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■: ' ' v y: wv U y ' P:W i Mr,:.. y J. . Be Smart . . . Be Thrifty Go ahead and spend some of it. But, if you spend all of it, you won ' t have that money for bigger things later. Smart people know that banking part of their earnings gives them confidence — provides for future needs — banishes money worries — fosters personal ambitions. A spendthrift is never happy — a miser is never rich — a thrifty man is never poor. We invite you to start an account with us. The Bank of Stephenson Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation STEPHENSON, MICHIGAN a. m ' --na fC rx lf 19 ' 3 " y ' ' f ' v h I X3 h 1 •ci u» u A f , « ' jL olJ- ' i aJ l r CLASSMATE 1948 - Cplihlisherl hi the Qoinmimiiy Snglish Glass of Stephenson ' J iigh School -Giassmate- HH f? j A i«ir -Giassmate- oreiaord OiiiT Upon ;i time in ;i iircat ilark t ' lirt ' st. iiitci wiiicli 1,11 siiiilij lit pi ' iictriitrd. ami fniiu which no known i);iths sci ' mcd to lead, a tiny fawn was left ori)lianeil n- almost oi ' ]ihaneil. The hush and the tali trees seemed to wall him in and the woods echoed with stranjie rustliniis and soni;- and si|Ueaks and urunts, Tiie little fawn, tliinkinji ' himself (|iiite lost, yet smellinu ' a straniie ii ' ood smell of an outsid( world, and seeinji ' an elusive shaft of In-i htness he could nexcr reai-h. he;ian to wee|). Hut no soonci- did liis tears flow than many little voii-es heiian to comfort. A small lalihit with a i erky tail and hriiiht eyes lauiiiied at him ;ind cavorted tlown a little path the deer had not seen for himself. A reat lion with a stern voice and a i;rave cyi ' took him a ide to ji ' ive him couraiic and hope. A whole l)evv of liii ' ds and .S(|uirrels chattered from the trees and told of the S ' ' " t ' at wide world which they could see and would one day show him when he learned wisdom and patience and courage, and friendliness and km w how to read trail si ' iis; then on that wondei-ful day, he would find that place of uciod smells anil i-ustlini; ' wind an l lirii;ht sun. A funny little skunk with a paw full of iolets swa ' .ii;-ercd hefore him and told him the path was short and easy. At last the fawn ipiite convinced and ea; -ei-. he ' aii the journey. As he traveled with his many companions, his lej s i ' rew stroni;er and his mind clearer. ' l ' he - lauyiied and wm ' kcd toiicl her and let those who could SCI ' from the liiiih hranches lead them. At to the educ of th ■ Woods, a ureat wise owl sittiiii; ' in the shadows came to .ioin the u ' rou]). then the lion, smiled kindly and delivered his last lectui ' e, hefore they hoinided away into freedom. " The w n ' ld " s ' 1. " he said, ' ■hut the meadows are not all ' ai ' een and cool and sometimes cdouds I ' ovcr tlie sun. !! of us lia ' e helped you and advisi ' d you. Be strou ' ' and fii;ht for i;(iod. lie ha|»p. to live. Cai-ry with yiJU (Uir i-espect and leave the woods for the sun. Hut remeni- her the world is full of jiaths ami new les- sons. Here you were sheltered and guided, ' { ' here you will izuide and shelter others. " The deiM- listened (piietly and then with Ims liand of friends, the i-ahhit. the skunk and the owl. he ran ipiickly into the sun- liuht ■( Inssjihif( W-A-k r.iw (st.-niiliii " ) — Shii-lcv Drni ' sc. Julia ZicliiiiUa I ' .rlly ra ' U. Miss I. ' cyiicilds. |,i,i- raiiic Xclsoii. I.iiis Nels )H, KIcaiKir ( ' mih. llcl. ' ii orlcy, Malic rt ' cilf. " Jiiil iDW ( sli.iidiriH; 1 — Mildred I- ran ■iiur, Kvclyn Waiiiicrili. Evelyn Walz. Arlene Iterirer. Audrey SInttke, Muriel ( " iirey. Alire Airyen. I ' .elty .loliTison. Klaine I ' etersnn. . " .rd row (sillin.:! — l,(irraine l ' ldlli|.s. Marilyn le ' ini. Marl n Clidssek. Mar ' orie SaUavitz, Andii ' y I ' .lan. I ' .dtloni row — Narnian Caulk. l iiu;;las Alisnianii. .Jesse Ili ' liliard. Frank Ilueliel. Wayne Kay- ser, ITer:i:aa Si-liuette. Donald Iloule. Fran- cis Haliitoy. All. ent-— .1 ' :ri (.awrenre Marie Foley. llele]i .sehuiidl. Alai lielle .Munia. AXNTAI, STAFF The Mlililla ' i stuff, eoiuiKiseil iif :)4 nipinbers, is i-( ;illy the Coiunuuiity Kiielisli class of S.II.S. Tliis class was iiiaiioiiral- ( ' (1 111 take eai-i ' oF the JiiiiiMuilistic activities (It till ' schiHil. ]t has atteiupted tn iitihlisn ail etVicient and apjiealinu ' school papci ' . and a coluiiiii in the .loiirnal. Kvcryone who helped publish the ( ' la-siiiate of 1948 deserves luneli credit. Edit i!i ' -i 11 -chief — ; Iari()n Cho.ssek. Assistant Kditor — -iarjorie Bakovitz. liiisiness .Manaircf — Frank Ihieliel. A s ' t. IiiisiiH ' ss Manager — Donald Ilonle. Advei ' tisiii ' - Sales — Frank Ilnehel, Elaine I ' eter.-on, hois .Nelson, Doue-las , lis- nianii. Year I ook Sales — Shirley Droese. Audrey Pdaii. Lorraine i ' liillips, .lidia Zielkona. i ' l-oduclion .Maiiao ' ers — Audrey itiau. Lois Xclson. Tyjiists — Elaine Peterson. Eleanni- Conn, Elizalieth -lohiiMUi, Marihii Reliiu. .Inlia Ziehinka. S])()rts Editors — Francis Haliitoy. Wayne Kayser, Herman Sduiette. Social Editors — Audrey Rlottke. Evelyn Wat ,, Evtdyii Wanoerin. Literary Editors — Marilyn Heliin. Helen ni-|cy. Alice Aeocn. Lorraine .Xclson. Art Editors — Joan Lawi ' ence, Marie Pfeifi " . Alnnmi Editors — Helen Schmidt, Betty Paul. .Mildi ' ed ]- ' raiiconr. Muriel Corey. Clasi Editor.s — Maelu ' lle .Miima, Elaine Peter.-ion, Jidia Zieloiika. i ' nidicily Director — Shirley Droese. Photouraphy I ' Mitcu-s — Frank Ilueliel. Lois Xelsoii. We truly a:-kiiowlcdoe the work wliidi l.cydcn ' i ' horpe did in lielpiiiL; ' to pnlilisii 1 he ( ' lassiuatc. — Glassmate- DEDICATIOX AVo, tho seniors of ' 4S, wish Id dcilii-ate tliis years annual 1: ] liss Kaiiiiy Spriiiysteen wlm lias willingly spent iiiuch time, effort, anil luitieiii-e in aiilini; ns I i lieiMinie ri ' adv to entei- tlie outer world. Miss Springsteen is i-esponsilile for tlie many improvements made at Stephenson lli ' ,ih Si-ho )l in the past twelve years she has been with us. To hei- ' oes the credit f:i|- the lieginninji ' and pi-niiKit ing of many organizations smdi as Student (. ' ouneil. Appi-entice Teaching, I ' hristian Fellowship and Teen Age Dances. To help the Community, iliss Springsteen has taken a great interest ' ii the Stephenson Coordinating Council and has been chairman of the Education t ' onnnittee, thus helping to make it as mncli nf a success as it is now. Xnt onl. has she taken time to prepare the Senior Clas-; Nights Iml has gi -en up her time to oi-gani .e the entire program which has alwaxs been greatly appreciateil by evei ' .vone. Tliough maii. - of these things have taken time and |:rciiaration, Mis Springstci n has alwa. : been a ery active me)u- ber of the Methodist Cliiuch in Stephensnn ( ' (immunity. She has also been in demand as a ]ieakcr b - man. - ciimmuiiil - iirganiza- tions. The school has becimic moi ' e than a physical structure be- cause of her preseni e. it has be -ome a monument Ituilt by education to the successful men and women we can beccune. It is with great plea-ure thai the Siniois make this dedii ' atinn In a 1 ru ■ friend of all. ■Glassmate- ' Josepli B. ijucky. Superintendent rj acuity r.acU ri.w. |(-fl lo riylil -Mr. OcIUit. Miss l!c,vui Uls. Miss ScluiMl, Ml ' . IJcMiioll. Miss Hull rill. Mr. M:utiii. . Ir. (iiiiU.v. .Midilic ruw, left to ri lit — .Mrs. Itrown, Siirinssl ' ' ' ii, Mrs. .Mniion, .Mi-. Criinskog, .Mr .r.icisiri. . lr. riiil.ii. Mr. .McCnrlli.v. I!(ill i|ii rciw. Icfl 1(1 ri;;lit ) — . lr. Siiiidiiiiist. .Miss Anderson. .Miss WciinerKrcn. Mrs. .Njisliind. .Mrs. I.ii ' inin, .Mrs. Hiilslciii. .Mr. Lacasse. . ■CUcissmate- TKACIIKHS ' Bl()(lHAl ' in?]8 Faye Schaal Smrll siiiiicthiiii;- l)Ui-iiiiiu- ' ? Not in S.II.S. since i ' wrvf t ' oi ' t un;itc cikiul;!! lo ji-i ' t Miss Faye Scliaal as the Home Iv ' ondiiiics instrnctnr. Miss S; ' iiaai lipeaiu.- till ' llimif Iv-. Icarlicr in l!l|l), wliirli, iiy till ' way. was her first yeai- nf li ' ai-liini; afti ' i- yi ' aduatioii. Miss Srliaal has hem teai ' liinu ' in Stf|ilii ' nsoii siiin ' that tiiin ' ami now to uivi ' you a hit of lirr liark ' _;i ' iiniiil. Sill ' was l ()i-n in (lillctt. Wismnsin. where lie still makes her home. Many of hei- st udenls eli y her for one ol ' liei ' , ))i ' rsoiia! |)os essions anil that is her diiurjjles. lie sides dimples she has liL:lit Xrovvii hair, and brown eyes. She atteiidi ' l seh llliiKij ' s and Wiseonsin, A ' oiih ( ' ( ' i)lleffe. .Xaperville, lUini s for two and he was a Liraduati of the I ' nif, ( f Wiseonsin. Miss S haal ' s travel tak ii her to thy, IJbiek IlilU. the stj ie .National a ' rmi. Salt LakeA t ' an. ( iloi ido. Slij ' lis:) ventltreil Sii yli as far a liss )liril iVil the siirrojiniWnt;- states. intjel ' yK Ileal mUinly kWli the out ■ iloovs. I r She ukes liiilh wivJler and siim- me ' l ' VsporTs in ;f,(j|ditioii wi Tuiisie and photo I ' apW. Her jpet lj; ' ' ' " y ( (iiml get this teim-ag ' ers ) oxiji-lvsiVjil isiieiVti ' il teen-ag ' ers. We all liopi ' tnat y nss S ' haal will enjoy many more years in Stephenson as cnir Home Ee. teaeliel7 To her the Seniors of ' 48 wish the bt ' jT of liiek. John U. Siiiiiliiinst Mr. Suiidquist was hoi ' ii in Bark Kiver and now resides in Stephenson where he is teaehiii " ' at the liiizii srhool. For his formal edui-atioii he attended Harris Hiji ' li School in Harris. .Xortliern Miehiji ' an CoUeg ' e of Edtieation. and Wayne Fniversity. Mr. S ' Jiid()iiist has taueht in IJark Kiver. Detroit and Stephenson, [ii lll-t-t he enlisted in the Navy tlnrinu- wiiieh time he traveled to Washington. D. ( ' .. California, the Hawaiian Islands, I ' liilip- pine islands, and New (ininea. At the presiiit time, Mr. Snndqiiist is teaehiii!. ' : Kth grade math, algelira. advaneed niatli, drivers " training and eommunity eliemis- try in S.H.S, His interets are liasehall, woodworking and meehanieal drawing and his pet peeve is alihing. His opinion of S.H.S. is . . . " A very pi-ogressive sehool which wmdd he even more .so if the stu- dents would accept their responsiliilit ies more seriously. ■■ To he a nuith instrnclor in college is Mr. Suiuhiuist ' s future ambi- tion. (! raJil ( ' . Marliii Mw Martin was born in LaPorte County. Indiana and now claims Stephen- son as his home town. He can be easily recognized by his dark hair, bine eyes, height of () feet 1 inch, and his personality which makes you feel at ease whenever yini speak to him. He lias attended Bass- wood rural school. Three Oaks High Sehool, Berrien County Normal sehool, We.stern Michigan College, and T ' niversity of (Tii- eago. His teaching years niimbei- 1: in wliicli 7 have been spent teaching in rural si ' hools and b vears in Stephenson High School. .Mr. .Martin has traveled to Mich- igan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio. Kentueky, rennessee, ' irginia. ' X ' irginia, Bennsylvania, Washington 1). ( ' ., Mary- land, New York and Canada. The hobbies and interests uppermost in his mind are ])hotoc rapliy and sports. Hunting and fishing are his fa ' orite sports. His ])et jieeve is hearing someone say, " I did it liecause the other fellow did, " He feels that S,H.S, is a tine sehool and its oppor- tunities will increase. His ambition for the t ' nturc is to lixc a happy married life and to do as well as he can any tasks he is asked to ])erform, Ediiicr J. LdCdssc P.rown hair. ' Blue eyes? oTi " ? Yes, you gues.-ed riiilit. It is Edmer .1. LaCasse, teachei- of 71 h and Sth grade science, and coiiimiinity and basic biology. V l- ' " ' - Ca se hails from Bark River, Michisjwi Wd at the pre.senf time he it living in StVl n- son. He taught in IlaiH-is foiv tliKee vears and this is his thirdjVear at-i . His travels have taken jViim, to UKarm tvery state in thei sJ ' nioiis ]ilus the_ ( untn-ies ,of .S;-()tland, EiokiaiiUj Irela ndMand P mnil-e. Since his gra i ( j)on day, wnich J ok Mice at Harris Higb chool, jie ' hajK atfMided Xortherib-Miy ' hi n TolMe i Kducatiou and he ftas aisN spent jtj . ' afs serviee with the r, l KV ir WreesMYJA Ji of those years in iiVrtnK wjf( ' » spWii i i England. Mr. LaCaAe, P tivi- kiHTwi i is " Flash " j lias a pqff ' ]ieeve Uks. e - | ' o)-i ie else ' , liiy IjiMug bowT weariiutcaps iVi biHldings iHsi Nwniblers. HHs hobbiesyuLd ' mter- estsV-iOTfer aroiui(; ilj3e ' iAld of spVrts. His opiniWlTQS.H.Swis tfui it is a progressive, demoVratie f o il. 3af own and operate a small busine sy is Jrfs ambition tor the fu- ture. ' ' To : l -., the of ' 4S wish tlie best of l ick in whatever he under- takes. ■C lussniiUc- Fii II II ij SpringxffP n .Miss hiiJi-iiigstei ' ii was Ixini on a farm five (5) miles fnnu Ddwayiac, Micliifiaii. We can well di ' siribe lier as beiii - ■ " feet 7 iiielit ' s tail with ' ray ey( s. and a very pleasiiii;- personality. Her eilueation was begun in Dowagiac High school and upon graduation she entered the Western Michigan College of Kdnea- tion. Kalanuizoo, Miehigan. It was here that she received an A. 1 . deizrei-. She then went to George WMshingtiHi I ' niver sity, Washington. I). ( ' . and Tnivei-sity of .Michigan in Ann Arbor foi- i-aduate work. Slu ' has spent -V-i yeai ' s as a teaeher. Two years as i-ural teai-her. 7 yeai ' s as .■ ' ela.ssi-oom teaeher. and : ' . ) .vears as teacher and principal in high schools. The last 12 years she has spent in Stephenson. Her travels have taken lier to -Vew York City, Washington, D. C. S,-otland, England and five eonntries of Europe. She has many interests and liobbies, anions;- whi ' li ai ' e reading, writing articles and po ' try. and eribbage. Her pet jieeve is irresponsible pi ' ople. Her ambitious for the future are to travel, do some writing, raise flowers, read astronomy and biograpliy. " A fine heritage if people co-operate with pi-esent plans mncli will be accomi)lished in the future. " is iur principal ' s opinion of Stephenson High School. We, the of 1!I4.S. wish to extend to Miss Springsteen, the best of luck in what ever slie may do in the future. Mrs. Kliziihi Ih ' , ' . Ilnnrii Mrs. Hrown, formerly of (lencva. New York has attended Elementary S.-hool at (Jeneva. High S-hool in Rush. New York. Alliiou, .Michigan and is spending her 1th year in the Stephenson Commun- ity, this year teaching 10th grade Eng- lish and iKilding the position of libraria;.. .Mrs. P rown has traveled through Xev York, Philadelphia. Miune:-w ta, Wa.sliing- tou and various Northwest aud North Central States. She finds enjoyment in classical music, writing aud readiuii- jxietry and silly es-,ays. She finds writing let- ters and ironing clothes very dis.igreeable. Her oi)ini n of S.II.S. is exi)re.ssed when she says, " I ' m fond of it and the students, I " ve always admired, particularly the spirit of so ai)|)ai-ent throughout the school. " I Irs. Brown ' s ambition is to become a good tennis player and to own a large collection of ela.ssical records. J II nil s III mil II .Mr. Ilcniictt came to S.II.S. tliri ' e years ago from Ishpenum;-. .Michigan and holds a ])ositiou of .lunioi- High School in- structor of History aiul .Math. He is f known to Us all as a tall, (piiet man wilii blue eyes and ilis])lays his genuine sense ' of humor wlien sayiin.;- . . . " .My hair was ill-own when I had some. " Mr. Benucll iias attended Emanuel .Missionary College ,j of Kducation, I ' niversity of linnesota, " and Xoi-thern Michigan College of Educa- tion, and has been teacliing for 25 years. ' •Interesting incidents in his life were the months he .sjieiit at ( ' amp Custer during ■. " World War I. his travels of the .North ' Cent ral States. His most rcnvarding spare- time habit is reading. When stating his opinion of S.II.S. Mr. P eunett said . . . " S.II.S. is makini;- fine progi ' ess and an honest effort to gi e every student all he has right to ex]iect. " To Mr. Bennett we wish tlu best of luck. Lrold A ml (f son liss .Vnderson or " Chajiparita " (the word for " Shorty " in Spanish) was born in Wallace, .Michigan, and is living there at the present time. . fter she gi-aduated from S.II.S. she went to Nortli I ' ai-k College in Chicago, Illinois and then to Boll Jones Collegi ' in Teniies ee. She traveled in the west to Wyoming and Colorado. In the south to (ieorgia and Alabama. Notice her southern drawl es- liecially when she says " you all " . She ))aints and sketches as well as being an accomplished pianist. She has a jiet peeve iwliich is growling in Study Hall. She ' teacher first and second -ear English and iSpanish. When asked her opinion of S. U.S. .Miss . nderson replies ... " It is i rogres ive. " (iood luck to .V(Hi from the iiiors. Marie BnrlJiind Miss Burklund is the teacher if vocal music for tlie third sncces-ive year in Stepheusim High School. As a child she lived in Daggett and attended Stephenson Public Schools lating high in her musical ability and later attended .Vugustana College, Rock Island, Illinois, Northern Michigan College of I ' ](lueation, Iar(|nette, Michigan, rnivei-sit. - of .Michitian and Lawrence College in . ppletoii. In ' 47 and ' 48, Miss Burklund has tauulil Klemeii- tary grades, junior ' j: choir, senior and junior girls ' glee and . Cappella choir. To .Miss Burklund we sav i;():k1 luck. ■Glassmate- Jl ' tll llll IHlhls On i I ' lilil. stiiriny iiiLilit in l.;nisiii!i ' . Miss Ji ' jin Ht ' vnolds arriveil ;it tlic Imhhc nf ! Ir. and Mi ' s. Floyd Hcviidlds wlm miw i-esidt ' in Fcrndidc, Miidii an. She a;- tendrd flic Linciiln Iliji-h Sl-IiooI all tlirinii;-]! Iit ' i- liii;li days in Ferndalc. Slic latiT attended the rnivcrsit.v of Micdii ' an, This year at Stephenson is her first year of teaehinji ' . Ainerieaii Literatui ' e, Senior I ' ]n, ;lish, Draniaties and Conniiiinity Eni; ' - lisli are ttie suhjeets she is teaehin;; ' . Mi.