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stephensophia V I i I i sophia Stephens college Columbia, missouri 1955 pat crouse, editor QDie o ontents administratioH people polities religion entertainmeHt mass media 25 aetivities JOS 123 18J 141 151 organizatioHs honors 169 197 dedication dr. louise dudley a college is more than fine buildings and semester credits, more than budgets and committees, more than books and test tubes, for a college to exist there must be minds proposing problems to the laboratory, minds stabbing the classroom silence with dagger definitions, minds feeding upon the rows of books endlessly asking. more than bricks and glass, a college is a community of thinking minds. to make this definition of a college more than a beguiling phrase has been the thirty-five year endeavor of dr. louise dudley. her name, synonymous with humanities at Stephens, has come to stand for vigor in teaching, for broad scholarship, for patience and humor, for intellectual adventure, to watch her work in the classroom is to witness the act of tliinking in public. therefore not for her honors or her years do we dedicate this book to her. not for her kindness, her friendliness, it is rather for her dedication to thought that we in turn dedicate, committing ourselves thereby to the high ideal in education which she leaves us as a legacy and a challenge. J ki footnotes on footprints stop your whining, old one, dreary, praise no more your static ways, for your days are waning hours filled witli dead, decaying dreams. Itell us not, in shuffling cadence: that hfe is futile, love a day dream, happiness illusion, or god a myth. pay for our dreams, you arrogant yovith pay for your dreams with sacrifice. you who look heavenward vulnerable with trust pay for your love with pain. realities blur after gazing at sun, ■and the debt must bupaad, " ■ " ■■! ■ ■ ■ though the hope is in vain. the debt witnepaid for our shoulderssre strong " and our strefigth is imtried. though-Sometimes divided, our ranks recQiiverge, and our pion§aiiil)l0od currents us on, fo r we e defined by the aims? oftS gespast • as a beach " fey the tide the§weepinsj? ves erase the past; but bmldi et upon this shore andi arnp dor footfrrints on the clean-swept strand ■ let notour feet be slowed nor seared ,.Jc y b - " " »i ng grains of mid-day sand, nor let our hopes l)e chilled ' .by icy waves of waiting a rfioment Mpsted injury. Vi dministration board of curators the board of curators is the responsible governing body of Stephens college, under the charter granted the school by the state of missouri. as such it has the responsibility of establishing the basic policies of the college, diplomas of all graduating students are issued through the authority of the curators. president of the board is mr. hugh Stephens, a retired banker of Jefferson city, missouri, and a gran dson of j. 1. Stephens, for whom the college is named, mr. j. s. pillsbury, secretary of tlie century electric company of st. louis, is vice-president, mr. gordon p. freese, the comptroller of the college is secretary-treasurer of the board. other members of the board are: miss prudence cutright, asso- ciate professor of education at niacalester college in st. paul, minne- sota; dr. phillip g. davidson, jr., president of the university of louis- ville; miss geneva drinkwater, professor of history at roUins college, winter park, florida; mr. v. m. fitch, retired lawyer of imivcrsity city, missouri; mr. j. p. hetzler, retired merchant of Columbia, missotiri; dr. ernest 1. hilgard, dean of the graduate school of Stanford tmiversity; mr. alien mcreynolds, an attorney of carthage, missouri, mr. donald m. nelson, executive of consolidated caribou silver mines, inc., of beverly hills, California; mrs. dorothy c. sevedge of milwaukee, Wisconsin; mr. r. 1. smith, master farmer of fulton, missouri; mr. scott r. timmons, attorney of kansas city, missouri; mrs. kate stamper wilhite of moberly, missouri; dr. ben d. wood, director of the bureau of collegiate educational research, Columbia university, new york city; and mr. w. c. Windsor of tyler, texas. , , , , ,,. i i- j ' ' ' J ' J ' the honorable roscoe p. conkhng, who died oc- , ,., , .,, , . . , tober 28, 1954, became a member of the board honorary life members are mrs. e. s. pillsbury and mrs. j. h. robles, f Stephens college in 1936 and served until 1941. he returned to the board in St. louis. June, 1951 and was a member of the executive committee at the time of his death, judge conkling became a member of the supreme 6 court of missouri in 1947 and had completed his term as chief just ice of the court shortly be- fore his death. a shining porch light always means open house at the spragens ' home. the presidents every two years, in an impressive ceremony, presi- dent spragens renews the grant of power to the civic association from the administration of the college, this is no token ceremony but an honest recognition of the im- portant part which the students themselves play in administering most of the functions of the college, power is vested in the president of the college, naturally, but also a great weight of power is vested in president of c. a. and in the student legislature, this year it is dy- namic, pint-sized sylvia tarantino who has endeared her- self to both faculty and students through her unusual capacity for leadership and for the humility with which she accepts her responsibilities and administers them for the greatest good of all. it is power which is wisely given, for the administration knows that the college is only as strong as its students and it knows that Stephens women always accept opportunities for leadership and the chal- lenges which they offer, preparation for democratic citizenship is emphasized at Stephens and this is just that in action, operating efficiently day-by-day on the campus for the common good of all. president and mrs. thomas spragens and president of civic association, sylvia tarantino. assistant to the president advisor and friend in the solution of a thou- sand difficulties, mr. clyde reeves was appointed as assistant to the president on may 14, 1954. he had previously been the vice-president of the bankers life and casualty company in Chicago since 1952. mr. reeves is in charge of developmental work for the college, he also aids the president in establishing a long-range, sustained, fund- raising program for the college, as if to prove that assistants have a lot of work to do, mr. reeves is also the general director of publicity and publications offices. mr. clyde reeves, assistant to the president. publie information mr. baxter and mrs. wolls, of public information. news bureau mrs. peggy phillips of the news bureau, and her fea- ture writer, mrs. alien. alumnae ackkvemeHt award winners of 1954 eugenie anderson; sincere interest and service in pub- lic affairs. Cordelia robinson; outstanding work and leadership in the field of social work. alumnae association ethelyn bott; creative leadership in home and civic affairs. the publication and circulation of the quar- terly magazine, the alumnae news, keeps the alumnae up to date on news of Stephens and friends. miss Carolyn smith, editor of the news, and her staff of secretaries and research personnel, with the cooperation of all campus facilities, pro- duce the magazine, which has a circulation of about 23,000. the alumnae association is a far-reaching one, having officers and members in nearly every state of the union and in many foreign countries. miss Carolyn smith, executive secretary of the alumnae association. dean of students martha h. biehle dean of instruction James g. rice dea s of the school dean martha biehle, the dean of students, has three major divisions in her charge, first there is the residence counseling program, this program is headed by miss grace curtis, of miss biehle ' s staff, secondly, there are the counseling services, under the direction of dr. eugene shepard. this includes faculty advising and counseling, the third major division is the extra-class division under the direction of dr. merle prunty. miss biehle is also a participant in committees of administrative policy such as admissions, scholarships, personal counseling, disci- pline, and student and social life, academically speaking, her duties include jurisdiction over overloads, changing or dropping courses, and the application of the negative hour poUcy. the object of the instructional area, headed by dean james g. rice, is to provide the student with courses which wiU enable her to become the person she wants to be. the belief that students are individuals and that instruc- tion must be adapted to their needs and interests is a basic part of the philosophy of Stephens, personal atten- tion, which every student should have, is a reality in this department, each student not only has her own course, one tailored to fit her own needs and apt itudes, but every chance and opportunity for personal and social development which help provide the well-rounded de- velopment that is essential for growth and happiness. 10 audiO ' Visual aids registrar mr. p. r. m. amistrong, registrar mr. ward e. ankrum, head of audio-visual aids. general library mrs. eloise lindstrom, head Hbrarian, and her staff. mr. eugene shepard, head of the counsel- ing services, and his staff, miss mary d. bigelow, mrs. bemice Williamson, and mr. Vincent d. funk. the registrar has charge of student records and grades and supervises registration. counseling services include reading service, personal appearance, personal finance, and religion. audio-visual aids, such as recordings, slides, models, charts, and motion pictures are used to supplement instructional phases of the college program. the general library is the hub around which the division libraries are centered. eouHseling services d ' msioH of health and physical education dr. cope, head of the division of health miss haynes, head of the department of physical education this division is mainly concerned with the pre- vention of disease and the building of sound physical and mental health among students, the variety of activities offered in the physical education program insure each girl finding ac- tivities that help her become a well-rounded healthy person. 12 mr. king ' s communications skills class unravels a knotty problem. mr. ralph c. leyden, head or the communications division. divisioH of commuHicatioHs realistic reading with mr. fowler. the goal of the communications division, under the direc- tion of ralph c. leyden, is to help the student to speak, write, read, and listen proficiently. upon entering Stephens, each student is given tests, both written and oral, and is asked to write an evaluation of her needs as she sees them to determine the areas in communications in which she needs specific guidance. an informal group in mr. leyden ' s speech class. 