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i I STEPHENS TETEETE SHI PUBLISHED BY THE JUNIOR CLASS OF I STEPHENS HIGH SCHOOL H C3111 5U1Hc11turia11r IN MEMORIAM God hath many ways to take us from this earth. Raymond G. Theriault, member of the graduating class of 1947, was born September 4, 1928, and died, following an automobile ac- cident, March 30, 1947. The son of Mrs. Stella Parise Theriault and Leo Therriault, Raymond was the oldest of a family of live boys. As a student, in both studies and athletics, Raymond was very active. His name was continually on the term honor roll, and he was among the few selected to be in the National Honor Society. A high school "letter" man, Ray- mond played on the varsity teams both in baseball and in baketball. His friendly and considerate ways, his warm personality, quiet sense of humor, and quick boy- ish grin, have imprinted in every one of his classmates, teachers, and friends, a memory that will always have a place in their hearts. E. Knight. He calls some old, some young, and sometimes some at birth. He beckons us when we sleep or sometimes when we are awake, It makes but little difference, It is that, when He sees fit to take one, He always takes the best that He can find. For then He's sure that they are decent, wholehearted, good and kind. Yes, God takes those Hrst, and He knows what is bestg It may be that they've been so fine that they should have a longer rest. These leave behind them, us, and we all pray, dear God, That we may see them for a little while when you call us. M. Soule. DEDICATION To one of the grandest teachers and friends the High School has ever known, we bid farewell. She was always kind and understanding. We shall always remember that friendly smile that greeted each and all of us when we needed aid. A more understanding person was never known among the class of '47. No matter what our troubles might have been she was always right there with a helping hand. As our dramatic coach, she was unequalled. Sometimes we wondered just how she put up with us. As our teacheriand friend, there was no comparison. As our school days finally come to an end, we can show no greater ap- preciation, as humble as it may seem, than to dedicate our year book to this grand person, and say, "Thanks for all you have done for usf' . , THE CLASS OF "47. PAGE FOUR THE TRIBUTE SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS AND HONOR PARTS JAMES MCLEAN Vice-President WILLIAM WYNAUGHT . President J ANICE RUFF Treasurer GLORIA PARADY Secretary ANTHOININE WAZNIS Special Honors . WILFRED CHOUINARD Valedictorian THE TRIBUTE PAGE FIVE T 1 E RENE ARSENAULT "My mind to me a kingdom is" Course, General Future Ambition, Undecided. Activities: Broadcast Staff: French Club 4: Tribute Staff 4. DORIS DIARY CARRIER "Sparks" "Her smile and her music are both divines" Course, Commercial Course Future Ambition. Social Worker Favorite Expression, "Oh, you're cute just the same" Activities: Basketball 1, 2. 3, 43 Commercial Club 3, 43 "R" Club 4: Cheerleader 4: Glee Club 1: Physical Education 3: Operetta 1: Victory Vanities lg English Club 2: "Broad- cast" 43 Dance Committee 1, 2, 3, 4: Tribute Staff 4. NATALIE FRANCES AVERY "Nat" "My mind to me a kingdom is" Course, Home Economics Future Ambition, Undecided Favorite Expression, ::For Pete's Sake" Activities: Soft Ball 2. 3. 4: "R" Club 4: Home Economics Club 2, 3. 4: Glee Club 1: Honor Roll 3, 4. . MARIETTTE FRIANCAISE BOUCHER KiButch!l. "Happy and gay whether at work or play" Course, Commercial Course Future Ambition, Office Work QClericaD Favorite Expression, "Gee Whiz" Activities: Commercial Club 4, Library Club 3, 4: President 4: "Broadcast" Staff 41 Book- keeping of Combined Funds 4: "Tribute" 4. IRENE BEAUDET "Dutchess" "And mistress of herself though China fall" Course, General Fuuture Ambition, Music Favorite Expreision, "Yah-ho, pes-a por pa- tlah ho." Activities: "R" Club 1, 2, 3, President 4: Latin Club 4: Band Majorette 1, 2, 3: Drum Major 4: Softball 1. 2. 3, 4: Basketball 4: Li- brary 1: Junior Prize Speaking: Concert: Glee Club 1, 4: School Play. RAM ONA FRANCOISE BLOUIN MARGARET ELIZABETH BOWDEN "Peg" "Angels listen when she speaks" Course, College Future Ambition, Laboratory Technician Favorite Expression, 'i"That makes me so me ." Activities: Latin Club 2, 3, 4: Empress 43 Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Honor Roll 1, 2. 3, 4: Dance Committee 2, 3, 4: Ski Team 43 Graduation Committee 4. "Mona" As merry as the day is long" Course, Commercial Future Ambition, Office work Favorite Expression, "What's the dif?" Activities: Glee Club 1: Library Club Vice President 4: Commerical Club 43 "Broadcast" Staff 4: "Tribute" Staff. 3. 4: JOHN BRAGOLI. "Leave us leisure to be good" Course, General Future Ambition. Undecided --Buggy Activities: "R," Club 4: French Club 4: Foot- ball 1. 2: Basketball lg Track, 1, 2. 3: Win- ter Sports 1, 3, 4. THE TRIBUTE PAGE SEVEN JOYCE CALDEN "JO" . "The rising blushes which her cheek o'er- . spread l Are opening roses in the lily's bed." 3 Course, College Future Ambition, Undecided Favorite Expression, "Is that right" Activities: Band 1, 2, 3. 4: Latin Culb 2: ' Broadcast 4: Tribute 4. HARRY WILLIAM CASEY "Casey" "Think not I am what I appear" Course, College Future Ambition, Science Favorite Expression, "Jiminy Christmas" Activities: Science Club 4. RUTH MAE BROOMHALL "Ruthie" "Tis folly not to be jolly" Course, General Future Ambition, Undecided Favorite Expression, "Oh but you're cute just the same" Activities: Glee Culb 1: Cheerleader 3, 4: Junior Prize Speaking 3: Dance Committee 2, 3. 4: "R" Club 4. ALBERTA CHASE "Lucky" Course, General Future Ambition, Nurse Favorite Expression, "Con" Activities, Ketterlinus High, Florida. 1, 2, 3: Commercial Club 3: Cheer Leader 2: Class Treasurer 3, Honor Roll. E. LORAINE CANDERS "Candy" "Charm strike the sight, But merit win the soul." Course, College Future Ambition, Undecided Favorite Expression, "RatsI" Activities: Latin Club 2: Student Council 2, 4: Bank 3, 4: Orchestra 3. 4: Junior Prize Speaking 3: Basketball 1: Softball 3, 4: Sen- ior Play 4: French Club 3. 43 Broadcast 4: Tribute 4: Baccalaureate Committee 4: Honor goal 1, 2. 3, 4: Library Club iLibrarianl 2. CLARENCE CHENARD "Chendy" "He lives to have his word" Course, Vocational Future Ambition, Prep school and college Favorite Expression, "Want to hear a sea story. sonny boy?" Activities: Football 1, 2. 3, 4: Basketball 1, ' 2, 3, 4: Boys' "R" Club. ' ANITA T. CARRIER "Nita" "I pray you be acquainted with this maid" Course. Commercial Future Ambition, Civil Service Favorite Expression, "You're all right - the world's wrong" Activities: Glee Club 4: Basketball 1, 2, Treasurer 3: Commercial Club 3. 4: Secre- tary 4: "Broadcast" 4: Physical Education 3: English 2: Dance Committee 1, 2, 3 ,4. WILFRED ROLAND CHOUINARD "Chenard" "Born for success he seemed" Course, College Future Ambition, Undecided Favorite Expression, "You kill me" Activities: Varsity Debating 4:'Paine Science Club 4: French Club 4: National Honor So- ciety: Valedictorian. FREDERICK JAMES CLARK "TNT" "All mankind loves a lover" ' Course, College Future Ambition, Coaching l ' Favorite Expression, "Don't worry about lt' Activities: Football 1. 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: "R" Club 2, 3. 4: Latin Club 2: French Club 3. DONALD STEELE CURLEY "The original lady killer" Course. College l Future Ambition, University of Maine Favorite Expression, "Hiya, Gizmo!" Activities: Track 1, 2, 3, 4: Band 1. 2, 3, 42 Football 1, 2: Basketball 3: "R" Club 2, 3, 4: Graduating Committee 4: Broadcast 3, 4: Mayor of Teen Town 4: Tribute 4. canons: ROBERT LOUIS CLOHOSEY "Lou" ::Thou art not who thou seemest" Course, Vocational Future Ambition, Trade School Activities: Football 2, 3, 4: Track 3, 4. BARBARA LILLIAN DOHERTY "Barb" "A maiden never bold" Course, General Favorite Expression, "Holy cow." "Oh Gee" Activities: Home Economics C 2 lub , 3: Glee Club 1, 2: Fuuture Home Makers of Ameri- ca 4: Home Economics Cabaret 4: Library Club 4, LAURA JEAN CONSTANTINE - "Jeani' "Sweet, attractive grace" Course, Commercial Stenographic Future Ambition, Private Secretary Activities: Basketball 1: Commercial Club 3, 4: "Broadcast" 3, 4: Student Council 1, 2, 3. 4: Glee Club 4: Prize Speaking 3: Eng- lish Club 2. ' - GEORGE THOMAS DYER, JR. "Tom" "Hail, fellow, well met" Course, College Future Ambition, U. S. Naval Academy Favorite Ex ression Th ' p . " at's for the birds,' Activities: Football 2, 3, 4: Basketball 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: "R" Club 3, 4, Secretary 4: latin Club 2. 3: Paine Science Club 4: Treasurer of Home Room 4: Operetta 4. JAMES A. CRAWFORD, JR. "Jim" "Man am I grown, a man's work I must do" Course, College Future Ambition, University of Maine Favorite Expression, "So what?" Activities: Paine Science Club Vice Presi- dent: Co-editor of "Broadcast" 4: Band 1, 2. 3, 4: Track 1, 2: French Club: Debating Club 4: One Act Play Contest: Public Speak- ing: "Tribute" editorial staff: Manager of Baseball 3: Manager Winter Sports 3, 4: Varsity Debater 4. JANE SAYLES ENCHES "Janie" "There is none like her, none" Course. College Future Ambition, College Favorite Expression, "And you can do it. too" Activities: Latin Club 2: French Club 3: De- bating 4. THE TRIBUTE PAGE NINE PAULINE R. FARRIS "Paul" Committee 2. "Though she is quiet, her presence is felt Course, Commercial Clerical Future Ambition, Office work Favorite Expression, "Free, but you're stu- pid." Activities: Glee Club 1: Commercial Club 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 8, 4: "Broadcast" Staff 4: "Tribute" Staff: English Club 2: Dance -- LORRAINE ALDA FLECK "For she was good and true" Course, College Future Ambition, Nurse Favorite Expression, "Well, you wouldn't hang me for that. would yuh?" Activities: Latin Club 2: French Club 3, 4: Student Council 3, 4: Vice President 3: "Broadcast" 4: Dance Committees 1, 2, 3: Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4: English Club 2: Tri- bute 4: Baccalaureate Committee: National Honor Society. WARREN ARTHUR FARWELL "Bull" "Strange to the world he wears a bashful look." Course, General Future Ambition, Undecided Favorite Expression, "Merry Christmas" JOAN THERESA FRASER 1 "Jo" "A light heart lives long and well." Course, College Future Ambition, Undecided Favorite Expressionu "Better days are com- mg.. Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Cheerleader 2, 3: French Club 3, 4: Broadcast 4: Tribute 4: Ski Team 4: Glee Club 1. AR-LENE JULIETTE FAVRE "Butch" "A maiden of France in all her beauty" Course, Commercial Stenography Future Ambition. Secretary Favoiite Expression, "Pretty Moldy" Activities: "Ramona" Chorus 1. Glee Club 2, 1: Commercial Club 3, 4: "Broadcast" Staff LEO J. GAGNON "Gag" "He kept his mind on one sole aim." Course, Vocational Future Ambition. Trade School Favorite Expression. "Suffering Cats" THEODORA F. FINETHY "Teddy" "Her voice was ever soft, gentle and low" Course. Commercial Stenographic Future Ambition. Secretary Favorite Expression, "Natchurally" Activities: "Broadcast" 4: Basketball 1, 2. 4: Cheerleader 4: Commercial Culb 2. 4: Glee Club l. 4: English Club 2: Winter Sports 4: "Tribute" Staff: Dance Committee 4. PAGE TEN .. ...X W "Little do you know about this man" : Course, General Future Ambition, College Favorite Expression, "P. I. Corner" Secretary Room 328: President Room 108 4. EDWARD R. GASTONGUAY "He is worthy, I know" Course, College Future Ambition, College Course, Vocational Future Ambition, U. S. Navy PHILIPE JOHN GALLANT "All men shall speak well of you" Course, Vocational Future Ambition, U. S. Army ROBERT C. GILL "Over the ice he glides" Course, General Future Ambition, Army Favorite Expression, "Don't believe n hear." Activities: F. A. A. 1, 2, 3. GERARD JOSEPH GARNEAU "Jerry "For he that once was good is forever great" Course, College Future Ambition, Pianist . Activities: Junior Prize Speaking 3: French Club 4: One-act plays 3, 4: School play 3, 4: Debate Club play 4. LILLIAN ELIZABETH GURSCHICK "Little tasks make large returns" Course, Home Economics Future Ambition, Interior Decorator Favorite Expression, "Holy Cow" Activities. Glee Club 2: Majorette 1. Home Ec. Club 1. 2, 3: Home Making Hrhir' GERALD MERLE GALLANT -'Gerry' Activities: "R" Club 2, 3, 4: Vice President 3: "Eddie' Activities: Latin Club 3, 4: Track 3, 4. J0lIN ROBERT GALLANT "G I" "lie smiles for everyone." ' Course, College Future Ambition, Dentist or Engineer Favorite Expression. "Oh my busted back." Activities: School play 4, Senior play 4: S. H. S. Band 4: "Broadcast" 4. ALPHONSE J. GERONDA "Al ' "I know what I like and that's enough" all you IILUI! 2. 3, 4: Club 4. ROBERT EDVYARD HAYES "Bob" "Fair haired. fair mind, he bears with credit" Course, Vocational Future Ambition, Auto Mechanic Favorite Expression, "You don't say." DONALD J. JASUD "Jake , "As I see my duty, so I do it" Course, Genearl Future Ambition, U. S. Army Favorite Expression, "I'1l think it over." Activities: F. F. A. 1, 2, 3. JACKLYN HERBERT "Jackle' "The gift of art doth shine upon her" Course, Commercial Future Ambition, Art School Favorite Expression, "What were you doin' sittin' on the phone?" Activities: Band 1, 2, 3: Sec. 4: "Ramona" Chorus 1, 2: Ski Team 4: D.A.R. Award: 6th Honor Part: Orchestra 1, 2. 3: Student Coun- cil 2, 3, 4: Operetta 1: "Broadcast" 1, 2, 3, 4: Junior Prize Speaking 2, 4: "What a Life" 3: "Junior Miss" 4: Dance Committee l. 2, 3. 4: Commercial Club 3: Persident 4: Glee a Shah 4: English Club 2: "Tribute" 4: Omce ESTHER' ARLENE JONES "Bl "Sweet and fair she seems to me" Course. Home Economics Favorite Expression, "Holy Cow" ondie Activities: Home Economics Club 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 1. I L0lS M. HOLLAND "Shorty" "The road to laifghter beckons me" Course. General Future Ambition, Undecided Favorite Expression, "Oh, I didn't'say any- - thing" Activities: Library Club 2, 3. 