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Qbsb 57419 Stephensophia 1967 Stephens College Columbia, Mo. Volume 62 Q 4- Cont nt iiii' 0 1 , 5 Ili' Q rg D 5 i lil' qi it sk 'ls ' .-af ak .amine-1. . ya wave 4' 1 14 62 162 208 226 AS -kg' int it 52 5 2 .av Missouri setting, A Wonder, A A Sight with Feeling , i 'z':s"ri"f'z'nnny'-Vff'f"'f gg 5"S?l"?'l?E'lm'MXTi V, QTHT2'ff?E5'f"TEj N Spirit, Life. Happiness, A Goal for A Thought. f tt tt thhhthhhhtthth T We see through gates, paths, remembered Step forward. Use the past, create the It was theirs, is mine, yours. Z ,K ,y' - M-ua. down si ghts. future will be sh fs' H1 ez 6 X , ,N gn, i-, I . , ,, , - H55 .,M..,M. .4 A . , ...- ' f ' ax A , V t. - " W' ' 'fn - . ,A -V U1-4., - ,hm ' V f 3 ' v ' N A ,. Q f v' lily- B LQ I K' A V . W "' V' - if 7 "Vw 'J M 'P' it ' I -' JW.. 4 . Y A ' av, .. H "' 'gtk Law- K Aw 'fy f K F , ' M L ' If fx., N Q' 'f - "L ,K 'U"'15""' 9. 7 ,ff 'f 'A 7 ' , 'Vw ,M X 1 v-..., ,W . 'N g I' ,I "' M- L.. " K ' . Z4",.Sl!'---"',,,' , M yi ' if . . , f " -M-aw -4 .ff 1 M wb 4, A in ,. - ffcv 'af my "wg, 'Aw , M 'S ' X . W7 A f......, X MX 3,Q.,,gvs Wg: ., W , L., L.. .. N A .1 ,M , .f K mor- up '-W," M A -nf 4 K W w , ' J " -f M , --1... ,, . - ' awww-W . . 1- ' ,, " , F I JW W-mifmv VM 1.-4' ,, . J , .... A NU ., . ,,.,,. W am .M-M -qv ,ek U ww -Q3 V,,-- 1.1!-m,.,z:3,' f.n,awg" I' M has any -' W . M. ,W H N . 'Y f .J w."'9' gif f K+" """W , Ar Aww. M mu ,W f WM,,,,,,g , -g"'w,',,,,3iif" 'await W.-. M, ,Q ,,w,w .,asl!Q"-v Jann JMU' P 451- .2 Min- ww An active spirit, 1 ff' .,:"Yl' 'f In Ke J .Que-R: in Y YU f 'f' if , ' if' 'f"' 5' 'TE A -Fifi-' 2 i. ' Q A get sn. x . f' ' Y SVN V . V 5 1? ? ' with gentle spontaneity in I V r 1 Y I W 1 i r Y Y i X, E Q 3 V 6 L K , , w N w 1 W W , Y L W u W i X . r Q , , g4 ,A f A place to know a place to be- alone with 4' 'F E163 ws A Through time, the hands of the clock reach for the goal. For newness, for advance, the surprise. 37' Knowledge esired, sought after, lusive, not always attain d. me ,gg '- I-.1 Af' ' ,-V,,,zi.,g ,aa : -:J Sw.: ,- 12 1 Q .11 N fl if ff?-1,,zf,: 1 X :A radii. -' M22 .. -Q 1:4551-,::,,fs ,snpadr v X' '1' V'-251. 1-22.15 Eizfgkaaf- ,"'r:'-'zifsw ',1,.:lA Wrfiiv 5,511 gs . 'xv' rw' 1-L51 V wif Q-2943.1-r.. E, Q11 ,,,'. 1 ,. HMV.. arg L-iz, ., , 7 '51 4 J:,'L:,I,,S1g7. .li HSS:-:vw 35 13 A22 '-5gggQ'1f5H:- . EL W6 am, 1.1 ,. 5' Q-W .rn Tr. +., LY" N 1 af' J A s 4 , --5 ' ,VL MTL, Y'-.. if' fm fi 'fs IL' W A NSW mf a f Af -faq N Q 3115 K ,gif w1f1":ff11ea1v: 1- . ,JEL , ., , , M,-1 m Q.F54f'2 Y "" ' ' ' y x U. W1 M ' mffix ' RAR' A, fi ,.,xv :Q 3 J X , W ' 3-'F , 1 f . I, 55,1 r. ,,,. x , 'fx H., 1.4 : ,. '. F ,if YG, k Q ,.,13 VTP ' 1 " , f, ' 543' 'FW La - I4 , A X ' 14-F, ' f an 4 x '.-" cv' N-1 L1- fwfr' Ng, ws fa ' , -Vw.-,,,.gq,,, f -n..A-w:w,f:f:4f-ffnsg fwgfyynz 1 M wif. -mf , ,. W, ,1, -,La wi.. k, ,,1f - I ' 1,-v,4f,ivf5?,5g-19" 'MY' ?T255'ffEj-'gxgiflgfwiyi' .. ' -- ,,ww2Qw'qLa.,f ,, - Jr? 53,211.1-..-,----nf--v ,ga , 1- ' 'mi'aw. '- -'NVQ y' Riff Q . 1, in J mhvy Q4J!,3,p: 2563 1: uiygeavlfv, ' X , 11- .- .:'iYf2 5 "iii TES' if 1 3431.359 null' ui' President and Mrs. Smith carry on the tradition of Stephens College set by its Founding Father, James L. Stephens. The President of the College, Seymour A. Smith, combined dignity and friendliness to fulfill the perfect image of a college president. His balance between a rep- resentation of the high ideals of Stephens College and a warm fatherly understanding of each student endeared him to every member of the student body. He reflected his serious concern for Stephens, saying that a womenis college ". . . will flourish as a significant contributor to an important segment of our culture,', while his close Contact with student feelings prompted a humorous warn- ing to incoming freshman to be aware that H. . . A GTO an MC, an XKE, or a TR-4 may very well contain a W-O-L-F!', The Presidentls job included a variety of duties from behind-the-scenes meeting with faculty and boards, long- range plans in education and architectural improvements, to entertaining student groups. Mrs. Smith participated in college functions at her home and on campus. An oft-sought speaker, she hos- tessed many on-campus teas for incoming freshmen, faculty, and visitors, as seen below. iil i' 'es ,Z -. ' ' r" . , I 49? """w '-"' ' V ' ,ii- . " aff f ." ' 1 Ll f X ld V L+- u S i . M7 rr ' K 5? i. if .ri s r -r t . . . it lu ft i .. His personal smile becomes your welcome mat to the door of knowledge. The knowin mind, the sincere word Miss Martha Biehle, dean of students, worked with students in guiding academic and personal life on cam- pus. She helped as faculty advisor to the Judicial Council of Civic Association in upholding the standards of the school. Miss Biehle said girls should continue their education or further themselves in other ways and men- tioned the possibility of Stephens expanding its Bachelor of Arts degree in the field of secondary education. An outdoor enthusiast, she accompanied the members of Lege on a weekend camping trip to the Lake of the Ozarks in October. Working in close connection with Dean Biehl, Miss Martha Wade, assistant dean of students, worked as ad- visor to the Freshman Class Steering Committee and the Freshman Class Council in sponsoring such activities as the Freshman Class Variety Show, held on November 14, and the Freshman Dance, held on February 25. She also helped in procuring speakers for the 'gSpeaking Outi' series. 'TW 'A ' - 'Mgmt ' - .. arf ' ga-,., 'MM Personal Contact becomes a reality in the person of the Dean of Students The fresh face of Miss Wade greets the new class with freshman spirit. The academic leaders take us one step closer to the door of instruction f33'3. 1 '74 .f" x"1 ' ,gtg l Hi , sf Dean James G. Rice, the man knowing what, why and who confers with secretary, Mrs. Jean Carr. Testing begins with the deans of instruction and culminates with the individual student. V 'dem K- at t.,,ei-mis, G. ts,, i n s y V W. 1 Q '---sf Assistant Dean of Instruction James Nesmith administers the self study program for the college. Dr. James C. Rice, dean of instruction, cooperated with various institutions of higher learning to achieve educational improve- ments. He participated in conferences at Shimer College and Bard College in connection with the Union for Research and Experimentation in Higher Education and brought new ideas to Stephens. Dean Rice's administrative duties included work with the di- rector of the Stephens College Library, the Instructional Services, thc registrar, the director of educational development, and the five division chairmen. He was also responsible for the academic section of the Stephens College Bulletin. 'al find Stephens the liveliest and most imaginative college l'Ve ever known . . .," said Mr. James N. Nesmith, assistant dean of instruction. Nesmith worked with Dr. James G. Rice, dean of instruction, on the major concerns of the school. One of these, a serious teacher shortage in the country, stimulated the Teacher Preparation Program which will encourage Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts students to enroll in educational courses at the University of Missouri and receive a teacher's certificate. From Fifty states and twenty-three countries, we become one. Mr. David Carr, Mr. Eugene Sporer, Mr. Brice Leech, Mr. Everett Gourley, Mr. Leo Linsenbarth, Mr. Elmer Nus. Mr. Harry Biser and Admissions Counselors spent the majority of their time this year interviewing promising college students. The counselors de- livered recommendations of approval based on 1 F-1 grades, test scores, and personal attributes to the Board of Admissions. Counselors considered these applicants' personalities and common interest in the selection of rooms and roommates. Stephens College Counselors continued to take the Well being of the new Susies to heart by regular- ly checking their schedules, grades and progress throughout the year. f ,f' V ROW 1: Mr. Clark Stutler, Mr. Harry Biser, Mr. Vern Fegley, Mr. Roy Gallemore, ROW 2: Mr. Hardin Wfilkerson, Mr. Don Spitz, Mr. Norm Peters. 19 Mr. Dean Funk advises those students who seek help in planning for the future. "es, -N Dr. Eugene Shepard, head of the' service, counsels students with scholastic problems as well as those with personal conflicts. Mrs. Bernice Williamson serves as the counselor for students wishing to transfer. AdV1C6 and counsel The Counseling Service, administered by Dr. Eugene L. Shepard and associates, Mrs. Bernice Williamson and Mr. Dean Funk, co-ordinated all professional counseling and testing services on an individual and group basis for Stephens students. The five counselors and staff assisted over fifty per cent of the students with all types of problems ranging from emotional and adjustment conflicts to vocational and educa- tional interests. Annually the Counseling Service has maintained an extensive catalogue library for students interested in transfer information. The Counseling Service, available to all stu- dents, provided the campus with effective guid- ance in all areas of college and personal life. - J' H11 Residence Counselors: ROW 1: Mrs. Hallie Lutzenherger, Mrs. Gladys Baker, Miss Mary Omer, Mrs. Frances Brown. ROW 2: Miss ,lane Anne Beachner Mrs. Betty Schildman, Miss Marlene Shelton. Sympathy and authorit Miss Grace Curtis, director of residence counseling, stated that hall instructing, co- operating, administrating and advising com- prised the four main responsibilities of residence hall counselors. As faculty members their quali- fications paralleled those of a teacher. Many of the counselors received graduate training in guidance andcounseling, and, though not a necessity, teaching experience and personnel Work helped to provide strong backgrounds for their positions. The residence counselors lived on campus for ten months, arriving for a workshop one week before the Faculty Fall Conference and leaving three weeks after commencement in order to complete personal reports. As administrators the counselors kept ac- curate hall records, seeing that hall functions, such as house council and standards committee, were performed smoothly. The counselors worked in cooperation with Miss Curtis. ge Q Miss Grace Curtis, director of residence counseling, provides a new home for 2000 girls each year Residence Counselors: Miss Naomi Holt, Miss Anna Kohler, Miss Ann Northcutt, Miss Grace Curtis, Mrs. Josephine Graham, Miss Rose Lee Carter, Miss Grace Allardice. V , ,yil ' sw Mr. Raymond Jahn frustrates and exhilarates students by answering questions with questions. Division of the Arts explores the humanities. A if Dr. Louise Dudley, originator of the Humanities Department, and Mrs. Betty Murphy, secretary, discuss the creative thought found in a literary work. Dr. Alfred Sterling closely examines a piece of ancient sculpture intended to illustrate a point in his class lecture. t, W .....1p.-..,......, 'T 3 3 if it -his 2 'T ,ww ' I l i i i Q t V f I 'ii ' i if ,A , 51 ,ig 5 Dr. Melvin Davidson, chairman of the division of the arts, appreciates the aesthetics. Dr. Marjorie Carpenter instills her intense interest of the fine arts in students. 23 Sis. 'hm t F'-f-. .....g4-- dp +1 " '1I'f . Mr. Sporer and student discuss quality in ceramics. arf-4 'fe Q ...4 li Exhibits of individual expression in painting, found in the art gallery, demonstrate what has been taught. K Qaztw , A growing and clarifying-three dimensional art. little creative K t QL A t s- , is f-X ,..m. Color and composition are defined by Mr. Green, chairman of art department. Mr. Montminy keeps a careful eye on the dimensions of Stephens architecture. 0 . PW phllosophy 111 art Interior Design is conducted with a sharpened pencil by Mr. Hennigh. Hll QtfrZ , 'W -, f az! F ' K MF' The sensitivity of sculpture is heightened through a gentle hand and detailed thought. J Mr. Sloan, sculpture teacher, helps with student work. ls! 25 Dance, a space-time relationship, free expression from the heart Perry Mansfield, a Stephens-affiliated summer study camp, celebrated its 54thYseason this year. As a part of the BFA program, Perry Mansfield offered opportunities in theatre courses to students of dance. Located at Steamboat Springs, Colorado, the program is directed each year by Dean Martha H. Biehle and Associate Director of Ad- missions Clark D. Butler. Miss Rebecca Harris, teacher of ethnic dance, speaks with her hands. SK, 1 ffl? 'i - tg, . . L ,,s ,wif A morning ballet session progresses at Perry Mansfield. ,, ssgimh-fjEiE"'i?3 1 ill sv 1 -7 N ii? ' ,. L mm gs ,..e 2 .awww ,,.r Miss Harriette Ann Cray oversees the dance department. Spanish dancers Carola and Matteo direct a master class in perfornlance techniques. K f W , K k Q 1 Mrs. Rachel Ausherinan and student try to decide how to place the muslin dress on the actual material. Q- Receiving instructions on patternmaking, student listens attentively to the experienced Mrs. Helena Stawski. Mr,,,-nuns, ..av9"'4"' The quality of braid for a clothing design is the topic of conver- sation between Mrs. Myra Hoyle, head of the fashion depart- ment, and student. -A ,rhA,AA tiil its Vtt, K VA wt.,,ig,i1gr :fp V. fs up-......,...... ,qv- Mrs. Carol Foley and student work together to demonstrate a difficult procedure in patternmaking class. 3 V' we as t 1 . ' - ft 1 Mrs. Jeanne Powell corrects and adds suggestions to her Design I layouts. Students observe as Mrs. Polly Nichols bastes lining to skirt material. . s . ..,,w"'.w'-""' M 'K if Designing and sewing pattern fashion Mrs. Elizabeth Windmiller aids a student in her rnillinery project. Using a dress form, Miss Dorothy Stout drapes a dress to student's specifi- cations. -:f: Mr. David Milliken and Mr. Richard Johnson keep in tune as a duo-piano learn. Dr. John Nagosky becomes involved in the explanation of counterpoint. Sounds of today play yesterday's Mr. Edward Murphy, director of The Symphony Orchestra, scans niusic score before a performance. Relying on professional experience, Mr. Val Patacchi aids student in voice lesson. Mr. Irwin Umlauf critically listens to ,lofli Rogers, Dimitri Mitropoulis Scholarship student, Martha Naset, Dimitri Mitropoulis Scholarship studcnt, per- as She vocalizes, fccts piano tcchniqucs with hours of practice. practice, tomorrow waits in silence. All is concentration as show time approaches and orchestra warms up. C-0110611 SCI'iCS f62ltl1l'6S guest artlsts, utilizes campus potential The Sigma Gamma Gamma series brought to Stephens such performers as Jennie Tourel, Rosalyn Tureek, the Paris Chamber Orchestra, and the Stockholm Kyndel Quartet. ln addition, the 33rd Symphony Series pre- sented six performances: gallon Pasqualef, the Stephens faculty soloists, "Fidelio,', pianist Witold Malcuzynski, the opera MFaust," and Hliismetf' t raft t Q "Don Pasquale," October 7 Paris Chamber Orchestra, February 22 S'Kismet,', December 3 Jennie Tourel, mezzo-soprano, October 17 Rosalyn Tureck, pianist, November 17 Stockholm String Quartet, March 30 si Mr. William Wheeler gives instruction to the studio from the control room. Stephens television- our own Channel 4 ulVlontage,,, an extra-curricular television workshop, gave students an opportunity to pro- duce and direct and provided Stephens tele- vision with a wide variety ol entertainment ranging from poetry to go-go dancers. It of- fered students from the theatre and dance de- partments a chance to perform in realistic tele- vision situations. Campus talent auditioned for the televised programs and William Wheeler sponsored the workshop. T.V. production students use video tape to record 'The JF' Y: ,ff B 4.. r fa. flav- 4 WKMNW V-,NWN V , 253 Q. ,NM-H 'AEEZ5 qw -- 1 A-51,3 3 'A mm. A J 'lII?f i5 " N k Y Q " ,Ki wi 2, S Sw ,.., 4 P 1-ww f, w fwfr-f . .V 7' 1 ISEQMW27. wmwh 1. , 'mmm U1 zsfifafwsfffi gifs 1? , N if flu. if Rf x "'a.. Mr. Dale Miller seems torn with indecision during the performance of "Blithe Spirit." f Playhouse performers attain a better understanding of their roles under the direction of Mr. Robert Higgins. ,Q W I Bl-'O M4 x Mr. William Arrigon gives constructive criticism of a student's reading. Mr. William Cragen is immersed in his study of a new script. Acts- Awww M W -413 Makeup and a new hairstyle transform E1 student into the character of Birdie Hubbard in "The Little Foxes." l before the audience r age 'lil , . ' ti I , .Lis " , Q In :V A . t Q-fy., A -.1 l ' an K W..n.W.u- ,,n.,.,......,.,.,H.,.,,..tW...,,.....,.t,...... The description of a character brings amusement to a fellow theatrical student. Backstage, Mr. Vernon Wleddle relaxes before curtain time. . ,T We ii ' L w. I N A , 'R 2 "' Q - if? xi 5 , - fm i 1 -Q4 ,. . -2 A N W EM M 3 k , ez the Salem witch trials of i'Tbe Cruciblefi s Cordelitfs fiancee, Angier, watches in horror as Mr. Biddle and O'Mallc-y stage ll mock boxing inatcli in "The Happiest Millionairefi Readapting time and space, it recreates its own realit Bernarda leads the inouinc rs in prayer for her husband in Wfhe House of Bernarda Alba." A contemporary American woman, Division Chairman, Dr. Mary Lou Purcell, grapples with the domestic problems. K Division of Home and Commun fashion, -1 ,,.,,--W' l ,. ,,oV , if 1 f l s S-M 'C 2 x Q g Aww ta ' ,ig - fe K I L tw 7 x"m,N ,Mm Miss Nancy Taylor explains buying and selling techniques in her merchandising class. 11 s N y. li Combining their business knowledge, Mr. Keith Keel and Miss Carol Ostness, emphasize practical skills. ity correlates business, family life. Mr. John DeHoff prepares students to meet competition in the business world. wif p p sefensn Mrs. Adelaide Cafke counsels student to seek perfection in business education. Mr. Arch Troelstrup focuses his attention on consumer economics. Samples of quality material illustrate important aspects of informed buying for Mrs. Sue Coates' retailing class. Stephens odelin Squad I ,.? .A faseinates through fashion "' A Diane 0116, .lUliC BiSl10p, MVS. MCGCC, Cindy Netterville, Jane Adams, Dana Lyria Brannon, Beth Fesse, Diana Lynn Boland. lloryunn Duncan, Linda Githens Porter, Charlotte Clluttin, Lyn Huff af? if. Barbara Konovsky, Kathy Fung, llonna McLaughlin, Lynn Jenney, Penny Scalone, Dale Trammell gf. .. 5 at -W Tl-5524535 . V f:t1s.,zafs - w..:t:ff.,. , Miss Marjorie Momyer, chairman of the Child Study Department, radiates personal warmth and sincerity while instructing future teachers and mothers. '43, 'Yr 44 Mrs. Malcolm Odor supervises and enthusiastically Head starters provide Miss Grace Johnston participates in play time at the Children's School. with facinating noontime conversation. For a future experience 1,1 2 Miss Barbara Fischer, director of the Children's School, offers assistance through all phases of the learning 3 beginning, the child process, 4 .fir JF' Q fees Qi Q fr Li Q dhi-Big A W , 499511 las Wg Q n, ,M Q I K 'Ken Er-Q-W 'fi 'L 'Si li its ,M t. .22 while Miss Carolyn Finklestein serves lunch. Mr. Robert Detchemendy emphatically presents a problem facing modern women in his Contemporary American Woman class. Dr. William Brown speaks candidly, illustrating a point in Marriage and the Family. Miss Sandra Calkins remains nearby to offer any needed advice to future gourmets. 45 Athletic activities are topics of discussion among Mrs. Haag, Mrs. Gay, Miss Jones and Miss Dean. vt "4"N'm4, N,...,,. Exemplifying riding skills, student exercises mare and colt. 1 ws fr lm ffitw "P: Isgesifs t fi. "2 'swim-'rf vessfyzg -: fvw rt bfggzf .5 ggsgqgf g fiiflrigi mfi l'S'f'- time . ff ,M F g f gf Il . ..,,1 .,. ,, ,. 3 gm . K ,V .,,. al , Q25 A K. - gif? . , ' V, Jwtfmwgmgagavmiih .,,f- rf, e r Life saving students practice a basic rescue technique. ariety catalizes li Wins:-, fi 5 X gg., Mrs. Dorothy Jones, chairman of department of physical education, contem- plates day's events. s U 0 Miss Middleswart expounds on the ups and downs of trampoline. ll1tCl'CSt 111 SPOl'tS Novice sailors maneuver craft to trap wind in sails. A hockey forward drives towards a field goal. While retrieving arrows bowmen delight at improvement in marksmanship After a masterpieces class, students cluster around Mrs. Carl Rexroad for a less formal discussion. Dr. Betty Littleton brings to light a new aspect of Shakespeare's play for a student. Mrs. Dorothy Merrill, as chairman of SEC, promotes an upcoming book review. 'Q fe. Greek mythology is animated for students as Miss Cynthia Oehler weaves a tale of 'La bee-oo'tiful young maiden" and her lover. Dr. John Phillips relates "Eleanor Rigby" to the missing link in religi0n's message. Mrs. Marilyn Rose encourages her masterpieces students to read the literature of other countries. Dr. Edwin Miller muses about the Hthings we're s'p0sed to do Others' thoughts kindle our own Mr. John Robertson discusses a controversial theological issue. English-the thesis of freshman instruction M. I H. it 'iii iff: Mr. Charles Madden, chairman of selection for publication in Portfolio. The merits of a contemporary novel are appraised hy Mr. Russel Fowler and Mr. Kirk Mee. . . H ,srl ft V . ffffY42if':fflv'f .. , ,tl S ESIJXI,f':'7"f'l?.'f1:s-af.,J Mr. ,lack LaZebnik prepares a lecture for the contemporary literature class concerning Ezra Pound's poetry. Mrs. Phyllis Pearson takes the opportunity to mingle with other faculty members at a tea. f2'fS-ivsw Language-the verbal , ,, i Dr. Wilfred Neff, head of the language department, stresses the fact that a language can Mrs. Esther Hepple encourages interested students to participate be learned only by speaking it. in the summer study session in Monterrey. Mr. Albert J. Delmez enlivens the fluid phrases of French. dissonance of the uneducated ear if . WEE ft. 'Wis- ,Z Miss Johnnie Allison, Spanish. helps an 'advisee plan her courses for the Upper Division. , -...-ff" i ,.,,....,. p xxw fs- Mrs. Liliane Strauss, French, and Mrs. Janet Binkley, German. both know the merits of language study abroad. -- -fii . . It is the-earnest wish of Dr. Luis Lindner that all his students be- come fluent in his native Spanish. ' Y' .152 541- 35' 1 x..'-"A A-.