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m rnM. « ' »vt ■ ' U. u Cn 1 ci :0)4( Cpuhlished hij tJie Gommunitij Snglish Glass of Stephenson 3-(igh S hool CyLlSSniil G- •v 1 « II GLissinate KdliKWOlJI) A srlimil. lil c ;] ell 11 n-li. is mil n linild- iuy, but a miiuii nl ' |)i ' i)|ilc stii iii.u In Ih ' - conie better than tlicy an " . It is a bibora- tnrv f(ir Icaniiiit: ' . It is a |ibicr ' of fun au ' l cxrilriiicnf as well. in tlii ' ir sean-li t ' nr a lliriiic, I lie ( ' (iiu- imiiiity EiLti ' lish Class rDiiccivcd I lie n lion tliat iStcplienson IIi;a ' li is lil i ' a i-innis. Wi.: pnl iin a u ' reat sliow but nnt jnst for auuisrnicnt. We learn lliat the star per- formei-s arc hard Mii-kri-s. Tlic path In star- dom is loiiu ' and lii ' iii ' liiiL; ' and menial. We learn by li ' ial and error, by I ' eason, by will i)o ver, by example. We learn to know jieople. to value the clown ' s uood huiiKu-. the donkey ' s sti ' eugth and iletcr- mination, the monkey ' s intelli.iicnee, the trapeze artist ' s talent. We try lo leai ' ii that life is an aet. played well or poorlw aeeordiay to the actor. We eudui ' c disappointment ont of necessity and make of every mistake an opportunity. Some of us fail because the big- show is too bustling and overwhelming to always understand us. But failure is only a slow down of time or a bad rehear- sal. We try again until we win. In this spirit of endeavor and excitement and hope, all schools live. Three cheers for the greatest show on earth ! ! Glassmate CO.M.MrXITV KXlilJMI CLASS 3 Top vow. left to liiilit — Shirloy Winter. George Peterson. I ' eler Tlumiie, Fred l.eP.e.iu. I or- r;iine Ni ' lson. Middle row — Ueginn Dislineini. Virsiniu Allgey- er. l ' ;it CmiiIIc. Kvelyn V:iiiKerin. Myrtle Ann Corey, Kiiyniond I ' inkowski. I ' .oii.iin row I ' .c-lly Hall, .M.-iry Ko.U, hoinia Kicc. .Miss .lean Keynolds. Cloria ' I ' ronililey. Kulli Larson. I ' al l.eMienx. AX.XIWI, ST.VFK The Annual Staff for 1114!) is; eom- )!(ise(i (if 20 iiiemhcrs. Tlieir rcspeetivo ])()siti()iis are as follows: E(litor-in-( " liief — Evelyn Wan.oerin. A. ' -sistaiit Editoi- — Lori-aine Xelson. Production Manajjer — Gloria ' riomliley. Treasurer — Vii-giiiia AUo ' eycr. Business and advertising manager — Kegina Dishiieau. Advertising .staff — I ' atsy Canlk, Shirley Winter. Pliotography Editor — lyitle Ann Coi-ey. Pllotogra])hy Staff ' — Alton Anderson. Sales Manager — Kayiiiond Pinkowski. Spoi-ts Editors — George Peterson. Peter Tlionne. So.-ial Editors — IMarjorie Peterson, lietty P.all. Pat LeMieiix. Litei-ary Editor.s — Mary Koch. Rnth ..son, Fred IjeBeau, Donna ivire. Earl Mottard. Robert Doriuski. ( ' lass |)ii-ector — Miss Reynolds. This gro;:p not only publishes tlie Annnal but also ilhistrates its journalistie abilit. ' by editing the s-jhool pai)er whicli is ])nbiislied ever.v month. The Annual Staff hopes that it ' s ])r.i- dnetion meets with student approval. Qliissmate i t : Jraii H( ' iiiil(ls PZdmer l aeassf DEDICATION AVc, tlic Senior class of 1949, are pleased to dedieate (Hii- animal to our class advisors. Miss Jeau J c nolds and Edmer Lacasse, whose friendsliip we have enjoy- ed and whose work has benefitted ils in our most important year in school. The many duties with which Senior i-lass advisors must assist are: Senior IMay, Carnival. Winter Ball, Class Night, Pa,seant, Career Da.w (Iraduation Exercis- es, and Senioi- Trip. IJiiIli Miss Reynolds and Mv. Lacasse are otficei-s of the Stephenson Teachers Club. .Mr. Lacasse is chairman of a rec- reati in L;ro i|), assistant coach, and orin ' ani- zer of Wells Group camji for grade stu- dents. ]Miss Reynolds is advisor for the publishing of " School Daze " ami the Annual. A class advisor should not only bo a working assistant, but a friend and con- fidant of the students. Our Senior ad- visors have been bol h to us, and this dedi- cation is an expression of our gratitude. Qlassmate •losKlMI I ' .. (ilCKV Siipciiiiti ' iidi lit CKIiALI) C. MAKTIN l ' riiici|i;il TEACH KKS Tii|i riiw. Icfl 1(1 ri lit- Mr. Siiii(li|uisl, Mr. (;i-Mii-- koj;-. .Mr. l.iiiMs. c. . lr. . l:iilhi, .Mr. Mi-Carlli.v, .Mr. (JurUy. ■Jiiii rnw — Mr. Voclkor, Mr. ZcKIp. ifr. ' ;. Xiislnnd. Mr. W(«ii(IiM-.s. Mr. Sliorl. Mr. rintal. .•{1(1 row .Mis. .Mori. 111. .Mrs. WcisiiTid. Mis.s IliilTriii. .Mi- . I.iciiii:!. Miss I lickcy. Miss Kc.viiiilds. I ' .iplliiiii row Miss WiMiiicryrcii. Mrs. I ' .rown. .Miss Poller. Miss Iliisliy. .Mrs. U.ilstoii. Mi s .lollllsoM. Glassmate ' THACllKHS " BIOGRAPHIES FJhdhilh Hioifii T iKikiiiL: ' for a hunk. ' Can ' t rind it " ? .Inst ask (lur scliodl lilii ' arian. Ilvtii iJiown, who is always williiiji ' to lend a lii ' lpiug hand. Mrs. Brown has l)een employiMl liy the Stcplu ' iisdii Board of Education for five cai-s. tliis beiii her second year as sehool lilirarian. Mrs. Brown, whose hometown is Sil- ver Springs, New York, attended eleiiien- lary sehool at Geneva, New York ami hig ' h sehool at Rnsh, New York. To fnrtlier her edueatiou she attended i-ollrt;c ,il Albion, Jliehigan for fonr yeai-s. In addition to lieing- scIkioI lilii-arian Airs. Brown has eharji ' e of sevci-al stndy halls which keej) her very busy. She has traveled through Washing- tini. AliiHiesota. New Yoi-k, Michii;an and some of the n ii-tliwcNlcrn and ccntrid states. Mrs. Brown ' s holihics imdndc rcadin;.;- and huildinji ' a library of idassical records. When asked her opinion of S.II.S. she said, " I like it or 1 wonhln ' t lie tea-li- ill " ' here. " John S iniil(jiiisf If you shoulil lie walkini;- down the street and see a green Ford int of control, youi- first gues-i may be that it is driven by a member of the S.II.S. Drivei-s ' traiii- in.ii ' taught by John Snnd(|uist. This is Mr. Suiidi|ni-t ' s si ' cond year at Stejihenson High S.diool where he teaidies Alathematics and I)rivei-s Kihica- tioii. Mr. Sundquist was born in liai ' k Kiver, .Miiliigan. Graduating from Harris lligii School he attended Wayne rniversity and . ' ci1 lici ' ii Michigan College ol ' Kdncation where he received his Mastei- of Sdence degree. .Ml ' . Sundqui t ' s jn-evious teaching before coming to Stephenson is one year at Bark River and three years as an ap- prentice teacher in the Ford IMotor Coiii- ])any if Detroit. He en.joys all spoi-ts, bis fax ' orites are baseball and golf. To Mr. Sundcjuist. a swell friend to all. the Seiiioi-s wish the best Inck. Frances Wi iijuml. Mrs. Frances Weigand joined tlie faculty of Stephenson High School in 1948 for the secoml time. She teaches General Math, Business Training, Sociol- ogy aiul p]nglisb III. Mrs. Weigand, who comes from Spald- ing, graduated from Maniuette high school. She attended Michigan State Col- lege and Xoi-thern Michigan College of Educalion, where she i-eceived her B.A. degree. She was treasurer of the girls league and captain of the -jirls ' basketball team. She was also in the Literary Society. Mrs. Weigand has been in the teach- ing profession for IS years. During these years she has taught at Ilermansville, Bark River, the Wells Township schools, Stephenson, Carney and now back to Ste- phenson. ( She was i)rincipal of the Steph- enson School the first time she taught here and also at Caiaiey.) Her hobbies are reading and swim- ming. Her jiet i)eeve is people who do not consider the rights of others. We a.sked her opinion of Stephenson Sehool. She replied, " 1 think the sehool is run etfii-iently, and it keeps up to modern trends of t ' dncation without sacri- ficing basic skill. Also the members of the faculty are exceptionally friendly and cooperative. .Most of the students are interested in their work. " Uri ' . Bnni( rr Rev. Ronald A. Brunger was born May 11, ]f)ll in . ewberry, Michigan, After high school graduation Rev. Briuiger attended Albion College, Boston TJniver.sity School of Theology and Boston University (iraduate Sehool. Rev. Bi-unger is a part-time teacher at Stephenson High Sidiool. He teaches ninth grade mathematics, eighth grade history and civics. He is serving as pastor of the Stephen- son and Ingalls Methodist Churches. Rev. Brungei- ' s hobbies are music, family history, American histoiy and niathenuitical statistics. His jiet peeve is girls in slacks. His opinion of Stephen.sou High is that it shows good sportsmanship aiuI good school siiirit. (Slassmate- (ierald Martin (ici-ald ] Iartiii. tlio new i)i-inci|ial of Stt ' pln ' iisoii lliirli School, was horn in La- Poi-te ( ' ouiity, liuliaiia. In addition to tlie duties tied to that jiosition. he teaches physics and pliotourapliy. During- the past seven yeai ' s of his service here, he has taiiuht consuniei- and general science, clieiuisti-y, physics, eh ' ctricity. I ' adio code, aeronauties, and ])hotoi:i ' apli ' . Mr. .Martin tau :lit in lierrieii ( " ouiity. Lower Michigan, t ' oi- seven years. He received his education at several colle i-es. He altinided l!ei-rien County Normal for one year. Western Michifi ' an, three years, I ' ni versify of IMichijzan for one sununer tenn, and the University of ( " hica ro foi- one suinniei- tc-rni. His travels include Vaslunj;ton. D. C, Xia i-ara Falls, New York, Canada, ami the ] Iidwesteni States. Ir. Martin has a few hohhies aU " . ' I ' liey aiv hnntin ' ' ' , fish- inir, baseball, basketball, and i-eading-. IIis ])et peeve is " iieople who can ' t be trusted. " Mr. .Mai-tin ' s opinion of Stephenson lliiih S ' hool is: " " ' riic future will liok! many succe.sses and achic cmcnts. " " To a very capable ami optimistic prin- cipal, the students of Stephenson Hij b School wish much success. Richard McCurthij lUueeyes? Darklunr, ' Never around when you want him. ' You guessed it . . . Coach Dick McCarthy. Coach was born in New York and was always interested in sp.orts. He received his Bachelor of Science De rree from pjast Strandslmru ' State Teachers " Collef;e in Pennsylvania in 1943, then came to our f;-reat state of ;Michipan and ji ' radiiated from University of Michijian with an M.A. in 1947. Coach has been hei ' c foi- two years. He has served in the Army and traveled in the United States Canada and tlic Philippine Islands. The vein of hiuiior in Coach was revealed when he .said ...-■) ' ID " tall, Ki. " ) pounds, blue eye.s, dark hair with a few streaks of ■ray in it due to woriyin - about the bas- ketball team. C iach is always dres,s( d in cond " ortal)le clothing and the fewer ties, the hajipier he is. Home life is his hobb ' e and like all -i ' ood coaches his i et peeve is boys that think they know more than their coach and smart aleck .yirls. Vc all agree . . . ' ' We a ' ot a coach. " Siiirlii Iliishji If you evei- hear students speakiui; ' a fiM-eii:n lanji ' tiajre you know they were tau-iht by the new Spanish teacher. Senor- ita Shirley Elizabeth llu.sby. This is •Miss Ilusby ' s first year of teaching ' and besides S|)arnsh she also teaches KuLrlisli. .Miss llu.sby g-raduated fi-om Maiqncttc High School and then entered Xorthern Stale Tcachci-s ' College of .Marquette. .Michigan, where she received her l ' aclicloi- of Arts Degree. Although her travels have not been very extensive and liave oidy aken her through Up|)er and Lower Michigan, Illinois, and Wisconsin, she has an eye foi- going to Mexico for Summer school. We all know this would be a wonderful trip so we all wish she could go. She has two very outstanding hobbies. Wcf favorite is her tiny miniature vase colle-tion. anil liei- si ' i-ond is ihi ' collecting: of English Hone China, mo-tly cups and saucers of ditt ' erent sizes and siuipes. . nd like mist ti ' acliers she has hei- pet |)ee i ' which is gum ciicwing in .Miss llusliy likes the outdoor wintei- .-■ports, tobiigganing. and skatiuii ' arc her favorites. Miss Ilusby ' s opinion of Stephenson High School is that, " " it is a very friendly and proure sing school. " Jean ReynaUh ] Iiss Jean Reynolds is a very active and attractive English instruct r of the fac dty of Stej)h( nson High Sdiool. Reynolds is formerly from Fern dale, ,Michigan. She graduated from the I ' nixersity of Michigan in 1947. She is teaching liei- jecond year in Slephens:in. Miss Reynolils teaches Senior English, Creatix ' e Wilting. American ( io -ci-niiieat. Community Eniilish Tliiee. Coiileiiipary Lit.. . iiici-ic;in Lit. and Forciisics. Si you can all sec what we mean liy an ai ' tive teacher. One of h(-r hobbies is traveling. She has traveled through the Eastern Sea- board Slates, the Southwest, West Coast and till ' Canadian Rockies. She al-o likes- l i ice kall■ and read IxKiks. IIci- pet peeve is students who n ' lnind 111 r to turn on her car lights. Her opinion of S.II.S. is " a iz ' ood school with room Uw improvement. " Glassmate yirijniKi W ' l II II ' r( ri}i diid Stilln .InJi iisdii Xii |i;j|)i ' l ' s to colTcrt. liii chlss scliedlll. ' to kci ' |) ii|i with, but (ill. the t piiii;-. filing ' , liookkci piiit;- ;iii(l iniiiicournphiiiy that she has to kiM ' p iiiultM- Mi-. (iiU ' ky ' s nose. Of course, we ' re [leaking of our sn|)ei-inten- ilent ' s si ' cK ' tary. Virginia Wenuergreu. vl;o cdiiies from Wallace where she has lived all her life. Miss Vennei-gi-en, who is s|;iirting a flashy ilianiond. was horn on .March 4, lUl ' S anil was eui-olled in the Wallace (iradc S-honl in the fall of VXVi. She attended the Wallace schnol through the seventh grade, spent her eighth urad- at lugalls and then fini.shed hei- high s -hool ill Stephenson. She graduatetl from Stephenson Iligli School in the S|)iMng of li ' 4() and in tlie fall of that same year she took the position she now holds as office se i etaiy. liesidis till ' things mentioned ahove Wennergren has charge of the supply room and answei-s telejihoue calls for Mr. (lUcky and I he students. One joli that Mi.s.s Wennergren has that keeps the students jumping is ringing the bells for Mi s Weiiiici ' grcii likes to keep n;) with S.II.S. sports along with her holiliy of dancing. When a ked alioiit her plans for the future, she replied, " Can ' t .vou guess " ' , and waved her left hand around the of- fici ' . In order to keep up with the student rush, our school needed another secretary. So Stella Johnson reigns in .Mr. Martin ' s ofFice, grand dispensin- of excuses, messen- ger of events, and trouble shooter for all. If you see a busy i-eddiead going- through the halls, it ' s no one but Stella .Fohnsoii in her first year as a .secretary. She aci|nireil experiences l).y working three years during her studj ' halls in 1 he office. ] riss Johusou was boi-n in Chicago o!i Xovember 1- . IDl !). She has resided in Steplicnsiiii for the past 1 5 year.s. Miss Johnson was .secretary of the Senior class in which she did a remarkable job. She has taken pai ' t in Ixifli the Junior and Senior plays. She was also co-manager of the Senior cariiiv;il. Her travels have taken her through Michiiian. Wisconsin, Illinois. :inil Indiana Her hobbies ai ' e listening to the radio, and reading. Her pet |ieeve is getting U[) in the morning. Miss Johnson ' s opinion of Stepiienson High is " a xi ' vy pi-ogre- si ve school and is cliangiiig. " Ilei- future is undei-idi-d. but we ' re siii-c whatexer she iiiidei-lakcs will be a success. Ji ' iihi li YiKlkir Kobin-t ' oi ' lkei- has been teaching in Steiihenson fm- the past two years. He also taught one year in Chicago. Mr. Voelker received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from the Univei-sity of Notre Dame, and his Bachelor of Science from the Xorthern Michigan College of Educa- tion. He has traveled through most of the United States, Alaska and Mexico. His hobby is record eolleetiug. fHs j)et peeve is gigglers and people who talk out of turn. When he was a.sked of his opinion of the school, he said that this is a very (hiiaiiiic school. ■JikIiIIi Miiitiin rrs. Judith Alortou joined the Steph- enson facidty three years ago. Mrs. Mor- ton teaches Junior High and Social Stmlies. This year she initiated a course in bal)y sitting which has been vety suc- cessful and ] ractical. Mrs. Morton has taught in the grades at Harrisville, Dur- and, and Mason, Michigan before coming to Stephenson. Mrs. Morton graduated from Stephenson High School and receiv- ed her H. S. degree from Xorthern Mich- igan College of Education and has done some graduate work at the University of Michigan. Mrs. Jlorton ' s travels have taken her through South Carolina and Texas. ] Irs. Morton ' s hobbies are read- ing and cooking while her jiet peeve is students who don ' t do their work. Mrs. Morton ' s opinion of Stepiienson High School is: ' ' I think Stephenson is becoming a better school each year. " As a per.sonal note I rrs. IMorton said, " I es- ])ecially enjoyed teaching this j-ear. " Glassmate Fohni E. Dnndo Eohcrt Iv DiUidd joiiu ' d llic Sti ' iilicn- son fariilty this year as uii instructor in General Science and A ' ctcrans " Inst i-vict ir. ' Mr. Danclo liails fi-oiii Shaiicatclcs. New York. Mr. Daiido received liis education at ] nchi ran State Colle -e where lie earned his Bachelor of Science deirree. Mr. Dando is now doinsr graduate woi-k to olitaiu his Master ' s degree. JIc i-i ' ccivcd previous training in teaching dui-ing his . " il months of service in the . rniy. Mr. I)anih) ' s IimncIs lia -e taken him all over the rnited States and Alaska. lie also has traveled in jiarts it ' Canada, ilr. Dando ' s hobbies are hunting, staiiiii col- lecting, traveling, and research work. ilr. Dando said, when a.sked what he Ihouglit of Steplienson IIii:h School: " 1 like it verv luiicli. " " Joyce Potter liss I ' ollcr was bom in Stephenson, graduated from the Stephens((n liigii School. She then attended Micliiiran State ( ' oll(-ge Uw four years and the I ' lii- ri-sity Hospital for lier fifth year in dict ' tic internship. .Miss i ' uller has a liaehelor of S •ience ilegrc and has work- ed as a dietician at Sparrow IIos|)ital in Lansing. Her hobbies are hoi-sebai-k riding and music. Her- pet pee -e is noisy cliildreli. Opinion of S.11..S. is: ■ ' ' Plie ad aiuist I ' a- tion is fine, and with the coopei ' ation of the teachers, we will dcvelo|) fine futur(- citizens of America. " Miss I ' otti ' r belongs to several organizations, . merican Dietetic Association. Home Eccuioiuics Association and the Alplui I ' hi Delta Sorority. Mis-i I ' otter- has as-umed Miss Duffi ' in ' s posi- tion in her temporary absence. (lin ii liiliii( 1, ' iilxloii Mvs. (Iwendoliue Halston. Kindergarten teacher of Ste|)liensou School, was born in England and then lived in Norway, Mich- igan. To rei-eive her education she attend- ed Northern Teachers College at Mar- quette, College of Millinei-y and Design- ing at Chicago, Western lichigan, where she received her Kachelor of Science De- gree, and I ' niversity of California. Mrs. Ralst iii has tauiiht school for fourteen years. Before coming to Stephen- son she taught at Coldwater, .Michigan and Herniansville. She has traveled exteiisi ' ely in the United Stales and li -ed in California for thirteen years. She has also visited in England and France and has enjoyed her travels very much. lier hobbies arc knitting and millin- ery woT ' k. She teaches both of tlic-,e n adult education classes. Mi ' s, lialston said her pet peeve al- ways was and always will be gum chewing. By teaching kindergai ' ten slu ' can give the children the right start in this matter. To I Irs. ] alston the students of Stephenson High School would like to ex- tend their sincere congratulations on her coming marriage. f ' iith( rim T ' otfrr Catlu ' i-ine I ' otter. Home Economics teai-lier at StepliiMison. is teaching in Stephenson for the secoiul time. She has been in the educatioiuil pro- fession ill a, sense before, however. Other |iiisitions she held were: Home Demon- stration Agent in Dickias-on County, Iron .Mountain, Dietitian at Bay Clitt ' Healt:i Camp in Mari|Uette and Steward at Hotel Sherman, Chicago. liss Potter graduated from Stephen- son High School. The colleges she attend- e l were St. Mary ' s Springs Academy in Fond (III ( ' Iiico State Teachers ' Col- legi ' ill Chico, Califm-nia and Michigan State College. Her travels have taken her to Alaska, Kloi ' ida. California, New York, and Yel- low-tone Park. She en.joys traveling, reading, and meeting ]ieoiile. .Miss Potter ' s hobbies are photography, knitting, ami reading literature on . biska and the I ' piier Peninsula. When .Miss Potter was asked her opin- ion of Steplieii.son High School, she said: " It is one of the most progres.sive. and well stalfed schools in the state, Tli( stu- dents on the whole are capable, enthusiast ic. and willinL ' . " 10 Glassmate- E. Wiilfnd (IraiiskiHi E. Walfi-i ' it (ii-aiiskiii;-. ;i rciriiiiT li ' iirlicr of tlie Di ' lta ( ' (iniity S.