fet along with Mr. Martin to Kenny oisson, who may need it. George Borst, will my experience in grinting to Sdv»ard Backman. elores Brandner, ' vill ray face to Shirley Johnson. Allan Broberg, will my good eye sight as a football center, to Mickey Burke. Joyce Bush, vail ray bookkeeping ability to Mr. Fa ilkner. David Carlson, will my Trig, book and slide rule to George Chernouskjj Phillip Carroll, vdll my No. 22 football uniform to any future left tackle . Leonard Champeau, vdll my muscles to any needy person. Helen Chatlosh, will ray ability to lose things to Bdnina Parrett. William Cole, will ray position in Senior High Science to anyone who ■wants it. J ine Collard, will to some poor ur - suspecting fool my General Business book. Maurice Corbisier, all ray old Read- ers Digests, do dll to Wajme Hov jev Beatrice Delaurelle, wdll ray red i hair to ray sister Shirley. Warren D iille, will my seat in Study Hall to anyone viio comes next, I Leonard Dombrowski, will my hollow head to any drummer. I John Doyen, vdll my ability to get along with Miss Husby. I Clara Fellion, will my athletic ability to Je?jn LeBeau. Lucillf. Flaum, vdXl rr ' hei -ht to Eloda Poquette. JoAnne Flodine, xdin. m: ' ' bility to fet into trouble to Carol Hansen. rvin Foley, i»dll my dpncivv;; ' abili- ty to Rosemary " Peanut " Pai-rett. John Forssberg, will m,y luck vrlth the Feminine Gender tc xsj brother, Dick. Dorothy Francour, vdll to some ' Jii- suspecting soiil, my second hour Study Hall. Edward Freis, will ;ay slide rule and Alpha, Beta and Theta, to Ken Hofer, with hopes he ' ll une thani. Iris Gardner, ndll m; ' ' fsvorite pool cue to Jack Pfieff . Karol Gardner, vdll m,y pool cue to Maurice Johnson. Leonard Gondek, •; dll all m;y ' unused text i-)ook? to LeRoy Adanis . Jeannette Gruenstern, will ray short- ness to Swede Anderson. Eric Haferaan, vdl] to Roger Gardner my one and only pool cue. Ebnald Hansen, will my ability tc get excuses from te " chers to D?r- rell " ' rinerFr«»n . Erwin Hart, will ray Famou. No.S football uniform to Jim Casebeer. Beverly Hecyk, will my Government book to Shirley Rickenson. Dorothy Herson, will my smile to Helen Wangerin. Mildred Houlette, ' dll my Coramurdty Math book to Lillian Eastland. Phyllis Hillbruner, will my Senior English book to Vivian Mottard. Sharon Hubbard, will ni ' tj ing for Mr. Short to some poor sucker. Clarence Hultman, vdll a bushel of O ' s to an: ' - Trig, student in need of it. Lorraine Imhoff, to some fu- ture accountant, my Vforn bookkeep- ing book. ELaine Jardeen, will my musical ab- ility to Rita Kosewski. Eloise Jenkins , vdll ray loaded locker to any Junky person. Jeanine Johnson, vr " " ! to ta.v brother, (Continued, next page) Loren, my locker No. 56. Verlin Johnson, will rr:y American Government book to Dick Dirkman. Leo Kaczmarc2yk, will m;;- locker No. 52 to Earl Broberg. Florence Kalack-as, vdll my height to anyone who wants it. Jack K lishek, will to some poor sucker ray Math. book. Carol Kayser, will ray freckles to Mrs . Vteigand . Don King, will my ability to get excuses from the office to Dick Dirkman. Rita Kline, will my quietness to Shirley Johnson. UPTgie Kosewski, will to John Nerat, my blue eyes in trade for his brown ones. Robert Klitzke, will ray ability to study instead of flirting, to ray brother Norman. Shirley Laurin, will ray natural curly hair to Jean Koller. Betty LaVeau, 7d.ll my teeth to any- one who wants them. JoAnn Leaveck, will to some lucky person, my secretary ' s job in Photo- fraphy. enneth Lindstrora, will my tw3 false teeth to any needy person. Roger Lofgren, will ray love for horses to Buzzy " Davies. Roger Lxmdqulst, my luck in basket- ball, add to Dave Hedin ' s skill. Joyce Macco, will my typing ability to Irene Mathias. Marlene Marana, will ray Job as ap- prentice tescher to Ruth Rabitoy. Rita Meintz, will my quietness to Ruth Rabitoy. Michael Michnick, vill ray Senior Efliglish book, with its many u ' - finished themes, to some unlucky Junior. Elaine Miller, will to some unsus- pecting creature my managing editor Job. Pat Moran, will ray ability to find a good parking place to my brother Mike. Adele Mouford, will my quietness in 6th hour study hall to Dorothy Lucke, Roger ifyers, will my ability to skip school and get away with it to anyone who needs it. Marilyn Nault, will my qvdetness to Betty Aman. Carol Nelson, will my cheerleading ability to Mickey Biirke. Donald Nerat, v.lll my place on the bench to any one who wants it. Douglas Nordin, will my locker with the busted door to some unsuspect ing soul. Julia Paul, nlll my love for study- ing to anyone who wants it. Phyllis Shampo, will my position on the annual staff to Dianne Stobe. William Sharkey, will all my extra credits to poor souls in lower grades. Gordon Nelson, -dll my precious and highly esteemed Spanish book to Chuck ' Anderson . Florence Smith, will my American Government book to Lillian Eastl ind and hope she makes better use of it than I did. Eugene Smith, will my American Gov- ernment book to anyone who wants it. Louiae Spitzer, will my Government book to Suzanne Spitzer. Mary Starzynski, will ray terrific temper to Steve Kakuk. He needs it. Shirley Strom, vdll my dimples to Marian Rasmussen, she ' d look cute with than, Arnold Tanvas, will ray ability to study in Uth hour stixly hall to Virlyn Burie. Marlyn Phillips, will my friendli- ness to Janice Bader. Rosalie Phillips, will my cheer- leading ability to Shirley Foley. George Raboin, will ray Bconomics book to Roger Gadda and Gail Phil- lips. Allen Rhode, will my shortness to axxy one who is over 6 ft. 6 in. tall. Richard Rivard, will my ability in Photography to W yne Hower. Roseanna Sakovitz, will all the A ' s I didn ' t get in American Government to Leonard R. Verna Saltz, will my height to Pat Linderoth. Harold Schlenvogt, will my number 3 football Jersey and Trig, book to Jim Grinsteiner. Rita Tickler, will ray hair to Carol Miller. V illiam Thiry, will my intelligence to anyone who needs it. Cleo Ihoney. will