--"",l In Mr. William Curka enjoys Hune tasse du cafe" with his French tudents grasp Dr. Alfred Novak, chairman of the Division of Sciences and Mathematics, prepares for an effective lecture. The greenhouse affords controlled study of floriculture. Microbiology labs allow a deeper study and under standing of unseen life. Biology classes use seines to sift plant and animal life from Stephens lake. Mr. Edwin H. ,lacks aids natural science students in their study of air pressure and volume. Mr. Edward Ryan elaborates on the formation of sink holes found in Missouri. for the unknown wonders natural science Miss Sharron Andrews and geology class receive explanations during field trip to Pea Ridge Iron Mine. A biological problem confronts Mr. Lee Howell. Mr. Charles Laun illustrates the use of scuba diving equipment to his class. Calculating the Mrs. Amy Henning remains cool, clam and collected throughout biology labs. f iif 'if' Dr. Minnie May Johnson listens intently to student interested in floriculture. formula for life Mr. David Otto and friend discuss human anatomy. Mr. William Waxler warns chemistry student of the effects of HCl -+- lab coat. Mrs. Pamella Spacie aids student in solving a complex problem. Mathematics Department Chairman Dr. Adele Leonhardy chats with advises at faculty-student picnic. WA W W1-ffm-ff we F . 'I ,. 2 tix ell Social Studies Division Chairinun. Ur. Gene F. Sclnnidtlein. analizes the present with records of the past. 1 ,X . fi Q Dr. Larry Perkins pauses to reflect on the intricucy of society if o T0day's lssues taught another aspect in the w0man's mind. Mr. James A. Burkliurt relaxes und enjoys vorivt-rsirig with students at school picnic: QQ' Dr. S. Pendleton Fullinwider contemplates the question of an inquisitive student. .f,x, . ,, . Aadgifi 5 Qfiiwgf .1 171 ,, y 1, if W A rw we ann' Mr. John Ludenian, psychology department head, considers a question raised by faculty members, Miss Davida Olinger. Dr. Wayne Allee and Dr. li. T. Rogers. 1 fell r -X ar' aims-.1 Q-an Dr. John Crighton willingly LHSCIISSPS Ill? Mr, Calvin Kent defines one of the finer points forthcoming publication of his volume of economics fm-agtudem, Stephens history. Insight comes from 'LDL Rexroad's sudden death left every one of us stunned and saddened. Left to reflect on the life of this vibrant person we realize: to the college he was a dedi- cated faculty member, always ready to as- sume more than his full share of responsi- bility in and out of the classroom, concerned constantly about the good of the institutiong to his students, HDL Rex" was a person for whom they had both affection and respectg and for his colleagues, he was a warm friend, wise counselor, and patient partner." fPresident Smithl We remember Dr. Rexroad for his oft spoken words, 4'What you seem to be say- ing is . . ." and his clear and direct inter- pretation of a problem. He constantly strived to fight what he termed "hardening of the categories," or a refusal to accept new ideas. He kept his mind flexible, was always eager to receive new knowledge, and he encouraged his students to do the same. bs ff I ,milf X V ' ..,...,,, -, ,,,.,,, , FW. . 'lug W ., 5 5 s N I, .1 4 1 bw 5 . rr -lt. .ff in it 'Wk 'T- at foie ft it . 3 r I 73 A i ' - ygvy 'yt . 5 am in E :wyl , 1 ,zz in ,L ,, , -me 1-.1 .' a Q so . - U' - . gif 2 -iii 2 r t -' 'lieth f'aqW't' Mrs. Helen Elwell's comprehensive knowledge of geography will add a touch of interest to the Asian Tour this summer. identifyin and resolving real-life problems. Dr. Han Suyin, physician and writer, voices her impressions of Red China moments before a foreign relations lecture. Visiting, the University of Missouri, Barry Coldwater attracts audiences from neighboring campuses. ' f E In an informal conference David Schoenbrun, leading CBS correspondent, discusses DeGaulle's France. . i . ,,,. A K' 155. Q H H 1 K , 1 k -fx,:'f"i' :f - :fr ., --fu -. - 1. grif v,1l.-,1e,-gh:-fg,5.-24.35-g.':s'.':'L K .k,. .Ng , M. . V 2 R iw my , rrev Senator J. William Fulbright continues aspects of his talk on American foreign policy with interested student. The campus lake, surrounded by reflection, activity and student life 1 'X , fr 3458 f if- ff 'V X '- t A f ' , f 'L 4 b -4 -, sf? 'EF W h X J- ,ig ' ,j V' E .Qff uf , ' A W ..,', V1 ii A 4 4 ' K . ,Al x,-, ,Y 2 . YP, ml x'iT"if iiikmv.. is i .nf 2' fi . f- Q.-W V ,Q-nr , . . 'fn ,+L - , . ,,f.,fm--v .N V f . k 5 s Q. 5 z Wwwwaw, M I K? , , my GZ M I as gf, W -1, Q- -V .3 M 1, -:., , A 'Q y 2 as Q A4 -wr' -KH .3 1: ,L J , 21 ra S f 1 K -V fi -Q if f, I X QQ af a fa V, 4 S k +2 .gy 4 4 1, Q- .yu ff F Q, 4 fa H V' -2 'Q 4 .lf xy, 'Q ly , ,xx , R, W if Y ' U S' Q' ' fb Q Q5 iz. Q. af sg. av ,R if g f z- 5, 1 S wg 3' y E K 5 3 A " ' 1 " ' -4' BBT 51' fff me + sa 'as 64 Freshmen C ass of opportunity and zes Follow the yellow brick road. :L-'fax I '1,g:,,,pL,.,, , H , Freshman Class Steering Committee: ROW1: Bunny Easterbrook, Shirley stein, Amanda Kreglow, Kathy Meyer, Ann Merett, Melinda Nelson, Chapman, Judy Jacob, Jan Artley, Pam Parsons, Marsha De Geners, Cindy Bulza. Jacque Van Hook. ROYV 2: Pam Dekema, l.aurie Tillery, Karla Klopfen- Freshman Class Council: ROW l: Jan Artley, Lyndy Stenson, Kathy Jensen, Karla Klopfenstein, Mike Weldon, ROW 2: Marty Cook, Gwen Dyer, Ceanne Finney, Gilly Gilardy, Ann Bartel, ROW 3: Judy Sanna, Bunny Easterbrook, Karen Lowrance. The Freshman Class officers rallied their class with the cry, 'aWe're off to see the wizardlv as they set the pace for their theme, "The Wizard of Ozf' Activities planned to carry out this theme included the Freshman Class dance, February 25, an '4Oz" day, with students sporting special Oz shirts, the Freshman Class dinner, January 12, and the campus-wide spring olympic games. The Freshman Class Council, comprised of representa- tives from all freshman dorms, sponsored a c'Speaking Out" and invited all students to take part. The Freshman Class Steering Committee, aided by sophomore adviser Cindy Netterville, directed freshmen until class officers were elected in October. Q M xxx F Freshman Class Officers: Lyndy Stenson, treasurerg Marty Cook, presidentg Gwen Dyer, social chairmang Karla Klopfenstein, publicityg Mike Weldon secretary. The Wisdom Exuberant class spirit reaches a peak as the dynamic council leads the class. Sitting by states gives Freshmen an opportunity to meet new friends ar, the Freshmen Class Dinner in January. l it Q K 525' dadvr vf-up Abbott, Patti Jean Englewood, Colo. Abercrombie, Susan Visalia, Calif. Abrahamson, Rita Evanston, Ill. Achenbach, Vicki Lynn Arcadia, Ind. Adams, Antoinette Oklahoma City, Okla. Adams, Theressa Gaye Indianapolis, Ind. Alberts, Carol Sue Peoria, Ill. Allen, Karen Mae Kewanee, Ill. Allen, Linda Kay Harrisonville, Mo. Allen, Linda Lou Atlanta, Georgia Allison, Evelyn Anne Houston, Tex. Alness, Mary C. Colorado Springs, Colo Alter, Mina Fay Phoenix, Ariz. Amell, Sandra Kay East Lansing, Mich. Anderson, Ann Virginia Oneida, Ill. Anderson, Carla Jeanine Rockford, Ill. Anderson, E. Kay Lincoln, Neb. Anderson, Kristine Lee Wilmette, Ill. Andreini, Paula Kay Novelty, Ohio Andrews, Cannell Hillsboro, Tex. Andrews, Leslie Carol Newport Beach, Calif. Andrews, Susan Frances Houston, Texas Antel, Jane Ellen Palo Alto, Calif. Appleby, Diane Kay San Antonio, Tex. Arbeiter, Paula Ann St. Louis, Mo. Arnold, Marina Kathryn Indianapolis, Ind. Aronoff, Dianne Dallas, Tex. Artley, Janice Elaine Columbia, Mo. Asterino, Brenda Marie Columbus, Ohio Augey, Jeanne Margaret Dearborn, Mich. Augsburger, Lindy Muskogee, Okla. Austin, Donna Juliet Fort Myers, Fla. Austin, Kathryn Ann Farmington, Mich. Babbitt, Jane Reynolds South Hadley, Mass. Babcock, Carol Kathleen Austin, Tex. Babcock, Margaret Anita Wilmette, Ill. Bach, Mildred Lou Hannibal, Mo. Baggett, Catherine Ellen Daytona Beach, Fla. Balcomb, Pamela Ann Terre Haute, Ind. Bannow, Elissa Jane Benton Harbor, Mich. Bardach, Regina Rose West Orange, N. J. Barker, Judith Ellen Marion, Ind. Barker, Mary Katherine Springfield, Ill. Barnes, Linda Hazel Phoenix, Ariz. Barninger, Mary Stewart Evanston, Ill. Bartel, An Bakersfield, Calif. Bartlett, Cinda Manhardt Milwaukee, Wis. Bastean, Mary Anne Houston, Tex. Bauerle, Virginia Mary Wilmette, Ill. Bearden, Martha Pampa, Texas Senior Sisters form their own reception line to welcome freshmen Beatty, Joan A. Cleveland, Ohio Beck, F. Jean Piedmont, Calif. Beckwith, Isabelle San Antonio, Tex. Bell, Barbara Jane Seattle, Wash. Bell, Donna Suzanne Birmingham, Mich. Belton, Janet Sue Columbia, Mo. Benson, Jody Los Alamos, N. M. Benson, Martha Lee Newport, N. H. Bentley, Sara Anne Peekskill, N. Y. Benton, Kathy Upper Montclair, N. J. Bergevin, Janet Lee Walla Walla, Wash. Berkhout, Els Nijmegen, The Netherlands Berndt, Linda Lisbeth Portsmouth, Ohio Betterley, Penny Sue Apple Valley, Calif. Bierbaum, Patti Ann Cincinnati, Ohio Bierley, Jane West Palm Beach, Fla. Biggs, Kim Bailiff Poplar Bluff, Mo. Bingham, Katherine Ruth Riverside, Calif. Binion, Christopher S. Arlington, Va. Blackburn, Mildred E. Arvin, Calif. Blakey, Melissa Ione New Orleans, La. Blankenship, Mary Ellen Neosho, Mo. Bledsoe, Camellia Renee Atlanta, Ga. Blevit, Nadine D. Miami Beach, Fla. Blitzer, Helene Kay Baton Rouge, La. Block, Mary Lee Cincinnati, Ohio Bloomberg, Margo M. Southfield, Mich. Blu, Sue Maria West St. Paul, Minn. Blumer, Novelle Renee Kansas City, Mo. Boatner, Stirling Arlington, Virginia Bock, Stephenie Judith New Haven, Conn. Boeger, Donna Beth Salisbury, Mo. Bohner, Sandra Louise Murfreesboro, Tenn. Boose, Anne Marie Falls City, Neb. Boren, Susan Hope Washington, D. C. Bosmyer, Peggy Sue Helena, Ark. Bott, Nancy Louise Belleville, Ill. Boyce, Maureen Frances Towaco, N. J. Brady, Carol Sue Cape Girardeau, Mo. Bramer, Wendy Ann Pueblo, Colo. Bratt, ,loan Martha Park Ridge, N. J. Brody, Janet Carolyn Sumter, S. C. Brooks, Bonnie Louisville, Ky. Brookshire, Mary K. Kingsport, Tenn. Brown, Anne Marie Colorado Springs, Colo. Brown, Charlene Nora Des Moines, Iowa 'WNV ar-M' ii dmv 'QT , As the buses unload, Stephens gets its first look at the new freshman ,,, S-iz l :ZZ X , A if ljdiifln if ' ,dvds .- "' , , a in ,gwile4wgi's if ,. ..., tuna-el mrs Wfgffffff 7f5f'5E'J'Zf in-1-.ual Brown, Edith Diane Beaumont, Tex. Brown, Jane C. Russellville, Ky. Brown, Judy Kay Lathrop, Mo. Brown, Linda Gail Sioux Falls, S. D. Brown, Pamela Sue Toccoa, Ca. Brown, Susan Annette Lowell, Ind. Brugger, Louise Oakland, Calif. Brunetto, Rosalie M. San Diego, Calif. Bruntjen, Rise Lynn Illiopolis, Ill. Bucky, Laurel Hollis Highland Park, Ill. Bugay, Sandra Miller Owensboro, Ky. Bulow, Kathleen Ann Denver, Colo. Bulza, Cynthia Louise Gary, Ind. Burnheimer, Patricia A Toledo, Ohio Buol, Chris A. Scarsdale, N. J. Burdsall, Pamela Kay Cincinnati, Ohio Burge, Barbara Ellen Columbia, Mo. Burnham, Madelyn M. San Diego, Calif. Burtis, Karee L. Champaign, Ill. Burtt, Carolyn Hillsboro, N. H. Butler, Leslie Patton Columbus, Ga. Caldwell, Susan Lynn Phoenix, Md. Calloway, Sandra Lea Bosco, La. Campbell, Anne Dyer Greenville, Miss. Canby, Joan Alexander Santa Barbara, Calif. Carhart, Karen Cay Alton, Mo. Carmack, Janet Elaine Clovis, N. M. Carothers, Sally Ann Stamford, Tex. Carr, Katharine Elizabeth River Edge, N. J. Carrington, Ann Beaconsfield, Quebec Cartland, Helen June Montgomery, Ala. Carver, Linda Jean Bellbrook, Ohio Castle. Sandra Patricia Hartsdale, N. Y. Castleberry. Letty Fay Jonesboro, Ark. Caudill, Carla Dee Anderson, Ind. Cawood, Ann Christopher Kingsport, Tenn. Chambers, Sharon Lynn Cleveland, Ohio Chamlev, Caron D. Glendora, Calif. Chaney. Carol Frances Arcola, Ill. Chapman, Nancy San Marino, Calif. Chapman, Shirley I, Arlington, Va. Charles, Gretchen Anne Pittsburgh, Pa. Cheney, Anne Robertson Buffalo, N. Y. Cherry. Pamela Jeanne Pittsburg. Kan. Choplin. .lan Louise Independence, Mo. Christensen, Edie Lynne Ralston, Neb. if X. f , ,K 9 I if . -Witt e ia The second perspective in testing comes after studies begin I as 'SQ' fra-, LL, Placement tests become a freshman tradition and a freshman trial. Christensen, Kathryn L. Lincoln, Neb. Christenson, Jeanne Beth Chicago, Ill. Cina, Betsy Jean Kirkwood, Mo. Cioffi, Cindy Ann New Castle, Pa. Clampett, Marilyn Louisville, Ky. Clark, Anne Elizabeth Rock Island, Ill. Clark, Jan Shaker Hts., Ohio Clark, Jane Bancroft Rochester, N. Y. Clayman, Susan Lynn Tulsa, Okla. Clements, Julianne Denver, Colo. Cochran, Linda Jane West Des Moines, Iowa Coen, Rush Lancaster, Ohio Coen, Suellen Ann Laguna Beach, Calif. Cohen, Marina Allen El Paso, Tex. Cohen, Sheryl N. Flushing, N. Y. Coleman, Mary Candace Bakersfield, Calif. Collingsworth, Lynn D. Southwest City,,Mo. Collins, Christina Carol Midwest City, Okla. Comer, Pamela Victoria Columbia, Mo. Compton, Jan Elizabeth Westport, Conn. Condit, Cecilia Anne Philadelphia, Pa. Cook, Marjorie Ann San Antonio, Tex. Coon, Elizabeth Jane Gallatin, Mo. Coons, Barbara Lynn Peoria, Ill. Cooperrider, Susan Franz Alturas, Calif. Copeman, Carla Howell, Mich. Crane, Christine Oshkosh, Wis. Crecraft, .lane Cary Rosemont, Pa. Crocker, Kathleen Whitney Indianapolis, Ind. Cronin, Charlotte Ashton Alexandria, Va. Croom, Caren Dardanelle, Ark. Crosby, Connie Joan Denver, Colo. Crouze, T. Joan New York, N. Y. Crow, Katherine Louise Birmingham, Ala. Culberson, Candace Custer, S. D. Cunningham, Elizabeth Ann San Marino, Calif. Curry, Cynthia Lee Portland, Ore. Daffin, Toby Clark Ames, Iowa D'Agostino, Margaret Mary Rochester, N. Y. Danner, Kathy Ann Chariton, Iowa Danzig, Victoria ,lane Beverly Hills, Calif. Darrah, ,loan Lynn Wichita, Kan. Darst, Patricia Lynne Bagley, Minn. Davidson, Betsy Lou Decherd, Tenn. Davilla, Donna Elaine Carman, Ill. Davis, Regina Rae Omaha, Neb. Drama and music students participate in Vespers services to set the mood for meditation. 3' White Sunday is the freshman's introduction to the spiritual service. Davis, Sherry Lynn Cedar Falls, Iowa Davis, Stephanie Rock Island, Ill. Day, Janet Louise Muscatine, Iowa Day, Margaret Harsh Jacksonville, Fla. Deacon, Marie Jonesboro, Ark. Dean, Sara Hye Los Angeles, Calif. Deason, Diann E. Chevy Chase, Md. DeCvenaro, Marsha Jean Clearwater, Fla. Dekema, Pamela Anne La Jolla, Calif. deLeon, Karen Jane Kearney, Nebraska Denney, Diane Tulsa, Okla. Detert, Marie Catherine Westchester, Ill. Dews, Deidre Anita Washington Courthouse Ohio Dews, Denise Arden Hattiesburg, Miss. Dick, DeeDee Decatur, Ill. Dietrich, Barbara Lyn Munster, Ind. Dillard, Jane Isle Shawnee Mission, Kan. Dixon, Ann Dallas, Tex. Dockrey, Cristi Lynn Hermosa Beach, Calif. Dodgen, Susan Marie Humboldt, Iowa Dougherty, Patricia Lee Jacksonville, Ark. Downey, Cindy K. Sacramento, Calif. Dreyer, Ruth Ann Greenwood, Ind. Drown, Nancy West Nashville, Tenn. Duckett, Linda Beth Hiawatha, Kan. Duncan, Carol Anne Washington, Mo. Duncan, Victoria Ann Memphis, Tenn. Dunn, Marianne Gladstone, Qld., Australia Dupont, Julie Marie Andover, Mass. Durham, Donna Darlene Hammond, La. Duvardo, Marilyn Kay Sparta, Ill. Dye, Linda Ellen Richlands, Va. Dyer, Gwen Lamesa, Tex. Dyett, April Alexis Buffalo, N. Y. Dygert, Theodora Louise Minneapolis, Minn. Easterbrook, Leslie Eileen Kearney, Neh. Eaton, Eva Virginia Seaford, Del. Eberhart, Eunice E. Scottsdale, Ariz. Eberly, Jeanie Christine Richland, Mich. Edgar, Alison Chappaqua, N. Y. Eggeson, Christina Lee Goshen, Ind. Ehrlich, Virginia Lee Burbank, Calif. Einsel, Martha Christine Wilmore, Kan. Eisenhart, Linda Marie K. I. Sawyer AFB, Mich. Ekstrom, Martha Elisabeth Coronado, Colo. Elliott, Susan Scarsdale, N. Y. become better acquainted. Ellsworth, Mary Elizabeth Milwaukee, Wis. Elvey, Sharyn Judith Skokie, Ill. Engomar, Janet Loftin Encino, Calif. Ertel, Deborah Lee Cortez, Colo. Eschen, Karen Louise Diablo, Calif. Eslick, Sherry Lynn Winfield, Kan. Estey, Kate Montclair, N. J. Evans, Michele Machrae Winnetka, Ill. Evans, Priscilla Boston, Mass. Fabacher, Catherine New Orleans, La. Falk, Patricia Anne Rockport, Tex. Farkas, Kathie M. Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Farlow, Bonnie Jane Fargo, N. D. Fasting, Catherine Gail Jacksonville, Fla. Fellner, Bobbi Lynn Chatsworth, Calif. Fields, Sandra Helena Houston, Tex. Finkel, Theresa Lee Encino, Calif. Finney, Geanne Maynard Alexandria, Va. Fishburn, Sarah Jane Wooster, Ohio Fleming, Jean Davis Dallas, Tex. Fleming, Judith Ann Tyler, Tex. Followwill, Sheila Mary Lamont, Calif. Ford, Margaret Gail Selma, Ala. Ford, Mary C. New Harmony, Ind. Forster, Gayle Ethel Wayzata, Minn. Fortmeyer, Rebecca Jane Fort Wayne, Ind. Foster, Jane Winthrop Springfield, Ohio Fox, Pamela Jane Dallas Center, Iowa Frankovic, Toni Layne Fairfax, Va. Freed, Anita Joan Sumter, S. Car. Freedlander, Ann Wooster, Ohio Freedman, Brenna Susan Fort Lee, N. J. Freeman, Barbara ,lean Ft. Sheridan, Ill. Frettum, Christine Elerie Santa Paula, Cal. Friedberg, Helen May Louisville, Ky. Friedman, Anne Bobbi Omaha, Nebraska Fries, Linda Lee Columbia, Mo. Friesen Mar aret Beth 7 5 Shawnee Mission, Kan. Frits, Wendy Catherine Seattle, Wash. Frye, Helen Elizabeth Magnolia, Miss. Frye, Linda Jean Washington, Ind. Fuller, Merry Martha Kingsport, Tenn. Fulton, Dawn Columbiana, Ala. Gaines, Olive R. Atlanta, Ga. Gainey, Megan Eileen Crestwood, N. Y. Gallagher, Erica Louise Charlotte, N. C. Ideas and Living Today, the TV course, demonstrates and questions t0day's problems and answers. inf -ng--f-,QQ F Muni" get if The greenhouse provides its own atmosphere for students with botani- cal pursuits in mind. Gallagher, Paula Jean Fargo, N. D. Gallo, Linda Louise Prospect Heights, Ill. Galst, Mildred Jo Phoenix, Ariz. Galyean, Roseanne Opelousas, La. Gammon, Linda Louise Philippine Islands Garrett, Gil Amelia Washington Courthouse Ohio Gartner, Brenda Irene Dallas, Tex. Gassner, Ana Katarina Santa Cruz, Bolivia Gast, Gretchen Annette Warsaw, Ind. Gatlin, Joyce Ann Raton, N. M. Gatton, Charlotte Faye Bremen, Ky. Gehring, Donna E. Encino, Calif. Gehring, Susan Lynn Casper, Wyo. Gentner, Kathy L. Phoenix, Ariz. Gerdes, Sandy Kay Dixon, Ill. Gerow, Anne C. Wallingford, Pa. Gershman, Marilyn R. Grand Forks, N. D. Gettinger, Sally Lou Wheaton, Ill. Ghostley, Karen E. Anoka, Minn. Gibian, Joan Selma, Ala. Gibson, Julie Faye Des Moines, Iowa Gilardy, Pamela Jane Waterford Village, Mich Gilbert, Cynthia Lee Atlanta, Ga. a Gill, Mary Ellen Pensacola, Fla. Gillam, Linda Mae Bozeman, Mont. Gillette, Barbara E. Katonah, N. Y. Gitersonke, Linda K. Bridgman, Mich. Gladstone, Diane E. Shaker Heights, Ohio Goe, Donna Lvnn West Memphis, Ark. Goldmann, Terry Anne Fargo, N. D. Goldstein, Gail B. Omaha, Neb. Goldstein, Laura Jayne Warner Robins, Ga. Gonzalez, Irma Elsa Tucson, Ariz. Good, Mary Clem Midwest City, Okla. Goodfriend. Linda Sue Athens, Tenn. Gordon, Linda Beatrice Xenia, Ohio Goshert, Sherl Elaine Fort Wayne, Ind. Grace, Lynne Governors Island, N. Y. Graham, Leigh Ellen Grosse Pointe, Mich. Grant, Marcia J. Batavia, N. Y. Graves, Lorraine E. Kuwait, Arabia Graves, Terry Lou Los Angeles, Calif. Gray, Carolann Midland, Mich. Gray, Cynthia Sacramento, Calif. Greenberg, Penny Francis West Palm Beach, Fla. Griffiths, Sandra A. Belmont, Calif. ef.. .. X ,,..a.w.,. ,Qi K if wg I I fi Q el , 5 1 A The "happy pigsi' are opened for inspection. ,W ww 'Hn-Q' Ss' Library lounges provide personalized places for com fortable K . . 6 study. if as-.wr Griggs, Nicola F. Los Angeles, Calif. Groupe, Marsha E. Chicago, lll. Groves, JoAnn Beverly Hills, Calif. Grubschmidt, Bayla C. Santa Rosa, Calif. Grusin, Judith Marilyn Glencoe, lll. Gunter, Elizabeth L. Durant, Okla. Guthrie, Mary St. Petersburg, Fla. Haardt, Mabel Anton Montgomery. Ala. Hadwin, Deborah Lynn Jackson. Mich. Hageman, M. Ann Birmingham, Mich. Hahn, Anne Anderson Waterloo, Iowa Halbach, Gretchen A. Santa Cruz, Calif. Hamlin, Margo Gail Hannibal, Mo. Hampton, Cheryl L. Stamford. Conn. Hanahan. Christy Ann Lakeland, Fla. Hancock, Patricia A. New Albany, Ind. Hardymon, Glenda K. Maysyille, Ky. Hating. Pamela Joan Weston. Conn. Harlow, Kandy C. Westminster, Colo. Harmon. Ann M. Noel, Mo. Harper, Garla Sue Lakewood, Calif. Harper, Helen G. Dover, Delaware Harrah, Jill Newtown, Conn. Harrell, Frances Adele Pensacola, Fla. Harrington, Harriette Jo Houston, Tex. Harris, Julie Lynn Duxbury, Mass. Harrison, Janice Faye Sapulpa, Okla. Harrod, Susan Elaine Youngstown, Ohio Hart, Linda Lee Austin, Tex. Hartman, Ann Elizabeth Collinsville, Ill. Hartung, Linda Janise Jeffersontown, Ky. Hauser, Marjorie Dee Detroit, Mich. Hawkins, Barbara Jo Sheperdsville, Ky. Hawks, Lucinda Macy Rochester, N. Y. Hawley, Victoria Boise, Idaho Hearn, Michele K. St. Louis, Mo. Heidel, Wilma Jonell Salem, Ore. Heimerdinger, Charlotte C. Cincinnati, Ohio Heins, Charlotte Marie La Canada, Calif. Helitzer, Jacqueline Xvichita, Kan. Helling, Lura Louise Union, Mo. Helmen, Lillian C. Fredericksburg, Va. Hendricks, .loan Timonium, Md. Henry, Lynda Gayle Garland, Tex. Henthorne, Barbara Sue Tulsa, Okla. Hernandez, Lucia Matilde Santo Domingo, Dom. Rep A., off the campus. Hickerson, Linda Jean Independence, Mo. Hiers, Christine Huntsville, Ala. Hildreth, Linda Carol Oak Ridge, Tenn. Hill, Annette Dale Ripon, Wis. Hill, Cinda Jean Portland, Ore. Hill, Diane Zanesville, Ohio Hill, Linder Bonnell Memphis, Tenn. Hinton, Janet Carde Nashville, Tenn. Hirsch, Jan Audrey Shreveport, La. Hochman, Janet L. Clayton, Mo. Hofmann, Cathie Lou Palos Verdes Estates, Calif Hokanson, Jean Christina Glen Head, N. Y. Holgerson, Margaret H. Alameda, Calif. Holmgren, Lynn Susanne Berea, Ohio Holsinger, 'Donna ,lean West Covina, Calif. Holt, Francis Ann Pampa, Tex. Holzman, Rosella Ann Milwaukee, Wis. Hooper, Kay Ann Atlanta, Ga. Hopkins, Lynda Kay Longmont, Colo. Horneman, Anne Miami, Fla. Horton, Elizabeth U. Cleveland, Ohio Houk, Katherine G. Rocky River, Ohio Howard, Deborah Ellen Barrington, Ill. Howard, Pamela Ruth Atlanta, Ca. Howard, Shelby Malinda Hodgenville, Ky. Hudson, Jo Francis Brawley, Calif. Huff, Marian Lehn Excelsior, Minn. Huggett, Diane Lois Bedford, N. Y. Huggins, Julie Diane Long Beach, Calif. Huidekoper, Lucy L. New Canaan, Conn. Hutchins, Jacqueline Ann Niles, Mich. Hutchison, Janet Paris, Tex. Ilsley, Vicki Kay Sheridan, Wyo. Jablonow, Julie Kay Clayton, Mo. Jacob, Judy Southfield, Mich. Jacobs, Mary Ellen Sioux City, Iowa Jagger, Patricia Ann Columbia, Mo. James, Margarita R. El Paso, Tex. James, Mari Griffith Pittsburgh, Penn. Janello, Dianne Lynn Christopher, Ill. Jensen, Kathy Lee Denver, Colo. Jesme, Catherine Nyann Englewood, Colo. Johnson, Cathy Caroline Fort Collins, Colo. Johnson, Diane Lucille Stockbridge, Mass. Johnson, Gail Trebbe Omaha, Neli. Johnson, Katherine Ann Arlington Heights, Ill. ni' Q, T .s Hg., f f f ' i''lf'Q-ii'iQ9ifz'fQ1Y',i3iif-f .. , ,M ,,,,,,, -,.,,,,,-,,,r,t,..,, V . - 2- vf-f .Maia ,, ag' .W . . 'L -if fav 1' 0-11 S1ef:Wi'fefwttiiiiei-afiiaefifbkefsian f -- - , Mm' " , Q ps?