13 Vb»%, i miss martin gives an assignment to her sociology class. mr. John a. decker, head of the social studies division. dmsioH of social studies the primary objective of this division is to give Stephens women a clear understanding of present day political, social, and economical problems. T[f ' " ljB|{i||lj{jM ' AmmmMm mw. mr. burkhart ' s social issues class geography with mrs. elwell. tlie basic course in this division is contemporary social issues, here the students are faced with basic problems which every citizen must face: the fimctioning of political parties, working of democracy, crime prevention, racial differences, basic problems of the american family, and the issues of american foreign policy, in this course class- room discussion is augmented by a variety of visual aids. the division also offers courses in general sociology, principles of economics, principles of geography and sociij anthropology, american government and history, and international relations, one hour courses offered in the division include survey of social work and interpretation of world news, outside reading is an important part of all of these courses, and the division ' s well-stocked library gives the students many opportunities to get full backgroimd information needed. 14 division of home and family twenty-one years ago, dr. bowman, with the help of eight girls carefully selected from his sociology classes, created the course in marriage and the family, today, about half of the Stephens seniors register for this course. in the home and family division there are other courses designed to help girls prepare for their future roles as wife, homemaker, and mother. practically everyone assumes that a woman should know something about cookery and nutrition, the course in food preparation and meal management is designed to give experience in that field. cooking with miss streepy miss momyer in child study class. dr. henry a. bowman, head of the division of home and family. the courses in child study are designed to give girls an understanding of children that will enable them someday to be better mothers and to give girls who desire it training that will prepare them to go into special work with children. in consumer education the girls learn how to pur- chase goods and use money wisely, every girl is a con- sumer, whether or not she marries, as a wife, however, she has a responsibility for becoming skilled in spending 15 mr. troelstrup and consumer education. everyone on the campus can enjoy the humanities through concerts, plays, and exhibits, either by creating or appreciating, dr. sullens sums it up this way: " take your choice of any combination you please: opera, chorus, orchestra, chamber music, tragedy, farce, comedy, ceramics, jewelry, textiles, stories, poems, prints, or painting, in any of these there is the opportunity to create. " in the music department, training in piano, organ, voice, or any other orchestral instrument is available under the instruction of profes- sionals. literature is a living part of humanities, with courses in masterpieces among the most popular, mrs. sullens heads this group. " courses such as pottery, jewelry, textiles, and interior and advertis- ing design are popular, " explains mr. green, the head of this department, " because of the universal urge to create. " the object of this division is pleasure in the arts. mrs. zay rusk sullens, head of the humanities division. division of humanities ann takes a voice lesson from mr. patacchi. mr. sterling asks for an opinion in his humanities class. mr. freund ' s pottery class looks Hke fun. 16 mr. Wilfred nef f , head of the language division. mr. robertson lectures in trench III. division of languages french, german, greek, and Spanish are the languages available to the student in this di- vision, the conect inflection and pronunciation of each language is helped greatly by a labora- tory period each week for each girl, here she listens to lessons on records and music native to the language she studies. language laboratory in session miss alli.s()n explains vowels to her Spanish students division of occupations mr. kenneth e. newland, head of the occupations division. the division of occupations, headed by mr. newland, plays through its occupational guidance department an important part in the life of juniors who first feel its influence during testing week at the beginning of the school year, after the tests have been scored, the students meet with their guidance counselors, studies have been made of those oc- cupations for which women are especially fitted by personality and aptitude, and classes are offered in these areas. flight courses and airline training are offered for girls who would like commercial positions in aviation. the many students enrolled in the fashion department analyze fixsh- ion, study draping, tailoring, millinery, illustration, and design. girls enrolled in retailing aie schooled in the art of salesmanship, sales promotion, and store organization and procedure. television and radio courses are open to students in the fields of production, progiam planning, educational uses, and workshops. Stephens has its own radio station, kwwc. there is quite an extensive program at Stephens for students who are interested in business education, for future secretaries, courses are available, as well as training for stenographers, clerks, typists, recep- tionists, and many others. accounting with mrs. gafke education. part of Stephens ' business one of mrs. old ' s millinery students experiments with a live model. miss shank demonstrates broadcast- ing principles. 18 ■ dr. carl n. rexroad, head of the division of science. things look serious in miss white ' s chemistry laboratory. a lecture in psychology by dr. swenson. good examples of this method of teaching are the field trips taken during the year, such as the botany and geology air trips which give students the opportunity to see some of the conditions they have been studying, other field trips are also taken by the combined science classes, and include trips to the devil ' s icebox and the pinnacles, as well as individual class trips to places in and around Columbia. biological science, physical science, mathematics, and psy- chology are the four principal divisions of science taught here at Stephens. division of science all students have questions concerning their own existence and the world around them, it is the aim of the science division, headed by dr. carl n. rexroad, to help the student answer these questions by using logical thinking, the courses are, therefore, functional and are built aroimd the individual needs of the students. 19 " simple plants look like this, " says mr. howell. division of religion and philosophy introduction to the new testament mr. osborne. lielping the student plan a complete and happy way of life is the aim of this division, the best points of thought- ful men throughout history are used as a basis to help the student plan her own way of life. each girl is encouraged to practice reflective thinking as a means of understanding and managing her own hfe to develop a critical awareness of values and to form a more meaningful philosophy of life from her beliefs. dr. harry philport — head of the division. attendance check in miss garner ' s basic beliefs class. mr. klair armstrong, teacher of philoso- phy and religion, foreign student adviser. 20 miss grace curtis, head of residence counselors, and her secretary, miss dor- othy hanson. residence counselors miss gilbert — south; miss pitts, miss curtis, l.r.w.; miss gilchrist — pillsbury; miss skriletz — wales; miss allardice — roblee; miss omer — fielding smith. the residence counseling program is part of the coordinated program under the dean of stu- dents, there are eleven residence hall counselors, one in each hall, and her job is a busy one. she must have had training in counseling and guid- ance work, a master ' s degree in counseling and experience in teaching or in a related field. directly responsible for the happiness, well- being, and conduct of from fifty to one hundred and eighty girls, each counselor is virtually a dean of women in her own hall, her first duties of orienting her charges to new surroundings and adjusting rooms and roommates gradually give way to more routine ones of granting permis- sions, offering advice, and looking after minor ailments. miss Stewart - Columbia; miss bradley - tower; miss cusack terrace; and mrs. anderson — laura Stephens. Sylvia tarantino, president of civic association. barbara mc connell, first vice-president of c. a.; clara Willis, second vice-president; Helen reeves, treasurer; and gretchen schwebs, secretary. Student government and social program credit for successfully placing emphasis on phases of living not touched by the academic program is due dr. merle c. prunty, who directs extra-class activities, the organization through c.a., of which he is the sponsor, the de- velopment of diversified interests and abilities in each student, the building of well-balanced programs with outside activity in careful proportion to school- room requirements are problems which dr. prunty has met with characteristic good nature and real understanding. the nine divisions of c.a. are independent council, board of publications, panhellenic council, council of class government, Stephens recreation associa- tion, student activity board, world citizenship organization, and senior sister council, lege, composed of the division heads, the residence hall presidents, executive board, and dr. prunty, is the governing body of c.a. consequently, Stephens girls are encouraged to find their extra-class ac- tivity in those areas which can contribute to their growth needs, and major interests. mrs. marian r. bilyea, director of the social program. dr. merle c. prunty, sponsor of civic association and of extra-class activity. upon the shoulders of the director of admis- sions and his staff rests the responsihiHty of ac- quainting prospective students with Stephens and choosing those who will come to campus the following year. mr. gardner aims at na- tional, rather than sectional representation, and takes pride in the fact that girls from all parts of the world are able to meet here at stepnens and find common bases for friendship. mr. machin gardner, director of admissions. admissions mr. hackler mr. biser mr. myers mr. beltzig mr. amoldi mr. north mr. wilkerson mr. anselmo » . w . - ,JW- mms% as the work of the admissions counse- lor at Stephens is envisioned and prac- ticed, it exceeds merely promotional ac- tivities, the most valuable function of the admissions counselor is to encourage understanding and cooperation between the college and the families of the stu- dents, this responsibility draws him into many college activities, such as individu- al student guidance, curricular evalua- tion, and coordination of the Stephens program with requirements for advanced study. mr. carr, mr. gardner, mr. wible, mr. mc clard, mr. gallemore, mr. draper, mr. nus, mr. trefz. 