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4. 1 X Foreword Starting now on our journey the Senior Class of'5S would like to leave with you some of our memories , It 18 wan deep Published By sincerm + thi!-V The Senior Class of Stephens we leave these H1 h g School in oalh0un,Ga pleasant and lay, 1028 always remem- bered memo- ries .fdnnuaf Sfmt!! Edlt-or Viola Perry Asst Editor Thelma Aker Proof Reader E C Tr1PP Typlst -Joann Johnsorxic V1o1a Perry Buslness Manager Eralcme Dew Adnsors mas H Saxon 8: Mrs Smith Page 1 . . . oy 0 "'l xx ' I . .. ......... -...--- o . .....-.. , , . , ' ..-....-.... -- - . - -..- f 1 ' .....- , Dedication We the class of 1957 58 hereby dedicate thls Hill Topper to our Social Science teacher, Mr Ezek1el McDaniel Whlle worklng wlth h1m s1nce he came to us 1n 1956, we flnd him to be a very Mr McDannel's interest,teaching,and guidance have fanned the small spark of fire attached to our social studies and caused it to be a glowing flame On an upward road to progress,to us, he has been a beacon llght, that brnghtens many darkened corners of our mmnds and h1s patlent understandlng has deleted from our m1nds the mystery of many unanswered questlons May these words mean to h1m a small token of appreclatlon for the leadershlp he has so generously giv n to us May they inspire hlm to continue toward a hlgher rank 1n life as he leads onward the footsteps of humanlty Page 2 ,. ,. .ba admirable teacher with a very dynamic personality., clminiotrcction Board of tducatlon COUNTY SUPLRLNTENDENT Mr vayne Askworth CITY SUPERINTPAD NT Mr Avery A Graves Chalrman hr Paul Shoffner secretary N E Neal Mr Jack Henslee Nr J Meadows,Jr Mr L Walraven School Trustees Mr Cue Hunt, Chairman Nr Roy Chattam Hr Andy Wl1k6y Supervl sol lllllllJtl'all0ll Prmclpal ,gn- Q W BLTTLE M DMLTH B S F t V 11 t B S Tennessee A and I H ' or a ey b ate Unlversity, Nashvllle, fort Valley, Ge0T'Si?,M- Tennessee, M.A., New igiailglanga University, York University, Resi- as GOPE 8- dence requirements for Mrs. Wheeler has been a 300505 of Education, New great help to us in our or niversity. instructional and testing Girls' Basketball Coach. programs. We will always hear her Saying,HBreak, switch,workn Page 5 " O L -1 . J 1 . ,., J T E, ..-.... 0 . a f - P1 ' -- 0 -- 111. . 0 V, 1 o o 0 ' 1 I I c Y. Q . A Q 1 Q '4 "-" '1x'7w'1u'7-' . . , 0 7 " 'Q f-1 - ' 0 O 'H O Q 0 0 , . yy gadlky Paullne V Fair, B S M 'PH University Columbia, South Carollna Laura P Pullum, B Tuskegee Institute Tuskegee, Alabama Mary L H Lucas S , Fort Val ley State,F0rt Valley, Georgia Ruby Chllders Fort Valley, Georgla PHOTO NOT AVAIL AFLP Bina L Randolph B S , State Teach ers College, Fay ettevllle, North Carolina Pearl C Mason ley State, P Valley, Georgia I-a"1'eHCf-I Veal r, P B E z mDame1 B s 3 fgghouse C03-1980 Savannah State nba! Georgia Hme4 Savannah, Georgian 1 ' 0 1, 2 0 0 S 0 JJ 4 O . N T LL 3 . " B. . O 0 - . I I 6 Fort Valley State B. S . , Fort Val- ' lort 7 as Janie Robertson Palne Col lege, Augusta Georgia Fome Economics Mrs Lois Morris Hooker, B.S., Tennessee A and I University, Nashville Tennessee Math and Spience Stephens W Jones, B S Fort Valley State Fort Valley, Georgia Vocational Agriculture gp- SUBSTITUTE PERSONNEL Helen J baxon A B Norxis brown Colleve Atlanta, Hg1lSh ! w g I O , O ' ' 3 px B 0 S 0 g L . - , V 1. I , M ' L5 . 