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 - Class of 1979

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Gen. 378 S1245 1979 The Stephensophia 1 7 . 5 0 MID-CONTINENT PUBLIC LIBRARY Genealogy 8- Loc l H's,t Lnbmry' North lndependerice Llrgxzh Highway masprmg Independence, M0 64050 VY, ia-1:11 ,A ' . W fw?Q51' Pf1 ' ,-1 1 K J' K, L- 1 s' ...F I WMQ ' 1,f 4 Cf 'llrlj .1, Sffifokw 5079512 7 W 77 STEPHENS COLLEGE Columbia, Missouri l an W3v4 f5 CHN -Q sv 9 1 3 Q 9.4 ., 1 if V I " ini-,Q I ,,, f aw ,X I .1 w -Yu 'A I 1 1 , W L ,,, - 4' .T,,,kv1" xi I a"T-van:-fff M 'fc -'Q ' ,, ' 1"A .M L 537,151 wma I N i 7 , , "N q,-- -151 .LW i -.., V I 'K X ,, -fx 11 I . 4' , .. fl. -f W-1... Q 4 -t .AW .,qam, W.,.,.,.6 , V - ..,, ,,., w V, ,,,. A ,,., .. Iv-0-mv-rihwv-, j W1 y VV ,...f.. ...,'l , a rm.. 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A' ' , ' 'YJ ,L ,jx r--L- , Ad A A 'V Q 25154 2 1 M. V. VV gig? :V ,ff ,N A A' A 'A A an , Y 1, I ,S if V , ,, V43 , 2- V 44 . " X 5 595'-"lf'fAa1"k .3 A-ia ,, 4.4 ,4 -. 'A AAA K. , A63"l:rAf "A X ""ff'f 1 C A-1 4 'V f ' A ,Q A - , W . 9 A x PVS A L, A A A ' X ., gg A -' at W A A Aw- - AA , , 1 V VV, 5+ ., , . 4, I 1 f,, . A: . , .A 3 s, A ' ""' . J A 1' Tg..rvQ-:Liv ,W "KL N V V -A , 1 'zfw-,V f'fV 44, A I 4 A' ..JK..-' u..- E. Q - f V ,fix ,ifqwgw Va WV V 44 " 'Af A , 7 . " wx' . 1 firm ,V t ,V HV - V i N n V Q Y' A " ' AQA-AV, .HJ-A . 'wif . w 4 if A ., V mf ,V A A Av, , -,, hx L AV Q ' A" V ja0"x4'f"' 4 X "'?:m"', A? AM ' WL .- :Vp 'Q :gif A Vgyg, .N E ,AA 4, , - ,V VV: AI, V J, ' 1 VV VQQV Q4 '54 Af, 'gl 4, ' A 2' i',,5 .A ,.,. 4 A 4. 43: ,L 4 Q4 , A Q- ' V ' ,A 1 .-vw--Q " A' A ' 4 ,B ' aff, A yn' 4 A' ' HU ? I AAA" rf: 5 . J , As" W' I ir I 253 " A A-A . .. ' 'A A , " 4 . V .f Af 'Q A fix A if F35 an 'ff A IA WT? 'HA "W 'fu QV' ' 1 - . Mr?" ' V ' , 'If ,f . A-' ' 45' Av'-Q i i' F A Am, V -lv ', L." . f 7 ,, A . E' ydwf-'35, ,,- ,A , A FAA , , 11, . g ,, 3 AA. if 5? A, 1, 54 44" A' 4.1 3' . A rn, f,,A-55V-VV VAVV V V A MA MV 'QV ' V fi J' ' 4 ,.fl9'2' 1 ' if.. - .,A'7S?f?M.'7 -.'- A' V A f 1 'V V V-Va, ,Vw V 4 V K V VV: V V .VYV-M-33V.VVfVV-Z 'VV d".,3'4.,, . Egkf' 'fig 4 V , ,4 4,44,',-4f ,,,1f-A' gy A U-iff: gfffigff ML: J Av, QA' TY,.-fy-'41 '7f'Pj," H ' V .4 VVV .M Q , V V nav., v CVVVVVAVV? QA,,., AV M, + V V pV p,,.ihVV. A ,ik 5 VNV 'wzW.4.4, V. ,, V-4 4 "' V ' a ,A-A jf .VV1gV53-'V',,, mg WV -AVVVV , VV. V 'V vi' V13 ,L V ,A Ab A-Q ,G V 4 A W 51 fyf n f V, f- ,-A . - r , J, 4, , F ,. A gf r Af A P: 1 5. mV 1,4 , A as U V .V 5- I , V any , . V 4.. VQVV5 VV V fl, V VV VAL. . . J .4 , "hr . M . ., V ,5 4. . , 1 . ,, ,ma , , ,,, , -4. . , 5. Q J-. . Mp'-F? " if " 'A ' '- 'A ' " - "5 A if-:A 'A JF AM., 3 V , ' . Q A , AA ,AA ig . ,, y A--W A Q. 1 yg , .Q ., 4 . ' r bf vi- 3 , A, ff g,.-f44 A 1' A H. .' --, x 4. ' S-Af"f+'.a1A..'YA'E"'..,T'w , E . 41 Y A! ,- Aft 'sv 4, , .A .Af,'a ' ' ' A- 4. gan A4 5-mi Qjf' 1, QW , i 'A 21.1 Vgy' i f-.,4 ,if 32-"Af5fff1A1'3'? A' 'Ai A' "An fi-JV AA f -A aw "w'55'S- Pk A'-' 724 'V . A 4:2 A- A" if 5 1.2. 'if' ' 'M' ' sr A ' qi.. . " 2 A" - .' ' 1 fr ,.: - A. ' V VVV' X flfy: f 54 .' 'f' ,A A . A' , A ,,,, v 5 gg A ' A' fy, '- ff1,f,Aw'A3:ITfffAa fl, AA A. QI W A ' , A'1 fs EAW K - 4 - AZ' ' A fy, . 'I V. 1 . 45 I. , Aff H. ,wr A., A .A , fx, A -. I . 1 -Q-AL - A .A if ,, 1 , .4 , -7, . . ., , nr J, . 4f,' . 4 . v A fe , . ,4 12,1 A -. J. 4, - 4 ,,. . ,A ,Q 4,--, -- A .V . ., V V V, V ,, 4, V H-:A Q 4 ' , '57fQ -4' fy: if .Vg ' A ., ,af 454 'V . .22 - V v M V . -I . V ' ' 23" A ,fiijy , M 'B' A-0.1M " - A i A4 - A lm Aw iff? , pg ? 4 3F53 L. ff wwf MA' .aw A? Ae' ..,- A ' + VX f. '1QJ:..,'. .A ' e VV , 5. 4- . Vj,-',,1V 4 --A-1:12,Q,s 4- ag A.. 35 K " 1 "2 A A A 45.1-via'-gf' A 1"E5M'Af-A Aff ri . 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E Lx 1 , n sl ' 1 2 m ' 4 z X' f 'W v 155 N lx, 'i ff 1 -I1 , r"u ' 4 ' 'Wi 1 n s . . ai, , 4 , Q., ., AA 3 xi 4" l it Wgrf A ' . , nb Act gr' v 1" ,Q f ,V I 5 ' 1314 I ' 1 'I W' v 4 , - . g'gUQ,g5gF f.4'mls1..,.-.sin w. . -51 Q-FEB. . U- W' 5 E 1 f rv ,fm , I w vtirlti' . 925: an of Wag ' , Q sv- "3 1,5 1 'awk ' I .4 W 15- if ka vw ifif ' . it , gawk , . :JS I f 4 Aa, 5 - ' ' '75 is . 7 'ff - , V I " 7 49' . ' ' 5' -'Fug-Lff'3.if?'w:-. . W A M "w:9f"'?ei4315f,,, f h A '57 Q Q . Q . . ' f I A .- jg' 1 ifg Sfg g. Afa ' f ' 4 A , '- ' ,f M 19 w 'll ' xx ' 4 .,f.fsf,QTff , , ' - l - ' V :H--W,,.,,, , "m""-Lf: QP. . ' A .53 -, N ,, C 5 v . . mag ' A' mg, , . , - 5 1 J . r Y 1 53:3 ' f Y. 1 Y ' . I riffwf , , -- M. , -1 E.. I-v .4 .4 K . .NE ' V .yi FY .u ,I xv!-1 J , - ' , - . .- . . 1' I ' Q 'fl v', -u .'. 1 ' , .- . 4 1 . ., .. ,A ,. , :A ' v ,- 0 ' . .I . . I M4 , Q . ., . s. , A - , H .,. , , . . , , A. , M , -, fp f ,- uv ' ' ' I U, .lr '. e ' ..u .. ,J A--' I , . '95, ' - J. ' .' -lf ff . --1 'xi'-, :ea . -' 1-' :li I ' . ,.,, , . .gjl a .. .. iw. . 5 'lilo' . L . . ggg,4. ,- 'av . X, V , . , U .. , r':f'ff"' 1 -. 1 "fb ' V , , ' f' A" J '.' 1 ' Q .. wf , .A . . Y 1 . ,5' . V. I - A ,- -,. f ' .2 ' 4:":A W . E- V' '1 . . , . .v M l .fa A 1 , I, gg .- E l I 1 .. ,V QT." ' .5 ., ' ff' '53 V N Y 1 15 145.4 '- X lg W,-mn-S , ,Q-H 'W' ' A ,. -1' 4 if 1 . 1 It 'bx' f , N ' Q9 I' M UQ. xi 2, 4 ' F- 5'- .Qbmb T-.hi ii , 1 gh V 4 , N. A 4, 1 1 I t Y' V ' , , r H ' -Lf 1, K , AM'-,,,.. 1 I . 4. L A. ,. '4':"' 'v ' , F A' 4' 5 qv i N Students returned to cam- pus to find the much talked- about solar Visitor's Center nearing completion. The Cheatham Building was opened in December and dedicated in the spring. As the locus for visitors to campus - whether pro- spective students, Curators or visiting lecturers - this addition is a great asset to the College. For the third year, Ste- phens students recognized their responsibility to the College with their Student Fund Campaign. A record amount of nearly 511,000 was raised and added to the Unrestricted Fund. The matching support of the Alumnae Fund Board was sincerely appreciated. The Department of Resi- dence Counseling announced several changes in the residence halls which were designed to better meet the needs of students through more effi- cient utilization of available space. The Language House program will be expanded and moved to Laura Stephens. All male residents will be housed in Fielding Smith, the former Language House. Lela Raney Wood will be con- verted totally to a Student Center. A student, faculty, and staff committee was formed to plan specific uses for the center. T X I Z I a ix . . 1 W A , y gi af X i "rr X' 'x 'A " .. , 7 K rf .V VV 5. aria . X f 1 1 , T' .. A A. , I, X tgp, 'r Q K ,, ,af ,,.A .V ,UN ,L Q If y 1-if ,mf A It , 1 will L4 ', 11' " ,afah gf 4 4 ' -5' ' af ijt.. 235 A Qu in? ANC-I G DIREC , JA' ' f l H- JL Q ,..: 'L 145V ' Q 2-.f W ,,. 'sir' Residence at Stephens College is a growing expe- rience. Students meet women from all over the United States as well as from foreign countries. Each woman finds many opportunities for develop- ment. Every student takes a big step when she leaves home and finds herself in a situa- tion which offers a great amount of independence. For the first time, she makes most of her deci- sions - academic as well as personal. The atmos- phere at Stephens allows many directions for a stu- dent to follow. Beyond her individual lifes- tyle, a Stephens student finds many groups on cam- pus which share her inter- ests, Involvement in these groups is a major part of the growing and "becom- ing" experience. A Stephens woman com- bines these aspects of col- lege life to refine her per- sonality and to shape her goals for the future. By making the most out of the academic programs and other opportunities availa- ble, a Stephens student can find a total educational environment to meet her needs. 4 ,W swf iv 4 'lf J 'W M 1 1 fy. ,, X ,. 1' fl A s 5 f ' f gi ' an , W I f Y , few .ff +1 ' - -f, Wa i. , ,,,r . U I y V , , . L r , , 7' , ,, ,. ,, 1. , ' ' 'L I 5' ' ' V Vi cg. f ' I :mf 1, ' ,,1 , R. I QU? .5155 Ty K . ia f., M ' .V . .7 12 X' V ' ., ' W , 7 lv I .V 'ffl ij- ' - Ag A - 1 Why 1,195 sk w .2 :., q.,,, f 1 I My A f f A - nf' , f ,. ', 2Q,w,. Q, ' 1 , -' . ff f V, ' 'aww Q f 1, Q 1. z it I 'Mrk . I Vk44.m!m,,,Y, 93. ' ., . ,f, V y , , ., V 1 '21 5,2 , .41 , W1 'f ,, 5 , ,, ,VJ , , gs ' ,, ,A .A, 4' 'f ,f Z,,,,gv',fg'-' 'fm f 4 6,4-paympf V, My-4 iii' -' IG. ,ff , , . ff' ,. 9 by 1,5 " 1 2- an M1121 . , my - is ,jf ,g , ,Wf ' .V K ' , f ' , , ., 'V - aft, U ' 7 ,. Z , '. ' 1' ' 1 1' f fi, ' I J' 71,3 ' f , f 3. 4 -Q W- A ' Q- , ff . .4 W. . , 1, Q' ' A ww ' f ,. , , - ,az ,,f , . . ' , - f J , -5 W , f , , I, fm, Q A f - - , f of lg M, f if ' ' 2 W1 'T "wifi . , , .- K " ., , K ' ff ,f -, , A 9, ., , 2 , I A ,, W, , f Q 1 ffwaaav 7, .7-fc,,.,,, ,V f4.,,,,,,,y , ff, ff A , 'A 'W A' ' . ff V was -' ' 3 1 -' . " f A f K , 12 , ,f -f ' , M gg . 7 ' ,f in 1' ' . f'?f " 1 H , , f , I 'fy ' ' , Z4 '. . , ' Q5 94: " ,,, ' 9' W? ,E M' ' . 'fag-,,' , 0 , wry, . .Q 7:7 ., W ,, mx , I ,f, '11, 3, W ,Z ,il V W E, ,V I WVK7' f if , rug, I A y , ., ' ' 7 H -- , Ky v f , , 2 I ,ggi 1 , ' f A fy ' - , f lf' , , 4 ' ,,f1- Q - fy, . 1 f ff Q if ff 5 .g, f , W A fl ' A ' 4 if' ,z Q V .M M, , , V M , I ' ' , ' if iff, ' ,, ,, ff ,H ff 3, ' Y . Tfgkg' ' V ' , ' 4, ,f 3 .V f f ,v.' .. , , - ,, V ,J , ,, y ' " ' 1? Q J' , Q' , ' :V , 12: Q ' , 'H 1 , K, , ,, v ,f ,wg , :,,, ,, f , f 1 , Q1 4 V , ' ,ff I ,. , 11,4 ,f ff Q, 4 5 f ., gtg, -, - QL In I in A t H ,V I V? f g yy Z Q by V, Q H- M g f ff, A Q an ,,,, . Y' ,P fl, Y ' 6 ' ' I lf, I' f A ar , w- 1, 13 ' if? 4 ' 1452 f yr ,4 f,', -x -pq-f ,. .. t, . Ai--1 454-L9 .. A .ax '-fvi ,m'A4""-,V - -- "uif"!"15,7f 'v-5 ., QL '- . . .Q gi "p9.v-'sl fffcj' ' , q.. A,-.. a . L WE.-'Lf-XJ'--' , .- , - .Q 5 - -- v, , A . gr Q x 1 . ., 1, bw.:-' I '--.:- - f , 'I ' . 6. in. K , - . f 1 -f . nm -of 4 X - 1 '- f' 'Jw " :-- ' -f .L 'f If' I. , Avi I- k- -5' ' w L, n x L, K ,J -k,...,,4 I 3, , . 1 , , l, .V . .-ff 4, - mf' .rdf ,,'+'1'g." " . Q' ' " Af- A r A ' Ex' - 1,1 wgfffg, R ' .-, 5-'-1-M i, '4 . -Qtr' I ff! f fi r ' l "ff: ' - , . 51- x- -X ,-.- . 1 -x, ..- ' f- ' -, ' ' . . 4 ".. " - ':,-"'233f55t5' . ' . ' V ' FJ I' V' 'xl 1 2: ii: " T . 1 :'- I 1 ,i - W.: I A L 2 YI ,,,','.j 'v.V.' I if-: .g ' V- -' 5 , I .5 A 4 I . --ln, I . 1 .K .L .A Lk.:,,',x,c , . , , .F , Va - -- , X' n 2, w. fi -4 -X Q-gsv 'af is ' ' Q JL J -". 5-If qi- .iff ' 4- -'J' ' .1-:f . 1 , I -.. 1, u --v . , 1 Q v 2 QQ 5, u .vf ' ,. 'V . 5' ' t I--. "4 fm. -fl 141+ . ., .x : '.--,r A.-',,,1y2 ',, ' -fx' :rg--v , ..',. ,W 3. L11 -. ' 'K . Di.-,IV ' . ,, ,gg , - A 'U' 'C R -4'-W, . C f . ' ,f gag' , -Q..- , ' M .-,A 5 7 ., ' s H- ' 1 -' .. , rf" ww , X !ll 4, m I - 9 ' I H '- 1 ' .i:'jUl 'fig ,uf mm -in W V. V ' .QQ -- -H 1 A . -,.-44 P-H ..,-..,.. , Qi , as V '-,Q wi 5+ ii f, J ig W M, - 4 Y Qwt., 55 '4Eg2,3i:FT'iTf1.Q55j5e1,f.W.m Q I' 6' 4 Q ' 'HM' V A ,' . .1-v..-. . - ' -., ,. . ,fm "':. ,4 " .'L5"7"3', ' - -' ' W , -"4 - . V N f .' k -tg,1,.,.f'--V- ' - "'1f...x3'nQ-.ml2.'L.4i-...- 1.1. .11':i'.,'gHi1mg'L-isuhzi.4.L..' YU., 1 M in f'f'f?T' ' f ' .Aw a. Q, 1 . . T" 415. 1' f f AL ' Mx x' ' ,ng iz- f J ,. 1 ",,.f"' -L. N.. -L: Wx ,j.'Qf A ' K W, TTI - JF, -"' - X fi., ,J Xt A V 2-.,fN-7,1254 LIFE! - -- N 539Q91f"' ?1ZE!17'i1iii.,' l Y J' ' Z 5' "' 'A , ' f"' -N --f--Vf3Tf'4f.T , ,, . 1 '- 4- , L.: 'T-.1..' cn. ., ' 'ws .-,I.WTinfT3v- N h ' Q - ' --L--:.l'."'f'- x-1, .. ' ' . -'Q--flri:-4 i N 1 Q , 1 Q ' . " ' T"'f-H-wil" f S V! H V , -4-.v.v,.E,T.,:MK- . t 3, I- ? fizzzffewt ,A ' 1. C-EP - K ' ' -H1..:. f'1- L V -1 ,V fr U A, X 1. T ,.fi"'4i-L25 , -'W . - ,-,,., , I-,..., X ,Jr , ,X r 1 K xv Y l Ai Ugg 4 9 A -' I I f 73 Workshops, Training and Orientation Kick-off New Year Steadily, the migration to campus increased. First the RSA's, then Desk Hostesses and Student Government Association, followed by Orientation Leaders. Workshops and dis- cussion sessions were interspersed with plc- nics and preparation for the Class of '82. This year, not only were new students oriented, their parents were also instructed in the lns and outs of Stephens College. Just when lt seemed like Orientation would never end, classes began and the flocking of uperclass students completed the residential popula- tion. Classes were only in session three days before Labor Day weekend. For some, the hot weather and a day off of class was a good excuse to take advantage of the Lake. For others, the September Folkfest, sponsored by Programming and Community Affairs Com- missions, entertained them ln the heart of campus. ascii 1 is----:H if .4" I iq 5 Q C1 i "" - TOP FAR LEFT: Movlng into the halls. students plle belong ings tg their new rooms. iPhoto by Melissa Pepper.J BO T M AFI LEFT: Buildings and Grounds workers unload lug gage. TOP: Julie and Robin Oberdorler team up for Septem er performance. BOTTOM LEFT: Nina Miller plays har origi nal compoaltlon. ABOVE: Gayle Marie '78 previews her act on her way to Calllornla. ' XX-ll f-,SQ 'vs,, -4 W f 1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . . 4? Once again the Student Fund Campaign capitolized on a catchy slogan and student support in raising 310,890.97 for the College. Beginning Friday, October 13 and concluding Sunday, October 15, the Second Annual Volleyball Marathon highlighted the twelve-day campaign. The Stephens nae Fund Board matched gifts raised by students on a four Xl E tiff l 'fxiill it two 15 lloo Now bqgq '19 loo f .4700 Alum . to one basis for seniors, three to one for juniors, two to one for sophomores and one to one for freshmen. Susan Tatum chaired the Steering Committee. Melissa Hilbish and Susan Howard worked with Cathy Cox and Joy Trott in organizing the volleyball marathon. TOP RIGHT: Pam Hanslip watches the progress ofthe volley- ball marathon. BOTTOM RIGHT: Melissa Hilbish and Cathy Cox keep score on Willis Court. BOTTOM LEFT: Susan Tatum, Steering Committee Chairperson, awards a dinner for two at Harvest Moon to Joy Katzen. Dean Chizinsky drew the winning name from first-day donors. . .,. - A Mn 1 'af nf-" g ...v I 1 fx 4 C'. . . 0 ' 5 ' v band on the run . 1 ' 1' . H ,1- lrr- 5 , S2 , 0 U o . . O 'O I '.. .S 0 4 o 0 . s I V Wh il.. 3, , ' 54. ' hi 45 1 '-f - """, .ff " M. L1 Stephens College Glamour, Greetings M V.. my V W. 1 f s, 4' 4 5, ,Mgmt 2 E b A., If . . .Wishing Wondering, . . X' X f fff Hx f f UWT' uX . x " .Qs . X wg ,i M' wk. f. 9.73546 f mm, , ff 4 , def: .M , , L, X xx I Q bl . 74. ,Q Y ii Remembering Releasing - All a Part of Stephens Life. Alpha Kappa Gamma Zeta Make for a Great Week! Sift' Greek Week's a First! Super Events! Super Competition! Super Fun! Equestrian Elegance The PWC Horse Show Raises Funds Fighting Against Multiple Sclerosis fix Fashionable Flair Spring Fashion Show Finishes Year in Style "A Gown For His Mistress" was a wild and saucy matrimonial mix-up by the celebrated author George Feydeau. Mistresses, inlaws, entanglements, hideaways all added to the confusion and hilarity. This Playhouse production was directed by Robert Gallagher, and the cast was as follows: Etienne ......................................................... Carmelo M. Roman Yvonne .......... ..,.... J ennifer Tilly Moulineaux ........ ......... P eter Beiger Bassinet ............ .... J ohn Sterling Arnold Madame Aigreville .... ....... S usan Greene Suzanne ......,... .... S unny Cochran Aubin ........... ..... A ddison Mgers Mlle. Pompinette .... ........ J ennifer utt Madame Herbert .... ....... M arion Hampton Rosa . ........... l . . .Lisa Morgan McLeod Fifi ......................,.............................,...... Molly Brown Forrester W, ' 'Y' Z Theatre At Stephens I K Photos By Morgan Wade. . A combination of mystery, terrifying suspense with just a touch of the supernatural thrown in for good measure, "Monique" was, at its core, a study in the deterioration of human character under the devi- ous attack of the basest passions. Richard Watts of the New York Post says, . . one of the most ingenious murder methods in all the annals of crime . . . absolutely foolproof and impossible to detect." "Monique" was written by Dorothy and Michael Blankfort, and directed by Alisa D. Cobb. The cast was Fernand Ravine! .... .............. ..... J o e S. Wyatt Lisette ............ ...... S . Alyxia Hinnant Lucienne Ftavinel .... ..,.... V icki Renee Davis Dr. Monique Ftigaud . . . . . .J. Leigh Quackenbush Henriette .......... ........ M argaret Dirolf Desire Merlin ..,.. ........ L ancer Boyd Gouttez ........ . . .Stephen W. Pauley Andre Dumois ..... ....... J ay Doolittle Messenger ..... . . . .............. Frank Simpson jf , Theatre At Stephens ln 0 HI u K Photos By Morgan Wade. . . "Life with Father," one of America's most beloved plays, was an enjoyable picture of family life at the turn of the Century. Audiences have loved and laughed with the Clarence Days' for two generations. This play, truly an American classic, was a family play for family audiences. It was written by Howard Lindsay and Fiussel Crouse, and directed by William West. The cast was: Father ,... .... B rent Prentiss Vinnie .... ....... P eggy Kuhn Clarence. . . .....,... Fion Brooks John ..... .... C armelo M. Roman Whitney .... ....... C raig Prentiss Harlan .......... ...... A lan Helland Cora .........,... ,..,... C olleen Flynn Mary ........,..... .......... C indy Morris Reverend Dr. Lloyd . . . . .John Sterling Arnold Dr. Humphreys .... ..,..... J ay Doolittle Dr. Somers ...... ...... R ichard Lindroos Margaret ,,... .... S ara Lynn Stevenson Annie .... .......... L inda Wright Delia . . . .......... Vici Block Nora ..... .Vicky Jo Varner Maggie , . . I. '. '. ...lean Ann Schirmer Photos By I W d Morgan a e... Theatre At Qteplwms Photos By Morgan Wade . . . b Theatre Ai Stephens Q sig T ' 'Nr' Q1V A . V V ., .hai-vw . . """-JYTQ-. V ." L. , L, . 'Ev' Neg. -fin., 5 "Life With Father": an original play by Jeff Craggs of the Playhouse Staff had its world premiere on the Stephens campus. lt was a witty shot at the medical profession, involving a story of a man who, in his attempt to cure an ingrown toenail, finds himself in a life support system. The play was directed by Addison Myers. The cast was: Nurses ............................ ..... T ammy Goolsbey, Jane Porter Leroy Harrison .... Carol Grosky ....... Dr. Marvin Haskle .... ....... P eter Beiger . . . . , . .Gena Bardwell ..........KellyMurphy ,...............BrettPrentlss .................ReneAten Nurse Anderson . . . Nurse Pratt ........ Mrs. Irene Quincy .... .... L aurie Gay Spencer . . . . . . . . .Jenni erTiIIy . . . . . ,Craig Prentiss , . . .Sherree Floss . . . .John Arnold . . . .Jane Porter Millie Quincy ..... Adam Quincy .... Dr. Brandom ...... Father Murphy ...... General Understudy . . . Theatre At Stephens -S 2 ,fx Photos By Morgan Wade Au J- "ln the Boom Boom Room" is an off-off Broadway hit by David Babe that traces the career of a go-go dancer. Time magazine wrote, . . wildly exhilirating, surrealistic humor. . . a kind of psychic wound that will not heaI." The play was directed by Linda Wright, and the cast was: Chrissie .... t.... .,,4......,............ C o lleen Flynn Harold .... .... E berle Thomas Helen .... ....,. A Iyx Hinnant Ftalphie . . , . .Carmelo Roman Al ...... ,.... R on Brooks Guy .... .,.. S tephen Pauley Eric .... t.... J eff Webster Susan .... ......., P eggy Kuhn Melissa . . . ..... Louanne Harrison Vikki ... .... Jean Ann Schirmer Carol ..,. .t...,. M elissa lckes Eileen ..... 4..... J an Bourdages lrene ........ .... T ammy Goolsbey Bartender .... ...... L ancer Boyd The Man ..,.. ...,. J a Doolittle Y Male Dancer ...................................... ..,..........,.. D oug Klatke "Fiddler on the Root" won the New York Drama Critics Award, and nine Tony Awards for excel- lence. lt is a colorful story about the lives and customs of poor Jewish families in Czarist Russia in the early part of this century. It has a magnetic appeal for people of all faiths and ethnic backgrounds. Memorable songs are 'Sunrise, Sunset,' 'lf I Were a Rich Man,' and 'Matchmakerf The play was directed by Howard Ashleyg the musical director was Hugh Vianello, and the musical staging was done by,Karen Kristin. The cast was: Tevye ..,.... Golde .... Tzeitel . . . Hodel ..,. Chava . . . Sprintze . . . Bielke . . . Yente .... Motel ...... Perchik ..i... Lazar Wolf . . . Rabbi ...... Mendel . . . Mordcha ..... AVTBTTI ....... Grandma Tzitel. . . . . . . Fruma Sarah . Fyedka ...... Constable .... Nahum ..... Yussel ..... Shandel .... Fiddler . . . Priest .... Russians . , . Young boys .... ..................RobertGallagher . . . . . . . . .Valerie Kassel, Susan Greene . . . .Mary Rotella, J. Leigh Quackenbush . . . .Roxanne Williams, Linda Daugherty . . . .Jennifer Renae Butt, Melynn Rudnick . . .Michelle Beiger . .Laurie L. Billings . . . . .Nanci Russell , . .Dennis Callahan . . . . . .Jay Lomack . . .Patrick McGrath ......JoeS.Wyatt . . . , .Richard Tash . . .Garnett I. Sailor Timothy G. Sanden Nance J. Ceccarelli Laurie Jo Gamache . .Frank J. Simpson . . . . . .Jay Doolittle . . . . .Eric Vianello .....,..DavidHahn . . ,.... ,..... V icki Goldstein . .Douglas J. Klatke .......................,...HowardAshley . , .Donald Pyle, Dan Palmer, George Saunders, David Choate, Brian Adams, Doug Daffron , . . . . . . . . . .Mark Kearby, Marc Chandler This chillingly candid play was pre- sented in the Warehouse T eatre, but with the atmosphere created by the five actors, the Warehouse could just as easily have been a dungy jail cell. The arrival of a new man to the cell triggers a presentation of what prison life is all about. lt's emotional, physical, sexual and mental torture. This moving play was directed by Peter Beiger and the cast was as follows: Queenie .............,. Ron Brooks Guard .... ........ J ay Doolittle Smitty .... .... Fl ichar Lindroos Rocky .... ....... J a Lomack Mona .............. Carmelo Roman AK? l "Vanities" was a bittersweet comedy of the lives of three high school girls in Texas over a span of eleven years. Friends in high school and college, they reunite in New York six years later to discover that they have little in common. Newsweek magazine said it is a . . unnerv- ingly funny . . . fast moving, uncommonly attractive play." "Vanities," a Playouse production, was written by Jack Heifner, and directe by Joyce Sullivan. The Cast was: Joanne . . . , .Jennifer Renae Butt Kathy . . . . .Kathryn Gallagher Mary .......,................ ..............,................... S ara Jacobson The dictionary meanings of vani : 15 The quality of being personally vain, in appearance, ualities, figts, and achievements. 