-ii fl-f4s'Qis:,-efffs . --ff,vifs'1e1ii.,LL 2 -' .seriffi.S7i'f21ff??5?Flf9t1eiin f ' ' ' f I rl- 't'- . A , .1 ' finge r-is-,az - -W,-29,1.n.Q,SQQBWQSEQZ-s2i.S1-lei,figWegas.., e A Tm" Z' in H . :,f'ivwsT'f415r'Wi-L1 Iii tim, -i s ' W . . fL.f,,..' 'T-fvzfrgffif-:' " " -1.3.4 .I-,. V-...V-5 -1-,mc , ,,.'z-',w,- , ,..:f:,,,:.,-.f.z:sf::.,e:--- .. ,, ,,r:,,ga-. , me-5a.,1xg,g..aV,.f, . .iw af V- - -pri -ff- . .. 55453 , : ,tssi tq-i!2352lE"Q. -- ::' :f.':5'ffI"'lEi'?3g-F-4 H :HW A we Jw FQYAJN-2 3555337 'ZKLKSQQL6'Liifiizgii'Lf'fi,?5:m,lf'li liar" NH- ' i The Tigers, homecoming parade stops oncoming Stephens scramble light traffic. Sli' , .W,,,1 11 Y. The post office entrance is traveled through at least ten times a da ', in hopes of a letter. Johnson, Martha Diane Dallas, Tex. Johnson, Sarah Royanne Minneapolis, Minn. Johnson, Susan Elaine Santa Barbara, Calif. Johnson, Susan Joan Winnetka, Ill. Johnson, Wendy Evanston, Ill. Johnston, Nancy Sue Champaign, Ill. Jones, Carolyn Otis New Canaan, Conn. Jones, Jill Jenison Northfield, Ill. Jones, Marion Marvin Sausalito, Calif. Jones, Susan Ellen Arlington, Tex. Joseph, Janet Lynne Walpole, Mass. Josephson, Jill Shelly Huntington Wloods, Mich Judson, Eleanor Rebecca Fort Collins, Colo. Kaemmerer, Carol Lee St. Louis, Mo. Kahn, Rosann Pensacola, Fla. Kaiser, Eugenie Elise San Francisco, Calif. Katrihe, Kerry Josephine Baytown, Tex. Katterhenry, Ann Lynne Huntingburg, Ind. Katzson, Michele Lynn Denver, Colo. Kaufman, Linda Anne Seattle, Wash. Keeran, Pamela Lynn Canton, Ohio Keith, Stephanie Gayle Kansas Citv, Mo. Kelly, Linda Rose Kearney, Mo. Kenney, Nancy Lee West Newton, Mass. Kennis, Evonne Sue Minneapolis, Minn. Kenyon, Brenda Pauline Toledo, Ohio Keown, Mary Jean Malibu, Calif. Kerr, Susan Jane Bedford, Ind. Kerwin, Helen Dean St. Paul, Minn. Ketchum, Sharon Joyce Johnson City, N. Y. Key, Cynthia Ann Pampa, Tex. Kincheloe, Alice Susan Dallas, Tex. Kinder, Suzanne Fredericktown, Mo. King, Glenda Frances Topeka, Kan. King, Mary Jane Oklahoma City, Okla. Kipping, Karlene K. Carrollton, Ky. Kirk, Patricia Jane Kettering, Ohio Kirk, Roberta Jean Littlefield, Tex. Kitaen, Karyn Dee La Mesa, Calif. Klein, Margaret Ann Wayne, Pa. Klopfenstein, Karla H. Seattle, Wash. Klosterman, Kathleen A. St. Louis, Mo. Knapp, Pamela Jane Carlsbad, Calif. Knepper, Bonne Lee Columbus, Ohio Knipschild, Jan Louise Norborne, Mo. Koehler, Sara Sue Henderson, Ky. 13 Yhf This is the face of Old Mizzou. vi , udpaaf A M The campus 4'cops" believe in: keeping M.U. boys from Stephens girls, keeping watch on the time, and keeping off the grass. S197 Kolb, Melinda Lou Storm Lake, Iowa Koolish, Karen Miami Beach, Fla. Koplar, Susan Jean Chicago, Ill. Kravetz, Barbara Elaine Tulsa, Okla. Krebs, Doris Patricia Nazareth, Pa. Kreglow, Amanda Byington Washington, D.C. Krieger, Maureen Beverly Hills, Calif. Kriner, Dawn Marie Pocatello, Ida. Krone, Karyn Sue Lincolnwood, Ill. Kruesi, Caroline Ann Pittsfield, Mass. Kubicek, Susan Lorell Shaker Hts., Ohio Kyle, Anne Marguerite Brawley, Calif. Lucy, Judv Jane Baton Rouge, La. Lain, Flo Ferguson Houston, Tex. Lammerts, Helen Alicia P. Oklahoma City, Okla. Lamparter, Linda Kay Lancaster, Pa. Lampe, Deborah Cheryl New Orleans, La. Landis, Cathv Ann Bellevue, Wash. LaRoi, Rita Lvn Winnetka, Ill. Larsen, Henrietta Jayne Jefferson City, Mo. Larson, Geraldeen Trecia Philomath, Ore. Larson, Sonja Elaine Iowa City, Iowa Larson, Wendy E. Helena, Mont. Latimer, Carolyn Jean Hartville, Mo. Lawshe, Lyn Blytheville, Ark. Layne, Martha Kathleen Fairborn, Ohio Layne, Mary Kristine Fairborn, Ohio Ledoux, Claudia Jo DeRidder, La. Lee, Doris Sherman, Conn. Lee, Dorothy Jaeger Atlanta, Ga. Lee, Mary Chi-Fun San Francisco, Calif. LeFevre, Anne Winnetka, Ill. Lefoldt, Patricia Pearl Jackson, Miss. Lekis, Adrianne Kay Quinto, Ecuador Lessmann, Linda Marcie Barrington, Ill. Letterman, Martha Ann Jvashington, D. C. Levy, Helen New Orleans, La. Lewis, Jacklyn Diane Dearborn, Mich. Lewis, Sherry Lee Louisville, Ky. Lewis, Susan Paxie Ogden, Utah Lichtman, Barbara Ruth Los Angeles, Calif. Lieder, Melinda Riverside, Calif. Ligone, Jill Mclver Raleigh, N. C. Lilenfield, Ava Joshea Newton, Mass. Lilley. Janice Ruth Springfield, Mo. Lindley, Susan Maria Cedar Rapids, Iowa YN' Lindsey, Julie A. Santa Barbara, Calif. Lindsey, Karen Anne Brownsville, Tenn. Linfesty, Linda Margaret Bakersfield, Calif. Linn, Nancy E. Cincinnati, Ohio Lipschultz, Carol H. St. Paul, Minn. Lloyd, Joan Andrea Macon, Ga. Lojinger, Linda Coral Gables, Fla. Long, Karen Ellen Cleveland Hts., Ohio Lorenz, Dorothy G. Wichita, Kan. Lorenz, Tamara Ann Waterloo, Iowa Loritsch, Margaret E. Wheaton, Ill. Love, Laurie A. Orinda, Calif. Lowery, Lynn Lee Benton, Ill. Lowrance, Karen Claremore, Okla. Lubbin, Katie Los Angeles, Calif. Lucke, Kathryn Jo Kalamazoo, Mich. Lugrin, Mary Beth Hamden, Conn. Lundquist, Darlene L. Troy, Mich. Lundstrom, Mary Helen Neenah, Wis. Lupherger, Anne M. Denver, Colo. Lurting, Pamela Big Spring, Tex. Lyons, Bonnie L. Houston, Tex. MacDowell, Margaret L. Hudson, Ohio Mack, Susan Adair Newport, Ark. MacLaughlin, Carol Wilson Long Beach, Calif. Magee, Karen Elizabeth Yellow Springs, Ohio Maley, Sheila Jean Condon, Ore. Maloon, Sharon Lea Columbus, Ohio Maluy, Monica Leigh Fullerton, Calif. Mann, Sally Susan Louisville, Ky. Mansfield, Margaret Amarillo, Tex. Marcum, Denna Dee Midland, Tex. Marks, Margaret Ann Alexandria, Va. Marnane, Kathleen Anne Edmonds, Wash. Martin, Sandra Louise Richardson, Tex. Martin, Tomalene LeVaughn Indianapolis, Ind, Mason, Catherine Lucy Chippewa Falls, Wis. Massar, Joy V. Gowanda, N. Y. Massey, Adrienne T. Clarendon Hills, Ill. Matherly, Julie Cincinnati, Ohio Matlock, Betty Ann Kirkwood, Mo. Matthews, Berrianne Kalamazoo, Mich. Maurer, DeVeen Indianapolis, Ind. McBroom, Sharan Kay Murfreesboro, Tenn. McClaran, Nancy Lee Ft. Collins, Colo. McClurg, Beverly Ann Chico, Calif. may it it -1,4 H. i aff. Fashion students nervously await their turn before the critical eye of the jury. i xx' February happiness means a well-stocked student store and friend back home. boy McCutcheon, Suzanne May Fayette, Mo. McDonald, Ellen Bay St. Louis, Miss. McFatridge, Sharon D. Pomona, Calif. McGreachin, Ivalee Strough Carroll, Ohio McGough, Rebecca Blair Florissant, Mo. McGowen, Elizabeth R. Long Beach, Calif. McGrath, Ann Forrest Denver, Colo. McKean, Janet Carol Valparaiso, Ind. McKevitt, Helena Elizabeth Newport, Ore. McLaughlin, Susan Lile Decatur, Ala. McLean, Barbara Jane Houston, Tex. McNulty, Katherine Anne Norwich, N. Y. Meadows, Nancy Rebecca West Memphis, Ark. Meece, Lucy Beatrice Somerset, Ky. Meier, Susan Ethel Arcadia, Calif. Mendenhall, Melinda Sue Brookfield, Mo. Menna, Carole Ann Lincolnwood, Ill. Mentch, Julia Jay Pittsford, N. Y. Merett, Marilyn Ann Denver, Colo. Metzerott, Trudy Kirk Gulfport, Miss. Meyer, Kathy Ann Walcott, Iowa Meyer, Marna Lee Springfield, Ill. Miller, ,Io Beth Maysville, Mo. Miller, Karen Anne Fort Worth, Tex. Millman, Pamela Ann Columbus, Ohio Mills, Gertrude Cora Springfield, Ohio Milner, Mildred Louise Gulfport, Miss. Mitchell, Elizabeth C. Cincinnati, Ohio Mitchell, Margaret L. Greensboro, N. C. Mitchell, Mary Jane Falls City, Neb. Molloy, Patricia Morgan St. Joseph, Mich. Monroe, Judith C. Santa Rosa, Calif. Mooers, Melanie A. Kansas City, Mo. Mooney, Kathryn Ann Bloomfield, Mo. Moore, Becky Sue Dallas, Tex. Moore, Candice Ann Fullerton, Calif. Moore, Diana Gene Des Moines, Iowa Moore, Lura Kathleen Columbia, Mo. Morris, Kathleen B. West Palm Beach, Fla Morris, Lurline Neva Orange, Tex. Morton, Barbara Anne New Orleans, La. Moses, Carol Anne Orchard Lake, Mich. Mosley, Sally ,lean Fortsmith, Ark. Mott, Marsha Alayne Bangkok, Thailand Muck, Kaellyn Lincoln, Ill. Muckley, Carol E. New Orleans, La. us. i p n awww e Nl M, QW., . . .. ,gs f- , ft xsgggw K , f -- ' -- V A . '-" . A .. ,.,. ...,. 1 . Iwi? Effsgr ' - ' ' aF"':i7cf' , ' aaggegetssf 'isa I asffeirzgs " , V. 1 1 1 ii 551 fi sf -. 51.5 as K "' a!?f'522 1 at Ifiaia ff: H ' fr .:,'?i,5E'i.i':..k: i 'R L , .Wit -- fs.: i a In between dances at a Stephens mixer, the girls take a break to re- af-fa-aa , .W Xenia .'?5NiWfaiZ.:a222:I.:"iK- ..1 . -a , 153551 .5 ,-ZZ'.:s' ,.., ,V.2,..:.:,.,, . , , A,A, V ' , , . , h ' -3 ' M , 'S 3. t 'af' . ,,,gy31, gy ,.,,1,. 5 . trace every hair.. .while the guys laugh over the evening's events. Mueller, Katrinka Horicon, Wis. Mueller, Stacey Ann Port Washington, Wis. Mumma, Katharine E. Akron, Ohio Munn, Marcia Ann Newbury, Ohio Murdoch, Karen Michelle Dallas, Tex. Neal, Joann Lubbock, Tex. Neal, Terrie Sue Joplin, Mo. Neil, Anne Mayfield Cleveland, Tenn. Nelson, Laura Melinda Evansville, Ind. Nelson, Mary Adelle Deerfield, Ill. Neuru, Janet Marie Vista, Calif. Newkirk, Barbara Caroline Mealand, Tex. Newson, Barbara Sue Brownfield, Tex. Nichols, Amy Cincinnati, Ohio Nichols, Jimmie Jan Gainsville, Tex. Nielson, Christine Beth Des Plaines, lll. Nisley, Paula Kay Broadus, Mont. Noland, Roseann Yuba City, Calif. Norrell, Karen Louise Leawood, Kansas Northam, Molly Madeline Eugene, Ore. Northrup, Reva Ann Detroit, Mich. Novaria, Julie Ann Minnetonka, Minn. Novick, Dale Leah New Orleans, La. Nowak, Randy New Orleans, La. Nusbaum, Heide Shaker Hts., Ohio Oberlies, Karen Sue Indianapolis, Ind. Ogle, Gloria Ann Sevierville, Tenn. Ogles, Cathy B. Nashville, Tenn. O'Grady, Faye L. Baytown, Tex. Omundson, Barbara J. Mishawaka, Ind. Onnigian, Kathie Jean Sacramento, Calif. Orazem, Pam Gay Menomonie, Wis. Orr, Linda Susan Little Rock, Ark. Osmond, Jill Coetbo, Okla. Owsley. Susan Rae Pittsburg, Kan. Padorr, Beryl E. Wilmette, Ill. Parish, Loraine Bethesda, Md. Park, Mary Elizabeth Stephenville, Tex. Parker, Angela Claire Chicago, Ill. Parker, Deirdre M. Boulder, Colo. Parker, Kathleen S. Lincoln, Mass. Parody, Suzanne Yvarsaw, N. Y. Patterson, Gail Sue Dayton, Ohio Paul, Susan Marshall, Mich. Paysons, Pamela Murfreesboro, Tenn. Pedersen, Nancy Jean Kankakee, Ill. .f . J ,givin if E' fag. 'kiwi-sw'-QW Ez as Q its. 1 E1 sl. u - I "": ,Q 5 fi v . F i. fi . . fa 'J-1' "5 ,, i. k ' y '. 33: M.. 14-"f A W? . , ' - ' ' 'fx ' T' '- ,fa k'.1s-fafavf ,K Q .' sz' td' A 2' N , - f J' ,X .5 aswd - 4' - .' s. I I-og, . ., ,B X 1- , Y 'Ad f V ',,.v"' -. J i ' ,', ff' , , K Lg ' Anw ,, ' 1 . ' 'XX . ,f .gg ,J , , t X . ' , Ai? ' ff .PX I V J v f y 'V ali, 'vig fi 1 N ' 'W S ' , ifv- 'Q J N -1 4 4 -ft A . W, 1- fu ,, Q -, . , , ,fy'ff1M .:f,,W 5 K ! l V Vis I -gig Vxyffuyffr lr 1 ,fl I I ,I 1' My .1 V' ' 4' Q. .-.2-'1-J,,f't-. 'X' . egg .x 8.-Q .. ",,,1' -Q' -gk wpqmffs W. ,Q fav .x '- - , rrlrjzg asf. . P Ti t.:fs"Ff-Qietigflkf .hr 1, Q, IR: S ':tI'.4,f' ks 'Q Q gf? agxggg 5f,.,s I Q Saafititiifgsynrtf ftgafgi .ffyg . ' 9' 94' fi " t' 1. slleftf' ,,5i"?f 5 ry, A Mn- M.-K es, ,ivy ,g g v fi fd KTM' ff, if H, . 1. f' vgtiffffark . at ,ph 1' einer I F1216 ,ft r 4 .3 ,mat , , ,b3gt,,:',,E V ,J M" " 24,43 1, ,'f'4,'f'g? ?- -af r I' -. '55 Q -. A , f 21, ,M .- -- 5 51, ,yn it mu .T A44 li-gin l,,,,,f, 4, be ve ir' 'fn ty ,Q '-t '- " ' I 'x P 4- , g,,,.-Qt r rv. A ,M ? ,,, 3 H ' i B ' if ff. Q MJV-W f'fo , ijyi . . ,, ,. , . f-Q. , -Q ..:P .- 1 M "gs, - W K '- .,'f"2.s,,a,L -' .4 t. 'iff if ca .mewfg bi ' J' V my Q A. nfl. , M,-c. ' W V na Vi ft. ttt- ..w .-, f!yz..i , 4 A. A heavy freeze transforms the campus into an ice palace and I A " . NU! Z 1 f, , 'L-aw, - 1. 6 QI. so -K 4 . fr I 1 . , 'f 9, . . he N V, 46' I, , ' V V MT' .rx is J '52 Z' A .f , - ' W s ,Q A ,, . J , 1 . X 15,51 21 .4 s A L! . J- 54" 3 i EW: if" W.. V 2 :'f-'il Jn Tiff if 'X 774 filifsil QQ K W ,isp ..' . ,S 6,4 y. - Q . f,.'f. f A w l 1 P' iff 'ef fwfrffff ii . .X ,.f.4,i,i . use if . , . s,g?i:T4X fif' .Q f- - rgplf' 2 1 kia? T, 'T J Q , 1 af., J,,,,, asia ,ma-swf-Q l jfifgsrjf r-' fr '- exemplifies Missouri's ever-changing weather. Peters, Cathy Lee Alton, Ill. Peters, Linda Lee Kirkwood, Mo. Petry, Virginia Allen Greenville, Ohio Phillips, Jayne Warren, Ohio Pierson, Bonnie Maurine Brookfield, Wis. Pigott, Katharine Louise Kalamazoo, Mich. Pinjuv, Paula Ann Belleville, Ill. Pollock, Teri Beth Beverly Hills, Calif. Porter, Susan Belle Eugene, Ore. Poser, Cheryl Anne Cleveland, Ohio Potts, Margie Jean Columbus, Ohio Potts, Sarah Jane Columbia, Mo. Pretti, Sally Joanne Indianapolis, Ind. Preyer, Jill Cambridge, Mass. Preyer, Mary Ellen Greensboro, N. C. Price, Karen Travis Richardson, Tex. Prince, Lorraine Huntin Rochester, N. Y. Prince, Maria Louise Vincennes, Ind. Proctor, Sally Ann Tulsa, Okla. Prokop. Julia M. Houston, Tex. Propstra, Carol Seattle, Wash. Putnam, Ruth Carmean Midland, Mich. Pyle, Janet Lynne Corvallis, Ore. S Quaifo, Janet Lynn St. Paul, Minn. Quiros, Dagmar Toni Washington, D. C. Raich, Judith Carolyn Great Neck, N. Y. Rainey, Stephanie M. San Antonio, Texas Rajala, Margaret Louise Flint, Mich. Ralls, Stacey Anne Duncan, Okla. Ralston, Linda Josephine Chicago, Ill. Ramey, Alison Renee Yuba City, Calif. Raney, Gail Long Beach, Calif. Rankin, Lauralie Gail North Plainfield, N. J. Rapeport, Cynthia Marlys Cedar Rapids, Iowa Rapp, Susan Jane Medina, Ohio Raulston, Marsha Elizabeth Kingsport, Tenn. Rawlings, Harva June Dallas, Tex. Rayfield, Kristan Lee Bonne Terre, Mo. Reading, Deborah Hunt Ann Arbor, Mich. Reagan, Terri Bellevue, Wash. Redmond, Rebecca Mary Spencer, Iowa Reed, Judith Ann Cleveland Hts., Ohio Reed, Patricia Ann Atlanta, Ga. Reid, Elizabeth Jane Hampshire, Ill. Reisman, Janice Dall Dallas, Tex. Renaud, Sara Burrow Fort Worth, Tex. , ,qi ll M Q , J Domestic skills are practiced every Saturday morning in the laundry room. The phone booth soon becomes a ten-minute connection with the outside world. Renschler, Loretta Jon Stuttgart, Ark. RePP, Judith Ann Columbus, Ind. Rhodes, Harriet Arms Birmingham, Mich. Rhodes, Patricia S. Selma, Ala. Rhylander, Constance L. Plattsmouth, Neb. Rich, Diana Lynn Huntington, Ind. Richter, Barbara Jo Minneapolis, Minn. Ridenour, Debra Jan Holland, Mich. Ridgway, Susan Portland, Ore. Riedel, Rishelle Grafton, Ohio Risch, Theresa Christine Appleton, Minn. Riser, Lyn Eleanor Henryetta, Okla. Rittenhouse, Joan Edith Santa Cruz, Calif. Robinson, Jacqueline L. Central City, Ky. Robinson, Sheila Jane Okmulgee, Okla. Rockwell, Elizabeth H. San Juan, Puerto Rico Roethe, Susan Ann Fort Atkinson, Wis. Roettinger, Debi Hill Mexico City, Mexico Rogan, Cornelia Ardsley-on-Hudson, N. Rogers, Jerrie Jeanne Jonesboro, Ark. Ropes, Charlotte Visalia, Calif. Rosen, Janet Marla Los Angeles, Calif. Rosenbaum, Susan Jane Tucson, Ariz. Rosner, JoAnn Dallas, Tex. Ross, Teresa Lynn Orange, Calif. Rothmund, Linda Jean Rochester, N. Y. Rowe, Donna Elisa Dallas, Tex. Rownd, Melanie Susan Nashville, Tenn. Royal, Suzanne Elizabeth Port Hueneme, Calif. Rubin, Jane Kansas City, Mo, Russell, Donna Lee Key Biscayne, Fla. Ryan, Patricia Anne Cleveland, Ohio Ryan, Susan C. Yonkers, N. Y. Salberg, Joanne Minneapolis, Minn. Sanders, Susan Hill Longview, Tex. Sando, Susan Rae Denver, Colo. Sanna, Judith Margaret Madison, Wis. Sant, Janet Lynn Los Altos, Calif. Sappington, Sandra Kay Columbia, Mo. Satterfield, Dixie Lee Newton, Mass. Savage, Adeline Randall Ft. Richardson, Alaska Sawyer, Leslie Beth Port Chester, N. Y. Scanlon, Mary Jane Windermere, Fla. Scheffler, Pamela Jo Buffalo, N. Y. Schermerhorn, Suzanne Hill Wilmington, Del. Scherr, Rosalind Maxine Ashland, Ky. TURN Drawing and design students take advantage of a busy corner and warm weather for outdoor sketching. fi' NNW' wi ., .sl Q fwwwv Surrounded by fall's splendor, an art major becomes one with nature -a perfect opportunity for landscape expression. Schlessman, Jane Ann Fargo, N. D. Schmidly, Sandra Lynn Pryor, Okla. Schmidt, Patricia Ann Kirkwood, Mo. Schorp, Carolyn Sue Pearsall, Tex. Schrader, Susan Elizabeth Indianapolis, Ind. Schroeder, Bonnie Rae Justin, Calif. Schultz, Susan Jane Fargo, N. D. Schwarz, Susan Frances Little Rock, Ark. Scott, Sarah Ann Birmingham, Mich. Scoville, Julia Kay Arlington, Va. Searls, Susan Marfa, Tex. Sescombe, Deborah Ada, Mich. Sefton, Pamela Ann Fullerton, Calif. Seitz, Susan P. Fort Collins, Colo. Sewall, Pamela Louise Ellwood City, Pa. Shadid, Phyllis Anne Elk City, Okla. Shea, Judith Jean Fort Morgan, Colo. Sheedy, Laurelle Foote Palm Beach, Fla. Shepherd, Mary Margaret Midland, Tex. Sheppard, Jean Patricia Grand Forks, N. D. Sherer, Patricia Janet LaCrosse, Wis. Sherman, Judith Lynn Youngstown, Ohio Short, Barbara Allan Princeton, N. J. Shupack, Rita Suzette St. Louis, Mo. Shwiff, Lindsay Rochelle Dallas, Tex. Siebert, Barbara Ann Birmingham, Mich. Simmons, Mary Anne Columbia, Miss. Simms, Margaret Clopton Albuquerque, N. M. Simms, Monica Catherine Northridge, Calif. Simonds, Kathryn ,lean Carbondale, Ill. Simpson, Julie Kenilworth, Ill. Singer, Carol Sue San Mateo, Calif. Singleton, Nancy Houston, Tex. Sipherd, Mary Margaret Twentynine Palms, Calif. Skelton, Kay E. Louisville, Ky. Slaughter, Teresa Ann London, Ohio Sloan, Mickey Louise Leawood, Kan. Small, June Marie Raleigh, N. C. Smith, Angela Io Dallas, Tex. Smith, Claudia ,Ieane Buffalo, N. Y. Smith, Elizabeth S. Amarillo, Tex. Smith, ,lennifer Sue Arlington, Tex. Smith, Julia Hackney Houston, Tex. Smith, Kay Lee Austin, Tex. v Smith, Linda Kay Columbus, Ohio Smith, Martha Ann Farmington, Mo. F5 'SQA Freshmen form a queue to personally meet President Smith during the first week's activities. Smith, Nancy Hunt Marion, Va. Smith, Sherry Elizabeth Jacksonville, Tex. Smith, Susan Kay Milford, Iowa Snyder, Deborah Carol Brainerd, Minn. Snyder, Mary Susan Tulsa, Okla. Sokol, Bari Ann Birmingham, Ala. Sommer, Mary Patricia Wadsworth, Ohio Soult, Nancy Lou St. Louis, Mo. Spaeth, Susan Lee St. Paul, Minn. Sperling, Debbie Cassie Santa Barbara, Calif. Spicer, Susan Collier Goldsboro, N. C. Spitler, Ruth Alice Dayton, Ohio Stallworth, Sara Louise Austin, Tex. Stamets, Suzette Pittsburgh, Pa. Stammer, Suzanna Lou Hudson, Ohio Stanek, Deirdre Carol Elmhurst, Ill. Stanley, Judith Elizabeth East Point, Ga. Stansell, Iris Olivia Jonesboro, Ark. Stansell, Patsy Jo Nashville, Tenn. Steadman, Susan Elizabeth Hattiesburg, Miss. Stearman, Linda Diane Phoenix, Ariz. Steffen, Margaret Alice Walnut Creek, Calif. Steger, Elizabeth Chenault Mt. Sterling, Ky. Stein, Beth Melinda Highland Park, Ill. Steinle, Gretchen Pryor Tucson, Ariz. Stenson, Lynn Dianne Flat Rock, N. C. Stephens, Leslye Eleanor Fresno, Calif. Stern, Norissa Cynthia Milwaukee, Wis. Sterrett, Janice Elizabeth Nashville, Tenn. Stevens, Sylvia A. Colorado S rin s Colo. P g , Stewart, Ann K. Edina, Minn. Stewart, Carol M. Ontario, Calif. Stewart, Susan I. Sacramento, Calif. Stiteler, Julia Atwood Beaver, Pa. Stith, Elizabeth Phillips Danville, Ky. Stokely, Joan Carolyn Oklahoma City, Okla. Stone, Catharine Rogers Kingsport, Tenn. Straughan, Marillee Edina, Minn. Strickland, Cynthia Indianapolis, Ind. Stubbs, Jo Anne Marietta, Ohio Stuck, Janet Gaye Los Angeles, Calif. Sturgeon, Lynn Claire Lexington, Ky. Sutton, Ann W. Pittsburgh, Pa. Sutherland, Sally Lake Orion, Mich. Sutton, Karen Allene Alamogordo, N. M. Swedlund, Sandra Lee Phoenix, Ariz. RIDING ., at . M.. .... W . .i x 'Western and English riding attract long lines of incoming freshmen who don't mind signing up for the eight o'clocks. rr. wmv- Experimentation with all forms of athletic activity characterizes con- trolled hours. Swindell, Carol Ann Sulphur Springs, Tex. Swinney, Mary Anne Bartlesville, Okla. Sylvester, Marti ,lo Newton, Mass. Tabakin, Tari Catherine Pacific Palisades, Calif Tarver, Elizabeth Ann Borger, Tex. Taylor, Cheryl A. Honolulu, Hawaii ' Taylor, Sarah Ann Wilmette, Ill. Thomas, Deborah Ann Olympia, Wash. Thomas, Gaia Paul Pawnee, Okla. Thomas, Marv Kathryn Pagosa Springs, Colo. Thomas, Sally Jo Taylorville, Ill. Thomas, Sonya Little Rock, Ark. Thompson, Mary Lynne Canton, Ohio Thornbrough, Judith Louise Clinton, Okla. Thornton, Margaret Wilson Wilmington, Del. Thornton, Minnie Pearl Snyder, Okla. Thurman, Nancy Ann University City, Mo. Tillery, Laura Madeline Baytown, Tex. Tindel, Karen Dallas, Tex. Tips, Margaret Barcley San Antonio, Tex. Todd, Christine Rowena Wilmette, Ill. Todd, Lee Susan West Point, N. Y. Tokita, Kyoko Iharaki, Japan Townsend, Joan Lawrence Bridgeville, Pa. Transpeta, Mary Anita Encino, Calif. Travis, Diana Jean Springfield, Mo. Trichel, Linda Kathleen Shreveport, La. Triplett, Cary Miller Owensboro, Ky. Trumbo, Carolyn Rich Orlando, Fla. Underhill, Ceorgiana Booth Elmira, N. Y. Unrue, Christine Diane Ontario, Calif. Upton, Claudia, Louise Mt. Clemens, Mich. Upton, Heidi Antonia Forest Hills, N. Y. Valdes-Dapena, Deborah Anne Wallingford, Pa. VanArsdale, Mary Jo Chatham, N. J. Van Hook, Jacqueline Fremont, Ohio Varga, Linda Kay Columbus, Ohio Vaughn, Kathleen G. San Carlos, Calif. Vickers, Mary Adalyn Miami, Fla. Vilas, Janis Evelyn Ceres, Calif. Vulgamore, Ann Foster Waverly, Ohio Wagner, Gwendolyn Springfield, Ill. Waldorf, Anne Katherine Ancram, N. Y. Walker, Doris Ann Junction City, Kan. Walker, Suzanne Louise Arlington, Tex. Wall, Sharon Lynn Bessemer, Ala. ' f f, , 1 , ,M , Students express their individuality in choosing study places The bookstore provides the latest in room decorations. Wallace, Diana Dee Wichita, Kan. Wallace, Linda L. Knoxville, Tenn. Walter, Kathleen Ann Bethesda, Md. Walter, Tara DePere, Wis. Walters, Elizabeth Bair Shelbyville, Ky. Warshaver, Ann New Orleans, La. Wasser, Barbara Nicole Coral Gables, Fla. Waterman, Lois Leonore Grosse Pointe, Mich. Watkinson, Barbara Ann Deep River, Conn. Waugh, Jo Anne Liberty, Tex. Webb, Suzy Mt. Sterling, Ky. Webster, Joyce D. Wayzata, Minn. Wedgwood, Kathryn Leigh Somerset, Calif. Weems, Nancy Jeann San Clemente, Calif. Weidner, Susan G. Pasadena, Calif. Wleil, Deborah Krueger Highland Park, Ill. Weil, Jeanne Linda Warren, New Jersey Weil, Suzanne Leslie Norfolk, Va. Weingarten, Susan Seattle, Wash. Weiss, Susan F. Stamford, Conn. Weissman, Judy Gayle St. Louis, Mo. Welch, Anna Louise Vincennes, Ind. Weldon, Michael Wood Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Wells, Katharine Jack Wichita Falls, Tex. Welsh, Marcia D. Princeton, N. J. Westby, Patricia Jane Fort Atkinson, Wis. Westgate, Barbara Page Virginia Beach, Va. Wetzel, N. Gretchen Carrollton, Mo. Whallev, Ruth Eleanor Windber, Pa. Wheeler, Wendy Louise Wilmette, Ill. Whitcomb, Jill Alamo, Calif. White, Barbara Abbey Springfield, Ill. White, Carrie Moreka Chicago, Ill. White, Linda Ruth Wooster, Ohio White, Mary Anne Edinboro, Pa. White, Nikki Jo Little Rock, Ark. Whiteford, Peggy A. Minneapolis, Minn. Whitehead, Lynda J. C. Atlanta, Ga. Whitney, Katherine West Chappaqua, N. Y. Wicks, Barbara Ann Algona, Iowa Wicks, Mari Elizabeth Boone, Iowa Williams, Katherine Stambaugh Shaker Hts., Ohio Williams, Pamela Gene Lawrenceville, Ill. Willimon, Betty Jane Pacific Grove, Calif. Wills, Nancy Elimbeth Auburn, Ind. Wilson, Dale Temple Rutland, Vt. ...uf Wilson, Sabena Agnes Philadelphia, Pa. Wilt, Susanne Muncy, Pa. Wing, Genie Weston, Conn. Winston, Frances Ellen Sidney, Ill. Winter, Barbara Jeanette Phoenix, Ariz. Wise, Susan Jane Carmel, Ind. Wolf, Estelle Ann Asheville, N. C. Wolkin, Mary Ellen Hamilton, Ohio Woodard, Ardyss Wrynn Greenville, Tex. Woodrum, Donna Gray Parkersburg, W. Va. Woods, Caroline Lucile Bellevue, Wash. Woods, Susan Topeka, Kan. Wright, Donna Ann Kearney, Mo. Wright, Janis Kirsten Oshkosh, Wis. Wright, Susan Lucille Maysville, Ky. Yarhorough, Jill Clovis, N. M. Yeargin, Penelope ,lane Greenville, S. C. Yoder, Catherine Marie South Bend, Ind. Young, Mia Elyce Lincolnwood, Ill. Young, Patricia Elaine Feltering, Ohio Young, Roberta Bee Farmington, N. M. Zingale, Monica Bernadette Mahopac, N. Y. Paulus, Susan Jo E1 Dorado, Ark. vm" gil' gPlQ, N if QW' . 