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EX LIBRIS nnual F 801110 Advisor .urs Jones EDIIQR Il CHIEII' ASSISTANT EDITGR- SOCIAL EDITOR- CLLSS IDITOR- BUS H185 MANAGER- DIETARY taff A sistant -Juanita Aker Janie Goudlock Beatrice Eyes Idna L Curtis Robert But cherson Margaret Golden Bn Smih Te ixmortelize the fond memories of Stephens High School of the past years and to portray a record of personalities, ideals, ebilitie and achievements 11379 been gm- pm-P995 in publishing the fourth edition of the "H:llltopper" Us realize that this compilation :ls not a colplete resume' of the happy days spent on this campus Nevertheless it is hoped that :lt will serve as a stimulant to encourage others to work harder at dear ole S H S TBI CLASS Ol' '56 my 9 Q L L ..---- I" , 3.5, 5 , --------M:'S. .EH t SPCIBTS IDITGRf------- ---- - ---- ---Darnell Trippe le DEDICATION edicatinn We the class of 1956,dedicate this ed1t1on of the "H:L11topper" to Mr.Bichard Varner llr Varner has worked many years in the publlc schools of Georg1a.Most of h1s teachnng has been done in Gordon County We feel that hls effeclent sernce and interest in the many generatlons of our with a greater determinatlon to succeed Mr Varner is a great community vrorker,and has insplred many to continue His Motto is "Be Prepared" 4 O people can never be rep1aced,and has helped us to be able to face life 9 O ADMINISTRATION gm ff af Safuczzbafz Superintendent M A A Graves Chairman hr Paul Shoffner Secy Trea M Jack Henslee Mr J D Meadows, Jr Emmett Walraven Mr E Neal County Superintendent Mr Wayne Ashworth SCHOOL TRUSTEES Mr Cue Hunt, Chairman 'l-lf'l'lf'll"ll'X'l-li'lf'll-ll-lE-ll"l"l'K'll-h Susie W Wheeler uperutaor Mrs Wheeler,a native of Bartow County,came to the Stephens School this year, as our Instructlonal Help er She has been a great help to us and well prepared for her work She holds a B S Degree from Fort Val ley State College and M A from Atlanta University flllflyblllg l2!?'-.fgzjgllllly Bettie M Smith B S , Tennessee A Q I, Nash ville, Tennessee,M A New York University, New York Mrs Smith continues to coach our girls Basketball team She has been co advisor for the Tenth Grade and taught health in addition to her administrative work. We will always remember her saying,'What you do speaks so loud ,until I can not hear what you sayn. N Mr O H . I O Mr. Roy Chattam Mr. Andy Wilkey . O R-incilaa I5 message To the members of the Class of 1956, the your debut as citizens in our society. You are play your role as a participant in the affairs on earth, America The staff and your families pare you for the venture you are now about to you go forth, will largely be determined by what you have time you have spent here at Stephens and what you will do quired with us and your several abilities after you have As you prepare to leave us,what might appear to be time has come for you to make entering upon a world stage to of one of the greatest nations their utmost to pre what you will do,as been doing with the with knowledge ac graduated a bright and happy have given take Just occassion, is really a step into a vast outer darkness You are leaving t a time when world peace is threatened with many misunderstandings that are a product from the dark pits of ignorance You are going into a situation where it seem the light or torch of educat on,exemplified on your'HilltopperW, ha been put out by the wind of hate and ill will among the people of all nations One may ask,'Is there any hope for t e tension and ignorance to be d1spe1led?W Yes, is the answer,because we are presenting you,our graduating class,as hopefuls to help carry the light of