my quietness to my brother Nick. Adeline Wachter, will all my books (including bookkeeping) to Betty Klipple. Donald Wayberg, will my good hunor to my brother. Ernest VJebber, will my books to anyone who needs them. Robert Weber, will my locker to anyone lucky enough to get it, Janice Winter, dll all my piano Playing in church to Maria Swanson, atricia Woessner, will my height to Ronnie Winter. Beatrice Zimmerman, will ray nose to Norraa Adams. " " ropnecu With oxir magical combination electrio-eyo-crystal-ball we project oui»- selves into the future ten years hence— Roger layers is working on his latest inve ntion, a car that doesn ' t need a driver, and can find a good parking place 1 1 Donald Nerat gives daily lessons to his sons on how to get muscles like " Daddy. " Louise Spitzer is living in Pound, Wisconsin her husband, John. They run the City Dog Pound. (They are doing a thriv- ing business, too.) Arnold Tanvas is now in politics. He was elected Drain Commissioner in the last election, Rita Kline now residing vdth her hus- band east of Ingalls, where cows are cows and chickens are chick- ens. Margie Kosewski is now Mrs. Arlan Nel- son and following h r husband from one army camp to auiother. Michael Michnick now a sword swallower in the " Martin and Gucky " two- ring circus. Roseanna Sakovitz has made her rail- lions as a real photographer and is settling down to a calmer life. Harold Schlenvogt a farmer owning one of the biggest and most useful farms in Ingalls. Mr. Qranskog is his efficiency manager. Florence Smith now a teacher in Step- henson Hi School teaching " The Art of Love. " Mary Starzynski, Mrs. Mike Feher, is chief welder in the " Feher Blacksmith Shop " in Stephenson. Marlyn Phillips due to her e:5)erience in the WAVES j has invented a cure for sea sickness. Ruth Bagley, who recently established a Secretarial School is about to declare bankruptcy. Raymond Blom is the king of all male singers in Hollywood. Philip Carroll, the great lover-boy of Stephenson, still logging behind the county shed. Jeannette Gruensteni just returned from a vacation with her " catch " a ' " ' est Point Cadet 1 1 1 Erwin Hart now sports writer for the " Red-Heads " professional girls team. Sharon Hubbard is secretary for the " Revall Evaporation Comoany. " Lorraine Imhoff is manufacturing " high heels " , so she can reach " Humf irey 11 " Betty LaVeau has taken over " Doc " Sander ' s Vet business. She always wanted to be a nurse. Roger Lundqiiist just returned from Newberryi (he went bugs over " The Thin ll " ) Roger Lofgren xs often seen zooming over Stephenson in his Jet plane vjhich he now inins on " half and half. " Elaine Miller is Secretary to Presid- ent G. Nelson. Oh, yes, Elaine ' s IQ was always 150 per cent. Phyllis Shampo is an artist in Holly- wood j famous for her drawings of girls, before and after los- ing ugly fat. Eugene Smith owns an exclusive gam- bling joint in Reno, Seems a lot of people from Stephenson are forond there, Rita Tickler is Mrs. Kenneth Bellmore now, Kenny, Jr. is awfvilly cute toolU Cleo Thoney is now following in the footsteps of J. Edgar Hoover. She always wanted to be in the FBIll Elton Anderson has now televised MARS and discovered many pretty girls. He was one for radios and stuff back in SHS. Delores Brandner, a well known author who has taken over Zane Grey ' s position and bankroll, William Cole, driver of a large truck Trho guarantees to transport any- thing in a record breaking man- ner. (And broke ' . ' .) William Sharkey is the World ' s Champ- ion Debator, his main topics sre Wine, Women, and Songl ' .l Lucille Fiaum is a great Lice catcher, employed at the " Bijgiess Beauty Salon " in Mlwaukee. Beatrice DeLaurelle is employed at the " Squeeze In " corset shop in Chi- cago. Leo Kaczmarczyk owns a big fish hatch- ery at Shakey Lakes, specializes in suckers, Edward Freis, now " Gorgeous ED " a well known wrestler. Clara Fellion, a famous horseback rid- er, was seen trying to ride the " PhilUps Flying Red-Horse. " Phyllis Hillbruner, now Mr. Short ' s filing secretary for his many typing speeds. She ' s just the right typist. (He agrees.) Joyce Bush now owner ana operator of the " BRUSH " beauty- shop of Banat. Her specialty is a " Complete overhaul, guaranteed to make or break it David Carlson a great professor of science who has discovered a new theory on " Bug Life. " Joanne Leaveck is married and taking good care of her " Willard. " She resides in a twenty room mansion in Banat with her ten children. June Collard a niirse in one of the largest hospitals known at Nonray Michigan. She supervises Dr. ELdon Carlson. Jeanine Johnson is getting kicked around as coach of the famous " Wolf Football Team " of Daggett. Patricia Woessner ' s latest best seller is entitled " How To Eat and Get Thin in 25 Impossible Lessons. " Carol Kayser is now bat girl for the Chicago Cubs, an d by the looks of her left hand she is making out quite well. Uarlene liarana just returned from Uil- waiikee with a fortune and is looking for ads in the paper of- fering a " Man for Sale. " Douglas Nordin a doctor who will oper- ate on anyone who has anything to be operated on for, providing he has the dough U Florence Kalackas now a professional basket ball player. She recent- ly won a nation-wide contest for the most perfect legs. Carol Nelson then known as " Bill " ia now in the Daggett Hospital due to not succeeding in trying to combine the back-bend and a split at the Peshtigo game. Richard Rivard now a photographer in Hollywood taking pictures of the beautiful things, (angleworms, I guess.) Tema Saltz (just what everyone thou- ght) she ' s Mrs. Kenny Hofer and already has four little Hofer ' e leaimin how to play basketball. Rita Meintz is now a well known host- ess at her open house ranch. Dorothy Hereon is riding on some big cloud over in California. Dor- othy did join the Air Force after all. Mildred Haulotte now a hard working girl making loads of money on her newly organized Otter Farm in Wallace. slaine