-s liey niilds ha- traveled tlirouuh New York, liehifian, Illinois. Maine and Massai ' liu- sctts. The noon h:i1 Inneh rnsh is her | et peeve. Her opini in of S.II.S. is that it is a pirited, pro.u ' res-ive and rovvinji ' s ' liool. ller ambition for the futni-e is to he; . ' nie a eolleiie pi-ofes or and in this the Seniors wish her the best of Inek. (ill iniiinl F. Flndiiie ] rr. Flodine. fornierl, ' of hiidin ' - ton, Micdiii;an. is teaehin ' . ' hand and invl rnmental nmsie this year in S.II.S. He has att ' nded Seton Hill ( ' olle ' i ' in (ireens- liui ' -j-, I ' ennsylvania ; and Sherwood Musie S. ' hool of Chieaii ' o, Illinois. He has spent 1 " ) years in iie-t rnniental teaehiiii! ' . 12 years with n swint! ' hand and o winter en- .uaeemeids with a eoiieert band in Florida with the Soiisa Personnel. He is interest- ed in i eolleetion of authentic wood wind insi i-uments, forestry, huntini; ' and fish- ini; ' . His opinion of S.H.S. is stated when he jays it has unvisnally excellent expan- s ' on possibilities. Hi future ambition is to be a studio musician in HoIIvwoik ' . (!ood luck to you. Mi ' . Flodine. froni the class of ' 48. iki ' ii 111 Ssf mill i-iii ' Aii Miiillni Di ' l Jliss Durt ' rin was born in Stephenson, Mi(diit; ' an. She has attended Menominee County Normal, Ferris Institute, Northern State College of Education, and the ( ' en- tral State C ' oIle ; ' e of Education. Miss Duffrin teaches the 3-4 ji ' rades in S.H.S. at present, but she has taueht all eijzht ji ' r ades in ditferent schools in Menominee Count.v. " S.H.S. is yrowinii ' rapidl.v iind it i- a friendly jilacc t:i work, " is her ojjinion of Stejihenson Iliiiii. Her inter- ests are sewini ' , musie, decoratine ' , i)lan- nin;i ' entertainment, and travelini; ' . Her pet peeve is waitiu " - for ])eople to do what they volunteer to do. Her ambition is to be a critic teacher and a social helper. To Miss Duffi ' in the Class of ' 4S wishes best alwa s. Frank .1,1 cisni Ml-. .Jaeisin, commercial teacher in S.H.S. was born in Ironwood, Miehi ; ' an. He has attended the (loji ' ebic Junior ( ' ollct;i ' in Ironwood and the Northern Michij;an College of Education in Mar- quette. He has tauglit shorthand, typing, bookkee])inu and ' ommercial business jirac- tiee for the ])ast five years. " Dynamic " ' is the opinion he has of S.H.S. AH s| orts are his intei ' ests outside of seliool work. Ir. Jaeisin " s pet peeve is inattentive pupils, and his ambition for the future is to be- come a better teacher. Best of luck, Mr. Jaeisin. from the Seniors of " 4S. " tl Mrs. Eliziihrth Mrs. Naslund came son grade school four years a L ' nd grade instructor, teaching experiences M ed the Menominee . iisl inid to Ste|)hen- as 1st and Previous to her ■s. Naslund attend- County Noi-nuil and Ni:rthern Micdngan College of Education. As well as a teacher, Mrs. . aslund is a housewife, interested especiall.v in garden- ini;-. reading and Sunda.v School. Her amliitioii is to retire, and become a better homeniaker and mother. She believes that S.II.S. is a fine, well managed school, striv- ing to its utmost to give all earnest pujiils the best. To a grand person the Seniors sav (iood Luck! ' Sim. I.riuird Lifinia ] Irs. Lieiina was born in Steph- enson, Michigan and has made her liome here since then. After atteiulini; ' Northern State Teacdiers " College and Ferris Institute she has liad 23 years teaching expei-ience. In Stephenson she is grade sehool ] rincipal. Her pet peeve is not having things done on time. She has traveled in the Northern and Western states and Canada. Her hobby is raising ];lants. outdoor life and learning how to do things. In the future Mrs. Lienua would like to manage a girls ' dormitory. She states the S.H.S. is otfering many new ojipoi ' tunities and better counseling sys- tem. To. Jlrs. Lienna we extend our best wishes. — Glnssiih ' iio h ' i -li!( (I Mi-Ciii I hi Mr. .Mi-Cartliy, orifzUiall Vi-mn the Bronx. Xcw York, is siK-iMiiifi ' is first ycai- in Strplicnson, I ii ' li f i(- (w aA coacli of Ihc ;nNily ro(itj alJ, )askcti)all ami 1rai-l learns aN well asH-fiV uriianizcr ' if the first intraninral volleyliall ami lia l rliial! ,i;auics in S.II.SS , ' i acir ' lias attrndcj East Si raii(lsl)iiri; ' tati ' ' I ' cacluM-s ' Collcije in l ' cnn l aniH and tlu ' rni crsify or Miciiiuau. Itii ' Indi-il in his tiMvi ' ls were the I ' liiliiVv ' " ' l l ' liid- and all parls of tlie Tiutid Stal ' wmMi hc ' was in the aiany. .Ml-. .McCarlliV tVaclic- si-icnce, ' jcdiniM ry. and pliy-ii ' alTHttT ' atiiin this year. " Crowd cd, liUt IHir. " is his (Spinioii of onr srhonl ami his aniliition foi- lln- fntnrc is tin ' sni ' M ' s of llir lioys of S.II.S. ' I i a swi-l! tiiiy wi ' wish till ' best of Imk. Mr.f. (!ir luloliin Uahldii Mrs. Ralston was hoiai in Kni;-- laml and madr lii ' i ' lionir town in Nor- way. .Mii ' liiii ' an. She has 1aui:ht kindi-r- f;:art(Mi classes for i:i years. Ilei- educa- tion was -athcred from . ' in1hern Miehiuan ( ' olleL;-e of Kdneation. W ' t tel ' n .Miehiiian Colleiic of Ivlu.-ation. I ' lnversity of Cali- f irnia and Master CoUee ' e of 1 )esie-iiin;i ' . She ha traveled extensively in l ' ' i-anee, Canada, and the Westei ' ii and Maslei ' ii States. Her hnlihy i-, knittini: ' which she cn.jovs and does very nincli. II( r pel pec ' e is e-mii chewine ' . The Senior ( ' lass is pi-ond to say I ' xst Wishes to Mrs. IJalston. .] X. .Illllllll Million .Mr-. .Morton who has been a failhfnl advisor of the Till erjjd,. class, hails f|-oiii SicphenMiii. .M ichii:;in. She at- tended X.;rthern .Michi ' jan ( ' ollciic of Kdu- cation at Maripicile I ' m ' foni ' years. She is now tcachim; ' jindor hiiili l ' ]iii: ' lish and so. ' ial studies. Mr-. .Morton has many in- 1eii ' -ts amone- which are . ' ■tudents. I ' cadinji ' ami scwin ' . ' . W ' e ne iM ' i-eally insisted .Ml--. M(,l-|iin tell ns her pet pec -e so we lei her (•-ca]ie this time. l ' i-oni the Senior class of 1II4S (!in- Mm-crc wishes ji-o to .von, Mr.-. Mm-liin. llnhllf y III III r Mr. X ' oelk- I-, who is a native of Steph- enson, teaches social s -iences in S.II.S. He is a u ' l-adnatc of .Voi-thern .Michit an ( ' i:lleu-e of Education and the I ' nivm-sity of .X ' otre Dame. He ha- had two yi ' ar.-; of tia ' hini;- experience. I lr. ' oelkei- was also a soldier in the last war fm- 4l! nn}nlhs. Althoui:-li .Mr. ' oelkei- -ets teased liy tii- stndcnl body, they ' ..ireally respect him and his abilities. Ilis opini:in of S.II.S. is that it is wvx pi-iiiiics-ix-e. If he wd ' O a ked what ;i student shinild rccei -e f r nil s.dionl his answer would be that a student . ' lundd utilize e ' ei-y niinnle of his school days to pi-cpare himsi if for the fnlnri ' . His pet ])ei ' ve is " eiu-oh.i-, " ' ' [ ' lie class of ' 4S wishes Ml-. ' oelker the be t of every- 1 hiiiL; ' ill I he fill lire. -Glassmate- i i ' V 0, r7 -Glnssniiitc- .liiMiiita Mi ' lclioir ' :iniiv!il (Jllccll -1-11 CiHiil ( ' il i ' .( ' ii liii II 1- -I i:«ti Ni ' isoii Carol Rackman ( ' !■•(• ' I ' liis -rar ail iiiinsiial rirciiiiislaiici- lias (X-curi-( (1, iiamrl.w llial twn Si ' iilors arc tied for t ' ii ' l plarc in S-lidlastic honors. Ratlicr than fliii a coin or draw i-n1s V! arr annonni-iiiL;- tht ' iu as l ' ;i- ' ah-clii-t;ii-ians. ' I ' licsc i -irls arr .Iiiaiiita .Mdi-hoir and I ' xtty Xcl on. lioth from Midh ' n ' rownship. The student eariiin ' i- second place and (hi ' i ' d ' or hciiit;- entitled to i;i c the Saluta- torian " s address is Carol liac ' knian of Ini;allston Township. Othei- nienihers of the chiss wlio earn- ed an averaire of I oi- aliove dnrinu- the four vcars are listed in order iielow with tlieir iown ' -lii|) : Barliara Saiitord S1ei)hens. it Shirley Di-oese Lakv- I.ydia Flanim (Vdarville Slidla .lohns(]ii Stephenson. l.cydrii Thin-pe Melle ' i Jane Laliay :Menouiinee Roy .lohnson Cedarville Elaine Peteisou Xadea.i Curtis Lareon Melleu Xorhcit Poupore Nadeau : Iariiiii Chossek Melleii Dorothy Flauni Xadeaii Eni;-ene Tebo Lake Irene Ilnlliiian Ini allston Ccrlrude Kline Stephenson Kita Beaudoin Stepheusoi; 1-2 ■Glassniate- Senior Glass Officers . FniiiU Huebel Kditi.r St-liool l);iZf 4 CImss rn-si(l-nt 4 Aiiininl Stiiff 4 l ' hntc..;lMl ll.V 4 SiMiinr I ' l.i.v 4 Sl;i.yf iiiMiiMsei ' ; ' Pn sidcnf - Dniutid ThielUe KcMithMll .■ ' .-4 l!:isk.-thall l-2-:!-4 Soflli.-ill .hiiii ' ir IMmv ;! Yicc-PrcaiflDit 8t;lla •liihnstin Work ill l ' i-iu. iiiricc 2-M-4 Hot Liinili 2-4 Secret iiry 4 Senior iil.iy 4 Hecrclary Slew;irt LtBeau Scliool Clioir Tre:is. .-i Opm-ttM . " , Treasurer 13 — C ln. ' isninfn- (Jcruld C. Mditin Noilii-rt l ' (ii|H!ff li;isU -tl)all Class I ' l-csiih ' iil :; I ' idiM Kiiifi . ' t Stndciil ( ' (lUiicil I ISi-ltf Ni-lsiin rimir :;i 4 II 1 -J Dicrclla ;i ( ' liccrl( ' a UT ' J Sliuliril CouiK-il 4 Wavii; KaysiT i;:isl;clli.ill SiIkmiI l azc 1 Aiiiiual Slair I .1 iiiiiMi ' play : ' , -Glassmate- Alice ARgen ClKiir ]-:V4 ( ' hcci-lcMiliiiir 2 Aiinujil Staff 4 4-II Secietiiiy li Sfliool Dazi ' 4 Marjorie Aiidcrsoii sriirc rmiiii IVarl Anilersoii Dmitjlas Ahsinann FiH.ihall 1-4 Si ' iiii) ■ I ' iii ' ]i Cirl Stajjc .Mai]a;j:ci- ;! Schodl I lazr 4 Animal Staff i Richard Bader Kt-iiiictli IScach I ' lioid-rapliy 3-4 Walter Baiiniler r.asU. ' iliall 4 Carnival Kini; Rita Beaiidoin (Jirl SiMJiit I ' n ' sidc ' iil Tail Itanfinj; 4 4-U I ' rcsiilcnf 1 ' (i|ici ' clla i ' -;; ■Gliissniuie- Kiil) Heaiiddin Arleiip HerKcr riidii- .•■,-4 AniiMMl Stufl " 4 Sclioiil Ihi .c 4 Kvcljll l ' llsirll A I ' npiiclhi Choir .■i-4 Spanisli Chill 4 Audrey HIaii CliiHTlc.iclcr 2-. ' !-4 Trid L ' -:!-4 ;icf Chill 1-2-H-4 A CniMiella 2-: ' .-4 Apjuoiiticc TcachiT 4 Stiire idom 2 Lilmiry 3-4 optTi-iiii 2-; Senior I ' lay 4 l.aliii Chili 1 Ahiiiial Staff 4 School Dazi ' 4 Betty Braxler I ' hoio raphy . ' i Noniiaii Caulk ' lioir 1-2 Aiiiiiial Staff 4 Si-liiM.l Daze I ir. ■Glassniate- Marion Chossek Oppi-ctt;! L ' -:; Clnss riay :; AiuiiiMl Sljitr 4 Sci I y,v A ' 4 A ( ' aiiiH-lhi Choir 3-4 Okv V ■_ ' Ann i;il K lit( i-iii- Cliicf Muriel (Orey ( I)frt ' lt;i ;! riK.ii- m;-;!-4 Aiiiniiil Staff 4 SclKiol I :ize 4 Latin Clul) 1-2 Siianish Club 4 Eleanor Conn CFC Annual Staff I School Daze 4 » ■ i- Lavonne Curtice CFC Shirley Droese Myron Drum (i. K. 1-li liasketball (J. A. A. 1-2 Football Kebate 2-3 Carnival 1-2-3 Sinior Play 4 (iirls Baslvetball 1-2-3 Vollevball 1-2-3 S..cM-t.r 1-2-3 IIcM-kt-y 2 Trojan StatT 1-2 School Da .i- 4 Choir 4 (;ice Chib 12-3-4 James Duca Paulini Eastland 4-II CFC Senior | in-iiii hoy ' " ' t .- -Glassmate I :imI iVIIioii I ' FA Kiilli I I ' lliiiii SI lire i-doiii :!-4 ..V(Ii: Klainii Mildnd I ' mriciiiir -II S|i;iiii li I ' luli 4 ScIkkiI 1 .i . t Cliircncc ii(II )f Clioir L ' -.-i diii ' ivttu : Clarence lliiiisoii ri ' A TheiKlorr llalxorscii Doiiahl Iloiile Aiiiiiial SlrLir 1 Scli.Kil Daze I 18 -CHassjJuite- Williani Iloi ' iuiiig Clmir :! liett.v .lohiisnn Stiirc lodiii 2 l.ibr.-ny :;-A .Iiiiiiur ri;iy ;! Schui.l I);|ZI ' 4 P ilwanl Kliekaiiip Fonil.jill ;; Gerlriule Kline Trciismcr Sr. r.niil :i-4 4-11 I.c.kIit :V4 Iri ' iic Iliiltiiiaii Spniiish Clul) 4 ].il)r:ii-.v 4 Ko.v Joliiison ' i(c I ' ri ' - . Vv. (•Ins s 4-H riiil. HukIi Kriiegrr 4-11 1 -2- -4 FdUthMll ItMsUclllMll ' Qlassmnte- LiK ' ille Liiiulnirist Riihnrd Manin Sec. 4-11 (Ui-l ScMults I ' iMilLiall Donald .MelliiiKcr Koolhall li. ' t-i Hask. .Maeh ' . ' llc Muma I ' ..I ml : ' . 4 Cliciir i;yiii ' readier 1 (art LaroiiK KoolliMll Ciirfiss Lar.stiii Pl ' A Jean Laurence ;ii-| ' s Allih ' Iic Ass ' ii. (ilcc Cliih A ' :l|ilirllM Cliiiir Hiilh I.iieas 4-11 dull -y .■ " } .» ' .J-- T4 ' y ' ' Jl J ' ■Glassmate- Ldis Nelson Hiclinrd Noi-(lj;reii Cliccilcadcr 1-2-4 1 ' .a 11(1 l ri ' .si(l iil 1 I ' liiit(ii;i:j|iliy ?.-4 l!;lii(l i;:V4 St ' c ' .v.-Trciis. 2 (iiils (Jli ' t ' Club 4 Aiinn.-il St;iff 4 Sl-lKKll ll;IZf 4 Senior I ' lay 4 Aiii)n ' Uti -o Tt ' acher 4 HeltMi Oilcy ll !l) ' rf Parkansky AiiiMi.-il SlnlT FFA a-4 Scliciiil 1 )MZi ' 4 Helen Perica I.iliraiy 4 Elaine Peterson Class TrcasiiriT 1- 1 " litH ' ileaiU ' r 2 Scci-ctary 4-11 1-2 Annual Stall ' 4 Si-liiMil Daze 4 .Marie Ifeiff Lorraine Phillips Annual Staff 4 .luniiir I ' lay ' ■ ' Gym 4 4-II Club Annual Staff 4 Stlmol Daze 4 21 -Giassmate- .Marilyn Kfliiii Doris liiiliiii oii C.A.A. 1 (JIl ' C ( ' lull (;. K. 1 eye I ' liiilosriipli.v 1 ' lioir j-4 StIIllclll ( ' iHUIlil i AniriiMl St.ilT 4 r] 1 ] :r A- 4 Keiiiu ' tli S(. ricrn- F.M.I liall i;:iskctli;ill Tnirk Senior i.l:iy .liiiie Saii(L)liI I ' aiil Saniliit llarhara Sanford i-yi ' Opcri ' ttn L ' -:; I ' lloil- Class I ' lay :! Ciil Scimis A ( ' apiH ' lla Chuii ;icc Cliili 2 Mary S(li(»t T CIiimtIcmiIim- 1-l ' -;!-4 Class I ' lay ;! I ' .roadcast Slaff :! I ' li ' in in( ( ' n ;; Ilrlrii Srliinidt S. ' iiini- I ' lay 4 l.ilirary 4 CliM ' Cluh 1-4 Annual Slaff 4 Scli.iol Daze 4 i 1 - ' •1 J I .-i m ■Glassmate- llcinKiii Schueftp Fo..lli:ill i ' -:;-4 Si ' i-i-ctMry 2 I ' lioir : , AiinuMl Slnir 4 Srllc.cil 1 ,■! . ■ 4 Willaid Swillf vv. Audrey Slottke 4-H I ' lcsidfiit 2 ( ' h( ' « ' rlc:i(ler 2 AiiiniMl Staff 4 Schunl Dazi- 4 Eugf ' iU ' Tcho Ol.cretta 2-:i (ilcc Chih 2-3-4 Lc.vdi ' ii Thorpe Erviii Turcotte I ' .aiiil FFA 2-3-4 I ' |]utiiura|ili.v Choir Clioir ( |ii ' vclla 2-:! ( ' Ft ' 4-1 1 Darwin Waldo i- ' oolhall Julia Zielonlia As. it. Librarian :M .liiiiior Play ' A Sciiidr I ' lay 4 Animal Staff 4 Scl 1 1 azc 4 -Glassmate- 111ST()1;V OK TIIH CLASS OF 1!»48 As the wise old owls who sit in the lHlo. :iii(l (lie ollirr Ap ril ' 2 ' - ' . l!l-Ui. Wo trees on the oiitskii-ts of the forest of Iliyh. spent nio l o| ' oni ' Sophonuji-e yeai ' linsily .School EdneJilioii, we looJ hark with holh choppini; ' :il tlie trees if knowlede ' e tliat pleasure and pain to tlie days when we as stood hel ' oi-e ns. Iherehy lipiiteninji- our little, lost, fawns liei an oni- fiizht to sue- load for I he two i-eniainin.i; ' yeai ' s. This eeed throuuh the dark wildei ' iiess of a new innch coiiipleted. we oin-e a ' ain turned woi ' ld. That was on Septendier 4. 1!)4L (jur heads from oni- hooks and lazily We vividl ' I ' eeall our election when oui ' IoimiliimI away the n( . t few months, relax- first class otrieers were chosen. They iw j: in the sun and sleeping: ' in the shade, were: In t|,,. fall of 1!I4I1. we a ' .:ain pivpai-cd Pre idi nt — Sli ' lla. .lohnson, Lcydeu to make eveiy effort to reach the ed -e if ' I ' horpe. (lie forest of kuowledLic. This, of course. ' iec President — Hetty .lohnson. Doi-- was the lieiiinninjidf our .Innior ycai-. Our aid Iloule. advis(n ' s i-eniained Mr. .lacisin and Miv Secretary — Ruhy Beandoin. P.ud Maiiin hut there w( i-e chane-es in the class Schiiette. officers. elected heinu ' ; Ti ' casurer — Iiilia Ziejonlwi. ( ' larencc (lidlof. Student ( ' (Uiiicil- Kila lieandoin. liar- I ' re-;ideut — Xorhert Poupoi-e. ' iee Piesident — Leyden Tliorpi Secretary — Audre ' lilau. ' " " " " ' i ' it ' «l- Treasurer— Stewart LeBeau. eias.s Re]..u-fer- Lorraine 1 hdlips. Student Coumdl— Barbara Sanford. Also our first advisoi-s were .Miss : lari.iii Chos.sek. Dorothy Flaum, Donald Marjorie Ilausou and l lr. Brunelle. The Thielke. first event of our Freshuuui car. .r was an .,., Pu p ,rt. ' r— P.ettv Nelson, invitation to the freshman hoys party o.i As-.emhlv (■onnnittee-L,.rraine I ' hil- Oetober 13 1 hey in turn, were invited lips. Julia Z ' ielonka. to watch the spectacular performance of The first ma.jor event of our Junior the Fivshman !i-irls as they- performed a j, ,.„. ,., |, . ,.,,.,.,-j„„ ,,j. ., , -i,„_,, .,„ , ,„.,,,, skit when they held their Fi-eshiuau jiarty to represent the Juniors at the Seiuor ( ' a ' ' on Aprd 1:!. I he sch.,ol picnic held on ,,i . ,, ,|.|,,. ,„,,.i,.,,,, „,• ,|,|, f.,, werc .May 111, 1114,,, terminated ,.ur first hi.uh |.,,. ,„|. ,,,„,|„.| .,,„, _ ,„|,.,, . p., ,,, . , .,,„., school yeai-, whnh hrou-ht a if tie Imid ,„,,, ,, ,; |,,,,„, .