understanding into the dark places where ignorance abound You can help to scatter the shady clouds hovering over the hearts and minds of men by trying to carry out the instruction of your nA1lB Hater' You can by precept and example be a beacon for the those who dwell in the darken pits of intolerance There is not enough darkness in the world to do away with the light of one bright candle Therefore, there is not enough darkness in ignorance to do away with the light of education,if those who go forth to serve, will keep their torches snuffed and burning brightly It will be your to throw out the light of understanding so that those that are grop ing in the sea darken with misunderstanding might make a safe harbor of hope and good will The endeavors put forth by your parents and teachers doing the several years you have been in school has supplied you with the fuel for your light If you will put into practice the knowledge gained from your instruction that has stressed the basic skills, civic responsibility, worthy use of your lei sure time, worthy home membership, an appreciation for the beautiful and to respect the best in moral and spiritual values your flame from the lamp of ed and rely upon the guidance from the Divine Keeper of all of our lamps your good works will be seen by all who dwell in the darkness of ignorance Thus, the de gree of the brilliancy of your light,finally, can only be determined by you Now,as you take leave from us here,if you find at some future time that we may help you with additional fuel do let us know You are our torch bearers and our interest goes beyond your graduation It is our hope that success and good will, will always be elements in your fuel tanks for your light Remember WThe light of the body is the eye if therefore thine eye be single,thy whole body shall be full of light, But if thine eye be evil,thy whole bodU'shall be full of dark ness If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, ow great is that darkness'n Matthew 6 22 23 F1na11y,Wye shall know the truth and the truth shall make ye free ' The bright ray of truth will brighten the dark pits of ignorance and Steer the minds and hearts of all men into the harbor of understanding Hazzzffzf Alf! . a 1 . S ucation will always be burning brightly. If you always use your best judgment . f h FACULTY Faculty C.. al Cdeeea Gardner Leona llurphy Jewel Lester Anne Jefferson Baby Childers let Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade 4th Grade 5th Grade Iert Valley IB S Tort Tort Valley State College Savannah, Valley State Savannah. State Collezo Atlanta Univ Atlanta Univ Atlanta Univ '!'39h'1' 9f th' V9 R V Varner Agnes Henderson Pearl Mason Helen Saxon Sth Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade English-Music Albany State Spellnan College B S lort Valley B S llorris Brown Grisvald Bu Col. Janie Robertson hm. S. Jones Stephens Y. .Tonee Home Economics Mathematics ggriculturs B.S. Paine College B.S. Livingstone B.S. Fort Valley Atlanta Univ. Western Reserve Tnakegee Institute Univ. srl w-In D1 'D' ' , ,ft Y., r K Q t- .tl A 1 i I 1 ' A of 3 ,- A 3" ' 1 S ' if . ' --n. .e 'fi I 1 A pf 3. S. . . IB. S. O 0 0 ' f fv- A 1 r j A, 'gr nm Q 1 X i ' e e ' Q Q I I e .J I I SEN IORS Juanita Aker "Chuck" Activ1t1es Tri-H1 Y 2, N 'LA 2,3,l4 Chorus 1, PI'931d8Dt.StU.d8Bt Council I4 Editor of the "H:Ll1topper", Class pres ident 1 Motto-"If you can't be the moon, be a star, but be the best of whatever yvou are 'Bw' Aasiutiewx F.A nh Motto-"We bulld the ladder eniors ll by which we rise. Preston Amr 405 'NP JA lane J Aker 'Crick' Activities- Chorus 1,2, , Tm.-IH.