2 Emptiness, unreality, sham, folly, want of real value. 33 A ressing ta Ie. The play "Vanities" meant all of these things. f . . ee' .Ffa 3,5 ww ,,,-:.:f5? ' 9 H +: ' t wr '56 V 'A V 4,54 .W,. 'fr . if -Q, in As . ff: V -A if V.4..:,,y.r+ , ,N ry. AVSQI s44fva"'7"-,gm f Photos By Sue Roady. . . il O u Il Theatre At Qmplwws Theatre At Qtepheus Photos By Sue Roady .M , f -'H W , 4 wal- ,.-. -..- ---svn.,-Hopf" 'T " Guys and Dolls is a musical based on a story bg Damon Runyon titled The ldyll of Sarah rown. The plot deals with the love affairs of two colorful gamblers - one with a nightclub singer, and the other with a Salva- tion Army worker: Frank Loesser's brilliant songs, "lf I Were a Bell," "Adelaide's Lament," and "Luck Be a Lady" are the kind of tunes hummed as the audience filed out of the theatre. Guest designer, Barry Frost who hails from Los Angeles, California, created a new and innovative set for the assembly hall giving the production a wonderful flair. Nicely-Nicely Johnson ........ Joe S. Wyatt Benny Southstreet ...... Timothy G. Sanden Rusty. Charlie ............ GregorBJohnson Sara Brown ............. Linda aughtery Arvide Abernathy .......... Russell Carney Mission Band ................. Vici Block, Janice Marie Crane, Sharman Dallwitz, Lisa Kenney, Brenda Annette Mertz, Belinda Pryne Harry the Horse ........ Charles fBudJ C ark Lt. Brannigan ................ Jay Doolittle Nathan Detroit . . . ...... Addision Myers Angie the Ox . . . .... David Braverman Miss Adelaide ................ Bebe Nicks Hot Box Girls .............. Gena Bardwell, Alyson Beasley, Mary Rotella, Erin Keating, Jane N. Porter Sky Masterson ............... Jay Lomack General Matilda B. Cartwright .VaIarie Kassel Liver Lips Louie .......... Richard Lindroos Society Max ............... Frank Simpson Big Jule ............... Michael J. Mooney Cuban Dancer ........... Marie Brannigan Dolls ................ Theresa Cacciatore, Mary T. Evancho, Vicki Goldstein, Susan J. Greene, Kimberly Harris, Holly Henson, Leslie Kerr, Michelle Beiger, Lisa Marie Dahl, Andrea -. Showronek, Cheryl McCullou1gh, Melynn Rudnick Guys ..... Brian Adams, im An erson, Andy Bourneve, Dennis Callahan, David Choate, Keith Miller, David Reeter, Louis Schuler, Eric Vianello, David Braverman, Daryl Alexander ru- 413, I ?" 1- F---c L2 ef"' ..'.xv -1 , Z The influence of the comic strip, Peanuts, is seen everywhere! TV programs, T-shirts, greet- ing cards and stuffed replicas of Snoopy attest to the popularity of these endearing characters. This musical comedy, "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown," delighted all youngsters as well as l the young-at-heart of any age. It was directed by Linda Wright, and the cast was: T Charlie Brown .................... . . . . . ........ Joe S. Wyatt Q Snoopy ....... ......... C arrie Barnett Y Lucy , ....... .... J ean Ann Schirmer Linus ...... ..... S tephen Pawley A Schroeder . . . ......... Jill Wright Sally ...... ..... B elinda Pruyne V I , L , Q., ii B -w iff HN sf, UV. ,il -, V 1, 4. V. , ,XLT-X it 1 .. "Fifi 7 N .V ', ' f S ,:'-f 3 A ,' . f ,V is rr' Am' 9 " 'f :Y 44' f ' Ji 4- . , r T. , ,-Lf'-w rv,-"I' ff --'faq-'ri 1 .qfwiip jg,-f','i,'f' ii'-' VS, X sf ll i. lr li 13 lx fl lr 42 Theatre At Qfeplxews f K Photos By Sue Roady The plays of the master satlrist of his age Moliere are as fresh today as when written in the seventeenth century ,He writes of the forbles of human beings that rarely change with time Tartuffe ranks high among plays as proof of his genius Always a controversial figure his Tartuffe produced such indignation at court that King Louis XIV banned It from public pres entatlon for five years The Playhouse production was directed by Eberle Thomas The cast was as follows Organ Pernell Addison M ers Judge Cleance Cleery Jay Doo lttle Damls Pernell Lancer Boyd Valery Mason ......... ...... J ay Lomack Tartuffe The Preacher . . . .John Sterling Arnold Lawrence ..,....... .... S tephen Pawley Lewis Lo al ................... .... C armelo Ftoman Major Ne son .................. ...... Ft on Brooks One Soldier accompanying Nelson . . . . .Frank Sim son U. S. Grant ..................... . .V ...... Joe S. yatt Mrs. Wesley Pernell ........... , . . Q .... Joyce Sullivan Elmira Cleery Pernell . . . .... Lisa Morgan McLeod Maryanne Pernell .... ......... H olly Henson Doreen Simpson ....... ..... G ena I. Bardwell Angela "FIeapot" Mix ....................... ......................... L inda Wright I ' f I f . V K . l Q ., iyffirx f. ' y L .. M ,, f .. .f f ALJ' A .W i .N v ta t .h J r, K iw' Artist.-A . Q ' ' lie: , V ,- ' ,. 1 Q ,Jw , . ' 'r ' 11 i-ft' 9' Glo. . V ' .,-ef 38" ,GX f s -. :va 3' 4 fx 'Q 119 nv fx Vit i UT ' t x - it . Q . . 4 5 wr x .- " I '51 . . . ' -st ' : e ' "'-Y' ,V - 5 Q tio . , 'F fmw f .. t I f :gs 1. ..x ' 5 H :it t .. r gb. K f -4 is ff ' . as-'v f Q ww 3, .1 .r . ,L .Q -s -,,gs'v , y -2 .Q if . ,eil st. I . NM M rr - .- r W 'gaffv ' X vm? - it . Wt,,?fij!gg1f" 195353 fi? ' '13 4 cg., S :L X ' iemiil' - .. at r 5 I ' W ff-g,,,.,, ff: ' V l "V b X its 5 ' 'fu 4'- K.: , im- .t .,, , " ra, .4 fx . ,L W ffif' r 4 R 9. we N.. ' T11 'f f y jfa,hg,1r M f " tfpprrf .1 T ga, 4 ,"ff.- " fx 'V "',..', - . X M , i . , rf U ,, rr. . -M. ., 4 Jr' ' Q6 Jw .hah-,A 65 2 f F' ag , 41 V ., ,. ,, , , ,.I,,.,,?,,. I, , 01, . ,:.:gys, . . rt.. I Q il, V K it V "iss.'g3af2-zz'-frfx if - 5, . ,J 71- 2' if 'Q-1.IW.1, ' ' L if-'f"'f' ' f ,mf I r 4 '- L ' 5? M.. ,5j .A w:..,. 1,753 W., M ,V - I 'f' .. .M f-t" '.:'5"f-rf' M'--.,..,,' 1 f " ' . f ,Q fit , th. , t . . r Q N. X .ax wr V A it . t sx"'+'1'4!"fqng t A t. ...Q-, l Theatre At Qwplwns K Photos By Sue R oady I I l I Theatre At Stephens 2 Photos By Sue Roady Shakespeare's lighthearted comedy "As You Like It " appeals to people of all a es. No . , Q other playwright has enjoyed such acclaim and remained so popular for over 300 years. "The path of love never did run smooth" is the theme of th' I - is p ay as disguises cause misun derstandings that come out right in the end. The Playhouse production was directed by Wil- liam West, and the cast was: ' Orlando .................. ....... R on Brooks Adam . . . ........ Ja Doolittle Oliver .... ..... R ichardyLindroos Dennis ..... .Carmelo M. Roman Charles ..4. ' h ' . . . . .John J. Lomack . . . .Renee Mary Aten . . . .Margaret Dirolf . . . . . .Peter Beiger . . . .Stephen Paw ey . . . . .Addison Myers . . . .Robert Gallagher ...........JoeS.Wyatt Corin ....., ........ J ohn Arnold . . . .Frank James Simpson . . . . . . .Brett Prentiss Rosalind ..... Celia .......... Touchstone ..... Le Beau .......... Duke Frederick .... Duke Senior ..... Amlens ...... , . Silvius .... Jaques . . . . . . Audrey ..................... ................... ..... M a ryT. Evancho Phebe ......................................... ....... J ennifer Tilly F x A l B . ,inf l l l 'H' Q may H OW We or 21 22 27 28 29 23 25 26 f sm 1 2 B 3 A 1522, X63 V' '3 I4 92021 26 27 3 L XX q x0 X5 xbxqh. 5 x5A qQ'l 17 X8 19 2 395 5 2 1 5 ' 1233 X qg X0 Xxsxxq qs 5 b x1 X15 qu 7 x XL X51 qf 1fL- 5 7 28 1 1 2 XX N19 29 1X3 29 Xe b11'1 123456 152 a 910111213 6 MAY 15161718192C137 8' 2 3 7 Q 4 4,5 I Q 16,5 I1 5 22 23 24 25 ,21 1 5 xb X x NL X 1 AT APRIL 29 30 27 28 1 4 2293!?4'f 2 2 22 -xxxkxxx Q J, 25 in Weather ' xr 4 U M vi :I l I 1 Y 1? i 1 1 r H 1 Y ' Y w w! N A V I L N BM M N v + m,mmmQm'smQ Wm wmv-fum in wma il! B D QQHQWQ , 1 5 lammmffw its sdbuve mmm mm MQ 'WWW UF il mmw uime WMUMWMGQWHMMWWQM mmMmw.MwmimmQmwewtwu! mmmuysmmmummsq.,.iwmm. 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We groped out of bed on Saturday mornings and - revitalized by fresh doughnuts and coffee - we cut and pasted, wrote and edited. Laughs and visions of the Commons brunch kept us going. We owe a lot to the efforts of our pub- lishing company representative. Bob Hastings coped with our inexperience and we coped with his crazy stories. He knows a good layout design and a good pizza. This book would still be unfinished if he hadn't helped us so much. When the call went out across the campus for pictures, pictures and more pictures, we were greeted by generous donations from rookies and veterans alike. In addition to individual photo credits, we want to thank them collectively for sharing their view of Stephens with all of us. Finally, to the faithful, fitful few who kept going when the going got tough land tougherp, a heartfelt thanks. Editor in Chief- Susan Tatum, Single Staffer - Peggy Latare, Photo Editor - Jayne Woosley, Advisor - Cheryl Boots, Publisher Representative - Bob Hastings. BJ ID Cl nog ,io SJ 9 oo-Le WI 5 Q. 5' C3 o 'CJ CD HOWHNE COPED! 'LU 7979 fi .,,4 'sw , 5 ft' v , W - y J sf 1 . ,U . ag.: 4' O x ' Im, 1 x .2 , wx' 5,01 J . Y Q i X' X. 1: , 5 5 I " 337' 'I 1' 2' is .- 4. " ..,. 1. , ,A K ,L . V :ax , ,f n- 1 Mn in fy , M, ' ,gk ""Y8l. !?'K.1 I ua :. mylg ' - Q, , yr ,. "" ff ,.,. 'fa Bungalow I Bungalow I Bungalow! Bungalow I Bungalow I Bungalow I Bungalow I Bungalow! Bungalow I Bungalow! Bungalow I Bungalow I Bungalow! 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'M' Pillsbury Hall Pillsbury Hall Pillsbury Hall Pillsbury Hall Pillsbury Hall Pillsbury Hall Pillsbury Hall Pillsbury Hall Pillsbury Hall Pillsbury Hall Pillsbury Hall Pillsbury Hall Pillsbury Hall Pillsbury Hall Pillsbury Hall Pillsbury Hall Pillsbury Hall Pillsbury Hall Pillsbury Hall Pillsbury Hall Pillsbury Hall Pillsbury Hall Pillsbury Hall Pillsbury Hall Pillsbury Hall Pillsbury Hall Pillsbury Hall Pillsbury Hall Pillsbury Hall Pillsbury Hall Pillsbury Hall l ,JN 2 ,la 'ill 153 'll , 1 gill lil ill l .4131 3 l l ll l l lxl, .,l ,, Nl ill f ll 3 li ll all l ll il ll ?l ll? ll :ll gl Eli 5 lll lllf .I Q ll 'il Y All 1 all Illll il '1 ll ll? lil Prunty Hall Prunty Hall Prunty Hall Prunty Hall Prunty Hall Prunty Hall Prunty Hall Prunty Hall Prunty Hall Prunty Hall Prunty Hall Prunty Hall Prunty Hall Prunty Hall Prunty Hall Prunty Hall Prunty Hall Prunty Hall Prunty Hall Prunty Hall Prunty Hall Prunty Hall Prunty Hall Prunty Hall Prunty Hall Prunty Hall Prunty Hall Prunty Hall Prunty Hall Prunty Hall Prunty Hall .gif 1, X .. 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A A ' ff ,R - -Q as 1 N Q an , A A , -44 . .. lr af' Elm., A K ' I 1' 1 I ,para ififig A1-lfhzvjl Y South Hall South Hall South Hall South Hall South Hall South Hall South Hall South Hall South Hall South Hall South Hall South Hall South Hall South Hall South Hall South Hall South Hall South Hall South Hall South Hall South Hall South Hall South Hall South Hall South Hall South Hall South Hall South Hall South Hall South Hall South Hall Tower Hall Tower Hall Tower Hall Tower Hall Tower Hall Tower Hall Tower Hall Tower Hall Tower Hall Tower Hall Tower Hall Tower Hall Tower Hall Tower Hall Tower Hall Tower Hall Tower Hall Tower Hall Tower Hall Tower Hall Tower Hall Tower Hall Tower Hall Tower Hall Tower Hall TowerHall Tower Hall Tower Hall Tower Hall Tower Hall Tower Hall 0 .41 X.Lr,., 1 F fri? 4.4 YB' pain- Tower Hall Seniors ,ir i"" F'I?T"""' 5 Q Y! Wales Hall Wales Hall Wales Hall Wales Hall Wales Hall Wales Hall Wales Hall Wales Hall Wales Hall Wales Hall Wales Hall Wales Hall Wales Hall Wales Hall Wales Hall Wales Hall Wales Hall Wales Hall Wales Hall Wales Hall Wales Hall Wales Hall Wales Hall Wales Hall Wales Hall Wales Hall Wales Hall Wales Hall Wales Hall Wales Hall Wales Hall Wales Hall Council -I ll Ill llf .,. .. Q rf N .xm-my f '49 x .nv 6 A , 'W fp gr' L. F' '11 fi ll' wr 5 , q If, A 6, Wood Hall Wood Hall Wood Hall Wood Hall Wood Hall Wood Hall Wood Hall Wood Hall Wood Hall Wood Hall Wood Hall Wood Hall Wood Hall Wood Hall Wood Hall Wood Hall Wood Hall Wood Hall Wood Hall Wood Hall Wood Hall Wood Hall Wood Hall Wood Hall Wood Hall Wood Hall Wood Hall Wood Hall Wood Hall Wood Hall Wood Hall Q O GA Executive Board .. I 1111-'rr '-"" 1 "I . l- ' lf.-'I l t illlll The Student Government Association housed a full calendar of events ranging from social happenings to by-law revisions. The SGA is headed by an executive board which consists of its own officers and the commission chairpersons. President Dawn Zemo was assisted by Secretary Tammy Thomas and Treasurer Ann Current. One of the major topics involving the executive board was the by-law revision. It involved the formation of Sopho- more and Junior class councils to aid in involving all the classes. The new council presidents will join the present Freshman and Senior class presi- dents on the executive board. Another change was made to delete specific duties of the commissions to allow the groups to change with the times in performing their jobs. FRONT ROW: Cindy Horner, Tammy Thomas, Dawn Zemo, Cindy Voigt, Carla Murray. BACK ROW: Susan Howard, Sharon Rexroad, Dr. Susan Bowling, Cece Pomery, Ann Current. FRONT ROW: Alder Aliens- owrth, Candy Ostrander, Laura Chamberlain, Candy Kommor, Melissa Pepper, Mary Henrichs. BACK ROW: Karen Hess, Jean- ette Poillon, Janet Shirrell, Linda Bower, Lancer Boyd, Brenda Braxton, Lisa Moffat, Sally Smith. Senior Class Council 6. I T l i 4 l i . l f l r l l J , l i l 1 lj vi! The Senior Class officers were headed by Candy Kommor as Presi- dent. She was assisted by Melissa Pepper, Vice-President, Laura Chamberlain as Secretary-Treasurer and their advisor was Mary Henrichs. ' l 'CR fi 5.3. , ,.f' i lunior Class Council Five women formed the Junior Class Council for this year: President, Laurie Marble, Vice-President, Sandra English, Secretary, Cynthia Smith, Treasurer, Lynn Bal- ston and Jennifer Summers as Program Director. .- . ..... , ,E i i l l i l Sophomore Class Council ,,,, , -,.. -,..f-f- '-" 1 1 ,N V' l T" The Sophomores elected Terri Johnson as Presl- dent. At Vice-President was Kathi Soper, Secre- tary, Chris Laing and the Treasurer was Susan Broughton. i al ii' i- l'fl .rg fl .Vi l- fl l Cece Pomery headed the Freshman class with the help of Babette Griffith as Vice-President, Stacy Magers as Secretary and the Freshman representa- tives from each of the dorms. Freshman Class Council FRONT ROW: Larkellen Rogers, Lisa Luebben, Sharon Rexroad, Cathy VerLench, Anne Peder- son, Kim Bowen. SECOND ROW: Anne Biege, Peggy Fitch, Betsy Metzger, Shari Mauney, Barbara Johnson, Sharon Smith, Susan Weber, Lisa Mof- fat. THIRD ROW: Barb Kabus, Karen Hess, Susan Keaton, Mary Ann Tyrrell, Marcia Urban, Beth Heintzinger, Laurie McKinney, Melissa Hilbish, Jan Hunter, Vicki McCash. BACK ROW: Pegg! Latare, Susan Lighthizer, helley Blessing, Betsy Benner, Denise Pollock, Laura Sorkin, Cinda Bond, Lau- ren Cybularz, Jeanette Poillon. Academic Affairs Commission Teachers and students, classes, tests and final grades all play a part in aca- demics. To provide a liason between students and their instructors, there is an Academic Affairs Commission. Two students are elected by fellow stu- dents to represent them at departmental meetings in each area of concentra- tion. They present student opinions to faculty and inform their peers of any departmental changes. Sharon Rexroad chaired the large commission and was assisted by Cathy VerLench as Treasurer and Larkellen Rogers and Anne Pederson aided with the task of Publicity. rf-. With Carla Murray as Chairperson, Lori Byrd as Secretary and Treasurer Carol Young, they along with each dorm president formed the Group Living Commission. The com- mission dealt with issues concerning residential liv- ing. They also planned open houses for the Stu- dent Preview Weekends and held activitiesifor enrolled students as well. Also involved in aiding activities was Jane Ellen Ashley, the commission's advisor. FRONT ROW: Lori Byrd, Carla Murray, Carol Young, LaQuita Shackelford. SECOND ROW: Debbi Stout, Eileen McCormick, Gail Zelony, Shannon Reichardt, Lee Ftennick. BACK ROW: Carol Condotti, Marie Bergin, Melissa Pepper, Sheila Jaskot, Jane Ellen Ashley. NOT PICTURED: Anne Krosby, Susan Tatum, Judy Whittlesey. FRONT ROW: Debbie Olson, Lisa Bertling, Katie Byers, Susan Schlegel, Cindy Horner, Cathy Monaco, Marta Waller. SECOND ROW: Genie Faulkner, Jane Sui- ter, Melissa Lea, Susan Sonder- guard, Carrie Hausman, Susan Krost, Cathy Curtis. BACK ROW: Leslie Wroble, Diane Russo, Heather Finnegan, Kris Camp- field, Robyn Martin, Leslie Gar- neau, R ' ' andi Dillman. Social and Recreation Commission Besides studying and off-campus happenings, Stephens provides a number of dances and picnics on campus. The Social and Recreation Commission plans these activities and makes arrangements. The two seasonal dances held in the ballroom ranged from a Winter Wonderland in December to a Romantic Rendevous in April. The Recreation representatives of the commission plan- ned the inter-dorm sports throughout the year. Cindy Horner chaired the commission with the help of Susan Schlegel as Sec- retary, Katie Byers as Dance Chairperson and Lisa Bertling providing all the publicity for each happening. Advisors for the group were Cathy Monaco as the Program Director. Marta Waller was the Recreation Director and aided in the planning of a bus trip to Six Flags Amusement Park. C0mmU'1'fY Affalfs s22:I22:2ff:g'xz::P.i1m Wohlers. BACK ROW: Kate Eberbach Carstens Smith, Om m I O n Tracy Meyer. V I l ll The Community Affairs and Programming Com- missions provide for inter- action between the'ooI- lege and the city of Columbia. These com- missions inform the stu- dents of local events and also notify the community of Stephen's events. The Chairperson of Commu- nity Affairs was Susan Howard. Cindy Voigt chaired the Programming Commission and each head was aided by a rep- resentative from each dorm. Next year, the two com- missions will be formed into one making the Com- munity Affairs and Pro- gramming Commission. FRONT ROW: ,Mary Beth Schutz, Cindy Voigt. BACK ROW: Susan May, Kim Geor- goulis. L. i FRONT ROW: Jan Hunter, Gin- ger Gill, Kathy DePuy, Pam Nicol, Jamie Redd. SECOND ROW: Claudia Clark, Holly Blo- omquist, Tracy Meyers, Kim McComas, Lisa Shook. BACK ROW: Leigh Ann Houck, Libby Lineberry, Laura Holt, Susan Lane, Debbie McClatchey. I,.,., . rlllllllild Panhellenic Council 1,11 f - 1 r The four sororities select representatives forming the Panhellenic Council, which coordinates each group's activities and plans activi- ties as a whole. The Panhel Council plans Sorority Rush, and they also plan two formals each year. The winter formal was held at Road Apple, and rainy weather cleared in the spring allowing the spring formal to be held once again on a paddleboat afloat the Mississippi River near St. Louis. An exciting happening for the Panhellenic Council and all the sorori- ties was the first annual Greek Week. Placing first came Eta Epsilon Gamma, followed by Kappa Alpha Phi and Alpha Omega Epsilon and Zeta Phi Delta tied for last place. President of Panhel was Kathy DePuy, with Ginger Gill as Secretary and Jan Hunter as Treasurer. AQE BELOW: FRONT ROW: Elizabeth Lineberry, Roberta Seidel, Peggy Chambers, Kim McComas, Kelly Knapp, Marcia Kester, Deb- bie McClatchey, Karen Missell. SECOND ROW: Sue Janes, Brenda Ratcliff, Lee Swee- ney, Sharon Rexroad, Kathy! DePuy, Maree Lang, Julie Brown. BACK OW: Lisa Lus- chen, Mary Jane Thiessen, Julie Schlotter, Janet Bowman, Kim Mills, Lisa Delosky, Linda Underwood, Susan Swope. BOTTOM LEFT: Alpha Omega Epsilon had Kim McComas as its President. They headed into the year with a long list of activities planned, including charity projects, mixers with University fraternities, the initiation of their pledges, and they had many get-togethers within the sorority itself. During the week before pledge initiation, Alpha gals who were pledges might have been noticeable by a giant "A" over their shoulder or a green and yellow cap. Green shirts worn during Greek Week indicated the winners ofthe first night of competition in the field games held in Willis Court. Other Alpha officers included: Peggy Chambers - First Vice-President, Kelly Knapp - Secretary, Roberta Seidel - Treasurer, Karen Missell - Pledge President, Elizabeth Lineberry - Chaplain, Debbie McClatchey - Panhel Rep. i HEI' Gamma's President for 1978-1979 was Laura Holt. Eta Epsilon Gamma was involved with many charity pro- jects throughout the year as well as enjoying social get-togethers with different fraternities from the Univer- sity of Missouri. Spirit by the Gammas was displayed during the year with HEI' baseball caps and every new member wear- ing their black and red pledge pins. Eta Epsilon Gamma was the proud victor of the first annual Greek Week. The Gammas won top billing in the singing contest, and also sang in the competitive skit competition. The Gammas enjoyed first place for Greek Week but agreed it was a fun and worthwhile effort for all the sororities. KACD FRONT ROW: Julie Hoham, Julie Burch, Mag- Sie Meier, Karen Sims, Tammy Sims, Loretta raun, Rita Allen, Beth Nappier, Glenda Krumme. SECOND ROW: Lisa Kenney, Lisa Biagini, Ann Vivian, Kathy Soult, Mercedes Miles, Molly Fleming, Tracy Knode, Claudia Clark, Holly Bloomquist, Marie Park, Wendy Lindrud, Jane Shea, Anita Uicero. THIRD ROW: Jill Houck, Jesa Thurston, Jeri Speer, Karry Brooker, Peggy Smith, Ponda LaRoche, Katz Wiewal , Liz Mitchell, Lisa Blach, Sarah Cooper, Robin Francis, Darlene Caruthers, Susan Howard, Debbie Candiano, Dana Pozue, Maggie Moore. BACK ROW: Cindy Glizman, heri Clinkenbeard, Beth Hutc inson, Beth Harding, Heather Finne- gan, Susan Leonard, Lissa Grossman, Jenni- er Shadbolt, Leigh Ann Houck, Maris Saug- stad, Pam Purnell, Rebecca Vemer, Ann Rob- ertson, Margy Kuhlman, Gailette Buffington. Claudia Clark was the president for Kappa Alpha Phi and she along with the other Kappa officers planned for and worked through a busy year. The sorority had many mixers with the fraternities at the University, planned service pro- jects, aided their pledges through their term, and got involved with all Panhel activities as well. A Kappa pledge was quite visible the week before initiation dressed in clothes as a normal week but an added piece to their attire - cardboard car . . . was seen as well. The pride of the Kappa's during Greek Week was their first place skit origi- nated and performed by its members and their helping fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Included in this group of officers were: Jane Shea - Secretary, Karen Sims - Treasurer, Loretta Braun - Pledge Trainer, Maggie Meier -- Pledge Trainer, Chairmen: Wendy Lindrud - Projects Mercedes Miles - Projects and Alum- nae, Tracy Knode - Social, Marie Park - Rush, Tammy Sims - Scholastic, Molly Flemming - Historian, Holly Bloomquist - Panhel Rep. 1979 marked another anniversary for Zeta Ph: Delta and Becky Preuss was their 40th