|,, he first of .uir Sadie to the path which we must tra ' el. TliouL ' .h we found the adjuslment a little difficuir to make, we decided we could definitely survive the tasks before us. So with heart at ease we played and romped in the fore. ' t as we felt our vacation had been earned. Hawkins Day D:inces. With the exception of " ' .Mairyin ' Sam " , D:) i ' patchers of Ste]Ji- ensoii Hie-li turiieil out in ereat numliers. This plea ed tlie skunks o much, that we dc, ' i(h ' d to make it an annual affair. The Jiiiii:)r ( ' lass Part - was held In 1114. " ) we ileefully hopped into our December 18tli, with the cla s , n.joyin, So])homore year. Our advisors were then ,.v,., ' y ni:iinent. We then ilerided to " pre- ,Mr. Jai ' isin and .Mr. .Martin. All of Us . ,,,,| •• ' pi,,, |,||,.ky Accidi ' iit ' ' as (nir idass beiiiji- yood carrot eaters made it |uife jihiy on April 11.11147. May of tlie same ilifficult to elect our Class Officer.s, but yia ' r found all t he skunk, liu. ' -ily iirejtarinsi- the foll(,win-- made the -rade : f,,|. ,„,,. nia.jor event— the Junior Prom, President Leyden Thorpe. I,,,], I ,„, ,m.,v hh,. Thnuiu ' h the leader- ' iee President— Domild llonle. ,.|ii|, ,.f .. I ' lil- il,„,he| and Audrev Blail Secretary — Bud Schuetti the garden setting- of the Pr.nn was corn- Treasurer— Clarence (iidl.if. iJeted in ample time. The (iraiid March Student Council — Donald : Ielliuo ' er, ., p., I |,v i|,e Presid. nl of the class. Nor- Hita Beandoin, Barbara Sanford. hprf Pon|mi,. and his paifner. Hosi ' Lenca. Class Reporter— (iei ' f rude Kline. Ilaviii- .-omph ' ted th, ' third siep in our By this fiiiie. we had lnerea ed so in jouriK y and heiiiL; ' able to see lijilit we nuinber the class had to be dixich ' d. dei ' iihd to take a well earned x ' acafion. However, .ioinl ineetinji ' s wvH ' held to dis- In I he fall of 1!)47 we started on the cuss class business. The social events of last lap of oiir journey. Realizinu- this our SophoiiKU-e year were limited to two was oiir la-t yi ir in Steplien-on Ilieli. we parties. One bcinu ' h(4(l .Xovember ] ' ■ ' , dc.-idi d to do all in our p:iwer to have the L ' 4 ■Glassmate- yi ' l 1 reineinbcr us always. Our advisors ix ' iiiaiiu ' il tlie same, with class officers be- ing : President — Fi ' ank Iluebel. ' ic-e President — Ddiiald Thielke. Seeretary — Stella Jnhnsitn. Treasurer — Stewart i.elieau. Student Ciiuncil — lietty Xelson. Wayne Kayser, X(iri)ert P()U])(ire, Doi ' othy Flauin. A ' senibly ( " oniinittee — Betty Nelson, Diinald Thielke. Oui ' life as Seniors, or owls, started out with a banji ' , with a Senior Class Party hebl October 14, 1!I47. Recapturing ' tlii ' : pirit (if Dogpateh, we again held a Sadie Hawkins Day Dance on Novenibei ' 7, l!t47. The turn (lUt was gratifying. This, of course, again ga ' c the girls the o])iiortun- ily of pursuing the boys that attended the dance. The boys enjoyed this plia ' -e if the dance as well a.s the girls. We lidjie the Sadie Hawkins Day Dances will continu ' long after we have !-|)i-ead our wings aiul flcwn out into the wide- wide world. " Don ' t Look Xow " was the title of the play I ' hosen by the wise old owls to be presented on December 14, 1947. Seeing tliat the Senior Mid-Winter Rail had been excluded from the e. ti-a-curricular activ- ities of the last few Senior Classes, we decided our class would be the one to re- instate it. Our attetnpt was made on January 24, 1!.»4S. without too much suc- cess. This year aff(n-(led us the op])ortun- ily of managing the Annual Senior Car- nival, and we decided to hold it February 7, 1948. The i-hairman selei-ted was Stella Johnson, who managed the affair eft ' icient- ly. The last event on the Owls Caleiular was the Senior Tea held on May 17. 1948. At this time, all the Owls were forced to realize that they h;id traveled through the woods and finally reached the clearing. Tlic road ahead looked as though it might be easy. Iiut the tilings one really enjoys and remembers ai ' c the things one has to woik at. Xow being crowiuMl the AVise Old Owls of the woods gave us a certain .■■■atisfaction and yet the pain of leaving the school we loved and worked for the pa t four years, deeply touched our hearts. .iMay Stephenson High always remember the " Class of 1948, as we the Class of 194S will always love and cherish all our memor- ies of Stephenson High. IDKAL SENIORS Most Cheerful — Mai-y S -lietter, Clarence Hanson. Most Humorous — Lois Xelson. ( ' lareiu ' c Gidlof. Most Athletic — Maebelle .Minna. l)on_ Thielke. Most DelH ' lulable — Stella .lohnson. Ley- den Thorpe. Jlost Loyal — Carol liackman, Stewart LeBeau. J.Iost Ambition ' — Clarion Chossek. Curt ' s Lar. on. ] Iost Industrious — Sliii ' lc ' Droese. Wall Baunder. Jlost Cooperative — Andre ' Slottke, Frank Huebel. Most Artistic — Joan Lawrence, Dick Chaney. Most Komantie — Rubv Beattdoin. Don Mellinger. Mo t Bashful— Pauline Eastland, Paul Fellion. ] Iost DiL; ' inf!e(l — Elaine Peterson, Kenneth Beach. ] Iost Flirtatious — Marilvn Rehm. Don Thielke. Mo ' t Optimistic - .iniia Zicloid a. Hugh Krueger. Mo. ' t Xeat — Helen Schmidt, James Duca. Most Tall— Rita Beaudoin, Xorbert Pou- pore. Most Young — Gertrude Kline, Edward Kleikamp. Most ( uiet — lane LaBay. Hichard Xord- gren. Most Pesty — Eleanor Conn. Ervin Tur- eotte. Best Complexion — Lavonne Curtice. Pier- man Schuette. Voice — Audrey Blau, Eugene Tebo. Best Dancer — Audrey Blau, Kenneth St. Pierre. Eye.s — Betty Bra.xler, Douglas Aslimann. — Barbara Sanford, Norman Caulk. Teeth — Arlene Berger, Roy Johnson. Dimples — Marie Pfeift ' , Roy Johnson. Leg.s — Dorothy Flaum — Myron Drum. Musical Ability— Betty Nelson, Patil San- din. .Most Couite(Uis — Irene llnltman, Donald Mellinger. Fre.kles — Ruth Lucas, Hichai-d IMarcin. Hair — Juanita Melchoir. Donald Iloule. Line — Bett - Nfae Johnson. Wa ' ne Kavser. ■(Blassinate- ' I ' AI ' .LK ol ' ' CIIAItAC ' I ' I ' lUls ' l ' ICS Alii ' c M.iy A ' izvii — Anihilioii is 1(i he " ' I ' lial ' s riulit " . a fiirnitmv dcsi nci-. IdiM of iiiisiTV is. jjj . Px-iniddiii— Ainl)iti: ii is to mpct " when a i-rrtain sdiiiconc is mad a1 iiu- ' . sciiieoiio tall, dai ' k and handsonip. Idea Idi ' a of happiness is raduat imi ni ' ht. ,,(• ,„: ,,,y is missiii- any OK.vic at the (li-pah ' sl fault is lirr_ temper. Favorite Tiv.ili. Idea (if liappines is taking the i.ayinii ' is • " ( iee- hi , . ,,.,,. .|||,| ||,,t sirippin- the years. I- ' axdrito Mai-jorie Anderson — Aml)ition is be- i-{)ui is ha kethall. l ' ' a di-ite subject is iiifi- a elerk at the Red Owl Stcn-e. Idea Cheini-t r.w Ccihir is bine, (ireatest fault nf ndser.v is makini; ' a sjiepch. Idea nf is not pi-aet ieini; ' m. p aim lessnns. Favoi ' - happiness is • ' lictt inii ' everythinji ' I want ' . Jte sax ' ini;- is " Ildri ' ins " . Faxiifite siinrt is haskefhall, favol ' ite sub- ,, , ,, , • v i ■,■ :. i , . ,, ' , .. , ■ ,1 uuo - lieandiiin — Anilntnin is to ject is Iliime Kionoiiiies. Iler ciihii ' is blue. be a elerk in a departmeid stoi-e. Idea of (ireate 1 faidl is heinu hashful. Kaxnrite . • • ■ , i ' i i , , f . . .,, , •■ mispi-y IS j ivin ' an oral sp(ceh. Idea ot saving- is. " Holy Smut " happini ' ss is j radnatidii. l- ' avui-ile sport Pearl Anderson— Ambition is t i do iskalin--. Favorite snb.jeet is typin;. soiiu ' thini:- ii-efiil. Idea df misery is mak- (.,,|, ,. j |,|,|,, dvatest fault is talkin.u- iiiy a speech. Idea df happiness is readint, ,,„, niiich. Favorite sayinji ' is ■ ' (iee! " a " ' Odd bddk. Favorite siiort is iee skatiii.n ' . ,, , r-. . i • ■ • , . IT I- • I ■ ■ +,-,.;,, . ' ,.,...+,, f l e II Benson — Amoition is to be a Her taxdi-ite subject is tviiinv; ' . dreatp t • ,• • ,. ,, ■ . (•■ T ... , ,,. .. II, ...I :il;i si- i in teaclier. Idea ot iiiiserv is fault Is iidt tindinii ' that diih- redhead. . ,,■.., i- , • ■ ,T ■, ..[Ji „„„,. ' • " li ' diii ' . - td s ■ iddl . I( ea ot liappiiies,s is Favorite saviiii; is rhooey . , ,, - ■ ■ i • . . iiPvcr liappw havcrite sp;irt is ice skatiiiji ' . Dou,i:-las Ahsmann-A.ubitidn td lind Favorite sub.iect Math. Color blup. Orpal- a -ed.l-lddk.i,- rcl head, bh-a dt luisery , .. j j o-ii o-lino ' . Ilpr favoritp savin- is .li ' oiiiii- to school. Idea ot liappines.s is i ; " Who said ' s ' l ' " tiraduation. Favorite subject is Eiiji ' lisli. Favorite color is Red. His rpatest fault Ailciie Ber ' er— Ambition is to be a is teaWn-. His favorite sayin- is, ' ■Well, h,aiity opeiator. Idea of misery is o;iviim- ]-]| i,|.M-- a spec. -h. Idea nf liap])iiipss is jiradnation. ,, I i 1 1 ■(• ;, + i.„ .1 Favorite sport is dancing; ' . Favorite siib- ( arol l.ackman — Ambitidn is tn lie a .., ' .,,,. , . • ■ , , ,. ■ 1 ,■ . ( IP t IS Spanish. l-avdrite cdpir is urppii. inissionarw Idea dt mispi- - is ha iny to • ' !■,.■,■ m- ■ i , 1 ' i 1 1 1 i ■ i II c ( |patp t taut IS lieiiii; sclt-cdiiscions. l- av- take school books home at nii;lit. Idea ot ... ,.,,.,, , . , ■ ■ I • 7 i- I t;,.,., II le s:i ini: ' is Sill - thliiii ' . hajipiness is havinji ' Latin dmie in time • • ■ for class. Fax ' drite sport is ice skatini ' . . uilrey Blaii — Ambition is to travel Favorite siihject is Chemistrx ' . Cdhir is and take -di, e lessdiis. Idea nf mi.sery is bine, (ireatest fault is teasing ' . Ilci- fav- lia ini;- t slay home when the rest of the oi ' ile sayin.L;- is " Oh. brotherl " :idup ai ' i lidiie. Idea of !ia|ipiness is fu- l!ii-liai-d Bade ' ,-— Ambition is uiidecid- t " ■ pl ' in ■ I ' avorite sport is roller skai ed. Idea of miserv is bookkeepiii-. Idea ' i ' ' ' i ' " ' ha kethall. Favdrite subject is of liappine.;. is graduation. Favorite sp.nt tyi ' ii-. Favni-ite cdhu- is blue. Greatest Ls basketball. Favmitp siib.ject is Cdinmun- ' ' ■iii " j ' i ' ' ' ' temper. Favorite savin- is ity Math. Favorile cdldi ' blue, (ireatest ' " Ibn . fault is bciii- sii bashful. His favorile Bilt Bra.xlcr — Amliitidii is to be a h.ayin- is, " Oh (Jee. JM. i ' t dperator. Idea nf niisi r ' is not see- Waltpr Baumler — Ambitidii is to lie a in;: .bihiiny nii weekends, klca of liappi- bi- lea.ii-iie baseball playi ' r. bh ' a df misery iie.-is is beiii- with him. Favorite sport, is is " haviim- to sit in s:-h nil on a nice day " . la kethall. Favoi-ite snbje.-t is Home Ec. idea of happiness " td ha -c a twd week 1 b r faxniite cohir is li-hl blue. Her hiintin- trip in Alaska. " Favorite sub- -reatest fault i fm-el fulne-s. Her favor- ject is, business trainin-. His favorite ite sayin- is " 1 ' m sure I don " f know. " .sayiii- is " Oh. y iii don ' t sayl!! " ' Ivlith l!rai;diicr-. nihil inn is iindecid Kenni ' lh I ' .each- Ambit ion is to -et ' ed. Idea df misery is re. ' civin- no mail, married. Idea df misery is " iin .-irl " . Ilei- iiha nl ' liap|)iiiesi is beiii- with him. Idea of happines-, is -ettin- -ood marks in P ' avorite sport is ba-kelh;ill. Favorite s:-liool. Favorite subject. Physics. Favor- subje. ' t is -eneral business. Her favorite ite color is blue. (Ireatest fault is talking eol(;r is hliii ' . Ilei- faxorite sayiii- is " i ton much in school. l ' " a -drite sa.viii- i.s, dc.n ' t care. P ' aiilt is too man. ' to think df. 2G ■G cissniate- Xdniiaii Caulk -His aiiihilioii isti ' iu-k iiiii ' . Idea of misery is si ' IkihI. Idea i ' lia|i|iini ' -;s is liTaduatiui iiiLilit. FaNorili ' spurt is haskrtliall. Fa nritr suli.iri-1 is simp. ( ' dl ' ii- is l]liic. (li-catcst fault is " fciiipcr lids 1(111 hot " . Favorite saying ' is " Oil. lints! ' " Iiii-liaril ( " lianey — His aniliitinn is ;m lie a man. Idea of iiii.sery is pi fix a flat tii-e on a, eold and rainy iiiLilil. Idea of liapp.iness is no seliool. Favorite sport is liasketball. Ills fa (irite snlijei ' t is Math. His favorite color i lilne. His i;reatest fault i-. h ' lliiiu ' tall tales. And his fa ' orite sayiiiii is. ' ■ ( )|i, don ' l lie silly ' ' . .Marion Cliossek — .Vmiiition is t i tra ' e! lliroiii;li the riiited States and Europe. Her idea of miser. ' is " not lieini; ' ready whim that certain someone comes. " Her idea of happiness is ridiiiL; in a liraiid new coiivi rl ilile. Fa " orite port is hor. eliack ridint;-. Her favorite siili.ject is elieinist r.w ( ' olor is lilue. Her ' reatest fault is ner- ousness. Her fav:irite sa. ini! ' is " Swish " . Eleanoi ' Conn — Her aiiiliition is L; ' et- tinj; ' to Texas. Idea of iiiiser.v is LioiuL; ' to S(i[)erton au ' aiu. Her idea of hai)i) is livinii ' Christmas K v of li)4() over ai; ' ain. Favorite sport is roller skatini;-. Her flow- er is the ro I ' from (iord. " ' s eorsau ' e. Fa- v(!rite suli.ji ' i ' t is typint: ' . Her tireatest fault, " .jealousy " ' . Coloi- lilne. Favorite ayiiiii ' " Oh fish ' . " .Muriel ( ' orey — Auiliition is to lie a fur- niture designer. Idea of misei ' .v is ticttiu:; ' lip in the morning;-. Idea of happiness is " When I can .join my sister in Wis-iuisin ' " . Favoi-ite sport is ha-ketliall. Favorite siiii.ject is Bioloji ' V. Her fa iirite color is lilne. Her i reatest fault is idiewint: su]n in Econiiiiiics idass. Favorite s;iviiiu is " Oh for the love of I ' ete " ' . Lavonne Cui ' tice — Amiiilion is to lie a nurse. Idi a of miseiw is i;( ' ttin.ii ' up in the iiiorniiiL; ' . Her idea of happiness is i;o- ini: ' to liasketliall t;ame . Favorite sport is ice sk-atiii ' . ' . H( r favorite suli.ject is Spanish. Color is lilne. Her lireatest fault is eliewiiiL; ' i;um. Her favorite sa.v- iii ' . ' is " 1 1( . - liniii ' " . Shirley Droese — Her amibition is to et out of school. Idea of iniser.v is lieini; ' withonl .Marion ( ' lios-ek. Idea of happi- ness is Liradual ion. Her favorite spoil i dani-inii ' . Favorite suli.ject is music. Wi ' f l ' a -orile color is lilue. Her i;reatest fault is lalkini; loo fast and 1o i loiiu ' . Her I ' aMirile savint; ' is " Ves boss " . M.xroii Druiii — Ambition is undecided. Idea of miser. ' is tinini; ' 1o school. Idea nf luippiness is urailuation. His favorite sport is basketball. His favorite sub.jeel is Shop. (ohir is blue. His e-reatesf fault is pla iiiii ' jiiol. His favoi ' ite sayin.u ' is " Oh Va! " -lames Diica — His ambition is undecid- ed. Idea of misery is " piittini: ' dents in dad ' s car fender ' . Idea of happiness is an A on his report card. Favorite s]ioii is baseball. Favoiite suhjei ' t is tyjiinu ' . His color is n d. His li ' reatest fault is cuiniie - home loo late. Favorite sa.villg is " Are you kiddiiiL: " . Pauline Ivistland — Her ambition is jioini; to Texas. Idea of iniser.x ' is liivin;.; ' a speech. Idea of liajipiuess is .u ' oin ' to basketball _:aiiies. Favorite sport is lee skatinu ' . ( ' olor is blue. (Jreatest fault is beinn ' loo i|iiiel. Her fax ' orite sayiuy; i.s " That ' s what .von think " " . I ' aul Fellion — Ambit ion is -ettinj. ' out nf school. Idea of mism-.x ' is tln beu-iiininc ' of first period. Idea of hap]iiiiess is no school. His fa iirite sport is fishini;-. Fav- orite siih.ieet is Shop, ( ' olor is bine. (Ireat- est fault is beiii ' (|iiiet. His fa (irite say- ini; ' is " I )oL;i;Miie it " . Ruth Fellion — Ambition is beint: ' a .a ' ood housewife. Idea of iiiiser. ' is makinji; a speech. Idea of happiness is Ji ' oing steady. Favorite sport is basketball. Fav- orite suh.ieet is Home Ee. Color is blue. Greatest fault is beinj; ' Iwishful. Her fav- orite sa.N ' ini;- is, " l)ot;-i; ' one it " . L ydia h ' lamin -Ainbitioii is to write a idassii-. Idea ol ' miMn-. - is having; ' to ;-et up earl.w Idea of happiness is beiiii; ' able to do what I want. Favorite sport is swimming; ' . Favorite subject is eliemistr.v. Color is black. Her greatest fault is for- .ui t fulness. Jler favorite saying is, " (Jo chase . -oui-s(df. " |)orotli, ' Flaiim — Andiition is undecid- ed. Idea of miser.x ' is taking o stib.jects in school. Idea of hap])iness is being with I ' xili. Favorite sport is dancing. Her favoriii ' suli.ject is foreiiiii language. Color is blue. Her greatest fault is losing lier t( " mper. Her favorite saying is " Oh Foo. " Mildreil Franeour — Ambition is to he a beaut.x- o])ei-ator. Idea of misery is stay- iiii;- home nil Saturda.v night. Idea of happiness is graduation night. Her favor- ite sporl is dancinn ' . h ' a drile sub.iect is Spanish. ( ' olor is vftl. Ilm- greatest 27 -Glassmate- fiiiilt is cliowiiii; ' ixxwn. Fiivorilc siiyiiig is, ' •Oil yea " . ( ' Ijirciicc (■i(li( i ' — Ambit idii is U) ji ' O out, vvitli the I ' est of the uiint:-. Jdca of iiiisory is u-ettinu- up in 1lic morning ' . Favorite is hascliall. Iilea of happiness is gi ' aduation. Favorite siihjert is .li-. and Sr. IVIath. His favorite coh)!