-I 1,2,5 Clwer Leader 14, lotto-'Whatever you d do it tell " Ffrank Clrlldners Jap Activities-Chaplain N FA Lg, Hi I I4 Motto-'Truth gives wings strength "' Pres Activities-N.F.A 3,L,. Hi sr 5 lotto-"Let us be seen bg, our deeds " 23.10 1+ I 44' 5 .Y 2 I 9 lo X " dnl ' A . . - .- 5,144 1 0- 0 0 2, ' 5 f+g . l . , ' 0 0 A 09 O - K X 9 . I . .u I, James Boone Q ' ,, ,. - of O O O 1 O 0 0 O 'bo . n n , Z' 0 .. , Y 0 . ji V Fi! ' f 2 h Q' 5 Q 'V . BMUPS Edna Curtls ACT. V1 c, -PhOZ'l1S 1 'la 13 1' tary Tri Ih Y 2,3,1g N H A 5,14 Basket Ball 1 U1'3"wQ Ed1tor 1 main yours for ve Beatnce Hayes "Honey Bee 4 tinties thorns 1, 2, 3, H rm 2,3,h T1-1-.rn Y 1,2 Cheer Leader 14 Assistant secretary 3,14 Social Edltor of the " 11topper" lotto-"Look up, for success lhrgaret Ann Golden "ANN" Activltles-Basicet Ball 1, 314 N.H.A 3,14 Dramatics Chorus 1-L Class S80- Motto- "The road called "Teil" leads to success. Samuel Hayes llickzey' Activities- N F.A Lb. lotto-"The road to success It is never down., is what you make it Jani e Goudl vck "dent Actlvities-Basket ball 1,23,Lp N HQA 5314- Chorus 1,2,5,1-L TI'-1 H1 Y Pres 5,11 Dramatic Pres 5,11 Class Pres 2,5,I-L hm Marsh 11-in A351515 Edltor of the Hllltopper 14 -Most out standlng g1r1 for 1955 Motto-" A fnend :Ln need 1s a friend 1n deed" S I f I xl xx f 'x Qi 5 J 1 " 1 Qtibs- J ,2,5, lp, C,., Ss ec e ' 72. " .' - o A 0 oe 0 ' ' ' - -lf' 23 auf . , . gr, - 5 O 0 Q I . . M0f.1.0-"victory Shan ra- retary u. , . we r," A qi . 1 ll N I 3 I - 1 ' hi 0 ' O . - j X 0 o n I o I-H. . o o . ' o g--' o v Q o ' 4 X I- .un .C "" A o 0' I ' . Q o"o 1 ' . V 0 X , ' if . Q 1 Bobby Johnson J J Activities--Hi I 2,5,h N F.A 5,14 Secretary N F.A 1 Motto-"Good work br1r1zS happy success " Darnell Tripp ' Duck" Activities-Basket Ball 1, 2, J-L H1 Y 25,14 Class presldent 2 2, I4 Hi Y president 5 Student Council presldent 2 N FA 2,5,l4, Sports Easter h Motto-'Do your Job sell today, leave nothing un done for tomorrow." eniurs nnnrs Valedictorian Robertson Hutcherson S alutatorian Juanita Aker Tri Hi Y Queen, Dist Janie Goudlock gist Hi Y Declamation Preston Aker Basketball Capta Darnell Tripp Robert Hutcherson "Nabo" Activ1ties--Basket ball 1,2,3,L4 N FA , HI Y 5,11 Business Manager of the I-hlltopper , Motto--"To the stars through difficultlesn Joseph Pritchett Fuzzy' Activities Dramaticsg lr N F.A , 3,11 Ch0r'11S,2,5,h Motto "Finish what you attemptn Q s Ui! S ff n . .ll H . " ' . . . . 3 L,. 0 0 --A---an-.-Q - . . ll ' Il . C I 5 . '- . J J JJ Dramatics 5,Lp. Chorus 1, ll 1 5s- " . o e !ee' e Q. C Q in 1'--1 . 1 O U O Glass History In the Autumn of 1951, a group of eager student were waiting at the bottom of the hill to stat a new journey. These boys and grls came from all parts of the county seehng that intangible thang known as educatlon. Judging from the expression on their faces, they were anxious to begin their pursuit. The journey has been to us like a long ride. We boarded the train at the bottom of the hill to start our first pert of the journey Our first engineer was Kiss. J T Anderson, and our first station was Freshman Ville We were about twenty five in number. Some of our members Joined the basketball teams and played a big part toward the success of the 'Green Hornets' In spite of the many difficultles we encountered, we were on our way to Sophomore Ville On this second part of the trip we noticed that the nunber had decreased quite a bit Mr S W. Jones was our eng1neer. Through cooperative planrnng and hard work, we participated in the Queens Contest. Ne showed interest in basket ball and xmsic Janie Goudlock and Margaret Golden were valuable playerss. As proud sophomores, we completed our second