Jardeen is wishing she had a maid to do her housework while she is busily taking care of her two sets or twins. JaoK Kalishek i« water boy for the Conservation Departoent. He waters the S.H.S. forest onoe a week. Patrick Uoran is the second " Frankie Boy " . His latest hit recording Yfas " Elaine, Uy Love. " Marilyn Nault is married, of course, but still giving parties for her friends and popping di8h-i ans full of pop com. Hendt Kenneth Lindstrom is now resid- ing in the back hills of Carney. George Borst, World ' s Greatest Woman Hater, now has his own radio show, " Facts Against Women. " Helen Chatlosh, manager of the " SHAPE- LESS " Dress Shop in Milwaukee, fits anything from a burlap bag to an ho ir glass figure, JoAnne Flodine is head of the " MISSING HUSBAHD ' S BUREAU. " At present they are looking for hers. Beverly Hecyk, famous beauty operator specializes in " GLAMOUR mGS " in any color. Oeor Raboin a guaranteed hide tanner (George always disliked die- obedience I) Leonard Champeau. has Just won a World Championship for being able to talk longest, loudest, and most. Shirley Strom, a surgical nurse ?rfio specializes in Cut- throats. Robert Weber, President Truman ' s right hand man. (On the left side.) Janice Winter, now employed at one of Stephenson ' s largest hospitals. She is head of the Psychopathic imrd, and says that the majority of her patients are from the " Class of ' 51. " Ervin Foley now the owner of the fa- mous Foley Skid-In Station, yiho advertises gas on the fly. ELinore Berg is a practical (?) niorse, who specializes in the care of persons, no matter how dead they are. Theodore Berger has become the " Worlds Champion Ice Skater. " Headlines in the paper of " 5 " , " Berger Breaks Ankle in Spill. " Leonard Gondek was recently appointed Game C Mnmissioner of Alaska. He always did know a lot about the birds and the bees. Donald King now has a Job working as the President ' s special ac- countant in charge of import- ant " FIGURES. " Robert Klitzke is still working hard on his one acre of ground, so Betty can have anything she wants. (Continued, next page) Dorothy Francour is married but still has the " shape " to model bathing suits. Eric Hafeman is now operating a " Used Car Lot " in Wallace. He sells anything a sucker i«i3J. buy. Donald Hanson, knorm on radio as the second Bob Hope. He alivays was a big Joke. Adeline Wachter is a missionary over in Istanrpakreal. ??????? William Thiry now is " Wild Bill " Hic- cups right hand mant Ernest Webber has now published over two hundred books. (He must be taking " Carter ' s Little Liver Pills. " Beatrice Zimmerman, a well known ac- tress in Hollywood, famous for her beautiful new shade of green hair. Shirley Laurin, now known as Mrs. Al- vin Adams. She is running the Bagley Tavern, Uaxiriee Uorbisier now replaces " Jimmy Lynch " iriio was killed in a smashup at Nadeau, Leonard Dombroweki is still attempting to ride " Pine Mountain " sld slide, (standing up.) Adele Moviford is enaployed at the Chi- nese " Oriental Garden " in Chicar- go, a new restaurant where she specializes in " Chow-mein. " Gordon Nelson is now president of the U.S., has gone from the b ]g house to the White House. Allen Rhode now has a large ranch where he raises hogs. (Children, too 1 1) To date he has six of each. John Forssberg now specializing in hot rods, guaranteed to run. (Kill or Cvirell} LaVerne Adams operates the " Tiny Tot Orphanage " , a home for homeless creatvires in Bagley, (she always did like animals lU) Allen Broberg, yibo minus some spokes is a lag wheel in Bookkeeping, Iris Gardner is in the " Fly Catcher " business. Still unmarried. (Ho catch.) Karol Gardner is receiving a retired a pension Alvln Adams, we Just heard, is Comnao- der of the " Little Cedar River Fleet " of the U. S. Navy. sailor, now .w - and living with a " Grass Skirt " in Hawaii. Clarence Hultman, owner of some of the best dairy cows in the country. They ' re trained to milk them- selves daily. Warren DeMille is driving one of the largest makes of trucks, the ten ton Job, he hauls match-sticks 1 1 Verlin Johnson, still in the " Brush " business. He is now the Carney " Fuller Brush Man. " John Doven. owner of the " BGGLBSS " chicKen farm, seems he is get- ting invisible eggs. Donald Wagberg, now operates his dad ' b farm in Daggett, bam dances being the main feature. Joyce Macco is a striking secretary, irtio is still wrinkling the boss ' s pants. Julia Paul is head of the " You See It, I ' ll Grab It " vacuum cleaner shop in Chicago. Rosalie Phillips, a successful music instructor, is now Mrs. Bud Wickman and instructs the Al Desjarlais Orchestra. 0 2. t e S7 7 Vs7 c In looking over our outstanding Senior Class of ' 51, we fouixi a few interesting facts. We have reached the ripe old age of 1,775 years, or almost 1 centuries. The average Senior is 18 years old. Our total weight is 14,70 pounds, or 7 0 3 tons. The average boy weighs 153 pounds, and the girl, 134. Our total hei t is 563 ' 10 " , making the average Senior 5 ' 7 . Now get this, 3,000 inches of waistline, terrific 1 1 But our feet really aren ' t so big, Jf being the average shoe size. No one can say we aren ' t well equipped when it comes to canines, bicuspids, and molars, with a grand total of 2,957 teeth 1 1 In the Class of ' 51 the majority of the Seniors have brown hair and blue eyes, although quite a number claim those beautiful brown eyes, too I t ACTlVITllS .liiii •.