23 business department as comptroller, mr. freese has charge of the business and plant operations of the college, among the things imder the care of this office are food servicing, buildings and grounds, cam- pus service board, cultural events office, and col- lege store. the purchasing department consolidates the procurement of material needs for the daih- functions of the college. mr. gordon p. freese, comptroller of the college, and mr. harry burge, the purchasing agent. among the duties of the director of buildings and grounds are plant inspection, maintenance, alterations and improve- ment of grounds, utility services, and general supervision of housekeeping services. the paymaster prepares and disburses all salaries and de- ducts and administers insurance and taxes. mr. marion hanley, director of buildings and grounds. mr. thomas a. utterback, bursar; and mrs. livingston, the assistant biu-sar. mrs. barton, paymaster 24 I eoDle 25 senior class • ctltat ' - y see fC S V e otv ' V ie § G» . ' ' ' „o« ,d , XS ta- tVve UViS , f 3. ° tb3. ,t ® ar " .1° ,utee - cO A efe« as e .too ' ,do t ve tVvt e9 ° ,1A oi° u-t: iVt eic ® tvc e« Ajje c it ot eV etV ,tat® Vtv tY e vifl- Voio. at d ' ,tvV iot eVfe cO sx Xt ' i O VtvVe te sts ete aS va " " Ve as - - e.cV ° " )ec a,ti e » .xvtte - ,xit t)» ' ■ f g. OM ' AS oi wet ' at gte? . e tv9 ' att t ® se o V- ' at Ste? , ve tvs va ' .ve 6 ' vetv ■OlS tW ® tVva- ,t ® •0 3- ' l A ■ftO va ' veS aVt ® Ae s e te atv ' AtVva- e • X tv ' ev et iotS - tVve iac 3 ,UV ' ve s? ets tlcve tVve to ' tvV it-v T.etv " .ds ,Vvv? ' .we tt a- ' d© ' at eS an ttv es at A 3. 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V K iri T ' MH H " H P ■ I f I ' 9» J M r Lt m- m Ir " irM Kim J - gloria bryant atlanta, georgia b mary burg ellsworth, minnesota PI gail ann burk evergreen park, illinois karen burnham Vancouver, Washington bonnie burpee sioux city, iowa PV fm w H K r ' 1 Bv 1 ■ ti I A-. BIBH|__ . H K . l l barbara butcher rochester, new york nancy butler hollywood, Illinois Virginia cadwell hawesville, kentucky jane cairns ligonier, Pennsylvania patricia camp birmingham, alabama { ■H m m V «»wW w ■ j h ■ ▲. iM Susan Campbell adrian, michigan H H ann Cardiff racine, Wisconsin frances carlock mineral wells, texas dorothy carr meridian, mississippi 1 Virginia carroU houston, texas B I H 33 A maiy lou carter frankfort, kentucky frances castellano waterbury, Connecticut elise chamberlain buffton, ohio patricia check hicon, ilhnois i evelyn colias waco, texas marcia fchandler miami, florida charlotte class university city, missouri joan cockrell snyder, texas S ' margaret Christiansen tenafly, new jersey alice cook cape girardeaii, missouri pauline culver falconer, new vork karen cumming sioux falls, south dakotii robyn cotner Wilmington, ohio Cynthia damsel zanesville, ohio ■jlr susan daniels Chicago, iUinois maleva daulton louisville, kentucky Sandra davidson Chicago, ilhnois anne davies biloxi, mississippi Joanna davis Seattle, Washington H m - martha joan day harrison, maine - ' . k sue dillingham ogdensburg, new york Sylvia dillon kansus city, kansas Virginia dobrick redondo beach, California nancy jean drake minneapolis, minnesota jann eckert belleville, Illinois I kay doeringsfeld groton, south dakota ■-%:i marianne duskey lorain, ohio carlo dwight san diego, California joan gail fenska south bend, indiana 1 J phyllis finger kannapolis, north Carolina nancy jean fisher frank in, michigan nancy jo fisher tucson, arizona t W glennis fitting woonsocket, south dakota patricia fitz patrick bartlett, tennessee Joanne fletcher St. louis, missouri P ■ ' ' K kathryn fletcher Washington, d.c. ginger lee floyd haines city, Florida barbara foote findley, ohio 1 lynette foil bogalusa, louisiana faith forrester dothan, alabama r Christine fossum barstow, cahfornia i margaret foster burlington, north Carolina 39 Wk martha foster burlington, north Carolina i M Ill patricia garrison munster, Indiana anna gates Cuyahoga falls, ohio T!=r rena gaudreau Springfield, massachusetts corinne gerdes stoneville, mississippi marjone gazzaniga glendale, California Harriet gibbon new york, new york ' : Carolyn george shreveport, louisiana sharon gibson dallas, texas dorothy gibson san francisco, California mary gilbert evanston, illinois Carolyn goar Colombia, south america i ' eanne godfrey lam, massachusetts katye godsey branson, missouri barbara goetz la grange, illinois kay gonder zanesville, ohio 41 Carolyn graff sioux falls, south dakota 1 i i ft 1 r! jo ami hageii gibson city, Illinois jane hall dallas, texas marjorie hall e. lansing, michigan 1 Cordelia hall dothan, alabama phyllis hall independence, missouri r " w » 1 -i barbara halliday olivia, minnesota nancy hamerin zionsville, indiana frances hammond dothan, alabama L margaret Hansen omaha, nebraska mary hardt atherton, California sonja banson black river falls, Wisconsin bernie harkness san marino, caUfomia Virginia harkrider brady, texas nancy barley birmingham, michigan 43 linda barrel! williston, north dakota j joy hams Wilmington, ohio ' ' martha jo Harris portales, new mexico carol Harrison ann arbor, micHigan I V- ' ' - • ' T r katHryn Hartman mesa, arizona maybelle Harrison calhoun city, mississippi robbie Hatch portales, new mexico patricia hart owensboro, kentiicky nola hatten pascagoula, mississippi margaret Haywood jonesboro, arkansas Janet Hawk Cleveland, ohio donna Hawkins topeka, kansas U m mary heartfield dallas, texas 44 daisy Hawkins meridian, mississippi elizabeth Hay conyers, georgia k jocelyn Heiman brvan, texas r ' " " 1 jj martha heiser san angelo, texas lavonda helms grand rapids, michigan gay herkenhoff santa fe, new mexico vu mary herndon rogers, arkansas kM sybil herr schlater, mississippi ■ " If A ■ M m 1 " ' m B W r H ' ff elizabeth hertz kankakee, Illinois margot herzog Springfield, missouri pa nancy hickman nashvil e, tennessee jS jS I christel hicks morrisville, new york Julie hicks e. lansing, michigan . ■ 1 vr alene hintz tracy, California ' Jeanne hiscox Columbus, ohio ZVyJ rochelle holleman miami, florida ■ ' - rae hopper palo alto, California mary hornstein rugby, north dakota w- wrm •9 ' - 1 C m m m 45 U M betty j. huck Columbus, ohio 7 4- margaret Hutchison panama city, florida mary hurst conyers, georgia mary Hudson urbana, oHio 1 ' karen Hyatt skokie, illinois I 3 ' charlotte hughes Henderson, kentucky tU ' p Sandra ideson university city, missouri L ■ H madeline isenhart St. louis, missouri MMr . H lots jacobsen arlington heights, illinois v a 1 jH iH . J ann james fargo, north dakota ' f J M F % mary jensen iowa falls, iowa J Helen Johnson Odessa, texas Hr.. iiEt... H karen Johnson eau claire, Wisconsin Hl sara Johnson tulsa, Oklahoma 46 penelope jones oskaloosa, iowa marcia julien miami beach, florida v-1 Carolyn jupenlaz elmira, new york mary karter cuUman, alabama molly keenan Spokane, Washington Sandra justice Oakland, California J. judy kaufman zanesville, ohio katy kay keathley lawton, Oklahoma nyla jo kasten walnut, illinois marilyn keister grand island, nebraska elizabeth kaner superior, Wisconsin , Virginia kater Chatham, new jersey margie klain indianapolis, indiana charlotte knight dothan, alabama ff claudette Idhn milwaukee, Wisconsin ff J r« sue kircher worthington, minnesota " kathleen krebs evansville, Wisconsin Sandra krog plainfield, new jersey alice krohn black river falls, Wisconsin marilyn kurtz madison, Wisconsin 4 «» hermina laeyendecker heenstede, netherlands diana laird phoenix, arizona earlene lamb pond creek, Oklahoma wilette lentino clinton, massachusetts ella le due san diego, California ijeiaa ' «A ' «»j..i V Virginia lemere carpinteria, California doris sue lerman texas city, texas anna lee panama city, florida marlene lewis iowa city, iowa barbara liem huron, south dakota margaret lindberg rockford, Illinois 49 ann lindsay Sacramento, California Janet linford berkeley, California evelyn linville bethesda, maryland W ' ' W0 i BB mmsm Jessie lockie rosebud, montana Virginia love oswego, Oregon Si w sue lunbeck crown point, indiana dorothy kind Columbia, missouri lois landmark great falls, montana esther marting Washington court house, ohio brigitte maiden paris, france Judith mannen del mar, California beth mayhew greensberg, Pennsylvania i gabriella mc dowell elizabeth city, north Carolina janice mc coy osage, iowa • ' -l ' mary mc clymond topeka, kansas mary mc dowell Jackson, mississippi I joe lynn mc coy malvem, arkansas ' " i barbara mc connell farmington, new mexico k barbara mc intyre w, des moines, iowa 7 margaret mc lean stone lake, Wisconsin ■IL ' l donia mc murray Hollywood, California hum H P - ' H ■-9 « " 1 ' ' lu V ' H ' 1 lynita meador Houston, texas charna melet flint, michigan Carolyn mell Oakland, California IQ I Jacqueline melvin los angeles, California B HH mariKTi meurer detroit, michigan 51 kathryn meyer St. cloud, ininnesota A Carolyn mock wellesley hills, mass. lou moulder phillipsburg, missouri mary miller princeton, Indiana jane moore scott city, kansas stephne morgan san francisco, California nancy monk rockford, illinois sandy mozer denver, Colorado 52 joan r. miller Springfield, missouri mary mork anoka, minnesota angeline muhr eugene, Oregon f . ik nuS amisiaes -: 1 S " ' 1 kl n diane mullen kenosha, Wisconsin S3 martha miisgraves fniitland, missouri F H Ursula myers hurbank, California U| 1 anne myles owenslxiro, kentucky sarah nash rossville, illinois P - P H alexandra nebinger kansas city, missoiiri lucille neufeld green bay, Wisconsin mary nixon phoenix, arizona HV lael nudare berwyn, Illinois beverly oTjanion dos pales, California phyllis nungesser new Orleans, lonisiana nancy o ' bryant Springfield, missouri barbara o ' connor anderson, indiana n baila oliff Chicago, illinois 53 mr via roberta oliff Chicago, illinois peggy pearce bowen, Illinois ann pennington lowell, indiana K:- bL frances peters roswell, new mexico bettie perry blythe, California Joanne peterson battle lake, minnesota margaret petchler long island, new york Hl Vi katherine petrou shelbyville, Kentucky 54 EkJl n ruth phillips deming, new mexico gayle pickett Oklahoma city, Oklahoma diane pospisil Wakefield, nebraska poole SSI m voo ' houston, texas Lz-dP S H ' ' " i " ' michigan ' sa. 1 JL angileen potts Columbus, ohio - A r Jeanne powell B ' ' " y P " est long beach, California E__- k. B ' " ' ' ' " ' ' ° ' ' ' Janet prince m K " Pm leah prisant Caracas, Venezuela V albany, georgia sue pundt houston, texas charlotte radabaugh inglewood, California anne nsser lancaster, pennsylvani ■cr ' 31 ' M r martha rose kansas city, missouri mary rose Sanderson, texas sybil ross ft. worth, texas diane roth phoenix, arizona nancy rothschild Columbus, georgia Ik patricia roupp denver, Colorado donna ruetenik vermilion, ohio H UH l l martha rugg pine bluff, arkansas viola ruona pel kie, michigan ann sandrock salem, ohio m |J alberta sacks flint, michigan patti sanford ft. lauderdale, florida Hp: ' ' •V ' l ann sargeant charlottesvil e, Virginia 7 eileen saslow Syracuse, new york 57 sandra scharbach hobart, Indiana susan schlotterbeck farmington, michigan barbara e. schmitz arlington hts., illinois barbara j. schmitz Columbia, missouri ■ H H nancy schultz lisbon, north dakota Wvta BiK " 1 nancy 1. schultz milwaukee, Wisconsin @ shirley schultz ft. morgan, Colorado gretchen schwebs appleton, Wisconsin Julia scott nashville, tennessee ramona scott north platte, nebraska ann sears snyder, texas SlI nancy scoville ft. sheridan, illinois mary sears aurora, illinois i ann seeland t grinnell, iowa diane seeman dallas, texas 58 linda seger tulsa, Oklahoma rk . v H m Jr )a ' m AtK anabel selby belleville, Illinois margaret settle Indianapolis, Indiana sandra seyferth muskegon, michigan 1 1 |r ' ' B ' sara jane seymour charlestown, Indiana f norma shapiro n. bergen, new jersey rs sara shepherd ft. madison, iowa pat sheppard kinston, north Carolina sue sherman san luis obispo, calif. » 1 nan shirley breckenridge, minnesota m- Ok sue shoellhom dundee, iUinois . Carole shoemaker des moines, iowa 7 jane shupe phoenix, arizona Wh douglas sibbald elkins, west Virginia m M betty simmonds n. hoUywood, cahfomia ■ florence sloan virgin islands jM . 