'Cz I ' ' Meorgia , Perry Mrs. Jerelene Porch School Person n6l ' , ' he ' , . Q i ,, COUSTODIAN Willle Campbell Yeally keeps our plant in 'apple Dle' order LANAG' CJR A1166 Baultrlpp Cooks the best food ln t woxld Page 5 CAFETHUI mmde Akmg Helps and serves US llth a Smile enioro Thelma Aker QCandy mouthj "Save your dimes you mil 'soon have a dol lar, your intelligence will make the world 's eatest scholar Tri H 1 Y Pres 'I , Basketball 1, Dramatlg 3-1295s,-in N HJ 7 ? 2, la QJBEQ 1, Chorus 1, 2,3,J4, Science 5 2l'll0l'5 NBPJP BOQL RQX 'The best. way no Sue cess is determination Chorus 1, Slagq 5, Tri Ri. Y 1,2,Z,L, E H A 192,511 Sclence s..4' Shirley Boone CShortyJ "Lf you take one step toward God he"J.1 take two Basketball w,Ig, 'PI-1 H1 I 1 2,5.L D1-amamc 1,?,3,f, 3,,.L H HJ 1,2,3,l4, Track 1, Scienc 5, Pge6 Artis Boone CB111.vD "Be Prepared" N FJ' la2:5.J-H Matthew Campbell CF1shj vr o final pl-eb HL J 1,2, Chorus 1 C,Z L, Slags 132, Pres Student Co C31 Class Pres. 1,2,5, Basketball 2J,L+, Science 5, . . 1-1 . 16 K 1' TT I ,-B li, 1 gp 1 1, . 0 ' ' 5: k ' , . " 0 n AP' 1 ' v gr .' l 1 '-. l I I Q -Q .4 -J, b HHC who geaikg is he , 5. K k V V - ' rx L . I Q- A-' .1 , . f I 3 , 2 .Y . ,V . un . , LL, A n A ff H , O .- O . - , 2- a I - I 9 H eniord Albert Garigan Biden? "hae time to think about tomorrow is 1104872 chOrus 1,2,3,lL, m. Y Secy 1,2, N FA 1,2 39,49 5138 P1793 53,4 Sec. of Student Council lg, Dramatios 1 2,3,h,, C1833 host Ll.,B hall 2,5J-L, Science club 3, ,J-1 Joann Johnson Pie "lf you have the faith oJ. a mustard seed then nothing shall seem im- P0 7011 Bashatball 1,2, Cheerleader 1, Secy Tri-Hi Y lg, Chorus 1, 2959,-I4 S138 5:1-lt Dramatics 1,2,5,h,, C1a8sSecy 3, Science Club 5, William Ha S Glayes Ilan 'Start from the bottom and work up". H FA. 1,2, Chorus 1:25918 Hi 7 192053,-U-9 page 7 Erslnne Dew CSenatorD "If you don't want to you don't have to get in trouble' Hi 'I 112159,-H N F4 1,2,5,h, Dramatics 1,2,5,lt, Slags 5 14, Chorus 1,2, 5,Ly, Captain of School Patrol 1,2, Science 5 O 0 O , 0 a ! 3 C J .SSib1B?t0' n ". - c.. a. 'W if . O 0 52,49 8l'lL0l'5 not Photographed James Knox Jr I-Tr? ever say more than i necessary' Hi Y 1,2,5,L1,, Basketball 132!5!L.- glass Flower: Carnationn Class Colors 'Green at Yellow Class lotto .ghere is no Royal Raid Class Offlcersx Pres llgtthg' Camwen Vice Pres v1018. Perry If3r0Cy.llaz-ie Boone sas E C Tripp Adv M188 H J Saxon Emma Steele CB-B J "Cod is Ivy Co ilo N H.A 1 2 5 Chorus i,E,' ' 1-atrolgw I-1 1,2 3 Elmo Charles Tripp QEmo 'The first step to suc- cess is determination . Basketball 2,3,h, Chor- us 1:29311-I-9 C1333 Treas' 1,2,5,l4,, Slags Lreas. I4 N.F.A. l,2,3-in Page 8 fi KW' Estella Viola Perry Vi "We have crossed the bay but the ocean lies before us" Basketball 1,2,5, chorus 1,2,5,I4, Treas 14, N H.A 1 2 1,2,5,b,, Class SSC? , Vice Pres 5,L4,, bheer leader 3, Dramatzncs 1,2,3,J4, 0 - 495 . J !qe"' IIN 0 E I D C P N I to "10CeSs"'.rri- Hi.: 1 sec?-5, ' , 0 o o 9 9 U o 0 T - 4 ' -E tl' Q V J. ,5 18 I U CLASS HISTORY Four years ago, we, the would be senior class of 1958, began our journey as freshmen here at Dear "Ole" Stephens High School. Our instructor at that time was Miss Helen Jean Saxon, who struggled hard with us to help us to know the meanlng of why we should try to reach our goal as sen1ors We were very happy as freshmen because we felt that we could now do more to help our school to become a better one We proved this to be true by taking part :Ln the v r1ous act1v1t1es and organizatmns of the school We had members 1n the Student Council, Y-Clubs, Choral