4: .Home Economics Culb 4. STANLEY NORBERT KAUBRIS b "Tye "Modesty becomes a man" Course. Vocational Future Ambition, School or U. S. Army Favorite Expression, "How you been? Activities' Football 2 3 4' B sketball 12 - . . . 8 . . 3 4: Baseball 1, 2. 3. 4: "R" Club 3. 4: Interclass Champions 1, 2: Romford Drag-a-longs 3, 4 WARREN HOPKINS f-Hbppyr "True as the dial to the Sun" Course, Vocational and General Future Ambition, Sporting Goods Store Favorite Expression. "So Wham" GLADYS ELIZABETH KELLY "Kelly" "When you dance, I wish you might never do nothing but that." Course, Commerical , Future Ambition. Civil Service Favorite Expression. "Well, natch" Activities: Operetta 1: Glee Club 1, 4: Bas- ketball l. 2. 3: Physical Education 3: "Broad- cast" 4: Commercial Club 3, 4: English Club 2: Dance Committees 2. 3. PAGE TWELVE THE TRIBUTE Y MARGARET PAULINE KEZAL "MllggSie" "Good fortune guide thee" Course, General' Future Ambition, Nurse Favorite Expreision, "Ah!! Get Out" Activities: Glee Club 1: Basketball 1, 2, 3: 4: Library Club 2, 4: Treasurer 4: Home Economics Club 4. MICHAEL LAVORGNA "Mike" "I shall achieve in time" Course, Vocational Future Ambition, College Favorite Expression, "Holy smokes!" Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 3: - Wilxiiter Sports 1: "R" Club 3, 4: Inter basket- ba 4. EVELYN KNIGHT "Lynn" "She was different, oh, so different!" Course, College Future Ambition. Telephone office Favorite Expression, "Is that right!" Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Physical Education 3. Latin Club 1. 2, French Club 3, 4: "R" Club 4: Cheerleader 3. 4: Glee Club 1, 4: "Broadcast" 4: School Play 4: Dance Committee 3, 4: Softball 2, 4: Contest Play 4: Ski Team 4. DORIS LEBLANC "Dot" "More quality than quantity" Course. General Future Ambition, Telephone operator Favorite Expression: "Doggone it." , Activities: Home Economics Club 3, 4: Re- freshment Committee for Senior Social: Advertising Committee for Cabaret 4. LUCILLE LANTAGNE Q "Lucy" "A good heart's worth gold" Course, Commercial Future Ambition, Secretary Favorite Expression, "Shucks" Activities: Commercial Club JACKLYN LEGERE "Jackie" "Full of action, full of pride, with loyal men on every side" , Course, College I Future Ambition, Laboratory technician Activities: Latin Club 2: French Club 3, 4: Cheerleader 4: Dance Committee 3, 4. MELVIN R. LAPOINTE "Mel" Course, College Future Ambition: Grocery store owner Favorite Expression, "What say, kid?" Activities: Football 3: Class Basketball 3. GLADYS LEBLANC "Bobbie" "Modest, simple and sweet" Course, Home Economics Future Ambition: Beautician V 1 Favorite Expression: "Oh, well." Activities: Home Economics Club 3, 4. THE TRIBUTE PAGE THIRTEEN WILLIAM T. MCCARTHY "Bill,' , "And hear thy stormy music in the drums." Course, College Future Ambition, Commercial Aviator Favorite Expression, "Oh, Yes?" T Activities: Band 1. 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Class President 1. 2: French Club 2, 3: Boys' Glee Club 4: Pinafore Chorus 4: Vice President of band 4. THOMAS F. MARC!-II "Tom" "Thy pathway lies among the stars" Course. College Science Future Ambition, Chemical Engineer Favorite Expression, "No Kidding!" Activities: Vice President 1, 2, 3: Junior Prize Speaking: "Broadcast" 3, 4: Co-Editor 4: Maine Science Congress 1946: "Maine Cavalcade of Youth": Varsity Debater 4: Latin Club 2: Paine Science Club 4, Treas. 4: "Tribute" 4: Operetta 4: French Club 3. RICHARD MCCLEARY "Dick" "A lion among ladies is a most dreadful thing" ' Course, Vocational Future Ambition, Undecided Favorite Expression, "Hi, beautiful" Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 1, 2, 4: :g'BIoadcast" 3: School Play 3: "R" Club 2, , . ARTHUR JOHN MARIA "Rep0p" "The godliest man ever among ladies" Course, Vocational Future Ambition, U. S. Coast Guard Favorite Expression. "Why sure" Activities: Football 2, 3, 4: Track 3, 4: "R" Club 3, 4: Interclass Basketball 3, 4. PATRICIA MARION Mc!-IALE "Pat" "All speak well of her" Course, General Future Ambition. Undecided Favorite Exoression. "Hi, there fellar!" Activities: Softball 1. 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 4. TIIERESA BIEHIGAN "Tl'eSB" "Deeds are better things than words" ' Course, College Future Ambition. Teacher Favorite Expression, "Noi" Activities: Latin Club 2: French Club 3, 4: Glee Club 4: Physical Education 3. JAMES MCLEAN "Jinx" "Knowledge is power" - Course. College Future Ambition, Electrical Engineer Favorite Expression, "Prove it" Activities: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 1. 2. 3. 4: Track 2. 3. 4: Varsity Debating 4: Vice President 4: French Club 3: "R" Club 4: Science Club 4. . ALBERT MELANSON JR. "Chinky" "The man that blushes is not quite a brute" Course, General Future Ambition, Undecided Favorite Expression, "You can't tell" ' Activities: Football 1. 2. 3, 4: Baseball 3, 4: Winter Sports 4: Interclass Basketball 3, 4: Eolxfsg Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Interclass Basket- a . . JOHN MILLIGAN "Johnnie" "He has the voice of a tyrant" Course, Vocational Future Ambition, Service Favorite Expression, "Are you kidding?" Activities: Junior Prize Speaking: School Play 4: Varsity Debater 4: One Act Play 4: Operetta manager 4: School Play and One- Act Play manager 4. 'MARILYN L. NILES "The mind to resolve" Course, College V Future Ambition, Undecided Favorite Expression, "Isn't that duc "Rial kv!" Activities: Latin Club 2: French Culb 3, 4 Secretary 4: "Broadcast" 4: Dance Committee 2, 3: Honor Roll 1, 2, 4: Last Chapel tee. VINCENT MORRISON "Vi-miie" "First in sports and first in the hearts of his classmates" Course, College Future Ambition, Undecided Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 43. Captain of Football 4: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2. 3. 4: Track 2, 3: Latin Club 2: French Club 3: "R" Club 3, 4: Science Club 4. Commit NANCY A. O'KANE "Nance" "Small but mighty" Course, College A Future Ambition, Beautician Favorite Expression, "You're cute, just the same" 4 Activities, Latin Club 2: French Culb 3, 4: "Broadcast" 4: Basketball 2, 3: Glee Club 1: "Tribute" 4. WILLIAM NADEAU "Big Bill" "Laugh and the world laughs with you" Course, College Science Future Ambition, Undecided Favorite Exoression, "Nice day: workin?" Activities, Football 1, 3, 4: Manager of Bas- ketball 3, 4: Track 3. 4: School Play 4: One Act Play 3, 4: "R" Culb 4: French Club 4: In- terclass Basketball 4. RALPH OLDHAM U "Ha "A good pal all around was he" Course, Vocational IldSDIl'l8" Future Ambition. U. S. Coast Guard Favorite Expression, "Why sure" Activities: Football 3, 4: Track 3: Winter Sports 3: "R" Club 4. FAYE E. NILES "The purpose to perform" Course, General . Future Ambition. Beautician Favorite Expression, "My ackin' back!" Activities: Social committees 1, 2, 3: "Broad- cast" 4: Physical Education. 3: Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4: Home Economics Club 4: Cabaret 4: National Honor Society: Last Chapel com- mittee. THERESA MARY POLLESCHI "Terry" "She is laughing in her sleeve at you" Course, Home Economics Future Ambition, Boston School of Art Favorite Expression, "You're looking fine: when are thev going to bury you?" Activities: Softball 1: Vice-President Home' Economics Club 2, 3: Basketball 2. 3, 4: Glee Club 1: Future Home Makers Club 4: School Play 3: Faculty Tea Banquet 4: Faculty Banquet 3. THE TRIBUTE PAGE FIFTEEN ANNE CATHERINE PAPASADORA "PapS" "As merry as the day is long" Course, Home Economics Future Ambition, Telephone Operator Favorite Expression, "Well, li-de-di!" Activities: Home Economics Club 3, 4. BARBARA PERRY "Baths" Course General Future Ambition Undecided , Favorite Expression, "Don't be a ise guy" Activities: Latin Club 2. "Merry and mischievous" ' w GLORIA ANN PARADY "Glo" "A mirror of all gaiety" Course, College Future Ambition. Beautician Favorite Expression, "That's baseball!" Activities: Class Secretary 2, 3, 4: "Broad- cast" 4: Band Majorette 1, 2, 3, 4: "Tribute" 4: Basketball 2, 3: French Club 3, 45 French Club President 4, Vice President 3: Glee Club 1: Carnival Ball Committee 3: Band Concert Committee: Usher for Concert: Usher for Graduation "46" JUILA MARIE PERRY "Julie" "Her good nature cheereth all about her" Course, General ' Future Ambition, Physical Education Teach- er Favorite Expression, "Fly a Kite" . Activities: Basketball 1. 2, 3, 4, Captain 3: Softball 1. 2. 3, 4: "R" Club 2, 3. 4: Vice President 4: Home Economics Club 2. 3: Fu- ture Homemakers Club 4: French Club 3: Glee Club 1: Cabaret Chairman 4. ANNE S. PATERSON "Pat" "A maiden modest, yet self possessed" Course, College Future Ambition, College - Favorite Expression, "Trying to scare me?" Activities: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 1, 2, 3: Latin Club 2. 3. 4. PAULINE PERRY HPUPSU "She moves a goddess, looks a queen" Course, College Future Ambition. Beautician Favorite Expression, "For creep man's!" Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3. 41 Cautain 2 ,4, Softball 1, 2: French Club 3, 4: Home Eco- nomics Club 4: Carnival Queen 4. ZENAS CARWELL PATRICK "Shorty" "Pass on, oh, worthy citizen" Course, General - . Future Ambition, Radio Sales and Service Business Favorite Expression, "Ya!" Activities: Sound effects for contest plays 3: Sound elfects for Senior play 2: Music for record dances 3, 4: Sound technician for graduation 3. ROBERT WALTER PIDACKS 'fPete" Y "Who is thy passion, O Hercules" Course, General Future Ambition, Undecided 1 Favorite Expression. "Huh!" Activities: Winter Sports 3, 4: Track 2, 3: Senior Play. VVALTER E. PILLSBURY "Pills" "A man already made" Course, General Future Ambition, Undecided Activities, Football 3, 4. SADIE EMMA RAMEY "Ra-me" "As fair as any flower" Course, General Future Ambition, Nurse, Rumford Com- munity Hospital F orite Ex ression "ah- ah" av D . y Activities: Softball 1: Latin Club 1, 2: Glee Club 1. DIANA GLORIA PLANTE "Di" "For she was good and true" Course, Home Economics Future Ambition, Telephone operator Favorite Expression, "You kill me!" Activities: Basketball 2,' 3, 4: Home Eco- nomics Club 3, 4: "Broadcast" 4: School play, Junior Miss 4: Cheer leader substitute 2. KATHLEEN REED acKayn "Young as I am, yet I would do my best" Course, College Future Ambition, Doctor Favorite Expression, "Yes, dear" Activities: Latin Club 2, 3, 4: French Club 4. ANITA CHRISTINE POLITIS "Nita" "A good sport is a thing to be desired" Course, Commercial Future Ambition, Secretary Favorite Expression, "Are you kidding?" Activities: Commercial Club 3, 4: C. C. Treas- urer 4: Softball 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Girl's "R" Club 4: Bookkeeper of Combined Funds 3: English Club 2. DORILLA RICHARD "Silence is sweeter than peace" Course, Commercial Future Ambition, Secretary Activities: Commercial Club MARIA LOUISE PRESS "Lou" "Too wise to care. too true to be unkind" Course, College Science Future Ambition, Nursing Course, Bates College. and New England Baptist Hospital Favorite Expression, "Well for crackin' Ice!" Activities: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Band Organization Treasurer 4: Orchestra 2. 3: Varsity Glee Club 1, 4: Basketball 2. 3: Softball l, "Broad- cast". 2, 3. 4:.Latin Club 2. 3: Librarian 2, 3: Iiibrary Club 2. 3, 4: Science Congress Lewiston: "Hats Off" Operetta 1: Office Girl 2, 3,443 School Play: Property Manager 4: Carnival Ball Committee 3: Manager one-act plays: Paine Science Club 4: HMS Pinafore 4: Property Manager 4: Chorus 4: Senior Play 4: Ninth Honor Part: Tribute 4. VVILLENA MARIE ROGERS canon uBiuyu "Silence is golden" Course, College Activities. Latin Club 2. THE TRIBUTE PAGE SEVENTEEN LORRAINE THERESA ROSS "Lorrie" "Oh woman! thou were fashioned to beguile" Course, College Future Ambition. Undecided Favorite Expression, "Oh!-I hate you!!" Activities: Latin Club 2: French Club 3, 4: "Broadcast" 4: Cheerleader 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Softball 1, 2: Junior Dance Com- mittee 3: Senior Dance Committee 4: Cheer- leader Dance Committee 4: Football Dance Committee 4: Girls "R" Culb 4. JEANETTE R.. ST. CYR "Janet" "A cheerful manner was her own" , Course, General Future Ambition, Nurse Favorite Expression: "Are you kidding?" Activities: Glee Club 1: Physical Ed. 3: Home Economics Club 4. N JOSEPH EDWARD ROY "Eddie" "No mgtgexilwhat may happen whatever may e a , I only -kncifv I'm mighty glad I'm living that is a ." - Course, Vocational Future Ambition, North Eastern College 1Trade Schoolj Activities: Track 4. MARY SALATINO "Shorty" "Ah,'s mischief in her eyes" Course, Home Economics Future Ambition, Nursing Favorite Expression, "Are you kidding?" Activities: Glee Club 1: Operetta 1: Basket- ball l. 4: Home Economics Club 2. 3, 4: X Treasurer of Home Economics Club 3, 4, PAUL EMILE ROY "Jesters do often prove prophets" Course, General Future Ambition, Railroad Engineer Favorite Expression, "Huh" Activities: Track 4. JOSEPH RICHARD SHEA "Dick" "We love him for his red hair" Course, Vocational H Future Ambition, Service Favorite Expression, "Oh, Yeah!" Activities: Football 2, 3, 4: Baseball 1, 2. 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3. 4: "R" Club 3. 4: Class Day Exercises 4. N JANICE LOUISE RUFF "Jah" LTR? grass stoops not: she treads on it so xg ,. Future Ambition, College Favorite Expression, "Really!" H Activities: Latin Club 2: French Club 3: Li- brarian 3: Library Club 3, 4: Secretary'3: 1 "Broadcast" Staff 3, 4: Band 3, 4: Varsity , Glee Club l, 4: Class Treasurer 1, 2, 4: Bas- ketball 2, 3. 