■• ' s. Senior j- ia The Seniors pre- sented as their class play, " AMAZING GRACIE " , which was a " y ooping " success in more ways than onelUl Rosalie Phillips was cast as Gracie Underwood, a career girl, who coTildn ' t even boil water. It was amazing the " fibs " she could tell when she got caught in a jam, but in the end her lies cau t up with her, when she came down with the whooping cough. Douglas Nordin portrayed Gracie ' s husbsind Tyler, a young medical stu- dent, who before the final curtain went down played a charming widow, Cle- mentine Clatterbuck, and the mad surgeon. Dr. Kilbury Coffin. Horatio Helfrey, Ty ' s rich uncle, a Health-Biscuit manufacturer was Robert Weber. Patricia Woessner was Gracie ' s wealthy Aunt Tallulah, a neu- rotic spinster, who had a disease phobia. Darius Damrock, Gracie ' s boss was portrayed by Gordon Nelson. These three were bitter enemies and final- ly met vrfien they visited the Underwood home at the same time. Farina Fudd, the hillbilly maid with the Ozarkian twang in her voice was portrayed by Ruth Bagley. Her cigar-smoking boy friend. Butch Brisco (Bdyrard Freis) worked as a guard in the asylum near the Underwood home. Shirley Strom and Michael Michnick were cast as Negroes, Rainbow Batts ( the Underwood ' s cook) and Piedmont Jones, the handy-nan, who always had a ' iL t pain in his " stun- mick " ■rhen there was any work to be done. Julia Paul was Mrs. Spicer, a nosey widow from next door who was constantly keeping a " peeled eye-ball " for a man. Her daughter Dodie, ( Jeannette Oinien- stem) was a smart- alecky brat of twelve Ti-ho had the whooping covigh. Alois Knoll di- rected the play. SEHIOR CARNIVAL The Senior class sponsored their carnival this year on March 31» 1951. Booths offering every attraction from marriage to telegraph service, cake walk to fish pond, divorce bureau to spook house lined the floor. Seniors with the gleam of success in their eyes, lured helpless specta- tors to gamble on bingo and other games. The main attraction of the evening was the crowning of the King and Queen, James Casebeer and Joann Carroll, Fresh- man candidates elected by pop vote. SENIOR PAGEANT The annual Senior Pageant was held on May 2k, 1951. The Pageant is written by the participating class manbers, with advice and counsel of the faculty. This year the changes which have taken place in Dress and Song in America were depicted according to the fol- lowing divisions. I. Colonial Period II. Westward Movement III. Gay Nineties IV. World War I V. Depression VI. Recent Trends WHO ' S WHO AMONG TOE SENIORS Joyce Bush ----- Cheerful - - - - -Phil Carroll Beatrice Zimmerman - - -HimorOfus - - - - Allan Broberg Florence Kalackas - - -Dependable - - - Clarence Hultman Delores Brandner - - - Ambitious - - - -Elton Anderson Carol Kayser - - - - Cooperative - - - - Alvin Adams Shirley Laurin - - - - Romantic - - - - -George Borst Dorothy Herson - - - - Bashful ----- Allen Rhode Janice Winter - - - - Dignified - - - - David Carlson Margie Kosewski - - - - Neat ------ -Don King Florence Smith - - - - -Qoiet - - - Leonard Dombrowski Rita Meintz ----- -Pestv ------ Ed Freis JoAnne Flodine - - - -Leadersnip - - - - Gordon Nelson Marilyn Nault - - - - Courteous - - - - ob KUtzke Mildred Haulotte - - - Friendly - - - -Leo Kaczmarczyk Adeline Wachter - - - Complexion - - -Harold Schlenvogt Dorothy Francour - - - - Voice ------ Pat Moran Jeannette Gruenstern - - -Eyes - - - - -Douglas Nordin Marlene Marana - - - - -Ifoee ------ Ted Berger Betty LaVeau ----- Teeth ------ Bvd Hart Lorraine Irahoff - - - - Le s ------- -Romeo Rita Tickler ----- Hair ----- George Raboin Joann Leave ck - - - - Personality - - - -Jack Kalishek Beverly Hecyk ----- Smile ------ Don Nerat LaVerne Adams - - - - -Dancing ----- Ervin Foley Clara Fellion - - - Athletic Ability - - Roger Lundquist Phyllis Shanqx) - - -Artistic AbiHty - - -John Forssberg Elaine Jardeen - - - Musical Ability - - - Mike Michnick Cai?ol Nelson - - - - - Flirtatious - - - - Roger Myers Jwne CoUard - - - - Optimistic - - - - Arnold Tanvas Lucille Flaim - - - - -Tallest - - - - Mike Michnick Helen Chatlosh - - - - Youngest ----- Don Wagberg Shirley Stivsm - - - - -Dimples - - - Maurice Corbisier Beatrice DeLaurelle - - -Freckles - - - - Ernest Webber Pat Woessner ----- Line ----- Bill Sharkey Eloise Jenkins - - - -Gift of Gab - - - - -Don Hanson Vema Saltz ----- Appeal - - - - Virlin Johnson Sharon Hubbard - - -Shape or Physique - - - - Ray Blom Don King and Mitzi Nelson were chosen " Ideal Boy and Girl " of the year. Don is a Senior, and Uitzi, a Jvinior. They both have participated in many school activities, and are always good sports. Best of luck to you, kids. VS " fl 1 BOTTOM ROffi S. Lemke, J. Johnson, B. Corey, V. Mottard, M. Dahn. B. DoMille, A. Charlier, B. Blom, E. Parrett, S. Hornik, li. Nelson. SECOND ROWi Miss Hus- by, E. Poquette, J. uoakley, M. Nelson, R. Psirrett, C. Lusnia, D. Lindstrom,Et Davis, D. Ross. S. Spitzer, J. LeBeau, H. Wayberg, M. Rasmussen, J. Francour, M. Larson, L. Eastland THIRD ROWi B. Aman, S. Siwanson, D. Hornung, D. Pol- fus, H. Benson, H. Wangerin, P, Linderoth, M, Luczkoxvski, L. Krol, B. Grandeen, S. Rickenson, D. Schmidt, D. Evans. TOP ROWi I. Mathias, S. Thomas, M. Cran- dall, M. Schmidt, J. Hedin, D. Lucke, C. Hansen, E. Flamm, A. Olson, B. John- son, A. Nelson, J. Bader, D. Stobe, M. Smiltneck, R. Rabitoy, J uniors With Miss Husby as our advisor grand And Mr. Lacasse ' s friendly helping hand We ' ve sped through the play. The prcan, and odd munbered things Such as parties, dances, receiving class rings. At the start of the year, we 119 strong Chose Richard Dziedzic as head of our throng (continued, next page) 9 : ? BOTTOii ROWi R. Britton, E. Granlin, W. Hcmer, 0. Cole, C. Anderson, C. Smilt- neck, F. Gayon, C. Matfiias, B. Cole. SECOND ROWi F. kellinger, R. Paidl, W. Wagberg, R. Anderson, D. Behrend. R. Qadda, B. Woessner, D. Meintz, H. Walli, R. Adams, N. Tuinstra. THIRD RoWiMr. LaCasae, A. Desjarlais, B. Seanel, D. Dirkman, K. Poisson, J. Nelson. W. Filibeck, R. Larson, D. Forssberg, R. Shanpo, E. Backman. FOURTH ROWt E. Bjroberg, L. Adams, 0. Chemousky, B. Duf- J. Thielke. And Myrtle Nelson rode close up behind Assisting as Vice-Pres., the best you can find Dorothy Lucke with pen in her hand Recorded o jr minutes as they came to stand. While George Chemousky was honored to tend The amounts we T»ould earn, And ■vrtiat we could spend. So as to our Senior year we ascend Let ' s keep our high spirits. And our sucesses won ' t end. SOPHOMORES BOTTOM ROWtS. OeLaurelle, J. Thorpe, 