- is red with white dots. (ireatest fault is going out witli girls. His favorite saying is " Honest to gosh. " Clarence Hanson — Amhition is to join the air foree. Idea of niisei-y is having to give a s| ei ' i-h. Idea of happiness is graduation night. His favorite sport is liasch.ill. Favorite subject is Community Math. Color is blue. His greatest fault is not getting- his school work done. His favorite saying is, " Silly boy. " Donald Houle — Ambition is to be a trucker. Idea of miseiy is having to give a speech in class. Idea of happiness is go- ing with my girl. Favorite sport is hunt- ing and fishing. Favorite subject is t. ' om- munity English. Coloi- is blue, (jireatest fault is being bashful. His favorite say- ing is, ■■(_)h ya ! " William Hornung — Ambition is to be a trucker. Idea of misery is giving a speech. Idea of hapiiiuess is going steady. Favorite sport is fishing. His favorite subject is Communit.v Leaderslii|). Color is red. (ireatest fault is being eoneeited. Favorite saying is " Oh, Oh! " Frank Huebel — Ambition is to go to CaliFdrnia. Idea of misery is not getting tlic car when he wants it. Idea of hap- piness is to have the car with a full tank of gas. Favorite sport is hunting. Favor- ite .subjeet is Community Eng-lisli. Color is red with pink polka dots. Greatest fault is going out with girls. Favorite saying is, " Hey Mack!! " Ii ' ene Hultman — Her ambition is to bs a niii- c. Idea nf misery is cold weathei " . Idea of happiness is sle( ])ing in the moi ' ii- ing. Her favoi-ite spcni is daiu-ing. F ' av- orite subject is Spanish. Color is blue. Her greatest fault is a had temper. Favor- ite saying is. " 1 thought I ' d dii ' . " iJetly .Johnson — Ambition is to be a dress designei ' . Idea of mis( ry is no mail, idea, of hap|)iiH ' ss is ti-aveling with other people. Favorite spoi ' l is rollei- skating. l ' ' a orite subject is Sociology. Coloi ' is blue. Her greatest fault is being bashful. Hit favorite saying is, " Don ' t tell mo your troubles, I have enough of my own. " Koy .lohnson — . mbition is to be a machinist. I lea of misei-y is a blind date. Idea of hap|iiness is graduation night. Favorite spoi-f is hunting. Favorite sub- ject is Physics. Favorite coliu- is pink. (ireatest fault is lieiiii:- bashful. Favorite saying is, " You only say that wlieu it ' s true. " Stella Johnson — . mbition is to go to Sweden for a visit. Idea of misery is " Sadie Hawkins dance ' . Idea of lia|)pin- (-S, is makiiiL; u|i with a certain guy. Favoi ' - ite spoil is ice and i-oller skating. Favor- ite subject is business jiractice. Color is Kelly (ire(n. (ireatest fault is talking too uiui ' li and too fa ' -t. Favoi ' ite saying is " Did ya see. " Wayne Kay. er — Ambition is to get a big brass band from Brazil. His idea of misery is making a date and not being ai)ie to keep it. Itlea of happiness is getting out of school. Favorite sport is baseball. Favorite subject is Community JjUglisli. L ' oluv is blue. Greate.-;t fault is .saying things before he should. His favorite say- ing is, " Oh!!- " Edward Kh ' ikamp — Andiitioii is to own a big farm. Favorite color is blue. His greatest fault is being bashful. His favorite sport is basketball. His favorite saying is, " Oli ya. " (iertrude Kline — Ambition is to be a Home Ki-. teacher. Idea of misery is tyjiing. Idea of happiness is traveling by airplaiu ' . Favorite s|)ort is skating. Fav- orite subject is Iliune Ee. Fa.vorite coloi ' is blue, (ireatest fault is talking in stud ' hall. I- ' avoiite s iying is. " What ne. t " . Hugh Krueger — Ambition is to get married. Idea of mi ■ery is the morning aftiM- the night before. Idea of happiness is when his ' ai ' starts. Favorite sport is ba ketliall. Favorite subjed is Ameriean (iovt. Favorite coloi ' is black. Greatest fault is forever day dreaming. F ' avoritc saying is, " Thai ' s tcuigh. " •lane LaBay — . mbition is to be a stenoi: ' ! aplier. Idea of misery is getting up in the mornint:. Idea of ha]!])iness is daiieiiiL;- tin- ohi I ' a hioneil waltz. Favorite sport is baketball. I ' avoritc subject is bookkeeping. Coh ' r is hi lie. ( fault is shyness. Favorite saying is " (ieez. " Carl LaPo ' lit — . mbition is lieing able to retire when he ' s . " {() years old. Idea of misery is having to follow someone else ' s 28 ■Glassmate- crilcrs. kit a of liappiiic. ' -s is iloini; ' what he likes to do. Favorite spoi-t is football. Favorite suhjeet is Eng ' lisli. Color is blue. ' I ' hi ' ii ' i-eatest fault is sa -iii ' tlic wronj, ' thiuu ' at the wroii ; ' time. Favdritc sayiiit; is. - ' Wateh it Soldier ! ' " ( ' iirtis Larson — Aniibitioii is Id be a farnui ' . Idea of misery is Am. (lo ' t. Idea of hai |)ines; is fjradiiatioii. Favorite sport is I)a.seball. Favorite snli.i ' ect is Mathematies. ( ' olni- is blue. (ireatest fault is not makinu ' up work. Faviirite . ' ■.ayinii- is, " Suffer. " " -loan Lawrenee — Ambition is to work in Cliiraiio. Idea of misery is sittin;.; ' tlironii ' h a eowboy movie. Idea of happi- lu s i-i ji ' oiiiL; ' to tlie show every nia ' ht. Fa- vorite . ' ■nibje t is art. Her favorite eolor is blue. Iler greatest fault is bein ; ' self eonsiious. Her favorite sayinu- is " (Treat! " Stewart LeBeau — His and ition is tn stay siuij-le. Idea of mi " ery is school. Idea of happiness is fi ' raduation. Favorite sport is basketball. Favorite subject is American Government. Favorite color is si ' reen. His fireate. t fault is always beinu ' late for home-rot)m. His favorite saying ' is, " More darn fun. " Kutli Lucas — Ambition is to be a , ' ood housewife. Her idea of iniseiy is having- to hurry and ketch the bus. Idea of happiness is being- able to sleej) as long- as ; he likes. Her favorite pastime is dancing. Fa -orite subject is Home Ec. Her favorite color is green. Her greatest fault is having no jiatience. Her favorite .say big- is, " You know how it is. " Lucille Lundquist — Ambition is to be a stenograjiher. Idea of niisery is those Saturday night ijli .zards. Idea of hap- piiu s is lieing with iniu. Favorite sport is dancing. Favorite .subje; ' t is bonkkeeii- ing;. Her favorite color is blue. Her greatest fault is losing her tempei-. Her favorite saying is, " Oh sugai-. " Uii-hard Marcin — Ambition is undecid- ed. Idea of misery is having to go to s. ' h.ol ill the morning. Idea of happines.s i.s going nut li himself. Favoi-ite sport is fo(;tliall. Favorite sui)ject is business training. Favorite eoloi- is black anil bliic. (u-catest fault is liking the girls. l ' ' a -i:i-ite saying i.s " Nuts. " •luanita Melchoir — Ambition is to do office work. Idea of misei-y is " Brothers. " Her idea of happiness is playing jiiano. Her favorite sport is basketl)all. Favorite subject is l) practice. Her favorite color is blue. (ireatest fault is talking tf.-o iiiiich. Her favorite saying is " Oh crumps . " Dcinald Mellinger — Ambition is to at- ti ' iid ciillege and get married. Idea of misery is g-overnniciit. Idea, of hap])iness i; gi-aduation day. His favorite sjtort is focti)all. Favorite subject is ciiemistry. His favorit hir is gold, (ireatest fault is not studying in Mth hour study hall. His favorite saying is. " Oh, heck. " Maebelle Muma — Ambition is to be a teacher. Idea of misery is English Lit. Idea of iiappiness is when .she is through w ' tli college. Her favorite sixn-t is bas- ketball. Favorite subject is history. Her favorite color is red. Greatest fault is chewing- gum. Her favorite saying is " Three or fdur times. Betty Xelson — Her ambition is to be a nui-se. Idea of misery is having to g-o to (lass wlicii she hasn ' t got her lesson pre- paretl. Idea of happiness is a good book or g-ood music. Favorite sport is basket ball. Favorite subject is Physics. Favor- ite cdldi- is blue. (Treatest fault being- critical of others. Saying, " Honestly. " Lois Xelson — Ambition is to gniw up. Her idea of misery is being kept in sus- pense. Idea of is parties. Her favorite sjjorts are swimming-, skating and basketi)all. Her favorite subject is English. Favorite color is blue. Tier greatest fault is talking too much and too fast. Her favorite saying is, " Oh you ' re full of hop.;. " Kichard Xdrdgreii — Andiition is driv- ing a truck. Idea (if misery is studying. His idea of iiai)piness is graduation. Fa- vorite sport is ice .skating. Favorite sub- je.t is business training. Favoi-ite color is blue. His greatest fault is too bashful. Favorite sa -ing- is " That ' s tough " . Helen Orley — Ambition is to get thicngli wirh school. Idea of misei-y is gettinii u|) in the morning. Idea of liap- jtine s 1 , seeing that certain guy from Ingalls. Favorite sport is sleigh riding. Favorite subject is Gommunity Leadership. Greate.-I fault is saying yes when she should say no. Iler favorite saying is " Forever mure. " Robert Parkaiisky — His ambition is undecided. Idea of misery is working. His idea of happiness is having- the car wiienever he wants it. His favorite sport is basketball. Favorite subject is shop. Color is lilue. His greatest fault is spend- ing too much iiioiiey. His favorite saying; is. " (iod I ' America. ' ' 29 ■Glassntate- llflcn I ' ericM — llcr amliitidn is to he a tclcplione oix ' i-ator or lil r;iri;iii. I li ' ii ol ' iiiisi ' i ' v is staying- lionic. klea of liapiiiiiess is hoiiiji ' al)K ' to do what I want. Favoi-ite si)()rt is hasketl)ali. Favorite siii)jcct is business pi-actice. Color Pink. Her greatest fault is fori;ct fulness. Her fa ' or- ite sayinji ' is " M )l i deai-. " Elaine Peterson — Anihition is unde- cidrd. Idea of misery is ■lettint;- u|) in the niornin i-. Idea of liaiipiness is lieini;- witli Mike. Favorite sjiort is dancing-. Favor- ite subjeet is typim i-. Favorite color is jiink. Greatest fault is losint:- her teni|)er. her favorite saying- is, " ■ Ilonehtl.w " Marie Pfeitf — Ambition is to travel. Idea of misery is Lioini;- to school. H( r idea of is irradtiation. Favni-it ' sport is roller skatiuji ' . Favorite sub.ject is busines.s praetiee. Favorite color is fi-reen. Iler g-reatest fault is losiiiji- hrr temper. Favorite sayin»- is " E-(iods. " Lorraine Phillips — Ambition i. unde- cided. Idea of misery is stayinu ' home when tlie other kids ai-e out. Idcii of hap- piness is being ' with Doug ' . Her favoi ' ite sport is basketball. Favorite subject is business practice. Favorite color is green. Greatest fault is temper. Favoi-ite saying ' is, " 1 " m mad for good now. ' " Xorbert Pou|ioi ' e — Ambition is to be- come ricli. Idea of miserv is to tell h:s Dad that he lnMit the fender on his tlad ' s car. Idea of happiness is to go sec a certain girl. Favorite sub.ject is lath. F ' avorite sjiort is hunting. Favorite color is red. Greatest fault is going out to ' much. Favorite saying is " .Jumping eat;. " Marilyn Relim — Ambition is to l e a professional skater. Idea of misery is not being in Villa Park. Idea of hapi)ines.s is l oy. May and graduation. Favorite sport is roller skating and swimming. Fa- vorite subjeet is tyjiing. Favorite color is green. Her gi-eatest fault is never being on time. Favorite saying is, " You louse. " Doris Robinson — Ambition is to go to Chicago. Idea of misery is taking Short- hand te.sts. Idea of hapi)iness is heini; with him. F ' avorite sport is baseball. Fa- vorite subject is business pi-actiee. Favor- ite color is blue. Favorite saying is, " Ye Gods " . Kenneth St. Pierre — His ambition is to liei-oine a draftsman. Idea of mi.sery is Sociology class. Idea of happiness is graduation. Favorite sixirt is track and football. Favorite subject is typing. His favorite color is red. His greatest fault is not trying to advance i Ins work. -Iiuie Sandahl Her ambition is to be a nurse. Idea of misery is having a liad cold. Her itiea of happine s is living out west. Favorite s|)oi-t is skating. Favorite subject is Sjiaiush. Her favorite color is blue, (ireatest fault is reading instead of stud.x ' ing. F " ' av()rite sa.ving is " Is that so ? " Paul Sandin — His ambition is to be a mi.ssionary. Idea f f ' .ai ery is writing a letter. Idea of hai)i)ines-; is receiving a letter. Favorite sport is baseball. Favor- ite subject is ] lath. Favorite coloi- is blue. Greatest fault is too loud a voice. Favorite sa.ving is. " And how. " Harbara S.infoi-d — Her anil)ition is t.i be a faniou ballet daiicei-. lilea of misery is translating Latin. Idea of hapi)ines is reading a good biiok in bed. Favorite sport i.s basketball. Fa -orite subje:-t is Chemistrv. Favorite I ' olo)- is blue. Great- est fault i talking in . ' tudv hall and i;i home room. Favorite sa.ving is " Jeepers. " " Mar.v Schetter — Ambition is to be a nurse. Idea of miser.v is cokl weather. Idea of happiness is being- with him. Fa- vorite sport is basketball. Favorite sub- ject is Chemistrv and t.vping. Favorite color is red. Her greatest fault is her temper. Her favorite sa.ving is, " Geezea. " Helen S.-hmidt — Ambition is to be the wife of Cpl. Al. Her idea of misery is not hearing from Al. Idea of happiness i.s being with Al. Favorite sjiort is .skating. Favoi-ite subject is Home Ec. Color is white Wi ' V greate t fault is that she ' s too fickle. Iler favorite sa.ving is, " Son of a gun. " Herman Schnette — His ambition is to lie married. Idea nf mi.ser.v is Govt. Idea cf happiness is graduation da.v. Favorite sport football. Fa ' orite subje. ' t English. Color blue. Greatest fault is that he doesn ' t stud. ' hai ' d enough. His favorite sa.ving is, " S:ii ' r. " 1 don ' t know. " Audrev Slottke — Ambition is to work in an office. Idea of mi erv is .sta.ving home from a dance at the four corners. Idea cf is being in Es-anaba. F " ' avorite sport is dancing. Favorite sub- jet is Home Ec. Favorite coloi- i- green.. Fault is talking too much. Favorite say- ing is " Whv . ' " Willard Swille — Ambitii.n is to be a farmer. Idea of mi.ser.v is bookkieping. Idea of happines; is going out on Satur- da.v night. Favorite sport is basebal ' . Favorite subje.t is Community ilath. His 30 -GiassJiiate- fiiA ' orite color is blue. Fault is talkiii i ' toii inueli. Favorite saying is " Could be! " ' Eug ' ene Tebo — Ambition is beiiicr able to siii ;- like Perry Coino. Idea of misery is when his ehieken takes off to si)eiid the wiutei- iii Texas. Idea of happiness is when she comes back a ;ain. Favorite sport is ba.seball. His favorite subject is Physics. Favorite color is forest green. Greatest fault is ;i)iii ;- out nights. Fa- favorite saying is " Watch it now buddy. " Donald Tiiielke — Ilis ambition is to make a million dollars. His idea of mis- ei-y is Xew Year ' s morning. Idea of happiness is .Stephenson winning a foot- ball game. Favorite sport is l)asketl)all. Favorite .subject is Economics. Favorite color is (iold. (ireatest fault is talking with tiidliif. Favorite saying is " You know what I mean ! " Leyden Thorpe — Ambition is makiiig the best better. Idea of misery is writing a test. Idea of happiness is going towards Crystal Falls and getting there. Favorite sport is basketball. Favorite subject is Phvsics. Favorite color is blue. Great- est fault is not taking einnigh time when writing tests. Favorite saying is " Hello. " Erwin Tnrcotte — His ambition is be- ing a ti ' nck driver. lilea of misery is (JiiVt class. Idea of happiness is going out Saturday ingiit. Favorite sport is foot- liall. Favorite subject is Shop. Favorite color is blue. (Jreatest fault is talking in stud.v hall. Favorite saying is " that ' s al- most the end. " Darwin Waldo — Ambition is to be a man. Idea of misery is staying home on Saturday night. idea (if ha|)piness is graduation inght. Favorite sport is base- liall. Favorite subject is Math. Favorite color blue, (ir-eatest fault is that he fooN ai ' iiund too mucli. Favoi-ite saying is " . ' (iw I wouldn ' t go so far as to say that. " Julia Zielonka — Ambition is to do secretarial work. Idea of misery is liaby talk. Idea of lia|)pines is being with Jim. Favorite spm-t. basketball. Favorite suh- je.t. business practice. Favorite color blue. Her greatest fault is always asking wliv. Her favoi ' ite saving is " Darn vcni. " STLMI ' LATIXG CLASSES OF S. H. S. 31 -Glcissniate- Yiiu sa ' you waul to make a will l ' ' ()i- 1 1ll ' class of " 48 Well iiiiw. I ' r made siirli docninriits And kiidw jusi hnw llicy rati ' . II ' fiilks can iiivc the lliinu ' s ihey itri .e l ( ' fni-( ' they must deparl. Vli ' ran " ! a class d(i w same tiling ' (id ahead. We ' ll make a start. laicille Luiul(|nist wills her modest heislit To I ' ejzjiy LaComli, her neighbor; Over Kuhy P eandoin " s shorthand hooks Joan Kline is doomed to labor. With J)on Melliuiier ' s football uniform .Maurice Larson will be thrilled; And Herman Schuette, ditto, To Pete Tliouiie, w-ith courage filled. larie Pulley may have Muriel Corey ' s seat In 7th hour study hall ; Kita Beaudoin gives height to Wayne Krueger, WIki has often longed to be tall. Mildred l ' i-ancour t(j sister Dorotliy Her Spanish book will pass; Dug ] Ielchoir gets the winning way with girls From Doug Ahsmann. Alack I Alas! Joan Lawrence bequeaths her willowy form To Regina Dishneau, a Sophomore keen ; Hugh Krueger gives all of his smallest chanLii ' To anyone whose pocket book ' s lean. Marilyn Rehm ' s love for roller skating Cloes fi-ee gratis to Pat LeMieux And Julia Zielonka ' s " steady-ness " To a Freshman. Just gui-ss who. Betty Nelson ' s favorite trombone Will be tooled by Kenny Krantz; Until Lucas ' s Senioi- woi ' i-ies rest With any Junior who gets the chance. To Pete LeHeau iioes C. (iidlof ' s ambition, 1 1 s just as good as new : Along with E. Teho ' s love for the fairer sex T " m sure Pete will make it ihi. Helen Schmidt gives Junior Haas The twinkle in lier eye. While Elean(u- Conn ' s prized (iov ' t book Goes to Roger live. Norbert Poui)! i ' e ' s majestic height P.y Kenny (ironnuirk will be borne; Jane LaBav ' s dark glowing eyes THE LAWVKi; DWAWS IP THE CLASS WILL Din ' othy Liuidi|iii ' -1 ' s face will adorn. Jvichard Chaney to Walter Kister (iives notebooks, singly or a ])air; Stella Johnson ' s job in the Principal ' s of- fice go to a girl with a business flair. Don Thielke ' s excuses for tardines,s Will supply Ronny Hoida ' s long felt need; Audrey Slottke ' s ability in .sewang Bettv Werv will welcome, indeed. Barbara Sanford ' s dear old locker Known as " Lucky 4(). " Messrs. Klitzke and Walcher inherit. Just oil it when it sticks. Stewart LeBeau ' s experien ' e as treasurer He begs Evelyn Wangerin to acce])t : While (xertie Kline ' s skill in i-ollecting Trip Funds. Will make lren( Chaflosb ad( ) t. Pan! Fellion ' s adjustment t:i Ag. Class )n David Adams lie will bestow; Marion Chos.sek ' s skill in tyjiing Loretta Johnson will welcome, we know. ilarjiirie Anderson ' s tallness Sharon Hubbard accei)ts with thanks Wm. Hornung ' s joke book goes to Pat Caulk To fill in all the blanks. Stanley Havelka. a lucky Frosli (iets C. Laison ' s place on the honor roll J ' earl Amlerson ' s ])erfe:-t typing, Goe.i to — . Don ' t tell a soul. Audrey Blau ' s cheer leading ability To Virginia AUgeyer will descend. And for Man ' Schetter ' s four years of a similai- skill Marilyn Phillips will contend. Betty lae Johnson ' s love for- tin ' Xavy Norma Casebeer will uphold While Betty Braxler ' s cheei-y s|)irit Loi-raiiu ' Dombrowski will enfold. Doris Robinson ' s regard for Commercial subjects Tni ' ludinn- the instructor perclninee S!ie ' ll ])as on to her sistci- Shirley, A sati: fyiii ' .; ' cii ' cumstance. Her seat on the Student Council Which Dorothy Flanni holds in hiuh regard She be()ueatlis to Bai ' bara Hai ' pci ' ; It ' s progress she ' ll not retard. 