4 Q MY fMW VN- ' d ' J E , 5- A V , r 3 3. JI Y? Lf! V W4 5 ,ig -is bl yq 0 ah ,Q af., Qi, m a fii xi 'gh' O " ff, 3 i M A P 6 Kp fw 5 o F 1, b VWA 8 WM UU QQ' ' PIR! 1 Q U ,, M? , E . . " .mf ' riff' 'g Q if Xe ' Q 4" ' i,4ervt'sy1 A 4 Q kv' r' ,WXYQ X 7950. 0? M f 'R N .A Q-I -4 'Rx If ' 1' A Ax r 4' Q a ""' 1 ' i Tk V . I- ef Q1 - if '7 I m gplkli, Q -- g 1 fh Ya 5 1 ,fFv'xQ 71? Fzffff E Ox ,L 4. ,R . xlzgw, 64 :Lg if, 1 5 X A E J? ' a iz? wwsswqr' RC' , -i . T 51 sg, A 4 lf' fl' I0 A Ulu. 5 sl yfgffn fill' -'CA ,- f wf .z w 2wf r Adi . ui A Op, 1 o F 1 0 6 -qw, gx A P' Op x51 4 T QRS Rapt attention characterizes sophomores at the P-,T party. Spirit of '6 This year the Sophomore Class Council promoted the '4Spirit of '67, in the members of the sophomore class. For the first time, sophomores enjoyed a 'aclass day" on November 23, the 67th day of the school year. The activities and privileges of the day included wearing slacks and special sophomore buttons bear- ing the class mascot, Snoopy. The day concluded with an after- census pajama party in LRW ballroom, featuring President Smith and Sophomore Class Sponsor Harry Huxol reading bedtime stories and the performance of 'nGoodbye. Farewelln by the class council. The council selected the traditional class gift. and sponsored the Sophomore Class Carnival, with each dorm putting forth its best efforts to create a unique and prize-winning booth. This year a hard-working and willing group of class officers directed the council in its activity-planning and decisions. .XCVSYK 'MFFIC Sophomore Class Council ROW 1: Mary Ryan, Susie Rogers, Jan Po- linger. Kathie Fung, Anne Reed, ROW 2: Pam Jabour, Chris YVolfenden. Jane Padgitt, Cindy Netterville, Terry Hamilton. Cindy Lang, Kay Korn- man, ROW 3: Neel Stallings, Linda S. Gordon. Pat Rutherford. Robbie Stewart, Janet Shutts, Susie Tappan, June Gable. 'fl' ,..4w"' President Smith lulls sleepy sophomores with bedtime stories Sophomore Class Officers: Neel Stallings, secretaryg Susie Rogers, presidentg Janet Shutts, puhlicityg Kathie Fung, treasurerg Chris Wolfenden, socialg Anne Reed, class gift chairman, Taking time out from his job as the director of extra-class activities and sponsor of the Sophomore Class, Dr. Harry R. Huxol satir- ically revises Peter Rabbit. Adams, Cheri Ann Peoria, Ill. Adams, Jane Denver, Colo. Addison, Lois Ewart Columbia, S.C. Akeman, Linda Ann Columbia, Mo. Albert, Elise Diane Columbia, Mo. Alberts, Kristan Hinsdale, Ill. Alston, Janice E. Tampa, Fla. Althaus, Joan Eva Mendota, Ill. Anderson, Betty R. Tampa, Fla. Anderson, Marsha Lee Fremont, Ohio Andrews, Diane Deen Lake City, Fla. Annis, Susan Barbara Tampa, Fla. Anspaugh, Barbara Oklahoma City, Okla. Aoyama, Mariko Takarazuka, Japan Atkinson, Judith Patricia Nashville, Tenn. Sophomores face the most challenglng year. Auger, Dian L. Franklin, Mich. Avery, Jan Hathaway Noroton, Conn. Baars, Luann Firestone Pensacola, Fla. Bacon, Joan Wetherill Rancho Santa Fe, Calif Baker, Carolyn Kay Cedar Falls, Iowa Baker, Kathy Denver, Colo. Baldwin, Janis Elaine Plainview, Tex. Bales, Ellen Anne Littleton, Colo. Balle, Lois G. Dallas, Tex. Barker, Kay E. St. Louis, Mo. Barker, Susan Raynham, Mass. Barksdale, Kay Elizabeth Amity, Ark. Barnes, Deborah E. Denver, Colo. Barnette, Donna Lynn Charlotte, N. C. Barr, Bonnie Allis Columbia, Mo. Bartels, Beth Sacramento, Calif. Barten, Karen B. Rome, N. Y. Barth, Dorian B. Frontenac, Mo. Barwick, Avis Anne Atlanta, Ga. Bayless, Kimberly Ann Baton Rouge, La. Bean, Susan Diane Colorado Springs, Colo. Beatty, Ann Elizabeth Hillsborough, Calif. Becker, Ellen Toni Phoenix, Ariz. Becker, .lan Christine Morton, Ill. Bell, Polly Anne Abilene, Tex. Bell, Victoria Lee Denver, Colo. Bendorf, Joanna Olga Oklahoma City, Okla. Benson, Paddi L. Redondo Beach, Calif. Bernard, Jeanne Louise Metairie, La. Berridge, Sandy Ellen Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Berry, Belinda Ricki Nashville, Tenn. Biebel, Katey Roswell, Ga. Billings, Elizabeth C. Indianapolis, Ind. Bishop, Julie Newton Dothan, Ala. Bishop, Nancy Jane Lake Oswego, Ore. ' m.H use . Ib H ... 5 CD VH o "1 "1 CU .. C0 :4 an .- ... O :S 'cs 'I FD U1 CD :I .-. U2 m "I :Q "1 FD E o 5 FD 5 .-f -. :s .- r 0 cr' bra : U1 -4 U1 o 'cs :r- o E? o V1 CD V1 O :r FD Q. 1: - 9' a-4 ,gwqh Ma 1 wx S fi, 22:2 lt' hi ff' The Burrall "Strip Party" combines fun with a worthy cause Bitner, Catherine Paige Granville, Ohio Blackman, Toni Beatrice El Centro, Calif. Blau, Barbara Karen Miami, Fla. Bleakley, Barbara Kay Englewood, Colo. Boardman, Betty Christine Springfield, Ill. Boesch, Cheryn Anne Fort Worth, Tex. Bogda, Julie Lynn Arcadia, Calif. Bogen, Mary ,lo Lighthouse Point, Fla. Bonitatibus, Constance Lea Licking, Mo. Booze, Sandy Patricia Cleveland, Ohio Bower, Daisy Dorothy Shreveport, La. Bowers, Susan Jane Council Grove, Kan. Boxer, Dianne Lynn Denver, Colo. Boyd, Anne Carlsbad, N.M. Boynton, Sue Ann Royal Oak, Mich. Brannon, Lyria G. Shreveport, La. Brewer, Cheryl D. Metairie, La. Brian, Barbara Clare Pacific Palisades, Calif. Bright, Julie Vaughn Rome, N.Y. Brodbeck, Susan Virginia St. Marys, Ohio Brombacher, Worth Ann Dayton, Ohio Brooks, Patricia Jean Atlanta, Ga. Brown, Barbara Jean Evanston, Ill. Brown, Kathryn Delano Little Rock, Ark. Brown, Sallye C. Nashville, Tenn. Brown, Suzy B. Topeka, Kan. Bryant, Thelma Kristina Calipatria, Calif. Buckman, Ann Frankfort, Ky. Buffmire, Barbara Jane Phoenix, Ariz. Burnet, Kathleen Ann Winnetka, Ill. Burnett, Patricia Ann Houston, Tex. Burnup, Lucinda Laine Independence, Mo. Burrows, Laurie Ann St. Louis, Mo. Burt, Frances Ruth Canton, Ga. Burt, Sue Ann Peoria, Ill. Butts, Betty Lou Bloomington, Ill. Cahn, Michele New Orleans, La. Cain, Mary Josie Texas City, Tex. Camp, Carol Elizabeth Wood River, Ill. Campbell, Courtney Lamar New Orleans, La. Carilia, Donna Lee Jacksonville, Fla. Carr, Paula Jean Rolling Hills, Calif. Cavins, Mary Jane Media, Ill. Cavitt, Rebecca Ellen Watseka, Ill. Chambers, Judith Ann Manhattan Beach, Calif. Chambers, Linda Richardson, Tex. Chandler, Cecilia Anne Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. Chandler, Jennie Ann Matthews, N.C. Chapman, Cynthia Ray Waco, Texas Chavez, Denise E. Tampa, Fla. Senator J. William F u l b r i g h t joins the Foreign Relations Club for an evening's lecture on the crisis in Viet Nam. Christensen, ,lean Louise Lincoln, Neb. Clark, Janna Elizabeth Crown Point, Ind. Cleaveland, Elizabeth Anne Chillicothe, Mo. Cleland, Cathryn College Station, Tex. Clements, Tina Weston, Conn Cluff, Jeanne Anne Aitkin, Minn. Coffee, Carolyn Anne Seattle, Wash. Cohen, Jennifer Sue St. Paul, Minn. Cole, Iacquelyn Weston, W. Va. Collier, Cheryl Augusta, Ill. Colovin, Susan Dee Houston, Tex. Condon, Patricia Gay Slidell, La. Conroy, Helen Edith Arlington, Va. Corson, Pamela Gay Cincinnati, Ohio Cox, Mary Eugenia Lexington, Ky. . Coy, Lois R. St. Louis, Mo. Craig, Virginia C. Jackson, Mich. Cranwell, Helen Elizabeth Florence, Ala. Craven, Carol Sue San Antonio, Tex. Creech, Nancye K. Ashland. Ky. Crighton, Florence E. Columbia, Mo. Crockett, Deborah Lee Yarmouth Port, Mass. Crow, Maureen Anne Birmingham, Ala. Cuiss, Cathleen Ann Jackson, Miss. Cullman, Patricia Rae Arcadia, Kan. Cummings, Catherine Cale Harlingen, Tex. Cundiff, Sybil Brooke St. Petersburg, Fla. Cutler, Deborah Ann Terrace Park, Ohio Daniel, Dena Jo. Mercer Island, Wash. David, Dianna Louise Topeka, Kan. Davis, Carole Lee Tunis, Tunisia Davis, Claudia Ann Angola, Ind. Davis, Kathleen Marie Washington, D.C. Denson, ,lean Arwood St. Johnsbury, Vert. Deorlow, Charlotte K. Birmingham, Mich. Detering, Susan Jane Glendale, Mo. Detmar, Nancy Jim Denver, Colo. Deutsch, Michele Louise Tenafly, N. J. Dey, Victoria ,lean Canfield, Ohio Dickerson, Martha Reed Bloomington, Ind. Dillard, Sallie Ann Eustis, Fla. Xlal. ii , is W An M.U. skateboard addict warrants the attention of Stephens on campus. Dimmitt, Carla Alden Louisville, Ky. Dobkin, Jane Allyn Highland Park. lll, Doerge, Martha Chris Shaker Hts., Ohio Donoho, Debby R. Oklahoma City, Okla. Douglas, Janet Sue Kenilworth, Ill. Dove, Carol Ann Atlanta, Ga. Doyle, Judy Ann Stinson Beach, Calif. Drendel, Donna Lee Springfield, Ill. Drennan, Christy Ann Vernon, Tex. Dubravac, Diane Rose Lakewood, Colo. Duncan, Doryann Yvilliarns, Ariz. Duncan, Pamela Joan Washington. Mo. Dunn, Billie Elizabeth Tampa, Fla. Durand, Deborah Gene Harrison, Ark. Early. Jo Sharon Stinnett, Tex. Eckstein, Karen Ann Cleveland, Ohio Egan, Margaret Ann Franklin, Mich. Egan, Margaret Kathryn De Pere, Tvis. Ehrman. Cayle F. ,N Honolulu. Hawaii Eistrup, Martha E. Houston, Tex. 1. Ells, Sandra E. St. Marys, Ohio Epstein, Deborah P. Miami Beach, Fla. Estes, Brooke D. Chico, Calif. Evans, Mary Margaret McLeansboro, Ill. Everitt, Carol Jane Milwaukee, Wis. Ezell, Sara C. Bradenton, Fla. Farb, Susan M. McAllen, Tex. Farber, Nancy Sue St. Joseph, Mo. Faughn, Sharon Diane Hattiesburg, Miss. Faull, Susanne Laura Bradford, Penn. Faurest, Ann Taylor Louisville, Ken. Feldt, Candice Kay Denver, Colo. Fellows, Judith Ellen Fayetteville, N. Y. Ferris, Gail Patricia Concord, N. H. Fields, Kathy Lynn Beverly Hills, Calif. Finch, Kathryn Ann Diablo, Calif. Fisher, Linda C. Columbus, Ohio Fitch, Kathie Ann Glenwood Springs, Colo Fitzgerald, Fern Marie Valley Stream, N. Y Flannery, Gayle Houston, Tex. Golrlilocksf' the leader of a favorite band, makes the music move. Fleeman, Jane Ann Columbia, Mo. Fleisher, Janice Wendie Reston, Va. Fletcher, Lynne Ann New Castle, Pa. Fletcher, Toni K. Des Moines, Iowa Foill, Cassandra Seavey Waverly, Ohio Forrette, Carol Jean Washington, Ill. Fosse, Beth Glencoe, Ill. Foster, Charla Tampa, Fla. Fouch, Mary Williams Marietta, Ohio Fox, Judith Lee Chicago, Ill. Frank, Lee Marcia Chicago, Ill. Freihofer, Pamela Nashville, Tenn. Freimuth, Julie Ann Grosse Pointe, Mich. Freudenfeld, Lee Ann Dallas, Tex. Frey, Wanda Jean Canton, Ohio Friedland, Laurie Sue East Lansing, Mich. Fromell, Brigitta Hittarp, Sweden Fronk, Deborah E. Batavia, N. Y. Frumkes, Cathy Ann Harrison, N. Y. Fry, Jill Aliwee Piqua, Ohio Fung, Kathleen Mary Columbus, Ohio Cable, Margaret June Indianapolis, Ind. Gaines, Elizabeth Wheaton, Ill. Garelick, Francine Suzanne St. Paul, Minn. Gates, .ludith Anderson Houston, Tex. Gauthier, Kristine Gayle New Orleans, La. Geiger, Barbara L. Bolivar, Mo. Gerhard, JoAnn Birmingham, Mich. Gibson, Nancy Beth Locust Grove, Okla. Gilbert, Ellen Fredrica South Bend, Ind. Gill, Mary Maxine Columbia, Mo. Gilmore, Carol Colorado Springs, Colo. Ginn, Patricia Bradley Chagrin Falls, Ohio Githens, Dana Jeanne Camarillo, Calif. Giunta, Marietta Ann Cleveland, Ohio Glick, Marilyn Ruth Texarkana, Tex. Gold, Cheri Lynn Denver, Colo. Golden, Roberta Dale Westport, Conn. Golzen, Madeleine Elizabeth Los Altos, Calif. Goodwin, Cathleen T. San Rafael, Calif. Gordon, Alice Ward Monroeville, Ala. Gordon, Carole Ann Louisville, Ky. Gordon, Judith Nan Pontiac, Mich. Gordon, Linda Susan Louisville, Ky. Graham, Kathryn Lee St. Charles, Ill. Grant, Polly Anne Miami Shores, Fla. Green, Elaine Mildred Chester, N.Y. Green, Katherine Sue Worthington, Ohio Green, Marcia Elizabeth Brookfield, Mo. Greenbacker, Florence Marshall Washington, D.C. A Q, ' ""f5"w,.:,QIf," wmka..., W 22 .Yi 3 :ml :W S ?Ei,ESgE5z,g in lili All aboard! Next stop-the lake and the Greene, Nancy Ellen San Francisco, Calif. Cregorich, Marsha Ann Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Grein, Virginia Ann Evansville, Ind. Groben, Dorothy Elizabeth Auburn, N.Y. Guild, Judith Ellen Tacoma, Wash. Cutermuth, Carol Ann Berlin, N.Y. Guttmann, Ellen Sybil Minneapolis, Minn. Hackathorn, Diane Hazen Grosse Pointe, Mich. Hahn, Cynthia Jo Columbus, Ohio Hall, Mattie Carolyn Kirkwood, Mo. Hamilton, Teresa Ann St. Joseph, Mo. Handy, Martha Bradley Lynchburg, Va. Hanes, Mary Stuart Winston-Salem, N.C. Hanks, Lynda Midland, Tex. Hanson, Claire Jean Atlanta, Ga. Hanson, Ingrid Lois Atlanta, Ga. Hardwicke, Amy Raleigh, N. C. Harper, Beverly Jane Artesia, N. M. Hart, Nancy Lee Big Timber, Mont. Hartman, Linda Etta St. Louis, Mo. Hartman, Janis Gay Canton, Mo. Hartmetz, Victoria San Marino, Calif. Harwell, Anne Barton Scott A.F.B., Ill. Haussman, Caroljean Lansing, Mich. Hawkins, Francey XV. Houston, Tex. Hay, Pamela Jean Cleveland, Ohio Hayden, Lee Ann Cleveland, Ohio Hazard, Ann Arnot Chapel Hill, N. C. Headley, ,lan Louise Los Angeles, Calif. Heagler, Barbara Jean Rolla, Mo. Heath, Donna Marie Falls Church, Va. Hein, Nancy Douglas Camarillo, Calif. Helmer, ,lane Ellen Syracuse, N. Y. Henry, Libby Ann Minneapolis, Minn. Henry, Linda Shuman Columbus, Ohio .K , Af: ,P weiewgaq, . rw fs , L I A so rsrsa y s L . 3 srrrree if . far L ret, ..,4,g, K A - rr., x.,,,...- ,,.,,,s,,,,,,, N' A , H ,. . M, ' , I-Wm! I JK I I V . ,L gags - . . ,Q .. .541 a. -Q-L., . , Q . w."f mff"' , . Q 1g? i-' .yr 5""1 " A L rrs. f. "'Ef . a s , ' A 'W ' 'N ifie xlmxk, wg, ' 5 H747 I qtlfjwm ..,,, , , , ,, .. 'i A5 4225: A - I me ff 7 :Q-,M .: Vifwrrf -L 313' ,V ' t ' 1 " im ,, ,,,.'f E:v':w:, 1 K , sr. it ,V t I A Nl' - Vrkk A. .. , I ,- " """-'HH I It I W wyqwgg . , fi Nc ' 1, 'B-.A 1... ulqiar f..-Yi Sun worshipers catch the rays on top of Tower Hall. Henson, Jean Ann Greenville, Tex. Herbst, Dale Elizabeth Milwaukee, Wis. Hill, Barbara Anne Lauderale-by-the-Sea, Fla. if Hillemeier, Karen Sue Champaign, Ill. Hines, Karen Lynn E. Lansing, Mich. Hitchcock, Elizabeth Scott Branford, Conn. wwf: Phi Cams have a unique way of delivering invitations to their "Fiji Island Partyf' Hixon, Roberta Elisabeth Pensacola, Fla. Hobson, Ann Peyton Louisville, Ky. Hoen, Linda M. Medina, Ohio Hoffman, Susan Christine Sandusky, Ohio Holan, Sarah Elizabeth Cleveland, Ohio Hollis, Barbara Kay Salisbury, Mo. Hollmeyer, Mary Virginia Winter' Haven, Fla. Holtzermann, Charlotte Anne Minneapolis, Minn. Hopkins, Robin Daggett Buffalo, N. Y. Horn, Patti Moss Point, Miss. Hornberger, Cordelia E. Laredo, Tex. Horton, Jean E. Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Hotaling, Alicc Montclair, N. J. Houck, Nancy Shaker Hts., Ohio Howard, Christy Lee Virginia Beach, Va. Hudson, Susanna Ft. Worth, Tex. Huff, Lyn Elaine Bremen, Ind. Hughes, Judith Lucille St. James, Mo. Hull, Vicki Joan Wichita Falls, Tex. Hulsey, Patricia Ann Avonsdale Estates, Ca. Hurst, Lezah Earline Hot Springs, Ark. Hyde, Linda Gayle Phoenix, Ariz. Inscho, Molly Ruth Worthington, Ohio lson, Linda Joy Frankfort, Ky. Jabour, Pamela Marie Vicksburg, Miss. Jackson, Carol Elaine Frankfort, lnd. Jacoway, Martha Jane Portland, Tex. Jagger, Barb Anne Lincoln, Mass. James, Penelope G. St. Louis, Mo. Jean, Carol Duvall Kennett, Mo. Jenney, Lyn Sherman, Tex. Jensen, Nancy Menasha, Wis. John, Susan Lee Columbia, Mo. Johnson, Kathryn Elaine Bloomington, Ind. Johnson, Kathy Dee Oneida, Ill. Jonston, Pamela Bubier Atherton, Calif. Jones, Barbara Winfield Quito, Ecuador Jones, Pamela Lee London, Ky. Jones, Vivian Annette Natchez, Miss. Jordan, Jill Elaine Rensselaer, Ind. The "Frozen Fantasy" gets its share of holiday adornment for the Christmas Formal. Julian, Joanne Elizabeth Indianapolis, Ind. Kain, Nancy Lee Kansas City, Mo. Kartisek, Lois Mae Racine, Wis. Keiser, Susan Ann Webster Groves, Mo. Keith, Teryl Jerilyn Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Kelley, Patricia Louise Chicago, Ill. Kelly, Vickie Ann St. Louis, Mo. Kemph, Tana Dawson, Georgia Kennedy, Janice Lee Bay Village, Ohio Kennedy, Karen Kay Mt. Pleasant, Tex. Kidder, Elizabeth Barrington, Ill. Kincaid, Anne Mitchell Hillsboro, Ohio Kingery, Sherrilyn Hattiesbury, Miss. Kingman, Ann Palo Alto, Calif. Kirby, Patricia Ann Orange, Conn. Kirk, Barbara Mathieson Findlay, Ohio Kirshon, Katherine Mamaroneck, N.Y. Kisekka, Mary Hedwig Kampala, Uganda Klavun, Lucia Beebe New York, N.Y. Klein, Bari Andrea Shawnee Mission, Kan. Klein, Marilyn Elizabeth Shaker Heights, Ohio Klein, Susan Lorraine Detroit, Michigan Klopfenstein, Judith Elaine Mt. Pleasant, Iowa Knolle, Nancy Ann Palos Verdes, Calif. Kollman, Christine Eleanor Santa Clara, Calif. Konovsky, Barbara Ann De Motte, Ind. Koolhof, Kathleen Ann Webster City, Iowa Koren, Annette Albany, N.Y. Kornman, Kay Ilene Florence, Ala. Krause, Mary Marvin Columbia, Mo. Kravitz, Patricia Rebecca Alexandria, Va. Kreitzer, Crystal Louise St. Louis, Mo. Krider, Kathleen Sue Fargo, N.D. Kring, Judith Leslie Los Gatos, Calif. Kruesi, Cynthia Fuller Pittsfield, Mass. Kuehling, Linda Lou Arrowsmith, Ill. Kuehn, Carol Lynn Columbia, Mo. Kutler, Jane Landreth Circleville, Ohio Kutschhach, Linda Lee Columbus, Ohio Ladenberger, Susan Dallas, Tex. Ladner, Mary E. Rochester, Minn. La Grange, Cheryl Marie Chicago, Ill. Lain, Dana Houston, Tex. La Montaque, Judith Ann Manchester, Vt. Landau, Roedean Do Dallas, Tex. Lane, Margaret Blanton Waco, Tex. Lang, Lucinda New Orleans, La. Langham, Diane Elizabeth Springfield, Mo. Larsen, Kathleen Anne Minneapolis, Minn. Larson, Linda Lynn Rae Bismarck, N.D. The Christmas Ball spells out enchantment 'J 5. with unaccustomed long skirts, L.R.W. in a festive disguise, and three late minutes. 1. l Laws, Lezlie Dee Fairfield, Ill. Leach, Toni Ellen Toledo, Ohio Leavy, Sally Ann Elberton, Ga. Lemon, Mary Maurn Roanoke, Va. Lesley, Susan Elizabeth Tampa, Fla. Lester, Roberta Bryan Wassenaar, Holland Levine, Rita Anne Tyler, Tex. Lewis, Joan Clifford Lakewood, Colo. Liedtke, Donna ,lean Fairview Park, Ohio Liljestrand, Lana Lee Honolulu, Hawaii Linder, Mary H. Schenectady, N.Y. List, Marquita lone Dayton, Ohio Lockwood, Karen Lee Cincinnati, Ohio Lohmann, Connie Lynn Evansville, Ind. London, Robin Gail Greenvilee, Ky. Loonsten, Susan Indianapolis, Ind. Loshbaugh, Cheryl Christine Columbus, Neb. Louis, Jane Ellen Scarsdale, N.Y. Love, Connie Jean Dearborn, Mich. Love, Elizabeth Louise Houston, Tex. Lowndes, Evelyn Cecile Kettering, Ohio Luebbert, Lynn Kay Tipton, Mo. Lundberg, Susan Ona Bismarck, N.D. Luthur, Ann Thompson Bluefield, Va. MacGregor, Megan Santa Monica, Calif. Mack, Alice Muirhead Newport, Ark. Macomber, Elise M. Des Moines, Iowa MacRury, Sandra Ann Milwaukee, Wis. Madeley, Mary Suzanne Vallejo, Calif. Magida, Blair Ruth Oak Park, Ill. Malkames, Judith Ann Murrysville, Pa. Maly, Linda Rae Louisiana, Mo. Manulis, Ardith West Palm Beach, Fla. Marculescu, Karen Ann San Marino, Calif. Marion, Jackie Beth East Lansing, Mich. Closed circuit television affords practical experience with each production Martin, Ann Christine McLean, Va. Martin, Jeanne Elva Ithaca, N.Y. Massee, Jeanie S. Orange Park, Fla. Master, Laura Anne Washington, D.C. Mates, Cynthia C. C. Cleveland, Ohio Matthews, Denise Susan Germantown, Tenn. 5 E, KWWC-FM's Hit Parade consists of Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms. Matthews, Mary Margarett Great Falls, S.C. Mayhew, Madeline Stanford, Calif. Mays, Jane Ellen Bloomfield Hills, Mich. McClure, Joyce Ann Wichita, Kan. McCullagh, Sarah Margaret Ashville, N.C. McCutcheon, Virginia Gay San Marino, Calif. McDonald, Sharon Kay Bethesda, Md. McCough, Patricia I. Rice Lake, Wis. McKell, Alice Lockwood Chillicothe, Ohio McKelvey, Martha Anne Bristol, R.I. McLaughlin, Donna Lee Birmingham, Ala. McMicken, Jacille Lynn Amarillo, Tex. McNeill, Bridgette Sharyn Marie Prophetstown, Ill. Means, Barbara Mt. Pleasant, Iowa Meinert, Cheryl Ann Leawood, Kan. Meiser, Charlotte Lee Olney, Ill. Mesak, Leslie Ann El Segundo, Calif. Miller, Jami Leigh Arlington, Va. Miller, Jo Anne Knox City, Mo. Miller, Katherine M. Denison, Iowa f EQSIUBALL ROLLER SKATINB Miller, Kathy Lee Hillsborough, Calif. Miller, Meredith Mendenhall Washington, D.C. Miller, Merre Martha Chesterfield, Mo. Miseles, Janet Oklahoma City, Okla. Mitchell, Linda Ciccitta Thibodaux, La. Modarell, Penny Springfield, Mo. Mohr, Joan Marie Santa Monica, Calif. Monroe, Ida Kathryn Waycross, Ga. Monroe, Martha Lynne Colfax, Iowa Monroe, Sarah Schley Magnolia, Ark. Montague, Cynthia A. Syracuse, N.Y. Moody, Alice Virginia Montgomery, Ala. Moore, Barbara Diane San Francisco, Calif. Moore, Margaret Jane Fillmore, Calif. Moore, Mary Michele Evansville, Ind. Morrison, Donna Jean Boone, Iowa Morse, Patricia Ellen Cleveland, Ohio Moses, Lynda Ellen Worthington, Ind. Muench, Pamela Ann Rock Island, Ill. Mulligan, Phyllis Ann Briarcliff Manor, N.Y. Early registration cuts out P.E. class frustration. ,,,,--W Touche! Aim for the heart. Munro, Martha E. Wfellesley, Mass. Murray, Jacklyn Kay Pleasanton, Kan. Naset, Martha Ruth Wauwatosa, Wis. Nearon, Marilyn A. Muncie, Ind. Neff, Holly Anne Canfield, Ohio Nehf, Mary Virginia Kankakee, Ill. Nelson, Linda Ann Cincinnati, Ohio Nelson, Minthia ,lean Dallas, Tex. Netterville, Cynthia Diane Jackson, Miss. Nocita, Sharon Lynn McLean, Virginia Nourse, Janet Mary Burlingame, Calif. Nylen, Mary Louise Westlake, Ohio O'Con, Kathleen Marie Walla Walla, Wash. Odom, Martha ,lane Lake City, Fla. Oestreich, Ellen Elizabeth Madison, Wis, O'Hara, Mary Ann Shenandoah, Iowa Ohrel, Ditty Tucson, Ariz. Olenick, ,lane Brenner Webster Groves, Mo. Olson, Christine L. Cali, Colombia Owens, Christine Ellen Columbia, Mo. Padgitt, Jane Maverick San Antonio, Tex. Paeth, Mary Lynn Perry, Iowa Paletto, Jayne Toccoa, Ga. Palmer, Georgia Lee Ridgefield, Conn. Pamp, Stephanie Ruth Miami, Fla. Parham, Dianne E. Fordyce, Ark. Park, Suzy Elizabeth Alpena, Mich. Parker, Cynthia Marie Kinnelon, N.,l. Parr, Leslie Ruth Maplewood, NJ. Patrick, Mary Ann Morgantown, W. Va. Patton, Anne L. Earl Park, Ind. Pauline, I an Louisville, Ky. Pearce, Aynne Keith Shelby, N.C. Pearce, Fanny C. Ballinger, Tex. Pearson, Pamela Joyce Waco, Tex. Pemberton, Daphne Lynn Brownfield, Tex. Perkins, Pamela Jane Asheville, N.C. Perks, Nancy ,lane Springfield, Ohio A Peterman, Karyn Lynn Beaumont, Tex. Peters, Mary Lynne Los Gatos, Calif. Peterson, Suzann Midland, Mich. Phelps, Mildred Elizabeth Marks, Miss. Phelps, Nancy Carol Jefferson City, Mo. Phelps, Rosamond Lea Pittsburgh, Pa. Phillips, Alice Sophia Strasburg, Colo. Pillsbury, Mary Carolyn St. Louis, Mo. Plotkin, .lo Ann Milwaukee, Wis. Polinger, Jan C. Chevy Chase, Md. Poor, Barbara Clinton St. Louis, Mo. President's Sunday joins the authoritative In - ez, ee J L L... voice of our president, familiar hymns of the orchestra, and recordings by Bill Cosby. Poppenberger, Lynn Marie St. Paul, Minn. Portman, Joyce Lynne Pompano Beach, Fla. Potter, Gail Lynn Wilmette, Ill. Potter, Mary Josephine Salina, Kan. Pruitt, Rebecca Kay Dallas, Tex. Pullen, Starlene Theresa San Juan, Puerto Rico Pulliam, D. Lynn Cleveland, Ohio Purvis, Elizabeth L. Albuquerque, N. M. Radcliffe, Alice Marie Boise, Ida. Rader, Jeslyn Columbia, Mo. Radford, Marilyn Duluth, Minn. Raffkind, Marilyn Gail Amarillo, Tex. Ragland, Janice Gay Stuttgart, Ark. Ramsay, Anne Ferrier Salisbury, N. C. Ramsey, Nancy Louise Lisbon, Ohio Randall, Jerrilyn Ann Waterloo, Iowa Randolph, Carol Hillsborough, Calif. Rankin, Randee Sue Olney, Ill. Ransbottom, Amy Roseville, Ohio Raphael, Nanette Bustrop, Pa. Rauch, Linda Sue Carlsbad, N.M. Rauch, Mary McQuie Washington, Mo. Raymond, Candace B. Fairfield, Conn. Reck, Barbara Jean Zionsville, Ind. Reed, Anne Alene Columbus, Ohio Reepmeyer, Marie Christina Latham, N.Y. Reese, ,loanne Norwich, N.Y. Reinecker, Kathleen V. Excelsior, Minn. Reisch, Susan Kay Columbia, Mo. Rest, Debra Marlene Chicago, Ill. Reynolds, Marilyn Kay Norman, Oklahoma Rich, Pat A. St. Louis, Mo. Richards, Carolyn Baton Rouge, La. Richards, Kathy Baton Rouge, La. Richmond, Lynn McLin Izmir, Turkey ,.v-Q" 'MP' Chemistry students find that it takes coordination to operate the analytical balance Riddick, Derenda Raye Portageville, Mo. Risom, Peggy Ann New Canaan, Conn. Roberts, Margaret Jean Fullerton, Calif. Robertson, Rosemary Dudley Finchville, Ky. Robison, .ludith Rene Enid, Okla. Rockwell, Joyce Marie Port Hueneme, Calif. 