President The Zetas celebrated the anniversary and got lnvolved IR many projects throughout the year on the sorority level and Panhel actlvltles as well Mixers lnltlatlon breakfast service projects and meetings were a few of the actlvltles Durlng the week pledges anticipated lnltlatnon Zetas could be detected b Y their I love being a Zeta Pledge slgns and their clashy Cunllke flashyj apparel on clash day Although the Zetas dldn t falr too well during Greek Week many a song could be heard with the Zeta chant the splrlt was certainly there Among the officers for Zeta Ph: Delta were Robin Cornellson Vice Presl dent Laurle Yantls Secretary Llnda Taylor Treasurer Laura Chamber la n Pledge Trainer Klm Wllllams Pledge Trainer Connie Baker Pro jects Clare Chaffey Mascot Ruth Cullen Panhel Rep ZCDA BELOW FRONT ROW Martha Dalton Jane Suiter Andna Muller Llnda Taylor Stephame Steppelman Mary Taylor Baldwln Stephame Kalkhoff Stacia Steppelman Llsa Bertllng SECOND ROW Barb Prlce Tracy Rank Con me Baker Julle Grundfest Llsa Engllsh Dana Self Trac Boaz Ruth Cullen Becky Preuss THIRD R W Wendy Klmge Katie Sparks Janny Betlch Julla Verbeck Tracy Faye Meyer Robln Cornellson Martha Bendel Luz Crawford Anne Arledge Laurie Yantls Candy Horner Tern Frank Stacy Magers Nan Ram sey BACK ROW Jeannle Berman Robyn Martin Holly Barrett KathlSoper Terra John son Laura Chamberlain Klm Wulluams Clare Chaffey Janet Brown Gena Warr Julle Deyke i I I I I I I I I I I I I I I i I. . i I i I, i i I I i i I I I I I I i ,I I il i I i 'I I I 5 I I ,ii I I I I I A I III ,Q l I I I I s I H .l l I I I I I i PWC, the Prince of Wales Club, had another successful year, with initiates carrying the traditional horseshoes around with them for two weeks. Many clinics were held throughout the year for the benefit of PWC members, one of which, in the fall, was led by General Jonathan Burton, the Vice-President of the United States Equestrian team. The year ended with the Spring Horse Show, the proceeds of which went to Multiple Sclerosis. Prince of ales Club FRONT ROW: Kris Forseth, Laura Niccum, Lindsey Pol- litt, Janice Crane, Betsy Red- dick, Cathy Curtis, Margot Sterrenberg, Amy Heuslein, Cherie Ort, Leslie Paru, San- dra Mazanski, Julie Mitchell. SECOND ROW: Mari Spina, Cindy Albery, Sue Hagood, Nancy Mitchell, Alice Bemis, Lou Ann Raaum, Linda Marti, Jane Schulz, Nancy McKeon, Diane Gansac, Lise Flora, Patricia Gast. THIRD ROW: Beth Williams, Barbara Bruce, Michelle Eidson, Cathy Mallory, Linda Bower, Leslie Garneau, Carol Can- dir, Kay Krekow, Sandra Mackay, Paula Toomey, Les- lie Bell, Jeanne Newton, Misty Morgan, Robin Lip- schutz, Laura Hollar, Mic- helle Morrison. BACK ROW: Betsy Couch, Harriet Galex, Laurie McKinney, Anne Marie Knipp, Anne Peterson, Susan May, Katy Brander, Julie Forderhase, Leslie Wroble, Sherri Mellskog, Kit Miner, Susan Swope, Janet Bowman, Cindy Vojin, Jane Suiter, Maura Henry. -t,. ,...,, . .. .. ,Q Q A K ' g if " lil ii l'l All freshmen achieving academic excellence may be admitted into the hon- orary society of Alpha Lambda Delta. Michele McReynolds was the President, and other offi- cers included Shelley Blessing as Vice-Presi- dent, Lori Pinkerton as Secretary, Treasurer was Linda Underwood, the editor was Vanessa Perot, Senior Advisor, Tammy Taylor, and Junior Advi- sor was Sally Geisler. FRONT ROW: Lori Pinkerton, Sally Geisler, Michele McReynolds, Shelley Blessing, Linda Underwood, Vanessa Perot. SECOND ROW: June E. Johnson, Janice M. Crane, Susan Lighthizer, Candy Ostran- der, Cheri Clinkenbeard, Becky Swindle, Doreen Kob, Anne Doi- ley, Paula Toomey, Leslie Payne. THIRD ROW: Renee Aten, Lori Willer, Donna Puckett, Derry Templeton, Rebecca And- ros, Cheryln Hampton, Joy Kat- zen, Kay Krekow, Sandra Mackay, Melissa Smith, Ann Jef- ferson, Sharon Smith, Betsy Benner, Alyx Hinnart. BACK ROW: Leigh Quackenbush, Jenny C. Dinean, Jennifer J. Wolfe, Sue Amstutz, Pamela Garvey, Barbara Johnson, Alice Weatherford, Ann Bratton, Ste- phanie Schram, Tammy Sims, Roberta Seidel, Vanessa Lech- man, Vicki Davis. NOT PIC- TURED: Tammy Taylor. Tri-Beta Within the Science Department there is an honorary society called Tri Beta. The women in the club excel in their scientific studies and with advisor Dr. Hoerter, they discuss and probe certain areas of the field. Presi- dent of the group is Lisa Moffat, and the other officers are Carol Condotti as Secretary, Susan Stefons, Treasurer and Historian was Cindy Kirk. H patia Hexagon ' 110 . l. l 'I I Those students that are outstanding in the study of have the opportunity to be in the society of Hypa- tia Hexagon.'This group shares their interests in this field and have also worked on a survey deal- ing with math anxiety, a common characteristic women seem to possess. Cindy Voigt was Presi- dent with Terry McDarland as Vice-Presi- dent, Marcia Urban, Sec- retary, Treasurer, Irma Bazazyan and Nancy Mitchell in charge of Pub- licity. - . . I ..,. .,.. g FRONT ROW: Nicholas Peckham, Molly Fleming, Katra Showah, Elizabeth Giantt, Kim Klosterman. BACK ROW: Mary Etzold, Elka Miller, Cynette Ballen- ger, Mary Nerad. American Society of Interior Designers Pi Phi Rho FRONT ROW: Debbie Fiylowicz, Sabrina McCart1, Ann Ryan, Car- Iyn Hughes, Lee Anne Mager, Susan Grazier, Mrs. Polly Nichols. SECOND ROW: Kathe- rine Dols, Susan Howard, Terri Rose, Wendy Klinge, Laura Ellis, Susan Weber, Robin Lipschutz, Lisa Blauvelt. BACK ROW: Jenny C. Duncan, Debbie Duke, Mic- helle Palm, Sue Amstutz, Cathy Jo Dittmer, Pamela Garvey, Lisa Gehringer, Lisa Fisher. pha Epsilon Rho FRONT ROW: Cherlyn Hampton, Carla Murray, Janet Shirrell, Joy Katzen, Julie Oberdorfer. BACK ROW: Kelly McGowen, Eve Staf- ford, Gail Zelony, Diane Read, Betsy Metzger. eg'- Stephens Life FRONT ROW: Tammy Thomas, Cherlyn Hampton, Vanessa Perot. BACK ROW: Melissa Pepper, Sus- annah Laurenti, Lynn Lau- renti, Laurie Marble. 112 -xv ' ll For Communication con- centrators there is an honorary organization Alpha Epsilon Rho. There are chapters located at colleges and universities across the United States and this March, Stephens' members Julie Oberdor- fer and Eve Stafford attended the National Convention of Alpha Epsi- lon Rho. The members promote all aspects of production and direction and Janet Shirrell was President of the group. Other officers were: Julie Oberdorfer - Vice-President and Joy Katzen - Treasurer. Stephens Life was in print again this year under a new advisor Lynn Lau- renti. The paper covered all aspects of campus life, special events, speakers and performers that came to the college and it cov- ered city happenin s as well.The editor was her- lyn Hampton with Melissa Pepper as Photography Editor and Managing Edi- tor, Vanessa Perot. A FRONT ROW: Diane Read, JOY KHYZGF1, Barbara Edwards, Julie Trumbo, Susan Tierney. BACK ROW: Terri White, Callie McDonald, Marty Lands, Dave Swanson, Margaret Deane, Susan Simpson. NOT PICTURED: Joan Harrell, Anita Hicks, Dave Irwin, Garney Sailor, Cynthia Thurman. FRONT ROW: Julie Orber- dorfer. SECOND ROW: Lori Pinkerton, Mary Beth Schutz, Joy Katzen, Richard Lind- roos, Glenda Cook, Sandra English. BACK ROW: Dennis Drury, Eve Stafford, Lisa Shook, Eileen McCormick, Cherlyn Hampton, Anne Ped- ersen. NOT PICTURED: Wendy Wells. Sigma Gamma Gamma ri lil T Sigma Gamma Gamma is for those majoring in Music. Auditions are held each year and a dinner was held in the faculty club for the new members. Its members spon- sored a square dance in the ballroom this fall which proved to be an enjoyable event for those who attended. The officers included Joy Katzen, President, Erin Peterson, Vice-President and Mrs. Petteys was the advisor. i 1 , i t l l l 1 The Warehouse Compan "x,,4- 114 The Warehouse - a building and production company run by the students of theatre here at Stephens. The Ware- house ran many productions throughout the year, some of which were Monique and Fortune and Men's Eyes. ' FRONT ROW: Carstens Smith V Ann Flosche, Cathy VerLench, Candy Ostrander, Sarah Suiter, Mary Ann Start. BACK ROW: . Betsy Metzger, Debi Hasdorff, Marcia Cordts, Peggy Fitch, Kendra Moore, Morrison Jack- W H son, Linda Kozen. NOT PIC- BURED: Linda Bower, Terry Hill, annette Kreitzburg, Mitch Mar- glis, Alice Perron, Anne Ritten- R f I C t house, Lori Sullivan. e 1 l . l. 'l,lrl ll Il- l.a.l5ll ll. ll ,l Q ' 'ffm The Woman's Health Referral Center is located in Dearing Hall and throughout the year answered many questions women on campus may have concerning doctor referrals, contraception and vinereal dis- ease. The Center had a presen- tation in Searcy Hall this spring and it was received very well. Campus Wide Judical is a group of students chaired by Elaine Bakakos and advised by Dr. Bowling. They listened to cases that had occurred in dorms on campus and heard l and decided on cases not discussed at the dorm level. The cases dealt from noise and pestering complaints. FRONT ROW: Wendy Wells, l Elaine Bakakos, Nancy Sykora, Sarah Funston. BACK ROW: Lisa Blauvelt, Dana Self, Dr. Susan Bowling, Kathy Allen. judicial Board Stephens FRONT ROW: Joy Katzen, Rox- anne Williams, Renee Aten, Janet Knoph, Sonia Harris. BACK ROW: Susannah Gaines, Robin Oberdorfer, Kim Harris, Sue Greene. NOT PICTURED: Alyson Beasley, Leslee Gassa- way, Sally Ellis, Showcase I l fi Campus ll T' FRONT ROW: Shari Mauney, Maggie Meier. SECOND ROW: April Palm, Leigh Quacken- bush, Melynn Rudnick, Sara Willingham. BACK ROW: Trish Starnes, Lori Weller, Leslie llgvhite. Cathy Norman, Frances are. FRONT ROW: Linda Ann Green, Joni Gibson, Sonia Harris, Terrie M. White, San- dra J. Taggart. BACK ROW: Zina Wilson, Cherlyn Hamp- ton, Georgetta Harris, Rosa- linda Renee Richie, Sheree L. Thompson, Shari C. Mau- neg, Rosiland Horne. NOT Pl TURED: Cathy Daven- port, Barbara Edwards, Shir- ley Franklin, Joan Harrell, Kimberly Harris, Daryl Hutt, Marylyn Hunter, Denise Kin- cade, Alvita Nicks, Sabrina Reasby, Sonja Tate. Martin Luther King f liifla I I I lt , ' . -"' . ws g -1 It .K People Projects Kevin McLemore headed People Projects for the 1978- 79 year. People Projects is a community-oriented group that involves itself with serv- ice programs in the Colum- bia area. Fulton Mental Health Hospital was one of the main service sites, with dances, parties, and visits planned for the residents. Burrall Cabinet is a student group that deals with the reli- gious aspects of campus life. They planned chapel ser- vices and special events, and worked to provide an atmos- phere at Stephens that would compliment any religious belief. Burrall Cabinet i H8 ri ' it FRONT ROW: Kathleen Gebhardt, Doreen Benno, Rebecca Stelson, Marie Zacher. BACK ROW: Maria Aslanidis, Donna Puckett, Kathy Brook. i I , IIB, K 1 ,., L Slate FRONT ROW: Kim Stoneci- pher, Janet Topek, Sara Annexstad, Ann Marie Daven- port, Julie Hoham, Shelley Blessing. BACK ROW: Helen Black, Faye Grahm, Terri Johnson, Julie Burch, Nan Rumsay, Susan Howard, Lueb- ben, Betsy Mayor. Young Republicans Gb' 7979 P Pr 0 f-ffffyfw-711131.-.1,-,..,,,,-, .,y,,f,f-ffazazzfw-M1-fwi, ..f:.-.1,m1-7-p.m-xv, , ' Q ,rw -W-13: -N"?k'f'?'G vw:w"ff1:-12,-,V .mv-ff-'f11"'W "H: r:fwf--':v:F'r5xn1rs'cl::,'T.271v+-v-'15 A .. 'xg B 5 A f. 121 PRESIDE ARLA D F. HRIST-IA ER -Il-II I A Game ll, M of Chess First move: Mabel Carringer to Director of Placement Services from Acting Director. Next, Bernie Loposer captured and removed from game. Move Martha Wade from Exec- utive Vice President to Acting Dean of Admission, Move Betty Littleton from Asso- ciate Dean of Faculty to Execu- tive Vice President! Move Barbara Losty from SCWW!Psychology to Associ- ate Dean of Faculty!! Upcoming moves: Assistant Dean and Registrar, Dorothy Merrill moves to Maryland. Assistant Dean of Faculty, James Waddell moves to New Mexico. I i 1 i Dorothy Merrill 5 Betty Littleton if V 4, o , Martha Wade "This is a time when we are examing ourselves and very carefully plan- ning forthe future," says Ms. Martha G. Wade. "I think the efforts of the Long-Range Planning Committee are geared toward improving the quality of every phase of life on cam- pus - for students, for faculty and for staff." When asked to summarize the most important events of the year, Ms. Wade replied, "The feeling at the beginning of the year, with the new people coming in was a positive one, and that was a high-point." James Wadell Walter Chizinsky Susan Bowling "What I hope l've accomplished is re-establishing a good, clear line of contact between faculty and administration. My primary concern, my highest priority is to be 'Dean of the Faculty' and to be in a sense, as much as I can, their advocate," says Walter Chizin- sky, Dean ofthe Faculty. When asked what he thought of the facuIty's vote to unionize IFeb. 215 Dr. Chizinsky replied, "I found it disappointing - not the outcome - but the fact that not everybody voted one way or the other. Too many decisions in the history of Stephens that effect the entire college have been made by a minority of faculty." Dean Chizinsky named several highpoints of the year, such as the feeling of being "at home" at U19 beginning of the year. "There's one lowpoint - I haven't had enough contact with students." H9 "On a job like mine, most of what you accomplish is through other people, and they have either come up with the ideas or l've dropped an idea to a staff mem- ber who was able to implement it," says Dr. Susan Bowling, Dean of Student Life. "We've got such good student life here, and that's justajoyf' "Some of the things that I have directly been involved in include judicial system revisions, and for the first time we had a 'parents' Orientation. Cheryl Boots and I brainstormed this summer to come up with the idea, and Cheryl and her staff implemented it. We have done some 'professional development' sessions with the staff - we've done programs on time management, anoriexia ner- vosa and other topics." The Admissions Gang! Joy Trott, Nanette Mclntyre, Emily Reynolds, Carolyn Armstrong. Residence Counselor, Cathy COX 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 X 1 1 1 1 1 N , 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1' t. 11 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 11 1 -. 1 1 -1. N 1 , 1 1 1 1' 1 1 11 1 1' 11 X1 1 11 111 1 1 11 1 1, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Q--M. -44 we BUSINESS "We have one graduate who just passed her CPA CCertified Public Accoun- tantj exam, and we have another girl who became head of a department at U.S. Steel," states Mr. Keith Keel, head of the Business Administration depart- ment, who celebrates his 30th year at Stephens. ' The Curriculum and Instruction Board recently passed a revision of the departmental requirements for a concentration in business. Two major changes in the courses required were Principles of Finance and Financial Accounting. The Business department had four new teachers this year: Mr. Walter Kopacz, Mr. Alan Mason, Ms. Anne Weinheimer, and Ms. Bose Wise. B.A. assistants for the department included Pam Garvey, Roi Anne Olson, Denise Davies, Suzanne Rayl and Sari Selig, with the departmental reps being Susan Weber and Susan Tatum. Claus Hanson Keith Keel 2 Walter Kopacz 1 Allen Mason Anne Weinheimer Q Rose Wise Jean Hamilton l NOT PICTURED: fi John Larrimer a ' s Joy Spencer T l l"The big thing we're doing this year is our Math ' Avoidance project. We're trying to train advisors in assisting their students to consider the need for mathematics in their program," says Dr. Charles Stuth, head of the Mathematics department. Career opportunities of the Math department are var- ied. Recent graduates are doing a variety of things. One 1974 grad is a Computer Analyst with the Gulf Oil Company, and one 1978 graduate is an Engineer with Proctor 8 Gamble. Others are teaching high school or attending graduate school. The Math department has one new teacher, Dr. Mark- l ita Gulliver, and one new course entitled Develop- mental Math. One new course has been designed for next year, Calculus for Physics, which is geared toward those students in a pre-Engineering program. Another new addition is the Math Lab, which contains "Maxine" an lnterdata 7X1 6 computer. ATHEM TICS Carol Ann Alspaugh Markita Gulliver A.. George Austin-Martin Ch-HFIGS STUU1 Michael Bowling "Whether you're in Dance, Theatre, or Horseback Riding, sometime you're going to have to put it down and say "this is what l want to do." Just being able to articulate what you think is a valuable part of the definition of an educated Person." This statement from Dr. John Krause, head of the English Department, is his explanation of why English is an important part of Stephens' curriculum. The English department has undergone several changes. Many of the English teachers are branching off into other areas, such as Dr. Nancy Walker and Mr. Dick Caram, who are working in the American Studies program. The department also has one new teacher, Ms. Judith Root, who has most recently taught at Oregon State University and Drake University. Among the special programs offered by the English department are the literary magazines Narcissus and Open Places, and a writer-in-res- idence program. Among the writers who have come this year are poet Barbara Drake and novelistfeditor Robbie McCauley. A special BFA program in creative writing is also offered to help the talented student achieve maximum potential. Eleanor Bender Andrew Jolly Nancy Walker Dick Caram E GLISH Martha Ftainbolt Fred Pfeil i i i i i 5 i i i I i i I i i I i John Krause if 1 . i i I NOT PICTURED: Judith Clark Majorie Tarkow Judith Root Beatrice Bartlett Jack LaZebnick ii ii it iii i ir if ! I I i i Tom Dillingham 131 i ,ia if r in i l l Although Family and Community Studies is no longer a major field of study, it is still a large area of interest for the Stephens' Student. One woman said, "My major is biology, but my 'Marriage and Fam- ily' class has given me the opportunity to think about my future career and family choices. lt's a course that everyone should have, because almost everyone will someday have to ask themselves these questions." This seems to be the feeling of many students as the classes in this area of concentration continue to be supported. Faculty members David Edens and Wallace Wells also agree to the importance of these classes in Stephens students' future decisions. Wallace Wells ' 132 I Isaac Crosby fi' Agn:-fag gi' Mfr: 1 Kg 'fr it L? -21 ta if f i A.r'Ui.,. 4 . 'V I ,,A..p'-,ex-gt' :HN 'bca' 5. V.: ., A, if Q. ofa, , , .1 j V , -. had if ' ,,f,,,...,. . 4,j?t'.,1g1xx..f .,,,1.1..f 1- -3. .- . , ., Q . , K . ,,.., 5 A . ,1".'.f-fl. J ' , as-. ... . .- fa., .,'w,-fiixlu r. L-1 W"'w.:,,?q.i fd: , , fx , , . P mv .. .kii r jr ,, .. ami. 3 Ill! ' iifmmfg t ' RELIGIO ll ' , l l il l l l The Religion and Philosophy department spent much of its time and energy working to get a federal grant for a proposed program. All. the effort was reciprocated when the grant came through, and the "Concep- tual Studies" program was confirmed. lt is scheduled to begin second session of the 1979-80 year. In the meantime, the department continued its reputation of a knowledgable and thought-provoking area of concen- r tration both for the Religion!Philosophy major and for the student inter- ested in broadening her individual course of study. Richard Gelwick was the Department head. l l I AN PHILOSO- PHY 'H4 J w- l r . ll Ml ll t James wnnehm li U' . Nor PICTURED: l Riflhafd GGIWICK Major-ie Tarkow James wadden l 1 rl lg, Les Bates 133 - 'ffaf,:,,5 ' - A' l "One characteristic of our programs that attracts students," says Dr. Terett Teague, head of the Child Study department, "is that all of our students work with children early in their college career, before they do their student teaching." Dr. Teague stressed the many varied study programs offered by the department, such as summer programs in England, Scotland and Scandinavia, and an off-campus program at Wichita State University. Students concentrating in Child Study have three routes to choose from. A student may aim toward an "early childhood" teaching certifi- cate, or an elementary education certificate. "Early childhood" includes ages 2 through 8, and elementary education is grades 1 through 8. Another alternative is a degree program for those who do not plan to teach, but would use knowledge and experience with chil- dren in another field, such as designing children's clothing or writing books for children. The Child Study department is involved in many interesting and unu- sual projects. The department received a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to make a national assessment of the health edu- cation situation in America. Jo Ellen Mussell, who teaches a class in Music for children spent the first semester of this year in Austria at a seminar on a new teaching method for music for children. Another instructor, Joan Vaughan, completed her doctorate this year. The high level of enthusiasm and confidence in the Child Study department shows in the students as well as the teachers. Wendy Hammitt, a sophomore elementary education concentrator, says, "l think that the Child Study Center is preparing me very well to be an instructor when I graduate." Jennie Reeder Cindy Roach and Barbara Fischer ue Terrett Teag HILD STUDY NOT PICTURED: Martha Dudley Christine Evan-Schwartz Linda Herrick-Sackin John Houmes Josephine Ladwig Susan Morse JoEllen Mussell Malcolm Odor Anne Toland Joan Vaughan Bobbie Burk Diana Bull NOT PICTURED: George Austin-Martin SECO RY ED "We don't think of our training program as being only geared to producing teachers. We think of the benefits that the program brings to the person -the ability to present information in a logical sequence, to teach outside of the classroom," says Ms. Bobbie Burk, head of the Secondary Education depart- ment. She emphasized that the graduates of the teaching program at Ste- phens are qualified for work other than in the traditional high school class- room, such as in business training programs or management. For students, whether they plan to teach or not, the department offers a Teacher's Aide program which gives early experience in learning situations. Students are required to student teach during their senior year, but before they reach that stage they must take classes in teaching methods and prac- tice. Learning to coordinate discussions, make lesson plans and many other skills are taught in a course entitled Teaching Skills Laboratory. The secondary Education department, which has been in existence since 1970 consists of three teachers - Ms. Burk, Dr. George Austin-Martin and Ms. Diana Bull. Wil ll Y. llll itll 12'l lill lf'1 itll lQ'l lv till 5 I l .l. lvl 'Lf lg. 5512 lill lla ml llgf llsl llis lllg ltfg lill llil -ie. 415 .sf-,leans-egg? .ifgfsea-. 