journey with flying colors and made a successful landing in Junlor Ville With the success of the past half of our Journey we gained courage, perseverance, and the ability to work harder Consequently, we d1d not fear what the last half of the journey would be l1ke With the same crew we started with our engineer, who was Mrs J D Robertson We partlcipated in the Queens Contest, dramat1cs, the first ll F.A Fair, basket ball, the I-Clubs, and Chorus first place w1th Iris Hi I declamation Juanita Aker won first place with her Tri-Hi I declamation Janie Goudlock was chosen the most outstandzmg girl in the high school. Darnell Tripp was chosen most outstanding boy :Ln the lngh school Robert Hutcherson and Darnell Tripp proved to be vital players on the basket ball team. 'ith these accomplishments, we were ready to start to Senior Ville with our last contribution 1n Junior Ville being a wonderful Junior-Senior Prom. In loading up for our last part of the trip, me discovered we had lost four more of our menbers The remalning fourteen of us leaned more and more on our motto which gulded us during the journey, We are c1inb1ng to success", ind weremore determined to complete the journey. Our engzmeer was llrs. ".S. Jones. We started the tr1p by participating in the contest, fair, and other School actitlties. Ie are about to end our journey and begm gazing over the path way of life. he we part, we uill carry with us the thought that we musnt be ready to face the test that the world is holdung before us With our many thoughts in theyears to come, there will always be a spot in our hearts that our dear Alm llater cm truly claim Ie shall mn every way prove our devotion and goyalty to her by showing the world through our work the good that she has one, Joseph Pritchett CIASS COLORS: Pink and Blue CIASS FIBER: Pink Carnation CIASS lI0'1'1'0 'WE are clzmbing to success' 5 Janie aoudlock was the NJ. District Tri-lil-I Queen. Preston Aker won Ula :ll We, the undignified seniors of btephens School, the class of 56, do hereby lease our ball and chain. le are wti.1l' our nostnetioeable charac teristio md achievements to the underclxssmn of this palace of Pi'l'3d18B To our dear Alma Hater our undying loyalty and sincerity. To the faculty we will our yateful appreciation for the guidance and encouragement mich we hazve received from them, and the best at health and hippineiaso Juamtaa ar wills to Rubye Lee James her ability to enjoy life as it comes, and her artistic mind. Robert Hutcherson wills to Joe Reese Iris sense of humor, and to Eugene Curtis, his confidence in himelf when making a basket even if in the wrong goal. Beatrice Hayes nlls to Eleanor Steele her ap,rrec:lation of music, and her high temper Preston Aker wills to Bennie Curtis his scholastic ability and his pleasing personality. Janie Goudlock wills to Jane Broglen he' ability to get along with the teachers and students Margaret Golden wills to Frances Aker ner ability to sing and dance. Darnell Tripp wills to Johnny Howell his leading role on the campus and his ability to get by. Frank Childers walls to Willie Barret his place in the senior class. Samuel Hayes walls to James Curt1s his 'W' in department. Bobby Johnson wills to Hiram Hamlcms his flnancial status Kmoney honey, James Boone tllls to the saenlor class of 57 the need to stay in school and be on time. Joseph Pritchett wrllls to Gene Curtis his way with the chicks. Mamie Aker wills to Berrrlce Boaz her habit of being on time and to come to school reguJ.aa:1.y With these gifts me, the class of '56, leave our blessings, fond mm- ories of our pleasant associations together , and most precious