32 — Qlassvnate- Elaiiie Pi ' terson " s Business Practii-c skill Will fall to Donna Kice. Lorraini ' Phillips typinir aliilily To one she thinks is pretty niee. Leyden Tli()i-i)e ' s adeptness with flash liulbs And eameras, eidarji ' ers and such F ' alls on Elton Anderson ' s shoulders Who appreeiates it much. Aliee Ai; ' ' en ' s husky ehuekle She now wills to June DeCirave; Ailene Berber " s smile to Edith Flamm JShould make her somewhat brave. Norman Canlk ' s skill as a truck di-iver He on Calvin Photenhauer will eonfer; And Clarence IIans!)n ' s shop produi-tions Will set E. Chaney ' s ])ride astir James Duca bequeaths liis l)ill fold Small ehau ie. ])ii ' tnres ami all. To Allan Broberi: ' and David Carlson, Vhene iT they j ive him a call. l a ' oniie Cuitis honoi-s Rita Kline With hei- dark brown ijrlossy hair; And Helen Orley -rives her ba.shfulness To all who need a share. I ois Nelson ' s " jiift of jrab " . She leaves to Evelyn Dahl; And Riehard Nordr ien ' s Physics book. Will help Don Soren.soii ' et on tin ' ball. Evelyn Watz will be the yainer When Shirley Droese ' s ability adds to her own ; And Kenneth Beach ' s lovi ' ly wave Will make Thaddeus Ilillbrunci- widely known. The ability to g ' o to class i)re])ai-ed l.ydia Flamm ircnerously jiives away; And the pu])il who likes to talk the most In E. Turcotte ' s place may hold sway. Maebelle Muma ' s knowledg ' e of baseball ( To School Daze Sports Editor shall go; While June Sandahl ' s domiimnt tallness Will help Miss Anderson grow. Pauline I ]astland ' s love for Si anisli Will hell) (iloria Ti ' ombley I ' oll her r ' s; And Donny Hansen ' s the benefactor Of Carl LaPoint ' s skill with cars. Kenneth St. Pierre ' s al)ility in the track Should help Tanvas win his leltcr; Darwin Waldo ' s good conduct iiicilal Will be worn liy Donald Schetter. For li ' cnc Ilultman ' s love of sleep Jean i,ucas expre.-ses thanks; Juanita Melchoir ' s piano i)laying Will |)laee Ruth Bagley in musical ranks. To Helen Perica ' s Librarian Assistant .ship Lois Sandahl will fall lieir; Evelyn Benson ' s Swedish acceid Margie Sakovitz accepts as a dare. Carol Packman ;. ' ives her Latin Ixjok To the (iirl Scout Paper drive; Alnni: with Mai-ie Pfeitf ' s sociology And Dictionary number five. l ichard Bader ' s bookkeeiiiuu- work book With its pages white and dean. Goes to (iei-ry (Jrosscliadlc wIkj can als j have WalliT Baumlcr ' s intellect keen. Wayne Kay. er ' s much prize basketliall suit Bc-omes Red Wagner ' s scuivenir. While in Frank llueljel ' s .job as editor " Push " Kabitoy will soon appear, ilyi-oii Drum ' s prodigious height With Ceorge Peterson he ' ll divide; And Paul .Sandin ' s sonorous voice With Ray Pinkowski will abide. Ed Kleikam|) ' s bus late tickets Will de ceiid to Vernon LaVeau; In Ruth Fellion ' s place in the Store Ivooni Betty Kizely will handle the " dough " . Don Houle will leave a freshman girl A generous lock of his hair; Bob Parkansky wills his place in Shop To Bill Dirkman, so have a care. To Ray Erickson goes the sales ability Of Dick ] Iarcin with Christmas trees; Roy Johnson ' s rank in the Senior Class Peter Sohr will greatly please. Willard Swille ' s cheerful outlook on life Ronald X ' incent will gladly receive; The entire class our last farewell To Old SIIS will leave. JMay the years ahead bring progress And as they swiftly fly. Recall the good deeds of Class of " 48. And let the others die. Well! Well! It ' s (|uite a line-up. .Now executors y(ni idioose. Mr. Martin ami Mr. Jacisin you say? With them you ' ll never lose. So go your way into the world. You ' re off to woe or weal. Your will is s(uind and legal With sitrnature ami seal. 33 ■Glassmate- Tt is flic yaw 1!I. ' )S ami lirrc in flic massive auditoriuni at flic SicphiMisdii Iliu-h School, flic class of ' 4S has ti-allici-cii for thcii ' l()ii« - awaited reunion. In the past ten years, many clianj ' es have come to these alumiii so let us lock ariniml and see wliaf file various iiiemliers are doini: ' af file iircsenf. Over in the corner we see Mrs. lioherl, fonuerly Dorothv Flauni. and the former Julia Zielonka, mnv Mrs. .lames Deacon, liaviiiji- a diseu. sioii on the virfue.s of married life. Richard Marciii and Carl LaPoint caused quife a sensation foiiio-hf when tlie.v arrived in their new TiS Tucker. I.ofli of the men are playinji ' ])rofe sional football with the ( ' hica,L;-o Bears now. Miss Audrey .Slottke has made (|iiife a success of lier job as a secretary af the Delta Hardware Co. in Escanaba. Miss Rita Beaudoin will honor us with a son - in a few minutes. Rita is now a star at the Met ropnlifan Oiiera House in New ' ork and is very sui ' cessful in her career. Miss Joan Lawrence arrived from ( " lii- ea o where she is head instructor at 1h( Art Institute. We all remember Joan for the splendid work she did for our Next we see Dick Chaney, Robert and Paul Fellion discussing- the used-car business. The men now own the newest, modern jj-araye in tlie county Tonii;iif our toastmaster is Frank Huebel. Prank .iust arrived from New York where he is editor of the New York Times. P rank ' s experience in Commun- ity lin -lisli class i-eally came to be an ad- vantage. Eu.u ' ene Teho is ii ' oini; ' to sini; ' for us now. (ieiic has a new radio show of his own and is fast becoming ' known as tic second ' ic Dainone. We can all remem- ber (iene ' s wonderful voice. Jlr. and .Mrs. Clarence Cidlof have just arrived. Wc riMiiember i Irs. (iidlof as Babe Corey, and liy the way. ]?abe, tell us where you j?ot the baby sitter. ' The couple has two lovely- children. Miss Barbara Sanford, leadini;- lad, - of the movie " The Jjifc of a liallcrina " is here this evenin ' . Barb has been daiic- iii ;- in Holl.vwood for several .vears now. ] Iiss Stella Johnson arrived from AVashinjrton, where she is secretary to the President of the V. S. Stella would have ( ' 1,. SS PKOPllKCV been here sooner but she wa ' so busy con- tact ini;- flic chr-s that she mis.sed the first l)lane. .Myron Drum seems to be entertaining the peo])le with some of his clever jok ' ' s. Myron appi ' ar- in the movies and has two radio shows, and is fast becoming known as a second I ' xili Hope. Anothei- comedian here tonight is Wayne He al-o has a show and is start ' iig another with Red Skelfon in the near future. We can all remember Wa.N ' iie ' s sharp remarks in school. Over here is a hot discussion about basketball being led by Don Thielke now head coai-li at Yale. Don reall. ' has made (piife a success of his career, espe. ' iall.v with the experience lie had on the teafU ba:-k in school. Curtis Larson and Edward Kleikainii who are among owners of the largest dairy farms in the county, have arri ved also. The two men are making a business of farming too; they are buying the Whisper- ing Pines in the near future. Norman Caulk and William Hornung: have just arrived. Norman is the owner of a big trucking comjian.v in Stephenson and Bill is the owner of the biggest farm around here. We now greet Mr. and I Irs. Norbert I ' oupori ' , JL ' s. Poupore is the former Shirley Bellmin-e. Norbert is one of the wealthiest men in the cit.v of Ilermans- ville. .Mihlri ' d Fraiicour and Kett. liraxler who now own their own lii ' auly Slio])s are also here. Don Mellinger who has just finished college, bought a wedding ring for none other than Rub.v Beaudoin. who is now a secrctai ' .N ' in (iimlicl ' s Department Store in Milwaukee. We also see Alice . g ( ' ii ill the audi- ' torium tonight. She is the owner of the best furniture de-igning shop in the e(nui • t ry. Among our many singers liei-e tonight is Miss Audrey Blau, who has just re- luriied from a European tour. Audrey has lieeii famous for her singing since she was in high school. .Mr. and .Mrs. Don lloiile are also here tonight. The couple have just ar- rived home from l(Uiring the European countries. Lorraine Phillips, who is now 3-1 -Glassmate- fecvetiu-y of Laui ' i-nian ' s Dcpartiiinit Sldi-i- in llariiirtti ' . has ju-t arrivcil. Loi-iaiiic is soon to lici-olllf Mrs. Douu ' .Mrlrlioii-. Ilnu ' ii Krui ' Sicr is also Iwrc with h ' s lovely wife, the foi-iiicr Marye .Sakovitz. Everyone seems to have spent time in Europe. Miss Helen SL ' hmidt, who re- eeiitly toured th( i-e, ai ' rived lionic for the reunion. Willard fSwille is responsible for our fre-h liome-jiTown vegetable-; tonijilit. Mi-. Swille has taken Mr. (lranskot: ' s |ila: ' e as A.u ' riculturc ttaciier hcrr. Stcwait Lel)cau. now ti ' ea-ui ' cr of the V. S., arrived from Vashin ' _;ton. Ii attend the reunion. Vi ' all rrmcmber Stew;ii-t " s job as tieasurer of the Senior Class. Helen Pericii is also married now, and livini;- in Sti ' | lirnson whi ' re she is very happy. .Mrs. Irvine: Mikns, the former Elaine Peti ' rsiiii and Mrs. Robert Lieri.; ' , the form- er Mary S ■hettei ' , left their husbands a1 home toniuht but arrived safe and sound in Elaine ' s new car. The familie-; live in tlieii- new ajiartment li(Ui. ' -e in Powers. Ir. and ill ' s, (iordon Xewlin (tiie former Eleanor Conn) took time off from buildini; ' theii- new homi ' t i attend the rlass ri ' Uiiion. Miss Shirley Droe e will be one of our uuest s])eakers toniu ' ht. She is one of the leadiu ' .! ' comnifntators in . ew Voi ' k at present. Mi.s.s L.ydia Flamm has ()uite a :roup f)f interested listeners aroiuid her. She is tellin r of her new book. " Tlie Red Swoi-d " . She is also plaiuiinu ' to write another very soon. Pauline Eastlaiul arrived from Texas where she is the owner of the well- knowni Bar B-Q. Pauline brought us come eaetus eandy. Miss Betty Mae Johnson .just arrived fiom Pai ' is where she has lieen desiynini; ' for X ' ofi-ue Mafi ' azine. (_)n her i-eturn to thr r. S. shr accepted a position as lie; ' d desiji ' iier for the American Branch of Voijue. Miss Irene Hultnmn took a leave of ab.-ence fi-om her managers ' job at the chain of Olsen Restaui ' ants to attend the reunion. Prof. Paul Sandin and his wife are here fi ' oni Mar(|uette tonight. Paul is now one of the outstandiic.1- tcachiM ' s at the I ' niversity. Miss Marion Chos ck. who is Choir Directress in St. i ' aul ' s Lutheran Church at . ew rim. .Minnesota, is very e.xcited abnnt liei- coming mai ' riage. •lames Duca. recently v ited the hest- dresM ' d m ni in th e stale, is here in his Sunday lii ' st. Vc all remember Jim ' s sharp (dotlies ' way back when. Kemn ' th Beacdi took leave fi-om his |ihotogra|ihy slio]) in Chicago to attend the reuiuou. He is also taking ])ietui ' es to- night. iliss (icrti-ude Kline arri iHl fi ' oni Wash- ington where sli(» is assistant to the trea.s- ui-cr of the r. S. (iertie is doing very well in her job. Miss Jane LaBay is hi ' re from Chica- go, too. Jane is one of the best steno- graphers in town, as her lioss Mr. MeCor- mick, says, and she is indispensible. .Miss Maebelle Muma is here tonight from Lansing whei ' e she is head i)hysical instructor at the gii ' ls ' college. We all r-emember .Maebelle ' s interest in sports back at school. R. X. Betty Nelson, now head nurse at Elmhurst Hospital, arrived ratlier lare tonight. It seems Betty has (juite a few duties now, being head nurse. June Wandahl also came with Betty tonight. June is an instructor at the same hosjutal and is doing a wondei-ful jol) with the new student nurses. The two to|) dairy farmers of the county jiLst arrived. Richard Nordgren and Roy Johnson are among the owners of the largest dairy farms in the county. They also run a garage on the side. Marilyn Rehm has also come from Chicago where she starred in the Roller Follies of TjS with her husband, Roy Bartlett. It is said timt the couple will travel to Hollywood to star in a show with Gloria Xord in the near future. Rev. Leyden Thor])e is here from .Marijuette where he is ])a.stor of the largest church in the city. Leyden also presided at the Baccalaureate services for the class of ' 38 this year. Carol Backman and Pearl An- derson arrived here from India where they have been missionaries for the past two years. Mrs. Stewart Jlotto. the toi-mer Arlene Berger. also is here tonight with her hus- band. R. X La ' onne Curtis is here from Jlai ' inette (ieneral Hospital tonight. It is i-umored that LaVoiuie will soon become lieail nurse. ■Glassmate- Miss Mai-jorie Anderson .supplied some of tlie refreslinients toiii iht. Mi. s Aiiilrrsoii is now niaii;i i ' i ' of llic Kcd ( I stniTs ill this pai ' t of till ' county. Tt ' d ll. ' dxdrsiMi and Ei-vin Tur-col ' c were a litllc late in jietting- here toni ilit as liierc was (|uite an aceident a feu- miles a va ' and they had to make three trii»s with tlicir wreeker. The jiair run a. wrecked car business and they i-eally wreck " em! Admii-al Ilei-man II. (liudi Sidiuetie took annual leave from his ship and is here for the reunion. It is rumored that Rud will accept a position as Secretai ' y of the Xavy next year. We als i have with us toni ' i:ht Miss Lois Nelson, who is tryin i ' hard to convince .some of her former classmates that, despite the fact that she is now heard weekly on the radio as Baby Snooks, she really has " i ' rown up! Kennetli St. Pierre is here from New York where he is siuji ' iiiji ' in ( ' arneifi ' e Hall. Ken has been ' ery successful in his career and will honor us with a son -. Doris Kobinson is here from ( " hicaji ' o where she is secretary for the Marshall Field Co. She is due for a ]U ' omotioii very soon. Two more of oui- married (dassmates are here tonifiht. Tlie former Ruth Lucas, now Mrs. I oli Trumble. and Lucille Lund- |iiist. now Mrs. Louis Carens. Richard Radei- and V;dly Raumli r are owners of the t I ' Ui-k line the H. and I . ' i ' h(ii- iriu1t:i is " ' Von send ' eni and we ' ll ji ' ct ' em there. " Miss Edith Brandiu ' r is here from New- York toineht. where she took a vacation from her otViee. Kdith is one of the out- standine women executives in the country. Miss Evelyn Rcnson t iok leave fi-om her iluties to attend thv retuuon also. Miss Benson is now the manager of the Grayson Dress Sh i]i in Chicaii ' o. Darwin Waldo just arrived in his ti ' uck. Mr. Waldo is fast beeomiufj ' known as the hijieest truckei ' in the county. Douylas Ahsman who has been in the Navy since liraduat ion, back in 1948, is hei-e on leave to attend the reunion. Mrs. Otto Wnlf. the former Kuth Fellion, is here from Aml ei ' L; ' , to attend the reunion. Miss Helen Orley and Mis Marie I ' feitf are here from Chicajro where they are emidoyed by the Bell Telephone Com- ])any. .Mis .luanita Melcjioir has lieen on