531''5f,.,,, 5 '4,' Q..,i . T-el l lqgl limi . ll ll llll lli ,, 5 . 136 ANITIES James Rice Walking through first floor of Dudley Hall, there is a good chance you will hear opera or piano music play- ing, or will see dark rooms filled with people concen- trating heavily on slides bearing paintings by great impressionists or expressionists. When you do, you'll know you're in the midst of the Humanities depart- ment, one of the more cultured areas of Stephens College. This department attracts students from all concentrations who are interested in music, litera- ture, sculpture, painting, or architecture, as well as humanities majors. Mr. James Shirkey, a faculty member who also teaches in the Searcy House Plan, took a group of students to the St. Louis Art Gallery to see the Monet "Years at Giverney" exhibit. Dr. James Rice is the department head. James Shirky Sanford Brandom NOT PICTURED: Erwin Wright Alden Redfield Raymond Jahn ...-wW.-i..-..U,....- , 1. A f -.Q-Q..-L. ,ws "We feel, obviously, that an educated woman is one who has the good founda- tion in the liberal arts, which includes the study of foreign languages," accord- ing to Dr. Albert Delmez, head of the Language department. "I think that the study of a language should be promoted more by both faculty and students," said Dr. Delmez who is into his 33rd year at Stephens. Lan- guages currently offered are French, Spanish, Italian, Latin and Greek. Spe- cial programs include the Language House and a language lab with depart- mental assistants available for extra instruction. The department offers two foreign study programs - one in Spanish and one in French. The Spanish program is held during the summer, alternating yearly between Valencia, Spain and Mexico City. The French study program is held at the Universite Laval, in Quebec City. Senior Mary Ann Tyrell feels this way about the program: "I thought it was a tremendous experience -to live with a French speaking family and take classes in French. Universite Laval is a French-Canadian university, so all the librarians speak French, all the people in the cafeteria, everyone!" Constance Schenk NOT PICTUHED: Marguerite Green Albert Delmez William Gurka Luis Lindner Marjorie Tarkow Herta Franklin FOR- HG AN- UAGE Where do you go when you have 25 instrument solos to memorize and your room- mate's playing Rod Stewart? Where do you go to concentrate on a fifteen page research paper that is due tomorrow? Where do you go to get Xerox copies of a magazine article for only five cents a page? The Hugh Stephens Library, of course! Directed by Bill Hubbard, our library provides an extensive resource center and a calming studying environment. The penthouse, a special non-silent floor of the building, is a good place to study with friends who find it hard to stay quiet while studying! All in all, our library has a place for everyone. LIBRARY i 138 i NOT PICTURED: Margaret Faust Margaret Howie Marguerite Mitchel Joanne Todd Bill Hubbard , I F2 l l l i 5 'Il E 2 1: 2 ri k , 15 E li 1 fi ll il iq? fl vi Stephens College has long been known for its diverse Physical Educa- tion department, and the 1978-1979 school year was no exception. Programs from fencing to swimming to roller skating were offered to meet the needs and interests of any Stephens student with any degree of background. Besides P.E. classes offered to fulfill degree require- ments or just for weekly exercise, the department implements an extensive program for P.E. majors. The department was headed by Dorothy L. Jones. Members of the Physical Education department fac- ulty also coached Stephens volleyball, tennis, golf and softball teams, which were quite successful. Ann Casey Johnstone and the Award Winning Golf Team NOT PICTURED: Cynthia Schendel George Lottis Priscilla Dean Eleanor Jones II I ,Il I I I I Rita Diekroeger I I I I I 4 4 I Qtr David Capporale Dorothy Jones PHYSICAL ED I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 141 , 3 A or "' r 451 wi rr aj ff? 4 ex 'j -142 Iur Harold Anderson ' 'T' 'Q -14'm - ffm, x A, - ff.. gf W M eff.3'yn jf, " E, f ATU SCIENCE , 1, 'Z If ' f',','2,'f 'Y ' A j v A fr A" 3 1 f v.' , . ',',6 of T -' X: " z 1 1: " " 7' , f - if e , , 5 5 gf uv ,, My 15555, Q' , , K, Q, 2 15537-'5 r or " " Q , , N ., ,hiv 1 ,vw , 5 : ,f e?9,,. Qv: J ff 4 s f f-ff...,1 A r Q F Q I David Otto Jim Hoerter Charles Laun NOT PICTURED: Amy Harvey Alfred Novak K 1 f i 1 F f L , "We have an extraordinary internship program. We have students doing original research at the Cancer hospital and the Veteran's Administration hospital. We have them with the Missouri Conservation Commis- sion, the Bureau of Land Management, and other establishments that are into primary research," says Dr. Lee Howell, head of the Natural Science depart- ment. Dr. Howell is very proud of the many programs and courses offered by the Science department. He emphasized that the students of Beta, Beta, Beta, the Biological honorary, compete for, and win regional and national contests. The department also sponsors study programs in such localities as East Africa, the Southwestern United States, and Key Largo, Florida. There is a student-published newsletter, "Double Helix," which contains news of career opportunities, scientific developments and happenings in the depart- ment. Lee Howell Q' tm, Peggy Johnson SOCIA SCIENCE Andy Walker Donald Scruggs 1' . Alan Havig Q--m?q,.,f:6 Wig.-- "We had two new history classes this year. Second session I taught a course on FDR and Truman, and third session I taught a course on Ken- Q nedy and Johnson," says Dr. Gene Schmidtlein, head of the History and Social Science department. Another important addition to the department Q was the grant from the Carnegie Foundation which set up the "politician- i in-residence" program. The visiting politicians helped teach a new course . entitled "Women in Politics." J When asked why he felt that the Social Science department was important 3 to the student, Dr. Schmidtlein replied, "The student receives a lot of indi- l vidual attention, and we offer a wide variety of courses to the student. We l keep our program very flexible - we haven't locked ourselves into a few narrow majors. We try to keep it as broad as possible so we can accommo- 4 date a wide range of students." i i Many special programs are offered by the department. Social Science . concentrators can do political internships on the local, state, or national i level. Students are also chosen to go to yearly student conferences in places such as the Air Force Academy and West Point. I l l ' ! J Q 5 i i l i l R i 4 The Washington D.C. Interns: Chris Lang, Candy Ostrander, Jayne Dixon, Carla Murray, Cathy VerLench, Lisa Thelan, Abbe Carmichael and Anne Beige. l l .l I A wx t Gene Schmidtlein NOT PICTURED: James A. Burkhart- see pg. 160 Karen DeBres Amy Harvey Karen Wyche Joan Casey Bennie Gilbert Barbara Losty PSYCHOL- OGY John Ludeman .fc x 1 m ,Q 1 l :ii ' 4 211 fi V . J , j J "I think we have quite a good facility for instruction. We have more a facility here in Pillsbury than many small Masters degree programs. Students from our 'clinical counseling' sequence that have gone on to graduate school are impressed with the fact that in their first year they are very comfortable because they have already been exposed to some of the material and books," says Mr. John Ludeman, head of the Psychology department. Practicum and internships are an important part of the Psychology degree program. Some students do their internships locally, at such places as Woo- dhaven and Fulton State Mental Hospitals, but many goto other states. "Teachers are able to work with the individual student here. Psychology majors have good opportunity to get to know their faculty well, and often to work closely with the faculty on something that is important to them," says Mr. Ludeman. Henry Von Holt Donald Poe 1. v M, ll'1 1 1 11 if 1 E 1 l ,ix ii 11 l. 1, 131 521. li Jil 1, T1 1 Z 1 rm 12 l1 1 2. iz 21 vi 1 l v S 111 i111 ,. iff lfk ll! iw .1, ,,1 11.1 iid lvl l1l iii 1,11 lil 1i4' I 'll 111 l 1 , l ,Ei lp 111' lil li. l' -1 , EN 0211 ll ll l.l 11 i 1, 1 N1 11 l 1. 1 i 1 ll ll iii 1 UH il 'if 11 ,1 li E' -li .1 ,lit 2 Z li 11 15, 1. 11' 1 i , X , ,fi 1 1 "Leading up to a performance - that's what the classes are all Marilyn Hanna l I 1 l 1 l about," says Ms. Eula Simmons, head of the department. She stresses the variety of careers possible for graduates of the Music department- opera, orchestra, teaching, arts promotion, graduate school. Those who believe that a music degree involves only practicing and private music lessons have a lot to learn. Music theory, history and literature of music as well as performances are all important parts of a degree program. The Music department is very involved in the production of Stephens' musicalsg this year's musicals were "Fiddler on the Roof" and "Guys and Dolls." Other performances by the Music department include faculty and student recitals, the Opera Workshop and the Concert Chorus. Lina Berrier 1. Val patachi Earl Coleman USC 1 i l l l 2 1 5 2 l i l i i l 1 l i 1 1 1 l 3 J l i 1 1 l l l l 1 E 1 l ll. .Y K .:,f v. 'fili- Hugo Vianello Eula Simmons Y Beverly Nick Steve Geibei Judith Auer NOT PICTURED: Leslie Petteys Ray Sidoti Sue Sidoti v--, l i l l l r l l l H, l L., l l l l i 1 2 l t l f 150 Mike zuka , 1 4 l FI RTS "We encourage our students to go on to graduate programs," according to Mr. Gardiner McCauley, head of the Art department. "The extra training and extra specialization would put someone in a much better position in terms of career potential, jobs, and so on. More of the graduates of Stephens Art department go into the area of design, rather than the traditional "fine arts" areas. Design includes architecture, interior design, and graphics. One of the newer additions to the Art department is the photography class, which has only been in existence for 5 years. Among the other special programs or facilities the department offers are several kilns for ceramic and pottery uses, a student- managed art gallery, and presses for etching, offset, and lithogra- phy. Peter Salter 2 l l l i l l l 1 4 ,-,ii i l I l ap, .te Bruno Andrades Rosalind Moulton Mfg ., 225 M2 Zff Q m'2:4,,,,-,Q f '- fig e,7,, , f, Wm 7, ,..,. , , f4f,14y7'Zf'2 'wfmir--1. Gardiner McCauley i I 1 1 l I I I l ll fair, y H ' l 9 was 2 i 53 la 'l I :V il l l 1 l rw. i l l n f I l l 5 I I l l i li l l 2 l ll i l l l ji , K l gg l ,Q L ,i l .1 I ci i 1 l ,S i l '2 ri l I l l l NOT PICTURED: Louise Luthl l Nancy McCauley lil Nicholas Peckham il 151 FASHIO Joy Spencer Patricia Gulacsik ..,,,.,...,....,.......-... , l. Masala Rachel Ausherman NOT PICTURED: Carol Foley Linda Lemonds Sabra Meyer Vilma Morris Dorian Wall Elsa Chinn--see pg. 160 , A X "This department offers all kinds of interesting things. One that we are extremely proud of are the critics that we bring to campus to work with the students," says Ms. Joy Spencer, head of the Fashion department. These critics are usually working designers from such famous clothiers as .lant- zen, and are occasionally Stephens alumnae. The Fashion department offers two types of degrees. Students may study Fashion Design for a BFA degree, or may combine fashion and business for a BA degree in Fashion Merchandising. "One of the nice things about Stephens is its flexibility for the student," according to Ms. Spencer. "Stephens offers an extremely good opportunity for a student to build a beautiful program for the kind of background she should have." Sophomore Suzanne Fleetwood, a Fashion Merchandising concentrator, says, "I think the Business and Fashion departments provide an excellent opportunity to explore both aspects of the merchandising field." 1 , l ,y r ,,,,,, Helena Stawski ,gm M H , Q, fx.--':t,m , J 4 F it fi 1 '- " 'i- 'V' ' M.-g.'pT:,, i L1:..-fir it H 5 ."" ' iw. N 1 f f? f fm,'ff ff ek r :-vw I . - ,vzzwiwwflfm-lc' at 1 f . , 'f' ' f Cf' :I 3115--" 'W 9,4-+,,r7l f ' f ...lfiiifl 3ii122i7if46J fl 7, g.g:.Vj, 'ff'iZ?f1Wff:7Wqgsw ' v ff:-f,u'4'fW ge 4.7131 f,,, ' ' 'W' ' if .ff 'f . , .. ,,,, V ,Z LV,V , 3. , Ly- ,w..3.,p, . Y , V X ' ,. . 'Wq,:7w,,,.,5L",,,,, - a . I . r , l 1' ' 'f'f'f':+f.' .m .5wk3 , - ' , . 3 K . , ,,.' "c , Giga V " .M . l .Ll f 9292 ' 1 ' -- -1 f jwf Cf: W ' I . . ' - m1i:f"?!fff7 2' "Ti .fl A 1- 1 l l iii, V V M F V 'Lg f . Ms n: . ,dir -. . ff,-,.-1 -wf.'w'rfE'fa+ fd-ffm . ,. w:m5G..,'f rf,-,Q-t,,.,f1'l Nancy Tay The Dance department, headed by Ms. Harriet Ann Gray, offers stu- dents many opportunities to perform - in concerts, operas, musi- cals with professional dancers, musicians, and actors on and off camups. Dance students took part in the musicals "Fiddler on the Roof" and "Guys and Dolls." Special programs in the Dance department include instructors in ethnic dance that visit and teach, and the opportunity for summer study at the Stephens Coll!Perry-Mansfield School of Dance and Camp near Steamboat Springs, Colorado. A special event that took place this spring was a surprise reunion of dance alumni to pay tribute to retiring Harriet Ann Gray. The alums literally danced with delight in her honor with a special performance at the spring dance concert. Margaret and Marie Brannigan NOT PICTURED: Louines Louinis Stephen McDermott Doris Fiudko DANCE Karen Kristin H Michael Sims "One unusual thing we have done this year," says Mr. Eberle Thomas, "is the world premier of a script by Jeff Craggs, entitled 'Legally Dead,' " explained the head of the department. Six productions were scheduled in the Playhouse and four in the Warehouse this year including such popular plays as 'ln the Boom Boom Room,' 'Tartuffe,' and 'Life With Father.' Other productions which were not budgeted money but were rather "added" by students or faculty are referred to as "Off-the-Wall" productions. Some of these productions this year have been 'Same Time Next Year,' 'Fortune and Men's Eyes,' and 'The Seahorse.' Many graduates of the Theatre Arts department have gone on to attend graduate school, at such places as Wayne State University, Penn State and the University of Washington at Seattle. Special programs and opportunities offered include the Summer The- atre Institute at Stephens and valuable experience at the summer stock theatre at Lake Okoboji, Iowa. THEATRE Susan Lahmeyer NOT PICTURED: John Arnold Edward Gallagher William West Patricia Gallagher Elizabeth Roush Barry Frost "All oflour people qeteftp have not only acadernicllcredlelntialsfbut they! H W have worked in the field that they are teaching and have earned their liv- ing in it full time. l don't believe that you can teach any of these arts unless you have earned your living at them. Theory is one thing, but you can't eat theory." These words, from Dr. Faye Elizabeth Smith, are part of her ideology as head of the Communications department. Many changes and additions were in the works for the Communications department this year. Studio B, the smaller of the two television studios, was updated by the installation of a completely self-contained color studio. Stephens' students began producing materials for other aca- demic areas around campus including the Science Department and Ste- phens College Without Walls. Journalism, which falls under the heading of Communications, had a new teacher this year, Lynn Laurenti, while Journalism Program Director Elizabeth Barnes took a leave of absence. ln the area of TV, Radio and Film, mlost instructors were new: Dr. Smith, Dave lrwin, Richard Carlson and Dr. Lyndon Preston. Those returnees included Eugene Ferraro and Phyllis Pearson. A concentrator in the department, Julie Orberdorfer, made this enthusi- astic observation: "Stephens Communications department really gives young women an excellent opportunity to get first-hand experience with equipment and with organizational responsibilities. Students and instruc- tors in the department are generally very excited bout its different pro- grams, and Dr. Smith summed up the year by saying "I feel that this year has gone quite well, but we still have a long way to go." Bud Carlson 1 Carolyn Lewis NOT PICTURED: Elizabeth Barnes Rosalind Moulton Gene Ferraro COMM NICA- TIONS Phyllis Pearson 1 1 1 n I I J I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 lr Lynn Laurenti ,Q Dave Irwin Faye Elizabeth Smith 5, ki 1 if 'Wf' ,, f 1. use , .- f.-Q' . , . :H:I,5,fg5Q, -im 73254: N . , - 1--.:g-21141. I . -My , I 4: ,.,:4,,..:,: ., xff- ., .Mr-4. 1 .I I ,Q .:,.,,.,::g ,, Mfr p.,5frf'. " , 4 ., f 1' , ' Y' J::'ffI:1 W, V ,,1,,q:, ,.k-p- , , ,AM A 4 I .. .,: , - 1, X' :t::::5ffr55f A,.f:2Z.e,2..Z'. 5 P' ':"ff.:-13: Lyndon Preston 1 1 in 11 11 I 1 4 I W 1,f . 159 1 A REFLECTION ON ELSA CHINN . . . . . . By Nancy Drown-Allen '68 Of all the qualities which make Stephens impor- tant to alumnae, there is one that also distin- guishes Stephens from many larger college: Ste- phens is a place where teachers know your name and take an interest in you, and not only while you are in their classes. Elsa Chinn was the epitome of the Stephens teacher, and her death was a loss for all of us. Elsa was my teacher, my advisor, and - most of all - my friend. A tiny dark-haired beauty, she always looked more like one of the students than like a teacher. lt is difficult to accept her death when I still have so many fond memories of her friendly guidance during those Stephens days. I certainly wasn't'her best sewing student, but she never lost patience with my mismatched plaids and crooked darts. An invitation to her home was always a treat for us, since Cback in the no-car daysj we were always amazed that Columbia had a residential life of its own outside the college community. When I flew to Columbia for my fifth year reun- ion, it was Elsa who chauffered me, also enter- taining some of my friends ata dinner that week- end. Never a Christmas passed without a cheery' newsletter from her- until this last, when her ill- ness delayed it. I am grateful that my husband and l were able to visit Elsa and her family in the summer of '77 on our way to Kansas City. Ten years before, I had proudly presented my then- fiance to her for approval, and she hadn't seen him since. I think it is also significant that my freshman Eng- lish teacher, Dorothy Merrill, another nurturing force in my Stephens days, was thoughtful enough to write me immediately of Elsa's death. It is like teachers like these that make Stephens what it is - and active alumnae. Since I am now an instructor at the University of Louisville, Elsa's memory and influence still live in my relationship to my own students. Elsa Chinn Fashion Department Died March 19, 1979 lames A. Burkhart Social Science Department Died March 10, 1979 TRIBUTE TO JAMES A. BURKHART 5 . . . by Dr. Gene Schmidtlein Stephens College is a better place because James A. Burkhart has been here. No list of his accomplishments could adequately express what he has meant to us, his greatest, contributions to Stephens College were his gifts to the minds and hearts of his students andy V colleagues. - In his 34 years at Stephens College, James Burkhart was a leader, an innovator. He introducedt the amplified telephone to classroom teaching. His exciting experiment was noticed byi national news magazines and adopted by other schools. He mastered the use of the amplifiedi telephone inthe classroom, interviewing top politicians and experts on current issues. The Washington, D.C., intern program and the Jefferson City intern program were inauguratedl in the 1950s by Mr. Burkhart. Students in both programs still benefit from these field experi-5 ences, carefully organized by Mr. Burkhart. For many years, Mr. Burkhart conducted the Missouri Inter-Collegiate State Legislature, thef mock legislature in Jefferson City. I As a professional, Mr. Burkhart commanded tremendous national respect from top historiansfi' political scientists and colleagues all over the country. We cannot begin to appreciate his national acclaim as an author and speaker. Above all, one cannot overlook his contribution tq killncierstanding Missouri and Missourians-through his research and writing on the Missouri u e. We are happy to have this opportunity to salute an inspiring teacher and a fine person, Mf- James Burkhart. it 1 A Qi i FI ii ii ,, i 5 i i I 6 a -i ei Q il it l 1 l A Special Thanks . . . Forthe Photographs Dee Dee Catsinas Ann Little Laurie Marble April Palm Lark Ellen Rogers Morgan Wade Cari Warner 'six , , .,., ,,...,.,...,.,.,W,..,,W.,.J.,,.'.,,.Q1....W.."'QvLL.L,.,.1'Q....,.. . ,. ., 1 ..,..3- 5125 4 . ff " .. , f A321 , 'i'1'i"f"T'i, f5""'f'T'T'f5' 1' iTZQf'A""fA" A' ' A "4fTTfiTfi. A i"iZI". jf' 'iijjnjijifffijfffT'Qffifffffj1f'Q:fjj"Q"f"ffif.L'f1f''ff'f"':i"'3'LTlx :ff-,L fi: .::,,.,,-.Q.',Q-Y. Lfw,.:4:J-1L11L11fL4i1-my1Lfff:fU,,fu,imww.J -,w.1fw- . fq-Qi:g.:,:LME?E1-M--A---f---Ag -A--I----M-123.13Q1--g131,1,111-1-ffznw, Wfifffg-f-i f - 1- -if-,Aix-w,, -L ,-7-,-H4?v,:A-,q-Y-r4- -4 - if -' 3 A -- 54 rl 4- -Q Q44 A- Tak., 5 Q.vT.g -.,.,4g,.,.-,., M... ,,,....--,-, 1.144 Wg .4 U7 I0 69 V 1979 2 w I i i 1 I r E il x - x 1. 63 ff B ' - 5 M Eqg m ...wh F W 1 Y Y' ' Jen 4 I , Y , " X ,.o'f"'l B . - H 1 -i 4 , . 4 "' ,W , " I, N 4 5 Q 1- ,,,,f-. M ,x , ' f, J . 3 . A4 J, - K 6' ,'.,, A 9 + J il, K, "3 ,, . xg . U L if Q ' A 'QM 51" m 'Lx' R 'Q L Vik V ' in 5 lwrlrj ie, A - yu 'Q 1 5' , 'wh fV51iffN 'V 1ahx' Q? ", ffwmm W'1 'fwyv K5 V Q W is V wma AN K 3 .I+ mqhqw-Nm.-'N' ,Mn ' V tw C 'K K 1 , . ' K wx ' me 5 11 V- , 1. z- x A . 1. . Wiliwm 4 "Q" , 55 ' ' 1 , --Sai :M , sqfwfq 59 Q W 3 t V. 10 161,50 7979 xx Q. X Q 'N of AWA' 5- ! f qs., .N R , 1? AV.. l ' 2- ',g, .3 5 ,L., f,, : ., ,V A , A'A' 2 ffigiia? v-,L 1, 1: 2" , ,M .Q I, I-, Q, Q, , ff H' 'T Q? lah . 51, 6 Q, l ,f"i iffl ,g-,gi l,,, V'4 I, l l ai' il'- ll ,lim Fil lg ll ' : l l ll, 3324 4 t w f 2 2 l i lil' M, ,ini ,,,. i I i i itll Q il Susan Abrams - Overland Park, Kansas Jean Agner - Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin Cynthia Albery - Homewood, Illinois Rita Allen - Peoria, Illinois Tracy Anderson - Wheaton, Illinois Sara Annexstad - St. Peter, Minnesota Janie Ausbum - Columbia, Missouri Kristie Bell - Potomac, Maryland Leslie Bell- Anaheim, California Alice Bemis - Coldwater, Michigan Molly Berger - St. Louis, Missouri RlGHT: Judy Coppaken and Shana Glass enjoy their backgammon game on the lawn in front of Tower Hall. iPhoto by Melissa Pepperj FAR RIGHT: Cathy Norman and Melynn Rudnick look on as Santa 1Dr. Bernie Loposerb reads a Christmas tale to Andrea Spitz. iPhoto by Cheryl Bootsj Ji! Q74 4 ,ya ,uf V fam 4 9,1 tiny, s 'V"" 31 it -QA, 4 7 fun J' 4 Nw J-s I .u"" ra 'QA Cat fi 5, iff? ."Q,. 