-1hm)Is. jiihI m i;r;iiln ;i1c lit " Michiji ' an State Culli ' t:! ' , ;is lioni ill Stdiiiiiutou. ilii. ' liiji ' aii. A1 ilic pn ' scn ' 111 ' is the head of the Depart rneiil of ' o- eational Aui-ieulture. He is also supervisor of X ' cteraiis ' Traiiiiiii: ' in Al; rieiiit iire aiiil the ( ' oiiiinmiity Caiiiiery. Ml ' , (iransko ' has hecii an A ' _:rirnll lire teacher since Deeenihei ' , 11141. ' . In miler to keeji informed and well trained in his field, Mr. Gi ' an.skoii ' has s])ent fixe snni- llieis at N irtheni State Teaidier ' s ( ' oI1cl;i ' , and lia lieen woi ' kiiiL; ' on his .Master ' s |)i ' - lil-ee of Kdlleation. " (iranny ' s " holihy is fariniiej ' . which he enjoys. Ill his work Mr. (iraiiskoc- has travel- ed a niunlier of times to the l ' ' iitlire l ' ' armeis " of America. e(nivenlions at Kan- sas City. He has heeii four times a Miidi- ii:aii dele ' ate to the National ' oeatioiial ( ' inventions at Phihidelphia, St. Louis. linfFalo. and Milwaukee. " (iranny ' s " pet peeve is ])eople who can ' t spell. Edtiii r . . l.iK ' iissc i ' Miner -J. Lacasse. leacher of IhrIi School liio|oi;y and si ' iiMice, has lieeii a inemher of the Stephenson faculty for the past fouryi ' ars. l ' rc ioiisly Mr. Lacasse was at Harris for three years. He I ' eceived his deuree from Xorthern Miehijiau Collejie of Education. He has served in the army for tlirea and one half years, takinji- him through England. Scotland. Ireland and France. Mr. LiH ' asse is now serving as assistant coach in addition to his more academic work. All sports an ' his hohhies. Maybe that explains his nickname of " Plash " ' be- stowed u] oii him liy his students. It also may refer to liliie eyes that gleam when he ' s anury. His favorite classes are his Pdology classes. His pet |)ecve is to have " mumhlers " in his class room. Mr. Lacasse ' s opinion of Stephenson Ili.nh School is: " It is a progressive school and the community makes good use of the school, and they are part. of the school. " ' Frnl I.. I ' liita! F red L. ] ' iiital came to us 7 j ears ago from Es:. ' aiial)a, Michigan. He is teai ' hing shop. Mr. I ' intal received his education at E.seanaba High, Western Michigan Teach- ers " ( ' ollctic and the I ' liixersit of .Mich- igan. I ' x ' sides his 7 years in Stephenson High School, he has taught one year in Wells township, one-half year in Alpha, .Michigan, and five years in a ( ' ( ' ( ' camp. .Minnesota, Michigan. Wisconsin. Illi- nois. Indiana, and Canada include his travids. Mr. Piiital has hobbies, too. They are golfing and fishing. You wonder if he has a Pet Peeve. ' He sure has. and that is " horseplav ' . ' " The opinion of S.H.S. IMr. I ' intal gave was, " I think StepheusKOn is the best little town ill till ' I ' liited States, " ' The ' -i;)er " s wish tlie best of luck to .Mr. I ' intal, a swell fellow. Marl ha l i(ffriii. Martha Duffrin, third and fourth grades teacher in Stephenson School, was born in Stei lieiison, Jlichigaii. She at- tended the Menominee (, ' ounty Normal and Central State College of Education for one year respeeti ely. .Xorthern State College of Education and l " erris Institute for a few summers. She has tau.ght all eight grades in different MeiHiniinee County Schools. This is her third year here. Her interests are sewing, music, dec- orating, planning, entertainment, and traveling. Her travels have taken her to California, lexico. and Northern Canada. She made a trip abroad February 11. Her extra curricular activities include helping the 4-H gii-ls with their work and being a member of the Education Commit- tee. Her ambition is to be a critic teacher and social helper. 11 Qhissmatp. Vctnwii 7,1 IIJc ' cniiin Zrttlc was lioni in Ii ' iuimineo and uratlualcil t ' rdiii .MciMiinincr llii;ii Sl-IkhiI. Ir. Zcltlc luis dcuii ' iiiuliM- ' ■•radoate work at several t-ollciies, .Micliit;aii Stale-, Central ] liclii ' an Colleiie: I ' liiversity ot; C ' hiea -() then liaek to .Micliiiiaii State Col- leiie for his final irradiiat inn. Mr. ZetlK- lias a Baelielor of Science Decree. .Mr. Zettle " s hobbies are books and win- ter spoi ' ts, es|)eeially skating ' - His ti-avels have taken hiiii from east to west. New EiiS ' lantl to Florida, and to the West Coa t. lie lias also traveled to Hawaii and in the Orient. Mr. Zettle ' s |)et i)eeve is too iiuieh talkiiiji ' and students coming- without books and materials. His opinion of St,e|)hensoii lli:z ' h School is: " ()n the whole the faculty and the students aic very cooperative. " Ltii ' ira l.lnnid Mrs. Lenora Lienna is the teacher of fifth and si.xtli i;i-ades. and is Elementary I )-incipal. Mi-s. Lienna has been teacliint; ' scliciol for ' 2 ' ' ' yeai-s; sis years dl ' vhicli she has spent ut Stephenson autl 17 years else- where. Mr.s. Lienna lias att(Mided the Ferris Institute and Northern .Michigan t ' ollege of Education at Marcpiette. Iler sjieciaj interest is in Ciirl Scouts, and Outdoor Education. ] rrs. Lienna ' s cliief intiM-est is in the deveh)X meut of the Ste])liens(in ( ' (immun- ity. Jam ex II. t hnrt A newconiei- to tliis year ' s S.II.S. faculty is James 11. Slinii. lie received liis edueation at Northern Michigan Col- lege of Education in Marquette and after serving- in the Army and traveling over the Euro])ean Continent he arrived bau-, bag-gage and typewriter to hold the ])os;- tion of Commercial teacher in S.II.S. .Mi-. Short is an enthusiasti - music lover and as for athletics he ' s oui- man. No matter M-hat color shirt he wears, he ' s always on our side. Mr. Short is married and in addition to his wife, there are two little Shorts. To the whole Short familv, our best. Joseph B. Gucky .loseph 1!. (iucky. superintendent of Sli ' phensdii High School, was lidrii in liutfaln. New ' (lrk. .Ml-. (Incky iiradnated fr mi Han-is IiiL:li Si-lidil. Ti) ciintiiiiie his education lie alleiidcd Feri-is Institute I ' oi- one and ;i half years, the I ' liiversity nf ( ' hica,u-o, w l:cre he received his Hacliehir of S.-ience Degree, and the Univer.-ity of Michigan, where he obtained his blaster of Arts De- gree. Mr. (Jticky has tauu ' lit school for t wenly-l lii-ee years. liefdre coming t ' l Stephenson lie taught rural schools in Delta, County f u- tliree years. to vnshi|)s schools at Harris for fifteen years, and has been at Stephenson for five years. He has traveled in all states of the r. S. except foiir, which he hopes to visit siion. He has also seen the iiia.jor ])art of Canada, and jiarts of ] Iexico. .Mr. Cuck_v has many wnrtliwliile hob- bies. He considers hunting and fishing his fav(n-ites, hut is also very interesletl in tennis, -arpeiitry and plumbing. hike all other jieople he has a pet peeve which will interest the students. It is ch( ol days missed because nf weather conditions. His opinion of Steiihenson High Si ' hool is Very high. He stated that it is one of the most ])rogreasive schools as well as communities. He considers the sludeiits ver - intelligent and ambitious. Ilarrij 0. M ' ondcrx Harry 0. Wonders, the junior high instntctor of Arithmetic and History, was born in the town of (Madstone. .Michigan, lie mo ed away to ( iiiniiesec, Michigan wliere lie spi-iit his childhood daj s. .Mr. Wmiders studied at Michigan State, Iniversity of ilinnesota and grad- uated from Xoithern Michigan College of Education in .Iiine, 19-t8, .Mr. Wonders has traveled t(j the West Coast and liack twice, aud to the East once. He has traveled as far south as Fort Bragg, North Carolina. He has a liobliy of collecting Histori- cal News Stories. His ])et peeve is: " People who arc not ininctual. " 12 Qlassmate VliiMu ' ri ' , iin licai ' tilt ' ' " toot of :i Imrn " . yciu ai ' r ImhiikI tn find ] Iiss lar- Juric Dickey, who i-anir all tlir wa.v I ' l ' iiiii Spi ' ai ' t ' isli. South Dakota, to hr iinr iiiiisii- iii i i ' iii-t ir. This is .Miss Dickey ' s I ' iT-st year a( Slepheiisdii lliiili Scliool. Iler |)rc -i(ius leachiiiL; ' experience was a yeai ' at Shell Kdck. Idwa. .Miss Dickey has li ' axclcd (•diisiilei-alily in aM|nii ' iii ; ' her education. She studied for one year at Blaek Hills ' P ' acher ' s Col- IcLi ' c. S|icarfisli. S mth Dakota, tlimi moved in f(n- another year to Piancijiia ( ' olienc. I ]llsiih. Illinois. She then wciil to ( ' oi-nell College, .Mt. X ' ernoii. Iowa whin-e shi re- ceived her 11. S. Deuree. , ftei- ti ' achini; for a year she received lur .M.. . Dc ree at Colninliia rfuivei ' sity. Xcw ' ilrl . liss Dickey enjoys all s|i(n1s inside oi- outdoors, and the piano lakes np any spare time she may h.ive. Miss Dickey ' s w pee ' e is liirls wear- ing ' sla-ks to school. Iler opinion of is thai " it is a i;ood schoiil svsteiu ' . Eli:iihilli . (isl II 11(1 .Mrs. Kli .ahi ' l li .Xaslnnd. who is a resident of Dauiicll. is now un her iwenty- sei ' ond year of tcachinjj ' . ' I ' liis speaks well for the profession. Init how did y iu ever stand us so lonti ' . ' .Mrs. . aslnnd this yi-ar is instnicioi- of I III ' fii-st and second " I ' ailes. Irs. .Xaslnnd ' .i ' radnated from tho Carney ili ' .:li School, ami then entered the Xorthein .M ieli i ' jaii Teachers ' ( ' oUee ' e in Mar(|neiie for lliree years. She then tau ' .ilit at (iiiurley for I wo years, Nadeati f:ir si.xteeii yi ' ars and is now completiiie- her fourth year in Sti ' phens:iii. .Mrs. Xas- lnnd has a life certificati ' foi- teai-hin i ' . .Mrs. .Xaslnnd ' s holiliics are o ' ardeii- iin; ' . readint; ' . anil Snnday School. Iler ]iet, peeve is einn clicwinL:. .Mrs. .Xaslund ' s tra ' els lia c taken her lliroU ' h Illiunis, M ' idiiean. ,inil Wisconsin. Iler opinion of S.II.S. is: " it ' s a Xi ' vy well maiui ' i ' ed school and I coiddn ' t find any fault about it. The students, with the help of their inst I ' uctors, are tryini; ' very hard to work for the future as wel! as the present. ' We hope that Mi ' s. Xas- lnnd will lie in I hat fntni ' c for many -ears to come. in = Glasspnate ' AITui.iKAl ' llS 14 ' (3lassiiiate= Glassmate-- CLASS ()l ' ' FirKK8 Itoiialil SdK ' lltr " Blur -Miinii " Senior l ' i;i:s. FFA ■. - FoottiMlI 4 -1 r.nsUclli.-ill 4 I ' rcsidcilf I ' ' ISanUvi-ll •■Fickalci:i ' rinss I ' lcs. lOtli Vice I ' l-cs. TJIli I ' .K.A. ' icc I ' l ' csidt ' iit " ' J w-s ir ' inia Moker • " l ' ' ni j;(»sh sakcs ' I ' les. Soph. See. Senior Class Flay t Senior Flay Class Flay 1 lalirarv :: 1 Ap|i. ' rca liiiif; I SeL ' cet,ar ' Diiiuiii 1 Riie ■Va . .Id |i iof • I ' res. 4-11 2 Class Sei-. 2 Class ' I ' re: IS. 4 Slhon 1 Haze 4 Aniiii: il SI air 4 1 i ani alic Cli all :! Kye ' 1 ' esl inu .S4 Tiv, asiii ' er 16 ' Qlassmate STIDFAT COINCII, .MKMliKKS » Roger Thorpe IJarhara Harper •■(•ll, VdU »! llollie " ■■ Vi.|l all iif;lif ' Sfiidf-iit ( ' iiiuicil 4 SI ml. •Ml (•(iiiiiiil i -?,-4 CImss I ' residcnl 1-L ' SiKiiilsli Chill .•{-4 (Mioii- 2-: 4 (•li..ii- .•; t I!;in l L ' H-4 I ' .F.A. -2-: Myrtle Ann Corey Joe Slajus ■•T arii if ■Hdl.v P right " ( ilipiftta L ' -:; WX 3-4 Shideiit ( ' (lUiicil l- ' J Fouthall 3 1 Ti-eas. )-l Sec). Class Ti-eas. 1 4-H Leader 3-4 Jiinidi- I ' res. I ' .and 1-2-3-4 Student Council 1-2-3 I ' la.v 3-4 FFA I ' res. 4 Clidii- 2-3-4 OYO 1-2 Spaiiish 3-4 .M.V.F. iTreas.) 1 I ' res. I ScIiikpI Daze 4 Aiiiiiial 4 17 Qlassniate- ( ' ari)liiie Fisher ■■Well " I-ilii ' Mri.-m Slurc I ' lMMii wiirlc Roger ' I ' liiiritf ■■oh you so liotiic " ' Stiuli ' iit CoMiicil 4 I ' rcs. Kresliiii.-iii Imys I ' res. S ii liiiiii(ii( ' 1)1 lys- ClidiV l -:m Hand -l-W-A [• ' FA 1-L ' -:! IIoXoi; STT ' DFA ' TS Tlie top honor students for tliis year ari ' Caroline Fisher. X ' aledietoriaii. and Kou ' er Tlior])e, Salntatorian. The ratinij ' s of the two hiirlicst stu- dents are dei ivod by strilcin ' an avera e of their semester " ■rach s from lllh thi ' oue h the 12th, Other members of the elass vvlio eai ' n- ed an averaii ' e of I or above iliu iiiy tlie four yejirs are listed below: :i. Clara Sehainstine 4. Joe Slajus ' ). Alice .Smas:liek (). liarliara IIar))er 7. I.iin ainc Xelsou 8. I -i-tIe Ann Corey I). Chri tini ' Si ' hmidt 10. Evelyn Watz n. Kvelvn Sanfthiel IL ' . Kiehard Walli i:!. I ' xclyii Wiiniierin 14. • loan Kline i:.. Warren Klit ke Peter Solii Hi. David Beyer 17. | ' ,.o,, ' y LaComb LS. Donna Riee 111. •lames Kalisliek I ' d. •ludv Norilin •1 . l ' al ' i,eMieux 22. Yvonne Vincent 18 Ghissmate l a iil Adams ■ ' Vciii I ' liiii diinili ' M:il«-I Herger Til (1 ie " Cliuii- :!-4 ChM. ( ■lull :i-4 David Itejer •I ' .etlc r lurk next lilHC A;;r.-4 V.V. . (Tic:is.-4) Kdward Chaiiey K.F.A. Slloll ' I ' liiia liarni ' s ■nil N,. ' cii.iii ' :; ) r, rv Chill S|i;im1s1i ;i-4 I r;iiii.Llir Club .liiiiior I ' hiy Sciiiur l ' l:i.v l ' ..-isv,.lh:ill Tc:irii Kouliiii; 1-4 Music Club . ' ,-i IN ' tl.v Itcaiidoin ■Ob V(.:i " Cb ' c I ' lull Music Club Cb(iii--1 ' I loyd Cai ' lsiiii -Ccl losl ' F.K..V. Id ' iii ' Chatlosli ■■[jllW Cc.NII ' ' Slllllclll CiiUUcil I ' .owl ill;; 4 S|i:iiiisli :{ Apiu ' ciil ice ' i ' c.icbci- 4 ( •pcrcltii :{ (ilcc Club Clmii- 1-.-.-4 Scxlcllc 19 -Qlassmate- Kvi-lyri Dahl -Niils Miiil T.S. " Senior I ' hiy 4-II Cliili r, v,- ciiili Clidir r.,-|-;UclliMll Tr.lJll r.ipwiiiin ' I ' l ' Miii Sp.iiii li ( ' lull ■ till nirliiiuiii -llol |I(P- " K.F.A. Ill l irr;iiii( ' Kricksoii ■Oh Ih ' cks " Clidir : -i I, iri ' ;iiiii ' Ajjiifs ' ris(|iii ' •oil licck " (Wvv CIuIp .S III 1-L ' ■■Wliy " I ' llcPlnulMphy Aii|i. ' riMiJiirii; ' III I ' . I ' . A. DciiiiltniwsUi ■Oh in.v u iish I ' lio iMUnip hv App rclll ir( • Ti •McllIT Che, ir ' !- ' ■ ' - 4 . liisi - ( ' III l 411 (. " ■ .VI ■s. 1 Loii is Kfi- KUSoil •■(;ii On " ■I ' ra rk ' 47- ■4.S I ' ' . I ' - .A. •4(; -•47 Miiric l ' ' ilrj -oh in uiish " ' Che I iiih I Chnir 2 :!-4 l.:iiiil I Opcri ' llii I llMWliiiu 4 .liiiiinr I ' lay 20 Glassmate- WnUcr (;im(lek " Ndt .Vdii " I ' .d.v Scdiits Cliiiir K.RA. 4-11 Keiiiietli (■roiiniark ••Xiits " l- ' .F.A. Ml Jesse Hiihlinrd ■■Thafs U,nnh- ' iMiotliall 1 Track 1 n.-ize 3 l{(il)i ' i ' t Johnson " Villi IIIIM (luili " K.K.A. l-L ' -t 4-II 3 An(on (iriiisteiner ■■Wlial rnr " K.K.A. Junior Haas ■Ili ' llo there " Kaskcfliall 1-3-4 K.F.A. 3-4 Trcas. Dth 4- 1 1 (5 years) l.iiren Hnlsizer •I ' ll liet. you won ' t " riiotonrapliy r.:lli(l James Kalisliek -Hilly Cow " Seiiiiir Play I ' .F.A. 3-4 4-H 1-2 21 Qlcissmate- VVarreii Klifzlio in yoni- liciidV " F.F .A. reporter Joan Kline ' •(Jee Vlii7. " T,il)rnri:in 4 Slorenioiii 4 OlicretiM 1-:: (Jliv Clnl) Clidir Anna Krol " Ye (iods " S|);iiiisli Club I ' lowiinj; Girls ' Sextette f)I)erett:i (;iee Cliil) Clioir Ruth Larson " Oil Mother " Animal Slaff 4 S -li(iol l ;i .e 4 4-11 1-2 Keniielli Kraiifz ■r.lasc " Simnisli ( ' lull ( I ' res.) I ' " resli Sec. Hoys ' |uartet riiodinrapliy Cluh .luiiior I ' lay Stage manager class play I lliiTclta Chcii- Hand Arnold Krans " I diai ' l kiiiiw " Pt ' SK.v LaConihp " My Word " Siianish ( ' lul C.V.O. 2- ' i-4 ( ])eretta 2-:{-4 ClKiir --l-: ,-i 4-1 1 Sec. (iirl Scouts I ' iano Knitting 4 Music Club 4 Senior I ' lav Peter LeBean ■■IIcpW (III yiiu do " Fdctliall .H-4 .luniiir I ' res. V.V.X. .•!-4 • l Glcissmaie- Pat LeMieux ■(111 I Invc yim jiisl ll)f sniiii ' " Sc-lidol n.izc Stnir 4 I iraiiKil ii ' ( ' liiii Aiiiiii:il Stair 4 -111 1-2 Sciiidi- I ' lny c.V.d. I,(i|-|-aiii(- Nclsuii ■Clriila " Class Secretary ;; Aiiiiiial Staff 8-4 SrliiKil Daze 3-4 Siiaiiish ( ' Im1i( Sec. ?, i rres. Music Cliih : ' , liowliii:; vc.llcy hall Jniiiiir I ' lay Scnidr I ' lay Luther Leanue I ' .aiid l-2-;!-4 Clec Cliih l-L ' -: ' .-4 ClHiir l-2-. " .-4 l-n Cluh Kiilh Nordqiiist ■•Ceez " Apiireul ic ' ' rcachcr 4 r.oxvliuj; 4 (J lee CI 111) ()l;eretla (icorsie I ' t ' tcrsoii ■■(io hldw " Aimnal Staff 4 Scliiiol I aze 4 Siiaiiish Cliih :■ ITes. Athletic Cluh 4 t . Teachiui; Cluh ( Vice I ' res.) Fodthall l-li-:!-4 j ' .asketball 1-2-8-4 Class Treas. 1 C.K.C. Cluh l-L ' -8 SI udeiu ( ' nnucil 8 l)i)ri Mciinirp " l uui iluuih " F.Kithall 8-4 ' I ' racI; 2-8 I ' .K.A. 4 .liiily Niirdin ■I Ml Inr Pete ' s sake " Hiaiualic Club 3 S|iaiiisli ( " bill 3-4 Class Play Seiiiur Play Music Chill 4 Chnir .■;-4 Clcc Cluh 4 Betty I ' iiiil " (III fur ifiisli sakes " AiMireiilicc ' IN ' acher I ' dwiiii;; ' Clee Cluh S|ianisli Club C V.O. 2-8-4 Cirl Senilis (S( ' ' . : vears 1 8 I II 1-2-8-4 Ted riiili|)|)s, Jr. F.F.A. 23 -Glassmate- Kaynwiiul riiikowski • ' Arcii ' l ncit :ni I hiny " Spiiiiisli dull ;; Latin Club 2-:i ScliOdl ( ' Inl) 4 Annual StalT -£ F.F.A. .3-t Draft ins 1-2 Kji.ViikiikI I ' rat I ' ' Holy Cow " Football 2-3 basketball 1-2 Track 1-2 riioir 1-2 Carole K:ihoiii " Oil my liosb " F.asketiiall I ' .owlini; Senior I ' lay Glee Club Class See. 1 4 II Club Shirley Rr.hinsnii " Tree (lee dee " Spanisli Club (Jlee Club Senior I ' lay Masketball " I ' .aseball I ' .owlinfc Marvin I (i |iieftc • (111 (;ee " F.F.A. 3-4 4-H 1-2-3-4 Francis Raliifoy ■■oil Heek " Annual Staff : ' , School Da .e : ' ,-4 .Music Club •Jiuirtet Clioir Hand Howard lievall ■Oh Hoy ' Junior iiin-up boy F.F.A. 4-H Club Kos r Rye ■Va Louse " Football 4 Basketball manager 24 ( issjiinfe ' Margie Sakovitz " Holy Cow " ricsiileiil 1 Vi(• ' I ' rcsidi ' iil L ' TicMsiircr of Sludciit ' oiuicil ;•! i ' lii ' cr li ' ailiim ' :{-4 li.-uKi 1-2-:; Senior vt .liiiiicjr piny ' Vice l ' rK . of S|i;iiusli clul) :{ OpPI-l ' ttil 1-1 ' Ai.iii ' ( iitii-c ii ' Mciici- :; I liotof;r,-i| ln 4 4-11 Cliih :i 4 (;icf Cliih l-2-;i-4 Lnis Sandalil " I IliiiiU .-ilioiil H;isk..tli;ill B;is(4i;ill 4 11 Cliili lleltii Saltz ■iih nuts " Soph. See. 4-II See. Seiiioi- I ' bi.v n.-iskethnll l;:isel,;ill llowliiii; ( ' lull fS( e. ) Evelyn Saiifdieil " Oil Kc.sli " (;lee Clnh 4-1 1 Cliil. Clara Scliainstiiie " I lie!. ' your pardon " Si " inisli Cliili ;{-4 I ' res. Spani.-ih Cluli 4 I ' hotou ' rapljy Chdi 4 Tii.i 4 Cliristiiie St ' liniidt " E, (;.-i is " Spanish ( ' lull ( See. I :{ Viee I ' res. Spanish Chib 4 See. of Class 1-2 I ' hoto. Club 4 Api). Teacher ;} Luelia Schetter ' I ' .eu yoiir pardon ' .Music ( ' lull Theresa Sharkey " Honestly " Clee dull 3-4 4-H Club 1-2-3-4 Glassmate- •) !« Siiiwtii ' ■(!( ' ( Whiz ' ' Fdollmll T-L ' -. ' M J I CI) S.jiiliciliii ■ ' r:iki ' a lull ' , ' wall; nil a siriri pi r " I ' .askcll.all .Vlife Smaslick Aiiprontice Tcailier :{ yrs. SiKiiiish Cliil) ;! yrs. Spaiiisli Club See. Frcsliiiiaii Vice I ' res. l ' liiil(i;;rai)liy 4 yrs. Don Sorenson " Ood I ' .less Anicricn ' Fdotliiill FF. ice T ' rcs. Clidir ■III Cluli William TicUlcr ■•oil Ko on " I ' .asUelliall 2 .liiiiinr I ' lay Sciiiiir I ' lay l ' lloli . -1 I ' .aiid 4 FI ' W : ' .-4 4-1 1 Club 1-2 IMcr Sohr " Wlial (Id villi mean " I ' clcr TIkiiiiic ' Vmu iMiiiiiiiy " FiMitball l-L ' -:i-4 Tract 1-2-4 . tlilctics .VsMicial iiiir I Sec. I 4 Senior IMay Siiaiiisli Club . ' ! . pp. Teacbiii!; 4 K.i ketball 1-2 . Miiiial Slaff 4 ScIkii.I Da e 4 ilori:i Tronildey ■S.iy Kiildn " luaiii.atics Cliil. S (;iee Club :i Test in:; lOyes .• ' .-4 Sriiiii.l Da .e 4 . iiiinal Staff 4 ' CM I iSei-. ) 2 MI Club 1 2f) (Slassmate Koiiiilil iiii ' ciit ■Wll.ll ' s TlKlf ( ' hnil- 1 " IA (irtiis V;i«ricr " (111 mils " I ' .,-isk( ' lli;ill l-L ' -;i Tr.irl --2-: VV. 1 4-11 ]-L -;!-4 Khharil Walli " •111, I wiiiililii ' t sny tli:ir " ii(lics(ra Choir Allifii V:iisaiU ' n " .Hi It.ihc- KFA J viniiif iiKcnt •■Oh ShiK.t ' H.-isi;i " lhall Cheer I,e.|il(!r Clleir Willis Wal.h.i- " i;ee Whiz " Choir Kvel.vii VVaiijierin " Is ilial SI) " Spaiiisli Cluh 3-4 Annual Eilitiir 4 4-11 Leader 3-4 Cheerleailer 3-4 Annual Staff 3-4 Selioul Daze 3-4 • Mieretta 1 Class Treasurer 2-3 Senior riay .luniiir riay l l-L ' 3 : Choir 2-3-4 Evelyn Wafz " Xot Yon " Trip fund treas 3 Class treas. 1 4-II I ' res. 1 I ' .and 1-4 Choir 3-4 (Jlee Cluh 1-2 Sextette 4 Play I ' ronipter and JInke-up Director 3-4 Schoid Daze 3 Kdilor School Daze 4 Annual Staff 3 (3Iassmate- Aiulicj Wa.vlxTs " I SllCSS I (lllll VdU " 411 ( ' lnl Cviii Ttmini.t Winter •■r.iiir .nii((! " Itclty Wt-ry •I bclrlui " ( ' lU)ir Cyiu I Niulii ' lip artist . l il Ziilliier ■IIiiw ((inic " Glee dull .-i-t r.aiKl l-2-: ' .