59 K ; . sally smarzo livonia, new york marian smith savannah, georgia jane smisor hutchinson, kansas ' J Sandra smith Washington, d.c. lisbeth smith Springfield, illinois i I jfi ' ■ ' »-k1 sheila smith great falls, montana fran smoley ft. wayne, Indiana nancy smoot coral gables, florida 1 . barbara stenzel Cairo, illinois jean spigler terre haute, indiana kay sue Stanley lakefield, minneso ta •; t Carole Stephens sheepranch, California louise stamps tifton, georgia pat Stanley winston-salem north Carolina patsy stice brownfield, texas 60 susan stone minneapolis, minnesota sylvia stone | talladega, alabama Virginia strasser Campbell hall, new york r-?» X!!! sally sweet oneonta, new vork ann taylor firebaugh, California Sylvia tarantino tampa, florida Suzanne taylor moab, Utah freda theopold boston, massachusetts edna thetford pinckneyville, illinois ellen thornberry Oklahoma city, Oklahoma Carolyn thomas long beach, California Janet thomson middletown, ohio martha tice Columbus, ohio nancy thompson arlington hts., illinois marlene thorn arvada, Colorado ■ V Donnie toman auburn, Washington 62 ' 1 RTS ■|K 8 y ■ " 1 iw A M marjorie tougaw enumclaw, Washington 1 i l F ilrlM marthe trautman glen ridge, new jersey QIH donalyn trenary pocahontas, iowa B ' " ' H Mfe i l ' b E if ' w 1 • jHBB Winifred trewett cold brook, new york ■ Hj annette trigg houston, texas PV l B 1 !■ wTff- ' w [ f " 1 C ' ' ' l ■ jF ' r H vjfl a ' j v " V jean tudor Washington, d.c. lucinda turner evanston, illinois 1 fc. 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Sandra walden sarasota, florida sherrill weatherly j asper, missouri Virginia weaver dearborn, michigan 1 ri: K ' H Jl elizabeth waihe butler, Pennsylvania la juana weilein san marino, California sandy weiner nneapolis, minnesota 5 1 ,.ilt J J 11 phyllis weirick marino, California B l annabelte welch H shenandoah, iowa H ■■ " H • 1 r A 1 1 h3 ...-..■S__ R mary welch Hi SH w Janet wendler high, iowa doris wennen globe, arizona 1 C , v P H .... ■ i B ffi fl » ' ' I H Susan werle Chester, new york PH|H Suzanne wheeler H Columbus, ohio B P ri m 1 m- ffk H r W H f I J nancy wheyland mobUe, alabama elaine white H Williamsburg, iowa H P iiL w,A B l 1 wsf Connie whittaker whittier, California frances lee white | city, kansas | 1 mary ann white marion, Indiana s « kk! jean whittemore sarver, Pennsylvania joan wickersham brookston, Indiana kay wiemers melboume, iowa VHIL » ■ • ' » anne wilkerson atlanta, georgia mary wiesler birmingham, michigan •4 barbara willey sibley, iowa ann wild Wyandotte, michigan w ' »»•■ ' r - ' k emily Williams Wilmington, ohio ■JI H jane williams Hannibal, missouri E HI I sara ann williams Oglethorpe, georgia ( ' ' i l K 1 f ■ ' - km I i ■ % pat Williamson dayton, ohio H w IC I rose Williamson Orlando, florida 1 Lt iris Wilson ladue, missouri janis lee winger ottumwa, iowa Carolyn wingo wills point, texas €6 r,i mt fight! fight! for senior class, fight! fight! for senior class, fight! fight! for senior class, fight! fight! for senior class, we ' re the girls you ought to know, we are always on the go. never seem to have a care, men ' s pajamas we all wear, fight fight! for senior class, fight! fight! for senior class, fight! fight! for senior class, fight! fight! for senior class. semr class songs watch the girls of senior class, they are really great, they ' re the ones you can depend on, and the fellows date, with our beanies maroon and gold, always Stephens we will uphold, hail! hail! the senior class, we ' re the class of ' 55. 68 snaps junior class council temporary junior class council is chosen from the new junior class by the faculty at the beginning of the school year, and this group serves as the governing body of the junior class until the fall elections are held, the perman- ent junior class council is then formed and takes over the governing duties. sandra agostini junior class president 70 temporary junior class council the temporary junior class council is picked by a faculty committee to govern the junior class until the elections are held. bobbie coate, senior advisor to the junior class. jolene abboud mary ackerson jeannette adams paula adams emestina alessio marsha alexanderson barbara jane alien patricia allis Sydney allied arva anderson maiy eva anderson nancy anderson janna andrews sheela andrews Carolyn abraham jan elizabeth adams nancy adams Sandra agostini donna alexander clara allard barbara Joyce alien mary jane allison marjone amick peggy anderson mary louise anderson ellen anderson kathleen andrews barbara anton jumors ruth arbury Suzanne balliet Suzanne barker lillian barrington mary arthur carol baltimore jane barlow carol barter mollie elaine baltzer diannah bames gale bartholomew Sandra baird janice baltzer Joyce bames Virginia bartle beverly baldwin shirley barber nancy bames claudia bates mary balk Catherine barfield lois barney patricia bauer .v»- lone baumie anita beck ann beebe elizabeth bell carol bennett louise bennett merilyn bensinger mochelle benstock lorene best patricia binkley isabel birke barbara black alice blake Jeanne blank mane beary Caroline becker Janet behrens elizabeth benedict barbara bennett mariana bennett jean benson joannis berger edwina biggs Helen birke marilyn bimkrant sara black beverly bland louise blankinship juniors mary flo blansfield alice blickenstaff dolores bloom emma bloom cynthia blunt sally bohs betty boldt rilla bolen pat bone sue boomer barbara bosh Joyce boutwell sue bowers barbara bris Carolyn boyd sharon brouhard Judith brandenburg sherill brouhard prentice brannan nancy brownell marlene brettman roberta browning janice briney linda bryan winnifred bryson dianne burgess maxme burtt patricia byrd grace Campbell joan Campbell Janet carlock carol carr lots budnick Suzanne burgoyne patty bush kay callender laurel Campbell nancy cardwell joy janice carson ruth caswell dorothy cejka Sandra sue chacksfield Christopher joan churchill gwen churchill merlynn cihlar Judith dark meredith sue dark dark ruth Clifford jean Clifford jumors marcia close Carolyn coleman belle corey carol cowgill kay cochran judy coleman carol corkish Janet craig carol cockrell norma coles alice cos tan jo ellen craig martha codel susanne converse amy lou cotter anne cramer lynda coffey joan cook dorinne coulter patricia cranmer Carolyn coffin eleanore cxwper joan councilor feme creamer a alexandra croswhite margaret culver norma Connie culver cumming joan lucille cumming cummings colleen patricia Cunningham currey Cecily barbara Curtis dahlman gayle dalston mary dammann mary danielly Janice danielson dilys david Virginia deardorff janis de bardeleben diane de buse frances samantha de rossitt de vor jeanette de waide Julia deimund paula denman susan dickinson georgia dittman Janet donaldson rosemary dom elizabeth doss 78 juniors elizabeth dougherty sherrill edwards Carole elmer ann everett george anne duncan sandie ehlers minnie engelhart Janet j. farha Suzanne durham emily ehnnan louise entriken Janice fast carol ebert dice edland pat edwards donna ellingson mary elliott maxine elliott barbara erickson cynthia essman sally ann estep elizabeth faust faith helen faust carol fawcett elizabeth faye patricia ferguson colleen ferrin Virginia fletcher diana forrester nancy fowler mary jean france nancy freeman denise m. frith Sandra frosaker jean fuhlbrigge Carolyn funk caroly gable •lyn able marilyn ganey audrey lee ferguson ann ferguson marlene kaye flate ella floyd kay forrester j ' ulie a. fox anne freeman karen french Janet froning ida joan fry Janet fulton peggy fugua angela gamiere marian gano 80 roberta gardiner margorie gibbs mary good dorene granger annalee gardner annette gibbings Carolyn goode gayle gray frances gamer carol ann gilfillan alice goold jane gray Judith gamer Janet gillespje benita gordon mary graybill judy gault alice gist diane m. gordon mary greeley sue geloin kathleen given Janice gordon sonia greenberg mary ann greenwood helen gregory mary griffin aim grunske hattie lee sandra guerrant guest Virginia guUic barbara gundrum Virginia gunn kay gunnison Carolyn hagaman mary hagen enid hagerman h. jeaneane haines sarah haines jo ann hale Jacqueline haley patricia hall Catherine hammell martha hammond mary lee hance barbara haney patricia hannah barbara hansen sandra hansen Sylvia harbaugh sandra harder Jeffrey harden sheila haring Jeanne haseltine ann hawkins Susan helfrich )oan harp barbara hassen inarjone hawkins margaret heltsley barbara mae harris marcia bastings Judy heil ann henry marilyn harris patricia hatridge pat heiman nancy hensel chere amie hartman sally hausman mary 1. heinl juha herlocker joan hartnett sally hawekotte juh neitman dorothy herman patricia hevner iva lou hill de vere hitchcock jean Hoffman carol holbert dorothy holley h. Joanne hoUowitz robin hood hazel hornsby marilyn hough sharon hoyt merrill hubbell nancy hughes beverly hussman ann anderson hickok Joyce hillery ins hoffman patricia hoffman dorothy holland rita kay hollis Henrietta holt ]0 ann hooker jan m. horton patricia howell Sandra hubbard raary jane huebner Judith m. hunt shirley Hutchinson austin hutton juanita hyatt carole sue hyde niary hyde carolyn illingworth ann ingraham Christine b. iodice jean ippolito martha p. irish shiriey iverson sharon izer sally jackman carole ann Jackson beverly Jacobs pamela Jacobs sharon jacobsen linda jacobson barbara j. jagersma ann jagersma marilyn Jeffries Judy jewett marjorie jewett mary jimerson phyllis a. 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Judy fredricka ann wasson watson watson watson weber Webster diana Webster patricia welsh carleen wells lynne wessels joan wetzel mary white margaret wiens la rae wilhau margaret wilkins Carole Williams eleanor Williamson mary vvilliamson sarah willingham barbara wills barbara weiss dawn welsh diane wells caryl westdal elaine white priscilla white Sylvia wilber jean wilhelmj carol Wilkinson Virginia Williams joan wiUiamson mary willingham Frances Willis lynne Wilson 102 juniors sharon Wilson jane winebremmer irene Wittenberg rosemarie woemer priscilla Wright gretchen wurstn Janice wyatt laura yacomo Susan yarbrough marjorie yock gail young celia zavala Helena zeman sue ann zink jan craig deanna keiser ' 103 junior class songs we ' re the girls from junior class you ' ve heard so much about. the seniors stop and stare at us whenever we go out. we ' re noted for our winning ways in everything we do. most everybody likes us, we hope you like us, too. for — as we go whirling, whirling all the day, tra, la, la, you can hear them saying, " the girls from junior class are on their way. " hey! hey! juniors come join us, join in the chorus. seniors will soon know that they can ' t compare. our voices carry down to the dairy. we ' ve got the rhythm and the potency. we may be younger than the rest but we have got the pep and zest. we ' re the juniors, hey! the junior girls! the junior class! 