a concert tour for the past 11 months, throu hout the United States. Her tour beine ' finished, she is here for the reunion. Clarence Hanson, who is head of the foi ' estry department in Menominee Coun- t ■, has (juite a jii ' oup of listeners. He just came back from a study of the Redwood trees in the we tern states. ALL.M.XI lil4. " - 19-t(i - 11147 Fi-om yeai- to year as stutlents eradu- ati- fi-oin Iliuh School and o ' o to work they like to know that they are still remember- ed and that other people are still interest- ed in knowinu ' what they are doin i ' . This is what the classes of ' 45. ' 4(i. and ' 47, are doiny ' . First, let ' s iiu back to last year and see what these |)eople chose as their occupations. . nunibei- (jf these people are att ' ndint;- collee ' c. They are the fol- lowinji ' : Shirley l all — liusiness Colle ' e — Es- eanaba, Michiean. Luella Berji ' — Student .Viirsine- — Chi- eaiid, Illinois. (Iladys Br()ber i— Miehie:an State Col- le ie — Lansin " :, Michifran. Joyce Burklund — Northern Michie-aii Colleg-e — Manjuette, Micdiiiiiui. Koland Carlson — ; Iichii;an State Col- leu ' c, Lansiiiij-, IMichi -an. Delores Fries — Rusine-s Institution — Milwaukee, Wisconsin. p]velyu Hubbai ' d -Xoi-thern Mclnean Collefj ' c — Mar |uette, Miiduuan. Cai-yl Ilulsizer — Northern Michi i ' an Collei;e — Marcjuette, Michi ' an. Marion Johnson — Noi-thern Michiy:a!: ( ' olleiie — Mai-ijuette. Michiii ' an. Carol Krantz — Michie-an State Col- :i(; -(Slassmate- l( " jo — Lansing-. iMii-liiii ' aii. Everett Larsnii — Micliit; ' an Stale Col- leu ' e — Lansing-, Micliii;aii. I ' at and Pe-uy I ' npc — P.elliel Cullene St. I ' aul, Minnesota. Martlia Kasmnssen — Xortlieni Micli- iiian Collejie — JIar(|uette, Mieliiuan. Donald Sandin— Bethel ColleLic— St. I ' aul, Minnesota. .I(]yee Slie|;ai-d — Student nui ' He — Ufeen iiay, Wisconsin. We have also I ' eceived word from the .Mayiu- of Chieaiio stating ' that the follow- iuii ' jx ' ople iiave jnst taken over the iUlii •treet in i ' hieay ' o. Xoi-hert Aiider.dn. Alice Klauni, Mary Ann Ilunniiid. Mary I ' anl. Wilhnr Rnniie, Helen Truitt, Ho e Leuca and (!nstav Wetthuhn are luuployed there. As we ride aronnd Menominee and Marinette we find Ihc population has in creased ciuite a lot since some of the stu- dents from Stephenson have ji ' one there to work. These peo]ile are: Elvina IIuK- iriau. Eleanor Kuick, Manette Xordin, Doi ' is Duca, Doris ()lesoii. Alice Klit ke, Elziiia l eanna. and . " (U ' ma leyei ' s. Fncle Sam af o had somethint; to say ahont this. We see that (Tordoii LtdJoy is now in the Aran ' and (ileini Hanson in the Xavy. Other students cinplo ( ' d in oilier |)laces are — Joy.-e Foley- -Te.xas. Bernetta Corey — Mtna.sha, Wis-onsin. Marjorie Amhos — Keno -ha. ' irL;inia lay — Beauty Cnlture — (ireen Bay. Theresa St. Pierre — Milwaukee. llrni-y Mottard — Milwaukee. lien ( ' appaert — Milwaukee. .Xow let ' s look hack at the cla-s of ' 4(1. First of all let " s stop at Me]iominee. Oh. Oh, there jroes Ethel Newlin ilown the street, remember, she was the ' ivl that always wore that friendly smile. Xow let ' s drive over to Mai-iuette, there we see Sara (ioft ' in and He. ' ina Hahitoy. Let ' s drive further, stop al .Mihva ' kee and now we see Tliere a Doyen. .Xext stop. Chica ' j ' o. and who do we find lieie hat Le l( i- liar- trick. Edith Winiiii ' i ' in and -lanice Lubka rcmemher they wei ' c some of the students that played in the liaud. Then there ' s Theresa Oezus, Kohei-t. Tjindsti ' om and Staidey .lohnsoii. Those that ai ' e enrolled at X(n ' tliern Miclii ' aii ( ' (idi ' iic III ' Education are -lean Anderson. Wallace DcMille, Elizabeth Kalishek and Joyce llnlibard. Myrtle Smith is attendiui;- Bible School al l ' ' nrt Wayne and Maruaret Fisher is in St. Paul atteudin-- Bible School. A. number of boys enlisted in th " X ' ' avy, Army or Marines, they are Howard Bolen. Robert Biehel, John Carlson, Steve Ferguson, Rodii ' er Herson, Edfi ' ar Muma, Walter Seemel. Other members of the (dass ai-e Marvin Allii ' eyer in Xorth Caro- lina. ' iolet Andi ' cws in Ti ' enary, Mich.. Riibcii h ' ore ' ctte in Iron Mountain and last is Viri;inia Wenneri;-ren who is a SCI ret a ry in Stephenson Hi ; ' h School. ( ' hicai;d ' s rich of cour, e. for many of S.ll.S. alumni now live llieri ' . Just walk ilowii Randol|ili Street and you are likely to see memliers of the class of ' 4. " )! Lucilh ' Berber, Esther Xylterii ' , Patricia DcMille. ' aleria. (Iriidus, Rita May, and Ethel (Jar ' diier. The armed fori ' cs ji ' ot their fail ' share of alumni and they deserve it. Sailors are (lerald Beautloin and ( ' harles Schmidt. Those in the Army are Jack Harjx ' r. liay mond Bader. Walter Wai-hter. Alvin Thoune, and we lia c William Winter in the Marines. A few of tile ahuiini are attending ' tolle ; ' es to become famed men and women and help the u ' overnment to better the w ii-ld. In the I ' liiver-ity of Miehiu ' an we lia -c Jay Sanford. Marjorie Krantz. aiiil John Bardow ki. Bcrnice Smatzlick is a j raduate of St. Euke Hosjutal in Mar- ijuette. Herman ' etort is a student at West Point. Milwaukee has claimed two of the alumni to work in hei ' bic ' city. Joyce Jlood and Roe ' ciie Kline have readily ren- dered their aid. Menominee seems the closest to home so that ' s where the majority are wcn-kini; ' . Clee Xelsoii. Helen Eraiitz, Clai-a Tur- eottc, and Lucille Turcotte , ' ire remiiiiscin;i ' there. Last of all we have Isabel ( irinsteincr who is workint:- in .Meiiasha. Wisconsin. The class of ' 4S wishes the best ol ' lih ' k to them. 37 -Glassnmte- CO.M . 1 E. ( ' EM HXT KX K 1{( ' ISE.S rroressi(]ii;il S. L. S. l ;uid Tiivdcatioii Fr. J. Let-knuni Salutatory Carol Rai-knian ' al( ' (lii-tory Betty Nelson — Iiiaiiita Mclclioir [usical selection [nti ' oduction of Speaker Joseph 11. (iueky Snp ' t. of Stephenson T -]). Sehools Address Lee Timi ' ston J)epnty Supt. of Dept of Pulilie Instrnetion lusical selertions i ' resentation of awards Jlr. lartii ' . Presentation of di|(lomas Herbert Corey See ' y. of Board of Edueation Benedietion Fr. J. Leekmaii KeeesJiional S. il. S. Band HAC( ALACK i: AT K EXLin ISES I ' l-oi ' essional S. H. S. Band Holy. Holy. Holy Class and Audieni ' e ln i. ration Rev. (L ' . Petei ' son Musical selection I ' .aci ' alaurcate sernu)n Rev. J. I. Iledin Pastor of St. Stephen ' s Lutheran Clmrch Duet ( musical m ' IccI ion) Lienedictiou Rev. (i. V. Peterson Recessional S. H. S. Band 3S —Glassinate- SKXlOi; l ' A(iKAXT YOl ' TII MIST CHOOSE " Mnv IS. 1!»4S I ' liiliiiiUr Discord Vs. il;uiiiiiii. ' .Seeiie II Pii ' .jiulii-c vs. Frinulsliip ,Si-eiif III Wrc.-k-iTratiiiii s. lir -ITiitirll SceiK- IV Aiiliici ' :ii-y s. Di ' iiMiri-iicy Scclii ' ' lllitciili-y vs. EdiiiMt inn Finale Ten ycai-s a ' .:d the Class (if Iflil) iiitro- ciMiiiscl liy llic fanilty. This is in kropiiii; ' cincfd till ' iisr iif tiic I ' aiii ' aiit into its i-lass with tin- iniidri ' ii thciiry of education wluch nijiht pi-oizraiii. At that time this one iiini to devidop student talent. It also n-ed was about twenty minutes in leii, ztli sei-ves a pai ' t in pi-omotint;- i)ul)lie relations, and furnished merely the elosiiiti ' nnmliei ' as it a.-(|uaiiits school patrons with pupil of the evenint; ' s entci-tainment consistin; - opinion and ability. Often, too, its nature of the usual prophecy, will. etc. It was is such that it sets forth in an entertain- wiittcn by the class advisor. inu- manner eilucational methods and phihisophy. By an evolutionary ])roces-. the plan This year ' s cdass is followin,;;- the ens- has lii-own until the paii ' eant now fills tl;e torn thus established and will present its entire evenini; ' and is written by the pat ' - pageant. •■Vontli Must Choose. " on tiv ticipatin ' . - (dass mcmbeiv-. with advice ami tvenini;- of .May IS. in the -cl 1 ' . ym. 39 -Glassmate- 40 ■(Slassmate- f A y i •. C-5 cv ■ xt •irxini; As we roaiiKnl the wild woods in III ' i ' :iil of ' 4- " ) we soon l)cc;nni ' aware of tin ' aliilities trea.sui ' ed liy various menihers of our Freslmieu elass. Soon after, we put some of these abilities to use liy rlcciiiM.r the foll() vin ' people into office: President Girls — Marjiie Sakovitz. President Boys — Ro i ' er Thoi-jje. Vice President Girls — Aliee Smaiiliek. A ' iee President Boys — Louis Fei-guson. .Secretary Girls — Christine Schmidt. Secretary Boy.s — Kenneth Krautz. Treasurer Girls — Evelyn Watz. Treasurer Boys — Geor e Peterson. Student Council Girls and l oy.s — Irene Chatlosli. Myrtle Ann Corey, Loren IIul- sizer, and Alois Zullner. Representative Girls — Ann Krol. Representative Boys — George Kostelee. The first thing- of importance on our calendar of events was our first semester class party held Xovemher 18, 1!)45. Then came the Christmas i)r ii; ' ram to which we contributed a Truth or Consequence skit. When the Senior Carnival rolled around, we chose Marjiie Sakovitz and Geor ' e Peterson as candidates for Kinj;- aiul Queen. Our activities for that year eniled with a class party at Wells Park. When we entered the forest the fol- lowing fall the surrounding-s were much like those of the year before except for the presence of several new animals. It w-as with much pleasure that we elected the following for our class officers: i ' resident — Roger Thorpe. Vice President — Margie Sakovitz. Secretary — Christine Schmidt. Ti-easurer — Evelyn Wangerin. Rejjresentat ive — Sally Lewandowski. Student Council — Ijoren Ilulsizer, Myrtle Ann Corey, Al Zullner. and Marilyn Rehm. It was this year that we welcomed airs. ] Iorton and Mr. Lehndorff ' as our guiding l)irds. On November 7, ]!t4(i we held oui- first class party which consisted of a supper with games and dancing fol- lowed by a movie. When the Forest Car- nival, headed by the Wise Old Owls came, we chose Loren Ilulsizer and Myrtle Ann Corey as our candidates for King and (jneen. Our second semester elass party con- sisted of roller skating at the .Xadeau Town Hall. The annual scliool jiicni.- was the last event of the yeai- before we -Glassmate- CL.XSS IliSTolJV would return to o:n- respci ' tive homes in the wilderness. When the ' Call of the Wild " was heard in the fall of " 47 the little skunks were the fii-st to venture out. There wei ' e many new faces among these white striped creatures, many skunk-; came fi-om the forests of Daggett and Carney to make us 102 members in all. This number later dwindled down to fl. " ) at the clo e of the school year. We began the year by the election of officers. We Joe Sla.ju. as our head skunk with Peter LeBeau to assist him. Lorraine Nelson was chosen to record the minutes of our meetings while Evelyn Wangerin was chosen to manage the ela s fuiuls with the hel|) of Jim - Menard. To i-epresent the Juniors on the Student Council w e gave i Iargie Sako dtz, (feorge Peterson. Barbara Ilarjier and Loien Hulsizer the honor. On October 31, a big Hallowe ' en dance, sponsored by the Jiuiior.s was the center of attraction. Arnold Smiltneek and his orchestra furnished the music while all the animals had the time of then- lives. A class pai ' ty on Xo ' ember Li, con- si.sted of dancing and games with refresh- ments sei " ved in the midst of the evening. A jjep meeting was given before the audience for the Basketball game on December 15. A month later the elass sponsored a dance following the Gladstoue-Stephenson Basketball game. The night of Febi-uary 5, 1!)48 found all the little skunks skating around th ' ice rink. Later when the wind became colder the.v moved to the gym for dancing and refre .hments. This event was onr second semester class party. On April !). we jii-esenteil tlie three- act comedy " Out of this World. " We are proud to announce that our homeroom advisoi-s, Miss Reynolds and .Mi-. ' oelker weie our jilay directors. OiH- calendar of events lu ' xt shows that on May 1st. the Junior-Senior Prom was held. To the theme, Ernie Tom- as.soni and his orchestra added well known melodies that went floating out into the air. The school picnic which was en.joyed by all ended all activities for this year. On May 21 we said oui- goodbyes to all ou ' - companions and went on our way out of the forest only to i-eturn in the fall as " Wise Old Owls. " 42 ■Glcissjiiatc- in A Tiiii row — r.( fl.v r.caiidniii. Thcn-sa SliarUcy. ( " liira Sl ' aiiistaiiu " . Delnics Matliias. Evelyn Watz. Cavoliiii- KisluT. I ' .ctty Wery. Until Xunliinist. Anna Krol. I ' nil row — Virt;inia .Mnktr. Knili;cn, Evelyn Sanftliiel. Lois Sanilalil. .Inne Di ' ravc. L(in-ainp Erirkson, Andn-y Waylicrj;. Lnr- raini ' Douibrowski. Hetty I ' anl. (ilnria Tronililev. ;iiil viiw — Helen Salt .. Henna Itafnes. .Tndy Xordin. Evelyn Dalil. Yvnnne Vincent. Sliir- ley KeldnsoTi. Lorraine Fiisinie, Sliiiley Kopankii. Alice Sniajrlick. Harbara HariKT. 4th riiw — Donna Kice. I.onella Sclictter, .loan Kline. Evelyn Wan;;erin. I.orfaine Nelson. .M.iii;ie Sakovitz. .Myrtle . nn Corey, I ' at J.f.Mien. , Irene Cliathj. ' -li. Christine Snjitls. ' Cop row -Theodore I ' lullips. .Toe Sinion. Cletis W.-iiiiier. Francis Kahitoy. David Iteyer. Harold I ' ratf. Warren Klitzke. Knssel I ' lut- ch.ik. I ' lid row -The-idore llillhruner. I ' .oh .Ic.liiison. Don.-ild Schetter. .Janies Kallshek. Koiiald Vincent. Kcser Thorpe. Marvin I ' o;niette. liichard Walli. Tony Crinsleinei-, Cecjriic I ' elersrin. Ronald lloida. K.i-er Kyc-. : ' iVi] row — . rinild Kraiis. l.onis I-Vrfinson, Willis Wakdier. Kennetli Krantz, .loe Slajns. L e IJardwell. David Adams. .lesse Hnbbard. Walter Condek. Wjlfreil .Johnson. I ' eter Siilir. I ' eter K.aynioiid I ' iidvowslii, lionald Sorenson. Howard Kevall. Ix ' o Sjohidni. Alois Znllner. Uill Tii-kler. Dale l.ncas. .lohn Haas. .liinies Menard, Albert Waisanen. I ' etpr Thoiiiie. 43 ■Ghissmate- ' .X 44 —Glcissjjhite- ■y .y ■C lassmate- SOIMIOMOIM ' : CI ASS IIISTOKV Th llic fiill 111 ' ' 4(1 we eiitcrcil Stcpli nisoii Ili ' iil with very Utile kiHiwlcil c of wluit was ill sfnrc for is. EverytliiiiJ ' aliiiut us was new and diffiTi ' iit. Our first six wi ' eks pcricul was spiMit iivtiiii- ' aiMiuaiutcd with mir sidindl. ti ' aidicrs, an.i subjects, although it was duriuji ' that period that we elected the foHowing ' ehiss otf ic-ers : President Oii-ls — " Rosena Rasmusseu Tresideiit Px.ys— Ilamhl Pratt ' iee President (iirls— Shirh-y Winter ' ice President Boys— Euji-ene Jones Secretary (iirls — Parluira Eshronk Secretary P oys — Ortoii Meh-hoir Treasurer (Iirls — loanne llall Treasui-er lioys — (im-don IIim-soii Stiuleiit Council (Iirls— : Iarilyn Corey Vii-izinia All eyer. Student Counril lioys — (Jrtoii -Mel- ehoir. Paul llastien. We hcLian our year of aelivities with a cla-s i)arty. daneiiii:- in the i;yiii and playin.u- ji-ames, after wliieli we went on a scaventi ' er hunt. The second semester party was enjoyed at Xadeau at the roller- katint;- rink. Our next activity was the election of candidates for the Senior Carni val for King- and Queen. The two elected were Ku ' ene .lones and P.arliara Eslirook. As rahhits in the Fall of " 48, we a : ' ain rctnriH ' d to the forest to feed on the food of knowled-e, we were a little more ac- ipiainted with the surroundiiiLis ;ind the othiM- animals. Init we found soon thai W(! would he udiui; on to new and lietter livinu- (■(liditions wl:c|-c we wmilil im-et with soiu ■ very excitin.ii ' adventures. Our first excit- iiii;- I ' vent of the year wa i the election of class officers. There was some stiff com- jtetition and we think the he t ones iioin- inated were elected. They are: President— ] ena Pasmussen Vice President — Eue-ene -lones Secretary — Parhara I ' shrook Treasurer — Oi-ton .Melchoir Student Council — Vir ' inia All -eyer, Paul Baslien, (Jrlon Melchoir, Don Rabbi. The first event of the year was a pic- nic supper enjoyed at Wells State Park, this was our clas party for the first semes- ter. The next big- event was the spon.sor- iii ' of the Thauksgivini; ' Hop. We had a wonderful time and a lar re crowd gathered to witness the dance of the season. The second semester party found us again J • at Xadeau at the Holler Rink. We elected i pin-ups for the annual, ])aying special at- tention to liood looks, scholastic ability, and personality. These were two ambitious people: Dorothy Johnson and Alton Adams. We. the members of the Sophomore Class of the (Ireat Woods, wish the gradu- ates of Stephenson High the of every- thing, and we would like to add a.s a note of rememln-ance that we hope to have a showing of Honor Students that will com- p,-ire with that of the class of ' 48. 4(i -Cyhissnnite- H.-u-k row — Ilii.niiir Ilcrsim, 1-hwigBs ili ' li-lmir. l,;i viviue illia:iis. .Icisfpli M(iriii. H;n()lil r ri:l)ci ' i;-. Paul I!astic ' ii. KUUvil Swniisini, I (iii Hatibie. Alex Malawka. Kuncm ' Jones, Walter Kister. Lawrence JJwIlinW n. I ' liarles Siiiitli. Oftift I ' nd row — (ilad.vs Kraiitz, Delia Hayward. Doro- thy I,iin(l.