Club, N H.A , N F A , Dramatlcs Club, and glrls and boys on the basket ball squads who helped our teams to win the District Champlonshlp We began our journey w1th nineteen eager freshmen, who were nlling to be sen1ors of 1958 But we knew as the poet Longfellow said 1n the poem, The Ra Da , 'Into each life some rain must fall, Some days mus be ar and dreary " These days began to grow dark and dreary enterlng 1nto our sophomore year when eight of the or1g1nal nlneteen could no longer make the journey w1th us We are proud to say that one more eager student joined our class to h lp us reach our goal Our instructors durlng th1s year were Mrs Bettie Mae Smith and Mr Stephen W Jones They labored hard nth us as sophomores Our sophomore year was a successful year Again we had students taklng part ln the varlous act1v1t1es and organuzations but we also had many students that held offices in the organizatlons It w s du lng th1s year that Joann Johnson, a sophomore, was crowned as queen of Stephens High School, and Matthew Campbell, a sophomore, was crowned klng of the Northwest District H1 Y Feellng more determlned to f1n1sh our goal we entered into our prom Then agaln journey w1th us But more members joined such a wonderful time at could no longer make the were also happy when two who helped us to have another eager student as sad as we were, we our junlor class. Agaln we had members leadlng 1n the varlous act1v1t1es and organ1zat1ons Thls year Matthew Campbell was chaplain of the Dis trict Y-Clubs Erskme Dew won flrst place :Ln the D1str1ct N F.A Public Speaklng contest Thelma Aker was crowned qu en of the Northwest Dlstrict Trl Hi Y Matthew Campbell won flrst place in the Dzrstrict H1 Y Declamation Thelma Aker won f1rst place :Ln the Tri H1 Y Declamation V1ola Perry won first place 1n the Tri H1 Y solo Albert Garrlgan won first place 1n the Hi Y Readlng, and Shirley Boone won first place in the Di tr1ct track and fleld meet, and al o flrst and second place in the state track and field meet We entered into our senior year more determlned as fgurteen eager students than ever Once agaln we have as our lnstrur-tor fuss Helen Saxon who has stood by us through the years. Page 9 3 . O O . O Q 0 0 0 0 ' ' "' O . . . . . Oil . O . . . . . e . . . A. . O O O . 0 O . . . 3 . . . , ." 0 our ,junior year. Our instructor this year was Mrs. J .D. Robertson, . . O . . . . . . . . . 9 . - - ' . . .- . . . i .1 . . . 1 .1 3 . . 3 ' 0 Thls year we had students taklng part in the varlous activ1t1es and organ1zations, and we are happy to say that for the first time at Stephens school, queenly honors went to a sen1or student Marie Boone was crowned queen of Stephens High school And now as we go out 1nto a life of our own we know that if will keep our motto in m1nd, UThere 1S no royal road to success', we w111 be more successful in life we leave you now to go on 1nto Hlgh school E1-sxnne new and Matthew Campbell Class Sgng we Are Marchlng T11 Victory Is Won It has come this time once again for us, When we must leave 1nto a world unknown, w1th pains to bear, we have not had before Let us march on t1l victory is won To our teachers and friends, to whom we gladly thank for ma41ng these twelve years the best yet, we have all been just one happy rank Let us march on t1l v1ctory is won Chorus Sing a song, full of the faith that the twelve years have brought us Sing a song, full of the falth the future wlll teach us Faclng a brlght new world, just