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14919, M .' r 1 WA me Lvl. e i , E if My xkx H - .f f in m fl f : W , "D , ii K V K f x 55 W x , new 'gm' ,ii M . EL mg 1 35' , ,. 1 -f' vm, THE STEPHENS TRTEUTE THE PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS Q OF 2- . , SSEPHENS HIGH SCHOOL THE TRIBUTE BOARD Editor-in-Chief, James Meehan Associate Editor, Ruth Ahara Literary Editor, Jean Whyte Editorial Staff: Jean Thomas, Lydia Morse, Manley Irish, Priscilla Woodward, Shirley Thorne. Advertising Staff: Gloria Carrier, Robert Roche, Beverly Bronstein, James Boyle, Donald Gillis Circulation Staff: Anita Carrier, Arbe Labonte, Priscilla Marceau, Agnes Shea. Typists: Barbara McKellick, Faye McKenna, Edna Mahar, Shirley Fitzmaurice, Pearl Martin, Gene- vieve Dalton. Joan Annello, Isabelle Garneau. Art Staff: Barbara Stewart, Joyce Spencer, Viola Theriault, Pauline Martin, Frances Martin. Underclass Representatives: William Whynaught, Marjorie Batherson, Beverley Delano. Foreword Fragile ' and delicate yet abiding and strong have been the strands of which our life here has been woven. We have tried in the following pages to indicate in some slight way what ourhfour years have meant to us. Incomplete and inadequate we know it to beg yet as a partial record, as a testimo-n,ial and a memorial, we present our boolc,- - "THE 1946 TRIBUTE, MISS LUCIA M. CORMIER, M. A. Columbia University, 1940 To Miss Cormier, whose contribution to the scholastic, athletic and cultural devel- opment of Stephens High School has never been surpassed, the Class of 1946 affec- tionately dedicate this issue of the Tribute. Her sparkling personality, unbounded en- thusiasm and unswerving adherence to what is best in life made her Om' Most Unforgettable Teacher 'ki"A'ki"k'k'kfk'ki'1l' 1I n flllemoriam Dulce et Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori X x i ll ff' W J' .1 G I . U X' ii" ,Q " my iw? , . W ' ' for :LI QT rf QSXIZQC- N39 - ,X xi -N ' u,,y.- f 1.1. -A ?Y'l.'f-K "x- "XM-4 if n M r'll.'.'f. ' :ff 15 .34 'CXX " " v ' r l ' f al 'T 'Q I .1 ...xg X 'IV Q M z-lk L 4 STEPHENS HIGH SCHOOL HONOR ROLL Kitan Agostinelli George C. Arsenault Albin Bartash R. Beaulieau Joseph E. Beauchesne Joseph F. Bernier Maurice F. Blouin Albert R. Breton Clarence Brown Daniel Bryant Alfred Bujold James G. Caruso Armand J. Chaisson Lawrence A. Cormier Rosario J. Dalbec Michael A. DeMonte Harry V. Doggett Gerard F. Dorion Wilfred E. Drouin Ellsworth A. Freeman Alexander Gallant William E. Gallant Alfred J. Gauthier Joseph A. Gauthier Theodore Gauthier Adelard C. Giasson Rudy A. Godreau William Henry Raymond Holman Marshall H. Howard Leo S. Kelly r Thomas J. Kersey Joseph L. Kilas Frank J. Koris John E. Lapointe Theodore Maillet Joseph L. Martin Morgan Mclnnis Richard M. Mercier C. Robert Mercier Raymond L. Miller Robert E. Moore Alfred O. Parella Arthur H. Parise Donat E. Patry Arthur Peters Alphonse J. Plourde Frank A. Porter Omer A. Richard Donald B. Roberts. Joseph N. Roy Lionel P. Roy John J. Soubble Joseph J. Spoiford Grant H. Thibeault Arthur Turcotte Robert J. Wilson Donald H. Young 44444444444 STQPHQNS 'CRIBUT DIED IN THE SERVICE OF THEIR COUNTRY NORMAN ROY Pfc. Roy was serving with the Fourth Marine Division, and was participating in his first battle. Born in Rumford July 29, 1926, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Omer Roy, he attended Rumford schools and St. John's school, and was a sophomore at Stephens High School when he left to enlist at the age of 17. He entered the service May 29, 1944, trained at Parris Island, S. C., and Camp Lejuene, N. C., and went overseas in November, 1944. He was killed in action on Iwo Jima March 8, 1945. JOSEPH MARTIN Pvt. Martin was serving with the Fourth Marine Division, and was participating in his first bat- tle. Born in Rumford January 8, 1926, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Martin, he attended pub- lic schools and Stephens High School. He entered the Marine Corps Reserve March 8, 1944, a year and a day before his parents received the word of his death. Trained at Parris Island, S. C., and Camp Lejeune, N. C., he went overseas in August, 1944. He was killed in action on Iwo Jima on March 9, 1945. REQUIESCANT IN PACE. Happier than all, in this, That now thy race is run, Upon thy name no stain shall fall, Thy work hath well been done. Page Eleven Sr lq,r1-IIQNS 'flxgnurg SENIORS 1946 STQPHIQNS 'CKQHUCEQ ARLENE ELIZABETH ABBOTT "Rusty" Future Plans: Nurse Course: College Favorite Expression: "Oh Boy!" Preparatory School: Junior High Operetta "Hats Off" 23 Glee Club 1, 23 Ramona Chorus 1, 2, 3g French Club 3: Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4. "Happy-go-lucky, fair and free, Nothing there is that troubles me." RUTH MARILYN AHARA "Pouf" Future Plans: College Course: College Favorite Expression: "Don't ask me!" Preparatory School: Junior High Latin Club 3, 4g Empress 3, 43 Student Council 2, 3, 45 President 43 Broadcast 4: Tribute 45 D. A. R. award: School Play 4: Book Club, Junior Prize Speaking: Ramona Chorus lg Orchestra 2, 3, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, Honorable Mention Science Talent Search: National Honor Society: Senior Play: Valedictorian. "Wearing all that weight of learning lightly like a flower." l V E NORMAN HENRY ABBOTT "I-Iotd0B"' Future Plans: U. S. Navy Course: General Favorite Expression: "Oh, Yeah!" Preparatory School: Kimball School Future Farmers of America 2, 3, 43 President 4. "We've heard of the fellow and good words go with his name." Page Fifteen BARBARA MARY ARSENAULT "Baths" Future Plans: Nurse Course: College Favorite Expression:"Judas Priest!'?t if' A 'Preparatory School: St. John French Club 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, 4g Softball 1, 2, 4, Cheer Leader 2, 3, 45 Girl's "R" Club 43 ' Ramona Chorus 25 Honor Roll 4. "Your witty sports have brightened all." Page Sixteen Sz' QPHQNS 'CRQBUTQ Future Plans: Secretary Course: Commercial Favorite Expression: "More Fun!" Preparatory School: St. Athanasius Commercial Club 3, 4, Broadcast 45 Tribute 4 Glee Club 2, 35 Ramona Chorus 1,.2, 4. "A pleasant smiling cheek, a speaking eye." w 3 5 I I . EDITH LILIAN AVERY "Edie" Future Plans: Nurse Course: College Favorite Expression: "A-Yuhf' Preparatory School: Junior High Basketball 25 Softball 4, Operetta "Hats Off" 23 Glee Club 1, 2, Ramona Chorus 1, 2, 3, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4. "She was one whom people called a friend." JOAN ELIZABETH ANNELLO "J0' Sr QP!-:ENS 'Clqsurlg WILLIAM RICHARD BALL , "Bill" Future Plans: U. S. Army Course: Commercial , Favorite Expression: "No, are you really?" Preparatory School: Junior. High Commercial Club 3, 4: Senior Play. "He that has learned to obey will know how to command." ' 1 l or MELVIN FRANCIS ALYWARD "Repete" Future Plans: Forestry, U. of M. ' Course: General' r Favorite Expression: "For corn sake!" A Preparatory School: St. Athanasius Football 3, 4g Track 3, 4: Winter Sports 1, 4 "RU Club 4. "Strange to the world he wears a bashful look. I SL PHYLLIS LAVONNE BARNETT "Phil" Future Plans: Nurse Course: General Favorite Expression: "Creeps!" Preparatory School: Upton Grammar - "The hand that made you fair hath made you good." 1 Page Seventeen . n STQPHQNS TRQBUTIQ MILDRED CZJRA BLOUIN "Millie"' Future Plans: Clerical worker Course: Commercial Favorite Expression: "SWel1!" Preparatory School: Junior High Commercial Club 4. "More quality than quantity." Page Eighteen I i ROLAND CHARLES BELANGER "Jolie Future Plans: Business School Course: General ' Favorite Expression: "My heart bleeds for you." Preparatory School: St. John Honor Roll 4g Senior Play. . "A gentleman of good account." ' '- - i- - I.. Future Plans: Undecided Course: General Favorite Expression: "Huh, who are you?'l Preparatory School: St. Athanasius Home Economics Club 4. "A light heart lives long and well." JOSEPI-IINE DIANA BLUNDA "Jo ' S-c QPHENS 'Cxgnung BEVERLY FERN BRONSTEIN "Bev" Future Plans: College Course: College - Favorite Expression: "Oh, for gosh sakes!" Preparatory School: Junior High Latin Club 3, 45 French Club 4, Library Club 3, 4, Treasurer 3g President 4g Student Council 1, 2, 35 Vice-President 3, Broadcast 'l, 2, 3, 4g Tribute 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Ramona Chorus 1, 2g Book Club 3g Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4g National Honor Society, Baccalaureate Committee. "Your quiet voice, so soft and kind, Your generous soul, your open mind." JAMES IRVING BOYLE "Jim" Future Plans: Engineer Course: College Favorite Expression: "Don't say that word, my boy." Preparatory School: St. Athanasius French Club 3, 43 "R" Club 43 Track 3, 43 Foot- ball 4g Baseball 2g Interclass Basketball 3, 45 One Act Plays 4, Senior Play. "A moral, sensible and well-bred manf' ETHELYNE PEARL BROOMHALL "Et" Future Plans: Nurse Course: General Favorite Expression: "That's the kind." Preparatory School: Junior High Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee' Club 1. "A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature." . Page Nineteen Srqrngqs 'Clqnuz-Q GLORIA CARRIER "Glo" Future Plans: College Course: College Favorite Expression: t'Jeepers!" Preparatory School: Junior High French Club 3, 4, Broadcast 1, 2, 3, 4: Ass't. Edit- or 3g Editor 4, Tribute 43 Softball 3, 45 School Play 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club lg Ramona Chorus 2: Honor Roll 2, 3: Senior Playg Banquet Committee. "Sweet, attractive grace." w 1 i I Page Twenty ANITA ANNETTE CARRIER "Annette" Future Plans: Nurse Course: College Favorite Expression: "Gee-whiz!!" Preparatory School: St. John French Club 3, 4: Girls "R" Club 3, 43 Spanish Club 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Tribute 45 Winter Sports 4: Honor Roll 2, 3, 4: Glee Club lg National Honor Society. "Don't talk to me of men: talk about something sensible." BETTY ANN CONSTANTINE "Bet" Future Plans: Business School Course: Commercial ' Favorite Expression: "Oh my soul!', Preparatory Schoolf Junior High Commercial Club 3, 4: Broadcast 1, 2: Secretary of Class 1, 3, 4: Bookkeeper of Combined Funds, Band 1, 2, 3. "Kind hearts are more than coronetsf' v Srgrnqqs 'Cxgnuug EVA NORA CORMIER "Eve" Future Plans: Undecided Course: Commercial Favorite Expression: "Oh, no!i' Preparatory School: St. John Commercial Club 3, 4. Happy am I, from care l'm free, Why aren't they all contented like me?'l ANNE FLORA CONTI Future Plans: Music School Course: General KGAml1l Favorite Expression: "You sure?" Preparatory School: Junior High Glee Club 1, 23 French Club 45 Honor Roll 1, 2, 3. ' "She'l1 reach her goal, attain those deeds yetL" RITA MARIE CORIVIIER Future Plans: Business School Course: General Nnitsii Favorite Expression: "Oh, for gosh sakes!" Preparatory School: St. John Home Ee. Club 3, 4. "She has a cheery nature." Page Twenty-One Srqrueqs 'Clqnurr MURIEL ABBIE CUMMINGS "Mem'ie" Future Plans: Business School Course: Commercial Favorite Expression: "Swell!" Preparatory School: Junior High Commercial Club 3: Treasurer of Commercial Club 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2: Ramona Chorus 2, 35 Prize Speaking 3. "Mistress of herself though China fall." ALVA MARY ROSE CUNNINGHAM "Va-Va" - Future Plans: Undecided H Course: General Favorite Expression: "Oh my heavens!" Preparatory School: Junior High Home Ec. Club 4. "Silence is golden" Page Twenty-Two GENEVIEVE MARY DALTON "Gen" Future Plans: College ' Course: Commercial - ' Favorite Expression: "My lipstick still on?" Preparatory School: St. Athanasius Commercial Club 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 25 Ramona Chorus 1, 2, 3: Operetta "Hats Off" 2: Book Club 3 "She is laughing up her sleeve at you!" STQYHQNS rR!Bll'C ROSE MARIE DESALLE Future Plans: Beautician Course: Commercial "Rosie" Favorite Expression: "Honest1y!" Preparatory School: Junior High Commercial Club 3, 45 Honor Roll 1, 25 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2. "Always pursuing, always achieving." JOYCE LOUISE DOLLOFF ' Future Plans: Undecided Course: Commercial Favorite Expression: "Oh, heck!" Commercial Club 3, 4. "Small but mighty." PHILIP EUGENE DORION Future Plans: Undecided Course: General "Pettee" Favorite Expression: 'Tm all right!'i Preparatory School: St. John Football 4g Baccalaureate Committee. 'KA good nature is a thing to be desired." Page Twenty-Three STQDPHQNS 'CRQBUTR Future Plans: Peter Bent Brigham Nursing School Course: College Favorite Expression: "Goodness!" Preparatory School: Fort Kent High School Latin Club 3, 43 French Club 3. "It is tranquil people who accomplish much." BERTRAND MAURICE DUPILL "Dupe" Future Plans: Undecided , A Course: Vocational Favorite Expression: "Hello, you old Sea Trapper." Preparatory School: St. John Q "Silence is a still noise." Page Twnty-F our JOHN LUCIEN DUPILL "Dime" Future Plans: Civil Engineering College Course: College Favorite Expression: "Cheer up, better days are coming." Preparatory School: St. John ' French Club 3, 4g Honor Roll 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4g Football 2, 3, 45 Captain 4. "Honest, manly, harclto beat, Six foot three in lgstocking feet." 5 9355 ji. rf- HENRIETTA MARY DOWV "Henry" Srlgrurgqs 'Ciqnurr EDVVARD SUMNER. FARWELL "Eddie" Future Plans: Undecided Course: Vocational Preparatory School: Junior High Band 1. "Men of few words are the best men." -.Q 1. ,NNT PAULINE CELIA FARRAR "Polly" Future Plans: Undecided Course: General Favorite Expression: "Tisn't even -funny!" Preparatory School: Junior High H "Listened, perhaps, but never talked." SHIRLEY ANN FITZMAURICE ."Shirl" Future Plans: Medical Secretary Course: Commercial , Favorite Expression: "I knew it all the time!" Preparatory School: St. John Commercial Club 3, 43 Vice President of Com- mercial Club 4g Glee Club lg Ramona Chorus 2. 