3 'LSB dv fr. Scuba practice in the college pool precedes the actual marine biology trip to the Virgin Islands, Rogers, ,Iodanna Warrensburg, Mo. Rogers, Sharon Lou Columbia, Miss. Rogers, Susan Rebecca Seattle, Wash. Rose, Allison Raleigh, N.C. Roush, Mary Anne Newark, Ohio Roussalis, Georgia Steve Casper, Wy. Rowe, Lisa M. Goshen, Conn. Rowe, Patricia Anne Brandenburg, Ky. Rowland, Linda Ann Cleveland, Ohio Ruan, Elizabeth Jayne Des Moines, Iowa Rubin, Linda Claire Southfield, Mich. Rubin, Marlyn Ann Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Rutherford, Patricia Ann Luling, La. Ryan, Mary J. Flint, Mich. Sackett, Margery Elizabeth Elkhart, Ind. Sackerson, Wende M. Orchard Park, N.Y. Salenfriend, llyse Ann Dyersburg, Tenn. Sams, Mary Ray Winston-Salem, N.C. Sanditen, Linda Caryl Tulsa, Okla. Sandke, Susanna T. Santa Monica, Calif. Sandstrom, Patricia Ann Fort Atkinson, Wis. Sartorius, Kathleen Elkhart, Ind. Scalone, Toni Penn Hearne, Tex. Schaeffer, Kathy Lou Kansas City, Mo. Schaffer, Pamela Beth Dayton, Ohio Schaffner, Linda Jean Long Island, N. Y. Schlott, Mary Anne Council Bluffs, Iowa Schmidt, Laurel Ann Springfield, Mo. Schmidt, Robin A. Binghamton, N. Y. Schmidt, Susan Dallas, Tex. Schoenbeck, Ann Curtis St. Louis, Mo. Schram, Helen Frances Jackson, Mich. Schreiber, Susan St. Joseph, Mo. Schroeder, Sue Ellen Columbia, Mo. Schroeppel, Sue Lake Zurich, Ill. Schwyhart, Laura Beth Arlington, Va. Scott, Diane Sue Chicago, Ill. Seiler, Saranee Nancy Duluth, Minn. Shaver, Susie Dement Huntsville, Ala. Sheldon, Donna Jean Colorado Springs, Colo. A spirited sophomore lapses briefly into a moment of the notorious "slump 3 The library represents a step toward the top. Shelley, Margaret Louise Arcadia, Calif. Sherburne, Kay Elaine Humboldt, Neb. Sheridan, Jean Ann Lexington, Va. Shirley, Dora Suanne Hardin, Mo. Shoup, Karen Elizabeth San Antonio, Tex. Shuchat, Francine Belle Piqua, Ohio Shull, Margaret Rebecca Nashville, Tenn. Shutts, Janet Elizabeth Palo Alto, Calif. Shwartz, Lynnette Eileen Columbus, Ohio Sigler, Carol Ann Albuquerque, N.M. Silverfield, Sharon Birmington, Ala. Silverstein, Laura Ruth Scarsdale, N.Y. Simpson, Susan Marilee Santa Rosa, Calif. Sindlinger, Kristine Louise Pittsburgh, Pa. Sirles, Ellen Patrice Decatur, Ga. Skehan, Jonna Shanley Dewitt, N.Y. Skillings, Mary Katherine Poular Bluff, Mo. Slaughter, Edsenna Oklahoma City, Okla. Slaughter, Julie Lee San Diego, Calif. Small, Katherine E. Jackson, Miss. Smith, Connie N. Plainwell, Mich. Smith, Jean Ann Henderson, Ky. Smith, Karen Sue Kansas City, Mo. Smith, Lucinda Coffeyville, Kan. Smith, Lynnea Jean' Des Moines, Iowa Smith, Pamela Ann Langley A.F.B., Va. Smith, Sally Anne Evanston, Ill. Smith, Susan Betsy Fresno, Calif. Smith, Terri Ann Newton, Iowa Southon, Cynthia Lynn Kalamazoo, Mich. Sparks, Sara Louise Sidney, Ohio Spencer, ,Iulie Fayette, Miss. Spenzer, Pamela Adele Sharpsville, Pa. Sprague, Julia Alice Monterey Park, Calif. Sprankle, Frances Elizabeth Lantana, Fla. Stallings, Evelyn Neel Macon, Ca. Stamm, Barbar Christine Kenilworth, Ill. Stamm, Marcia Ann Eugene, Ore. Steele, Nancy Jane Clovis, N.M. Stenehjem, Janie C. Newport Beach, Calif. Stephens, Lois Elizabeth Sebring, Fla. Stephens, Patricia Ann Charlton Heights, W. Va. Stephenson, Ann Gunter Winter Haven, Fla. Stevens, Barbara Limbeth Buffalo, N.Y. Stewart, Roberta Janice Wilmington, Del. Stipek, Leslie Diann Bloomington, Ill. Stoddart, Linda Suzanne Rochester, N.Y. Stone, Irene Marie Lakeland, Fla. Strahan, Donna Kirk Wilmington, Del. Strasek, Kathleen Ann Rocky River, Ohio Undaunted by a wet November night, stu 1 dents seek a refuge in the warmth of the library. 3 5 1 I Strauss, Cynthia Lee Waco, Tex. Strecker, Sue Marietta, Ohio Street, Sharon Marie Santa Cruz, Calif. Streight, Maryla Ann Excelsior Springs, Mo. Strickler, Nancy Emily Jacksonville, Fla. Stringer, Patricia Maurine Memphis, Tenn. Strong, Sarah Jane Coldwater, Mich. Strueber, Nancy Ann Atlanta, Ga. Suiter, Anne L. Princeton, Iowa Swanson, Sue Ann Leonardville, Kan. Swats, Linda Louise Nashville, Tenn. Sweet, Sally Lynn Defiance, Ohio Tappan, Susan Arlington, Va. Taylor, Sharon Lynne Springfield, Mo. Temperato, Patti Leigh St. Louis, Mo. Theis, Kathy Sue Walkerton, Ind. Thompson, Mary Marie Okmulgee, Okla. Thrasher, Leslie G. Palm Springs, Calif. Thunstrom, Christine C. Grand Rapids, Mich. Tierney, Janice Gray Portsmouth, Ohio Timpone, Deanna Urbana, Ill. Tolar, Thelma Dare Wilmington, N. C. Townsend, Margaret San Marino, Calif. Townshend, Jane E. Atlanta, Ga. Tracht, H. Gail Dover, Ohio Trammell, Frances Darlene Texarkana, Tex. Tross, Linda Columbus, Ind. Tunnell, Anne Norris Mexico City, Mexico Turner, Donna Mae Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Twitty, Emily Lynne Sikeston, Mo. Twyman, Sallie Baker Charlottesville, Va. Unangst, Anne L. Huntington, N. Y. Underwood, Madelyn Susan Flint, Mich. Unklesbay, Carolyn Sue Columbia, Mo. Unseren, Carolyn June Milan, Tenn Administrators and Concert Chorus members lead the congregation in song during a Sunday morning service Urs, Patricia Ann Glasgow, Mont. Usher, Charlotte Dorothy Indianapolis, Ind. Valero, Blanca Ines Bogota, Columbia Van Buslcirk, Susan Alexandria, Va. Vandermark, Shirley H. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Van Doren, Irene May Okanogan, Wash. The comforting message of the Vespers hymn will never be forgotten Van Singel, Kathleen Hinsdale, Ill. Van Zant, Carolyn Kay Williamson, W. Va. Van Zant, Jeanne Louise Prairie Village, Kan. Vass, Kathryn Riviere Tampa, Fla. Vellucci, Paula-Jean Dallas, Tex. Vielehr, Virginia R. Boulder, Colo. Vigneri, Carolyn A. Omaha, Neb. Vogler, Linda Greenville, Ky. Vurpillat, Florence A. South Bend, Ind. Waage, Suzanne Carol Minnetonka, Minn. Wagner, Alison Tracy Rochester, N.Y. Walker, Caryl B. Little Falls, N. J. Walker, Deborah Jeane Medina, Ohio Walker, Linda Kay Greenville, Tex. Walker, Nancy Louise Wlilliams, Iowa Wall, Linda Richmond, Mo. Wallace, Linda May Des Moines, Iowa Walter, Linda Helen Bethesda, Md. Walton, Andrea Lee Grand Blanc, Mich. Warfield, Paula Jean Bethesda, Md. l Wargo, Bobbi A. Chandler, Ariz. XVatterson, Elizabeth Jean St. Petersburg, Fla. Watkins, Gail Ann Wichita, Kan. Watson, Penelope McCord San Antonio, Tex. Watts, Cornelia Cullen Kenilworth, Ill. Weber, Susan Marie Orinda, Calif. Weedin, Pamela Roberta J oplin, Mo. Weeks, Barbara Jane Port St. Joe, Fla. Weeks, Robin Moore Haven, Fla. Weeks, Susan Kay Battle Creek, Mich. Weeshoff, Janet K. Sacramento, Calif. Weinberg, Dizfne Osceola, Ark. Wfeinstein, Deborah Lee Pomona, Calif. Weintraub, Wendy E. Philadelphia, Pa. Weissmann, Carol H. Moline, Ill. Welles, Shirley Hamilton Pensacola, Fla. Wells, Carol Beth Eagle Lake, Tex. Whaley, Lucinda Lee Tripoli, Libya Wheeler, Susan Greenwich, Conn. Whiting, Carol Ann Titusville, Pa. Signifying Graduation Day, the old bell in Senior Tower rings annually. Whitlock, Cristina Maria Portland, Ore. Whitmer, Janet Page Overland Park, Kan. Whitten, Susan Ann Carthage, Mo. Wilcox, Beth Ann Hudson, Ohio Williams, Bronwen Lou Batavia, N.Y. Wilson, Barbara Colby Seekonk, Mass. Wilson, Lois A. Earlysville, Va. Wilson, Rebecca Jane Magnolia, Ark. Winston, Linda Kay Newport Beach, Calif. Wismer, Ann Baytown, Tex. Wolfenden, Christina Lee Pacific Palisades, Calif. Wolpers, Nancy Jane Poplar Bluff, Mo. Wood, C. Virginia Riverside, Calif. Woods, Lori Battle Creek, Mich. Woodson, Melanie Forrest City, Ark. Wopper, Elizabeth L. Indianapolis, Ind. Wynkoop, Lynn Arcadia, Calif. Wyss, Sherry L. Fort Wayne, Ind. Yampol, Gail A. Great Neck, N.Y. Yassenoff, Diane E. Columbus, Ohio Yontz, Trudy L. Anaheim, Calif. Yurashus, Carol Diane Yorba Linda, Calif. Zabel, Joanne Ellen Bloomington, Ill. 'X N X 1, A NN hm M it V Www-nh 1 wwf 1'-'-'M ,"' , Juniors ' Entering the intellectually elite The Upper Division Committee acted as the governing body of the juniors and seniors, and initiated and planned all Upper Division activities. This year the Committee framed a constitution to define the goals and purposes of the Upper Division. The members also established an office in the Counseling Ser- vice which served to inform the students of Stephens and other colleges about the B.F.A. and BA. programs of the Upper Division. Members of the Com- mittee included Alexis Wright, senior co-ordinatorg Karen Iverson, junior co-ordinatorg and Carol Francis, faculty liaison. Black, Jean Jennifer Liberal, Kan. Brizendine, Linda Jo Greenville, Ky. Brown, Deborah Mary Springfield, Mo. Conder, Betty Wells O'Fall0n, Ill. Conley, Mary Elizabeth Birmingham, Mich. Fackiner, Carol Rose Anaheim, Calif. French, Judith S. Milwaukee, Wis. Catz, Malcolm Elizabeth Mandera, Calif. Gavagan, Ellen Rogers Hoosick Falls, N. Y. Gerard, Nancy Virginia Newport News, Va. Gilligan, Dorothy Dick New Orleans, La. Glen, Susan Barnett Hubertus, Wis. Inquiry broadens understanding ganna- if Junior colloquia requires individual research. Personal research for personal knowledge Gutshall, Shirley Katherine Rockford, Ill. Hamilton, Charlotte Ann Good Hope, Ill. Hawk, Elizabeth Anne Gainesville, Tex. Hawley, Julie S. Santa Paula, Calif. Hearin, Joan L. Medford, Ore. Hetfield, Elizabeth Jane Plainfield, N. J. Heydt, Geraldine Neptune, N. J. Holt, Jane Elizabeth Ann Arbor, Mich. Jacobson, Jacqueline J. Minneapolis, Minn. R, Juniors seek a greater development of personality through all contacts. Johnston, Ann Montclair, N. J. King, Elizabeth Aireton Belvedere, Calif. Knight, Paulette Carol San Mateo, Calif. Lampe, Gayle Stuart Louisville, Ky. Lantz, Karen Marie McLean, Va. Lowenthal, Patricia Rochester, N. Y. Mackey, Melissa Ann Salisbury, Md. Mahan, Merry-JoAnne Los Angeles, Calif. Martyn, Elizabeth Turner Alexandria, Va. Mates, Carolyn Sophia Myrtle Beach, S. C. McClain, Rosalie Ann Syracuse, Ind. McComas, Lawana Shearl Branson, Mo. Moore, Susan Lemyra Lexington, N. C. Ode, Diane Dene Bismarck, N. D. Porter, Linda Lou Sidney, Iowa Potts, Mary Eleanor Franklin, Ky. Reshoft, Margaret Grace Chevy Chase, Md. Roberts, Suellen Virginia Palatka, Fla. Russel, Mary L. Pasadena, Calif. Sauerteig, Mary F. Fort Wayne, Ind. Schmal, Rebecca Ann Crown Point, Ind. Self, Natalie Gay Centennial, Wyo. Freedom allows growth Students find Hillcrest's cafeteria-style dining an aid to their busy study schedules. ii Q""w'P' Learning independence through responsibilit -ff.,., Sharpe, Donna Maria Johnstown, Pa. Summers, Jane Camarillo, Calif. Wainwright, Colette Royal Kirkwood, Mo. Walker, Mattie Mae Mexico, Mo. Wilson, Marsha Ray Crab Orchard, Ky. gl wi 'gg V MQ wig! HW ,. fmw, .. -- , 'Q ' " -13 1 : L, ' K ' 1 ,A,: l.z Q- ,gh 1, Q 5 , , . Q ' 9 99 Tomorrow IS today s dream. Gibran Abbott, Linda Sue Houston, Tex. Allen, Joanne Victoria Darien, Conn. Anderson, Pamela Wakefield Columbia, Mo. B. A. Armstrong, Susan Kay Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. B. F. A. Fashion Batkin, Sally ,lane s Ocean Grove, N. J. Bickel, Elizabeth St. Louis, Mo. B. F. A. Dance Billings, Mary Anne Springfield, Mo. B. F. A. Theater Bland, Victoria Louise Vandalia, Mo. Boland, Diana Lyn11 Dallas, Tex. B. F. A. Fashion Bradley, Betsy Ellen Evansville, Ind. B. F. A. Fashion Carlin, Sarah Mae Alexandria, Va. B. F. A. Fashion Castle, Linda Letitia River Forest, Ill. B. A. Chattin, Charlotte Winchester, Tenn. B.F.A. Fashion Cheek, I. Elaine Westerville, Ohio B.F.A. Fashion Claiborne, Mary E. Bartlesville, Okla. B.A. and B.F.A. Music Colley, Cynthia Diane Los Angeles, Calif. Colton, Tyla Royal Oaks, Calif. Cragoe, Carolee Washington, D. C. VH-L Ij l Wm? Student's adviser checks poetry for Senior Essay during a weekly session Dibert, Elizabeth Landis Tyler, Tex. B.A. Dodge, Barbara Rae Niles, Mich. B.F.A, Dance Dutton, Rona J. Billings, Mont. Eisenberg, Marsha Lynne Johnstown, Pa. B.F.A. Theater Elzea, Margaret Destin Columbia, Mo. B.A. Erny, Mary Carole Philadelphia, Pa. B.F.A. Theater Falls, Susan Laird Jackson, Mich. B.F.A. Music Felton, Sallie B. Winfield, Kan. B.A. Frambes, Jessica Haydee San Juan, Puerto Rico Francis, Jane Carol Stillwater, Minn. B.A. Caskin, Mary Charles Macon, Ga. B.F.A. Music Getzelman, Gwen Elisabeth Algonquin, Ill. Gile, Cheri A. Allegan, Mich. B.A. Gilliat, Mary Beth Tulsa, Okla. B.A. Gilman, Lynette Ellen Memphis, Tenn. B.F.A. Dance Granert, Nancy Ellen San Marino, Calif. B.F.A. Dance Hagensieker, Karla Sue St. Louis, Mo. B.A. Hamilton, Pamela Jean Marietta, Ohio B.A. Head, Michelle Parsons Macomb, Ill. Horn, Wy'lie Helen Fresno, Calif. B.F.A. Fashion Hower, Connie Jo Creston, Iowa B.A. Iverson, Karen Marie Hamilton AFB, Calif. Jefferies, Susan Ewing Greenlawn, N.Y. B.A. Jones, Ayliffe Arlene Denver, Colo. B.F.A. Dance The last step of instruction 2 S ,,ppns'l'l""" """"""M Hillcrest seniors pause to exchange views on stairway landing. Curiosity continues outside of c ass Ketteman, Susan Margaret Belton, Mo. B.F.A. Music Kroeger, Kathryn Lee Midland, Mich. B.F,A. Theater Lewis, Mary Kathryn Wenatchee, Wash. B.A. Marsh, Candee Caryl Washington, Conn. McGee, Attye Belle M. Chicago, Ill. B.A. Mitchell, Johnlyn Gay Pampa, Tex. Moran, Harriet Harvey Portsmouth, Va. B.F.A. Music Morris, Princess Lake Charles, La. Murphy, Patricia Lynn Whittier, Calif. ' w-ww-vu.. A senior produces a film on the training and showing of five-gaited saddlebred horses. Murphy, Susan Elizalieth St. Louis, Mo. B.F.A. Dance Parker, Eileen Riley Columbia, Mo. Parks, Katherine Columbia, Mo. B.F.A. Theater Phillips, Rebecca Robin Collinsville, Ill. B.F.A. Theater Phillips, Sara Alderman Athens, Ohio B.F.A. Dance Powell, Robin Springfield, Mo. Reardon, Elizabeth Dorcas Norwell, Mass. B.A. Ritchie, Pegi Anne St. Louis, Mo. Rivchun, Barrie Sarah Cleveland, Ohio Russell, Carol Leland Delaware, Ohio B.F.A. Music Sanger, Mary Dallas, Tex. B.A. Schutte, Jennifer Suzan Evergreen Park, Ill. B.F.A. Fashion Scott, Glenda Kay Slaughters, Ky. Scott, Tamsin Christ-,laner Columbia, Mo. Shepherd, Sally Kemp Portland, Ore. B.A. Soileau, Mary Blanche San Anselmo, Calif. Sotebeer, Andrea Gay Minneapolis, Minn. B.F.A. Fashion Spaulding, Jenny Sue Kennewick, Wash. B.A. Stonorov, Andrea Charlestown, Pa. B.F.A. Theater Strange, Donaree East St. Louis, Ill. B.F.A. Fashion Suffudy, Mary Ruth Booneville, Ark. B.F.A. Theater Thelen, Judith Lee Brookfield, Wis. B.A. Thirlby, Janet Elsie Traverse City, Mich. Tomber, Elaine C. ' South Bend, Ind. B.A. 'EL Thorough stud provides a sound basis Troelstrup, Susan Lee Columbia, Mo. B.A. Walden, Phyllis Ann Columbia, Mo. Wallace, Karen Kay Wichita, Kan. B.A. Wesendorf, Karla Jolene Ardmore, Pa. B.F.A. Dance Upper division student specializing in fashion design finishes a layout for special project. White, Ann Little Birmingham, Ala. B.A. Winterhoff, Susan A. Bloomfield Hills, Mich. B.A. Word, Margaret Simonton Clearwater, Fla. B.A. Wright, Alexis Weston, Mass. B.A. Wright, Cheryl Lynn Russells Point, Ohio B.A. Yaggy, Kristin Caroline Red Wfing, Mich. B.F.A. Music It is not where we stand, but in hat direction we are moving. +1 fi x 'NPRQH , A Q J' , .vw g46.Afvr:,gs1+, i - 4-4 ff, "f- if sr W.-L.1.""' , a , -, ,-P-: ,ear-' 9 J 'r' ,V ,er 5-11 '5iDR"V'D1f'AiH.' I 'V' ,S 5'9- 1. 1 M 1 X' 45 ' A. , 52015 ki 5f7y' 1 fa- M wx 5 N, : ' -if-tif 1 0' Kffyv Goethe , f,.-:P- -- xrf Via Q-X lv v +'sQ+:q1:: X. uv ff: ., V4 , J '-.s , -ff N . l ffjmbk 5:gj,tiQ.Ng.,:lQ5i, g-X V 'ff' " iw: WG- '- f , ' 4, A . .El .I MEN ,kiwi . , . 4 , , Q A . ,, -, 9,1 WW' 1311 ,amp - .. .nv f, f' ' 1?f'39ftZ'-v ' M-?'z ,fr " '.F,mgg", ' '-954.32 , . ,Q wg, - i,1"H13'1Q'T Hy' r 'Wjuwhwx A +ff'i.5 sfisfmf .-xifh-Q5 'mfg-':. 23343315 4 .fy Txgfgg-if igfgryfggg ' i -,Qi S: -1, x f r " ufrfg- " ,,' 'f,1l" 74,53 ,j ,'-mx-g, ' " -'Phill 3251 5, -'i5'?k' z 2.1 fig, f vk?-Cf? 33175 i 52 ,'1z?'vi Qi , 4,3 . "0!"I' The "rule-makers" provide the paths to follow. Civic Association, the student governing body of Stephens, set high goals and standards for itself this year. Trying to overcome the ever-present problem of communication, it designated a new C.A. bulletin board, created the office of Communications Contact, and be- gan the practice of student government forum. This forum is responsible for the presentation of such pro- grams as the narcotics seminar in early November. Miss Kathi Johnson, Civic Association President and former president of Searcy Hall, was not a newcomer to positions of authority. She expressed the Association,s concern for every aspect of student life and its interest in the total individual. Said Kathi, g'We plan a dynamic and active year." In her efforts to bring student ideas out into the open, Kathi and her cabinet worked closely with both fresh- man and sophomore councils and with Alexis Wright, special coordinator to the Upper Division. In addition to the new projects, 1966-67 marked constitutional re- vision yearg and the C.A. officers spent time pouring over their constitution, seeking all points needing re- vision to keep up with the changing face of the school. President Johnson expressed pleasure concerning the capability and eagerness of her cabinet. The hard- working and efficient officers were: Vice-President of Group Living, Anne Stephenson, Vice-President of Edu- cation and Culture, Sue Waageg Vice-President of Social and Recreation, Jill Jordan, Secretary, Anne Boyd, and Treasurer, Merre Miller. A great responsibility is lightened with a smile. v ff .ai 8'5- 23.3 --.31 .- we W' e"1 Ann Stephenson, Merre Miller, Suzanne Waage, Anne Boyd, Jill Jordan, Kathi Johnson. Judicial Council, the collegeis disciplinary body, met once a week this past year to consider cases of major violations referred to it by hall standards committees. The council strived toward objectivity and a decision which would most benefit the student involved. This year four students chosen by the'student body, Alice Phillips, chairman, Barb Geiger, Susie Whitten, and Diane Dubravacg and three faculty members, Miss Eleanor Jones, Mr. Edward Ryan and Dean Martha Biehle, comprised Judicial Council. Each member had an equal vote in all decisions. Upholding the standards and reputation ol the school has always been the goal of the council, and this year no exception. Acting fairly and objectively, the members sought to find the best solution for every problem confronting them. " . . ., not so absolute in goodness as to forget what human frallty IS Sir Thomas Noon Talfourd 'Q S -f -. ,. . wfs"QQ1- 1-' ::-H -5-f '9f' t I I I . K P Q CT' .N s"1'f2',i' C2 Susie Whitten, Miss Eleanor Jones, Alice Phillips, Barbara Geiger, Diane Dubravac, Dean Martha H. Biehle, Mr. Edward M Ryan Striving for the intellectual activates mind-improvin proj eets 5980166125- , H Educational and Cultural Commission: Deborah Crockett, Deborah Durand, Yvanda Frey, Suzanne Yvaage, Patricia Hulsey, Liz Love. 2 SCOPE: ROYV 1: Sonya Larson, Suzi Harrod, Suzie Stammer, Christine ROW 2: Pam Freihofer, Lynn Poppenherger, Kathy Theis, Debi Riden- Kollman, Mary Peters, Barbara Burge, Jonna Skehan, Nancy Houck, our, Trudy Yontz, Margo Hamlin, Liz Love, Jayne Ruan. The Educational and Cultural Commission encouraged student interest and participation in scholarly and cul- tural activities by organizing, publicizing and producing extra-curricular events. The Commission, under Mrs. Esther Hepple, sponsor, and Suzanne Waage, chairman, sponsored the Rose Ceremonies to honor girls who had maintained a high scholastic record. The Commission published a book at the beginning of the year explaining the various special interest clubs and honoraries. It also organized a Student Activities Fair for which each club and honorary presented a display illustrating its function and plans for the coming year. SCOPE, Stephens College Organization for Publicity and Entertainment, a division of the Educational and Cultural Commission, functioned as the Stephens pub- licity committee. Headed by Elizabeth Love, the com- mittee created and displayed posters, newsletters and pamphlets to advertise campus-wide events and presented a weekly movie. Two girls from each dorm served on the SCOPE committee. The Student Educational Committee promoted campus- Wide interest in scholarship and culture through extra- curricular activities. SEC, under chairman Debbie Crockett, presented book reviews, lectures, films and discussions on subjects ranging from religion to drugs. Student Educational Committee Debbie Crockett Geraldeen Larson Kristan Rayfleld Susan Abercrombie, Susan Lundberg, Nancy Farber, Ann Kingman, Social and Recreational Commission: ROW l: Roberta Golden, Mary Marie Thompson, Beth Stephens, ROW 2: Kathy Egan, Chris Wolfenden, Donna Drendel, Jill Jordan, Bunny Easter- brook. The spirit builders The Social and Recreational Commission or- ganized and planned campus-wide social and recrea- tional activities during 1966-67. The commission sponsored the mixers on Wednesday nights, trips to Rolla, the Autumn and Christmas Balls and the Freshman mixer held the first week of school. Directed by Mrs. Connie McCallum, the group met twice a month to coordinate activities. S.R.A., the college link between the student and sports, activated initial interest this year through the S.R.A. Open House, November 23. Under the guidance of sponsors, Miss Bliss and Mrs. Johnstone, S.R.A. provided intramural competition in swim- ming, tennis, volleyball, bowling, basketball, and baseball. President Donna Drendel, assisted by an executive committee of student heads of various sports, worked with dorm representatives to arouse student enthusiasm for healthy exercise with a com- petitive spirit. "Way down in Missouri where the girls are all the best . . .", Campus Sing led all convocations and all-school functions with a song. With pep and vigor these ten girls also entertained for Parents Weekend, Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners and all-school picnics. This year their most impressive presenta- tion took place during the annual Song Fest held in May. Dressed in cocktail dresses, they sang a medley of songs that personified the Stephens College spirit. The Campus Wide Social Committee, comprised of social chairmen from dorms on campus, planned the Autumn Ball presented November 12, interdorm mixers, student hostessing and decorations for these events. Beth Stephens represented the committee at the CA. Social and Recreational committee meet- ings and coordinated the activities of the two groups. 