beglnning Let us march on t1l victory is won viola psrry fAlrna Fateri STLPHENS HYMN Stephens High upon a hlll, Help us thy name to raise May we always keep your honor high, And always sing your praise To the Green and Hhite be true, Ever keep thy name so pure. we will never let a foe arise,to draw us from your side. Near or far away we be, Stephens High we'1l honor thee Your precepts will ever be our guide, Until we cross the tide. '-SKS -A T Page 10 we ' ' ' life but we will never forget the days that we spent at dteohens , . , Class Prophecy The Fourteen Senior Class members of Stephens High School of 1957-58 are giving themselves a whirl as lhss Shirley Boone Spenis high into the air as an Airline Hostess for the Pan American Airlines in Los Angles, California. On one of her flights she stopped over- in Washington D.C. and: met one of her best friend s and classmates, Miss Viola Perry 'ho said she was marri-0 ed and also Supervisor over Nurses at John A.. Memorial Hospital there in Hash- ington, she said she had learned about the rest of the Senior Class lledaers as follows ltlss Joann Johnson married and her Husband's Secretary in Texas Mlss Marie Boone married and a Librarlan in New York lliss Thelma Aker a Barber in Paris Miss Emma Steele married and a seamstress in Kentucky Mr Elmo Charles Tripp I.lB1'I'1ed and Professor of Chemstry at Tennessee A 8: I State College in Nashville, TBu1'168See llatthew Campbell a Business Man in Kansas Artis Boone an Actor in Hollywood Erslcme Del an Electrical Engineer in Tennessee Albert Garigan a Doctor in New Jersey William Hayes a Captain in the United States Arnq' James Knox a Lawyer in Tennessee I vie' an excitlng space up here nth Sputnik and Explorer why don't you board the Pan American Airlines and take in this new with me 'Q ,A Q fx Shirley Boone 'A fm llr. . Ur. . llr. ' . Ur. . Hr. . url C . A' , L 7 , T 5 1 A ' II l mf 'lflff am! flsfammf We the senior class of 1958 hereby leave thls our last ull and testament. To Mane Perry and Ann btrickland, Vlola leaves her abillty to get all the boys and being able to To Myrtle Mann, Joann leaves her lined figure to ra1se the eyebrows of To Maude Chattam, Shirley leaves stralght skirts To Barbara King, Duma leaves her with other people keep up with them cool hair style and stream- the guys her figure to put in her quietness and way to get along To June Steele, Thelma nlls her wonder boy "Sputnik" so she can be rescued from her lover boy "Goofn1k" To Jarvis Evans, Bobby nlls h1s haircuts every two weeks To James Johnson, Erskine leaves h1s mmemployment and his way to get along with the girls Albert leaves to Toussalnt Hayes, h1s abllity to 'THINK' and be E C leaves to Waymond Aker, his dream g1r1 to take care of for the school year of 1958 and 1959 Matthew leaves to Caiphas Tate h1s cool way of dressmg To Laverne, Shlrley leaves her ability to get her boyfriend and keep him Marie Boone wllls to Betty Perry her ability to keep the straight sklrts on the go, and to Joyce McDaniel her pos1t1on as M135 Stephens High To Ollie Winters, William leaves his qu1et and shy ways To all the g1rls of the jun1or class, Joann and V1ola leave their coolness and ab11ity to attract all the cool boys Pee 12 Joann Johnson of ' Q . . I Q O 0 Q . . V . O cool. Q U . . . . . . Q . . I Q I 1 3, unioro ophomoreo 'ed' S fif?5'W'if""' WE Class Officers President TOuSS18nt Hayes bee etarv Ann Strlckland Treasurer Maude Chattam Advisor Nrs J D Robertson Class Colors Red and White Class Flower Carnatlon Class Motto N when all is said anc cone,too much said and toq little done ,goplmmore Cfau Class Officers President-- Michael Pritchett Secretary- Nadine Wilson Treasurer- 15-ck'-91 H8591-01' Advisor- I . S.'l5 Jones Class Color! - Pea Green and Pink Class Flower - Carnation Glass llotto- "To achieve the goal, to succeed the aim, to exceed the Purposen' Page 13 . A f : ' . 