'A -gi i , Xu ,, ...M .2-i.,www , V 'wx VID -az. . . -S! S5 Lisa Benling - Kingwood, Texas Brenda Bills - Salisbury, Missouri Phyllis Blackmon - Cincinnati, Ohio Stacey April Blatt - Holland, Pennsylvania Pam Bondi- Denver, Colorado Lori Bosca - Salem, Illinois Nancy raden - Casper, Wyoming Terri Brannon - Augusta, Arkansas Kelly Brehany - Montgomery, Alabama Kerry Brooker - Anita, Iowa Elaine Brollord - Columbia, Missouri Elizabeth Brown - Kankakee, Illinois Julie Brown - Shaker Heights, Ohio Marcia Brown - Houston, Texas Julie Burch - Fort Riley, Kansas Jerri Ann Burg - Tucson, Arizona gli? I I 1 5 I I i I 1 I i 1 -P----1-U - A-l-A--Ju-..r.-fQ:-A.-.Q.QQQff wfwfikx' AA'Am'f4'f'f"A""' U A ' " " 4' A ll ' A MMM 'Mfr' 'lui 'filiziijj QQ Aj- , 5 -44f A -if A My AAAI fi Af: , A M P' L4 4 wlvsw if-My AA4- A A A T A A-4- E af- ' --- Qhqhblo AU-.. ,.. ,,...,,V,.,,, , , , ,,,,,,,,v HH, ,A A , , N M, W k,,Q, , I, M b.L,,.Z, ,,L W M 4 ,oar , ,l ,A I, , , , , I - W, ..4.,. L.,,4 Ajii , L,T., F,f , , I , I I -fe 1- - W W- '-ff Lewrzv - : nz L-iz,-,mum-zasswwmy.-nf,:m1nmW..-Lg , 42: f A -A-A A ,,,,,,i:,,,,4,,,,,,,,h N ,,A,,,,4 , M,,Q,,,A44,f,",, ,li--,MAA xi A A ,ZA-43. .A A, 7,.f1,M,,. U, .QS NTT , "J , QT f .A f f I Qi, I , 1 offij Q iijfj jf, ' 1 QQ!! Qfiugj'f+'fA"'g'-ljggjjjjgfifa-'ffl Michele Butler - Palatine. Iliinois Renae Butler -- Theresa Caccialora - Des Moines. Iowa Lisa Chance - Dallas, Texas Toni Chun- Belvedere, California Diane Chooonas - San Diego, California Jeannie Citannan - Clayton, Missouri Katrina Clernonger- New York, New York Kris Clementaon - Yale, Minnesota Emily'Coopor- Merom, Indiana Marcia Cordta - Davenport, Iowa Elizabeth Couch - Hot Springs, Arkansas Lorri Courtney - Fort Wayne, indiana Frances Dare -- Los Alamos, New Mexico Linda Daugherty - Findlay, Ohio Michele Da Holi - San Diego, California Lisa Delogky - St. Louis, Missouri Gay Dol Nuo- Baton Rouge, Louisiana ,Q , l Lgv ga. 'B if 5 fluff. , 1 ff Z ' 1. 'A R. V -x,' fry- ' , ,rl Nr . 1, 1 , .gr " r .f""yV J, X , X - , , lo r ' - -4 r, i .rr Am ,jar 'fa . 'ff 5' fl? M 7 f 4,, F - F'-f4d7Z'f, Q ft F ' AQ , Qj ABOVE: Energy and determination show on the lace of this Ewzrnmer. LEFT: Nancy Sykora gazes around the Davis Art a ery, I ,Lv ' f ja, ,Q-V. Wi, " 4. 1 ' r it gn . w,n-V fa 4 Cynthia Dennis -- West Bloomfield, Michigan Julie Deyke - Columbus, Nebraska , Cheryl Dolph - Tuscon, Arizona Millie Easley- Columbia, Missouri Tara Eddy - Morgantown, West Virginia Joanie Edger- Louisville, Kentucky Michelle Eidaon - Tulsa, Oklahoma Shelley Elsberry - Moberly, Missori Barbara Enyearl - Keytesville, Missouri Genie Faulkner - Birmingham, Alabama Gayle Fisher- Columbus, Ohio Janet Fitzgerald - Scotia, New York Heidi Flanigan - North Palm Beach, Florida Dana Ford - North Palm Beach, Florida Leslie Ford - Medford, Oregon pp-vw ,.,. f- f ,,.,,,,,,. W7 Y.,, ,,,,,, RIGHT: Last minute studying, Jinny Kim? iPhoto by J?fne Woosleyj BELOW: Earth-to-Carrie Wallace. , . iPhoto by Debi Willardj OPPO lTE PAGEQRIGHT: The excited Cece Pomery restrains herself. FAR RIGHT: Lawrence Welk in the Colle- gian Room? - No, It's the Maura and Mindy Show! iPhoto by Lisa Bateyl Nanette Foreman -- Metropolis, Illinois Missy Fraser - Kankakee, Illinois Mary Furness - Arlington, Virginia Harriet Galex- Rock island, Illinois Kathryn Gallagher- Deerfield, Illinois Genniter Gart- Dallas. Texas Lori Gilgus -- Kansas City, Missouri Susie Gillespie - Sharon Gilliam - Ashland, Missouri Judy Gipaon - Houston. Texas Catherine Glinas - Columbia, Missouri Cynthia Glyman - Minocqua, Wisconsin Betsy Goldsmith - Marion, indiana Lisa Goodrich - Honolulu, Hawaii Mary Pal Graham -- Denver, Colorado .gn ,Q NT K 7. ,,. we 3 4 ,as ev 1 A I" 4 3 Mfr! ,fig , r L X 1 rl ijf' fl, f 1 w.. I I all 1. z 5 X ff ig: Z , '97, , , J A 1- . 4 ,W , . .,, '. f-fwfif 1 if , Z ffl X 1 , 41, n X 'W ,.,, w-',, I '-it WWW , I 2 JA ' Q: if 77, ' 'i 5 ' f 4 f , A avvwm HHLLAMETTE ?'iii-Q irq' , ai" UNIVERSITY an-we ,arse-agsff 1. lust:-. ! SL if F vw- Tvf H x IC' I N-Q I If ar" I Christine Gratehouse - Naperville, Illinois Babette Grillilh - Hamilton, Indiana Michelle Griffith - Clinton, Iowa Katherine Hechlel - Waite Hill, Ohio Deborah Hesdorfl - Seabrook, Texas Margaret Hawkins - Savannah, Missouri Nancy Heyer - Edina, Minnesota Leelie Hendry - Crystal Fliver, Florida Maura Henry - New Orleans, Louisiana Julie Hohem - Portage, Indiana Laura Hollar - Flushin?, Michigan Jill Horn - Lake Bluff, I linois Angela Horner- Minnetonka, Minnesota Cheryl Hughes - Geneva. Nebraska Fay Iehikawe - Wahiawa Honolulu, Hawaii I2 fa-ff "J" I ' 1 if 171 i .A Nl YO Morrison Jackson Kansas City Missouri Susan Janes Pacific Palisades California Cheryl Jellnes Columbia Missouri Amy Johnson Palatine Illinois Pamelmlohnson Fort Lauderdale Florida Ten Johnson San Jose California Daryl Jorgensen West Bloomfield Michigan RenzaJunk Lake Charles Louisiana RIGHT: Lisa Chance and Janie Meador unwrap their "Secret Santa gifts at the Pillsbury Christmas party. iPhoto by Cari Wernerj ABOVE RIGHT: Susan Sondergaard jumps hugh in her attempt to take the basketball away from her opponent. FAR RIGHT: Warm weather often creates the urge to go canoeing in Stephens Lake. iPhoto by Julie Oberdorferj I Kellie Hellidan Kardis - Karen Kaser - Columbia, Missouri ' Janet Kaveney - San Diego, California Erin Keating - Olympia, Washington Susan Keaton - Brentwood, Tennessee Carol Keithlin - Coral Gables, Florida Alana Keller - Slidell, Louisiana Janine Kemohan - Bowling Green, Kent Leslie Kerr- Indianapolis, Indiana Monica Keyes - Ballwin, Missouri il, Z vv f. fi --.--, L, A i- lg' Jinny Kim - Rhododendron. Oregon I Leslie Klurfeld - Milwaukee, Wisconsin Anne Knipp- Jefferson City. Missouri Christy Kohlfing - A V Cynthia Kwapia - Belleville, llllnois Peggy Latare - Flaytown, Mlssou-ri Melissa Lea - Sikeston, Missouri Laurette Loist - Des Plaines, Illinois Karen Lemer- Denver, Colorado Lisa Leu - Danville, lowa ucky .lyke Jeanette Lloyd - Houston, Texas Lisa Luebben - Los Alamitos, California Lisa Luschen - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Anne MacDonald - Stillwater, Minnesota Ellen McCanlesa - Lake Charles, Louisiana Maryann McNeeIy - St. Paul, Minnesota Stacy Magers - Sandusky, Ohio Anne Mahler - Paso Robles, California Dana Mandel- Michelle Manfell - Chicago, Illinois Donna Marshall - Houston, Texas Vivienne Mata - Mansfield, Ohio Joan Mallachowlki - Barrington, Illinois Betsy Mayor - Kansas City, Missouri Dee Meier - Dunwoody, Georgia RIGHT: Taressa Snelling heads back to her dorm alter prac- ticing piano in Gauntlet Hall. iPhoto by Cheryl Bootsj FAR RIGHT: Debbie Horwitch, Melissa Pepper, and Maureen Ger- tano enjoy the Vegetarian Dinner prepared by the Residence Counselors in the Crypt. iPhoto by Pat Lord.J BELOW: Mag- gie Moore and Dana Pogue attend the September Folkfest on the lawn near the Chapel. iPhoto by Melissa Pepper.J 1l'11'c2'snl W ' r 'Q 1 K X f 1 i l i l 1 1 K l rx lg, A rx SSH air, 'Y ,A I: N.. 'Q 34 41 y 5 Becky Menvin - Castro Valley, California Andrea Miller- Judi Miller-Middlebu , indiana Karen Miller- Kansasrgity, Missouri Rhonda Hiller - San Rafael, California Denise Minnear - Columbia, Missouri Rebecca Mitchell -Columbia, Missouri Wendy lloree - Goshen, Indiana Andre Ilullenax - Dallas, Texas Kristine Muller- Laurie Myers - Phoenix, Arizona Claudia Nadine - Kahului, Hawaii Beth Happier- Chesterfield, Missouri Laura Niecum - Phoenix, Arizona Elizabeth Nichole - Oak Grove, Missouri ,., W It V :S .l.1 li' ,ill ii 1' l l i l P l if i 'l il vl il if: ll fl 5 l 3 2 , 7 RIGHT: Fingertip catch is successfully demonstrated by Jeannie Gangemi as she plays frisbee with friends near Stephens Lake. BELOW: Lounging about inside of Gordon Manor on a chilly October day is definitely the smartthing to do, or,so apparently Tori Johnson thinks. CPhotos by Lisa Batey Babe Nicks - Webster Groves, Missouri Magis, Niabank - Glencoe, Illinois Lila rd - St. Charles, Illinois Cathy Nonnan - Carlsbad, California Susan Olney - Estherville, Iowa Deborah Olaon - Bloomington, Minnesota Lani. Ort - Scottsdale, Arizona Mary Parkes - Wolfe City, Texas Nancy Parkinson - Belleair Beach, Florida Carolyn Pemberton - Elk Rapids, Michigan K. K. Pillman - Glenview, Illinois Caryl Politia - Columbia, Missouri LindceyPollitt - Edina, Minnesota Susan ollock - Ada, Oklahoma Coca Pomeroy - Arvin, California . 'Y ffm ..,, ', X- at 'sg a , ll fl-iw an 5,-Q 1' . via, " H if ew e fr V 3' 'r E em' at 'Yi' 3 .Iii , , . . - ., 'f ' Q vii: .C hnaiif' 51" Q' , he t in -ra CT? x Melissa Shae Price - Northport, Alabama Kimberly Pushell - Somerset, Kentucky Linda Rakel - Iowa City, Iowa Brenda Retcliff - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Eliee Rathke- Marshalltown, Iowa Julie Rayl - Hughesville, Missouri Kim Reeve - Cedar Rapids, Iowa Lee Rennick - Portland, Oregon Jami Richardson - West Bath, Maine Renee Richie - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Connie Ritz - Des Moines, Iowa Suzanne Roady - Novato, California Nancy Robinson - Omaha, Nebraska Lerkellen Rogers - Los Angeles, California Cindy Rose - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Lynn Roeenweig - Indianapolis, Indiana Liz Rouner - Edina, Minnesota Cenie Ruuell - San Mateo, California I I Nancy Russell - Columbia, Missouri Diane Russo - Seabrook, Texas Caroline Sl. John -- Marshall, Missouri Lori Samuels - Atlanta, Georgia Leslie Saunders - San Antonio, Texas Jane Schultz- Susan Schwolsky - Longwood, Florida Susan Sevem - Ellen Shickich - Cheyenne, Wyoming Alison Shores - Naperville, Illinois Laurie Shultz -- Harlingen, Texas Shannon Simmons - Montgomery, Texas Cheryl Sims - Charleston, outh Carolina Alissa Singer- Atlanta, Georgia Sharon Singer - Lake Charles, Louisiana Andrea Skowronek - Seattle, Washington Kerri Smith - Atlanta, Georgia Sally Smith - Colleghe Park, Georgia Taressa Snelling - iawatha, Kansas Susan Sondergaard - Frederic, Wisconsin 90' Era? -...,, qm- r 9,337 . 5, ,-.. X M 'ffl , Tl V B ,Alf .,-.--"", , ,.,.....,..-..,, 75 id Q-5 uf i ll il i l l i l Lynne Young - Baltimore, Maryland taxa X I. LEW: Breezy October afternoons make riding much more pleasurable for Lisa ' Leu, iPhoto by Lisa Bateyj lung, Laura Sorkin - Overland Park, Kansas Kerry Lynn Spaedy - Bismarck, North Dakota Carol Spilmann - Ambler, Pennsylvania Stacia Steppleman - Jefferson City, Missouri Susan Stolen - Verona, Wisconsin Lisa Stuart - Denver, Colorado Lisa Stuhler - Iowa City, Iowa Jane Suiter - Le Claire, Iowa Nancy Sykora - Minneapolis, Minnesota Susan Turrell - Sarasota, Florida Lisa Vargas - Carey Jo Wallace - Tulsa, Oklahoma Gena Warr- Biloxi, Mississippi Janet Weber- Coshocton, Ohio Cari Wemer - Tribune, Kansas Kimberly White - St. Louis, Missou ri Debi Willard - Golden, illinois Susan Williamson - Covington, Tennessee Sara Willingham - Tuscon, Arizona Anne Wilson - Medford, Oregon Zina Wilson - St. Louis, Missouri Ellen Wohlers - Lincoln, Nebraska Debbie Wolte - idaho Falls, Idaho Diane Wood - Mokena, Illinois Lesia Wroble - South Dartmouth, Massachusetts ww I 9 79 .f I V u 45 I 4 ' ff' , x X1 -'S glc lfkgxi' flu 7-1 1? 1"7f'ff"+'1' ' 4 Nix" f"'..w"f ' Q gf 1, 1 'f 'rdf' 4 -O . l,:,'-if 5 1 .Ah 5.9 'vu lx -'NI I'-li' -"' 'I-if --gg., I v E"' -W. 'v. wx I 1 I N ...-.....,.......-......--u-m-- uv . V 'fe 1 3 , 4 V? ,. , cp ,-I j.w, '. . ' - , ' f"'- ,, -,4f'i',f'.,..:.1'Q .144 QA.,:,,,1M. 1.1 Zif Carrie Adkins - Kildeer, Illinois Valerie Adler - Bronxville, New York Sue Amslulz - Celina, Ohio Lynne Anderson - Harrisonville, Missouri Paula Anderson - Roscoe, Illinois Rebecca Andros - Parkridge, Illinois Anne Arledge - Plano, Texas Mindy Banz - Silver Spring, Maryland Holly Burrell - Rockport, Illinois Tamra Barlels - Dublin, California Jane Bauley - Johnson City, Tennessee Betsy Benner - Redford, Michigan , - , , Terri Bennett - Harrison, Arizona Jean Berman - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Bridget Bills - Salisbury, Missouri Tracy Bjomsen - Cedar Rapids, Iowa Lisa Blach - Birmingham, Alabama Linda Blackburn - St, Ann, Missouri Shelley Blessing - Tulsa, Oklahoma , Kim Book - Des Moines, Iowa I Ann Bratton - Dallas, Texas 'YT' Janet Brown - Bolivar, Missouri Aimee Bunting - Cranbury, New Jersey Katie Baer: - Shawnee Mission, Kansas Kelley aldwell - Portland, Oregon Deborah Candiano - Portage, Indiana Judy Canfield - Barrington, Illinois Rebecca Cook - Richmond, Missouri Sandra Cottman --Washington, D. C. Cynthia Crossno - Holdenville, Oklahoma Beth Ann Crumley- Orland Park, Illinois Ann Current- Paris, Kentucky . Lauren Cybularz - Naperville, Illinois Q iPhoto by Laurie Marblej Susan Broughton - Virginia Beach, Virginia FAR LEFT: Heading for class, Jody Turley leaves Roblee Hall. iPhoto by Lisa Bateyj LEFT: Students discover Stephens Park to be the perlect spot lor wmtertlme lun Anne Dailey - Huntertown, lllinois Theresa Dabloy -- Des Moines, lowa Teddy Dallas - Amarillo, Texas Laurie Depenbrock - Houston, Texas Katherine De Pug- Boulder, Colorado Carla DeVito - othell, Washington Anne Marie Dingman - Des Moines, Iowa Brooke Dirksen - Los Angeles, California Cathy Jo Dittmer - Blue Springs, Missouri Jenny Duncan - Florence, Ala ama Barbara Edwards - Washington, D. C. Laura Ellis - Columbia, Missouri Helen L. Epting - Memphis, Tennessee Tamara Feldman - Hamilton, Ohio Heather Finnegan - Columbus, Ohio Catherine Flanagan - Western Springs, Illinois Suzanne Fleetwood - indianapolis, indiana Kristin Foneth - Aberdeen, South Dakota I 1 LEFT Dancers Lou Anne Harrison Jean Schirmer dT G I b f "I the Boom Boom Room BELOW LEFT Lisa PBl1U:L?fl wgrlgsngutchcefnglt cchrgssn l i Lori. Fowler- Flidgelield, Connecticut Jodie Frank - Beverly Hills, California Terri Frank- Wichita, Kansas Sarah Funston - Topeka, Kansas R l l l i l l Leslie Garneau - Ludington, Michigan 2 Karen Gebhardl - Columbia, Missouri l li i ll I Q li ,l l l l l l Lisa Gehringer - McCean, Virginia I Kimberly Georgoulia - Chicago, Illinois T 1 il i s ii ii ll 'Q i Debbie Gibson - Chillicothe, Missouri ii Ginger Gill- Dallas, Texas if l Susan Gilliland - Monmouth, illinois ,N Mary Ellen Gomberg - Akron, Ohio l i T i l l l l l i 185 , , ll i, Angela Granl- Monnelt, Missouri Katherine Griswold - Avondale Estates, Georgia Anne Halenkamp - Frontenac, Missouri Wendy Hammill - Palo Alto, California Jeanette Hanalin - Somerville, New Jersey Beth Harding - Creve Coeur, Missouri Paula Harelson - Little Rock, Arkansas Lisa Harriman - Kansas City, Missouri Sonia Harris - Kansas City, Missouri Lori Haskins - St. Louis, Missouri Carrie Hausman - Grundy Center, lowa Virginia Hodts - Excelsior Springs, Missouri Martha Hens y - Hale, Missouri Anita Hicks - Washington, D. C. Margaret Hitzman - Dallas, Texas llary Hollcrall - Burbank, lllinois Betsy Holm - Columbia, Missouri Cindy Homer - Edmond, Oklahoma Debra Horwitch - Beverly Hills, California Beth Hutchinson - Scottsblull, Nebraska RIGHT: Sitting in lront of the KWWC-TV camera is Lori Pinkerton at the newscaster tryouts. FAR RIGHT: Natalie Dew Berry works industriously at her job as advertising manager ol STEPHENS LIFE. fPhotos by Melissa Pepper J Aw at fn -v.' ' f f :rigg- if 1 gf 3 at W x , , Q , y iiq., ,Z ,,, 4, , l ff -1 ,J I , ,.,, ,,,.,,,,,,.,a ,2 59 A ,I W -I .e .1 , ,C , 1 urea, -f,Q,,,, A' M sp, ,. .ll - li' P' 'ui or-1 X ,XX I 1 yi wa: Z4 ' xi f :-dj: l ,.,, , , t I f 4 1 'xl I , an D r Al AX Ka. . X, , X7 . gf, .. -.,f., , .M W z l Nancy Ingholt - New York, New York Kimberly January- Woodsfield, Ohio June Johnson - Richmond, Missouri Karen Johnson - Ridgefield, Connecticut Jennifer Jordan - Balboa, Island, California Jill Joswick - Milwaukee, Wisconsin Stephanie Kalkhoff - MlIwaukee,WlScor1sln Ann Kamlowsky - Helena, Montana Shareen Kauhaioo - Kona, Hawaii Lillian Kemp - Jefferson City, Missouri , Debbie Kendrick - Minden, Louisiana Linda Kendrick - Columbia, Missouri Marcia Kesler - Lighthouse Point, Florida Lynden Kidd - Casper, Wyoming Laurie Kidder- Deerfield, Illinois Denise Kincade -- St. Louis, Missouri Kim Klosiennan - Cincinnati, Ohio Kelly Knapp -- Columbus, Ohio Danelie Kreiizberg - Salem, Oregon Kay Krekow -- Marcus, Iowa Nanetie Kuhn - St. Louis, Missouri Lisa Laiferty - Oklahoma City. Oklahoma Christine Laing - Charlton, Iowa Susan Lane - Carmel, Indiana Nancy Laubonheimer - Brookfield, Wisconsin , Q. .V ,dx .Q 'r ww 33 MYR ,IX ,,-J V. .gp 3 if .qu-1-an 4 , .-..-fm., ST? - Nm rg, f ,XF fa in f'i "N i . Il . mi I i 3 .,.. 2, , 1 4 . ' is t 9 I 0 vp? W Vanessa Lechman - Denver, Colorado Melissa Leech - Houston, Texas Scarlett Lett - Cape Girardeau, Missouri Susan Lighthizer - Norwin, Ohio Patti Jo Long - Columbia, Missouri Pam McCabe - Overland, Missouri Kimberly McCarter - Houston, Texas Vicki McCash - Murfreesboro, Tennessee Deborah McClatchey - Columbia, Missouri Monica McClendon - St. Louis, Missouri Callie McDonald - Atlanta, Georgia Michelle Mclfteynolds - Starkville, Mississippi Sandra Mackay - Morristown, New Jersey Lee Anne Mager - Carbondale, Indiana Linda Marti- Louisville, Kentucky , . l F Ili i A '55 wiwf . my ' 'ff , I , , ,,,. W - ' ' ht b th a as she takes beck her tray in the Commons G?-,?,X,Ef,M8:?grrg1liEu:c35kLIEl?Tiul9am lxangIi:JaaTn31rMarty Marks lean proudly on theirlsnow castle fPhoto by Laurie Marblej FAR LEFT: Reflecting quietly in Gauntlet Hall is Lisa Harriman iPhoto 9 Robyn Martin - Macomb, Illinois Shari Mauney- Washington, D. C. Susan M3 - Blutfron, Indiana Melinda eahl - Tijeras, New Mexico Beverly Miller- Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Elka Miller - Dallas, Texas Elizabeth Mills - Flagstaff, Arizona Kathryn Miner -- Friday Harbor, Washington Kendra Moore - Anoka, Minnesota Maggie Moore -- Fremont, Nebraska RIGHT: Enjoying a warm afternoon at Stephens Lake are Dennis Callahan and Rabbitt Jones. FAR RIGHT: "Camping it up" in true Rocky Horror fashion are Nanci Ceccarelli, Kim Georgoulis, and Tory Verret. QPhotos by Melissa Pepperj Misty Morgan - Fayetteville, Arizona Kelley Morris - Scottsdale, Arizona Kellie Murphy - Jacksonville, Kentucky Cheryt Nelson - Columbia, Missouri Lisa Nelson - Baton Rouge. Louisiana Robin Oberdorter - Atlanta, Georgia Katie Otis - Decorah, Iowa Gina Peot-Naperville, Illinois Vanessa Perot - Charleston, South Carolina Alice Perron -- Hartland, Vermont 1 I I 7 4 i I gl 'TTD' K? Lydia Pickard - Columbia, Missouri Rhonda Prange - Columbia, Missouri Candi Raxter- Coleta, California Elisa Read - Cheyenne, Wyoming Denise Rice - San Antonio, Texas Anne Rittenhouse - Evansville, Indiana Laura Rittmaster - Studio, California Anne Robertson - Iowa City, Iowa Pamela Robey - Adairville, Kentucky Marci Rosmarin - Houston, Texas if is? lil all w ill ij l 5 l 4 i U 2 I 3 Q 3 3 J fg jig li il al alll ,Q lg l 1 l I F li, l. .a vi if .l 5 li M, ll i is lv 'i K li i l l l ,l I , l l X W, l F l l li I lil iii ,vi gl. X E l i i l li is 'I 1 i l K i z Mary Rotella - Omaha, Nebraska Melynn Rudnick - Shawnee Mission, Kansas Nan Rumsey- Columbia, Missouri Angelah Salepauhoodle - Hominy, Oklahoma Jodi Schocior- Austin, Texas Julia Schloiier - Springfield, Missouri Siacymschroeder - Ballwin, Missouri Step nie Schram - Laduse, Missouri Cindy Scoville - Barryington, Illinois Dana Sell- Leawood. Kansas ,cn-' 'WSE .mid ,vw 'T I i I it T i l bl hi 45 SQ 5 I l LEFT: Students Iounglngon the lawn by the Chapel are treated to folk music at the September Folktest y the band ca led "Flosle's Bar and GriIl." iPhoto by Melissa Pepperj FAR LEFT: Taking the plunge is number one priority at Stephens Lake during the hot days of August and September. iPhoto by Julie Oberdorferj f aw ,, . RN ' - K ix Gisele Septh - Overland Park, Kansas Nancy Seymour - Sturgeon, Missouri Jennifer Shadbolt - Belleville, illinois Jackie Shellow - Miami, Florida Martha Simank - Stillwater, Oklahoma Tammy Sims - Leawood, Kansas Claudia Smith - Mendota, Illinois Karen Smith - Paducah, Kentucky Melissa Smith - Columbia, Missouri Sharon Smith - Bloomington, Indiana Kathryn Sparks - Loomis, Calitornia Kathi Soper- Ames, Iowa Tori Speer- Chestertleld, Missouri Connie Staber - Columbus, Ohio Nancy Stadtman - Dallas, Texas l Shannon Stickle - St. Louis, Missouri Ann Stith - Danville, Kentucky V I I Kimberly Stonecipher - Perryville, Missouri Julie Strauss - Tulsa, Oklahoma 1 1111 '11 jig 1 1116 ' 511 1111, 11111 li '11 1 1 1 111 11 . .1 1.1 1 11i'1 1 111111 H 11 1 1 , 1 1 fi 'fiiig 1 1 15, -H321 2 11 mf aeckyswmaeli-Tu1sa,omanoma 1 W'ggi.1 Susan Swopo-Louisville, Kentucky 1 Q A BeckyTanner-Moberly, Missouri i 515:15 1 Tammara Thomas-Pawnee, Oklahoma Q11 12111 Q11 SheroeThompson-Sl. Louis, Missouri 111 1111 '11 Ni 1 ii'f1i11i i 1 11 1 1 1 111. 1 1 1 111111111 1 1 11 I 11 11 51 fi' 1 31 111 1 1 YI 111 1311 11 11111, 1 qi Eill 1 Pat1iThompson-Grand Forks, North Dakota i 11 1 1 1 - E 1 1 ' Tau Thurston --Columbia, Missouri 1 1 Q 11' ' Paula Toomey--Barrington Hills, Illinois ' 11 111115111 JuIieTrumbo-Orlando, Florida 1 1,1 111 1 JodyTurIoy-Glencoe,Illinois 1 X11 1 1 ff ' 2" 1 11 111 1 1'ii 1'i 1 "'i11'l I 1 fl !1111i1 1 1 ' '11 'E 1" 1 11 1 L -5 Q f 1' 11511 1 iz V1 1 1, 11 11 1 11111111 1 li 1111 1 LindaUndorwood--Russelville, Alabama 1' - 111 1 i Tory Vorrot-Thibodaux, Louisiana ' 11 1 Victoria Vlach-Houston,Texas I1 1 Karen Walsh - Mt. Prospect, Illinois , 15 Tina Waralh-San Diego,California 1 11 1111 1 -1 5 1 1 11 1 1 1 111 1 1 1 111 1 ' ' ! 5:1 I 1 ' f xl Y I ,Nl 1 4 V 11 ff CindyVleiI-Chicago.illinois - 11 lg ' sf8CLw0illfI0P1SI. Louis, Missouri ij 15 1 Lori eller-Meyersdale, Pennsylvania Q 11 11 Dale Westerlund-Chappaqua, New York I 1 111 'rmiwniu-Grandview,Missouri 1 i 1 ' 1 E1 11111 1 s 3 12 1 1 51 7 1 1 v xt- vi xy , ,1 . I . A 1 1 A15 4 1, 1 111111 1, 3 1 1 is '. ' 1 3' 1 AJ f A 1 1 ' , ' '1 K' 1 1' . 1, vii' 2 X g" . 