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' o . Y. -ji Y 41-fr X I1I10IN S' f 'N xx Z K XXX Y N 1 Q NNSX XX J lil 14' X ll, 4 'lx 4a , X '41-I ' - 5 4' 4 ll, -me 'lllfig I in fl., 4445144 vl N 444444 f , -N. 4441. 1 . 2 5. a 'N of .3 A dam To George Arsenault, Roland Beaulieu and Ellsworth Freeman we dedicate this issue of the Tribute. When war came, troubled our peaceful habits, shattered our every dream, and moved us from our complacement, let-the-rest-of-the-world-go-by feeling, these lads did - I not hesitate. Bravely they answered the call to arms, and brave they were to the end, even in the face of death. Yes, they died that we might go on with those peaceful habits, dream those same dreams, live in that accustomed placid calmness. They died that we might go on living, loving, hoping, praying, learning, that we, our children, and our chi1dren's children might forever live as peace loving citizens of America. We are proud of the heroes, proud to call them our classmates. Let it be known that always they shall have the place of honor in our hearts, that all their toil, efforts, and superb sacrifice will not be wasted. To these, our classmates, and all others who, like them, have answered our country's call, we respectfully dedicate this edition. l i ' - -o f -A " 'MELQE " L N new P5 TRIBUTE STAFF lst row, left to right: J. Buotte, J. Routhier. D. Gallant, M. Landry, M. Poirier, S. Batherson G Routhxer B Morrison. E. Gotto. 2nd row, left to right: R. Theriault, L. Stalmuke, V. Trembley, R. Mooney, Mrs. Trafton isponsorl J Kelly S. Hachey,. T. Harpe. B. Adley. 3rd row, left to right: C. MacFarlane, J. McKenna, A. Waznis, T. Thibodeau, G. Hall C Faulkingham A Gallant, G. Gallant, G. McKenna, L. Poulin. 4th row, left to right: K. Ruff. J. MacDonald, W. Leader, S. Normandeau, R. Soucy. PAGE TWO TRIBUTE STAFF Editorial Committee: Gloria Hall Germaine Routhier Doris Gallant Bob Soucy Alex Agostinelli Theresa Thibodeau Carolyn Faulkingham Advertising: ' Joyce Buotte Barbara Adley Lorraine Poulin . Sylvio Normandeau Keith Ruff Rosemarie Mooney Business Managers: Rosemarie Mooney James Kelly Art: Robert Soucy Typistsl Theresa Harpe Gloria Gallant Geraldine McKenna Louise Stalmuke Barbara Morrison Circulation Committee: Germaine Routhier Rita Theriault Robert Dennis Photography Committee Simone Hachey John McDonald Catherine MacFarlane Anne Waznis' Faculty Advisors: Mrs. Trafton Mr. Connors Mr. Smith CAdv.5 -- -lqf -V git.-.H WY- - ,V v t "B Ns, 1-A 11?'f+ fW m . L- 1? . w w , ,, W... X RALPH L. HUNT LAWRENCE A. PEAKES Principal Supt. of Schools ' I FACULTY lst row. left to right, Mrs. Taylor, Miss Caliendo, Miss Cormier, Dr. Hunt, Miss Murphy, Mrs. Anderson, Miss Farnum. 2nd row left to right: Miss Burnham, Mrs. Houston, Mrs. Trafton, Miss Allen, Miss. Poland, Mrs. Warner. 3rd row: left to right: Mr. H. Brown, Mr. B. Faulklngham. Mr. J. Ryder, Mr. A. Berne, Mr. R. Baum. 4th row. left to right: Mr. Connors, Mr. Smith, Mr. D. Woodward, Mr. C. Watson. PAGE THREE 1 Fa ' XI ' 'NWN' ' nw'?" X I. .., 2 Self 943 Q5-:N lx --2. QQ ' A N E TI . -' x 9 ' - Y I xk fin Z -f .,.. . ,Z ,1 ,- , jf?" 'eff' , al a 1 -- . M Lorraine Belanger ' "Larry" "More quality than quantity". Course: General. .Ambitionz Beautician. Favorite Express- ion: "Gee whiz!" Activities: Sr. Scholastic Club 4: Home Ec. Club 4: Glee Club 1. 1 Joyce Buotte "Rum," "Small but mighty." Course: College. Ambition: Cadet Nurse. Favorite Express- ion: "I'm not fooling". Activi- ties: French Club 3, 4: Latin Club 1, 2: Glee Club 1: Girls "R" Club 1, 2, 3. 4: Basketball 1. 2. 3, 4: Softball 1, 2, 3, 4: Home Ec. Club 4:-Cheerleader 3. 4: Student Council 2, -3, 4: Terznis 2: Tribute 4. 8th honor par . Cecile Cantin "Ce's,' "Friendship! mysterious cement of the soul! Sweetener of life! and sol- der of society! Course: Commercial. Ambi- tion: Washington, D. C. Favor- ite Expression: "Tisn't 'even Funr 5.1 " Activities: Librarian 2. 3, 4 Combined Funds Book- keeper 3g Commercial Club 4. Barbara June Adley "Baths" "When you do dance, I wish you A wave,o" the sea, that you might ever do Nothing but that." Course: General. Ambition: Nurse. Favorite Expression: "Getting coy, huh?" Activities: Library Club 2, 3, 4.-Pres. 4: Ramona Chorus: Tribute Staff: Broadcast Staff: Basketball 2, 3: Senior Scholastic Club 4- Treas. 4: Home Economics Club 3, 4-Vice Pres. 4: Senior Exec- utive Comm.: Hop Comm.: Glee Club 1, 2: Cheerleader 4: Oper- etta "Hats Ofl'!": Jr. Prize Speaking: English Club: Christ- mas Play: Senior Harvest Dance Comm.: "R" Club 4. Lorraine F. Baker "Rusty" "Thy modesty is a candle to thy merit." Course: College. Ambition: Be successfulno matter what I do. Favorite Expression: "Jeep- ers", Activities: Kearney High School fN.J.J Orchestra 1, Soft Ball 1: Latin Club 1. 2: Glee Club 1, 2: Archery 2: Swimming Club 2, 3: Girls Track Team 2, 3: Home Economics Club 3,,4: French Club 4. Barbara M. Bartlett "Barbs" "The light upon her face Shines from the windows of another world." ' Course: General. Ambition: Teacher. Favorite Expression: "Gee whiz!" Activities: Scholas- tic Club: Home Economic Club. Adelia Bessey "D.D." "The girl loves and laughs might sure do well". Course: General. Ambition: Teacher. Favorite Expression: "Well hold the phone!" Activi- ties: Home Ec. Club 4: Sr. Scholastic 4. Leith Calden "Lee" "A man who blushes is not quite a brute." Course: Vocational. Ambi- tion: Machinist. Favorite Ex- pression: "Looks like a good deal." Activities: Band 1, 2. Raymond Paul Carignau "Moots" "He is all fault. who hath no fault at all." Course: Vocational. Ambi- tion: U. S. Navy Air Corps. Favorite Expression: "Oh, Yeah?" Activities: Football 1. 2, 3: Track 2, 3, 4: Basketball 4: Ramona Chorus 3: Tribute Staff 4: "R" Club 4. Rachel Austin "Ray" "The.minor of all gaietyf' Course: College. Ambition: Cadet Nurse. Favorite Ex- pression: "Catch?" Activities: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Home Economics Club 4: Latin Club 2. Annie Barnett "Ann" "It is tranquil people who accomplish much." Course: General. Ambition: Beautician: Favorite Expression: "No doubt." Activities: Home Economics Club 3, 4: Scholastic Club 4. Stella Patricia Batherson "Scottie" "She must be seen and heard to be appreciated." Course: College. Ambition: Nurse. Favorite Expression: "Why not?" Activities: Basket- ball 1, 2. 3, 4: Softball 1, 2, 3, 4: Tennis 2: Broadcast 1, 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 2, 3: French Club 3, 4: Debating 2: One Act Plays 3: .Band 1, 2, 3: Cheerleaeder 4: Tribute 4: Last Chapel Comm. Glee Club 1: Senior Dance Comm. 4: Executive Comm. 4: llslonge Ee. Club 4: 9th, Honor ar . +C -- 1 4 3 1 I 1 Robert Dennis "Bob" "Man is the hunter: woman is his game." Course: College. Ambition: Mechanical engineer. Favorite Expression: "That's woims for the boids." Activities: Foot- ball 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1. 2, 3, 4: 'hack 1, 2, 3, 4: "R" Club 2, 3. 4: Baccalaureate Committee. Teresa. Dueasse "Terry" "At length cried she, I'll marry: What should I tarry for?" Course: General. Ambition: Beauty Culture. Favorite Ex- pression: "Well what do you knowl"' Activities: Majorette 1, 2, 3: Glee Club 1: Social Problems Club 4: Home Ec. Club 4: Broadcast 4: Softball 1. Henry William Dupill "Dupe" "By the work one knows the workman." Course: College. Ambition: Lawyer or music school, South- ern Calif. University. Favorite Expression: "What fer?" Ac- tivities: French Club 2, 3, 4: "R" Club 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Winter Sports 3: Tennis 1. 2: Baseball 3. Daniel H. Casey "Dan" "Silence is a still noise." Course: College. Ambition: Mechanical Engineer. Favorite Expression: "Obviously!" Acti- vities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 1. 2, 3, 4: Basketball 3, 4: "R" Club. Mary Cloutier "Her eyes are homes of ' silent prayer." Course: General. Ambition: Government work. Favorite Expression: "Really!" Activi- ties: Home Ec. Club 3. 4: Class Secretary 3: Sr. Scholastic Club Leon Allan Davis "Sonny" "New occasions teach new duties." ' . Course: Vocational. Ambi- tion: Infantry. Activities: Foot- ballball 1: Operetta 3: Social Dance Committee 4. Phyllis Chambers "Phyl" "The rising blushes, which ' her cheek o'erspread, Are opening roses in the lily's bed." Course: College. Ambition: Cadet Nurse. Activities: Latin Club 2: French Club 4: Girls "R" Club 3, 4: Basketball 1, 3, 4: Softball 2, 3, 4: Treas. "R" Club 4. , Basil Cornish "Silence is golden" Course: Vocational. Ambi- Zion: Undecided. Tribute Staff Louise Natalie Davis "Weez" "The world deals good na- turedly with good natured people." Course: Commercial. Ambi- tion:Law secretary. Activities: Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Class Presi- dent 3: Class Secretary 4: Com- mercial Club 3, 4: Ramona Chorus 2, 3: Operetta 3: 6th honor part. Wilfred Francis Drouln "Pass on. thou silent citizen." Course: Vocational. Ambi- tion: Navy or Auto mechanic. Favorite Expression: "Could be!" Activities: Baseball 3, 4. John Dumas "Johnny" "Po1iteness costs nothing and gains everything." Course: College. Ambition: Medicine - Presently: Navy. Favorite Expression: "No fool- ing!" Activities: 3 years at Assumption High. Interclass Baseball 1, 2, 3: Football 1, 2, 3, Hockey 3: Tennis 1, 2: Oper- etta 3: French Club 3: Baseball 4: Latin Club 4: Graduation committee. Ronald Frank Emery "Ronnie" "A step more light ne'er trod o'er the dew." Course: Vocational. Ambi- tion: Undecided. Favorite Ex- pression: "No kidding!" Activ- ities: Band 1. Vada Evelyn Enman "Squink" "New occasions teach new duties." Course: Commercial. Ambi- tion: Washington, D. C. Favor- ite Expression: "You can say that again!" Activities: Com- mercial Club 3, 4. Jeanne Fisher ' "Harpy" "Tis the greatest folly Not to be jolly." Course: Commercial. Ambi- tion: Secretarial work. Favor- ite Expression: "You're cute just the same!" Activities: Softball "l: Basketball 1, 2: Library Club 2, 3, 4: Commercial Club 4. Phoebe Margaret Fraser "You speak as one who fed on poetry." Course: Commercial. Ambi- tion: Stenographer. Activities: Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Commercial Club 3, 4: Vice-Pres. of Comm. Club 4: Operetta 3: Ramona Chorus 2. Doris Gallant "Dee" "Oh! I am stabbed with laughter." Course: Commercial. Ambi- tion: Telephone Operator-Ma- rine Corps. Favorite Expression: "Perfect". Activities: Comm. Club 3, 4: Sec. of Comm. Club 4: Broadcast 4: Tribute 4: Book- keeper Combined Funds 4: Office Girl. Barbara Garrigan "Baths" "A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature." Course: General. Ambition: Undecided. Favorite Expres- sion: "Holly." Activities: Home Ec. Club 3, 4: Scholastic Club 4: Glee Club 2, 3: Operetta 3: Basketball 3. Robert Hugh Fleck X "Bob Farmer" "Born of success, he seemed With grace to win, with heart to hold . With shining gifts that took all eyes." Course: General. Ambi- tion: Premedical school-Yale. Favorite Expression: "Why?" Mary Anita Gallant "Don't put too fine a point on your wit for fear it s ould get blunted." Course: General. Ambition: Pharmacist-Boston School of Pharmacy. Favorite Expression: "0.K. You talked me into it!" Activities: Pres. of Sr. Scholas- tic Club 4: Pres. of Home Ec. Club 4: Treas. Home Ec. Club 3: Cheer Leader 3, 4: Basketball 3, 4: Operetta 3: Jr. Prize Speaking 3:.Softball 1: Christ- mas Play 4: Farewell Address to Seniors 3: Class Day Comm. 4: Executive Comm. 4: Sr. Dance Comm. 4: Broadcast 3, 4: Tri- bute Staff: Glee Club 1, 2: "R" Club 4: Hiking Club 2. Gloria Ann Gallant Hom" "Happy she who, has succeeded in learning the causes of things." Course: Commercial. Ambi- tion: Medical secretary. Favor- ite Expression: "For goodness sakes." Activities: Commercial Club 4: Tribute Staff. George Glenfield "Glenn" 'iEach mind has its own method." Course: Vocational. Ambi- tion: Aeronautical engineer. Favorite.Expression: "I guess so." Activities: Football 1: Basketball Manager 4: Letter 4: Flag Bearer 4. Carolyn Faulkingham "Callie" "An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." Course: College. Ambition: Cadet Nurse-Mercy Hospital, Portland. Favorite Expression: "Gee whiz!" Activities: Band 1. 2. 3. 