3g Broadcast 4: Tribute Staff 4. "Merry and light of heart is she." Page Twenty-Five S-z'Q,r1-IQNS 'Crqnung BARBARA MAY FREEDLANDER "Barbs" Future Plans: Radio Course: Commercial Favorite Expression: "For heaven's sake!" Preparatory School: Methuen Central High Commercial Club 43 Glee Club 1, 2. "Her good nature cheereth all about her." JEANNETTE ETHEL FRASER "Jen" Future Plans: Nurse Course: College Favorite Expression: "What a life!" Preparatory School: St. John French Club 3, 4g Glee Club 29 Honor Roll 4. "Born with a gift of laughter, and a sense that theworld is mad." i Page Twenty-Six DOMINIC JOHN GACETTA "Dom" Future Plans: Undecided Course: Commercial Favorite Expression: "Can't tell!" Preparatory School: Junior High Boys "R" Club 4g Football 2, 3, 43 Basketball 4g Honor Roll 4. "Though I am not plaintive and rash, yet have I something in me dangerously devastating with the fairer sex." Sr QPHENS 'Crqnuzmj JOSEPH EMILE GAMACHE lCJoe!! Future Plans: Popular Orchestra Course: Vocational Favorite Expression: "That's a killer!" Preparatory School: St. John Winter Sports 4: Band 3, 43 Orchestra 3, 4. "A good pal all 'round was he." JEAN LOIS GAMMON "Jeanie" Future Plans: Undecided Course: College , Favorite Expression: "M-M-M-M" Preparatory School: Junior High "R" Club: Broadcast 45 Basketball 2, 3g Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 45 School Play 4: One Act Play 4. "A friend, what more is there to say?" -. LOIS CLEQ GAMMON F ULOD9 Future Plans: Teachers College Course: College Favorite Expression: "Gee whiz!" Preparatory School: East Peru French Club 3, 4g Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4. "Thou art a fair and -gracious maiden." Page Twenty-Seven SS-cgrurgs 'CK!Bl.l'C'Qa EARL JOSEPH GAUL "Gallo" Future Plans: Undecided X Course: Vocational " Favorite Expression: "How about that?" Preparatory School: St. Athanasius "Well-timed silence hath more eloquence than speech." r -A Y SAY I l Q Page Twen ty-E ight ' ISABELLE ALVINE GARNEAU "IsSy" Future Plans: Certified Public Accountant Course: Commercial Favorite Expression: "Oh, no, not that!" Preparatory School: Junior High "R" Club 2, 3, 4g Secretary of "R" Club 4g Com- mercial Club 3, 4g Basketball 2, 3: Ramona Cho- rus 2, 33 Softball 1, 2g Glee Club 1, 23 Honor Roll 1, 25 Band 43 Tribute 43 National Honor Society. ' "The great source of pleasure is variety." PAULINE THERESA GAUTHIER upauln Future Plans: Secretary Course: Commercial Favorite Expression: "That's silly." Preparatory School: Junior High : "Laugh while you can, Everything has its time." Sr Qruqqs 'CRQBUTR DONALD NEIL GILLIS "Don" Future Plans: Chemical Engineer Course: College Favorite Expression: "Oh! don't be stupid!" Preparatory School: St. Athanasius French Club 3, 45 Junior Prize Speaking 33 Honor R011 4: Tribute 4. "A bird is known by its note and a man by his talk." CLAIRE THERESA GOUDREAU "G00dy'i Future Plans: Private Secretary Course: Commercial Favorite Expression: "Hurry" Preparatory School: Junior High Commercial Club 3, 45 Vice President of the Class 2, 3, 4g Honor Roll. "A light heart lives long and well." BARBARA LEE HART "Baths" Future Plans: Beautician Course: General Favorite Expression: "That's life!" - Preparatory School: Lewiston High School Honor Roll 3, 4. "An unextinguished giggle fills the air." Page Twenty-Nine STQPHQNS 'CKQBIITQ MARGARET ELIZABETH HENRY "Peggy Future Plans: Beauty Culture Course: General Favorite Expression: "You're impossible!" Preparatory School: West Peru Grammar Home Economics Club 3, 4. "I have a heart with room for every joy." JEAN ALMAAJ-l0LT "Jeannie" Future Plans: Telephone Operator Course: General Favorite Efpression: "Isn't that just ducky?" Preparatory School: Junior High Home Economics Club: Treasurer 45 Glee Club. "Clever and sweet, she can cook, she can sew, She will be an ideal wife, we know." Page Thirty Q1 MANLEY LEO IRISH "Manny Future Plans: Undecided Course: College - Favorite Expression: "Hubba-Hubba" Preparatory School: West Peru Grammar French Club 3, 45 Tribute 4. "Mine honor is my life: Both grow in one." 1 Srqrngqs 'Clxgnuz-Q MARJORIE ALICE JAY "Margie" Future Ambition: Sargent School of Physical Cul- ture Course: College - Favorite Expression: "I thought I'd die laughing." Preparatory School: Junior High 3 Girl's "R" Club 2, 3, 4: Library 4: Tribute Staff 4: Broadcast 3, 43 Treasurer of Library Club 4: French Club 3, 43 Honor Roll 1, 3, 43 Treasurer of "R" Club 4: Softball 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4g Ramona Chorus lg National Honor Society. "With a friendly glance and a cheery word for ll." THERESA MARIE JAROS upinkyn Future Ambition: Airline Stewardess Course :' General Favorite Expression: "Oh! You Kidll' Preparatory School: Junior High Home Economics Club: Secretary 4: Glee Club. "A little nonsense now and then Is relished by the wisest men." LAWRENCE ROY JOHNSON "Johnson" Future Ambition: Vocational School Course: Vocational Favorite Expression: "It's a good idea!" Preparatory School: Junior High Honor Roll 4: One Act Play 4: School Play 4: Band 4. "Full of action, full of pride," With loyal friends on every side." Page Thirty-One Sr ry!-IQNS 'Clqnurr DORIS HARRIET KNIGHT "Joe" Future Ambition: Springfield Library Course: General Favorite Expression: "I'1l think it over." Preparatory School: Kimball ' Library 3, 4: Broadcast 45 Glee Club 2: National Honor Society. "A good reputation is more valuable than money" x Future Ambition: Air1ine,Stewardess Course: General Favorite Expression: "Oh, my aching back!" Preparatory School: Junior High "Happy go lucky is she." I 1 Page Thirty-Two ARBE LABONTE, JR. "Hornet" Future Ambition: Undecided Course: College Favorite Expression: "Right!" Preparatory School: St. John French Club 3, 4 "Wise men say nothing in dangerous times." PI-IYLLIS MARIE KAULBACK "Phyl" Home Economics lg 2, 3, 4: Softball 45 Glee Club. -Q 4 L Sz' Qruegqs 'Clqnurr WILFRED JOSEPH LAPLANTE "Freddy" Future Ambition: Undecided Course: General E Favorite Expression: "You ain't kidding!" Preparatory School: St. John Honor R011 4. "Ourselves and not our words will count." CECILE HELEN LABONTE "Su-Su" Future Ambition: Airline Stewardess Course: College H Favorite Expression: "Oh, you clown!" Preparatory School: St. John French Club 3, 4: Glee Club. "Ah! Thcre's mischief in her eyes." x JOHN B-APTISTE LAPOINTE, JR. "J. B." Future Ambition: College Course: General Favorite Expression: "What's the score?" Preparatory School: Junior High Football 3, 4: "R" Club 43 Track 4: Honor Roll 4. "He is strong and of good courage." Page Thirty-Three Srqrncqs 'CRQBUTQ DAVID LEO LECLERC "Dave" Future Ambition: Undecided Course: Vocational Favorite Expression: "So what!" Preparatory School: St. John Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Winter Sports. "I shall achieve in time." Page Th irty-F our EVA MARION LAURINAITIS "Eva" Future Ambition: Beautician ' Course: General Favorite Expression: "I don't know what to tell you." Preparatory School: Junior High Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4g President of , Home Economics Club 3g Treasurer of Home Economics Club 4g Glee Club 1. "I have learned silence from the talkative." V i IDA MAE LEFEBVRE "Macky" Future Ambition: Civil Service Course: Commercial Favorite Expression: "How's the world treating you?" Preparatory School: St. Athanasius Commercial Club 3, 4g Softball 1, 2. "Her mind is like a Sundial It records only pleasantnessf' Sz' I-:yn-legs 'CRQBUT ROBERT LORNE MACCONAGHY "Bob" Future Ambition: Undecided Course: Vocational Favorite Expression: "What do you want me to do, roll over and bark?" Preparatory School: Junior High Band 1, 2, 3, 4. i'A1l men admire him' for his wit and red hair." RICHARD GEORGE MACDONNELL "Mac" Future Ambition: College Course: College Favorite Expression: "Hi, Good Looking!" Preparatory School: Junior High "R" Club 49 Vice-President 41: Football 3, 4. "Laugh and the world laughs with you." EDNA ANNE MAHAR "Ed" Future Ambition: Secretary Course: Commercial Favorite Expression: "Are you dumb!" Preparatory School: St. Athanasius Commercial Club 4: Softball 4: Broadcast 4: Tribute 4. 4 p "She gives all people of her best The worst she keeps, divides the rest." Page Thirty-Five STQPHENS zR!ll.l'C'R EVELYN IVIARIE MAHONEY "Binnie" Future Ambition: Undecided Course: General Favorite Expression: "You're kidding!" Preparatory School: Junior High Home Economics Club 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 2, 3. "For a good disposition is looked upon with envyf' ARTHUR PHILLIP IVIARCEAU "Bee" ' X Future Ambition: Cook and Baker School Course: College Favorite Expression: "What are' you looking for? Knuckles?,' Preparatory School: St. Athanasius Honor Roll 13 Tribute Staff 43 French Club 4g Carnival Ball Coronation Committee 4. "Everybody likes and respects self-made men." Page Tliirty-Six Future Ambition: Beauty Culture School Course: College Favorite Expression: "You can say that again!" Preparatory School: St. Athanasius School Play 45 Operetta 25 Tribute StaH 4g Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Graduation Committee, Senior Play. "Lovable, happy and sincere And to many friends she is most dear." U PRISCILLA MARIE MARCEAU "Prudy" French Club 3, 43 Junior Prize Speaking 33 Sz' vgyuqqs IRQBUEIQ PAULINE AGNES MARTIN ' "Paul" Future Ambition: Foreign Trade Service Course: College Favorite Expression: "Jiminy Crickets!" Preparatory School: St. John "RH Club 3, 43 Basketball l, 3, 45 Tribute 4g Cheerleader 45 Glee Club 25 Spanish Club 3. "A noble type of good heroic womanhoodf' . FRANCES THERESA MARTIN "Fran" Future Ambition: Airline Hostess Course: College ' Favorite Expression: "Gee whizl' Preparatory School: St. John Basketball 1, 3, 43 Glee Club 25 Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4. "R" Club 3, 45 "Let us, like her, be up and doing, Still achieving, still pursuing." PEARL LORRAINE MARTIN "Pearl" Future Ambition: Secretary Course: Commercial Favorite Expression: "Good for you!" A Preparatory School: Junior High Class Treasurer 2, 3, 4g Commercial Club 3, 43 Tribute 4g Operetta 2. "She is a Pearl of great price." Page Thirty-Seven S1: Qrnlgqs 'Clqsur , JAMES WILLIAM MATTISON "Jim Future Ambition: Wentworth Institute ' Course: Vocational Favorite Expression: "Gimme a butt!" Preparatory School: St. Athanasius "R. Club 3, 4. "I slept, and dreamed that life was Beautyg 'I woke and found that life was Duty." BARBARA AGNITA McKELLICK "Baths" Future Ambition: Secretary Course: Commercial Favorite Expression: "You slay me!!" Preparatory School: St. Athanasius Basketball 2, 3, 43 Softball 1, 2, 3, 4g Class Exec- utive Committee 4g Girls' "R" Club 2, 3g Vice- President 43 Commercial Club 3, 45 Cheerleader 4 "Activity is the stamp of youth, And she is youth personified." Page Thirty-Eight Future Ambition: Secretary . Course:. Commercial Favorite Expression: "Swel1!" Preparatory School: St. Athanasius ketball 3. N "'Tis folly not to be jolly." ELIZABETH FAYE McKENNA "Faye' Broadcast 45 Tribute 45 Commercial Club 45 Bas- Sr QPHENS IKQBUTIQ JAMES THOMAS MEEHAN "Jim" Future Ambition: College Course: College Favorite Expression: "Aw! Go to heck and every- body!" . Preparatory School: St. Athanasius Football 2, 3, 4g Track 2, 3, 4, Junior Prize Speaking 35 Ass't Editor of Broadcast 45 Editor of Tribute 43 School Play 43 One-Act Play 4, Boys' "R" Club 3, 43 French Club 35 Senior Play. "Witty, lucky and full of fun." MARY MARGARET MCKINNON "Marg" Future Ambition: Nurse Course: College Favorite Expression: "I'll think it over." Preparatory School: St. Athanasius French Club 3, 45 Library Club 3, 43 Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 45 Ramona Chorus lg Glee Club 2: Broad- cast 4. "Climb highg climb farg your goal the sky, your aim the stars." V MARIE LORRAINE MERCHANT "Sunny" Future Ambition: Undecided Course: Home Economics Favorite Expression: "Oh, Go11y!" Home Ec. Club 2, 3, 4. "Too wise to care, Too good to be unkind." Page Thirty-Nine Sr Q71-IQNS i 'CRQBUTQ VVILLIAM FERDINAND MORO Future Ambition: Undecided Course: Vocational Favorite Expression: "Yeah Man!" Preparatory School: Junior High Honor Roll 45 Track 3: Senior Play. "Bill "Men of few words are the best men." LYDIA COLBY MORSE "Lyd" Future Ambition: Medicine Course: College Favorite Expression: "Stupid, I call it!" Preparatory School: Junior High French Club 3, 4g Broadcast 1, 2, 3, 45 Tribute 4: Softball 2, 3: Ramona Chorus lg Operetta 2: Glee Club 3: Carnival Queeng Senior Playg Gradua- tion Committee. . "One does not know-cannot know The best that is in her." Page Forty ' MARGARET LILLIAN NOONAN Future Ambition: Beautician - Course: General Favorite Expression: "Man alive!" Preparatory School: St. Athanasius Home Ec. Club 3, 4. "Blue were her eyes Like the fairy flax." "Peggy Sr ry:-Inq: 'ZRQBUTR JOHN CRANE PHILLIPS "Johnny" Future Ambition: Law Course: College Favorite Expression: "No future in it." Preparatory School: Benjamin Franklin Jr. High French Club 3, 4, "R" Club 13, 4g Broadcast, Pres- ident of Senior Class 4, Mayor of Teen Towng Prize Speaking, One-Act Plays 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4g Football 4, Honor Roll 1, 45 National Honor Society. "Wit and Wisdom were born with this man." A 'fn ' f N 1 WILLIAM ALEXANDER PATERSON "Bill' Future Ambition: Undecided Course: Vocational Favorite Expression: "Qu'est-ce que c'est?,' Preparatory School: Junior High Baseball 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Letters 3, 4, Football 4, Manager 4g "Rn Clubg Class Marshallg Graduation Committee. "I dare do all that may become a mang Who dares do more is none." ETHEL MARIE PINKHAM Future Ambition: Undecided Course: College Favorite Expression: "Gee!" Preparatory School: Junior High Gipinkyii Glee Club 1, 2, Latin Club 3, 4g Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, "Her voice, ever soft, low and gentle, An excellent thing in woman." Page Forty-One Sz-Qruqqs 'Ckgnuz-Q GENEVIEVE ANNE MARIE POIRIER "Gently" Future Ambition: Nurse, St. Elizabeth Course: General Favorite Expression: "Is that right?" . Preparatory School: St. Joseph, Lewiston French Club 3, 4: Spanish Club 3: Basketball 2, 3, 4. "Say I'm weary, say I'm sad, Say that health and wealth have missed me, Say I'm growing old, but add Genny kissed me!" JOSEPH POIRIER "Moose" Future Ambition: U. S. Army A Course: Vocational Favorite Expression: "Hello, you old sea trapperf' Preparatory School: St. John Basketball 3g Ski Club 1, 4: Track 2. "In life as in skiing-the game is won with a jump." Page F orty-Two 4-v 'J ALPHEY LAWRENCE POULIN' JR. "P0ulin" Future Ambition: Undecided Course: College Favorite Expression: "That's life." Preparatory School: Junior High V French Club 2, 3: Junior Prize Speaking: Gen- eral Manager of School Play 43 Chairman of Senior Hop. "One may smile and smile, and be a villain." 