|Uist Jeaii Lvicas. Louise Johnson. Ndi ' nia Caseheer. Srd row — I ' .arbara F.slironk. I,ovetta Jolnwdii Ruth Josliu, Theresa Lusnia, Ue ina LUsh- neau. Viriiinia AlU ' eyer, Shivlev Winter. I ' al; Caulk, r.etty Kiszely. I MWiftfl Fox, John .Xordipiist, Warren Xewlin, Morris Larson, i ' .otloiii row — Adelaide I ' .eaudoin, Violet I ' .afk-, Dorothy .lohnson, Hetty Ilultnian. J icj .M.-irion IleriiiK. Mary Koeh, Lorra ineA]uaji.» (Jraee Johnson, i mtammtmlmmfmur . ianlyn k«Cf(«4 Corey, Uosina Rasmussen, Wayne Krueger. Leonard Kosewski, Tommy Winter, S 47 ■Glassmate- .vH (y C urr f Ci txyrf 48 ■( lassntnfp- D)n (sim 11 11 ■Glassmate- FRESIIM.W CLASS IIFSTORY As fawns, wliu nini)) tlirouoh tlir tircnt woods and tiiiil)frlaiids of Stcplicnsdii Ili ' Ii Si ' liool, we, till ' Fresliniaii Class of l!)4li-47, 8: mcmlicrs sti ' oni: ' , who hail from llic to viislii])s of Slcplii ' iisoii, Iiiii ' allstoii, Mid- len, ( ' (■dai ' illi Lake. Mcnoiniiii-c and Holmes, arc pniiid to relate our elass his- tory to you. Our ele;-tiou of elass officers was lield and the followinji ' were eliosea to rejjre .ent our elass. President — Tom llolen. Viee President — Calvin Plioteidiauer. Secretary — F]laine .Tardeen. Treasure |- — I ' liilip Carroll. Sludent ' ouneil — fulia l aul. Sliii ' ley St rom. ( ' lai eiice Ilultman. AVe hax ' e much to he proud of: ()iii ' hoys on the X ' arsity foothall and haskcthall teams; actix ' c menihci-s in Photoj; ' raphv, ] and. (dee CInh, and C .V .(_ ' . AVe also ha c two of our classmates as Junior ( ' heci ' Leaders. Oiitstaudint; ' lMuldi;; ' hts of our nian year were the class parties held on Octoher " JL and . pi-il L The i irls liave ; l)ep .session ])re. ' eedin ' .; ' a haskcthall i:amc. The i)in-n|)s of mii- clas were Doi-othy Franconi ' and Calxin I ' hoteidiauer. Altliouuh we were sometimes eoiifuN- ed. and Fearful, teased hy upper classmen We will always rcmemhci ' our yeai ' s as fawns wiieii we rom|)ed thruuy,h the great foi ' est. 50 -(3lcissmate- T ili row Kil.i M:ir Tiiklci ' . K;i;lili ' vii Urrsim. llrlly W ' .IIZ. .Invic Itii-l], .liiyrc .M.lrcii. Helen ( ' lial liisli. .Line I ' .i ' yer. I ' .everly Ile.yk. Unil row l.yhi Wilii.-uns, Dunilliy Fi;nvi)nr. .M;irj(irie KoscwsUi, I,.-i Verne Adnnis, KlaiiK ' .I.-irdei ' ii. Kli ire lire Smilli. Kil:i Kline. Mil- ilreil Ilaiilcitte. 3r(l row — r.eatri ' -e I er uii ' el!e. Kiislin Adnnis. Hdspannn S.-ik ivitz. I ' liyllis Slinnii.i). Nornia .Tean I l.i I v.nseM, Mary Staiv.ynsUi, Kds.alie I ' liillips. Ilnhhiril, . I ' liillips. Kulli ll.a ' ley. ] ' .Mll(ini low I orolli. KakiiU, Kl.-iine Miller, • ' leo ' IMioney. I ' liyllis Ilillbninei-. .loanii 1 ' Iodine. Ilelty Hanson. I ' .atricia W ' oessnei ' . .laiiire W ' inler, Sliirli ' y SIroiii, Louise S|iit- zer. AlisenI — Delores nr.iniliiei ' , Adeline Diieal. Clara Fellion. .leaiielle Ciaienslerii. Dorolliy Her son. -lulia I ' aul. " • hin :a: ' ' " ci Top row— lOrie ILil ' i ' maii, l)a id ( ' .ai ' lson, l!of;ei ' I.of ren. Allen llroliei-, KolieiM Webber. Leonard Slianipo. Arnold T.anvas. Koberl Klitzke. Uayiiioiid r.loni. .lolm Doyen, .loliii Huniinel. Ceiiler row Leo K.a iznia riz. k. Uonald llornik. Hoger Meyers, lionald Hanson. Honald -Xeral. I ' K.iiol ( Li rdiier. Iioiiaid I ' okavilz. Vernon Sniitli. Iris (jaril- iier. .lolm Forsbei ' t;. lliilloni low — .Mieliaid Mielinii-k, Krwin Hart. Ir in Foley. I ' biliiJ ( ' .irri ll. Calvin I ' liolen- h.iiier, Paul Sakovilz. Harold S(ddenvoi;l. ' Plioiiias ISolen. FiiKt ' ne Sinilll, Dean Geriic. l llon .Vndersnii. 51 -Glnssmnte- 52 -C nssjiiate- EKillTir (IKADE P , f n n Q 1 ;ifk rciw -(iord .11 lldit ' r. (Jlrii l ' .cn|iiisl. Civiritf CUvniiivsky, Sti ' vc Kakiik. Kolierl Duffiiii. I.MW ' .eiice Liitri. Kcnnotli roissmi. I r.-inris A. ' clliiiKcr. Ilan.ld .Viidcrsoii, lind riiw rciiry W.-illi, KhIiitI Wipc-sshit, Kivli- iird Aiult ' i-sdii. Dnvid lirhrcnd. .linun.v (iriii- sU ' iiier. Robert I ' aidl. .liu-k Ilnijci-. Kicliard ForsbrrK. Xnniian Tniiisti-:i. Alfred 1 )( ' s- jarliiis, Ki ' iiii; ' tb Kraust-. Srd niw— r.cvcrly .Ii)hiisnii, Kdilli Klaiiiii. Mar- leiu ' Xelsdii, Edwiiia I ' arri ' tl, IJctty ( ' iri ' y, Doris S ' biiiidt. SliirU-y Hickinsoii. lU-tty liloiH, Kosciiiary Auib ' rsoii. Sniija Siiiid- b; ' r:;. Sally Swaiismi. .laii ' l .hpliiisim. ] ' .( ttiiin row- -I loioiliy |ia is, I.yla I ' ais;! ' . I oris Koss. Carol Hanson. Marion Kasninssi-n, Joan Hfdin, Norma l!rit, ' lil. .loyci ' Swan- son. Kosfniar.v r.arrcll. Lorrainr Krol, .Teanette Franconr. Snsan Hornik. SEVENTH GRADE Top row— .M.inric-c .|o|,Mson. I ' Mw.-iiil Williams. Clarcni-c I ' clkcy. l ' ;rd ' von. .Mbi ' rl Oilcy. David Ilcdin. Darwin Diolim. Sam Fcrunson. Ilildin;; l.indi ' rotli. 2iid row— Ui -liard Vel l)cr. .lami ' s on, Sli i)bi ' n I ' .erzsonyi. Holn ' rt Hiilsizcr, Ili-rlon I ' .nric. Clyde Tlioinie. Howard Ilubli.i rd. .Ir.. I ' aijicnc Frani-onr. 3:d row — lov S.-iko-, ilz, ( C :r;r; ' Carroll. Cliarlcs I ' .nrlic. Ito er Ilidda. Korniil C.irlson. (JIadys Sakovilz, Sborrill Simon. I ' .etly Ilorvatb. Di ' lin-cs .lohn on. .Vanry Tcbo. U in.ild Davios. r.ollom low- .lames I ' etrell. .I(dui Kovaeh. I ' i ' rn I ' .riiilU. Donna I .-ivis. Ilenriella I ' I ' " l.iine lailri. C.irol, . I.ois Kakidv. .Marilyn Frickson. I ' .elly Waldier. lielly F.iabs. -Glassmute- yy(r. JtaGasse and his girh 54 -Glassniate- ciivities In c§. 7H. S- Tnli riiw. left 111 ri ' hl -l . ' i iil Ilcdiii. Ii.uiiilil Kiililii, it(iii Mi ' lclidir, (;i- ri;c I ' ctt ' rsuii, Niirlirri I ' uuiim-f. Itariild Aiiilcrsiin. I ' niil l ' .:isticn. l ;ivi(l ( ' :iiis)ii, ( ' mIvIii I ' lintcliliniicr. r.ollniii TdW Miss Spiiimsti ' c:]. Uindlli.v l ' l:iiini, IIi ' lcii Strum. .lujiii Ilrdiii. .Marjiirif SaUci- vitz. Harhara Hariicr. Vir;;iiiia Allsi ' .vi ' r. r.ctrv Xi ' lsin. Miiki ' N- linrkc. HTUDEXT C ' OrXCIL Hteplieiis-.oii Iliuli School has not aihijil- od a system of impil i;-ovi ' i ' miinit. Hatltrf it lias adoiited the iii-a " tice of pupil-teaclier co-operation. The Student Council serve-; as a representative assenilily for proniil- iii? the ii ' eiieral welfare of the school. It is made up of representatives elected hy mcml)ers of eacii home room. leetin ' s arc held e ( ' i-y two weeks nt which matters pertaininiz ' to the entire . ' tudeiit liody are discu-sed. Any item of int(i-est dcsirini;- considi ' ration hy t!u Student Council may he hrontiht to Its attention liy any memlier of the eronp. Each year the Council s])i nsors var- ious activities within the si- ' .iool. Durini: ' 1!)4S they sp(msored I lie .Mauazine Sah ' . Stu h nt pictures, and the M:)i)ile X-ra ' unit. It pai ' t icipatcd in the Lincoln I)av assemhly which was held Feliruary ' -). ]:)4S. The followinc ' people wire chosen as officers of this Council for HUT and 1I)4S: President — N ' iriiinia AllL:eye)-. ' ice President — Wayne Kayser. .Secretary — Betty Nelson. Ti-easurcr — .Mariiie Sakovitz. Sere-eant-at -. rms — Harold .Vnderson, ■Glassmate- CPC I ' .ack rou " — Lt ' .vden Thoipi ' . Ucikit TlioriK-, Paul SaiKlin, Elton Anderson. l aviil Carlson, (IiMiijje I ' t ' terson. Hosier Kye. I ' ( tl nl niw — Helen (hley, Stella .Ii hns(in. I.iivoiine Ctiitice. Kleanor Conn. I ' earl An- derson. Lorraine Krickson. I ' anline Kast- land, iliss Leola Anderson. FFA Top row — Toinm.v Winter. !. Lawrence Duffrin. Ervin Wery, Ronald Vincent, Paul Fellion. Mr. (Jr.inskoK, Willard Swille. Koral (Jard- IKM-. I ' anI P.astien. .Tolin Hnniniel, Dean (Jerue, Donald Pokavitz. 2nd row — KojiPr Thorite, W.irren Klitzke, Ver- non Smith. Iris Gardner, .Fames Kalishek, .loe Slajus, l{of; ' r Me.vers. Clarence Hnlt- Robert Klitzke. Allen ISroberg. Tliomas I ' .olen. David Adams. . ' .rd row -Curtis I :irson. David Carlson. Alex - l.ilawka. Howard Kevall, Marvin Poquette. William Tickler, Walter Gondek, Alois Ziillnei-. Donald Schetter, Maurice I.,iirson. Polloni row — Hicliard, Willis WalclK ' r. Donald Sorenson, Arnold Tanvas. ,Iohn Nordiiuist, Peter LeBeau, .John Haas, Clar- ence (iidlof, Leonard Kosewski, Robert F ' . D.ili ' I.M ' iis. David I ' .ever. Uussell Plutch.ik. 56 ■Ghissjiinte- Ari ' KKXTlCK TEACIIKRS Top i-iiw — Kvclyii W.-iiiui ' iiii. Aiiili ' i ' v I ' .lau. Mar- .jcii-ic Sakiivilz. L ' lid rnw — Christine Sclniiidt. Maebi ' llf Minna. ilaiir I ' tViff, LiPiraiiH ' I ' liiliips. l iiis Xflsdii. .Illlia ' Af]n]lk; . I ' .cilliiiii niw Ita.viiHiiHl riiil;i v l;i. l iiiialii ThifiUc. Carl Lal ' ciiiitc, Kciiiii ' lli SI. I ' ii ' ire. Alisi ' iit — Wa.viic Ka.vscr. Sl ' AXlSII CLUB T.ip riiu- — Arlciic licTS ' cr, I,y(Ha Flaiiiiii. Carii- liiic Fislirr. Alice Smaulick, Iii ' lurcs Ma- lliias. Anna Kml. Irene Cliallnsli. Kulli iir(li|iii l . r.ellv I ' aiil. Anilrey Wayher;;. Kiinald llnida. I ' eter ' I ' lHinne. lind riiw — Alice Ai;,i;en. Kvel. ii r.cnsim. Clara Scliainstinc. Donna liarnes. .Indy Xordin. Ia (inne I ' urlice. Kleanoi- Conn, raulin. " K.astland. r.elty Wery. Cliri.sliiir ScliuiidI, Kennelli Ki-anlz. I ' aul S.iiidin. Mrd row — Evel. II Wal .. Irene Ilullnian. I ' .etly .Iiilinsiin. r.etty r.raxler. .Muriel Ciirey. Until l ncas. Mildred Kranciinr, June San- dahl. lOvelyn I laid. Sliirley Kehinson. Kay- iimnd I ' inUiiw ski, (ienr.yc relersnii. lidlloiii ro v--IOvelyn Wan.nerin, Lorraine Xel- -on, .Marjorie Sakiivifz. Myrlle Corey. I!ar- liara IIar|ier. Marilyn Corey. Ijirraine . ni;in. r.arliara Kshrook. Kiitli .losliii. Uosen.a Kasiiiiisseii. .Miss Anderson. ■U -Qlassniate- A l { . y. AND STAFF ! ' ..ick ro - [l• . I ' .rowii. I irraiiK I ' liilliiis. I ' .ctty .loliiismi, iH ' rrnule Kline. Audrey Slottke. Ili ' lJe Illlltlli.lU, Until I.Ucas. I.inille 1,1111(1- ((iiist, r.dlliiiii niw -Aiidre.v Rlan. Helen I ' crica. Xornia Ciselicer. .Inlia Zielimka, Helen Sehinidt. Mariim Keiai;;. DIMVEKS- EOrCATloX Jlr. Siiii(li|iiist, .loe Siiiinn, Ui ii;ilil ' iiii ' eiit. Hety Kiszely. Uiilli Fellidli. 58 ■Qlcissmate- cndii Tup r i v — Jliss Riirlvli ' TifJ, Kpiinrth Krantsc. Al Znllner, I.e.vdiMi Tliori ' i " , I ' . ' iul S.indin, Eu- gene Tcliii, Fr;iiic-is K.iliilcy. Chirfiicc (!i l- l:)f, JStewiii ' t T.i I ' .cnii. 2n;l row — Lmu ' llii Sclictter, I-omiinp Ericksdii. Arlene Herder, Aiiilrcy P.laii. P.ptty Xelson. Joan I.awrcii ' -c. Marilyn Kphni. Mnnd t ' orey, Hetty " Wt ' iy. . " .i-fl row — Aliip Asufn. r.arliara Ilarpcr. Anna Krol. Irene Cliathisli, Y .inrie X ' incent. Lor- raine D inil)rowslci, Shirley I iroese. Marion f ' liossek. I ' .arliara Sanforil. Eyelyn I ' .ensnn. 4tli r iw — liorothy FlaiiMi, 1 orotliy Kakuk. Joan Iledin, I irrainc Krol, Evelyn Wan- erin. Lorraine Nelson. Margie Sakovitz, ;Myrtle Ann Corey. Joan Kline, Uita L1e Beavitloin. SENIOR (ilULS " GLEE Top row — Miss liiirkhiiid. Helen Sihniidt. Audrey P.laii. Lois Nelson. Elaine Jardin. Mary Louise Starzinski. iLirlene I ' hillips, Theresa Sh.arkey. i ' nd row — l»oro;hy J(dinson. Theresa Lusnia. Virginia .Vll eyer. .NLielielle Muiiia. Evelyn Sanflhiel. r.e.-iudoiii. Iiuroiliv Franeonr. Hetty Pottoin ripw Kathleen Ivrrson. I! tly Walz, ( ' and Jean Itahoin. Evelyn ])ahl. Shirley Kohinsnn. (lloria Trohdiley. Evelyn Walz, I ' hyllis Slianipu. 59 ■Glassmate- SEXTOK fLASS PLAY Oil Wednesday, Deeeinhci- 10, 11(4S iii tlir Steplieiison Hi ' h ScIidoI sym tlic Sciiiiir (_ " la,ss presentetl tlif class i)lay " JJon ' t Look Now. " The setting ' was in the living; ' room of tlie Sherman city rcsich ' iicc t ' ni ' nisjied for comfort rather tiiaii style. The play centered around the actions of one Cousin Herhert Hayes, wealtliy and handsome. The antics that tlie various memhers of the family and tiieir friends l)erform when they learn of their co usin ' s cominji ' , ari ' the hasis for tlie comedy of the play. Air. Sherman, wiio is a police cai)tain, comes home and I ' eports a i)ayroll holdup. Till ' famil ' is shocked to learn that " Consin Jlerhert " is the villian. More than that, they are also shocked to learn that X ' an ' ie, the hired liirl, has ac- quired a liean stealini; ' tramp who now peels potatoes and does odd johs for the Sherman household. Later the eidire mas- ter is solved when it is disL-overed, liy a picture taken with Brother Ray ' s camerii by Lois that Cousin Herbert is not the euliU ' it and that the tT-ani]), Lonesome Luke, is really Herbert Hayes. However, all ' s well that ends well and Herbert aids Mr. Sherman in retiriiifi ' from the police force. The cast for the jilay was as follows: •lohn Sherman, father — Leyden Tiior])e Ethel Sherman, mother — Shirley Droese Hei ' ince Shei-iiian. daiij: ' ht( r — Helen Schmidt. Ray Slierman. son — Ervin Turcotte. Tjois Shernuin, daujihter — Audrey Blau. Herbert IIa es. cousin — Kenneth St. PitMIV. (Irandi)a Sherman, comedy type--Paul Saiidin. Lvinie Divdrn, uii ' l friend — Julia Zieloii- ka. ' N ' incent lieriier, liov friend — Frank Ilu. ' bel. Evangeline (X ' angie) Ross, hired girl — Lois Xelson. Arilla Temph ' . neighbor- Stella -lolin- Sdll. Stage Managei-s — .Marilyn liehni. Donald Mellinger, Marie I ' feiff. Clarence (Jidlof. Herman S.-huette and Hugh Ki-viegei-. Announcer — Donald Thielke. Make I ' l) — Joan Lawrence, Marie Pfeiff. Singing — Aldrey Hlau, Kenneth St. Pierre, Shirley Droese, Joan Lawrence. Maril. ii Rehm ami Muriel Corey. Dii-ectors — Prank Jacisin and Mane Nadeau. The play was a great success and the pr(ji eeds went to the Senior Trip Fund. JTTNIOR PROM May 1, U 4S was the date set for the Junioi- Pi-om. P veryone was talking about it so enthusiastically that 1 dei ' idcd to go u|) to the gym and see what was doing. My e cort came at S -M) and it was at the first stroke of I) :()() that we arrived at the •; -|n. As we entered the miter entrance of the Stephenson gym. a few melodic measures of the " Missouri Waltz " ' reached our eai ' s. As we enti ' re l we could see that the theme which the Juniors had iaken was too of May day. The decorations ieall - were beautiful and it made you feel as though you were in a grove of trees and Mayflowers blooming all around. Tiie pi-etty ])a tels of the girls ' formals accent- ed the green shrubbery. The delightful music was furnished by I " ]rnie Timasoiii and his orchestra from Iron .Mountain. The Seniors will ne ' ei ' forget the wonder- ful Prom of 1!I4S. GO ■Glassmate- SEXIOR CAKXIVAL Tlie wcjillicr outside ni;iy liavc licen friji ' litfiil hut lilt ' pciiple ill the Steplieiison yyiu were liaviny- a delightful time. When? Why, Feb. 7th, of eourse ! You must have seen the colorful posters in the windows of different business establishments. How could yf)n miss them . ' It was M ::{0 when 1 decided to drop in on the Seniors and see what was cook- ing. The place was full of people. Yoiinp: and old, alike! I decided to take a walk around and see what was doinji ' . The first thini: ' 1 encountered was the cheek- i-o(im. Afti ' r lo(ikin - around I decided there would i)c no room for my coat dur- ini; my wanderinjis, so otf it went, and it remained in the check-room for the re- mainder of the evenini, ' . The next tiling 1 did was walk over to the ticket table and buy m.vself a sti ' inji ' of tickets. That w ' onld me for a little while at least. The jiirl selling the tickets must have been popular because there alwa.v.s .seemed to be a line of people waiting for something. Oh, it just dawned on me. I ' ll bet it was tickets. After I had gotten my tickets [ was stoi)ped by a voice which said, " An- other game of Skillo will begin in just a moment. " This sounded vei ' y interesting so I di ' :-idi ' d to walk over there. I sat down and soon a lovely young lady (.she must have been a Seni(u-) came over and handed me a card. I knew there must have been a catch because she soon asked me for some of my tickets. I should ha ■e know ' u I wouldn ' t get a card for nothing. I played a few games, but 1 didn ' t have any luck so I then retreated to something else. The Hkillo table happened to b(! directly opjiosite from the cake walk. As 1 walked and .saw all the delicious home made cakes and heard the inviting music, I decided to try to see if I could win one of tliose cakes. I walked and when the music sto})ped I happened to be on Xo. If). 1 couldn ' t have concentrated hard enough because No. 15 got the cake. 1 tried again l)Ut to no avail. After that I had my picture taken and 1 must sa.y it really was nice, (the ])hotography work that is, not the picture). There was a novelty booth, ring toss, fish 1)oih1, baseball, and many other intei-est- ing activities. After walking around and seeing all things, 1 soon became hun- gry. At that moment the fragrant aroma of hot dogs made its way to my nostrils. After samjding one, I was walking away when what to my wandering eyes should appear but a gypsy. She looked as though she were from " (iolden Ear rings. " Her gypsy charm lun-d mr in to having my fortune told. Sonic of the things she told me were shocking, but I didn ' t allow my- self to worry al)out it too much. It was 10 :■ ' !