4: Orchestra 3: French Club 4: Latin Club 1, 2, 3: Sci- ence Club 3: Tribute Staff: Jr. Prize Speaking: Last Chapel Comm: Tennis 1: Archery 1. Salutatorian. Marguerite Fisher "Margs" "The great source of pleas- ure is variety." Course: Commercial. Ambi- tion: Stenographer. Favorite Expressions "No-o-o-!" Activ- ities: Softball 1: Basketball 1, 2: Library Club 2, 3, 4: Com.. rnercial Club 4. Evelyn F. Floyd "Ev" "I have heard of the lady and good words go with her name." Course: College. Ambition: Cadet Nurse--Me. Eye and Ear Infirmary, Portland. Fav- orite Expression: "Oh, gee!" Activities: Latin Club 1, 2, 3: Home Ec. Club 4. Theresa Rita Harpe "Trese" "No one knows what it is that she can do till she tries." l Course Commercial. Ambi- tion: Typist. Favorite Expres- sion: "Golly." Activities: Glee Club 2, 3: Library Club 1-Sec. 2: Ramona Chorus 2: School Play Property Manager 3: Com- mercial Club 3, 4: Library Club Vice Pres. 4: Tribute Staff 4: Library Club Pres. 3. Raymond Hughes "Ray" "A good nature is a thing to be desired." Course: Vocational. Ambi- tion:'Undecided. Favorite Ex- pression: "Oh! nuts!" Activi- ties: Inter-class Basketball 4: Baseball 2. James E. Kelly "Jim" "All mankind loves a lover." Course: College. Ambition: U. S. Infantry. Favorite Ex- pression: "0h these women!" Activities: Basketball 1 ,2, 3, 4: Letter 3, 4: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: Letter 3: Broadcast 1, 2: Latin Club 2: French Club 3: Tribute Staff 4: Executive Com. 4: Class Banquet Comm. 4: Boys "R" Club 4. N Yolanda Goguen "Yo" "Music is well said to be the voice of angels." Course: College. Ambition: Musical career. Favorite Ex- pression: "Golly!", Activities: Glee Club 1: namona Chorus 1: French Club 3, 4. Raphella Gotto "Ella" "Should I love less, I should be happier now." Course: College. Ambition: Nurse. Favorite Expression: "Oh, come on now!" Activities: Band l, 2: Orchestra 1, 2: Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 4: French Club 4: Class Banquet Comm. 4: Numerals 2. Gloria Corinne Hall "Stinky" "I have a heart with room for every joy!" l . Course: College. Ambition: Undecided. Favorite Expression: "Love that man." Activities: Band 1, 2, 3: Isatin Club 1, 3: French Club 3, 4: Vice-Pres1- dent of French Club 3: Treas- ,urer of French Club 42 Student Council 4: Broadcast Staff 4l Tribute Staff4: Class Day Com- mittee: 3rd Honor Part.. Doris Mae Hill "Dot" "A cheerful manner was her own" Course: College. Ambition: Nurse. Favorite Expression: "Oh Brother!" Activities: Latin Club 1, 2: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 49 Home Ec. Club 4. Phyllis Hussey "Phyl" "Fair tresses man's imperial race insnare - And beauty draws us with a single hair." . . Course: General. Ambition: Laboratory Technician. Activ- ities: Scholastic Club 4: Home Ec. Club 4. Marie Landry "Bubbles" "Say, is not absence death to those who love?" Course Commercial. Ambi- tion: Stenographer. Favorite Expression: "Listen here young- ster want to get hurt?" Activ- ities: Band 1, 2: Basketball 1, 3, 4: Commercial Club 3, 4: Class Treasurer 3, 4: Broadcast 4: Tribute 4. . Agnes Goodwin "Aggie" "I built my soul a lordly pleasure house Wherein at ease for aye to dwell." Course Commercial. Ambi- tion: Undecided. Favorite Ex- pression: "Heavens above!" Ac- tivities: Commercial Club 3, 4: 10th Honor Part. Simone Marie Hachey "Sim" "Cheerfulness uplifts the soul And yours uplifts many." Course: College. Ambition: Cadet Nurse-Me. Eye and Ear Infirmary. Favorite Expression: "Cut it out." Activities: Latin Club 2, 3. 4: French Club 3. 4: Basketball 4: Softball 4: Tri- bune Staff 4: Senior Social Committee: Baccalaureate Com- mittee: 7th Honor Part. Irene Harpe "Harpo" "Zealous yet modest: innocent though free: Patient of toil: serene amidst ' alarms: lnflexible in faith: invincible 1n arms." Course Commercial, Ambi- tion: Stenographer. Favorite Expression: "Don'1: tell me!" Activities: Student Council 2, 3. 4: Secretary of Student Council 3: President 4: 2nd Vice-Pres. of Maine Student Council 4: Ramona Chorus 2: Glee Club 3: Qperetta 3: Junior Prize Speak- lrlgi .Students Day 3: Com- mercial Club 3.4: President of Commercial Club 4: D. A. R. Awadr 4: 6th Honor Part. Harvey Eugene Manson Jr. "Punch" "Oh! it is excellent To have a giant's strength: but it is tyrannous To use it like a giant." Course: College. Ambition: U. S. lnfantrv. Favorite Ex- pression: "Look at the snappers on that cat!" Activities: Foot- ball 1, 2, 3. 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 1: Winter Sports 1: Boys "R" Club 4: Glee Club 2. 3: Operetta 3: Track 4. Margaret Mcliale "Fat" "She'll reach her goal. at- tain those deeds yet." Course: General. Ambition: Nurse. Favorite Expression: "Are you kidding?" Activities: Glee Club 1: Home Ec. Club 3, 4: Senior Scholastic Club. James Thomas Mclnnis "Mac" "I'll print it and shame the fools." Course: Vocational. Ambi- tion: Politician. Favorite Ex- ression "You aren't kid p . ding." Activities: Broadcast 1, 2: Printing instructor 3, 4. Robert J. Lantagne "Bob" "Men of few words are the best men." Course Commercial. Ambi- tion: Undecided. Favorite Ex- pression: "Queen" 'Activities: Commercial Club 4. Marshall H. Longway "Berks" "I slept. and dreamed that life was Beauty: I woke, and found that life was Duty." ' Course: College. Ambition: Infantry. Favorite Expression: "1t's 'hard to say." Activities: Tennis 1: Track 3, 4: "R" Club 4: Broadcast 4. Barbara MacDouga.ll "Mac" "Love the sea? I dote upon it-from the beach." Course: General. Ambition: Undecided. Favorite Expres- ion: "It's a great life if you don't weaken-but who wants to be strong?" Activities: Home Eco- nomics Club 3, 4: Scholastic Club 4. Eleanor Martin "El" "Look, then, into thine heart. and write." Course: College. Ambition: Boston University. Favorite Expression: "Well, hold the phone!" Activities: Glee Club 1. Gerald Melnnis "Jerry" "Music is the only sensual pleasure without vice." Course: General. Ambition: Musician. Favorite Expression: "Oh! Boy!" Activities: Band 1, 2. 3: Tennis 1, 2: Operetta 3: Band Concert 2: Senior Schol- astic Club: Senior Harvest Dance Committee: Manager of Baseball 4. . Geraldine McKenna "Dena" "Those eyes Soft and capacious as a cloudless sky." l Course: Commercial. Ambi- tion: Stenographer-Washing- ton. D. C. Favorite Expression: "Control yourself, my dear!" Activities: Commercial Club 3. 4: Tribute Staff 4: Sr. Social Committee: Glee Club 2, 3. William J. Leader Jr. i "Bill" "A bird is known by its note And a man by his talk." Course: College. Ambition: Undecided. Favorite Expres- sion: "Dat-rat-it." Activities: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1. 4: Winter Sports 1, 2: Football 3, 4: Boys "R" Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 1, 2: French Club 3: Broadcast Staff 3, 4: Broad- cast Editor in Chief 4: Junior Prize Speaking 3: Operetta 4: Vice President Senior Class 4: Tribute 4. John MacDonald "Jackie" "And still they gazed ,and still the wonder grew. That one small head could car- ry all he knew." Course: College. Ambition: Chemical Engineer. Favorite Expression: "There's no future in it." Activities: Basketball 1. 2, 3, 4: Football 3, 4: Broadcast 1. 2, 3, 4: Band 1, 2: Track 3. 4: Tennis 1: Prize Speaking 3: Sec. of Boys "R" Club 4: Sec. of Student Council 4: Tribute Staff 4: Debatinf' 2: Winter Snnrts 1. 2: French Club 3: Latin Club 1, 2: Paine Science Club 3. 4. Fourth honor part. Catherine MacFarlane " Kitty" "A drop of honey catches more flies than a hogshead of vinegar." Course: College. Ambition: Air Hostess. Favorite Ex- pression: "Charmed, I'm sure." Activities: Latin Club 2: Ma- jorette 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1. 3, 4: Softball 1, 3, 4: French Club 3, 4: Broadcast 1, 2, 3: Tribute Staff 4: Senior Social Commit- tee: Queen's Attendant-Senior Social. Barbara Morrison "Molly" "Happy am I: from care I'm free! Why arn't they all contented like me?" lCourse: Commercial. Ambi- tion: -Secretary. Favorite Ex- pression: "Honestly". Activi- ties: Glee Club 2, 3: Softball 1, 2: Basketball 3. 4: Auditor of School Books 3, 4: Hiking 1: Dramatic Club 1: Senior Dance Committee: Tribute Staff: Com- mercial Club 4. Alberta Norton "Berta" "My thoughtsuare my own companions." Course: General. Ambition: Undecided. Favorite Expression: "Hey, you know what:" Activ- ities: Home Economics Club 4: Scholastic Club 4. ' Muriel M. Patenaude "Mim" "A noble type of good heroic womanhoodll' l Course: General. Ambition: Home Ec. School. Favorite Ex- pression: "No fooling." Activi- ties: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Soft- ball 1 ,2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1: "R" Club 3, 4: President 4. Mary Jean McKenna "Jeanie" "Blue eyes shimmer with angel glances Like spring violets over- the ea." Course: College. Ambition: Private Secretary. Favorite Ex- pression: "Oh! murder!" Activ- ities: Basketball 1. 3, 4: Archery 1: Softball 1, 2, 3: Tennis 1, 2: Hiking 1, Track 1: Latin Club 1, 2: Broadcast 1, 2, 3, 4: Li- brary Club 2, 3, 4: French Club 3, 4: Operetta 3: Glee Club 3: Senior Social Committee: Tri- bute Stall. Malcolm Dennison McLean HMac!l "They who go Feel not the pain of parting: it is they Who stay behind that suffer." Course: College. Ambition: Navy. Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: "R" Club 4: Junior Prize Speaking 3: Track 3: French Club 3: One Act Play 3. Joan Mercier "Jo" "Clear honor shining, like the dewy stars of dawn." Course: General. Ambition: Nurse. Favorite Expression: "More darn fun!" Activities: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 3: Scholastic Club 4. Sylvio Normandeau "Commando Syl" "Full of action, full of pride With loyal friend on every side" Course: College. Ambition: Radar-Navy. Favorite Ex- nression: "Women, boy oh! boys." Activities: Winter Sports 1, 2: Football 3, 4: Track 1, 2. 4: Band 1, 2: Junior Prize Speaking: Class Marshal: Tri- bute Staff 4: Class Day Com- mittee 4: "R" Club 4. John Bryant Oldham "Johnny" "Happy he who has succeed- ed in learning the cause of things." Course: College. Ambition: Air Corps. Activities: Orchestra 1: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 2, 3: Track 3: Play 3. Lorraine Phelps "Rainey" "Too wise to care, Too good to be unkind." Course: General. Ambition: Cadet Nurse. Favorite Ex- pression: "You bugger!" Activ- ities: Latin Club 1, 2: Home Economics Club 4: Senior Scholastic Club. Jean McLeod "Nothing is impossible to a willing heart." Course: Commercial. Ambi- tion: Secretarial work. Favor- ite Expression: "Cute kid." Activities: Glee Club 1: Ra- mona Chorus 1: Band Concert 2itCr5mmercial Club 3, 4: Oper- e a . Sheila Mclvlennamin "Micky" "Bright as the sun her eyes the gazers strike And, like the sun, they shine on all alike." Course: General. Ambition: Westbrook Junior College. Fav- orite Expression: "Oh! darn!" Activities: Latin Club 1, 2: Glee Club 2, 3: Home Economics Club 3, 4: Scholastic Club 4. Rosemary Moon ey "Rosie" "A little nonsense now and then Is relished by- the wisest men." Course: College. Ambition: Social Work QCollege of St, Elizabethi. Favorite Expression: "It's lmmaterial to me." Activ- ities: School Play 2, 3: Junior Prize Speaking 3: Operetta 3: French Club 3, 4, President 4: Latin Club 2: Band 3: Broad- cast 2, 3: Tribute Business Man- ager: Dramatic Club 1: Softball 1. 3, 4: Basketball 3, 4: Student Council Medal 3: Baccalaureate Committee 4: Senior Dance Committee: Glee Club 3. Louise Roderick . "Roddy" "For a brave man deserves a well endowed girl." ' Course: General. Ambition: Undecided. Favorite Expression: "Most naturally!" Activities: Broadcast 1, 4: Band 2: Treas- of A. A. 3: Senior Scholastic Club 4: Treas. of Horne Ec. Club 4: Senior Harvest Dance Committee: Archery 1: Basket- ball 1: Softball 1: 'Glee Club 1, 3. I Germaine G. Routhier "Jimmie" "I want a hero: an uncommon want When every year and month sends forth a new one." Course: College. Ambition: Cadet Nurse. Favorite Ex- pression: "C'm on now." Activ- ities: Latin Club 1, 2: Cheer Leader 2, 3: Broadcast 4: One act Plays 3. Keith Winston Ruff "Cuff" "I think, therefore I am." Course: College. Ambition: Navy. Activities: Latin Club 2. Band 1, 2, 3, 4: French Club 3: Junior Prize Speaking 3: Operetta 3: "R" Club 4: Foot- ball Manager 4. Ernest W. Phillips "Ernie" "In mathematics he was greater Than Tyco Brake or Erra Pater For he, by geometric scale Could tfike the size of pots of o e." Course: College. Ambition: Undecided. Favorite Expression: "Here tis." Activities: President, of Senior Class. Marguerite Poirier "Peggy" "Lightly was her slender nose Tip-tilted like the petal of a . flower." Course: College. Ambition: Nurse. Favorite Expression: "Is that right! Activities: Latin Club 2, 3: French Club 3. 4: Basketball 1: Broadcast Staff 4: Tribute Staff 4: Senior Dance Committee 4: Graduation Corn- mittee 4: Glee Club 1: Band 1, 2: Chairman of Exchange Com- mittee 4. Roy Rideout "The silver, snarling trumpets 'gan to chide'." Course: Vocational. Ambi- tion: Musician. Favorite Ex- pression: "Are you kidding." Activities: Winter Sports 1, 2. Thomas Robert Ronan "Tom" "Courage My boy: blushing is the complexion of virtue." Course: General. Ambition: Forestry lUniv. of Mainel. Fav- orite Expression: "Umbriago". Activities: Glee Club 2. 3: Vice Pres. of Senior Scholastic Club 4: Football 3: Winter Sports 1: Senior Dance Committee 4: Tennis 1. Jeanne Routhier "Blondie" "Beware of her fair hair for she excels All women in the magic of her locks." Course: General. Ambition: Beautician. Favorite Expression: "No kidding." Activities: Scho- lastic Club 4: Home Ec. Club 3. 4: Basketball 1: Tribute 4: Broadcast 1: Senior Dance Com- mittee 4: Glee Club 1. Constance Sirols "Connie" "With her eyes in flood with laughter." Course: College. Ambition: Laboratory Technician. Favor- ite Expression: "It's no skin off my nose." Activities: Glee Club 1, 2: French Club 4: Latin Club 2. 3: Hiking 1: Tennis 1. Adele Ploplis "Something attempted: some- thing done Has earned a night's repose. Course: Commercial. Ambi- tion: Undecided. Favorite Ex- pression: "Gee Whiz." Activi- ties: Valedictory: Glee Club 3: Commercial Club 3, 4: Treas. 4: Broadcast and Tribute Staff. Lorraine Carol Poulin "Punk" "She, perfect dancer: climbs the rope and balances your fear in hone." Course: General. Ambition: Cadet Nurse. Favorite Ex- pression: "You don't know!" Activities: Class Secretary 1, 2: Broadcast 1, 4: Tribute 4: Senior Social Committee 4: Home Ec. Club Sec. 4: Glee Club 1: Senior Scholastic Club 4: Archery 1. Edward Roach "Eddie" "Wise men say nothing in dangerous times" Football, Basketball. Base- ball, "R" Club 4: Band 4. Ambi- tion: Air Corps. 2 Rita Theriault "It is better to wear out than to rust out." Course: General. Ambition: Undecided. Favorite Expression: "Are you kidding." Activities: Basketball 1. 3, 4: Softball 1. 2, 3. 4: Scholastic Club 4: Tribute Stalif 4: Hiking 1. Theresa Marie Thibodeau "Tee" "Elegant as simplicitv, and warm as ecstasy" Course: College. Ambition: Cadet Nurse. Favorite Ex- pression: "Is that unusual?" Activities: Softball 1: Dramatic Club 1: Glee Club 1. 