-4 FFA l-2-:i-l «: A IDEAT. SFA ' IOKS (lifls r.oys Mo-t .•lii ' rifu;— Helen ! ;iltz. I ' rt.T Th:ni)i ' Md-t lluinor.uis — Evelyn I):ilil. Dun Sir- enson. Atllletie — Sllilley Koliinsdn. (Ic(ir,!:-e I ' d ' f son. Dej;end;ible — Evelyn V;iu-ciin. K ' (i;;-er Thorpe. Ambitious— Caroline Fisliei-, .1 ;)se|)li Sla.jns ( " ooperiitive — Lorruine Eriek- m. Uayiiionil I ' iiikowski, . rtistii — Evelyn Va1 .. Kcnnelli Kra " tz Knnianti " — .Myrtlr Ann ( " ore.w Eoren Tlnl- sizer. Bashful — Lorraine Fris(|ne. Waller i.indi ' . Diiiiiifieil— Barbara Ilaiprr. David l ' ey( r Flirtatious — Pat EeMieiix. Lee Bardwell Optiinistii — (Jloria ' rroniblry, Marvin Fo- (piette Xeat — X ' iiuinia Moker, Bill Tickler Tall — Lois Sandalil, (!eorfi-e Peterson Yonnir — Irene Chatlosh. Bob .lohnson ( uiet -Audrey Wayber ' . llidiard Walli Pesty- Donna Barne.s, Jim KaFishek Coinplexion — Mai ' i ' ie .Sakovitz. Howard Ke- vail ' oice — Clara Schainstine, Francis l abito. - Daneer — Betty Wery. Jr. Haas Eye;s — Betty PauL Tommy Wii.ters Xo e — Ann Krol, Arnold Ki-aus Teeth — Louella S; ' hetter, David Adams Dimi)le - -Christine S-hmidt, .le-se Ilub- bard Leus- -Indy Xoriliu, Gue 8? .Musieal ability — Sis. Xelsnn. Kenneth Krantz Couiieous — Betty Beaiidoin. ' illi Wal- elier l ' ' re(dvles — Peir;ry LaCombe, ( ' let us Wauiier Hair— Carole Raboin. Ted Phillips Liin» — Mabel Berii ' er, Al. Zullner Shoriest Maiie Foley. Keiinet ' i (ii ' onmai ' k Gift of Gab — Donna Barnes. Ju " - S-het ' er I ' ersonalitv — Mvrtle Ann Corev. Roirer Rye Smile Diinna liire. Peter LeBean. 28 — Glassmate ' — SKXIoli CLASS HISTORY At last! The s|)(itliL;lit vliiiics nii ilir ' Hall. Thi ' last sIkiw oT dim- year as cldwns star lit ' tliis hit;- slmw iiiiiln- tlir S. II. S. was tlii ' animal srhiinl piciiir at WrlN Tent (111(1 vr sec on tlii ' smic " .Miss Sciiidf J ' ark. after wliii-ji wr Irl ' t tlif liii; ' lent t ' (if ' " It is with i;vrat iilcasiirc that wo another three innnth vacation, t ' ociis onr si.otliLiht on this ,-lass. When the cir.Mis opened in the fall of W ' c wiM-e first si-en bark in the fall of ' - ' i ' thei ' e were many new memljei-s anion- ' ' f. ' ) as weak, unsteady i ikey. ventnrin.L;- fli ' ' donkeys, eoinine ' from Dag-gett and out onto the tight rope. ' I ' o lead Us in Carney to make lis lOli strong. By the this givat adventure we eliose .Margie ' ' l " ' ' " ' ' the s.-hool yeai ' this nniiiher )iad Sakiivitz and Ko-er Tliorpe, with Aliee weakened to 1). " .. Sinagliek ami Louis Fei-Linsoii to assist At our elass election we elected Joi! tlieiii. ( ' hiistiiie S: ' limidi and Kenneth Sla.jns as Top Donkey jiml Peter LeBeau Kraiitz were chosen to rec:iril our a ' ts to rank next. Lorraine Xelson was eleet- while Kvelyii Watz and (ienrgc I ' etersoii ed to record the acts and Evelyn Waiigerin e( lle;.-ted onr fumL. Student ( ' ouncii to guiile onr finances. Because of onr members were Irene Chatlo-h. .Myrtle . iiii many activities to take place, -Jim Menard ( ' oiey. Loreii Ilulsizer. and . 1 Zullner was elected to assist with the class funds. and Assembly repre-entativi ' s were Ann The donkeys were re|)resented on the ami (ienrge Kostelec. Student ( ' oiincil by .Margie Sakovitz, Our first act, under the bi, tent, was George I ' eterson.Larbara Harper, and our class ),arty on Xovcmbcr LI. m. " ) When the Senior carnival c;ime t:i S.II.S we chose -Margie Sakovitz and (ieorgi Peterson as candidates for King and L ' Oren Hulsizer. The first show sponsored by the donkeys this year was a Halhiween Dance on ()ctobcr Ml. Arnold Smiltneek and his orelie-.tra furiushed the music for (,)u.een. Our last act of the ycar ' wa, a ' ' ' " ' • ' ' - ' • ' ' ' ' ■ " attraction, .lass paity at Wells Park followed by .-i The next t hin ' on t lie donkey ' s agemla vaiation from the S.II.S. Tent. ' " ' i ii | ' lii« l« " i ' t.v " h November ■ ' ,. This ]iarty consisted of dancing and games while When we entered the Tent the follow- ing fall, thing.; looked much the same is they had the i i ' evions year except for our ))aft in the show. We elc ted Roger Thorpe as Head Clown with largie Sakoxitz taking sniie (.f thi ' rc-pousibilitie-. To give iis repcnls of tile sli:iws we again elected Christine Schmidt a secretary and chose EveKii on PVbruary ' lO-IiS at otii- second semester class party we ice .skated at the school skating rink. The three-aet mystery comedy " Out oi! This World " was pr( sented on April 9, 1!I4S by the donkeys, under the ilirection of their trainer.s, liss Kevnolds and ] Ir. Voelkcr. rile bit: ' act of the rear. thi Jnnior- Wa M ' _:i ' iiii to pass the luit and lo ik after ,,■ , i , , . i i ' 1 1 ' i , r-i .., ' ,. , , Senior rroiii, took place on . la ' 1st. EriiK our ti.iaiicial standings. Stmlcnt ( oiinc! Temassmii ,md his orchestra provided member tor tie ( towns were Loreii IIul- . 1, ,.„„ .„ |,„„. ,,,.„ ,,1,,,.,, , „.,., , j sizer Myrtle Ann ( orey. Al ullner, and j„ ,,,, ,„„,,,,. . ,,„,. ,.,,,,,. ,,,,, .,,,,„, tp,, Marilyn Kehm. Our lepic-entaiive th;s j,,,. „.,-,„„.„;,„„. j,,,,,,, , ,|, . ,., „,,,. . f vear was Sallv Ijewandowski. the evening, a large grand march was led Our fiist (das jiarty cmisLted of a hy ivter L.d ' .eau and Donna Rice, who supper with uaiiics and dancing, followed were crowned Prom King and Qneen. by a movie t;iok place on Xovember 7. i:t4li. The annual school picnic ended our This was under the leadership of our class donkin- activities and on May ' ilst we left advisors. Mr--. Morton and Mr. Lehndorlf. the circus to return in the fall as stars of This year when the Big Carnival came to the bii;- sliow. the S.II.S. Tent wc (dr;se .Myrtle . nn We entered the S.II.S. T. iit in the { f( ' and l.oieii Ilnlsizer as onr caiidi- fall of ' 4!S determined to be the best dates for Km- and ( )uecii. " Stars " ' in S.II.S. history. ]t was with Our second (dass party was cdinpri ed this thought in iiiind that we ehnded Don of roller skating at the .Xadeau Town Schetter as our class president and Lee 29 Glassmate- Bardwell ii ; vice-prcsidciit. ' ir ' rin:a ilokei- was chosen to taki ' over the duties of sc ' cfetar ' and Donna Rice took over the financial duties with •rreat care. We were jih ' ased to have ] liss KeyiioKls and Mr. Lacasse as nir leaders in the liii; ' show. In the early pai ' t of Oclohci- we re- ceived our class riii ' s which iiad liecii (Or- dered early in the sprini:-. Then towai-ds the end of that month we joui-neyed lo ilarinette where we hail om- senior pictures taken. Un Decenihei- 1- we ])resented the three-aet comedy, " A Case of Spring-time " ' under the leadership of our cla.s,s advisors who also led us in the pri ' pai-ations for our Senior Christnuis Hall on Decemlier 2l!, We carried fiut oiu- class colors in the hall decorations with a silver sprayed ti-ee liu-hted hy hluc hullis i n the center of the liallriiiiHi. The i ' ladii ' er Aces, who furnish- ed the music, were set hehind a miniatun- snow covered villae-e on the staire. The Grand ] Iarch was led hy nui- class jn-esi- dent, I- on Sclietter and his date Evelyn Wanjrerin at ahont 11 o ' chn-k in the eve- nintr. ( )n Fehruary I ' hh. we j ave a hake sale as a means of raisinu ' money towards our class ti ' ip fund. The seniors sponsoi ' - ed several basketl)all dances durine- basket- ball season as another means of raisinu ' mi.iiey. Ke bruary : 4tli was the date fur the Senior chiss i)arly which con-isled of an cvenine ' of dancini: ' and was en.joyeil by all. We " Stars " " , conducted a liii; ' Seuior carnival on March 11th. ( ' hairman for the event was l arbara Jlarper and can- didates for Kinj; ' and Queen were Kotjer Thorpe and .Marie Foley. Since many of us were unde-ided as to our futiu ' e ])lans, on April l S, we held a Career Day. On this day several rejireseu- tatixcs of ditterent vocations sjwtke to us on .job possibdities and necessary traiidnij-. The last a -t performed by the " Stars " before ' raduation activities beji ' an on May Dtli when we si)oiisored a donkey basket - ball i;ame. This proved ipiite hilarioiiN and was eu.ioyed b_ - everyone. Our iiaduatiou activities bejran with Baccalaureate in May lotli. followed by the Seinor Tea on iloTiday, .May Hilli. AJl the seniors ])articipated in the nationality proy-ram at Cla-s Night on .Ma. - 17th and i n .May lUth, Commencement exercises w Te belli before a laiye audience. At last, we hail reached the point that had been iiur i oal for four years. We. 8f sti ' oiie ' . will lu ' ver for ; ' et our S.II.S. day.s and the pmfit eained tliere. TABLE OF CHAi;. CTEl!lSTICS l)a id - dams -Idea of misery, Mr. V(H ' lker ; idea of hai)i)iness, a -i-ood busi- ness; ambition, to be a trucker: e-ceatest fault, fool around too iinich ; pet peeve, yaj)|)inji- teachers; theme song-, " My Pretty Girl. " Lee Bai-dwell — Idea of misery, school on Monday morniii ' .:- : idea of happiness, a million tlollars; ambition, to get out of school as soon as possible; gi-eatest fault, go out too much oil school nights; pet peeve, long, tight skirts that the girls wear — the new style; theme song, " More Beer. " ' Donna Barnes — Idea of misery, keep- ing a secret ; idea of hai)))iness, being one of the " Grease Spots ' " ; ambition, travel: greatest fault, exaggerating; pet peeve. racial prejudice; theme song, " Far Away Places. " J )etty Beandoin — Idea of misery, getting up e;n-l. - in the morning; idea of happiness, going to Menominee at night; ambition, to be a commercial artist: great- est fault, biting fingernails: pet peeve, being teased; theme song. " A Little I ' .ird Tohl Me. " " Mabel liei-ger — Idea of misery, " be- ing with someone I dint like " " ; i lea of ha|)pine .s, ha ing fun; ambition, house- wife; greatest fault, temper; |iet jtceve, boys who don " t want their liaii- mussed up; theme son;; ' . " Darlini;-. Dar- ling. " " Daxiil lieyer — Idea of misery, getting up in the morning; idea of ha|)i) " my pipe " " : ambition, to Economics; great- est fault, lack of ambition; i)et peeve, dull classes; theme soni; ' , " XiLi ' ht in May. " " 80 ' Glnssmate T liiyd Carls()ii--Tdea of misery, sclioiil ; i(l Ni (if liappine-s, UTaduatioii day; aiiihi- lidii. undecided; liTeatest fault. l)uyiiiji ' I ' l ' cdfds ; ])et peeve, opera sinjiers; tlieino •soMii ' . " liuttons and Bows. " ' Edward Clianey — Idea of nusery, lioini;- to seliool ; idea of happiness, your own l)oss and doinj; wliaf you wani tn do; ambition, truek driver; t:reatest faul;, arg ' uiu i:; pet peeve, girls with IdULr sicirl;; tiieme soul; ' . " Tni Smdinu ' ' n a itig ] oU(|nel ijf lidses. " Irene Chatlosh — idea nf niisei-y, studying ' ; idea of liapjiincss, dancing; ami)it.ion, beauty operator; greatest faub, bossing yoniiger sister; pet ])eeve, people wini brai; ' : theme song, " Rosewood Spin- nrr. .Myrlle . iiii ( ' orcy — Idea of misery, eettiiiL; ' lip in the mdrniiii; ' ; idea of happi- ness, being with liim; amijition, become a graduate nuise; greatest fault, arguing; pet ]3eeve. racial prejudice; theme song, ' " Always. " E elyn ])ahl — Idea df misery, being left out; idea of happiness, being with my friends; ambition, be a nurse; greatest fault. Me!; pet peeve, high heels and .slacks; theme .song, " Mnsic In The Land. " .Inne Deiirave — Idea of misery, prac- ticing my ])iano lesson; idea of happine s, gi ' aduation; ami)ition. Kindergarten teach- er; greatest fault, telling tall tales; jjet peeve, people who show off ; theme song, " Far Away Places. " Bill Dirknuin — Idea of misery, school ; idea of hapjiines.s, sleep; amliitiou, to i)e a television technician; fault, lack of " studiousness " ; i)et peeve, girls!; theme song, " Far Away Places, " Lorraine Dombrowski — Idea of mis- ery, riding the school bus; idea of happi- ness, dancing; aml ition, teacher and travel greatest fault, forgetfulness; pet peeve, people who think they are better than othei-s; theme song, " My Hap|)iness. " Lorraine Eriekson — Idea of nusery. Com. Chemistry class; idea of happiness, skating; ambition, beautician; greatest fault, too shy; pet peeve, conceited |)eoiile; theme song, " Crui.sing Down The River. " Louis Ferguson — Idea of misery, nothing to do; idea of hai)i)ine s, deer hunting season; ambition, play baseball in the IVIajoi-s; greatest fault, talk too much; pet peeve, show-offs; theme song, " More Beer Polka, " Caroline Fisher — Idea of misery, has- n ' t any; iilea of ha|)i)iness, " to be with l)eo|)le ] like " ; ambition, to become a good secretary; " ' givatest fault, temper; pet peeve, conceited people; theme .song, " Al- ways. .Mai ' ie Foley- Idea of misery, being lonesome; idea of happin ' ss, " being with sdinedue I like vi ' i ' y much " ; ambitidii. td travel; greatest fault, taking little things too seriously; pet pei ' ve, high heels with slacks; theme soni;-. " Mavbe You ' ll Be There. " Loi-i-aine h risipie Idea of misery, g ' oing to school ; i(le;i of happini ' ss, travel- ing; ambition, inidecided; greatest fault, getting up in the morniiii;-; |)et peeve, be- ing teased; theme sonu-, " A Little Bird Told Me. " Waltei- (ioiulek — Idea of misery, bus- iness training class; idea of hai)piness, sitting by LaX ' erne .-ind -loyce in (itli hour .study hall ; ambition, to find a way to .sleep anil still L;et wdrk done; greatest fault, buying the car I did; pet peeve, girls that gab; theme song, " Slow Boat to China. " Anton (irinsteiner — Idea of miseiy, American Government; idea of ha])piness, graduation; ambition, to travel; greatest, fault, not studying; pet pi ' eve, having to get up in the moi-niuL;; theme song, " More Beer Polka. " Kenneth (iron mark — Idea of misery, .school; idea of happiness, going on trips; ambition, to be a trucker; greatest fault, going out too much; iiet peeve, girls; theme .song " Far Away Places. " John Haas. .Jr. — Idea of misery, when the bell ri)igs in the morning; idea of hap- pine,-;s, when the bell ring ' s at 3:30; ambi- tion, farmer; greatest fault, talking out- loud in cla s; i)et peeve, getting up in the morning; theme song, " ] ly Darling, ] Iy Dai ' ling, " Barbara Ilarjjer — Idea of misery, translating from English to Spanish; idea of happiness, " being able to sleep as long as I want " ; ambition, to get married; greatest faidt. tempei-; pet peeve, writing letters; theme song. " Far Away Places. " Thaddeus Ililllu ' uner — Idea of misery, getting up ill the morning; idea of hap- piness, school; ambition, become an offi- cer in the Ai ' ni. ' or IMarines; greatest fault, raising cane; pet peeve, English classes; theme song, " 1 Love You So Mucli It Hurts Me, " 31 =(3lassinate- Jesse Ilubbiird- lili ' ii of iiiis(M-y, go- ing to school; idea of liappiiicss. luiiitiiiii- : ambition, " to be my own boss " " ; Greatest fault, stayinsr home from sehool ; pet i)eeve, jrirls wcariiiy ' overalls; tlit ' iiic sontr, " My Happiness. " ' i,oren Hulsizer — Idea of misery, liv- ■ing in a larije eity; idea of iuippiness. " lo be my own boss; " ' ambition, wild life con- servation officer; jrreatest fault, quii-k temper; i et peeve, a lecturing- teaclier; theme soujr, " With Homcone Like You. " " Kobert Johnson — Idea of misery. Eco- nomics; idea of haiipiness, g-raduation ; ambition, farmer; frreatest fault, heini:- bashful; pet j)eeve, g r s; theme soiii -, " Slow Boat To ( " hiiiH. " " James Kalishek — Idea of misery, sen- ior home I ' oom co-o|)eration ; idea of ha] - piness, rraduation day; ambition, luule- cided ; greatest fault, not working in Study Hall; pet peeve, conccitecl ijeojile; theim- .song, " Lavender Hhu ' . " Joan Kline — Idea of misery, Livinir in a large city; idea of ha])] iness. " to be and do things with the jieople 1 like; " " ambition, stenographer; greatest fanll, " not being able to express myself; " " pel peeve, snobbish ]ie )ple; theme song. " Al- ways. ' ' Warren Klitzke — Idea of misery, school ; idea of hai)piness, grraduation d y : ambition, farmer; fault, figures (not mathematical.) ; pet peeve, girls who smoke; theme song. " Steel (4uitar Rag. " " Kenneth Krantz — lde;i of misery, a multi-solded Itaritone; idi-a of iiapiuness, s i)ring vacation (Jo, Siiirley. Kay) ; am- bition, architect; greatest fault, being moody; pet peeve, western ballads; theme song, " Body and Soul. " " Arnold Kraus — Idea of misery, si ' hool idea of happiness, gnidiuition ; iiiiil)ition, to own a ear; grreatest fault, not studying; pet peeve, riding on a crowded bus; theme .sonir. " I ' m Free at L;ist. ' " Ann Ki-ol — idcji of misery, gcttin ' .;- up in the moniing; ide;i of happiness, l)e- ing with Jack; ami)ifion, to travel to various places; Greatest fault, " losing my temper; " pet peeve, people who make uji stories about someone else; theme song, " S:ta.rdust. " Peggy LaCombe — Idea of misery, " writing themes; " ' idea of hai)piness, graduation; ambition, to do sonu ' thing worth while; greatest fault, temi)er; pet IM ' cvc. racial prejudice; theme song. " I Ijove You So Much It Hurts .Me. " " Ruth Larson — Ulca of misery, nuiking si)eeches; idea of hajjpiness, graduation day; ambition, to help other jx ' oplc; great e t fMult. " losing my tcmpei ' " ; pel l eeve, liateful ])eople; tlicnie song. " Slow- Boat To China. " Peter LeBeau — Idea of misery, Eco- nomics; idea of happiness, graduation, amhition. to be a football i)lriyer; greatest fault, bashfulness; pet peeve, staying home at night; theme song, " J ' icnic In The Woods. " Pat LeMicux — Idea of nii.sei-y, gettin; U|) for school in the morning; idea of hapi)ine-s, " ix-nding my time with yon know who " " ; ambition, go to Texa.s ; great- est fault, staying down after s; ' hool for games; pet peeve, being teamed; theme .sonii-. -- . Little Bird. ' " Donald Mc(iuire — Idea of misery, si-liool ; idea of happiness, staying single; ambition, retire at 30; greatest fault, | laying- pool ; pet peeve. wf)men ; theme song. " Far Away Places. " ' irginia Moker — Idea of misei-y, get- ting up in the morning; idea of happiness, having my school work done for a change; ambition, college with K e V;ingerin, greatest fault, forg-etting- things; i)ct peeve slacks ami high heels; theme song, " I Don " t Know Why. " ' Lorraine Nelson — Idea of misery. Marinette General ; idea of happiness, Me- nominee; ambition, pianist; g-reate-;t fault, being .stuck uj) ; pet jjeeve, Sam Ham ; theme .song. " Maybe You " II Be There. " ' Judy Xordin — Idea of mi.sery, being kept in su.spense; idea of, being one of the " Spot.s; " ' ambition, to travel; greatest fault, arguing; pet ])eeve, snobbish ])eoplc; tlieme song. " Far Away Places. " ' Ruth Nordquist — Idea of misery, get- ting n|) in the morning; idea of happiness, " being ahle to go where I want to " ; am- bition, to travel; greatest fault, giggling; ])et jieeve. stuck up people; theme song " , " Lavender Blue. " ' Betty Paid — Idea of mi.sery, getting up in the morning-; idea of happiness, being with the gang; ambition, travel: gi-eatest fault, " losing my temper " " ; pet ])eeve. i)eople who think they are better than others; theme .song, " Maybe You " 11 Be There. " 32 CV,issj)mte ' (iiM)i-ii( ' Pctersdii — l(lc;i of iiumm-v. jrcttinii ' np in the innrniiii; ' : idi ' M nf li;i|i- piiiess. " wl;! ' !! I fry f-t;s in Mi ' . SIkhI ' • ai)artiuciit " ; Hiuhition. to play l)a- kctliiill with sonic roilciie: iii-eatc-t fault, tcasinji ' ; pi ' I pccxc, sci ' ini;- a ri-jililiy liii ' ll; lliriiic soiiii-. " A Little i;ii-il " . ' I ' cd I ' liilipps — lilra of niisi ' i-y. Lioiii.u ' to school another year; idea of happiness. haviiifi ' deei- season three times a year; HUihition. loii ' ii ' er; n ' reatest faidt. hatiiiii ' s;diool ; pet peeve, nii ' sini; ' school; theme sonji-. " My Darlinu ' . My Dai-lini:. " Hayniond Pinkowski — Idea of niisei-y. Ceininnnity English class; idea of happi- ness, si ' lliniz- ticket-; aiiiliit i(in. I ' l-icst; lii-eatcst fanlt. iiervfuis in the Service; ])et peeve, money; theme soil ' ,:. " l)ream. .Marvin l ' oi|uettc — Idea of misery, eettin ' oil the lius t i ;. ' o to s liool ; idea of happine s. deer season two times a year; amliition. fai ' nu ' r; lii-eatest faidt. tiilk ill clas : pet ])eeve. mis-im; ' school; theme soul; ' . " ' Lavender I line. " Kaymond Pratt- -Idea of misery. Enij-lish : idea of hapjiiness. sleeping; ' ; am- bition, truck driver; izreatest fault, fi ' ets mad toil fa-t; pet peeve, people