1 w STQPHQNS 'Clqnur HAZEL BLANCHE PREVOST "Jesel" Future Ambition: Undecided Course: Commercial Favorite Expression: "What a life!" Preparatory School: Junior High 2 Commercial Club 42 Operetta 2g Glee Club 1, 2. "Full of action, full of pride, With loyal men on every side." L JUNE HELEN PRETTY "J lmeb1lg" Future Ambition: Lasalle Jr. College qLab. Tech.J Course: College I Favorite Expression: "My Gosh!" , Preparatory School: Junior High "R" Club 3, 4: French Club 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2: Band 2, 3, 4: Operetta 2, Ramona Chorus 2, 3, Honqr Roll 1, 2, 3, 43 National Honor Society, Graduation Committee, Senior Play. "A merry heart doeth good like medicine." ANTHONY JOSEPH PUIIA "Sam" Future Ambition: U. S. Army Course: General Favorite Expression: "Rip off the disguise." Preparatory School: St. Athanasius Basketball 2, 3, 43 Track 3, 45 French Club 2, Spanish Club 3, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3. "For bold in heart, act and word was he." Page Forty-Three Stern-irq: 'CKQBUTIQ LUCY RICCI "Ricky" Future Ambition: Nursing Course: General A Favorite Expression: "What do You want me to do, roll over and bark or break out with a rash?" Preparatory School: Junior High Glee Club 1, 2g Ramona Chorus 2: Home Eco- nomics Club 3, 4g President 4. V "I-Iereiis a dear and itrue industrious friend." Page F nrty-F our PAULINE MARIE JOAN PUIIA "Paula" Future Ambition: Undecided Course: General Favorite Expression: K'Just a kid named Paul." Preparatory School: Junior High Home Economics Club 4: Operetta 23 Glee Club 1, 2g Ramona Chorus 2, 3. "It's not how much we have, but how much we enjoy that makes happiness." LAWRENCE JOSEPH RICHARDS "Richards" Future Ambition: U. S. Navy Course: College Favorite Expression: "Why'?" Preparatory School: West Peru Grammar "Nature made him what he is And never made another." Srl-Qynqlqs 'Cxgnurr PASCAL EDMONDS RICHARDSON "Buck" Future Ambition: College A Course: College Q I Favorite Expression: "Don't get excited." Preparatory School: Junior High French Club 3, 4, Vice President 33 President 4, "R" Club, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 43 Senior Play, School Play 4. "When he smiles, another smiles, And there are miles and miles of smiles." YVETTE BERNADETTE RICHARD "Blondie" Future Ambition: Airline Hostess Course: General - Favorite Expression: "Huh, you'd be surprised!" Preparatory School: Gould Academy Q Home Economics Club 3, 4, Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Hockey l, 2g Volley Ball 1, 2, Archery lg A. A. A. Council 2, Glee Club 1, 23 Manager of Basket- ball, Hiking 2. "A mirror of all gaietyf' ROBERT PATRICK Room-1 A "Bob" Future Ambition: Holy Cross College Course: College Favorite Expression: "Hello, Handsome." Preparatory School: St. Athanasius French Club 3, 4, Latin Club 3, 4: Broadcast 1, 2: Tribute 4: Honor Roll 1, 2, 45 Emperor of Latin Club 3, 4. "Happy is he who has succeeded in learning the cause of things. Page F orty-F ive Sz' 5,111-mNs 'Cxgnuz' SALLY ANN WROVVE "Sal" Future Ambition: College Course: College Q, Favorite Expression: "Here, here!"' Preparatory School: St. Athanasius "R" Club 43 Glee Club 1, 2, French Club 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, 4: School Playg Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Societyg Senior Play. "Whatever is popular deserves attention." Page F orty-Six THAIS RUTH ROGERS "Dust-Y" Future Ambition: Nursing Course: College Favorite Expression: "Cute!" Preparatory School: Junior High Spanish Club 3. "God's rarest blessing is, after all, a good woman." ERNEST ROLAND ROY "Steen" Future Ambition: U. S. Army Course: General Favorite Expression: "Is that right?" Preparatory School: Junior High "Let the farmer forevermore be honored in his calling, for they who labor in the earth are the chosen people of God." ' STQPHQNS IRQBUTIQ 1 ,.., , .- , . . . . .., FRANCIS ROMAN SERAFIN "Doc" Future Ambition: Certified Public Accountant, Bentley School of Accounting and Finance. Course: Commercial Favorite Expression: "We'1l have a heck of a timely' Preparatory School: Junior High Commercial Club 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2g Honor Roll 2, 3, 4. "The actions of men are like the index of a book: They point out what is most remarkable in them." ' ' "ww RUTH HUTCHEN SCRONE Future Ambition: Teacher Course: College Favorite Expression: "Creeps!" Preparatory School: Junior High "Butch" "R" Club 2, 3, 4, Vice President "R" Club 3: President 4, Softball 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 35 Honor Roll 1, 2, 4, National Honor Society. "A Good Sport is a thing to l AGNES CATHERINE SI-IEA be desired." ' llnedl! Future Ambition: Westbrook Junior College- Medical Secretary. Course: College ' Favorite Expression: "Holy Cow!" Preparatory School: St. Athanasius Glee Club 1, 23 French Club 3, 4g'Tribute Staff 45 Basketball 2, 4. "She is thy friend indeed, She will help thee in thy need." Page F arty-Seven ,.. n -. Srqrugqs 'CRQBUTQI JOYCE HAZEL SPENCER "Jinx" Future Ambition: Fashion Designer, Traphagen School of Fashion, New York Course: Commercial Favorite Expression: "Gee!" Preparatory School: Junior High Commercial Club 3, 45 Band 3, 45 Operetta 25 "Hats Off" 35 Glee Club 1, 25 Ramona Chorus 35 Honor Roll 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society. "Her drawings everyone enjoyed, And she has talent well employed." GLORIA DIANNA STAN!-EV "Butch" Future Ambition: Undecided Course: General Favorite Expression: "Oh yah!" Preparatory School: Abbott School, Mexico M. H. S. Basketball 1, 2, 35 Sogtball 1, 25 Band . 1. 25 Orchestra 1, 25 Glee Club 25 Secretary of Class 15 Class Vice-Pres. 25 Ass't. Bus. Manager of School Playg Dramatics 25 Fair Committee 33 Bridgton Academy Basketball 45 Cheerleader 4g National Athletic Ass'n. 45 Glee Club 45 Christ- mas Chorusg Honor Roll, SL H. S. Basketball 35 Honor Roll 4. "Fair tresses man's imperial race ensnare And beauty draws him with a single hair." Page Forty-Eight CLAIRE GLADYS STEELE "Clary" Future Ambition: College Course: College . Favorite Expression: "Oh, my stars and garters!" Preparatory School: St. Athanasius French Club 3, 45 Girls' "R" Club 3, 45 Glee Club5 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Honor Roll 4. "Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others Cannot keep it from themselves." - Sz- ry:-IQNS 'CKQBUTQ DIANTHA WOODROW TAYLOR "Di" 1 Future Ambition: Meteorology Course: College - Favorite Expression: "Phoey!" Preparatory School: Junior High Activities: Latin Club, 2, 4, Treasurer 3, 4 Library Club 3, 4, Broadcast 3, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4g Band 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 3, 45 National Honor Society. "It was only a glad "Good morning" As she passed along the way, ' But it spread the morning's glory Over the livelong day.'i BARBARA LARAYNE STEWART "Barbs" Future Ambition: Flight Stewardess Course: College Favorite Expression: "A-WooF!l' Preparatory School: St, Athanasius Girls' "R" Club 3, 45 Spanish Club 39 Tribute Staff 4, Softball 1, 2, 3, Cheerleader 2, 3, 43 Head Cheerleader 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Honor Roll 3 School Play 2, One-Act Play 23 Ramona Chorus l, 2, Senior Play, Class Day Comm., Prize Speaking 3. "Life is a jest, and all things show it. I thought so once, but now I know it." ' 1 V VIOLA CON STANCE THERIAULT "Vic" Future Ambition: Traphagen School of Art Course: Commercial Favorite Expression: "Murder!" Preparatory School: St. John Commercial Club 3, 45 President 43 Girls' "R" Club 3, 45 Treasurer of Combined Funds 33 Stu- dent Council 3, 4, Cheerleader 43 Tribute 45 Honor Roll 1, 2,4 3, 43 Operetta "Hats Off" 2, Glee Club 1, 25 National Honor Societyg Fourth Honor Rank. "Each plays his part and has his day. What ho! The world's all right, I say" Page F orty-N ine Sr QFHENS IRQBUTQ Course: College Favorite Expression: "Rowdy Dow!" Preparatory School: Junior High quet Committee. "The fairest garden in her looks And in her mind the wisest books." SHIRLEY GAIL THORNE "Shirl" Future' Ambition:"Teachers' College Course: Cgilege Favorite h'Expression: "Has anyone seen my wallet?" ,, Preparatory School: Junior Higlrif A Latirif43, 4, Secretary 3, 4, Girls' "R" Club 3, 4, Tribute 4: Student Council 4, Senior Executive Committee 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4: School Play 4: National Honor Society, Salutatoriang Baccalaureate Committee. "The world deals good-naturedly with good natured people." i 1 YVON NE MARIE TURBIDE Future Ambition: Nurse, St. Mar Course: College W Favorite Expression: "Gee Whiz! Preparatory School: Junior High Activities: Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, y's Hospital 4. Page Fifty JEAN MARGARET THOMAS "Peanut Future Ambition: Westbrook Junior College French Club 3, 43 Girls' "R" Club 3, 4, Tribute 45 Broadcast 45 Class Treasurer lg President 2, 3 Student Council 45 Secretary 45 Basketball 2, 3, 4 One-Act Plays 2, 4, Senior Play, Christmas Play 3: Junior Prize Speaking, Band 1,' 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Glee Club lg Class Activities medals 2, 3g Farewell Address to Seniors 3, Na tional Honor Society, Third Honor Rank: Ban "Eve i "They are only great who are truly good." Sr QP!-IENS 'Clqnurrgt JEANETTE RITA VALLEE "Jane" Future Ambition: Undecided Course: Commercial Favorite Expression: "Sure is!" Preparatory School: Junior High Activities: Commercial Club 4. "Begone dull care! I prithee begone from me Begone dull care! Thou and I shall never agreef' JOYCE ELAINE TURNER "Jo" Future Ambition: Undecided A Course: General Favorite Expression: "Gee Whiz!" Preparatory School: Wilton Academy Girls' Field Hockey l, 25 Basketball lg Tennis 1, 35 Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Chorus 1, 2, 3: Public Speaking 3. ' "Stand not in thine own light." CHARLENE MARION WAITE "Charlie" Future Ambition: Beautician Course: General Favorite Expression: "You don't say!" Preparatory School: St. Athanasius Activities: Home Economics Club. "True as this dial to the sun Although it be not shined upon." Page F ifty-One Srqruqqs 'Clqnuz-Q EDNA LOUISE WALKER "Eddie" Future Ambition: Undecided Course: College Favorite Expression: "Oh fish!" Preparatory School: East Peru Activities: French Club 3g Library 4g Honor Roll 1, 4. "Good-nature is more agreeable in conversation than wit and gives a certain air to the countenance which is more amiable than beauty." nonmnr JQHN Wiiiiison "Bob" Future Ambition: Undecided Course: Vocational - . . . X Favorite Expression: "You're in the best of shape!" Preparatory School: Junior High Activities: Boys' "R" Club 3, 4: President 43 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. "My thoughts are my own A penny cannot buy them." Page F ifty-Two CAROL DONALDA WHITE "Cary" Future Ambition: Children's Nurse Course: College Favorite Expression: "Nuts!" Preparatory School: Junior High Activities: Latin Club 3, 4. "There is color in her cheek There is courage in her eye." Srryurgs 'Clxgnuz-Q PRISCILLA WOODWARD "Pussy" Future Ambition: College Course: College Favorite Expression: "Eh-yah." Preparatory School: Junior High French Club 3, 45 Tribute 4: Broadcast 1, 2, 3, 43 Winter Sports 43 Basketball 3, 4: Honor Roll 1, 2, 45 School Play 4, Glee Club 1, 2: Ramona Chorus 2, 3g Band 3, 4g National Honor Society, Class Gifts 4, Senior Playg Class Day Committee. "She joyed of life's pleasures All she could find, Yet richest the treasure She found in her mind." JEAN FLORA WHYTE "Jeanie' y Future.Ambition: Teachers College Course: College Favorite'Expression: "It's all in a lifetime." 5 Preparatory School: Junior High 9 French Club 3,,4: Secretary 3g Library Club 1, 3 Secretary 3Q Softball'Manager 33 Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' "R" Club: Tribute 4: Class Secretary 2 Ramona Chorus 1, 2: Hop Committee 4: Junior Prize Speaking, School Play 45 National Honor Society, Fifth Honor Rank. 9 "For her gait, if she be walking Be she sitting, I desire her For her state's sake: and admire her For her wit if she be talking." ' ALAN RICHARD WORKS "Windy" Future Ambition: Electrical Engineering Course: College Favorite Expression: "Lovely Day!" Preparatory School: Junior High School Play 43 Junior Prize Speaking, Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 2, 3, 43 National Honor Society. - "And still they gazed, and still the wonder grew, That one small head could carry all he knew." Page F ifty-Three Sz' Qrnqqsa 'Crqnurlg VVILLIAM NORMAN YOUNG, JR. "Kn0ck0' Future Ambition: Navy Course: Vocational Favorite Expression: "Pm in the best of shapef Preparatory School: Junior High Baseball 2g Operetta "Hats Off" 2g Basketball 3 "No matter what may happen, whatever may befall I only know I'm mighty glad I'm living, that is all' MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF. 1946 IN THE ARMED FORCES Bernard Arsenault Ivan Arsenault John Austin Leonard Barrieau Armand Beauchesne Albert Bouifard Gerald Bourque Roger Breau ' Clarence Chenard John Curato Leo R. Cyr Leo A. Cyr Guido De Salle Eldon Dolloff -Edward Lawrence Leo Fontain Page F iffy-F our Norman Fournier Phillip Freeman Alvin Gallant Edgar Gallant Robert Gauthier James Gelenski Robert Davis Frank Godin Roland Goguen Leo MacDonald Clement Martin Sylvio Martin Arthur McPhee Melvin McPhee John Olson Vito Papsadora Roland Pelletier Frank Perry Albert Peters Denis Petrie Lester Prue Dominic Ricci Albert Richard Eliott Reed Phillippe Theriault Anthony Turbide Myron Tyler Gerard Vallee Donald Walker John Zinck STQPHQRIS 'Cxgnuz-Q UNDERCLASSES JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN JUNIOR HIGH Sz'Q,rHlgNs 'CIQBUTQ Ernest Arsenault Rene Arsenault Frederick Averill Natalie Avery Irene Beaudet Ramona Blouin Marietta Boucher Margaret Bowden John Bragoli Ruth Broomhall Joyce Calden Lorraine Canders Anita Carrier Doris Carrier William Casey Athalie Child Wilfred Chouinard Frederick Clark Robert Clohosey Jean Constantine' James Crawford Donald Curley Barbara Doherty Edythe Dragoon Thomas Dyer Jane Enches Pauline Farris Warren Farwell Arlene Favre Theodora Finethy Lorraine Fleck Joan Fraser Beulah Fredericks Leo Gagnon Gerald Gallant Phillip Gallant JUNIOR CLASS Gerard Garneau Edward Gastonguay Alphonse Geronda Richard Giberson Robert Gill Lillian Gurschick Robert Hayes A Jacklyn Herbert Lois Holland Donald J asud Esther Jones Stanley Kaubris Gladys Kelly ' Margaret Kezal Evelyn Knight Lucille Lantagne Melvin Lapointe Doris LeBlanc - Gladys LeBlanc Jacklyn Legere J o4Ann Legere Barbara Lloyd William McCarthy Richard McLeary Alden MacDougall Patricia McHale James McLean Frederick Marchi Arthur Maria Theresa Martin Theresa Mehigan Albert Melanson John Milligan Vincent Morrison William Nadeau Faye Niles Marilyn Niles Nancy O'Kane Ralph Oldham Theresa Palleschi Anna Papasadora Gloria Parady Anne Paterson Zenas Patrick Julia Perry Barbara Perry Pauline Perry Robert 1 Pidacks Walter Pillsbury Diana,4Plante Anita Politis Louise Press Sadie Ramey Kathleen Reed A Dorilla Richard Willena Rogers Lorraine Ross' Edward- Roy Paul Roy " Janice Ruff y Gladys St. Cyr Jeanette St. Cyr Richard Shea Roger Simboli Madora Soule ' Emile Theriault Raymond Theriault Francis Tremblay William Whynaught Arthur Zinck Page F ifty-Seven Sr Qrncqs IIQBUTQ Frieda Abbott Kathleen Adams Garfield Adley Harold Antin Alfred Arsenault Raymond Arsenault Theresa Arsenault Ruth Austin Stanley Bartlett Marjorie Batherson Theresa Bellegarde Geraldine Benedix Madeline Benedix Simonne Bisson James Blaisdell Colleen Blanchard Cecile Blouin Edward Brown Richard Brown John Bulger Marjorie Bulger Audrey Buotte Jean Buotte Pauline Bushie Rose Bushie Florence Camirand Antonio Capponi Veronica Capponi Lorraine Cayer Gloria Child Justin Clohosey Beverly Collins Louise Conley Arthur Cormier Raymond Cornish Omer Cote Albert Cyr Rosalie Davis John Delisle Theodore Desveaux Nicholas DiConzo Frank DiConzo Mary Donahue Claire Doucette Roberta Dunning SOPHOMORE CLASS Edith Estes Theresa Fisher Margaret Floyd Anna Freeman Isabelle Gallant lVIary Gammon Priscilla Garneau John Gastonguay Shirley Gauthier Anita Gaisson Milton Giberson Jacqueline Gillis Madelin Glaizier Esther Goddard Roland Guay Theresa Hachey Eugene Haines Jean -Hall Jacob Hebert Janice Henderson Dorothy Hill Mary.Irish Estelle Jaros Ramona Johnson Doris Jordan Ruth Kaulback Phyllis Kerr Dorothy Kimball Bernice Knox Lorraine Lafleur Madeline Lavorgna Joan Leader Theresa Levasseur Leonard Lindberg Joan Lundy Elmer Lyons Viola MacConaghy Anita MacDonald Frances MacDougall Helen McKenna Thelma McKenna Thelma McKinney Joan McLeod Beverly Mahoney Ora Marcellino Elizabeth Maria Mildred Mercier Louise Merrill Richard Mercereau Dolores Mickeriz Joan Morrison Diane Morton Katherine Murphy George Nadeau John Nichols Noella Ouellette Bertrand Patenaude Estella