1 ,1 . , . .1 ' T 5 'X N. ' ff' V 5 1 13 X 1 ,, ' '1 - ' 11 1 X 1' -' E1 T' X Ar .7 ' fi 1 1 4 "ii 11 11 1 1 1'. " N111 ' 1x'4 r 1 11 11 1 1 -1 1 ' EQ: I 1' 3' v w '- J 1, 1 ' - A 1 V x, A K 1 1 1: 9 , 1 X A 3 1 I 'y 1 ' 1 1? ' 5 1 'T' 1 , 1 5 1 11 1 ' E 'I 1: A 1 1 1 .1 1 Y 1 1 F13 ' 1 i 1 NA 1 1 P I 1 1 11 1 ' M131 1 W - 41 i D S51 il 1 11 1 11111 1 li 1135 1 1 1 fi 11 11 11132 194 11 13 H155 1 1 5111123 E 1115 1 1 ii 1 -111111 I x i i 1 i i 1 I 5.4 ig Valerie While - Hamburg, Germany Rhonda Woods - Stanton, Tennessee Ann Woodson - Minnetonka, Minnesota Mary Lee Woodward - Huntsville, Alabama Jayne Woosley - Grand Rapids, Michigan Laurie Yantis - Decatur, Georgia Isabelle Young - Columbia, Missouri Marcy Zwig - Atlanta, Georgia Lisa Ekas- McLean, Virginia Melissa Hilbish - Kannapolis, North Dakota Susan Schlegel - Granger, Indiana LEFT: Sarah Coo er models with her boyfriend Randy Cochran in an adyertisement for Mister Guy. FAR LEFT: swinging may be chiid's play, but Carla De Vito and Melissa Hilbish enioy it anyway. fPhotos by Laurie Marble and Lisa Bateyj U 'a 'i 5 D J . ing J. Ig rw N fi 5 1 1 I 1 x 4- a,, vu .W L vf 7979 -1 Q x Na. W Gabrielle Aprali - Olympia Fields, Illinois Maria Aslandis - Columbia, Missouri Renee Alen - Lorain, Ohio Catherine Augur -- Worthington, Ohio Elaine Bakakos - Wilmette, Illinois Alyson Beasley - Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Charlotte Beck - Mound City, Illinois Ann Benson - Vernon Hills. Illinois Susan Bentkowski - Pensacola, Florida Karen Bracken - Hot Springs, Arkansas Loretta Braun - Washington Court House, Ohio Barbara Bruce - Chesterfield, Missouri .lulielle Bullington - Huntington, West Virginia Abbe Cannichael - Kokomo, Indiana Darlene Camlhers - Gallatin, Tennessee Clare Challoy - Manning, Oregon Debbie Clark - St. Louis, Missouri Susan Comslock - Unionville, Missouri Glenda Cook - Festus, Missouri Margo Coppinger - Cincinnati, Ohio '11 Pi-vs-.. 3 Q. gas 1-Q20 tif' Q im 4: ' Ig b .1 l I I h 1 iw 0 ' . " YP r -. I' l l sa .mqi ,. ,I 1 , 1. H I., I LEFT: Puzzled, Madalyn Yochem examines the tag on her gift at the Pillsbury Christmas Pai1t2f.CPhoto by Cari Wernerj AR LEFT: These three ladies at WWC FM are Leslie White Vicki McCash, and Joy Katzen. iPhoto by Melissa Pepperj Janice Crane - Ashland, Missouri Liz Crawlord - Jefferson City, Missouri Laurie Crochet- Monte?-ul, Louisiana Ruth Cullen - Houston, exas Cathy Curtis - Shawnee, Oklahoma Martha Dalton - Camden, Arkansas Frances Davis - Alexandria, Louisiana Lenora Douglas - Dallas, Texas Debbie Duke - Clearwater, Florida Sharon Dupree - Alexandria, Virginia L. i i i 4 ii li i Kale Eberbach - Fort Wayne. Indiana Lisa Emery - Sandra English - St, Louis. Missouri Susan Erickson -- Columbia, Missouri Melinda Facer- Kailua, Hawaii , Lori Feole - De Kalb, Illinois 3 Susannah Gaines - Talladega, Alabama , Alison Ganek - Glencoe, Illinois 1 Pam Garvey - Kailua, Hawaii Patricia Gas! - Chicago, Illinois l , i 1 i i i i 4 Q i a f 1 , i 1 i , ix Kathleen Gebhardl - Columbia, Missouri 2 , Greta Gehlbach- 5 I Sally Geisler- Lawrenceburg, Indiana 3 Joni Gibson -- Denver. Colorado Q Shirley Gilmore - Kansas City. Missouri i 1 l i , ?i gi ia, il Vi' il 5 . i i i 9 , i i l i M 1 ,n. i l l i i i , M , ' 3, i X ii 4 1 ii 'i ii Ei ,H Zi 5 ,i,Ns,g. 2 '1 i i i 5 i i 3 3 200 I i 1 l r Aff rf 2. 1-...,., ' ' g .,J,,, X , nay., 5 f YZ ff: f l 4 so fi i . , ff- .J T '- , - ' -:::f:e112:2Tli-'Ffa:till P-RTW ---'1:1,::.,------f-' g,3...,- ,gf 0 A. W Arcaxrsasff, Fri 30.1-'z 'ff-. '1 r -1,4 fa' - ,Q,, ,,, I 1 ' f 1 f- A i if I nu 2 V L N ,ai i i I ' "" .1- 2 i l Rochelle Goode-Skokie, illinois Karin Hall - Chester Depot, Vermont Cherlyn Hampton - Little Rock, Arkansas i i Beth Heintzinger - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Elaine Heiwig - Galva, Illinois Susan Henderson - Tulsa, Oklahoma l I Ruth Homandez - Dallas, Texas , X Amy Heuelein - La Crosse, Wisconsin i Letitia Headley - Largo, Florida 5 l I l i Mary Jackson - San Antonio, Texas Monique Jacoby - Elizabeth Jetterson - Columbia, Missouri 'l l Sally Jensen -Joliet, Illinois Barbara Johnson - Two Harbors, Minnesota Kathleen Johnson - Columbia, Missouri i LEFT: Striking this traditional pose are performers Brett Prentiss and Peggy 1 Kuhn from "Life with Father." iPhoto by Morgan Wadej FAR LEFT: Susan D Howard sits in the LRW Lounge and looks on as Vanessa Lechman and friend i chat. iPhoto by Cari Wernerj ii i. 1 i l ' i i l i " E E? 4 I' ii 1 1, i if it i iz ll 201 T , , I ii l l il I l RIGHT: Somevyhere beneath this snowy scene on North campus, there is ground, although it did not make its spring appearance until March this year. FAR FIIGHT: Camera-shy- ness does not seem to be a problem for Carla Murray and Gaul Zelony. Patricia Johnson - Kansas City, Missouri Sarah Kington - Madisonville, Kentucky Kathy Kiper - Louisville, Kentucky Wendy Klingo - Tulsa, Oklahoma Tracy Knodh - Sheridan, Wyoming Susan Krost - Houston, Texas Glenda Krumme - Licking, Missouri Margy Kuhlman - Oak Brook, Illinois Peggy Kuhn - St. Louis, Missouri IT U a :1 I 4 Y? Lisa Landray - Tulsa, Oklahoma i Saundra Lane - Pascagoula, Mississippi Elizabeth Larew - Columbus, Ohio Colleen Larkin - Haughton, Louisiana 1. 'x Heidi Lautenschlager - Milford, Illinois Susan Leonard - Connersville, Indiana Wendy Lindrud - Moorhead, Minnesota Janet Lorelle - Indialantic, Florida Anila Lucero - Espanola, New Mexico Eileen McCormick - Arlington, Virginia Nancy McKeon - Miami, Florida Kevin McLemore - Fayetteville, North Carolina - i NN. A 5 4 . 3-fwfr: f f 1 f . ... '11, Teresa McFarland -- Minneapolis, Minnesota Becky Magness - Huron, South Dakota Maya Mahue - Peoria, Illinois Paige Malcolm - Peoria, Illinois L UX !! 1 yM,,4 K, pig Ne , ' Til 7 , If I Q ,- .' x X -. 2 S 1 'waz l Jill' I ii? ja? vi! 'iii 'jyfflgkt I A 1" 7 i 11' .R ,-x . llyf - .' 5:1 .15 . if 45 --es.-,,,..,f.,...,.., ii l r, l, l i 5 , i i i i E vu, i ai i,3 1 .. i M i :il r s ,,. l i r 5 Pi ! 'fi 4 Laurie Marble Chris Marling Maggie Meier Kat y Metzen -Yakima, Washington - Britt, Iowa -Wauwatosa, Wisconsin - Columbia, Missouri Tracy Meyer - Jefferson City, Missouri Mary Lann Michel - Columbia, Missouri Cindy orria - Columbia, Missouri Stacey Mund - San Anselmo, California Carla Murray - Harrison, Arkansas Mary Nerad - Naperville, Illinois Pamela Offer - Honolulu, Hawaii Kimberle Oliver- Louisville, Kentucky him 2 1 :Elf ffm ' .Mac f- 1 5 it T P 14 ifxf'fI,,f- 10 .LH ..,.. -, Louise Painchaud - Louisville, Kentucky Rebecca Parks - Columbia, Missouri Anne Pedersen - Shawano, Wisconsin Lisa Ponunuri - Monterrey, Mexico Lisa Perella - Joliet, Illinois Donna Puckett - Newton, Iowa Debbie Quick - Jefferson City, Missouri Anne Radditz - Sidney, Nebraska Cynthia Ramsay - Ferguson, Missouri I I -l 7 , I . ' ' I- ready. I LEFT: This se uence of three pictures show Mar aret Cheney s preparation to throw a snowbal l i aim, and firel a'hotos by Laurie Marblej ABQVE: ghnstmas is always POJFDL:-:Ef, Iautlgteisegsgg s gsatlngs are I especially strong at Stephens, because Christmas means going home. oto y 8 SS PP 5 I I I I ' I I I I 205 I I Diane Read - Belleville, Illinois Sharon Rexroad - Columbia, Missouri Martha Rhoads - Edina, Minnesota Nanci Ritter - Leslie Roberts - Nowata, Oklahoma Ann Rosche - Edna, Minnesota Robyn Ruppert - Columbia Missouri Garnett Sailor - Columbia Missouri Barbara Sandell - Urbana, Illinois Marlys Saugstad - Weston, Missouri Beth Sawyer -- Middletown, Ohio Mary Beth Schutz - New Orleans. Louis........ LaQuita Shacklelord - Tulsa, Oklahoma Marianne Shearer - Concord, California Lisa Sheps - Rochester, Minnesota Katra Showah -- Danbury, Connecticut Susan Simpson - Tiburon, California Cynthia Smith - Atlanta, Georgia Kathy Spreen - Ballinger, Texas Sara Stevenson - Centerville, Virginia fji .i 'Z ,-fbi wa - f s H! Sandra Taggart - St. Louis, Missouri Deny Templeton - East Grand Rapids, Michigan Mary Jana Thlessen - Overland Park, Kansas Susan Tlsmsy - Council Bluffs, Iowa Anders Trinklein - Boonville, Missouri Rebecca Vemer - Columbia, Missouri Julia Vsrbeck - Winfield, Kansas Wendy Wells - Derby, Kansas Tami Whitney - Columbia, Missouri Susan Winston - Champaign, Illinois Fran Words - Durham, North Carolina Madalyn Yochom - Corpus Christi, Texas Susan Young - Kirksville, Missouri Gail Zalony- Madison, Indiana Dawn Zemo - Clearwater, Florida Alison Ziegler - Birmingham, Michigan OPPOSITE PAGE: "Hold on to your toes, it's a signature from Joe Wyatt!" iPhoto by Morgan Wadej LEFT: "Go fly a kite, Jay!" fPhoto by Laurie Marblej -1-fv-. can H ' , l I 5 l Q l 1 1 l 5 i 1 i l I 92 fi! - 1 Q1 i TU 431. xv., V, ,iizi lil: flirt fv Q5 5, it 1, fi li f, Ek '3 if if 1 L ww 1 Pi U Mi? I 1 U f l!! , , , J 1 W X. ,. , .V eg 52 5, as 4 i Q .fw D 7979 K X naw ' X., . L .,. -. , , , . I I ,I I II ff I I Ii I 'I I I I I I I I I -1 I I I ' I I ' .. I K I 'I I V .IK I , I I gr, di ,1 Q I'fi '!IQsf9I ' I I 1, I Z5 . Janice Kristeen Allen Anne Alder Allensworth Kewanee, llinois Charleston, South Carolina Kathy E. Allen Maria Elenita R. Ancheta Longview, Texas Springfield, Missouri 4 i 1 '1 'T I l i Rene Snow Baker Holly Gay Barnett Sarcoxie, Missouri New Orleans, Louisiana Gena Irene Bardwell Claudia L. Bartlett Kansas City, Missouri Vincennes, Indiana Marina Lorin Andrews Santa Barbara, California Connie Baker Little Rock, Arkansas Martha Bendel Arlington, Texas Doreen Benno Grayslake, Illinois I s 3 LEFT: Graduating decades agart, the Classes of '56 and '79 show their memories ol Stephens College. RIGHT: Laurie Spencer,.coordlnator of. the ecember Graduates' Dinner, says her good-byes to Jane Ellen Ashley. tPhotos by Cheryl Bootsj FAR RIGHT: Marie Zacher expresses intense emotions. iPhoto by Melissa Pepper.j 210 ' x . , My 331. N K. Y 1 I I I 7 I I I I i I I I I I I I I Marie M. Bergin St. Louis, Missouri Mary Elise Bethea Tulsa, Oklahoma . L., p ,X Q, I? A .5 X, Janette L. Betich Portland, Oregon Lisa Marie Biagini Brookfield, Illinois "-:',z,.f:f:'fr::1:zf4" k-u.,,:, .-l Q.,-1 ma-:+ ,ser 2 "J a ' fiiiflrztfzf, - nov' ,""f 24? ' . ' ' ,"jT2: ': QE ,fn ,Q 7. ,ggyyagq-ggi.. ,lwrz , ,f Anne E. Biege Enumclaw, Washington Kathryn J. Blach Birmingham, Alabama Laura Bogolin West Chicago, Illinois Sara Frances Boland Eureka, Missouri 24 Senior snapshots: roll down the window and drive up Wal- nut Street, hear snatches of song, catch glimpses of what- it-must-be-Iike-to-be-at-Stephens. In the next few pages this year's outlines have been drawn, you fill in the details, shade the background, personalize the portraits. Color the pages, maroon, gold, bleak, blue, happy - you remember. And don't let anyone tell you to stay within the lines because you don't have to. After all, it's your book. Soft, sweet, tender. Tough, firm, resilient. Clinging or melting, Something to depend upon. . Knowing beyond words andafter words. Four years of sampling - savoring the spices, spewing out the bitterness, scattering the seeds. Reaching out for more, drawing back in fear of gossip "What does she need that one for?" Watching some ripen while others shrivel and drop. Wondering what ones will stand the stress of time, distance, benign neglect. Friends. l Cinda Bond Livermore, California Carol Adele Bower Atlanta, Georgia Linda Bower Kansas City, Missouri Lancer Boyd Cape Canaveral, Florida L rg Brenda J. Braxton Kansas City, Missouri Lynn Marie Bromstedt Glenview, lllinois Erin E. Bryan Kaneohe, Hawaii Cynthia Jayne Burger Overland Park, Kansas rx L Judith Gail Butcher Houston, Texas Jennifer Renae Butt Valparaiso, Indiana Julie Ann Carroll Jefferson City, Missouri i Laura Daulton Chamberlain Louisville, Kentucky FAR LEFT: Nina Miller enjoys the music at the September Folk Fest, LEFT: Susan Tatum presents Harvest Moon dinners to Joy ,Katzen at the opening ceremony of the 1-2-3-4 Campaign. fPhotos by Melissa Pepper.J BELOW December Grads Patrice Bowell and Karen oodman relax in the Student Center Lounge. iPhoto by Debi Willard J Nancy Kay Byouk NancY CaF0lY'1 CamPbe" Bernardsville, New Jersey Macon, MISSOUVI Anne Marie Cameron Jane Cannin9 Des Moines, Iowa Arlington, Texas Mary Jane Childs Ossining, New Yor Claudia G. Clark Vero Beach, Florid E ,.,fi7,,,,- , if? 'ffl v , . Alisa Cobb K Las Vegas, Nevada Sunny Cochran a a Sausolito, California iw g N, 1 M3 Egeifrji NQQSQE1? f f , .. . . ri E2S'g5F5.T'ci53332'3e1??2S.'5iH?51252333232'22e2fSE52E23e?35SbS52ZEL'3.2HLi3Z?J232r1T'2p?1i5SZEy'c erazzdazzs E! pe", QNIQQW 3? 21 42431 S 53 2113! if is gd in if wi Q' 'ww if I M f i.i'.:'r. v i U 31 ' Q M -" 'WT' f-'L"k'f' gighii Eff gf' rf ,MIM 1 Wai ...L 5""" Q M fi 455: rfr -"v"L"+ i Vilas rf . LWIE A A , r it Q! ii 4 ? U D l ' H DQ L Q 5 f n 3 H r E il 1 W 5 Q 3,1 ii Carol Ann Condotti Teri Ann Covert Robin Crocker If, - Q' 1 . . . . D , A5 i LaG5range Park, llllnols GaIlon,Ohuo- Foxboro, Massachusetts gi? Q Robin AnnetteCorneIlson Deborah Demse Cox Erica D.Cummlngs pn r 25 Q CoIumbla,Mlssourl Willlamsburg, Kentucky St. Louis, Missouri Y ' ,V TQ W 1 3 me 1,1 1 'Wm 32 V. I as ' X11 j' r 2 D Vicki Sue Dupp Brengia K. Dayalle Denise L. Davies me r Bryan,Ohl-o Palatine,-Illlnols Vasnon,Washington 3 M 3 Lynne BarlDamsky Ann Mane Davenpprt. Vick: Renee Davis rl fl, Blrmmgham,AIabama La Grange Park, Illlnols Bentonville,Arkansas 1 ,-mx! 1 M 1 WM ESM W F23 +'.g'12N. DEH Wi' ' D lags gale? fr mf V 214 if iiiiirs! xii, ' 5 , , 4:ff,1faw ww :gg , , ,,..e.., ,ZZ Brenda Carol De Martini Jane Kathryn Peekskill, New York Dixon Randi Dillman Trenton, Tacoma, Washington Michigan Leila Cardoso Dos Santos Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Donna Jean Dunafon Yokohama, Japan CAMPUS CINEMAS. UPTOWN. MISSOURI. FORUM. Rocky Horror Picture Show, Animal House, California Suite, Interiors, Every Which Way But Loose, Sergent Pep- per's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Heaven Can Wait, Eyes of Laura Mars, The Wiz, Movie Movie, Comes A Horseman, Superman, Midnight Express, Ice Castles, Coming Home, Autumn Sonata, Going South, A Wedding, Lord of the Rings, OIiver's Story, Magic, Halloween, Hardcore, Boys in Company C, The Big Fix, Who's Killing the Great Chefs of Europe? Tomima Linder Edmark Seattle, Washington Mary Eldridge Nampa, Idaho Carol J. Edwards Columbus, Georgia Mary Kay Engstrand Mound, Minnesota , s I 1 Mary Etzold El Paso, Texas Laurie Sue Feldman Atlanta, Georgia Wine, ice cream, water, high protein, carbohydrate, Weight Watcher's, you-name-it diets. Seems like everyone was dieting for talking about dietingj at some point or another. Losing was winning - at least in the battle of the bulge. Take a few inches off the hips, slim down the waist, tighten up the thighs. The faithful few were ready for sun- bathing at the lake, unashamed of their profile in a bikini. As for, the rest, just one milkshake wouldn't make that much difference, would it? How about fasting? But fasting wasn't any sure cure, either. One Stephens Life article said it was a fine way to lose weight, but another said fast- ing was dangerous. Some were so caught up in the dieting craze that they couldn't stop losing weight, a predicament called "self starvation" or anorexia nervosa. Ms. magazine said it was a result of a false self image and the continual pressure from society to be skinny, skinnier, skinniest. Meanwhile, Glamour promised a painless diet . . . They say it's Russian Salad for lunch at the Commons. Anne Catherine Ferguson Jackson, Mississippi Lisa Ann Fisher Charlottesville, Virginia Marguerite Anne Fitch Phoenix, Arizona Molly Fleming Palm Beach Shores, Florida f I Robin Francis Middletown, Ohio Shirley Franklin Kansas City, Missouri Swv Roxene.Chandra Freese Jenniler Lee Gelwick Sally Glenn Goodman Montevideo, Minnesota Columbia, Missouri Dallas, Texas Myla Janet Frohman Robin Joy Goldberg Marsha Ann Goodnight Glencoe, Illinois Cincinnati, Ohio Bartlett, Texas Meg Grace Robyn Halsey Georgette Rene Harris Nashville, Tennessee Jefferson City, Missouri Kansas City, Missouri Susan Elaine Grazier Marion Jane Hampton Petena Hausman Denver, Colorado Jasper, Alabama St. Louis, Missouri A: -YhfiE55f53i?551,if:LJ27,Zii353552Z2r1l:?Q2i5i234-,-ft93735f71f24a,,!5,'5jij.,,,e1f,.-3,-tgfirgfyf-ev M1 Mes. .-C f 111 H - mn ff if Cow 5 ll f - ' ' ' . iPhoto by Melissa FAR LEFT: Donelle Horn and Alyson Baesley emo dinner at the Retreat Lodge during an RSA meetm . - Pepper.J LEFT: Sheila Dolan takes a break in the student Center Lounge. iPhoto by Debi WiIlard.j ABC?VE. The welcoming Senior hangout. , . iPhoto by Cheryl Bootsj qs 1 i li 1 i l l I l i li 1 ii if l l , Marla A. Heggen Des Moines, Iowa Karen K. Hess Newton, Kansas Marilyn Hunter Kansas City, Missouri Stephanie Ann Jackson Springfield, Massachusetts Laura Holt Carlyn l. Hughes Pendleton, Oregon Camp Hill, Pennsylvania Leigh Ann Houck Jan Carol Hunter Mason City, Iowa Austin, Minnesota Lisa Diane Johnson Helon Elizabeth Jones Palni Harbor, Florida Charlotte, North Carolina Lynn M. Johnson Karen Diane Jones St. Louis, Missouri Honolulu, Hawaii Z 'I f 1, VI, . , , 'J ,wsu xr f, ,,a?,,j,f5,..j,a,, ,, Lfiffilff 3' f -:ffaiiif Aa I . W ,.,,., ,, t 'A 'I at, W. . . ..... . 218 Barbara Susan Kabus Arlington Heights, Illinois Barbara Kandel Creve Coeur, Missouri Valerie Betty Kassel Atlanta, Georgia Joy E. Katzen Memphis, Tennessee R E au if 77 was ff, . W- 3 r., . ,fx 4V,f If 1.4 .f,. i ILVA V ,. ,,f,,, 'sl ,- yt. g 4, i'2:'rff. ' fiiiif-5 ff 6 , ,, ' 1- 3.75 .71 .. at . Iizii' l ..:,l.'fZ2l-f - : . .I 1 H aw' gfvq, K f v I 6' 1,7655 fx 4 f wf ff Q-, .pk.,Q::4Q:y,:2prw,::5.:,:f.f., , 1, 1,1 V QQ 242.2-.'f2'i2i?L' " ya ,f . . . ,,,,,.,,,,.,.,.,.,. ,Lb ,, . . ,..,, .,,h, . . X f 'X . .,,. ,,,,,,. ,, , 49 V, ,,Vf 1 V. f .f .V T ' Us 'ij ,Wx K lE".ff.i C125-'I " 0005030 . , L my ff ,, I , X . -ij'3' Y IL., ,f l L 'TA L X I 53?.2.ia.1-5221121 '-f.:iQ.3:6:'f"35752232232-'2?a1is:sZ415Ef"t-i1i.1:1l1f'i1g: :':-:1z'-'2:i" 2- as ,.,31111353425.33:35131gj-1 ,iw-j1'g:I.':E .g:.5'-111211-.,-1.45 nr., .1.,5g:3j.33g il 111' .gras 1 .14-.,"h?"".2E,li?i JM Q X AZ' ' i X 1 H., 4 Xe ' f fs Q X we -.,'.-- Q :i'2fi:'i7 i 1 44: a' g1.j f. .v , Connie Elizabeth Kindred Kent, Iowa Janet Lynn Knopf Elmhurst, Illinois A',bAAv, ' "',- uf Zfgiliyfig ' 'iiii ' L 1 .' V,l, 'A ' - at .N 1 tiiiti i' "" I i V 'e1, 3 ftii u e pf, ,- - .,'t 1' 'Y . f,kV MN .r "'. A it,, . , fl '11' 1 if 'AAV1 1 Y: , if ,ff ee e K fri 1 2... l , ite" - Jig l Kim Marie Kollman Clovis, California Candice Lee Kommer Louisville, Kentucky 'N .,., 2 V. .,,, , . ,Zz ' w:,..,."'5iw.,, ln February, it's hard to remember the warm, wet nights of September. Brick walls that fairly glowed with baked-in rays - even in the wee hours of the morning. And by the time a hint of relief edged into the room, another day had begun and it was time to peel off damp sheets and try to explain why you didn't have a paper done, didn't understand the reading. How can you concentrate without the energy to even sit up at the desk? Papers sticking to elbows. Skin sticking to chairs. Comments sticking together. Tempers hot as the breeze and just as short. Hard to remember praying for frost when the ground has been covered with fourteen inches of snow for three months. Imagine un- mittened hands, de-gloved fingers open to the air without being num- bed by it. When does it feel colder, in November or in March? When does it feel warmer, in May or October? Unbutton or button, zip or unzip - you can't do much about the weather except wait for it to change. LEFT: Meg Grace sits in the ever-welcome sun. iPhoto by Linda Bowe BELOW' "S I' mature, smiles Laurie Dorsey. iPhoto by Debi Willard. OPPOSITE PAgE: A gratifyinKgr3veI::.I?lgl?Iigt1ot?::?l4r3yne 4 l l l i l l i Debra Rae Kreilick Anne Elizabeth Krosby Diane Langenteld Warren, New Jersey Albany, New York Dixon, Illinois Elizabeth Kroeker Martha Annette Lands Julie Lansing Weatherford, Oklahoma Equality, lllinois Highland Park, Illinois l Ponda LaFloche Richard Lindroos Amarillo, Texas Porterville, California Jennifer Levi Elizabeth L. Lineberry Evansville, Indiana Fullerton, California vf'i M gziawsz, 'eg an 1 Q hoto b J W l ' ABOVE: The Class of 1979. RIGHT: Always a smile from Brenda DeMarlini. OPPOSITE PAGE:Q?he Senuiofgllis Sgffgi 4 . relaxes at the banquet which followed a year of hard work. QPhotos by Linda Bowery T i 220 Robin Lipschutz Highland Park, Illinois Jay Lomack Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 4 l l if s Q V I ,Janet May Lynas lCleveIand, Ohio Sabrina Anne McCartt Monroe, Ohio Kim Denise McComas. I Kansas City, Missouri Susan Marie McCullough Lincoln, Illinois Megan Elizabeth llcCavran Houston, Texas Kelly Elder McGowan Albany, Georgia Laurie Elizabeth McKinney Milford, New Jersey Donna J. Mcliloberts Peoria, Illinois sql, KFMZ-FM KCMQ-FM KWWC-FM KBIA-FM KCOU-FM Bringing you the tunes you want to hear . . . Fire - Pointer Sisters, Just The Way You Are and Big Shot- Billy Joel, You Don't Bring Me Flowers by Neil Diamond and Barbra Streisand, You Needed Me - Anne Murray, The Village People with YMCA, Macho Man and In The Navy! Dog and Butterfly - Heart, Ready to Take A Chance Again, Even Now by Barry Manilow, Back in The USA with Linda Ronstadt, Rod Stewart's Do Ya Think I'm Sexy to Our Love by Andy Gibb, Three Times a Lady - The Commodores, George Benson's Breezin Time Passages and Song On The Radio by Al Stewart, Call You Friend - Kenny Loggins and Stevie Nicks, Reunited by Peaches and Herb, Netherlands - Dan Fogel- berg, Soul Man by The Blues Brothers, Le Freak by Chic, Got To Be Real - Cheryl Lynn and Disco Donna Summer with MacArthur Park, Heaven Knows and Last Dance. .7 Radiators that could compete with a drum soloist. Storm win- dows that let the storm in instead of keeping it out. Showers that either scald or freeze. We could go on and on, but you get the picture. Seniors: when apartment hunting, remember those good ol' dorms back at Stephens College: check the heating and water systems, and make sure the windows can and will close all the way. lf they don't resemble at all what you lived in for four years here, it's what you've always wanted - Take it!! Celia Mahue Peoria, Illinois Betsy Metzger Newark, Ohio Jody Carol Miller Mobile, Alabama Kim Ann Miller Bridgeton, Missouri Jennifer L Misek Downers rove, lllinois Julia Marie Mitchell Glenview, Illinois Nancy A. Mitchell Park Ridge, lllinois Pammela Mitchell Independence, Missouri L Elizabeth Mottat Sparta, Illinois Noel Morris Dupo, Illinois Meredith Nierenberg Albion, Illinois Kimberley Nightingale Detroit, Michigan 114 FAR LEFT: Senior Flon Brooks seems sure of his denture-grip! iPhoto by Linda Bowery LEFT: Robin Crocker and Elisa Flead prove that farmerieans can be funny. . .iPhoto by Debi Willardj OPPOSITE PAGE: with that smile, Susan Stearnes must be on a study breakl iPhoto by Debi Willardj 'L Cindy Jean Muermann Cloquet, Minnesota Monica Myers Columbus, Ohio 'Z-4 Julie Ann Oberdorter Atlanta, Geor ia Patricia Ann rton Fort Lauderdale, Florida I , ggi.: .f ,Q K Y vt E .. lzs igsg,--5,44TXtf Q Z x3.,::g.:,:v, I f K Lv, 6 iq, 'ia f at 6 L 4 2- x 1 ry 'T Q ' Sty K K a as M ' ff' :7l,lx5-'L' ' -'11 ': 4 1 . Jeanne Alice Newton Waterloo, lowa Pamela Jo Nicol Akron, Ohio Candace V. Ostrander New Vernon, New Jersey April H. Palm New Haven, Connecticut l , l i l l E l 1 RIGHT: Lisa Moffat gels into dinner. iPhoto by Pat Lordj BELOW: A gang in the lounge - Patrice Boswell, Charlotte Beck, Susan Stearnes, Floxence Freese, Karen Goodman. iPhoto by Debi Wrllardy OPPOSITE PAGE: A surpnsgtlinaameg W .5 Wa iii. E wa sr... s,.,, ,sk ,..., ,, Q mamma NM U W I, H, l i i E l ,f 1 l Michelle Palm DeDe A. Parker Amy Marie Plank Kirkwood, Missouri Joshua, Texas Midland, Texas Nikki Pang Melissa Pepper Jeanette Evans Poillon Honolulu, Hawaii Ada, Oklahoma Alexandria, Virginia i f V Denise Louise Pollock Rebecca Pruess Suzanne M. Rayl Ada, Oklahoma Park Ridge, Illinois Sedalia, Missouri Sara Frances Powell Pamela Lane Rahmann Jamie Dell Redd Pittsburg, Kansas Glencoe, Illinois Brentwood, Tennessee if -l il 1 il Y il i I Shannon L. Reichardt Webster Groves, Missouri Margaret Sue Reid Nowata, Oklahoma Janet Lynne Rieger Northbrook, Illinois Melissa JoAnn Read Tulsa, Oklahoma lt's your first day on the job. You wake up early to tackle that real world you spent four years learning about, Flinging open the closet door, you're confronted with a panic situation: What to wear?? The old Stephens College sweats and matching sneakers no longer seem appropriate. The fatigues and jap flaps or topsid- ers look comfortable but maybe too informal. Dressing for the real world is a dilemma that most of us aren't prepared for. lf we only had thought about it our freshman year - perhaps we would have pursued a different career. For example, if those sweats and tee shirts are just too comfortable to give up, we could have gone into physical education or recreation. A chem- ist's or biologist's lab coat would bave covered up jeans or any other undesirables, but for those of you who feel comfortable in heels and hose, count yourself way ahead of the game! Robin Sue Revelson Cincinnati, Ohio Adelina LiLiana Reyes Glasgow, Montana Pamela Renee Rollins Atlanta, Georgia Terri Lynne Rose Oklahoma City, Oklahoma " ,Jiffy f 'K U Mysw, , 'K ,,,. ,f i . i . l , . I l ' l..l1 l li . i l 5. ,, ll it . l l l i l .1 , , A , i ,gf By the time the typical senior graduates from Stephens Col- T lege, shefhe is qualified to write a book on "How to get out of Columbia, MO in five not-so-easy-steps." 