2, 3, 4: latin Club 2: Orchestra 2, 3: School Play 3: Hiking 1: Oper- etta 3: Tribute Staff 4: Senior garrce Committee 4: 5th Honor ar . Vivian I. Tremblay "Viv" "In dreams and in love there are no impossibilitiesu Course: Commercial. Ambi- tion: Secretary. Favorite Ex- pression: "You kill me." Activ- ities: Glee Club 1. 2: Com- mercial Club 4: Students Day 1: Broadcast Staff 4: Tribute Staff 4: Hiking 1: Senior Class Ban- quet Committee 4. u Joseph Robert Soucy "Bob" "Hard features every bungler can command To draw true beauty shows a master's hand." Course: College. Ambition: Undecided. Favorite Expression: "Horrors", Activities: Band 1, 2: French Club 4: Glee Club 2, 3: Winter Sports 1: Senior Dance Committee 4: Tribute Staff 4: Tennis 1. Alfred Joseph St. Cyr "Freddie" "He that has learned to obey will know how to command." Course: Commercial. Ambi- tion: Navy. Activities: Com- mercial Club 4: Band 4. Theresa Taylor "Tee" "And hiving wisdom with each studious year." Course: General. Ambition: Cadet Nurse. Favorite Ex- epression: "It's killing me." Activities: Hiking 1: Home Ec. Club 3: Sec. of Senior Scholas- tic Club 4. Theresa Theriault "TBS" "Laugh while you can. Every- thing has its time." U Course: Commercial. Ambi- tion: Stenographer. Favorite Expression: "Jeepers.". .Activ- ities: Glee Club 1: Hiking -1: Cheerleader 2: Commercial Club 4: "R" Club 4: Harvest Dance Committee 4. Norman Thurston "Brevity is the soul of wit." Winter Sports 1: Band 1, 2. Ambition: Coast Guard. Thelma Trenoweth "Timmy" "A youth to whom was given So much on earth, so much of heaven." Course: Commercial. Ambi- tion: Secretary. Favorite Ex- pression: "Oh! shucks." Activi- ties: Commercial Club 4. Louise Stalmuke "Lou" "But O she dances in such a way No sun tysons on Easter-day Is half so line a sight." Course: Commercial. Ambi- tion: Stenographer. Favorite Expression: "I'll stick up for the Air Corps." Activities: Class Treasurer 1, 2: Commercial Club 3, 4: Basketball 1, 4: Broadcast 1, 4: Glee Club 1, 3: Tribute 4: Tennis 1: Archery 1: Softball 1: Hiking 1: Committee of Harvest Dance 4. Annette Tanguay "Butch" "She was one who people A called a friend." Course: College. Ambition: Nurse. Favorite Expression: "Well. what do you know!" Activities: Latin Club 2: Senior Scholastic Club 4: Glee Club 3: Tennis 1: Hiking 1. Irene Theriault "Terry" "Keep up appearance what- ever you do." Course: Commercial. Ambi- tion: Social Worker QSimmons Collegeh. Favorite Expression: "That's life for you." Activi- ties: Basketball 1: Glee Club 1. 2: Hiking 1: Broadcast 2, 3: Substitute Teacher 3: Operetta 3: Auditor of School Books 3. 4: Commercial Club 4: Harvest Dance Committee 4: Assistant Treasurer of Combined Funds 4: Graduation Committee 4. I 1 Marion Tripp "A light heart lives long and well." Course: General. Ambition: Undecided. Favorite Expression: "ls that right." Activities: Softball 2, 4: Senior Scholastic Club 4. Anne Waznis . "She has a silence that speaks." Course: College. Ambition: Nurse. Favorite Expression: "Wowie." Activities: Glee Club 1: French Club 3: Paine Science Club 3, 4: Home Ec. Club 4: Tribute 4. Elaine Wing -"Name" "Full many a flower is born to blush unseen And waste its sweetness on the desert air." Course: College. Ambition Teacher. Favorite Expression "Ah! come on." Activities Operetta 3' Band 4: Home Ec Club 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3: 'reni nis 1: Hiking 1: Archery 1 Committee for Harvest Dance 4 Latin Club 1: French Club 3: Clifford Wade "A little rule. a little sway. A sunbeam in a winter's day." Basketball Manager 4: Win- ter Sports 1. Ambition: Coast Guard. Mary Waznis "Silence in woman is like speech in man." Course: General. Ambition: Undecided. Favorite Expresswn: "Don't do today what you can put off until tomorrow."' Activ- ities: Glee Club 1: French Club 3, 43 Home Ec. Club 4. Robert Harnanne "Bob" "I know what I like and that's enough." Course: General. Ambition: Army. Favorite Expression: "I-Iorrors!" Activities: Operetta 3: Scholastic Club 4. Alec Agostinelli "Gus" "I like my game and like to play." Course: College. Ambition Undecided. Favorite Expression: What dya say. Activities Tribute Staff: Track 2, 3: Footl ball 3. Herman Jones "Horrible" "He is a little chimney, and heated hot in a moment." Course: General. Ambition: Undecided. Favorite Expression: "Well what da you know." 1 ., .l,. iw, ' il l' - .ftgr ji, Lol, - Exif-5. v l SENIOR FAVORITES Expression-It's killing me Singer-Bing Crosby Comedian-Bob Hope Sport-Football Type of girl-Vivacious Subject-English Novel-A Tree Grows in Brooklyn Theatre-Strand - Movie-30 Seconds Over Tokyo Movie Actress-Ingrid Bergman Movie Actor-Van Johnson Song4weetheart of All My Dreams Night-Saturday Comic Strip--Blondie School-Stephens Pastime-Dancing Orchestra-Harry James Dish-Spaghetti Rendezvous-Spa MISS 1945 HAS: Barbara McDougall's, Doris Gallant's-smile Theresa Thibodeau's hair Marguerite Poirier's eyes Marguerite Poirier's nose Louise Stalmuke's teeth Louise Davis', Irene Harpe's-character Theresa Theriault's giggle Stella Bathersonis athletic powers Irene Harpe's leadership Adele Ploplis's disposition Adele Ploplis's knowledge Anita Gallant's vivacity Elaine Wing's blush Gloria Hall's personality Rosemarie Mooney's oratory MR. 1945 HAS: Tommy Ronan's smile Tom Mclnnis's hair Jimmy Kelly's eyes Tommy Ronan's nose Bob Soucy's teeth Bill Leader's character Gerald McInnis's giggle Bob Dennis's athletic powers Ernest Phillips's leadership Gerald Mclnnis's disposition Jackie McDonald's knowledge Bill Leader's vivacity Jimmy Kelly's blush Jackie McDonald's personality Bill Leader's oratory HALL OF SHAME Class Adonis-Tom Ronan Class Hero-Bob Dennis Class Heroine-Theresa Thibodeau Class Artist-Bob Soucy PAGE FOURTEEN Class Crooner-Tom Ronan Class Politician-Tom Mclnnis Class Cowboy-Elroy Rideout Class Dreamer-Marshall Longway Class Caveman-Harvey Manson Class Superman-Harvey Manson Class Handshaker-Jimmy Kelly J . Class Heartbreakerfhmmy' Kelly Class Baby CYoungestJ-Ernest Phillips Class Social Wolf+John Dumas Answer to a Maiden's Prayer-Jimmy Kelly Cutest fBoyJ-Tom Ronan Tiniest-Herman Jones Classiest-Tom Ronan Most Serious-Jackie MacDonald Most Talkative-Anita Gallant SENIOR CLASS OPINIONS Most attractiveagirl-Louise Roderick Handsomest boy-Tom Ronan Most versatile girl-Anita Gallant Most versatile boy-Billy Leader-Jimmy Kelly Best girl athlete-Muriel Patenaude Best boy athlete-Bob Dennis Girls' choice for career-Nursing Boys' choice for career-Navy Girl most likely to succeed-Adele Ploplis Boy most likely to succeed-John MacDonald Best dressed girl-Irene Theriault Best dressed boy-Tom Ronan Most studious girl-Adele Ploplis Most studious boy-John MacDonald Girls' choice for brother-Bill Leader Boys' choice for a sister-Lorraine Poulin Best girl dancer-Louise Stalmuke Best boy dancer-Bob Dennis Wittiest girl-Anita Gallant Wittiest boy-Bill Leader Most helpful girl-Adele Ploplis Most helpful boy-Ray Hughes Most vivacious girl-Anita Gallant Best natured girl-Barbara Adley Best natured boy-Bill Leader Most popular girl-Louise Roderick-Anita Gallant Most popular boy--Jim Kelly Most promising girl-Gloria Hall Most promising boy-Jack MacDonald Most dignified girl-Theresa Thibodeau Most chivalrous boy-Bob Soucy Most ambitious girl-Adele Ploplis Most ambitious boy-Jack MacDonald Most reserved girl-Phyllis Hussey, Katherine MacFarlane, Ann Waznis Most reserved boy-Robert Lantagne TEN HIGHEST-RANKINGS SENIORS 1. Adele Ploplis .... ...........,,..................,..... 9 3.035 2. Carolyn Faulkingham ......................,....... 93.000 3. Gloria Hall .............,.,......... .. ....... 92.566 4. John MacDonald ..,..,.........,... ....... 9 2.400 5. Theresa Thibodeau ..............,... ....,.. 9 1.392 6. Louise Davis, Irene Harpe ,,,....., ....... 9 1.035 7. Simonne Hachey ...,.................. ....... 8 9.857 8. Joyce Buotte , .........,............... ,...... 8 9,812 9. Stella Batherson ,,........ ....... 8 9.500 10. Agnes Goodwin ........ ....,.. 8 9.285 L- it V if yfmwllw l . lawimigl ...M E SENIOR ACTIVITIES - "Good old class of forty-five." Yes, this last year has been a very eventful one for all of us. This year marks the close of four successful years of-well let us say-preparation as well as run. ' One of the biggest events,of the year was the senior social. The class decided to use a new and original idea suggested by our new class sponsor, Mr. Berrie. Results? Never before has the class undertaken a more successful or clever idea. The name selected for our dance was "Harvest Dance," and around this, plans were drawn up and preparations were begun. It was decided that a "Harvest Queen" and four attendants would be selected by popular vote of the senior class members. They were namely: Harvest Queen, Theresa Thibodeau, a well liked and successful member of the class. Her at- 'tendants were: Catherine MacFarlane, Elaine Wing, Louise Roderick and Lorraine Poulin. The refreshments consisted of cider, that the i"cider crew" eagerly made, and donuts solicited from the members of the class. Excellent music was provided by Ronnie?-Qhase and his orches- tra. More results? In ,our'.-estimation, the most successfuland profitable iiridegtaking ever cred- ited to our class. i " - I Many months later, half-yeaillaverages were given out and class'par'ts were decided upon. The year book washin full development and all preparations for 'graduation and'the Senior Hop were under way. Even then many of us did not realize that this was the- beginning- of the conclusion of four happy years as members of Stephens High. -L. POULIN, '45, " K EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE CSenior ClaSSJ ' lst row. left to right: M. Landry, Mr. A. Berrie tsponsory E. Phillips, I.. Davis. 2nd row, left to right, B. Adley S. Batherson. J. Kelley, A. Gallant. PAGE FIFTEEN Left to right: A. Gallant. G. Routhier, 1st row: I. Theriault. 2nd row: I. Har e, E. Gotto S Batherson. 3rd row, M. Porier, McInnis,' Cf. Routhier, R. Soucy. A DAY ON THE FARM Last November, the Sunday, before the Senior Harvest Dance, the members of the dance com- mittees went to Ernest Phillips' farm to pick apples and make cider to sell at the dance. , Robert Soucy loaded the "gang" on his truck at the school in the early afternoon. There was much singing and cheering as the truck went down Congress Street CS. H. S. had won the Armistice game, and many Mexico students were on the islandj. The truck stopped in front of Mr. Berrie's house in Virginia. "Yeah-Coach-Yeah-Berrien cheers from the gang brought him out. He was given a place to sit on the floor in the center of the truck, and was entertained with silly ditties all the way to the farm. Upon arriving at Phillips' farm, we learned that Mr. Phillips, Ernest, Elbridge Farwell, Robert Fleck and Cliff Wade had already begun to grind for cider. They needed more apples, so part of the "gang" returned in Soucy's truck and part in Fleck's homemade "jeep" fpictured aboveb, to the apple orchard. Anyone who rode with Fleck can tell you that they have experienced a real jeep ride, because his contraption is capable of climbing steep hills like a caterpillar, reacts to bumps in a similar manner, and can even Jump mud puddles. Several baskets and burlap bags were filled with apples and taken to the barn. - Later in the afternoon, another group of boys came up in Bill Leader's car, making the "gang" approximately twenty-five strong. Everyone pitched in, each taking turns at different jobs. Two girls were required to polish the apples and to throw them into the press, one boy to push them down with a stick, and two boys to grind them and to throw out the pulp. When a pan was filled with juice, a boy and a girl were needed to strain it twice and to pour it into the barrels. At the same time others were picking more apples, or eating them, while still others managed to pass the time by dancing in the barn. Of course we cou1dn't go without mentioning the haystack upstairs in the barn, which also fur- nished entertainment! Two couples were very quiet and unconcerned while "Mac" McLean and "Scotty" Batherson practiced Ju-Jitsu in the hay. Mr. Berrie, as sponsor and chaperon, made repeated trips upstairs, as much as he hated to do soQ??'?7 Late in the afternoon, the "gang" had an opportunity to sample the fruits of their toil as well as some of Mrs. Phillips' delicious, hot, homemade sugared doughnuts. Then everyone went home feeling tired, but happy. Of course a few members were covered from head to foot with hay that simply wouldn't brush off. You can imagine how plainly it showed up on Ella Gotto's black coatls In spite of the enjoyable time had by everyone, much work was accomplished. The boys contin- ued nights after school to make more cider, bringing the total to forty gallons. This proved delicious and brought in a good profit for the Senior Class. -IRENE HARPE, '45. PAGE SIXTEEN . F 1 1 1 1 1 . i'5Qf1 "'-i'lfw !'f f'V fi ' - " " " " . I fig ,w : ' as.: .. Hp., All U H N., 1 X.. . 