showinu ' off; theme sou ' , " ilore lleer I ' olka. " l ' iaiicis Kabitoy — Idea of misei ' v, Tommy Winter; idea of happiness. Elaine; ambition, not decided; i reate-t fanll. smoking ' ; |:et peeve, women who play hard to Lict ; theme soul;-. " M. ' IIa|il)iness. ' " Carol Kaboin — Idea of misery, stay- ine ' home on Saturday niii ' ht ; idea of lia])- piness, graduation nii;lit; ambition, tele- plione )])eratoi-; greatest fault, a tiiie ' on iin])ulse ; pet peeve. |ieople who iiii back on their word; theme sone-. ' " .Now Is ' I ' lie Hour. " Howard Kevall — Idea of misery. t;d- inn ' to school; iileii of happiness, iiradna tioii; ambition, be a millionaire; t:reatesl fault, talkiii ' .; ' too much; pet peeve, school; theme sonii ' . " Cruising- Down The River. " Donna Rice — Idea of misery, Monday mornin.e ' ; iilea of happiness. Riding ' in a Buii ' k; ambition, being a i:ood secretai-y; greatest fault, waiting till the last minute; l)et peeve, girls wearing |)laids ami striped clothes t igether; theme song. " 1 l.o e You So .Much It Hurts. " Sliii-|ey K ' obinson — Idea of misery, not Inning money; iilea of happiness, bo- ini; ' ni ' own Imss; ambition, to lu ' a niii ' se or air stewardess ; greatest fault, " lose mv temper too easily " ; pel ] vc. " noisy I ' .eople; " theme song. " Kar . ay Places. " Kouci- Rye Idea of misery, getting up in till ' mornini:; ide:i of happiness, to own a car: amliition. to he in California jiext summer; greatest fault, talk too much; pet pee -e. people who art stuck up: theme song. " Pxirii To Lose. " .Mai-eie SMkoxit . Idea of misery, get- tiiiL: ' up ill the morning; idea of happiness, being with " him " : amliition. get mari-ied ; e-reatest fault, not answering letters; pet pem ' c. ariiuiiiL: ; theiiie song, " h ' ar . way Places. " Helen Saltz — Idea of misery, not be- iii ' j- with my friends; idea of happiness, take a trip to Florida or California; am- bition. lieiiiL: a nurse nr join the Waves; greatest fault, -ay the wrong tliinu ' at the wrong time; pet pee c. people who think they are better than the rest; theme soni; ' . " r ' litil. " Lois Sandahl — Idea of miseiy. having Co ernment; idea of happiness, being out of school; amliition. to he in the Waves or Wacs ; gieatest fault, " losing my temjier " ; )iet peeve, sliotlx ' people; theme song. " . oW Is The llo ' ur. " Evelyn Sanfthiel — Idea, of misery, Chemistry class; idea of hai)pines.s, a vai-ation from school; ambition, to travel; greatest fault, too shy; pet peeve, jieojjle who are conceited and stuck ' u]i; theme song. ' ■ My Happiness. " Clara Schainstine — Idea of misery, studying government; idea of happiness, vacation; ambition, get out of school; gieatest fault, flirting; pet peeve, smart alecks; theme song. " Far Away Places. " Donald Schetter — Idea of misery, Mr. ' oelker; idea of hajjiiiness, Mr. Laea.sse ; and.iitioii. he a bum; greatest fault, talk too milch; pet peeve. iiKist teachers; theme soiiii ' . " We .Xever Staiiiier. We Never Fall. " Louella Schetter — Idea of misery, go- ing to school; idea of happiness, being out of school; ambition, lie a singer; greatest fault, too shy; ]iet pec e. ])eople who are stuck up; theme soin:-. " Red Roses For A Blue Lady. " Christine Schmidt — Idea of misery, " when ' someone ' is mad at me; " idea of ha]ipiness. when the bus hreaks down; ambition, travel; gre;itest fault, forgetful- lies.s; l)et peeve, snobbish people; theme song. " Far . wav Places. " 33 Glassmate- Tlicrcsa Sliarkcy — Idra of luistTN ' , ucttiii ' ' up for scliddl in I In- in()riiiii ; ' ; idea (if happiness, ln ' int; ' in .Marinette; aniliitiiin. help people: tiTcatesI fault. sta. inii ' out hiter than appointed time; l et pet ve. yiii ' liu ' ; theme sonji ' . " " I-Juttons and Bows. " Tjeo S.ioholni — Idea of misery, nothin.n ' to do; i(]ea of luipi)iness. landini; ' a r)-|h. has,s or drop])ini; ' a ()-])oirit buelc ; amhition, sliootinji ' a liear; greatest fault, talkini;- in class; pel peeve, i)eo|)le losiuL; ' their tem- per; tlu ' iue soiifi ' , " IJuttons and P ovvs. ' " Joseph yia.jus — Idea of misery. Sen- ior exjx ' nses; idea of happiness, gradua- tion ; aml)ition. doiuL; somethini; ' worth- while; greatest fault, not eheekin.s- over e.vaius; [let jieeve, people that worrv about others; tlieme souir. " Lavender Blue. " " Alice Sma ' .;liek — liiea of miserv. go- ing to school; itlea of happiness, vacation; ambition, undecitled ; greatest faiUt, ex- a.ggeratiug eve.rvthiiig; pet peeve, people who gossip about or make fun of other people; theme song. " Far Awa.v Places. " Peter Sohr — Idea of misery, gettiu.g up in the moi ' uing; idea of happiness, graduatiini ; ambition, be a bartender; greatest fault, staying out too late on Saturda.v nights; |)et peeve, people who dou " t mind tlu ' ir own; theme song, " Beer P arrel Polka. " Donald Soren.son — Idea of misery. Economics and a certain teacher; idea of hajipincss, .Stephenson winning a football game; ambition, get one moi-e " A " ; great- est fault, " can ' t control my big mouth; " ' pet i)eeve. teachers that remember ; theme song, " More Beer Polka. " " Roger Tliori)e — Idea of misery, writ- ing letters; idea of lia])piness, .u ' etting let- ters; ambition, .get mari ' ied and live to be a hundred; greatest fault, can " t get up in the moi-iiiiig; pet peeve, girls who eontiu- nallv W ' ear slacks; theme sou ' j ' , " Slow Boat To ( " hina. " Peter Thoune — Idea of misery, ' 4{) and " 47 football season; idea of happiness, after St. Joe game; ambition, pro-football; greatest fault, talking too much ; pet peeve, snobs; theme song, " Baby F ' ace. " Bill Tickler — Idea of misery, getting up in the morning; idea of hai), go- ing on vacations and trips; ambition, be a pilot ; greatest fault, too much talk, talk, talk; pet peeve, girls wearing overalls: theme song, " A Little Bird Told Me. " (iloiia Ti-omliley — Idea of nuscrv. iret- tinii- up and iioing to bed; idea of liappi ncss. being with Derwain; ambition, to be a good wife M)meda.v: greatest fault, feel ing .sorry for other people " s troubles: jiel l)eeve. nagging; theme soi ' .g, " Pnlil. " ' Riinald ' inccnt — Idea of miser.v. get- ling up in the morning; idea of liap])iness, Liraduat ion ; ambition. Army; greatest fault, talk loo muidi; pet peeve, uns.vm- pathctic teachers; theme song, " Beei- Bar- ic! I ' olka. " , ' ■(lnlle ' incent — Idea of miseiy, go- ing to cliiMil ; idea of hai)j)iness. being witli my line and only; ambition, to travel and go til Alaska ami ( ' alifornia; greatest fault, " telling |ieoi)le what 1 think of them; " " pet peeve, jieoijle who talk too much; theme song. " Blue E.ves Crying In The Rain. " " ( ' let us Wagner — Idea of misery. Study hall; idea of happines.s, graduation; amhition, filing saws; greatest fault, not coming t:) s.diool ; pet peeve, girls; theme song. " Far . way Places. " Allicit Waisanen — Idea of misery, . ' )tli and (ith hour study hall; idea of hap-;. graduation; ambition, retii ' e at " 21; gi-eatest fault, bashfulness; pet peeve, sillv iiii-ls; theme sonu ' . " A Little hiird Told .Mc ' . ■ Willis Walcher — Idea of miser.v, not being (ihle to eat; idea of hapj)iness. roller skating: aml)ition. to be a successful ilaii ' .v- man ; gi-eatest fault, for girls; pet peeve, jjcople who won ' t co-ojjcrate ; theme song, " Four Leaf Clover. " Richard Walli — Idea of miserv, get- ling u|) in the morning; idea of happiness, gi ' aduation; ambition, undecided; greatest fault, they ' re all prett.v bad; pet peeve, uii iiipathelic teachers; theme song, " Na- ture Boy. " Evelyn Waugerin — Idea of misery, wi-itiug Senior English themes; idea of ha|)piru ' ss, being with that certain some- one; ambition, to inherit a huge sum of mone.v and take my friends out for a good time; greatest fault, getting myself in- to ti-(Uible; pet peeve, being teased; theme song. " Because. " ' Evelyn Watz — Idea of misery, getting up; idea of happiness, having a rich un- cle; ambition, livell; greatest fault, moody; jiet peeve, Plill Bill.v ballads; theme song, " lleai ' l and Soul. " 34 ' Glassmate Audrey WayhiM-i: ' l(lc:i uf iiiIm ' v. Aliici ' ii-aii l,itri-:it lire chiss: iilca of iKippi- lU ' ss. " my suiiiiufi ' Mi-atioii ; " aiiiiiitimi to ti ' avt ' l; uTcati ' st fault, liaslit ' ulncss ; pet pri ' c. penplc wliii think tlicy arc hcttcr than (ithcrs; thcinc soirj ' . " .My Ilappi- iicss. 1-Jctty Wcry- lih ' a nf misery. Liiiiii ' - to JSpanish ehiss ; i(h ' a (if happiiii ' ss. heinti ' with that iiie iiiiil ciily: amhitimi. tn lie- eonie a polieevvoliuui. after a house-wife; jiivatest fault, " ean ' t x ' t my miiul on my stvidies; " pet peeve, peo])h ' who .stick their nose in other pe ii)le ' s affairs; theme son ' s. " Tcmplat ion " and " liei-ause. " " Tonniiy Winter i(h ' a of mi ( ' l■v. heini; ' in . nieriran Literature cla-s; idia of hap- piness, hciuji- in (Iranny ' s class; ambilion, liappci-; greatest fault, ' irlsl! " I liki ' them: " pet pee i ' , people thai talk too much; theme soul: ' , " Tiller liai:-. " Alois Zullner — Idea of unsei ' y. sittini;- in study hall when y iur work is done; idea of happini ' ss. Iieinii out with a iiirl; amiiitioii, eh ' ' triciau; iireaie 1 fault, hlush- inir; i)et ))i ' i ' -c, ' ' v]i whi don ' t wcai ' li])- .stick; theme soul;. " A Little Uird. " 5 ' " - - » f: 4 y . ; .•V . 1. They call il ai1 2. Hold that pose ' . Finishinii touches 4. Pals . " ). Sn])|)ort foi ' the honoi-alile (). " I love you ti ' iily " " 7. Aii rels of mercy .S. Pa fulls II. ( ioin ' steady . ' ](). " Culc litih ' Pat " ' 1 1 . liidc em cowlioy I ' J. Iiecord huster l:;. ThiM-esa 14. " Out of this world " ' 1. " ), Dead-end kiiis Hi. I ' ari foot ( ' or ' s " 35 Qhissmate CLASS VII,I, A will yuu want. ;( will vdu ' II have. With Aiimhl Kraus ' ( invciiiiiiciit I k Let us jret under way Karl .Moitaid will contend. For the elass of ■ " HC " (lli)i ' i;i ' i ' l-miililfy ' s Bnsiiies.s I ' l-ai-tirr rhaif Ha.s (luiti ' a lot to say; ' Will fall to Uiitli Schaner. And all of their |»osscs.sioiis And Luella Schcttt-r ' s pretty eurl - hair .Must he disposed of without delay Lois Waehter will train every hoiu-. JMeiyii Sanftliiel ' s plaee on the honor roll With Delores Detiroo.t will stav. Hill Tiekler to Kai-| .Motlard His truniiiet he does will. .,,, . , , •• . i ., l -ir . • • I 1 f I lietter luek. to anv )oor soul From Don le(!uire is lia htulness • ' For I ' .ill Waranius to fill. 1 " l-ookkeepin- Louie Fer-uson has to .say. With Joan Kline ' s nui. tness ' ' ' • t ' " ' I ' " ' " ' • ' ■- " ' I ' " l ' « " " f er ne.xt year Keirina Dishiu ' au will lake a ehauee. . nn Krol leax ' es all her iiovernnieni And with Sis Nelson ' s peculiar papers lan ' ua ;e llai ' dld Uroheru ' won ' t have niuch to fear Under a different eireunistance. With Clara S-hainstiiie ' s ability to play Pete IjeReau wills his cue at Caulk ' s checkers. To ilister Don Kalihie. Of |);ivid Adams Covei-nment. I ' .nh .N ' aull A! ZuUner. his shoe la: ' es of pink ami will have a share. trreen . ]iil Dax ' id Beyei- ' s aliility to stand on To tiuit Melchoir kid. " Du ;ie. " " skates He also ,i;-et from " Blossom " " | ' „,|, will have to take with eai-e. Basketball ability and brain. All cf Ted I ' hillips " books Caroline Fisher ' s slKo-thand Aic lieaded l ob Fox ' s way. Joanne Hall will claim. And the olc l ' hysic,- b.iok of Willie Wa! Barbara Harper ' s seat in Student Council cher ' s She leaves to Marilyn Corey. |. ' i,.,l I,,. Bran i-an have today. And Jim Kalishek ' s old Physics P.ook Fi-om .Mai-ie Foley to Ruth Schauer Franeis Peters in will woi-ry. ll,.r shoi-tness to ' v, if she may. Betty Beaudoin ' s bashfnl look Jndy .X ' cirdin. her freckles will leave She bestows on Ruth Schauer. ' I ' ,, xou Adams, the lucky lad. Pefr ry LaCombe to some nnsuspcctiuu ' And Bob John.son. a tyi)ini;- tablet. I soul believe. Her Physics book dues will. To Joanne Hall — all year not one she had. From I)on Schetter. bettei- known as Leo Sjoholm " s weight and a little more ••Jutr " Don Tickler accepts with suri Plenty of nothing;- for anyone with skill. With Tom Winter ' s ii-ovei-nment book and Peter Thoune ' s uniform No. 24 score Goes to anyone (of e |ual size). Laurence Williams can learn to be wise. Walter Gondek ' s .shoes, (size 14 ' i) Loii-aine Krickson on Hazel Lar-on will To Charles Smith; f(n- plowinc ' , the. - " re a lnvstow prize. . I ' ommunitv cliemistr ' book and clienus- Peter Sohr ' s ty])in ;- ability try air. Alton Adams won " t desj)ise. While Lloyil Carlson ' s seat in . r. will Donna Kite ' s exj)erience as ti-easurer show 8he asks Francis Petei-son to accept. Tanvas the thiiifis lie needs to know and Vir rinia Moker ' s secretary .job share. Barbara Esbrook must respect. Dorothy Johnson will have Lois Samhihrs To Don Tickler j ' oes height Irene Chatlosirs kinder iarteii class. Plus a few inches of her own. lioger Thoipe ' s physics book is willed By Evelyn DaliLs majestic height To one who expeet.s to pas,s. May Bob Bakotic be known. Mabel Berber ' s plaee in Agr. will be filled Myrtle Corey " s .job in Student Council By some fortunate Jr. lass. Rosena Ka.smussen will be i;lad to own. Yvonne Vincent ' s love for Sailors John Xordipiist will t;ct from iNhiivin I ' o- On Sharon Hubbard will descend. (|Uelte 36 Glassmate A placi ' ill At:., the licst. Willi Al. Waisaiien ' s A ' _: IkhiI Uf ' ll find aiis vi ' r for rvcry tf t. T(i anVDiii ' wliii wants it Comes a li adcrsliip cliaii- I ' l ' diii Ilctty Paul : And tn Jiiu Ralidiii t ' nmi llniinic Xiin-ciit A placi ' ill . ' ith iidui- study hall. Wliih ' Jr. Ila s " seat on the Carney bus Is i ' oinii- to Betty Hall. Lorraine Aniaii. here ' s a uit ' t I ' or iiii From Chris. S-liniidt in photouiraphy, A ream of ruined |)hotoizra|)hii- paper To use the vliol( year tliroui;ii. The camera teeliiiique of 1-oreii Ilulsizer h ' or Wayne Krueuer is held in reserve, Al-i) a h:)ttle !)f neiitralizer And a .iar of ]ii ' ai ' liy pre-ervr . , ii ole Aliii ' iii-an lidverniiii ' iit hook Po.ssessed hy Warren Klitzke. Will, ahout this time next year l ' e]oiiL: to -loe I )oiiihrowski. Until Liirson to her sister. Ilazi-I, ller ( eon.imic-s hook she passed on. Richard Wallic lea es his hookkeepiinz ' te.xt To another Jr., Joe Morin. Here goes another (iov. liook From Theresa Slmrkey to anyone. Pat LeMieux wills her " (ireatest fault. " " Love for Raskethall tiaiiies, " to Pal Caulk. liiick Rye ' s Soi-ioloi:y hook to ' ' Dii ' ' And an aiiology for the spilled s;ilt. Hetty Wery ' s ability to yodel Paul Hastien welcomes, indeed. ; And Shirley Robinson ' s temper Marion Ilerrinu ' miulit well need. Raymond Pinkowski. Pinky by name Leaves artistic ability For a brilliant Jr. to idaim. While Ray Pratt ' s piano playing Sends Gladys Krantz to fame. Tony (Trinsteiner gives Leonanl Kosewski The s])arkle in his eye; And Ruth .Vonhiuist leiucs her ipiieliiess For Alice Lesperaiice to attend. While Evelyn Wangerin ' s bass drum On Shirley Winter will descend. Evelyn Watz leaves her leadership For Harold Pratt to take. While Lorraine Dombrowski is Photogra- phy Will set Loretta Johnson at stake. And jjee Bardwell ' s smile Left to a Jr., a happy world will make. Joe Sla.ius ' football ability Alex ] Ialawka can have vvitliont doubt. " With June De(!rave ' s short hair (iloria Soreiisoii can ' t do without. Having Joe Simons " football uniform. Will make Eugene Jones joyously shout. Push Rabitoy. his steadiness To one we wish we knew, A someone in t he ■] r, class, ] lai-gie Petei ' son can tell you wlio. Donna Harnes ' ability to keep ipiiet, (iloria Maehalk will nicely fit. The " Argumentative nature " of Kenny Krantz Rests with any Jr. who will take the chance. And Don Sorenson ' s " Gift of Gab " ' Hen Lund(juist will use, iierchanee And Ed. Chani ' y ' s ability in shop We ' re sure. Walti ' r Fister. will suit. Of ( ' ai ' ole Raboiii ' s pretty blue black hair ilay P ' rna Johnson have a share. Also some loidcs for Cletus Wagner ' s head Li ]ilace of its ]iresent crop of blazing red. Audrey NVayberg, her (|iiietness Jlev sister Betty will suit : Thaddeus Hillbruner ' s flii ' ting way.s Will make any Junior cute. Hill Dirknian ' s build On Eldred Swanson. he will bestow. And Kenneth Gronmark ' s height Morris Larson will use, we know. Je.sse Hubbard ' s scholatsie record Will fall to ' iolet Backman pei-luijis, And liowai ' d RevalLs hateful eye On the Daggett ehaps. To Jimmy Haeker is Helen Saltz ' " horn rimmed " glasses. And to Theresa Lusnia is the honor roll From Alice Smaglick — if she Margie Sakovitz leaves her credits To the lueky Jr. lasses. Our will is now eoneluded. And ill form is sound and legal Our gift list is completed Except for the powers regal. To our councilors most high AVe bequeath our gratitude. In their future trials to try AVith another senior broad. " We will also leave a bottle tall Of as|)irin and a nurse on call. But especially to S.H.S. And all our friends below n.s — ■ All teachers, parents, and the rest And those who may not laiow its We thank you all for our time To grow, to think, to learn Ami jiromise we will do our best Your kindness to retttru. 37 (Slassiiinte- sKNioi; CLASS n;()i ' iii-:cv As 1 stroll cicjwii llic sHwdiist way I am attracted by a dim. cool li it draped with jrrccu velvet curtains apiJcalin - to my now tired t ' ' ei and hot hi-ow. The cui ' - tain parts, and I view an avif old fiypsy seated at a round table | i-ini;- into a crystal hall. She mni-mni-ed a iiuaint " hello " " and liid me to eros, her palm witli silver. Tremhiiiii;- at the finji ' ers, wohbliny- at the knees 1 seated Tiiyself on what I took for a stool. She hid me •raze into her crystal hall and this is what we see. We f;-aze far into the ha e of S uith Africa and see Hoj er Thorpe. He has worked tirelessly for five vears as a medi- cal mis-;ioiuiry anil the t:y|i-y tells me he is due for a furloujrh sum. We will all ' be t lad to see Kog ' at -ain. And 1 hear Donna I ' .arnes is his assistant. Their woi-k must be interestinp-. They were always an intei-estiny- pair — weren " t they. ' This year is not election year, but I sec in the cry.stal ball where Don Soren-on is •Toinji- to run for I ' . S. President in tlie next election. Remember liow well Don knew his itarliamentai-y |)ro -edure and how well he roidd take oxer the class nieet- inirs. Since tiie prohibition law has (lassed it looks like Pete 8oiii- is out of business for a-while. Put there is a little word 1 see, " Moonshiniiii; ' . " ' " ould be 1 Our " A " " . Spanish student, Alice Smajilick is teachini;- the little " Me.xican- os " on the boi ' dei- this year. Senorita 8maf lick used to nni cii-cles around most of the Spanish students. So, the i;-oi)d news ha-; come! Theresa Sharkey is officially the head o|)erator at the Menominee Bell Tele]ihone Company. When you hear that ' ' voice with a smile " , you ' ll know it " s Theresa. The luitionally known (diennst, .losepii Slajus, is none other than " our " Joe. " What would the chemistry and pliysies kids have done without him ? Do you think Mr. Martin knew? Bauii-. Banjrl That " s Leo SJoholm. Alw-ays a straijrlit shooter, even in his school days. He ' s one of the best -sports- men in the U.P. We heai- he si)e.-iali es in wolfesses. We are always ; ' lad to liear of peopj.