4: Prize Speaking 3: Office Girl N 2, 3, 4: Teen-Town Treasurer 4: Carnival ' Ball Committee 3: Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4. V MEDORA ADELAIDE SOULE "D0die" "I have a heart with room for every joy" Course, General Future Ambition, Nurse ' Favorite Expression, "Howdy, Bub!" 5-:kftijvgiesz Glee Club 1: Home Economics u . PAGE EIGHTEEN THE TRIBUTE EMILE THERRIAULT "Spike" "Men of few words are the best men" Course, Vocational Future Ambition, Undecided Favorite Expression: "Lovely Day" Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 3, 4: "R" Club 2, 3, 4: Class Marshall '46: Inter- class Basketball 3, 4. WILLIAM J. WYNAUGHT JR. "Bill" "His years but young, his experience old" Course, College Future Ambition, Radio Career Activities: Operetta 1: One Act Play 2, 3, 4: School play 2. 3, 4: Junior Prize Speaking 3: Latin Club 1, 2: French Club 3, 4: Band 4: President of class 3, 4: Manager of Snow Queen 3, 4: Contest Play 3, 4: Prize Speaking , University of Maine 4: Senior Executive Graduation Committee 4. RAYMOND GEORGE THERRIAULT "Ray" "Tall oaks from little acorns grow" Course, College Future Ambition, Service, Navy Favorite Expression, "Wicked" Activities: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Baseball 1, 2, gl, 4: French Club 4: Interclass Basketball 2, ARTHUR R. ZINCK "Artie" "For bold ln heart, act and word was he" Course, Vocational Future Ambition, Coast Guard Favorite Expression, "No Sir!" Activities: None 1 4 FRANCIS V. TREMBLEY, JR. ' "Frank" "I slept and dreamed that life was beauty I woke to find that life was duty" Course, College Future Ambition, University of Maine Favorite Expression, "Are you kidding?" Activities: "Broadcast" 4: Tribute 4: Band 4: French Club 3. ANTI-IONINE EVA WAZNIS "Tony" "What you do, still better what is done" Course, College Language Future Ambition. None ' Favorite Expression, "That's a matter of opinion." Activities: Latin Club: Paine. Science Club: Essay Contest 3: Special honors for gradua- tlon: Completion of four years in three with very high grades: French Club 3: National Honor Society. DONALD B. WALKER "Did" "He who trys succeeds whate're he may." Course, General Future Ambition, Agriculture . Activities: Agriculture 1, 2. THE TRIBUTE PAGE NINETEEN CJ .... ,.. ,... E U' CD '1 rv- E fb - n-1 W 121 U2 O P Cl CD '1 SD D14 C1- Q SD r- v-4 N :lu uqof 'WUIIUD 5' an 3 SU O U' Q -s FF 'U .-. D- W rs F' ua 5 ,T B 3 ra O ua 2 D' 14 leuoq BMP 'lam uaxelg 99 .reugnoqg euoq 'p 11951021 'PU591' PI 5191112 0 '1 n-. O x 3' 4 fb 5. F- 4 id: 5 O 0 s FP Z o 'I V1 .... U! o P S m Z ru -s 'U .... S ll! rr s: '1 Z4 H fb ca. OSU y.. og 3391 'mol qqmnog I-Is!-I 31 9H as.1V au EU Hn mm O N31 I-s F IF-21 'rx ET 9-"1 EE an v-s Q-4 SU Q 14 'P fs ff' D' C '-s 'QU Q 93 : N 5 5+ S .-. Z --. rn 5 U3 BJ '1 FP r-I CD S-S :r Q 9' '11 -1 cu 9' 0 my Ib 5 'FJ W N E1 CD 'su 5 oO 1492 'UE- 2:1 :f S9 'Dm 5 'Um gm 125: EL gn Ea 38 0 ES EZ' 'BE PP 33' GW E3 E5 52 og. v-:O PE Dj- 215 'S-22 gsm 9293 924 71 52 Rm 141' w Ev Us- E22 WN O IT? an 924 '4 m N FD nd r-I 14 F' o '1 -s sv ,... 5 co '11 F14 ro Q F' 'TJ N '4 0 Z Ci D um E an -1 CI W 5 Z 'Ci co .EA "U na C If 5 m '11 ns v-4 H un 3-r Z na FQ' na 0-I ,... rn "1 as -. 5 na SU o In V1 L" o H na ill- D on O an I3 Q- rn V1 UI I." O ru. U1 UI o 32'- N s o.. La 0 as 5 O o 'J In FF sw IJ :If 5 na 7-l N O W' u-1 '4 'U UI ru '1 U' na "1 PP' IP 4 CD "1 S L4 o 14 Q fb O D7 n-I 9' L4 an L1 ro P1 Z5 0 tr CD in Q U-I Q3 9 "f v-. UQ 5' H D' .... -s D- '1 O E T- 0 Ph FP FP O FZ' I-4 '1 na 5 eo U3 co an C CL ru FP su -x rm 93 "1 m FF UJ o E D- na Q'-3 4-4 o an I5 '11 H N UI fb '1 Z an :1 O 'c Q N na II! P IT' o T auof .zaqqsg 's U o H. em H1019 new d 9 Ww- as-so :1-gf-5 N5 V 'P-I 'ssald asgnoq 'A uuv 'uoslaned H 18 I-1 5 I1 -f 0 0 5 In Q B7 uafu '23- ,.,o P5 3 53' 2.5. 'DS Em ma W- 3' :D 'POSH UBSIHQ 5' QE ob' 52 ::"5 ,,- II va '1 Y' BUHIIAA P-1 IJ' co o D.- uA1aA3 'Amaugg emo s.ta3oH UH S 93 -1 U CD I' vi C3 9. C fb B 2 Y SE ur'3'lQun F' na 5 Q39 ff, B o :1 W 53 O c ,... P E m V1 ,... rn S an U3 O Cl Q D" co :-"F IP 5 Zi na 'U O ,.. u-. ro ,-. QF' DI IP s FF sr 9. :s .... : CD 5 N :s .... Vi U o H E. l" na U1 I-4 as : zz N U o -1 n-. VI 5 tb -s l-I C H U! ro o O 5 D- v-s O 5 I-I ro Ha FF 1-F O -1 l-lu UQ 55" :T Q U-I na Q-1 '4 UI F' co U1 il-I aa U 9 U o vs 5. O 3 IE. an F Ll C-' 51 an 'U na 3 14 U' 5 I5 as 'U aa 'U UI m Q- o v-s P 'JU 5' 'Si on m P U1 C-4 Q 'J' I3 CD '1 Eg 5' o IS! ,-3. 'J' 0 H. ,.. J-o Em er .naw .Inq . 'eg S 5 na H F- E3 E. Z an Q- ro na m 53 Cro UF '11 E 2 E 3 H ro U 'JI o 'U W 5. U1 FU .... D :r ID '1 a. E O O F-I fb DJ "S Z4 E: 'o :r o :v UI fb 'J '1 o 5 Q. P G4 O 5' 5 5 IU m '4 cn U1 Q su an 5 o D3 o cr co 'J- F' o I-1 G. O D-1 o D' o U1 co 14 P1 U' o 3 su TH U '4 as F SU 5. II' 93 H Q- U1 U' CD W F' eu o F O an U1 na 14 93 "I D3 H Q1 Q as "1 IJ m N F P1 Q. E m "S D- Cl na V1 FP o :S UQ c: as 14 '11 '1 na I5 53. V1 H '1 CD B cr US' aa 14 51 na '4 E3 o 5 Q- '-1 'J' fb H .... an C D-4 A" 5 K H 0 Q-1 O 5' O C n-a. I E" nr 4 o H on '11 "5 O 5 er v-1 o S II-4 FD Ph PP ev- O H n-. UQ D' ff' 'S' S. D' N 0 r-4 D P' C-4 m B rn m O V1 an 2 Ph o -1 Q-1 v E ru I-' 4 .... 5 F' an 'U o .-. 5 FP P E 5 5 1-IOINEIS SSVTIO STEPHENS HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY 'cu EE man v-4 O25 LL.,-4 lin C cv an r-4 ,CI -0-W cu M .CI O 2 8 C. .5-4 .sw .M BE CSU me QE D .2 D H.. GJ UB Mm B CU-4 C me E2 gm IA S-4 Ea gcc: :S . Es: ': D4 6 'U CU 224' Z5 P1 J-5 t row, left to righ Calien Oil Fr by C1 CI ru Ln CD '4-4 V11 O D3 rn GJ U Q KU 5-I LY-s s-2 o I-I :A at E-4 KD s: 5 vw si O UI ,ea U C5 v-.1 CU 5-1 cd IGI O E C5 ,Cl c: L4 :s Dil JI cu V1 'cf 5-4 zu Q O 02 Q 'cs 4: :s E 'cs lil if o 52 CU 3 -4 5-4 CU U :J aa .-4 v-4 S3 FY-4 CU 'U GJ 5-4 Q.: -4 42' J ,CI rn A 'U 2 CJ 3.5 .-C1 5.0 --4 5-1 O 4-7 as 'O-4 Q2 v-4 'U E1 O Q an UJ .EP sq 5 E ca x-4 I cu N 124' F21 H. cv .M 5-4 ru I-Q G o 3-4 Va CD si an 'U 5: Di -G Q. cu VJ o '-4 vf Q-V 5-4 an -Q o D5 .E 3 s-4 an M QF l1l -Q aa s-4 I14 CI 'Fl D ICI cu E E :S as FQ 'cs Q O EE Pa IB DG H. cv +3 Ili o Lv 5-4 GJ D-4 lips. hil beth P 'U If O TTI -1 2 rn Z -I -4 w Y -4 I m -4 E W C -4 rn ing- lk rn Fau kus, Bertra man, Joseph Wenc v-4 f-4 .-4 EI 'U CI O E P: cs D3 cf an -C2 o U Fu s-4 3-4 ev E -1-5 .-C2 my I F1 5-I o 'iv' 4-7 'U-I an I11 3. o 5-4 'U 5-4 E :- ,Ci 0-3 vl'l E CD an C1 as bb 5 Ld -4-9 C 5 313 -C: Q. f'4 cu Di 45' 54-4 o L. -54 U o O 'U Ii eu Q o Q .ri .2 S: C as 5-I FD ci o V2 'U 5 E S-T o Q C: o U U2 an E as '1 E cu 'Q THE TRIBUTE PAGE TWENTY-ONE PAGE TWENTY-TWO THE TRIBUTE RLS I JUNIOR G E73 as VI aa :- cu .CI E-4 as u Fl C s.. na IQ .II O G cu U11 ID C as ua S o O -T !-1 as .Q .E M JJ .C BD --4 5-1 O -A-I +1 Q-4 GJ I-1 4-v C3 0 5'-1 In gs Gi 5, O Q :A '15 I-4 -CU FP: .Cl 4-V o l-I o Q sf o 3-1 I ". EEE U2 .2 F-4 4-7 cv D-4 cf o VI VJ G5 'Fl U CU 'Ai 'Fl G 41 x:: no 5-4 o :- cu nl CI Y-Z' GJ 'cs :S 1:3 CI :Fl c: L: 5 Q CB 'OJ 3-A cu .Q Q M af 'U F-4 as vm sv I-I li as CQ su U2 an 5-4 G2 .C E' E o VI -52 III Qi C! O 'U 'III Ns .2 Q2 cu CD an G --l 'U v-4 at S-I U U L: GJ --1 O 3-4 GJ 2 'U 0 S-4 .M V1 as r-. ca I-1 o Q .CI rn ..- :- I-I cu 5 E o U U cu E cu I-C o 'I'l P -C -52 Fla as U2 aa s. cv -C P4 :A 5-4 C5 2 bf -C un 5-I 05 -4-1 5 cd s-I aa :-. as O ev C Fl cu 3-4 S-4 o r-1 .NVE C. Q Q I-I 3 -C5 u U1 :J 5 an CI cu n-'I cu ct -I4 cu L. s-4 O v-I :-I as I-I CI o O cu Ill 'I-1 5 o n-1 L: .2 cb KP: GJ v-4 .Ei -C1 U1 5. U c: S' A ga ES .c: E-1 cu 2' 6 +- 333 'Sas :s CQ 2 .II 4-7 aa .O cu .55 I-4 lil 'ci o GJ 1-7 U E Q is o vw J +4 CU L. D4 CU 'Fi o 'Fi :- '6-7 CU D4 J-3 -Cl UD -v-1 3-4 O 4-v 4-v 46-4 ID I-I 3 2 'U CI O O GJ U1 ?a aa 5-l 'U 5 41 .91 F4 as an ul'l S-4 0 'F"3 3-4 S' 5 o VI 3-4 an -C-' i-3 as m az 'F1 :- o -f-. so 2' S-f 5-t as M VJ .2 l11 FP: -C D4 6 C :Fl li P11 an U2 s.. 2' cs S-A O af ZZ 5 D-4 cu P-I sv on C2 41 -E, iv. cu,2..5' s: Gln I1 bd E CU --1 5-I OJ La E.. as ms v-QQ ra 5.93 Q2 mo 2,5 371 ': 41 6 5 ff -Q 'S O .201 s-1 s-4 O E S-T IJ 0 2 : -S Oo 'MA 'fm Es I-a CJ ei E4.. MS En 546.3 'JE is 'jim mi gs me V1 at-E 311 as 911 Ep ,HKU F: E2 QCD S-4 -4' QU go mlb s-T 'U N. E ai +- Merrlll. Louise J ' 6-U O 2 41 as 'cs GJ 'Fl I-4 in .2 PE CJ as CI L21 an 5 s-4 N U CU F4 I'-1 'l" 0 VJ 'Fi s-4 D4 ui 'U a cu -C3 .2 D1 cs ii 5.0 --1 F-4 O -4-I -as Q-4 GJ I-4 -cs .E .c: H 'U cr 'ru ll! U' O I5 V1 5 as GJ C cz 5, I-4 O -cs C1 CD 3 B O I-1 -CI +P C5 M si O VJ I-4 OJ 0 U ..- CI C5 '7 VI 'I4 :- eu Q 0 I3 N VI O D1 E CU E U GJ 5-4 FH cu s: c: 41 rr? GJ ii YD Fil -Q FI 'U H E 3 2 D3 2 's GJ O a O E S C5 cs Fa 5-1 CU E 0 --1 5'-1 O 'I-u S-4 as 2 'ci 51 ,C U cu ' Fl sq o I-1 U H. ua 'U cu an r-1 Q cu o '1 UY Cl 224' i o U Z Y"1 S-4 aa 5 GJ CQ Cf o '43 5-1 S cu SI as ..-. Q rl? o L. cv: '1 cu Pl I-1 cv 4-7 V2 B1 S .CI Q. 5-4 S U C2 -4 5-I W 2 :S as 'Fd s-4 cv .II I-4 cu 2 C aa P 5 cu E as ua s.. FH IA .CI 4-W o I-a o Q Z L11 M 42 H -fm EI 5,4 -1 -4 CU U U -4 -- U -Q CB U1 P4 di 0 Ll 5-I 5 CU --a O --4 Fl i3 N D-1 B :fa as D H o I-I Il. Z FYI IU 3 E4 Z lil rn m 41 5:5 DD H11 I3 CQ E-1 O Z Beverly Mahoney, Arsenault, Theresa ack. lb Kau Ruth npr CI o Qc D4 cu O as F-1 as IP J ord x.. -f-4 'U Q3 Turner, Ramona Johnson, Dorls B. on HJ GJ C1 -1 1--4 cu 'U es 2 bf ai 'U ua C ua CD cv 5 'Y 'U YC' cu H aa U Doris Cf as OFFICERS lass rC nio Ju Raymond Hillman, Sponsor dent Coun- tu hy, S ag OD Vice Pres., It, ellall Ars es D. Grady, , Sec., Alfred MacC la s., Jam heresa Fisher Pre , Vio vz C5 0 5-1 EIB YD .Fl o s.. ISI 5 as D-1 UI aa I: r-I 4-7 cv 'JH Cl aa GJ U1 -4 5 O u-'I -v-1 UJ U1 an :- D-4 cv DS I-4 'I-1 o nney. Thelma MCK1 Va GJ v-c C O O THE TRIBUTE PAGE TWENTY THREE QE we E35 Egg! OPTV: P-hf'D"g H5 3555 aw m v-s Hgg Q- 2-39 93,0 JG 5-H mm Q0 EZ! Es Q- mo 0.2. QL4 2225 2,52 51125 5 5'9- 32 m m .-.ff .sa 55+ 53 Q m 5 an 5'-U ,S Q- is E12 'SU 97 Ph :1 fb E M. 5 s U1 ,... O '11 ,... 5 nw 5 '14 FF :r na vi "S ,... o- C E+ ru Q. an 'U O E5 ua O '1 un D' ,,... 'U 5-4 o E Q. rn 5 'U m FF cu -s 5 o Ph Q- ru o o H an FY Ui! o I3 Ui na 5 CL l"' F15 o 14 Q- 'J' ,... 1+ o Ph r+ D' on '4 na as T' ru 4 rn 5 1'0- o H5 P+ II' CD H: sv P-4 P-i ED E ru VJ FY- na F S. ff- D" ,... 1+ ZA II! .91- U' m U1 W rn er m U' I-4 I-I UQ m B fb 'U v-4 O 4 ru D- rf o U' CD 1+ B' 0 o o B ru Q- '4 H D" 53. -s Ud li on o PT E an UQ ,.. o U m 5 n m E N U1 E+ 33" rn UI o ra ,... 93 n-4 nf alll TU 10 suods O H FD D- 'T-Il 99 0 C'- 5 if 4 0 1+ uz La : UI FP ... :: O D-4 o rr o UI O if P1 P14 5 ru H lid o s: ca. FS as F rn N 3 : G5 Fi S Q. EU C- o -1 m U rn C rn f-3 ET M3 H23 is Le x-1 0 Ou-n D' FP 51+ O E! G D' O n-I 1" 94 sn 3 cu U3 'U o "1 so PF P' PU m 'C 3 o 5 Da O o "1 5 5. F' F1 1 3 ro '1 F' 'C o 5 in E1 C va ru 5 m 4 D n-4 r-1 0 9 H .-. UQ D' F? Z S. N' E? G O 5 N O IU 0 UE. :: D i1l Q. I-3 5' O '1 :J 9 FU o cr 0 H r+ U1 N Dio UZ :-. rn :J- bl- I2- 0 '4 'TI o D-ll 93 ::s va. D-I :J- fb o I 5? 9.5 Si-4 F33 ge. 5-Y' DL-' Wm 50 '-'15 WD CDH .HD- OL-4 55' HD- '5'U' mm pus? 'Ee I-l Q . P5 FP D' 'C 'U CD H H Z4 E4 EJ B3 P1 EE E. F? F' E' 53 513 ,... o D' nn -1 P' Ll C 5' 5 U 0 U14 ,... TD IS' .fb Q aa O "1 UQ fb S :QS Gem Oc: Una D14 '1 C111 Sn. - E f-2 gp. ,PP as .E-P Em ng. SD' D E3 H 3? 42 ws Z- SEB ' sr 5: si We EB 93 gg? ob! 14 ws N is ,E '45 ,UQ O : N P 'U DI E n-I IP "1 UI G 5 93 C we rv- Q. U-4 0 5" Pi? 'lo 5-:: :rr Ha 0 oi H- b-Il am g.-. 3.8 :ri :GE :UE E.. pt 11,5 ,'T',,e-1' 30 D--4 11 Em go :ji-I gm ER re E? 754 mu wg ga :U fb ,.- p-1 Us is M Q5 2,9- Q40- IP Pt! 5-T3 is 3,54 Q-3 '55 SY! U3 Sw T1 Bl SXOEI HOINH1' PAGE TWENTY-FOUR THE TRIBUTE FRESHMEN BOYS ABSENT WHEN GROUP PICTURE WAS TAKEN Front row, left to right: Richard Stone, Robert Rubino, Edward Tou- chette, Thomas Shea, Gilbert Roderick, Norman Theriault, Bernard Poirier. Second row, left to right: Paul Thurs- ton, Richard Schwind, Richard Rideout, Warren Stearns, James McKinnon. ' Third row, left to right: Douglas Mor- ton, James Orino, Harry Sadowski, Lawrence St. Cyr. Fourth row, left to right: Harold Steele, Walter Gallant, Millett Coffin, Ernest Steele, Stephen Morrison. SOPHOMORE CLASS Front row, left to right: Joan Dubois, Lydia Arsenault, Yvette Belanger, Methyl Easter, Greta Bryant, Priscilla Turbide, Lenore Dinsmore, Nancy Eldridge, Hilda Conley, Mary Lou Fraser, Bev- erly Delano, Clara Trenaworth, Dorothy Moore, Moore, Barbara Briggette, Priscilla Haines, Doris Richards, Ann Dorion, Ann Dalton, Priscilla Wade, Bernice Sessions. Second row, left to right: Marguerite Niles, Shirley Roy, Mina Martin, June Seymour, Jacque- line Welding, Lillian Wholey, Yvette Roy, Pauline Perry, Lucille Carrier, Anna Umbro, Phyllis Sul- livan, Susan Clark, Joan MacConahgy, Beverly Farnham, Yvette Grenier, Nellie Milligan, Janice Mace, Elaie McGrath, Rose Gaccetta, Josephine Gaccetta, Beverly Bulger, Gloria Legere, Gertrude Jannace, Barbara Leighton, Lorraine Auger, Joan Auby, Rita Roy, Theresa Ricci. Third row, left to right: Louise Bernard, Theresa Mercier, Marion Sealey, Joan Manson, Char- lene Priest, Marlene Fisher, Marion Gill Betty Child, Helen Chuzas, Pauline Cicarelli, Pauline Crawford, Jean Wing, Gloria Brown, Anita Wulff, Joan Truby, Virginia Bellows, Joan Hall, Odile Legere, Irene Cormier, Yolanda Blouin, Kitty Ross, Ruberta Kerr, Viola Fredericks, Rita Gallant, Leah Rowley, Anita Parisi. soPHoMoRE BOYS Front row, left to right: Joseph Curato, Robert Kaulback, Peter Dragoon, William Mahar, Reg- inald Vachon, William Stearns, William Donahue, Robert LaPointe, Roland Martin, Arnold Warner, Alan Sarle, Laurent Roy. Second row, left to right: Marco DeSalle, James Herrill, Osie Hill, Tnoy Capponi, Ivan Al- bert, Winston Jay, James Chandler, Wayne Ruff, William Elliott, Mr. Brennick, Qsponsorb John Jannace, Richard Mesereau, Elbert Therriault, Paul Pepin, Richard Melanson, Robert Nadeau, Rus- sell Mawhinney, Merle Phelps. Third row, left to right: Melvin Gallant, Henry Zinck, Francis Gallant, Edward Carrier, Ern- est MacMillan, Raymond Richardson, Bert Patenaude, Harrison Burns, Wilfred Warner, Richard Hopkins, Norman Marquis, Robert Touchette, John Oriun, Robert Palleschi, Clement Coulombe, Willard Bailey. Fourth row, left to right: George Godin, Donald McCann, Milton Giberson, Charles Child, Dale Swett, Lee Moore, Donald Agostinelli, Charles Fraser, Louis Morin, James Blaisdell, James Brown, Millett Coffin, John Kezal, Clifford Gammon, Walter Finethy, Laurier