1 A H -- 5 Q . . -A K. Q. .w .t . . fi CHARACTER SKETCHES - SENIOR CLASS BARBARA ADLEY Though she looks shy and demure. don't let looks deceive you! Barbara is filled with the "Joy of Liv- ing." Even-ybody's sister-that's Barhs. Helpful-but argumentative: humorous-but stubborn, wonderful singing and speaking voice-all in one girl. She plans on being a nurse and with that helpful attitude and conversational ability I'm sure she will be a success. I can see her now walking down the hospital corridor with a hint of jive in her step. meeting a young intern, and whispering in his ear "Le's Dance!" ALEC AGOSTINELLI The fellow who was always getting himself in hot water doing things that only he could think of! With that wolfish grin and that teasing manner of his no one could help but like him. He was active in school activities, and always managed to get elected to at least one office in every club he joined. No matter what he does he's sure to be a success. RACHEL AUSTIN "Ray" has always been known to be an honest and conscientious student. She possessed a winning smile and was pleasing to all her classmates. Her sense of humor won her many friends, in and out of school. LORRAINE T. BAKER Just this year Lorraine came to join our class. She's a true "Jersey girl" with her quiet way. Beneath her quietness we've learned that there's a mischievous way. You're a fine girl and grand company, "Rusty." Be yourself always and you'll be happy. ANNIE BARNETT To have her around makes every one happy. Her smile is so bright and her personality pleasing. She is always ready to help a friend in need, and she is a friend indeed. We know she will have success in her future work. H BARBARA M. BARTLETT K Whatever impression she may give. I think you'll find her talkative. The flashing brightness of the eye, '- Shows that nothing's getting by. STELLA PATRICIA BATHERSON Stella could very well be classified as an all around girl. She has participated in many sports and extra- curricular activities. Always ready to give anyone a helping hand. This together with her pleasing person- ality will do much toward the successful career she rightfully deserves. 1 LORRAINE BELANGER We will always remember Lorraine for her pleas- ing personality. She's a small girl but she has big ideas. We know she will succeed in her future life. ADELIA BESSEY A gay and friendly girl is she. Always has a silly giggle, and is noted for the gleam in her eye and her eye on the men. She always got what she wanted. and may she always get what she will need in the future-Luck. K PAGE EIGHTEEN JOYCE BUOTTE "I'm not fooling" Joyce is a little ray of sunshine that will never be dimmed. The phrase "Small but Mighty" was composed for only her. She is clever but is not too clever to be loved, and her zest and character serve as an inspiration to others. As for "Love's young dream," "Runt" is just "Bugs" about a certain little sailor. RAYMOND PAUL CARIGNAN A Another one of those boys who left a trail of broken hearts! If there were more real "regular fel- las" like "Moots," life would be a lot more fun! He was also quite smooth on a dance floor and possessed an infectious smile and good personality. We're all .sure he'l1 be a great success in the Navy Air Corps! DANIEL H. CASEY Dan is the big. strong silent type! He doesn't say too much but has the best developed "line" in the class. Seriously, though, he is the reliable, friendly and good natured sort of guy. Popular with both tflelllfmwinanti girls! The type that anyone could like- a 's an. LEITH CALDEN Clap hands for here comes Leith, the dr? land sailor boy from West Peru. The lad is one o those individuals with a winning smile and a sense of humor in a happy combination. To see him is to be one of his host of friends. We shall miss Lee but our loss is a certain party's gain and we wish him loads of luck in his chosen profession. CECILE CANTIN "Ce's" is a rather quiet but friendly girl. She has many friends in school and is always ready to lend a helping hand. She writes a lot of letters-especially to that certain soldier. We know, she will be suc- cessful in whatever she attempts. We hope she is especially successful in Washington. PHYLLIS CHAMBERS Phyllis is a swell gi.r1. No matter what is wrong, she always has a merry twinkle in those sparkling brown eyes of hers. Besides her famous twinkling eyes, one may find her always with a ready smile. Another trait of hers is blushing. Keep it up "Phyl" for it adds to your sparkle and charm. MARY CLOUTIER The girl with the beautiful blue eyes who is quiet in ways but equally gay, likes.a good time, and is always ready to laugh. Just another one of those telephone operators, but this doesn't mean "mum chums" as Mary's not that type. Here's one girl who will be a success due to her pleasing personality and friendliness. BASIL CORNISH His silent manner and friendly smile make him an enjoyable companion, well liked by all his classmates. We think you deserve the very best life has to offer. so here's luck to you. Basil. LEON DAVIS "Sonny" will always be remembered for his eagerness to help other students, for his wit and laughter, and for his ability to make friends. May your life in Uncle Sam's big family be as successful, because the class is rooting for you Sonny. l it e A i 'if . 1-ei fi' G .. 1 ff. LOUISE NATALIE DAVIS "The world deals' good naturedly with good. natured people." An appropriate quotati nl for a quiet, friendiy person. You surely are gods iiatured Louise and we are all glad to have had you'M1i,S. H. S. Our high school years have been brighter because you have shared them with us. We wish you all good things in the future. LJBERT DENNIS - i To a six foot two Senior. Full of power and ath- letic ability. That has helped to bring fame to our school in the Held of sports. A good sportsman, with a good disposition, and 'well liked by all his class- mates. He has chrsen Engineering for a career. We all hope he makes it. You're O. K. Bob. WILFRED FRANCIS DROUIN A quiet lad who did his work conscientiously. He had a smile for every occasion, and a pleasing person- ality. We know he will be successful in the years to come. TERESA DUCASSE The girl who has been going around with stars in her eyes all year! She's the one who always could make a joke out of anything and who was always willing to have a good time. As for her ambition, I think she is most serious about being a housewife. Here's hoping she'll be very happy. JOHN DUMAS Johnny who joined our class this year was a wel- comed addition to it. A very clever and courteous fellow, whose ambition is to be a doctor. He has wavy hair and that come hither look in his smile that would bewitch any maid. HENRY WILLIAM DUPILL "Dupe" is an all-round fellow and good companion. We have only begun to know him as he truly is, for up to this year he was so quiet and reserved. We are all glad of this change, for we find him full of fun. RONALD F. EIVIERY Ronald is one of those quiet fellows that always is busy at work, but finds time to joke with his class- mates. We all believe that he is versatile and know he will succeed in anything he tries. VADA EVELYN ENMAN "Squink" is very friendly and very nice to get along with. She is very helpful. She gets teased a lot in 108, but takes it with a smile. She writes many letters to a certain soldier in Germany. I Wonder what she puts in them. We all know and feel she will be a great success in what field she enters. We all hope she makes a success at Washington, D. C. CAROLYN FAULKINGHAM This person's resourcefulness and dependable characteristics make her a true friend and an excel- lent scholar. Because of her studious qualities she is destined to achieve her goal in life. JEANNE FISHER Jeanneiis a very quiet girl while in school. How- ever. when out of school, she is exactly the opposite. She, like other girls of the Senior Class, likes to go out with a group of girls and have a good time. MARGUERITE A. FISHER "Marg" is a versatile girl who is, strange as it seems, mischievous in school and rather quiet out- srde. In spite of this, she is fun to be with at all times, fcr she is a good sport and companion. ROBERT HUGH FLECK ' On the surface "Bob" is a quiet fellow but not to those who really know him. I'm sure he'll be a suc- cess in whatever he undertakes for he is wise. Good luck and lots of happiness for the future. EVELYN - F. FLOYD Evelyn is a quiet person. She is always busy at her school work and never has an idle moment. She is friendly to all and always ready to help a class- mate. Hereis wishing her good luck in her career. PHOEBE MARGARET FRASER "Mornings at seven--all's right with the world" and all's right with Phoebe, too. Her smile is as bright at seven o'clock in the morning as it is at eleven o'clock at night. We shall miss your good- natured, easy-going personality. We wish you the best the world has to offer. ' DORIS GALLANT ' We will always remember Doris for the friendly smile and laughter she had for everyone. Although her interests were chiefly about Mexico, we know she had time to concentrate on her most loved 'subjects ot shorthand and typewriting. I-Ier melodious voice of "Number Please" kept us on the alert for secretive conversation. GLORIA ANN GALLANT Gloria is a classmate who is willing to lend a help- ing hand to anyone. She is always smiling no matter how glocmy the outlook is. May good fortune be with her in her future career. MARY ANITA GALLANT Whenever you hear a long, shrill wolf call you can usually find Anita at the end of it! One of the most active girls in the class, she is a good leader with her fine speaking voice and her remarkable sense of humor. She now works in a corner drug store as a step to realizing her ambition of being a pharm- acist. With a sparkling personality like that she will certainly be a big success. . BARBARA GARRIGAN Barbara is conscientious and quiet. She is very willing to help her neighbors with their work. She looks upon the world with understanding and a smi e. GEORGE GLENFIELD George will always be remembered for the busi- ness-like way he went about his duties. He was an all-round fellow and ready helper. His sense of humor makes him a good companion and classmate. YOLANDA GOGUEN Her charming personality, ready smile, and high sense of humor make her popular with all her friends. Talented with a soprano voice she will probably suc- ceed in a musical career. Her cheerfulness and friendliness at all times will help her to succeed in 1 e. PAGE NINETEEN 7 6 - L2 I --,. 1221-:---f Q.--" Q f L -fi? Z .' Q5- ff l . .tn- , ,V . I, .. , . YM -, if-IL ' iz 4 ,gggg 1 in ui s i . . ti :f3?f'1'-rms ' W -1-U:-....l3?.? ff' -if-'ns f ' AGNES MARY GOODWIN Agnes is one of the quiet girls in our class. She .is well-mannered, does her work to the best of her abil- ity all the time, and is always willing to -help her classmates. I am sure that this girls ambition will lead her to a very successful life. RALPHELLA GOTTO Ella has been with us only two years, but during this time she has made many friends and influenced many people. LThat's people spelled'BOYS-J Whlin hrst meeting her one gets the impression that she is quiet and reserved but to those WHO really know her, she is a fun-loving person. She IS the possessor of a very infectious laugh which sweeps over her every now and then. SIMONE MARIE HAC HEY Here's to an all-round girl. She laughs, studies. and is willing to help you at anytime. She is a good sport in basketball, softball, and in other sports. She has a grand soldier to whom she writes regularly. He sends her pins and kerchiefs. Why don't you ask her to show them to you. I am sure she would emoy that very much. GLORIA CORINNE HALL Gloria is the girl bubbling over with the joy of living And always a witty and cheerful answer is giving. She is always happy and gay, In her life there's no room for a rainy day. She is that dreamed of true and loyal friend And nothing less than success is her trend. ' ROBERT HAMANNE "Bob" is a big-hearted fellow who would "be will- ing to give the shirt off his back." Although he didn't take his work seriously, he enjoyed school and got by. IRENE HARPE Irene is one of the most known and best-liked girls of the Senior Class of 1945. She is prominent in many extra curricular activities. Although there are many things on her mind, she is seldom seen when not smiling. She is content with life and makes the best of everything it has to offer. THERESA RITA HARPE Theresa will always be remembered for her willing- ness to help. others and her friendliness. Herlsmile greets all w o come in contact with her. Her wit and laughing eyes will never be forgotten. Her character and ipersonality will assure her of a high position in her uture career. DORIS HILL Here is a girl with a kind word and a warm smile for everyone. Don't ever ease your smile, "Dot," 1t'S precious. RAYMOND HUGHES Ray is a talkative, friendly boy, always willing to lend a helping hand. He is known to everyone for his good nature and infectious grin. Here's wishing you success in everything you undertake, Ray. PA GE TWENTY PHYLLIS HUSSEY During our four years at Stephens High School, Phyllis was not heard from very often. thus many of her classmates do not know her true character and personality. She is very loyal to her close friends and always has a good word for everyone with whom she is associated. She has hilgih ideals and strives constantly to maintain them. owever. her greatest assets are her smile and sense of humor. With all these admirable traits, Phyllis is destined to become successful in anything she attempts to undertake. HERMAN JONES , He is a boy of fine character. He is quiet, humor- ous, ambitious. clean, etc. He likes outdoor sports, such as baseball, fishing, hunting, etc. He likes the forest. He would like a job as a forest ranger or a game warden. Hiking into the woods is one of his great pastimes. JAMES B. KELLY ' A cheerful and happy-go-lucky lad. Many a day was heightened by his Irish smile. The only thing that he lacked was leisure time, for he was always busy. Jim was one of our best athletes, particularly in basketball. MARIE LANDRY The happy-go-lucky type, that's what "Bubbles"' is. Of course. like all other human beings, she has her blue moods, but as a rule come what may she is ready to receive it. ' ROBERT J. LANTAGNE Bob is a fellow of i-ine character. He is what you would call an All American Boy. He likes summer and winter sports. Hunting and fishing are great pastimes for him. The class regrets to lose him and his time humor. WILLIAM J. LEADER, JR. The man of our class we call "Bill," athletic, socially inclined, and most of all, the ability of lead- ership. All the members of the class will never for- get him for his attractive grin. We all agree that Bill was the most popular boy of his class. MARSHALL H. LONGWAY Here is a fellow who is always willing to lend a heaping hand. He gives his hearty support at every at etic and social function. Among the women, he displays wit, chivalry and courtesy. Last but not least he has a magnetic personality, which results in his sound branding, especially among the fairer sex, as a wolf in sheep's clothing. JOHN MacDONALD , As a freshman Jack was only a freshman. He was the gentleman that had all the qualities any female would like. The quiet type whose blue eyes Hash such sparkling smiles that wou d make any girl swoon. Now as a Senior Jack is a man. We know he will always e a man. BARBARA MacDOUGALL Barbara Mac-the all-around girl with the becom- ing blush and grand personality who is well known for her wit and sense of humor. She's popular, not only with girls but also with fellows, and a faithful supporter of the Navy! She is reserved, but friendly and we know she will certainly be successful in her ambitions, because she is "strictly solid!" CATHERINE MacFARLANE Would that we were a poet Kitty, we'd say nice things about you. She is so fun-loving and gay with a quiet charm and dainty dignity. In and out like the whiff of a cool breeze: the edge of her wit is never dulled. She is so efficient, so lovable, she's Kitty. 