- who succeed. Christine Schmidt. no Mrs. Wayne Krue ' _:-ei-, is teachioL: ' now at S.H.S. I believe the subject is . mei ' ica ' i (iovernment, her favoi ' ite subj ' et. . nd I see amoni; ' our talented yonn ' .; ' sinj ' crs. ( ' lai ' a Si-liaiiistine and l.oueliri Schetter. Wi ' all remember liow Cbii-a playeil her -iiiitar and the yirls sani;. Tlie - now siii - with Eddy Arnoh ' .. And who is this cdiaracter connni;- into my vision now. ' ( ' an it be my oil pal. .1 uii- Si ' hetter . ' Sure imioiiliIi ! I |-eally miss the old boy and his jokes. He has Liained the title of " The jolly old bum. " " but we know lie ' s booked all over, now ihar he ' s joined the I ' nivei ' sity of Michigan (!e|)artment of lectures. Can xun believi it, he LECTURES? ow we ' re eookiui; on the fi-ont bnrnei-. I see out in sunny Califoi-nia. stai- and instructor at the I ' oHei ' derby is Puck Kyc. Pat IjcMieux is still toppinu ' liis list of fenunine students. We wonder why Pat can never learn to skate, but the instructor doesn t seem to mind. The woman in white cominfr here is Shirley Robinson. She is now assi.stant to Dr. Brown, chief of sni ' eons in Wesley hospital in ( ' hica ro. Donna Rice is about to accejit tie- position if private secretary to lickey Hirsch. Rumors are she will acce])t an- other position, equally as ])ri ate and t() the same gentleman. Howard Revall. the nndti-iiiillionaire, has contributed $. ' ),()()U foi- a new cafeteria in S.H.S. He never did like the lunch s- -stem in schoiil and alwa s was a " Mr. Fix it. " " We are i;oin ' and we ' re tinnna have a hapi)y time " I That is still Ruth . oi-d- (juist ' s theme sont; ' . Where e er Ruthie went, she ' d make her fun. . nd she ' s still roiri ' — all over the ! ' . S. She is with the TWA. Her bosom friend. Betty Paul is riirht jdoiiL;- with her. IMans ai ' e i)i order foi- a knot lo be )ie(l. and I ilon ' t mean in a ribbon, eithe ' v Peeji, Peei), out of my way! That darn hip: truck is o-ettinji; in my way. isn ' t that face familiar? Sure enouirh, it ' s Edward Cliane -. He maneuvei ' s that 38 ' Glassmate= liiii- sciiii like lit ' owns it. Guess what . ' lie ,li)i " s! And if it isn ' t Jesse James Iluljhafd 1 Out in till ' wild, wild west, roi)in ' eattlc liki ' lie us " d t i rnpe peojjle into jol:)s. KiMiit ' iiiliei- the fun we all had when wo found luit his niiddle luiuie was James ' Kiehard Walli, the physies whiz, is woi ' kiny now at Oak Ridj ' e, Tennessee, where his scicntifii ' knowled.ii ' e jjroves hell)fnl to those in atomie research. One of the leailiuii ' daifvinen in the T ' |)per Peninsula, is also viewed in the eiy.-tal hall. I mtist advance the sypsy a few more shekkels hefore she will tell me who it is — the miser. Ah yes. it is Willis A aleher! He a)id Mr. Orauskoi;- Lint alom: ' so well in his s. ' hool days. One of iinr old married classmates now is ' N ' voiinc ' incenl. lint liy the looks of them they are still on their honeymoon. Kememher. she married her childhood sweetheart. Teildy Ilalvorsen. Incident]} ' , there are two little JIalvorsens in the happy family now. ( " letns Wagner is an authority .in filing- .saws. He has a newly estalilished met d work sho]i and is doing thriving liusiness in the metroi)olis of Stephenson. Ronnie X ' incent, the ' 4!ters class Jxomeo. is in the army now and still has his pet ])eeve of getting u|) in the monnng. We i)ity liim. as I see him here in my crystal hall with one eye shut and the other winking at a pretty girl. Our little jonrintlist, who did so nnich toward the success oi ' the annual and school i)aper, is lieing successful now. in her marriage to Derwain Bellmore. Their oldest child is the well known little writer, Janie Bellmore. Who is it ? Gloria Tromhley, of cotirse. Oh, here is an interesting character, our pro-football i)layer, who was the lead- ing;- force on our .squad, Pete Thoiuie. Pete is still the same guy, never withotit a spicy joke and a langh ready for you. Here I see Pete LeBeau. And what is he doing? What he always wanted to do. playing with the Green Bay Packers football team. We ' re all proud of Pete, the star half back, and wish he were here to help out oui- old S.Il.S. team. Bill Tickler is now driving with Jimmy Lynch and his " Death Dodgers " , who will i)erform at the F.P. Fair this year. He used to practice on US-il, be- tween home and ( ' orey ' s. Well if it iMi ' i Al Zullner! T see he is one of Mi Ziegfield ' s to]) business men ami is rated as oiu ' of the beauty contest judges in the country. He is esjiecially educated in the subject of legs. It isn ' t liai ' d for two old ])als to get together. Al being out in Hollywood, and Tommy Winter out in the Ofegon forests, as lu ' ad conservation officer in that .state. 1 hear the two still go otit and continue the good times they used to have in S.H.S. And no one can say tlu; class of ' 49 doesn ' t get around becatise here is Bett} ' Wery. in the great city of iliami, Florida, ]iolii-ing . " ith . venue with anuizing effi- cieiu ' V. We also hear rumors of a coming marriage, but knowing Betty, we are not sui ' jirised when she says, " " It ' s a secret. " ' Audrey Waylierg always has had " sand in her shoes " and she is shaking it o;it now, as she tours in P ui ' ope with her mil- liouaii-e nncli ' . It has always been the secret desire of Albert Waisanen to retire at twenty-one. 1 am pleased to announce that he is doing just that. He retires every night at 21 o ' clock, Xavy time. Walter Gondek is still doing research woik on the subject, " How to work and sleep at the same time. " Rememi)er, how Lavenie and Joyce would always have to try and keep him awake? I say, too much night life. Another of our little home, bodies is JIarie Foley, engagement number two of the .Senior When I saw Marie the day after, she had that gleam in her eye. As 1 see her now. she has that and more — a little boy. They jiamed him Jack, Jr., you know. Loi-raine Fris iue is at home writing letters to Tommy. She spends her time scouting aroiuid for news. Secretary to the S.PI.S. principal this year is Caroline Fisher. I ' m jealott-s, be- cause Caroline alwa ' s was a whiz in typ- ing and poor little me always trailing behind. She still maintains her pleasant smile and boundless good nature. While looking deep into the crystal ball. 1 see Lonis Fergti.sou up to bat. Who ' d ever think our little pal, Louis, would make the St. Loins Browns team so soon . I guess we just didn ' t Icnow his talents. 39 Glassmate- .Tohn TIaas has invented a ii( v niilk- illji- niaeliiiie. He is rated as a leadinii ' farmer in the I ' . P. Kvimi iiis ])arlianien- tary proeednre iiei))s iiini wiien lie ' s doin - ehores. I eouidn ' t fit;-nre it ont. hnt knowing ' -li ' .. I ' ll take his wurd for it. I ' ll liet he ari;nes the euws into ' ivini; ' iiKire milk. The latest word on Kenneth (iron- mark is that he has a trnekin ' Ijnsiness ot his own iKiw. lie useil tn |ii-actiee steerinji ' Hill Dirknian ai-ound. Maybe that has siiliielliini: ' t i do with his snccess. Travelin " ; ' in Canada and Alaska this year, is Tony (ir-in.steiner. He is w(u-kini;- foi- the I ' .V. Farmers Assoeiatiim and try- infi ' to l)etter rarnuiiLi ' conditions in eoiuitries. Ah, this snazzy lookini;- nnit ' (H ' m I see. .It sends me! Thaddens Ilillhruner is now a general in the Arm. . I iiness that settles it. Vaes, here i mnir ! Plans are in ordrr fur tin- addition to S.H.S. and the arehitert is the class ' artist, Kenni ' th Krantz. 1 haven ' t heanl of an.v heart interest, hut li. ' the looks of thiniis. her iianw might lie Joanne. The nni-s(. ' with the two lovely cliildi-en is none other than Kuth Lai-son. She is an expert on child p.- yehiatry. J)o . on have a problem child ? Pe i: ry LaC ' ombe. my ])hysies co-work- er, has used hei- kno vled ; ' e to excess, now that she is a nnrse in New York. I hope she doesn ' t uct into the trouble we did in M r. .Mart in ' s class. ■ ' -lackie, oh -lackic. my boy " — It ' s none l)Ut -Mi ' s. .lack Kiraly. tin- former Anna Krol. Kememher the stai-s in he; e.ves in " 4il. Now it is ' o!). and she has the stai-s down to earth and four little ]ilanet.s to boot. " And it ' s a lonu ' pass, a neat wheel to the far end of the floor, and -loe Doe ])assed the ball in the corner, is breakin; : down the center, he irets a retnrn jiass from Bill I ' ucklwartz and lays it up fen- a neat two ])oints. " It sounds jrood. hey? Just like the old basketball -j-anies in S.II.S. And that announcer is (he only jiossible one, Geor re " Blossom ' ' Peterson. He is annomicin r the bi r Minnesota-.Miclii .ian jrame. Remember those 44 points made in 1949? " Madam Lorraine ' s Beauty Salon " — that ' s the sijni I see. That gypsy won ' t let nie look inside till I re eal a little coinage on the table. It ' s co-ting me money! Oh. it ' s hcn-ranie Ki-icksin. Weil I ' m not snrpii-cd. IIi ' i ' hair was always neat as a pin. ••Over the Waves " — that ' s Helen Saltz ' I heme soim now that she ' s in the Waves. . nd I think there ' s a sailor in the picture. They have been man ' ied for four years and as a side line, there ai ' e 1 (i extra pair-. of little bell-bottomed ti-iiuseis on the line on wash day. Also on tile liciat is Lois Sandahl working as a nurses aid t ' nr all the bruises and ailmcnls of the people aboai ' d. Do ycin need yonr face lifted, yoii! ' hair rejuvenated. ' Are you over-weight, dis.-ouraged wlien you look in the mirror ' ; Well I am. and I ' m goiiii; ' to Evelyn Sanfthiel .ind let iverhaided nr Iwriled over! 1 in not so dumb. Eve mivlit even give me a disi-dimt. I ho|)e, I hope. 1 Inipe. .loan Kline is now a ]irivate secretary tc) |)()b Jolinson. who is manager of t!ie new (iaml)le Stcire. Bobliie was great at gambling anyway, wasn ' t he. ' I ' m iioing to take a few !es- ilis s(i;in. Why is it that Teddy Phillips looks .just like he used to. ' 4Ie ' s a bi.u ' loggin ' now, and I ' m fishing for an invitati ni to his camp and find his secret of keeping; ' his youthful appearance. Friim old Tennessee. I see Jimmie-e-e. Vii]). it ' s Jim Kalishek, all decked out in a fii-st lieiitenaiil airay. He always want ed an army career, but I guess it takes Jim ' s initiative to get it. Warren Klitzke is fulfilling his lieail ' s desires as he works with figures and not mathematical figures either. He is the owner ami operator of the new ' ogue on Kith Street. Chiea.go. Another school mom from e-ood nld S.H.S. is Lorraine Dombrowski. She lia- a position in ( ' liicaL;ii now. and from the looks of tliines ill the biv round crystal ball, sin ' s doiiie O.K. Do yon suffer from heada ' -he-;. rheu- matism, or a moronic tendency. ' ( . ' o cracks about iiiei. the |ilace to lid is Myrt ' s ' •cure all " place. Since .Myrtle .Viin Corey and liarbara Ilarjier .joined partner- ship, they ' ve been doing thriving business. In private life, Myrt is if course. .Mi-s. Loreu Hnlsizer. and it is rnnioied that l ai-l) will take up homemakiiii:- with a certain tall, dark and haiidsoine doctor. l.oreii is the new superintendent of the liigalls Power Plant. 40 -Qlcissniate Xrwi ' M Ki-ans. iilways haviii ' j Anicr- ii ' aii ( iovt ' i ' imu ' iir as lii faxoi-ilc suliji ' rt. i iii; - I ' lia ' aufd ill imblisliinL: a new ri ' vih- (■(I rilitioii iif that solid- Icxt. We hear .Mr. ' (iclk(M ' has an h -alih ' iniMilidiil 111 ' licNMtr (iiir vdluiiii ' t(i i-a|iit:ili.stii; ni(iii(i|iiilics. plrnty pro lint im coii. We have (mr share of from the ehivs of ' 41). Another little " temp taker " is Evelyn Ualil. She is siiperxisor of I lie new .Mayo Cliiiie, aceonlin - t i tin ' i;. P N ' and has suecei ' deil in liei ' life amliition. Who are all tliese little ji ' als ami ji ' iiys here . ' Oh. a kinderuarteii class. The tcaeher ' . ' Oh yes, it ' s .lime Dedrave. Wave, $-- ' .(KI. End curl. +. ' i.(l(). ••Jreiie nses Drene 1 ■ Wc sc it all ovim-. a succes,sfiil beauty ojierator. 1 icnc Clial- losh says there is nothini; ' like liciiii;- in h ' r business, if you want to t;et all the latest news. Xow. 1 understand wli.v she likes her .job. In S.H.S.. if wc wauled to know a liit of " tid bit. " off to Irene we ' d li ' o. And of course, in my isit. I have to have my picture drawn. So I look around to find Betty Beaudoin. the new raiic in commercial arti.-:t.s. 1 can ct a rcduc 1 rate maybe, considerinji ' my uir-s. Carol Jean Haboin. (Uir dark-haircil .U ' al flMlil Da.U ' ' ett. i- in the news too. Slie is private .secretai ' y to the I ' x ' ll ' relcplinc- Company, namely ] larvin I ' oipietfi-. win is farininii ' on the side a little to i. He was always a faviu ' ite of (rranny ' s. l)a ' id Adams, now executive iiiaiia ' .i ' e; ' of the L i. ; 1. trucking service, is a leading; ' autiiority on the new lU-cylindcr die el ciiiiine he heljied to invent. . nd if it isn ' t the ' 411 vice presideiu; him elf. Who would ever, Bard- well would be a dress de-it;ner in New ' ork . ' But lemembci- h iw he despised t lie new look, ' .iii ' ls. His latest cn-alioii is calleil - ' The Biii- Stare. " .Mabel Beriier. always considered the life of the |iarty. kei ' ps life spicy in her little home. The lucky man. ' I ' m not (crtain. but 1 know his initials arc !• " . 1 . .She is always sure there is no sour cream or noodle-; added for flavor. Who is this 1 si-e with the pipe. ' Dli. that bii;- pipe manufa-turc. David Beyer. And on top of his h ' vj: self he has a stovy- pipc hat. And tlic old boy himself. I ' llsli Uabi- toy. is still pursuiiiL; ' Elaine to lead him to the altar. He ' s been at it now. let ' s see, about three years. IJcmeiiiber all the troubles he hail with his " feminine fa- tals? " Ah. the fish arc bitinj - in the lazy stream, and the fisherman. ' Lloyd Carl- son. His tactics seem to Li ' ood. but then tiiey should be. It was his common prac- tice when he was ;i senior. Raymond I ' inkowski. the boy who knows all, does all. and says all. is livint: U]i to his reputation as he works on the New York Times as business iiiaiiaj; ' er. Remember that harassed expression he liad when the annual was lioiiii; ' to jiress. ' Let ' s take a look in the . .P).C. tele- vision buildine- and see what wf can see. Tliat blonde head peerinu- out from bcliiiid the camera is P)ill Dirkmaii. lie tells me his work is ' ery interest ini; ' . and .judtiinLr fi ' oiu the sub.iccts. I wouldn ' t disagree. " Once upon a time, there were three little pii:s. " Ten years a o X ' iru ' inia lokev said that to her kindcrii ' arten class. Now she ' s rcpeatint; ' it to her little boy. Sonny, .Jr. Aftci- all the st i iiiiiiles and trials she went throuiih in her school days, I ' m u ' lad to hear they finally joined jiartnership. I always knew it was a case of true love. •Judy .Xoi ' din is still the same sweet iral she was. .She is now in the -ocation of an air stewardess. Seems like slie ' s liavinu ' a ' ood t imc Zoom, zoom! (lolly, I ' m ii ' oing ' to get this block of mine [licked off yet. That pilot ill the [ilane is Don Mcduire. Don hasn ' t any feminine interests which is nor surprising. He was the all-around woman hater of our class. Well, la tee da, what is tliis coii ;lom- eration . ' You might know, it ' s Evelyn Wangerin. There she sits, the supposedly confirmed old maid. Eve and 1 promi.sed we ' d L;row old tov;ctlicr as two old maids. J ' m still sitting here waitini; — waiting — • waiting — but Eve, my old pal, has gone and done it. . ii one tww say 1 didn t warn her. The lucky man. ' I only know him as Sonny. No ))rophecy would be complete with- out knowing where Haymond Pratt was keepiing himself. Well, I ' 11 let you in on his doings. He ' s making a fortune cutting posts for a bi ' .i ' construction company in Denver. He values higlily the cxpci-ience gained after s;-liool hours when he was a senior. 41 Glassmate— Here conies Uie prize family of the yeai- — ilr. and i Irs. llii ' li Knie er. The lovely mother is ilai-fiie Sakovit ., who is watehiiif? little IIu ;li, .Jr., with an experi- enced eye. fy, but lie lonks like liis fa- ther. And Evelyn Wat , is roviuir reporter No. 1, of tiie Escanaba Press. Wlial would the Comnumity En.slish class have don(! M-ithout her when it came around time to send the " School Daze " to pi-css. ' All the reconiinendaticiMS she needed were that she was editor i)f the great H.II.S. .school paper. Ahlih. we were a i reat class!! Ahem. Are you lodkinii- for a fellow that knows how to wash dishes, wash clothes, scrub floors antl feed— the dojr ? I know just the man, Joe Simon. He has gained ills experience in the army, but sorry girls, lie ' s taken! Wedding bells are ringing in jnst two months for Joe and his southern girl, Susan. What does the Soutli have that the North ' t? Well, I ' m. afeard that ' s the end. There ain ' t no nioi-e. The crystal ball clouds over; tlie ision almost fades; the velvet curlaiii of time descends: my silver has brought iri-eat knowledge: my silver — hey, wail a minute!, come back, skin- flint ! Where ' s my prophecy? Oka}% here ' s my last buck. It better be good. I ' m Sis Nelson, see. ' Ah, that ' s better, I see a staje, a spotlight, an audience hiealhltss with excitement. Oh boy, keep it up, gypsy. And now the light sweeps to the wings — a gl() grand piano sweeps |owly into view. The artist makes his bow. Ills bow! That ain ' t me, that ' s linlicnsct in. Where do I fit in the pic- tur ' . ' Well I ' ll be. There I am — pushing the jiiaiio. And all the years I ])racticed too — on the wrong end — of the jiiano, Iley, you old hag, give me back my tlollar. ( ' oii if bark hei ' e I sHxioi! i ' A(;ea t-ai, y is " EESTiX ' ALS 01- ' NATIONS " T Indians 11 French III Polish 1 ' Slavic V German A ' l. Aniilo Saxon Finale. Tlie annual Senior Pageant is not an- other play or evening of mere entertiun- ment for the .students or foi- Stephenson citizens. Sub.ject. niattei- foi- these jiei ' - formances lias always Ix ' cn selected as another, and perhaps fiinil step in the rormal education process. The ti-adition of the jiageant, inang- nrated li. - -Miss Springsteen, has been followed some tell years. This year, in respect for the many social groups which are found in this area, we belicveil it wise to pay tribute to the idea that the genuine America was made by the contributions of the g( nnine P]uroi)ean. We are not a better nation because our people left Eiiroiie behind, but because they bronghl the best of Europe to u.s. And this fusion of cu.stom has become American. To this idea, our pageant wa.s dedicated. 42 ' (Bhissinate P.. r( ' AT;AT ' H?:ATE EXRKCISKS Pi-ocessioiuil S. H. iS. Holy, Hilly. Hdly ( ' la s and AiuliiMicft IiiVdcatifiii l ' v. I i- iiiy Cai-lsdii (Bi ' thleliem Covenaiit ( ' Inii ' cli, Palrstiiie; .Musical Seli ' rtiiin IJaci-alaureatf Sei ' iiioii K ' V. ( Iciii-iic I ' ftcrsd ' i (Bethel Missi.,ii CImiitIi. Val!ar -) Musical Selei-tioii Hriicdictidti Rt " v. Fr. Letter Bourji ' eoi.s (St. HrniU) Church, Nadeau) Ueces-:i(}ual - H- S. ( •( ).M .M KX ' KMENT EXEIU ' ISES Prdcessiiinal S. II. S. luxiicatidu lu ' V. liimald 1 ruiii;cr ( iletliodist ( ' hui ' i-li. Stc|ilicns )ii c Ini;allsi .AFusieal Selection Inti-iiductiiiii lit ' Speakei- J()-( ' l h P. (lucky (Siii)erintendent of Schools) Address .Musical Selection I ' l-escntatiou of Awards ] [iss Jean Re.vnolds l ]dnici- Laeasse (.( ' lass Advisors) Presentation of Diplomas Herbert Corey (Secretary of Board of Education) Benci fiction Rev. Ronald Brun»er (IMethodist Church, Stephenson iS; lus ' alls) Recessional S. H. S. 43 =(3lassmate SHXiOi; I ' l.AV Dccciiilx ' r 11. 1I»4S the Senior Class (if St(]ilicns!iii IIIliIi Si-liniil prc rnlcd i tlircf act (•(iiiicily cMititlril, " A Case e.t Sprinfi ' liine. " The play was centered ai-ound a lii;:li s. -h()()l sciiidi- wild was iiiisi;iiid( ' d and mis understood, liecanse nl ' Ins liohliies which were raising ' rahhits and doiiiL; ' niaiiic tricUs. Of course he had a inisha| as all misi -nided boys do. such as tlu ' pi-incipal ' s coat gettinji- rijjped and dyi ' d yellow, eg ' s in his hat. his (hin ' . -hter liein- ' sawed in half. Thin-js starte(l to id ' ai- ii|i when his rahhits wei ' i ' fonnd to he Chinchillas, and he was able to pay foi ' the daiiia ' es. The teachers who directed and ail i-ed the play and who slionld he c pliniented on the fine .job they did ai ' e. .Miss .lea " . Keynolds and Ivlnier h;iea se. Altennde casts were used to allow more students to take part in the play production. This method woi-ked out (plite sncce sfldly. The cast included: liiih I ' arker — Francis Kabitoy. .Mr. I ' ai ' ker — Petei- Thoune. .Mrs. I ' aikcr- Loriaine Xebon. Shirley Uohinson. I ' .i ii I ' aiker — .M itle . nn ( ' orey. ' ir.uinia ' .Moker. Dickie I ' ai-kei ' — William Tickh ' r. dwell . ii(lerson — Evelyn Wanticrin. .lean . benaker — Mareie Sako il . .Tndy . ordin. Kddie Ahenaker — Thaddeiis llillbruner. Lonella. the maiil — Helen Saltz, I ' cLi ' gy I a( ' i;nibe. .Mr. . beiiaker — .lames Kali hek. .Mis. l i-nnswiek — Donna . ISariu ' s. .Mrs. .lames — Carole iiahoin. .M,s. Hill— Kvelyn Dalil. i ' laincliitlies man — Loren Ilulsizer. -Miss Hiie-ht — Pat Leilieux, Barbara Har- 44 Giassmate SIvXioU I ' .AI.L It was ;i rl. ' ar. frosty eveiiiiiu ' ' Dt ' cciii- licr --. 