Roy, Peter Press. ' . , , THE TRIBUTE PAGE TWENTY-FIVE , FRESHMAN GIRLS Front row, left to right: Jean Buotte, Kathryn Mehigan, Hazel LeBlanc, Pauline Pellerin, Jean- nine Legere, Marjorie Merchant, Rosabelle McDonald, Joan'Puiia, Barbara Jaros, Marion Jannace, Frances Farrar, Virginia Farnum, Doris'Burt, Marguerite Levasseur, Marie Brann, Marlene Luce, Margaret Godin, Constance Breau, Jeannine Cyr, Sylvia Byron, Fernande Melanson, Barbara Me- lanson. ' - Second row, left to right: Janice Dollof, Lois Kerr, Phyllis Ramey,-Elizabeth Hunt, Viola Rich- ard, Jeannette Simard, Ann Enches, Mildred Fisher, Irene Desveaux, Lois Hill, Mary McLean, Avis Child, Mary Avery, Marion Farrar, Alice Donahue, Patricia Mooney, Gisele Theriault, Marion Gammon, Irene Bisson, Eleanor Peters, Frances Bulger, Camillo DiConzo, Viola Cormier, Thresa Gallant, Patricia Wade, Jean Lowell, Third row, left to right: Anita Cormier, Joyce Gamble, Fay Holt, Mary Blunda, Louise Parady, Constance Benedix, Barbara Milligan, Joyce Pillsbury, Shirley Patton, Rosemary Silver, Lois Mc- Kenna, Dorathy Davis, Ellen, Geronda, Barbara Damour, Ann Brown, Gertrude Lefebvre, Eunice Kelly, Louise Fisher, Ferne Smith, Lucille Vachon, Geraldine Shea, Sally Watson, Theresa Cun- ningham, Margaret Ahearn, Marie Beauchesne, Noella Cayer. .".bsent: Sylvia Schwind, Marion Seeley. FRESHMEN BOYS ' Front row, left to right: Raymond Martineau, Everett Haines, Anthony Umbro, John Hall, Lyn- den Clarke, Malcolm Bowden, Rene Fournier, Francis McFarland, Rudy Gauthier, Edgar Lamb, Mrs. Anderson, Ralph Clarke, Walker Bucknam, Reginald Arsenault, Jack Dalton, Robert Arse- nault, Malcolm Jones, Richard Mclsaac, William Mace, Erlon Broomhall. Second row, left to right: Gerald Parisee, Phillip Cote, Dale Kaulback, Paul Guay, Clifton Lyons, Jerry Deschane, Franklin Heald, Donald Albert, Robert Marchisio, Donald Cote, Charles Drummond, Merrill McKenney, Albert Gallant, Frank Norris, Frank DiMarchio,, Steven Evanoif, Carl Gallant, Lionel Auger, Marshall Garneu, Rodney Ring, Gerald Brown, Albert Blouin. - Third row, left to right: Russell Lane, William, Bulger, Ernest DiConzo, Joseph DeFilipp, Jos- eph DiConzo, Gordon Wentzell, Richard Bulger, Robert Clifford, James Lavorgna, Ronald Hus- ton, Richard Grannell, James St. Cyr, George Adams, Henry McCleary, Richard Austin, Edward Girard, Louis Barnett, Kenneth Gurschick, Raymond Bushie. Frank Bielskis. Conrad Hill. i T A PAGE TWENTY-SIX THE TRIBUTE JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS ' , Sponsored by Miss Jackson Front row, left to right: Doris Perry, Julie Turbide, Mary Shea, Marie Saisi, Beatrice Akers, Faye Allen, Marjorie Ahara, Penelope Morrison, Anna W. Wiskont, Emma White, Anita Huckins, Barbara Lefebvre, Frances Bailey. Second row, left to right: Glenice Wing, Jane Claypool, Georgette Bellegarde, Mildred Craw- ford, Lucille LaP1ante, Marilyn Miller, Marilyn Martin, Doris Dupill, Constance Enman, Evelyn Cote, Rita Longley, Earlene Enman, Sally MacConaghy. Third row, left to right: Iris Wentzell, Juliette Rowy, Florence Roy, Johanna Gurschick, Erma Freeman, Kareen Poulin, Joyce Cornish, Gloria Stickney, Esther Buck, Ruth Lefebvre, Rita Di- Conzo, Gloria Young, Joyce Thurston, Louise Woods, Charlene Thompson was absent. , JUNIOR HIGH BOYS Q Frontrow, left to right: Stanley Holland, John Wiskont, Ashley Clark, Gerald Anten, Ray- mond Chase, Thomas Mahoney, Donald Paleschi, Raymond Spencer, Erwin Gamble, Charles Arse- nault William Kimball, Roland MacMillan, Gerald Thorne, Miss Jackson, Stanley Briggette, Wesley Scrone, Floyd Doucette, Edward Adley Richard Hebert, Francis Salatino, Erlan Bean, Frederick Arsenault, Edward Howard, John Wyman, HaroldHeath. Second Row, left to right: Gerald Roy, Robert Seymour, Earle Merrill, Martin Hamner, John Fleck, Kenneth Hoyt, Alphonse Richard, Adrian Theriault, Andrew Michaud, Davis Poland, John Rowley, Walter Peare, Lionel Freeman, Norman LeFleur, Donald Additon, Roy Hodgdon, John DiConzo. Third row, left to right: Robert Moore, Raymond Cormier, Raymond Arsenault, Maurice Col-' lette, John Richardson, Edward St. Pierre, John Dumas, Lari Albert, Allen Richards, William East- man, George Benedix, Anthony Lavorgna, Ernest McPhee, Danny Perry, Allan Gallant, Ralph Zinck, Roger Auger, Joseph Morrison. 1 2 W I E IL UNC C0 UDENT ST . . L. Pu cu cu E 5: . E .E 5 2' E 50 .M E -,-1 3 .E '1 E bg 5? ,.., af 5 5 Ed rn QE , - s-we f- 5 2.5 E 2 4-vcd 2' "' ai --1 Q2 E .5 Q2 'S Q sq og 5 3 a gh cu 2 A Q S22 W cu 3 r-4 cg' 5:45 2 'gg 2 A O13 W C5 C: .CPG 'E U 73 3 Sun .tg O o E'-' w Eiga A -' Ei 3 E H M - Q' O Z 5:2 P - 'J cu is s-4 Ld Q66 3 Bk Q m -so 5 gg D -1 :sm A U1 H aw 63 c: U1 'Ea' 'G cv L' rr mm cz 41 "" -Q 5' 1+-4 5 Cla be 02 4.2 E B+' in 'ii' 38 'C Q T20 of" 4-' +3 P55 2.2 sg! M. -05 mg EUS .SE 2-22 NE 553 wo Lzullaa fm Hg 2 o U PAGE TWENTYHGHT THE TRIBUTE U1 S4 ci Tow e . tters, sponsored Teen 1 GJ -4-v GS -Q Ilf1OI'e 110. re- OI' 80 3 rank of O za K5 .rs 4-7 VJ :1 E GJ ql12,,'a5 'I-4 1121: s-46521 :Egg 35.2 .,.,'-gw-w 2 U mom "M-css: 1328 +5-5' 28, ' no 'SWE .aa gg-1 3.2-cs SDE-Q ...Wd E242 SE 212 Q-un. qsgqfe - Eg-CE .Qc-,mv-C CD uQJ.,..l+-4 Q.-9430 Nm 'U gmfvo 0358 sw --43574 Q-L' 'D cvs'-JfE'.Z2 bn-"'f""' ::.E'-52 --1 CU Emo? Us-Q-v-no GJ '4",.U '-:swag GJ,-so O-4-v A 2'5+,3 bvmw .-Q rn-Q .51..g....'-4 Safe? smI"5',2 If THE TRIBUTE , PAGE TWENTY-NINE ..., , a,7i.1.1,1,,,,--,,,,,,,.,.-lv. A. L . -a .. -.T.- ...,T.----.M "TRIBUTE" STAFF ' Sponsored by Byron W. Barker Ruth Hawkins Asst. Raymond Baum Adv. Raymond R. Hillman James D. Grady Asst. Front row, left to right: Byron W. Barker, sponsor, Louise Press, Theodora Finethy, Janice Ruff, Lorraine Canders, Ramona Blouin, Jean Constantine, Marietta Boucher, Jacklyn Herbert. Second row, lef to right: Marilyn Niles, Pauline Farris, Lorraine Fleck, James Crawford, Don- ald Curley, Thomas Marchi, Francis, Tremblay, Evelyn Knight, Doris Carrier, Faye Nnlies. CIRCULATION STAFF of "TRIBUTE" Front row, left to right: Viola MacConaghy, Theresa Roy, Elizabeth Maria, Theresa Lavasseur, Geraldine Sassi, Estelle Jaros, Priscilla Garneau, Marjorie Rosato, Angela Puiia. Second row, left to right: Patricia Shea, Mildred Mercier, Dolores Mickeriz, Jean Hall, Mar- jorie Batherson, Esther Goddard, Theresa Fisher. Those absent were as follows: James Grady, Isabelle Gallant, Diane Morton, Katherine Mur- puhy. PAGE THIRTY THE TRIBUTE SCIENCE CLUB Mrs. Minerva Anderson, Sponsor "The purpose of the Paine Science Club is to arouse interest in, and create love for sciences, develop thoroughness in study accuracy and ability, and to pro- mote the general welfare of the science department of Stephens High School"- taken from its Constitution. H The club has started the year 1946- 1947 with new vigor and enthusiasm. Since the club is limited in membership, to the highest ranking students, the mem- bership is small. Meetings have been in- teresting, with many experiments per- formed, and an outside speaker at one. There will be several more s eakers dur p ' .- ing the year, and the club will make a number of scientific trips during the spring. We hope to have exhibits at the State Science Congress and Fair in March. One of our members, Thomas Marchi, has already competed for the Westinghouse Scholarships by taking the examination and writing a 1000-word es- say upon "My Scientific Projectf' If Open House is held at Bates or the University of Maine this year, the club will attend, -as usual. Officers: President, Wilfred Chouinard V. President, James Crawford Secretary, Anthoinine Waznis Treasurer, Thomas Marchi SCIENCE CLUB ' Front row, left to right: Mrs. Anderson, James Crawford, Anthoinine Waznis, Wilfred Chouin- ard, Thomas Marchi. Second row, left to right: John Gallant, Thomas Dyer, James Grady, James McLean, William Casey. l Q Absent: Louis Press, Vincent Morrison. THE TRIBUTE - PAGE TH I RTY-ONE LATIN CLUB Front row, left to right: Lorraine Perry, Louise Bernard, Kathleen Reed, Ann Paterson, fScribe, Treasurerb, Robert Saisi fEmperorJ, Miss Murphy QSponsorJ, Margaret Bowden fEmpressJ, Nancy Schwind, fScribe Secretaryl, Irene Beaudet, Virginia Bellows. f . Second row, left to right: Nancy Eldridge, Lorraine Auger, Joanne Auby, Joan Manson, Joan Hall, Mary Lou Fraser, Lucille Carrier, Catherine Ross, Marguerite Niles, Lenore Dinsmore. Third row, left to right: Barbara Briggette, Ivan Albert, Walter Stearns, Reginald Vachon, Donald Agostinelli, Edward Carrier, Peter Press, James Chandler, Beverly Delano. Victor Des- roches was absent when picture was taken. S. P. Q. R. CLUB Miss Julia Murphy, Sponsor The S. P. Q. R. Latin Club has been in existence for twenty years. Its purpose is to acquaint students with a background of Roman life and times for which time is lacking in class recitations. Once number- ing over one hundred members, the pres- ent membership makes up in quality what it lacks in quantity. This year's activities include meetings at which senior mem- bers acquaint the sophomores with fam- ous characters in mythology, pictures of Roman daily lifeg a Roman house with furniture and the story of the wanderings or Aeneas. The Latin Club auction is an established custom and the only source of revenue. The club colors are royal purple and white, the motto "INVICTUS," Uunconqueredf' The club has been affi- ated with the Classical Association ofthe United States for several years. Last year, Ruth 'Ahara and Henrietta Dow were awarded honor certificates for excellence of achievement in a nation-wide contest. Ofiicers are: Robert Saisi, Emperor Margaret Bowden, Empress Ann Paterson, Scribe' Nancy Schwind, Scribe The present members do not- sub- scribe to the philosophy expressed some years ago by a struggling student, LATIN "All are dead who ever wrote it. All are dead who ever spoke it. All will die who ever learn it. Blessed death, They surely earn it." PAGE THIRTY-TWO THE TRIBUTE FRENCH CLUB Genevieve Hawkins, Sponsor Qfficergg Aims and ideals are to create a great- C President, Gloria Parady er interest in French outside of the rou- V. President, Theresa Mehigan tine classwork. Secretary, Marilyn Niles Treasurer, Wilfred Chouinard The club sponsored a social, in the spring. FRENCH CLUB X Front row, left to right: Joyce Calden, Evelyn Knight, Jacklyn Legere, Marilyn Niles, Ther- esa Mehigan, Miss Genevieve Hawkins Cfaculty advisorj, Gloria Parady, Wilfred Chouinard, Ann Paterson, Janice Ruff, Kathleen Reed. Second row, left to right: Nancy 0'Kane, Pauline Perry, Joan Leader, Lorraine Canders, Lo rraine, Ross, Lorraine Fleck, Alfreda Theriau1t,Irene Beaudet, Shirley Gauthier, Simonne Bisson, Willena Rogers, Louise Conley, Theresa Bellegarde. Third row, left to right: Ivan Albert, Raymond Theriault, Rene Arsenault, John Bragoli. El- mer Boudreau, Paul Arsenault, Einar Wulff, Paul Sirois, James Porath, William Nadeau, William Wynaught. Gerald Gallant, Gerard Garneau, John Rowe, Richard Mesereau. THE TRIBUTE PAGE THIRTY-TH REE ' DEBATE CLUB Front row, left to right: Janice Mace, Thomas Mai-chi, James McLean, Byron W. Barker, coach, James Crawford, Wilfred Chouinard, Lenore Din.m0re. Second row, left to right: Alan Sarle, John Milligan, William Stearns, James Chandler. DEBATE CLUB Byron W. Barker, Sponsor The aim is to develop extensive read- ing, keen anaylsis of the topic debated, favorable presentation, and ability to see both sides of a question. The club early joined the Bates De- bating League. The club got off to a late start, but by February it was working intensively on the state wide question of Socialized Med- icine. After tryouts the club sponsor, Mr. Barker, had picked his varsity squad: James McLean, James Crawford, and Wil- fred Chouinard for the affirmative side of the state question and Thomas Marchi, John Milligan and William Stearns for the negative. PAGE THIRTY-FOUR THE TRIBUTE LIBRARY CLUB Mrs. Minerva Anderson, Sponsor The aim and ideals of this club are to be of service to the school by taking charge of the library. Members also hope to increase, their knowledge of books and love for them, and acquire a working knowledge of how a first-class library is managed. Twenty-one girls have cheerfully given their service for one period a day the entire year. They have charged and discharged books, kept the shelves in or- der, and the pupils, also. Meetings are held weekly at which time the sponsor, Mrs Anderson, gives them helpful hints about the Work and answers any ques- tions which may arise. The girls hold two private social functions each year. Any girl serving two years receives a white felt block "RU against the outline of an open book. LIBRARY CLUB Sponsored by Mrs. Anderson Front row, left to right: Mrs. Anderson, Anita Giasson, Janice Mace, Ramona Blouin, Marietta Boucher, Margaret Kezal, Greta Bryant, Lorraine Lafleur. Second row, left to right: Ruperta Kerr, Madeline Lavorgna. Loraine Canders, Nellie Milli- gan, Lois Holland, Edith Estes, Arlene Favre. Officers: President, Marietta Boucher V. President. Ramona Blouin Secretary, Janice Mace Treasurer. Margaret Kezal THE TRIBUTE , PAGE THIRTY FIVE B CLU CIAL ER MM A co Baum, ond aym Carrier, R onstantine, Anita e, Jean C Q3 1:1 .v-1 U 5 v-I fc UU --4 H o -6-P +3 9-4 GJ IS4 3 o S-4 4-3 CI o F-4 In in gi Q41 as ,lux oucher, Dorilla Rich- a Blouin, Marietta B OU eodora Finethy, Ram Th arri 15 t Second row, left to an -Fl 5-4 S-1 'U zu I-I U s-I N U m, .1-4 5-1 O Cl ma U righ ulin Pa af -4 v-4 0 M rn A 'rf 34 cu PAGE THIRTY-SIX THE TRIBUTE 1 ISS JUNIOR M Knight, William Evelyn Wulff, HI' achb, Ein Warner fco Mrs. Edward ht rig 0 row, left t Front .IJ ca U2 U3 U1 on 5-4 D-4 an .2 I3 o r-I vit U1 o D1 cv Q 'Pi 5-4 on -Cl 4-7 as M U. CI Wi 3 Vx U Q eu Z 43 r-4 cu .Q s.. cv m 5: Pa Y? M o as "J P. fc: UD 3 cu CI 5' Eleanor Peters, William Nadeau, Thomas Marchi, James Grady, John Second row, left to right: 4 5 nd Rola 5, H1 da rge A 90 G arle, S 3.11 A1 neau, HI' ino, Girard G Rub obert t:R gh Third row, left to ri si 0 -A-I Q 41 'U I"1 O S-c CY! .Tl cf o 2 55 Q s: 4: O f-4 :Z I5 :1 CJ Absent Mary McLean. THE TRIBUTE THE HOUSE OF JUKE Valentine Davies Director, Raymond Hillman Cast: Katherine Murphy, James Grady, Rol- and Gua William Nadeau Diane Morton, Y, , Prompter, Isabelle Gallant. l PAGE THIRTY-SEVEN "THE SINGAPORE SPIDER" Ruth Hawkins-coach -Edward Finnegan In this thriller, a cunning plot to kill Jason Harridew and steal his money is defeated by a skillfully laid counter-plot wherein Mr. and Mrs: Meggs are killed by a Singapore spider. 