1 ' lf' f "' f -K ., 'J .. Le A q , ssss -f fr ff: 'Q ' '- JI ' '-sl If . ' ' ' 5 .A r ' i, 5 6 f ff" -f f-if ifffiw .' ,f - W, -1 , ,. ,J .. . fa ?f,,,,g:,, . . , 4 ' V .a , , , Z? W A I " -g - 5 " f M I -- 1 ' YN 1- ' rw ' C7 -.. ' ' lf- ' U -- ' D -- -- 1 , , , . , , . .... L Q -- -- I 1 ll I -..g- ,, as e l 5 ---.A . ,,e,..W..m' ' i ,-. Q... no-:X rea MW' Class Officers President Lillian Steele Secretary Carol Reese Treasurer David Ch!-'Wall Advisor Mr H Rooker Class Colors Kelly Green and Yellow Class Flower- Carnation Class Motto- 'Striv ing 1: succeed " II lv Eighth Grade T am sure every one vrill remenber this 1'1OiSy group going to and from Mr. Rookez-'s class every morning. A-dVi.S0I""' Mrs Ee Z0 McDaniel Page I4 . . 1 ---I l-- C l -. r ,,, -W ' -- e, " ' 1- 3 ,Y S .La 'N , r ' I' l -- ..1..JfA " o 1 C- O uns, ' p-rv!!! 1'-' I -'- lementcary Seventh Grade This the class that has the ice box room llr L Weaver 18 tneir adv ser, and they really do have a tlme"l:r Weasel" hifi! F I flkifl if --111 Sixth Grade The girls in this class are the little misses of Stephens 1-rj ph School They are so "Lady Like' Their Advisor. Miss P.C Mas n Page 15 l K: I N T. P , A -' - . , l A Q Q L . . b . . - -we s- fk-2 'af 1 .., ' 1 1' QI gilt. ml -L ,,. A .V ,7',-PM I A , 4 , 1 I 1 4-I I.: , 11 2, A " if f , , 111 ff".. 1 - 'L . - 4. we V- V . - 3 Vu e - A I Q . A .J , ' O 0 Q Fifth Grade This 1s the class that was studying about water, and had some of Mr Rooker's Chemistry students to show an experiment on the Preparation of Oxygen Their advisor Urs. R Childers We ,Mft I I Fourth Grade Don't be surprlsed if you hap Pen to be passlng b 'he fourth grad room and hear them slnglne, their teacher 1S muslca 'J incllned e ge 16 e Q 0 Y n QW , . , nu 1 . O O 0 I d ' '44, -Q ' ff '11 F ,' ' ' 7 1 is :ef 1' -of 1 A , 1- f -' rf' U. ,f 3 ,J "' ls: -Q W K - SQL- an -...W rg " i 9 4 ,Iii Af! gc . jg' if ,g 'S' ' - d 1 gn s ,.w' 1 u u ' -' - 4-f-' r 1'-' - f " ik iff! , .. Q I . . ' ' -7 . N1 KJ ' U 1' 0 . Va .....n..,. Third Grade we call these the 1i+t1e nLibrary Kldsn because their teacher is the Librarian They stay ln the hbrary as m ch as the student 11brar1ans Advi or Mrs L H Lucas -U-:Luang-3 Second Grade This is the artistic class because their teacher is artistically inclined. Who knows some of them mizht make another Renbrant. Page 17 . -. - . Qg, A .L - V 4. ,, 1 -L ' . 3-J' ,, 9 Q . Y 'I " Lt A f f UI un 1 1 ., I v ' K .n . I v I I . . A S 0 l 0 - 1 5... .,.. . . . . . ,. . I A , 3 1-ilu-nga--an ii' First Grade They are twenty e1ght 1117. le busy 'oodles They are 3 haPPY C1339 Q96 I Elementary Chrous This chrous is under the very wonderful eupervltion of Miss B Randolph and ltiss P I Fair They have a hard time getting them together, but when they do, they really sing Page 18 p E 1 K A h 0 ' h h X -' u ' ll' W r MMI -fm TheirA advisor lliss P.V. Fair. J ' 9 , 6 Qi E ' I . ' e h 5 o i M1 ctiuitieo WW X Y 'Tiff W W? 0 T' 1 '15 J... Ill! Q will ry F Presldent Jarvis Evans Secretary Toussaint Hayes Treasurer Clyde Wil y Reoorter Mickey Hassler Advisor Mr S W Jones -rw! ,ww f X 0355 N. H. A, Officers President- Ann Strickland Secretary- June Steele Treasurer Mar' P - 18 erry Sergeant at Arms- Lillian Steele Advisor- Misa J.D. Robertson Page 19 Q J ,Q ,hx '- ' v 51 x' T L'- 'Jn Ji u if . N' , "ff A 55 .','7! P t 4,5 l M .. , to n 4. - fxjwg ,Qin .t Q Qi " b 0 -t we -' L .