'SPHILNQ .fNi.tlti5 aaa S.R.A.: Jo Ann Gerhard, Bari Klein, Sue Schroeder, Joan Stokely, Donna Drendel, Mary Sue Madeley, Elise Macomber, Barbara Brian, Jackie Cole, Wendy E. Weintraub. Twiiif -.NM Campus Sing: Carol Lipschultz, Jackie Fleisher. l Sallye Brown, Frances Hawkins, Kathy Meyer, Toni Frankovic, Kathy Krider, Pam Perkins, Peg D'Agostino, Jill Fry, ,-.. at T' Y 1-N li bl,fil'lTl' Q 4 Y X-vi mf- f"'s -,,,.....---4 WMU Campus Wide Social Committee: Kathy Egan, Lynn Wynkoop, Martha Handy, Linda NVallace, Bari Klein, Lee Hayden. l Upholding and Group Living Commission, the backbone of the Civic As- sociation, focused on providing higher ideals and standards on the Stephens campus. Its most dramatic project entailed revising the Ten Ideals of Stephens College. This was done by a poll among the student body. Through the leadership of Ann Stephenson, first vice-president of Civic Association and chairman of Group Living, a project on dress standards helped preserve the Stephens dress traditions by emphasizing appropriate dress through posters. The commission consisted of the chairmen from all areas on campus: the Senior Sister Committee, Dining Room Standards, Rules Research Committee, Ten Ideals Emphasis Committee and the Campus Service Board. The Ten Ideals Emphasis Committee, headed by Bet Ander- son with Dean Biehle as sponsor, promoted Stephens standards and stressed the Ten Ideals of the College. The Committee sup- l ported such organizations as Burrall and Campus Chest through publicity for these projects. Group Living Commission: ROW I: Bet Anderson, Ann Stephenson, ROW 2: Cynthia Kruesi, Rebecca ,lane Wilson, Wende Sackerson, ,Ian Pauline. -of-'f' Ten Ideals Emphasis Committee: ROW' I: Judi Stanley, Bet Anderson, Doris Krebs, ROW 2: Megan Gainey, Dean Martha Biehle, ,lane Cavins, Dagmar Quiros, ,loan Lloyd. improving traditions . . . . . l Campus Service Board, an organization within the Group 2 . . r 41 I . Living Commission with Rebecca Jane Wilson as chairman, and f 5 , r Miss Helen Bell and Miss Carol Ostness as sponsors, rendered I 2 ' I practical services to the Stephens students. The committee super- f 2 g , vised the snack bars: the Pantry, the Collegian Room, the Blue ' 15 T 5' 1: Q V Room, and the Campus Etcetera Shop which provided the linen 5 service, laundry and repair facilities. The Board sponsored the opening of the newly redecorated Collegian Room on October 19, and initiated a new program called the Club Collegian, which gave the girls opportunities to dance with dates in the Collegian Room. Friends and dates gather for snacks and chatter in the Collegian Room. wflbh l""7 Lois Mae Kartisek, Kay Kornman, Mary Evans, Diane Moore, Rebecca ,lane Wilson, Martha Monroe, Carol Kuehn, Robin Weeks. The man faces of the Group Living Commission Senior Sister Board: Shirley Vandermark, Alice Mack, Dana Lain, Cindy Kruesi, Maureen Crow, Julie Slaughter. The Senior Sister Board, headed by Cindy Kruesi, included one senior sister chairman from each freshman hall to help ac- quaint freshmen with the school's facilities. Two major re- sponsibilities included freshman orientation and informal parties for the freshmen and their senior sisters. Rules Research, a division of Group Living, considered rules recommended for change by legislature. Representatives from each dorm comprised the committee with Jan Pauline as chairman. The Dining Room Standards Committee worked to create a pleasant atmosphere in all three dining rooms on campus. The committee consisted of thirteen students: a girl from each dorm, two hostesses, two waitresses and chairman Wende Sackerson. Rules Research: ROW 1: Beth Fosse, Robin Hopkins, Becky Shull, ROW 2: Sue Swanson, Jan Hartmann, Jan Pauline, Mary Ann Patrick. el WM' I x nr VN S . . - . .isa :fi Mn' Dining Room Standards: Wende Sackerson, Jane Adams, Penny Scalone, Micki Cahn, Ardith Manulis. The American Guild of Organists furthered the interest and knowledge of the organ for its members. The group, a student branch of the adult national club, cooperated with the Columbia guild and sent articles to the national maga- zine. The club's activities included recitals, a guest recitalist from St. Louis who played in February, several visits to Columbia churches and trips to St. Louis and Kansas City for concerts. A picnic at the beginning of the year and a Christmas party promoted interest, while the girls Worked on an independent project concerning an aspect of the organ. Sue Detering, president, directed the activities and Dr. Heinz Arnold sponsored the guild. Striking a responsive chord l 'fur -,,,.- AGO: ROW 1: Debby Snyder, Sue Detering, Barbara Newsom, Suanne Shirley, ROW 2: Janet Carmack, Linda Duckett, Barbara Hollis, Becky McG0ugh, Sharon Rogers. Young ideas in politics point toward the future The Young Republicans Club, led by President Tina Reepmeyer and sponsor Mr. Calvin Kent, emphasized the responsibilities of Republicans. The Club sent Christmas cards to servicemen in Viet Nam and held several joint meetings with the University of Missouri club. Several speakers includ- ing a Missouri State Representative spoke to the group. The club Sent delegates to the Missouri Intercollegiate State Legislature in May, where they took over the administration of the State Legislature for the weekend. They also participated in the state contest for the Best Young Republican Club. The Young Democrats Club sponsored panel discussions with students and faculty and helped with the November elections. A representative from the Missouri State Legislature spoke to the group and a film on John Kennedy was shown. The club, under the leadership of Bridgette McNeill and sponsored by Mrs. Gloria Roden, at- tended the National Young Democrats Convention in Jefferson City. Delegates rep- resented the club at the Missouri Inter- collegiate State Legislature and proposed bills for the mock government. Young Republicans: ROW 1: Jo Early, Brooke Estes, Debby Snyder, Pam Corson, Liz Wilpiier ROW 2: Allison Rose, Debbie Cutler, Margaret Mansfield, Sybil Cundiff, Tina Reepmeyer, presi dent. Young Democrats: ROW 1: Ann Buckman, Jackie Helitzer, Barbara Konovsky, Marsha Raulston, ROW 2: Bridgette McNeill, president, Kay Sherburne, Rhett Matthews. Jane Harper, Mary Josie Cain, Cissy Chandler, Jeanie Massee, Annette Koren, Karen Lockwood, Gail Tracht. The Foreign Relations Club, directed by President Annette Koren and sponsor Dr. John Decker, informed students of current world affairs and major problems in foreign relations. The Club sponsored the Foreign Relations Lecture Series, which brought four speakers to the campus during the year. The Honorable Halvard Lange on the NATO Alliance, David Schoenbrun on Deflaulleis France, Senator J. William Fulbright on American Foreign Policy, and Dr. Han Suzin on Asian affairs comprised the speakers. The club also entertained various speakers from Stephens and the University of Missouri at monthly meetings, including such subjects as Viet Nam, the Peace Corps, India, Cuba, Latin America, and American Foreign Policy. A picnic for members at Dr. Deckeris home culminated the clubis activities for the year. Stephens link with current world affairs "" . , T ' 'f"- . J vamp- ,gf V " , 1 il7?a3?fS"'t ' W' - f ',,Wi:1- -y -11 If or we-xwrs Y ,gg - 1- 2 , ,. ff . dffzlify 'i"'?f5s ,I :Zami 9 1 ' Q-fuss? 51 0 ' 'f'-. ff M , Vg. 'Q -, af! 'Q r K ,Q , :J lying, 't . Y' ,Q -ffi, ., ' . fa 1 ' ,4 u , 1 q , l -I s , Q ' L Q , I ' "' 'lah lg ,r sl D t M ' 291 if I W it 2 P su i s 'ik lf J I fgfsitf Waits I .l . . vf 1 , . 'Wi .sf . A A 'evil ' K ,,.. 15, 5' .a,'W-In M W. . A' -r U' A A wqsyngefdfh H ., , A swf' weaver-1. -A U s and downs of sports Swans, the honorary synchronized swimming group, took full ad- vantage of the new pool in acquiring water precision. Sponsored by Mrs. Timotheia Haag and Mrs. Ergi Cay, the twenty-three member team practiced water ballet every Tuesday night. Swans sponsored the all-school swim meet this past year and presented a water show in the spring and a commencement show in May. The Rebounders, competitive trampoline team, practiced and per- formed stunts for demonstrations and trampoline meets throughout the past year. Membership try-outs took place each semester. Guided by Miss Kathleen Middleswart, the Rebounders worked toward ef- ficient and graceful coordination. x -x . .W . , we aa- A. 1 - w.'7.fQ -Q, wwf- R ' - , V' jg 5 N . " ' --Er Q ., "" r -f'- . N a ""s,.,ft"-'fe ' " QW M fwvvs-f.. . uv ,Vx , aa,j"':,ggs:f.ea. Mg, . .,,,,,...:'-:,,. ' V -6. V, Q - 'F 5535.-Q'--,A -sig - MA? A 1A,-, . ,. ' V. - - ' . Q ,Q 1. ' S' I s "U":'gf, 4 . fy- ' 40 . , A" ., ,, -ft.. '. r ,fe ' ?L, My . fl' Jfifsj L M .-. ' WQS52' ...,,. kr, 1-4 ,'f'Wf.fu 'vt' .Q-., . . ,,..., s . 2 . , ...J IE, 1 A f f -1 A ' s Qs:- V , 1 I ,gsg 5 ff it at , -E -3: . :f ra f nj :Q 5 sity Q-ifitiw Y iii"i at ' ' 7.-1 ff ' r, 'I' 1 as 4 Swans practice a somer-sub to achieve perfect unison. A back dolphin is executed with form and grace. Swans: Mary Anne Roush, Anne LeFevre, Julie Mentch, Kathy Danner, Maggi Word, Mebhy Klein, vice-president: Bobbie Stamm, presidentg JoAnn Gerhard, Anne Vurpillat, Dian Auger, Susie Shaver, Pat Stephens. A, M, px ,p pvw 'li if ,f ' gy ,,,. .uw- Rebounder skillfully executes an acrobatic handstand on the trampoline. A graceful and well-executed flip is the goal of this high-spirited trampo line artist. ' 2 2 3 tg., E p 52 rg'i 'S nts,-.,,,,'.!.'2B 3Hi'l!I!ClIi!l5!' flifinxxagg , an N! Gish -n. I ll vg,' all lu x,,l sq, I "Yau lt. eg, ul, 'U rqsgu a,, it gi Well satisfied with Rebounder members, sponsor Miss Kathleen Middleswart bf-anis with pride after a precision practice. Prince of Wales Club sets the pace for the horse-minded woman. Young horsewomen developed their equestrian skills through membership in the Prince of Wales Club. PWC's high membership made the club one of the largest organiza- tions on campus. Tryouts held at the beginning of the year and second semester brought new members into the club. A banquet for new and active members followed both tryouts. Other activities included a barbecue at Mrs. Hardwicke's farm and a demonstration for Parents Weekend. Members traveled to the American Royal Horse Show on October l6, and the Saddle Horse Sale on November 17, both held in Kansas City. Several girls prepared a basket of food and gave it to a Columbia family for Thanksgiving. Bells jingled and horses neighed as December brought Christmas to the barn, and the cheerful group invited students, faculty, and townspeople to enjoy the holiday season. Anticipation and participation characterized PWC. Clinics, organized and instructed by professionals, included hunt seat, saddle seat, and stock seat, and prepared the girls for the spring show. ...sf 1-s......,,M K. M sy- -.., , W eras, if i'a"""' f e'i.W .. V , '.. H , I xl' Tension mounts as horse and rider await final decision of the American Royal Horse Show judges. W 'W Galloping all the way in a one horse open sleigh, Santa brings ar r , ,gf .. ., Christmas to the stables. Fine harness driving adds to the exhibition horse show on Parents Weekend. Stirrups are checked in final preparation for a day of exercise and practice. rrr. Gail Watkins, secretaryg Maxine Gill, presidentg Jayne Ruan, vice-presidentg Marquita List, treasurer. Serving campus and communit . ,Je K Q Q K 2 - - Burrall Cabinet: ROW 1: Susie Bean, Carolyn Williams, Ellen Wheeler, Jeannie Denson, Annette Koren, ROW 2: Janice Ragland, Jane Dobkin, Ellie Gilbert, Mary Krause, Pam Corson, Kimberly Bayless. through religious education The Burrall Cabinet sponsored a variety of student interests within the Burrall Program. Mary Krause, president of the cabinet selected by the previous year's members, directed the chairmen of projects. Ellie Gilbert planned community service projects, serving the State Mental Hospital, Boone County Hos- pital, the Servicemen's Center and other organizations. Campus Chest Drive, directed by Ellen Wheeler, solicited funds for charitable organizations here and abroad. Under the leader- ership of Carolyn Williams, the Burrall Abroad Program helped foreign students exchange ideas and cultures with students at various teas and discussions. For religious services, Janice Rag- land, head of the Worship Committee, provided ushers at col- lege services and Jean Denson, head of Evening Prayer and Special Services, initiated a new practice in Evening Prayer Services which were held twice a month with a community service and a special service. Kimberly Bayless helped to plan Vespersg Susan Bean, Con- tacts, devised a new plan for a representative in each dorm to Dean Lake communicates a meaningful message through weekly Vespers. help with new ideas, Annette Koren, Discussions, sponsored the Penthouse Discussions concerning current problems both on and off campus, Michal Walters, lnteraction, kept the campus aware of certain national problems, Jane Dobkin, Publicity, provided students with notification of activities and Pam Corson, Retreats, planned discussions with speakers at the Retreat Lodge. Charles D. Lake, dean of religious life, and Miss Mary-Anne LaFollette, faculty adviser, sponsored the Burrall Cabinet and its activities. Dean Lake helped to coordinate Burrall'with the many facets of the religious program, combining religion and education in a process unique to Stephens. He included personal Contact and counseling with students in his busy program, while he also worked with Columbia churches and other colleges such as William Woods and the University of Missouri. ln addition to her teaching duties, Miss La Follette worked as coordinator of community service projects and served as a personal counselor for many students. Miss LaF0llette's warm interest makes her office an inviting place to visit. Emphasis on religious interests Morning and Evening Worship: Helena MeKevitt, Susan Weiss, Janice Ragland, Mary Anne Bastean, Wendy Frits, Jeannie Denson. .- fi' iw.. IN 'EES 9'f'k Publicity: Mary Anne Bastean, Dianne Boxer, Jane Dobkin, Ann Hagaman, Mary Anne Simmons, Pat Rowe. The Burrall worship committee provided a unique and wel- come religious experience for all students who participated in the activities. Janice Ragland, chairman of morning worship and special services, worked closely with Dean Lake to plan the interdenominational Sunday morning Chapel services and the special morning services: White Sunday, the Thanksgiving and Christmas services and Presidentis Sunday. Jean Denson, evening worship chairman, presented varied and unusual evening prayer programs which included a jazz mass, a Quaker meeting and a Christmas carol service. Under the chairmanship of Jane Dobkin, the Burrall pub- licity committee worked diligently to make sure each Burrall project was brought to the full attention of the student body. Their informative posters publicized evening worship, special services, retreats, discussions and other Burrall activities. Campus feeling arouses generosity Campus Chest, sponsored by Burrall, held a drive for eight organizations giving aid to Negro students, handicapped Korean children, Columbia United Fund, Vietnamese Childrenis Fund, World United Service, Save the Children Federation, American lndependent Development and the Burrall International Scholar- ship Fund. This year's theme was based on the West with the "goal rushw, and a covered wagon in the center of campus sparked interest in the drive. Ellen Wheeler, head of the drive, planned a mixer to increase interest and initiated a slacks day for students who contributed. A convocation was held with members of the Burrall Cabinet dressed appropriately as cow- boys and lndians, while dorm chairmen encouraged each dorm to have 100 per cent contribution for which extra late minutes were awarded. X, u X51 E 1 f ' 'QM 1. N .1 Wrangler Wheeler rounds 'em up. Campus Chest Committee: Pat Sandstrom, Tish Cleaveland. Donna Strahau. Sue Van Buskirk, Bunnie Magida. Ellen Wheeler. t l Goal or Bust. Coffee and conversation-focal points of retreats. Natural surroundings produce natural thoughts The Retreat Committee, headed this year by Pam Corson, planned all the Burrall-sponsored functions held at the retreat lodge. The over-night retreats were held once a month and there were often evening discussions on many topics. Some of the retreat topics included were the crisis in Viet Nam, civil rights and non-violence. ln March, Dean Hall returned to Stephens and led talks at the retreat lodge. The Committee participated in joint retreats with William Woods, Wtfstminstei' College and the University of Missouri. The Committee sponsored a folk-singing retreat in October and two silence retreats before finals in January and May. Gayle Flannery, Pat Rowe, Pam Corson Quietude of retreat fills students with satisfaction and peace of mind. God first, others second, me third. Community Service Projects, the major off-campus function of the Burrall Program, gave students the opportunity to work with children, the elderly, the underprivileged, the mentally ill and hospitals to achieve Burrall's two-fold purpose in serving the community and ex- tending classroom education with off-campus contacts. Various or- ganizations served by this program included Fulton Mental Hospital, State School for the Deaf, Red Cross, Salvation Army, University of Missouri Medical Center, Servieemen's Center, Boone County Rest Home and the Community Nursery School. Students also helped orphans at Christmas time with gifts of repaired dolls. Ellen Gilbert, chairman, and her committee initiated such new activities this year as a dance project with the Fulton Mental Hos- pital, a development activity with the Mid-Missouri Mental Health Center, visits to the Boonville State Center for Boys and work with anti-poverty funds in the Human Development Agency by helping in poverty stricken homes. Marilyn Radford, Joyce Rockwell, llyse Salenfriend, Jackie Marion, Ellie Gilbert, Paddi Benson Ellen Cuttmann Barbara Blau ROW 1: Carol Gilmore, Joanne Julian, Marlyn Rubin, Dianne Boxer, Jennifer Cohen, Mary ,Io Potter, Bunny Magida, ROW 2: Barbara Buffmire, Linda Mitchell, Pam Parsons, Paula Warfield, Martha Monroe, Susan Weber, Megan MacGregor. .i fi, "' M sad-, ' is 4190!- A time to share thoughts with yourself, for yourself The Stephens tradition of evening Vespers for meditation and spiritual enlightenment was carried on this year by Kim Bayless and her Vesper planning committee. Working closely with Dean Lake, they planned the freshman and sophomore Vespers in a special way, leaving plenty of room for the individual student to form her own opinions about the service. The committee brought in provocative guest speakers such as Paul Chapman and T. William Hall, former dean of religious life at Stephens. V, ROW 1: Betty Kidder, Kathy Moore, ROW 2: Linda Yifalter, Kim Bayless, Avis Barwick. The role acquired h communication and choice. Each Sunday at 2:22 Burrall sponsored discussions in the library. This year Annette Koren arranged programs on topics including con- tinuation of the Vietnamese War, the existence and significance of God, the values of religion and the meaning of love. ln addition to the Sunday afternoon sessions, the Discussions Committee provided the opportunity for interested students to participate in after-Vespers conversations at Dean Lake's home. The lnteraction Committee was composed of those students who were vitally interested in world affairs and popular ideals. These girls promoted campus-wide participation in discussions concerning international questions. This year the committee, under Karla Wesen- dorf, debated and discussed such topics as the November elections, communism, values, morals and religion. ' 'fgja , O. gn? 21 Q-99 CTS 1,152 CCD EE, m0 QP-1 En!-H ..- CD Q- .- IT' fb CD 5 U' FD P1 ll! O PM P-1 5 .. CD P1 W O ::. O Z3 ... IJ" "1 O C UQ F' FJ 4 N "1 -. CD .