of all, our places here in the hearts and thoughts of our dearly beloved p1-:Lnc1pal and teachers. In witness whereof, we, the class of '56, the testators, have set our hands and seal to this our last Will and Testament. las em We, the class of f1fty six, But we must be off and on our way, will soon be on our way our dutles to perform The years have been preclous here Our purpose 19 to reach success, and we're grieved that we can't stay in spite of every storm We '11 miss our good ole school mtes, Dear otephens lflgh we're gone, and the teachers all so dear but your name will ever ring We'll never, never forget you, Wherever we may Journey, or the days that we spent nth you here. your praise wre'l1 always slng Dear God, we ask thee for thy help, as we journey through the land Help us to be, so others may see, our foot prints on the sand. ByJanie ooudleek Juanita Aker SS ' Elena. cm-me wine to clauden ucnaniel ner ability to sing and dance. K O Glass Prophecy S.H.S Televislon program A.B.G Ch-12 January 6th, 1966 Exp m Eye witness new stars, new acts, 1n all entertainment! Eye witness new experiences in mathematics, sports, trades and other act1vit1 s, The Class of '56 Margaret A. Golden --Home Actress Darnell Tr1pp--- -----Stenographer Jame H. Goudlock --Model Edna L Curtls -Beautician Maine J Aker Telephon Operator Beat:-1ce Hayes -----n1U.S1Ci8I1 R1-eston Aker Professlonal Baseball Player Robert Hutcherson -Mechanic James Boone- -Band Leader Bobby Johnson nlectrical Englneer Juanlta Aker Typist Frank Childers --Opera Singer Joseph Pritchett- ---Jathematiclan By Edna Curtls Alma Maier SFPHENS HIMN Stephens High upon a hilly Help us thy name to raise, May we almrays lneep your honor hlgh, And allways Slng your praise. To the green and white be true, Ever keep thy name so pure. We will never let a foe arise to draw us from your side. Near or far may we be, Stephens Ihgh we'IL1 honor thee. Your prgcepts mill ever be our guide, Until we cross the 1 eg . . . . . O O Q ie V . . 111 iiiil S1111 ' , -.--.......-.......... 4 3 Sanmel Bayes------------Professor . , . J its J' .:::..:"" 1 1 Q: it ll 3 uni bw- :timid mn ivtvluvitssq vmiaxiusq 1 QW neu hu. manning l"":.:lnhnuv an-uummhu m vmawssnuu mama-nun: -Q. -use wwf-n..,,,., Q fm. l ll -iii 44.1 In O4 JV? Tl ig 4- mmf" .. JUNIORS Jumur Glass COIDRS Yellow and Green FLOWER- Yellow Carnation MOTTO-- -Be T1'l18'bl'0I'thy OFFICERS President---Claudell lk:Da.rni.e1 Secretary -Eleanor Steele Vice President--James Curtis Assistant Sec.--Frances Aker Treasurer---Jane Broglen Reporter-Joe Reese Chaplain--Hiram Havrlcins ROLL Frances Aker Willie Barrett Jane Broglen James Curtis ADVISOR-------Hrs GRADE MO'I'HER--Mrs Hiram Hawlclns Johnny Howell Ruby Jams Claudell McDaniel Janie D. Robertson Alice Baultripp Joe Reese Eleanor Steele Eugene Curtis SOPHOMORES ophumure Glass COLORS -Green and Yellow F'LCJWIsR Yellow Carnation lDTTO-- There is no royal road to success. OFFICERS President---Matthew Campbell Secretary-----Viola Perry Vice President-Elmo C. Tripp Assistant Sec .-Albert Garigan Treasurer--Joann Johnson ROLL Thelma Akaer Bobby Curtis Joann Johnson Marie Boone Erskine Dew Barbara Lesaber Shirley Boone Albert Garrigan Viola Perry Matthew Campbell William Hayes Elmo C. Tripp ADVISORS----llrs. Betty ll. Smifbh Ind. Nr. Steplnns We Jones GRADE MOTHERS--Urs. Bertha Aker and Hrs. Ruby Baxter GRADE FATHER--lb. David Boone FRESHMN 'mf Freshmen Glass COIDRS Gold and Brown FIUWER White Carnation MOTTO----- Forever and ever, we 111.1 stick together OFFICERS President---Ann Strickland Secretary----June Steele Vice President-Myrtle llann Assistant Sec.