0. Sakovltz. P. Plutchak, S. Peterson, D. HaTelka, C. Corey, I. Hafeman, C. BraxLer. SECOND ROWiUrs. Weigand, B. Lutri, 3. Simon, I. Anderson, L. Kakuk, C. Forsberg, A. LaCasse, M. Laurence. P. La- Uere, B. Labs. THIHD EOWiJ. Keller. L. Ruleau, B. Horvath, J. Shanqpo. F. Plvi- tchak, B. iOipple, U. Erickson, C. Miller, J. Jardeen, D. Johnson. TOP ROWiC. Blairi, F. Bright, D. Davis, L. Beao, J. Philippe, R. Kosewski, 3. Foley, D. Ducat, E. Anderson. S oplt r omoreS Charles Burke, as president, led Oxioc class so provjd, so fine. While Dave Hedin as capably held The second rank in line- Darwin Diehm wrote on and on As meetings came and went. (Continued, next page) BOTTOM ROWi . Tickler, A. Hummel. R. Hulsizer, C. Pelkej, D. Diehm, R. Hereon, E. Loberger, R. Eastland. SECOND ROWi S, Ferguson, J. Petrell, V. Burie, K. Carlson, R. Davies, H. Droese, M. Burke, E. Voelker, L. Houle, R. Gardner. THIRD ROWiMr. Quail, H. Hubbard, 0. Carroll, D. Hedin, H. Linderoth, L. LeRoy, J. Backman, P. Oustafson. J. Pfeiff . S. Berzsenyi, J, Kovach. TOP ROWiB. Loe- kot, C. Ihoune, S. Luozkowski, J. Nerat, M. Johnson, R. Melchoir, K, Kiszely, J, Ziel, A. Krueger, D, Wennergren, While George Carroll kept his eye On what was earned and spent. l£rs. Weigand and Mr. Quaal, Both considerate and gay Assisted at our weekly meeting As we went our Sophomore way. FRESHMEN i«mi»nnni]j MlW! i 1 iry% (% | ]J i i It t BOTTOM ROWi C, Bckstrom, N. Adams, S. Plutohak. U. Johnson, J. Parkansky, M. Mathias, D. Rasnnissen, D. Gayon, D. Thoune, J. hornik, S. Davies. SECOND ROWi Mis3 Ramsay, J, Peterson, K. Trehey, B. Weber, M. Baekman, U. Oerue. J. Back- man, U. Johnson, 0. Hanson, N. Sundberg, D. Schmidt. THISD ROWiD. Hansen, J. Carroll, S. Kraus, C. Kosewski. H. Lareen, P. Strohl, S. Johnson, E. Carlson, k. Siianson, R. Anderson. TOP ROWiQ. Philipps, L. Meintz, H. Fisher, R. Chris- tenson, E. Highdale, S. Corey, U. Bogdan, B. Beaudoin, J. Orinsteiner, resli eSliinen Gale Philipps, as our president V as chosen to preside; llarla Svsanson assisted VJhen Gale wasn ' t at our side. John Wiberg v.-rote the minutes; He reported them quite clear. (Continued, next page) r ! :, 9 " BOTTOM ROWi Q, Lucaa, R. Thoune, A. Johnson, J. Lamontagen, R. Phillips, M. Wanferin, K. Davis, J. Wiberg, C. Nelson. SECOND ROWiMr. Oernand, L. Gerue, B, Caylor, H. Linderoth, J. PalzewLcz, J. DeMille, T. Kramer, W. Fitzpatrick, R. Schaefer, D. Smith. THIRD ROWi J. Vincent, J. Morrow, L. Winter, J. Case- beer, W. Carlson, K. Beyer, N. Mathews, L. Ruleford, N. Watz, D. Thorpe. TOP ROWiR. Desjarlais, N. Thoney, K. Herson, J. Gardiner. L. Smith, 0. Naslurei, 0. Loberger, E. Warner, B, Kleinke, L, Suchovsky, L. Bright. As the treasvirer, Ronald Shaefer Held the money for the year. Miss Ramsay and Mr. Gemand Gladly aided vfhen we ' d call. While we v. ' ent through Freshmen frolics Through the year - fi am early fall. . ._nM»C)UQ!)t SiSK ' ' . JUNIOR HIGH t] ' .-« ' Jf!!v ' - A o O rS5V3NTH CHADE! BOTTCM ROWiL. Palzewicz, J. Coakley, 0. CJorey, N. Diehm, J. LaMere, 0. Hanson, J. Qardiner, R. Johnson, T. Foley. SECOND ROWi J. Phillips, R. Thoney, M. Beaudoin, 0. BeavKioin, W. Frederikaen, J. Schultz, P. Photenhauer, J. D aile, R. Btirie, L, Hayward. THIRD ROWiMrs. Morton, G. Francoior, S. Parrett, R. Los- kot, S. Rye. C. Lemke, A. Gayer, E. Clark, P. Gnienstem, P. Corey, L. Kraus, TOP ROWiL. Kerwell, Q. Hayward, C. Corey, F. Duffrin, J. Roberts, M. LaPoint, 0, Qucky, Ann Palzevdz, E. Beaudoin, L. Morrow. LGHTH GRADEI BOTTOM ROWiR. Jozaitis, B, Anderson, J. Doyen, D. Walker, S. Wilson, W. Wang- erin, W. Strom, R. Kircher, W. Harris, D. Duffrin. SECOND ROWiR. Erickson, ft. Burie. P. Homemick, P. Anderson, M. Paige, C. Kraus, J. Sundberg, P. TO-lliams B. Johnson, M. Leaveck, R. Homung, B. Broberg. THIRD ROWi MR. Wonders, R. Berzsenyi, M. KalaszevrsfcL, R. Clontz. L. Sundstrcxn, P. Weber, R. LeRoy, P. Allgeyer, B. LaPointe, R. Wangerin, M. Vandenhouten, K. Walli. FOURTH ROWiB. Morris, C. Anderson, J. Halverson, B. Phillips, M. Heineck. T, Kakxik , J. Strohl, R. Carroll, J. Martin, K. Corey, B. Hayward, J. Backman. TOP ROWiD. Petrell, R. Palzewicz, R. Visuri, N. Rickinson, B. Kaczmarczyk, B, Evans, J. Leaveck, J. Chaney, J. Rivard, K. Beaudoin, V. Lamontagne, R. Winter. ATHLETICS a 7 T oolba 11 BOTTOM RCWi R. Blora, H. Schlemrogt, E. Broberg, Q. Carroll, 3. Kakuk, E. Hart, R. Dziedzic. SECOND ROWi M. Burke, K. Poisson, P. Moran, K. Hofer, Ur. Ger- nand, H. Anderson, P. Carroll, S. Luczkowaki, F. liellinger, J. Nelson. TOP ROWi R. Hoida, J. Porod, 0. Nelson, 0. LeRoy, U. kichnick, 3. Berzsenyi, Q. Chernousky, H. Droeae. The Eagles opened the season at home on the newly lighted Sawbridg© Field in the first night game ever played in Stephenson. Sporting a light, fast team, they -were a ■well-oiled machine after two weeks of pre-season practice under Coaches Gemand and Cappaert, The Eagles played the MANISTIQUE EMERALDS on even terms vintiLl early in the second quarter, when Ken Hofer scored, going around right end from ten yairds out. Swede Anderson converted. Late in the second quarter Hofer intercepted an Einerald pass and ran it back 60 yards for a touchdown. In the third quarter, Hofer, going aroxind end revised his field and raced 65 yards for his third touch- down. Anderson again converted and the Eagles led 2L-0. Then the Eagles let up and Manistique scored late in the qiiarter on a sustained march. The Eagles then went to work and Anderson passed to Ray Blom for the fourth Eagle touchdown. Stanley Luczkowski scored the extra point for the first Eagle win, 2 6. The next week the Eagles traveled to Marinette to meet the LOURDES SHAMROCKS on Lauerman Field. The Eagles, being a little too confident, were not too sharp in their blocking and defensive play. They got first blood in the second quarter on a pass from Pat Moran to Ray Blom in the end zone. Swede Anderson plunged for the extra point, and the EJagles led 7-0 at half time. In the third qiiarter Ken Hofer broke over right tackle and sped 