Patten Charles Peillet Timothy Perry Shirleiy?'Poland Jimmy Porathffif- Angela Puiia Gwendolyn Richards Laurie,Richards Timothy Ronan ' Marjorie Rosato John Rowe Theresa Roy Robert Saisi Mary Salatino ' Geraldine Sassi Nancy Schwind Patricia Shea Martin Silver Paul Sirois Alfreda Theriault A Venice Theriault Edna Thibodeau John Thomas Reginald Thorne Doris Turner Eugene Vallee Wilfred Vallee Samuel Wade Patricia Warren Annette Waznis Einar Wulff Alden Wyman Page F ifty-Nmc Presidentg Mary Lou Fraser, Treasurer, Beverley Delano, Secretary President: Roger Kilgore, Vice FRESHMEN - Wayne Ruff, Sr QPHQNS 'Clqnurlg George Adams Donald Agostenelli Lydia Arsenault Joan Auby Lorraine Auger Willard Bailey Yvette Bellanger Virginia Bellows Louise Bernard Yolande Blouin Elmer Boudreau Barbara Brigett Gloria Brown James Brown Greta Bryant Beverly Bulger Richard Bulger Raymond Bushie Edward Carrier Lucielle Carrier Betty Childs Charles Childs James Chandler Helen Chuzas Millet Coffin Hilda Conley Edmond Collete Clement Coulombe Irene Cormier Pauline Crawford Joseph Curato Anne Dalton Beverly Delano Marco DeSalle Lenora Dinsmore William Donahue Ann Dorion Peter Dragoon Joan Dubois Nancy Eldridge William Elliot Methyl Easter Beverly Farnum Walter Finethy Marlene Fisher Albert Fortier- Mary Lou Fraser Charles Frasier William Freeman Viola Fredricks Josephine Gaccetta FRESHMAN CLASS Rose Gaccetta Francis Gallant Melvin Gallant Rita Gallant Cliiford Gammon Marion Gill Edward Girard Faye Glover Yvette Grenier George Godin Pauline Godin Joan Hall Priscilla Haymes James Hearold Osie Hill Mavis' Hodgson Richard Hopkins Gertrude Jannace John J annace Winston Jay Robert Kaulback Roberta Kerr John Kezal Roger Kilgore Georgette Kiroac Robert LaPointe Gloria 'Legere Odile Legere Roberta Lundy Maxine Lyons Virginia Lyons Barbara Leighton Leo Lozier Janice Mace William Mahar Joan Manson Norman Marquis Lumena Martin Roland Martin Donald McCann Joan McConaghy Elaine McGrath Anna McKenna Bertha Meisner Richard Melanson Theresa Mercier Nellie Milligan Dorothy Moore Lee Moore Louis Morin Robert Nadeau Marguerite Niles John Orino Anita Parise Jean Peabody Roger Petrie Lorraine Perry Merle Phelps Louise Porter Peter Press Charlene Priest Theresa Ricci Doris Richard i Raymond Richardson Katherine Ross Denise Roy Laurent Roy Laurie Roy Susan Clark Shirley Roy . Vivian'Roy ' YvettE"Roy Rita Roy h Leah Rawley' Alan Sarle ' Marion Suley Q Bernice Sessions 1 June Seymour Charles Stanley William Stearns Phylis Sullivan ' Dale Sweatt Elbert Theriault Robert Touchette Clara Trenoweth Joan Trube Priscilla Turbide Anna Umbra Reginald Vachon Theodore Valle V Le Forest Vaugh June Wade Arnold Warner Wilfred Warner James Welch Lorraine West Lillian Whooley Charlotte West Jean Wing Kenneth Worthley .Agnita Wulff Henry Zink Page S ixty-One 'Sz'QrHQNs Zkgnurr Margaret Ahearn Walter Alenskis Earle Anten Charles Arsenault Reginald Arsenault Lionel Auger Richard Austin Mary Avery Roland Barker Lewis Barnett Marie Beauchesne Roberta Beers Yvonne Belanger Constance Benedix Frank Bielskis Racheal Blodgett Arthur Blouin Mary Bourgeois ' Malcolm Bowden Erlan Broomhall Ann Brown Gerald Brown Elbridge Buck Harry Bucknam Doris Burt ' Lynden Clarke Ralph Clarke Robert Clifford Maurice Collette Anita Cormier Donald Cote Philip Cote Theresa Cunningham Barbara Damour Jerry Dechane Dorothy Davis Sandy DeMascio Carmella DiConzo Ernest Diconzo Pearl Doucette Charles Drummond Ann Enches Steve Evanoff Virginia Farnham JUNIOR HIGH CLASS Evaline Farrar Frances Farrar Marion Farrar Mildred Fisher Rene Fournier Albert Gallant Carl Gallant Morris Gallant Walter Gallant Joyce Gamble Rudolphe Gauthier Erene Gautreau Ellen Geronda Richard Grannell Lorraine Grassette Kenneth Gurschick Clarence Haines John Hall Franklin Heald Lois Hall Faye Holt Ronald Huston Marion Jannace Barbara Jaros Malcolm Jones Dayl Kaulback Lois Kerr William Kimball Romeo Labonte Edgar Lamb James Lavorgna Hazel LaB1anc Laura Leblanc Gertrude Lefebvre Marion Lefebvre Dorothy Longley Rita Longley Clifton Lyons Henry McCleary Linwood Mclnnis Lois McKenna Merrill McKinney Gilbert McPherson William Mace Robert Marchisio Raymond Martineau Marjorie Merchant Ralph Merchant Andrew Barbara Stephen Douglas Michaud Milligan Morrison Morton Gerald Parisi Shirley Patten Harvey Paul Walter Peare. Jr. L Jeannette Pellerin Allen Phelps Joyce Pillsbury Joariilffuiia Phyllis Ramey ..,., Allan Richard Marie Richard- Viola Richard , Robert ,Richardsf John Richardson Richard Rideout Gilbert Roderick John Rowley Harry Sadowski Lawrence St. Cyr June Sawyer Richard Schwind Sylvia Schwind Thomas Shea Rosemary Silver Warren Stearns , Harold Steele Richard Stone Paul Thurston Edward Touchette Peggy Tripp Patricia Wade Sally Watson Gordon Wentzell Glenice Wing Ralph Zinck Page Sixty-Th ree Sr QPHQNS 'CRQIUTQ GRGANIZATIONS BROADCAST CLUBS NATHDNAL HGNORQSOCIETY S. H. S. BAND ' STUDENT COUNCIL P sfjr Sz- QPHQNS 'tlKlll.l'C' i 1 -Lim BROADCAST STAFF First row: Jean Constantine, Jean Gammon, Joan Leader, Nancy Schwind, Shirley Gauthier. Second row: James Chandler, Thomas Marchi, Beverly Bronstein, Marjorie Jay. Margaret McKinnon, Priscilla Woodward. Barbara McKellick, Genevieve Dalton, Janice Ruff, Donald Curley. James Crawford. Third row: Jacqueline Hebert, Henrietta Dow, Edna Mahar, Joan Annello, June Petty, Jean Thomas, Assist- ant Editor James Meehan, Sponsor Miss Lombard Editor-in-Chief Gloria Carrier, Faye McKenna, Ruth Ahara, Lydia Morse, Edith Avery, Louise Press, Shirley Fitzmaurice. STEPHENS BROADCAST The Stephens Broadcast, our school paper, was re-organized last fall. At one of the first meetings members for the various staffs were elected. Those who made up these staffs are: EDITOR-IN-CHIEF-Gloria Carrier. ASSISTANT EDITOR-James Meehan FEATURES-Priscilla Woodward Cchairmanl, Jean Constantine, Jackie Hebert, Janice Ruff, Thomas Marchi, James Crawford, Ruth Ahara, Louise Press, Joan Leader, Lydia Morse. EDITORIALS-June Pretty, Margaret MacKinnon, Jean Gammon, Henrietta Dow. SPORTS-Marjorie Jay, Donald Curley, Dick McLeary. ADVERTISING-Beverly Bronstein fchairmanj, Jean Thomas, Priscilla Woodward, James Chandler, Nancy Schwind, Shirley Gauthier. CIRCULATION-Edith Avery, Arlene Abbottg Exchange, Edna Mahar, Doris Knight. TYPISTS-Barbara McKellick Cchairmanb, Shirley Fitzmaurice, Joan Annello, Faye McKenna, Genevieve Dalton. SPONSOR-Miss Lombard Five papers, most of them being holiday issues, have been published this year. Topics such as "Dear Diary", "Through the Lenses." "Between the Bookends," 'tAll Up," and "Letter Box" have been the special features of this year's Broadcast. Now that the year is drawing to a close, the staff decided to crown a busy year with a social time. The party, held in the gymnasium, was a distinct success. The 1946 Broadcast Staff feels that a worthwhile and interesting paper has been produced. Tllle Editor thanks her staff members for the capable manner in which all assignments have been andled. Page Sixty-Six Srqruqqs 'CKQBUTQ CODIMERCIAL CLUB Front row, left to right: Jeanette Vallee, Joyce Dolloff Shirley Fitzmaurice, Vice President Viola Theriault gresrdent, Mr. Baum, sponsor, Muriel Cummings, Treasurer, Joyce Spencer, Secretary, Eva Cormier. Mildred - oum. Second row: Pearl Martin. Barbara McKellick, Genevieve Dalton, Isabelle Garneau Hazel Prevost Joan Annello iayebMcKenna, Claire Goudreau, Edna Mahar, Rose DeSalle, Barbara Freedlander. Dorilla Richards, Ida Mae e e vre. Third row:-William Ball, Jean Constantine, Anita Carrier, Jacklyn Hebert. Gladys Kelly, Pauline Farris. Anita Politis, Doris Carrier, Theodore Finethy. Francis Serafin. COMMERCIAI. CLUB The Commercial Club started the year off with a hike to West Peru. The day was warm and sunny and eats were enjoyed along the way. We were now ready for our last year in Stephens High. On 'November 2nd the remaining five commercial seniors were initiated and what an ordeal for them! All during the day Faye MCKSUUH, Edna Mahar, Hazel Prevost, Mildred Blouin and Jeanette Vallee were so stunning in their upsweeps, and large red bows, large C's on their cheeks, books in pails, dark skirts, and red sweaters! No jewelry or makeup was allowed and to top it off, one short sock and one long silk stocking. In the evening, however, this garb was discarded and an enjoyable evening was had by all. Mrs Trafton, guest of honor, who was soon to leave us, was presented with gifts and our best wishes. On January 9, a banquet was held in the cafeteria, in honor of the incoming Juniors. There were eleven new members admitted to the club. Miss Lombard and Mr. Brennick were guests. Games and songs were enjoyed by all. ' On March 6th, the eleven highest ranking Juniors were initiated. For about one week here and there people were solicited for their John Hancocks to be signed on raw eggs, a custom of the club. Then came the day of initiation. They wore dungarees, pajama tops, one high boot and one moccasin, a stunning hair-do Cpin curlsj, no make up, and rings on all fingers. That night they went through the usual initiating procedure and became full-fledged members. A light luncheon was served. Irene Harpe and Irene Theriault, former Commercial Club members, were guests of honor. The officers are as follows: President ....., ...,..... V iola Theriault Vice President ......., Shirley Fitzmaurice Secretary ................. Joyce Spencer Treasurer ....... ..... . Muriel Cummings Page Sixty-Seven 1 n s Srrgrnrglqs 'Cxgaurr FRENCH CLUB Front row: left to right: J. Legere, T. Mehigan, J. Fraser. N. O'Kane, V. Morrison, P. Richardson, Mrs. Phillips, G. Parady, J. Dupill, J. Rulf, L. Ross. P. Perry, E. Knight. Second row: B. Roach, D. Gillis, A. Buotte, M. Jay, C. Labonte, C. Steele, P. Woodward, J. Enches,-M. McKinnon, B Arsenault S Rowe J Perr A Labonte J Crawford F Tremblay - . . , . y. . , . . - - Third row: S. Thorne, P. Marceau, A. Shea, B. Bronstein L. Morse. J. Fraser, F. Niles, W. Whynaught, T. Clark, J. Phillips. A. Poulin, T. Marchi, J. Boyle, A. Carrier J. Thomas, J. Pretty, J. Whyte, R. Scrone, G. Carrier. - FRENCH CLUB When school opened in September the French Club was without a sponsor. Miss Lucia Cormier, who for many years had served as our popular sponsor, resigned her post as teacher in S.H.S. Mr. Helie was selected as her successor and also the new sponsor of the club. To raise money for numerous activities, a fine social was held on May 3rd, in the Gymnasium. Music was furnished by Zenas Patrick and everyone voted it "the best social of the year." The officers who were elected for this year were: President, Pascal Richardsong Vice President, Gloria Paradyg Secretary, Vincent Morrisong Treasurer, John Dupill. Page Sixty-Eight STQPHIQNS 'CKQBUCRC F. F. A. Front row, left to right: Donald Jasud, Mr. Brown, Norman Abbott. Second row: Albert Cyr, R. Bushie, Albert Melanson, Stanley Bartlett. F.F.A The Stephens High F. F. A. started its activities in the fall by initiating its new members. During the evening refreshments were served. The other activities for the school year consisted of holding meetings one evening each month. In March, two of the officers attended a meeting of all fourteen F. F. A. Associations in this district at Monmouth Academy. This was an all-day meeting, and a good time was reported. In May, our chapter went to Livermore Falls to compete in an Agricultural Contest consisting of fifteen schools. After school closes in June, our F. F. A. Chapter will be represented at Orono at the State F. F. A. Convention. At this time a state-wide contest will be held also. .A team of four boys will be chosen to take part in this contest. The officers for this past year have been: President, Norman Abbottg .Vice President, Robert Gillg Secretary, Stanley Bartlettg Treasurer, Wm. Freemang Reporter, Donald Jasudg Advisor, Mr. Brown. In December, there were three Green Hands and ten Future Farmers in the membership. The picture was taken on a very stormy day in winter, so there were few present. Page Szlvty-Nine SIQPHIQNS 'CKQBUTQ HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Foreground: Ann Dalton, Yvette Grenier, Eva Laurinaitis Margaret Noonan, Charlene Waite, Roberta Kerr, Diana Plante, Anna Papasadora, Veronica Capponi, Theresa Palleschi, Mary Salatino. Background: Doris Jordan, Noella Ouellette, Theresa Hachey, Theresa Arsenault, Mrs Barlow isponsorl, Kath- leen Adams, Barbara Doherty, Lillian Gurschick, Nathalie Avery, Barbara Lloyd, Rose Bushie, Beverly Mahoney, Esther Jones, Ruth Kaulback, Geraldine Benedix, Theresa Jaros, Rita Cormier, Alva Cunningham. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The first Home Economics Club meeting of the year was held in Room 3, October 1, 1945. Oiiicers elected were: . ' President .....,..,...,... ............. L ucy Ricci Vice President ...., .. ...Theresa Paleschi Treasurer ........, . ....... .,...... J ean Holt Secretary ..............,.............. Theresa Jaros Publicity Officer ......,..,.,.. Eva Laurinaitis I By-laws were read and approved by members, of the club. Josephine Blunda and Ethelyne Broomhall were elected By-law members. ' The duties of the officers were read and approved. Colors of the Club were agreed upon, lavendar and white. Making of uniforms was discussed by the Club members. Lavendar skirts and white sweaters were made by the Senior Home Economics members. They were worn at the next meeting, and were very attractive. A Christmas party was held in the cafeteria, with an exchange of gifts, and the singing of carols. Many new ideas and suggestions were brought out to improve the club. It was also suggested and approved by the members to have club pins. The pins were to be worn by all Senior and Junior girls, provided they earned them. The Sophomore and Freshman girls were to wear ribbons of the club colors after one year in the club. W Under the supervision of Mrs. Fuller and Mrs. Barlow, much was accomplished. Next year, it ,is hoped that there will be more members enthusiastic about the club. Page Seventy Sr QPHQNS 'Crqnurrg I S. P. Q. R. LATIN CLUB Front row: Louise Conley, scribe-Diantha Taylor. Emperor-Robert Roche, Miss Murphy lsponsorj, Em- press-Ruth Ahara, scribe-Shirley Thorne, Theresa Bellegarde. 