1I)4S when the Senior ' s animal ISall was held. The (•()U])les welcomed the wai ' iii. l)eaTitifully deeorated y:yiii. They walked thii)ii ;h tlie arches of cedar IkhihIis and wei ' e greeted by the reception eoinnnttee made np of Mr. and Mrs. Martin. Class President, Donald Schetter, Kx ' clyn Wan- i;fiin. Mr. and ] Irs. Laeu.sse. The hallroom was dimly lij, ' hted and in the middle of the floor stood a liUfre siher sprayed Christmas tree that i-each- cd almost to the ceiling ' with Idne lii;lits and halls dail ' ilirit;- frcini excrx ' liinli. The staiic where the nrche-tra i)layed, was a setlinL; of a forest with a miniature illai; ' e in the foreLironnd. ( ' cdar wreathes with lii-ii ht red rihlions decorated the walls. The jiirN. Sonja Siinilherj;-, Norma Uriuhf. Clara Kellion, and Betty Blom : erviiiii ' pniu-h and coohies, wore white liloiises and Idack skirts with white aprons. At ll:l. " i the li ' jlits were turned on hriiilitly for the (Irand .Mai-cli wliii-h was led hy the class president. ( ' iiuplcs I ' Mjoyed danciriir until ll ' o ' cdock, iiiidnii:ht. si-:. i()i; cAii.xivAL The Senioi- Class foi- many years has l)pen the sponsor of a yearly sjirinii ' cai ' ni- val. So. accordin i ' to ti ' adition. this year. March 11. tile S.IT.S. iiym liecanie fin- a ni.uht the realm of the ' psy. anil the would lie winner. Booths otferin r every attraction from fortune tellin ; ' to mari ' ia e. telei ' rajih sei ' v- ice to fish ponds, fun house to basketball tosses, lined the floor. Seniors, with thai jirofit ' xleam in their eyes, lured ho| eless .sjjectators to ' .gamble on cake walks and l)ini;d. Prizes of every kind foi- children and ailult.s lined tables and walls. Students were seen with three hats upon their head-;, banners and canes in hanil, and em]it. ' ]iockets turned inside out. The main attraction of the eveniti ' i-onsisted of flooi- show where tlie surpris- io ' ,:- tideiit of the students of S.H.S. was of- feied. ( ' liei ' rs wci ' c h ard from the sjieeta- tors while the master of cei-emoiues calmly announced that the crowiiini; ' of the king and queen would take place. The king and ipieen (who were chosen b.v the buying of Votes I marched u)) together and were pre- .ented with a small gift and were ei-owned kini;- and i|ueen of 1114!) Senior Carnival. At last the curfew rang and the weary crowd, arms filled with jn ' izes. and heads with excitement saw the last of the carnival for auotliei ' season. 4.-) aicissmate- AI.r.MXI 194S I.ast year ' s ui-ailiiati ' s will always lie I ' ciiiemhcred as a class with lots of aiiiliitioii in scliool. !Matiy of tin- iiraiiuatcs have [t tliis ariil)itii)ii inld pi-actirc in their past graduate lives. iSevera! girls of the aliinuii are inar- I ' ied and doing a fine joh of housekeeping. namely Lucille Lun(l(|iiisl. Maehelle Muma, Helen Orley. p]laine I ' derson. Ai-lene Berger, Edith Brandner. IJiitli I- ' ellinn and Doi-othy Flaiuii. Among tliose attending Xoitlici-a Michigan College at Mar(iiiette are (lii- tnide Kline and Donald Thielke. Western State ' reacliei-s ( ' olletic claims Rita Bean- d iin and hydia l ' ' lairim on its list of iricniliers. Working ill Mai-inette are Carol Back- man, Irene llultman, Betty Johnson. Knth Lucas. .Marie Pfeiff, Marilyn Kehm. Ken- neth Beach and Paul Saiidin Marion (. ' liossek is attending college at New T ' lm, Minnesota, while liarbara Sanfoi ' d is eni ' olled in a nii-ls ' college in ' irgiina. Leyden Thorpe is attending col- lege at North I ' ark. Illinois. Those in nurse ' s training are Betty Nelson at Augustana College and Lois Nelson at Norwegian Amer-ican Hospital, lioth in ( ' hicauo. .Innc S;indahl is training to he a prai-ticid ninse ;it Mar(|uette. The Navy is taking care of Douglas Alismann. Herman Sclinettc and Ted Hal voi-sen while the Ail " Force claim- Uoliert, I ' arkansky. .lane LaBay. .Mihircd I ' ' ran- coui ' . and LaX ' onne Curtice keep them- selves husy woi ' king in Menominee. Faces seen around SlephcnsiPii ipiite often are thosi ' of .luanita .Mclchoir. who is working in the ISank of Stephenson. Audrey Blau. Liri-aine Phillips, Willai-d Swilh , Krvin Turcoitc, Don Mellingcr, Carl LaPointc. Wayne Kayser. Hoy .lohn- son. Pill llorniuig anil Paul Fellion. A face ery fannliar to S.H.S. is that of Stella .lohnson ' s. secretai ' y to .Mr. .M;irtin. Wii|-king in the windy -ity. Chicago, aic liul). ' llcandoin. Shirh ' y Di ' oese, .lulia Ziclonka and -loan l,auri-n;-c. The ' " Packers " hiunc town claims .M ii ' c Aggen and Helen S,-hmiilt as residents. thi !•- that wc ,-ee around are Mai ' jorie . nihMMin woiking at the Red Owl in Ste])hens((n, Eugene Teho jilaying di ' ums in Al Desjarlais ' Orchestra, and Fi-ank Hneljcl, litlping in his father ' s store. Woi ' king at hoini ' arc Pearl Andc)-s in. Evelyn Benson. Pauline Eastland, Doris Robinson. Audrey Slottke. Richard Bader. Walti ' i- Baiimler. Richard Clianey. Myron Drum. .Iame Diica, Clarence Hans )i:. Doiiiild Hoide. Edward Klcikamp. Curtis Lai eii. Riihard . Iarciii. Richard . iM-d- gr( n and I )ar« in Waldo. .Maiy S.dietter lias hcen sick for sever- al weeks following an operation and we all h:ipc that hy imw -he has recovered. Scalt M-ed over the count r- side are: . orman Caulk in Waukegan, Clarence (iidlof in . ccnali. KItanor ( ' onn in .Xorth Dakota, Muriel Corey in Menasha. . orheit PoupiU ' c and Stewart LcBcau in Racine Ihcih Krucger and Ilclcii Pinica in .Mil wankec. and Petty P ra ler in Escanalia. Will, wc have reported the doings of all we know. Ne.xl year at this time, w " will lie a reinemliered class. Sounds a little friiiliteiiing. iiul we ' ll take it in our si ride. 46 Glassmate S Glassmate .ir i »i; (LASS iiisToitv ' I ' lic .Juniiir ( ' hiss is t raditioiuillv tlir sirivc (if all work in rxci-y circns. (Ji cii (■ii(iil! li linic .-iiul |iat iciicc llic piini- lilt! ' (lonki ' V will cMMitiiMlly rise 1ii tlir stellar position in IIk ' liii; ' show under the tenl. Hut he has to lie;iin his cai ' eer as the oi ' - phan of the ai-1. As a I ' l-eshnian with his hrayin ' i ' eom panions he eiitei-eil school in l!l-H)-47. lie was innnediately put 1o worl; under i-lass advisors. Mr. Laeasc and .Miss Sehaal. lu order to he sui-e to t;-et a fair deal he eleetetl a I ' ew helpers. As I ' re-i dent. Hoseiia Kasaiusseu ; Vice I ' reiilen ' . Shirley Winter; Scei-etary. Iiai ' hara Ks lirook: Treasurer, .loaune Hall; Student Couueil lie])i ' eseulati ' e. Marilyn ( ' ore. and ' iri;iuia, All eyer; au l ( ' lass K ' eporler, (ilad.vs Ki-aiitz. Ill the Freshman yciir there were 4S little donke. -s. They i;()t a llifi ' kick out of this . -ear. for tliei-e were three ela s parties;. .Now it is 1 1)47-1 !)4S and the donkey is one year older. This year we liax ' e ' 21 more little friends wil h its. In the sophomore . ' ear the donkey figured Mr. i.aeas-e and .Miss Sehaal hadn ' t served their full tirm so they are with us a.ii ' ain a idass aihisors. The donkey refused to ' jo on alone and do all the (irk so 111 ' eleeleil new le;i(lers. Tlie - were: l resident. Ko eiia Kasmas en ; ' ii-e President, Eu ' ene Jones; Secretary, liar hara Esbrook; Treasurer. Orton lehdioir; Student Couneil Representatives. Don lialihi, Orton .Melelioir. i ' aul ISast ' en and ' ir ' ..:inia Alliie.xer. and as re|)orter of the herd III ' called upon Curcy. The donkeys spoiuored two teen-aee dances and at the end of the school year had a hot doL; sale. Soon they will he the cla s in tlii spot- lij lil, . s -liiniors now they feel prett. proud. There was a shipment of twen1. -fi ' ( ' new donke.N ' s in our class this year. They ;il ' e so hiisy this year tiiey had to elect new manaiii ' i ' s. As I ' reddeiil, Harold I ' ralt; ' iee President. Kiejene .Jones; Secretary. Barbara. Eshrook ; Treasurer, Francis Peterson; Student Council Repre !entat i ves. ' ir ' a ' inia, Aih e.x er. l osena Hasniussen, and ()rtoii .Mclchoii-. They spiinsoi ' i ' d one leen-aue dance and one idass part. ' and |)laniied a .Iiiniiii ' Play and Prom. This was a biiz ' .vear for the (l()nke s. 48 Glcissmate ' .llMoi; (ilRLS r)AOa )iD of k t Tv " - " : f ' ' J f% i Td)) niw. left 111 ri ' , ' lit — (iliiri:i .MaclialU. KiisiMja li ' jisiijiiss(Jii, Until Si-lianiT. TliiTcsa Lusiiia .Marilyn Fitzicilrick. Cladvs Kraiitz, Sliir Icy Wilitci ' , (irnia ( ' asi beer. I.ciis Wac-lilcr. ;!i l iiiw Mary Kdik. Jean l iiui ' l. Marilyn ( ' irt ' y, Jean I.ncas. Adi ' laiilc IJranduin. lli-rty r.all. nnrothy l.nndinisi, Kelly Way- lii ' i ' ;;. Krna .lulnisnii. ■Jnil riiw — [arian HHrinsr, P.arbara Eslirodk, Kdsi ' llcii Knlean. Uelores llctinidte, Kcjiina 1 isliiiraii. I ' at Canlk, Virginia Allueycr. Aliii ' l.i ' siii ' raiici ' . I.iirrainc Aiiian. .hiarimi Hall. I ' .dlldui row — Hclty Ilultinan. I.oretta .Tdlinsdii, ' idl( ' ll( ' Bac-knian. Hefty Kisy.ley, (iloria SdrensDM. Hazel Larson. l di-dtliy .lohnsdii, Ann Sjcilidlni. .TIMOK I ' .OYS a ( r es r p ' - i ' I ' d]! idw. left td rislit — Rdbert Hakdtic. i:r in Wei , r.ill Waranins. Kni;ene .Idni ' s. . Iaur- ii e I.arsun. I ' reil Leliean. Cliarles Smith, .liniiny Hacker, (Jlen Itacknian. Mrd rdW — liob Xanlt. liernai-d Lnndiiuist. Fran- cis Peterson. Kdbert Dorinski, Alex Ma- l.Mwka. .Tdlin Ndrdiinist. F,ddie (ioillewski, .Ific I )diiibrd vski. I.awi-ciice Williams. 2nd row — I.nnrenee Diiff ' rin. Laurence lyiind- i|uisl. I ' ani liastien. Orion Mel -lidir. Leon- ard Koseuski. Harold Itrdberfi. Uonald ' I ' ickler. W ' ai ' ren .Newlin. r.diidiii rdw— Ilardld I ' rall. .rames Knboin. El- drcd Swanson. Walter Fister, Konald Rab- ble, Wayne Knu ' fjer, Alton . danis. (!ord(jn H. ' ison. 49 C Icissmate Ilani: ' on Cirls Don ' t siiy it Tluid iiiiil (ii)i Di ' . Aiilliiiiiy I ' lippy ji) r Exiiiii week (not Kenny. ' ) I ' olchi ' ilnilc (?) fl. liisiiiar: ks? 111. .Mai-lyn I ' IuIIm ' s 11. ' I ' liorn lictwcrn two I ' osc., l ' _ ' . Von ninnc it l:i. Si ' aivil 14. A (|:iu " s lic ' sf fri,.n,l l. " i. Al Ki. l ' ' ol( ' fainilN ' . 50 ' Qlassmate ' Glassntate- S()lMlnM(»i;i-; CI, ASS IIIST(M!Y Al ' tci- a year of hard work, pranks, ami lull, the Fresh nii ' ii iiioiikcys at last l)i ' :-aiiii ' S(i|ili(jiiinrcs. Tlicii- class officers wci ' c : President — Tmii l!ii|eri. ' ice President — loyce Mocco. Secretary — Elaine Jardeen. Treasurer — Pliilip ( " arroll. They wei-e undei- two fine directors, Mr. Snndquist and .Miss Leola Andersoji. Jhirinti- the second semester two main at- ti ' actioiis took ]ilace. One was tlie eleet- iii ' j ' lit ' class ])iii-ups Calvin Photenhaiiei ami |)iii-iithy Francour, and the other was I heir roller skating part.v at Nadeaii Hall. They rose to the i-oles of chief olowais under the big tent ami in oi ' der to do their new .jobs well the.v eiecti ' d new officers. President — Clarence Hultman. ' ice President — Jeauette (Iruenstei ' n. ■Seci-etary — Jane Beyer. Treasure! ' — Elaine Jardeen. To be sure the nianagenuuit gave tlie;n a fair deal, the.v elected Shirle.v Strum and David Carlson as members of the Student Council. Then during the second semester of this year the Seniors wanted a King and Queen of all the grades ami so these clowns took a wise clioice and selected Sharon llubbai ' d and Vllan Proberg. This year also they took off tlieir cii-cus paint, their goofy slioes, and went np to Xadeau Ilall for a good time rollei ' skating. It was a fine evening for a lot of fun. giving half the credit to tlie hineh connnittee who made such a tasty lunch. The Cbi ' -s iif ' . " )1 li;is not a very long " history yet lint tliey si ill li;, -e two of their best years left and with such a superior class they will make the best of it in those " ears. Here is to a fine class. 52 Glcissmate SOI ' IIO.MOKE CIHLS a Q fH ' fl o Hri -4PP " ' U| ' % Toil row. h»fl rn riiilit — .(11:11111 I.i ' .-i ccU, [;i I ' fiai ' i ' t KdsewsUi, KilM Kline. I ' li.vllis Hillliiuiici ' , .liiiie lic.vcr. I ' i ' M ' il.v Ilciyk. ,Io.v ' e Macco, .Iiiiiice Winter. I •niotli.v Hersoii. . ' iiil inw — Fl ireiu-e Sniitli. .Iiianne Flniline. Dor- (illi.v Fraiicdiir. Klaiiie .larilei ' ii. Kita ' i " ii-l;- ler. I ;lures Ilraiiiler. I ' li.vllis Sli.iiii| Kealiice I )eLauielle. 211(1 r(i v--lleleii ( ' 1 .-illcisli. I ' .etle Il.-insnii. Louise Spitzer. Kosalie I ' liilliiis. Kiitli lia.sile.v, Jlar.v Louise Slarz.viiski. I ' .-itrieia Woes.sner, Jo.vce liusli. l,a Verne Ail:iins. Ist row — Dorotli.v Kakuk. Cleo Tlioiie.v. Xoriiia .lean Ilalvorsen. Klaiiie .Miller. . " Iianui Ilulihanl. .leanette (iruensterii. .M.iil.vii I ' liilliiis, Shirley Stroin, .Inlia I ' aiil. S(i| ' II( . ln|;lO lUiTS r f . K ' l t i row. lel ' l to rij;lil -Arnold Tanvass. Kolierl Wilier. Harold SclilenviiKt. .Michael .Mieh- niek. Kaynioiid liloni. .Joe Keitine.ver. F.ii- i;eiie Sinitli. Tom I ' olen lind row — Uofjer LotVreii. l ' hilii Carroll, . llen i ' .iolier;;. I ' .rie Ilafenian. Warren lie.Mille. (iaiilner. .lohn Hoveir Hrrl row — Erwiii llarl. Fdw.ird Fries. I ..nald I ' okovieh. IJoijer Meyers. Leonard ( ' liaiii I eau. Leo Kae .niiriv.. k. Iris (iardner. I ' .otloni row — Frviii Foley. Donald Hanson. I ' aiil Sakovitz. David Carlson, .lohn Forsslieri;. Clarence Hnltniaii. Doii.ild, VeriHPU SiiiKli. .I.din Huiiniiel. 53 (Blassmute ' So iliis is vvliat llicy do in |)hysif ' s class! 54 Glassmate Qlassmate-- I-M{KsnM. ' I.ASS IllsTom ' III tlir yi ' jir iit ' lil4S, the Frcsli iiian class cntfi-iMl tlic ciriMis. Tlu ' ir pai-l ; - sinall. lull tlic iiiaiiini- in wliich tliry a -trd it niadi ' it si ' iiii iinpiirtaiit. Tliry iic ' ilnl some ])r()t( ' i ' 1i )ii to li( ' l|) thciii in this now- kind of life and so clio e ot ' ficers wliicli arc as follows : I ' l-i ' sident — Kenny Ilofcr. ' i(T President- — .loaniic llcdin. SiMTi ' tary — .Inne Marie ( ' oakli-y. Treasiirei- — Steven Kakiik. Student Couneil lames Nelson and Audrey Xrlson. They figured that maybe they hclter have someone older than themselves and wiser to ; uide them in their daily per- formances. Thry chose Mis-i Catlierin ' Potter and Vernon Zcttle to lie their class advisoi ' s. I ' ndcr the super isi jii of these two ca])ahle riiiu ' leaders the Freshmen accom plished very much. They were frigliteued of the well known performers in the eir ' Us l)ut little by little the feeliny of inferiority l)assed and they walked the ti ht rope with { reat ease. First of all they must be i ' oin|)liiiient- ed on the brilliance of their act. The Freshman j; ' irls still hold the Scholarship banner in tlieir dressinj; ' room. They are very proud of this fact. The monkeys wanted to celebrate be- cause they felt they were doing- very well in their new ] ositions, so they held a ])arty. It took ])lace at the main tent and everyone enjoyed it very inucli. . ftcr linich they decided to go to a movie to see some of the more fortunate actors. A few of the more talented boys that tak(( shop made a ping-pong table for iioon- honr recreation. Jt is very much appi ' cc- iat.ed by everyone. To the " monkeys on the tight rope. " ' the other ])erformei ' s would like to send " best wishes. " Tt is a lough struggle lo obtain a large ]);irt in such an iiii])ortant eireas. But we feel sure they can do if. May they have as much luck as the trapeze artist, who is the .star of the show. In a few years they will have her i)ar-t and will be as important then as she is now. 56 Glassmate- :jTH CliADK UlULS Toji viiw. Icfi tn rinlit — Kos.-ilcc .Idhnsni. I ' Mi ' dlc I.usiiiM, IJi ' lly ( ' (irc.v. June ( ' (i:il;le.v. ] i rci thy lldriiuiiu ' . SmIIv Sumiisuh. Uosi-iiiiirv AiMlcrsciii. Jiiyi-i ' Swansdii. l,i)ri-:iine Krnl. kiiseiM.-iiy I ' nrrett. lietty I ' .lniii. L ' nd i-iiw — l)iir(iriiy I);ivis. Ivimih MjilliiMs. Siic!l:i Svyille. Doris Ross. Marlciie Xe ' son. Sliirley I, ' inkt ' . Kdilh Flniiiiii, Audify Xclson, .loyci ' I ' ctersoii. l.illi.iii i:.istl.iii(l, Sliirli ' y Kick- iiisoii. •Srd row — Xoriun I ' .risjlit. .Jciiiictfi ' Frimcoui- Helen Anil WnnKcrin. I ' .-itsy I.indi-roth. J.niet .lolmson. Heverly Johnson. Hetty .Iniie Di ' .Mille, Miiry LnczUowsUi, .loyic ( ' niiiie. Sonja Snndl ers. Suzanne Spitzer Itoltonj row- Knth Treliey, Marlene Dahn. .Maijiaret Scliniidt. Stizimne IlorniU. Diane Stohe. .lime Case. Edwina I ' arrett, Jo Ann Ili ' din. Marion l£.-isniiissen. Doris S -liinidl. ( ' arol Hanson, Kveiyn Jolmson. Absent Itetl.v . inan. lOuniee I ' .rowii. 1 •I ' D.i Evans. I ' aiue. !)TII ORADE HOYS To|i row left to riifht — Richard Anderson, (ieorse Cliernovsky, Charles Anderson. Marvin Xewliii. Laurence I iitri. Earl I ' .ro- l)er! . Kenneth Ilofer, Leonard .Morin. Cur- tiss Anderson. Allen Peterson. Jfiddle row-Francis Wauner. Loreii Itacknian. Cleiiii I!ei% ' i|iiist. Robert Diillrin, Allen Duca. Roliert Woessner. James Criiisteiner Kenneth I ' oisson. Francis .Mellinucr. Hanild Anderson. I ' .ottoni niw -Francis Cayon. Ho cr Adams, James Xelson, Richard Shani])!), Robert I ' aidl. Richard Forssber.;;-. X ' ornian Tiiin stra. Dennis .Meintz. Ileiii Walli. Terrance Fellion. .Misent — Edward F.ackman. David I ' .ehrend. Al- fred De.s.jarlais, (;.i. lord l..i.Mere, Carl Ma- lliias, Steiilien KaUtiU. 57 " -=- ( " liissinn If Exritiii ' .:-, lii ' v : ' r.8 (3hissiUcite ' = EKillTll (iKADE ' r p|i riiu, left til riKhf — Stepllci i I ' .ei-zsi ' I.c Inml 1 ifMcciii. Allit ' ft Orlcy. Uo.ypr Ildiil.i, David Ili ' ilii). Cciiryc ( ' iirriill, Lmvii I.cKiiy, Ilariild Hiiii ' sr Hililiiis; Liudt ' i-iitli, Clyii ' Tliiiiiiu-. lldward Iluliliaid. .fnliii Kii ai ' li, I ' aul (Justafsiiii. 2nd i-iiw — Maurirc .luliiisiiii. Rnsi ' iiiary Miuiia. Klaiiie I.iitri. Slifiail Siiiiuii. I.iiis Kakiik, Hetty l alis. Marilyn Laiiicnct ' . Joan Shani- w, I ' atricia IjaMeiv. Aiifjeline Diiliiies .M. .Idliiis 111. I ' .etty Iliiivatli. Kon- ald Davips. Hrd row — (ierald Scliinidl. Staidi ' v LiuzUowski, Jack rfeW, Cliarlcs lliirkc ' Lloyd Honk ' , Roger Gariliicr, Uolicrt Hiilsizcr. James I ' etrell, Edward Williams. Ileniard J;oskot. Samuel FerKHSon. Kermit ( ' arlsoii. Itottom row — Donna Davis. Maxine Iloniernik. Lucille Riileaii. ALirilyii lOiickson. ormaii Klitzke. Willard Tickler, Kiijiene Francour. Clarence I ' elkey. (Jary Leaf. Shirley Foley. Carol Corey. Fern P.rif;lit, I ' .etly Valilier. Absent — Nancy Tebo, Darwin Diehni. SKVKXTIl (iU.VDE ' l ' o|i L-ii , icti III liuiii i;ii-;c . i,ii ' riiii i!.ii ,,]i Shirley Corey. Arleiie Deacini. lOeaiinr Hi,i;lid;ile. Shirley Krans. I ' .elty Welier Maria Swaiismi. linris ' I ' liniiiie, CaioliMe Cheniovsk.v. Douiia Hansen. .loAnn I ' ar kansk.y. Nona Suiidberf;:. Uiiil row — James Ca.selieer . .Iiiliaii X ' iinenl. Christine Cbernovsky. . larlyn I ' .oijdan, Shirley Davies. Janice Horiiik. Knnice Carlson. I ' .arhara T ' .eaudoin. Katheryn Tre lie.v. Jlyriia (lerue. Dorothy Kasiiiiis rii. Joan Crinsleiiier, Guiinard Xashiiid. :!rd row Alan lloye. .lames I ' alzewirz. Richard I ' liillips. Leo l .:idish. Wayne Carlson. Nor- niaii .Mathews. Larry Walli. James Deiiiille. Donald Smilh. Donald Thiiriie, .lohn I ' .s- lierniice, Harlan Liuderoth. Terrani-e Kram- er. I ' lilliim row .lames Mori-ow, . lleri .loliiison. Kriiest W.-iriier. Luke Siichovsky. Xiclmlas Thoiiey, Leimanl I!ri;;hl. David Laurence. I-eroy Smilh. Keitli Davis. Kaymoiid Thoune. .luliii C.irdiiier. .Inlin L.iiiioiil.