4... .. fy . - . . ill .l gi....Miim HARVEY E. MANSON. JR. "Punch" as he is known by everyone, is a big, athletic type of young man who has a big Lithua- nian smile and a sense of humor hard to beat. When the fairer sex are present he usually takes command and generally holds the situation well in hand. ELEAN OR MARTIN Don't be fooled by Elly's quietness. Maybe she's lonesome. Mac, you know, has donned a pair of bell bottom trousers. Who knows, we may soon be read- ing some of her wonderful children's stories. Her secret ambition is to be a writer. Best of luck. El! MARGARET MCI-IALE The girl who laughs when it's time to laugh but who knows when to be serious. GERALD MCINNIS Jerry, the fellow with the infectious laugh! When he laughs we all want to! He is quite a fine musician and we all know he will really gg, far in that field. Sometimes moody, sometimes gay, he wouldn't be Jerry if he wasn't that way! THOMAS A McINNIS The editor ofthe class! One of the nicest, most courteous fellows in the class. Serious minded ,but comical, argumentative sometimes, eager and reliable -that's Tom! As for being a politician he can cer- Iailnly put a point across! Also quite a man with the a ies! - GERALDINE McKENNA A Dena will always be remembered for her fine char- acter and pleasing personality. .She's full of fun and jokes at just the right time. Her courtesy and pleas- 'a'nt smile will help her to come out "tops!" Your taste in stenography certainly came in handy and we all know you're well prepared for Washington. 1 MARY JEAN McKENNA Here we find a blue-eyed lass whose merry wit is never at repose. Her changeable accent is thoroughly enjoyed by her solid geometry mates. She has a secret charm. a welcome smile. She is never twice the same, but always Jeanie. MALCOLM D. MCLEAN' "Mac" was always well liked by his classmates because of his dynamic personality and ability to make and keep friends. "Mac" is now another of those boys in navy blue. Here's wishing him the very best of luck in the future. JEAN 'MCLEOD Jean may be a tiny girl. but "big things come in small packages." She is full of vim, vigor and vital- ity. She is conscientious about her school work and extra duties. Her shyness is quite deceiving. for she is really talkative and easy to know. SI-EILA MCMENNAMIN After you've gone everyone will remember you for your shining eyes, your delightful grin, and an Air Corps oflicer who dominated practically every con- versation. For us who know you. Sheila, it would take a long time to forget you. - JOAN MERCIER ' Presenting a girl that's a good sport and possesses a pleasing personality. .Jo's neat appearance, at all times, was noted by all of us. We'll all miss her won- derful sense of humor. ROSEMARIE MOONEY ' A A fun-loving girl with an enchanting personality, well-liked by all her friends-that's Rosie. We expect a lot from you Rosie-something tells us that Irish wit will take you over the.rough spots and your own s'elf will do the rest. Oh, we won't brag, your record sgeaks louder than we can. Best of luck, Rosie, old mg. - BARBARA MORRISON ' Molly is one of those few young ladies who has many likes and very few dislikes. She is always ready for a bit of fun, always lending a helping hand, al- ways loyal to her friends. We hope that you may some day get to dance to your favorite Spanish orchestra. We shall miss you next year, "Molly," and wish you the best of luck in your future career. SYLVIO NORMANDEAU With his pleasant personality and his ambitious mgngshe has become a friend of everyone in the class o ' ., ALBERTA NORTON ' She is very moody, one moment serious, the next moment she is gay and mischievous. When she is with a group she is always a good sport. JOHN OLDHAM Q John was very quiet, yet, we were always able to feel his presence. He never had much to say but when he did speak, it was worth hearing. Here's wishing the very best of luck to you in your present career in the Air Corps, John. MURIEL M. PATENAUDE Muriel has a pleasing personality which ls noticed by ecveryone. She is very neat and also active in spor s. LORAINE Pi-IELPS A short, stout, little girl with a gay, fun-loving personality. This describes Loraine Phelps of the class of 1945. She also has an amiable disposition. To some, she is known as the giggling type, but to most of us she is known as a quiet little miss. ERNEST W. PHILLIPS , An ambitious, cheerful and easy going sort of lad. "Although he is small do not misjudge his abilities, which are many. Leadership is one of his best traits. ADELE PLOPLIS Adele has accomplished much and left a record of achievements behind her. Her dependability, ever- ready smile, and pleasing personality have won her many friends. LORRAINE CAROL POULIN These few lines paint best the picture of a grand girl: "Dancing is her hobby, Nursing is her career, But, love.has been her problem Within the past few years!" MARGUERITE POIRIER To the girl with the winning smile. You will always find her where activities are held. Her good sportsmanship and ambition will do much to make liter. successful in life. She is the idyll of every man's esire. ROY RIDEOUT Roy is a boy who is always talking about well- known bands. You can always find him where there is Jazz. Have you ever heard him give out with a "toot" on his horn? Here's wishing you luck and success and hope that someday you will play with your favorite band or even have a band of your own. PAGE TWENTY-ONE E -.lQ5,', if5 1.,j!'4ff+ 1,QHitif A i. '. 5' , "Q Q 1 , n . i f 2 ll Za r l: LOUISE RODERICK To the girl whose "celestial" look covers an impish nature and gay disposition. She will be remembered by all as a grand girl and a real friend to everyone. THOMAS ROBERT RONAN Here is one of those happy-go-lucky fellows who is very well liked by all the people of Stephens. Tom is a blushing boy who has brokenr many hearts: just ask the girls. He has chosen forestry as his profession. We all wish you the best of luck,. Tom. EDWARD ROACH Here was a versatile fellow who could change his character to fit any occasion. When he was extra quiet we knew that he was thinking of something with which he did not want to burden anyone else. He kept his troubles to himself and shared his joys with'everyone by using his original giggle. GERMAINE G. ROUTHIER To a fun-loving girl with a sparkling personality. Her wit and charm make her one of the outstanding girls of our class. She will always be remembered as an all-round sport. J EANN E ROUTHIER. The presence of her cheerful disposition together with her warm friendliness and blonde personality will go a long way towards making her future a bright one. KEITH RUFF Another of the many lads in the Service of our country. is Keith. Yet we have not forgotten him, because of his ability to keep smiling no matter what happened. His many friends still think of him as the "laughing boy" always ready for a bit of fun. Here's wishing you the very best of luck in the future, Keith. CONSTANCE SEROIS She has a smile for everyone. An imlpkh gleam in her eyes and a helpful hand for all. o sum her up in one of our favorite slang expressions, "She's on the beam." ROBERT SOUCY Bob is one of the few boys in our class who is gifted with artistic ability. He is a smooth dancer and is well liked not only by the boys but the fairer sex also. He has contributed many. drawings for the year book. Bob was always recognized as one of the best dressed boys of the class. LOUISE STALMUKE Her sparkling smile and good natured disposition made her an ideal school mate. She was always on her toes for a good time. You ought to ask her to tell you about her pet hobby, which is collecting men! ALFRED s'r. CYR Freddie's tall and blonde self could always be seen sauntering down the halls ready for studying. Always quiet and reserved but quick on the "up take". His waltzing also attracted many of the weaker sex. May you always have success Freddie. ANNETTE TANGUAY Do not let her shyness fool you. she is really full of fun and a faithful friend. We wish you all the luck in the world in your career as a nurse. THERESA TAYLOR A sparkling sense of humor is one of the charac- teristics which go far in making her a favorite with people, for she always has a joke at the tip of her fin- gers. She is endowed with a very level head and a sense of helpfulness which. through life, have and will speak loudly for-her. PAGE TWENTY-TWO AN... Nr aabqflfflaad, amos r w IRENE THERIAULT Irene is a girl whose smile and jolly good nature seems like a magnet drawing all types of people to her. Her deipth of character, her ambitions and her ideals not on y give zest to her own life but also serve as an inspiration to others. Here's wishing you all the luck and success 1n your social work, Irene. RITA THERIAULT Rita is an all-round girl who is well known for her athletic ability. You will always Fmd'her-taking part in some outside sport. She is a good-natured girl and always ready for a bit of fun. THERESA THERIAULT Her sincere friendliness and ready smile, combined with a sunny disposition and genuine interest in oth- ers, are blended into a magnetic personality. A refreshing wit and sense of humor make her a favor- ite with young and old alike. THERESA MARIE THIBODEAU Greetings to the girl who possesses the super-duper character. She is studious, conscientious and sincere in all she undertakes. "Tee" is always willing at any time to extend a helping hand in one's darkest moment. Oh, yes, she has a splendid sense of humor, too. Theresa., you have something that will take you places, especia ly in the Cadet Nurse Corps. I-Iere's hoping and wishing you success in all you undertake while you are training and in many years to come. NORMAN THURSTON 'A witty fellow, if there ever was one. with an original wit. His quiet characteristic was very deceiving. Perhaps he was just "cooking up some- thing" for the next time a good laugh was called for. VIVIAN I. TREMBLAY ' Viv, may your future be as happy as your school days at Stephens High. You made a wonderful secre- tary for the first period every morning. We will all miss your exciting tales about the priority rights you have on gobs, marines, the air corps and army fellows. TI-IELMA TRENOWETH You will long be remembered as the midget of our class. Although small, mighty were your doings. Cheerfulness and laughter .seemed to fill your many days at S. H. S. Your teasing and jokes added much to the classes you attended. . MARION TRIPP Marion is endowed with a disposition which en- dears her to everyone who comes in contact with her. She not only takes interest in everybody's troubles but is always on hand to offer aid and assistance in a very efficient manner. CLIFFORD WADE He was quiet and bashful all through school except the Senior year. Here he changed and became wel- known. We're gladfof the change, because we really got go know him and realized how much fun he can e. ANNE WAZN IS , Anne was little-known up to this year because of her shy, quiet nature. She has always kept herself busy with her school work and lproved intelligent. punctual and eflicient. Her good qua ities will undoubt- edly make her nursing career a success. MARY WAZNIS "Silence is golden" Hts Mary perfectly, for although she is quiet sne manages tc impress her personality and sense of humor on everyone she meets. ELAINE WING Here is a girl very well liked by all of her class- mates because of her pleasing personality. She always dresses neatly and a ways has a smile for everyone even in time of trouble. ,wk 4 A ACTIVITIES V M STUDENT coUNcIL lst row. left to right: V. Theriault, J. MacDonald, I. Harpe, B. Bronstein, S. Gauthier. 