65 yards for a touchdoTfli. With about 56 seconds remaining, Lourdes scored after a long march downfield. The attempt for the extra-point was blocked and the Eagles came aiA-ay with their second win, 1 6. The following week the inevitable happened to the Eagles at CRYSTAL FALLS. Outplayed in all departments, the Eagles suffered their first and worst defeat of the season. The Trojans scored in all four quarters, the first on a 35 yard touchdown pass. In the second quarter the Trojans marched 65 yards for their second touchdown. Late in the second quarter the Eagles looked as though they might make a comeback when they marched to the Trojan 20. Hofer lateraled to Anderson, who went 12 yards to score. The attempt for the extra-point failed. In the third quarter the Trojans marched U5 yards for their thiird touchdown, and a pass interception in the last quarter gave them another touchdown and a 2 6 win over our Eagles. The Eagles then retiimed home for a game with the MUNISING MUSTANGS, The 5agles, playing better ball in the first half then in the two previous games, led 12-0, when Ken Hofer scored on a pass from Pat Morani a bad pass from caiter spoiled the extra point. Late in the second quarter Hofer intercepted a Mustang pass and ran it back 0 yards for a touchdom} again a bad pass from center spoiled the extra point. In the second half, the Mustangs came b ck vdth fight and scored tiiice on sustained marches before the bewildered Ela les could come to life. Again in the last quarter the Mustangs scored after scooping up Hofer ' s fumble and returning it for a touchdovm, to clinch the gaiM and hand the Eagles their second loss of the season, 19-12, The next week the Eagles sot back on the vdnning side, downing an out classed BAEK RIVEE team 5-0. It was Ken Hofer who went around right end to score and put across the extra point. On the kidcoff Bark River fumbled and Harold Schlenvogt retximed it to the 23. Pat iioran scored four plays later, going inside tackle, Hofer ran the extra point. Just before the half Ray Blom scooped up a fumble and returned it for a touchdown and a 21-0 half-time lead. Harold Schlenvogt blocked a Bronco punt in the end zone for an automatic safety and two points. After the kick-off from the 20, Hofer returned it to the Bironco 23} four plays later Moran scored going over tackle. Ken Poisson scored the ex- tra point. In the fourth quarter Stanley Luczkowski went over from the seven for another Eagle touchdown. Poisson again scored the extra point. After an inter- ception, Luczkowski scored from the five and made the final score read 3-0. Inspired Eagles won their Second Annual Homecoming game. In the first half it was all PESHTIQO, when a bad pass from center rolled into the end zone and was recovered by the Bulldogs for a touchdown. The attempt for the extra point was vdde. Then in the second quarter the Bulldogs fumbled on their own l6 and the Eagles recovered. Two plays later, Pat Moran went l6 yards for a touchdown and tied the score at half time, 6 all. Ken Hofer fumbled the kick-off and a ulldog scooped it up and returned it for a touchdown and a 12 6 lead. In the last quarter, the Eagles found their spark as Ken Hofer swung around right end behind some sharp blocking by Phil Carroll and Swede Anderson, went 20 yards to tie the score. Moran rambled up the center for the extra point. With time run- ning out Peshtigo fumbled} nine plays later Moran went through the middle for the third Eagle touchdown and a 20-12 Homecoming win. The Eagles played host to the GUDSTONE BRAVES the following week, and had it their own way most of the game. They scored on a pass from Pat Moran to Ken Hofer, who rambled 35 yards} Moran plvinged for the extra point. The Eagles blew five chances to score, on penalties, fumbles, and quick whistles. In the last three minutes, Gladstone came to life when one of the Braves ran 5 yards to the one and scored after the second attempt} good placement tied the score at 7 all. The Eagles took to the air in the last 60 seconds. Pat Moran passed to Hofer on the Braves 26, then faded and tossed him another on the 19, and ran away from four Braves to score another victory, 1 7. Next the Eagles traveled to Escanaba to meet the ST. JOE TROJANS on foggy Memorial Field. It was the Eagles turn to click, and they did. Ken Hofer broke away Uo yards for the first Eagle score and then plunged for the extra point. After an exchange of punts Dick Dziedzic scored on an end around play which had so much deception that three of the backs who didn ' t have the ball were v-ackled. Early in the second quarter St. Joe scored after a long march, and converted. This was their only threat. The Eagles marched back 70 yards to score, Hofer foing the last 10 for the touchdown. Pat Moran plunged for the extra-point, ust before the half, Pat Moran broke away for 15 yards and a touchdown. Hofer went over for the extra-point and the Eagles led at the half, 2 7. The Eagles contin ,ed to pile it on, Hofer returned a point 50 yards to the Trojan 7 and scored two plays later. .vede Anderson led a drive and went the final ik yards to score, and convert for the extra-point. In the last qu?rter, Roger Lundquist pitched a neat Jump pass to Pat Moran who went Ul yards for the touchdown. Late in the quarter, the Eagles got flashy and used their " T formation on the Trojan 35 yard line} in five olays Francis Mel linger went over on a quarterback sneak for a 53-7 score. The Eagles returned home to play ST. N0RB5F.TS of DePere and close the season with a 6-0 loss. The Squires won the game in the first quarter on a U6 yard pass. The attempt for the extra-point was blocked. The Squires threatened in the second q iarter, but Hofer ended it when he stole the ball on the 5 yard line. The Eagles came to life in the final 2 minutes when they drove from the Eagle 30 to the Squires 25 yard line, when time ran out and handed the Eagles their third loss 6-0, VARSITY BOTTOM ROW H. Droese, K. Poiason, R. Lvindquist, H. Anderson, M. Ulchnick, K, Hofer, R. Blom. TDP