-inne, Lee Winter. (Classmate- m t M JHHH fe| . f J i 1 p ' ™ iv 1 ' I ir llJbj Mff 1 | «j Tlicv ciill it .stiidviiiL; ' : (iO (Slassniate Glassmate SPORTS CIIEERLEADEKS l.cfl lo rislit — Virsiniu AllKeyer. Barbara Ks- brmik. Lorraine Aiiiau. I ' atricia Wopssiier. .Marilyn I ' l]illii)s, Kvclyn WaiiKfrin. Marion Rasmnssen. Every eireiis lia-i jm ' Ii hiiilders aii ' l tliLs eii-eu,s is IK) exeeptioii. In the fall of the year a r(iu[) eousistini of five teaeh- ers and the viee-presideiits of each class, elected cheerleaders for ' " 48 and ' 49 " . The " were divided into two jrroup.s. The following ' - were selected as vai-sity cheer- leaders. Evelyn Wanfrerin, A ' irjrinia AUgej ' er, l-oi-raiiie Ainan, Marjrie Sakovitz. ilarf. ' ie rraduated at the half and Marian Ra.srnussen was selected to take her place. On the Junior varsity were: Mai-|yn Phillips, Patsy Wocssner, Bar- bara Esbrook. The vai ' sity cheerleaders received new uniforms purclia.sed by the Student Coun- -il this year. They wear brifrlit rold sweat- ei-s with the school letter and royal blue skirts. Three (rheers for the pep team in S.II.S. 62 -CJIns: mnte ' . i;s| ' l ' - l-.ASKK ' I ' liAl.l. JEE-iffV Tnli 1-C1H-. li ' fl t(i riijlit Kducr Kye, .Inhii linns, Kdwnrd (iiidlcwski. Imi achc .Imirs. I iiiinlil Schcrter, ( ' (inch McCnil li . r.dlldLii row [Jnymiinil Ulnin, Orlmi .Mrlrluiir. Jr.. (li ' nrL;c rctcrsnii. .Mniiiirc l.nrscpii. l.:i v- rriirr Will in Mr-;. p!. (;li :s i;. sKF n ' .. i,L seasox Oil .VcvciiiIht •_ ' . i:i4S. C.arh Dit-k Mc- Caitliy i siic(l till ' first rail Inr liaskclball pi-a-tii ' c. ThiTi ' were about . " ill Ikivs that i-aiiic Vi try out. Aftrr a wrrk (iT wdi ' k the M|iia(l was cut t.i ' _ ' . " i Iny- wliicli lia ( ' sci ' Vcd a.s till ' aisity ami the 1! Icaiii ' i y tilC SCMSCill. ' Pile piM-pccts f(ir a siicccssl ' iil year wcfc dim after Ihsmc.: ' fnur (if llie first five |)layers fnuii last year ' s sipiad. lint a tile days uciil liy the team coiitiiiued to iiii|ir(i t and were in fair shape wiieii thi firt i;ame came almiL; ' with IJark l i i ' i ' - llaiiis lIiL;li S •liiidl (in Deeemlier :! ; tiie Eailles had an easy ictiiry. ' I ' lie 1w(i iiest played " -allies if the year were the first liOiirdes e-imi wliicli Lourdes wdii liy Iwn puiiils in an ii ' erlime 7)? -7) ' A and the MaiiisI iipie i;ame which Stephensiin wmi llM-. ' l!t. The liieli seiirer ' iir lidlll was I ' elersdii df Stepheiisdii with ■ ' })! ]K)iiits fur the Ldurde.s uaine and L ' -l jxiiiits for the Laiii.stii]iie u ' aiiie, wlnle hot (111 Ids heels, willi IS pdints was Melchdir. and Larscn with 1(i. At the time this cdpy went td tin- press the results of the ( " lass 15 toiiruainent were not known but the students all wish to coiiimeiid ihe S.II.S. teams for their f ' iiihtiiie ' spirit, clean spdrismanship. and fdr the fun iirinided the speelalors. 63 (Blassniate- .nxKUt vAKsnv I ' .ASKirrnAi.i. T(.i niw, left tci ri;;lit— l)ciiKil(l Ilunsnii. Kdhi-rl Hjikotic. IMiilip ' ;iniill. I,ci)n;iiil Koscwslci. Alex M;il;i vU,L. I ldii ' d SwMiisun. UmiMld I{;il)l ii ' . liiiil idw -l)iili;il(l, .l.iiiics K:ilMiiii. Ilaiuhl Srlilciivoyt. .Mi(li:icl Miilinick, .I;i s H.-hU« i-. Il.irnid Anders .11. llMiold r,n h,.i-. liiittoiii niw — -Mr. I.Mcassf. Kciiiictli llcdVr. Wnl tcr Fisfer. Il.uiild l ' r;itl. Francis Mt-llinmT. Kcnni ' tli I ' disson, ' illi:im W ' Mi.inius islii dent niiUiMKer I. FOO ' 1 ' 1!AL! ea, V - i ■« «L ■ .. ' - ..Jm- M .Jk .jMO J. ■11 hi ii-.hl Iji-cnr .|.iiic . .1.11 ' Siiiinii, K(ij;cr I ' ctf ' i ' Tliounc, (!( ' (iif;i ' I ' derson. Hal- oid Andersdn. Jlanricc lyarson, William Wai ' anius. Kcimctli HoftT. Orion Mclclioii ' . .Middle llcjw — FdniiT Ijicassc (ass " t. coaclil I ' .aidwcll, Francis McllinKci ' . .loc .Morin. Thaddi ' Us llilUinincr. Don Snrciisnn. 1 on Mc(illire. ' :iHcr hi-l.-i-. I, :irH K. -.--x iv i. Kicliard Mc( ' nitli (coaclii. I.asI row .lolin Haas. Don Sclicllcr. .loc Slains. Ita.vniond llloni. I nar l ( ' liaini)cau. .Mcx MalawUa. I ' l ' tcr ' .can. I..iurcnci ' Willi.llNS. 64 Qlassmate- FOOTBALTj Due to the liiiiilcil s|i:ii-i ' it will lii ' iin))()ssil)le for us In write u]) all the t ' oot- hiill uanii ' s (■(iiii|i|( ' tcly sn vc will try to (Irsci-ilii ' till ' two oiit laniliiiu ' uaiiirs of the season. The .St( ' | li( ' iisoii Ka ' jlrs liad a rather unsuceessful season Init they won their worst jiame in three and one halt ' years. Playing- the powerful team of 8t. Joe, the p]ajiies tdrneil them liaek " J. " )-!: ; and earliei- in the season tied two i:ames. One of these two teams noted as the hest Class ( ' teams in the V. 1 ' . and the other a stroiii: ' team fiiJin I ' eshtii d. Stephenson had 4S players out for the team at the start of the season and of these, only (i were lettermen from last yeai ' . The Eajiles sadly laeked exi)erienee in the haekfield hut they made up for this with their bit: ' ex|)erieneed line. On the ni iht of Sei)teniber 1:! the Eajiles journeyed to ilariuette to appear ] efore 2,300 fans to take a 28-0 heating. This was to he the turnine ' point in the Season fni ' at the next li ' ame Stephenson won a moral vietnry by keeping: ' tlie best Class ( ' team in the I ' . 1 ' . to a si-oi ' eless tie. Stephenson and Munisine ' were even- ly held witli liS!( yards each. Munisiufi ' liad two beautiful ehanees to secn-e Imt the big ' Eajile line held them baek. Peterson then intei ' eejited a Munisine- jiass and went od yjirds before they i ' aue-|it and knocked him down on the JH yard line. Stephenson |iulleil a fake kick on the fourth (.lown and eame within an inch of a first down on the 20 yard line. Then the ganu! •enih ' d in a (l-(l tie. Now it liap|)ein ' d. The S.II.S. team for finir years, dogged by injuries, laek of experience, and tough luck at last broke its losing sti ' eak. S.II.S. won over St. •loe before 1, S()() sjiectators. .loe Simon set the stage with a (iO yard punt downed on the 24 yard line when a jiass fizzled to gi e Stephenson possession of the l all. Anderson then picked up two first downs and licnard Cliani])eau slashed off right tackle to score. The try fiu ' the extra point was no goiid. .lust before the half. Swede hit Peterson with a 3. " ) yard jiass and (ieorge took the ball 2 " ) yards to score. This play co cred (ill yards and gave the Kagles a 12-1) lead at the half. On the first ]ilay of third ipiarter the Stephenson fullback Champeau fiunbled and St. .loe r ered on the :!4 and work- ed the ball to the 11 yard line where Har- ris went over. Shortly al ' lei- this llai ' ris hit Mariseeh with a 40 yard jiass and adiled an extra point to put St. Joe ahead i:!-P2. On the first play of the 4th quarter Champeau broke ovei ' I ' igiit tackle wdtli a ' u yard run and the key blocks weiv thrown by IJlom and Peterson to score and again take the lead. .Midway through the foiutli quarter Slaju.s recovered a St. Joe fumble on the 1. " ) yard line. Two plays brcMight the ball to the Eagles a ' J-l-lS vic- tiii ' y. Stephenson madi ' 2:)l) yards to 171 for St. -loe hut wei ' e behind on first down.s 1 1 -S. There were 11 lettei ' inen on last year ' s siplad. These were live. Thouiie, Larseu, .lones. Sakovitz, and Melchoir. This year thei-e will be 12 seniors graduating from the team and (i of these were the starting lineup. .Next year there will be 14 letter men returning and ab nit ]o more with some experience. (). ' ) Glassmate- . tiii.i:tic associatiox Top row, It ' ft to riKlil -Oitoii McUlioir. WflxT. I ' liili]) Carroll. I ' .IU Waniiiins. old Anderson. Michael JlichiiicU. Ki J ' .akolif. Kofjer l oiiiil d Kabbic. 2iid row — Ivconard Kosi-wskl. Walter I ' M .Tosepli Sla.jiis. Kenneth Hofer. Donald I ]?ob Ilnr- iberr ister. Ilan- l. ' onard Chanipeaii. Hrd .Tosepli son, Alex M.ilawka. Ka.vniond P.lom. H.irold SchleiivoKt row — .Tessie Ilnbbard. Charles Audi Moiiald Sorensoii. lOrwin Ilarl. I )■ ■rsnn. ai. ' ild Sclielter. Mardwell. .Inn Kalioin. .lames Il.ieUer. Manrii ' e I.arsen. Kdward (Jodlew- ski. r.iittoii; row l oMald MeCJnire. Kenneth I ' oi.s- son. I ' anl S.ikovily.. Frainis Mellin;;er. I ' eter ' I ' honne ( Sec ' .v I . (Jeorue I ' eterson ( Presi- dent I. lOnsene .lones (Treasurer. I ' eter I,e- lieaii, .lohn Haas. Il.irr.lil IT.itt. Khlred Swansoii. The Atlili ' tic AssDcMMtioii was t ' liiiiided in Septeiiilici- ims. til aid the Athletic D( ' ])H,ftnieii1 ill whatever way it nmhl. riidiM- the leadership of Gcoro ' p I ' eter- son. I ' resitleiit ; Peter Thoune, Vie( -i)resi- deiit; and Eugene Jones, Seei-etary and ' I ' rea.snrer, the Associatio n passed thniuo-h its first year of life. The ineinhers of the Association sold Student Activity tickets. Season tickets to basketliall and I ' ootliall uaines and took an acli e part in the nianairement of the Reserve Team Tonriianient. They also s|)onsoi-ed the sale of Ste))lien.soii Ea ' le T-shirts to the students. ()(i -(Slassmate ATlll.KTK OF TIIH VKAi; ()iir s]).itliL;lit iiiiw sliiiirs (in llii Jltlllt ' ti ' lit ' till ' year. (Irnrtic I ' cfcisoii. wlio Jias liet ' ii outstaiidinu ' in athletics in iiis entire four years of hiji ' li scliool. (ii ' or;:e. l)etter known to eveiyone as " Blossom ' has ])layetl center nn the S.II.S. varsity ha k( thall ti ' ani f;ii ' ' (kwy years ami eii ' l i:h the varsity I ' ootliall team for two years. This year he was captain of his haskethall team and c(j,-aiitain of the fonthall team, (leorjiv, who nicasni ' es (I ' d " anil wi ' iiihs 11)0 J)oii)kIs, has won (|uite a name for him. ' .elf in liis school ilays. This year, he hioke the Upper I ' eninsula inilixidnal :c(rin ' ' I ' e-ord hy five points, in a ji ' ame Ix ' twceii SteplKMron anil Peshtiii ' o, makin;. ' the i resent re, or(l now forty-four points. His total nunil)( r of points for the sixteen ' ame jeason was . ' ' 74 wliicli makes an aveia ' ie of ' _ ' ■ ' !. 4 points per i;ame. (ienr ' ie received hoiiorahle mention on the All State ba ketliall team in his -luinor year and this y ai- was cliosen State centei ' for the team. It is nntisual for a small com- munity I ' ke Stephenson to he re|)i ' e ented on the All State team and we owe it all to " illossom " ' for hi ' in _:in ' .: ns into tln ' news. (ieoi ' t;e has also ]iart icipatcd in track contests duriiiL: his hit h school years. Anothei ' one of hi many spoit ai ' tivities is his a])preiitice teachinir foi- ii:rade school jivm clas es. (ieorLie comes to us from Wallace, wheic he has lived foi- fi c ycai ' s. IJefore liviiiL: in Wallace, he lived at (4ear Lake, Wisconsin for tlii ' ee years and in .Minneso- ta durin.L:- lu early hoyhootl days. He is the son of IJev. and .Mrs. (ieorji ' e Peterson, Sr., of the Retliid Missi;)n elmrch in Wal- lace and is the oldest child of a family of ten, Wlien a ' ked what his favorite food was. Blossom rejilied, " 1 don ' t know; " ' this could very well l)e his favorite sayiii : while his favorite food miiiiit hi ' " Peferso,i Fried " eiiiis, Knowinu ' nm. they ]Hrlia,li|y are. As for his favorite suli.ject. Community Eny ' lisli tojis the list, (ieorj:-! ' dislikes -ee ' niz ' ' . roncliy uii ' ls, lint likes to hi lit duiiiii; ' hnntin ' .i ' season and read when he has nothing el e to do. Besides lieiiii: a mcmlii ' r of the Fu- ture Teachers of America oriianization, (Jeor ' .:e lias heen a member of the Spanish Club, Student Council, Athletic (4ub. and Christian l ' ' cllowship Club. He was treas- urer for the boys ill his Freshman year, and candidate for carnival JCiiii; ' that same year. He was also a member of the school paper and annual st;iff this year. (ieor e i)lans to xi on to c(illi ..;i ' and become a radio sp:irts annoinicer after he liraduates in May. He is undecided as to what colleiie he will atteml. but judLiiiiL: ' fiom the kind of athlete he is. many cob leiies would be proud to havi ' him in their enrollment. But no matter what he does, we. the annual staff and the S.II..S. stu- dents, wish loads of luck tn a swell um " and athlete. 67 Glassmate- MUSIC MrsiC DKI ' AHTMKXT OF S.II.S. The S. IT. S. music dpjjjirtiiiciit is divided primarily into two seetioiis. vocal and instrumental. In the last five years I here liave lieen the t ' ollowiu ' teachers: .Mr. hucke, who orii ' anized the band; Miss liurkhuid. January. l!)4r). started the A CajJella choir; ] [r. Flodine and at present we have liss Dickey. One of the oldest oi-panizations of the vocal department is the (iirls ' (ilee Cluli. ' I ' licy have eontrihutcd each yi ' ar to the S|(i-in.u ' Concert and in 11)4 " ) |)reseiited the o])eretta " Hansel and (xretel. ' ' Tliree yeai-s ai;o. the first A f ' ajiella Choir was onraiiized indcr tlie direction of M. K. Uurklund. In April. 1!)4S, the A Capella choir formed the nucleus of the .Si)rinjz ' Concert. Amonj;- the selections were " Cloi-ia from the 12tli Mass. " " I ' .less Ye the Lord " , " Loiidondci ' ry Aii ' " . and " The l ' atllr Hymn of flic UepuMic. " Two of the imi oi-tanl factors of the vocal depaitiiient. an- the (iirls ' Trio and lioys ' Quartet. These i;i-(]nps niaki ' their ai)i earance at nuniy social as well as school functions. Both were or ' anized in .l!)4(i and will continue in the izood work tliey have demonstrated in the jjast. The iiirls trio is compo.sed of Clara Schain- stine. liutli Rchauer, and Lorraine Nelson. lenihers of the fjuartet are Al Zullner. Kennetli Krant ., Ro -er ' I ' horpe. and Iviid : rottar L The l)and is prohahly (lie oldest tif the nuisical oriiaiuzations in S.H.S. It dates hack from tin ' heuiiniiiiL; ' of oiii ' school history. In the fall of i;i4. " ) ;i campaign was launched for new tiinfoi-ins. Pop corn sales were sponsored, and e ery effort was exerted to |)urchase the nid forms. Finally with $. " ()(). (10 of the hard (=arned money and suppleiiiental funds liy the cho(l| tr(;i-nry. snappy uidfoniis wci ' i ' ohtained. At pi-cscnt there are l li memlici-s in Senior hand with some I ' d mcnihers in t rainiiiii ' for the future. The hand played at c ei-y home has- ketliall Lianie and made a pnhlie appear- ance. Deccm her ] ' ■ ' , al the dedication of the new hridue and liuhts in the vilhiiic of Stcpheiis(ui. A -Music Cliih has heeu or ranized under the dii-ection of Miss Dickey. The p.lirposi ' of the (dull is to i-aise money to pay foi- the new in-triinients the music department has pnichacd. l ' " ive new cornet- iiave been | urcluised this _ ear. The appreciates tl ' .e work of h ' music department because of the funda- mental ple;;sure it briiiLis to all of us. We hope it shall ciintinue to dexci ip ;nid please as it al a s does. 68 ' Qlassmate s. n. s. r.AXD ' I ' oli iiiw. Ii ' l ' l to riRlit — KIcMiKirc HiK " hil:iU ' . Kns- fiKi KiisiiHissen. Kd cr TImm-ih ' . Kfiniolh KiMiitz. Al Znlliit ' r. I ' lid nnv — I ' ettc H;iiisen. Myrtle Ann Cdivy. .Iii;inii( ' Fliiiliiu . I.niTMiiic Xi ' Isiiii. I.nri ' ii IIiilsi .( r, DiM-dtliy II ini iiiL;. :ir(l iiiw — I ' .Miliiira Kslifook. JiiniiiU ' lli ' diu. K ( lyii Vaiit;i ' i-iii. Miss Mnrjoric l)ii-l cy. Shirley Wiiiter. l!ef;iiKi KislineMU. M;irilvii Cnrey. ] riiiii -Ji :iniie llnll. Alire I.esper- .ilice. m Glassmate- s.II.s. ciliiii; p r o p iP - a . p ' rop niw. left til lislit — Kiclijiiil :illi. I ' fter I.iI ' .iMU. W.-iltei- (Iiindck. Al Ziillm-r. Ken- neth Ki;iiitz, I)iin;il(l S(ireiis;iii, I{(ij;( ' i- Tliurpe. I " fc(l ' e;iii. Itjivid ( ' ;irls(iii. Ron- •■lid Viiiceiil. Middle row -Mis Kirki ' V, .ludy .Ncudin. IImiium Vi ' c r.anies, Vviiinie N ' iiireiit, .M:iliel i ' .eiLiei-. Kvelj II V;iii!reiiii. I ' .:i i Iimi.i H.ii|K ' r. ( ' I;ir;i Srli:iiiistilie. Myrtle Ann Cirey. rejrs y I.:| ( ' iinihe. Until. :h liiw — I.iiell.i Silieltei-. I .iirr.l itie KrieU- siiii. lielly Wery. .loAiin llediii, Irene ( ' li;il l is!i, Aimii Kriil. M.irie l ' nley. I.nrr.-| in: ' 1 iindiiii v-ki. (il.KK CLT ' I! ' [ ' •]! inw, left til riudit — Dinne Stiilie, ( ' .iriile l.iisiiin. Audrey Xelsun, Until Scli.-iuer. I ' atsy iyinderiitli, MnrKJiret Knsewski. Diir- iilliy Kiikiik. Until Xiirdi|iiist. Irene Cli.ii- liisli. .June Ueyer. Thcresn Sliarkey. Mnry linczkiiwski. Marilyn i ' Mtzpalriek, Knseiiiary Minna. 2nd row — VirKinia Allgoyer. Theresa Ltisnia, ilary T.onise Starzynski. .h ' anette Crnen- sfern. Shirley Stroin. Julia rani. Janice Winter. Dnriitliy I ' lancnnr. Sally Swan- sun. Diiriitli.v HiirnnnK. Janet Jiilinsiin. Jeanctte Franeoiir. Jnan ShamiK), Betty Jane P.ennduin. Lorraine Frisinie. Lois Kaknk. Miss lUckey. .Ird row — I ' h.yllis Ililllirniier. .Mice Les|icrance. I ' alsy Caiilk. Sliirle.v Winter. Jndy .Nordiii. Itonna Hanies, Lois Wachter, Louise Spit- c-a ,. zer. Klaiiie J.-irdcrii. leii ' I ' liniiey. Sharon Hiililiard. Until I ' .auley. Joanne llall. I ' .ar-;i Kslirook. lieltv Hall. . ' iizanne Iloriiik Norma Jean Ilalvurscn, Schaiiistine. Arlene LaCasse. •4th row- I ' everly Hecyk. lietty Ki.szely. Uef;iini Dishneaii. Delores lirandner. Suzanne Spil- zer. Hanson, ( ' .iroline Chernovsk.v. Ldwin.-i I ' arrett. Donna Hanson. .Maria Swansoii. Doris Thoiine. I ' .etty Ciirpy. Jo Ann I ' ark.-insky. .Nini.i Suiiillier;;. .Myrna (lerne. I ' .arhara Ueaiidnin. Helen ( ' hallush. ] " riint row —.loan Crinsteiner. .Shirley D.ivies. Marlyn I ' msdan. Christine Chernovsky. Uay- inoiid ' riionne. l eon.-ird I ' .rijiht. (iiinnard Naslnnd. .lolin I.aniontagne. .lames I ' alew- i -z. . rlene Deacon, .l.inice Ilornick, Shir- ley Ciirey. 7(1 (Slcissmate CLUBS STIDEXT COIXCIL O ( Tup row. left to ritflit-— Vii-j;iiii;i All.m ' .vcr. I ' .i ' tty II irv:itli. Kcisi ' iii].-! Ka :imss( ' ii. Mr. Murtiii. Sliirlc.v Slniin. I oris ' riiouiic. .Icisi ' pli Sla.ius. I ' lid row ilrtnii Mpli-liiiir. .M.vitlc . i]ii ( ' (irc.v. Aiidr-i ' .v . clsipii. liciiicr Tliiii-|ic. Il:ivi(l ( ' .■irl- siiii. r..-ii ' liM I ' M ILirpiT. .l. ' iiiics .Vi ' Isciii. Tlie stuilciit ti ' :irhci- I ' drin (if u ' overii- iiiiMil is iiu-reasiiiu ' with etficiciu-y each yt ' Hv. The students iiinre and iiiort ' eouie to the st ndiMit coiincii to iiuve them help settle difficult iirolileiiis presented by the i-cpi-esentatives of each class. The group meets every Friday. The meetinu ' s are devoted to the discussinir nf jirohlems ia the school. This year the. ' have accomplished sev- eral tilings. They assisted with the annual events such as the C ' X-ra,vs, Magazine Sale, and pictures. They also advocat- ed the purchase of new uniforms for the cheei ' leaders, teen-age dances and a noon- hour recreation progi ' am which is jn ' oving to lie -ery successful : The ' oft ' icers for 1lt4S-ll)4l» arc as fel- lows : Pre idcnt — Roger Thorpe. ' ice President — Andi-ey Xelson. Secretary — Myrtle Ann Coi-ey. Ti-easurei- — David Carlson. Sergeant at . rms— OrtOTi ] relclioir and IJarliara Harper. 71 Glassmate- ' •IIOTOCKAI ' IIV (1.1 Top row. left to riulU Hulsizer. (ipinhl WiiyiH ' KniPKcr. liililie rnw— Kdwnrd Williuin Ti -kU ' r, I.orfu Martin, Krvin Hart. Kriiv ] :ivi(l Carlsiiii, Sliiilry UiiliiliSdii. Kdiiald ViiiccMl. r.iitlciiii rciw — I.iiiTaiiH ' Aniaii. I.cirraiiic Dom- liriiuski, Clara Scliaiiistiiu ' , Clirislin; ' Scliinidt. .lime HcCrave. The Phot()p-r;i|)liy Cluli lucots every (lay, 8th jjerifxl. Tlieie are sixteen iiieiii- bers in the eltib, and Ir. [Martin is its in- structor. Tliis year tliey learned tn develop films, print and enlarge j)ietiires. They leai-ned to operate the hi ; ' school camera, and make color pictures. The .students take (litt ' erent pictures for different sub- .jects; they made portraits. They also did trick posinp: pictures wliich were funny poses. The club is liiiilily ])opular in S. IT. S. and sei- -es a need because all of us are intensely interested in camera tech- niques. ' Glassniate si . . isii cT.rr, Top row. left ti liu ' lil -Kciiiiftli Kr;intz, .Tnditli Xordin. Cl.ira Scliaiiistiin ' . Doniiii Vec Unnics. T ori ' tta ,)(j1iiisoii. I,orr:iiiic Nelson. Loir;iine Aii];ui. l!ii(l row — Margaret LaCoinlx ' , I ' .arbara Ksbrook. ClHistine Scliiiildt, Evelvii Wanserin. Mar- Core.v. M.vrtle . ini Coicv. r.arbara Hariier. ' r( row — Kospiia Kasiinissfii. I ' ott.v Wcry. Nor- ma Casclx ' fr. Miss Shirley Hiisliy. Adelaide I ' .e.-iudoin. Violet l{;ic-l ii].-iii, Hetty Kiszley. . liseiit — Wayne Knieger. Tlie Si iiiiisli Chill. " Los Aiuiuos " ' , lias a slioi ' t hut intere-itiiio- history. It entered the S.n.S. scene last year with Miss Ander- son as it ' s o-tiardiaii. It elected the fol- lowing officers : President — Kenneth Krantz Viee President — Paid Saiulin Secri ' tary and Treasnr(»r — Sis Xelsun. It ))i-odnceil asseinhlies. g ' ave parties and worked. This year it is o-rnwinii- a lot witli it ' s nieiiiliership of 23. It ' s officers are: President — Clara Sehainstine Vice President — Alice Smas ' Hek. Secretary and Treasui-er — Christine Schmidt. The chill meets weekly and studies Si)anish and S mth American eii.stoms and traditions. It ' s sponsor is Miss Ilusliy, known to the students as " Senorita. " ' 73 Glassmate- TIIK K. F. A. (1,11; rr. cj Top row. It ' ll to riirlu — .loscpli Keitiiieyer. l.loyd ( ' .•nlsoii. Kiviii Wory. I ' .ill W.iraiiiiis. Will- tiT Coiiili-U. I.iiurciicf liiilTrin. Joe I)oiii browski. Alc Miiliiwkii. .loliii Xorili|ni i| . Ted riiillips. CK ' lus Vii;;iicr. Arnold Tiiri- MISS. 2iid low — lion M((;iiiro. Wiirrcii Klitzkc. liill liirkniMii. Miirviii I ' oipH ' lIi ' . Allicrt Wiiiscii nil. Doll I ' okovii-li. Ci ' oii; Clifriiovsky. Toiiiiiiy Wiiilcr. Cliiri ' iici ' Hiiltiuiiii. Ter- riiiirc Fcllioii. Tony (irinsti ' iner, Glenn I t ' rc|iiisi. Kiirol (iiirdiu-r. ; ' ii(l iinv--. lr. (iranskoi;. lU ' niard l,iiiiilipiist. Iris Ciirdner. Don Ncrat. Hosier Myers. Lee l!ar lwi-ll. .loliii Haas. .