2nd row, left to right: J. Buotte, J. Constantine, L. Canders, G. Hall, R. Ahara. THE STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council of Stephens High School met for the first time during the second week of school, at which time the officers for the coming year were elected. They were as follows: President Irene Harpe Vice-President Beverly Bronstein Secretary Jack MacDonald Treasurer Viola Theriault It was voted that Royal Attractions be held during the coming year. In addition to this a football banquet was planned in recognition of the splendid work our boys had done. This was held at the close of the football season, with members of of the football team, Home Economics Club, and Student Council attending. The supper was highlighted by the main course which was chicken. Mr. Ryder announced that all who deserved them would receive red letters this year instead of white. Other speeches were given by Mr. Peakes and Mr. Hunt and toasts were made by members of the football team. Afterwards games were played and an enjoyable time was had by all. To the good fortune of all present, a Rotary Club program, featuring the Ostas was being held in the Auditorium that night and all who wished to attend were admitted free of charge. Following this event, most of the Council's time was spent planning for our Teen-Town. It was suggested that an article be put into the paper explaining the situation to the townspeople. The result was gratifying as the opinions of the older people were secured in so doing. A committee consisting of one person from each class and the president of the Student Council was appointed by the Council and they have indeed obtained fine results. With their help, the students have secured the backing of the Rotary Club and various other organizations. Besides these functions mentioned, questions have been settled by the Student Council. May it continue to carry on its line work! -B. BRONSTEIN, '45 PAGE TWENTY-THREE ju, ie 41" '-9' . ,. . f' .i - -.Fr . L , r Pierce- .. ' fife-1-iii I LATIN CLUB , ' ' lst row, left to right: E. Pinkham. S. Ramey, J. Legere, E. Gastonguay, W. Whynaught, J. Ruff, K. Reed, N. O'Kane, B. Perry, and C. White. . 2nd row, left to right: S. Hachey, L. Ross. P. Patterson, L. Press, D. Taylor, R. Roche, teacher, Miss Murphy: R. Ahara, S. Thorne, M. Bowden, and E. Knight. ' ,. 3rd row, left to right: J. Enches, L. Fleck, J. Legere, B. Bronstein, W. Rogers, T. Maheegan, H. Dow, L. Canders, MLlo d M Nile and J C ld ' y , . s, . a en. 4th row, left to right: T. Marchi, T. Clark, V. Morrison, T. Dyer. ' LATIN CLUB The S. P. Q. R. Latin Club has enjoyed a busy and profitable year. Newly reorganized, the club had, as the attraction at its first meeting, the initiation of the sophomore members. Two weeks later, those worthy members avenged themselves when they initiated the officers, both juniors and seniors. . The officers, previously elected from the upper classes, are the following: Robert Roche, emperor, Ruth Ahara, empressg Shirley Thorne, scribe secretaryg Diantha Taylor, scribe treasurer. Since there are no dues, money had to be raised. The fall auction of books, food, candy, and miscellaneous goods showed the enthusiasm and generosity of both members and parents. The club was amply rewarded for the time and effort spent as a profit of sixty dollars was realized. Interest at the auction centered around the chicken donated by Scribe Taylor, for which apples and a lucky number were sold. Miss Cormier received the lucky number in the first drawing, but graciously returned the bird. Mrs. Frank Ross took home, not the bacon, but the poultry. The Scholastic and Latin Clubs combined to sponsor a valentine social on February ninth. This also was a financial success, a total of forty-one dollars 'going to the Latin Club and twenty-three dollars to the sister club. The gym was attractively decorated with hearts and cupids, while valentines were distributed during the Grand March. With the treasury thus bulging, the members felt that the time had come to spend some of that money. The result was the Saint Patrick's Day party which was held in the cafeteria, kitchen, and gym. The tables were attractively decorated in green and white. Since the ladies kindly agreed to cook the delicious supper, the members consented to wash the dishes. Afterwards, a program consisting of a little truth and a lot of consequences was held. A pleasant evening ended when the janitor announced "Lights Out!'l Plans for our spring banquet and annual May Day breakfast at the Ledge are in the making as this is being written. Social activities are not our only concern. The club has voted to join the Junior Classical League which furthers interest and information in cultural subjects. We believe that ours is the first Chapter organized in the State of Maine and in this we take pride. If this year is any indication of what the future of the Latin Club will hold, we honestly believe the club has been reorganized with great success. "Things that we have done but earnest Of the things that we shall do." PAGE TWENTY-FOUR if - TW . " P a SENIOR SCHOLASTIC CLUB 1st row, left to right: S. McMennamin, L. Poulin, L. Phelps, M. Tripp, B. Bartlett, J. Mercier, L. Belanger, M. Patenaude. . 2nd row. left to right: T. Ducasse, T. Taylor, T. Ronan, Miss Murphy fsponsorl, A. Gallant, B. Adley, J. Routhier M Cloutier. 3rd row. left to right: G. Mclnnis, B. MacDougal1, L. Roderick, R. Theriault, A. Norton, R. Hammond, P. Hussey, A. Tanguay, B. Garrigan, M. McHale, A. Barnett. ' SCHOLASTIC CLUB The need of a club Where current events could be discussed informally caused the seniors of the Social Problems class to form a new club this year. The name "Scholastic" was chosen from the magazine "Scholastic" which is the basis of classroom work. The purpose of the club is to discuss up-to-date topics for which there is too little time during class period. The programs have proved that the club is Worth .while among our Varied extra curricular activities. During the year meetings have been held every Wednesday. Current topics, debates, discussions, educational games and talks by guest speakers have been both entertaining and instructive. The social side has not been neglected. A Christmas party was held in Room 113 which was planned entirely by the members of the club. A Valentine Social was sponsored jointly with the Latin Club when about sixty-dollars was realized. The Spring activities included a sunrise service and breakfast at the open fireplace on the Giguere Farm on the Isthmus Road. The closing event of a successful season was the banquet held during Commencement week. I The club is grateful to Rev. Hazel Kirk of the Universalist Church, Mrs. Lettie Huston and Miss Lucia Cormier of the faculty and Dr. E. A. Sheehy for their enlightening talks. , The oHicers are: President, Mary Anita Gallantg Vice President, Tom Ronang Secretary, Barbara Adleyg Treasurer, Theresa Taylorg Sponsor, Miss Julia Murphy. The first president of the club, Joseph Richard, joined the colors in March and was succeeded in oflice by Mary Anita Gallant. ,MARY GALLANT, '45 PAGE TWENTY-FIVE iff fifff tfiiaw 1 'fe i f "'i.4 ff 1, + f ' BROADCAST STAFF lst row, left to right: Stella Batherson, Margaret Poirier, Ella Gotto, Marie Landry, Nancy Schwind, Betty Smith, Beverly Bronstein, Adele Ploplis. . . m ' b 2nd row, left to right: Doris Gallant, Louise Stalmuke, Vivian Trembley, Bill Leader, Mrs Trafton, Gloria Carrier, Germaine Routhier, Lorraine Poulin, Barbara Adley. 3rd row, left to right: Louise Roderick, Teresa Ducasse, Jean McKenna, Gloria Hall, Mary Gallant, Keith Ruli, Margery Jay, Jack MacDonald, D. Taylor, June Pretty, Priscilla Woodward, Lydia Morse. Editor-in-Chief-William Leader Assistant Editor-Gloria Carrier Editorial Committee Louise Roderick Ella Gotto Louise Stalmuke Gloria Hall Lydia Morse Theresa Ducasse Marjorie Jay Advertising Committee Beverly Bronstein June Pretty Barbara Adley Priscilla Woodward Exchange Committee Marguerite Poirier Germaine Routhier Jean McKenna - Circulation Committee Stella Batherson Jean McKenna Germaine Routhier Fads and Fashions Anita-Gallant Ella Gotto Typists Doris Gallant Adele Ploplis Marie Landry ,.Vivian Tremblay .. Contributors Marshall Longway Malcolm McLean Jack MacDonald ' Betty Smith .. .. Nancy Schwind John Phillips After a year of hearing the words, "We need more ads, we need more editorials" the staff has decided it's a get-together they really need. An outing is being planned for them which will take place some time in the near future. We hope the staif will forget for awhile the newspaper talk and concentrate on a good time!! We know they can be depended on for that!! PAGE TWENTY-SIX ' . , . 5 , FUTURE FARMERS ASSOCIATION lst row, left to right: G. Easter, R. Gill, Mr. Brown, N. Abbott. J. Freeman, D. Jasud. 2nd row, left to right: L. Moore, L. Glover, F. Averill, W. Bartlett, A. Zinc, S. Bartlett. . FUTURE FARMERS ASSOCIATION The ohicers for the Stephens High Chapter -of F. F. A. are as follows: President Norman Abbott Vice-President John Freeman Secretary Stanley Bartlett Treasurer Robert Gill Reporter Donald Jasud Advisor Mr. Brown In the Fall there were thirteen members. Some of these have now entered the service. Our first event this year was a "Weenie" roast at "Salmon Falls' on Swift River. It was a grand evening and all had a most enjoyable time. Most of our members live in the country so that with a shortage of gas we have not met as often the last three years as we would like. - . We are planning a combination camping and fishing trip in June. This will be held on an Island in Mooselookmeguntic. This has been the most popular spot for camping by the F. F. A. for years. A few of the outstanding goals this year were to N Cab Practice parliamentary procedure at each business meeting. fbi Practice thrift. N - icy Each 'member to participate in a Home Improvement program. fdb Devote one meeting to the discussion of Rural Fire Protection. Cel Assist in all the war-time activities such as buying bonds, stamps, collecting waste paper and tin. . Cfj Raise extra food on our farms. Cgb Assist in the Farm Emergency Labor program. fhj Help earn money for the Chapter. A PAGE TWENTY-SEVEN W I- 19" ' . . . . . ... . TT ' -ff +i. -' I' , fl l 'i fr -2 ' T -'?f"'?7a 'L 1 'fr i fml ri T ll LTBRARY CLUB lst row, left to right: B. Bronstein, J. Fisher. 2nd row, left to right: D. Taylor, T. I-Iarpe, Mrs. Anderson, sponsorg B. Adley, M. Barrieau. 3rd row, left to right: M. Fisher, D. Knight, L. Holland, J. Whyte, L. Press, M. McKinnon. Last row, C. Cantin. THE PINE TREE LITERARY CLUB The Pine Tree Library Club is composed of students who volunteer to help the school by serving as librarians. It is the only club in school which is strictly for service. Any upperclassman is eligible to take a short course in Library Science conducted by the sponsor, Mrs. Anderson. This course covers cataloging, classification, charging and discharging of books, reference work, etc. Candidates receiving the highest rank are chosen for school librarians. These students work one period a day in the library and attend a weekly meeting at which library problems are discussed. For this service they receive two Academic credits each year, and the completion of two years they earn a white "R" outlined upon a book design. The club has had two social functions this year: a private tasting party and a Valentine party with invited guests. Both were enjoyable. Officers this year are President, Barbara Adleyg Vice-President, Theresa Harpeg Secretary, Jean Whyte, Treasurer, Beverly Bronstein. Other members: Diantha Taylor, Jean Fisher, Cecile Cantin, Elmina Barrieau, Margaret Fisher, Louise Press, Margaret McKinnon, Irene Beaudet, Lois Holland, and Doris Knight. PAGE TWENTY-EIGHT ' . . l .alan BAND lst row, left-to right: P. Marceau, R. Works, J. Mercier, R. Austin, M. Cummings, J. Herbert, B. Knox, B. Bronstein, P. Woodward, J. Thomas, P. Baker, P. Kerr. 2nd row, left to right: D. Curley, C. Letteney, L. Press, C. Faulkingham, Ann Paterson, J. Calden, J. Crawford, R. Oldham, E. Gamache. . 3rd row, left to right: B. McCarthy, G. Paradis, M. Bowden, G. Carrier, C. MacFarlane, L. Gershick, J. Pretty, E. Wing. I. Beaudet, J. McLean, Mr. Harry Cohen. s. H. s. BAND Although the Stephens High School Band has lost many members recently due to war conditions it has not suffered in regard to quality. At the beginning of the school year the band was immediately called together to play for assemblies and football games. A little later in the year it played for the Four-H club which was held in the Municipal Building. Armistice Day the band marched and played for memorial services at the Greens. During the activity periods, the band practices very conscientiously. During the Easter Season Mr. Harry Cohen, our leader, became ill and the band played Easter Sunday under the capable direction of Mr. Peter Beeaker. Since the absence of Mr. Cohen there have been no band practices, but we are looking forward to even more successful year next fall. New members will be needed as we will lose some members through graduation. One of the Band's former members, P. F. C. Norman Roy, who left school to join the Marines, was killed in action on Iwo Jima. - Next year, Mr. Cohen plans to bring to the band many new members whom he has been instructing this year. PAGE TWENTY-NINE 3 'i W ,W""WWWf ff,-3YfWu"9f3A"'5359il?'??fh' "'1"'f"V.4? f477737'wflfiffff7?32'5f?f9A'VQW-fgffffffWZWYAK'T77' '71 3 --.ifgf , . .U .T '.' - - Iifg T--. 'T fy iff? XT: - ' 5' .LTZ-f .77 it ti . t, w . Y ll , , Ms. . 1 v' " GIRLS' "R" CLUB ' Ist row, left to right: R. Scrone, M. Jay, M. Patenaude, G. Routhier, I. Garneau. 