13 Talk to your instructor two months in advance to find out when yourynals are. Most likely they will be on the last day of finals ll at 5:00. ln this case, beg and plead. 23 Call the nearby travel service to attain reservations, but make if sure your plane is going in the right direction. fic., if you're I heading for Kansas City, don't let them give you a plane to Oklaho?na City that "transfers" to Kansas Cityj. i 3 35 Order your taxi to take you to the airport or bus station one l month in advance, and remind them every day and five times V ' the day of your departure. - i 45 If you're taking the bus out to Kansas City or St. Louis, guard 1 1 your luggage with your life. Make sure there are several claim ' i tickets that say, in bold pring, KANSAS CITY or ST. LOUIS. T 55 lf you're flying out of Columbia, guard your luggage with your f life falsolj When you're finally on the plane, close your eyes f 3 and take a deep breath. lt should be a short flight. , 1 l ii in l i . Y . lllii 226 Elizabeth Anne Roshkind Glenview, Illinois Sheree Denise Ross Kansas City, Missouri Rhenda Renee Rowland Columbia, Missouri Barbara Anne Rutledge Westerville, Ohio Debra A. Rylowicz Elmhurst, Illinois Stuart T. Saxton Waco, Texas Judith Lynn Schawk Chicago, lllinois Harriet Schierenbeck Cincinnati, Ohio 9. - L. vi Sandra Jean Sffbefs Sandy L. sefzekom Elizabeth A. shook LakSjW00d, OhI0 i St. Louis, Missouri Mauoon, illinois Maxine Roberta Seidel Janet Lee Shirrell Barbara B. Shryock HHIISVINS, Missouri Louisville, Kentucky McLean, Virginia Gloria Jean Simpson Mary Louise Smart Sally Upshaw Smith Paris, Missouri Fort Smith, Arkansas Louise, Mississippi Karen Denise Sims Margaret Louise Smith Susan Lee Snider Leawood, Kansas Warson Woods, Missouri Keokuk, Iowa Q ii i he.. LEFT: " OPPOS Macho-Man" Lomack! iPhoto by Laurie Marbley ABOVE: Congrats, Congrats! iPhoto by Jayne Woosleyj ITE PAGE: A leisurely lunch . . .iPhoto by Cathy Perronj I - , V. Kathryn Soult Susan Tracey Stearns Rebecca Anne Stelson Clearfield, Pennsylvania Seattle, Washington Atlanta, Georgia Eve Lyn Stafford Caryl Lyn Steinhoft Stephanie Steppelman Crockett, California Joliet, Illinois Jefferson City, Missouri Debra Stout Darell Sublett Pamela Susan Tatum Littleton, Colorado Kansas City, Kansas Birmingham, Alabama Cheryl Sue Strange Sarah Marie Suiter Louise Caroline Taylor Arlington, Texas Princeton, Iowa Grand Rapids, Michigan I O I fl' I ABOVE: Martha Wade sits in on the senior lestivities. iPhoto by Linda Bowery OPPOSITE PAGE: RIGHT: The new-style ol study? iPhoto by Laurie Marblej FAR RIGHT: lt's Cathy Turk! Tammy Lynn Taylor Oklahoma City, Oklahoma I Tina Taylor ,Ottumwa, Iowa P g, Janet L. Topek Shelley Lynn Trager Houston, Texas Louisville, Kentucky Laurie Turano Hewlett, New York I l Mary Ann Tyrrell Omaha, Nebraska Marcia Elizabeth Urban Fargo, North Dakota Cathy VerLench Park Ridge, Illinois Cynthia Ann Voigt Glendale, California 1 , ,..,-fig' R za- , ,- 'KWH 4'..'a1'54 - " jaw K J" 2.5, Soap Opera Mania - A not too uncommon ailment which floods the dorm TV-Room. Every day between the hours of 11:00 AM and 4:00 PM, the same people can be found glued to the tube, anxiously await- ing the climactic event of the day. Will Chuck Tyler die? Will Steve Hardy live? Who killed Marco Dane and is Nikki Smith really back? Young and the Restless, Ryan's Hope, Search for Tomorrow, All My Children, Days of Our Lives, One Life to Live, Another World, General Hospital, Edge of Night, The Doctors. 3 Lucy Ann Ward Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Alice Weathertord Albany, Oregon Susan Annette Weber St. Louis, Missouri Kristin S. Wehmeyer Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan "Have you seen my brown kneesocks?" "Yeah, I wore them yesterday. They're in the wash." "Listen, Todd is coming up to the room tonight to study -" "Uh, I guess l'lI be at the Library?" "You know anybody who had Johnson for Econ?" "What do you think I am, Who's Who Among Masochists at Stephens College?" "Know where my notebook is?" "I think it's under that pile of pizza boxes somewhere." "Going to the movie?" "Only if you're not." "Why are you always such a sIob?" "How come you can't relax a little?" I "I think I really blew my Calculus." "Let's go to the College for a Coke. My treat." "I wish I could meet a decent guy around here!" "No more frat parties, huh?" "What's wrong?" "it's my folks, they're splitting up." "You know, the room is looking alot neater these days." "I guess you're a good influence on me." "Remember that time we had the fight about borrowing clothes?" "Remember the hassle about visitors in the room?" "I can't believe we're packing to leave." "Keep in touch, okay?" 1 "l'm gonna miss you." "l'm gonna miss you, too." Leslie S. White Hobbs, New Mexico Lu Ann White Baytown, Texas Karen Whittington St. Louis, Missouri Jill Beth Wiggins Poseyville, Indiana I Elizabeth Williams Overland Park, Kansas Kimberlee Williams Lubbock, Texas I Carol Susan Young Springfield, Illinois Marie Susan Zacher Fort Wayne, Indiana 'x I 6 j X 4 I 4 5 E , , w 4 1 , i .,.', L-',, W4 1 ,,,. , ,. ."-' ff Al,L, , fl ,, b , , ., , 9 i ff My S Q 231 .wg .V', '.', u f -l g "'V " ,V , , A , Q M- ,Q V ' .Q ' , ,. E ' , N , 0,1 'M Wifi' 'A A ,' -'Zz is I I LN. VIVV4 N with lun, 41 , "5 . 7 1 0 M 7979 5 5 5 FZ. if r s 4 I M ww' 5142 .w- ? A "il ., ,,....,.. ,A v 1-Guam , Q yggw, 233 l l l 1 1 1 ii 1 : 1, i I, .1 1V 13 151 ll 11 Qi 1 I I 1 1 1 1 li ,. 1 1 fi 31? 1 1 1 11 121 ll: 1 ii ,I l 11 K. l '1 11 iff Z z .1 1 ii 1 ll l il t1 1 1 l 1 1 l ll l L1 ! .FLY 51 Fw .fi 1, 11 . ,. 1 ,, rl' lil 1. , 1. ,,, '1 X, ,1 111 234 111, Abbott, Joan Frances Abrams, Susan Adams, Denice Gale Adkins, Carrie Burke Adler, Lisa Gaye Adler, Valerie Anne Agner, Jean Helen Albery, Cynthia Lynn Alexander, Robin Allen, Janice Kristeen Allen, Kathy Elaine 115, Allen, Rita Allensworth, Anne A. 97, Alvord, Kathryn Amstutz, Sue Ann Ancheta, Maria Elenita Anderson, Jackie Lynn Anderson, Amanda Joan Anderson, Cora Gaston Anderson, Gabrielle Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Jody Kay Lynne Olivia 182 Paula Lynn 182 Tracy Carol 166 Andrews, Margaret C. Andrews, Marina Lorin Andros, Rebecca 109, Annas, Dianna Steven Annexstad, Sara Lee 119, Ansehl, Betsy Jane Aprati, Gabrielle Arledge, Anne Arnone, Sharon Elizabeth Ashley, Jane Ellen Aslanidis, Maria Aten, Renee 109, 116, Atkins, Julie Carol Augur, Catherine Ausburn, Jane Audrey Babel, Terri Lee Bader, Debra Baer, Janice Bakakos, Elaine Baker, Connie Louise Baker, Rene Snow Ballard, Lynn Ann Ballenger, Cynette Ballenger, Pam 210 182 166 198 182 100 198 198 198 166 198 210 210 Balma, Martha Joy Banz, Mindy Louise Barbour, Diane Lynn Bardwell, Gena Barnard, Tracey Ann Barnett, Carrie Barnett, Holly Gay Barrett, Holly Ann Bartels, Tamra Sue Barthen, Barbara Jean Bartlett, Claudia Lea Batey, Lisa Baugh, Kathleen Gail Bauley, Jane Caroline Baur, Mary Jo Baurichter, Martha Beasley, Alyson Beatty, Lana Leigh Beck, Charlotte Ann Beier, Elaine Dawn Bell, Kristie Bell, Leslie Bell, Suzanne Marie 8 Bemis, Alice Bendel, Martha Lynn Beneke, Anne Louise Benner, Betsy Alison 99, Bennett, Aimee Bennett, Laura Lynn Bennett, Terri Jo Benno, Doreen Carolyn Benson, Ann Marie Benson, Jeanne Marie Bentkowski, Susan Bentley, Jean Porter Berenz, Elizabeth Lee Berger, Molly Sacks Bergin, Marie 100, 211, 214 Berman, Jean Ellen Bernard, Jeanne Bertling, Lisa 101, Bethea, Mary Elise Betich, Janette QU Bettenhausen, Kathryn Biagini, Lisa Marie Bideaux, Julie Laverne Biege, Anne Elizabeth 99, Bills, Brenda Bills, Bridget Biser, Brenda Bishop, Beverly Jean Bissman, Beth Ann Bizazyan, Irma Bjornsen, Tracy Ann Blach, Kathryn Blach, Lisa Black, Helen Blackburn, Linda Kay Blackmon, Phyllis Blaes, Brenda Renee Blaine, Rachelle Blanchard, Dawn Blatt, Stacey April Blauvelt, Lisa Lee Bleckwehl, Elizabeth C. 211 211 167 183 110 183 211 183 119 183 167 167 115 Blessing, Shelley Kay 99, 109, 119,183 Block, Vici Janis Bloom, Marjorie Wynn Bloomquist, Holly Sue 109 Blount, Jayne Francis Blount, Kimberly Boaz, Joan Tracy Boeddinghaus, Cynthia Boehm, Kimberly Bogolin, Laura Jean 211 Boisseau, Rebecca Rene Boland, Sara Frances 211 Bolog, Jennifer Lynn Bond, Cinda Lu 99,212 Bond, Sarah Bondi, Pam 102,167 Book, Kimberly Kay 183 Boswell, Patrice D. 213, 224 Bourdage, Janice Ann Bowen, Que Kim 99 Bower, Carol Adele 212 PILLSBURY K if HALL 24 South 9th on the Strollway Specializing in Jr Sportswear Did you know That Group Living Commission is a gathering where hall residents can trade ideas serves as a communications link between the administration and students improves and promotes dorm unity acts as a student sounding board WANTS YOU and hopes they make a lot ot dough' Congratulates their SENIORS 'deals with residential living . . . 5 Bower, Linda 97,212 Bowers, Susie Bowling, Susan 96, 115 Bowmaker, Susan Lynn Bowman, Janet Louise Boxail, Patricia Katherine Boyce, Lori Ann 167 Boyd, Lancer R. 97,212 Bracken, Karen Anne 198 Braden, Nancy Beth 167 Bradley, Jennifer Jane Brander, Florence Katherine Brannon, Terri 167 Bratton, Ann Renee 109, 183 Braun, Diane Marie Braun, Loretta 198 Braxton, Brenda 97,212 Brehany, Elizabeth Kelly 167 Brennan, Shannon Patricia Brieser, Cherry Ann Brillhart, Debra Lyn Brooker, Kerry Brofford, Nancy Elaine Bromstedt, Lynn Marie Brook, Kathy Ellen Brooks, Alice Brooks, Roliald Broughton, Susan 98, 98, Brown Mary Belinda Brown Caroline Elizabeth Brown, Elizabeth Ann Brown, Janet Dee Brown, Julie Lynn Brown, Lesley Anne Brown, Marcia Shaffer 167 Bruce, Barbara Ann 198 Bryan, Erin Elizabeth 212 Buckner, Julia Lynn Buffington, Helen Buffington, Juliette 198 Buford, Barbara Sue Bunting, Aimee 183 Burch, Julie Beth 119,167 Burg, Jerri Ann 1 167 Burg, Linda Merle Burger, Cynthia Jayne 212 Burkart, Achilles L. S. Burke, Edna Hillary Burrow, Suzan Steinhoff, Caryl Lyn Bushko, Anna Bailey Butcher, Judith Butler, Barri Rene Butler, Michele Butt, Jennifer Byers, Kathryn Byouk, Nancy Kay Byrd, Lori Susan Cacoiatore, Theresa Caillouet, Catherine Caldwell, Kelley Anne Callahan, Conni Sue Callahan, Dennis Camden, Carol Anne Cameron, Ann Marie Campbell, Nancy Campfield, Kristen Candiano, Deborah Canfield, Judith Canning, Jane Catherine Carlson, Nancy Marie Carmichael, Abbe Carpenter, Dawn Carroll, Cynthia Jean Carroll, Julie Ann Carroll, Sara Ellen Carrothers, Kim Carter, Nancy Jayne Caruthers, Darlene Carver, Karen Renee Casper, Marianne Ceccarelli, Nance Chaffey, Clare Chamberlain, Laura 97, 213 Chambers, Peggy Sue Chance, Lisa Marie Chasey, Toni Cheney, Margaret Childs, Mary Jane Choconas, Diane Christenson, Jennie Chubb, Kristy Lynn Church, Clara Ann Citerman, Jeannie Anne Claflin, Kim Suzanne Claman, Michele Clark, Claudia Grace 103, Clark, Deborah Ann Clark, Linda Lee Clawson, Teryn Lynn Clayton, Kimber Lee Clemenger, Katrina Lee Clementson, Kris Clinkenbeard, Cheylee Cobb, Alisa Diane Cochran, Randy Ray Cochran, Sunny Coen, Nancy Ellen Coffman, Cathy Lynn Collins, Joanne Comstock, Susan Condotti, Carol 100, 110, Conlin, Julia Jane Conzett, Kathleen Anne Cook, Glenda Suenette Cook, Rebecca Ann Cooley, Toni Denise Coon, Constance Cay Cooper, Cynthia Sue Cooper, Mary Emily Cooper, Sarah Stuart Coppaken, Judy Coppinger, Margo Ann Cordova, Nancy Cordts, Marcia Lynne 115, Cornelison, Robin Cottm an, Sandra Raye Couch, Elizabeth Courtney, Lorri Lynn Covert, Teri Ann Covington, Kelly Covington, Kristian Cox, Deborah Denise Cox, Mary Craig, Amy Elizabeth Craig, Laura Jean Crane, Janice Marie 109, Crane, Jeanne Lynne Crawford, Elizabeth Crews, Jo Ellen Crocker, Robin 214 213 198 168 168 109 213 195 213 1 198 214 F 198 183 168 195 198 168 214 183 , 168 168 214 214 199 199 , 223 A speclal 'rhanlcs 'ro all 'rhose who helped wl+h +he sale of l978 79 yea rbooks Tracy Faye Meyer Calhy Flanagan Robin Crocker Emalle Burlcs Carol Young Susan Krosl' Laurle McKinney Be'l'h Wllllams Terr: Johnson Sophomore Class Councll Presldenl' An ex+ra speclal +hanks 'ro Susan Kros+ for keeping 'rhe books and 'ro Carol Young for helping wl'rh correspondence and records They also dud anyfhmg +ha+ needed 'ro be done Candy Volgl Business Manager 78 79 Slephensophla Driscoll, Ellen Katherine Crochet, Laurie Elizabeth 199 Crosby, Dixie Lee Crossland, Ellen Ann Crossno, Cynthia 183 Crouch, Carole Anne Cullen, Ruth 199 Crumley, Beth 183 Cummings, Ellen Cummings, Erica Dana 214 Cunningham, Kari Rene Cupp, Vicki Sue 214 Current, Anna Carol 96, 183 Curtis, Donna Catherine 101, 199 Cutliff, Kathryn Cybularz, Lauren 99, 183 DaValle, Brenda Kaye 214 Dailey, Anne Mildred 109, 184 Dalbey, Theresa Marie 184 Dallas, Theodora Maria 184 Dalton, Martha 199 Damsky, Lynne 214 Daniel, Elizabeth Ann Daniel, Rebecca Alice Dirolf, Margaret Rose Dare, Frances 116, 168 Darley, Mary Krina Darsey, Catherine Daugherty, Linda 168 Davenport, Ann Marie 119,214 Davenport, Cathy Davies, Denise Linda 214 Davis, Davis Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Frances 199 Jeanne Elizabeth Karen Marie Simone Michelle Natalie Kim Roni Sue Tammy Elizabeth Davis, Vicki Renee 109,214 Day, Rebecca Ellen DeHoll, Michele 168 DeMaio, Laura Marie DeMartini, Brenda 215, 220 DuPuy, Katherine Louise 3103, 184 DeVito, Angela Ann DeVito, Carla Jean 184, 195 'll if s ffll:slNE DeWaId, Joetta Lynn Deane, Margaret Lee Del Rio, Elizabeth Gay Delosky, Lisa Marie Denmon, Natalie Louise Dennis, Cynthia Lee Dennis, Kelli DeAnne Depenbrock, Lauren E. DewBerry, Natalie Deyke, Julie Ann Diamond, Julie Ellen Dickey, Carla Marie Dickey, Monett Renee Dillman, Randall Lee 101, Dimond, Leagrey Dingman, Anne Marie Dirksen, Brooke Emile A Dittmer, Cathy Jo Dixon, Jane Kathryn Dixon, Kathy Lynn Dodge, Deborah Elizabeth Dolan, Sheila Ann Dolph, Cheryl Dols, Katherine Ann Dominic, Debra Marie Doolittle, Jay Samuel Dos Santos, Leila 215 Douglas, Lenora Ann 199 Douglass, Sascha Dover, Katherine Vira Duke, Debra Kay 199 Dunafon, Donna Jean 215 Dunbach, Carol Ellen A Duncan, Jenny Carson 109,184 Dunne, Jessica Dupree, Sharon Kay 199 Dwyer, Lisa Eagle, Kathryn Easley, Barbara Ann Easley, Millicent 169 Eberbach, Katherine 102, 200 Eberly, Susan Beth Eddy, Tara Leigh 169 Edmark, Tomima Linder 215 Edger, Joan 169 Edwards, Barbara Ann 184 Edwards, Carol Joy 215 Edwards, Rebecca Eidson, Michelle Ann 169 Ekas, Lisa Kay 195 Eldridge, Mary Lew 215 Ellis, Laura Ann 184 'Fi 1 Q,i,71. l 2 5 f J Ellis, Sally Lynn Elsberry, Shelley 169 Elwoods, Kim Emery, Lisa Ann 200 English, Lisa Kay English, Sandra 97,200 Engstrand, Mary Kay 215 Enyeart, Barbara Sue 169 Epple, Constance Epting, Helen Lee 184 Erb, Cynthia Erickson, Karin Sue Erickson, Susan 200 Etzold, Mary 216 Eum, Clara Evancho, Mary Therese Fabry, Linda Lee Facer, Melinda Lee 200 Faulkner, Genie 98, 101,169 Faulkner, Mildred Feathers, Sara Jane Feeken, Kathleen Kay Feldman, Laurie Sue 216 Feldman, Tamara Lynne 184 Fentress, Susan Leigh Feole, Lori Jean 200 Ferguson, Anne Catherine 216 Ferrin, Beatrice Fetters, Tracy Lynne Fine, Christine Elaine Fine, Sally Finnegan, Heather 101, 184 Fisher, Gayle Ann Gangemi, Jeannie Marie 176 Gansac, 'Diane Cecelia Gantt, Elizabeth Garneau, Leslie Ann 101,185 Garrett, Lyn Iverson Gart, Gennifer Lynn 170 Fisher, Jodi Lynne Fisher, Lisa Ann 216 Fisher, Sherri Lee Fitch, Marguerite Anne 99,115, 216 Fitzgerald, Janet 169 Flanagan, Catherine 184 Flanigan, Heidi Marie 169 Fleetwood, Suzanne 184 Fleming, Molly . 216 Flint, Jennifer Garvey, Pamela Jo 109 Gassaway, Leslee Ann Gast, Patricia Ann Gebhardt, Dana Fae Gebhardt, Karen Alois Gebhardt, Kathleen Ann Gehlbach, Greta Gehringer, Lisabeth Geisler, Sally 109 Gelwick, Jennifer Lee Flora, Lisa Ann Flynn, Colleen Michele Ford, Dana Lauren Ford, Leslie Ann Forderhase, Julia Lee Foreman, Nanette Dunn Forman, Gabrielle Forseth, Kristin Fowler, Lori Jean Francis, Robin Lynn Frank, Jodie Lynn Frank, Theresa Anne Franklin, Shirley Fraser, Heather Fraser, Julie Ann Fraser, Melissa Lynn Freeman, Jacqueline Freese,'Floxene Chandra Frohman, Myla Fuchs, Cynthia Ann Funston, Sarah Elizabeth Furness, Mary Katherine Gaines, Mary Susannah Galex, Harriet Lisa Gallagher, Kathryn Gamache, Laurie Jo Ganek, Alison Gail Georgoulis, Kimberley 102, 185 Georges, Dorothy Marie Gerlach, Marla Jean Gertano, Maureen 174 Giberson, Ann Gibson, Debbie Ann 185 Gibson, Joni Vinita 200 Giles, Jennifer Lynn Gilgus, Lori Beth 170 Gill, Virginia 103,185 Gillespie, Elizabeth Gilliam, Sharon LeAnn 170 Gilliland, Susan 185 Gilmore, Shirley D. 200 Gines, Rendy Amelia Gipson, Judy Kay 170 Glass, Shana Glendenning, Patrice Glines, Catherine 170 Glover, Michelle Glyman, Cynthia Carol 170 Godfrey, Jo Ellen Goldberg, Flobin Joy 217 Goldring, Kathryn Ann Goldsmith, Betsy 170 Goldstein, Vicki Gomberg, Mary Ellen 185 Gonzalez, Donna Goode, Rochelle Mary 201 Goodman, Karen Diane 213, 224 Goodman, Sally Glenn 217 Goodman, Sandra Beth Goodnight, Marsha Ann 217 Goodrich, Lisa Ann 170 Goodwin, Robyn Gaye Goolsbey, Tammy 185 Gorman, Julia Marie Grace, Mary Evelyn 217, 219 Graham, Gwendolyn Tabb Graham, Lisa Marie Graham, Marjory Faye 119 Graham, Mary Patricia 170 Grant, Angela Gae 186 Gratehouse, Christine 171 Grazier, Susan Elaine 217 Green, Linda Ann Greenamyer, Mary Alice Greene, Natalie Greene, Susan Jo 116 Greenlee, Drucilla Gregory, Kelly Sue Grieme, Nancy Louise Griffith, Babette 98, 171 Griffith, Michelle 171 Griswold, Katherine Theresa 186 Grossman, Melissa Lyn Grundfest, Julie Guise, Elizabeth Jane Gullickson, Mary Gunterman, Kristen Guss, Jenny Hachtel, Katherine 171 Haertzen, Margaret Haft, Claudia Haggard, Janet Hagood, Susan Patricia 110 Hahn, Mary Elizabeth Halenkamp, Anne Elizabeth 186 Hall, Karin Anne 200 Hall, Mary Jane Q Hallihan-Kardas, Kelly 173 Halsey, Robyn 217 Hammitt, Wendy 186 Hampton, Cherlyn 109, 112, 201 Hampton, Marion Jane 217 Hanafin, Jeanette 186 Hanna, Peggy Jo Hansen, Cari Beth Hansen, Catherine Hanslip, Pamela 189 Hanson, Ann Elizabeth Hanson, Mary'EIise Harding, Beth Anne 186 Hardy, Lesa Joan Hare, Susan Beth Harelson, Paula 186 Hargrave, Cynthia Harrell, Joan Renee Harrell, Joyce Regina Harriman, Lisa Jayne 186, 189 Harris, Georgetta Rene 21.7 Harris, Kimberly Ann 116 Harris, Michelle Diane Harris, Sonia Dee 116, 186 Harrison, Jan Marie Harrison, Lou Anne 185 Hasan, Randa Abbound Hasdorff, Deborah Ruth 115, 171 Haskins, Caroline Lee Haskins, Lori Lee 186 Haughawout, Candy Jo Hausman, Carrie Ann 101, 186 Hausman, Petena Ann 217 Haviland, Ann Louise Hawkins, Margaret Jane 171 Hayer, Nancy Joan 171 Haynes, Aimee Elizabeth Hecker, Jodi Sue Hedges, Virginia 186 Heggen, Martha Ann 218 Heinrichs, Mary 97 Heintzinger, Beth 99, 201 Heiwig, Elaine Elizabeth 201 Henderson, Susan Marie 201 Hendry, Leslie 171 Henry, Maura 171 Hensarling, Betty Ann Hensley, Matha Dee Henson, Holly Lee Hernandez, Ruth Ann Herrera, Adriana Hess, Karen Kay 97, 99 Hester, Clare Leslie Heuslein, Amy Louise Hilbish, Melissa Hicks, Anita Hicks, Lillian Hill, Jacquie Kay Hill, Theresa Lynn Hinnant, Evelyn Sharon Hirschman, Mary Louise Hitzmann, Margaret Hoadley, Letitia Susan Hoadley, Melissa Hochberg, Claudia Hoerter, James Hofflander, Doris Jean Hogan, Katherine Ann Hoham, Julia Martha 119 Holden, Geannie Hollar, Laura Hollcraft, Mary Clare Holm, Elizabeth Hopf, Cathi Laura Holt, Laura 103,218 Horn, Donelle Joy Horn, Jacquelin Katherine Horn, Jill Melinda 171 Horne, Bosiland Horner, Angela Jo 171 Horner, Cynthia 96, 101, 186 Horowitz, Tanya Sharon Horwitch, Debra 174, 186 Houck, Jill Bae Houck, Leigh Ann 103,218 Howard, Susan Gail 96, 102, 119, 201 Hroban, Joan Huff, Elizabeth Ann Hughes, Carlyn llene 218 Hughes, Cheryl Lyn 171 Huhman, Jennifer Lynn Hull, Tamella Deann Hunter, Jan Carol 99, 103, 218 Hunter, Marilyn Lucile , 218 Hutchinson, Beth Ann 186 Hutt, Daryl Leslie Hutton, Dawn Denise Hyer, Cynthia Sue lngebretsen, Ann Lee lngholt, Nancy Lise 187 Ishikawa, Fay Ann Iverson, Barbara Lynn Jackson, Faith Maria Jackson, Mary Margaret Jackson, Morrison 115, Jackson, Stephanie Ann Jacob, Jody Noelle Jacobs, Julie Ann Jacobs, Lynn Jacobs, Robin Beth Jacobson, Sara Marie Jacoby, Monique Lynn Janes, Susan Penelope January, Kimberley Jaskot, Sheila Elizabeth Jeffries, Cheryl Lynn Jefferson, Elizabeth 109, Jensen, Sally Ann Johnson, Amy Johnson, Barbara Elizabeth 99, 109, 201 Johnson, June 109, Johnson, Karen Anne Johnson, Kathleen Johnson, Kathy Elaine Johnson, Lisa Diane Johnson, Lynn Margaret Johnson Mary Cathryn Johnson Pamela 172 Johnson Patricia Lynn 202 Johnson, Terri Dawn '98,119, 172, 176 Johnson, Victoria Lynn Jones, Helon Elizabeth 218 Jones, Karen Diane 218 Jones, Karen Sue Jordan, Jennifer Ann 187 Jordan, Maryann Jorgenson, Daryl Jo 172 Joswick, Jill 187 Junk, Ftenza 172 Kabakoff, Pamela Kabins, Melissa Beth Kabus, Barbara Susan 99,218 Kadel, Kristine Louise Kalkhoff, Stephanie 187 Kalogridis, Karen Kameda, Flumiko Kamlowsky, Ann Marie 187 Kandel, Barbara Sue 218 Kaplan, Barbara Lynn Kaplan, Susan Lawrence Kardinal, Lara Lynn Karnatz, Patricia Kaser, Karen Elizabeth 173 Kassel, Valerie Betty 218 Katzen, Joy Elaine 109, 112, 116, 213,218 Kaufman, Elizabeth Kauhaihao, Shareen 187 Kaveney, Janet 173 Keating, Erin Marie 173 Keaton, Susan Camille 99, 173 Kee, Susan Kathryn Keepers, Patricia Keithlin, Carol 173 Keller, Alane Amelia 173 Kemp, Lillian 187 Kendrick, Deborah 188 Kendrick, Linda Kay 188 Kennedy, Kelly Kenney, Lisa Claire Kent, Allison Kernohan, Eleanor J. Kerr, Leslie Elizabeth Kerr, Lynette Sue Kessler, Carolyn Jane Kester, Marcia Gale Keyes, Monica Kidd, Lynden Louise Kidder, Laurie Ann Kieffer, Pamela Jean Kim, Jin-Kyung Kincade, Denise Kindred, Connie Elizabeth Kington,-Sarah Allen Kiper, Kathryn Marie Kirk, Cynthia Klatke, Douglas James Klein, Kathryn Klein, Lyssa Heidi Klinge, Wendy Klosterman, Anne Klurfeld, Leslie Fay Knapp, Kelly Knapp, Lucy Alice Knipp, Anna Marie Knode, Kathryn Tracy 173 173 188 173 188 188 170, 173 188 219 202 202 110 202 188 173 188 173 202 Knopf, Janet Lynn 116,219 Kobb, Doreen Kobett, Laura Lynn Kollar, Deborah Alice Kollman, Kim Marie Kommor, Candice Lee Kovanda, Karen Ann ll 109 219 97,219 VX Kozen, Linda Sue Kramer, Elizabeth Clay Kreilick, Debra Rae Kreitzberg, Danette Krekow, Kay Kroeker, Elizabeth Ann Laubenheimer, Nancy 188 Lauer, Barbara Krosby, Anne Elizabeth 220 Krost, Susan Minnette 101,202 Krumme, Glenda Lyn Kuhlman, Margaret Jean Kuhn, Nanette'Diann Kuhn, Marguerite Kuwata, Yoko Kwapis, Cynthia Jean 202 202 188 201 , 202 173 LaBarge, Mary Elizabeth Ladendorff, Dana Lynne Laurenti, Lynn 112 Laurenti, Susannah 112 Lautenschlager, Heidi 203 Lea, Melissa 101, 173 Lech man, Vanessa Anne 98, 109, 189, 201 Lee, Kathryn Mary Lee, Wanda Carol , Leech, Melissa 189 Leist, Laurette Elis 173 Leonard, Susan 203 Lepage, Cynthia Lerner, Karen Anne 173 Lerner, Lisa Marian Lafferty, Lisa Faye Laing, Christine Lambright, Nancy Katherine Lance, Heidie Jean Landry, Lisa Ann Lands, Martha Annette Lett, Scarlett 102, 189 Leu, Lisa Mae 173, 179 Levi, Jennifer 220 Levy, Julie Ann Levy, Lisa Ann Lewis, Elizabeth Ann my SIS-l'er,s Cl rcus Lane, Saundra Suzanne 203 Lane, Susan Celeste 103, 188 Lang, Maree Dee Langenfeld, Diane . 