-. '4 O P-H WKQ ii We Annette Koren serves coffee at an after-Vespers meeting. Following his special Vespers talk, guest speaker Dr. T. William Hall finds time for discussion with Sophomores. if 5 Q5 . W5, ,A ,if -AA With unfailing determination, Editor Patty Burnett finishes story before deadline. Stephens Life, the award-winning weekly campus newspaper, sought to provide students with an up-to-date account of activities on campus, current student opinions, trends and fashions. World news, featuring the 6'South of the Borderi' section, enlarged the scope of student contact with world affairs. Stephens Life received several newspaper awards, including the Overseas Press Award, won three times in the last five years, and the Karin Walsh Award of lVlaclVlurray College. Editor Patty Burnett and Managing Editor Cindy Chapman traveled to the Associated Collegiate Press Conference in Philadelphia, and these editors, along with several other staff members, attended a conference in Washington, D.C., in February. Journalism instructor Miss Barnes served as faculty adviser for the paper. K Pam Jones, proof editorg Cindy Lang, photographer Sallie Dillard toward better communication. Life is a journal of 5 lv t I 435 ,,....m-'-"':'W"" world news editor, and Marlyn Rubin, feature writer, are working Miss Elizabeth Barnes points to paper's bedtime-7:00, Tuesday morning. personalities, opinions and types Qual' A-1-'fag M.,-'f 4-1lf"'Jw-+-QQM J' if Q... Checking for mistakes in galley proofs is an important job for -Manag' Katie Brown, news editorg Anne Patton, editorial editorg Susan Farb, advertising ing Editor Cindy Chapman. manager, strive for perfection. ' t.i ,,,..., To the memory of Nancy Brewer . . Love Song To love is what l've never learned, My boy-speak not of Fate, Which with a wink and twisted grin unlocks its gleaming gate. I shall not watch your purple clouds, Horizons brimming full Of hope, and soft mist winds that kiss- To me their touch is dull. I will not see the leaf's soft glow Brushed gold by twilightis shower- Waste not your eyes of violet depths, With me they hold no power. My Love is freedom, wild and bright- I want life fired high. The only winds I know sing hard And with their kiss I fly. Portfolio, April, 1965 Sensitivity in forms, a smcere try, perhaps success. Throughout the year, Stephens girls submitted essays, fiction, poetry, art and photography to Portfolio, the student literary magazine. From these entries the Portfolio staff se- lected the best efforts in each area to appear in the magazine, published four times a year. Jonna Skehan assumed chair- manship of the staff after the untimely death of Nancy Brewer, and Charles Madden acted as sponsor. Anne Unangst. Gerzy Heydt, Ellen Cavagan, Mr. Madden, Jonna Skehan Harbinger to future freshmen Within the Ivy, a guidebook to Stephens campus life, greeted new students before their arrival in Columbia with their first glimpse of college life and activities. lt provided details about campus life, including such areas as Burrall, campus government, activities, organizations, services and dorm life. This year's nine- member staff, chosen early in the fall from freshmen applications, Worked to improve the book using their fresh and most objective ideas. Janet Weeshoff edited the publication and Mrs. Joan Jolly served as sponsor. ROW 1: Donna Boeger, Sabena Wilson, Susan Porter, Marcia Munn, Rebecca McGough ROW 2 Charlotte Catton Marsha Raulston Janet Weeshoff Susan Andrews, Evonne Kennis. flwf' as Yum r L ...K J ' 1 IW 6 at at v 5 'S -e 1 E l X -wsnluofxon nu pfdiwwixnr X -fnfhuzxainvdraxfanw -x it ""' wsswv 2 We travel with 3, 'ia ng., -HZ? All wrapped up in their work-Cheri Meinert, editor, and Carla Dimmitt, assistant editor. Mrs. Billie Silvey, secretary of Student Publications, oversees the business aspect by balancing the Sophieis books. M-J wh 35" mnnppn-,-.,,-, NY' Yearbook adviser Mrs. Louise Rowe spurs the staff on with The three-eyed omnipresence of Trinket Mueller, apprentice, Bonnie Barr, photography editor, Splrlt and enthusiasm as a constant morale booster. and Penny Scalone, assistant photography editor, captures the ye-ar's progression. words and pictures to keep memories alive. re, ,ct iii' S. 3, . ill Susan Steadman, apprentice, Stephanie Rainey, apprentice, cover designer Sandy Berridge and Anne Suiter, advertising co-editors, pause at their street corner office. On layout chorus line:' Anne Ramsay, layout, Karen Lockwood, layout, Nancy Meadows, apprentice, Linda Gordon, layout, Peggy Bosmyer, apprentice, and Susie Keiser, layout editor. Marvin Kreisman-always in focus, on call, day or night. Angela Parker, apprentice, Cynthia Mates, literary editor, Stephanie Rainey, apprentice, June Cable, copy, Denise Chavez, copy editor, Linda Kutschbach, class sections edi- tor, Gail Johnson, apprentice, and Gail Potter, copy, the word-makers. 3PgphlMi,m,v'ulIQA,,,h gi so jp 'M I , ,i ,mgggiwgfi it yvyk Ni 2 ' ,, 'P s ifgiill , 1 V, 14' A ,ffi M vi , . V" if If iV,,.-4e"i I I bm 'L If, ,NMMA -A , K ' ' 1 ' K L ' fm? ,H Etas Zeta Heck Day gives pledge a chance to wear colorful costumes and bow down under active's heavy hand. . 1 1 is um-ii ,M sing '4Flamin' Mamie" under the direction of critical aetives. In the Panhel penthouse Beta actires plot misery for helpless pledges. i l Drill iU5lfUCl0f 1110505 Sffllafilfe the HCUVCS from Iliff Pledges- Kappa pledges smoke ulast eigarettesn while awaiting actives' instructions. Panhellenic Executive Board: ROW 1: Molly Inscho, Brooke Estes, Rose Robertson, Roberta Golden, ROW 2: Susan Smith, Paddi Bensen, Kathy Gra- ham, Kay Barksdale, Linda Nelson. Panhellenic-central link in the long chain of sororities TriAAlpha pledge swears loyalty under bright lights and shaving cream. ,gam- ,rw Sorority Presidents: Gale Cummings, Beta, Alice Moody, Alpha, Jackie Fleisher, Etag Darlene Trammel, Zetag Susan Schreiber, Kappa. , Beta Sigma Beta reflects togetherness Alpha Pledges: ROW l: Gretchen Charles, Carol Moses, Charlotte Catton, Kay Anderson, Juynee King, Barbara Jo Richter, Sue lveingarten, Adrianne Lekis, Lyn Lawshe, Pam Balcomb, ROW' 2: Sue Strecker, Linda Ann Rowland, Pat Jagger, Lucy Bea Meece, Bunny Abrahamson, Nikki White, Benz Actircs and Pledges: ROW l: Lucia Klavun, Gale Cummings, Marilyn Kay Reynolds, ROW 2: Ann Sigler, Peggy Klein, Susan Smith, Pam Duncan, ROW 3: Dedee Maurer, Daisy Bower, Julie Bogda, Susan Boren, Sonya Thomas. 196 lliglfv' Linda Kelly, Ruth Baker, Irma Gonzalez, Karen Sutton, ROW 3: Millie Blackburn, Cathy Detert, Virginia Bauerle, Patte Rhodes, Diane Huggett, Elissa Bannow, Jo Anne Wlaugh, Kathy Trichel, Rita James, Suzanne Kinder, Sue Kubicek. Beta Sigma Beta Sorority joined other campus sororities in en- couraging cultural and social activities among students. Beta activi- ties included a fall bunking party at Cordon Manor, a trip to the Kiddie Korner at the Fulton State Mental Hospital, a one-day trip to the Lake of the Ozarks, group attendance at Vespers, several surprise breakfasts and pledge initiation in the Chapel. President Gale Cummings headed the sorority in all Panhellenic functions. The tonnage race, in which all sororities participate, is devised to gather food for needy families. Friendly smiles typify Alpha Alpha Alpha if ,E-s lit' Y E ifi hi ff, ,ak 6 Q i , Alpha Actives: ROW l: Alice Moody, Jo Early, Jill Jordan, Missy Ladner, Cassandra Foill, Joanne Julian, ROW 2: Jane Cavins, Nancy Steele, Sully Smith, Chris Olson, Kay Van Zant, Pat Rutherford. Alpha Alpha Alpha, originator of sisterhood in' sororities, strived this year to maintain their traditions. The mfri-Alph's,', under the direction of President Alice Moody, combined the fun of mixers and bunking parties with the rewarding experiences of helping the mentally ill patients at Fulton, in order to make 1966-67 a well-rounded and memorable year. ,.,a.wvmw,,..m Era Aczires: ROW' 1: Molly lnscho, Suzy Loonsten, Bobbi Wlargo, Jackie Fleisher, Marilyn Radford, ROW' 2: Ginny Grein, Cheri Meinert, Nancy Farber, Cheri Adams, Teri Keith, ROW' 3: Kay Barksdale, Pat Sirles, Pat Stringer, Carolyn Craig, Megan MacGregor. Eta Epsilon Gamma- e asped hands of friendship. Striving to maintain and promote awareness in the Ten Ideals, Dr. Wayne Allee, honorary members of Eta, and President Jackie Fleisher inspired the members of Eta Epsilon Gamma Sorority. During the year they attended mixers with Missouri University fraternities, gave teas for parents and visitors, and Worked at the Boonville State Home for Boys. In order to increase the study time of pledges, the members required that their younger sisters spend four hours a week in the library. All activities of the Etals were directed toward combining the sisterhood of the sorority with the spirit of Stephens. Eta Pledges: ROW' 1: Sara Sue Koehler, Suzanne Parody, Sheila Follow- will, Debbie Howard, Susan Sanders, Jimmie Nichols, Nikki Stern, ROW 2: Marsha Raulston, Gaia Thomas, Ellen Winston, Julie Novaria, Karen Lowrance, Diane Appleby, Linda Lessmann, ROW" 3: Jodie Heidel, Sherry Smith, Kitty Pigott, Janet Stock, Loretta Renschler, Caryl Wlalker, Deborah 9 Seccombe, Laurie Love, Linda Goodfriend, ROW 4: Karlene Kipping, Terri Ross, Mandy Hahn, Carol Babcock, Toni Frankovic, Helen Cart- land, Judy Repp, Geanne Finney. Janice Sterrett, Lounelle O'Crady, Cathy Mason. Kappa Alpha Phi- living, learning, laughing, loving. The Kappa Alpha Phi pledges, proudly wearing their pins, eagerly stepped into the activities that their pledge mothers had planned under President Susan Schreiber. As a service project, they par- ticipated in activities at the Servicemen? Center, gave teas and mixers and encouraged attendance to campus and local cultural events. 'Nm Kappa Actives: ROW' l: Sharon Taylor, Roberta Golden, Brooke Estes, Orlow, Susan Schreiber, Barbara Buffrnire, Elise Macomber, Irene Stone, Joan Mohr, Karen Hines, ROW 2: Pam Corson, Jeanie Christensen, Jan Pam Perkins, ROW' 4: Cheri Gold, Mary Josie Cain, Patty Burnett, Sara Headley, Karyn L. Peterman, Rose Robertson, ROW 3: Charlotte De- Ezell, Sue Hoffman, Paddi Benson, Julie Slaughter. Kappa Pledges: ROW 1: Janet Brody, Kathy Centner, Ann Sutton, Carol Swindell, Kathy Miller, Judi Stanley, Rosalind Scherr, Gwen Dyer, Can- nell Andrews, Carol Alberts, Beryl Padorr, Marsha Cregorich, ROW' 2: Pam Erickson, Cordy Hornberger, Charlotte Usher, Vicki Duncan, Mary Jo Van Arsdale, Ellen Guttmann, Patsy Lefoldt, Janie Clark, Lyn Jones, Margaret Tips, Dedee Prince, Suzie Harrod, ROW 3: Sally Sutherland, Kathy Jensen, Cynthia Gilbert, Liz Steger, Majorie Hauser, Kay Lee Smith, Marty Cook, Chris Unrue, Sandy Swedlund, Cindi Curry, Liz Eberhart, ROW 4: Lucy Huidekoper, Cinda Jean Hill, Susan Lynn Geh- ring, Carol Stewart, Pete Brown, Sara Lee, Paula Gallagher, Kathy Meyer, Missi Blakey, Dj Holsinger, Michele Hearn, Ann Carrington. Zeta Actives: ROW' 1: Janie Stenehjem, Marcia Stamm, Suzy Park, Stephens, ROW 2: Lyria Brannon, Donna Turner, Martha Handy, Penny Karen Smith, Jan Becker, Mary Hollmeyer, Darlene Trammell, Pat Watson, Frances Sprankle, Judy Gates, Linda Nelson, Susan Underwood. -af 1 . h , aw Zeta Pledges: ROYV 1: Laurie Tillery, Susan Weiss, Kyoko Tokita, ROW 2: Zeta sings out for Panhel Skim, Marti Sylvester, Donna ,Wright, Linda Hildreth, ROW 3: Laura Melton, Suz- anne Todd, Sharon Wall, Vicki Hull, ROW 4: Susan Schrader, Mari Wicks, l,aurclle Shcedy, Annemarie Boose, Kerry Katrihe. Zeta P111 Delta- the versatile sororit Zeta Phi Delta sorority promoted friend- ship between the classes on campus while the girls participated in many cultural and social events. Zeta activities included an open house for Parents Weekend, a Christ- mas bunking party with skits at Gordon Manor, mixers with MU fraternities, and pledge initiation with the Phi Delts. Service projects included the Servicemenis Center and the State Mental Hospital at Fulton. Darlene Trammell, president of Zeta, Whole- heartedly led the group. Zeta Pledges: ROW 1: Carol Whiting, Karen Kitaen Chris Hermerdrnger Krncheloe Larol Trurnbo Wrynn Woodard Carl Rzrncw ROW 3 lrrrlrnc Evonne Kennis, Linda Barnes, Barbara McLean Candy Moore Pattv Morrrs Anne Kyle Nancy Ramsey Shirley Yanderrnark lane Antel Kirk, Pat Stansell, Nancy Pederson, Susan Spicer ROW 2 Herde Nrrs Mrna Alter Patti Dougherty Kathy Benton Marrller Strarr hrn Susre baurn, Elizabeth Reid, Jill Jones, Leslie Andrews Barb Morton Suian Meier Girls with their mothers' enthusiasm 1 l ROW 1: Barbara Henthorne, Kathy Austin, Betsy Bradley, Sandy Beffidgh Linda Hickerson, Carol Trumbo, Mary Vickers, Kathy Trichel Susan Schrei Carole Davis, Margaret Thornton, Pegg' Bvsmyer, SUS-4111 Off, Barbara Bufgei ber, Susan Kincheloe, Cheri Meinert. ROW 3: Pam Knapp Susan Kerr Lehn Susan Koplar, .l6aI1I16 lveil, Pamela Dunean. ROW 2: Cynthia Kruesi, Patsy Huff, Anne Lupberger, Vicki Ilsley, Carol Gray, Dee David Chris Thunstrom Lefoldt, Pam Hay, Liz Wupper, Peggy Friesen, Kallyn Muck, Kathy Crocker, Marillee Straughan, Linda Duckett, Judy Lacey. This year marked the first real year of activity for "Chips," the alumnae daughters, proverbial 'Lchips off the old block." Begun last year, Chips has formed itself into a responsible alum- nae service organization which met with former students at the Alumnae Leadership Conferences, conducted tours of the changed face of the college, and presided at the Year-end Alumnae Conference in May. Chips' largest activity, which closed the school year, consisted of an ex- hibition of the school archives and a fashion show featuring period clothes for Stephens alumns. Chips functioned smoothly under the leadership of Dee David, president, Kathy Crocker, vice-president, and Chris Thunstrum, secretary. 313 R5 4. i y o ft i 6 I I ag Q ag Graduating class of 1889-great-grandmothers of 1967 graduates. r enjo the same traditions. ROW 1: Ruth Ann Dreyer, Toni Adams, Janet Carmack, Chris Unrue, Jill field, Jennifer Cohen, Leslie Stipek, Sarah Scott, ROW 3: Sally Carothers, Whitcomb, Molly Northam, Virginia Ehrlich, Diane Scott, Pat Rowe, ROW 2: Pam Keeran, Chris Owens, Florence Greenbacker, Carolyn Baker, Carol Jo Ann Gerhard, Chris Binion, Patti Bierbaum, Marie Deacon, Sharon Silver- Craven, Pat Sherer, Carolyn Van Zant, Martha Monroe. Ground breaking for Science Hall iHickmanJ in 1922. Stephens students of 1935 differ from those of today only by a hemline and a hat. A meeting place, ,,-, K., . K an ,,. in 6 3-'lf , , Q 2 'f M 6 M ff , W f .hs Y 5 5 5' Q 8 Q V. W ,,,, Q 9 . 455 in Q ... 44 ,1 L YI, , QER L . 4 , Kar ill! 5 an , ef-wg an ,M , 1 ,Q F , 73:-1' 19:6 -1 45, . H . 1 Q' QW ' 3 , ' M V : C x ' Q .L 5' ,, V, 'lt' If! 4 P -6 .. Q F . V - K ,' 4 - 5' ,af V .. V, gh . 99' ff A . f s 'l in 'fi K v ff. 'S N Z Q , N "--'v- ,nh 'WE " 15 b 'f , .1 , 9' fv -A V -a :J Q 1 'V 2 I, Sffi ffm 1' 5 2 1 N753-'f"3f-2'3-',1-1 E ' .fi 1'- L - . ' 7 2 wi f ,f 15535 , PBS -. 5 ' 51 9 ,. 5' A , M N X Q, F ' ' B f 1 " .,, f : -fiii' , 3, 'rl vs-5' "ig ?f1Fi"'fl'i:' , V N ' ' ' y A ' L f! ia 4' 4' H1 4 '- Q ff f 1 'H WE - ', A -5, Yak I . '- sg. ' V- is y w ' Eng' lA.f1x'.f . , a'i'CW'1f 1. . V , . w +3-: Y- 1 - .se 4 i 1 igfijlw-ru.: . f Q ,, 99 'V In .Q A' I lr wth 5 ig 195 U::2"- 1 "Fav , - - Y , Ri, 9? " ggyQ47fQE,fYJf!f,12f: . ' ' K J X-3, fin 1. gg 51 , U 'vi A -WWPQ .-1i11f1 -F:-V' -gf Q V. .. w, Q- FQ -C h i, Q-1-,tif 1 M .V ix -, f ' A' -, In 'Q gf u ri 9ff'f,f"'1W Q 'Z Q FL IA N A ,Q gy " 5 A if K 'Jil 5 H M . 'fF'f fda ' ,. - ' W N ' J""'ff..g .me Hillcrest-Upper Division dorm, reveals the achievers and believers. Hillcrest Hall Officers: Mary Sanger, programsg Alexis Wright, senior coordi- Reardon, dorm managerg Nancy Granert, socialg Beth Gilliat, secretary natorg Karen Iverson, junior coordinatorg Cheryl Gile, upper judieialg Betsy treasurer. Y' - Towne Officers: Sue John, presidentg Cathy Moone, secretaryg Sarah Potts, social chairmang Jan Artley, freshman class representativeg Vicki Comer, treasurer. Towne-dorm for daylight students President Sue John pauses to hear suggestions from other town students. In their own hall meeting, day students become informed of events occuring on campus. sen, treasurerg Francine Shuchat, standards. i lni i U m',,""""' ? i I 1 1? E Prunty Hall Officers: Linda Schaffner, presidentg Debbie Weinstein, sec- retaryg Lynn Luebbert, socialg Judy Fellows, meditationsg Jeanie Christen- iii Prunt -the four-leaf clover for sophomores 1-em.,-,N.Nm ,. ,. 'rm'-i3.!f'4 , 1 A ',53,m?,5!i Jimi? P fi- I -1.1 a. 1 ff, A -Y - W - If-gi z is f L,s:L.L- V ,,,,fg,j5fgyfw.f-,L jay, , , 5 I Q - 'miie' 5 W A ' ,gk LW. .. -A1341 k We H Qgw,'1wglM'jjif'.,. rw- ff K' " YY . j ' LWQ.-irwwf f -- " -W !+s,fi'3n95ii!'N2g ',"?'?r-J H '- . A fi - : W "' ' . I K K i Xi Q' i ' Y "5,Q?uQP55?'9?f?'ff2e f A in, QQ?-W . W5 .pref ,Z sgW7QENf'?l?kw W A die-2i2f??5f?"' is d 1 ni , 'N i""QI-Q 'E -.7 ,I,.L.Qww-,ws 'Z 5 A . in W 0 ,nag ,I J ,Nw M-A ,,,,-1 wo f. ,,,M1iI,wm1-,..M,... M, N , T' 531' V "W" ' t sly- Dearlng-up-to-date hall for up-to-date sophomores Dearing Hall Officers: Judy Gordon, presidentg Linda Wall, meditations: Dianna Dann, secretaryg Marilou Nylen, socialg Carol Forrette, standards. -- 7fh" . MT' 1 Xww' - Laura Stephens sophomores wlth Stephens charm Laura Stephens Hall Officers: ROW Karen Smith, secretary, ROW 2: Kathy meditationsg Julie Bright, standards. LRW Officers: Betty Hixon, presidentg Carol Randolph, secretaryg Lynn Pulliam, standardsg seated, Lezlie Laws, rules research: Nancy Strueber, treasurer. W LR -central sophomore dorm doesn't miss a thing M'?"'4-Q 'H'-Q 212 'VKX Pillsbury Orientation Committee: ROW 1: Jackie Fleisher, Joanne Julian, Jiri Randall, Donna Morrison, ROW Il: Linda Vogler, Penny Scalone, Molly lnscho, ,lane Padgitt, ROW III: LuAnne Baars, Sally Smith, Paula Warfield, Anna Howe, Paula Jean Vellucci, Suzy Park. Pillsbury, a experimental dorm, 4 Pillsbury Hall Officers: Linda Vogler, presidentg Helena McKevitt, meditations, LuAnne Baars, stan- dards, Donna Morrison, social, Penny Scalone, secre- tary-treasurer. A H 1 freshman-sophomore a new name, Wales the same Wales Hall Officers: Allison Rose, presidentg Lana Liljestrand, standardsg 1 Jo Sharon Early, soeialg Dana Githens, secretary. ri 1 i Orientation Committee: ROW I: Lana Liljestrand, Copy Coy, Jo Sharon Early, ROW ll: Vicki Bell, Allison Rose, Neel Stallings, Dana Githens. QW- , r.2f:.f-Lgff , fi ,S W . 'sw f-wi ,N,,f'-X a'vmg r 2 ir .ew fi' cf .ax 2 'W , ' V .....w-J:n"?"""" I A I ,n4,,mfw+w'f+-5"""A" an uv w' -Q .q,vf . ,. , ., .. 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'FI H W: -: :':" H :: -'f' - r- A li il fsmxifff 'LS PHY? Mig. I ,isa . 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Fielding Smith Hall Officers: Janie Sffinehjem, Pat Hall, meditationsg Lynn Huff, socialg Linda retary-treasurerg Ginny McCutcheon, standards. presidentg Hyde, sec' . is 3 Q Www: wwf ,H ood-the only sophomore dorm on south campus Wood Hall Officers: Polly Bell, presidbntg Martha Munro, sociulg Mary Sams, standardsg Linda Larson, secretary-treasurerg Chris Kollman, pub- licityg Susan Lundberg, secretary. S1523 Silly :S .Q are fm .1 Wim Roblee-heart of freshman district AVR Roblee Hall Officers: Anne Roush, presidentg Jane Mays, secretary, Connie Lohmann, social, Anne Un- angst, treasurer, Linda Mitchell, standards, Wendy Frits. meditations. K gf, ,Q W, QMS Fawn' Ml Roblee Senior Sisters: ROW 1: Anne Unangst, Marianne Roush, Connie Lohmann, Jane Mays Jan Polinger, Pam Smith, Linda Mitchell, Beth Bellings. ROW 2: Barbara Brian, Jamie Miller Cindy Montague, Daphne Pemberton, ,Ionna Skehan, Kathy Baker, Lisa Rowe, Trisha Condon Shirley Vandermark. 1 ' M fr, H i .Ali 1 A, Tower Senior Sisters: ROW 1: Susanna Hudson, Donna Sheldon, Carol Jackson, Dana Lain, Jeannie Cox, Pam Hay, Nancy Perks, Cynthia Kruesi, Jane Louis, ROW 2: Pam Jones, Pam Freihofer, Jan Becker, Pam Perkins, Julie Slaughter, Mary Ann O'Hara, Robbie Stewart, Penny Watson, Judy Cates, Pam Mulligan, Mebby Klein, Robin Hopkins. Tower-giant for freshmen women Tower Hall Officers: Pam Hay, president, Pam Per kins, standards, Jan Becker, social, Peggy Friesen meditations, Susanna Hudson, treasurer, Barbara Hen thorne, secretary, Donna Sheldon, senior sister secre tary. li Columbia Hall Officers: Lynn Fletcher, president, Debbie Snyder, meditations, Barb Brown, secretary-treasurer, Barb Hollis, standards, Donna McLaughlin, social chairman. Columbia-freshmen c eer for the big " " 4 'f 3,1 ' 4. ,lv ,rs Q Columbia Senior Sisters: Lynn Fletcher, Alice Mack, Susie Tappan, Sue Swanson, Barb Brown, Donna McLaughlin, Barb Hollis. 595: ll ll nu ll ,QE ia if GQ?-fe lm South Hall 0 icers' ROW I' Libby Henry, president Barb Stevens, standards, ff - - : Pat Rich, social, ROW II: Nancy Kain, secretary, Melinda Nelson, meditations. "The South's going to rise again," freshmen cry South Senior Sisters: Worth Ann Brombacher, Diane Sue Scott, Susan Ladenherger, Libby Henry. Barb Stevens, Pat Rich. Maureen Crow, Beth Fosse, Pam Jabour, Nancy Kain, Iacille McMicken. 1 1 l "iii K, -i Searcy- unit through personal contact uYou'll find that Searcy Hall is great '114,'g,'5,.-X., t Ki ' N "",.1gm' A ,set e without a doubt! The words of the Searcy Hall song echoed through the minds of the 110 girls selected by admissions coun- selors to participate in the House Plan pro- gram this year. The girls grew very close to each other, to their faculty and to Stephens as a whole through living to- gether, taking the same courses and sharing the same problems and interests in their studies. They did independent research work for the regularly-scheduled Concen- tration Weeks, during which all House Plan class time was devoted to the intense study of one subject. The climax of the Searcy Hall year came in February when many of the girls traveled to New York City with the House Plan faculty. They worked in settlement houses, interviewed artists and writers, attended plays and visited museums. Four members of the Stephens faculty P'c' E, served as the instructors and advisors of if the House Plan students. Dr. Leslie Bates, S, -r . M D. ,gn , ,I H , Vqhh H philosophyg Mrs. Jewell Chapman, Englishg SM :Lp cp VV p Miss Dorothy Martin, social issuesg and e tfiin VY' s,QTji? "M t . 'icr 't.-t'. i 'f Mr James Shirk humanities uided the ...l l Maw - ' Y' 1 g ' irc at .. 5 4' students in their four respective fields of E . C Interest- Searcy Advisory Council: Jean Denson, Dorothy Croben, Nancy Farber, Wende Sackerson, Nina Hart, Ann Sigler, Mikki Roberts, Amy Rumsbottom. i220 - s ' -1 M. Q Ease of communication characterizes the House Plan faculty: Mr. James Shirky, Dr. Leslie Bates, Mrs. Jewell Chapman. A cheerful smile and friendly greeting welcomes each student in Miss Dorothy Martin's office. Searcy Hall Officers: ROW 1: Patte Rhodes, presidentg Sonya Thomas, meditations, ROW 2 Barb Coons, SECQ Carla Caudill, SECQ Deedee Prince, social, ROW 3: Bonnie Farlow, standards Margo Hamlin, publicity. wa- Throughout the walk an imma ,3 ?ilys:5f,:i?w?L,1,Ef 5 Iliff' 'L V 3-9,1 ' V Q, 1 A f A, ifffm-P v gvf. A ,ff ma A 45 'A'z',ef.X' .ffQw.Z. :ik K, fx. ' 1, ,af f v vm M wr ,N 1. qv? 