2nd row, left to right: B. McKellick, I. Beaudet, T. Theriault, P. Chambers, J. Buotte, J. Perry, Miss L. Cormier fsponsory. , THE GIRLS' "R" CLUB - Although the Girls "R" Club is a small organization it is a very active one. To belong to this club is the dream of many a girl who enters S. H. S. Membership is limited to those who have earned an "R" in Athletics. ' .The first activity of the year was the initiation of the girls who earned letters in softball last spring. They were Muriel Patenaude, Phyllis Chambers, Theresa Theriault, Irene Beaudet and Julia Perry. A spaghetti supper preceded the initiation. ' During the basketball games this winter the Club sold refreshments and earned money for a trip to Boston in April to witness an American League baseball game. A second initiation was held late in April to welcome the Junior girls who were the '45 champs in basketball. Those initiated were Jean Thomas, Shirley Thorne, Viola Theriault, Sally Rowe, Barbara Stewart, Anita Carrier, Pauline Martin, Frances Martin, Jean Gammon, June Pretty and Claire Steele. An outing at Worthley Pond is being planned as a finale to a very successful year. ' The officers of the "R" Club are President, Muriel Patenaude: Vice-President, Ruth Scroneg Secretary, Theresa Theriaultg Treasurer, Phyllis Chambers. PAGE THIRTY -s HOME ECONOMIC CLUB f lst row, left to right: L. Phelps, D. Hill, R. Austin, M. Merchant, B. Bartlett. L. Baker, S. McMennamin, L. Belanger, C. Sullivan, J. Holt, P. Kaulback, Y. Richard, T. Jaras, M. Noonan. 2nd row, left to right: M. McHale, M. Patenaude. J. Routhier, J. Buotte. P. Poulin, A. Gallant, Mrs L. Huston sponsorj, B. Adley, L. Roderick, B. MacDougal, T. Ducas, M. Cloutier. 3rd row. left to right: V. Whooley, J. Blunda. A. Conti, S. Batherson, E. 'Broomhall, M. Ricci, E. Mahoney, B. Garrigan, E. Floyd, A. Waznis, E. Wing, C. Waite, E. Laurenaitis. 4th row, left to right: P. Henry, E. Soubble, A. Barnett, P. Hussey, A. Norton. The Home Economics Club started off the year with its first meeting in September of 1944. Plans were made for the year and the following officers were elected: President, Anita Gallant: Vice-President, Barbara Adley: Secretary, Lorraine Poulin: Treasurer, Louise Roderick. Other important committees were set up headed by Stella Batherson, Annie Barnett. Joyce Buotte and Lorraine Baker. During the year our social functions were the annual initiation, a Halloween Party, and our Red Cross Benefit. The girls of the club also co-operated with the Student Council and the teachers to provide a banquet for the new teachers and the football boys. Due to fuel and light restrictions, the club has been unable to hold as many meetings as usual, but plans are being made for a large gathering before the end of the year. FRENCH CLUB 1st row, left to right: G. Poirier, J. Buotte, C. MacFarlane, P. Chambers, Y. Goguen, L. Baker, E. Wing, E. Gotto, E. Walker, J. Fraser. 2nd row: S. Thorne, M. Poirier, S. Batherson. S. Hachey. J. Whyte, R. Mooney. teacher, Miss Cormier, P. Richardson, G. Hall, C. Faulkingham, J. McKenna. C. Sirois, P. Marceau. 3rd row: M. Irish, J. Pretty, A. Abbott, M. Jay, L. Gammon, L. Morse, P. Woodward. G. Carrier, S. Rowe, C. Steele. H. Dow, M. McKinnon, A. Shea. B. Arsenault, C. Muzroll. 4th row: J. Meehan, D. Gillis, A. Labonte. R. Roche. J. Thomas, R. Scrone, J. Boyle, A. McIntyre, A. Carrier, A. Poulin. H. Dupill, R. Soucy. PAGE THIRTY-ONE fa -J '- . I . COMMERCIAL CLUB 1st row, left to right: J. Dolloff, J. Spencer, M. Landry, V. Enman. T. Trenoweth, J. McLeod, P. Martin, T. Harpe, L. Davis, C. Cantin, J. Fisher, M. Fisher, and E. Cormier. 2nd row: left to right. A. Goodwin. T. Theriault, L. Stalmuke, A. St. Cyr, lnavyb, D. Gallant, I. Harpe, Mr. R. Baum fsponsorj, P. Fraser, A. Ploplis, .R. Lantagne, V. Tremblay, and B. Morrison. 3rd row, left to right: J. Dalton. S. Fitzmaurice, V. Theriault. R. DeSalle, I. M. Lefevre, F. Seralin, C. Goudreau, I. Garneau, W. Ball, M. Cummings, I. Theriault, B. Constantine, J. Annello, G, Gallant, G. McKenna. and B. McKellick. COMMERCIAL CLUB The Commercial Club, with Mr. Baum as sponsor, started the school year with thirteen Senior members who had been initiated last year. The 1944-45 officers, chosen by last year's Senior members were President Irene Harpe Vice-President Phoebe Fraser Secretary Doris Gallant . Treasurer Adele Ploplis Plans were immediately started to initiate the rest of the Senior members of the commercial class. Initiation was held in October and was followed by a snack of cider and doughnuts. The initiates were Gloria Gallant, Thelma Trenoweth, Cecile Cantin, B. Morrison, Irene Theriault, Theresa Theriault, Vivian Tremblay, Margaret Fisher. Robere Lantagne, and Alfred St. Cyr. A Christmas party was held the week before Christmas vacation. The Junior commercial students who were to become members had been chosen according to the club qualifications but had not been initiated. They and Mr. and Mrs. Hunt were guests at the Christmas party. A chicken dinner with all the fixin's was served in the school cafeteria. Names had been drawn previous to the party, so each member received a gift from the gaily-decorated tree. Mr. Hunt was a good sport and took the part of Santa Claus in distributing the gifts. This was followed by group singing, forfeit stunts and "A Bit of Nonsense," read by Mr. Baum. The club is proud to have one of -its Senior members in the service of our country. Alfred St. Cyr left in January to enter the Navy and is carrying on with his commercial work as a yeoman. The averages in commercial studies were so close that seventeen Juniors qualified as members. They were initiated in February and proved to be good sports. Those initiated were Joyce Spencer, Barbar McKellick, Joyce Dolloif, Joan Annello Isabelle Garneau, Eva Cormier, Pearl Martin, Viola Theriault, Betty Constantine, Shirley Fitzmaurice Genevieve Dalton, Muriel Cummings, Rose DeSalle, Claire Goudreau, Ida Mae Lefebvre Frances Serafin, and William Ball. The initation was followed by a'social gathering and lunch in the cafeteria. Mrs Trafton helped with initiation. Mr. Trafton and Mr. Berrie arrived just in time for lunch and proved very enjoyable with their views on women. The Commercial Club activities will be closed this year by an outdoor meeting and the elec- tion of the 1945-46 officers. PAGE THIRTY-TWO ' BOYS "R" CLUB I ' lst row, left to right: A. Melanson, H. Dupill, M. McLean. R. McLeary, H. Manson, T. Burgess. 2nd row: S. Normandeau, R. Carignan, R. Dennis, W. Leader. Pres.: teacher and coach, Mr. Ryder: J. Mac Donald, J. Meehan. 3rd row: D. Casey, Theriault, T. Clark, P. Richardson, K. Ruff. G. Gallant. 4th row: R. Watson, J. Mattison, D. Curley, M. Longway, J. Kelly. VOCATIONAL CLASS JUNIOR- CLASS ,L. .,. x X' I fa! 1 1' f , fa rf' ff, 1 ff 1 "" ff ff' 1'l ff f" I oflllx ll af 6""I l ,Ill f ' f 9 f f D Q lf! I5 J - , 4, Lf We 6 o ff if 15,5 fy 'XC' ij' JUNIOR CLASS Sponsor . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer The social activities for the year 1944-45 were opened by the Junior Class. They sponsored the first social of the year which was a tremendous success financially and socially. The social took the form of a Canteen. While a nickeodeon fur- nished music for dancing in the gymnasium, pool, badminton and ping-pong were enjoyed in the cafeteria. One of the features of the eve- ning was a floor show which was enthusiastic- ally received. Committees were chosen to plan a gala Junior Prom but after canvassing the upper classes to determine how many boys Uncle Sam had not yet summoned, the idea was dropped. Too few were available to make such an enterprise worth while. They are, however, looking for- ward to an unusual Senior Hop in 1946! . In athletics the Juniors were outstanding. On the gridiron we single out such stars as J. Dupill, C. Chenard, P. Richardson, J. Meehan, J. Gelinski, P. Theriault, D. Gacetta, R. Simboli, T. Burgess and M. Aylward. On the basketball court the Junior Class was equally well represented by W. Paterson, C. Chenard, and J. Phillips. The Girls Interscho- lastic Tournament was won by the fast, well- passing and alert Junior girls' team. The next event sponsored by the Junior Class was the traditional Prize Speaking Contest held in April. A fine class spirit was exemplified when boys as well as girls turned out for the try-outs. The speakers were as follows: Jean Thomas, Ruth Ahara, Elinore Hinckley, Muriel Cummings, Priscilla Marceau, Manley Irish, John Phillips, Richard Works, James Meehan, Donald Gillis. - Many boys from the Class of '46 are missing from the class roll. They have answered their country's call and are either on the battle field or in training. Many more will answer this same call unless conditions change. Depleted ranks Miss Lucia Cormier Jean Thomas Claire Goudreau Betty Constantine Pearl Martin are a testimonial to the spirit of self sacrifice. May we, the remaining members of the Class of '46 be worthy of our classmates who have shown this spirit. CLASS OPINIONS Most attractive girl-Gloria Carrier Handsomest boy-Robert Watson Most versatile girl-Jean Thomas Most versatile boy-John Phillips Best girl athlete-Ruth Scrone Best boy athlete-Buddy Richardson Girls choice for career-Nurse Boys choice for career-Aviation Girl most likely to succeed-Ruth Ahara Boy most likely to succeed-Richard Works Best dressed girl-Glora Stanley Best dressed boy-Arbe Labonte Most studous girl-Ruth Ahara Most studious boy-Richard Works Girls choice for brother-Bobby Watson Boy's choice for a sister-Glora Carrier Best girl dancer-Eva Souble Best boy dancer-Alphee Poulin Wittiest girl-Catherine Sullivan Wittiest boy-Jimmy Meehan Most helpful girl+Shirley Thorne Most helpful boy-John Phillips Most vivacious girl-Barbara Stewart Best natured girl-Clare Muzroll Best natured boy-Richard MacDonald Most popular girl-Jean Thomas Most popular boy-Bob Watson Most promising girl-Ruth Ahara Most promising boy-Richard Works dignified girl-Muriel Cummings chivalrous boy-John Phillips ambitious girl-Ruth Ahara ambitious boy-Richard Works Most Most Most Most . Most reserved girl-Henrietta Dow Most reserved boy-William Ball PAGE THIRTY-FIVE flf SOPHOMORE CLASS i. ' iff aitiw l f 1. SOPHOMORE CLASS ACTION Sponsor Mr. James Connors President William McCarthy Vice-President Thomas Marchi A Secretary' Gloria Parady Treasurer Janice Ruff After an inauspicious beginning the Sopho- mores eventually got underway and are now sailing smoothly along towards a bright future. Four meetings have been heldg the first to elect a new sponsor. Here after much difficulty, three teachers were selected and a vote cast. Mrs. Halliday was elected, but war conditions changed matters and she left to join her hus- band, who is in the U. S. Airforce. However those same war conditions brought us Mr. Con- nors, an ex-Naval Officer, who joined the fac- ulty as an English teacher. He was soon elected to be our sponsor and guide us in what Destiny held for us. At the third meeting a date was selected for the Sophomore Dance. This was set for Wednes- dy, April 18th, the eve of Patriots' Day. Because we believed this to be the last school dance of the year, we decided to have an orchestra. Practically everyone agreed on Ronnie Chaseis orchestra which was well known and very pop- ular. The Sophomores know that this will be one of the standout socials of the year. Many plans were made at our fourth meeting and preparations are now underway to make it just that. Athletically the Sophomores have contrib- uted no small part. Besides being well repre- sented on all varsity teams, the boys have won the Interclass Basketball Tournament. They de- feated the Freshmen 36-22, the Juniors 43-30 and the Seniors 39-38. All games were well played and showed a great deal of promising material in the class. The players for the Soph- omores were Richard Shea, Vincent Morrison, Stanley Kaubris, John Freeman, Ray Theriault, Joseph DeSalle, Thomas Dyer, Don Curley and James Crawford. Most of these boys repre- sented the Sophomore class in Football, Basket- ball, Baseball and Track. Others worthy of mention are Ted Clark who accounted for him- self very well on the-Varsity Basketball Team, and Melanson, Gallant, McCleary, who did very well in Football. - The Sophomores are a fine group of school- spirited students who will undoubtedly be heard from favorably in the future. After a 10072, collection of dues during Freshman year they are well on the way to reaching the same goal again. With this spirit and willingness for work 'there is no question about their outcome as a class for their Junior and Senior years. We wish to thank Mr. Connors for the splendid coopera- tion and help he has given us this year. -W. MCCARTHY, '47 CLASS OPINIONS Most attractive girl-Joyce Calden Handsomest boy-Richard MacCleary Most versatile girl-Julia Perry Most versatile boy-Dick Shea Best girl athlete-Julia Perry Best boy athlete-Albert Melanson Girls choice for career-Nursing Boys choice for career-Engineering Girl most likely to succeed-Jackie Herbert Boy most likely to succeed-Thomas Marchi Best dressed girl-Margaret Bowden Best dressed boy--Thomas Dyer Most studious girl-Theresa Mehigan Most studious boy-Wilfred Chouinard Girl's choice for brother-William McCarthy Boy's choice for a sister-Joan Gibson Best girl dancer-Gladys Kelly ' Best boy dancer-William Whynaught Wittiest girl-Irene Beaudet Wittiest boy-William Whynaught ' Most helpful girl-Jackie Herbert Most helpful boy-William McCarthy Most vivacious girl-Gloria Parady Best natured girl-Diane Plante Best natured boy-Walter Pillsbury Most popular girl-Doris Carrier Most popular boy-Dick Shea Most promising girl-Janice Ruff Most promising boy-Thomas Marchi Most dignified girl-Nancy O'Kane Most chivalrous boy-Thomas Marchi Most ambitious girl-Nancy O'Kane Most ambitious boy-James MacC1ean Most reserved girl-Janice Ruff Most reserved boy-Mike Lavorgna PAGE THIRTY-SEVEN Fw Q14 , FRESI-IMAN CLASS a n '51 - ' X " ' it " iff f - fr NTT! fi' f .A ' ' yi 1 ,. ,I - '1,.,i,.,, ., 131, . VH, v 1. - . Nvxgifa- I 5. , -.Q 4. 