--- Toussiazrt Hayes Treasurer--llaude Chattam ROLL Jarvis Evans Toussiant Hayes James Johnson Barbara King Ann Strickland Lavern Aker Waymond Aker Artis Boone Maude Chattam Caiphas Tate Helen Jean Saxon dye GRADE MOTHERS--Lfr8,A.P. Perry and Hrs. Gla llyrtle Ham Betty J . Perr Marie Perry June Steele Emma Steele Hunt Y 1 ..... ---1 Q -Y if " :QQ . ' g- ZW . s , ex X A 55" . I .ir ' f ' s' it ' rt fs New .ei LX' X, X t he ' N ii 0 ELEMENTARY .Q Q eventh rade We might call the boys 1n the cla S Hthe Vlld blllsn of tne school f you nave seen Mrs A Henderson witl the Urcdn Jou may know ene lS loo? ing fo bon of thlS nano taat ae gon u t J What about tht dey mrs Done t on u d to Af P tue 4 1 aft rn w Ih1l11, ngxu na tu r wer to the question Eighth Grade The group has reallw had a time getting adgust ed to the routlne of the hlgh school MISS P C son has been dome Room Teacher Dezember those after houx Hsession ? Sixth Grade Third rade eeend Grade Prrst Grade 9 Frith Grade Fourth rade Mrxed Gherus This group consists of students graces l 7 They participated in the school activities and also in the district fit Iris. Dircctrcssg Kiss L Y sh-Tphy AC TIVI TIE S HONORS ueen ttendants gueenly nonors this year went to Joan Johnson, Wliss Stephens HighH,a Sophomore, nliss Element ary? Laverne bteele of the Four th Grade, UMiss Primaryn, Yoland Chrlstian, 'First Grade Shown at the left are the queens and thelr court Marie Perry, Ninth Grade, Opal Harris, Eighth Grade, Elea nor Steele, Lleventh Grade and Juanita aker, Senlor The queens were crowned by lr Strickland during the open ing ceremonies of the basketball season he are proud of our cue queens Twlrlers These fine llttle lassies are the source of our entertainment oetween our basketball games If you d1d not see them 1n actlon ou missed a treat We are look lng to the future to see them vlth a marching band They are Pirected by Mrs Lester and Mrs The second annual N F A. falr was a success The fair has its uain objective establishing better school community re1at1onshups Each school community of Gordon County partlclpated by placing a booth in the fair exhubits. The community recievlng the roving trophy th1s year was Mc Dan el -'Fha N H. A. exmblted mmemalcmg tmough as booth under the du- ection of Ira. J. D. Robertson The I F.A exhibited a litter of pure bred Duroc pigs, and otha farm P1'0JeCtS under the directlon of Hr S W Jones The fair opened with a parade which featured as it's main attraction the lain High School band of Rome, Georgia. Each club and department of the school was represented by a float in the parade. The fair w s well attended and enjoyed by all. ifW"h66WW x N ' w ' X ' X . 4 6: A I 5:4 f A v up . . H I, K . 1 I- I P N I V Q " i - e - 0 r 1-'FE' 17 ""E'1 Jefferson. , 4 Q, c, ' , ,M ,,.f"f N I rl I F A O O O Q Q . Z . . .-s . . Q . ' ' I I 3 O o o 0 'Q Q o Q a , . Student Cuunull The lain objective et the student council :ls te help solve tho problem of tho pupils in tho school The president is Juanita Aker, representative of the senior class Vice presib- ent, llno Trippe, sophomore class, Secretary, Ann Strickland, freshen class, Irsncos Akor, junior classg Nadine Wilson and Annie W Phillips, 8th grade Advisor, Prim. B ll Snith hural Club Tho chorus partici patcd in all community and school activities They recieved honors in tho district level and vent to Savannah whore they participated in the Stats Pine Art! Miss Hslen Exon is the Directrssa 'Fr Y Clubs !hs 'I clubs are again working hard !heir lain objective is to in spire young boys and girls to practice clean living, clean speech, and clean sportsmanship Advisors orc, lr li I, Mrs 0 I Gardner