'l of lif the seekers are man , but th goal i lon ly 3 'M :L we 4 ,Xie t, 1+ .Q ,ki V A, V f M: 1' :wr E vf 'A cw. 4 .zz ,I ,V 'fa and Radio students produce lpha Epsilon Rho Alpha Epsilon Rho Honorary Fraternity, for students majoring in broadcasting, required a 2.3 grade average and an interest in radio, film and television. The organization took part in producing HMontage," performed on KWWC-FM radio station and sponsored two movies, "Pillow Talkw and uflack Streetf' The fraternity attended the Region Five Convention and the National Convention in St. Louis. The officers this year were: Marsha Ray Wilson, president, Mary Anne Whitci, vice-president, Kathy Strasek, secretary, and Nancy Ann Strueber, treasurer. Mrs. Sara Ann Fay sponsored the fraternity. W' NWN.. 1 tu , , l. 1, . 0' 5' 11' rs lb-i-yn-nn-qpgn f l it 3 W lm ROW l: Kathy Strasek, Marsha Ray Wilson, Nancy Strueber, Kay Bleak- ligan, Carolyn Mater, Peggy Elzea, Lynn Luebbert, Leslie Thrasher. ley, Alice T. McKell, Ann L. White, ROW 2: Toni Blackman, Pam Mul- Equations + girls : I-Iypatia Hexagon Hypatia Hexagon, the mathematics honorary, promoted and furthered student interest with a tour of the computer center at the University of Missouri. The club also participated in the student fair with a successful booth. Other activities included a Valentines party, an initiation dinner and a spring banquet with guest speakers. The clubis officers consisted of: Jane Fleeman, presidentg Sue Schroeder, vice president in charge of programsg Laurel Schmidt, vice president in charge of publicity, Maisie Van Doren, secretary, and Carolyn Baker, treasurer. 5 ginfkl A ,V V4 a,.fss,1ffasvq1s,,gs,Qat W 4- . L, we ,.,. ..,f' , "'- 'f1twf1?lws,:9l,41153, , 'veg-1f..,: . K ' - ' " .f ,..,...,t,,.,,.W4fa4.reg,'1.zz.Q1 . " Q . -, V. ., in--.....,.. .-t an . . ROW 1: Janet Whitmer, Amy Ransbottom, Cynthia Kruesi, Jane Flee- man, Pam Williams, Barbara Freeman, Linda Cochran, Cheryl Brewer, Pat Falk, Cindy Chapman, Sue Schroeder, Mary Peters, Stephanie Pamp, Cookie Plotkin, Ann Harmon, Joan Lloyd, Caroly Unklesbay, Margaret Thornton, Peggy Lane, ROW 2: Nancy Meadows, Vicki Comer, Linda Varga, Maisie Van Doren, Charlene Brown, Barb Brown, Chris Owens, Mebby Klein, Carolyn Craig, Linda Goodfriend, Alison Edgar, Chris Einsel, Kathi Sartorius, Happy McGeachin, Peggy Shepard, Ann Welch, Jackie Lynn Robinson, ROW 3: Laurel Schmidt, Judy Sanna, Barbara Williams, Judy Hughes, Joan Rittenhouse, Trisha Condon, Jeannie Henson, Mrs. Spacie fsponsorl, Carolyn Baker, Florence Greenbacker, Carolyn Sue Schorp, Els Berkout, Sandie Bohner, Jeanne Bernard, Kathy Trichel, Mary Vickers, Liz Wupper, Patty Burnett. ewafwabgwi Q59 Mattie Hall epitomizes that which Stephens girls find most desirable in fashion. If it is m occupation to live, then I must be fit for myself to know. Pi Phi Rho, an honorary for students in fashion, retailing, and personal appearance, exemplified high achievement in these fields. ln November the group of 30 girls sponsored the Best Dressed Girl contest, in which Mattie Hall was chosen to rep- resent Stephens in Glamour magazineis national contest. Their activities also included a dining room fashion show in February to help reinstate dress standards on campus. Guided by Mrs. Doro- thy Stout, Pi Phi Rho presented the annual Susie Stephens Fashion Show in May. Their lnitiation Banquet was held in March. Phi Beta Lambda incorporated practical aspects of business and retailing. Under the leadership of Elinor Cinotti, president, and Keith Keel, sponsor, the future business leaders of America en- joyed conferences with entrepreneurs during their emonthly meetings. PL Phu Rho: ROW 1: Margie Sachett, Linda Kuehling, Pam Corson, Linda Carolee Cragoe, Liz Love, ROW 3: Barbara Geiger, Aynne Pearce, Linda Larson Donna Barnette, ,lane Summers, Katie Brown. ROW 2: Coni Nelson, Mary Ann O'Hara, Patty Morse, Wanda Frey, Ellen Bales, Suanne Bomtatlbus, Cathy Cuiss, Jeslyn Rader, Cheri La Grange, Darlene Trammell, Shirley. "Business will be seen to be the oldest and most useful of all professions? Henry Ford fi? x s...f N-.,,.-,,, s,,. L Phi Bela Lambda: Elinor Cinottigpresident, ROW 1: Ardith Manulis, Janet Miseles, Ingrid Hanson, Linda Ann Rowland, ROW 3: Kay Sherburne Marcia Green, Lois Mae Karlisek, ROW 2: Pam Johnston, Claire Hanson, Robin Weeks, Cindy Parker, Nancy Bishop, Ellen Oestreich. 1 igQ5Sg'2rLsi 'Q L A 'fa W a R 52233 ft 'K "Christmas Around the World" introduced and compared the different cultures of Lucia, Blanca and Kathy. X 5 s if J, is fi ! M, Gordon Freese, Burrall Abroad sponsor, has earned the lasting gratitude of many foreign students. Els wears a traditional Dutch costume for the Christmas program. Exchange merges strength. This year Burrall Abroad chairman Carolyn Williams and her com- mittee planned activities for the eight international scholarship stu- dents on the Stephens campus. They assisted Cordon Freese, Burrall Abroad sponsor, with the orientation of our guests at the beginning of the year. This year the scholarship students represented a wide range of cultures. They were Mariko Aoyama, Hyogo, Japang Els Berkhout, Nijmegan, the Netherlands, Blanca Ines Valero, Bogota, Columbia, Birgitta Fromell, Hittarp, Sweden, Lucia Hernandez, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republicg Ana Katherine Gasser, Santa Cruz, Bolivia, and Mary Kisekka, Kampala, Uganda. tim EM r. r- ,......w..uaQ,,, Mariko offers a cordial greeting according to Japanese custom. S 'st Xi is . he f -M - gt in i r it 1 Mary expresses surprise at Americans' friendliness. wi ,nw 'sw ' -M 1 an M44 uc rf, ml on ' 1 I t il 4139 1'-'12 v-2: Kr x K x 'X X x Carolyn Williams, Burrall Abroad chairman, helps to make each Silent Night in Swedish makes foreign scholar feel at home. a Missouri Christmas more mean rl S Til 'sie CQXWL' Foreign students express their appreciation to Steplirms at the Cainpus Chest COI'lXOLdllOIl HE W Q PI Y! .9 1 sf 'rf Rf Stephens voices mellow into the memories J and hearts of the student bod . A select group of thirty-three girls comprised the Stephens Concert Choir, an organization whose chief aim was to emphasize perfection in choral presentation. The girls, under the direction of Mr. Monroe Bell, gave concerts on White Sunday, Parents Weekend and at an occasional Vespers. The climax of the year was a Spring Concert Tour which included performances in six cities throughout the Midwest. The Stephens Chapel Choir was a choice group com- posed of fifteen Stephens students and eleven University of Missouri men, who sang at each Sunday service in the Chapel. The choir performed in the Christmas Choral Con- cert and presented c'The Messiah," in addition to making an overnight trip during the spring, The Stephens Concert Chorus consisted of eighty-six mem- bers who performed at many of the religious convocations. The Chorus, main presentation was the concert performance of Beethoven's "Fideleo," in co-operation with the Stephens Symphony Orchestra on January 16, as well as a Christmas Concert and a Spring Concert. sms-:wamfasmsam awww, Monroe Bell leads Chapel Choir in practice for Sunday Worship Services. t gi G .:fff-'E5, ,W aflttgff ,W ,lap , a f 0 -e e e Pt 0 any El it ' 9 ' 45 - ,N it - al ' .. " Concert Chorus: ROW 1: Susan Lundberg, Leslye Stephens, Susan Gehr- ing, Marsi Sipherd, Denise Dews, Barbara Newsom, Doris Krebs, Kathleen Parker, Mike Weldon, Joy Massar, Debby Donoho, Dee Dews, Linda Duckett, Kay Shelton, Rebecca McG0ugh, Jerrie Rogers, Sue Wilt, Linda M. Lessmann, Monroe Bell, ROW 2: Pat Sommer, Melinda Leider, Judith Cordon, Carol Alberts, Linda Hildreth, Janet Carmack, Kristan Rayfield, Linda Lou Allen, Sue Strecker, Kay Anderson, Judy Raich, Marsha Mott, Wendy Wheeler, Roseann Noland, Betty Gunter, Linda Cochran, Diane Appleby, Tara Walter, Carolyn Burtt, Patricia Anne Falk, Pamela Lynn Keeran, ROW 3: Susan Sanders, Patricia Westby, Susan Weiss, Judy Shea, Gretchen Steinle, Joan Hendricks, Nancy Kenney, Pat Sherer, Deirdre Stanek, Stacey Mueller, Edsenna Slaughter, Caryl Walker, Terry Finkel, Dawn Fulton, Katharine Mumma, Deborah Ellen Howard, Ann Freedlander, Kristine Layne, Sue Blu, Christina E-ggeson, Patty Molloy, Elissa Bannow, Jane Dillard, ROW 4: Jane Foster, Julie Spencer, Pamela Spenzer, Joy Webster. Susan Roethe. Mary Jane Mitchell, Nancy McClaran, Lou Bach, Kathy Trichel, Peg D'Agostino, Cheri Cold, Susan Johnson, Melanie Mooers. Melinda Nelson, Carol Stewart, Donna Austin, Margaret Day, Glenda King, Nini Rogan, Chris Einsel, pianist Mary Charles Caskin. 231 National Collegiate Players: Andrea Stonorov, William Cragen, Marie Elena Cole, standingg Barbara Heagler, Mary Suffudy, Trish Gooch, Paula Vellucci, Jackie Jacobson, Barrie Rivchun. After a concert performance, Jennie Tourel, mezzo-soprano, meets with Sigma Gamma Gamma members at a tea held in her honor. Sigma Gamma Gamma: ROW 1: Carol Russell, Ann Stephenson, Diane Christine Owens, president: Kathy Johnson, Mary Josie Cain, Carol Ann Yurashus, Candy Feldt, Leslie Stipek, publicity manager, ROW 2: Suzanne Dove, Barbara Hollis, Tamsin Christ-Jziner Scott, Jodi Rogers, usher chair- Waage, Kristen Yaggy, Martha Naset, secretaryg Mary Sauerteig, Maryla man, Donna McLaughlin. Streight, social chairman: Linda Porter, treasurer, Vicki Bland, ROW 3: it Honorary Dance Club: Nancy Granert, presidentg Cindy Colley, vice-president, Lynnette Gilman, publicity: Missie Jones, sec.-treas.g Sally Phillips, Susan Murphy, Betty Bu-lwl, Kristin Mitchell, Karla Yvesendorf, Barbara Dodge, Cleo Foster, Copy Coy, Avis Barwlek, Judy Robison, Candee Marsh, Jennie Chandler, Princess Morris, Lee Purcell. . .a time to kee silence, and a time to speakg .a time to mourn, and a time to ' Ecclesiastes 3 Two trips to St. Louis highlighted the activi- ties of the National Collegiate Players this year. November 19, they sponsored buses to see g'The Imaginary Invalid" and April 15 to see HHalf a Six-Pencef' In addition to these trips the group hosted opening and closing night receptions and served as ushers to Playhouse productions. Sigma Gamma Gamma, an honorary service organization for the music department, brought four musical concerts to the campus and com- munity. Recognized for 'music excellence, the members of Sigma Gamma Gamma auditioned for membership. Their meetings often featured performances by the sororityis participants. Among its projects the Honorary Dance Club presented the fourth annual dance series. Pro- grams featured performances by Daniel Nagrin, November 6, Carola Goya and Matteo, January 93 and original works choreographed and per- formed by Stephens students and faculty, April 11. Members of the club, selected on the basis of proficiency, visited the Fulton State Hospital to aid the mentally retarded through dance therapy. cademic qualities are recognized and honored through horn-rimmed glasses. Phi Theta Kappa, the national honorary fraternity for junior colleges, served to recognize students with outstanding scholastic ability and achievement. This year, the Alpha chapter, which was founded at Stephens in 1917, cooperated with the study program regulated by the national board of the honorary. President Pam Muench and sponsor Miss Cynthia Oehler sent Stephens girls as delegates to the na- tional Phi Theta Kappa convention in Minnesota on April 6-8, and encouraged the members to participate in the na- tion-wide Colden Key Award for high scholarship. F, 3 1 ifli nk, 'Z-.1 gi tm, We 19fg:ag4s?aSr1'?f'f?7aaft4f 'wa . Q . L, , tt,y f frets? Q t ' .. A M f- - v--. -k,' ,-h- I' f , sg, . ' ' V . - A y A refs ,, ' ' r 1? ROW 1: Pam Corson, Jane Fleeman, Cindy Chapman, Sue Schroeder, Jane Dobkin, Cheri Meinert, Cookie Plotkin, Pam Muench, Peggy Lane ROW 2: Carole L. Davis, Kathy Krider, Avis Barwick, Linda Fisher, Meredith M. Miller, Becky Shull, Maisie Van Doren, Laurel Schmidt Panni Hobson, Charlotte Holtzermann, ROW 3: Megan MacGregor, Florence Crighton, Kathy D. Johnson, Tonnye Welch, Mary Josie Cain, Carolyn Baker, Patty Burnett, Rebecca Jane Wilson, Ann Beatty, Dorothy Groben. Promising girls explore their fields. This year, the students who hoped to graduate from Stephens with honors chose, with the help and guidance of their sponsors, a complex project re- lated to their particular area of inter- est. They worked on these projects dur- ing vacations and throughout their sophomore year by counseling, read- ing, traveling or interviewing. At the end of second semester, the Committee on Graduation with Honors, headed by Dr. Alfred Sterling, the girls' in- dividual sponsors, and the Chairman of the Division in which each had done her work evaluated the projects, and gave the girls oral exams. They then determined in May which students were qualified to graduate with honors. Honors candidate devotes countless hours to library research for her final paper. ""'hu-..--v""'-1" xg., 1 A student verifies her hypothesis while recording and analyzing biological data. 0365, i .4 93, lv .J,,,,...., at it Concentration is a necessity in the weekly translation of seven Spanish newspapers for one Honors student. ett, Pa Ma ry Ann I osi C P lGy Jh K El t hy Rays of distinction light upon outstanding sophomores The Sophomore Service Roll honored outstanding members of the class of 1967 at the class banquet May 4. Members of the faculty and student body nominated those girls who had maintained at least a 2.5 grade average and whom they believed had most actively served the school in academic and extra-curricular aspects. A board composed of two students from each dormitory met with Dr. Harry Huxol, sponsor, to select from among those nomina- tions those girls whose names would appear on the Service Roll. Krause, Mary Marvin Meinert, Cheryl Ann Phillips, Alice Sophia Rogers, Susan Rebecca Stephenson, Ann Gunter Q A +V fy vu M X if X a-:- ! '? 'F' '05 ' 4- 4 ' ' "mu LM . Q .. V Y Y :.A A '.., 5 X ffff v . bi: 5 E1 :fff' :ff- w.:v,f1,4-v efvwfa, - fflffmw., ,- - 'V Q , 555. .Q M-..,,mM creates a renaissance of aesthetic discovery. -.QQQ f Lt . , lr. ,,. sf ,a- N f' 1 NM J f Q f 'Y Q ,W 5' If 4 f ,f K' """QW A . 'K -.. i fy , V! Q. .ff A , , , TTY A ' f' . XL . ' "If W M,,W-' ., gf W ' ' ' f"' f f J' - ' ' Mu. ' WY' H if 1 V ipfff' ,L ww M . ,,,,- 5 - Q if 4"" . X- ' . 5 M , 4, , ' 4 ,V f2:.g1e'f:lg?' I 15? A .fw y W W x "1 L+ Rafi' ' r L,-f V X 'V v- . -Q ,sg-ig iji z fw "A , ,, , 'K A A , , ,l 251- -1 ' --""' ' V' ' 112 fiff ft wfx if K wav-4,,,1.:,Qp"f"wv . N -- 'W 4, K 1 aw- .., W Jw ,, ff N ,ff . 'N fiiififw sw' Cf Af' f ,. Q , - a,,,N-M -fyy ..M,,,, , mg. A ,,,Wf'L'f-f-M,,V.,,A - V' f , ,H W f-Q 157: , A, , , , ,kr f-Sv f' V li'-1' .i H91 :J M K ,f f girth M. ,, , NA, ,..,.W ,, N, 1.-f-"N--Q M, J f ' If f K A , . K N W',.g,f?1:..i,zg.,g, ,,.. , . 1 " ff 3 3 M5 A ' W " 'P' , -. ' A 1-fLLffi'I" ' x 5, ff? . f cw M V' ' ' if K' gm: rg 4 M K. , Mff 7 as ff: QF' 555255 4? g, . A my .ws .M -' - ' '2igQ,.a:se1fJA3,Q .Wy V ,.,Ag,..Wl9,,gW,Q ig , 'lQ.fT" 9 W , , , UM , Q V . fx" 'ii - ,f . ,, m ,1 ff ,ff ff ' "k .i 5, ,,v44"A"' , 4, . s M Q-'Q it ddeed MfM M-f' 14' S?-1f'5?i 3 M ,sl Aided by a reflective light, students extend their perspe etives E ' l 'az ? rf. . , 'Q 9 4 :sz ' :Ig 'gfjgfgfr 3 F f 'V , H ,, X A 1 2 1 ilk 4 1 i i I W .4 F KKVVIL ' 3 A 1,. ,,. ix Vg 1 :egg The Bank That Has Served The Main Stream Of CoIumbia's Lite For Over IOO Years! D COLUMBIA, MO. MEMBER F DI C 'ma "Columbia's Distinguished Dining Spot" Private Rooms For Banquets Catering Service Restaurant GI 3-7850 GI 3-7381 9th and Locust we.q'+ you grad we 'v I QE coke?" E .1 A :Fi u:'?:7Fi::i:X DRINK rr f ' i UOYTIIO UNDER AUTNOIIIV OF VN! COCA-CUM COMPANY If COLUMBIA THEATRES OUR BUSINESS-YOUR ENTERTAINMENT CINEMA O MISSOURI 0 UPTOWN 0 FILM ARTS I HALL Commonwealth Columbia Theatres Phone 9-6962 For More Information Hays Hardware 808 E. Broadway GI 3-4710 nw data Howard Johnson's Q , i MOTOR LODGE-RESTAU RANT Business Loop 70 West Dial GI 2-1191 Air Conditioned Rooms, Television Telephones, Tiled Baths Swimming Pool The Motor Lodge Of Tomorrow-Today f 3 5532: r Now 2 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS i 1" 2nd 8. Walnut i 8"' 8' B""dw"' You're Invited 245 Ha p py Ho use Susie says, "lt's the fun place to shop" HGUS , HAPPY X E xxvb-M-V 'S 0 Cards 0 Party Goods Galore We Gift Wrap Without Charge Hartmann Pharmacy Prescriptions-Drugs Free Delivery Strollway Centre Phone 449-6603 9 Gifts Wonderful 0 Candies Delicious 0 Jewelry Fabulous 5fI'0llWGY Cenffe Phone 449-1050 LiIlian's Columbia's Most Complete Cosmetic Center Perfumes Ambush 0 Arpege 0 Capricci 0 Chanel O Dior Chantilly 0 Femme "L'Air Du Temps" o My Sin o Madame Rochas Shalimar 0 Tabu Complete Lines In: Arex 0 Jacqueline Cochran 0 Coty Marcelle Powers 0 Max Factor 0 Revlon Gift Items Fragrances for Men Leather Goods Princess Gardner Free Delivery o Charge Accounts 'I'l'I at Strollway Centre Parkade Plaza Cooke Exclusive Cleaners 1110 E. Broadway Strollway Beauty Salon SPECIALIZING IN ' HAIR STYLING P o 1 A coLoRlNcs , I HAIRCUTTING Students Welcome Personal Consultation Located in Strollway Shopping Centre 11 1 Strollwav 449-2456 GI 2-0002 wZeM Columbia's Finest Men's Wear an - 0 g QW 1 5 5 QM K ' E gfr li 3 fax -Ls M jul Barth Clothing Co., Inc. Columbia Travel Service 827 East Broadway For Susies On The Move GI 3-5678 Ko pper Key 1016 E. Broadway GI 9-1500 Simmons Moving 8. Storage Co., Inc. Estimates Without Obligation We Handle All Summer Storage for Stephens Girls Local Moving-Long Distance Moving Storage-Packing-Crating "MOVING UP WITH NORTH AMERICA" Your North Am... v... um Agent. .,,. 3 The Gentlemen of the Moving lndustry. ft- . ,,.4.,.,,,.,.,.,. . 0 GI 2-9109 'I123 Wilkes Blvd. COLUMBIA'S FAVORITE BANK First Bank of Commerce Member F.D.I.C. Thritticheck Accounts Safe Deposit Boxes Drive-ln Facilities l l 800 Cherry GI 2-'I 181 SEEMS T0 US.. . That the Susies are nicer each year. At least we've enjoyed know- ing you all more than ever. , We're proud of the Julie's Studio tradition at Stephens too. The tradition that says "You haven't really -been to Stephensiuntil you have been photographed at Julie's." Whenever you're visiting in Columbia, please stop in to say "hello." We'll see many of you next fall. Thanks for another swell year. Sincerely, GRIFF AND EDDY I 4 I PHOTCGRAPHERS AT JULIE S INTERSTATE 70 AT WEST BLVD EXIT Every C 'W' XQVUS Saw on-0hs5'0irMuag C"owmelA,Massoom A New Look Outside "The Tofql Look" Inside ewes' A ,, ,N L-1 -rf 1 ' fx.-'V.':f-,2f.1','::"::,j .+:'--hi- ,ff'rfggzfefggagi-'5,,q, . H ,.,q.,.i!,,,,, ' "--' ' -I Eff 'F -'ff iZ.sA1f-5195522-QE . ' "H Y' ' :, -ff 1.---: . '- MOTELS GI 2-0'l0I 33? Stephens College Store . 3 . ,. Vs, 'PiZTEzS,'E-7 ff' Greenspon's -...jf Show-Me Motel 1121 Hwy. 40 East Phone 443-8787 8. B I' O G d W G y . Q I fy Call Or Come In Ancl Try Our 15 Delicious Varieties 5. Dial 442-9104 - "i l Only Rome Pizzaria Delivers Hot ln Pizza Warmers ' . Cheese Bgcon , ., .U-. XX, gbnion S I Green Pepper Cesar Pecia Mushroom r 7 . , SUUSGQG House Special Tuna Fish ' ,I Z.: 24, 4 Pepperoni Shrimp I lf!! f aifgij Kosher Salami Anchovies . Q, ' Beef Friday Special n "'1"L ""lf'2'lfI'3"I,"s Z' 1-'-f'?,,'?s 'j"::."':- 2134, Each Voriety Is Available In Both 12" and 14" Sizes 1101 East Broadway SUZHZ TEENS THE HAT stoop J yi iw' BY . 14 J i,Y,RTg 1 2' r Blu 'fi it 'fi tilt... . l f '- Y x ,f...v-vit WF ,a1!t':...J-aa. Daniel Boone Hotel Columbia's Center of Business Civic and Social Affairs Free Parking Free TV Air Conditioned Guest Rooms New Coffee Shop and Cocktail Lounge We-Q., s. . 'fh-k. ,, it rsss ' ,,.- Q i fl ,L,, V, V S ,I tw, , M4 , n 5 N. s gh. Ymq , 2 M Qt "' L .44 , Q F 56- 1 H s, 1, fi-Wi 553 916-918 E. Broadway 0 Sportswear 0 I Jr. Dresses 0 0 Cocktail Dresses 0 0 Formals 81 Bridals 0 Columbia's Smartest Shop for Women Jewelry Gifts Coats Suits l 1 Miller's Books 8. Stationery Books Smith Corona Cards Royal Gifts Hermes Portable Typewriters Typewriter Rental School Supplies 84 Service Stationery If You Need lt ln School Miller's Has lt Q. li H O lg Ur5an mi n, lim 1 X 'rl-.. , f 441 -L flegance 'H' l '1 ,f ad 511511 r5an iv gia kg! Cgnvenience unmisiakabiy from im 2-,Hoppe iiagyr ,W Shaw Music Co. "Everything in Music" Pianos-Organs f B cl Insfrumenfs-Guifclrs 908-12 E- Broadway 17 N' wth S' Columbia, Missouri GI91244 255 - Organizations Index American Guild of Organists ........... . ............, . Alpha Epsilon Rho .......... Burrall Cabinet ............. . . . Burrall Abroad ...... ........... Burrall Community Service Projects . . ' Campus Chest .................... Discussions and Interaction ...... Morning and Evening Worship .... Publicity .................... Retreats ..... .......... Vespers .... Chips Club ........ Choirs ............... Civic Association Officers . . . Campus Service Board ...... Campus Sing ............... Campus Wide Social Committee . Dining Room Standards ......... Educational and Cultural Commission Group Living ................ Judicial Council ......... Rules Research Committee .. Scope .................... .... Senior Sister Board ................ Social and Recreational Commission .... Student Educational Commission ..... Stephens Recreational Association Ten Ideals Emphasis Committee .. Columbia Hall ................. Dearing Hall ........ Fielding Smith Hall ..... Foreign Relations Club . .. Hillcrest Hall ........... Honorary Dance Group . . . Honors Projects ........ Hypatia Hexagon ....... Junior Collegiate Players . Laura Stephens Hall .... Lela Raney Wood Hall Pan Hellenic Council .... Alpha Alpha Alpha . . . Beta Sigma Beta ..... Eta Epsilon Gamma .... Kappa Alpha Phi ..... Zeta Phi Delta ..... Phi Beta Lambda . . . Phi Theta Kappa . .. Pillsbury Hall P1 Phi Rho .......... Portfolio .............. Prince of Wales Club .... Prunty Hall ......... Rebounders ..... Roblee Hall ....... Searcy Hall ............ Sigma Gamma Gamma ..... Sophomore Service Board . . . South Hall ............. Stephensophia . . Stephens Life . .. Swans ....... Tower Hall .... Towne Hall . . . Wales Hall ..... Within the Ivy . . . Wood Hall ...... Young Democrats .. Young Republicans . . .

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