|r.. Al Ziillii ' M-. iHivid Carlson. Ri -liiird Sliiiinpo. Itoli Dnffrin. I.oren Cai ' kniiin. Kirlinril . iideisiin. Ko;; ' r . diinis. Kronl row. let ' l to ri ;lit — .loliii I Iiiiiinicl. Keiin.v Cronniark, I ' eter I.el ' .eaii. .lames Kalisliek. .loscpli Sla,iiis. Don Sorensoii. Willis Wal clier. Hill Tickler. Don Silietter Kolierl I ' aidl. Xornian Tninstra. Hicliard l ' ' lieriT, KraiK-is Wiiyner. The Future Farmer.s of Ainerifa is an (n-o-iuii ation whieli huilds leadei-sliip. eliai ' ai-tcr, s|iortsnianslii|). eo ipefatioii, serviee, llirit ' l. srlidlarsliip, imprnved airrii-ultUfe. (ifo ' aiiizes rei-reatidii. rit izeiiship, anil pa- tfiotisiii. ill tlie hearts (if the F. I ' A. hoys. The F. F. A. eiiiisists (if (is ineiuher ill the i-iiral Chajiter with J(ie Sla.jus as rresiih ' iit, Don Sorensoii a.s Vice President, Willis Walcher as Secretary, David Beyer as Treasurer. Bill Tickler as Reporter, Donald Schetter as Sentinel, and Mr. ( li anskdo- as ( ' lass Advisor. .Mr. (iiaiiskdo has been the leader aii. ' l advisor of the F. V. A. since Deceiiilier, llltl ' . The F. F. A. hoys worked on parliiiieii- tary pro-edure to compete in state i-on- tesls and attended a Kansas City Conveii- tioii of the .V.F.F.A, A collcLM ' scholarship was made availalile fir one of the o ' ron|i. In a commniiity so vitally interested in aorieiillnrc. the oroani .ation has a di ' I ' inite role to play. 74 ' Glassmate AIM ' IJKXTICK TKACHERS ' l ' (i|) low. left 1(1 i-it;lit — H;iyiiHiii(l I ' iiil n vsl i. (Ii nr;zc I ' clcrsiM. I ' ctcr ' I ' lidurir .Middle row I.cnTiiiii ' I iiiiilir,i vski, .linn ' ! (■- Cr.Mc. Iiciic ' li:il liisli, liiilli Xdrdniii l. Hetty I ' ll 111. I ' .iitldiii niw ' ii-,uiiii:i . I.iUer. I ' .elly Hull iii i ii. .Mis. I.eiiipi ' .i I.iniii.i. M.iri.iii lleiiii;;. I, or ell.i .l.pliiis.iii. ASSISTA.XT l.ll ' .liAlilAXS -Uiiidiiij;. left In riuht — Mrs. I ' .rnwii. lictly 1 lull :ii;iii. ' 1 ' : iiy ( I rinsleilier. KNiiiie .Miller. Seated- Shirley Winters. .Vliei ' I.esperMiiee, Ciiriiline Kishei-. ' ir;;iiii.i . li;l;ei-, .loan Kline. Qlassmate- IIICII SClldOl, I walk tdwanl it. I I s rrd-hrii-kfd lilcakiicss. and ( ' rarki ' d sidewalks licckniis iiic (in. I open the door. A lii ' a spriiiL: ' rlan ' js it i-lnscd. A hrll liri-s: Skirts and ti ' imscrs rise, rnn, rnsli. ( ' (inrnsiiin n ' iiiiis. .Mv niachinr rlattcrs, Kacc t urns i-cd ; I ' ci ' pirat idii t i-ys t(i ln ' ad lis way out. A mistake is made, and ly eaiTiaiii ' nnrnirs despair. . sonnet hills nie. I marvel at it ' s inusie. 1 trv. A smndui ' il jiapin- i-iiid;li ' s And rests in it ' s pla(v Tlie wastehasket. Drnms roll amidst disurdeiv A liaton trys tn speak. My parkly. s ' l ei- trumpet Disobeys me. An l scpiee es S(|nea|s. A Imnseii flame leaps liiuli. My stomach tastes ipieei ' (m| n ' s. . ndi ' aele is perl ' cnnied With idearness I should eompi ' eheud lint don ' t. Slranu ' e sounds mnei ' iic fiiun an Amei ' ieaii. 1 plai-e them upon my toniiiie. - They do m t roll olT. Hut di-ep With a foreign thud. ' oiei ' s -peak fi-om uu etiled atri ' .s That aie, . nd aie pa-t. I )i aliments rnsl le And preaeh almndant ei|nality. A hell rin-s. Ki.ilies rive. move. rush. ( ' oid ' ns ' on rei ' .iiis. I ti-ead the walk. It ' s eraeks cemented. Tow.-lld life. ' Glassmate- A DAY IX S. II. S. In (inlcr to :ici|ii;iiiil (Hii- fuUirc stu- dents, and tlir |iarcnls of inir (•(Hiiinunity with mil ' si ' lidol. we wish tci take y ni un a sairiplr da. s t nii- iif S.II.S. Ijt ' t Mary and -John 1)1 ' inixlel students for all S.II.S. kids and follow tlicin on their journey. .Mar. ' and .lohn. Iioth ari ' ixinL; ' fi ' oni 1 nivalis in thrii- Freshman yeai ' are alioul to look ovi ' i ' the currieuluin Sti ' phiMison Iliji ' li Si ' liool otfers. Mary, who plans on takin.u ' a business e(nu ' se. niusl i ' h iosc sub- jects that will help her in that field, while .John, who hopes to become an elect ricaJ eULiinei ' r. miisl take a college entrance conr-e. Mary ' s homeroom advisoi- is williim ' to hi ' lp her plan the foui ' sub.jects she must take. .M;iry decides on Ihnnc Ec- i Oomii s ! I ' eipiired 1 . Eniilish (recpiired), (icncral Math., and (ieneral Sinence. Althoiiiih -lohn plans on takinu: ' a col- h ' i;e entrance course his subjects are al- most the a-. Maiy ' s except for Sliop (required), and Ali;ebia. As file bells rini; ' and and (dasse-; are called , lar.v hurrie-- to find a seat neni ' •John t) tell him of all her new exijeriences. Soon the tall erect I ' iulM ' e of the JMc lisii inslrucl(M ' i-omcs lo iew. and the confusion sctlles down to a low whisper, as she passes out the books. She explains that durini. ' the first, senie.stei- they will be studyinji ' Short Stories. Poetry. Spelliii! ' . and how ,e-raminar can be applied to ' very ilay writin.u ' . Mary knows she must wurk Inird. fin- she must learn the f undanieidals if Enji ' lish to become a i;(jod stenoi;raphec. The bells soon disnnss them from En.L ' lish. -lohn ' s next (da s is Ali;-ebi-a while Mary t oes to Home Ec, -lohn is told that he mu ' t niastei- his Aliicbra in oi ' der to lake Advanced Math in later year-s. S(] hi ' makes up his mind al once that h " will not ;;et behind in Aluclii-a. Meanwhile Mary is li teiniii; ' exten- sively to Miss .Smith, Home Ec instructor, who is rapidly explainiu ' .: the first semes- ter W ' Oi k ; which will consist of fundamen- tals in sew ni:. cooking, and food pre erva- tii n. " There will be a sli:n-t time s|)ent on ei-oonuii ' . care of yinir room, and knil- timi. " went on Miss Smith. .Mary, feels sure that Home Ec. is another class she will enjoy. The bell s:i(;n riniis to dismiss them for noon hour with a half da.v in S.II.S. well spent. Hnth Mary and -lohn ha e alread, ' made fr.eiuls. and are biis.v enjoy- inj:- the noon-hour, discnssini; ' the happeii- in ' . ' of the moi ' nin ' .; before they realize thai nooii-lionr is over. Back to their home room tliey miisi yo to answer for I ' oll. -lohn is anxious for his next cla- . Shop 1. while ilary is also lookiiiu- I ' lU ' ward to (Ieneral .Malh. iiciini ' dismi-sed •lohn hiii ' iies o -er to Shop find ini: a laiLre ' jionp of boxs anxious to L;el slaited. Ml. I ' .riiwn. -peakini; in a loiu!, ' Classmate ' clear vdicc. said. " ' Tlu ' first scini ' tiM ' woiiM he spent ill the study of meelianieal draw- ijiii ' s, while the bnys would work ou wood work dui-iiij:- tlie second semestei-. .Mary, lookiiiu ' over her (ieiieral Matli textbook while listciiiii ' - to the iiisti-uctor who explains that (ieneral Matii is just as it says a review of (ienei-al Arithmetic, so the stiich ' nts will he able to nndei-- stand, and reason out their probienis inueli faster. Mary ' s last cb-iss is (Ieneral Science where she meets .lohn, who is ail excited over tiie wonders of shop. Tiie science teacher explains that in li-eiieral scienc? they will study the problems ai ' onnd Ihein in nature, time will be spent in demon stratin ' experiment where the student can comprehend the sub.ject better. As the bell dismisses sehfwl at ' -. ' M) Mary and .lohn both aji-ree that their first (lay at S.I1..S. has made them look foi ' ward to many moi-e. Three years have passed since Mary and .lohn spent their first day in Stephen- son Ilijili School. Both of them realized that this, their last year, must be s]ient in workinji- hard at tlu ' ir subjects. Mary, who did well in typing ' ami Shorthand I, ])lans to take typin ' II, and Shorthand II ])Ius Seiuor Knu ' lish and . merican (lovernment (re(iuired). .lohn. who enjoyed Chenusfry last year, will take I ' h.vsics. Advanced Math., Senior Enjilish and Am. Goveriiment. .lohn also is a. member of the varsity football and basketball s(iuad. As the bell riniis and clas-e ai ' c calleil .Mary and .lohn. bith diiiiiified Seniors, calmly wa k to Senicu ' Eniilish. There they •K ' ct old frii ' uds and chat over summer (A|)eriences wlien the new Enjilish tea her (.sli ' ihtly confused over the newness) walks in. She introduce herself as Miss .John- sen ami beuins |)assin;j out text books ex- lilainin ;- that they will stai ' t the Kni;lish coui ' se by followiu ' .: the text book which takes in I ' rose, Poetry, Xovels, and some work on theme wi ' itin ' . Every two weeks e:r-li pupil will be r ' spoiisible for a theme on a uiven subject. .Miss .lohii ' .in went on explabiinji ' that durinu ' the I ' nd semestei ' a laiL; ' e portion of the time would be spent on iirammar which broU ' ht forth i;roans from the students. . s the bell dismissed Senior Enulish, .Mary went to Typing- II while .John f(nind his way to .Vdvanced Mjitli. In . dvanced .Math, .lohn found the class rather small, only the students like himself, who hojK ' d to ,i;-o to college, were there. .Mr. Brown explained, " that Ad- vanced .Math, was only for students who were .«erions in thcii ' work, for this was the hardest .Math .dass offered by S.H.S. " He went on to say. • ' that . dvaneed Math. wonld be otfered the first semester for one-half credit and olid geometry the I ' nd seme-ter for a half credit. .Meanwh ' Ie Mary looked hopefully for hci- lioyal typewriter she used last year, findini: ' it she ipiic ' kly sat dowil. I. mill rapidlv called thi ' class to order, ex- plainiicj ' that she expected her sei-ond vear 78 Qlassniate studt ' iits to ' _:( ' t YvA i dnwii to business fni ' they Ii;h1 :i lot 1o ;i ■coiiiplisli this yeiir. They wdiild spend time mi Ixith a:-curacy and sjx ' ed tests. Tiiei ' e would be outside assiii-iiiueiits and eaeh i)upii would be ex- l)eeted to spend one period a day on typ- ing- ]U-aetii ' i ' . The period rapidly dinunisht ' d. the bidl I ' ani; and it was noon hour. Heini; ' a niic t ' ;dl day the studeids I ' lLshed to tlir lawns of S.II.S. where they lapidl.v ate their Inneli in the eonl ' iision that the firs! (hiy of si-hool brings. As always the no;in hour was soon over, and to AnuM ' iean ( io ( rnnient. .Mary iind -lohn went. The elass was laitii ' be- ea,u;e Aineri an ( io ei ' iinient is required for all students t i izi-aduate. Mr. Williams, pa sinu ' the books, disi-ussed with the class the reas ns for takim ' Am. (.Iii ' . " .Vs fu- ture citizens of the I ' nited States, " went on Ml ' . Williams, " you should leax ' e school well | ' ie|)aied to tiiei ' t the re;|uirements of beini:- a Li ' ood. a tive American citizen. DuriuL; the last shx weeks you will have the chance of i ' oini; ' t i .Menoiiiinec to view a C0U1I in se sion, " saiil .Mr. Williams. The bell runi; ' . ; lary " s next class was shorthand II. while -loliii vent to I ' hxsi ' s. Mary found Shorthaml If a rather small class for inly the best students in Sh n " thand 1 wi ' Vf advised to take Short- hand Jl. Miss Lund, llic commei ' cial teacher, (|uickly took roll and asked the students to |)lease put forth their best ef- foi ' ts on this class f(U- tlie.v had a lot of w(u-k ahead of them. While Mary was listening; attentively to .Miss Lund. John was dazed by the W(j|iders of l h,vsics he soon would be stud. in,L ' ' . Mr. (Jrant, till ' I ' hysics instructor, went on sayiiiL: ' " thai the foundation of all pliysii ' al si-ience are the fundamental ideas of mattei ' . force, mi tioii, wiiik and e]ieri;y that will l)e sludied in this class. " Two da,vs a weelc would be spent in doiii; ' iaiioratory ex]ieri- ments which would bi ' ini; ' out more clearl - the laws of Physics. The bell raiiL;- for the dismissal of schtiol. .Mai ' y and -loliii looked at each otlii ' r thiiikini; of three years ai; ' o whiMi they weie " tireeii Freshmen " runnin i ' to llie bus. Xow, slowly and tli(Mii;lil full. - ' to the bus they i;d kiiowiie.;- that this is their last year in S.ll.S. and thoujah they aie lookini; ' foi ' ward to _; raduatin ' and ' .icinu ' on to colle ' 4 ' e and ;i .iob, they hate to leave S.H.S. and all the fi ' iends they have made. 7!) ' Glassmate- 80 = = (3lasswiate THERE ARE MORE OPPORTUNITIES— NOW— A Foitune Survey shows that nearly 70 men out of every hundred think they have better opportuni- ties than their fathers had. More than 60 think their sons will have better opportunities than they have. Youth is a time of optimism, so men between 17 and 25 are con- siderably more optimistic about their own chances than men over 40. Even 61 per cent of poor youngsters said they had a better chance than their fathers. When men think this way the country is safe from revolutionary explosions. It is only when people are depressed and are conscious of being held back that they are lipe for revolution. Men and women are still free to climb ! CONGRATULATIONS to the members of the CLASS OF 1949. THE liiNK IIP " Complete and Friendly Financial Service " Member Federal Deposi ' Insurance Corporation Qlassmate- TRACTOR TIRE HEADQUARTERS Firestone tractor tires are guaran- teed to out-pull, out-clean, and out- wear any other kind. LOXG l:OlilPMl:NTC(). 701 Sheridan Road Menominee - - - Michigan Dial 4877 BEST WISHES FROM FRESH ICE CREAM Menominee Michigan We carry the most complete stock of VICTOR, CAPITOL and DECCA RECORDS NORTH OF GREEN BAY Also authorized dealer for RCA VICTOR RADIOS and COMBINATIONS (Miri)vi?v 707 Ogden Avenue Menominee Dial 6305 Michigan BEST WISHES FROM mm DAiiiY Ice Cream Milk Butter Dial Marinette 2-5025 1115 Main Street Marinette Wisconsiri Glassumte- I I m { uu I SUMMER SESSION Write for full particulars about our Summer School. We have many more calls for office help than we can supply. Approved under the G. T. Bill to Train Veterans S. P. RANDALL, President 123 South Washington St. GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN Till: jBWliL 150X Comer Pierce at Main Street Maiinette - - - Wisconsin Gruen - Hamilton - Bulova and Elgin Watches. Art Carved Diamond and Wedding Rings. [ 11 I) mm Spur - Hi-Spot - Ginger Ale and Sparkling Water Xpert Flavors Main at Mann Street Marinette Wisconsin Glassjiiate r " T T 1 " ISLAND r). R Stephenson ' s Newest and Finest Best Wishes To The GRADUATES OF " 49 " DAVE OLIVE, Prop. Stephenson - - - Michigan COMPLIMENTS OF W.C.WAXGHRIN SON ; Dealers in Potatoes and General Trucking Phone 159-F13 Stephenson - - - Michigan 1 Our Compliments to the Class of " 49 " STEPIl :NSON MARKirriNG ASSOCIATION Farmer Owned Co-operative Stephenson - Michigan 1 COMPLIMENTS OF iM " su " {i ' :ii i[i Stephenson - Michigan Sales and Service Dodge and Plymouth Dodge Job-rated Trucks Glassmate- COMPLIMENTS OF IIOTI ' L MARi: T:TTI: Stephenson, We ' re For You Phone 1305 Marinette COMPLIMENTS OF R :X CAFl: HENRY BARTELS, Prop. Best Wishes to Class of 1949 Stephenson - - - Michigan congratulations and best wishes, class of 1949 for excellency in photography lester h. baker master of photography BEST WISHES FROM LACOMB ' S BAR ]HR SHOP FOR THAT WELL GROOMED LOOK Stejihenson - - - Michigan Glassmate- The Cutest Shoe of the Year Black Suede Sizes 4 to 10 AAA to B The Humdinger a A IliA E c Marinette Wisconsin i;i) ' JI ' S nifLE IENT Dealer in — Case Farm Machinery, Washing Machines, Refrigeratois, Deep Freezers, Milking Machines, and General Hardware. Wallace, Michigan Groceries - Tavern - Meat - Gas imni) Carbondale, Michigan Cash Paid for Forest Products FRANK HUEBEL, Prop. Phone Menominee 713-F14 COMPLIMENTS OF mn ciificEiiy AND Jli ' KEIIS Ingalls Michigan Qlassniate COMPLIMENTS OF in ] ' M iliH ' X )i V L -Bottlers of — Upper 10 - Orange Crush - Dr. Wells - Nehi - Par-T-Pak Beverages. Full Quarts Dial 3262 Menominee Michigan OLSnXS CAFI: Fine Foods — Pleasing, Discriminating Lunches. " HERE TO PLEASE " Next door is George Pfankuch ' s Fine Cocktail Lounge Fine Drinks — Cleanliness Marinette Wisconsin CONGRATULATIONS FROM THE STHPHHXSON BAK1:RY Stephenson - - - Michigan Glassmate- GO ALL-ELECTRS Af(iimmfw ELECTRICITY does the job better and cheaper IN THE HOME Lighting - Refrigeration - Water Heating - Cooking - Laundering Ironing - Cleaning - Entertainment ON THE FARM Lighting - Water Pumping - Milk Cooling - Milking - Milk House Heating - Hay Curing - Barn Cleaning - Silo Unloading Motorized Tools - Ventilating MENOMINEE [ ) MARINETTE CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF 1949. ' Signed : An Advertiser COMPLIMENTS OF Escanaba Michigan Qlassmate Insist on the Best Safer to Use Saves More Space Stephenson Easier to Handle No Empties to Return Jl II SERVING YOU FOR 37 YEARS Michigan -: J. Lll ' llEM Friendly Service Ingalls Michigan MID-COU TY SUPPLY Industrial Supplies Equipment For the Commercial or Fann Shops Expert Welding Service in Our Shops Case Farm Machineiy Sales and Service Phone 167 Stephenson - - - Michigan Qlassmate- Congratulations Seniors From Clarence, Harriet, and Jo. BAR-IM) COMPLIMENTS OF DISIiXl-ArS SHRVlCn STATION Stephenson Michigan Stephenson Michigan I F. riiTTi ' :ii iEll ' . y " EVERYTHING TO BUILD ANYTHING " Stephenson BEST WISHES FROM Jllli. ' S nil ) BEER WINES LIQUOR Michigan Stephenson Michigan Glcissmate- 1 MODERN MOMB APPLIAXCBS The General Electric Store E. Rickaby Phone 32 Stephenson - - - Michigan Congratulations! Class of " 49 " CIIARLHS HODOllAS Stephenson - - - Michigan V0HLK1:R SBR nCH STATION MERT VOELKER, Prop. Daggett, Michigan Congratulations From m ' D 11 I Located 2 blocks west of US-41 Six bowling alleys next door Daggett, Michigan (3lassmate- " You are always welcome " Chrysler Plymouth International Trucks School Bus Sales Service. THOMSON MACHINF: CO. Menominee Michigan COMPLIMENTS OF news ICHCRHAM and RliSrAURAXT 1722 Main Street Maiinette Wisconsin { l 1 1705- 7-9 Main Street Maiinette Wisconsin Vitll E.ElTMMil w Menominee, Michigan Your General Electric Dealer Make your future " Home To Be " Complete with G E. (Slassiiiate ' COMPLIMENTS OP VlLLAGl: LLIN Stephenson Michigan Subscribe for the The only Daily Paper In Menominee County It brings to you all the Local, National, and Foreign News Menominee Michigan Crisp Fresh DTITI) ) Delicious Tasty LOUIS LUTRI, Prop. Stephenson, Michigan C iissnuiie- Greet ings From Ai m m Home Terminal, Escanaba, Mich. Phone 1713 Direct Service From Chicago, Milwaukee, Fond du Lac, Gieen Bay, Minneapolis, St. Paul to all points in the Upper Peninsula New Portable and Reconditioned Standard Typewriters. Adding Machines Duplicators OFFICE mm m ) Escanaba Michigan AFTER THE GAME STKOHL " INN FOR REFRESHMENTS Stephenson Michigan Glassmate MARINETTE AND MENOMINEE Where three generations and fift. ' -one years of experience guarantee the BEST results. Portrait — Commercial and Photofinishing COMPLIMENTS OF THE i l:W VOGUl: Menominee, Michigan Keepsake Elgin-Bulova Diamonds Watches ELIGBXE WITTAIJ Guaranteed Watch Repairi ng Fine Jewelry 1611 Main Street Maiinette - - - Wisconsin 1 Qlassinate- We Congratulate You GRADUATES OF ' 49 m mi John Deere Sales and Service Goodyear Tire Distributors Phone 58-F2 Stephenson Michigan RICKABY ' S MARKirr Choice ' GROCERIES and MEATS Stephenson Michigan mn m m i For Recreation and Refreshments Stephenson Michigan mmm ciiEi iEiiy and m ii. iiiy Stephenson and Wilson, Mich. BUTTER EGGS and CHEESE MARVIN SHEEVY Phone 70 Stephenson - - - Michigan Glassmate- COMPLIMENTS OF HADENS JI:W1:LRY Menominee Michigan " Deposits Insured by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation " ANDERSON MOTOR SER ' ICE SALES SERVICE CONGRATULATIONS FROM ' ] JOEllNAL Stephenson Michigan i Stephenson Michigan Ci Lass7iiare ' HF I ' RICK ' ' X and J " H - ' X -r-v ' .;-Y StepfeeniiO ' ii ria We ave the best anti-fipee ' ze ' . r ' isit: ;_ - -■S i€ C XELnA-n SERMCE STATI ' JX Step eiLf •: r. -ia HnR " ATH ' S MAKKI: Gl ssmare R,. SURER ' REFRIC-ePAr-o ;, onc Aestinghouse hsit! ■ode possi)ie by New, Exclusive, AstoBsSc ACT NOW! oy CAW S5 s ? , • XELSO.X ' N ELECTRIC SERMCE =(3lassinate- To buy the " New " Used Car or - For the skilled repair of your own Visit GARAGE Menominee - - Michigan Select That Special Gift of Silver, Jewels or Watches at the , HARlf)R ' SHOP Menominee - - Michigan j COMPLIMENTS OF l)l{. P. 11. 1 ' lllllOLL Stephenson Michigan DI-LTA HARDWARl COMPANY School Supplies Tools Sporting Goods Home Utensils Escanaba Michigan ' Qlassvnate COMPLIMENTS FROM Marinette Wisconsin

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