li Y Mrs I 8 Jones uma Bc Club This group attended and participated in the Marriage Clinic held on the loreheuse College Campus they else attended the confereno in Tort 7s.lley, Georgie. A Iatherudaughter benquet was also given by this group L Mother-daughter banquet was held at the closing of the ter! Adviser: Hrs. J lebertsen The I I' A again this year sponsored a county fair On display by the chapter members were chickens, vegetables, farm products and e new litter of pure bred Duroc Jersy pigs One project of the year has been the making of nail box stands for I I L. members and others in the community, Advisor: Hr S ar, Jones Dramatlcs The Dranatics club was very active this year. Three one act plays vers enjoyed, which came from the group They participated in the district by present- ing e one-act play, 'The house ef G-reed' Advisor Mile, P C, Mason l Q. 1 32' Q Q, L , . 3 e A e I s AQ 1. A p NP A t I jgffi K s v , W 1 i 0 LUNCH ROOM SCHOOL SAFETY The members of the school safety department have done a good job in help ing with law and order The SCHOOL PATROL was organized this year by the CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT We are proud of these boys who have been so faithful at their posts of duty The FIRE MARSHALLS were organiz ed by a State Representative They assist in fire drills and inspect the school plant for fire hazzarde Did you see thelr badges? SCH OL MOTTO A healthy school is a happy schoolu lo be sure when we vo to our lunch room we realize the true meanlno of our motto 've know one way to the best heal h is food e reallv have a balanced diet in fha f our Cafeteria by one who is really our friexi, Mrs ' Baultripp The school day would not hav the me ning for Alu You should be around to hear how many times she says Uthank youu to the many chlldren and staff who tell hrr,'I enjoyed my lunchu She really tries to please ea0h and everyone who eats in the lunch room Th PTA Ne truly belleve that we have one ,if not the best Parents Teachers Unit 1n the state Our org nlzation has been a valuable help to us dolng our school days They have helped w1th every problem or progect that has come up They are falthful dolrg the basketball season in helplng w1th the concessions We w1ll long remember Umr Royn trailing in with WGordon Productsu followed close behind by M133 w1ll1eB lle Thenat Xmas our fruit always comes with Santa Claus and good wishes from our P T A We wish we could salute each loyal mem ber and offlcer here,but we want to sa Nthank younfor all you have done for the Class of'56, because we real ize had it not been for you help many of the comfo ts we have enJoyed,particularl y, in our LUNCH nOum,would not have been pos ible Ml L UeI'J Here we want to say thank to our bus drivers, Messers L Boone, M Hogan and J Richarcs Thelr recoros are hard to equal as to safety ard punctuali y Thev have never turned us down on our Nnoisyn trips all of whlch we will miss 1n the days to come. ,gr-edubnf mas may L TRIP? N 2 .' viii Q X - 1 Q - ,T K Q e . ' L K ' x ' . ' x w ee ' e ll F 1 A - O m . Q . Jn- fl - . U ' L 4, M, . L, . n , 7 4' 5' ' ll e do ,tk 'Q "' L D e I a C gy us had it not been for the fine food prepared by nMiSS - I . . G . y 0 ' . 1 , O ' ' N' N' ' e . . O O 3 I ' 1: J ' 'r ' r Q s ' . ' J ' L , ,S , . .. . . . . , ,. 1 4. t . . . . , 0 SPORTS P wa.'5aeea'sftfw s FE aafrawws as 1 . NV21l.'?B mp ,. RFU? Pwlewaas EEK- Ska - ' " Hifi sa sg - F. Pep Squad The Pep Squad, directed by Mrs Jefferson, has kept up the noise for our basketball season Did you see their gay Ubeani sn? The members oi the group are Ruby Ja es, Mamie Aker, T.Aker, Lavern Aker, Beatrice Hayes, Marie Boone, Thelma Aker, Shirley Boone, and Mary Hunt 'Rah-rah rah-rah' Bays Basketball -'-at-Q1 i ...4 Ydt1iQi'?' 