- ' f , A -1 .jgjjm 5"":a Q CA H - Q . . Y --. A - 'f M 'f r P ' L . t I ima" K 4 1 1' -rs ,Va . , ffff- L f 55 55, t A N ' - 4 - H ,, :Dsl " . ' " i,+. f 3 , "' L, , "T ' 4- -if 4 V :hw , yi s f Q VA "uv ' ,fits A' ' iv fs. - ' of 'W R 'I " h I - Viv' "LFE Ng 0 Al :cn as 9 A 1 , "" o a o 'f l , , . -sf' f' Q- , -A ' ' i 4 gl ' ' - : 4" 'l-" 1. Nr- 'K' 1 ' ' I - LNH .lf 5 t ,, ff 1? 5 Q . 1 -' I ,Qu W., uf, -3 NP: ' by 1 9 ' n he K' W mi A -' , J k b U- 95-:fir Student Councul Offlcers President Matthew Campbell Secretary Albert Garigan Advisor llrs B M Smith Sth B Wilkey 9thf- H Reynolds 10th .A Phillips 11th L Aker W Tae Slags Officers President- Albert Garigan Secretary- Joann Johnson Treasurer E. C. Tripp The Slags were organized by Mrs. L. H. Lucas Page 20 fi 4 I -2 f A - ' ' V , QV' . . . . , R1 a - W ., lib, . I Ye Ya' Nu. N ff-,Q-..' V f' " -, v Ni 5431- we s A M s . X L"vSsF21, L- 1 ' e"d ' ai V ' """""H-'i ' -gil Ziff, Kip . QQQVXQT MW' 1 Ah- bi' ,1 Qt, '.'L " ' ' l .... .. . , , i . . l . 7 . . Lyla ' ' 12, ? , fr fi' rf 5- ' is-' ' fr , I 9-v,kN ' -af 2 ' A clad ,x I ':'t'V K I 1 , it V L X W 5,-995' qw Mlxed Chorus I think everyone 11111 remember 'OUGY and Ride on King Je us, because we dldnff, know Rlde On K1ng Jesus '1,b'1...1Q- Dramatlcs Remember th'-be 8004 Plays, well not any more, all of the main and good characters are 1eav1ng Page 2 l xN an . X N X N. ' g xx . . ! 7' ' S , . . 0 , W , 'bw'-iii, f J, r .-,.. K ri:....'E rue'-'-- - ....... .va-21a1...a.,-3-,gl :ass ' . . 0 we-fi' aa I1 Wllll e"Y"C1 'Remenber the Dedication Service, "Youth Takes a Stand " that we presented at Alpharetta and Dalton" Adnsors Mrs R Childers and Mr M Rocker "its time to eat," says James Johnson to Miss Aker and "Miss Al" 'This is one of the best times of the day when we all go to see whatss cooking". The staff' in the cafeteria does a good job of maainp meal time an enjoyable accasion. Opr food is delicious. The gamma ,e can's bottom may be seen after any meal, giving the school swine a hard way to go. Thus sendinv hr. Jones to hunt food for the pigs. Page 22 -rl pil- 1 9 Q Msfst., I .f Ji . Ii' D . -. . T 4, pe it W' n it Q . , Th ubs y . ,L V AZ' I 'lp . f ,J it sf pmszcbnf was may L TRIPP We feel that we have one of the best Parent Teacher in the State The members are always around to g1VB their support One of the hlgh lights of the P T.A this year was, the Workshop that was held her9,February 9th,l958 It was veny inspiring to those Who attended, especially the Panel and Group discusslons The Class of '58 would like to say, 'Thank you' for the cooperation you have given us. Bus Drivers To our'Bus drivers we would like to extend our thanks for your splendid cooperation 'Without you we wenldnfthave been able to go on basketball tr1ps, a d WIN Conferences EVALUATION We have been eagerly looking fonardl to 8 Vifliting Com' mittee to come in and spend a few days with us to help us improve our present program. We feel that this will be a valuable experience because it is the first step t0W82'd ap- plication for membership in the Southern Associatlon of Colleges and Secondary Schools, the highest organization that we may seek to become apart of Page 23 I o I 9 o Sign . . , . O - 1: f-f-rr' H ons . 