2nd Row: Geraldine Sassi, Carolee White, Ann Paterson, Beverly Bronstein, Louisa Press, Henrietta Dow, Joan Morrison, Joan Leader, Annette Waznis, Simonne Bisson. ' 3rd row: Joan Lundy. Shirley Gauthier, John Rowe, Thomas Dyer, James Porath, Edward Gastonguay, Robert Saisi, Nancy Schwind, Kath een Reed. LATIN CLUB On October 31st, the S. P. Q. R. Latin Club held the first meeting of the year. The gathering took place in the form of a Hal1owe'en party at the farm of Carol White's parents. The Seniors and Juniors were in charge of the evening's entertainment, the main attraction being the initiation of the Sophomore members. This took place in a room attractively decorated in orange and black. Mr. White was the "Ghost," and several gruesome figures had been placed in the halls where they startled the unsuspecting members. After a picnic supper and the initiation program, jokes and stories were exchanged before the clock showed it was time to start for home. Two weeks later the Sophomores, in return, prepared a chicken supper and an evening's enter- tainment for the Juniors and Seniors. Various contests were held, and pins showing membership in the Junior Classical League were presented to the third and fourth year students. The next event was the annual auction. The aim for this year was sixty dollars and each class had its own project. The Sophomores earned their quota with a chicken generously donated by Mrs. Christine Taylor. An attractive variety box, prepared by Louise Press was auctioned off by the Juniors, while the Seniors sold chances on two dolls. Mrs. Stewart kindly offered to dress the French doll donated by Miss Catherine Murphy, and the lucky winner was Mrs. Effie Warner. Mrs Yvonne Gillis received the chicken, and Shirley Poland won the variety basket. Books and other articles were donated by the teachers and townspeople, and through their aid the Club realized a profit of seventy-five dollars. - Through the Junior Classical League, the students purchased a Latin magazine, the Auxilium Latinum, in addition to several attractive posters which can be seen in Room 113f Sterling silver club pins were presented to the upper class members. Q, The members are now looking forward to the annual May Day breakfast and banquet. These Spring events are always as enjoyable as those which take place during the Fall and Winter. With a memorable year behind them, the younger members of the Club can look ahead to future years filled with fun, good times, and work well done. Page Seventy-One Srgrneqs 'Cngnurr THE LIBRARY CLUB Back row: Marjorie Jay, Beverly Bronstein, Louise Press Diantha Taylor, Ramona Blouin, Mariette Bushie. Foregrzaundz Janice Ruff, Margaret Kezal, Edith Estes, Beverly Collins, Margaret McKinnon, and Mrs. Anderson sponsor . A THE LIBRARY CLUB The sole purpose of the Library Club is to be of service to the school. Membership in the club is limited to students who are librarians in the school library. Without them the school could have no library, because funds are not suflicient to hire a full-time librarian. Pupils who wish to become members are trained outside of school time, for three weeks in the fall, by Mrs. Anderson, who received her library training at Simmons College. They are required to pass an examination, and then each pupil who is fully qualified, takes charge of the library for one period each day. Until this year, they have had full responsibility for discipline, keeping the library in order, and giving assistance to pupils. This year, with the larger teachng force, it has been possible to have a teacher in the library during several of the periods. This has been a help in maintaining order. It is hoped that by next year, the library will be enlarged by the addition of the adjoining room. Already a part of the wall has been removed and glass windows set in, making both rooms lighter. The large case containing minerals has been moved into the new room and a door cut through. When it is' possible to get lumber, shelves and tables will be built and the library will be more useful than now. The Library Club meets once a week through the school year, and holds two social affairs every year. These usually are tasting parties or weenie roasts. When a member has served for two years she receives a white felt "R" silhouetted against a white book. This can be worn as any school insignia is worn. Officers this year are: President ........................ Beverly Bronstein Vice President ...........,..,. Margaret McKinnon Secretary ..............,......... Janice Ruff Treasurer ..,... .........,....... Marjorie Jay Other members: Louise Press, Lois Holland, Margaret Kezal, Edith Estes, Marietta Bushie, Ramona Blouin, Doris Knight, Diantha Taylor, Lorraine Canders, Arlene Favre, Edna Walker, Beverly Collins. Sponsor: Mrs. Minerva Anderson Page Se-uenty-Two STQPHENS 'ZRQBUTQ NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY First row, left to right: Beverly Bronstein, Doris Knight, Shirley Thorne, Marjorie Jay. Diantha Taylor, Sally Rowe Joyce Spencer. Second row: Viola Theriault, Isabelle Garneau. Jean Whyte, Ruth Ahara, John Phillips, Priscilla Woodward, Jean Thomas, June Pretty. Anita Carrier. Absent-Ruth Scrone and Richard Works. THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY In the year nineteen hundred twenty-three, Stephens High School was granted Chapter 183 of the National Honor Society. This society in high school corresponds to the Phi Beta Kappa Society in college. T Membership is based on scholarship, leadership, service and character as shown throughout a a studentis high school course. Selection is made by a board of four teachers and the principal. To be elected a member of this society is considered the highest honor that can be conferred cn a student. Gold pins are worn after initiation. ' . Each year at Last Chapel, an impressive initiation ceremony is held and a pledge to the society is given. One social affair, to which old and new members are invited, is usually part of the commence- ment festivities. Page Seventy-T11 ree Srqrnrggqs 'Closure S. H. S. BAND First row: Lillian Gurschick, Irene Beaudet, Gloria Parady, Majorette Priscilla Marceau. June Pretty, Janice Ruff. Gloria Carrier, Linore Dinsmore. Second row: Phyllis Kerr, Joyce Spencer, Priscilla Haynes, Diantha Taylor, Anne Patterson, Sponsor Mr. Cohen, Louise Press, Josephine Gaccetta, Colleen Blanchard, Anne McKenna. Third row: Beverly Bronstein, Lorraine Canders, Muriel Cummings, Priscilla Woodward, Viola MacConaghy, Jean Thomas, Ann Brown, Jean Hall, Jacqueline Hebert, Isabelle Garneau, Simonne Bisson. Fourth row: Peter Dragoon, Ronald Huston, Richard Works, Bill McCarthy. Donald Curley, James McLean, Emile Gamache, James Crawford, Roger Kilgore, Reginald Vachon. S. H. S. BAND - 1945-1946 The SHS Band, always a very active organization, has had an unusually busy year. Perhaps this is due to some measure to the eliminations of war-time restrictions. The happy advent of peace enabled the band to make the trips to football games. It traveled with the team to Augusta, Waterville and Biddeford, where favorable comments made our ears tingle. The band, while not as large as it was prior to the war, is gradually building up and what it may lack in size is more than offset by its quality. This is due to the higher require- ment standards for membership. The annual Band Concert presented on May eighth was a distinct success both musically and financially. Irene Beaudet, as the vocal soloist, was,very pleasing. The Band made a most creditable showing later at Sanford on May eleventh when the first Music Festival since the war was held. Band Personnel - Simmone Bisson, Beverly Bronstein, Ann Brown, Colleen Blanchard, Joyce Calden, Lorraine Canders, James Crawford, Muriel Cummings, Donald Curley, Peter Dragoon, Jos- ephine Gaccetta, Emile Gamache, Isabelle Garneau, Jean Hall, Jacqueline Hebert, Ronald Huston, Pri- cilla Haines, Phyllis Kerr, Roger Kilgore, Bernice Knox, James McLean, William McCarthy, Viola MacConaghy, Ann McKenna, Ann Paterson, Louise Press, Joyce Spencer, Jean Thomas, Diantha Taylor, Reginald Vachon, Priscilla Woodward, Richard Works. Color Bearers-Lawrence John- son, William Moro, Robert MacConaghy. Drum Major - Priscilla Marceau. Majorettes - Irene Beaudet, Margaret Bowden, Gloria Carrier, Lenore Dinsmore, Lillian Gurschick, Gloria Parady, June Pretty, Janice Ruff. Page Seventy-F our Srl-Q,rHQNs 'Ckgnurr STUDENT COUNCIL At the first meeting, from a large number of contestants, the Student Council selected the cheer- leaders for the coming year. Then the body formally organized, choosing as their officers: E President ............................,...........,.........r..... Ruth Ahara Vice-president ...........................................,..,. Lorraine Fleck Secretary .,..........,..,..,..,..........,......................... Jean Thomas Treasurer ............,..,.........,........,............ : ..,..... Jean Constantine The main goal for the fall term was the opening of Teen Town. A committee was appointed to see Mr. Harold Noyes concerning the use of the Institute. The meeting was held and a tentative date for the opening night was set. It was agreed that the Institute would furnish music and a re- freshment booth, while the profits or losses and governing problems would be taken care of by the student body of Stephens High School. Only boys and girls attending the school were to be admitted, with special cards for visitors. After a week's postponement, the gala opening was held on De- cember l4th with a capacity crowd of one hundred thirty. Red and green Christmas decorations had been planned by the committee headed by Jacklyn Herbert. Mayor John Phillips was in charge of the refreshments. Teen Town continued to run successfully during the Christmas vacation, but when school started, changes had to be made. Each class was assigned the duty of running Teen Town for one week end. The arrangements for opening the club were made by the class presidents while it remained the duty of the Student Council to see that supervisors were present. Then the attention of the group was turned to the basketball season, and the Council assumed the responsibilities of the Athletic Association until the body should be organized. In addition to selling and collecting tickets, refreshments were served to the boys at the close of each game, fol- lowed by the work of the "Cleanup Committee". It was voted that students entering athletics should receive a red chenille letter the first time, and the regulation white following that. Music letters were granted to members of the band and orchestra who had served for two years, although those receiving them could not become members of the "R" Clubs. The Student Council wishes to thank all those who have given their time to make Teen Town and other activities of this school year a success. STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS Seniors-Ruth Ahara, Shirley Thorne, Viola Theriault, and Jean Thomas. Juniors-Jacklyn Hebert, Jean Constantine, Lorraine Fleck. Sophomores-Joan Lundy, Paul Sirois. Freshmen-Alan Sarle. Page Seventy-Five STQPHENS 'CKQBIITR ATHLETICS BASEBALL BASKETBALL FOOTBALL SOFTBALL TRACK WINTER SPORTS PStyS Srqrnl-:Ns 'Clqnurr 1945 BASEBALL 'IEAM Those pictured in photo are left to right: U Front row: Elmer Boudreau. Raymond Theriault, Richard McCleary, Arthur Cormier, Alfred Arsenault, John Rowe Second row: Richard Shea, Robert Watson, David Leclerc, Gerald Gallant. Back row: Mr. Baum fcoachj, Vincent Morrison, Ted Clark. John Dupill, John Phillips, Ty Kaubris, William Paterson BASEBALL SUMMARY The 1945 Baseball Team pictured above, with the exception of Bill Leader and Jim Kelly who graduated before the picture was taken, finished a comparatively good season. The team as a whole consisted of very good material with veteran players in nearly every position. Losing only two players by graduation the Panthers anticipated a successful 1946 season. Returning this year was Gerald Gallant behind the plate for his second season. John Phillips returned for his third year on the mound. He pitched well last year and made a strong man for the team this spring. Ty Kaubris took over first base for his second year. Ted Clark, the key man of the Panthers returned as shortstop. He had the highest hitting average in the lineup last spring. McCleary gained much experience at third base and took over that position this season. In the outfield, three lettermen re- turned with previous exprience to their credit. They played their last season this spring. 'David Leclerc, Bob Watson and John Dupill, at right, center, and left Helds respectively. Besides these players mentioned, there are many more who displayed much ability in the past season and more- over earned their letters. They also played in many of the scheduled games. With all these potential players Coach Ryder produced an unusually fine team this spring. Raymond Baum, who has coached baseball at Stephens High School for the past fifteen years, resigned his post at the end of the 1945 season. His successor is Coach Joseph Ryder. Page Seventy-Eight STQPHRNS 'CRQBUTR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Front row: J. Clohosey. A. Cormier, T. Clark. R. Shea, J. Rowe. Second row: E. Leonard fcoachj, C. Fraser, V. Morrison. J. Phillips, S. Kaubris, R. Theriault, W. Nadeau. BASKETBALL SUMMARY The Stephens Basketball Team of 1945-1946 did not have a brilliant record but. toward the end of the season, showed great improvement. Mr. William Waldron, in his first year of coaching here at Stephens, brought many new ideas which as the season progressed proved to be helpful in correcting and guiding the players. ' The squad of boys which turned out at the beginning of the season was not very large and boasted only one returning letter-man, Bill Paterson, He was unable to finish the season which was a setback for the team. John Phillips returning for his third year on the court, played a great floor game throughout the season. Ted Clark was another strong man on the lineup, averaging 20 points per game. He was elected honorary captain of the team. , The Panthers opened their season on December 7, with a fast alumni team which completely outclassed the boys in the opener.. The team went on to lose to a strong Cony tive with a 74 to 30 score. Aroused to a fighting spirit, the team came through with a substantial 44 to 26 win over Livermore Falls. Laurence High School, with a heartbreaking last minute spurt, beat the Panthers 39 to 30. The team then came back with a 39 to 20 win from Wilton. The Panthers lost two decisive games to Thornton and Deering 48-23 and 49-18. Not disheartened, the Stephens Hve beat a good Berlin team to a 34-33 score. The Panthers came out of their slump winning the firstof their rival games with Mexico 40-37. In a topsy-turvy game, Lewiston edged a 33-28 on the stubborn Panthers. The Panthers then lost to Edward Little 48-32. In a see-saw return game, Laurence edged a 41-37 win over the Panthers. In the Lewiston game the Panthers restored some of their spirit with a 37-25 win. Berlin won their return game 46-32. A fast Thornton team won again. The highlight of an otherwise not too successful season came when the Stephens team fought the outstanding Edward Little team to a 48-45 score. Edward Little went on to win the State Championship. A rejuvenated Panther team finished their season by beating Mexico, Livermore, and Wilton in consecutive games. . The next years' basketball team will be somewhat stronger with 8 out of 10 varsity men returning and a number of experienced players. ' The Freshmen, under supervision of Coach Leonard, and the Junior High, coached by Mr. Hillman, have come a long way in the past year. The Stephens teams of the future certainly should do well and the Senior class of 1946 wishes them the best of luck. Page Seventy-Nine STQPHIQNS 'CIQBUTE - BOY'S HR" CLUB ' Front row:AR.CMe1anson, D. Gaccetta. R. McC1eary, J. Meehan. R. Watson, E. Theriault, G. Gallant, P. Richard- son, . yr. Second row: J. Ryder fsponsorl T. Dyer, L. Roy, J. Lapointe, W. Paterson, R. MacDonnell, A. Maria, M. Lavorgna, M