'r-1' ,- .3 . s . F - . 1 of SH FRESHMAN CLASS - When school opened on September 13, 1944, Stephens High School was blessed with one hundred fifty-nine unusual freshmen. After the ballots had been counted, we found that our officers were Robert Saisi, presidentg Einor Wulff, vice-presidentg Betty Smith, secre- tary, Nancy Schwind, treasurer, and Shirley Gauthier, representative to the Student Coun- cil. Mrs. Taylor was chosen for a sponsor. As far as athletics were concerned, our great- est showing was in basketball. However, two boys, Tim Perry and Roger Petrie, went out for football. When basketball season rolled around, there were about fifteen boys who played, some of whom showed great promise. J Approximately twenty girls reported for basketball. After many practices with Miss Cormier, our coach, we were ready for the tour- nament. We played the sophomores, but met with defeat. ' We all agreed that it was a good game and are anxiously awaiting next year so we can try again. Our social was held on January twelfth. The theme of our decorations was the United Nations and the gym was decorated with flags of many Allied countries. The heads of the committee were Shirley Gauthier, decorations, Joan Lundy, ticketsg Cynthia Letteney, refreshmentsg and Jack Pretty, nickelodeon. The social started out with the Grand March, as usual. In spite of the fact that two tubes in the nickelodeon burned out, the social was a success and the profits were large. -B. SMITH, '48 CLASS OPINIONS Most attractive girl-Marjorie Rosato Handsomest boy-John Rowe Most versatile girl-Betty Smith Most versatile boy-Robert Saisi Best girl athlete-Shirley Gauthier Best boy athlete-Arthur Cormier Girls choice for career-Nurse Boys choice for career-Doctor Girl most likely to succeed-Annette Waznis Boy most likely to succeed-Robert Saisi Best dressed girl-Marjorie Rosato Best dressed boy-Roland Guay Most studious girl-Annette Waznis Most studious boy-Robert Saisi Gir1's choice for a brother-Robert Saisi Boyls choice for a sister-Ruth Austin Best girl dancer--Venise Theriault Best boy dancer-Einar Wulff Wittiest girl-Marjorie Batherson Wittiest boy-Jack Pretty Most helpful girl-Betty Smith Most helpful boy-James Grady-Robert Saisi Most vivacious girl-Nancy Schwind Best natured girl-Patricia Shea Best .natured boy-Jack Pretty Most popular girl-Gertrude Kerr Most popular boy-Robert Saisi Most promising girl--Betty Smith-Annette Waznis Most promising boy--Robert Saisi Most digniiied girl-Annette Waznis Most chivalrous- boy-James Grady Most ambitious girl-Lorraine Latieur Most ambitious boy-Charles Peillet Most reserved girl-Helen McKenna Most reserved boy-James Porath PAGE THIRTY-NINE V " -'-1 L 1 . INR' 4"lf h"t. iw ',' 'M 'Vi-"' Ei V 'lf , i Kiclgj ff ' faxing. FOQOTBALL TEAM lst row, left to right: R. Bulger, B. Dennis, C. Chenard, S. Theriault, G. Gallant, J. Richards, A. Melanson, D. Casey, J. Meehan, J. MacDonald, R. Dubois, R. McCleary, P. Theriault, S. Normandeau, P. Pocius, H. Manson. . 2nd row. left to right: S. Dupill, P, Richardson, W. Leader, J. Galenski, R. Simboli, T. Clark, M. Alward, M. McLean, V. Morrison. S. Kaiubris. 3rd rgw, leftgto right: Kfgwffjmanagerj, Coach Ryder, R. Shea, D. Gaccetta. T. Dyer, S. DePhillips, J. Lapointe, J. Freeman: T. Perr , 'RE Muzroll,2gRi5:fl!lariaffcoach Berrie. 1 1 ' The Stephens High Panther football team ended a very successful season .on Armistice Day, finishing with a "bang" as we defeated our rivals, the Pintos, byxa 14-0 score, thus aveng- ing partly the defeats administered to us in the last few years. ' The first game of the season Was a non- scheduled game with Gardiner High, Class B Champions, after only two weeks' practice. Although we lost by a score of 13-6, the Garnet already was showing signs of becoming a power- ful team. , Following the Gardiner game the Garnet and White journeyed to' Lewiston and for the first time in several years we proved superior to the "Devils" as We beat them on their own field by a 14-6 score. Waterville High was next on the Panther schedule and after forty-eight minutes of hard playing the score was deadlocked at 6-6. We proved to be the only team in the state that was a match for the Elm City eleven as they went on to win the State championship. Berlin was then invaded by the high-liying Panthers and on a very Wet and muddy day the Garnet came through as winner once again by a 12-0 score. The next week-end saw the eleven head by car and by train to Bangor to play the "Rams', on another very wet and dreary day. The fourth Saturday in a row the team played excel- lent football and downed Bangor 13-7. On Friday night following the Bangor- Rumford tilt the Garnet and White iourneyed to Auburn to play the Red Eddies in what proved to be one of the top games of the year. Although playing under the arcs was something new for the team they did superbly well in holding the fieet "Eddies'-' to twelve points. Final score was Edward Little 12, Rumford 7. The next two games were played at Hosmer Field. The first was with the Wilton Eagles which we won easily by a 26-12 score. The sec- ond and last game of the 1944 season was with Mexico which we won from the scrappy Pintos by a score of 14-0. The team turned in grand performance this past year, due to the excellent coaching of Mr. Ryder. This was Mr. Ryder's first year at Stephens High, but we surely hope not the last as he has taken the first steps in putting Steph- ens High back on its feet where it belongs. After several years of just mediocre teams the Garnet and White of SHS are now back-in the running for future State honors. -William Leader, '45 LETTERMEN Dennis, Dupill, Normando, MacDonald, Richard- son. Manson. McCleary, Gelensky, Pocius, Casey, Meehan, McLean, Richards. G. Gallant, Melanson, E. Theriault, P. Theriault, R. Dubois, Chenard, K. Ruff. 1944 Football Schedule Rumford Opponents At Gardiner 6 13 At Lewiston 14 6 At Waterville Q 6 6 At Berlin 12 0 At Bangor 13 7 At Auburn 7 12 Wilton iHosmer Fieldj 26 12 Mexico 1Hosmer Fieldl 14 0 PAGE FORTY-CNE . BAS KETBALL SQUAD 1st row, left to right: J. MacDonald, C. Chenard, J. Phillips, B. Dennis, J. Gilmour, T. Kaubris, H. Manson, J. Kelly. W. Leader. A 2nd row, left to right.: Co-Manager C. Wade, W. Paterson, T. Clark, V. Morrison, R. Shea, T. Puiia, R. Theriault, Coach A. Berrie. BASKETBALL l - The 1945 Stephens Basketball team had a very unusual season. It was the type of team that played exceptionally well one week but the next week they would seemingly collapse. The team this year was headed by high- scoring Bob Dennis, who in many games scored as many as 25 or 30 points. This was Dennis' last year and he left a sizeable scoring record, one which future centers of Stephens may find difficult to surpass. Dennis was ably assisted n the front court by James Kelly and Clarence Chenard, the latter of whom after the last game entered the Coast Guard. Chenard, who was shifted to forward after playing guard last year, proved himself a very good floor man as well as a sharpshooter. The backcourt, which is the only part of the team returning next year, was young and inex- perienced at first, but towards the end of the season showed veteran form. Ted Clark and Bill Paterson made up the backcourt. Clark, only a Sophomore, played a great floor game all year and towards the end' of the year contributed his share of points. Patterson, playing his first full year of high school basketball, broke into the starting lineup shortly after the season had PAGE FORTY-TWO begun. Patterson, although doing little scoring, was a splendid guard and team player. He and Clark at guards made a strong defensive com- bination, which will be the basis of next year's team. We wish them and their associates the best of luck. . The starting five had as replacements such competent players as Gilmour, Leader, MacDon- ald, Manson, Kaubris, Shea, Phillips and Theri- ault. Of these, the ones to see the most action were Leader, MacDonald and Manson, all three of whom are seniors. Leader and MacDonald combined at forwards and were two "dead- eyes" on their favorite shots, which were taken from the side just over the mid-floor line. Two better forwards could not have been found to replace the starters. They were not only good individually but they worked together perfectly. Manson subbed at guard and occasionally at center and did a creditable job. The other replacements were mostly underclassmen and, of course will be heard from again next year. May they have a successful season. We also would like to express our apprecation to Coach Berry for all he has done for us this year. A -JIM KELLY, '45. 2b-5 - i.. I4 XXL! I fall? .ec Qi atwwwatmannafisi.f--tmnaaasasa,s- JUNIOR BASKETBALL lst row, left to right: J. Gammon, G. Poirier, B. Arsenaultp F. Martin. . h 2nd row, left to right: S. Thorne, M. Jay, V. Theriault, J. Thomas, I. Garneau, B. McKellick, A. Carrier. 3rd row, left to right: J. Pretty, P. Woodward, P. Martin, R. Scrone, G. Stanley, C. Steele, B. Stewart, Miss L. Cormier tcoachb. GIRLS' BASKETBALL The girls of Stephens have had a very suc- cessful 'season in basketball. Although they do not play interscholastic games, much enthusiasm was aroused at the interclass games. The girls were under the direction of the fol- lowing coaches: Seniors-Mrs. Berrieg Juniors and Freshmen-Miss Cormier, Sophomores- Miss Patenaude. The Juniors proved to be the champions at the tournament and each girl who played the required number of minutes received her letter. The following girls participated in the games: Seniors: Stella Batherson, Captain, Joyce Buotte, Marie Landry, Louise Stalmuke, Muriel Patenaude, Anita Gallant, Phyllis Chambers, Ella Gotto, Rita Theriault, Rose Mooney, Catherine MacFarlane. Juniors: Jean Thomas, Captain, Marjorie Jay, Pauline Martin, Gloria Stanley, Ruth Scrone, Barbara McKellick, Shirley Thorne, Barbara Stewart, Sally Rowe, Isabelle Garneau, Viola Theriault, Anita Carrier, Clare Steele, June Pretty, Jean Gammon, Frances Martin, Barbara Arsenault, Genevieve Poirier. Sophomores: G. Kelly, Captain, T. Finethy, P. Perry, M. Kezal, J. Fraser, L. Ross, A. Carrier, M. Bowden, J. Perry, E. Knight, T. Martin, G. Fisher. Freshmen: S. Gauthier, Captaing V. Theriault, C. Blouin, E. Thibodeau, T. McKinney, B. Smith, T. Fisher, A. Freeman, D. Mickerize, P. Baker, I. Gallant, G. Sassi, M. Batherson, PAGE FORTY-THREE P,AT'RONS. Busy Bee George D. McLean Frank Taylor's Ralph Clarke Dunn's MatthewiMcCarthy n F Legere's Hardware Store N athan's Apparel Store E. B. Waterhouse i Joe LeVasseur McCo1lough's Barber Shop McConaghy's Barber Shop Vachon's Barber Shop Victory Beauty Shop Lawrence DeMascio J. Gallant's Barber Shop Mclnnis' Home Bakery Oxford Market Boivin's Welding Dupillis Grocery Store Buckie's Auto Body and Fender Repair Joe Sullivan Chatterbox Peter MacDonald Theodore Gonya . Manufacturers Outlet Louis Palermo A Trundy 85 Gaccetta Rumford Cleaners John Rubino J. J. Newberry Harry Palm Rumford Maytag Store Dearborn Tire Exchange L. F. Additon Rumford Furniture Co. Carroll Cut Rate Cyr - Norman Grant's Apparel COMPLIMENTS OF THE FOLLOWING DENTISTS: Dr. George T. Dyer Dr. R. L. Clunie Dr. D. W. Swallow Dr. A. N. Osgood A ' ' I - Headquartersior. - CLOUGH Sz PILLSBURY THE BEST ICE CREAM, HARDWARE DEWKIST FROSTED FOODS, Tel. 390 MONARCH FINER FOODS, 109 Congress St. GROCERIES, MEATS ahd PROVISIONS. HOTEL HARRIS DORION'S CASH MARKET "The Safe Place To Trade" RUMFORD'S SOCIAL CENTER NOTED FOR ITS FOOD AND SERVICE Tel. 62 Free Delivery COMPLIMENTS OF - SPA CAFE Lamey-Wellehan GEORGEPFSSRASSA, Good Shoes and ' L Stockings UNITED STORES Rumlford, 62 Cong ress Street' Maine. RUMFORD'S GREATEST ' DEPARTMENT STORE Rumford Community 5 E . r- Ha-..,,,,..,,,-, , I SC - NIIIIS I CNIIBS' GIIIIT-SllVll'Sll'ISFKl'llll llllldlllll. COMPLIMENTS OF - FROST MOTOR SUPPLY Wholesalers and Distributors of QUAKER STATE MOTOR OIL and Fine Lubricants. 202 Prospect Avenue, Tel. 117 Rumford, Me COMPLIMENTS OF - - Local 12745 - District 50, . United Mine Workers of America Hospital Staff. H 134 Congress Street, To the Class of RUMFORD DRUG STORE THE REXALL STORE COMPLIMENTS OF - J. C. PENNEY Co., Inc. Department Store - 96 Congress Street, Rumford, P Maine. BUY BONDS FOR VICTORY COMPLIMENTS OF - HARGREAVES DRUG STORE DRINK MILK, S FOR HEALTH Congress Street, . H. P. HOOD 8x SONS Rumford, Maine. I A-waz,-H -N wfmm- Nw- A"-'--Q- 'W -- 'f' W ' ' if -1 ROBLEE SHOES AIR STEP SHOES COMPLIMENTS OF '- FOR MEN - FOR WOMEN E K B R A D L E Y ' S " ' BROWNBILT SHOE STORE Tel- 300 BUSTER BROWN BOY SCOUT SHOES Congress Streets SHOES FOR BOYS I AND GIRLS GIRL SCOUT SHOES Rumford, Mame. Good Clothes for Young Men Since 1892 HART SCHAFFNER 8: MARX CLOTHES STETSON HATS - ARROW SHIRTS FLORSHEIM SHOES A MORSE'S GARAGE HANSON and JOY, Props. It Costs No More To Buy The Best Rumford, Maine. M A R X ' S 545 - RUMFORD Amoco Products Tel. R C MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT - W. M. SCHWIND RUMFORD ' CANDY . KITCHEN Jewelers to the Classes of 1945 - 1946 COMPLIMENTS OF - BUILDING MATERIAL . ' E. A. SHE-EHY, D.D.S. "CAREY ROOFING" CELOTEX - BENJAMIN MOORE PAINTS - RUTLAND PRODUCTS - , . Belangefs Barber Shop RUMFORD LUMBER CO. WE THRIVE ON LONG HAIR 36 Prospect Avenue Tel. 614-M OXFORD AVEITXND WHISKERS RUMFORD Rumford, Maine.

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