'Q Once again we find Coach S.W. Jones trying to pilot our boys to another successful sea- son. we are seeking our fifth con sective championship in the dis- trict. Last year we lost an en- tire first team. This year Robert Hutcherson and Darnell Tripp, the Captain, are playing their final games for Dear Ole S.H.S. However we feel we have some very good material that will replace those who have gone.E. Curtis,A. Gari- gan, B. Curtis, J. Egans, J.Peese n Tripp M Pritchett and M Camp bell are on the squad R'lS8 i1bEES-5H PW lf' I-.- l 3 T21 WKTWH PQLNTTSWXXKE' ' f-J Earls Basketball members of the g1rls'team are trying to follow the boys in re peating their championship Lid you hear Coach B bmith urging the team to Wwora W0lkn? The new tnree second rule for the girls This year lvl Golden and Capt J uoudlock also E Curtis are say ing farewell to the squad This year finds E Steele and M Chat tam really"burnin " the nets 01711 ers on the squad nclude A Strick land, C McLan1el, U H rris, V perry,N Wilson, B Perry,B King M Perry, J Johnson andA Phillip , . . . , I X. ,K . g W . . , f 0 Q 0 f 0 Y 0 :nu-wma-mama avr ,smamlltusll H H 'Wwa Q f f Q W X. T , fafla sql" F'?ifJrHv 0 . s . 0 . ' 9 . i -.f 0 l ' ' , " ' ' 0 - 1,0 ! ' I 4 as . we 'ws RA 4 V' V 4 . 'T 1 4' W s 1 I J " 0 Sie . - .., O b z-4 1 Z ' ssvsaaw' mann F - V , W 1 mgwg, ,. W a Su 5 really had the forwards hopping. www afswwvfw wa h X, ' 'E K' gf. .awww s, 1 a , - ggiegnueunoa , W ' ' ' - 1wf'lf?G"'fl'S"W'! ' s 1 - A - asa. 3 " , . u ' "rxaQ?, 1 ' H gf: sew: lQQ453xQQ'f+EE'5 - I I '?'!5f3S-"H"?'SrTQk W um lllvxvsnm - .fine anim " 0 ' 0 menus' M .- - as atv-x' . ' 'X ln .....,.,4 CIF . ' 4 - I L V, . W. E ' . , f .Mn 27 . O V s 1 M 3 , . 0 ' ' ,K fa V, . . . , ,K 1 1.44 1 ' ADVERTISERS POST 555 AIERICAN LEGION Atlanta Life Insurance Commander Andy Wilkey Calhoun Har Calhoun Feed a dwaro Company nd Saad Company Calhoun Florist Velvetonn Mills Ben Goldman Calhoun Watch Shop Owens 'Eur Mann's Grdoery JACK IEALER holosale Fruits and Produca Stee1e's Barber Shop WILLIS FUNERAL HOME Dalton, Georgia SKY WAX GRILL GORDON COUNTY MEN Doxier Fune Phono Lay Hall 'b CIVIC CLUB ral Home Rome, Georgia 2940 O00 I 0000 Y,Vf Y - Y W .- f, ,, ,H-.f , W- , -11- X 'N L al - , Palmer Drug Store Ford's Market Stephen School Pl To Ao Mrs. Mary Tripp, Pr esident ROMW BOTTLING COMPANY Rome, Georgia PARAMOUNT DAIRIES Dalton, Georgla egIllE'3 CKJAAPLIAAEFUTS umnovlsnoox DAIRY C M JONES mmm Calhoun, Georgia xkx Ben Wzsbe: FOR Gordon Potato Chips Joe Apperson, Representative BEST W'5"'ES CONGRATULATIONS WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE THE CALHOUN NATIONAL BANK Wall Street Phone 2830 Calhoun, Georgia 52 In ma A or C5555 Dalton Road 1 AUTO GRAPHS 4' gum- Glmww 4

Suggestions in the Stephens High School - Hilltopper Yearbook (Calhoun, GA) collection:

Stephens High School - Hilltopper Yearbook (Calhoun, GA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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1956, pg 68

Stephens High School - Hilltopper Yearbook (Calhoun, GA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 49

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Stephens High School - Hilltopper Yearbook (Calhoun, GA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 43

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Stephens High School - Hilltopper Yearbook (Calhoun, GA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 63

1956, pg 63

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