'The cast of charac- ters is as follows: Jason Harridew ......,..,.. Gerard Garneau Jim Meggs ............ .,,. .I ohn Milligan Mrs. Meggs ........ .,.......,. A nn Brown Josie White ....... ...., E leanor Peters Matt Harridew ,,,, .,.., E inar Wulif HFINDERS KEEPERSU by I Mrs. Edward Warner Front row, leftto right: Nancy Schwind, Mrs. Edward Warner Ccoachj, Evelyn Knight. Second row, left to right: William Wynaught, John Milligan. PAGE THIRTY-EIGHT THE TRIBUTE JUNIOR PRIZE SPEAKING OF 1946 s-u cu C2 s-1 fm B 52 E' Pa .-Q 'U CD La O U1 C2 O Q4 U1 Jean Constantine, erbert, J acklyn H Ruff, oraine Canders, Janice to right: L ft Front row, le Mrs. Warner. John Milligan, James Crawford, Thomas Marchi, Garneau, Gerard t: gh left to ri .J -in B: OHS I-c: v. EB 38 mm .1-1 -c v-1 --1 'quasqe sem sgoxgg med uas.1V 11aq1V puooag A C :1qSg.I 01 1591 'mol 'SJW gl, 'ylnlyg .zeugg '.Iau.1eM 'filled Rqlow 91' 'Kang puelog 'xpeag saw '11 Hx O Z3 ff v-4 O 'E P-l KD Ph FV' FP O -1 ,.. UQ 'J' ST l" C v1 nageq angel 'J 'I TIC as! TAI 'Aqdlnw auglameg 'Upua 'LL euzqa IAI -11910 .laumm 'sxyq Kq paaosuodg -4 ,I H1 E UI C -1 -4 m r Y Y -u IP O m -4 E :cl -4 4 Z Z m HOINHL' HZIHCI HdS DNIHV JO LVGI PAGE FORTY THE TRIBUTT S. H. S. BAND Front row, left to right: Joan Hall, Geraldine Sassi, Nancy Schwind, Irene Beaudet Qleaderj. Second row, left to right: Bernice Knox, Simonne Bisson, Josephine Gaccetta, Colleen Blanch- -ard, Ann Brown, Phyllis Kerr, Jean Hall, Lorraine Auger, Priscilla Haines,'Jacklyn Herbert. Third row, left to right: Lenore Dinsmore, Lillian Gurschick, John Gallant, Francis Tremb- lay Janice Giambattista, Anne Paterson, Lorraine Canders, Louise Press, Joyce Calden, Viola Mac- Conaghy, Joanna Gurschick, Gerald Anten, Paul Arsenault, Margaret Bowden, Janice Ruff, Marg- aret Ahearn. Fourth row, left to right: James Chandler, PeterADragoon, James Crawford, James McLean William .Wynaught, William McCarthy, Donald Curley, William Donahue, Ronald Huston. Regi- nald Vachon. THE TRIBUTE PAGE FORTY-ONE SHS BAND l Mr. Cohen, Sponsor The aims and ideals of the Stephens High School band is to promote musical culture along with giving the school a band. We try to make our band the best it can be by cooperating with our band leader, and by attending band practices regularly. Our ideal is to be the best band in the State. The band has made more than a fine showing since 1946. At the Music Festival held at Sanford the school band rated class A in competition against other class A schools. The concert put on in the High School Auditorium proved to be very suc- cessful. PAGE FORTY-TWO THE TRIBUTE ' "H. M. S. PINAFORE-" ' Miss Rolfe and Mrs. Warner Front row, left to right: Miss Rolfe, Joan Leader, Sylvia Schwind, Fernande Melanson. Second rowe, left to right: Ashley Clark, Einar Wulif, William Casey, Paul Sirois. CMrs. Warner, the cn-director of "Pinafore" was absent when the, picture was taken.J The famous Gilbert H and Sullivan Operetta, "H, M. S. Pinaforef' was pres- ented to a large audience in the Abbott Auditorium on April 9th and 10th under the co-direction of Miss Frances Rolfe and Mrs. Effie Warner. The cast was as follows: Josephine, Joan Leaderg Captain Carcarau, Paul Siroisg Sir Joseph, Bill Caseyg Ralph, Einar Wulifg Buttercup, Fern Melansong Dick Deadeye, Ashley Clarkeg Cousin Hebe, Sylvia Schwindg Boatswain, Donald Curley, Carpenter's Mate, Charles Peillet. THE TRIBUTE , PAGE FORTY-THREE GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Senior Varsity Front row, left to right: Margaret Ahearn, Joan Leader, Fernande Melanson, Louise Parady, Lorraine Lafieur, Doris Richard Janice Mace, Jacqueline Gillis, Elizabeth Maria, Josephine Ga- cetta, Joan Puiia, Pauline Pellerin. Second row, left to right: Miss Rolfe, Gloria Child, Lenore Dinsmore, Janice Ruff, Ann Brown, Louise Press, Dorothy Kimball, Janice Henderson, Ann Enches, Eleanor Peters, Theresa Mehig- an, Beverly Delano, Simone Bisson. Third row, left to right: Thelma McKinney, Phyllis Kerr, Marjorie Bulger, Sylvia Schwind, Lois Hill, Avis Child, Barbara Damour, Irene Bisson, Irene Desveaux, Joan McConaghy, Theresa Fisher, Jean Constantine. Absent: Jean Peabody, Arlene Favre. . ' BOYS' GLEE CLUB , Miss Rolfe, Sponsor Front row, left to right: Miss Rolfe, Joseph Defilipp, Richard Austin, Stephen Evanoif, Rich- ard Hopkins, Reginald Vachon, Einar Wulff, Paul Sirois, William Casey, Albert Gallant, Jr., Thomas Dyer, Donald Curley, Donald Cote, Jack Dalton, Willard Bailey. Second row, left to right: Ashley Clarke, Garfield Adley, Yvan Albert, William Stearns, Gi- rard Garneau, Ronald Watson, Rudolf Gauthier, Alan Sarle, Paul Arsenault, John Delisle, Lee Moore, Richard Grannell, Charles Child, Richard Melanson, Robert Rubino, Richard Bulger. .Third row,' left to right: Michael Lavorgna, Arthur Maria, Richard McCleary, Malcolm Bow- den, Raymond Bushie, Timothy Perry, Fred Averill, Thomas Marchi, Ralph Oldham, William Mc- Carthy, Donald Agostinelli, Harold Anten, Frank Bielskis, Robert Clifford. PAGE FORTY-FOUR i THE TRIBUTE JUNIOR VARSITY GIRLS, GLEE CLUB . Front row, left to right: Miss Rolfe, Ann Dalton, Lucille Vachon, Geraldine Shea, Jeannie Le- gere, Patricia Wade, Ruperta Kerr, Marybelle MacDonald, Joan Dubois, Ann Dorian, Jeannie Cyr. Second row, left to right: Priscilla Turbide, Phyllis Sullivan, June Seymour, Ellen Geronda, Lumina Martin, Anita MacDonald, Katherine Murphy, Helen Chuzas, Nellie Milligan, Frances Bul- ger, Anita Parise, Dolores Mickeriz, Venise Theriault, Mildred Mercier. Third row, left to right: Joan Manson, Roberta Dunning, Louise Merrill, Dorothy Davis, Mar- guerite Niles, Joan Hall, Virginia Bellows, Katherine Ross, Madeline Lavorgna, Noella Cayer, Lor- raine Perry, Jean Buotte. "BROADCAST" STAFF Sponsored by Byron W. Barker Front row, left to right: Marilyn Niles, Fay Niles, Lorraine Canders, Louise Press, Byron W. Barker, sponsor, Rene Arsenault, James Crawford, Thomas Marchi, Janice Ruff, Marietta Boucher, Arlene Favre, Jean Consatntine, Diane Plante. . Second row, left to right: Lenore Dinsmore, Beverly Delano, Theodora Finethy, Nancy Schwind, Mildred Fisher, Pauline Crawford, Lorraine Fleck, Gladys Kelly, Jacklyn Herbert, Joyce Calden, Anita Carrier, Geraldine Sassi. ' Third row, left to right: Doris Carrier, Lorraine Ross, Peter Press, Francis Tremblay, Donald Curley, James Grady,'Einar Wulff, Gloria Parady, Nancy O'Kane, Joan Fraser. Those absent were as follows: Ann Brown, Marguerite Niles, Richard Schwind, Marjorie Ro- sato, Joan Dubois, Mary Lou Fraser, Mary. McLean, Constance Enman, Anita Hukins, Earlene En- man, Joyce Cornish, Marjory Ahara, Marilyn Miller, Barbara Lefebvre, Evelyn Knight, Ronald Huston, Joan Hall, Marilyn Niles, Viola MacConaghy, Venise Theriault, Shirley Gauthier, Ramona Blouin, Pauline Farris, James Chandler. . THE TRIBUTE PAGE FORTY-FIVE FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Front row, left to right: Yvette Belanger, Anne Dalton, Anna Papsadora, Doris LeBlanc, Gladys LeBlanc, Esther Jones, Beulah Fredericks, Lillian Gurschick, Mrs. Fuller, Natalie Avery, Julia Perry, Theresa Palleschi, Barbara Doherty, Diana Plante, Mary Salatino, Rose Bushie, Lydia Arsenault. Second row, left to right: June Wade, Ruperta Kerr, Veronica Capponi, Ann Umbro, Mary Gam- mon, Joan MacConaghy, Irene Cormier, Yvette Grennier, Jean Wing, Beverly Farnham, Shirley Roy, Theresa Roy, Phyllis Kerr, Ramona Johnson, Katheleen Adams, Phyllis Sullivan, Beverly Bul- ger. , - Third row, left to right: Lillian Whooley, Theresa Arsenault, Pauline Bushie, Madeline Bene- dix, Elaine McGrath, Patricia Warren, Anita Paris, Lumina Martin, Theresa Mercier, Georgette Kirouac, Yolande Blouin, Madeline Lavorgna, Geraldine Benedix, Beverly Mahoney, Noelle Ouel- lette, Theresa Hachey, Bernice Sessions. Note: These persons were absent when the picture was taken: Ruth Kaulback, Doris Jordan. - FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Front row, left to right: Hazel Leblanc, Anita Cormier, Doris Burt, Margaret Levasseur, Irene Desveaux, Jean Buotte, Mrs. Fuller, Csponsorj, Marion' Farrar, Virginia Farnham, Francis Farrar, Ellen Geronda, Eunice Kelly, Lois Kerr. Second row, left to right: Pauline Pellerin, Theresa Gallant, Joan Puiia, Sadie Ramey, Margaret Kezal, Pauline Perry, Lois Hill, Faye Niles, Patricia McHale, Jeanette St. Cyr, Carrnella DiConzo, Noella Caver, Geraldine Shea, Patricia Wade. Third row, left to right: Rosemary McDonald, Jeanine Legere, Shirley Patten, Lucille Vachon, Ann Enches, Avis Childs, Mary Avery, Irene Bisson, Mildred Fisher, Frances Bulger, Constance Breau, Sylvia Schwind, Joyce Pillsbury: K PAGE FORTY-SIX THE TRIBUTE RADIO CLUB Front row, left to right: Fernande Melanson, Miss Florence Burnham, tSponsorJ, Thomas Mar- chi. Second row, left to right: Robert Saisi, Alan Sarle. RADIO CLUB Miss Florence Burnham, Sponsor Aims and ideals of this club were as follows: The principal aim of the Stephens High School Radio Team is to create-in the people of Maine, a greater knowledge of, and appreciation and love for our state. The team won three out of three broadcasts presented on the "C:-ivalcade of Maine Youth" program, from Station W. P. O. R. of Portland. THE TRIBUTE PAGE FORTY-SEVEN PAGE FORTY-EIGHT THE TRIBUTE VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD Front row, left to right: Joseph Curato, Stanley Kaubris, Vincent Morrison, Frederick Clark, Richard McCleary, Mike Lavorgna, Emil Theriault, Clarence Chenard. - Second row, left to right: Laurent Roy, James Porath, Walter Pillsbury, Timothy Perry, Alfred Arsenault, Ralph Oldham, Richard Shea, Gerald Gallant. Third row, left to right: Arthur Maria, Christopher Chaisson, John Rowe, Thomas Dyer, John Bulger, Louis Clohosey, Albert Melanson. Fourth row, left to right: Raymond Richardson, Richard Mersereau, Richard Melanson, Ed- ward Carrier, Robert Palleschi, Donald Agostinelli, Albert Cyr. Fifth row, left to right: Edward Herman fcoachb, Rudolph Gauthier, Carl Gallant, Justin Clo- c . hosey CMgr.J, John Thomas fAss't Mgr.J, Paul Sirois, William Nadeau CAss't Mgr.J, Joseph Ryder coachb. FOOTBALL SUMMARY OF "46" November 11th, brought to a close another brilliant championship year. The Panthers having the strongest team in the State came through with eight wins and one tie. They were the highest scor- ing team with 193 points, which showed that marvelous offensive attack. They were also the lowest scored upon team with twelve points against them. This proved their defensive ability. -In the first game with the Wilton Eagles on September 14th, Rurnford marched to a 31-0 victory. This game was a preview of the "Power House" which coaches Ryder and Herman had developed in a short time. On September 20th, the band plus a whole host of rooters followed the team to Biddeford for a night game. The Panther squeaked out a 7-6 ,victory over the stubborn Saints. September 28 the team went to Lew- iston, where the Panthers smothered the Blue Streaks, 18-0. , October 5th, Rumford was host to Waterville. The Red Panthers sent the Purple Panthers home with their tail be- tween their legs. We were too much for them and took the game with a 20-0 score. October 12th, Rumford rolled over Berlin High 33-0. October 18th, the Panthers smoth- ered the Cony Rams to the tune of 24-0. October 26th saw the most spectac- ular game of the season. The Bangor Rams marched to a touchdown during the THE TRIBUTE PAGE FORTY-NINE first five minutes of the game. This an- gered the Rumford Panthers so much that they literally tore the Bangor team apart during the rest of the game. The final score was 34-6. On November 2nd, the Red Eddies and the Panthers played under the most unfavorable conditions, three inches of snow. Due to the slippery Held ground gains were not consistent and the game resulted in a kicking duel between Chen- ard and Kaubris againt McIntyre. The game ended in a 0-0 tie. November 11th, brought the two ri- vals, Mexico and Rumford, together. Al- though the Pintos put up a gallant fight, they were no match for the Rumford Panthers. The game ended 26-0 in favor of the Panthers. . Three Stephens men were picked All State: Chendy Chenard, backiield, Class of 47, Venie Morrison, tackle, Class of 47, and Dick Melanson, end, Class of 49. These men were chosen by the sports writers and coaches. This must be a rec- ord! Rumford never had had a break like this before. The Class of 47 was well represented in making up this powerful team. Vinnie Morrison was elected honor- ary captain of the year. VARSITY BASKETBALL Front row, left to right: Calrence Chenard, Richard Shea, Frederick Clark, Vincent Morrison, Stanley Kaubris, John Rowe. Second row, left to right: William Nadeau CMgr.J, Raymond Theriault, Charles Frasier, Justin Clohosey, Carl Gallant, Joseph Ryder Qcoachj. PAGE FIFTY ' A THE TRIBUTE N CHEERLEADERS Front row, left to right: Lorraine Ross, Joan Leader, Leah Rowley, Gloria Legere, Theodora Finethy, Beverley Delano, Jacklyn Legere, Ruth Broomhall, Doris Carrier. In rear Genevieve Hawkins Csponsorj. , " CHEER LEADERS Genevieve Hawkins Head Cheerleader: Joan Leader Aims and ideals are to create interest and enthusiasm for sports in the student body. It sponsored a social and took in enough money to buy new sweaters. GIRLS BASKETBALL Front row, left to right: Theodora Finethy, Margaret Kezal, Julie Perry, Pauline Perry, Doris Carrier, Loraine Ross, Anita