A lward A Melanson J Rowe . y . . , . . Third row: R. Shea, J. Mattison, V. Morrison. J. Phillips, T. Clark, S. Kaubris, D. Curley, W. Pillsbury, J. Boyle BOY'S "R" CLUB The officers of the club are: President-Robert Watson Vice President-Gerald Gallant Secretary-Treasurer-Emile Theriault Sponsor-Coach Joseph Ryder The Boy's "R" Club has two yearly events which are the talk of the school: One, the initiation of new members, the other, the spring banquet. This year's initiation proved to be as tough as any previously held. However, the paddling, the stunts and humiliating forfeits found the initiates equal to the occasion, though pretty sore in some spots after the session. During this day of the initiation the female impersonations of our athletic males are really sumpin'. This fine group of huskies is composed of Jim Boyle, Dick Shea, Ty Kaubris, Vinnie Morrison, Tom Dyer, Bill Paterson, Dick Melanson, Melvin Aylward, Albert Cyr, Richard MacDonnell, Walter Pillsbury, Whitey Roy, Mike Lavorgna, John Lapointe, John Free- man, John Rowe, and Dom Gaccetta. These new members bring the club membership to twenty-seven which is the largest member- ship for several years. , The second big event is the annual banquet held at the Methodist Church dining-room. How the ladies produce food in such abundance has always been a mystery-but produce it they do and serve us a bang-up good meal. At this time officers for the ensuing year ,are elected. Fine talks by men who know sports entertain all fortunate enough to attend the aifair. Page Eighty Srerurgqs 'Crqnurr GlRL'S HR" CLUB Front row: Jean Gammon, Marjorie Jay treasurer, Ruth Scrone president, Miss Lombard Csponsorl, Isabella Gar- neau, secretary, Barbara McKell1ck vice president, Sally Rowe. u l , , Back row: Julia Perry, Claire Steele, Barbara Arsenault, Viola Theriault. Pauline Martin, June Pretty, Anita Carrier, Jean Thomas, Jean Whyte. Frances Martin, Irene Beaudet, Barbara Stewart. GIRLS' "R" CLUB The Gir1's "R" Club held its first meeting of the year November 15. in Room 217 of Stephens High School. At this time the officers for the present school year were elected. They are: President-Ruth Scrone Vice President-Barbara McKellick Treasurer-Marjorie Jay , Secretary-Isabelle Garneau The question of earning money was discussed and a Mystery Box was voted as the best means to raise funds. , The members decided that they should first initiate the Senior girls who made their letter in basketball last year. Those initiated were: Barbara Arsenault Sally Rowe Anita Carrier Claire Steele Jean Gammon Barbara Stewart Frances Martin Jean Thomas Pauline Martin . Shirley Thorne ' June Pretty Jean Whyte Some of their initiation stunts were to attend school dressed in overalls, colored blouse, hair in pigtails, and odd, very odd accessories. That same night the real initiation was held in the cafeteria where each new member earned her membership through a painful process. ' ' Regular meetings were held 'the second week of each month. After the business was concluded, a social hour and refreshmentrwere enjoyed. Hikes, a bicycle ride and a picnic were included among the activities. C Many members ordered "R" Club pins in April and sported them the rest of the year. New members, having earned a letter in softball, will be initiated next fall replacing the graduating girls. Page E ighty-One Srrynrqs ICRQBUTQ GIRL'S BASKETBALL CHAMPS Front row:.Genevieve Poirier, Jean Gammon, Sally Rowe, Claire Steele, Jean Thomas, Ccaptainj Shirley Thorne, Mamorie Jay, Barbara Stewart, Frances Martir. Second row: Barbara Arsenault, Pauline Martin, Priscilla Woodward, Anita Carrier, Gloria Stanley, June Pretty, Isabella Garneau, Viola Theriault, Barbara McKellick. GIRL'S BASKETBALL CHAMPS This picture of the basketball girls represents last year's group, however most of the girls turned out again this year to help maintain the senior girls' high standing as champion hoopsters, Although Stephens High girls have no outside games, much enthusiasm and rivalry is shown in the interscholastic tournament. Last year this group, then juniors, much to the chagrin of the upper class were the champions of the tournament and were presented letters. This year, after three hard-fought games, the seniors again came out on top to prove to all that they were still the superior players. Girls' basketball should be outstanding in Stephens and these "Champs" sincerely hope that in years to come they will be able to return to the Alma Mater to watch and cheer for a united basketball team. b Page Eighty-Two S'l'.E.l'HQNS ICRQBUTQ CHEERLEADERS Cheerleaders, left to right: Joan Leader, Ruth Broomhall, Viola Theriault, Pauline Martin, Miss Lombard fsponsorl Isabelle Gallant. Evelyn Knight, Barbara Arsenault Barbara Stewart. I CHEERLEADERS Approximately twenty-five girls tried out for positions on the cheerleader squad. The Student Council, as judges, elected two veterans, Barbara Stewart and Barbara Arsenault, and three new girls, Evelyn Knight, Barbara McKe1lick, and Viola Theriault. For substitute work, Joan Leader, Ruth Broomhall, Isabel Gallant, and Pauline Martin will do their share of yelling. The girls have energetically led the school in pep rallies, and they attend all games. With their bright red skirts and trim jackets, they present a colorful spectacle. Six small maroon mega- phones have been purchased and each girl is well equipped to cheer loudly and enthusiastically. Miss Lombard is sponsor of the cheerleaders and acts as chaperon on the trips. With the void- ance of gas rationing, attendance at the games is large. Thespirit is unsurpassed, buoying the team on with renewed vigor. A , Page Eighty-T11-ree Sz' qruqqs 'Clqnurr I A FOOTBALL TEAM Front row: W. Patterson, J. Phillips, T. Kaubris, D. Gacetta, R. McLeary, J. Meehan, T. Clark, V. Morrison, P. Rich- ardson, J. Dupill, G. Gallant, E. Theriault, A. Melanson. Second row: J. Ryder lcoachj, G. Nadeau, M. Lapointe, R. Saisi. W. Ruff, L. Ro , R. Melanson, J. Lapointe, M. Lavorgna, R. MacDonnell, J. Boyle, M. Aylward, W. Nadeau, E. Mahar, L. Clohosey, R. Thorne, G. Godin, A. Cyr, J. Curato, J. Connors lassistant coachj. Third row: E. Carrier, J. Clohosey, T. Dyer, J. Herrell, P. Richardson, J. Porath, R. Oldham, W. Pillsbury, T. Perry, R. Shea. R. Pollischi, A. Maria. J. Rowe, J. Bulger, A. Arsenault, R. Mersereau. FOOTBALL SUMMARY The Stephens High School Panthers closed its football season November 11, with an unblemished record of eight wins and one tie. For the first time in several years, the Panthers were acclaimed the State Champions. Besides being undefeated, the gridders set another record, being the least scored- on team in the state, with only 25 points scored against them, while as an offensive team they scored the second highest, a total of 192 points. Under the expert coaching of Joseph Ryder, assist- ed by James Connors, the Panthers were able to attain this record. With two victories acquired, Rumford felt secure to meet the heavy Lewiston team. Blackie Bernard of Lewiston was the main threat to the Stephens gridders, but with the help of expert blocking and passing, Rumford came out on top, with the score Rumford 145 Lewiston 12. This hard-fought game helped to strengthen the Red Panthers for the most important game on its card, held on the following Saturday at Waterville. After three scoreless periods, a long pass from Shiro to Marden converted, and Waterville streaked ahead, 7-0. Then Rumford opened up a barrage of passes midway in the period and Phillips finally connected with one to "Spike" Theri- ault, who ran from the thirty to score. Melanson rushed the extra point to knot the score 7-7. A few minutes later the game ended. The result was a tie for the second consecutive year. On October 20, 3,000 fans saw one of the best high school games in the state for many years. This was the contest between Rumford and Cony at Augusta. The score was tied until the fourth period, when a Cony kick was blocked by a Panther linesman. The ball bounced out of bounds in the end zone, registering 2 points for Rumford, and thus an unforgettable game ended. With but two more games to be played to claim the State Championship, the Panthers trav- elled to Biddeford to play the Saint Louis eleven. The powerful Stephens eleven held the Saint Louis team to no downs, the game ending with Rumford at the top of a 14-0 score. At the end of the season the Chamber of Commerce honored the team with a banquet. The entire football squad, the band, and the cheerleaders attended. John Dupill was elected hon- orary Captain of the team. Page Eighty-Four V S-rqrugqs 'Clqnurr GIRIBS SOFTBALL TEAR! Front gots: gatricia McHale. Gloria Carrier, Beverley Delano. Barbara McKellick, Phyllis Kaulback, Yvette ic ar s. ' Second row: Barbara Stewart, Julia Perry, Mr. Foster qcoachl, Joan Leader, Josephine Gaccetta. Third row: Elizabeth Maria, Anita Politis, Barbara Arsenault, Edith Avery. Nathalie Avery, Ruth Scrone. Isabelle Garneau, Marjorie Jay, Anna Freeman. GIRL'S SOFTBALL TEAM Like spring football, fall softball is now a regular practice. When Mr. Jasper Foster, our new coach, sent out the word for practice games, many new participants appeared. Much new talent was discovered and the spring schedule was successful. The squad hopes to reverse the score in its own favor when we meet our old rivals, Mexico and Dixfield. They beat us in both games played in November. Girls who are veteran players are: - Seniors: Phyllis Kaulback, Edith Avery, Gloria Carrier, Marjorie Jay, Ruth Scrone, Barbara McKe1lick, Edna Maher, Yvette Richards, Barbara Arsenault, Barbara Stewart, Isabelle Graneau. Junior? Anita Politis, Julia Perry, Patricia McHale. Sophomores: Joan Leader, Nathalie Avery, Elizabeth Maria, Josephine Gaccetta, Anna Freeman Freshman: Beverley Delano Page Eighty-Five Srqrl-IQNS 'Clqnung TRACK TEAM Frint row: R. Nadeau, J. Meehan, J. Ryder icoachl, M. Aylward, A. Cyr. Second row: J. Bulger, J. Crawford, T. Perry, V. Morrison. W McCarthy, R. Oldham, R. Pidacks, D. Curley. J. Boyle J. McLean, T. Dyer, A. Puiia. D TRACK SUMMARY The 1945 track team coached by Joseph Ryder had a comparatively good season. They entered four meets throughout the season. The first meet was at Bates Field in Lewiston between Edward Little and Stephens and the former won. Next came a triangular meet at Bethel between Gould, Stephens and Fryeburg. Stephens took a second place and Gould came out on top. In the third meet between Wilton, Farmington and Stephens, the Panthers took a first place. The last and most important meet was the State meet. Here Tom Burgess, a veteran trackrnan, now attending Gould, took second place in the 440 yard dash. Don Curley took a second place in the discus throwing event. The 1946 team should have a favorable season this spring with such veterans as: Boyle, Meehan, Cyr, Curley, Alyward, Perry, Gamache, McCarthy, Crawford, and Puiia. The meets on the 1946 card include one at Lewiston, Edward Little, Wilton, Farmington, Gould, Fryeburg and the State meet. - The list of the 1945 Team is as follows: Burgess-220 and 440 yard dash Meehan-Shot Put and Discus Boyle-Broad jump and High jump Dennis-Javelin and High Jump Casey-100 yards, low hurdles and shot put Jones-Mile Morrison-Pole vault MacDonald-Pole vault and High jump Cyr-Javelin, 220 and low hurdles Freeman-Broad jump, javelin and low hurdles Curley-Discus and 100 yard dash Manson-Shot put Alyward-440 yard dash Other members Were: MacLean 8803 Puiia the mileg McCarthy 4405 Gamache 8805 Perry 440 and discus, Crawford 440g and Oldham 880. I Page Eighty-Six Srlgrnrqs 'Crqnurr WINTER SPORTS TEAM Front row: Raymond Martineau, Donald McCann, Melvin Gallant, Mr. Brennick, fsponsori. Second row: Robert Saisi, John Bragoli, John Bulger, .Nicholas Diconzo, Robert Nadeau. Third row: David Leclerc, Melvin Aylward, Ralph Oldham, Robert Pidacks, Emile Gamache, James Porath, James Crawford. "Moose" Poirier. WINTER SPORTS SUMMARY Although the S. H. S. Winter Sports team had a late start they, nevertheless, made a fine showing this winter. After very little practice they completed in a meet at Edward Little of Auburn, and took over a fourth place. The next trip was to Bethel for the State meet. Here Stephens made a good showing with a fourth place with nine schools competingf Melvin Aylward took a first place in the jumping events and thus gained the honor of being the State Schoolboy Champion in jumping. Robert Nadeau barely missed a first place in the downhill event. The following week the team returned to Bethel and took a second place in a triangular meet. The Hnal meet on the S. H. S. card was held in Rumford on February 23. Six schools competed in this carnival. Edward Little took over the first place and Stephens a fourth, However, Rumford won in the jumping contest, with Alyward leaping 122 feet. . ' I This winter Stephens was especially strong in jumping, and next year they will improve in the other events, as the majority of the team are underclassmen. Mr. Brennick, the Winter Sports Coach, should be congratulated on the fine work he has done in reviving the Winter Sports at Stephens. Page Eighty-Seven STUHQNS ZIQBUTQ FEATURES VOTES CARNIVAL WASHINGTON TRIP SENIOR CALENDAR L'ENVOI P g 1IgHjN Page Ninety STQPHQNS 'Crqnu'cr, VVHO'S WHO IN THE SENIOR CLASS MOST GLAMOROUS - The most glamorous girl is Gloria Carrier We learned it from the one who'll merry her. Robert Watson is the boy Who's acclaimed our pride and joy. MOST ARTISTIC Artistic prize to Spencer "Joycey" She's a girl who's never noisy. The boy is Phillips, tall and slim His penmanship is neat and trim. MOST POPULAR The popular girl is Jeanie Thomas She also is one of very great promise. The boy, of course, is Alphey Poulin He'd better watch out or he'll soon be due1in'. ' MOST MUSICAL The girl musician is Miss Claire Steele Full of harmony from head to heel. For boy we chose Emile Gamache His tones are soft and never harsh. BEST DANCER ' The dance floor claims Miss Martin-Pearl, By every standard she's our girl. Who trips around when he hears do, re, mi? None other than our friend Alphey. BEST STUDENT The perfect student is Ruth Ahara She's full of wisdom to her very marrow. The boy is Works who wins the rank Perhaps that's why he's lean and lank. Sz' QPHENS 'CKQBUTR BEST NATURED Best-natured girl is Barb McKellick At pitching softball she's no relic. Best-natured boy is Richard Mac For smiling he has quite a knack. The boy once more is President John So many honors make him yawn. NEATEST The neatest girl is Muriel C. When she walks by, they say "Oh! Gee!" Oh, no! lt can't be John again Yes! He's the neatest of our men. WITTIEST The wittiest girl is Barbara A. She's kept us laughing day by day. The wittiest boy is Jimmy Meehan I-Ie's just like those bright lights called Neon. MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Success will come to Ruth, they say, Well, look at her honors! She's on the way! Richard Works will surely find A good thing is a well-stocked mind. HO! HUM! ' This Hall of Fame is all too brief, This wondrous Class is beyond belief. MISS 1946 OF STEPHENS HIGH SCHOOL Has Whose eyes? ................... ............... G loria Carrier's Whose figure? .,.................. ...,..............,,... J une Pretty's Whose good nature? ......., ...,...... B arbara McKellick's Whose hair? ...,................... ............., G loria Stanley's Whose personality? ......... ......,...... J ean Thomas's Whose popularity? ....... ..,,..... J ean Thomasls Whose posture? .......... ..,.... G loria Stanley's Whose smile? ........... .,.l..,. G loria Carrier's Whose walk? ........ .,..,,. G loria Stanley's Whose style? ........ .......... S ally Rowe's Page N inety-One JSTQPHIQNS 'C'lqBuz'Q STRAW VOTES JUNIOR CLASS STRAW VOTE Most glamorous girl Most glamorous boy ....... ...............,............ Wittiest Girl ,...,.. ..... Wittiest Boy ,.............., Neatest Girl ,............ Neatest Boy ..,............, Most Artistic Girl . Most Artistic Boy ...... Most Popular Girl ....,. Most Popular Boy ..,... Best Natured Girl .. Best Natured Boy .. Best Girl Athlete ...... Best Boy Athlete ......... Most Ambitious Girl Most Ambitious Boy Best Girl Musician Best Boy Musician Best Girl Dancer .... Best Boy Dancer Most Studious Girl Most Studious Boy Miss 1947 would have: Joyce Calden Walter Pillsbury Irene Beaudet William Whynaught Margaret Bowden Alphonse Geronda Jacqueline Hebert Richard Shea Joyce Calden William Whynaught Joyce Calden Richard Shea Julia Perry Ted Clark Jean Constantine Thomas Marchi Jacqueline Hebert William McCarthy Gladys Kelley William Whynaught Jean Constantine Wilfred Chouinard Margaret Bowden's ,..,.,. ..,..... h air Joyce Ca1den's .,...4......,. ....... e yes Nancy O'Kane's ....,. ........ s mile Janice Ruff's ......... figure Janice Ruff's . ....., ,. walk Evelyn Knight's ,... . ...... posture Margaret Bowden's clothes Joyce's Ca1den's ....,.. ..,..,. p ersonality Jacquelin Hebert ....,,..,,... ,....... . style Joyce Calden's .........,....... ...c...... p opularity SOPHOMORE CLASS STRAW VOTE Most glamorous girl .......,.......,.,..,..............,.,.....,..............,.,... Ruth Austin Most glamorous boy .......,...,,...............,..,........,...........,......... John Rowe Neatest Girl .......,.......,.,. Mildred Mercier Neatest Boy .,.......... Roland Guay Most Artistic Girl ...,.. Most Artistic Boy ...... Best Girl Athlete ...... Best Boy Athlete ...,..... Most Studious Girl ..... ,. Most Studious Boy ....... Wittiest Girl ,..,..,......... Wittiest Boy, ........... . Best Natured Girl .. Best Natured Boy .. Most Ambitious Girlnmu' Most Ambitious Boy Best Girl Musician ....... Best Boy Musician ....... Ruth Austin Milton Giberson Shirley Gauthier John Rowe Annette Waznis James Grady Marjorie Batherson Roland Guay Marjorie Batherson Roland Guay Annette Waznis Robert Saisi Coleen Blanchard Einar Wulff Best Best Most Most Miss 1948 Page N inety-Two Girl Dancer . ..,.. ,. Boy Dancer ..... Popular Girl ....,. Venice Theriault Einar Wulff Ruth Austin Popular Boy .............,.,................. ,.... . ..,......... J ohn Rowe would have: A Geraldine Saisi's .....,, ....... h air Beverly Col1in's .....,. ....... e yes Marjorie Rosato's ...., ....... s mile Marjorie Rosato's ..... ....... H gure Freda Abbott's ...... walk Marjorie Rosato's ..... .....,. p osture Marjorie Rosato's ..... clothes Marjorie Rosato's ..,,....,... ....... s tyle Marjorie Bathersorfs personality Ruth Austin's .. ............. ......, p opularity S-c E,l'l-IQNS ZRQBLITAR FRESHMAN CLASS STRAW VOTE Most glamorous girl ........... ..,.........,..........................,............ Most glamorous boy .... Neatest Girl ................. Neatest Boy ....,.,.,. Most Artistic Girl ..... Most Artistic Boy .... ,. Best Girl Athlete ...... Best Boy Athlete ....... Most Studious Girl ..... Most Studious Boy ..... Wittiest Girl ...,...,...... Wittiest Boy .,.......... Best Natured Girl ...... Best Natured Boy . ,..., . Most Ambitious Girl Most Ambitious Boy .,..,. Best Girl Musician ..... Best Boy Musician ..... Best Girl Dancer .... Best Boy Dancer .... Most Popular Girl Virginia Bellows Donald Agostinelli Ann Dorion Jim Chandler Ann Dorion George Godin Lumina Martin Richard Melanson Marguerite Niles William Donahue Lenore Dinsmore Laurent Roy Catherine Ross James Brown Marguerite Niles James Brown Beverly Delano Reginald Vachon Lenore Dinsmore Wayne Rui? Susan Clark Most Popular Boy ..... Wayne Ruff Miss 1949 would have: Virginia Bellows' hair Susan Clark's .. ....... ..,.,, e yes Ann Dorion's ..... smile Ann Dorion's ..... figure Joan Trubee's ..... ...,.. w alk Joan Ha1l's ....... posture Virginia Bellows' clothes Hilda Con1ey's . .,.... ,... . .. style Beverly De1ano's personality Ann Dorion's .... popularity ' JUNIOR HIGH STRAW VOTE Most glamorous girl .,,.............,.......l.............l.,..........,..,......... Joan Puiia Most glamorous boy ......,...,.....,...,.......,...........,,................... Henry McC1eary Neatest Girl ..........,...... .,..... S ally Watson Neatest Boy ..........,... Ralph Clark Most Artistic Girl .,..,.. Most Artistic Boy ....... Best Girl Athlete ....... Best Boy Athlete .....,. Most Studious Girl Most Studious Boy ..... Wittiest Girl .,......,.,.. Wittiest Bo . y ..,.......,. Best Natured Girl ...... Best Natured Boy .......... Most Ambitious Girl ...... Most Ambitious Boy Best Girl Musician ..... Best Boy Musician ..... Best Girl Dancer Best Boy Dancer Most Popular Girl Most Popular Boy Miss 1950 would have: O Faye Holt Paul Thurston Joan Puiia Walter Gallant Ann Brown Warren Stearns Ann Brown William Mace Barbara Damour Douglas Morton Ann Brown Warren Stearns Barbara Damour Ronald Huston Sally Watson Carl Gallant Joan Puiia Douglas Morton Joan Puna's .,........,,... ...... Sally Watson's .....,. . Marie Beauchesne's Dorothy Davis's Constance Benedix's ,..... .,..... Ann Enches's ......... Sylvia Schwind's ..... Ann Brown's ........ .. Sally Watson's ..... Joan Puiia's hair eyes smile figure walk posture clothes personality style popularity -Page Ninety-Three STQPHIQNS 'CKQBUTR N 1 , 1 OUR CARNIVAL QUEEN OF 1946-LYDIA MORSE I Page Ninety-Four ' WASHINGTON TRIP Srvgrnqqs 'CKQBLITIQ STQPHENS 'CRQBUTIQ Bday Bday Bday lMay June June June June June June Sr QPHENS 'Clqnuug SENIOR HIGHLIGHTS ' 8 ................... ............................... A ................ S . H. S. Band Concert 14 and 15 ........ ....... S enior Play-"The Charm School" 17 ................ ....... S enior Hop-La Fiesta De Las Flores 27 ......... ....... N ational Honor Society Banquet 2 ...... ....... B accalaureate Exercises 4 ......... ....... L ast Chapel 4 ...... ....... I nitiation of National Honor Society 5 ......... ....... C lass Day Exercises . 5 ...... ....... S enior Banquet '6 ...... ....... C ommencement Exercises "THE CHARM SC'HOOL" Senior Play CHARACTERS A Austin Bevans .......... .............................. ....... P a scal Richardson David McKenzie George Boyd ........ Jim Simpkins ..... Tim Simpkins ..... Homer Johns ..... Elise Benedotti ...... Miss Hays ........... James Boyle William Ball William Maro Roland Belanger A James Meehan Priscilla Woodward Jean Thomas Miss Curtis ............. ....... R uth Ahara Sally Boyd ................ ....... B arbara Stewart Muriel Doughty ....... Sally Rowe Ethel Spelvin ........ Alix Mercier ........... Lillian Staiford Madge Kent ....... Dotsie .............. Charlotte .... I Betty .......... ' Gloria Carrier Priscilla Marceau June Pretty Genevieve Poirier Barbara Freedlander Lydia Morse . Betty Constantine SYNOPSIS OF SCENES ' Act I, Scene I: Evening. Boy's room on top floor of an old-fashioned New York house. ' Act II, Main hall of the Fairview School for girls. Act III, Scene 1-Noon h Scene 2-About two weeks later. CBetween scenes 1 and 2, curtain will be lowered 2 minutes to indicate passing timed Scene 1-Next morning at the school. Pqge N inety-Seven Sr QPHQNS ICRQBUTR BACCALAUREATE EXERCISES Abbott Auditorium SUNDAY, JUNE 2, 2 P. M. Class Marshall-Emile Theriault Processional ..... ...........,..................................... , . .................. Prayer Vocal Selection ....... ........ Address ................ ........ Violin Solo ........ ........ Benediction Last Chapel Exercises ' TUESDAY, JUNE 4, 10 A. M. Scripture Reading ............................................................................ Address to Undergraduates .......... ...,.... Farewell Address to Seniors ...,.... ........ Presentation of Awards ............. ............ National Honor Society ' Youth ........... Leadership ..... Service.. ..... .. Scholarship .: ...... ........ Character ............... ........ Spirit of Society ....... ........ Class Song ................................... Class Day Exercises ABBOTT AUDITORIUM Stephens High Orchestra Miss Nathalene Foster Rev. John F. Conoley Harry J. Cohen President, John Phillips Gloria Carrier William Whynaught Principal, Ralph L, Hunt Joyce Spencer Marjorie Jay Diantha Taylor Sally Rowe June Pretty Lucia Cormier Pauline Martin WEDNESDAY, JUNE 5, 2 P. M. Setting ........................ .............................................................. Class History ..................... ........ Presentation of Gifts ....... ........ Class Prophecy Class ' Class Class Planting of Ivy Page N inety-Eight Will ........ ........ Poem ...... ........ Song ........... ........ Rose Garden Priscilla Marceau Priscilla Woodward and Manley Irish Agnes Shea and Melvin Aylward James Meehan Barbara McKellick Pauline Martin President, John Phillips M ,,, STQPHENS 'CRQKUTQ COMMENCEMENT PROGRAM Abbott Auditorium l THURSDAY, JUNE 6TH, 8 P. M. Processional ...... ........................ ........ H i gh School Orchestra Prayer Prologue-Greeting ..... ........... ...... S h irley Thorne-Second Honor Student Music Pageant-Salute to the Flag Narrator .............................. Field of Blue ..... Forty-eight Stars Red Stripe ......... White Stripe ..... Red Stripe ..... White Stripe ..... Red Stripe ..... White Stripe Red Stripe ..... White Stripe Red Stripe ..... White Stripe Red Stripe ..... White Stripe Red Stripe ..... Wreath ......... Jean Thomas Viola Theriault Jean Whyte Richard Works Beverly Bronstein Francis Serafin Doris Knight Emile A Gamache Pauline Martin John Phillips Edith Avery Robert Roche Henrietta Dow James Boyle Margaret McKinnon I National Anthem Donald Gillis Frances Martin Presentation of Diplomas ....... ................................. - ............ S uperintendent L. A. Peakes Class Ode .............................. .............................. A rlene Abbott Epilogue-Valedictory ..... ..................... . .. .......... Ruth M. Ahara First Honor Student Benediction ' Page Ninety-Nine Page One Hundred Sr QP:-IQNS ICKQBUTQ L'ENVOIE Classmates Forever When life's long journey is over, and the last mile has been trod: When our weary bodies be resting and our souls are safe with Godg ' Shall we gather for a reunion as our mem'ries we review? Shall we meet as Classmates Forevergin that land beyond the blue? The years that we spent at old Stephens, will they seem like yesterday? The hours that now are laggard, will they then seem fleeting and gay? Shall we talk of days that were happy and the kindness that prevailed? Shall we mention our disappointments and the times we almost failed? Yes, each will tell what happened after Stephens' halls were left, What joy, success, or griefs were ours when of High School friend bereft. Though now the parting is bitter, there is a future, when, With mortal toil and sorrows o'er, we all shall meet again. Srqrl-mNs .'Cxgnuz'Q SUCCESS TO THE- CLASS OF, 1946! L Supt. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Peakes Principal and Mrs. Ralph L. Hunt Miss Dorothea G. Allen Mrs. Minerva F. Anderson Mr. Byron W. Barker Mr. and Mrs. Albert Barlow Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Baum Mr. Hudson L. Brennick Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Brown Mr. and Mrs Albert H. Brown Miss Florence P. Burnham Miss Fanny Caliendo Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Cohen Mr. and Mrs. James F. Connors Mr. and Mrs. Bertram N. Faulkinghain Mr. and Mrs. Jasper M. Foster Mr. and Mrs Walter H. Fuller Mr. and Mrs. Euclide Helie Mr. and Mrs Raymond Hillman X Miss Clara L. Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Edmund R. Leonard Miss,Frances Lombard Miss Frances A. Mclntyre Miss Julia L. Murphy Miss Kathleen V. Poland Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Phillips Mr. Melvin Preble Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ryder Mr. and Mrs. William L. Waldron Q Mr. and Mrs. Edward Warner Mr. and Mrs. Carl'Watson Mr. and Mrs. Dorr H. Woodward Page One Hundred One Srqruqqs LCKQBUTE. BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1946i Mrs. William G. Barrett and Mrs. Anthony A. Beeaker Judge and Mrs. Albert Beliveau Mr. and Mrs. Sylvio Breton Mr. and Mrs. Hector Bouffard Mrs. Marwood Clement and Mrs. Erastus Dolloil' Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Drummond Mr. and Mrs. George H. Dyer Mr. and Mrs. John L. Grady and Mrs. Charles R. Huntoon Mr. and Mrs. William J. Leader Mr. and Mr. Mr. and Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mr. Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Edward I. Lowe Mr. and Mrs. John H. MacDonald Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Manson C. T. Maynard Mr. Mrs. and Mrs. Donald J. Nathan Mr. and Mrs. James B. O'Kane Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pensiero Mr. and Mrs. Albert A. Poulin Mrs. Bruce L. Ruff and Mrs. Paul B. Staples Mr. and Mrs. Leon E. Wilbur Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Wishart Mr. and Mrs. J. Merton Wyman Miss Barbara Adley Mrs. Margaret Dow Baker Miss Helena Brennick Miss Agnes Bulger Miss Joyce Buotte Miss June Buotte Mrs. Ruth Burgess Miss Gertrude Chick Miss Marguerite Clancy Mr. Melvin Cohen Miss Lucia Cormier Miss Phebe Dow Page One Hundred Two Miss Muriel Draper Miss Annabelle Dyer Miss Margaret Dyer Srqrugqs Zngnurr BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1946! Miss Anita Gallant i Miss Doris Gallant Miss Mildred Gallant Miss Clare Griffith Miss Sally Griffith Miss Lula Hamilton Miss Cristine Hanson Miss Irene Harpe Miss Mrs. Letty Huston Theresa Harpe Miss Alice Hopkins Miss Marion Johnson Mrs. Pru Miss Miss Marjorie Lat dence Kilbrith Berniece Laurinitis Miss Marie Estelle Landry ham Miss Catherine MacFarlane Miss Dorothy Marchi Miss Marie Marchi Miss Janet Patenaude Miss Adrienne Poirier Miss Bernadette Poirier Miss Rose Roche Miss Mr. Paul Ryder Germaine Routhier Miss Mae Rideout Mrs. Anne Riley Miss Aldona Stalman . Miss Miriam Stanwood Miss Letha Taylor Miss Irene Theriault Mrs. Bertha Thibodeau Miss Marion Tripp Mr. Kenneth Wilson Miss Gladys H. Wright Page One Hundred Three S1'QrHQqs 'Crqnurg ADVERTISERS T0 GIRL GRADUATES OF '46 fc rnqqs 'CKQBUTQ lVHO!D LIKE VITAL For girls who are looking beyond graduation to a good-paying job that's full of "human interest," here's an opportunity worth investigating. The Telephone Company has several open- ings for girls finishing high school. Recent high school graduates who've become tele- phone girls find the work interestingg asso- ciates friendlyg surroundings pleasant. Seniors should look into this opportunity. Training courses may be arranged so as not to interfere with studies or graduation, and can usually be given right in the home town. Sign up right away and receive pay while learning. Your tea cber or vocational advisor can tell you more about work in Ibis interesting industry. NEW ENGLAND TELEPHONE 8 TELEGRAPH COMPANY laumam interest" Womc -.z -f - Srqruqqs 'CIQIIITR The Warren. Kay Vantine Studios, Inc. SCHOOL AND COLLEGE PHOTOGRAPHERS 160 BOYLSTON ' ST., BOSTON, MASS. . 