() when 1 bade farewell X( the gypsy. At this time, every one was staiuling around facing the .stage. A girl came out from behind the curtain and warned us of the fun in store for ils. The next mo- ment the curtain opened and there stood a group of musicians. Their music ]n-oved to be quite on the comical side. Later I found out that the music was supplied by Spike Jones ' orchestra. Five fellows were on .stage the second time the curtains opened. Their voices came forth with the " Wift ' enpof Song. " The main e -ent of the stage show was the coi ' onation. The king and queen were a lovely couple and they were attended by other couples who were supposedly gentlemen and ladies of the court. This concluded the floor show and everj- one agreed that it really wa.s worth seeing. Shortly after the .stage show I saw a small radio being carried u|) on the stage. That iinist be the radio 1 gave the donation for, 1 thought. It was really a nice little radio and the pei-son who received it must be |)roud of it. The carnival continued after the floor show but most of the people left, ami so 1 decided to join the crowd. 1 don ' t think I could have spent a more enjoyable eve- nini; ' . (il ■(Blassmnte- (52 ■Glassnwte- CHEER LEADEPiS I.i ' ll 1(1 i-iu ' lil — Kvflyii WaiisiTiii, .MMiilyii I ' liil- lips. M.-ii- ic SMkovilz. sulis. Luis .Nel son. Aiulivy Ulau, ' irj;iiii:i AllKcycr. Jhiry Sclii ' llci-. ri ' iiuhirs. Alisciil — I)iiriitliy Fr.iii- iMiur. suli. Whrnc ' vei ' the animals of tlic Fdrrst f)f Kiiowli ' djje went to a basket liall or footliall lvalue they helped to li ' ad tiieii ' teams on to many a victory by their vvon- derfnl school s|)ii-it. At all the e ' ames yon couhi ileal- them sini;-iiie- tileir school son ' : Cheer, Ciieei ' . here we are ai;ain. To ( ' beer and see yon tlironj li Cheer, Chetr. here we are a iain to Ciieer for tiie (iold and Bine. FIGHT FKMIT FKillT! Stephenson ' s colors we ' ll defend Ea ales victorious to the end We ' ll yell for yon with all onr mi;,;lit Keep up your pep, stay in there and fiuht. UAli ! Also heli)ini: ' to keep uji the si-hool s]iirit wei ' e the cheer leaders. This .vear the tryonts for chei r leach ' rs wei ' c held on Friday, November 14. Thee were held in the uym. Tliey were chisen by a Lzi ' onp of si. teachers aiul tlic vice-presidents fi-om grades 7 thronuh ll ' . Those chosen for t etiulars were : Audrey l lau, Lois .Veison, Mary Srhetti r and ' iri;iina All ' eyer. The sub wei ' e: Evelyn Wan erin. laruie Sakovitz, larilyn Plullips and Doroth.v Francour. The chairman foi ' this vi-onii was Audrey libiu. The clieei ' leadci ' s received new uni ' foi-ms this y(ai ' . These were purchased with the money from t!ie mat;a .iiH ' sales. The uniforms were admii-ed b - manv. 63 ■Gicissmate- BASKETRAI.L I!.-ii-k row (left In riulit I — l.cniiMrd Sli.iiiiiin, r.iiddiii row — Mr. I.;i( ' :issc, WmUit Fister. Kiin- Doii.ild Italilii. KIdi-iMl Swaiisoii. Ihinild iild lli)id:i. Cluirlcs Siuill], Kiiiiciie .Idiies, I ' lalt. Donald Soifnsoii. Jdo Miiriii. .Tohii Haas. I ' .ASKKTKAM, To|i row — Donald Xe-rat. Irviii I ' oliy, l.coiiaiil Slianiiio. Rolici-t Wt-hhcr, I ' aul Sak ivil ' ,. Ilornuui .Xcvillo. P.ottoin row !)oiia!d llaiisoii. Harold Si-lden- i:;l. Miiliai ' l Alichiiick. Kaxiiioiid Hloni. I ' liilip Carroll. 64 •Glcissmatc VARSITY St;iliililin ' — Cli ' lis W;iKI]ir. Morris I.Ml ' scii. !c(ir;;i ' I ' clcrsdii, NdrhiM ' t 1 ' iii1|mii ' C. Ilutfll Kriit ' ner. Dniiald Tliii ' lkc. ( ' (lacli Mct ' artli.v. Kiic ■liiii;- Wmmii Wiiltcr ■ Ka. si iMuiiili ' i ' . I ' Mlviii I ' liolciiliaiii ' i ' . . -Myron I ' lnrii. BASKETBALL The Eajrles fared better in the basket- ball season, winning their first games and going to the semi-finals in the Upper Pen- insula district tournament. The Eagles have never been defeated twice by the same team. The following are the season ' s results: Bark River 18 — Stephenson 45. Powers 34 — Stephenson 42. Peshtigo 33 — Stephenson 48. Vulcan 27 — Stephenson 19. Menominee 4; " ) — Stephenson 3(5. St. Joe 43 — Stephenson 37. Lourdes 53 — Stephenson 36. Powers 26 — Stephen.son 30. Gladstone 27 — Stephenson 25. Vulcan 36 — Stephenson 49. Wausaukee 33 — Stephenson 29. Gwinn 53 — Stephenson 32. Peshtigo 44 — Stephenson 32. St. Joe 37 — Stc|)hciis()n 38. Lourdes 35 — Stephenson 36. Stephenson, formerly Class C " school in athletics, was e ' evated to Class B at the beginning of the season. In the dis- trict tournament which was iield in Escaii- iba, tlie Eagles surprised the community Ity entering into the finals of the Class " B " championship. On the opening night the Eagles turned back Maiii.sticpic 49-44 in a thrilling game. In the semi- finals the Eagles ti ' ounced an over-confi- dent Iron Momitain quintet 57-46. How- ever, in the finals the Eagles bowed to Menominee 51-43 in a close game. At the end of the quarters the Eagles were out in front 11-8, at half time the Eagles trailed 23-19, the Eagles were out in front again at the end of the third (piarter 27-25 going into the final frame. (i. ' ) ■Glossmate- EACLES TKII LOTTiDES :i(i-85 Perliai s the most oiitstaiuliii ' jianie of the season was the hist i ' anie with Our Latly of Limrdes Ili ' li S;-hool of Marinette. Hefore our j;anie with Loui ' (h ' s. they liad only three losses in the entire city, h)sin ' tvviee to Marinette and onee to St. Jolm ' s of Little Chute. Lourdes defeated Menout- inee twice, Peshtiuo twice, and Catliolic Centi ' al of (Jreen Bay. neither of tliese teams by any means minor com|)etition. nr ji ' ame with Lourdes was )u] and tuck all the wa ' throufi ' hout the last twenty secoiuls of playint; ' time. Myron Dnnn let a hinu ' one fly from niid-couit to nio ' the Eagles out in front 3i i-3.i when the horn sounded at the end of the same. The top scorers for the Eaji ' les were (ii(iri:e " ' Hhissom ' " I ' etei-son. Donahl Thiel- ke. and Myron Drum. At tlie jiames you would find ' i ' hielki ' making ' score after scoi ' e with his corner siH)ts. Another i)layer. fi-om tlie Ea,u ' les team, recovers the ball and it down to tlie far end of the fi-ym where Drum snatches the hall from mid-air and makes a lonii ' shot to the Eaji ' les basket. Tiie crowd is silent now and as the hall slips thri.u ii tile hoop, they o wild. Who catches the liali, turns around swiftly, and tijis the ball into the basket winniufi ' the jiame by many jioints? Peter- son, of course 1 ' . We hoi e the hi vs tiial take the phv. ' e.-; ( f Thielke and Drum will he just as ood As for Peterson, we don ' t have to hope. AVe just wish him lu:-k and know he will kecj) u]) the jro;)d work by makinu- twice a ■• many i):)iiits next year. Six of the basketball players are g ' laduatiii.u ' thi year. They are as follows: D( nald Thielke, Huph Krue;2:er, Myron Di-um, Wally Paumlei-. Wayin Kay er and Ni rbert P.jupoie. FOOTBALL St LAD Tup row (1-r) Mr. L;i( ' mssc, (;1cii I ' .;oUiii;iii. Ali ' x- .M.ilawUa. .loc Simon, I ' etcr Tlioiiiic. KiiKene Juue.-;, Ricliiiril .Marciii. Carl l.a- I ' oint, Lee I ' .iinlwell, l, ' onar(l Kospwski. Mr. McCartli.y. 2n(l row (1-rl Morris L.-irsou. Iton.ild lloid.i. KcniK ' tli St. I ' icri ' c. H(j;;ci- live. Ilcnjiaii Sclmcllc. Orion Mcli-lioii-. Ccrald Cros- cluidlc. Ua.viiioiul I ' latt and .toliii Ilaa.s, r.cpti ini r w 111- 1 Peter T.el " . a-i, Paul Sako- il: ' ., I) II .Mclliiij: r. I.e inartl Shaniin .laniis Kalisiieli. Douglas Alisiiiaiin and .M. ron Dnini. Seven of the Easle ' sipiad arc iti;:d aiinj; this .vcar. The.v arc as follows: liichard Marcin. C.irl I.aroiiit Kcnnetli St. I ' i rre. Ilcrni ' n " I ' .nd " Srh ic:tc. U nald Mcllin ' , ' cr. D.iul ' Iis A ' ls- niun and M.vni;i Drmii. SG ■Glassinate- FOOTP.ALL Eiii ' h year, the Stei)lu ' iis(iii rii,L;li s))(irts year consists of football, basketball anil track. Entering ' tlir 1M47-48 season, StcpliiMiyon was elevated Id ( ' lass V statns and sininltanoously obtained a new ciuicl. so tlie fntui ' e looked very bri ' ht. Coaeli liieliai ' d MeCartliy did his best witli the fi ' dtbal! team, bnl ein-nuistanees seemed to ii ' anu ' np mi the boys. They played val ' antly bnt several of their best playei ' s were injured and many lacked sutficient exi ' .erience. The season ended with a (1-7 re. ord for tin Ste]) ' .:ens n Eaules. The in- ili ' iilnal Liamc scores were as follows; Lonrdes " _!() — Sieplienson ' 1. Oconto Falls LS — Stephenson 0. Munisini; ' M — Stephenson 0. Niag-ara 12 — Ste])heiison (i. Peshtiji ' o 1!) — Stephenson S. Gladston e 2t) — Stephenson 0. St. Joe 7 — Ste])hensiiii (i. Nine of the sipiad are Liradnate; of 1!U S. They are as folliiw : Itidiard : lar- cin, Carl LaPointe. Kenneth St. I ' iei ' re. Herman (Bud) Sdinette, Don Melliiii cr, DoUii ' las Alisniann. .Myron l)iniii. and Ilunh Krueiier. ■Qlassmate- Compliments of f! LI i m E i - r.OTTLKIiSOF- Fi ' PEi; ]() — OHAXCE CUrsTI — DK. WELLS ] ' EVEI!A lEfi XEIIT — r AT! T PAK Full ( )ii;ii-t - Dial -MiVl ! rExo rixEE. : rTf ' TTTr!AX BEST WISHES J, (I ii INC. rnosE MARINETTE, WfsCOXSIX KriiSCRlBE FOR THE Tlic Only Daily Papor 111 .Mi ' iinmiiH ' c ( ' diuitv lirlnf x in you aJI thr Loral. Ndtionul and Foreign News MEXO.MIXFF MICIIKiAX -Glassmate- COMri.lMESTS OF WALLACE. MICUKiAN MOKliK ' S IMrLHMHNT SHOP DiMler ill Cmsi ' Farm .Miu-liiiici-y WasliiiiLi ' liii-liiiii ' s, Hct ' fiiicratiii ' s Deep Freezers Milkiiii: ' .Macliiiies ami (ii ' iici ' al llanlwar. WALLACE. MlCIllCAX (•()M1M,LMFXTS OF GLOBI: PLANKINTOX PACKING CO. Pacl ( ' )-s (if IIii:li (ii ' ade ( ' loverlaiul Ilraiid I ' l-cidiii ' ts P lill I u All T ' . S.lnspei ' tecl Est. Xo. SIS .MEXO.MIXEE, MICIIKiAX (ier.cral llardwaiv Sidiodl Siip) !ies SpcitiliL; ' (lii(i(l Esr tn iha. M ich iijit II ■Glassmate- mid (IHi Aiithori:i l diinililt Af iiicji STEPIIEXSOX, MICillOAX COMI ' IJMENTS OF FE P.iirti ' ls aii,l TiAm. Pn ,. lici ' r tnul 1. ijhi W hit ' STEI ' HEXSOX, MICHIGAN (iiiirnil Ml n-hinidlsi ' Fiinst I ' mil iirif PBTHRSON 1 )R0TH1:RS ( ' has. I ' ifirsi n. Miiiniiiir Viiiii lit J ' ftiisiin Eni ine I ' ctfrsoit CARNEY, MICHIGAN CHOICE GROCERIES and MEATS STEPHENSON, MICHIGAN -Glassmate- E. P. POTTER LUMBER CO. ■EVEHYTHINf! TO 111 ' I LP Ai VTIII. (l " Strplicii ' im, Mi( ' ln i ' aii r.EST WTSTTES -from- mu m BEER. WINES i.K.noi; Sti ' ithi ' ir :iii. M iclii ' jin BEST WhSIIES — from- r ' l 1) i JL " Kvci vtliiii ' lliut ' s Mod to Kilt Sh :]ii)isiiii. M icli li iiii (• )X(;i;atilati )i s! — from- HE STEPI!P:XSON BAKPRY Si( ' |iluMi :iii. M iclii ' an ■Glassmate- LOFS Delicious Tasty Crisp Fresh POTATO CHIPS Louis Lutri, Prop. 1 5fepAenson , Michigan Insist on th e 5e5f XAFEI! TO EASIER TO UAXDLE J i ggs ) ( QJea t V ' 0 i SAVES Moinc SI ' ACE 1 0 EMl ' TIES TO RETURN SUA ' HO D )A«Y Serving You For 37 Years -Qlassniate- m. Sii [thi iisiiii ' s Xiinsf mill Fiinst BEST WISIIKS TO THE (iHADTATHS OF " IS-- Dave Olive. Pti STEPHENSON. : [I(III ;AX MODliRX 1 PPLIA C1:S Tlic (iciiiM-al Elc ' tri. ' St(ire E. KK ' K.M ' .V Phone liU STEPHENSON. iMICHKiAN Congratulations CL.ASS OP 48 Me io nmefountt Journa Sii jIii iismi. ] 1 ii-li ii il II -Glcissiunte- Compliments of m iiiiTiii! im Y iiir FriiniJIii Ford l ( ilir I ' lmni ' ' ) ' ) ' ■ ' , ' .) . " )1 fl S!lipri(l;iii Tl lii MKXO.MTXEK. .AI ICII IDAN AVE ( ' 0. (;i{ATrLATE YOF UlLVnrATES OF ' 48 CDRBY ][ iPLn ir:XT l:XCHANr,H J nil II. I)ii :i Hulls mill Sirrice COODVEAK TIIJE I )lS ' ri; 1 IM " roKS STEi ' IIEXSO.X. .MICUUiAX iJ :ST WISIIFS ;() SEXIOi; CEASS DACGP.TT MliRCANTILH 0). ])A(i(iETT MU ' IIKiAX ■Qlassmate- Ah! - a Capitalist! Now it ' s just a penny in a piggy bank. But soon his piggy will be full. Then the pennies will be taken to a real savings bank. There some ot them will probably be invested in electric utility securities because banks prefer sound busi- ness-managed electric companies as a dependable invest- ment. Thus the little bov has a personal stake in the electric power industry. WISCONSIN T cMiC SC1( CCC CORPORATION CES|- WISIIHS !• ' !{( .M PliSUTlC-O DAIRY TCK (i;E. M. MII.K. lU ' TTER Phone M;)iiiieltc ' X. 111. " ) .Main Siifrt M. I!I ETTE WISCONSIN- -Glcissmate- M •1 (I I l jn Wlioli ' salc Dt ' iilers In Flimr, FiM ' d. Fertilizer. S.-ilt ;iii(l Seed 21(),S-1(I I ' .l ' n;i,l v:iy TeleplKine M: ' ,!) MEXOMIXEIv .MICUKiAX (ir(]ceries T;ivei-ii Meat ias CARBONDALE CASH STORE ( ' ijrlioiulalc ricliiyaii Cash I ' ll III fill- Furist J ' roiliicfs FKAXK lUKIiKI.. l ' r.,|). I ' linlie leiiniiiiiii ' e n:!-F14 Vor Wil.I. ALWAYS Be Satisfied If ' ou I ' lU-rliase that sriT. COAT Ol! DUFSS P E LL at the S ' Hi Wrin ii; Appirrl for lln Wlmli Funiihi CO.Ml ' MMEXTS OF Hotel Marinette STEPIIEXSOX. WE ' RK FOH YOF PIIOXE FSO. " ) [AIJIXETTE. WrSCOXSIN MARIXETTE, WISCOXSIN -Glassmate- Evcrviliiiii: in MTSIC Best Wishes CHF.RXEY ' S MUSIC STORI: ALL Ml SICAL ( ' HAS. CIIKliXEY. I ' i-(ip 707 ()i:ilcii Avenue : iK ' (»MiNEE : n( ' iii(;AX l ' Ld 48 A KHIKXI) l)i ni)iiit(ls Ehjiii M ' alrh,- ' 11 K crTKST SHOE OF THE YEAH WITTAU (in:ir:in1ei(l V;itcli i;ri);iiriiii: ' FINE .ie vei,i;y i;ei) and ItROWX y Ni-- SIZES 4 t(i !) ICll .M:iin Sdvet .MAKIXETTE V1S( ( )XsrX j1I Li .MAinXETTE VIS((tXSlX ■Qlassinate- . ()i:Tiii;ri ' Ki (i co. ' s FEEDS AM) SKKDS MARIXl-TTl: J ' ) k FEED DISTiniU ' TOKS, IXC MAKIXKTTK WISCOXSIX BEST WISUKS VUOM l KlIHSir I Cili MKXO.MIXEK MICIIKiAX m 1 i u I iIIK ' VSI.Ki; ]M,Y.M()rT!r SALES AND SERVICE IXTEIJXATIOXAI- TliCCKS ()E.MEi; TllO.MSEX ()]. " ( SllCfidilll llDJIll MEXoMlXEE. MIC]11GA : -Glassmate- Voelker Service Station .VIEHT VOEEKKK. I ' lop. DACiGETT MICHIGAN COMIM.IMEXTS (IF DAGGHTT R]:STAURANT BAR Nuniuiii l)(ilsk -, I ' rcip. DAfKiETT MICHIGAN congratulations and best wishes class of 1948 fur (.rcclli iicjj III pluiliKjidph ij lester h, baker niastiT lit ' plidtii rjipliy MID-fllllil! Industrial Siipplii ' s and K(|uipin( ' iit f..r the ( ' oiiiiiii ' i ' i ' ial 111 ' Farm Sliops ■Glassmote- Ej-pfii WddiiKj Sirrirf in our Shop or Ihi Firltl. Plidiif Kw STEPIIKXSOX. MICIIICAX T)( Yor WAXT to TRAVEL. TEACH. 1!E A MODERX HOMEMAKER. OK A .MEDICAL SEC- RETARY . ' A iinrsinji ' cai-epr will provide all the e o])pni-tuinties and more, for all Iligli S;-li(iiil (ii-adnatrs. Write to tlic Dii ' cctor nt ' Xiirses. fi)i ' full int ' iiiinatiiin ahunt llir (Miiii-se in iiursiniti ' . .Xdi ' wcuian . ini ' rican II(is]iital also trains .Xni ' sr Aides tor positions in th licspital. Write to Director of X irsi ' s for thi inf(irniatioii. XORWEfiTAX AMERICAN HOSPITAL 1044 .Xo. Franciseo Avenue Chieaii ' o ' I ' l, Illinois Ser in,ir the Ipper Peninsnhi Sim-e llM). " i TRAlXiXC IX ALL CO.AI.MERCIAL SLIUECTS Yoii Ai ' i liirihil ' Jo ' ls:l Our Collcip Cloverland Commercial College Telephone " i ' rt ESC AX AT. A : I1CITT0AX Are You Undecided -Glassmate- CO rPLIMENTS OF GROCERY LOCKERS ix(;ali.s MlCllKiAN FririuJI 11 Si I vice IXCALLS MK ' IIKiAX Best Wishes P ' 48 i rii I Distril)Ul(irs of Electrical. Aiilonuitivc and LJciieral llarilwai ' c MENOMINEE, MICHIGAN ■Glassinate- Stephenson Marketing Association It I ' Icdsrs Us To I ' lrase Yuu- Owned ;iii(l ( )|)( ' |-;it( ' il By It ' s I ' ;itroiis STEIMIIvXSOX. XADKAr liAKK i;i KR STEI ' llKXSOX. : ll( ' ni()AN COMI ' I.IMKNTS OF mwMii U i STKl ' IIEXSOX, .MICIIKiAN AFTER THE (! A: rE J r RO U i. ' 1 For; REFRESHMEXTS STEPTTEXS;OX ' . : l l( •TTTfi AX REST WISHED FROM KARKER [) FOI! THAT WELL dUOOMEL) LOOK! STEPTIEXSOX, MTCIITCAN -Glassmate- Badger Business College Wi ' itc lor I ' lill jiai-t iciilars iilioul our Siinuiicr Si-liool Vi ' li;ivc iiiMiiy tiioi-( calls for office help tliaii vc can suiiply. Approved I ' lulci- tile (i. 1. Hill to Ti ' iiiu ' eteraiis .S ' . ' . RAXDM.I.. rrrsiihiil ] ' J;S South Wasliiiiiiton St. GREKX l!AV. WIS. COMIM.IMKXTS Ol !)RS. rBlT.RSON IiniDHNRniCH AND STAFF OACCiETT l)i;r(i STOUK ])A(i(;ETT : ii( ' III(;ax COXClHATll.ATiOXS KliOM JOHNSON ' S BAR Located - blocks west of rS-41 Six IJowlili ' u ' Alleys Xext Door Hiiildltii M it( rial linrk II iinhruve Tih Liniihn- Ci nil iif ElccI ricdJ Siij)i)li( i I ' linit Carney Hardware and Supply Co. . . II. Xeece t Sou IMione 7 F-11 I AliXEV, .MlCllltlAX 1)A(;(;ett .mkificax Because it has been our privilege to know so many of you, your fathers, mothers, and grandparents so intimately, over a period of so many years, we cannot help adding our very best personal wishes to the grad- uating class of Stephenson High School, and express our gratification that a school, in this big neighborhood of folks that we count as our friends, has made such an outstanding record. ml« ' . ' 4 ' l I " ?Ti 3 ' , k, X., ' ,v ..v ' - ) ' K» ' Sl ' ■ Y " ■. ' S ' t if V " " i ft! ' ft ■ . VA - i: :AMM ' x 1 4 i mW f ■A- ■ T ' - ' ' ' . ' I y ' ; k I ( ' V " ' ' I

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