Politis, Margaret Bowden, Janis Ruff, Evelyn Knight, Pauline Farris, Irene Beaudet, Theresa Pallecchi, Diane Plante, Mary Salatino. THE TRIBUTE PAGE FIFTY-ONE' GIRIJS SKI CLUB Front row, left to right: Mr Brennick, fcoachl, Joan Manson, Lorraine Auger, June Seymour, Lenore Dinsmore, Beverly Delano, Jeannine Cyr, Theodora Finethy, Margaret Bowden, Evelyn Knight. Second row, left to right: Mildred Mercier, Shriley Patton, Joan Hall, Doloris Mickeriz, Joan Morrison, Ann Brown, Eleanor Peters, Shirley Gauthier, Thelma McKinney. Sylvia Schwind was absent when picture was taken. BOYS' SKI CLUB , Front row, left to right: Mr. Sawyer Cassistant coachb, John Delisle, Lenard Roy, Daurier Rich- ards, Richard McLeary, Robert Pidacks, Robert Nadeau, John Bragoli, James Porath, John Bulger, Paul Sirois, Joseph DiConzo, Mr. Brennick fcoachb. Second row, left to right: James Crawford, Cmanagerj, John DiConzo, Gerald Anten, Tim Perry, Raymond Richardson, Richard Brown, Donald McCann, Robert Saisi, Erlon Broomhall, Peter Press Cassistant managerb. Third row, left to right: Alan Sarle Cassistant managerj, Melvin Gallant, Francis Gallant, Dale Sweatt, Edward Carrier, George Benedix, Robert Clifford, Gerald Brown, Robert Seymour, Ray- mond Martineau. PAGE FIFTY-TWO THE TRIBUTE TRACK 1946 Front row, left to right: Coach Leonard, Arthur Maria, Emile Theriault, Thomas Dyer, Don- ald Curley, James McClean, Robert Pidacks, Vincent Morrison, fMgr.J Edward Gastonquay. Second row, left to right: George Godin, Alan Sarle, Edward Carrier, Donald Agostinelli, Raymond Richardson, Richard Melanson, Robert Nadeau,. Merle Phelps. Third row, left to right: John Bulger, Reginald Vachon, James Brown, Timothy Perry, Wil liam Stearns, Peter Press, Albert Cyr, Nick DiConzo. TRACK 1946 QSPRINGU V Mr. Leonard, Sponsor The aims and ideals of this team were to develop an individual competitive spirit and the physical assets of each boy by daily supervised practice and inter- scholastic competition. Stephens 31 Edward Little 76 Stephens 76 Mexico 5 Stephens 93 1X6 Hartland Acad- emy 24 5X6 Mexico 3Vz Stephens 36 Gould Academy 63 Stephens 3 State Meet fPort- ' land CWon by So. Portlandl THE TRIBUTE PAGE FIFTY THREE J. V. BASKETBALL Mr. Leonard, Sponsor The aims of thi steam are to develop 29 Thornton Acad. J. V players for future varsity teams through 27 Lewiston J. V. daily practice and game experience. 55 Farmington J. V. S. J. V. Opp. 36 Edward Little J. V. 34 Livermore J. V. 10 38 Berlin J. V. 38 Mexico J. V. 13 38 Farmington J. V. 24 36 Berlin J. V. 10 36 Lewiston J. V. 42 J. V. BASKETBALL Front row, left to right: Alfred Arsenault, Albert Warner, .P. Pein, Reginald Thorne, Joseph Curato, Wayne Ruff, Osie Hill, Clement Coulombe. Second row, left to right: Coach Leonard, Elbert Theriault, James Herrell, Robert Palleschi, Louis Morin, qMgrs.J: William Mahar, James Brown. PAGE FIFTY-FOUR THE TRIBUTE CLUB 97 Ys' "R BO Q. :Fl s.. 5 :- 5 -CI 4-7 :- 41 S F-1 as aa I-1 O E 'U 3-a zu -C1 U bi -Q 5 ev M P: an l1l C E 'l-7 : 0 U Q 'Fi P vi v-4 F-4 G 4-w U1 C1 O V2 5-1 v-1 H 0 :-I x-Tun 5,1-1 O -4-2 S-c 0 2 41 AQ r-1 -CI D4 cu ID Q '1 5-t o m 3 o F-1 -4-1 rn 3-1 U2 WJ --1 K-4 O -as as 56-l CD A S-1 :1 U -zz IS1 cu s: O 825 ww. MQ o .cz E-4 sr. O Q. rn CJ .cz EI GJ 2:1 E ,El -0-W sz.: 1: IB .21 CG CJ 3 E 4-7 1-1 5 C5 .-1 S-I 'U U11 at :- cu U 's 5-1 E ms -C MCD F-A 'U GJ :E ,QM gall :ai ma Ss S-4 :QU 52 :QE 22 V1.2 -503 Sf -55 is -3 ggi-4 54 '53 bi! Nw-4 P-141 Bc? 23 .35 273 E 3 OE Mn G2 ,c: O V1 'AJ -CI larence Chena Clark, C BD ..- L4 O +1 4-v Q-4 ID vi 3 O 5-4 -U cz O CJ GJ rn L-:rick 'Cf :- CLUB Y! SSR er, Sponsor yd ' Joseph R I1 . -N-ma- man BEEN? if UHDDDZW -'V :san-E' 2 og Emmsh ms ma: 3,2 :TS 'I-I 29833 P9 msgig B2 P18 '41 , o.-Cl cv o .., m"C5N 5 rn OCUQ: 3 EIS -2031, .Q o Q 15 "M-4.1-:mfs 'dpi UZQVEHZQQM .Hmm 2 :egg 5:5125-rpg'-Q50 33Z2gg,Q Qi'-'ggi-5,s:?:5 g SEQ -2-mg ,HZ O 365.-CIQ +,7gQ0Il1q,FQ:DGE-1..f-'J -,-4 U O5 -nO'-5 rn E Ohm..-'S-QCUQ Q '43 -v-4 'UI ID cu cu 52 a aw r:, 33 igmmm aw. 5 Q5-Q P a 2.2 Oscfam cu we nmgg "' . e540-H QB S-52? boa . s ...-C Q33 Q ' - :Ka dim I: E3 ' Q -GJ 110 mi MENU? S-A qalhbus-lu-. C5215 .:1dJL,GJ-o-w YH aaHcu'-""' CD Dqa-255: ,Gm um... -"4 mass-.N H3932-332.2 QEVHED-4PUJE-CE' w,,,, , EE CU "O C1 td F... 0 1nstr 1 dances, a m CB S-4 GJ P 0 U2 0 P C6 .-C1 O 4-1 I E cu E 3 an Q cu -C1 E4 .Ci 4-V no 'U sd cu -CI '4-7 LD ,ri an Fic CI o 'U I-4 OJ S-4 -QS --4 v-4 -,-1 5 'U 0 UI 'I'1 C5 5-4 U2 -v-1 4-P 2 +9 P: CD S! O E 4-5 Q9 cd .-Q s-4 O '4-4 B CB L4 O E P1 :J U 2 V! 0 E cu P1 215 F-I eu VJ L4 GJ 5 U' C 62 Q.. C5 GJ 'U C C5 YD 5-4 0 -Q E GJ EE CD .SI -o-v S-1 O 24-4 V1 E nl-I Q-' . 4-7 QCD -Q o 4-7 :S cv' s: CU ,Un 00 35 s: O :Q 'P . Q Q Q2 QL. .tm CU QE '14 .2 'CS 'U I3 -4-7 CI 3 -5 S... E13 :SU cd .. U? 3 V: vi r-1 5 .SAND THE TRIBUTE PAGE FIFTY FIVE s- FD rr- ,... O Ill DJ rr U1 FY' CD 'U IJ" CD F3 m E UQ 5' U2 r-H C '1 rv- D" 0 V1 ,... I5 rr FD "1 FD rn rr N I5 CL 'U N v-4 FV' r-I. o o FQ' O O 2-4 l-1 FP pa. U1 H- 5' 0 I5 CD 5 1+ 93 5 Q- D' ,... UQ D' 'BJCOIXI I '.I913B.I'9qO 93 FV' ,.. O as ... :s 93 FP E' 5' 4 m D14 o o 5 U1 ,... UI FY' m 5 FP 5. er- 5' oe ogseloqos Ui -SAG W CD m 'G .losuodg 'puqod ssgfq ID STH 7? SCH Hf1"ID m'-11 F33 O s o. UBI 1331 'mol Qu '1 O E E-I 01 31.1 01 U' US-rr rr 'Smwa mwv 'Kllad aglnf N me 5 VX U2 'U O v-1 D 5 Sgug ulqazxg 'AJQAV ag MD- I-4 "1 m C! no U1 m na L' O4 ro F' 'euaoaeg augqdaiof 'qq ID STH H IH HIYIO PAGE FIFTY-SIX THE TRIBUTE ' - D GIRLS' SOFTBALL Front row, left to right: Josephine Gacetta, Yvette Richards. Barbara Arsenault, Anita Politis, Irene Beaudet. Second row, left to right: Natalie Avery, Ruth Scrone, Anna Freeman, Edith Avery, Gloria Carrier. V Third row, left to right: Elizabeth Maria, Patricia McHale, Marjorie Jay, Louise Conley, Lydia Morse, Jasper Foster. GIRLS SOFTBALL ' Varsity, Jasper Foster Junior Varsity, H. Brennick Nineteen forty-six was the first time girls could earn Chenille Letters. The team of '46 failed to receive red honor letters by one game. There were nine seniors on the squad. VARSITY Opponent S. H. S. Opp. Buckfield 3 0 South Paris 16 15 West Paris 27 16 Kent's Hill 20 12 Mexico 19 5 Dixiield 18 3 West Paris 24 5 Dixfield 6 8 THE TRIBUTE PAGE FIFTY SEVEN ' THE HAVES AND HAVEN'TS OF S.H.S. Casey but no blonde Donald but no duck Plante but no buds Phillipe but no Morris Paul but no Mall Stenhouse but no henhouse Carrier but no mail Curley but no mayor Zinck but no copper Dyer but no bleacher Press but no iron Gill but not a fish Hayes but no president Jones but no Smith Kelley but not green Knight but no Arthur Pillsbury but no flour Holland but no Dutch t St. Cyr but no Saint Clark but no Gable Walker but not Robert Reed but not grass Soule but no body Rogers but no Will Patrick but no Saint Enches but no feet Farris but no wheel Oldham but no eggs Vincent with a bottle Chase but no Margaret This is the last of the Mehigans FAREWELL Louise Press FROM WHERE I SIT 1. Class Romeo Class Juliet 2. Class Hell-Raiser Class Hell-Raiser 3. Class Swooner Class Swooner 4. Class Body Class Body 5. Class Legs Class Legs 6. Class Shuffler Class Shuffler 7. Class Dreamer Class Dreamer 8. Class Actor Class Actress - 9. Class Crooner Class Crooner 10. Class Genius Class Genius 11. Class Goldilocks Class Goldilocks 12. Class Operator Class Operator 13. Favorite Teacher - Favorite Teacher 14. Class Personality Kid Class Personality Kid 15. Class Petite Fille Class Petit Garcon 16. Class Pep Boy Class Pep Girl 17. Best natured Spike Theriault Joyce Calden Dick Shea Irene Beaudet John Gallant Alberta Chase Robert Pidacks Janice Ruff Ralph Oldham Nancy O'Kane Ted Clark Jane Enches Bill Casey Lorraine Ross Bill Wynaught Jacklyn Herbert Dick McLeary Doris Carrier Wilfred Chouinard Annette Waznis "Tye" Kaubris Esther Jones "Chendy" Chenard Gladys Kelly Mr. Leonard Mrs. Warner 'tSpike" Theriault Gloria Parady "Teddy" Finethy Rene Arsenault "Re-Pop" Maria Evelyn Knight Diane Plante Jean Constantine Walter Pillsbury PAGE FIFTY-EIGHT THE TRIBUTE CHERISHED RECOLLECTIONS May the TRIBUTE stand not only as a record of achievement, but also as an album of our most-treasured memories. Sept. 3, 1946. At last we're seniors. Gee. I thought it would never come. We had a short assembly, Mr. Brown, our new principal spoke to us.' He's going to be swell. The boys looked swell in their football uniforms. I hope we're State Champs this year. Also, we received band letters. Gosh, what a proud feel- in . 1 Sept? 4. Nothing much happened today. We went to our first classes. I guess we're going to have to study. Sept. 5. The Junior High's are still in a daze. I'm expecting one to land in the boiler room. Have to be careful going around corners, you can never tell when one of them will pop out at you. Sept. 6. Gee, I'm getting tired of school already, and only a few days have gone by. "Broadcast" started today. Gee, I hope We all enjoy it as we did last year. Mr. Barker will be fun to work with. One Whole Week has gone, and now the week-end is mine. I hope he asks to take me to the movies! Sept. 9. Had a band practice today! OH MM! Also picked cheer leaders. They were: Isabelle Gallant, Ruth Broomhall, Joan Leader, Evelyn Knight, Beverly Delano, Leah Rowley, Teddy Finethy, Lorraine Ross, Jackie Legere, Gloria Legere, and Doris Carrier. Gee, what a snappy bunch. Sept. 10. Today was a dull dreary day. The picking of a head cheer leader made it a little interesting. We picked "Lynn,' Knight for the head. Also, had band practice. It was slightly better than the last one. ' Sept. 11. Irene Beaudet Ca Senior, -of course,l was picked as head drum-ma- jor! Golly, I bet she'll look neat. They couldn't have picked a snappier one. I shouldn't mention it, but we had an- other band practice Cwhich by the way was worse than all of theml. Sept. 12, We had our iirst Student Council meeting today. We elected officers, and they were as follows: Pres., Jean Con- stantine, Vice Pres., Paul Sirois, Sec. and Treas., Jackie Herbert. I hope they prove to be successful. Sept. 13. We had our first assembly pro- gram today. They showed us movies on our favorite subjects CARTOONS. A subject that even the bewildered Freshmen can understand. The films were made up of Walt Disney's car- toons that were made in South Ameri- ca. Gee, they were cute. Last day of school for another week. We play foot- ball tomorrowI Wilton is our first op- ponent. He will be playing right end. I'm so excited! will be playing right-end. I'm so ex- cited! Sept. 16. Guess what !!! We won! As if that was something to be excited over. I just knew we would. We beat Wilton 31 to 0. HE made the first tackle of the gear. Today was just another blue Mon- ay. t Sept. 17. Tuesday, and it proved to be slightly more boring than Monday. Sept. 18. What an assembly program we had today. It was really a pep rally. The seniors cheered the loudest, of course. Everyone was so enthused over football. Sept. 19. Gosh, I thought I would never get through shorthand today. Miss Al- len can certainly pile on the work! Maybe if I studied .... Sept. 20. We won, we won, we won! we actually beat Biddeford 7 to 6. I prayed so darn hard. What a close game. Boy, was I scared a few times. The band went too. I don't know which made the most noise, the band or the light generators! What a nice way to end another week. Sept. 22. Well, it won't be long before the seniors are looking at the birdie. Van- tine came to visit us. Loring studio was well represented too. Oh, dear, which studio to pick! Sept. 24. Committees were started for the senior social. Of course it will just have to be a success. Sept. 25. Commercial Club held its first meeting of the year. Ofiicers were elected, and they were as follows: Pres., Jackie Herbert, Vice Pres., Jean Constantine, Sec., Anita Carrier, Treas., Anita Po- litis. From what we hear, elaborate plans for a banquet were made. Sept. 26. What an eventful day! Mr. Hay- den visited the seniors about pictures. A gentleman came to see us about com- mencement programs. Sept. 27. We had our social tonight. It was a grand success, anl almost every- body thought their money well spent. He took me .home too. Humrn ........,...... Sept. 30. Well, I'm nearly bursting with pride. We beat Lewiston 18--0.