ROYUir. Gemand, F. fiellin er, P. Moran, H. Schlenvo t, P. Carroll, D. Hedin, D. Nerat, P. Qoistafson, r ( f? JUNIOR VARSITI BOTTOk EOVW. NelBon, L. Johnson, H. Underoth, L. LeRoy, C. Anderson, R. Dsiedzic, 3. Kakuk. TOP ROVWir. Cappaert, 3. Luczkowski, R. Melchoir, H. Hubbard, 0, Carroll, J. Thielke, J. Orinsteiner, J. Nelson. ilSasheibail The Eagles deserve a lot of credit, even though they ended the season with only U wins and 12 losses. Having lost five seniors from last year, Coach Oemand had to rebuild the team around Mike Michnick, Ken Hofer and Ray Blora. This was one of the years when basketball material was scarce and the reserves got to play almost as much as the first five. 1950-51 Season Games Score Peshtigo Bark laver " 1 Menominee St. Joe Z5 Negaunee ft Esoanaba t Olfldstone Peshtigo Manistique 51 56 Powers i Menominee Escanaba St. Joe i3 Bark River 35 Manistique 79 Eagles Finalsi J i 26 53 50 56 xoumament Gladstone 9 - Escanaba 43 Limited space permits giving only a description of otit four victories. The Eagles played host to Bark River in the first home game of the season. The Broncos led at the half 21-1 and in the fourth, with about 55 seconds remaining the Eagles scored 7 points to come from behind and win, 37-36. The next of the Eagles brilliant games came when they traveled to Escanaba to meet the Eskimos. The Eagles led during most of ttie first half and were ahead 23-20 at the half, but faltered in the deciding third quarter out-scored 16-IO0 A rally in the final minute fell one point short of tying the score. The next Eagle victory came from Peshtigo as the Bulldogs invaded the Eagles nest. The Eagles trailed at the end of the first quarter 7-6 but then started to click with 2k points in the second quarter with some nice passing and a good floor game. In the second half the Eagles increased their lead by 3 and matched the Bulldogs point for point in the last quart- er. They showed trtiat team work could do as k of the first 5 scored at least 12 to 19 points. The Eagles traveled to Powers to meet the Tigers. The Eagles were hitting on all five and bxiilt up a 30-1 score at the half. In the third quarter, the Eagles added 5 more pointc to lead as the reserves coasted in, 53-36. The Eagles received their last win of the season from Bark River in the second meeting. The Eagles, showing that they had improved diiring the season, led at half time l?-9. The Eagles increased their lead and the reserves who were brought up from the J v ' s finished the game. The J V ' s won th r own Reserve Team Toiimament by defeating St. Joe sind Menominee in the first and second games. Gladstone was forced to for- feit due to illness. o fi BOTTOM ROVMl. Parrett, D. Homung, P. Woessner, F. Kalackas, J. Johnson, C Fellion. TOP ROW-R. fleintz, M. Nelson, R. Rabitoy, Miss Kleeberg. Ljins d aslietbalt ZJe earn In their second year of playing the BAa.E CHICKS had tough luok AS they evened up the season with two wins and twj losses. The first game was with the St. Joe girls for the first loss in two years. They then traveled to Caniey where they defeated the Carney girls 47-27. The Chicks next played a game with the so- called " Mystery Women " , which consisted of three teachers and three toirm women, and defeated them in the funniest game of the season. Their last ganae they motored to Bscanaba for a return game with the St. Joe girls, and for the second time were defeat- ed. The girls team was organized last year for the first time since 1929, P, f (T O QeSand, I. PitapatrLck, R. Phillips, L. Qerua. R. Schaefer, R. ra iS D. Sndth. fi. Cayl , H. Linderoth, M. Wangerin. TOP RCWiJ. Palewicz, J. Mor- iWd! Thorpe L Winter, J. Casebeer, N. Mathe,»8, W. Carlson, L. Ruld- ford, N. Watz, J. Vincent, The cheerleaders have given great spirit to our basketball and football teams during the season. They are under the supervision of Mrs. Clifford Brown, Jr. BOTTCai ROWi S. Foley, C. Corey, Mrs. C. Broun Jr.. S. Peterson, F. Bright. TOP RCmi M. Nelson, R. Phillips, U. Phillips, U. Rasmussen, C. Nelson. mm mmm mmm;. ' j. Sy-.w ,. ' ' , -;; ORGANlZAn:idNS 3TUDENT C30UNCIL BOTTOM ROffi W. Carlson, R. Weber, C. Anderson, M. Uichnick, P. Kalackas, R. Dirkman, R. RiTard, D. Homung. TOP ROWiMr. Martin, J. Koller, B. Carlson, C, Anderson, 0. ducky, B. Loberger, PHOTOGRAPHY CLOB STANDINOi A.Andarson, TV. Thiry, J. Doyen, R. Anderson, BKoehler,W.Hot(er, B. Sndth. BOTTOMi N. Tuinstra, J. Leareck, R. Sakovitc, D. Carlson, R. Seemel, G, Cole. 3TUDEHT COUNCIL BOTTOM ROWi W. Carlson, R. Weber, C. Anderson, M. Ittchnick, P. Kalackas, R. Dirkman, R. Rivard, D. Homung. TOP ROWiMr. Martin, J. KoUer, E. Carlson, C, Anderson, 0. Qucky, E, Loberger, PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB STANDINOi A.Anlerson, . Thiry, J. Doyen, R. Anderson, BKoehler,W.Hower, B. Smith, BOTTOMi N. Ttdnstra, J. Leareck, R. Sakovita, D. Carlson, B, Seemel, Q, Cole. STUDENT LIBRARIANS BOTTOi ROWi U. Rasmussen, k. Schmidt, U. Phillips, lira. Brown. TOP RCf fi J. Jardeen, A. Majkrsak, B. BlcMn, APPRENTICE TliACHSiS BOTTOk ROTWi. Dahn, J. Francour, V. Salts, M. Neleon, J. Collard. TOP ROW-B. Johnson, P. HiUbnmeT) Urs. Lienna, D. Lindatrom, D. Homunf, B. Qrandeen. p. p. A. BOTTOM ROTJi N. Thoney. L. Suchousky, A. Johnson, VJ. Tickler, R. Anderson, E. Backman, R. Adams, N. Tuinstra, L. Bright, R. Desjarlais. SECOND RC Ji K, Carlson, D, Nerat, H. Linderoth, R. Britton- A. Desjarlais, C. Smiltneck, J. DeUille, D. Thorne, T. Berg- r, R. Thoune. THIRD ROWi Mr. Granskog, R. Shampo, R. Paidl, R. Davies, L., D. Carlson, J. Ziel, G, Chernousky, G. Cole, D. Forssberg, V. Burie, M. Johnson. TOP ROWi H. Linderoth, B. Duffrin, J. Ko- vach. S. Berzsenjd, G. Bergquist, A. Tanvas, J. Backman, R. Dorabrowski, R, Fellion, R. Myers, R. Klitzke, D. Behrend. SPANISH CLUB BOTTOM ROWi 3. Strom, R. Hulsizer, I. Anderson, J. Paul, H. Wayberg, M. Ras- mxissen, R. Phillips, V. Mottard, S. Lemke, E. Anderson. SECOND ROWt Miss Hus- by, S. Peterson, C. Corey, J. Winter, M. Lawrence, D. Lindstrom, J. Hedin, A. Nelson, M. Crarviall , D, Davis, B. Lutri, D. Davis, L. Eastland, J. Coakley. TOP ROWi B. Grandeen, J. Johnson, H. Wangerin, E. Freis, C. Anderson, M. Mich- nick, G. Nelson, P. Linderoth, B. Thiry, D. Hoimung, 3. Foley, BOTTOM ROWi li. Smiltneck. B. Johnson, J. Chaney, V. Mottard, D. Brand ar, R. Clontz, M. Johnson, B. LaVeau, 3. Lemke, B. Beaudoin, J. Coakley, R. TicKler, L Hayward. SECOND ROWiMr. Tonkin, 0. Hanson, 3, Peterson, J. Hedin, C. Fell- ion, U. Swanson, R. Anderson, M. Starzynski, P. Shampp, 3. ' Johnson, E Berg, J. 6arroll, J. Winter, 3. 