104 105 cab met of divisioH heads bottom row— left to right: mary c. batten, ginger floyd, mark mork, lenore vveathersby, barbara mc connell, nancy pavey, ann sargeant, freddy theopold, pat dennison. second row— left to right: ann gibson, beverly o ' banion, ann trigg, mr. prunty, rena gaudreau, marilyn stone, evelyn fairbanks. the cabinet of division heads organizes, controls and coordinates the campus extra-class activities under the jurisdiction of the divisions, and in cooperation with legislature. the representation at cabinet meetings is made up of the heads of the divisions, the regular members are: c. a. 1 vp barbara mc connell secretary-treasurer lenore weathersby bop beverly o ' banion csb ann sergeant pan-hel rena gaudreau sab pat dennison sia mary mork sra freddie theopold wco marilyn stone sso ginger floyd ava lois lundmark CSC mary c. batten csg annette trigg nsa evelyn fairbanks sec nancy pavey sponsor merle prunty 106 campus service board ann sargeant, president service to the college is the purpose of the campus service board, the board is composed of the student managers of the blue rooms, tearooms and other services, the swap shop is helpful to students who want to buy or sell used room furnishings, the lost and found department is located in the swap shop, at the washateria students find all conveniences for doing their own laundry, or may have it done for a small fee. 107 Stephens activity board the student activity board provides a full extra- class program suited for all students and is a unifying tie among the different groups, the s.a.b. carousel gives new students a preview of the clubs and hon- oraries on campus and helps them to understand the multitude of possibilities for a full extra-class program. pat dennison, president s.a.b. carousel, fun for all. 108 the world citizenship organization was created for a specific purpose— to stimulate and coordinate all the individual and group work on campus relative to planning for peace-time activities, the emphasis here is placed exclusively on education for peace and for peace-time services, the foreign re- lations club, which sponsors the annual lecture series on international affaiis is a part of this organization. 1 nn stone, president world citizenskip organizatioH | fflF?» | mr. kelch, mary mc clymond, nancy scoville, jan eckert, bobbye killian, diane dragoo, ruth ramage. front row: kay frick, nancy dahl, carolyn rand, lynn stone, pat Williamson, katie hartman, winifred eggers. dr. philpott ups the price at the faculty auction. 109 honor code kay sue Stanley, cliainiian of lionoi ' code committee Student educational council nancy pavey, chairman ot student educational council 110 couHcil of state groups annette trigg, president Htttional student association eve fairbank, president 111 rules research robyn cotner, chairman robyn cotner, miss mary omer, sue dillingham, joann falls, sally grey, marlene flate, celia zavala. to bring widespread attention to desirable group stand- ards and personal attitudes rather than to static rules and regulations, a student-faculty committee each year examines college rules and on the basis of research and experience makes needed revisions. Standing ideals the standing ideals committee is in charge of campus-wide publicity on the ten ideals-bringing them closer to each student and making them a part of her daily life at Stephens. ginger keller, arm hming, faith forrester, ahce alien, nola hatten, arm gibson, nancy o ' bryant. seated: ruth philUps, sue pundt, ann cooke, miss benson. sue pundt, chairman 112 senior pal organization the senior pal organization was designed to be of help to both the new juniors and their senior sisters, this group, whose officers are pictured opposite, makes sure that each junior has a senior friend who can be counted on the entire year for help, jane swank, chairman of this organization, knows that a good senior pal can be of invaluable help to her junior, the duties of the senior pals in- clude meeting the special trains at the be- ginning of school, taking their juniors around the campus, introducing them to their ad- visers, showing them where their classes are, and in general giving help wherever needed. front row: margo herzog, jane swank, phyllis hall, back row: cecile kirby, joan miller, linda garr. campus sing committee front row: barbara alien, eleanor pifer, pat cranmer. back row: ann young, sue webb, maiy batten, sandra seyferth, butch fletcher. Stephens has long enjoyed the reputation of having a singing campus, the organization that helps this to be so is the campus sing committee, headed by mary batten, this group helps promote singing on campus by serving as songleaders before all-school con- vocations, and at class and social functions. 113 senior sister organizatioH the senior sisters — friends, helpers, towers of strength for their juniors — how would we manage without them? they introduced us to Stephens, its life, traditions, and ideals; they cheered us up when we were blue and shared our happy experiences; they shared with us their love for Stephens. ginger floyd, president 114 house managers ' eouml seated: charlotte knight, sugar kenney, miss curtis. 1st row: barbara mcintyre, sandy tabuse, mike berry, elinor bardes, sybil ross, karen hyatt, nancy smoot, diane roth. 3rd row: julia boultinghouse, natalie peter, joy harris, dm ellis, dougie sibbald, arlene rollie, ann james. eo-ordinating board eouml seated: hap kilgore, Janice mccoy, carol olsen, mary homstein. standing: Jackie mel- vin, ruth breisten, molly keenan, miss allardice, joan wendler, mary goodwin. 115 sandra clarke— tower esther marting— wood kathy fulmer— wales dot bell— south hall presideuts diane miller— towne billie g ay mc dowell— roblee 116 hall presidents June strohmer— fielding smith jan hawk— laura Stephens char radabaugh— pillsbury sara dunlap— Columbia joan paddleford— lela raney wood 11 nancy hickman— terrace towHC hall house council residence halls Columbia hall house council roblce hall r house council co-ordinating board 118 house council tower hall co-ordinating board terrace hall house council 119 fielding smith kail house council pillsbury hall house council co-ordinating board 120 mod hall south hall house council laura Stephens hall co-ordinating board 1 wales hall 111 iQion 123 burrall class burrall class is a part of the Stephens program to help make religion an integral part of the life of each student, it is a non-denominational ser- vice on Sunday mornings, conducted by dr. harry philpott. the topics discussed at the service are selected with the help of a faculty-student committee and touch everyday problems of life, the program is especially directed toward the needs of the students. the burrall choir, composed of Stephens women and university men, furnishes music each Sunday along with the burrall symphony orchestra. dr. harry m. philpott bur rail cabinet co-ordinating the activities of burrall class is the responsibihty of the burrall cabinet, under the sponsorship of dean harry phil- pott and miss martha garner, the program tries to help each girl develop her own workable philosophy of life. anne booth, president of burrall cabinet 125 bur rail projects burrall projects gives each student the opportunity of giving service to those in need, some of the activities in which girls may participate are: can Sunday, orphan adoption, assist- ance in girl scout troops, Sunday school work, assistaace in local kindergartens, work with crippled children and older people, and cloth- ing drives. dot wood, head chairman burrall projects chairmen. 126 campfire girls ' booth at the biirrall projects open house. some liapp ' oiphans liave a menier christmas thanks to Innrall projects. l)urrall projects lends the spirit of christmas a helpinj; hand with their oiphan adoption booth. .« paintinu rooms in the boone count) ' infirmary looks like more fun than work to these " iris. wkite Sunday white Sunday and the special vespers service are as much a part of the Stephens tradition as the bell in senior court, the white Sundays, one at the beginning of the year and one at the end, seem to bind the whole year to- gether with faith. the vespers services help to keep faith a real, living, actually felt part of life at Stephens. Jill 1 ' spea ' a vespers evening prayer evening prayer is a campus-wide pro- gram held each Sunday night at nine, it is a half -hour program of sacred music and talks by selected students. 7:22 is a get-together at the home of a faculty member each Sunday night at 7:22 to discuss topics such as " tact in human relations " bur rail choir cabinet the burrall choir cabinet co-ordinates the activities of burrall choir, it plans and directs social functions and serves as the governing body of the choir. front row: henrietta holt, joan miller, maybelle harrison. back row: mary jo an- derson, luan harkness, suzette armitage, pat crouse. evening prayer council evening prayer council makes all the arrangements for evening prayer, includ- ing the selection of speakers, this group also handles the campus-wide publicity of evening prayer. front row: " b " bruckner, carolyn mell, mr. armstrong, marilyn keister. back row: , ann wilkerson, , faith forrester, jill beyer, bobbie coate, patti camp, mary willingham, anne cooke. 130 ntertainment 131 playhouse A ' Mi ' a the circle ' ' ' ' the skin of out teeth ' ' ' ' angel street " 132 ' ' my three angels ' ' playhouse ' ' she stoops to conquer ' ' 133 opera workshop and symphony orchestra the opera workshop and the burrall symphony orchestra help to round out the calendar of cultural events here at Stephens, the opera workshop produces two operas each year with students and faculty taking the minor roles and metropolitan stars playing the principal roles, burrall symphony works together with opera workshop on this and also on light operas given throughout the year. gondoliers 134 " tosca " heidi krall jon cram leonard pennario pianist 21st season butrall symphony of Stephens college concert series edward murphy, director if la traviata ' ' kern and gershwin patricia bybell Hugh thompson hany weber 135 concert chorus the Stephens college concert chorus is composed of approximately two hundred girls held to- gether by their love of singing, this group has long been musically outstanding with their radio broadcasts, concerts, and the spring concert tour, the group is conducted by miss margaret colby and the co-director and accompanist is miss marilyn hanna. sunrise choir the sunrise choir, often called a choir within a choir, is composed of sixteen girls se- lected by audition from the concert chorus group, aside from doing parts in concert chorus performances, the choir gives many concerts and performs on radio and television. 136 guest artists spoHsored by s. r. a. mary hardwick, english tennis star hindu dancers .■-K V «iL» ■ ■i!»V»«!! foreign relations lecture series... first in the series of foreign relations speakers to come to campus this year was John gun- ther, who spoke on inside africa. I drew pearson, as the second guest speaker of the season, made the nation ' s capitol seem much closer to us by his talk on the Washington merry-go- round. 