-I still THE TRIBUTE PAGE FIFTY-NINE can't believe it. It was a wonderful game. I was on edge all through it. Need I say more? ' Oct. 1, 1946. Another month started. There aren't so very many left either. I can't get sentimental about school for can IJ. We had a pretty snappy band practice today, then went to the usual football practice. Oct. 2. The. Commercial Club went to Roxbury Pond. I'heard it was quite a party. Even Anita Politis had enough to eat. Kelly just couldn't get enough hot dogs. Oct 3. Jackson and White visited us today about class pictures. But, we've about decided for Vantine to take our pic- tures. Oct. 4. An assembly program on a trip to Africa proved to be interesting. The pep rally was perfect. Everybody hollered for the team to do well at the Waterville game tomorrow. Oct. 7. We did it again. We beat Water- ville 20--0. Golly, Mr. Ryder must be proud of his boys. Most of them are seniors. No wonder we feel so proud. Had another band practice today. It turned out better than usual. Poor Mr. Cohen. . Oct. 8. Today was something like a holi- day, that is, we got out at 3:00 o'clock. Even the seniors didn't complain at such a gift. Oct. 9. Wednesday was just plain dull Wednesday. Oct. 10. Today made up for yesterday. We had a swell assembly. Mr. Ryder had the boys each say a few words about what they thought they would do this year. Some of them were pretty cute. The cheerleaders had their social tonight. Gee, it was swell, and, the most important thing, THE. TEACHERS' CONVENTION, which means a few days olf. Oct. 14. What Va nice vacation. We went to Berlin Sat. and trimmed them 33--0. Will wonders never cease. School seems dull after that nice vacation. Oct. 15. Had a Student Council meeting. Still can't get adjusted after that nice vacation. Oct.,16. Had another band practice today. Also, Mr. Brown talked with a few stu- dents about a team that would go on the radio, in a quiz on the State of Maine, and English grammar. Oct. 17. Everyone is enthused over the Quiz team. It must be nice to be smart. HO, HUM! Had band practice today too. Oct. 18. Last day of school for another week. We had a swell assembly pro- gram. Community singing, and pep rally. We're all anxious for the Cony game. Oct. 21. We did it again. We beat Cony 24--0. The J. V.'s played Lewiston J. V.'s, and it was a tied game. They have a scrappy team tho'. In a couple of years they will be as good as the Varsity team. Oct. 22. We had a swell assembly program today. We had a speaker from Alaska. Alaska 'here I come! School seemed boring compared to his trips. No school after 12:30 tomorrow because of teach- ers' convention. iCountyJ Also, got rank cards. I'm glad I studied! . Oct. 28. Well, another swell week-end is over. Sat. we beat BANGOR 34--6. Gee, it was a swell game. We made a touch- down in 4 plays. I guess Re-Pop had a swell time. At least, he gave everyone else a swell time after the game. But, after the neat game he played, well ..... Oct. 29. Oh, what a lot of studying. Will it never cease??? Oct. 30. Just another dull day! Oct. 31. Halloween finally arrived. Every- one had a good time, I think, and I'1l know after tomorrow's recitation. Nov. 1. Another month started. We had a swell assembly program on'Key Con- certs. Mr. Ryder spoke on the coming game. The game. with' Edward Little really counts. I hope, I hope, I hope .....,. Nov. 4. The score was 0-0. The boys played so very hard. But, the ground was covered with wet slush. They had to keep wiping the ball. How could this A happen to us? Well, at least we didn't get beaten. Chendee played a wonder- ful game. He should make the State team. Nov. 5. The radio announcer said that if anyone wanted to claim State Champs, they would have to first beat Stephens. . Gee, that makes me feel good. Nov. 6. Another one of those dull days. Nov. 7. Hospital Fair took place today. Everyone was interested in what they had to offer, and school couldn't get over soon enough. I didn't win the car . either. Darn! Nov. 8. Play practice got underway for Junior Miss! Sounds interesting. Nov. 11. The football boys went to Boston over the week-end. Gee, I bet they had fun. The Coach took them to see a col- lege game. Today is Armstice day. We played Mexico, -and beat them 26--0. Need I say more????? Teen Town start- ed today. Everybody had a swell time. PAGE SIXTY THE TRIBUTE The decorations were so appropriate. Red and White, Black and Orange. Nov. 12. National Education Week has started. I hope that my parents don't come. I wouldn't want to embarass them by showing them how dumb I really am. I Nov. 13. The lower classes put on a pro- gram entitled "Looking Ahead for To- morrow." All the parents liked it too. Had another play practice. Nov. 14. The seniors entertained the mothers today. Every senior wore his best suit of manners. Blame us? Had another play practice after supper too. Nov. 15. We all went to the big football dance tonight. Spike Theriault won the football. Gee, what a swell time. HE took me home again. I still,have stars in my eyes. Am I glad tomorrow is Sat., I can sleep! Nov. 18. Football practice went on as us- ual. They are expecting a post-season game with Gardiner. Nov. 19. Play practice is coming along fine. Almost everyone knows 'his lines. Nov. 20. I wish that something exciting would happen! All we had was another play practice. Nov. 21. We had both a band practice and a Student Council meeting. Both went over swell. Nov. 22. Last day of school at last! The Student Council is 'planning to attend a meeting at . It should be fun. But, I have such a cold, that I can hardly speak. Guess I can't go! I Nov. 25. Only a few days in this Week, and then we have another vacation. Can I wait? Nov. 26. The Student Council went over to Mexico to talk over a few things with their Council. Nov. 27. Gosh, I thought it would never come. The last halfday of school before a vacation. Guess I'll go hunting. Happy vacation to all. ' Dec. 2. Another month started. We are all back to school again. I must adjust myself to studying, when We get an- other vacation. Oh dear. Dec. 3. Play practice was swell. I guess it will be really worth seeing when they finish. Dec. 4. Nothing happened at all today. Except, I actually paid attention in class. Dec. 5. We had a big play practice today with scoldings in mind. Mrs. Warner stated that we simply had to attend practices or else. Guess she means bus- iness. Dec. 6. We had our class pictures taken. Gosh, I hope they come out just half- way decent. But, with the subject and all. Dec. 9. Monday, again. The matinee was postponed. Thank goodness! That gives us a few days to practice. We certainly need them. Dec. 10. Our last play rehearsal, I hope I've heard what Mrs. Warner told'us about not being stage struck. I don't think so, 'cause my legs are shaking just thinking about it. Dec. 11. Well, we had the matinee, and the kids liked us. Tomorrow night will really tell. I hope that I can remember ' my lines. Oh, is my mind a mess? The boys went down to Hotel Harris, for the Chamber of Commerce banquet. I bet they have a good time. Dec. 12. Yipee! The play was a huge suc- cess. The house Was packed, and every- one wanted us to put it on again. My knees are still shaking. But, it was won- derful. Dec. 13. We had a swell assembly this morning. We had some more cartoons. Everyone thought they were really good. Also, tried to collect money for Teen Town. Didn't succeed. Dec. 16. Had another assembly program, with all the Christmas spirit. We all sang Christmas Carols etc. Gee, it was nice. The Glee Club was so very nice! Merry Christmas to all. And, I hope he buys you just what you wanted. I know HE will! ' Dec. 17. Nothing much happened today. It's fun throwing snowballs, but it's not so much fun paying the penalty. Which will it be, kids, ............ so, no more snow balls. - Jan. 2, 1947. Well, this is the last long stretch for the seniors and it won't be long now. Now that time is getting shorter and parting nearer, I'm won- dering if I'm really as glad to leave as 'I said I was!!! ' Jan. 3. Short week! Last day of school! Seniors ordered their pictures. May the boys look handsome, and the girls look beautiful. fand may Mom have the money to pay for themj. Jan. 6. More pictures taken! We're almost ready for moving pictures. A good day for skiing, and that's about all. Jan. 7. Had an assembly today with good movies. Also, Rumford played Farming- ton and beat them 39--33. A good start for basketball! Q THE TRIBUTE ' PAGE SIXTY-ONE Jan. 8. All Mr. Barker's students were on a ram-page! To think that he would demand the seniors to write book re- ports! We only had a four-week notice too! Today was the day of reckoning for those who didn't have them done. Jan. 9. Stencils, Stencils, stencils, that's all we've been doing these last couple of days. I go to bed nights counting stencils instead of sheep. Jan. 10. Rumford played Cheverus, and although we didn't win, the team still looks promising. The score was 36--50. Jan. 12. We beat our old rival, Mexico, Sat. night. If we hadn't, we would have neverlived it down. Everyone is busy preparing for exams. I'm too busy pre- paring for my funeral after the exarfls. Jan. 14. Two things happened today, one good, and the other not so good. One exam is over fEnglishJ and the other is that Rumford lost to Berlin at Berlin. The score was 71--51. Jan. 15. No exams, no school. Jan. 16. Had another exam to day. Ugh! But, there are still no classes fregularb going on. Jan. 17. No more exams for me. Hurray! Also, Rumford beat Thornton! Gee, that was certainly wonderful. The score was 43--41. Jan. 20. Wet weather. No school. CNO one complained J . Jan. 21. 'Had school today. Made up for yesterday. Rumford played Lewiston. We lost ------- 41--33. We got our glossy prints today. Now, all we need is the money to pay for the pictures when they come. Jan. 22. Just another dull day. Jan. 23. Since exams, it seems as if every- one is cutting down on their studies. The warning was, this is not the end, which probably means that seniors are spending money for graduation for nothing unless they get back in step. Jan. 24. Well, I didn't realize we had so much talent in this school. We had a swell assembly. Irene Beaudet sang, Reggie Vachon played his trumpet, Nonie Dinsmore played the piano, Bev Delano played the piano, and Fern Me- lanson tickled the keys. It was really a grand assembly. We played basketball with Edward Little and lost by a few points. The score was 35-31. - Jan. 27. Had a Student Council meeting today. It was agreed that the Juniors could do a swell job on our year book. Hope they didn't have too much trou- ble. Jan. 28. Everybody looked at the birdie today. Vantine was here and took every- body's picture. Everyone was glad to get out of class. We also played basket- ball with Berlin again-Still no luck, the score being 29-24 Berlinfs favor. Jan. 29. Everyone felt somewhat sick to- day. Rank cards appeared from out of no where. Lucky people who studied instead of taking in "just one more movie." We lost again. This time Farm- ington took Rumford over by a score of 37-34. Jan. 30. Today was a busy day for some girls, namely those who were chosen candidates for Carnival Queen. Of course, all the seniors knew that Paul- ine Perry, our dark eyed beauty, will win. But, keep it under your hat! Jan. 31. The last day of the month, and it certainly went out wonderful. We had a swell assembly this morning. We had movies on County Fair, Hunting Croc- odiles, and Water Sports. Doris Carrier sang for all, and Einar Wulff played an original composition. Tonight, -all at- tended the Home Ec Cabaret. HE took me, and gosh, did we have fun. They had a swell floor show and all. It cer- tainly was fun. Lillian Gurschick made an awfully nice looking hostess. Feb. 3. Back to school again, welcoming a brand new month. Gosh, there are so few left ........ Had a Student Council meeting today. It was voted that the athletes of the school would receive a new type of letter. On the letter would be a miniature of whatever sport they went out for Cclothj. They would be nice. Today was also town election day. The teachers received their raises too. They deserved it! Little does one know what they must go through trying to pound sense into our heads. Feg. Second day of the month, and very ul ! Feb. 5. The Freshmen are really going right to town for their queen. They had a nice movie in the auditorium today and charged all a dime to see it. The Faculty and Vet's game was canceled. Probably the Faculty wanted to get a little limbered up first! Feb. 6. All the fellows who wanted to join the "R" Club paid for it today. What a sight! Long legs dangling here and there, lipstick all over their faces, onions down their faces, and to top all, fish hanging beside the onions. I guess none of them were too hungry either. I won- der Why? Didn't you think Bugs Bra- goli looked cute? And did you see the beautiful legs on Ralph Oldham? PAGE SIXTY-TWO THE TRIBUTE Feb. 7. The seniors performed for their Queen today. Bill Wynaught was mas- ter of ceremonies. Everyone enjoyed the Legere girls tap dance, and her pal's guitar playing K guess who?J. Loraine Canders played her accordian for us, and Mrs. Warner's reading was enjoyed by all. And of course, everyone's favor- ite, Doris Carrier, sang for us. But--last and not least, a new group of talented artists were discovered. Mike Lavorgna, Dick Shea, Don Curley, and Francis Trembley gave us their version of "A Girl in Calico." They were so good, that the crowd begged them to sing again. Oh, to be talented! Lewiston also beat Rumford today, the score being 47-33. Feliz. IO. School became dull for just one ay. - Feb. 11. Had band practice today. Harry Cohen came back from the hospital, and everyone was so glad to see him. I hope he isn't ill again. Rumford won again! This time it was Rumford 47--Liver- more 27. Gosh, I'm so glad! Feb. 12. News was rumored that the sen- iors' ranks would soon be out. Those who didn't study are feeling sorry for themselves. ' Feb. 13. No more news on ranks. Guess it was just a dud. Feb. 14. Valentine Day, and he bought me a beautiful box of chocolates. Hmmmm! Rumford played Mexico, and we actu- aly lost. The score was 35--27. Gee, everyone was disappointed. Feb. 17. What a week-end! We had our carnival, -and we won the ski meet. I Everyone did well. The carnival ball was a huge success. The queen who won was none other than our own senior, Pauline Perry. Gee, she looked so love- ly. All the attendants certainly made a beautiful picture. Mr. Brennick pre- sented a cup to the boys for winning the meet. Senior ranks came out today. How was yours? Feb. 18. Had a Commercial Club meeting today. Received lots of new members. Basketball is getting under way with girls also. Everyone is preparing for the tournament. Rumford played Edward -Little and lost 34--28. Feb. 19. Once in awhile, the activities calm down, this is one occasion. Feb. 20. Commercial Club had a nice ban- quet tonight. BuHet style. Everyone had a nice time welcoming in the Jun- iors. Feb. 21. Big snow storm---very dull! Feb. 24. Everyone has taken advantage of the fine skiing. Both young and old can be seen at the ski-tow! Personally, I like swimming, it's not so dangerous. Feb. 25. Another dull day! Feb. 26. Yours truly, and a few 'other senior girls started 'out for Boston today. Can't wait to see the Ice Follies. Feb. 28. We played Thornton again. This time the tables were turned, the score being 40--30 in their favor. March 1. Well, this is the end of the diary. I only hope that each and every senior land underclassmanl who picks up the Tribute in years to come, gets a little something out of what each day' in this school has meant. Perhaps just brows- ing through will bring forth many pleasing memories. As a class, we may never all be together, in thoughts we shall never have separated. . ' Jackie Herbert LET'S ALL SING Eliminate the Negative ......................,......... . Our Basketball Team Day By Day .....,..........,..,........ Homework Temptation ..............,..,.. To play hookey When Irish Eyes Are Smilin' .... Dick Shea Sunrise Serenade ...........,......,.,................... Alarm clock at 6:30 A. M. Just A Little Fond Affection ...,..,............. Our Teachers Aren't You Glad You're You ....,...,....,..,,.. When you get All A's I Can't Begin To Tell You .....,.............,.... How I feel on Monday 'morning Dig You Later ............ Down at the 'Stute As Long As I Live .... I won't forget S. H. S Personality ..,..............,,..... Jackie Herbert I'll Close My Eyes .........,...... In study hall Guilty .,...,........,...........,.,....,...... Detention Open The Door Richard ,,...,....., 8:20 A. MI I'm Always Chasing Rainbows ......,......,. And women too !!!!!! Stormy Weather .... Wanted in the OiTice!!!! That Old Black Magic .......,....,.,................. Excused from detention All Through The Day ........,....................... Waiting for 3:30 P. M. Sentimental Journey .... Washington Trip Down By The Old Mill Stream .................. Androscoggin River Let It Snow ...,......,........,...... .. 22 - 22 - 22 Coffee In Brazil J ..,........ Coke at Marchi's Jeanny With The Light Brown Hair ........ Constantine, that is The Gypsy ...................... ,. Irene Beaudet Milkman, Keep Those Bottles Quiet ........ Paul Roy Old MacDonald Had A Farm .............,...... Calden has it now My Wild Irish Rose .....,...... Miss Murphy It's A Good Day ..........,......... Graduation V ROBERT PIDACKS THE TRIBUTE PAGE SIXTY-THREE Success to the Class of 1947 JOSEPH SINERT VITO. PUIIA AIME COULOMBE BUCKEY GAUTHIER MR. JOHN H. OAKS I MR. AND MRS. A. E. KORIS MR. AND MRS. WALTER FLOYD EVELYN F. FLOYD MR. AND MRS. OSCAR SMITH MR. AND MRS. SAMUEL LOW MR. AND MRS. FRANK LEVI MISS THERESA ELLIS ARMAND FORTIER LORRIAINE BELANGER ANNIE BARNET ADELAIDE A. CLIFFORD Compliments of - MEXICO THEATRE ' OXFORD COUNTY'S FINEST 'THEATRE Mexico, Me. Tel. 878 Supt. and Mrs. LAWRENCE A. PEAKES MARJORY G. LATHAM ANNA BELLE DYER BERNICE LECKEY AMY B. LYON ANNE M. RILEY PAULINE GOUDREAU SUSIE P. VIRGIN Mr. and Mrs. ANTHONY G. THURSTON MR. AND MRS. CHARLES E. MORIN MR. AND MRS. JAMES TURNER IRENE CARRIER The Class of 1947 wishes to extend its sincere thanks to the Class of 1948 for the time, effort and enthusiasm which they have shown in compiling this excellent edition of the Stephens Tribute.. CORMIER BOOK A AND GIFT SHOPPE Congress Street, Rumford PAGE SIXTY-FOU R Q THE TRIBUTE ENJOY M15 WW WHEN YOU G0 OUT T0 EAT SEXTON'S DELICIOUS Fl.0W,ERY ORANGE PEKOE TEA Sexton Wadi? i0Nf'l ECONOMY TIRE CO. ANTHONY ROSATO, Prop. FIRESTONE HOME and AUTO SUPPLY RECAP WHILE YOU WAIT 21 Congress St., Tel. 746 F. B. DAVIS INC. A FLORIST Store 98 Congress Street, Greenhouse, 725 Prospect Ave. Tel. 130W --FLOWERS Fon EVERY oCCAs1oN'- W ff m w E MI? EE' f ASI. -Wm M - .1 "-'if . 'llh-D J- UUNIDOGI' MEADER AND SON Funeral Home - Tel. 70-J HAROLD MCINNES Insurance 132 Congress Street, Rumford, Maine FREDD2IE'S LUNCH Rumford, Maine J. E. PAULIN FIRESTONE HOME and AUTO SUPPLY Bridge St. Mexico Tel. 85-M LAZAROU'S SERVICE STATION SALES and SERVICE for CHRYSLER and PLYMOUTH CARS Bridge Street, ' Mexico RAWLIN'S RADIO SERVICE ANYTHING IN ELECTRONICS Congress Street - Tel. 1124 Rumford, Maine THE TRIBUTE PAGE SIXTY-FIVE McKENZIE'S BEAUTY SALON Tel. 1 199-W WONDER LUNCH FRIED CLAMS - scALLoPs OYSTER OUR SPECIALTY SANDWICHES OF ALL KINDS Waldo Street, H H Rumford Joseph E. Arsenault INSURANCE 332 Waldo St., Rumford, Maine A. BOURRET PLUMBING - HEATING POWER OIL BURNERS 226 Maine Avenue Tel. 281-W CHASE'S CLOTHING STORE , CLOTHES FOR ALL THE FAMILY 18 River Street, Tel. 418 Dearborn Tire Exchange GENERAL and DUNLOP TIRES 2 Bridge Street, I Tel. 195 Compliments of - CHATTERBOX RESTAURANT 134 Congress Street, Rumford, Maine Compliments of - "" L - LL ' X "ES - '!imwnmvrn jg cusamsens 6 Fulmlens 43 Exchange Street, Rumford, Tel. 304 Maine JORDAN'S , General Insurance 150 Congress Street, Rumford, , Maine ANDY'S ESSO SERVICENTER Prospect Avenue Rumford, Maine A CARLISLE'S CHOICE MEATS - FANCY GROCERIES 582 Prospect Ave., Rumford Read the News Of Your Community in the RUMFORD FALLS TIMES Published Weekly in Rumford Since 1892 The Warren Kay Vantine Studio, Inc. Gfficial Photographer S For Class of 1947 T 132 BOYLSTON STREET BOSTON, MASS THE TRIBUTE PAGE SIXTY-SEVEN Compliments of - ' . McKENZIES' STORE A H. W. PRAY COMPANY Congress Street, Rumford, Maine Compliments of -- ' TRUN DY AND GACCETTA SHOE REPAIRING 41 Exchange St., Rumford ENDICOTT - JOHNSON SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE ' FAMILY . 72 Congress St., Rumford Compliments of - JOE'S BARBER SHOP Congress Street, Rumford, . Maine 'IEW "TEEN TIMERSU Angels are at V GRANT'S APPAREL SHOP HATS OEF TO THE JUNIOR CLASS OF 1948 Your sincere efforts in publishing this book for us is greatly appre- ciated. Senior French Club 255.00 Senior Commercial Club 33.00 C. E. BRITTON COMPANY, INC. BUICK and PONTIAC CARS Rumford, ' Maine THE NEW ENGLAND m im n - FURNITURE C0 P1 e ts of THE HoME or BETTER HOTEL HARRIS FURNITURE FOR LESS Compliments of - VAN'S HAT SHOPPE Congress Street, Rumford, Maine Rumford Falls Insurance Agency, Inc. GENERAL INSURANCE - BONDING Power Co. Bldg. 49 Congress St. PAGE SIXTY-EIGHT A THE TRIBUTE MEXICO HARDWARE CO. PAINTS - WALLPAPER HOUSEWARES and SPORTING EAGLE BEVERAGE- . Sz PRODUCTS, INC. . DISTRIBUTORS GOODS ' Tel. 268 - 73 Canal St. Tel' 10933 Rumford, Maine Bridge Street, , Mexico ATLANTIC and PACIFIC I Compliments of - STORE I NEW 75 Congress Street, Rumford, Maine Tel. 607 . ATLANTIC and PACIFIC LQUIS PALERMQ STORE FIRST CLASS SHOE REPAIRING 34 EX"nge Street, . HATS CLEANED and BLOCKED Rumford' Mame 74 Congress St. Rumford FRANK TAYLOR X CIGARS - CICARETTES RUMFGRD PIPES -- TOBACCO ' CQNFECTIONERY Pleasant Pastime I - FRED E. HANSCOM Ernest Razzano, Prop. , LAWYER Congress St. Rumford H. W. HAN SON JEWELER - MUSIC DEALER Congress Street, Rumford, Maine EAGLE CAFE A11 Home Cooked Foods Canal Street, Rumford, Maine Compliments of - GEORGE DYER Dentist Congress Street, Rumford, Maine THE TRIBUTE PAGE SIXTY-NINE Rumford Electric Service and Appliance Co. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS Tel. 1275-M 48 Oxford Ave., Rumford EASTERN, INC. - Wishes the Graduating Class of , ,47 the Best of Success. Brackett's Beauty Shoppe HOTEL HARRIS 1 MoR.sE's .GARAGE Packard - Reo - Willys Sales and Service Proprietors: H. E. HANSON B. W. JOY Q Tel. 12 ' Congress St., Rumford Tel. 650 E. B' WAATEIRHOUSE RUMFORD STAR TAXI COAL Tel. 131 ' ' Q and ' "" "N" ' ' HEATING OILS Times Square Garage, Inc. STUDEBAKER SALES and SERVICE Phone 28'J R f d Times Square M ' UID OI' , alfle A M ON AGHY'S I BKQBER SHQP FROST Moron SUPPLY H Exchange Street, Wholesalers and Distributors Rumfprd, Maine of RUMFORD on, COMPANY TYDOL GASOLINES - HEATING OILS VEDOL - TYDOL MOTOR OILS W Quaker State Motor Oil and Fine Lubricants I Tel. 117 - 202 Prospect Ave. Rumford, Maine PAGE SEVENTY THE TRIBUTE Edward J. DesRoche 11.15 Iianson Bdover Electrical Contractor I Local and Long Distance Moving ' Tel. 861X ALL Goons INSURED IN TRANSIT Business Telephone Home 12 36-R Q CHANDLERS CARROLL CUT RATE- Dry Goods - Men's Furnishings Congress Street, Rumforcl, Maine RUGGLES' ,VARIEY STORE HOSIERY, BLOUSES, SLIPS, CONFECTIONERY and SMOKES 28 Oxford Ave. . Tel. 691 RUMFORD DRUG STORE The Rexall Store 98 Congress Street, Rumford, Maine Congress Street, Rumford, Maine J eanette's Beauty Shoppe Jeanette Couture, Prop. 44 Oxford Ave. Tel. 360 KERSEY'S JEWELRY STORE WALTER R. KERSEY 84 Congress St. 1 Rumford, Maine THE TRIBUTE PAGE SEVENTY-ONE - BIRCH VILLA .A BRYANT POND, MAINE Will open for the 1947 Season On May 25th Telephone - Bryant Pond 3-2 for Reservations THE CORNER PHARMACY SHELTON CL NOYES A A. E. orino, Reg. Ph. ' Att0mey'at'LaW Rumford, Maine Where You Get Service Quality - Acccfccy GRACE G. MATTISON Corner Waldo St. and Oxford Ave. Millinery . Rumford, V Maine Rumford' Mcicc MISTEE BEAUTY 'SHOPPE YAKUBAITIS Lidia Tanguay, Prop. MARKET 307 Waldo- Stl - Tel. 417-M Waldo Street, Rumford, Maine Rumford' Maine VACHON'S BARBER SHOP MATTHEWRMCCARTHY Waldo Street, Lawyer 204 Waldo Street, A Rumford, I Maine Rumford, Maine PAGE SEVENTY-TWO! THE TRIBUTE RUMFORD LUMBER CO. Lumber and Building Material Telephone 6-18-W , ' BOSTON MARKET Drink Milk for ' ITALIAN and AMERICAN GROCERIES ITALIAN SANDWICHES Health h To Take Out H. P. Hoon at SONS Compliments Of' Nichols and Fitzherbert ' Tel. 239 - SOCONY SUPER SERVICE- Compliments of - E. K. DAY CO. EDGAR J. CAREY Distributor FUEL OILS - COOKING GAS SOCONY PRODUCTS Tel. 399-W Rumford Where Quality is Remembered - Long After Price is Forgotten Rumford, Congress Street, Compliments of - BUSY BEE Maine THE TRIBUTE ' PAGE SEVENTY-THREE R. C. JEQWELERS W. M. SCHWIND Jewelers to the Graduating Classes of 1947-1948-1949 Congress Street, Rumford, Maine Compliments of -- V Dr. D. W. SWALLOW Dentist Congress Street, Rumford, Maine Dr. M. J. BROOKS Optometrist 81 Congress Street, Rumford, Maine BEEAKER'S Nation-wide Store Compliments of - Manufacturer's Outlet SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY 116 Congress St., Rumford The Best Ice-Cream Dew. Kist Frosted Foods Monarchfs Finer Foods I Groceries - Meats and Provisions DORION'S CASH MARKET "THE SAFE PLACE TO TRADE" Tei. 62 ' MARX'S Good Clothes for Young Men Since 1892 FAMOUS BRANDS Hart, 'Schaffner 8: Marx Clothes - Stetson Hats Arrow Shirts Tel. 545 Rumford, Maine PAGE SEVENTY-FOU R ' THE TRIBUTE Hargreaves Drug Stores Frank Hargreaves, Reg. Ph. Mexico Pharmacy - Main St., Mexico Hargreaves Drug - Congress St., Rumford PRESCRIPTION EXPERTS CLOUGH and PILLSBURY Hardware Tel. 390 - Congress Street, Rumford, Maine 1 SC'HOFIELD'S STUDIO CLASS PORTRAITS D ll I1 l1'S 94 consness sr. - numrono CARL LARSON Bank, School and Office Supplies 29 North Street, Stoneham, Massachusetts I MBI! ' Kill LORIN G, SHORT Sz HARMON Books and Stationery ' Monument Square Portland, Maine LEGERE'S HARDVVARE STORE Tel. 281-M - Waldo Street, Rumford, Maine PETER MacD ON ALD Lawyer Congress Street, Rumford, Maine THE TRIBUTE PAGE SEVENTY-FIVE Israelson Motor Company, Inc. CHEVROLET - OLDSMOBILE Sales - Service TEL. 161 The Pine Tree Gift Shop Greetings Cards, Stationery, School Sup- plies, Knitting Yarns, Infants' Garments, Ladies' Hosiery and Notions 44 Oxford Ave. 1 Rumford - 1139-W Western Auto Associate Store HOME OWNED AND OPERATED Congress Street, Rumford, Maine Norman Young, Prop. Compliments of - DR. R. CLUNIE Dentist Congress Street, Rumford Compliments of -- MYRAL'S BERRY PAPER CO . Stationers - Printers Paper Dealers School Supplies 49 Lisbon St., Lewiston, Me. MAC'S TAXI 1 24 HOUR SERVICE Congress Street Tel. 2 ARTHUR BEAUDET PIANO TEACHER Congress Street, Rumford, Maine Compliments of - Loring Studio Specialists in School Photography and All Fine Portraits ' 118 Lisbon St., Lewiston, Me. Tel. 2323 - PAGE SEVENTY SIX THE TRiBuTE Electrical Appliances W lllfLYs l 'E fa ii' I' W .. Xwl 'XXL EQ? gm Em CPFIK gm ES-1 EP! Eg' S gm E7 -O 'U TEL. -- RUMFORD 200 DIXFIELD 10 BRADLEY'S SHOE STORE 'l'HE HOME OF THE FAMOUS JQHN RUB,INQ Buster Brown Shoes Cong ress Street, K I 82 Cong ress street, Rumford, Maine Rumford, ' Mame THE TRIBUTE PAGE SEVENTY-sEvEN TURNER MOTOR SALES SALES -- SERVICE Tel. 615 Ridlonville, Mai ne M JOHN ORINO, Inc. 132 Congress Street Tel. 13 NASH RUMFORD, INC. Sales and Service Bridge Street, exico, Maine J. C. PENNEY CO., INC. Headquarters for Good Clothes for the Entire Family . ' Congress Street, Rumford, Maine STRAND THEATRE Rumford, S Maine Compliments of - FQW. WOOLWORTH CO. A Congress Street, Rurnford, M Rumford, Ma aine UNITED lc to 990 STORE 142 Congress Street, ST'AN'LEY'S FURNITURE STORE Rurnford Mexico Tel. 949-M Tel. 749-W Compliments of - GEORGE CUMMINGS RALPH CLARKE PLUMBING AND HEATING ine PAGE SEVENTY-EIGHT THE TRIBUTE L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Attleboro, Massachusetts Class Rings and Pins Commencement Invitations Diplomas - Personal Cards Club Insignia I Memorial Plaques Represented by .... Mr. Donald B. Tupper 11 Westview Rd., Cape Elizabeth, Me. BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '47 . The Rumford Chamber of Commerce E. H. BENEJDIX SL SONS VHEATING, PLUMBING, SHEET METAL WORK, IRON FIREMAN COAL BURNERS Rumford Tel. 1053 Compliments of - 'J. J. NEWBERRY'S Congress Street, Rumford, Maine ALBERT A. POULIN REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE 134 Congress St. Rumford, Maine CRAWFO'RD'S MARKET Meats - Groceries I "We Make Our Own Ice Cream" 560 Prospect Ave. - Tel. 581-R Rumford, Maine Compliments of - ZENAS C. PATRICK ' o RADIOSFE Sales -and Service Graduate of Class of 1947 SAY IT WITH FLOWERS From . DOWNS - FLORIST Prospect Ave. - Tel. 999 Rumford, V Maine RALPH'S STORE Fountain Service Candy Chewing Gum Ice Cream Soda 341 Cumberland St. Rumford, Maine THE TRIBUTE PAGE SEVENTY-NINE Compliments of - Ridlon p Lumber ,Company I Rialonifille, Maine Building Materials of All Kinds Supplied to THE RUMFORD-MEXICO AREA and ADJ OIN ING TGWNS WITHIN 25 MILES Tel. Rumford 490-W Main Street, Ridlonville, Maine Aerial view of the Oxford Mills at Rnmford, Maine 49+ Ulfmll X' PIPUS WEEEQEKF? A May we extend our congratulations and best wishes to the Stephens High School graduating class of 1947 OXFORD P PER COMPANY Y A THE RLIMFORD FALLS THE RLIMFORD FALLS POWER COMPANY REALTY COMPANY 'rx xi f 'M X Xa . .11 , ' Q1 x N, ,c f, 'Oh

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