0 3 o . O O O . I O O . I weeiheuri 56 , I Page 24 Q QQ' 14' V an U magzne uw! I7 L1 N Nd Ill L -1 'GA-nr-4 Page 2 5 gif-fs Z?a.1Lef6a!!jZam X4 Xrf Q65 if 'Tell em to break" says coach to the girl sitfing next to her The three main breakers are ll Chattam, captain, W Boone, co captain and N W11son,O Harris, L Aker, and B Perry vf?a,L.,1Laff ollfllermen Remember llr. McDaniel arguing with the referee and coach about his wonderful boys . E.C. with his prnt ty shots, William with his dribb1e,and like with his P03eo Thi-S 811 summed up to a pretty team. Page 26 ... , 5- I KL - ,ffl " f I JA " 7 i l o 9 . . J. ' C . Q 3 ' I . l . . C Y t cluertioing me Lose we9.V9T me LOJQ McDaniel Mrs. Ruby Childers kiss B. Randolph lliss Eloise Msanvell Mickey Hassler Ax Friend Rev. 8: Mrs G.V. Hardin urs. Randolph King Nr. Kc Mrs. George Simpson Mrs. Bertha Kennedy me 0.K. I15.tt1F3S lr. 8: llrs Cleophas Mann lr. Ezekiel McDaniel Irs. Sudie J. Wiley llrs Laura PulL'Lum bs. Ruby Baxter my J. Reese Nr S.Te Kira lb: dn Hrs. George Hurrt lr Robert G. Bray . David Gibson Q vgsg this Bruster Keys . Preston Aker , Joseph Tate . Walter llann lr Charles Boone Rev Lenoard Hutcherson lr Richard Var-ner lr Calvm Hana lr Sazmel Hayes Hrs. lhrgaret Hayes llr 8: Irs., Walter llann H' 8: Hrs Emmett Harm llr 8: llrs. Alza E. Hayes llr 8: llrs Joseph Tate lr Kc Irs. Rufus Tate Ihr Robert Butler . Charlie Butler , Q ll-rs. Jessie Barrie Mrs. Susie Wheeler ltlss Edna Curtis ltrs. Annie Frix Irs. Lillie llae Johnson ,AM 9 1 gg ww-Q we Patron List Hr. 8: Hrs. Claude Fletcher me Annie L0 B182 msc EDB Long Misa lauzle Aker lr. Amy Will-:ey Mr. llatthev Campbell Mrs. Bessie llcllaniel Hrs. Cora A. Hammcnds Hrs. Dore Boone I Mrs. Alberta Curtis llrs. Ora Pullum hae Mary Le H8mil't0n hee Aglmta Hunt llrs. Mary Fletcher Mrs. Edna McClure Hrs. Susie lheller Hr. Walter Porch . Paul Kennedy lir Edward Lewis Hr Harry Sutherland Miss Doris Gresham P F c Robert Hayes lklss Bobbie Hogans lb. Sc Hrs. Ged Simpson Hrs. Eula Hogan Mr r llr Hr, PB Lank Harlan Richard Pullum 8. Hrs Lyman Pullum 8: lh-s Charlie Reynolds J .D Reynolds Kc llrs Fred Ledbetter Leroy Steel Dasie Denmon Clem Simpson Howard Boone Aurie Hutcherson Jodie Aker Emma Richards Laura Curtis M183 P V Fair Compliments of Allen Chapel Church A Friend Pg 27 M . .U nn- wl O H O O O lfr. Hr Mr llr Mr. , Mr. .' H I . . ' llr. . . V Mr. O O e ul'-'se g mi . . Hr. Q ml . M . ltr Hrs. lr Hrs. -XX Q J Yin' X :whiff X VH: Rx v HH x , .x ' xh N ' .,.-. N "' Compllments Dozler Funeral Home Puone 39hO Rome, Georgla Waynon Dozler, Mgr Compliments LAY HALL GROCIRY Calhoun, C OPg18 PIRSF FLDERAL SAVlNGS AND LOAN Caluoun, Georgia TOM SHANAHM General lnsurance Calhoun Georgia HENSLEV DEPARTMENT STORE Calhoun Georgla narbln M King Attorney at Law Calhoun, Georgla Phone 3307 Compliment TRIANGLL SERVICH S1AWlGN Oothcaloova Street Phone Calhoun, Georgla 3893 Compliments of CHARLES D LYNN, Funeral Director 333 Brenham Avenue Phong 560k dome, Ueorvla TEAGUL STYLH SHOP Ben Goldman Calhoun Georgia Calqoun Georgla 3 T Davld James P Beamer Calhoun Georgia Calhoun Georgia Page 28 , . of ' . il - 5. 1 1 . 1 I - . v0 'J v . , o 1 r -1 A ' 'A L . f 'I ' 1 . S 1 14 1 ' v-u -1 - ' . r .1 -. -- , 0 , C - .. , . , - U W. 1 a . . T x' I ' C 1 '1 .4 . F . . 