3imon, D. 3tobe, C Lemke, M Beaudoin THIRD ROWi B. Horvath, J. Backman, 3. Swanson. L. Ruleau, R. Kline, P. Woessner, U. Heineck, 5. Johnson, 3. Rickinson, L. Kakuk, C Miller, M Backman, P. Hill- bruner. C. Beaudoin. TOP ROWiL. Kerwell, B. LaPointe, J. Peterson, J. Backman M. NelTOn, R. Baglev, A. Mouford, S. Hubbard, M. Lawrence, C Kayser, C. Lua- nia, R. Phillips, N. Tebeau, B. Hayvrard, S. Plutchak, B. Morris, C. Eckstrom, M. Leayeck. Cy ff ( lub These are the girls that you heard in the music room during third snd fourth hours, singing to their heart ' s content. There are bU members representing grades 7-12. . . As a grand climax to their singing career, they parti capated in the Spring Festival held at Escanaba. BOTTQk ROW-S. vaison. E. Wangerin. P. Weber, B. LaPointe, B. Morris, P. Ander- aon, J. Rivard, R. Hornun . SECOND ROW- Mr. Tonkin, R, Tfeoune, F. Qayon, J, Hedin, J, Jardeen, D. Homun , D. Johnson, E. Hi hdale. TOP ROW-J. Martin, 0. Naslund, J, Strohl, R. LeRoy, T, Kakuk, R. Carroll, C. Anderson, K. Corey. m f W JSand Here are the kids that gave out with the music at every football and basketball game. But that is not their only accomplishment. They al- so made recordings of " On the Square march and the " Delmar " march which were played on W.ii.A.M. S, Rickenson, B. Beaudoin, D. Hansen. 9: |i n S I I I to LU 2 X? § o n I 5 S o a •H a Attention All Rooms Attention All Rooms Attention All Rooms o o en a a o I ■p ■p a o (3 O o 04 a o c: 0) + ■p 6 o o c o -p ■p smooa TIV uof ua v sraooa IIV uof ue -iv emooH rCV uo ' nae Y o ••J I o o o s I §» 2 8 4 V I? O a « ■p c o o m o n I s 1 II 11 - M! - I K ►T i O -appsk jf J . c l ' vl t (iA -l W. jlSi tdit f J l , v. o- cZ ' - JJ BOTTOM ROW-J. Leaveck, V. Mottard, B. LaVeau, A. Moixford, R. Barley, E. Miller B. Blom, R. Ueintz, J. Gruaostem, R. Sakovitz, SBCOND ROW-M. Phillips, D Lindstrom, E. Berg, U. Schmidt, B. Hecyk, J. Bush, D. Stobe, S. Hubbard, H Chatlosh, C. Thoney. TOP ROVt-L. Adams, P. Shampo, R. Woessner, U. Kosewski, D. Nordin, H. Anderson, S. Kakuk. P. Linderoth, S. Hofer, E. Hart, J. Flodine. f [mpi . ' •1 ADVERTISING ( ii mai IT HAS BEBI SAID " The mea « o build tha future are those trtio know that greater things are yet to o(»e, and that they themselves will help bring then about. 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MeAce ' Carney, Michigan RICKABY ' S 1 NELSON ' S SERVICE MARKET ' STATION Choice 1 Groceries Stephenson ana Meats ' Congratulations Seniors Stephenson Michigan BAYEE ' S MARKET Phone 99 1 Stephenson GAMBLES 1 L A € M B ' S BARBER SHOP Stephenson 1 Stephenson Compliments of , BOB ' S SHOE HANK ' S PLACE STORE • Shoes for the family Best Wishes to , Service and supplies ' Stephenson Michigan Stephenson Michigan FEHER ' S ELECTRIC and 1 LLOYD MACHINE WORKS 1 THEATRE Stephenson Menominee stop and Shop at the i THOMSEN MACHINE BEN FRANKLIN STORE COMPANY l8t. St. Menominee Chrysler-Plymouth 633-637 First St, " Best Buy is Bulck " Menominee, Michigan TWIN CITY International Truck Dealer MOTOR SERVICE 1921-1923 H ll Ave. Phone 2-2912 TRIO LUNCH 1 Lunches Homemade Pies We service all 1357 Main St. makes of cars. Marinette A Portrait 1 HOTEL MENOMINEE You are invited to by the i use our lobby and M M STUDIO 1 service when in town 1st. Street Menominee 1 Phone 5585 Phone 2-2526 ' Menominee L S E N • S Furniture Mart 605 Main St. THE BELL STORE Marinette Phone 2-2526 ' Fashionable wearing Apparel for For the Best in Beverages I every member of the family ask for 1 Marinette, Wisconsin CANADA DRY BEVERAGE Marinette CARBONDALE CASH 1 WHITE HOUSE STORE 1 MILK Carbondale , Stephenson STROHL INN 1 MID COUNTY Stephenson ' JEWELER 1 Stephenson Congratulations Class of 1951 ' Kelvlnator Refrigerators Mr, Mrs. Edwin Rlckaby 1 Zenith Radios , Dexter Washers TIVOLI THEATRE ' Duo-therm Oil Burners MODERN HOME 1 House Wares Toys APPLIANCE ' WINTER BROTHERS Stephenson Michigan Stephenson Michigan PALESTINE STORE i Congratulations Stephenson , To the Class of 1951 THE DRUG STORE ' An Advertiser Stephenson , DELTA HARDWARE COMPANY Distributors 400-414 Ludlngton Street Escanaba Michigan COREY IMPLEMENT EXCHANGE John Deere Sales . Service Purina Chows Custom Grinding Mixing Phone 58-25 Stephenson Ml chlgan ISLAND BAR Stephenson We were glad to have been of service MOYER STUDIO Traverse City Michigan CLAIRMONT TRANSFER CO. Escanaba Michigan WEST END DRUG STORE C. B, Parrell-L. W. Olson 1221 Ludlngton Street Escanaba Michigan PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY DOYLE ac DOYLE . M. J. A N U T A Plrot National BanV Building ' First National Bank Building Menomlneo Menominee DR. H. SELLEVOLD • G. A. W B L S C H 1552 Main , Doctor of Optometry Marinette Menominee D R S. BARSTOW BARSTOW PETERSON First National Bank Building and , Menominee, Michigan HEIDENREICH Daggett Michigan ' DR. CARROLL Stephenson L. GRANT OLICKMAN 1 P.J. D E W A N E, M. D. M. D. ' J. N. D E W A N E, M. D. Practice limited to X-ray Dlagxloala And Therapy 1 413 10th Avenue 958 First St. Menominee ' Menominee Michigan DR. MAIHOPER ' JOHN J. O ' HARA Spies Building 1 Attorney at Lew Menominee Menominee DR. K. A. HAMMERBERG , DR. STARK 1714i Main St. Marinette 1 Marinette BADGER ..2 1.-... BUSINESS ' A) COLLEGE 1 C ux v Green Bay, Wisconsin ' OC . u -c kJ :Z.,iji AUTOGRAPHS 7r;iiv ' FiwuMriyftMftliMai » isVVrHtUMMWi A U T O G R A P H S

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