220 Langlois, Susan Diann Lansing, Julie Larew, Elizabeth Grace Larkin, Colleen Laroche, Ponda Daphene 220 203 203 220 1 Latare, Peggy Ann 99, 173 For doing the tedious work ot indexing Lewis, Kelli Renee Lex, Jennifer Lighthizer, Susan 99, 109, 189 Lindeman, Patricia Sue Lindroos, Richard Lindrud, Wendy Kay Lineberry, Elizabeth Lintz, Carrie Anne Lipschutz, Robin Little, Ann Holladay KU DOS 220 ' 203 103, 220 220 E broadway 443 Special thanks go to Marta Waller Cindy Horner Columbla m0 Sara Willingham Mrs Doty Contemporary Junior Fashions I . . . . e ' ' ' . Ol 9 - -' ' C I K I4 Karat Gold Jewelry K f -wvcfc , Lloyd, Jeanette 174 Lomack, J. J. 220 Long, Kathy Ellen Long, Patricia JoAnne 189 Long, Terri Jean Long, Winifred Norma Lorelle, Janet Yvette 203 Lucero, Anita Louise 203 Luebben, Lisa Ann 99, 119, 174 Luschen, Lisa Rene 174 Lynas, Janet May 221 MacDonald, E. Anne 174 MacGregor, Lori Marie Mack, Sheila Ann Mackay, Sandra Lynn 109, 189 Madole, Joy Lynn Mager, LeeAnne 189 Magers, Stacey Beth 98, 174 Magness, Becky Lou 203 Mahler, Anne Marie 174 Mahue, Maya 203 Mahue, Celia Jeanne 222 Makolah, Sabah Ahmad Malchow, Karin Elizabeth Malcolm, Elizabeth Paige 203 Mallory, Marjorie Catherine Manasse, Wendy Lynn Mandel, Dana Allyn 174 Manos, Angela Christi Mansker, Regina Ann Mantell, Michelle Rose 174 Marble, Laurie Ann 97,112, 204 Marglis, Michele Markey, Sybli Madden Marks, Elizabeth Marks, Martha Ann 189 Marshall, Donna Lynn 174 Marti, Linda 189 Martin, Edith Jean Martin, Robyn Kathryn 101 , 190 Marting, Crista Sue 204 Mason, Theresa Marie Mata, Rosalva Vivienne 174 Matlachowski, Joan 174 Matteson, Pam Thomas Mattke, Elizabeth Mauney, Shari Corinne 99, 116, 190 May, Julie Allison May, Susan Ann 102, 190 Mayo, Jessica Ann Mayor, Elizabeth Lynn 119,174 McCabe, Pamela Sue 189 McCanless, Ellen 174 McCarter, Kimberly 189 McCartt, Sabrina Anne 221 McCarty, Mary Sue McCash, Vicki 99, 189 McClatchey, Ann Elizabeth McClatchey Deborah 103, 189 McClendon, Monica 189 McClendon, Sherry h McComas, Kim Denise 103, 221 McConnell, Pamela McCormick, Eileen 100, 203 McCullough, Susan Marie 221 McCullough, Cheryl McCullough, Shawn McDonald, Callie 98, 189 McGavran, Megan 221 McGee, Celeste McGowen, Kelly Elder 112,221 McGowen, Russlyn McGrath, Eleanor Jane Mclntosh, Valarie McKeon, Nancy Ellen 203 McKeown, Barbara Lynn McKinney, Laurie Elizabeth 99, 110, 221 McLemore, Kevin Gault 203 McLeod, Lisa Morgan McLonne, Jane E. McMahon, Caroline Ann McNeely, Mary Ann 174 McNeice, Chella McNeil, Kathleen McParland, Theresa 110, 203 McReynolds, Ann 109, 189 McRoberts, Donna Jean 221 Meador, Jane Ann 172 Meahl, Melinda Lou 190 Meier, Dee Marla 174 Meier, Margaret Marie 116,204 Mellskog, Sherri Lynn Mercer, Janet Marie Merida, Leisa Kay Merrill, Rebecca Lynn Merwin, Rebecca Wells 175 Metzen, Kathryn Sue 204 Metzger, Elizabeth 99, 112, Meyer, Tracy Faye 102, 103, 204 Michel, Mary Lynn Miles, Mercedes Elaine Miller Miller Miller Miller Miller, Miller Miller Miller Miller Miller Miller Beverly Ann Elka Rebecca Jamie Lynne Jody Carol Judi Annette Karen Kathleen Susan Kim Ann Lisa Andria Nina Ann Rhonda Lynn Mills, Elizabeth Ann Mills, Julie Ann Milonski, Debbie Miltenberger, Julia Miner, Kathryn Ann Minnear, Martha Denise Misek, Jennifer Lynn Missell, Karen Elizabeth Mitchell, Elizabeth Mitchell, Julia Marie Mitchell, Nancy Ann 110, Mitchell, Pamela Sue Mitchell, Rebecca Lynn Mitchell, Susan Elizabeth Moffat, Lisa 'J 97, 99, 110, 223, Monaco, Cathy Monge, Melanie Jean Moore, Kendra Elaine 115, 190 Moore, Margaret Jean 174, 190 Moore, Sue Ann Morgan, Melissa Ellyn Morgan, Michelle Ann Morris, Cynthia Ann Morris, Debra Annette Morris, Kelley Anne Morris, Lili Morris, Billie Noel Morrison, Kimberly Ann Morrison, Michelle Morrow, Theresa Jane Morse, Melissa Ann Morse, Wendy Jo Mortenson, Sandra Mszanski, Sandra Muermann, Cindy Jean Mullenax, Andra Muller, Kristine Nora Mund, Stacey Munnecke, Merry Ella Murphy, Kathleen Ann Murphy, Kellie Leigh Murphy, Mary Kelly Murray, Carla 96,100,112 Murray, Kathryn Wilson Muscatt, Gena Myers, Laurie Helen Mil I Il For Your Convenience Shop at The Bookshelf Fountain Level Slamper Commons Myers, Monica 223 Nadine, Claudia 175 Nappier, Elizabeth Ann 175 Nelson, Cheryl Ann 190 Nelson, Lisa Kaye 190 Nelson, Polly Jean Nerad, Mary Elizabeth 204 Newman, Betsey Lynne Newton, Jeanne Alice 223 Niccum, Laura Jane 175 Nichols, Elizabeth 175 Nicklaus, Carolyn Nicks, Alvita Ouine Nicks, Bruna Elizabeth 176 Nicol, Pamela Jo 103, 223 Niebank, Mary Agatha 176 Nierenberg, Meredith 223 Nightingale, Kimberley 223 Nord, Lisa Jane 176 Norman, Catherine Jean 116, 176 Norman, Virginia Ann Norris, Julie Ann Newell, Faye Caroline O'Brien, Carolyn Jane O'Neil, Lindee Ann O'Shinsky, J. Katie Oberdorfer, Julie Ann 112,223 Oberdorfer, Robin Ruth 116, 190 Obllnger, Melinda Offer, Pamela 204 Oliver, Kimberle Diane 204 Olney, Susan Claire 176 Olsen, Roi Anne Olson, Deborah Jane 101, 176 Olson, Laurel Jean Oltmanns, Pamela Sue 224 Ort, Cherie Pearl Ort, Lani Susan 176 Ortmann, Mary Jane Orton, Patricia Ann 223 Ostrander, Candace 97, 109, 115, 223 Otis, Catherine Ann 190 Overson, Nancy Ann Owens, Frances Gary Oxman, Helaine Stefani Pack, Piper Anne Painchaud, Linda Palm, April 116 Palm, Michelle Palmer, Mary Beth Pang, Nikki Ann Paniccia, Tamara Marie Parish, Kimberly Anne Park, Marie Park, Torri Leigh Parker, Dede Anne Parkes, Mary Alice Parkinson, Nancy Parks, Rebecca Lynn Parrott, Lisa Ann Paterson, Elizabeth Patino, Marianne Pattie, Gay Renee Pawley, Stephen Walter Payne, Kathryn Payne, Leslie Kay ALPHA OMEGA EPSILON ETA EPSILON GAMMA Mary Lew Eldridge Jane Canning Libb Lineberry Mary Jane Childs Kim K11cComas Lisa Graham Pamm Milchell Pixie Hicks Mary Pearce Laura HolI' Harrlel Scherenbeck Pam Nichol Pal' Arlon Jamie Redd Sand Seberg Lisa hook Jane+ Swaim Susan Ta'rum Cindy Voigl' TH PANHELLENIC ASSOCIATION WOULD LIKE TO CONGRATULATE THE SORORITIES GRADUATING SENIORS' KAPPA ALPHA PHI ZETA PHI DEL TA Holly Bloom ulsl' Denise Adams Claudia Clar Connie Baker Brenda Devalle MarI'ha Bendel Molly Fleming Janny Be'hch Robin Francis Laura Chamberlain Leigh Ann Houck Robin Cornelison Jan Hunler Jayne Dixon Ponda LaRoche Mary E+zoId Karen Sims Lisa Fisher Ka'rh Saull' Becky Preuss Lisa laglnl Trace Rink Peggy Smllh Barb gullon S'I'ephanie Sleppelman Linda Ta lor Trish Tim erlake Kim Wlllia ms . . 'g . V . 1. .O A I Pearce, Mary Pederson, Anne Elizabeth 99, 205 Peltzman, Renee Noreen Pemberton, Carolyn 176 Pena, Christina Pender, Marie Katherine Penunuri, Maria Elizabeth 185, 205 Peot, Regina Noreen 190 Pepper, Melissa Rae 97, 100, 112, 174, 224 Perella, Gloria Ann Perella, Lisa Louise 205 Perez, Dawn Perot, Vanessa Louise 109, 112, 190 Perrero, Kathleen Mary Perron, Alice 190 Pessin, Jan Louise Peters, Mindy Lou Peterson, Anne Peterson, Deborah Peterson, Erin Lee Petti, Christina Petty, Karen Elizabeth Pfeil, Barbara Katherine Phillippe, Monica Lynn Pickard, Lydia Windsor 191 Pillman, Kathleen 176 Pinkerton, Lori Jean 109, 186 Plank, Amy Marie 224 Pogue, Dana Sue 174 Politte, Caryl Lenette 176 Pollitt, Lindsey Anne 176 Poillon, Jeanette 97, 99, 224 Pollock, Denise Louise 99,224 Pollock, Susan Faye 176 Pomeroy, Cecelia 96, 98, 170, 176 Ponder, Lori Porter, Jane Nanette Powell, Sara Frances 224 Prange, Rhonda Louise 191 Pratt, Patricia Lynn Prentiss, Brett 201 Presley, Patricia Lue Preuss, Rebecca Ann 224 Price, Barbara Ann Price, Melissa Shae 177 Priem, Marguerite Katherine Primm, Polly Cooper Pruyne, Belinda Jane Puckett, Donna 109, 119,205 Purnell, Pamela Jean Pushell, Kimberly 177 Quackenbush, Joanna 109, 116 Quesenberry, Elisabeth Quick, Deborah Marie 205 Quinn, Elaine A. Quinn, Janet Quinn, Mary Carroll Raaum, Lisbeth Ann Radcliffe, Judy Kay Raddatz, Anne Learn 205 Ragsdale, Tina Jo Rahmann, Pamela Lane 224 Rakel, Linda Marie 177 Ralston, Lynn Carol 97 Ramsey, Cynthia Cox 205 Rapp, Lisa Lynn Ratcliff, Brenda Gail 177 Rathke, Elise Ann 177 Raxter, Candi Arlene I 191 Rayl, Julie Anne 177 Rayl, Suzanne Marie 224 Read, Diane Marie 112,206 Read, Elisa Frances 223, 191 Read, Melissa JoAnn 225 Reasby, Sabrina Redd, Jamie Dell 103,224 Reddick, Elizabeth Ann Redel, Cynthia Ann Redman, Deborah Ann Reed, Lee Ann Reese, Michelle Rae Reeve, Kimberly Sue 177 Reichardt, Shannon 100,225 Reid, Jane Coralia Reid, MargaretSue 225 Reiger, Janet Lynne 225 Reitz, Kimberly Ann Remes, Miriam Sari Renner, Janet Maryanna Rennick, Lee Anne 98,100, 177. Renshaw, Allison Hope Revelson, Robin Sue 225 Rexroad, Sharon Kay 96, 99, 206 Reyes, Adelina Liliana 225 Reyner, Robin Lynn Reynolds, Marta Ellen Rhoads, Martha Ann 206 Rice, Charmell Denise 191 Richardson, Jami Ann 177 Richardson, Teri Elizabeth Richie, Rosalinda 177 Rickards, Renee Elizabeth Rieger, Janet Rieman, Elizabeth Ann Rink, Tracey Lynn Rippey, Pamela Rittenhouse, Ann Lee 191 Ritter, Nanci Lynne 206 Rittmaster, Laura Lynn 191 Ritz, Connie Jane 177 Roady, Suzanne Lee 177 Roberts, Leslie Diane 206 Robertson, Anne 191 Robertson, Jayne Robey, Pamela Joy 191 Robinson, Elwood Alson Robinson, Nancy 177 Roby, Margaretta Rogers, Deborah Ann Rogers, Larkellen 99, 177 Rohlfing, Christy Lynn 173 Rollins, Pamela Renee 225 Roman, Carmele Rood, Jan Denise Root, Louise Rosche, Ann 115,206 Rose, Cynthia Ann 177 Rose, Pamela Rae Rose, Terri Lynne 225 Rosecrance, Laura Sue 24 Rosenau, Mary Elizabeth Rosenberg, Debra Lynne Rosenweig, Lynn Roshkind, Elizabeth Anne 226 Rosmarin, Marci Elisa Ross, Sherree Denise Rotella, Mary Ann Rothschild, Marsha Ann Rouner, Mary Elizabeth 177 Roush, Kelley Rowland, Rhenda Renee 226 Royce, Diane Elizabeth Rubel, Peggy Marion Rudnick, Melynn 116,189,192 Rule, Robert D. Rumsey, Nanette Kay 119,192 Ruppert, Robin Lynn 206 Russell, Carrie Anne 177 Russell, Nancy Lee 178 Russo,'Diane 101,178 Rutledge, Barbara Anne 226 Ryan, Ann Elizabeth Ryan, Patricia Jean Rylowicz, Debra Ann 226 Sabel, Kris Gerard Saikhon, Diane Sailor, Garnett lrvin 206 Salisbury, Martha Lee Salmons, Melissa Lynne Samuels, Lori Joanne 178 Sandell, Barbara 206 Sanden, Timothy Sanders, Tracie Ann Satepauhoodle,Angelah 192 Sather, Anne Grahame Saugstad, Marlys 206 Saunders, George Saunders, Leslie 178 Sawyer, Georgie Elizabeth 206 Saxton, Stuart 226 Scanlon, Elizabeth Amy Schawk, Judith Lynn 226 Schechter, Jodi 192 Schierenbeck, Harriet 226 Schirmer, Jean Ann 185 Schlegel, Susan Marie 101, 195 Schlemeyer, Shelley Schlotter, Julia Lee 192 Schmidt, Catherine Schraegle, Janet Schram, Stephanie 109,192 Schroeder, Stacy Ruth 192 Schulz, Jane Elizabeth 178 Schutz, Mary Elizabeth 102, 206 Schwartz, Ann Mary Schwolsky, Susan Jane 178 Scoville, Lucinda 192 Seberg, Sandra Jean 227 Sefo, Lusia Seidel, Maxine Roberta 109, 227 Self, Dana Rae 115,192 Selig, Sari Ellen Sellers, Martha Jo . Semon, Jill Ruthann Septh, Gisele Marie 193 Serrano, Letticia Setzekorn, Sandra Lynn 227 Severn, Susan Jane 178 Seymour, Nancy Catherine 193 Shackelford, LaQuita 100,206 Shadbolt, Jennifer 193 Sharp, Pamela Renee Shea, Jane Shea, Nancy Jordan Shears, Patricia Ann Shearer, Marianne 206 Shellow, Jacqueline 193 Shelly, Elizabeth Shepard, Paula Lea Sheps, Lisa Beth 206 Shickich, Ellen Marie 178 Shirrell, Janet Lee 97, 112,227 Shook, Elizabeth Diane 103, 227 Shores, Alison Hart 178 Showah, Katra Marhar 206 Shryock, Barbara 227 Shryock, Sarah Shultz, Lauretta Lee 178 Sibley, Suzanne Simank, Martha Ruth 193 Simmons, Shannon Kay 178 Simms, Jennifer Zoe Simpson, Gloria Jean 227 Simpson, Frank James Simpson, Kathleen . ,mo Simpson, Stephanie Ann Simpson, Susan Carol 206 Sims, Karen Denise 227 Sims, Tamara Dawn 109, 193 Sims, Cheryl Denise 178 Singer, Alissa Lori 178 Singer, Sharon Kay 178 Skowronek, Andrea 178 Slocum, Sarah Smart, Mary Louise 227 Smith, Carstens 102, 115 Smith, Claudia 193 Smith, Cynthia Ann 97,206 Smith, Karen Denise 193 Smith, Kerrin Patricia 178 Smith, Kimberly Smith, Margaret Louise 227 Smith, Melissa Lea 109, 193 Smith, Sally Anne Smith, Sally Upshaw 97, 178, 227 Smith, Sharon Luise 99, 109, 193 Smith, Shirlene Smith, Susan Clayton Snelling, Taressa Lynn 174, 7 178 Snider, Susan Lee 227 Snodgrass, Gale Denise Snow, Rene Ruth Baker Soboloff, Joan Ellen Sokol, Kathryn Elizabeth Solomon, Rebecca Lynne Sondergaard, Susan 98, 101, 172, 178 Song, Jong Suk Soper, Katheryn Ann 98, 193 Sorkin, Laura Renee 98, 99, 179 Soult, Kathryn 228 Spaedy, Kerry Lynn 179 Sparks, Kathryn Eva 193 Spawr, Avery Goodwin Spector, Lori Sue Speer, Teri Lynn 193 Spencer, Laurie Gay 210 Spilman, Carol Lynn 179 Spradling, Sarah Beth Sprang, Ruby Joy Spreen, Kathy Lynn 206 St. John, Caroline 178 Staber, Constance 193 Stadtman, Nancy Ruth 193 Stafford, Eve Lyn 112, 228 Stanton, Karen Joy Starnes, Trish 116 Start, Mary Ann 115 Stearns, Susan Tracey 223, 224, 228 Stefan, Susan Joan 110 Stefani, Patricia ' Steffan, Rebecca Steinhoff, Carol Lyn 228 Steitzer, Katherine Stelson, Rebecca Anne 119, 228 Stephenson, Lacey Kay Stephenson, Rebecca Stephenson, Tracy Steppelman, Stacia Steppelman,Stephanie 179, 228 Sterrenberg, Margot Stevenson, Sara Lynn 206 Stewart, Daveda Stickle, Shannon Moser 193 Stith, Ann McKee 193 Stith, Terri Leigh Stockham, Debra Lynn Stocksdale, Sally Ann Stolen, Susan Lea 179 Stonecipher, Kimberly 119, 193 Stout, Debra Joanne 100,228 Strader, Kathleen Ruth Strange, Cheryl Sue 228 Strauss, Julie Diane 193 Streit, Carol Ann Stuart, Lisa Rebecca 179 Stuhler, Lisa Ann 179 Sturdivant, Karan Sublett, Darrell 228 Sugrue, Karen Joan Suiter, Jane Elizabeth 101, 179 Suiter, Sarah Marie 115,228 Sulentic, Anne Elizabeth Sullivan, Lori Lynne Sullivan, Mary Katherine Summers, Amy Kay Summers, Cynthia ffl CONGRATU LA TIONS To The Graduating Class of I979 from the Programming Commission ii fl i li l, li it l X' t F l L . 1 l it li l l l 'i i ,i in ii H ,i il i 1 ,, 'l '11 l il ll l li il' l l it il' E, ri ii if ii l i lv li il I ll ll ll l il ll l li ll li ll il ll Tl ll il ii li ll l il ll il iz il ll 1 gi ffl lg, - i 249 i l l 1 l 4: llia 31342 1 .ii il gil H12 .I I :gi -l Us -5 'in 1 ., fl 91 221 1. , S 1 ' , 1 f, 1-A -, 1' ff , 1 153 ,,, 1 1 . 'Z :,g. ,ty gzz. .Ur gill All size 1-1 ll' il il' 11 Qlzi, mi? iii? 11, 'fl -lil in l 4, :ill liil lfxl ,. l 'l7. iff? iii? .111 l hi' 'pn lg. -l lil lil El .,, N, , LII lr ,tg ii' 1 1 .55 J, pil ll 1151 VU, ,111 lil 1L2f O kgs. Summers, Jennifer Mary 97 Sutton, Barbara Jean Sutton, Trelvia Marie Swain, Janet Swanson, Laurie Jo Swartz, Tallulah Jane Sweeney, Elizabeth Ann Sweeney, Lisbeth Ann Swindeli, Rebecca Jane Q109, 194 Swope, Susan Elizabeth 194 Sykora, Nancy Jean 115, 169, 179 Taggart, Sandra Jean 207 Tamm, Caroline Tanner, Rebecca Elizabeth 194 Tarver, Sally Ann Tate, Sonja Lorraine Tatum, Pamela Susan 213, 228 Tatz, Mindy Lee Taylor, Delores Doris Taylor, Debra Jeanne Taylor, Elizabeth Jean Taylor, Kimberly Anne Taylor, Linda Jean Taylor, Louise 228 Taylor, Maria Renee Taylor, Tammy Lynn 228 Taylor, Tina 228 Taylor-Baldwin, Mary Temkin, Lisa Ellen Temkin, Robyn Stacy Templeton, Drew Derrix 109, 207 Tenholder, Belinda Thelin, Lisa Ann Thelin, Patricia Carol Thessen, Patricia Ann Thiessen, Mary Jane 207 Thomas, Tammara 96, 112, 194 Thompson, Patricia Ann 194 Thompson, Sheree 194 Thomsen, Melissa Ann Thurman, Cynthia Thurston, Theresa 194 Tierney, Susan Marie 207 Tikalsky, Terry Ann Tilly, Jennifer Ellen Timberlake, Tricia Toalson, Pamela Faith Todd, Emily Elliot Tolbert, Janet Louise Toomey, Paula Lyn 109,194 Topek, Janet Lynn 119, 228 Toranto, Lori Fran Trager, Shelley Lynn 228 Trinklein, Andrea Jan Trost, Susan Andrews Trumbo, Julie Bell Tsang, Patricia Turano, Laurie Ann Turk, Cathleen Denise Turley, Joanne 207 194 228 228 183,194 Turner, Volande Renee Turrell, Susan Tuuri, Eileen Rae Tyrrell, Mary Ann 179 99, 229 Underwood, Linda Lynn 109, 194 Urban, Diana Louise Urban, Marcia Elizabeth 99, Vacco, Carla Rose Vafaiezadeh, Farzaneh Van Brunt, Catherine Van Gasselt, Dianne Van Meter, Elizabeth Van Scheltema, Jane Vargas, Lisa Marie Varner, Vicky Jo 110,229 179 Vemer, Rebecca Susan 207 Venn, Patrick Verbeck, Julia Louise Verlench, Cathy Ann Verret, Victoria Marie Viator, Hilarie Elizabeth Vinyard, Anne Viola, Wendy Sue Vivian, Ann Louise Vlach, Victoria Ann Voigt, Cynthia Ann Vojin, Cynthia Frances Voss, Kimberly Frances Wade, Martha Wade, Marzee Ann Waite, Moreen Susan Wakser, Marcia Suzanne Wallace, Carey Jo Waller, Marta Waller, Patricia Ann P 207 99, 115, 229 194 194 96, 102, 110, 229 228 170, 179 101 9 1 l 1 it l I l Walsh, Karen Lynn Warath, Tina Ward, Lucy Ann Warner, Kim Suzanne Warr, Gena Eden washington, Cheryl Wasson, Angela Leigh Watson, Ann Watson, Paula Jo Watson, Sharian Waugh, Elaine Weatherford, Alice 109, Weber, Janet Patricia Weber, Susan Annette 99, Webster, Jeffery White, Terry Michelle White, Valerie Letitia White, Kimberly Whitney, Tami Kay Whitsitt, Lori Ann Whittelsey, Judith Whittington, Karen Weichert, Sandra Wiewall, Kathleen Wiggins, Jill Beth Willard, Debra Ann Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Elizabeth Kimberlee Roxanne Kay Tara Jean 194 Woodin, Candace 195 Woods, Rhonda Lee 195 179 Woodson, Ann Louise 195 207 Woodward, Mary Lee 195 Woosley, Jayne Olene 195 Worde, Billie Frances 207 230 Wright, Jin Arden Wright, Linda Lou Wroble, Lesia Ann 101, 179 230 Wulff, Sharon Kay 179 Wyatt, Joe Scott 207 230 Wyker, Susan Jeanne 230 Yantis, Laurie Anne 195 115 Yarbrough, Elizabeth Ybanez, Teresa Ann Wehmeyer, Kristin Sue 230 Weil, Cynthia Louise 194 Weiler, Bonnie Sue Weintrop, Stacey Lynne 194 Weiss, Lee Ann Weiss, Lori Ann Weller, Lori Susan 109, 116, 194 Wells, Miranda Paige Wells, Wendy Lee 115, 207 Werner, Cari Jo 179 Werst, Ruth Ellen Westerlund, Dale Sue 194 Weycer, Joni Weycer, Karen Lee White, Leslie Sue 116, 199,230 White, Lu Ann 230 White, Sanette Good Luck to Jane Canning Mary Jane Childs Robin Crocker Georgetta Harris Libby Lineberry Laurie McKinney Williamson, Susan ' Willingham, Sara Lynn Wilson, Anne Marie Wilson, Dawn Marie Wilson, Melinda Leigh Wilson, Sue W. Wilson, Zina Marcel Wineman, Sandra Dill Winger, Melissa Lori Winston, Susan ldelle Wohlers, Ellen Claire 102, Wolf, Rebecca Jo Wolfe, Deborah Lynn Wolfe, Jennifer Jane .Wolvek, Rebecca Leigh Wood, Diane Woodbrey, Peggy Ruth Harriet Schierenbeck Cindy Voigt Beth Williams Carol Young Prunty Hall Seniors 207 179 179 109 179 179 116, 179 179 Young Young Young Young 179 Young Young, Yochem, Madalyn Carol 199, 207 Carol Susan 100, 207, 230 Mary Isabelle 195 Lynne Danille 179 Martha Lorraine Susan Jane Tanya Renee Youngs, Kimberly Mae Yurdin, Suzanne Zacher, Marie Susan 119, 210, 230 Zelony, Gail Lynn 100,112,207 Zemo, Dawn Alisa 96,207 Ziegler, Alison Long 207 Zumwalt, Jan Zwig, Marcy Ellen 195 XA MERCA G, vi Nr 6 Carriage Works 922 E Broadway C0ll-lmbla MO . ' . vt lf O . Q0 O ' .' g And 1 A special thanks to Holly Barrett, Joy Katzen, Ann Little, April Palm, Lark-Ellen Rogers, Cari Warner, and Debi Willard for the pictures . . . AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST!!! To Laurie Marble, Melissa Pepper and Morgan Wade, a very QQ thanks for your generous supply of pics. 'X I -Z . 7 'S Stephens College . . H Changing Directions, Adding Dimensions -'va-ui S. i-- G ' , 5 X X- J .4 54' 292531. Xt I x ,, gf' I 'YL' I N .1,,k NW ,'.- V far' .ff To Focus Your Goals And Achieve Them. Advisor - Cheryl Boots Staft - Peggy Latare Business Manager - Cindy Voigt Photo Editor - Jayne Woosley f I I I I I I I I 'I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I , I I I I I I I I ' I I I I I I I I I I , I I . I I . 1 I I I I I I . 1 I I I f I I I I ' I I , I I I I I I I I I I I I I I , I Q I I ' I 1 I I , I Q ,. I I ' I I , E I I I , I f f I I 5 I I I ,I , I ' I I I I 1 I I ' I I , I I I V I I I j I . I v 'fu 3 x : ni +5 il. ,N lf 93' i1' 3 V 1' Ql Q ix E , A E 1 N: w , ? E. Qi u A- 11 V, 1 WI -3' wi W' fi' flf is K2 t E 1 gl, '1 is N511 Ia fp MX E a s 1 5 ll 5 ? 35 I -I 4 QE , 'r , "sv ,Z , N1 TE gx li Ei ,E 9 ,s lg up X ll M51 :QW wal iifig EIN Nil! WM EWS El ' U11 M HM 5117 EW aggi ffl fill ?l iii? ffl! E121 dug in Ev! 55,1 aw ZH-i t, i i f i 5 ii ? ii - , 4 V1 ig? in ASS 2.353 KE-1 121243 1

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