1 . n a 9 Y I' COMPLIMENTS VELVETONE MILLS UNIVLRSAL CLEANERS Dalton Georgia OWENS FLORIST Calhoun, Georgia Phone 2767 Plumbing Heating Wiring Dalton Georgia INDENPENDENT LIFE INSURANCE CO R F Smith, Agent SMITTY'S BEVERAGE STORE Phone 2798 Calhoun, Georgia Compliments of CALHOUN OFFICE SUPPLY 711 Court Street Phone 3752 Calhoun, Georgia MANN'S Cafe Beauty and Barber Shop Dalton Georgia ROBERTS' ELECTRIC SHOP Calhoun, Georgla Compliments of JOHNSON'S LAUNDRY THE CALPOUN WATCH SHOP 16h N wall Phone 2579 Compliments of THE CALHOUN NATIONAL BANK Phone 2281 Calhoun, Georgia ARISPOCRAT ICE CREAM CO. Home Georgia Page 29 Compliments of DOUGLASS LOAN COMPANY Calhoun, Georgia McDaniel Building Phone 2008 of g GASTON and SMITH r Q e A SCOGGINS MCBRAYLR FURNITURE Calhoun, Georgla STOR HOBGOOD DRY CLPANERS Calhoun, Georgia T W Hobgood Calhoun, Ueorgla Compllments of william J Alverson Calqoun Georgia HURD MOTOR COMPANY Calhoun, Ga Starr Matthews Calhoun Georgia ANDERSON FOOD CELTQR Calhoun, Georgla STANDARD OIL COMPANY R L Collins, Agent Calhoun Georgla CLARK STUDIO lO Court Street Phone 2615 Calhoun, Georgia Compliments R E CHANCF Calhoun Georgia Best W1Sh6S ROMA COCO COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Rome, Georgla BDHGER FRUIT STAND s. and H. SUPER MARKET Calhoun Georgia Calhoun Georgia Page 30 e Y V 4 - n 1 E ' .3 I C " ' . Insurance Agency .L , of 8 . . - V.. 1 Enjoy Paramount Ice Cream Compliments of PARAMOUNT DAIRIES Dalton Georgia Compliments of OJAY MILLS Calhoun Georgia Compl1ments HARRIS RADIO and T V Sales Servlce BOAZ INbUHANCn AGENCY Fairmount Georgia Compllments of Compliments OWLN DRUG STORD Phone SLU Nrs Emma Dozier ll2 N Wall Calqoun, Ga Compllments of C N JONnb and COBPANY Calhoun Georgia CALHCUN IILHCTHIG SHOP MAUIM N F ED and SFED C91'1OUT1, Geor Calhoun, Georvla 2- . T . of ' W 1 -3 of r v 1 ,- d I , I o - Q . We If 0 is V 1 , W -. F. 1 ,, , 'qu -I . I" ' 'J 4 - 5218. I ' O Paw 31 Compllments of Mr Cleophas Mann Calhoun Ceorgia Compllments GLORGIA TLXTILE CORPORATION Calhoun Georgia Compllments DAVIS BHOTHmHb Chevrolet Co Calhoun Geor gia Compliments NLBB CAFL Rome GeOPg18 Compllments ROBERTSON'S DUPARTDWNT STORE Calhoun Georgia ompllments EARNEST'S DEPARTMLNT STC Calhoun G9OPg1S STLPHENS SCHOOL P T A Mrs Mary Tripp Pres BRUCW FURNITURW RAPPLIANCL Compliment of BRIUHTON MILLS Rome Georgia Page 32 of I "4 ' 1' of of 1 pg U of of L l.: . IL 3, 4 L 0 9 O Autographa gaculty cfgutogrcaplfw Student cfgutogrcaplao ' 1. HHRBOCH HOUSE KANSAS CITY 9. M1550 4- ,. ' 1 ....U.,Q.- L URI Lthogrophed in U Sv A. by Yearbook H

Suggestions in the Stephens High School - Hilltopper Yearbook (Calhoun, GA) collection:

Stephens High School - Hilltopper Yearbook (Calhoun, GA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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Stephens High School - Hilltopper Yearbook (Calhoun, GA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 40

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Stephens High School - Hilltopper Yearbook (Calhoun, GA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 95

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Stephens High School - Hilltopper Yearbook (Calhoun, GA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 7

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Stephens High School - Hilltopper Yearbook (Calhoun, GA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 102

1958, pg 102

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