44 Compliments of - THE L. W. SINGER Carl LHISOH A COMPANY Publishers of Stationer Your PROSE AND PGETRY BANK-SCHOOL-OFFICE SUPPLIES Texts 29 North Street, Stoneham, Mass The Scientific Living Series Page One Hundred Seoer L Srqrurgqs 'Clqnuz-Q Cyn THE CLASS OF 1946 RECOMMENDS TO THE CLASS OF 1947 LORING STUDIOS FOR FINE PORTRAITS Lisbon St., Lewiston, Maine Phone 2823 W STQPHQNS 'CRIBUCIQ L. G. PALFOUR COMPANY Attleboro Massachusetts I Class Rings and Pins Commencement Invitations Diplomas-Personal Cards Club Insignia Represented by-Donald B. Tupper 11 Westview Road Cape Elizabeth, Maine Compliments of JOHN SEXTON Sz CO. A MANUFACTURING WHOLESALE GROCERS Est. Chicago 1883 P. O. Box J. S.-Sexton Square-Chicago 90 ' BIRCH VILLA INN p I M' N- PERKINS BRYANT POND, MAINE Will open for the 1946 season on ' May 25th. Telephone Bryant Pond 3-2 for reservations. representing UNIVERSITY CAP AND GOWN co. M. N. PERKINS COMPANY Boston A Mass., A I 4, N... if Page One Hundred Nine Srqrnqqs 'CKIBIITQ BLISS BUSINESS COLLEGE Courses of Study V Business Administration Administrative Secretarial Secretarial Science Accounting Business Stenographic Combined Business Commercial Normal - PLACEMENT SERVICE VETERANS WELCOME BLISS BUSINESS COLLEGE Lewiston Maine Compliments of MCKENZIEFS BEAUTY SHOP Tel. 1099-W V . Congress St. MIMEOGRAPHING HEADQUARTERS KINNEY 8z FROST, INC. ' 29 Free Street Portland, Maine The Class of Nineteen Hundred Forty-Six ' Extends to the D OXFORD PAPER CO. its sincere thanks for the gift of the paper on which The Tribute is printed. Were it not for this generous donation, the pub- lishing of this yearbook would have been impossible. Books, Stationery, Art and School Supplies S I I LORING, SHORT 8a HARMON Monument Square Portland, Maine The Scholastic Club of 1945 extends best wishes to the Class of 1946. May your love for Stephens High School be as sincere as ours is. Page One Hundred Ten h Srgruqqs 'C'r,gnuz-Q BETTER LIGHT meme BETTER SIGHT f . ,,T, f Q viii wsi25z5sf" S af L'-r:r'1:r." frzrzrzxrzrzrfizr:1:r:1::r::35:5:5E5Eg511x.Ai.:.,. ,,,,,,, . ,,.,1,y45k :IF def? See us for right size G-E BULBS Pmcss AS Low AS 100 Plus Tax The Electric Shop Rumford Falls Light and Water Co. Tel., Rumford 200 DiXf1e1d Shop 10 SAY IT WITH FLOWERS f Prospect Avenue ' DeVe10Pi1'1g Printing Tel- 999 134 congress st. Tel. 469 Page One Hundred Eleven STQPHQNSLAQCKIBUTQ "YOUR HOME FIRST" Rumford Furniture Company -1 THE STORE OF QUALITY T DISTRIBUTORS OF THE FAMOUS SPEED QUEEN WASHERS and IRON ERS Compliments of BON MARCHE BLUE BIRD CAFE ISRAE-LSON MOTOR BUSY BEE CGM PANY CYR-NORMAN E. B. WATERHOUSE GRANT'S APPAREL SHOP CHEVROLET-OLDSMOBILE . J- C- NEWBERRTS - LANCASTER INN x SALES-SERVICE MANUFACTURER'S OUTLET NATHAN'S APPAREL SHOP Tel. 161 Compliments of RUMFORD MAYTAG Tel. 153 Page One Hundred Twelve Srqruqqs -CRIBUTR FROST MOTOR SUPPLY Wholesalers and Distributors THE BEST ICE CREAM of Dew Kist, Frosted Foods Monarch Finer Foods Groceries, Meats and Provisions DORION'S CASH MARKET "The- Safe Place to Trade" Tel. 62 E. B. DAVIS FLORIST We Grow Our Own Flowers Cut Flowers-Wedding Bouquets Funeral Designs-Potted Plants 725 Prospect Ave. Call 130-W CARLISLE'S MARKET Virginia , Prospect Ave. Rumford, Me. Quaker State Motor Oil and Fine Lubricants Tel. 117 202 Prospect Ave. DRINK MILK FOR HEALTH H. P. 'HOOD Sz SONS Tel. 239 Compliments of CHARLES PORATH Compliments of DELUXE DINER Neri Cormier, Prop. Page One Hundred Thirteen SSTIQPHI-:Ns 'Cxgnuzr ROBLEE SHOE AIR STEP SHOES for Women BRADLEY'S BROWNBILT SHOE STORE Buster Brown Shoes, Boy Scouts' Shoes l For Boys and Girls. Girl Scouts' Shoes R. C. J EWELELRS WM. SCHWIND Jewelers to the Classes of 1946-1947 JOHN RUBINO Congress St. Rumford, Maine Compliments of- "Good Clothes for Young Men Since 1892" Hart, SchaHner Sz Marx Clothes Stetson Hats-Arrow Shirts Florsheim Shoes It Costs No More to Buy the Best M A R X ' S Tel. 545 Rurnford LAM EY-WELLEHAN Goon SHOES 62 Congress Street Rumford, Maine HARGREAVES' DRUG STORES Frank Hargreaves, Reg. Ph. Mexico Pharmacy, Main St., Mexico Hargreaves Drug Store, 60 Congress St. EXPERT PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS KERSEY'S JEWELRY GEORGE DYER STORE DENTIST i WALTER R. KERSEY Congress St Rumford Me 84 Congress St. Rumford, Me. I I Page One Hundred Fourteen Sr QPHRNS 'CKQBUTIQ LGUIS PALERMO First Class Shoe Repairing and Shine Hats Cleaned and Blocked 74 Congress St. Rumford, Me- RALPH'S STORE Fountain Service Candy Chewing Gum Ice Cream Soda 341 Cumberland St. 1 CLOUGH KL PILLSBURY HARDWARE Tel. 390 109 congress st. BOUFFARD'S MARKET MEATS-GROCERIES 415 Waldo St. Tel. 1096 THE CORNER PHARMACY A. E. ORINO, Reg. Ph. MISTEE BEAUTY SHOP 327 Waldo St. Where You Get Service, Lydia Tanguay, Prop. l't -A Qua 1 y ccuracy Tel. 417-M Cor. Waldo St.-Oxford Ave. Compliments of WISEMAN FARMS C ICE CREAM E The Old Fashioned Kind DEARBORN TIRE EXCHANGE A 2 Bridge St. Rumford Page One Hundred F ifte 6 STQPHENS ZIQBUI' I MB!! -IUHBIIMS X01 MHS ' QLIAIITY-SlU!l'm'BlACTllI IIIIWIIL Compliments of E. K. DAY CO. Tel. 300 Congress St. Rumford, Maine NASH RUMFORD INC. Bridge St. Mexico, Me. ii E i i MEADER Sz SON FUNERAL HOME Tel. 70-J Compliments of MCKENZIES STORE H. W. PRAY COMPANY BOSTON MARKET Fruits, Meats, Vegetables Italian Food Exchange Street BELANGER'S BARBER SHOP We Thrive on Long Hair and Whiskers Oxford Ave. ' Rumford OXFORD COUNTY'S FINEST THEATRE MEXICO THEATRE GEORGE MCLEAN INSURANCE JOE SULLIVAN Mexico ' Maine fSully's Deliveryh LAZAROU q 1 . Service Station Y . Chrysler and Plymouth Cars . Complete Auto Service M Bridge St., Mexico, Me. Page One Hunfl-red S-ixteen Q Aerial view of the Oxford Mills at Rumford, Maine Q55-5-ani? EF's"25?6i"' May we extend our C0llg1'iIlIllli1tlOl1S and best wishes to the Stephens High School g1'kl.Cllll1tll1g class of 1946 OXFORD PAPER THE RLIMFORD FALLS THE RLIMFORD FALLS POWER COMPANY REALTY COMPANY Srqrums 'CRQBUTQ 1 1 To our advertisers, patrons, and school organizations Whose financial support was so generously given THE TRIBUTE STAFF says THANK YOU Page One Hundred Twer it STQPHQNS 'Cngnurlg 'X Our heartiest congratulations ' TO THE MEMBERS OF STEPHENS HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF '46 TFT The Rumford Publishing C 0 M P A N Y PRINTERS PUBLISHERS 42 PROSPECT AVE. TEL. 1055 One Hundred Twentj T STQPHQNS 'CKQBUTR A busy man was using the te-'SPHODEH N "1 want Bank double-two.,-double-two, he Saigllwmtwoi tw0-tw0," ,eplied the exchange ' 11 . glfhaegfggfhfgaifz the man patiently, "you get me the-numge,-and we'll play at trains later on." Takes the Cake HMV ,amily thinks there's something wrong Withlgie simply because I like buckwheat cakes," th woman complained to the psycho-analyst. ,..f9But there's nothing unusual about liking 'buckwheat cakes," the puzzled doctor said. "I like them myself." "Oh, you do!" the woman exclaimed. "Then you must come up some day. I have ten trunks full." "Miss Alice ain't home," said, the colored maid to a caller, "she's done gone down to de class.'f "What class?" asked the caller. "Miss Alice gwine to be married, you know, an' ,she's taking lessons in domestic silence." Quiet, Please Neighbor Smith: "I'd like to borrow your radio tonight." Neighbor Jones: "Having a party?" Neighbor Smith. "No, Just want to get some sleep." Nothing New Susie Q.: "Could I see the captain?" First Mate: "He's forward, Miss." Susie Q.: "Oh, that's all right. l've been out with high school boys." Post-Mortem This is the story of two privates who paused to puzzle over a dead animal they saw at the roadside. "It has two stripes," said one. "That settles it," said the other. "It's either a skunk or a corporal!" The following ten-word telegram is said to have been sent by a canny Scotsman: "Bruises hurt. Erased afford. Erected. Analysis hurt too. Infectious dead." Received by an equally canny Scot, the telegram was decoded: "Bruce is hurt. He raced a Ford. He wrecked it. Aunt Alice hurt too. In fact she's dead." Eighteen words in all. An Irishman, who was very fond of his in- telligent nephew, wrote the youngster when he heard that he had entered a seminary: "I hope that I may live long enough to hear you preach my funeral sermon." The man who found a valuable pearl in an oyster stew in a night club the other evening almost broke even. Oops! A young man entered a florist's shop and or- dered two dozen roses sent to his fiancee on her twenty-fourth birthday. On the card he wrote, "One for every year of your life." After he had gone the proprietor said to the clerk, "He's a good customer, send three dozen." There was no wedding. ' Ripping, Eh What? "Really, old chappiej' said the Briton, "I need not hesitate to depart from your presence be- cause of this drizzle. I'm coated for it. As you can see, I have on my waterproof, besides a pullover beneath my waistcoat. I should have been home long ago, but I stopped at the kiosk for a sheet and as I pranced past, thought I might fall in for a chin with you. Thanks for the sweet. It was really pipping of you. Chee- rio." The American managed a faint goodbye but not until much later did he figure out what the Briton had meant. "Really, my friend, I shouldn't hesitate to leave you just because it's raining a little. I'm dressed for it. As you see, I have on my rain- coat, besides a sweater under my vest. I should have been home long ago, but I stopped at the newsstand for a paper, and, as I walked past, thought I might as Well stop in for a chat with you. Thanks for the lunch. It was really nice of you. Goodbye." Moe Is No Moe A whimsical bugler named Moe, Who thought it was funny to blow His horn at eleven Is now up in heaven, Which ainlt where they told him to go. Two negro soldiers stoodpn the deck of their ship -at sea, looking out over the expanse of water. Said one, "That's the mos' watah I evah see in all mah life." Said the other, "Brother, you ain't seen nothini That's just the top of it." "Father," said the young hopeful, "What is a traitor in politics?" - ' "A traitor, my son, is a man who leaves our party and goes over to the other one." "Well, then what is the man who leaves his party and comes over to yours?" "A convert, my son." Salesman: "I say, sonny, is your mother at home?" Small Boy: "Yes, sir." Salesman Cafter knocking in vainbz "I thought you said she was home." Small Boy: "Yes, sir, but I don't live here." Cure "I understand that Mimi has cured her Scotch boy-friend of stuttering. How did she do it?" "She called him up long distance collect." ' And Dry? Waiter: And what will you have to drink? Bill: Ginger ale. Waiter: Pale? ' Bill: Oh, goodness no, just a glass. Insignificant Mother: Tommy, don't give the baby money to play with. He might swallow it, and anyway money has germs on it. Tommy: Not this money: germs couldn't live on my allowance. Mr. Faulkingham: "Richardson, what is HNO3?" Richardson: "Gee, I can't think, but I have it right on the tip of my tongue." Mr. Faulkingham: "Well, you'd better spit it out. Itis nitric acid." Page One Hundred Twenty-One Sz-qruqqs 'Crqixurig Compliments of JOHN ORIN O 132 Congress Street Tel. 13 Compliments of ' SPA CAFE George Bourassa, Prop. CORMIER'S BOOK STORE BooKs MAGAZINES STATIONERY OFFICE SUPPLIES RECORDS Congress St. Tel. 406-R DORA CLARK TASH Distinctive Photography for more than 25 years 125 Main St. Lewiston Telephone 228 FREDDIE'S LUNCH HOME OF HOME-cooKED Fooo . xx Congress Street, Rux ord ' Tel. 513-W Q A EAGLE BEVERAGE Sz PRODUCTS, INC. DISTRIBUTORS Tel. 268 73 Canal St. Rumford The Tribute Staff extends to Mr. T. Lawson McMennamin of the ' Class of 1927 its deep appreciation for his invaluable assistance in the compiling of this yearbook. Page One Hundred Twenty Srqrnqqs 'Clqnurlg VAN'S CHAT SHOP Located in C. H. McKenzie's Congress St. I- . X. " CARROLL CUT RATE Congress St. STRAND THEATRE Rumford, Maine J. C. PENNEY CO., INC. DEPARTMENT STORE MAQS TAXI MARY'S LUNCH 24 Hom. Service ' DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE Congress St. Tel. 2 Congress St., Rumford Compliments of New Rumford Cleaners Millinery Manufacturing Co. and READY TO WEAR DEPT. Tel, 607 80 Congress Street Waldo Street Rumford VACHQNS Legere's Hardware Store ' Barber Shop Tel' 281-MT g Waldo Street Rumford TRUNDY gl GACETTA UNITED lc - 990 STORE SHOE REPAIRING AND SHINE 142 Congress St. Exchange St., Rumford, Me. Rumford, Maine ' TAT AT THE COULOMBE MARKET H HAY DEE MEATS, FRUITS, VEGETABLES East Rumford Tel. 813 Waldo Street Page One Hundred Nineteen Srqrl-IQNS YIBUTQ DUNN'S - Auto Supply Compliments of You Can Get It at Dunn's Congress St. Rumford P FRANK TAYLOR McCo1lough's Barber Shop Cigars-Cigarettes Pipes-Tobacco Confectionery Tel. 476-M. Across from Hotel Harris MORSE'S GARAGE Hanson and Joy, Props. Rumford, Maine Amoco Products Stanley's Furniture Store Rumford Mexico Tel 949-M Tel. 749-W Compliments of BEEAKER'S MARKET Compliments of M Y R A L ' S RALPH CLARKE PLUMBER MacConagjhy's Barber Shop Exchange St. Rumford, Me. JOHN McNEIL'S SOCONY FILLING STATION Hartford St. Rumford tRaWlin's Radio Service ANYTHING IN ELECTRONICS Tel. Rumford 1124 Buckie's Auto and Fender - Repair Hancock St., Rumford Rumford Oil Company Tydol Gasolines Heating Oils Veedol-Tydol Motor Oils ' Economy Tire Company Anthony Rosato, Prop. Firestone Home and Auto Supply 21 Congress St. , .Te1. 746 Recap While You Wait JIM GALLANT'S BARBER SHOP Oxford Ave., Rumford Page One Hundred Eighteen S'clq,P:-Inns TRQBUTIQ Compliments of if C0g1Pgg5f6tS1gf ' . D . E. .Ao D.D.S Dentist Rumford, Maine Congress St. Rurnford Compliments of Compliments of DR. SWALLOW DR' R' CLUNIE ' DENTIST ' ' Dentist Congress St. Rurnford Congress St' RUmf01'd C ARTHUR BEAUDET DR- M- J' BROGKS PIANO TEACHER . ' OPTOMETRIST 81 Congress St. CONGRESS ST- Rumford, Maine H. W. HANSON MUSIC DEALER AND JEWELER Compliments of GECRGEL CUMMINGS STEPHEN MUSKIE FRED HANSCOM TAILOR LAWYER 1 . Rumford, Exchange St. Maine Congress St' GRACE GL MATTISON THEODORE GONYA MILLINERY LAWYER Rumford, Maine Congress St- R f ' R E t A I um old eal s ate gency l PETER MMDQNALD Real Estate Insurance Tel. 402-W , LAWYER ALBERT POULIN I Congress St. Compliments of BEST WISHES H , t Sho TO THE CLASS OF '46 ELI' G ' Us Y S Y p CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 49 Oxford Ave., Rumford, Me. E Page One Hundred Sevente S ,X 3 .M I gy ' w 3 L, 'M EN w -I Z! L 'H f ,Sv 05,5 fm cr A K e 15555 ., 1 siffil I "iff f Si? -Q. . ' X 1 i' Ax V 1 Z xg El Hg Ziff 5 Q? 'Lf QS v . 'fa W-ff 1 '? A2 y .. if J T w ' 55f:n9 555 j L 'i " we , ff? J: ' 'if 43 ' 4' 5 Q 'T-5 ,Eff ' as fag' ,IQ W I . A gf: , i , gil -Hifi , T13 W2 Y-3? f gt' '5 a gg! ' V

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