138 problems of american foreign policy were clearly shown to us by senator alexander wiley, the third speaker. cuncHt problems of american foreign policy the lecture series was brought to a close by barbara ward ' s discussion of the survival of the west. 139 teas - open houses other parts of the social life at Stephens: the teas and open houses, the open houses are held at the beginning of the year and furnish an opportunity for Stephens stu- dents to become acquainted with students from other schools, the teas are held by many organizations, such as burrall class, a well-rounded social life is one of the things that helps to make a well-rounded person. junior hall open house paaiK. ministers ' tea guest speaker, John gunther, at a tea given in his honor by the foreign relations club. 140 edio ■ I ooo 141 board of publicatioHS hoard of piil)lications is the co-ordinator of all the campus puhlications. it sencs tlie school by publishing tl e scliool acti ities calendar and the song books, in order to help the publications more effecti ' ely serve the needs of the students, board of publications does periodi- cal e aluations of all publications. wltklH the ivy within the ivy is a handbook published each year and sent to students the summer before their arrival on campus, it contains general campus information, a summary of the rules and regu- lations governing students, and suggestions for courtesy, appropriate dress, and good taste in room furnishings, the ivy furnishes a welcome and an introduction to the campus to the new students. bobbie mc carter, editor ji " «nt nancy knippenberg, caryl westdai, bobbie mc carter, lynn llings- wortn, doris tatum, judy auther, patsy quick, laura russell, evie laughlin mary helen goodwin, senior advisor 143 stephensophia patricia fitz Patrick, literary editor nancy o ' bryant, photography editor rachel keeley, business manager 144 stephensophia charlotte hughes, art editor advertising staff 145 Member Pbsocioted Cblle6ic(fe Press the policy of the Stephens hfe: to present the facts openly and in an unbiased manner. to enlighten the student body on matters of common interest. to endeavor to make our publication an influence for good on the campus. Stephens life, the official newspaper of Stephens college, Columbia, mo., is published friday throughout the school year by the students, offices are in elmhurst hall. phone 339. the newspaper is entered as second-class matter at the post office at Columbia, mo., under the act of march 8, 1879. sub- scription rate is $1.50 a year, editorial staff betty attwood editor-in-chief joan greening managing editor hap kilgore campus editor jo garot editorial editoi- bobbie oliff feature editor margo galloway sports editor copy staff eluise leduc copy editor jane moore headline editor barb chandley proof editor business staff sally shepherd advertising manager betty attwood, editor ' m ■ m. 2 -- ' i 4 what ' s new? just read Stephens life, the campus newspapci-. published every friday, the life gives Stephens students not only a look at life at Stephens, but at Columbia and at the rest of the world, news of civic association, various divisions, interesting personalities, reviews of plays, important notices, and even want-ads— they are all to be found in life. junior staffs 147 Stephens standard dorothv kind, editor dorothy confers with mr. madden, sponsor. standard staffers — ingrid adams, robyn cotner, dorothy kmd, tootsie bowden, clara wise pitts, marti rose, kay given, jane lee williams, san- dra walden. 148 lorgnette the Stephens lorgnette, the newest member of tlie school publications, made two very satisfactory ap- pearances this year. marti rose, editor the staff settles a problem informally. 149 reading teletype tor new s broadcast. radio-television making a disc recording. the radio-television classes this year made a film for the humanities division, one for communica- tions skills, and filmed a short story, hlxss, by kath- arine mansfield. the campus radio station, kwwc, is student op- erated and broadcasts monday through friday eve- nings from eight to ten. the station is run entirely by students, with juniors doing the announcing, direct- ing, and engineering, and the seniors working in a supervisory capacity. tomorrow, fair and wanner . . . miss grapes of the humanities division —her movie, conquest in space, was filmed by this department. ctivities one of the first big formals of the year. dances lively semi-formal dances are held throughout the year. time out for a coke in the tearoom. 152 dances s. i. a. frozen fantasy friday night informal dance 1S3 modern sculpture observed by shidents on the human- ities new york spring trip. Stephens girls on television during the fashion department ' s new york spring trip. dancing at the baile ranchero, summer school in monterrey, mexico. Stephens travels student body of the summer session at the instituto technologico de monterrey. 154 Stephens students on european tour have one last checking before embarking for europe. Stephens travels detail of mural on the library building, Stephens— sponsored summer school in monterrey, mexico. among Stephens advantages are the planned trips during spring rest and courses of study and tours during the summer. the humanities division and the fashion de- partment each sponsor a trip to new york dur- ing spring rest. the college-sponsored summer european tours promise excitement which is re-lived many, many times after they are over. one of the most popular college-sponsored travel plans is summer school in mexico. your Sophie and life editors in Washington, d.c. for tl.e associated collegiate press comention. 155 barbecues - talent shows the annual barbecue and feature night are parts of the Stephens tradition eagerly awaited each year, both are held in the early fall and serve as something of an in- troduction to fun at Stephens for the new juniors. intramural sports the activities pictured here — basketball, volley- ball, and bowling are only a part of the exten- sive intramural sports program here at Stephens, this program is designed not only to encourage girls to participate in sports, but also to encour- age the healthy spirit of competition and good sportsmanship, hockey, archery, and badminton also rank among the favorites in intramurals. plaques are awarded to halls victorious in tournaments. 157 pillsbiiry, junior residence hall. campus scenes gateway to senior court. 158 laura Stephens, senior residence hall campus scenes lela raney wood, residence hall for seniors elmhurst, student publications building 159 160 " r- ' triHw ' " ' ' ' - ' - ' - ' ' - ' ' -- ' ' ii??iKi fi ' " ' president spragens and family 161 The luxurious lounge with its modern decor, offers a quite place to play and relax. your Sophie editors in conference 163 angel street— the opening play of the season 164 Stephens outstanding riding facilities offer varied opportunities. home away from home 166 members of legislature relax in lounge Vespers — a background of beauty for inspiration and meditation. 168 rqanizations 169 Stephens independent association the independent organization, the largest civic association division, is composed of students from all parts of the campus, but is divided into groups according to halls, each hall has its own president and council to plan activities, a few of the activi- ties for all the independents are formal and informal dances, the independent sing, picnics at Stephens lake, and the frozen fantasy. mary mork, president executive board: kris kirsch, ginger dobrick, mary mork, ann young, ann wolfe. council: front row: Suzanne webb, pat Stanley, maxine beyer, babs schmitz, jan eichoff. back row: judy arthur, shirley goodman, claire bock- horst, barbara halliday 170 Stephens independent assoeiation hall councils pillsbury hall: marlene brettman, betsy brown, meredith dark sheela andrews roblee hall: janet eickhof, ann cramer, sandra ideson, joan walUn tower hall: kathy ryan, barbara halliday, janet newcom- er, jeff hardin 5. . a. hall councils 1. r. w.: gayle pickett, ann myles, marcia chandler, barbara schmitz laura Stephens: shirley goodman, carolyn george, peggy ellis Columbia: pat sheppard, maxine beyer, dickie garner 172 south hall: claire hockhorst, pat edwards, carol sterling, judy watson wales hall: susie webb, dorothy herman, diannah barnes, lynn wilson, mrs. simpson s. L a. hall councils wood hall: pat Stanley, denise frith, elaine wagner, haoan Campbell 173 s L a, hall councils fielding smith: pat roupp, judy arthur, mary louise Jensen, nancy smoot E -mm. v terrace: marie anderson, martha day, lavonda helms, mary burg 174 s aps 175 smps pan kellenic executive board and couhcU rena gaudreau, president 177 alpha alpha alpha mary brumfield, ruth caswell, barbara goetz, karen postel, margaret Christiansen, delia hall, jane graham, daisye hawkins, rachel keeley, Joyce delker, elaine evans, aline huitz, charlie stoner, rena gaudreau, ann wilkerson, nancy hughs, sally kaesser, Virginia deardorff, anne sanders, marilyn richardson, lynn hidden, gretch- en stark, juaua Johnson, sue Strickland, carol niuffley, sue munn, chris Johnson, carolyn abraham, rosemarie woerner, jane matzger, jan de bardeleben, bonnie toman, mienke laendecker, betty logan, belle corey, lynn shangle daisye hawkins, president beta pi gamma members: marilyn bensinger, marjie brevard, leigh brown, nancy jo fisher, sandy frosaker, linda harrell, eliz- aljeth hertz, shirley iverson, roberta lees, bettye maxwell, Connie moore, sarah nash, nancy osman, priscilla pierce, noni reeder, shirley rogers, marcie sharpless, carolyn stiles, Carole vollmer. carole vollmer, president 179 beta Sigma beta amelia berry, julia boutlinghouse, patti camp, marilyn craft, dorothy carr, elizabcth falls, joann falls, sybil herr, sally John- son, katy keathley, sugar kenny, ann morgan, sue pundt, doug- las sibbald, sally sheppard, betsy smith, junc strohmer, cynthia blunt, rusty mc lenn, judy colcman, Janice gordon, ann henry, Joanne mayer, evelyn o ' dell, nancy adams, sally rutherford, betty stribling, martha hammond, lucy lackwood, jan craig, jo craig, annette richards elizabeth falls, president 180 delta chi delta elaine dill, sheiiy gibson, carolyn mock, frances peters, robbie hatch, gayle dalston, joann murray, linda parris, zanna moseley, joan mc kinney, jo harris, margaret petchler, patty bush elaine dill, president 181 nancy butler, ann scott, penny jones, arlene rollie, lee saslow, nancy pavey, angie muhr, Jeanne hiscox, sue shoellhorn, sonny hanson, evelyn colias, nola batten, pat Sullivan, pat beach, alice cook, janet frazier, barbara bishop, mary stuart, sharon brouhard, shervl brouhard, carol seidel, helene zeman, sandy ehlers, carol Wil- liams, marilyn scott, mary hance, carolyn goar, carol ebert, marilyn parsons, sher- ill tucker, sandy harder, cather steiner, doris wennen, shelley joss, shirley hutchin- son, ann greenwood, jamie peny, delores bloom, pat ferguson, diane forrester. nancy butler, president nancy butler, president 182 kappa alpha phi peggy anderson, barbara snarr, jane swank, sandy mozer, betty perry, Joyce meyers, ellen zerkow- sky, joan foster, jean foster, bobbie bennett, patti franz, sandra smith, shirley schultz, hazil homs- by, judy paden, eleanore pifer, pat stice, kay cockran, dottie tate, sandra kardell, jo davis, karen olsen, dottie mc cain, frances Jordan, margi lippman, Caroline mc kellburg, pat keiman, gretchen weurstner, barbara Harris, barbara jogersma, lynn illingsworth, ginger gunn, marion raab, mary carter, margie adamson, sandy walden, gigi foil gigi foil, president 183 phi phi phi pat fitz Patrick, ginny poole, ila wanderer, jill potts, gloria bryant, mary louise foster, karen anderson, sandy seyferth, sara williams, quintilla beers, barbara joan greening, carol ehlers, beverly bland, betty bolt, brenda hyde, betty reed, joan cook, lynn wessels, donna Alex- ander, sue bowers, julia fox, fran pitney sandra seyferth, president 184 I Winnie bryson, lois budnick, barbara butcher, marianne duskey, cathy hammell, nancy barley, nyla kasten, ann lindsay, b. j. perrin, janet prince, lee shallenburger, goni shaw, wanda stout, jo tawer psl chi micron ginger harkrider, president 185 Sigma alpha cki man- ka dell, rita alhreclit, ami gibson, dru ellis, man loii mawdslev, sallv lepley, judv nesbitt, Joanne krypel, carol sebree, patsy allis, mary ann ochs, jan fulton, marilyn birnkrant, pat byrd. 186 zeta phi delta barbara stenzel, lael nudare, connie wright, ann Cardiff, phyliss hall, ann taylor, mary Hudson, donalyn trevary, maleva daulton, jean spigler, beverly ward, ada vitally, lou alice moulder, liz louis, jeanice briney, brooksie bar- ker, jean Clifford, nancy rogers, doris tatum, cynthia ottelin barbara stenzel, president 187 snaps ;. 188 this group is sponsored by burrall class and is open to those who live or have lived in a foreign country for at least one year, the purposes of this group are to assist foreign stu- dents in feeling at home at Stephens and to promote better understanding between foreign countries and the united states. Stephens inter natioHal club Mtt HI-Vn i J B Kf k v ' f ¥ ' ■ ' ■ - ■ 1 r ■ Lw P 1 i BB! 9 H rm:h — _ I; jt£t i 8K JBft 189 B- v " TTna IW cjfl ilWf r r ivalcs sporting their club ' s colors, black and blue, the girls of the prince of wales club mounted their horses at the beginning of the year, they were led into the ring by cecile kirby, presi- dent; karen Johnson, vice-president; nancy fish- er secretary; and ruth ramage, treasurer. a few bottles of liniment later, they took a trip to the american royal horse show in kansas city, at the s.a.b. carnival, they sponsored a horsy booth, other activities included a hay- ride, a Christmas party, and a style show, in the spring the annual p.w.c. horse show was held. the girls had to pass three tests before they could become members, the first was a written test; the others included saddling and bridling, and riding three gaits in good form, the girls who wear the prince of wales pin have spent many hours astride a horse and many more learning about the horses they ride. mrs. shirley hardwicke sponsors the group. cecile kirby, president; ruth ramage. treasurer; karen Johnson, vice-president; and nanc ' fislier, secretary. 190 p.w.c. 191 Stephens reereatioH association freda theopold, president 192 193 swans the swams is an honorary swimming group, members are selected by periodic tryouts. their water show in the spring is an important part of the commencement activities. orchesis orchesis is the honorary modern dance group, members are selected by tryouts. the orchesis recitals are always high points of the entertain- ment offered students during the year. spa His k club the Spanish club welcomes any girl who is interested in the language, some of the activities of the club in- clude instruction in latin american dancing, native songs, and the cul- ture of the latin american countries. frcHck club the french club has a three-fold objective: to bring its members closer to an understanding of the french people, to create in them a greater appreciation for the art, literature, and general cul- ture of these people, and to provide a social medium for its members, membership is open to all girls interested in the language. foreign relations club the foreign relations club is a subsidiary group of the world citizenship organization, its purpose is to create interest on campus in various aspects of the world, this is done by concentra- tion on three areas— the political, the economic, and the cultural, this is the group that sponsors the stimulating lecture series throughout the school year, the club holds bi-weekly discussion groups led by persons who have had experience in a foreign country. 196 1 ono 197 alpha cpsiloH rho alpha epsilon rho is the radio honorary. members margie klain, cecile kirby, barbara bayless, sandra weiner, nonnie baughman, priscilla bossingham, paula reinhaus, judy jewett, belle corey, gail kra- mer, mary beth talle, martha rugg, earlene lamb, ellen thornberry margery klain, president t 198 alpha pi epsilon alpha pi epsilon is the business honorary. members Carolyn agee, leigh brown, sandy justice, gretchen schwebs, kathy fulmer, sara williams, kay riechkitzer, barbara o ' conner, francie peters. francie peters, president 199 beta phi gamma beta phi gamma is the national journalism honorary. members eve fairbank, jo garot, patricia fitz patrick, joan greening, roberta oliff, pat crouse, betty attwood. joan greening, president 200 delta Sigma delta sigma is the science honorary. members bobbie bennett, marily craft, betty attwood, barbaia bishop, ginger hark- rider, ingrid adams, kay jupenlaz, margaret marshal! bobbie bennett, president 201 junior collegiate players j.c.p. is the dramatics honorary. members robyn cotner, jeannie behhng, Virginia love, Su- zanne young, carol bird, jo ann mc bride, susan werle, lucinda turner, angeleen potts, sandra newland, suzette armitage, margaret hutchison, gayle pickett, nancy hammerin, pat franz carol bird, president 202 kappa alpha mu kappa alpha mu is the national photography honorary. members betty attwood, joan greening, barbara Johnson, margaret kilgore, duffy royce, maiy ternes margaret kilgore, president 203 phi theta kappa phi theta kappa is the scholastic honorary. members betty attwood, karen baldry, janot Ixiriy, beverly beier, Ix-vcrly bell, anne booth, peggy bottoms, connie bradshaw, ruth drips, jann eckert, jo garot, joan greening, jane hall, sybil heir, libby kaner, molly kennan, mary mc clymond, nancy pavey, marilyn shaw, carole shoemaker, douglas sibbakl, lucinda tinner, martha walker, ila wanderer, annabelle welch, connie whittaker, jane williams ehzabeth kaner, president 204 Sigma gamma gamma jane smisor, president members jolene abboud, ingrid adams, alice alien, mary anderson, mary lou anderson, rath biglane, anita beck, miriam brower, Joyce craig, elaine dill, Virginia fletcher, kay frick, bonita gordeii, luan harkness, mary hornstein, pat jones, charlotte knight, sue limbeck, donia macmurray, carolyn mock, march rees, arlene rollie, lynne shangle, jane smisor, sylvia stone, alice thetford, jeaninne thompson, bernys veverka, lawa yacomo, suzanne young 205 hypatia heicagon dorothea varisco, president hypatia hexagon is the mathematics honorary. members nyla kasten, dot lierman, pat byrd, sandra clark, marilyn ciatt, maiilyn ganey, annette giddings, ann gravlee, charlotte hughes, anne james, annc hming, carohnc mckolburg, lou moulder, fran pitncy, betty stribling, sally smarzo, sandy tabuas, Virginia trenor, carole vvilliams, sara williams, jean walsli, dorothea varisco, dottie tate, barbara bennctt, carol ehlers, anne booth, ruth drips, helen reeves, annabelle welch, ann wild, ila wanderer americaH guild of organists Sydney allred, mary anderson, karen bisel, judy clark, robyn cotner, elaine dill, elizabeth faye, nancy knippenberg, iva hill, nola hatton, sally lepley, mary mawdsley, diane mof- fett, joan olson, janet pearson, lucia ready, kathryn salmon, marion smith, alice thetford elaine dill, president 1 marilyn adams. . . for her cheerful and friendly spirit; for the sei-vices she has rendered on various campus boards and committees. mary cecelia batten. . . for her enthusiasm, cheerfulness, and willingness to contribute her time and talents in the better- ment of her hall and the campus; and for her unique friendliness and her ork as chairman of campus sing committee. scmr service roll the senior service roll is intended to give recognition to graduating seniors who have rendered distinctive services to the college and to their fellow students without having received through other channels the recognition that they deserve, the unrecognized services may be those of an unofficial campus citizen who has made significant but inconspicuous contributions to the welfare of her fellow students, on the other hand, the un- recognized services may be those of a student officer who has gone far beyond the effective discharge of her office responsi- bilities either in multiplying her services to her fellow students or in extending her wholesome spirit and constructive influence across campus, it is assumed that a senior service roll member has continually evidenced considerate regard for the ten ideals of Stephens. jill maxine beyer. . . for her willingness to serve on any project; for her time and energy spent in editing the i t of eve- ning prayer; and for her outstanding services in helping rewrite the civic association constitution. Sandra phillips clarke. . . for her outstanding work in promoting unity and a friendly atmosphere in her hall; for her guidance and inspiration as a senior sister; for her never-failing loyalty to the ten ideals; and for her services on legislature. barbara jean coate. . . for her unlimited sei-vices as senior adviser to the junior class and her service to the school; and for her friendly and whole- some spirit. 207 ann cooke. . . for her living example of the ten ideals; for unselfish attitude in helping and doing for constant spirit of friendliness and cheerfulness. her sincere, others; and willing, for her patricia alice crouse. . . for her outstanding service and devotion to her job as editor of stephensophia and for her inspirational friendliness. sara lynn dunlap. . . for her constant loyalty to the campus and its activities; for her tireless willingness to help others and in creating a wholesome attitude throughout her hall as its president. Janet rae eickhof . . . for her extensive interest in campus activities; and for her unique service as a sympathetic and understanding senior sister. glennis fitting. . . for her cheerful, tolerant attitudes; for her devotion to Stephens and the ten ideals; and for her conscientious enthusiasm in all she undertakes. ginger lee floyd. . . for her services far beyond the line of duty to the campus and senior sister organization; and for her deep concern for others. 208 Janet fiazier. . . for her patience and sincerity as senior sister; and for her Iiigh personal standards. kay gonder. . . for her quiet, unselfish work behind the scenes; for her friendliness: and for her hospitality to all foreign students. mary helen gooduin. . . for her tireless contributions to the success of coordinating board and tcithin the ivij; and for her repeated acts of service and her loyalt - to the ten ideals as a senior sister. mary elizabeth hardt. . . for her willingness to give of her time and talent to publicity for the campus and her hall; and for her constant efforts to reactivate tau sigma tau. sybil a. herr. . . for her conscientious and constructive job as hall social chairman; and for her eagerness to serve well. betty jo buck. . . for her humble attitude in accepting the responsibilities of hall president at a serious time; and for her friendliness and her en- couragement of others to participate in hall and campus activities. 209 marilyn keister. . . for her genuine interest in the rehgious aspect of Stephens hfe and outstanding service through evening prayer; and for her friendhness and sincere loyalty to the ten ideals. shirley helen kenny. . . for her dauntless cheerfulness and buoyant good spirits; for her honesty and sincerity as senior sister; and for her services in checking convocation attendance. hermina laendecker. . . for her spirit of friendliness and enthusiasm across campus; for her high personal standards; and for being a sincere ambassa- dor of good will to our country. jo ann mc bride. . . for her outstanding work in drama and as a senior sister; for her recognition of campus needs; and for her tireless work for the good of the campus as a whole. mary ruth mc clymond. . . for her mature judgment, graciousness, and tact; for her in- terest in world affairs; and for her scholastic alertness. helen marie mc donald. . . for her radiant health; for her friendly, unselfish service as senior sister; for her smile as a " light " of good will; and for her quiet enthusiasm. 210 billy gay mc dowell. . . for her willing and loyal acceptance of her hall presidency at mid- year; and her devoted, untiring and humble services as a senior sister. brigitte maldan . . . for her wholesome interest in Stephens and in the promotion of inter- national good will; for her tolerance and good humor; and for her mature efforts to understand others. lynita meador. . . for her outstanding service, efficiency, dependability and loyalty in her hall as senior sister chairman and also on campus. mary ann mork. . . for contributing outstanding service as president of Stephens inde- pendent association; for her vivacious spirit and support of the ten ideals. sue pundt. . . for her humbleness; for her modest spirit of service; for her love of the ten ideals; and for her executive ability as chairman of the the steering committee for the revision of the civic association constiution. ann bastings sargeant. . . for her open-mindedness and quiet, unassuming way; for her cheer- fulness and friendliness; for her effective leadership of the reorgan- ized campus service board program and as chairman of the com- mittee to revise the honor system. 211 sheila a. smith. . . for her fostering a friendly co-operative feeling among the senior sister group in her hall as senior sister chairman; and for her poise and quiet manner in difficult situations. marilyn stone. . . for her excellent work as campus wide chairman of world citizenship organization; and for her enthusiastic, consistent service to the campus. charlotte stoner. . . for her willingness and desire to contribute her time and energy to others; and for her outstanding service as senior class and pan- hellenic publicity chairman. Suzanne taylor. . . for her outstanding leadership; ability as social chairman of the hall; for her cheerful spirit and understanding as a senior sister. freda theopold. . . for extending a friendly hand to juniors; for her energetic and cap- able leadership of Stephens recreation association; and for her mature judgment and self-discipline. ellen thornberry. . . for her interest in all campus life; for her cheerfulness and coopera- tion; and for her untiring work in the radio department and campus attitudes committee. 212 ada vittally . . . for her untiring efforts to promote friendliness and understanding among american and foreign students; and for her outstanding service as president of international club. martha ann walker merritt. . . for her excellent work as president of foreign relations club; for her constant spirit of friendliness; and for her willingness to help others. patricia waiters. . . for her gracious and tactful work as a dining room hostess; and for her constant devotion and willing help rendered to others as a senior sister. connie whittaker. . . for her sincere interest in and faithfulness to the burrall program; for her helpful attitude, cheerful spirit and her conscientious support of Stephens standards. iris Wilson. . . for her friendly, cheerful, and sincere attitude as dining room hos- tess; and for her constructive services across campus. patricia zamberletti. . . for her efficient leadership of dining room standards committee; for her mature judgment and poise; for her high standards; and for her service as senior sister chairman in her hall. 213 ' r : K r v fourfold girl Sylvia tarantino 214 best private citizen nancy pavey 215 appreciatioH of the beautiful robyn cotner 216 217 cheerfulness gretchen schwebs courtesy 218 faith forrester forcefulness elizabeth attwood 219 health dot wood 220 honesty anne booth 221 scholarship jo garot 222 self ' discip line barbara mc connell 223 service joan greening 224 reveicHce toward the spiritual charlotte radabaugh a susie Stephens in her new home first impression of roomo 226 monday morning blues 227 campus scenes a new post office is an added attraction to the campus this year . . . senator wiley surrounded by candidates participating in the spring elections . . . 228 FOR EXCLUSIVE WEARING APPAREL GARLANDS 20 on the Strollway Town mEnsuuEAR and y COLLEGC 809 BROADWAY COMPLIMENTS OF EDGAR ' S MAYTAG - FRIGIDAIRE V SINCE 1857 Boone County National Bank " YouT Good Will is Our Greatest Asset " R. B. Price President COLUMBIA MISSOURI T-UDO BEAITY SALOV " For Your Crown of Glory ' PHONE 4900 23 S. Tenth Columbia, Mo. Seems to us . . . That the Susies are nicer each year. At least we ' ve en- joyed knowing you all more than ever. We ' re proud of the Julie ' s Studio tradition at Stephens too. The tradition that says " You haven ' t really been to Stephens until you have been photographed at Julie ' s. " Whenever you ' re visiting in Columbia, please stop in to say " hello. " We ' ll see many of you next fall. Thanks for another swell Sincerely, Griff and Eddy P.S. Hope you " like the " Ideals. " PHOTOGRAPHERS AT JULIE ' S COLUMBIA OPTICIANS JOHN SEXTON CO. Manufacturing Wholesale Grocers II ON THE STROllKAr P.O. Box J.S. Chicago, Illinois Dial 5052 Contact lens Service T " r ooif " R yo ey y ? Q: " SUSIE, do you know WHY life insurance is important to women? " A: " BECAUSE. . . .4 out of 5 American families use it as the major part of their financial planning. BECAUSE .... husbands have a habit of naming wives as their beneficiaries. BECAUSE .... more and more women themselves own life insur- ance .... career women and homemakers, too. BECAUSE. .. .modern marriage is a partnership. And happy husbands and wives share in planning their financial security. " GeneraiAmerKanLife InsuSAnce Company - m SAINT LOUIS MISSOURI 231 COLUMBIA SAVINGS BANK COMPIETE BANKING SERVICE Charge Account apartment Established 1886 Member FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Lindsay Jewelry Co. The Hat Shop mm e s Columbia ' s Smarlesl Shop for Women Phone 7484 918 E. Broadway Boone National Savings and Loan Association 14 North Ninth Street SAVINGS ACCOUNTS — MORTGAGE LOANS Columbia ' s Smartest Shoes THE NOVUS SHOP 18 ON THE STROLLWAY 232 HAYS HARDWARE CO. Hardware Houseware 308 BROADWAY PHONE 4710 WE HOPE YOU ' LL ALWAYS REMEMBER uilei Attend your Missouri Commonwealth Theatres GO KATY SOUTHWEST The Texas Special, glamour train of the Southwest, leaves St. Louis daily at 5:30 P.M., and provides overnight service to Dallas, Fort Worth, Waco, Austin and San Antonio. The DeLuxe Bluebonnet leaves Kansas City daily at 9:40 p.m. and pro- vides just right service to all leading cities of Texas. tht NATURAL ROUTE SOUTH WTE ST 233 STEPHENS COLLEGE BAVARIAN CHINA • lOM in. Service Plate • Gold Encrusted Border • Maroon Gold Crest STfPHfnS COIIfGf SIORf 234 Bring refreshment into ploy have a Colce Cofct " it a r giti%nd tra »Oik, tOniED UNDER AUTHORITY or THE COCA-COIA COMPANY lY For FEMININE FOOTWEAR " Si tfe t IfauU oifc ' GENE GLENN SHOES 910 BROADWAY % NG 0 " Zat Out M( Oj te y F, CONRAD GROCER CO. St. Louis, Mo. Boone County Abstract Co., Inc. Established 1898 Phil Simpich Vresident " You only own your ground When the title is sound. " 18 N. Eighth Street Telephone 7448 COLUMBIA, MISSOURI where Friends Meet TOWNE HOUSE THE FINEST IN FOOTWEAR FOR SUSIES I B COLUMBIA COMPLETE SHOE LINE OVER FIFTY YEARS OF DEPENDABLE INSURANCE SERVICE Columbia Insurance Agency 906 Broadway PARSONS SISTERS BEAUTY SALON " Professional Care is Good for the Hair ' ' 1019 Broadway Phone 5618 ' ' :i3 rr PACKING SHIPPING Columbia, Missouri A Place Where Friends Meet Ernie ' s Steak House STEAKS CHOPS SHORT ORDERS 1005 Walnut Columbia, Mo. It ' s Fun To Shop At THE BLUE SHOP 912 E. Broadway Columbia, Mo. ®e. ] [g mm 10 On the Stroilway For your midnight snacks and favorite ice cream CENTRAL DAIRY 2 7 The Pizza House Contribute PLATZ FURNITURE To The AND APPLIANCES • Heart Fund Westinghouse, Magic Chef, Household Furniture MILLER-WAYLAND CO. • ■ 920 Broadway PHONE 6970 514 BROADWAY COLUMBIA, MO. - STATIONERY BOOKS FOUNTAIN PENS GIFTS m IffififlCt GRILL IIG£R HOm She ' s on her way to m G ds for the newest in spring and summer fashions! Shop at GREENS PON ' S on the Fashion Comer Henderson Produce Company MONROE CITY, MISSOURI Packers of U WANT A BRAx D Fine Quality POULTRY AND EGG PRODUCTS ' ' footprints on the sands of time ' ' with a line from longfellow, we close the 1955 stephensophia. we have tried to capture for you the spirit of Stephens by following the footprints made here on campus this year, this would have been, an impossible task for one person alone, the list of people who have helped make the sophie possible is unending, an editor can only hope that what she says here expresses a small part of gratitude she owes to: mr. andrew jolly, for composing the dedicatory paragraphs and his helpful guidance. nancy o ' bryant, rachel keeley, pat fitz patrick, and charlotte hughes, my wonderful staff, whose co-operation and faith- fulness have helped to make this book possible. peggy phillips and betty alien of the news bureau, they always listened to my troubles with an understanding ear and helped me out with pictures, copy and advice. pres. spragens, dr. philpott, mr. reeves, mr. baxter, and mr. leyden for their support and assistance. r. w. kamper of newsfoto publishing co. for his beautiful colored pictures and many suggestions. glennon woods, for producing the many pictures we have used. Jacksonville beach, florida, chamber of commerce for supplying us with the background photo for our theme. Stephens life for allowing us to reprint their original article on a Stephens susie. mrs. lora pitney, for keeping our books and doing a thousand and one jobs for us. gibbons and griffin for their excellent photography work on the panel pages and especially on the ten ideals pictures. arthur frick for designing our cover, we feel it ' s very outstanding, hope you like it, too. mary hardt, for her wonderful work on the division pages. sandy walden and lee mc pheeters, for their interpretation of the psalm of life which served as our theme. it ' s been a lot of work but fun too. we ' ll never forget Stephens, as we finish the 1955 stephensophia, and as you turn the last page, we hope we have captured something in these pages that will keep Stephens alive for you too. pat crouse 240

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Stephens College - Stephensophia Yearbook (Columbia, MO) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


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